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#bucky barnes reader insert
statticscribbles · a day ago
Fluff: 11 Angst: 24 General: 37 Bucky Barnes/Reader
11.“I know it’s 2 in the morning but do you want to…”
24.“I haven’t seen you in months.”
37.“It was your idea!”
“I know it’s 2 in the morning but do you want to...” Bucky’s hand slams into the wall by the side of your face.
“What the fuck Y/N. I haven’t seen you in months. Where have you-” Bucky scowls and you shift back from the bed and then he scowls again.
“You went off on a mission and then when you came back Steve and everyone said you weren’t allowed to see me!” You hiss at him and he huffs rolling his eyes.
“It was your idea, you thought it was a good idea when I mentioned it, and here you are at two in the morning in my bed begging me to what?” He throws his hands up and sits at the edge of the bed.
“I wanted to go get some food from that diner around the block.”
“You woke my up at two am because you wanted shitty diner food.”
“Mhm, I’ve been craving it, please Bucky.”
“Fine but just this one.”
“Nah, you’re gonna have to suffer through seven more months of this.” You say offhandedly pulling Bucky’s jacket over your shoulder.
“Oh am I?” He grins, before you can see the shock register on his face at what you really mean
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
How would chubby bucky react to reader passing out during sex
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, no minors, overstimulation, passing out on Bucky's big ole c*ck.
A/n: Written on my phone. Drabble length? Do not copy, translate or repost my drabbles. I love comments and reblogs.
Bucky has you prone on the bed, the sheets twisted in your hands as you wailed his name into the pillow. His heavy, thick body driving yours deeper into the bed with each short frantic thrust. He can't get enough of your tight pussy, whispering in your ear how good you feel and how much he loves you.
Insurmountable pleasure clawing through your belly, you feel so good, so incredibly good that you have to scream, your hands curling tighter around the sheets. "Bucky, please, fuck don't stop, don't stop," you chant as your eyes scrunch shut. "Please don't."
He's so deep in you, his large cock splitting you in two.
He keeps hitting that rough, spongy patch inside you and it sends a jolt of pure pleasure through you with each stroke, god its like you’re being struck by lightning. You want to move away; you need a reprieve because you’re getting woozy, nearly drooling on your pillow as more sensations spark through you. Even as your pussy pulls him back in, clamping down around his thick length, you try to pull yourself away, mumbling, “too good, I can’t, can’t Bucky.”
“I know it’s good Peach, it’s good for me too, fuck you’re so tight, I just gotta-“ Bucky pushes more of his weight on top of you, pinning you down as he pounds into you, the dull wet sounds of skin slapping overtaking your muffled cries.
You can’t breathe, it’s too good, the way he’s ripping you apart. Leaving pleasure in his wake as he destroys your pussy, a deep thrust sends a needy mewl up your throat, the coil spiraling so tight it’s painful. You feel his sweat-slicked hand push under your belly and your eyes widen as you realize he’s moving towards your throbbing clit. God no, no no, you can’t take that, it’s too much, its-
“Fuck, ‘m close, cum for me, need you to cum first peach.” His fingers strum your swollen bundle of nerves and you shatter, seconds feel like hours, your entire body is on fire, your limbs locking up, your belly tensing, constricting as pure, unadulterated pleasure courses through you. You feel yourself gush around his cock, your walls pulsating erratically.
There’s a strange keening noise buzzing in your ears and you want to look around to see what’s making that sound. But your head feels too heavy. Oh, that’s me, you think, laughing softly as you collapse on the bed. Warm darkness cocoons you and you give in to it, relaxing as your body basks in a sweet euphoria.
“Peach?” Bucky pauses mid-stroke. His heart hammers in his chest as he gazes down at your limp body. Your walls fluttering around him, milking his cock even as he pulls out. He winces as he leaves your warm, tight heat. Oh shit. Oh shit. What did he do?
“Peach,” he says, his brows furrowing, he hovers over you, gently stroking the side of your face. “Are you okay? Talk to me, baby.”
For a second he thinks he’s killed you with his cock. Panic roiling in his chest as he tries to remember the steps for CPR. He knew he should have paid attention in that class. How’s he going to explain this, his worried thoughts muddled in his head while he gently shakes your shoulder. “C’mon Peach, please.”
Then you give him a drunken crooked smile with your eyes closed, your hand raising listlessly, weakly patting his chest. “M good,” you sigh, your words slurring together. “Don’t stop, ‘m ready Bucky.”
Bucky rears back, holding your hand to his warm chest, muttering a thank god to the ceiling. Cool relief shivers down his back and he flops down beside you, the bed dipping down. “Peach, you scared me, don’t do it again”
You brokenly chuckle, “you fucked me until my legs went numb, do it again.”
Your playful retort has him shaking his head. Bucky peppers kisses along your forehead, waiting as you slowly come out of your orgasmic haze. “There’s my girl,” he grins when you open your eyes.
Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you take a deep breath in, still feeling lightheaded as you try to move. You wiggle your hips a little, gasping as a slight tremor of pleasure bursts inside you. A deep ache drums in your cunt and you know you’re going to feel him all weekend. Matter of fact, you should probably make sure you feel him with every step you take.
Titling your head to the side, you bite your lip. “Hey Bucky,” you smirk, tapping his chest with your fingers. Bucky narrows his eyes at you, suspicion blooming in his stormy blue eyes. “You didn’t finish,” you say, glancing down at his cock.
“Peach...” His voice trails off as your hand slides down his soft, chubby belly to his hard cock. “We should wait, um fuck-“
You squeeze his throbbing shaft, his hips rutting into your hand. “Bucky, remember how you’re always telling me that if I suffocate you with my thighs when I’m sitting on your face, that’s your business.”
He grunts your name, his chest heaving as you twist your palm over his swollen red tip. “Well, Bucky if I pass out because you're fucking me that damn good, that’s my business.”
“Now are you going to treat me like the good girl I am or do I have to beg?” The clear challenge in your voice makes him chuckle.
“Oh, peach you know I always take care of you. “ Bucky lifts his head up, his eyes darkening with each slow blink. I’ll fuck you until you see stars if that’s what you want.”
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alisonsfics · 4 months ago
accidental pictures
pairing: dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
summary: you’ve always had a crush on your dad’s best friend, but it’s always been easy to hide. that is, until you accidentally send him pictures meant for someone else
word count: 2.5k
warnings: swearing, bra pictures, age gap, teasing, dirty talk, fingering, thigh riding, smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, praise kink, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I’ll see you in an hour” you said, stepping out of the car. You grabbed your purse from inside the car and slid your arm through the strap. “I’ll see you then. Text me if you’re done early, and I’ve told you to call me Bucky. Mr. Barnes makes me feel old” he told you, slightly chuckling. You smiled and nodded, before closing the car door. You waved as he drove away.
Bucky was your dad’s best friend. He was always coming over to your house for barbecues and all sorts of parties. Over the years, you had grown fond of Bucky, but he was significantly older than you. You were only twenty four, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him.
You were visiting your dad for the next two weeks. Your dad was going to drive you to the mall, but he got called into work. So, he asked Bucky to drive you. After thirty excruciating minutes in the car, you were finally at the mall.
You never knew how to act around Bucky. He made your heart beat at a million miles per minute and always ended up turning you on. The brunette man was gorgeous, which made it hard to control yourself around him.
You walked into the mall doors. Forty minutes later, you were almost finished. You had returned the shoes that you bought in the wrong size and found a dress to wear to a party you were going to in a few weeks. All that was left was to buy a new bra.
You headed into Victoria’s Secret and headed to the bras that were your size. You instantly found a few that you liked and walked towards the dressing rooms.
You set down the few pairs of bras and felt your photo buzz. You saw a new text from Bucky:
“I finished my errands early. I’m waiting in the parking lot, once you’re done :) ”
You felt your insides tingle and felt a new rush to finish up. You quickly typed out a response and hit send.
“Okay! I’ll be out in a few minutes. I’m almost done”
You moved on to the bras that were waiting for you. You tried all four of them on and couldn’t decide between your top two. You quickly snapped photos in each of the bras. One was a dark red bra with lace, and the other one was a black bra that had some sheer panels.
You quickly sent the pictures to your best friend and asked which one she liked more. You looked into the mirror and looked closer at the bra, still trying to decide. You heard your phone vibrate, and you quickly grabbed it. You were eager to see your best friend’s response. You assumed it would make the decision easier.
Instead, you saw a text from Bucky that read:
“Fuck, sweetheart. You look hot in both of them, but I’m assuming you didn’t mean to send that to me”
You felt your blood run cold. Just to be sure, you checked and realized you had sent him the pictures. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run away and hide forever.
First and foremost, you wanted to never see Bucky again. You knew you would die of embarrassment. There was no way you could survive a whole car ride home with him.
You quickly decided to buy both the bras and headed towards the parking lot. You kept your head low as you looked for Bucky's car. You spotted it, and he waved you over.
You got into the front seat without saying a word. You couldn’t even look at him. “Hi, sweetheart” he said, softly. You muttered a quick “hi” and then looked out the window.
Bucky accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it and put the car in drive. He started the drive to your dad’s house, where you were staying.
After about ten minutes of silence, the car pulled up to a red light. Bucky looked over at you and saw you still looking out the window. “Sweetheart? Look at me” he said, tapping your thigh. You hesitantly looked over at him. He gave you a soft smile.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” you begged him. He placed his hand back on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb. You could feel your face heat up. “I know you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can both pretend it never happened. You really don’t have to worry about it, love. By the way, those pictures were pretty amazing,” his soft genuine smile turned into a smirk.
You felt even more embarrassed. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or if he was teasing you. You knew you had nothing else to lose. You grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him for a kiss. Before he could kiss you back, cars began to honk behind you.
You both pulled apart and realized the light was green. You were mortified. “I’m sorry” you muttered, wrapping your arms around yourself. Neither of you said another word to each other. You continued to drive. Bucky drove past the turn to get to your dad’s house.
“Bucky, you missed the turn” you said, finally willing yourself to look at him. Instead of turning around, he just smirked and kept his eyes on the road. “Relax, sweetheart. We’re making a pit stop” he said, moving his hand to rest on your thigh.
You could feel a fluttering feeling in your stomach as his hand inched up your leg. He was only inches from where you wanted him, and he stopped. You practically whined. “Patience, baby” he instructed.
You squirmed under his touch. You started to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. “You’re so needy, sweetheart” he said. His words practically made you moan.
He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your leggings. His fingers ran over your lace panties. “God, you’re soaked. Do you need me that bad?” He asked, not moving his fingers. You nodded while biting your lip. You started to grind down on his hand, trying to get the release he was denying you.
“Look at you, so desperate for my touch. The least I can do is help you out” he said, moving your panties to the side. He ran his fingers through your folds, collecting your wetness. Your hips bucked up and pushed against his hand.
He pushed two fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. He curled his fingers as he began to pump them in and out of you. “Does that feel good?” He asked you, quickening his pace. You bit down on your lip and eagerly shook your head.
“You don’t have to be quiet. Let me hear you” he commanded. His fingers hit your g-spot, causing you to call out his name. A cocky smirk grew on his face.
The car pulled up to a red light, and you could see a car creeping up next to you. “Look at me, sweetheart. No one gets to see this look on your face through the window. This is all for me. Only I get to watch how you squirm under my touch” he said, repeatedly hitting your g-spot. The light changed to green. He continued driving towards his house.
His thumb started to rub circles onto your clit. You threw your head back against the headrest. “Fuck—Bucky...faster please” you begged him, breathlessly. His fingers sped up, ramming into you as you clenched your thighs around his hand.
You could feel the coil in your abdomen begin to tighten. The pressure continued to build. “Bucky, I’m almost there” you moaned. Then, the pressure disappeared. You noticed he had completely removed his hand from you. You also realized you were in his driveway.
Bucky wiped his hand off on his jeans. “I was so close. My ex-boyfriend could never get me that close” you complained, the last part said more to yourself.
“That was nothing, sweetheart. I’m going to show you what it’s like with a real man” he whispered, before pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He unlocked the car doors, and you both headed inside. He grabbed your hands and pulled you into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping your hands in his.
You felt your nerves hit you like a brick wall. You realized how much this could change your life. There was no going back after sleeping with your dad’s best friend.
He moved his hand to cup your face. “Sweetheart, before we do anything, I want to make sure that you’re really okay with this” he said, gently. You pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wished for this to happen” you said, looking into his eyes.
That was all the permission he needed. He grabbed at your waist and pulled you into his lap. Your hands were instantly in his hair as you connected your lips. You started to roll your hips into his, chasing all the friction you could get.
He pushed you off his lap, and then pulled your leggings down your legs. You stepped out of them and stepped towards him. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish before. I wanted to be able to watch you fall apart” he said, kissing your temple.
Then, his eyes lit up. He patted his thigh. “Sit right here for me” he said, gently. You straddled his thigh. “Can I?” You asked, softly. He eagerly nodded his head and placed his hands on your hips. You rolled your hips forward, grinding against his thigh.
“Cum on my thigh, sweetheart. I wanna watch” he said, watching you. You rested your arms on his shoulders as you slid yourself back and forth on his thigh. The harsh material of his jeans only added more friction.
A soft whine passed your lips. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing so well” he said, placing light kisses along your jawline. His words only turned you on more. You could feel a warm feeling in your stomach as you got closer to your peak.
“Buck—almost...there” you moaned, breathlessly. The coil returned and continued to tighten. He began to bounce his leg up and down, creating more friction. “Oh...Bucky, fuck” you called out, moving your hips faster. You shut your eyes, overwhelmed with the pleasure. You were reduced to a whimpering mess. “Such a good job, princess. Let go for me” he said.
You fell over the edge; your vision going white. Your hips slowed down, and you leaned against Bucky’s shoulders. You panted as you came down from your high.
“You are so beautiful” he said, peppering kisses up and down your neck. You noticed his bulging cock against your leg. “I want to make you feel good too” you said, starting to unbuckle his belt.
He grabbed your wrists and stopped you. “You don’t have to do that. I just wanna be inside of you, sweetheart” he told you. You pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He used his metal arm to flip you over. He was laying on top of you on the bed now.
“Stay” he said, as he stood up and took off his jeans. You watched him as he stepped out of his boxers, and his cock sprung free. You heard it slap against his stomach. You clenched your thighs together as he thought about having his large cock ramming into you.
He stroked himself a few times. You whimpered to yourself, and your hand found itself inside your panties. “Sweetheart” he said, catching you. You quickly removed your hands and looked back into his eyes.
“I can’t wait to fill you up and have your pretty pussy wrapped around me” he said, crawling on top of you. You cupped his face and pulled him up to kiss you. He moaned into your mouth as one of your hands stroked his length.
He pulled your panties down your legs and carelessly threw them aside. He teased you, lightly drawing figure eights on your clit. You quickly pulled off your T-shirt. He stopped what he was doing as he realized you were wearing the dark red bra.
“Fuck” he muttered under his breath. You noticed that his cock was throbbing. “Your tits look so fuckin’ good” he said, cupping your breasts through the bra.
You reached around your back to unclip the bra, but he stopped you. “Don’t” he practically growled. You smirked as you watched the effect you had on him.
“Keep it on. I want to fuck you while you wear it” he said, not moving his eyes from the lacy material. Then, without warning, he pushed into you.
He watched as your face contorted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking big” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on as he thrusted into you. He smirked down at you. He wrapped your legs around his waist. “You’re taking me so well, sweetheart” he moaned in your ear. You grabbed on to his shoulders, leaving little crescent indents. You moaned as he continued to stretch you out.
“Bet your ex never made you feel this good” he said, hitting your g-spot. Your walls clenched around him. Your eyes rolled back, and you threw your head back against the pillow. “I’m getting close, sweetheart. You’re so tight” he moaned.
You pulled him into a kiss. “Need you to—faster” you begged him. He listened, speeding up his pace and bringing his thumb down to rub circles on your clit.
You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach. “Close” you mumbled. He moaned out your name as he quickened his pace. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. It was like he was in overdrive. He was ramming into you. The sound of your skin slapping together and the squeaking of the mattress filled the room. He kept going faster, chasing his high.
“Sweetheart” he moaned, and then you could feel him cum inside of you. It was enough to send you over the edge, and your orgasm hit you. “Oh shit” he moaned, as your walls tightened around him.
You could feel yourself pulsing. You both laid like that for a while, neither of you moving. You both tried to catch your breath.
Eventually, he pulled out of you and then cleaned you both up. Bucky crawled back into bed with you and began placing kisses up and down your chest. “Can you call your dad and say you’re staying over a friend’s house?” He asked, lightly kissing your lips.
You nodded your head. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said, pulling you in for another kiss.
“Bucky, that was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. No man is ever going to measure up to that” you whispered. He smirked to himself, proud of his work. “Well I guess it’s good that this wasn’t a one-time thing” he said, running his fingers up your arm.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as you listened to what he said. “It wasn’t?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Hell no, sweetheart” he said, before pulling you in for round two.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-babe17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan
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Requests OPEN
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swtbbybarnes · 2 months ago
I have a request, I'm thinking about bucky barnes joining the mile high club with his girl?? Maybe he's like 'what the hell is a mile high club?' and they're gotta kinda be quite because the rest of the avengers are also on the plane?
𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐞𝐰 | 𝐛.𝐛
part two!
warnings: 18+ explicit content NO MINORS, kinda public sex (in a bathroom but there’s people outside), spit kink, sex in front of a mirror (mirror kink?), pet names (sweets, doll), maybe a little bit of dumbification (i think thats what its called), unprotected sex, mini breeding kink, biting, also cute bucky at the beginning.
word count: 1,360
a/n: thank you so so much for this request lovely!! this is the first request and first bucky smut piece i’ve done so i hope you enjoy it!! reblogs and likes are appreciated!! if i’ve missed any warnings please let me know and i’ll add them!
Tumblr media
There’s still so much Bucky is trying to catch up on, being on ice for so long will do that to someone. It makes you smile when he comes to you with questions, or attempts to send you links to articles he thinks you would find interesting. Like one weekend when you were just staying in, watching some random movie that was on TV and the actors were making jokes about the mile high club.
“What’s that?”
You whip your head to the right, looking at Bucky with wide eyes as he innocently asks the question.
“What’s what?” You return carefully, wanting to make sure you’re understanding what he’s actually asking you.
He then grabs the remote and rewinds the movie, replaying the scene again and pointing. “The… mile high club. What is that?”
You can’t help the laugh that comes out when you are indeed correct, and your super solider boyfriend is currently asking you about having sex on an airplane.
“It’s when people have sex on an airplane Buck.” You cross your arms and pull your legs up to your chest, waiting to watch his reaction.
His mind processes it pretty quickly, eyes flashing from an oh to an oh. His mouth hangs open a bit as he turns back to the TV, the actors suddenly rushing themselves into the tiny bathroom and getting to business.
“But wouldn’t that be… uncomfortable?” He almost winces while he watches them bang a few limbs off the walls, but your mind is somewhere completely different.
“I don’t know,” you shrug, eyes still on him. They trail from his cheekbones to his jaw, which is covered in tiny dark hairs because he hasn’t wanted to shave it off quite yet. “Sometimes you just need it.”
Ever since that night, it’s the only thing Bucky could think about.
He was distracted in meetings, while he was working out with Sam, even in the shower. All he could think about was how you answered his question, that some people just need it.
He knows for damn sure that he needs you.
That’s how he got the idea for his little plan, that you would soon find out about after this mission.
Things went well, and the team got what they came for but everyone was completely exhausted after the fight and long journey. Everyone except Bucky.
Bucky who currently has his arm wrapped around you while the two of you sit in silence on the small couch on Tony’s jet, while everyone else is settling down. Minutes later he presses a kiss to your temple, whispering for you to get up with him.
His hang wraps around yours as he drags you past the rest of the team, most of who are asleep on the jet after this last mission. The silence on the jet is almost deafening, and he can probably hear your heartbeat because of how hard it’s beating.
Carefully pushing you into the small bathroom and shutting the flimsy door behind him, he looks down on you with dark eyes.
“Think you can keep quiet enough?” His vibranium arm comes up to press against your hip, moving you back so you hit the small counter. “Wanted to try something new.”
“New?” Your voice comes out quiet, barely a whisper as you try to think about what he’s getting at.
His tongue slips out to wet his bottom lip, entire body hungry for you. “Yeah, that mile high club you were talking about. Figured we could join.”
Overcome with a sudden heat between your thighs, your hands grasp the collar of his leather jacket and yank him towards you until you slam your lips against his.
His own hands almost can’t work fast enough as they begin unzipping your tactical suit, sliding it down your body and sliding your legs out one by one.
“Couldn’t stop thinkin’ about you.” He manages to get out between kisses, while you move your hands to unbuckle his belt. “The look on your face when you told me about this, knew you’d be into that.”
You could feel the smirk against his lips while the only things coming out of your mouth currently are whines and mumbles saying please Buck, and I need you.
As if you were nothing, he spins you around and pins your hips against the small counter while you’re suddenly face to face with yourself in the mirror.
He grinds his hips on your ass, and you can feel him through the thin material of his briefs.
“Look at you,” he hums, metal hand coming up to grab your jaw and forcing you to look into the mirror again. You can see him behind you through the dim light, as he leans forward so his lips are beside your ear. “Gotta be quiet for me doll, don’t want the rest of the team to hear how much of a slut you are for my cock.”
His words made you whimper under his touch, hands sliding your tactical suit down and helping you step out of it. Soon enough he has your turned around, bent over the edge of the counter, flesh hand between your thighs while the cool metal is wrapped around your throat.
“Buck, please.” You beg, a little too loud for his liking right now.
Vibranium clamps over your mouth as he hugs your body against his, pressing his hips against your ass. “Ah, doesn’t sound quiet to me. Do I have to dumb it down for you?”
Tapping a finger on your cheek you attempt to shake your head no, Bucky’s eyes staring at you through the mirror.
He doesn’t give you any time to take a breath when he moves his hand back to your throat, the words getting stuck there as he slams his hips into you, launching you forward with one large thrust.
The feeling of his cock hitting your sweet spot every single thrust, flesh hand shoving itself between your thighs while successfully finding your clit.
“God, fuckin’ squeezing me already sweets.” Bucky pants as he leans forward, thrusts not stopping anytime soon. “Fuck, know you’re close. Come on, give to me.”
The mirror in front of you starts fogging up because of how hot and hard you’re breathing, jaw hanging open which Bucky uses to his advantage.
“Bucky, oh my fucking god please!” The words come out of your voice with shaky breaths, barely audible as he turns your head to face him.
Metal fingers pry your mouth open, keeping it wide as you know exactly what he’s about to do.
Collecting a decent amount of spit in his own mouth, he quickly lets it drop into yours while letting out a groan as his thrusts become too much for the both of you.
“Want me to fill you up sweets?” He pants while attempting to keep his thrusts at a steady pace, you moving your hips back into him which causes him to let go at the feeling of being so far inside you. “Fuck, I’m all the way up in your tummy aren’t I?”
His fingers abusing your swollen clit over and over again, almost sending you over the edge and right through the thin walls of this jet.
Your hair is sticking to the side of your face because of how hot it is inside this bathroom, trying to nod your head with him. “Please! Want you to fill me up, please.”
A couple more sloppy thrusts later, heat takes over your entire body as the breath gets knocked out of your lungs.
His hips still and you feel him lean into you, teeth sinking into the skin of your shoulder as he tries to suppress the sounds coming out of his mouth right now. Feeling him coat your walls, one of your favourite feelings in the world, makes your shoulders slump and you’re suddenly able to breathe.
He lifts his head off your shoulder and carefully pulls out of you, dropping to his knees and beginning to help clean you up. Looking up at you, a smug smile on his face while he speaks.
“Definitely doing that again.”
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babycap · 3 months ago
Citrus, Miniature Sun ✗
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: Steve's getting married, and as much as it thrills you that one-third of your 'to the end of the line' trio is getting hitched, it also fills you with dread at the prospect of your ex-fiance also being on the guest list. Luckily for you, the other third of your trio (who you are most certainly, absolutely not in love with) has a plan. A childhood friends-to-lovers, fake dating AU fic.
author's note: This is my first commissioned fic, written for @/pham-tastical! Anna, thank you so much for entrusting me with your vision! I hope you love it. (The title comes from the beautiful poem Oranges by Roisin Kelly.)
warning(s): cursing, alcohol consumption, mutual pining/oblivious idiots in love
word count: 6.4k
( masterlist // ko-fi // library blog )
Tumblr media
The save-the-date arrives on a Tuesday morning, tucked away inside a baby blue envelope.
It matches the gleam in Steve’s eyes—all cotton candy, mid-afternoon skies blue—in the photo that falls out from it. He beams up at you so hard from the picture that you have to blink back the image of him decades younger, backwards baseball cap on his head and dirt caked in the hollows under his eyes and lips split so wide around those missing baby teeth that his cheeks look pinched, like his ma’s fingers had just caught him there, drawing all the red blood to the apples.
“He looks happy, doesn’t he?” Bucky’s expression mimics that of Steve’s in the photograph when you tack it to your refrigerator, an easy, white-toothed smile at his lips.
The look must be contagious—or maybe it’s the fact that one-third of your childhood trio would be getting married come spring—because your own mouth slides up into a relaxed smile, teeth not quite making their appearance yet.
“Yeah,” you nod, hopping up on the counter to peel the last orange from the fruit basket. A hint of citrus hits your nose as your fingers dig into the ream. “He does.”
Bucky doesn’t look away yet, crepey skin of his eyes still crinkling as he looks between Steve and Peggy’s inked faces. “Looks kinda dopey.”
“‘Course he does,” you laugh around an orange slice, tart juice sugaring your tongue. “He’s in love. He always looks like that when he’s in love.”
It’s the sweet smell of the orange that finally draws his attention away from the card stuck to the fridge, long limbs seeming to move towards you on their own accord. He leans back against the quartz island countertop, elbow brushing your waist.
