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Abstract | Bucky has to be delusional if he thinks you’ll be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding. Why? Because you hate him. Well, no. It’s because you have a hideously inappropriate crush on him and don’t want to accidentally fall in love with him. Luckily, you’re able to confide in your best friend.
Pairing | Roommate!Bucky Barnes x f!reader
Word Count | 2,999 words
Warnings | Slow burn, enemies to lovers, dumbass 1 and dumbass 2, playful roommate dynamics, pet-name [Sweets], reader insert with a set last name [Y/N Sweet], feelings of jealousy, alludes to masturbation, Bucky is a bit of a fuckboy, swearing, reader believes her feelings are unrequited — 18+ ONLY [MY BLOG IS NOT FOR MINORS. MINORS DNI.]
Authors Note | I want to thank everyone for their support on me rebooting this story. The OC version is up on my A03! I hope you enjoy! There will be smut in this story, but it is a slow burn.
"You've got to be out of your fucking mind." You laughed, an ugly chortle bubbling from your throat as you stared at your roommate in disbelief. The roommate who was clearly out of his goddamn mind if he thought you would be onboard with this ludicrous and frankly, stupid, idea. 
He only rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his broad chest before cocking his head to the side to look at you. 
A smirk tugging on his lips. He had a nasty of habit of poking his tongue out, running it along his bottom lip, and looking you over. 
You hated it. 
Despised him and that dark, hungry look he got whenever he did it. 
"Why not?" The single syllable words fell from his mouth so effortlessly and it made you look at him with an expressionless and nearly unreadable look on your face. 
He was toying with you. 
"Why not?" You repeated his words. 
He said nothing, continuing to look at you with that same cocky expression on his face.
You continued to wait for his response. 
When you realized that it wasn't coming, you groaned, wiping your hands down your face in frustration because he was serious. He was actually dead serious. Bucky thought that his plan was genius—foolproof, even. Once again, he was getting ahead of himself and not thinking things through. 
There were consequences after all, though, he often found ways to avoid those.
"Because, Bucky." You began, his name was harsh and sharp on your tongue. "It's probably your worst idea yet." 
Bucky only had bad ideas. Like, notoriously bad. Ones that usually involved alcohol, getting naked, or both. 
He scoffed, feigning hurt but that didn't deter you from your belief that his idea was absolutely stupid. You’d been living with Bucky for nearly two years now and these surprise ideas were nothing new, but this one, this one took the cake for most extravagant. And last summer he had somehow managed to convince you to do cheap dollar shots with him before you ended up in Central Park in one of the fountains. 
Or at least that's what Bucky had said the next morning. You had consumed so much tequila that you couldn't remember much of anything after you had stepped foot in the dingy, half-dilapidated bar one of Bucky’s friends owned. 
"So let me get this straight." You said, looking at him with a raised brow. 
Bucky straightened his posture, readjusting himself against the counter he was leaning against. He was much taller than you, something you noticed the day you had first met. You were always in awe of how much bigger than you he was. 
A disturbed fascination, really. Considering that you and Bucky hated each other. Did whatever you could to make each others lives significantly worse. 
"You want me," he nodded his head. "To be your date to your best friend's wedding all because of some stupid bet you made nearly ten years ago?" It felt even more ridiculous now that you were saying it out loud. 
"Sorta." Bucky then said, scrunching his nose like he always did before delivering bad news. "Except I actually need you to be my girlfriend, not just my date." 
Jesus Christ. This man had no shame. No bounds. Nothing. 
You scoffed for the umpteenth time during the conversation, shaking your head as you weaved past him and the kitchen counter to grab yourself a glass of water. Bucky was actually serious. He was dead-set in his plan to have you as his fake girlfriend and it caused an odd sensation to flutter in your stomach. 
Not quite excitement. Not quite dread. 
You took a look at him as you sipped on your water slowly. He had turned around, still in the same spot and you wanted nothing more for this conversation to be over. 
In any other circumstance, you would've jumped at the idea of being The Fake Girlfriend. A night away from their cramped apartment would've been welcomed, plus, there would be a free dinner and an open bar. 
However, this was different. It was different because it was Bucky Barnes asking you this. 
You had failed to address the huge and hideously inappropriate crush you had on your fucking roommate. Now it was too late; you were too-deep in the friend zone and extremely non-confrontational with both people and your feelings.
After all, this was the same roommate who had a line-up of girls just waiting for their chance with him so they could stick their claws in him and hope he let them stay for breakfast. 
Spoiler alert: he never did. 
Bucky had a nasty habit of kicking them out right as the sun came up, telling them he would call them but never would. Oftentimes he couldn't tell you their names, scratching the back of his neck as he blamed it on the many gin and tonics he had consumed the night before. 
Bucky Barnes was a certified bachelor, or as you liked to refer to him, a dumbass. 
While you were good at covering up her emotions, you knew you would also do just about anything to have just one night with him. To experience what made Bucky Barnes so irresistible that he couldn't even keep track of all of his options. 
Your little crush wasn't helped by the fact that the walls in the apartment were paper thin, effectively doing very little in the fantasy you had conjured up that Bucky actually sucked in bed. 
That wasn't the case and you unfortunately ruled that out very quickly. 
No, instead, you would lay in bed at night, pillows upon pillows over your head as you tried to block out the grunts and moans that left Bucky’s lips and the God-awful, but deliciously sweet things he would utter before you were once again swallowed by silence and left with a painful ache between your thighs you had no choice but to take care of yourself. 
"[Y/N]?" His voice snapped you out of her trance. "You still with me?" 
You shook your head, stuttering and tripping over your words. "Uh, yeah. Totally, sorry. What was the question?" 
It was moments like these that you couldn't help the way your body flustered.  You just hoped that the one lamp that was on in the living room wasn't nearly bright enough for him to pick up on how flustered you looked. 
Then he chuckled, softly, in a way that told her he wasn't mocking you. 
"I was waiting for your answer until you went to space on me again, Sweets." He smiled, a perfect set of teeth on display as you felt the familiar churn of your excitement that often happened when he did that. 
And he did that often. 
Your stomach flipped at the nickname. The same nickname he had given you the first day you met.
Hi, you must be Bucky. I'm [Y/N] Sweet, your new roommate. It's nice to meet you. 
Bucky had greeted you with sparkling dazzling blue eyes, a big smile, and a handshake. 
It's nice to meet you, Sweets. 
And that was all it took, despite you attempting to correct him. 
Oh, it's actually just Sweet. Singular. 
But Bucky just chuckled, leaning his tall frame against the door and shrugging his shoulders. 
Whatever you say, Sweets.
You still had Bucky’s words swimming in your mind, placing the glass somewhere on the counter because you weren’t quite confident that you could keep a steady grip on it. 
"Oh, I," you went silent soon after, mouth slightly ajar, but the words never came out. 
The next sentence just slipped, an accident, really. 
"Doesn't it just make sense to take one of the many women you go out with? I'm sure any of them will jump at the opportunity to go to a wedding with you." 
It was silent soon after, and not the good kind. 
The heavy kind where you could cut the tension with a knife. You regretted your words immediately, wincing on the inside at how insecure you must've sounded. You didn't think you were ready for any answer he gave you, you weren’t even sure you wanted to hear what he was going to say, certain that it would hurt your feelings no matter what. 
Bucky sighed, dropping his arms from his chest to his sides. The gleam of his prosthetic caught your eye like a taunt. 
"Because," You willed herself not to flinch at the way his voice rasped. "I really like you. Besides, who knows me better than my best friend?" 
Your heart grew a little, beating even faster as he took a step closer to you. He wasn't dressed in anything particular, just a white shirt and what you swore was his only pair of jeans and yet, he looked as good as ever. 
Smelled even better. 
Like bergamot and sandalwood, rich and deep and his scent became synonymous with home to Iris.
Then you swallowed thickly, you're just a friend.  
Bucky took another step closer and you had no choice but to crane your neck up so you could look at him. The blue in his eyes seemed to disappear at that moment, but you could easily point out where the specks of gold were. Even in the lowlight of their New York City apartment that was far too expensive for what it was. 
A box. Two rooms with a bathroom the size of a locker and something that only sort of resembled a kitchen. 
"I just don't understand why you need me to go to this wedding, I'm sure your best friend won't even remember this stupid little bet you both made when you were drunk off your asses in college." You said, watching the way Bucky’s eyes scanned your face and for a brief second, wandered just below your chin. 
"Oh, he'll remember. And then I'll lose the bet and my reputation, you know how important that is to me. Would you do that to me, huh? Would you let me ruin my reputation?" He rambled on melodramatically, playfully as your lips tugged into a small smile. 
"I'm sure the bet can't be that bad anyways." You assured him, watching the way he raised an eyebrow competitively, silently telling you oh, it's bad. 
"If I lose," your interest peaked, hanging onto every word as she waited in anticipation of what this horrible, no-good bet was. 
"I have to dress up as Elvis and perform a hit in front of the entire wedding party." Your brows knit together as you desperately tried to conceal your laugh with a cough. 
Bucky knew better though, saw right through you and his mischievous eyes met yours again. "Oh you're evil for laughing at my misery, you know that, Sweets?" 
God, why did he have to use the nickname that caused you to turn into complete mush? 
"I just don't understand, why Elvis?" You asked, one hand onto your hip as you propped yourself up on the opposite leg. 
Bucky looked at you with a wicked grin, placing two large palms on either side of you on the counter and leaning in so close you could smell the beer he had with dinner just a few hours ago. 
"Oh? Did I not tell you? The wedding's in Vegas." 
There was something sinister about Bucky, there had to be. Because it was nearing two in the afternoon and all you could do was focus on the way Bucky’s body heat radiated off of him and onto you, his scent invading all of your senses as he smirked when he told you the wedding was in none other than fucking Vegas. 
"[Y/N]?" A voice snapped you out of your thoughts, or space as Bucky liked to call it. You had a tendency to get lost in it, wandering up there for a little too long sometimes. 
"Ava." You replied as your co-worked-turned-best-friend walked through the threshold of your make-shift office before she was standing right before your desk. 
"You've been…" Ava searched for the right word. "Off...all day. Is everything okay?" She asked, knitting her eyebrows together as you closed your laptop and tangled your fingers in your hair. 
You had done everything you could to make yourself look presentable, but there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. You just didn't have the time, not when you had been promoted to editor at Amber Publishing House. 
It wasn't a massive publishing house, not with all the competition New York had, but it was doing well for itself. Well enough to give you a promotion that your boss, Lucien, congratulated you with a bottle of champagne straight from France.
Which is why this job just barely paid you enough to live somewhat comfortably, but it also felt like a 24/7 job with the amount of copious "URGENT" emails you received as you were just leaving the office or just about to crawl into bed. 
It just never ended. And Ava understood that, felt it deep in her bones. 
"I'm okay." You lied right through your teeth. "Just tired." 
Ava scoffed, her heels clicking against the wooden floors as she walked up to your' desk. 
You looked at her, determined to win this staring competition. 
"You can either tell me what's wrong or I'll get it out of you by dragging my ass in here to work with you for the rest of the day. And you know how much I love country music." 
You rolled her eyes, slumping against your old, worn-out chair your boss had graciously "gifted" you a few months after you had begun working there. 
"You're seriously the worst." You grumbled, watching Ava hop up onto her desk and smile victoriously. 
"I'm a Virgo, what can I say?" She laughed as you couldn’t help but crack a smile. "Now c'mon, what's up? Is it Josh from payroll? You know I'll kick his ass easily, I mean he lives off of Monster Energy, his bones have got to be as brittle as styrofoam by this point." 
You interrupted her with a laugh. "It's not Josh." You said, "it's Bucky." 
Ava had to take a second, racking her brain for a moment before her eyes went wide and she jumped off of the desk. 
"You slept with him!" 
"I knew it, oh I called it, ever since last year's Christmas party I just knew you were both banging each other oh my God what h—"
"Ava I did not sleep with him and would you please keep it down?" You begged with wide eyes as you managed to scrambled to your feet, going to shut the door. 
"There's no need to falsely project my non-existent sex life to the entire office." You whisper-yelled as Ava just clapped her hands together and laughed, falling into your old chair. 
"God, you need a new chair." 
You rolled your eyes. 
"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll admit I got a little bit carried away, but can you blame me? You live with the most eligible bachelor in New York City and you still haven't even tried to hook up with him? I mean you've got will power, I'll give you that." Ava's words made you nauseous with anxiety. 
Or perhaps it was the same feeling you always got whenever Bucky’s name was mentioned. A feeling that very closely resembled jealousy. Not because you really cared, but because you were in far too deep and he would never, not in a million years, feel the same way. 
You were stupidly friend-zoned. Nothing more than a roommate. 
"Ava," you quickly interrupted the red-head. "He asked me to be his fake girlfriend for to his best friend's wedding." You finished, squeezing your eyes shut and bracing for the screech of excitement that would surely come at any moment. 
Right about… 
"He what?" You opened your eyes slowly, watching a dead-serious, slightly concerned Ava looking at you like you had revealed you grew a tail overnight. 
"Last night." You sighed. 
"He asked me to be his fake girlfriend because of some stupid bet he made ten years ago. Something with an Elvis costume." You muttered the last part of the sentence as Ava absorbed all of the information.
"Hang on, let's just rewind. Elvis?" 
"Oh yeah, and it's in Vegas. In like, a month." 
It didn't take long to catch Ava up on everything, there was very little to say as the both of them sat silently. 
"And why didn't he ask, I don't know, one of the girls he's hooked up with? Isn't that like, the point of weddings?" Oh God. Your eyes went wide, like a deer in headlights at Ava's words. 
You had somehow glossed over the point that Bucky, a 30-year old bachelor, viewed weddings like his own personal dating game. What did he say? Oh yes, free booze and vulnerable women is the Barnes special.  
You shuddered at the memory because Bucky could have a) gone alone and had a whole weekend of promiscuity in Vegas or b) asked literally anyone else. 
He had a month to prep them, hell, he could make cue cards and quizzes. 
"He said that he needed someone that knows him. He needs his best friend." You groaned in pity for yourself. 
You were the most pathetic person on the planet. The universe. 
Rock, meet bottom. Stay a while, we have punch. 
Ava hummed, processing everything. 
"What are you going to do?" She asked, looking at you with a quizzical expression as you laughed dryly. 
"That's kind of what you're here for. I have no idea. This has the potential to be the best and worst decision I make." 
Ava nodded before jumping out of your ancient chair. "My place. After work. I have wine and frozen pizza." 
You didn't even argue. It was Friday night and the countless “URGENT” emails could wait until Monday. 
This was a personal crisis. A dramatic, trivial, but life-changing dilemma. 
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bucky meets your ex boyfriend headcanon
masterlist | 2k writing challenge | library
Tumblr media
listen, there's just something about a jealous james buchanan barnes that hits different
you've been going steady for three years, so exes don't really come up in convo anymore
until you bump into one while going out for coffee one day
he's standing behind you in line when he sparks a friendly conversation
"hey, y/n, it's been a minute!" / "oh, wow, hi." / "how've you been?"
he hadn't crossed your mind in years, it was a bit surreal seeing him still tbh
bucky instinctually places a protective hand on the small of your back
"who's this, doll?" he asks through a dangerously wide smile, scanning up and down your ex
you give brief introductions before engaging in a polite and very brief conversation
well, it would've been quicker if bucky didn't feel the need to brag about you the whole time
"did you know she makes a killer mac' and cheese?" / "baby, it's just from the box-" / "best i've ever had, hands down. she's great at baking too." / "buck, i burnt the cookies last time." / ". . . her modesty is what makes her so endearing."
you guys get your drinks and part your ways before teasing bucky promptly
"why so tense, buck?" / "he was checking you out." / "he was just being friendly :)" / "does he look at all his friends like that? >:|"
you think bucky has dropped the whole ordeal but NOPE
"he's shorter than me." / "who?" / "whatever his name was. . . i can't remember but it sounded douchey." / "are you still on this?" / "no. . . but he was." / "yes, honey, you're taller. now can we finish the movie?" / "of course :) his cologne was also unbearable might i add." / "omg."
okay so maybe bucky was a bit green with envy, but it was kind of cute
you're getting ready for bed when bucky brings him up one last time
"hey, doll?" / "yes, love?" / "did he ever-" / "james. drop it. you're my boyfriend now." / "just one more question." / "okay. one more." / "did he ever get you flowers?" / "nope. you're the first. now goodnight."
when you wake up in the morning, bucky isn't in bed. you're instead greeted by a small trail of petals leading to the living room
confused and still disoriented from sleep, you roll out of bed before inspecting the trail
the end leads you straight to bucky and about two dozen different bouquets sprawled around your living room. the flowers crowded the coffee table and and filled every surface
you couldn't wipe the grin off your face as you approached bucky further, your heart swelling
"i couldn't decide which one to get you, so i got them all." / "they're perfect." / "you're perfect." / "i love them." / "only the most beautiful flowers are worthy of the most beautiful girl."
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“ it’s okay to cry, you know. “ and “ we don’t need to talk, okay? “ with bucky? for the prompt thing
i would ask you to do all the prompts if i could, i love angsty comforting stuff with him😭
i love your (bucky) writing its so sweet, the one where reader moves a leaf from his hair his my fave!!!
Please never limit yourself when it comes to asking for prompts lol I might take a while but I love going through all your requests so much 🥺 And thank you for reading my fics! That one with reader removing the leaf happens to be one of my favorites too, so thank you for letting me know you enjoy it 💖
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Bucky had been quiet all day, with a deep gaze lost on thought staring into the window. He gets like that sometimes, you know it by now, but never like this; never without speaking a word all day, never without speaking a word to you all day.
You slip next to his body on the couch, both of you sharing the same sunray that enters your apartment curled up on the couch. You refill his coffee and sneak an arm around his waist, leaning your body against his back to rest your chin on his shoulder.
"Sorry." He spoke with a raspy voice, one that sounded too choked up to be used.
"Shh, there's no need." You soothed him, kissing his shoulder from your place behind him. His hand grabbed yours where you were holding him, a quiet thank you that you perfectly understood. "We don't have to talk about it, okay? Whatever it is, there's no need to."
Bucky nodded slowly, eyes traveling down and blinking quickly. You noticed the way his eyes welled up from where you sat, only squeezing him firmly to remind him you got his back. That moment, and forever.
"Today is- it would have been-" The lump on his throat challenged his words, not letting him speak freely and making him choke instead. "It is my sister's birthday." Your hug tightened around him as a reflex, keeping him safe from his own words as his voice began trailing off at the end.
"I'm sorry," He apologized again. Bucky wiped his face with a quick motion, a quick sniffle leaving his nose. He tried turning away, to hide his tears from you, but you were quicker this time; with a swift movement you slid in front of him, his teary blue eyes not finding an escape from yours.
Even though you were filled with pain from his words, you did your best to hide it and be strong for him. "Please don't apologize, okay? It's okay to cry, Bucky." You wiped away a tear as his metal arm hugged your waist, pulling you to his chest so he could rest his chin on top of your head.
He held on to you for dear life with sobs breaking through his breathing. You were there to catch them, to dry every tear, and make sure his pain was heard and never again get lost in the void it once did.
Thanks for reading! Please reblog and comment if you enjoyed it!
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mine for the weekend
pairing: mob boss!bucky barnes x f!reader
genre: brother's best friend AU, fluff, angst
warnings: mentions of a panic attack, mentions of not showering, eating or sleeping for a week, basically not taking care of oneself. just thought it should be a warning
requested: nope
word count: ~5k
summary: bucky barnes is a mob boss, with steve as his right-hand man. y/n is steve's cousin sister; she has moved in with him for a few years as she's studying at a brooklyn university and needs a place to live. one day, she catches steve and bucky talking about some important documents, saying they have nowhere to keep it safe. y/n offers to keep the papers safe for them, and while bucky says yes, he really doesn't want to get y/n involved in his work. so he creates fake documents and gives them to her, which she guards diligently until one day, her backpack with the documents inside gets stolen. she is so scared of bucky's reaction that she locks herself in her room, refusing to eat. bucky, obviously, loses his shit when he finds out but not because she lost the documents, obviously not, but because she is punishing herself for something which is not her fault. the misunderstanding is soon cleared up.
author's note: hiya peeps! enjoy!
Ding dong.
As soon as the door opened in front of her, Y/N threw herself forward and into the arms of the person who had opened the door, wrapping her arms tight around his torso as she buried her face in his chest. “Today was the worst day ever!” she sobbed, “I hate, hate, hate this fucking day so much! Do you know what happened? First I lost my way to class at the uni because it’s obviously just my second day, and then—”
But as she pulled away from who was seemingly her older brother, she paused when she saw an entirely different face smiling at her. He reached up and wiped the tears off of her cheeks, cupping her face. “It was that bad, huh, princess?” he crooned and, embarrassed out of her mind, she took a few steps away from him.
“Wh-Who are you? Where’s Steve?” she muttered, looking away from the dark-haired man. “Here,” a familiar voice called out from behind the unfamiliar man. She peeked past him and saw her brother sitting on the couch, a bottle of whiskey and two used glasses in front of him on the teapoy. “He was closer to the door so I asked him to open it.”
