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faking it
i. the first meeting
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summary: you’re finally about to meet the man who’s supposed to be your boyfriend. too bad neither of you like each other.
pairing: actor!bucky barnes x f!actress!reader
word count: 2,707 words
warnings: fake dating, enemies to lovers, social media au, sexual tension, pet names [princess & sweetheart], bucky is an asshole, brat behaviour/brat tamer — 18+ only | minors dni
Tumblr media
“You’re joking, right?”
You couldn’t believe the words that had come out of Lucy’s, your PR managers, mouth. Yet, here she was, red hair in a sleek high ponytail, the expression on her face telling you that she was in fact, not joking. 
“His team approached us about a month ago asking us to consider it and after some careful thought, we think it’s a good idea.”
Lucy Smith was soft spoken, but firm. No one fucked with her and that’s exactly why you added her to your team. Along with Mitch, your agent.
Mitch Alvarez was a 30-something married man with two young kids and a wife he couldn’t stop gushing over.
He wore big, round glasses he was constantly pushing up and his life and organizational techniques could be described as organized chaos.
The complete opposite to Lucy’s.
Lucy was single, too focused on her work as she carried around her iPad and two phones like her life depended on it.
“Hollywood is tough, kid.” Mitch piped up, “and this would look great to casting directors.”
You looked between the both of them, eyes wide and eyebrows furrowed. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
“I’m sorry but you want me to fake date Bucky Barnes?” Now that you had said it aloud, it sounded even more ridiculous.
Lucy and Mitch both nodded their heads and hummed in agreement.
“I just,” you had to pause to collect your thoughts. “This is a lot to take in.”
You were caught off guard with the proposal, clearly, as you sat on one of the expensive chairs in Lucy’s office and wished that it would just swallow you whole.
Lucy sighed, “I know it’s a lot which is why I’m giving you a couple of days to think it over.”
She opened up a large, black binder and pulled out a stack of paper clipped papers.
“We set up a meeting with Mr. Barnes and his team for next Friday. This is his proposed contract that you can look over and adjust if necessary.”
She slid over the contract across her desk to where you were sitting. You took it with shaky hands and decided to look elsewhere.
“This is really going to help you, kid. I promise.” Mitch said.
He was right, after getting a leading role in Dark Moons, the latest movie in the Lost World franchise, everyone was asking for you.
The only problem, the interest was never long lived.
You were fresh meat. The starring role was impressive, but you were still a flight risk. No one knew if it was a fluke or beginners luck.
You were determined as hell to prove them wrong.
Mitch had gotten you every audition possible, but every time things looked hopeful, you lost out to well-known names.
“What if I fuck it up? I mean, I don’t even know the guy? From what I’ve heard he’s a fuckboy who gets on everyone’s nerves. He’s an asshole. What if we…hate each other?”
Lucy and Mitch shared a brief exchange, both their lips curling in a smile as Mitch shrugged his shoulders.
“Then you act like you love him. You’re good at that, kid. And when all else fails,” he pauses to rest his elbows on his thighs.
“Fake it until you make it.” He adds with a wink and suddenly you feel like you’ve swallowed an anvil.
         ✧── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧
The contract was left untouched, sitting on your kitchen island for days.
For days, you pretended like it didn’t exist. Like you had a normal life still.
In the meantime, you filled your days with searching Bucky’s name in every social media possible until you wanted to throw your phone across the room.
The headlines floated through your mind.
EXCLUSIVE: Holywood’s Own Fuckboy, James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky, Caught With Model Stacey Eisenhower At Club 74′s Grand Opening In LA. 
Stacey and Bucky? A New Notch In His Belt Or The Real Deal? 
*NEW* Celebrity Heartthrob Bucky Barnes Caught Lip-locked With Model Stacey Eisenhower! 
What you had learned didn’t surprise you.
Bucky was a bachelor, an overgrown fratboy with a bank account that no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t be drained and he was taking full advantage of it.
His Instagram told you everything you needed to know.
        ✧── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧
Tumblr media
        ✧── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧
You knew about Bucky’s reputation…you just didn’t know if you wanted to get caught up in it.
The chime of your inbox startled you, grabbing your laptop as you opened it up and quickly glossing over what had just popped up.
Your heart began racing. This was the final decision from the casting directors in the upcoming adaptation of one of your favourite books.
You clicked on the email, quickly skimming the first few sentences before you deflated.
We appreciate your time, but we have decided to go with a different talent.
Another part had fallen through and you knew why.
Too new, too uncertain, and too inexperienced.
Hot anger ran through your body as you stood up, stomping over to the contract as you grabbed along with a red pen.
You were a damn good actress, but if Hollywood needed a scandal to see that, you were about to give them the scandal of the fucking century.
        ✧── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧
The second you stepped foot inside of the cold, sleek boardroom you immediately regretted your choice of outfit.
Lucy and Mitch were dressed business casual, along with everyone else in the room.
You, on the other hand, donned your favourite pair of mom jeans and an old thrifted sweater. Oh, and a scuffed up pair of converse that were most likely about to fall apart any day now.
There was an air of tension are you hugged your tote bag closer to your side, clearing your throat.
“Good morning.”
No one else acknowledged you, too focused on their various devices, but he did.
Bucky noticed you from the moment you walked in, his eyes glued to your figure as he carefully watched your every move.
Except he didn’t say anything.
You sat down, across from him and in between Lucy and Mitch and placed the contract down in front of you.
It had many more scribbles than it did when Lucy gave it to you and she raised an eyebrow at you and smiled.
“Should we begin?” Lucy then said, looking at the woman that was sitting across from her and beside Bucky.
She was his PR agent, you had done research on her. Andrea Chow was the best in the game. The fact that you got rejected by her was an honour.
“Let’s start with Section One.” Andrea said, no emotion in her words as everyone simultaneously flipped their contracts.
Everything felt so robotic as your gaze wandered to Bucky’s. He was still looking at you, an unreadable expression on his face, but it caused something to flutter in your lower stomach.
You promptly ignored the feeling, clamping your legs together a little tighter and you could’ve sworn you saw the uptick in Bucky’s mouth.
“My client has set out his wants, I assume you’ve gone over them?” Andrea said, indirectly addressing you as you blinked, scrambling to flip the page.
“Oh, uh. I, yeah, well about that?” You stuttered, tripping over your own words as you heard a low chuckle come from Bucky.
You chose to ignore that too.
He readjusted himself, the leather jacket he wore stretched across his broad shoulders impossibly tight as you inhaled shakily.
i. Section One: Duration of Contract
Client A, Y/N Y/L/N, will enter a consensual, romantic relationship in the eyes of the public with Client B, James Buchanan Barnes. They are to remain in a monogamous relationship for a minimum of three months.
After the allotted time of three months, Client B will publicly state that he has broken up with Client A thus terminating the contract.
*Section 1.2 allows for the relationship to be extended past three months if deemed necessary by both parties involved.
“I don’t agree with the way in which the contract will be terminated.” You said, doing your best to sound confident as you saw Bucky raise an eyebrow.
“I want to be the one to breakup with him.” You added and saw the interest grow in Bucky’s face.
For a second, you thought you were both on the same page with the way he was looking at you.
“Not a chance in hell, princess.” Bucky spoke, grumbling as he leaned forward.
You were shocked, rendered speechless for a few seconds before your eyebrows furrowed.
“Excuse me?”
It was in that moment that you remembered that Bucky Barnes was Hollywoods biggest asshole. Above everything else, he was selfish.
“Oh I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he mocked. “Was I not clear enough?”
You felt your blood boil again, but this anger was different as it was directed entirely at Bucky.
And that smug smirk.
“That part of the contract is non-negotiable.” He said, falling back into his seat as you felt Lucy’s hand on your arm.
You looked at Bucky, then Andrea, and finally back to the contract.
“Well then that settles it.” You put on the biggest, fakest smile you can muster.
“Good luck in your career, Mr. Barnes. I’m sure they can’t blacklist you, anyways. That’s probably just a rumour.”
You saw the horror that flashed across his face when you said that. It lasted mere milliseconds, but it was there.
It was real.
You went to pack up your things before you were interrupted.
“Please, wait.” It was Andrea.
She was glaring at Bucky, shooting his daggers while he rolled his eyes. Clearly he was desperate. He was just lucky that so were you.
“You can break up with him. Is there anything else?” Andrea spoke quickly and suddenly, you felt okay.
After countless rejections, this small win was something you needed. Badly.
Bucky went to protest, but Andrea shut him up with one finger.
ii. Section Two: Public Displays of Affection (PDA)
Client A and Client B are expected to partake in PDA. This includes, but is not limited to: holding hands, kisses, hugs, and the like. PDA is expected on both parties end.
There will be scheduled paparazzi walks coordinated with both parties schedules. These are non-negotiable and must be completed.
Additionally, Client A and Client B will accompany each other to a minimum of one (1) screening.
“I want to add a stipulation into Section Two.” You said, tugging your bottom lip between your teeth.
Andrea nodded her head as to say go on.
“No sex.”
The room went silent and your eyes immediately flashed to Bucky. His jaw was hard, but he looked amused.
He was clearly biting his tongue.
iii. Section Three: Social Media Presence
Client A and Client B must post a minimum of five (5) posts of each other on their Instagram.
An additional eight (8) stories must be posted within the three month period.
These posts are up to Client A and Client B, but they must cause headlines, stories, and rumours.
Bucky rolled his eyes, “what’s wrong with this one, princess?”
He was clearly getting fed up, expecting someone who will just sign their names and be happy to be ‘dating’ him.
You were getting in the way of that.
“Nothing.” You quickly bite back, “I was just going to suggest showing up in mutual friends posts and stories to increase publicity.”
“Fantastic idea.” Andrea beamed and you smiled.
Truth be told, you didn’t have any other issues. The rest of the contract was fair and well thought out.
You were clearly getting on Bucky’s nerves because he was giving you The Murder Stare throughout the entire process of updating the contract.
Now that it was printed, presented to the both of you, all you had to do was sign it.
Bucky didn’t hesitate, quickly scribbling his signature before directing his gaze onto you.
You felt hot under it, like you were under a magnifying glass and you just wished you could know what was going through Bucky’s mind.
You finally added your signature, a breath of relief being taken by the entire room.
“Congratulations, love birds. You are no officially a couple. We’ll leave you two to talk amongst yourselves.” Andrea said as everyone quickly vacated the room and you felt abandoned.
Without Mitch or Lucy, hell even Andrea, you were at Bucky’s mercy.
His cold blue eyes and sharp jaw looked menacing under the fluorescent light of the boardroom. Your mind was telling you to run, but a part of you wanted to see what would happen if you just…submitted.
“You’re quite the handful, aren’t you, princess?”
“Don’t call me that.”
He smirked, standing from his chair and rising to his full, terrifying 6’5 height.
“Don’t pretend like you hate it.”
The black jeans he wore hugged his thick thighs deliciously, spanning the entire length of his lean legs as he strode over to where you were now standing.
The height difference was sickening.
“I’m a good actress, but I’m not that good.” You spat back at him.
“Shame. I thought I was going to have fun with you, princess.”
You swallowed hard, feeling the way your skin flushed at his words. Not to mention the fact that you could smell him now.
It was a dark scent, notes of black violet, patchouli and cranberry.
“Not everyone wants to fuck you the second they meet you.” You remind him, feeling more and more brave as you see a wild, almost feral glint in his eyes.
Bucky ducked his head, hot breath against your ear and you had to stop a shaking gasp from leaving through your parted lips.
“Then get better at lying, sweetheart. Because I can practically smell you already.”
A violent shudder wracked through you, but you stood your ground.
“Bite me, Barnes.”
“Oh I like you, princess.” He bellowed, deep laugh coming from his chest.
He quickly grabbed for his phone, thrusting it into your face. You looked at it like it was a foreign object.
“Well? Are you gonna add your number or am I going to have to beg?” He seemed to purr as you grabbed his phone.
Your cold fingers touched his warm ones for a brief second before his hand was back in his own palm.
“Is there…anything else?” You asked, balancing on your heels as Bucky just looked you over again.
You were still deciding if you hated it or not.
When Bucky didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to leave, going to walk past him, but Bucky was quick.
He caught you by your bicep, stopping you and tugging you into his warm and hard body.
“Running off already? We barely know each other, sweetheart.” He was looking down at you, messy brown hair starting to curl at the ends.
“I’m not exactly you’re biggest fan.” You manage out, focusing on everything other than how nice Bucky felt against you.
He pouted, “you’ve wounded me, princess.”
“I have a name, you know that, right?” You quipped, taking the opportunity to break free from his grasp.
The phantom impression of his fingers were still on your skin.
Bucky rolled his eyes, tucking his phone into his pocket. He took a step towards you as you took a step back before you hit a wall.
“Nowhere to run now, Y/N.” Bucky whispered.
Except there was. He left you room to run, your legs were just glued to the ground.
The tension was palpable as you and Bucky just stared at each other. You noticed the specks of brown in his eyes and wondered how his beard would feel against your skin.
Stop it.
“Be ready at 6 tomorrow.” He then said, dipping his head to your ear once again.
“And don’t try to fight it, princess. I know a brat when I see one. And I know how to handle them.”
Bucky then spun on his heels, walking out of the door to leave you alone.
Confused, scared, and fucking horny.
These three months would surely kill you.
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Starved | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi, friends! My love language is physical touch and I'm not getting any right now, so...
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Bucky found trust an almost impossible commodity to come by. A deep distrust for others- and himself- was woven into the very fabric of his being. He kept his distance from others, for his protection and theirs, spending most of his time holed up in his room at the compound. But he was lonely. He didn’t want to admit it, but he craved human connection. With Steve gone and Sam spending all his time in Louisiana, Bucky was left utterly and completely alone.
Until he met you. You frequented his favorite old bookstore and spent an unhealthy amount of time at the coffee place across the street. His approach had been awkward and his words clumsy, but he couldn’t help himself-he was drawn to you. And when he asked if he could buy you a coffee, you said yes. You invited him to sit with you at a table in the back, figuring he didn’t want to be in view of prying eyes. “So…you know who I am?” he took a sip of his black coffee, waiting with bated breath for your answer.
“Changed your hair. Jacket. Gloves. Sunglasses. You look like someone in disguise,” you teased, “but yes, Sergeant Barnes, I know who you are. It’s nice to finally meet you”. He cocked his head to the side, his cheeks growing pink as you told him how you’d noticed him watching you at the bookstore. He was shy at first, but you didn’t push, allowing him to come out of his shell slowly. The two of you sat together long after you finished your coffees, talking and laughing like old friends. Bucky couldn’t remember the last time he felt so comfortable with someone.
When your phone rang for the third time, you realized you were an hour late for dinner with your girl friends. You left Bucky with your number and made him promise to call- a promise he intended to keep.
Bucky’s call came the very next day. He asked you if you’d like to join him for an afternoon walk, which was the most 40’s thing anyone had ever said to you. But you obliged, strolling with him through the park and stopping for an ice cream on the way. Part of you felt like you’d known Bucky for years. It was almost as if your souls were the same, forged in the same fire- just 75 years apart.
After that, you spent all of your free time together. Movies, trips to the farmers market, runs through the park. The months flew past without Bucky noticing. Time didn’t seem to drag on at a painfully slow pace anymore- not when you were around. He spent so much time at your apartment that he began to feel like an imposition, but you promised him that he was always welcome. Always.
He showed you every skeleton in his closet and you divulged every detail of your life, neither of you fearing judgement or ridicule. Bucky had forgotten what it felt like to be so close to someone, but welcomed the warmth that you brought to his life. He couldn’t seem to go a moment without thinking about you, nor you him. He knew you were always there for him when his anxiety clawed its way out of the deep recesses of his soul, and he had your back when your depression left you feeling empty and worthless.
But there was one thing Bucky couldn’t give you: his body. No matter how close the two of you got emotionally, he couldn’t do the same physically. He was too strong, his arm too dangerous. He couldn’t trust himself to hug you goodbye or let you hold his hand during one of his anxiety attacks; if he hurt you, he could never live with himself. So, he kept his distance.
He only touched you if absolutely necessary, like the time he had to pull you from the crosswalk to save you from getting hit by a rogue bike messenger.
He’d swept you into his arms swiftly and gently, making you feel safer than ever before. He asked if you were okay and called you “doll”, sending an automatic blush to your cheeks that you swore lasted for hours. As he stood there on the sidewalk, holding you close to his body, you saw something in him change. He seemed different, more relaxed. The tension that lived in his shoulders and pulled his muscles into rock hard knots melted away before your eyes.
Holding you, feeling the warmth of your body against his, eased Bucky’s soul. For the first time in years, he felt like he could finally exhale- but it was short lived. He returned you to your place at arm’s length, promising himself to keep you there for you own safety- no matter how badly he wanted to hold you again.
Weeks passed, but you couldn’t get the image out of your head. You couldn’t stop thinking about his sigh of relief, his smile, his overall air of being finally unburdened. You ached to hold him, to play with his hair, to intertwine your fingers with his. You were certain his discomfort with physical touch stemmed from his deep distrust, his inability to surrender control after everything Hydra put him through. The abuse he suffered through, both mental and physical, left deep scars- you couldn’t blame him for not wanting physical affection.
But something told you he needed it. A quiet voice in the back of your mind suggested that maybe, just maybe, he craved that physical connection. Bucky was touch-starved, there was no doubt about it, and just because he was a super solider didn’t mean that he didn’t need the comfort of touch.
The next time you saw Bucky, he came over to cook dinner with you and watch another movie from the list you’d made him. He noticed something off about you, a kind of quiet, nervous energy that made alarm bells ring in his head. “Everything okay?” he stared at you, waiting for you to tell him that work had been shitty or that your sister was being an asshole again. But you didn’t. “I have…I have an idea,” you fidgeted with your hair, anxiously twirling a strand between your fingers, “It might seem kinda weird and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I think- I think it might be really good for you.”
He stared at you for what felt like forever, wondering what kind of idea had you so worked up, “Okay, well…I trust you”. Hearing Bucky say that he trusted you could’ve made you break down in tears. He was so hurt, so tormented and tortured, so haunted- but he trusted you. You swallowed the lump in your throat and beckoned Bucky to follow you down the hall. When the two of you reached your bedroom, you made your way around to the far side of the bed, flicking on the lamp on the nightstand. Bucky stood by the door, bathed in the warm yellow light from your lamp, looking more confused than ever.
“Okay, take your shirt off…” you instructed, pulling your own t-shirt over your head and tossing it on your dresser. Bucky was breathless. You stood there before him, completely bare from the waist up, looking like an angel. “I promise this isn’t what you think- I’m not trying to seduce you,” you joked, letting an awkward laugh tumble out of your mouth. You did, indeed, want to seduce him- but this wasn’t the time. Bucky rubbed the back of his neck for a moment, gathering the courage to take his shirt off and put his scars on display.
Slowly, he pulled his shirt over his head. The scarred, pink skin decorated his chest like lightning bolts during a storm. He hadn’t been this exposed in front of someone- willingly- in close to eighty years, and was obviously uncomfortable. “Okay, come here,” you said as you climbed into bed. He paused, wondering how there was any way that this situation didn’t end in some form of seduction. “I promise- it’s not like that…” you watched him approach slowly, climbing into your bed with an unsure look on his face.
“Now, you’re gonna put your head right here”, you placed a hand just above your sternum, “so that your chest is on mine. My mom’s a labor and delivery nurse- they do with with the newborns. It’s called ‘skin to skin’- it’s really good for-”. Bucky backed away almost automatically, leaving your bed and taking a few steps toward the door. “Buck, I know you’re not comfortable being touched-” He held up a hand, giving you pause.
“You think I don’t like being touched?” His question seemed strange. Of course he was uncomfortable, why else would he practically run away every time you accidentally brushed his hand with yours. You nodded slowly, wondering if you’d grossly misread the situation.
“It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with it, I just- I can’t,” his voice came out no louder than a whisper, “I can’t touch you. I still don’t know my own strength sometimes-I don’t want to hurt you”. Bucky was depriving himself on purpose. He was starving himself of physical touch with you, the one person he had in his life, to protect you.
“Buck, you won’t hurt me. You can’t go on like this, you deserve comfort,” you crawled across the bed, closing some of the gap. “Humans need physical touch. It helps with anxiety and depression, calms your heart rate, lowers your cortisol- I’m pretty sure you could use all that And I know you’re a super soldier, but you’re still human”. But Bucky was still unsure. You were his closest- and only- friend, his trusted confidante; he wanted so badly to wrap his body around yours, but it was too dangerous. He knew just how easily he could snap you in half.
Carefully, you extended a hand, offering him to take it. “We can start like this- slow. Take my hand”, you encouraged him gently, prompting him to gently hold your hand. The sensation of your skin against his, your warmth, your touch- gave him goosebumps. He watched your thumb slowly stroke his knuckles and let his eyes fall closed, appreciating every second. “See? You feel better, right?” he nodded, spurring you on, “you won’t break me, come on”.
With a gentle tug, you pulled him back to bed. He watched you lay flat on your back once again, tapping your sternum with your hand. He was reluctant to follow your instructions and needed just a bit of encouragement. “You’re not gonna hurt me. I promise, Buck,” you murmured, “I trust you”. With that, he made his move. Slowly but surely, he lowered his body on top of yours, resting his head on your sternum with his shirtless torso against yours.
An immediate, deep sigh left his lips upon contact, and he felt your arms snake slowly around his back. “How’s this?” you asked, getting only a strong “mmhmmmm” in response. He let out another contented sigh as you traced lazy patterns across his broad shoulders, your hands eventually working their way into his hair. His eyes fell closed and his breathing slowed, but he couldn’t relax- not completely. “You sure I’m not crushing you? Can you breathe?” his hands pressed against the mattress, lifting his body off of yours out of fear. He was sure that he was depriving you of oxygen with his giant, super-soldier body.
“Get your ass back down here, Barnes”, you joked, “I promise I’m okay. I can breathe just fine.” He narrowed his eyes at you before letting a smile crack through his tough exterior. Slowly, he lowered himself back down and gently wound his arms around your waist. An all-encompassing warmth washed over Bucky as he reveled in the sensations- the beating of your heart against his chest, your hands in his hair, the complete and utter comfort of your body molded around his. He didn’t realize just how desperate he was for affection until this very moment. A comfortable silence filled the room, and you were certain that you and Bucky were the only two people on the planet.
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bxcketbarnes · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 1800+
I really hope you guys like this. Also, I am so so so attracted to this gif my fucking god. Let me know what you guys think and as always... happy reading! xox
A bunch of women screams as you and Bucky exit the back of the venue. You hide your face as cameras flash the two of you. Your security guards do their best to lead you towards the limo as Bucky waves to his fans.
"We love you!" A group of girls screams and you can hear your husband chuckle. You quickly slip into the black vehicle without tripping or banging your head off the top of the door.
Bucky waves to everyone one more time before getting into the vehicle. You watch him with a large smile, glad to see him happy with what he's doing. His blue eyes meet yours after the driver begins to drive away.
"Hi, beautiful," he grins while grabbing a hold of your hand.
"Hey, handsome. You did wonderful tonight," you tell him before pressing a kiss to his bare, tattooed shoulder.
Bucky brings your conjoined hands to his lips and gently kisses your fingers. "Thank you, darling. I'm glad you could make it," he mentions as you scoot closer to him. "I missed you."
"I missed you too, baby. I'm sorry that the convention took longer than expected," you sigh and rest your head against his shoulder.
The tattooed man releases your hand before gently gripping your thigh. "It's okay, darling. I completely understand," he says while stroking your exposed skin. "You're here now. That's all that matters."
You press another kiss to the rockstar's shoulder before you straddle his thigh. His blue eyes look up at you, a smirk settling on his lips. "That's right. I'm all yours for the next few months, baby," you grin teasingly.
Bucky hums and glides his fingers along the outside of your thighs. "Gonna let me take you right here?" He whispers before connecting his lips with yours.
A moan escapes your lips as your fingers run through his hair. You roll your hips against him, causing Bucky to grip your hips. "Fuck, Bucky…" you trail off as his lips trail down your neck.
Your eyes flutter shut as Bucky's fingernails dig into your ass cheek. "You're so good for me, darling. Love you so much," he breathlessly whispers against your skin.
"I love you," you mumble and you grasp his chin, tilting his head back up. You can see the lust building in his eyes as you hungrily kiss him.
One of Bucky's hands slips under your skirt, his fingers grazing your panty-covered slit. You thrust your hips against his hand, needing more from him. "God, I can't wait to see you… all of you. It's been so long," Bucky mutters and bites your lip.
You tug at his dark hair and let out a tiny gasp. His thumb finds your clit and starts rubbing slowly. Soft mewls leave your lips as you continue grinding your hips.
Someone clears their throat, causing you to quickly pull away from Bucky. Your cheeks flush a deep red as you slide off of your husband's lap. "Leave us," Bucky says loudly while shifting his seating position.
"Yes, sir," the driver mutters before getting out of the limo. After the door slams shut Bucky returns his attention to you.
His lips find their way back to your neck while spreading your legs apart. Your fingers fumble with the large belt he's wearing, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside you.
"You want me, darling?" Bucky whispers into your ear while tugging your panties down your legs.
"God, please," you moan out and tilt your head back. The dark-haired man undoes his pants before tugging them down to his knees.
Bucky strokes himself a few times before leaning over you. Your hands glide up his tattooed arms as he slips into you. "Fuck," he moans while bottoming out, his hips pressed against yours. "God, you're so tight, baby."
His hips begin to rock into yours, moans slipping from both of your lips. Your nails dig into his skin before wrapping your arms around his neck. Skin slapping against skin fills the space of the vehicle as Bucky fucks into you.
"Fuck, baby," you moan out and arch your back, one of your hands moving to your chest. Your fingers slip under the crop top you're wearing before gripping your breast.
Bucky wets his lips as he softly moans, his blue eyes glancing down to your chest. He moves one of his hands before tugging your shirt up, exposing the black lace bra you're wearing.
His thrusts never falter as Bucky brings his lips to the top of your breasts. Your fingers find their way in his hair again as your husband sucks on your soft skin.
"Love everything about you," he mutters while dragging his tongue to your other breast. His eyes glance up at you through his lashes, seeing your blissed-out face.
Bucky suddenly sits up before pulling out of you. You let out a whine as Bucky tugs his pants up. "Wha-"
"Need more room than this," he mumbles before sloppily kissing your lips. You moan into the kiss and rest a hand on the nape of his neck.
The two of you quickly get out of the vehicle before Bucky lifts you into his arms. A squeal leaves your lips as your husband carries you into the mansion.
He carefully walks up the grand staircase with you in his arms before making it into your bedroom. After kicking the door shut with his foot, Bucky walks over to the king-sized bed and sets you onto it.
You quickly tug your crop top and bra off while Bucky strips himself as well. You lean back against the mattress and spread your legs for Bucky.
The man wets his lips before pressing his hands against your thighs. He swiftly pushes your legs back so they're being pressed against your chest before leaning forward.
"Can't wait to taste you," Bucky mutters before kissing your inner thigh. "Gonna have you screaming for me, baby."
Heavy breaths leave both of your lips as Bucky slides off of you. "God, I definitely missed that," you laugh before turning to face him.
Your husband chuckles as well and brings one of his hands to your face, gently stroking your cheek. "I missed you so much, baby. not even the physical side of our relationship, but the emotional side too," he mumbles with a smile.
"Bucky," you sigh before scooting closer to him, resting your head on his chest. "I miss all of you. It was the longest two weeks of my life."
His fingers tilt your chin up and Bucky leans down to capture your lips with his. "I love you," he whispers against your lips.
"I love you too, baby," you grin before biting his lip.
You cuddle up to one another as silence fills your bedroom. You can hear Bucky's heart beating in his chest as his fingers glide up and down your naked back.
The sound of glass shattering makes both of you spring up from your bed as you cover your chest with one of the silk sheets. Bucky's hand rests on your thigh before he squeezes it reassuringly.
"Stay here," he mumbles before sliding out of bed. Your heart pounds against your chest as Bucky slides on his boxers before walking over to the safe.
"Be careful," you whisper out to him as the fear in you grows. Bucky pulls out the shotgun he owns before cocking it.
His blue eyes meet yours and mutters I love you before leaving your bedroom. As soon as the door closes behind him, you quickly get out of bed. You grab your robe that's hanging next to the walk-in closet and quickly put it on.
Bucky slowly walks down the large staircase, keeping his eye out for any intruders. He can hear footsteps behind him, causing the tattooed-man to swiftly turn around.
You stand at the top of the stairs, causing Bucky to let out a sigh. "Baby, stay up here," he mumbles while making his way to you.
"I don't want to be alone," you tell him while grabbing a hold of his arm.
His hand gently grabs your face before kissing you. "I need you to stay here. I don't know what I would do if something happens to you," Bucky sighs before resting his forehead on yours.
You let out a deep breath and nod your head in response. "Okay," you whisper before pulling away from him. "I'm calling the cops."
"Good idea," he mentions and starts to descend the stairs.
You quickly run back into your bedroom and grab your phone from the table beside the bed. You shakily dial 9-1-1 before pressing the phone to your ear.
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" The woman on the other line answers as you run a hand through your hair.
"Hi, my husband and I- w-we live at 345 Old Cherry Lane. Uhm, we think someone broke into our house," you explain to her while glancing towards the bedroom door.
Gunshots go off and a gasp leaves your lips. Bucky… "Ma'am, what was that?" The dispatcher asks and you roll your eyes.
"A fucking gun shot! You need to send a cruiser over here now!" You scream into the phone while rushing out of the room.
"Get the fuck out of my house!" Bucky yells at the intruder before cocking his gun again. "The cops are on their way and I'm not afraid to shoot you."
"Is this Mrs. Barnes?" She asks and you let out a huff of breath before confirming. "Alright, try to stay calm and out of sight until someone gets there okay? Try to get your husband to back off."
You're nodding your head as your hands grip the railing. "Yes, thank you so much," you tell her before hanging up. "Bucky!"
Your half-naked husband comes into view before glancing up at you. "Did you call them?" He asks and you nod your head.
"She told us to back off until the cops get here! Get up here!" You inform him and your husband quickly runs up the stairs.
His hand rests on your lower back before the two of you run into your bedroom. You move to sit on the edge of the bed as Bucky locks the door behind him. His eyes find your trembling body sitting on the bed before quickly walking over to you.
"Hey, it's okay," he mumbles and presses a kiss to your forehead. "Everything's going to be okay."
You nod your head at his words while resting your hands on his forearms. "I know. I just… never thought this would happen," you whisper before glancing up at him.
Bucky strokes your cheek softly before kissing your lips. "I'll call the security company in the morning to get a better set-up, mmkay?" He reassures you and you nod your head. "I love you. I won't let anything happen to you."
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malum-forev · 2 days ago
i love you
Tumblr media
inspired by billie eilish's song i love you. I hope you guys like it! I'm in a sad bucky kind of mood. Also, if you have any song requests, comment them! 😊
“What?” was the only word that could escape your lips. Heart racing and chest heaving, you slowly turned your head to face the man that had just whispered the three words that were now engrained in your brain.
“I love you.” Bucky repeated, his smile only fading when he realized your expression mirrored that of horror. His brows slowly furrowed, he tried to take your hand but you quickly pulled away, getting up from his couch and walking to the kitchen.
A low mumble escaped his lips. “This was not the reaction I was expecting.”
“Trust me, I wasn’t expecting this either.” You said back to him. After a few moments of silence, you added. “I’m still waiting for you to take it back. Are you trying to make me laugh?”
You turned around, only to see Bucky sitting on the edge of the couch looking down at his boots.
“C’mon, you can’t say that. You didn’t mean to say that. Tell me you didn’t mean it, and ill forget you ever said it, nothing has to change.” You hoped for it to sound stern but all that came out was a series of pleas.
“Did you just expect me not to fall in love?” Bucky asked, his hurt tone only tugged at your heart strings even more. “We spend every waking moment together, you practically live here, we’ve talked about things I didn’t think I would ever tell anyone!” He yelled. “And now you come and tell me you’re surprised I love you. I’ve loved you for months now! And you can’t fucking say it back?”
Tears rushing down your face felt like a punishment, a slow burn for hurting the man that would give his life for you.
“This was just supposed to be fun. Two friends, nothing more. We cant be together!” You yelled.
“Why not?! I want you. I want you with every ounce of my being, I’d want you even if I were on the other side of the world and in another universe. There is nothing you could do or say that would pull me away. I can’t escape the way I love you.” A broken whisper came about.
You rushed to the door, picking up your things on the way out. “This, I can’t, this can’t be.”
Bucky slammed the door and grabbed your shoulders. “Leave, but only if you can sincerely tell me you don’t want me. Tell me this meant nothing and I’ll let you leave. Tell me you don’t love me.”
For the first time in what felt like forever, you looked at him in the eyes. Sobs interrupted you as you said. “I don’t want to, but I love you.”
@scxrletrecsmarvel @baby-banana @stucky-my-shiptoothhurtyam @bluemoon-icecream @seybox @supraveng @jasmine19346 @what-a-beautiful-mess-i-made @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @confuscita @eviesaurusrex @girlfriday007 @starryeyeseunbyul @thevampire97 @sadisticfries @440mxs-wife @rslizj @enchantedbarnes @whitewolfsdoll @mrsbarnesx @jennyversebucky @arcanebabe @143amberrose @silentkiller2374 @samantha1sodone @just-that-dumb-bitch
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chaashni · 2 months ago
Sweat For Me
Tumblr media
Domspace and brattiness mesh really fucking well.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: Smut. Domspace. General filth. Innuendos. Semi public sex. Roughness. Guns used for foreplay? Gun sex- is there a term for this? Metal arm kink. Multiple orgasms. Overstimulation. Car sex. Mentions of knife play. Some choking. Established D/S relationship. I added fluff cause I cannot not.
Fic library is @chaashnifics
It starts at the restaurant. Your hair catches the light from everywhere, spraying out in messy concentric rings from the individual strands. Your lips painted a bright red, pulled under your teeth, a sultry, invasive grin gracing them as you flick your eyes all over Bucky.
Bucky isn't sure of what he wants to do to you. A part of him always craves to worship you, hold you close, feel every gasp and curse and he pushes into you, your body digging into the mattress, his face buried between your breasts.
Another part was seconds from snapping, fingers twitching to drag you out of your seat and throw you over his lap, to spank you and finger you till you could barely think. Or sit.
Then you inched forward, lifting your glass of wine to your lips while your breasts almost hung out from the little white dress you had worn, the outlines of the black lingerie you had dorned glaringly obvious under Bucky's piercing stare. Your tongue stroked a full circle over the rim of the wine glass, his growl making you shudder even as you nudged the tip of your heel to the side of his knee, crossing your legs till you could drag your shoe all along the inside of his thigh.
"You know, this place might be a little bland," Bucky circled his hands around your ankle just an inch from his crotch, infuriated eyes narrowed at you as your words were cut with a light gasp, before you leant back, tongue catching a drop of wine trailing down the side of your glass, lapping it up.
"But the leg space is good. I kinda like it here."
No you don't.
By the time Bucky would be done with you, you wouldn't even remember the name of this place, let alone the tremendous leg space it provided, or all the ways you had used the place to tease the hell out of him, and be a brat.
He slaps his debit card over the leathered bill cover, punching in the numbers and slamming the tip before he is yanking you out of your seat, groaning at how your stockings give definition to your legs, your gait slender even as he tugs you along.
"There isn't one place I can take you without you being a brat" he gritts, huffing when you smirk and fumble back, muttering something about the night being young.
