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#bucky barnes imagines
nev3rfound · 2 years ago
collection of writing : avengers
* all of masterlist is constantly being updated and will be marked with a (*) if they’re new to the list. thank you for all the love and support and please, do share! *
* permanent taglist *
bucky barnes : 
S E R I E S :
leaving the guardians (series) - complete 
chp.1 / chp.2 / chp.3 / chp.4 / chp.5 / chp.6 / chp.7 / chp.8 
lingering silence (mini series) - complete
lingering silence / two / three
before everything (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three / part four 
the swan (series) - complete
overview / chp.1 / chp.2 / chp.3 /  chp.4 / chp.5 / chp.6 / chp.7 / chp.8 / chp.9 / chp.10 / chp.11 / chp.12 
who we once were (series) - discontinued 
chp.1 / chp.2 
someone I once knew (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six  
oneshots / imagines
midnight dreaming
human / monster / you
longing for someone else 
friend in need 
distant stranger
cold nights
quiet spot 
look after him, please
helping hand
you is more than enough
watching over you
private moments 
blending in
not him
for nothing
stood up
two of a kind
bit of fun
a blizzard, not a breeze
drawn in
love me goodbye
me, jealous?
snug as a bug
not admirable 
drowsy nights
mistaken partner 
a battle between mentality 
if you’re gonna lie / undrunk 
sent from above, or another planet 
steer clear 
back before us 
inseparable, literally 
feels like this 
elements and emotions 
captured soul 
two ghosts 
you were a no show 
an old friend 
i’ll be waiting 
lost love 
there’s always another dance 
all love 
bringing you together 
time to start again 
night time comfort / day time disaster 
the show must go on 
christmas ornament 
creaking door 
not just an apprentice 
unknown match 
safe in your arms 
untrusting familiar 
night time wanderer 
why him? 
if you ask, i’ll stay 
it’s just a nightmare 
things couples do 
curled up 
guiding you home 
one last look 
option two 
in your arms 
in character 
blame it on the neighbours 
small changes have the biggest impact 
the other widow *
worthy of a princess *
treasures of life *
shut everything out *
whenever you need *
steve rogers : 
S E R I E S : 
not who you think (series) - complete
not who you think / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight 
beyond belief (series) - complete 
beyond belief / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight / part nine * 
girl back home (mini series) - complete 
girl back home / home no more / building a home 
in his world, temporarily (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three 
oneshots / imagines
lost without you
teddy bear
early sunrise
educated / lessons / nostalgic
overly protective
bumping into you
cut off
am i here alone? 
girls night 
a trio of surprises 
childlike romance 
it’s not a competition 
strangely bashful 
creative burn out 
was it a perfect day? 
you wouldn’t feel the same 
two pieces back together 
waiting to unpause 
keeping you company 
you came home? 
a chance to see you once more 
wannabe valentine 
slither of optimism left 
just in time 
 helmut zemo:
S E R I E S -
in another lifetime (in progress) 
in another lifetime / part two / part three *
allow me one last goodbye
don’t go yet, please
keeping an eye out
tony stark : 
envision it?
rising fears
pining after you
long time
when the party’s over 
won’t leave your side 
purple suits you 
peter parker :
late watch
bright lights
walking mystery
kings and queens
hiding behind words 
wrapped around you 
a trio of surprises 
knock quietly 
second place 
one day 
bitter sweet 
beneath the mask 
three taps 
mr shy guy 
two sides 
in plain sight 
winners and losers 
loki laufeyson :
too young
no need to fear
fighting for attention 
lost but not forgotten 
his true colours 
one of a kind 
save myself 
think of me as a friend *
bruce banner: 
helping out the innocent 
thor odinson: 
holding back nerves 
checking up on you 
mourning comforts 
resentful awe 
peter quill:
a day for us 
shameless flirt 
wanda maximoff:
sleepy head *
sweet as sugar *
a pact for her 
almost lost, but not quite 
sebastian stan: 
lost property 
securing you 
different meaning 
guilty or innocent? 
not as planned 
thirst tweets 
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buckys-broody-muffin · a year ago
Your Protector
Summary: You're a shy person but the best at your job on Stark's tech team. A certain soldier joins the team and you stick close to him.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Shy!reader
Warnings: None, fluff :)
Words: 1,392
A/N: written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club ♥️ hope you all enjoy it :) I really didn’t intend on writing so much but this really got away from me. 
Tumblr media
You don't really know why you were so smitten with the newest member of the team. There was just something about the quiet man that lured you in. His beefy figure making you feel nothing but safe in his presence. If he wasn't in the room, you would find yourself searching for him and feeling calmer.
You would often watch him sitting on the couch reading a book. His hair would be tied back in a low bun and you were pretty sure he slept, showered and lived in that red Henley of his.
It was so unlike you since you're the shyest member of the tech team. But you're also very anxious and it doesn't take much to scare you. Even a simple thing can make you tremble for hours. You do your job very well and the team of superheroes absolutely adore you. You were more comfortable being open and talkative with Natasha more than the boys. And if Bucky was near, your throat would close up.
Your anxiety and shyness meant you are yet to say a word to Bucky. The things you've learnt about him, such as how he likes his coffee, or what food he likes to eat, you've learnt from conversations from other members.
You've also learnt what movies he enjoys watching. What flavor popcorn he likes the best. The team has also noticed you like to be near Bucky at all times. So it didn't come as a surprise when you asked Natasha if she could talk to Tony about moving rooms so you were closer to Bucky. Which he of course did.
And none of this escaped Bucky's attention. He's also become aware of your quiet presence around him. Sitting next to him during movie nights, at the dinner table, everywhere he was, you would be too. And Steve couldn't keep the shit eating grin off his face when he told him that you had asked to move rooms.
It didn't annoy Bucky at all. He was actually flattered but he failed to understand why. Why did you want to be around him so much? He knew from his observations you were very shy and timid. Was it because he was also quiet? He didn't know.
"Pal, I'm telling you. Watch Y/N sit next to you tonight during movie night." Steve said with a chuckle and a pat on his back. Bucky shook his head, he must be thinking too much into this.
So the members decided to test something, to prove their theory.
Natasha sat next to Bucky on the smaller couch. Tony, Pepper and Sam sat on the larger one opposite. Steve, Clint, Wanda and Vision took the reclining chairs. Which meant there was just the soft large memory foam bean bag to sit on, a seat Sam usually occupied.
Everyone was in their comfy position with their popcorn and snacks. A few minutes later you arrived with your bag of chips to share.
You looked around the room and noticed all the seats were occupied. Especially your favorite seat next to Bucky. Your face dropped and tried not to think too much into it. But thanks to your anxiety, you were wondering if Bucky had specifically asked Natasha to sit there so you couldn't.
Your anxiety was building up and you started to bite on your nail. You stood there, not knowing what to do. Steve's eyes landed on your uncomfortable form and he was worried this was a bad idea. You were trembling and your eyes were glossy.
"Hey Y/N. Come and sit down." Steve motioned to the bean bag. You didn't like the attention, you felt everyone burning holes in your face. But nevertheless, your feet moved on their own accord. You were still biting your nail and you looked down at Natasha and she smiled up at you.
"Hey sweetie." She mouthed and you relaxed slightly. Your eyes flickered over to Bucky and noticed he was staring at the TV, you assumed he wasn't paying any attention but he was. He was waiting to see what you were going to do.
"Can I... Can I sit here please?" You whispered. Your face turning a new shade of red as you felt incredibly uncomfortable in the spotlight all of a sudden.
Natasha gave a knowing smirk and nodded her head. She sat down on the bean bag and sighed, sharing a look with Steve as you took a seat quite close to Bucky.
"Guys! I totally forgot. Should we go and get some pizza to bring back?" Tony suggested as he pointed to the others except you and Bucky.
He needed 8 Avengers to go and get some pizza?
"Great idea. We'll be back in 20!" Sam spoke up.
"Oh and kids. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. It's a new couch." Tony warned and your face heated up at the suggestion. You could barely talk to the man next to you, let alone anything sexy.
When the others left. You and Bucky were sitting in silence. It felt awkward and you didn't know what to do.
You were about to get up and leave when he finally spoke.
"Why are you always near me?"
You blushed and stumbled over your own words. You bit on your nail again and your eyes darted around the room.
"I mean... Why ME exactly?" He pressed. Turning his body so he could face you directly. He noticed your anxiety was going crazy and he felt bad for not wording it lighter.
"I uh... I...uhh..." You were close to crying. You weren't good at forming words and your heart beating itself out of your chest wasn't helping the situation.
"Hey. Calm down, it's alright. I'm not mad okay? It's just me. I'm just curious s'all." His flesh fingers pulled your finger away from your mouth and he noticed the bit of blood pooling on the corner of your nail where you had bitten it so badly. He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and offered a soft smile. It unfortunately did nothing to calm your nerves though.
“I just” You blushed and kept your gaze in your lap. Your voice was so quiet that you weren’t sure he heard you. 
But he heard you perfectly. Bucky was taken aback by your confession. You felt safe with him? How was that even possible? Had you not heard about the carnage he was responsible for during his Winter Soldier days? The pain he caused hundreds of families when he was sent to assassinate a target? How could you feel safe next to someone like that?
“I.. know it’s weird... I’m weird... I’m sorry.” You whispered and went to stand up. His large hand wrapped around your smaller wrist to keep you next to him. His brows were furrowed as he tried to make sense from all of this. 
“You feel safe with me?” He asked. He needed to be sure you didn’t use the wrong words. But by his furrowed eyebrows and straight lips. You were worried you went too far. 
“I do.” 
“But why?” He asked almost immediately. You licked your lips and gathered your thoughts. 
“You’re a big strong man. Quiet, don’t... let harm...come to others.” You were having a hard time finding your quiet voice. “I just feel safe near you.” You offered him a sweet smile, which eventually he returned. 
Bucky pulled you into a tight hug and your nose brushed against the stubble that was growing on his throat area. His cologne was strong, but gorgeous. Your hands fisted his henley as he held you. Bucky would never know what made him transition. He had so many questions, but there was just something about you that made him want to protect you at all times. For now, those questions didn’t matter. You were innocent, timid and shy and if you felt safe with him, then he was going to make sure he wrapped you up in bubble wrap to protect you from the evilness of the world. 
“I’ll always protect you, doll.” You grinned into his chest at the pet name and you were thankful he couldn’t see the new blush on your cheeks. 
He would be your protector. And there was absolutely nothing you could do in the world now, to make him stop protecting you. 
My teensy-weensy taglist: @jobean12-blog​ @nano--raptor​ @finleyjayne​ @marvelgirl7​
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certifiedskywalker · 4 months ago
Trouble Doubled - Bucky Barnes
Even after everything, you’re still the person who Bucky Barnes runs to when things go bad. Only now, he brings Sam who fails to hide his grin when he sees how James melts under your touch.
WARNINGS: Blood, stitches, and TFATWS possible spoilers (I think I was vague enough)
Tumblr media
“Ouch! That’s going to hurt in the morning!”
“Ha, it hurts now, actually,” Sam grumbled. 
You pressed your lips together to stifle the grin that threatened to spill over them. Unable to help yourself, you glanced at Bucky in the hopes he too was biting back a grin. Stood by the door, slightly shrouded in shadow, you could make out the half smile that played on his lips. Though, his expression quickly melted into a grimace as Sam groaned. Reality quickly crashed back down on your shoulders and you turned back to the man laid on the table.
“You’re not going to like this.” Before Sam could ask what ‘this’ was, you began to palpate his wound. He flinched away from your reach at first, but then settled in the discomfort.
“Mm, yeah, no, that doesn’t feel good, Doc.”
“Not a doctor,” you said, still pressing lightly into the bruised flesh. “And I have to make sure you didn’t crack a rib. Otherwise, you’ll need a doctor.”
“Gotta work on your bedside manner,” Sam said as he winced. You pulled your hands away with a sigh and he met your eyes. “Bad?”
“In the grand scheme of things, no. Just try not to throw yourself off a building for the next few days. Think you guys can manage that?”
“Maybe. Harder to fly without jumping first.” Sam groaned once more as he sat up and the pain seemed to convince him to heed your warning. “We’ll try, Doc.”
You rolled your eyes at him before turning to look at Bucky. Still tucked in the darker corner of the room, he seemed small. His brows were knitted tightly together by worry and you imagined that, if he met your gaze, you would see concern in his eyes. Pushed forward by your own worry, you strode over to him. At your growing closeness, Bucky lifted his eyes to yours.
“Your turn.”
“I’m fine, Y/N.”
Despite his protest, Bucky did not lock himself in place. Instead, he gave in and let you lead him by the arm, over to the table. Sam eyed him with a wide grin as Bucky landed in the same spot he had sat in only moments ago. He mouthed something to the century-old soldier that you caught, but could not make out.
“What happened to taking it easy? You told me after, you know, that you would ease into things.” You gestured to the rags you had used to clean Sam’s more minor wounds; the fabric pieces were now dyed a reddish pink from blood. “That doesn’t seem like easing into it.”
“You didn’t see the other guy,” Sam quipped. 
“I like to think you didn’t leave any of him left,” you fired back as you pinched Bucky’s chin between your forefinger and thumb. “Look at me.”
Bucky did as you told him to and met your gaze. You took a sharp breath in at the sight of him, at how his pupils blew out slightly as you studied his reaction. All at once, the air around you grew thick. This close, you could smell the sweat and ash on his skin, along with hints of whatever air freshener he had in his apartment. 
Was it coconut? Sandalwood? You couldn’t parse out which as you found yourself lost in the blues of Bucky’s eyes. The sound of Sam clearing his throat shook you from your haze.
“No signs of a concussion.”
“Really?” Sam asked, grin still plastered on his face. You raised a brow at him in question before you turned back to Bucky. 
“Why? Did you hit your head?”
“No,” he said, clearly tired of Sam’s commentary, “but if I did, it wouldn’t be a big deal.”
“Super soldier or not, a head wound is a head wound. Can you?” You gestured to his jacket and, with a sigh, Bucky pulled it off his shoulders.
“How do you two know each other again?” Sam asked, glancing around the room. “And why are we in an abandoned building.”
“Hard to trace us back here. Didn’t want to lead them to Y/N’s place,” Bucky said, tossing his jacket to the side. He winced as he did, and then you saw the blood.
With reaching hands, you peeled back the crimson-soaked material of his shirt. Your movement revealed a long gash along his side that, with each breath, sent dribbles of blood to his hip. Sam made a sound of surprise and mild disgust at the sight. You were inclined to agree with another shout, but you were too caught up in how to stop the bleeding.
“Lay back,” you ordered, pressing Bucky’s shoulder. He yielded and you pushed his shirt up to expose the entire length of the wound. “Why didn't you show this to me earlier?!”
“It’s not that bad.”
"You're bleeding," you huffed, "which is pretty indicative of bad, if you ask me. Sam?"
"This is not my battle,” he raised his hands and shook his head. “I know better than to intrude on a lover’s quarrel.”
Neither you nor Bucky spoke up to correct him. In your mind, you came up with a quick excuse: Bucky was bleeding and you needed to focus on stopping it. Sam’s comment could be corrected later. Though, when Bucky didn’t speak up, you felt your chest tighten. As you worked on dressing the gash, you glanced up at him and found his blue eyes trained on you. He was dwelling on your silence too.
You pulled yourself out of the whirlpool of his gaze and reached over his body towards your medical supplies. As you stretched, your chest pressed lightly against Bucky’s, but you swallowed hard and refocused.
“Sorry, need to sow you up.”
Bucky didn’t respond, but he did avert his gaze. He found some spot in the ceiling to stare at instead of you. His distraction allowed you to work without the prickling temptation to sneak glances at his features; for the most part. It was only when Sam moved to stand over at your side you did you look up from Bucky’s wound.
“Nothing, just wondering how many times you’ve done this before.” 
A bitter laugh slipped past your lips at his reply. “Too many times to count. If it’s not an Avenger, it’s a masked savior from Hell’s Kitchen. Someone always needs stitched up.”
“But James here is your favorite patient?”
Bucky’s tone set you on edge. It was warning, cold, and unlike the teasing you had grown fond of. Sam, knowing better than to piss him off, backed away from the table. You looked from him to Bucky and back again. When Bucky did not dare to meet your gaze, you felt a lump form in your throat. Tension weighed down your tongue, stopped you from saying a word or asking a question, despite your want to. 
“Alright, alright. I’ll leave you be, old man. I’ll check with Torres, see if he has anything.”
Bucky’s eyes remained fixed on the ceiling above you. He was quiet, like the first time you met, and distant. His gaze seemed far away, as if he were looking through the ceiling of this hideaway. After you heard the door of the room close behind Sam, you went back to work on Bucky’s side in silence. 
Carefully, you sowed the gash and tried to keep your hands steady. Every other jab with the needle made Bucky wince. You flinched at his sharp intake of breath and mumbled an apology before you went on to the next stitch. Five apologies later, the bleeding slowed and you gently pressed a crisp, white bandage to safeguard your handiwork. 
Immediately after you secured the gauze, Bucky moved to sit up. Before he could, you pressed on his shoulders again and pinned him in place. Though, you knew you couldn’t have pinned him if he hadn’t let you. Your upper body strength was nothing compared to his, you both knew that.