“Are you his friend?” Y/N mumbled, wringing her arms as she finally looked back at the man. “Yes,” he chuckled, “Bucky Barnes at your service. What’s your name?” His friendly smile slightly put her to ease. “I’m Y/N, Steve’s cousin sister.” Steve got up from his seat and walked over to them, clapping Bucky on the back once.
“She just started her year at uni yesterday, she’s staying with me until she graduates.” Bucky nodded. “And how far away is the graduation?” Y/N laughed. “I’m in my first year, so pretty far away, I’d say.” Bucky laughed again. “Amazing!” Then he frowned. “You never finished your story, what happened to you today? Did someone say something to you? Someone I need to take care of?”
Her eyes widened and she shook her head. Bucky was easily a head taller than her, and extremely jacked as well. He even had a tattoo sleeve that was visible since he was only wearing a t-shirt, and he looked intimidating. “No! It’s okay, you two seem busy. I’ll just go clean up, um, see you later.” She walked past both Steve and Bucky, heading upstairs.
As soon as she was out of earshot, Bucky whistled and turned to Steve. “Damn, dude, your sister—”
“Choose your next words wisely.”
“—is really gorgeous, is what I was going to say. Do you really think I was going to objectify her? I’ve been your best friend for more than 10 years!” Bucky scoffed, smacking Steve on the arm. The latter chuckled and the two of them sat back down to continue discussing what they were before Y/N had come home.
Upstairs, Y/N was sitting in the bathtub in her private bathroom, covering her face in shame. How could she have just hugged Bucky like that?! She even cried, for God’s sake! “Should’ve at least seen who had opened the door, dumbass,” she sighed to herself, sinking further into the tub.
After her bath, she got dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, leaving her room. Steve lived in a big house; it had 5 bedrooms with personal bathrooms, along with a common one which was downstairs. There was even a garden outside and a swimming pool, a study, a sunroom and a terrace. Her brother was on the richer side, definitely.
Only, she had no idea what his job was. And she didn’t even want to know. If it was working out so good for him, then, well… good for him! She didn’t care enough. As she walked downstairs, she suddenly paused when she heard muffled voices coming from the sitting room. “He’s onto us, Parker told me this morning. We have to stop worrying about this and focus on him instead.” Her brows furrowed. Were the two of them in some sort of danger?
She peeked through the corner at them. They were sitting huddled close together, and Bucky was holding what looked like some important documents in a brown paper folder. “But then what about this? You can get into serious trouble because of this, Buck,” Steve sighed, snatching the folder from his hand. “Is… everything okay?” Both men whirled around as Y/N walked into the room.
“Nothing is fine, Y/N!” Bucky groaned, slumping back on the couch. Y/N sat on the armchair in front of him with a concerned look on her face. “I heard you say he can get into serious trouble because of that!” She pointed at the folder. “Yeah, princess, if someone finds out I have these papers, I can get fired,” Bucky dramatically whispered. Her eyes went wide as she covered her mouth, not noticing the confused and exasperated look Steve gave Bucky.
“You can?! Oh, no! What are the papers about? Do you have some blackmail material on someone?” she whispered back and Bucky nodded. “Yes, can’t tell you who, though. I need to hide these papers for the time being, and I don’t know where to keep them.” Y/N thought about it for a few seconds. “You can give them to me,” she blurted out, “I can keep them safe, I promise.”
“Absolutely not,” Steve glared at her, “You’re not getting involved in this.” But Y/N pouted at him. “Steve, come on, don’t be like this! He said he needs to keep the papers safe and hidden, that means he can’t keep it with himself or with someone he knows.” Bucky smirked amusedly as the two cousins bickered with each other. “I think she has a great point.”
Both turned to him. “What?” Bucky shrugged. “Do you really, really want to help me, darling?” he asked Y/N, leaning back on his seat. She nodded vehemently. “Alright, you can help me hide these documents. I’ll give them to you tomorrow, I need to go over them one more time,” Bucky smiled and stood up. “It’s settled, then. You keep these safe for me, okay, princess?” Steve rolled his eyes. “Fine, whatever.”
“I’ll be leaving now. Have fun at uni, okay, Y/N? Don’t take shit from anyone, and if someone messes with you, call me and I’ll set them straight. Steve’ll give you my number. Bye!” Y/N grinned broadly. Even though he looked intimidating, he was the sweetest and funniest person she’d ever met. “Okay, Bucky! Bye!” Bucky nodded once at Steve and left the house.
As soon as he was gone, Y/N turned to her brother, awestruck. “He’s the coolest,” she gushed, “How did he agree to become friends with you?” She grinned cheekily when he smacked her on the arm. “Are you sure you wanna look after those documents for him? They’re very important, what if you lose them?” Y/N shook her head. “I won’t! He says he’ll lose his job if they get leaked, I promise, I’ll take extra good care of them.”
Steve smiled. “If you say so.”
Are you really giving her those papers?
Of course not, I don’t wanna get her involved in this. But she just looked so cute, insisting she wanted to help that I couldn’t say no. I’m printing some fake docs and I’ll give those to her, so even if by chance something goes wrong there won’t be a loss
😒 simp
Okay great
At least you won’t hurt her feelings
Are ya kidding, of course not. Not when she was so adamant to help
She’s really awesome 😏😗
EWWW keep that to yourself please 😖
+1 (***)-***-****
Here’s her number
I’ll call her tomorrow
Do whatever, just DON’T INVOLVE ME
Disgusting 😑
Goodnight 😁
“Class dismissed.”
After packing up, as Y/N left the class, she saw a huge crowd around something right outside the classroom. Confused, she made her way through the crowd to see what was going on but when she saw Bucky, her jaw dropped. And then she noticed, the crowd was mostly made up of women, who were gushing over his physique and appearance. “Are you here for someone?” one of the ladies asked him, and Y/N felt slight jealousy when he smiled flirtatiously at her.
“Yes I am.” He looked around the crowd, his eyes landing on her. Y/N’s cheeks went pink when his smile brightened. “There she is! Y/N, come here!” Someone behind her pushed her forward, causing her to stumble over her own feet. But just when she thought she was going to embarrass herself in front of a whole crowd, two strong arms went around her waist, holding her up.
Bucky’s worried face hovered above her. “Are you okay, sweetheart? Are you hurt?” he questioned as Y/N stepped away from him, covering her eyes with her hand. “Aw, just like out of a movie! You guys are so cute!” a girl from the back of the crowd shouted and Bucky pulled Y/N to him as the rest of them started cheering as well. “Okay, okay, we need some privacy now, would y’all mind?”
The crowd around them dispersed. Y/N was still covering her face, and Bucky chuckled at the adorable look. “Was that your last lecture of the day?” he whispered, stepping closer to her. She finally looked up, squeaking and jumping away when she saw him only a few inches away. “Yes it was,” she mumbled, “What are you doing here, though? You’ve given all my classmates the wrong idea.”
Bucky smirked. “Is it the wrong idea, though?” Y/N tilted her head in confusion. He shook his head. “Nevermind. Come on, I’ll take you home. Steve’s at work, so we’ll be alone.” Her eyes widened and he instantly waved his hands. “No! Nothing like that, dumbass, I have the documents with me right now. Remember those?” She let out an ‘oh’ in realization. “Right, right. Let’s go.” Side-by-side, the two walked out of the campus.
She noticed, though, as they walked, the people around them stared at them. Well, stared at Bucky, more like. She couldn’t blame them; Bucky was incredibly appealing to look at. Tall, tattooed, muscular, handsome, well-dressed… His blue eyes could make anyone fall for him. Including her. She’d be lying if she said she did not have a minuscule crush on her brother’s best friend.
Once outside, Bucky nodded at a parked bike and Y/N stared at the vehicle, awed. “This is your bike? That’s so cool! I’ve never been on one before.” Bucky sat down first, putting on his helmet. Then he handed the other one to her. “Now’s your chance, princess. Hold tight, I like to go fast.” And he wasn’t joking when he said that.
The second Bucky drove forward, Y/N squealed, her hold on his torso becoming tighter than it already was. “Oh my God, Bucky! Slow down!” she screamed and Bucky chortled. “Can’t do it, sweetheart, aren’t you enjoying the wind?” She buried her face in his back. “I am but it’s also scary!” Meanwhile, Bucky was enjoying the way she was holding him; it reminded him of the previous day, when she’d unknowingly hugged him, crying.
That memory also made a small frown appear on his face; he didn’t want to see her crying again. Y/N kept her face buried in his back until the motorcycle came to a halt. “Are we home…?” she muttered, pulling away. They weren’t at home, no. Bucky had brought her to a park, and they’d just stopped in front of an ice-cream stand. “What’s this?” she laughed, following him as he approached the stand.
“What’s your favourite ice-cream flavor?” he replied instead. Y/N chuckled. “Strawberry ice-cream for me, please.” Bucky smiled at the man running the stand. “Two strawberry cones, please.” Upon receiving their cones, he paid for them and the two of them walked back to Bucky’s motorcycle. “Just wanted to eat some ice-cream, something wrong with that?”
Y/N laughed heartily, which warmed his heart. “Have a seat,” he said, nodding his head towards his bike. She sat down, and the two of them finished their ice-cream in silence. “You know, I haven’t really roamed the city yet, Steve never has the time to take me out. This park is really pretty.” Bucky turned to her, jaw dropped in shock. “You haven’t been sight-seeing yet? Haven’t roamed Brooklyn? Unacceptable! I’m taking you to the Brooklyn Bridge right now, let’s go.”
“Nuh-uh, princess, this is my hometown. We’re going.” Y/N laughed defeatedly as Bucky got onto the bike, putting his helmet on. They did go to the Brooklyn Bridge; and also to Coney Island after that. Bucky made her sit in The Cyclone Roller-Coaster with him, and while she was a little queasy afterwards, Bucky made that experience a 1000 times better. It was around 11 pm at night when the two of them finally arrived at Steve’s place.
Just as Bucky parked his bike, Steve threw open the front door, an amused smile on his face as he walked to them. “Y/N texted me when you guys were at Coney Island, did you have fun? Sure looks like you enjoyed your date.” Y/N went slack-jawed when Steve called it a date. “It-It was nothing like that, he just wanted to show me around his hometown—” Behind her, Bucky smirked at Steve, mouthing the words, “Our date was awesome.” Steve shook his head.
“Come in, both of you.” The three of them walked into the house. “Oh, by the way, princess, here you go.” Bucky handed her a sealed envelope. “Are these…? I’ll keep them very safe, I promise,” she nodded determinedly. “Don’t break the seal, alright? Because if something happens, at least the investigators will know the evidence has not been tampered with.” Y/N felt a little anxious. Investigators? So what she was holding could, hypothetically, end up with the police?
“Don’t worry, I won’t open it. Thanks for entrusting me with this even though you don’t know me well.”
“Why do you think I decided to spend a whole day with you, darling? To get to know you better! I know you’ll keep it safe. Goodnight, I’ll see you later.” Steve and Bucky nodded at each other and, like the day before, Bucky left. “Come on, have some food before you go to bed. I made spaghetti.”
2 months passed. The envelope with the fake documents was still safe with Y/N, kept in the bottom of the bag she carried to the university. That, she had deemed, was the safest place since her bag was with her at all times and that meant she would never lose those papers. Bucky also stopped by their place often, and her crush on him was steadily growing. She took extra care of the papers because of him; she didn’t want to break his trust.
That morning, she was at a nearby library, working on an assignment on her laptop. Her backpack was lying next to her; in it was her water bottle, the envelope and some cash. As she worked, focused entirely on her laptop, she didn’t notice a man walk in, looking around the place until he spotted her. Then he walked towards her and, making sure she didn’t notice, grabbed her backpack and walked back out of the library.
A few minutes later, Y/N’s throat felt parched. She reached next to her for her water bottle. Her brows furrowed when she didn’t feel her backpack next to her. Turning to look, she screamed when she noticed her backpack not there. Y/N looked everywhere; under the chair, a few seats down, everywhere but she couldn’t find her backpack. Her eyes filled with tears. “Oh no, oh no, oh fuck—” Grabbing her laptop and her mobile, she bolted out of the library.
The whole way home, fat teardrops ran down her cheeks. How was she going to face Steve and Bucky now? They trusted her, and she failed them. She was sure they weren’t going to forgive her, ever. And she even lost a chance to go on a date with Bucky, because surely he wouldn’t want to look at her face ever again. “I’m such a stupid fucking idiot!”
The moment she reached home, she opened the door with her spare key and ran upstairs, locking herself in her room. A few seconds later, there were knocks on the door. “Y/N? Are you home? What happened, open this door!” Steve called out from outside. “Go away! I don’t wanna talk to you!” she screamed roughly. “Wow, that’s harsh. Come on, open the door. You had a panicked look on your face when you rushed in, is everything alright?”
Slowly getting up from her bed, she opened the door with trembling hands and a tear-stained face. Steve’s eyes went wide when he saw her. “Why are you crying?” She took a few steps away from him, holding her arms up. “My backpack got stolen at the library,” she whispered, “I’m sorry.” Steve’s heart broke at the way she covered herself with her arms, thinking he would hit her for a mistake she didn’t commit. He knew those fake papers were in that backpack.
“What else was in it? Were your books in them?”
“N-No, just a water bottle and some cash, around $10, I think. I’m so sorry, Steve,” she sobbed, moving even further away from him. “Shh, Y/N, I’m not mad. What’s happened has happened, we can’t—” He started walking towards her but stopped when Y/N raised her arm. “Don’t come closer. I said I was sorry.” Did she not hear him? The way she was trembling, looking everywhere but at him… She was really terrified. She was panicking.
“I said I’m not mad, Y/N, listen—”
“Go away. Please, go away.” Dejected, Steve left her room and went downstairs. He could talk to her when she came downstairs for some snacks later, hopefully with a clear head. She had to know it was not her fault, and that those documents she was guarding were fake in the first place. So, Steve waited.
Snack time came and went by; Y/N did not head downstairs. Oh well, there was always dinner time. When she didn’t show up for that, either, Steve started getting worried. With a plate of food, he went to her room and knocked on the door. “Y/N? Open this door, right now. You’ve not eaten anything since this morning, and I’m getting worried.” He got no reply from inside. But Steve knew she had to be awake, she hardly ever slept at 10 pm.
“I’m leaving this food at your door, if you’re hungry, eat it.” He kept the plate on the floor in front of her door, retiring to his own room for the night. But the next morning when he went to see if she’d eaten or not, he frowned when he saw the plate still full, intact the way he’d left it the previous night. He pounded at the door. “Y/N! For fuck’s sake, open the door! Eat something, come on!” No answer from inside.
“Y/N, honest, I’m not mad at you for losing those papers! It’s not your fault the backpack was stolen, don’t blame yourself for it! Bucky will be fine, please, just open this door. It’s not like he hasn’t gotten into this kind of trouble before, he can handle himself fine! Eat some food, Y/N, open the door!” 15 minutes of yelling and she still wouldn’t open the door. Steve rubbed his forehead. If she kept this behaviour up, she could end up at the hospital.
And Bucky… Bucky was on a trip abroad, to meet with the leader of another mafia gang whom they were forming an alliance with. Yes, Bucky was a mafia boss and Steve was his right-hand man. He was going to be returning to Brooklyn 3 weeks later. Until then, Steve only had himself. He went downstairs, deciding to try his luck with Y/N again at lunchtime.
Like that passed a week. For a week, Y/N did not open the door, did not step out of her room and did not eat anything. She was simply curled up in bed, in the same position the whole week, staring out the window with a sunken look on her face. She did not even take showers; she refused to leave her bed, thinking that if she did, Steve would lash out on her. How could she have been so stupid?! How could she lose something so precious?!
On the other hand, Steve was getting impatient. He was extremely worried about his sister; everyday, 3 times he took food to her room but everytime, he went downstairs defeated. That night, as he sat with a plate full of dinner in front of him that was rejected by Y/N, he finally decided to call Bucky and tell him everything. He waited; two rings and Bucky picked up the call. “Hey man, how’s it going? What happened?”
“Something bad happened… So remember that envelope you gave Y/N? Well, she’d kept it in her backpack thinking it was the safest place but the backpack was stolen last week and she lost those documents. But she doesn’t know they were fake so she has locked herself in her room and she refuses to come outside. She hasn’t eaten in a week and I’m getting really worried, man. I told her countless times that I’m not mad and it’s not her fault but she refuses to listen, please, can you cut your trip short and help me?”
“What?! I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.”
Bucky ended the call, staring at his phone in horror. She hadn’t eaten in one week? Over some fake documents? He simply wouldn’t allow that. He opened his laptop and searched for the quickest and earliest flight to New York, which was, thankfully available. It was in 3 hours. His meeting with the other mafia boss had happened that morning, and it had gone wonderfully. He was free to leave.
So he hurriedly packed his suitcase and checked out of the hotel, rushing to the airport.
Steve covered his ears in annoyance when the doorbell rang multiple times, very loudly. When he opened the door, he sputtered indignantly when he was pushed aside, Bucky running past him screaming Y/N’s name. Then he chuckled dryly and shut the door. “No hellos for me?” He decided to leave the two alone, going to the kitchen to make some delicious food for his baby sister. Upstairs, Bucky knocked violently on her door.
“Y/N! Open this door, princess, I swear to fuck—”
His impulse and worry got the best of him. He took a few steps back, only to kick at the door with such force that it broke into two, both pieces falling into the room. Y/N, who was curled up on her bed, frail, blissfully ignoring Bucky, sat up, startled. As soon as he saw her, Bucky ran inside and jumped on the bed, pulling her close to him.
“Y/N, oh my fucking God, I almost had a heart attack when Steve told me—”
“I’m sorry for losing those documents. I’m really sorry. Please don’t hit me, I didn’t mean to lose them, honest, I’m so sorry,” Y/N sniffled, trying to push him away. Bucky’s heart shattered when he heard her. “Hit you? Over a piece of paper? What kind of a monster do you think I am?” he whispered, cupping her face. “Look at me.” Their eyes met. Bucky smiled, tears pooling in his eyes when he noticed how weak she looked.
His hands trailed down to rub her arms until they rested on her waist. “Look at you, look at what you’ve become. Why did you lock yourself in your room like that? Steve was worried sick, you know? It is not your fault the backpack was stolen, so don’t blame yourself one bit, hm? Take a shower and come downstairs for some food. Your hair looks really bad, to be honest,” Bucky huffed, trying to lighten the mood with some humor.
“You’re not mad? P-Promise me you aren’t,” she mumbled, curling into him. “Not even a little mad, angel.” His arms tightened around her, holding her close. A few minutes passed. “M-My body is sore,” she whispered into his neck. Bucky pulled away, amused. “What?” Y/N’s cheeks heated up. “My arms and legs hurt a lot, I can’t take a shower on my own.” He laughed loudly and stood up, carrying her bridal style in his arms. “I’ll give you a bath.”
She gasped and hit him on the chest, scandalized. “Oh come on, I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself. You really need a shower, princess. It’ll also make you feel better.” After a little hesitation, she sighed. “Okay, fine.” And the two of them walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind them.
After a refreshing bath (during which Bucky kept his promise), he got her dressed into a full-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts, before finally taking her downstairs. Even her hair was wrapped in a towel and she had to admit, she felt better. Not entirely good, but better. Downstairs, Steve was waiting for them with Y/N’s favourite food— Alfredo Pasta. He gave her a hug as soon as he saw her, rubbing her back. “I’m so glad you’re here.”
“The door needs replacement, by the way,” Bucky said as a matter-of-fact, taking the plate from Steve’s hands. With one hand holding the plate and the other around Y/N’s waist, he led them both to the sitting room while Steve went upstairs to check on the bedroom door.
Bucky sat on the couch, pulling Y/N on his lap before she could sit elsewhere. “Bucky…” she chuckled tiredly and he shook his head, holding a forkful of pasta in front of her mouth. “I’m going to feed you, and you’re gonna finish this whole plate, hear me?” She nodded demurely, opening her mouth to eat the pasta. She did finish the entire plate; she couldn’t deny it, she was hungry. “Have you slept? Look at you, I don’t think I’ve seen such dark circles under anyone’s eyes.”
“N-Not really, maybe like an hour this whole week,” Y/N muttered, laughing when Bucky smacked her on the thigh. “Don’t laugh, angel! It’s not funny! Were you really that worried about my reaction?” Y/N nodded again. “I— I was scared you wouldn’t like me anymore…” Bucky scoffed. “Me? Not like you? Can never happen, sweetheart. Come here.” He gently grabbed her chin, bringing their lips together. She kissed back.
“I really, really, really like you, Y/N.”
“But what if you get fired?”
“Who’s gonna fire me? I’m the boss, princess, nobody can fire me.”
She paused. “Then, those papers—” Bucky waved in dismissal. “Those papers were important, but guess what? I— don’t be mad at me.” Y/N narrowed her eyes in confusion. “What?” Bucky cleared his throat and looked away. “The papers that were with you… were fake. I have the real ones at home, you didn’t cause me any loss, Y/N. Now hear me out,” he blurted out when a glare formed on Y/N’s face. “I punished myself for nothing?!”