Placing the flesh palm of his hand in your lap, the backs of his fingers tickling the bare and dimpled skin of your thigh, he awaits the offering. “Please tell me I don’t look so damned goofed up when I’m in love.”
“Never seen you in love,” you shrug, dissecting the little orange between your fingers, your nails collecting remnants of its peel beneath them. His fingers curl around the slice you’ve given him, pink lips enveloping it, even as his brows furrow. Another slice settles against your tongue as you continue, “Tara? Evie? Claire? You think it was love with any of them?”
He chews, jaw sliding back and forth, lips pursing against the slightly soured sweetness. “Guess not.”
He’s licking his fingers, droplets of juice or the flavorings of food never allowed to go to waste from James Barnes’ tongue. How many times had his ma smacked him upside the head for that? Given him that silent warning with her eyes, just as steely blue as her boy’s, just as scary when sharpened with reproach?
It’s rude, James, she’d tell him. Go wash your hands, son, for Christ’s sake.
But you’re not his ma.
“Last one,” you tell him, holding the final, near-translucent fruit slice up to the light streaming in from the kitchen window. “Wanna split it?”
“Nah,” he shakes his head, a strand of hair falling in his eyes. “You have it.”
He knocks his elbow against your knee—the heat of his touch still looming there—pushing away from the counter to go dig in your refrigerator, the sound of drawers opening and bottles rattling in his wake.
“Wanna beer?”
“From my own fridge?”
You swallow down the last of the orange, tossing the peel into the bin. The scent of citrus is soaked deep into the skin of your palms, deep into the skin of his fingers. You smell like the juice that he’s licked from those long, flesh and bone digits—your shared scent tangy on his tongue—and the thought sends you clearing your throat before answering him.
“Yeah, hand me one.”
The glass bottle clinks against the silver ring on your middle finger as he tucks it into your hand. Bucky’s eyebrow raises at the sound, eyes flickering to where the band glitters beneath the fluorescent kitchen lights before meeting your gaze again.
“He’s gonna be there, ya know,” he says instead of asking the unuttered question that’s already been swallowed down with the first barley-tinged swig of his beer. It’s probably swimming around deep in his belly by now, but you know him better than he knows himself, know the words dissolving in his stomach acid: Why are you still wearing that thing?
“It’s pathetic, isn’t it?” You twist the band around your finger, watching the sapphire twinkle blue in the light as it slides up and down past the knuckle. It never did fit your ring finger.
He shrugs, another swallow of the beer. “A little.”
There’s the tilting up of his right mouth corner, white-squared teeth playing peek-a-boo from the window his lips create.
“Wanna hear something even more pathetic?” You offer to the sliver of cornflower blue in his eyes, the color darkening to harbor belittlement or shame in your direction.
“Always,” he says, eyes lightening—always lightening, only ever lightening towards you—in amusement.
“I ran into him at Sam’s work thing last weekend,” you begin, Bucky’s eyelids narrowing slightly now, looking at you down the neck of the amber bottle. “He was with her—Jo—and he asked how I was doing, and I panicked, and I might’ve told him I was seeing someone.”
“Might have?”
“What was I supposed to say to him?”
“I don’t know,” he huffs, annoyance not directed at you but still grazing your cheeks as he sets the bottle aside to rest his hand against his hip. “Tell him to kiss your ass? That he owes me about fifty bucks for all the ice cream it took to get you out of bed that first week?”
“No, come on,” he says seriously now, grabbing your left hand up in his, fingers wet from the condensation as they rub at the place where the ring’s left an impression in your skin. “You gotta pawn this thing, alright?”
“I’m not going to—,”
“Jesus, your hand’s freezing,” he ignores your protest, frowning at the chilled flesh of your digits that rivals the coolness of the Heineken abandoned against your thigh. “Remember when you used to chase me and Stevie around in the winter with those cold ass hands of yours, trying to press ‘em up against our cheeks?”
You laugh then, watching as he tries to melt away the ice in your skin with the familiar flint of his thumb. “Yeah—and I always caught you.”
His tongue pokes out, swiping around his bottom lip like he wants to say something and he’s got to slicken up the runway for the words to slide out just right. At the last moment, he just chuckles instead, shaking something from his head like a swimmer shakes the water from their ears.
“Steve and those skinny little legs of his—outran every last one of us.”
“And then he’d have to come to my rescue, hauling you off me when you’d wrestle me to the ground, shoving my hands in your jacket pockets,” you shake your head like you’re developing the memories like film in your mind, a Polaroid of a pre-teen Bucky, all dark hair and a dimpled chin, holding you down in the snow, his breath hot and stuttering with laughter against your neck, grows clearer. “You were such an asshole.”
But even then, you were harboring the secret, the one you hadn’t dared spoken into the air lest it became real—you liked the way the furnace of his skin, the smoke of his breath, reduced the glacier in yours to ice water in your chest each time.
“Hey, I was doing you a favor,” he argues, pulling your palm up to rest flat against his chest like he used to back then, shoulders broader and sternum stronger all these years later. His heart still beats the same beneath the lifelines. “Your ma sending you out without mittens—you know Steve’s ma used to threaten to knit you a pair every Christmas?”
You nod, grin at your lips softening at the memory of Mrs. Rogers, thick Irish accent wrapping around your name as she called out to you from their apartment stoop, warning that she’d better not see you at St. Andrew’s after dinner with frostbitten fingers or she’d lob ‘em off herself.
Something shifts in the conversation with the mention of Steve’s ma.
Bucky’s sweatshirt is soft and well-worn against your fingers as you grab up the material and gather it up inside your fist, pulling him back into the present—back to this version of you with time-marked skin and furnace-heated cheeks—by the collar. “What am I gonna do?”
“About the wedding?”
“I’m going to look so stupid when I show up without a date, and he’s sitting there with Jo, smiling like an idiot because she looks so perfect and—,”
“I’ll go with you,” he says, fingers curling around your grip on his shirt.
“Well, yeah, I figured we’d go together—,”
“No,” he shakes his head. “I mean I’ll go with you—be your date. Pretend to be your boyfriend, or whatever the hell will get his eye twitchin’.”
And now your eye might begin to twitch, eyelid jumping in beat with the sudden quickening of your heart, a Morse code of fluttering eyelashes betraying you at the prospect of Bucky being your date, your romantic partner—even if just for a night, even if just in pretending.
You say his name like a hiccup against the obtuse feel of your heart in your throat. “You don’t have to do that.”
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” he insists, eyes so light now that crystalline. “You, me, a little dancin’, too much champagne? Don’t tell me you don’t want to see the way Steve’s eyes will bug out when we tell ‘em we’re together.”
You can’t help but laugh at the thought of how your friends would react, even as your mind can hardly think of anything but the warmth of Bucky’s fingers still wrapped around your own, the ice in them long melted by his touch.
“Nat’ll know,” you tell him in a breathy giggle. “Nat always knows.”
It’s your attempt at giving him an out—giving yourself an out before this goes too far, before you get a taste of what it would be like to call Bucky yours, enough of him on your tongue that you’d have to admit that it’s what you’d been craving all along, a hunger in your belly all these years you could never let yourself sate.
He shrugs, and there’s a cerulean glint of mischief in his eyes—and something almost indigo in shade that you can’t quite place—when he says, “We’ll just have to make it believable then… if we’re gonna fool Romanoff.”
Your stomach is somersaulting, all acidic and light from the orange still lingering beneath your fingernails, as you swallow down the fleshy red organ of your heart enough to tease, “Let’s see how much you remember from drama club.”
His heart flutters strongly beneath your palm, teeth glittering white like snow, in reply.
Tumblr media
“You comin’ or what?”
His knuckles tap against the hotel room door, exasperated tone of his voice muffled by the thick wooden barrier.
“I’m coming,” you call out from in front of the mirror, neck angled uncomfortably to peer at the back of your dress. A huff of irritation blows past your painted lips. “Can’t get this fucking zipper to zip up.”
“Steve’s gonna have my ass,” he groans against the wood, voice a little clearer now. The shadow of his loafers peeks in from underneath the gap between carpet and door. “Kinda fuckin’ important that the Best Man isn’t late.”
“Co-Best Man,” you remind him through another huffy sigh, dropping the material between your fingers and shuffling over to the door in your heels. “Sam can cover for you for a second,” you say as you start to unlock the bolt, “Just get in here and help me with the damn thing.”
When you swing the door open on its hinges, Bucky stumbles forward a bit, righting himself from where he’d been leaning up against it.
“Jesus, couldn’t give me a warning—?” he begins to complain, scowl marring his features, before his neck snaps and he’s blinking at the sight of you in the doorway, jaw slackening as the words catch in his throat. “Uh, hey.”
The way he’s looking at you, as if he’s never truly seen you before, makes you shift uncomfortably in your heels.
“Hi,” you test, a nervous smile creeping up on your lips. You’re suddenly second-guessing the extra swipe of blush to your cheeks. “Everything okay?”
His fingers fiddle with the bow tie at his collar, blue eyes blinking back that strange indigo tint again, before he’s correcting his face, placing a familiar half-cocked smile at his mouth that puts you more at ease. “Yeah, it’s fine—I’m great. Uh, you needed help with your dress?”
“Yeah,” you nod, turning your back to him to allow him to trail you into the room. As you retreat, two pairs of feet padding against the carpet, it’s impossible to not feel the burn of his eyes at the bare skin of your back. “It won’t zip up.”
He grunts, nodding, as you stop in front of the mirror, watching the eyes of his reflection flicker from where the zipper rests just above the curve of your backside up to your own reflection in the glass.
You offer him a soft smile, lips not quite parting to display a flash of teeth, to coax him on. His Adam's apple bobs beneath the milky skin of his neck as his left hand hovers for just a moment at your waist before he gingerly leverages it above the swell of your hip.
The feel of those firm, metal fingertips pressed into the material of your dress sends your heart hammering away inside your chest. Your pulse is a deafening thunder in your ears that follows the lightning strike of his touch.
How many times had he touched you before, hooked a casual arm around your waist, without calling the thunder to your rib cage like some Norse god? This was a new power over you.
His right hand finds the zipper, mouth flattening into a straight line as he tugs at it, fingers digging a little less featherlight into the bunched material of your gown for purchase.
“Damn thing,” he mutters under his breath, and you feel the curse hot on your shoulder. His lips are so close to the blade of your back that he could lean forward, just less than an inch, and press a kiss into—
There’s a little puff of relief that fans across your neck when the zipper pulls upward on its track, Bucky smoothing the material of your dress at your back before taking a step back, eyeing you with a raised eyebrow in the mirror. Pink dusts his cheeks like windburn.
“Alright,” he rubs a large palm down his face. “You ready? Steve’s gonna kill me.”
“Let’s go,” you nod, grabbing your clutch up in your hand as Bucky opens the door for you to step out into the hallway in front of him. “You can tell Steve it’s my fault you’re running late.”
“Still don’t think he’s buying that we’re seeing each other.” He presses the white button for the elevator, and it glows yellow beneath his fingertip, beckoning the lift to your floor.
The elevator doors open with a ding. “Nat’s not buying it, either,” you tell him as you step inside, leaning up against the stainless steel wall opposite from him. “Sam’s the only one convinced.”
“Yeah?” Bucky’s lip twitches amusedly, ghost of a laugh rolling off his tongue. “What’d he say?”
“‘Finally,’” you parrot Sam’s voice from earlier in the day when you’d told him that you and Bucky had started seeing each other.
Bucky laughs at your impression of the man, running a hand through his hair as the elevator doors close. “Well, at least we’ve got one down. Three more to go.”
Your bottom lip works its way between your teeth, the waxy taste of lipstick in your mouth preparing your tongue to speak a name you’d forbidden from it months ago. “Nate’ll probably be quick to believe it. He was always jealous of you.”
A surprised little chuckle catches in his throat, nose scrunching into itself. “Of me?”
“Yeah,” you laugh a little awkwardly, a little ungracefully. “Always thought that maybe there was something between us.”
Bucky doesn’t respond outside of a grunt, head nodding back against the metal wall of the lift before a smirk begins to transform his features. He’s shaking his head a bit incredulously, shoulders shivering with a silent laugh.
“What’s so funny?”
He drags his shoulders up into a nonchalant shrug. “Guess I just like the idea of making the prick jealous.”
“Bucky—,” you begin to warn.
“No, I’m serious,” he shakes the air of fun from his voice, picking up a sharper, more serious quality as he crosses the lift to stand next to you. “He’s a prick—he was a prick for leaving you, and he’s gonna feel like a prick when he walks in tonight and sees you with me.”
He’s so close, face just inches from yours, that you can smell the mint of his toothpaste still on his breath.
Your mouth parts in time with the parting of the elevator doors, an image of a guest in a maroon wrap dress coming together on the other side. Before you can speak, Bucky’s already leaning, lips nearly brushing the hot skin of your cheek in their path to your ear.
To anyone else, it would appear he’s placed a gentle kiss on your temple. “Follow my lead.”
You nod, words lacking the air needed to produce sound, and then he’s pulling you by the hand, fingers interlaced with yours, off the elevator and towards the reception hall.
The sound of your heels clicking against the floor reverberates in your mind, colliding with the constant stream of thoughts bouncing against your cranium.
Bucky’s held your hand a hundred times before—guiding you through the crowds at the fall fairgrounds, pulling you to your feet after Kat McNamara knocked you down at Sam’s twenty-first birthday party, bracing you against the clergyman’s words at Ms. Roger’s funeral—but it had never felt like this. Never had it felt so tender, so warm with affection, and yet so electric.
The feel of fingers interlocked with yours, his thumb pad rubbing circles into the underside of your hand, sends white hot bolts of lightning into your veins, the energy following the path-of-least-resistance straight to your heart. Underneath your dress, away from prying eyes, you’re certain there’s a tree-branch marking of his lightning strike branded into your skin.
He’s motioning for you to sit on the end of a row of chairs, the aisles still mostly empty save for a handful of guests. Ahead, Steve is talking to the officiant, hands in his pockets and head bowed slightly. When he catches sight of you and Bucky, he waves a little exasperatedly, but the annoyance doesn’t reach the edges of his face. Instead, he wears a broad smile, gesturing for Bucky to join him and the rest of the groomsmen.
“Better go,” he tells you, hand unlacing from yours. “I’ll be right up there the whole time—I’ll find you after the ceremony, okay?”
“Okay, go,” you smile up at him, raising your hand to swat him away. He catches your open palm, delicately closing your fingers into a fist and pressing his lips to your knuckles before dropping your hand and bounding down the aisle without another word, seemingly entirely unaware of the state he’s left you in.
Watching him while you try to steady your heartbeat again, you take in the sight of him, muscular shoulders cloaked in his navy suit.
He’s all sharp cheekbones and angular jawline and dark hair as he laughs with Steve and Sam, eyes crinkling so familiarly. He looks the same as ever—still your Bucky with the flattened nose bridge and the round eyes and the two parallel lines between his eyebrows—but none of this feels familiar.
You’re absent-mindedly rubbing at the joints where he’d pressed his lips, soft and pink and warm, when someone clears their throat beside you.
He’s smiling when you angle your neck up to get a glimpse of him, a beautiful woman you’ve met only one other time before on his arm. “Mind if Jo and I sit with you? Everyone we know’s in the bridal party.”
“Oh, uh,” you flicker your eyes towards the flower-covered arbor that Bucky stands beside, drawing strength from his side profile. “Sure.”
They both nod their thanks, bright smiles plastered against their cheeks, as they scoot past you into their chairs. Your left middle finger burns, the indent from Nate’s ring long disappeared, as he leans closer to ask, “So, where’s this lucky guy of yours? Been dying to meet him.”
Bucky’s already looking at you when your eyes flit up from your hand to find him, concern etched into those two parallel lines at his forehead.
“You’ve already met him,” you smile sweetly, nodding in Bucky’s direction. He waves, the worry dissolving in the wrinkles in the center of his face, melting them down to the lines that form around those cornflower blues instead.
Nate doesn’t try, or maybe isn’t able, to hide the note of surprise in his voice. “Barnes? I didn’t know you two were—uh, when did that happen?”
“It was still pretty new when I saw you at that Christmas party, the one at Steeple & Chase?”
The lie rolls off your tongue easily, and you’re a bit surprised by it, by how easily you’re allowing yourself to slip into this fabricated reality where you and Bucky are some happy couple.
“Right,” he nods slowly, fingers drumming in his lap as they always did when the gears in his mind were overworking. He glances down at your left hand, finding the fingers bare. “Well, I’m happy for you. Guess you and Barnes were always meant to be.”
And just like that, the runaway train of your heart hits a solid brick wall. That little red caboose stills in your chest, one last push of red hot blood to your cheeks before the engine sputters out, dark steam practically billowing from your ears.
“Thanks,” you force out against the sudden, smokey thickness in your throat.
You paint a smile at your lips, one that Bucky returns from across the room, unable to see the wreckage of your heart, ribs a splintered mess like uprooted tracks and twisted turnstiles.
And when the ceremony begins—when everyone rises as Peggy walks down the aisle looking like an angel in white and with lips of red, when Steve’s a little teary-eyed and Sam’s clapping him on the back with a smile that shows that little gap between his teeth—that matrimonial march is the work song singing in your chest as Bucky winks at you. A vision in a navy suit, he untangles the railings, refastens the crossties, and welds the pieces of you together with a single gesture.
Tumblr media
“Be honest, is my mascara everywhere?”
Bucky’s holding you close, arms wrapped around your waist as the two of you sway to the soft rhythm set by the live band, the bright white lights of the banquet hall acting like the heat lamp of an incubator. Sweat clings to your hairline, and you swear you feel your makeup beginning to slide off around the edges of your temples.
“Nah,” he shakes his head, toothy smile on his face that hasn’t managed to make a disappearance all night. “Still looks good… you look good.”
Even as the blood rushes to your face, dizzying you a little, you grin. “Steve did you a real favor, picking out navy for the suits.”
“Yeah?” There’s a gleam in his eyes, irises impossibly blue.
“Yeah,” you nod, hands leaving the back of his neck to straighten the bow tie at his throat. He peeks down at you beneath a fan of dark lashes. “My date just so happens to look good in blue… something he should have heeded when picking out his tux for prom.”
“Now that’s low,” he shakes his head, the motion doing little to dislodge the reflection of string lights, like little white stars, in his eyes. “You know my ma picked it out for me.”
“I think she was trying to deter Krista Levens from meeting you under the bleachers.”
He laughs out her name, nostalgia blanketing the syllables. “Krista—ma never did like her.”
“No,” you mimic the airy noise. “She did not.”
When you finish smoothing the wrinkles in his bow, more pop up around the corners of his eyes as your fingers find the warm skin of his neck again. He leans in close, lips hovering millimeters from your cheek.
Just barely over the thundering of your pulse in your eardrum, you hear him say: “Always liked you, though.”
Warm lips climb the highest peak of your cheek—the place where flesh is most scant over angled bone—and deposit a kiss so gentle that it would be easy to believe that you’ve imagined it.
But it’s not a figmentation; that much is clear when Natasha catches your attention from across the dance floor, her own arms draped around Sam’s shoulders. Her lips, plum in color and plumped in satisfaction, draw up into a smile. Those eyes, green and so often dangerous, glint brightly.
They’re filled with belief.
Suddenly, the temperature beneath the lights—beneath Natasha’s approving gaze and Bucky’s false attentions—has risen to become unbearable.
“I’m dying in here,” you mumble, pulling away from his grip. You already feel cooler, familiar chill returning to your skin, as his hands drop from your waist. “I think I’m gonna get some air.”
You’re already several steps towards the French doors marked by the glowing red exit sign when his fingers catch you around the wrist, spinning you on your heels to face him. His eyebrows are drawn together, eyes rounded in concern.
“You feeling okay?”
You force a smile, and he notices. “Yeah—just burnin’ up in here.”
He nods. This time, the motion does seem to shake some of the glittering from his eyes.
“Okay,” he drawls out a bit. When he slows his cadence down like that, he sounds like Brooklyn. Sounds like home. It makes you suck in a breath as he says, “I’ll come check on you in a bit, yeah?”
“Yeah,” you exhale, feeling his grip on your wrist falter, releasing you to scurry towards the exit, heart beating in time with the clacking of your heels.
The sun had set hours ago, stealing away the April warmth with it.
Dogwood trees and neatly-pruned hedges and just-bloomed lilies meet you in the courtyard, the rustling of their branches and leaves and petals in the wind a hushed greeting. There’s an iron-wrought bench beneath a particularly lonely looking tree, and as you sit down on it, the chilled metal digs into the exposed flesh at the underside of your thighs.
The sensation sends goosebumps rising on your forearms, your teeth gritting against the coolness of the evening, but you don’t move to return to the reception yet.
It’s too hot in there.
Nat’s in there, lips stained like merlot, pulled up at the edges in an undeserved, misplaced blessing of a lie. Nate’s in there, too, swirling Jo around, skirt of her dress spiraling pink across the dance floor like his words in your mind: Guess you and Barnes were always meant to be.
Bucky’s in there, too—the blazing hot sun at the very center of this solar system. If you orbit him again, his arms wrapped around your waist like solar flares from a red hot star, it’d surely mean an extinction-level event for your little blue planet.
It seems you’re meant to orbit one another, gravity working like fate, when he eventually comes hurtling through the door like an asteroid.
He searches the ill-lit garden, eyes like sad, demoted-to-dwarf-planet Plutos until they land on your face. He crosses the courtyard silently to sit beside you on the bench, leaning casually into the intricate iron details of its back.
There’s a beat of silence between you, the most uncomfortable pause there’s ever been in the twenty-year expanse of your friendship, before he’s clearing his throat. “Cold out here,” he says without turning towards you.
“A little,” you lie. Before the night is through, maybe you’d actually grow to be good at weaving fabrications and falsehoods, as good as him.
He’s watching you out of the corner of his eye, you can feel it. “Your hands cold?”
You pause the absent-minded rubbing of your hands together you’d been doing. “No.”
“You’ve always been shit at lying,” he laughs, though the noise lacks its usual lightness.
His hands reach forward and gather yours up in them, gently guiding your freezing fists to the pocket of his suit jacket. Almost immediately, the ice that’d set into the long bones of your fingers begins to melt.
When you look up to meet his face, his eyes are so warm—ever warm, always warm in your direction—that they boil the blood in the capillaries of your cheeks. It feels like anger, something easier to acknowledge in its regard of Bucky than this other burning, all-consuming fire that threatens to eat up every bit of oxygen in your lungs.
Your tongue sharpens the words like a whittle. “How is this so easy for you?”
“This,” you nod down to your hands resting in his pocket, avoiding that irksome, unplaceable shade of indigo in his eyes. “Lying. Lying to our friends. To Steve, to Nat, to Sam. Making them think that we’re together.”
He blinks, and you can’t look at the surfaces of those dwarf planets. The coloring of them looks too much like pity.
“How is it so easy for you to touch me like that?” And even as your voice begins to break, like hot magma oozing from the crater he’s dug in your exterior, you don’t have the strength to fall out of his orbit. “To lie about—to pretend like you could love me?”
There it is.
You shut your eyes against the sight of it, decades of friendship imploding because you couldn’t take the heat of him, couldn’t force the molten, ugly truth of your feelings back down into your core.
“Wanna show you something.”
You pry your eyes open, expecting to see unfamiliar blue planets on the horizon. It’s still two Plutos that greet you, welcome you back with reddened rust on their surfaces.
Cool, metal fingers brush away tears from the hollows under your eyes. “Come with me to my car?”
It takes you a moment to collect your voice. “Where are we going?”
“Nowhere,” he chuckles like he’s tired, pulling you to your feet. He loops his arm around your shoulders, and it feels nothing like a lie. “Just something I’ve been meaning to show you in my trunk.”
Your heels are scuffing against the asphalt of the parking lot. “Your trunk? The last time you showed me something in your trunk, it was that box of pizza that’d been in there for—,”
“It’s not old pizza, alright?”
“Better not be.”
“It’s not,” he insists, palming his pocket for his keys. He presses his thumb against a button on the fob, and the car unlocks, tail lights flashing red as the trunk pops open.
There’s a little silver paper bag inside with silver handles, a card taped to its front. Your name is written across it in his neat, blocky handwriting. When you look at him with a question in your eyes, he nods, gesturing for you to open it.
“Your birthday present,” he says sheepishly, palms spread flat and fingers flexing nervously against his thighs. When you raise your eyebrow at him, he says, Uh, last year’s.”
“I thought you forgot.” He’s put enough tissue paper in here to completely obscure whatever’s lying in wait at the bottom from view, but you begin to make out something fuzzy and maroon. “You paid for mine and Nate’s drinks—I thought that was you making up for forgetting.”
He shakes his head. “Since when have I forgotten your birthday?”
But you don’t answer him—can’t answer him when you fish the hand-knitted, maroon mittens out from the bottom of the bag. They look just like the ones Steve and Bucky used to wear, woven on the end of Mrs. Roger’s needle, every winter.
“Bucky,” his name is a choked sound in your throat, coated in disbelief. “Did you… did you knit these?”
“Fuck no,” he laughs now, and it’s a sound that’s familiar. “Got ‘em on Etsy.”
“Read the card.”
He nods towards where the envelope flaps against silver, wind picking it up before the tape tethering it to the bag brings it back down. It rips as you glide your index finger between its flap, revealing the little yellow card inside.
On the front of the card is the image of a dog wearing  a party hat, blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. Happy Doggone Birthday!
You laugh, splitting the card open to read the message he’s undoubtedly scrawled inside—every year, he’d wish you a happy birthday in that comic book lettering font of his. To your surprise, a lengthy letter in blue ink, blocked letters even smaller than usual to fit within the space, is dashed into the paper.
Your eyes flit up to his again, and he simply nods, spurning you on.
