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#bucky barnes x oc
stuckybarton · 2 days ago
What Has Been, What Can Never Be Masterlist (coming soon)
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line.
But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter.
Series Warnings: Post-Endgame. Post-TFAWS. Angst. Smut. No Closure to a Breakup. Profanities. Talks about Death, PTSD, Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption. Other specific warning to be added per chapters.
A/N: Shout out to @secretsthathauntus for giving me this idea. Hope to be able to make justice to this one. Thank you so much~
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Tumblr media
For The Ones That We Lost
For The Ones That We Gained
For The Ones That Has Regrets
For The Ones That Never Recovered
For The Ones That Finally Moved On
For The Ones That We Cherish
For The Ones That Come to Realize
For The Ones That Never Lives
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avengerscompound · 4 hours ago
The Tower: Happily Ever After - 22
Tumblr media
The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic
Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 1833
Warnings:  smut (MF, oral sex, vaginal sex)
Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.
Tumblr media
Chapter 22: A Long Night
It had been a rough night.  Nova had been upset about something and was almost inconsolable.  He wouldn’t sleep and if we put him down he’d start wailing.  Not that he wasn’t crying when we held him, but at least we could get it under control.  We had both the healers, Sam, and Bruce check him over and there was nothing obviously wrong with him, so it was put down to colic.
The problem was that because he was a twin if he was crying so was Thour.  We ended up deciding to split up.  Bucky and I went with Nova, planning on taking turns soothing him overnight.  While the rest got their sleep.  We figured that a change over in the morning would be the closest thing we could do to all getting decently rested.
Bucky and I took turns carrying him around the room while the other dozed.  When Thour woke for her two AM feed I tried feeding Nova too, but he was fussy and couldn’t stay focused.
Because Nova was unsettled, Inky was restless and snappy.  He followed us around as we paced so we had to be careful not to step on him and if we tried to move him away from Nova he’d growl and nip at us.  It was frustrating, to say the least.
At around four, I had started to doze on the couch and Bucky lay down beside me with Nova on his chest.  Inky curled up at Nova’s feet right on Bucky’s stomach and I had just enough awareness to acknowledge how cute they looked before I fell asleep.  The next thing I was vaguely aware of was being held in Steve’s arms and the sun coming through the window.
I don’t know how long I slept after that but when I woke up properly I was in bed with Bucky, my stomach grumbling and my breasts achingly full.
Bucky’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me.  “Hey,” he said, his voice gravelly with sleep.
“What time is it?”  I asked.
“I still don’t understand how they measure time here,” Bucky answered.  “Also, I have no idea.  I think Nova fell asleep on me.  And then I woke up with Wanda taking him and Thor carried me to bed.  Made me feel really tiny.”
I snorted.  “I bet you looked super cute.”
“I always look super cute,” he said, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me close.
I nuzzled into his neck, and despite the fact that I was still ridiculously tired, I felt like I needed to get up and eat and try and track down the babies to feed them.
“We should get up,” I mumbled into his skin.
“No…” he whined and ran his hands down to my ass.  The temperature difference between his metal and flesh hand was startling and my butt clenched.  “Stay here with me.  I’ll make it worth your while…”
“Oh, will you now?”  I teased, hooking my leg over his hip.  “How will you do that?”
He chuckled and rolled so he was on top of me.  “Oh, I think I can find a way.”
I spread my legs, welcoming him between them and he nestled down, bringing his lips to mine.  As we kissed, slowly and deeply, I began to run my fingers through his hair and over his scalp.  He made a low rumble sound against my lips and he pulled back and looked down at me.  “What are you smiling about?”
“Making out with a hot guy,” I said.
“Yeah, you are,” he chuckled and kissed me again.
I ran my hands down the back of his neck and over his shoulders.  He groaned and rolled his hips against me.  His cock started hardening against my cunt and he ground it down against my cunt.
He kissed my neck slowly, sucking on my skin hard enough to mark.  “Bucky,” I hummed, tugging on his hair. “Why are you giving me hickeys?”
“You love hickeys,” he murmured against my neck.
I pushed him, and he rolled over pulling me on top of him.  “And you love my tits,” I said and pulled off my shirt.  My breasts were so engorged that even in the rather dowdy maternity bra they were spilling out the top and his eyes immediately darkened with lust.
“Good god,” he said, cupping them in his hands.
“Gentle,” I said.  “They’re a little full.”
“I can see that,” he said, sitting up and kissing the exposed parts of my breasts slowly and tenderly.  Even that made them ache in a way that went straight to my cunt.
“Bucky,” I hummed.  “Do you want to fuck them?”
He didn't need to be asked twice.  He flipped me onto my back and pulled down my pajama pants.  “I’m gonna make you come first because when I do it’s gonna be all over your pretty tits.”
He pushed my legs apart and dived down between them, latching onto my pussy like a ravenous beast.  He sucked greedily on my folds as his fingers dug into my thighs.  I gasped and bucked up under his mouth, arching my back so I pushed my cunt closer to his mouth.
He chuckled but didn’t lose focus.  I gripped his hair holding him in place as his tongue explored my sex, licking over my folds, and pushing inside me, before settling on my clit where it flicked back and forward and in small erratic patterns.
Tendrils of pleasure wound through me as a buzz spread up from cunt.  My breathing became shallow, but all I wanted was more.
He sunk two fingers inside me and this thumb pressed against my ass as he pulled my clit into his mouth.  I jerked against him and nearly came right then, but my sudden movement pulled me away from my release.
“Fuck,” I whined, rutting my hips against his mouth.
“Don’t pull away then,” he teased as he looked up at me.  His fingers curled inside me and touched on my g-spot.  “Do you want to come or not?”
“I do,” I complained, and put my legs on his shoulders, digging my heels in.
He laughed and went back to sucking on my clit.  His fingers stroked on my g-spot and his thumb pulsed against my asshole.  I closed my eyes and gave myself to it.  Bucky dug his fingers into my g-spot and my orgasm hit, tearing through me like lightning through a tree.  I felt like it split me apart and I arched violently off the bed.
Bucky sat up slowly stroking me through it.  “There we go,” he said and pulled his fingers free.  He straddled my waist and teased his soaking fingers over my lips.  I pulled them into my mouth and greedily sucked my fluids from them, moaning contentedly.
When he pulled his hand from my mouth, he worked his boxers off, straddled my chest, and slid his cock under my bra and between my breasts.  He pushed them together around his shaft, not using a lot of pressure but even still it made them ache and I moaned.
“Okay?”  He asked.
“Yeah, Buck,” I moaned.  “It’s good.”
He started to thrust between the pocket he’d made between my breasts, with each thrust his cock leaked a trail of precome on my chest making it easier for his cock to move in and out.  I moaned at the sensation that blended with the ache in my breasts and I slipped my hand between my legs and began fingering my clit.
As he thrust he pushed my breasts more firmly around them, massaging them slightly and running his thumbs over where my hardening nipples dimpled the bra.  I could feel them leaking but the breast pads soaked it up.
I looked up at Bucky.  He was staring down at where the head of his cock disappeared and reappeared from between my breasts.  His eyes were darkened with lust and his tongue flicked out between his lips.  I followed his gaze down and leaned forward and flicked my tongue over the head of his cock, and into the slit.  He let out a loud moan and his head fell back as he began to thrust harder and faster.
I licked at his cock with each thrust and moved my head forward more so that when he pushed past my breasts the head of his cock would enter my mouth.  He began to moan more and louder and he squeezed my breasts harder so that ache straddled the border of pleasure and pain.
I rubbed my clit faster, wanting to bring myself over with him, but with the ache in my breast and how sensitive I was after my first orgasm, it was me who came first.  It washed through me like a wave and I arched up under him.
“Fuck, doll,” he groaned.  “Elly… darlin’, you ready for it?”
“Yes, Buck,” I mewled.  “Give it to me.”
He pulled out and began pumping his cock.  I arched my back, tilting my head back and thrusting my chest forward and with a groan Bucky came, releasing in hot ribbons over my breasts.
He kneeled over me, panting as his cock stilled and I relaxed on the mattress under him.
“Fuck, you look hot,” he said, and I smiled and ran my fingers through the mess, before licking it off my fingers.
“God,” he groaned.  “You trying to get me hard again?”
I laughed.  “Nope.  As soon as you get off me I’m going to take a bath and find our babies so I can do something about this,” I said and patted the sides of my breasts.
“Hang on,” he said, climbing off me.  “Can I take a photo?”
I smiled and shook my head.  “As long as you remember to set it so the kids never accidentally stumble over it.”
“Coming from the woman that sent me a video of Bruce fingering her while I was on a mission,” he teased as he dug around for his phone.
“Yeah, well, we didn’t have kids then and we weren’t planning on having any either,” I said and poked out my tongue.
Bucky found his phone in one of the drawers at the end of the bed.  We didn’t really use them anymore because it wasn’t like the signal from earth reached Asgard, but we did use them to take photos.  He came over and straddled my waist again and I batted my eyelashes at him and bit the end of my pinkie. “Such a coy girl,” Bucky teased as he took a few snaps.
When he was done, he leaned down and kissed me.  He pulled back and scooped me up into his arms.  “Alright,” he said.  “Let’s get cleaned up so you can go find those babies.”
I smiled and snuggled into his chest.  “It’s worth being up all night if this is how I start my day,” I hummed.
Bucky chuckled. “I completely agree.”
Tumblr media
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nexusnyx · 27 days ago
say my name
— pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader — summary: during a conference, you call your boyfriend by his name and to your surprise, he isn't fond of it. — word count: 1.7k — a/n: i'm testing to see if i'm no longer shadowbanned. please share and comment if you read and see this! if you enjoy, feedback is appreciated & highly encouraged. mistakes/errors might be here, let me know if you find any.
Tumblr media
◦➳ nyx masterlist ◦➳ join my taglist
To you, he isn't even "Bucky". He hasn't been "Bucky" for a long time.
Ever since you two found your way to each other and you had a taste of his lips, his name changed from Bucky to love, and later to amor.
What you didn't expect was how attached he'd grown to your way of calling him—your endearment nickname was, after all, something for just the two of you.
Sure, the other Avengers and even your boss Nick Fury himself have heard you addressing him with every lovely pet name on the book when you two are leaving or getting in the Tower, but when you're surrounded by people, you try to stick to 'Bucky'.
Apparently, that's no longer an option, no matter where you two are.
It happens between conferences—the Avengers are constantly busy and for that reason, a lot of your work involves preparing clear and straight-to-the-point briefings in what their next move needs to be.
You had just finished the morning briefing Nick asked you to be in charge of and was still in the conference room talking to Sam and Wanda when Bucky comes back again.
"...never seen her look so excited," Sam is saying.
You miss the beginning of it, eyes too busy trailing your boyfriend's movements, but you nod in agreement anyway. He must still be talking about Shuri.
"I asked her to send me the data of the new suit she's been talking about, I'm kinda excited for it," Wanda smiles next to you.
While sharing Wanda's excitement, you can't help but glance over at Bucky a couple more times.
"Do you think she'd add a snack compartment to my wings now that I'm Cap?" Sam muses out loud, bringing laughter out of Wanda. You smile too, but your mind has other plans. Why does Bucky look sad? "I asked Steve about it and he said she'd definitely do it."
"In what world would you stop mid-fight to have a snack?" Wanda asks between giggles.
"In my world," Sam replies with a poor impression of her accent.
Wanda rolls her eyes fondly at him, then looks back at you. "Do you hear this? He's going to stop criminals, but never in an empty stomach."
"I'd expect nothing less from him," you reply with a smile.
Sitting on the far end of the table, Bucky's impassive face has the same look as when he's trying to hold in his displeasure.
Like he's trying not to frown.
"Oh oh." Sam looks between you and Bucky. "We lost the Agent."
"That we did." Wanda gets up and tilts her head to the outside. "C'mon Wilson, let's get some food before the next one starts. Steve must've come back from therapy and food shopping already, we can go annoy him."
Sam gets up to follow her. "I love the way you think, girl."
With the door closed behind him, it's only you and Bucky in the room.
Well—you two and the other holograms which are on standby until the clock hits 2p.m. and the next meeting starts.
Being Nick's most valuable and trusted Agent means you're always highly aware of your surroundings. That means knowing you and your boyfriend are being heard by world leaders at the moment.
Whether they're paying attention to the silly conversations happening between the Avengers when it's not the business time or not, it's a different matter.
Usually, you keep to yourself when you're on the clock, but that could never be the case when the man you love is sitting a few steps from you looking like that.
Like a kicked puppy, or someone who saw a puppy being kicked.
"Hey," you call him. At the sound of your voice, Bucky stops fiddling with his fingers and looks up. "You okay?"
As a response, he shrugs his shoulders.
Oh, no. That's the international Bucky sign for "I am definitely not okay, but I don't know if I should say it".
You and Steve are the only ones who can pick up on his moods that easily, and all it takes is a shrug for you to put down your folders and papers and walk the distance until you're standing right next to him.
You glance around the empty room as an instinct, then prop yourself up on the desk to sit almost in front of him.
"Was it the meeting?" you ask softly.
Discussing matters of Wakanda was a delicate subject with Bucky, and the previous briefing where T'Challa and Nick were discussing the topic at hand brought up the exact reason why—Natasha.
You two had multiple conversations about it already. Just like Steve, Bucky's relationship with the fallen Avenger had been intense and tricky, but in the end, she had been a friend.
Worry feels you that maybe Bucky's had some memories, but when he looks up at you and narrows his eyes, his answer leaves you stranded again.
"It wasn't her." So not Natasha, then. Bucky looks down at his lap again and then looks away out of the window, shaking his head at himself. "It's—I'm being stupid. Don't worry."
As if there's a world where that could ever happen. Multiple and even infinite universes could exist, but the idea of you not caring whether Bucky's happy or not, bothered or not, is alien in every single one of them.
You lean in forward and in a rare show of affection at work, cup his face between your hands to turn him to you.
"That would never happen," you whisper to him, looking him in the eyes. I always care about you. Your happiness always matters to me.
The words you said to him multiple times are spoken with one look and when his shoulders relax, you know Bucky's heard them.
He looks back at you with so much vulnerability that it makes you forget everything else around you.
The others could come back with horns blasting and Fury could start calling your emergency code—none of it would make you let go of his beautiful face.
Finally, after three heartbeats that feel too much like a small fraction of eternity, Bucky looks down again, smiling sadly this time. "Don't laugh, please."
"I won't," you promise. You let go of his face only to caress the soft hair that you love so much.
"Did something happen?" he finally ask. "You called me James."
Your movements in his hair stop and you freeze for a second, trying to recap the last few hours to know what he's talking about.
You had. Usually, you called all the Avengers by their coded names, slipping only sometimes.
Being Nick's right arm meant you worked from the air (and earth, and water, sometimes) to protect the Avengers while they worked the ground. After months of working together and growing closer, of course you slipped.
They were your friends now, not only Scarlet Witch and Captain America or Black Panther. They were Wanda, Sam, Steve, T'Challa. They were silly, and they were healing, and you were bound to slip.
You had called Bucky 'James' a few times today, you notice. When the presidents of the annoying Tricheta (as Nick called) were having their doubts about sending Bucky alone with Wanda to the facilities in question, you had stood up for him.
"James is more than capable of doing this with perfect scores, Mr. President. Matter-of-factly, he's the only one who can help Wanda get in there and do this properly without fucking up," you said with a smile, and the 'just like your agents had fucked up' goes unheard.
(Nick's snort and giggle do not.)
"I...yes?" You notice now what his previous question meant. 'Did something happen?' Bucky thinks you're upset at him because you called him James.
Because you used his name.
A giggle escapes you before you can think of it and his sad puppy looks turn confused, so you touch his cheeks gently once more. You promised you wouldn't laugh, but god, this man is too much. He's too soft, too caring, too genuine. And you love all of it.
"Isn't that your name, love?" you ask in a teasing tone, just to see the color rising in his cheeks.
"Not to you, it's not," he replies with a huff, sounding every bit as petty as Steve swears he can be.
"Oh, really? And what is your name?"
"Amor," he replies seriously. "It's in my birth certificate and all. Y/N's Amor."
Love. Your love.
Everything that Bucky makes you feel floods your chest and spreads through your body, and all you want is to kiss him senselessly.
"Amor." He looks up at you with a pleased smile now.
"You're only my amor. Not theirs." Without care for all the protocols in check, you lean down to press your lips against his. Bucky responds with a hand to your thigh and his lips pressing back with passion. "I can't believe you," you giggle against his lips.
"Shut up," he says without any bite. He kisses you again, and your heart melts on top of the table you sit on. "I thought I had done something," he mumbles with a pout.
"If you ever do, trust me, you'll know. And not because I'm pettily calling you by the name your lovely mother gave you, but because I'll tell you."
Bucky breathes in deeply at your statement, then exhales happily, nodding at you.
"Okay." He looks around him like a kid reading to steal a cookie, then tilts his head up for another kiss. "You don't think that was stupid?"
"Not in a million years," you press a kiss to his temple and get down from the table before Nick loses his lenience wherever he is and tells you two to keep it professional. "If you ever call me Y/n and not 'babygirl' or 'babydoll', I'm suing you."
His laughter trails with you as you walk back to the head of the table to your sit, and for the entirety of the next briefing, your pleased smile and rosy cheeks are all everything can pay attention too, as well as Bucky's satisfied smirk.
It's one of the good days at work, and you have your amor to thank for it.
taglist ☆ @undiadeestos ; @keepingitlokiii ; @hallecarey1 ; @mardema ; @mollygetssherlockcoffee ; @fanofalltheficsx ; @justlovelifeblog ; @fallenoutofrose ; @rvgrsbrns ; @tripletstephaniescp ; @fairytalebucky ; @bvckysmoon ; @buttybarnes1917 ; @rebekahdawkins ♥
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scarlvtbitch · 5 months ago
The look of betrayal
summary: reader sees bucky’s face when his arm disconnects from his body
@kpfun gif credit
Tumblr media
After the confrontation between the Dora and Walker, you couldn’t help but notice how extra quiet Bucky was. You knew him far too much that you knew when something was troubling him. However, you didn’t want to push him too much to the point where he felt pressured. You always let him tell you on his own time, when he was ready. You two were currently sitting on the couch, trying to comprehend what just happened.
“Hmm?” Your voice broke away his gaze from the far off distant.
“Are you alright?” You saw what happened earlier. When he was fighting Ayo and how she did something to disconnect his metal arm from his body, you saw Bucky’s expression when it fell to the ground. It was pretty evident he was hurt, confused and betrayed. 
You softly set your hand on top of his. He thought of saying yes, he thought he was going to, because he didn’t know how to open up fully. The word that came out of his mouth took him by surprise.
“No.” He clenched his jaw and took a shaky breath. You nodded your head in encouragement. One look at your eyes was all it took for Bucky’s feelings to explode. “Why didn’t they tell me that...could happen.” He hesitated. “I sort of felt like I wasn’t my own person again. Like anyone could just do what they wanted to me. I feel like no one trusts me. I don’t blame them, though. And when I saw the arm on the floor, I was reminded that I wasn’t whole. This is just a prosthetic.” He held up his metal arm. “This will always be a reminder of my weakness. A part of me missing. I don’t know, it’s probably stupid-”
“Hey, no, it’s not stupid. I completely understand your frustration, Buck. You thought you were free of people doing whatever they wanted with you but that took you by surprise. I think they should’ve told you that could happen. And in regards to your arm...” You blinked back a few tears and lifted the vibranium appendage to your lips and placed a light feather kiss to his hand. You brought up the metal hand to your cheek and held it there. “You’re whole. You’re....perfect to me. Just the way you are. And that arm is pretty dang hot if you ask me.”
“Definitely.” You gave him a nose scrunched smile before pressing your forehead against his. He smiled as he could smell the vanilla scent from your shampoo which now filled his lungs. He pressed his lips against yours, pouring his gratitude for your words into it. You pulled away away and rested your foreheads together once again.
“And Bucky?” You murmured against him.
“Yeah, doll?”
“I trust you with my life, sweetheart, you know that right?” Somehow, those words were all he needed to hear.
“I know, my love. And I trust you with mine.”
Two people who had a hard time trusting others, found the biggest amount of trust within each other.
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thewintersoldierr · a month ago
Hug Me.
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader Summary: You and Bucky are friends. Good friends. Great friends. You hang out all the time, he's always around yours, but you're friends. He worries, like he's your friend; you look after him, like he's your friend. The two of you keep saying you're friends, but why does it feel like something more. No Warnings, Just Fluff. Word Count: 6.3k ------------------------------------------------
“How’d your date go?”
His groan is enough of an answer as you move to your fridge, grabbing things out instinctively before pulling for the bread.
“You know, you don’t have to go on the dates.”
Groaning, he rolls his head and you smirk, beginning his sandwich. The one he never wants.
He dislikes you making them to begin with and yet you still do. Even if you explain it, he never understands how you need something to do when he’s like this; when his annoyance or low mood is bouncing around your apartment. It unsettles you, and your hands need something to focus on to stop yourself from overstepping. Because Bucky doesn’t like comfort. Not in the way you know how to give. You cuddle, you hug, and if anything Bucky prefers low touch and far distance, and you respect that.
You do.
The emotional part of you doesn’t, but the rest of you does. It wants to heal, to comfort. To smother his pain or grievance with love and care. Especially after he shares his version of all the awful things he’s been through over the adapted version the media tells.
“Ham or cheese?”
He groans again, his face burying into his hands as you smile, choosing cheese. You prefer cheese—especially if you’re going to eat it in an hour. Like you usually have to do.
He mumbles something, and you cast a glance mid-cut.
“What’s that?”
Lifting his head, the bags under his eyes are a giveaway that he’s not sleeping again. He does this sometimes, even if he’s dealt with nightmares, finds himself awake. He texts you sometimes, usually commenting on a show he's begun watching with you that he says he hates only to keep watching it when you’re not around.
“I don’t know why you bother.” You roll your eyes, turning back to cut the bread. “You know I’m not gonna eat it, that’s not why I come.”
Throwing the knife in the sink, you lick the butter from your fingers. “I know, you tell me this every time, Bucky.”
“So, at this point, I still don’t know why you bother.”
Placing things back in the fridge, you cast him an irritated look. “Because, as we’ve discussed before, when you come to my apartment—in a mood—I need to do something to take care of you. I can’t help it. The same as you can’t help, but be self-destructive; or how you can’t help but shout at Michael downstairs when he gets too familiar with me when I get my post. It’s who we are.”
He runs a hand over his face as you take the sandwich to him, placing it down as you smile.
“Plus, have you ever thought of just… eating it? I mean, you’ve been on your late-evening, non-food date for… what? Thirty minutes, so I know you’ve not eaten.”