An annoyed expression crossed Bucky’s face. “So you deliberately did this to yourself?” he drawled and Y/N, flustered, stammered. “That’s besides the point! I cried and cried for nothing?!”
“How is that besides the point?! Fake or not, I am so disappointed you consciously did this to yourself! Even if they were real, you wouldn’t have been at fault! It’s not like you deliberately left the backpack somewhere, it was literally stolen! And the reason why I didn’t want to give you the real papers was because I didn’t want you to get involved in my work. It’s too dangerous, sweetheart.”
“Then why didn’t you just say no?”
“Because you looked super adorable offering your help. How could I have refused?” he smiled, reaching up to cup her face but he frowned when she tilted her head away, a pout on her face. “Don’t be like this, angel, I did it for your own safety! Look at me, please!” She kept dodging his touch until Bucky grabbed a hold of her jaw, holding her in place. Her eyes went wide at the stern look on his face. “If you look away one more time, I swear to God—”
“Try me.” He grunted and crashed their lips into each other’s, giving her a deep kiss. She reciprocated just as eagerly; she supposed she was a little too excited to help, giving him no room to deny. And now that she’d found out that she had caused no real harm to Bucky and his job, it was like a weight lifted off her shoulders. Her arms went around Bucky’s neck, leaning close to him as they continued kissing. “Ugh, gross, get a room!”
The two pulled away when they heard Steve. “Okay!” Bucky grinned and stood up, holding Y/N in his arms. “Make sure you return her on Sunday evening, she has to go to uni on Monday after missing a week,” Steve called out as Bucky carried her out of the house. “Sun— what?! Steve! Bucky, what are you doing, put me down!” Y/N squealed, wiggling so he’d put her down on her feet.
“No can do, princess, you just became mine for the weekend.”
a/n: thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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gutflorizt · 2 days ago
Unmatched Pitch (1)- Bucky Barnes
summary: Moxie was the name of your band, became one of the biggest all girl bands. Distortion was the name of Bucky's band. When your boss brings you to meet them, Bucky leaves a sour impression on you. What's going to happen when you have to work together?
pairings: 90s!Rockstar!Bucky x 90s!Rockstar!reader
warnings: drinking, cursing
w.c: 1.4k
Tumblr media
2 years ago
“Think about it,” Mr. Leroy leaned forward, “fame, money, groupies,” he wiggled his eyebrows.
You shake your head chuckling, “I don’t want groupies.”
“Fine then no groupies,” he smirks. He pulls out the contract from his suitcase and sets it right in front of you. “Let me make you a rockstar.”
Present day
“Morning sunshine!” An awfully cheery voice yells as they open the blinds, the sunlight hitting directly in your face causing you to groan. You turn around burying your face into the bed. You let out a muffled yell, “Get out!”
A pair of hands grab your ankles and yank you out of your bed. You land on the floor with a yelp as your bassist, Wanda, stands with her chest puffed out and her hands on his hips. She takes a deep breath and lets out a moan of satisfaction, “It’s such a beautiful day.”
“Its-” You prop yourself up on your elbows, twisting your neck just far enough to look at the clock placed by your nightstand. “9:15 in the morning, what the hell do you want?”
“Mr. Leroy wants us to meet at the studio in an hour, said something about a collaboration,” she explains as he helps you get up from the floor.
“Collaboration? With who?” You ask.
Wanda shrugs, “Don’t know, but whoever it is can’t be bad.” Oh was she so wrong but they had yet to know it.
Tumblr media
“And that was Bucky Barnes with that killer solo from the band Distortion, up next another song from them lo-” You turn off the radio with a huff, “God turn it off.”
“What, you don’t like them?” Wanda asks while turning on the radio again. “I personally like them.”
“It’s not that I don’t like them,” you turn off the radio, “they’re a good band but jesus I do not want to hear-” you slap her hand away from the button as she goes to turn the radio on again. “For the love of god Wanda!”
Luckily you were pulling up to the parking lot of a studio you had never seen. A record player was on the top of the building, with the needle moving up and down. It was simplistic and didn’t have much to it.
“Is this the right place?”
Wanda looks down at the piece of paper in her hands, “Stars Production,” she looks back up at the building, squinting from the sun ray. “Yep this is the place.
The both of you start to walk inside, opening the entrance.“Oh god,” You grimace, your nose scrunching up in disgust. It reeked of weed and sex making you nose sting, most likey from hours before you got there. “It fucking reeks.”
You push through and going down the hallway you hear cheers and the faint sound of drums playing. You follow the sound until you enter the studio. A group of people were watching a man furiously play the drums, his shirt was off, his tattooed body glistening with sweat.
He loses control of one of the sticks and it goes flying towards you, your fast reflexes go into play and you catch it. The whole room turns their attention to you.
“Wow Frank, didn’t know you had groupies coming,” The man bites his lip looking you up and down.
Your mouth drops in surprise, anger washing over your face. As you were about to tell him off, a blonde man speaks up, “They’re not groupies Buck.” He rubs his temples in frustration.
“I’m sorry about that, I’m Steve Rogers,” He holds his hand out for you to shake, which you gladly take.
“Y/N L/N and this is Wanda Maximoff.” You present Wanda as she waves her hand.
The drummer shakes his head no, walking towards you and taking the stick from your hand. He tosses it in the air and catches it. “Nope,” He lightly taps the stick on your nose. “Your new name is..” he starts drumming on the wall in anticipation, “Spike!”
“Spike? You questioned, clearly taken aback.
“Yeah, you got all that on,” He points to your spiked covered wrist.
You close your eyes and let out a deep sigh, “And what should I call you?” You turn around to look at Wanda. Taking a couple steps forward, “Oh I know just the thing, I’m going to call you Nipples.” You flick his nipple piercing hard. Stifled laughter was heard around the room.
He groans in pain and grabs his chest, “Hey I just got that done.”
You smirk evilly, “I know.”  You clap your hands to grab Mr. Leroy’s attention. “So Mr. Leroy, what's the news?”
“Oh right the news,” He snaps his fingers in the air. “Great news Spike,” the fake smile immediately drops from your face and you fight the urge to roll your eyes. Bucky bites his lip to hide his laugh. “Moxie and Distortion are coming together for an album!”
Little cheers are heard around the room. Mr. Leroy snaps at his assistant, he starts to pour champagne and hands them around the room. You and Wanda skip out, not wanting to drink at 10:35 am.
“Mr. Leroy, there’s a mistak-”
“Nope, No mistake,” he cuts you off. “The people love Distortion but they love Moxie more. So why not bring the best of both worlds and present them with you two.” Mr. Leroy;s phone starts to ring and he excuses himself.
Wanda turns to look at you with surprise in her eyes, “I thought we didn’t do these types of things,” she whispered in your ear.
“And we don’t,” you grit through your smile. Bucky walks up to the two of you and slings his arms around the both of you, dropping all his weight. The both of you stumble and awkwardly laugh.
“What are you guys whispering on about?”
A way to get out of this and never see you again. “Just girl talk,” Wanda answers. She takes his arm off and goes to find Mr. Leroy.
“What’s the matter Spike? You don’t look too happy ‘bout this.” He pinches your cheek.
“What makes you say that?” Sarcasm drips off your tongue. You wanted nothing more than to push his sweaty body off.
“Loosen up,” Bucky lifts his weight off of you, walking away to grab 2 glasses from a table. He hands one over to you but you shake your head,
“I’m ok, don’t feel like drinking.”
He shrugs as he downs what was supposed to be your glass and then his. He leans in close, his breath tickling your ear “Don’t worry, I know other ways to loosen you up.” Your fists ball up against your side, your nails digging into your palm.
Steve grabs his arm, pulling him away from you. “Buck that’s enough,” His voice is stern as he takes him to another part of the room, muttering words to him. You take this as a chance to go and find Wanda.
Once you find them, Wanda is impatiently waiting for him to get off the phone. “And?” You ask hopefully.
“Nothing, he isn’t budging.” She explains, uncrossing her arms. “Y/N you don’t think we’re actually going to go through with this right?”
“I wish I could say no but it doesn't look like we have much of a choice. We’re under a contract and what he says goes.” You reminded her. You renewed the contract just days before, everything with him had gone smoothly. His promise to bring you to fame was kept, he had given you everything and more. You figured nothing could go wrong.
“Mr. Leroy look, you aren't serious about this right?” You nervously chuckle.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“It's just that-” you start to explain, “I don’t really think Barnes and I will work together.”
“Nonsense!” He chirped, placing his hand on your shoulder, guiding you back to the studio. “Listen to me girls, you are my favorite rockstars. Who else has given me 2 platinum records within 2 years?”
You and Wanda don’t give a response. “Exactly! No one has. Look after what happened, you need this. I trust that you will work just fine with Barnes.” Mr. Leroy pushes the door open and gently shoves you inside. “If you want, make it short, whatever you want. Just give me an award winning album.” He closes the door behind him, leaving you back with the group.
“And?” Bucky pulls a smug face knowing Mr.Leroy is making you work with him.
“I’ll have my assistant pick you guys up tomorrow at 4 and take you to my studio to get started. By the way if you’re not there when he goes to pick you up he will leave you.”
taglist: @phildunphyisadilf
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world-of-aus · 20 hours ago
SH hc: what if anytime she posts a sexy pic on instagram she tags him on her boobs or ass or something LOL
Tumblr media
Pairing; Pornstar!Bucky x Pornstar!Reader
A/n: I wanted to give you a little bit of the before, a start of it if you will, if you're interested in seeing the inbetween and after shoot me an ask!
‘You use social media kid, you look like you use social media,’ he answers, ‘you know what forget I even asked that, of course you use social media you weren’t born yesterday, you have Instagram?’
Your laughing, “course I have Instagram Tony, like you said I wasn’t born yesterday, why do you ask,” you question. Tony leans back in his seat as he looks at you, “Stark hub sells sex kid, and when you’re a rising star such as yourself, you’ve got to make a name for yourself, you catching on?”`
“You want me to start promoting my work on Instagram,” you answer, “what are we talking though, you want pics, reels, story’s?” A grin tugs at Starks lips, “you do know your social media,” he whistles, “listen kid at the end of the day it’s your choice what you want to put, but we need to grow your followers, need to grow your name.”
“You want to grow my name let me work with the soldier,” Tony barks out a laugh, “we been through this, seasoned stars work with seasoned stars kid, you’re not soldier ready.”
You don’t hold back the eyeroll, “Stark I've only ever asked you one other time for a chance with the soldier and that was when I first started here, I understood I couldn’t work with him then because you were right, I wasn’t ready, but I mean c’mon I've fucked all of the guys here and some more than once!”
“I know kid, and I applaud you for taking dick so well, but the soldier he’s not like the others, I just don’t think you’re ready for it just yet.”
Your jaw clenches, “and working on my social media is going to get me ready,” Tony leans forward, “it’ll be a start,” he answers.
“Yeah, let’s just overlook all the videos, views, and followers, that I've grown over the last few months,” you mutter under your breath, he looks at you, “what was that,” he questions. You shake your head, “nothing stark, we done here, can I go?”
“You know y/n, seeing as your tagging all the men in your shoot sets, why don’t you try and get the soldiers attention?”
You look up from your phone finding Natasha’s eyes, “what do you mean?” She moves into your space, “yeah,” she starts, “in every set that you’ve uploaded so far you’ve tagged Steve, Sam, Thor, Loki, Banner, and you even mentioned them in your caption, so why don’t you do that for the soldier, see if you can’t get a rise out of your following, move things a little quicker.”
You look back at your phone watching your newest set uploading, “I don’t know Tasha, I don’t think Tony or Barnes would appreciate me tagging the soldier when I haven’t worked with him.”
Natasha rolls her eyes plucking your phone from your fingers, “hey,” you grumble as you reach for your phone but she's twisting away from you, leaving your device out of reach. “Tash come on give me my phone back, what are you doing?”
“If Tony can’t see the work you’ve been putting in to get a chance with the soldier, then maybe you need to try a different approach and go directly for the source.”
“Directly for the source, what do you mean,” you question once more reaching for your phone but Natasha’s swatting your hands away, “seriously what do you mean, what are you doing, give me the phone Romanoff.”
You put up another second of struggle before Natasha is letting you take your device from her hand, you look at your newly refreshed feed to find a mirror selfie of you in a set that you had once confided in her that reminded you of the soldier. Your eyes widen only slightly heart hammering in your chest, “Tasha you didn’t,” you breathe as you tap the photo, the soldier’s tag popping up right between your legs. You look at the redhead, “Natasha,” you hiss, “what in the hell were you thinking!”
She grins as she sits up, “it’s like I said y/n, if tony won’t see it, go directly for the source, and trust me the source will see it.” You watch her push off the couch heading towards the door, her hands reaching for the knob, her head turning back towards you, “besides he’s heard plenty about it,” she winks before she’s stepping out leaving you and your thoughts alone.
The post Natasha had uploaded for you should have been the first and last post to go up involving the soldier, but within the hour thousands of your followers were in your comments asking if the time had finally come. “Are we getting a scene with y/n and the soldier,” many asked. You couldn’t even bring yourself to comment, to ultimately let your fans down that no there wouldn’t be a scene, and you weren’t sure there ever would be.
‘Well, well, fuck me well, I've been told I'm missing out on a go with you, maybe you can make some time for me on your busy schedule sweetheart, I'd love to give your fans here a nice little surprise like the one you’ve just given me.’ You hadn’t been expecting Barnes to comment, it had been said that he didn’t do social media to begin with. So, seeing him in the comments striking up a form of conversation with you striked you to your very core, the only time you had really conversed with the broad brunette is in passing sets.
After the first initial post, the unexpected had happened; your follower count grew twice the number you first had when you started to promote your sets. ‘I told you y/n, you always want to go for the source, and you don’t want to stop once you’ve started, you need to push it, make tony see it, show him you’re hungry for it.”
Tony was approaching you not even a month later after your set scene with Cap, his body hovering over you, “you that desperate for his cock kid?” You had been, it was part of the reason you had worked your way through the ranks, you wanted your chance with the soldier just like everyone else.
Your laughter filled the room, “is that what you came here for, to applaud me?”
“That’s part of the reason,” Tony muttered shaking his head and throwing his best hanky at you, “after you clean up come see me, we’re setting up your next scene.”
You had sat up straighter than breasts exposed to the cool of the room, “next scene,” you called after him as he had made his move off the set.
He glanced over his shoulder teeth bright, “yeah your next scene with the soldier,” your lips parted, heart racing. Tony threw you a wink, “congrats kid.”
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thatmexisaurusrex · 2 days ago
Just Sam and Bucky on Sarah’s porch, hanging out with Sarah and an old Becca visiting them all, the quartet exchanging embarrassing stories about their siblings.
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the-kinnie-in-me · 2 days ago
Hi! Can I request some headcanons for being friends with Bucky Barnes? I feel like he’d make a great friend lol. Thanks in advance :)
A/n: Hello! Tsym for requesting! Sorry if its a little short. Feedback would be greatly appreciated :DD
𝑩𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝑩𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝑩𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒔:
Tumblr media
You’re most likely gonna have to be the to approach him 1st
He may seem a bit distant and introverted at 1st but once he considers you a friend-
This is your dynamic
Also, expect some playful arguments and Sam teaming up with you in said arguments
“Cause I have a feeling it might be a part of the big 3.”
“What big 3?”
“You don’t know the big 3?”
If you aren’t really the type to do that, then you’re definitely the middle person between those 2
He’ll 100% have your back no need to doubt it
He won’t abandon you when you need him
But try doing that to him and I’ll hunt you down
You’re gonna have to be the one to introduce to most modern things
“Have you tried listening to more modern music?”
“What are you talking about? 40’s music is fine”
“I know. But do you want me to make you a playlist of modern music?”
“A playlist?”
He’d be down to hang out in any way you planned
I have a feeling there’s gonna be some playful flirting
He’ll stop when you get uncomfortable tho since he’s a gentleman (Take notes)
The headcanons before this are just general/civilian! reader ones so let’s move on to hero! Reader
Well- he isn’t letting you sacrifice yourself in any way.
Mf really makes sure of that
If you die- he’s dying with you
RIP to the person you guys are gonna fight
Because you guys would be a power duo
Please comfort him when Steve leaves
Poor guy really needs it
I know it's mostly been all fluff at the moment but let's be real here-
Bucky isn’t the most open person you’ll find
At least emotionally
He will listen to your problems but won’t tell you his
If you want him to fully open up you’re gonna have to give him lots of time
If you are a civilian, you’ll least likely know the crazy things going on in his life and his past until you’re possibly dragged into it
But if you’re a hero-
You’ll know about it and he has lesser things to hide from you
You’ll most likely know him longer and see him vulnerable at times
Which makes it a little bit easier for him to open up to you
Other than that- I agree with you, Bucky would be a great friend
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justmymindandstuff · 10 hours ago
Ghost of you
Tumblr media
summary: You've had a really shitty week, and to top it all off, the guy you've been dating for almost half a year also ghosted you. Just to suddenly appear in your living room with the worst excuse ever, or is it maybe the truth?
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Y/N) 
warnings: low self-esteem, trust issues, mention of violence, injuries, mention of the winter soldier, mention of torture and kidnapping 
words: 3508
You can also read this on AO3. 