You have any idea how long I spent on Etsy, searching for the perfect pair of mittens? I’ll tell you how long. Three months, every night before bed, I’d be scrolling and searching and reading reviews before I finally found a real nice lady, lives in Michigan, to custom knit a pair just like the ones Mrs. Sarah always threatened to knit for you.
Still, three months is nothing. Nothing compared to how long I’ve been wanting to write this letter—hell, needing to write this—and chickening out. I always was the chicken, wasn’t I?
You and Steve, you were the brave ones. Brave but so damn tiny. I was just the one with the height, the one that followed the two of you into whatever trouble there was to find.
Jesus, my stomach hurts just writing this, telling you about the damned mittens, and I haven’t even gotten to the hard part yet.
Truth is, my stomach’s been upset for a long-time now. All twisted up.
Thought I was gonna puke, when you called me that night, telling me you were engaged. Even went to the toilet bowl, clingin’ on for dear life, but nothing would come up. You sounded so damn happy. Couldn’t even get sick, couldn’t push that happy laugh of yours out of my stomach if I tried.
Even if it’s killing me, seeing you smiling with that damned ring on your finger, too damn small to fit the way it should—the way it would, had someone who cared enough about you been the one to ask you that question.
And really, it’s nothing personal against Nate. He’s a prick, but you seem happy. Real happy.
Fuck, I’m running out of space. Alright. Here goes nothing.
I wish it was me. God, I wish it was me who’d asked you. I always thought it’d be me and you. Believed it so bad that I guess I never realized I’d have to come clean with it, tell you the truth, for that to happen.
I got you these mittens—took them six weeks to come in the mail, mind you—because I know your hands stay so cold all the damn time. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer and the AC’s out, your hands are freezing, and I can see now that I won’t always be there to hold them, warm them up against my chest or in my pockets or in my own hands, like when we were kids. I bought them because I know you, and, dammit, I love you.
So, happy birthday.
I hope these keep your hands warm, but there’s a bigger part of me still hoping that you’ll never stop letting me do it.
Love always,
The card wavers between your fingertips, but it’s not the wind that sends it fluttering now. It’s the tremor in your hand, the same tremor at your bottom lip, when you breathe out his name.
“Couldn’t give it to you,” he shrugs weakly, his voice sounding choked and wet. “Not last year.”
“Chicken,” you tease, but it comes out softer, affectionate like a pet name.
His face splits open in a smile, area around his eyes wrinkling, and you realize that you’d never want to do anything that’d risk ironing them out from the silk of his skin.
“It was easy.” He doesn’t dare move, allows you to orbit always closer to him, as he watches. “So damn easy today, ‘cause it was the first time all these years that I wasn’t pretending, not for even one second.”
It’s a gentle collision—a satellite docking into a space station always expecting its arrival, built to welcome it home—when your body meets his. There’s nothing between you now, nothing but the little silver bag and the card and the mittens.
His hand finds your face, cups your cheek. There’s that indigo in his eyes again when he leans down to close the gap between your features and his, and you finally understand.
Before, when Bucky asked you what he looked like when he was in love, you didn’t have an answer for him. You thought you’d never seen how it might’ve impossibly widened his smile, like Steve, or heard how it would honey his voice like Sam.
It never occurred to you, not until now, with his lips so close to yours that you can already feel their warmth, that you’d been seeing what it looked like for Bucky to be in love every day. Same angular cheekbones, same hardened jawline and pink lips and parallel lines between his brows. Same round, blue eyes.
Just a tint of indigo to color them.
“Been wanting to do this for a long time,” he says against your lips, thumbpad stroking your cheek. “Dreamed about it.”
“Feels like I’m dreaming,” you whisper.
He kisses you then, lips smothering any doubt that this could be anything but real, and his tongue tastes like the mimosas they’d passed around on little white trays earlier. Champagne and orange juice.
Citrus, on your tongue and his.
Tumblr media
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buckysbiota · a month ago
before sunset, i fell - b.b.
Tumblr media
summary: apparently, when you stay in the honeymoon suite, the husband and the ring on your left hand come with the package. *terms and conditions apply. refunds are not issued. pairing: modern!bucky x fem!reader tw: modern AU, cursing, allusions to smut, implied smut, alcohol, fluff, food, tell me if i missed something! words: 4.5K a/n: hi lovelies!! this is my entry for @ambrosiase indigo hotel writing challenge :) i chose the prompts honeymoon suite & vacation with bucky, but added a few little twists. also idk why but the blue suit on seb makes me go feral...😵‍💫 i worked on this for... the longest time i have ever worked on a fic, so i hope you like it!! p.s. Thank you to my loves @buckycuddlebuddy & @midnightf for helping me out 💞 i love y’all!!
p.p.s. i now have a library blog! go follow @aeristhotle and turn on notifs to get notified when i update!
reblogs and comments are appreciated ✨💗
Tumblr media
A soft breeze was coming through the half-shut curtains, softly caressing your bare back as you inhaled lightly, pressing your face deeper in the soft pillow. It was such a nice morning. There were fresh sheets on the bed and they smelled like a washing product you didn’t immediately recognize as your own, a slight floral hint in them as you stretched out your arms. Everything felt good and the sound of waves crashing against rocks a few miles away, made it feel like you were on holiday in some far-away country.
You strained your eyes against the harsh morning light as you blinked a few times, trying to get the sleep out of your eyes. Something felt off though, maybe it was the pounding headache that made you screw your eyes back shut or perhaps it was the fact that these white sheets weren’t yours at all.
What is going on, you thought to yourself, scrunching the white sheets in your fists as you turned on your back, cold air hitting your bare skin as you looked down at your body in horror. Why were you naked? Even on the hottest summer nights you at least wore a pair of panties and an old tank top, so where were they now?
Quickly pulling up the sheets over your bare chest, you looked up at the ceiling again. Your sight was met with a fancy chandelier that you definitely didn’t own, just like the headboard that was way too big to fit your queen-sized bed.
What in the cliché movie is this. Did you just drink too much and book a hotel room for once, instead of relying on your friends to get you safely home in an overpriced cab?
Slightly sitting up and clutching onto the sheets, you scanned around the room you were in, looking at all the modern art that was hung up, as well as the small sliver of the sea you could spot through the curtains.
Your gaze ended up at the other side of the king-sized bed.
Underneath the white sheets, there was a man lying on his stomach, sheets barely covering his naked ass as he was breathing at a slow and steady pace, tufts of air making little noises that you would’ve found cute if you at least knew who this fucking man was.
As your heart battered in your chest, you silently stepped out of the bed, taking the sheets with you and leaving the man buck ass naked and you snuck over to the nearby door, hoping it was the bathroom and that it had a robe you could use.
Exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you closed the door behind you, thanking your guardian angel that it was indeed a bathroom. Two fluffy robes were neatly folded on the counter and you switched out the sheets for one.
Staring into the mirror, you had to take a moment to calm down and collect your thoughts. For some reason, you were staying in a hotel with a man you didn’t know. On top of that, both of you were naked, sleeping in the same bed, which said a lot and at the same time still left you confused.
You turned on the tap to splash some water in your face, to get rid of the foggy feeling that was inhibiting your head like a bank of mist that hung over the street, unable to see through unless you ventured further into it.
That’s when another piece of the puzzle fell into place. The cold metal of a ring rubbed against your cheek and you stilled in your movements - please, please don’t let me be married to a random guy. Please.
It was a simple gold band with a small diamond attached to it, that was resting on your left ring finger, signaling that you were now probably married to the man that was snoring away in the bed.
Pressing your face into a towel, you lightly screamed out of frustration into the plush cotton. It all felt like some sort of bad dream you couldn’t wake up from, a mixture of beauty and pain that was making your head spin. The only plus in this situation was the hotel suite you were in - it was large , spacious and more luxurious than you’d ever seen. This guy better pays for it.
Slipping out of the room without disturbing the man was the plan of action - and hopefully, your stuff was within reach to assure a swift and quiet exit.
“You’re not thinking about leaving me already, right, wifey?” the man chuckled from his place in the bed as you tried to silently close the bathroom door. You turned around quickly, eyes big in horror as you watched him.
He was still naked, but his head was turned your way now, still pressed into the pillow and blue eyes shining with an emotion you couldn’t quite place yet. Was he... happy?
“You’re less vocal today than yesterday, huh,” he snickered and sat up, his arms spread out as if expecting a hug. Being naked in front of a stranger wasn’t a big deal to him apparently. Flirting with one and making crude jokes wasn’t either.
“Uhm- I’m sorry,” you choked out, eyes straining to keep the eye contact and not lower to the rest of his physique - a physique that most definitely didn’t hurt your eyes.
Watching his face brought back a few flashes of memories you didn’t know you had. Blue eyes shining as you ran hand in hand through a venue, his soft touches that lingered on the open back of your dress and the soft rubbing of his scruff against your face as you were dancing slowly along with booming music in a club, lost in your bubble for two.
“C’mere,” he beckoned, a soft smile on his face as he watched your stoic expression. By some sort of gravitational pull - or his overall alluring charisma, you sat down on the bed next to him and he immediately pulled you into his body, his head buried in your neck as you tried not to freak out - again.
“What should we do today, maybe take that surfing lesson you talked about yesterday?” he mumbled against the skin of your neck, leaving a light kiss in the wake of his words. “It looks like a good day to go surfing.”
“Uh, sure,” you blinked rapidly, sifting through all the memories that were finding their way back to the surface like a whale swimming many feet below the water, ready to breach in an exhilarating moment of pure power.
“Okay,” he groaned, dragging his face away from your neck and standing upright, stretching out every limb as you averted your eyes from a certain body part, conveniently right in front of your face.
“Let’s go have breakfast and then we can figure out what to do,” he suggested, going to the bathroom.
The man quickly turned around again, facing you with a knowing smirk on his face. “If you can figure out my name, of course. You do remember that huh, wife of mine?”
The glint in his eyes betrayed that he knew exactly what was going on in the depths of your head. The way your eyes glossed over when you were thinking hard, sifting through the countless memories, trying to pinpoint who he was and what had happened in the last 24 hours.
It was odd to see a stranger know you so well, even after presumably spending little time together.
“It’s Bucky. Put on that blue dress and meet me for breakfast in 15,” he said with pursed lips, nodding his head to your open suitcase where a summery blue dress was laying on top, then disappearing in the bathroom, leaving just his scent lingering in the sheets you were previously wrapped up in.
“Fuck,” the words softly left your mouth as you fell on your back, staring up at the beautiful chandelier again. “What have I done now?”
* * *
True to his word, Bucky was sitting at a table for two, browsing through a local paper as another hand held a mug of coffee, just refilled by one of the many waiters bustling around. The staff were wearing goddamn white gloves. What kind of establishment is this?
After Bucky had disappeared into the bathroom, you had quickly thrown on the blue dress and a pair of espadrilles, before opening the door to the hallway and being swallowed whole into the maze that was this hotel.
The hotel had a magnificent garden too, overlooking the blue ocean that was softly lapping against the pearly white beach. The air that left your lungs slowly started to match the calm rhythm of the water coming up to you and backing away again, a natural element of calm providing you with the necessary support.
You had needed to get away from the whole pompous honeymoon suite and the strange but alluring man in it. Memories were still flitting through your head at lightspeed, too quick to understand what they were and in what order they were supposed to be put in. It felt like you were flipping through a photo album, the pictures shuffled around to make the timeline incomprehensible.
And there he was, looking all soft in a light blue t-shirt, a white chino and some flip flops on his feet. He didn’t seem dangerous. He looked like any other guy you could fall for, his smile a little too reckless to be good, his charm overwhelming you in the best way. This man was going to be trouble, for sure.
He looked tanned, little freckles dotted over his arms, his tanned cheeks pulling into a smile when he noticed you standing a few feet away, looking a little dishevelled from the wind blowing in your hair, your eyes wide and cautious.
“Ah, there you are,” Bucky stood up, leaving his napkin on the table as he pulled back the chair opposite of his, gesturing that it was yours to sit in.
“Uh, thank you,” you mumbled as he pushed the chair closer to the table before sitting down again. “Sorry, needed a breather.”
“Don’t worry about it,” he snickered, finally taking a bite from the croissant he had grabbed from the buffet. “I got you a pain au chocolat, hope you like that.”
“Yeah, thanks,” you mumbled, pulling a piece of buttery dough and stuffing your mouth. Just like everything else in this hotel, it was perfect and luxurious. Goddamn, this isn’t making it any easier to just bolt and leave this fever dream behind.
“So, tell me, has it always been a dream of yours to surf with dolphins,” he genuinely asked, a certain spark in his eyes as he put down his mug and leaned his chin on a fist.
“Uhm, well, you see up until 30 minutes ago it wasn’t,” you wrung your hands together in your lap, peering around the room and effectively avoiding his azure eyes. “It does sound very fun.”
Bucky gripped the armrests of his chair and shuffled closer towards you, the chair making a screeching noise over the marble floors as other patrons shot looks at the odd couple that was disturbing their peaceful breakfast.
“What do you remember from, say yesterday morning?” Bucky asked, his eyes narrowed as he watched you attempt to remember what had happened after your breakfast.
“I got breakfast in the hostel, which by the way, is nowhere near as fancy as this place, drove around with a scooter on the island and met a friend for margaritas in the bar on the town square.”
“Then, it’s blank,” you admitted, “or not really. I have these- these memories of us walking hand in hand through a venue and other stuff, but I can’t seem to put them in the right order.”
“Still a bit foggy up there, huh,” he tapped his temple, azure eyes awash with concern. “I can retell my part of our story, maybe that gives your brain a jumpstart?”
You nodded, eyes now focused on him as you wrapped your hands around the mug with steaming coffee as Bucky looked up at the ceiling, mouth pulled into a pout.
“Okay, you and your friend… I don’t remember their name-”
“Right, Alex,” he scraped his throat, “we were next to each other at the bar and we got to talking and there were a lot of drinks.”
“Like a lot,” he stressed, his hand sifting through his hair, remembering the bill he paid and the number of times he had to try to get the code of his credit card right.
“Still doesn’t explain this,” you lifted up your left hand, the ring catching the rays of the sun and a small rainbow crossed your face. Bucky had to try his best not to pull out his phone and snap a picture of you, the combination of your soft skin, the small rainbow and your lips that were pulled into a small pout making it hard.
“Well, that was your idea, actually,” he bit his lip, scrunching his nose as your mouth dropped open in shock. “You were pretty convincing, I gotta add.”
“I- are you sure?” you asked, just to be sure you heard it right. Why would you ever ask a random man you met just that day to marry you?
Bucky just nodded, a tinge of cockiness present on his face as he resumed to tell the story of how you two met and how exactly this whole thing happened.
“So, your friend found this chapel thingy? They flagged down a cab, found a store with simple wedding dresses and found someone to officiate it,” Bucky said, with an impressed look on his face. “All while they were black-out drunk, I have to say that’s a talent.”
“Would it surprise you when I told you they are a professional party planner?” you said, scratching your forehead as you thought about how much money this must’ve cost. Weddings could easily go into the thousands and knowing your taste, you picked out an expensive dress.
“Am I bankrupt by now? It wasn’t your best idea to marry me if I spent all my cash on this little escapade.”
“No, I covered it, you’re fine,” he chuckled as you exhaled a breath, happy you didn’t splurge on a stupid wedding dress for a wedding you can’t even remember.
“But, now I feel bad. How much was it?” you asked, your hand landing on his forearm, sending an electric wave through the both of you, as you tried your best to not show how much it affected you.
“It wasn’t that much, honestly,” he said, his cheeks showing a tinge of red as he tried to play it off as if it was normal to pay for a stranger’s stuff, let alone a wedding dress. “Really, don’t worry about it.”
Something about the way he said those words without much care, showed that even he wasn’t bothered to pay for anything at all. He must be comfortable, to talk about expensive hotel suites and wedding dresses as if they were groceries you got at the supermarket.
“Enough talk about money. I hired a pair of surfboards and wetsuits for the day,” he stood up, reaching out his hand to pull you up. “You ready to go?”
You pondered for a second, before looking up at him, eyes shining brightly, “on one condition. We don’t talk about real-life depressing stuff while we’re here. No talking about jobs or family or other bullshit. Just us.”
The story he had told seemed to fit into the jumbled memories that were slowly assembling themselves in your mind and it didn't seem like he had any malicious attempts for you, looking at his face that seemed more trustworthy than the one of your ex.
A grin pulled on his lips as he nodded, his hand still outstretched as he wiggled his fingers, “it’s a deal.”
Taking his hand, he pulled you up, his other arm coming around your waist to hold you close, his grip a stronghold on you as his eyes looked between yours, trying to figure you out, an enigma right in front of his eyes that got more complex every time he blinked.
“Let’s go enjoy our honeymoon then, sweetheart.”
* * *
The surfing was way more fun than you expected it to be. Both clad in wetsuits, you tried your best to stand up on the board, the big waves knocking both of you off of it as you tried your best to contain your laughter.
Bucky was just as bad as you, probably even worse. The man had no balance whatsoever as the board just kept getting away from under his feet, even when the waves had calmed down after a while.
After a few hours of messing around together, Bucky took your hand and interlaced your fingers, as you both sat down on the boards and floated around, waiting for the sun to set in its thousands of pastel colours.
“Just so you don’t float away,” he said as an excuse, nodding down to your interlaced hands.
“Right,” you bit your lip, turning your head away to hide the smile that was gracing your face.
Both of you knew it wasn’t just about floating away anymore, it was about staying together, getting to know each other in other ways than normal people would. You had started where most stories ended and done it all in reverse.
It confused other people too.
When you were at a restaurant the following evening, an older couple came up, asking how long you too had known each other as they were so drawn in with the way you interacted with each other. When Bucky straight-facedly told them it had been a full 72 hours, they scurried off as the two of you buckled over in laughter.
Every night before you went to bed, there was still a tension to be found, like a current running between your digits as you turned your back to him in bed, trying your best not to let your stuttering breaths wake him.
It was hard for him, too. The bed was big enough for you to comfortably sleep in, but each morning you woke up with one of you on the other side, limbs tangled as heat rose to either of your cheeks before you scurried off to the bathroom for a cold shower, shaking the thoughts from your head.
On the sixth night, there was this unspoken agreement after you had spent the day driving around the island on a scooter, your arms wrapped around his waist and your cheeks squished against his shoulder. The whole day there had been a certain weight on the fleeting touches as if to try out where the limit was.
If there was even a limit.
Finally laying in bed, close to 1 am, he pulled your body towards him as he nestled his head in the crook of your neck, pressing a soft kiss against the delicate skin before you dozed off, the moon shining on the soft ripples of the ocean, illuminating the smile on your face Bucky couldn’t see.
It happened on the seventh day, the early morning breeze that was flowing through the windows making goosebumps rise on both of your skins as your bodies collided together.
He tried his best to leave your body unmarked, his fingers gently digging into your hips as his lips were on every inch of naked skin — seemingly all at once, like when the sun kissed your skin with its golden rays, warming you up. His touch made your body burn from the inside out, open and hot mouthed kisses making you beg for more of everything.
After a while, when the sun had finally risen just above the edge of the sea, when birds had started to chirp and when you both finally tumbled over the edge, he dropped down, his face nestling in the crook of your neck as one hand caressed his spine and the other sifted through his long hair.
It couldn’t have been a better morning to wake up to, especially as he happily sighed in comfort when you scratched his scalp, his full body weight on you providing a certain comfort no one else ever could.
The last few days started and ended just like that, wrapped up in each other, basking in the loving company of your newfound lover. The sun followed you everywhere you went, gracing you with its rays bouncing off of Bucky’s tanned skin, his pearly teeth standing out as his hands grabbed ahold of your body at all times.
The moments in between were filled with bare-foot beach walks, surfing on the Hawaiian waves - or trying to - and exploring the connection that you two stumbled upon.
This whole ordeal felt like a warm embrace, a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning where a snowstorm was ravaging outside.
It felt like a story from out of a cheesy fairy tale that should have some sort of plot twist somewhere, a witch coming to ruin all the plans, or a monster making the calm waves you were floating on ripple, causing the little boat of comfort you were in to capsize.
You could only hope the boat you two had built together was strong enough to withstand all the waves that still had to come your way, brewing somewhere in the future. How would your loved ones react to this one-of-a-kind story?
* * *
But alas, every fairy tale needs its ending. Yours was back home, back to your desk job that was nowhere near exciting as the recruiter made it out to be. Especially after this week where Bucky’s lips were never far from your face and other parts of your body. Working at your bleary office seemed like a drag all of a sudden, making you long for more exciting days where you and your now-husband were exploring new cities and each other.
“You got married?! Last week? to whom?” Florence, your colleague, whisper-shouted in your ear as you were typing up a final report, trying to get it finished before your new boss arrived.
“ Girl, I’ve known this man for like 10 days and I think he might be my soulmate,” you said, eyes not leaving the screen. “It started off kinda strange but we had so much fun, so we might just… stay married, you know? Plus, it’s easier to tell the family honestly.”
“Like how do I tell my mum that I’ve gone off and married a stranger, spent a week gallivanting around Hawai’i with him, only to then get a divorce?”
“Also, bonus, he’s so hot, like model hot Flo, sometimes I think he just stepped out of a catalogue,” you added, thinking about his blue eyes and brown hair, the slight scruff adding an edge to his face that made your heart pump the blood in your veins a tad faster.
“I don’t, but it sounds awesome,” she chortled, “what’s the hottie’s name?”
“Okay it’s kinda a weird name, so don’t judge,” you cringed, your mouth pulled in an awkward pout. “Bucky, it’s a nickname he likes.”
“Okay, but that’s kinda cute, no? Kinda childlike too, not gonna lie,” she lifted her brow as she stood up. “Anyway, the new boss should be here any sec now and his name is boring in comparison to your boo’s.”
“What’s that?” you saved the file and turned around in your chair, smoothing down your hands on the front of your blazer, trying to make it crease-free. Creases just made for a bad impression, especially when you need to make a good one for this new boss.
The consulting company you had been working for the last three years was in dire need of new management, so after countless headhunters had sifted through the best of the best, they finally had someone.
“James, bleh, imagine what an old white man that will be.”
Well, your boss didn’t need to be hot, he just needed to keep the company afloat and on track. It would have been fun though. A certain fifty shades of grey added to the dull company.
In the corner of your eye, you saw the secretary stand up, probably ready to greet the man as other co-workers eagerly raised their heads over their computers, wanting to have a first glance at the man.
“Oh, there he is!” Florence grabbed your upper arm, squeezing it lightly, “okay, he’s kinda cute from behind, no?”
The light blue suit gave you flashbacks - again - to the time in Hawai’i where Bucky and you went out for dinner and later strolled over the beaches without shoes, just enjoying the feeling of the sand sifting under your feet.
“Oh god,” you mumbled as he turned around, his eyes scanning the office and the people in it, big blue eyes landing on you. “Bucky.”
Guess this was the plot twist you had been expecting.
“What?” Flo aggressively whispered, her eyes rapidly flitting between you and your apparent new boss and new husband. “Are you kidding me?!”
Bucky didn’t waste a moment as he strode over to you, the shock on his face quickly replaced by a small smirk as he watched your expression change from shock to disbelief.
His hands landed on the side of your upper arms as he leaned in to press a kiss against your cheek, his scruff rubbing against your skin making the memories breach through the surface once again.
“Well hello, wifey, didn’t expect to see you here.”
Bucky left you standing there, eyes wide and shivers running through your body as he followed the secretary to the big meeting room, all set up for him to give a short presentation about his plans for the future of the company.
“Hello?” Florence took a hold of your shoulders, roughly shaking you from the frozen state you were in. “What in god’s name was that?!”
“That’s uh- that’s my husband,” you held onto her arms, afraid of losing your balance on the heels that felt too high all of a sudden, the natural light that was streaming into the building making you feel lightheaded.
“You- you never talked about your jobs?” she shrieked, shaking you again, trying to get you to realize what this would mean for your future at the company. “That’s like the first thing that you talk about on a date!”
“I don’t know if you noticed, but nothing about this situation is normal,” you said through your teeth, blinking rapidly.
“God, you snagged a hottie!” Florence babbled off, her focus no longer on your body that felt like it wanted to run away from here, run back to the safety of the Hawaiian hotel, where it felt you were in your own little universe.
Your eyes flit towards the glass walls of the conference room, where your husband was shaking hands of other employees, his eyes trained on you still, occasionally acknowledging the person he was speaking to.
“I think I want a refund from that Hawai’i package I got,” you said to yourself before the whole team was called into the room, where your husband was standing with a cocky smirk on his face.
Tumblr media
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starshipsofstarlord · 5 months ago
Could I request a Bucky Barnes x reader smut? Basically she and Bucky have been together for some time and maybe it’d be a little angst where the two are talking about the future and Bucky not thinking he can ever have a normal future? Which would result in soft smut and later reader being revealed as pregnant so Bucky finally gets his family
I’m Home
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | based on the request ^^
Warnings | angst, smut, oral sex (m receiving), fluff, pregnancy, mentions of death
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
The Wilson’s boat rocked sturdily upon the water, swaying as the boats worked aboard. Your hand held the weight of a silver spanner, twirling it in your fist as though it were a knife, thinking of the long road ahead of you. Sam had the shield now, that was a good start, but still, there was a ways to go until the world recognised him as the captain that he was meant to be.
There was so much destruction ongoing in the world, what with the flag smashers, and whomever the power broker was, and surely, you knew on the shallow surface, that there would be masses more problems to arise. It was exhausting, to know that there was no end to the war on earth, and that you were surely going to be fighting the threats until you could no more.
Bucky felt the same; he had just gone from one war to another, losing everyone that he cared about along the way. Steve had given everything up to finally find peace, and yet, the two did not share the same opportunity. An escape was never laid at your feet, instead, the pair of you were trapped in the cycle of cruelty, being blended around in a shredder by reality.
“Hey.” A voice confiscated you from the lonesome containment of your thoughts; it was Sam’s hosting sister, Sarah. I’m her own way, though you doubted that she would never admit such a thing, she was a hero. She had become a widow, and not to mention she remained a stable mother to keep her boys afloat, as well as nurturing half the kids that lived within close proximity.