You move from the kitchen, heading to the sofa close by to where he’s sat. Least there you can pretend to read, to watch tv, to do anything but stare at him and wish he’d eat.
It’s weird to think a year ago he wasn’t in your life, and now he’s a permanent fixture. He doesn’t care that you hated going out, doesn’t hate that you had odd quirks like picking the pepperoni from the pizza to eat first. He also doesn’t care that sometimes you are bubbly and other times you’re an anxious mess who worries about nothing.
“Maybe I don’t want you to think I’m using you.”
Slumping down, you meet his eye. “Bucky, I made you a sandwich, I’m not giving you my kidney. I could never think you’re using me, especially since I like you being here. But, I can’t turn off my… y’know—caring nature. And, you know, you have expressed a huge amount of distaste for me being overly caring—“
“—I don’t think they’re the exact words I used—“
“So, if I can’t hug you, I’m gonna make you a sandwich. And if you don’t let me do either of those things, then I’m going to have to go back to making you hot drinks—which you actually hated more.”
He snorted, and you were sure there was a smile poking through. A small one, but one all the same.
“Bucky… talk to me.”
He shrugs, like a child. He does that after some of them. Already getting in his head before he goes, and then finds himself more annoyed he went when they weren’t at all how they seemed.
“-ug me.”
His jaw tightens as he glares. “Just… Hug me.”
“Hug… you?”
He sighs. “You don't have to sound so disgusted.”
Rising from your seat, you blink. “You sure?”
“The more you question it, the more I’m beginning to change my mind.”
You go over, timidly, like an injured animal approaching a predator. Bucky doesn’t scare you, he never has.
The friendship which grew between the two of you came from nowhere, just two people living in the same building. Then you saw him outside your favourite coffee shop and soon enough, he smiled and you smiled. One minute you had barely said more than a hello to him, and the next he was walking past his apartment to yours, with your groceries muttering about how he used to eat meat from a tin. Soon after, he’d be outside your door when you finished work, sometimes with food in hand and sometimes bringing you a bottle of wine he knew you liked when you were having a bad day. The two of you hung out, ordered food and he stayed until you were yawning.
In some ways, you wondered if it was odd. You had male friends, but none like him. None who made your home feel a bit more homely when he was in it; none who you wanted to throw hands for if someone bothered him.
Wiping your hands on your jeans, you moved closer to him.
“Jesus. I have been hugged before, I’m not going to break because you touch me.”
“Sorry, I’m nervous.”
He cocks a brow. “You… nervous? Doll, I never.”
You shrug, fighting the blush from his nickname. A name he knows you hate, but calls you anyway. He never asks why, but laughs when you shift awkwardly when he calls it you. You’re not sure how to put it to him that it seems affectionate, a step over the threshold of friends—even if the two of you are so over the line already.
Because, regardless of whether you want to admit it, you do like him. He’s funny in a serious way; he’s handsome, but in a way he doesn’t even realise. He’s caring, even if he thinks he isn’t.
But, you can’t ruin this. You don’t want him to look at you with those blue eyes and tell you, ‘Doll, I don’t feel the same’. Because you’re not sure you can come back from that. You’re also not sure you can be without him now he’s here.
This gift which has been sent to you which you didn’t know you needed, but now it’s here it’s like it was always supposed to be here. Like a piece of art, made for the wall it hung on, bringing the entire place together.
Worst of all, Bucky fits into your world. Almost too well. As if there has always been a Bucky-shaped-hole until he stepped into it.
“This is a big deal.”
“It is?”
You punch him lightly as he laughs. “Look, just let me prepare for this huge moment. It’s like winning an award.”
He smirks, and you find yourself grinning at the sight of it. Just like the first time when he cracked it over his usually stoic face. You’d made too much food, not measuring was your downfall, and when you knocked and asked if he wanted any, you’d expect the door in your face.
Thankfully, he accepted.
Thankfully he visited more from then, sometimes invited, and more often not.
Slowly, you move closer as he parts his thighs on your kitchen stool, letting you move towards him. When it dawns on you how close you’d be to him. It was strange, you knew it wasn’t normal how the two of you were. But, it was a normal that matched how un-normal you both were. Now, the closer you become, the more your heart hammers. The more you feel your throat go dry, as your arms move around him, and you feel his arms wrap around you.
At first, it’s awkward. Forced, even.
Then a second passes and muscles relax, bones shifting to more natural places, and you find a place for your head and he adjusts so he fits around you. Going together, fitting like you’re suddenly supposed to.
You count, aiming for five seconds before you loosen your arms, finding he doesn’t move. His arms firmly around you, aftershave tickling your nose as you turn, looking at his side profile.
“You should have hugged me before.”
Smiling, you curl into him more as he gives you another squeeze before the two of you let go. His head tilts, and you remain still between his legs.
“Was… was that your first hug since the 40s?”
Smirking, Bucky rolls his eyes as he turns to the sandwich. “Shut up.”
Bucky is used to texting you.
You’re one of the few people he has in his phone, and the most common person he texts. It started with thanks for last night, and then became something he did more regularly. Did you get to work okay? Are you busy later? What does ‘lol’ mean?
You’re the person who shows him how to update his phone properly, that he doesn’t need to send each sentence separately. He likes it, when he feels it vibrate in his pocket knowing it can only be you. When he’s in Louisiana, visiting Sam, he feels more insistent on knowing when you get home and when you’ve got to work.
He blames his work.
He blames the things he’s seen.
But really, truthfully, he knows it’s because he cares. He likes knowing you’re safe, and it’s the closest he can get without being there himself.
Who’s the girl? I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a liar, Buck.
It’s not that he’s hiding you from Sam, but he doesn’t want it ruined. He doesn’t want to bring the two sides of his world together and watch one swallow the other, tainting it, pushing you away. He hates to admit it, but you’re the first person he’s met in decades who makes him feel as at peace as he did in Wakanda. You don’t ask for too much, don’t expect him to be anyone but him. Metal hand out or not, you don’t treat him any differently, and you don’t look at him with too much pity, even if he’s being self-destructive or an asshole.
When he gets back to Brooklyn, he texts you. He expects a sea of little images like you usually send, ones he pretends to understand even if you’ve explained them all to him.
Usually, you’re quick. Your replies to him within the hour at the least, and he’d become used to it—accustomed, so to speak. He even smiles when you text him out of the blue, caught off guard at how you want to speak to him. Something he wasn’t entirely aware of until Sam pointed it out.
You’re smiling. Faces do that, Sam. Some faces do, yours doesn’t.
Now, though, you hadn’t replied.
Not in two hours.
It shouldn’t cause him this amount of worry. You were likely busy at work or misplaced your phone, because sometimes you did that. Sometimes it was surgically attached to you and other times it was placed somewhere in one of your worry-trains. But, even when the latter happens, you eventually reply.
You knew it made him feel better, you’d told him as much once when you were busy writing a report for work. It rolled off your tongue, not even looking up to see how his face broke into a grin at how considerate you were, how much it meant to him.
He couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was about you that made him feel the way he did. One day you were someone getting your mail and then next he was at your kitchen counter trying some rice dish you’d made. You crept up on him, sneaked your way into his life, and he didn’t hate it—not even a little bit. He liked that you were far-removed from the other aspects of his life; you were shielded from the horrors, even if you knew what he’d done—what he did as a job.
I have eyes, Bucky, I’ve seen the news.
He’d expected you to grill him, be scared of him, when he confirmed he was who you knew he was. Instead, you made him a hot drink, and talked to him about anything but his past until it went cold.
Now, though, you weren’t replying, even if he’s sent another text. He tries to put his mind at ease, reminding himself you have a job, and a whole other side of your life he isn’t involved in. And, it’s safe too. You don’t hang around bad people, barely seeing anyone but a few friends you mention here and there, and well, him. You have family, but not local, and for the most part, you don’t seem to shout about your friendship with him.
So you had to be safe.
But it didn’t stop him from climbing the stairs to your apartment when he knew you should have finished work, listening at the door, hearing only silence. He paces, trying to tell himself you are fine—busy, even. But he can’t wrestle the worry away, even with all the tips and tricks handed to him by his therapist.
Raynor likes you, and she’s never met you.
She says how good you must be, how solid you are. A guiding light in all the darkness, and Bucky felt compelled to tell her to shut up, but never did. Even when he finished the book, leaving her a thank you card, he added he’d make sure to look after you.
Now he can’t help but feel he’s failed you. Imagining something terrible happening to you, all because he wasn’t here.
Your voice cuts through his worries like a knife, and he turns on his heels to face you as you blink at him with curiosity while he feels nothing but relief.
“Hey… did we… Did we make plans? Did I forget again? Bucky, I’m so sorry...”
Bucky’s head shakes before he can think, just so relieved to see you. To see all of your limbs attached in the right places; not a hair on your head out of place.
Your features begin to crease, and he wants to place his hands either side of your arms to stop them from spreading any further.
“Buck… are you okay?—”
He hugs you. Voluntarily.
His arms wrap around you, and it brings him so much peace, he isn’t sure why he didn’t let you hug him until recently.
He isn’t sure why he doesn’t do this often, because as soon as he does, calm spreads over him like a mist. It’s nice, enjoyable even, and he even likes how the cold of your jacket presses against his neck and hand.
“Oh... “ you say again. “This is… not that I’m not glad… you know… we’re doing this, but—“
His arms move, letting you step back, as he notices the blush on your cheeks as it dawns on him what he’s just done. How he just felt you against him, and now how cold he is without you against him.
“Y-You didn’t text me back.”
Adjusting your bag, he watches as your eyes soften and your keys jingle in your hand. He sighs, pinching his nose as you raise your brow, waiting and he isn’t sure what to say. How to explain how he got himself here.
“Buck… I’m so sorry, I just… I got up late, and I was having a bad day.”
He buries his hand in his jacket pocket, avoiding your eyes. “It’s okay.”
“It’s not. I’m… I’m so sorry. I’ve barely looked at my phone all day, really. But, I—”
“It’s fine, honestly, Doll. I just got worried.”
You nod, and he suspects it’s because you can tell he feels awkward. It must roll from him, drowning you in waves, and he shuffles near your door, unsure what to do as you jingle your keys again.
”You want to come in?”
He nods, trying to look as nonchalant as possible, but truly it’s all he wants. He needs to be around you, because even if he’s stemmed most of his worry, some remains. Prickling his skin, dancing over his bones as he keeps taking side-glances, checking every bit of you is as it should be.
You don’t say anything else as you place your key in. “I cannot believe this,” you begin, “you care about me.”
“You are almost as annoying as Raynor.”
Smiling, you move towards him and he moves against the wall, rolling on the wall so he faces your side as you unlock your door. He sees it now, what Sam has been talking about. How he lights up, how his heart seems to speed up when he’s around you.
How in all of the time he’s been ‘free’ he has disliked people, especially those he doesn’t know invading his life. But you are an exception.
Twisting the key, you meet his eyes. “I can’t believe you care and worry about me,” your voice lowering as you grin at him, “and you let me hug you—and now you’ve just hugged me. I should be more shocked if you actually know how to do it.”
“You’re awful. You know that?”
He follows you, trailing behind you as he watches you remove your bag, dropping the keys into the bowl. His back meets the door as it closes gently, softer than he usually shuts it as you shimmy from your jacket.
Bucky usually does this.
He always does this.
Waits for you to properly invite him to his usual spot as he lets you change or make a drink or anything. But now, he’s stood, flexing his fingers as he watches you, weirdly wanting you to wrap your arms around him again. He needs to feel your heart thump against him, and he’s aware he’s just watching you, just waiting for something which doesn’t need to come.
Now, he’s standing, shifting awkwardly as you turn to face him. And he feels himself drowning in realisation, wanting to open the door behind him and leave.
“I do.”
Frowning, you fold your arms. “What?”
“Worry. I do worry about you.”
He thinks about moving towards you, and for some reason his throat goes dry as he feels his expression soften.
Nodding, he smiles. “Okay.”
“You fancy a sandwich?”
Shaking his head, he snorts. “How about we just order something?”
“You really don’t like my sandwiches, do you?”
Laughing, he kicks off from the door as you head to your bedroom. “No. No, I don’t. Stop making me your sandwiches,” he says as you laugh, and he heads to his usual spot.
“Only if you hug me again.”
“Deal,” he says.
Not knowing if you realise how much he’s beginning to like them too.
You rarely go to Bucky’s place.
He has very little furniture and one cactus—that you gave him—which you’re pretty sure has died from lack of water. Something you weren't even sure was possible. You are also sure he is still sleeping on the floor, even if he tries to deny it. Even if you went mattress shopping with him to buy something firmer because last time you peeked into his room, it looks the same as when you made it for him weeks ago.
You wondered if it’s the reason he’s always around yours, because you have decor and more than one seat. You don’t mind, when you moved in all you wanted was to have people over, and you did sometimes. More so now Bucky was in your life.
He didn’t hang out when you had friends over, but he did pop in, usually not realising you had them there. They’d raise their brow at you after he left, because how can you not be sleeping with him. You could only shrug, because you didn’t really have an answer.
You’d thought of it. You’d dreamt of it actually.
But had no answer.
Adjusting your blouse, you tried to steady your breathing. You’re fine with people, good even. But, it feels weird to be meeting a friend of Bucky’s—someone who is adamant on meeting you. You tried to hide how nervous you were, how much it panicked you. You’d tried to steady your breathing and not sweat through your grey t-shirt as he sat at your counter. We could do a bar or something? He’s waiting for an answer, eyes pinning  you into place, and you could feel the walls coming in because crowds and people and—
And then he was in front of you, his hand on your shoulder and you stared into his blue eyes.
I don’t like crowds. I don't like people. What I mean is… I really don’t like crowds. I… I’m fine with work, and… like two people, if that. But more than that, and meeting people. Bucky, I’m really awkward. Like, I will just keep talking and talking. How is that any different to normal? Bucky… Okay. You’ll come to mine, and if you’re not feeling it. We’ll cancel, okay? And then, if you decide to go, we’ll go. Together. Together? Together. You care about me… Shut up.
He reminded you in the run up to the evening that he didn’t care if you lasted five minutes with Sam or an hour. All he wanted was Sam off his back. Because apparently he talks about you too much; he smiles conspicuously because of you.
Which is why you agree. It’s the only reason you even let your friend tell you what to wear, because even if it’s casual, you don’t want to disappoint him or his friend.
You also make Bucky promise to get you a bottle of wine, and that he has to pay for your drinks.
Running a hand over your hair, you go to hover your hand over his door, but it doesn’t even reach the wood before it’s pulled open.
He’s gorgeous. So ridiculously handsome, you can hear your friend in your head again, ‘Why aren’t you sleeping with him?’ And how he’s currently dressed, a blue shirt open over a t-shirt and dark jeans, you aren’t sure why.
You can’t even stop yourself from grinning as he stares at you, letting his eyes wander up and down you.
“Hey to you too.”
“You look…”
Averting your eyes, you laugh. “Better than sweat pants and a t-shirt, right?”
His eyes remain wide as a smile begins to spread over his face, and you hate how it makes your chest and ears burn with warmth. When he slides out the way, you enter his place.
You try to hide your nerves, turning to face him as he closes the door as you’re pretty sure you smell cleaning supplies and a candle burning.
“Bucky, have you lit a candle?”
He snorts as you find him offering you a glass of wine. “I’m beginning to feel offended you’re so surprised by things I can do.”
Taking the wine, you arch your brow. “I mean, you were born in a time before Google.”
“I didn’t 'cheap out' as you would say. So, drink up.”
He follows you to sit down, and you look around, noticing a new plant and another candle. Your finger sliding over the top of the glass, suddenly feeling nervous all over again—like you had done when you got ready.
“You feeling alright?”
Nodding, you look at your glass. “Is he going to ask me a lot of questions?”
Bucky rolls his head from side to side. “Probably. He’s very invasive. Bothersome, actually.”
His hand touches your shoulder, brows furrowing as you meet his eye line. “At any point, you say the word and we will leave.”
“What word—a safe word, just for us?”
You watch him frown, all his features scrunching up before he smirks.
“Is that your thinking face—”
“—Shut up—”
“You look like you’re trying to shit out a brick, Bucky,” you laugh, and the corners of his mouth turn up as you do.
Taking a sip of your drink, you feel your face warming up as you hold his stare.
“You have nothing to worry about. Sam’s gonna love you,” he reassures, his thumb drawing circles on your shoulder as you sigh. “And, hug me.”
Smirking wider, he sips more of his beer. “If either of us want to go, we’ll ask for a hug?”
“Our safe word is hug me?”
You shrug, drinking some of the wine, not aware of his growing smile or how his eyes are firmly on you.
Bucky knew it would go well.
Even if he’d been worrying about the two of you meeting the moment Sam asked who he was texting. You’d been nervous, practically vibrating with nerves as he opened the bar door letting you go in first. The whole walk over his finger occasionally brushed yours, and it took all of him not to reach out and take it. To make you feel better, that’s all.
He’d been sure at several points on the quiet walk to it that you’d ask to go home.
He knows how you hate crowds, how situations such as these are hard; you’d told him in a few words and he’d stitched the rest together himself.
There wasn’t a way for him to explain to you he got it. How he hated his mind too, how it twisted things that made sense and made them a nightmare. One day, he’d try to find the words to tell you, even if you had put your own pieces together.
He watches as you slide from the stool to the bathroom, thankful you’ve nibbled at your chips and drank some of your water. He knew when you were really worked up, you didn’t eat, he’d noticed it when you ordered food with him after a bad day, and left it untouched.
“You like her.”
“Well, I don’t usually hang out with people I don’t, Sam.”
Smirking, Sam tips his beer towards him. “No, idiot. You like her, like her.”
He didn’t want to deny it, he didn’t really have the energy or desire to. Because of course he did. He wouldn’t see as much of you, wouldn’t think about you when he did mundane things like grocery shop and notice your favourite sauces or coffee beans if he didn’t.
Bucky also hadn’t been on a date in weeks, not that he really ever wanted to go on them before. He only did because you’d been seeing that asshole from your office and he thought he’d give it a go.
Then there was the time you fell asleep on him, and he didn’t hate it. He liked how you’d curled into him under the ridiculous yellow blanket on your sofa. How you breathed softly, your hand resting on his chest and he could study each lash and each curve of your face.
“Alright, Sam.”
“Wait, you’re not denying it.”
Shooting him a glare, he glances back, checking you’re not on your way to him. “No.”
“No, you’re not denying it? Or no, you don’t—“
“She’s good, Sam. Genuinely good. She works a normal job and does normal things. She bought me a cactus and made me soup once; when I’m down she makes me sandwiches or hot drinks, even if I protest,” he says, picking at the label on his bottle as he looks up to see you emerging from the bathroom and pointing at the bar.
He just nods and you smile so wide and beautifully, he’s not sure he’s ever going to recover. Regardless of how put together you are right now, how stunning you look, he finds you just as beautiful as when you’re in your sweats, berating him about sleeping on the floor.
“She’s also my friend,” Bucky continues, meeting Sam’s eyes. “And, since one of my friends knows I murdered their son, another decided to go back in time and remain in the past and you don’t live here, I’ve got very few of them going round.”
“So, you’re going to ignore your feelings?”
Bucky nods. “Yeah.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“No, you are,” he continues, and Bucky glares at him with all he has, “Because you don’t seem to see that she’s as crazy about you, as you are about her.”
He wants to argue, but he also wants to believe.
For a second, he wants to imagine a world in which you want him to. Where instead of there being a time where you don’t curl into him and stop, he places his fingers under your chin and kisses you. A world where you tell him you love him, and he lets it wash over him because if someone like you can love him knowing all of him, then he’s doing okay.
“She likes you back, idiot,” Sam adds as you walk back to the table, holding a tray with drinks on as he smiles.
“Hug me,” he mutters under his breath.
Bucky brings his drink to his lips. "I said fuck me."
You don’t see each other for a week after the bar.
Bucky does text you, even calls you, but he’s away—doing work with Sam he won’t tell you about. And you won’t ever ask. You think he likes that, keeping you at arm’s length with that side of his life.
The thing is, you know he’d tell you if you did ask. But you’re not sure you want to know. You know enough; you watch the news.
You already worry about him at the best of times, because even with a metal arm he’s still a person who can bleed and be hurt. You’ve seen faint bruises before, and cuts on his cheeks, so you could only imagine what marks have been under his clothes. He’s never seemed hurt, not acted like it even when he carries your shopping or lifts a box down from the top of your wardrobe.
If he doesn’t want to tell you, you’ll make it easier by not asking.
You talk about anything but what he’s doing. Even if you hate talking on the phone. Hating how you can’t see him or read his expression; hating how he could be hiding sadness behind sarcasm, something he’s prone to doing.
You only answer the phone because you try to push through because you think it helps him.
When he returns, he brings you a candle and while you have so many questions, you don’t ask them. You just let him in, as he agrees to a movie night as long as you’ll order food.
Lighting the candle, you’re thankful he’s switched the scent up. At one stage, vanilla was all your apartment smelt like. Not even sure why he began buying you candles when he came over uninvited.
I was raised to bring something when I’m invited round. But you’re not invited. So, I bring you a candle. Why a candle? You hate flowers. Bucky... How’d you even know that? I listen.
He lets you pick the movie, groaning when it’s one the two of you have already watched. Moaning about how there’s a sea of movies he’s never seen, but you always put him through the same few. You slump next to him on the sofa, studying him as he focuses on the menu in his hand. Letting your eyes wash over him, checking his hairline and his brows; trying to see if there’s marks or bruises indicating to you how bad his time away has been.
“Your eyes are burning me.”
“No you’re not.”
Smirking, you snatch the menu back. “No. No I’m not.”
He shifts on the sofa next to you, and you’re thankful he’s here and not on his stool. Sometimes he does sit beside you, occasionally. Usually he sits at the counter, sipping on beer you purposefully buy him but you know has little to no effect on him. When he sits next to you, it feels different, the vibe in the apartment feels different.
Before, when he’s come back from being away, he’s a bit needier in terms of hours he spends with you, but he’s never wanted to be closer.
“I’m ordering my favourite.”
“Not mine?”
Stopping mid-order, you smirk. “Are you buying?”
He shrugs, standing up as you hear him head to the fridge, the lid of a beer cracking open as you smile.
You’re not sure if you should feel this content with someone who was just a friend. You’d briefly lived with an ex, finding them uncomfortable to be around and not all that sad when things fell apart. You’d dated people, but none who made you smile the way Bucky does.
Not that you like to compare. Not that you have even been on dates recently to compare adequately.
Not that you ever want too.
You bounce on the sofa as he sits, throwing his arm around the back as he sighs. “You going to fall asleep on me again?”
Rolling your eyes you grab the remote. “I will do my utmost to stay away and not use you as a cushion.”