Bucky is furious. He really is. He is also super stiff in his jeans, his cock aching from all the low whispers and sultry brushes of your lips over his ears, his jaws, your skin on his skin. The traces of your lingerie which peep out each time you are in a fairly lit place -that is everywhere you guys have been today- those thigh high lace socks, everything has been testimony to the fact that Bucky is a patient man.
Patience can go piss its pants now.
"Hey sarge," you called out, beaming at him even as you stagger to a halt, an innocence in your eyes like you hadn't been pouring acid over his boiling water for the last two hours. Even with adrenaline erratically fuelling through his veins, Bucky caught himself wondering how the hell could you manage that innocent expression, a glass-like silkiness to your features masking the devil's horns you wore whenever you were up to get a rise from him.
Bucky clenched his jaw, looking you over, his eyes stopping for a minuscule second at your breasts and the thin line of lace curtained behind the white, before he was narrowing them meanly at you again. Daring you to piss him off even more.
"Care for some ice cream?" You took the liberty to wrap his arm around your waist, pushing yourself to his chest and tugging at the collars of his leather jacket till he relented and placed his lips over your puckered up red ones. "I could use some chocolate to lick."
"Damn it." Bucky hissed, grabbing your jaw and crashing his lips on yours in a searing kiss. It was filthy in the way that it got you moaning into his mouth, a flare of arousal heating through him as his tongue snaked in immediately. You stumbled backward, your grip on his collar feeble, prompting him to tighten his arm around you, keeping you pinned to himself. Your lips rolling between his teeth, he licked the hilt of your mouth, all of your lipstick smudged and your breath erratic and uneven.
He curled his hand around the back of your neck, holding you to him and kissing you. Bucky flipped you around, pinning you to the side of his car heavily, palms landing on both sides of your head, your leg slotted between his, your boobs bunched up under his hard chest.
"Still want the ice cream?" Bucky sounded cocky, voice low and words gravelly as you heaved heavily under him. He felt a high building up somewhere, the turbulence in your pulse pumping up the fire in his veins. His eyes seemed to sharpen with each second, the resolution of every image turning up a notch with each second. 
He licked his lips, smirking at the sheen of sweat glossing your body as he crowded you, drinking you in. He watched as you flashed your eyes open, lust dusted and unfocussed. Even in your disgruntled state, hair flying out and lipstick smudged, you couldn't stop that smirk from flirting on your lips.  
"Think you can give me anything better?" You chuckled a little, possibly at the surge of fury which cascaded Bucky's face at your flirty insulation, his rage not escaping even when you trailed your fingers to scoop the drops of sweat rolling down to the side of his jaw.
The hand touching him was yanked back in seconds at the glare he sent your way. His metal arm flung from the window of his car to lace around your throat, eyes darkening at the airy simper that escaped your lips. The sweet scent of your pussy mixed with the dewy flowers mixed in your perfume had him going feral, every nerve in his body craving to push you into the car, throw one of your legs over the seathead and pound into you till you were seeing stars, all your brattiness fucked out of you.
That he did.
Bucky yanked you closer to him by the neck, throwing the door of the backseat open- he might have ripped it off and he couldn't care less about it- before he was throwing you face first inside, your startled gasp and the thickening of your scent not missing his heightened senses.
Bucky felt like a wolf stalking its prey as he watched you crawl up on the seat, a dark chuckle tearing out of his throat at how easily you were submitting to him. Lifting your ass up like that. Spreading your thighs further so your dress could be pushed higher up, the creamy skin where your stockings ended visible to his predatory gaze.
He clicked his tongue menacingly, grabbing your hips and allowing himself a second to seal his feral desires under a more decisive approach, one which was a little long-drawn and brutally tethering, so you'd know exactly what you get for being the brat you are. Bucky wanted to give it to you good, he wanted nothing more than to watch you come apart under him, sobbing and thrashing around as your body would spasm with each stroke of his cock into your stuttering pussy, his hands thoroughly marked over every inch of your body. So you would know who is in charge. Who owns you.
You craned your neck, resting your shoulder on the seat, a sultry grin on your face even as you offered yourself to him. Bucky's primal urge to hold you down and make you fall apart till you were just a scattered mess of whines and trembles and need overtook every other thought. He just needed to have you, to hell with everything else. Like the very glaring fact that you two were in his car parked at the side of the street, and anybody could pass by and see what you were up to.
It was a state Bucky sometimes found himself in, a projection of his very obvious inclination to the thought of being in control. The adrenaline pumping through his veins at the very moment, the sharpness in his vision, the quick intake and processing of every stimulus around him, everything pointed to this headspace that was cutting through his being like a ship rolling in water. 
At this point, Bucky didn't need to be enhanced to be automatically aware of everything going on around him and you, including each minuscule shiver raking down your body, the break of a few fallen leaves, the groan of the seats as he adjusted himself behind you, a few fading footsteps, the scratch of the sullen November wind against the streets.
Bucky loved it. Domspace brought with it the euphoria of cocktails and smokes, it made him feel powerful and more centered than ever. Most importantly, though, domspace brought the maddening, core-deep urge to be responsible for you. To care for you. Make you feel good. Make you feel happy and give you the love or punishments, as you need it. Mostly love. And lots of orgasms.
It made him want to hold you, secured in his arms as you would fracture into a million pieces of glass-sharp pleasure. It made him want to kiss your forehead and hold you and keep you safe, make sure you never cried yourself to sleep. Domspace made him feel powerful, and showed it, more glaring than ever, how much power you held over him.
Bucky felt like a wolf with you being the trembling lamb under him, but instead of tearing you down and feasting on you, his primal objective was to tear every reason which could ever chance at hurting you, and then feast on you.
Isn't that about right?
Bucky bunched your dress up, snapping your hips upwards till your dripping slit was at level with his mouth, his tongue poking out to run through your folds, a smirk pressed against your clit when you screamed, your body almost losing all the balance you had worked so hard to maintain.
When that high hit, there was no going back for Bucky. He couldn't list out a definite set of activities which pushed him over that edge. To this frenzy which left him dark-eyed and devious and predatory, his sharp sense stalking every little movement. Till you were wound around his spell and melting like butter on his fingers, your slick running down your thighs and your body moulding against his like muscle memory. But he really craved it, both the unabashed filthiness it right out of him,and the flame of intimacy that it burned through the both of you.
"Think there's anything that can compare to this, kitten?" Bucky chuckled against your folds, sucking at your clit one last time before he pulled himself up, chuckling at your whines of protest.
"No…" you started, the rest of your words cut off because Bucky did not want you talking. His hand clasped around your mouth, the glass window fogging one last time. He pulled you backwards, attacking your neck with his lips, the flare in his chest growing as he felt your breaths dance over his fingers, the wetness of your lips from all the licking and kissing now pressed against the flat of his-
"Did you just bite me?" Bucky hissed. Pulling his hand back, his eyes flicked to your sly smirk, jaw teeth gritting together, seething at your audacity. What did he have to do to get you to fucking listen?
"Did I, sir?" 
He was already palming himself as he flipped you around, his metal arm reaching the top of your dress. He gave you a nod, eyes glaring into your soul and lips dancing over yours before he pulled back, ripping your dress into half.
"Hey-" The hand he had pressed to your stomach held you pressed to the seat, a chuckle running through him at the indignance in your voice.
"You did, kitten."
The high only built as he opened your legs, pushing your panties to the side and burying his face between your thighs, lapping up your sweetness as you thrashed under him. One leg hanging off the seat, another thrown carelessly over the seat head, your hands holding on to the tinted and foggy windows for dear life. That was Bucky's deal, he would give you what you want -his undivided attention, which was always yours anyway- only as long as you did not remove your hands from the window.
"You take those hands off, you don't get a thing from me." 
Bucky never broke a promise to you, and even as you gasped and opened your legs for him, eyes drenched in lust and body slipping like honey under his hold, he knew he wouldn't be making an exception now.
There was no way you would take your hands off the window tonight.
He coaxed an orgasm out of you pretty easily, his eyes going wild at you spread out under him, body covered in pretty lingerie and skin lathered in sweat and slick. Eyes shut in pleasure, head thrown back and arms limp as all the brattiness slowly diffused out of you, the pleasure raking through every fiber and bone. 
Bucky flicked your nipples through the flimsy lace as you sighed and struggled to keep your hands pinned to the glass, your fingers sliding down but your fingertips gratingly held on, eyes trailing over his form. He tugged at your nipples, pushing your bra down. He grabbed your boob, popping one of your nipples into his mouth and swirling his tongue over the pebbled bud, his eyes fixated on yours as you lost yourself to him again. 
His fingers teased your folds as he marked up your neck and breast for the world to see, your hands still clinging, best as they could, to the window behind you. Bucky methodically peeled off every layer of clothing from your skin, indulging in his little sessions of partialism with every body part, your breasts, your hips, your thighs. Cold metal fingers slipped past your folds, the whirring and grating of metal against your skin only making you whine more, slowly succumbing to his will.
Bucky had you fall apart on his tongue, twice, before he allowed you to move your hips. He wiped the tears off your face as his metal fingers slid in and out of your pussy, his cold thumb rubbing circles all over your clit. He held you in place through each spasm that jolted through your body, your thighs marked up and stinging faintly from his teeth and fingers, your jaw hanging open, a little bit of drool hanging out of your lips.
Maybe this sight was what tipped him over to that mindset. To his domspace. It started with the little things, when Bucky felt constantly on the edge, head reeling from being thrown into missions one after the other, weeks of absence from you leading to him craving it with animalistic desire. Bucky didn't need ropes or handcuffs or long sessions of hardcore domination to be pushed to this headspace. 
What sent him reeling over was the sight of your fucked out face, tears streaming down your cheeks in overstimulation, hints of your makeup trailing down and catching his eyes. When he would cup your jaw and make you look him in the eye -keep looking at him like that- like he was all you could ever imagine, all you could ever need. 
In such situations, Bucky swore to everyone he could feel the burn of desire flow from your chest to his, your scrambling fingertips leaving not just their possessive evidences over his back, but also marks of trust and intimacy and care and devotion which he had never felt in millions of years. More than anything, he wanted to give back to you all that you made him feel, amplified a million times over.
Bucky watched your eyes linger over his crotch, suddenly aware of how aroused he was. He pushed back the momentary struggle when he saw your eyes ghost over the bulge next to the more pressing one, the layered outline of his gun peeking out from under his jacket.
One look at you and he knew what you wanted. You both had experimented with knives before, some fun times involving a knife and a jar of nutella, or that time when he had slaughtered an entire hoard of your lingerie in his attempt to make them accessible.
What Bucky's girl wanted, she got.
He took out his handgun, coincidentally the one which was gold plated, and your favourite. It was the gun you sometimes sneaked out of his pocket and ran over to the shooting range, subtly trying to avoid his stalking gaze as he did his push ups in another corner of the room.
Now this gun was waltzing its way across your boobs. Bucky tangled it with the lace of your bra, purposely ripping off a little bit of it, smirking as you hissed under your breath. The barrel cascaded down to your navel, running down the insides of your thighs in slow strokes, the cold metal making you shiver, Bucky's warm lips stamping over its icy trail.
"The gun's locked. Loaded though. You want me to use it on you?" Bucky asked, softer now, two of his fingers holding your chin in place, his eyes boring into yours. You whined and pushed your hips up, licking your lips and shaking your head in a desperate yes.
"Words." Bucky quipped, tightening his hold on your face and running the cool tip of the gun from your navel to the centre of your mound, so close to where you needed him. "Were being so smart back there. Where'd ya words go now?"
As you screamed out your 'yes' he slid the muzzle over your drenched pussy, chuckling as your wetness dribbled down to his weapon. He pushed your pussy lips apart, pupils getting wider and sense stronger as you trembled and rocked against him, your hands barely holding onto the glass, just as he had ordered, your face numb with pleasure. 
He pushed the muzzle inside you, slowly, methodically, taking all of his time as you moaned and threw your head back in pleasure. He built a tantalizingly slow pace as he fucked you on his gun, pressing it to the sides of your walls and fixing you with stern glares each time you moved too much, sweet nothings whispered in your ears as you did so good for him, taking it like a good girl.
Bucky had you suck his gun clean after he had made you cum around it, your juices and taste lingering in his mouth when he scooped up some of your wetness, not able to resist his need to taste you again and again. 
When you had fallen apart on his hand for the fourth time, body slumped back against the seats, your lips swollen, the scrapes of so many people walking by bouncing around the roof of the car, Bucky took mercy on you. He scooped up your hands, eyes softening just a little at the muffled shriek which escaped your lips, thumbs running over your knuckles in an attempt to sooth the trembling which persisted in your arms. It would take time to go away, but it wasn't anything Bucky couldn't handle. 
He pushed your hair away from your face, leaning over to the side to pull out some tissues, patting them over your temple as you relaxed a little. Body slowly sinking into ease against the leather sheets, the aftershocks of your orgasms still blared in the way your thighs clenched with each of his movements. Bucky brought your hands to his lips, kissing each knuckle gently before popping one of your fingers into his mouth, hands flying out to massage your biceps.
Bucky lifted you up, resting his back to the seatrest and flicking drops of sweat off his forehead before resting it on yours, your heavy breaths mingling with his. He held you till your breaths went in sync with the periodic taps he made on your waist, his hand caressing your face and neck and back. He pulled your lingerie back in place, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around your body, running his eyes all over you once again, accessing for any injury you might not be able to locate. It was his job to make sure you were okay, and that nothing went too hard on you.
He massaged your biceps and cooed occasional sweet nothings over the shell of your ears, finally asking you to wrap your legs around his waist before he carried you to the front seat, wrapping his jacket tightly around you and securing the seatbelt.
You were smiling when he got into his side. Your eyes trailed over his form, the tight black shirt he might have worn to seduce you, lingering lustfully at the drenched fabric clinging to his chiseled chest, a wristwatch wrapped around his right arm. He had strapped his gun back to his belt, the metal scented with you, fond memories of this adventure burned on its surface forever.
"Wait-" your words were airy, his eyebrows crumpling before he could help it, already looking you over and replaying everything that happened to know if anything had gone wrong.
"You're- I want to take care of you too-" you pointed to his bulge, hand already shooting out to unzip his pants.
"Hey, kitten, stop." He commanded gently, brushing his thumb over the cute crease that had woven itself into your forehead when he placed your hands on your lap. "Open that."
He watched as you opened the little air-conditioned section in the car, lips curling into a smirk when you fished out a bullet vibrator, your lips parted in a hollow gasp. The air perfumed with your sweet arousal again, Bucky's cock jumping for some action, finally.
"Prep it up," he smiled at you, unfrazzled by everything. "First red light you see, spread those legs and push it inside."
Bucky lifted up his phone and gave it a little shake to indicate he would be having fun with this, starting the car. As you sat there, gasping, he leant over, hands still on the steering wheel, crashing his lips on yours.
His tongue slipped into your mouth, robbing you off your breath before he was focussed on the road again, flexing his thigh and biting back the smirk at your low whimper.
"I'm not quite done with you, kitten. Don't think I'll ever be."
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bloomingbucky · a month ago
𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙚, 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙨
Tumblr media
avenger!bestfriend!bucky x female avenger!reader
word count: 10k (yeah, it’s a long one.)
warnings: 18+, friends to lovers trope, miscommunication, angst, arguing, crying, mentions of injury, brief mentions of food, very brief mention of being drunk, use of petnames [sweets, sweetheart, baby] smut, dry humping, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, brief mentions of nipple and clit play, bucky finishes in reader
authors note: this took me so long to finish and to perfect but i’m finally ready to post it. this is the first angsty fic i’ve written and the longest fic i’ve ever written so please bare with me! i really hope you all enjoy this one! this is for week three (technically week 5) of festive friday’s! i also wanna give a very very special thank you to the beautiful @ambrosiase for all of her help and guidance with writing this story.
minors do not interact. this is strictly 18+ only, by clicking read more you are telling me you are 18 or older. you do not have permission to copy/use any of my work!
The mix between the snow blowing across the highway and the snow falling from the sky practically blinded your vision. The wind was gusting, with each hour it only seemed to get stronger.
Every few minutes Bucky would say something under his breath, quiet enough that you’d only catch a few words each time.
Neither of you shared a word since you stepped foot into the vehicle. The tension in the small space of the car was so thick not even a knife could cut through it.
You were on your way to your safe house after your mission. Your failed mission.
Not only were you and Bucky not on great terms to begin with, the plan quite literally fell apart in your hands. Leaving you both angered and rather annoyed.
The wheels of the tires were beginning to struggle to move, the deep snow holding them back with each spin.
“God damn it!” Bucky raised his voice, his hands slamming down harshly on the steering wheel as the car came to a complete stop. The sudden noise causing you to flinch slightly as you turned to him.
You watched as he repeatedly tried to start the car, each time the engine made a ticking noise before turning off. He tried four times before throwing the keys to the side, placing his palms over his eyes.
“Did you get a hold of anyone?” He asked, not bothering to look at you. He had a small cut above his eyebrow that caught your eye, the skin around it was covered in smears of blood and dirt.
“No, Bucky.” You snapped, “I told you there’s no reception, you know cause there’s a storm.”
“Cut the fuckin’ attitude Y/n.” He hissed, ripping the phone from your hands before mumbling something once again.
“Grow up.” You rolled your eyes, “If you have something to say, say it.”
You watched him shake his head, he let out a scoff as his lips turned into a cocky smirk. Your jaw clenched as you watched, your patience was already running thin with only a small layer remaining.
“I don’t know why you didn’t listen to me.” You hissed, “The plan wasn’t gonna work from the minute we got there, we could’ve left and avoided this.” Your hand hit your window as you flung it.
You watched as Bucky took a deep breath, nostrils flaring as his eyes stayed glued to the screen.
“The house isn’t far.” Bucky said, ignoring your words from before. “Our stuff is already there, all we gotta do is get ourselves there.
Your eyes went wide as you turned to look at him. Looking out the window all you saw was white, and it looked like it went on forever. The temperate had dropped last night and remained that way throughout the entire day.
“Are you suggesting we walk there?” You hissed, appalled he would even suggest it.
“Don’t think you got a better idea, sweets.” He started gathering things from the car, putting them in his pockets. “We can’t get a hold of anyone and this car ain’t startin’ anytime soon.”
You were afraid, but you weren't about to tell him that. You weren’t dressed for this weather and it was apparent that Bucky forgot not everyone has his abilities.
“Bucky, I don’t think that’s safe for me. I-” You were cut off by him practically growling.
“Are you done now?” Bucky spit, raising his eyebrows at you. “You’re so damn dramatic sometimes.”
You felt your chest get tight, your teeth were grinding together so hard your jaw ached. Bucky knew how to shut up you, he knew exactly what nerve to strike and it made your blood run cold.
You didn’t say a word to him, your lips moved into a thin line as you bit the inside of your cheek.
Bucky’s features softened, he knew how much it upset you when people treated you like a child. Regret began to slowly leak into his chest cavity, each drop making his heart beat a bit quicker.
As he went to speak you opened the door and got out, slamming it hard behind you. He watched as you put the hood of your jacket up and started dragging yourself through the snow.
Quickly he looked around the car, making sure he wasn’t leaving anything before getting out and locking it, not that it would matter.
He ran up behind you the best he could, starting to think maybe you were right. The wind was putting him off balance, he couldn’t imagine how you were feeling at that moment.
“Let me help you!” He shouted, reaching for your hand but you pulled it away from him.
“It's fine, Barnes.” You replied with no emotion in your tone, “I’d hate to be dramatic.”
The petty remark fell from your tongue before you could process it. You kept walking forward, the snow was already falling in your boots, melting as it came in contact with your warm skin.
Bucky sighed to himself, he felt horrible. He’d already treated you terribly all week long and now he found himself taking his frustrations out on you. He followed a good distance behind you, giving you both time to cool down.
The two of you weren’t typically like this. This bickering and the fighting was all new to the both of you, only beginning a week ago.
You and Bucky were friends, close friends. Long ago, Bucky found solace in you.
Bucky had sweat falling from his forehead, his entire body tense as he shot up from the floor. His chest heaved as he looked around the room before his eyes landed on the glowing red numbers of his alarm.
He wiped some of the sweat from his head with the back of his hand before throwing on a shirt.
He knew he wouldn’t be going back to bed and decided to go sit in the common room of his shared living quarters.
Quietly he opened and closed his door, making his way through the kitchen. As he turned the corner, he stopped in his tracks hearing something coming from the room.
He knew that Sam, Steve and Wanda were on a mission, he only assumed you and Natasha went too.
Looking over he saw that the television was on, some Christmas movie was playing and someone was sitting on the couch.
He hesitated, debating if he should just go back to his room. As much as he wanted to avoid talking to anyone, staring at his ceiling fan for the next three hours seemed like torture.
He quietly crept his way into the room, clearing his throat in an attempt to not startle you.
Bucky watched as you grabbed the remote, pausing your movie quickly. The two of you had only ever spoken in passing, never having a reason to talk more than that.
“I’m so sorry.” Your eyes were wide as they scanned over him. “Did I wake you up?”
Bucky shook his head, taking a seat next to you. “Had a nightmare.” He spoke, eyes squinting in your direction. “And I don’t really feel like goin’ back to bed.”
Nodding your head he watched the way you bit your bottom lip, pulling the skin behind your teeth as you awkwardly pushed the bowl of popcorn away from you.
“I uhh.” You trailed off, “I have pretty bad insomnia, so I get it, sort of.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.
Shifting in his seat, Bucky returned a small smile. He’d never noticed your smile until right now. It was sweet and inviting, it brought Bucky a sense of comfort he hadn’t had in a long time.
Typically encounters of this nature made Bucky immensely uncomfortable, but not in this case.
For the rest of that night you and Bucky talked about your sleeping problems. You stopped here and there to explain the movie on the screen.
You both fell asleep on the couch that night, thankful everyone else was on a mission.
That was almost exactly two years ago. Since then the two of you had only gotten closer.
What started as comforting and guiding each other through rough nights blossomed into something more.
From an outsider's perspective it wasn’t hard to see both you and Bucky had feelings for each other. Feelings that were more than what the two of you made them out to be.
His voice was the only thing that could lull you to sleep and Bucky was certain you were the only person who could really understand him. You were each other's safe place.
The secret glances you shared from across the room. The way Bucky’s face seemed to always be a bit brighter if you were in the room.
You’d share inside jokes from a distance, lips turning into a smile as you practically read each other's minds.
The late night phone calls when one of you was away on a mission. Refusing to let the other sleep until they promise that they’ll be okay and that they’ll see you soon.
The few times you had both drunkenly stumbled into your rooms. Hands roaming each other's body as your lips were captured in a hot and messy kiss.
Although you were both drunk the sex was sweet and tender, you’d take your time with one another. Feeling every part of each other's body, reveling in the soft moans and whimpers that would fill the room.
When you’d wake up naked in his bed you’d simply laugh it off, blaming it on the alcohol. Ignoring the way your heart would beat quicker and how your thighs would squeeze together as you thought about the night before.
Bucky would do the same, making a joke about the experience. Suggesting the two of you needed to stop drinking together as he pushed some hair out of your face.
You’d both be lighthearted about it, but deep down you both knew it meant a lot more.
The nights you’d sit on Bucky’s floor with him as he told you the things he promised himself he would never tell anyone.
He trusted you with every inch of his being, knowing you’d sit there and let him speak as long as he needed. Your hand rubbing his softly, not an ounce of judgment on your face.
With you, he’d let himself feel, really feel all the emotions he had pushed away for so long. His deepest and darkest sorrows swimming to the surface of those eyes you loved so much.
The way Bucky held you while you cried. Holding you so close all you could smell and feel was him. He’d gently rock you back and forth as you sobbed, the shaking of your body being swallowed by the strength of his arms.
He wouldn’t make you talk about it, instead whispering soothing words as he attempted to calm the storm that was your own mind. He’d sit there all night if it meant making the tears subside.
Bucky did a double take, watching you open his door and close it. Your forehead pressed against the cool wood. It helped ease the burning ache of your head, a shaking breath leaving from deep in your lungs.
“Sweetheart?” Bucky asked cautiously, placing his book down on this bed. He sat up slowly, afraid if he moved too quickly you’d run off.
Turning to him your eyebrows were heavily furrowed, small wrinkles in your forehead appearing.
You had your bottom lip tucked between your teeth, knowing it was the only thing stopping you from losing it.
As you went to speak, nothing came out but a small whimper. Shaking your head, your lip now trembled hard enough to make your entire jaw shift. Eyes brimming with tears at your loss of control.
Bucky didn’t know how he got to you so quickly, but in an instant he was there close to you. He stood in front of you, bringing your head into his chest as a sob ripped through you.
Your hands gripped at his shirt, balling it up between your fingers as you let your emotions take over.
“Shhh.” He cooed, his metal hand rubbing circles on the burning hot skin of your back. “You’re safe, I’ve got you.”
Bucky couldn’t stand seeing you like this. With every sob, Bucky tried bringing you closer to him. His grip tightening on you, no sign of him letting you go.
As he sat down on his bed he swept you off your feet, tucking your legs around his body.
“Mm not goin’ anywhere.”  Bucky whispered, a hand making its way through your hair. “I’m yours, I'm here, sweet girl.”
After a few minutes Bucky felt your breathing slow back down. Your body jerking slighting as you attempted to catch your breath.
The last thing you felt was a kiss being pressed to your head. Your tired eyes fluttering shut as you were consumed by sleep, safe in the arms of the one you loved most.
Despite the intimate moments, the two of you were painfully oblivious to the idea of the other person loving you. Both dancing around the thoughts of your best friend loving you the way you loved them.
There had been multiple times you’d wanna tell Bucky how you felt. Almost not being able to take it anymore. Almost.
Everytime Bucky tried to tell you, he’d choke on his own words. Not being able to form a coherent sentence, ears ringing with the thought of it scaring you away. There had been many times he nearly told you. Nearly.
For the first time in two years, you and Bucky were fighting. You two have had small arguments in the past, almost always having to do with one of you being worried for the other.
Those arguments were short lasting and would end quicker than they began. It was apparent to the both of you that wasn’t the case this time.
It was exactly one week ago, to the day. You were in the kitchen of the compound, preparing two cups of hot chocolate.
One for you and one for Bucky. You smiled at the mugs you were using, remembering Bucky got them for you as a ‘ridiculously early Christmas present’ as he put it.
As you were putting some marshmallows in the drink you were interrupted by a deep voice behind you.
“You know I’ve been lookin’ for that hoodie.”
He chuckled, nudging his head in your direction. His voice sent a chill down your spine, you were always happy to see Bucky. Always.
Looking down you remembered you stole it from him the other night when you woke up in the middle of the night in his bed. You were cold and didn’t want to go find something of your own.
Shaking your head you teased, “It’s the newest piece of my collection, had no idea it was yours.”
“Yeah, yeah. I’m so sure.” Bucky said, moving so he was standing beside you. He leaned into you, as if it was a sign for you to do the same.
“I was about to come find you.” You spoke, pushing the green cup towards him.
He raised his eyebrows for a moment, bringing the cup into his hands. “What for?”
“Nothing interesting.” You laughed, “Wanted to go over the plan for this mission next week.”
You and Bucky were going on a mission together next week. The details were not finalized yet and you wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly.
“That’s a good idea, Sweets.” He took a sip of his drink, taking a deep breath before blurting out, “Before we do that I was wonderin’..”
He didn’t say anything after that. He seemed tense, anxious even which left a confused look on your face.
“Wondering..? What, Buck?” You had placed a hand on his wrist, hoping to put him at ease even if it was just a little. His skin was warm compared to yours. The coolness of your skin causing a chill to go down his spine.
He didn’t say a word yet, your confusion growing more and more. He just stared at you blanky, as if there was something stuck on the tip of his tongue.
“Would you wanna go to a Christmas market with me tomorrow mornin’? He asked, his words laced with a hint of hesitation.
Furrowing your eyebrows you nodded your head, lip from a thin line to a small smile.
“Of course, Buck. I’d love to.”
As his smile met his eyes, yours followed not far behind. Bucky’s smile was contagious. Watching his pink lips fold upwards while his cerulean eyes sparkled a touch more than usual.
“I’ll come get you at nine?” He suggested, bumping you with his side.
You took a sip of your drink and nodded your head, “That works, Buck.”
You held your head a bit lower than before. Hoping he wouldn’t catch onto the frown that had replaced your smile from a few seconds earlier.
You loved spending time with Bucky, but you wished it meant the same to him that it did to you.
Each time he asked you to hang out you secretly hoped the word ‘date’ would slip into the sentence.
Before he could speak, someone calling your name from down the hall caught the attention of you both.
“Shoot.” You whispered, recognizing the voice as Natasha’s. “Could we finish talking about the mission later? I’d prefer to do it in peace and quiet.”
Bucky hummed quietly, nodding his head as he stood up quickly. “That works for me.” He moved his head towards you, pressing a kiss on your forehead. You closed your eyes at the action, heart filling with a dull ache. “I’ll catch you later.”
Bucky kissing your forehead was normal, it became his thing over time. Now the action felt softer, as if he meant it in an intimate way.
You wanted to cry, to scream, to do anything to rid your mind and body of what you were feeling.
You wanted to tell Bucky how you felt about him, but his feelings for you were clear. You were simply just his best friend.  
As Natasha turned the corner into the kitchen, she looked at you excitedly.
“Are you and Barnes finally going on a date?” She practically yelled, causing you to push her back into the hallway.
‘Of course she was eavesdropping’, you thought to yourself.
You shook your head softly, expressions falling as you stuttered, “No, it’s not a date. Things aren’t like that with Bucky and I.”
Bucky stopped in his tracks. Your words replaying in his head like a broken record. He was hidden by the large cabinet on the opposite side of where you stood.
‘She just said yes to a date.’ Bucky thought to himself. He scoffed, unable to believe what he was hearing.
The happiness that Bucky held a few minutes ago slipped from his fingers like sand in the wind. You didn’t wanna go on a date with him, you didn’t feel the same.
Bucky wanted to go over there and question why you would put him in this situation. He wanted to go in there and tell you exactly how he felt, but he couldn’t.
Despite being angry, the sadness that leaked into his chest was far more powerful. Consuming him from the inside out rapidly.
He thought about all the moments you spent together, all the signs making him believe you felt what he did.
He now felt like he was being deceived, as if he made the whole thing up deep within the remnants of his imagination.
If you didn’t feel the same, so be it.
Bucky nearly threw the hot mug he held on the table next to him, finding the nearest exit and walking out, not looking back.
As he left, he didn’t hear you finish.
“I wish they were like that.” You nearly broke down, “I wanna tell him, God, it’s all I want. I’m so sick of pretending like I don’t love him.”
Natasha took your hand in hers, tilting her head at you softly.
“Y/n, have you seen the way he looks at you? The way you two act around each other? I’ve been trying to tell you, it doesn’t take a genius to see he loves you too.”
Taking a deep breath, you shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know, Nat.” You drawled, looking at the dark grey ceiling.
“Tomorrow.” Natasha said assertively, “Tell him tomorrow, Y/n. It’s jus’ Bucky.”
She had a point, what was the worst that could happen? You’d tell him tomorrow, you thought to yourself.
You woke up early the next morning. Taking your time to get ready, desperately needing a bit of a confidence boost.
You felt nervous and excited at the same time. Your hands had a small shake to them, reminding yourself to take deep breaths each time you noticed.
You played through every potential scenario, trying to be prepared for everything.
Under the wires of anxiety and the tangles of pessimistic thinking, there was a small piece of you that was positive this would all be okay.
The clock on your phone hit 9:00am as you patiently waited in your room. Patting over your clothing, making sure you had everything needed, you tried to keep your mind busy.
Ten minutes passed and you hummed to yourself gently. “He’s probably running late.” You thought, your finger hovering over the ‘call’ button.
You called him and were sent straight to voicemail. Weird. You thought, opting to text him instead.
‘Hey! Did you want me to meet you somewhere instead?’
It delivered, but you couldn’t help the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.
10:48am. Your clock read as you walked through the halls of the compound. You called him a few more times, texted him a couple more times too.
As you approached his room, the door was open. You stepped inside the dark room, looking around your surroundings. Bucky wasn’t there.
Worry began filling you, your mind wondering if something may have happened to him. This was unusual of Bucky, he was mostly on time and was typically good at communicating with you.
You walked out of his room and down to the living room area, thinking you’d either see him there or on the way.
When you got there, you found Steve, Sam, and Wanda, but no sign of Bucky.
“Has anyone seen, Buck?” You awkwardly asked, scratching at your fingertips.
Steve and Sam shared a glance before looking back at you “Weren’t the two of you going out this morning?” Steve muttered, standing up before you.
You nodded at the blonde, “We wer- we are, supposed to be going out.” You trailed off, “He said he would get me at nine but never did.”
The room was filled with silence, Steve stood with his arms crossed, looking as if he was trying to formulate an appropriate response.
Sam rubbed his hand against the back of his neck. His usual humorous personality being reduced to nothing but a blank stare at the ground.
Your stomach twisted, feeling as if a blade had gone through it. The two of them knew something you didn’t. As bad as you wanted to confront them, you knew better than to even bother.
“You know what, nevermind!” You uncomfortably laughed, “Maybe I heard the wrong time, thanks anyways guys.”
As you turned on your heels they both uttered half-ass goodbyes.
As you walked back to your room, you were baffled. The butterflies you had an hour ago felt like they had died a slow and agonizing death.
The knife in your gut twisting and turning with every move of your feet.
He never came. You were angry all day long, not wanting to speak to anyone as you impatiently waited for him to come back to the compound.
You thought he would be back in the evening but he wasn’t, he was gone all day the next day too. It was almost 10:30pm the next day when you locked your bedroom door.
Your back pressed against it firmly as you slid down the wood slowly. No one knew where he was or what he was doing. At least they wouldn't tell you.  
A hand pressed firmly against your mouth as you began to cry.
Bucky never did this to you before, he’d never ignored you like this either.
You were worried about him on one hand, but on the other hand you were irate. Was he hurt? Did something bad happen? Why would he do this to you? Did he hear you talking to Natasha? Did you scare him away this bad?
As tears cascaded down your cheeks, your heart sunk further and further into your gut. Your eyelids closed tightly, hoping the hot tears would dry up sooner rather than later.
With your body curled up in a ball on your floor you felt weak and small. After a while, your breathing became nothing but small hiccups gasping for air.
Pulling yourself up on your bed you couldn’t help but grab Bucky’s sweater. You tried to chase after the sleep that threatened to spill over you.
His sweater was clutched to your chest tightly, holding onto it as if it was your last piece of hope that things were okay between the two of you.
The next day you woke up to swollen eyes and a headache that seethed through every part of your skull. Groaning you were brought back to why you were feeling like this. The sadness that left for a moment came flooding back in, beginning to consume you once more.
As you stood up, you were unhappily met with people laughing loudly. God did Bucky have a loud laugh.
Bucky. Your eyes went wide as you swung your door open and walked towards the voices. You saw Sam leaving the hallway as Bucky turned into you, his smile falling into a frown.
“God, there you are.” You began rambling, “Are you okay? What happened? I’ve been worried sick, Buck.”
He didn’t say anything, instead he stared at you for a moment before his eyes dragged around the room, his nostrils flaring with every breath he took.
As you went to place a hand on his chest he stopped you. Taking your hand and guiding it back down to your side. The pressure that filled your chest was painful.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?” You asked, stepping back slightly.
Bucky couldn’t look at you. The hurt look on your face was going to make him break, he knew that much. He couldn’t handle seeing you upset, nevermind when he was the one hurting you.