“Don’t move,” you said softly, “you’ll ruin my work.”
“It’s gonna be hard not to.” Bucky met your gaze and, in the dim light of the room, his eyes looked dark, almost sad. Something in his face, perhaps the dull, yet familiar laughter lines around his mouth or the bags under his eyes, alleviated the tension that had silenced before.
“You told me you wouldn’t. That you would take it easy and focus on making amends.”
Bucky closed his eyes at the disappoint that laced your tone. “I tried. I wanted to, Hell, I need to, but I can’t. I never could.”
“Because,” Bucky began to sit up from the table top, “I’m a soldier. I need the fight.”
You watched as he moved, as your hands slipped from his shoulders and fell back to your sides. He pulled his shirt down over his freshly bandaged wound. When he was covered, Bucky looked back up to you, saw your frown and frowned too.
“Soldiers get to come home,” you pointed out, arms crossed over your chest.
“If they’re lucky. I’ve never been lucky.”
You bit the inside of your cheek at that. He was right. Bucky told you his story once before, after a therapy session left him feeling a bit more dry than high. He told you that he couldn’t tell you everything, that he wouldn’t. He didn’t have to, but you still hoped for him.
“Luck can change.”
Bucky scoffed as he pushed himself to his feet. Now, at his full height, he towered slightly over you. Despite his looming figure, Bucky did not scare you. Even when he told you his story, what he had done, Bucky did not scare you. 
“Yeah, well, luck, or fate, or whatever, brought me to you and here we are,” he gestured to the dusty dwelling around you. You looked around with a careful eye before you playfully shrugged. 
“I’ve been in worse dives.” Bucky chuckled, a unforced sound that rose up from his chest against his will. “Really, I have.”
“I don’t doubt it. But we put you in danger, asking for your help here. I put you in danger.”
“Oh, are you serious?” You threw your hands up in the air, “there’s always going to be danger in this world. Aliens, war, bad luck.”
“I wanted to keep you safe,” he pressed, taking a step towards you. 
You could smell the perfume of the air freshener again, how it clung to his clothes. It distracted you, threw you into thoughts of what his apartment looked like, if he would ever share that part of him with you or if he would keep it locked away with his full story. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from asking, from wasting your breath on a question he wouldn’t answer. His words would have to be enough for you and, as if on cue, Bucky echoed his sentiment. 
“I wanted to keep you safe.”
“How noble, wanting to keep me safe, Barnes. Just me?” 
Silence was your immediate answer. Silence and Bucky’s full attention. You didn’t miss how his eyes flickered down from yours to your lips then back again.
“Just you.”
In the quiet that followed Bucky’s statement, you became frighteningly aware of your heartbeat again. It wasn’t pounding like before, but it felt loud, like it was pressing against your ribcage, begging to leap out and into Bucky’s arms. As if propelled by it, you found yourself leaning in towards his warmth just as he seemed to shrink away.
Before he was out of reach, you lifted your hands to his face and cupped his jaw. Stubble prickled your fingers and palm, though you were far too enraptured to care.
“Then stay alive,” you said softly, “change your luck and come home.”
In your mind, you did not picture Bucky’s home as his mystery apartment. Instead, you saw only this moment captured by some invisible third party. You saw home as just the two of you and the image made you heart beat a bit faster. 
“I’ll try.”
For a moment, the two of you just stared at each other, stewed in the new, easier tension between you. But then your resolve broke and you lips broke into a smile. Bucky mirrored your expression, a lopsided grin resting comfortably along his features. His eyes fell to the floor between you before he looked back into your face.
“Can...can I kiss y-”
“Yes, Barnes, please.”
Without wasting another second, Bucky leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Your hands slipped from his jaw to the back of his head where your fingers tangled in the soft strands of his brown hair. One of his hands found your waist and pulled you close to him, while the other cupped your jaw. In sync, his mouth moved against yours and everything around you melted away.
No more wonderings or mystery. It was only you and Bucky, come danger, trouble, or bad luck; and Sam who lingered outside the door.
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nev3rfound · 2 years ago
helping hand : b.b
brief summary: bucky not being able to tie his own hair up during training and needing some assistance. 
requested: yes! by the very sweet @hopeless-lovex0 (this was as adorable to write as the request was) word count: 760 warnings? none. 
* my requests are open so please, feel free to drop an idea *
** also I am currently planning on writing a series, if it is something you’d be interested in please let me know! **
Tumblr media
Bucky grumbles under his breath as he struggles with the band between his fingers, unable to get it around his hair without it all falling back out seconds later. 
You knew you were running late for training, but you tried to ease your guilt knowing it wasn’t for anything in particular other than a bit of bonding. 
Thor huffed as he nudges Wanda forcefully, causing her to stumble as he motions to Bucky on the other side of the room. Bucky keeps his face partially concealed with his hair as it continues to fall back in his eyes. “I could help him.” Thor states and Wanda places her hand on his arm, shaking her head. “What? I am a God with long hair, rather dashing hair if you say so, m’Lady.” He comments and Wanda rolls her eyes before focusing back on the shell of a man sat swearing under his breath. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Thor.” She tells him softly as Tony glances around, raising an eyebrow as the two of them remain still whilst he wipes his forehead with a towel. “Bucky is still very closed off, I’ve seen it.” 
The way she says it makes the God feel for the winter soldier. He wasn’t willing to accept or even ask for help. Bucky was crying out for help in his frustrations, but he didn’t know how to vocalise those cries. 
Bursting through the doors you let out a loud huff, resting your hands on your thighs as you breathe heavily. “Hey, guys,” You mutter as you catch your breath and straighten up. 
Thor and Wanda smile as you head towards Tony, “How’re you doing Sleeping Beauty?” Tony jokes and you nudge him, “Oof maybe you didn’t get enough beauty sleep.”
Ignoring his comments you continue to walk through the gym, Wanda nudging Thor as he drops his weights, his attention averting to where Wanda is looking with wide eyes. “What the-” Natasha calls out to Clint who looks back at her with an equally confused expression. 
Tony stepped forward to stop you, but Steve held his arm out blocking him before he intruded. 
You remained blissfully unaware of the scene playing out behind you as you neared Bucky with a smile on your face. “Hey Buck.” You call out as you sit down in front of him, lifting your hand up to brush his hair behind his ear. 
His bright blue eyes melt from their icy gaze as they soften on yours. A smile plays on his lips and everyone in the room began to meltdown as you removed a hair band from your wrist and moved closer to the distant man. 
Humming quietly Bucky closed his eyes in content as you began to tie his hair up. Once you were done he lightly kissed your forehead, “What’d you feel like doin’?” His Brooklyn accent thickening around you, knowing it made him feel suaver like the old days. 
You shrug your shoulders. “I kinda feel like a lot of stretching, ‘specially after last night.” Muttering the last part Natasha’s jaw drops as a blush crosses Buckys cheeks as she hits Clint's chest.
“They’re a thing?” She asks everyone else and they all shrug their shoulders, just as confused as one another.
Everyone that is, except for Steve who smiles at the sight. The two of you, so wrapped up in each other that the confusion of your fellow team members doesn’t phase you. 
He could see what you didn’t, that look Bucky gives you as you stand up and stretch out. His eyes light up whenever you glance down to him and smile reassuringly. You were something Bucky needed without realising, that love he had never experienced was so precious and wholesome between the two of you. 
Bucky stood up and turned his head, seeing that no one else was working out anymore. Instead, all eyes were on the two of you. 
“Erm, doll?” Bucky nudges you lightly as you lower your leg and open your eyes. 
As you look around at all of the Avengers you let out a small laugh. “What?” You ask and no one speaks up, Natasha shakes her head in disbelief whilst Tony wears a strange smirk. 
“I told you, Thor.” Wanda mutters to the God as he lets out a sigh. 
“I’m sure I would’ve evoked the same reaction.” He retorts, crossing his arms as he watches you and Bucky train together, a side that no one but you had seen until now - him being perfectly content. 
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waiting4inspiration · 2 years ago
Baby (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: After seeing you holding your sister’s baby, Bucky’s breeding kink comes out to play, wanting more than nothing than to see you pregnant with his child. 
Warnings: SMUT, +18 reader, breeding kink, strong language, Daddy kink, unprotected sex, dirty talking
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
It’s a family reunion that sparks the need inside of Bucky. Your sister just had a baby and it’s the first time you will meet the newest member of the family. Of course, you didn’t really know that your sister will be bringing the newborn with her. So, when you see the baby, it sends your motherly instincts into overdrive. 
Your sister isn’t reluctant at all to hand you the newborn. And holding the baby is like second nature to you. Bucky is speaking to your brother-in-law and father before he spots you holding the newborn. 
He has to do a double-take when he sees you. And seeing you with the bundle in your arms only makes him think of what it will be like if that is his baby. Oh God, what it will be like to see you swell because of his seed. And fuck, just thinking about seeing his cum dripping between your tights…
The rest of the night is an absolute nightmare for Bucky. Everything you seem to do only makes him want you more. Every smile towards him, every touch drives him closer to the edge. He’s just so grateful that you two left when you did. 
But driving back home makes him think about if you want what he wants. If you even want to start a family with him. His thinking makes the drive back home completely silence, making you think that your father has said something to him. Considering that he has been quieter than usual all night. 
Finally getting back home, you grab Bucky’s hand before he can walk away making his head snap around to you. “What’s on your mind? You’ve quiet all night,” you state, walking forward as he pulls you closer.
He sighs loudly, resting his forehead against yours as his hands run over your hips. “It’s just…seeing you holding your sister’s baby,” he whispers, pressing his body closer to your body. “I couldn’t help but think what it would be like if that…was our baby.”
Pulling your head back, you stare at him in shock and slight amusement. “You want a baby?” you ask with a small laugh, trying to hide the smile creeping up on your face. He nods and hums in response as he drops head between his shoulders. “Bucky, we haven’t really talked about this before…”
“Then let’s talk about it now,” he interjects, lifting his gaze back up to you. His hands tightly grip your hips as he drops his face to the crook your neck. Kissing up your skin, his hands slip under your shirt, the contrast of warm and cool on your back sends shivers down your spine. “I can’t think of anyone better than you to carry my child,” he whispers in your ear before tugging on your earlobe. “And all I’ve been thinking about tonight is fucking you until your dripping with my cum. Until I’m sure that you’ll be pregnant.”
His words are enough to make your panties soaking wet. Sighing a small moan, you run your hands over his chest as touch your lips to his ear. “Okay,” you whisper, shocking him at the lack of a fight that he thought you’d put up. Pulling his head back and frowning at you, you giggle at his reaction before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Put a baby in me, daddy,” you whisper erotically, making him growl at the name you use and quickly lifting you off the ground, letting your legs wrap around his waist.
His feet know the way to the bedroom, which means he can kiss and nip at the skin on your neck the whole way. Your fingers weave through his hair and tug at his roots, the sensation making him groan as he drops you to the bed. He hovers above you, keeping his body close to yours and rolling his hip against you, his hard, straining cock rubbing between your thighs. 
“You’re sure about this, doll?” he questions, his hands tugging at the hem of your shit as his lips break contact with the skin of your neck to look you in the eye. “‘Cus once I start, I won’t be able to stop.” 
Raising an eyebrow at him, you smirk and shake your head. “You want me to beg for it or something?” you ask, slipping your hands under his shirt and running them up his back. 
Your touch causes him to hiss and jut his hips against you. “Sounds like an idea,” he chuckles darkly, his hands gripping the material of your top tightly, waiting for you to say the words he’s been waiting for the entire night. 
Pulling his body down closer to you and bringing your mouth up to his ear, you raise your hips against his and sigh. “Please, daddy. Fuck me and fill me ‘til I’m dripping with your cum,” you moan in his ear, your hands moving back down his back and around to the front of his pants so that you can palm his hard cock bludging against your tight. 
Without a second thought, Bucky’s hands rip the shirt off your body making you squeal before his lips crash onto yours. It’s a short kiss, but it’s enough to rend you breathless as he follows his hands down your body to quickly rid your lower half of its coverings. “Fuck, you smell so good, baby girl,” he hums against your skin, kissing and biting his way down the inside of your tight as he pulls he drenched pantie away.  
Still trying to catch your breath from the hard kiss he gave and the feeling of his breath so close to your soaking core, you don’t realize how quickly Bucky shreds his own clothes off his body until his hands grip your hips again. Flipping you around on to your stomach, you can’t help but smile and instinctively raise your lower body on your knees, wiggling your ass in the air as you raise up on your hands. 
Glancing over your shoulder, you smile proudly when you see him marveling at the sight in front of him. His hands knead rough circle into your hips before lowering his face and licking a wet stripe up your slit and you throw your head back and moan loudly as your hands grip the sheets beneath you. 
Your head drops between your shoulders when he pulls away and your chest heaves as the pleasure coursing through your body. Bucky lines himself up with your soaking entrance, placing his metal hand on your back as he pushes inside you, a groan ripping through his throat at the raw, bare feeling. 
His eyes snap over to the side table holding the condoms he used to use only because you want to prevent pregnancy. But now, the first thing Bucky’s going to do tomorrow morning to toss them in the trash. There’s no more need for them now and that thought only spare him on. 
Turning his attention back to you when you press your ass against him, he leans over you and pushed the hair away from your neck. “You have no idea how good it feels fucking you raw,” he growls, spreading your legs farther apart to let him sink deeper until he fills you to the hilt. 
Wrapping hand around your neck as you moan, he lifts your head, craning it up it can’t go back anymore and grabs the lobe of your ear in his teeth. “Please, daddy. It feels so good,” you whine, pushing against him as your fingers dig into the sheets beneath you. 
“I’m gonna fill you up,” he groans, slowly pulling away from you before gripping your hips and roughly slamming into you, sending you falling onto your elbows and your face into the pillow. “Fuck you until you’re dripping for days after, until it takes,” he growls between thrusts, making you moan and move to meet his hips. “You want that, don’t you, baby girl?”
The words fail to make it passed your lips and all you can do is moan in response. Your moans edge him on, his hips slamming against you quicker and more harshly, dragging along your shuddering walls at a bruising pace. You try to meet his movements with your own, but his grip around your hips hardens and keeps them in one place.
Your head drops between your shoulder as you gather the sheets in your hands again, moaning out Bucky’s name like prayer as you start to feel a knot form in your stomach. “Fuck, keep going, daddy,” you beg, your legs trembling and struggling to keep you up. 
Knowing that you’re close, he wraps his arms around your body and pulls you off your elbows, pressing your back against his chest and his thrusts never faltering into you. Kissing your neck roughly, his one hand travel up to swipe a thumb across a hardened nipple of your breast while the other - his bionic hand - makes its way down to your throbbing, neglected clit. 
The coldness of the metal against your heated sex makes your body jerk and your head to fall back against Bucky’s shoulder. “Cum for me, doll. Cum for daddy,” he orders, rubbing tight, violent circle on the pulsating nub that makes your hip jerk against his hand, against his hips. 
Your body obeys his words and your orgasm rips through you, your walls clenching around his throbbing cock inside you, sending him closer to his own release. “Fuck, Bucky,” you moan, feeling him spill inside your, coating your walls with his seed.  
The whole feeling of his hot cum inside of your makes you moan and roll your head on his shoulder, his hips still jerking into you to secure his claim to your womb. He rolls his head around to you, taking your lips in his with a deep, passionate kiss. “I’m never fucking you with those goddam condoms on ever again,” he groans, making you giggle and place your hands over his arms that now circle your waist. 
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buckycuddlebuddy · 3 months ago
summary ─ “fuck him,” you muttered. “fuck him sideways.”
pairing ─ avenger!alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, a/b/o dynamics, mutual pining, flirting, kissing, light choking (:d), rough sex, getting together, heat/rut sex, scenting, idiots in love
a/n ─ blame seb for that ig story picture. it made me do it. but seriously, can he choke me. anyway sfjdsjf hope you like it! leave a comment if you do! thankl youuuu <333 (italic is bucky, bold is reader) enjoy this 5.6k monstrosity. 
Tumblr media
You and Bucky had been flirting for some time, but it was more of a friendly flirting rather than something more. He would call you cute pet names and let you play with his hair on movie nights, and you would let him cuddle or hug you whenever he needed touch. You liked spending time and having a lot of fun with him.
Sometimes you scented each other, too.
His scent was reminding you all kinds of things that you considered safety and homey, so you never said ‘no’ when he wanted to scent you. He let you scent him back most of the time and you used it on his behalf; scenting him when he felt anxious, letting him bury his nose into your neck so that he’d calm down after a brutal mission or nightmare. It worked well for both of you.
Sometimes, though, you wished something more from him. There were times where you wanted him to kiss you, to pull you flush against his muscle-clad, big and warm body and to touch you like that. You wanted to know how his arousal smelled like up-close, but you were valuing your friendship a bit too much to make a move; you were afraid that you’d lose him, and you couldn’t take the risk.
So, you kept it to yourself.
Times went by while both of you went on with your cute flirting and occasional hair-playing and cuddle/hug and scenting game. You knew you should have stopped scenting him back, you didn’t want to get in between him and his potential mate, since he’d been seeing other women sometimes. You overheard him and Sam talking about Tinder and getting dates from there. You also saw him carrying a gorgeous blonde to his room while kissing the daylight out of her.
You wanted so badly to be her, but it was just not possible. You knew it.