“You can use me however you want.” Your face burns as you hide it behind a surprised look and a smirk, watching as his face turns red, and he turns his eyes from you. “You know what I mean.”
He meets your gaze, and the way his eyes soften and how his lips part do something to you that you keep trying to bury. Each time you’re close to him, this close in fact, it’s harder to not let your eyes wander over each angle of his face. Not to let yourself linger, wondering whether his lips are as soft as they look; whether his stubble will hurt against your soft cheeks or feel nice, grazing your palms and various other places.
“I just mean… if you want to use me as a pillow, be prepared for me to carry you to your room.”
You try to focus on the television, hiding your sudden embarrassment with a smile watching the opening credits. And not on the idea of him carrying you. Or how his thigh is against yours and his aftershave is darker, more wooden and keeps making you go light-headed from wishing it was on your skin.
“As friends, of course.”
Smirking, you glance at him. “Of course.”
He watches you, his arm moves around the back of the sofa as he shifts, finding you even closer, and you wonder if it’s purposeful or accidental. A smile growing over your face.
“Hug me,” he mutters. “What?”
He swallows, staring at you, the light from the television flickering over his features.
“Did you… did you just use the safe word on me?”
Bucky is staring.
Not scarily, not horribly, just full of panic.
You’re sure you’ve never seen this look on his face before; you’re sure he’s never looked so uncertain about anything.
You pause the film, sitting up straighter as you stare at him. “Are you okay?”
He nods, and then he shakes his head. His arm retracting, the room going cold as you watch him. He shifts, tensing, and you find yourself moving back towards the arm of the sofa, far away from him.
“I’m going to ask you again—”
“I have to go.”
He’s on his feet before you can speak another word, his hand grabbing for his jacket from the countertop as you follow him.
Bucky’s never done this. He’s never just left, just shut down. Not since the first few weeks of the two of you knowing one another. He did it when you got close to his past, when you toed-the-line over his old persona, the person he hates he ever was.
Now though, you’re confused. Replaying the events backwards, unsure if there’s something you said or if there’s something you’re missing when he turns on his heel to face you.
“I’ll see you soon.”
“Sure,” you manage to say, just as the door of your apartment closes, the scent of him being all that’s left.
You stare, for a stupid amount of seconds at where he has just been. You blink, letting your eyes drop to the floor, trying to steady the way your heart beats as it dawns on you, you may have just lost him. He may have just left, finally reached his peak.
Maybe you were too close, maybe you’d been too much.
Nipping at your bottom lip, you try to stop yourself from unravelling. A little mad at him for doing this, for leaving so abruptly when he knows you’re only going to worry.
You’re about to charge after him, to give him a piece of your mind when the door of your apartment flies open, him walking through it as he throws his jacket over your side table.
You barely have time to brace, to do anything as he towards you his skin brushing your cheek as fingers slide into your hair.
And he kisses you.
His other hand holding your waist gently, likely giving you enough room in case you didn’t want this.
You did.
You really did.
Which is why you began kissing him back.
[Hope you like, (: I loved writing this]
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badassbuchanan · 6 months ago
Making Amends
Tumblr media
Plot: Bucky walks back into your life, and with it, your past, along with all the feelings that were there.
Warnings: smut; tfatws!bucky, i never know how to end fics, heartbreak, tension, love making, unprotected sex.
Word Count: 5908
A/N: It’s 12am and I definitely did not proof read this - I take responsibility for any and all mistakes
Okay so with Bucky they used to be together when he was the winter soldier but then he just up and left without a trace so she married into riches but her husband died?! So now she lives alone in a big ol house
“Excuse me, Y/N.” The soft voice caught the woman’s attention as it echoed through the room. Y/N looked up, noticing the petite, older maid standing in the dimly lit wooden frame of the doorway.
“What is it Mary?” Y/N gave her a welcoming smile, looking up at the maid expectantly as she sat up a little straighter in the grand armchair. She delicately folded in the corner of the page of the mystery novel she was reading before neatly placing it down on the side table next to her.
“I do apologise for bothering you at this hour, but you have a visitor.” Y/N noticed the way Mary played nervously with her apron, her unusual jitteriness aroused suspicion in Y/N. Y/N listened intently as she took her reading glasses from her face, placing them on top of her book. “I told him to come back another time, but he’s quite persistent.” She noticed Mary look down the hall to her left as she spoke, as if being intimidated by a figure that was unseen to Y/N. Something definitely wasn’t right.
“He?” Y/N’s ears perked up as a warm flush of both anxiety and excitement washed over her body. She quickly moved to wrap the silk dressing gown tighter around her body, hiding the lace trimmed nightgown she wore underneath. No. It couldn’t be him.
“Yes, he…he said you’d want to-“ The figure of a man emerged in front of Mary, cutting her sentence off. Y/N froze from where she sat, her heart stopping momentarily as she watched a secret part of her past walk into the room. James Buchanan Barnes. The Winter Soldier. Her first lover. Her partner in crime. Her everything. Here. After all this time. After all the heartbreak. She hadn’t seen Bucky since he’d abandoned her late one night while she slept, disappearing without a trace. She searched for him, terrified that one of his enemies had caught up to him. She spent night after night awake hoping that he’d walk back through the door, but he didn’t. He never came back for her.
She had to stop her heart from leaping out of her chest as she sat there, speechless. All of their memories flooded through her mind. Their first kiss. Their first mission. Their first time having sex. The adventures. The soft touches. The sweet nothings. The plans they made. The heartache. The pain. The agonising months spent trying to forget him. 
“Bucky.” Her voice cracked as she took in his changed appearance, looking him up and down. He’d cut his hair. His once clean shaven face now covered in stubble. His eyes seemed softer. He looked older.
Bucky’s chest heaved beneath his leather jacket, noticing the pain in Y/N’s eyes. He glanced down at his hands as he slipped off his gloves, a sigh leaving his lips as he second guessed his decision to come here. Damn his therapist and her stupid idea to make peace with his past. 
“Thank you.” Bucky nodded towards Mary, signalling for her to leave. Poor Mary looked like she would burst into tears at any moment, terrified of both being told off by Y/N for letting this happen and of being killed by the intimidating visitor. She looked over at Y/N for guidance, not wanting to leave her alone without her consent. Y/N nodded reassuringly with a soft smile at Mary, who’s eyes softened with worry as she quickly moved out of the doorframe, obeying Y/N’s wishes as she shut the door behind her.
Bucky turned his head back towards Y/N, his gorgeous blue eyes making her heart skip a beat. She dropped her head from his gaze, her cheeks heating up as she forced herself to ignore the way he made her stomach flutter with butterflies. “Y/N.” He smiled softly, sensing the trepidation extruding from her as he stepped further into the room, placing his gloves down on the coffee table.
Bucky grumbled to himself as she ignored him, the reality of facing her was a lot harder than he ever imagined it would be. His eye caught view of the teapot sitting on the silver tray, leaning down to pour himself a cup silently to buy himself some time.
Y/N scoffed with a roll of her eyes at his confidence to make himself at home, shaking her head as she felt her eyes getting slightly teary. “Help yourself.” She spat sarcastically as she avoided his gaze, resting her body back against the chair.
Bucky chanced a quick look up at her before lifting the teacup to his lips, sipping the half cold liquid. He chose to ignore her comment, he deserved it, and so much more. “You been keeping well?”
She bit the inside of her cheeks as she kept quiet, keeping up the heartless facade for as long as she could. She refused to let him know how much it pained her to see him, how much she still longed for the kind of love that they’d once shared.
“I think about you a lot, Y/N.” Bucky broke the silence as he placed the teacup onto the table, slumping down onto the couch opposite her, spreading his legs as he adjusted the leather jacket to make himself more comfortable. “My therapist says it actually seems to help with my nightmares.” He continued, a pout on his lips as he cupped his hands together, relaxing into the chair.
“You have a therapist?” She raised her eyebrows accusingly, crossing her arms over her body as she felt her heart beat quicken with anger. Her blood boiled as she watched him sitting there as if he hadn’t broken her heart. 
Bucky raised his eyebrow as a response, a subtle nod of his head as he clenched his jaw. “It’s a condition of my pardon.” He spoke matter-of-factly as he shrugged his shoulders. He hated this. He hated how shut off she’d made herself. He hated having to play the part of an asshole, knowing her well enough to know it was the only way to keep her talking.
“She’s got me going through this amends list,” He mumbled with a sigh of exasperation, letting his head rest against the back of the couch. “she’s even given me three rules to to obey in the process.” He let out a chuckle of amusement as he mocked the Doctor’s orders. 
Y/N let out a sigh of aggravation, rubbing her fingers against her temple as she closed her eyes. it was too late in the night for her to handle this kind of emotional turmoil. “Bucky, why are you-”
“The first rule is that I can’t do anything illegal.” He cut her off, he didn’t want to have to answer her questions. Questions he didn’t know the answers to. He shifted quickly to sit forward in his seat, picking up the teacup to take another sip of his tea. He noticed her make no effort to cut him off, his plan was working. “The second is that nobody gets hurt.” He smirked as he looked down at the cold liquid, swirling it around in the cup.
Y/N crossed her legs as she sat forward, leaning in to listen to his speech as she kept her eyes focused on her fingers. She noticed the slight tan line on her ring finger, where her wedding band once sat, a million thoughts filling her mind. Bucky wasn’t the only one that had to make amends with his past. He wasn’t the only one that had tried to move on. 
Bucky sensed her walls crumbling as she got used to his presence again. He lifted his eyes as he placed his teacup on the table once more, his eyes lifting to her body, admiring her as he always had done. He’d left to protect her. To save her from the inevitable doom they faced as assassins. He was terrified of not being in control of his own mind. He was terrified of hurting her. Something he’d ended up doing anyway.
He never stopped thinking about her. Ever. It didn’t matter where he was or what he was doing, he always thought about her. Like everything else that was going on around him was just noise, a distraction keeping him from her. With everyday that passed the longing to be with her seemed to grow. Without her, all he had was war, assassination, fights, destruction, death. Without her, that’s the only thing he had to focus on. 
“Do you remember the first time we went on a mission together?” Bucky smiled softly, feeling his heart thud against his chest as the memories flooded through his mind, bringing back all the emotion. 
Y/N’s eyes welled with tears as she swallowed the lump in her throat, the tension in the room rising so high she found it hard to breathe. “I told you I’d die for you.” She relived the memory in her mind, her head spinning as she smiled so subtly that it was unnoticeable to Bucky. After that first mission, she’d seen the worst of Bucky. She’d seen him as the heartless Hydra assassin. She’d seen that he was just as broken as her, and she fell in love with him in that moment.
Bucky’s stomach fluttered with butterflies, a fire of hope igniting inside of him as she slowly started opening up to him. “and I told you that you’d never have to.” He added with a shaky breath, his metal fingers tapping anxiously against his thigh. One wrong move and he’d be shoved from the room and out of her life for good. “Because I’d kill anyone that even looked at you the wrong way.” He chuckled softly at the memory, remembering so vividly how bright she’d made his dark world in that moment.
They sat in silence for a moment, both lost in the memory of each other. In a time where they’d had little control of their minds, with what Hydra was forcing the super soldier’s to do, they found refuge in each other. They found love in the darkest place, a love so rare and beautiful. A love that was impossible to get over.
“And you did,” Y/N’s voice dropped to almost a whisper, clenching her jaw to fight back the tears as she sat there, hurt and angry. How dare he come back into her life without warning, bringing up all of their precious memories that it had taken her a lifetime to forget. “Until you left.”
Bucky closed his eyes as he fought off the reminder. He’d woken up from a nightmare, his body glistening with sweat, his metal hand tightly wrapped around her throat. She was sleeping peacefully next to him, as she always did. It wasn’t the first time he’d choked her in her sleep. But there was a fear in his eyes, born from the lack of control that caused him to never want to hurt her again. He couldn’t help his nightmares, he couldn’t stop the lack of control he had over his mind. The only thing he could do was leave. To let her carry on with her life, without him.
“Do you miss me?” Bucky asked suddenly, his eyes opening to watch her intently. He had spent the last few years fighting to find a way to get back control of his mind, a small glimmer of hope alive in his heart that they’d find their way back to each other somehow, and he’d be fixed when they did. 
She shook her head, a small ironic chuckle passed her lips as his words cut through her like a knife. “Don’t.” She whispered sadly, the loneliness of the last few years engulfing her body. He’d been on her mind everyday. She’d always hoped he’d somehow find her, that he’d bring back the love he ripped from her. “Don’t do that.” She sighed softly, blinking rapidly to stop her tears from flowing down her face. Even when she’d tried to move on, live a normal life, marry a wealthy man who adored her, she felt nothing. When her husband passed away suddenly, leaving to her his whole estate, she felt nothing. She’d never been able to feel anything, apart from when she was with Bucky. “Don’t come here, after all these years, acting like nothing hap-”
“Answer the question.” He demanded with a tone of frustration as his metal fist slammed against the coffee table, desperate to hear her say it. He’d lived without her for long enough, the fear of losing her again was too much to bare. He could tell she was losing control by the way her lips pursed together, trying to maintain her strong appearance.
“What do you want from me?” She sighed in defeat, hesitant to opening herself back up to being hurt again. She felt his warmth from across the table, the familiarity of him was something that brought her comfort, and something she desperately craved more of.
“Yes or no, Y/N, do you miss me?” He kept his eyes focused on her intensely, his jaw clenching as he watched her break. Bucky knew exactly what he was doing. He knew he was her weakness. He knew that she couldn’t say no to him. “Because if it’s a no, I will walk out that door and never come back.”
“Yes.” She whispered shakily, the fear of him leaving proved too much as the room fell completely silent. “I miss you, okay. I’ve always missed you. It took me a lifetime try and get over you leaving, to forget you and to be honest Buck, I’m still not sure it worked. I miss you every single day and it kills me inside. Are you happy now?” 
“No,” Bucky spoke back instantly, his face as straight as an arrow as he rested his back against the chair. He watched single a tear slowly roll down her cheek, her eyes closing as her head dropped in defeat. “Come and whisper it to me.” 
If there was one thing she knew about Bucky, it was that he wouldn’t stop until he got his way. She sighed as a sign of surrender, standing to her feet as she self consciously adjusted her dressing gown to cover her body.
She slowly padded over to stand in front of him, her heart racing as she chanced a glance up at his face. His features looked even more beautiful up close, her hands itching to reach out and touch him. She fiddled with her fingers nervously, cautiously leaning towards him, breathing in his intoxicating scent as her lips gently brushed against his ear lobe. “I still miss you, James.” I whispered.
She let her lips linger close to his skin for longer than necessary. She knew she was playing a dangerous game, but yet she still made no effort to move. Bucky’s hot breath tickled her neck as she closed her eyes, her head spinning in a euphoria of his presence. It was something she could never tire of, something that made her drunk, something that left her addicted.
She riskily turned her head to face his, their breathing the only sound breaking the silence as her hand slid up to hold onto the metal of his shoulder outside of his leather jacket. Bucky tested the boundaries, following her movements as he turned his head to face her, their lips almost brushing.
Y/N gulped as her tongue brushed over her lips, her eyebrows arching in anticipation as her eyes flickered between his lips and his eyes. She needed him. All of him. 
“Don’t take it away from me now.” Y/N begged in a whisper against his lips, her fingers digging into his shoulder as she felt him shuffle to the edge of the seat. His eyes didn’t leave hers as he moved, his metal hand lifting cautiously to rest gently on her hip. Bucky’s heart fluttered with happiness, her longing for his love and affection making him feel euphoric. He’d longed for the day to have her wrapped up in his arms again, to have her soft skin on his.
“I miss you, doll.” Bucky whispered against her lips, causing her heart and tummy to flutter as she admired him with doe eyes, like he was the only thing in the world. His words marked the tipping point, her self control demolished as she nudged her face against his, connecting their lips for what felt like the first time. 
Bucky wasted no time in kissing her back gently, both of them lost in the desperation of making the most of every second. He naturally took control, his flesh hand lifting to cup her cheek as she let her hand drift to the back of his neck. All of their memories came flooding like a tidal wave through their minds, their passion just as intense as when they were together, almost as though nothing had changed, as if he’d never left. 
Bucky pulled her down into his lap as he sat back against the couch, tilting his head to deepen the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her body, feeling as much of her body as he could get his hands on. She adjusted her thighs to straddle his lap, ignoring the way her nightie rode up her thighs, revealing more of her silky flesh to the super soldier. The sudden intimacy didn’t scare her, it didn’t make her feel vulnerable or exposed. With Bucky, she felt safe. She felt loved. She felt like nothing could ever bring her harm.
Bucky’s breathing hitched as she bravely rocked her hips down to meet his, feeling his bulge rub against her thinly clothed pussy. Y/N let out a soft moan, feeling herself already coming apart for him, only ever getting so aroused for Bucky.
Bucky reacted to every slight movement of her body, using his grip on her hips to pull her even closer to him. Their chests pressed together as her hands cupped the sides of his neck, a hum of satisfaction erupted from her lips as they continued to softly kiss.
Y/N felt her arousal drench onto her panties from the familiar feeling of his big cock pressing achingly against her core. Their tongues played as they desperately grabbed at each other’s bodies, both craving the raw love they could only get from each other.
Y/N slid her hands down his chest as she pulled back from the kiss, her pupils glazed over with lust as they both caught their breaths. Bucky stared her down, his lips parted, his chest heaving as he panted. He was slightly nervous that she’d changed her mind until he watched her tug on the rope of her dressing gown, letting it slip off of her body and onto the floor. Bucky groaned softly, feeling his cock twitch, desperate the feel her wet walls clenching around him. He used the opportunity to admire her body, running his hands over her thighs and up under her nightie. His flesh fingertips burned into her bare skin, his metal digits like ice as she rocked her hips back and forth slowly, keeping her eyes locked on his.
Bucky breathed out shakily, leaning up to reconnect their lips as he ran his hands over the round of her ass, pulling her harder against him as he grew needier with every second. She arched her back into his touch, pressing her chest back against his as she felt the strap of her nightie drops to her shoulder, revealing a little more of her chest.
She sucked sensually on Bucky’s tongue as he let her hands roam over his sides teasingly, feeling him smile at the loving gesture. His fingers hooked into her panties, her hips jolting in response as she assisted him in making quick work to tug them down her legs.
“Not here.” She quickly moved to grab hold of his wrist, her breath shaky against his lips as her eyelids fluttered in weakness. Bucky watched curiously as she leaned back, shuffling off of his lap to stand up, holding her hand out for Bucky to take. Drunk in each other’s presence, they felt complete in a broken world, Bucky took her hand as stood up, admiring the innocent look in her eyes. Y/N used his hand to balance as she stepped out of her panties, licking her lips to conceal a cheeky smile as a thought crossed her mind. She bent down to pick up her discarded underwear, stepping closer to him as she kept her eyes on his. Bucky smirked deviously in amusement as she shoved the panties into the pocket of his leather jacket, rolling his eyes as he tried to contain how desperate he was for her.
His smile didn’t fade as he watched her turn around, following close behind her as she lead them out of the room and down the hallway.
Bucky’s hands wrapped around her waist as they reached the bottom of the stairs, forcing her to turn around and face him. “I miss you.” He whispered softly as she noticed the way his chest rose and fell rapidly, the long lost feeling of love proved overwhelming for the metal armed soldier as he pressed his lips desperately against hers, his strength making it easy for him to lift her up.
She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, whimpering into the kiss as he walked them up the grand staircase on the house. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers massaging the back of his head as she sucked on his lip seductively.
She gasped as her back hit the door, Bucky’s strength momentarily faltering as his head spun with pleasure. His hand fiddled with the handle, twisting it to open the door as he kept her wrapped around his body.
Bucky walked them over to the neatly made bed in the middle of the room, throwing her down onto the mattress as he moved to stand between her open legs.
Y/N watched as he took off his coat, his eyes focused on her body as he threw the leather jacket carelessly onto the floor. She bit her lip, her pussy clenching in need as she slowly lifted her legs to press her heels flat against the mattress. Bucky’s eyes glanced between her legs, his pupils displaying as he caught an unobstructed view of her silky, wet pussy.
“You got a new arm.” She whispered softly as her eyes ran over his metal arm, it wasn’t the same as the one she remembered. This one was black, with gold detailing, much more subtle than the red starred, silver arm she knew. She licked her lips with anticipation, mesmerised with the sleek style of his upgraded metal appendage.
Bucky’s eyes stayed glued between her legs, pressing his lips together in a hard line as he watched her mound move with every clench of her needy cunt. He hummed in response to her comment, too turned on to focus on her words as he tugged his t-shirt over his head.
Bucky’s jaw clenched as he watched her sit up, her legs staying in place as she snaked her nightie up her body at a teasingly slow pace. Bucky dropped his hands to his belt buckle, their eyes glued to each other as they removed the last of their clothing, leaving them both naked.
She reached forward, her fingers delicately tracing the part of his shoulder where his flesh fused with the metal of his arm. Bucky’s chest heaved at the delicate nature of her touch, his emotions overwhelming him as he cupped her wrist in his hand. His eyes caught her gaze as she used his grip on her arm to tug him towards her, leaning in to press her lips against his abs with delicate kisses. Bucky’s eyes fluttered shut at the feeling, his breath hitching in his throat as her lips travelled lower.
Y/N hummed against his skin, her clit throbbing for attention as Bucky took the hint, pushing her back down onto the mattress as he climbed on top of her. He cupped her jaw as he pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss, his hard cock pressing against her slick.
Her nails dug into his skin as her hands explored his bare flesh, whimpering into the kiss as she lifted her hips to meet his. The movement of their hips rubbing together caused a friction that caused both of them to gasp out in pleasure, hungry for more.
She wrapped her legs around his waist, bucking her hips desperately to meet his as Bucky let out a weak moan. He leaned up to press his metal hand into the mattress next to her head, his flesh hand sliding up her waist to cup her boobs, squeezing them gently.
“Bucky,” Her eyes fluttered closed as she let herself sink back into the mattress, overwhelmed with pleasure and need as she squeezed her thighs around his hips. “I need you inside of me.”
“You’ve got me.” Bucky reassured her sweetly as he restrained himself from completely letting go and fucking her hard into the mattress. There would be time for that later, but right now, they both needed to take their time, to feel each other’s love.
He let his thick cock slide up and down her folds, drenching his length in her wetness. He dropped his head to her neck, kissing her soft skin delicately as his tip nudged between her folds.
Bucky’s eyebrows arched as he tried to stay in control of his primal instincts, his hand fisting into the mattress as he let out a guttural moan. He slowly moved his hips forward, pressing his thick length into her as she gasped under him.
Her hand flew up to grip his bicep, her lips parting as her back arched from the mattress, her walls pulsing around his length. “Bucky.” She moaned out his name breathlessly as he slid deeper inside of her, his lips sloppily kissing her shoulder as he moved to thrust his cock in and out of her slowly.
