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#bucky barnes x fem!reader
mvtthewmurdvck · 17 hours ago
You're His Friend
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader WC: 1.7K || Summary: You're friends. But he wants to be more. AN: FLUFF. Because life has been hard. Also, same universe as Paint + Ladders so that's nice.
You’re his friend.
And yet Bucky can’t stop thinking about doing some very un-friend things with you. Once he’d thought it once, he couldn’t stop.
Each time you bent to pick something up, he had to bite the inside of his mouth; each time you smirked at him and said something snarky, in that wicked way you always have, he wondered what you’d say if he were to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
But, he hadn’t.
Because you were his friend. One of the very few left behind. One of the very few who knows things not found on the internet.
You had a key to his place, and he had a key to yours.
Just in case. You’re my neighbour, after all. Do you have keys to all your neighbours houses? Just the old ones, yeah.
When you introduced yourself by stumbling into him, eyes glistening with laughter as you apologised. And since that night, you’ve made him laugh, smile and feel like he’s about to burst into fucking flames. And something else he hasn’t felt in years. So much so, he isn’t sure how to even describe it. So he doesn’t. He goes along with it. He lets it consume him. He lets it fester in quieter moments, and breathe in larger ones.
Until now, where he’s outside your place. Outside your door. Brushing the bottom of his boots against your mat. He can't even remember walking over, but here he is. And he doesn't hate it. Not even a little bit.
Because… fuck does he want to be more than friends.
The thought alone makes his heart want to explode out of his chest. Because while he’s faced so much, fought wars and lost a goddamn arm, it’s this which scares him as he runs a hand over his face. It’s the idea of telling you which terrifies him more than fighting alongside a raccoon against an army of aliens.
Because you’re not like him.
There’s no serum, no special skills, just a kind heart and a special smile. He could break you, shatter you into a thousand pieces, and he’d hate himself for it if he did. The only good thing in his life, the only good thing in his day. The person who made his heart skip a beat just by handing him a beer and the one who made him grin something stupid an hour after meeting you.
Sam had knowingly smirked as he bid him goodnight months ago, your eyes glancing up at the stars, asking him some question he never answered. Because he was focused on the look on Sam’s face, the one he didn’t understand. Now he does. Now he can’t stop fucking knowing why. And to make it worse, he can’t stop thinking about you. Because you do so much to him, all by doing nothing at all.
And, that’s why he’s here. It’s why he raises his hand, and knocks. Even if he’s terrified about what comes after, having ran through all the ways this can blow up in his face.
Because he has to try.
Just like he had to move out the city he’s only ever known and get a bed, with a mattress. Just as he’s had to get used to the internet and social media, and everything else his phone can now do.
He retracts his hand only when he hears you call out that you’re coming, and he’s unsure where to shove it. A pocket, by his side, on your door? None seem right as he waits, shifting his weight as the door opens, and he lets that warm feeling rush over him as your eyes meet his. The little curl of your lips, the softening of your facial expression when you realises its him.
And then he can’t think.
He can’t speak.
Bucky, the former Winter Soldier, is resorted to the teenager from Brooklyn all those years ago.
“Hey there, Barnes.”
The way you say his surname, it makes him grin. And he can’t put a price on it.
Barnes? You can call me Bucky, you know. … You’re not going to call me Bucky, are you? No. But I can call you James, or Jamie. I think Jamie has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? You’re a pain in my ass. I know, Barnes. But, here I am all the same. You prefer Barnes now, don't you?
He hates it when anyone else calls him Barnes now. It’s yours, only yours. No one else saying it the right way, no one else making it sound as good as you.
So he leans on your doorframe, letting it wash over him, all ready to speak and greet you like he usually does. But his throat goes dry, and he realises he can’t.
He can’t do the normal with you; he can’t pretend. Tired of hiding how you drive him insane, and how you light his goddamn world. Because you do. Christ you do. The smallest of things, like getting him milk when he’s been away and keeping him company on the edge of the get-togethers by the water. How your first thought when he told you who he once was, was to ask him if he was okay.
And now he’s aware he’s breathing more purposefully, feeling your eyes dig into him. You’re studying him, your expression shifting, and frown lines are appearing. And he wants to rid them. Wants to smooth them out with his fingers and tell you not to worry. He’s fine, he’s more than fine, because you’re here.
It sounds so easy in his head. Sounds so good to think it, he just needs to say it.
But doubt is creeping. It’s edging over how cocksure he’d been an hour ago when he’d been planning it all out. And now, he’s here. And he can’t run, he can’t hide. He’s standing at the threshold of the door, not quite stepping over, but not quite walking away. It feels like minutes he’s said nothing, but he knows it’s been mere seconds. But in that time, the air has become so much heavier around him, almost suffocating him and he can’t breathe through all the thick, tense space around you both.
So he focuses on you. He takes you all in. Looking from your pretty eyes to your gorgeous lips. Letting his eyes fall until he notices you’re wearing his T-shirt. The one he’d given you when you spilt sauce down yourself at his. The one you’d tried to give him back at a movie night at Sam’s a week later. The one he told you to keep. Because you’re as clumsy, as you are brilliant. You’re a pain his ass, but you’re also wonderful and so much more.
And you must sense him looking, because you huff. Not menacingly, not even annoyed, just a huff. A small one, a you one. One you do when you’re being playful.
“You caught me, Barnes,“ you say, teasingly, “I like wearing it, alright? But, if you want it back, I can give it you. But in my defence, Barnes, you told me to keep it. And keep it I have.”
He blinks. Opening his mouth, finding no words are yet coming.
Because he isn’t sure how to explain he hasn’t been expecting to see you in it again. Even if he always secretly hoped too. That he liked you in it, that he likes you’ve answered the door to him, all dressed down and his t-shirt covering your body. He likes it.
He likes you.
Fuck he likes you. So much so.
What you going to do when you fall in love with me, Barnes? Your confidence astounds me. One day, it won’t be just my confidence that astounds you.
“You alright, Barnes?”
Your hand reaches out, poking him as you smile, and he can’t even help it, he half-smiles as you do.
Because you do this. You poke him and nudge him. A gesture which is the same as the question you’ve just asked him, but one you can get away with around others. Because while he likes to be quiet, to observe, you like to annoy him. You’re annoying and you don’t listen to him. But he doesn’t hate it as much as he would hate it on someone else.
His eyes look at you again, holding your gaze until it hurts to do so. And, Bucky guesses, if he ever needed a sign, this was it. It was screaming, hearing it chant like a song in his head.
Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her.
But as he rolls his lips, as his elbow begins to ache from leaning on your doorframe, Bucky’s sure the voice speaking, screaming, calling out to him is his heart. And he moves as you speak,
“Alright, you’re worrying me no—“
But he doesn’t let you finish.
Dropping his arm, he steps over the line. The one marked by your doorframe and the one he’s made up in his head.
And he lets his fingers brush up your cheek, as he presses his lips to yours as your words die in the space between. And he’s kissing you, he’s clutching you. And he feels you freeze before you melt.
Then Bucky feels your lips move with his, and fuck it’s everything and more. It’s so much, he can’t even begin to focus as he deepens the kiss, feeling you curl against him, the space minimising with each movement until he’s pulling you flush against him.
It’s heaven.
It’s happiness. And it’s so much more he doesn’t have the capacity to describe as he begins to smile against your lips. Metal fingers falling to your hip as you gasp as his thumb slides under the edge of the fabric covering you. Your fingers clutching him tighter, lips moving more insistently as if you’re as desperate for him, as he is for you. And he’s only aware then, that he’s walking you backwards, kicking the door shut behind him as your hands pull at his jacket, and his curl under your leggings as he awkwardly slides them down until your legs are aiding him.
And the door slams, but he’s not paying too much attention as he lifts you from the ground feeling bare skin under both his hands as your legs wrap around his waist and he lets his hand slide up your thigh feeling the curve and the lace of underwear and he groans against your lips as he nips at your bottom lip. And you help him from his jacket, and both your lips part.
Because your eyes are full of fire, light and lust, and he hopes, really, really hopes, a speckle of love too.
And your mouth opens, just as his jacket meets the floor.
“Took you long enough, Barnes.”
He crashes his lips against yours, groaning against them as he mutters, “Shut up, Doll.”
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skyeisawizard · 19 hours ago
Halloween ‘21
Halloween fluff w Bucky
Tumblr media
“Hey shit biscuit!” Y/N shouted from across the room, catching the attention of her boyfriend. Shit biscuit, that was a new one.
Huffing, Bucky stood up and walked over to her. He went behind the armchair she was sat on and rested his forearms agains the back of it, pressing a kiss to her cheek. “What can I do for you, my love?”
The laptop in front of her displayed her Pinterest and a load of awful couples Halloween costumes. “These all suck,” she said and scrolled through them. Bucky pulled a face agreeing with her.
“I’m tryin’ to find something for us to wear to Tony’s party, but these costumes are either weird and sexual or boring. Or it’s one of those two person costumes that make one thing, like where someone is the horses ass and someone else is the front. I don’t want to go as an ass, Buck!”
He kissed her cheek and her neck, soothing her. “Why don’t we go as Y/N L/N and her amazing boyfriend,” he offered, pressing his nose against her cheek with a smile.
Y/N suddenly jumped up, snapping her fingers. “I’ve got it!” She cried. “Captain America and the White Wolf! That’s what we can go as!” She cheered and turned to her boyfriend.
Bucky stepped back with a frown. “I’m sorry?”
“You can go as Captain America and I can go as the White Wolf! I know where Steve’s old suit is and I can borrow yours,” she muttered, moving her fingers along his arm.
Bucky suppressed a shiver. “Fine,” he mumbled and leaned into her once again. Bucky kissed her forehead and steadily rocked her. “We can be Captain America and The White Wolf.” His lips remained against her hairline.
“I can’t wait to see you in the suit,” Y/N whispered and kissed his chest.
Bucky’s costume didn’t fit Y/N, they knew it wouldn’t. So, she took the time to fashion her own in dress form. It had long sleeves, one of them decorated with lines of gold, and the bodice was leather. Overall, it was gorgeous, and Bucky hadn’t been able to keep his hands off of her.
“You wanna take the bike?” Asked Bucky as they took the stairs down to the ground floor of the apartment.
Y/N smacked her boyfriends chest. “Bucky, I thought we were getting a cab. Because we can, you know...”
Grinning, Bucky scooped her into his arms and spun her around. “C’mon babycakes, it’ll be fun,” he said with a grin. “Plus, I’m sure Tony has a spare room.”
Y/N rolled her eyes, but she didn’t say no. Bucky kissed her and carried her out of the apartment complex, towards his bike.
At the bike, he placed her down and hopped on. Y/N climbed on behind him and wrapped her arms around his middle. He had no helmet with his bike, and Y/N couldn’t stop herself from trembling.
The bike roared to life and they took off, zooming towards the tower, to where Tony’s Christmas party was.
They stepped out of the elevator, into view of everyone.
Tony, Pepper and Morgan were pepperoni pizza slices, Thor was a classic vampire and Steve was... well nobody knew what Steve was.
Y/N and Bucky’s costumes gained a collection of laughs. Steve had his hand on his chest, head thrown back as he reached for Nat to steady himself.
“What?” Y/N challenged, arms folded over her chest. “What are you supposed to be, Steve?” She arched an eyebrow and glared.
Bucky’s hands rubbed her shoulders. He gently pushed her forward, towards the couch. Before she could sit down, Bucky pulled her onto his lap. He kissed her neck and leaned back, his hands gripping her hips.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and kissed her shoulder.
Grabbing his hand, Y/N laced her fingers through his and rested her head against his shoulder. “Happy Halloween, Buck.”
“Happy Halloween, doll.”
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redhoodssweetheart · 20 hours ago
Falling For You
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Requested: Yes (This was a request from my 1.5K follower celebration. Fall/Halloween requests are open as well as the ones mentioned in the pinned post, but regular requests are not open currently.)
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings:  Fluff
Description: You just want to meet someone nice for once. When talking to some friends you ask why someone nice can just fall out of the sky and then the strangest thing happens. Someone does.
Tumblr media
It had seemed like you had been on one bad date after another. First, there was Jeff, then Mike, then Robert. An endless stream of boring dates and uninterested men. You had tried it all, dating apps, meet-cutes, blind dates. At this point, you were ready to throw in the towel, but your friends weren’t going to let you give up that easily.
“You’ll meet someone,” Barbara said with a sympathetic smile. “It’s just you’re looking too hard.”
“Yeah,” Cassandra said in agreement. “Dating isn’t easy, you just gotta keep trying.”
“I’m tired of trying,” you whined. “Why can’t someone nice just fall out of the sky and into my life for once?”
The gods had a sense of humor, you would give them that. Because almost as soon as the words left your mouth someone crashed into your table from above. Spitting curses the entire time. You and your friends had jumped back and you looked up to see someone peering down at the man before taking off.
When you turned back to the mysterious stranger who had managed to work himself into a seated position you realized that it was James Buchanan Barnes. He was one of the Avengers and you couldn’t help but gape a little at him. Never in a million years had you expected Bucky Barnes to land, literally, right in front of you.
He looked up at everyone staring and said, “Sorry everyone, official Avengers business.” He went to stand but wobbled a little and you caught his arm.
“Whoa there soldier,” you said. “That was some fall.”
“I’ve had worse,” he grumbled as you helped him into a standing position and made sure he was steady on his feet. You noted the light stubble and his piercing blue eyes. He looked up to where you had seen the other figure and said, “Shit, I guess my mark’s been lost for now.” He turned to you and said, “Thank you, Miss--”
“Y/N Y/L/N,” you introduced yourself.
“Miss Y/L/N,” he finished. “Sorry for the interruption, you ladies enjoy the rest of your afternoon.” Then he was jogging down the street.
You spent the next week wondering how Bucky was doing and if he was truly okay after that tumble he took. It was crazy but you bought a cake from the local grocery store and headed to the Avengers Tower. You were just going to drop the cake off because you knew there was no way that you would get past security.
They probably would think that you were just a fangirl, but you were just concerned about Bucky. It was crazy since you didn’t know anything about him other than what you had heard on the news, through coworkers, and online.
Maybe it was all the talk from your friends about getting out there more. And hey you had said you wished someone good would just fall from the sky.
Who was better than an Avenger?
You made your way to the front desk and the pretty receptionist smiled at you, “Hi, how can I help you?”
You fidgeted on the spot and placed the cake you had bought for Bucky on the counter. “I brought James Barnes a cake… I know it’s weird but he sort of crashed into my table the other day and I just wanted to make sure he was all right.” You were rambling and began to back away from the counter, “Just make sure he gets it, it’s uh from Y/N Y/L/N. Thank you.” And you turned and fled from the building.
The receptionist picked up the phone and dialed the number for Tony’s office and began to explain what had just happened.
Bucky was there a few minutes later picking up the cake and staring at it all the way back up. It was a simple cake from a grocery store with little red and blue flowers. And he knew it had come from the woman he had met the day before.
“Whatcha got there, Buck?” Steve’s voice caused him to look up from the cake.
“Remember that woman that I accidentally crashed into her table the other day?” Steve nodded. “She apparently brought me a cake. The lady at the front desk said that she wanted to make sure I was okay.”
Sam let out a whistle, “Does Barnes have himself an admirer?”
“Do you want a slice of cake?” Bucky fired back.
That only caused Sam to grin wider. “What are you gonna do now?” Steve asked before any more bickering could break out between the two of them.
“Well first I’m going to have a slice of this cake and then I’m going to track her down so I can thank her properly,” Bucky said as he began to head for the kitchen. “If you want any I suggest you come along. It’s not that big and the others will descend upon it the moment they know I have it.”
Sam and Steve didn’t have to be told twice and chased after him, already helping him formulate a proper plan.
You were tired as you walked into your apartment building. All you wanted to do was get your shoes off, dig into the takeout you had gotten, and watch the show you had started binging. You were halfway to the elevators when you heard the front desk attendant call out your name. You turned and saw him lifting a vase of flowers onto the ledge of the desk.
“These came for you,” he explained as you trudged over to him. “They were delivered just a little bit ago.”
“Thanks, Randy,” you told him as you took the vase and turned back to the elevator.
There was a card attached to them and the moment you got back to your apartment and sat your things down you plucked it off the stick. It was one of the generic cards you could purchase with the flowers, but there was a handwritten note instead of the typed-up messages that you usually got with online orders. Whoever had sent these had gone into an actual shop and picked them out.
I wanted to thank you for the cake. Feel free to come by the Tower anytime you wish. I’d like to apologize properly for that day and maybe repay your kindness with a homemade meal.
Bucky Barnes
You couldn’t believe what you were reading and you double-checked to make that this wasn’t some colossal joke. Picking up your phone you dialed Cassandra, “Hey you didn’t send me flowers as a joke and say they were from Bucky Barnes, did you?”
“I think I did,” you couldn’t help the smile growing on your face. “He told me I could come by the Tower any time, he wanted to apologize properly and make me a homemade meal.”
“Wouldn’t it be funny if on the same day you ask the universe why a nice guy couldn’t just fall out of the sky it delivered with Bucky?”
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, Cass,” you told her. “He just wants to thank me. That doesn’t necessarily scream ‘date me’.”
She scoffed, “He’s going out of his way to make you food, I say he wants a date. And you should take it!”
“I just might,” you said softly as you continued to look at the card.
Two days later you arrived at the Tower, a bottle of wine in hand. You had called the receptionist prior to this to ask if you could come in a few days. She told you that Bucky would be expecting you and gave you instructions on how to get clearance to head to the upper levels of the building. It was a little overwhelming but you were excited as well.
When the elevator doors opened to the proper floor you were greeted by the sight of a nervous Bucky. “Hey Y/N, it’s nice to see you again.”
“It’s nice to see you too, Bucky,” you clutched the bottle of wine in your hands like a lifeline. You felt your hands shaking and you hoped he couldn’t tell how nervous you were. Cassandra’s words about him wanting a date flitted through your mind for a moment. “Thank you for the flowers, they were lovely.”
Bucky rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, “It was nothing. I wasn’t sure what to do honestly. I wanted to thank you for the cake, and so I had Tony locate your building so I could send you something. I wasn’t sure if flowers were the right choice, customs are different in this time period,” he seemed just as flustered as you were.
“Flowers work just fine,” you assured him as you let him lead you deeper into the Tower. “They’re sitting on my kitchen table right now brightening up the space.” The bright flowers did add a nice splash of color to your table that was nice versus the napkins and salt and pepper shaker you kept there usually.
“I’m glad, Sam and Steve were no help. Sam kept teasing me about being an old man, and Steve was trying to get me to send you roses, but I didn’t want to do roses. Those seemed too… forward?”
“Why too forward?” You questioned, curious by what he meant.