and like always English is not my fist language so forgive me for my mistakes 
(GIF not mine)
It has rained all day, and in the early evening, heavy raindrops are still falling from the New Yorker sky. You drop your backpack next to the door and take a deep breath. The cold rain pulls your mood down even further. You had a shitty day. At first you overslept and were late for your morning college class, then your annoying professor talked bad about your last project and one of your fellow students, a slimy guy named Taylor, who kept asking for a date, no matter how often you say no, tried to cheer you up with some stupid sayings. "Maybe chemistry isn't the right class for you" and "In my opinion woman don't belong into science." Of course that didn't help. You had to pull yourself together not to beat him, but you didn't get through four years of studying organic chemistry and to get throw out of college now. In summary, you had a shitty day. Exhausted, you hang up your jacket and peel off your wet clothes. A hot bath will do you good now. While you walk through your small apartment to the bathroom, you check your cell phone. You have a few messages from your friends, an email with updates on your study group, and a missed call from your mom. But of course that one person didn't write to you. You haven't received a message from him for 5 days. Did you do something wrong? Said something stupid? Or is that just his way of telling you that he's no longer interested in you? Actually, you wouldn't think Bucky do something like that, he's a gentleman through and through and even brought you flowers on your first date. Usually you're not like that, you've never depended your mood on a man's attention, but everything is different with him somehow. The last six months you've been dating Bucky and everything has been kind of perfect. He's charming, polite, friendly and treats
 you well, plus he's incredibly handsome. And of course you fell in love with him. How could you not. Frustrated, you put your cell phone down next to the sink and let in the bath water. A bath will relax you, and then you will call your best friend and complain about Bucky. She's going to fall into hate speech about men and wishing again and again that she was a lesbian, then the two of you could get married. Unfortunately, neither of you are really into women. So this is what your Friday evening looks like, a lonely bath and a poor phone call while you cry over your sad single life. Maybe a box of Ben & Jerry's ice cream too. You sink into the hot water and lean back in the tub. The pleasant warmth is good for you and you will notice how your tense muscles relax.But the peace doesn't last long because your thoughts wander back to Bucky. It bothers you a little that you care so much about his attention, but you have got used to them. He usually texts you regularly, asking how your day is, how your classes are going and whether you can keep up with your assignments. Sometimes you wake up in the morning with a message from him telling you that he has a stressful day ahead of him, but he wishes you a nice day and would text you as soon as he can. You sigh, this time you haven't heard from him, at some point he just stopped getting an answer. Actually, you thought everything was going well. Bucky was the first man you trusted again after your ex boyfriend cheated on you after five years of dating. You've been taking it easy, going on dates, hanging out with each other, and feeling like you really got to know each other. He even told you about his nightmares and therapy, even if he never told you the reason, you noticed how difficult it was for him to open up, to be so vulnerable. Bucky met your friends and you wanted to introduce him to your parents by the end of the month. At least that was the plan. But maybe it was all just a trick of his? A trick to get you to bed, a trick that worked. Maybe it's because of this? Maybe you're bad in bed? But he never mentioned that he was dissatisfied. Apparently all men are the same. You shake your head to get rid of these thoughts, then take a deep breath and sink back in the bathtub so far that your head slips under the water. You enjoy the peace and quiet underwater, but unfortunately you run out of oxygen far too quickly, so you have to surface again. The water around you is slowly getting cold, for a moment you think about running warm water again, but you decide against it and climb out of the tub. You wrap yourself in a large, soft towel and grab your cell phone. Of course he didn't answer. Maybe you need a bottle of wine and a romantic comedy, after that you would be better off and maybe you could forget that the guy you had been dating for almost 6 months was ghosting you. You slip into your cozy pajamas, which you put on the bathroom heater this morning. You'd like to pat yourself on the back for this great idea. You leave the bathroom and make your way to the kitchen, your phone in hand, even if you know he won't answer. Have you been too clingy? Or did you tell him too soon that you love him? Wait a minute, you didn't tell him that, only thought a few times but never said it. Your mind wanders to your last date. It was movie night so you guys were watching one of those classics that Bucky loves to watch. And every time you have the feeling he is watching the film for the first time and does not know what it is about. As if the storylines and characters weren't widely known, at least if you haven't lived in a cave for the past 50 years. When you saw Titanic you felt like he was really surprised when Jack died. But maybe you just imagined it all. Maybe you don't know him as well as you thought. After the movie you went to bed and fell asleep in his arms. You remember that the last thought you had was that you never felt as safe with anyone as you did with Bucky. The next morning you had breakfast together and then he drove to work. Before he left the apartment, he gave you a passionate kiss, but he didn't ask when you would next see each other. Something he usually always did. But he called you that evening and complained about his coworker Sam and his constant good mood at work. For the next few days you kept writing messages and making phone calls, but suddenly it stopped. No more calls, no more answers to your message. Not even when asked if something happened and why he doesn't answer you. Complete radio silence for 5 days. You feel the tears welling up in your eyes, but you don't want to cry. Not about some stupid, handsome, charming guy like James Buchanan ,,Bucky” Barnes. Maybe you're just not the kind of woman men can imagine a future with. "Hello Y / N." you jump a bit forward in shock when you hear Bucky voice behind you. Then you turn to him. He's sitting on the sofa in your dark living room, you can only make out his outlines. "What are you doing here?" you piss at him, your heart still beats faster with fright. You turn on the light and when you can see him properly you flinch again. There are cuts streaked through his face, covered with a few patches, he has one black eye, and the knuckles of his hand are red and scarred. His normally bright blue eyes look tired and dull. "What happened?" you ask him and walk up to him, you sink to your knees in front of him and take his left hand in yours and carefully study the many injuries on his face. Now you can also see the bandage wrapped around his shoulder and the large hematoma that runs from his neck and presumably all the way down his shoulder blades and back. Bucky carefully lifts his hand and strokes your cheek. The cold metal on your warm skin makes you shiver slightly, but you lean into its touch. Forgotten is all the anger and sadness about ignoring your messages. "A lot of things went wrong this time." this answer doesn't really make you any smarter. "What do you mean?" you ask confused. "And why do you show up after almost a week of not hearing from you and look like you've been beaten up?" "I'm sorry. I'll explain everything to you. Please can I just hold you in my arms for a moment?" Still confused about the whole situation, you nod and let him pull you onto his lap. His arms wrap around your body and you nestle against his chest. You take a deep breath of his familiar smell, a few drops of water fall from his hair onto your cheek. He smells like shampoo, bandages and Bucky. It's just quiet for a while and you listen to Bucky´s steady heartbeat. "I'm sorry that I didn't answer your calls and that we haven't seen each other the last few weeks. I was out of town, not even in this country." he whispers softly at some point. "Where have you been?" you ask in the same volume. "Can't tell you." You sigh and sit up a little, his grip on your waist tightening a little, as if he's trying to hold you to himself. " Why are you lying?" you notice how tears well up in your eyes. Even when you are so close, you notice this invisible wall between you. Did he lie to you all along? You are tired of being lied to and it makes you incredibly angry and sad. "Please Y / N. I'm not lying to you. There's only so much I can't tell you. I´m not allowed to tell you." he looks sadly past you to the side. "I don't even know how to explain it to you." "Just try it." you want to tear down this wall, you want to know the truth. Even if it could hurt you. Is he cheating on you too? Does he have another girlfriend? Or maybe he's married and has kids and he's cheating on his wife with you? Does he lead a double life? Bucky takes a deep breath. "You know I have these nightmares." You nod and look at him carefully. "In these nightmares, I see my past. What happened to me or rather what I did. Although I actually didn't do it, not voluntarily. But I did it anyway and that haunts me. And because of that, I go to the therapy. Well, that's why I'm still doing it. It was ordered by court." "Bucky, it doesn't make any sense what you're saying." Bucky takes a deep breath. "I lied." immediately you tense up again and want to free yourself from his embrace, but he holds you tight. "Please listen to me, and when I'm done and you never want to see me again, I'll understand. Then I'll leave and you'll never hear from me again. Please." "I'll listen." "As I said, I lied." he starts again. "When I told you I served in Afghanistan. That was a lie, yes I went to war, but not this one. I went to war in Europe." Confused, you straighten up again. "What are you talking about? There hasn't been a war against the Europeans since 1945." "I know." Bucky is silent again for a moment. “I was born on March 10th, 1917 and I signed up for the war against the Germans in 1942. My best friend was Steve Rogers. He was made a super soldier and when my unit was captured he saved us. We tried to capture a man named Arnim Zola, but there was an accident and I fell off the train. Everyone thought I was dead. But I wasn't, they captured me, experimented on me, make me a super soldier and then they gave me a brain wash. " Bucky clenches his hands in a fist and you hear the soft creak of his prosthesis. He told you he lost his arm in an attack in the war, apparently that was the only part that wasn't a lie. "When the war was over, HYDRA used me to pursue their plans, and after every mission they put me into cryosleep." It will take you a few minutes to think about what he said. On the one hand, it explains a lot, the scars all over his body, the nightmares, the fact that he sometimes behaves as if he came from another time. But on the other hand, this whole story just sounds like a huge, big lie. Of course there are the Avengers, and Steve Rogers the super soldier from WWII, but brainwashing? Cryosleep? And all of that as early as the 1940s. You just can't believe him. You shake your head and break free from his embrace, this time Bucky lets go of you without hesitation. You take a few steps away from him, he is sitting on your couch and looks at you, his beautiful blue eyes are completely dull from the grief. He looks broken. "I don't know if I can believe you. And what does that have to do with the last few days and why do you look like you've been beaten up?" Bucky takes another deep breath. "A few years ago I was sent on a mission to kill Captain America. But Steve recognized me, he tried to help me. And when the helicarriers crashed, everything came back. I knew who I was again." He pauses briefly, you can see on his face that the memory is causing him pain. You remember the news report, there was talk of a Helicarrier malfunction. You look at Bucky and wait for him to continue talking. "Steve was trying to protect me, a lot of things went wrong back then. He had a fight with Tony because of me. I went to Wakanda to get the brainwashed out, it worked. The trigger words don't work anymore, but the memories are still there. I'm working on it with Dr. Raynor, and in the meantime I'm working with the Avengers now. I'm trying to somehow make amends for what I did then. I'm trying to help now and do what's right." Bucky falls silent and you try to understand what he just told you. Can this really be true? Or is it all just one giant lie? But why would he bother to think of something like that? But the whole story sounds so unbelievable. So unbelievable it could be the truth. "I don't know if I can believe you." you whisper into the resulting silence. "And if you're really telling the truth, why are you putting yourself in such danger? Look at you, Bucky, you're covered in bruises." "I have to do this and it's not really dangerous for me. Give me 2 days and all the scratches will be gone." Scratches. He really calls his wounds scratches, you shake your head in disbelief. He looks like he fell out of a moving car into a chasm and then got a good beating. He would never heal so quickly. "I'm a Super Soldier Y/N, like Steve. The serum makes me heal faster." he answers your unasked question. "Okay, let's say I would believe your story, I still don't understand why you put yourself in such danger? Why don't you do anything else? Why do you do this? What do you have to make up for? Did you kill someone? " "I've killed countless people Y / N. Innocent people. People who didn't fit HYDRA, political opponents, but also civilians, scientists, presidents, monarchs, politicians. And that for more than 70 years. I have a lot to make up for. I'm a killer, an assassin, a monster. As a Winter Soldier, there were no morals, there were no limits. There were only missions. I didn't ask why I should take out my targets, they probably wouldn't have answered me anyway, I just obeyed the orders. I was a weapon, I am a weapon. But now at least I'm the one pulling the trigger." You take a step towards him carefully, placing your hand on his arm and stroking his cheek with the other, tears glistening in his eyes and he leans into your touch. "I can understand if you're afraid of me now." His voice trembles and it almost tears your heart. Suddenly you are sure that he is telling the truth, you believe him. He could never think of something like that. He could never act the suffering, the fear and the pain. "May I hug you?" you ask quietly. Bucky immediately grabs your waist and pulls you back onto his lap, his arms closing around you and hugging you. He buries his head in the crook of your neck and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry I lied. I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't. When I met you I thought wow, how can a person be so perfect? ​​How can a person be so good? I didn't deserve you, not after everything I've done. I didn't want you to know that I'm a monster. I wanted your perfect, peaceful world to stay the way it is. I never wanted to hurt you." “You're not a monster. Even if I can't quite grasp the whole situation, I know this for sure. You are not this person anymore, this … this…” "Winter Soldier." "Yes exactly, this Winter Soldier. You are not that monster that you are describing. It cannot be. The Bucky I know is nice, attentive and caring, you are one of the best people I know.” "But I wasn´t always like this, I am this monster, or I was and a part of the Winter Solider is still in me.” "No!" do you contradict him. "You're trying to make things right. You realized it was wrong. And you said you were brainwashed. Everything you did as a Winter Solider wasn't your choice, it wasn't your fault. These HYDRA people used you, you are a victim as well as all the people they had killed." Bucky's grip tightens a little, and only now do you realize how strong he really is, how long he had to hide his true power. He did it not to scare you, he lied to you because he doesn´t want to burden you with his trauma. He wanted your life to be free from the shadows of his past. You feel something wet drip onto your shoulder, and it takes you a moment to realize it's Bucky's tears. You carefully stroke his short hair, trying to calm him down. "I am sorry." he whispers into your neck. "You don't have to be sorry. I'm glad you told me the truth and I'll try to understand it. I'll try to help you. We're a team after all." "You won't leave me?" "No. Of course not. How could I leave you?" you take a deep breath. "I love you." Bucky flinches, then pulls away from you to look into your eyes. "I don't deserve your love." "Do not say something like that." He leans in a little to put his lips on yours, it's only a brief touch, but it makes your heart skip a beat and causes a pleasant warmth throughout your body. "I love you Y/N. I've wanted to tell you this for so long, but I was scared the whole time. I'm sorry if I hurt you, I didn't mean to lie." "It's okay. Sure, I've been mad and hurt and I've cursed you and sent you to hell more than once in the past week, but I understand you better now. Thanks for telling me." You kiss him, then lean back into his arms, the pain is gone from his eyes and he has a hint of a smile on his lips. Bucky hugs you tightly and gently strokes your back. You don't know exactly how long you've been sitting on your couch like this, but it's a nice feeling, you feel safe with him and you're glad that invisible wall between you has started to crumble. He opened up to you, told you the truth and showed you that he trusts you. And you're sure he has no idea how much that means to you. How much he means to you.
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angrythingstarlight · 27 days ago
Not sure if you do this but do you have any thoughts on dilf!bucky and/or milf!reader?
Tumblr media
Do I have thoughts about mafia dilf!Bucky? Yes Yes, I do.
Pairing: Mafia!Dilf Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k 
Warnings: Smut, rough smut, oral (fem receiving), age gap, possessive behavior.
A/N: Unbeta'd, written on my phone.
Bucky Barnes is infamous.
Everyone knows of him, although few people know him. The mobster established his reputation early in his youth, claiming his family’s empire before he was old enough to drink. He exudes power, intelligence, and experience. This man can command a room with a smile and level a grown man with a glare.
He met you by accident; he was browsing the local bookstore, searching for one of Puzo’s books when he spotted you standing in front of the romance section, your large wicker basket full, a soft alluring smile pulling at your lips as you studied the selection of novels.
Bucky is a decisive man, he can read people before they even open their mouths it’s a skill that’s kept him on top of the criminal underworld. And he knew you were special the instant your eyes met his.
Did he use his influence and connections to learn everything about you? Yes. Does he regret any of it? Absolutely not.
Not when he uses what he learned to convince you to go out with him and give an older man a chance. Although how could you say no to the tall mafia boss, his jet black suit highlighting his muscular arms, his bright blue eyes warm on your skin, god you swear he can see right through you.
And it’s so refreshing and nice to be with a man who knows exactly what he wants and just takes it. The power and strength radiating off him goes right through your chest and sinks into your belly, warming you from the inside out like whiskey rushing through your veins.
One date turned into six and the next thing you know he’s spoiling you with gifts. You tried to turn them down at first until he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you against his broad chest, lips ghosting over the shell of your ear. “Kотёнок, I get off on spoiling you, don’t take that away from me.” His very large erection pressed into the small of your back emphasized his point more than his gruff baritone voice ever could.
The first time he fucks you, oh god it’s good. Actually, no just calling it good can’t begin to explain how he makes you feel. It’s indescribably incredible. Guys before him claimed you would “feel them for days” when in reality, you barely felt them during the act, let alone afterward.
But Bucky is not any guy.
Every filthy, obscene thing he said he was going to do, every orgasm he promised to take from your little pussy, every last thing he swore you were going to feel when you’re wrapped around his cock—he meant every single word, every promise and he was going to show you just how much he meant it.
Starting right now. The second you step into his bedroom, Bucky is all over you, his hands and lips roaming over you, learning your curves as he strips you down until you're naked and splayed across his bed.
Oh fuck.
You’re not sure you’ll survive the way he rips you apart with his tongue and fingers, alternating between smooth and tender licks and deep, vulgar sucks that you felt in every cell of your body, moaning with every salacious kiss on your clit like it was making him feel good.
He’s eating you out because he craved the taste of you on his tongue, his fingers rubbing tight little patterns on your pulsating clit while his tongue swept across your velvety walls until you soaked his face, your slick dripping off him.
Bucky runs his thumb over the damp gray patch in his beard, popping it into his mouth. “Fuck I’ve never had anything as sweet as you.”
He takes his time getting you ready for him, ignoring your shamelessly begging for him to please fuck you. You needed to be filled so bad tears leaked out of your eyes.
But when you finally see his cock, you understand why he needed to prepare you first. He’s so big you don’t think you can handle even half of him.
“Your pretty pussy is made for me. We’ll make it fit.”
His cock is long and thick with a prominent vein leading to the swollen head and you wanted to fit, fuck at this point you didn’t care if it didn’t, you just needed him inside you. You must have said those words aloud, because Bucky grinned with a smug pride burning in his eyes. “That’s my sweet girl, now open up for me.”
The stretch as he eased inside of you sent a pleasurable burn up your spine. Each powerful thrust brought him deeper inside you until he’s all you could feel.
He praises you as he slides each thick, veiny inch inside your cunt. “Look at you taking every inch like a good girl. I knew you could do it, just a little more, yeah you can take it, this greedy little pussy is going to take all of my cock, there ya go, a little more.”
You don’t recognize the noise that spills out of your mouth when he bottoms out, the fullness, the stretch, all the sensations prickling across your skin makes you keen. You’re uncontrolled yet tethered to the intense white-hot pleasure he was giving you. He places one large rough hand under your hips, keeping you right where he wants you, your leg over his tattooed shoulder, letting him go deeper and faster until he was slamming in your cunt.
Over and over and over again until you’re crying and begging him, please I can’t take it, it’s too much, it’s too-oh fuck, oh god right there please, babbling into the crumpled pillows around your head, unable to think as your vision blurs into an array of sparkling lights.
“Eyes on me. I want to see your pretty face when you cum for me.” His feral gaze collides with your dazed eyes. His hand pushing on your belly. “You feel me right here, don’t you, Kотёнок. This is my pussy now.” He grunts, a lock of damp hair curling on his forehead.
His hips shifting so his next stroke strikes something inside you, a soft sensitive spot that has your back arching off the bed, only stopped by his warm, firm chest pushing you back down, pleasure spreading through you so swiftly your body felt like its imploding.
“Oh god, it’s yours.” You cry out, a surprisingly fierce thrust making the headboard crash into the wall. “Please, ‘m so close.”
Bucky’s lips slotted over yours, his tongue delving into your mouth. I know, I know whispered as he deepened the kiss.
When he feels you tightening around him, your orgasm winding tighter and tighter inside you, he breaks the kiss, resting his sweat-slicked forehead on yours, gazing into your eyes.
“Kотёнок, I told you I was going to do things to you that would make you forget anyone you’ve dated before me. I’m going to fuck you so good that I’m going to ruin you.” He promises, his hips grinding, pounding into yours, the wet slapping of skin echoing around you. “But first you’re going to cum for me. Now.”
His voice, his command, his control over your body unravels the coil inside you and it hits you, pure, raw bliss surging through you. You’ve never cum so hard in your life. It’s too much and not enough at once, you can’t take much more, but you don’t want it to end.
Bucky’s pace slows to languid yet devastating strokes, his lips on your neck, kissing and sucking bruises on your skin, murmuring soft praises.
Your mouth goes slack on a thin wail that turns into a wordless scream when he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, sensations waving up, crashing into you until you’re drowning in pleasure.
When you finally come down from your intense high, your eyes drift open at the sound of him asking if you’re ready for round two or do you need some water first. Bucky chuckles at your shocked expression. “Oh Kотёнок, I think it’s going to take more than one orgasm to get you addicted to me.” He shifts his weight onto his arms, grinding his hips down so you feel his cock, still hard and throbbing inside your sensitive fluttering walls.
Bucky peppers soft kisses on lips, his lust-blown pupils drifting over your face. “Something tells me you’re going to need a lot more convincing and by the time I’m done with you and this sweet tight little pussy—,” he smiles at you, his ring adorned hand moving over your throat,"—you’re going to want my cock inside you more than you’re going to want to breathe.
Oh fuck.
The confidence in his tone makes you shiver; he feels you tremble, his smirk spreading across his handsome face.
He winks, his voice breathless and shaky, letting you know he’s just as affected by this as you are. And that feels so good, too. “And since I’m the one that did this to you, guess I’ll have to keep your pretty pussy filled won’t I?”
And those are some of my thoughts about dilf!Bucky.
Let me know what you think!
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snakelaufeyson · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
to say i’m mad is an understatement
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bucksfucks · 22 hours ago
how much of my soul do i have to sell to you to get a full story of the beefy!librarian!bucky thing
— innocent & little | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
summary | based off of this post.
pairing | beefy!librarian!bucky barnes x f!reader
word count | 1,189 words
warnings | masturbation, dirty talk, pet names [sweets & sweetheart], dry humping, fingering, make out sesh, teasing, multiple orgasms, massive size kink, praise kink, unprotected sex [don’t be stupid], multiple orgasms, innocence kink, corruption kink, breeding kink, reader is called small & tiny [in comparison to bucky who is 6’5], rough sex — 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI
Bucky stood under the hot streaming water, his warm hand wrapped around his cock as he rested his forehead against the cool tile.
The curse fell past his lips softly as he continued to buck his hips. His abdomen was tight and taunt, the muscles there defined as flashes of your innocent eyes; fluttering eyelashes and pouted lips, plagued his every thought.
When he came, thick ropes of cum hitting the shower tiles, he let out a low grunt of your name. His cock twitched with the force of his orgasm, lungs feeling as if they were on fire and his heart thrummed wildly against his ribs.
This time, he felt guilty and dirty.
“Here you go, Buck!” You chirped cheerily, sliding the to-go cup of tea onto his little information desk.
Bucky looked up at you, stormy blue eyes behind his glasses as the corner of his mouth twitched upward and he expertly hid the book he was reading.
“Thanks, Sweets.” He replied, grabbing the cup and sliding it closer to him.
“I also got you a muffin. It’s cran-blueberry today.” You winked, the bag crinkling as you handed it over to him.
A slight blush rose to Bucky’s cheeks, creeping from his neck all the way to the tip of his ears.
“You didn’t have to.” He mumbled, looking inside the bag and his mouth watered. Cran-blueberry was his favourite.
You just shrugged your shoulders, adjusting the straps of your backpack and making your way to the little corner you always studied in.
When you were finally seated, you had to take a deep breath to stop your wandering thoughts. Mainly involving Bucky and those long fingers of his.
How would they feel wrapped around your throat? Flat against your ass? Knuckle deep inside of you as he whispered dirty things until you came?
It was precisely these thoughts that a) caused little wet patches to appear on your favourite panties and b) made you embarrassed.
You shouldn’t be thinking about Bucky that way. He was sort of a friend. Kinda? Maybe more of an acquaintance, but still, it was wrong.
Still, it didn’t stop you when your over fingers were buried in your panties, rubbing yourself until you came at the thought of him.
You never thought you get here.
Inside Bucky’s bedroom.
To see the collection of books he had on his shelves. The assorted tea cups sitting in his cabinet. The many blankets strewn over the back of his couch.
None of that mattered anymore because you were sitting in Bucky’s lap making out with him. With his erection straining against his pants and your covered core.
You whimpered when he pulled away, leaving you with wetter and plumper lips.
“That.” Bucky said, a look of confusion glossing over your face.
“That look right there is what makes my dick so fucking hard.” He nearly groans, swiping his thumb over your bottom lip.
You hadn’t even realized you were looking at him a certain way, but it was excitement pool in your abdomen, butterflies swarming as you hid your face.
“That innocent little pout of yours, you know what it makes me think of?” He purrs, smirking, cocking his head so he can drink in every little movement you make.
“What?” You whisper.
He leans in, splaying his hands against your hips so he can slowly grind you against him. It’s a delicious sensation, but you know it’s not nearly enough.
“Makes me think of all the ways I can corrupt you, sweetheart.” His words make your pussy jump, clenching around nothing as you squirm against him.
And then clothes are being torn off. Not in a desperate, animalistic way, in a way that tells the both of you that you’re done waiting.
