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Reminds me of the latest Bumblebee Drabble
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: Written on my phone, unbeta'd.
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Tumblr media
“You know one day you’re going to have to tell her ‘no’, right?” Resting your chin on Bucky’s shoulder, you gaze down at Bumblebee sleeping in his arms.
His charcoal grey Saint Laurent suit is a stark dichotomy to her magenta onesie with a cartoon bumblebee stitched on the front.
Everyone outside your little family only knows him as a ruthless, stoic mobster, but Bucky vows that you and little Bumblebee will never see that part of him.
She has one hand wrapped around his finger, her chubby cheeks covered in wisps of left over cotton candy.
You could watch him hold her for hours. The sight of your tall mobster cradling her in his large tatted hands, the way he’s still terrified of dropping her so he’s cautious and gentle, holding her as if she were a delicate doll, makes your heart twist and flutter.
She’s exhausted from playing at the miniature Disneyland Bucky surprised her and you with only hours ago. He had the games and rides brought in on a whim after he realized she hadn’t been to the amusement park yet.
Bucky lifts his eyes from her sleeping face and gazes warmly at you. Adjusting her, he frees one of his arms and his hand slides around the back of your head, pushing you closer until your lips are nearly touching. “I’ll tell her no when I start telling you no."
“I- you.” Your mouth snaps shut and you fight the unabashed smile tugging at your lips. It’s not your fault your husband likes to spoil you.
“That’s what I thought,” he murmurs, his lips slotting against yours, he claims you with a languid, passionate kiss. Breaking away, he grins at you, his nose nudging yours before glancing down at your baby. “I’m going to make sure she’s spoiled and loved. Just like her beautiful mama."
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Tumblr media
Pairing || Beefy!CatholicPriest!Bucky x Inexperienced!Innocent!Virgin!Female!Reader
Summary || Your parents invite Father James to your home for dinner. Throughout his stay, he just can’t seem to keep his hands to himself…
Word Count || 3817
Contents & Warnings || Smut, Dark/Taboo Themes — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, non-con, religious themes, blasphemy of religion, sacrilegious acts, biblical references, sexual content involving a catholic priest, strict/religious parents, explicit content/language, age-gap (reader is early 20’s, Bucky is early/mid 30’s), sexual thoughts and acts, pet names (baby, sweet thing) Father kink, size kink, corruption kink, authority kink, semi-public, inappropriate/forceful touches, hand over mouth, vaginal touches, fingering, teasing, begging, degrading/shaming, praising, orgasm denial, orgasm, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note || We’re only starting to scratch the surface for what this man is gonna do to you ;P
Disclaimer || English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes or misunderstandings!
Priest!Bucky Masterlist
I don’t do taglists anymore so please follow @bucky-barnes-diaries-library and turn on notifications to never miss out on my writing!
Tumblr media
A tradition you and your parents had kept for years was to invite the priest of your small town over for dinner once a week. Even though Father Jacob, who had been a highly respected priest in the community for years, had retired, your parents still wanted to keep the tradition going with the new priest, Father James, who happily accepted the invitation.
On the day of the dinner, you and your mother worked hard from early morning to prepare for the three-course meal you'd have tonight with your special guest. Once the house was clean, and all the food had been prepared, you had 30 minutes to get ready for your guest. You took a shower to freshen yourself up from the day's work, feeling relaxed and content once you were done.
Clad in your cotton white panties and matching bra, you walked to the closet to find something to wear. Scanning through the dresses, you wanted to find a perfect one that showed off some skin but was still respectable. You wanted to look pretty for Father James but also keep your daddy happy by looking presentable.
As you looked through the dresses, you started to slip into one of your daydreams again…
You'd developed such a hard crush on your priest—sinning and dreaming of him every night, wishing to run away with him and live happily ever after, just the two of you. To have him teach you about life and explore with him every desire that had taken over your mind the last couple of days.
There was a knock on your bedroom door, pulling you out of your fantasy world.
“Honey, are you in there?”
“Yes, mother.”
“Do you need any help with getting ready?”
“No, mother, but thank you.”
You shook your head to get your mind back on track—find the perfect dress to wear.
Ah, this would be perfect to wear.
It was a beautiful white dress with lovely red flowers scattered on the thin material. It stopped mid-thigh. The shoulder straps were thin, exposing your shoulders and clavicles, while the shoulder puffs lay comfortable and beautifully down your upper arms. The dress gave away just the right amount while still keeping it classy and honourable.
You didn't go too heavy with the makeup—approximately the same amount as you did for Sunday church when you first met Father James.
Once you were done, you checked the clock on your nightstand; the time read 5.54 PM. Father James would be here any minute now. With one last look in the full-length mirror, you gave yourself a nod of approval of all the elements combined, making you look cute and presentable.
As you went down the stairs, the doorbell rang, chiming throughout the house that there was a guest at the door—Father James.
“Honey, will you get that?” Your mom called for you.
“Yes, mother!”
A tingling sensation overcame you that you would soon, in just a matter of seconds, be in his powerful presence once again. You'd craved to be in his proximity every waking moment since the last time you saw him in the confessional.
You walked to the front door, slight wobbly in your legs, and took a deep breath in and out to compose yourself. A sweet and welcoming smile was plastered on your face as you opened the door.
When you opened it, it was like a bright light of beauty, sex and grace hit you hard, your eyes becoming bewitched by him. There he stood, looking gorgeous as always with that luxurious hair and that beautiful face. That signature smirk of his had you feeling weak in the knees. An inaudible moan escaped as you exhaled. His broad and massive frame towered over you, and all you could think about was climbing him like a tree.
“Hello,” he said with a light chuckle. He must have noticed your slight absent state.
You shook your head mentally to try and pull yourself out of the trance.
“Oh, h-hello, Father. Welcome, and come on in.”
“Thank you.”
He did a slight bow and entered. You moved aside so that he could get through the door, and you closed it after. When you turned around, he was right behind you with a sinister smile on his face.
“Oh, wow, you look mighty gorgeous today, young lady, very pretty.”
Your eyes peered up at him—so sweet and innocent as you slightly tilted your head to the side. The back of his finger lightly traced your cheek while his tongue poked out to lick his lips. His beautiful blue eyes displayed the same dark cloud of evil and wickedness in them as the last time you saw them.
That simple touch almost had you faint. You wondered what would happen when he had his full touch on you, forcing his hand on your body.
It felt like an eternity as you stood there in the foyer, fantasising about standing on your tippy-toes, snaking your hand in his soft hair and pulling him down for a kiss while he held your waist in a tight grip and pulled you flush against his big frame, but it had only been a few seconds of your time.
“Hello, Father, welcome to our home.”
It was your dad.
Father James quickly retracted his hand from you and put on a respectable smile before he turned around to greet your dad.
“Greetings. Thank you for having me,” they shook hands, “I was just complimenting the outside of your house to your daughter. It's lovely.”
Was that what we were doing?
Your dad put on one of those fake, over-the-top laughs, clearly wanting to make an impression on Father James. It was rather annoying.
“Why, thank you, Father. Please,” he gestured into the living room, “we can take a seat in here.”
Your mother stood by the coffee table like a good and honourable housewife. On the table were some lovely appetisers to munch on and some refreshing lemonade to drink while waiting on the main course to be finished in the oven. You found your seat on the sofa. Father James sat on the other end of it, farthest away from you. You wanted to scooch closer so you could sit thigh by thigh.
Your parents sat on different armchairs on the opposite side of the small table.
“You have a lovely home, ma’am.” Father James complimented.
“Oh, please, Father, call me by my first name.”
You all engaged in conversation while waiting. It was mostly your dad talking—asking and quizzing Father James on where he lived previously, what his interests were and how he was settling into our small community. He also spoke about his own interests and hobbies and how it was to work at the police station. You and your mom chimed in every once in a while.
After a few minutes of talking, the oven sounded that the main course was ready to be served.
Everyone takes their seat at the table, your mom and dad on one side, while you are seated next to Father James on the other. The food looked and smelled delicious—making your mouth water. You were so hungry, but it wasn't allowed to eat before a prayer had been said.
“Father James, would you please bless our food?” Your dad asked.
“Of course.”
Father James presented his hand to you so you could hold it. Your heart was thumping against your chest as your hand came in contact with his—sparks and tingling feelings lined your nerves as you touched skin. Your small hand fit so perfectly in his bigger one. You wanted to stay in his grasp forever.
When everyone had found each other's hand, you all closed your eyes in preparation for the prayer.
“Thank You, Lord God, for this food we are about to eat. Thank You for the hands that have prepared it, for those sitting around the table who are here to share it….”
While Father James was praying, he suddenly released your hand from his. You furrow your eyebrows, wondering why he let go when the praying wasn't over yet. Suddenly, you feel a hand, his colossal hand, taking a grasp on your naked upper thigh. You jolt slightly from the chair at the unexpected surprise, an inaudible gasp emitting from you. Father James never fumbles over his words while all of this is happening under the table, your parents utterly oblivious to what's unfolding.
Any other person would most likely get up in disgust at such an inappropriate touch, but you craved and needed his forceful hands on you. You had wanted more of his delicious touch since that interaction while taking Holy Communion at Sunday’s mass.
He inches higher up, your skin feeling electrified, where he goes over with his palm, and when his thumb swipes the edge of your panties, you quickly shut your legs on his hand and grab the edge of the table with your free hand.
No, he couldn't?
He couldn't be touching you like that.
Not while your parents were right here. That would be taking it too far.
But it didn't seem like he cared where you were because he pried your legs open with his hand and gave you a light tap on the inside of your thigh as a warning not to do that again.
You obliged, not wanting to make a scene in front of your parents.
You bite your bottom lip hard, drawing blood, and shut your eyes even harder when the pad of his thumb finds your pleasure pearl through your now-soaked panties. He circles it in small teasing circles, building momentum with each stroke. You want to touch your body all over while his hand focuses on your most sensitive area. You want to moan and cry in pleasure as he touches you so heavenly, but you have to be dead silent, dead still.
All while this is happening, he never stops praying, almost seeming unbothered by the sinful acts he's performing on you underneath the table—like this is something he does daily.
Your toes curl in your shoes as he pleases you—circling your tingling nub in the most perfect and satisfying way. You’re so close—chasing that incredible euphoria that feels like heaven.
Please don't stop. Please don't stop. Please don't stop. Keep going, Father.
You beg of him in your mind, hoping that he’ll somehow be able to hear you.
“... we sit here as evidence of Your goodness. Thank You for the gift of today and all who are here to share it with us. In the name of Your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.”
“... Amen,” it sounds across from you.
His hand retracts from between your legs, and his sinful touches come to a halt. Your pleasure stopped and denied, and you whine out at the loss of him. You didn't want it to end and without thinking, forgetting where you were for a split second, you cross your legs and start humping to try and find your sweet release.
“Honey!” Your mother calls for you.
With a gasp, you stop and open your eyes to find your parents staring at you with questioning faces. Father James hides a smirk on his face, but you see that slight wickedness in his expression—that he’d managed to make you so flustered with pleasure. Your face was horrified that they noticed what you were doing.
“You didn't say Amen.”
Oh, thank the heavens!
They luckily hadn't any suspicion.
“I-I'm so sorry. I was just really into the prayer Father James held.” You hated lying, but it was what was needed in this situation.
“Thank you, Lord, Amen.”
“It's ok, sweetheart. It's good that you felt the Lord’s presence.” Your dad said.
More like the Devil.
“Alright, let's eat,” your mom announced.
Throughout the whole dinner, you mostly stayed silent, only speaking when you were spoken to. Your head was slightly bowed in shame and somewhat angry as you ate. Your mouth mostly remained in a thin line.
You felt so resentful towards Father James for leaving you so unsatisfied. He controlled the prayer. He could have kept it going for a few more seconds so you could find your sweet release, but he had chosen cruelty towards you.
“This was a delicious dinner. Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely home and company.”
“Ah, well, we have the girls to thank for such a blessed meal. They've been at it since this morning,” your dad said proudly.
“Well, thank you, ladies,” he looked at you both, “this was excellent.”
“Thank you, Father James.” Your mom felt so honoured by the compliment.
All you did was smile at him.
“Well, should we proceed to the living room again for dessert? I'll get it fixed right up. Honey, why don't you sit with Father James? Keep him company?”
“I’ll go and see if I can find that collection I mentioned earlier to you, Father.”
Your mom went to the kitchen to prepare the dessert. Your dad went to your messy garage to try and find whatever it was he needed. While you were tasked to keep Father James company for the time being.
You went to the living room and sat on the sofa. Father James finding his place beside you. Due to the weight of him, the cushion dipped, pulling you slightly down with it. Your naked thigh came in contact with his clothed one, and your shoulders bumped. You were wide-eyed, not sure how to react? If you should politely move away or keep your ground? You decided to listen to your body, screaming at you to stay instead of your conscious.
You were so nervous—practically shaking at having him sit so close. What were you going to talk about? What were you going to say? Luckily Father James was quick to strike up a conversation, facing you.
“So, tell me, young lady, what do you like to do around here?”
You were raised to always look at the person you were talking to, but with Father James, it was impossible to look for too long—with his captivating good looks and enchanting eyes. Every once in a while, you looked down at your twiddling hands to not fall into his devil trance.
“O-o-oh, w-well, I, um… There's not much to do in this small town. Most of my friends have gone off to college, a-and the few that remain, we usually just hang out whenever we can.”
“Why haven't you gone off to college?”
“Um… I-I'm not really sure what I want to do yet, so I'm just living at home and helping my mother around the house whenever I can.”
“And… you and your friends… what do you like to do?”
“We hang out at each other's houses, watching movies or reading books, a-and sometimes just talking about life and God.”
“And uh…” Father James turned his head towards the kitchen to see if your mom was still turned with her back to the living room. She was. Father James then placed his colossal hand on your upper thigh like he'd done previous—digging his nails delicately into your soft skin. You gasped at his touch, closing your eyes as his thumb caressed the flesh of your inner thigh.
“... and… is there someone you like in town? A boy, maybe?” His voice dropped an octave as he whispered in your ear. His lips skim the shell of them. The sound of his low and raspy voice has tingling shivers trickle down your spine.
“N-no… I-I mean y-yes.” Your voice was barely above a whisper as you fumbled with your words as he inched his way higher up your skin, just like at the dinner table.
“I-I'm interested in so-someone, b-but it's no one m-my age. I-it’s someone much older.”
“Is this the same one you told me about in the confession? The same one you think about when you play with your sweet little pussy at night?”
“Who is it? Is it me, sweet girl?”
“P-please, Father, I-I can't say.”
“Oh, it's me; I know it is. You're such a little whore for fantasising about a man of God in that way.”
He cups you over your soaked panties, his palm putting pressure on your bundle of nerves. You can't help it when a loud whiny moan escapes you.
“Shhh.. sweet thing,” his other palm clasps over your mouth to keep you quiet and to manoeuvre your head so you'd keep looking straight at him—straight into his possessed eyes, “we don't want your parents to hear what a dirty little girl you are, now do we?”
You shook your head no. It would be scandalous if they knew what was happening to their sweet and pure daughter.
Your eyes were pleading for more now that your voice had been taken from you—for him to proceed with his forceful touches on your innocence.
Finally, his hand went into your panties from above. A raspy groan formed in his throat as his fingers came in direct contact with your wetness.
“Fuck… you don't know how long I've wanted to touch you, sweet thing. How much I've wanted to defile this innocent little cunt of yours. This is just the beginning. I have so many plans for you. For us.”
Your heart was thumping in your chest from fear and excitement as his middle finger teased your entrance—toying with you. You grabbed his clothed thigh to brace yourself—digging your nails into the material.
A muffled scream sounded against his palm as he forced his finger into your warm tightness—stretching you out.
“So wet you are for me, dirty girl.”
It was kind of painful to begin with—his fingers were longer and thicker than yours. Your eyes were becoming glossy with tears each time his finger drove into you. His thumb circling your bundle of nerves managed to ease some of the discomfort. Your cries of pain and pleasure were drowned out by his hand on you—making it impossible to ask him to stop or plead for more.
Slowly it became more bearable, more enjoyable, your hole accommodating his digit gradually with each stroke.
His eyes were fixated on you the entire time—watching your innocent, sweet eyes react to his sinful and sacrilegious acts. Every once in a while, he would flicker them to the kitchen to ensure your mom was still preoccupied with the dessert.
“Do you think you can take one more?”
A second finger teased your entrance—wanting to penetrate you, to fill up your innocent hole even more.
You shook your head no. A single tear fell down your cheek. You couldn't. It would be too much, too painful.
But he pushed the tip of it in slowly, and you closed your legs hard around his hand, trapping him while shaking your head once again.
“It's ok, sweet thing. I won't be cruel towards you. Not this time, ok?” He wiped your tear gently. “Open them up for me again, yeah?”
You nodded in acknowledgement and opened them once more for him to continue his devil work.
“We’ll take it slow for now. Work you up to it.”
He continued driving his single digit in and out of your tight wetness and circling your tingling bundle of nerves with his colossal thumb. Your pleasure started building up, and with a sudden curl to his finger, he made you see stars as you’d never done before. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he kept stimulating that delicious spot inside you. You'd fingered yourself multiple times before, but it’d never come as close to this euphoric sensation. Your inexperienced fingers were no match to such expert ones that seemed to know all the ins and outs of a woman.
“There it is, huh?
Your hand went over his that was working on you—not wanting him to stop the devil work he possessed as he made you feel so insatiable good. Your soft mewls of pleasure were muffled by his hand. You started rocking back and forth on the sofa, chasing your orgasm.
“Such a desperate and needy girl you are, huh? Are you gonna come for me, sweet little thing?”
You nodded your head furiously; You were so close. As close as you were at the dinner table, only this time you hoped he would give you what you wanted, what you craved and needed—release.
“Do it. Let go. Let go all over my finger.”
An explosion hit you hard as a delicious out-of-this-world sensation travelled through the nerves lining your whole body—making you convulse on the spot. You felt like passing out at how hard it hit you—your eyes fluttering shut while a few tears rolled down your cheek, your toes curling at the intensity. All while this was happening, while you had this extreme reaction, Father James never stopped his finger using and abusing your hole. Never stopped his delicious stimulation on your precious, tingling pearl.
“Good girl. Such a good girl you are for me.” His praises came through gritted teeth. His tone was deep and sinister, like Satan himself.
He stilled inside your panties when he felt you’d had enough. An animalistic groan sounded from him as he graced your temple with his lips, leaving a delicate kiss on your skin. You whined against his palm when his touches disappeared. Your hole contracting in desperate need for more. You closed your legs to try and stop the aching you were feeling.
When he removed his hand from your mouth, you inhaled and exhaled the pure air. You wanted to say something, but your lips were trembling. Your body was still in shock from the intense orgasm.
“Mmm… speechless now, are we? Was it that good, baby?”
All you could do was nod your head yes. You wanted to thank him, praise him, and give back to him for making you feel like that. But there was no time to recover and show your appreciation because your mom was now coming in with the dessert, and you could hear your dad close the door to the garage.
“I hope you all have some room for dessert?” Your mom asked cheerfully as she walked out of the kitchen.
Father James moved away from you slightly to make things a little less suspicious. You wiped the wetness from your cheeks and fixed your dress. Clearing your throat of any pleasure lace into it and putting on a sweet and innocent smile on your face—making it seem like everything was normal and that Father James definitely hadn’t just defiled you in this religious household.
“Oh, maybe just a small bite,” Father James said while putting the finger that had just been inserted in your tight hole into his mouth, tasting your slick arousal while giving you a wink, “I’m quite full….”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 🖤 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
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I Think I Met You In My Dreams Once - Bucky Barnes - Six 
Summary: After receiving an honourable discharge from his military service that was caused by the loss of his arm, James Barnes begins to come to terms with several things. He also finds solace in youtube videos, memes and on social media, where he happens to find you.
Pairing: Ex-Military!Bucky Barnes x Fem! Plus Size!Reader (Modern AU)
Chapter Warnings: angst, fluff, dirty talking, swear words, bucky's insecurity regarding his appearance is mentioned not heavily discussed.
Word Count: 4439 Dividers: @firefly-graphics
Fic Masterlist || Main Masterlist || AO3 || Fic Playlist
Chapter Five || Chapter Seven (6th July)
Tumblr media
“Are you seriously leaving?” Sharon huffs, as Bucky retrieves his jacket from behind his chair.
“Yes I am.” He informs, not even looking at her. 
“Bucky—,” Sharon tries to come closer but Sam gives her a hard glare.
“Barnes, look, why do have to go? It isn’t for her, this night is to celebrate our win.” Sharon yells over the music and Bucky scoffs.
Sam rolls his eyes and Steve just doesn’t understand this woman. He was going to ask her out, but thankfully he dodged a bullet.
“She’s all the way there and if she can’t be here what gives her the right to ruin our night?” Sharon huffs and Bucky turns.
“Listen to this only one time because I won’t be repeating myself. I love her. I don’t care if she was in Antarctica or she was living in the apartment opposite to mine. Or if she was waiting for me back home. You are a colleague. Act like one. Respect my boundaries. And respect my girl. While you’re at it have some respect for yourself.” Bucky gives a look to Sam and Steve and they follow him outside.
Sharon watches as they leave glaring at the three of them, her friends have awkward looks on their faces and they try to calm her down. Steve only shakes his head one last time before they are greeted with the cooler are of New York City.
Bucky keeps trying to call but you keep declining, as if you’ve shifted your phone onto do not disturb.
“Can someone explain why is she not answering her phone?” Bucky caught the tail end but didn’t understand why Natasha was screaming while he was trying to get away from Sharon.
“I was video calling Nat, your girl is with her, I turned the camera around to show her the vibe of the place because she is visiting over Christmas and sorry off track, that was when Sharon had her arms around you. Y/N saw it maybe misinterpreted and your song was playing and she’s upset man.” Sam recounts.
Bucky covers his eyes and then looks at the two of his friends.
“Can you try Nat?” Bucky requests as they begin walking towards their apartment building.
“I’ll try.” Sam brings out his phone while Bucky leaves about a dozen messages for you to speak to him.
Doll, please talk to me, let me fix this please, I can’t stand that you’re upset, I know you probably do not want to speak to me but please.
Doll, pick up the phone, please I need to hear your voice, I need to see you.
Doll, I know what it probably looked like, please give me the chance to explain.
Y/N, please.
Tumblr media
missed FaceTime video call from Bucky🌻 (7)
missed FaceTime audio call from Bucky🌻 (10)
@.bbarnes is trying to video call you
@.bbarnes is trying to audio call you
Tumblr media
Doll, i really am so sorry you had to see that, it, i know the way it looked probably made it seem as though i’m cheating on you but that is furthest from the truth.
 Doll please let me explain, please. 
i won’t let this go unless you speak to me
also tell Natasha that spamming me with angry emojis and telling me to back off is not going to make me back off from trying to make things right.
Tumblr media
The entire night was horrible, Bucky kept checking the time with bleary eyes, told off Steve when he tried to tell him to go to bed. Constantly checking all the apps you spoke on, hell he even downloaded snapchat to see if you’re on there.
Sam walked into the kitchen the next morning as Bucky poured out his umpteenth coffee cup. 
“Any news?” Bucky questions and Sam gives him a worried look.
“She isn’t eating. Nat’s tried hard. She’s reading your texts but isn’t in the frame of mind to respond.” 
“God.” Bucky retrieves his phone, worried about your health.
Nat told Sam you did not eat breakfast, or lunch? doll please don’t punish yourself.
Doll, please eat your food, you have to eat something.
After an hour or so Sam returns bearing news that you have eaten, and that Nat is still mad at him but she’s understood what happened so the angry emojis would stop after half an hour more. 
Alpine is curled around your picture, i think she knows you need some cuddles and she knows i messed up. hasn’t even looked at me.
Bucky’s eyes light up with hope as he sees the typing bubble appear from your end. Then his entire body deflates at the message.
i’ll speak to you later, i need some time.
i am not going to let this break us up, that sentence sounds a lot as though you’ve decided something for us.
james, please.
no. i am not considering it, whatever it is speak to me about it now.
don’t you want someone you can hold close? not have to wait for her to take a flight or stand in lines for visas or you take a flight for her? someone who can actually dance with you? eat with you? touch you?
i want you, Y/N. for all of that and more.
You want to scoff at his continued absurdity. Did he not want a normal relationship?
james, be reasonable.
Bucky wants to scoff at your absurdity. Be reasonable? He’d list reasons, a plethora of them. Bucky is not going to lose you nor going to let you push him away. The thought enters his mind what if you’re tired of it, the distance, of him?
i am being reasonable, i want you, i don’t care about the distance or how long i have to wait before holding you beside me. Or touching your soft skin, feeling your warmth against me, i do not care about the waiting, yes it gets difficult, yes, it hurts but i am not giving up this easily. we promised we’d fight.
this is me fighting for us. 
whenever you’re ready to talk, call me, audio or video it is up to you. i am not discussing this further on text, Y/N.
i will fight till you fight with me, for us. 
i will fight for us.
Tumblr media
You throw your phone against the mountain of pillows. 
Why won’t he take the easy way out? Why won’t he admit it is difficult and he’s tired? 
You run a hand along your face, residual wetness from the tears still remain. You keep your eyes open, because every time they shut you can see Sharon’s smug face, hands all too close to your Bucky. 
Tears flow anew. You just want to seek comfort in Bucky’s arms, make it all go away. You know if you asked him for the moon and stars he’d find a way to bring those to you. So why won’t your mind allow him to fix this? Why does your heart clench woefully? 
Pushing the blankets off and leaving the comfort of the cocoon. You retrieve the hoodie that Bucky sent only saving it for moments where you absolutely needed him more than what the screen could provide. As you carefully open the packaging the soft scent of his cologne calms you but also rubs against the wound that your heart harbours. 
The soft scent of Oak has taken over the hint of lemon, the amber still lingers at the periphery. Wearing it, his dog tags softly rapt against your chest. Holding them you re-read the engraving of his rank and name. He could have never even met you. His injury could have been fatal and you would never know a soul as kind as him. You would never have met the man who quiet possibly is the love of your life.
How could you then lose him? How could you allow him to slip through your hands like grains of sand? How could you allow Bucky to fight for the two of you, alone?
The thoughts swirl inside your head, a melody that keeps on repeating itself. Pushing you to the conclusion that you have to make this right. You have to talk to him. Natasha comes in you look up at her. 
“Do you want to know what he is upto?” She questions sitting down at the edge of the bed.
“Yeah…” You say softly.
“He’s not doing to good either, curled up with the hoodie. I know what we saw wasn’t what it was then why are you pushing him away?” She questions.
“Because, because I love him and he deserves something good after all the shit his life has put him through. He shouldn’t have to settle for me. He could have someone in New York.”
“Someone like Sharon?” Nat cuts you off and you make a face.
“No, not her, she’s awful.” You counter, “She’s a bitch. I said he deserves someone good, Nat.”
Natasha only chuckles.
“What if you’re the good he deserves?” She raises a brow.
“I’m so far away.” You reason.
“Do you love him?” She presses on.
“I do, so much.” You admit, blinking back tears.
Tumblr media
“Now say, you know, he loves you too.” Bucky request and he hears Nat repeat his words to you. He did hijack her call with Sam to be able to speak with you.
“Nat, it’s just, seeing them, made me realise how he should have someone who doesn’t make him wait or have issues or you know—,” He hears your voice break, Bucky just wants to wrap you up close to him. Take you both away from wherever you are, just erase the distance.
“I, I applied for a visa,” He hears you admit to Nat.
Bucky’s eyes widen, you never told him, Steve and Sam have huge grins on their faces, the prospect of you coming here, meeting Bucky. It was a dream come true.
“Did you get it?” There is hope in Nat’s voice, hope that they all harbour.
Bucky can’t believe why you wouldn’t tell him, this, were you going to surprise him?
“Y/N, what happened?” Natasha urges you to speak.
“I was supposed to know two days ago but they didn’t get back, when they emailed right before, the thing it said administrative processing. When my elder cousin had gotten the same answer it was basically a rejection. He had to reapply after a year. Will Bucky wait that long? Will he be able to fight that long? Will I be able to fight for us? Will he fight for us again?” Your voice is laden with sniffles and pauses.
Steve and Sam’s grins deflate, worry ceasing them once again.
“Put me on speaker.” Bucky says, he can hear shuffling and the sound quality changes.
“Nat what are you—,” She ignores you, taking her headphone out,
“Go ahead, Barnes.” Nat says, you furrow your brows.
“I’ll fight two years,—,” The air feels heavier, “Bucky? What—,” Your eyes widen at his voice, how long was he listening?
“I’ll wait three. say the number and i’m ready for all of it. I have fought for others, on their orders. You are someone I am fighting for, for myself. I’m very selfish I’ve come to realise Doll. Can’t imagine a day without you. Hell, i can’t imagine life without you.” He confesses.
“Bucky, you, why?” You cannot fathom his words.
“I love you. I want to be with you, I don’t care how long it takes, I don’t care. I want to be with you. Do you want to be with me?” Bucky questions and there is no reply, he looks at Sam and Steve who both have their brows furrowed have nervousness cascading through their entire demeanour.
Tumblr media
Natasha looks at you in disbelief, shaking you while you’re silent, you rummage through the blankets for your phone, wanting to tell Bucky face to face.
“Is she okay?” Sam questions on behalf of Bucky, whose entire being is rigid. 
Overthinking, Lost. 
You’re lost to him aren’t you?
Fuck, he wants to crumble.
“She’s, she’s okay, just—,”
The ringing of Bucky’s phone startles them all Steve smiles as he places the phone in Bucky’s hand.
Doll🌸 incoming FaceTime Video.
Bucky picks up the call, the tune resounds on both ends, Nat, Sam and Steve all make their way out of the rooms. They do have ears pressed to the door.
“I want to be with you.” You take his appearance in, tired eyes, hair tousled, at your words Bucky breathes, as though his first ever breath.
“Can we talk about what happened?” You hesitantly ask, “I, I just want to explain…” You feel guilty, about putting him through so much trouble and worry.
“Have you eaten?” Bucky questions checking the time, far too late for you, late evening for him.
“I did…” You trail off, wondering if he is deflecting.
“Okay, good, now what happened? I know you saw her try to get close to me. I was texting you, she pulled on my arm and I dropped my phone.” Bucky explains and you watch the genuine concern on his face.
“Well, then, um, Sam was FaceTiming Nat, and well showing her around the club. That is when Nat called out to me, she had her arms around you and your hand was on her arm. In that moment I just, I thought it was an indicator that you deserve someone to be there physically. I, I knew you weren’t dancing, or—,” your voice cracks.
“Drink some water please, baby?” He requests softly, the holder keeping his phone up, thumb tracing over your face over the screen.
You take a few sips, looking up at him.
“I’m sorry I worried you.” You look away.
“Doll, you have nothing to apologise about.” He affirms, raising his index finger in warning when you try to protest.
“Speak to me, do you want to discuss what happened further or do we talk about something else?” He questions and you nod.
“I guess I was jealous too, and her being close to you bothers me. Does she need to be sticking to you in every picture?” You admit, skin heating in embarrassment.
Bucky laughs and you look up at him offended.
“I’m, I’m not laughing at you, I just I din’t think I would ever know what it is like a partner being jealous over me. The only time I’d seen anything was when Sam and I were hanging out and Steve got grumpy.” He grins when you chuckle.
“I can understand, and I assure you that I am going to be maintaining my distance from her. Requesting for an office space change as well. The email has been done.” He explains.
You let go of a deep breath. 
“It won’t cause problems at work right?” You ask, Bucky shakes his head. You chew on your bottom lip, still feeling guilty for punishing him over your emotions.
“What has my pretty girl worried?” He leans in closer, “Should I pepper your face in kisses?” He makes smooching sounds and puckers his lips and you can’t help but giggle.
He makes more smooching sounds, drawing laughter from you.
“There she is!” Bucky declares happily as your laughter is music to his ears.
Tumblr media
The call stays on for an hour. 
An attempt to make up for time lost. You’ve told him all about the presentation. At some point your friends left. All elated that things had been sorted out.
Bucky got hungry so you watched him whip up his famous pesto pasta. Using the tripod to keep you roaming around with him.
Alpine does knock you down a few times, as she tries to paw at the screen at it just makes you laugh.
He looks confused when he notices you aren’t wearing the hoodie anymore, just your PJs.
“Don’t want your cologne to wear off just yet.” You explain, the material of your loose shirt dropping from your shoulder. Bucky misses his forkful of pasta, you giggle as his cheek is coated in the green sauce. He narrows his blue eyes at you, but then scrunches his nose and joins in on the laughter.
“Eyes up here, Sergeant.” You tease, toying with his tags and letting your skin remain exposed.
“When did I get this much of a tease of a girlfriend?” He wonders out loud but the look of absolute adoration doesn’t leave his eyes. As if you’re the only view for him.
“Swear you’re prettier than any view anyone says is breathtaking.” He compliments, you dip your head cheeks heating, then look back at the screen.
“Clearly you have not seen the mirror, because you’re beautiful, Bucky.” You tell him, he blushes, taking another bite and mumbling a thank you.
You bite back a smile, and slowly cause the shirt to dip lower. Bucky looks back and his breath hitches as he notices what you’re doing, the skin of your chest coming into view and all his brain can think about is wanting to see more.
“Enjoying your meal, Sergeant?” You ask, his gaze darkens.
“I do like it when you call me, Sergeant.” He admits, you bite your lip, “Take your shirt off.” He instructs and the baritone sends shivers through you.
“Yes, Sir.” You answer.
“Fuck, baby.” He bites back a moan as you take the shirt off, mindful of the headphones.
“Want my mouth all over your skin, look at those nipples, begging for my attention.” His words make you keen.
“Making me so hard by just looking at you.” He walks back to his room setting the tripod down, you notice the tent in his jeans.
“Want you in my mouth, please.” You request, Bucky swears he could just combust at the way your mouth parts in small pants, the way you stare at him, half lidded eyes, full of want, need, adoration. 
Fuck he wants you under him, above him, against him.
Bucky watches eyes locked on you, as he takes his shirt off, your eyes trail over his chest, then shoulders, they linger over his left side, eyes softening. Earlier Bucky felt it was pity, that your gaze and wanton urge to touch his marred skin was not out of actual want.
Slowly, he realised you adored and loved all of him, even the scarred parts. Parts that he took so long to accept. Now he knows, you remind him. You want all of him. He traces his hand over his skin, wondering how yours would feel, soft, careful, needy. His cock strains against his jeans.
“You will, put two fingers in your mouth for me baby—,” His words cut off as the line disconnects and you lean forward, “James?” You whisper to the dark screen and then it resets to your home page.
You groan. The battery of his phone died.
Bucky groans, scrambling to find his charger. Stupid him ignoring the percentages. He sighs, as the phone indicates a dead battery and begins charging he fires up his laptop shooting you an email about the issue.
You want to laugh but also you feel frustrated, all the way in New York City, Bucky feels the same way.
Using zoom for these nefarious activities with work and university emails felt weird. After five minutes, Bucky calls again, at the first sign of life.
He’s still shirtless and you have your shirt back on, Bucky only gives you a frustrated look before the two of you start laughing. 
“I can’t believe that happened.” He says, running his hand through his hair.
“I think it was good, it didn’t happen towards the climax…” You wonder, then shudder.
“Please, no, we are not even letting the universe know about that.” He warns, a look of pain on his face.
“You believe in that stuff? About manifesting what you want?” You ask, shifting to your bed, laying down, then propping the phone against the wall of pillows.
“I do, to a certain extent, like attracting good vibes gets you good vibes.” He shrugs, settling into bed as well.
“I’ve never given it a thought beyond trying it once, never worked.” You say, recalling you tried manifesting a pair of shoes.
“There are rules to it,” He says, smiling when you yawn, then he yawns himself, “Type and all, deep dive, never tried it though.” He shrugs.
“Wait how can you believe in something you haven’t done?” You gaze at him questioningly.
“What is religion?” Bucky quotes himself from earlier discussions.
“Have you changed your stance?” You wonder, it had been a while since the conversation shifted to the spirit realm.