“Hi Sarah.” You put the tool down, giving her your ample attention as you stood, tugging your fingers into the loops of your jeans as you stepped out of the boat, and onto the dock. “Anything I can help with?” It hadn’t passed your attention that Sam and Bucky had disappeared, but not into ash like last time. Instead, they had walked off in the direction of the house, most likely meddling about with a ball, in the back yard with Jim and Jody.
“I just came to let you know I’ve made the sofa up for you and Bucky. Are you sure you’ll be all good, I could always kick Sam outta his bed and make him sleep on the living room floor?” The two of you had nightmares, if you were to be separated from him for even a night, it was certain that the pair of you would greatly suffer. That was something you didn’t want to burden any of the Wilson’s with, screaming in the middle of the night because flashes from your past struck an unconscious nerve.
“All good, and thank you Sarah. You didn’t have to let us stay here, we both appreciate it, a hell of a lot.” One thing that you had learnt throughout your years was to show gratitude. The smallest amount shared had the ability to spring up moods, and had even set you on a much more heroic path than the one that you had been originally been placed upon.
“You’ve earned your stay.” Sam’s sister shrugged with modesty, acknowledging the help that you and Bucky had not only given to Sam, but to her family’s legacy. The two of you had aided with fixing the old wreckage that had now returned to the form of a boat, keeping it afloat rather than permitting it to sink from the quarrels that Sam had with himself regarding fixing the damned yet meaningful port of transport.
“This life you have, it’s great. I get it’s not easy, but it’s beautiful. You have two wonderful kids, that you’ve done such a great job raising, and not to mention, these community that you have is so loving and kind, even to us outsiders.” The pair of you had paused outside of her front door, speaking. “Sam is lucky to have you, he truly is.”
“Well, maybe one day this life could be something similar to what you’ll have.” The sister of your friend smiled, though your mirroring expression retracted. In a stumble of thought, you shook your head, not believing that possibility. This all was... perfect. That was something that you had never had, nor would you think that you’d ever be permitted such a peaceful lifestyle.
“I don’t think that would work out.” You sincerely mumbled, feeling the sad swelling in your chest at the prospect of all the luxuries that life had denied both you and Bucky of. It wasn’t fair all the same, but the two of you were used to being denied human rights, let alone the simplicity of nothing more than a life together. “As nice as it sounds, me and Buck aren’t really cut out for all this I suppose.”
“The world does not choose who can and cannot have a family, there’s always a way. Just because you haven’t had the most ideal line of story does not at all mean that you can’t make it work, from as much as i know, you two deserve a life together, that doesn’t include being shot at, or shooting at other people. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go for it, and hope for the best.” She gave you a final nod, before heading inside, and you trailed after her into her her residency.
The two of you went your separate ways, and there, you saw Bucky, sat up on the sofa, his hands clasped together as his eyes stared towards the tan bag, that concealed not the shape, but the Stars and Stripes of the infamous shield. It was much a relief that it was no longer in Walker’s toxic clutch, however its presence, among other things, were taking a clear toll on your boyfriend.
“You ever feel like we’re stuck?” The air was tense around you both as he spoke solemnly, it diverting to match the mood of his question. “Like we’re us, and I love us, but it makes me think that it’s it. Just me and you, on this path for the rest of our lives, never getting a compensated break, nor an average person’s future. I want this, what these people here have, not the combat that is aided by this metal arm, or the associations that stick to us like life lines.”
“All the time, it’s on my mind James.” With a sigh, you came to sit beside him on the couch, resting your head against his bionic shoulder. “I ever wonder if there’s a timeline of you and me where there’s none of this ruckus, we just have a nice little house in a quiet and accepting place, and maybe a kid or two in the future.”
“I’d give anything up for that.” He looked at you, almost wide eyed, as his hand slithered down onto your knee cap, rubbing small circles as he wore a blunt and endearing smile upon his infatuating lips. “I mean that Buck, that sounds...”
“Perfect?” He asked, leaning closer as he grabs your chin with his wondrous fingers, his nose brushing alongside your own as his puckered lips fell upon yours, earning a small hun of content from within you. “Because you’re perfect to me, and no matter what life we are encased in, I want to share it with you. I want stare at the night sky and watch the moonlight illuminate the side of your face, and the stars reflect in your entrapping eyes, that I want to look into like a medium’s orbs forever, because that is how I will see the future that I ever so hope for.”
“How long have you been working on that one Barnes, because you are usually not that smooth?” A small laugh erupted from your mouth, but you were quickly silenced as you felt a cold metal hand slither up and beneath the back of your tank top, rubbing along the seam of your spine, as his lips ran down the column of your throat, evoking small and delicate whimpers out of you.
“Shut up doll, because I really want to fuck you now, and those words leaving your mouth are making it kinda hard to concentrate.” A furrow imbedded between his brows, as you tilted your head at him, a smirk proclaiming your expression as you pulled the material over your head, and reached behind yourself to unclip the back of your bra.
“Kinda hard to concentrate, hun?” You asked nonchalantly as his gaze zeroed in on your bare breasts, his hands smoothing along your ribcage as he adjusted his grip of you so that he was palming at your breasts, and squeezing the nipples. “I want you in me baby, I’ve practically gone days without you inside of me.” Licking your lips, you reached down to palm your beloved through his layers, earning a positive groan from the former assassin.
“Hours, you mean. I fingered you on the road trip here.” Yes, that was true, however, it was only his fingers, not even the metal ones, and whilst you loved what they alone could do, he had to be discreet as you were sat on the back of the truck, which had carried the primary parts for the Wilson’s family boat. If you were to scream out, they’d have surely thought that you’d fallen off the back of the truck and pull over, or if they had much sense, they’d have noticed that there was more going on than two passengers sat side by side on the journey to their small neighbourhood by the docks,
“You heard me Barnes, otherwise I’m sure Sam wouldn’t have any problem if I came to his room in this state of undress that I am currently portraying.” Growling was never Bucky’s fortes, however the sound aggressively ripped through the tunnel of his throat, as he threw off his grey top, quickly unfastening his belt, as he awaited for you to strip the rest of your clothing before him.
But rather than doing so, as he stood before you, your hand had trouble resisting the sight of his cock that had bobbed to attention, and thus, you wrapped it around his toned flesh, giving it a couple jerks that had his head reeling back, before you tongued his tip, moaning to yourself at the taste of him invading your sensitive taste buds. “Love your cock.”
As soon as you said that, Bucky gently gathered your head in a ponytail so that it was free from bombarding your face, and groaned as quiet as he could as you sucked him in your mouth, running your tongue up the side of his shaft. “Is that a part of your dream world baby doll, the sight of my cock throbbing to be inching down that perfect little throat of yours?”
To answer him, you pressed your head down deeper, humming around him as your eyes ogled up at the sight of your super soldier, who was trying his hardest to keep his eyes open, and attuned to the sight of you. He held his bottom lip between his teeth, as you lightly gagged around him, pulling off him, and squeezing his balls, before running your hungry tongue along the middle of his sack.
“Always. It would be a dream if you made love to me right here and now though, I’m not sure I can wait any longer James.” Bucky took a long inhale, before ravishingly pulling down your jeans and panties in one go, and tossing you so that he was below your form, and you hovered over him, toying with his erect cock. “I love you so much Bucky, and I’m scared of what’s to come. I have a feeling that there’s gonna be a fight.”
“There’s always a fight doll face.” He rubbed his thumb soothingly across your jaw, pulling your hips down closer so that you were rubbing your slick folds against his standing cock. “But this is what we’re fighting for, the rest of our lives together. I’d be damned, one day after this, and if I were to die, I’d be a happy man. There’d be the memory of you to keep me forever happy in the afterlife, and not to mention, there’d be no more wars for me to participate in.”
“I’m not going to let you die Buck, even hypothetically. We saw how your little hypothetical synopsis went last time.” Tapping his cock against your clit, a breathy sound evicted from your lips, as you stared down at the two of you intimately touching, the sight alone making you more turned on and impatient. “No one is allowed to kill you, otherwise I’ll unleash hell on all their flag smashing asses.”
Giving him one last stroke, you guided his tip towards your entrance, removing your hand once you had him situated, so that you could rest it upon his sturdy shoulder, and sink down on him, the feeling of him stretching you being the most euphoric sensation that you had ever endured. Hushed moans ceased from the both of you, as Bucky’s hands gripped your ass cheeks, only adding to all of the pleasure that was erupting within you.
“Think your pussy is gonna kill me before anyone else does; your so tight.” His pitch had rose, as your fingertips danced along the left side of his handsome face, invisibly connecting the dots of his beauty marks. You allowed the pair of you to adjust for a simple moment, before you began to raise your hips, sliding up his super soldier rod, only to slide down it again.
The actions were repeated, as your own hands trailed down his warm skin, to drag down the golden lines of his vibranium arm, only to bring the weapon to your mouth, and kiss every black finger up, as you tried your best to muffle the moans that were hoping to reap free. “So fucking big, I love you and your cock.” You muttered, your sight turning blurry as Bucky realised that it was his turn to do the work, and thus, he thrusted up into you, making echoing sounds of your skin slapping together reverberate around the room.
“Love you more.” He gritted his teeth, pulling his metallic hand away from your numb lips, so that he could swirl the elegant digits around your clit, the action provoking whimpers to rapidly surpass your exterior, as you bit harshly onto your own lip, and screwed your eyes shut. “Cum for me doll, want you to cover my hard cock in everything you have. Come on baby, you can do it.”
Without much thought, as your mind was too scrambled to do so, you reached for Bucky’s spare hand, pulling it to your mouth as you sucked on his fingers as though you were blowing him. A low moan that was dialled down from the presence of his flesh digits, ran from your mouth, as you began to bounce your hips, chasing and eventually reaching your high. You came around him, pushing him too over the edge, his seed filling your walls, as you collapsed atop of him, huffing from exhaustion as you removed his salivated hand from the realms of your mouth, resting your head against his panting chest.
Stringed sighs fell from Bucky’s breath as he tried to catch his own breath. His hands rubbed your back, not only to comfort you, but also to subconsciously pull you closer against him, and his softening cock that was still inside you, and was keeping his cum plugged within your tender and pulsating walls. If life was easier, there’d be more time for this, and that, but for now, it was just every now and then. Maybe you’d win this fight and survive until the next one, but maybe, you’d lose and never battle again.
Life was precious, that was something that you had not only learned as an avenger, but also something that had been told to you by Isiah. That man thought that you deserved a normal life, no fighting, no super soldiers. He himself was the biggest yet silent critic of those with additional strength, but his opinion was never going to sway you, not as you stared out into Sarah’s backyard, and watched the man that you loved play with the boys.
They had the shield, and were whisking it through the air like a frisbee; dangerous, yes, but again, life could only amount to so much without an ounce of pain. A content and satisfied smile absorbed any pain on your face, you were enraptured with the sight of Bucky like this, he was like an uncle to these two kids. He was no captain America, that was for sure, but you didn’t want a man in Stars and Stripes, all you wanted was him to be at peace, and it was a fact unbeknownst to him, that you had made such an alternative to that.
“Still want all this?” Sarah emerged, a cheap yet formidable bottle of wine pursed in her hand, as she held two clear and tall glasses in her hand. You hummed, watching as she poured the thin red consistency into one glass, but as she went to fill the other, you held out your hand, shaking your head. The woman was confused, last time you had visited, and were entangled on her sofa with the limbs of your boyfriend and a shaggy old blanket, you had kindly accepted her offer.
“Sure do.” You sighed, staring out into the green abyss where Jim was hanging from Bucky’s arm like it were a branch. “How do you do this, this whole mother thing? I’ve never been able to wrap my head around how you make it look so easy, it’s just, you do such a good job.” Your palms rested flat on your thighs as you laughed at Sam ordering Jody to jump on Bucky’s back, as he fell down in faux defeat.
“It never is easy y/n.” She placed the open bottle down, along with the mismatched glasses, that were asymmetrical considering one was half filled and the other wallowed in emptiness. “But every step of difficulty is worth it. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss their father, but they’re my priority. For Jim and Jody, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, and you’d understand that if you ever opened yourself up to giving your life of heroism up to have all this.”
“I might have to.” Twiddling with your fingers, glancing up at your boyfriend, realising that he was in fact not looking over, you clasped your intwined hands over your stomach, smiling softly to yourself. “And maybe not having another option is the best option for me and Buck, because we don’t have to fight with ourselves over being included in our duties, we have new ones.”
“You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Sarah asked, resting her nurturing hand upon the tile of your shoulder, prompting you to turn your face towards her. There was a conflict in your eyes, it was something that she recognised her younger self having once worn. It was the idea of putting everything aside, all for a child, everything that she had ever known, so that she could put her baby boy first. “Does Bucky know?”
“He will.” You shifted your head down, unsure of yourself. This had been what you had wanted, and whilst you still envied Sarah for the role she had, you were hurt. A part of you wanted to be an avenger until you were nothing but a soul drifting in the abyss of non existence, another didn’t want to let the knowledge of being a carrier for a new future crumble you. “I just need a moment to tell him.”
“I’ve got it.” She sent you a wink, picking up the items she had brought out, before she called on Sam and the kids to come inside. Sarah had gifted you the opportunity of revealing the truth to your partner with no one else around; you appreciated that. As he stalked closer, you met him halfway, sinking into his arms as he hugged you.
“Looked like you were having fun with the boys.” You verbally noted, loving the feeling of him running his fingers through your hair. “You’re amazing Bucky Barnes, to me and to everyone. I just, don’t want you to freak out on me, I have something big, really big, to tell you, and-“
“Baby, I know.” He smiled, pulling back so that he could look you in the face. “I have super human senses, I heard their little heart beat for the first time yesterday. We’re having a baby, and I couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, I want to ask you if you’ll accept my question of making Sam the godfather.” You nodded, tears standing in your eyes, as you brought the man down for a kiss.
“Yes. But I’m not sure that he’ll be praising us for making a baby when we technically created him or her on the couch inside.” Bucky shook his head at you, kissing your forehead before walking inside with you, preparing to tell the Wilson family, that had along the way became your own, the good news- well, not the sofa bit.
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
On my way - Bucky Barnes smut
The one where Bucky was your penpal and now he's here.
Warnings: military AU, smut, long-distance relationship, pen pals, oral sex (f), dirty talk, p in v, unprotected sex, cumplay.
Word count: 1.8k
A/N:  This one is a part of my kinktober celebrations. My original intention for this October was to work exclusively around prompts that my wonderful friend @darkficsyouneveraskedfor created for her challenge and dedicate each story to a different friend. My new plan became then 31 days of different kinks, which expanded on a poly relationship with Stucky, as you might know by now. However, some of the stories I started were already truly loved by me, and so I kept on writing them. It worked well because as it turns out, I am fortunate enough to have more than 31 friends on Tumblr, so here is the story I wrote for @tuiccim​. She’s a friend and an inspiration and I hope she’ll like this just as much as I hoped she would! Thanks to my lovely @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ for reading this over for me!
Tumblr media
Dear Angel,
Your letters are all that keep me going now. The recovery process has not been easy, but it makes me smile to think that each day in pain is one less day until I get to see your face for the first time.
You have bewitched me. I cannot explain the power you have over me, even from a distance. I can only hope you’ll still want me when we do meet, despite every scar and missing piece in my body and soul. Although I have a feeling you will soon fill these pieces and make me feel complete again, like you’ve done to my heart.
Forever yours,
My heart pounded against my chest as I read over his words over and over again, like it always did whenever I went to check the mail and saw there was a letter from him waiting for me. Signing up for that online pen pal program so I could write to lonely people in the military, away from their countries so they could serve for our lives, was the best choice I’d ever made in mine.
Lord knows I was lonely too. And getting to know James - or Bucky, how he was called by his friends - had been the absolute highlight of my year. Over the last ten months, we went from strangers to friends and then… something else entirely. It was weird getting to know someone over actual letters, but not a bad weird. Just… different.
It was like getting to know their soul first, what they were really like instead of falling for the mask of a person you always end up seeing when out on first dates. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward, that is perfectly understandable, but when you are already miles away (and not intending to fall in love) the need for masks quickly disappears. You’re left with the very essence of the stranger you’re trying to meet.
And his essence was just perfect for me. He was kind, funny, smart, incredibly protective of his friends - the people he considered his family. He was lonely, just like me, but that hadn’t made him cold. No, instead of closing in on himself, he’d become attentive and understanding.
Everything I’d ever wanted in a partner. And for some reason, it seemed like he felt the same way about me.
Just as my thoughts became consumed with him yet again - a new habit ever since we started exchanging letters - a knock resonated through my apartment, snapping me out of my own mind, and then a slight jolt of fear consumed me. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Hell, I barely knew anyone in this overwhelming, big city - it was part of the reason why I decided to start looking for a penpal in the first place.
The knock resonated again, forcing me to do something about it. It could be one of the neighbors, in need of something. Even if we’d never exchanged a single greeting ever since I moved in, I suppose that was possible.
Cursing my landlord for not giving me a way to check who awaited me outside, I tried asking, “Who is it?”, only to be met with silence. So taking a deep breath, I decided to open the door at once.
And I was met with a hard chest, under a dark red Henley that was covered by a brown leather jacket. I looked up, up, up, until I found the brightest, sweetest blue eyes I’d ever seen, in a face that could only have been sculpted by the Gods.
“Hey, Doll,” he smiled, clutching the handle of his satchel. “Mind if I come in?” There was only one person who had ever addressed me as doll, even if I’d never actually heard him call me that.
For a few seconds, I just stood there frozen, looking up at the man I couldn’t believe was in front of me, clutching the door in the hopes it would keep me up.
And then I was in his arms. He caught me easily, huge smile taking over his face as his bag was abandoned on the floor, and he twirled me around while I grasped every part of him I could reach.
“What on Earth are you doing here?” I just couldn’t process it. He was really here. This was really happening. We both giggled in delight as his hands roamed over my body, apparently as touch-starved for me as I was for him.
How did his touch electrify me when I had never even seen him before?
“I got leave, I didn’t have anywhere else to go and the only place I wanted to be was here.” His voice was so different from what I’d pictured. It was even better, rough but warm, I felt like it was making its way inside my bones and melting to fill the empty parts of me.
“You made the right call,” I assured him once he looked up at me from under his eyelashes, obviously nervous about my reaction to him suddenly deciding to inhabit my life.
He smiled in gratitude and I did too. The excitement was palpable, but then it was silent. The heavy sexual tension, the need to have him was simply too much.
“God, just kiss me already,” I begged, pulling him by the shirt so our lips could meet, and even though he was surprised, he smiled in the kiss when he returned it.
“Fuck, you want this too, doll?” He asked, walking us into the apartment and kicking the door closed, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. “Please tell me that you do.”
I don’t know how he ever thought I could feel any differently. The need to have him was overwhelming, I could barely even speak. So I opted to nod eagerly, hoping he could see my enthusiasm in the way my fingers trembled as they reached for my own clothes and then his, leaving us naked for each other’s gazes to explore.
I’d been dreaming about this moment for so long, but now that it was here, I couldn’t believe it was really happening. I wanted to relish every second of it.
“Fuck, did you touch yourself while thinking about this?” He asked after he had deposited me in bed, making quick work of his shirt as I got out of my dress. “Because I did. I thought about you every damn night.”
The thought of him touching himself to the little that he knew of me, just as I’d done on this very same bed he was now climbing, made me hotter than nothing else.
“So many times,” I admitted. It wasn’t a lie. Even without knowing what he looked like, the memory of his words on the letters he had written me was enough to get me aroused - but not as much as the feeling of his calloused hands running over my body, playing me like a fiddle.
“I want to get you all dirty,” he warned, and my wanton moan was enough of a response to show him that I wasn’t against that plan at all. His body scooted further down the bed, hands pressing me open, exposing my slit to him, and I saw him lick his lips before he leaned over and licked me. “Oh, damn…” He whispered, making me even more breathless. “So sweet. Don’t think I can’t handle you, sugar.”
That pet name would be the death of me, I was certain of it.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his as he easily brought me to an earth-shattering release right onto his waiting tongue, lapping every single drop of my juices before nuzzling the lower part of his face against my cunt. Once he pulled away, he was the one dripping, and I licked my lips in need.
“I need to be inside of you now,” he warned. I’d never oppose that. The first time he tried pressing his member on me it slipped, rubbing against my clit, making me moan. He chuckled as he tried again, forcing the head of his member to breach my opening before he released it and let his hips do the work. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned, voice low and raspy and perfect.
“Can’t believe I’m here with you.” I couldn’t believe it either. That’s why I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him as he held my hands on each side of my head and began to drill his cock into me, prompting moans of pleasure to escape my lips like never before.
His own eyes never left my face either so maybe that’s how he noticed that I was holding back, biting down on my lower lip in an effort to contain myself somewhat.
He let go of one of my hands to grab my cheeks, burying his fingers on them. “Scream,” he ordered, voice serious and inciting shivers down my spine. “I can’t believe I get to know your voice now, and it’s so fucking perfect. I want you to scream for me.”
Needless to say, once he let go it was all I could do.
But who could really blame me? I was overwhelmed with the way his hips seemed eager to press against mine, and how his hands ran all over my body as he murmured to himself, “You belong to me now.”
It wasn’t an order or a question. It was only really a statement, a truth I couldn’t deny as he brought me to a release that was blinding and paralyzing, right as his hips began to lose their rhythm.
“And I belong to you,” he whispered as he approached his own orgasm. “You’re the only thing I’ve got now, sugar. I’m gonna take damn good care of you.”
I could barely even think, but I had no doubt in my mind about it - just from the way he had fucked me tonight. My cunt still clenched around his cock, trying to milk his orgasm, and I knew I was close to getting what I wanted from the way his breath hitched.
It was like he couldn’t stop talking, couldn’t stop praising me as he got closer and closer to spilling inside of me. “Good girl,” he panted, hands leaving my hips to find a hold on the headboard of my bed. “Such a good girl for me.”
His words had me shaking underneath him, right when his grip tightened and his whole body tensed, his cum filling me up, warming me from the inside.
He pulled away almost immediately, and I would have whined if he hadn’t replaced his now soft cock with two of his digits, pushing his cum back into me and keeping me plugged up. I could barely stay still, body instinctively squirming away from him because of the sensitivity, but he didn’t let me get too far.
“You got nowhere to go, angel,” he chuckled, eyes still stuck on where he was touching me. “You’re all mine now. All mine.”
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belouva · 18 days ago
— 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: fuckboy!ex!bucky x fem!reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2.2k
𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: "call me anytime, y/n. you know i'll always pick up." he was your last resort, but always your first option.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: 18+ only // minors dni // nsfw content, dark themes, talks about cheating, him being a former cheater, also a possessive little angry shit. angst, crying, being sad, being heartbroken. making out, choking kink, dry humping, bucky ripping reader’s pants, angry "you’re never gonna leave me", "i own you" sex. sub!reader, rough and gentle dom!bucky. dubcon/noncon(ish), clit play, vaginal sex, slight degradation, him fucking you 'til you see stars. mentions of angels, devils, and sinning.
tipsy friends left your side after a crowd of drunk college students came raving their way down the street, pulling your buddies in with a game of cup pong.
your sober ass was sat on the side of the road, the sidewalk waiting for bucky to show up. your ex boyfriend. first and last lover, definition of heartbreak fuckin' maniac.
he was an asshole, everyone said it. even yourself. it wasn't very hard to admit. he was a dick to everybody, made sure they left his sight with tears in their eyes. everything he said was a jab to the heart. he was the type of boy your mother would always warn you about, yet he was such a mommy's boy.
taking care of his family, working that 9-5 shift at his mom's cafe. oh, did i mention, he plays the role as the barista at that 9-5 job? yup. serving cups of hot tea to the elders that visited the cafe, sitting down for a few minutes to talk to them.
seen as the golden boy amongst the elders, he occasionally came over to your home, checking up on your grandma. his best girl, he called her by. brushing her hair, buying her cute little gifts. his spirit was so warm, god, don't get me started.
pearly whites, pink tinted cheeks, a metal-fucking-arm, who wouldn't fall in love with him? trying to change his ways was one thing, being blinded by his lies was another.
you were top blinded by the way he treated your loved ones to realize how bad he was treating you. telling you he loved you after every hookup just to leave the morning after. brushing your hair behind your ear, telling you that you were his only love, only to find his fingers interlocked with another girl's.
feeling embarrassed was an understatement. he played you insane. he had you wrapped around his finger like a damn puppet, stringing you along just to fuck and dip.
you thought he could mend the hole in your heart, but he ended up digging deeper.
"b-bucky?," you mumbled through the phone, sniffling quietly. "are you here yet?" he was supposed to be here right now. did he really just-
the sound of a car rolling up infront of you spun you out of your thoughts, making you look up. bucky's car. leaning over to the passenger seat, he rolled the window down, looking at your sat-down body.
"y/n." he breathed out.
this was the first time he's ever seen you since your "breakup", and damn did you look beautiful. the last time you had sex with him really. you stopped feeding into his thirst, holding yourself back. even with tear stains on your cheeks, you looked absolutely breathtaking.
he got used to seeing your eyes glossy. as much as he hated it, he couldn't help but admire them. as much as he wanted to pull you close to his chest and wipe the tears away, he couldn't. at least not anymore.
walking up to his car, you pulled at the handle, sliding into the passenger seat, wiping your tears away with your other hand. why was it so hard to face him now? for god's sakes, y/n, get it together. you dated him, he broke your heart, get over it.
he started up the car, eyes not leaving your stiff body. it felt weird, he thought, nibbling on the inside of his cheek. "just go, bucky." you whimpered, feeling tears brim your eyes again. "please, i can't do this anymore," clutching the hem of his sweater tightly.