You’re both done playing your games.
Bucky shows you how much he cares by kissing every inch of you, avoiding where you need him most just so he can hear those breathy pouts and moans.
When his fingers glide through your folds, it’s game fucking over.
You’re gone.
“You have no idea how much I love how little you are, sweetheart.” He hums, his middle finger slowly sinking into your wet heat.
It fills you more than two of your own fingers, but it’s not nearly enough.
And Bucky is big. Massive, even. At six foot five, he towers over you. Not to mention his broad chest and shoulders and the thick thighs you were straddling just minutes ago.
So when he slips in another finger, that familiar burn associated with the stretch, you grip at his mustard yellow bedsheets as you try to contain yourself.
You know you’re close. Bucky knows this too, nudging your g-spot with a couple flicks of his wrist before completely stilling.
“Will you give me one, sweetheart?” He coos, your eyes hungry and wild.
“Anything for you, Bucky.”
“That’s my good girl.” He praises, “let go for me.”
It hits you hard, a shudder rolling over you and Bucky has to hold your thighs open as it rocks through you.
Bucky get up from the bed, hooking his fingers in his boxers and finally pulling them down. Your mouth hangs open.
He was most definitely proportional compared to his body. But his six foot fucking five body.
“Bucky.” You must’ve looked terrified because Bucky bent down with concerned eyes.
“You’re so big.” You whispered, mouth watering and Bucky let out a dark chuckle.
“I’ll fit you, sweetheart. I promise.” He says and you don’t doubt him. But also because you think you might lose your mind if he’s not inside of you within a few minutes.
And Bucky doesn’t lie.
“Fuck.” You hear as he slides inside of you.
His arms are wobbling, abs tight as he’s fully seated inside of you.
“I knew you’d be able to take me.” He whispers, “been thinking about all the ways I could ruin this sweet little pussy of yours.”
Your walls are fluttering around him, but he’s in charge.
“All the ways I could fill you up.”
You’re on the verge of tears, your skin burning up from the tension.
“The ways I could breed you over and over.”
When he finally snaps his hip, you lose control of your body. You’re his to use from that moment on.
With your face buried in his sheets, there’s nothing in your mind except for how fucking good Bucky feels.
“Take a deep breath, sweetheart.” His voice is tough and hoarse in your ear. “I want you to smell me when you come all over my cock.”
But Bucky is greedy and two orgasms isn’t enough.
Neither is three, apparently.
When you’re flipped on your back, sinking into his mattress, he props your hips up with a pillow.
“I think you look so cute with cock so deep.” He fucking you slowly, enjoying how fucked out you look.
And when he comes, his words replay inside your empty mind.
“Gonna be so full of me, sweetheart. Your thighs are gonna be stained with it.”
Both you and Bucky knew that the night was just beginning.
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bloomingbucky · a month ago
𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙚, 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙨
Tumblr media
avenger!bestfriend!bucky x female avenger!reader
word count: 10k (yeah, it’s a long one.)
warnings: 18+, friends to lovers trope, miscommunication, angst, arguing, crying, mentions of injury, brief mentions of food, very brief mention of being drunk, use of petnames [sweets, sweetheart, baby] smut, dry humping, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, brief mentions of nipple and clit play, bucky finishes in reader
authors note: this took me so long to finish and to perfect but i’m finally ready to post it. this is the first angsty fic i’ve written and the longest fic i’ve ever written so please bare with me! i really hope you all enjoy this one! this is for week three (technically week 5) of festive friday’s! i also wanna give a very very special thank you to the beautiful @ambrosiase for all of her help and guidance with writing this story.
minors do not interact. this is strictly 18+ only, by clicking read more you are telling me you are 18 or older. you do not have permission to copy/use any of my work!
The mix between the snow blowing across the highway and the snow falling from the sky practically blinded your vision. The wind was gusting, with each hour it only seemed to get stronger.
Every few minutes Bucky would say something under his breath, quiet enough that you’d only catch a few words each time.
Neither of you shared a word since you stepped foot into the vehicle. The tension in the small space of the car was so thick not even a knife could cut through it.
You were on your way to your safe house after your mission. Your failed mission.
Not only were you and Bucky not on great terms to begin with, the plan quite literally fell apart in your hands. Leaving you both angered and rather annoyed.
The wheels of the tires were beginning to struggle to move, the deep snow holding them back with each spin.
“God damn it!” Bucky raised his voice, his hands slamming down harshly on the steering wheel as the car came to a complete stop. The sudden noise causing you to flinch slightly as you turned to him.
You watched as he repeatedly tried to start the car, each time the engine made a ticking noise before turning off. He tried four times before throwing the keys to the side, placing his palms over his eyes.
“Did you get a hold of anyone?” He asked, not bothering to look at you. He had a small cut above his eyebrow that caught your eye, the skin around it was covered in smears of blood and dirt.
“No, Bucky.” You snapped, “I told you there’s no reception, you know cause there’s a storm.”
“Cut the fuckin’ attitude Y/n.” He hissed, ripping the phone from your hands before mumbling something once again.
“Grow up.” You rolled your eyes, “If you have something to say, say it.”
You watched him shake his head, he let out a scoff as his lips turned into a cocky smirk. Your jaw clenched as you watched, your patience was already running thin with only a small layer remaining.
“I don’t know why you didn’t listen to me.” You hissed, “The plan wasn’t gonna work from the minute we got there, we could’ve left and avoided this.” Your hand hit your window as you flung it.
You watched as Bucky took a deep breath, nostrils flaring as his eyes stayed glued to the screen.
“The house isn’t far.” Bucky said, ignoring your words from before. “Our stuff is already there, all we gotta do is get ourselves there.
Your eyes went wide as you turned to look at him. Looking out the window all you saw was white, and it looked like it went on forever. The temperate had dropped last night and remained that way throughout the entire day.
“Are you suggesting we walk there?” You hissed, appalled he would even suggest it.
“Don’t think you got a better idea, sweets.” He started gathering things from the car, putting them in his pockets. “We can’t get a hold of anyone and this car ain’t startin’ anytime soon.”
You were afraid, but you weren't about to tell him that. You weren’t dressed for this weather and it was apparent that Bucky forgot not everyone has his abilities.
“Bucky, I don’t think that’s safe for me. I-” You were cut off by him practically growling.
“Are you done now?” Bucky spit, raising his eyebrows at you. “You’re so damn dramatic sometimes.”
You felt your chest get tight, your teeth were grinding together so hard your jaw ached. Bucky knew how to shut up you, he knew exactly what nerve to strike and it made your blood run cold.
You didn’t say a word to him, your lips moved into a thin line as you bit the inside of your cheek.
Bucky’s features softened, he knew how much it upset you when people treated you like a child. Regret began to slowly leak into his chest cavity, each drop making his heart beat a bit quicker.
As he went to speak you opened the door and got out, slamming it hard behind you. He watched as you put the hood of your jacket up and started dragging yourself through the snow.
Quickly he looked around the car, making sure he wasn’t leaving anything before getting out and locking it, not that it would matter.
He ran up behind you the best he could, starting to think maybe you were right. The wind was putting him off balance, he couldn’t imagine how you were feeling at that moment.
“Let me help you!” He shouted, reaching for your hand but you pulled it away from him.
“It's fine, Barnes.” You replied with no emotion in your tone, “I’d hate to be dramatic.”
The petty remark fell from your tongue before you could process it. You kept walking forward, the snow was already falling in your boots, melting as it came in contact with your warm skin.
Bucky sighed to himself, he felt horrible. He’d already treated you terribly all week long and now he found himself taking his frustrations out on you. He followed a good distance behind you, giving you both time to cool down.
The two of you weren’t typically like this. This bickering and the fighting was all new to the both of you, only beginning a week ago.
You and Bucky were friends, close friends. Long ago, Bucky found solace in you.
Bucky had sweat falling from his forehead, his entire body tense as he shot up from the floor. His chest heaved as he looked around the room before his eyes landed on the glowing red numbers of his alarm.
He wiped some of the sweat from his head with the back of his hand before throwing on a shirt.
He knew he wouldn’t be going back to bed and decided to go sit in the common room of his shared living quarters.
Quietly he opened and closed his door, making his way through the kitchen. As he turned the corner, he stopped in his tracks hearing something coming from the room.
He knew that Sam, Steve and Wanda were on a mission, he only assumed you and Natasha went too.
Looking over he saw that the television was on, some Christmas movie was playing and someone was sitting on the couch.
He hesitated, debating if he should just go back to his room. As much as he wanted to avoid talking to anyone, staring at his ceiling fan for the next three hours seemed like torture.
He quietly crept his way into the room, clearing his throat in an attempt to not startle you.
Bucky watched as you grabbed the remote, pausing your movie quickly. The two of you had only ever spoken in passing, never having a reason to talk more than that.
“I’m so sorry.” Your eyes were wide as they scanned over him. “Did I wake you up?”
Bucky shook his head, taking a seat next to you. “Had a nightmare.” He spoke, eyes squinting in your direction. “And I don’t really feel like goin’ back to bed.”
Nodding your head he watched the way you bit your bottom lip, pulling the skin behind your teeth as you awkwardly pushed the bowl of popcorn away from you.
“I uhh.” You trailed off, “I have pretty bad insomnia, so I get it, sort of.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.
Shifting in his seat, Bucky returned a small smile. He’d never noticed your smile until right now. It was sweet and inviting, it brought Bucky a sense of comfort he hadn’t had in a long time.
Typically encounters of this nature made Bucky immensely uncomfortable, but not in this case.
For the rest of that night you and Bucky talked about your sleeping problems. You stopped here and there to explain the movie on the screen.
You both fell asleep on the couch that night, thankful everyone else was on a mission.
That was almost exactly two years ago. Since then the two of you had only gotten closer.
What started as comforting and guiding each other through rough nights blossomed into something more.
From an outsider's perspective it wasn’t hard to see both you and Bucky had feelings for each other. Feelings that were more than what the two of you made them out to be.
His voice was the only thing that could lull you to sleep and Bucky was certain you were the only person who could really understand him. You were each other's safe place.
The secret glances you shared from across the room. The way Bucky’s face seemed to always be a bit brighter if you were in the room.
You’d share inside jokes from a distance, lips turning into a smile as you practically read each other's minds.
The late night phone calls when one of you was away on a mission. Refusing to let the other sleep until they promise that they’ll be okay and that they’ll see you soon.
The few times you had both drunkenly stumbled into your rooms. Hands roaming each other's body as your lips were captured in a hot and messy kiss.
Although you were both drunk the sex was sweet and tender, you’d take your time with one another. Feeling every part of each other's body, reveling in the soft moans and whimpers that would fill the room.
When you’d wake up naked in his bed you’d simply laugh it off, blaming it on the alcohol. Ignoring the way your heart would beat quicker and how your thighs would squeeze together as you thought about the night before.
Bucky would do the same, making a joke about the experience. Suggesting the two of you needed to stop drinking together as he pushed some hair out of your face.
You’d both be lighthearted about it, but deep down you both knew it meant a lot more.
The nights you’d sit on Bucky’s floor with him as he told you the things he promised himself he would never tell anyone.
He trusted you with every inch of his being, knowing you’d sit there and let him speak as long as he needed. Your hand rubbing his softly, not an ounce of judgment on your face.
With you, he’d let himself feel, really feel all the emotions he had pushed away for so long. His deepest and darkest sorrows swimming to the surface of those eyes you loved so much.
The way Bucky held you while you cried. Holding you so close all you could smell and feel was him. He’d gently rock you back and forth as you sobbed, the shaking of your body being swallowed by the strength of his arms.
He wouldn’t make you talk about it, instead whispering soothing words as he attempted to calm the storm that was your own mind. He’d sit there all night if it meant making the tears subside.
Bucky did a double take, watching you open his door and close it. Your forehead pressed against the cool wood. It helped ease the burning ache of your head, a shaking breath leaving from deep in your lungs.
“Sweetheart?” Bucky asked cautiously, placing his book down on this bed. He sat up slowly, afraid if he moved too quickly you’d run off.
Turning to him your eyebrows were heavily furrowed, small wrinkles in your forehead appearing.
You had your bottom lip tucked between your teeth, knowing it was the only thing stopping you from losing it.
As you went to speak, nothing came out but a small whimper. Shaking your head, your lip now trembled hard enough to make your entire jaw shift. Eyes brimming with tears at your loss of control.
Bucky didn’t know how he got to you so quickly, but in an instant he was there close to you. He stood in front of you, bringing your head into his chest as a sob ripped through you.
Your hands gripped at his shirt, balling it up between your fingers as you let your emotions take over.
“Shhh.” He cooed, his metal hand rubbing circles on the burning hot skin of your back. “You’re safe, I’ve got you.”
Bucky couldn’t stand seeing you like this. With every sob, Bucky tried bringing you closer to him. His grip tightening on you, no sign of him letting you go.
As he sat down on his bed he swept you off your feet, tucking your legs around his body.
“Mm not goin’ anywhere.”  Bucky whispered, a hand making its way through your hair. “I’m yours, I'm here, sweet girl.”
After a few minutes Bucky felt your breathing slow back down. Your body jerking slighting as you attempted to catch your breath.
The last thing you felt was a kiss being pressed to your head. Your tired eyes fluttering shut as you were consumed by sleep, safe in the arms of the one you loved most.
Despite the intimate moments, the two of you were painfully oblivious to the idea of the other person loving you. Both dancing around the thoughts of your best friend loving you the way you loved them.
There had been multiple times you’d wanna tell Bucky how you felt. Almost not being able to take it anymore. Almost.
Everytime Bucky tried to tell you, he’d choke on his own words. Not being able to form a coherent sentence, ears ringing with the thought of it scaring you away. There had been many times he nearly told you. Nearly.
For the first time in two years, you and Bucky were fighting. You two have had small arguments in the past, almost always having to do with one of you being worried for the other.
Those arguments were short lasting and would end quicker than they began. It was apparent to the both of you that wasn’t the case this time.
It was exactly one week ago, to the day. You were in the kitchen of the compound, preparing two cups of hot chocolate.
One for you and one for Bucky. You smiled at the mugs you were using, remembering Bucky got them for you as a ‘ridiculously early Christmas present’ as he put it.
As you were putting some marshmallows in the drink you were interrupted by a deep voice behind you.
“You know I’ve been lookin’ for that hoodie.”
He chuckled, nudging his head in your direction. His voice sent a chill down your spine, you were always happy to see Bucky. Always.
Looking down you remembered you stole it from him the other night when you woke up in the middle of the night in his bed. You were cold and didn’t want to go find something of your own.
Shaking your head you teased, “It’s the newest piece of my collection, had no idea it was yours.”
“Yeah, yeah. I’m so sure.” Bucky said, moving so he was standing beside you. He leaned into you, as if it was a sign for you to do the same.
“I was about to come find you.” You spoke, pushing the green cup towards him.
He raised his eyebrows for a moment, bringing the cup into his hands. “What for?”
“Nothing interesting.” You laughed, “Wanted to go over the plan for this mission next week.”
You and Bucky were going on a mission together next week. The details were not finalized yet and you wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly.
“That’s a good idea, Sweets.” He took a sip of his drink, taking a deep breath before blurting out, “Before we do that I was wonderin’..”
He didn’t say anything after that. He seemed tense, anxious even which left a confused look on your face.
“Wondering..? What, Buck?” You had placed a hand on his wrist, hoping to put him at ease even if it was just a little. His skin was warm compared to yours. The coolness of your skin causing a chill to go down his spine.
He didn’t say a word yet, your confusion growing more and more. He just stared at you blanky, as if there was something stuck on the tip of his tongue.
“Would you wanna go to a Christmas market with me tomorrow mornin’? He asked, his words laced with a hint of hesitation.
Furrowing your eyebrows you nodded your head, lip from a thin line to a small smile.
“Of course, Buck. I’d love to.”
As his smile met his eyes, yours followed not far behind. Bucky’s smile was contagious. Watching his pink lips fold upwards while his cerulean eyes sparkled a touch more than usual.
“I’ll come get you at nine?” He suggested, bumping you with his side.
You took a sip of your drink and nodded your head, “That works, Buck.”
You held your head a bit lower than before. Hoping he wouldn’t catch onto the frown that had replaced your smile from a few seconds earlier.
You loved spending time with Bucky, but you wished it meant the same to him that it did to you.
Each time he asked you to hang out you secretly hoped the word ‘date’ would slip into the sentence.
Before he could speak, someone calling your name from down the hall caught the attention of you both.
“Shoot.” You whispered, recognizing the voice as Natasha’s. “Could we finish talking about the mission later? I’d prefer to do it in peace and quiet.”
Bucky hummed quietly, nodding his head as he stood up quickly. “That works for me.” He moved his head towards you, pressing a kiss on your forehead. You closed your eyes at the action, heart filling with a dull ache. “I’ll catch you later.”
Bucky kissing your forehead was normal, it became his thing over time. Now the action felt softer, as if he meant it in an intimate way.
You wanted to cry, to scream, to do anything to rid your mind and body of what you were feeling.
You wanted to tell Bucky how you felt about him, but his feelings for you were clear. You were simply just his best friend.  
As Natasha turned the corner into the kitchen, she looked at you excitedly.
“Are you and Barnes finally going on a date?” She practically yelled, causing you to push her back into the hallway.
‘Of course she was eavesdropping’, you thought to yourself.
You shook your head softly, expressions falling as you stuttered, “No, it’s not a date. Things aren’t like that with Bucky and I.”
Bucky stopped in his tracks. Your words replaying in his head like a broken record. He was hidden by the large cabinet on the opposite side of where you stood.
‘She just said yes to a date.’ Bucky thought to himself. He scoffed, unable to believe what he was hearing.
The happiness that Bucky held a few minutes ago slipped from his fingers like sand in the wind. You didn’t wanna go on a date with him, you didn’t feel the same.
Bucky wanted to go over there and question why you would put him in this situation. He wanted to go in there and tell you exactly how he felt, but he couldn’t.
Despite being angry, the sadness that leaked into his chest was far more powerful. Consuming him from the inside out rapidly.
He thought about all the moments you spent together, all the signs making him believe you felt what he did.
He now felt like he was being deceived, as if he made the whole thing up deep within the remnants of his imagination.
If you didn’t feel the same, so be it.
Bucky nearly threw the hot mug he held on the table next to him, finding the nearest exit and walking out, not looking back.
As he left, he didn’t hear you finish.
“I wish they were like that.” You nearly broke down, “I wanna tell him, God, it’s all I want. I’m so sick of pretending like I don’t love him.”
Natasha took your hand in hers, tilting her head at you softly.
“Y/n, have you seen the way he looks at you? The way you two act around each other? I’ve been trying to tell you, it doesn’t take a genius to see he loves you too.”
Taking a deep breath, you shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know, Nat.” You drawled, looking at the dark grey ceiling.
“Tomorrow.” Natasha said assertively, “Tell him tomorrow, Y/n. It’s jus’ Bucky.”
She had a point, what was the worst that could happen? You’d tell him tomorrow, you thought to yourself.
You woke up early the next morning. Taking your time to get ready, desperately needing a bit of a confidence boost.
You felt nervous and excited at the same time. Your hands had a small shake to them, reminding yourself to take deep breaths each time you noticed.
You played through every potential scenario, trying to be prepared for everything.
Under the wires of anxiety and the tangles of pessimistic thinking, there was a small piece of you that was positive this would all be okay.
The clock on your phone hit 9:00am as you patiently waited in your room. Patting over your clothing, making sure you had everything needed, you tried to keep your mind busy.
Ten minutes passed and you hummed to yourself gently. “He’s probably running late.” You thought, your finger hovering over the ‘call’ button.
You called him and were sent straight to voicemail. Weird. You thought, opting to text him instead.
‘Hey! Did you want me to meet you somewhere instead?’
It delivered, but you couldn’t help the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.
10:48am. Your clock read as you walked through the halls of the compound. You called him a few more times, texted him a couple more times too.
As you approached his room, the door was open. You stepped inside the dark room, looking around your surroundings. Bucky wasn’t there.
Worry began filling you, your mind wondering if something may have happened to him. This was unusual of Bucky, he was mostly on time and was typically good at communicating with you.
You walked out of his room and down to the living room area, thinking you’d either see him there or on the way.
When you got there, you found Steve, Sam, and Wanda, but no sign of Bucky.
“Has anyone seen, Buck?” You awkwardly asked, scratching at your fingertips.
Steve and Sam shared a glance before looking back at you “Weren’t the two of you going out this morning?” Steve muttered, standing up before you.
You nodded at the blonde, “We wer- we are, supposed to be going out.” You trailed off, “He said he would get me at nine but never did.”
The room was filled with silence, Steve stood with his arms crossed, looking as if he was trying to formulate an appropriate response.
Sam rubbed his hand against the back of his neck. His usual humorous personality being reduced to nothing but a blank stare at the ground.
Your stomach twisted, feeling as if a blade had gone through it. The two of them knew something you didn’t. As bad as you wanted to confront them, you knew better than to even bother.
“You know what, nevermind!” You uncomfortably laughed, “Maybe I heard the wrong time, thanks anyways guys.”