His tongue swiped along her collarbone before his lips moved lower, leaving gentle kisses over her chest. “I’m no longer the winter soldier.” Bucky mumbled against her chest, licking over her nipples which sent an overwhelming wave of pleasure through her body. He lifted his head back to hers, their lips colliding as she traced every detail of his chest with her delicate fingers.
She remembered every detail of his body. Every muscle, every scar, ever definition of his perfect skin. She felt his cock buried deep inside of her, filling her up as Bucky let out a groan, his hand moving up to cup her chin as he forced her to look up at him.
Bucky stopped his movements, gazing deep into her eyes as their souls connected, an intense feeling of satisfaction filling their bodies as his lips came crashing down onto hers again. She whimpered as she pulled him closer, their chests pressing against each other as Bucky let out a desperate groan, moving his hips to fuck her.
Y/N let out a shaky cry as her fingers dug into his skin, she’d forgotten just how big his cock was. He filled her up with every thrust, breathing heavily against her lips as little moans erupted from within his throat. 
Her legs wrapped around his hips as her pussy clenched around his length, trying to accommodate his size. Y/N pecked his lips over and over soothingly as he fucked into her, the sounds of their bodies slapping together with every thrust. She poured out her love for him, the love that never went away, and he felt it, with every kiss.
Bucky’s stomach clenched as his tip nudged against her cervix, his cock throbbing as he felt how her body reacted to every one of his movements. Her tits bounced with every hard thrust of his hips, her clit rubbing against his skin as she hugged his body tight against hers.
He growled between kisses, thrusting into her so deep that the bed hit the wall with a bang every time he fucked into her. She tried to roll her hips, her body weakening under his as she chased her release that was already building in her stomach.
Bucky’s balls tightened as he slid easily in and out of her drenched pussy, in awe of the way her body was clinging to him as though she’d never let him go. He was already close to his climax, he hadn’t been with anyone since her, his cock marvelling in the feeling of being back inside of her.
“My name is James Bucky Barnes.” His balls slapped against her as he grunted the words through gritted teeth, the sound filling the room as Y/N’s mouth dropped open with a gasp of pleasure. Their breaths mixed together as Bucky’s hips stuttered, his eyes squeezing shut at the overwhelming amount of pleasure coursing through his veins.
Bucky groaned weakly as he brought his knees up to rest under hers, keeping her impaled on his cock as he dropped his mouth to her chest. Y/N bit down on her lip as her eyes mirrored the weakness of her body, watching him fuck up into her at a slower pace.
She moaned at the feeling of his lips sucking at her sensitive nubs, her eyes almost rolling back in pleasure as his tongue swirled around her hardened nipples.
“And you’re part of my efforts to make amends.” Bucky moaned at the feeling of the deeper angle, cuddling her against his chest as he fucked into her. The pair were blinded by the sheer feeling of ecstasy, nothing on earth had ever felt as good as making love to each other.
Bucky moaned as he felt his orgasm approaching, his hips jolting automatically as his metal hand flew forward to grip the wooden headboard. Y/N’s back fell against the mattress again as Bucky held her down by her hip, giving him more leverage to thrust into her with such depth she thought her legs would split in two.
“Bucky.” She breathed out shakily, arching her body into his as her head flew back to press into the pillow. Bucky’s head fell softly into the crook of her neck, his little grunts intensified by his lips on the shell of her ear.
Her hand pressed against his tummy as he pounded into her, a shiver shooting down her spine as she tried to control her impending orgasm, not wanting the night with him to end. She tugged on his hair roughly, desperately trying to feel every part of him.
Her eyes were forced open as Bucky suddenly stopped all of his movements, a look of panic washing over her face as Bucky looked down at her breathlessly. He slid his hand between her body at the mattress, supporting her back as he moved to sit back on his knees, lifting her up to keep her against his chest, his cock still deeply buried inside of her.
Y/N let out a moan at the pleasure of the new angle, clinging tightly to his body as her wetness dripped down onto his balls. Bucky pressed his lips against hers, slowly thrusting up into her as he fucked her deeper in the new position. Soft grunts left Bucky’s lips as he felt her pussy twitching around him, her clit overstimulated from the way it was rubbing against his skin.
“Bucky,” Y/N whimpered his name as a warning, her fingers digging into his skin as she looks up at him helplessly, feeling her orgasm taking over. “Hold me,” She begged softly, her eyes glazing over as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed over her body. “I’m gunna cum.” She cried loudly as her head flew back, her lips parted as her moans flowed freely for him.
Her pussy fluttered around his cock as her tits bounced with each of his thrusts, his hands holding her hips tightly to fuck her down onto him.
Waves of pleasure hit her one after the other, his eyes glued to watching her face come undone as he guided her to ride him. She felt herself tighten around him, moments away from her peak as Bucky lost control, jolting his hips erratically inside of her.
Y/N cried out in pleasure as her orgasm took over her body, her tight pussy pulsating on him as she rode out her mind blowing high. She kissed him deeply, their tongues fighting for dominance as Bucky held her in place as he fucked her through her orgasm. Bucky’s face fell into her neck with a loud moan, the feeling of her pussy throbbing around his cock proving too good as he felt his warm cum spurting deep inside of her. She sighed in relief as Bucky grunted, satisfied with the loaded waves of his cum that was filling her hole.
He dropped her back onto the bed, collapsing on top of her, both of them an exhausted, fucked out mess. Bucky moaned at the euphoric feeling, keeping her close as he spun them over so that his back was lying on the mattress with her on his chest.
She turned her head to face him as they both tried to catch their breaths, smiling sweetly as she kissed his swollen lips. She cupped his sharp jaw, pecking his lips over and over, his dick still buried deep inside of her sensitive pussy.
“Was that all this was?” She whispered after a moment of silence, her fingers tracing the metal infused skin of his shoulder as she pressed her lips to his once more. “Just part of your therapeutic methods of making amends?”
Bucky’s heart ached at the thought of her thinking he’d just used her like that, he hated himself for ever making her think he was capable of such a thing. “No. That’s not all it was.” Bucky mumbled against her lips as he sighed sadly, his eyes softening as he cupped her jaw. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky whispered shakily with a hopeful smile, his words causing her to freeze. She’d never expected to hear him say that, not even after what they just did. “I always have and I always will.” His thumb rubbed soothingly over her cheek, taking the time to admire her beauty.
“I love you too.” She admitted vulnerably, swallowing the lump in her throat she hadn’t even known was there. She didn’t know why he’d left her, she didn’t know why he’d been so hard to forget. She didn’t know why he’d waited all this time to come back, she didn’t know if he was telling the truth or feeding her lies. In a world of disaster and uncertainty all she did know was that she loved him.
“I just have one question, Bucky.” She spoke with a curious tone, shuffling to rest her head on his chest as her fingers traced over his metal shoulder, admiring the intricate beauty. “How did you know which room was my bedroom?”
Bucky’s heart sunk into his stomach, a shy blush of pink hitting his cheeks as he gave her a guilty smile. Y/N couldn’t help but watch with amusement, his shy side was rare to see, and something that she never took for granted. “I may have stopped by your house once or twice before, just to make sure you were safe.”
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mayraki · 4 months ago
✧ let me make your night better - bucky barnes
Tumblr media
-> asterie’s gif
Tumblr media
summary: it all starts as a fun girls night out with your friends but when you get the unwanted attention from a man, your mood completely changes so you decide to call your boyfriend bucky to take you home. which leads to him wanting to make your night better.
check out my bucky barnes x oc series let’s play fire with fire
a/n: there’s something about bucky riding that motorcycle........
warnings: creepy guy at the bar. oral (female receiving) +18!!
Tumblr media
“Do you actually have to go?” Bucky asked as his eyes were glued to your body while you were checking the outfit you picked for the night. You turned around to see the poor man giving you puppy eyes as he was sitting on the bed behind you. “I mean, you can stay with me and we can watch a movie or something-”
“Bucky, I haven’t seen my friends in person in a long time. And I see you everyday... c’mon, it’s just for tonight.” You left the mirror to get closer to him and stand in front of him to grab his cheeks with your hands and make him lock eyes with you, as his eyes didn’t seem to want to leave your body. “My eyes are up here, baby.” You bit your lower lip as he let out a little laugh and grabbed the back of your thighs to pull your body even closer to him.
“I’m sorry, doll, but the way you look on that dress... what I would give for you to stay tonight here with me.” He said softly while gently caressing your skin. You let out a little smile getting closer to his face to feel his breathing against your skin.
“Maybe when I get back.... someone has to take this dress off..” you said with the intention to tease Bucky and leave him with wild thoughts on his mind, but as soon as you tried to take a step back he quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you up to sit you down on his lap with your legs between his body.
“So you’re teasing me and now you want to leave? That’s kinda rude, doll.” Bucky said softly against your lips before pulling in closer to touch yours with his. You immediately felt the hotness of his skin against yours, feeling your body with that desire you would love to feel so much. But you needed to keep your head up and not give him what he wanted, after all, that was your favorite game.
You pulled away and bit your lower lip seeing how his eyes were filled with lust. “Save it for later, Bucky. We don’t want you to get tired now, do we?”
Before he could make any other movement you left his lap and gave yourself a last look in the mirror. That tight red dress fitted your body like a glove. Ending right in the middle of your thighs and those tall black shoes making your legs more longer. You felt hot... and for the way Bucky was checking you, made you feel even more sexy.
You turned around to face Bucky once again and noticed how his eyes were slowly going down on your body, making the butterflies on your stomach go wild. But no wanting to show any weakness under his eyes, you walked closer to him and grabbed his chin to make his eyes look at yours, once again. “Time for me to leave, baby. See you later?” You asked softly before leaving a simple yet hot kiss on his lips.
“You count on that, doll.” He said when you pulled away. You smiled at him and then turned around ready to leave Bucky and your apartment behind. But not before feeling those blue eyes on your body just one more time.
“Cheers, cheers, cheers girls!” Your friend Kelly said as the sound of the glasses clinching together hit your ears. “For a wonderful night, for a wonderful life filled with love, money and success!” Those words were followed with yours and your friends happy laughs before taking your shot to your mouth, feeling the burning sensation on your throat as soon as the liquid was going down your body.
“Another round, please!” Your other friend, Jessica said loudly to the bartender which nodded quickly.
“I’m not going to black out tonight, girls.” You said as a little laugh escaped your lips. Immediately, you had your two friends looking at you disappointed.
“What?! Why not baby?” Kelley asked while shaking your arm playfully.
“C’mon! We haven’t party like this for a while! Let’s bring back those nights Y/n!”
You let out another laugh as you were shaking your head the moment the bartender pulled another round of shots for you and your friends. “I’m not ready to wake up with a horrible headache and throw up everything I ate today. Not happening. I need more night outs to finally get to that point.”
“Alright, seems fair! But we’re dancing until your feet can’t no more.” You and Jessica quickly nodded as Kelly let out those words. You all grabbed your shots and lifted them up ready to toast again. “For a hot and sexy guy to take me home because I haven’t got any action for months!” Jessica said and you let out a loud laugh before taking your glass towards your mouth, feeling once again, the horrible sensation against your throat making you close your eyes and shake your head waiting for it to end.
“I feel you on that one, Jess.” Kelly said after leaving the shot glass on the table. “I haven’t had a guy on my bed for ages, I’m starting to wonder if sex changed or if I have my virginity back.”
“Definitely.” Jess agreed. “We need to look for potential guys to take home, please. Someone rich, if it’s possible.”
They both turned around to wonder around the club as you let out a smile looking at your friends being their goofy selves. But soon after, they all turned around to face you with grins all over their faces. “What?” You asked confused at their facial expressions.
“Since we don’t have any sexual encounters in our lives, we need to live through yours.” Kelly said making you let out a laugh feeling the hotness going towards your cheeks. “C’mon, tell us what that hot boyfriend of yours do.”
“Girls! I don’t kiss and tell!”
“Don’t be like that, Y/n! Help your friends out.” Jess complained shaking your arm. “I’m pretty sure that man leaves nothing to the imagination.” She lifted her eyebrows repeatedly making you shake your head while biting your lower lip as the memory of the other night came back to your head.
“Oh, am I seeing that correctly? Am I seeing Y/n remembering something? Oh, girl, c’mon tell us!”
“She’s probably thinking about her boyfriend’s huge-”
“What? C’mon, Y/n, I’m such touched starved!”
You looked at your friends but your mind was somewhere else, his hands touching you, his lips against your skin, your bodies dripping with water, your back against the wall... “The other night,” you started before your brain gave you a chance to decide about telling your friends “he decided to surprise me with something that he knows I like. He prepared a bath with roses in it and chocolate sented candles. We got in and well... one thing lead to another and we ended up-” you let out a tiny laugh seeing your friends carefully listening to your words “we ended up turning on the shower and doing it against the wall.”
Your friends pulled their bodies backwards to let their backs rest on the chair as they were covering their faces with their hands. “Steamy and wet, that’s the one right there!” Kelly said as you were letting out little laughs seeing how funny their reactions were.
“Please tell me he likes to go down on you.” Jess said and then carefully waited for your reaction, and then again, once you slowly nodded they both let their bodies hit the chair as Jess was waving air with her hand towards her face and Kelly ordered another shot. “Jesus, that man keeps getting hotter and hotter the more I found out about him.”
You gently punched Jess on the arm as she shrugged her shoulders. “Hey! That’s my man you’re talking about!” You said with a smile seeing how Jess took another shot like it was the easiest thing in the world.
“Yes! I know you lucky bitch!”
“I need to dance and shake my ass.” Kelly said with her eyes closed, feeling the burning from her shot. “Twerking is the only thing that’s gonna make me feel better.”
After Kelly grabbed you and Jess to take you two to the dance floor, you danced and danced until you started to feel your throat getting dry as you started to move along with the music. Your feet inside those heels were making your toes hurt so realising your defeat, you pointed at the bar to your friends and they quickly nodded, letting you know they got it.
Making your way to the chair you were sat down a half an hour ago, you let your body as well as your feet relax once your weight was on that tall chair. You let out a relaxing breath as you felt your toes getting comfortable and the cold wind that was entering the club hit your skin, making your sweat slowly fade away.
“Can I have a glass of water, please?” You asked the bartender and as soon as they nodded, you let out a tiny smile thanking them. While waiting for your drink, you pulled out your phone to check out the hour and as soon as the time ‘01:35’ appeared on your screen, you blocked it to leave it again inside your tiny black purse. “Thank you!” You said as the bartender left with a smile a glass of water in front of you.
With a quick move, you grabbed your drink and headed it towards your mouth to let it fresh your mouth and throat. Seconds later, the water was long gone and you were feeling better. So, with the intention to see your friends and check if they were still on the same spot, you turned your head around but when a strange guy walked in front of you making it impossible for you to see your friends, you slowly followed him with your eyes as he quickly made his way towards the chair by your side.
“Waiting for someone?” He asked letting his elbows rest on the counter as his face was facing you.
You let out a tiny smile after checking your friends. “No, I’m with my friends. They’re dancing right now, so-”
“Oh, don’t tell me they left you alone! They’re bad friends.”
You slowly shook your head while you locked eyes with him. “No they’re not. We were dancing together but I got thirsty so I decided to come here.”
The guy nodded as his eyes looked down to your lips. You moved in your seat uncomfortably as you felt his eyes under you. Trying to make it obvious that you didn’t want to talk you turned to the bartender and kept your focus on what they were doing. But when you still felt the guy by your side, you turned around to them once again to give them an awkward little smile.
“I’m Peter.”
“Do you want a drink?”
If guys ever approached you on the street you would usually tell them politely that you had a boyfriend of that you weren’t interested, making them to leave you alone or sometimes leaving the typical comment ‘you’re not that hot anyway’ in the processes. But for some reason, there was a feeling in your gut that this guy wasn’t good news. The way he was staring at you and after every word getting his body closer and closer to you, made you even more uncomfortable and wanting to go out of that situation as fast as possible.
“Not really. I already had a lot.” You said dryly and wanting the guy to leave you alone you faced the bartender once again, but instead, Peter touched your elbow with strength the moment he moved his body closer to yours.
“C’mon, what’s one more? Please, hey, you!” He snapped his fingers to call the bartender. “Two shots!”
“Hey, I said no.” You said shaking your head. “I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend.”
“And what about it?” Peter let out a loud as soon as the two shots were in front of you. “Can’t your boyfriend share?”
You stared at his eyes and soon felt how your heart dropped to your stomach. You looked at his hand handing you the shot but then quickly shook your head, grabbing your purse with the intention to go back with Jess and Kelly. “I better go find my friends, they must be looking for me.”
“You told me they were dancing so they’re probably having fun, Y/n! C’mon, take the shot with me.” Peter got closer the shot to your face which made you turn your head backwards. “Don’t be a party boomer!”
“I don’t want to.” You said firmly trying to take his hand out of your face’s way, but him taking it even more closer to your face made you unintentionally push his hand away, making the shot fall on his shirt.
“You little bitch! This shirt is new!” With the intention to grab your arm he lifted his now wet hand towards you but soon was stopped by the bartender grabbing his shirt and pulling him away. You quickly got up from your chair and looked how the bartender looked at you and once they noticed you were fine, they turned back to Peter.
“You better leave her alone, asshole.” They said and soon called the security guard, who grabbed Peter to take him out of the club after the bartender told him some words quickly. “Are you alright?” They asked and you quickly nodded. As they were about to say something else, you felt someone grabbing your shoulders and soon noticing your two friends standing by your sides looking at you worringly.
“Y/n! What happened?! Are you alright?” Jess asked as Kelly was looking around for Peter with anger on her eyes.
“I’m fine.” You said after gaining the control of your tongue. The realisation of what just happened hit your head so feeling annoyed at the music around you, you turned around to walk out the front door and leave the club behind, soon followed by your two friends.
“I’m gonna kill that guy!” Kelly said with anger while Jess was gently caressing your shoulder.
“Are sure you’re alright?” Jess asked softly and you slowly nodded pulling out your phone from your purse.
“I’m gonna call Bucky so he can take me home.” You said and your friends quickly nodded.
“We better go too.” Jess said turning to an angry Kelly, who was still looking around for Peter. “Kelly?”
“Yes, you call Bucky and tell him what happened because I’m sure he’s going to be down with me to kill that guy.” Kelly said but you quickly shook your head.
“No, I’m not telling him what happened.”
“What?!” Kelly turned to you confused. “Y/n you need to tell him.”
“No, that’s going to lead the whole situation into more chaos and I just want to go home.”
Kelly was about to say something else but Jess cut her off. “Kelly, is Y/n’s decision.”
Knowing that Jess was right, Kelly let out a sigh and walked closer to you to gently caress your arm. “Alright.”
You looked at your phone and once you saw the name “Bucky” on your screen, you let out a little sigh before looking at your friends. “Not a word, ok?” They both nodded and then you clicked on his name taking your phone towards your ear, already ringing.
“Hello? Y/n? Are you alright?” Bucky asked with worry in his voice the second the call was answered.
“Bucky. Yeah, I’m fire. I just- can you pick me up?”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing. I just want to go home. Jess and Kelly want to stay and I don’t want them to end the night earlier because of me. That’s all.” You looked at your friends and noticed the anger still coming out Kelly’s eyes, but her mouth stayed shut.
“Doll, you don’t sound alright what happ-?”
“Can you come Bucky?” You cut him off with your voice cracked. Something about him sounding so worry about you made your throat to close up and to feel some tears wanting to come out.
“Stay there. I’m on my way.” He quickly said before ending the call. Leaving your phone back in your purse you locked eyes with your friends and tried your hardest to keep your tears inside your body.
“Are we taking an Uber?” Jess asked to Kelly but before Kelly could answer, you shook your head.
“No, you guys stay. C’mon, it’s early. I’ll be fine with Bucky. Besides, you two still need to find someone rich so they can take us on their fancy boat.”
Jess and Kelly let out a tiny laughs while you felt your throat going back to normal. “I can’t promise you the boat, but a house on a lake is enough?” Kelly asked jokingly and you quickly nodded while a little smile escaped your lips.
Soon after, the sound of a motorcycle hit your ears making your head to turn towards the noise. You got up noticing the entire attention of the people outside the club was now on your boyfriend arriving while riding his motorcycle. Seconds after pulling over, he took off his big and black helmet off and left the motorcycle to make his way towards you.
“What happened, Y/n?” He asked with anger on his voice. “Did someone touch you? Who? Y/n, please tell me.” Not getting an answer from you, Bucky immediately understood and looked around with anger. “I’m gonna kill whoever touched you.”
“That’s the fucking spirit!” You heard Kelly say behind you.
“Where is he? Is he still here? C’mon, Y/n, tell me so I can show that guy that nobody touches my girl.”
“Bucky!” You yelled loudly enough to gain Bucky’s attention. He turned to you and once seeing the tiredness on your eyes, he quickly grabbed your cheeks and left a simple kiss on your lips. “Just take me home.” You said softly once he pulled away.
You moved back ready to walk towards his motorcycle and put the extra helmet on, soon followed by Bucky. Once you were on his bike sitting behind him and wrapping your hands around his waist, you turned to your friends and let out a tiny smile.
“With a lake house?” Kelly asked with a little smile and you nodded.
“Nothing less.” You said before Bucky turned the motorcycle on and started the way towards your apartment.
As the wind was hitting your skin you started to feel cold and your body to shiver, so trying to look for warmth you touched your forehead with Bucky’s back as you tried to get your body closer to his as possible. Moving your hips to his, you noticed how Bucky did a quick look to you on the back and understood what you were doing. Being able to manage his motorcycle with just his metal arm, he let go and with his warm hand touched your naked thigh with strength, giving it a little squeeze before gently caressing your skin with his thumb.
The amount of safety he made you feel by just touching you it was unbelievable. Everything that you felt moments ago was slowly fading away, making you feel butterflies in your stomach and filling your chest with warmth. You unconsciously let out a tiny smile as the feeling of freedom hit your body, you let your chin rest on his back as his hand was still on your thigh. The way he made you feel on that situation, him riding his bike with you on the back, it couldn’t be described. You felt in movie, those things you were used to seeing in old movies where the guy is something so far off by reality that would always made you feel sad because you thought you were never going to find something like that. But there you were, with the man of your dreams driving his motorcycle while his hand was resting on your thigh, ready to protect you and make you the happiest girl in the world.
“Want something to drink?” Bucky asked softly as the door of your apartment was being closed by him and you were on the couch, taking your shoes off.
“Not really. Just want to take this dress off and go to bed.” You tossed your shoes aside and made your hair into a bun ready to head into your bathroom and take off your makeup.