“I just.” He mumbled, “I need space from you, Y/n.”
An unpleasant feeling scratched at your throat as you searched for the words to say.
“B-but we were supposed to go out a-and why would you even ask me to? If you wanted space from me?” Your voice broke as you finished speaking.
“You’re right, I shouldn’t have asked, it was a mistake.” He replied coldly, clearing his throat as he looked at his feet, hands deep in his pockets.
Something was wrong. The voice in the back of your head sung over and over again. Your heart twisted in your chest at his words.
“Bucky, talk to me.” You begged, so badly wanting to take his hands in yours.
You wanted to ease him of whatever was going on, explain whatever he thought was wrong.
Bucky had wished the ground would swallow him whole. The way your eyes filled with tears made him want to bring you close to him.
For a second, he contemplated telling you what he heard, talking to you about the situation. He was unable to think rationally, his negative feelings pushing away any amount of hope.
“There’s nothing to talk about, I’ll see you soon.”  He insisted, pushing past you.
Bucky walked away as quickly as possible. His eyes glossed over as he went to his bedroom.
He knew he was being selfish, but he was hurt. He didn’t know how to handle the situation, and talking to you wasn’t an option anymore.
You felt like you were dreaming. In the time you knew Bucky, this had never happened. You didn’t know what to do with yourself.
You stood frozen in the hallway for what felt like forever, the conversation repeating in your head as you stared blankly at the ground.
Up until the day of your mission, not a word was shared between you and Bucky.
You tried to get out of it several times but Steve and Nat insisted that it had to be the two of you. Nat told you, “The two of you need to talk anyway, this will be nice.”
It made no sense, it was obvious both of your heads were in the wrong place. You were confused and upset, and the last thing you’d be able to do was focus if Bucky was there beside you.
Bucky wasn’t looking forward to it either, he tried to convince Steve that Nat should go instead. Telling Steve it was a bad idea. Steve brushed off Bucky’s concerns, claiming it would “be good for the both of you, help clear things up.”
He was pissed. He knew Steve wanted what was best for him, but how was he supposed to look you in the eye after what he did?  
Bucky had pushed his way in front of you somehow. It was clear he was trying to somewhat clear a path for you.
As much as you didn’t want his help, you weren’t complaining. You followed his footsteps, thankful that you weren’t getting as much snow in your boots.
You were frozen. The hood of your jacket did very little to protect you from the vicious blows of the wind. Worst of all you could barely feel your fingers, trying to dig them deeper into your pockets.
Too focused on staring at the ground, you lost your footing, falling onto your knees. You gasped as your bare hands met the snow.
Bucky quickly turned back, helping you onto your feet. “Are you okay?” He asked, brushing some of the snow off your body.
“Yeah, just cold.” You replied with a sign, rubbing your hands together.
You watched as Bucky slipped the leather gloves off his hands, beginning to put them on yours.
“What are you-” He cut you off promptly, “Take the damn gloves, you need em’ more than I do right now,”
You wanted to question his sudden change in attitude. You noticed his eyes were softer.
They had been cold and distant since you arrived on the mission. However, at this moment he looked like Bucky, your Bucky.
You both continued walking for what felt like a lifetime. You let Bucky help you along the way, holding your hand when you needed it. It was the least he could do.
“There it is.” Bucky shouted to you.
Usually safe houses were shitty motels that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in months. If you were lucky your motel would have semi warm running water, but those were far and few between.
Seeing the small cabin in front of you was quite surprising. It seemed to be the only one for what looked to be miles.
There were big pine trees covered in snow around it, lights wrapping around the outside of the wooden frame.
You remembered Tony saying something about the safehouse a few weeks ago. He knew that this mission ran the risk of cutting into Christmas, so he wanted the two of you to be comfortable if it came down to it. Which you were thankful for at the time, but now it felt like a waste.
You followed behind Bucky as he pushed snow away from the door before unlocking it, letting you in first. A sigh of relief left your lips as you were engulfed by warm air.
The first thing to catch your eye was the Christmas tree in the corner, lightly decorated with a variety of ornaments. You were happy to see a small fireplace a few feet away from the couch.
You watched as Bucky walked into the living room, removing his jacket from his body before throwing it onto the brown material of the couch. He winced as he sat down, placing an arm on the back of the couch.
You didn’t realize you were staring at him until he cleared his throat awkwardly. Snapping out of your haze you carried yourself up the stairs of the cabin, in search of the room that had your belongings.
Exhaustion seeped throughout your body, shoulders slouching as you had to nearly drag your feet with each and every step you took.
As your adrenaline wore off, every part of your body was sore. The cold air you endured didn’t help either, instead adding a stiffness to your already hurt body.
As much as you wanted to take a hot shower, your skin was far too cold. Stripping your body of the wet clothing was more relieving than you could have ever imagined. You changed into a pair of sweatpants before pulling a hoodie over your head.
The smell of vanilla and cedarwood filled your nostrils as you breathed in deeply. The scent was familiar and comforting, a sense of relief coming over you as you breathed in a few more times.
You got an unpleasant feeling as you looked down. It was Bucky’s hoodie, Bucky’s cologne.  
You stood still in your spot for a moment, memories flooding your head.
You were here with him alone, all alone and yet he wanted nothing to do with you. The person who grounded you, the person whom you loved more than anyone else, wanted space from you.
You had no idea how that was going to be possible given the circumstances. Giving him space while only the two of you inhabited the space of this cabin felt impossible.
Since when did space feel this strangling.
Your daydream ends at the feeling of your stomach churning. The hollow noises coming from it posed as a friendly reminder you hadn’t eaten since last night.
As you opened the door to your room, you heard soft crackling noises coming from the level below. Walking down the stairs, you were pleased to see Bucky had started a fire.
You were thankful for the extra heat as well as the bit of calmness it brought to you. Turning into the kitchen you found Bucky standing at the sink. He was ringing out his shirt in the sink, your mouth fell open slightly watching the bloody water seep from it.
Your eyes averted to his shirtless upper body, his muscles tightening everything he squeezed the shirt. It was nothing you haven't seen before, but the longer you looked the more and more heat that rose to your face.
He’s perfect, you thought. His body looked as if it was sculpted by the most talented of artists. Every crevice, every vein, every muscle, perfectly placed on his body.
Bucky’s eyes averted in your direction. He hadn’t gotten to see you like this in what felt like a lifetime.
She’s beautiful, he thought. Wearing those damn sweatpants that were two sizes too big, along with a hoodie that was also too big. His hoodie. He always loved when you looked like this, comfortable and carefree.
As much as you were both hurting at the hands of each other, you missed one another more than either of you would ever show.
“Can I help you with something?” Bucky snapped, throwing the shirt into the sink.
As you flinched slightly, Bucky felt his heart shatter as if it was the most delicate piece of glass.
“No.” You whispered, walking past him. “You can’t.”
You opened a cupboard on the opposite side of him, rummaging through it attempting to find something to eat that sounded mildly appetizing.
As you pulled down a box of granola bars, you heard Bucky whine, loudly.
You tried to stop yourself from turning around. Your mind fighting itself on what to do. On one hand he wasn’t your problem anymore, on the other you cared for him deeply.
Biting your tongue you turned around to find him pressing an alcohol pad down on the area next to his collarbone.
He had a large open cut there, which you could only assume was from a piece of glass.
After everything he’d been through, one may think Bucky knew how to take care of wounds like this, but he didn’t.
Something about treating his own wounds seemed to make him queasy. He’d look away as he applied pressure to a wound, hands shaking as he attempted to apply ointment to any injury.
With a harsh exhale, he placed his hands flat on the counter. Without turning to you, he muttered “I’m sorry, could you-.” He exhaled again, “Could you help me?”
You placed your box of granola bars down slowly. Mentally preparing for what was about to happen.
As you stepped towards him you mumbled under your breath “Think this kinda violates the whole space thing.”
“What was that?” He asked, turning his head to you. You shook your head instead of responding.
You hopped onto the counter, sitting down so you were a bit more level to him. You looked at his cut, letting out a sigh now that you could see how bad it was.
Being this close to him made your breath catch in your throat in a way that you hated.
“It’s deep, but a bit of tissue adhesive should close it.” You suggested, looking at him for some kind of sign that you could touch him.
“Okay.” He spoke blankly, once again not looking at you.
As you cleaned out his wound, Bucky was making things more awkward than they needed to be. He kept moving his hands around in an uncoordinated pattern, not knowing where to rest them.
You tried your best to be patient with him even though he didn’t deserve it.
“Stop moving.” You said, attitude prominent in every syllable.
He mumbled a quick sorry before resting his hands on your thighs. The touch was ghost-like, nearly hovering above them but touching down every few moments. It sent a chill up your spine.
Taking a pair of tweezers, you picked small shards of glass from the cut, placing them on a wet napkin as you did.
You felt him staring. Something you hadn’t felt in far too long. It was like you were under a microscope as he picked away each layer of you, simply thinking you wouldn’t notice.
“I’m sorry for actin’ like that back there.” He said, speaking barely above a whisper. “I was jus’ angry the mission got fucked up.”
The scoff that left your mouth was laced with a breathy laugh. He was apologizing, for getting mad at you in the car as if he hadn’t been treating you like you meant nothing to him all week long.
“You’re joking, right?” You laughed sarcastically, continuing to take the glass out of his wound.
He didn’t respond for a few moments, trying to come up with the words to say. He knew what you meant, but he didn’t know how to approach the situation.
“Why would I be jokin’?” He snapped, his hand beginning to dig into the flesh of your thigh.
“God, Bucky.” You rolled your eyes, ignoring his question. He watched as you pushed your lips together, as if you were biting your tongue on the inside of your mouth.
“What the hell has gotten into you lately?” He retorted, pushing his chest into you slightly.
“What the hell has gotten into me lately? I should be the one asking you that.” You hissed, throwing the tweezers onto the counter beside you.
He was huge in comparison to you, you felt claustrophobic as his broad frame trapped you between him and the counter.
Before he could think of something to say, you snapped. The heaviness of your heart finally winning the game of tug of war it played with the strings around it.
“You ask me to hang out with you one day, then you disappear for two days and when you get back what do you do?”
Your voice has gone from a whisper to small whimpers that vary in volume. “You tell me you need space from me. Who the fuck does that, Bucky?”
You’re both staring at each other now, his blue orbs watching as your eyes begin to water. Your fists are balled up so tight you barely notice when you begin to lose feeling in both hands.
“You never act like this. Hell, we never act like this, all the fighting and avoiding each other.” You look up at the ceiling momentarily, sniffling once before looking back down at him.
“So can you please tell me what’s going on, Bucky.” You breathe, hands now shaking with anxiety.
Bucky hates how hurt you sound. Your voice shaking and breaking with every word.
“I didn’t ask you to hang out.” He starts, running a hand through his hair. “I asked you out, like on a date. Then I heard you talking to Nat about how things aren’t like that between us and..I panicked.”
Your face contorts in confusion. You stare at the man before you wide eyed.
“Y-You didn’t ask me on a date? You asked me to go with you.” You replied, placing your hands in your lap. “We do everything together, you asked me how you always ask me.”
Bucky’s mouth opens slightly as he takes a deep breath in before shaking his head. He didn’t realize that he never actually asked you. He didn’t think about it like that.
“I meant a date, Y/n.” Bucky repeated, “I thought that was clear.” He stepped away from you slightly, leaning on the counter across from the one you sat on.
Your heart was beating so loud it made your ears ring. Your throat was as dry as you swallowed thickly.
“No! It wasn’t, Bucky!” You pleaded, “How was I supposed to know you meant it like that?”
Bucky looks up at you with disbelief as he argues, “Then what were you talking to Nat about? What the fuck did you mean by things arent like that between us?”
You looked at the ground, swinging your legs slightly as you did.
“Did you even bother listening to the whole damn conversation?” You scoffed, shrugging your shoulders.
“Cause if you did, then you’d know I was upset cause you didn’t ask me on a date.”
He looked like a deer in headlights. His flesh hand had made its way to his chin, his thumb swiping across the skin repeatedly.
The sounds of the fire burning was the only thing you could hear. No words being exchanged between the two of you for several minutes.
A part of you was overjoyed by the fact that he meant to ask you on a date. Yet an even bigger part of you was hurt that he felt the need to ignore you for a week over something so stupid.
“You avoided me and made me that upset because you thought I didn’t wanna go on a date with you?” You said, voice just above a whisper.
Bucky glanced at you uncomfortably. His face had guilt written all over it as his regret began seeping through him. He realized quite quickly how badly he overreacted, how unfairly he treated you.
Your voice is shaky as you add, “What made you think that was a good idea?”
You placed your hands beside your body, flat on the cold surface. “I didn’t even think you liked me like that, Buck. That’s why I said that stuff to Nat.”
I love you. The thought was strong in his mind. The words were on the tip of his tongue but he was quick to swallow them back down.
“This is all such a fuckin’ mess.” Bucky sighed, his tongue pressed against his bottom teeth.
The puzzle pieces began to fit together, all sliding into place every time one of you spoke.
Bucky placed a hand on top of yours, tilting his head at you slightly.
“I’m so sorry, Y/n.” He began, his voice was soft as he ran his thumb against your own. “I shouldn’t have acted like a child, it was unfair to you. I was jus’ frustrated and confused nd’ I’m sorry.”
You wanted to be upset, but your heart couldn’t take it anymore. You were so tired of being upset with Bucky, you missed your best friend.
“Yeah, you know communication is a really lovely thing, hey?” You replied sarcastically, squinting your eyes at him.“Maybe I should take some space from you for an unjustifiable reason. See how you like it.”
He wore a big toothy grin as he nodded in agreement, “I probably deserve that.”
You shook your head at him as you grabbed some antibiotic ointment from the first aid kit. As you finished dressing his wound you explained your side of the story and he did the same.
After you finished, Bucky had insisted on making you a hot chocolate. It was the first part of his apology, as he put it. He had sent you off to the living room to warm up a bit more as you waited for him.
You had found a thick blanket folded on the couch and had taken it to wrap around your body as you sat on the ground.
You watched as the bright flames burnt through the wood slowly in the fireplace. The heat radiating off of it was like a warm hug, allowing your shoulders to really relax for the first time all day.
Bucky came and sat next to you a few minutes later, handing you a hot mug. You silently thanked him, holding the mug close to you.
It was quiet. Neither of you said a thing as you soaked up each other's company.
The tension from before had faded away, taking the awkwardness with it. You felt comforted having him close to you again, you felt safe.
You felt as Bucky moved the blanket so he could fit under it with you. Your shoulder pressed against his as he rested his leg against yours.
“Why’d you forgive me so easily?” He questions, his finger taps on his mug repeatedly.
“Because I probably would have done the same if I was in your position.” Your answer is simple and truthful.
“I find that hard to believe.” Bucky clears his throat, “I don’t think you’re that mean.”
“So.” You pause, laughing softly “You do think it was mean?”
“I never said it wasn’t.” He chuckles, “It was really messed up wasn’t it?” He looks at you with squinted eyes as he scratches the back of his neck.
You scrunch your nose as you nod your head, holding up your thumb and pointer finger in a ‘little bit’ motion.
“You know I’m really sorry, right?” Bucky’s hand squeezes your knee.
“Sometimes my mind gets cloudy and then I don’t know how to make it go away. Usually I go to you for some kinda guidance, but you were a part of it this time and it was really frustratin’.”
Placing your hand over his you squeezed it. You could see how upset he was, his voice low and shaky as he explained himself once again.
“You can always come to me.” Your voice is light and gentle, “Even if we're fighting, it’s always better to talk than to do..” You trail off, “Whatever all this was.”
There’s a sad smile on his face as his eyes rake over your features. The fire and the Christmas lights illuminate his face, glowing strokes of yellow and orange painted along his features.  
“You know.” You hypothesize, “I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that Bucky Barnes ignored me for a week over a date.”
You watch his tongue press against the inside of his cheek, his eyes looking down at his mug.
“It wasn’t about a date.” He uttered, “I was upset that you… didn’t feel the same about me.” He coughs awkwardly, his eyes only flickering to yours for a second.
“I didn’t think you felt that way about me.” You lie, knowing you had hoped he had some kind of feeling for you for months.
“C’mon now.” He hums, nudging you gently eliciting a small laugh from you. “You think I treat everyone the way I treat you?”
“You very well could.” You laugh, “Plus I just assumed you also hold Steve when he cries.”
You both began to laugh hard, that kind of laugh that made your stomach ache. Bucky leaned back a bit and watched you closely.
The way your smile reached both your eyes, the crinkles beside your eyes were prominent as you squeezed your eyes shut harshly.
As your laughing subsided slowly, you looked to see Bucky staring at you. His smile had faded a bit as he watched you.
“I love you, Y/n.” He said, causing you to smile back.
“I love you too, Buck.” You giggled, not thinking anything at the way his smile had completely fallen, being replaced with a serious look.
He sat up slowly, eyes scanning over your face for any sense of reaction.
“No, listen to me. Not jus’ my words, listen to how I'm sayin’ this.” He pleaded, voice dropping an octave “I love you, sweetheart. I’m in love with you and I have been for a very long time.”
The smile dropped from your lips as you looked at him. You felt sick to your stomach but in the best way possible. Goosebumps arose on your skin as you took a sharp breath in.
As you thought about his words once more, you couldn’t stop the sob that gurgled through your chest. Your hands coming up to cup your face as you cried, hard.
Bucky’s heart stopped beating in that moment, regret and worry coursing through his veins as he watched you cry.
He moved his hand to rub your thigh gently, as he attempted to calm you, not exactly sure of what to do.
You lifted your head and looked at him, pulling yourself closer to him. “I-I was gonna tell you when we went to the market.” You hiccuped, “I love you too, God, I’m so damn in love with you, James.”
A smile crept up on his face as he moved closer to you, connecting your lips in a long awaited kiss. It was tender and slow, he held your face in his hands with the lightest of touch.
It felt like time had stopped, perhaps this was all a dream that you had built up in your head. You didn’t know and you didn’t care, all you could think about was the way his lips felt against yours.
He tasted sweet like marshmallows and mint, there was a touch of saltiness on your tongue from the tears that had fallen down your cheeks.
Your hands played with the hair on the nape of his neck, moving so you straddled his lap, deepening the kiss as much as you possibly could.
He kept his flesh hand in its place, holding your cheek as his thumb softly caressed your skin. His vibranium hand moving to hold your lower back firmly.
You felt him pull back slightly, his forehead pressed against yours, lips ghosting on your own with each word he spoke.
“You love me.” It wasn’t a question that fell from his lips, rather a statement that he whispered in the hopes that it would sink in fully.
“I love you.” You whispered back, smiling widely.
He connected your lips again, this time it was more intense, as if kissing you was the thing that would save him.
You would have been overwhelmed by your emotions if it weren’t for your senses being filled by every part of Bucky.
Your heart was hammering in your chest as you felt his rough skin on yours. Your nose filled with the scent of his body, as your lips tasted nothing but him. You only had one thought on your mind.
You needed him.
Your hips began shifting on his involuntarily, trying to find some kind of friction. His hand moved up to your hip, gently guiding your subtle movements along.
Your hands reach the bottom of his shirt, tugging it towards you softly. Bucky just smiled as he pulled away from you.
He lifted the material off his body and you watched closely as he did. The way his muscles flexed at the movements alone was enough to make your stomach flutter.
His vibranium arm reflecting the light of the fire beautifully. As his dog tags hit his chest he placed his shirt up on the couch beside him.
“So handsome, Buck.” You murmured, thumb pulling on his bottom lip.
He placed his hand over yours, smiling as he took all of you in. Here you were, sitting in his lap, sharing a tender moment with him after the both of you confessed your love for one another.
You lifted his hoodie from your body, throwing it near his discarded shirt. Bucky gawked at the sight of you, eyes going back and forth from your exposed body to your face.
He held your face again as he mumbled, “So, so damn beautiful, sweetheart.”
You took his dog tags in your hand, pulling him in to lock your lips. Your hips rolled into his again, only more prominently this time.
A whine spilt from your mouth into his as you felt him growing hard under you, his bulge right where you needed it.
His flesh hand made its way to your breasts, holding and squeezing them. He took your left nipple in between his fingers, rolling the sensitive bud there, eliciting a deep whimper from you.
His fingers moved to your other breast, repeating the same motion this time pulling your nipple a bit harder. You felt the wet spot on your panties growing more and more as he played with your tender skin.
Your hips moved steadily now, finding some sort of rhythm as you held onto him tightly. Your breath had picked up rapidly, causing you to break the kiss slowly.
“Buck.” You moan breathlessly as he tilts your chin up, pressing warm kisses on your skin. Your body was growing more and more sensitive to his touch, the feeling of fire burning in the pit of your stomach.
“Need you.” You whined, pulling away from him as you shifted your body away from him so you could remove your pants.
Bucky quickly pulled his pants down, smiling to himself at the sound of your eagerness.
Bucky thought about how the two of you had sex before but it was never like this. He thought it was intimate before but now he knew nothing would compare to the feeling of this.
As you sat back down on his lap, Bucky’s flesh hand moved to your core. A sigh left his lips as his fingers made contact with your slick.
“So good for me, sweetheart.” He whispered onto your lips, goosebumps arising on your skin once more.
Bucky lifted your hips slightly, allowing himself to rub the tip of his cock through your folds. You whimpered at the contact, fingers pulling on his hair.
He lined himself up at your entrance, looking up at you for some kind of approval. You moved your head subtly, pressing his forehead to yours once more.
He helped you sink down on him, he held a vice grip on your waist, watching as your channel swallowed him slowly. You whined loudly once you were seated on him completely. Bucky filled you perfectly, your walls squeezing him tightly.
He gave you a second to adjust to him, running a hand through your hair he moaned, “Takin’ me so well.” He pressed a kiss to the middle of your neck, “Nd’ you feel s’ damn good, baby.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you rested on his chest as you began pushing your hips forward. He helped move your hips slowly, pulling them into his body at a steady rhythm.
“James.” You whimpered as his cock began hitting the sweet spongy spot of your cunt. “Please don’t stop.”
He cooed quietly, running his finger along your spine, “Not goin’ anywhere, baby. I’ve got you.”
Everything in this moment was incredibly intimate. The way you held onto each other like your life depended on it.
Bucky was so deep inside you that he was all you could feel. The soft praises and words being exchanged made your heart flutter and your body go weak on top of him.
Bucky pulled you back slightly to look at you, smiling as he saw the blissful look on your face. You smiled back at him, fighting to keep your eyes open as you clenched around him.
“I love you.” Bucky stated, a groan falling from his lips shortly after.
“I love you.” You replied breathlessly, you could feel your orgasm creeping up on you.
You felt it bubbling in your stomach, swallowing thickly as you attempted to push it out a little longer. His hand swept down to rub your clit in slow circles, and you knew you were done for.
“Needa cum, Bucky.” You whined, tugging his hair a bit harder.
“Let go for me, beautiful.” He grunted gently, “Make a mess on my cock, show me who it belongs to.”
With that, the coil building up within you snapped, washing over you deeply. Collapsing into his chest he worked himself up into you, helping you ride your high and allowing him to reach his.
As he spilled inside you, his arms wrapped around your middle. He moaned breathlessly, his seed coating your walls as his hips stopped moving.
You stayed like that for a few moments, heavy breathing and the crackling of the fire is all that could be heard.
You peeled yourself from his body, holding his head in your hands. Some of his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead and you pushed it out of his face.
“I missed you.” Your voice is barely above a whisper, “Never do that to me again.”
Bucky bites his lip and nods his head, “I missed you too, sweetheart.” He takes your hand in his, a smile forming on his lips as he says “How could I even think of doin’ that now?”
You giggle at his words, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He looks behind you out the window to see snow is still falling rapidly even as the orange rays of the sun begin setting.
“We're probably gonna be stuck here for a few days.” He says grabbing the blanket from beside you both and wrapping it around your shoulders, a big smile painted on his face.
“Well isn’t that convenient.” You giggle, placing your hands flat on his chest. “Hopefully we can find a way to keep busy.”
“Mm” He hums softly, “I wouldn’t worry about that, baby.” His hands move to rub your thighs. “Gonna spend however long we’re here showin’ my girl just how much I love her.”
You felt a subtle heat rise into your face, as your tongue presses against the inside of your bottom lip.
“I’m counting on that, Buck.” You giggle, pressing your lips to his once more.
This is where you both wanted to be, where you both needed to be. In each others arms were comfortable, you were safe - you were at home.
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adrinktostopyourthirst · 2 months ago
Bucky Barnes | One Shot | Spill It
Spill It | Don’t Spoil It | Simmer
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Plus Size!Reader
Plot: Both you and Bucky have some very mixed feelings about you. Maybe you can help each other clear things up.
Warnings: 18+. Smut and fluff.
Words: 6,7OO
Tumblr media
Shaking your head in amusement, you watch as your friend boldly winks at one of the men at the bar. You never did understand how someone could have the confidence to flirt so shamelessly. Even if you had an entire bottle of wine coursing through your system where you’re slurring your words and stumbling on your feet, you never were able to shut off the voice in your head that made you hyper-aware of how much space you were taking up with your posture or that men talked to you differently than they did to your friends.
Men approach you to ask if your friends are single, or because you appreciate their crude humour because they don’t have to impress you. You’re great with men -the men willing to give the time of day anyway- but is it too much to ask to be the object of desire sometimes? To be flirted with? To have scandalous sex in a public bathroom with?
But then again, you’re probably too big to manoeuvre your way in a bathroom stall anyway.
Dropping your head down to the glass filled with a colourful cocktail, you watch the ice bob in your drink. You’re grateful two of your friends are already in a relationship, because otherwise you’d be the only one of your friend group who would go home alone.
You know your confidence is partly to blame for not being that much of a success with men, but your friends are skinny enough for men to want to fight for them. You, you’re not thin enough to expect for a man to go for you. In your case, you’re going to have to fight long and hard to even start and hold a conversation with a man. Especially a flirty one.
Frantic whispers across the table make you look back up from your drink. Your friends look giddy and shocked and a frown settles on your face. Looking around the establishment, which is a niche mix of a bar and club, your eyes fall onto a trio of buff men who you immediately recognise as the men from the Avengers. Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, if you remember correctly.
They strut towards the bar and take a seat on the stools, ignoring the obvious mumbles and stares travelling through the room. Sam looks in his element, exuding confidence and excitement. Steve looks out of place, his confidence not necessarily boosted by the ogling and drooling from the men and women around him. You feel for the old man. Even after all these years he must not be used to this at all.
And then there’s Bucky… With a broody look on his face and intimidating posture. He looks like he’s been dragged here by Sam and you notice people are scared to look too long at the ex-assassin, the crowd inside only stealing as much as a glance from the intense man.
But assuming men never notice you anyway, you peer across the bar and study the mysterious, god-sculpted man sitting next to Sam and Steve. You’ve always found his story intriguing -most people did.
It’s a big city and you never expected to ever be in the same bar as them, but you knew they went out quite frequently. Bucky and Steve were obviously trying to still ease back into normal life and Sam, you assumed, just really likes going out.
On top of that, they are the most eligible bachelors in the city. Who doesn’t want a strong superhero to manhandle you? Apparently everyone does. You know they aren’t innocent virgins, but they do well keeping their sexual and romantic antics private. They must have a strong PR team chasing their asses.
Lost in thought, you don’t realise you’re still staring until your eyes lock with the person of your intrigue. Your breath halts in your throat as Bucky raises his brows at you, cocking his head to the side almost in a daring way to ask you why the fuck you’re still looking. The distance is too far to accurately read the expression on his face or make out his features, but definitely not too far to see how handsome he is.
You want to look away, you fear you might have to for your own safety from the look he’s giving you, but you can’t. You must look completely bewildered as your stare remains on him, but he doesn’t look away either.
The slight nudge of your friend’s elbow in your side makes you finally divert your eyes from the soldier and you swallow hard, looking up at her.
“Finish your drink, so we can order another round.” She chuckles at you and you take a deep breath, nodding.
Taking the glass in your hand, you gulp down the strong cocktail and add your order to the list the waiter was noting down. In between, you manage to sneak another peek at Bucky, who is long engrossed in another conversation.
“You okay?” Your friend asks when the waiter leaves with your orders and you give her a weak smile, nodding slightly at her.
Safe to say that most nights like these, you feel out of it. Only once in a blue moon do you feel confident and do the strict voices in your head disappear from your conscience.
“You look hot tonight!” She gives you a cheeky wink and your heart warms at her compliment. Your friends are lovely and try their best to make you feel confident, but they can only do so much until they focus back on themselves like they should.
Heaving a deep breath, you scold yourself internally. Get your act together. It’s not about the men. It’s about you and your friends having fun. You repeat the mantra over and over, taking a big swig from the fresh cocktail put in front of your nose.
“Let’s dance!” You cheer and drag your friends out to the dance floor.
Laughing and giggling, you and majority of your friend group manoeuvre yourselves to the dance floor. Lost in a joke, one of your friends gives you a slight shove as she holds back tears of laughter, much like you. Your back collides with the wall and you gasp when the wall moves.
Whirling your body around, your stomach completely drops as your eyes raise to the level of Bucky’s. Slowly, you move your hands up to cover your mouth, your eyes darting over his chest to find beer spilled all over his shirt. Oh no, no, no, no, no….
“Oh my God…” You gasp “I am so sorry.”
You can see him grit his teeth as he peels the fabric of his rock hard abdomen. Trying not to focus too much on his toned abs bulging through the soaked fabric, your eyes dart around his face frantically. Great, this is just great.
“Well… That’s not gonna help his mood.” Steve mumbles from his spot at the bar and you scrunch your eyes shut.
“I completely ruined your night. I’m so sorry.” You repeat yourself and chew your lip “Let me just - Just hang on a second!”
Not giving anyone around any chance to say anything to you at all, you sprint out of the bar.
Everyone saw you. Everyone saw the fat girl bump into the ex-assassin, making him spill his beer all over his shirt. Everyone heard Steve say that Bucky’s mood was officially ruined. Everyone looked at you.
Everyone saw you.
Heart pounding in your ears, you gasp for oxygen like a fish when the fresh air hits you. You walk and walk and walk until you round a corner at the end of the street and collide with the stone wall, burying your face in your hands.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” You groan and grit your teeth to stop yourself from spiralling into an endless cycle of complete embarrassment.
Opening your eyes, you adjust to the bright light of the neon sight across from you and after a few deep breaths, a ridiculous idea pops into your head.
Wrapping his hands around the fabric, he wrings out the fresh water as he watches himself in the mirror.
He should have never agreed to come along.
Sniffing the fabric, Bucky groans when he still smells the horrible stench of beer on the soaked cotton.
The music becomes a loud roar again as Steve and Sam join him in the bathroom, before reducing the music back to a dull thump when the door closes again.
“Dude, this sucks.” Sam mumbles, watching his topless friend attempt to clean his shirt a fourth time.
“This was supposed to be a good night…” Steve adds and Bucky rolls his eyes at their awful way of trying to make him feel better.
A loud knock on the door has the three men call out in unison “Occupied!”
“Please,” a gentle voice speaks through the door and the men frown at each other, before Sam walks over and pushes the door open slowly “I come in peace.”
The men look at you in utter confusion as they expectantly stare at you in the door opening. Tugging at the fabric hanging from your purse, you pull out a black t-shirt and hold the ball of cotton out to Bucky carefully.
You try not to make any sudden movements in case Bucky has decided spilling beer over his shirt is a crime worse enough to kill you for.
“You bought him another shirt?” Steve asks, amusement lacing his voice as he takes it from your hands and shoves it into Bucky’s bare chest.
“Of course…” You mumble, your voice not coming out nearly as strong as you want it to when your eyes briefly connect with Bucky’s again “I’m really sorry.”
“You said that already.” Bucky finally speaks and you look down in shame, blood rushing to your cheeks immediately. You would have gotten away with this much easier if you had been hot.
Pulling the shirt over his head and down his torso, Sam and Steve instantaneously burst out laughing.
It’s a simple black shirt, but with the words ‘Sexy Beast’ written in hot pink, capital letters on the front. Pursing your lips, you desperately try to hold back from laughing along with the two men. Eyes connecting with Bucky’s, his glare makes you want to laugh even more.
Sam walks over and slaps his hand to your shoulder “Oh, you have no idea how much I appreciate you doing this!” He chokes out through his laughter and you finally let a small giggle slip.
“They didn’t have any other shirts?” Bucky spits through gritted teeth, his eyes almost black with annoyance as he glares straight through your soul.
You shrug innocently “Well, they had one with ‘I heart New York’, but I thought it would be too tacky…”
Steve and Sam are breathless, both muscled men buckled over because they are laughing so hard and your blush deepens even more as you take in the state of Bucky. He looks like he could burn down this place any second. You’re sure this is his look right before he kills someone.
“Right. I should go.” You quickly mumble and scurry out of the men’s room, trying to find your friends.
Bucky stares at your empty spot with his expression baffled. Normally he would wring your pretty little neck for pulling a stunt like this, but it is like you put a spell on him.
He was ready to burn the entire bar to the ground when his beer collided with his chest, but the second he turned around and saw your shocked expression, all he could see was two pretty, wide eyes and a mouth so perfect he could do nothing else but imagine it wrapped around his cock.
And then his eyes trailed down.
He is sure you didn’t notice, but never in his life has he seen a body this tempting. Your curves were begging to be squeezed and grabbed onto, your thighs were inviting him into their warmth and your skin looked so goddamn soft. He just wanted his hands all over you and squeeze every bit of your flesh.
And then you turned around and bolted, giving him a perfect view of your ass jiggling as you ran.
He was aware of the beauty ideal put on women. It always had been the case, back in the forties as well, but the twenty-first century seemed both better and worse than ever for women.
And Bucky caught himself getting carried away with those ideals, chasing every woman that looked like a supermodel, because he could get them. Normally, he might have never noticed a girl like you, mainly because you will do anything to remain entirely invisible.
But something about you radiates so much light and energy that his focus settled only on you. The second he spotted you at your table with your friends and you locked eyes, his heart started thumping inside of his chest.
Your eyes weren’t flirty, narrowed in on him for a shallow night. Your eyes were piercing, intense and instantly irregulated his entire system. Bucky almost slid off his stool and dropped to his knees at the sight of you. It made him insatiable and most of all, curious.
He wants to feel you so bad. In his hands, on his mouth, around his cock -in his goddamn soul.
And the second he locked eyes with you again, your shocked face after discovering the beer spilled down his shirt, it triggered something else in him. It didn’t take him long to notice that you try everything to control yourself at all times. Try not to be too loud, not to show too much of yourself, not step out of the box you feel you are put in. You try to restrain yourself so badly.
He wants to completely disrupt that – disrupt you. He wants you screaming, begging, blabbering and lose control entirely, preferably by making you come over and over and over.
“It’s nice of her to get you a new shirt though.” Sam slaps Bucky’s shoulder and tosses the soaked t-shirt into the trash. Bucky nods slowly, not doubting his masculinity for a second and strutting out of the bathroom and back into the club with his natural confidence as he wears the shirt with pride.
The three men settle back at the bar and continue their night, Bucky and Sam laughing as they watch Steve navigate his way with one of the women that approached him.
Although, Bucky can’t help but glance around the room every few minutes to make sure you’re still there. His heart skips a beat every time your eyes lock, but Bucky’s curiosity is peaking again when you continue on with a smile on your face despite the death stare he is giving you.