“Still waiting on a sign that will make me say, yes, there is someone with a white beard.” He chuckles when you roll your eyes.
“You never told me why you like watching paranormal stuff.” He recalls an incomplete conversation.
“Oh, yeah well I had an experience when I was younger.” You recount, “We were at this holiday home of a friend, they had limited rooms so each family was in one room. There was a pull out bed in our room, so I was on it, and I felt like someone did the psst, psst, sound.” You mimic the sound someone makes to catch attention and Bucky hangs onto every word.
“Then, I checked around, asked my parents, they denied and then I turned around, it happened again, way too close to my ear and I flew off of the bed.” You shiver at the memory and Bucky sits up in shock.
“Wait, really?” He questions.
“Yeah, we checked below the bed, even they reviewed the security tapes from outside. Nothing. Since then I knew there was probably a world adjacent to ours.” You smile, “So I enjoy horror movies, documentaries and content.” You wait for his response.
“Yeah, so that you only watch the movies in the daytime.” He teases, you huff.
“I told you I get nightmares.” You defend.
“Harry Potter gave you nightmares.” He continues the teasing.
“Bucky! Voldemort was scary, especially when he was murdering a unicorn.” You whine, covering yourself with the blanket.
“I find it endearing.” He defends his actions.
“Liar.” You mumble through the blanket.
“Doll.” He coaxes, you peek out of the blanket.
Then stick your tongue out at him, hiding back.
“Real mature.” He chuckles, waiting for you to emerge out.
“Tell me a story.” You ask, looking up at him.
“Bedtime story?” He asks, looking down at you and it almost feels as if you both could be cuddling in bed. Tucked away from the world.
“You’re getting sleepy.” He observes, you blink and force your eyes open.
“Don’t try and argue.” He warns.
“Meanie.” You grumble, curling up more under the covers.
Bucky watches wistfully, wishing it was his chest you would be curled up against.
“Your meanie.” He offers.
“Yes, my grumpy.” You giggle at his offended expression.
“When did I become grumpy?” He wonders.
“Sam had uploaded a story.” You tell him, “On close friends.”
“That asshat, he didn’t keep me on his close friends.” Bucky grumbles, rolling his eyes.
“I’m on it.” You add further gasoline to the flame, getting a rise out of him.
“I will have a word with him.” Bucky narrows his eyes, “I have just the picture.”
It’s silent for a few moments, both of you just relishing each other’s presence.
“I love you.” You whisper softly.
“I love you.” He repeats, equally softly.
Tumblr media
Bucky watches then as you fall asleep, he checks the two clocks on his desk, five-thirty for him and three a.m. for you.
Your breathing evened out, the furrow in your brow softens as he places a kiss onto the screen. He smiles to himself, opening up his laptop once again. He’d get a head start on work watching you sleep.
From: Tony Stark
Subject: Change of Office
Dear Barnes,
I can arrange for it but just speak to me before you begin work day tomorrow. I hope everything is alright.
Also Beta Run looks smooth, let’s discuss a testing roll out as well. Focus groups and all that jazz. NDAs and stuff. You’re going to meet the legal head.
He sighs, knowing it would not be easy to tackle Tony and his questions. Nor would be easy to avoid Sharon a lot, since she would be on the projects he handled. He would maintain a distance. Involve H.R. if he had to, he knew Tony would understand. Otherwise alternative routes would have to be taken.
From: Brock Rumlow 
CC: PeterParker
Subject: Mounting Plate
hey coders,
the mounting plate broke while I was out. 
Any chance to fix it? 
I’ll be there morning. 
Fix this shit before Stark sees.
Bucky blinks, what the fuck? How did that guy break the mounting plate? This was bad, he had to call Peter, he reaches for his phone, but flinches and shakes his head in disbelief. 
Your dad stands behind your sleeping form, staring right at Bucky.
He stands, your dad’s eyes flash to his shoulder. Jaw set.
“Hello, Sir, I’m,—,” Bucky stutters and your dad clicks his tongue in annoyance.
“My wife told me, you’re the boyfriend?” He narrows his eyes, making quote marks around the word 'boyfriend'.
“Yes Sir, James Barnes. I, I apologise for the way we met.” Bucky chews the inside of his cheek nerves firing a mile a minute.
“I expect to see you at the dinner after a few days. Heard ya mumbling thought she was still awake, hasn’t gotten much sleep given the exams.” Your dad mutters.
“Yes, Sir. I’ve asked her to sleep earlier.” Bucky assures.
“You keeping watch on her?” He questions as the two of them look down at your sleeping form.
“Yes, she fell asleep, so, um.” 
“Better not pull any funny business, Jimmy.” Your dad gives him another hard glare before going out the door.
Bucky sits back down, feeling his body again. Feeling his lungs work again.
Swiftly he leaves you a text about what happened, watching you one more time, before he disconnects to sort the mess that Brock was bringing into their lives. 
Shuri and Tony were surely going to lose their tempers.
He did not want Peter or himself to be on the receiving end of either’s wrath.
Taking a look at your picture one more time, he begins to dial Peter’s number.
Tumblr media
A.N: *emerges from my hiding spot* how is everyone doing? also i had a question if i were to host like this writing request thing with prompts would it be something anyone would have interest in? I celebrated my 26th bday on sunday and i kinda wanted to do something on tumblr about it... let me know your thoughts!
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pherelesytsia · 10 hours ago
The Enemy within our own Ranks
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female/Reader
Summary: Y/N is injured during a mission.
Warning: Fluff, Wounds, Weapons, Hospital
Word Count: 1.9k
a/n: Requests are open!!!
Tumblr media
In the dark, the gun shimmered dangerously, and Y/N fused with the shadows. Gunshots broke the silence and voices shrieked like a banshee.
The wound on her arm pained, but it was nothing compared to the ache spreading through her heart. The red blinking light was blinding, but her eyes scanning the surroundings saw every movement, every particle of dust, everything daring to move in the heartless howling wind knocking on the rusty walls.
Her hair was tied into a tight ponytail. The suit, as dark as the night, blended with the shadows of the stacked boxes. Faint light broke through the darkly tinted windows, but Y/N saw the stars summoned by the moon hidden beyond a thick layer of clouds announcing a storm. Exhaling loudly, Y/N stopped. Her lungs burned painfully. Hope spread through her eyes. Voices echoed but Y/N wasn´t troubled, knew Sam was close.
Blood did not stick to her fingers. She jumped out of the shadow of the boxes, had examined each of them and was more than sure the goods they were looking for weren’t in the abandoned facility. Walking through the widening passage, she turned, heard the voices calling her by her name, and she raised her right hand in a gesture of greeting. Sam's name escaped her. Fear laced his voice. Her eyes widened. Y/N stumbled, unable to understand what had happened, tried to stay strong, but she fell like a wounded soldier on the battlefield, in the eye of the storm. Footsteps mingled with screams. Her throat was rough. Brows almost touched; was certain it could not be her voice. Y/N tried to find the reason for the pain. Her eyes tried to focus. Gently, she applied pressure to the wound. Her eyes widened in fear, feeling a liquid stick to her fingers. Desperately, she tried to fill her lungs with air. Disgust clouded her mind. Slowly, she brought her shaking fingers closer to her face. There was dimness, but Y/N saw the crimson sticking to her fingers. She swallowed, feeling dull. She had never liked the sight. Hissing in pain, her head fell to the side. Looking into the distance, she noticed a figure running hurriedly towards her. Her mouth gaped open. Her mind was fuzzy. Y/N tried to concentrate and suddenly she saw clearly, realised what had happened and an almost faint smile spread across her lips as she recognised Sam looming over her with a worried expression coating his features. He gulped as his eyes widened and for the first time, Y/N saw fear in his eyes. His lips formed to words, loud commands, silent promises, but Y/N was deaf, couldn’t read the lips. Ragging rivers streamed down her features.
            "Hey, it's all right, it's all right. Everything's fine." it sounded like a prayer.
Fear was in his voice, and it scared her.
            "Why would an enemy draw attention to themselves?" Sam screamed.
No one answered.
            "Agent down." Sam continued.
Y/N didn't notice how her breathing quickened. Swallowing she tried to understand what had happened. Blood rushed through her body. Adrenaline filled her veins. Time passed fast and slowly more memories returned. Sam was kneeling over her, applying pressure to the wound, forbidding more crimson to escape the wound.
Gazes met. Sam swallowed a bitter taste spread in his mouth and then he cursed. Quickly he lifted her. Sam apologised, begged for forgiveness, hoped she would speak, would answer sarcastically, but Y/N said nothing. Hastily he stormed past Walker, ignoring him, not listening to the remarks, running away, knowing no one else was in the abandoned warehouse, having seen every one of the rooms.
            "Don't you dare to close your eyes! Bucky can't survive without you and he'll kill me. You don’t want that, right? He would torture me day and night." Sam spoke, deaf to the shouts and complaints.
Steps echoed. Doors creaked and leaves were rustling. The wind enveloped her and Sam cursed as Y/N shivered uncontrollably in his arms. Her head fell back and Sam repositioned her head so it rested on his chest. Y/N tried to speak, murmuring and whispering. He breathed assuring words and cursed like a sailor as the young woman turned awfully silent. The doors of the jet opened. A voice was calling her by her name, muffled and filled with pain. The vibrant light streaming through the door was dazzling, chasing the shadows into the deep woods. Bucky stepped out of the jet but he didn't rush, rooted like a tree into the ground, couldn't move. The darkness was a heartless foe and Y/N fell into the pit of snakes, not strong enough to fight, feeling weak, not wanting to fight with hands and fists against the enemy.
            Monitors beeped in a steady, nearly melodic rhythm. The walls were blank and the heavy stench of sanitiser lurked in the air. Devices attached to her body monitored her like a loyal dog, announcing if her heart was growing weaker. Eyes fluttered open. Her head hurt terribly. A groan escaped her lips as her head swivelled to one side and realised night ruled over the land. No houses towered beyond the wide windows and merely the stars were twinkling. Voices muffled through the door entered the room but Y/N couldn’t understand any of them. No more pain spread through her body and as she looked to the other side, and noticed the bouquet of flowers in the blue vase and the card with her name written on it in curved letters.
Narrowing her eyes, Y/N concentrated and tried to decipher what was written beneath her name, but a cold chill entering the room caught her attention. A man with aged features smiled as he saw Y/N had finally awakened from deep slumber and walked towards the bed.
            "Mrs Barns, I see you are awake. You have caused us great concern." the older gentleman said in a low voice.
With a smile on his face, he examined the monitors.
            "What happened?" she whispered.
Y/N glanced at the man and placed her hand on her aching throat, not recognising her voice.
            "You have nothing to worry about Mrs Barns, the memories will return soon. It can happen. You were on a mission and got injured but the wounds have healed completely.” calmly the doctor informed.
Y/N gulped, thought the doctor was telling her a twisted tale but then she remembered what was forgotten, the mission, the abandoned factory in the middle of the woods, Bucky and Sam.
            "Are the others, okay? Where are they?" Y/N stammered.
Fear took over her vision. She rose quickly, far too quickly, and felt a sharp pain causing her to gasp. The man in the white coat stepped forward, placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pressed her back onto the pillow, forbidding her to raise.
            "Mrs Barns please lie down, the wound is healed yet you should be careful for the next few weeks." spoke the doctor in a cautionary tone. "And to answer your question, your colleagues are fine apart from one younger gentleman," he reported.
Her eyes widened in fear.
            “My husband?” Y/N breathed.
The doctor shook his head in disagreement.
            "Walker?", "Yes exactly," he confirmed.
            "What exactly happened to him?", "I didn't treat him personally but he had a swelling on his face, bruising and a broken arm. He's fine under the circumstances and your other two colleagues are fine but you scared agent Willson. I have never seen him so shaken. He was the one who found you and Mr Barns has not left your side," the doctor continued.
Y/N looked up, knew what had happened, was sure that Walker had not been attacked nor injured on the mission.
            "Would you like to see your husband; I assume Mr Barns is your husband. He filled out the papers and documents in your name. Mr Barns refused to leave the room but a few hours ago we had to send him away to change the bandages on your body." the doctor reported.
Y/N nodded in response.
            "I will send your husband right away and if you need anything then you have to press the button and if your values don't deteriorate in the next few hours then we can send you home in the morning." the doctor assured.
He made his way back to the door and smiled one last time at the woman, turned and left the room. Y/N closed her eyes. Not a moment later the door was opened again. Eyes met. Y/N did not recognise her husband at first glance, saw fear in his eyes, noticed he had not slept much, looked almost sickly, pale as the face of the moon.
            "My love," Bucky breathed.
Quickly he walked towards the bed, almost tripping over the chair he had spent days on. His hands, rough, wounded, rested on her cheeks, cupped them carefully and Y/N lost herself in the ocean, seeing pain and despair slowly fading as he realised his wife had finally woken up.
            "I'm fine," Y/N answered the unasked question.
            "I was worried about you," Bucky whispered.
At the tone of his voice, her heart broke into a thousand pieces.
            "What did you do to Walker?" Y/N asked.
Darkness spread in his eyes, remembering what had happened, what he had done as darkness clouded his sharp mind.
            "I thought you were going to die. I was in the jet and I saw Sam carrying you. There was so much blood and when I saw the smile on his face as he told he had accidentally shot you, that it was surely a graze, I wanted to kill him. This bastard laughed and didn't apologise. He didn't even ask how you are. My hand slipped. It was an accident, just as it was a simple accident that he shot you." hatred, dark venom dripped.
            "I should have been more careful.", "No, he should have used his head. Sam told me you waved, that you drew attention to yourself. What enemy would have drawn attention to themselves? You almost died in my arms. I almost lost you." Bucky spoke, running his hand through his hair.
Y/N laid her hand on his, resting on her right cheek. No further words had to be uttered. She smiled, saw the golden ring adorning his finger. The beeping of the monitor capturing her heartbeat picked up speed and caused Bucky to smile, aware he was the reason for her raised heartbeat.
            "Can you lie down with me, Bucky?" Y/N whispered.
Hated faded into oblivion. Bucky wordlessly nodded. The bed was not big enough, but it was enough. Carefully he lay down at her side and wrapped his arms around his wife. The pain waxed into oblivion, his roughened fingers slid over her skin, cautiously, turning as his fingers neared the white bandage.
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buckysbritishwoman · a day ago
Back to You (4)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader / Winter Soldier x Fem!reader
Summary: Hydra has a way of hiding secrets and one of them just happened to be you. The support Soldat to the famous Winter Soldier himself. But in a mission gone wrong, things changes, and life just isn’t as it seems.
Warnings: swearing, blood, violence, depressive thoughts, panic attacks, use of weapons, angst
Word Count: 4.7k
A/N: So this has to be one of my favourite chapters to write so far. I hope it doesn’t seem too choppy, I did read over it and try to make it less jumpy, but it may still come off that way. Let me know what you think!
Taglist: @matchat3a @locht3ssmonster
Part One Part Two Part Three
Tumblr media
As a soldier for Hydra, emotions weren’t allowed there was no use for them in your line of work. If Hydra could get rid of emotions completely they would, but the brainwashing only got one so far. As a soldier there was rigorous training to supress any unwanted emotions until there was this simmering rage that overtook everything. It was almost like a red haze.
The other emotions on the other hand, such as fear; happiness; sadness; they were all supressed, pushed away and locked into the furthest part of your mind, next to the memories of times forgotten. During the last few months, those very emotions were leaking. Completely alien to you during your half-brainwashed state, you were unsure on how to proceed with these feelings. Over the last few weeks, spending time with Steve and the others, you had gotten used to these feelings, gotten used to how they made your body feel.
But this was different.
As Rumlow moved from holding on to the collar of your hoodie to the ponytail that Natasha had helped you learn how to put up after you had a panic attack with your hair touching your neck, not used to the sensation as it was always in a tight and unforgiving bun. The pure, cold fear that seeped into your heart turned your blood to ice was something new. You hadn’t felt fear like this, it seemed to cling to every inch of you making you shiver, your muscles clench. You didn’t like this.
Rumlow pulled you up, grunting as he did. Pulling you closer to him, his warm breath on your cheek did nothing to warm you up, it seemed to have the opposite effect, your breath hitching in your throat. “You have caused so many issues, you bitch. But that’s all going to end.”
You wanted to fight back, you were a soldier, you had the strength and the training. But if you were being honest with yourself, you didn’t have the heart too. Your breathing was becoming ragged, and your mind was racing to the point you couldn’t keep up with it. You tried to focus, just like the therapist had tried to teach you.
Things you could see, the wreckage of the café, the people that were inside crawling out, their skins marred with dust and blood. The smell wasn’t any better, the smell tang in the air from the explosion was like tar on the tongue, you couldn’t get it off. You could smell something burning, it almost made you eyes water with how bitter it smelt. Your ears were still ringing slightly but you could hear the screams, hear the sound of the mother calling for her baby, desperation thick in her screams. It was obvious she was crying. It wasn’t working.
Everything around you were too overwhelming until you felt it, the paper of the photograph that you were clutching bit into your skin, the sudden pain snapping you out of the panicked fog in your brain. Pain. That was something that you could focus on.
There were sharp pains in your chest as you breathed, most likely something to do with your ribs. There was stinging all over your legs and arms, most likely from micro cuts. There was a gash on your knee that you could feel blood seeping out from. The searing pain of Rumlow holding your hair tightly. The warmth on your skin from the explosion. Pain was something you could recognise and focus on.
It was in that moment of clarity that you knew, you had to fight for him. You had to fight for your chance to see the Winter Soldier. Rumlow was your best chance, and he was here in front of you, giving himself to you on a platter. Without hesitating, you shove the picture into the pocket of your hoodie, keeping it safe and in one fluid motion you bring your elbow back, hitting Rumlow in the ribs. Even through all the noise you hear the satisfying crack.
He grunts in pain, his hand loosening on your ponytail just enough for you to twist around, using the leverage to punch him hard in chest. With the added strength of the serum, Rumlow flies backwards, hitting the floor hard with thud. You flex your hand, it felt a little stiff from not fighting for a while, the muscle memory was coming back though, the familiar rush of adrenaline was starting to flood your veins.
Rumlows laughed, your eyes focusing in on him as he sits up and spits the blood out his mouth, his eyes focused back on you. Rumlow always had this sinister glint in his eyes when he killed, it never used to bother you much but now, you being on the receiving end of it, you couldn’t help but feel that cold fear rear its ugly head. “You aren’t worth the trouble. I don’t know why they took you back then, you weren’t needed.”
You look at him perplexed. You had no idea what he was on about. You finally find your voice, but it came out a little weaker than you had wanted, the toll of the day making itself known. “What are you talking about?” 
“Ah so the bitch talks,” He pushes himself up slowly, his face scrunching up in pain slightly. Once standing again, he shakes his arms, loosening up. “You see, Hydra already had their weapon, but they decided to take you. They wanted insurance that their dearest weapon would always work for them, so what better way than to use the woman he loved.”
The words were like bullets to your heart. You knew they wanted more soldiers, there was a batch of soldiers in a lab somewhere in Siberia, but you hadn’t heard any news from then in a little while, not after everything had gone wrong during the training sessions which ended in unfortunate bloodshed. The doctors that stayed could barely control them. Hydra still favourited their first weapon, the Winter Soldier. But you never knew that the only reason you were created was to be used as leverage, that you weren’t ever really needed. 
“They weren’t even sure you would survive the process; you were so weak back then. That’s what the notes say. But somehow you pulled through and then they had the perfect team,” Rumlow shook his head, that smug smile still on his face. “Whenever their little toy got to close to remembering things or you, they threatened you to get him to cooperate, when that didn’t work they put him back under.”
“What was I then?” You hadn’t meant to ask the question out loud, but you had to know. If you weren’t one of their weapons they wanted to use, what good were you?
“You were useless, you still are. Why do you think we are here? It’s not to rescue you,” Rumlow spat the words like poison as he pulled out his gun from the holster, aiming it at your chest. He flicked the safety off. “For your information, he started to remember you again, he refused to kill you when ordered to. We fixed that though.”
He was remembering you? The Winter Soldier was remembering things? There was still hope, you had to get to him. It was clear to you now that the man that you had once loved with all your heart, Bucky, was in fact the same man as Hydra’s favourite toy, the Winter Soldier. Although all the evidence was there, hearing Rumlow confirmed it. 
“It’s a shame the serum was wasted on a pathetic human like you, but orders are orders,” Rumlow shrugs nonchalantly. Rumlow would’ve made a good soldier, you were sure of it, he was never one to turn down orders or hesitate when it came to killing. He didn’t need the torture to erase the emotions, he was born heartless. “Hopefully you’ll still be conscious when he comes to kill, so I can watch the sadness and hurt in your face as your soulmate, or whatever you called him, kills you.” 
You were about to run forward to try and disarm him when you heard the sound of your name. You turn just in time to see a flying red suit coming straight toward you and Rumlow. You watch as the red suit hurls straight into Rumlow who, once again, was thrown backwards and lands even further away.
The red suit settled down next to you, turning to face you. “I’m here to collect the other fossil.”
You point to yourself, unsure of what he meant exactly. 
“Yes, I’m talking about you,” Suddenly the face of the suit disappeared to show a man you didn’t recognise. “I’m Tony Stark. Rogers called me.” 
You look around the now hectic street, abandoned cars were haphazardly parked in the streets, the bright flashing lights of police were illuminating the street. You could also hear the sounds of gunfire, the louds bangs echoing. You couldn’t see Steve anywhere.
“If you are looking for Rogers, he’s off having his own fun. I’m here to take you back to the compound, let’s hope you aren’t as heavy as Rogers.”
You didn’t have time to say anything as Tony grabbed your arm, his helmet snapping back into place. Then just like that, the floor disappeared beneath your feet, and you were off, flying through the streets.
The scream was trapped in your throat, your eyes watching as the ground was lost beneath you. You look back down the street, spotting the police cars. You could also see the familiar black SUV’s of Hydra. Rumlow had brought backup.
“Rogers, I’ve got her.” You could hear Tony speaking. You couldn’t hear the reply, but you were glad that Steve was okay, he had saved your life back by the café and you hadn’t had a chance to even think about if he had survived.
You heard it before you saw it. The distinct sound of something flying at high speed towards you. You weren’t sure who threw it, but you spotted the pole aimed at Tony instantly, the soft whistling as it flew through the air was all you could focus on. You wanted to warn Tony but there wasn’t enough time, any noise you made was lost in the wind.
The pole hit Tony square in the back, the sound of metal on metal ringing out. The jarring pain was enough for Tony to let you go and then you were free falling towards the ground. You could hear Tony cursing as he stabled himself in the air before turning around and rushing to get you.
But Tony had no chance as you felt your body colliding with something hard and warm. You were expecting the hard ground to impact you but instead you felt the glass shatter on your back as you both collapse through a window, the body that had hold of you letting you go.
The hoodie cushioned your arms enough that the glass barely made cuts, but it didn’t save you from the ache in your muscles and bones. You groan and push yourself up, thankful for the serum and the durability it gave you. You look over at the person who took you out, only for your eyes to widen.
Here he was, the man you were looking for.
The Winter Soldier, or Bucky. You weren’t quite sure what to call him yet.
He had already got to his feet, the gun aimed at you. His eyes were cold and hard, almost black looking. They didn’t bother putting a mask on him this time and it gave you a chance to see him. His face hadn’t changed much, he looked older though, not the same baby-faced man you feel in love with. But he was still there, in his features, the man you loved was still there. You wanted nothing more than to walk up to him and hug him, which was something you hadn’t wanted to do in a long time. You weren’t sure you remember the feeling of a hug.
You had become somewhat familiar with the feelings that had returned to you, but this light feeling in your chest, the way your heart raced. The way the world seemed to stop, and it was just the two of you. You recognised the feeling from saccharine dreams. This was love. You loved the man in front of you.
Instead of a sentimental reunion the two of you most likely dreamed of in the past, you were staring down the barrel of the gun aimed at you. But he wasn’t shooting. You could see his finger twitching over the trigger, but he was hesitating. You didn’t want to fight him, but this left you no choice. You would make him see, make him see you for the woman he was supposed to love.
You immediately set into attacking him, the muscle memory of fighting sinking in. Pushing past the screaming pain in your body, you kick the gun out his hand, it clattering the floor somewhere nearby, you don’t both to look. One mistake in combat and you could end up dead, your focus was only ever meant for your opponent.
The sudden kick seemed to set him into motion, blocking the punch you were already throwing his way, aiming at his face. Always aiming to incapacitate or kill. With his metal arm, he caught you fist. You knew he would normally twist the arm, making the person useless for the time being but he just held your fist there, the whirring and clicking sound making you smile slightly.
“I’ve been trying to find you again.” You say, you breaths coming fast heavy, your heart beating wildly. Here was the man you were longing for, yet he wasn’t here to welcome you with wide arms. You could already deduct what his mission was, the words of Rumlow ringing in your head.
‘When he comes to kill you.’
They had given him the orders to kill you. With everything going on with all the recent revelations, this was the breaking point. They had taken everything from you, they had created you yet were willing to just throw you away. Worst of all, they had sent him to do it.
Well, you weren’t going to let it happen. You were willing to fight for what you wanted. Even with a war going on in your head, you wanted more. You wanted a life, the life that they had robbed from you. You wanted your Bucky back.
“I’m not going to let them take you again,” you said, the conviction in your voice was clear. “And I won’t let you kill me.”
With that, you brought up you other fist, aiming for his face. You knew he would normally block it by grabbing your fist, but that’s what you wanted. He let your other had go, his metal arm grabbing the other fist that was aimed at him. With ease you relax your arm and drop low, grabbing his metal arm and yanking him down. With the force of him being pulled down, you bring your hand down on the side of his knee, making his leg bend, bringing him to his knees.
Although Hydra may have created you to just be leverage, they had also trained you with the best, you weren’t about to let them get away with this. They had created a monster and you were about to be their worst nightmare.
Although the movement surprised Bucky, he quickly got out of your hold, bring his elbow round and hitting you squared in the face. You could feel the blood pouring into your mouth from the split lip that you now had. You had ended up on the floor, looking up at Bucky.
He was quick, coming for you, a knife now in his hand. You scooted across the floor, until your back hit one the office desks you hadn’t noticed. With Bucky advancing you grabbed the only thing available. Pushing it forward, the rolling office chair hit Bucky, only faltering his step slightly, but it was enough time for you to get up.
You quickly dodged out the way of his knife, attacking him back. This was how it went on for a while, both of you trading and blocking each other’s blows, the sounds of both of you grunting through exertion, his metal arm whirring and clanking. You knew all his tricks; he was the one who taught you the majority of them.
You could hear gunfire outside suddenly. Breaking one of your own rules, you spare glance outside, you could see that Tony was currently dodging said gunfire, giving it back just as much, but you could see that he was attempting to try and get to you. Whoever was shooting at him, knew where the both of you were. You needed to get Bucky back, the fear and determination, an odd combination, fuelling you further.  
With your focus on Tony outside you never saw the desk chair coming at you. The chair collided with you, a pained grunt leaving your lips as you collapse in heap with the chair on top of you. You push it off quickly, but not quick enough as Bucky advanced again, his eyes never leaving you.
You try to feel for any sort of weapon to help you but there was nothing in reach. You try to stand up, but a shooting pain in your arm stops you, your breathing caught in your throat. Something was wrong with it.
You felt the weight of Bucky on you as he pinned you, his heavy frame immobilising you. You watching as he brought his metal fist up. Waiting for the final blow, you were surprised it didn’t come.
Looking up at Bucky you noticed his eyes weren’t on you like they were before, but on something beside you. You slowly turn your head and instantly spot the picture that you had put in your pocket. The edges were torn a little, but the picture was still intact.
Peering back at Bucky again, you could see something shift in his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together as he stared. You swallowed, the taste of blood and sweat making your stomach roll. You could feel all the aches and pains coming back in full force, your body was starting to shut down, the lack of food and sleep recently was starting to take its toll. Even as a super soldier, you needed food and sleep. You could live off a little and it would be enough to survive, but barely.
You had been barely surviving at the compound.
“Bucky,” you whisper, your voice full of desperation. “Please.”
The man on top of you slowly moves his gaze to you, a flicker of recognition settling in his eyes. You could see it, how his eyes softened as he drank your features in, how his mouth quirked a little, almost like he wanted to smile at you. A small flame of hope ignited in you.
You brought up you uninjured arm, slowly and tentatively. Bucky flinched as your fingers brushed through his long hair, his eyes never straying from your face. You push further, your fingers brushing up against his cheek his stumble rough against your raw and bloodied fingertips. You could feel how tense he was, how his jaw clenched, even with such a small touch.
You could feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. This was your man. This was the man you had fallen in love with, and you were able to touch him again. Even though throughout the many years you did missions together you had touched him, fixed cuts and clean wounds. Nothing compared to this, this was different. This was the first time you had touch him with feeling. The first time you were touching him as his lover, as Y/n.
This was his first time being touched so gently, so… lovingly.
“Soldat!” Bucky flinched at the term, his eyes darkening slightly. You couldn’t see them, but you could hear them. Dozens of men, Rumlow at the lead. “Soldat, kill her now.”
Rumlows voice was vicious and bitter. You weren’t sure when Tony was anymore, you couldn’t hear the gunfire outside anymore. You werent sure where Steve was, but you wished he was okay, that he was still fighting. But there was a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, it didn’t seem good if Rumlow and his men had made it up here. You could see you were losing him; you were losing Bucky again.
You couldn’t lose him.
You felt the weight of him leave you and then suddenly you were being pulled up by your hoodie. You grip on to his metal arm, trying to get him to budge, hitting it meekly. You could see his clenched jaw, the determination in his eyes.
You couldn’t stop him, you were broken and battered, you had little energy left. Or maybe you had just given up. That little flame of hope dwindling as Bucky dragged you to the window you had both fallen through. The sound of the glass crunching under his foot and the wind rushing past set your teeth on edge.
This was it. Even though you had thought you’d gotten through to him, even though you had that small flame of hope, it wasn’t enough. You didn’t have time to nurture the flame into something that could withstand the vicious darkness that was Hydra. And maybe that was okay. You knew Bucky wouldn’t have wanted you to see him like this. You knew he’d hate the man he had become.
But in all honesty, you didn’t care because you were the same. You hate what you have become. The monster that they had created. Their own personal weapon. Maybe it was better this way. Dying at the hands of a lover was a better what to go. Although you hated the thought of him being wracked with unyielding grief if he ever remembered you.
“Don’t worry about me,” you gasp, your feet feeling the edge of the window, the wind whipping at you. “I love you Bucky.”
Bucky brought you close to him, his breath hot against your cheek. “I’ll find you again and I’ll come back to you.”
Your eyes widen, your breath hitching in your throat as Bucky looks at you one last time, this time you knew it was truly him that spoke. It was truly your Bucky. His eyes were the clearest you had ever seen them, you could see your own reflection in them, he was seeing you, the real you.
You wanted to reach out and hug him, to hold him.
You needed him.
But as soon as he had said the words he let you go, and you were falling. You were falling fast. You looked up at the man you loved, watching you fall to the ground. Confusion and sadness. That’s all you felt.
Then suddenly you weren’t falling. “Gotcha,” a familiar voice called out. “God damn you super soldiers are heavier than you look!”
You look up at the man holding you, Sam was flying with metal wings attached to his back, holding on to your arm like a vice. You were moving too fast, and you couldn’t see the building anymore as you looked back. You couldn’t see Bucky anymore.
As Sam slowed down and lowered both of you to the grass, you knees collapsed under you, the weight on your chest too heavy for your body to hold up anymore. You couldn’t hear anything except the words Bucky had whispered to you.
I’ll find you again.
The pain of a breaking heart was familiar and something you never wanted to feel again. You could hear someone in the distance screaming, it wasn’t until you felt someone’s arms around you that you realised it was you. Tears were streaming down your face, you couldn’t breathe.
I’ll come back to you.
You looked up at the sky, wishing for the agony to leave you, wishing for the one man who could ease the discomfort in your chest. Wishing for Bucky. You had lost him again. How could you be so weak? You wanted to go to him. You needed too. He was alone with those men.
You clawed at the ground beneath you, trying to pull the dead weight of you body forward. Your eyes were blurry with the unshed tears, you could recognise the soreness in your throat as you pleaded with whoever could hear you to let you go, to let you go to him. You fought off the hands that seemed like acid on your skin, burning you as they held you back.
A sharp pain in your neck didn’t even register until your eyes started to drop, your body getting heavier and heavier until you suddenly felt weightless. Blackness settled in and you were out.
Bucky watched as you fell. He knew that man would catch you, he had spotted him coming this way, heard him say that he had spotted you. He couldn’t allow you to get in the way. He needed you out the way for now, he needed you somewhere safe so he could come back to you. But he meant those words.
Seeing that picture had broken something in him. He recognised the people, the memory. He remembered it. Then suddenly the words hit him like a truck. His memory cleared enough for him to look down at the woman he was trying to kill and recognise her.
You had touched his face. He brought up his metal hand to his cheek, the cold metal not the same as your gentle and loving touch, it lacked the warmth and the intention behind it. He already craved it, was already addicted. His skin was scarred with your heat from where you had touched him. He wouldn’t forget this time.  
But there was still this overwhelming darkness in his head, it seemed like black tendrils wanted to lash out and grip hold of him. The men behind him from Hydra, the words were still rooted in him, he needed to get rid of them. He needed to burn Hydra to the ground so he could rid of the damn invisible strings that still controlled him. He wouldn’t settle until the organisation had been razed to the ground. Until that man was dead.
But he could start with these men for now. Just a few men out of the many that he had to kill.
He turned around, taking a few steps forward, making his face impassive to give nothing away. Rumlow was looking at him with a furious look, his eyes almost bulging out his head. “You were supposed to kill her.”
He spat the words out, his spit flying everywhere. Bucky didn’t care though, his words meant nothing to him. He bent down and picked up the picture that had broken the dam in his mind. He folded it up and slipped it into his pocket.
“I told you before,” he said, his chest rumbling as his fingers flexed around the knife in his jacket. “I’m not killing her.”
With that Bucky threw the knife at one of the closest men to him, the knife embedded in his shoulder, causing him to drop the gun. Bucky slid forward, low to the ground and grabbed gun, already taking out other men. None of them really had time to get any good shots in. The mainly dinged off the metal arm Bucky used to defend himself.
Soon, the floor was littered with injured or dead men. Bucky chucked the gun to the floor, looking over the Rumlow. He hadn’t gone for the kill on him. He was useful to Bucky. “What are you doing, Soldat, you are under our control”
The words tried to control him. Bucky could feel them, hated that they had an effect on him. Hated that he almost wanted to comply to them. But he shook it off, remember your voice, your words. Your touch. His promise.
“I’m not your soldier, now take me to him. Take me to Pierce.”
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gutflorizt · 12 days ago
.⋆˚ 𝐈𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐭 
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐱 𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐨 𝐨𝐧 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞.
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝐄𝐱!𝐇𝐮𝐬𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐝!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐅𝐞𝐦!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝟏𝟖+, 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐒𝐌𝐔𝐓, 𝐬𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐩𝐞𝐭 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞: 𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡, 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 (𝐛𝐜 𝐢𝐦 𝐥𝐨𝐰-𝐤𝐞𝐲 𝐚 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐭)
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞︱𝐈 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐈 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞'𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞. 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝟑 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐲 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐚 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝. 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝! 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 <𝟑
𝐏.𝐒: 𝐒𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐞. 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬.
Tumblr media
It had been 2 years since you’ve last gone on a date ever since you got a divorce with Bucky. It was nearly impossible to get back at the scene. The first year you were mourning the love that was lost with him.
You had to retrain yourself and force out old habits. There were countless nights where you made a makeshift body with pillows and used his old t-shirts, you would spray his cologne over to make it seem like he was there. You had to buy a stool to reach the top of the shelves to dust them off because Bucky was no longer there to pick you up. You had to slap yourself on the hand every time you would reach for his shampoo each time you went shopping.
The hardest part was your kids asking for their father each night.
“Where’s daddy?” Your youngest would ask while they rubbed their eyes from sleep.
Your lip quivered as you held back tears, “He’s coming soon.”