As you turned on your heels they both uttered half-ass goodbyes.
As you walked back to your room, you were baffled. The butterflies you had an hour ago felt like they had died a slow and agonizing death.
The knife in your gut twisting and turning with every move of your feet.
He never came. You were angry all day long, not wanting to speak to anyone as you impatiently waited for him to come back to the compound.
You thought he would be back in the evening but he wasn’t, he was gone all day the next day too. It was almost 10:30pm the next day when you locked your bedroom door.
Your back pressed against it firmly as you slid down the wood slowly. No one knew where he was or what he was doing. At least they wouldn't tell you.  
A hand pressed firmly against your mouth as you began to cry.
Bucky never did this to you before, he’d never ignored you like this either.
You were worried about him on one hand, but on the other hand you were irate. Was he hurt? Did something bad happen? Why would he do this to you? Did he hear you talking to Natasha? Did you scare him away this bad?
As tears cascaded down your cheeks, your heart sunk further and further into your gut. Your eyelids closed tightly, hoping the hot tears would dry up sooner rather than later.
With your body curled up in a ball on your floor you felt weak and small. After a while, your breathing became nothing but small hiccups gasping for air.
Pulling yourself up on your bed you couldn’t help but grab Bucky’s sweater. You tried to chase after the sleep that threatened to spill over you.
His sweater was clutched to your chest tightly, holding onto it as if it was your last piece of hope that things were okay between the two of you.
The next day you woke up to swollen eyes and a headache that seethed through every part of your skull. Groaning you were brought back to why you were feeling like this. The sadness that left for a moment came flooding back in, beginning to consume you once more.
As you stood up, you were unhappily met with people laughing loudly. God did Bucky have a loud laugh.
Bucky. Your eyes went wide as you swung your door open and walked towards the voices. You saw Sam leaving the hallway as Bucky turned into you, his smile falling into a frown.
“God, there you are.” You began rambling, “Are you okay? What happened? I’ve been worried sick, Buck.”
He didn’t say anything, instead he stared at you for a moment before his eyes dragged around the room, his nostrils flaring with every breath he took.
As you went to place a hand on his chest he stopped you. Taking your hand and guiding it back down to your side. The pressure that filled your chest was painful.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?” You asked, stepping back slightly.
Bucky couldn’t look at you. The hurt look on your face was going to make him break, he knew that much. He couldn’t handle seeing you upset, nevermind when he was the one hurting you.
“I just.” He mumbled, “I need space from you, Y/n.”
An unpleasant feeling scratched at your throat as you searched for the words to say.
“B-but we were supposed to go out a-and why would you even ask me to? If you wanted space from me?” Your voice broke as you finished speaking.
“You’re right, I shouldn’t have asked, it was a mistake.” He replied coldly, clearing his throat as he looked at his feet, hands deep in his pockets.
Something was wrong. The voice in the back of your head sung over and over again. Your heart twisted in your chest at his words.
“Bucky, talk to me.” You begged, so badly wanting to take his hands in yours.
You wanted to ease him of whatever was going on, explain whatever he thought was wrong.
Bucky had wished the ground would swallow him whole. The way your eyes filled with tears made him want to bring you close to him.
For a second, he contemplated telling you what he heard, talking to you about the situation. He was unable to think rationally, his negative feelings pushing away any amount of hope.
“There’s nothing to talk about, I’ll see you soon.”  He insisted, pushing past you.
Bucky walked away as quickly as possible. His eyes glossed over as he went to his bedroom.
He knew he was being selfish, but he was hurt. He didn’t know how to handle the situation, and talking to you wasn’t an option anymore.
You felt like you were dreaming. In the time you knew Bucky, this had never happened. You didn’t know what to do with yourself.
You stood frozen in the hallway for what felt like forever, the conversation repeating in your head as you stared blankly at the ground.
Up until the day of your mission, not a word was shared between you and Bucky.
You tried to get out of it several times but Steve and Nat insisted that it had to be the two of you. Nat told you, “The two of you need to talk anyway, this will be nice.”
It made no sense, it was obvious both of your heads were in the wrong place. You were confused and upset, and the last thing you’d be able to do was focus if Bucky was there beside you.
Bucky wasn’t looking forward to it either, he tried to convince Steve that Nat should go instead. Telling Steve it was a bad idea. Steve brushed off Bucky’s concerns, claiming it would “be good for the both of you, help clear things up.”
He was pissed. He knew Steve wanted what was best for him, but how was he supposed to look you in the eye after what he did?  
Bucky had pushed his way in front of you somehow. It was clear he was trying to somewhat clear a path for you.
As much as you didn’t want his help, you weren’t complaining. You followed his footsteps, thankful that you weren’t getting as much snow in your boots.
You were frozen. The hood of your jacket did very little to protect you from the vicious blows of the wind. Worst of all you could barely feel your fingers, trying to dig them deeper into your pockets.
Too focused on staring at the ground, you lost your footing, falling onto your knees. You gasped as your bare hands met the snow.
Bucky quickly turned back, helping you onto your feet. “Are you okay?” He asked, brushing some of the snow off your body.
“Yeah, just cold.” You replied with a sign, rubbing your hands together.
You watched as Bucky slipped the leather gloves off his hands, beginning to put them on yours.
“What are you-” He cut you off promptly, “Take the damn gloves, you need em’ more than I do right now,”
You wanted to question his sudden change in attitude. You noticed his eyes were softer.
They had been cold and distant since you arrived on the mission. However, at this moment he looked like Bucky, your Bucky.
You both continued walking for what felt like a lifetime. You let Bucky help you along the way, holding your hand when you needed it. It was the least he could do.
“There it is.” Bucky shouted to you.
Usually safe houses were shitty motels that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in months. If you were lucky your motel would have semi warm running water, but those were far and few between.
Seeing the small cabin in front of you was quite surprising. It seemed to be the only one for what looked to be miles.
There were big pine trees covered in snow around it, lights wrapping around the outside of the wooden frame.
You remembered Tony saying something about the safehouse a few weeks ago. He knew that this mission ran the risk of cutting into Christmas, so he wanted the two of you to be comfortable if it came down to it. Which you were thankful for at the time, but now it felt like a waste.
You followed behind Bucky as he pushed snow away from the door before unlocking it, letting you in first. A sigh of relief left your lips as you were engulfed by warm air.
The first thing to catch your eye was the Christmas tree in the corner, lightly decorated with a variety of ornaments. You were happy to see a small fireplace a few feet away from the couch.
You watched as Bucky walked into the living room, removing his jacket from his body before throwing it onto the brown material of the couch. He winced as he sat down, placing an arm on the back of the couch.
You didn’t realize you were staring at him until he cleared his throat awkwardly. Snapping out of your haze you carried yourself up the stairs of the cabin, in search of the room that had your belongings.
Exhaustion seeped throughout your body, shoulders slouching as you had to nearly drag your feet with each and every step you took.
As your adrenaline wore off, every part of your body was sore. The cold air you endured didn’t help either, instead adding a stiffness to your already hurt body.
As much as you wanted to take a hot shower, your skin was far too cold. Stripping your body of the wet clothing was more relieving than you could have ever imagined. You changed into a pair of sweatpants before pulling a hoodie over your head.
The smell of vanilla and cedarwood filled your nostrils as you breathed in deeply. The scent was familiar and comforting, a sense of relief coming over you as you breathed in a few more times.
You got an unpleasant feeling as you looked down. It was Bucky’s hoodie, Bucky’s cologne.  
You stood still in your spot for a moment, memories flooding your head.
You were here with him alone, all alone and yet he wanted nothing to do with you. The person who grounded you, the person whom you loved more than anyone else, wanted space from you.
You had no idea how that was going to be possible given the circumstances. Giving him space while only the two of you inhabited the space of this cabin felt impossible.
Since when did space feel this strangling.
Your daydream ends at the feeling of your stomach churning. The hollow noises coming from it posed as a friendly reminder you hadn’t eaten since last night.
As you opened the door to your room, you heard soft crackling noises coming from the level below. Walking down the stairs, you were pleased to see Bucky had started a fire.
You were thankful for the extra heat as well as the bit of calmness it brought to you. Turning into the kitchen you found Bucky standing at the sink. He was ringing out his shirt in the sink, your mouth fell open slightly watching the bloody water seep from it.
Your eyes averted to his shirtless upper body, his muscles tightening everything he squeezed the shirt. It was nothing you haven't seen before, but the longer you looked the more and more heat that rose to your face.
He’s perfect, you thought. His body looked as if it was sculpted by the most talented of artists. Every crevice, every vein, every muscle, perfectly placed on his body.
Bucky’s eyes averted in your direction. He hadn’t gotten to see you like this in what felt like a lifetime.
She’s beautiful, he thought. Wearing those damn sweatpants that were two sizes too big, along with a hoodie that was also too big. His hoodie. He always loved when you looked like this, comfortable and carefree.
As much as you were both hurting at the hands of each other, you missed one another more than either of you would ever show.
“Can I help you with something?” Bucky snapped, throwing the shirt into the sink.
As you flinched slightly, Bucky felt his heart shatter as if it was the most delicate piece of glass.
“No.” You whispered, walking past him. “You can’t.”
You opened a cupboard on the opposite side of him, rummaging through it attempting to find something to eat that sounded mildly appetizing.
As you pulled down a box of granola bars, you heard Bucky whine, loudly.
You tried to stop yourself from turning around. Your mind fighting itself on what to do. On one hand he wasn’t your problem anymore, on the other you cared for him deeply.
Biting your tongue you turned around to find him pressing an alcohol pad down on the area next to his collarbone.
He had a large open cut there, which you could only assume was from a piece of glass.
After everything he’d been through, one may think Bucky knew how to take care of wounds like this, but he didn’t.
Something about treating his own wounds seemed to make him queasy. He’d look away as he applied pressure to a wound, hands shaking as he attempted to apply ointment to any injury.
With a harsh exhale, he placed his hands flat on the counter. Without turning to you, he muttered “I’m sorry, could you-.” He exhaled again, “Could you help me?”
You placed your box of granola bars down slowly. Mentally preparing for what was about to happen.
As you stepped towards him you mumbled under your breath “Think this kinda violates the whole space thing.”
“What was that?” He asked, turning his head to you. You shook your head instead of responding.
You hopped onto the counter, sitting down so you were a bit more level to him. You looked at his cut, letting out a sigh now that you could see how bad it was.
Being this close to him made your breath catch in your throat in a way that you hated.
“It’s deep, but a bit of tissue adhesive should close it.” You suggested, looking at him for some kind of sign that you could touch him.
“Okay.” He spoke blankly, once again not looking at you.
As you cleaned out his wound, Bucky was making things more awkward than they needed to be. He kept moving his hands around in an uncoordinated pattern, not knowing where to rest them.
You tried your best to be patient with him even though he didn’t deserve it.
“Stop moving.” You said, attitude prominent in every syllable.
He mumbled a quick sorry before resting his hands on your thighs. The touch was ghost-like, nearly hovering above them but touching down every few moments. It sent a chill up your spine.
Taking a pair of tweezers, you picked small shards of glass from the cut, placing them on a wet napkin as you did.
You felt him staring. Something you hadn’t felt in far too long. It was like you were under a microscope as he picked away each layer of you, simply thinking you wouldn’t notice.
“I’m sorry for actin’ like that back there.” He said, speaking barely above a whisper. “I was jus’ angry the mission got fucked up.”
The scoff that left your mouth was laced with a breathy laugh. He was apologizing, for getting mad at you in the car as if he hadn’t been treating you like you meant nothing to him all week long.
“You’re joking, right?” You laughed sarcastically, continuing to take the glass out of his wound.
He didn’t respond for a few moments, trying to come up with the words to say. He knew what you meant, but he didn’t know how to approach the situation.
“Why would I be jokin’?” He snapped, his hand beginning to dig into the flesh of your thigh.
“God, Bucky.” You rolled your eyes, ignoring his question. He watched as you pushed your lips together, as if you were biting your tongue on the inside of your mouth.
“What the hell has gotten into you lately?” He retorted, pushing his chest into you slightly.
“What the hell has gotten into me lately? I should be the one asking you that.” You hissed, throwing the tweezers onto the counter beside you.
He was huge in comparison to you, you felt claustrophobic as his broad frame trapped you between him and the counter.
Before he could think of something to say, you snapped. The heaviness of your heart finally winning the game of tug of war it played with the strings around it.
“You ask me to hang out with you one day, then you disappear for two days and when you get back what do you do?”
Your voice has gone from a whisper to small whimpers that vary in volume. “You tell me you need space from me. Who the fuck does that, Bucky?”
You’re both staring at each other now, his blue orbs watching as your eyes begin to water. Your fists are balled up so tight you barely notice when you begin to lose feeling in both hands.
“You never act like this. Hell, we never act like this, all the fighting and avoiding each other.” You look up at the ceiling momentarily, sniffling once before looking back down at him.
“So can you please tell me what’s going on, Bucky.” You breathe, hands now shaking with anxiety.
Bucky hates how hurt you sound. Your voice shaking and breaking with every word.
“I didn’t ask you to hang out.” He starts, running a hand through his hair. “I asked you out, like on a date. Then I heard you talking to Nat about how things aren’t like that between us and..I panicked.”
Your face contorts in confusion. You stare at the man before you wide eyed.
“Y-You didn’t ask me on a date? You asked me to go with you.” You replied, placing your hands in your lap. “We do everything together, you asked me how you always ask me.”
Bucky’s mouth opens slightly as he takes a deep breath in before shaking his head. He didn’t realize that he never actually asked you. He didn’t think about it like that.
“I meant a date, Y/n.” Bucky repeated, “I thought that was clear.” He stepped away from you slightly, leaning on the counter across from the one you sat on.
Your heart was beating so loud it made your ears ring. Your throat was as dry as you swallowed thickly.
“No! It wasn’t, Bucky!” You pleaded, “How was I supposed to know you meant it like that?”
Bucky looks up at you with disbelief as he argues, “Then what were you talking to Nat about? What the fuck did you mean by things arent like that between us?”
You looked at the ground, swinging your legs slightly as you did.
“Did you even bother listening to the whole damn conversation?” You scoffed, shrugging your shoulders.
“Cause if you did, then you’d know I was upset cause you didn’t ask me on a date.”
He looked like a deer in headlights. His flesh hand had made its way to his chin, his thumb swiping across the skin repeatedly.
The sounds of the fire burning was the only thing you could hear. No words being exchanged between the two of you for several minutes.
A part of you was overjoyed by the fact that he meant to ask you on a date. Yet an even bigger part of you was hurt that he felt the need to ignore you for a week over something so stupid.
“You avoided me and made me that upset because you thought I didn’t wanna go on a date with you?” You said, voice just above a whisper.
Bucky glanced at you uncomfortably. His face had guilt written all over it as his regret began seeping through him. He realized quite quickly how badly he overreacted, how unfairly he treated you.
Your voice is shaky as you add, “What made you think that was a good idea?”
You placed your hands beside your body, flat on the cold surface. “I didn’t even think you liked me like that, Buck. That’s why I said that stuff to Nat.”
I love you. The thought was strong in his mind. The words were on the tip of his tongue but he was quick to swallow them back down.
“This is all such a fuckin’ mess.” Bucky sighed, his tongue pressed against his bottom teeth.
The puzzle pieces began to fit together, all sliding into place every time one of you spoke.
Bucky placed a hand on top of yours, tilting his head at you slightly.
“I’m so sorry, Y/n.” He began, his voice was soft as he ran his thumb against your own. “I shouldn’t have acted like a child, it was unfair to you. I was jus’ frustrated and confused nd’ I’m sorry.”
You wanted to be upset, but your heart couldn’t take it anymore. You were so tired of being upset with Bucky, you missed your best friend.
“Yeah, you know communication is a really lovely thing, hey?” You replied sarcastically, squinting your eyes at him.“Maybe I should take some space from you for an unjustifiable reason. See how you like it.”
He wore a big toothy grin as he nodded in agreement, “I probably deserve that.”
You shook your head at him as you grabbed some antibiotic ointment from the first aid kit. As you finished dressing his wound you explained your side of the story and he did the same.
After you finished, Bucky had insisted on making you a hot chocolate. It was the first part of his apology, as he put it. He had sent you off to the living room to warm up a bit more as you waited for him.
You had found a thick blanket folded on the couch and had taken it to wrap around your body as you sat on the ground.
You watched as the bright flames burnt through the wood slowly in the fireplace. The heat radiating off of it was like a warm hug, allowing your shoulders to really relax for the first time all day.
Bucky came and sat next to you a few minutes later, handing you a hot mug. You silently thanked him, holding the mug close to you.
It was quiet. Neither of you said a thing as you soaked up each other's company.
The tension from before had faded away, taking the awkwardness with it. You felt comforted having him close to you again, you felt safe.
You felt as Bucky moved the blanket so he could fit under it with you. Your shoulder pressed against his as he rested his leg against yours.
“Why’d you forgive me so easily?” He questions, his finger taps on his mug repeatedly.
“Because I probably would have done the same if I was in your position.” Your answer is simple and truthful.
“I find that hard to believe.” Bucky clears his throat, “I don’t think you’re that mean.”
“So.” You pause, laughing softly “You do think it was mean?”
“I never said it wasn’t.” He chuckles, “It was really messed up wasn’t it?” He looks at you with squinted eyes as he scratches the back of his neck.
You scrunch your nose as you nod your head, holding up your thumb and pointer finger in a ‘little bit’ motion.
“You know I’m really sorry, right?” Bucky’s hand squeezes your knee.
“Sometimes my mind gets cloudy and then I don’t know how to make it go away. Usually I go to you for some kinda guidance, but you were a part of it this time and it was really frustratin’.”
Placing your hand over his you squeezed it. You could see how upset he was, his voice low and shaky as he explained himself once again.
“You can always come to me.” Your voice is light and gentle, “Even if we're fighting, it’s always better to talk than to do..” You trail off, “Whatever all this was.”
There’s a sad smile on his face as his eyes rake over your features. The fire and the Christmas lights illuminate his face, glowing strokes of yellow and orange painted along his features.  
“You know.” You hypothesize, “I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that Bucky Barnes ignored me for a week over a date.”
You watch his tongue press against the inside of his cheek, his eyes looking down at his mug.
“It wasn’t about a date.” He uttered, “I was upset that you… didn’t feel the same about me.” He coughs awkwardly, his eyes only flickering to yours for a second.
“I didn’t think you felt that way about me.” You lie, knowing you had hoped he had some kind of feeling for you for months.
“C’mon now.” He hums, nudging you gently eliciting a small laugh from you. “You think I treat everyone the way I treat you?”
“You very well could.” You laugh, “Plus I just assumed you also hold Steve when he cries.”
You both began to laugh hard, that kind of laugh that made your stomach ache. Bucky leaned back a bit and watched you closely.
The way your smile reached both your eyes, the crinkles beside your eyes were prominent as you squeezed your eyes shut harshly.
As your laughing subsided slowly, you looked to see Bucky staring at you. His smile had faded a bit as he watched you.
“I love you, Y/n.” He said, causing you to smile back.
“I love you too, Buck.” You giggled, not thinking anything at the way his smile had completely fallen, being replaced with a serious look.
He sat up slowly, eyes scanning over your face for any sense of reaction.
“No, listen to me. Not jus’ my words, listen to how I'm sayin’ this.” He pleaded, voice dropping an octave “I love you, sweetheart. I’m in love with you and I have been for a very long time.”
The smile dropped from your lips as you looked at him. You felt sick to your stomach but in the best way possible. Goosebumps arose on your skin as you took a sharp breath in.
As you thought about his words once more, you couldn’t stop the sob that gurgled through your chest. Your hands coming up to cup your face as you cried, hard.
Bucky’s heart stopped beating in that moment, regret and worry coursing through his veins as he watched you cry.
He moved his hand to rub your thigh gently, as he attempted to calm you, not exactly sure of what to do.
You lifted your head and looked at him, pulling yourself closer to him. “I-I was gonna tell you when we went to the market.” You hiccuped, “I love you too, God, I’m so damn in love with you, James.”
A smile crept up on his face as he moved closer to you, connecting your lips in a long awaited kiss. It was tender and slow, he held your face in his hands with the lightest of touch.
It felt like time had stopped, perhaps this was all a dream that you had built up in your head. You didn’t know and you didn’t care, all you could think about was the way his lips felt against yours.
He tasted sweet like marshmallows and mint, there was a touch of saltiness on your tongue from the tears that had fallen down your cheeks.
Your hands played with the hair on the nape of his neck, moving so you straddled his lap, deepening the kiss as much as you possibly could.
He kept his flesh hand in its place, holding your cheek as his thumb softly caressed your skin. His vibranium hand moving to hold your lower back firmly.
You felt him pull back slightly, his forehead pressed against yours, lips ghosting on your own with each word he spoke.
“You love me.” It wasn’t a question that fell from his lips, rather a statement that he whispered in the hopes that it would sink in fully.
“I love you.” You whispered back, smiling widely.
He connected your lips again, this time it was more intense, as if kissing you was the thing that would save him.
You would have been overwhelmed by your emotions if it weren’t for your senses being filled by every part of Bucky.