"just drive."
he reached his hand out, pressing it on your shoulder. "y/n, please, just listen to me-"
"no, you listen to me!" moving away from him. "this, this vicious cycle is driving me psycho." you sat the edge of the car seat, with your head resting in your hands, starting to let the hot tears roll down your cheeks.
it was true. one call led to two bodies against each other, and those three words flowing into one ear just to slip out the other.
"one minute i'm leaving, the next i-i forgive you," you sobbed, pulling at the roots of your hair. "we never figure shit out, we just,"
"we just fuck, bucky." turning your head over to him. his eyes softened at the sight of your swollen eyes and quivering lip. his teeth sunk into the tip of his tongue as he refused to reply to you.
every time you called, every single time, you swore it would be the last. you made a promise to yourself, yet seemed to break it every single time.
"i-i keep running back and you keep letting me collapse into your arms like i'm some lost puppy- god, bucky, my heart hurts." he flinched at the volume of your voice, but seemed to lean closer to you. his hands found their way to your cheeks, squeezing them softly, causing you to cry even harder.
you grabbed onto his wrists, letting your eyes wander around away from the piercing look of his. "i don't know how long i can keep this up for. i just want to be free,"
"i want to be able to sleep without hearing the beating of your heart." your words coming out as a whisper. even if it was for a few minutes, you cherished every moment you had with him. laying your head on top of his chest, hearing his heartbeat.
bucky sighed, swiping a thumb over a fallen teardrop. "then let this be the last." was it really worth it? "one last time, y/n."
your eyes widened, a shaky breath leaving your lips as you shook your head. "i'm just going to run back, there's never a "last time"-"
his lips crashed onto yours into a wet kiss before you could finish your sentence, quite literally taking your breath away. your teeth clashed together as he roughed up on you, hand sliding down from your face to the centre of your throat, pressing on the sides gently.
you moaned quietly against his lips, the feeling of his hand around your throat sending you back to the last time you two made love on the beach after a fight, and boy was that rough.
shuffling off away your seat, you quickly rushed over to his lap, lips still attached to his. one last time. your thoughts completely ran off your mind, the only thing that mattered right now was the sweet taste of his lips colliding with yours.
pressing your forehead onto his, you pulled your lips away, letting out a few light pants. his hands travelled to the bottom of your ass, hoisting you a little higher. he smiled at the sight of you; delicate, beautiful.
"i'll stop picking up your phone calls." he mumbled. "just let me make you feel good one last time, and i promise i'll leave you alone."
you wrapped your arms around the base of his neck, brushing your nose with his. tears continued to stream down your face, you didn't know if it was out of joy or sadness anymore. you wanted him gone, out of your life, why did it feel like he stabbed your heart once more?
no more fake "i love you"'s, random pickups at 3am in the morning, shouldn't you be happy?
“one last time.” and with that your lips connected again, the roughness of the kiss sending shivers down your spine. the sound of his grunts turning you on, making your stomach flip.
if this was going to be the last time, you two better make it damn good and worth it.
no more gentle ex boyfriend, no more teary broken hearted girl, forget it all just for one night. your last night spent together. in his benz, sat on his lap, capturing his bottom lip between your teeth.
your hips grounded into his as he kissed the life out of you, trying to match his pace. he was so irresistible, look at him. he squeezed at your ass, digging his nails into your skin.
"let it out, baby." thrusting up slowly, "let me hear your beautiful moans just once more." slipping his tongue into your mouth, swirling into yours as you two fought for dominance.
his fingers reached the valley between your ass cheeks, stroking your wet slit through the thin material of your tights, earning a heavy whine from you.
his other hand came striking down, landing a harsh smack to the palette of your ass causing you to jerk forward. he let out a chuckle against your lips, grabbing a handful of your ass again. "shit, i could just cum to your cries alone."
and just as you were about to release another whimper, his fingers dung through the fabric of your pants, stretching the hole he created and ripping the thin material, leaving your panties exposed.
you clenched at the sudden coldness of the air hitting your sex, the familiar wind tingling your clit. “fuck, bucky-“ you didn’t care that he just ripped your favourite fucking pants in half, that was the last thing to be angry about at the moment.
the only thing on your mind was the madness of your entire relationship. the cons overbearing the pros, the love he swore to you turning out to be pure filth. you were going to make him regret everything. flirting with you, talking to you, hell, fucking you.
“such needy lil thing, huh?,”. he murmured, ripping the hole wider, getting easier access to your cunt. his hand slid down your ass again, cupping your pussy tightly before sinking his teeth into your lower lip. he tugged at the flesh, fingers tracing circles over the wet spot of your panties. “my neediest little slut, right?”
he let go of your lip, planting another rough kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth again. the rhythm of his fingers quickened making you moan into the kiss.
you always loved when he did that.
your hips rocked against the pads of his fingers, trying to increase the pleasurable friction between the two. "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" you cried out, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck.
fuck, you two probably looked fucking crazy through the windows. car bouncing, you on top of him with a big ass hole in your tights as he continues to play with you through your panties.
"we have time for that. don't we, sweetheart?" bucky grinned evilly, feeling your thighs start to tremble around him. incoherent words left your lips, a wave of ecstasy ready to crash over you, you were nearly over the edge.
"cum all over my fingers, dirty girl,". he added another finger, rubbing even faster over your bundle of nerves. "fuckin' soak them, baby"
"can't wait to taste you on my damn tongue."
that's what did it for you.
a loud scream escaped your throat as it finally hit you. your stomach doing flips, thighs shaking violently. you swore you could see stars. your wetness came pouring out of you, covering every inch of his fingers, coating them in you.
bucky's cock stirred in his pants, the sight in front of him causing him to get harder. how was he able to lose this? how bad could he have fucked up, shit.
with the face of an angel, thoughts of a sinner, you were absolutely perfect. body sculpted by the gods themselves, lips swollen from the devil's kisses, you somehow still looked like such a dream sat on his lap.
so beautiful, so sweet. he couldn't take it anymore.
"i need to be inside you," zipping down his zipper in a quick motion, and pulling his cock out of the cover of his boxers. his cock stood up straight, pushing your panties aside, he brushed over your sensitive clit, drawing out another wail from you.
"gonna fuck you dumb, baby," pumping his cock with his hand, holding your jaw with the other. "gonna fuck you 'til you cry for me to stop". he gave your cheek a light smack, jerking your head the other way, only to grab you back and make you face him again.
slipping the tip into you, he threw his head back at the pleasure. finally, his cock was getting some type of attention. being wrapped around your warm velvety walls was one way to soothe the ache. the best way.
without a warning, he thrusted his hips up roughly catching you off guard. the way his cock stretched you out had you feeling dizzy, you felt so lightheaded. the pain mixed with the pleasure, it felt too good. he felt too good stretching your tight pussy out.
he rutted in and out of you from under, hand still cupping your cheeks together tightly. an evil chuckle fell from his lips, observing the way your face scrunched up in pleasure.
"you really think this is the last time, sweetheart?" running his thumb over your clit. "you thought i was really going to let you fucking run?" your back arched, hands finding the tops of his broad shoulders.
up, up, up.
"you're never gonna leave me, baby." you were too tired to reply, drunk on his cock, you felt like you were floating. "you'll always be mine, sweets."
"i'm never gonna leave you alone. ever. you'll always run back to me."
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jellycolors · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘫𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴 𝘣𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘯 𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘦𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞
-𝐃𝐨 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
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azaleavi · 2 months ago
Summary: You can't hold back even when Bucky just sits in front of you.
Word count: 1.6k
Warnings: smut 18+, reader rides Bucky basically, praise kink, unprotected sex, Bucky uses his fingers, very slight dom Bucky, very slight dumbification, it’s porn with plot essentially lol
Author’s note: This definitely didn't happen because i saw this tiktok and this gif lives in my head rent free.
Feedback is always appreciated and don’t forget to reblog and like if you enjoyed it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
You are going crazy. Absolutely feral. It is all because Bucky thought it would be a good idea to just sit there in his chair with his leg spread wide open. It is calling to your body like never before. All you want is to sit in his lap and have his cock inside you. You are so lost in thought that you don’t hear a word of what he says. Your name leaving his mouth shakes you out of your thoughts and makes you shake your head slightly to get back into reality.
“Sorry, what?” you look up into his ocean blue eyes from his lap. He raises his eyebrows knowingly and you feel your face heat up in embarrassment. You are glad that you two are the only people here.
“Did something distract you?” his deep voice hits your ears. You squirm in your seat, your underwear dampening at his tone. He smirks at the action and you feel something snap in you.
Standing up from your seat you take a few fast steps toward him until you are standing right in front of him. He looks up at you, the smirk still on his face. You take a deep breath and quickly straddle his lap, your mouth immediately on his. You kiss him fervently, pouring all your passion into it.
You push your body flush against him, your center meeting his, making you moan. You hold his head in your hands as your lips move against his in a demanding way. Your mind is completely clouded by lust as you reach down to his pants and undo the button and the zipper. Your hands almost touch him when he grabs your hand and pulls it up to his chest. His lips leave yours and you let out a whine. You lean forward to feel his soft mouth again, but he keeps you away.
"Steady" one word leaves his mouth. It's a warning that should make you stop. Instead, it only fills you with even more desire for him. He never used this word before, but the way your pupils visibly dilate at it he knows he will use it again. Your hips roll in his lap, making his hands fly down to your ass, gripping the flesh. Stopping your movements your fingers brush through his neatly cut hair as you lean toward his lips again. It's been too long since you've kissed him and you can't keep away.
"I said" he grabs your chin forcefully and your eyes widen as he pushes you back "steady" your eyes flutter as his thumb brushes your lower lip, his fingers digging into the flesh on your face. You press a kiss on the pad of his thumb, his eyes never leaving your mouth.
"Bucky" you whisper his name like a prayer, eyes hooded "please"
"What do you want?" he brings his lips to your ear, his hot breath hitting your skin "Hmm? What does my good girl want?" his voice rumbles against your eardrums and you feel like in heaven.
"I want to ride you" you confess, the words falling out of your mouth without thinking "right here, right now" he hums in response and leans back into a comfortable position.
"Go ahead then" he lets go of you completely. As soon as you have his permission you reach down to pull down his pants along with his underwear and his cock comes into view. You are always amazed by his size and this time is no exception. He is already hard and your pride swells, knowing that you are the reason behind it.
You stand up to take off every single piece of clothing you have on which earns a low whistle from Bucky. You bite your lip as you sit back down, his cock now brushing against your wet folds. Both of you groan at the contact and without wasting any time you grab him and align him with your entrance. Your wetness is enough to have him slide in easily, but you have to stop halfway to catch your breath as he is stretching you out so hard at this angle.
"Fuck" he curses under his breath, unable to keep his hands away from you as they find your ass again. Your mouth is open in a silent moan as you slide down even more until he is fully seated inside your throbbing pussy.
"You're so tight" his hands tighten on you, his fingers digging into your flesh. You stay still for a few seconds to get used to the stretch his thick girth provides.
When you feel like you can take it you roll your hips, making him throw his head back and let out a loud moan. Your hands find purchase on his shoulders as you move back and forth, the feeling of his cock dragging along your wet walls driving you crazy. You know you won't last long.
He grabs your waist as you hide your face in his neck, your breasts pushing on his chest. He feels your walls contract around him as you start moving faster, chasing your high, your mind on nothing else but the goal of getting that sweet release you so desperately want.
He decides to tease you as he grabs your hips forcefully and stops your movements. Your whole body freezes and you let out a whimper. You were so close. So, so close.
"Are you going to be a good girl?" you kiss along his jaw as he speaks, your mind a desperate mess "because that's the only way I'll let this pussy cum" his thumb circles your clit once and you see stars.
"Yes" he could ask you anything and you would have the same answer "I'll do anything" you add and it makes him chuckle.
"Did my baby go cockdrunk already?" he holds you as his hips snap up into yours and you let out the most beautiful sound he has ever heard "Hmm? Did you? Or did I just fuck the words out of you?" his fingers dance along your spine, leaving goosebumps behind.
"Bucky" his name is the only thing that comes out of your mouth as he hits the sweet spot inside you. He still doesn't let you move as he thrusts up into you, the angle letting him bury his cock deep inside you. You lean your forehead against his as he starts moving you up and down. The feeling of him dragging along your walls is something you'll never get bored of.
His lips connect with yours in a messy kiss that's all teeth and tongue, your noses bumping into each other. He feels you clench around him as he moves you harder into him, the sound of skin slapping to skin filling the otherwise quiet air. Whimper after whimper leave your mouth and you can't form a coherent thought.
"Such a pretty sight" he moans as you throw your head back after a particularly hard thrust "Having you perched on my cock like this. Taking me so well like the good girl you are" he kisses along your collarbone before biting the skin. You can only nod in response, unable to form words. You lean back to his face and you can't stop whining into his lips. It's embarrassing how out of it you are, but right now you can't think of anything else but his cock moving in and out of your cunt.
"You want to cum baby? Hmm?" his hot breath hits your mouth as he feels your walls tighten around him.
"Yes- please Bucky" his finger finds your clit again, drawing quick and hard circles on it.
"Cum for me. Make a mess on my lap" as soon as the words leave his mouth you let go. Hips stuttering, the high that has been building up crashes down on you. You see white as you collapse on top of him, your body going limp from the intensity of your orgasm. Your pussy grips him so hard that he immediately follows after you, painting your walls white with his release. He holds you close as you both get your bearings back, your chests rising and falling at a rapid pace.
"Good girl" he mumbles into your hair as you hide your face in his neck. You shiver at the praise which earns a chuckle from Bucky. His hands brush the sweaty skin on your thighs as you press a few small kisses on the skin of his neck.
You bask in the afterglow of sex as he is still inside you. You don't want to move away from him. His hands wrap around your waist as your arms go around his neck. He pulls you into a sweet kiss, your lips lazily moving against each other.
"Let's get you cleaned up" he pulls away before standing up with you still in his hold. He slips out of you, making you groan into his shoulder at the empty feeling as you lay your head there. Your legs tighten around his waist as you feel your mixed release seep out of your hole.
He carries you into the bathroom and sets you down onto the countertop. You watch as he steps away to grab a towel and comes back to you and kneels on the ground.
"I love you" the three words fall out of your mouth easily and his hands stop for a second as he looks up at you. His lips touch yours as he stands up.
"I love you too" he mumbles into the kiss.
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞, 𝐛.𝐛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: quick little somethin' somethin' for ya <3
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: bucky barnes x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, innocence kink, corruption kink, fingering
you would be dating for only a short amount of time and haven’t gone further than making out on his couch- but even then, you would never be straddling him. bucky wouldn’t mind, but he was always curious about why you never went further
one night when you were at his house, you were making out on the couch. bucky pulls away and asks “wanna go to my room?” the question causes instant panic and struggles to find an excuse to leave or stop things. “uhm, sure, i just- i never-” your voice is soft and barely audible as embarrassment flushes your cheeks and your fingers are playing with each other
“y/n, are you a virgin?” the question hits you like a ton of bricks and you’re avoiding eye contact, looking down at your fingers. bucky’s whole demeanor changes. “it’s okay, honey” the softness of your eyes sent a wave of pleasure to his body. he looks at you like you were fresh prey.
the thought of being the first one to touch and taste your sweet cunt- to be the first one inside you, made his head spin. you haven’t even seen a cock in person or even touched yourself. this whole idea of sex was almost foreign to you.
“yeah, im a virgin,” his cock twitches, his eyes locked with yours, “would you want to…” your eyes widened and you look up at him, you slowly nod in agreement
bucky wants to moan at the sight of the pure girl in front of him. he brings his lips back to yours, this time it is gentle and his hand is on your waist. bucky holds you like you might break, but with so much greed at the same time.
he pulls you on top of his lap, your mouth parts, gasping at the feeling on his cock underneath you. you are unsure what to do. bucky’s mind starts to race with everything he gets to teach you and gets to do to you
you squirm on top of him, creating more pleasurable friction. you whimper at the throbbing.
“see how I’m already hard, honey?” you nod your head, he would guide you through how to roll your hips against him. the amount of pleasure bucky is getting by watching your shy demeanor, feeling a hard cock for the first time.
he slides his fingers under your shirt, lifting it off of your body- leaving you in a lacey baby pink bra, your hardened nipples picking through the sheer material. there is an unfamiliar ache between your legs and a damp spot on your underwear.
“have you ever played yourself?” you shudder at his fingers trailing up your side and over your clothed nipples. his eyes looking directly at the flesh. you shake your head. bucky hums in delight. “do you want me to teach your pussy?” the wetness between your legs spread and you couldn’t help but roll your hips into his harder than before.
“yes,” with the approval, bucky picks you up and walks to his bedroom before laying on the bed. you are only in your bra and shorts that bucky soon discards.
he would pull down your pants along with your panties and moan at the sight of the untouched cunt. it glistens and dripping with arousal. you are shy and want nothing more than to cover up the exposed skin, but the way bucky looked at you with such focus and excitement calms your nerves a bit.
“so pretty, untouched and all mine to ruin,” bucky purrs, his fingers take you by surprise as he traces along your fold, feeling just how wet you are. his face lights up and his spreads you open, seeing you fully
“so tight, im not sure I’ll fit inside you, but we’ll work on it, honey”
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angrythingstarlight · 19 days ago
i- i really need you to expand on riding bucky’s abs 👀👀
i have a thot or two.
Tumblr media
Some NSFW thots below. Alpha!Bucky. No minors. Do not copy, rewrite, expand or translate my drabbles.
You can't believe you're about to ride Bucky.
Your beefy alpha is splayed across your bed, he's the epitome of virile masculinity, his massive body taking your entire nest. Sheets, shirts, and other items tangled beneath him, his rich scent, crisp and warm, hints of bergamot and cedar filling the room.
"Ready bunny?" He says, gazing at you with lust-blown pupils, the thin rim of slate blue drinking you in. Bucky can feel how nervous and excited you are, his cock hardening in response to the small chirp slipping past your lips.
If you only knew how much he wants to climb off the bed, chase you down, mark your pretty little body until his scent is ingrained in your skin, and fuck you until you're on the verge of passing out.
He tamps down the primal urge, he can't do that. Not yet. His sweet little omega isn't ready for that. A grin stretches across his face because after tonight you'll be one step closer to being able to handle all of him.
"Then cmere pretty girl," his smile growing as you climb over him. You hesitate when you reach his cock, it's thick and long, the swollen lip leaking precum. You don't mean to whimper but you can't help it, memories of him stretching you, pushing deeper into your body play in your head. A wave of slick drips out of you, the sweet scent of your arousal reaching his nose. Bucky curls his hands into fists, briefly looking away. You're not ready, you're not ready, he has to control himself. Inhaling deeply, he senses a hint of unease beneath your arousal and it immediately grounds him.
"I gotcha bunny," he reassures, his alpha nature flaring up demanding he make his omega feel safe and good. Bucky grabs your waist, his large rough fingers digging into your skin. He drags you over his cock, his red swollen head glides through your folds as he brings you over his abs. He chuckles at the strangled sound you make deep in your throat. Oh, bunny you have no idea what you're in for.
This is the second time you've been on top of him. The first time, you slid down on his large cock, crying out as he stretched you. Bucky had almost chewed his bottom lip as he held himself back from pounding up into your tight warm cunt. You were so eager to ride him but it became evident, very quickly, that you couldn't handle him in that position. He only shifted his hips a little but it felt like he was going up into your throat. You put your hands on his belly, eyes widening as you sobbed you can't, it's too much Bucky.
Bucky took mercy on you, flipping you on your back and gently fucking you, plans on corrupting his innocent bunny formulating as you fell apart under him.
Bucky reaches up, grabbing your chin in hand, tilting your chin down. His other hand pushing you down on his firm, muscular stomach. "Now I'm going to teach you how to ride me."
You shiver, jaw slackening, the feel of his warm, firm body under your pulsating clit is intoxicating. Bucky curls both hands around your thighs, keeping them spread wide and he rolls your hips over him, his deep blue eyes watching your little bundle of nerves glide over him.
And oh fuck it feels good, sensations crawling up your spine as he rocks you back and forth, your slick coating his belly until its shiny and slippery. Bucky lets go of you after a minute, telling you in vivid detail how to move your hips. His large hand slapping your ass when you obey. "Good girl," he praises after you circle your hips, almost done spelling your name on his glistening skin. "Keep going, you got it, 'm so proud of you bunny."
"Bucky," you mewl, your hips flying furiously over him, each swipe of his ridged abs on your swollen clit feels better and better, the coil in your belly getting tighter, tighter, tighter until you feel like you're going to snap. "Bucky please," you pant, your hands slapping his chest as you fall forward.
Bucky laughs, the deep guttural sound vibrating through you. He loves when you lose control, you're becoming more feral, more wanton by the second. "Please what omega? Use your words," he teases, folding his hands above him.
"I-fuck please," you sob out, grinding vulgarly on his chest. ""M gonna cum." It's good, fuck how does this feel so good? You drop your head, your nails digging into his skin as you rock your hips. "I'm so close Bucky."
"You asking or telling me?" His hand lashes out, slapping your ass twice before he puts it back above his head. The way your eyes flare sends a thrill of anticipation through him. There she is, he thinks, there's my bunny.
Your pace becomes erratic, sloppy, losing yourself in your pleasure, you growl out. "Telling." And he shivers under you, a matching growl rumbling in his throat, overtaking the cute little sounds you're making.
One more frantic slide across his warm skin and you explode. A white heat spreading across your belly as your vision blurs. The coil splintering into pieces, unleashing pleasure through you. Sobbing, you collapse on his chest, your eyes rolling back as Bucky smooths a hand down your back. He finds your swollen clit, gently rolling it between two large fingers. "There you go, pretty girl give me one more, just one."
You press your nose in his neck, inhaling his heady scent, your orgasm spiraling through you with each swipe of his thumb on your clit. "Bu-Bucky I dont-oh fuck," you rasp out, your teeth grazing his throat. You cum again on his fingers, moaning softly in his ear, your hands yanking his hair as you try to pull away from him. "Fuck, fuck-god-"
Bucky taps your clit, sending a jolt of bliss through your trembling body. "Good girl," he chuckles, licking your slick off his fingers. He turns his face to yours, his deep eyes gazing into your glassy ones. "Now you're going to get on my cock and show me what you learned."
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alisonsfics · 3 months ago
feather boas and princess crowns
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you call bucky to babysit your daughter while you go on a date. after seeing how good he is with her, you realize he’s a better guy than you’re date.
word count: 1.8k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, swearing, dirty talk, minors DNI
a/n: the first half is completely fluff, but the second half is pure filth
Tumblr media
“Remember her bedtime is at eight, and no sweets after seven” you reminded Bucky as you grabbed your purse. He lightly chuckled to himself, knowing that you did this every time he babysat.
“Everything will be fine. I remember all the rules. Just go have fun on your date” he said, pulling you in for one last hug. You sighed and tried to not stress yourself out too much. “Oh, don’t forget she needs her giraffe stuffed animal or she won’t go to sleep” you said, not being able to turn off your mom brain.
“I know. We’re going to have a great time, right Daisy?” He asked, swooping your daughter into his arms. You saw your little bundle of joy eagerly nod her head.
You knew that Bucky would never let anything bad happen to her, but you couldn’t stop the worrying. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world, and Daisy loved him.
“Okay. Have a good night, you two. I love you, sweet pea” you said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. You walked towards the front door and looked back at the two of them. “Wave bye to mommy” Bucky whispered in her ear, causing her to smile and wave at you.
You had a smile plastered on your face as you walked outside to meet your date. The date was fine. He was a perfectly nice guy. You both talked about all the normal first date topics. There wasn’t anything wrong with him; there just wasn’t anything extraordinary about him either.
When he dropped you off later that night, he gave you a quick peck on the lips before letting you go inside.
You walked inside and saw Bucky and Daisy sitting on the couch. They both were decked out in feather boas and princess crowns. Dress up was one of Daisy’s favorite games to play with Bucky. Daisy was curled up in Bucky’s lap, fast asleep.
He looked away from the movie that was on to meet your gaze. His eyes lit up when he saw you. “Hey. How was the date?” He asked, softly, so he wouldn’t wake up Daisy.
You walked farther into the living room, smiling down at your daughter. “He was really nice. We’re going out to lunch next week” you told him, before swooping Daisy up off his lap.
She was so exhausted that she didn’t even wake up as you carried her to her room. You lightly set her down in her bed before tucking her in gently.
You exited her room and heard Bucky in the kitchen working on some of the dishes. You noticed he had ditched his princess accessories. You met him in the kitchen, giving him a hug from the side.
“Thanks for watching Daisy” you said, leaning into him. He couldn’t help but grin down at you. You didn’t see it: the look in his eyes. He would do whatever you asked him to do, as long as it made you happy. “Of course, I love watching her. She’s just like you” he said, chuckling softly.
You pulled away from him before walking over to the fridge. You looked inside the fridge and huffed when you couldn’t find any appetizing food. “Didn't you both go out to dinner?” He asked, turning around after he finished the dishes. You slowly nodded your head before moving to the freezer.
“It was one of those fancy restaurants where the portion sizes are way too small” you complained, before settling on ice cream. He chuckled as you hopped up to sit on the counter. He grabbed two spoons and then walked up to you. “I thought sweets weren’t allowed after seven?” He teased before handing you a spoon.
You lightly hit his arm before giggling to yourself. Bucky always felt comfortable. He was like home to you. “Those rules do not apply to mamas who have had a very long night” you told him, opening the container.
“In the spirit of honesty, Daisy may have not followed that rule” he said, taking a bite of ice cream. You groaned, knowing she’d be awake super early. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes” you said, smiling back at him.
He shrugged his shoulders, knowing you were absolutely right. “It’s the same reason I can’t say no to you” he said, looking at you with a twinkle in his eye. You felt your stomach do a flip as he said it. You figured you were reading too much into it.
You both sat there for a few minutes, passing the container back and forth, taking bites of ice cream. It was quiet, but peaceful. You both were just enjoying each other’s company.