Sighing to yourself, you wiggled under your thick duvet, burying your body into the bed even more. It was way too late for you to be awake, but you couldn’t sleep. Your bed was comfy, warm and you put your duvet into a position that got you looking like a burrito. You were supposed to be passed out with these beautiful conditions, but your body was too hot, you felt too itchy to go to sleep. Your heat was close. You could sense it; you were in the pre-heat phase and you had about two days until it hit you.  
You growled to yourself angrily a little as you wiggled a bit more. Your head was partially under your pillow when you heard your phone ping-ing. Frowning, you stuck your hand out to grab it, seeing that you had one unread message. You opened it.
“Oh, fuck,” you moaned out accidentally when you saw what it was.
It was Bucky. He was shirtless and had his dog tags on. He was holding a cup in his big hands. All the muscles and veins were visible and bulging. He had a flirtatious look on his face. He seemed to wearing thin basketball shorts under, but they did very little to hide whatever he was… hiding there.
“Shit,” you whimpered. Your face was heating up rapidly. You felt your body was ready to burst, explode, whatever. Your heart was beating in your mouth. You could feel your pussy getting wet and even throb a little. You swallowed the spit that collected in your mouth when you heard another ping.
ah, shit, sorry, doll. i meant to send that to someone else.
Well, you thought and sighed.
“It’s not fair,” you whined and inched down on your bed, your legs spreading themselves instinctively. You bit your lip. You could finally make a move and say something suggestive, or you could just… chicken out. “Fuck him,” you muttered. “Fuck him sideways.” Your phone ping-ed again.
how is it look, though? i’m not sure about sending it rn
i think i’m chickening out
You rolled your eyes as his texts. Of course he didn’t like the picture where he looked so fucking sexy.
no, you look good, you texted him back. you look damn good, actually. idk why you’re chickening out. You saw the three dots that were inclining that he was writing and waited.
i dunno, he sent. she’s real nice, ya know. i don’t wanna fuck up
“Fuck whoever she is,” you whispered. “Fuck her if she thinks you’re fucking up when you send her a picture like this.”
why would sending a shirtless pic make you fuck up anyways?
she might think i’m a bit forward? idk honey i really care about her and i don’t want her to think i’m only talking to her bc i wanna fuck her ‘til she passes out.
“What the fuck,” you whispered again, your eyes narrowing and scent turning into its sickly sweet self by the half-dirty talk. Bucky never said anything to you like this before. You shared almost everything, but when the subject was sex Bucky was always a bit shy. Now, though, he didn’t sound shy. “I shouldn’t find this sexy.”
well, i don’t think she’ll have a problem with that, pal. esp with that pic
hell no
The three dots appeared again.
so you’re saying that she’ll know that my only purpose isn’t fucking her through her mattress?
i mean i know this isn’t a dick pic but still
You shake your head fondly. Even when he was trying to sext with a woman, he was being a gentleman. You liked that about him. He was always thinking how the other person would feel if his actions were to get misunderstood. It was cute.
you’re cute, you sent. she’ll understand.
Dots appeared but disappeared a second later. It repeated itself for a couple time before it totally vanished. You frowned but didn’t think too much about it. There really wasn’t much he could say to your last text, you thought. Maybe he finally sent the picture to the person who should have received it in the first place.
You took a deep breath as you looked at the picture again.
God, he was so handsome. He recently had a haircut, and it looked very good on him. He had faint stubble. When you first looked at the picture, you thought he had a flirtatious look, but actually he was just adorable. He was caught in mid-wink, you thought. His flesh hand was dwarfing the big navy colored mug he had in his hand. You knew that mug, you bought him that as a birthday gift, and it was a very big one. You never noticed how big his hands were before, but now that you knew, it was going to be hard to take your eyes away from them.
“Ugh,” you grunted, feeling the itchy sensation increasing. “Fuck me.” Locking your phone, you dropped it on your night stand. You were wet and horny, but you didn’t have any energy to touch yourself. So, you just hugged your pillow and closed your eyes.
The morning found you pouring yourself a cereal with still sleepy eyes. The sun was shining brightly, the kitchen was quiet and it seemed like you were the only living creature in the tower. You yawned as you put the cereal box down and poured some milk into your bowl. You perched yourself onto the chair by the kitchen island and dug into your cereal.
You had… vivid dreams last night. It included a pair of hands touching your naked skin, blur of colors and some moaning. You vaguely remembered that there were hushed whispers of a little dirty talk, but the details blurred as soon as you woke up.
That meant you were even achier than last night. You grunted into your cereal.
“Hey,” you heard someone murmur and jumped, it was Bucky. He looked like he just came back from a run. “Shit, sorry,” Bucky muttered. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” You shrugged as you slurped the last of your cereal. With the corner of your eyes, you saw his nostrils flare and realized he was scenting the air. “Y’alright, doll?”
“Mmhm, just achy,” you murmured and carried your bowl to the sink. Bucky stayed silent and watched you washing your bowl and rolling your shoulders a couple times. He could smell your scent; it was content but somehow… off. He also knew your heat was close. Your scent was too sweet albeit being a little off, it was like he just stepped into a bakery and got hit with freshly baked goods. It was mouthwatering. Eyes narrowing, Bucky murmured a silent ‘fuck it’ to himself, he stepped behind you.
“You seem awfully tense, honey,” Bucky muttered into your ear as he pressed his body to yours. “Couldn’t sleep well?” You tensed. You could feel the heat coming off of his body, could smell his clean sweat, cologne and his own musk; it was woody and fresh: like a bonfire in the middle of a forest. More importantly, you could feel all the muscles and ridges on his body against yours.
“Somethin’ like that,” you whispered. Bucky cooed at you softly. His arms wound themselves around your waist, pulling you in and making you rest your body against his. His scent surrounded you in a second, and you felt like you were being cocooned in your bed by your soft blankets.
“Breathe with me, love,” he murmured. “It will help you loosen up.” You swallowed and nodded. Feeling his chest moving behind you, you followed his movements. “That’s it,” he said, “You’re doing great.” You breathed in, in, and in and then let it ouuuut. You felt your shoulder relax a bit. “That’s it,” he whispered and─
His lips were right over your pulse. His stubble was rubbing the sensitive flesh of your neck. You shuddered uncontrollably. Bucky hushed you as his lips brushed against your skin. His hot breath was licking your neck, making the hair on your body rise. He nosed your glands there; taking lungful of your scent, Bucky grumbled to himself about how good you smell.
With a small grunt of his, he took a step forward and cornered you against the counter. You gasped.
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed, “You are tense, honey.” His lips found your jaw, his nose poked your temple and you shuddered again.
It felt like you were underwater but weren’t drowning; everything was peaceful quiet, and you were floating.
“Bucky,” you whispered. He hummed. “Bucky…” He kissed your neck, bit down on the flesh and sucked it a little. You felt your legs tremble when you felt your heat creeping in even closer and grabbed his arms around your waist for support. You tipped your head back, exposing your throat to him, and closed your eyes.
Placing kisses all over your neck, nibbling on your jaw, one of his hands grabbed your face to turn it towards him. “Tell me you don’t want it, and I’ll stop. I promise I’ll stop.” You didn’t say anything but leaned into his touch. “Tell me.”
“I want it,” you whispered, surpassing a shiver. Your heat was taking over your body, and Bucky needed the verbal confirmation before it consumed you.
“Honey,” he said softly. “Your heat is starting, do you want me to help you?” You gasped silently, realizing that you were feeling woozy a little and your vision was fuzzy around the edges, now.
“Yes,” you answered him. “Please, alpha?”  
Bucky’s chest rumbled lightly with approval and captured your lips with his. You moaned into his mouth. It was as soft as it looked and was caressing yours so nicely. You whimpered as you sneaked your hand into his slightly damp hair. You craned your neck to deepen the kiss, letting your tongue join the game, too. Bucky groaned.
“Fuck, love,” he whimpered. “Your skin feels so soft under my hands, your body is so warm… Mmm, I wanna eat you right up.” You wiggled in his arms.
“Please,” you whispered. Bucky bit down on your bottom lip. His other hand sneaked into your pajama bottoms, sliding right into your panties and nudging your clit gently. You gasped loudly as Bucky cursed.
“Holy shit, honey,” Bucky groaned. “You’re wetting your pajama bottoms with your slick.” You whimpered when you felt one long digit swiping the slick that gathered between the lips of your pussy. “Is it for me?” He asked, a low growl could be heard in his voice. You nodded. Bucky tugged on your hair. “Words. Use’em.”
“Yes!” You cried out. “Yes, only for you, Bucky, yes!”
“That’s more like it,” Bucky murmured and slid two of his fingers inside you. Biting your lip to stop yourself moan loudly, your hand tightened in Bucky’s hair and you bared your throat to Bucky by the throwing your head back even more, submitting him.
The way Bucky was fingering you was relentless; two of his long and thick fingers were stroking your wet walls, crooking them to graze over your sensitive spot sometimes while the heel of his hand was pressing down on your clit. You were being stimulated from almost all your open ended nerves so perfectly, you wanted to cry.
“I wish you see how you look right now, baby,” Bucky whispered. “You’re so deep into your pleasure...” You hummed and let out a gasp when he crooked his fingers again. “You take my fingers so nicely. My hand is drenched, baby, goddamn.” He nosed your bared throat, taking deep breaths, Bucky filled his lungs with your sweet heat scent. “Gotta get you to your room, love. The whole kitchen is gonna smell like your heat if we don’t.” You whined, but you weren’t lost in your head yet, so you knew he was right. You nodded. Bucky kissed your neck and suddenly, your world was upside down.
You were thrown over his shoulder like he was a caveman and you were his prey. “Bucky!” He chuckled, his metal hand slapping your ass, he stepped into the elevator and told Jarvis to go up to your floor. He carried you like that throughout the whole trip. You got to feel his back muscles all the way to your room, though, so you thought it wasn’t so bad.
Bucky dropped you on the floor gently. You were standing right in front of your room. “I can wait here,” Bucky murmured and continued when he saw your confused look. “While you are getting nest sorted out, I can wait here.”
Your heart swelled in your chest because ain’t he the most thoughtful.
“Aww, James,” you whispered. He just smiled and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Really?” He nodded. You knew he took these kinds of things serious because he was a bit old-school, but you liked that about him very much.
“Yeah,” he said. “Actually, why don’t you go ahead and sort your nest out while I get us some water and snacks?” You placed your hand on your heart.
“A man after my stomach,” you said dreamily, making him snort. “Okay.” He kissed your neck one more time and walked back to the elevator.
You had a spring on your step as you walked inside of your room and stripping the bed from unnecessary things. You pulled out your softest linens, blankets and pillows; arranging them on the bed the way you liked, you added some extra tiny pillows. It looked inviting, personal and smelled like you strongly. You smiled, pleased with your efforts. Just as you sat down on the bed in your underwear, you had kept your oversize t-shirt though, you heard a knock.
“Come in!” You called out and saw Bucky’s smiling, handsome face. He had arms full of snacks and water bottles, he also had other things which you couldn’t figure out what. You watched him as he put the things he carried into your room on your small desk.
“I, uh,” he started, suddenly looking bashful. “I thought you might want, uh,” Bucky stammered over his words and just handed you something.
It was his blanket from his bed and the sweatshirt you saw him wearing yesterday.
“I can always put them aside or bring more, whatever you want,” Bucky hurriedly added. You shook your head as you reached and took them from him. You folded the sweatshirt and put it right next to your bed where you would be reaching something to wear after you were through, and spread the blanket on your bed, rearranging your pillows. You took your t-shirt off before you turned and faced with Bucky.
You walked up to him slowly until you were standing right in front of him. You could see his nostrils flaring, pupils dilating and him scenting the air. “Kiss me, alpha?” Bucky let out a broken sound before he pulled you against his body, his flesh hand cradling your face gently, and leaned down to give you the kiss that you asked for so nicely.
It was, hands down, the most loving and gentle kiss you’ve ever had. It was nothing like the kiss you’ve shared in the kitchen. This one was chaste. Bucky’s lips were soft, and he was kissing you like a longtime lover. Moaning lightly, you tilted your head to your side and deepened the kiss a bit; pushing up on your tiptoes and winding your arms around his neck, you felt his arms wrapping themselves around your waist one more time.
You felt amazingly consumed and caged and overwhelmed, and you were fucking loving it.
Bucky pulled back slightly. “Bed,” he commanded. His voice was rough and low. His woodsy, fresh smell had taken a sharp turn and now it was more like burning wood and citrus. You loved how forest-y his scent was. You quickly climbed on the bed, and a second later Bucky joined you.
His big body caged yours under him. The body heat this man had was driving you crazy because he was so fucking warm, it made you want to wrap yourself around him like a koala and never let go.
“Bucky…” You breathed when you felt his teeth grazing over the sensitive skin of your neck, gasped when he placed a soft bite there. His light stubble was rubbing your skin raw, but you were loving it just like everything else. You felt him press his body against yours fully as he drew in a deep breath.
“God, your scent is drivin’ me fuckin’ crazy,” he murmured and kissed his way downwards. He stopped when he came across to your bra, looking up in your eyes, he silently asked for permission to take it off. You nodded. As soon as your breasts were free from their containment, Bucky latched on to one of your nipples, making you throw your head back and moan loudly.
“Fuck!” You yelped when he bit down and sucked and did… things with his tongue. He was licking and sucking, his saliva had covered your nipple and you could hear the slurping sound. It was so sexy, the pleasure was so intense; you felt like you were about to come. Whimpering, you slid your hands in his short hair, pulling and scratching his scalp. Bucky hummed. The vibrations and the graze of his teeth made you hiss, your body was trashing beneath his strong one.
Bucky pulled back with a ‘pop’, licking his lips, his fingers toyed with your other nipple. “How are you feelin’, love?” He asked. You panted lightly as you gave him thumbs up but yelped again when he pinched your nipple. “Words,” he growled. “I told you to use them.”
“’m good,” you whimpered, nipple throbbing deliciously. “’m good, I swear, ‘m fine, alpha.” Bucky hummed at the name. He always liked being called ‘alpha’ during sex before, he was never shy to tell his partners to call him that when he wanted to end his dancing night with someone, but hearing you call him that was turning him on in a whole different level.
Growling approvingly to himself, Bucky’s fingers found the hem of your panties. Before he could ask for permission, you lifted your hips to help him remove them easily. Bucky took a hold of the flimsy fabric, quickly dragging it down your beautiful legs, he threw them somewhere in the room. You were now under him with all your naked fucking glory, and Bucky’s mouth was watering at the sight of you. His gums were hurting with the desire to claim and mark you.
“You are gorgeous, baby,” Bucky murmured, fingers trailing over your soft skin and making you shiver happily. He leaned in. His light stubble rasped against your nipple as he nosed your collarbone, licking and sucking small marks there. You sighed. Your hands were buried deep in his short hair, the fluffiness of it turning into a messy state. “You feel so good against me,” he murmured again, lips brushing over the sensitive skin of your breasts. You whimpered. The ache between your legs was getting intolerable with each passing second, and you wanted him to take you already.
“Bucky…” You breathed. “Please, Bucky, alpha, I-I can’t, it h-hurts,” you babbled, hands now clawing his strong and wide shoulders. Quickly, Bucky shushed you with kisses, murmured filthy nonsense into your ear as he trailed one hand down your front. You gasped when his fingers brushed against your clit. It was already so sensitive and throbbing and aching─
“So wet,” Bucky whispered. “I’m gonna taste it later.” He brushed his fingers up and down for a couple times and pulled his hand back. “Now, we make your hurting stop, love.” You nodded. Your eyes were half-closed, you looked debauched without Bucky doing anything properly yet, and more importantly you looked drunk with only a couple kisses and touching from him.
If that ain’t the best kind of ego boost, I don’t know what is, Bucky thought to himself as he bit his lip and removed his clothes. Your sweet heat scent was filling his lungs and the room, and making him feel lightheaded. His skin was prickling with the intensity of your scent. He knew very well no matter how many times he’d shower that he would be smelling like you even days after your heat ended. Honestly, that would be a dream come true for Bucky.
His crush on you was getting stronger rather than dying down. He had tried dating with other people, hooking up or just spend his rut with at least a partner, but he just couldn’t because his body was yearning yours. His lungs were desperate for your sweet, calming scent filling them, his fingers were itching to feel your skin, and his lips were tingling to meet with yours… His whole body had been wanting you, no one else had made him feel this way before.
“God, Y/N,” Bucky breathed. His eyes were now fully black, face darkened with lust and his body heat had increased. He was about to enter his rut, he knew it. Bucky leaned forward and licked a fat line from your collarbone to all the way up to your ear, making your bonding glands throb. You gasped at the feeling.
“Fuck, Bucky!” You sighed, eyes screwed shut. Bucky hummed. His fingers moved south, were quick to find your dripping and aching core, he slipped two of his fingers in you. You moaned. His fingers were moving in and out of you rapidly, thumb pressing lightly on your clit. He could feel the poor thing throb beneath his fingertip, Bucky chuckled against your throat and nipped the skin there. You moaned one more time, but louder, your nails dug them deep into Bucky’s meaty shoulders. Bucky hissed at the slight pain, but all the pain during sex was welcomed in his book.