Your heart was hammering in your chest as you felt his rough skin on yours. Your nose filled with the scent of his body, as your lips tasted nothing but him. You only had one thought on your mind.
You needed him.
Your hips began shifting on his involuntarily, trying to find some kind of friction. His hand moved up to your hip, gently guiding your subtle movements along.
Your hands reach the bottom of his shirt, tugging it towards you softly. Bucky just smiled as he pulled away from you.
He lifted the material off his body and you watched closely as he did. The way his muscles flexed at the movements alone was enough to make your stomach flutter.
His vibranium arm reflecting the light of the fire beautifully. As his dog tags hit his chest he placed his shirt up on the couch beside him.
“So handsome, Buck.” You murmured, thumb pulling on his bottom lip.
He placed his hand over yours, smiling as he took all of you in. Here you were, sitting in his lap, sharing a tender moment with him after the both of you confessed your love for one another.
You lifted his hoodie from your body, throwing it near his discarded shirt. Bucky gawked at the sight of you, eyes going back and forth from your exposed body to your face.
He held your face again as he mumbled, “So, so damn beautiful, sweetheart.”
You took his dog tags in your hand, pulling him in to lock your lips. Your hips rolled into his again, only more prominently this time.
A whine spilt from your mouth into his as you felt him growing hard under you, his bulge right where you needed it.
His flesh hand made its way to your breasts, holding and squeezing them. He took your left nipple in between his fingers, rolling the sensitive bud there, eliciting a deep whimper from you.
His fingers moved to your other breast, repeating the same motion this time pulling your nipple a bit harder. You felt the wet spot on your panties growing more and more as he played with your tender skin.
Your hips moved steadily now, finding some sort of rhythm as you held onto him tightly. Your breath had picked up rapidly, causing you to break the kiss slowly.
“Buck.” You moan breathlessly as he tilts your chin up, pressing warm kisses on your skin. Your body was growing more and more sensitive to his touch, the feeling of fire burning in the pit of your stomach.
“Need you.” You whined, pulling away from him as you shifted your body away from him so you could remove your pants.
Bucky quickly pulled his pants down, smiling to himself at the sound of your eagerness.
Bucky thought about how the two of you had sex before but it was never like this. He thought it was intimate before but now he knew nothing would compare to the feeling of this.
As you sat back down on his lap, Bucky’s flesh hand moved to your core. A sigh left his lips as his fingers made contact with your slick.
“So good for me, sweetheart.” He whispered onto your lips, goosebumps arising on your skin once more.
Bucky lifted your hips slightly, allowing himself to rub the tip of his cock through your folds. You whimpered at the contact, fingers pulling on his hair.
He lined himself up at your entrance, looking up at you for some kind of approval. You moved your head subtly, pressing his forehead to yours once more.
He helped you sink down on him, he held a vice grip on your waist, watching as your channel swallowed him slowly. You whined loudly once you were seated on him completely. Bucky filled you perfectly, your walls squeezing him tightly.
He gave you a second to adjust to him, running a hand through your hair he moaned, “Takin’ me so well.” He pressed a kiss to the middle of your neck, “Nd’ you feel s’ damn good, baby.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you rested on his chest as you began pushing your hips forward. He helped move your hips slowly, pulling them into his body at a steady rhythm.
“James.” You whimpered as his cock began hitting the sweet spongy spot of your cunt. “Please don’t stop.”
He cooed quietly, running his finger along your spine, “Not goin’ anywhere, baby. I’ve got you.”
Everything in this moment was incredibly intimate. The way you held onto each other like your life depended on it.
Bucky was so deep inside you that he was all you could feel. The soft praises and words being exchanged made your heart flutter and your body go weak on top of him.
Bucky pulled you back slightly to look at you, smiling as he saw the blissful look on your face. You smiled back at him, fighting to keep your eyes open as you clenched around him.
“I love you.” Bucky stated, a groan falling from his lips shortly after.
“I love you.” You replied breathlessly, you could feel your orgasm creeping up on you.
You felt it bubbling in your stomach, swallowing thickly as you attempted to push it out a little longer. His hand swept down to rub your clit in slow circles, and you knew you were done for.
“Needa cum, Bucky.” You whined, tugging his hair a bit harder.
“Let go for me, beautiful.” He grunted gently, “Make a mess on my cock, show me who it belongs to.”
With that, the coil building up within you snapped, washing over you deeply. Collapsing into his chest he worked himself up into you, helping you ride your high and allowing him to reach his.
As he spilled inside you, his arms wrapped around your middle. He moaned breathlessly, his seed coating your walls as his hips stopped moving.
You stayed like that for a few moments, heavy breathing and the crackling of the fire is all that could be heard.
You peeled yourself from his body, holding his head in your hands. Some of his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead and you pushed it out of his face.
“I missed you.” Your voice is barely above a whisper, “Never do that to me again.”
Bucky bites his lip and nods his head, “I missed you too, sweetheart.” He takes your hand in his, a smile forming on his lips as he says “How could I even think of doin’ that now?”
You giggle at his words, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He looks behind you out the window to see snow is still falling rapidly even as the orange rays of the sun begin setting.
“We're probably gonna be stuck here for a few days.” He says grabbing the blanket from beside you both and wrapping it around your shoulders, a big smile painted on his face.
“Well isn’t that convenient.” You giggle, placing your hands flat on his chest. “Hopefully we can find a way to keep busy.”
“Mm” He hums softly, “I wouldn’t worry about that, baby.” His hands move to rub your thighs. “Gonna spend however long we’re here showin’ my girl just how much I love her.”
You felt a subtle heat rise into your face, as your tongue presses against the inside of your bottom lip.
“I’m counting on that, Buck.” You giggle, pressing your lips to his once more.
This is where you both wanted to be, where you both needed to be. In each others arms were comfortable, you were safe - you were at home.
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“you’re just a little hurt, that’s all”
with bucky pls🥺💕
Here it is lovely anon 💖 I really hope you like this soft af little piece.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (no pronouns, reader is called doll)
Warnings: hospital setting.
You could feel every muscle of your body aching as you woke up, the strong smell of hospital all around you and the harsh white lights and walls making your awakening less than pleasant. But in the middle of all that, a soft touch reached your hand accompanied by a voice welcoming you.
"Hey doll" Bucky greeted you as your eyes began to open, only peeking from behind your eyelids with the tiniest opening. Still, you smiled.
"Hi, Bucky." Your raspy voice said back. "What happened?"
He smiled fondly at your confusion, pushing your hair back with a delicate finger. "You are just a little hurt, that's all." 
"I'm on a hospital bed, Buck, I think I'm more than just a little but hurt." You both chuckled. It was until then that you noticed the fading purple bruises on his face and arm, and the already-healing cut on the bridge of his nose. "Did you go get checked?"
Bucky nodded, not letting your face out of his sight even as your hand reached up to lightly touch the places he got hurt. "Don't worry about me. You scared me for a bit there, baby."
You winced at the thought, reaching again for his hand to hold it. "Was it that bad?"
"You passed out from the pain, you wouldn't wake up on the way back" You squeezed his hand when you noticed how worried he was, offering him a small smile.
"I'm sorry." He leaned down to kiss you softly, not wanting to disturb your hurting body. 
"It's alright, you were just a little-"
"A little bit hurt." You finished with a little giggle, feeling his thumb drawing circles on the back of your hand. "Thanks for taking care of me." Your eyes were already closing again, the medication dripping on the IV already making you sleepy once more.
"Anytime, doll." With a soft caress on your head he lulled you back to sleep, kissing your forehead before you drifted off completely. You got to hear one last, distant "get some rest, I'll be right here" before you fell asleep, a smile drawing on your lips as you did. He never left your side, not even as you slept, his blue eyes were there to greet you every single time.
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melwilson · 25 days ago
bucky barnes being in love with you
Tumblr media
at this stage in his life, you’re bucky’s best friend. his number one. ofc there’s steve (and will always be steve) but he needs you.
he’s so incredibly soft w/ you. you’ve helped him adjust to physical touch and have guided him through many culture shocks.
he’s definitely a more hands on type of guy. steve and sam have noticed.
whenever your around, he’s got his hands on you. on your thigh, around your waist, over your shoulder, or (his personal favorite) in the back pocket of your jeans. you ground him.
but bucky is really protective ofc. (another reason he can’t keep his hands off you)
he wants everyone to know a woman as beautiful as you is his girl.
he loves introducing you to other people. “hey, this is my girl, y/n.”
you love it when he calls you my girl, bc you’re most definitely his.
buck loves pet names.
doll, doll face, angel, darling, lover, but his favorite to call you is baby. he notices it makes you all flustered and he loves your shy smile.
his favorite that you call him is a tie btw lover and sweet boy. my sweet boy to be specific. the first time you ever said that to him, it made him weak in the knees and next thing he knew he was having to control his racing heart.
buck was definitely nervous to show you his metal arm, but you loved it. despite its flaws and track record, it was apart of the man you loved. you reminded bucky of that every day.
you opted to hold his metal hand on most days and that took him some adjusting. the last thing he wanted to do was hurt you.
buck loves kisses. your kisses.
he prefers them slow and meaningful where he can take as much time as he wants w/ you.
he’s not big on pda, but i mean, stealing a kiss from you when he’s walking through a room ain’t ever hurt anybody.
he loves giving you forehead kisses, especially bc of the height difference.
and when he’s trying to annoy you, he definitely goes for the obnoxious kiss on the cheek.
neck kisses, collarbone kisses (both giving and receiving) are *chefs kiss*
he’s definitely a words of affirmation type.
he expresses his love to you all day, everyday.
“have i told you how much i love you.”
“you are so damn beautiful, baby.”
“i adore you, you know that?”
you get along with his friends and that’s like the icing on top of the cake.
even natasha likes you.
you’re always inviting them over (although sam practically lives at your place already)
you absolutely love them and you love the way bucky loves them.
bucky is lowkey a simp.
he loves cuddling.
oml he’s a giant baby when he wants to have his arms around you.
head nuzzled into your neck, arms wrapped around your waist, with your hands running the length of his back.
buck could die peacefully.
you guys also have the best conversations when you’re cuddling. sometimes they’re abt hydra. other times they’re about how tiktok works. it just depends.
but bucky loves talking to you.
and reading with you.
you read books together all the time. you’ll both read a chapter to each other every night. it’s his favorite part of the day. it’s so soft and intimate.
mornings together are just as beautiful. a cup of coffee, a walk down the streets of brooklyn, laying in bed together. bucky soaks in every moment.
he is just so damn in love with you.
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𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: needy bucky & cockwarming, here is a little something- not really sure how i feel about this one ://
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming
It was well past midnight, but Bucky's tossing and turning have kept you up. He'd pull your waist towards his torso, grabbing at your thighs, or practically laying on top of you- but for whatever reason, he couldn't get close enough.
Bucky was having one of those nights that no position was comfortable. He grunted and groaned as he finally opened his eyes in defeat.
"Love..." Tapping you on the shoulder, he whispered.
He hated to wake you up, but he knew you'd know what to do. Luckily for you, it was the weekend, and you didn't have to be up for work in the morning. Moaning into the pillow, just about to fall asleep, you turn around- facing him.
"Yes?" Opening your eyes and looking at him, you knew what he was about to say.
"Can't sleep..." The quiet voice was shy and almost embarrassed.
Reaching over to read the time on your phone, you huffed, shimming out of your underwear. The only way of getting as close as you could be, was for him to be inside you.
"Take these off." Motioning towards his briefs.
Confused, Bucky removes his underwear. Half asleep, you reach before the blanket, stroking his cock. A low groan escapes him, still unaware of how this would help him fall asleep.
"What are you doing?" He moans as his cock becomes fully hard.
"It'll help." Scooting over, you put your leg over him, allowing you room to slip inside him.
Bucky whines, bucking his hips upward- causing your walls to clench around him in pleasure. You place your hand on his hip, stopping any further movements.
"Don't move," You moan, adjusting yourself on top of him.
As you settle yourself, you nuzzle into his chest. Bucky's heart rate steadies, and his body relaxes. Bucky understands the idea and wraps his arm around you, finally close enough to you.
Every once in a while, one of you would move a little too much- causing a frustrated moan. Bucky loved knowing you're as close as you could be, the intimacy of just being together like this.
"Better?" You mumble into his chest, falling asleep again.
Bucky nods, finally able to drift to sleep.
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chrissquares · 6 months ago
dilf!husband!bucky fucking you H A R D while the kids are asleep 😳😳😳😳
ooooooooh geezzzzzz this is- WOWWWW okay..... alright, let's do this....🙈🙈🙈
Keep Quiet
Tumblr media
Pairing: dilf!husband! Bucky Barnes x f! Reader
Word Count: just over 1K
Warnings: 18+, swearing, smut (nicknames, ass biting, pussy/clit licking, cunnilingus, one slap on ass, tongue fucking, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, slight breeding kink, hand on mouth), NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI [gif credit to @bluesteelstan]
Tumblr media
“Baby, you think you can keep quiet for me, hmm?”
he whispered just behind your ear while you were lying on your stomach on your shared bed
and he kissed your bare shoulder and peppered kisses down the slight dip of your spine, you could even feel the warmth of his kisses even with your silky nightgown in between his lips and your back as you let out a “uh hmm” with your cheek pressed comfortably against your pillow
reaching the small of your back, Bucky lifted your nightgown up and over your plump cheeks with a quick motion, bunching it up at your upper waist
without a second thought, he gave your cheeks some open mouth kisses before taking a bite, digging his teeth in your soft cheek and leaving bite marks on you
his metal hand kneaded and squeezed your left cheek while his mouth was kissing and sucking on your right one; then, he slowly spread your cheeks opened, licking a stripe from your clit to your hole, sliding the tip of his tongue in between your fold to make his name fall from your lips
“hhhmmmmmm oh my god, Buckk....” you gasped when his wet tongue made contact with your wet folds, and he was moving his head up and down as his hands helped keeping your round cheeks spread opened
you held your ass up ever so slightly with your waist and your knees to level with his head, sneaking your arm underneath your pillow and squeezing it at the top as he prodded his tongue at your fluttering pussy, fucking you with his tongue
you let out a squeal when he his lips and tongue felt like absolute heaven, which earned you a quick slap on your right cheek
“Be quiet, remember baby? You wouldn't wanna wake the kids up and ruin the fun, would you?”
you bit on your bottom lip to stifle your next moan before letting out a weak moan and shaking your head into the pillow
Bucky rubbed his big hand on your freshly slapped cheek to ease the sting, and he dove back in to suck on your clit until you pushed your ass back onto him, in need of more stimulation
“Mmmmhm you're so pretty with your ass up like this... You ready, sweetheart?” he mumbled when he planted a couple more kisses on your (his) pussy and pulled away, getting up and straddling on either sides of your thighs as he held himself in hand, guiding and rubbing himself up and down your slit before pushing his slick-covered tip in your soft and wet pussy
spearing into you, feeling your walls tight and fluttering around him, he sheathed himself to the hilt in one stroke, slow and steady until his balls touched and grazed your pussy
with your thighs closed like this, your pussy felt even tighter as Bucky dragged his cock in and out, and you swore you could even feel that vein on the side of his cock rubbing against your walls, grazing the spots you didn't even know you have
“God... baby.... you feel so fucking good like this, so. fucking. tight” he groaned the last three words in sync with his hard thrusts, pounding into you and snapping his hips against your cheeks and made them jiggle
the sound skin slapping against one another was absolutely arousing as well, you didn’t know what it is, but the sound of fucking and him nudging you forward with each pound left you wanting more and more
Bucky had his flesh hand on your waist and his fisted metal hand on the mattress as he pushed you down and held you in place
with your ass tilted up and your stomach and waist pressed against the mattress, your back and ass made the perfect curve while he fucked into you
“Mmmhhhnnng fuck!” you failed to quiet yourself and cursed when his cock buried so deep inside you, his tip kissing your cervix and glided against that sweet spongy spot
your brows knitted together and your mouth parted in pleasure, feeling every inch of him before you felt his body closer to you, so close that he caged you in between his forearms on the mattress and had his metal hand covering your mouth to keep you from anymore moaning or cursing
“I know it feels good, sweetheart... but you have to be a good little wife and be quiet for me...” he whispered in your hair while his hips kept slapping hard against your ass, making your bodies bounce alongside the mattress
each of his thrusts felt harder than the last one, building you up to your climax as the muscle in your lower belly tightened, your walls fluttering and tightening around his moving cock when you were approaching your high
your knee gave out and you laid flat on your stomach when he put his weight on you, pushing as deep as he could
a silent cry was caught in your throat as he filled you up so good, his balls slapping against your clit and brought you over the edge
feeling you squeezing and clenching down on him in pulses as you came, waves of pleasure washed over you like a tsunami
“That's it, baby.... come on my cock just like that... I'm so fucking close.... milk me dry and let me fill you up so you can make me a baby daddy again, hmm?”
he kept his hand on your mouth as you panted, and he never stopped thrusting in and out of you
fucking you through your orgasm, he kissed the top of your head as his last couple of thrusts were slower and more erratic
and he finally came with a deep growl, you could feel his body shuddering and his cock twitching inside you as he filled you up with spurts of his creamy load
a breathy “fuck” rang next to your ear as he let go of his hand and he panted and heaved behind you; then, he leaned forward and kissed your warm cheek and captured your lips, pulling you into a slightly sloppy and out of breath kiss while the both of you sucked oxygen out of each other
Tumblr media
A/N: dilf!husband!bucky made me another type of horny😳😳😳😳😳🙈👀
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thatmexisaurusrex · 2 days ago
I know I’m the fluff blog here, but sometimes I think about the fact that Bucky’s super soldier serum probably means Sam will die before Bucky.
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chaashni · a month ago
Sweat For Me
Tumblr media
Domspace and brattiness mesh really fucking well.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: Smut. Domspace. General filth. Innuendos. Semi public sex. Roughness. Guns used for foreplay? Gun sex- is there a term for this? Metal arm kink. Multiple orgasms. Overstimulation. Car sex. Mentions of knife play. Some choking. Established D/S relationship. I added fluff cause I cannot not.
Fic library is @chaashnifics
It starts at the restaurant. Your hair catches the light from everywhere, spraying out in messy concentric rings from the individual strands. Your lips painted a bright red, pulled under your teeth, a sultry, invasive grin gracing them as you flick your eyes all over Bucky.
Bucky isn't sure of what he wants to do to you. A part of him always craves to worship you, hold you close, feel every gasp and curse and he pushes into you, your body digging into the mattress, his face buried between your breasts.
Another part was seconds from snapping, fingers twitching to drag you out of your seat and throw you over his lap, to spank you and finger you till you could barely think. Or sit.
Then you inched forward, lifting your glass of wine to your lips while your breasts almost hung out from the little white dress you had worn, the outlines of the black lingerie you had dorned glaringly obvious under Bucky's piercing stare. Your tongue stroked a full circle over the rim of the wine glass, his growl making you shudder even as you nudged the tip of your heel to the side of his knee, crossing your legs till you could drag your shoe all along the inside of his thigh.
"You know, this place might be a little bland," Bucky circled his hands around your ankle just an inch from his crotch, infuriated eyes narrowed at you as your words were cut with a light gasp, before you leant back, tongue catching a drop of wine trailing down the side of your glass, lapping it up.
"But the leg space is good. I kinda like it here."
No you don't.
By the time Bucky would be done with you, you wouldn't even remember the name of this place, let alone the tremendous leg space it provided, or all the ways you had used the place to tease the hell out of him, and be a brat.
He slaps his debit card over the leathered bill cover, punching in the numbers and slamming the tip before he is yanking you out of your seat, groaning at how your stockings give definition to your legs, your gait slender even as he tugs you along.
"There isn't one place I can take you without you being a brat" he gritts, huffing when you smirk and fumble back, muttering something about the night being young.
Bucky is furious. He really is. He is also super stiff in his jeans, his cock aching from all the low whispers and sultry brushes of your lips over his ears, his jaws, your skin on his skin. The traces of your lingerie which peep out each time you are in a fairly lit place -that is everywhere you guys have been today- those thigh high lace socks, everything has been testimony to the fact that Bucky is a patient man.
Patience can go piss its pants now.
"Hey sarge," you called out, beaming at him even as you stagger to a halt, an innocence in your eyes like you hadn't been pouring acid over his boiling water for the last two hours. Even with adrenaline erratically fuelling through his veins, Bucky caught himself wondering how the hell could you manage that innocent expression, a glass-like silkiness to your features masking the devil's horns you wore whenever you were up to get a rise from him.
Bucky clenched his jaw, looking you over, his eyes stopping for a minuscule second at your breasts and the thin line of lace curtained behind the white, before he was narrowing them meanly at you again. Daring you to piss him off even more.
"Care for some ice cream?" You took the liberty to wrap his arm around your waist, pushing yourself to his chest and tugging at the collars of his leather jacket till he relented and placed his lips over your puckered up red ones. "I could use some chocolate to lick."
"Damn it." Bucky hissed, grabbing your jaw and crashing his lips on yours in a searing kiss. It was filthy in the way that it got you moaning into his mouth, a flare of arousal heating through him as his tongue snaked in immediately. You stumbled backward, your grip on his collar feeble, prompting him to tighten his arm around you, keeping you pinned to himself. Your lips rolling between his teeth, he licked the hilt of your mouth, all of your lipstick smudged and your breath erratic and uneven.