It wasn’t long until you had to explain that they would have to spend half the week at their dad’s and the other half at your house. It was difficult in the beginning, they would constantly beg for the two of you to get back together. The worst part was the tantrums they would pull when it was time to switch.
It was safe to say it was easier now. Like today, the children were ecstatic to go to their dad's house. You knew it was because he would let them stay up late and buy them the world's sugariest snacks.
“Mom, come on!” Your daughter said as she pulled your hand. “Hurry.”
“Woah there missy,” You chuckled from her death grip. “Pump the brakes.”
You arrived at the door seconds later after your daughter. She was already knocking on the door, eagerly waiting for Bucky to open the door and attack her with kisses.
“Daddy!” She exclaimed excitedly as Bucky opened the door.
“Buttercup!” He picked her up and started to pepper kisses on her cheek. “You’re finally here!” Bucky placed her down and pushed her inside, he then looked at your grumpy son you were holding on your hip. “Why does he look upset? Is he ok?”
“Someone is a little grumpy today because they decided to skip nap time,” You sighed. “I couldn’t get him down at all.”
Bucky took him gently from your arms, “Aw come here buddy.” Your son instantly laid his head on his shoulder and gripped his shoulders.
“I’m really sorry I called last minute,” You apologized. “I just needed someone to watch the kids and I don’t trust anyone.”
“S’okay Peach, don’t worry.” His eyes ran up and down your body, “You’re dolled up, what's the occasion?” Bucky crossed his fingers, hoping it wasn’t a date and that you were going to a meeting or a girls night out.
You took an involuntary deep breath in, contemplating if you should tell Bucky you were finally going on a date.
“I’m going to have dinner…with a friend.”
“A friend?” A line appeared between Bucky's eyebrows. “Say this wouldn’t be a man friend would it?”
“Yes it is,” You replied firmly. “A very nice man friend.”
His face fell, clearly upset. “Peach….”
“It’s been 2 and a half years Bucky, I think it’s time for me to go on with my life.”
“I’m not saying you shouldn’t,” Bucky said defensively. “If he tries anything and I mean anything, call me.”
Bucky didn’t realize how much it affected him knowing you were out there on a date. Thoughts of the guy making you blush under his gaze plagued his mind. His brain ventured to your first date.
It was such a simplistic date.
You knew Bucky wasn’t ready to be in public for long periods of time and truth be told you weren’t either. You were scared to push him too far or make him uncomfortable so you decided staying inside was the best choice. You settled on making one of his mom's old recipes while a record from the 40s played in the background.
Though it seemed simple to you, it wasn’t to him. You had gone to every record store imaginable trying to find the perfect record. You had to wait 3 days for Steve to come back on his mission to ask for the recipe because you didn’t want to ruin the surprise. The last part was you had to pretend the team was going out just so you could have the compound to yourselves.
Needless to say it was Bucky’s favorite day. Even to this day every time he makes his mom’s old recipe the aroma of roasted tomatoes and basil takes him back in time. It always does.
The kids were sound asleep in their rooms. Bucky was sitting on the couch with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. He was watching one of the many home videos he made. This one was days after you had given birth to your son. You had bags under your eyes, visibly tired and your baby bump was still there but you wore a smile as you looked down into his eyes. Though you felt disgusting Bucky had never seen anything as beautiful as you in that moment
Bucky took out his necklace with his wedding band on it, “Oh Peach,” He sighed as he played with it. “Why did I ever let you get away? Your such a fucking idiot Barnes.”
A couple seconds later and he heard the all too familiar knock on his door. He let out a groan of effort as he got up from the couch. He turned off the t.v and set the beer on the coffee table before he opened the door.
“Over already?” Bucky teased.
You rolled your eyes as you smiled at him, “Yes it’s over already James.”
“Come in,” He widened the door for you to walk through.
You hadn’t stepped into his house ever since the divorce. Everything was exactly the same as you left it. Even the fake succulents you placed on the coffee table as a joke were still there, dust free. It almost felt like you were coming home to him after a long day or work.
“How’d it go Peach?”
“It certainly was a date,” You answered as you shrugged your shoulders.
Bucky had gone into the kitchen and pulled out two beers–one for you and one for him. He handed yours over before settling down next to you. “That bad?”
“It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either,” You explained. “Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice guy, almost too nice if you ask me.”
Bucky took a swig before he spoke, “Did he touch you?” His voice had dropped an octave and he stared at you intensely.
“What if he did?” You retorted. “If he already did it you can’t do anything about it.”
“Show me.” It was a question but a demand. There was no room for argument and Bucky was going to get his answer.
You pointed to your right hip, “Just here.” Bucky’s jaw clenched and his tongue poked the side of his cheek. He never did like when anyone would touch you and it still hasn’t gone away.
“I should go get the kids.”
You stood up from the couch and began to walk towards the kids room. You barely got out the living room when Bucky pinned you against the wall, his hand went behind your head and cradled it to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt.
“Did you like it?”
“What?” Your brows scrunched in confusion as you gave him a puzzled look. “Bucky, I really have to get the-”
“I said,” Bucky growled as his muscular thigh made his way in between your legs, brushing up against your clothed pussy. “Did. You. Like. It?”
You gulped as you felt the heat grow between your legs. “No.”
“Course you didn’t,” He smugly muttered as he started to roll your hips against his thigh.
“Bucky we shouldn’t do this,” You warned, yet still allowed him to maneuver your body.
“Come on Peach it’ll just be one more time.”
“You know damn well it won’t be just one time.”
Bucky leaned close to your ear, his breath fanned against the shell. “You’re telling me you don’t want this? That you haven’t touched yourself thinking about me. ”
Of course you have. Another thing you missed was the sheer pleasure only Bucky could give to you. You were positive that you would never find a man who could make you feel anything even remotely close to what Bucky could make you feel.
“Answer me.”
“Yes, I have.”
That’s all it took for Bucky to throw you over his shoulder and take you to the bedroom. You swear you’ve never seen him go to the bedroom with such urgency even when you were together. Bucky locked the door, rattling the doorknob just to make sure it really was locked. Once he knew that it was, he threw you on the bed.
Your head landed on the array of pillows after he threw you. You giggled as your head felt dizzy. You propped yourself on your elbows and Bucky’s clothes were already gone. He then grabbed your ankle and yanked you closer towards him.
“You have no idea what you do to me,” Bucky muttered, taking off your heels. “Making me feel like a goddamn horny teenager again.” His hands urged to have your clothes off, desperate to feel your skin on his again.
“Get these out of the way,” He growled, ripping off your clothes. You didn’t even care, his hands on your body made your skin go hot. “Can’t wait to hear you scream my name.”
“Th-the kids Bucky….” You breathlessly moaned, knowing you definitely wouldn’t be able to contain your moans with his cock stuffed in you.
Bucky hovered over your body, his head going for your neck, biting, sucking . “You can be as loud as you want Peach,” He said as he glided the head of his cock up and down your slick folds. “The walls are soundproof, remember?”
He lined himself to your entrance, the tip barely in. “Or do you not remember when you used to cry out my name while you creamed my cock and the neighbours would knock at our door at 3 in the morning.”
Buckky started to push in achingly slow, making sure you felt him. “Or when you got pregnant and you couldn’t get enough of me and I had to fuck you to sleep every single night.”
You remembered it all, it was engraved into your mind for as long as you lived. Your hormones used to be all over the place and you became insatiable for Bucky. So insatiable that he had to cockwarm you as you slept just to feel full.
You gasped when Bucky was fully sheathed into you. You arched off the bed and close to his chest. His hand delved into the deep set of your arch and pulled you until you were flush against his chest.
“I got you Peach, I got you,” He shushed you as you sobbed in pleasure. “Just relax, I’m going to take care of you.”
You relaxed into his touch, waiting for him to start thrusting. But he never did. Your left hand left his back and softly caressed his cheek, your eyes hurriedly searched for his, looking for any signs something was slightly off. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling ok?”
“Nothing’s wrong Peach,” He kissed your forehead, all your worries dissipated away. He looked straight into the pools of your eyes. “You are so beautiful.”
You playfully rolled your eyes, “You’re such a sap.”
“I don’t care.”
His eyes were clouded with pure adoration. No lust. Just love. It was the same look he gave you the first time he told you he loved you. The same one when you told him you were pregnant. The same one the day you finalized the divorce and told you he would always be there no matter what.
“Peach…” Bucky moaned, maintaining a steady pace to feel all of you. “God, you feel so good.” Using his right hand he lifted your hips up to get that angle you needed.
“Bucky,” You gasped when he hit that spot, your legs instantly locking around his hips. “R-Right there, please don’t stop.”
“Feels s’good doesn’t it Peach?” You whimpered out a yes, your legs starting to shake from the pleasure as his cock kept hitting that spot. Your hand found its way to his hair, giving it a slight tug just the way he liked it.
It didn’t take you long to approach your orgasm. Everything felt so good. It felt like electricity was running through your lower half, growing with intensity with each thrust. Your other hand raked down his back all the way down to his ass, pushing him deeper into you if it was even possible.
“M’close Bucky,” You breathed out.
“Me too Peach,” He said, slightly speeding up his thrusts.
The both of you were close. If any of you were to say one more filthy thing to each other it would be the end of you. Even now you’re both teetering over the edge from the sinful sounds that came from your mouths.
You came without warning, not even expecting it yourself. You cried out in liss, your toes curling as you fell and allowed the pleasure to take over your body. Bucky couldn’t handle how tight you felt around him. The way your walls spasmed against him sent him into his own abyss of pleasure.
You could feel his cum seeping out of you and you swear you were in heaven. The pleasure had plagued your mind that you didn’t notice Bucky had left the room, coming back with a rag to clean you up.
“There she is,” He smiled, the rag being dragged over your body. “How’s my favorite girl doing?”
“Amazing,” was the only word that came out of your mouth. “I’ve never felt so good,” You added after a few seconds passed.
Bucky threw the rag in the laundry basket and started walking towards his side of the bed. The bed dipped as he laid beside you, his hand caressing your cheek. “Good.” He noticed the way your eyes would flutter shut and then flutter right back open, you were beyond tired. “Go to sleep, Peach. You need it.”
Bucky reached out for you in the morning, only to be faced with a cold pillow. He was hoping he would be able to wake up with you one last time but the world wasn’t in his favor. He was about to turn over and try to fall back asleep when he heard your voice. He thought he was dreaming but then he heard your daughter's voice.
“Are they almost done mommy?” She asked.
“Yes they are, we just have 2 more.”
He got up from the bed, grabbing the sweatpants near his bed and putting them on. He quietly walked over to the kitchen, the aroma of his favorite breakfast food becoming stronger. He peeked his head from the corner and there you were in his shirt, cooking breakfast for him with your two children.
“Morning sleepyhead,” You greeted as you flipped the pancake.
“Daddy!” Your daughter cheerfully greeted. She left your side and ran towards him, your son following behind. “Happy Father's day.”
“Buttercup!” He lifted your daughter from the ground and carried her on his hip. He did the same with your son, carrying him on his other hip. He walked to the dining table, placing them in their designated spots.
Bucky came up right behind you, hugging you from behind. “Happy Father's day,” You said, turning around to face him. “How’d you sleep?”
“I slept like a baby thanks to you,” He responded. “For a second I thought you had gone to your house.”
“Sorry, figured I would do something nice for you, it is father’s day after all. If I knew I was going to be here I would’ve gotten you a gift.”
“Peach you are my gift,” He quipped, kissing the tip of your nose. “Nothing can be better than this.”
“You big sap,” You teased. “Come on, eat some breakfast. I’m sure you’re starving.”
Bucky didn’t say anything as he took you with him to the table, setting you on his lap after he sat down. He placed his chin on your shoulder,
“Yeah?” You responded as you fixed him a plate.
“I love you.”
You waited a couple of seconds before responding “I love you too,” You said as you set his plate down.
Bucky’s face lit up from joy when he heard the 4 words come from your mouth. “Does this mean you want to try again?” He whispered into your ear.
“Depends are you willing to make this work?” You whispered back in his ear.
“Of course I am. I’ll do anything.”
You brushed his hair back with your fingers. “Then yes, I want to try again.”
Bucky wasn’t going to mess up again. Not this time. This time he was going to make everything perfect just for you.
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bonky-n-steeb · 28 days ago
anytime, anywhere
summary || Bucky is flattered when he finds fanfiction, but he isn’t even aware of what half of the words mean.
warnings || shy! reader, unprotected sex, dirty talk, metal arm kink, fingering, thigh riding, choking, multiple orgasms, very filthy. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
sjsjdhdhy… I hope you like this hehe
Tumblr media
“Is this what people write about me?” Your head snapped up from the novel you were reading as Bucky’s voice reverberated in the otherwise empty room. He sat besides you on the lush sofa and you kept your book aside.
The avengers tower was fairly empty except you two today as the others were either on vacation or had gone on missions. And it wasn’t new for him to come with you with questions as you’d become his unofficial guide into this modern world.
“What?” You were confused at his sudden question. He turned his phone towards you and it took a moment for the words shining on the screen to seep into your head. You nervously gulped as you realised that it was a smutty fanfiction about him.
“It’s… it’s fanfiction…. like uh,..” you spluttered around your words as Bucky just shook his head. “I know. I searched up what it meant on the internet. I mean I’m flattered they write about me. It’s interesting for sure. But I don’t even know what half of these words mean.”
You licked your dry lips as you realised what exactly Bucky wanted to ask you, and it was somehow worse than just explaining fanfiction to him. Bucky thoughtfully scrolled through his phone before speaking. “What’s cock warming? Is it something related to chickens?”
In other circumstances, you would’ve laughed your ass off, but right now you were faced with the looming question of how to answer Bucky’s question. “Bucky.. I… it’s…I umm…” your entire body became warm and Bucky held back a chuckle as you stuttered with embarrassment.
“If it’s so difficult, let it be.” Bucky waved his hand off in a dismissive gesture. You sagged into the couch with relief. Bucky became silent for some time and you thought that he wouldn’t ask more questions. But you were wrong, “What’s thigh riding?”
“Umm, thigh.. thigh riding.. uh, right… about that…” you were nearly sweating at this point and you couldn’t properly process words. You knew how to explain it, you just didn’t know how to explain it to Bucky.
He was a very good friend of yours, and you had discussed many things together, but talking about this still made your face heat up. You were lost in your own head when suddenly Bucky picked you up and placed you on his lap.
“I think it’s hard to explain. So why don’t you just show me?”
Your jaw fell open as you stared with disbelieving eyes at Bucky. Did he really just say that? You opened and closed your mouth as you wanted to speak, but no words were coming out of it.
Bucky was loving the expression on your face; almost as if he broke your brain with just his words. “You look so dumb and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Your blinked your eyes rapidly as you tried to get your brain back online, “huh what?”
“I said, do you wanna show me?” His hand was cupping your face and you were sure he could face your heated skin. But answering his question wasn’t that difficult now that you knew he wanted the same thing as you. “Yes.”
Bucky was a fine man and only an idiot wouldn’t want him. Not only was he a good man, he was excruciatingly handsome too. His eyes darkened with hunger and a fire lit in the pit of your stomach when he repositioned you over his thick thigh.
Your fingers were trembling as you curled them in his shirt for support. A soft moan escaped your lips as he held your hips tightly while dragging your further on your thigh. The soft material of your pants was rubbing against your heated core, and yet electric sparks were travelling down your spine.
“Remove your pants.” Bucky said without sugarcoating. “Wha… what?” Your stopped moving your hips and gulped. “Remove your pants, it’ll feel better.” Bucky’s fingers began tugging the soft sweatpants you were wearing.
Of course Bucky knew what all those words meant. But he was a very cruel man. He loved it when you got shy and flustered. It was probably the best sight in the whole world for him when you nervously chewed your lips as you gazed at him with bashful eyes.
“Bucky, someone will see.” You whispered as you frantically looked around the room. The fact that you were still seated in the meeting area wasn’t lost upon you. “Let them. Let them see what they will never have.” Bucky said with a smirk.
It all felt like a dream as you stood up from his lap and undressed. Bucky’s eyes were shamelessly running down your body and the unhidden lust was making you feel more desired than you ever had. Just his dark eyes were giving you goosebumps.
He spread his thighs further apart and motioned you to come closer. You sucked in a breath as you sat on his thigh and the course material of his jeans came in direct contact with your bare pussy. You once again held on to Bucky as you began moving your hips.
Your swollen clit rubbed deliciously against his pants and you chewed on your lip as you settled into a rhythm. Bucky wasn’t touching you, instead he was sitting back and just taking in the view as you drew your pleasure from him.
“Look at the mess you’ve made.” Bucky clicked his tongue. You opened your eyes, which you didn’t even realise you’d closed in the first place, and stared at the wet patch on Bucky’s jeans. Your slick was smeared across his thigh and the sight sent an unexpected wave of arousal through you.
“Look at me.” His words didn’t leave you any option but to stare into his deep blue eyes. The intensity of the entire act was setting you aflame. “Is this what you mean by thigh riding? Hmm,.. I guess I kinda do know now what you mean by cockwarming.”
When you didn’t reply and kept going, Bucky was quick to hold your waist tightly to stop you from moving. You were nearly desperate at this point to cum and you whined in complaint, “Bucky.. please.” But Bucky just tutted back, “Please what?”
“Please just..” you wanted to scream and shout and tell him that you wanted to cum, but somehow you were getting so bashful that even words weren’t forming. “Please let me… please!” You pleaded and Bucky just raised his eyebrow in question.
“Please let me cum!” You finally managed to spill the words out. You couldn’t handle this edging anymore as you rubbed yourself over his thigh. Your entire body felt like a live wire and you didn’t think you had it in you to hold it in anymore.
“No.” Was his simple reply. You stopped your movements as you gawked at Bucky. Your lips were suddenly dry and licked them before speaking up in a hoarse voice, “what?” You were still disbelieving of Bucky clear denial. But whatever was happening was only turning you on more.
“You don’t get to cum.” He reinstated his words and you pouted. “But why?” Bucky smirked as if he was waiting to give you the explanation. “You’ve been so naughty. Reading all this dirty stuff about me.” He shook his head as if he was disappointed. “Tell me, do you deserve to cum?”
“Bucky….” you gulped before moaning out the next words. “Oh my fucking god!” You really hadn’t thought Bucky would do something like this, and now that he was, you were really enjoying the whole unexpected ride.
But your smile turned into a squeal when Bucky slapped your ass. “Good girls don’t curse like that.” He muttered before placing his metal fingers over your heated pussy. You sobbed out a choked cry when he swirled your slick over your swollen folds.
You spread your legs wider and your fists curled tighter in his shirt as two of his fingers entered you. The metal fingers were thick and cool as he fingered you. Everything that was happening right now was straight out of your dreams.
“Do you think of me? Do you imagine it to be me when you touch yourself at night?” His voice was raspy. Your body was covered with a sheen of sweat by now and you’d nearly lost all of your coherent thoughts. Your brain solely focused on the fingers curling deliciously inside you.
“Answer me!” You gulped at his commanding tone and furiously nodded your head. He smirked at your admission and you felt like hiding your face in shame. You were honestly loving the way he was making you humiliate yourself and you didn’t know how, but you wanted more of it.
Bucky trailed down kisses from your neck to your pebbled nipples and you shivered at his warm touch. He played with your tits as he nibbled and sucked your nipples and you couldn’t stop the moan that bubbled up your throat as his hot mouth surrounded your pebbled nipples.
You whined at the loss when Bucky pulled back with a pop. His saliva began cooling over your sensitive skin and you shivered despite being very warm. “Look how sensitive you are. All you had to do was ask me to fuck you and I would’ve. No need of reading this stuff and getting yourself so riled up.”
You hadn’t ever thought the words spilling out of Bucky’s mouth would ever turn you on to this extent. He was already fucking you with his fingers, but somehow, you needed more. “Bucky please fuck me!” You didn’t plead, this time, you begged.
“Good girl.” You would’ve cum from just from his praise if he hadn’t pulled out his fingers. His flesh hand was still holding your waist tight enough to keep you from squirming. Your eyes nearly squinted as you followed as his fingers. He rubbed his wet fingers over your lips, smearing your slick, “Lick.”
You ran your tongue over your lips and his eyes keenly followed the movement. He placed two of his fingers back over your lips, but this time, he swiftly entered your open mouth. The fingers were thick and nearly reached the back of your throat and you gagged.
“Just like that. Suck on them like you’d suck my cock.” Encouraged by Bucky, you swirled your tongue over his fingers. He sucked in a sharp breath and you figured out that he could feel his metal hand. You doubled down your efforts and you could slowly feel the metal grow warmer in your mouth.
“You want to get fucked?” The question was straight forward and yet it made your head short circuit. “Yes Bucky!” He hummed as he mused and pushed his fingers deeper before pulling them out. “Go ahead then.” He said motioning towards his cock.
Bucky was making you do the work despite knowing how shy you were. With shaky hands, you unzipped his tented jeans and took out his hard length. Your mouth salivated at the sight of his thick cock and you lined it up with your sopping hole as you couldn’t wait anymore.
Your eyes clenched closed as he entered you. His thick length was stretching you deliciously as you slowly took him up to the base. His hands fisted at his sides when your hot walls wrapped around him. You took a moment to get settled with the stretch before moving your hips in a rhythmic matter.
Taking support on his chest, you began fucking yourself on his cock. Gravity was doing its work pulling you down whenever you raised yourself. He went deeper than anything you’ve ever had and you couldn’t stop the moans that kept on spilling from your lips.
“You’ll have this whenever you want.” Bucky murmured in your ear as you kept riding him. “Your tight cunt feels like heaven around my cock. Anytime you want this, just tell me. I’ll fill you up and keep you stuffed with my cum, would you like that?”
“Yes! Please, I want it. I want you so bad!” You whined. Your hips seemed to be moving of their own accord as you began fucking yourself harder. “Keep moving that pretty hole then. Keep riding me like that and I’ll fill you up nice and deep. Is that what you want?”
“Yes! Ye… yes buc.. Bucky! Pluh… please!” You stammered. You felt yourself getting closer to your release and you wouldn’t let Bucky take that away from you this time. “My fat cock’s got you stammering, ain’t it?”
His words were enough to push you on the edge as the waves of pleasure dragged you down with them. The orgasm felt like drowning in the sea and floating at the same time. It was a sublime feeling you couldn’t really put into words.
You sagged on Bucky’s chest as the climax left you feeling boneless. But Bucky was quick to flip you over on the coffee table. Your hands shook as you raised your ass up. Your breath hitched when Bucky entered you again from behind.
This time, he wasn’t merciful, he was animalistic and passionate. Unlike his previous cold exterior, he was like a man possessed now. The snapping of hips was shaking the table and he curled his hand around your neck and raised you up such that your back was pressed to his chest.
Your body was covered in sweat as you panted and moaned. His unrelenting thrusts were making stars burst behind your eyes. He was still murmuring filth into your ear, but you were too out of it to listen. You clutched his hand gracing your throat as your legs shook with the force of his thrusts.
It didn’t take long for your second orgasm to crash into you as you felt as if you were still reeling from the first. You felt little tremors of electricity going around your entire body. Your walls clenched around Bucky and he too came inside you with a loud grunt.
You nearly fell down on the sofa again, but the impact was reduced by Bucky’s body under you. You both heaved for air and as you settled down a little, you couldn’t help but start giggling. “What’s so funny?”
You were lying atop Bucky as you shook your head. “I can’t believe I fell for that.” Bucky circled his arms tightly around you. “You can act so innocent sometimes Bucky, I can’t believe this. Also did you mean it?” Bucky chuckled behind you. “Mean what?”
“Whenever I want it….” You left the rest of your sentence hanging in the air. But Bucky understood what you were saying. He turned you around such that you were facing him. “Yeah. I meant it, just ask and you’ll get it, anytime, anywhere.”
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sweetsweetnuit · 2 months ago
  hate fuck
Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: you’re annoyed when your vibrator dies, but bucky is more annoyed by your whining.
pairing: bucky barnes (roommate) x f!reader
word count: 3.0k
warnings: 18+ ONLY. enemies to lovers, roommate trope, grumpy bucky, dirty talk, pet-names, so much sexual tension, masturbation, oral, penetrative sex (protected), denied orgasm, multiple orgasms, praise kink, size kink
Tumblr media
With an exasperated huff, you turn onto your back and stare up at the crumbling ceiling above you. For once, your upstairs neighbours are quiet. Not to mention the temperature in your bedroom is ideal; not hot enough to want to rip your clothes off and just cold enough to sleep with one leg out of the blanket. 
All you wanted was a good night’s sleep because tomorrow was your first day off in weeks. Not to mention the fact that tomorrow was a Saturday. Getting the weekend off was unheard of and you wanted to capitalize on it. 
You took your time in the shower, using the various body scrubs and deciding that you did deserve to do a face mask. It’s not like you were ever going to get another weekend to use them. The candle that you were burning in your room still lingered in the air, a sweet jasmine scent that should have relaxed you into a deep and peaceful slumber. 
Instead, you were in bed, wide fucking awake with restless leg syndrome. 
Another huff as you groaned, turning you reach for your phone so you could check the time. The digits read 02:34 AM as you let out a groan because at this rate, you were better pulling an all-nighter. This had to be some sort of sick joke the universe was playing on you. 
Despite your annoyance, you knew the cause of your restlessness. It wasn’t anxiety or nerves and it wasn’t some huge event that you had to attend tomorrow and were too excited to sleep. It wasn’t even the fact that you fell asleep on the couch watching New Girl. 
It was Bucky. 
The almost stubbornly handsome man that you called your roommate despite the fact that you both hated each other. It’s not like you went into this arrangement thinking he was a total asshole, no, you were actually hoping to like your new roommate considering your last was a raging kleptomaniac who also didn’t know about boundaries. 
If Bucky wasn’t such a grumpy, overbearing man who pointed out every single flaw in you, you could’ve been friends. Hell, you wanted to be a lot more than friends the first time you met him. 
He was wearing nothing but a pair of loose basketball shorts and no shirt as his chest glistened in the sweltering New York City summer sun as he offered to help you move in. You were immediately attracted to him, drawn to his charm and quick wit, but that all changed a few weeks into living with him. 
So the real reason why you couldn’t sleep at this ungodly hour is because every time you tried to close your eyes, Bucky would appear. In all of his stupid glory and you couldn’t shake him no matter how hard you tried. 
Your panties were slick and you had to rub your legs together to suppress the throbbing ache between your thighs. You thought you could sleep through it, but now, as you were reaching for the cheap vibrator you kept in your nightstand, you knew this was the only way. 
A quick fuck would’ve been better, but your usual friend with benefit is out of town and despite them always being down for a midnight delight, they weren’t a viable option. The lousy vibrator would have to do. 
You didn’t waste any time, quickly pushing it into your panties as you clicked it on, cursing at the sound it made before finally you were able to muffle it. Then, all your worries disappeared because fuck, it felt good. It was exactly what you needed right now and you were just going to enjoy this. 
It’s what you deserve. 
The vibrations over your clit made your toes curl, sinking further into your pillows as you bit your lip and let out a soft moan. Your hand cupped your tit, playing with your nipple through the thin fabric of your shirt as you rocked against the toy.
You let yourself think of Bucky, your mind quickly wandering. 
His back and the way the muscles contracted as he reached for items on the top shelves. The way his mechanical hand whirred whenever he moved it. His fingers and how long and thick they were. His lips and mouth and the filthy things they would say to you as he buried himself between your legs. 
It was all too much and not enough at the same time. You wanted more, needed to feel his hands exploring and roaming your body. You wanted him to taste you, but also know exactly what he tasted like. Asshole or not, you craved him. 
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud knock sounded on your bedroom door the second your vibrator sputtered and then died. 
You were so. fucking. close. 
“Keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep.” Bucky’s voice boomed from the other side of the door and you grit your teeth in pure frustration as you threw the covers off and stomped all the way to the door before flinging it open. 
“Invest in ear plugs then, Barnes.” You spit back, moving past him and into the kitchen to rummage through the various drawers in hopes of finding two of those triple A fuckers to kickstart your vibrator again. 
It wasn’t until you closed the last drawer and looked back at Bucky that you realized you were still holding the toy and dressed in nothing but an old shirt and your cotton panties. At least they were cute and thank God you didn’t care enough to try around Bucky anymore. 
“If you’re looking for batteries, I used the last of them for the TV remote.” He smirked, that asshole actually had the audacity to smirk. 
You debated marching on over to the remote to empty it of its life source, but decided against it when you realized just how desperate that would’ve looked and Bucky didn’t need anymore ammunition against you. You were pretty sure he ran the I Hate My Roommate Club already.
Shaking your head, you groan, “fucking great.” 
There’s nothing left to do but make the walk of shame back to your bedroom and settle for your fingers. It was better than nothing except yeah, you were spoiled and loved the vibrator. Cheap or not, it got the work done in half the time. 
Right before your second leg finished crossing past the threshold into your bedroom, Bucky caught your upper arm with a large, warm hand, stopping you. You didn’t know how to react, so you slowly looked up at him, noticing how dark his eyes looked. 
“Am I going to spend the rest of the night hearing you complain about that stupid vibrator?” He asks and it makes you furious. 
“I’ll bitch and moan all night long just to keep you up,” you retort back. 
Bucky’s grip on you doesn’t loosen, instead, his lips twitch in another smirk as he draws you in even closer to his body. You can feel the heat of his body against yours and smell the earthy beard balm he uses, notes of evergreen and sage. 
“I’d much rather hear you moan, peach. Can we do that instead?” He cocks his head, his eyes travelling down your body and to where the vibrator is still being gripped by your fingers. 
Your heart kicks in your chest, realizing that this is just another one of Bucky’s games. It’s a challenge and nothing more, but you’re not about to back down now. If that’s how he wants to play, you’re just going to play rough and dirty. 
“What? So you can fuck me for two minutes and then ask if I came? Thanks, but I’ll stick to my own fingers.” You say innocently, batting your eyelashes for extra effect. 
It triggers something in Bucky because his jaw clenches and suddenly you’re inside of your bedroom and pressed tightly against the wall as the toy falls from your hand and onto the floor. 
A tiny gasp leaves through your parted lips as one of Bucky’s thick thighs slides between your legs and applies just the tiniest bit of pressure. Again, for the second time that night, it’s not fucking enough. You need more. 
“Drop the act, peaches. I see the way you look at me and I sure as hell see the way you squirm in your seat when I’m around you.” His tone is cocky and sure and fuck if he isn’t right. 
He drops his head, tentatively as if asking for your permission. When you don’t push him away, he lets his lips linger over the skin of your neck, grazing the sensitive flesh. The touch is enough to leave goosebumps in its wake, your eyes fluttering shut at the soft touch. 
“Smell so sweet, baby.” He hums, “I wonder if you taste even sweeter.” 
You have to fight back a groan, letting your head tumble against the wall behind you as his kisses increase in frequency until he’s trailing them up your jaw and stopping right over your lips. He’s so close that you can taste the minty toothpaste on his teeth, attempting to get closer, but he pins your arms by your head. 
“Take it back,” he growls. “Admit what we both know.” 
He’s not getting what he wants that easy, not tonight. Instead, you smirk, cocking your eyebrow as you lean in ever so slightly so you can whisper in his ear. 
“Make me.” 
Your words set Bucky off as he’s tugging you off the wall and throwing you onto the bed. You bounce a few times, watching Bucky stalk towards you before he’s gripping your ankle and tugging you to the edge of your bed. 
He looks hungry, eyes dark and his dark hair a messy frame around his face. It’s been getting longer these days, not as long as when you first met him, but it was at the point where it began curling around his forehead and the nape of his neck. 
“God, you’re so fucking difficult, you know that?” The question is rhetorical, but it makes you giggle anyways knowing how much you’re riling him up. 
You haven’t missed the bulge in his pants either, straining against his boxers and you’re about to go to church so you can thank God that Bucky sleeps almost naked every night. You only wished that he didn’t have a shirt on. 
He tugs you until your ass is nearly hanging off the edge of the bed before he’s sinking to his knees in front of you. Then, he pauses, a soft look glazing his eyes as he looks at you. It takes you a few seconds before you realize he’s asking for your permission to continue, knowing that if you don’t he’ll stop. 
“Don’t stop now, Buck. Or what? Never had a pussy this close to your face?” It’s your fucked up version of consent, but it’s all part of the intricate game you’re both playing. 
He snarls, ripping your shirt off of your body before your panties are next. It shocks you as the cool air hits your skin, nipples peaking while he stares down at you. 
“I hate how fucking beautiful you are, you know that? Make my cock so fucking hard.” He grumbles, back on his knees and spreading your legs apart for him. 
You should feel vulnerable, but you don’t. Something about Bucky makes you feel safe, like you know that he’s there to make you feel good and there’s nothing he would ever make you feel ashamed about. 
Not even the fact that hair covers your mound, decorated just how you like. 
“Fuck,” he lets out a hiss of air at the sight of your glistening core. 
He uses two fingers to spread you open, pressing a kiss to your hair covered mound before leaning back on his thighs, “this how wet your vibrator gets you, baby?” 
You moan, nodding your head. If he doesn’t touch you soon, you think you’re going to combust. Because in all honestly, it’s not just your vibrator. It’s him. It’s all Bucky. The thought of his back alone gets you hot and heavy. 
“Tomorrow we’re going out and I’m buying you as many of them as you want. In every colour too, peach.” He mumbles, transfixed by the sight in front of him. 
You think you’ve broken Bucky with your pussy. The way he’s licking his lips, dark eyes drinking in your body is addicting and you want to take a picture of this moment just in case you ever get amnesia and forget it. 
He doesn’t give you a chance to respond because his warm, flat tongue is running from your entrance all the way up to your clit in one firm lick. You collapse back onto the bed to enjoy the way Bucky is eating you out. 
Yeah, he knows what he’s doing. He’s not like the other guys you’ve been with. He can actually find the clit and he does so within the first few seconds until you’re mewling and your back is arching. 
“That’s it, baby. I knew you were in there, feels good doesn’t it, when your pussy gets licked properly.” He smirks against your hot core, the vibrations carrying through your entire body. 
One hand in tangled in his hair while the other is holding onto dear life on the bedsheets, using them as a lifeline. Bucky is nuzzling his entire face in your pussy, licking and sucking as you try to catch your breath. Your previously denied orgasm is quickly approaching and you hope Bucky gives it to you. 
“Fuck, Bucky. I-I’m coming.” You groan, head lolling to the side as you feel the heat seeping up your spine and through every extremity while your thighs squeeze Bucky’s head. 
Bucky rides you through the orgasm, moaning against your centre as he licks you clean, as if he’s making sure he won’t miss a single drop that you give him. The feeling is hypnotic, not to mention it’s one of the most intense orgasms of your life. Way better than what your shitty vibrator would’ve given you. 
He emerges, chin wet with your arousal as he smirks, “the fun’s only getting started.” 
This time, you’re scrambling to your knees, ripping off his shirt and moaning at the sight in front of you. He’s muscular and lean, chiseled to perfection as you run your hands up and down his torso and up to his shoulders where you lean in and finally plant your lips on his. 
He groans into your mouth, his tongue against yours as he holds you by your hips, sliding a hand down to cup your ass occasionally. The kiss is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. He tastes like you, but more importantly, he tastes just how you thought he would. 
“Condoms are in the bedside table. I expect to have a hard time walking tomorrow.” You said, slightly out of breath as you lay back and wiggle up the bed until you’re lying against the pillows. 
Bucky just looks at you, a look of endearment etched onto his face before he’s grabbing a condom, ripping the packet with his teeth and pushing his boxers down to his ankles. You knew he was big, but this just confirms every filthy fantasy you’ve ever had. 
“That’s not going to fit.” You suddenly blurt, wide-eyed as Bucky’s halfway down rolling the condom onto his length. 
He gets on the bed, nudging your legs apart with his knees as he hovers over you with a wickedly delicious smirk. His huge body over yours makes you feel about ten times smaller than you actually are. 
“I’ll make it fit, peaches. But trust me when I say you’ll be feeling me for days.” He purrs, rubbing the head of his cock against your clit and through your folds. 