Bucky pulled his fingers out and pushed off of you, ignoring your little whines. “Present,” he ordered, his voice was still soft even though his commanding tone. Whimpering, you flipped onto your tummy, pressed your chest against the soft linens beneath you and lifted your ass high up on the air. Bucky groaned. “Damn, kitten,” he whispered. You shivered. He placed his hands on your ass, and then moved them up, up, up and slid one of them into your hair. “Do I need a condom?” You nodded.
“Birth control is no good for me,” you panted lightly. Bucky nodded, pressing a kiss on your cheek, he leaned sideways to grab a condom from his bedside drawer. You rubbed your face, wiggled your hips and fisted the bedding as Bucky put on the condom. As soon as he was done, he walked closer to you on his knees and immediately draped his body onto yours. You sighed at the skin-to-skin contact.
“Tell me if you want to or need me to stop because you don’t like what we’re doing, alright?” Bucky murmured. You nodded.
“I will,” you slurred slightly and earned another kiss on your cheek. You hummed happily. You felt the blunt tip of his cock against your wet folds and held your breath. With a smooth, slow thrust of his hips, Bucky slid into you. “Fuuuck,” you sighed, eyes closed and mouth open, drooling just a little bit. The ache in your core was disappeared as soon as Bucky filled you up.
“Goddamn,” Bucky gritted. Your pussy was hugging his hard as hell cock so nicely, Bucky felt like he was being wrapped with the softest blankets to ever exist. Falling onto his elbows, Bucky placed kisses on your bare shoulders. He moved his arms carefully and wrapped them around your torso. One of his hands was wrapped lightly around your neck, and you felt another flame taking over your body with the feeling.
“Move,” you whispered. “Alpha, please, move.” Bucky shushed you gently. Never stopping peppering kisses on your shoulder, neck and cheek, Bucky moved his hips slowly at first. You gasped, head thrown back on Bucky’s shoulder, you closed your eyes.
Your mind was fogged, body wrung tight with sexual frustration and the coil in your belly was burning hotter each passing second. You could feel your heat taking over your body. Bucky’s strong scent was covered with the traces of faint rut, and his scent was clogging up all your senses.
It felt magnificent.
“Alpha,” you moaned when his cock touched a spot in you, your body suddenly waking up. Bucky grunted. His rut was making him a little non-verbal, but he was okay with it. “Faster,” you whimpered. “Faster, harder, alpha, fuck!” The breath knocked out of your lungs with Bucky’s hard thrust.
Grunting and rumbling deep in his chest, Bucky started slamming into you. Your slick was now covering his inner thighs and groin, making these obscene sounds to echo in your room and your skin to stuck each other whenever Bucky’s pelvis kissed yours. You whimpered. Your body was both loosening up and tightening even more as Bucky’s thrusts became harder and deeper. Your body was melting under his, muscles were getting lax because of the rut scent and soft rumbles Bucky was occasionally letting out.
“Mmm,” Bucky hummed, nose poking your bonding glands. “You smell so good, omega,” he murmured, and you shuddered under him. Bucky chuckled darkly. His hot breath licked over your pulse. His short fangs grazed over the sensitive skin, tongue poking out to lick and suck as his pace turned into even something more feral. The sound of skin slapping skin was so loud, you were deafened by it.
You whimpered when you felt his teeth again. You had no fear of Bucky mating you, you knew him enough to know that he wouldn’t do that, but feeling him dragging his fangs up and down like that on your bonding glands was incredibly turning you on. You grabbed onto his arms when he slightly straightened up so that he could drive in you deeper.
“Shit,” you gasped. Bucky growled. His arms around your neck tightened its hold a bit, enough to make you feel every drag of oxygen. “Fuck, Bucky─” His cock was driving in and out of you at a mad pace, balls slapping against your clit and obscene sounds of your wet pussy was driving you even crazier.
With a snarl, Bucky pulled you up against him, flipping you on your back in a matter of seconds. When he slid into your once again, you felt the bulge of his knot at the base of his cock. You gasped, looking down, your mouth hung open on its own. Bucky chuckled.
“That mouth of yours is hungry, ain’t it?” He asked, a filthy smirk on his face. You tried to swallow the spit, but he didn’t let you. He stuffed three of his metal fingers into your mouth. “Suck on’em, honey,” he ordered lovingly. You moaned as you did what you were being told and felt his pace falter for a second. “Fuck.” You hummed around his fingers. His rut scent getting stronger, covering your body, your bed and leaving its mark deep into your bones, you felt like a cat under the sun.
Bucky placed his flesh hand on your pussy. His hips were moving with a rapid pace, your fluids were mixing with his. His thumb found your clit and started to play with it. You cried out. your back arching, you moaned around his fingers, your pussy tightening on his cock. Bucky gasped and grunted. His balls were hurting because of how full they were.
“Come for me,” he whispered. “Fuckin’ come for me, omega,” his harsh whispering voice commanded. You felt your eyes roll back as the pleasure and blinding orgasm took over your body. Bucky cursed as he felt your mouth watering even more around his fingers, pussy walls clamping on his cock and knot. Gasping, Bucky leaned in and pulled his fingers out your mouth so that he could kiss you. Bucky was so close, so fucking close─
“Mmm,” you hummed into his kiss. “C’me f’r me, alpha,” you murmured, placing sloppy kisses on his mouth. “C’mon, breed me, fill me up, make a mess─”
Groaning loudly, Bucky slammed forward one last time before he felt his knot popped. His balls seized so hard, Bucky let out a wounded sound. You shushed him. Placing your hands on his face, you kissed him. He sighed into the kiss as he thrusted in and out of you slowly, fucking his come deeper into you.
“Fuck, honey,” Bucky breathed out when the intense part of his orgasm washed away. You smiled, kissing him again. Bucky kissed you back soundly. “Damn, I’ve never come that hard before,” he said, chuckling.
“Good,” you said. Your scent flaring up with smugness, Bucky laughed.
“Yeah, alright, you’re possessive,” he said with a smile on his face. You felt your cheeks heat up and ducked your head. Bucky continued to smile but couldn’t stop himself from leaning down for another kiss.
After a couple minutes of lazy make-out, Bucky carefully re-arranged your positions so that he could cuddle you without crushing you. You lay like that in silence, feeling content. Your heat and his rut had diminished for the time being, giving you some time to recover. You were playing with his metal hand when the thought struck you.
“Hey,” you murmured, and Bucky hummed as an answer. “What did she say?” You asked him. He made a confused sound.
“Who? About what?”
“You sent me a picture last night and said you were chickening out because she was real nice and you don’t wanna fuck it up,” you explained, a little bit jealousy slipping into your scent. “Did you send her the picture? What did she say?” You felt him freeze momentarily, but then he let out a small chuckle.
“I sent it, yes,” he said. “She said that I look damn good and that I can’t fuck this thing up, not with that picture, and that I’m cute and she’ll understand why I sent it.”
You froze.
“It was intentional,” you murmured. Bucky hummed in approval, kissing your shoulder and tightening his arms around you. “You asshole,” you shrieked, hitting his arm. “You could have just come to me!” Bucky laughed as you hit him again.
“I’m sorry!” He said. “I actually didn’t mean to send you that picture, I swear. I hit send accidentally, but I also said ‘might as well’ afterwards, so,” he murmured, shrugging.
“God, I can’t believe this,” you grumbled. Bucky nuzzled your neck. “I couldn’t sleep last night because of that picture,” you admitted.
Bucky frowned. “Why?”
“I was horny, Bucky,” you said. Bucky let out a loud laugh.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he murmured, but you knew he wasn’t sorry at all.
“No, you’re not,” you rolled your eyes, pouting at the same time.
“No, I’m not,” he agreed, slowly moving on top of you. “I can make it up, though…” Kissing your cheek, he poked your nose with his playfully. “You said you were horny, right? How about I do something about that?” You smirked.
“I’m in heat, Barnes,” you said. “You better make it up to me.” Bucky smirked right back at you.
“Your wish is my command, m’Queen,” he said, sweeping you into a passionate kiss. 
tell me what you think please!!
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milliedazzledust · 3 months ago
If A Look Could Kill (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Words: 1429 words
A/N: this is literally a blurb from a scene in the 2nd episode of fatws when they're all in the car after they fought the supersoldiers
They had been in the same car for no more than ten minutes and Y/N was already holding herself back from punching the smug smile on the man pretending to be Captain America. Both fake heroes had showed up in the middle of their fight, throwing around Steve’s shield, acting like the world owed them anything.
Earlier that day, inside the comfort of the apartment she shared with Bucky, she had watched the cocky man parading in front of cameras, standing in a stadium. She had heard him talk about Steve like he knew him, like he had fought along side with him. And when he had compared Steve to a brother, when she had seen the look of hurt and betrayal on Bucky’s face, her heart had shattered.
She knew that sometimes grief could come like a runaway truck, that despite seeing it careening down the highway, we might not have enough time to get out of its way. And she had seen it that morning, that grief smashing Bucky right in the face when he had least expected it. She didn’t know the man the government had chosen to replace the Captain, but she already hated him for causing her lover pain.
"If you guys joined us we could …" The man pretending to be in charge started as the military vehicle was moving.
"No." Bucky hostly cut him.
There wasn’t a lot of space between the five of them. She had been forced to sit next to the man with the shield while her friends were in front of her.
The tension was almost palpable. Sam had his arms crossed and his lips pursed and Bucky was visibly clenching his jaw. Their patience was hanging by a thread and only she seemed to have notice.
Ignoring the conversation they were having, she exchanged a knowing look with her boyfriend. He had a short temper and habits he had picked up from his alter-ego that could potentially get him to explode. Judging by the side glances Sam kept giving him, she guessed she wasn’t the only one worried.
"What do you say, Y/N ?" She heard the man sitting next to her talk.
Unwillingly, she turned around to look at him.
"What was that ?" She asked him.
His smirk alone was enough to make her roll her eyes.
"We could use a … woman like you" He told her suggestively. She didn’t miss the way he looked her up and down, neither did Bucky.
"A woman like me ?" She repeated, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side.
"Yeah, you’ve got potential, babe. So what do you say ?" He said in a seductive voice. "Interested in joining us ?"
A quick glance at her boyfriend was enough for her to tense when she saw him going from annoyed to seriously pissed off. He was scowling at the man with all his old ferocity, looking everything like the assassin he had once been.
"Does he always stare like that ?" Battlestar inquired, nodding toward Bucky.
"You do know your friend is disrespecting Y/N in front of her boyfriend who also happens to be one of the most prolific assassin on this planet, right ?" Sam ironically told him.
The woman narrowed her eyes at the man sitting next to her, irritated by his behavior.
"At what point did you decide we were close enough for you to refer to me as ‘babe’ ? Because I think I missed the memo between the need to punch your face and the craving to shove your ego up your ass"
Bucky’s chest swelled with pride at her comeback and he sniggered. He knew she was a strong woman and had always loved that feisty side of her. She was fire and he was ice, a perfect combinaison yet dangerous association. Even Sam seemed pleased when he noticed Walker growing uncomfortable next to her.
"Look, we know you don’t like us" The other soldier known as Battlestar answered.
"That’s an understatement" Sam muttered under his breath.
"We’re on the same team here" Walker added.
"No, we’re not" Bucky glared at him.
The soldier with the shield sighed. He pursed his lips, thinking for a moment before glancing at the men in front of him.
"I’m not trying to replace anyone" He started to explain.
"You couldn’t if you tried" Y/N mocked him.
"My point is, I know I’m not Steve and I’m not trying to be. But I am Captain America"
"Like hell you are" Bucky scornfully stated.
"It takes a lot more than knowing how to throw a shield to become a superhero" Sam reminded him.
"I am what the world need right now" He insisted.
"What the world want. Big difference" Sam continued.
"You were getting your ass kicked back there" Battlestar told them, helping his friend’s case. "We saved you"
"Should we say thank you ?" Y/N ironically threw at them.
"This isn’t up to you. Why are we even arguing about that ?" Walker was getting annoyed.
"Because you’re not even half the man Steve was yet you keep parading like a clown pretending to be someone you’re not" Bucky aggressively spoke with a cold voice. "You don’t get to mention his name, Walker, not when you’re destroying all he’s ever work for"
"Bucky…" Sam called him with a cautious tone, trying to get him to calm down.
The former assassin shut his mouth, refraining himself from saying anything more.
"Obviously there’s some issues you still need to work on" Walker spoke with a grin on his face. "But my offer still stands. We’d work better together"
"Keep on dreaming" Y/N expressed, rolling her eyes.
"If we’re being honest here, the only thing I dream about is you out of that suit" He forcefully flirted, looking down at her superhero outfit
She cringed at his useless attempt of seduction and missed the way Bucky’s expression turned dark in the split of a second. He clenched his jaw so hard his veins were visibly noticeable and his blue eyes were boring into Walker. If a simple stare could kill, he’d already be dead. He looked as menacing as can be with that hostile glare and his anger was reflecting itself through the way his muscles were bulging, ready to attack.
"Don’t do anything stupid" Sam warned him when he realized the man’s patience was running low.
Bucky growled and before any of them could react, the super soldier watched his newfound nemesis casually placing his hand on his girlfriend’s thigh. His entire body tensed and his blood ran cold.
"If you don’t take your hands off me in the next two seconds, you’re gonna lose both of them, Walker" Y/N threatened him.
"I’d take her word, Captain, ‘cause you’re about to be eaten alive" Sam advised him.
The soldier dismissed him and laughed, which only seemed to anger the woman and her boyfriend.
It all happened too fast for anyone to react. Just as Y/N was about to assault the man, Bucky decided to let his rage speak for himself and reached for Walker’s hand, twisting his fingers. He could almost feel the bones on the verge of breaking and his skin had started to turn red as the former assassin applied more pressure. The soldier grunted loudly in pain, trying to release himself from the tightening grip.
"Stop the car !" Bucky shouted.
The vehicle slowed down and he menacingly leaned toward Walker.
"If you so much as glance at her again, I will rip you to pieces"
Maybe it was the tone in his voice, or the serious promise of death he could see in his eyes, but the soldier bit back the lump in his throat, unable to answer. He looked terrified.
"Told you" Sam shrugged as Bucky released the man.
They both stepped out of the car, waiting for Y/N. The woman, still angry, turned to stare at the soldiers in blue and red.
"One more thing" She tilted her head.
Without notice, her fist collided with John Walker's jaw. The loud impact with his face was enough to almost knock him out and she smiled. Pleased with herself, she got up and followed her friends.
"Was that really necessary ?" Sam joked and they started walking.
"Oh c’mon, you know you’ve been dying to punch the guy" She smirked.
Bucky placed his human arm around her shoulders and a sweet kiss on the side of her forehead, secretly satisfied.
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redgillan · 2 years ago
Strangers in the Night
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You’re on a date, but things aren’t going well. You find refuge in the restroom where you meet a man who’s also having a bad night. Together, you make an escape plan.
Word Count: 1,829
Warnings: Language
A/N: I saw this prompt a long time ago but I couldn’t find the link anymore. Hope you enjoy this story. Feedback is always appreciated <3
Tumblr media
“I’ll be back in a minute.”
You pushed your chair back from the table and unhooked your purse from the back of the chair while your date nodded, taking a large gulp of his drink. Cringing internally, you made your way to the restroom.  
You didn’t really have to use the restroom, you just wanted a moment alone to think. This was the worst date you had ever been on. You had to find a way out.
When you rounded the corner, you saw a restroom sign at the end of the corridor. There was only one restroom, available for men and women.
You pushed the door open and, thinking you were alone, you heaved a sharp sigh of relief. It was only a momentary reprieve, but you already felt less nervous.
“Rough night?”
You jumped a little at the sound of a deep, masculine voice. Too caught up in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed the man standing at the sink. He was looking at you, a sympathetic smile tugging at his lips.
Slightly embarrassed, you ducked your head and laughed softly. You fiddled with your bag, not knowing what to do. You just wanted to spend a couple of minutes alone and you certainly hadn’t planned on running into a good looking guy in the restroom of this restaurant.
Sensing your agitation, the stranger sent you another charming smile and pointed to his reflection in the mirror above the sink.
“’Was tryin’ to give myself a little pep talk,” he said. “But the mirror’s all yours if you wanna check your makeup or somethin’.”
When your brows knitted in a frown, he thought he had offended you so he quickly added, “not that you should. You look nice.”
“Thanks,” you said, failing to hide your smile. His shoulders sagged in relief and another easy smile spread across his lips. “So, um, why were you giving yourself a pep talk?”
His nose scrunched up when he grimaced. “Ah, s’nothin’,” he waved a dismissive hand, “just not in a hurry to get back to my date.”
You let out a short laugh. “Same here.”
“Must be somethin’ in the air,” he remarked with a lopsided grin.
You both grew silent, lost in your own thoughts. You must have been thinking along similar lines because you both looked a lot more relaxed as if knowing someone else was having a rough time had calmed you down.
You took a moment to look at the stranger. He was tall, well-dressed though his suit looked a little small for him. You wondered if this was an old suit or if he just liked clothes that made him look even bigger than he already was.
You tried not to stare at his ass, but there was no denying that he filled out his trousers quite nicely.
His hair was dark, reaching almost to his shoulders. It was slicked back, but not completely, making it look a little greasy. Somehow it suited him, it gave him a little bad boy vibe. He looked like the kind of guy who would drive a motorcycle and wear long coats with untied boots.