“They mean love,” he explained. “Each flower has a meaning behind them. Red carnations mean that your heart is aching for that person. Daisies can mean innocence or purity. Gardenias mean secret love. And pink roses can mean happiness.”
“Do you send flowers to women often, Bucky?” You teased, loving the way his cheeks turned slightly pink.
“No, no I’ve only ever sent flowers to you. Well in this time period at least. Back in the day, I did buy a bouquet for this dame I knew,” and then he cringed. “Am I talking too much?”
“Not at all,” you assured him. “Even if you had sent roses I wouldn’t have known that they meant love in flower language. I know that tends to be the go-to, but still, roses are nice to receive every once in a while even as a thank you.”
“Maybe I’ll send you some next time,” he smiled at you.
The two of you entered the dining room where the meal he had prepared was waiting. You spent the next couple of hours laughing and talking about random topics together. Bucky was more than happy to tell you what the forties were like and a little more about his family. It was nice to see him open up and become excited like he was. Most of the time when you saw him on the TV or in paparazzi photos in magazines he seemed so stoic.
At the end of the night he walked you home and a few weeks later when the flowers he had originally gotten you died, he sent you a new bouquet of them with another note asking you out again.
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moonlight-prose · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠
a/n: so i seriously don't know how to feel about this, but hopefully y'all like it. this is also super late for yesterday's prompt. it's okay. enjoy!
prompt thirteen - dry humping
summary: kissing was all fun and games until you can't get enough.
word count: 878
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: explicit so MINORS GO AWAY, kissing, cussing, thigh riding, dry humping. let me know if i missed anything!
It was only innocent kissing on a second date. Nothing more, nothing less and you enjoyed that. Felt content with remaining on his lap, hands in his hair as he slowly rubbed your jean clad thighs. Somehow you’d ended up here from his car, but you didn’t mind. Not when the fluttering in your chest began to slowly turn into a stampede the longer his lips stayed on yours.
“I like this,” he whispered, pulling back to rest his forehead against yours.
A smile spread across his bitten and swollen lips, eyes shining brighter than you’d seen them in months. “Kissing you. I really like kissing you.”
“You’re not so bad yourself sergeant,” you said, brushing your lips against his and feeling his hands dig into your hips.
Innocent kissing, you were sure of it. Only then he had to drag your hips forward, dragging you along the thigh that was currently in between your legs and without meaning to you moaned into his mouth. Hands digging into the shirt he was wearing as the fabric of your jeans pressed right against your clit. You wondered if he knew what he was doing or if he’d done it by accident, but then he was kissing you. With a fervor that left you utterly breathless.
“Sound so pretty,” he mumbled, lips attaching to your neck and working his way down. “This okay?”
Blue eyes opened wide, meeting yours and you melted into his hold. The sight of him needy and desperate for you had you already grinding lightly against his thigh until your head was tilting back. It was not enough. It was too much. You couldn’t decide which felt better; his hands sliding down to grip your ass and push you along his thigh or his lips against your throat.
“Fuck-” your breath stuttered. “It’s more than okay.”
Forget everything else, this was even a better high than anything you’d experienced. One you could lose yourself in and so you dragged his lips back to yours, rocking your hips roughly against his thigh as he guided you through it. Grunting as your knee brushed against the obvious bulge in his pants. Fuck the rules of dating. You’d already known by the first one that he was someone who’d stick around. A man you could love with the entirety of your being.
“How do you feel?” he asked, voice deeper than before - darker than you’d ever heard it.
Words were hard to form; your brain was already muddled by the pressure building in your body as your clit continued to rub against your jeans. So you mumbled out a good and dug your face into his neck. It was much more than just good, but your body was already clenching around nothing; mouth dropping as more moans were muffled into his skin.
He tugged your head back, lips sucking at your neck even more. “Just good?”
He smiled at the sound of you crying out. Body nearly covering his and for extra friction he tensed his thigh, dragging you down harder until you were whimpering into his neck. Bucky could recall the nights spent with women, but this...this sight of you getting off just on thigh had him feeling feral.
“Bucky,” you whined, fingers digging into his shoulders. “I’m gonna - oh fuck-”
The breaking point - the thing that completely shattered you - was him bringing you up to drag against his cock. A moan was swallowed by you kissing him, your hips meeting his in a rush; body jolting as he brought himself closer to the edge with you. Bucky already knew he wouldn’t last long, because his body had been tense ever since you touched him an hour ago. None of that mattered though. Not when you were lost in a haze of pleasure he had created.
“Go on sugar,” he whispered against the shell of your ear - his eyes shutting tight as his body clenched. “Cum for me.”
A cry of his name followed, your back bending slightly as the tension snapped in two. Digging yourself further into him you shook through your release, eyes rolling back and body nearly floating. You certainly didn’t expect this to happen on the second day, but who were you to complain. Especially when you managed to pull yourself together enough and watch his face as he fell apart.
His head tilting back as a grunt left his lips; his teeth digging into his bottom lip. You wanted to see it again and again. The sight itself was more addicting than the high you experienced and you smiled at that thought. Of being addicted to Bucky Barnes.
“That was-”
“Amazing,” you said, laughing lightly against his lips. “Mind blowing, intense, earth-shattering. You pick.”
“All of them,” he replied, nipping at your bottom lip. “I want to do that again.”
You hummed, teasing him with your lips. “With you inside me next time though.”
In a matter of seconds you were being yanked into his arms as he stood. “Bucky!” you yelped.
His hand tapped your ass, feet already heading towards the bedroom. “We’ve still got more kissing to do, sugar.”
Laughing, you wrapped your arms around his neck. Innocent kissing your ass.
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the-winter-smoulder · 4 days ago
What The Hell...
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Chapter Word Count: 1390
Warnings: Language! Mentions of Death, Panic Attack, Eventual Smut, Fluff, Angsty Goodness
Seriously... What the HELL?!
Since the defeat of Thanos, nothing has really been the same, especially not for Sam and Bucky.
Read Chapter 22 Here
Tumblr media
Chapter 23: What The Hell Is That?
Six months had passed. Bobbi was fitting in great as the newest member of the team, and she was splitting her time between the lab and the field. Melinda stayed on in the lab to work with Bruce and Bobbi so Clint could go back to his family and get out of the lab where he felt the least comfortable.
Sam, Bucky and Y/n were out in the open area of the woods, working together with the shield. They found that they worked well together with it, and even though it was officially Sam’s, he didn’t mind sharing it with Y/n.
“I still can't believe how light this thing is,” Y/n said, spinning and tossing it toward Sam.
“I know, right?” Sam replied, flipping in the air to catch it and toss it toward Bucky.
“Ha! After bitching about how heavy it was for so long,” Bucky snorted.
“Shut up, man!”
“Boys, that’s enough,” Y/n said in her best, stern “mom” voice.
“Sorry,” they said in unison.
“Alright,” Y/n chuckled, “How about we end this for today. I’m hungry!”
“I’m gonna keep working, you two go have fun,” Sam said, taking the shield from Bucky.
“What do you think, pizza, Doll?”
“You read my mind!”
“Let’s get cleaned up. I think we deserve a night out,” Bucky said.
“Best pizza in town?”
Best pizza in town!”
“Yay!” Y/n jumped up and down like a kid in a candy store, kissed Bucky on the cheek, and ran off toward the compound.
“She’s crazy,” Sam laughed.
“She is, but she’s mine,” Bucky said, smiling.
“Well go on! Run after her!”  
“I’m giving her a head start. I'm still faster than she is.”
“And I bet that just kills her.”
“It does. See ya, Sam!” Bucky turned and ran after Y/n.
Bucky and Y/n took the Harley into town for pizza at Giovanni’s.
“Y/n! James!” Giovanni smiled as Bucky held the door open for Y/n.
“Hi! How are you?” Y/n smiled, giving Giovanni a hug.
“Wonderful! Would you like the usual?”
“Absolutely,” Bucky said.
“Your table awaits! Sit, sit! I’ll get it started for you. So good to see you kids!” Giovanni said, walking back into the kitchen.
Y/n hears a soft giggle from behind the counter and smiles.
“Is that little Miss Elizabeth I hear?”
“Y/n!” Beth yelled as she popped up from her hiding place. She ran over to the table and hugged Y/n.
“Oh! I missed you, Angel!”
“I missed you too! Hi, James!”
“Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”
“Are you behaving for your mom?”
“Ummm... yes?”
“Ha! You wish, young lady!” Nikki chimed in, bringing a basket of cheese bread and two bottles of Peroni.
“Well... I'm trying,” Beth said, looking down at the floor.”
“Yes, you are,” Nikki said with a sigh.
“Miss Elizabeth, would you like to eat with us tonight?” Y/n asked.
“Can I, mommy? Please?!”
“Of course you can, sweetie. I'll bring you some milk.”
“Yay!!” she yelled, scurrying over to her chair and pulling herself up. She grabbed both Bucky and Y/n’s hands and suddenly became very serious.
“Something wrong, Angel?” Y/n asked.
“I have a very serious question for you,” Beth replied, “Very. Serious.”
“Oh my,” Bucky said, stifling a laugh, “What is it, sweetheart?”
“Are you guys gonna get married? Can I be your flower girl?”
Bucky grabbed his beer and took a drink, leaving Y/n to answer this very serious, and slightly awkward question.
“Well, we haven’t talked about that yet, Angel, but when we do get married, you absolutely can be the flower girl.”
Bucky smiled and excused himself from the table.
“Going pee?” Beth asked.
“Yes, sweetie, I'm going pee,” he laughed.
“Elizabeth Angeline! Don’t ask such questions! It’s very rude,” Nikki scolded.
“Sorry. I’ll say sorry when he’s done peeing.”
“Y/n stifled her own laugh, and said, “Maybe you should say ‘going potty’ or ‘using the restroom’ instead, Angel.”
“Oh! Okay, I can do that.”
Nikki mouthed a silent “thank you” as she placed the pizza on the table.
“How many pieces would you like?” Y/n asked.
“Ummm... three!”
“Three! Wow! You must be very hungry!”
“She’s a growing girl,” Bucky said as he sat down.
“Sorry I said ‘pee’ before,” Beth said.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Maybe just use a different word next time,” Bucky smiled, rubbing her little hand.
“Okay!” she said, digging into her food.
“Kids! So resilient,” he said, looking into Y/n’s eyes.
“And inquisitive,” she smiled back.
They ate their dinner together, laughing, talking about school and if Bucky or Y/n had ever seen a real-life unicorn or mermaid.
When they finished eating, Bucky got up to pay the bill, and Y/n helped Beth get cleaned up as usual. Hugs were exchanged between Beth, Bucky and Y/n, also as usual, and Nikki handed a bag over to Bucky, again, as usual. They said their good-byes, and Bucky opened the door for Y/n.
“Want to go to the park to eat these, Doll?”
“Yes! I was hoping we would. It's such a beautiful night!”
Bucky smiled, put the bag of cannoli in the saddle bag, and helped Y/n onto the bike.
Y/n wrapped her arms around Bucky as they rode through the city. She took in the fresh summer air, wind whipping around them as they made their way to the park. She squeezed him tight as he turned off the bike.
“What’s that for?” he asked.
“Nothing. I'm just happy, Buck.”
“Me too, doll. Me too. C’mon, let’s go to our bench and dig into these!”
They walked hand in hand as they made their way to their favorite bench.
“I just love this spot, Bucky,” Y/n said as they sat down.
“Yeah? How come?”
“Even in my timeline, it’s just such a peaceful spot. The trees, the flowers, it’s all so perfect.”
Bucky smiled, tilting his head to the side, “Why don’t you grab yours first, I know how much you looooove these cannoli!”
Y/n grabbed the bag and opened it with gusto. She looked in the bag, as usual, deciding which one looked the most delicious, when something caught her eye.
“What the hell is that?” she wondered aloud.
Bucky took the bag and looked inside. He smiled and looked up at Y/n.  
“Looks like a ring, doll.”
He reached into the bag, pulled out the cannoli with a beautiful ring resting on top. He moved to kneel down in front of her, holding the cannoli in one hand and hers in the other.
“I know it hasn’t been the smoothest road for us, and this may seem a little fast, but Y/n, sweetheart, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Will you marry me?”
Y/n cupped Bucky’s cheek with her free hand, tears in her eyes, and a smile on her face.
“Yes, Bucky. I love you too,” she said, leaning in for a kiss.
When they broke their kiss, Bucky placed the ring on her finger and wiped at his cheeks.
“Bucky, are you crying?”
“Of course!  You said yes, and I'm happy!”
“You thought I'd say no?” Y/n asked as he sat back on the bench.
“To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure until earlier tonight.”
“What do you mean?”
“You said ‘when’ not ‘if’ we get married to Beth. That's why I got up and ‘went to the bathroom,’” he explained with air quotes, “I knew you would say yes because you said ‘when,’ so I got up and went through the back door to the kitchen and asked Giovanni to put the ring on the cannoli. I had no idea Beth would ask us that, but I’m glad she did.”
“Me too, that kid is always one step ahead of us,” Y/n smiled, nuzzling into Bucky’s shoulder.
“She is, and now we already know who our flower girl will be.”
“Wait! If you didn’t know you were proposing...”
“Oh, I’ve had this ring for months, doll. I knew I’d propose one day, and I wanted to be ready when the opportunity presented itself.”
“You’ve been carrying this around with you?”
“Yep. Guess you need to work on your spy skills. Bobbi can help you with that. I can’t believe you didn’t notice that!”
“Neither can I!” Y/n laughed.
“I love you,” Bucky said.
“I love you, too.”
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fantqsha · 9 days ago
treat or treat?
summary | trick-or-treating with nari!
request | could you maybe do a nari w nat x reader? by @natashakink // Nari during halloween?
pairings | daughter!oc x fem!reader, daughter!oc x bucky barnes, niece!oc x avengers
warnings/tags | 2nd person's pov, FLUFF, nari being adorable – lmk if i missed any!
side note | nari is 3 and the avengers live in the stark towers.
likes, reblogs and feedbacks are greatly appreciated! please, please let me know what you think!
gif source || dividers || nariʼs costume (the person does NOT represent Nari!) || readerʼs costume
Tumblr media
Every year, Stark Industries and the employees would decorate the building for Halloween and on the 31st, they would be allowed to bring kids in to go trick-or-treating. This year, Nari decided to join, so who are you to say no?
Tumblr media
“Is the baby ready?” Natasha entered your room with a smile. “You wouldnʼt tell me what her costume is, so Iʼll be the first to see her today.”
“'M weady, Auntie Tasha!” Nari hollered from the bathroom. “Wait, pʼease!”
When Nari entered the room with you, Natasha almost cried at the sight. Her niece was wearing a black widow suit, while you were wearing Scarlet Witchʼs attire.
“You 'n Auntie Wanda are best fwiends, so Mama 'n me dwess up wike you, so we can be best fwiends too!” Nari chirped. “You wike it?”
“Like it?” Natasha pretended to think, placing her hand on her chin as Nari looked up expectantly. “Are you kidding? I love it!” Nari giggled, making the two of you grin.
“Letʼs go down now! Iʼm sure your other Aunts and Uncles are excited to see you!”
Tumblr media
“Look at you! Youʼre a mini Natasha, huh? a mini widow,” Pepper cooed when she saw Nari. “And look at you! Youʼre rocking Wandaʼs outfit. I bet sheʼs gonna have it changed just so you could own it.” She teased you, making you lightly smack her arm. “Come on now, Iʼm sure theyʼre all excited to see you.”
When you went to meet up with the others, they all complimented the both of you. Wanda, as Pepper told you, said that she would gladly change her costume and let you own hers if youʼd ask her. Jokingly, of course . . . or not?
When the pleasantries were made, Nari started pulling on your hand, “Mama, letʼs go! Letʼs go!”
“Baby, wait,” you looked around, looking for someone. “I thought you wanted Auntie Tasha to come with us?”
“Where Auntie Tasha?”
“Iʼm here, Iʼm here! Letʼs go?” Nari gasped before bouncing up and down excitedly. Natasha quickly walked towards you. She wasnʼt wearing the casual attire she was wearing when you saw her earlier. She was now wearing her suit, the same design as the one Nari was wearing.
“Yey! 'S the Bwack Widow and - and the Mini Widow! Letʼs goooo!”
Tumblr media
The Stark Towers had 93 levels, but only five were decorated.
You decided to start from the ground floor up to the fifth floor.
Your first stop was the reception. You were pretty familiar with the receptionist, whom you knew as Katherine – Kate, as she liked to be called.
You approached the reception desk. Natasha had to pick Nari up by, so she could reach.
Kate smiled at her, waiting for her to say something.
Nari smiled back, “Tweat or . . . tweat?”
The three of you chuckled at that.
“Baby, itʼs–”
“Oh, hush, (Y/N). If Nari says itʼs treat-or-treat, itʼs treat-or-treat,” Kate chided jokingly, smiling as she heard your daughter giggle uncontrollably when she realized her mistake and when the pretty lady playfully scolded you. “Here you go, darling. Lots of candies for the mini Agent.”
“'M the mini widow, Miss Katie!”
“Oh, thatʼs right! My bad, Mini Widow,” she cooed, placing candies in Nariʼs bucket.
“'S okie, Miss Katie!” She looked up at her as Natasha placed her back down. “Tʼank 'ou for candy!”
Tumblr media
By the time you were finished, Nari was almost on the verge of falling asleep. She was so tired, but she was really happy. You already knew that, but she kept telling you at least every ten minutes.
“'M really happy, Mama. So many candy 'n I met lots and lots of people 'n got Auntie Tasha wif us 'n there many cool stuff, but 'M tired 'n wanna sleep,” she mumbled, her head leaning on Natashaʼs shoulder. “We gon' eats the candy 'morrow wif Auntie Tasha 'n Aunti Wanda 'n Uncle Vis 'n Uncle Petey 'n Uncle Sam 'n Uncle Tony 'n do you fink Uncle Clint 'n his family be here 'morrow? 'N Uncle Thor 'n Uncle Loki? Wan' them be here, so we can all be happy.”
You smiled softly as Nat rubbed her back, “I donʼt know, bun. Sleep first, so you can wake up early tomorrow and see if theyʼre here, hm? Youʼre tired, bubba.”
“Okie, Mama. Night night, Mama. Night night, Auntie Tasha. Love you.”
“I love you, baby.”
“Love you too, kid.”
Not even five minutes later, she was asleep. She looked so exhausted, but at least, she was happy. Very happy.
Tumblr media
Nalani Reese | @khiaraaa-in-spacee @darkestfireee @in-my-body-bag @aynanasstuff @weaslettesstuff @prentisswrites @cucciolafaerie @livstilinski @white-wolf1940
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writingsbyliv · 10 days ago
finding out you’re pregnant | b.b
- this gif is not mines. credits to the owner.