Bucky lines up with your entrance, pushing slowly until the head of his cock penetrates you and you’re already dizzy from pleasure. Your legs are wrapped around his waist and you’re sinking your nails into his back. 
“Atta girl,” he coos, something about his words making you whimper. 
“Such a good girl, open your eyes.” He demands, stilling his hips until you do so. 
“Look,” he growls, tilting your chin to you can see where you’re both connected. “I want you to see how well your tight little pussy is taking my cock.” 
You shudder, both from his words and the way he begins to slowly continue to sink into you. It’s exactly what you needed, to be filled and stretched by Bucky’s cock. 
“Such a good girl, letting me into your guts.” He growls, fully seated inside of you and driving you absolutely crazy. 
He doesn’t waste anymore time, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back into you and your eyes roll back as he places your legs over his shoulders. He’s properly fucking you, the headboard meeting the wall so hard the neighbours will sure be complaining in the morning. 
And this is it. This is how you know that Bucky will no longer be just your roommate because a roommate doesn’t fuck as good as he does unless he has other intentions. 
“Give me another one, peach. Wanna feel you squeeze my cock as you come.” He grunts, thumb meeting your clit as your legs shake and you can’t hold back the orgasm, still oversensitive from the last. 
It blows your mind entirely, leaving you breathless and speechless, the feelings seemingly going on forever until Bucky’s hips begin to stutter as he spills into the condom. 
He collapses beside you, discarding the condom before gathering you into his arms as you both try to come back down to Earth from what was possibly the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had. 
“Next time you an orgasm, let me tag team with your vibrator. I wanna make you see stars, peach.” He whispers in your ear with a shit-eating grin on his face because yeah, Bucky’s wasn’t just a roommate anymore. 
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jadedvibes · 2 months ago
Crossing the Line
Summary: After your friends set you up on a blind date with your sworn enemy, you both drunkenly decide to mess with them by making a bet to see who can pretend to be a happy couple the longest.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x reader
Warnings: 18+ only, smut, unprotected possessive sex, beefy!bucky manhandling the reader a lot, mirror sex, fingering, light angst with a happy ending, fluff, swearing, Fifty Shades of Grey reference, alcohol, jealous!bucky, brief run-in with an "ex" with a wife, pet names, Bucky is kinda cocky, enemies to lovers, fake dating.
Word Count: 10.1k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
“We shouldn't, right? It’d be too cruel,” Natasha asked warily. 
“Nat, they have so many things in common, and frankly I am tired of their bitter rivalry over every little thing. We can’t finish a game of Uno without things getting contentious. And god forbid that they end up on the opposite team for charades,” Sam said. “Would giving them a chance at meeting outside of our game nights be so bad?”
“No, but you know how they get when they’re left alone.”
“Bitter and argumentative, sure, but maybe there’s a hidden spark just waiting to ignite into a blazing passionate fire.”
Nat looked at Sam incredulously, “I think you’re doing this to get back at Barnes for flirting with your sister.” 
Sam smiled sheepishly, “Well why did you offer to set her up on the blind date to begin with? You were fully on board at one point.”
“I just feel like there is something there that they’re not seeing, and I have a strong sense that if given the chance, it could work out really well. Plus Bucky’s not a bad guy, and after the dates she’s been on — well I trust him at least a little bit.”
“And at the end of the day it will be a really funny story if it backfires,” Sam said cheekily. 
Nat sighed, a knowing smirk playing on her lips, “Yeah, can’t argue with that.” 
You walked up to the doors of the restaurant with purpose. Your best friends Nat and Sam had set you up on a blind date, and while the thought of that was unnerving, you trusted their judgment. Blind dates were a fun way of meeting people, or so you told yourself, and at the very least you knew that the mystery man was vetted by reliable people, so it shouldn’t be too bad. 
With a deep breath you opened the door and walked towards the hostess. 
“Hello, do you have a reservation?” the cheery wide-eyed brunette asked. 
“I believe my date is already here. Is there a man in a blue shirt waiting for someone? I was told that’s what he would be wearing,” you said. 
“Yes, of course. He got in a few minutes ago, told me to expect a woman in a burgundy dress,” she said as she took in your attire. “Right this way,” she said gleefully before quickly grabbing a couple menus and walking you towards a candlelit corner booth. 
You couldn’t see the man given the angle of the booth, but the moment you arrived at the table you were filled with instant regret. 
“And here we are, your waiter will be right out in a second,” the jovial hostess said before giving you a sly wink and leaving you to be. 
You were met with familiar blue eyes that looked just as bewildered as yours. 
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You?!” you exclaimed at your annoying foe.
“I’ve got to be kidding? What the hell are you doing here?” 
You huffed out a breath before sliding into the seat across from Bucky. “Obviously this is some kind of punishment aimed at you for taking things too far last Saturday.”
He ran a hand through his hair, “When I play charades, I play to win, you know this.”
“I know, but did you have to nearly flip Sam’s coffee table?”
“This isn’t worth rehashing, what do we do, just go home?” he asked. 
“I’m hungry, and while I could go find something to eat elsewhere, we’re already here. Can you keep it together without any drama for a little while?” you asked sarcastically. 
“Only if you can,” he said with a raised brow. 
“Great, I’ll just need a lot of wine, but then I’ll be good to go.”
“Perfect, let’s get a bottle or two,” he said before flagging down a waiter. 
“Some prank huh?” you muttered after placing both your food and drink order because you had no intention of prolonging the night. 
“I know this is Sam’s way of getting back at me for something.”
“Yeah no doubt, but I’m not sure what I did to deserve this.”
“Right, because you’re perfect,” Bucky said drily. 
Bucky leaned back and looked at you with a tight smile. “So what do we do to get back at them? I don’t think they should get away with setting us up on a date that they knew wouldn’t work out.” 
“Whoa, I’m a damn delight, this could’ve worked out if you were anyone else.” 
Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why are you like this? I only agreed to this because Sam said this girl was unlike any I’d dated before. I didn’t think he’d mean it so literally.”
You furrowed your brows. “The hell is that supposed to mean?” 
He rolled his eyes, “Nothing bad, I just usually got along with my exes, at least for a while. You and I, on the other hand, have never gotten along.”
You nodded your head, “Yeah that’s true.” You paused for a minute as the waiter brought out your wine and poured it into your glasses, leaving behind the bottle.
After taking a few gulps, “Maybe you were right, I mean you pulled out an iron for that shirt, we can’t let them get away with this,” you said jokingly. 
“Thank you for noticing,” he said as he subconsciously ran his hands over his nicely pressed shirt. “So what are we thinking? We could TP their house,” he said before taking a big swig of his wine. 
You scoffed, “Bucky, how old are you?” 
“Well give us an idea, smartypants.”
You sighed, taking a moment to contemplate. Unfortunately, you realized every option would be juvenile. “Ugh I don’t know. Sadly, the mature thing to do would be to pretend like this didn’t affect us so that they don’t get the reaction they hoped for.” 
“That’s lame,” he said as your waiter brought out your food. 
“So is their prank,” you muttered before taking a bite of your pasta. 
The two of you ate in silence for a little bit because neither of you knew how to speak to each other companionably. It was always quips, retorts, and sarcastic remarks that fueled your conversations. 
After a beat, you asked, “Did you pick out the restaurant?” 
Bucky furrowed his brow, “Why, do you hate it?” 
Your eyes widened, “No, I actually really like it.” 
“Oh,” he chuckled in surprise. “I did, it’s my favorite spot for good Italian food.”
“Ah, well you’ve got decent taste — at least in food,” you said with a small smirk. 
He tugged at his bottom lip, trying to suppress a smile. “Do you want more wine?” 
“Yes please.”
Heat rose to your cheeks as the effects of the wine were finally making itself known. With one bottle down and another on the way, you felt a little more at ease in Bucky’s presence. 
“I don’t know why Nat would set me up with you, no offense — like she knows that I just got out of something a little messy.” 
Bucky’s eyes softened as he looked at you. “I know Sam is doing this to mess with me, but I can’t figure out what Nat’s thought process was in all of this. She’s usually so protective of you.”
“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to be more weary of her,” you said timidly. If you were completely sober you would shrug this off as a silly prank, but you weren’t and it was hard to process why your friend would mess with you in an area in which she knew you held many trust issues. 
Before you could ponder any further, the waiter reemerged, pouring more wine for the two of you. The two of you happily drank some more, not completely hating the date any longer. 
“You know what would be kind of funny?” Bucky mumbled more to himself. 
“If we pretended that this date was amazing and that we liked each other after it.” 
“Like liked each other?” you asked in surprise.
He let out a laugh, “Yes, like we felt a spark and decided to keep seeing each other.”
You giggled, “They’d never see that coming! But that would be hard to pull off.”
“I know,” Bucky blushed at the thought. 
“Regardless, you can’t seem to keep your cool around me when you’re sober, so it would never work.”
Bucky huffed out a breath, “Yeah that’s true, plus you despise me and start arguments for no reason whenever given the chance,” he shrugged.
You scoffed, “Right, I’m argumentative for absolutely no reason and you never upset me on purpose,” you muttered.
“That’s exactly right,” he said matter-of-factly. 
“I don’t know why you live to agitate me, I could totally keep it together and do it convincingly too.”
“Correction, you live to annoy me, and I know I could keep it together way better than you,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Wanna bet?” you blurted out. 
Bucky’s eyebrows raised, his interest was piqued. “Bet?”
“We do the pretend thing to mess with Nat and Sam — the first to back out loses.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes as he considered the proposition; it would be a good way to get back at Sam. And he would take that bet on principle just to prove you wrong and show you that you were the irrational one, but he knew something else was needed to make it more interesting. 
“What’s at stake? If we’re going to pretend to like each other in front of our friends it’s gotta be worthwhile.”
“Loser has to clean the winner’s place for a month.”
“Make it two months with laundry included and you’ve got yourself a deal. I could use the break.”
You snickered as you reached for your wine glass once more. “Yeah, and when I win you can enjoy the extra month of cleaning you’ll have to do at my place and yours.”
Bucky tilted his head, “Are we really doing this, or what?”
You extended your hand, “Two months of cleaning for whoever bails or starts drama first.”
He stretched out his hand, engulfing yours completely — and thus commenced the charade. 
You woke up feeling dehydrated and hungover; you needed a painkiller and a giant cup of water to quell the throbbing in your head. Begrudgingly getting up to retrieve that from your kitchen was a difficult endeavor, but it certainly helped you feel a bit better afterwards. Once your head felt a little less heavy you thought back to the bet you made with Bucky. Even though you were drunk then, it wasn’t difficult to remember every detail of the conversation now. 
In the light of day you started to feel uncertain about following through with it, and you wondered if Bucky was going to bring it up himself. You wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t, but as you put some bread in the toaster you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. 
Bucky: Hi sugarplum, honey pie…
Well shit, he remembered. There was no way you were going to back down now. 
Y/N: Workshopping nicknames are we?
Bucky: Duh. I’m in it to win it, muffin.
Y/N: Okay good for you, but why are you texting me? There’s no one around to see.
Bucky: Nat didn’t text you?
You were about to type that she had not, but your phone began to buzz at that moment. Speaking of the devil, it was Nat calling to likely see how her crappy set-up went. Before answering you reminded yourself that you didn’t want to be Bucky’s housekeeper. 
You soon found out that Sam had already spoken to Bucky and that Nat was checking to confirm if you really were good to grab coffee in an hour. She seemed genuinely excited to hear that things went well with Bucky, which confused you immensely. Nat even claimed that she knew something was there, but before you could ask her to elaborate on that she had to run. Before hanging up, you agreed to meet up with them. 
So much for coasting for a few days before having to play pretend.
Before you could grumble about it too much you remembered that you had to text Bucky back before getting ready. You pulled up your messages and quickly typed out your response. 
Y/N: Nat called, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. 
Bucky: Right, I was going to ask if you wanted me to pick you up on my way. 
You couldn’t tell if he was being nice or whether he was trying to further prolong your suffering, but you had a feeling it was the latter. 
Y/N: Fine. 
Bucky: Cool, I’ll text you before I leave, babygirl :P
You rolled your eyes at your screen. 
Bucky pulled up to your place wearing a bright smile ten minutes before you were set to meet up with the other couple.
“What are you so happy about?” you asked as you buckled your seatbelt. 
“I’m just really looking forward to the upcoming two months of chore-free living, that’s all. Seeing you reminded me of what a great break I’m about to get.” 
You scoffed, “Wow, well I wouldn’t be too sure about that yet, Barnes.” 
“Barnes? No pet name for me, doll?” he asked cheekily. 
“I’ll think about it. Can we just save the talking for when we get to the coffee shop? I don’t even know why we’re doing this today.” 
“Steve and Sharon are out of town, so game night is pushed to tomorrow. Guess Sam and Nat still wanted to see us, and I think they’re also trying to confirm that we’re a thing.” 
“Well I am looking forward to messing with them about that,” you mumbled.
Bucky hummed in agreement, “Same, but let’s see how long you can hold out.” 
“All I know is it’ll be longer than you.”
Bucky scoffed as he turned a corner, “Right, just try not to fall in love with me while you’re at it.”
You snorted, “Shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Why’s that?” he asked with a self-assured smirk on his face. Bucky loved to mess with you, mainly because you were the only one that could keep up with him. 
You huffed a breath, “Because, I like my men a little less dick-ish.” 
“Ah, yes, that would be an issue then,” he said as he parked his car. After a second, he turned towards you with a smug smile, “But is too much dick, really that bad?” 
Groaning internally, you tried to rush out of the vehicle, ready for a moment away from him already. But Bucky was too quick, and he was there to help you out of the car once your door was open. You mumbled a thank you and moved to get across the street, but in your haste to get away, you tripped and stumbled onto the road. 
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted. He quickly grabbed your hand and tugged you back just as a cyclist zoomed past, barely missing you. 
All too fast, you heard a whiz of air and a shouting of expletives from the cyclist before you were roughly pulled against Bucky’s broad chest. “Shit!” you exclaimed, as you tried to recover your balance. 
“Are you alright?” Bucky asked as he placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you. He looked at you with concern, only now noticing the stunning hue of your eyes. He unconsciously brushed his thumb over your cheekbone, hoping to calm you, or perhaps himself as he took in your beauty.
Your heart raced as you stared into his sparkling blue eyes. And when you took a deep breath to calm yourself, you accidentally inhaled his warm cologne — like sandalwood and vanilla. Wow, did he always smell that good? 
Shaking your head and coming back to your senses, you finally found your voice. “This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey. Thank you for saving me but I’m not going to gaze longingly into your eyes.” You only hoped that he wouldn’t bring up the fact that you had essentially done that already.
Bucky slowly released the grip he had on you, finally remembering where he was. “You sure? Could be good practice?” he said with a soft smirk on his lips. He was too mesmerized to call you out on that little moment, he was too caught up in you. 
You released a breath, before nodding your head. “I’m sure.” 
“Okay, well then it’s time to go put on a show. Is it alright if I hold your hand, for appearances of course?” Bucky didn’t tell you that he only wanted to make sure that you crossed the street safely. He was feeling unexpectedly protective over you after that adrenaline-inducing moment, and he was grateful when you wordlessly slipped your hand into his. 
As you crossed the street together, Bucky felt a weird sensation in his chest — and that worried him more than he cared to admit. 
Once you arrived in front of the coffee shop’s door, you both shared a knowing look. Plastering a fake smile on your face, you stepped inside as he held the door open for you. “Thank you, boo bear,” you said, looking back with a wink. 
Bucky looked at you in surprise. Oh, so she’s not going to make this easy on me.
“So you guys really hit it off, huh?” Sam asked curiously as you curled up next to Bucky in the wooden booth. 
Sam’s narrowed eyes showed his disbelief, but Nat appeared smitten and excited for whatever response you were going to give. 
“We did, what can I say?” you said gleefully as you looked into Bucky’s eyes. He tried to contain a smile, but failed miserably. You were too good at this, and he knew he had to put in some work to keep up.
“It was strange,” Bucky chimed in. “It was like I saw her for the first time last night. Suddenly, all of our petty arguments seemed ridiculous.” You looked over at him suspiciously as he spoke all too convincingly. He continued, “She was wearing this burgundy dress that looked so gorgeous on her, and I knew then that I wanted her. And of course, let’s not forget, she’s always challenged me like no other. She makes me want to be a better man. So thanks so much for the set up, Samuel,” he said with a charming smile. 
Nat listened attentively to every word, as Sam sat still, finding it all hard to believe. Bucky and you were practically sworn enemies from almost the moment you crossed paths. Sam knew Bucky’s aversion was because he thought you were an “exasperating wisecrack.” And Nat knew your disdain stemmed from the first rude encounter you had with Bucky, where he told you he thought you were an “annoying know-it-all.”
From those early moments he couldn’t stand you, and you had trouble speaking with him without getting upset. Undoubtedly, it was petty and based off of the most trivial encounter, but it magnified over time. Game nights with the gang only amplified your animosity, which continued to grow through seemingly every interaction you both shared. 
“Yes, thank you Nat. Seeing Bucky all cleaned up last night, looking so handsome, just did something to me. I knew then that I had to have him,” you said, groaning internally as you spoke. 
Sam nodded his head, seemingly convinced. “Well, I’m happy for you both. You guys deserve something good.” The two of you together wasn’t entirely implausible, because despite the surface hostility, he knew you both respected each other. 
“I guess this means game nights are going to look a little different too then, huh?” Nat asked teasingly. 
Bucky looked at you, “Of course, we’re on the same team now. Isn’t that right, baby?” 
“So true, bunny,” you said as you looked into his cerulean eyes. 
Nat spoke up, “I am loving this, so so much! I cannot wait until tomorrow night.” 
“Me too,” Bucky mumbled. 
“Me three,” you said, lying through your teeth. 
The ride home was uncharacteristically quiet. Neither you nor Bucky had anything to say to each other. You were starting to feel a little weird about the bet, mainly because it wasn’t exceedingly hard to uphold. Playing nice wasn’t nearly as difficult as you imagined it’d be, and that felt strange. It’s not that you loved Bucky’s company, but you didn’t hate it as much as you usually did either. 
Bucky was feeling his own version of unusual, because he too realized that sustaining the bet was too easy. He had been fairly honest, and he realized when he spoke of how beautiful you looked the night before, that he meant every word. Hopefully, things will change at game night. 
He still felt compelled to check on you despite his desire to win. After parking in front of your place, he turned to you. “Are you sure you want to keep doing this? We can come clean before game night because I’m pretty sure we’ve convinced them and made up for their prank.” 
“Is that your way of attempting to quit?” you asked curiously. Sure, you felt odd, but you were still in it to win it. 
Bucky huffed out of breath, “No, I was giving you an out in case this isn’t something you wanted to do anymore. We could call off the bet and have no winner or loser if you want.”
“That kind of defeats the purpose of this whole thing, Bucky,” you said frankly. 
“I… I know.” He shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what he was even trying to say in the first place. “So then, I’ll pick you up at 5 tomorrow?” 
“Sure, and thanks for driving me today, boo bear,” you said as you opened the car door.
He let out a laugh, “Can I put in a request for another pet name?”
“You can, but it might not get approved,” you beamed before shutting the door and leaving him alone with his thoughts. 
And that consisted of the thought of you in his arms, the feel of your hand in his, and the memory of you in that dress. 
The following day, you tried not to dwell on the unusual feelings you had about the night before. They didn’t matter, and you figured Bucky would finally start some drama later on at game night. He was too competitive not to, and that made you excited about what was to come. 
By the time Bucky had come to get you, you were giddy to get the show on the road. You both made casual small talk, and seemed to be in good spirits. The two of you even set boundaries on public displays of affection quite easily, agreeing on everything but kissing. However, your plans were briefly thwarted when Nat texted you, asking if you could pick up some ingredients that she forgot to get from the store. After letting Bucky know, the two of you stopped at the supermarket along the way. 
“What did she say she needed?” Bucky asked as he grabbed a cart. 
“Just a couple of things for her dip. We don’t even need a cart.”
“That’s okay, I like to drive it.” 
“Suit yourself. I just need a few things from the produce section,” you said before heading in that direction. 
“Alright, I’ll meet you there in a minute. I’m going to grab a couple drinks.” 
You nodded, as you made your way to grab the vegetables you needed. As you picked out some celery, you were disappointed to see your recent ex, if you could even call him that, Quentin headed your way. Things abruptly ended early on after you found out that he had a wife. After a crappy first date, and a dramatic second date where his wife stormed in, you realized he was an absolute tool. He still called and texted you afterwards, trying to see if you were willing to look past it but you blocked his number after declining multiple times. 
“Well if it isn’t Y/N. How have you been, sugar?” he asked obnoxiously. 
“Quentin, —.”
Bucky interjected before you could respond. “Hey, doll. Do you remember the whiskey Sam had last weekend? I forgot the brand name,” he said as he stood behind the cart facing you and Quentin. He furrowed his brow as he took in your demeanor — he couldn’t tell what was going on, but he could see that you were bothered. 
“Hey, um I don’t remember.”
“Oh alright, well did you find —.”
Quentin narrowed his eyes as he looked at you, “Who the hell is this, Y/N?” he interrogated. 
Bucky was taken aback, but he finally understood from context that this had to be one of your crappy exes. He chimed in before you had to. “I’m her boyfriend, and I don’t really care who you are,” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest, making himself appear broader. “Ready to go, doll?” he asked, not giving Quentin a second glance. 
Quentin was so shocked by the turn of events that he couldn’t think of a response. 
You nodded your head as you placed the greens in the cart. Bucky reached out for your hand, after you put everything down, which you gladly took. 
“Do you actually need anything else?” he asked as you turned the corner. 
“No, I’ve got it all. And thanks for the assist back there.”
“Any time,” he said as he squeezed your hand. For a moment you forgot that he was still holding it, and by the looks of it, he did too. “Oh um, sorry,” he said, slowly letting go of your hand.  
Bucky knew he shouldn’t, but he wondered if you felt it too, the captivating force that was pulling him to you — a small part of him wished you did. 
“Nothing to be sorry about,” you mumbled as your heart skipped a beat. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the feel of your fingers intertwined with his. 
“I forgot to ask, do you want me to circle back and kick his ass?” 
You let out a laugh, looking up at him in disbelief. “You’d do that for me?” 
Bucky cracked a smile, “Anything for my sugarplum,” he teased, nudging you gently. You only shook your head and tried to suppress a smile in response. 
And even if his tone was playful, he couldn't help but feel like he meant it. 
After arriving at Sam and Nat’s you took the opportunity to step away from Bucky. You had a feeling things would get contentious soon enough, and a brief break before that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Heading to the kitchen you dropped off the groceries and caught up with the girls. 
“How have things been with Bucky?” Nat asked suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows. 
“Oh my goodness, is that why you two arrived together?!” Wanda asked excitedly. 
“Nat, it's only been a couple of days, but it’s been great. He’s a good guy.” 
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. I know you guys clashed when you met, but he’s a good person. I’m so glad you’re seeing that now.” 
Wanda chimed in, “Bucky really is the best — so chivalrous and handsome. I’m happy you guys settled your differences, because you make a lovely pair.” 
“Thanks ladies,” you mumbled, taking a good swig of your beer. You were well aware that this was supposed to be a prank — mess with Sam and Nat for setting you up on a bad date, and get a couple months of cleaning out of Bucky. But it didn’t seem like the others were taking it the way you had intended. You weren’t feeling the satisfaction that you thought would come from pranking them, and Bucky was being entirely kind to you. How the hell is this going to work out? 
Before you could worry about that too much, your old friend Thor walked in. 
Excusing yourself from the girls, you walked up to your blonde friend. “Hey, I didn't know you were coming!” you said excitedly. Thor rarely made an appearance at your game nights, but you loved it whenever he did. 
Thor beamed at you, “Hello, Y/N. It’s so good to see you! Are you well?” he asked before pulling you into a bear hug. 
You giggled as he let you go. “I’m good! What’s new with you?”
As Thor caught you up on his daily life, someone else was feeling unsettled at the sight of you standing so close and chatting so happily with him. 
From across the way, Bucky asked Sam and Steve, “Who invited Thor?”
“Oh right, I ran into him a few days ago. I invited him but I didn’t think he’d take up the invite. He’s always a good time though.” Sam paused when he saw Bucky's irritated expression. “Why do you look upset?” he asked. 
Steve let out a laugh, “Because Y/N’s looking awfully chummy with him,” he pointed his beer bottle in your direction. 
Bucky glowered at you laughing at something Thor was saying; your head thrown back as you gripped his large bicep for balance. Thor looked at you with the brightest smile, laughing along to whatever joke you two were sharing. It made Bucky’s chest tighten, and he did not want to think about the reason for that. 
“Oh,” Sam said. He thought your behavior coupled with Bucky’s concern was suspicious, considering you both were apparently together now. “Well, what are you worried about? That’s your girl now,” Sam said to goad Bucky. For the first time that night, Sam started to doubt the legitimacy of your short relationship, and he figured he could push Bucky into revealing something.
Bucky took a deep breath before realizing something himself — this was the perfect opportunity to maintain the ruse and get you to quit first. “That’s right, she is my girl,” he said impishly. “If you’ll excuse me gentleman,” he said before heading towards you. 
You saw Bucky strutting towards you jovially, a bright smile on his face. Those kinds of smiles weren’t usually directed at you, so you knew something was up. Unsure of the reason, but hoping to divert his behavior, you spoke up. “Hey, Buck! What’s up?” you asked behind an obviously saccharine smile.
“Nothing, just came over to see my girl,” he said as he reached out and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
Your eyes widened as Bucky settled behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder as you both faced Thor. 
“I didn’t know you and James were together,” Thor said with a sweet smile and a hint of confusion. 
Bucky lifted his head. “We sure are Thor, this little jellybean is the best thing to ever happen to me,” he said with feigned enthusiasm.  
“Well that’s wonderful, how long have you been together?”
“Three days, three amazing days,” Bucky said as he let out a chuckle.
Thor furrowed his brow, “Well congratulations, to the both of you,” he said before kindly excusing himself to get another drink. 
Once he was gone you turned around to look at the annoyingly affectionate man behind you. 
“What the hell was that?” you challenged. 
“What was what, doll?” Bucky asked with a cheshire grin. 
Your jaw dropped, narrowing your eyes, you grabbed his hand and tugged him outside to the backyard. “So we’re adding sabotage to the mix, now huh?” 
“Sabotage, what do you mean? Like your chances with Thor? Well I just thought he ought to know your relationship status. Plus, Sam and Steve were starting to get concerned, what with you flirting so openly with another man when you’re supposed to be with me.”
“So what if he was flirting with me? We’ve told them that I’m with you.” 
Bucky eyes widened, taken aback. “You knew?”
“Thor’s a flirt, who cares?” 
“I do, you’re my girlfriend.”
You shook your head, “You know you’re starting to sound like a jealous boyfriend.”
“Then I’m playing the part right,” he shrugged.
You scoffed at his indifference, “Is that what it’d be like? Dating you?”
“Why, are you asking because you’re considering it?” he asked with a smirk. 
“No, Bucky. I just want to properly warn the next girl that stupidly falls for those pretty blue eyes.” 
“Did you just say that you like my eyes?” he asked gleefully. 
“Ugh,” you scoffed before kindly shoving him out of the way and heading back inside. 
He smiled to himself, satisfied that he got the better of that exchange. 
Watching through the glass door, he saw you walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a drink. You looked frustrated with him, and normally that would make him quite happy, but today Bucky felt a touch of guilt in his smug satisfaction. He didn’t want you to actually be upset with him. Lately, when it came to you though, the more time he spent in your presence, the more confused he became. 
The only thing he knew was certain from that interaction was that you were right. He didn’t like seeing you with Thor, and come to think of it, he didn’t like seeing you with that guy at the store either. It made him feel that tightness in his chest that was now becoming common when it came to you. 
After you threw back your drink and headed to the restroom to freshen up, you finally had a moment to yourself. As you thought about the events of your typical game night, you started to think about Bucky’s present ridiculousness. By now you’d be at each other’s throats for some type of game disagreement, not because of something like this. 
It was true, you enjoyed Thor’s company, and his flirty nature was fun for you too. However, you didn’t think you’d like the way it felt to be wrapped up in Bucky’s arms more — but you really did. The way it felt to be held against that wall of hard muscle, the heat permeating off his body, it just felt so good. 
This was supposed to be fake, and perhaps there was more beneath the surface, but you knew you shouldn’t think about that. It was too great a risk to take, especially with the bet still in place. You couldn’t give that smug bastard the satisfaction of a win. 
After returning to the living room, you observed the girls finishing up a game of Uno. 
“Hey, charades is starting up in five. You and Bucky are on different teams. Since you both are friendly with one another, I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem!” Nat said excitedly. 
Oh thank goodness. Finally, competitive Bucky can come out and ruin the day. 
Bucky was excited to play against you, because he knew you were just as competitive as him. He too was ready to finish this bet. Every time you both stepped up to grab the slip of paper with the phrases on it, you could feel the tension. And he brought his A-game, beating you out on the hardest phrases. Somehow he was able to act out building a sandcastle with ease, and he made sure to give you a cocky wink after getting that done. When you were both up again, you were able to convey shoveling snow faster than him, and you loved seeing how frustrated that made him. 
Bucky had Steve on his team, which was an unfair advantage because it oftentimes felt like they shared the same brain. But you were grateful to have Wanda on your team because it almost felt like she could read your mind, which definitely helped rack up some points. 
As the game neared its end, both teams found themselves in a tie. It was down to you and Bucky to break it. After you both read “waterfall” you got to pantomiming the best that you possibly could. 
Ultimately, you were able to break up the word and make it recognizable for Sam, thus sealing your victory. You made sure to stick out your tongue at Bucky as you basked in your win. He only shook his head before heading out the back door. There’s the hot head that I know. 
You decided you’d follow him after a minute to see if you could push his buttons, and maybe win your bet too. But you didn’t expect to see him in such good spirits when you stepped onto the patio. 
“Hey, doll,” he said with a soft smile. “Congratulations on the win, I really thought I had you there.” 
“Here I was coming to gloat, and you’re being… nice. What gives?” 
Bucky shrugged, exhaling a heavy breath. “You know I don’t hate you, right?” 
“You told me off the day we met, Bucky. You don’t like me.” 
“I was drunk, which isn’t an excuse, but I only told you that you were a know-it-all. Did you ever ask yourself why I might've said that? 
You furrowed your brows. “No?” you asked quietly.
He took a deep breath. “I was being stupid and childish. I was the best at trivia, and then you came into my friend group, knowing more than me about American history — that was my thing. And it wasn’t just that, your team won the entire trivia match because of you alone. So I said something dumb when I shouldn’t have, because I was intimidated,” he said sheepishly. 
“Trivia, Bucky? Are you insane?” you asked in disbelief. That had to be the dumbest reason to start a bitter rivalry with a person. 
“We just clashed, we didn’t get along. And I guess I never did anything to fix that.” 
“You know, I studied up on those categories because I wanted to make a good impression on the new group of people Nat was introducing me to. I didn’t want to ruffle feathers, I only wanted to be accepted. But before the night ended you made sure I knew that I definitely was not.”
“I misjudged you, and I annoyed you when I should’ve seen you for the exceptional person you are. I should’ve been kinder, and I’m sorry.”
You eyed him suspiciously. “I don’t get it. Why are you saying this now?” 
“Because something’s changed, and I needed you to know that I —.”
“Hey lovebirds! Sharon convinced Nat to fire up the karaoke machine. You in or you in?” Sam asked excitedly, oblivious to the moment you were sharing. 
“Um,” you looked at Bucky. 
“We’re in,” he said. This was far too heavy a conversation for tonight, and he had already said what he wanted to. 
He gave you a shy smile before following Sam inside. 
You wished you could finish the conversation you were having. With the way Bucky was acting you felt like the bet would truly never end, and it scared you that you didn’t mind as much as you thought you would.
Now that you understood where he was coming from, as irrational as it was, it was hard to hate him. In his tipsy state he spouted out a statement borne of jealousy, which felt a little less harmful than what you had been thinking all this time. Still, you figured you could think about it all later. 
It was karaoke time now. 
After watching Steve belt out “Brown Eyed Girl'' by Van Morrison, then seeing Sam follow it up with “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, you started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Nat asked if you were feeling alright, and you weren’t sure how to answer that. You couldn’t fully pinpoint what was going on with you. 
Opting to avoid revealing anything that would lead you to lose the bet, you told her that you weren’t feeling well and that you were going to call it a night. Fortunately, Thor was heading out early too, so you left with him while Bucky dueted with Sam. 
Immediate relief washed over you once you were back home. Finally, you were alone and able to process your thoughts on your own. 
Things were getting weird with Bucky. Your friends were all too accepting of you two getting together, and even you were starting to get too comfortable with it. As silly as it was, you thought back to how you felt in his arms, when he pulled you out of harm's way. The way he looked at you, like he was seeing you for the first time — it was all too hard to forget. 
The man that you couldn’t stand a few days prior, now made you feel safe and somehow cared for? You pondered how that could be and gave yourself a headache thinking about it. Bucky went out of his way to apologize, when you were happy to dislike him for the rest of his days. 
Even though his rationale for being mean in the beginning was ridiculous, you realized neither of you did anything to stop it from spiraling out. And not only that, but he went on to tell you something had changed, making you even more confused. Did he feel something for you, like how you might feel for him too?
Deciding to forget about the whole thing, you lit a couple cozy vanilla candles and set up a warm bath for yourself. After soaking and relaxing your mind, you came to a decision. 
You were going to call off the bet. 
It had become pointless. Bucky treated you differently, and you couldn’t see how this would end in him surrendering. He was seemingly unbothered by the situation, so you had to be the one to put an end to it. You could always hire a housekeeping service or something to clean his place for him, the terms were never that detailed anyways.
As you slipped into your favorite pajamas, you felt content with your decision. Your life was going to go back to normal and an added bonus was that Bucky would no longer be your enemy — things were looking up. 
Just as you sat down with a cup of tea, your phone buzzed in your lap.
Bucky: Can I come over? Unless you’re with him. 
Huh? Maybe he was drunk texting you from Sam’s place. You decided not to text him back until the morning since it was already late. 
Bucky: I’m outside, if you’re awake. 
What the hell? You got up and opened the door, surprised to see him waiting on the other side. 
“He’s not here is he?” he grumbled. 
“The one that would be more than happy to give you a ride.” 
“Of course, Thor’s not here,” you stepped aside to let him in from the cold. 
Bucky breathed a sigh of relief. “Good, that’s good,” he muttered as you shut the door. 
“You really came all the way over here to make sure I wasn’t with Thor? Are you serious?” you asked in disbelief. 
“No, well, you left without a word and I had to make sure you were okay, and tell you —."
You cut him off before he could continue. “Look, I don't want to do this —.”
“I’m calling it. I don’t want to do this bet anymore,” he blurted out at the same time.
“You’re… we’re both quitting?”
His eyes widened as he processed your question. “Looks that way.”
“Okay. So neither of us wins and gets a housekeeper… I guess that’s fair,” you said.  
“I think so,” he nodded. “Okay well, I’ll let you go then,” he said before moving to leave. 
Placing a hand on his chest, “Bucky, why couldn’t this wait until tomorrow?”
He exhaled a deep breath, looking down at your hand. He wanted to confess that he came because he saw red when Nat told him you left with Thor, and that his heart wouldn't know peace until he saw you. He needed you to know that you had consumed his thoughts the last few days and he needed to release the pressure of the bet because he was overwhelmed by his emotions. 
Instead he asked, “Did you feel it too?” 
“What do you mean?” you asked timidly. 
Clasping his large hand over yours, he looked up into your eyes. “I think you know.”
“I don’t know what you mean,” you breathed out. Thinking back to all the instances in the last couple of days that made your heart race, of course you knew what he was referring to. But it wasn’t made to work, not with all the rough history between you two. 
His azure eyes bore into yours, as words were not necessary to express what laid under the surface. “Alright then,” he nodded before giving you a tight smile and dropping your hand to leave again. 
“That’s it? You’re not going to elaborate or anything?” you breathed out, before you could bite your tongue. 