“Name’s James, but you can call me Bucky.” He took a step toward you and held out his hand. “It’s ridiculous, I know, an old nickname.”
You looked down at his hand and noticed the hint of a tattoo peeking out from under his sleeve. It looked like a sleeve tattoo, but you couldn’t be sure.
You told him your name and shook his hand, feeling the sharp edges of his rings dig into your fingers and palm.
You were still holding hands when the door opened. The woman stopped short when she saw you and Bucky standing in the middle of the restroom, holding hands. She nodded in greeting and entered one of the stalls.
“Look at that,” Bucky whispered once she had locked the door behind her. “Someone actually needs ta use the restroom. I thought t’was just a nice hidin’ place.”
Stifling a giggle, you followed him into the hallway. There was a room divider between the main room and the restroom. Thanks to the slats, you could see into the main room without being seen.
“Okay,” Bucky said, clapping his hands once, “how’re we goin’ to do this?”
You turned to him and frowned. “Do what?”
“We can’t hide forever, we need an escape plan.”
“Isn’t that a little excessive? I mean I was going to tell my date that something urgent came up.”
“Um, the old ‘a friend called me’?” Bucky pondered. “Hard to pull off ‘nd, no offense, but you don’t look like a great liar.”
You gaped at him. “Excuse-me, I’m a great liar! And how would you know? We met two minutes ago.”
“Touché,” he winced, rubbing the back of his neck.
You didn’t know this guy, but there was something about him, something soft and gentle that you quite liked. When you bit back a smile, he beamed at you and peeked through the slats of the divider.
“Which one is your date?”
You moved closer to him and discreetly pointed to a blond man sitting alone. He was wearing an expensive suit and his hair was styled in a loose pomp. He looked rich, important and successful.
Bucky whistled low under his breath and gave you a side glance, a teasing smile on his lips. “I bet it took him a while to blow dry his hair.”
You let out the most unladylike laugh, having had the exact same thought earlier that night.
“So what’s wrong with him?” he asked, glancing furtively at your date.
“Well he definitely has a superiority complex,” you told him. “He talks to me like I’m a child and he’s just... I don’t know, creepy.”
“Creepy how?”
“Earlier he said that our society was at a tipping point between order and chaos. I mean who says things like that on a first date?”
“Creepy dudes with crazy hairdos,” Bucky replied with a playful smile.
You shook your head at his antics. He was so effortlessly friendly and charming, and you were more on the shy side. You wished you were more outgoing, more extroverted. Bucky made it look so easy.
“Okay,” you mumbled, waving your hand dismissively. “Which one is your date?”
You turned your head to look at him and found that he was already looking at you, a gentle smile on his lips. He liked that, despite your obvious timid nature, you were trying to keep the conversation going.
He had a hard time deciphering your expressions, though he did caught you staring at his ass earlier so he figured that you didn’t find him too repulsive.
“It’s the-” he cleared his throat, “the blonde at the bar.”
“She’s pretty,” you commented.
“She’s real smart, too,” he nodded. “Works for the government.”
You glanced at Bucky. “So what’s the problem?”
He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, clearly frustrated. “S’not her, it’s just... We’ve nothin’ in common and we knew we weren’t gonna hit it off, but her cousin’s married to my best friend and they both insisted so whatcha gonna do?”
You chuckled.
“I think I might’ve bored her to death talkin’ ‘bout my work.”
“You wouldn’t be the first,” you said with a nod toward your date. “Where do you work?”
“Brooklyn College,” he replied. “I’m teachin’ math, but I’m workin’ on a PhD dissertation in math ‘nd history. Mathematics in war perspective. Once I start talkin’ ‘bout that, I can’t stop.” He rubbed the back of his neck and grinned boyishly at you.
“That’s-” Hot. Really, frigging hot. You licked your lips and cleared your throat before answering, “-interesting.”
“It’s all right.” He shrugged, trying to appear casual.
A beat of silence passed before you both turned back to the main room. Your date was looking around the room, his jaw clenched tight before he flicked his wrist, looking down as he caught the time on his watch.
“We’ve been gone for a while.”
“Yeah, someone’s gettin’ impatient,” Bucky said, sounding amused. You both watched as your date pushed his chair back and got to his feet. “Fuck, he’s comin’ over here!”
“No!” you panicked, looking around for a way out. “I don’t want to go back.”
“Don’t worry, I have an idea.”
He opened the restroom door for you and told you to lock yourself into one of the stalls. After a moment, you heard your date entering the hallway. He described you quickly and asked Bucky if he had seen you before.
“Yeah, I’ve seen her,” Bucky said, his voice muffled by the two closed doors. “She snuck out the backdoor, sorry man.”
Your date left shortly after that and Bucky watched from the hallway as your date dropped a few bills on the table and left the restaurant. You waited a couple of minutes before joining Bucky in the hallway.
“Problem solved,” he grinned at you.
“Thanks so much.” You felt as if a weight had been lifted from your shoulders. Now that Mr Creepy was gone, you felt a lot safer. It must have shown on your face because Bucky smirked at your sudden cheerfulness. “Need help with your date?”
He pondered your question for a few seconds. “Nah, I’m good. She’s a nice girl, just not the one for me.”
The way he looked at you made you feel excited and shivery. He tried to hold your gaze, but he felt his skin flush and quickly looked away.
He hadn’t been on a date in a while and this one didn’t count. It was a blind date and they’d both reluctantly agreed to see each other. But looking at you right now made his heart race and his skin burn. He was ready. More than ready.
“Plus, my best friend knows her well so I can’t really ditch her. I’m gonna be honest ‘nd tell her we should go our separate ways.”
“That’s very noble of you,” you said, only slightly teasing.
He looked down at his shoes, his nose crushing up a little. You wondered how someone who looked so buff and dangerous could be so sheepish. “Well, yeah, I’m kinda tryin’ to impress you.”
Now it was your turn to look bashful. “Me?”  
“I feel like such a jerk, askin’ this when my date is still waitin’ at the bar, but,” he paused, hearing you laugh made him feel more confident. “Do you wanna grab a bite after this? We’re dressed pretty fancy, but I’d kill for a pizza.”
Pizza actually sounded nice. You bit your bottom lip to keep from grinning like an idiot and looked at him through your lashes. He looked hopeful and a little nervous. You found it really endearing.
“Promise you won’t run off with a stranger you met in the restroom?”
He gave a short, relieved laugh. “Yeah, promise. That kind of thing... it only happens once in a lifetime.”
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bubbarnes · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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buckycuddlebuddy · 10 months ago
summary ─ “honey,” bucky growled, and then moaned. you felt your walls clench around him because of his voice tone.
pairing ─ bodyguard!bucky barnes x shy!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, public sex, language, fingering, riding
a/n ─ here we go with the first day lol i hope i can follow it till the end of the month sfjkdshf hope you liked it! please leave a comment if you did! 
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY ONE: bodyguard!bucky + shy!reader + public sex + praise kink
Tumblr media
He was standing by your side in his all-black suit and looking both dangerous and sexy. Your father had assigned Bucky to you tonight, claiming that he was the only bodyguard under his command that he trusted with you completely.
“Do you know that the time?” You asked Bucky quietly. You weren’t a party girl and Stark’s party was a little too much for you. You had to show yourself, though, so you were to stay at least an hour.
“It’s half past ten, honey,” Bucky answered, just as quiet. The times he called you by your real name was so rare, but you liked it when he called you ‘honey’. It always made you feel like you were something special to him, something that he treasures very dearly. You smiled at him as in thanks and sipped your cherry coke.
In addition to your not-a-party-girl shtick, you also disliked alcohol. The bitter taste of it always drove you away from it, not that you haven’t tasted. One day you got curious and asked Bucky, and Bucky helped you to soothe your curiosity. You got drunk but you didn’t mind because you had Bucky with you.
“How long do I have to stay?” You whined a little. You could feel the walls were closing in on you slowly. Bucky smiled at you softly.
“Tony hasn’t showed up yet,” he informed you, and you whined again. Because the main reason you were at this party tonight was to see Tony. “He likes to take his time when it comes to the parties, honey, you know that.”
“I wanna go home,” you pouted. “It’s too crowded and I don’t know anyone in here,” then your eyes found your big, walking muscle mass of a bodyguard, “except you.” Bucky grinned cheekily at you. You leaned against him, head resting on his shoulder, you continued to nurse your coke.
Twenty minutes or so later, the room got even more crowded. So much so that you were literally plastered on Bucky’s front and took a couple steps back with him. You heard Bucky grunt, annoyed, and felt his hand grabbing your waist. He pulled you back, away from the people.
“I don’t like you being in a crowd like this,” he grumbled, continuing to pulling you back. A couple seconds later, you were at the corner of the room, away from the crowd; the corner was dark, shadowed by the lights. Bucky was behind you, holding onto your waist still. Your tense body had relaxed against his a short while ago; his body heat coaxing you into his embrace.
Bucky helped you sit down on the couch right behind him, helped you get comfortable on his lap. “There you go,” he murmured to your ear,” you relax, honey. We’ll wait for Tony here.” You hummed appreciatively.
“You’re the best, did ya know that?” You looked at him. His blue eyes bored into your gently, lovingly even. You shivered. Placing your hand on his smooth jaw, your thumb stroked his cheekbone. “I like having you by my side wherever I go. You don’t make things hard for me. Thanks, James,” you whispered. Bucky smiled. You always called him James whenever you meant something you said to him. He leaned into your touch, still smiling.
Instead of answering verbally, Bucky leaned in and kissed you. You hummed into the kissed; the hand on his jaw tightened its hold and you moved to straddle him fully. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist in a possessive manner. His lips moving onto yours expertly, you felt loved. Bucky always made you feel loved. You moaned and threw your arms around his neck, wrapping them around it. His hands moved from your waist to your thighs, and he squeezed the soft skin there gently. Then, his fingers started to play with the hem of your dress, teasing and making you shiver with the anticipation.
“James…” you moaned silently. Your delicious sounds were only for him, and Bucky growled, loving the thought. Hands moving upwards, sneaking under your dress, Bucky’s fingers stroked your clothed core. You shivered violently because of the feather-like touches he left on your core. Tightening your hold around his neck, you gasped as he slid two fingers inside your panties.
“Mmmm,” he hummed approvingly, “so wet for me.” You shivered again and leaned down to kiss him so that your loud moans wouldn’t be heard. Bucky crooked his fingers, trailing them from top to bottom, his knuckles brushing against your clit. You gasped into his mouth, thighs tightening around his waist.
“I love how sensitive you’re, honey,” Bucky rasped. You wiggled on his lap, trying to get him to move his fingers, use them on you ─ something. Understanding what you were trying to do, Bucky chuckled darkly. Without a warning, he slipped his fingers in you with one smooth slide. You cried out but the sound got drowned by the music blasting through the speakers. “You feel so tight around my fingers, baby, can’t imagine how you’d feel around my cock,” Bucky whispered in your ear.
“Bucky,” you whined, and he laughed.
“Now you’re talking, honey,” he started to move his fingers in and out of you slowly, causing your belly clench with every drag of his knuckles against your soft walls. Gasping, you put your hands on his chest and pushed him away.
“Not here, people might see,” you murmured, cheeks burning with the thought of it. Bucky smirked. His fascinating blue eyes were sparkling with mischief. “No,” you disagreed, “not here. Bucky, no.”
“Bucky yes,” he grinned. “Do you really think I’d let anyone see my best girl writhing on my lap while drowning in the pleasure I give her? You think I’d let them hear your delicious moans? Honey,” he fondly chuckled, his fingers were assaulting your pussy mercilessly. “You’re wrong if you think I’d let them live after seeing or hearing you like that.”
Your body felt like a live-wire, all endings were open and recipient to the pleasure only he could give you. Bucky kissed your neck, fingers still inside of you. “Relax, baby. I got you,” he whispered against your pulse. Eyes closed, head thrown back, you did as he said. You always did as he said. “That’s good, baby. That’s a good girl.”
You keened under the praise, body feeling extra hot because of those words. Bucky licked a flat line from your collarbone to your ear, biting down the sensitive skin there. You moaned. Your fingers were quick to find their way into his hair. He grunted against your skin when you pulled on them a little too harsh.
He wasn’t late to get his revenge; his fingers started to move faster, deeper, and he crooked them just right. Fully aware of stroking right over your sweet spot, Bucky hummed and his thumb found your clit. Your hand, shaped into a fist, pulled on his hair again, baring his throat to your hungry eyes this time.
“Bucky, fuck,” you moaned, but cut yourself off quickly. There were people around for God’s sake, what if they heard you? You whined pitifully, wiggling on Bucky’s lap, unsure.
“Sweetheart,” Bucky grunted, “I’ll make them forget. Stop worrying, baby.” He kissed your jaw, cheek, and his lips found yours again. Bucky was a master at making you forget things while kissing him. This time wasn’t different.
As soon as his lips touched yours, you forgot that you were at a very crowded party; sitting on your bodyguard’s lap, kissing him passionately while his fingers were deep inside of you, dancing on their master’s rhythm. Bucky groaned. He pulled fingers out of you, ignoring your protest. Unzipping his pants, Bucky pulled out his cock and lined it up.
“Bucky!” You exclaimed. You could handle fingering, but… this? “We can be seen!” Bucky just shook his head and captured your lips yet again. Moaning, whining, desperately trying to push him away; you finally gave in as he slid into you. Both of you sighed with the sensation.
“Honey,” Bucky growled, and then moaned. You felt your walls clench around him because of his voice tone. “Fuck, baby, you’re so tight. You feel so good around me, mm.” You felt a lick of hot flame hugging your body with his words, and you moaned. “Move, baby. C’mon, show me how you pleasure yourself.” Feeling the shyness creeping in again, you refused to move for a couple seconds. “I said ‘move’, sweetheart,” Bucky repeated his previous words with more command in his voice this time.
Swallowing, you rose on your knees slightly. The slow drag of his cock in your pussy made you want to scream, but you knew you couldn’t. You didn’t want to be seen nor heard, so you had to keep quiet. You bit down on your lip and sank down on him again.
“Yeah,” Bucky groaned, “just like that, princess.” His hands stroked your thighs, squeezing them gently. You mewled, quickening your motions. You leaned forward a bit so that you could hide your face in Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky grabbed your ass underneath your dress. The rapid in and out motions, his cock hitting that spot with every thrust were too much. You could feel yourself tightening more and more with each thrust, you knew you were close.
“Bucky─” You gasped. Bucky helped you by thrusting up. You bit his neck in order to keep your scream in. Bucky groaned. His hands grabbed your ass harder.
“Yes, princess. I know you’re close,” he groaned again. “Let go, baby. You did so good, let go for me.” He kissed your neck. “C’mon, princess, be a good girl and come.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, face still hiding in his shoulder, you came with your teeth clamped on his neck again. You walls tightened around his cock, belly cramping with the intensity of your orgasm. You heard Bucky snarl, felt his hips moving faster beneath you. After a handful of thrusts, Bucky came, spilling deep inside you. You whimpered when you felt his come leaking already.
“Fuck, princess,” he chuckled. You smiled. You always loved making him feel good.
“Did I do good?” You asked him with a small voice. He pulled one of his hands off your ass and stroked your hair.
“Yes, sweetheart. You were so good, did everything I said,” he kissed your cheek, “You made me feel so good, baby. I’m proud of you.” You felt your cheeks burn and wiggled on his lap, also feeling very satisfied with yourself.
You lifted your head and kissed him on the lips chastely. “Like I said before,” you murmured, “you’re the best, Bucky.” Bucky smiled.
“You’re the best, too, babydoll,” he booped you on the nose and kissed you back.
The party was lost and forgotten by you long time ago.
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littlesliceofmarvel · 2 years ago
Power Couple
Request/Synopsis: Bucky and the reader are dating, and the rest of the team just absolutely adore them. 
Warnings: Just pure 100% fluff
Pairings: Bucky x Reader
A/N: Sooooooo, this was fun to write. I need me a Bucky. As always, gif isn’t mine, and my inbox is always open! Enjoy! xx
ALSO, Happy Fourth of July to my American followers. And Happy Birthday to the wonderful Captain America, of course! 
Tumblr media
“Mmm, mornin’ doll,” you heard Bucky’s soft voice as you woke up, warm golden light coming through the window, signifying a new day. You felt your eyes flutter open, slowly adjusting to the bright room as you felt Bucky’s warm body next to yours, making you smile softly. 
“Mornin’ handsome,” you smiled up at him, taking in the beautiful sight in front of you that was Bucky Barnes. You brought your fingers up to gently brush the hair out of his face, making his eyes flutter close.
“How’d you sleep?” He asked, pushing you away slightly to stretch his limbs, the cutest little expression on his face as he practically took up the whole bed, sighing in content. 
You smiled as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead once he pulled you back in, “Good, you?”
“I slept fantastic.”
You chuckled, letting his arms wrap around you, bringing you flush to his chest. The feeling of his warm body in contrast to the coolness of the metal arm giving you a small shock, but you were used to it by now. He pulled your face into the crook of his neck and let his fingers make their way through your hair, giving you shivers. 