Tumblr media
• okay so like the two of you would be just chillin in your new apartment which the two of you decided to by after the fight with karli and blah blah.
• you two would be cuddling on the couch watch some sitcom bucky begged you to watch with him for no absolute trade on but you agreed.
• you had a urge feeling that you were gonna throw up but you thought it was gonna go away but it didn’t ( sadly . )
• you didn’t really think much of it until you shot up from your spot from cuddling bucky and ran to the bathroom and bucky HAD to follow you bcs he was worried about his babydoll 🥺.
• when bucky finally reached to bathroom when you were he immediately sat down behind you to hold you hair and whispered in you ear that it was gonna be just find and to let it all out .
• “doll , was it something you ate?” bucky asked when you finished and you flushed the toilet.
• “no i don’t think so, but i should probably…. you know get a pregnancy test just to make sure.” you said back once you set you back against the tub.
• ( btw you guess where trying for a baby for a long time. )
• “okay babydoll i will head to the store to get some.” he says back. he kissed your head and helps you up but you stop him broke he could reach the door.
• “you don’t have to buck, i actually have some in the cabinet behind my tampon box.” you said while reaching the cabinet to get them out.
• and when you said that his eyes went WIDE. like how come he didn’t know? when did you buy them? but he quickly let it go and gave you a quick “okay” and left so you could take the test.
• after you took the test you flipped it over and put on a timer on you phone for 15 minutes and went back to the living room to see bucky waiting for you.
• “are you ready to become parents? only if the test is positive.” you asked bucky once you sat in his lap as he wrapped his hands around your waist.
• “as long at the baby come out of you, then i’m ready to be the best father i can be.” bucky said as he have gave you a passionate kiss on your lips.
• you guys talked and waiters for the timer to go off and when i finally did you guys were nervous like … REALLY REALLY NERVOUS 😬.
• you stood up and grabbed bucky’s metal hand and led him back to the bathroom. “you ready?” you asked once’s you reached the bathroom and was getting reader to see the results. “yeah, i’m ready doll.” he said back.
•once you turned on the results …
• you saw …
•which meant you were pregnant and it was the love of your life baby you were growing inside of you.
•once bucky saw the test and saw that it was positive he immediately picked you up and spun you around but not to much because you told home don’t because you were gonna throw up if he did.
• “ OMG !! we’re having a baby! omg doll i love you so much.” buck says once he put you back on your feet.
• “ i love you too bucky. we’re gonna be parent to baby barnes.” you said while kissing bucky on the lips.
• bucky finally got his dream. a wife , a home, a baby on the way , and especially happiness.
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My Youth 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader
request: hi!! if requests are open , i would like to request a BuckyxReader where the reader loves all things vintage and even dresses 40s ! Bucky sees her in a record store or something and feels like his younger self for the first time in a while — thrown off by the feeling of it ... or something like that ! i totally think he’d be into someone who reminds him of his youth and can connect with him over 40s pop culture 🥺
a/n: this request has been sitting in my ask for months... and i just came across it again, MY HEART SWELLED. ugh i loved this so much. anon, i'm so sorry it's taken such a long time to get it filled, but i adored this! enjoy!
warnings: fluff!
pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
summary: Bucky stumbles inside of a record shop, only to find a woman who triggers his youth, making him suddenly feel so alive.
word count: 1.1k
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky hadn’t paid any attention to where he was headed as he walked the streets of Brooklyn, his hands nestled in the pockets of his jacket. The season had turned into fall, the atmosphere chilly. He listened as kids cheered within the park alongside their parents, people were out decorating for the fall, the leaves crunched beneath his feet, and he just felt good. A soft smile played along his face, his blue-grey eyes offering happy glances to passing people.
As he turned the corner, his eyes flickered up at the old record store. He loved walking inside to browse, for the simple fact it reminded him of his youth and at that time, things were much simpler. He was good friends with the owner, having known him for quite some time. Cutting the corner, his feet found themselves sauntering through the glass doors, the older gentleman throwing up a hand when he heard the bell ding above his door.
“Bucky!” He smiled, walking over from behind the register. Bucky smiled as he shuffled over, hugging him quickly. “What brings you in today?” He questioned. Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed, his lips turning into a gentle smile.
“Just wandering around Brooklyn,” He laughed, the older man nodding. He knew Bucky loved to just walk outside and clear his mind. The two had found themselves stumbled upon random conversations that resonated with each of their childhoods, each telling stories of a time when things were utterly different and the world was less… worldly.
Bucky disappeared throughout the store, turning down one of the aisles where the records from the forties were kept. However, when he rounded the corner, his eyes settled upon you. You stood there, browsing the shelf. But it was what you were wearing that made Bucky’s eyes pop.
You wore a simple, but vintage, baby blue colored dress that had buttons on the front with a small brown belt nestled around your waist. You had a jacket thrown over your shoulders to protect you from the chilly winds Brooklyn offered. Your hair was curled to absolute perfection and tucked back with pins. You were humming to yourself, tapping your feet carefully which donned a pair of cute shoes that had a small heel to them.
For the first time, Bucky felt like he was twenty-four again.
He remembered countless times walking into the record stores with Steve by his side after he had just pulled his scrawny best friend out of a fight, the two of them sulking over music. He recalled vividly the way he would feel when his eyes crossed over a woman who looked as exquisite as you did in this very moment.
The mere sight of you caused his heart to beat faster and his adrenaline to rush.
He felt so young, so alive.
You could feel someone staring at you, the record nestled in your hands. You slowly turned to see this unfamiliar man gazing at you. But when your eyes met him, your breath caught in your throat.
He was stunning.
The vinyl record in your hand was clutched tightly as you felt a wave of nervousness flow throughout your body as you two continued to stare at each other. Bucky finally shook his head, realizing he was absolutely gawking at the sight of you.
He walked closer, a smile creeping along your face.
“Hi,” He waved with a soft smile. “I didn’t mean to stare… I know, I looked like a creep.” He laughed which made you grin widely, all forgiveness settled. Bucky pointed at the vinyl record in your hand.
“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?” Bucky pointed at the record in your hand, making you giggle immensely, your cheeks flaring red.
You seemingly thought you were talking to at least a thirty-year-old guy who couldn’t possibly be into any of this stuff, but little did you know, he was much older, being extracted entirely from your favorite decade. You wish many nights that you were born in those times, as much as you relished any memory of the decade.
“I dance to Take The “A” Train in my kitchen while I’m cooking,” You admitted with a sheepish laugh, Bucky’s head falling back as he held his stomach, a true laugh emerging from him.
“I’m Y/N, by the way,” You nervously grinned, holding out a hand. Bucky grinned, taking your hand into yours, kissing the back of it which made your eyes widen. A true gentleman.
“Bucky Barnes,” He grinned. “I enjoy Swinging On A Star,” He laughed, causing your mouth to widen more with a smile.
He admired your choice of attire, his heart swelling. He truly felt like he was in his twenties again.
“I adore your style, doll,” He eyed you up and down. You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear as you leaned against the shelf, staring at the broad-shouldered man, your heart swooning at the sight of him. His eyes resonated with the old soul that lived within him. You knew deep in your heart that he was an entirely different breed.
“Thank you,” You giggled. “It’s probably weird to see someone as young as me… sporting clothes that look like these,” You pointed at your body, Bucky shaking his head.
“I think you look absolutely stunning.” He whispered.
Bucky didn’t know what this feeling was that crept up in the pit of his stomach. He was absolutely captivated by you entirely. Even the way you poised yourself screamed you belonged to the forties. The way you spoke, with such elegance and softness, reminded him so much of the old days. It was women like you that he chased, tiny Steve trailing in behind him.
It was women like you he told stories to his best friend, about how much he adored those made such as yourself.
Since everything that had occurred in his life, Bucky found himself hesitant on stepping out, as he used to. But for some reason, you had a pull on him unlike anything else. You unlocked the pure nostalgia that was captivating his mind, knowing he needed to take a leap of faith.
“Are you busy by chance?” He asked, causing your eyes to light up. You shook your head, holding up the record.
“Only plans I had for the day,” You giggled quietly.
Bucky’s heart soared at the sound of your voice.
“Would you like to grab dinner?”
Your mouth parted slightly, shock coursing your veins. You didn’t expect to walk inside of this record shop and be asked out by simply one of the most good-looking men you had ever laid eyes on.
“I would love to,” You agreed, Bucky smiling. He grasped the record from your hands and your eyebrows furrowed. You followed him to the register where the older man smiled between you two.
He purchased the record for you, the older man sending you on your merry way. You didn’t notice the wink he sent Bucky as he had his hand on the small of your back, leading you out of the record store.
And that was the first of many days, Bucky felt young again.
Tumblr media
tagging: @high-functioning-lokipath, @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker, @nervousbiscutzonkslime, @kiolabean, @caritobbg, @lynnettes-stuff, @crazzygurll
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barnesmurdock · 13 days ago
Pretty boys and fondues.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Enhanced!Reader.
Summary: You and Steve take Bucky to Coney Island, and it pushed you both to act on your feelings for each other.
Word count: 4880 (ik, wtf)
Warnings: fluff, pining, me not knowing shit about Coney Island and probably being inaccurate about it, Steve being the third wheel (sorry bby ily). Things getting steamy, but no smut.
A/N: I just started writing and writing and this came out. This was requested by a beloved friend and I've never been to Coney Island so sorry in advance for any potential stuff that doesn't make sense!
Also, this is long, so I just read over it twice. Sorry if there's any mistakes!
As always, Bucky is beefy in this because beefy!Bucky is my favorite.
Please consider reblogging if you enjoyed it <3
After having the Compound destroyed by Thanos, the new Avengers Compound was under construction and so you and Steve decided to get an apartment together and, of course, with Bucky.
You and Steve had been inseparable from the moment you met and you were well aware of how important Bucky was to Steve, so you had no problem living with him.
You had been in Romania with Steve to help Bucky, and Germany, and you had ran away with him, and you had been to Wakanda a handful of times when Steve went to visit Bucky when it was safe. So, you knew Bucky a bit. Actually, you've had massive heart eyes for that man from the moment you first saw him, but you never did anything about it. Both of you were Steve's best friends, his family, and if Bucky didn't feel the same you really didn't want to make things weird for Steve.
There was this weird tension between you. The good kind of tension. With lingering gazes and small touches and smiles, the small gestures, the moments when you found Bucky late at night sitting in the living room, looking like shit after having another nightmare and you made him some tea and put something on the tv to keep him out of his thoughts for a while… Which Bucky deeply appreciated, especially since you didn't push him to talk about it. He was comfortable around you, and that was something that didn't come easily for him these days.
Had Bucky been the confident, charming young man he once was, he wouldn't have hesitated to do something about said tension, but he wasn't. And you were Steve's friend, so he didn't want to fuck it up.
Steve, bless his soul, seemed completely unaware of what was going on and he just thought his two best friends got along really well.
It was Steve who suggested taking Bucky to Coney Island now that the weather was nicer, so there you were between two massive super soldiers, with Steve's arm casually draped on your shoulders while he talked to his old friend, who had his hands inside the pockets of his leather jacket.
"So, where do you wanna go first?" You asked the brunette, his long hair getting on his face with the breeze. You took a hair tie from your wrist and silently offered it to him with a smile.
He thanked you with a court nod and hummed pensively as he tied his hair in a bun. It was getting too long, but you'd said you liked how it looked a couple of times so he let it be.
"Uh… Cyclone? Wanna see how Stevie holds up now he's all big and healthy." Bucky said with a smirk, looking up at his blonde friend as he tried to tease him.
"I'll have ya know that I didn't throw up last time we were here." Steve rushed to defend himself, faking being offended.
"But don't spoil it for him!" You nudged Steve's side with your elbow, chuckling as the three of you started heading towards the roller coaster.
You ended up sitting in the cart with Bucky, Steve sitting alone in front of you. The guys initially wanted to sit together but the seats weren't wide enough for both of their stupidity beefy bodies to fit. Hell, even you and Bucky were a tight fit, your bodies completely pressed against each other.
"This feels just like the back of that stupid tiny car Steve stole in Germany." You said with a sigh as you waited for the rest of the people to get in, looking at Bucky with amusement.
"Yeah, not his best moment." Bucky chuckled, trying to make some space for you, even if he was more than okay to have you that close.
"Guys, y'know I can hear you, right?" Steve turned on his seat to give you two a stern look, which you responded to by showing him your tongue, making laughter bubble in Bucky's chest.
"I don't remember these being so small. Last time we came here I had to hold you in place, remember?" Bucky commented once his laugh died down.
"It was a nightmare, I really thought I was gonna fly ou-Oh, it's starting." Steve was cut short when the ride started moving, turning around and getting ready.
"You nervous?" Bucky leaned towards your ear, his low tone making goosebumps rise on your skin.
You bit your lip and you shook your head, looking away from his face. He playfully nudged your arm with his, not taking it away afterwards.
"I don't know if we should trust something made in the 20s." He commented as the ride started to get close to the top.
"Bucky, you're literally ten years older than this thing." You said with a chuckle.
You went to look back at him just when the cart started to tilt down, making you yelp and grab onto Bucky's hand as the ride dropped down.
"I thought you weren't nervous." Bucky chuckled once you went up again, adjusting your hands so he could grab yours better.
"Shut UP!" You ended up screaming into the next drop, making both super-soldiers laugh.
Bucky didn't let go of your hand the whole ride and neither did you. And neither of you commented on it. He helped you out of the ride, his hand still on yours as you got off the cart still laughing.
It was only when Steve turned his attention back to the two of tou that your hands dropped to each other's sides, yours going to put some of your hair behind your ear and Bucky's casually going back to his pockets.
"How was it?" Steve asked Bucky with a wide smile, his hair terribly messy from the ride.
"Just like the old times." The brunette responded, giving you a side glance and smiling to himself as you started walking out of there. It kinda was like the old times, him, his best friend and a gorgeous dame by his side. Except, unfortunately, you weren't his date.
"Where do you wanna go next?"
Bucky ended up wanting to go on almost every ride in the park and both you and Steve gladly indulged him. Bucky usually wasn't as gloomy and brooding as he was when you first met him, but you'd never seen him have that much fun, his face glowing from laughing and his hair mussed from all the rides.
Steve was definitely happier than ever, seeing Bucky like that and finally having some well deserved fun like regular people. Especially after over a decade of constant fighting and running.
You, on the other hand, while having a very good time with them, were starting to struggle to keep your heart from getting out of your chest from all the fluttering. Up until now, it had been moderately easy to keep your feelings for Bucky in check, but he was more his old charming flirty self than the snarky awkward Bucky you were used to (and adored) and that was way harder to ignore. It was harder to ignore how he had held your hand on the Cyclone, how your hands brushed while you walked side by side, how he whispered things in your ear even when you could've heard him fine without doing that and gave you that smug smile of his. You could see a little bit of that Bucky Steve had talked to you about so many times.
Steve had been recognized by some kids and had told you two to run while you could while he handled that, knowing Bucky wouldn't like a lot of attention directed at him. Bucky grimaced as you both watched a small crowd form around your friend. Not wanting to simply stand there waiting, you scoped your surroundings for something to do. Once you got it, you tugged at his sleeve, redirecting his attention to you.
"It'll be a while before they let him go, how'bout I win you something?" You said with a playful wink, laughing at the dumbfounded expression on his face after he heard you.
"Doesn't that work the other way around?" He said with a raised brow, letting you guide him to the stand with the cute cat plushies you thought he would like.
"You gonna feel emasculated if I give you a gift?" You said teasingly, walking backwards towards the stand so you could still watch him.
"More like I'd like to win you something." He confessed with a side smile, looking at you with fondness. He thought he was going to be able to keep his feelings in check but, perhaps he couldn't do that anymore.
You stopped on your feet and opened your mouth to say something, only to end up biting your lip and sighing lightly.
"Well… we can win each other something, then." You suggested with a shrug of your shoulders, your hand letting his sleeve go and trailing down his arm to hold his hand.
You looked behind him to see how Steve was doing. Still there with the kids. Bucky turned slightly to check what you were looking at but ended up being urged to walk again by the tug of your hand in his.
He smiled, his gaze moving from your back to where your hands met before he picked up his pace. His flesh hand, free on his side, was starting to sweat inside the leather glove. It seemed like two were finally doing something about this thing between you and he was getting giddy and nervous. He felt weird, good, like… fuck, he felt young again doing this silly thing with you.
You chose the game where you have to clear a pyramid of cans with balls and, because Bucky was always a gentleman, he let you go first.
You decided to get only 2 balls, the minimum, confident in your skills. Then, you got ready to throw the first one, debating between using your telekinesis or not.
"No powers, Y/n... cheating s'wrong." Bucky said after he felt the hair on the nape of his neck rise (something that always happened when you did your thing), leaning from behind you to whisper in your ear. You knew he was smiling from his tone alone.
You showed him your middle finger without even turning to see him, making him laugh and take a step back to give you some space. You could do 'no powers' just fine ,so you adjusted your stance, took a deep breath and aimed at the cans.
Bucky whistled behind you, impressed when the pyramid crumbled down with just one throw. "That was a great throw."
"Right? And you thought I was gonna cheat…" you sighed dramatically as you turned on your feet to face him. Bucky chuckled and apologized briefly. "C'mon pretty boy, pick a prize." You winked at him, pointing behind you with your thumb.
Bucky's cheeks rapidly flushed pink at the name, but he played along, staring pensively at the assortment of stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling.
"Hmmm, I think I'll go for a white cat. Y'know, like Alpine."
You asked the guy running the game for the cat Bucky wanted and handed it to him with a triumphant smile on your face.
"Here you go, great choice."
"I have great taste." He tilted his head, raising his eyebrow at the same time he gave you a teasing smile. It was your time to blush. "Keep it for me, I have to win ya something now and I don't think I can top your throw." He said with a wink of his own before walking past you to shoot his shot.
You scoffed behind him, crossing your arms around the stuffed animal as you watched him. Your throw had been excellent but you knew Bucky had already been a great marksman before he got the serum.
And, as expected, Bucky threw the ball perfectly and made all the cans fall to the ground, same as you.
"I thought you couldn't top my throw." You said teasingly, walking up to his side.
He simply shrugged and casually wrapped his vibranium arm around you. "C'mon, pick something, the cat's mine." He said as he grabbed the cat's large head and carefully pulled it out from your embrace.
"Okay, okay! I… will get that cute fluffy wolf over there, please." You said, trying to ignore how you felt a rush of warmth to your cheeks. You offered him a cheeky smile when he raised his eyebrow at you.