Before you knew it, he was invading your space, slowly pushing you up against the door behind you with his hands on your waist. “I asked you a question, and you don’t want to answer honestly.” His lips were a mere inches from yours as he gazed into your eyes. 
“It was a vague question,” you whispered, your eyes falling to his soft pink lips. 
Bucky grabbed the back of your neck and pulled your lips to his — intentional and packed with everything he was too afraid to say. You reciprocated immediately; your confusion and doubt finally made sense. What you wanted, no, needed, was him. 
You gave into him completely, letting him take control of the filthy kiss. It was all tongue, teeth, and wanton desire. His rough hand dug into your hips as he pulled you towards him, melding you to his firm body. Your hands found their way into his hair, and you tugged his brown locks, earning a deep groan from his throat. 
Bucky didn’t want to let go of the feel of your lips on his, so he dragged out the moment until you were both too breathless to carry on. As he pulled away and released the hold he had on you, you reluctantly untangled your fingers from his hair and peered up at him; his eyes dark with kiss-swollen lips. 
“You knew what I meant,” he whispered, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip.
You nodded your head. 
Bucky smiled softly, one of his hands coming up to cradle your face. He couldn’t help it — his feelings were reciprocated and you were too gorgeous so he pulled you back for a wild, warm kiss. 
“You’re mine now, understand?” he muttered against your lips. 
You narrowed your eyes at him. “We’ll discuss that later,” you said defiantly, a smirk playing on your lips. 
A lazy grin tugged at his lips, “You are the most frustrating woman in the world.” 
You rolled your eyes, “And you are the most infuriating man I have ever known.”
“Yet for some reason, you like me, doll,” he goaded. 
“Shut up,” you muttered.  
His eyes widened, a twinkle of mischief glistening in his gaze, “Make me.”
He was about to tease you some more, but then you sucked his bottom lip between yours and he decided it wasn’t worth it; he’d gladly lose every little disagreement if you kept kissing him like that.
Bucky’s hand snaked its way to the back of your head as he savored the kiss, his tongue gliding along yours. 
Reaching up, you tugged at his hair to tilt his head for an even deeper kiss, pouring everything you felt into the searing kiss. 
Bucky’s hips grinded with yours, hands moving down to squeeze your ass as he kissed you fervently. You couldn’t help but moan at the delicious friction. His brain short-circuited, the sound sobering and disillusioning him at the same time. 
“I’m… fuck, I’ll stop.” He pulled away to look into your eyes, his hands doing nothing to release you from his hold. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to take advantage —.”
“You’re not, we can slow down if you want though,” you said before kissing him softly. 
He pulled away to smile at you. “I don’t want that. I want you.”
You pushed his chest, successfully getting him to back up and away from you. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. You knew he was letting you shove him around, and that in reality he only moved because you directed him to. 
“Come and get me then,” you said before making a break for your bedroom. 
Bucky let out a laugh before chasing after you, and right as you were about to hop onto your bed, his arms wrapped around your stomach, jerking you back towards him. You squealed in surprise as he pressed your back up against his hard beefy body. 
He moved you so that you were facing your tall mirror and the sight of him wrapped around you made your heart pound like a drum in your chest. Engulfed in his warm scent, captured in his strong arms, your head felt dizzy with desire. 
“Now that I’ve caught you, what am I going to do with you?” he rasped, as his hand slid down your torso, toying with the hem of your shorts. You bucked against him, as his hand ghosted over your clothed core. 
“Please, Bucky. Whatever you want.” 
“Anything?” Bucky asked as he deftly untied your shorts, allowing them to fall in a pool at your feet. 
“Mhm,” you mumbled as you watched his fingers dip beneath your panties, trailing his fingers through your soaked folds. “Bucky,” you whimpered, as his thumb pressed into your clit, his fingers prodding at your entrance.
“Yes, doll?” he asked, slipping two fingers into your tight hole, pumping slowly. 
You were rendered speechless, trying to stifle your moans as you writhed against him. 
“So gorgeous,” Bucky groaned, taking in your pleasured expression in the mirror. He curled his fingers and you keened as he gently caressed that spot that made you shudder. 
Reaching down to his hand around your midsection, you guided it up to your body as you rucked up your shirt. Understanding your intention, Bucky pulled your top off before cupping your breast with his large warm palm, squeezing and kneading you roughly. You gasped, arching into him and he picked up the pace, strumming your clit with his thumb. You leaned your head back against his chest as he touched you, moaning as he eased in and out of you in a perfect rhythm. Incapable of controlling your hips, you grinded down on his hand erratically.
“Fuck,” Bucky breathed out, “Look at you.” You were falling apart before his eyes, and he couldn't look away. 
You whined desperately, clutching his forearm as that familiar coil tightened in your belly, “Fuck, I’m —.”
“Go ahead, doll,” he groaned in your ear. 
You whimpered as your walls fluttered around his fingers. Your vision going white as pleasure coursed through your body. 
If it weren’t for Bucky’s arm wrapped around you, you were certain you’d collapse. As your breathing slowed and sight cleared, you got a good look at him in the mirror — you watched as he brought his soaked fingers from your pussy to his mouth, licking them clean. 
Reaching behind you, you palmed his hard erection, earning a deep groan from his lips. Keeping his hold on you, he buried his face in your neck, sucking at your pulse point as he rutted against your hand. 
“I need you so bad,” he muttered as he kissed along your jawline. “Are you ready for what comes next?” 
You weren’t sure if he meant what you’d do in the bedroom or what would happen once you crossed the next line, but you nodded your head eagerly because it didn’t matter — you were ready for it all with him. 
He kissed your temple before finally releasing the hold he had on your body. “Undress me.” 
“Yes sir,” you whispered, turning around and eagerly unbuckling his belt, tugging off his pants and dragging down his boxers. Your mouth watered as you finally got a look at his impressive length. You should’ve known, the man was a giant, it only made sense that he’d be well-endowed too. 
Bucky’s jaw went slack as he looked at you, wide-eyed and gazing at him with fire in your eyes. He pulled his shirt off himself because he could see your attention was elsewhere.  
You marveled at the gorgeous unclad man, and you started to slowly pump his hard cock, unable to keep your hands off of him. You were about to fall to your knees when he lifted your chin to look into your eyes. 
“I need something else more, doll.”
You looked at him quizzically, until he scooped you up and headed towards the bed. You giggled as his knees hit the edge of the bed and the two of you fell sideways onto your duvet. He let out a laugh as you sidled up next to him, hooking your leg over his own, as you peppered his neck with kisses. Bucky’s hand skimmed over your back, gliding his fingers along your spine until they settled around your waist. Your hand found his hard length, and you stroked him slowly, earning a deep groan from his chest. 
“Fuck, baby,” he moaned. 
He kissed you softly before pulling back to look in your eyes. His hand halted your movements, making you release him. You were about to protest but then he gripped the back of your knee, and rolled you onto your back, so that he was hovering over your wet heat. Bucky met your gaze, looking for any unease, only to find you nodding and biting your lip in anticipation. 
He let out a chuckle at your expression before coating himself with your slick and lining himself up. Your fingers tangled in his hair as he slowly sunk into you, gasping at the feel of him stretching you out completely. Bucky leaned in and kissed you, his tongue swirling around yours as he gave you a moment to adjust. 
You had never felt so full before, but you knew that you could get used to the feeling. Wrapping your legs around the small of his back tightly, you urged him to move. Bucky sucked your bottom lip before easing back and thrusting into you hard. He watched as your eyes squeezed shut and mouth fell agape, as he sank in and out of you. 
He relished the way you clenched around him, your breathing coming out shallow as he took what he wanted. His lips found your neck when he felt your walls squeezing even tighter, “Such a good girl, and she’s all mine now, huh?” he mumbled against your skin.
“Use your words, doll,” he groaned as he suddenly slowed his movements. “Wanna hear you say it.” 
Your eyes snapped open as the peak you were so close to hitting started to slowly fizzle away. Bucky had a self righteous smirk on his face, like he knew he had you. He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted until you answered his question. 
“Bucky,” you whined in protest, trying to urge him to move faster with your hips. 
He halted his movements as he gazed deeply into your eyes, “You’re not getting out of this one, doll,” he smiled before nipping at your bottom lip.
“Later,” you pleaded. 
He swiftly pulled out of you, and manhandled you so that you were facing away from him while sitting in his lap. 
Your eyes flickered to his gaze in the mirror. “Do what you want then,” he muttered as he placed a pillow behind his back. 
You couldn’t help but think that Bucky was practically telling you to fuck yourself, but you didn’t care. You placed your hands on his thick thighs and tucked your legs up so that you were straddling him in reverse. The position had you spread open on your knees as you hovered over his lap. 
Bucky grasped the sides of your hips so that balance would not be an issue, allowing you to comfortably rock against him. The sight in the mirror made you even wetter, if that was possible — his brawny body taking up your bed, with his hands holding you tightly as you moved against his thick, perfect cock. 
You lined his length up with your entrance, and slowly sank down, releasing a shuddering breath as you went. The stretch ached in the most satisfying way, and you liked the control the position gave you. 
Your lips parted with a breathy moan as you started to move, bouncing up and down. Finding the right rhythm was easy as Bucky supported you and let you grind against him until you found what felt good. 
Bucky hissed beneath you, “Fuck, feel s’perfect.” He filled you up perfectly, like he was made for you. 
“Look at yourself, doll.” He grabbed the back of your neck, coaxing you to look at yourself in the mirror. “Watch how well you take my cock.”
You cupped your breasts as you saw your reflection, and then you understood why he insisted on making you see. The way you moved against him, the way your bodies melded together, it was all so beautiful. As you continued to appreciate the sight, Bucky sat up, so you could lean back against him.
He kissed along your shoulders, up to your neck as you took what you needed from him. “Don’t you see it?” 
And you finally realized, you did; you were perfect for one another, physically and literally. The thing that everyone saw, and you both were too afraid to admit, was that you were so damn similar. Both fiery, passionate, and a little crazy — you didn’t clash because you were different, you clashed because you were the same. 
You wrapped your hands around his, as he sucked a hickey into your neck. “Yes,” you breathed. 
“You belong with me.” 
“I do,” you moaned as the coil tightened in your belly. 
Before your brain could comprehend what was happening, he twisted you both onto your side and started thrusting into you from behind. “Good, now come with me,” he groaned. You arched your back, giving him better access as he pounded into you. His thumb found your swollen clit, rubbing rough deliberate circles, making you clench around him even more.
Your breath hitched in your throat as the sudden increase in pace and added pressure finally pushed you over the edge of bliss; your body tensing and mind blanking as your walls spasmed around him. “Fuck, fill me up please,” you cried out. 
His thrusts grew erratic as he buried himself as deep as he could go, hips driving into you with more force until he was spilling himself inside your core with your name on his lips. 
With one last squeeze on your hips, he carefully withdrew himself from you and rolled over on the bed next to you. You both laid there, panting as your breathing slowly regulated. 
After taking a solid moment you lazily turned towards him and reached up to play with his hair. 
Bucky turned towards you slowly, a lopsided grin on his face. His eyes were closed as he reveled in the way you touched him. 
“That was…” you said, barely above a whisper. Hot as fuck, ridiculously good, indescribable.
“Yeah,” he nodded, knowing exactly what you meant. “I wasn’t too rough was I?” he asked gently, finally coaxing his eyes open to look at you adoringly. 
You shook your head, “I liked it,” you murmured. 
Bucky grinned, grabbing your hand in his hair and bringing it to his lips, “And to think all the times we were bickering, we could’ve been doing this.” 
“Maybe we should take the weekend to make up for lost time,” you said teasingly. 
Bucky rolled you over, and pinned your hands above your head before you could blink. His lips hovered over yours as he caged you in. “I’ll need more than a weekend for that, doll.” 
You stretched up and pecked his lips before laying back and looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. “I think that can be arranged. After all, I am yours now, boo bear.”
He let out a laugh, “And don’t you forget it,” he beamed, leaning down to press his lips to yours.
Bucky would learn to deal with your silly nicknames, and your sass, and anything else you threw at him. Because now that you’d crossed the line, there was no going back — and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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chloelucia13 · 5 months ago
Just a Little Bit
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (enemies to lovers)
Prompt: After a particular mission brings forward the issues between yours and Bucky’s relationship, it’s decided that a bonding exercise is the best way to close the rift. There’s only two rules: no murdering each other, and you can’t say “no.” (based on this request)
Warnings: SMUT 18+ (fingering, oral m and f receiving, unprotected sex, teasing, spanking, dirty talk, cumplay, slight dub-con elements), some fluff, a tiny bit of angst, mentions of violence, mentions of injuries
A/n: Thank you so much to the lovely anon who requested this! I’m a little rusty with writing smut so I hope it isn’t horrible. I also changed the ask up just a little bit! I hope you all enjoy, and as always, my inbox, messages, requests, and taglists are open!
Tumblr media
It felt like you were being sent to the Principal’s office.
And that was the first thing you voiced as you stepped into the small meeting room, earning a groan from all three men.
“Alright, alright, bad joke, I get it,” you huffed, flopping down into one of the swivel chairs. “Take it easy on me, I can barely even see your judge faces right now over this fucking ice pack.” They really couldn’t have waited until after the swelling on your face had gone down?
“It’s not our fault that you ran into a fucking wall,” Bucky snapped, taking the seat farthest away from you.
“No, a person threw me into a wall, Barnes. Get your facts straight,” you snapped, aiming an accusing finger at him.
“A little over to your left, sweetheart.”
You yanked the ice pack off of your nose, swollen and bruised face be damned, and chucked it exactly where you were pointing, hitting him square in the chest.
“Children!” Tony snapped, bringing everyone’s attention to him. “Can we table this truly enthralling argument for another time?”
A small pout settled on your face as you leaned back in your seat, nodding silently.
“Why are we here?” Bucky grumbled. “Debriefings usually don’t take place and three in the morning.”
“Well, lucky for you, it’s not a debriefing,” Tony responded, crossing his arms over his chest before turning to Steve. “Care to explain, Captain?”
“We need to have a serious discussion about you two,” Steve explained, voice steady and calm as he eyed the two of you.
“We know we need to sign forms if we’re fucking, Steve. You’ve only told us that a million times,” you said, resting one arm on the table and laying your head atop it. “But don’t worry, I wouldn’t let his cyborg dick anywhere near me.”
Steve’s lips turned downwards in disapproval before he shook his head. “No, it’s about your performance in the field.” He leaned against the table. “You two are risking each other’s lives with your bickering and immaturity.”
“Then don’t pair us together, simple as that,” Bucky spoke, rising from his chair. “Are we done here?”
“Buck, sit down,” Steve commanded, his patience wearing extremely thin. “It’s not that simple. If we need you two to go on a mission together, it should be expected that you two won’t get the other hurt or even killed. With how this easy recon mission has gone, we’re having trouble expecting that from you two.”
“So, we’ve devised a plan to help you two get along, bond, grow your skills,” Tony piped up, and the smirk that grew on his face made apprehension stir in your stomach, your head slowly rising from the table. “We’re sending you two to my winter cabin in upstate New York for the weekend.”
“Isn’t that, like, in the middle of nowhere?” you questioned.
“It absolutely is, Y/L/N. Great observation.”
Your eyes narrowed at Steve and Tony. “I feel like there’s a catch. Y’know, other than the fact that we’ll be all by ourselves in the middle of nowhere for two whole days.”
“Gosh, you really are hitting every nail on the head. Sharp as a tack, this one. What are you, a spy or something?” Tony leaned forward, settling his hands on the table. “There’s two simple rules: first of all, no murdering each other. Secondly, you can’t say no to each other.”
You and Bucky shared a look, letting the proposition float in the air for a few silent moments. “And if we don’t go through with this? Or break the rules?”
“Then you’re benched until further notice.” Tony clapped his hands together as you and Bucky reeled from everything that was just dropped on you two. “Alright, good talk, folks. See you bright and early tomorrow morning. Your suitcases are already packed.”
As Steve and Tony headed for the door, Bucky shot up from his seat. “Steve, come on,” Bucky basically whined, hot on Steve’s heels. “Do you really think this is a good idea?”
“I actually do, Buck. It’s about time you two get your shit together,” Steve snapped, stunning Bucky into silence. Without another word, Steve left the room, leaving you and Bucky by yourselves in the now-deserted meeting room.
“This is all your fault.”
“I swear to fucking god, Barnes-”
The three hour drive wasn’t too bad, luckily. It was probably because Steve was chauffeuring and he seemed to be the only one to break up your arguments with Bucky. You just hoped that this calm silence would continue for the whole weekend, but you definitely were skeptical of that actually taking place.
When Steve pulled up to the cabin, it was only 10 a.m. The sun was high in the sky, glowing down on the pine trees that towered above you and even the three story cabin. In any other circumstance, you would be eternally grateful to Tony for allowing you to stay in this stunning mansion of a cabin surrounded by seemingly endless forest. 
However, reality caught back up to you when Bucky shoved your duffle bag into your arms. “Let’s go,” he snapped, trudging his way to the front door and inside the house.
After thanking Steve for driving and giving him a hug that lasted a little too long for the sake of procrastination, you watched the car drive back down the winding road before reluctantly making your way inside.
At your entrance, a familiar voice sounded overhead.
“Agent Barnes, Agent Y/L/N, welcome to your getaway weekend cabin,” FRIDAY greeted. 
“Of course,” you sighed, tossing your bag onto the ground. “Why would I expect anything different?”
“It has been requested by Tony to surveil you two during your stay in order to ensure that no rules are broken during your stay. Otherwise, I will not be actively present unless requested, as per usual. Brunch is in the fridge. Enjoy your stay.”
“What the fuck is brunch?” Bucky spoke, stepping into the kitchen adjoined next to the living room and opening the fridge.
“A meal between breakfast and lunch. Did that not exist in the 40′s?” you explained, following behind him and glancing in the fridge.
“We were in the middle of a war, we didn’t have the money to have another meal between breakfast and lunch.” He pulled out a platter of waffles, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, along with a bottle of champagne, skirting past you to set it down on the breakfast bar. 
“Ooh, is there orange juice, too? I want a mimosa.”
“I’m convinced you’re speaking gibberish at this point.”
“Get with the times, old man.” You opened the fridge and pulled out the bottle of orange juice sat in the door, holding it up like a trophy before scouring through the cabinets for two champagne flutes. “Now, do you want one or are you gonna be a buzzkill?”
Luckily, the bulk of the day was fairly tame, mostly spent with you two sitting on completely opposite ends of the couch as you watched tv or snacked off of the brunch platter or downed the bottle of champagne that most definitely cost more than your life’s savings. 
However, as the sun slowly started to lower and your stomach started grumbling for dinner as the brunch tray had been cleared off hours earlier, it dawned upon you two that there was no other food in the house.
“Should we order something?” you asked, glancing into the fridge one last time as if food would magically appear. 
“Would they even deliver up here?” Bucky sighed.
“I doubt it. But, I mean, we’ve got Tony’s credit card equipped through FRIDAY, so we could offer more money for the trip up.”
“Fine, but you’re calling.”
“What, why do I have to call?!” You followed closely behind him as he headed back to the living room.
“Because I said so, and there’s this little rule in place right now, if you don’t recall.”
You huffed, jaw wound tight as you examined the smirk on his face. “Fine. I’ll order the food if you admit something to me.”
“And what is that?”
You mirrored his smirk, cocking your head to the side. “You have to admit that it was your fault that we got ambushed on the mission, not mine.”
“What? N-”
“Ooh, do I hear a protest. Perhaps, even, a two letter word starting with the letter ‘n?’ Hmm?”
He pulled his lower lip between his teeth, biting down on the flesh for a moment before shooting you a glare. “Order the fucking food.”
“Not until you admit it.”
“Sounds like we’re not getting food any time soon.”
“I guess not.” You shrugged. “Unless you call. Will you call?”
He sucked in a deep breath, fingers clenching into fists at his sides, but he stayed silent.
“Please, Bucky? Please, please, please can you call?”
His body ached so badly to smack the stupid victorious smirk off of your face, but instead, he let out the breath in his lungs and closed his eyes. “Fine.” Without another word, he turned on his heel and pulled his phone from his pocket before flopping down on the couch.
“I’ll have a cheese pizza with extra cheese.”
“Shut the fuck up!”
With a full stomach and a complete annoyance of the lack of decent shows playing, you rolled off of the couch and onto your feet. “’m gonna go to bed,” you mumbled, rubbing at your eye with the heel of your palm, careful to avoid your still-tender nose.
Bucky nodded, lifting himself off of the couch as well before clicking the TV off. He headed over to the entryway where both of your bags laid.
“Can you carry my bag, too? I’m too tired.”
He rolled his eyes but obliged, taking one bag in each hand. “God, you’re such a baby,” he grumbled, brushing past you and heading up the stairs that led to a plethora of rooms. He tossed your bag into the first room, whose door was open, before heading over to the next room, whose door was closed. You followed behind him, wanting to see what each room looked like, but stopped at his side as he yanked at the door knob. “It’s locked.”
“Maybe it’s Morgan’s room for when she stays here. Try the next one.”
The next door was unlocked, along with every other door other than the door to the first room. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
“I think they want us to share a bed.”
“You fucking think?”
“Come on. Maybe the bed is big enough for both of us to not touch each other.” 
You walked back into the first room, only to walk straight back out as you took a good long look at everything inside.
Sure, the bed was large. Large enough to hold probably three full grown adults. That wasn't the issue, though.
The issue was the bowl of condoms sat on the night stand. And the collection of adult toys immaculately lined up atop the dresser. And the plethora of ropes hanging off of the closet door. And the stack of folded towels set on top of the neatly made bed.
“On second thought, I’m gonna go sleep on the couch,” you rushed out, avoiding Bucky’s gaze as you scurried down the stairs and into the living room.
Where there was no longer a couch.
With wide eyes, you walked back up the stairs and into the entry way of the room where Bucky was still taking everything in. “There’s no couch,” you spoke.
“What?” he hummed, a pink tint fading from his cheeks as he turned to you.
“The couch is gone. There is no couch.”
“Dude, I’m not fucking sleeping with you. Go sleep on the couch or I will.”
“Go look for yourself then.”
He huffed, trotted down the stairs, and then returned back up to you just moments later. “The couch is gone.”
“That’s what I just fucking said, dumbass.” You ran a hand through your hair, letting out a huff. “The man can get a shit ton of sex toys and a trap door to get rid of the couch but can’t fill up the fridge with more than one meal.”
He picked his duffel bag up off of the floor and stepped inside the room, deliberately keeping his gaze directed towards the ground. “I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“Bucky, it’s fine. This was their plan all along. I bet they fucking sewed the pillows and sheets to the bed or something. Just sleep on the bed.” You tossed your bag onto the bed’s right side, tugging the zipper open to retrieve your pajamas from inside. 
“I’m, uh, I'm gonna go take a shower.” He gingerly set his bag on the other side. “Can you get rid of all this... stuff.”
You just nodded, staring down at the pajamas in your hands and waiting until he closed the en-suite bathroom door behind him to swiftly change into them and stuff your old clothes into your bag. 
The first thing you tucked away was the condoms, dumping them into the drawer of the nightstand and slamming it shut. Afterwards, you gathered all of the ropes off of the closet door and tossed them inside the closet before shutting the door.
As you made your way over to the dresser, a noticeable and sadly-expected heat started pooling in the pit of your stomach. The toys were clearly expensive, and their sleek black bodies detailed with gold were clearly intentional. Those motherfuckers.
Would Tony even notice if you tucked one away in your bag and took it home as a souvenir of sorts? Would Bucky? You squeezed your thighs together and sucked in a shaking breath, picking up one of the toys in the middle of the row and examining it. It was obviously a vibrator, evident by the glimmering gold switch that turned it on and off, along with the levels of speed and intensity that could be selected. However, there was an arm of sorts that extended out of the phallic-shaped body, something meant to stimulate your clit.
The way your breaths grew rapid didn’t go unnoticed by you, but that was tucked away into the back of your mind as your mind decided to focus on something different, something more important.
Thoughts of you and Bucky swarmed your head. More specifically, you and Bucky and this toy.
Maybe you’d have him sit at the edge of the bed and watch between your spread legs as you thrusted the toy in and out of you, hips jerking with every touch of the extension to your throbbing clit. You’d wait until you came once, maybe even twice, before he could touch you.
Maybe he’d use it on you, pistoning the toy in and out of you at a pace so rapid that it made your head spin. Your hands would grip tightly onto his relentless arm to stabilize yourself, to make him feel the clamminess of your palms as moans unabashedly stumbled past your lips.
Shaking your head, you pulled the top drawer of the dresser open and tossed the toy inside before making a sweeping motion over the top of the dresser and brushing the rest inside as well.
Silently, you walked back over to the bed and slipped under the covers on your side, laying on your right side so your gaze was directed towards the wall rather than the bathroom door that Bucky no doubt would be walking out of anytime soon, and you didn’t trust your composure enough to see him in the tight-fitting black shirt and equally tight black boxers that he called pajamas (or worse, just a towel).
Just a few minutes later, you felt hot steam billowing out of the bathroom as he stepped out. “Shower’s open if you want,” he spoke, curiously eyeing your body that visibly tensed at his voice.
“’m good, I’ll take one in the morning,” you explained. “Besides, you probably used up all the hot water. I can feel the steam from over here, you fucking glutton.”
Your eyes squeezed shut when a small chuckle reverberated in his chest, slowly squeezing your legs together and hoping to God he didn’t notice. 
It got even worse when you felt the bed shift under his weight, silently wishing you told him to sleep on the floor. Maybe you could just shove him off the bed. Or you could sleep on the floor. The cold hardwood might be a nice reprieve against your heated and flushed skin. 
“You okay, Y/L/N?” he spoke.
You could feel his eyes burning into your back. You nodded. “I’m fine. Besides, when do you care how I am?”
“Just don't want to wake up next to a dead body in the morning.”
“Oh, I only wish I was dead, Barnes. Now go to sleep before I give you a bruise to match mine.”
“Have fun trying, doll.”
“I’m gonna smother you with a pillow in your sleep if you don’t shut the fuck up, I swear to God.”
All that came from him was another demeaning chuckle before you felt the warmth of his body radiating next to you as he slipped under the covers, even through there was a good foot of space between you two.
You made a mental note to beat the shit out of Steve and Tony when you got back.
It was hard to decipher if it was the sun shining through the curtains that woke you up, or if it was the warm breath fanning over the back of your neck as a cold arm pulled you closer to an even warmer body.
Your whole body grew rigid and your eyes snapped open. 
No, scratch that, it wasn’t either of those things.
It was the fucking massive hard-on Bucky was sporting nestled perfectly between your ass cheeks.
Of course he had a big dick. Fuck him.
Holding your breath, you attempted you wiggle your way out of his grip without waking him up, truly wanting to avoid a confrontation with him while he was hard and Tony’s AI was listening to you two.
After about 30 seconds, you were able to slip half of your body away from his grip. But you got cocky and impatient.
With one swift move, you pulled away completely, immediately tumbling out of the bed and landing on the floor with a loud thud.
Bucky woke up with a start, sucking in a gasp as he shot up and searched around the room. However, his shoulders relaxed and his heartbeat slowed when he watched you sit up off of the floor with a groan. “You good?” he rasped.
You scrambled to your feet and scurried over to the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower!” you shouted before slamming the door shut.
Though the icy cold water definitely helped shake off the heat that had constantly been radiating in your core since last night, you considered just rubbing a quick one out to get the need out of your system.
Instead, you washed yourself at lightning speed before turning off the water, wrapping a towel tightly around your body, and stepping back into the bedroom to get a change of clothes (luckily, Bucky had already made his way downstairs).
You bounded down the steps and into the kitchen where Bucky resided, thumbing through a phone book he found in one of the junk drawers.
“Did you check the year on that book, Barnes?” you teased, grabbing it by the top and checking the cover. “2006. Doubt you’re gonna find any helpful info in there, old man. Use google.”
He let out a huff of annoyance, slamming the book shut and tossing it onto the counter. “Just trying to look for ideas for food,” he explained, trying to keep his voice steady.
“Again, google is a Godsend.”
“There’s no internet service up here. it stopped working last night.”
“Then ask FRIDAY.”
At the mention of her name, she made her presence known with a simple “What can I do for you?”
“Can you look up where the nearest IHOP is?”
She verified that there was indeed one just a few miles away, and you quickly requested her to place two orders of French toast, eggs, and bacon to be delivered to the cabin. After confirming your order, she went silent.
You left the kitchen and walked into the living room, an annoyed chuckle leaving your lips at the sight of the gigantic couch back in the spot it was yesterday as if it never disappeared. “The couch is back,” you shouted to Bucky.
“Of course it is,” he spoke, brushing past you to take the same spot he resided in the day before. You did the same, hands gliding over the soft cushions as you searched for the remote.
As you looked up to ask Bucky if he’d seen it, you noticed the sleek black device in his hands. “Can we watch Mamma Mia?”
He rolled his eyes, leaning back into the couch. “We watched that yesterday.”
“And I want to watch it again today. It’s my comfort movie.”
His jaw ticked, eyes staring straight ahead at the still-black screen. “Fine, put it on.” He tossed the remote to you without looking.
You weren’t expecting him to throw the remote at you, and with everything else that had happened in just the past 12 hours, your reaction time was a bit inhibited. 
A pained whine fell from your lips as the remote connected with your healing nose, your hands coming up to clutch at your face in lieu of catching the falling device. “Motherfucker,” you sputtered, holding your nose with one hand while the other gently wiped away the blood that began to drip.
In an instant, Bucky sprung to his feet and rushed over to you, his hands engulfing your shoulders as he examined your face. His expression was similar to one of a kicked puppy, brows knitted together in worry and pure regret swimming in his eyes. “Are you okay?” he whispered.
“’m fine.” you turned away from him, leaning over the dark mahogany floors to let the blood drip out of your nose, not wanting to stain the suede couch. “Can you get me some napkins or something?”
He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a whole roll of paper towels, ripping a few sheets off as he made his way back to you. Kneeling down in front of you, he coaxed your hands away from your face before pressing the paper towels delicately underneath your nose.
The dripping blood subsided as soon as it came, and Bucky worked to wipe off all of the smeared red on your hands, lips, and chin before setting the stained paper towels on the coffee table. “Does it hurt?” he questioned, the gentle raspiness of his voice a welcoming contrast to the usual sharp and short tone. 
You shrugged. “Can... Can you check if it’s broken?” 
He gave you a short nod before his hands returned to your face, fingers gliding across the bruised flesh and prodding at it with feather-light touches. The previous worry marring his forehead and brow shifted into focus, matched with his stuck-out tongue that wet his lower lip.
Your breaths grew brief and ragged as they came in and out of your parted lips, feeling warmth crawl to your face as his fingers touched you so tenderly, as his eyes held so much sincerity. You couldn’t take it. You closed your own eyes.
Of course you wanted him, needed him, loved him. I mean, who wouldn’t? With that brooding face and those glimmering oceans of blue that were his eyes, the deep rasp of his voice and his body that resembled a greek god carved from stone. The love she showed to Steve, to Wanda, even to Sam at times. Love you’d never been on the receiving end of.
But at that moment, with him touching you like the fragile thing you wished he could see you as, you almost could imagine what it would feel like to be loved by him.
“I don’t think it’s broken,” he announced, reeling you back into reality. He was just checking to make sure that you didn’t need to go to the hospital. Nothing more, nothing less.
You nodded slowly. “Thanks,” you breathed, letting your eyes flutter back open.
The breath you tried to catch fled your lungs once more as your eyes locked with his. There was a guilt swimming in his gaze that you’d never seen directed towards you, and it made you feel a little guilty that it made you swoon so hard. And his hands were still on your face and the warm and the cold made your head spin and-
“It's, uh, I think it’s just gonna be more tender feeling than usual.” Without another word, he rose to his feet and made his way back to his part of the couch, staring at the blank tv.
An awkward silence stretched between you two and instead of breaking it, you rose to your feet and headed to the kitchen to get an ice pack for your nose. After locating one and pressing it to your sore nose, you dejectedly headed back upstairs to the bedroom. Maybe you can get a good use out of that vibrator once your nose stops hurting.
With a sigh, you closed the door behind you and settled down on the unmade bed, letting the ice pack balance on your face as you closed your eyes.
It was either you didn’t hear the door open or you ignored it, but a moment later, you felt a figure hovering over you, along with the weight of one hand settled next to your right side.
“You remember how we have a rule right now?” Bucky’s warm voice breathed into your ear.
Your eyes shot open, locking with his once more, but the expression the was there just minutes before was replaced with something else, something... better, perhaps?
“Yeah,” you gasped, slowly pulling the ice pack away from your face.
He nodded. “Good, good. Just wanted to make sure you knew that you can’t stop me from doing this.”
You couldn’t even get the questioning words formulated in your mind before his lips were slotted against yours, hands settling on your hips and knees coming up to settle on the bed and prop himself up above you. Immediately, your hands let go of the ice pack and rose to cup his cheeks, back arching upward as you pressed yourself as close to him as humanely possible. 
Moments after his tongue slipped into your mouth, he pulled away. “Wanna fuck you, pretty girl,” he admitted, running his nose along the column of your throat. “Can I fuck you?”
You gave a hum of agreement, a weak little “mhm” that took all of the breath in your lungs to let out.
But apparently, that wasn’t enough for him,
He reached up, taking your face in his hands and squishing your cheeks together. “Use your words. Can. I. Fuck. You?” His lips were so dangerously close to yours it made your brain foggy.
“Yes,” you slurred through squished cheeks.
“Now, are you saying yes because you want me to fuck you or because you aren’t allowed to reject me?”
“I want you to fuck me. Please.”
He nodded. “Good girl. How about we go off the color system, yeah? So you can stop me if there’s something you don’t want me to do.”
“You can do whatever you want to me.”
He perked up at that, tilting his head as a mischievous smirk cracked across his lips. “Yeah, baby? You’re gonna let me to fuck you until you see stars? Make you cum over and over again until you cry?”
You nodded fervently, parting your legs so he could slot himself between them. Instantly, he began rutting his hips against yours, his clothed hard-on brushing against your covered pussy as moans fell from both of your lips. You reached down to tug at his shirt, pulling it up and over his head before he sat back on his haunches and did the same for you.
With no hesitation, he dropped his head to your chest, mouthing at the tops of your breasts as one hand slid behind your back to unhook your bra. Once the hook was undone, he yanked the fabric off of your chest and engulfed your breasts with his hands.
“God, baby. You’ve been hiding these perfect tits from me, huh?” he chided, squeezing them before gliding his hands down to your ribs and pushing your breasts together. He bowed his head once more and laved at each nipple, tugging the pert bud between his teeth every so often as he alternated between them.
You let out a whine, clutching his silky strands of hair in one hand while the other worked at tugging off your leggings and panties. “Bucky,” you cried out, tugging at his hair.
“What’s wrong? I thought you said I could do whatever I wanted to you, and I wanna play with these pretty tits.”
“Want more.”
“Yeah? And what’s ‘more?’”
Your face grew hot and you pulled your lower lip between your teeth as you stared down at him. “Want you to eat my pussy.”
He beamed up at you, dark eyes sparkling with excitement that he allowed you to take in for just a moment before he lurched up, capturing your lips with his once more. “I’d love to, doll.”
His hands took hold of your leggings and panties that you were able to push down to about mid-thigh, tugging them down the rest of the way and tossing them to the side. He settled on his stomach, face just inches away from your sopping heat, so close that you could feel his breath fanning over the heated flesh, making your hips jerk. His beaming smile grew roguish as he watched your reaction and took hold of your calves to drape your legs over his shoulders.
“You’re sensitive, aren’t ya?”
You nodded, hands once again returning to his hair. “Need you.”
He gave you a look of mock-concern, smoothing his chilly metal hand over your inner thigh. With his other hand, he hovered just his index finger above your hooded clit, searching your eyes for a moment before giving the bundle of nerves a single tap.
You let out a gasp, hips immediately lifting up off of the bed and towards his hand that he pulled away far too soon. He let out an amused chuckle, waiting until your lower half returned to the bed to repeat his ministrations.