As you feet touched the coldness of the floor in the bathroom, you shiver but quickly turned on the hot water to wash your hands and start with your routine. As soon as you grabbed the makeup remover, you sigh regretting going out with your friends. It made you feel so disgusting on the inside as the memory of Peter was slowly going back to your head. It was more anger right on that moment than sadness and shook, the way that some guys felt you were obligated to say yes to them just because they wanted to buy you a drink. No matter if you said no multiple times. It was sickening.
Your muscle memory made you remember his hands touching your elbow making you stop throwing with anger the makeup remover towards the counter and close your eyes to try and forget it.
“Doll?” A hand touching your elbow made you jump and quickly open your eyes. But as soon as your eyes locked up with his, your heart went down to its normal speed. “You ok?”
“Yeah.” You nodded before opening the cold water to wash your face. You opened your eyes to see the water dripping down on your skin but then your eyes went directly to the man behind you. Once you did, you slowly followed him and his lips as they were ready to kiss your bare shoulders. Feeling their warmth, you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling.
His free hand slowly traced your body until it arrived in your stomach to gently push you against him, to warm your bodies against the other. Slowly living kisses on your shoulder, he then moved his lips towards your neck. Wanting to leave him more space, you tilted your head sideways as little breaths were coming out of your mouth.
“Open your eyes, doll.” He said against your skin making you shiver the second your skin felt the air hitting you.
As he said, you slowly opened your eyes to meet his as his lips were leaving gentle kisses on your skin. Your left hand touched his, the one that was carefully resting against your stomach to gently caress it with your thumb. Without giving you the chance to do something else, Bucky turned your body to face him and quickly grabbed your cheeks to leave a simple yet full of passion kiss on your lips.
“Let me make your night better, doll.” He said softly right in front of your face making you feel the hot air leaving his mouth in your skin. His eyes were glued to your lips and his thumb was caressing your cheek. With his metal arm, moved a piece of hair that was covering your face and carefully tugged it behind your ear.
“What do you have in mind?” You asked when a grin escaped your lips. Suddenly, like Bucky was waiting for that exact answer, with his metal arm grabbed your waist and pulled you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist while he was making his way towards your bedroom.
Once inside, as he was getting closer to the bed he pulled up your dress and left it right on your stomach. He carefully dropped you and quickly positioned himself on top of you. Feeling the coldness of his metal arm it made you shiver once again, but soon it was covered by the hot kiss he left on your lips.
Leaving your lips, he started to move on your neck and then your chest while his other cold hand was slowly pulling your dress up. Soon after, you were wearing nothing but your underwear. Tossing your dress to the side, Bucky held his body up by his knees and stared at your body like he was staring at a piece of art freshly made.
“You’re so fucking beautiful, doll. You know that?” He said with a little smile and that made your stomach turn as you felt the heat going towards your cheeks. Even if he had been your boyfriend for over a year now, no matter how many times he had seen you naked or called you beautiful, it still made you feel like it was the first time.
Getting closer to your face once again, he united his lips with yours but this time he managed to make the speed faster than the ones before. His tongue touched your mouth so you opened it wider to let it play with yours. As slowly as they were moving, you could feel the heat growing in your body. He had his metal arm by the side of your head holding his body on top of yours while his other hand was slowly massaging the side of your thigh.
His fingers found themselves playing with your underwear, pulling it and twisting it while his mouth was still focused on yours. But soon leaving your lips desiring for more, he ended the kiss and looked down ready to pull your underwear down. Like he was a pro at it, with quick moved he sat down on the bed and with his metal arm lifted your waist so the thin underwear you were wearing would come off easily. Letting out a grin Bucky toss it aside and used his hand to touch your stomach and slowly move it up towards your chest.
You could feel your insides asking for more. Wanting to feel Bucky against your legs even more as his hands were tracing your body. Joining them soon his lips were now against your skin. Taking his tongue out he gently licked your bare chest around your bra. Needing to take it off, you arched your back to let his hand go under and with a quick move making it undone to take it off your body and again, toss it on the floor.
“I’m never going to get tired of watching your naked body under me, doll.” Bucky said softly making you let out a smile as his lips were already flying towards your mouth.
“Bucky-” you said against his lips.
“What, doll?” He asked leaving your mouth to slowly caress your cheek with his thumb as his eyes were staring you and your eyes full of lust. “What do you want me to do to you?” He asked with a smile and you bit your lower lips while million of ideas were flying around your mind. “What is it, doll?” He asked more with a joking tone than before. The grin on his face became even bigger as a smile appeared on your face. “Oh, you want me do the thing- I’ll do the thing, alright.”
A little laugh escaped your lips as Bucky moved his mouth towards your chest and left little kisses on it, but soon placed his body lower so his face could be closer between your legs. Ready to feel that sensation your body was desiring so much, you closed your eyes and soon felt his lips against your inner thigh. Wanting to make more space for his head Bucky grabbed your thighs and slowly separated them without taking his lips away from your skin.
He was taking his sweet time around your folds leaving little kisses making you feel the hotness and the wetness of it become even more stronger and noticeable. You moved your hips to feel his lips more strongly against your skin, noticing this Bucky let out a tiny smile and looked at the desire in your face. “Want me to move quicker, don’t we?”
“Fuck, Bucky.” You let out softly gaining a little smile from Bucky’s mouth.
Just like you wanted, soon after you felt Bucky’s lips against your inner lips making you slightly shake under his touch. He started to leave gentle kisses before taking his tongue out and slowly tracing every single angle.
You could feel the sweat starting to leave your body as Bucky was carefully moving between your legs. That burning sensation he would always make you feel it was starting to appear when he moved to the top of your inner lips, towards your clit. With the tip of his tongue he started to make circles around it making you embrace every feeling that was happening inside of you. The butterflies in your stomach seemed to have gone into riot mode as your heart was going full speed under his warm touch. It was like he was putting you under a spell, making your entire body to fall for him no matter what he did.
“Fuck, fuck.” You spitted out almost in a whisper as Bucky’s tongue started to move faster against your clit. The faster he was getting you could felt your legs starting to shake around his head. The tightness of your inner lips and lower stomach was starting to make their way into your body as his tongue was professionally moving against you. But once you felt like you were coming undone, Bucky stopped leaving you wanting for more. “Oh, fuck you.” You said softly while Bucky just grinned before going back to your clit and leaving gently kisses on it.
Taking his fingers closer to you, with his index finger started to caress your folds up and down, making you, once again, fall under his touch. You could feel the wetness of your sex becoming stronger and stronger the more he spent between your legs. Moving his index finger away and taking his thumb against your clit, he started to caress it to place his middle finger right outside your orifice.
Feeling how slowly his fingers was entering your body you slightly arched your back and let out a long breath. The combination of his thumb moving against your clit and his fingers inside of you was making you fall into such a big relaxation and lust that whatever your body did or came out of your mouth was no longer under your brain commands.
Your hand flew towards Bucky’s hair to gently caress as he moved his tongue towards your folds to trace them up and down. Now, you had him touching your folds, his thumb tracing your clit and his middle finger slowly moving inside of you. He was a damn good multitasker.
The sound of your wet vagina was now louder as Bucky entered his ring finger inside of you to accompany his middle finger and make your legs shake around his head even faster. He replaced his thumb with his mouth and started sucking on your clit with strength to help you reach that wanted orgasm.
With the tip of his tongue and with speed, he started play with your clit and moved it around making your feel everything around it turn tighter and your folds to burn.
“Fuck, Bucky, I’m close- don’t stop.” You said with your voice cracked as he was gaining speed and moving his fingers with more decision between your walls. As they started pounding he slowed down and took his fingers out to enter them once again, making you let out a loud moan in the process. “Shit.” You said as your legs were shaking and his tongue wasn’t stopping against your clit.
Seeing how close your were, Bucky removed his fingers from inside of you and took his two hands towards your thighs to spread them wider and make more space for his head once again and for you to feel his tongue even more deeper against your clit.
Faster than you could let out another moan, you felt your inner lips fill with lust and your clit to burn with passion as his tongue was slowly taking its speed down. “Fuck..” you said in a whisper and you felt the orgasm slowly fading away as Bucky was leaving gently kisses on your folds and caressing your thighs with his thumbs.
He slowly went back to your face as he was leaving multiple kisses on your skin. Once he arrived at your lips he left a simple kiss in them as you tasted yourself. As soon as he ended the kiss your heavy breathing started to mix with his, feeling how his chest was touching yours and his free hand tracing your legs up and down.
The amount of lust he made you feel under those minutes it was more than you ever felt with any other men in your entire life. The way he made you feel under his touch, under his eyes, under his presence... it was like no other. He was yours and you were his. You were his girl and he made sure you knew that, nobody was ever going to hurt you ever again.
“Feeling better?” He asked with a smile the moment you opened your eyes to meet his.
“Better than ever, Bucky.” You said softly before uniting his lips with yours one last time. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad night after all.
Tumblr media
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Warnings: non-consent sex and rape; breeding; kidnap; isolation; manipulation; abuse; these men are no good; claustrophobic situations; some physical force/violence, blood/cutting.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes, as well as OC side characters and a reader. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Synopsis: you meet three cute guys while camping but your trip is delayed when it takes an unexpected turn.
For @boxofbonesfic hot girl summer challenge with the prompts: Girl’s Trip + Breeding kink
Note: You ready for things to take a turn. Because shit is going down.
Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
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Tumblr media
Waking up was like trying to float in mud. You were so deep in the thick of unconsciousness that each time you felt yourself near the surface, you were pulled back down by the weight in your skull. Amid the void, you could hear things; scraping, voices, a dull hum.
As you began to come to, you groaned and tried to move your cramped limps. Your legs were stuck, bent against the wall of your trap as you felt yourself moving. The noise of an engine and wheels turning filled your ears. Your lashes fluttered but the world didn’t clear as you remained in the dark.
You flailed out and your hands hit the side of the container that held you. You slapped it again and dragged your hands along the walls. You were locked in some sort of chest, a slender slit of light just above you all the way around. You kicked the wall at your feet but it only jarred your hip bones as you felt the motion of whatever vehicle you were in.
“Lai… Jas…” you croaked, your throat dry and scratchy. You cleared it and tried again, “Laila! Jasmine!” The reverberation in the box made your head spin but you kept on until you heard your name in a smaller voice.
“Laila,” you gasped and hit the lid, “are you okay?”
“I don’t know,” she sobbed, “I’m stuck… in something.” You heard a muffled knock, “a box or something…”
“Me too,” Jasmine’s voice was groggy and slurred, “I don’t feel good.”
You could hardly hear them through the thick wood but were reassured they could answer. You felt along the interior of the chest and tried to push your fingers along the opening but the hinges and locked held. You hit it with your fist and grunted.
“Fuck,” you hissed.
“Don’t say that, please,” Laila begged, “because… if--if you give up, there’s no hope for us.”
“This can’t be happening,” Jasmine murmured, barely discernable.
You felt a sudden shift and heard footsteps. A thumping came on the lid of your box and you gasped in surprise.
“Hey, shut up,” you recognized Bucky’s voice followed by a long yawn, “we’re tryna sleep.”
“Bucky, let em be,” Sam called back, “they’re scared.”
“They’re noisy,” Bucky grumbled and you heard another bang and Laila whimpered, “this trip is too long to be listening to them.”
“Not much longer,” Steve rasped, his voice similarly fatigued, “it’s almost morning.”
“Please, let us out,” you hit the lid, “please, we… what do you want?”
“For you to shut up,” Bucky growled, “don’t make me take you out and do it for you.”
“Bucky,” Sam snapped, “go back to bed.”
“You can’t do this,” you brought your knees up into the lid, “let us out!”
“Fucking bitch!” Bucky kicked your chest again.
“Enough,” the vehicle stopped suddenly, what you could only assume was the massive RV, “Bucky go to bed and honey… be quiet before you get yourself hurt.”
“Why?” you hissed as you scratched the lid.
“Let’s not talk about that right now,” Sam said and the music from the radio got louder, drowning out the sounds of the road.
You dropped your head and sighed. You heard Bucky retreat and the helplessness settled over your chest. You focused on your breath, afraid you would start hyperventilating in the tiny space. In, out, in, out…
The motion of the RV and the dregs of whatever you were dosed with drew you back into unconsciousness. You only woke as you felt a shift and realised you were being carried. You were dropped suddenly and grunted as you blinked through the dark.
“Careful,” Steve warned from outside, “Jesus.”
“She’s fine,” Bucky grumbled.
“Am I?” you gritted through your teeth and coughed.
“Great, she’s awake,” he snarled.
“We’ll do this one first, I think she’s still asleep,” Sam said.
“Don’t you touch them,” you hit the lid of your chest, “hey! Hey!”
“What’s going on?” Jasmine whined, “please…”
You heard shuffling and the subtle click of a dial. You listened, imagining the lid opening and them lifting out one of the other girls.
“This one’s still out,” Steve said and you heard Laila moan, “we should check her, make sure she’s not dehydrated.”
“Don’t you hurt her,” you sneered as you hit the box again, “don’t--”
The chest jolted as it was kicked, “you should worry about yourself,” Bucky snapped.
“Wake her up, get her lucid,” Sam ordered, “we get her up on her feet, let her walk around, take some water and food, then she goes back in.”
“Nnnnoooo,” you growled and smashed your feet into the side, “hey!”
“Let me do it, please,” Bucky said, “I’ll shut her up for good.”
“No, no, one at a time,” Sam insisted then softened his voice, “that’s it, sweetie, have some water. Shhh, no scream--”
A shrill shriek cut through the air as you recognized Laila’s voice. It was quickly smothered and you heard her murmur against whatever blocked her. You beat on the box but only made your head pound as the noise reverberated. You could hear Jasmine sobbing and you stilled.
“Jas, Jas, it’s okay,” you said, “don’t cry, that’s what they want.”
You didn’t know why you weren’t crying but hearing your friends suffer was worse than anything these men could do to you. You couldn’t stand to hear them afraid or hurting. Inside, your stomach was churning and there was the buzz of fear, but you couldn’t feel it for yourself.
“What’s happening?” Laila uttered, “please.”
“Have some of this,” Steve said clinically, “chew-- Ah, don’t--”
You heard Laila whimper then sniffle. You thumped the box again and pushed your feet up against the lid and tried to open it with all your strength.
“What are you doing--”
The box suddenly lifted then dropped down so harshly it made your head spin. You gasped and touched your skull as it vibrated from impact. Jasmine gulped and snorted through her tears and Laila squeaked.
“I knew she was gonna be trouble,” Bucky huffed and you heard a thud as he sat on your chest.
“Isn’t that what you like?” Sam rebuffed, “alright, take this one to the bathroom.”
You found it hard to focus as you grasped your head and the dark sparkled with stars. You groaned and the helplessness settled over you like a sheet of lead. You were trapped in this box, unable to help your friends, and there was no way out but through these men.
Time floated in limbo in the small space and didn’t move again until you heard soft padded footsteps. A sniff and you heard gentle whispers. Hinges creaked and then a snap and the twist of dials. A tiny knock and you felt Bucky stand.
“Which one next?” he asked.
“Get it over with,” Steve said.
You heard them fiddling with the lock on your chest and you took a breath. You pressed your hands to the sides and cocked your leg. As the lid opened, you kicked out and hit Sam’s forearm. The lid fell back and you were wrenched out of the box by your wrist. You swiped at Bucky and felt your nails graze flesh and heard a pained grunt.
“Get her!” Bucky cried out as he reeled.
You were caught by Steve as he pulled back your arms and hooked his through them, locking them above your head as you squirmed. Your feet slipped on the floor as you struggled.
“That’s it,” Bucky growled and pulled a knife from his belt.
“Not her,” Sam stopped him with a raised hand, “the other ones.”
Bucky’s brows flicked up and he chuckled. He retreated and went to another of the heavy chests. He spun the dials of the lock into place and opened it. He reached in and gripped Jasmine’s jaw as he sat her up. She bawled as hovered the blade before her.
“Wait, no,” you flailed, “don’t--”
He cut her from her cheek bone to just above her jaw. She screamed and you cried out.
“Stop, stop--”
“You stop!” Bucky clung to her as her blood dripped down his thumb and he pointed the knife at you, “or I do the other one, then her chest… then I cut a finger off--”
“Okay, okay,” you pleaded, “okay…”
You went limp and hung from Steve’s grasp. Bucky nodded and shoved Jasmine back down and slammed the lid. It clicked and he spun the dials.
“You deal with her,” he barked at the other two, “I won’t be able to stop myself from cutting her tongue out.”
“I’ll take her,” Sam neared as Steve dropped your arms.
You hung your head and he took your elbow as he guided you away. The place you were in seemed like a normal house, if not recently built. He led you down the hall and sat you on a bench outside a door. He placed a water bottle at your side and fished around in his pocket. He set the granola bar on your thigh.
“You eat, get five minutes, then go back,” he explained.
You said nothing and took the bar. You tore the plastic open and raised it to your lips. Your stomach flipped and you clamped your lips shut. There was the fear. You swallowed through your tight throat and took a small nibble.
“It’ll be easier if you try,” Sam offered and sat beside you, “I’m patient, Steve can be, but Buck… well, you saw what he did.”
“Why are you doing this?” you asked.
“Eat,” he nudged the granola bar, “we don’t want to hurt you. That’s not what this is. In fact, we want to take care of you. You can see that; we’re feeding you, giving you a chance to stretch, relieve yourself, have a drink--”
“You drugged us and shoved us in boxes. You’re gonna put me back in there,” your voice cracked, “how can you--”
“You have to go back in,” he interjected, “until you’re ready. You earn your way out. Then it will be clearer… easier.”
“I don’t understand, I won’t--” you had to stop yourself before you began to cry. Your hands were shaking and you took a bigger bite to keep from sobbing.
“Finish up,” he stood, “bathroom’s there,” he pointed at the door beside the bench, “then you get back in. You don’t, I’ll let Bucky get you in.”
You lifted your head and looked at him, “you’re supposed to be heroes.”
“Well, we’ve given so much, shouldn’t we get to take?” he narrowed his eyes.
Your days in the box were marked by your meal times. It was the same routine. One box was opened and one girl was taken out. The struggle never lasted very long and often ended in sobs or wails. You ate, walked down the hall, did what you needed to, and came back. The lid was closed and the waiting started again.
On the third day, they took your clothes. That was hardest. You refused until you were pinned to the wall and Bucky cut each piece away from your body. You went back in the box without eating or visiting the toilet that time.
Jasmine never stopped crying when she was awake. That’s the only way you knew she wasn’t sleeping. She sniffled and shifted in her box and didn’t answer you or Laila. At the end of the first week when she was let out, she thanked them for the food. That’s when you knew.
“Steve,” Sam said evenly, “it’s time. Take her to her room.”
“What…” Jasmine croaked, “where--”
“It’s okay, sweetie,” Steve coaxed, “you’ll get a bed of your own, some new clothes, does that sound good?”
“Y-yes,” she sniffled, “yes, it sounds nice.”
You listened to her footsteps contrast with Steve’s heavier ones and your heart sank. None of you could withstand it forever. You knew it but it didn’t make you any less angry. You weren’t going to make it easy for them.
“Where are you taking her?” you hissed.
“Shut up,” Bucky spat and booted your chest.
“Laila,” Sam said softly, “your turn.”
You listened to her lid open, the clink of cutlery on a plate, and then she was led away. She returned to her box then it was your turn. 
You were startled as Bucky tore your lid open and hauled you out roughly. Sam stood back and watched, making no move to stop the other man from dragging you to the small TV tray set up for your meal. You stared at the plate of boxed macaroni.
“Eat,” he flicked your ear, “or I’ll be all too happy to shove it down your throat.”
Sam said nothing and paced. You looked at him and he returned a placid expression. You knew what he was doing. He was letting you see how bad it could be. You ate with the plastic spoon, the noodles irritatingly slippery and cleared the plate. You drained the glass of water and sat stalk straight.
“Up,” Bucky kicked the stool and you barely kept from toppling. 
You stood and he dragged you down the hall. He flung you through the bathroom door and closed it. You hit the corner of the counter and gasped. You steadied yourself and stared in the mirror. You looked tired, you felt tired, your whole body was racked from days crammed in a box.
You reached to open the cabinet but it was empty. You checked the cupboard below; nothing. There weren’t even bottles in the shower. They were smart, everything was planned to a T. You did what you needed and emerged when Bucky impatiently banged on the door.
“Find what you were looking for?” he taunted.
“Shut up,” you moped.
“Just you wait,” he sneered, “you’ll be the last but… when it comes time, you’ll know exactly what happened to your friends first.”
You turned and charged at him. He flinched as he stepped back and hit the wall. He caught your fist as you swung at him and he tossed you away easily. You bounced off the wall and crumpled to the floor. He grabbed the back of your neck and dragged you on your knees the rest of the way.
You whimpered and whined as he forced you in the box and slammed your fingers in the lid. You retracted them and he locked it as you nursed your tender knuckles.
“Bucky…” Sam sighed.
“She attacked me,” he said firmly.
You sucked in a breath as your lip trembled and the fury burned in your tears, “I fucking did.”
“No dinner tonight,” Sam said, “let’s go.”
Laila was out the next day. She begged and promised to be good. They took her away but didn’t come back. You curled up and wallowed in your solace. The end was close for you. In your dreams, as little sleep as you could get through the pain and fear, you saw the men and it was you pleading for anything but the box.
You were woken by a tap and the lid was lifted. You didn’t move. Steve stared down at you then glanced over his shoulder. Sam came over and both men angled you out of the box. They carried you to the stool and sat you down. They let go but you made no move to eat the bowl of rice and veggies.
“We should have moved them at the same time,” Steve said, “she can’t stay in there any longer.”
“Sure she can,” Sam waved him off, “Bucky just… frightened her.”
“Then she should be ready,” Steve argued.
“Not yet,” Sam’s eye met yours as you peeked up at them, “she’s still there. She’s hearing every word, aren’t you, honey?”
You dropped your eyes and reached for the spoon. The rice tasted like cardboard. You finished and went through the usual until you were back in your box. You stared at the black above you and listened to them leave.
Two more days. You couldn’t do it any longer. You thought you were being strong but you were just stupid. What were you doing but torturing yourself? It was exactly what they wanted.
When they opened the box, you got out without help and ate your food. You drank deeply and went down the hall. You rubbed your cramped thighs as you neared the chest and you stopped. You looked up, Bucky’s eyes were cold and unyielding. You turned and Steve clenched his jaw. Sam crossed his arms as he watched you.
“Please,” you said weakly, “I can’t go back in there.”
“No?” Sam challenged blithely.
“I--I can’t,” you repeated, “I…” faced Bucky again and swallowed, “I’m sorry I hurt you. It won’t happen again.”
Bucky smiled and lowered his chin. He chuckled and let out a sigh as he raised his head again.