"Didn't know you liked wolves." Bucky said, his tone deeper, while he got the fluffy white wolf plushie and offered it to you, dropping his arm from your shoulders so he could face you. You immediately missed feeling his arm around you. The vibranium wasn't warm, but his absence left you colder.
"I mean… I am particularly fond of one in particular." You looked at him through your lashes, trying to suppress a smile, your head tilted to the side.
Bucky licked his lips, about to say something, when Steve interrupted.
"Hey, guys. I swear that crowd just got bigger and bigger." He said as he approached the pair, sighing loudly with his hands on his hips. "Anyway, wanna go eat something?" Steve pointed somewhere behind him, ignoring the evident moment you were having.
"Uh, sure."
"Yeah, yeah. Eating sounds good." You and Bucky said nonchalantly at the same time, pulling away from each other now that the moment was gone.
Steve and Bucky got a lot of food. Like, a lot. And yeah, you were used to them eating like a family of 7 but it was fun to see them try everything they saw available and compare it to what they used to eat when they came to Coney Island back in the day.
At some point, you had complained about your feet hurting and Bucky had to remind you how he warned you should've worn your old boots instead of the new ones 'cause they were already broken into. But even with his 'I told you so', he patted his lap for you to put your feet up to give them a rest and he kept his metal hand on your calf as he chatted with Steve, mindlessly drawing soft circles on your jeans.
After getting stuffed with food, Steve suggested getting on the Wonder Wheel before going home. Absolutely refusing to get on the swinging ones in fear of throwing up everything you ate, you opted for the regular carts outside the wheel. You got in first, holding close the wolf Bucky had won for you. Speaking of the brunette, he got in next to sit by your side again, leaving Steve the seat behind yours.
You were distracted looking at the view when you felt Bucky's warm and callused flesh hand tentatively reaching for yours. You looked down at your hands to find that he had taken the glove off. Your gaze looked up to his face to find him looking back, smiling fondly as his fingers stroked yours, interlocking them. He was just going for it. You smiled back, feeling butterflies in your stomach. By then you had already forgotten why the fuck you hadn't done this sooner. You also had forgotten to enjoy the view from the wheel in favor of keeping your eyes on the massive man sitting next to you, who appeared intimidating to the rest of the world yet was so soft and cute with his cheeks flushed red and his small smiles.
Steve had been doing what you were supposed to be doing, enjoying the view, when he looked to the front again and found you and Bucky ogling at each other.
"Oh." He said to himself, a small smile on his face when he realized what was going on. "Y'know Buck, when you said this was just like the old days I wasn't expecting to end up being the third wheel again." He said with a dramatic sigh, amusement clear in his voice.
You felt your face get warm in an instant, your eyes widening and making Bucky laugh after you had been pulled away from your moment once again. He gently squeezed your hand before slightly turning on his seat to look at his friend.
"Shut up, punk." Bucky said with a breathy chuckle. "You introduced us, that's on you."
"So, you and Bucky." Steve said from his side of the island counter in the kitchen while he was making some tea. Alpine hopped on the counter when she heard his human's name and meowed. Bucky was the last one showering and she had been waiting for him outside the bathroom until Steve mentioned him.
"Don't worry, we haven't fondued." You joked while you scratched Alpine's chin.
"I don't know why I tell you anything." Steve sighed dramatically as he placed a mug in front of you. Ever since Steve had told you that story you'd been using the term to tease him.
"Because we're besties and that story is hilarious." You smiled proudly at him before sipping on the tea he made for you.
"I guess it is…" He nodded in defeat, a small side smile on his face. "I just wanted to say I think it's great. You two, I mean." He said to redirect the conversation.
"Well thanks… I mean, nothing's happened, but yeah." You said, looking down at your tea as you made the liquid swirl by just moving your index finger.
"Then make it happen. I don't know when it started but I know what I saw back there." He said with a pointed look before drinking from his mug. He heard the water being turned off, and he thought that was his cue to leave to give you some alone time. "Just… don't fondue on the common areas."
"Wha-Steve!!!" The corners of Steve's mouth tugged up, happy with your reaction when he heard you exclaim his name. He then simply picked up his tea, wished you goodnight and retreated to his room.
You were sipping on your half empty cup on the couch when Bucky came out of the bathroom, a cloud of steam framing his body. He had gotten dressed with some sweatpants and a t-shirt that was getting wet at the shoulders from the droplets falling from his hair. He had it pushed behind his ears and his cheeks looked flushed from the heat, looking so good you almost dropped the mug on your hands.
Alpine shamelessly abandoned your lap to run towards Bucky and rub against his legs. You pouted as you watched her leave and Bucky smiled, bending over to scratch her small head before heading to the couch to sit with you. Alpine followed him and stretched herself on the armrest. You took your legs off the couch to give him space but he just laid them back on his lap, his now bare hands stroking your bare legs.
"Don't look all sad, you already know I'm her favorite." Bucky said with a smug smile, his hand trailing under one of your legs, softly massaging the flesh. He had been ignoring every time he wanted to touch your soft skin like that for a long time. Now that it seemed okay to do, he was going to do it as long as you allowed him.
"Hmm." You got comfortable on your side of the couch, enjoying Bucky's ministrations on your legs. "I get it. I'd run to you every time I saw you if you did this regularly." You said, wiggling your toes when his hands move to massage your foot. He remembered your feet had been hurting for hours and he wanted to soothe your pain.
Bucky huffed a laugh, looking down at what he was doing. "I can do that."
"You have a thing for feet or what?" You joked, lifting your free foot closer to his face only to be fastly grabbed by his metal hand and put back down gently on his lap to resume his work, unbothered.
"Nah, just have a thing for you." He said faking being nonchalant about it, moving to soothe your other foot. It was easier to say it if he wasn't looking at you.
"You can't just say stuff like that. Where's the romance?" You teased him, shoving his shoulder without much force, acting like your heart hadn't started pounding inside your chest at his confession.
Bucky licked his lips, amused by your comment, and slowly stopped his movements to glance at you.
"You'll have to forgive me, I haven't flirted with anyone since 1945."
"That's alright, I already liked you when you were just broody and awkward all the time." You said teasingly, finishing your tea and making the mug travel through the air to leave it on the sink. Bucky was already used to it but seeing things fly around the house gave him more than one scare when he first moved in, having thrown a knife at something dying past him more than once.
Bucky huffed anda tugged at your ankle to pull you closer to him, making you yelp and giggle, ending up sitting on his lap, his metal arm wrapping around you for support.
"You can't just say stuff like that." He joked, recalling your previous words, his eyes narrowing before you both chuckled together.
"Shut me up, then." You dared him once the laughter died down, your gaze dropping to his lips, then going back to his eyes.
Bucky licked his lips again, his flesh hand leaving your thigh to cup your cheek before leaning towards you, getting closer. Before his lips could meet yours, he stopped for a moment.
"For the record, I don't want to shut you up, just really wanna kiss you."
Not wanting to waste another second, you fisted the fabric of his shirt to pull him in, your mouths finally meeting each other in a slow, passionate kiss.
Bucky worried for a second he would be too rusty and would've forgotten how to kiss, but once he felt your hands snake to the back of his neck to pull him even closer and the way you seemed to melt in his arms, any worry he had went away.
He felt your fingers playing with the ends of his hair and purred into the kiss, inevitably making you smile. You slowed down, your lips now tenderly brushing against his, enjoying how soft his lips were and how perfect they felt against yours.
Bucky's fingers softly brushed against your jaw and neck, his vibranium hand caressing your side. You then caught his lower lip, gently sucking on it, making Bucky groan, his hold tightening around you. You weren't even using tongue yet and you made him feel like he was on fire. Being like this with you woke up feelings that were long lost inside him. And this was just your first kiss. You had just sucked his lip.
He had to break the kiss, overwhelmed for a moment, giving you another one before pulling away enough for him to look at you.
"You okay?" You asked once you saw his face, your thumb stroking the nape of his neck, his lips slightly parted and puffy from being loved and his gaze fixed on yours so intensively.
Bucky then exhaled a breath he didn't know was holding, the hand on your jaw twitching slightly for a second. He wasn't able to respond. He was okay. Fuck, he was way better that. He swallowed before finally nodding and giving you a small smile.
You smiled back at him and moved one of your hands to cup his cheek before leaning in to peck his lips.
"You sure? If it was terrible you can say it. I'll only be mildly devastated." You said jokingly, wanting to make sure he was actually fine without making it awkward.
"God no, you're perfect." He rushed to say, his cheeks turning red at how fast he just said that. "I haven't kissed anyone in almost 80 years, doll. Just needed a moment." He smiled again for you.
"Doll? Isn't that what you called the ladies back in the day?" You raised an eyebrow at him.
"I can think of something else if you don't like it." He said sheepishly. He had called you that without even thinking about it, like it was something natural for him.
"Hm… like what?" You said playfully, but you knew it didn't matter. Whatever pet name he called you would have you melt into a puddle of goo on the floor for him.
"Like 'my girl', maybe?" Bucky said with a smirk, equal parts proud and impressed with himself.
"Fuck, Barnes, that was smooth…" You bit your lower lip, Bucky's thumb moving to carefully free it from your teeth and running soothingly across it as he smiled at your comment.
"S'that a yes?"
"Of course it is." You pulled him in once again to kiss him, clashing your lips against his, both of you pouring all of your affection into it.
Bucky's arms held you closer to him as you both deepened the kiss, your tongues exploring each other's. You wrapped your arms around his neck, once again playing with his now damp hair. Bucky felt the goosebumps rising on his skin and wondered if you were aware of how much he enjoyed having his hair played with. One of his hands moving up and down your thigh, his grip tightening for a moment when you playfully liked his lips and giggled. God, he loved that giggle. He kissed you hungrily in response, euphoric from the overload of good feelings bubbling up inside him. He wasn't even sure he ever felt like this with someone before the war and he didn't know how to show you. Definitely not with words.
Suddenly, you felt Bucky stand up, carrying you bridal style, and you let out another yelp, bursting into laughter.
"Shh, Steve will get mad if we wake him up." Bucky whispered as he started walking down the small hallway to his room.
"What are you doing?!" You whispered in his ear, trying to contain your giggles.
"Don't know yet." He honestly said with a shrug, simply focused on taking you to his room.
"Are we going to…?"
"If you want to, absolutely." He smiled down at you.
"I definitely want to." You agreed and licked your lips at the thought before you opened the door with your powers.
Suddenly, Bucky's enhanced hearing heard Steve groan a complaint, so he started laughing.
"Steve's awake." He let you know with an amused sigh, carefully dropping you on the bed before paying attention to what Steve was saying in the other room. "He says 'Oh, God. Please, don't." He reported as he sat down beside you, running his hand up and down your side.
"Steve! Don't start cockblocking!" You exclaimed with a groan.
Bucky chuckled and got in bed with you, snaking a hand around your back to pull you closer, urging you to lay almost on top of him. "S'fine. It's been 80 years, I can wait." He concluded with a kiss on the tip of your nose, making you scrunch it.
You sighed dramatically in defeat, snuggling up against his thick yet soft body, so warm and inviting, a hand sneaking inside his shirt to stroke his skin. "Okay… but we're gonna buy him some earplugs tomorrow." You concluded and placed a kiss under his jaw while your hand drew shapes on his ribs.
Bucky smiled, closing his eyes as he let himself enjoy your caressing. "We're gonna need the best ones we can find."
You chuckled and buried your face on his neck. "Definitely." You nuzzled his skin, peppering small kisses below his ear, your leg moving from in between his to lay higher up.
Bucky took a deep shaky breath, his hand gently gripping your thigh, trying to pull you even closer, even if it wasn't possible. The sudden feeling of your tongue tentatively licking the side of his throat made him shudder and swallow as he felt himself starting to get hard.
"Doll…"He breathed out, almost inaudible.
"Too much?" You whispered, pulling your face away from his neck to check on him.
He shook his head, then mouthed Steve and pointed to the wall with his finger before putting his hand back on your thigh.
You glanced at the wall he shared with the blonde's room for a moment before looking back at him, a mischievous smirk appearing on your face. You lowered your head to bring your lips closer to his ear, teasingly nipping at his earlobe.
"You'll have to be really quiet then, pretty boy." You whispered against the shell of his ear, your lips brushing against it while the hand under his shirt trailing down his abdomen.
Bucky's eyes fluttering close in anticipation at the feeling of your teasing fingers getting inside the band of his sweatpants.
He took a second to mentally apologize to Steve, knowing where this was going, before preventing your hand from going further down and rolling you in bed, getting on top of you.
"Let's see if you can be quiet first, doll."
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forever-rogue · 17 days ago
That fic you wrote about the socks and Bucky was so beautiful! I was wondering if u would ever think about writing a version where Bucky put the socks on her? X
Tumblr media
AN | More fluff! Here you go! In the same...universe (is that the right term lol) as this little diddy!
Warnings | None
Pairing | Bucky x Fem!Reader
Masterlist | Bucky, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“You’re shivering.”
“Am not,” it was a steadfast denial as you wrapped your arms around yourself to stop some of your body’s fleeting warmth from dissipating. You didn’t even bother to turn to your head to look at Bucky; you could practically feel the little smirk on his face as he watched you. He had that same little look on his face that his always did when he watched; you loved that stupid little smile along with those soft eyes.
“And then why are you trying oh so desperately to keep warm?” why did he have to be so damn perceptive? Huffing lightly, you turned to look at him before rolling your eyes and offering him a very dainty middle finger, “hey - no need to get hostile!”
“We’re on the beach in the evening, of course it’s cold,” you insisted, fully ready to pull out your phone and show him the weather report, “just because you don’t happen to run cold, doesn’t mean I don’t! I appreciate the kind gesture of wanting to come out here and watch the sunset on the beach, but you could have warned me it would get so cold!”
“You have a sweater,” his cheeks tinged a dark pink as he offered you a sheepish smile. While very attuned to your needs and desires, there were still moments when he forgot that you were, in some ways, more delicate and fragile than he was. Like right now, while he was perfectly comfortable and you were ready to jump onto him and soak up his heat, “sorry sweetheart. Didn’t think that far ahead - let’s go back and we can get you warm.”
“Accepted,” you grinned as you took his hand in yours and almost dragged him back to the car.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
The next time you opened your eyes, you were in a completely different space than when you had fallen asleep. You didn’t even remember having fallen asleep, but apparently in between getting in the car and getting home, you’d crashed. Blinking away the bleariness, you slowly sat up and looked around, realizing you were lying on the count, all wrapped up in your favorite fuzzy blanket.
“Hi sleepy head,” almost as if he sensed you waking up, Bucky appeared at the end of the couch, “you’re finally awake.”
“I don’t even remember falling asleep,” you yawned as you held out your arms for him, offering up a pout and making grabby hands. Bucky eagerly obliged, stepping over and effortlessly scooping you up in his arms. A small sound of surprise left your lips as you snuggled into his chest, already feeling the sleepiness take back over, “what happened?”
“About five minutes into the drive home and you were out like a light,” he kissed the top of your head, “I knew I was boring, but I didn’t think I was that boring.”
“Shut up,” you mumbled into your shoulder, “you are not boring. I must have just been extra tired. Keeping up with you takes up all of my energy.”
“Very funny,” he laughed and you could feel the laughter rumble in his chest, “it’s late anyway, let’s get you to bed and warm.”
“Are you going to join me?” you wrapped your arms around his neck and held onto him as tightly as possible. You felt him nod as Alpine started to pad after the two of you, meowing softly, “and of course you too, Alpine.”
Bucky nudged open the door to your room, before quickly putting you in the large, soft bed. You wasted no time in pulling back the covers and bundling up in them, pulling Alpine into your lap. You finally felt more warm and comfortable than you had all day. Bucky chuckled softly as he pulled off his shirt, causing you to stare for a moment longer than necessary before he climbed in next to you.
“Better?” he pulled you into his arms as you into his arms, letting you rest your head on his chest. You made a small sound of agreement as you closed your eyes. It wasn’t long before you felt yourself nodding off, but before you could fully fall asleep, you remembered one thing. One thing that would definitely keep you from sleeping comfortably. Opening your eyes, you huffed and lightly poked Bucky in his side.
“Buck,” you whispered, trying to see if he was still awake. Luckily, he was still watching the movie softly playing in the background. He raised an eyebrow as you offered up a sweet smile, “I have a problem.”
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked as you put your cold feet against his much warmer ones. He scoffed for a moment before realizing that you weren’t wearing any socks, “oh. How could I have forgotten the most important part?”
“You know that makes you a horrible, terrible, no good boyfriend,” you teased as he slowly clambered out of the bed and back over to the dresser and pulled out your big, fuzzy socks. He held them up and shook them at you, to make sure you approved. You nodded eagerly, “I take back anything mean I’ve ever said, you’re the best boyfriend.”
Bucky snorted as he came back over and pulled back the blankets and quickly pulled the socks on your feet. You wiggled your toes in content as he tucked you back under the warmth of the blankets. Once he was back next to you, you slowly rolled over so you were lying on top of him.
Touching his cheek gently, you traced over the contours of his face before giving him a soft kiss. His plush lips pulled into a small smile; gods, you loved that smile more than anything, “what was that for?”
“No particular reason,” you admitted, “I just love you a lot is all. And you remind me constantly of just how much I love you. So...I just wanted to make sure you knew too. So, James Bucky Barnes - I love you a whole lot. Like more than anything.”
“I love you too,” he couldn’t hold back the grin that threatened to break his face in half, “even if you are too needy sometimes.”
“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes dramatically before he leaned up and kissed you softly, just enough to leave you wanting more. You sighed contently before making yourself comfortable on top of him, “you love me, Buck. Don’t forget that.”
“I could never forget that,” he promised as he wrapped his arms around your waist, “get some rest now and stay warm. I love you, pretty girl.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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mvtthewmurdvck · 2 days ago
You Matter
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader WC: 3,200 AN: You’re more than friends, but no one knows. You’re more than lovers, but neither of you have said it. He’s tired, you’re drained. Little smut, little angst, a lot of fluff.
He’s staring.
He knows he’s staring.
Bucky is making painstakingly obvious, and he knows he should stop. But he can't.
If he’s completely honest, he is sure he does it a lot. His eyes somehow always find you. Every time you smile, he’s sure the room gets a little darker and you’re the only light. Every time you laugh, he’s sure he feels a tug of his own lips.
Because he’s in love with you. Has been for a while.
Has been since the first time you looked at him with those smiling eyes and he found his chest exploding.
But in true fashion, when he first met you, he disliked you.
You were too upbeat, too comfortable. And then he got paired with you for training, and he hated every second, until you got him on his back, and then he didn't dislike you at all. Not even a little bit.
Least of all when you smirked down at him, holding your hand out to help him up. “Didn’t think that would be how I got the Winter Soldier on his back.”