“Should we get up?” You asked, looking over at the clock that read 9:30. Bucky had asked Steve yesterday to let him sleep in, and you were glad he did. He usually knocked on your door at 6:30am every morning, dragging Bucky and all of his warmth out of bed to go for a run, but the two of you had asked for a peaceful morning together and Steve obliged, giving you the chance to finally cuddle up to Bucky for more than five minutes. 
“No,” Bucky grumbled into your hair, “I just wanna be with you.” 
You let out a small laugh, pulling your face away from him to hover over his face, your hair cascading down into his scruff. You were going to say something about being hungry, but you didn’t get the chance to before Bucky pulled you down by the back of your neck, pressing your lips together lightly. You felt yourself relaxing into the kiss, pouring all of your love into it, and you could feel the love coming from him.
You used every bit of strength in you to pull away from the delicate touch of his lips, not bringing your lips too far from his, “I’m hungry.”
He pretended not to hear you, lifting his head up slightly to rejoin your lips, those same butterflies going absolutely wild in your stomach as he did so. Your heart was doing summersaults, the feeling of his lips and the warmth of his body being almost too much for you to handle. You had never felt this loved, and you had never loved this much, the combination was incredible. 
“I love you,” you mumbled, pulling away from him once again and sitting up right, brushing your hair out of your face. 
“Mm, I love you too, darlin,” he grinned at you, sitting up as well, “So much.”
You smiled at him, feeling your cheeks heat up. You had been dating for well over eight months, but every time he said it, it sent you into overdrive. You picked up his hands and pressed light kisses along his knuckles, both flesh and vibranium, before chucking the duvet off your body and stepping out of bed. You heard Bucky groan, realizing you were up for good, as he got up himself. Opening the drawer of your dresser, you threw on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, letting your hair fall loose. Bucky was already in sweatpants, so he threw on a shirt quickly and the two of you stepped out of the room to go grab breakfast. 
“Well, the love birds are finally awake,” Clint smirked at you two once you walked into the kitchen, making everyone else turn their attention to you. You felt your cheeks flame up once again, being thankful you kept your hair down so you could hide your face as you walked up to the coffee machine, pouring two cups of coffee. You brought one over to Bucky, who installed himself next to Steve at the dining table, sitting yourself down between Natasha and Sam.
“Yeah, thanks for not waking me up, Steve,” Bucky flashed his blond friend a dazzling smile, making Natasha chuckle slightly.
“No problem, pal,” Steve looked from Bucky, down to the newspaper he was reading in his hands, “Sam came along this morning.”
From beside you, Sam immediately dropped his toast, “That’s why you barged into my room like a madman this morning? Because Vibranium Boy wanted to stay in bed? So did I!” 
You let out a small laugh, realizing that since Bucky bailed on their morning run, Steve dragged Sam out of bed instead, and he was much more stubborn. Steve closed the newspaper and looked over to Sam, amusement on his face.
“Oh, I’ve leaned the hard way that when Bucky doesn’t want to get out of bed, don’t even try,” Steve looked over to Bucky, who was nodding while taking a sip of his coffee, eyebrows raised. You laughed, remembering what he was talking about. One morning, Steve knocked on your door, snapping both you and Bucky out of a well-deserved sleep. He wasn’t happy, shouting at Steve to piss off, but Steve was persistent, even walking into the room, until Bucky picked up the alarm clock off the table and chucked it at his head, hitting him dead center of the forehead. The blond soldier retreated immediately, not asking to go for a run for the next week. 
“Besides, these two don’t get that much time together during the day with training and meetings and whatever,” Natasha started from next to you, “So, we let them rest together in the morning.”
“What? That’s not fair, that’s favouritism!” Sam argued like a child, making you chuckle before taking a sip of you coffee, listening to Nat defend your peaceful mornings with Bucky. You knew that the team had no bad feelings towards your relationship, so you didn’t take Sam’s comment to heart in any way. If anything, Sam was the biggest fan of the two of you together, constantly talking about how jealous he felt when you two were all ‘lovey-dovey.’
“Of course it’s favouritism,” Tony walked into the room, a plate in hand, followed by Bruce, “They’re the Avengers Power Couple.”
You raised your eyebrow, “The what?” 
Tony took a seat next to Steve, “You’re our power couple, you know, the ones we’re all rooting for.”
You looked over to Bucky, who looked as confused as you, “The ones you’re rooting for? What, you’ve got bets on our relationship?”
Steve laughed, looking over to Tony who rolled his eyes at your lack of understanding, “No. Like, we’re loving the two of you together.” You felt happiness spread throughout your entire body at Tony’s words, feeling so at peace with everything in your life at the moment.
“That’s good, because I don’t think this is going to end,” Bucky replied as if it wasn’t a big deal, but you could feel your breath get caught in your throat, Steve’s eyes widening and Natasha sipping on her coffee, a huge smile on her face.
“You’re serious?” You asked, staring at Bucky as if he were the only thing in the room.
“Of course I’m serious, doll,” he smiled sincerely, “I don’t want anyone else, ever.”
You could hear Wanda and Natasha quietly squeal to each other about what he said, and Sam let out a low whistle, mumbling something about ‘damn, that was smooth.’
You didn’t really know what to say. You never really envisioned this relationship ending, and you loved Bucky more than you could possibly say, so the idea of him being your one had come into your mind before, but hearing it from him made you realize that this could be it. The two of you hadn’t really discussed the future of your relationship much, both wanting to live in the moment, but now, there was a possibility of discussing the future. 
“I call best man!” Sam shouted, raising his hand in the air, cutting your thoughts short. You looked down to your cup of coffee, processing Sam’s words about being a best man.
“Hell no, dude, I’m gonna be best man,” Steve kicked Sam under the table, causing him to jump up slightly as the two exchanged an intense glare. 
Bucky rolled his eyes, “Don’t I get to pick the best man? Besides, we’re not even engaged yet, so chill out.”
You wanted to process Bucky’s words, a massive smile on your face, but Natasha leaned into your ear, whispering, “I’m maid of honour, right?” You laughed and shook your head, shrugging your shoulders before turning back to Bucky, who looked at you like it was just the two of you in the room. You looked down to his lips, seeing him mouth ‘I love you.’
You mouthed it back as you went over all the scenarios in your head about your future with Bucky, from tomorrow, to marriage, to a family.
God damn, you got lucky. 
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buckycuddlebuddy · 8 months ago
summary ─ “you’re one eager and hungry kitten,” bucky whispered in your ear as he licked over your scent gland, where his bite situated perfectly.
pairing ─ alpha!beefy!bucky barnes x tiny!omega!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, heat/rut sex, breeding kink, marking kink, sort of marathon sex, pet names, belly bulge
a/n ─ holy shit. hope you like it skjfhsdjfhskjf please leave a comment if you do! thank you <333
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY TWENTY-FOUR: alpha!beefy!bucky + tiny!omega!reader + heat/rut sex + breeding kink
Tumblr media
You were humming to yourself as you fluffed the pillows you had laid on your bed; whatever you had in the apartment that was categorized as ‘soft’, you had it on the bed. Your heat was close, too close even. You could pick up the telltale signs of your pre-heat, hence the nest you had built. Your body was too warm lately, you got aroused a lot more easily than you usually did. You knew that your scent had changed, too. The looks you got while walking down the street after doing a week’s worth grocery shopping told you enough.
Only thing left to do was waiting for it to hit you.
That and, of course, waiting for Bucky, your Alpha, to come home from the mission he had to go at the last minute. He assured you that it wasn’t going to take long, but it had been four days already. Your body and soul were missing him terribly in the huge bed. The only thing that soothed you enough to get over a couple more days was hugging his pillow and wearing his clothes.
Getting off the bed, you padded towards the kitchen silently. You were still humming to yourself, a song you had heard at the grocery store, when the first of the cramps hit you out of nowhere. You gasped, putting one of your hands on the fridge, the other was placed on your stomach.
Fucking cramps.
You hated them. They were always, always, painful when Bucky wasn’t around. He knew how to soothe, rub and what you needed. He wasn’t here by your side at the moment, though. You sighed and sniffed softly, missing your husband’s, your Alpha’s, presence terribly, you sat down on the chair that was in the kitchen. He asked for you to stay at the tower specifically even though he knew that you’d be more comfortable at your own place in Brooklyn, he needed you to stay at the tower for your safety.
That meant that you had a friend to talk to.
“Hey, Jarvis?” You called out to the AI. “You there?”
“Yes, Ms. Barnes. How can I help you?” You sighed at the soothing voice of the computer. You always liked how softly Jarvis would speak.
“Is there any news on their arrival? My heat started,” you murmured, both hands now clutching at your stomach as you breathed through another cramp.
“They’re on their way back, Ms. Barnes,” Jarvis said, “ETA an hour.” You nodded, knowing that he could see you through the cameras scattered around the floor, and thanked him quietly. Waiting for the cramp to go away, you thought you could make yourself a hot chocolate until you got really desperate. You hated starting your heat without Bucky there; none of the toys you have was him, didn’t carry his scent nor as warm as him. So, you were to wait for an hour.
After what felt like a century, you got up. Your moves were slow and careful not to set off another cramp. You filled the kettle with water and turned the thing on; you needed your hot water bag so badly. Then, you pulled the ingredients for the hot chocolate: Bitter chocolate, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, a little ginger and milk. You mixed them in silence. The sweet and heady aroma of the chocolate and cinnamon spread around the whole floor, and you hummed happily.
As the kettle went off, your hot chocolate was ready. You filled the water into its bag and the chocolate into a big cup. Adding a couple marshmallows on top, you put the rest the chocolate on top of the marshmallows. You were a chocolate monster when you were heat, and Bucky didn’t like the consumption of chocolate you went through, so you had to take your dosage before he came home.
You walked back to the bedroom; totally planning on burying yourself under the thick and soft linens and duvet, with your hot water bag under your feet and against your back, sipping your hot cocoa until your husband arrived.
What you didn’t plan on, though, was to fall asleep after you finished your cocoa, definitely buried under the duvet.
You jumped awake with the sudden pain. Your cramps were getting stronger, more painful, and Bucky still wasn’t home. You whined pitifully. Tears ready roll down, you whimpered and rubbed your face into his pillows, breathing his scent deeply.  
“Jarvis?” You whined. “Where the fuck is my husband?”
“The quinjet had a problem and they had to land somewhere else, Ms. Barnes. ETA has changed from an hour to unknown,” Jarvis answered you. He sounded genuinely sorry, and not that you could blame the freaking computer for it. You whimpered again at the ‘unknown’ and sniffed.
“Thanks, J,” you murmured. You heard him mumbling something back, but you were way too lost in your head.
You wanted your husband here, your Alpha. Your body was yearning and calling out for him, and he wasn’t here to make everything okay. You needed his scent; from his skin, not his pillows. The scent on the fluffy thing was almost washed off, anyway. You needed him here to renew it, make everything okay and stop the pain. Bucky was the only one who could stop the pain, but he wasn’t here to stop it.
Mewling sadly, you sniffed and rubbed your face in his pillow once more.
You felt a cramp kick in with the sniff of his faint scent; your body was burning, sweat had gathered on your forehead long time ago, you gasped. Everything was too much: Too hot, too painful, too empty. You thought about your toys, thought about delaying, keeping yourself entertained until he came, but your body denied the thought with a stronger wave of cramp and you bowed forward, gasping one more time.
You hadn’t realized how much time passed until you heard a bag dropping onto the ground sound. Sniffling, you lifted your head off the pillow, out of the lump you had created and looked at the door. You could sense him; his presence was there.
Your Alpha was home.
Bucky sighed deeply as he watched the elevator doors open for him and let him step into his floor in the tower.  His bag was hanging on his shoulder as he toed off his boots; he had untied his laces while he was in the quinjet. With a grunt, Bucky dropped the bag on the ground. He rolled his shoulders, stretched a little.
There was a little hitch in the quinjet, but it was nothing Tony couldn’t handle. The hitch delayed their arrival for about an extra hour, but he was home at the end of the day nonetheless. All he wanted to do was to eat something, shower and hit the hay. He was exhausted. The mission was a short but rough one; all the unexpected things happened and plan had gone sideways. They had to improvise, but they made do.
It was a bit hard for him to focus with the silent buzzing that had started to go off under his skin two days into the mission, though.
Whistling to himself, Bucky walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. Seeing that it was fuller than he was expecting, he let out a surprised ‘ha!’.
“Sweetheart?” He called out as he pulled a small Tupperware filled with mini-sandwiches and the milk box. Bucky popped one of the sandwiches in his mouth and filled a glass of milk. He probably needed to eat more than these sandwiches, but these were the fastest ones he could get his hands on at the moment. He quickly chewed and swallowed. “Baby? Where are you?” He called out again, but frowned in the middle of his bite because there wasn’t an answer.
“Jarvis, is Y/N home?” He asked the AI after he downed his milk in one go.
“Yes, Sergeant Barnes, she is,” Jarvis answered politely. Bucky’s frown deepened. Closing the lid over the sandwiches, he walked out of the kitchen softly.
“Then where is she? Why isn’t she answering?” He questioned, but Jarvis didn’t answer him either. Bucky, now worried, ran to the bedroom. Bucky swung the door open. “Honey─”
The scent that hit him on the face had knocked him back a couple steps.
You were in your heat.
Bucky felt the buzzing increase and he let out a quiet growl: Your scent drove him crazy the second he took a whiff of it, and he was angry at himself for leaving you alone while being so close to your heat.
“Fuck,” he cursed silently, shaking his head to clear his mind, he marched inside to check up on you. He could see all the soft linens and pillows you’ve had on the floor scattered around the bed, could also see the small lump under the covers.
“Baby girl?” He called out softly, being careful about not to startle you. He heard a whimper that was followed by a sniff, and he felt his heart break. “Oh, you sweet thing. I’m here,” he murmured. “I’m home, baby, Alpha’s home.”  He heard one more sniff and then he saw your head popping out under the duvet.
Your hair was a mess and you’ve been crying; it was so easy to tell just by looking at your eyes: They were red and a little swollen. You were also sweating a bit. Bucky leaned forward and placed his hand on your cheek. His fingers were quick to tuck a couple strands of hair behind your ear, he rubbed your lips with his thumb.
Whimpering again, you leaned into his touch. You’ve missed him so much. So much.
“I know, baby,” Bucky whispered, like he could read your mind. “I’m here, it’s okay. We’re gonna make this okay, alright? ‘m gonna make the pain go away.” He kissed your forehead; his lips were so soft and soothing against your heated skin. Your nose was right over his pulse where his scent was the strongest, you gasped, inhaling deeply.
You grabbed him, anywhere you could. You grabbed him and tugged on his t-shirt. You needed skin-to-skin contact, and his t-shirt was getting in the way. You huffed a little when the t-shirt refused to fall apart under your grip. Bucky took a hold of your wrists and kissed inside of your palms.
He hushed your whimpers gently when he pulled away to take the t-shirt off. Your whimper turned into a pleased hum as he placed his warm body onto yours.
Bucky was always so freaking warm, his skin was always so freaking smooth… You loved the feeling of his naked body onto yours. It made you feel like you were loved and cherished for real; like you were wrapped in his love and his devotion with his warm skin marking you the gentlest way ever.
“There ya go, sweet love,” Bucky murmured. He was rubbing his wrists anywhere he could reach on your body, making sure that he was covering you with his scent. When he made sure that you were at least half-covered in his scent, he lifted himself off the bed to shed his remaining clothes. Thanking God silently that he got rid of his boots already, he pulled his pants off with his boxers and moved closer to you immediately.
“Can I get inside, honey? Am I allowed in your nest?” Bucky asked. His eyes were dark with arousal that your scent had woken in him. He knew that as soon as he got you to come at least once, he was going to dive head-first into his rut. I should let Jarvis know, he thought. But gotta get in the nest first.
He heard you sniff and hustle under the covers. Then, the soft linens and duvet were lifted, making a small place for him in the nest, and Bucky jumped right in.
“Thank you, sweetheart,” he whispered, his hands roaming your naked body. You must have gotten rid of your clothes when you started to sweat; that was what you tended to do. Bucky grabbed you by your neck, squeezing just a little to get you to relax, and placed your face into the crook of his neck. He knew that you must be deprived of his scent, so he should have got that taken care of first. He murmured sweet nothings and placed soft kisses on your face as you breathed his scent in deeply.
After a couple minutes later, Bucky felt the shift in the air: The sad, yearning and desperate air had changed into a hunger, aroused and desperate one. Bucky hummed.
“Mmm,” you hummed at the sound. “Alpha, please,” you murmured. Your eyes were closed, but Bucky didn’t need to see your face or your eyes to know that if you were aroused.
Your scent was letting him know faster than that.
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed once again. “What do you want, baby? Hm? You want me to love on you? Kiss you all over?” You whined. “No?” You huffed as you wiggled against him. “You want it rough, kitten? You want me to just take take and take, knot you until I can’t?” Your whimper was filled with approval, and Bucky chuckled. “I won’t stop,” he murmured. “You know that baby. You know that if I start goin’, I won’t stop until I’m finished. We did that before.”
Oh, you thought, that we did and it was fucking amazing.
“You’re one eager and hungry kitten,” Bucky whispered in your ear as he licked over your scent gland, where his bite situated perfectly. You moaned as you turned around, thighs wet from the slick you’ve been producing since the morning, and rubbed your ass against his rock-hard cock. Bucky grunted an appreciative moan into your ear. “Baby…”
“Alpha, please?” You looked at him over your shoulder. “Please, I’ve been hurting, please.” Bucky closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath to calm down. Your ass was constantly rubbing against his hard-on a little faster now, and Bucky knew he was about to snap.