His curiosity is cut short when his eyes drop down to your hips rolling to the sound of your music. He’s sure if he looks hard enough, he can feel the friction of your ass against his front as you grind yourself to the sound waves of a song that makes both your eyelids droop.
“You’re staring, Buck.” Steve nudges him lightly, the corner of his mouth tugging up in a smile.
“Can you blame me?” Bucky growls back, forcing himself to turn his body back to the bar and down his beer in one big gulp.
“Not really. She’s pretty.” Steve admits, stealing another glance at you and your friends “Why don’t you go for it?”
“Really Steve? And how would you go about it exactly?” Bucky asks with his eyes raised in amusement. That earns him a punch to his chest from Steve, followed by laughter from Bucky. He just finds it very amusing that his friend just spluttered out the most insane words to impress a girl and then tries to push Bucky to start flirting.
“Afraid you’ll get rejected?” Sam comes up behind Bucky, obviously having caught up with the conversation.
Bucky’s silence is all his two friends need to hear and Sam immediately excuses himself, walking over to you and your friends. Stepping up to one of your best friends, the seemingly most approachable one, he invites you all over to come with the men to continue drinks at Steve’s apartment. You sneak another glance at Bucky and catch him looking slightly …nervous.
Eagerly accepting the invitation, your friend sends Sam back to his partners. Your heart is pounding in your chest and you chew your lip nervously.
This is exactly the time you should head home. This is the moment where it all starts looking up for your friends and you will end up somewhere in the corner, sipping your drink quietly and eventually letting yourself out. Not a single scenario in your head ends up with you having a good night.
This is when you leave.
“Nooo, please stay! It’ll be so much fun!” Your friend pleads and you give a pitiful smile.
“I-“ You fall quiet. Anxiety screaming at you, you decide to force yourself to enjoy your night “I need to use the bathroom really quickly.”
Your friend squeaks in excitement when you basically tell her you have decided to come along. Chuckling with a shaking head, you make your way over to the restrooms.
Luckily, it’s quiet there and you can think. Staring at yourself in the mirror, you keep yourself from letting out a frustrated groan. This outfit looked cute on you before, you thought, but now you want to rip it apart and dive into bed. If you knew you looked like this next to all the other girls at the bar, you would have gone home instantly.
Resting your hands onto one of the sinks, you drop your head down and close your eyes, desperately trying to silence the negative voice in your head and tell yourself to not give a fuck about what others think.
“You are on a roll today. Enjoying the men’s room that much?”
You snap your head up and your eyes widen when you see Bucky next to you, washing his hands. Wiping them on his new t shirt, he watches you with raised brows, obviously waiting for your explanation as to why you find yourself in the men’s restrooms.
“S-shit, I must have… Fuck. I wasn’t paying attention.” You stutter and run a hand through your hair.
“Yeah, that seems to be kind of your thing.” Bucky scoffs and you turn on your heel to face him.
“Excuse me?”
“Well, you are not very aware of your surroundings at all.” He states, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Are you always this rude to people?” You ask him, offended.
“Ah, there’s your confidence!” He throws his hands up in the air as a grin forms on his lips. Taking a step forward, he looks down on you as he leans his metal hand onto the sink you were you leaning on, towering over you slightly “Did you know I’ve been looking at you all night?”
Frowning up at him, you search his face for anything you can work off of “Well, yeah. I get it. You’re pissed that I ruined your shirt. But I apologised, so you could have just let it go.”
“That’s why you think I was looking at you?” He asks curiously and it’s intimidating you how he doesn’t seem the slightest bit fazed by your attitude.
Your stomach sinks and your breath puffs from your chest in defeat at his insinuation before you roll your eyes and look up at him with the most unbothered expression you can muster, even though you want the ground to swallow you whole right about now.
“Seriously? I get that I’m not as pretty as my friends, but Jesus, this is some next level judgement.”
Bucky lets out a menacing laugh, making you shut your mouth instantly “I fucking knew it.”
Your eyes widen as you look at him and if you thought he was angry before, he is completely infuriated now. His jaw is clenched tightly, his eyes are dark and the handsome wrinkles in his face give away all the frustrated tension contorting his face.
However, the second he notices the defeat on your face, his expression softens so much, you barely recognise him.
His flesh hand raises slowly and cups your jaw “Do you have any idea how fucking mesmerizing you are?”
Throat going completely dry, your eyes widen even more if that is even possible.
“Stop. Please, stop.”
“-Why? Because you don’t know how to take a compliment?”
Opening your mouth to respond to him, you find yourself scrambling for the words. You heard those words a thousand times, but hearing it come from his mouth that you don’t know how to take a compliment instantly makes you shut up. His hand drops from your face and he sighs, his soft, round eyes searching yours as he looks down to you.
“Let me walk you home?” He offers and you frown at him, crossing your arms over your chest, not missing his eyes drop down to your cleavage quickly before rising back up.
“It’s not far, I can walk alone.”
“Do you give every man such a hard time?” Bucky raises an eyebrow at you challengingly.
“What men?”
He sighs again and gently, yet not-so-gently, rips your arms from your chest “Shut up and let me walk you home.”
You’re scared. Not because you think you’re in danger -an Avenger is walking you home- but because every other man would have left you alone after giving him such a hard time. Then you had always told yourself it was good riddance, since they couldn’t handle your feisty nature, but Bucky is getting a little too close for comfort. You aren’t used to this at all.
So with his strong hand wrapped around your arm, he drags you over the street until you reach a cross section.
“Where to?”
“I’m not telling you. I don’t know you.”
“You’ve seen me without a shirt, we’re pretty close.” Bucky rolls his eyes at you.
Ripping your arm away, you turn to face him “I don’t give a shit. I’m not telling you where I live.”
“Fine.” Bucky growls, not wanting to admit that your stubborn nature is triggering something in him “But you’re not walking alone, so we’re going this way.”
Before you can question him about the location, his hand is back on your arm and he drags you over the cross walk and in the opposite direction of your house.
After walking in silence for five minutes, straight into the busier part of the city, you suddenly stop walking to tell him to call you a taxi and get you home.
“We’re here.” He tells you and you look past the doorman to the massive entrance of the building in front of you. The entrance is large and modern and the doorman greets Bucky as he holds open the door for him.
Unable to stop your curiosity from overpowering your common sense, you step forward when Bucky ushers for you to follow him. Clutching your purse to your stomach, you give the doorman a smile and follow Bucky inside, looking around in awe at the size of the building.
“It’s not mine.” He mutters “I’m housesitting for a friend. He’s loaded.”
You roll your eyes and huff a laugh as Bucky pushes the elevator button “Sounds like something a kidnapper would say.”
“Last chance to turn around and get a taxi.” He responds, his expression stoic.
You’re not sure about the wave of slight arrogance washing over you and where it comes from, but your eyes lock with his and you narrow them playfully as you slowly step backwards into the elevator. Bucky can’t help but clear his throat to stop it from going dry from the anything-but-innocent look on your face, his eyes settling on the sight of your ass reflected in the mirror behind you.
Stepping over to the panel, you press the button saying ‘P’ for penthouse. Within seconds, Bucky is pressed against your back, your body stiffening instantly at the close proximity and your eyes fluttering when you feel his hot breath in your neck. His metal hand grabs your hip as his other hand slips around you to press the button a few rows below the one you pressed to the 15th floor.
“Hm, not that loaded then.” You mutter cockily, trying not to give away how much of an effect Bucky has on you.
He chuckles softly, both his hands resting on your hips now and you feel yourself tense even more at the realisation he must feel your hip dips by the way he’s holding you. Swallowing hard, you squeeze your eyes shut and chew your lip as nerves ricochet against the barrier of your skin to burst through.
“So cocky… Yet so nervous…” Bucky mumbles against the shell of your ear, making a shiver run down your back.
You feel your heart rate pick up and your skin burn with heat. Gravity surges through your body, making you feel lightheaded in combination with Bucky’s closeness and tempting words in your ear.
“Pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think?” You breathe out and he chuckles softly, his hands squeezing your hips before turning you around and gently pressing you against the wall, his forehead attaching itself to yours.
“Hmm, I’m not nervous.” He clears up and you roll your eyes at him.
“Of course not. I’d never be nervous if I looked like you.” You blurt out, chewing your lip when you realise what you admitted.
Instead of arguing with your statement like he easily could, a smirk spreads over Bucky’s lips at your confession and a silence hangs thick in the air. Gulping harshly and chewing your lip even harder, your hands latch onto the holding bar behind your back.
You raise your eyes slowly and for the first time, really admire his face. His sharp cheekbones, straight jaw, perfect nose and full, pink lips. The biggest, blue eyes that would make him look like a puppy if he wasn’t so intense right now. His handsome wrinkles and stubbled beard making him look incredibly masculine and sexy. You take your time, admiring his face as your hands tighten around the metal bar and your tongue traces your lips enticingly.
The ding of the elevator makes you release a long breath and Bucky lets out a menacing chuckle before taking a step back and gesturing for you to step out first. Not being able to help himself, his eyes trail up and down you body as he curses to himself.
You might just kill him.
Stepping into the large, luxury apartment that might as well be a penthouse, your eyes widen. High ceilings and everything decorated with black and gold, floors and furniture shimmering because of how clean it is, you sigh internally. Just what you need, for everything to be a reflective surface. Dim, orange light glows throughout the space as Bucky turns on the technology, walking into another room quickly and coming back with two beers.
Sliding your coat off your shoulders, draping it over the back of the sofa and spinning on your heel to face Bucky, you take the beer he offers you. You lift the neck to your lips and wrap them around the bottle, taking a sip as you keep eye contact with him before lowering the bottle again.
“Why didn’t you go with Steve and Sam?” You ask him as you pace the apartment, admiring the sleek design of it.
“My night was ruined by some girl throwing beer on me.”
You can’t help but let out a soft laugh, giving him a quick glance before turning away and shaking your head disapprovingly. Circling back around, you make your way over to the bar Bucky is standing at. Of course this place has its own bar.
“Well, I could have done everyone a favour and not gotten you a new shirt.” You shrug, leaning over the bar as Bucky stands on the opposite side of the dark, marbled barricade.
“But you’re just not that evil…” He tells you sarcastically and you give him a smirk with an innocent shrug. All of a sudden, he presses his fingers to the top of his beer bottle resting on the counter, tipping it over and spilling it down your dress.
Letting out something that resembles the combination of a gasp and a shriek, you raise your hands up and jump back. But it’s too late. Almost half a bottle of beer has started soaking into the fabric of your dress and you slowly raise your head to give Bucky the deadliest glare you can pull off with the cold liquid dripping down your chest.
Bucky has his lips pursed and a devious glint shimmering in his darkened eyes, his vision darting between your face and chest as your nipples harden through the fabric.
You grit your teeth and clench your fists “Oops?”
“It was an accident.” He shrugs and you shoot daggers at him with your glare.
“No it fucking wasn’t!” You spit at him and look down, peeling the sticky fabric off your skin. When you raise your head again, you notice Bucky is standing in front of you.
Halting your movements, you look up at him expectantly. The air between you seems to have changed significantly and he is looking down at you with a look you haven’t seen in anyone before. His face is hard as stone, his expression tense and his eyes hooded and dark. As impassive as his expression is, the intensity of him is burning into your skin, like coating you with hot lava.
“Take it off.”
It’s so soft -the command so quiet, yet so firm. You look up at him with wide eyes, every possible alarm ringing in your head that you are dealing with a situation you have never dealt with before.
It must have taken you too long to respond, because his hands slowly reach forward and grab the fabric, bunching it up in his hands until the hem is raised to your upper thighs.
When he realises you’re not stopping him, he gently lifts his hands further up, fingertips skimming your bare skin as the light fabric raises up with his touch. Your breaths are shallow and shuddery, his actions making you feel so many mixed emotions, you don’t know what to do with yourself. So you decide to submit to him, let him guide you through this.
“Lift your arms.”
His words are nothing more than a whisper now and you do as you are told, his command making you feel safe and submissive, especially since his eyes haven’t left yours for a second since he started lifting your dress up.
Gently raising the fabric over your head and leaving you in your underwear, you don’t realise you’re holding your breath as the fabric gets flung to the sleek, black tiles under your feet. Goosebumps instantly appear over the entire surface of your skin when one cold and one warm hand grab your sides. In a daze where you feel too vulnerable to find your voice, you let Bucky turn you around.
Your eyes instantly shoot to the ceiling when you’re face to face with a full length, darkened mirror covering the wall. Nervously chewing your lip, you want to evaporate completely after seeing yourself exposed like that. The low timber of Bucky’s voice brings you back to reality.
“Please don’t make me cover you up…”
His lips brush over the skin of your neck and you sigh deeply, finally letting out the breath you were holding. Hands sliding around your frame, they stroke over every dip and curve of your body, his touch so light, you find yourself craving more pressure.
Your eyes drift everywhere but the mirror, Bucky’s touches to your skin heightened by your self awareness. Thumbs brushing your nipples through the lace of your bra and teeth sinking into your skin gently before soothing the light sting with his tongue and lips, you slowly start to relax as your breathing evens out.
“Look at me.” Bucky mumbles against your skin and after a few second of contemplation, you let your vision drift to the reflection on the mirror, his eyes immediately capturing yours. His eyes are impossibly captivating and don’t allow yours to drift away for a second as his mouth continues its abuse to the skin of your neck.
“Bucky…” You whisper and he hums against your skin in response.
One of his hands strokes down the length of your body, over your belly and dips between your thick thighs. Tracing the edges of your underwear with his fingers, you find yourself tilting your head slightly to give him the go ahead to have you. Have it all.
Two fingers press through the fabric of your panties into your clit and for the first time since you noticed the tension between the two of you, does your body respond to the sexual craving he awakens in you, your desire completely overtaking your self consciousness. Tensing at his touch, his fingers start rubbing up and down your slit over your underwear.
When his fingers finally slip into your underwear and slide through your wet folds, you let out a shuddery breath, dropping your head back against his shoulder and closing your eyes. His nose trails across your shoulder, inhaling you when it nudges your neck as he drags his fingers over your clit in slow and steady circles.
“God, you’re so fucking warm…” He grumbles, sinking his teeth into your skin again “So goddamn soft too.”
Letting out a soft hum at his words, one of his hands working in your underwear and one playing with your nipples, you feel your stomach tense at his ministrations. Your breathing gets heavier and you’re almost panting as his pace quickens. The pressure of his fingers is perfect, changing up his tempo to keep you on edge and pushing you closer every time he accelerates. Attempting to speak every now and then, all you can manage is breathless whimpers as Bucky forces himself to be patient and pull as many soft little sounds from you as he craves. Which is all of them.
The coil in your belly is winding tighter and your body tenses as you’ve risen to stand on your toes, your hands reaching up to grab onto his metal arm which has wrapped itself around your ribs.
“Bucky, I-” You start, but let out an unstoppable moan, your voice raspy as it bursts from your lips.
He swears he’s never heard a sound sexier and adds more pressure, making sure to keep doing what he’s doing to get you where he so desperately wants: you coming at his hands.
Your moans raise in pitch as your face scrunches and your jaw hangs slack, the pleasure almost unbearable. Tightening your grip on his arm, you buck your hips to his hand and chase your high.
“Please, baby. Please come.” He almost begs and it’s all you need before you explode at his touches. Heat surges through your body, your muscles stretching and trembling as your orgasm courses through you like wildfire. Eyes glued to your body and face as your come, Bucky can’t believe the sight before him. Your body tensing and completely at his mercy after he caused you to completely give into him has him fighting to refrain from dragging you to the ground and fucking you into the shiny floor, cracking the tiles if he has to.
Bucking against him as he circles his fingers against you, you almost buckle over when two fingers sink into your soaking core. Bucky groans at the feeling of you fluttering and squeezing around his fingers, your arousal dripping into his palm before pressing it against your sensitive clit.
Slowly dragging his thick fingers in and out of you, curling them into your spot every time he enters you, you writhe in his hold. Unable to stop the moans and whines from rolling off your lips, Bucky licks a thick stripe from your shoulder up to your ear, taking your lobe between his lips and nibbling softly.
“Going to make you come again, clumsy girl.” He mutters, his voice like a crackling fire in your ears “And I want you to see how fucking good you look while you come for me.”
“Bucky…” You whine.
“-Because it’s so good. Fuck… It’s- You’re so good. So good for me…” He grunts against your skin, once again speeding up his fingers and you keen.
The arms wrapped around your body raises up and his metal fingers grasp onto your chin, turning your face so you’re staring straight into the mirror. Still keeping your eyes on Bucky, you feel like you’re fighting for your life to even keep your eyes open.
Abdomen tensing and your high surging toward you when you feel Bucky press himself against you to show you just how much of an effect you have on him, you gasp out another moan, driving Bucky to keep going and going and going until…
Sinking down onto his fingers, you let your second orgasm crash into you, Bucky’s name rolling off your lips like a prayer as you look at him. But you can’t help but let your glassy eyes drift over to your lingerie-clad body and the way it crumbles when you come. And it’s not the way you look or all the blemishes and dips you have spent way too much time looking at, no. You’re mesmerised by your body held into Bucky’s arms and the way you look like you have never experienced this much pleasure. The sight of you coming in his arms, combined with your own moans reverberating through the large apartment is turning you on.
“Good girl. Look at you.” He praises, his voice sounding astounded as he takes in the sight “Never seen anything this sexy before in my fuckin’ life.”
You barely get to come down from your second high before you are spun around and pulled into his chest roughly, his metal hand tangling into your hair and dragging your head up to mesh your lips with his roughly. The kiss is intense, greedy and warm, his lips and tongue sweeping onto yours like he wants to inhale you.
Your hands grabbing onto his shirt and grasping onto the fabric, you start scrunching it into your fists in an impatient attempt to pull it off of him. He grumbles against your mouth in reluctancy of pulling away before quickly pulling the shirt over his head and immediately pulling you back in, not wanting to stop kissing you for a second. Hands grabbing onto your flesh like you’re his lifeline, even Bucky is surprised at how absolutely feral you make him.
As needy as he is, his dominance and sturdiness doesn’t leave him and he guides you to a random bedroom, not leaving one bit of your skin untouched. Turning and sitting at the end of the bed, he pulls you down on his lap, his fingers digging into your ass greedily as he grinds you down onto him wantonly. His strength surprises you, but you can’t help but admit how nice it is to be manhandled when you never thought that was a fantasy you could live out.
The kiss is just tongue and teeth now, both of you ready to devour the other and impatience growing as you feel yourself throbbing over him. Grinding down to relief some of the pressure, the groan that rumbles through Bucky’s chest has your confidence skyrocketing.
“Bucky, take your pants off…” You breathe against his lips and he peels you off him.
“Keep saying things like that to me and you won’t walk for a week.” He tells you, his face completely dead serious. You bite your lower lip with a smile and stroke his chest softly as he holds onto your upper arms.
“I don’t feel like walking anyway.”
That’s all he needed to hear from his clumsy girl.
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buckyhoney · 3 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: needy bucky & cockwarming, here is a little something- not really sure how i feel about this one ://
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming
It was well past midnight, but Bucky's tossing and turning have kept you up. He'd pull your waist towards his torso, grabbing at your thighs, or practically laying on top of you- but for whatever reason, he couldn't get close enough.
Bucky was having one of those nights that no position was comfortable. He grunted and groaned as he finally opened his eyes in defeat.
"Love..." Tapping you on the shoulder, he whispered.
He hated to wake you up, but he knew you'd know what to do. Luckily for you, it was the weekend, and you didn't have to be up for work in the morning. Moaning into the pillow, just about to fall asleep, you turn around- facing him.
"Yes?" Opening your eyes and looking at him, you knew what he was about to say.
"Can't sleep..." The quiet voice was shy and almost embarrassed.
Reaching over to read the time on your phone, you huffed, shimming out of your underwear. The only way of getting as close as you could be, was for him to be inside you.
"Take these off." Motioning towards his briefs.
Confused, Bucky removes his underwear. Half asleep, you reach before the blanket, stroking his cock. A low groan escapes him, still unaware of how this would help him fall asleep.
"What are you doing?" He moans as his cock becomes fully hard.
"It'll help." Scooting over, you put your leg over him, allowing you room to slip inside him.
Bucky whines, bucking his hips upward- causing your walls to clench around him in pleasure. You place your hand on his hip, stopping any further movements.
"Don't move," You moan, adjusting yourself on top of him.
As you settle yourself, you nuzzle into his chest. Bucky's heart rate steadies, and his body relaxes. Bucky understands the idea and wraps his arm around you, finally close enough to you.
Every once in a while, one of you would move a little too much- causing a frustrated moan. Bucky loved knowing you're as close as you could be, the intimacy of just being together like this.
"Better?" You mumble into his chest, falling asleep again.
Bucky nods, finally able to drift to sleep.
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lavendercitizen · a month ago
𝐂𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Sugar Daddy!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Years after his divorce, Bucky craves the company and gentle touch of another soul. He never planned on falling for his sugar baby.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+ Minors DNI, smut, pwp, mutual pining, daddy kink, pet names [pretty baby, baby, bunny, sweet girl, sweetheart, good girl], age gap [reader in her 20s, Bucky in his late 30s], unprotected sex, praise kink, oral [f receiving], crying during sex (bc reader is overwhelmed), sugar daddy relationship - power imbalance.
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2.6k
𝐀/𝐍: This is for @bemine-bucky ’s 1k Sweethearts Diner writing challenge, and I ordered the spicy #2 with Sugar Daddy!Bucky Barnes and the pining/longing/yearning trope. The prompt was “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” (Gone with the Wind) I totally did not procrastinate on this until the last day before the deadline and then spent the whole day writing, and my head doesn't hurt at all👀💀 Not beta read, proof read once, I apologize for this mess, but hey I'm still on time😵
Tumblr media
By the time you return home from another gala you're almost ready to call it a day—expensive dresses, a five-course meal with possibly the best mille-feuilles you'd ever tasted, and a venue that stole your breath as you had twirled around, your hand in Bucky's safe and warm one, all of it still vivid in your mind.
Usually he was the first one to collapse in the heavenly comfort of his king size bed, and you love to tease him about it too. The dynamic between you is playful, soft, even loving though you'd never dare label it as that.
However something had changed in you. Recently you've been pushing and pulling, drawing him in with eyes that held a twinkle belonging to the stars more than to a human, touching him with healing hands. Only to recoil, eyes averted, like you've done something forbidden, something only you knew about.
It eats away at him. He doesn't understand why, but the one thing that he can't shake is the thought of you leaving, terminating the contract that binds you to him.
Old insecurities worm their way into his thoughts. There's nothing he could do. If you want to part ways he'd let you. Not because he wants to, but because he doesn't believe he deserves you in the first place.
So as long as he still has you he cherishes you more than he ever could any of his wealth, nothing measures up to you, and he always makes sure you know that.
His dress shirt is flung somewhere behind him, and in the next second his broad frame looms over you. You've been wanting him all day, placing your hand dangerously close to his crotch under the table cloth as dinner had been served, practically hanging off him while he was making his rounds, conversing with other guests. Acquaintances and colleagues; you didn't even bother to at least pretend to look interested, all you cared about was him.
“Please, Bucky,” you whine, impatience getting the best of you, basically enticing you to pull him down by the back of his neck. The brunet complies, lowering himself, his strong arms on either side of your head.
You almost got him where you want him, aching for his soft lips to press against yours—a buzzing feeling between you, a thick silence filled with need and anticipation—but he stops, holds his position just before your noses can touch. He studies you deeply, blue eyes take in your soft features, and the fondness in them tears at your heart.
“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” he says quietly, nudging his nose against yours.
It takes you off guard, pulls you out of your haze for a moment.
Almost in wonder your fingers reach up to trace his lips. Your thumb pushes against his lower lip, curiously, like you're touching him for the first time. He smiles, kisses the tip of your thumb, proceeding to take your hand by the wrist and peppers a few kisses on the inside.
It's far too loving for someone who pays for all your needs, your tuition, your rent, food, clothes, jewellery—whatever you want in exchange for your company and your body.
You knew long ago that you should've ended whatever this is, and at this point you're justified in questioning it, because the lines were blurred— what you have, what you saw when you woke up; his face illuminated by the morning sun shining through the window wall of his bedroom, gazing at you with a softness that you didn't understand. Neither of you address it, but what you have was far beyond a normal arrangement.
And it lingers in you too.
You spend most of your time with him, and it's so easy to get consumed by your senses; soft lips against yours, a shaky exhale through his nose, hands wandering up your arms, chasing the goosebumps that spring up on your skin.
“Bucky,” you try again, small and needy. The silky sheets glide under your writhing body. He greedily takes all he can get, holding onto you like a desperate man, like you're the most precious thing to ever exist. Bucky needs to pretend that this can last forever, and that it means something to you the way it does to him. His brows furrow, nostrils flaring. Big hands tug at your fancy dress and then it rips.
A squeak escapes you from the sheer display of power, before you can even protest about the ridiculously expensive item he so carelessly tore apart he's on you, mouthing at the swell of your breast through the lace bralette with a low moan. Pristinely manicured nails find their way into his brown locks, and you arch your back lightly, choking on your own desperate sounds of pleasure as the tingling feeling intensifies with each suckle of his lips on your soft skin.
“Bucky, Bucky, fuck-” you whine, fingers tighten their grip on his hair to the point where it must be painful, but you can't decide if you want him closer or away from your hardened buds. He lifts his head with a lazy grin, soft, cerulean eyes hold your desperate gaze.
“What's the matter, pretty baby? I already got you this excited?”
You can't even be mad at the slightly cocky smirk forming on his face, because it makes you clench around nothing; you groan, and this time you know you want him closer— god, you need him closer. With your brows knitted together, and your soft lips parting to let out shy pleas for him, you're a divine sight, and the older man can't stay away for one more second.
“I know baby, I know,” he coos, his expression matching yours, he's just as needy for you as you are for him. As he kisses his way down your body, your stomach quivers under his gentle caress.
The rest of your torn dress comes off along with your bralette, and Bucky wastes no time; his nimble fingers trace over your clothed core, moving up to push his thumb directly against your bundle of nerves.
A strained moan leaves your parted lips, and your hips buck gingerly.
His lust-filled blue eyes are fixed on you. He leans in, and you lightly tremble when the soft flesh of his lips grazes over your panties. You look right back at him, wide-eyed and dazed, watching almost trance-like as he turns his head to the side to leave a mark on your inner thigh. His beard scratches against your silken skin, eliciting more sweet sounds out of you.
Strong hands clamp down over the top of your thighs, tenderly they move inwards, towards your aching core and back again.
“Bucky,” you whisper. These moments are the ones where you have to hold back the words that could destroy this so quickly. He's so concentrated and you want to believe it—in the four walls of his extravagant home; a lonely one before your arrival, inhabited by the silence she left behind—you want to believe that when Bucky Barnes looks at you, he sees more than just your body.
He drags your panties down, murmuring, “Lift your hips up for me, sweetheart.” and you do, allowing him to remove the damp material.
He hums but doesn't acknowledge you otherwise. His fingers spread your folds, and he purrs, “Look at you bunny, you're so wet for me.”
Leaning forward, he licks at your glistening core teasingly, enjoying the way you twitch and squirm.
His eyes snap back up to yours, the blue in them glaze over with deprivation and his pupils are blown wide.
“Please,” you add quietly, feeling the familiar heat spread through your lower body like embers, sure to be set ablaze by his feverous desire, fueled by his warmth.
Maybe he tasted your need, just as urgent as his or maybe he couldn't wait any longer, but your little whines and pleas are answered when he slowly pushes his index into your greedy pussy, watching your face for any sign of discomfort.
His finger pumps languidly into you. Waves of bliss lap at you, and you feel light-headed, but it wasn't enough. Unable to help yourself you shift your hips, trying to heighten your own pleasure. He knows, of course. A second finger joins your silky walls, his head comes down and his mouth is on your sensitive clit, and you can't contain the loud cry that is elicited at the sudden change of pace.
“F-fuck, oh my god,” you mewl, automatically grabbing a fistful of his beautiful hair. When he chuckles it sends vibrations right through you, making you shudder.
“That's it-” he purrs, amusement tinging his words when you suddenly buck your hips, “There you go, baby.” Bucky can practically feel it building up in you. His fingers thrust into your slick cunt faster, his skillful tongue lapping at your bud.
You're burning up, the coil in you tightens from his delirious efforts, your moans grow louder as he eats your pussy like a starving man. What he can't convey to you in words he replaces with luxury, lavish gifts and sex. You should know it by now with the way he's looking up at you in approval. Maybe if you dared to look a little harder you could pick apart the emotions carefully swirling in those deep blue eyes.
Low moans accompany yours as you writhe under his ministrations, the friction of his beard against your sensitive skin just adds to the intense sensations, and you can feel your climax approaching. Skilled fingers find your g-spot, and oh Bucky is determined on making you twist and squirm in pleasure.
He speeds up the pace, pumping his fingers into your pulsing hole faster, alternating between sucking your clit into his mouth and lapping at it.
“Come for me, sweet girl. Want you to come all over my face.”
You can't take it anymore, your fingers twitch, needing to hold onto something. Searing, white heat rushes through you as you cum with a strangled cry. Bucky slows down, letting you ride out the aftershocks of your orgasm, uttering words of praise before he stops, and carefully pulls his slick covered fingers out of you. “Good girl," he croons.
Your heaving chest is covered in a light sheen of sweat; you can't help but smile. And when you open your eyes, you find him once more above you, smiling back at you. The words almost spill out of you then.
How can anyone look at you like that and not expect you to fall in love.
Swallowing down the aching feeling, you pull him into you, yearning for his skin on yours again to suppress the traitorous thoughts bubbling to the surface. You silence them with his lips on yours.
But even someone as oblivious as your sugar daddy can tell there's more to the way you cling to him, just to grow distant the next moment.
No matter how much he tried to keep it to himself, the burning question has been gnawing at him for a while now.
With a finger to your chin, he tips your head back ever so slightly and stares at you inquisitively, "What's going on in that pretty little head of yours, bunny?”
You weren't expecting him to call you out on your behavior or notice the difference in the first place. The question clamps down on your throat. “Nothing.”
Winding your arms around the back of his neck, you rush out a choked, “Just need you s’all.”
You're so consumed by lust, technically you were speaking the truth, and when you practically hump Bucky—grinding up against him, looking for that wonderful friction of his thigh against your core—he can't bring himself to dwell on it. Not now.
“You got me sweetheart, ‘m right here,” he hushes you while pushing back a loose strand of hair. When he kisses you it's passionate, you want to lose yourself in this moment, not have to face tomorrow or any day after.
“Fuck,” he murmurs, and while he fumbles with the buckle of his belt you marvel at the sight of his soft but strong body, moving up to his pouty, pink lips and smiling fondly at the way his disheveled hair sticks out in every direction. What you wouldn't give to cross every boundary, just go ahead and say it.
Finally, he yanks down his black suit pants, the fine italian fabric slides down his thick, muscular thighs. “Daddy,” you whine impatiently, urging him to move faster.
His boxer shorts follow the rest of his clothing that are scattered all over the floor, and from one moment to the next he's in front of you, twisting a hand around his cock. His thumb swipes over his head, smearing pre-cum along the pink tip, and you're just about ready to take matters into your own hand when he finally positions himself at your entrance.
“Hush now, baby. What's got you so needy today, hm?” he drags his tip through your folds, coating his cock in your wetness.
“You.” The answer comes instantly, you don't even have to think about it, and it makes his chest swell with pride. His lips descend onto yours, angling his head with a moan, and while you're caught up in the moment, he pushes himself inside you smoothly.
“You're so fucking tight, bunny," he groans, letting you adjust for a moment before he starts moving. Slowly at first, but it's not long before he speeds up, lavishing your neck with kisses, gently sucking until the skin bruises before he moves up to your lips again.
“You feel so good stretched out around me, y’known that? Taking me so well, good girl. My good girl,” he coos. A particular strong thrust makes you yelp, and Bucky is quick to soothe you. A tender kiss to your forehead, combined with Bucky's presence all over you—his warmth, and body surrounding you—leaves you panting, tears spring into your eyes.
“Please, more.”
His hips snap into yours, “Yeah? My baby wants more?”
You're so frustrated, all you can do is nod as the tears spill over, running down the sides of your face. “Woah, hey- I got you, sweetheart. Do you want to stop?” Bucky's worried eyes scan yours in concern, his thumbs swipe away the tears. He doesn't really know what to do seeing as this has never occurred before.
“No! Please, just- I need you. Please, Bucky,” you huff, almost angry at yourself for not being able to control your feelings.
You try again, this time a little less frantic. “I'm okay. Please Bucky, please fuck me,” you moan, rolling your hips against his. He groans, automatically thrusting up at the feeling.
His body weight on yours is grounding you. Once more your fingers thread through his hair, smoothing down the back of his neck, lightly scratching the fuzz on his nape. Moans mingle together as Bucky seeks his pleasure with each  grind, fucking into you faster to reach his peak and guide you to yours.
His thumb plays with your already swollen clit, making you whine against his neck.
“M’gonna come, daddy.” your sweet sounds are muffled by his lips chasing yours desperately.
Just as you feel your high quickly approaching, Bucky's thrusts grow stronger, his girth pumping into you faster and faster. Precise strokes leave you keening, and when Bucky's unoccupied hand goes to your breast, pinching your sensitive nipple between his fingers, you clamp down on him, crying out for him.
His breath hitches as he feels you milking him, and he follows right after you, cock twitching inside you as he spills his release with a strangled groan.
Soothingly he runs his hands over your shaking thighs, his heavy breath warm against your neck.
When he raises his head to peer at you once more, silently asking you— what, you don't know. Are you okay? Are you going to tell me? Are you going to say it?
You shake your head, brushing him off.
I just need you. That's all.
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cryptke · a month ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 | 𝐁.𝐁.
summary | based off a request i got where i was asked to write some "spicy best friends to lover" featuring bucky ... first time ever participating in the trope, had to add my own twist. featuring somewhat of jock!bucky/frat!bucky. inbox open, requests super appreciated
pairing | bucky barnes x reader
synopsis | modern au, mentions of physical assault, mentions of violence, fighting, arguments, hurt/comfort, dubcon if you squint, grinding, make-out session, bamf bucky, protective bucky, bicep porn, childhood friends gone adult, friends to lovers, not as dark as it sounds, aka i love tagging things as if this is ao3
Tumblr media
You call his name as loud as you dare, fixated on the third-story awning window stapled into the brick building. It was cold in Brooklyn for the six A.M. morning it was, and standing out on the sidewalk in nothing more than a sweetheart corset and a ragged denim skirt, it felt like the air was settling over your skin in a cold, all-consuming blanket. A chill racks through your arms as you hold them tight against your chest.
No reply. “Bucky.” You hiss, louder, wondering if you should just pick up a handful of pebbles from the tree-well nearest and throw a few off the glass of his window. It would be very Romeo and Juliet.
Alas - a light switches on then from inside the Barnes residence, and the need for star-crossed hijinks dissipates. The window pops open entirely and Bucky sticks the front half of his body out onto the street, bedhead on full display for all of New York to admire. He looked tired, with those sleepy blue eyes and crazy hair. A grey shirt hugged his biceps closely.
“What?” He calls down dreamily, as if the current situation required no more interrogation than the four letter word. In response, you jerk your chin over to the fire exit expectantly.
“I need you to slide the ladder down. Come on, it’s cold out here.”
Bucky stays where he is for a moment, forearms crossed on the windowsill. He doesn’t say anything for a second, enjoying the sight of you reaping the benefits of what you’ve sown from a night of evident partying, but with a heavy sigh, he wriggles his way out onto the fire escape. You watch him toe down the stairs barefoot, before releasing the ladder to a more manageable height. It jolts as it falls, making a sharp, clunky noise.