He curled his hand around the back of your neck, holding you to him and kissing you. Bucky flipped you around, pinning you to the side of his car heavily, palms landing on both sides of your head, your leg slotted between his, your boobs bunched up under his hard chest.
"Still want the ice cream?" Bucky sounded cocky, voice low and words gravelly as you heaved heavily under him. He felt a high building up somewhere, the turbulence in your pulse pumping up the fire in his veins. His eyes seemed to sharpen with each second, the resolution of every image turning up a notch with each second. 
He licked his lips, smirking at the sheen of sweat glossing your body as he crowded you, drinking you in. He watched as you flashed your eyes open, lust dusted and unfocussed. Even in your disgruntled state, hair flying out and lipstick smudged, you couldn't stop that smirk from flirting on your lips.  
"Think you can give me anything better?" You chuckled a little, possibly at the surge of fury which cascaded Bucky's face at your flirty insulation, his rage not escaping even when you trailed your fingers to scoop the drops of sweat rolling down to the side of his jaw.
The hand touching him was yanked back in seconds at the glare he sent your way. His metal arm flung from the window of his car to lace around your throat, eyes darkening at the airy simper that escaped your lips. The sweet scent of your pussy mixed with the dewy flowers mixed in your perfume had him going feral, every nerve in his body craving to push you into the car, throw one of your legs over the seathead and pound into you till you were seeing stars, all your brattiness fucked out of you.
That he did.
Bucky yanked you closer to him by the neck, throwing the door of the backseat open- he might have ripped it off and he couldn't care less about it- before he was throwing you face first inside, your startled gasp and the thickening of your scent not missing his heightened senses.
Bucky felt like a wolf stalking its prey as he watched you crawl up on the seat, a dark chuckle tearing out of his throat at how easily you were submitting to him. Lifting your ass up like that. Spreading your thighs further so your dress could be pushed higher up, the creamy skin where your stockings ended visible to his predatory gaze.
He clicked his tongue menacingly, grabbing your hips and allowing himself a second to seal his feral desires under a more decisive approach, one which was a little long-drawn and brutally tethering, so you'd know exactly what you get for being the brat you are. Bucky wanted to give it to you good, he wanted nothing more than to watch you come apart under him, sobbing and thrashing around as your body would spasm with each stroke of his cock into your stuttering pussy, his hands thoroughly marked over every inch of your body. So you would know who is in charge. Who owns you.
You craned your neck, resting your shoulder on the seat, a sultry grin on your face even as you offered yourself to him. Bucky's primal urge to hold you down and make you fall apart till you were just a scattered mess of whines and trembles and need overtook every other thought. He just needed to have you, to hell with everything else. Like the very glaring fact that you two were in his car parked at the side of the street, and anybody could pass by and see what you were up to.
It was a state Bucky sometimes found himself in, a projection of his very obvious inclination to the thought of being in control. The adrenaline pumping through his veins at the very moment, the sharpness in his vision, the quick intake and processing of every stimulus around him, everything pointed to this headspace that was cutting through his being like a ship rolling in water. 
At this point, Bucky didn't need to be enhanced to be automatically aware of everything going on around him and you, including each minuscule shiver raking down your body, the break of a few fallen leaves, the groan of the seats as he adjusted himself behind you, a few fading footsteps, the scratch of the sullen November wind against the streets.
Bucky loved it. Domspace brought with it the euphoria of cocktails and smokes, it made him feel powerful and more centered than ever. Most importantly, though, domspace brought the maddening, core-deep urge to be responsible for you. To care for you. Make you feel good. Make you feel happy and give you the love or punishments, as you need it. Mostly love. And lots of orgasms.
It made him want to hold you, secured in his arms as you would fracture into a million pieces of glass-sharp pleasure. It made him want to kiss your forehead and hold you and keep you safe, make sure you never cried yourself to sleep. Domspace made him feel powerful, and showed it, more glaring than ever, how much power you held over him.
Bucky felt like a wolf with you being the trembling lamb under him, but instead of tearing you down and feasting on you, his primal objective was to tear every reason which could ever chance at hurting you, and then feast on you.
Isn't that about right?
Bucky bunched your dress up, snapping your hips upwards till your dripping slit was at level with his mouth, his tongue poking out to run through your folds, a smirk pressed against your clit when you screamed, your body almost losing all the balance you had worked so hard to maintain.
When that high hit, there was no going back for Bucky. He couldn't list out a definite set of activities which pushed him over that edge. To this frenzy which left him dark-eyed and devious and predatory, his sharp sense stalking every little movement. Till you were wound around his spell and melting like butter on his fingers, your slick running down your thighs and your body moulding against his like muscle memory. But he really craved it, both the unabashed filthiness it right out of him,and the flame of intimacy that it burned through the both of you.
"Think there's anything that can compare to this, kitten?" Bucky chuckled against your folds, sucking at your clit one last time before he pulled himself up, chuckling at your whines of protest.
"No…" you started, the rest of your words cut off because Bucky did not want you talking. His hand clasped around your mouth, the glass window fogging one last time. He pulled you backwards, attacking your neck with his lips, the flare in his chest growing as he felt your breaths dance over his fingers, the wetness of your lips from all the licking and kissing now pressed against the flat of his-
"Did you just bite me?" Bucky hissed. Pulling his hand back, his eyes flicked to your sly smirk, jaw teeth gritting together, seething at your audacity. What did he have to do to get you to fucking listen?
"Did I, sir?" 
He was already palming himself as he flipped you around, his metal arm reaching the top of your dress. He gave you a nod, eyes glaring into your soul and lips dancing over yours before he pulled back, ripping your dress into half.
"Hey-" The hand he had pressed to your stomach held you pressed to the seat, a chuckle running through him at the indignance in your voice.
"You did, kitten."
The high only built as he opened your legs, pushing your panties to the side and burying his face between your thighs, lapping up your sweetness as you thrashed under him. One leg hanging off the seat, another thrown carelessly over the seat head, your hands holding on to the tinted and foggy windows for dear life. That was Bucky's deal, he would give you what you want -his undivided attention, which was always yours anyway- only as long as you did not remove your hands from the window.
"You take those hands off, you don't get a thing from me." 
Bucky never broke a promise to you, and even as you gasped and opened your legs for him, eyes drenched in lust and body slipping like honey under his hold, he knew he wouldn't be making an exception now.
There was no way you would take your hands off the window tonight.
He coaxed an orgasm out of you pretty easily, his eyes going wild at you spread out under him, body covered in pretty lingerie and skin lathered in sweat and slick. Eyes shut in pleasure, head thrown back and arms limp as all the brattiness slowly diffused out of you, the pleasure raking through every fiber and bone. 
Bucky flicked your nipples through the flimsy lace as you sighed and struggled to keep your hands pinned to the glass, your fingers sliding down but your fingertips gratingly held on, eyes trailing over his form. He tugged at your nipples, pushing your bra down. He grabbed your boob, popping one of your nipples into his mouth and swirling his tongue over the pebbled bud, his eyes fixated on yours as you lost yourself to him again. 
His fingers teased your folds as he marked up your neck and breast for the world to see, your hands still clinging, best as they could, to the window behind you. Bucky methodically peeled off every layer of clothing from your skin, indulging in his little sessions of partialism with every body part, your breasts, your hips, your thighs. Cold metal fingers slipped past your folds, the whirring and grating of metal against your skin only making you whine more, slowly succumbing to his will.
Bucky had you fall apart on his tongue, twice, before he allowed you to move your hips. He wiped the tears off your face as his metal fingers slid in and out of your pussy, his cold thumb rubbing circles all over your clit. He held you in place through each spasm that jolted through your body, your thighs marked up and stinging faintly from his teeth and fingers, your jaw hanging open, a little bit of drool hanging out of your lips.
Maybe this sight was what tipped him over to that mindset. To his domspace. It started with the little things, when Bucky felt constantly on the edge, head reeling from being thrown into missions one after the other, weeks of absence from you leading to him craving it with animalistic desire. Bucky didn't need ropes or handcuffs or long sessions of hardcore domination to be pushed to this headspace. 
What sent him reeling over was the sight of your fucked out face, tears streaming down your cheeks in overstimulation, hints of your makeup trailing down and catching his eyes. When he would cup your jaw and make you look him in the eye -keep looking at him like that- like he was all you could ever imagine, all you could ever need. 
In such situations, Bucky swore to everyone he could feel the burn of desire flow from your chest to his, your scrambling fingertips leaving not just their possessive evidences over his back, but also marks of trust and intimacy and care and devotion which he had never felt in millions of years. More than anything, he wanted to give back to you all that you made him feel, amplified a million times over.
Bucky watched your eyes linger over his crotch, suddenly aware of how aroused he was. He pushed back the momentary struggle when he saw your eyes ghost over the bulge next to the more pressing one, the layered outline of his gun peeking out from under his jacket.
One look at you and he knew what you wanted. You both had experimented with knives before, some fun times involving a knife and a jar of nutella, or that time when he had slaughtered an entire hoard of your lingerie in his attempt to make them accessible.
What Bucky's girl wanted, she got.
He took out his handgun, coincidentally the one which was gold plated, and your favourite. It was the gun you sometimes sneaked out of his pocket and ran over to the shooting range, subtly trying to avoid his stalking gaze as he did his push ups in another corner of the room.
Now this gun was waltzing its way across your boobs. Bucky tangled it with the lace of your bra, purposely ripping off a little bit of it, smirking as you hissed under your breath. The barrel cascaded down to your navel, running down the insides of your thighs in slow strokes, the cold metal making you shiver, Bucky's warm lips stamping over its icy trail.
"The gun's locked. Loaded though. You want me to use it on you?" Bucky asked, softer now, two of his fingers holding your chin in place, his eyes boring into yours. You whined and pushed your hips up, licking your lips and shaking your head in a desperate yes.
"Words." Bucky quipped, tightening his hold on your face and running the cool tip of the gun from your navel to the centre of your mound, so close to where you needed him. "Were being so smart back there. Where'd ya words go now?"
As you screamed out your 'yes' he slid the muzzle over your drenched pussy, chuckling as your wetness dribbled down to his weapon. He pushed your pussy lips apart, pupils getting wider and sense stronger as you trembled and rocked against him, your hands barely holding onto the glass, just as he had ordered, your face numb with pleasure. 
He pushed the muzzle inside you, slowly, methodically, taking all of his time as you moaned and threw your head back in pleasure. He built a tantalizingly slow pace as he fucked you on his gun, pressing it to the sides of your walls and fixing you with stern glares each time you moved too much, sweet nothings whispered in your ears as you did so good for him, taking it like a good girl.
Bucky had you suck his gun clean after he had made you cum around it, your juices and taste lingering in his mouth when he scooped up some of your wetness, not able to resist his need to taste you again and again. 
When you had fallen apart on his hand for the fourth time, body slumped back against the seats, your lips swollen, the scrapes of so many people walking by bouncing around the roof of the car, Bucky took mercy on you. He scooped up your hands, eyes softening just a little at the muffled shriek which escaped your lips, thumbs running over your knuckles in an attempt to sooth the trembling which persisted in your arms. It would take time to go away, but it wasn't anything Bucky couldn't handle. 
He pushed your hair away from your face, leaning over to the side to pull out some tissues, patting them over your temple as you relaxed a little. Body slowly sinking into ease against the leather sheets, the aftershocks of your orgasms still blared in the way your thighs clenched with each of his movements. Bucky brought your hands to his lips, kissing each knuckle gently before popping one of your fingers into his mouth, hands flying out to massage your biceps.
Bucky lifted you up, resting his back to the seatrest and flicking drops of sweat off his forehead before resting it on yours, your heavy breaths mingling with his. He held you till your breaths went in sync with the periodic taps he made on your waist, his hand caressing your face and neck and back. He pulled your lingerie back in place, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around your body, running his eyes all over you once again, accessing for any injury you might not be able to locate. It was his job to make sure you were okay, and that nothing went too hard on you.
He massaged your biceps and cooed occasional sweet nothings over the shell of your ears, finally asking you to wrap your legs around his waist before he carried you to the front seat, wrapping his jacket tightly around you and securing the seatbelt.
You were smiling when he got into his side. Your eyes trailed over his form, the tight black shirt he might have worn to seduce you, lingering lustfully at the drenched fabric clinging to his chiseled chest, a wristwatch wrapped around his right arm. He had strapped his gun back to his belt, the metal scented with you, fond memories of this adventure burned on its surface forever.
"Wait-" your words were airy, his eyebrows crumpling before he could help it, already looking you over and replaying everything that happened to know if anything had gone wrong.
"You're- I want to take care of you too-" you pointed to his bulge, hand already shooting out to unzip his pants.
"Hey, kitten, stop." He commanded gently, brushing his thumb over the cute crease that had woven itself into your forehead when he placed your hands on your lap. "Open that."
He watched as you opened the little air-conditioned section in the car, lips curling into a smirk when you fished out a bullet vibrator, your lips parted in a hollow gasp. The air perfumed with your sweet arousal again, Bucky's cock jumping for some action, finally.
"Prep it up," he smiled at you, unfrazzled by everything. "First red light you see, spread those legs and push it inside."
Bucky lifted up his phone and gave it a little shake to indicate he would be having fun with this, starting the car. As you sat there, gasping, he leant over, hands still on the steering wheel, crashing his lips on yours.
His tongue slipped into your mouth, robbing you off your breath before he was focussed on the road again, flexing his thigh and biting back the smirk at your low whimper.
"I'm not quite done with you, kitten. Don't think I'll ever be."
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
please literslly anything mafia/mob bucky for kinktober 🤲🏻
his love ~ bucky
pairing ~ mob boss!bucky barnes x bartender!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, cockwarming, daddy kink, fluff,backstory to set things up, also some implied adoptive dad!bucky, regular mafia antics, choking, unprotected sex, cumplay?
Tumblr media
James Barnes was a lucky man. He had built an empire in New York, a notorious mob boss that’s rise to power went all the way back to the 1940s. Due to illegal experiments during the war effort, Bucky had been changed forever and frozen in time. Luckily, his captors couldn’t contain him for long and he found his way back to his city around sixties. He went underground, became a ghost story, and all those who dare to cross him know him as the Winter Soldier. When he needed to, he put himself back on ice when the feds got too close and for a few years he’d go quiet and then come back better than ever.
For years, he did the same thing, over and over with his best friend by his side. Over time, he had collected close friendship. Sam Wilson would become his confidant and friend. Natasha Romanoff was a woman he had helped escape from the Russian mob and ever since she had pledge her loyalty to the Winter Soldier. The Maximoff twins were two more rescues from the same enemies thad once hurt Bucky and he had taken the twins in as his own.
But nothing compared to you.
You had no connections to the mafia, no, you were so innocent in that way. You lived a simple life to say the least. You worked as a bartender in an very underground speakeasy. It was an exclusive place owned by Steve Rogers, the bar had forties style to it. It also happened to be where Bucky did a lot of his business in this place and he had noticed the cute new bartender almost immediately. He remembered what Steve had said when he asked about you.
“Oh, that’s Y/N, she just started this week,”Steve had told him.”Real sweet girl, she’s a friend of Torres’. He said he needed help running the bar and he had the perfect partner in mind.”
“So you hired his little girlfriend?”
“No, she’s available, but, hey, don’t get any ideas. She’s a hit, and I don’t want to lose a good employee because you want to get your dick wet,”Steve told him, but Bucky didn’t listen. The blond brat never listened to him so why would Bucky listen to him.
Best decision he ever made was talking to you because now he got to experience this moment. God, he was lucky with you sat so perfectly in his lap with your tight pussy pulsating around his throbbing cock. Your dress covered where cunt met his cock, cum leaking from your wet heat and down his shaft.
You threaded your fingers through his beard, nose nudged against his with a small smile. He had been so stressed before you came in his office. Bucky had talking to his men when you can flittering into the room. He had been yelling at Stark for messing with a rival gang out of arrogance when you climbed into his lap.
You swear Tony uttered a thank god as you calmed Bucky with your mere presence. You had kissed his jaw and the man had immediately softened when you whispered in his ear,“Is there something I can do to help, daddy?”
You had been tightly squeezing your cunt around his thick cock for almost an hour, and he had already spilled his seed inside your pretty pussy. Now that his men were long gone, you had Bucky’s complete attention.
“Always getting my men out of trouble, aren’t you?”Bucky teased, his hands under your dress and squeezing the flesh of you hips.
“You’re so hard on them,”You grinned mischievously, rolling your hips just slightly to get your man to groan for you. His nail dug into your hips, leaving little half moon shaped marks from his nails into your skin.
“They’ve got to punished, baby,”Bucky uttered, his chest heaving when you continue to move your hips against him. He’s already got his cum leaking from your fold, lubricating his thick cock stuffed in your pussy. But Bucky Barnes is a greedy man and he wants more.
You can feel his cock stiffen once again, fully hard in your sensitive cunt as the man began to control the motion of your hips with his large hands. He was making you ride him, your pussy clenching alarming him while you followed his pace with quiet gasps.
“I’m just saying…there are other ways to get out that anger, daddy,”You whispered with a whine, his cock hitting that perfect spot inside of you. You work your hips at that angle, desperately trying to remake that friction. You lift your hips, pussy gliding up his cock until you were slamming back down. You held on to his neck, clinging to the collar of his dress shirt as you began to bounce on his cock.
“So needy for my attention that you want to take their punishment, baby?”Bucky smirked, admiring how you chased after your own pleasure and used his cock for your own needs. You were addicted to him just as he was to you.
“Just want you,”You confessed, panting as you strain your thighs just feel that euphoric pleasure. Bucky grabbed your jaw with his metal fingers, pulling you down to kiss him.
His lips molded over yours, his tongue slipping past your lips and consuming your entire being in his kiss. You moaned into his mouth, wildly rolling your hips against his cock as the lewd wet noises of you falling back down on his shaft echoed in the room.
“Is that what you want? You want daddy to punish you,”Bucky smirked, leaning away from you while his hands went to unzip your pretty dress and pull it over your head. With the clothing gone, he made quick work of your bra. He licked his lips at the sight of naked form, how you bounce your ass on his thighs and how it made your pretty tits move with each thrust. His fingers grazed over your tits,”You know, baby, daddy doesn’t like when you tell him how to manage his men.” His eyes darkened as he looked at you,”I’ll have to let it slide tonight, because this pussy has been so good to me today, but you try it again and I’ll have you over my knee and counting.
“Yes, daddy…”You whimpered with the determination to make it up to him , repositioning so your feet were against his thighs. The back of your heels hit your ass every time you sank down on his big cock. You bounce hard and wild u til your thighs start to tremble,”Daddy please.”
“What, baby? You want something you’ve gotta ask for it,”Bucky commanded with a raised brow as he tried to keep his composure while your pussy convulsed around his cock, tight walls begging to milk him dry.
“Wanna cum, wanna make you cum, please,”You were so cute when you begged, pouting out your bottom lip at him while you fucked yourself on him.
“Oh is that all?”Bucky taunted before taking grasp of your hips and standing up. His actions take you by surprise with a loud gasp before your back is against the expensive desk.
Bucky’s metal hands encompassed your throat, holding you tightly enough that you can just barely breath before his cock was ramming into you. Your heels dig into the flesh of his ass while your back arched off the table with a loud moan emitting from your lips. You hold on to his forearm as you throw your head back in bliss.
It was only mere moment before Bucky had you tumbling over the edge into ecstasy, crying out his name while your walls pulsates around his fat cock until his seed spill inside your needy cunt. You squirted all over his cock, soaking his pants and the desk as he drive you over the edge for what felt like the millionth time that day.
“Oh, what a good girl, why don’t you let daddy clean you up,”Bucky praised with a smirk, pulling his thick cock out slowly. Your pussy clenched around nothing and pushed out the hot, sticky cum until Bucky was lapping it up. You let out the most wanton mewl at the feeling of his warm tongue sliding over your folds, the tip of his tongue dipping inside your sensitive hole until he dragged it lightly over your engorged clit. He flicked his tongue over the very sensitive pearl and tears prickle at your waterline from how overstimulated you feel.
You squeezed your tits just to grab something as your man drank your juices, beard rubbing against your thighs as you try to squeeze your thighs around his head instinctively to shy away from his actions. His hands pry your legs back open, peering over your mouth with cum and juices glistening in his beard.
“Be a good girl, baby, let daddy have his desert and cum just one more time for me,”Bucky demanded,”You can do it, cause you’re daddy’s good girl.”
“I-I am, fuck, ‘m your good girl, daddy.”
With that said, Bucky was back between your thighs for at least another thirty minutes, licking and teasing at your clit and bring you to edge before stopping and teasing once again. Once he had made you cum again, he watched how you shattered from the orgasmic relief and it was then that he finally let you rest in his arms.
Bucky carried you back to his bedroom, soaked in the private bath with you before getting ready for bed. You curled up on his chest, smelling of lavender, and promptly fell asleep after he had exhausted you. He stroked your back gently, gazing down at you so precious and safe in his arms.
He truly was the luckiest man in the world.
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