Growling, Bucky rolled onto you, caging you in his arms, face down on the bed. “Omega,” he groaned. You went limp at his voice tone: It was your aroused and in rut Alpha. Bucky pulled himself off you for a second, and you took advantage of it by lifting your ass up: Presenting. “Oh, fuck,” Bucky moaned behind you. You whined lightly. Bucky’s large hands placed themselves on your ass and he pulled your body towards his, making you sit on his thick thighs.
“Alpha, Bucky, please,” you whined. Your stomach was cramping and your pussy was clenching around nothing, you wanted Bucky to engulf you already but he was taking his sweet time. You moaned, eyes closing, when you felt a cramp hit you. “Fuck, please! It hurts!”
Bucky didn’t waste another second when he saw the tear rolled down on your cheek. He grabbed himself, lining it up, he slid inside of you with one, slow move.
Both of you moaned in relief.
The cramp dissipated as soon as Bucky slid inside of you; your walls were now clenching around something. You felt your thighs tremble and your stomach tighten. You knew that it wasn’t going to take you a long time to come; in fact, you were going to come if he were to thrust in the next few seconds.
“Fuuuck,” Bucky groaned loud and long behind you. His hold on your ass went even tighter; you could feel his blunt nails digging in your soft flesh there. You gasped and let your head fall back, rest on his metal shoulder. “God, kitten, you’re clenching around me so tight.”
You just mewled, holding onto his arms tighter. You moved your hips against his, practically riding him, and Bucky grunted out a sound of approval. Supporting yourself by holding onto his arms, you started to move yourself on him, riding him, faster. Your sweat covered skin was making obscenely wet sounds when it met with his, and all the sounds were getting to your head.
“Alpha,” you mewled again, turning your head to bury your nose in his neck where his scent coming off the strongest. “Take me, Alpha,” you moaned, “Please!”
Growling and grunting, Bucky pushed you face down on the bed harshly, punching a breath out of your lungs. He kept his metal hand between your shoulder blades and started to snap his hips against yours with a punishing pace. Your hips were on the air, your chest was pressed against the warm bed sheet and Bucky’s flesh was grabbing your ass tightly, squeezing it and slapping it.
“You’re so crazy for it, aren’t ya?” He spat. His face was contorted with the raw desire he was feeling, his hair was a mess and his body was already glistening with a light sheen of sweat. His thick thighs were hitting against yours with each thrust, his balls kissing your clit whenever he slammed back inside, and you were going mad. “You’re fuck’n droolin’ for it, honey.”
You were. The wet patch on the sheet was visible to anyone who was capable of seeing. You whimpered. You wanted him to touch you there, play with you, but words were refusing to serve you at the moment. So, you whimpered even louder.
Bucky hushed and cooed at you softly. His hips never halting, not even for a second, Bucky leaned forward, placing his metal hand right next to your head and he slipped his flesh hand down to your mound.
“I can feel myself there,” he whispered right into your ear. “I can feel my cock strokin’ your soft walls, honey love,” he continued. His thrusts were a bit slower now, more sensual. You moaned, gasped and sighed. He was filling you so perfectly, up to the brink, stretching you so nice, you loved it. You loved how crazy it always drove you. Feeling his even thicker knot at the base of his cock whenever he ground down had you clenching your thighs and bit back a gasp.
“Bucky─ oh, shit!” You gasped loudly as he pressed his hand on your mound deeper. You could feel him there, too. You could feel his gorged mushroom tip stroking your walls sensually. You moaned and bit down on the bed sheet, your hands flying to grab some part of his body and your nails found his bubbly ass, digging themselves there.
Bucky grunted at the small, unexpected pain. “Y’like that? Huh? That got you goin’?” He draped his big, warm and muscled body on top yours fully, caging you under him. You purred in delight. You loved whenever he caged you like this, whenever he smothered you with his body and scent and heat. “Yeeeah, you love that shit.”
“Mmm,” you hummed loudly. “I do, Alpha.” You carefully raised your hips and ground against him. His cock was in so deep, you could feel its heaviness on your toes.
Bucky purred at your back, releasing all kinds of happy and aroused Alpha pheromones. He slid both of his hands under you; his metal one was across your chest, his metal fingers were brushing against your nipples and eliciting whorish moans out of you while his flesh one was around your waist, hand still on your mound, still feeling the bulge his cock was creating on your lower abdomen. He moved his thighs, getting them under yours even more, making you practically half-laying on his lap, he dropped his pelvis down onto yours.
“Fuck,” you breathed as he somehow managed to slide even deeper. “Fuck, Bucky─ Deep,” you moaned. “So fucking deep, oh my God…”
You heard his dark chuckle against your ear. “All the better to put a pup in that womb of yours, pretty,” he whispered, his hot breath licking your cheeks. You gasped at his words. “Yeah, baby. We ain’t gettin’ outta this bed without me knocking you up, without making this bulge,” he pressed his hand on the bulge again, practically cupping his own cock through you, “a baby bump.”
“Oh, shit!”
Bucky smirked and started to snap his against yours again. This time the pace he set was more desperate, more delirious and more pleasurable. He was in way too deep inside of you. His cock was stroking tender places that you didn’t know they existed. His metal fingers were playing with your nipples; pinching and pulling them harshly, groping one of them in the metal palm and squeeze. With each thrust, each wet, obscene sound that echoed through your bedroom walls was rapidly pushing both of you towards the edge. You could feel Bucky’s thick knot getting bigger and bigger, and at one point his knot slid inside of you; making his thrusts turn into filthy grinds.
“Fuck, baby,” he moaned in your ear. “Do you have any idea how tight you are? How good you smell? How owned you look?” You swallowed your spit, choking on a moan while doing it so. “I’ma make you look even more owned, honey.” Bucky ground his hips, hitching you up on his lap even more, angle feeling even deeper. You gasped. “I’ma put a baby in you, honey love. Then, I’ma watch you grow round with my pup. Gonna make you walk around with only your bra so that I can see my pup growing and moving in you.”
“Bucky!” Moaning and shouting, your orgasm hit you out of nowhere. You trashed in his arms, wiggled your hips, tightened your hold on his ass and threw your head back on his shoulder. Bucky growled.
“Yeah,” he groaned, “Y’re already milkin’ my cock, sweet Omega,” he murmured. “Your pussy is eager to get knocked up, innit? Hm? It’s beggin’ for my come, it’s ready for me, ain’t it?”
“Yea!” You shouted, “It is! It’s ready! Please!” You wiggled in his arms even more. Your thighs were clenching and cramping on his thick ones. “Gimme it, Alpha, please! Please put a pup in me!”
Growling, roaring, Bucky snapped his hips as much as he could while his knot was locked up in you. It was pulling the sensitive opening and creating a sweet pain there, but you loved that. You loved feeling his big knot. You moaned. You brought your hands to over his, holding them tight, you looked over your shoulder to his almost black eyes.
“Breed me, Alpha, put a pup in me, please,” you whined, high and very feminine, and purred. Bucky shouted, and then his shout turned into a loud growl and his knot popped into you. Covering your soft and hungry walls with his come, Bucky bit down on his mating mark again, causing you to shiver violently and came again, drowning you into the pleasure.
You must have blacked out because when you came back to yourself, Bucky was still locked up into your but didn’t look as tired and sweaty as he was before. You hmphed, stretching a little, a satisfied moan escaped from your mouth.  
“Ah,” Bucky murmured lovingly, “There is my pretty Omega.” You felt your face heating up and smiled at him adorably. Bucky chuckled. “How are you feeling, love?” You hummed, stretching even more, and draped your naked body over your mate’s. “That good, huh?” You nodded against his equally naked body, kissing the soft skin under your lips. Bucky ushered you to sit up a little and handed you a bottle of water. “Drink some, baby,” he instructed, helping you with it since your limbs were nothing but noodles.
You felt the cold water running inside of your body, you moaned in relief. “You were thirsty, huh?” Bucky joked, smiling all too smugly to himself. You elbowed him lightly but you were smiling as well. “Here, eat this, too.” Putting a small piece of sandwich in your mouth, Bucky had fed you almost one, whole sandwich.
“Hmmm,” you hummed as you draped yourself over his body yet again. Bucky stroked your hair. You wiggled your hips, pulling on the knot just a little, Bucky hissed. “Alpha,” you whined.
“Ssh,” Bucky hushed you, “It’s alright, love.” Kissing your temples, Bucky hugged your body tightly, his hips were moving with small thrusts. He was careful not to pull on the knot, but he was able to grind deep while still locked in. You hummed a moan out. Bucky turned your head towards his by gripping your chin with his two fingers, he kissed you.
“You know the real fun is just starting, honey love.”
And before you could answer, you were flipped over again, and already close to coming.
It wasn’t a surprise when you found out you were pregnant with Bucky’s pup a month later, when your heat didn’t visit you.
You sure as hell celebrated the news with Bucky as if you were in heat.
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gagmebucky · a year ago
it’s Me again... back with another breeding kink fic.
anonymous asked: Can you do another breeding kink Bucky??😭😩💞
His hips stutter with wild jerks, lurching your bed and its frame into the wall. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chokes, cheeks flushed and jaw clenched. “You can’t say shit like that, baby.” His hands dig into your skin bruisingly, an animalistic fire he’s resisting alight in his dilated pupils. “‘Cause I will. With the way your tight pussy is squeezing me, I’ll fill you up until you’re dripping for days after, and there’s no doubt you’re knocked up with my kid.” 
in which you beg bucky to cum inside you. (includes breeding kink, dirty talk, unprotected sex.)
As it turns out, the sperm of a super soldier is especially potent. Which means regular ‘ole birth control doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, and for that, specially modified treatment has been given to you.
Yes, the very serious and dangerous S.H.I.E.L.D agency has created a shot so that you’re able to fuck your superhero bareback without the threat of a child. The only catch is re-upping; it lasts a year, but there’s a month needed before you can get your next one, something about needing to give your reproductive system a break from the chemical.
It’s a difficult month, becoming harder and harder as the weeks wined down.
Of course, you use condoms but there’s a mutual disdain for the material. Plus, it’s not the same—that barrier between you, unable to be as close as possible with him, the emptiness of not being filled until you’re dripping. But, thankfully, both of you have made it through and there’s only a few days left.
However, for good measure in the last week, you’ve been staying with Wanda and Natasha. Speaking of who, the couple are throwing a housewarming, no longer compound-bound, and his attendance is iffy. It’s understandable considering just thinking about him has you ready to explode.
Not to mention, it’s a pool party, and you’re wearing a saucy bikini.
“So when are you and Barnes gonna pop one out?” Natasha speaks casually, a wine glass between her fingers, curled up with her girlfriend on a lounge chair where they both watch you help set up. “Something tells me you won’t want to wait a whole year. Him, especially.”
That’s an understatement. Your man has chronic baby fever but in a respectfully adorable way. In the past, you’ve been apprehensive about offspring but he’s so optimistic and supportive you’ve definitely come around to the idea. “Soon, actually. Banner apparently has created a six month shot,” you tell her, absentmindedly folding a complimentary towel.
“Oh, yeah. How are you two doing on that front? You have a couple of days left before you can shack up again, right?” Nat’s eyebrow arches when your hands fumble and drop a towel at a mere reference to sex.
“Yes,” you answer after a steady breath, and you bend over to retrieve the textured cloth. “Seventy-two hours. It’s good he isn’t coming to your little thing ‘cause I think he’d maul me and vice versa. . .”
“Oh, Bucky,” Wanda’s pointed, mildly amused voice sets your spine rigid. “Hey! How’s it—”
At your fiancé’s name, you abruptly straighten up and spin on your heels. In a blink of an instance, he’s closed the distance—six foot form towering and determined, and the ravenous look in his eyes tells you what he’s going to do.
Your eyes widen, and you point sternly at him, uncoordinated steps backward. “Wait, wait—!” you try but his arms are latched onto your waist and hoisting you over his shoulder. Everything is upside down: a smiling Wanda and waving Natasha fades as he strides into the house.
“Bucky!” you yelp as he barrages into your room and slams you down, your back colliding with the perfectly made guest bed. Although you haven’t done anything, you’re panting as you push yourself to your elbows. Astounded by your future husband’s caveman-like display, you stare up at him. “Goddamn it! We still h - have three days—Buck.” The ending is a pitiful whimper because the way he’s leering at you does a number on your libido. 
Icy blues assess every inch of you, lashing over your exposed skin with shards of heat. His tongue swipes across his bottom lip while he regards you covetously, and his hands undo his belt buckle. “Are you kidding me?” he says as if the notion of waiting any longer is genuinely funny. “You’re wearing that, and you think I can endure three more days of this hell?” His pants fall with a clink, and the sound echoes in your clit. “I don’t fucking think so.” 
Goosebumps arise everywhere. You’re already creaming your bathing suit—the one you purposely picked out knowing the skimpy two-piece would drive him wild. Desire pumps through your veins like adrenaline as you watch him undress, shirt plopping to the floor, length swelling to bob against his navel; then he’s prowling to you on the bed. 
“Bucky,” you whisper, maintaining hungry eye contact, and reach back for the box of condoms on the nightstand (just in case, you had told yourself). A hand wraps around your ankle faintly while you feel blindly for the new brand of protection. “Let me just—” You turn to secure the package, it’s at your fingertips but you’re wrenched down. 
“Hi, baby,” he says with an impossibly cute grin, quirking up as he settles you underneath him: your calves hike over his kneeling thighs, nylon-spandex clad center flushed against his. In quick succession, his fingers pinch the knitted strings on either side and pull them loose until the fabric drops free. Bared already slick by his mere vicinity, he’s teasing your slit, tip rasping over your quivering bundle of nerves. 
“That’s good - that’s so good.” A high moan tears from your throat. “Fuck me.” He’s leaking, smearing pre-cum against you, thick and heavy, ready to pound into you. “There’s the - there’s a—” You’re pointing to the box but he’s already snapped forward. 
“Can’t let another second pass without my dick shoved inside you,” he breathes, then in a powerful glide, he prises inside you, fighting past the resistance to fit snugly. You both moan in unison, loud and in relief. His arm scoops you up beneath your back, un-looping your halter top and doing away with it before he hauls you by the small of your back and reels you until you’re face to face; his forehead on yours. 
You can draw the feel of him: hilt deep, silky smooth with noticeable veins pumping from base to tip, well endowed nudging, impressive girth stretching. It’s heaven, undeniably. Your body lights up with fever, trembling in anticipation. 
“You feel good,” you mewl airily, passionately, “really good. God. Too good.” Your thighs cinch around his waist as his hands support you beneath the curve of your ass. “You aren’t wearing a condom.” You can’t manage to be chaste about it when he’s sating that hollow space that’s been driving you crazy. 
He releases a dark chuckle. “Trust me, I fucking know.” He rocks in, pubic bones flush against you, and swivels circles on your clit, making your walls flutter; he groans. “For the love of Christ, have you always felt this fucking good? You’re like tight velvet made for my cock. Gonna make me blow so many fuckin’ times, aren’t you?” 
Of course. You can’t withhold your assenting moan. “But if you cum inside me, I will get pregnant, Buck,” you remind him, and another noise shakes through his chest. Your jaw drops as you look at him incredulously. “Did you - did you just get harder?” 
There’s not an ounce of shame in him. “Mention having my kid again, and I’ll make it a fucking reality,” he growls before pressing his lips on yours. It’s rough and needy, biting and tasting every inch of your mouth, then fizzles sloppily as he adjusts and basks in your vice-like channel. Parting from you, a centimeter away, he reassures you genuinely: “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out.”
Truth be told, you don’t care either way. God knows with the sensational feeling that he’s wedged in, you don't want—nor can bare—that flim of rubber separating you. You rake your nails down his chest, smooth your palms around to his flanks and tug him closer. “Yeah.” You nod quickly. “Just - just fuck me, please, please.” 
At that, he’s more that obliging. Palming your thighs, he upheaves you and drives in with pummeling strength. The closeness of your bodies has him hitting your clit with every downward falter, tunneling long awaited sensations through your core. 
He’s hitting that spot, expert thrusts with a tilt so his tip mashes it, rawing over until it expands that bubble tight in your gut. And you’re meeting him for each perfect stroke, clawing down his sides as you milk him for all he’s worth. 
“Look at you.” He marvels, awed. “It’s like riding a bike.” His hand cracks down on your ass in encouragement, immediately coming back to knead into your cheek, fingers spread and digging in. “C’mon, give it to me. Do me good, baby.”
“Fuck,” you gasp and work yourself harder with his help, undulating. Your fever rises and starts to boil to the top. 
“Y’close?” he asks knowingly, kiss-swollen lips parted, words fanning the column of your throat. The arm around your waist guides your leveraged hips, bouncing you up and down his cock at a hastened speed; it nudges deeper and deeper in a frenzy, making you twitch around him. “Yeah, you are.” He nods with a pleased smile. “Then I’m gonna pull out, okay?”
Once you come apart, he’s going to spill over your stomach and tits—as afore promised, but your mind and body both agree on otherwise. It’s a beforehand weighed decision, confirmed in a moment that feels so fucking phenomenal you cant dey. You squeeze your inner muscles and shake your head insistently. “Don’t.”