“Shh!” You call up, instinctively. “You’ll wake the whole damn building up.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Bucky calls back down dryly. He starts to inch the ladder back up again. “Would you rather I just…”
Laughing, you reach up for the rung closest. Bucky keeps his grip tight for a second, forcing the two of you into a game of tug-of-rope, but he releases his hold after a heartbeat and watches as you climb up.
You flip the back of your skirt down as you reach the top, following Bucky as he crawled from the ledge outside into the warm burrow of his room. Bucky Barnes arguably had the best bedroom known to man. It was small, but it worked better that way; what it lacked in size it made up for in coziness. He had a double bed shoved into one corner with a mound of pillows to nest into and thick Navajo star quilts layered over the mattress, color schemes ranging from burnt orange to deep green. Posters of Radiohead and Oasis plastered the walls - typical boy stuff. A couple of snapbacks hung on nail pegs, and the floor was littered with stuff that had once been taped up but finally fallen: empty energy drinks, and wasn’t it strange, what a trend that had become; a picture of his sister, all big eyes and black hair; a torn map of some video game landscape. There was a mess of laundry creating piles next to the rug, too, mounds of dirty socks and old shirts.
“Rough night?” Pries Bucky, feigning annoyance. His voice gave away how entertained he was. Bucky was popular. But he was more the college football, sneaking a flask into a bowling alley, tagging along to a game of golf at Chelsea Piers with his rich friends type, where you were more inclined to a night of dropping acid in some back-alley club before stumbling home with the sun and nearly giving in to the temptation of the cigarette butts that littered the gutter.
“Ugh,” you articulate, peeling your high-rise boots off. “Don’t remind me. I’m going to be hung the fuck over tomrrow.”
“You mean today.” He corrects, double checking that the latch on the window was locked properly before turning around and kicking a pile of laundry out of the way. He kept his voice low - his parents were still asleep. “It’s only six. You’ll wake up around one, moan like a wounded tiger till four, pick yourself up around five, and be back at it by eight.”
Grinning, you marvel at how well he knows you. “Don’t be mean, Buchanan.”
“I’m not. I’m being factual. I’m speaking factually.”
You turn to change, almost snorting. “Let me crash here?” It’s not really a question; you’re already undoing the back laces of your top. Bucky just turns to give you privacy.
“Are you, like, asking me?” The humor is evident in his voice. Something hits the back of your neck then, and you grope around to feel he’s thrown a spare shirt your way.
Dropping the corset to the floor, you give the bodice a swift kick under the bed in case Winnifred does any paraphernalia checks soon. You doubt she will - she wasn’t the type - but you were imposing enough already as it was; it was best not to leave Bucky with anything that might frame him in a bad light. His shirt feels deliciously cold as you slide it on over your head. The act made you nearly dizzy; you were halfway drunk yet, and sudden motions seemed to tip the equilibrium of things off.
You crane your head over your shoulder. “Can I have a pair of boxers too, please?” It was human nature for a girl of your age to be incapable of practical underwear. The kind you had on currently was a lacy thong that covered about as much as a leotard would, and the current palette of options was to either sleep in those bare next to your friend or with the skirt on. Neither seemed feasible. Besides, Bucky owned boxers that bordered on lethally comfortable, some knockoff Tom Ford silk brand that stretched over the thighs.
“Can you give me a second? I’m...looking for a clean pair.”
You stifled a gag as Bucky rooted through one of his dresser drawers. He was your best friend: a stand-up guy, a gentleman of the truest sense, even when the rest of Brooklyn seemed to prove incompetent, but sometimes it was blindingly clear he was such a guy. It was a biological imperative. Exhibit A: the all too convenient box of kleenex perched on his nightstand table. Hell, he even had a couple girls from newer Playboy covers taped to his ceiling. Sometimes when you spent the night and couldn’t sleep, their judgemental eyes stared down at you from above, all baseball tits and leather skin that suggested melanoma in ten years, tops.
“Here.” He says, finally, handing you an older blue gingham pair without meeting your eyes. “Are you decent?”
You roll your own. “Yes, Bucky. You can look.”
For someone who loved to stare at naked bodies, he sure put up one hell of a fuss when it came to potentially catching a glimpse of yours. Once, he accidentally walked in on you using the bathroom, and by the way he fell to the ground stomach-down and pretended to be stung by acid - complete with fake wails and cries of nonsense - you’d think he was a drama major at the college both of you went to.
He wasn’t. He was studying Physical Fitness, to become a therapist.
You just called him a dumbass and shut the door with your toe. He had a sister, for god sake; Lord knows he had to be all too used to hormones and tampons and having to deal with seeing her training bra fresh out of the laundry.
“That’s different,” he said once, after you brought it up. “But walking in on Rebecca taking a piss would be just as gross. You’re both like my sisters.”
With as much as he liked to play jester, there was truth in his words. Afterall, he was the one to teach you how to throw a proper punch; the one who stressed the difference between six cylinders in a vehicle’s engine and eight; the one who would glance disapprovingly at your outfits and comment “it’s like they get shorter each time,” but pinch at the bare expanse of your thighs anyways and always keep an ear out incase you came round his and needed a place to stay after a night out.
It was probably why sharing a bed and, generally, being in such close proximity while half naked wasn’t weird. There was never any stunted, awkward conversation as you’d crawl under the sheets together; never any prolonged eye contact and lapses of “experimentation.” At most, all you had to deal with was morning wood, and you did so by providing an appropriate laugh and polite ignorance as Bucky would shuffle out of sight down the hallway for a good twenty minutes until things settled.
You had been each other's first kisses, but that was more a measure of research than anything else. “Was that, like, really gross for you, too?” Bucky had asked as he pulled away from where the two of you had been sitting cross-legged in the library. It was. It was all warm spit and adolescent sloppiness and ew. It had been an act conducted with the severity of two brain surgeons poking around, and in all honesty, it sort of led to the two year arc where you didn’t exactly believe Bucky liked girls. Years later, and here he was making it a habit to shack up with Natasha Romanoff in the backseat of her Bentley.
“Hey,” he says suddenly, back in the present, as he peels the topmost layer of his bed more open to make space for two. There was still a warm divot in the mattress where he must have slept. “What would you do if, like, you were in the airport, and your flight got delayed to, like, the point of having to be imbursed one of those hotel waivers. And you’d have to spend the night.”
“Why?” You ask, stretching into the spot closest to the wall. Bucky once said if zombies ever got in, he’d be the first to die because of it and you wouldn’t care.
He ignores you. “I’d probably cry.”
“Are you going somewhere?”
“No.” Bucky shoots a dirty look out of the corner of his eye, like it’s your fault you don’t have his extended schedule memorized. “I was having a dream about it when you woke me up. For the record, it would be very masculine crying. Tears of frustration.”
“I’d refuse.” You retort.
“Refuse what?”
“Being deferred. If I make it halfway through a connecting flight and they try to strand me somewhere, I’d...I don’t know. I’d fly the plane myself.”
Bucky just scoffs. “Okay, Sully.”
“Wait,” you backtrack. “Why do you have nightmares about air travel?”
He flips off the overhead light then and darkness falls while the two of you whisper about potential symbolism. Mutually, it’s agreed upon that Bucky probably has some weird shit going on representing an emotional journey.
Rebecca bangs on the wall around seven to tell you both to shut the fuck up. She did it so often that she had to put up a poster of the drummer from 5 Seconds of Summer to hide the indentation it made into the wall. Bucky just flips off the air before rolling onto his stomach. “Let me know if you need any water, okay?” He whispers. “Or a bucket. There’s a spare toothbrush in the top left drawer in the bathroom, too, if you do end up throwing up.”
You grunt, flexing your toes underneath the waistband of his joggers to invade the warm skin there. Watery sunlight was starting to leak in through the heavy blinds, casting the room into a cycle of soft renewal. Letting your eyes shut softly, you could only hope the same would be said of your liver come morning.
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: a too handsy, too rowdy asshole not understanding the concept of no, and slapping you straight across the face in bed after a half-drunken meeting by chance. It left you with a bright red mark square over the cheek, the etching of each finger discernible, and Bucky absolutely livid.
“Just tell me his name.” He spoke eerily calm, but loud, as he paced the carpet of his bedroom. It had been nearly a week since you’d last spent the night. The broad stretch of Bucky’s shoulders looked borderline menacing as each tendon flexed itself taut in anger. He was in a black muscle tee, and the cutouts of his arms made his biceps look huge. “Seriously, Y/N. I don’t think this is funny. Just tell me his name.”
“Nobody is laughing, Bucky.” You complain, sitting on the very edge of his bed with your hands folded into your own lap like some sort of little schoolgirl. You were too frightened to make any sudden movements. Bucky furious = a terrifying entity. Once he had knocked some guy’s front teeth out in a game of hockey after being cross-checked in the throat with the stick. The coach had refused to penalize the other kid for doing so and you remember the in-sync gasps you and Wanda Maximoff had given as Bucky threw his helmet off onto the rink’s ice and grabbed the boy by the jersey before nailing him across the face so hard that scarlet trails splattered everywhere onto the white surroundings. He was madder now than he had been then. He was mad, mad at the guy who had hurt you, mad at you for what he dubbed “trying to protect the asshole’s undeserved privacy,” mad at the entire world, it seemed like.
He stops pacing then, and it’s almost scarier. “I just don’t understand.”
“There’s nothing to understand.” You argue back. “Just drop it, alright? I made it out fine enough. Jesus, the last thing I want to do is think about what happened. It’s all I’m going to be able to do everytime I look into the mirror for the next week already.”
“You think I’m going to just let him get away with this?”
“You think I’m going to let you go to jail for aggravated assault?” You counter. “Get expelled from school for fighting? Besides, I don’t...know his name. I was drunk off Hennessy. It’s Connor...something, I think. Maybe Cole.”
Bucky nods slowly, pulling his phone out. “First thing tomorrow, I’m having Sam and the other guys meet me at Brower so we can hunt this freak down and knock his fucking lights out. Won’t even see it coming. Then, we’re going to the fucking police.”
“You’re taking this too far.” You explode off the bed and angrily start to snatch your things - your jacket, your phone. “I told you, I just want to forget it happened.”
“Don’t expect me to just be cool with some guy laying his hands on you.” Bucky seethes. “I’m not. I don’t exactly know why you are, but shit is not flying.”
Fuming, you try and search for the words that could provide even a sliver of an explanation that would make Bucky understand, but it’s futile. Women always get asked questions there are no good answers to - why didn’t you report it? Why didn’t you fight back?
Bucky would never understand that you did fight back. You did, and the worst you walked away with was a bruise on both your face and ego, and now you just wanted to close the chapter. It wasn’t worth it. People don’t seem to get that it’s just easier to burrow into blank nothingness for a while and let the shame and humiliation eat you whole until things smoothed over. Deep down, you knew it wasn’t your fault, but still, it felt like a layer of grime was climbing over your entire body like poison. The more the incident was acknowledged, the more the ick spread.
“This is fucking crazy.” Bucky accused, before forcing himself to calm down with a deep breath. “Look, I’m not mad at you, okay? Of course I’m not. I’m sorry for yelling. But you’re just trying to run away from everything right now. I’m not going to let some prick get away with hurting you, Y/N. He could’ve done worse. You hear about that shit all the time in these parts.”
“Look, Bucky, I appreciate you caring, you know I do, but at the end of the day, it’s not your fucking business if I don’t want it to be.”
He raises his arms to the air. “Where are you going?”
“I don’t know!” You cry out, exasperated. “Home.”
“Are you going to press charges?” He prompts, following you as you stomped for the door. “Because you should.”
You swivel to face him, voice deadly serious. “Just leave it alone.”
“Who’s going to take care of you then if you’re so obviously against doing it yourself?”
That’s then you prove you can take care of yourself by throwing a punch for his jaw. You can feel it as if in slow motion - your elbow tightening, your knuckles breezing through the air. And then, in the blink of an eye, Bucky catches your fist in his own hand and slams you back against the wall by both wrists.
“Thought I taught you to throw a better one than that.” He spits.
“Let me go.” You writhe under his hold. “I will break your fucking nose with my forehead and scream till the neighbors call the cops.”
This wasn’t your first fight. Hardly. You knew him enough to know which buttons to push. Which threats worked, which didn’t. For the most part.
Bucky just leans in close, close enough that you can feel his hot breath bait across your face. There wasn’t a single doubt in your mind that he wouldn’t hurt you, but right now, he had you physically immobilized, and it made you almost madder than if he would try to wrestle you to the ground and catch your face with an elbow. “You want to scream? Fine. Go ahead. No one’s home. My parents aren’t, Rebecca isn’t, and I’m willing to bet anyone who lives close enough to hear isn’t either. It’s a Tuesday morning.”
Bucky keeps speaking, jerking his chin back by just a hair’s width. “Your manic-ass is not going to go wander the streets of Brooklyn right now. I’ll call a fucking cab if you want to go home so bad.”
“This is just like you.” You struggle, trying to angle your foot up at the right spot to nail him in the crotch. “Fighting everyone’s battles. I don’t care what you say, I’m not your sister.”
Bucky doesn’t let a beat pass. “Yeah, but you’re my best friend, and right now, you’re being an asshole.”
There’s silence then, no sound curling through the apartment except for two sets of labored breathing. Bucky’s arms remained as forceful as stone. You heave, lips curled down into a grimace, caught up in everything, in the adrenaline, and then you do something you haven’t done since you were eleven years old: you kiss him.
It’s messy, almost as messy as it was in the fifth grade. It’s more of a jerky slam of your chin hitting his as you catch Bucky’s mouth with your own than anything solid. More blunt contact than anything else. You pull back as fast as you came in, breathing even heavier as your eyes rake over his face. Poor boy, he looks absolutely startled, like a dog on the brink of both attack and breed.
“Don’t do that.” He mused, voice a soft wisp of a thing. His mouth: ruby red and shaped like a flat heart. “Don’t…” And then, he bridges the gap himself and aligns your mouths properly, making a sharp, hurt noise at the back of his throat as it happens.
Slowly, his hands relinquish the grip they had on your wrists - instead, they ghost up your arms, choosing to settle on either shoulder with a bruising squeeze. You felt an animal power course through you, and you surge Bucky backwards without breaking the kiss until the back of his knees hit the lip of his bed and the both of you went down. He took control back by rolling the two of you around on the mattress with his stockier frame until you were splayed under him, breathless, parallel with the ceiling. All at once, Bucky grinds down with his hips, a fluid roll of a movement that has you gasping. It was something you’d see straight out of a porno where the actors sort of just forget they have an audience.
He breaks off then, and it leaves you shuddering. The tips of Bucky’s fingers spider over the mark on your face and you wince, more from the soreness of your own flesh and blood versus any recoil based in fear.
“What are we doing right now?” He breathes, legs tangled between yours. One of his knees was brought up between your thighs, and you had to stop yourself from curling up against the sweet, hot pressure of it all.
“I don’t know.” You answer honestly. It was truthful; you had been acting off of instinct alone.
Bucky hesitates. “I don’t want you to think I kissed you back because I felt bad for you, or something. After what happened. Or that I think it would be...easy to take advantage right now.”
You swallow heavily. “I don’t think that.”
There’s a lapse of silence then. “But it doesn’t feel wrong, does it?” Bucky whispers, as if confessing something. And then, god, he slides his knee in tighter, just like you imagined he would.
“No.” You choke, daring to breach your fingers under the hem of his shirt, where you had never touched before, running your knuckles up his spine. It made him squeeze his eyes shut. “It doesn’t.”
Deep down, you knew it was the wrong answer. Friends don’t kiss each other like that and like it. It was breaking some sort of strictly instated, yet unspoken boundary. If Rebecca were to walk in, she’d probably scream.
“So, we should probably stop, right?” He says, even as he lets his mouth dip under your jaw and down your throat. The burn of his stubble left you raw and reeling.
“Yeah.” You agree, breathing out. It took all of your focus to do so. Bucky smelled like white tea and honey body wash - a sweet, fresh smell. It enveloped you. You could imagine crawling into his chest and staking a claim there.
Slowly - so slow it seemed like it physically pained him to do so - Bucky slides off from where he was straddled and falls to your side. For what feels like the first time ever, neither of you seem to know what to say, how to approach what, exactly, just happened. You’re still touching head to toe: Bucky’s knees were curled against your own, one of his arms lay trapped under yours, and your chests were rising and falling as if in tandem. There was a sudden warm stickiness between your thighs that felt wetly uncomfortable, and you squirm.
“I don’t really want to.” He admits. Then, he sighs. “We also can’t just pretend like that didn’t happen.”
Halfheartedly, you slam your head back into his pillow, once. “I feel like we just broke a list of rules in some sort of handbook. So much for girls and boys being able to get along without biology getting in the way, right?”
Bucky laughs, and the noise trails off. “I mean, I hope this doesn’t change anything. We’re still us, right?”
He shifts then, tucking his arms differently and swallowing. “Remember in high school when that one sub got mad because we would never separate? And that was just…us. People knew us. No matter what, I want that, still.”
“Maybe we’re still us, only now…we do other stuff, too?” You suggest, feeling somewhat juvenile as you bite your lip and pointedly glance downwards to your body to cue him in. Bucky only swallows harder, flashing a grin that bordered on frat house.
“That’s a good idea. Let’s go with that.”
You strike him with a soft backhand, and he relents. “Okay.” Bucky treads slowly. “Let me ask you something: are you doing this because you want to, or because you’re bored and worked up?”
You take a minute to try and piece together your own thoughts. “I don’t know. I think maybe this has been coming on for a while now.”
Bucky thinks, and then he shrugs. “We’ve always just felt like each other's. Guess I’ve just never really put much thought into it.”
You shift onto your side to study his face, reaching a finger out to poke the very tip of his nose. You could see every pore, every freckle, each flash of silver in his blue eyes. “Alright, let me ask you something.” You challenge. You were so close that even staring into his eyes, it was hard to focus, like everything was slightly blurry and out of shot. “Are you doing this because you’re just horny?”
You lean in to kiss him again without letting yourself think about it too much, lest a sudden shyness were to fall, and it’s not like before - it’s lazy, slow. Something meant for three A.M. and Sunday mornings. You could imagine peeling Bucky’s shirt off and sculpting your hands down and his bare skin, and suddenly, the fact that you could was exciting. It bit at your stomach like a bug.
Bucky rolls himself back on top and takes either of your wrists again, in a looser, more gentle hold. He kisses you once on the mouth, twice then, before pulling back. A thin line of spit connected you by the lips. “Yes, I am very horny right now. But I’m also thinking straight. Well, pretty straight.”
He takes a second to catch his breath. “I think...that things like this aren’t gradual. You don’t see them coming. It’s a free fall. Everything sort of hits you at once.” He takes his hands back, links his fingers through yours. He pulls your wrists up ever so slightly then, so they’re poised and connected to his by each knuckle. You were holding hands. “So, yes, I think we’re both caught up in everything, but...I don’t really want to stop. I don’t think I’ll want to stop.”
He stares down at you. He wore a chain around his neck sometimes, and the fantasy of it dangling over your face made you suddenly dizzy. “You are so fuckin’ pretty.” Bucky mumbles.
You wanted to bite his spine. Bite his cheek, his throat, any sliver of skin you could get your teeth on to claim. The feeling was very new and, frankly, very startling. Instead, you just turn your neck to the side, feeling a sort of heat flood your face. “Don’t.”
“Don’t what?” He laughs.
“Don’t start saying some cutesy shit because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do now”
“Okay, fine.” He counters, a hint of amusement in his voice. “So sorry for calling you pretty. My apologies; it won’t happen again.”
“Asshole.” You laugh, a surprised bray of noise. The two of you are roughhousing now, leisurely, barging each other across the mattress and knocking limbs around like Tony Ferguson. The quilts burn against your skin as your bare leg runs down one.
Bucky stops you then, rearing back and holding his hand out as if to command heel with a poised look of fake seriousness on his face. He blinks, once. “You’re still going to wear my clothes, right?”
“Depends." You say, arching an eyebrow. "Are you still going to wear mine?"
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noceurous · a month ago
—teach me what love is
Tumblr media
summary: love is messy and tricky, something you could never thought you would have learnt from your husband whom you were forced to marry with
warnings: arranged marriage (kinda forced), angst, minor fluff, usage of pet names [sweetie, dove] cheating, anger sex, smut (18+), fingering, oral, p in v, degradation kink, praise kink, slight pain kink, cream pie, a few spanks, mentions of blood and implied murder, running into an ex-boyfriend, swearing, not much of a Peggy Carter fan words, arranged marriage, mob!bucky
a/n: this just happened with an existential crisis || don’t forget to reblog/comment 🖤
He looked at the gorgeous blonde taking off her dress in front of him, smirking as she started walking to him. Swaying her hips just to get his attention on her excuse of a thong. She didn’t even bother to wear a bra.
She straddled his thighs, throwing her head back slightly, arching her back so he could see her breasts clearly. Nipples erected, begging to be sucked.
“I liked the presentation.” He chuckled, placing his glass on the table, hands going over her waist. Holding her tightly as he pulled her close, making him feel his erection through his briefs.
“It made me want to get a taste, so badly.” He leant down, biting down her nipple as she moaned loudly, not caring about anyone else’s presence in the mansion.
Her hips started to move, cock hidden between her clothed folds. She whimpered to the friction, her clit rubbing on his cock. She wasn’t ashamed of the fact that he was married and neither did he. He didn’t let anything to slip, it was always for the relieve of the stress he was carrying. She let him do it, liking the huge checks stuffed at her bra afterwards.
“You feel so good, sir.” She moaned, hands landing on his large biceps. She was really good at this, Bucky thought that he should thank to Steve for his recommendation of her. But his thoughts about this stopped when he heard your voice.
“Sweetie, I’m home!” He threw her next to him, clearing his throat at the sudden shame radiated off his body. He knew you thought of your marriage as just some words on a silly paper, without feeling but still he hated getting caught.
The blonde shrieked a small protest but he didn’t care.She rolled her eyes at him, no matter the money in their pockets men were all the same; not feeling guilty until getting caught.
You put on a huge fake smile, trying hard to not roll your eyes at the situation. This wasn’t the first time Bucky brought some stripper at home for some ‘action’ during your absence. “It’s nice to see you didn’t waste any time during my absence.” You said, pointing towards the blonde with your chin. “After you’re done, please don’t forget we’re expected by the Rogers’. You need to get ready and not smell like whatever cheap perfume she was wearing.”
You turned on your heels, closing the door behind you. He took a look on the blonde, her eyebrows were raised, waiting for an explanation. “Get dressed, as you’ve heard I’m busy.”
He said as he got out of the couch, getting dressed and walking behind you to your bedroom, after leaving some hundred dollar bills behind her for the scene in which you practically insulted her. 
“I thought you weren’t getting back until tomorrow, dove.” He said as he buttoned his pants, closing the bedroom door so the maids could not eavesdrop your conversation.
“It was before we got this invitation,” You said, shaking the small card in the air. “it’s for Steve’s son, or daughter, maybe the dog I don’t care.” You shrugged as you tossed the paper to the bin, taking off your clothes.
You were heading for a long bath, trying to relax yourself for the extravagant party Peggy was hosting, and her bitter words for you. She never liked you for some reason, probably because you didn’t buy the perfect couple game she was acting. Every couple had their flaws and Peggy and Steve were not better than you and Bucky.
Bucky cleared his throat to the sight of your body. Trying to not get affected by your look in your underwear, he knew you would not allow him to touch you after you just caught him with another woman. “Peggy doesn’t like you that much, are you sure about wanting to be there?” He asked, trying to look at somewhere else than your butt in the small black thong.
You smirked, and turned to him before opening to the door of the adjacent bathroom. “Like I care about what that bitch thinks about me. We’re married for a reason, remember? I’m just playing by the rules. You on the other hand cheating and dirtying our sacred bond.” You fake gasped, winking at him as you walked in the bathroom.
He rolled his eyes at your reasoning, he knew how he felt about your marriage, but it was made for a reason. But he also could not play the innocent when he was the one fooling around with other women while you were just playing the role of the perfect wife. Even though he didn’t give you any reason for it.
He couldn’t just open up to you and say that he saw you at one of the Tony’s parties, in which you didn’t even acknowledge his presence since your eyes only focused on your boyfriend. After some digging he knew what he had to do to have you. You were just stubborn, but he believed somehow he would get your heart. He just needed to be patience.
His thoughts are distrupted when he heard the music you put on. He just sighed and took off his clothes to wear something that didn’t smell like a stripper.
You hopped inside the bathtub, hoping the bubbles and some soft music would calm your nerves. You really didn’t like Peggy and didn’t want to be around her, or be somewhere that belonged to her.
You sighed, closing your eyes. Of course your parents would arrange a marriage for you, considering your previous incidents with men that they didn’t approve. Adding to that; it was a tradition in your family. Every daughter gets married with a powerful mobster eventually, to increase the family strength and have powerful allies.
But you were supposed to marry someone else, until Bucky Barnes came in the picture, trying to have your family on his side, saying he was better than the guy in their plans. Your ex he took it as a sign to break up with you, when Bucky stepped in. Saying he didn’t want to have Barnes as an enemy, leaving you just like that.
Somehow you didn’t hate Bucky, he was nice and kind towards you. Taking slow steps so you would adjust the idea of marrying him. You just didn’t understand why he would want to marry you out of the blue. Considering you haven’t even met before. He just happened to be in your father’s study room, when he announced that you would be marrying Bucky instead of Derek.
You walked in your shared bedroom, supposedly shared, considering you two rarely spending your nights together. He usually spends his night at the office or on the couch when he comes back from strip clubs.
“What are you going to wear, so I can pick my dress accordingly.” You asked as you watched him button his black shirt.His hair was slightly damp, he probably took a shower in the other bathroom to get rid of the cheap smell.
“The one I wore in our engagement party.” He answered as you chuckled at the memory.
“I know you hate me for what I have done, dove. But trust me, you’ll like me. I’m much better than him.” It was before you arrived at the party. You stood silent for the whole car ride, breathing through your nose. You were still angry at Derek for leaving you, and your parents for agreeing to this nonsense.
You thought he was just acting until you gave in to him. He wasn’t just nice, mobsters are never nice.You knew from your family, you knew from Derek who clearly had many imperfections but you still found yourself loving him somehow until the recent events. So why should be Bucky nice towards you, someone he barely knew?
You finally ended your silent treatment, clearly had some points to make. “I don’t hate you, I just don’t understand why you want to marry someone you haven’t met before.” He chuckled, placing his fingers under your chin. Making you look at him in the eyes.
“I have my reasons. You’ll find out, eventually.” He said before kissing you on the lips. No matter how much distant you were trying to be, your body always gave into his small touches. “Let’s get inside, shall we?” He added, winking at you.You nodded with a sigh, no reason to cause a scene.
You decided to wear something new, still matching perfectly with your husband. The cameras flashed as the two of you got out of the car, his hand placed on the small of your back as you walked inside the place.
“Mrs. Rogers loves to be on the newspapers. Is there anyone she didn’t inform about the party.” You whispered to your husband, staying close to him to not be a topic on the gossip sites tomorrow.
“She lives for publicity.” He whispered on your ear. Both chuckling at his comment when you saw Pepper walk towards you, extending her arms in the air.
“I’m so glad you made it. I’ve heard that you were in a vacation in Italy. Thought you wouldn’t come.” She gave you a small kiss on the cheek and you hugged her in response.
“How can I when I got a handwritten invite from Peggy Rogers herself?” You smiled at her. She was better than Peggy, at least you could gossip over people and she would be always true to your face. Someone nice to have inside your circle.
You looked over your shoulder to see your husband, saw him walk over to his friends. They cheered when they saw each other, but you saw the gun inside the jacket of Steve. So there was something they would attend tonight, not caring the huge crowd of papparazzi taking all of their pictures when they entered the mansion. 
At least he would be in a good mood tonight. After letting out all of his stress on some poor bastard, if not getting caught.
“You look thousand times better than the host, it’s nice to see people who still cares about fashion and what it stands for.” She explained as she walked you over to your table.
Peggy made some long speech of the meaning of the night, you on the other hand went to your dreamland and pretended you were back in Italy, wandering the streets of Portofino.
You held Bucky’s hand, gently squeezing it so he could raise his head and see how bored you were. You’ve had a deal, if you give him three squeezes, he would come up with an excuse for you guys to leave early. And that one was the first.
He leant over your ear, whispering; “I have some business to take care of, let me handle that and I’ll drove us away. Promise, dove.” He ended it with a kiss on your cheek.
You nodded, trying to not look too excited. Smiling at him in return, cupping his cheek. You two really looked liked the perfect couple on the outside. After Peggy’s speech was done Bucky excused himself to have a talk with the boys from your table, even though everyone knew what that meant.
After few minutes of Bucky’s disappearence everybody was wandering around, and talking something supposed to be important for the nights event. You were talking with a guest, about his charity. It was clear that he was trying to get a big fat check from you as a donation but you weren’t having it. You put on your fake smile, eyes looking for your husband to come back and drift you away but your eyes met with someone else.
He smiled at seeing you. A blink later he walked towards you, his famous smile still on his face, the one you used to adore. “Looking beautiful as always. May I take her away?” He said as he wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer so the guy who was talking would finally let you go.
“You owe me, your disgrace and disgust could be seen from 10 miles.” You rolled your eyes at his chuckle. He was never fan of your outcast soup to this events.
“What are you doing here? Since when are you welcomed by my husband’s friend’s parties?” You spoke through your teeth, pushing him away slightly. You didn’t want his touch on you anymore.
“Well, considering I’ve got an invitation, I have no badblood with them. And why should I, I gave you away didn’t I?” He shrugged, popping an ordevr into his mouth from the trail next to you.
You saw his silver wedding ring across his hand. Trying your eyes not to tear up with the memory with a similar one.
“Once I have this ring on my finger, you’ll be the only woman I love. And I’ll prove my love to you everyday for the rest of our lives.” He said, looking at the silver ring. You bought your rings, for the wedding. Celebrating this with making love.
“I’m already the only woman you love. You should start proving your love to me.” You said kissing him, pulling down the dark red sheets covering your bodies. “I can think of some ways, want me to show you?” Your hands wandered on his naked body, getting lower until it reached the destination.
“Gladly.” He moaned at your firm touch, raising his hips slightly to get more of it.
“Don’t talk about me like I’m an object.” You said as you pushed away the memory. Stepping closer to him, pointing your finger towards him.
“You didn’t give me away, you decided not to fight for me, afraid from the guy whom I call husband now. You promised to love me and prove your love to me every single day. Thanks to Bucky I know you’re nothing by a liar.”
“Baby I know I sh—“ He tried to speak but you stopped him.
“Do something smart, and don’t ever cross roads with me ever again. I can make you regret it.” You turned around your heels, heard his response but didn’t care.
“You’re a true Barnes.” You started wandering around the place to find your husband. Hoping he wasn’t fucking someone in a private place, he never done that before, but better safe than sorry. Both of you knew how fragile your reputation was.
You walked over to one of Bucky’s men, the one who drove you here. You usually hated them being around but this time it came in handy. “Jacob, can you do something for me?”
“Of course miss.”
“Can you find my husband and tell him, that I want to leave, and I cannot wait for some reason? If he can’t come, I’m leaving by myself.”
“I can inform Mr. Barnes about your situation miss. But I cannot let you leave by yourself. I have direct orders from Mr. Barnes himself.” You rolled your eyes. Of course he gave such an order.
“Okay, but be quick, can you?” He nodded, finger pressing on his earpiece as he walked towards the corner of your room.
You crossed your arms around your body, trying to think about some happy memory instead of watching your ex with his wife. Who happened to be right in front of you, dancing in the extravagant living room of the Rogers’ mansion.
He was dancing with her, soft song playing in the background. She looked happy like you were happy when you’ve had Derek. Their wedding rings, shining with the lights of the room, looking like the perfect couple they are.
You’ve had million questions in your mind. What would happen if Bucky didn’t step in? Would you be the one in his arms and dance with him? Did Derek really loved her, or just married with her because he wanted a wife? Did he still think of you from time to time, like you did?
Bucky never danced with you, only one time at your wedding since it was a tradition. You hated every second of it, missing your ex and in your mind pretending it was Derek and not Bucky.
“Dove?” Bucky walked over to you, brows frowned in a worry. “What happened? You said it’s urgent?”
You blinked your tears away, chuckling at the splatters of blood on his face. So he had better time than you. “I’m homesick. Can you please take me away?”
He clenched his jaw. Looking at the direction you were facing before and saw the dancing couple along with the others. He thought you were passed this, that he wasn’t a issue for your marriage anymore. “Sure.” He said, wrapping arm around your shoulder.
“You should also wipe away the blood, or stand apart when you shoot people.” You whispered taking out his handkerchief from his jacket, wiping away the small droplets on his face. “People can notice, sweetie.”
You stepped closer, kissing his cheek. “Thank you.” You whispered to his ear. You knew he knew why you were upset, and a confrontation was waiting for you back at home.
During the drive back, you didn’t say anything. Only placing your head on his shoulder, he was your rock from time to time. Someone you’d always have by your side. You actualy said till death do us apart, after all.
“What did he say?” Bucky finally snapped once you entered your bedroom, you taking off your jewellery.
“You know.” His tone was cold and bitter. You could sense his anger. You tried to sound nice as possible, trying not to start any argument.
“He didn’t say anything, I asked him why he was there and he told me he was invited too.” He shook his head. It wasn’t the answer he was looking for, so it was better for him to ask.
“Do you still love him?”
“No.” You said without a blink, and it was not a lie. You didn’t love him anymore, you were just upset with his decision.
“Then why seeing him makes you upset dove?”
“Because he promised me something even you cannot give.” You said as you stood up, hand going behind tour back.
“And what is that?” Bucky admired and hated your calmness. Even thought he world was ending you’ve had the ability to talk like you were going to grocery shopping.
“Love.” You answered, pulling down the zipper of your dress. “He loved me, something you are not capable of.” You finished finally turning to him. Standing in your black lingerie, but no matter how hot you looked, it wasn’t enough to calm him down.
He growled with your accusation. Walking closer to you. “If he loved you, why didn’t he even try to fight for you, dove?” You tried to walk back, but he already cornered you between him and the wall.
You tried to find an answer, something you were doing since Derek broke up with you. Bucky placed his hand next to your hand, leaning closer to you. Caging you completely. You knew what he was trying to do, breaking your walls. So you would tell him what you really feel and face with the fact that you’re a true married couple.
“I can give you power, money, and safety. Something that prick cannot even provide to himself, aren’t they important dove?” He whispered. His hand landed on your exposed waist, cold metal leaving goosebumps
You gasped when his hand raised and wrapped tightly around your throat, making you look at him in the eye. “And if love is what you desperately crave; what makes you think that I can’t give you love, dove?” He breathed into your ear, his thumb tracing your jawline, eyes went dark with anger.
You laughed at him, “My husband who cannot stop fucking other women behind my back is talking about loving me. I’m sorry for not believing this promise.”
“You never gave me a chance. You didn’t talk with me, unless you had to. Didn’t spend anytime with me, other than living in different rooms.”
“Why should I? You destroyed my relationship. I was forced to marry with you because of business. You aren’t that fond of me either so why should I give you another chance?”
He laughed at your question. “I’m not fond of you ha?” He took your hand and placed it on his pants. Breathing through his nose. You gasped when you felt his hard cock. “See what you do to me, dove?” You looked into his eyes, smirking when you saw how darkened they were with lust.