His hand landed on your knee with just the right amount of physical contact that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
You slid off the counter to put away the ice cream, while Bucky put the spoons in the sink. You closed the door of the freezer.
“Cancel your lunch date next week” you heard Bucky command from behind you. You turned around with a look of confusion on your face. “Why—?” you began to ask before he cut you off with his lips on yours.
He shoved you back against the counter, his lips hungrily kissing yours. You were letting out all your pent up feelings into the kiss. You tugged at the collar of his shirt, needing him to be closer to you.
You had never seen Bucky be this passionate. He needed you like he needed to breathe. He cupped your face, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. His lips tasted like peppermint.
You were aching under his touch. You needed one thing right now.
He pulled his lips away from yours only once, just to pick you up and sit you on the counter. You saw that his eyes had darkened with lust. You knew he needed this just as much as you did.
“Oh sweetheart” he groaned, as you ran your fingers though his hair. He quickly spread your legs and let them wrap around his waist. You let out a slight whimper as he nipped at your bottom lip.
Hearing the needy sound fall from your lips made him jut his hips into yours. He loved all the sounds you were making. They only turned him on more. You felt his hardened length pressing up against your clothed heat.
You held back your moans, as you felt his erection. You unbuckled his belt, slipping your hand down the front of his jeans.
You palmed his cock through his boxers. You could feel him throbbing under your touch. “You have no idea what you do to me, sweetheart” he said, breathing heavily.
“Then why don’t you tell me” you teased, continuing to run your hand up and down his length. Before he could come up with a cocky reply, a muffled moan slipped through his lips.
“You are so fucking gorgeous. Every time you come over to swim at my pool, I have to resist the urge to fuck you against the wall. I think about you at night time, with my hand wrapped around my cock. I imagine what your sweet pussy would feel like wrapped around me. Thinking about you is the only way I can get myself to cum, sweetheart. I think about ramming into you until you’re a stuttering mess” he whispered in your ear.
You could feel yourself dripping as he talked about his fantasies. You were more turned on by his dirty talk than you cared to admit.
“Do it,” were the only words you could manage to put together. His eyes were almost black as he heard your request. He quickly hiked up your dress and slid your panties off before stuffing them into his back pocket.
His pulled his jeans down only far enough to pull his cock out. You finally saw it; the tip was red and leaking. You let out a moan as you realized how big he was. “We have to be quick. Just fuck me, Barnes” you commanded.
He was in no position to deny your request. He steadied himself by holding onto your hips before plunging his cock deep inside of you. He grunted as he felt how tight you were around him.
You threw your head back against the cabinets. You gasped for breath as you adjusted to his length. After a second, he began to thrust in and out of you.
It had been too long since you’d been properly fucked, and Bucky was going to change that. “Gotta be quiet, sweetheart” he mumbled, kissing you to muffle your moans.
You remembered that your daughter was sleeping in the other room, and she definitely didn’t need her innocence ruined like this. You clung to Bucky’s shoulders to hold back the urge to call out his name.
He could see how much you wanted to moan as your face contorted. He could hear himself thrusting into your wetness. The almost pornograhic sounds made Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you.
You felt him brush against your g-spot, and you clenched around his cock. He groaned, gripping your hips tighter. You knew you’d have bruises in the morning, but right now it felt too good to complain.
You knew it wouldn’t be long before you were cumming all over his cock. “Please, Bucky” you begged him, as your hips slapped against his.
“You want to cum? Do it for me. Cum all over my cock. Show me how good I make you feel” he told you, bringing his thumb down to rub harsh circles against your clit. You felt like you were seeing stars. He made you feel so good that you could barely process it.
You could tell from his sloppy thrusts that he wouldn’t last long either. You felt so much better wrapped around him than he could have ever imagined.
“Fuck” you muttered, before feeling your orgasm hit you. You felt yourself clenching down onto his cock as he continued to chase his own high. “—almost” he mumbled, before cumming inside of you.
You both were gasping for air as he slowed down his thrusts, easing you both down from your peaks. You watched as his chest rapidly rose and fell. His hair clung to his sweaty forehead.
You both just sat there for a moment, recovering from the best orgasms of both of your lives. “Why don’t we head to bed?” He asked you, softly.
You nodded your head, still having trouble putting together words. He pressed a loving kiss to your temple. It was completely different than the side of him you’d just seen. You were used to the super sweet and caring Bucky, but Bucky during sex was something you could get used to. He was like an animal.
“But no round two. I don’t think I can take anymore” you told him, letting him help you down off the counter. “There’s always tomorrow for that, sweetheart” he said, pulling you in for a short kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @bigbadspooky @faykyrie
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swtbbybarnes · 26 days ago
𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 | 𝐬.𝐫 𝐱 𝐛.𝐛 𝐱 𝐬.𝐰
Tumblr media
summary: having three roommates wasn’t the plan, neither was losing your job. now you just have to find a way to pay rent.
warnings: SEXUAL CONTENT 18+ MINORS DNI, oral (f), multiple partners, fingering, pet names (sweets, peach, bunny), foursome, allusions to anal, sex to pay for rent, kinda sub!steve?, lots of clit stimulation, knife play sort of (cutting of clothes), nipple play.
word count: 2,175
main masterlist -> this is part of the rent’s due au!
notes: i don’t even know, i’m a whore. everyone say thank you to @belouva for picking this pairing!!! this title made me giggle. this isn't edited at all, and i have no idea if this has been done before i just had an idea! please let me know if i have missed any tags!! reblogs are appreciated!
"I have no idea how to thank you guys." You say and wipe the sweat from your forehead, setting down one of many boxes in your new room.
"C'mon sweets, you know you can always come to us for help." Sam chuckles as he starts opening a securely taped box with descriptions on scribbled on the side. "Plus we get to see you more often now that that dick of an ex is out of the picture."
"Don't bring him up here, this is a safe space." You hear from behind you, seeing Steve and Bucky both come in the apartment with the last of your things.
This wasn't how things were supposed to go this year, but when has anything ever gone your way?
First you had lost your job due to budget cuts, which was fine because you were living with the love of your life who said he would take care of you until you found something else.
Then you found him balls deep in your boss.
So that was great, and that night you were sleeping here on their couch and the next day they were helping you move in.
So far things were great, and the boys were amazing with letting you leave little pieces of yourself around the apartment to make it more homey.
They had helped build your new bed frame and dressers, which was a sight.
Everything was going okay now, except for the fact that you were struggling to find a new job. With fear that they would soon kick you out, you were on a mission to find some sort of job so you could finally pay your portion of the rent.
Your laptop was sitting on the arm of the couch while you were searching through different jobs, looking for something that sparked your interest when they got home from work.
"Hey guys." You mumble almost uninterested, staring blankly at the screen.
Pressing a kiss on the top of your head as he walks by, Steve sets some takeout not the coffee table. "How's the job search coming along?"
"Shit." You groan and shut your laptop, leaning your head back on the couch. "I swear there's suddenly no jobs in this city."
Sam and Bucky both walk back into the living room with a couple beers handing one to you then sitting on opposite sides of the couch, you sandwiched in the middle.
"You'll find something someday, don't worry sweets." Sam smiles and drapes his arm across the back of the couch.
"Yeah, you will someday." Bucky agrees with him, pulling a burger out of the bag of takeout and handing it to you, then grabbing one for himself.
"I hope it's sooner rather than later," You sigh and start eating, "Cause I wanna be able to pay for my own room here. I promise I won't be relying on you guys forever."
Steve chuckles and sits on the floor between your legs, facing the TV and eating his own food while the other two just smile at you.
"Don't worry about rent, you know it's not a big deal." Bucky says and rubs his hand on your thigh in an attempt to sooth your thoughts, but little does he know it sets off alarms in your head.
You all had always been more touchy than normal friends would, with the kisses on the head or cheek, or numerous pet names they had called you.
It's just how you guys were, and you loved that with them. Loved.
"Buck, it is a big deal." You take a sip of your beer, "I'm not just gonna live here without helping you guys out."
Almost on cue, Sam smirks at Steve, making him choke on the sip of beer he was trying to take.
"There's tons of ways you could help us out bunny, just gotta let us know what you want." Bucky says effortlessly, standing up off the couch and stretching.
"What I want?" You ask slowly, feeling confused. "What I want is a job."
A quick kiss is pressed to the side of your head while Sam stands up as well, "Such a sweetheart."
Both Sam and Bucky walk into the kitchen and seem to be discussing something, leaving you and Steve in the living room.
"Steve? What are they on about?" You ask, putting a hand on his shoulder.
He just keeps eating his burger and staring at the random show playing on TV, just as the two of them are walking back into the room.
"May as well ask her now." Steve says, looking at them when they sit down.
"Ask me what?" You ask, trying to find some answer as to why they're acting so weird now. "What's wrong with you guys?"
"Nothing's wrong with us sweets." Sam says, sitting beside you and pulling your legs over his lap. His large hands trail themselves down your bare thighs while another rests on your shoulder.
"What's wrong then? Ask me what?"
The other hand on your shoulder moves down your arm until you feel a pair of lips kiss your neck, making you jump.
"It's okay bunny, we just wanna ask you somethin. Just gotta relax for us." Bucky whispers in your ear.
Between the pair of lips on your neck and hands on your thighs, you had almost forgotten about the blonde sitting on the floor in front of you.
When you looked down, his eyes were already on you.
Somehow darker, and lips parted, he looked flushed.
"Steve?" You whisper, barely able to get more than his name out with the sensations flowing through your body right now.
He sits up on his knees, placing his hands on either side of Sams legs and keeping you in place. "Do you want us to stop?"
The question had an easy answer for you, and his tone was laced with concern.
"No." You answer confidently, "Just wondering what this has to do with what you need to ask me."
"We told you money doesn't matter to us, we mean that. But you're so hung up on needing to repay us aren't you?" He asks, and you're trying so hard to concentrate on him and his words until Bucky finds that spot on your collarbone. "Thought we could come to an agreement, of sorts."
You inhale sharply and jerk your legs, Sams hand gripping it tight enough to keep you still.
"Watch it Barnes." Sam warns, slipping one of his hands between your thighs and continues caressing them. "Go on Steve, ask her."
Bucky chuckles against your neck, resting himself there while looking at Steve like the rest of you are doing. "Sorry, couldn't help myself."
"We have a proposition." Steve starts, softly grabbing your free leg and using his strength to have you now sitting in Sams lap, your back against his chest.
"Proposition?" You squeak when Sam pulls your legs apart, legs fully wide for Steve to see.
Bucky moves away from your neck and gets onto the floor beside Steve, groaning at the view.
"You don't need to pay rent, ever." Steve starts, one of his hands running down the inside of your thigh and inching closer to your core. "If you stay here, and stay ours."
You could feel Sam against your lower back, and feeling him press into you. There was no hiding it now.
You could feel yourself soaking your underwear, and if they keep this up its going right through the shorts you decided to wear today.
"Yours." You repeat, almost as a question while Bucky and Steve both play with the edge of the fabric on your shorts, faces agonizingly close to you.
"We knew we had a chance once you'd finally gotten rid of that shitty ex," Sam says from behind you, hands still holding your thighs open for them. "You can be ours now, we'll take care of you."
Your eyes flick to Bucky who has one of his flesh hands just barely touching the hem of your panties, an eyebrow raised at you as you nod your head at him.
"You said - yours. As in all three of you?" You quickly get out, heart pounding as Bucky's finger trails over the massive wet patch. He softly presses down on the fabric just over your clit, and you know you're done for.
"Course sweets, can we show you?" Sam asks and nods to Steve, who reaches over to the side table and pulls out a small army knife.
"Yes." You breathe out as an answer, probably too quickly but they all seem pleased with your answer.
Steve flicks the knife open and very carefully cuts away your shorts until your left in just your panties, light pink fabric turned dark now.
"Fuckin' hell sweets, is this for us?" Bucky asks, referring to the dark patch.
Sams hands move from your thighs up to your chest, groping your breasts and pinching your nipples softly. You hand your head back onto his shoulder, making them smile.
"Told you she'd be beautiful." Steve says, trying to suppress a moan as he watches you.
Bucky slowly starts to rub your clit over the thin fabric while Sam continues playing with your nipples, causing you to let out a moan.
"Get rid of these Steve," Bucky grunts, talking about your underwear. "Need them out of the way."
With one swipe, he cuts them away and you're fully bare on display for them. This entire time your hands have been gripping the couch cushions to the point where your hands are hurting.
Buckys fingers are fast back on your clit, rubbing in circles and making you cry out.
"Fuck!" You arch your back against Sam, but his hands hold you still.
Suddenly you're aware of the amount of eyes on you, body heating up from the stimulation.
"God she's so wet." Steve groans, pinching your inner thigh.
Your whines are music to their ears when Sam rolls your nipples between his fingers. "She can take more, can't you sweets? Need one of us to stretch that cunt?"
Your eyes practically roll back into your head at his filthy words, "Please... need more."
"Why didn't you just ask bunny?" Steve purrs, teasing his fingers at your hole and soaking them in your arousal. He slowly sinks one finger in you, almost painfully slow.
The way Sam is teasing your breasts and nipples, Bucky playing with your clit so softly, and Steve having one of his large fingers knuckle deep inside you.
All of a sudden it stops.
"God." You whimper, soft noises leaving your body. "Please do something, need something more. Please."
"Promise to stay here?" Bucky's voice makes you open your eyes, nodding quickly. "You're ours, no one else."
"Yes! I'm fucking yours!" You cry out, hoping this makes them move now.
And it all starts again, sending shockwaves through your body.
"Such a pretty pussy." Steve watches in awe as you take one of his fingers, then inserting another into you. "God, Buck look at her."
"Give her more Stevie, she can take it." Bucky slightly pinches your clit before leaning down and giving it a long lick, then pulling away. "Can't you bunny?"
"Yes, I can take it!" You moan and thrash against Sam, feeling your slick drip down to your other hole.
They know it too.
"Know exactly what you're thinkin sweets." Sam whispers and reaches down around the other hands working your cunt, dragging more wetness to the tight hole you never imagined like this. "One day I'll stretch this little hole, but for now you're going to come all over their fingers. Got it?"
Nodding your head and feeling the thin layer of sweat all across your body, the pressure in your abdomen becoming too much.
"Fuck, she's squeezing my fingers so much." Steve watches in awe as he slips a third in, trying to refrain from touching himself.
All three men keep their hands on you until your body is thrashing so much they need to keep you held down, their free hands managing to grab a stray limb.
"Oh my god, holy shit." Your words turn into mumbles while they finger fuck you through your orgasm, aftershocks leaving your body on fire.
Soft kisses are being pressed along your inner thighs when you finally open your eyes again, seeing a blonde and brunette caressing your skin and whispering praises against it.
Another pair of lips are on your shoulder, while Sam coaxes you back awake.
"Come back to us sweets, know you're in there." His voice is soothing, just the same as the hands on your thighs. "Atta girl, did so good for us yeah?"
"Always do, so gorgeous." Steve agrees, leaning up to lay his head on your inner thigh, Bucky doing the same.
"Oh my god..." You whisper and laugh a little, taking a deep breath.
"So, is that a yes?" Bucky asks, as you reach down and run a hand through his hair.
Like they even have to ask.
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sunmoonandbucky · a month ago
and he kissed me right here
pairing: modern!bucky barnes x reader
word count: 6,100
summary: I've always been sure that all I ever wanted was a glamorous life.
warnings: Cuss words, mentions of the Afghanistan war (Bucky is a veteran), angst, happy ending, cheesy romantic confessions, age gap
a/n:  This is based on the song 'Stars and the Moon' from Songs for a New World! It's the first one shot in my musical series! This is written in first perspective, but there is no physical description or use of a name in this!
I sighed as I tossed a few more dirty plates into the dish window, wiping my brow. After a shitty dinner rush and an even shittier rush around two in the morning consisting only of drunk ass college kids looking for some sort of carb to suck up all the alcohol in their systems, I was ready to go the fuck home.
“Sweetheart, you head on home now,” the head chef insisted as he watched my head nod slightly as I tried my best to fight off sleep. “Ain’t nobody comin’ in before Melissa gets here. No point in you staying on your feet any longer.”
Louis was a godsend. At sixty-seven years old, you’d think he would rather be anywhere but a diner at almost four in the morning.
“Nah,” he had said when I’d asked him a few months after I’d first started. “My Ginny died a few years back, and since she’s been gone, I don’t really have the stomach to sit around that house all alone.” He had laughed, but there’d been a deep sorrow that had come over his deep brown eyes. “Kids are worried, but… Sleeping the day away is better than laying up at night staring at her side of the bed…”
“You sure, Lou?” I asked even as I headed for the back room where all the employees clocked in and kept their possessions in their own little cubbies. I did my checkout in view of the security camera, just like always. I didn’t want anyone to be able to say I stole anything.
Everyone who knew me knew that I wouldn’t, but I’d worked at two many places where the girls tried backstabbing each other and sabotaging everyone else to get them fired.
Though people were a lot nicer in Louisiana than any of the other places I’d lived.
Louis chuckled as he set a to-go box in the window, nodding towards it. “Mmhm. Long as Buck is getting you home safe.”
I gave him a joking eye roll as I took the to-go box gratefully, grinning at my name written in all caps with green Sharpie on top. “You know you don’t have to make me dinner every night.”
“Yes, I do,” he said, shooting me a look. “How else do I know you’re getting enough food in you, huh?” He pointed his rag at me. “Now you go ask him to get you home. Tell him I said he can clock out, and that he’s supposed to text me when he sees you safe inside. You better not say you’re gonna ask him again just to walk yourself home.” The old man shook his head as I headed for the back door, muttering to himself, “Damn girl thinks I’m gonna believe she’s feeding herself good enough when she’s risking her damn ass walking home alone.”
Despite the fact that I’d put off asking for Bucky Barnes’s service, I really did appreciate how fiercely Louis cared about me.
It had been a real long time since anyone had cared so much.
I hesitated at the back door of the diner, my hand resting against the cool metal.
What if he said no?
Granted, he most likely wouldn’t. But what if he said yes, and he secretly thought me some dumb little girl that couldn’t take care of herself?
What did I care if he thought that?
“I don’t care what he thinks of me,” I huffed as I straightened my shoulders, holding my chin a little higher.
“Stop talking to yourself and get going!”
I jumped in surprise, before shooting a glare in the direction of the kitchen. “Stop listening in on my private conversations!” I demanded before storming outside with new found vigor.
Only to freeze when Bucky looked up from where he was sitting on the curb, smoking a cigarette.
God, he was handsome.
“You okay, doll face?” He asked, his New York accent a sharp contrast to the southern drawls you were used to.
“Um… Y-Yeah,” I said faintly, glancing back at the door that I’d come in from. “Um… L-Louis wants me to ask you… Can you walk me home? Or give me a ride? I don’t… I don’t know if you drive…”
“I do drive.”
“O-Oh. Okay. Great.”
“But I don’t have my car on me.”
I peered at him curiously. “Oh. Um… I can just walk by myself. I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna be a nuisance…”
He stood up, tossing his cigarette to the ground and stomping it out. “Don’t be ridiculous, darlin.’ Come on. I’ll walk you.” He shoved his hands in his pockets as he began to head for the street. “Besides… It’s a real nice night.”
“Oh…,” I said in surprise at how ready he was to be of service. “Okay. But only if you’re sure.”
A faint smile graced his lips as he glanced at the ground, letting out a faint chuckle that rumbled deep in his chest. “I’m sure, darlin.’ But you gotta lead the way.”
I was surprised by the rapid pitter patter of my heart beat as we walked side by side down the street, the chorus of ‘Yellow Brick Road’ getting stuck in my head on a loop.
Bucky was an enigma that I found myself wondering about more often than not, but I always ended up talking myself out of going there. After all, he was an older man. A much older man. At least fifteen years older than my own twenty-two years, or something along those lines, not that he looked it. The man looked like some kind of rugged Greek god. Like Hades if Hades was born in the eighties. His dog tags clinked together under his shirt as we walked, his metal prosthetic glinting in the moon.
“So how did you end up in NOLA?”
It took me a moment to even realize that he was talking to me, my heart skipping a beat and my face going hot in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked.
His bright blue eyes flickered over to look me over. “How’d you end up in New Orleans?”
“I actually don’t know,” I snorted, avoiding his eyes as I kicked at a few broken up pieces of asphalt. “I just… Picked a bus ticket and ended up in one of the Carolinas. Then I picked another bus ticket and ended up in Minnesota. And then I picked another, and another, and another, and then I actually just… ended up here.” The months I’d spent alone on those Greyhounds felt both so long ago and also like it was just yesterday. “The diner was the first place someone recommended for food that’s good but cheap, and as I was eating my mountain of cheese fries, I saw the flyer that said they were hiring. So here I am now…”
“Huh,” he said, his brows furrowed. “I didn’t take you for the type of person to run off on your own… riding buses all over the country…”
Head tilting to the side, I gave him a long look. “You didn’t? What kind of type did you peg me for?”
Bucky gave me a long look, a single brow raised as though silently telling me that I jumped to conclusions. “Just that jumping from place to place can take a lot outta someone,” he said slowly, his voice low and soothing. “Hell, if you were my girl—” He broke off as his cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink, his long hair falling in his face.
I swore my heart had stopped inside of my chest, and I swallowed thickly around the lump in my throat. “Oh?”
He rushed to try to correct his wording. “I-I just mean, a lady should be comfortable. And if I had a g-girl like you, well… You’d never want for anything,” he stammered, stumbling over his words like a flustered school boy. “Hell, I… I’d give you the stars and the moon…”
I was shocked into silence, staring up at him like he was the sun itself. “Bucky…”
“No, no, don’t say anything. I… I know that was a lot,” he insisted quietly, unable to meet your eyes as he stared up at the shitty apartment building you called home. “Hell, you probably don’t want a gross old man hitting on you.” His metal hand, glinting in the low light of the street lamp, reached up to brush against my cheek for just a moment before it quickly dropped. “Just let me walk you home each night so I can make sure you’re safe, yeah?”
“Yeah,” I breathed out, unable to take my eyes off of him as he took a few steps back.
There’s a somewhat playful smirk on his lips as he watched me stumble up the steps, continuously glancing back at him. “Goodnight, baby doll.”
“Goodnight,” I said, barely audible before I finally headed inside.
Bucky kept his word. He walked me home every night, and honestly, there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t thinking about what he had said, about if I was his girl.
What if I was his girl?
But… with that meant I’d have to give up the life I’d dreamed for myself. I wanted luxury, to never worry about bills or where I was gonna get my next meal or if I could afford to buy the nice work shoes or if I could only get the cheap ones that would fall apart in three months and then I’d just be right back where I started.
I wanted the life that celebrities lived. Hell, I wanted to go to parties on the same yachts the Kardashian-Jenners did, even if I couldn’t fucking stand them.
And with Bucky… I wouldn’t have that.
“So why’d you go on the run anyway?” Bucky asked one night as we sat on the curb, eating ice cream in the Louisiana heat. “I know you told me how you got here, but you’ve never told me why.”
“You’ve never told me how you ended up here or why either,” I shot back, nudging his shoulder with my own.
Somehow the age difference seemed non-existent as we sat there. Honestly, I felt like we were just a bunch of dumb teenagers, shooting the shit and enjoying each other’s company.
Bucky took in a deep breath, his shoulders sinking in a way that made it look like he had all the weight of the world on his shoulders. “I was over in Afghanistan for a long time,” he admitted quietly. “When the war first started, I was 19. I had no idea where my life was going and I had no options except my dad’s mechanic shop. So I enlisted with my best friend, Steve. The one I told you about.”
It’s completely silent except for the sound of an occasional car horn off in the distance.
“Neither one of us knew what we were doing. We realized very quickly that we had no reason being over there, but… but there was nothing else,” he said, swallowing around the lump in his throat. The ice cream he was holding was melting in his trembling hands. “I didn’t know how to do anything else, so I stayed. Steve moved up in the ranks, but I stayed pretty low… I didn’t mind. Kinda liked being the older guy all those young kids could talk to, could rely on… Because they were just like me, getting into a fight that wasn’t theirs because they had nothing else.”
My heart was shattering inside my chest as I scooted a little closer, my knee knocking against his as I tried to give him some sort of silent comfort. He’d been through Hell and made it through.
Bucky let his head rest against mine, his eyes closing as he breathed in the scent of my perfume. “They eventually moved me to some kind of specialized team… Called us the Howling Commandos. I found out that Steve was heading it and he picked me to be part of it. That’s how I met Sam, because he was on some sort of similar team with the Air Force, except it was just him and his friend, Riley,” he continued, taking a bite of his chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. “I am proud to say that I didn’t kill a single person while I was over there. I just couldn’t. Hell, they’re people just like me, terrified and unsure of what’s going to happen.” His lips pressed against my forehead, letting it linger. “But then about five years ago, I was on a mission with the Commandos, Sam, and Riley, and… this bomb went off while we were playing a game of soccer. I wasn’t even in a fight. That thing took my arm and it took Riley.”
Tentatively, I let my fingers find his, holding his hand and squeezing reassuringly.
“Sam decided to come home with me.” There was a forlorn look in his eyes, as though he was right back at that game of pick-up soccer. “After losing Riley… he couldn’t find a reason to be over there. And then Steve decided to stay, and hell, he’s still over there, leading that fucking team…” Glassy baby blue eyes finally found mine, the both of us doing our best to not cry. “I couldn’t face my family for a long time, so Sam asked me to come stay in Louisiana with him and his family, and I haven’t left since.”
“Have you gone to see your family?” I asked slowly, almost like I was scared I’d frighten him if I spoke too loudly, like a wild animal. “Let them know where you are? That you’re safe?”
He turned to look at me, his baby blues shining. “You worried about me, baby doll?”
“I can’t help it,” I said honestly, unable to tear my eyes away. I hadn’t opened up to someone like that in so damn long. “I can’t help but worry about you.”