He didn’t know why that line was the one which made him smile. But as soon as you cracked one, he found you could do it over and over again.
Running a hand over his face, he watches as you talk to Steve. And he hates it. Hating that it’s not him where his friend stands.
“You’re doing it again,” Sam says too joyfully for Bucky's liking.
He slowly turns his head, finding a grinning Falcon beside him.
He hates how the drink in his friends hand is tipped towards him, a smirk written all over his face. “That whole staring-not-staring thing, does it work for you? Does it usually help you get the girls?”
“I’m not staring.”
“Gazing. Observing. Pick your verb, but you’re doing it.”
He says nothing. Choosing silence.
Sam laughs. “Just tell the girl how you damn well feel. The rest of us are getting bored of the will-they-won’t-they.”
He lets his eyes find you again, watching as you throw your head back, hand on Steve’s arm as the two of you laugh.
He feels a string snaps inside of him. One which has been getting more and more worn as time has gone on. He's not jealous, but he's something.
The secrecy, it worked until it didn't.
The dating behind everyone’s back had been going swimmingly until recently.
Until he sees how close you are with others, how other people let their eyes wander over you. Worst of all, you don't notice.
I don't need their eyes, just yours, Barnes. I don't like how they look at you. I'm yours. You're mine. Only yours.
And he's sure, no adamant, that he's yours too.
He’s made it obvious, he's been to your door enough times. He's let his lips leave marks all over your skin, held your too close for you to not know how he feels.
Your fingers brushing over his cheek as he stares, just like he is now. Except then, your feet were tangled in his, his metal hand brushing over your hip as you smile softer, more gently than you do with anyone else.
The others don't know how many times you find yourselves pressed against the other. How many stolen moments the two of you try and get, around missions, around teams nights and everything else.
Only the other morning, your lay beside him. Teeth nipping at your bottom lip, fingers tracing circles along his jaw.
You’re a good man. Do you know that? Doll... No. You need to hear it. I don't think you believe you are. But you are, Barnes. You're good. You're a good person. I don't deserve you. And yet, here I am.
You said the last bit with a smile. And he answered it with a kiss.
And then another, and another until your mouths didn’t leave any space to breath. He remembers sliding his finger between your legs. Pressing you against your mattress as he slowly made you chant his name as he listened to your breaths and moans, his forehead pressing against yours as nails dug into his shoulders.
“Go over there, Buck,” Sam says, interrupting his thoughts again. "You clearly want to."
Bucky opens his mouth, ready to snap he doesn't need to. That you know, that you're already his.
But then he hears you cheer from across the room. His eyes snap to you, finding your arms thrown up as Steve hugs you, the two of you looking close.
Too close.
He doesn’t answer.
He can’t answer. A lump forming in his throat.
“She likes you too, Buck.”
He grimaces, both because it’s true and because Steve is still holding you, and you're not pulling away.
And he wishes it was him.
You don’t mean to, but your eyes always find his.
Across a room. Across a mission.
It doesn't matter. He centres you, dousing the fear inside a little bit whenever he's close. Now, though, he's far away. Sticking to the outskirts of the bar you'd all gone too.
You wish he was beside you as you keep the grin on your face the others are expecting. But, deep down, you just want him.
There's something about the way he holds you, both unafraid you’d break, but cautious enough not to chance it. And when he kisses you it's as though he's trying to say a thousand words.
Although, not the first time. The first time he kissed you like you were the antidote to all his poisons; that first time, it made your toes curl just thinking about it.
Metal hand on the wall, the other hand on your hip, pressing you against the wall of the compound as the thrum of the music vibrates through the two of you.
Caging me in, Barnes? You only had to ask to talk to me. Stop talking, doll. Alright. I said... Just kiss me, Barnes.
“Here,” Steve says, handing you a beer as you pull your eyes from across the room. “Congrats.”
“Well, I had a great teacher.”
Steve smirks. “I think you'd have been found a way.”
“That’s very true. I am sneaky,” you say, casting a glance across the room before meeting Steve's.
And he sighs, and you know what’s coming before it does.
Because Steve, unlike Bucky, is predictable.
You’re sure he has speeches upon speeches in his back pocket, all ready to be spoken to any who will listen. Because he's Captain America and he's on a pedestal.
His mouth opens.
“Steve, don’t—“
Because lying to him is hard.
Lying to everyone is hard. But them all knowing, that seems harder.
“—I was just going to saying—“
“Please. Just please. One night, that's all I ask.”
Because Steve knows.
He found out, knocked on your door one morning finding a half-naked Bucky sprawled in your bed.
Your heart had fallen to your feet.
"I need to ask." "I'd rather you didn't." "Is this a one time thing, because he's been through a lot? He's my best friend." "No, Steve. No it isn't."
He likely knew before the two of you even did.
And now, you're in love with him. With Steve's friend.
The man who you're sure hated you when he first met you.
Now, Bucky is all you think about, and when you’re with him things make more sense. He’s broken, and you’re damaged, and it’s okay, because you’re not trying to fix him and he’s not trying to make things better.
He shaped you to be stronger on your feet, and you made him laugh.
“He spends nearly every night with you.”
You know, I don't know whether you like spending time with me or prefer my bed. Your bed. Nice, Barnes. You're not bad yourself. Thanks. Way to make a girl feel good.
“They're going to figure it out. He asks about you. Bucky doesn’t ask about anyone, not even me.”
Sighing, you drain your beer. “I know everything you’re going to say.”
“You do?”
“Yes. Because you’re Captain America and your speeches on love don’t change all that much,” you smirk, placing your bottle down. “I also know that if anyone else gave you nearly as much lip as me, you’d dress them down. So, while you’d deliver it nicer because we’re friends, you would still tell me that everyone will be very happy for us.”
“And, knowing this, you’re not telling anyone because…”
Shrugging, you scrunch your nose before you sigh. “Because things are good. And things can rarely ever be described as such. And, because I just kicked Rhodey’s ass at darts with my best friend by my side, and…”
“Does he love you too?”
You know he does.
He makes it obvious.
“I just… I care about you,” Steve adds, and you give him a pointed look.
Because you know Bucky lets very few in. You know he hates being close to someone, hates others touching him. Hell, he even hates showing anyone the joint of where his arm meets his shoulder.
Because it had taken you weeks when you first began hanging out.
His t-shirt remaining on even when he showed up at your door or you at his.
Letting your head drop you snort. “Steve. One night, please. Just... lay off. Please? You shouldn't even know, he doesn't even know you know.”
You know Steve won't, not all night. "Fine. But you're a bad liar."
"I'm the worst, but, you don't have to make it any harder."
"You love him."
You roll your eyes. "Ugh, Steve. Shut up.”
He's not even sure he's breathing as you pass him to go to bed and he's unsure whether to follow.
Every part of him desperate to reach out to you.
He hates that he's not been close to you. Some nights, exactly like this, is when the secret feels too much. When he misses out, when he has to sit back and be a spectator of your happiness.
He knows it's his fault.
He didn't want everyone to ruin it, to ruin this thing between the two of you.
Out of fear, mainly. But also selfishly because he partners with you so much. He didn't want to lose the moments with you at night, because of the moments others would ruin in the day.
Sam. He's not a reason for us to. Doll. He's the biggest reason. He's already on our case about being together, wait till he finds out we are. I don't want to have this conversation with you like this. You started it. And now your shirtless. It's hard to focus when your shirtless.
But, he regrets it now.
Because it hurts. You've said nothing to him all night.
Exactly like he said it had to be. Because he worried you both were making it obvious, that he couldn't stop staring, that Sam was being more on his case than normal.
He runs a hand over his face, catching Steve's eye as he groans internally at not being able to hide it quickly enough.
He suspects Steve knows. Even if you deny it.
You're a bad liar. He's unsure how you've gone as long as you have without spilling. He's impressed, not that he'll admit it.
So he smiles as Steve claps his hand on his shoulder as he stands beside him. Trying to hide his annoyance that his friend has been with his girl all night. As if all night he’s not been wishing he was the one making you laugh and grin.
He knows the two of you are friends. But he’s Cap after all. He’s good, he’s kind. He has his shit together.
You deserve someone like Steve over someone like him.
A thought he tries to bury each time it surfaces.
“You good, Buck?”
He nods, sending a smile. “Yeah. I’m good.”
“You wanna go for a run tomorrow?”
He agrees. Only because it’ll get him up, and out of your bed before everyone else wakes.
It’ll push the wandering morning thoughts which seem as rampant as they are at night. The ones where he replays all the moments he and all the mistakes he’s made.
He'd much prefer his mind to play the moments with you.
Ones in the training room where your eyes soften as they meet his; mornings where you're curled next to him, scrolling your phone, not finding it off how close the two of you are. Missions where he seeks you out, arms around you when he sees a split lip or a cut on your cheek; nights where all he wants is you, thankful you need him as much as he needs you.
"See you in the morning then, don’t wake her when you get up."
He nods, before the words hit him.
And the he can’t say anything. And everyone else is leaving, so they’ll hear.
So he stands.
Watching them all heading for bed, and he can't think of anything worse.
He hates the mattress, how cold his bed feels without you.
Most of all, he sleeps better with you beside him. When you're away, he tosses and turns, frustration mounting. He can't just head to your room, too many eyes will spot him.
Even if one pair already has.
And he’s not sure how, because he’s been careful. He’s had to be for the both of you.
So he stands, waiting, thinking. Hoping everyone leaves so he can…
He’s not even sure.
What is this, Barnes? What? Us. This. What do you want it to be? I want to matter to you. You matter, Doll. You'll always matter to me.
But Sam remains. Sam is all that's left.
Sam who is staring at him, and can’t keep his nose out of his business. Admittedly, he pretends to hate it, but only because he doesn't want to admit he likes it.
He doesn't want to admit much. Including that he's with you, that he's in love with you.
You. You who he realises he wants to find. You who he wants to touch, and hold.
“You gonna tell her…”
He clenches his fist. “Shut up, Sam.”
“Oh, you’re so gonna tell her,” Sam says more excitedly.
You pace.
Drawing circles, squares and lines into the floor as you do so.
Trying to forget his thigh against you in the cab. The way his arm came around the back of the seat, claiming it was for more room, but you knew it wasn't. The way his aftershave smelled, how he said ‘sorry, doll’ when the cab went over a bump.
You’d have kissed him. You’d have lost yourself in him, if Sam wasn’t beside him.
You couldn’t think around him, and he knew that. He did it to torture you, to have you on the edge. He does it a lot, sometimes without meaning too. When he's coming back from a mission, and you want to wrap your arms around him. Or when your heart is in your throat when you see he's in danger. Only relaxing when he's beside you, nudging you, a private thing you both understand.
Stop worrying, I’m made of stronger stuff, Doll. Stop making me worry. I can't do that. You're unbelievable. I know that too.
And right now, pacing the floor of your room at the compound, all you wanted to do is find him. You've missed him.
You want to throw your arms around his neck and feel him against you.
Because as soon as you won that goddamn game of darts, you wanted to tell him. You wanted to hug him—even if he hates them—and tell him you’d finally done it. You’d finally beaten Rhodey and Bruce.
And he wants beside you to enjoy it.
And you hate it.
You despise the secret and the fear more and more as seconds amount to minutes.
“Fuck it,” you whisper, grabbing a jumper as you rip open your door.
And you freeze. Because he's here.
Bucky is here.
Standing at your door.
Neither of you speak, and you worry he can hear your heart thumping in your chest. His eyes slide from yours to your lips, and you swallow, finding the lump catches, seemingly unmoving as you try to breathe.
“Hey Barn—“
His lips capture yours, softly but with purpose. Your jumper falling from your fingers inside your room as he lifts you from the floor, legs either side of him, as he kicks your door shut behind him.
It screams I’ve missed you, and you respond with the same. Hands grasping at his jacket, uncaring about darts and winning.
You think of undressing him, of feeling him. You think of getting so lost in him you forget your feelings, like you always do.
"Wait, Doll..."
He drops you on the edge of your bed, your hands falling to his belt as he grips your hands.
“No. I need to say something.”
Your eyes widen, and he runs a hand over his face.
Dread pools over lust.
Regret and shame filling you as you try to move, to wiggle away as his hands grab your shoulders, holding you in place.
Because, this is it.
This is when things go wrong.
"Have I done... have I done something wrong?"
“No—I mean, shit—no, don’t move. I just… fuck, I love you.”
You smile.
You almost grin.
“Bucky, I love…”
“Don’t,” he says, firmly, closing his eyes. “Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”
“I wouldn’t. I’m not."
His eyes slowly open, illuminating you in blue. Drowning you in it, casting surprise and love over you as he takes in your features. Acknowledging you’re being serious.
“I love you too, Bucky,” you reaffirm, “I do. But, we can't keep doing this. I can't keep secrets, I'm trying, but..."
Bucky smirks, pressing a kiss to your forehead. "I don't know if I like you calling me Bucky."
He slides to lie next to you, your head rolling to meet his gaze. "You prefer Barnes?"
"I didn't think I would."
You smile, biting the inside of your mouth as you nudge him.
"I know."
"You do?"
"Doll, I hated tonight."
You're taken back.
Not because you didn't hate it, you did.
The secrets, the lies. It had been fun at first, but then... it stopped.
You’d hated it for weeks, despising it for days.
Always having to be on guard, always remembering not to give into a thought or a moment.
You didn’t want to push him, to force him to do anything he didn’t want to do. He’d had enough of that, you didn’t want to be an addition to it.
But now, he’s saying it.
And it’s like music to your ears.
"I hated it more than I hate Sam calling me a Cyborg."
Laughing, you nod. "Me too. I beat Rhodey at darts."
His hand finds yours, sliding his metal fingers between yours. "I heard."
And at first, you don't move.
Because you both don’t hold hands. The few times you have has been for comfort only, and away from prying eyes. But this is different, because he picked the other hand.
The one he hates.
The one he always fears you’re afraid of. Not realising you’re not scared of him at all, you never could be, never have been.
He lifts your hand, bringing the back of yours to his lips as he holds your gaze.
"I wish you'd been there."
"It has been your lifelong dream," he teases.
You smile, gripping his hand. "You’re mean."
"And you’re a bad liar,” he replies, and you frown. “When did Steve find out, Doll?"
"He doesn't..."
You can't help it, your lips slide up your face and he looks at you, watching you, studying your lie as it blossoms.
"I just told you you're a bad liar."
You groan. "Fine. A while ago."
"For that, shotgun not telling Sam."
You’re set to groan. To moan about how annoying Sam can be when he’s right. But then he kisses you. His other hand coming to your hip as he deepens it, making up for all the ones you wish he’d given you all night.
And your mind silences.
Finding you don’t care anymore.
Placing your hand on his cheek, feeling the light stubble under your thumb as he makes you care less and less.
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starryevermore · 20 days ago
✍🏼 can you do a headcanon of bringing alpine home and bucky is not happy about it but he ends up loving that cat with everything in him?
here kitty kitty
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
word count: 530
warnings: fluff, bucky pretends he doesn't like alpine, pet name (doll)
note: whoops i missed this was supposed to be a head canon, but a blurb's just as good 😅
Tumblr media
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.
reblogs and feedback encouraged.
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Bucky had a strict "no pet" policy. He just wasn't an animal guy, he said. But you thought that was complete and utter bullshit. The man melted when Sarah got AJ and Cass a dog. He loved playing with the kitties at the local florist whenever he'd pick you up a bouquet. Hell, he even loved talking to birds (but he'd insist to Sam that birds are objectively the worst animal). Bucky Barnes was an animal person, even if he refused to admit it.
Besides, he'd definitely like this kitty.
Alpine, as the shelter had named her, was the absolute sweetest kitty. You had gone in with no intent on adopting, just wanting to play with some of the animals they had. It was a good stress relief for you, and it was a lot of fun for the sweet fur babies. But when the little white fluff ball kept crawling into your lap, purring contently as you pet her, you knew she'd already won over your heart.
Now, she just had to win over Bucky's.
And you had perfect plan on how to do it.
"What's that?" he grumbled, his eyes narrowing at the kitty.
"This is Alpine, and she's gonna be your best friend," you said, holding her up to Bucky. She let out a quiet meow as she tried to wriggle out of your hands and into Bucky's arms. "She already likes you. Which means she's got good taste."
"I said no pets, doll," he said.
"And Alpine isn't a pet. She's a friend. If anything, she's more like a daughter."
You pouted. "Just give it a shot, please?"
"Oh, and don't forget, I'm gonna be outta town for Nat's bachelorette party this weekend, so you and Alpine will have plenty of time to bond!"
Tumblr media
When you got back Sunday evening, you were fully expecting to see Bucky still pouting about your new baby. You never expected to see what you walked into.
The entire apartment was decked out in cat toys and cat trees, and everything cat themed. You almost wondered if Bucky had become a crazy cat lady while you were gone. He must've bought every single thing Alpine could've ever wanted from the pet store. The kitty was being treated like a goddamn princess.
And Bucky himself? He'd gotten a custom sweatshirt that read "Ask Me About My Cat" with a little white kitty in the likeness of Alpine embroidered just below the words.
"Well, well, well," you said, crossing your arms and staring down at him as he cradled Alpine in his arms. "What do we have here?"
"I'm just cuddling my baby, doll," he said.
"And here I thought you didn't like cats."
"Now where'd you get an idea like that from?" he teased. "I've always liked cats. You know that, doll."
"Sure, I'll pretend I believe that," you said. "Now tell Alpine to move over. She's been spoiled enough with your lovin'. It's my turn now."
"No need to fight doll, there's plenty of Bucky lovin' to go around!" he laughed, opening his arms and letting you curl into his side. "I love you."
"And I love you too."
Tumblr media
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thepokyone · 23 days ago
First Choice
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader (ft. Sam)
Warnings: angst, violence, fluff
Words: 3.6k
A/N: This was actually a combo request from an anon and @divergirl99 so I hope you both enjoy it! I had a great time writing this one. Just the perfect amount of pining, angst, and fluff and a dash of best friends to enemies to lovers. Enjoy, friends!
(also not to be dramatic but the ending of this fic is so soft I know I wrote it but I love it so much sdfjsdkl)
You hadn't thought it would last. They had met because of you, ironically enough; she was the one that took your place after you abandoned your team to stand with Steve Rogers when you discovered the truth: Bucky Barnes had been framed.
You had been part of an elite FBI team, trained for high-risk search and rescue and hostage recovery scenarios, including the UN bombing in Vienna by supposed terrorist Bucky Barnes. Your job had never been to ask questions. You followed orders, saved those who needed saving, and used lethal force when necessary.
You were one of the good guys, until you weren't.
"Y/L/N, I need you at that meeting with the Secretary of State today," Hansen, your team lead, said, poking his head into the office you used perhaps once a month. "They want me briefing the Vice President on our actions after the bombing."