“Let me take her to her room, please,” he said as he bit his bottom lip.
“No, you know how it works,” Sam approached and took your arm. He closed the lid and turned you away from the box, “come on, honey, let’s get you settled in.”
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paroxysmss · 12 days ago
Love Like You
Summary: it’d been a few years since Bucky had been freed from Hydra and The Winter Soldier. But, he still felt like he needed to prove himself. Steve was gone, and Bucky thought he was incapable of love. How could he love somebody when he was a terrorist? When he ruined families and tore loved ones apart? However, when you showed up in his life, loving him no matter what, it made him possibly learn how to love
Words: 8.6k
Warning(s): PTSD, dissociation, MCU level violence, fluff, angst, pre TFATWS,
A/N: Hi! This is my first fic, so I hope everything goes well. Please tell me if I have any spelling errors or just anything wrong in general, and I will quickly fix it! Feedback is always appreciated! I hope you enjoy it! ❤
Tumblr media
If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love
Rule #1: Don’t do anything illegal
Rule #2: Don’t hurt anyone
Rule #3: Say these words to the person you're making amends to: “I am no longer the Winter Soldier. I am James 'Bucky' Barnes, and you are part of my efforts to make amends.”
Bucky had his mind back- even if it was tossed into a blender- he still had control of it. He understood he could do what he wanted now, with the Avengers disabled and the Wakanda's freeing him; he was himself. But he didn't know himself. It was the 1940s when he was last himself. All his hobbies and things he enjoyed are outdated and scarce to find in the modern world. Music was all that he could salvage. YouTube, Spotify, Records, and CDs allowed him to reminisce on good times, running down the very same streets and walking into stores- welcoming faces that he once remembered- but were now replaced with new faces or closed.
Deja vu struck him like a truck most days, and he blankly stared and watched the people around him, laughing and passing by while he stood as if he were a ghost. Bucky, some days, didn't feel alive. Overwhelmed by change, he gazed through his apartment window, detached and fixated on his surroundings and desperately trying to feel more in touch with reality.
"Dissociation happens to soldiers after they've come back from war. It's a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity," Dr. Raynor, his therapist, had explained, "It's familiar with PTSD and stems from repeated episodes of emotional, physical, and mental abuse."
Bucky was too stubborn to believe her at the time, but now that he had implemented a new life in Brooklyn, maybe she wasn't wrong. Brooklyn wasn't the safest place to live in, depending on what neighborhood you found yourself walking through at night. Gun violence, drugs, and prostitutes scoured the shadows. Bucky tried straying from that side of town. Out of sight, out of mind. He didn't want to cause any more trouble than he already had in the past 70 or so years.
He frequented the music shop and diners, hunting for a sliver of conformity in daily life. Nightmares plagued him at night, so he opted to busy himself with the list. Because no sleep meant no nightmares, and no nightmares meant progress, right? He justified his thought process when discussing it with Dr. Raynor, but he couldn't quite remember what he said at the time.
His screams tended to wake up the apartment block he lived in, receiving stares and sometimes a knock on the door when they seemed a little too violent. His neighbors kept quiet. However, he understood he was just another burden - that neighbor everyone segregated because they weren't right in the head. Mothers redirected their children when he was near, their faces shoved into her side when he passed. They recoiled, faces tightening into crooked misplaced smiles and dread. Glares and stares, he felt them everywhere he went. They were perpetual as if they knew he was the Winter Soldier.
It stressed him to no end, and Bucky locked himself in his apartment, attempting to control how loud he yelled after a nightmare. Government-mandated therapy is what kept him from becoming a hermit. He had no contacts, no family, no friends. Just him and his therapist. Steve was what Bucky had left in his life, but after Thanos, Bucky had nothing. Everybody remaining went their separate ways, Sam taking Steve's shield, and the rest going off to do only God knows what.
He was alone for the first time in a while, free to do as he pleased.
The floor was cold as he laid on his back, shirtless. Bucky nursed a bottle of whiskey, his unbridled thoughts encompassing his mind. He knew he couldn’t get drunk with the serum, but he liked the feel of the burn in his throat and how the heat rested comfortably in his chest. Hours before, he was in the bathroom, firmly gripping chunks of his hair, practically tearing them from his scalp to chop off. His hair was the last thing that reminded him of the Winter Soldier. It was long and greasy, and he couldn't look in the mirror without seeing the mask on his face and the tactical gear Hydra accommodated him with. If he wanted to move on, why keep it? It was a barricade to his progress. A reminder of who he was- a killer.
Wads of his hair coated the tile, and he tried his best to make it look suitable for his looks. Maybe he would go to the barbers tomorrow to get it cleaned up, Bucky told himself, fully aware he wasn’t leaving his apartment. Lying to himself let him feel better, even if it was short-lived. Eyes clouded with despair. He struggled to keep his gaze on the mirror, his mind morphing his vision. The gold embellished vibranium arm distorted into a bright red star, the one Hydra marked him with as their personal touch. Bucky cringed at the memories, redirecting his eyes to the sink, shaking his head as if to clear it. He tried styling his hair as he did in the 1940s, but it felt subpar, as if he somehow impersonated himself.
Bucky paced the living room for half an hour before flicking on the television to drown out his thoughts. He abruptly sat on the chair the building provided; it was stiff and creaky, and he reached behind his back and grabbed the crumbled pillow with his metal arm, haphazardly tossing it across the room. Everything was uncomfortable, but Bucky didn't complain. He mindlessly watched the TV, blocking out his poisonous thoughts for a brief second until they came tumbling back louder than before.
Specks of hair stuck to his neck and laid on his shoulders. It itched, but Bucky slumped backward anyway, eager to find release. His head throbbed, a hammer pounding into his temples, and he grimaced when he rested his head on the wall. The horrors played in his sight like a movie, blending into the ceiling as he tightened his grip on the neck of the bottle. Why couldn't he escape? Grotesque scenes flashed past his eyes and face full of fear, frantically pleading, crying for him to spare them because they have a family, a wife, kids, their parents were too old to take care of themselves – that they wouldn't tell the police or anything if he would let them walk away.
He squeezed shut his eyes, trying to collect his scattered thoughts and suddenly sat up, grabbing at his face in a useless attempt to stop the hellish trick his mind was playing. The whisky bottle smashed to the floor, glass scattering below his feet, and the alcohol seeped into the side of the upholstered chair. Bucky's breath came out in their pants, and he was sweating. Desperation crawled in his throat, and he pried open his eyes, standing up on wobbly feet in need of a distraction. He clamored toward the kitchen and turned on the tap. The cold water refreshed his burning face, and he gripped onto the counter so he didn’t lose balance. How- Why- It wouldn't stop, the relief abruptly fleeting as he stepped away. His back collided with the island, and his world felt like it was spinning, turning, not stopping until he planted his feet into the ground and stopped all force of motion.
The scenes depleted as he concentrated on his breathing like Dr. Raynor had demonstrated, and Bucky began to feel more at ease. He focused on the floor, scared to shut his eyes as the horrors relayed, persistent. At first, he had forgotten where he was, feeling foreign in his own home– the home he was provided and thrust in after the- no stop- this was his home, his apartment in Brooklyn where he was raised. He expelled a long breath, pulling back a stool and sitting at the table. His ears were ringing, and he hunched over, elbows rested on the counter while his fingers entwined with his short hair. He wasn’t used to it, but it was for the best.
Bucky knew he'd been up all night when the sun illuminated his floor, peaking through the edges of the blackout curtains. He slowly stood, his knees weak, and started up the coffee machine with shaky hands. Thoughts flew, one after another going faster than he could handle. These nightmares and flashbacks were halting his progress, but Bucky didn't seem to think he was redeemable. After all these years, people whispering their opinions in his ear, being told that he could be fixed, Bucky was finally worn to the bone. Steve was what kept him pumping, and without him, what was Bucky for? Why didn't they lock him up like they wanted to? Why did he get a second chance? Bucky was tired of it. He rather rot in a cell than be set free because, at least in a cell, he would have a purpose—a reason to be there.
He didn't deserve salvation–rather damnation.
He sat at the end of the couch, his stare long and foreboding. His leg bounced, his heel tapping the carpeted floor. Gloved hands, leather jacket, and you watched his nervous ticks. How he ran his hand through his hair and when he cautiously glanced around the room on high alert. It wasn’t necessary, and he didn’t particularly enjoy it, but it was a need. You sat curled on the other end of the couch, head tilted and soaking in the scene. He was beautiful but fragile, almost naïve, with a shy and pleasant face darkened with whatever hell he held onto subconsciously. He almost looked ill, with deep depressions under his eyes and a pallor to his appearance that fractured the illusion that he was bigger than the average man. Broad shoulders slouched inward perceived him as smaller, weaker, almost tiny, but when he stood, it showed a different outlook.
You met him at his therapist's office; your friend, Dr. Raynor, requested papers on another patient. You crossed paths many times, and eventually, you approached him, asking him out to lunch. You were friends. His mentality was too shattered for a relationship at the time. Anyway, you worked full time as a psychologist, busy helping misguided teenagers and assisting them in redirecting their lives.
Bucky, which he suggested you call him, was a mystery to you. Dr. Raynor kept his files private, refusing to tell you any detail on his record. All you understood was that he was a soldier, his PTSD flickering every once in a while for you to witness. He’d disappear for days, then reappear at your door at night, head bowed shyly, and hands shoved deep in his pockets.
New York’s buzz came to a steady halt. The moon peeked through the buildings as the horizon painted the last remaining colors of the sun, the muddled purple, and red bleeding together as an ocean of black began to consume it. Commercials were white static to your ears. Illuminating the house in a brief flash of color like a vintage picture show. The room was dim, yellow lamplight forming a muted golden circle on the ceiling. The couch was torn and frayed, creaking at the lightest pressure. It had rolled arms that were stiff, uncomfortable to lay against after a long day. The pillows were plush and round, and the pleats secure as the button in the middle held it together. The set came from the nearest thrift store, half off, and if it were in prime condition, it'd be worth more than your best set of jewelry.
Deep in thought, he fiddled with the brim of his hat, guiding his thumb over the fabric. He perched on the edge of the couch, ready, and his body slumped forward, opposite to you as if he had something to hide. Tremors erupted at his shoulders, slight, however noticeable to the thorough eye. “Do you want to talk about it?” You calmly asked, and Bucky vaguely glanced at you, mildly alarmed.
“No, you're not my therapist,” he murmured, shifting uncomfortably.
“I'm not, but I am one. Do you want to be left alone, Ja— Bucky, I mean— or do you want to talk about it?” You suggested softly, adjusting the papers and placing them on the coffee table, “You knocked on my door at 8 pm, and it's now 10 pm, and you have yet to speak. Something's wrong.”
“I'm fine, doll.” His gaze was bleak and disarming, finding your eyes in the dim room.
Letting the weight of his words sink in the area, you put your fist to your mouth and scanned over your papers. Aliyah M. Roberts, a teenage girl from uptown with rash emotional outbursts and struggles with self-worth and self-esteem. She was your new patient– a teenager– forced into therapy by her deranged mother, making her unresponsive to treatment. You were transfixed, glossing over her diagnoses and medications, when Bucky straightened, standing up. He fixed a ruffle in his jacket and tugged on his hat.
“I thought you said that you stopped having nightmares,” You recalled doubtfully
“I did.”
“Lying doesn't fix things, Bucky.”
“Like I said-”
“I’m not your therapist, you’re right,” You interjected, and after a careful pause, spoke again, “But I want to help my friend.”
Bucky smiled uneasily, not quite sure how to respond. You stared knowingly, waiting, and he averted his gaze at the window, pretending not to care. The silence was excruciating, and he anxiously picked at the fraying on his jacket, hoping you would call him out on his bullshit instead of him having to admit to it. Neither of you knew how to move forward, and he didn’t think he had to answer some questions when he first knocked on your door. It was a blind action when he lost himself on the way home, a sudden blaring car horn ripped him from reality, and he sought out normalcy in your presence.
Swallowing hard, “Doll, I’ll be fine. I just got a bit shaken up, that's all.”
He moved around the couch, maneuvering to the foyer. Bucky wanted to leave, not waste your time, and his heartbeat spiked. His hand was clammy under the glove, and he hurriedly slid on his shoes. You reached over the back of the couch, softly grabbing his arm. He instinctively flinched, staring at you alert and anxious.
"Tell me when you’re ready.” You said faintly, knowing you disturbed him and were sorry, "I promise I don't bite." A meek smile tugged at the corners of your mouth, and you squeezed his forearm reassuringly. Bucky's cheeks reddened. His body calmed at your gentle touch, and you placed your hand on your lap.
He nodded, exhaling a heavy breath, replying with a blunt, "Ok."
“Hey, text me when you’re home.” You called, glancing back at him when he was halfway through the door. His eyes trained on you, “Also, I've been feeding the neighborhood cat, so can you check if the bowl is full? If not, just throw it by the door; I'll get to it before I go to bed.”
The screen door snapped shut behind him, and he stepped onto the porch. It was closed in with wood fencing; the boards paint chipped and leaning, struggling to hold up the railing. A porch swing hung at the end, the cushions new, and a mesh screen protected it from the weather. You placed a rocking chair and a rusted metal table in your little area, you coming out on a nice day to sit on the swing and read the latest novel you divulged yourself into. Bucky loved those days, especially rainy ones where he would sit on the swing with you, head on your lap while you carded your hand through his hair. It was refreshing, knowing not all hands are used for violence, and Bucky began, in recent weeks, to crave your attention. It swallowed him whole, and he couldn’t get enough of it, basking in its warmth and sense of serenity, easing his tense muscles.
Curtains blocked the view of your living room, but the television light flashed every once in a while. Muffled voices echoed, the laugh track resounding through the speakers. Neighborhood kids scampered in the night, swift small shadows darting with purpose as they release shrill, playful shrieks. A bonfire was going on, the flames straining toward the sky as they fed the fire with cardboard boxes and beer cans.
Laughter chimed, and Bucky watched as a mother scolded the children for playing on the street. She shooed them to the backyard, and he briefly wondered how his life would've turned out if he hadn't fallen off that train. It was almost painful to think about every time he glossed over the idea. Sometimes reducing him to a ball on the tile floor of his shower, the pelts of water dinging against his arm as he tried to forget what could've been.
The plastic bowl was at the bottom of the stairs, and as you asked, he tossed it toward your door. He had to get home.
“Thank you!” You happily shouted, waving at him.
Bucky waved back, walking away.
Quesadillas and lime cilantro rice wafted in the air, and you settled a full plate in front of Bucky. The kitchen was small, sectioned off into the back end of the house. The fusty window faced your backyard, the windowsill covered with plants and succulents. Pots were painted with cute designs, and all marked with a silly name in sharpie. Cabinets chipped of white paint creaked and moaned. Shelves closely packed with china, patterns contrasted and bold against the muted hue of the room. Dishes were piled in the sink, on the countertops, and filled the drying rack.
You busied yourself at the stove, cleaning up the pots and pans as you go. Books and papers were stacked onto the island where he sat, Crime and Criminality, Child Psychology, The Development of the Human Brain. Documents of patients displayed their background checks and history in the open. A stack of unopened mail was in the corner, bills and car payments, left to rest out of sight within the mess. Restless, Bucky pushed back in his chair and looked around.
A white cat laid on the edge of the couch, on top of blankets, and snuggled into a quill your grandma made for you. Alpine was his name, and part of his left ear was bitten off. In only a week and a half, your life changed, and Bucky was surprised to see a new addition in your home. More books stood on a shelf, pictures frames, photos of people— people you’ve never mentioned— on display. A layer of dust smudged their faces. Magnets held more pictures on your fridge, yearbook photos, and sports accomplishments —drawings, letters, lists, and different little personal items that just screamed of you.
In that week and a half, Bucky had been making amends with some former colleagues, trying his best to follow the rules Dr. Raynor had requested. Making amends was much more complicated than he anticipated when his therapist suggested it. He needed to work on his self-image; she had said, working through the list would help him find his identity.
Recently, his nightmares heightened, forgetting where he was for a brief second when he jolted awake. His mind frequently clashed, losing itself in the darkness, detached and immovable, his cognitive thinking drowned out by the flashbacks of those he had mercilessly killed.
Bucky figured it was best not to get you involved. He flexed his metal hand, and he feared showing it to you, not wanting to scare you. It was a blemish, just another driving attribute to being only a tool. Bucky Barnes, the government's little puppet, a lethal weapon used only when it suits their schedule. A permanent reminder of who he actually was- The Winter Soldier.
“You took your sweet time coming back, Barnes,” You glanced at him, “I thought you left me high and dry this time.”
Bucky solemnly looked up, “Why would I leave, doll?”
You exhaled a vapid laugh, “I dunno, but I started to worry.”
“I can handle myself.”
“That’s-That’s not what I meant,” You said, half-turning, “I worry about you, ya know? I dunno what you get up to in your own time- I don’t really want to know, but it’s normal for the human brain to wonder. Imagination and stuff like that- but that’s not what I’m getting at, i mean- goddamn it-” You faltered, unhappily, hurriedly wiping your hands with a dishrag, “You’d think since I’m a therapist I’d be able to coherently form a sentence, right?”
Bucky sat confused. What were you trying to get at? He looked at the tablecloth, “Did I-”
“No, you didn’t do anything, Buck,” You looked a bit embarrassed, slumping your shoulders, “I just- I just missed you.”
His lips parted, thrown by your statement, “I- um- I missed you too, doll,” And he did. He missed you on the walk home from your house or when he was gone for weeks at a time. The hollowness in his chest grew in your absence, and he wanted to grab you, hold you in his arms and tell you just how much he thinks about you every day. How you interrupt his thoughts with that smile and your glowing eyes. Everything he wanted was right in front of him, all he ever dreamed about, but he restricted himself from advancing. You had a blossoming career and life, chugging forward no matter what was in your way.
Bucky's heart thudded when you faced him with a tentative smile. You pulled out a chair and sat down, eating a small plate of quesadillas. Bucky fought the urge to stare; you just looked so happy, bobbing your head side to side as you ate. A smile tugged at his lips, and he ran a hand through his hair. Even if he didn't deserve a happy ending, Bucky was content here, in your home with you by his side. Shielding the horrors of the world as much as he could and playing the part of the average guy.
It didn't matter if you could see through his façade; he wanted to keep it this way. It was silly, he understood, but he was too scared to risk it all. You brought light and warmth when he was lost in the dark, and Bucky feared that if you knew what he had done, what they forced him to do to those innocent people that you would leave. He traced the flower pattern on the tablecloth, no- no, you couldn’t- no you can’t go. Anxiety formed into a lump in his throat, and Bucky grimaced at the thought of being alone. He shot his gaze up to look at you, to be reassured by your smile, how the corner of your eyes crinkled at the sight of him, but you were gone.
Bucky stood, the burst of momentum sending the chair flying on its back. His heart thudded in his ears, and blood rushed to his face. You vanished, gone like thin air. His mind played tricks on him, seeing red and hearing distant screams, ones so heart-wrenching he could still see their faces. God- he squeezed his eyes and put his hands up to his ears in a desperate attempt to stop the screaming. It never worked, and he inhaled a sharp breath. Remember what Dr. Raynor told you.
His head snapped to the sound of your voice, and he staggered down a narrow hall lined with tarnished mirrors and family photos. You met him on the threshold of your room, a dusty book in your hand. You seemed nonplussed, chest to chest with him, as he looked down on you with a glazed, worried expression.
“Are you ok?” You said, worried, “Did something happen?”
“No, doll.” He answered, breathless, and his hand somehow made its way to your cheek, but he clumsily pulled it back and forced it to his side, making a fist, and awkwardly hiding it behind his thigh, “I just lost you for a second.”
You clutched your book to your chest, concerned that you missed something important. You specifically remember telling him you’d be right back. He must’ve not heard you and freaked when he noticed you were suddenly gone. You sheepishly grabbed his gloved hand, it was cold, but you didn’t mind. Bucky watched intensely, and you reassuringly squeezed it.
“Would you like to come and sit with me on the swing?” You asked, running your thumb over his knuckles, tracing the bones.
Bucky nodded awkwardly, moving aside and letting you guide him through the house, your hand in his. His eyes were dark, directed to the side of your head, as if waiting for you to dissipate. You slowly whistled for Alpine to follow, opening the door and allowing him to scamper into the yard. You positioned yourself on the swing, gesturing for Bucky to join you when you were comfortable. Hesitantly, as if he was going to crush you, he sat beside you, carefully resting his head in your lap as you began to read. Your fingers carded through his hair, and at that moment, Bucky wanted to be nowhere else. He sighed, melting into your tender touch, humming contently as he rested his eyes.
He had fallen asleep on your lap for the past hour or so, lightly snoring. He looked so peaceful, young, almost if it wasn’t for the depression in his cheeks. Alpine purred under your feet, curled into a compact ball to shield herself from the cool breeze. It was almost fall, and you had forgotten a jacket. The numbness in your legs didn’t help either, the pins and needles striking the sensitive underside of your foot. Uncomfortable was an understatement, but you stayed a little longer, cherishing Bucky's presence before he would go back to being distant and self-contained.
Your thumb traced his jaw, feeling every groove of stubble on his chin. “Bucky,” you softly called, setting your book by your side and rubbing his shoulder, “I think you overslept.”
He flirted with waking, his eyes fluttering as he regained his surroundings. You looked down at him with such a lively, unhurried amusement that he forgot about the smile growing on his face. God, you were so beautiful, the glow of the porch light perfectly shading your features.
“Hi,” He said, breathless.
“Hi,” You giggled.
Alpine mewled below your feet, placing his front paws forward and leaning back for a big stretch. You hummed, looking out into the road. It was dark, the moon standing alone in the purple hue of the sky. Stars were invisible as the city lights prevented their exposure. You don't remember the last time you've seen the stars. The porch light buzzed, moths worshipping its radiance. You gazed back down at Bucky, noticing his stare, a look in his blue eyes you couldn't recognize.
Bucky was transfixed, blatantly captivated by your expression. How you viewed the world with such admiration and curiosity carved a tinge of envy in his chest. You loved everything. All life has a purpose, you said one day, collecting a stray spider you found crawling on your wall. You had lectured Bucky for a minute when you saw him winding up to kill it, arguing about how would you feel if you were minding your business and a massive hand crushed you with no reason? Huh? Though you jumped at its every movement, you swiped it into a container and rushed outside. Bucky watched as you released it into the yard, quickly bounding back up the stairs with a shrill squeal.
Life was so precious to you. No matter the being and Bucky was nothing like that. For years it'd been drilled into his head that life was expendable. That it was a means to an end, an obstacle that kept coming back when the next self-proclaimed hero strolled along, trying to stop them. He's snuffed out so many promising lives, innocent and ambitious. Those were the faces that haunted him at night, the ones he sees every time he shuts his eyes.