Your hand closed around his hard on. You started palming his erection. “Give me a chance dove. Remember our honeymoon,” He groaned at your ear, fingers moving along your clothed folds.
Chuckling when he felt your wetness, pushing the underwear inside to feel you better. Your breath hitched with the cold contact, you raised your hips, trying to get more. “I can make our everyday just like our honeymoon.” He licked the shell of your ear, pushing his finger inside, just like you got your hand inside his pants, touching his cock, moaning at how hard it is.
You smiled with the memory of your honeymoon. It was something just animalistic, not romantic at all. You two didn’t leave the bed for days. You were in your rebound phase and Bucky took great advantage of it. By fucking you in every position possible in that luxury hotel room, making you forget about Derek’s existence.
You gave up, it had been long since the honeymoon. “Oh, I need you inside of me, James.” You moaned out when he curled his fingers. The sound of your juices echoing in your ears.
“As you wish.” He said as he pulled down his pants and your panties. Wrapping your legs around his waist when he pushed it inside you.
“F—fu—fuck!” You stuttered when he wasted no time to fuck you. He was eager to give you pleasure. And he knew well you liked rough.
He raised your chin, smashing his lips on yours. You felt his warm tongue moving on yours, sucking tightly. You moaned into the kiss. Your nails went to his back, digging them on his soft flesh, not caring about leaving marks. You knew he loved them.
You broke the kiss for air, his lips moving on your neck, biting down on your neck. Leaving a nice mark so everybody could see who you belonged to. His tongue licking the sore flesh, he was smiling at his artwork.
“You feel so good, dove. Tell me who’s fucking you. Be a good girl for once.” He said, hand going back to your neck to push it on the wall. Making you look at him in the eye.
He smirked when he saw the small tears of joy. Lips all swollen from the kiss. You looked perfect, just like how you were making him feel.
“You are, fuck! James you fuck me so good.” You breathed out, your fingers dived in his hair, pulling down his locks. He hissed with the pain, moving his hips faster.
Your toes curled, you could feel your orgasm getting close. You knew that he knew too, he could feel how your walls clench round his throbbing cock. “That’s right, dove. Fuck you’re milking down on my cock, you’re one desperate thing aren’t you? Come on, I know you want to cum. Cum all around me.”
You cried when the tight knot in your belly snapped. The euphoria taking all over your body. Your body trembled all around him, your mouth hung open, almost a drool escaped your lips.
He carried you to bed, laying down your gentle body on the soft sheets, as he slowly pulled out with a hiss. He turned you around, making ypu lie on your belly, as his large ringed fingers roamed around your back. Stopping when he reached your butt, giving you a loud spank.
“Oh.” You moaned with the sharp pain, hearing his chuckle after the shuffling noise of his clothes being discarded. “You always loved getting spanks, my dirty little whore.” He said before he spanked you once more. Smiling at hearing your sweet moans.
He placed his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to his erection. You whimpered when he pressed his tip on your aching folds, pushing himself inside of you in one move. Both of you swore with the contact. “Fuck!”
He mumbled something you could not understand under his breath, moving slowly inside of you. Biting down his lip at the feeling of your walls, sucking him inside.
“Fuck, James!” You cried when his tip brushed along the right spot. Hands going to your soft pillow, squeezing it for a support. “Right there! Fuck! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”
“Yeah? You like it dove? My good little girl taking all of my cock like a pro. You liked getting fucked like a whore, didn’t you?”
“Hmm.” You mumbled, feeling the heat surrounding your body, you arched your back, feeling more of him.
“Yeah, am I better than him? Better than the sore loser you once called boyfriend.” You smiled at his jealousy, turning your head to see his darkened eyes. Lust and jealousy radiating off all around his body.
His hand went to the back of your neck, wrapping his fingers gently around it. Pushing you back, leaning over your figure. Now, his lips were close to yours, you could feel his breath fanning your cheeks.
“Answer me dove.” He groaned when he felt your walls clench around him, giving you one more slap on your butt. “Answer, be a good girl!”
“Yes!” You coughed the answer, he laughed at your ruined figure. How your swollen lips parted and mascara smudged. He gave you a longing kiss, all with teeth and tongue. Bucky got rougher, and faster. You could feel him deep in your belly, moving. You knew you were close again for another release. The taste of it almost on your tongue.
His teeth biting down on your lips, getting whatever he can from you. His other hand snaked under your bodies, cold fingers pressing down on your swollen clit. “James!” You protested, hand wrapped around his wrist but he didn’t care.
“Give me one more, dove. Make a mess on my sheets.” He flicked your clit again, you bit down the pillow the muffle your scream. This one was more powerful than the first one.
“That’s my good girl. You did so good, now I’m going to cum inside you, I want to fill you up, okay?” He said as he pet your hair, you nodded slowly. Feeling some sort of a pride when he praised you, wanting to be his good girl forever.
“Yeah? You want me to fill you to the brim. You’re my dirty little girl, tell me you want it and I’ll give it to you.” Your walls clenched around him, your legs almost trembling to him edging you.
“Fuck. James, please.” You whispered, feeling his cock twitch inside you. Your walls started milking him, eager to give you what the both of you want. “Cum inside me please. I want to be full of you. Fill me with your cum, please!”
All he need was your words, you felt his warmth spill inside of you. He bit down your shoulder when he came. His hips stutter when he emptied himself inside of you.
He threw himself on top of yours. His fingers went to your sore folds. You tried to pull away but he pushed them back inside you. “Can’t get any of it go to waste, dove.” He said, as he pushed back the leaking ones back inside you.
You giggled, taking his fingers into your hand, guiding them inside your mouth. You moaned at the taste. Sucking down on his fingers, he moaned at the sight in front of him. Pulling back his fingers to replace them with his lips.
“Fuck, dove. You’re something else, aren’t you?”
“You’re not so bad yourself James.” He smiled at you, pulling the sheets over your tired bodies. You drifted to sleep, being tangled to each other.
Bucky didn’t want morning to come, afraid to see you get cold to him again. But he knew what to do, he needed your ex to be out of the picture completely so he would not fog your mind. He couldn’t risk being affected by his presence anymore.
Nobody should have messed with your mind and feelings. He loved his dove, and he would teach her the real love, no matter what it would take.
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bucksfucks · 2 days ago
faking it
summary: bucky barnes is hollywood’s fuckboy and his pr team is sick of cleaning up his mess. when they ask you, an up-and-coming actress, to be his fake girlfriend you have no idea what lies ahead. the only thing left to do is try not to fall in love with the handsome asshole.
pairing: actor!bucky barnes x f!actress!reader
warnings: fake dating, enemies to lovers, slow burn, some chapters will include fake social media au’s | chapter specific warnings will be given — 18+ only
Tumblr media
— one : the first meeting (january 19, 2022)
— two : the first date (january 21, 2022)
— three : the post that broke the internet
— four : the second date
— five : the paparazzi walk
— six : the first night over
— seven : the honeymoon phase
— eight : the scandal
— nine : the breakup
— ten : the apology
— eleven : the end
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky · a month ago
Truth or Dare | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi, friends! This was a request from @breakablebarnes :)
Send me your requests, submissions, and/ or requests! 🥰
Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @shadytalementality @everything-burns-down @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @breakablebarnes @glxwingrxse @psychoticmason @deepsketchsupernaturalcowboy @lonewolf471 @dreamerglassesgirl @thechill-no1 💘
Warnings: Bucky being a fucking dream, fingering and oral (f receiving)
The team sat scattered in a circle around the coffee table, exchanging secrets and partaking in rather questionable acts. No one remembered who had suggested truth or dare, but it didn't matter. No one on the team had laughed like this in a long, long time and you were thankful for a break from the usual doom and gloom. A few beers had been opened but no one was sloshed or even drunk, just a light buzz to keep the mood lifted.
"Alright- truth!" Bucky demanded, prompting annoyed groans from the group. Nat sighed about Bucky being lame and Sam clinked his beer against hers in agreement. "Hey, woah. Isn't it called TRUTH or dare? It's the first word of the title-it's the titular choice!" Bucky argued. He shot you a wink, knowing how you loved when he was a smart ass. He'd quickly become your closest friend in the compound and you favorite person to spend time with. He pressed his tongue to the opening of his beer before tiling it back and taking a long sip, and you practically had to drag your eyes away from his mouth. While you were practically drooling over Bucky, Nat had come up with a salacious question to ask the 100 year old super-soldier.
"Alright, Barnes. Truth: how many times have you ever come in one night? I know you must have some super soldier stamina..." Once again, the room erupted into hoots and hollers as Bucky's cheeks took on a scarlet hue. Sure, he was a based ex-assassin, but he wasn't impervious to embarrassment. Moments like these reminded you that he was still human, which made him feel a little more accessible. A hush fell over the team as everyone waited for Bucky to answer, and you had to admit that you were a little too curious. "Uh, I don't know...three?" Bucky stated with uncertainty. The reactions were a mixed bag, but it was mostly congratulations from the guys mixed with a disappointed groan from Nat.
"Okat, okay, wait- I have an idea. No more truth or dare!" she announced, "we all answer the question. I'm dying to know..." More cheers echoed through the room as Nat pointed at Sam, telling him to go first. He opened his mouth, but got shut down by Tony, "and she means with a partner- your hand doesn't count". Sam's head fell back with laughter, as did everyone else's, and it took a moment before the game could continue.
Nat moved around the circle, getting everyone to admit to their most successful sexual escapades. As she got closer and closer to you, a knot formed in your stomach. Part of you wanted to excuse yourself, but that would be a dead give away. Another part of you wanted to lie, but if they asked for details, you were screwed. Bucky waited to baited breath to hear your answer, and secretly wondered if he could help you beat your record.
"Helloooo? Hey, it's your turn!" Tony called as he waved a hand in your direction. His words pulled you out of your nervous shame spiral, and you felt an uncomfortable number of eyes on you. Bucky stared at you a little too intently, and had to force himself to take a sip of his drink. "Soooo, how many times?" Nat prompted, getting everyone in the circle to fall quiet in anticipation for your answer. It was do or die, and you chose the latter.
"Um, none. Zero", you grumbled. The room was too quiet. No one knew what to say or how to react until Wanda threw her head back with a howling laugh. Maria, Tony, and Sam joined in, followed by Steve, Nat, and Bucky. "Oh my god," Nat breathed, "You got us good. We thought you were serious! God, you're too funny. Okay, seriously though-how many times?"
Once again, the room fell silent and all eyes were on you. With a huff, you decided to lean in to your embarrassing truth and be completely honest. "I wasn't kidding. Zero. None," you stated flatly, "the most I've ever come in one night is zero." Maria opened her mouth but you cut her off before she could speak, "and no, I'm not a virgin."
Sam stared down at his drink and Wanda set her gaze at the window. Slowly, everyone averted their eyes from yours. Conveniently, the end of game night arrived very soon after your confession. With humiliation filling your chest, you raced up to your room and slammed the door. Flopping down on the bed, you let out a pitiful groan. Everyone else had had such deliciously dirty stories about their best hookups, and you were insanely jealous.
The buzzing of your phone grabbed your attention and you turned your attention to Bucky's name illuminating your screen.
"Hey, sweetheart, truth or dare? :)"
No part of you wanted to continue the game that had embarrassed you enough for ten lifetimes- but it was Bucky. If he asked you to lift Mjolnir, you'd find a way.
"Dare ;)" was all you sent back. Seconds later, your phone buzzed again with the words "I dare you to come over". With a laugh, you hopped up from your bed and padded down the hall toward Bucky's room. He heard you coming and yanked the door open before you could even knock, motioning for you to come in.
"What's up, Barnes?' you asked as you plopped down on his bed. He stood before you with an uncertain expression clouding his eyes. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn't form the words he was looking for. He'd wanted to be gentle about his offer, but that wasn't going to happen.
"I was thinking...let me try" he finally blurted out. Confusion cocked your head to the side and Bucky let out a frustrated groan. "I mean, you said downstairs that you're not a virgin, but you've also never come, soooo I was thinking...let me try. There was clearly something wrong with every guy you slept with", he finished his proposal and stared at you expectantly. Before you could say anything, he quickly added, "only if you want. If you don't, I'll drop it and never bring it up again".
As badly as you wanted to get with Bucky, you were certain that he was wrong. "Buck, I don't- you're so sweet. You really are. But...I'm the problem" admitting it was embarrassing, especially to Bucky. "There's something wrong with me- I don't know what, but every guy I've been with has told me that. So, I really appreciate it, but... you don't have to".
Bucky almost looked offended when you told him about your past partners. He took a few slow steps toward you and took one of your hands gently in his, "Doll, I guarantee you that you're not the problem. Too many guys just do what they think you'll like instead of actually listening." He crouched down in front of you and stared up at you with his deep blue eyes. They betrayed a look of sincerity and comfort that pulled you in to his gaze. "If you want, I'd love to prove to you that you're not the problem."
For a moment, all you could do was sit quietly. His offer was more than enticing, but after being told for so many years that there was something wrong with you, accepting it was hard. Finally, you realized how fucking stupid you'd be to say no to Bucky Barnes, and gave him a confident "I'm in".
Bucky couldn't contain himself when you finally said yes, but he kept it together, "If you ever wanna stop, just say the word. Okay?" You gave him an affirmative nod, prompting him to lean in for a kiss. His lips were just as you'd imagined them, and you couldn't hold back the happy sigh that escaped your throat. Kissing Bucky had been on your bucket list since you first met him, and you were thrilled to be able to scratch it off.. Bucky swallowed your sigh as he deepened the kiss, bringing his large hands to either side of your face.
"Scoot back for me, will ya, sweets?" he asked as he broke the kiss. He wanted to wrap his arms around your thighs and lift you from the bed so he could position you wherever he wanted, but he knew he had to start slow. Just like he asked, you moved back until your head rested on his pillow. He smiled at the sight as he crawled toward you, letting one of his knees rest in between your legs.
Nerves tied your stomach in knots, but there was no way you were gonna mess this up. Bucky's lips captured yours again, this time with more hunger and ferocity. He'd wanted you so badly, and being this close to you actually had him feeling drunk. He gently pushed his tongue into your mouth, which you gladly accepted, allowing him full access. A low moan fell from your lips and directly into his, making him want you even more. Hand hands found your waist and trailed upward slightly, playing with the hem of your t-shirt. He ghosted his cold fingertips inside the fabric, letting them run teasingly along your abdomen.
He left a slow trail of deep kisses from your lips to your jaw, humming in approval at the slight twitch in your hips. He continued his work, licking and kissing down your neck, stopping to suck at your pulse for a moment. He slid lower, tracing his lips over you clavicle until he reached the collar of your shirt. He tried to ask if he could take it off, but you were already nodding. He slid his hands carefully under the fabric, letting his mouth follow in their path. With your shirt finally off, he took a moment to stare down at you.
He'd seen you topless once on a mission, but you'd been in a blood soaked sports bra and in need of stitches, so he hadn't really enjoyed the experience. This moment, however, was perfect. He left kisses down your sternum and across the scar from that mission as his hands slid over your bralette. It was lacy and see-through, driving him completely crazy. Once again, you cut him off before he could even ask to remove it. He thanked god that it hooked in the front and made quick work of the clasp, helping you snake your arms through the straps.
When his mouth ghosted across your nipple, the moan that left your mouth was almost embarrassing. He smiled at your reaction and closed his lips around your sensitive nerve endings, flicking his tongue as you mewled beneath him. "All good?" he asked, just to check in. When you gave him a very confident "yes", his cold hand rolled and pinched at your other nipple. "Definitely- definitely good" you murmured.
Everything was fine- better than fine- until your body wouldn't let you finish. He'd run his mouth down the length of your abdomen, leaving kisses and light nips in his wake. When he let his lips brush lightly against your clit, the reaction he'd gotten made him salivate. Every time you let out a dirty moan, his hunger for you grew. His lips encircled your clit and sucked as his tongue flitted over it, making you chant his name like the filthiest prayer he'd ever heard.
As his fingers slipped inside you, your mouth opened in a silent scream. He stroked through your tight, velvety walls, long the way you clenched around his fingers. He teased you just a little before finally stroking over your sweet spot. You clenched his sheets into tight fists as the sensation became too much but not enough all at once. He was setting you on fire from the inside out-but you just couldn't get there.
He could sense your body tensing up and paused his work to look up at you. What he saw concerned him, and he climbed out from in between your legs completely. Your hands covered your face in shame as he pulled the blanket over you for comfort. "How you doing, sweetheart?" he asked as he lightly stroked your hair. With a shrug, you pulled your hands from your face- but still couldn't look at him "I'm good. Thanks, Buck. You're great. Here, let me-" you moved toward him, reaching your hand down to the button of his jeans, but he pulled away.
"Hey, we're not doing that tonight", he took your hand in his and kissed your palm, "This is about you. You don't have to make us even-or whatever. Come on, talk to me." Propping yourself up on your elbows, you finally met his eye line. "I told you, I'm the problem. What you're doing is...it's great. It's perfect actually, but I still can't- I'm not there. I don't know why. I want to be, but..." you flopped down on your back and cringed at your own words, "I can't".
Bucky leaned over you and left a kiss on your forehead, stroking your hair again until you'd finally look at him again. "The problem is all those assholes who told you you're the problem," he said matter-of-factly, "Let me guess: the first guy you got with had no idea what he was doing, so he told you that you not coming was your fault". You nodded slightly, prompting him to continue, "so, now every time you sleep with someone and they can't get you there, you assume it's because there's something wrong with you". Another nod from you made Bucky want to kill every guy you'd ever slept with.
"Sweetheart, you gotta relax," he told you, "There's nothing wrong with you, and you're not the problem. I don't know if this is weird, but I've gotta say, you've got the most perfect pussy I've ever seen". A dark hunger flickered behind his eyes at the words, and you felt your chest tighten. "If you're done for tonight, I totally get it. But if you're not, I know I can get you there".
Bucky reclaimed his spot between your legs at your approval and ate you like a man starved. He hummed in approval against your clit, happy to be back in his favorite spot. It sent delicious vibrations through you making your breath catch in your throat. Once again, his fingers slid into you slowly. He began moving them in and out, clocking your reactions and letting unstoppable praises fall from his lips. "See? So good for me, sweetheart. You're so good for me" he murmured as you began to see stars.
When he'd melted you into a moaning, quivering mess with his fingers, he added his mouth to the mix. His tongue traced circles over your throbbing, aching clit like it was his job as his fingers expertly worked over your g-spot. He stroked at it relentlessly, making your chest tighten with each touch.
Dirty moans and "fuckfuckfuck"s fell from your lips as you neared your high. "That's it, baby, let go for me. Let go," he praised, and- it happened. Animalistic moans clawed their way out of your throat as you squirmed and writhed under Bucky's touch. He hummed happily and sent another jolt of pleasure through your body with a dark smile.
As you tried to bring your thighs together, he didn't move. "Come on, baby. I know you've got a few more for me," he murmured against your thighs, kissing at them and letting his teeth graze your skin.
The next morning, the team sat in the kitchen quietly drinking coffee and chatting over breakfast. Casually, you joined them at the table and began eating your cereal before making an announcement, "Oh, hey, by the way...nine. My number's nine".
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peachstyles · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky comes home from a long mission and reader learns of a new side of him.
Pairing: tfatws!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 5.7k
Warnings: major fluff, minor plot, sub!bucky, dom(ish)!reader, oral sex (f receiving), face sitting, needy!bucky, unprotected sex, petnames, bucky has a praise kink, bucky getting called pretty like he deserves, little bit of cock warming, mild subspace (i hope thats everything!)
18+ ONLY - NO MINORS !!!!
a/n: writing sub!bucky was actually harder than i thought but I hope you like it! x
peachstyles masterlist
“I need you darling, I need you to fuck the past five weeks out of my head so the only thought in my head is you, that I submit only to you”
It’s been five weeks since you have seen Bucky, him and Sam have been on a mission. You and Bucky have only been dating for only two months prior and this is the longest that you have been away from each other. You just got word from Sam that they will be home in two hours give or take, you had received this information from him as Bucky had broken his phone, which makes sense for the lack of contact you have had with him in the past two weeks. Bucky did state that there would be limited contact throughout the mission, but he would try his best to keep in contact every couple of days. So, for the past two weeks you have barely had any sleep and your anxiety is at a next level high as you are worried for both your Boyfriend and Sam, who has also become your friend in the time that Bucky reluctantly introduced you both.
Since you have been dating Bucky, he hasn’t been on a mission, and you have pretty much had him to yourself as the world seems to be slightly functioning until five weeks ago. Because it is the first time that he has been away on a mission this will also be the first time that you will see what ‘post mission’ Bucky will look and act like.
With your mind racing on the possibilities that will follow when he arrives home, your body begins to shake in anticipation of holding Bucky in your arms again and feeling his lips on yours. Getting everything that you have wanted in the past five weeks.
In attempt to soothe yourself, you begin to clean and pace wildly around your apartment, making sure that there is not a pillow, dish, or decoration out of place and when there is nothing else to be done, you begin to cook him his favourite meal that you make assuming that he would be hungry when he gets home.
While the food is simmering in the pan, you light most of the candles in your dining and kitchen area to set a calming and soft mood for him to walk into. After weeks of chaos, you want Bucky to know that every time he steps foot in your apartment that it is a safe space for him to relax.
Your relationship came to a shock to Bucky, all the emotions and feelings that he felt for you, he hadn’t felt since the 40s, he hasn’t had a ‘dame on his arm’ as he would like to put it since the Stark Expo in 1943. Meeting you and experience all the emotions that follow had created a very vulnerable place for Bucky’s mind to be in. Even though you knew who ‘The Winter Soldier’ was, you didn’t know who James Buchanan Barnes was.
Getting to know Bucky was one of the greats joys of your life, for a man who has suffered more that anyone you will ever know, he truly has the purest of hearts. Which was practically said to you by Sam when he gave you the shovel talk without meaning too. Sam explained that Bucky came with a mountain of baggage but underneath it all, he was a ‘walking talking robotic marshmallow’ who deserved to be loved and while you wouldn’t put it in those words, Bucky Barnes is a man that deserves to be loved.
When the food is all cooked and placed in the oven to stay walm waiting to be eaten by the super soldier, you pour yourself a glass of wine and sit on the couch to settle the butterflies in your stomach as you wait. This past two hours have felt like a lifetime waiting for Bucky until finally you hear a knock on your door.
Trying to conceal your squeal of emotions, you take a deep breath, adjusting your hair and outfit while walking to the door.
“Bucky?” you call out as your hand reaches the doorknob.
“Yeah, it’s me” hearing his voice makes your stomach twist in a good way but it also settles the anxiety that you had from not knowing if he was safe and okay. But he is here, and he’s okay.
You quickly open the door at the sound of his voice and look straight into his eyes to only see them soften as he takes you in. The both of you just stand there for a few seconds to just breathe and acknowledge that you are in each other’s presence again until he steps forwards and flings his body to yours.
“Fuck Doll, I missed you more than I ever could have imagined” Bucky says with a wet sounding voice, which only makes you tear up. Feeling the warmth of his body that you have so terribly missed; you squeeze his torso in hopes that he won’t let go.
And he doesn’t. Like it is the easiest thing in the world, Bucky slides his arms down your body only to lift you off the ground and step into your apartment shutting the door behind him.
“I missed you more” You whisper into his shoulder, pepping kisses along the flesh that is shown to you.
“Gimme those lips please” Bucky begs pulling your body back a little so he can take in your face that is holding the softest smile before your lips collided lightly, only to bounce back with a strong and passionate kiss. It was everything that you both needed in that moment.
“Bucky” you say in-between the kiss, he hums as he sucks on your bottom lip lightly “I made you food”
“You are a gift from heaven” Bucky gives you a last firm kiss that gives you shivers that reach to the tips of your toes before placing you back on the ground. But neither of you are ready to let go of each other yet so he grabs your hand in his to pull you into the kitchen.
“What did ya make me honey?”
“Just some pasta” You smile shyly” I don’t know what you like to eat after a mission or really what you like to do after a mission”
“I’m normally alone so I don’t really know either” Bucky says while looking away like he is trying to conceal the truth “but being with you and this pasta is definitely what I need right now.”
“Buck, you know that I will do anything to help you relax and settle from a mission, especially as long as the one you were just on”
“I know, I know” He kisses your hand before letting go “and I thank you for that but right now, pasta seems good”
You nod and move into the kitchen to get the food ready for him “Go sit on the couch and put something on the TV if you want”
Bucky looks down at his outfit, which looks like a post-mission clothes, which is an all-black professional get up, that looks slightly unconformable. “I’ll go and change first; I don’t want to dirty your sofa with these clothes.”
His clothes don’t look dirty at all but by the look of his face, being in that outfit is the last thing that he wants. Bucky turns and heads to your room with his duffle bag in this hand, you watch as your man leaves with a stiff posture that is lightly worrying you.
With worries and fear that you are not capable of helping him after a mission, you take a breath and exile those thoughts out of your head while you are preparing his food on a plate and move to the couch.
“It smells wonderful” You turn your head to the sound of his voice and see Bucky walking out while putting a soft t-shirt on that you wish just stayed off and the rest of his body in sweats that looked a little too small for his form, but you feel your thighs clench at the view of his strong legs and his metal arm that is proudly on show.
While he eats, you sit with him and talk about everything that he was missed while he was gone. You also give him the opportunity to talk about the mission or anything that he needs but like you predict, he just sweetly smiled and said that he didn’t want to talk about it.
Later in the evening, you both have settled on the couch watching re-runs of Brooklyn Nine Nine, a comfort show that you had pasted onto Bucky. You had changed into your sleepwear which is one of his shirts and underwear. His head had taken place on your stomach, just below your breasts and you gently stroked your hand through his hair in attempt to bring him comfort by the constant motion.
After a few minutes of the motion, you feel his body weight complete cave into yours, you pause your hand to figure out if he has fallen asleep, but Bucky just whines lightly nudging his head against your body.
“Sorry bub” you chuckled and continue the motion. Bucky’s form settles once again, and he somehow shuffles closer to your body like he is trying to hide into it.
This continues for another episode until Bucky starts to get restless and suddenly the couch seems far too small to hold the both of you.
“Hey Buck, how about we move to the bedroom, we can cuddle, and you can actually sleep there” You suggest which Bucky responds with a shrug. This action makes you frown a little, but you are assuming that the adrenaline of the mission has dropped, and he is too exhausted to move.
You are now reaching uncommon territory and you are witnessing a side of Bucky that you haven’t seen before.
“Honey, it’s not too far to move” You push again, taking your hand out of his hair to place it on his shoulder “It will be a lot more comfortable”
Bucky whines once again at your hand moving and his big doe-eyes look up at you “Please keep going”
“Bub, we can continue you this in bed, I promise” You soothe stroking the side of his head which he is quick to lean into “But you are getting restless on this couch so we should move and maybe we could shower first?”
Bucky shakes his head slowly with long blinking eyes “Too long” You respond lightly
“Okay, that’s fine but let’s move, yeah?”
“Okay” Bucky sits up but watches every move you make once he is off your body. You grab his hand slowly to let you both stand together. His face is displaying emotions that you have never witnessed before, his eyes showing a message that you just can’t decipher yet. This has you worried but following your gut, you lead him to your bedroom, stroking his hand trying to continue the same soothing technique as before.
“Hop into bed and get comfortable, I’ll just go and get a bottle of water” You try to cover all your bases in making sure that he is hydrated and warm in case of a serious adrenaline crash. You have never experience anyone having an adrenaline crash, let alone a super soldier.
Bucky shakes his head and looks at you with pleading eyes “Don’t go”
“I’m just going to the kitchen; you need to hydrate” you promise, your heart starts to race in panic at the soft tone in his voice “I’ll be so quick”
Bucky’s eyes look like they start to water but it quickly gets blinked away as he nods and gets into bed. You really feel like you are out of depth there as you quickly walk to the kitchen, everything in you is wanting to ring Sam and ask him what to do or if he has even seen Bucky like this before but you worry that Sam is going through his own processes of settling from the mission or that Sam has never seen Bucky like this which opens up its own can of worms. What if Bucky has no clue that he is acting so soft and child-like, what if he trusts you so much that he is allowing you and only you to see this side of him.
Rushing back to your bedroom and melt at the sight that you see; Bucky is cuddled into the blankets on your side of the bed, with his face completely mushed into your pillow like he is trying to surround himself in your scent and warmth. Taking a deep breath, you place the water bottle on the bedside table and get into the opposite side of the bed.
As soon as you lay down, you get a super-size soldier cuddled straight into your boobs. Bucky shakily breathes out and grabs the side of your sleep shirt. “I’m right here bubba” you whisper softly “Not going anywhere”
Bucky sobs lightly and tugs at your shirt “Off”
“You want my shirt off?” Which would just leave you in just your underwear. You aren’t worried about taking your shirt off. Over the time that you and Bucky have been together, you have spent probably an excessive amount of it naked, but he is never asked for you to be topless in a form of comfort before.
“Off please” Bucky whimpers and tugs at the shirt again. “Okay baby, but take yours off too if you want skin to skin contact?”
You have heard of how effective skin to skin contact is at comforting and connecting with babies, it would make senses for adults too, and in your experience of cuddling being nude feels more intimate and comforting so you are all for being naked.
You both strip off your shirts and Bucky is back connected to your body with his head placed in-between your boobs and the rest of his body in-between your legs, the coolness of his left arm is slowing warming up at the heat of your body. You shift underneath him lightly to get more comfortable at holding his body weight before settling and continuing the soothing technique that you used on the couch, attempting to do everything that you can to support and care for your boyfriend.
Bucky moans at the feeling of you playing with his hair, he also shifts his hips which completely lines up with yours. The feeling of his slightly hard cock pressing against your core sparks something in you that at in that moment you choose to ignore because Bucky seems to be more non-verbal than you have experience with, and you suddenly need to understand what is going through his brain.
“Bucky?” He hums and nuzzles into your chest “Can you please tell me what you are feeling right now?”
He lifts his head up a little “Warm” “Okay, anything else?
“Brain is foggy, want- um- you”
Foggy? “Want me how bub?
“Okay we can stay like this, what do you mean by foggy?”
“I dunno-, just need you”
Bucky sucks lightly at the top of your breast which it meets your chest, making you shiver at the feeling. Your body seems to not be adding up with your brain right now. Trying not to think about the feeling of his hardness and his lips on your body, you keep asking questions.
“How do you need me because I’m right here”
“Um I-” Bucky’s sentence ends but his hips begin to move just lightly “please”
“Are you sure? Because you seem over-sensitive right now baby and I don’t want to overstep” Feeling yourself get wet at the feeling of his hot body rubbing against yours, you start to tell your mind to go somewhere else and ignore the fact that you haven’t had him in five weeks.
“Nah-uh” Bucky disagrees moving his hips with a little more momentum, his cock filling up quickly. “Please, I just want you close”
Your breathing hitches at the feeling of his length hitting you in the right spots over your underwear, you move the hand that isn’t in his hair to his hips to halt his movements “Baby, stop and listen to me” Bucky whines but stops, he lifts his head to look at you in the eyes.
“Please doll, need you now” “I know but we need to communicate for a second”
“You said that your brain was foggy, have you had this feeling before?”
Bucky bits his lip softly which you have grown to learn is a sign of nervousness “Yeah, after some missions”
“Okay and what seems to help?”
“I have only dealt with it alone or with Steve” He whispers out his old best friend’s name, someone that you never got to meet but have heard so much about “Steve didn’t help me this way obviously but he was always a level of comfort and just his presence helped me but there was also a feeling that never went away.”
“Can you tell me what that feeling was?”
“I haven’t been as comfortable with anyone the way I feel comfortable with you, and sometimes without even realizing it, I let go with you. I let go of all the crap and pain that runs through my head.” Bucky breathes out as you begin to run your fingers over his back to comfort him and his words. “I mean it’s only for a short time, but those times with you mean so much to me and helps me more than you know. Without sounding awful, every single one of those moments have been when we are having sex”
Bucky chuckles at your wide-eyed reaction because you were unaware that just by sleeping with the guy, you were helping him. “Okay, so having sex helps you, noted”
“Darling, all moments with you help some way or another but yes, sex definitely helps more.” Bucky takes a deep breath “But the foggy feeling happens after missions because the mission is like continuous pain and trigging thoughts so when those thoughts end, my mind doesn’t know how to keep up so it’s easier to just get out of my head.”
The past hour or so is starting to make so much sense “And what helps you get out of your head?”
Bucky takes in your surprised face and gives you a sweet kiss on the lips “Okay, I know that can be a scary word and by your expression, you did not expect that but it’s not like full on submission, I’ve been there and did not agree with me” Bucky states putting his time with Hydra very lightly “But I need someone that I trust to take the reins for a little bit”
“And sex helps?”
“Well, I haven’t exactly had a sexual partner to help with this, you would be the first” Bucky says which makes you blushes lightly, Bucky has spoken about his sexual encounters of the 20th century, and you are the only one that has grown into feelings. “So, I don’t exactly know if sex will be the solution, but I want to be close with you, I want to feel you which tends to make me feel extremely needy”
Bucky rotates his hips to meet mine once again, your eyes widen at the feel of his hard dick, even with all this talking he is still hard and ready. “Oh wow”
Bucky chuckles while moving up to place soft kisses up my neck “I need you darling, I need you to fuck the past five weeks out of my head so the only thought in my head is you, that I submit only to you”
“Fuck” You breath out moving your hips to meet his, feeling a strong rush of need for the man who just opened his heart up to you.
Taking in everything that Bucky just said and even though it slightly scares you, you want Bucky to clear his mind and feel so relaxed that the only thing that crosses his mind for the rest of the night is how you both feel when you are together. So, you flip him over and hover over his hips so there is no friction between the two of you.
Bucky looks up at you shocked at your sudden movement, he is even more shocked when you grab both of his wrists and put them above his head, feeling his metal arm under your left hand gives you the strength that you didn’t think you would get from the change of position.
“What are you doing” Bucky asks trying to create friction with our lower halves but failing. “Doll, please”
“Well, it didn’t take long for you to beg” You mutter making Bucky moan, getting a surge of power from your words, you carry on; “You want to submit to me huh? then you better listen to me baby”
“Fuck, yes I will” Bucky groans snaping is body up underneath you like your words have electrocuted him “Please darling, anything”
“Stop moving” He immediately stops his movements “Good boy”
Bucky’s face after uttering those two words is something that you hope to never leave your mind, it is like you had cracked the code that is James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky looks up at you with such submission and innocence, which has made you faulter because his dirty talk is enough to get an orgasm out of you at times, but in this moment, you have him in the palm of your hands, he will do or say anything that you want.
“You know, ever since I meet you. I have thought that you were so pretty, just so breath taking” You almost coo at the man below you who is fighting away the blush forming on his face “I’m not kidding, you were just the prettiest boy I had ever seen and when you finally became mine, I have been wanting to call you my pretty baby but we are only three months in and I was nervous but seeing the way you are right now, so soft and sweet. it just makes sense that you are my pretty baby”
Bucky moan and his eyes being to gloss over like they were before “Calling you my pretty baby makes your brain go soft, does it?” you ask him while hovering your mouth lightly over his ear only to lightly nib at his earlobe lightly.
“Ye-es, gosh please doll” Bucky stutters out, begging to feel any relieve that you are denying him, only feeling pleasure from your words which very quickly is becoming not enough.
“Do you want to choose what will happen tonight or do you want me too?” You already know the answer but still thought that it would be considerate to ask.