"Sure," you said. Anything was better than writing your report.
The meeting itself was boring. You weren't required to speak, as your opinion wasn't needed; you were simply there to take notes, track the progress of the investigation so the team would be prepared to respond in case of incident.
You were in the back, seated apart from the round table of very important (and very powerful) officials, out of sight and out of mind. Maybe they simply forgot that you weren't cleared for the information they revealed. Or maybe, knowing you were by all definitions one of their yes-men, they simply didn't care.
"And what of the reports, sir? The claims that Bucky Barnes was framed for the bombing? Is there any truth to them?" It was a question from one of the Army generals, one with more stars than you would give him, but it had your attention.
"Of course he was framed, General. Sergeant Barnes is a formerly brainwashed, ex-HYDRA operative, he'd hardly have the resources to pull off a bombing of such a magnitude, much less the clearness of mind. But we need a scapegoat and Steve Rogers needs controlled. What better way to do so than to label Bucky Barnes as a terrorist?" Secretary Ross asked.
Your pen had frozen over the doodle you had been scribbling in the margins. Bucky Barnes was being framed? The real terrorist was still out there and they were willing to do nothing if it meant they could put Steve Rogers under their thumb?
Anger sparked in your chest. Your duty had always been to help innocent people, not help these men further their corrupt agenda. Your conscience would not let you stand by and watch them frame an innocent man.
You were able to join with Steve Rogers' team in less than three days. Doing the job you did, you made some powerful friends, ones that were willing to point you in the direction of the most wanted man in in the world.
That was how you met Bucky Barnes, a man who was most assuredly not a terrorist, but rather one of the best you had ever known. In the aftermath of the fight, you, alongside Bucky, were granted asylum in Wakanda. It was only after the battle with Thanos and aiding in saving the universe that you were pardoned for your aiding of Steve Rogers but you had no desire to return to your old life.
Instead you began a normal life (as normal as being a part-time superhero can be, anyway). You got an apartment across from Bucky, a flexible job as a consultant, and even a cat that you were fairly certain preferred Bucky's company over yours.
But your past had a funny way of never staying dead when you came face-to-face with your team leader after you, Bucky, Sam, and Sharon successfully stopped the Flag Smashers and saved the GRC hostages.
"Y/L/N," he greeted coolly, joined by several others, most of whom you recognized.
"Hansen," you said. "It's been a while."
"Yes," he agreed. "I see you're doing well for yourself."
"When I can. Saving the world hardly pays the bills, unfortunately," you said.
"Probably should have thought of that before you left," Hansen said, but the slight twitch of his mouth told you he wasn't serious.
"I did become an honorary Avenger, though, so I've got that going for me," you said, grinning.
Hansen smiled too. "True. Let me introduce you to the new members." There were three: two due to the Snap, and the third was your replacement.
"Anna Folly," she said, shaking your hand. "It's a pleasure." Something about her tone indicated that it was not.
"Y/N!" Bucky called from behind you, joining your side. "Who are they?"
"My old team," you told him.
"You're Bucky Barnes," Hansen said. Bucky gave an awkward nod. "We thought Y/L/N was crazy for betraying the country for you. She did the right thing, obviously, but I never imagined we would get to meet you."
"Uh," Bucky said, giving you a bewildered glance, "yeah, well, here I am."
After an awkward round of introductions and a conversation that lasted fifteen minutes but felt like an hour, you and Bucky were on your way and you assumed that was the end of it.
Two weeks later, Bucky brought up that he had gone on a lunch date with your replacement Anna Folly and the two were planning to go out again. You choked on your drink.
"You what?!" Bucky thumped your back as you sputtered, regaining your breath.
"We're going on a second date," he repeated. "She's a great person, you'd like her if you got to know her."
That was impossible, because she was going on dates with him, and you were in love with him.
"Why didn't you tell me you went out with her in the first place?" you asked, slightly hurt. You and Bucky told each other everything (sans the fact that you were in love with him, that is).
Bucky looked a little embarrassed. "She asked me to keep it to myself, and I wanted the date to go well, so I did. I mean, it isn't every day that someone can look past the metal arm."
"Bucky, you're an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to go out with you," you said. "Please don't settle just because you don't know if someone better will come along."
"I'm not," he protested, but you were sure that his heart wasn't in it.
He didn't listen to you, of course. They started dating, and you found yourself pushed aside in favor of dates: dinner, lunch, coffee, a walk in the park. Before long, you were hardly seeing Bucky at all.
Sam, who had the annoying ability of being able to see right through you, was tired of your moping. "Just tell him how you feel! Trust me, if I'm right - and I am - he will drop her the second he realizes you like him. He's just being an idiot."
"He's happy, Sam," you said. "I could never live with myself for ruining this when he finally has a good thing."
"How do you know he's happy? You barely see the guy," Sam retorted. "You're more important to him than she will ever be. Why does nobody ever listen to me?"
It was two weeks after that conversation when Bucky knocked at your door (something he never did before Anna) and told you that the two of you need to talk.
"Drink?" you offered, feeling like you were going to need one if his face was anything to go by.
"Please," he said. You grabbed two beers, passing him one and cracking open yours.
You took a swig. "What's up?"
"Well," Bucky said, taking a drink of his own beer to cover his hesitation, "look, you're not going to like it. I'm in a bit of an awkward spot and I don't-"
"Just spit it out," you said, because there were a lot of choices in his life that you didn't like lately, all leading back to Anna, so he may as well just add another to the pile.
"Anna asked me not to talk to you anymore," Bucky said.
"What?" you demanded. He was right, you didn't like it. "Why the hell does she think she has any control over who you get to talk to?"
"She is my girlfriend. I don't want to make her uncomfortable- but I don't want to lose you, either!" Bucky said, rubbing the back of his neck.
"You're not telling me you seriously considered it!"
"No! Well, kind of, but she's giving me an ultimatum, asking me to choose between her or you!" he said.
You were furious. "And what, you've had to think about it? After everything we've been through, after I betrayed my country for you, gave up everything I knew, fought side-by-side with you for years and you're telling me you had to think about it?"
"I never asked you to do any of those things for me!" Bucky said, getting worked up now. "You know, I've finally found a girl who I really care about, who likes me for who I am, and you've never even tried to get along with her! No matter how much I asked, you never did! Of course she doesn't want me talking to you anymore. Maybe I wouldn't be in this position if you hadn't been such a shitty friend!"
"You’re a bastard, Bucky Barnes," you said, voice trembling with rage. "You want to choose your girlfriend of four months over me? Fine. But I don't have to stand here and let you blame me for something that would have happened even if I treated her like she was the greatest human being to walk the earth. She's never liked me either, Bucky, and maybe you would see that if you pulled your head out of your ass."
"Fine! If that's what you really think, maybe I will pick her!" he yelled, his face flushed red.
"Fine by me! You're a grown-ass man, you can do what you want, but don't expect me to help pick up the pieces when she breaks your heart!" you yelled back. Bucky was already storming towards your door and you chased after him, not done. "Because newsflash, Bucky! Your girlfriend's a bitch!"
And you slammed the door behind him.
You didn't even get a chance to finish your beer (which was looking more like "find a random bar and get blackout drunk" by the minute) before Sam called.
"You heard, huh? Bucky come crying to you already?" You spat when you answered the phone.
"First of all, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about, so you can take that tone somewhere else," Sam said, never one to take you or Bucky's shit. "Second of all, I don't care what's going on between you and Bucky right now, because we have a mission that needs us on-site as soon as possible. Let him know that I'll be at your apartment building in fifteen to pick you guys up."
"You'll have to tell him yourself," you said. "I'll be ready, but I'm not talking to him."
"C'mon, Y/N, don't be like that," Sam said.
"I have every right. Bucky was being an ass and I'm not about to give him so much as the time of day," you said.
Sam's sigh was loud on the other end of the phone. "Fine, I'll call him myself. Just be ready when I get there, alright?"
"I told you I would be," you said grumpily. "See you in a bit."
"Yeah. Can't wait for this car ride," Sam said sarcastically, ending the call.
The car ride to the airport was tense. Sam did his best to ease the tension, but neither you or Bucky were very inclined to speak, least of all to each other.
"Why don't you just brief us on the mission," you suggested after five solid minutes of silence.
"Sure," Sam said. "High value hostage situation. Five high-ranking government personnel - all with access to top secret information that could cause irreparable damage if released - were taken today on their commutes home. They're currently being held in a lab formerly owned by Stark Industries and is, if the captors are to be believed, rigged to detonate and kill everyone inside if the hostages' holding room is breached. Fortunately-"
"There's a fortunately?" Bucky asked from the back.
"Yeah. Fortunately, bomb squad should have defused the bomb by the time we arrive in about two hours," Sam said. "As there have been no demands, it is believed that the hostages taken have information that the captors need. Y/N, we'll be working with your old team to successfully recover the hostages."
You let your head thump against the window. "Great."
"Listen, I don't know what's going on between you two, but if you can't set it aside for this mission you're going to get people killed," Sam said seriously.
"We'll be fine, Sam," you said. "I'll work with some of my team instead." Hansen would take pity on you. You hoped.
Sam heaved a sigh. "Fine."
After a tense plane ride spent reviewing the plans for the coming mission, you were on the ground and within punching distance of Anna Folly, who seemed intent on ruining your life. She was smirking at you in a way you did not like and, rather than give her energy that she was not worth, you grabbed Hansen's attention.
"In need of one more?" you asked him.
"Actually, yes. Hodges is out - his wife just had a baby - so we're down one. We're splitting into two groups, you can be in mine," Hansen said. "It'll be good to have you back."
"Just like old times," you said, slapping him on the back. "When do we move in?"
"Should be in five, so make sure you have everything you need and be ready to see some action," Hansen said.
Weapons holstered and semi-auto in hand, you joined Hansen and his crew and barely suppressed a groan. Of course she was in your group. Life hadn't been kind to you before, so why should it start now?
Hansen addressed the group. "Bomb squad reports that the bomb has been successfully defused, so we are a go for entry. We will be getting in position and waiting on the signal to move in. Stay alert, watch each other's backs, and remember our primary objective is to get all five hostages out alive. Good luck."
You entered on the signal. The first halls were clear, but you heard gunfire from a ways off. "Here we go," Hansen muttered, the four of you readying your weapons. There were two guarding the entrance to the holding room; the rest had been drawn off to the front, as had been planned. They were easy to take care of - Hansen, who had always been the best shot on the team, fired two neat shots and stepped around their bodies.
He kicked the doors and they gave way, flinging open. The first few seconds within the hostage area were always the most dangerous, both for you and for the hostages. You could never be one-hundred percent certain of what you would find inside.
"Six hostages!" You shouted, firing a few quick shots. Your group had only brought five extra bulletproof vests. "Cover me!" you shouted to Hansen, ripping off your own vest and shoving it into the sixth hostage's chest.
You raised your gun, firing off another several shots and dropping the last of the captors. There were less than you expected, but you could still hear gunfire coming from the front of the building.
"Hansen, you've got incoming." It was Sam's voice out of the radios.
Hansen cursed. "We don't have the manpower to cover them all. Hold your positions. Hostages, to the back. Y/L/N, you don't have a vest, be careful."
"Not the first time I've been in a fight without one," you said, reloading your gun. "Won't be the last."
"Good for you," Anna said sarcastically, a remark which you ignored, as you heard the footfalls approach the room.
You raised your gun as they came into view, your gunshots joining the chorus. It was a short fight; your opponents were relatively inexperienced, which considering your current lack of a Kevlar vest, worked in your favor.
The biggest rule in your line of work was making sure the enemy was defeated before stepping out into the open and revealing your position. And as another captor charged through the door, rifle raised, Anna broke that rule. Even a Kevlar vest wouldn't stop a rifle shot from a range that close. The shot would probably kill her. You could let it.
But as much as you hated her, you loved Bucky more. And losing Anna would crush him. There was never a choice for you. You slammed into her, knocking her out of the way. You would sacrifice anything for Bucky. Even your life.
The bullet hit you instead, smashing into your abdomen even as you saw the man who shot fall from one of Hansen's bullets. Your blood was searing hot against your fingers as you fell and in the next second Hansen was looming over you, saying something you could not understand-
You felt your head roll to the side as everything went black.
Waking came slowly. You felt like you were underwater, anchored only by your hand in someone else's, your tether. Eventually there was noise: the lull of voices, the steady beep of a heart monitor, the thump of your heart in time. Last came light, filtering through your eyelids until you finally forced them open, blinking hard as everything swam once before coming into focus.
"Y/N?" Bucky's voice, full of worry. "How are you feeling?"
"Bucky?" you croaked, grimacing. Your voice was scratchy from disuse.
"Yeah, doll, it's me. I'm here. You're gonna be okay," he assured you, squeezing your hand. "Here, you want some water?" You sipped from the cup he held to your lips, which chased the dryness from your mouth.
"I got shot," you said, memories becoming more clear as the fog left your head. He set the cup aside.
"You scared the hell out of me," Bucky said, concern on every line of his face. "Someone said over the comms that you were down and I snapped. I don't remember anything after that until I saw you in that room, just lying there as the medics tried to stabilize you enough to get you in the ambulance. There was so much blood."
"I don't remember any of that," you told him. "Only Hansen as he tried to keep me awake."
"I'll never forget it." There was a beat of silence. "All I could think about was the last thing I said to you. I'm so sorry, doll. You're the most important person in the world to me, and I'm sorry that I acted like such an ass. You were right."
"Obviously, but you may have to be more specific," you said. "Of course I forgive you, Buck. Maybe it's the painkillers mellowing me out, but I do forgive you."
"I don't know what I would do without you," he said, pulling his chair closer to your bed. "You knocked Anna out of the way."
"Yeah. Pretty stupid, but I couldn't let her die, not when you care about her so much."
"Cared. Past tense. It was over the second I heard you had been hurt, because of course it has always been you, will always be you, but-" Bucky glanced away, his jaw clenching. "Hansen told me what happened, kept me from ripping the medics away to try to help you myself. Anna said she didn't see why I was making such a big deal out of it, because I had chose her, like she thought that she would somehow ever compare-" he cut himself off again.
"What did you do?" you asked, curious.
"I told her we were done. And then I got in the ambulance with you and didn't look back," Bucky said, squeezing your hand. "You were right about her all along. Why didn't I listen to you?"
"Because you're an idiot," you told him, offering him a small smile. "I'm sorry for what I said too. You didn't deserve to be called a bastard."
Bucky laughed. "Yes, I did. If I was in your place, having to watch some guy who would never be good enough put his hands all over my girl-" he stopped talking, a blush creeping up his neck. "You're not- Sorry, you're not my girl, I never should have-"
"I like the sound of it," you said quietly.
His eyes snapped to yours. "What?"
"I can't say my dislike of your ex-girlfriend was only due to her character," you said, a sheepish smile on your face. "Don't think I was a big enough person to like her, not when she was dating the man I'm in love with."
It had rolled off your tongue so easily, like it was always meant to be said, and with the way Bucky was gazing at you (as if you were the one who had hung all the stars in the sky) you could not regret it.
"I love you," the words tumbled out, rushed, and he leaned forward to press his lips to your forehead, whispering the words again. "I always just assumed you didn't feel the same. But how could I not, baby? You've been with me through it all. You will always be my first choice. I love you, how could I not?"
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moonlight-prose · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐔𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬
a/n: day seven is here and i am running out of already finished prompts which means shit might start lagging soon. buuuuut for now here's yet another one with bucky!
prompt seven - car sex
summary: twenty questions....a totally innocent game right?
word count: 1.4k+
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: explicit so minors GO AWAY, cussing, p in v sex, a smidgen of fingering. let me know if i missed anything.
To say shit went sideways was an understatement.
Shit went upside down until you were both hanging onto the last bits of your already fraying sanity. Fury had sent you and him on a mission with the promise that it wouldn’t take more than a day and yet there you were. Stuck in a car in the middle of nowhere as it poured down rain so hard you wondered if the windows would finally give in and crack. Who knows maybe they would.
“I didn’t know we’d end up here,” he grumbled, trying to work with the phone they had given him only to see there was no signal. There would be no way to get a signal, not if you didn’t know where you were and how exactly to get to where you were supposed to go.
“Could be worse,” you said, leaning back in the seat as you watched the rain fall outside. “We could be without a car.”
He sighed - his way of responding which you picked up on two days after meeting him - shifting forward to flip on the car's radio. Only to be met with the never-ending echo of static. No signal. Fantastic. Which meant you were really stuck in the car for who knows how long. Neither of you wanted to chance trying to get it to start up again, not with the weather like this.
"Want to play twenty questions?" you asked, in a transparent attempt at filling the awkward silence with something.
A glance in your direction gave you a small hint into what his answer would be. A firm and solid no. Which would be fair considering the circumstances, but him saying a soft sure threw you for a second. He was willing to open up, let you in on at least some things. To any other person it might not have seemed like much; might even have been underwhelming, but you knew that when it came to Bucky - you’d take what you could get. No matter what form it came in.
Smiling you shifted towards him, noticing how he sat up a bit straighter once your full attention was trained on him. “So James-”
“Bucky,” he replied, the jovial lilt to his voice enough to bring a smile to your face.
“I like James a bit more.” You weren’t exactly lying. There was something about the way he refused to let anyone get away with saying his first name. Everyone except you that is.
He shrugged slightly, head tipping down to glance at his hands. “James it is then.”
“So James...what’s your favorite type of fruit?”
You didn’t see the way his lips tilted up briefly, a look of complete and utter mischief crossing his face only to vanish seconds later as he met your gaze. The question was harmless, innocent enough to
Tumblr media
Twenty questions turned into thirty and somehow between you asking him if he’s kissed anyone in the past few years and him inquiring about whether or not you’ve kissed someone on the team, you ended up here. Straddling his lap with your hands gripping onto his hair, lips pressing against his and a firm conclusion that you were going to let him do whatever he wanted with you. Things shifted within those few seconds and even you could practically taste the tension that hung in the air.
The rain continued to pelt the car outside, a steady thrum that seemed to match the racing of your heart. Weather fit for a situation like this. Whining his name your hips rolled against his, the fabric of your tactical pants giving you enough pressure to sate the raw need that ate away at your chest. A hunger for the man beneath you and it seemed he felt the same; his teeth scraping against your jaw as his hands pressed into your hips. Guiding your movements.
“I want you,” you breathed against his lips, your chest heaving from the intensity of the makeout session you just had. The sight of lips bitten and slightly swollen had you leaning forward to steal another kiss.
“Here?” he asked, forehead leaning against yours in order to catch his breath. “Are you sure? We can-”
Cutting him off with yet another kiss you tilted his head back and licked into his mouth, tasting the burnt coffee he had shared with you a few hours ago. “I need you.”