How could he be with someone so good?
"Wanna go to a dance with me this Saturday?"
Bucky jolted up out of your lap, tightly squeezing his eyes. His back faced you, and he gripped the swing, briefly off-centering it as he regained focus. "What, doll?" He mumbled, squinting at you.
You shifted, uneasy, "A dance this Saturday. A- uh- coworker asked me about it a few days ago. He's kinda creepy, so I denied him." You grimaced at the memory; he really was the biggest creep, "And well, I just kinda remembered it and was wondering if you would wanna come with me."
The faint drone of traffic floating up from downtown made the silence seem vast. You scratched your brow, tight-lipped and antsy. "When is it?" Bucky asked, drowsily, planting his feet on the ground.
You stammered, nervous, "Saturday."
He sighed, mixed emotions rupturing in his chest. He doesn't remember the last time he's been to a dance, and even if he did go, his moves were outdated. Bucky glanced at you, and your cheeks were flushed pink, eyes downcast into your lap. You fiddled with the hem of your shirt, eager for his answer. You sounded so hopeful when you asked, but now you seemed like you wanted to disappear into the cushions.
"I thought it'd be fun," You were restless, embarrassed, "Of course you don't have to come if you don't want to! I was just wondering-"
He raised his hand, prompting you to quiet. Bucky sighed, and you thought you fucked up. It wasn't supposed to be anything more than a friendly thing, just a proposal to get out of the house for a few hours with your favorite person. Though you wouldn't mind if Bucky was more than a friend, his emotions mattered as well. He was challenging to read. Your line of sight intensely fixated on your lap, and you felt like a stupid school girl with a crush. Your heart thudded, and your chest weighed with anxiety, requiring shorter and quicker breaths to escape. You suddenly stood, flustered and ready to use your professional voice to overcome the situation, when he chuckled.
It was light, airy, and you were met with soft blue eyes. "What time is it, doll?" He questioned, standing and his bulky broad shoulders surprising you all over again. He lowered his head to catch your eye, a wide smile curled at his lips.
"9 pm." You said, swallowing a lump in your throat you didn't know you had. Bucky was charming, his grin making your chest and stomach burst with butterflies. It was rare you witnessed this side of him. Only appearing when he was comfortable enough, opening up about snip-bits of his life before catching himself and shutting down.
"Great, I'll pick you up at 8."
Bucky shuffled between shirts, trying to select the most fitted one for the occasion. He didn't have anyone directing orders, anyone to critique him, or anything. He was on his own, free to pick what he wanted. It wasn't as liberating as he dreamt, but he pushed the thought aside. It wasn't time to dwell on the past.
All black attire with black gloves. It was basic, but he didn't mind. It was the best he had without someone chirping in his ear.
Dr. Raynor pushed to tell her details about the dance, but Bucky always redirected the conversation. He dreaded sessions with Dr. Raynor, wishing he were at your house instead of wasting his time dancing with word play and her silly questions. She made an effort, but Bucky remained unresponsive and distracted. Only when she took out her notepad did he get irritated.
The ride to your house was quiet, the radio off and Bucky concentrated on the road. You lived farther outside of Brooklyn, and he had no clue where this dance was at. His excitement switched into deep-rooted panic, and he felt the sweat forming on his palm. Did he even remember how to dance? Anxious, his grip tightened on the wheel, thumb tapping to a distracting rhythm he played in his head. He glanced at the flowers in the passenger's seat and sighed. It’d been so long since his last dance, and he couldn’t believe life had given him this chance to redeem himself. It was too good to be true.
In the distance, he heard yelling. However, he chalked it up to your neighbors again. They fought like cats and dogs, screaming bloody murder while you and Bucky listened from the front porch. Discreet wasn't an option, you both laughing at the stupid points they brought up and how one stormed out of the house when the quarrel became too heated. They were harmless to each other, just two hot-heads living under the same roof and not wanting to be called out on their bullshit. Though you argued they were more healthy ways to express their problems, it wasn't your place to step in, and if it worked for them, that was fine.
But when he pulled up to your house, another car was in your driveway. He didn't recognize it. The plate was from Pennsylvania, and beside it was a Steelers bumper sticker. Your front door was open, the screen door ajar. Bucky's first instinct was to run in and see if you were hurt, but when you passed by the door, hands flying in every direction, he put that plan on standby. A man followed you. He was tall and muscular, his shoulders stooping low.
Gravel crunched under his feet, and he grabbed a knife in his cup holder, shoving it in his waistband if anything terrible were to happen. Plan for the worst, Bucky thought, stalking up your porch, hiding in the shadows. Bucky didn't know who that was, you've never mentioned him before, and this set Bucky on edge. The screaming and shouting erupted, the man growing louder to drown you out. You were on the other side of your couch in a beautiful emerald dress that hugged your body.
If it weren't for the circumstance, Bucky's heart would've dropped to his ass. Any ounce of confidence he had crumbled into a stuttering pile of nerves.
The man was tall, with stooping broad shoulders. They were cut and bruised, with dry drywall mud flaking his tan skin. His back faced Bucky, muscles flexed and tense as he shouted at you. He gripped the end table, leaning on it, supporting his weight with his arm, and Bucky noticed a small tattoo peeking out of the low collar of his tank top. You stood adjacent to him, the couch a barrier. Tears were rolling down your face, smearing your makeup, as you pleaded with him to get out. Behind you was a hallway to the bathroom, and you slowly moved toward it. Your hands trembled at your sides, and Bucky watched at how you flinched at every movement he made.
He screamed out something, and Bucky couldn’t make it out, but it seemed to affect you negatively. You gulped and released a stuttering breath as you stood silently. Bucky’s attention focused on the man, his anger starting to cloud his vision. Who was he? Why was he here? What did he want with you? It left a sour taste under Bucky’s tongue, and he began to stalk up the steps, readying himself. Self-control and reason left his brain. The rules Dr. Raynor established fled as all he cared about was your safety.
What was rule two again?
Maybe in another life, Bucky would’ve shown more restraint. More control.
A vase with dead flowers hurled toward your face, and you bolted down the hall. Bucky slammed through the screen door and grabbed the man before he even had a chance to pursue you. Bucky pulled him to the floor by his collar, fist connecting with his jaw before the guy had the opportunity to collect himself. Bucky pinned him to the floor, fist repeatedly connecting with his cheekbone, as his metal arm clutched his throat. He frantically clawed and scratched Bucky’s arm, ripping the fabric of the shirt and letting out a strangled cry. Blood flicked into Bucky’s eyes, spraying his face as the man struggled, squirmed, and kicking manically as panic and fear set in his gaze.
Bucky knew he recognized him but didn’t care. This wasn’t about him this time, this wasn’t someone ordering him to comply, yet it felt almost out of body. As if no matter the help he got, this was Bucky. This was what he was, and at that moment, he accepted it. Because if he couldn’t provide himself with the life that people claimed he deserved, then at least he could give it to someone else.
Someone like you.
Your voice broke him free of the ringing in his ears, and he turned in search of you. The man took his chance, slithering out from under Bucky’s hold and providing a clean kick to Bucky’s jaw. He hoisted himself up, but Bucky quickly snatched his ankle, reeling him in. The man fell on his chest and grunted, sending another wild kick into Bucky’s nose. Bucky clamored, falling back on his hip. A trickle of blood dripping onto his busted lip, tasting iron as he sucked in a sharp breath. He bounced back and grabbed at the man, his metal hand free and exposed.
“James! Stop!”
It was too late now, and Bucky tossed the man like he was nothing through your screen door, the hinges breaking with a fierce snap and frame contouring and twisting under the man’s weight. He groaned miserably, turning onto his side to cough up some blood. It dotted the wood floor and gushed from a gash on his cheek. Bucky stepped toward him, ducking under a cracked piece of the wooden door frame that hung limply. There was nothing else on Bucky’s mind. He focused on the man as he struggled to get back to his feet, grunting and cursing under his breath.
The man turned around, propping himself up on his elbow as Bucky gripped him by the collar of his shirt, reeling back, the porch light reflecting off the vibranium hand. However, Bucky stopped, his fist mid-swing, and watched as you stood in front of him, arms out protecting your face. Heavy pants escaped your mouth, chest heaving as dry tear streaks framed your cheeks.
“Stop it,” You weakly cried, searching his face for any sign of the man you knew. It was blank, cold. The blue eyes dulled and stormy, watching you with a smoldering scowl. “This is enough. You’ve done enough.”
You reached out for him, and he flinched, abruptly letting go and stepping back. The man scrambled away, falling over himself as he tripped down the steps, sliding onto his back. He grunted and wiped his bloodied mouth with his wrist, “You’re a fucking freak,” The guy spat, stumbling to stand, “No wonder Stark wanted to lock you up. You’re a monster.”
You whipped around, “Get off my lawn, Gabe," You snapped venomously, pointing to the dark road, "Maybe next time, listen because you got what you deserve; now, leave.”
Gabe flicked you off, but bolted when Bucky stepped forward, ready to bash his face in. The way he treated you angered Bucky to no end, and he was prepared to give up everything he worked for just to teach him a lesson. Instead, he stopped when you placed your hand on his chest, shaking your head.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” You said, beckoning him inside.
His heart skipped a beat, and he numbly followed you inside. Stepping past the broken glass and into the narrow hall, his chest pressed up against your back. You were quiet with a furrowed brow, and he stared at your profile as you guided him to the bathroom. It was small and quaint, and he shuffled to sit on the toilet as you grasp the first aid kit, delicately pulling out bandages and peroxide to clean the cuts on his knuckles.
You kneeled in between his legs, gently cleaning his wounds, pulling away every time he flinched. His metal hand rested on his knee, and you peered at it every so often. Bucky sucked his bottom lip in his teeth, feeling a heavy sense of shame at his actions. But, in a way, he didn’t care. Gabe was going to hurt you. All that malice threw at you with nothing but illicit thoughts. If Bucky wasn’t there, he feared what could’ve happened. He suddenly searched your face for any marks, examining every inch to make sure.
“I was scared he was gonna hurt you,” He whispered, breaking the silence.
"It's okay," You said. “Did he hurt you?”
“No, doll.”
Even through his tough exterior, he was tender and caring. You sat silent, carefully wrapping the bandage around his knuckles. He didn’t particularly need it, the serum healing him in no time, but he let you anyway. You were so gentle and kind, your touch delicate as if he were made of porcelain. You moved slowly, waiting for his permission to touch him. He molded into your hand as it cupped his face, your other one softly wiping the blood off with a damp rag.
“Who was he?”
You exhaled audibly, suddenly standing to wring the towel. Bucky missed your touch, a chill replacing the warmth quickly. Blood pooled in the sink, the drain sucking up the red, and you pushed your hair away with your wrist. Your hair was pulled up into a messy bun, loose strands stuck to your perspired skin. Sweat dripped from your temples, and Bucky couldn't help but stare. He knew he shouldn't have stayed, that he should've left right when Gabe hurried off, but he was addicted. You were his drug. A vice he ventured to quit but never seemed to be able to stop completely.
God, he couldn't resist you.
You sighed, wishing to avoid this conversation, “Nobody important.”
Your smile didn’t reach your eyes, and you shifted on your hip.
“Are you sure, doll?” Bucky leaned over the counter, and you glanced at his face. It was hard to talk about. Gabe had five years to get over the relationship while you were just zapped back, life drastically changed, and he was already with another girl. Life with Gabe was hell, and getting away from him was one of the best decisions.
He was controlling and always wanted his way. When he showed up at your house, knocking on your door with a purse in his grasp, claiming it was yours, you panicked. You rushed to lock the door, but he barged in, grabbing you by your shoulders and pushing you backward. You scrambled to run, thrashing from his grip and bolting to your kitchen, playing around the island as you tried to create distance. Your heart was thumping, both of you incoherently shouting as you scurry around your house, eventually jumping over your couch to block him from getting close to you.
The arguing progressed from there, him demanding why you were ignoring him and who you dressed up for tonight. He pulled his hair and clenched his fist as he paced the foyer, distraught. You stared, blank. His unbridled rage formed into something almost demonic, and you watched, impassive, almost like a mouse who’s been through the wringer too many times. You were light on your feet, ready to run, and when a vase hurled toward your face, you ducked, pivoted, and sprinted toward the bathroom. You covered your head with your arms, and you bolted like a fire was lit under your ass. The chase wasn’t anything new. It was rehearsed, the same dance every time you argued. You hid in the bathroom for hours, waiting while he paced outside, unwilling to accept your boundaries.
But this time, you didn’t hear his trampling footsteps behind you. There was no yelling, no pounding on the door to let him in, to please forgive me. I won’t do it again, cry of self-pity that sent him on this deranged path anyway.
That was when you found Bucky on top of him, connecting his fist with Gabe’s face. You were frozen in shock, staring at the sight, absolutely unsure of what to do at that moment. Bucky got a few more punches in before you intervened, remembering your training. You’ve seen fights before, been involved in them, and even had to defend yourself a few times. However, that was against unruly teenagers, and this fight was between a super soldier and your ex.
“I think we both have a past we're ashamed about.” You said unexpectedly, gaze not quite reaching him.
"Yeah," He answered, not anxious to continue this conversation.
"What I mean-." Your voice faltered, and you shut your eyes to collect your thoughts. Even in his darkest moments, Bucky was keeping a watchful eye on you. He was built like a man who could crush you in a matter of seconds, with his broad stance and intimidating stare that peered straight through people.
However, around him, you never felt so safe.
You rubbed your wrists, attempting to put on your best professional voice but it came out meekly, "Thank you, is what I mean to say."
He met your eyes with a half-terrified look, his stern and stoic demeanor morphing into confusion, "What do you mean?"
You said nothing. You always had a soft spot for Bucky, waiting patiently for him to open up on his own terms. He turned his head away, but you caught it with your palm, leaning over the counter and placing a firm kiss on his metal shoulder, "Whether you believe it or not, you're a hero. My hero." You smiled, stroking his cheek with your thumb, "Even if the world doesn't see you that way."
Bucky melted into your touch, shutting his eyes to savor it. "I'm nothing like Steve," He muttered, almost to himself, and you found yourself between his legs again, applying Neosporin to his cut lip.
"Good." You whispered, "I don't expect you to be like Steve Rogers."
Bucky numbly nodded. No matter how much he tried to forget, he would never amount to Steve. He was his family, and like that, he was gone. Choosing a girl over his best friend. Bucky would be lying if it didn't leave a sour taste under his tongue, but what could he do but sulk? He shook his head, laughing dryly, "Then what am I?"
"Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes." You giggled as if it was that easy, "That's who you are- it's who you are to me, at least."
You straightened, packing up the first aid kit to put back in the cabinet. Bucky rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. It wasn't hard figuring out who he was when the vibranium arm wasn't covered. But that's not what surprised him. How you seemingly acted indifferent, not caring that he could kill you within seconds, but rather regarding him attentively, not treating him as if he was just a machine.
He appreciated your seldom prying, listening to him when he wanted to talk. A simple how are you usually devolved into a comfortable conversation where he wasn't straining to find the next answer to appease his doctor's. He always answered with 'M fine, doll but you could easily read through enough to not spell anything out.
If he was selfless, he would've left. Got up without hesitation and strode out the door and back into his car, driving away like a deadbeat dad. But he couldn't bring himself to leave even when he was standing in your living room, torn, watching you sweep up the broken glass. He was frozen, fixed on the blood seeping through the bandages wrapped around his knuckles.
"Why did you stay?" His words caught you off guard.
"Because you're special to me, that's why."
"But I'm a monster like he said– like the world said."
You chuckled, "Considering you are 107 years old, you are quite naïve.”
Bucky squinted at you, amused, unable to hold the shy smile blooming on his face. "What's that supposed to mean, doll?"
He stepped forward.
You swished your dress around, the fabric fluttering as it gracefully floated to the floor. You chuckled, collapsing in his embrace, brushing your fingers over his forearm, "Nothin' you don't already know, Barnes."
He smiled timidly, "We never made it to that dance."
Adoration sparkled in your eyes, and Bucky pulled you in hesitantly. He didn't need music to dance with you. Being in your presence was enough to keep his horrors at bay, and his shaky hands ghosted your waist, only cementing his touch when you stepped into them. His face was red, and his palm was sticky, gripping onto your waist tighter.
"No, we didn't."
Dancing with you was like a dream. One of the sacred ones that Bucky didn't wish to let go of and wanted to milk until the same scenes repeated in his head, slowly muddling into incoherent blabber and smudged faces. How you fit perfectly against him made him sweat, the heat radiating to your flushed plump cheeks. He was stiff, back and shoulders set like a man at the end of a long day of work, mistrusting of his movements. He was destructive—a brute force. Nothing but Hydra's little toy, but you looked past that. You looked past the man in the 1940s. The man he knows he will never be again. You saw him as him. A raw and vulnerable version that even Bucky was too scared to show and admit was there.
You were too good.
Too fucking good.
Your head rested on his chest, humming a sweet tune as you swayed. His heart rapidly thumped against his ribcage, and you eased comfortably into him, listening. Bucky's chin perched on top of your head, and he tried not to assess the damage he had done to your house. The door was left open haphazardly, and the screen now mangled into a mess on your porch. Your rug crumbled and reduced to just threats leaning out the threshold. Moths flicked around the buzzing light on the porch, and Alpine balanced on the edge of the windowsill, swatting at them with his paws and getting tangled in the curtains.
Willowy arms wrapped around his waist, and he met your gaze, and his world stopped. For decades, Bucky was convinced he had forgotten how to love. The meaning was beaten out of him and lost to the many years of abuse. It was confusing, a mixture of built-up emotions pressuring inside his ribs until he thought it was going to burst. Bucky gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear, completely disoriented from his surroundings and solely fixated on the loving flash in your eyes.
Your adoration for him will forever be a mystery, and Bucky planted a tender kiss on your forehead. You hummed in satisfaction, returning to kiss him on the cheek. Lips lingering to whisper in his ear, "I'm never gonna leave you, Buck."
He released a shaky breath, pulling you impossibly closer. He never wanted to let go, desperately wishing to be stuck in time with the girl of his dreams.
"You're too good for me." He whispered. He placed his metal hand on your cheek, and you grabbed it, gazing at him lovingly. Bucky eyes held heavy guilt and shame. You gently kissed his palm.
"Only when you let me."
Maybe, just maybe, he could finally learn how to love like you.
I hope you enjoyed!
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mindofharry · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
In which bucky and you are hooking up and he doesn’t appreciate you until you’re gone.
angst!! so much angst!! swearing, bucky saying stuff he doesn’t mean and a whole lot of crying. feedback is welcome as always <3
roughly based around the time the falcon and the winter soldier meet up again :D enjoy, lovers!
losing you masterlist.
You met Bucky just after he moved into the apartment block. He looked pretty lost and you, being you, decided to lend a helping hand and help out a neighbour.
You did not expect him to end up in your bed the next morning.
It was unexpected and kind of childish, but he made your heart pound and your lips to as red as a cherry. Bucky barnes had you wrapped around his finger before he even knew your name, he just had that kind of charisma. You wanted to be around him all the time, be more than just the causal hook up. Not just someone he calls when he needs to let off steam. You want to be it for him. Bucky is unpredictable and stubborn, but you were sure you could fix him or at least help him onto a better path.
He just wouldn’t let you in.
You’d have sex, and then he’d kick you out. He wouldn’t even let you stay the night. Which at first you didn’t really care about as he would always greet you with a smile and walk you to the local bar. Bucky would have actual conversations with you, that was only for a week. The sex got more hot, more steamy and a lot more fucking rough. He didn’t greet you in the morning, not even a smile and he most definitely didn’t walk you to the bar anymore. He said it was a waste of his time.
You’re a confident person, you don’t usually let people like bucky barnes hurt you this much.
But he was so much more than a hook up to you, you loved him.
It was wednesday, so that means when bucky is done with his lunch he’d text and you’d meet him at his apartment. That’s what happens every wednesday and you never question it. Why would you? A strapping man like bucky wants you in some way. You’re not going to let it go because you have feelings for him.
It might be a little selfish, but you loved him too much.
You made yourself something to eat and watched some downtown abbey to calm yourself down. Bucky liked it when you were chill and not your usual bubbly self. You’ve changed yourself completely for this man. You hope it’s all worth it in the end.
After eating and relaxing for a bit, you decide to shower and get ready for buckys. You want to look nice, show him what he’s missing.
You wash your body with multiple shower gels, and decide to shave your legs - which really, you didn’t want to it’s a lot of effort and you’re just not in the mood today. But if bucky likes it, you’ll do it.
He mentioned once while you were in bed that he loved how smooth your legs are. So you shaved them before every hook up.
“You’re amazing” You reminded yourself, putting on your mascara. The make up will only come off, but again you want to make a good and lasting impression on him. You never used to wear makeup, just a bit a blusher and the occasional gloss. But bucky likes it. It’s always about what bucky likes and dislikes. Your mother would be so disappointed in you.
You shake your head to get rid of those thoughts and walk into your room. This time you pick something you want to wear. Opening up your closet you pull out your flowery, summery, dress that got at a marker in spain. Your family flew there and spent the summer in a nice little villa. It was the only bit of a peace you felt. When you came home, it felt like everything you left behind came crashing down.
Maybe that’s why you depend so much on bucky. You never wanted to be that person, but bucky makes it so hard. And you’re definitely not blaming him for you becoming so attached, you’re definitely the one to blame. But bucky is just, he’s just this great guy.
Or at least he was.
You get it, he lost a lot of people in the blip and after the blip. You lost people too. But it obviously affected him more, so you’re cutting him some slack.
Even if he doesn’t really deserve it.
After getting dressed and making yourself look some what presentable you text bucky to let him know you’re on the way to his apartment - it was only a 30 second walk, but you know he liked his privacy, so you warn him each time.
There was no response. As per usual, you thought rolling your eyes. You strolled down to his apartment taking your time, the weather looked nice enough. Maybe you’ll go for a walk after this, you know you won’t be staying long in buckys home.
You knock on the door, looking down at your phone. Still no messages. Now this, was surprising. Even if he didn’t text he’d always let you know in some way if he couldn’t make it. Bucky may be a dick, but he’d never leave you waiting.
You wait outside for a minute and contemplate leaving, but your hear footsteps walking towards you. You look over and see the man you love.
Bucky Barnes.
And he did not look happy. Angry, frustrated and confused maybe, but not happy. Usually he’s in a good mood after meeting up with his little friend for lunch. Did something happen? You don’t want to pressure him, but you need him to know you’re always there for him.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when bucky stepped infront of you, his eyebrows furrowed and scowl on his face.
“What are you doing here?” He asked fishing out his keys. You start to get annoyed, this man is really testing you. But you push that feeling down and put a smile on your face, placing a hand on his shoulder. Bucky shrugged it off, the smile fell off your face. Bucky noticed, but didn’t say anything.