“No, you choose please” Bucky begs “Anything please, it hurts”
“Aw poor baby” You politely mock because he has been gone for five weeks and you just have an itch that only he can scratch so he can wait a little longer. “You know pretty baby, since meeting you there has been one that you do perfectly, like no one else that I have ever met, do you know what this is?’
“No” Bucky keens at your praise.
“I don’t know if I believe you baby, you know my body better than anyone else, I’m sure that you can figure it out” You urge him on, knowing stating that he practically owns your body will make him need you even more, while this submissive side of Bucky is new to you, the processive side, you are very well aware of “It makes my body shake and all these sounds that I know you love come out when you do it”
“C’mon, what is it? say it and I’ll give it too you sweet boy”
Bucky moans and twists his hands that is still trapped above him “Eating you out”
“Eating what out?” Now you are just toying with him, this newfound dominance is really doing something to your confidence.
“Your pussy”
“Hmm baby, I think by now you know that it’s not just my pussy”
“Fuck baby” Bucky groans looking at you dead in the eye and says, “Eating out my pussy.”
“Bingo pretty boy” You let go of Bucky’s hands and lifts your knees, so he knows to pull down your now drenched underwear, which he does groaning at the wet feeling of them. You also go and pull his underwear down because you have gone long enough without seeing his dick, probably one of the prettiest you have ever seen, so you tell him that.
“There’s that pretty cock of mine” You watch it twitch against his stomach; praise really is a magical thing.
“Fuck darling, what has gotten into you?” Bucky splutters at your words, you just shrug with a seductive smirk.
“I guess being away from you for five weeks, turns me into a slut for you and my pretty dick”
“Please do something to your pretty dick?” Bucky sweetly begs and wow, you now understand by he loves your cunt being called his because the idea that his dick is yours and yours only makes you feel so powerful.
“Hm, not yet.” You tease him by lightly grinding your hips down onto his now leaking cock before lifting your body up to turn around, so your ass is in his face “First I want you to eat me out like the good boy that you are”
“Fuck me darling” Bucky moans at your dripping cunt right in front of his face “Can I touch you?”
“Because you asked nicely, yes you can” Facing toward you get a wonderful view of not only his dick but his beautiful thighs and legs that just seem like they go on for miles.
Bucky’s hands roam around your ass, squeezing softly and then pulling you down so you are sitting on his face, his lips is the first thing that you feel sucking lightly over your lips to collect the juices that are there, only to run his tongue right up your slit to collect the rest.
Immediately you began to moan those sweet sounds that you know that he loves, having Bucky drive right into your core without any hesitation always makes you feel feral. “Fuck baby boy, your mouth was made for eating pussy”
It’s not often that you praise him while his mouth is put to work, usually you can’t even get any words out but knowing that he needs to know what a good boy he is being, you carry on spiting out praise in-between your moans.
“Darling, I’m so hard” Bucky pulls back to groan, you can see how hard he is by how swollen his cock looks “Please touch me” He goes back to eating out while you decide if you want to touch him or not. But by looking at his dick pulsating against his stomach, the sudden need to have him inside of you takes over.
“Stop” you say quickly pulling off his face and turning out, you look at Bucky confused face that has your arousal all over his mouth and chin making you groan and clench around nothing.
“Look at you covered in me” You bend down to give him a kiss tasting yourself on his lips, while finally lining your lower halves together in preparation to finally connect after so long.
“Do you want me to fuck you pretty baby?” You ask him while kissing and biting down his neck to his collarbone, you can already feel yourself wetting his thighs.
“Fuck yes, I need you so badly” Bucky whines lifting his hips to meet yours “You have no idea, please, please honey”
“Such a good boy, begging so nicely for me” You praise him while he tips his head back from your words and the feeling of your cunt and his cock rutting against each other.
“Darling, god you already- ah- feel so good-” Bucky’s voice is become less steady, and it turns from words to whines and moans when you finally line is cock up with your hole and sink down on his length. Both you and Bucky moan in ecstasy at the first pump of your hips colliding with his.
You run your hands up and around his body, focusing on his arms and shoulders, all while letting yourself adjust to the size of his cock and letting Bucky take a moment to your warmth. Bucky’s face begins to sweeten in pleasure and his eyes begin to water making you press your whole body over Bucky, you gently caress his hair and press sweet kisses to his lips.
“You can let go pretty boy, just feel me, feel us and how good we feel together” You mutter on his lips while lightly lifting your hips up and down, up, and down slowly to allow Bucky to feel every inch of your walls.
“Please honey” Bucky hands reach around your body to pull him to you, clearly wanting to feel as close as he has wanted the whole night. “What do you need sweet boy?”
“Faster, harder” Bucky moans, his flesh hand moving down your body to grab your ass cheek “I don’t kn-know, just more”
You begin to pull up and down his body as fast you can while being glued to his body, knowing that he is needing the warmth of your body just as much. Bucky’s hips attempt to meet yours in a harsh thrust like he is unable to control his bodies movements.
Bucky has watched you lose control in pleasure that he was giving you, he has pounded into you harder than anyone else ever had, he has made you not be able to walk the next day. It brings you great happiness to watch him lose control in his pleasure. Your movements become in sync with each other’s, giving and receive every ounce of pleasure that you both possibly can.
After getting in a rhythm, you grab his hands off your body and place them above his head to lace them together which allows you to bounce up and down on Bucky’s cock harder and faster giving him everything that he deserves.
“Kiss me please darling” Bucky begs, and you oblige his need, leaning down to take his lips in yours with your tongues meeting in a strong and needy kiss which makes your walls clench down around him. Knowing what that does to Bucky, you pull back to witness Bucky’s head tilt back exposing his neck to you. You lean down to bite and suck on all the sweet spots you have discovered over the three months of knowing him.
“God-d honey, you feel so good” Bucky whines, his hands squeeze yours lightly while he soaks in every single feeling you are giving him, he looks like he is drowning in pleasure which only powers you on more to grind and fuck his cock harder, clenching around his tip whenever you reach the top and sink back down filling you deliciously.
“Pretty baby” You praise removing one of your hands to run it down his soft but also firm body, over his abs and back up to his face, you grab his stubbled chin in your palm so you can control the heart clenching kiss you place on him.
“C’mon baby boy, make a mess in me, fill me up” You urge him on when you start to feel your body tighten and shake the way it always does when you are reaching the finish line. Holding back from letting yourself sink into the feeling, you make sure that Bucky reaches completion before you do.
Bucky begins to sob underneath you as his hips are now moving without his control making sure that he is chasing his high, while his mind starts to lose touch his body and the foggy feeling comes back at full force.
“Darling please” Bucky hiccups with his glassy eyes look straight into yours, you can see how his body is struggling to keep up with the intense pleasure he is feeling. “Darling, I need you to come first”
“No, sweet boy, this is all about you” You shake your head, while you are so close to falling off the edge. Normally you would listen to him because he always makes sure that you come before he does, but you don’t listen to your body’s needs. This time he needs to feel prioritized like he makes you feel when having sex. “Be a good boy for me baby and let go”
Bucky moans at your words while his body begins to tremble. Watching Bucky come is always your favourite, while you said that he was so pretty, he is truly never more beautiful than when he lets go. Taking in the sight of your boyfriend finally releasing, his eyes screw shut as his body tenses and he whispers your name over and over again, his hips make a quick harsh thrust up in you filling up with cunt beautifully.
“So beautiful baby, filling me up so well” You praise him while continuing to rise and fall on his throbbing cock, feeling his seed warm your insides and slowly drip down his length, watching Bucky look spent and relaxed just how you wanted him. You finally indulge yourself in the pleasure and tip over the edge with a strong clench around his cock which makes him shiver and moan.
“Fuck-k” You stutter out before sinking down on his cock one more time and near collapsing on Bucky’s body. Five weeks without a proper orgasm really makes the first one intense. Bucky’s arms come and wrap around your body, soaking in the sweat and warmth that you had created.
“How’s your brain bubba?” You ask him after a few moments, hoping that he got everything he deserves out of this.
Bucky moans first at the feeling of you still happily inside him before answering with one word only “Perfect”
“You were perfect” You ask him while pressing kisses long his chest, “Do you need anything?”
“Just you”
“You have me- always” And he does, three months in and you love him more than words can explain.
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pellucid-constellations · 3 months ago
Before It All
Tumblr media
Pairing: College athlete!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky Barnes didn’t do girlfriends. Well, not until you. Too bad you wanted nothing to do with him. 
Word count: 3.8k
Warnings: Big time pining!Bucky 
a/n: This is the fourth one-shot/drabble for my series ‘For the Love of the Game’! It’s set before the main series :) 
I discontinued my taglist, but you can follow my library blog @pellucid-library​​ for notifications 🤍
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Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes didn’t do girlfriends. 
He didn’t do the dinner dates or the anniversaries or the texting. The thought of getting in a fight and having to beg for forgiveness made him want to pull his hair out. And he certainly didn’t do exclusivity; being with one girl for the rest of his life seemed like such a waste. 
And lucky for him, Bucky Barnes didn’t have to do girlfriends—not with his status. 
He could walk into any party and become the life of it, eyes tracking over each girl that sent him a suggestive glance. If he felt like it, he would talk them up first; act like he was really interested in what they were saying, and maybe even brush some of their hair behind their ear. Girls loved that. 
But more often than not, he would skip that step. A quick whisper in their ear was more than enough to have them dragging Bucky to their dorm. Or to their car. Sometimes just down the hall of whatever frat house they were in. Anywhere was fine with Bucky; it’s not like it had to be romantic.
There were, of course, a few flings that wanted more with him. They would linger as he pulled his clothes on, desperate to race out of their dorm before they could ask him to stay. He would get a text sometime later; something about coffee or lunch that he would have to ignore. If he saw them again it was awkward, but Bucky found that more manageable than having to deal with an entire relationship. 
Because Bucky Barnes didn’t do girlfriends. 
Well, not until you anyway. 
He noticed the little things at first. Like the way your laugh made his chest feel weird and the way he found himself wanting to hear you talk for ages. You were never talking to him—and your laugh certainly wasn’t meant for his ears—but just being around the sound was enough.
He brushed it off as a coincidence. Sure, everything that came out of your mouth had him on the edge of his seat, but that was just because he was sick of the guys. And maybe the way you laughed caused his breath to get lost in his throat, but the air quality in the sports bar had never been the best anyway. 
But then it was bigger things—things he couldn’t ignore. 
Because how could he ignore that even when you wanted nothing to do with him—even when you wouldn’t speak to him and barely met his eyes—all he wanted was one small, fleeting chance. 
You drew him in. You smiled up at something Thor said and he was kicking himself, wishing he had said it. You yanked Sam’s jacket from his hands, complaining that he had torn it again and you would now have to fix it, and Bucky was about to rip his own in half. Not that you would mend it for him; you’d never offered before. 
You cared so much. Too much in Bucky’s opinion, but maybe that was just because you held an ice pack to Pietro’s eye after a rough practice and not to his. You brought those little snacks in your bag that the team got in emergencies, and you gave the best birthday presents. But not to him. Sure, you got him a card every year, but they were so impersonal. He still found himself wishing he had saved them. You picked them out yourself. 
And why did Parker get help with his homework? Bucky needed help with his homework too. And Bucky was pretty sure the kid didn’t even appreciate how close he got to sit by you; how he could probably smell your perfume and how you even brushed your hand against his shoulder when he got frustrated. 
Obviously, Bucky knew these things because he was in the library at the same time by accident. He hadn’t overheard Parker asking for help. That would be weird. 
The worst moments were the ones that gave him a glimpse. When something would slip behind your indifferent mask and you would grant Bucky with his own smile. He would say something that caught you off guard and your laugh actually would be meant for him. And it always made him ache because you reeled yourself in just as quickly; you would blink and remember yourself and suddenly he felt cold again. 
It was even more painful when he got to touch you. 
Those moments were rare, much more rare than your occasional laugh, but he found himself holding onto each one.
When he got nervous on the mound during games, he would remember the way your thigh brushed his in the crowded lecture hall. You were late that day, forced to take the empty seat Bucky had saved with his bag. You let out a small huff before plopping down next to him, rummaging through your backpack in a flurry. 
“Need a pencil, doll?” 
“Uh,” you started. His fingers twitched when you spoke. “I’m fine. Thanks.” 
His disappointment only lasted for a moment; the guy next to you was taking up too much space, and had forced you to press your thigh to Bucky’s after you settled. You seemed uninterested in the contact. Bucky tried to mimic your expression, but excitement was buzzing through his veins.
You wouldn’t even remember the occurrence. 
Sometime before the summer—right after Bucky discovered you were probably the love of his life—you touched him on purpose. You touched him twice, actually, but the first time was much less pleasant than the second. He was appreciative of both. 
“Oh my god,” you exhaled. You dropped to his side. “Oh my god, I am so sorry.” 
Bucky hardly felt the throbbing in his nose; he was too focused on your palm pressed to his cheek. 
“I didn’t mean to hit you, I swear. I didn’t even know you were standing there.” 
The team was all laughing around him, slowly filing out of the gate that led to the stadium. He didn’t really mind. They could laugh all they wanted if it meant you would keep touching him. 
“James?” you asked, pulling him to attention. “I didn’t give you a concussion or anything, right?” 
Obviously not; you hadn’t hit him that hard. The only reason he was on the ground was because you knocked him into the curb. Maybe if he had been paying attention and not trying to catch your conversation with Tony, he would have stopped your hand before it connected with his face. 
He gave himself another second before answering—one more second to take in your concerned face that was just inches from his. “Nah, doll, I’m fine.” 
You blew out a relieved breath, and he relished in the feel of it against his neck. And just like that, you weren’t touching him anymore. His face burned where your impression lingered, and he felt the softness of your touch more than the smack to his nose. 
“You gonna live?” Steve asked. He loomed over Bucky, offering a hand when you left to continue your conversation elsewhere. “Or do you wanna tell her you’re in love with her now?” 
But what really did him in—what kept him up at night and made his skin realize its lack of your touch—happened right before junior year. When you got caught under the damn rubber on the mound. 
Of all people, Steve had dropped his keys on the field. They fell out of his bag on the way out of the dugout, leaving a very tired group of players leaning against his car, waiting to be driven to campus. 
But you were lagging behind that day, and in the perfect position to run back and grab them. The field wasn't very far from the car, so when you were gone for ten minutes, Bucky volunteered to check on you. Steve threw him a knowing look that he didn’t catch, too intent on getting to you. 
When he saw you sitting in the dirt with your leg twisted at a weird angle, he ran faster. 
“Fuck, are you okay?” 
You groaned. “I’m fine. I slipped and my sandal got caught. Why is there so much space between the dirt and the rubber thing?” 
He crouched beside you and assessed the damage. Your shoe was pressing your foot into the mound and the dirt covering your leg made it very hard to see. He hesitantly reached out and brushed it away. When you didn’t protest, he started to pull. 
“Ah—” He stopped as soon as you opened your mouth. “Okay, that hurt.” 
“They haven’t filled the dirt since the season hasn’t started,” Bucky explained. He rubbed your calf, attempting an apology. “Looks like I can’t just pull your leg out, doll. I gotta lift you up first.” 
“Like—my whole body?” 
He smiled sheepishly. “I can get Steve to come help if you want.” The offer made him cringe. 
“No, no, it’s okay just—let’s just get this over with.” 
He shuffled behind you and reached down to grab your waist. There was a pause—so infinitesimal you couldn’t even tell—before his fingers pressed into your skin. His chest connected with your back before he moved up, and his breath felt lodged in his throat. 
He was holding you—not at all romantic, but you were pressed against him and he wasn’t sure if he had the mind to speak anymore. He leaned more of your body on him as he stood, pulling you gently. 
“Is it hurting at all?” he breathed against your ear.
You shivered, gripping his forearms around your waist. “No.” 
When your foot popped out, you didn’t leave his arms immediately. You kept your body pressed to his as you rolled your ankle a few times, even letting your head fall back against his chest for a moment. He watched with bated breath; if he said anything, you might move, and he certainly didn’t want that. 
“Well,” you giggled. “I’m sure you can’t say you’ve ever done that.” 
And he was a goner. Because not only were you still wrapped up in him, but you were laughing, and he could feel it in his chest. Physically. 
He let another beat pass before he answered, memorizing your hands against his arms. “No, can’t say I have.” 
Maybe it was the way his breath tickled at your ear, or maybe his fingers twitched too much on your waist, but you tore away from him after that. You reached down for your shoe and you spun around on your heel and your face was back to the way it always was around him—indifferent and blank. 
“Well, thank you.” 
Yeah, this was much worse than when you smiled at him. 
After that—after the way your body molded into his and your laugh echoed in his chest—Bucky decided it was time he tried harder. He’d been admiring you from afar for too long, worried that if he showed interest, you would become even more distant from him; that if he started treating you like a friend, you would leave him with nothing. 
It was obvious you didn’t like him, although he couldn’t figure out why. Steve wouldn’t tell him, and Natasha was even worse. No matter how many times he begged and pleaded for them to spill the information, they told him it wasn’t their story to tell. 
So Bucky just figured it was because of his reputation. 
Well, that wouldn’t be an issue anymore—not after he got to feel you against him and suddenly every girl that lingered by his ear made him cringe. They all laughed too loud and their hands were too rough and their perfume was too strong. And they didn’t make him feel like you did. He could have a girl in bed, lying beneath him and ready, and all he could think about was you. 
So he stopped going to parties. He stopped seeking out a new girl every weekend, and he figured that was a good start. He’d show you he was different now and you’d surely give him the time of day. 
Except you didn’t. Not even a little. 
In fact, the only time Bucky got a reaction out of you was when he brought other girls around. And he so loved the way your eyes looked when they met his. So, he brought other girls around. 
He didn’t want to. He hated the way they felt against him and how their breath met his skin. They were pushy and Bucky couldn’t believe he used to seek this out; how he could’ve been satisfied with their advances every night when just a single glance from you was a million times more pleasing. 
Sam told him he was being an idiot; he said no girl would ever become more attracted to a jerk if they were constantly hanging off of another girl. But Sam didn’t understand that the tiny huff you let out when a random sorority girl sat on his lap, was on replay in his brain all weekend. He didn’t get it because while you granted him your words and gentle tone, all Bucky could hold onto was your annoyance. 
And after months and months of nothing changing, he’d had enough. It was time to make some real changes. 
“I’m not askin’ you to force her on me, Nat. Just a little push maybe?” 
“Bucky, give it a rest, would you? She’s not going to sleep with you.” 
“I don’t want her to sleep with me! Well, I do, but not—” Natasha glanced up at Bucky with a sharp brow. “Okay, that came out wrong. What I meant is that I just want to get to know her.”
“And why the sudden interest?” she drawled. 
Bucky didn’t really know how to answer that. He could barely answer that for himself. There wasn’t one exact moment that peaked his interest; he just knew that overtime, everything you did made him want to get closer to you. 
“She’s really pretty.” 
Natasha scoffed. “She’s always been pretty.” 
“Right, of course,” Bucky rushed. “She’s just been around me more and I’ve noticed.” 
“She’s been ‘around you’ for years.” 
This wasn’t going well. He knew Natasha was protective of her best friend, but this conversation was nearing a dead-end. He took a deep breath and swallowed his pride—just for a moment. 
“Nat, you know me. You know I haven’t been interested in a single girl since I got to this school. If I was looking for a quick lay I could find one. But I’m not. I’ve been asking you about y/n for weeks now.” 
Natasha finally pulled her attention away from her laptop and narrowed her eyes at the pitcher. He’d had this entire conversation with the top of her head up until now; she hadn’t humored a single thing he’s said. But now it felt like she was seeing through him. He shifted under her scrutinizing gaze. 
“I just want to talk to her,” he reasoned. “Promise.”
She pressed a manicured nail to the top of her computer, snapping it shut with finality. “She’s meeting me here in fifteen minutes. You can...stay. It’ll be like a trial period. For me, not for her. She’s still not going to want to talk to you.” 
And it wasn’t much, but it gave him hope. Bucky slid down the chair and got comfortable, his hoodie riding up his neck and blocking out the air of the library. A trial period. A way to show Natasha that he didn’t just want to get in her best friend’s pants. He had no idea how he was going to do that when you never spoke to him, but he’d give it his best shot. 
He had resorted to fiddling with his phone as Natasha went back to her work, but when the delicate trill of your voice greeted the librarian, he shot up in his seat. A little too quickly, it seemed, because he knocked his knee on the table and received a sharp glare. 
“Hey, Nat! I brought you a coffee but they were out of—” Your voice trailed off, eyes darting between Bucky and Natasha. “Uh, I didn’t know anyone would be joining us.” 
Bucky sent you a shy smile and looked across the table for an explanation. Natasha rolled her eyes. “Bucky’s going to be sitting with us. Just for a little while.”
You looked extremely uncomfortable, weight shifting between your feet and coffees held out in front of you. “Oh, well I um—I would have gotten you something from the cafe if I’d known.” 
Of course you would.  You practically hated the guy, but of course you would try and get him a coffee when he crashed your study date with your best friend. Just another reason for Bucky to be falling for you.
“No problem, doll. Not like you coulda known,” he flirted. 
“I wish you would stop calling me that.” You took the seat next to him begrudgingly and started to grab books from your bag. “I do have a name, you know.” 
Natasha threw him a pointed glance, causing him to remove the arm he was about to place around your chair. Bucky wasn’t used to being watched when he was trying to make a move, and he certainly wasn’t used to being evaluated. 
“‘Course you have a name, doll. I just think mine fits you better.” 
You furrowed your brows at him before diving into your books. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best place to try and talk to you; you looked really busy and Bucky hadn’t brought any work with him. But according to Natasha, this was his time to prove himself. 
“So, uh,” he started, nodding to your homework. “What class is that for?” 
“Nothing you’re in, don’t worry.” 
“Right. So you don’t like it?” 
You turned back to him, confused. “No, I like this class. It’s one of my favorites.” 
“Favorites? What is it then?” Bucky smiled, resting his chin in his palm. 
“You want to know about my favorite class?” you deadpanned. 
“Yeah. Lay it on me.” 
God, he’d never seen you look more guarded. You looked almost afraid to tell him; it was as if you feared he would make fun of you. He’d never do that. He wouldn’t dream of making you second guess yourself, or worse, making you upset. 
You pulled your book a little closer to your chest and let your gaze track to Natasha. You were having a conversation that he had no way of deciphering, eyes locked on each other and expressions changing. Bucky was left sitting there, glancing between the two girls, praying Natasha was on his side. 
With one last confused look, you turned back to Bucky. “It’s art history.” 
“That sounds fun. I’ve never taken it myself, but maybe I should. Hey, you’re pre-med though, right? You just takin’ it as an elective?” He couldn’t stop speaking; something in his brain needed to fill the awkward silence between you. 
“It’s just an elective. I like that we have to go to the museums sometimes—like The Met.”
He shoved that information into the back of his mind; maybe you’d let him take you sometime. “Wow, The Met. I haven’t been since I was a kid. My Ma used to drag me and my sister there every summer.” 
“Why’d you stop going?” 
There it was—just a little bit of interest had sparked in your eyes. He could use that; he could latch onto your niche interest and drag it out. Maybe you’d ask him about his favorite class next. Then he could ask you if you needed someone to walk you home. This was a perfect in. 
“Got really busy with baseball. Then I started here and got busy with… well everything.” He was kicking himself. Why would he say that when you obviously knew what ‘everything’ was. He tried to change the subject. “I, uh—I didn’t know you liked art.” 
If his previous comment hadn’t done him in, this one sure did. That tiny glimmer in your eye dimmed and the mask you wore covered your features. “There are lots of things you don’t know about me. Everyone else knows I like art.” 
“Well, I’d like to know—more about you, I mean. Now I know you like art. What else do you like?” 
He shouldn’t have said that, but the words shot from his mouth before he could stop them. He wanted you to like him so badly, and your aversion to his charm was throwing him off. Yes, Bucky should know you like art—he’d been around you for years now—but he didn’t, and he wanted to change that. 
He opened his mouth to elaborate, but you beat him to it. “You know what? I—I just remembered I have office hours right now. For uh, my math class. Sorry, Nat, raincheck?” 
How were you packing up so quickly? You haphazardly shoved your books and laptop back into your bag as Bucky scrambled for something to say. 
“Wait. Do you need me to walk you? I have somewhere to be too. I could—” 
“Don’t worry about it,’’ you shot out. “See you tonight, Nat.” 
And with that, you were gone. 
Bucky blew it. He completely blew it and there was no way Natasha was going to help him now. At least he got to have a tiny, fleeting conversation with you before his heart was torn in half. 
“Alright, Barnes, I’ll help you out.”
His head shot up fast enough to give him whiplash. “What? But—she just ran out. Literally ran away from me. Why would you help me?” 
“I know y/n. And I know other… things. About you and about her. You looked like a lovesick puppy the second she walked into the room. That’s a new look for you Bucky—a good look, but a new one.” 
Bucky was seconds away from asking her a million questions about you, when Natasha pointed an angry finger at him. “But if this is some kind of game—if you hurt her—you’re gonna regret ever asking me for anything.” 
“It’s not. I swear, Nat, I don’t wanna hurt her.” 
“I know you don't,” she agreed. “But you still might.” 
And Bucky would have to grapple with that for years to come—even in the years that you allowed him to hold you in his arms. The idea of who he was, and the history he had created for himself, was something that could hurt you on its own. It already had, apparently. 
“Well, what do you want to know about her?” 
He wanted to know everything.
Tumblr media
Series Taglist: @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal​ @punkmccqll​ @unbeatablecurlgirl​ @moncheriemoony​ @shawnie--jo​ @emmabarnes​ @currentfication​ @bakugouswh0r3​ @vghz82​ @blossomedfloweroflove​ @bonkybarneslover @yeahsarcasmismyonlydefence​ @arctic-duchess​ @keepingitlokiii​ @slut4supersoldiers​ @toothhurtyam​ @justab-eautifulmess​ @lianadare18​ @enlyume​ @silentkiller2374​ @woahmrstark​ @itsgioduarte​ @teenagedreams-bucky​ @maladaptivexxdaydreaming​ @intrepidacious​ @pastelpoppies​ @ajeff855​ @boofy1998​ @starlightcrystalline​ @nipple-twisting-washing-machine @themealtime​ @captainjaspenor​ @doasyoudesireandlive​ @luc-ale​ @fanfictionjunkie1112​ @theokatz​ @ene-rene​ @buttybarnes1917​ @yelenabeloveme​ @birminghambabe​ @feffffffy​ @lililouvre​ @cumberpeepz​ @harpersmariano​ @importantsoulfire​ @just-that-dumb-bitch​ @pineprincess​ @s-r-clowns​ @bahama-mama-llama​ @elbell20-blog​ @nerdy-bookworm-1998​ @j2brosforlife-spn​ @missusbarnes-rogers​ @what-a-beautiful-mess-i-made @nora-the-simp-of-mischieff @hannahsateacup​ @calwitch​ @la-cey​ @ali-r3n​​
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thewxntersoldier · a month ago
Restless Night
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 400+
Author’s note: I have produced more serotonin for you guys. I appreciate the love you guys have given my fics. This one is shorter but it was one of my favorites to write. Again, I got some inspirations from a couple of prompts. Enjoy!
Warnings: Fluff
Prompts: “Can I stay here for the night?” And “You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
You groaned as you tossed and turned. This is the third night you haven’t been able to sleep. You sat up and turned your lamp on. You looked at the time to see it was two in the morning. “Son of a bitch…” you muttered.
You sat there trying everything you could to fall back asleep. You sighed as you saw a half an hour had passed by. You looked at your phone to see a picture of you and Bucky. You smiled at the thought of cuddling up to your man. He loved drawing patterns on your skin when you laid together. But, he would never sleep in the same bed as you. Not since he had a really bad nightmare that you couldn’t get him out of. You didn’t blame him for hurting you. You knew it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t touch you for the entire time you were healing. Steve told you it was his way of punishing himself. So, you respected his wishes and stayed in your own room at night.
Sadly, there was one thing you discovered while dating Bucky Barnes. You sleep better wrapped up in his arms with Alpine sleeping at the end of the bed. You sat there contemplating if you should risk breaking your promise. 
“Fuck it.” You muttered before getting out of bed and quietly making your way out of the room. You looked up and down the hall before going to the elevator. Once the doors opened on his floor, you slowly made your way to Bucky’s room. You knew he wasn’t going to like the idea but you missed feeling his arms wrapped around you. 
You stared at his door for five minutes before knocking. You softly giggled as you heard grumbling on the other side. When he opened the door, you were met with a sleepy Bucky. He rubbed his eyes as he leaned up against the door post. “Doll? Whatcha doing here?”
“I couldn’t sleep.” He hummed. He watched as you played with the sleeves on your long sleeve shirt. “Can…can I stay here tonight?” You watched as Bucky tensed up.
He sighed as he ran a hand down his face. “Doll…I don’t want to hurt you again…”
You frowned slightly before taking his hands. “You won’t hurt me.”
“You don’t know that.” He blushed as you kissed his cheek. 
“I trust you.” He hesitated before agreeing. You smiled before bringing him back to bed. You gave a quick kiss to Alpine before snuggling up to Bucky. He chuckled as he began to draw patterns on your back. 
You began to drift in and out of sleep. “Are you comfortable sleeping on me?” He softly asked you.
You hummed. “You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.” He chuckled and kissed the top of your head. 
“Good night doll.”
“Good night, love.”
Taglist: @bxcketbarnes @jessalyn-jpeg @noisynightmarefest​ @shyartistmaddie​  
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tuiccim · 4 months ago
Hi! I love your writing, you are amazing! Are you taking requests? if you are, can I ask for one, where the reader is bi, but has only been with women so far, so she's really nervous about sleeping with Bucky for the first time? I don't know if this is good, but if you want to write it, it would be great! If not, that's totally okay! Love u🖤
Hello my love! I am so sorry this took so long to get to. I hope you enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Bi Female Reader
⚠️ Warnings: Smut. NSFW 18+!
Word Count: 2.5k
A/N: A big thank you to my beta reader, @liebs82 . All mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
“How was the date?” Sam grins at you as you enter the kitchen. “What’s her name again?”
“Awful and who cares cause I’m never gonna see her again,” you roll your eyes.
“What happened?” Bucky asks from his seat at the island.
“We were talking about when we came out and the moment I said I’m bisexual, she got this look on her face. She said she only dates lesbians because she doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t make up their mind.”
“Oh, man. What did you say?” Sam shakes his head.
“I said, oh, and when did you choose to be a lesbian? And she was like, I didn’t, I was born this way.”
“And then I answered, yeah, me too. Got up from the table, threw down some cash to cover my portion of dinner and left. It’s so frustrating. I’ve always been attracted to both genders. It’s who I am. Just, ugh, I’m so sick of people who are only attracted to one gender having some sort of superiority about it and… I’m sorry, guys. I’ll get off my soapbox.
“No problem, doll. You can always vent to us,” Bucky says sweetly.
“Right. I’m heading out though. Gonna meet a lady friend for a drink,” Sam says with a wave.
“Booty call,” you sing-song, giving Bucky a wink.
“I heard that,” Sam calls.
“I meant for you to!” You yell back.
Bucky chuckles but then sobers as he gives you a onceover, “She really must be an idiot.”
“Thanks, Buck. Some peoples’ prejudices, ya know?” you shrug.
“I, uh, didn’t realize you’re bi. I always thought you were-”
“I haven’t really dated guys much.”
“Why not?”
“No reason,” you survey Bucky. You had wondered more than once in the past if he was attracted to you.
“But you’d date a guy?”
“Why? You interested?” You lean on the counter, giving him a great view of your cleavage, and smirk.
“Yeah, doll. Have been since you first got here. Just didn’t think I had a shot,” Bucky gives you a cocky grin.
“Shoot your shot then, Barnes.”
Two weeks later, you and Bucky had been on a half dozen dates and made out until you were throbbing with need. There was one thing Bucky didn’t know and it was the reason you hadn’t dragged him to your bed.
Sam was gone on a mission with Joaquin, giving you and Bucky the house to yourselves. You had asked him if he’d like to stay in tonight, get a pizza, and watch a movie. The understood code of “let’s ignore the movie and make out.” Which is exactly where you were at this moment, laid out on the couch with Bucky on top of you. You are so wet you had probably soaked through every layer of clothing between the two of you.
"Bucky," you attempt to get his attention but it comes out a moan. His answer is to redouble his efforts, sucking a mark on your collarbone. "Barnes!"
That causes his head to snap up, "You okay?"
"Yeah," you nervously bite your lip.
Bucky gives you a cocky grin, "You wanna take this to the bedroom?"
You nod then giggle as Bucky shoots up from the couch and practically carries you to his bed. But as soon as you are laid out under him and he starts to pull your shirt off, your nerves bubble up. "Bucky?"
"Yeah, Doll?" Bucky pulls back to look at you.
"I've, um, I've never been with a guy. So, if I'm awkward at this, I'm sorry."
"You're a virgin, Doll?"
"Hardly, Barnes. I've had plenty of sex. Just never with a guy. I've always been with women."
"But you've never had a cock in you?"
"Look," you push Bucky back and straddle him, "I've been fucked good with a strap on and fingers and tongue." You put your hands under his shirt as you feel some of your confidence come back. "But it's always been with women. You won't hurt me or anything. I wanted you to know in case I'm a little awkward with anything." You pull his shirt off and smile at him, "I mean, I doubt you can beat the orgasm record that I've accomplished in a single session but I'm sure you can make it good. Right?"
Bucky rolls you under him and smirks down at you, "Is that a challenge?"
"Only if you're up for it, Sarge," you reply playfully.
Bucky leans down to whisper confidently in your ear, "Hope you don't have any big plans for tomorrow. You won't be walking straight."
“Big talk. Not seeing much action.”
Bucky grins devilishly as he gets to his knees, fists your shirt and rips it open. Your bra falls victim to him next and then your pants and panties are removed without further damage, "Wanna keep mouthing off, Doll?"
"If it gets me results, Sarge," you sass with a giggle. Your laugh quickly dies on a moan as Bucky explores your folds with his fingers.
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” Bucky whispers as he kisses you again. His fingers are making slow circles around your clit causing you to writhe against him. He builds you up, making the circles faster and tighter until the coil in you snaps.
“Yes, fuck!” you cry out.
“One,” Bucky whispers in your ear. His lips slide down your neck and then to your breasts. He gives each one attention as his fingers still make circles over your clit. You arch into his mouth when he swirls his tongue around your nipple and gently suckles. He trails his tongue over your belly, dipping into your navel, and then down to your mound. He traces his tongue over your folds and then his tongue spears into your opening and you cry out. He works his tongue in and out of you while never pausing the work of his fingers.
“Bucky! Fuck,” you cry out as you fall over the edge again.
“Two,” Bucky says before swiping his tongue up and over your clit. The new sensation causing you to writhe against him. You grab his hair to hold him against you as he laps at your bud.
“Bucky, God, it’s so good.”
His lips wrap around your clit and you arch as another orgasm slams through you.
“Three. What was that record again?” Bucky smirks at you from between your legs, his tongue still playing over you.
“I’ll let you know if you get there,” you smirk back at him.
“That’s how it’s gonna be, huh?” Bucky presses a finger into you as he speaks.
“Yes,” you reply breathlessly. His thick digit digging into your g spot as you throw your head back. Bucky’s tongue flicks over your clit in time with his strokes. Another moan escapes when he presses a second finger in. Each motion takes you higher until you cry, “Bucky! Oh, fuck, Bucky, I’m gonna..fuck!”