His chuckles persisted as he repeated his actions five more times, completely entertained by the way your hips chased after his finger in a sort of desperate dance and your slit grew twice as slick, beginning to drip down your ass cheeks and onto the sheets. 
“Bucky, please,” you sobbed, fingers curled so tightly into his hair that it urged a groan from him.
“I know, baby. You just look so pretty, all dripping and needy like this,” he cooed, pressing a gentle kiss to your hip bone. Slowly, his left hand began to glide up your inner calf, his ring and pinky curling down to connect with his palm as he made the trek up to hover right over your heat. “So wet, I bet I could just...” With no hesitation, he sunk his two extended fingers into your entrance. “Slip right in.”
A sound rivaling a sob tore through your throat at the sudden intrusion, nearly drowning out the squelch that sounded from your pussy. But your noises quickly turning to gasping, shaky silence as he thrusted his fingers in and out of you at a frantic pace, knocking all the breath from your lungs. His mouth engulfed your clit, sucking it between his lips and scraping it with his teeth.
It had barely taken a minute before you were teetering on the edge of your orgasm, both hands now buried in Bucky’s hair and holding him solidly against your clit, though you doubted he’d stop any time soon. 
“So close,” you whimpered, toes starting to curl.
“Cum for me, baby. Cum on me,” he coaxed, fingers moving so quickly that you were convinced they were basically vibrating.
You nodded, panting out a few deep breaths before your eyes rolled into the back of your head and your jaw grew slack, letting go to the fullest extent.
As soon as you hit your peak hit, Bucky’s fingers and mouth switched spots, fingering rubbing tight circles on your clit while his tongue lapped at your entrance, slurping up your release enthusiastically. His ministrations slowed as you came down, opting to flatten out his tongue and slowly lick upward, starting at your still-dripping hole and up to your clit before dropping back down and repeating.
A small, whiny “Buck” slipped out between pants, hands now working to shove him away from your slit rather than pushing him deeper into it.
He shook his head, hooking his arms underneath your thighs. “Taste too good, pretty girl,” he mumbled, sucking your folds between his lips before releasing them with a groan.
“But I wanna suck your dick.”
His eyes lifted to yours, planting a final kiss to your clit, making your hips stir, before pulling away. “Yeah?”
You gave him a nod, pulling your legs away from his arms and placing your hands in his, tugging slightly so he would crawl back up your body. Once his face was level with yours, you gave him a peck while lifting his metal hand up to your lips, turning your head once they were close enough and slipping the first two digits into your mouth, getting a taste of your slick.
A low groan rumbled in Bucky’s chest, letting his fingers prod at the back of your throat for a moment before reluctantly pulling them out, cupping your cheek. “I think I might have to take a rain check on that,” he sighed, thumb tracing over your bottom lip before tugging it down, revealing your bottom row of teeth.
“Why?” you whined, reaching down to cup his bulge through his sweats. “Do you not want me to give you a blow job?”
“I do! Trust me, I definitely do.” he bit back a groan as your hand continued to work over his hard-on. “I just don’t know if I can hold back, and I don’t want to hurt your nose any more.”
You pouted playfully, though you couldn’t help the smirk that began to crack through. Your hand moved away so you could lift your hips, brushing your slick center over him at the thought of him falling apart so beautifully, unable to hold back as he clutches your hair and fucks your mouth at his own volition. “Fine. Next time. But that means you need to fuck me now.”
He nodded, giving you the space to sit up and rid himself of his pants and boxers. Once they were off and tossed to the floor, he let you crawl into his lap, arms hooking around his neck and legs entwining around his waist, gliding your slick folds over his cock.
His hips stuttered as his hands found purchase on your body, his left hand settled on the middle of your back while his right hand palmed at your ass. He landed a few smacks, urging you forward and locking your lips with his to muffle your cries. “God, baby, you’re just perfect,” he panted against your lips, pulling away a moment later and letting his breaths mingle with yours. His eyes locked with yours just as his hand came down against your flesh once more.
“Come on, Bucky,” your voice came out as a shaky plea, letting one hand wander down and ghost over his pulsing and weeping member. 
He jolted at your touch, giving you a quick nod and laying you down on the bed, guiding himself to your entrance while his hands separated your legs from his waist so he could spread them apart and watch as he penetrated you.
He was planning on going slow, allowing you to adjust to his size, but the moment the head of his cock breached your hole, he couldn’t hold back, and he slid in with one fluid thrust.
The scream you let out startled him, but as his eyes flickered up to your face and saw the pure ecstasy that filled your expression, he knew that you were alright. Still, he couldn’t help but ask, “That feel good, doll?”
Wordlessly, you nodded, chest rising and falling rapidly.
“Sorry, baby, I just couldn’t hold back. Your pretty cunt’s just too tight, had to feel you around me.”
“Please, please move,” you stuttered, reaching out to grip at his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin. “Y’feel so good.”
Both hands settled at your hips, pulling out slowly and tugging your body down to meet his upward thrusts at a brutal, mind-numbing pace. He leaned forward as he did so, nosing at your throat and sponging kisses to your clavicle and shoulders. “Fuck, pretty girl. Just can’t get enough of you.”
Each thrust nudged so perfectly at your g-spot that you could barely catch your breath, but you found yourself wrapping your limbs around him and holding him closer, further strangling your breathing. Who needed oxygen when you’ve got a super soldier rearranging your guts?
His hands slid away from your waist as he gained his own rhythm in his thrusts, instead opting to rub at your clit and press down on your lower stomach. A proud smile crept onto his face as your body went slack at his ministrations, lips molding to yours immediately. It was needy, sloppy, and everything he could ever want from a kiss, especially with you.
“B-Buck,” you sobbed into his mouth, clawing at his chest and shoulders. 
“You gonna come for me?” he urged, his thrusts turning into rough and desperate grinds that consistently applied pressure to the spongy patch within your walls, making your legs shake. “Gonna fall apart?”
“I’m so close.”
“Let go, baby. I’ve got you.”
Your teeth caught his lower lip for a moment before you hit your peak, jaw dropping and back arching as you trembled underneath him. His one hand continued rubbing at your clit while the other rose to hold your face, watching your eyes basically cross as a strange sense of pride brewed in his stomach, along with the tightening coil that was about to snap at any moment.
The feeling of your walls pulsing around him tugged him dangerously close to his own high, the movements of his hips growing erratic. “You gotta let me go so I can pull out,” he rasped, eyelids fluttering.
You shook your head, legs tightening around him and hooking your ankles behind his back. “Cum inside me, baby,” you pleaded.
His breath caught in his throat as your words brought him to his climax, his body nearly collapsing on top of you as his hips continued to rock against yours, pumping loads of his spend deep into your cunt as groans fell from his mouth.
Once his legs stopped trembling and he was milked dry, he slowly untangled your legs off of him and slid off of you. 
“Where’re you going?” you mumbled, placing your palms against your heated cheeks as your eyes closed
“Gonna get you cleaned up, sweetheart,” he explained.
A moment later, you felt his wet tongue carding through your dripping and spent folds. You gasped, propping yourself up on your elbows so you could see what he was doing.
His eyes locked with yours as his tongue made another long stride up your slit, capturing the mixture of your cum and his in his mouth and swallowing it down gratefully. “So obsessed with this pretty cunt, baby,” he mumbled, eyes flickering between your face and your dripping hole. He ducked down and slipped the wet muscle inside, lapping at your walls and licking them clean.
You could only handle about a minute of it before you lifted your hips up and away from his persistent mouth, clamping your legs shut with a whimper. “Sensitive,” you whined, shivering at his vibranium hand smoothing over your calf.
“Alright, alright.” He got up off of the bed and headed into the bathroom, returning with a damp washcloth and, once you let him open your legs, quickly wiped away yours and his release and his saliva. He cleaned himself off, too, before throwing the washcloth in the direction of the bathroom and crawling up the bed. He settled next to you, adjusting you so your head was laying on a pillow before he relaxed. “How’re you feeling?”
“Very good.” You let out a giggle and turned on your side to face him. “How about you.”
“I feel amazing, doll.” He reached out and cupped your face, thumb caressing your cheekbone. 
His brows slowly knit together as he turned his hand slightly to brush his index finger over the bridge of your nose, scowling as you winced from the gentle touch.
“You’re right,” he spoke up, tugging his lower lip between his teeth.
“About what?” you hummed, eyes opening to search his expression.
“That it was my fault that you got hurt, that the mission went sideways.”
You rolled your eyes, moving to sit up. “Didn’t know you were one for pillow talk, Barnes. Sadly, I’m not.”
“Y/N, I’m serious. This isn’t some sappy, pillow talk bullshit.” He sat up as well and grabbed your arm. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, and it got you hurt.”
“Fine.” You turned to face him, tugging your arm out of his grip. “Tell me this, then, Barnes. Are you gonna feel the same way in a day when you’re not in a post-sex haze?”
His lips pressed together in a fine line and he scooted over to you. “Doll, I’ve felt this way since it happened.”
“Why didn’t you say it then?”
A shuddering sigh left his lips. “Because I’m a stubborn asshole who doesn’t like to admit that he’s in the wrong. And... And because I can't keep pushing you away forever. It’s killing me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you really think I hate you, even after this?”
You shrugged. “Hate sex is a thing, Barnes.”
“Doll, you’re my favorite person. You’re so smart and funny and powerful and... I was terrified to tell you, because you’d get hurt if anything came of us. But then you got hurt because I pushed you away, and I knew I had to fix it.”
“Are you telling me that you planned this trip?”
“No! God, no. I guess it was just... a blessing in disguise.” He ran a hand through his hair. “But if you want to pretend like none of this ever happened and we go on hating each other, that’s fine with me. I just had to do something.”
You let out a laugh. “Bucky, you just fucked my soul out of my body. You ate my pussy after you just came inside of me, and that is the hottest thing anyone has ever done to me. You think I’m just gonna let everything go back to normal after that?” You crawled over to him and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Besides, I’ve got a raincheck for a blowjob and I intend to do it the second my nose stops hurting. And maybe I like you a little bit, too.”
He chuckled, settling his hands on your waist and rubbing soothing circles on your exposed skin. “Well, how about a date tomorrow night when we get back?”
“That sounds perfect.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Just promise me something?”
“Anything, sweetheart.”
“Promise me that you’re gonna be transparent with me about everything you’re feeling. Scared, worried, horny, all of it.”
“I promise.”
“Good, good. Now, where’s the IHOP I ordered?”
“Your meal was delivered approximately 12 minutes ago. It is on the front doorstep,” FRIDAY spoke up.
“Why didn’t we get alerted for it?”
“Mr. Stark has installed a muting mechanism that becomes active during sexual intercourse.”
You rolled your eyes as Bucky snickered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his lap. “So that means is we can get her to shut up if we keep fucking?” he questioned, hands gliding up and down the length of your back.
You groaned. “No, I need some food in my system. I’m just a little ol’ human, if you’ve forgotten.”
A huff left his lips. “Fine. But I’m fucking you in the kitchen as soon as you’re done.” He tightened his grip on you and scooted off of the bed, carrying you in his arms as he made his way downstairs.
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bi-disaster-yn · a month ago
Vital Organs
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is in love with her best friend, Bucky. The feeling is mutual but having a troubled relationship with her father means that she’s scared to risk the heartbreak.
A/N: I MAY have cried while writing this. To all the girls who, like me, have shitty dads and derive a lot of comfort from Bucky - I’m dedicating this to you. We deserved better.
Tumblr media
“Do ya think you’d ever go on a date with me?”
Bucky’s words echoed in your brain, sending a sharp pain in your chest with each repetition. The quietness in the jet only increased the agony of that moment being replayed. Your best friend had stood before you and put his emotions on the line - something he had never afforded himself to do. Then you made him realise why.
Two of your ribs were fractured from the mission but that thought was more painful.
“So quiet, what are you thinking about?” Yelena commented, looking over her shoulder from her pilot duties to check up on you.
“Nothing.” You replied putting your hand over your ribs and resting your back against the seat.
Bucky was going to be so worried when he’d found out you’d been injured. You could see it now, him following you around like a puppy. At least, he might have done if you’d given him a better answer than ‘I don’t know’ to a date. When you left for the mission he had worn a wounded expression that he’d desperately tried to conceal as you told him goodbye.
The truth is, when Bucky had asked you that question it threw your body into a complete state of conflict.
Your heart was about to burst out of your chest, as if it was trying to escape and connect with Bucky’s. It was crying out for you to say yes to him and take everything you had ever wanted.
That was until your brain stepped in and lassoed your heart to keep it in its place. The logic had corrupted you and was determined to prevent you from getting hurt. It wore you down and drowned out the excitement of your heart. It went to work in bringing back all the disappointment and hurt caused by your father who had left you behind at an early age.
But your lungs burned. The air was trapped in them and you struggled to breathe. It felt like you were being suffocated. It was a curious and familiar feeling from when you were younger.
To be the daughter of a man who abandons you is to constantly hold your breath in fear that if you let go, you’ll fall apart.
The other organs had overpowered and barricaded your lonely heart. They left you in the predicament of stuttering and stammering in front of a very nervous Bucky which had concluded with your pathetic answer. The memory had plagued you ever since.
Simultaneously, your brain provided you with flashbacks of being a child and waiting excitedly for a a man that rarely ever came. The feeling of disappointment after every interaction with your father that somehow managed to make you feel so unimportant had returned. The lump in your throat held there with every breath reminded you of the struggle to accept that he was never going to be what you needed to him to be.
It had taken some bone-crushing strength to move on. He was your father and you needed him to be better. As his child, you believed you should be the only motivation he needed to stop being so unreliable and grow up.
Whilst you were right, that is unfortunately not how the world works.
Now the perfect man had asked you the question you deemed was only possible in your wildest dreams. But to say yes to him was to give him access to potentially do the exact same thing as your father had done.
It was just too much of a risk.
The jet had landed with a halt and Yelena came over to assist you with walking off. You were quietly grateful for her, trying to hide just how much pain in you were in as you grasped Yelena’s shoulder.
Sam was poised and waiting for you both. Bucky stood next to him, fidgeting anxiously in anticipation of your return. He had spent the last few days licking his wounds in your absence. He had accepted that you had only ever been so affectionate with him because you were a good friend and he’d misinterpreted it. It fucking stung, but he respected that you can’t help how you feel. Although your answer had left him unsure where he stood with you, he was eager for you to return so he could be the best friend you needed him to be.
Bucky’s face fell as his eyes landed on Yelena holding you up with your arm round her shoulders and your regular wincing.
“First of all, are you okay?” Sam asked, him and Bucky instinctively making their way over to you both, ready to take you from Yelena if need be.
“Yeah, just fractured some ribs. No biggie.” You joked but it sounded painful. You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, scanning and analysing you, processing the possibilities if this had been worse.
It made you feel weak and incompetent. The strong super soldier wanted to protect you and all you could think about is that you wished you were stronger. All of those years of having to establish your independence and leave behind weakness and vulnerability were completely discarded in that moment with Bucky’s pitiful look.
“Okay well, get checked out. No training or missions for you until you’re better.” Sam instructed, having settled into his new role as Captain America; he needed to make sure his team were in the best shape possible.
“Got it, Cap.” You nodded at Yelena to get her to take you to the medical wing of the compound. That was when Bucky stepped in.
“I’ll take it from here, Yelena.” He said and before you could even say anything, you were scooped up into Bucky’s arms and he was carrying into the compound.
“I could have walked.” You protested meekly. Being in his arms felt awkward, you didn’t allow yourself to hold on to him because then you’d stop holding your breath and you’d be done for.
“This is easier.” He retorted. For the first time since Bucky had started his recovery, he was unable to look you in the eye.
It was stony silence between you both, each of you having moments to open your mouths but no words came out. Nothing felt right. Despite being in his arms, a gap had been wedged between you and you were unsure how you’d ever be able to get back to him again.
You fixated on Bucky’s jaw which was constantly clenched, you could just about feel his teeth grinding together. His slouched shoulders and defeated expression didn’t go unnoticed by you. He was your best friend, you knew everything about him. Bucky was heartbroken.
Heartbroken, yet he still showed up for you when you needed him.
It was now a requirement that the compound had medical staff on hand at all times. Pepper had insisted on it in the rebuild, too many people had been lost. More preventative measures were put in place to keep the team as safe as possible.
You were thankful that you didn’t have to go to hospital but it now meant that Bucky was glued to your side as you were checked over. He was sitting on the edge of his seat, digesting everything the doctor had said to you while you lay back wishing he would go away.
Bucky being there was a constant reminder that you’d hurt him. Locked inside its cage, your heart wept at the thought, desperate for you to tell Bucky you’d been stupid and you’d love to date him, marry him, die for him.
It made your lungs tighten and your breath hitch, ready to give way. You had to be stronger than this. Love was not worth risking the pain of being abandoned. You had vowed never to give anyone the power to make you feel that way again.
When the doctor left, Bucky settled back into his chair, clearly having no intention of leaving. You settled down on the bed, feeling drowsy from the painkillers and squeezed your eyes shut like a child, wishing that when you opened them that he’d be gone.
Alas, moments later when you opened your eyes again he was still there, watching over you protectively.
“You don’t need to sit with me, Buck. I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing.” You mumbled, looking away from him to stare out of the window.
“I am not leaving your side, need to make sure you’re okay.” Bucky responded. “And I missed you.”
His voice broke a little at the last four words, almost as though he was scared to admit it to you. It wasn’t like you were a stranger to his vulnerability but this felt different after him admitting to having feelings a few days prior. It made you frown.
“I missed you too.” You muttered. “I’m sorry about the other day.”
“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Bucky said defensively and definitively as though he didn’t want to talk about it. He was ready to pretend it didn’t happen and move forward as your friend.
But Bucky deserved the whole world. The least you could do is offer an explanation.
“No, Bucky, you deserve better than an ‘I don’t know’. In all honesty, you’re… perfect. And I’ve loved you for a long time. The way my heart skipped a beat when you asked me that question, you have no idea. But I just can’t…”
“Why?” Bucky choked out, his voice still broken. He had moved to the edge of his seat again, his eyes constantly darting between you and your fingers which you were anxiously playing with.
“Can’t risk it. I can’t risk being abandoned.”
“I’d never leave you.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” You snapped at him and instantly regretted it as you could sense his posture shrink with the unsolicited harshness. It wasn’t intentional but rather instinctual. Words were empty; if a parent could leave you then there was nothing to stop a boyfriend from doing the same thing.
“You promise me you won’t leave all the time.” Bucky offered after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. He was right, in all of his moments of insecurity and grief after Hydra; it was you providing comfort and reassurance. It was you by his side, being his supportive and loving best friend.
“Because I know how shit it is to be left.” You sighed and felt the painful tug in your chest. Your breathing was rapid and your lungs were aching. They were agonisingly trying to keep everything in; keeping your heart locked up and holding your breath. You’d come too far, you couldn’t let go now.
“And you think I don’t?” It was Bucky’s turn to snap now.
His words were a cruel and embarrassing wake up call. It prompted you to give him eye contact and fuck, he really was broken.
It was so insensitive: you should have known better than that. Steve leaving him behind had had a profound effect on Bucky. Rarely did he ever let people see his tears but he had allowed you to cradle him like a baby while he sobbed for his friend who had left him behind.
“Buck, I’m so sorry.” You mumbled, feeling like a fool with your carelessness. Twice now had the tight leash you had kept on your lungs resulted in your words hurting Bucky. It was becoming more than you could bear.
Bucky shook his head lightly, waving off the comment and wiping the slate clean again. Nonetheless, he held your eye contact in search of further elaboration.
“It’s just I used to get all that crap from my dad about never leaving me and he did. It means nothing to me anymore. What if I’m not enough for you like I wasn’t for him?” Tears has trickled from the corners of your eyes and spilled down on to your face and the sheets.
Bucky wasted no time in getting up and sitting on the bed next to you, pulling you into his chest. The remaining pieces of the puzzle formed in his head. He had known before that any mention of your dad made you extremely uncomfortable and he had always changed the subject. Bucky understood all too well what it was like to be left behind, but not by a parent. Not by one of the very few people in this world that actually owed you something. He cursed himself for not considering this beforehand but quickly turned his focus to comforting you.
This time you didn’t protest to being taken in Bucky’s arms, you just wept into his t shirt as he stroked your hair and pressed loving kisses to the top of your head. Your brain was too fatigued to provide you with reasons why you should push him away. You just needed him.
“I need to protect my heart.” You asserted finally, trying to explain yourself further.
“Sweets, you’re breaking your own heart.” Bucky sighed as he pulled you in closer to him.
Just as you had cradled him when Steve left, it was his turn to do it for you. Engulfed in those strong arms, he rocked you gently and carefully. It felt safe and warm and like home.
Now that your brain had called surrender on this pointless fight against your feelings for Bucky, it played a different film in your head than memories of your dad.
You remembered Bucky teaching you to ride a motorbike. He had put your helmet on for you and let out a hearty laugh at the goofy grin you’d given him. Everything he did that day was with extreme patience as he’d put his hands over yours on the handlebars, explaining what everything was and how it worked. The praise he’d given you when you did something right had encouraged you to keep trying. Conversely, when you got something wrong or made a mistake; Bucky was calm and reassuring, compelling you to try again.
Or the time you’d gotten sick and were bedridden for days. Bucky made it his personal mission to take care of you. He was out of his depth, sure, but he had just tried to mirror what you had done when you comforted him after nightmares. Your cup of tea was never empty, you were never left without enough blankets, you never had to wait for your medicine. Bucky was attentive, caring and there.
Even today, you knew that based on his stoic face that you’d hurt him. But he still turned up for you. He was nothing like your father.
Bucky had proved already that he could be there. He was right: you were breaking your own heart. The trauma of abandonment had caused you to deny yourself a love that felt like home. You had been judge, jury and executioner in your own trial and had made a mistake.
Then it happened. You stopped holding your breath.
Your lungs expanded as fully as possible and then shrunk dramatically again. This process continued over and over as you inhaled as much air as possible and then exhaled in deep, incredible breaths.
“You okay, sweetheart?” Bucky asked, looking down at the powerful heaving of your chest and listening to your breathing.
You nodded in response, unable to offer any words. Without realising, you had clutched on to his t-shirt and balled up a bunch of the fabric in your fist.
It was exhausting after having kept your lungs in tension for so long but it was so liberating to let go safely. Focusing on the thudding of his heartbeat in his chest, it grounded and secured you.
Your own heart was screaming in her cage, knowing her rightful partner was close and she needed to be near him. You had set your brain and lungs free, it was time to do the same for your heart.
With some slow coaxing from Bucky as he rubbed your back and continued to kiss the top of your head, you started to calm down. Your lungs adjusted to regular breathing and seemed content in their new routine of being used the way they should always have been.
Your head was rested on Bucky’s chest, still finding comfort in his regular, clockwork heartbeat. The fabric of his shirt that you had grasped before had been let go and was left wrinkled and misshapen.
“You know, Doll,” Bucky began. “I understand why you feel like that, but I’m not your dad, okay?” He took a moment to look at you and ensure that you weren’t too upset or triggered for him to continue.
“You say you love me, so can you trust me? Can we give this a go?”
You looked up and met the adoring gaze of his ocean eyes. Instead of answering him with words you pressed your lips against his. It was soft and gentle, his flesh hand moving to hold your face. Even with his eyes closed, he’d studied your face enough to know where to run his thumb so it was along your cheekbone.
It was the key to unlocking your caged heart. She leapt from her shackled prison and lunged for Bucky’s heart to connect with him. The hearts embraced with the deepening of your kiss and formed an unbreakable bond.
When you finally pulled back for air - which your lungs were well accustomed to now - you couldn’t help but give each other a chuckle. Your foreheads met as your hearts worked in unison to pull you as close to each other as possible.
“Is that a yes then?” He asked, with a cheeky smile stretched across his face.
The insecurity and fear of being left was still there. You accepted that it always would be on some level. On the other hand, you’d had enough of constantly being on your guard and having to be so strong all the time. No longer would you send your vital organs into mortal combat over an irrelevant man when the man in front of you just wanted to love you.
“Yes.” You decided. “Yes it is.”
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Blow Me Away
Summary: You just discovered that your boyfriend has never had a blowjob before and that's a travesty. Good thing you're about to blow his mind.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby!Baker Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: Smut, Oral (m. rec.), Overstimulation, Praise Kink, Bit of Dirty talk.
A/N: Beta’d by the wonderful @late-to-the-party-81 and @cwbucky. Comments and reblogs are golden. 
Gif credit. Banners [email protected]
|Masterlist|Chubby Bucky Masterlist| Library|
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is not what you were expecting him to say when you asked him if you could go down on him, eager to finally taste him.
It doesn’t make sense. 
His softly spoken confession lingering in the air like wisps of smoke. 
You almost don’t believe him. Bucky is many things, but he’s not a liar. 
Which means...
“You’ve never had a blowjob?” Honestly, you don’t mean to sound so astonished, but you can’t help the way the words scrape out of your throat, thick with disbelief and confusion. 
You are, though. 
Who in the right mind would have this Adonis of a man in their bed and not want to wrap their lips around that gorgeous cock of his?
Naturally, he turns several shades of red when you say that aloud as you pace in front of him. 
“I don’t, it’s not that-” he stammers endearingly, rubbing his hand across the back of his neck. Looking up from his perch on the end of the bed, he cringes, brows cinched together. “Can we forget I said anything? It’s not a big deal and I-” He inhales, nipping at his bottom lip, searching for a way to get out of this conversation. “I can eat you out if you want?” 
There’s a hopeful tint to his baritone voice, not that you notice, your eyes locked on his long, nimble fingers plucking at a wayward thread along the seam of his sweatpants. His very grey sweatpants. Showcasing a large, detailed outline of his pretty cock staring at you. 
You turn on your heel, balancing your weight on one foot, and stare back at it. A grin spreads across your lips when his cock twitches under your perusal. He may be nervous, but his cock isn’t. Blinking a few times, telling yourself to focus after you realize he’s still rambling away. 
“Yeah, let’s just pretend that I didn’t say anything and you can sit on my face and I’ll make you that-.”
Holding up a hand, you drag your eyes up to his body, lingering for a few seconds on his round yet firm stomach up to his chest, caressing the blush already dipping past his collarbone before settling on his face. 
“Nope.” You say, watching his face crumble and you want to squish his cheeks in your hands and kiss every thought out of his head. But you need to stay on track. “I will ride you until you drown,” he perks up but slouches back down when you finish, “ later after we discuss the whole ‘never had a blowjob’ thing.”  
Bucky sighs and you tamp down the urge to laugh at the forlorn noise. 
This man has done unspeakable filthy things to you, things you can’t even think about without becoming unbelievably wet, but this, this conversation, is too much for him? 
It is. He can’t help it. 
He prefers the attention, yours, his, hell the worlds, to be on you. He’s fluent in two love languages, acts of service, and physical touch, but only when they revolve around you. 
He can dish out the most heartwarming, sincere compliments, but if you toss one flirtatious damn your ass looks cute today Jamie at him because he really did look good in those jeans and he turns into a stuttering, blushing mess. 
Everything is focused on you; your pleasure, your needs, your wants. 
Because that’s how he loves.
What he’s failing to realize is that the way he gets off on getting you off is the same way you feel when his plush lips part when he moans your name, or how something in you is becoming more feral each and every time you see the little divot that forms between his brows when his orgasm is approaching, like he’s concentrating so hard not to come because he needs one more second inside you.
That alone has done more things to your confidence than any compliment ever will.
You wonder if he’s truly aware of the power he has over you. If he knows that you would do whatever he wants because you want to be so fucking good for him, that you crave his praise so much it almost hurts. 
He will know by the time you’re done with him.
You pad towards him, his legs spread in an eager welcome and you stop between his thick thighs, carding your hands through his lush brown hair. 
“Do you want me to?” You tug his head back until you’re gazing into his slate-grey eyes. 
“Do I want you to what?” Bucky repeats, confusion marring his handsome features. You wait patiently, a smirk threatening to emerge when you see the exact second he gets it—when it all clicks into place. “Oh oh, I- you wanna- Peach, I.” 
The blush that was fading on his cheeks blooms into a burnt red, his posture and his cock stiffen, and he inhales sharply, giving you the answer you wanted without a single word spoken. 
Bucky wants you to do that. To him. More than you know. He’s dreamed about it, but he wasn’t sure how to ask. 
Why is it so easy to give, but so hard to receive? 
Even though he knows you wouldn’t mind, it’s still hard for him to formulate the words and request something, anything for himself.
Bucky can’t explain why it’s hard to talk about his own wants and needs, but it is. 
Maybe it’s the bitter taste of past rejections or the fact that it’s so easy and safe to be the one making others happy. 
His vulnerability is apparent, his plush lips twisted to the side, brows furrowing even more but you can see the neediness and hunger lurking beneath the surface of his darkening gaze, pupils dilating until your favorite shade of blue is nothing but a thin rim. 
The lamp next to the nightstand casts a soft golden light over him, and he’s everything you want in a man wrapped up in one decadent body. 
Smoothing your hands down the sides of his face, strands of his salt and pepper stubble grazing your palms, your thumbs draw small circles on his cheeks while you cup his jaw. He leans into your touch with a soft sigh that makes your heart kick into a staccato rhythm. 
“Can I tell you something?” 
He swallows once, then nods, blue eyes flickering up to you in anticipation. His hands find their way around your hips, bringing you closer. 
You contemplate your words with care, debating if you should ease him into it. Then you decide fuck it, you’re going to lay every deviant thought out there—maybe he needs to understand exactly how much you love and crave him. 
“I want to suck your cock Bucky. I really really do. You always make me feel so goo and I want-ah no I need to make you feel the same and I have to know how you feel going down my throat.” His brain is malfunctioning, gears grinding to a slow screeching halt, eyes widening. 
Unaware of the effect your dirty words are having on him, you continue. “If I’m being totally honest, I want you to fuck me until I’m literally gagging around you and then I want you to tell me I can take it and do it some more. I want you to use me like I’m your own personal fucktoy until you come down my throat.” After a second, you tack on a ‘or on my face, your choice.’
You don’t have to say what you want to happen after, trusting your sweet baker to take care of you when he’s done.
"And the idea of being your first is intoxicating Jamie, I really want to do for you."You gaze down at him, tilting his head back. “Will you let me?”
Bucky’s vaguely aware that he should say something in response to the hottest thing he’s ever heard in his life. But he’s not sure if he’s even breathing. He should probably check on that. His brain is broken, or he’s dreaming, it’s the only logical explanation for what’s happening here. His cock works though, so there’s that— who needs to breathe or think when he can be inside you?  Fuck, he can feel himself getting harder, longer. The soft fabric of his pants is suddenly constrictive, his cock throbbing, begging for your touch.  
You glance down at the space between your bodies to where his cock is pushing against your thigh. “Is that a yes?” you ask with a wicked smile. 
He nods fervently and you’re so close to saying ‘Use your words, Bucky’ but then he clears his throat and his fingers grip you a little harder. You can see his feral nature awakening and god does it make you wet.
Sweet Bucky is heaven, but feral Bucky is nothing but pure sinful temptation—and you can’t resist. 
Any remnants of hesitation slip off his expression, leaving only unadulterated lust behind.
“Yes, Peach,” he replies, the deep timbre laced with a hunger you’re going to satisfy. 
His hands sweep up your sides to your face, and he brings you down for a kiss, the taste of sweet vanilla and raspberry melts on your tongue as his own moves into your mouth. He’s in control of the kiss, tilting your head to go deeper, the smooth glide of his lips over yours is ardent. Breathtaking. Mesmerizing. You get lost in it, in him, your hands tangling in his hair, he moans, the intoxicating sound travels between his lips and yours and you melt into him.
Breaking away, you gaze down at him for a second. Then you slowly descend to your knees, trailing kisses along his throat, across his chest, and over his plush belly until your knees hit the ground.
You reach inside his sweatpants but he stops you. “Wait a second,” he hurriedly says, turning to the head of the bed. Bucky reaches over and snags the end of a pillowcase, tugging it towards him until he can grab it in his hand. “Lift up.” He orders, bending down to slide the pillow under your knees. From this angle, he’s so close that his nose brushes against yours. Your eyes drop from his to the pillow cushioning your knees and back to his face. Oh, Bucky.  
“I, uh, I want you to be comfortable.” He explains, tucking a strand of wayward hair behind his ear before he places a kiss on your forehead. “Are you sure you want to because if you change your mind I won’t be mad.”
There are several profound moments ingrained in your memory and you know this is going to be one of them. 
You want to bask in the warmth of his gaze, the utter devotion in his bright eyes, worshipping you even as you kneel between his thick thighs. It stokes the flames simmering beneath the surface until you’re burning from the inside out. 
You were already planning on giving him the best head, but now you’re going to suck the soul out of his body. Because he deserves only good things and you want to give them to him.
Starting with this. 
You lean up, raking your nails over the contours of his thighs, the soft, baggy material of his sweats rippling under your fingers. Pushing them back into place, you rub your fingers over his bulge once, twice, and he twitches under you. Bucky lets out a sharp breath, reverently whispering your name as you take him out. 
You weren’t lying when you said his cock is pretty. He’s thick and solid in your hand, warm and long with a slight curve that lets him hit your g-spot every time. He’s so big you wonder if you can get all of him inside of your mouth, but then again, one of his favorite sayings is you can take it, and damn it you will. Veins dance along his length and you trace one up to the flared head, your lips following, peppering kisses along the side of his cock. Precum is already appearing, small pearls you can’t wait to taste. You smooth them across his slit until he’s slick and shiny.
You take him in your mouth and give him an exploratory suck. He’s all salt-tinged and fresh mixed with something undeniably Bucky, his taste bursting on your tongue. You keep swallowing him down, your jaw stretching wide as you struggle to get inch after thick inch inside you, wrapping your hand around what’s left. 
When you hollow your cheeks; when you slowly drag your mouth back up, he gets it, oh god does he get it, like an epiphany going off in his pleasure-addled brain, understanding why guys go crazy over this. 
You’re so warm and wet and soft. And you feel so good, he’s not sure if there are enough words in the human language to describe how good you feel right now. 
“Damn that’s good-can you do that again, yeah fuck,” He grits out between ragged pants. Bucky can’t get over how soft you feel around him all while you keep sending waves of sharp pleasure up his spine. 
None of his fantasies have prepared him for you, you’re everything he’s dreamed about but amplified into much more. 
He has to place his hand on his chest to make sure he’s still breathing when you tighten your grip, stroking him gently. The added stimulation makes his eyes roll back, a deeply masculine sound of pleasure resounding in his throat. “Please Peach, th-that’s its-”
“Bucky,” you hum, lips brushing over his tip. 
“Ye-yeah?” It comes out on a shaky breath. 
“Show me how you want it.”
Bucky places his hand over yours, squeezing until it’s the right amount of pressure, his stomach tensing, and he drags your hand up to his cock to where your lips are resting. He moves you back down, keeping your hold firm and tight over him. “That’s- that’s how I do it when I’m thinking about you.”  
Your brows rise in barely concealed amusement. 
Oh, he likes it rough. 
You swirl your tongue around him, swallowing him back down as you give him a rough, firm pump. You keep your gaze on him, watching as his eyes become glossy. Out of your peripheral vision, you see his large hand fisting the sheet, veins rising along his forearm, his hips struggling to remain still. 
Oh no, that won’t do, you need him to lose control. 
You hollow your cheeks and greedily inhale him. His smooth, warm cock slides across your tongue and he hits the back of your throat and you moan his name or try to anyway. The vibrations travel down, shooting through his veins and he almost comes apart right there.
Bucky can’t decide if it’s the sight of your pretty lips wrapped around him or the way your little throat envelops him in a tight, wet grip that’s driving him closer to the edge. He’s not sure if he can handle this, handle you. His hips jerk, pushing him further down, and you gag, rearing back off with a cough, eyes watering as you wipe your mouth off with the back of your hand. 
“Shit, shit, I’m sorry Peach,” he expresses, panic lacing his tone, his hands reaching for you. 