The way that I felt about Bucky absolutely terrified me, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. It snuck up on me, like a train coming around a bend.
I hated it.
“What do you want out of this life?” Bucky asked on one walk home, his arm linked in mine. He’d become so much more… tactile. If anyone took a moment to look at us, they’d think we were a couple on a romantic stroll.
Perhaps we were.
But I couldn’t help but grin as I looked up at the sky, taking in the warm air. “I wanna live like how the movie stars do… I want a big house on the beach and twenty cars and a yacht and… and…”
He looked at me long and hard. “And you never wanna have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, if you’re gonna have a place to sleep at night…”
For some reason, I’d felt a bolt of panic over whether or not he’d understand. Whether or not he’d think differently of me, but I should’ve known that he wouldn’t. Hell, he knew me better than anyone else.
“You understand,” I said quietly, my hand squeezing his bicep gratefully. “I want to live how the other half lives for once. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”
A small smile graced his features as we shuffled along. “There isn’t. But… What about love?” He asked.
Could I even have love? Did I want it?
“I don’t know if there’s a lot of room for love in my plans,” I admitted after a long moment. “In my experience, love has always just been a lie. A word used to manipulate and eventually abuse.”
Letting out a snort, he let his fingers tickle down my tricep until his fingers intertwined with mine. “I’d show you it’s not… I’d show you what real love is,” he said. “I’d give you every part of me, give you all my strength to help you grow into who you wanna be, even if I don’t particularly care about being famous or rich…” He brought my hand to his lips, kissing my knuckles. “I’ll give you a love story, a life, that’s a million times better than any recycled Hollywood plot… I’ll give you the stars and the moon, if you would just let me.”
I hated the way that he made my heart beat faster, the way my breath hitched. “Jamie,” I breathed out quietly, the two of us having stopped in our tracks to just… take each other in. Live in each other’s presence for a moment. “I…”
“You want a big life… one a lot bigger than little old me,” he said simply, shrugging. His blue eyes were so honest, so loving. So warm. A warmth I hadn’t ever experienced before. “I know. But that doesn’t change that I’m in love with you. And if you ever change your mind…” Bucky reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card, pressing it into my free hand. “This is where you can find me. I figure it’s time for me to go home.”
We’d come to a stop in front of my building, and I was shocked at how tight my chest felt. My eyes watered as I stared at him long and hard. “Jamie, please… I⏤”
“Don’t say it. It’s okay,” he insisted as he cupped my cheek, letting his thumb run over my skin as though he was memorizing it. “I just want you to be happy, darling. You got that?” His lips pressed to my forehead, letting it linger. “Go get that life you’ve been dreaming of.”
I left New Orleans the next day, grabbing a bus ticket after throwing all of my belongings into my old duffel bag. It was time to move on.
But God, did it hurt.
I didn’t stop crying for weeks, fighting the urge to go right back to Louisiana and tell Bucky to take it back, to get him to beg me to stay with him.
But what kind of life would that leave me with? Working in the diner day after day? Never getting anywhere?
But you’d have James, a voice inside my head reminded me snarkily.
Then again, he most likely wasn’t even in New Orleans anymore, if what he said was true when he gave me the business card of his father’s mechanic shop. Was he really planning on going home to New York City?
A few months later, and I’d worked my way all through the southwest to Santa Fe, where I met Pietro.
My heart was pounding as I pressed in the familiar numbers, having memorized them from the business card now soft and faded from how often I held it in my hands like a lifeline. “Come on… Pick up… Pick up…”
“Barnes Tires and Motors, this is George,” a man said in a gruff voice when he finally picked up. “How can I help you?”
“H-Hi, is James there? James Barnes? Bucky?” I stammered out, hands trembling so bad that the old payphone was almost rattling.
There was a pause, and then muffled talking away from the phone.
And then I heard it being picked up. “This is Bucky,” he said.
It felt like the wind had been knocked right out of my lungs. How had I gone so long without hearing his voice?
Breathing in sharply, I tried to figure out the words to say. But my throat was dry and it was like I’d suddenly forgotten the entire English language.
That was all that it took for Bucky to realize it was me. “Baby doll? Baby doll, is that you?” He asked quietly. “I…” He took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “You don’t gotta say a thing, sweetheart… But just know that if you’re in trouble or you need help or… or anything at all, you better call me…” His voice wavered, as though he was fighting tears just like I was. “God, I miss you so much, baby doll. I love you.”
I love you, too.
I hung up before I could actually say the words. “God, I’m so fucking stupid,” I whispered as I leaned back against the wall of the gas station I’d found myself at, rubbing the heels of my hands into my eyes.
My dumb ass had decided to wander from the bus station, and I’d walked over a mile away. Unless I was staying in Santa Fe for a bit, I’d need to start making my way back.
“You okay?”
In my distress, I hadn’t even heard the rumbling of the motorcycle or noticed the handsome man making his way to me. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” I said even as I wiped my nose with a pathetic sniffle.
He eyed me for a long moment, his eyes roaming over my figure. “You hungry? I know a great little place nearby. My treat.”
And well, I was never one to turn down free food.
Even if that ‘little place’ ended up being a food truck.
“You know, when you said it was a little place, I didn’t picture it having wheels,” I said teasingly, licking salsa off of my lower lip. “Though, it is the best food I’ve ever gotten from a food truck before.”
“Oh, come on. This is the best food of all time!” He laughed, shaking his head.
“I don’t know if I’d go that far,” I snorted, finishing off my flautas.
Pietro looked at me long and hard. “So, are you gonna tell me what the hell was going on to have a pretty girl like you all teary eyed?” He asked, his head tilting to the side.
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Was this your plan all along?” I asked. Wiping my hands off on a napkin, I did everything I could to avoid his eyes. “Get me all fed and then question me?” But at the same time, the thought of being able to finally talk to someone about it was so appealing… After a long moment of hesitation, I finally gave in. “I fell in love with a man, and he let me go because he knew that I want a life he can’t give me,” I said. “And I was a bitch who didn’t even tell him I love him back when he said it to me.”
Pietro took in a deep breath, slowly letting it out. “Damn. You really are a stone cold bitch, aren’t you?”
“Hey!” I indignantly threw a chunk of tomato at him, glaring. “I just opened up my heart, you dickwad.”
“Dickwad?!” He said, blinking at me in shock. “No one’s ever called me a dickwad before.”
I raised a single eyebrow at him. “Maybe not to your face, but they definitely have.” He gave off the vibe of a fuckboy, of a really, really bad fuckboy.
“Well, since you’re running away from your feelings, how about you spend a week or two with me on the road?” He asked with a grin.
I couldn’t help but blink at him in shock. “What?” I let out a laugh, pulling one of my legs up to my chest. “Do you throw that line out to every girl you meet? Or am I just special?”
Pietro threw a chip at me, and I barely managed to dodge it. “No, I don’t. But… You remind me of me. Needing adventure. A life bigger than four walls and a fence.”
Instinctively, I wanted to snap back that sometimes, four walls and a fence could be an adventure, could be the biggest life there was, as Bucky’s face flashed across my mind.
But I couldn’t do that. Not when I wasn’t ready to face the truth myself.
“Come on, sweet cheeks,” he teased as his foot hooked around mine. “Just think of it. The open highway, a rhythm beneath your feet… Nights full of passion and days of adventure…” Pietro’s voice was deep and husky, as though he was trying to lure me in. “No strings… just warm summer rain soaking us to the bone before we find some cheap motel to huddle down in…”
Plastering on a smile, I stood up and brushed myself on. “Thanks, but… I’d rather be drinking champagne, and the quicker I get to LA, the sooner I will be.”
He let me go with a kiss on the cheek and his cell number pressed into my hand, with a promise to come and pick me up the second I rang.
And despite how sweet he was, how wild and funny and charismatic, there was only one man I wanted to call.
I sipped at my martini as I sat at the rooftop bar, absentmindedly watching the television that was mounted on the wall as people droned around me. I’d been in Los Angeles for a year, and I’d spent my time finding the best places to find a husband who could give me the life I dreamed of.
As much as I didn’t want to admit it, it took connections to build a career, and the best way to get a foot in the door when nepotism was so rampant was by marrying someone in the industry.
My silk dress was the most expensive thing I owned, something I’d saved up for months for, had skipped meals for. And fuck, was it worth it. I could feel the stares, the lingering gazes on the little bit of thigh that was exposed by the slit in the dress.
I’d already turned away several men, able to tell just from their expensive watches and cheap suits and shoes.
It was amazing how all the up and coming finance bros thought they fit in with the truly big dogs.
“Well, hello, gorgeous.”
I turned to see who was speaking, my heart skipping a beat when I realized who I was speaking to.
The world famous (or infamous) director, Tony Stark.
“Hello, handsome,” I said smoothly, my lashes fluttering innocently as I took a sip of my horrible drink.
I fucking hated martinis. Always had.
But ordering a martini was more sophisticated than ordering a frozen strawberry margarita.
“Is this seat taken?” He asked as he motioned to the empty bar stool right next to me, even as he was already sitting down. “Let me buy your next round.”
“I can’t think of anything better,” I said, feeling as though my dream life was already in reach.
“Tony, where are you taking me?” I laughed as I let my boyfriend lead me to the private dock at our Malibu mansion.
Well, his mansion. I just happened to also live there.
It had been a whirlwind of a year since I had met Tony, and he’d bought me that second round. He’d taken me all over the globe, anywhere my heart desired.
But I made sure to avoid New York City, though he never understood why. I would never tell him.
Not when I was so close to my dream. I could practically taste it.
“Come on, come on. I have a surprise for you,” he said, keeping his hands over my eyes. He was sure to keep me from tripping and busting my ass, thank god.
The ocean waves were so comforting as they hit the shore, a sound I’d gotten used to over the past year.
He finally brought me to a stop, quietly telling me to keep my eyes closed. “Okay,” he said finally. “Open them.”
My eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the bright light of the California sun. But I was more shocked by the sight of Tony on one knee in front of me, holding out a box with a sparkling diamond ring in it. “Tony?”
The ring was the size of a fucking meteor. It was easily the biggest ring I’d ever seen.
“You know, I never thought I’d meet someone like you,” he said quietly, his dark eyes shining. But his voice was steady. “Someone who understands me, who doesn’t expect me to change into someone I’m not. You accept me as I am, and that’s why I want to give you the world.” He couldn’t help but grin as he nodded to the right. “Starting with that yacht you’ve always dreamed of.”
I hadn’t even noticed that there were two yachts at his private docks instead of just the one. The new one had SS Princess emblazoned on the side, and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh… Tony…”
“So, what do you say?” He asked, bringing my attention back to him. “Will you be my wife?”
Swallowing nervously, I looked down at the business card in my hand for the millionth time, the stock paper soft from how often I’d looked at it in the past ten years.
Hell, just how often I’d looked at it in the past six should’ve made it fall apart by now. Not that I didn’t have it memorized.
I’d finally ended my marriage after being miserable for so long. I’d gotten my yacht, my fancy houses, my career, all the jewelry that I could dream of, and none of it made me happy. Tony and I… never grew. And I never dreamed. Every day was the same, and every day was torture as I realized that I didn’t have the one thing that actually mattered.
The garage in front of me was busy, music blasting and the sound of men shouting to each other as they worked.
Suddenly I felt absolutely ridiculous wearing a Chanel dress and Gucci heels, an Hermés bag on my arm.
BARNES TIRES AND MOTORS was lit up along the top of the shop in bright red letters, though the lights in the ‘r’ of ‘motors’ were out.
I felt like a fool. I had wanted the life I had so desperately that I gave up everything for it. I got the movie star life, my name on billboards and my face on magazines.
But it wasn’t ever enough.
My heels clicked against the blacktop as I slowly made my way towards the front area of the shop, bells clinging above my head to let them know someone was there.
“Can I help you, ma’am?” A man asked as he came around the corner.
He looked so much like Bucky, it punched the air straight from my lungs.
“H-Hi. I’m looking for James Barnes. Is he here?” I asked after a long moment of hesitation. There was no way that the man was Bucky, but I didn’t doubt he was related.
The man raised his brows, wiping his hands on a rag. “My son’s in the shop. I’ll take you to him.” His full head of hair was white, his thick facial hair matching. Even with all the wrinkles on his face, he was a handsome man. Holding open the door for me, he led me into the loud shop, some eighties rock song blasting over the speakers.
I couldn’t help but smile as ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ by Scorpions came on. It was one of Bucky’s favorites back when we worked in the diner together.
“BUCK! YOU GOT A VISITOR!” The man shouted, causing several people to look our way.
My cheeks felt hot as I avoided their gaze, hoping they wouldn’t recognize me. I didn’t want to be a famous movie star anymore, a celebrity that had to beg for scraps of privacy.
My mind went numb, my heart stopping inside my chest as he stepped around a gray Ford Escape another man was working on.
He was even more handsome than he was the last time I saw him.
“Can I help y—” He broke off, his blue eyes going wide when he realized that it was me. “Hi.”
All of a sudden, everything I’d planned to say flew out of my head. All of the eloquent words I’d strung together were gone. And I just proceeded to word vomit.
“Did you know that, uh, when you marry someone you’re not in love with, you won’t… you won’t grow into it?” I asked, my voice shaking. “Um… I married a man who could give me a life I thought I always wanted, and he just… sucked.” Eyes stinging, I fought back against tears. “And I thought that all I ever wanted was the life I have now, was the life movie stars and the Kardashians lived. But… But I hate it. I hated every second I was away from you.” I let out a weak laugh, unable to stop the tears. “I wanted to turn around the second I got on the bus in New Orleans, but my stupid stubborn ass didn’t. I should have. I should’ve gotten off and just run right back to you because I… I love you, James. I always have.”
The garage had gone almost deadly quiet, and my heart sank when I realized Bucky looked almost frozen in shock.
“I know that I shouldn’t have showed up like this,” I scrambled to say. “But I… I’ve been trying to get my divorce finalized for two years and I finally did, and I kept telling myself that once it was done, I’d never hold myself back from what I really want ever again. From who I want. If… If you want me.” My face felt like it was on fire, my hands shaking. I shook my head as I took a step backwards. “What am I thinking? There’s no way you’re not married. I… I’m so so—”
Before I could finish the word ‘sorry,’ Bucky had closed the distance between us, his hands cradling my face so gently. He held me like I was made of fine crystal as he kissed me. He kissed me like his life depended on it, like I was the one source of oxygen.
And I kissed him back just as fiercely. “I love you. I love you so much,” I breathed out in between kisses, unwilling to let him go as my Hermés bag fell into the dust and oil on the concrete below.
Bucky smiled into the kiss, his arm wrapping around my waist to keep me pressed to his chest. “I love you so much, darlin.’ God, I’ve missed you…” His nose nudged against mine as we finally broke for air, both of us breathing heavily.
My knees felt like Jell-O as I held onto him. His grip was the only reason I hadn’t fallen to the ground already.
“I’m sorry I was a dumb twenty-two year old,” I said, snorting as he stole another kiss.
“No… Don’t be sorry,” he insisted, his fingers massaging my scalp as our foreheads pressed together. It was like he was scared to stop touching me, like I would disappear at any second. “You were young… You had to go out and make your own mistakes… I’ve just been waiting for the day you were ready.”
All the years apart melted away and all that remained was the two of us, two souls so intertwined that there was no way to truly separate us.
Our lips were half molded together as I said, “I’m never leaving you again. I promise I swear on everything…”
My heart almost stopped inside my chest as I heard someone clearing their throat, looking to see Bucky’s father staring at us with his arms crossed over his chest. “M-Mr. Barnes, sir…”
He gave a crooked smile that was so reminiscent of Bucky that I couldn’t help but grin back. “The Mrs. will wanna know if you’re staying for dinner.”
“Yeah,” I said as I looked up at Bucky, toying with a strand of his hair. “That sounds perfect.”
Later that night, Bucky and I laid in his bed, a mess of bare limbs as his fingers ran up and down my back soothingly. “What do you want from this life, baby girl?” He asked absentmindedly.
Humming, I traced shapes on his bare chest, sometimes pressing a kiss to where his prosthetic met his shoulder, on the tender scar tissue. “You.”
A grin tugged at the corner of his mouth, despite the already mischievous look on his face. “Really? Not even the stars and the moon?” He asked teasingly.
I knew he’d give it to me anyway, give me all that he could. But I was sure now that the only thing I wanted from this life was his love. “Not even the stars and the moon.”
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mypoisonedvine · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
series summary: bucky used to brag that he didn’t have a celebrity crush, or really care about famous people at all, which is what made him the perfect person to start working for a celebrity like yourself.  except, of course, it’s just his luck that he’d fall for you.
total word count: 35k
series warnings: smut, angst, fluff, alcohol consumption, mild violence, jealousy/possessiveness, discussions of mental health, mentions of past infidelity. please read the individual chapter warnings as well before beginning each chapter!
notes: this was one of those series that was meant to be a quick thing, just some smut with a complex set up, but the more I wrote the more I became enthralled with the dynamic between bucky and the reader. so here we are, thirty-five thousand words later, and I am so proud of how it all turned out! thank you to every reader for your support, your laughter, your tears, your hilarious reactions both horny and heartbroken. I hope you think I stuck the landing.
CHAPTER 1 - 2.8k words
CHAPTER 2 - 3k words
CHAPTER 3 - 3k words
CHAPTER 4 - 5.3k words
CHAPTER 5 - 3.2k words
CHAPTER 6 - 5.1k words
CHAPTER 7 - 2.5k words
CHAPTER 8 - 3k words
CHAPTER 9 - 7.2k words
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babycap · 10 days ago
hi dev ily and am here to send you a writing idea consisting of bucky experiencing his first meet cute, except instead of cute it's embarassing? if that makes sense?
Slam Dunk, Stupid ✗
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: You’ve heard of the ‘meet cute’… but have you heard of the ‘meet stupid?’ “The scene seems to play out in double speed and in slow motion all at once. The ball that he’d thrown—stupidly, idiotically—with near super soldier strength had collided squarely in the forehead of an unsuspecting bystander. An orange bullet between the eyes.”
warning(s): Bucky’s POV, lots of cursing (Bucky has a foul mouth!!!), Bucky is an angry dude (but what’s new), probably inaccurate depiction of someone playing basketball, someone gets hit in the head with a basketball but it’s not that traumatic dudes (it’s just dumb!)
author’s note: this actually happened to me (being hit in the face by a hot guy’s basketball, not me being the hot person to throw a basketball) in high school. it did not end as well as this fic, and I can still feel the sting of the ball colliding with my nose to this very day. stay safe, my non-athletic friends. it’s brutal out here!
word count: 1.4k
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Tumblr media
It was hot.
Miserably hot.
There was so much fucking sweat on his forehead that it dripped down into his eyes, the salt stinging them and blurring his vision.
It was hot, and his eyes were burning, and his boxers were so soaked through that they were clinging to his ass. Bucky was thoroughly miserable.
Sam, on the other hand, seemed to be immune to the sweltering Louisiana heat. Brown skin covered in nothing more than what looked to be a healthy glow, Sam actually seemed to be thriving on the court beneath the hellfire sun. And if the fact that Bucky was so sweaty his clothes felt like a soggy second skin and Sam was hardly breaking a sweat wasn’t enough to send him over the edge, the way he was currently losing gloriously to Sam in their one-on-one basketball game was plenty to drive him there.
“Gotta be,” he pants, “fuckin’ kidding me.”
“No jokes,” Sam laughs, the sound uninterrupted by any labored breathing. “Just me straight whooping your ass.”
“Relax,” Bucky sidesteps him, dribbling the ball. “Eight points up. Wouldn’t call that whooping my ass.”
Grabbing the ball mid-dribble, Sam shoots and scores yet again before Bucky can even blink. “Eleven points up,” he corrects. “Think I’m whooping your ass yet?”
And maybe if the sun wasn’t lighting his skin aflame and the sweat in his eyes wasn’t practically blinding him and he wasn’t so goddamn miserable, Bucky would have clenched his fists and worked on his breathing. Used some of those exercises the doc had taught him for when he saw and wanted red.
But fuck it, he was miserable, and the sweat was blinding him, and the sun was broiling him alive.
It happens so fast that he isn’t sure how Sam has time to react.
Bucky scoops up the ball and chucks it in the direction of Sam’s head, no words but an angry yell leaving his lips. He throws hard and fast. For a split-second of non-red neural activity, he wonders why he hadn’t considered retiring from world-saving and seeing if there’s a spot for him on the mound at Yankee Stadium. Pay would be better, and his teammates wouldn’t be so goddamn infuriating as Samuel fuckin’ Wilson—
“Dude, calm your ass down—”
Sam ducks just in time, the ball an orange blur as it whizzes past his head and towards the bench at the edge of the court. The occupied bench at the edge of the court.
The scene seems to play out in double speed and in slow motion all at once. The ball that he’d thrown—stupidly, idiotically—with near super soldier strength had collided squarely in the forehead of an unsuspecting bystander. An orange bullet between the eyes.
She’s lying flat on her back, hand rubbing at the angry red bump already forming on her face, by the time he makes it to the bench.
“Are you–are you alright?”
Jesus fuckin’ Christ, of course she’s not alright.
But to Bucky’s immediate relief, she nods anyway. “You hit me in the fucking face.”
“I, uh,” he fumbles, feeling the shame that rises up in him when her eyes flutter open and he’s able to take in the totality of her features. Even a basketball to the face wasn’t able to obscure a face that pretty. “Yeah, I did.”
“Fuck, man,” Sam pants—of course, now he’s panting—once he’s finally caught up to the scene. “Help her up.”
They each offer her an arm, pulling her up on wobbly feet and helping her settle back down on the bench. She’s blinking back tears—from shock or from pain, or both. It makes his stomach curdle. He looks away.
Bucky notices a book, likely the one she’d been reading before being nailed in the face, strewn across the mulch. It’s dog-eared. He hopes that, at the very least, she was able to save the page she’d left off on.
“You need a doctor? Hospital or, uh, something?”
She seems a bit dazed, but otherwise alright. Or alright enough to level him with a look of annoyance.
“An ice pack would be nice.”
Bucky nods, but his feet don’t move in the direction of the gym. Odd. They’d never not marched towards action.
Sam gives him a quizzical look before offering, “I’ll grab some ice. Maybe some water, too. Least I can do, considering that ball was meant for me.”
He casts an almost glowering look over his shoulder as he retreats into the building. Bucky kicks at the mulch and avoids the pair of eyes that watch him from the bench.
“You’ve got anger problems,” she observes almost nonchalantly.
A wood chip flies upon contact with the toe of his sneaker. “Hmph. What makes you say that?”
“The throbbing, basketball-sized welt on my forehead.”
He meets her face then. The tears are now ghosts that haunt him in the form of red eyes.
“I’m sorry,” he says sincerely. “About your face.” It’s a nice face, he almost catches himself saying.
She sighs, rubbing at the tender spot in the center of her forehead again. Bucky’s surprised when, after a moment, she begins laughing. Full belly, body shaking laughter.
Fuckin’ Christ. He’s scrambled her brains.
“You sure you don’t wanna see a doctor—?”
“I’m fine,” she says, breathlessly, between fits of laughter. “It’s just that I—I had this date tonight.”
“I had this date, and now my face looks like this,” she gestures to the rapidly forming lump a few spaces about her brows, laughter still interrupting her. “Blind date. Imagine, you’re sitting at the bar, and this,” she gestures again, “walks in.”
He shrugs, careful to tamper down the desire to draw his lips up into a smile. “Sounds like a good ice breaker to me.”
There’s a flash of surprise across her features, and then it’s gone.
“You wouldn’t run the other way?”
Bucky kicks at the ground again, chewing at his lip, before picking up the discarded book. “I mean,” he holds it up, settling down awkwardly next to her on the bench, “I might now, knowing you dog-ear your books.”
She rolls her eyes. He can’t miss the twitching of her lips into something of a playful, if not reluctant, smile.
“Oh, that’s a deal breaker for you?”
“Shouldn’t dog-ear the pages. Ruins the book.”
“Ruins the book? That’s so dramatic.”
“Not dramatic. The truth. The paper gets weak, worn. It’ll rip right off.”
“I’ve never had a dog-eared corner rip off.”
“Just wait.”
A pause.
“You’re arguing about this… with a stranger?”
“Bucky,” he offers suddenly, extending his hand.
The metal glints beneath the sun. “I’m Bucky.”
She nods slowly for a moment before reaching out and shaking his hand. He doesn’t recoil from the touch, and when she pulls away, he finds that his palm feels almost impossibly cold despite the heat.
“Nice to have a name to the face of the guy who concussed me.”
Bucky’s about to ask for her name when Sam’s footsteps echo across the court.
“Got an ice cold water bottle and an ice cold ice pack.”
He passes a look between the two benchwarmers as she takes the offerings gratefully. An eyebrow lifts when she rises to her feet, Bucky following suit to place a steadying hand at her elbow, and she begins to dig around in her canvas bag.
“Sure we can’t take you to a hospital?”
She nods. “Got a friend waiting for me at Hopper’s,” she explains, nodding towards the direction of the bookstore Bucky knows to be just a few blocks away. “But I tell you what.” She opens to the dedication page of her novel, scribbling neatly onto the page. “Call me. I’ll forward you my medical bills.”
A soft smile paints her lips—and again, Bucky finds himself in awe that anyone could be so lovely with a goose egg in the center of their face—as she places the book into his hands.
He flips open the cover, finding her name printed in neat, black ink on the page.
“Will do.”
After thanking Sam for the water and ice pack, she glances over Bucky one last time before disappearing behind the chain-link fence into the town.
He kicks up a wood chip.
“Only you could manage to nearly knock a girl unconscious and get her number afterwards,” Sam teases, bench creaking with the weight of him settling down. “Lady killer.”
Bucky grins—a toothy sort of grin—for the first time all day.
“You got shit aim.”