“Four. You like that, doll? Right there?” Bucky’s fingers massage your g spot.
“Yes. Bucky, will you, um, will you…” you falter, feeling a little embarrassed to ask for what you want. Something you had fantasized about more than once.
“Will I what, doll?” Bucky looks up at you.
You bite your lip for a second while butterflies erupt in your stomach, “Use your other hand?” The surprised expression that crosses his face makes you regret asking almost instantly.
“You want… you want that?” Bucky looks at you with wonder as he trails his metal hand up your leg.
“Yes. I want all of you, Bucky.”
He moves slowly but your moans encourage him. His mouth again covers your clit as he works two metal fingers in you. Your mind runs amok feeling how excited he is by your request. He's eating you as if starving and his fingers are firm yet gentle as they take you higher. The coil in you bursts yet again and the loud moan you release drives Bucky crazy.
“Five,” he groans as he kisses his way back up your body. His lips take yours again and you feel his hard length press against you through his sweatpants. Your hands slide past his waistband and encircle him. His skin was soft despite how incredibly hard his cock is. He moans into your mouth while your hands explore. You pull your hands out and roll Bucky onto his back. Sliding down him, you pull at his sweats and he lifts himself so you can pull them off. You lick your lips looking down at his well endowed cock. You reach your hand out and gently caress the length.
“I want to taste you, baby,” you say as you lower your mouth to lick the tip of his cock.
“Fuck, yes.”
“I haven’t done this before. You’ll tell me if I do something wrong?” You ask self-consciously.
“You won’t do anything wrong, doll,” Bucky holds himself still to allow you time to explore. He’s so hard it’s painful but when your sweet tongue swirls around his head, he’s ready to explode. Your lips wrap around him and the silky texture makes your eyes roll back in your head. You want to feel every inch of him on your tongue. You lick a stripe from his balls to the tip and grin when you see him fist the sheets. You repeat the action making him moan and squirm. You do it one more time and then slide him as deep as you can in your mouth. Involuntarily, his hips flex up and you pull back as you gag.
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Bucky is sitting up immediately.
“No, you’re interrupting my oral exploration of your cock. Lay down!” You smirk as you push him back onto the pillows. He chuckles as you wink at him and lean down to suck him again. You hold your thumb to help suppress your gag reflex. Your tongue flicks back and forth on his underside as you take him a little deeper with each stroke. Your hand comes up to cup his balls and his breath leaves him.
“Fuck. Doll, I’m gonna come.”
“Mmmm,” you moan as you take him deep and bob your head. You guide his hand to your hair and he moans as he begins guiding you where he wants. He releases a long groan as his cum hits the back of your throat. You swallow and lick him clean. You look at him and ask with a bit of heat in your cheeks, “Was that okay?”
“So much better than okay,” Bucky winks at you. Suddenly, he’s up and maneuvered you onto your hands and knees. You gasp when it’s not his cock but his tongue that is pressed to you. He makes a long swipe from your clit all the way to your tightest hole. His tongue dances there for a second making your insides flutter before it licks its way back to your entrance. He shoves his face into you causing his tongue to plunge into your pussy. You clench around his tongue and cry out at the onslaught. He bounces you against his face making you gasp and moan with each movement. His fingers glide over your slick clit, tightening the coil in you. You release a cry when you come. Your body shudders as the waves crash over you. He rolls you onto your back, grabs his t-shirt to wipe his face which is covered in your slick, and grins down at you, “Six.”
“Getting close, Barnes,” you tease.
“And we’re nowhere near finished, doll,” he lowers himself over you. “Ready?” He flexes his hips bringing his hard cock against you.
“So fucking ready,” you whine, arching into him. His first thrust takes your breath away. The thickness of his cock stretches you deliciously. Your breath hitches with each stroke that buries him deeper. “Fuck, baby. You feel so good inside me.”
“You feel good too, doll. So wet and ready for me. Squeezing my cock,” Bucky’s lips find yours as he thrusts harder. You grab his ass, encouraging each stroke. His hands are everywhere, on your hips, caressing your breasts, holding your face for his kiss. You can’t get enough of his hips driving into you.
“Faster, please, baby,” you whimper in his ear. Bucky responds immediately, grinding against you with quick, shallow strokes. Your legs begin to tremble as you barrel towards orgasm and then you’re crying out, writhing against Bucky.
“Seven,” Bucky says as he flips you on top of him and starts fucking up into you. Pushing up from his chest, you look down at him as you ride his cock. His eyes slide down your body and back up again. Grabbing his hands, you place them on your breasts and watch him as you roll your hips faster. His cock hits that spot deep inside and then he trails a hand down to circle your clit.
“Right there. Oh, God. Just like that, just like that. Fuck!” you’re coming again, surprising yourself with how quickly it came on.
“Eight,” Bucky sits up to wrap his arms around you. He kisses you in earnest, tongues twining as he slowly rocks you on his lap. He puts his forehead to yours and stares into your eyes while guiding your hips in slow circles. Nervously, you guide his hands from your hips to wrap around your neck. You continue the movement of your hips exactly as he had been guiding you and bite your lip as you look in his eyes. He caressed your jawline with his thumbs and then you see his expression change as his hands tighten. Your breathing becomes ragged with excitement. With each circle of your hips, his hands squeeze a little more, cutting off your blood flow. “Harder,” he demands and your eyes nearly roll back in your head from the commanding tone. You keep your slow pace but grind down on him with more force. You shudder when your orgasm streaks through you, clenching down on him. “Fuck, nine.”
When you recover your breath, you whisper, “My doubt in you was misplaced, Barnes. You’re even with the record. Care to beat it?”
Bucky has you on your back in seconds and is holding your knees open wide. He pounds into you. You grab handfuls of the sheets as you let out loud cries with each thrust. Your body arches from the intense onslaught and the coil in you tightens again. Bucky lets go of your legs, puts one hand next to your head to hold himself above you, and grabs your face. He forces your mouth open with his fingers against your cheeks and spits in your mouth. He puts his hand over your mouth until he sees you swallow. “Good girl.”
The words were all it took. Your mouth opens wide in a scream as your entire body spasms. You grab hold of Bucky as your body milks him, clenching tightly around his cock as it paints your insides. His moan as he comes is sinfully delicious to your ears.
You lay together catching your breath. The low rumble of Bucky’s voice causes you to grin as he mutters sleepily, “Ten.”
“A new high score,” you giggle.
“I can beat it,” Bucky grins.
Tumblr media
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adrinktostopyourthirst · 19 days ago
Could you maybe write drunk sex with Bucky? 😅
Bucky Barnes | One Shot | Satisfied
Warnings: 18+, absolute filth (smut).
Words: 23OO
Tumblr media
“Not even by yourself?” Bucky asks curiously, way too emerged in the subject in your opinion.
“Well, yeah sure. But it’s so exhausting and it doesn’t turn me on as much.” You huff with a shrug, taking another sip of your drink as you make your way back to the sofa.
It isn’t unusual for you to get drunk and end up talking about sex. Nor is it a secret that when you get drunk, you get a little restless. Your roommate and mutual friend had decided to head off to bed since she had work early in the morning and Sam got a booty call, so swiftly excused himself.
This is how both you and Bucky got to the subject of sex, veins filled with a decent percentage of alcohol and sitting across from each other on the couch. Without the alcohol in your system, you’d be a lot more self conscious of the fact that you are currently talking about your ability to orgasm.
“Have you tried standing in front of a mirror?” Bucky offers like it is the most obvious solution and you roll your eyes, giving him a light punch to him shoulder.
“Shut up!”
“Oh, come on! I’d look at myself all the time if I looked like you.” Bucky slurs and takes another swig of his beer.
“Narcissist.” You mumble, making Bucky’s face contort at the insult, pretty sure he could argue the insult to be incorrect, but with his mind swirling so much he can’t quite find the words.
“And no man has been able to?” He expertly swerves back into the previous topic.
Shrugging, you heave a deep sigh “Not that there have been too many to try, but no… Not really.”
It’s simple, the hum buzzing through his chest, but it carries something that is making you wary. Bucky stares ahead of himself, lost in thought and you narrow your eyes at him suspiciously. He does look ridiculously attractive sitting on your couch in a bright white t-shirt and dark jeans, his skin tan and his face freshly shaven. Not to mention his face looks awfully symmetrical to your woozy brain.
Just circumstantial friends who get along awfully well, especially with a drink in your systems.
“You always been able to make a woman come?” You ask casually, genuinely interested in the answer. Bucky turns to you and shrugs at you with a smug smile on his face.
“Took me some practice, but get there every time.” He grins at you boyishly.
The question just sort of slipped out. You didn’t mean to. Well, you did.You want to know how he does it and your body is feeling antsy. Even hearing someone, let alone an attractive super soldier, talk about making a woman come would give you some peace of mind.
Bucky’s grin turns into a knowing smirk, his eyes darting over your face as if to catch you on your needy thoughts. It stays quiet for a second, almost long enough for you to mumble out furious apologies for even asking. But he speaks up.
“Start slow.” He mumbles and you’re sure you imagine his voice dropping an octave “Drag my fingers over their skin. Lips too… Have her whine a little.”
Swallowing hard, you try to focus on his words to stop overthinking the eye contact he’s forcing onto you. Cheeks heated and your clothes feeling awfully tight on you, you blame it on the alcohol.
“Sometimes I like leaving her clothes on. Feels… dirtier.” He continues and releases you from the hold of his eyes by directing his stare to the floor as if he’s remembering it. “Pull her panties to the side and watch her get wet as I keep her legs open. It’s the best fuckin’ sight.”
You barely notice your breaths are getting more shallow and quickening rapidly, your eyes fixated on his lips as he licks them after every couple of words. Pressing your thighs together needily, you’re glad you already had your legs crossed so he doesn’t notice.
“I like to grab her hips and massage my thumbs into the apex of her thighs, it always gets them squirmy and wet. Fuck, and women are so soft too -I like biting their skin. They always start breathing faster and when I’m lucky, they are already begging.” He mumbles, his voice laced with pride “And they beg and beg and beg, not having a clue what they are begging for. And it’s different for every woman, but once I get my mouth on them, I’m not stopping until I can feel them pulse around my tongue.”
Staring at him with your mouth open in awe, you have no idea what you look like as you look at him. As Bucky turns himself on the couch to look at you, noticing how your eyelids have dropped and your body is radiating so much heat, he can feel it from his current position on the seat, he lets a smirk crawl over his lips.
“Making a woman come is the definition of power.” He explains, making sure his words are slow and said with intention, watching your lashes flutter briefly. “Can’t help but do it more than once.”
Silence to let the words sink into your chest, digest through your body until the image pounds between your legs -Bucky knows damn well what he’s doing to you. Granted, you’re both drunk and he won’t initiate anything until you tell him he can, but it takes him more energy than anticipated to contain his need for you.
“They get better every time. Especially when you fuck. When she’s around me and I can feel her pulse around me? Jesus Christ, it’s the best reward.” He slowly edges closer, putting his bottle down and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. The back of his fingers feel the heat of your soft cheeks and he refrains from calling you out on it.
His eyes search your features, knowing exactly what to reveal to you to make you cave.
“And if they’re really good…” He starts, his eyes landing on your mouth and narrowing in on it “I go down again and make sure to lick her clean.”
Both your eyes lock simultaneously and you look at him with wide eyes, knowing deep down he’s just waiting for your permission. Thick blood pumping through your body like syrup, skin flushed and thoughts swirling from the alcohol, your impulse control has drowned in desire. Your body is screaming at you to accept the subtle -yet not so subtle- invite and you’re waiting for your brain to object, but she can’t.
“Bucky…” It’s a whisper, but so clearly a plea.
“Come here.”
You put down your bottle and swing your leg over his lap, your mouth covering his within seconds as a relieved moan bubbles up. His hands instantly slide from your thighs up to your ass, pulling you over him with force and pressing your throbbing core over the hardening bulge in his jeans. Letting out a soft whine, your fingers run through his hair, his mouth drinking you up with every bit of craving he has for you.
Breaths heavy and shallow as you deprive each other of oxygen, you roll your hips down onto him, pride washing over you when his grip tightens and he lets out a choked grunt.
“Fucking hell…” He mumbles against your lips, once hand tangling into your hair and gripping it tightly. Yanking your head to the side, he attached his lips to your neck, his metal hand on your lower back having you continuing to grind down on him. Growling his promise, your body reels into overdrive “You’re asking for it now.”
“I, Bucky, I… Fuck, I- Shit. Bucky, Buck… Oh my god!” Not a single coherent thought can make its way to your throat as Bucky drives himself into you so far, your eyes roll to the back of your head, fingertips running over the scratches you have left on his back.
Every one of your limbs is trembling furiously as both of you are covered in sweat, the slick sound of him pumping in and out of you making you whine through your elations of pleasure. His grip on you is heavy and the way he circles his hips when he’s into you to the very hilt has you crying out for mercy.
You have no idea how many times he has made you come. You breathed a ‘thank you’ after the first, played off the second as a kind bonus, begged him for mercy after the third and tears were streaming down your cheeks right before the fourth.
But his praises of ‘one more, baby’ and ‘but you look so pretty’ or ‘squeeze me again, I know you have another in you’ had you whimpering in defeat, a proud grin on his face each time you allowed him to make you come another time.
And most of that was before he started fucking you. You can’t imagine coming another time until the coil winds up tightly again. You knew the man had stamina, but if it weren’t for him telling you that you are ‘made for him’ and how he ‘fits into you so perfectly’, you had no chance of keeping up with him.
Resting on his knees and keeping your thighs apart while his metal hand presses into your belly and the other hand circles your clit with precision, his thrusts start hitting with an intensity that has you falling quiet with your eyes squeezed shut.
There’s not a chance in hell you can warn him when your back arches up, your hands almost rip the sheets and your vision washes white entirely. Convulsing around Bucky as your orgasm rips through you like an exploding star sending warmth to wrap around your spine, you can’t help but lift your legs and pull your knees together.
The sight has Bucky almost drooling, desperate to make your high last as long as possible. Keeping his thumb on your clit and lunging forward after ripping your thighs back open, he rolls his hips into you with deep thrusts. His warm mouth presses to your ear “Good girl, let it wash over you… You’re doing so good. Good job, baby.”
His voice is strained and the sound is distant to you, your body slowly descending down from the most intense thing you have ever experienced. Feeling a sudden need to clutch onto something tangible, you wrap your hands around him again, your legs locking around his hips.
The feeling of you tightening around him in your entirety is all Bucky needs to release himself inside of you, his face burying in your neck and he lets out a long groan of your name.
He feels warm inside you and heavy on top of you, your sweat-covered bodies tangled together as Bucky is just as fucked out as you are. All you can hear is blood rushing through your ears and your heavy breathing as you come down from everything Bucky.
He actually can’t quite comprehend what just happened. He did say he loved making women come, but he went absolutely feral over you. His heart leaps in his chest when he remembers his response to the feeling of you, but he assumes it must be the alcohol. Has to be.
“I would thank you, but I don’t know how…” You breathe out and Bucky finally manages to lift his head form the crook of your neck. Pressing a soft kiss to your lips, he chuckles. Pulling himself out, he moves up slightly, hovering over your limp body.
“I’ll think of something.” He winks at you and presses another long kiss to your lips which he swears are the softest he’s ever felt. “But you’ve been so good already…”
The dark look in his eyes when you both pull away has your body standing on alert again.
“So good for me… The best I think…”
You swallow hard as he slowly shuffles down the bed. Without your brain working at its usual capacity, you’re not quite comprehending what he’s getting at. That is until his hands start massaging your sore thighs and he lays down on his stomach, his head above your abused pussy.
This is when you remember what he does when you’ve been good.
His tongue darts out before licking through your folds slowly, your body flinching at the touch as he savours you with a hum. The sensitivity has your body twitching away, but the warmth of his tongue feels soothing and this man just has you reeling seconds after you thought you might have used up all of your orgasms.
Before you know it, your hands are wrapped up in his brown locks and he’s humming against you as his tongue licks inside of you and cleans you of himself completely. Gently sucking on your clit to see where it gets him, he watches your stomach tense at the action.
Another devious smile crosses his features as he feels you pulse again and his thumb traces over your clit lightly, his mouth pulling away briefly.
“One more.”
Your eyes widen and you look down at him in shock “Buck-”
“One more and I’ll let you sleep.”
However, coming down from another high minutes later because he’s patient with getting you to another orgasm, your hands pulling roughly at his hair and your tired hips grinding up against his filthy mouth as it makes him whine against you, his grip on your hips tightens again to keep you from moving away.
“Bucky, no… I can’t anymore.”
Reluctantly, he pulls away and crawls up next to you, watching you intently as he leans sideways onto his pillow and pulls the duvet over your shivering body “Fine. Another day tomorrow.”
“Don’t tell me you’re not as addicted as I am. Now sleep. I’ll be there when you wake up.”
Rolling your eyes and having lost the fight with him, you curl up in bed with a tired smile on your face.
“…Right there between your legs.”
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buckyhoney · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: im a slut for cockwarming, here's a little thing
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, unprotected sex, cockwarming, sorry for any missed typos
"Let's play a game." Shifting over to your side, you smile.
The bedroom was dimly lit; only the end table lamps illuminated the space around you. The idea came to you unexpectedly but made you giddy and excited.
"A game?" Bucky's eyebrow lifts in suspicion, propping himself up on his elbow to meet your eye.
Bucky wasn't too keen on games; he always ended up losing or getting too worked up from not understanding the rules- unless they were bedroom games, those he loved.
Nodding, you say:
"It'll be fun! Wanna play?" Bucky sighs, agreeing to whatever game you conjured up in your mind.
The night was like any other weeknight, laying in bed after dinner and relaxing before the busy workday. Bucky liked the stable routine.
In the game, you are going to test Bucky's patience- the already insanely low patience.
Sitting up against the headboard, you pull off your t-shirt.
"Oh, it's one of these games?" Smirking, Bucky sits up- removing his shirt as well.
Licking his lips, Bucky lunges forward to taste your skin, but you pull back- laughing at his neediness. Throwing off the comforter, you shimmy out of your pajama shorts and panties. Bucky stares, completely mesmerized as your bare body rests next to him.
"You too!" Chuckling at his wandering eyes, you gesture to his lower half.
Bucky quickly removes the rest of his clothes, his cock hardening as he watches your breasts fall from the restriction of the bra. Once you're done, you lay on your side, Bucky following suit.
"Rules for the game. Number one: No Moving, no thrusting, wiggling, nothing." The seriousness of your tone makes Bucky question the intensity of the game- thinking it was lighthearted.
"Moving?" Bucky mumbles as you scoot close enough to hook your leg around his.
Understanding what you had in mind as you position his fully erect cock at your entrance, Bucky groans- in frustration and pleasure.
Sinking onto him, your breath hitches, and your lips part. Bucky's chest begins to rise and fall, already despising the rule. Settling onto him, Bucky's eyes squeeze shut. He is trying to distract himself from wanting to move.
"First one to move, loses." Laughing at the pouting man in front of you, you bring your torso to his and your lips to his neck.
This was your chance to really get him going, finally taking the advantage. Most of the bedroom games are introduce by Bucky, and he always has the upper hand- making it difficult for you to win- but this time, you have the upper hand; you hold all the power.
Once he opens his eyes, he sees how much you're enjoying the struggle. His patience might be low, but his stubbornness exceeded his patience.
Bucky wasn't going down without a fight- even with your lips dragging up and down his neck. Soft moans drip from his lips, and his hand caresses the sides of your waist and hip.
There is a moment your eyes caught his, the energy shifting in the room. Looking at each other, really looking- Bucky couldn't help but smile. Your center heated up, arousal coating his cock and dripping from your entrance.
Twitching inside you, Bucky's cock began to throb- desperately needing friction. Bucky's fingers glide up your body, brushing the flyaway hairs from your cheek. The intimacy this moment held is more than either of you anticipated. The desire to move grew, and the game had fallen from both of your minds.
"Fuck this game," Bucky grumbled before breaking eye contact to meet your lips.
Moaning into his mouth as Bucky's cock slides out and fills you back up unexpectedly.
Bucky had lost the game, but you didn't gloat.
All you wanted was him as deep inside you as he possibly could. Your hand finds the side of his face, and your hips met his with each thrust.
Bucky pulls out for a second, only to flip you over. His body now towering over yours, he grabs your legs- spreading them wide and re-entering your cunt. His strokes are deep and slow- and his eyes don't dare to leave yours.
He slides his hands to yours, interlocking them and pinning them above you.
The room is filled with the sounds of his grunts and your heavy breathing and occasional whine. The bed moved with his movements, and you feel like you're floating. The knot tightens in the bottom of your stomach, tightening with every thrust.
Your walls contract around his cock.
"Fuck!" Bucky moans, dropping one of your hands and gripping the headboard.
His thrusts speed up as he approaches his high.
"Bucky- baby- right there!" Bucky knows you're close, he continues- bringing you to your climax.
Gripping and digging your nails into the skin of his lower back, your head digs into the pillows. Your eyes roll back, and the pleasure overwhelms your body- your eyes breaking Bucky's for a moment, too taken back by the pleasure.
"Open those pretty eyes, baby, let see you fall apart." He groans.
Your climax hits your body like a wave; you open your eyes- meeting his. His light blue eyes, darkening with every moment.
"There it is- there's my pretty baby." He moans.
Bucky moans, strokes slowing as his load fills your cunt. Humming at sudden fullness, your body relaxes. Bucky kisses your lips, peppering pecks all over your face. He stays like this for what feels like forever, admiring the sight in front of him.
"No more games." He whispers, breaking the silence, causing you to laugh.
"You're just a sore loser."
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itsapeterthing · 9 months ago
Who’s She? || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x doctor!reader
summary: when sam gets injured during a mission and isn’t able to go to a hospital, bucky brings him and natasha to his own home to get cared for by his girlfriend, y/n, who he’s been keeping a secret.
a/n: this is my first time writing for bucky! reblogs and replies are super appreciated! also here i'm going to pretend that bucky didn’t get snapped so you started dating during the blip and natasha didn’t die
word count: 2.9k
warnings: mentions of blood, sam getting shot, fluff
masterlist || request
He followed the sound of the gunshot to another open room within the warehouse. He watched as the group they had been fighting fled the building, hopping into their trucks and speeding away before he even had the chance to process what was happening in front of him never mind go after them. When the group dispersed out of the room he finally saw what all the commotion had been about- Sam was lying on the floor with Natasha kneeling above him at his side.
“What happened?” Bucky asked, jogging towards where the two of them were in the center of the large, open room.
Natasha looked up, her hands feeling around Sam’s shoulder, blood coating her hands.
“There’s no exit wound.” She told him finally, standing up. “We have to get him out of here.”
Bucky watched as Sam groaned, still lying on the ground, with his hand putting pressure on his shoulder.
“So, what?” Bucky asked her. “We take him to a hospital?”
Nat shook her head. “We weren’t supposed to be here. If we take him to a hospital now... they’ll find out.” She turned back to Sam. “Feel good enough to walk?” She asked him.
“I don’t know.” Sam said. “How far are we going?”
Natasha shrugged, placing her fist underneath her chin, assessing the situation.
“Well,” She told him. “We can’t go to a hospital... but I could try my best in the back of the van.”
At that, Sam pushed himself up onto his elbows with a look of fear in his eyes as he turned to look between Natasha and Bucky.
“You’re joking right?” He grimaced. “There’s nothing else we can do?”
Watching the situation play out before him, Bucky swore to himself knowing what he was about to do and partly regretting the decision before he even made it. As much as Sam could piss him off, he knew better than to let him suffer under Nat attempting to stitch him up. He couldn’t let him go through that when there was a better way.
“Shit.” Bucky shook his head, reaching his hand out to Sam to pull him up. “Fine. I know somewhere we can go.”
Natasha and Sam looked at each other, quirking their eyebrows, questioning how Bucky of all people would know somewhere to go in a situation like this. Not in a position to argue, however, Sam took his hand, standing to his feet.
“So... where are we headed?”
It had been a half an hour long drive before Bucky finally pulled the car over to the side of the road outside of an apartment building. Natasha and Sam followed his lead as he walked inside, up the stairs and unlocked one of the doors with his set of keys. 
Hearing the key turning in the lock and commotion outside your apartment door, you spun around from your seat on the couch watching as you boyfriend, Bucky walked in the door of your shared apartment.
“You were gone for so long you almost had me wor-”
Before you could finish your sentence you watched as none other than Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff made their way through the door of your apartment. Although you had never been introduced, you recognized them immediately as members of the famous group of Avengers and coworkers of your boyfriend.
You sprung up from your seat immediately upon seeing these unfamiliar familiar faces. That’s when you noticed the blood coating the upper half of Sam’s suit and Natasha’s hands. Your eyes shot open wide, turning to face Bucky.
“James?” You said his name slowly.
“He got shot. There was nowhere else we could go, Y/n.” He told you. “You can fix it right?”
You made your way around the couch, rushing to Sam’s side and guiding him to sit on the cushions, continuing your conversation with Bucky all the while.
“I work in the maternity ward, Buck.” You reminded him.
Sam’s mouth dropped and Natasha, still standing in the doorway watched the conversation playing out between you and Bucky, still unsure of who you were.
Sam angled his neck to face Bucky from his seat on the couch. “You took me to a gynecologist?”
“She’s a doctor!” Bucky shouted at Sam, gesturing wildly with his hands.
“A maternity doctor!” Sam shouted back. “Do I look like-”
“If you don't want her help then-”
“Stop it!” You shouted, breaking up the useless, unnecessary conversation between the two men. They both went silent at the sound of your raised voice, turning back to face you. “Buck, go get my kit from the bathroom, okay?”
He quickly nodded, heading out of the room. As he did, you turned to Natasha who was still standing in the doorway.
“We need to get this suit off. I can’t work through it.”
She nodded, making her way across the living room, kneeling in front of Sam. Pulling a knife out of the holster at the side of her leg, she began slicing through the shoulder of his suit so that the two of you could take it off without raising his arms, affecting the wound.
When Bucky strolled back into the room, carrying your kit in his hands, Sam turned to him while Natasha continued to slice at his suit.
“So... how come she gets to call you ‘Buck’ and I can't?” He asked.
You smiled as you opened the kit, pulled gloves over your hands and set up your materials at your side. Slipping the jacket off of his shoulders, Bucky replied.
“Because she’s my girlfriend.”
A silence hung in the room for a moment as Natasha and Sam took their time to process the words that had just come out of Bucky’s mouth. It was almost impossible for them to comprehend that he had a life outside of the business they got into or that he could care for someone in such a way. The idea of someone like Bucky living out a domestic life in his free time was unbelievable.
“Wait your... but you...” Sam stumbled through his words, turning to look between you and the grumpy, 106 year-old man he had gotten to know over the past few years. Finally he broke into a smile, chuckling. “No way.”
You laughed, grabbing a seat from your dining table and pulling it up to Sam, plopping yourself down in it. Pulling your tray of materials towards him, you smiled. “Yes way. Good to know he’s mentioned me.”
You looked over your shoulder and winked at your boyfriend who was leaning against the wall behind you, his arms crossed.
“I’m just protecting you, doll.” He smirked. “You know that.”
Natasha tore off the last piece of the suit, stepping away from Sam, sinking herself into a nearby armchair.
“Gross.” She commented at the sound of the pet name Bucky held for you.
Laughing at her comment, you leaned forward, a cotton swab with numbing jelly in your hand. 
“I know, baby. I’m just messing with you.” You told your boyfriend before turning your attention back to Sam. When you noticed him eyeing you warily, you said. “You can trust me. I may work in the maternity ward, but I know what I’m doing.”
He then nodded and watched as you pressed the swab against his shoulder holding it in place. As you continued applying a light pressure, Sam finally took in your surroundings, now noticing the framed photos scattered along the walls and surfaces of you and Bucky, of Bucky and Steve from back in the day and of you and- who Sam assumed were- your friends. He didn’t know how he didn’t see all of them when he first came in, being able to realize that you and Bucky shared the space as a home.
“How did you even lock this down?” Sam asked, glancing up towards Bucky.
Natasha, kicking back in her seat laughed. “Rogers always said you were ‘quite the ladies’s man’ back in the good ol’ days, Barnes. Who knew you still had it in you?”
Rather than play into their game, Bucky rolled his eyes, sitting down on the coffee table, grumbling to himself.
Sam turned back towards you. “So what did it?”
You glanced at your wrist watch, pulling the swab off of Sam’s shoulder, tossing it to your side and instead picking up what Sam thought to have looked like a sort of tweezer as he watched.
“What do you mean?” You asked, a light smile playing on your lips.
You knew this conversation was making your boyfriend want to kick everyone out of your shared appointment and that the only thing stopping him was that you were currently taking a bullet out of one of their shoulders.
“Like what did it, you know?” Sam asked, laughing. “Was it the staring? It was the staring wasn't it? He stares all the god damn time. It pisses me right off.”
You grinned, continuing the conversation as you slipped the tweezer into Sam’s bullet wound, hoping to distract him. Once you pulled the bullet out successfully and dropped it onto the table besides you, you grabbed the materials to stitch the hole closed.
“He does stare a lot, doesn’t he?” You laughed. “You’re right though actually. I caught him staring at me at a bar and slipped him my number. I figured he was too nervous to ask for it. That was what? Two years ago now?" You asked, looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend.
"Yeah something like that." Bucky replied, nonchalantly.
He was trying to act casual in front of his friends. That night was two years and three months ago to the day and he knew it when you asked. Bucky Barnes wished he could forget about a lot of things in his extended lifetime, but until the day he dies he swore to himself he would never forget the night he met you. Seeing you sitting across the bar from him changed his life for the better and he never wanted that to end. So much so that little did you know that he had bought a ring for you six months ago with the help of his best friend and most trusted confidant, but until the right moment arises it continues to sit in his locked safe in your shared bedroom.
“God, man, I can’t believe you kept this a secret for that long!” Sam exclaimed before cringing as he watched you slip the needle into his skin. “And to think- I thought we were friends.”
Your boyfriend rolled his eyes. “We’re coworkers.”
“You know what? That hurt.” Sam shook his head, pausing, before turning back to Natasha. “You’re pretty quiet. This antique has had a secret girlfriend for two years and you’ve got nothing to say?”
At his comment, Natasha stopped staring at the pictures on the wall, instead turning back to the group.
“Two years huh?” She asked. “That means Rogers knew didn’t he?”
Suddenly Bucky was very interested in staring at his hands as a silence washed over the room. You knew Steve leaving to travel back to the past a few months ago was still a sensitive subject for your boyfriend. Despite the fact that the other Avengers- or former Avengers- knew nothing of your existence, you had met Steve more times than you could count and you knew how important his friendship was to Bucky.
“Uh... yeah.” Bucky answered finally, clearing his throat.
Saving your boyfriend from the awkward conversation surrounding a touchy subject, you finished the last of your stitches on Sam, leaning back in your seat,  pulling off your gloves and dropping the materials at your side.
“There!” You announced. “All done! Just try not to move that spot too much for the next few weeks, okay?”
“That’s easier said than done.” Sam said, smiling, glancing at his stitched up wound. “Not everyone just has a metal arm that can do the job for them.”
You laughed, maneuvering your way around the couch and into the kitchen to rinse the remainders of blood from your hands in the sink. As the warm water ran on top of your hands, you felt the unmistakable cold touch of vibranium wrap around your waist. As you scrubbed your hands in the sink, a hint of a smile gracing your face, you felt your boyfriend’s other hand tuck the piece of hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear.
“Thanks for doing that. I know I put you in a weird spot.” He almost whispered, leaving a light kiss on your cheek.
You heard the sound of Sam laughing at something Natasha had just said in the other room and shrugged.
“You don’t have to thank me, Buck.” You said. “Honestly... I kind of liked it. Not that Sam was shot or anything obviously- that’s awful and it’s terrifying that if it were somewhere else he could’ve died- but it’s good to feel... I don’t know... needed like that.”
You turned off the faucet and the second you did, your boyfriend handed you the towel, unwrapping his arm from around your waist and stepping back to look at you.
“But you are needed?” He said, leaning on the countertop. “I wouldn’t be able to do any of this or anything without you.”
You shrugged again, drying your hands.
“I know, Bucky. That’s not...” You sighed. “That’s not what I mean. I don’t know... it just kind of feels... cool.”
“Cool?” He asked, quirking his eyebrows and grinning at you while he said it.
You groaned.
“Yes! It made me feel cool!” You said, throwing the rag on the counter. “You guys are legitimate superheroes. All of you live like you’re in some action movie most days so yeah- it made me feel kind of cool to be included. Maybe you don’t notice it after all this time, but it felt exciting to me.”
He flashed you a smile, pushing himself off of the counter to rest his hands on your waist.
“So, you like heroes, huh?” He asked, clearly teasing you.
Although he was flirting by attempting to tease you for what you had just said, he admittedly felt his heart fill a bit more knowing that you thought of him as a hero.
You smiled, pulling on the dog tags that hung around his neck, teasing him right back.
“No, but I do like 106-year-old grumpy old men who have me stitch up their superhero friends.”
“I’m not grumpy.” He pouted.
“The first step is acceptance, babe.” You fake pouted, stepping back from his arms and lightly tapping him on the cheek. “Now go ask your superhero friends if they want anything to drink.”
Just as you finished your sentence you heard a shout from the other room.
“I’ll have a water if you don’t mind!”
At the sound of his voice you and Bucky turned towards each other, eyes wide.
“Were you eavesdropping?” Bucky called from the kitchen back to Sam who was sat in the living room, separated by a wall.
“Thin walls!” Sam called.
“I’d hate to be your neighbors!” Natasha added.
As tough as your boyfriend was, you watched as he became flustered, knowing the others had just heard him flirting with you in the kitchen. You laughed, patting him on the shoulder before grabbing two waters from the fridge and making your way back into the living room, handing one to each of your uninvited guests. Bucky followed behind you as you plopped yourself back down on the couch watching a conversation between Natasha, Bucky and Sam unfold.
While Bucky and Sam had a harmless argument about the mission they had just been on, you felt a soft pat on your arm and turned to see Nat facing you.
“About what you said in the kitchen-” She began.
Remembering what you had told Bucky in the kitchen minutes before about them being movie-like superheroes, you grew embarrassed.
“Oh God! I’m sorry. You really don’t have to mention it-” You said, cutting her off.
“No, seriously.” She told you. “For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t have been able to fix him up like that. It was nice to have you there.”
As badly as you wanted to play it cool in front of her, you couldn’t help but smile. As embarrassing as you thought it was for them to hear everything you told your boyfriend in confidence, you meant every word you had said and it meant a lot for Natasha to acknowledge you in such a way.
“Thanks. That means a lot.” You smiled.
When you turned back in your seat, you noticed that the conversation between Sam and Bucky had ended and that they both were turned towards you and Natasha.
“Yeah, thanks for that, Y/n. I think I would have rather bled out then let her fix it.” Sam added and Natasha scoffed. “Hey, now that we know you exist we could use you! It’d be nice to have someone keep this robot in check.” He shrugged at your boyfriend.
Whether it was because he was genuinely enjoying himself or it was just because he was beside you, Bucky chuckled at Sam’s comment, stretching his arm over your shoulders as the two of you sat on the couch chatting with the two of them.
“I’d like that.” You laughed, leaning comfortably into your boyfriend. “Oh! Does that mean I can get a metal arm too-”
Before you could even finish your sentence, your boyfriend cut you off.
“Absolutely not.”
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