“Do it again,” You rasp out, stopping the apology with a proud grin, your mouth encloses around him and you repeat it, going a bit slower, up,up,up before languidly trailing down his cock, hands twisting back and forth, lips sliding back down until you have every fucking inch in your mouth. Breathy pleases and gasps of fuck you’re incredible peach rain down on you as he steadily loses his composure.
You knew you could do it. Could make him feral. You want more.
“Oh god Peach, such a good girl for me. “Bucky takes your hand and moves it lower until you’re cupping his balls, so you give a gentle squeeze and he rewards you by moaning your name. It sends a jolt of pure electricity to your clit and you accidentally tug harder than you intended.
He jolts, making an obscenely erotic sound that has your eyes flickering up to his face. 
“Oh shit,” he groans, a tremor wracking his enormous frame, his head lolling back like it’s too heavy for his neck.  “Just like that Peach. S’good baby.” 
Damn, he really does like it rough. You’re more than happy to oblige. 
You pull off long enough to beg him to fuck you, and this time, when he slides down your throat, you remain still, gazing up at him through your wet lashes. 
“Okay, okay,” Bucky reaches down, his hand resting on your throat, not squeezing, just feeling himself nestled deep inside you, his fingers tracing the bulge he’s creating. “You’re doing so good,” he murmurs. “That’s my girl, I love you Peach.” 
He takes your head in a tender hold and slams your face down, his hips flexing to meet you. Over and over. The steady tempo builds to a sharp crescendo. Hazy waves of sensations swarm over him with every slick, hot glide of your mouth. You hold onto his thighs, breathing through your nose. The way he’s using you while praising you, good girl, keep taking me, you’re doing so good, you feel what you’re doing to me, don’t you, sends you into a whirlwind. The low wet sounds of your gagging meld with his gravelly, broken moans, and he’s watching you with pure rapture in his eyes. 
You keep a hand on his balls, rolling them as he fucks your mouth, pushing your thighs together to quell the throbbing ache in your clit.
Searing pressure builds at the base of his spine, searing white-hot sensations swirling with every drag and suck of your perfect mouth. His orgasm is approaching at a rapid speed. “Gonna cum,” he warns, dropping his hands to his sides, unsure if you want to swallow, wanting to give you the option. 
Humming enthusiastically, you take over, working him faster and harder, the sounds of his choked groans motivating you. You know the second he’s going to burst because he gets even thicker, his body tensing under your deviant ministrations.
 You preen when he cries out your name, his hips snapping forward erratically as he spills down your throat, and you swallow as much as you can, the rest dripping down your face. But you don’t stop, keeping your lips around him, your hand pumping him hard and fast, sucking him through his orgasm until he’s almost whimpering. 
“Peach, peach I can’t- fuck,” 
You look up at him without slowing down. Brow raising mischievously as you deliver a little payback for all the times he’s overstimulated you. Like that Bucky? How does it feel? Huh?
He pants another hoarse sigh out, his chest heaving as he inhales a lung full of desperately needed air.
His hand on your head gives you your answer.
He likes it, another so good falling from his lips feels amazing grunted out on a shallow breath.
The smirk playing at the corner of his lips even as another heady, deep moan slips out says jokes on you because now, now that he knows how exquisite it feels to have your orgasm prolonged, the bite of pain edging pleasure to insurmountable heights, he’s going to do it even more.
Because of course, he is.
Finally granting him mercy, you release him with a wet pop, leaning back to admire your work, his large body collapsing on the bed. “Damn.” 
A smile pulls at your lips as you wipe the rest of his cum off your face and you crawl over his body, popping your chin on his chest. “Sooo,” you teasingly draw out the word.
“I liked it Peach, no, I fucking loved it,” he says before you can ask. He bends his head while tilting your chin up for a kiss, making a content sound when he realizes his taste is going to linger on your tongue. “I, goddamn, you’re good, I can’t feel my toes.”
You burst into laughter, placing a kiss on his chin. “Good. Now promise me, you’ll talk to me the next time you want to try something new or if you need something because Bucky, I’m down for whatever.” 
“I promise and thank you, Peach,” he says with a smile, glossy eyes drifting down from the ceiling. “I wanna do something right now.” 
“Already?” You ask with a curious tilt of your head.
“I just feel so good and now I have all this energy and I need to do something.” His tongue darts across his bottom lip while his hands slide up your ass. 
The room spins around you and suddenly you’re on your back with his weight pinning you to the sheets. 
“You.” He lets out a deep chuckle, his hand reaching down your leg, pushing it up as he settles between your thighs. “I need to do you.” 
 Bucky has a slightly feral gleam in his blue eyes. “You should go ahead and cancel all your plans, Peach, because, by the time I’m done showing you how much I love you, you won’t be able to walk straight all weekend.” 
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bucky-barnes-diaries · 8 days ago
Body of Christ
Tumblr media
Pairing || Beefy!CatholicPriest!Bucky x Inexperienced!Innocent!Virgin!Female!Reader
Summary || There’s a new young priest in town, and there’s something very unholy about him…
Word Count || 2600
Contents & Warnings || Angst, Smut, Dark/Taboo Themes — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, dub-con/non-con, religious themes, blasphemy of religion, sacrilegious acts, catholic mass, biblical references, sexual content involving a catholic priest, strict/religious parents, explicit content/language, age-gap (reader is early 20’s, Bucky is early/mid 30’s), sexual thoughts and acts, size kink, corruption kink, authority kink, masturbation (female), mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note || For months now I’ve been wanting to write for Priest!Bucky and it’s finally here :D Feedback/reblogs are much appreciated, and it lets me know that you want more writing for Priest!Bucky and my writing in general :)
Disclaimer || English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes or misunderstandings!
Priest!Bucky Masterlist
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Tumblr media
While your alarm clock chimed in that it was time to wake up, you slowly regained consciousness. It was Sunday, and it was early wake-up time to get ready for church.
You let it ring for a minute, and when it hit 07:27 AM, you pressed snooze to try and squeeze a few more minutes of sleep in before it was time to wake, but the light creeping through the window, hitting your face, wouldn't allow you to get a few more moments of peace, and neither would your mother it seamed. She burst through your bedroom door, trying to put her earrings in while ushering you to get out of bed.
“Honey, what are you still doing in bed? We have to leave in 20 minutes!”
“I'm getting up, mother,” you said in the sweetest tone, like the sweetheart your mother knew you were. When she left, you exhaled in annoyance and rolled your eyes. You usually loved to go to church, but today was one of those days where all you wanted was to lay in bed. The only way to stay home was to fake being sick, which you had done a few times in your life, but you knew the Lord wouldn't be pleased with you for lying.
A minute or two went by before the alarm rang once more. You let it ring for a few seconds before you pressed the off button and headed to the bathroom. As you step into the bathroom, you hop in the shower for a quick five-minute rinse to get the sleep off you and freshen up.
With your white cotton panties and matching bra on your body, you walk to your closet to find something to wear. Since it's rather hot outside, you decide on a lovely summer dress. The dress goes below your knees, stopping halfway on your shins. The neckline is open and square but still doesn't give too much away, while the shoulders have a little puff to them. The arms are open and bare.
You look at yourself in the full-length mirror in your bedroom, adoring the lovely flower patterns on your dress. This would do. You do your face the bare minimum—filling in your eyebrows, putting on some mascara and applying a thin coat of lipgloss.
“Honey! Are you ready? We have to leave!”
You examine yourself one last time in the mirror-giving yourself a nod of approval. You look pretty and presentable for church.
As you walk down the stairs, your parents are waiting for you at the foot of them. There's a disapproving expression on your dad's face at your chosen attire; for him, it's too much exposure and make-up. He shakes his head once you reach the bottom, arm crossed over the other.
“I don't like what you're wearing,” he voices sternly.
“I-I'm sorry, daddy.” You looked down in shame. It wasn't that bad, but with your dad being the town's police chief and highly conservative and religious, he always wanted his family to be on their best presentation and behaviour.
“There is no time for you to change now, so let's go, but this will have some repercussions, young lady,” he says in the same tone of voice.
“Yes, daddy.”
Your mom doesn't say a thing, as she knows that no matter what she tells him, your dad's opinion will never change.
With shame and guilt, you walk to the car and sit in the back, hugging yourself and giving yourself comfort on the five-minute car journey to the church.
Once you arrive, you see that almost everyone in your small town is attending church today. Which was unusual, but there was a reason for that, and you had almost completely forgotten that today was somewhat of a particular day. For a few weeks now, there's been talks and gossip in the community about a new young priest, Father James, that would be holding his first mass today. He would be taking over for Father Jacob, who was becoming old, frail and more and more creepy and senseless with the years. A fresh start with a new and sharp priest was needed for your small town.
There was a bit of a queue up to the church doors. Everyone stopped in the doorway to greet Father James and wish him luck. You stood on your tiptoes to try and get a glimpse of him, but there were too many people in your way. You could hear his voice over the chatter as you and your parents inched closer to him.
The sound of his voice was alluring and heavenly, warm and likeable, and you knew that he would have everyone captivated during the sermon while standing at the altar. You could get used to that voice, listening to him preach about God, listening to him talk about life and everything with it, having him whisper in your ear about…
“Honey?” Your mom shook your shoulder.
You inhale a slight gasp as you get snapped back into reality from the daydream you had escaped into, not even realising that you had gone into your world within.
“W-what?” Your voice was trembling and unsteady.
“Aren't you going to greet Father James?”
“Huh?” You peered at your mother, slightly confused and disoriented. She gives you an encouraging nod and a smile.
“I'm really sorry, Father, my daughters rather shy at times,” she laughs sweetly.
You hadn't even realised that you'd moved up the stairs and that it was your turn to meet the new priest. You take a second to get your bearings in order and finally look up at Father James for the first time, and upon looking at him, you are so glad that you didn’t decide to stay in bed today.
He displays a sweet and beautiful smile that lights up his gorgeous face. A wave of unknown feelings and emotions hits your chest as you take him in, all of him.
He was Godly handsome. He looks like one of those men you secretly dream and have unholy thoughts about late in the night, which you know is a great sin, but you couldn't help yourself at times.
He has semi-long hair that stops just above his shoulders, which looks so soft and silky. You wonder how it would be to run your hands through it. Your fingertips twitch in need and desperation to feel it.
His beard is starting to come through, making him look very rugged, which is a very unusual feature on a priest. You wonder how it would feel against your bare skin.
His beautiful blue eyes were to drown in. You wanted to get lost in them and never get out, but you could see a hint of darkness and mystery in them. It excited and terrified you at the same time.
Something about him that wasn't hard to miss was how huge and broad he was, practically towering over you, making you feel small and fragile. His chest was firm and puffed out, making his black shirt cling to him tight. The buttons on his shirt struggled to keep the material closed, and there was just something about his white clerical collar than tied his looks so perfectly together.
You must have gone into your own world again because your mother was calling your name once more.
“I'm really sorry, Father; she usually isn't like this.”
“No problem at all. It can be quite intimidating meeting new people. Hello, I'm Father James.” He gives you his hand, which was unusual for you since Father Jacob never offered his hand to the women and children, only to the men.
“O-oh, sorry. Hello, Father; it's a pleasure to meet you.” With slight hesitance, you placed your smaller hand into his bigger one. His hand practically swallowed yours wholly. It felt nice having his soft touch on you. His upper arm looked like it would burst through the material of his shirt at any moment as he gave you a light squeeze. You wondered what abilities those magnificent hands and arms possessed.
You gave him a sweet and polite smile, accompanied by a small curtsy, just like your mother had taught you to do when meeting someone new. There was a slight smirk on Father James’ face as he quickly looked you up and down.
“The pleasure is all mine.”
Again, you started to get lost in him, but luckily this time, your dad opened his mouth to usher his family inside; the queue behind was becoming impatient.
“Come on, girls, let's not keep Father James busy.”
“I'll see you, good folks, inside.” Father James bid you farewell for now.
As you went past him, you sneaked a quick peek at him through your lashes and saw that he was keeping his gaze at you as you walked past, giving you a wink. You felt yourself heat up, and you proceeded to look down at your feet so no one could see how flustered Father James had made you. All his words and gestures, what did it all mean?
As you and your parents found your seat, you tried to push it out of your head for the time being. You were in church. This was not an appropriate time to go down that rabbit hole.
“Honey, are you alright?” Your mother noticed your dissociative state and got concerned—her hand on your shoulder, giving a reassuring squeeze.
“I-I’m sorry, mother, I'm just very hot today,” you lied. You didn't feel bad about lying since it was technically the truth; it was a very hot day out.
“I'm sorry, baby; you'll feel better now that we are inside.”
“Yes, mother.”
To try and get your mind off Father James, you turned around to one of your good friends sitting behind you with her family and started chatting to her while waiting for the sermon to start.
A bell rings, and everyone in the church stands up. The sermon starts with Father James, clad in the sacred vestments, going in procession to the front, led by the altar boy carrying the cross. Father James genuflects before he walks to the altar to show his respect to God.
He officially begins mass with the sign of the cross; “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Everyone crosses themselves as he says it.
“... Amen,” all in the room say in unison.
He begins leading everyone with an opening prayer; “Let us Pray.”
“Lord Jesus Christ, Your name above every other name, we praise you. We pray that your name is blessed now and forever, in good times and in bad, from east to west. Your name is worthy of praise. Your name is powerful. Your name rules over the nations. Your glory is higher than the heavens. Your name is beautiful. Let us praise the name of the Lord together. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.”
That was a beautiful prayer, you thought. Father James’ love and respect for God was beautiful and powerful, making tears form in your eyes.
Everyone sits down as Father James is about to begin the first reading…
After a captivating and beautiful sermon led by the new priest, it was time to take Holy Communion.
You and your parents are standing in line to approach the altar to receive it—your father in front, your mother in the middle, and you behind her. The closer you get to the altar, the more nervous and excited you get, practically shaking, that you'll be in Father James’ presence once more.
Once it's your turn, you take a deep breath before taking the two steps to where he's standing. You bow in acknowledgement of Christ’s presence and look into Father James’ eyes. They're intently fixated on you. They are much darker than when you previously looked into them. A dark cloud of something wicked swims in them. It makes you swallow the lump that had formed in your throat.
“The Body of Christ,” he says while holding up the Host in front of you.
You keep looking into his eyes and say, “Amen.”
You open your mouth and stick your tongue out a little to receive the Body of Christ. Father James places the Host on the surface, and with the pad of his thumb, he caresses the tip of your wet tongue. His thumb drags down and pulls your bottom lip with it before placing his hand by his side again. A sinister smirk forms on his lips, and his tongue darts out to wet them as he takes in the sight of you.
You are entirely frozen in place. Eyes wide and doe as you stare into his ones that are now completely possessed by the Devil himself. Your heart beats a million miles per hour, and your skin tingles. You would think that you would be scared and disgusted at his actions, but no, no, you want more. You want more of what this man has to offer. You want him to do things to you, unspeakable things that not even you yourself quite understand.
The new and unknown emotions are becoming too much for you, and you must leave his powerful presence before you faint in front of everyone.
“T-thank you, F-Father.”
You bow down once more, and with shaking legs, you leave the altar, skipping the Blood of Christ. You wouldn’t have been able to do it on two standing feet.
Once you sit down with your parents again, you clench your thighs and eyes to try and stop the aching you are experiencing in your intimate area; your cotton panties were damp with your excitement and arousal. Your bundle of pleasure is begging to be touched and caressed. This is one of the greatest sins, and you're experiencing it in a church of all things. God could not be pleased with you now, and you know that you'll need to repent for your sins later…
In bed that night, you just can't seem to get Father James out of your mind. You try with all your might to fall asleep and think of something else, but the events from today cloud your mind and make you pulsate down below, your panties becoming wet once more.
You know you shouldn't touch yourself. You know it's a great sin. Your parents, especially your father, have drilled into your brain repeatedly that God says it's dirty and the devil's work to touch oneself and bring pleasure upon your body, but sometimes you can't help yourself. The euphoric feeling was too extraordinary to pass upon, and you couldn't understand why God would be against a sensation that made a person feel good? Doesn't God want us, his creations, to be happy and feel satisfied? God could be very confusing at times…
This night wouldn't be the first night you'd touched yourself, but each time it did feel wrong in a way. Especially now when a priest was making your thoughts sinful and unholy, but tonight, the Devil spoke louder than God.
You start by delicately palming your breasts through the thin t-shirt you sleep in, mewling soft cries as you try to imagine big and rough hands touching you instead. Your back arches as your hand glides down your stomach and your legs spread to welcome its touches on your most intimate area. After teasing and toying with the edge of your panties, you finally insert your hand into the soft material, finding yourself slick with excitement.
“Forgive me, Father, for I'm about to sin….”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 🖤 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
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thenhewaswrongaboutme · a month ago
concept: begging him to slow down or take it easy and instead he just says “you’re okay, you’re okay” and fucks me harder
need that with yhhmsgm bucko please 🥵
you can take it
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female reader (yhhmsgm universe)
Warnings: 18+ minors DNI. Established relationship. Established consent. DUBCON/CNC— this prompt can be considered dark. In the context of this drabble, it is not dark, but please use caution if these things upset you. Our sweet Bucky is a bit of an animal here. Dry humping, PIV sex
Word count: 1.4k
A/N: “Let’s just write some quick smut,” I said to myself. “You don’t have to make it complicated.” Spoiler alert: I did make it complicated. Also, I wrote this entirely on my phone for once, so apologies if it ends up weird.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here’s the thing with Bucky— he would never hurt you. He’s all too aware of what he’s capable of with his preternatural strength and his weaponized arm. He knows the power he holds, knows the damage he can cause if he loses himself in the grips of pleasure.
So when he tells you “you can take it,” it’s because he knows you can.
He’s got you on your knees in front of the couch, your face pressed into the seat cushion while he slams into you from behind. You had been teasing him all evening— no, teasing wasn’t the right word. You’d been edging him with his fucking clothes still on, working him up to near delirium while a movie played forgotten in the background. It started with you ‘innocently’ rubbing your ass against him while he spooned you, and serum or not, he was only human. He was hard within a matter of seconds, his cock straining against the confines of his sweatpants and twitching against your backside.
Then you rolled over to kiss him, and that was far from innocent— the taste of your mint chapstick was intoxicating, and when your tongue swiped across his lower lip, he groaned and let you in. He slipped his hand up under your shirt while he kissed you, kneading at your breasts in that selfish way he knew you liked, squeezing the soft flesh and pinching your nipples gently. He liked it, too, and soon he was on top of you, rutting against you like some kind of horny teenager in their parents’ basement. It was fine. You liked it.
When you finally broke away from him to catch your breath, he was panting heavily, his mouth open while he looked down at you with heavy-lidded eyes. He couldn’t see or hear anything but you over the static crackling in his brain, and when you smiled at him, he thought his heart might stop altogether.
With a gentle push against his chest, you both sat up, and you climbed up onto his lap. His head fell back when you straddled his thick thighs, because that was it, it was game over— he couldn’t help but groan when you settled yourself down on top of where his length was clearly visible in his sweatpants.
You rocked against him in that delicious, slow, torturous way that you knew he liked, your mouth on his, letting out little whimpers and moans when you felt him twitch against your clothed heat. Those telltale flames were licking at the base of his spine, the corners of his consciousness, and he needed to get inside you— but when he tried to tug his sweatpants down, you just shook your head and smiled that infuriating smile. No, you wanted his clothes on.
With his hands on your hips, you continued to grind against him, and it was fine until it wasn’t— until your motions stuttered and your plush lips dropped open, your muscles tensing up. “Oh, fuck,” you whispered, your wide eyes locking onto his when you finally noticed your orgasm creeping up on you. A whimper squeaked out of you, and you dropped your face to Bucky’s shoulder, biting down on the collar of his shirt to muffle your moans.
“Look at you,” he whispered reverently, pulling you flush against him and holding you tightly in his arms while you shook. “God, look at you.”
His breathing was fast to mirror yours, and his heart matched your hummingbird beat— each of your pretty little noises went straight to his cock, and he almost just said fuck it, almost let himself fold under the pressure of pleasure and come in his pants like you were trying to get him to do. It’s what you fucking wanted, right? His ears were ringing, the fire in his blood boiling up to a fever pitch when he grabbed your hips again.
He was so hard that it hurt, and when your breathing slowed, he started thrusting up against you again— if the dark spot of precum on his sweatpants was any indication, it wouldn’t take long for him to come— but you flashed him that blissful, wicked grin and rose up onto your knees. He groaned indignantly at the loss of friction, and when he met your eyes, you stifled a giggle— this was on purpose, you were torturing him on purpose— and that was that.
“Bucky, please,” you choked out, your words punctuated by the way each swift thrust of his hips knocked the air from your lungs.
As soon as he made his decision, he had you on your knees on the floor in an instant, your soaked panties tugged down around your thighs and his throbbing cock nudging at your entrance. He slid inside you with ease; you loved teasing him, and making him squirm always left you slick and ready. He found a merciless rhythm, the slapping sound of his skin against yours drowning out the noise of the TV.
“Buck, I can’t—” you panted, turning your head so you could see him from the corner of your eye. “Oh, god— slow down—”
“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Bucky murmured without slowing his frantic pace. He held your hips with both hands to hold you steady as he slammed into you, the pressure of his fingertips causing blood to pool under your skin. Your eyes watered from the power behind each of his thrusts, and there were black lines on the couch where your mascara smeared across the fabric.
And yeah, maybe it was a bit quick. Maybe it was a bit rough. But Bucky never took his eyes off of you, and the corner of your mouth was curled into a thrilled smile, even as a tear leaked down your cheek— he ducked forward to pepper kisses against it, then down your neck, across your shoulders, anywhere he could reach without throwing off his rhythm.
Bucky was fucking greedy. Always had been. And now that he remembered how good this wretched body could feel, how good you made him feel, he couldn’t fucking resist.
“You can take it,” he panted as he slammed into you, prodding relentlessly at that spot inside of you that made your mind go numb. “C’mon, baby, give it to me. Gimme another. Need to feel you squeeze my cock.” His balls were so fucking heavy, pulled up tight against him, but he had to wait— he was not greedy, he reminded himself, he wasn’t—
“I can’t,” you sobbed, but then Bucky tangled his left hand into your hair and pulled back sharply. Your protests melted into moans as you tightened around him like a vice.
“That’s right, sweets,” he breathed as your muscles began to tremble. “Come for me. I know you need to, know ya want to— you can do it, baby.” He could feel it, could feel you dragging him along with you as you careened toward bliss. Maybe it seemed like he was in control, but you both knew the truth— he was a passenger, a stowaway, and he needed you now more than ever.
“Bucky!” you cried when you hurtled over the edge, the tension in your muscles dissolving into overwhelming pleasure. Your cunt clenched around him in waves, nearly pushing him out of you with the force of your orgasm.
“Ah, fuck, there she is,” he groaned, his hips stuttering as he fought to bury himself deep inside you despite your body’s resistance. “Good girl. That’s my fuckin’ girl.” Fully sheathed just in time for that wildfire to take over, he let the flames consume him, pumping you full of cum with each pulse of his cock. You moaned louder when you felt him throbbing inside you, pushing your hips back against him to keep him as deep as possible.
When Bucky was finally spent, he hunched forward to wrap his arms around you, covering you completely as you continued to flutter weakly around him. He nuzzled his sweaty face against your neck, but the aftershocks jolting through you prevented you from stringing together a coherent sentence.
“Bu… oh g…” you panted against the couch as he pressed kisses everywhere he could reach. He didn’t want to pull out quite yet, but he tugged your shirt back down, straightening the fabric, and ran his fingers through your disheveled hair.
“So good, baby,” he rasped into your ear, and you turned to kiss him with a weak smile on your face. “Love you,” he whispered. “Love you so much.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 25 days ago
Messy and Sloppy
Pairings | Bucky Barnes x f!reader
Warnings | dirty talk, smut, swearing, vibrator, oral (f receiving), cream pie, mentions/heavily implies unprotected sex, pet names
Word count | 395
Summary | Bucky cleaning you up after fucking you good
Tumblr media
"Shit, sweetheart. Look at how sloppy this little pussy is." Bucky swore, an awed lilt to his voice as he ran two fingers through your dripping folds. 
You wiggled your hips a little and moaned around the ball gag that was still seated in your mouth. Bucky's lips pulled into a little grin at your reaction, and he leant forwards to lick a strip from your clit to your slit.
"So fuckin' messy," Bucky sighed, bringing his hand down hard enough on your ass to make you squeal and rock forwards, "I really did fuck this little hole good, didn't I?" 
You should've been offended by his confidence, but if anything it made you clench harder and press your ass back towards his face again.  
Bucky pressed another kiss to your folds before he was reaching across the bed for the abandoned vibrator. 
He flicked it on, a smile instantly curling his lips at the happy sounds you made and the way your hips wiggled in anticipation. 
"I know, sweetheart, I know. You can take it." Bucky hummed, rubbing the flesh of your ass that had now stopped stinging. He pressed the vibrator to your clit, and chuckled when your jolted before settling into the sensations. 
You moaned around the gag loudly as your felt his lips back on you, Bucky's tongue slurping at the cum dripping from your hole. 
"That's it, good girl. You can give me one more." Bucky mumbled, starting to fuck your pussy with his tongue. 
Your thighs shook, and you whimpered through your nose, the vibrations against your clit making your hips rock back and forth under Bucky's grip. 
"Come for me." Bucky growled with a smack to your thigh, and you felt your muscles tense as you came against his mouth for the god-knows-how-many time tonight. 
As you calmed down, thighs still shaking, Bucky pulled the vibe away and switched it off. He began to kiss his way gently up your back before removing the gag. 
"You're such a good girl for me. I love you."
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buckyhoney · 3 months ago
“Mmm you look so full with my cum.” whit bucky, please?
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: im trying a new layout for the prompts, im not sure i like it lmao- these prompts wont be as long as full fics, so falling along the lines of blurbs and drabbles
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: beefy!bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, unprotected sex, cum play, bulge kink, dumbification kink, degrading kink, light fingering, unedited
"mmm you look so full with my cum" + bucky barnes
Moaning, Bucky presses on your lower abdomen- feeling his cock through your skin. Your mind is fuzzy, and the ability to put full sentences together left you a while ago. He continued to ram inside you through another orgasm- too addicted to the feeling of your cunt clenching around him.
Cum is spilling out of you with every thrust. Incoherent sounds slip past your lips.
"Mmm, you look so full with my cum... Do you feel it in your tummy, baby?" Bucky coos, taking your hand and replacing his.
You feel the bugle underneath your palm. Bucky was fucking the cum into you so deep. All you could do was nod and whine. Bucky chuckles. Not thinking you could take anymore, Bucky cums again. He groans in your ear, his strokes deep and slow.
"Such a dumb baby, so fucked out you can't even think straight-"
Whimpering, you reach down, rubbing your clit. Closer to another orgasm, Bucky pulls out- ripping you away from your pleasure.
"Oh, honey, look at you... so desperate and needy for more- acting like a little slut." He grabbed your hands, pinning them above your head.
Bucky inserts two fingers, collecting his cum on his fingers. Your eyes light up- from the pleasure and from knowing exactly what he's about to do. He brings his cum soaked fingers to your lips and you open them eagerly. Sucking on his fingers, you moan around him grinding your hips into nothing.
"Nothing in that dumb baby brain of yours huh? Only thinking about my cum?" You whimper in response, smiling around his fingers.
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gutflorizt · 2 months ago
.⋆˚ 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐃𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫. 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐝𝐝 𝐚 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭.
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠︱𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝟏𝟖+, 𝐒𝐌𝐔𝐓, 𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲, 𝐩𝐞𝐭 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞: 𝐝𝐨𝐥𝐥, 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐟!), 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐩 𝐢𝐧 𝐯 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞︱@buckspumpkin 𝐠𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 𝐬𝐨 𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦!𝐈'𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐛𝐜 𝐈'𝐯𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐥. 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 <𝟑
Tumblr media
“Bucky you have to watch the movie, it’s phenomenal!” You rambled on as you plopped down next to him. “I know you don’t like a lot of the newer things but you’ll like this for sure.” 
“Are we sure we want to watch tv?” Bucky asked, trying to divert your attention. “You know what we should do?” 
He snapped his fingers in the air, “Play a board game!” 
“Buck we’re not playing a board game,” You said as you grabbed the remote. “Come on please just try it. If you don’t like it we can–oh my god!” You gasped when you turned on the t.v and was faced with a cracked screen. 
You turned to Bucky with your mouth agape, “What happened?” 
“Sam came over and–” 
“I don’t think I need an explanation, you said enough,” You cut him off. “I’ll bring my computer, just give me a second.” 
You left and Bucky was left sitting on the couch as he played with his thumbs. He watched you curiously as you marched out of your room and back into the living room where the internet box was. You inspected the internet box and let out soft questioning hums. 
“That’s weird, everything is just fine so why isn’t the internet working?” A moment of silence passed as you tried figuring out what was wrong. “Bucky, did you forget to pay the internet bill?” 
He screwed his eyes shut in frustration, “I must’ve. I’m so sorry Doll.” 
“S’okay Buck, it happens to the best of us. I’ll go pay it tomorrow during work.” You blew air through your lips and tucked your hands into the front sprocket of your jeans. “Looks like we’re playing a board game.” 
Bucky followed you to a very small closet down the hall. That closet mostly contained board games and long forgotten boxes you were supposed to open when you first moved in. 
You opened the door, revealing the dust collected boxes. 
“We can play Uno.” 
“Too repetitive,” You said. “What about Monopoly?” 
“No, because you cheat!” Bucky accusingly exclaimed. 
“I do not!” You defended. “Ok so no Monopoly….We should play chess!” 
“What are we 80 years old?” 
You glanced at him and checked him out, “Well you are.” 
Bucky’s face scrunched into one of annoyance, “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” Bucky hummed as he kept looking. “What’s Twister?” 
“You’ve never played before?” You asked as you grabbed the box. 
“No, I've played my entire life and I suddenly forgot what it is,” Bucky sarcastically said. “I haven't played before, that's why I’m asking.” 
You grabbed the box and started to walk back to the living room while you explained the rules. “There's a color wheel with a picture of a body part, depending where it lands you place the body part on that color. So say I spin and I get green and right hand then I have to put my right hand on a green circle on the mat.” 
“Seems easy enough.” 
Bucky truly overestimated his flexibility. At first glance he thought it would be easy and you would easily lose against him. He’s a very trained soldier after all.
Bucky flicked the spinner. Body part, foot. Colour, green. He bent over on top of you but because the only green circle left that can make it physically possible is behind him. Which means he would have to be stuck in a crab position until it’s his turn. 
“Come on Barnes, this hurts,” You complained as your arm cramped under you. 
“I don’t think I can do this,” He muttered to himself. 
“Either we keep going by you trying or it’s a forfeit and I automatically win.” 
There was no way Bucky was going to lose to you. He instantly moved backwards and into the dreaded crab position. 
Right as you went to flick the spinner you lost your balance and fell, making Bucky automatically the winner. 
“Ha! I win and you lose!” Bucky boatsed as he got up. “And I didn’t cheat.” 
“Yeah yeah you win and I lose,” You mumbled and tucked your legs under you. “How’d you like the game?” 
“It was alright,” Bucky shrugged. “But what if we added our own twist to it?” 
“Like what?” 
“Every time it lands on red we have to take a piece of clothing off,” He smirked. “In other words, strip Twister.” 
“You’re on Barnes,” You smirked, getting up. “You’re going first though.” 
Bucky flicked the spinner, left hand on red. Bucky clicked his tongue as he took off a sock and placed his left hand on the red circle. It was your turn and you landed on right hand on green. 
“You better not cheat,” Bucky teased. 
“Or what?” You playfully retorted. “Is the big bad soldier going to get mad?” 
“Jesus christ,” Bucky chuckled as he shook his head. “You love to tease me don’t you?” 
“Yes sir,” You winked as you saluted him with a devilish smile. 
“Just for that I’m making you go again.” 
“Meanie,” You pouted and spun again. “Oh you have to be kidding me,” You groaned when you landed on left foot on red. You copied Bucky and took your sock off. 
It was Bucky’s turn and he landed on right hand on blue. A flash of disappointment ran though you and you cursed at the spinner. 
“Why the sad look Doll? Wanted me to strip?” 
“You wish,” You scoffed. “Your turn.” 
The both of you continued taking off the smaller pieces of clothing, each getting excited with each spin. Soon enough Bucky had ran out of small clothing to take off. He spun and landed on red. 
“Get ready to see an adonis Doll,” Bucky said as he peeled off his shirt. 
You stared in awe as you watched him. It all felt like it was going in slow motion right before your very own eyes. He was an adonis. Even the faded jagged scars around his arm made you want to plant sweet tender kisses upon them, showering them in your affection. 
“Hey eyes up here,” Bucky smirked as he pointed his finger up towards his eyes. 
You rolled your eyes, “I’ll look wherever I want.” 
Now it was your turn. You spun the spinner and landed on red. Perfect. 
You slowly took your pants off, making sure to purposefully wiggle your but in front of his face. Bucky’s throat went dry when he saw your thighs. All the blood started to rush to his cock and he knew the game wouldn’t last long. 
“Now I really can’t do this,” Bucky said as he contemplated losing. You only had a pair of panties and shirt left on and he only had his boxers on. If he took his next move his face would be impossibly close to your chest and he would for sure lose. “I really can’t.” 
“Just do it Barnes, s’all part of the game.” 
Bucky took your word and maneuvered his body around, his hand going over your body to land on the green dot in the right hand corner. Just as he predicted his head was right in front of your breast. 
Bucky turned a bright shade of tomato red as he tried to look anywhere else. His hardened cock pressed against your thigh and you smirked in triumph. Bucky had desperately tried to hide his boner and he was successful. For the most part. 
“What sarge? Can’t handle a pair of tits in your face?” You asked as you pushed your chest in front of his face tauntingly. 
“That’s it,” Bucky growled as he got up. 
“Ha! I won!” You stuck your tongue out at him. “I’m the winner!”
“For now.” Bucky abruptly grabbed you and tossed you over his shoulder with ease. You squealed as you felt his metal hand grasped your body. He took you to his room and gently set your body on the bed. 
Bucky shortly after climbed on top of you and kissed you with an intense need. His body grinded against yours as he sloppily kissed you. 
“Just take this damn thing off,” Bucky snarled against your lips as he ripped your shirt in half. His jaw momentarily dropped when your bare breasts were exposed, “No bra? Dirty slut.” 
His hands played with your breasts, his thumb stroking your pebbled nipples ever so slightly. Your body arched into his touch, silently begging for more. He took the hint and his lips placed their love on your body all the way where you needed him the most. 
Using his teeth Bucky pulled your panties down to your ankles. It was the most erotic thing you’ve ever seen your entire life you couldn’t helped but have moaned. You felt his head dip between your thighs, his growing beard scratched your inner thighs deliciously. 
“Can’t wait for your pretty thighs to tremble ‘round my head,” Bucky quipped, biting one of your thighs. 
Bucky spread your legs impossibly further, watching your pussy leak. He flattened his tongue and likced a bold stripe up your cunt. Your hands flew to his hair, gripping the tousled hair in between your fingers. 
“You taste so sweet Doll,” He complimented, dipping his tongue into your hole. “Like fuckin’ candy.” 
Bucky went from long bold licks to short sweet kitten licks. It made you writhe around in pleasure and push your pussy closer to his face. His hot wet tongue was addictive, he had become your own personal drug. 
You felt his tongue trace out letters on your clit. You tried so hard to concentrate but the pleasure overwhelmed you. He kept going again and again until you finally got it. My cumslut. 
“Bucky y-you gotta stop-AH!” You moaned when he started to harshly suck on your clit. “Bucky!” 
Bucky pulled away, a string of your arousal connecting to his lips. “You really want me to stop?” 
“Yes,” You shook your head no despite your response. 
Bucky chuckled at your response, “Why?” 
You nervously gulped, “Because the first time I cum I want it to be around your cock.” 
Bucky looked genuinely shocked at your response. Never did he ever think he would hear those words fall from your lips. If he could he would replay those words over and over again until he got tired of hearing them.
Bucky didn’t respond and attacked your lips once again. You felt his tip prod at your entrance, “Needy slut, wanting to cum on m’cock first.” During the middle of his sentence he pushed all the way in, bottoming out soothingly. 
