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incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Sam: And once again, Steve and Sam save the day.
Bucky: You didn’t do anything, it was all Steve.
Sam: We’re a package deal, everyone knows that.
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myopicmeerkat · 15 hours ago
Bucky: Steve, will you-
Steve: "Marry me?" Yes
Steve: "Grow old with me?" Yes
Steve: "Spend all eternity with me?" Yes
Steve: I would do anything for you, Buck.
Bucky: ...
Bucky: Never mind, I'll get the salt myself.
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hermyohkneegranger · a day ago
Steve: I’m cold.
Bucky: Here take my jacket.
Mobius: I’m cold too.
Loki: Well I can’t control the weather, Mobius!
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fandomsuntied03 · 9 months ago
Bucky *screeching*: YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME!
Y/N: wh-
Y/N:why are you screaming??
Y/N: I-
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incorrectmarvels · 8 months ago
Bucky: I noticed we have slowly started to phase the ‘B’ out of our bromance
Steve, down on one knee, ring still out: I mean, yeah, I guess
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stuckywthemarauders · 11 months ago
Natasha: so what do you think?
Bucky: sorry I wasn’t listening but I strongly disagree with Sam
Steve: he’s not even here
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incorrectmarvelquotesss · 2 months ago
Bucky: *drinks some Asgardian liquor and is now drunk*
Y/N: Let’s get you home.
Bucky: I am.
Y/N: No, you’re in the living room.
Bucky: I’m with you.
Y/N: *forgets how to breathe*
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supersambuckyomens · a month ago
Bucky: okay, let’s settle this. everyone that things that i’m dating sam raise your hand
Bucky: sam lower your fucking hand
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not-a-mistake-a-regret · 3 months ago
Bucky watching the news: some idiots tried to fight a squid at the aquarium
Sam covered in ink: Maybe the squid was being a dick
Wanda: why are you covered in ink
Y/N: because i’m a good friend
Wanda: …
Y/N: …
Wanda: …
Y/N: don’t watch the news
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mycosmicparadise · 9 months ago
Zemo: Where are Sam and Bucky?
Y/N: They're playing hide and seek.
Zemo: And where are they?
Y/N: I don't think you understand the concept of the game.
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bonky-n-steeb · 5 months ago
Steve, after knowing the winter soldier is Bucky:
I’ve only had Bucky for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
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incorrectquotesmcu · a month ago
Y/N: When straight people assume I’m one of them I feel like a gay secret agent.
Carol: Lesbionage.
Bucky: Bi Spy.
Yelena: It’s an Ace Case.
Wade: Pan with a Plan.
Sam: … Secret Gaygent.
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Sam: Y/n, a boy is coming over here.
Y/n: And?
Sarah: Well, he has been staring at you al this time so...
Y/n: No way, guys.
Bucky: *tensing up* Yeah, no way...
Random boy: *looking at you* Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I couldn't help but feel the urge to come here and tell you that you look stunning. Can I offer you a drink?
Y/n: Uhm *looking at Bucky and noticing he's irritated* Yes, sure. *walking with the random boy to the bar*
Bucky: *death staring at the boy from far away while clenching his jaw*
Tumblr media
Sarah: Oh come on, when are you going to tell her?
Bucky: What?
Sam: That you have a crush on her.
Bucky: I don't *still looking at you*
Sarah and Sam: *both rolling their eyes*
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yobekind · a month ago
Loki: You got tossed out too, huh?
Bucky: Yeah, for yelling.
Loki: You yelled in a museum? That is hardcore!
Bucky: Why’d you get tossed out?
Loki: Stole a pterodactyl. But it’s not like I yelled!
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monlieudevie · 11 months ago
*Sam entering the living room*
Sam: Where is Y/N?
Bucky: *eating chips while watching TV* Arguing with Tony.
Sam: Oh, and where's Steve?
Bucky: Trying to stop Tony and Y/N from arguing.
Sam: Okay. And Natasha?
Bucky: Stopping Steve from stopping Tony and Y/N from arguing.
Sam: How do you know that?
Bucky: *shushing him and pointing at the TV* Now comes the best part, Banner joins the argument.
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incorrectmarvels · a month ago
Bucky: Hey, Steve, could you-
Steve: I’d die for you
Bucky: That’s really sweet of you, but could you-
Steve: I’d go against dozens of countries for you
Bucky: That’s great, I just need you to-
Steve: Anything
Bucky: I just need you to do the dishes
Steve: No.
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rocketxgirl · 3 months ago
Nat: Are you falling in love?
Y/N: I have the feeling you are
Steve and Bucky: We're just friends
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incorrectmarvelquotesss · 2 months ago
Y/N: You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.
Bucky: Bullshit. I have never loved myself, but you? Oh god, I love you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.
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supersambuckyomens · a month ago
Bucky: *wears a slightly lighter shade of black*
Sam: i see you’re busting out the spring colours
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imsebastiansta-n · 5 months ago
PR Stunt Masterlist (Mini Series)
Tumblr media
PR (public relations) or Publicity Stunt: something unusual that is done to attract people's attention to a particular person, product, or organization.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader (Sebastian Stan x Alejandra Onieva (platonic, PR Stunt)
A/N: Okay so I wrote this bc I have an opinion and so do others. Please don’t comment/reblog talking shit, bc quite frankly I don’t want to hear it. I think the whole ‘relationship’ is bullshit and all she’s looking for is fame and money.  
If you don’t want to read this, that is absolutely fine, just keep scrolling and carry on with your day.
If you read it and have stuff to say and think its horrible? Don’t say it. Keep it to yourself.
If you read it and have your own opinion, great let me know. Just don’t say awful stuff, say your opinion and leave.
If you read it and have the same opinion as me, great let me know. Again, dont be horrible.
Either way, everyone has an opinion whether it be good or bad. As long as I don’t get death threats and little, teeny boppers in my dm’s going all keyboard warrior, go nuts.
PS: before anyone says it, I’m not a ‘jealous’ fan. I just care deeply for Sebastian’s wellbeing and mental health. Something a lot of people seem to forget about.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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