He must have heard the shift in your voice, vulnerable enough to throw him off guard, but willing enough to have him reaching for the waistband of your pants. It would be uncomfortable and rushed and yet you found yourself aching for more of just that. Burning for him so much so that the cold weather no longer pricked angrily at your skin.
Fingers swiped through your slick, pressing lightly at your clit and you felt your lower body bear down on nothing. A low cry leaving your lips had him speeding up his movements, eager to see what other sounds he could tear from you. If you were in a bedroom with the entire night ahead of you, the prospect of letting him explore every inch of you was something you wouldn’t be able to turn down.
Except that wasn’t the case and even you knew you wouldn’t last more than a few minutes.
“James,” you whimpered, hands moving to yank at his own pants. Wrapping your hand around him to spur him along, to try and appease the ache in both your souls as time seemed to slow down around you.
Yanking you closer he swallowed your gasps when you sunk down onto him, stretching you open slowly with every roll of your hips. The best kind of torture was this. Pure pleasure, so potent that it soon became a drug neither of you could get enough of. Madness wrapped up in a lovely little bow to be bestowed upon you in a moment such as this.
You dug your hands into his shoulders for purchase, raggedly gasping into his mouth as you tried to remain balanced on the thin line of sanity and that sweet nectar of pleasure that hung within mere inches of you. Something you were rushing for with every thrust of his hips into yours. He groaned against your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist in an attempt to do the same. Stable himself before he lost everything.
“So fucking tight,” he grunted, teeth digging into your chin to muffle his noises.
Forcing your head to tilt back as you cried out for him with every strike against your g-spot. Seconds. That’s all you had left and you did your best to hold tightly onto the fragments of that thin string. Squeezed your eyes shut and buried your face into his neck, screaming through it and rolling your hips faster.
“‘M right there,” you whimpered, hoping he heard you.
“Yeah?” he gasped at the feeling of your walls tightening around his cock, nearly strangling him with every thrust into you. Slipping his hand down he was quick to find your clit, pressing against it with small strokes to shove you right off the edge.
Screaming his name into his neck in order to muffle the sound, you felt your body convulse within his grasp. Your vision whiting out for a second and leaving you to slump into his body as he continued to chase his own release. His fingers digging sharply into your back, hips shallowly thrusting into you half a dozen more times before he was pressing his nose into your neck and groaning your name. The sound was sinful enough to have you clenching around him once more and prolonging his orgasm.
“That was-” he said, trying to catch his breath.
“Unexpected,” you replied, a hint of a smile in your voice.
It was certainly enough to make him chuckle, his hands running lightly against your bare back. “A good thing though...right?”
The question caught you off guard, but it’s not like you didn’t know why he was asking. You were friends, and had been for quite some time. Yet this changed things - drastically. Now the both of you stood on the precipice of something else, something possibly dangerous enough to have either of you walking away from it. Completely.
“I think so,” you said softly, cupping his cheek to pull him closer for a kiss. You didn’t want to walk away - refused to - and so you dived in head first.
“Me too.”
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spiritualchange · 25 days ago
Mother's Day w/ Stepson!Bucky
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, somnophilia, college!bucky, age gap, mommy kink switch!bucky
pairing: stepson!bucky barnes x stepmom!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
Bucky held onto the tray of your breakfast walking up the stairs to your bedroom, knocking on the door before entering quietly. It took all of him not to drop the tray of food. You had been sleeping on your stomach, only in a silk pajama shirt, your bottom bare, with one leg propped up letting your pussy show.
Quietly, Bucky set down the tray making his way towards you, getting onto the bed quietly. His finger ghosted over your cunt, gathering spit in his mouth letting it dribble onto your cunt. His thumb ran against your folds, before rubbing your clit.
You softly moaned, adjusting before settling again. Bucky already has his mouth attached to your clit, licking rapidly. You moved around to the point his head was trapped between your thighs.
"Such a pretty pussy mommy." He whispered, placing one more kiss on your clit before pushing down his boxers, letting his cock spring. He ran his cock on your cunt, lightly tapping on your clit before he pushed in.
"Hmmm." You moaned/groaned, pushing your head off the pillow. Your eyes adjusted to the light before looking at Bucky.
"Bucky." You stared at him.
"Good morning mommy." He leaned down kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pushing his head down to your neck.
"You couldn't help but fuck mommy huh." You taunted him. "Your cock getting hard at me sleeping."
"Yes mommy." He moaned, letting you dominate him. "Wanted to make your day special."
"Oh baby." You smiled sweetly kissing his cheek. "You're gonna make my day so special if you continue. You want that, you want to make mommy happy."
"Yeah I do." He stuttered.
"You gotta mommy cum first." You wrapped your legs around his waist. "Make me cum and we can play all day."
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skyeisawizard · 25 days ago
A World Away
Living away from Bucky was hard. Y/N is gonna show us just how hard it is
(AKA: I’m homesick and crying in my bed and I just want someone like Bucky)
Tumblr media
Day One
“Buck? You there old man?”
There was very little light in Y/N’s bedroom, just enough to illuminate her face. She switched on the lamp beside her and, for a moment, the room was blinding.
“I’m here sweetness.” Bucky picked up his phone and squinted at the screen. He tapped it and frowned before putting on his glasses. “How’s everything going up there? Was the journey okay?”
Y/N propped her phone up and blinked slowly, clearly tired. “I’ve only unpacked my bathroom stuff so far. Baby Buck is on the window until I can make up the bed.” The bear in question was currently Y/N’s only source of comfort, but it was too early in the day to tell Bucky that.
“Wanna give me a room tour?” He asked with a grin.
Flipping the camera round, Y/N walked Bucky through every part of her room. She showed him the size, the desk she had neatly organised with all of her pens and paper and her laptop propped open. She showed him the pictures of them stuck up on the walls and the fairylights she had stuck up all around.
Y/N showed him the mess that was her room before showing him the en-suite bathroom. She showed him how organised the bathroom was before moving on to the communal kitchen.
“You’ve got a really nice set up there, sweetheart,” Bucky said, a smile on his face. “I’ll come down and visit you soon.”
She nodded and blinked slowly. “God, I don’t know when I’m ever gonna finish unpacking everything. I’ve got meetings about classes and I really need a nap but if I nap now I’ll never wake up.”
He gave her a small sympathetic smile. “How about I speak to you tonight after you’ve unpacked a little more? Give you some time to settle in?”
“That sounds amazing, Buck. I love you and I’ll miss you.”
“I love you and I’ll miss you too, sweetness.”
Day Two
Y/N had already had far too much to drink. The night was over, though, and she was back in her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, hating what she was saying. But she didn’t hate herself; she hated where she was and who she had become in the two days she had been here.
Bucky was almost on the other side of the country, laying in his bed, missing his girl.
Picking up his phone, he went to call Y/N.
Y/N slowly climbed into bed. She had changed into her pyjamas and slowly climbed into her bed, her laptop in front of her to watch television before she fell asleep. Chocolate was on her covers, ready for her to eat.
As she opened her laptop and watched her sitcom, the tears fell. She couldn’t hold them back, her head hurt and her chest ached as she tried to keep herself under control. Her phone was open to message her mother.
Suddenly her phone started vibrating. Y/N quickly wiped her tears to get herself under control. She swiped her finger over the screen and held her phone up, smiling at her boyfriend. “How late is it where you are, baby?” She asked before Bucky had a chance to say anything.
He gave her a grin smile, able to see the tears running down her cheeks. “Have you been having fun, babycakes?” He asked, laying on his side.
Y/N nodded her head.
She shook her head.
Bucky tightened his smile. “Are you missing home sweetness?”
At that, Y/N burst into another round of tears. She pulled Baby Buck closer and cried into his soft belly. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore! I miss home, I hate being on my own. My roommates are great but, like, I wanna be back where I’m used to. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I want to feel like the person I was befor I left.” She sniffed. “My heart hurts and I’m too nervous to do anything. I want to stay in bed and never leave.”
“Oh Angel,” Bucky began. He wanted nothing more than to be with her, to hold her through everything she was feeling. “It’s gonna be tough at first, we all miss you a lot back here, but you gotta stick it out. I’ll be here for you through everything. Remember why you’re doing this, remember how excited you were to move out.”
She nodded and wiped away another round of tears. “Please come and visit me soon, Buck.”
“I’ll be there in two weeks, Angel.”
“I love you,” She squeaked.
“I love you too, so fucking much.”
That night she fell asleep while still on the phone with Bucky. He refused to let her go until he saw her happy in bed.
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fantqsha · a month ago
no more sad
summary | mama looks sad, but don't worry! nari and dada (with the help of alpine) are here to scare the sad away!
pairings | daughter!oc x fem!reader, bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings/tags | 2nd person's pov, fluff, bit of angst, not being able to cry, hurt/comfort ?, nari being adorable – lmk if i missed any!
side note | nari is around 2-3.
a/n | i know i should be writing your requests, but i didn't have the best week, so here i am, writing a self-indulgent fic to make up for the bad things i've experienced throughout the week.
word count | 685
likes, reblogs and feedbacks are greatly appreciated! please, please let me know what you think!
gif by @princesstoasty
Tumblr media
Nari was not used to seeing you like this. She was used to seeing her mama all smiley and giggly, but she understands because she feels like that sometimes, too. She feels sad, too. And now that she thought about it, whenever she's sad, you were always there to make her happy again and she's gonna do just that!
Tumblr media
Nari slipped out of bed, but you were too deep in your thoughts to notice. She doesn't seem to mind, though. In fact, it only made it easier for her to execute her plan.
Tumblr media
“Fwiday, can you pwease open the door for me?” She asked politely.
“Sure, Little (Y/L/N).”
She pouted. “I'm not wittle. I'm a big girl now.”
“Sure, you are, Miss (Y/L/N).” She was too busy trying to get to the elevators to notice the AI's almost teasing tone. Unbeknownst to her, the team had been listening to their conversation since she asked for FRIDAY to open their bedroom's door. They were giggling and laughing quietly at that.
“Open, pwease,” the elevator doors opened and she stepped in. “Can you bwing me to Dada?” The AI didn't respond, but the elevator started moving downwards.
When she arrived at the common floor, she started making way to the couches where the team was sitting. She stood in front of the television, successfully blocking most of their view.
“Mama sad,” was all she said, making the team giggle lightly. Not at her words, but at her stance. She had her hands on her hips, her eyebrows were furrowed. She also had a light pout on her face. She really looked like her mother when she was scolding them.
At the sound of their giggles, her brows furrowed even further and her pout turned to a frown.
“Why you laughing? Mama not laughing. She sad,” at this point, she was already whining, prompting Bucky to stand and scoop her in his arms. He kissed her cheek. He knew she was about to cry.
“Alright, pretty girl. No need to cry. We're gonna help make Mama feel better, okay?”
Your bedroom door opened again and this time, you noticed, but you didn't give any reaction. You heard two pairs of feet, the other significantly smaller. You felt the bed dip a little and heard the purring of the white cat Bucky owned. You knew Nari put Alpine on the bed before trying to climb up.
Tumblr media
“Dada, can't go up,” she huffed, lightly stomping her foot on the ground, making Bucky chuckle quietly. You heard one of them put something down on the bedside table, but you didn't bother turning around.
You felt the bed dip again under both Nari and Bucky's weight.
You felt Nari's hand on your shoulder. “Mama?” You turned around and immediately, her hands were holding your face, while Bucky's hand was stroking your hair softly. You hummed as a response, making her smile widely. “We here to make you feel better, mama,” you cracked a smile at that. “But 's okie if you don't feel better today. You can be happy to – tom – Dada, what was the word again?”
“Yeah! You can be happy tom . . . orrow!” She smiled at you, her thumbs stroking your cheeks. “Or the tomorrow after tomorrow!”
“Weally, mama!” She pointed towards the cat who is now laying on your stomach. “Wook, mama, even Alpine wants you to be happy!” She was flailing her arms around by now, but you didn't mind. “Evewybody wants you to be happy!”
You gently pushed Alpine off of you and she jumped up to Bucky's lap, his other hand immediately pet her soft fur. You wrapped your arms around your daughter and laid her on your chest, kissing her head.
“I love you, bub. Thank you for making Mama feel better,” you looked up at Bucky, who was already looking at you. “And I love you. Thank you to you, too.”
“Wove you, mama.”
“We love you, too.”
You could have a million bad days, but with your favorite people, not a bad day would last.
tags: @khiaraaa-in-spacee , @darkestfireee
Tumblr media
likes, reblogs and feedbacks are greatly appreciated! please, please let me know what you think!
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maybepointlessthoughts · a month ago
Greatest Neighbour (part two)
Summary: Bucky and reader have their own routine of movie + take-out with a side dish of entertaining banter. (I am so sorry for horrible summaries, read part one, but honestly this could be read by itself)
Warning(s): fluff, really sweet, rory & jess vibes, they think they’re ‘platonic’ lol that’s funny, the word suicide is mentioned, bucky is an old man
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Yori/The Man Who Stole The Entirety of TFATWS, Sam Wilson (mentioned)
Word count: 2.9k
Tumblr media
quick note ! 
this can be read as a stand alone, i’ve just added it as a part two because i thought it would be redundant to call it something else while still following the same plot/story. okay, that’s it. happy reading x
Bucky walked through the aisles of DVDs, the old store playing an 80's song as he read the titles of the films and series. He took out his phone, continuing to roam within the lanes, only one or two other older people in the store.
Two missed calls from Sam and a text from his lovely neighbour. He smiled slightly at the sight of your name and opened the message.
YOU: What's your ETA?
Bucky hesitated, puzzled by the acronym. He quickly went off the app and searched up the meaning of 'E.T.A'. Oh...
BUCKY: Ten minutes. Getting the movie for tonight. Sincerely, Bucky Barnes.
He waited a moment, seeing the three dots appear.
YOU: Lol you don't have to sign your name on texts. What movie?
He wondered if you were actually 'lol'. 
BUCKY: Noted, and it's a surprise. 
YOU: Now I'm interested. Be quick, might try ordering take-out without you
BUCKY: You wouldn't dare.
YOU: Try me, Barnes
He raised his brows when you attached an image of your screen, an order already placed and ready to be paid for Subway.
BUCKY: I think I'm rubbing off on you, doll.
He waited patiently for a response, stopping in front of a section of movies dedicated to comedy-drama. He picked out 'Almost Famous' considering you had shown him the film a few weeks back and he had rewatched it a solid trillion times since. 
YOU: Whatever helps you sleep at night, dork
Bucky rolled his eyes a little at that, typing out a quick response before he took the DVD to the front desk. The man on the other side hesitantly took it from his gloved hands, eyeing Bucky skeptically.
"Aren't you the guy that bombed the U.N?" He asked.
Bucky's eyes widened at the unprompted question. "...I'd just like to rent out this movie, thanks," He grumbled.
The man put his hands up as if to surrender and Bucky sighed, getting impatient as he took his time processing the DVD.
"My son and I went to the Captain America exhibit the other day. Do you actually know where that Rogers guy went?" The man wondered. "Some people mentioned he was hiding on the moon,"
Bucky didn't say anything, shooting the man a glare that showed his complete lack of care when it came to his inquiries. 
"Fine. Just making conversation," The man yielded. 
Bucky paid for it, not bothering to say anything as he walked out of the store and onto the congested street. He glanced down at his phone, seeing the string of emojis you sent. He was still a little confused about emoticons but thought they were charming nonetheless.
He made his way to your shared apartment building, walking through the sea of people. There was more foot traffic than he recalled in 1940 compared to New York. Figures - the numbers had risen an additional nine million since.
He stepped out of the elevator and onto his floor. Well, it was yours as well. You lived right across from him. And next to you lived-
"Bucky," Yori called out from his apartment, the elderly man standing in his doorway as Bucky passed.
"What is it, Yori?" Bucky asked, fidgeting with the DVD in his hands as he glanced to your apartment then back to Yori.
"Did you see the obituaries today?" He mentioned, shaking his head.
Bucky nodded. "Not one passed ninety," He recalled.
"So sad. But you know what's sadder?" Yori began. "You and your girlfriend playing movies so loud I hear from my kitchen. Other night - I heard woman screaming and thought Y/N was being murdered,"
"She's not my girlfriend, but we will keep it down for your sensitive old man hearing," Bucky joked, tone light.
Yori narrowed his eyes on Bucky. "I may be old, I could still beat your ass, vampire," He grumbled.
Bucky smiled and waved. "Have a nice evening, Yori,"
Bucky went to your door, leaning against the wall as he knocked, sighing. He thought about Sam's missed calls. He'd been dodging him for a while now. It felt wrong to randomly call him up after months of avoidance and honestly, he was content with what he had going already.
You opened up with a big smile, wearing a pair of pyjama shorts and an extra-large hoodie with text on it - 'T.P.W.K'. 
"Hey," You greeted.
Bucky tilted his head at you with a slight smirk. "Hey," He held up the packaged DVD. "I picked up the video for tonight,"
"What did you get?" You asked.
"Almost Famous," He answered.
You groaned. "No, not again, Buck,"
"I can't help it, I'm addicted," He pleaded.
You sighed in defeat. "Fine. But if I'm going to spend two hours sitting there watch Kate Hudson commit suicide again, then we are ordering Indian food," 
"Oh, come on," 
"Hey, last night when we watched 'Ed Wood' we got burgers like you wanted to," You said, pointing at him.
"Okay, fine. Tonight, Indian food. But tomorrow, 'Saturday Night Fever' and Thai food," Bucky retorted.
"That's so cute," Yori chimed in, still standing in his doorway as he observed the two of you. "You're like a sweet old agoraphobic couple,"
"Thank you very much," Bucky nodded.
"Hey, Yori," You waved to him.
"You could do so much better Y/N, that's all I'll say," Yori remarked, gesturing to Bucky. 
He returned to his apartment and you chuckled. You opened the rest of your door, letting Bucky in. He took off his jacket, leaving it hanging on the small hanger next to the entrance. 
He followed you into the familiar and little apartment. It shared a similar layout to his. Yours was just more decorated and cozy than his. You had been living in the building not long before Bucky moved in. Being one of the blipped, your old apartment was taken over by a family of friendly Polish people.
"So, it's been a couple of days since you made the big decision," Bucky remembered, going into your kitchen. "Are you still going through with the new job?"
You nodded, sighing as you sat at one of the stools beside the counter. "Yes, I am. It's got a good work environment, it's much better pay and all the meals suit my skillset to the 'T'," You sighed. "And plus, you know, as an added bonus, it's really close to here,"
Bucky took out the popcorn from your cupboard. "22.8 miles,"
You furrowed your brows at him. "How'd you know that?" You wondered, fingers fidgeting with the end of your sleeve.