Pure ecstasy rippled through your lower half, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him inside you. His hot throbbing member pulsed inside you. Teasing him some more you clenched down hard and watched Bucky’s eyes screwed shut. 
“Can’t stop with the teasin’ huh?” He clicked his tongue. “I’m just going to have to fuck it out of you.” 
His thrusts started slow but quickly rose to a fast and brutal pace using your hips as leverage. So fast your body jolted with the banging headboard. Pain and pleasure seared through your body. Beads of sweat formed between your bodies as Bucky continued to fuck you. 
“You feel s’good Bucky,” You whimpered as you felt his tip rub against your sweet spot. “So good. I love your cock.”
“Cock drunk already?” Bucky questioned. “Looks like it didn’t take long to fuck the teasin’ out of you.” 
“Shut up,” Your voice was merely above a whisper. “Just keep going.” 
Bucky finally felt the tremble of your thighs around his outer thighs. Deciding to spice things up he pressed on your lower tummy so slightly. He watched your eyes roll to the back of your head and drool dribbled from your swollen lips. 
“You look so pretty like this, fucked out becasue of me,” Bucky said as his thumb pushed the drool back in. “Imagine how you would be like if I actually got to take my time with you. Slowly tearing you apart with my fingers, tongue and cock.” 
The mere thought of it was enough to make you come. You dug your nails into his back as you screamed his name while you gushed around his cock. 
“Yes, yes, yes,” You mindlessly hummed as he kept going. 
After a few more thrusts Bucky pulled out and finished over your stomach, both of your juices mixing together. He watched as it started to drip down and closer to your pussy. 
“You ok Doll?” Bucky asked when you didn’t make a sound. 
“I'm way more than ok,” You giggled. “I don’t think it’s ever felt this good before.” 
“That's because the other guys weren’t me, Doll,” he pointed out. “Remember that, no man will ever make you feel as good as me.”
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · a month ago
hopelessly devoted to you
— mob! bucky barnes x housewife! reader
summary || bucky loves playing games with you, and like the innocent doe you are, you always get trapped.
warnings || literally all of our fantasy to be a cute housewife for bucky. shameless smut. unprotected sex. housewife kink. cockwarming. masturbation. edging. orgasm control/denial. punishments. fingering. creampie. oral sex. somnophilia. praise kink. dacryphilia. innocence kink. corruption kink. possessive bucky. mean bucky. filthy bucky. a lot of dirty talk. horny thots. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
this is probably the freakiest thing I’ve written,.. like feminism is out of the window
Tumblr media
“Dinner’s ready!“ you happily chimed as you opened the door to his study. But your smile dropped into a frown when you saw him sitting in front of a pile of papers. His eyes darted up from the paper he was reading and when he saw you, his lips twitched into a smirk than his usual smile.
“Are you very busy? Should I go?” You asked in a meek voice. You were very well aware of what your husband did, but you never interfered in it. Bucky made you happy and loved you more than anyone else ever could, and you honestly didn’t want anything else from your life.
Bucky’s eyes trailed down to the way you were fidgeting with the hem of your skirt; it was your nervous tic and Bucky hated nothing more than seeing you anxious. “I’m never too busy for my wife.” Your face instantly lit up and you let go of your skirt. “Come here.”
You happily sauntered over to his chair and sat down on his welcoming lap. He buried his nose in your neck and breathed in your scent. “Mmm… you’re so sweet for me, my sunshine.” He mumbled against your skin sending down little vibrations. “Bucky,…” you breathed out.
He darted out his tongue to lick a wide stripe of your neck and goosebumps erupted on your skin. He wrapped his flesh arm around your thigh while his metal arm was still clutching the papers. You sucked in a sharp breath when his hand slid past your skirt and rubbed your warm pussy.
Bucky treated you like a queen, and all you had to do do was follow a few of his rules. Not wearing panties around him, was one of them. You squirmed in his lap when his fingers started circling your excited clit. He held you tighter when wriggled and moaned.
“Don’t you think it’s cold?” Bucky’s voice was thick with lust. You were distracted as it is, as his lips kept on nibbling on your sensitive neck. Your body was heated up due to his ministrations, and even without that, you were sure the room was fairly warm. “N.. no.” You stuttered.
“I think it’s chilling. Now, don’t you wanna keep me warm?” He asked playfully. “Sure.” You replied without thinking much. Bucky chuckled against your throat and you knew he was up to no good. You were married to him for nearly a year and knew him much before that, yet he never stopped surprising you with his wicked ways.
You gasped when Bucky spread your legs further apart until they were dangling down from his thighs. He hummed as he spread your slick around your sopping folds. “So wet for me, just like a good wife should be.”
You pressed yourself to his chest and arched your back when two of his thick fingers entered you. He pumped them in a steady pace as if he didn’t want to stimulate you as much as he wanted to stretch you. “You’re so tight sweetheart, as if I don’t fuck you every night.”
If there was one thing about Bucky, it was that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut during sex. But his filthy words only spurred you on. His metal arm was curled around your hip as he fingered you with his other arm. “I think that’s enough warm up.” He chuckled as he scissored his fingers within you.
He pulled out his fingers and brought them to your mouth and you obediently sucked on them. You were desperate by the sudden lack of stimulation and you started moving your hips to get at least some friction. “Be patient.” He chastised.
You cracked a smile when you heard him open the zip of his slacks. You hissed as he position his hard length against your needy hole. You sighed as his thick head sank in and he kept pulling you down until he completely filled you out.
You bit down on your lip with excitement as you knew what was to come. But all your guesses went down the drain when he left you just like that and started looking through the papers again. Just his metal arm was holding you still while he checked the papers with his right hand.
“Bucky?” He only hummed in response as his eyes skimmed through the fine print of words on the paper. His lack of attention you to was only arousing you more as you felt your juices leaking around his cock. “Aren’t you.. umm,.. aren’t you going to fuck me?” You asked genuinely.
“No baby. I told you I was cold. But now you are keeping me warm, aren’t you?” Your eyes widened in realisation and you nearly came on spot. Bucky had told you many times before as he fucked you that he wanted you to keep his cock warm, you hadn’t expected him to do it right now. Not that you were complaining.
Unable to do much, you just sagged back against his broad chest. Your vision was hazy and you couldn’t really see what was written on those papers, neither did you want to. Your entire concentration was pulled towards his cock stuffed inside you and the constant throbbing of your nub.
You didn’t really know how much time had passed as you were too out of it to realise, but by now, you were craving the friction. His cock was snug against your walls and you wanted him to move, desperately. You tried your best to stay still, but couldn’t anymore.
You gripped the oak table in front of you and tried fucking yourself on his cock. But Bucky was quick to hold you still and you nearly wanted to cry as he clicked his tongue. “Sweetheart, can’t you see I’m busy? I just wanted you to keep me warm, not distract me. Can’t you even do that for me?”
“Bucky but..” your voice was low with hurt as you hated disappointing Bucky. “Shhh…” he pressed a kiss against your temple and it was enough to shut you up. You were hoping for even a little bit of relief, but that never came.
Instead, Bucky pulled out of you and zipped himself back up. He arranged the papers back on the desk and pushed your skirt down. You whined in complaint and before you could say anything, Bucky just patted your ass and announced, “Let’s have dinner!”
You rubbed your thighs together to alleviate the ache persistent at your core. You turned around on the bed to see Bucky sleeping by your side. You never before had the urge to wake up him as you did now; how could he possibly sleep so peacefully when you were literally burning with need at his side.
You had picked at your dinner as your hunger wasn’t really related to food. You had hopes in your heart that he would give you what you wanted at least when you went to bed. But Bucky simply went to sleep after giving you a forehead kiss.
You felt like it was strung tight with tension and needed something, anything, or relieve it. At this point, your body was so sensitive to touch that even the bedsheets felt rough. Even you didn’t know how your hand landed between your legs, but you chewed your lips as you got an idea.
You cleared your throat to see if Bucky was awake, and when he didn’t respond, you sighed. You spread your legs on the bed and closed your eyes as you imagined Bucky. Your fingers danced along your thighs before dipping into your wet pussy.
Little sparks travelled down to your toes as you flicked your clit. Your responsive nub was throbbing with need and you sank down into the bed as your fingers soothed your ache. Your fingers clutched the sheets and your teeth sank into your bottom lip to keep moans from spilling out.
Your back arched when you pushed two of your fingers into your sopping hole. The fingers weren’t nearly enough for the delicious stretch of Bucky’s cock, but at least this was better than nothing. You were dripping wet and your fingers made a squelching noise as you pumped them into your hole.
You weren’t able to reach the special spots that Bucky was able to, but since you were so delirious with the need to get pleasured, your fingers did just fine in calming the fire in your core. You were wriggling on the bed as you felt yourself getting close.
Your toes curled as you rubbed your clit with your hand and curled your fingers into you. After all this time of being on the edge, you relaxed as you knew you were going to melt into the oncoming orgasm. But right as you were about to cum, Bucky’s hand wrapped around your wrist.
Your fingers slipped out of your entrance with a pop, which made you wince. Your face burned with embarrassment as Bucky caught you red handed. But even more frustrating than that was you were just about to cum, but Bucky had prevented that from happening.
“What were you doing sweetheart?” Despite the deceptive nickname, his tone was purely condescending. You opened your mouth to speak back, but you weren’t able to comprehend anything. His eyes were hard in the dim moonlight that seeped through. “And who gave you the permission to touch my pussy?”
One of his rules was to not touch yourself unless he tells you to. You didn’t know what exactly to feel — anger that he denied you your release, or guilt that you broke his rule. Somehow, both of them clouded your thought and you couldn’t convey either. Instead you just laid back and stared at Bucky with wide eyes.
“Now tell me, do you deserve a punishment, or not?” You knew this wasn’t a question. Your eyes pricked with tears as you murmured, “This isn’t fair.” Bucky just gave a cruel smile as he held your jaw in a firm grip. He pressed a gentle kiss to your pouty lips before speaking.
“How is this not fair? Hmm. Do you even know how difficult it was for me to not fuck you right on that table? I was going to give it to you baby, I promise. I just wanted you to be my good girl. But no. You can’t even be good for me.” His words made you tear up and Bucky shamelessly licked your salty tears.
You cried harder when you realised that all of this had been his trap. And like the innocent doe you were, you were trapped. You wanted to hate the games he played with you, but you just couldn’t. Both, him and you knew that you loved it.
“What’s your colour?” Bucky asked. You couldn’t help but crack a small smile, “Green.” Was your quick reply. The fact that you were in control of the situation and Bucky would never do anything to actually hurt you, made you preen.
“Good. Now back to my question. Do you deserve a punishment or not.” Bucky mused. You gulped nervously before answering, “Yes.” In the next instant, Bucky’s lips descended upon yours. The kiss was rough and dominating and yet it made you swoon.
You moaned into the kiss as Bucky spread your legs apart and seated himself in between. You panted for breath as he pulled away before clutching your night gown and pulling it above your head. The cold night air prickled your heated body.
He discarded the clothes he slept in and you roved your hand over his corded muscles. You could see how desperate even he was as he rubbed the head of his cock over your drenched folds. He swirled against your clit and your breath hitched.
“Your pussy looks so needy. Does it hurt sweetheart?” His eyes were zeroed down on the mess your pussy was making. You nodded at his words because though they were humiliating, it was true. “Do you wanna cum on cock?” He had this glint in his eyes which made you think twice.
“Yes please.” You whined. You still didn’t know what he was going to do to you as he still hadn’t told you about your punishment. The anticipation was only adding to the arousal coursing through your veins. “Hmm… so your punishment for acting like a bad girl is, you don’t get to cum tonight.”
Your eyes flew open and before you could complain for him to reconsider, he entered you in a single hard stroke. All your thoughts left your head when he seated himself deep inside you, filling you up to your brim. Your legs shook and you curled your fingers in his bulging biceps, leaving indented marks in the shape of your nails.
Bucky’s thrusts were hard and precise. He was set on a goal and the goal was to wreck you. The bed rattled with the force of his movements as he fucked into you while still holding your jaw. “Buc… Bucky Please!” You begged when you surpassed the initial shock.
“That’s right baby. Beg for me. Beg for me to let you cum. Who knows, your needy whines my change my decision.” You knew it was nearly impossible. Once Bucky was set on something, nothing in this world could change his decision. But the little hope that you could still get your much needed release made your heart soar.
“Please… please let me cum. I.. ahh.. I’ll be good.” Your tried your best to plead while he fucked you within an inch of your life. “Now that’s not very convincing you see. You’ve disappointed me a lot today sweetheart. And though it breaks my heart, I have to teach you how to be a good wife.”
Your head was spinning and as Bucky continued his dirty talk. Your mouth was open as moans and little whimpers spilled out of it. You honestly didn’t know if you could stop yourself from coming and you shivered at the thought of what Bucky would do if you broke his rule again.
“Now tell me sweetheart, you could’ve opened your mouth and asked me. Have I ever denied you anything?“ you had no idea how Bucky was speaking like that while rutting into you. You opened your mouth to speak but all that came out with a moan of Bucky’s name.
“Did you get shy? Huh?” He squeezed your jaw and you mumbled a strained yes. “You get all shy to ask your own husband to fuck you, but all that shyness is gone when you shamelessly touch your pussy while he is right next to you.” His words were pushing you further and you squealed out, “Fuck!”
“What did you just say? Good wives are not supposed to curse. Guess I have to fuck those filthy words outta your mouth.” Bucky’s thrust were getting unrelenting as he was losing his rhythm and you knew he was close.
“Bucky please! I’ll be good for you….. So good. The best!… Please let me me cum. Please..,,. I’m sorry Bucky! Please I’m so so sorry. Just let me cum. I promise I won’t.. I won’t do it again.” You were past the point of coherence and the only thing you cared about in this world, was getting to cum.
“Aww poor baby. You’re such a mess. Do you even know how much I love to see you wrecked like this?” He pressed kisses over your face before continuing. “But no. You don’t get to cum. And if you do, sweetheart, you won’t like what happens next.” The warning in his words was clear.
“Tell me you need me to fill you up. Cum so deep within you that you feel me for days. Tell me you’ll be my good wife and take my seed.” With the way he was hitting your special spot over and over again, thinking and speaking was very difficult and yet, you tried. “Bucky.. please fill me up! I need your cum! Please! I’ll be your good wife..!”
That was all Bucky needed as he came deep inside you. His rough grunts and moans were like music to your ears. And somehow seeing him reach his peak, made you happy too. You squirmed on the bed as you felt his hot seed fill you until it leaked from besides his cock.
You knew you were right at the edge, and yet you didn’t cum. You just couldn’t. You didn’t know if it was your determination to please Bucky, or his sheer command over you. But you lay there, a shivering and trembling mess, as he pulled out of you.
“You were so good for me sweetheart. You’ve made me so proud.” His words suddenly made you feel less empty and you turned around to see him. He pressed loving kisses to your face and you smiled through your tears. “Really?” You asked almost unbelieving.
“Yes. You were the absolute best. My best girl. I love you.” Hearing him say this felt even more blissful than your impending orgasm. Though he said these words every night and morning, listening to them never failed to make you happy.
“I love you too.” You mumbled hazily. He circled his arms around you and pulled you tight against him. “Sleep sweetheart. I promise I’ll wake you up with a gift.” You were actually on edge, but the days fatigue had tired you and Bucky’s promise of a gift made you excited for tomorrow as you drifted into dreamland.
You feel as if you’re drowning through the saccharine sweetness of thick honey as you arise from the deep depths of sleep. Your body feels electric and alive and you can’t tell the reason until you open your eyes and see Bucky between your thighs.
You gasp as you feel him lapping up your pussy and you weave your hands through his thick hair. His hands were holding your thighs wide apart and keeping you from wriggling. Your back arched involuntarily as he sucked on your clit.
“Bucky..” his name spilled out of your lips and he looked up at you. His blue eyes were sparkling with mischief in the morning sun. Seeing that you were awake, he doubled down his efforts. The room was filled with the noise of your moans and his hungry laps.
You clutched his hair tighter as his tongue entered your wet channel. He hummed into your pussy and the vibrations travelled up your spine. Your legs were trembling around his head and your toes curled as he ate you out like a starved man.
His beard was rubbing deliciously over your sensitive thighs and this roughness was only adding to the overall pleasure. Bucky knew your body better than even yourself, and he knew exactly what to do to make you lose your mind.
You were strung up as it is, and under Bucky’s precise ministrations, it didn’t take you much time to unravel. Your entire body felt as if it was cotton candy melting into the gentle embrace of water. The calm floaty feeling overtook you as every nerve in your body was set alight.
Bucky didn’t stop throughout your orgasm and lapped up all that you gave him. He pulled back only when he was satisfied, and that was when your entire body had gone lax with pleasure. All your previous tension and tautness had vanished as you smiled up at him in a daze.
“That was a very nice gift.” You giggled when you remembered last nights promise. “That was just the beginning sweetheart. We have the entire day to ourselves and I have so much planned for you. Also, good morning.” He grinned like a lovesick fool.
“Yeah. It was indeed a very good morning.”
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sweetsweetnuit · 2 months ago
  sweet, sweet release
Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: bucky offers to give you your first orgasm. and he fucking delivers.
pairing: bucky barnes (roommate) x f!reader
word count: 2.1k
warnings: 18+ ONLY. fingering, teasing, dirty talk, lots of pet-names because that’s the type of guy that bucky is (in my mind)
Tumblr media
Your confession hung heavy in the air. 
Bucky looked at you from where he stood leaning against the wall. The loose grey sweatpants he was wearing hung low on his hips, a sinful juxtaposition to the way his tight shirt clung to his skin. 
The fabric only outlined the ridge of muscle that was Bucky Barnes. He was built like a God, an Adonis of man and you couldn’t help the way your eyes lingered on his back as he made his morning coffee blissfully unaware of the wicked thoughts in your mind. 
Tonight was different. Bucky was different. 
He swiped his lip across his bottom lip, tucking it between his teeth while his eyes stayed locked on you as if you were his next meal. You stayed sat on the couch, scared to move under his gaze. 
Why did you have to go and tell him that?
No one’s ever given me an...orgasm. 
It shut Bucky up instantly. The teasing tone evaporating from his voice as something darkened in his eyes. You didn’t miss the subtle shift in posture either, his chest rising and falling rhythmically as his shoulders straightened. 
“Bucky,” your voice was soft and little. You felt like you were pleading to hear him say something, anything to get rid of the tension between you and him.
“Just forget I ever said anything. Please?” You were nearly begging as you saw the way his eyebrows cinched inward, forehead crinkling. 
He shifted on his feet, letting his arms drop from his chest to his sides. The dark metal gleamed under the lowlight of the living room, intricate gold patterns weaved up his arm before disappearing beneath the white cotton shirt. 
“You want me to forget?” He finally spoke, voice hoarse from disuse as he pushed away from the wall, slowly closing the distance between the two of you. 
It was both terrifying and arousing the way he walked with such power and prowess. Bucky knew his effect on you, constantly teased you about it even, but right now? You just wanted to disappear under the covers of your bed and never emerge. 
You nodded, “please.”
Bucky stopped, eyes fluttering closed as he let a low growl slip from his lips. It was downright filthy and your core fluttered as you squirmed in your seat, attempting to get comfortable despite the growing ache between your thighs. An embarrassing one.  
When his eyes opened again, he didn’t look like your Bucky anymore. This Bucky was different, darker and rougher around the edges; hungrier. 
“Do you really think I can forget the fact that you’ve never come from someone’s touch?” Your breath hitched in your throat at his words, not expecting this level of transparency. 
You didn’t know what to say, so instead, you looked up at him with hot skin and a flurry of emotions you didn’t quite understand. 
“Sweetheart, we share a goddamn wall. I’ll never be able to forget how sweet you sound when you come from those fingers or that toy you love so much.” You had to physically suppress the moan that threatened to slip past your lips. 
When Bucky took another step, your heart thrummed violently against your chest. You had to crane your neck upwards to meet his eyes, not missing the slight bulge in his sweatpants. 
Fuck, that was hot. The way he wasn’t even ashamed. Not going to any length to hide that fact that he was aroused and that you were the cause. 
“I-I didn’t think you could hear me,” you whispered, more so to yourself as Bucky’s mouth twitched upwards. 
“Don’t be shy, sweetheart. I never said I minded.” He dropped his left eye in a wink, watching how you clenched your legs together while watching his with wide eyes. 
Then, Bucky dropped to his knees. 
He dropped to his knees in front of you, placing two large hands on your bare knees. You cursed when your skin broke out in goosebumps, the oversized shirt not quite long enough to cover anything past your mid-thigh. 
“I’m going to say something,” Bucky’s words brought you back to reality. “And you have full permission to punch me if you’d like.” 
A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you watched him tentatively. The faint smirk slowly disappearing off his lips as his thumbs traced gentle circles over your skin. 
“Let me try and make you come, baby. I promise I’ll make it so good for you.” He all but whispered, the need seeping through his words and this time, you gasped lightly. 
Your roommate, your stupidly hot roommate, was on his knees in front of you nearly begging to make you come. You knew Bucky was good in bed, the few hookups that he’d invited over seemed to agree with that sentiment too. 
Bucky’s eyes never left yours, despite the fact that you cast yours down to your lap to watch his fingers move slowly across your legs. You were practically vibrating, panties a mess as you chewed on your lip. 
“It takes me a...while, Bucky.” You admitted, nerves getting the best of you. 
The biggest reason why no one could make you come is because they didn’t have the patience. Maybe you got sucked into your own head, but whenever you thought you were getting close, you realized how long it was, feeling embarrassed. 
“I’ve got all fucking night if that’s what it takes, sweetheart.” Bucky’s response was quick, no hesitation as his dog tags swayed in front of his chest and over your thighs as he leaned into your body. 
“There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than making you feel good and watching you fall apart.” His voice was so low and rough that you had to close your eyes to gather yourself. 
You felt dizzy, like you were spinning out of control. 
“Are you sure?” You squeaked out, eyes suddenly heavy as you tried to open them. 
Bucky’s tongue darted out over his bottom lip again, “I’ve never been more sure of anything.” 
You wanted nothing more than to feel Bucky’s hands and mouth on you, often fantasizing of this exact moment as your shitty vibrator buzzed between your legs late at night. 
“I need you to say it, baby. I need to hear you.” Bucky was pleading, looking like he was on the verge of falling apart from the way the pads of his fingers were now digging into your flesh. 
You nodded your head, breathless as you spoke. “Yes. Please, Bucky. Make me come.” 
That was all Bucky needed before he lurched forward, capturing your lips with his. It took you by surprise, body going rigid before you slowly melted into his touch. His lips were soft and gentle as they worked against your own. 
When he swiped his tongue across your lip, the last piece of your resolve crumbled away. His tongue met yours, gliding against it while his hands gripped your hips, bringing you to the edge of the couch. Your hands were on his broad shoulders, gripping them for balance. 
Bucky pulled away with wet and swollen lips, “you’re going to kill me with those sounds you make.” 
You sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence as his fingers danced over your clothed core. The thin panties suddenly felt like too much, a shudder wrecking its way down your spine. 
“I dream about this sweet pussy of yours, baby.” He smirks, dancing over your clit as you grip the edges of the couch. The coil in your stomach was already there, barely, but it had begun to form the second his lips were on yours. 
This man was either a Godsend or the Devil in disguise. 
“Did you get this wet for me?” Bucky coos and you can only nod your head pathetically. 
When he adds more pressure, an obscene sound leaves through your throat. A sound you’ve never made before, a sound you didn’t think you were capable of making. 
“If I move these cute little panties to the side, are you going to make a mess on our couch, sweetheart?” He whispers in your ear lowly, pressing kisses to your neck. 
Another sound leaves your body, a strained whine as Bucky’s fingers leave where you need him most. But only for a second, because he’s slipping your panties to the side and audibly groaning. 
“Fuck.” He seemingly loses his breath. “Fuck, baby. This is the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. God, look at you.” He slips one warm finger through your folds, collecting your slick. 
He holds the digit in front of both your faces before tracing it over your bottom lip. It’s the hottest thing anyone’s ever done. His finger leaves your mouth and enters his, indulging in your taste. 
“Mmm, sweet as honey.” He hums, your core clenching and you think you’re about to come right here and right now. From the sight of Bucky teasing and tasting you all at once. 
“Bucky,” your voice is strained and broken. 
“I’m right here, baby,” he whispers. “I’ve got you, remember. Gonna make you feel so good.” He promises, spreading your legs further apart before his hand disappears into your panties. 
He cups your sex, the action jolting you backwards. His lips are back on your neck, exploring your collarbone as he teases your entrance with two fingers and you think you’re going to die. 
You’re going to die if Bucky doesn’t do something because you’ve never been this wound up before. 
“Listen to yourself, baby. Hear how wet you are? All for me.” He teases, lightly circling your clit before his fingers disappear into your entrance slightly. 
He keeps them there, buried only to the first knuckle as he watched the way you shudder and throw your head back, nipples hard and poking against your shirt. Bucky’s lips wrap around them, biting gently the same time he slides his fingers deeper in you. 
Your entire world has been flipped upside down because right at that moment, you know that Bucky Barnes has just ruined all over men for you. He’s ruined them and it’s all his fault that you’ll compare the rest of them to him. 
“That’s it, baby,” he whispers encouragingly, pumping his fingers slowly. 
“I can feel you clenching my fingers, you needed this bad, didn’t you?” You can’t say anything, there simply aren’t any words in your head. You’ve forgotten the English language. 
His thumb circles your clit, angling his fingers so they meet your the spongey spot that curls your toes and knocks the breath right out of your lungs. No, this can’t be what you’re missing out on. This is far too good. 
“O-oh God,” you groan, letting yourself get lost in the feeling of Bucky. “I-I think I’m gonna come.” 
Bucky chuckles darkly against the crook of your neck, “I know you are, sweetheart. I can feel you fluttering around me.” 
He works you better than you work yourself, a feeling that you’ve never experienced, but you know you’ll be chasing it forever because Bucky has you hooked and he’s the most dangerous drug out there. 
“It’s okay, baby. That’s my good girl, don’t hold back. Make a mess all over my hand, show me how good you feel right now. Come for me.” He growls the last few words before you go off. 
It grips you. Hard. As you tumble over the edge and Bucky is right there with you, right by your side. He rides out your orgasm in long and deep strokes of his fingers and pressure on your clit, your muscles contracting and relaxing before you go completely boneless. 
“Come back to me, sweetheart.” Bucky murmurs against your skin, slowly withdrawing his fingers, leaving you empty. 
You flutter your eyes open, his soft eyes meeting yours. 
“There’s my girl,” your heart skips a beat. “I thought I’d lost you there.” 
The aftershocks still ripple through you, a soft reminder of the intensity of your orgasm. But Bucky’s right there, he’s still sitting snugly between your legs, running a hand over your thigh and hip while whispering sweet words. 
“Bucky, oh my God.” You blabber, no longer capable of feeling ashamed. 
He smirks, leaning back on his heels. “You’re so fucking beautiful when you come, I’m going to dream about you.” The tent in his pants confirms what he’s saying. 
When he stands up, reality sucker punches you in the gut. But, Bucky leans down, his thumb smoothing across your cheek before he presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth. 
“Don’t ever be ashamed of wanting someone to take their time on you, sweetheart. You deserve to be worshipped, and if you give me the chance, I’ll savour every fucking sound you make.” 
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multi-stann · a month ago
So I was thinking dbf!Bucky and reader where the reader finds out that her bf cheated on her because he thinks that she is a prude. She has had sex before but it wasn’t great for her so she doesn’t want to do it again at least not until she finds someone she really wants to be with and she always had a crush on Bucky. Bucky is in mid to late 30s while reader is early 20s. If it involves a daddy kink and squirting that would be awesome!
ohhhh, can do!! thank u for submitting something!🥹
18+ ONLY. again…..this got longer than it should have. soft but dirty and daddy kink as you asked!!(along with squirting!!! hehe) not proofread lol
i might’ve accidentally messed up on this twice and STILL got it wrong. i’m sorry if i read this wrong😭😅 my brain is sleepy🥲
it’s been around two months since you and your boyfriend called things off. the jerk had the wrong idea to cheat on you and that he could get away with it.
but things have been heavy. your mom and dad welcomed you back home since you and him shared an apartment together- so you moved out. it’s been a while since you’ve been back home. it’s nice and peaceful, thankfully your parents have money falling out of their asses so you can rest from work for a little bit too.
your parents are going out for a date night tonight, but you hear the doorbell ring as you’re sitting on the couch. your momma asks you to get it so you go and open the door. you’re greeted by a familiar face, a ruggedly handsome one too. you smile, “bucky??” he smiles once he recognizes you and he pulls you into his arms. “hey, peach! it’s nice to see ya again!” “it’s good to see you too! haven’t seen you in nearly a year!” you giggle and you both walk in.
your mom and dad both come down and explain how they’re going on a date night, that they won’t be home. but bucky says that if it’s okay with you that he can stay and you can both catch up- talk about work and stuff. you happily agree- having a little crush on him might play a part there- and then your parents leave.
“we have some pasta if you’re hungry?” “oh that sounds really good, peach.” you get the pasta out of the fridge and start to fix him a plate along with a small salad, and some wine. “so what’s been going on? any relationship drama? how’s that boyfriend of yours?” he asks as he takes a sip of the wine, and you sigh shakily. “he cheated on me, because i wouldn’t have sex with him anymore.” you admit as you begin to warm up the pasta, back facing him.
you hear a very unpleasant sound come from buckys mouth. “really?? that’s a shitty thing to do, he should’ve been lucky to even have you!” he exclaims before taking another sip. you feel your cheeks warm up and you turn around, “no one’s thought that way about me, bucky.” “i’m sure there are plenty of men out there that would think that way, peach.” you bite your lower lip and nod, “i just- the first time wasn’t good for me ya know? he made me feel bad for not wanting to do it again….i just want to wait for someone that’ll treat me right.”
bucky sits quietly for a moment and the microwave beeps shortly after. you grab the plate and serve it to him with a fork and a napkin and extra cheese. he thanks you and starts to eat, thinking things over in his head. you think that maybe you over stepped, but when you go to walk out he stops you. “he’s an asshole, peach- honestly. if you were mine- or if you ever gave me the chance to treat you right….you’d be treated how you deserve to be treated, how you’re wanting to be treated. it’s only how every woman deserves to be treated after all.” he says softly before he wipes his mouth off.
“bucky i- i don’t know what to say.” he shakes his head, “you don’t have to say anything. you can walk out and after i eat i’ll leave and we can forget we ever talked about this, or you can come over here and sit beside me, then i can show you how you should be treated.” you think it over as he starts to eat again. you fidget with your fingers and your heart beat quickens. god….he’s a walking sin. he’s beautiful and he’s asking you to give him a chance??
your legs move you to the seat beside him and you sit. he chuckles and places his hand on your thigh, “i’ll be back.” he then gets up and puts his plate and stuff up before going to the bathroom. he uses the spare toothbrush they have in the guest bathroom and cleans up a little before coming back. when he does you’re eating some strawberries while sitting on the counter. buckys mouth twitches up into a smile and he stands between your legs. “can i have a taste?” he asks you. you smile and nod but before you can give him one his lips press to yours, and you drop the berry back into the bowl as his tongue sweeps over your lips, tasting the berry.
he pulls you closer to him and you tangle your fingers into his short hair as you’re pressed against each other, you already a panting mess. “just tell me to stop when you want to and i will….okay?” you nod and he kisses you again, his lips soft but plump and they feel so fucking good against yours. you can’t help but to want him, need him. his hands knead your thighs and finally one comes to your core and rubs you softly over your shorts. “can i?” you nod, “yes bucky-.” “call me something else, peach. anything.” he smiles before kissing your cheek, then he grips your waist band and waits. “yes….daddy.” you meekly say, a little scared to, but he growls a little once you do and he slips your panties and shorts off in one go.
you moan and his hand cups your mound, his lips trailing your neck and sucking on the skin there. “pretty girl….if you’ll let me, i’ll fuck you in every position there is if you let me.” he hums close to your ear before his fingers start to rub your clit, teasing you. “would you like that, peach? have you bent over, in doggy, sixty nine, against a wall, in the shower, manhandling you any way i want to?” your breath hitches and he bites your earlobe before he sinks a finger in- seeing that you’re soaked already. you moan a little and he begins to curl it into your spot, his other hand going to the hem of your shirt. “take it off, p-please?”
bucky takes it off with a little help from you before he goes and starts to suckle on your nipple, his other hand massaging and playing with the other. it all has you in a wild blissful feeling- having sex on the kitchen counter with a man more than ten years older than you, in your parents house, on a sunday afternoon. god….it’s so sinful but so heavenly- so free. you moan when he bites down a little on your nipple, he groans from the sound.
soon enough he enters a second finger and moves them quick, his lips sucking bruises where others won’t see them. when he’s had his fun there he brings his lips back to yours and peppers kisses all over your lips, gently biting the bottom one. “just let me know after this, if you want to give me more opportunities to show you how a real man will treat you. i promise you’re a fucking gem, and gems don’t get shoved away, broken, and carelessly taken advantage of and used- they shouldn’t anyways. i’ll do everything i can to make you feel loved, cherished, and cared for.” you moan when he adds a third finger and your eyes flutter closed.
buckys cock is achingly hard but he can’t focus too much on that, he’s focused on you. how pretty and blissed put you look as he curls his fingers inside of your warm and wet pussy. how the little gasps and moans you make have him pressing up against you even further- as much as he can. “i’ll- i’ll give you every chance you want. wanted you for a- a while now, daddy.” you moan out sinfully. he groans and kiss your jaw down to your neck again, then you grab at his biceps when you feel yourself getting close. “don’t wanna cum like this, p-please. wanna cum on your cock daddy.” you whine out, pleadingly. “why not both, peach? hmm?? want you to cum whenever you feel like it, want all of it.” he husks out and you squeal, your body shuddering as he rubs your clit too.
you do cum like that, three of his fingers knuckle deep inside of you as you do so. he guides you with a soft tone as you come undone, and he doesn’t stop until he feels you finish. “good girl….did so good, peach.” he hums before pulls his fingers out and licks them clean, then you start on his belt. bucky can’t help but chuckle at your eagerness and he takes his shirt off too.
he gets fully unclothed pretty quickly and lines the head of his throbbing cock up with your entrance. you whimper and shimmy closer, bucky then grabs your ass cheeks and pushes into you. you wrap your arms around his neck as he pushes in, taking it a little slow since this is only your second time taking a cock, but also someone of this size. “oh fuck!” you moan when he’s completely inside of you, then he slowly begins to thrust as his thumb rests on your clit, him pushing you down gently onto the counter so you’re laying down on your back. he spreads your legs a little more and then rubs your clit, your legs shaking a little. “daddy! daddy it feels so good…!” you moan out loudly.
you brace yourself as best you can onto the counter and finally one of his hands lock with yours and he fucks you nice and deep and hard, but not too fast. you squeeze his hand tightly and moans slip out of your mouth as he pleasures you. “daddy, want you to fill me up, please?” you ask through pants of breath, his groans and soft moans becoming louder. “always, peach….as much as you want.” he groans as he pinches your clit, which has you squealing.
buckys main goal is to get you to cum before him again. he slaps your clit a few times and you feel the huge pressure building up. you’ve never felt pressure like this before. your moans are growing higher and high, louder and louder. your eyes are rolled into the back of your head, and as bucky says “cum for me, peach. cum for me!!” in a growl, you do. your whole body shakes and quivers and a gush of liquid squirts out of you as you cum. bucky manages to thrust a couple of more times and he cums inside of you with just a little more than the tip in, as he rubs your clit.
when he sees you’re done, he fucks his cum a little deeper which has you shivering, but soon enough he picks you up and cradles you to him, his hands brushing over your back. “feel good huh? promise it’ll feel like that every time if you’re with me, peach. wanna treat you and make you feel so good.” he coos softly as he rubs your hair, helping you come down from the after high.
you hum and nod, wrapping your arms around him. “want you bucky….i want it all.” bucky smiles sweetly, then kisses your head. “good, because our first date is tomorrow.”
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