His electric blues widen as he jolts at your request, disbelieving but clearly interested in the prospect. “What?” His hands have already moved to your hips, palming them in preparation to lift you off him, still gliding you along him. 
Your arms encircle his neck, clutching him closer as you pleadingly repeat: “Don’t, Bucky. Don’t pull out. Please?” 
That vein on his underhead pulses wildly, a tremor working through his body. He buries his head into your neck with a groan, vibrating against the curve. “Fuck,” he croaks, muffled and pained, “that’s not funny. You - you can’t joke like that, or I’ll fucking blow.” 
An orgasm electrifies underneath your skin and tightens in your center, extracting another guttural sound from him. You tangle your fingers into his short locks and tug the roots back until your nose nuzzles his. “Not a joke. Cum inside me, please,” you beg earnestly. “I wanna feel you. I want you to cum inside me. Won’t you please?” 
His hips stutter with wild jerks, lurching your bed and its frame into the wall. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chokes, cheeks flushed and jaw clenched. “You can’t say shit like that, baby.” His hands dig into your skin bruisingly, an animalistic fire he’s resisting alight in his dilated pupils. “‘Cause I will. With the way your tight pussy is squeezing me, I’ll fill you up until you’re dripping for days after, and there’s no doubt you’re knocked up with my kid.” 
“God, yes,” you moan and cup his cheeks to see the passion in your eyes, the struggle in his. “That’s what I want. You said, whatever I want, I get, right?” Your lips graze his as you urge, “I want you to cum inside me, Bucky. Don’t you wanna be a daddy?” The last prompt is purred, and that does it. 
He snarls. It triggers him to erupt, emptying himself with long and seemingly never ending spurts. His fingers slip between your bodies and mercilessly rubs your clit: overloading until the orgasm lulls through you and the sensations are wrung out of you, and you’re clamping down. 
The fire sinks into your bones and wracks you with convulsions. Likewise sporadic tremors in him simmer to a reluctant stop, incurring spasms from your walls before finally calming down. 
“What the - what the hell was that?” Bucky asks, expression feral, the remnants of his reckoning drips onto the bed, still sheathed in.
You shrug breathlessly. “I figure I won’t be showing by the time we get married, and I don't want to wait six months to start trying. Unless you don’t want—” You start lifting off but he grabs ahold of you. 
“I do,” he interrupts swiftly, a bite to his voice like he’s offended at the assumption. “I do.” With the repetition, he repositions you to your back, hips recoiling until his cockhead is twitching at your entrance, and hovers above you. “My baby having my baby? There’s nothing I want more.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 3 months ago
Close, Suspiciously So
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | Falcon gains an interest in to as to why the reader and Bucky are spending so much time together after missions.
Warnings | the reader enjoying annoying Zemo and vice versa, swearing, hints at previous smut, threats
Requested ✖️
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
Without much care for the expense, you dived upon Zemo’s couch, that was within his secret hideout, closing your eyes, and laying upon the comfortable furniture. The Baron simply scoffed at your behaviour, whereas, Bucky concealed his amusement, to Sam’s dismay.
Since the Falcon had called for your help, along with Bucky’s, the two of you had gotten close, always tailing each other on missions to ensure that the other did not get hurt, and there being no snide remarks emitting from the once winter soldier in your presence.
He was an utmost gentleman, and that was when Sam Wilson realised, the old man was trying to court you, as was done with more respect and less bluntness back in his war zone days. The man could see the adoration resonating in the eyes of the other, and he went to open his mouth, until Bucky turned abruptly towards the kitchen, Zemo trailing back over to Sam and you.
At his presence, you groaned, feeling his judgemental and high ranking eyes glaring predominantly at you, clearly wishing to sit on the space that you were occupying. Though, you made no movement to move, and instead, kicked your shoes off.
Sighing, Zemo rolled his irises around in the pools of his white, finally giving in to sharing thus another luxury with you and your darned companions. “There are bedrooms upstairs, you may take one y/n.”
At that, you smirked, moving upright to stand, making it clear that it had been your plan all along. “Thank you so much Helmet, is it to the left?” He nodded, wishing to get his hands rid of your presence, that was keen to trail away.
“She used to be a con artist before she joined the team, it’s clear she still carries some of the attributes.” Sam mumbled out into the air, watching as Zemo squinted honourably towards him.
“You tell me that as though I did not do my research before I became invested in stopping all superheroes, her included.” He simply sipped his tea, twiddling with the foil of a Turkish delight as he sat down, pleased that he now could.
“Was that an threat towards her to me?” It was no surprise, they all knew not to trust this man, he had done enough damage when he was free the last time, and now, it would be strange to suspect any different from him.
“No, simply a statement for now. I’d not have included her if your Labrador of a super soldier was in this room, but to my luck, James is not.” Another sip of his drink became audible in the air, as Sam turned around.
He was right, Bucky was no longer within the walls of the room, and his eyes began to flicker. They’d have seen him exit if he decided to leave, perhaps but he had been an assassins for a long time, so who knew, and there was no sign that the front door had been opened, no cold air was blowing inside.
But, he could have went upstairs, and gone to another bedroom. Who was he kidding, he’d be in the same room, it all made sense! And all along, he had been right, there had been something to suspect.
Though, the investigative part needed to know that he was right, and so, he, with the shadow of Zemo that he was defiant with not leaving behind, for he could run, the pair walked quietly up the steps.
Zemo pointed to the door whence they had reached the landing, and Sam, with a strained face, opened the door quickly, only for you and Bucky to jump away from each other.
Your hands fell reluctantly from Bucky’s shoulders, and he himself licked his lips, trying to rid the evidence of your lipstick from his mouth. But it was to no avail working, the pair of you had been caught out, and surely, the two of you would never hear the end of this.
“I knew it!” Sam bellowed, pleased that he had been right to have his suspicions all along. Bucky rolled his eyes at Sam, zipping up his fly that no one else but you, had realised had been undone. But the action drew attention to the feature, and it soon dawned on Sam that the pair of you must have just finished something before Sam had barged in. “Y’all are gross!”
“And you seem to be rather oblivious Samuel. It was clear that these two came up here to fuck, and I am surprised that you are only just discovering this now. Some would think you were asleep on jet, when the pair suddenly decided that they both needed to use the bathroom, or when I was beating up the dance floor in Madripoor, that you were incidentally left all by your lonesome as the two of them disappeared into the crowd.”
He took another sip of his tea that he had carried up here, and you crossed your arms, whilst Bucky scowled murderously towards the two men that had intervened where they shouldn’t have.
“The fact that you pay that close detail to us is weird.” You stated, your nostrils flaring as you stared at the Sokovian. “Do you not have anything better to do?” You retorted, causing Zemo to put his cup down on its adjoining plate that was held in his spare hand before he responded.
“Not really, no. Whilst you have taken me hostage, it is either watch the drama that is ongoing in your little group, or think about the mission ahead. And as much as I would like to kill Karli-“
“No.” Sam scolded him, frowning at the man, who only rolled his shoulders back before continuing, being strictly against taking a girls life, he allowed him to speak more, no matter how irritating the rest would be.”
“However, it has been clear to me from the very beginning what the two of you have been doing, and whilst this oaf has not accepted it, it was far too easy to put the pieces together. It’s like you never told him about that time that you used your con skills to make Sam get food whilst you were going against the accords, and Steve was occupied with bringing the team together, and you had some of your own fun in the front seat, where he had been sat.”
Sam’s eyes widened, and so did Bucky’s. “I’m going to kill you!” They both said simultaneously, Sam’s aimed at Bucky whilst Bucky’s words were prompted towards zemo.
“Seriously, you’re creepy dude!” You whisper shouted as you held Bucky back, Zemo smirking in reply.
“I hear things, and I’d say for a con woman, you speak far too much to your lover, and the walls here are only thin.” And with that, he picked his mug up once more, after having already spilt the tea.
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avenging-fandoms · 3 months ago
soft hours: bucky comes back from a mission all pissed and mad at the world. you go to leave and give him some space before he grabs your hand and says “not you. i need you to stay” all timid and shy
Tumblr media
the door slammed and you jumped, locking your phone and looking at bucky. he ripped off his jacket and slammed it onto the chair, heading to the kitchen and pouring himself a drink. you rolled your lips in between your teeth, tucking your feet under your butt and picking at the seam of your jeans.
bucky put the bottle away and slammed the cabinet closed, grabbing his glass and taking a sip. you picked your cuticles and blinked, taking a breath. "long day?" you ask softly and bucky chuckled, shaking his head.
"got a lead, then didn't, and lost the guy completely. all because i.." he stopped his sentenced and sighed, shaking his head. "i just hate everything right now"
you nod, rubbing his thigh and standing up. bucky furrowed his brow and grabbed your hand softly. you look back at him and he set his glass down. "where are you going?"
"you said you hated everything right now, so i thought i'd just give you some space" you smiled with your mouth closed and bucky softened his brows, giving you a smile and pulling you onto his lap. his arms wrapped around your waist tightly, your legs over his thighs with your arms around his neck, fingers in his hair.
"but of course not you, my love. i need you to stay" bucky smiled and kissed your neck, and you softly smiled as you ran your fingers over his cheek with hooded eyes. he looked up at you with kind eyes, kissing you softly.
"i'll never leave unless you tell me to" you whisper, holding his head up with your fingers underneath his chin. he smiles and nods, kissing you a little bit harder. "do you want to talk about your day?" you asked and kissed his jaw, rubbing your fingers up and down his arm softly with your head on his shoulder.
"no, not right now. i just want to hold you and forget about today for a bit. we can talk about your day though" bucky replied and you chuckle, kissing his temple and bucky laid his head on your chest. he pushed his weight on you, the both of you falling onto the couch with a laugh. you and bucky just laid there, with him laying in between your legs, head on your stomach as you combed your fingers through his hair.
"hey," you startled bucky, who looked up at you. you smile, running your fingers over his eyebrows. "i love you, handsome"
bucky smiled from ear to ear, rubbing his thumbs over your hips. "i love you more, dollface" he kissed your stomach a couple times then bit down softly, making the both of you laugh.
this is what bucky always dreamed of. someone to come home to who could make him smile even after the worst of his days, and he found that in you. bucky found his home in you.
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buckycuddlebuddy · 10 months ago
summary ─ this was the deal: you were being overstimulated while he edged himself.
pairing ─ beefy!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, overstimulation, edging, language, light choking
a/n ─ let me thank you again for +1k followers! i love you all <333 hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY TWO: beefy!bucky + overstimulation + size kink (extra: edging) 
Tumblr media
You’ve been at it for good three hours now.
Bucky had decided that it would be a good way to spend a free weekend with marathon sex, but he did not mention that he’d be forcing one orgasm after the other out of you. Emptied water bottles on the ground, empty plates were on the bedside drawers, Bucky continued to rock into you. There was no sound other than your loud moans, sometimes screams, and the rhythmic sound of headboard hitting the wall: thump, thump, thump.
It had been a long time since you have lost the count of the orgasms you’ve had. You’ve lost it around…. nine and you were still going.
“So good,” Bucky rumbled in your ear as his cock was continuously moving in and out of your abused pussy. “You’re doing so fucking good for me, kitten.” You mewled at the pet name. You chest was heaving terribly, your heart felt like it could stop suddenly from beating too fast for too long, and your lungs were constricted; any kind of oxygen weren’t allowed.
Bucky growled as his hands hoisted your hips over his thick thighs. His huge cock was abusing your tender flesh so perfectly, you felt your eyes rolling backwards from the amazing amount of pleasure he was giving you. You felt his large hands roaming over your body: Squeezing your sides, groping your breasts and pinching your nipples. His metal hand’s last destination was your throat. Laying the cold hand over your heated neck, he squeezed a little, just to let you know that there was a pressure. A delicious one at that.
You threw your head back, arching against the unforgiving coldness, and moaned loud: “Yes! Right─ fuck, there!” Bucky snarled, feeling your walls rippling around him. He thrusted once, twice and thrice; hand around your throat went tighter and you came around him with a shout.
“Shit, oh─” Bucky gasped and moaned, balls tight as fuck, he stopped himself from coming. His cock was twitching heavily as he pulled himself out of you.
This was the deal: You were being overstimulated while he edged himself.
You watched him fumbling with himself, staving off his orgasm. His huge cock was angry red all over, purple on the head. It looked even bigger now that Bucky had been stopping himself from coming for good three hours. Every orgasm you had was the orgasms he couldn’t. You felt a devilish smirk splaying over your lips even though your wrecked situation.
Bucky roared under his breath, metal hand squeezing the base of his cock tightly. You sat up, an idea popping in your head. He had been teasing you ever since you’ve started this, and you thought it was your time, now. You kissed him on the lips chastely and pushed him against the headboard. Swatting his hand off his cock, you lined him up.
“No,” he murmured, “I’ll come, baby, no.” You smirked.
“Too bad that you can’t.”
You sank down on him in one move and felt his tight balls pressing against your ass. His hands grabbed your ass, both trying to stop you from moving and keeping you stable. Your still sensitive pussy wasn’t ready for another extra stimulation, but you just gave her that. A violent shudder ripped through your body and you forced yourself to move.
“Fuck!” Bucky shouted, head thrown back and all the veins there were bulging. You leaned forward and bit down one of the bulging veins softly. Feeling his growl vibrate through his chest, you started to move. Cock sliding in and out swiftly, Bucky moaned. His face was the perfect visual for the debouched look: His hair was a mess against the headboard, his neck and cheeks were pink and his lips were parted; he was gasping and moaning.
“Please,” he begged, voice raspy and eyes wide. You ignored his pleas as you placed your hands on his muscled chest. His large hands were still on your ass, kneading and digging his blunt nails. “Ah, kitten, fuck ─please.” Your walls squeezing around his very sensitive and hard cock deliciously, you circled your hips. Bucky threw his head back again, this time he growled loudly while doing it. You circled and ground your hips down hard for a couple more times just to watch him lose.
“You feel─ God, Bucky,” you hummed as you brought one of your hands to your nipple. Bucky’s dark eyes followed your hand’s movement, watching it tease your nipple. He growled again. His hold on your hips tightened like it was possible and in a blink, your world was turned upside down.
“Fuck that,” Bucky snarled and his hips started to move against yours in an animal speed. Each smacking sound was bringing you closer to the edge you loved falling from. Bucky brought his metal to your clit, rolling and pinching it softly. You cried out when your orgasm hit you unexpectedly.
However, that did not stop Bucky.
He growled and groaned as his hips continued its assault to your pussy. “Two more,” he grunted. “You gonna give me two more and I’ll decide whether should I reward you with my come.”
You sobbed when you felt his cock head rubbing over that sweet spot of yours repeatedly. His heavy balls were hitting against your ass and with the slick that gathered there, it let out a mouth-watering smacking sound. Without missing any beat, Bucky leaned forward and took one of your nipples in his mouth while his metal hand still continued to play with your clit.
“Fuck, please!” You exclaimed, hands grabbing his hair and holding him in his place over your breasts. He hummed around your nipple, adding a little bit of teeth had you wailing. Your hips bucked against his and your hands formed into fists, pulling his hair hard. Bucky groaned as he let himself pull off from your nipple; his lips swollen, red and shiny with spit, his eyes hooded… He looked so fucking sexy, sometimes you couldn’t believe you have this hunk of a man as yours.
Letting his hair go, you whimpered and clenched around him. Bucky cursed, his flesh hand flying to the headboard for support. His hips were still thrusting in and out of with an animal speed, he threw his head back with his eyes closed and groaned loud and long.
It felt like a wolf calling for his pack, possessive and protective. You gasped and your pussy quivered slightly before you came again. Bucky gasped, stilling his hips for a second only to continue even harder.
“Fuck!” You yelled. Your hands held onto his sides, nails digging into the deliciously thick muscles. Bucky leaned over you as he placed his metal hand on the headboard, too. His big mass loomed over your exhausted body, making your feel small under his big body. You scratched his back, gasping wetly against the crook of his neck. His hair was shadowing your face.
“Come with me,” Bucky hummed into your ear. “You come with me and I’ll give you your reward, c’mon.” You hiccupped and sobbed and gasped as your nails dug even deeper into the muscles under your hands. He rammed his cock into hard and deep, his cock head stroking your soft and sensitive and wet walls repeatedly.
“C’mon, pretty,” he groaned. “Come.”
With a loud gasp and a following whimper, you came around him one last time. Bucky snarled as he thrusted in you and stilled his hips. His head fell onto your chest, and you felt his cock twitch inside of you continuously. With his edging, his balls had a lot of come to spurt out. So much so that you could feel them spilling out of your already.
“Holy fuck,” Bucky whispered, “We’re so doing this again.” You chuckled.
“Not today, though,” you murmured. “I don’t think my re-factory period is gonna kick in anytime today.” Bucky chuckled and kissed your cheek. His stubble was tickling your neck, but you didn’t mind: You hummed and snuggled deeper under him. He wrapped his arms around you and made you look and feel even smaller.
“Tomorrow, then,” he said. You groaned.
“You’re gonna kill me,” you whined playfully. Bucky hummed as he kissed your temple.
“Only if you don’t give me a heart attack before that, pretty.”
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