"Do you yahoo?" Bucky replied, he put the popcorn into your microwave, taking his time pressing the pins considering he was wary of the small machine.
"You looked it up?"
He hesitated. "Yeah," He murmured.
"You looked it up," You hummed, flattered and amused by the soldier.
He rolled his eyes. "I just hit a couple of buttons on a computer,"
"You looked it up," You repeated, smiling at him.
He pressed start on the microwave and shrugged, leaning against the counter. "I was bored, there was nothing on TV and I was foolin' around," He defended, his Brooklyn accent slipping through. "It was something to do, that's it,"
"You looked it up," You reiterated one more time. 
Bucky smirked a little, breaking the façade as he made his way over to you. "This job's gonna be a good thing for you. I know how much you hated the old cafe,"
"You're exactly right, Barnes. And while we're on the topic of good things," You said, sarcastic. "How's beloved Doctor Christina Raynor?"
"Her usual cynical self," Bucky answered. "I was five minutes late yesterday, she decided not to show up at all and then sends me an electronic mail reprimanding me about missing sessions,"
"You can call them emails. What kind of email do you have anyway? Hotmail? Gmail? Yahoo? iCloud? Would it be under the Avengers?" You asked.
"That's not the point,"
"Right. Sorry. Go on," You cleared your throat, sitting your chin on the palm of your hand as you listened.
Bucky spent the next two minutes and thirty seconds ranting about just how much he despised sitting on the uncomfortable couch and the horrible note-taking. 
The waiting room looked dead, the Chinese restaurant next door left a vague but noticeable odour to the whole building. Not leaving out the strange carpeting or even the boring artwork. 
He was interrupted by the sound of the microwave beeping loudly, indicating the popcorn was finished.
"Keep going, I'll get it," You told, stopping him as he stepped to the microwave. "Besides, I don't want your metal arm getting electrocuted again,"
Bucky smiled a little at the memory, watching as you stood up and went beside him, crouching down to a cupboard as you searched through your bowls. He looked down at you, licking his lips as he brought his gaze back up.
"You were saying?" You wondered.
Bucky scratched the back of his head, realising how he came off as, dumping his silly problems on you. "No, it's- Doll, you don't have to listen to me, it's alright. You aren't my therapist,"
You chuckled, standing back up with a medium plastic bowl with snowmen surrounding it. "Yeah, because your therapist is a sardonic bitch with no respect for boundaries. Your words, not mine,"
He glanced back to you, noticing the genuine curiosity wrenched into the details of your face, a few inches apart from him. For a split second, his eyes dropped south. 
He sighed, giving in. "So, she keeps on thinking I should call Sam and I've told her a million times that it's not gonna happen,"
You nodded, clinging to his every word as you shut the cupboard. You moved past him to get to the microwave. "Why not?"
"It's just- Sam is... frustrating and ever since he put the shield away in a goddamn museum it feels like there's nothin' to talk about," Bucky went on. "Steve trusted him with that shield and Sam just gave it away. It's... I just know if I called him, I'd say something I'd regret,"
"Have you thought about why he gave it away?" You mentioned, pouring the popcorn into the bowl. "He can hold his own, I've seen that birdman in action on TV,"
Bucky's arms folded across his chest. "I don't know. I don't want to know, I just want to keep on gettin' my shit together and right now you're one of the only things keeping me sane, doll," 
You smiled a little at that. "Popcorn's ready," You announced, raising the bowl. "Don't eat it all before the movie,"
"That was one time," Bucky reminded.
You chuckled. "One time and you didn't even share with me. What? Does that super-serum include a big ass appetite?"
"I'm a hungry man, I don't know what to tell you," Bucky said. "I'll call up that Indian place a few blocks away. I think it's called Dosa Hub, or something. Where are the menus you collect like a hoarder?"
"Second drawer to your right," You told as you picked up the DVD, taking the popcorn and movie into the living room.
Bucky watched you go, clearing his throat. 
You were probably the best thing to happen to him since he got out of cryo in Wakanda. From alien wars to turning into dust for five years to his best friend going off to have his happy ending to hellish government-mandated therapy sessions.
It had been a rough ride, to put it mildly.
And then came... well, you. The cute neighbor from across the hall that seemed to have no strings attached, working at a tiny cafe down on twelfth. At first, he was cautious, of course. He had heard the anecdote of Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers.
Thankfully, it turned out to be anything but. 
You needed help carrying bags of groceries, practically limping into the building and he was collecting his mail. Being the gentleman he was, he offered to help out and you turned him down.
Didn't want to be a hassle, you claimed.
Then he just took it away from you without asking once more. He wasn't sure what came over him, but you weren't complaining. You begrudgingly let him and observed him carry all eight heavy bags like there was nothing but air in them.
Making small talk on the way up to your level, he couldn't believe he was putting himself out there. And it wasn't even because somebody told him to, he just wanted to help out a pretty girl who turned out to be the greatest neighbour.
And friend.
That's all.
He was content with that for the most part. He didn't crave romance like he did seventy-some years ago. He was more or less focused on adapting to modern society. Occasionally, Bucky would imagine telling Steve all about you. And every time, he came back to the realisation that wouldn't happen.
Bucky finished the call, skimming over the menu one more time before tossing it back into the drawer, he joined you in the living room. You were attempting to put the DVD into the defective slot refusing to work, muttering a string of curses.
"You alright there?" Bucky asked, going over to you.
"Yep. This thing is just, like, a million years old," You sighed. "I bought it for ten bucks at a flea market,"
"You can get that kind of thing at flea markets?" Bucky wondered, sitting down on your couch.
You nodded, plopping onto the floor beside the DVD player, defeated. "Yeah, you can get tons of things. I got that lamp from one, the clock, the painting, books, this crappy thing," You pointed to a few decorations and then to the tacky DVD player. "You should come with me sometime, it's a land mine for old stuff and as a senior citizen, I think you'll enjoy it," You taunted.
Bucky rolled his eyes at that. "I was teasing Yori about being old, don't do the same with me,"
"Oh, come on, old people are great," You assured. You paused for a moment, squinting a little at Bucky as you noticed something. "Oh, my god, is that a grey hair?" You quickly stood up, excited.
Bucky furrowed his brows, running his hand through his hair, confused. "What?"
You sat beside him on the couch, jaw hanging open as you put your hands on the side of his face, forcing him to look at you. You examined his hair, trying to find the one you recognised. He felt his stomach flutter a little from the contact.
"Ah! There it is!" You exclaimed. "You really are old!"
"You're lying," Bucky retorted.
You shook your head. You dropped your hands from the side of his face, still sitting close to him as you pulled out your phone and swiped right, the camera turning on as you faced it to him, allowing him to see it. 
Bucky moved his head a little forward, seeing the single hair among the rest of the browns. "...It's not grey hair," He began. "It is a wisdom highlight and I'll have you know I am very wise,"
You smiled. "Buck, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's cute, trust me, you're still very cute," You assured, putting your phone onto the coffee table.
He hesitated for a moment as you went back to the DVD player, having another go at it. "You think I'm cute?"
You chewed the inside of your cheek, delaying your response. "Mhm. Yeah, I- You know, grey hair is a sign of stress, Barnes," You easily changed the topic.
"I haven't been stressed," Bucky denied - a bald-faced lie that he regretted the second it came out.
You didn't believe him, obviously. "Really? No nightmares, or anything? I'm not Christina, you can tell me this crap,"
Bucky shrugged, taking a handful of popcorn.
You raised your brows at him, concern flashing over your face. "You have?" You assumed from his lack of response.
He didn't say anything, eating the popcorn as he looked at you, studying your features as he quietly admired you.
"Why didn't you tell me? I live right across the hall, you could come in and I'd make you a cup of tea," You told, squatting down as you pushed a button that finally opened the slot. "Or call another friend or something, I don't know,"
"I don't have a lotta friends, you know this," Bucky stated. "And this is me telling you now,"
"Yeah, I just don't want to go to bed knowing that you're dreaming of shitty things on that stupid makeshift bed of yours," You said, your tone sharp as you opened the DVD, taking out the disc and putting it into the player.
Bucky grumbled, a little taken aback by your odd sternness. "You can't do anything about it, Y/N. It's fine, you can drop it. One day at a time, all the bullshit,"
"No, Buck, it's not fine," You shot back. 
He paused for a moment, swallowing the popcorn as the TV screen displayed the film with options to play, rewind or watch behind the scenes. "You really worry about me then, doll?"
"Well, yeah," You replied without hesitation.
He smirked at you and nodded, not saying a word as he continued to eat the popcorn. You sighed, understanding just how smug he was feeling. After a moment of comfortable silence, you rose back up to your feet and picked up the remote.
"Yori mentioned we need to keep the volume low, by the way," Bucky mentioned. "Apparently, we're very loud,"
"Because you refuse to put on subtitles, I barely understand a thing that's happening without them," You pointed out.
"Because they spoil what's about to come," Bucky defended. 
"Alright, be quiet, silver-fox," You said.
A/N: Wow, I am really like- posting. Huh. Let’s consider this my 1k celebration! Yay! I’d like to mention once more how freakin’ awesome that is. 1k. That’s 1,000 people. Like, what? Still freaking out. Moving on, part two of this because I had a lotta fun writing the first part and rory & jess make me so nostalgic and I love their dynamic. Also I don’t delve into the reader’s job a lot, my bad, it’s more just a reference that she’s like, a baker I guess. Hope that’s alright. I do not know where I’m going with this, I don’t know if it’s gonna be a whole series or if it’s gonna be a mini one with like five parts idk but I hope you guys like this because I have a good time writing it and I’m personally quite happy with what I’ve produced so far so that’s what I’m trying to post on, what I’m happy with and not putting so much pressure to care about other opinions. Sorry, this is way too long. If you’re still reading, my dog says hi. Oh, and leave requests, feedback, let me know if you want more or you’re happy with leaving it at part two idk x
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thewinnersoldier · a month ago
hiiiii!!! for the blurb weekend: "The closest thing to love at first sight I've ever experienced happened when I first laid eyes on you." AND “whatever you do, do not make a sound” with Bucky please??? 🥺
Okay this isn't very good. I apologize! It took me a bit to think of a situation for this one. Hope you still like it. xoxo
Tumblr media
Movie Night
word count - 527
pairing - Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings - voyeurism, slight dirty talk, mutual pining
It was movie night with Bucky and Steve, and tonight Steve chose a cheesy romcom. “Come on, the girl down at the coffee shop won’t stop talking about this. I need to know what it’s about.” Begrudgingly you and Bucky finally agreed. You were never a huge fan of these types of movies, but you were happy to be cuddled next to Bucky. When it got to the couple meeting for the first time you couldn’t help but let out a small groan.
“This is so cheesy. Life isn’t like this at all.” You heard Bucky let out a little chuckle beside you. “What? You believe in the whole love at first sight nonsense?”
Bucky simply smirked and leaned in close to your ear. "The closest thing to love at first sight I've ever experienced happened when I first laid eyes on you. The first day I saw you at the compound and I was hooked." Bucky pulled away and licked his lips. It felt like the air got sucked from your lungs. The movie was forgotten as you stared up into Bucky’s eyes. You had always had feelings for him, but you figured he didn’t feel the same way. Sure, the two of you would cuddle but you thought it was as a friend. “Are you going to say anything doll?” God, there was that smirk again.
Instead of answering him in words you crashed your lips into his. You didn’t care if Steve was across the room. He seemed way more into the movie than either of you ever were. Bucky was quick to kiss you back. His metal hand inched its way up your large t-shirt.
“Should we go up to my room?” You asked him between the kisses.
“No, just from now on whatever you do, do not make a sound.” It was as if the thought of Steve being in the same room, and the two of you possibly getting caught excited Bucky.
You glanced over at Steve and he was still blissfully unaware of what was happening across the darkened room.
Bucky’s lips were on your neck. There was no way you weren’t going to have some sort of bruises by the way he was sucking. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to get my lips on you. To taste you. To feel you.” His flesh hand slipped into the waistband of your shorts. But before he could go further the two of you heard a clearing of a throat.
You looked over at Steve and he was staring at the two of you. “You know I have super soldier hearing right? Please take this somewhere else. I’m begging you.” You quickly buried your face into Bucky’s neck out of embarrassment, but he just grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at Steve.
Steve really knew how to be a moment killer, but you knew one thing for sure you were not going to your room alone tonight. No, tonight Bucky Barnes was going to finish what he started and that is exactly what you intended when you pulled him off the couch and towards your room.
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barnesmurdock · a month ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Summary: You're the only one who can call Bucky "Buchanan".
Word count: 1277
Warnings: mentions of food, fluff.
A/N: I never see people use "Buchanan" in their fics and idk why. I think it's the cutest!!
Please consider reblogging if you enjoyed it <3
"Morning, Bucky!" Sam greeted the brooding brunette from the island counter as he watched him enter the kitchen.
He received some kind of grunt in response. Sam wasn't offended though, that was just Bucky's usual response.
"Bad night?" He pushed, his eyes following Bucky's movements.
"Most nights are a bad night, Sam." Bucky sighed, getting some coffee to sip while he started making breakfast.
"Therapy isn't helping?" Sam asked before drinking from his glass of orange juice. Bucky didn't discuss his sleeping problems with him, but having worked at the VA and being a veteran himself, he didn't need Bucky to explain him.
"Don't wanna talk about that." Bucky grunted, furrowed his brows as he focused on putting two slices of bread on the toaster. He knew Sam was only trying to help and, deep down he appreciated it, but he wasn't comfortable discussing his problems with him.
"Coffee… I want coffee…" Sam's eyes followed the zombie voice entering the room to find you dragging your feet towards them still in your pijamas, eyes half closed.
"Good morning to you too." Sam chuckled.
"Morning…" You answered as you rubbed your eye and approached your favorite super-soldier.
Bucky put a cup of coffee in front of you without a word and your whole face lit up, smiling at him and mouthing a thank you.
He smiled in return, taking the toasts out and putting them on a plate.
Sam smiled to himself in the background, watching the interaction.
"Is this for me, Buchanan?" You asked, taking the plate from his hand with an innocent smile.
"Sure, you can have them." Bucky sighed in resignation, but smiled back at you regardless.
He went to put another batch of bread on the toaster for himself while you sat on the counter, next to him, spreading some butter on your stolen toast.
"Why didn't you stay last night?" You asked Bucky in a lower tone, not wanting Sam to hear it, who seemed focused on his phone.
Bucky had left your room as soon as you had fallen asleep, not wanting to impose. You had invited him in to watch a movie, not to sleep there and he was afraid he'd have a nightmare.
Had he been more selfish, he would've stayed there just to watch you sleep, to bask in the comfort of your touch, of your closeness. You had fallen asleep mid movie with your head on his shoulder and soon after that you had curled against him with an adorable sigh, wrapping your arms around his like you would a pillow. A soft, sad smile appeared on his lips. He had wished to spend more time with you, but it was time for him to leave.
He carefully got out of your hold to get out of bed, replacing his arm for an actual pillow. His hand hesitated for a second but he indulged himself and gently caressed your cheek, brushing a strand of hair out of your face. After that he turned off the TV, tucked you in and left.
He was about to respond when Sam, who was well aware of Bucky's crush, intervened.
"Hey, Buchanan, you never make me breakfast." He said teasingly, earning a small chuckle from you.
"Don't call me that." Bucky warned him, calmly getting his toasts and turning to face him, leaning against the counter.
"Why not? She always calls you that."
"My girl can call me whatever she wants."
Not expecting to hear that, you choked on your coffee, your blood rushing to your cheeks.
Bucky went still mid-toast buttering when he realized what he had said. He felt his face get impossibly warm and his mouth dried in an instant.
Sam's brows almost flew out of his face, his mouth dropping in shock.
An awkward silence fell between them. No one knew what to say next. Your mouth moved, trying to find something to say but no actual words came out. And that was it for Bucky.
"I-I'm… late. For uh... training." Bucky stuttered, dropping his plate on the island counter in front of Sam and storming out of the kitchen, his eyes looking anywhere but you. He could feel you staring at him as he left the room.
"I'm… I'm gonna go to…" You awkwardly told Sam, pointing behind you to where Bucky had disappeared.
Sam simply nodded, moving a hand to urge you to leave.
"Bucky wait!" You pleaded as you ran after him but he didn't stop. He couldn't. He wasn't ready for this conversation and possibly face rejection.
You huffed and picked up the pace so you would catch him before he got into the elevator.
"Can you please stop?!" You grabbed his hand, forcing him to stop and turn his body towards you.
If he would've wanted to, you wouldn't have been able to move him. But he sighed in defeat and allowed you to make him turn around, looking down to his feet.
"I don't know wh-"
"I want to."
"Huh?" Bucky's eyes finally met yours, confusion written on his face.
"Your girl. I wanna be your girl, Buchanan." You offered him a shy smile, your hand squeezing his as reassurance.
"You do?" He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
Sure, Sam had told him multiple times you liked him and there were moments where he was pretty sure you did. But he couldn't help having his doubts.
You quickly nodded, still smiling while your free hand reached for his cheek, your thumb stroking his stubbled skin.
Bucky leaned into your touch, placing his metal hand on top of yours to keep it there.
"This was not how I wanted to do this. I wanted to buy you some flowers, do something nice…" He sighed before explaining, freeing his flesh hand from your grip to place it on your jaw. He licked his lips as his eyes dropped to yours.
"You can still do that." You assured him, your fingers snaking to the back of his neck, threading with his hair and pressing your body against his.
Bucky's hands then went to your waist, holding you close. "So… How 'bout tonight?" He asked with a smile of his own.
"Tonight's perfect." You nodded and bit your lower lip, all giddy and excited.
"Then… I'll come get ya at 7." Bucky was getting impossibly close, your eyes fluttering shut in anticipation. You felt his nose brush against yours and your lips parted slightly, inviting him to kiss you.
But then you felt him pull away and you opened your eyes to give him a confused look, watching him slowly walk backwards with a satisfied grin on his face.
"Are you really gonna leave without kissing me?" You exclaimed, your mouth falling open with your surprise.
You heard Bucky's chuckle and watched him shake his head as he started walking back towards you to grab you by the face and crash his lips against yours, your hands gripping his shirt. Even with the initial intensity of the kiss, his mouth slowed down, caressing your cheeks as your lips brushed lovingly against each other's, savoring the moment.
When you two finally pulled away, you licked your lower lip, taking in Bucky's appearance.
As if he wasn't handsome enough already, he was all smiley with rosy cheeks, kiss swollen lips and starry eyes. And now that you had seen it, you hoped you would see that look on his face every single day.
"See ya at 7." He breathed out, stealing a quick kiss from you before turning around to catch the elevator, leaving you there smiling so hard your cheeks hurt.
You couldn't wait for tonight.
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