Later, over a round of beers, Sam would tease him again. Bucky would roll his eyes and fail horribly at trying to suppress a smile.
“We gotta celebrate,” Sam would joke. “Misery found company today.”
Tumblr media
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
Let Your Tears Fall - Bucky Barnes smut
The one where Bucky can't accept that he's now your ex
Warnings: smut, violent dubcon bordering on noncon, ex!Bucky, anger, possessiveness, unprotected sex, breeding kink, no foreplay, no regard for reader’s pain, dacryphilia, brief physical aggression
Word count: 2.1k
A/N: okay, so this one is a part of my kinktober celebrations. Yes, I’m aware it’s not quite october yet (although... where the hell is the year going, I swear every time I blink it’s a new day) but the thing is, I decided to scrap my original intention, which was to work exclusively around prompts that my wonderful friend @darkficsyouneveraskedfor created for her challenge and dedicate each story to a different friend. My new plan became then 31 days of different kinks, which will expand on a poly relationship with Stucky, as you might know by now. However, some of the stories I started were already truly loved by me, and so I kept on writing them. It worked well because as it turns out, I am fortunate enough to have more than 31 friends on Tumblr, so here is the first bonus piece of that original intention, dedicated to my lovely friend @bestofbucky​. Jenny, you are a lovely person, a talented writer and truly a joy to talk to. I know this year hasn’t been the easiest on you but I am so grateful that you’re in my life and I hope you know you can always count on me for anything.
Tumblr media
Another call that went straight to voicemail. I was tempted to leave one more message, try it one more time, but I’d been doing that for the last two weeks and still, no response. I just couldn’t reach her. She wasn’t giving me any chances.
For the first time, the despair I’d been feeling since she called it quits started to morph into anger. Why the hell did she think she could do this? Toss an entire year of our relationship for something that small, and I didn’t even get a say in it?
Fuck this. I knew I could get her to talk to me. What could she possibly do to keep me away? I’d been patient. I tried giving her time. Now it was time to get her back, no matter what.
It wasn’t hard to get inside her apartment. I knew the place inside and out, after all. And then it was only a matter of waiting. I took advantage of that time to take in the little differences in the living room.
It had been at least six months since I last stepped foot in this place, and I truly believed I’d never have to again. Y/N was comfortable in my floor at the tower and I was about to ask her to move in officially when it all went to shit.
Night had fallen by the time she walked in, looking tired and thinner than I’d last seen her. Had she been taking care of herself at all? What kind of stress had she been through that could affect her so much in the little time I wasn’t around to take care of her?
“Have you been eating at all?” I asked, alerting her of my presence before she managed to turn on the lights. Her instinctive reaction was to scream, a hand flying up to cover her heart before she realized it was me.
“What are you doing here?” She sounded annoyed. I scoffed, deeply offended by the question. How could she even ask me that? Where else would I be? This is where I belonged, wherever she was, just as long as I could take care of her.
“What else? I’m here to get you to take me back.” That seemed to be the wrong thing to say. She angrily let her arms fall down next to her body, staring at me like I’d murdered her family. But I couldn’t let her go, so I pressed on, “I can’t take this anymore. I need you. I can’t sleep, can’t breathe without you.”
Minutes of heavy silence followed. When I thought she might actually say something, she opted to turn her back to me and hung her purse before taking off her coat and shoes, moving slowly and deliberately, like I wasn’t even there.
“Well, I guess you’ll have all the time in the world to learn how to do all that.” My jaw clenched at her words, her spite. She thought she could act like I wasn’t here and she’d be able to keep going with the pretense of this break-up without any fight from me.
I did not like that for one bit. I hated every single day I had to spend apart from her, and I wasn’t prepared to go home empty-handed. She should have known better. She knew me well enough by now to be aware of my stubbornness.
“You don’t mean that.” She abruptly turned around to look me in the eye, all fire and anger despite her smaller stature. It made me excited, I realized with a startle. I liked seeing her like that, chest heaving and with a clenched-jaw. I liked knowing I could still elicit such a reaction from her, even if it wasn’t precisely the one I had hoped for.
“I don’t? Haven’t I left the tower, got my stuff back into my apartment, been living here for the last two weeks all by myself? What else do I have to do for you to understand that I won’t take you back, Bucky?” She got closer and closer with each word she said, and although it wasn’t the sort of contact I wanted, when her finger poked my chest, just that small touch ignited every single nerve on my body.
I lost all semblance of control. Her clothes were ripped and thrown on the floor before I’d even realized our lips were connected again, that simple connection breathing life back into my cells after so long without one of her kisses.
“Yes,” I growled against her lips, swallowing her complaints, arms wrapping her close to me. But it could never be close enough, not while I was still outside of her. “Do you remember all of the times I had you cumming around my dick?”
My fingers had instinctively found her pussy, spread her open before plunging inside of her, the desperate cry of surprise a boost to my battered ego. How could she so easily leave this behind, while I remained forever haunted by the memories of how she feels, wet and tight and perfect and mine?
“All the times I bent you over the nearest furniture and had my way with you, can you ever forget it?” I asked, the hand that wasn’t inside of her gripping her jaw to force her to meet my eyes. “Look at me,” I growled, anger getting the best of me and leaving only the dark, possessive parts reaching out to her.
“Look at me while I make you fall apart around my fingers.” It was barely even human, the way those words left me, but that’s how she made me feel. More animal than man, moved by the hunger for her that dominated my every waking thought.
She instinctively obeyed me, looking up at me with those innocent, supplicant eyes. “You still want it,” I reminded her, shaking her lightly while I gave her what she was silently asking me for.
The sounds of her wetness reverberated on the walls of the tiny living room. “You still want me,” I encouraged, her eyes falling shut at the tone of my voice paired with the soundtrack of her juices.
“And I need you,” I whispered, just as her body fell limp on my hands and she succumbed to me and my dark desires, accepting that she would never be able to resist me. “I need you, Y/N.” Unshed tears stung the corner of my eyes, but my voice denounced just how wrecked I was even without them leaving trails on my cheeks.
“Can’t even fucking drink to forget you,” I murmured, talking almost to myself. “It wouldn’t work anyway. And I don’t want to forget you. I need you,” I insisted, shaking her lightly yet again, prompting her to open her eyes and connect them to mine once more. “I’ll show you just how much.”
Taking my fingers out of her, I pulled her body to me, pressing my hardness against where it wished to be. “Feel this?” I questioned, warm breath hitting her cheek. “Only you can get me like this. Only you, baby. I am never letting you go.”
Her shaky breath as I inhaled her natural scent broke me free of the last of my control. “I need to be inside of you,” I voiced when the realization occurred to me. “I need to wake up next to you tomorrow, or life will be meaningless to me.”
She didn’t fight it anymore. I heard her breaths coming out as pants as she stared straight ahead, the silence heavy in the room. “Bucky…” I didn’t correct it because I wanted to hear what she was going to say, but I hated that she was calling me anything other than baby. “I don’t have a condom.”
My cock twitched in my pants, fingers squeezing her tighter. I wasn’t anticipating that but God, did it make me hard. “Fuck it,” I growled, pulling her down to the floor with me. “I’m taking you right here on the floor, right now.”
Clothes were ripped, leaving her naked and trembling underneath me, just how I liked it. I loved seeing how the desire took over her, making her lose control over her muscles and depend solely on me.
There was no time for foreplay, there was too much pent up tension, too much desire to make her hurt as badly as she hurt me. I released my cock from its confines and shoved it in her, who welcomed it with a cry.
“Yes, fuck.” I cursed, punching the hardwood floor in an effort to control myself. She was unbelievably tight after keeping herself away from me for so long - it was like her channel had forgotten the shape of my member and I hated it.
There was nothing slow or gentle about the way I fucked her this time. Whenever I laid in bed at night and thought about our encounters, it was always sweet and loving, whispered praises of adoration as our hips danced with one another.
This was brutal and bruising, I knew from the way she cried, fingers clawing at the floor while I tilted her head to the side so I could savor each and every one of her tears as I tasted them on my tongue.
“So tight… but you take me so fucking well…” She sobbed underneath me, broken cries of stress or pleasure, I couldn’t tell. I was lost on the feeling of being inside of her again, of experiencing this connection she had tried to keep from me. “No one can take me like you,” I admitted, covering her hands with mine.
The idea of ever being with someone else was ludicrous to me. It made me chuckle. “Who else would let me ruin them like this?” I asked, to no one in particular. “Who else would enjoy playing with my heart like you do?”
She didn’t answer. But I wanted to hear her voice, and so I nuzzled against her shoulder, hoping to tickle her into answering me. “Did you miss me, my love? Did you miss my big cock stretching you open?”
Once more, she didn’t speak, and I knew by the sounds of her labored breaths she was keeping her sounds in, probably biting on her lip. And so I gave up being nice to her. Slamming her head against the floor, I left it there as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.
“Okay, I understand. I know I hurt you, but guess what? You don’t get to decide to waste a whole year together for one stupid mistake. I won’t let you.” A groan left my throat at the feeling of her cunt clenching around me, the first of many orgasms I’d make sure to give her to make up for lost time.
I could feel my own approaching, making me blind with hot red desire or rage, I couldn’t tell. I leaned down to bite her back, loving the way it made her scream as I felt myself getting closer and closer to spilling inside of her.
“Maybe if you’re carrying my child, you’ll decide to give me another chance.” The comment picked up her attention, getting her to raise up underneath me and begin to struggle again. Not that it made any difference. I was heavier and stronger, I could stay inside of her forever.
“Yeah, you’ll stay with me then, huh?” I egged on just because it clearly got to her - I could see it from the way it made her pussy throb around me. “You’ll stay with the father of your child. No more finishing on your stomach or over this beautiful ass. From now on, you’ll be my little cumhole, won’t you?”
She convulsed underneath me, coming with a scream and milking my own release. I made sure to bury myself inside of her, as deep as I could get, just to make sure it would take.
But I wasn’t really worried. I would make it take.
Panting, I collapsed over her body and stayed there for a while, just catching my breath and waiting for her to get back to her senses again. It felt so good to know that I had her in my arms again and that she wasn’t going anywhere.
Tears were still slipping from the corners of her eyes, making me frown because she avoided my gaze. “Don’t worry, my love. I’ll make you fall in love with me again,” I assured her, even though the idea of my feelings not being reciprocated anymore cut me to the very core. I knew I’d follow through with that promise, because I was never letting her go.
I took her to bed with a smile on my lips, watching how she hid her face against my chest. I was so happy knowing that when I woke up, she’d be in my arms.
“Until tomorrow, kitten.” Caressing her cheek, I watched her eyelashes flutter as she let sleep take her. “And the day after that, and the day after that.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 5 months ago
Hey! Could I request a fic where the reader and Bucky like each other and she has to pretend she’s Zemo’s girlfriend for the Madripor mission? Bucky gets jealous and all that jazz and they confess their feelings :)
Madripoor Muse
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | Bucky harbours feelings for you, but despite Sam’s inflatable encouragement, refuses to inform you of them. However, seeing you pretend to be Zemo’s girlfriend whilst on a mission, more so when the criminal knows what strings he is pulling at, happens to infuriate him inevitably.
Warnings | jealousy, violence, references to sex work (there is nothing wrong with it, everyone is free to do what they want or need to do to get by, angst, mentions of death, grief, smut, unprotected sex, fluff, swearing
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
“I mean, if he looks like a pimp, then I look like one of his workers.” Sam snorted at your words, as Bucky’s eyes trailed down the skin that was exposed through the small piece of fabric, that in modern days, was considered a dress.
Zemo simply sighed at the pair of you, shaking his head as though the former winter soldier would understand his point. “It’s Madripoor, not an american graduation. You are not going to be clothed in long robes in this place, expression is in the body, and how it is clothed.”
“Or not clothed.” Bucky retorted, frowning at how you shuffled beneath the criminal’s gaze, crossing your arms, which definitely did not help the situation, considering that it did nothing more than make your breasts rise. Admitting defeat, you let them fall, holding them to your sides, outlining your hips, which once more, was not how you wished to be portrayed as you walked through the illuminated air, careful to keep pace in your heels.
“We all have a part to play, winter soldier.” Helmut spoke, his accent causing waves to ripple through the euphoria of lights that lay up ahead. “I am me, you are you, Sam is the Smiling Tiger, and...”
“I’m a hooker?” Once more, Zemo showed disappointment, pinching the bridge of his nose as he turned to you. It seemed that tonight, you, a smart and well coordinated avenger, was absolutely adoring testing his patience, but that was his trick.
He was the captive here, forced to help the forsaken superheroes that had prompted him with the idea of escaping from the government’s ensured facility. And it was without a doubt that he would mess with their minds each chance that he got.
“No, think of yourself as more personalised to one person than that y/n. Your as you people say ‘arm candy’.” He used quotations with his fingers, causing you to reach for Sam’s arm to assume the role. “Oh no, not his.” Zemo made a come here motion, making you gulp.
“You’re kidding, right?” Bucky huffed, glaring unimpressed towards the Baron, who only tutted in reply, implying that he indeed was serious. “This is stupid.”
“Stupid would be allowing this hurrah of new age super soldiers to continue their war path, don’t you think James?” Zemo asked condescendingly, holding his arm out for you to grasp onto, so that you would look more than an associate, or a serum induced bodyguard.
“Me posing as your sugar baby is stupid.” You muttered, as you walked, Bucky on look out behind you, as he glared frustratedly at where you and the mass murderer were touching.
Zemo tugged you by the arm for the comment, causing you to roll your eyes at the man that had tried his best and succeeded, at destroying your team; your family. Nevertheless, you followed his stride, well aware of the sharp eyes of the man behind you.
As you entered the club, a spectrum of blue lights illuminated your skin, as you stared around in wander. There was a variety of all didn’t people, born from different virtues, wealths and races all intermingling around in the space.
If Zemo didn’t have a leash on your arm, you’d have stared for a little longer, perhaps even gotten purposely lost in the sea of bodies that flashed with such ambition and prospect. All were designed to suit their surroundings, and you wished that you could fit in that easily too.
But you were lost, roped into this journey by the Falcon, the man that denied Steve’s wishes and passed on the shield to firmer hands, still uncertain of where you were planning on going. What you needed was a fight, a reason to keep roaming upon the earth. If you came up empty, you may have well have taken up Thor’s offer, and accompanied him with his new friends.
The avengers were disbanded, dotted with different services. You’d heard nothing from Wanda, it appeared that her phone had been cut off, leaving you gravely confused, but you understood that she needed time to mourn. But you couldn’t give yourself the same pampering, if you did so, then all purpose of life would slip through your fingers, and you’d be left vulnerable, a hero that willingly fell from their graces.
Finally you reached the bar, with the shadow of the winter soldier hovering over your shoulder, watching as Zemo’s untrustworthy hand trailed along your furthest collarbone, using it as his sway to grab your attention. He set his sights upon his touch, glaring harshly at it.
No one would question the expression that he wore, it was only natural for his reputation to be proceeded with such a dagger like gaze; he was supposed to be playing the killer that he once was after all.
“My lady, what would you like to drink?” Helmut asked, turning your gaze towards his, gripping your chin between his thumb and forefinger, forbidding you from even try to look away from his sly eyes.
“White wine will do the trick, my love.” The words felt like spew falling from your mouth, but you withheld the impulse to grimace, instead, flashing him a flirtatious smile, fanning his face with your eyelashes as you were still held to face him.
“Fine choice.” He smirked, nodding towards the bartender, who had just presented the Smiling Tiger imposter with a shot that had the intestines of a snake floating around in its liquid. Out of the corner of your eye, you watched as Sam hesitated to drink it for a moment, before throwing it down the hatch, treating it as an old trick.
Madripoor, for an island trapped in violence, didn’t appear that bad on the outside. That was, until the shooting began, causing the lot of you to leg it from the citizens targeting their rifled hardware towards you, running with your lives depending on it.
You had temporarily lost Zemo, as you put head your own safety, your pace and spot being just between Sam and Bucky, as the first man’s arms flailed as he insisted that he could not run in the heels that he was wearing. Huh, you’d be running in heels all your life, maybe he shoulda learned how to do so earlier, it came as a great talent.
Gunshots rang out, as a hooded figure unveiled themselves, introducing the older face of a blonde that you had once knew. It had been quite some time since you had last seen her, all having gone your separate ways to evade the law, and its cruel jurisdiction. “Sharon?” Bucky spoke, instantly recognising the woman that had aided them in the past.
Once you were all reintroduced, and met with her annoyance, which was surely understandable, she led you to her property, where you were able to part from the Sokovian, and share your distaste to the man, as well as remove the skimpy dress.
It pooled at your feet as you tossed it from your ankle, leaving you in nothing more than your underwear. As you squinted, searching for some reason that you were continuing with this foolishness of thinking that the world still considered you a hero, an echo of a knock rattled against the door. It was metal upon wood; Bucky.
“Come in.” You spoke, as you tied a spare robe around your waist, watching as the super soldier, who appeared less stoic, and more human stepped into the room, closing the door behind his emerging shadow. “You alright man?”
Bucky’s eyes drifted down for a moment, before they splintered back up towards your face, his jaw physically tensing, the notion well visible. He breathed in a long breath through his nose, as he stepped closer, his brow harsh and lined upon his forehead.
“I didn’t like Zemo putting his filthy hands on you.” He admitted aloud, the words of Sharon, teasing him for pining after someone that he had once thought of as no more than a friend of Steve’s. But now that man was gone, and so was the one that he used to be. Instead, he was left standing on his own feet, having to find balance by himself somehow.
“Neither did I.” You informed him. “It was like he was pulling back the images of his collapsing country, pouring every ounce of pain and hatred upon me, evading my mind with guilt, and the memories of what it all amounted to. None of it had been worth it, living like this. We’re treated like animals, no longer idols or heroes, people under the big thumb that keeps pressing down on us.”
“Well we’re both pressed down, limited to our rules and the outlines they want us to obey.” He nodded, raising his flesh hand to your collarbone, wanting to mark his touch upon it to remove that of Zemo’s. At his action, your breath hitched, but you allowed him to sweep his pads over the flesh, shuffling indefinitely closer so that you were chest to chest.
“We’re dangerous in their eyes. That’s a mindset they have in common with our prisoner out there.” You whispered, frowning from the thought. Two monarchies, one still whilst the other already fallen, served the same opinions, though, only one could continue to take action. Zemo was a Baron, but of what country now?
Like all, his home had been vanquished into smithereens, the foundations collapsing into rubble, the history disappearing with its lands, having thrown its dusty remnants in your face.
“I’m fine with being considered dangerous so long as I’m not alone.” He pinched your chin, tilting your head, this time though, you felt in his grasp. It didn’t belong to that of an enemy, it was one of an ally, a friend. “Tell me I’m not alone y/n.”
“I’m here James.” You stared up at him with focused pools, biting your lip as your mind went haywire over everything. “The Wakandans will come for him, you do realise that, right?” He hummed in reply, briskly bringing his metal hand to toy with the belt of the white wrap around.
“Do you think that you could show me that I’m not alone?” He nervously asked, shuffling his weight from foot to foot, as he awaited a reply. But instead of words, he earned himself the sensation of your lips upon his, collaborating in a touch starved jumble of grunts. “You’re beautiful, like...”
“Like what Barnes?” You prompted, brushing your palms onto his shoulders, easing his tenseness. Expectedly, you watched him through half lidded eyes as you leant up to plant supple kisses upon his neck, sucking his skin into your mouth, as though you were trying to thread it gently with your teeth.
“A muse.” He sighed, thinking for a momentum, before dragging your hair through his vibranium fist, lightly grinning as he heard your breath wither from the sensation. “A beautiful muse, one that reminds me to be better everyday. I want to become someone better for you.”
“You shouldn’t.” You unlatched your mouth from him, frowning lightly at the brunette man. “You should become better for nobody but yourself Buck, each day, it’s about self growth, fixing everything that you have ever been taught so that you can learn to do better next time, so that no one else will die because of your expense.”
Bucky nodded, allowing your words to sink in. His fingers returned to playing with the waist band on your robe, his eyes gazing into your own, as he fiddled with the material. “Can I?”
“Go ahead.” You granted him permission, allowing him to push the coverage from you, his eyes widening at seeing you in nothing more than your underwear. His sight traced every curve and bump and dip that was upon your shape, licking his dry lips to make his gawking less subtle.
“You’re killing me doll.” He leant his head back, as he raked his contrasting fingertips down your shoulders, all the way to the small of your back. You smirked, grasping him through his jeans, earning yourself a moan from the elder man.
“I said it’s all about self growth, didn’t I? It seems that you are taking that in quite a literal sense.” You rubbed him through the denim, finding it unsurprising as the man backed you towards the bed, your knees hitting the end sending you falling onto the mattress.
Bucky crawled his way atop of you, rutting his hips against your own. It had been so long since he had been permitted to be this free, and he knew for sure, this would be a secret that he would not inform any therapist of. This was private, the sentiment making it close to his weathered heart.
His lips returned to your own, as your hands scaled beneath your shirt, lightly tracing the scars. He wasn’t as insecure as he thought he’d be about someone touching them, perhaps it was because many of your own materialised stories were written in your skin, or that you understood what it meant to be a soldier, serving under orders.
It didn’t matter too much, he wasn’t overthinking it. Instead, he was yearning as he grasped at the straps of your bra, trying to pull it over your head, as was done with the dames back in his day, but the effort seemed more difficult. Lightly leaning away from him, you reached around your back, unclamping the contraption before tossing it out of his sight.
He didn’t care to ask what the modern day had done to the garment, he was far too focused on your pert nipples, and how they stood to attention before him. The super soldier reached forwards, running his smooth hands upon the underneath of your breasts, before interacting with the present buds, softly tugging at them with his whimsical fingers.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” Released from you as a sign, instantly becoming pleased as Bucky stripped himself from everything but his underwear, leaving a nest of his clothes upon the wooden floor, as he leant his head down, capturing your left nipple within the warmth of his mouth, moaning lightly as your hands weaved through his locks, tugging lightly at the short roots. “Stop teasing Buck.”
He didn’t miss the way your eyes roll from the slowness of motions, and thus, he reached down, and snapped the band of your underwear, the ripping noise audible, as he then pulled his boxers down, revealing his bobbing cock, that was directing its tip towards your entrance.
With a glance down, he lightly drooled at the way your cunt clenched around nothing, quickly swiping his fingers through your slit, as he brought them up to his lips, humming contently at the flavour that graced his tastebuds. “Need to be in you doll.”
“Need you in me soldier.” You taunted back, digging your knuckles into his shoulders as you pressed him against you, pushing your tongue into his mouth, as he suddenly bottomed out inside of you, waiting for a moment for the pair of you to adjust to the sensations.
He was in you, filling you to the brim, as you tucked your heels into the base of his back, lightly rotating your hips up, as your tongue chased his own, sucking on it as you nipped at the end, causing him to unintentionally jerk his rigid cock into you.
That had prompted him to start moving, screwing his hands into the satin sheets either side of your head, as your bodies succumbed the others to waves of pleasure. It was a luxury, having an outlet to all the stress that your duty brought. If you could just pass the mantle on like Steve had done, and Clint was in the process of doing, you would.
But it was all you had known; the gritty route, that had spanned the entirety of your tale. And Bucky now became a part of it, as he became a part of you, unravelling your vulnerabilities with sleek thrusts into your cunt, and smooth words that had swept you from your feet and had landed you in a bed.
A bed thats structure was creaking from the strength behind the animalistic carnage that you spent on one another. His teeth pulled at your lip, opening your mouth so that you could use him as an oxygen mask. Neither one of you had noticed the door opened, and an unimpressed Sharon standing in the entry way, her agent arms crossed unamused.
She cleared her throat, which made Bucky still inside of you, and you to clutch onto his back, to cover the decency of your chest. “You let me go on the run, then you fuck in my bed. It’s like I’m not allowed to belong anywhere.”
“Sharon-“ she halted your speech by raising a finger, her eyebrows pointedly telling you not to bother trying to speak, as sweat beading down your body. Bucky subtly rolled from atop of you, quickly pulling the sheets over you both, giving Sharon views that she neither wanted nor appreciated.
That was grittiness, she was a hustler, not a once avenger. A part of you wished she would understand that, as much as it would be painful to hear, she hadn’t been the top of anyone’s list. She had disappeared, and from so, she had became unreachable, practically falling off the face of the earth.
But she had been here, in Madripoor, the island of bones and whatever else Zemo had described it to be. “You two fucked in my bed. Okay.” She remained cool headed, her eyes trailing through the various fabrics among her floor. “Thought I’d tell you to get ready, and to blend in, though you two have that part already figured out. There’s some clothes in the wadrobe, and from what I can tell, you’re going to need new underwear.”
She bothered no longer once she had informed you of what she had told the other men. Instead she simply left, only for you to brace your head back into the quality pillows, slumping, and dreading the journey ahead.
Though you seemed restless, Bucky still thought of you as a muse. His hands grasped your chin, leading your lips to his own, as he sucked on your bottom one, his right hand grasping one of your breasts, as he pulled you atop of him, your skin flushed as you steadied your weight over his tough thighs.
“Now this is a dangerous sight.” He clicked his teeth, trailing his large hand down from your jaw, surpassing the middle of your chest, to your hip, which he grasp, as he shuffled you up just a little, so that you were seated upon the base of his cock.
“I can show you dangerous Barnes.” You smirked, adjusting the both of you so you were ready to sink down on his length. Your hands softly stroked his erect shaft, as you tapped his tip upon your pussy, before pushing down, filling yourself up one more.
Madripoor was a bad place, but good things could come out of visiting the skull island. This was the job, though, breaks were prompted, and were you glad that Bucky had became your little bit of calm in the arising trouble in the world.
“Fuck.” He groaned beneath you, his balls clenching as he felt you writhe all the way down to his base, beginning to bounce upon him, the years of training that you had endorsed coming in handy as it had helped your stamina. He was a super soldier after all, you were surely going to need it.
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