“I’m busy today” He said putting the key into the door, trying to open it. He obviously put the wrong one in, frustrating him even more.
“We always meet up on wednesdays, and i did text you. But you never replied so i just assumed” You said, messing with the hem of your dress.
You wish he’d compliment you.
“Well you assumed wrong and i need you to leave. Got a date tonight” He said finally opening up his door. Your heart broke, it actually felt like it shattered into a million different piece. A date? With another person? Fuck, you didn’t think this far ahead. You thought that one day he would just realise. That it’s been you, you’re the one he wants. But obviously you were wrong.
You were wrong about a lot of fucking things.
But you put a brave face on and walked into his apartment, closing the door behind you. Again, you didn’t want to intrude but you needed to know how serious this date is. You need to know if this is the end of you and bucky.
Bucky sighed as he saw you standing in his hallway, he looked exasperated. Like you were a chore he forgot about or had been putting off. He looked at you like you were exhausting. Maybe you are. You should’ve never agreed to this hook up, friends with benefits shit. It always ends badly.
“Y/N, i said you need to leave” Bucky said placing a hand over his eyes. You nodded and instead of leaving you sat beside him. Bucky looked over at you and you’ve never seen him angrier.
“Are you deaf?” he asked and you flinched at his tone. “I have a date, and i need you to get the fuck out of my house” Bucky said and you sighed standing up.
“You’re an asshole” You mumbled and bucky stood up as well.
“You don’t say that when i’m balls deep in you” He replied, placing a hand on your cheek. He wasn’t rough when he grabbed you, but it did scare you a bit.
“This was just sex Y/N. Nothing more. You’re not my type, you’re too exhausting and tiring for me. I’m not interested in that sort of shit. Get the hell out of my home” Bucky said sternly letting go of your face. You searched his eyes for any sign of remorse or guilt, but nothing. He looked proud of himself really.
You sighed to yourself and wiped under your eyes. This is it. Fuck, ok don’t cry Y/N.
“I hope you enjoy your date” You said walking past him.
“Oh, I will” he smirked, watching as you left his apartment. You held back a sob as you ran to your apartment, ignoring on the stares and pitiful looks. You needed to leave the place.
You called your mom and told her the whole story and surprisingly she wasn’t disappointed.
“I could never be disappointed in you, baby. look at you, you’re amazing” Your mom said making you giggle. “That man doesn’t know what he just lost. a great friend is one of them. Now, men aren’t something you should be crying over. Go get yourself freshened up and then relax. You deserve it, honey” She said and you nodded to yourself, sitting up on your bed.
The tears were almost instant. Your mother hated to hear you cry. She lived so far away, and you just needed her hugging and cooking to make all of this pain go away. Heartbreaks are normal, their natural and everyone goes through it. It just hurts even more when the person you love the most doesn’t love you back.
“I love him” You admitted and your mom sighed. You could tell that she hated this too. “I met him when he was kind to me, he would walk me to the bar sometimes work too” You said and tried to stop the tears, but they just kept coming. “He was sweet. He would cuddle with me and not throw me out of his home. And he would listen, he would listen to anything i had to say” You sobbed.
“What did i do wrong? What did i do to make him hate me, mom?”
Your mother let out a pained sound. She just wanted to hug you and tell you everything would be ok.
“You did absolutely nothing wrong. This is all on him, honey. He didn’t appreciate what he had. He took advantage of your kindness and love towards him. You did nothing wrong. Never blame yourself for something like this.” She said quickly and groaned.
“I’ve gotta go” You said, and before your mom could get a word in you hung up and threw your phone against the wall.
Another thing to get fixed.
You did actually have work; but you decided you would get anything productive done. So giving yourself the day off would be good. Sit around, pig out and do not think of bucky barnes.
That lasted all of 5 minutes.
You’re now watching the notebook and didn’t get through 5 minutes of it without thinking of bucky. It’s not like you guys did actual couple things. Why are you so upset? Because you loved him, you idiot.
And now you have to get over him. If he was going on dates, you would too. If he was sleeping with other people, you would too. It’s time bucky barnes got a taste of his own medicine.
A week went by where you through yourself back into work and focused on catching up with old friends. During the day you didn’t think once about bucky, but when you got home that’s when the sob fests start. You’re pretty sure your neighbours can hear you, you feel a little bad.
Wednesday came and you didn’t once check your phone - one because it was smashed and you could barley see the screen, and two because you’re not going to be that girl anymore. You’re come to terms with the fact that bucky wasn’t for you, and although your heart is still very, very broken.
You’re doing better. You’re getting there.
On the other side of the apartment block, bucky barnes was not getting there or doing ok. You hadn’t texted him in a over a week, that’s a new record for you. Usually you send him memes or little reminders randomly. But there’s nothing, he’s been staring at his phone screen for far too long waiting for you to text.
He sighed and began typing.
‘ Hey, it’s bucky. Wondering if we’re still on for tonight? X ‘
He sent it and then put his phone down, turning on his tv. The date he went on was a bust. The girl wasn’t you, he figured that out pretty quickly. It’s not the girl wasn’t good looking or anything and she was nice enough, he just couldn’t stop comparing her to you. Y/N wouldn’t get the drink or Y/N wouldn’t sit that far away, or Y/N wouldn’t totally flipped that jackass off. He left abruptly in the middle of the date because he couldn’t handle it anymore. He couldn’t handle not being with you, and that, to him was a problem. Bucky hadn’t been this dependent on a person since steve.
And steve left.
Bucky was just protecting himself, but while he was doing that - he hurt you. Immensely. He put you through so much pain in after this relationship. It was barley even a relationship, but it hurt just as much.
10 minutes went by, and there was still no response. You didn’t even read the message. Now he knows how you feel. Instead of waiting a little longer, bucky decided to just go to your apartment instead. He strolled down the hall and knocked on your door. Your neighbour came out of his home. Bucky nodded his way, the man only tutted at him.
“Poor girl” The man mumbled walking away leaving bucky confused. He shook it off and knocked again, this time you finally answered. You looked beautiful. You were wearing a tight, red dress showing all of your curves off you hair was straightened and you weren’t wearing any make up - you still looked behind beautiful.
“Bucky....” you said with furrowed brows.
“I texted but there was no reply” He said walking into your apartment and taking off his jacket. He grinned and put his hands on your hips. You were even more confused, did he just forget about last week? What he said to you?
“Did you get dressed up all for me?” He asked you cleared your throat moving back so his hands would fall off you, bucky looked at you with a scowl.
“What’s up?” he asked moving his hands to your cheeks, you remembered how he grabbed you the last time and you flinched. Bucky froze for a second and dropped his arms to his side. Something was obviously wrong.
“I’m going on a date, bucky” You said and buckys world stopped for a second. A date? With who? This can not be happening.
“Whatever we have going on, it’s done. So i don’t know why you’re here” You said walking into your room to finish getting ready, you needed to find your black heels.
You met this guy at work, and you really hit it off. So when he asked for a date, you didn’t hesitate. You were putting you first, like you should’ve been doing all along.
“Done?” Bucky asked following you, you nodded and shrugged your shoulders. “You made it pretty clear last week” You said and bucky sighed rolling his eyes. “So this is about the date?” He said and you didn’t reply.
“It’s about what you said to to me, bucky. You’re selfish and mean. And i deserve better”
Bucky sat down on the end of your bed beside you. He knew what he was doing, you were an easy lay. Bucky hates himself for breaking your heart, god knows he broke his own letting you go and saying those awful words to you. You do deserve better.
“So with that being said, i think it’s time for you to leave”
And this time, it was you kicking bucky out of your bed.
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It’s Been a Long, Long Time | Alpha!Bucky x Omega!reader part one 18+ only
Summary:  When HYDRA had their prized asset, the Winter Soldier, they did something no one ever thought was possible: they gave super soldier serum to an omega. With the sole purpose of tending to him during his ruts, she spends decades living in HYDRA facilities, denied her humanity and her life. Now, years later, Bucky Barnes has his mind and his own life back...and the last thing he ever expects is to see a familiar omega again. Bucky/OC, a little angsty but mostly smutty/fluffy/romantic!
Warnings: NSFW, knotting, abo, smut, mild dubcon
Request are OPEN! I would love to write more Bucky stuff!
Also posted on AO3
Part one | Part Two | Part three | 
In a world full of massive, snarling, strong alphas, nobody wanted to use something as small and physically weak as an omega to do war. Omegas were better suited for other things, like nurturing, and giving life. The alphas were the ones who fought and maimed and killed and protected and hunted. It wasn’t even until relatively recently that omegas even had many rights in the modern world, and there were still plenty of traditionalists who stuck to the old ideals. Omegas were for breeding and claiming and little more. Though those ideas were fading, there would always be those who believed that there were things omegas couldn’t and shouldn’t do--
And fighting was at the top of that list. 
Omegas weren’t built for it. They were sturdy, sure, to help them withstand the ruts of big alphas who couldn’t control themselves, but they were generally small, and, many believed, unable to fend for themselves. Their role, their purpose, was to be claimed and bred by big strong alphas, and that was that. It made sense; after all, someone needed to stay and care for the pups, or else there would be little chance of survival. Throughout most of history, survival wasn’t something that was ever guaranteed, and having a secondary gender that was intended for rearing offspring greatly increased the likelihood that pups would make it to adulthood. Alphas were bigger and stronger, natural leaders, always ready to fight and defend their territory and their pack, and omegas were always there to carry the young. 
And that was that. Omegas weren’t meant to be warriors. Their only place on the battlefield was in the medic tent, where they could tend to wounded alphas and betas. It was nearly unheard of in many places for there to be omega soldiers, even infantry. 
Until the twentieth century. 
The catastrophic proportions of both World Wars brought with them an all hands on deck mentality. In the states, male omegas were being drafted along with the others, newly-invented heat and rut suppressants meaning that they could all work together without the danger of blunders thanks to anyone’s natural cycle. Back home, not only were alpha and beta women suddenly flooding the workforce while the men were overseas, but omegas were joining them. It was unprecedented, and began to change many minds. Maybe omegas were useful for more than incubators. Maybe they could work.
They still weren’t the best choice for hands on, tactical things, though. While there were omegas in the army, they rarely became officers, because who was going to want to listen to them? They weren’t natural born fighters, and they were hardwired to obey alphas. They were better as battle fodder, extras to pad out the numbers. They certainly weren’t anyone’s first choice for special missions or programs.
Well...almost anyone’s.
When HYDRA got their soldier and programmed his brain, they were pleased. The big alpha, James Buchanan Barnes, had survived the super soldier serum, and with his mind wiped and his old life far away from him, he was the perfect assassin. The Winter Soldier was strong, well trained, and easy to control, when given the proper commands. The serum made him practically unkillable, and he had the speed and strength to rival that annoying Captain America. 
Unfortunately, the serum also made his ruts much harder to suppress. HYDRA would never permit him to settle down with an omega, of course not...but an omega was the only thing that could ease his rut cycle. Without one, he could spend a week snarling and pining, absolutely useless. With one, he was only out of the field for a few days. Until they could develop better suppressants, their only solution was to give him an omega. 
Unfortunately, they weren’t very good at surviving him. 
He didn’t like any of them, not really. He never meant to kill them, never really tried, but HYDRA had a habit of starving the poor things before they tossed them into the lion’s den, and they just couldn’t keep up. The soldier used them to alleviate his ruts, always mechanical in his movements, and that was that. 
HYDRA didn’t particularly care whether the omegas lived or died, but they did reach a point where it was getting to be a bit ridiculous to catch so many for their soldier. Someone along the way had the bright idea to simply make a stronger omega, one who could withstand their asset’s forcefulness. Giving the serum to an omega was such a ridiculous idea that it just might work, and so they did, and oh, did they get lucky with the omega they chose.
Taking scent samples from several omegas they already had, they presented them to the soldier, allowing him to choose. It was, perhaps, the one time they had ever given him a sense of autonomy over himself and his life. It was the one time he had any freedom, despite the incredibly controlled circumstances.
 While strapped down to a familiar chair, he watched the doctors pacing around. He was expecting the familiar agony of having his mind refreshed before a new mission, or maybe even the chill of preparation to go into cryo for a few years until he was needed again. Instead, they presented him with strong-smelling test tubes, each one unmistakably omega. He inhaled their scents with mild interest, none seeming to particularly stand out...until they reached the last.
Amoretta Arancini was a young adult female omega, whose file stated that she was “a kicker.” From the moment she had been captured with the intent to be given to the soldier for a rut, she had clawed and kicked and bitten at anyone and everyone who came into contact with her. She was nearly impossible to deal with, and had the soldier not immediately flared his nostrils and strained against the leather straps that held him down, she would have been finally put down. 
Neither she nor Bucky knew it, but he was the only reason she was allowed to live.
The soldier was placed back into his usual cell, and the doctors set about gathering the unruly omega he had chosen. It only made sense that the big, killer alpha would go for a positively savage little monster of an omega, after all.
They administered the serum, unsure whether an omega would even survive it, and by the time their soldier’s next rut came around, she was ready. If she could withstand him, she would have a purpose within HYDRA, and they would be able to stop wasting so much time on finding new omegas for him to burn through. 
She was given double the suppressants he was. They didn’t care if she experienced side effects; after all, her only job was to present herself to the soldier at the start of every rut. She didn’t need to be out in the field. If that meant she was groggy and nauseous all the time, who cared? It seemed to work, keeping her heat and fertility at bay while leaving her lucid enough to get the asset through his cycle. The last thing HYDRA needed was an unscheduled heat or pregnancy to deal with. 
“The asset is entering his rut. Bring in the omega.” A voice on the intercom said. 
An alarm blared, a door slowly screeching open, revealing a cold cell, bare save for the cot against the wall. It was a cell specifically used to hold the soldier during his ruts, and now, it would also hold Amoretta. 
She stumbled along, a beta guard with a cattle prod stalking behind her. She was naked, having been allowed to shower before meeting the soldier for the first time, her dark hair still damp as it fell behind her shoulders. It was the cleanest her skin had felt in weeks, so she could only be so angry about it...but she was still angry. 
With the threat of electricity behind her, she entered the empty cell. A door slammed shut the moment she stepped in, another sliding open on the other side of the small room. 
His scent hit her like a freight train. Motor oil, earth, and cloves...Amoretta’s lip raised in a sneer, partly because she had a feeling she knew what was coming, and partly so that she could try to disguise the way she suddenly began salivating. 
Sure enough, just as she suspected, the biggest alpha she had ever seen in her life came stalking in, eyes dark and wild as he searched for the omega he had smelled on his way in. His chest was heaving, sweat prickling his brow, and as his musky rut-scent wove around Amoretta, she swallowed hard. She definitely knew what was coming next. 
She had never seen the asset before, but she had heard whispers and seen the other omegas they offered up to him. Before she was injected with the serum, she lived in a cramped cell with several others, and whenever someone was dragged out, it was always a toss up whether they would return or not. When they did return, they were never in good shape. 
Now she could see why. 
He was predatory in his movements, dark hair falling in his eyes as he stalked toward her. The door slammed shut the moment he was clear of it, and suddenly, Amoretta was trapped with him. She had nowhere to go, nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide from what was quite possibly the most dangerous alpha in the world. If he decided he wanted her, she would have no choice. If he decided he didn’t want her...she would probably die, either by his hand, or HYDRA’s.
She stood as still as she could, watching him with level eyes as he sized her up. A large part of her was surprised that he hadn’t pounced yet, and as a low rumble started up in his chest, she sort of wished he would. The sound went straight to her core, her thighs pressing together of their own free will while she did everything she could to keep from biting her lip. 
His nostrils flared as the scent of her arousal mounted and he pressed himself up against her. The soldier was still looking her over, taking a surprisingly long time to examine the omega standing before him, especially considering that he was rutting. He slowly lowered his head, inhaling deeply, brushing his nose over the scent gland on her neck. The rumbling in his chest grew louder, and this time, Amoretta couldn’t help the needy whine that escaped her throat. 
The soldier’s hot tongue swept over her gland, his hands gripping her hips. He liked how she smelled. He liked how her flesh tasted. 
He wanted more.
He gave her a small shove towards the cot, but as he did so, this little omega glaring up at him actually snapped. She bared her little teeth at him, trying to tell him to slow down, and he responded with a snarl of his own. His tore through his throat, a savage noise, and while it shut her up, it didn’t get rid of the harsh look she was shooting at him. 
The asset wasn’t used to anyone, especially the omegas that HYDRA offered up to him, talking back. They usually went belly up for him the moment he stepped into the cell, behaving and presenting themselves for him to take. That’s what he preferred--a willing omega, whom he could enjoy for a few days. He didn’t like...whatever was going on here. Why was this one so upset with him? He wanted this omega to relax, to take him easily.  His mind, usually so analytical and tactical, was clouded by his rut, and for a moment, he wasn’t sure what to do. 
Amoretta saw the way that he hesitated and she lowered the lip she had raised. So he was capable of listening, after all. That was a good sign that he had some control over himself. Ever so slowly, she relaxed, allowing him to give her a little nudge. It was impressive that he was allowing her to set the pace, especially considering that his musky scent was growing heavier by the second. She definitely hadn’t expected him to be at all interested in what she wanted, and she had been pretty sure that he would just push her down and take what he considered his.
He was almost...gentle, though. Gentler than she thought possible from such a big alpha, at least. She turned and walked toward the cot of her own accord, knowing full well that she didn’t have much choice in how all of this was going to play out. If she was going to be knotted today, then she might as well try to enjoy it, right? 
The way his scent made her mouth water gave her the feeling that that wouldn’t be too hard.
The soldier watched her with predatory eyes, following every movement closely. Absentmindedly, a hand drifted down to the loose pants he had been provided, palming his already hard cock through the fabric. He liked this omega. He liked how she looked, how she smelled, how she moved...he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hips as they swayed slightly, a pleased rumble rising in his throat. He knew what was coming next, and he couldn’t wait. He was aching to be inside of her, to fill her up, to knot her...he wanted to make this omega his, and take care of her, and protect her, and he’d be damned if his captors got in the way of that. 
Amoretta climbed onto the cot, her back still turned to the most dangerous alpha on the planet. All too aware that she was completely naked, she crawled onto her hands and knees, dipping down until her chest hit the sheets, her ass up in the air for him. Her primal, omega brain was clamoring for this chance to present before such a big, strong, handsome alpha, and as the cool air tickled at her, she couldn’t help but let out a shrill, needy whine. He was taking too long, and part of her was genuinely worried that he was going to reject her. She was doing everything right, she was submitting, she was in a very vulnerable why wasn’t he already on top of her? 
A tiny bead of slick trickled down her thigh as she glanced back to see him standing there with his hand on his bulge. Oh. So that’s what he was doing instead of jumping on her. At least he was turned on by the sight of her...right?
Wait. Why did she care? Why did she care at all what this terrifying alpha thought about her? This terrifying, big, strong...nice smelling...alpha…
If she weren’t on so many suppressants, she was absolutely sure her heat would have started then and there. He was so goddamn handsome, standing there all shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. Her body wanted him, she wanted him, and if her hormones were allowed to do what they wanted, they would have been absolutely raging.
 His nostrils were flared as he took in her scent, his blue eyes wild and his pupils totally blown out as he finally stalked towards her. His movements were brisk, filled with purpose, the bulge in his pants clearly visible even as she craned her neck to look back at him. 
“A-alpha,” she whined, warmth rushing through her as she spoke. 
The sound of her voice seemed to have an effect on him, a shudder rolling through his body. 
“‘Mega,” he growled, voice impossibly low. “My ‘mega. So obedient...good girl.”
His words had her trembling. 
All at once, he was shoving his pants down and grabbing for her hips, rubbing the length of his cock over her lips. She keened, more and more slick running down her thighs as he pressed the head inside of her. Even though she was loaded up on suppressants, her body wanted him, her cunt already dripping wet and relaxed enough to accommodate his sizable girth. 
Still, the feeling of him stretching her out was absolutely delicious, eliciting a filthy moan that came pouring from her lips as she buried her head against the sheets. He wasn’t gentle by any means, thrusting into her as far as he could go before pulling back out roughly. His pace was harsh and quick, his body immediately caging her in as his chest pressed into her back. He was possessive, trying to hide her from the surveillance cameras he knew were situated in the upper corners of the cell. He didn’t want anyone else to see his omega, especially not while she was beneath him like this. She was his, and his alone. 
As rough as he was, he was still paying attention to her. Somewhat, at least. He was well aware by this point that she was tougher than the other omegas HYDRA had given him, and he took the opportunity to sink into her deeper, fuck her better than he normally could have. She could take him,  all of him, without complaint. She could withstand his harsh grip on her hair as he pulled her head up and forced her back to arch. She didn’t have any problems accepting what was happening to her, her body responding to him happily. 
“Such a good omega,” he grunted, forcing his cock even further into her. 
“I-I want your knot,” she whimpered, her voice surprisingly demanding considering the position she was in. “Fill me up, Alpha…”
How could he deny her?
When he had spilled his seed inside of her and his knot had inflated to a nearly painful extent, he wrapped an arm around her, holding her to his chest as he laid them both down on the cot. He was happy with his choice, with his omega. She was everything he wanted, and as his rut continued for the next few days, he had his way with her again, and again, and again, before HYDRA separated them once more. 
The soldier snarled and roared, refusing to be taken away, but as soon as they recited his trigger words, he was compliant. Amoretta listened and watched, eyes wide as they led him away. She had only spent one rut with him, but she was already head over heels, her heart aching and pining for her alpha to come back to her.
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What Has Been, What Can Never Be I
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line. But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it. Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter. Words: 1,556 Warnings: None For this Chapter
MASTERLIST || Join the Taglist || Requests Are Open
Tumblr media
I: For The Ones That We Lost
Life has been different from what you had always thought it would be. But the sight of how your life had now become post-Steve Rogers was something to behold. You had always believed you would end up withering away in your own despair as Steve chose his past life over you. Choosing Peggy over you. But somehow here you were, a beaming smile on your lips as you helped Sarah with preparing food for everyone.
You had once lost your family at the hands of Tony Stark, vowed to kill him as retaliation, and eventually finding a family in the Avengers. A love you never thought you were still allowed to have, a family that you could somehow call as you own, as imperfect as it was.
"Are you heading back home?" Sarah had inquired.
With everything that had happened with the Flag Smashers, you had only thought it was best to get a few days off to rest--something you never really had been allowed to do since being dusted, to fighting Thanos, to everything else in between.
"Maybe." You shrugged, not really sure where Home was anymore.
With Tony long gone, as well as Nat and Steve, there wasn't really anyone you could come home to. Sokovia was no longer a home for you as much as it wasn't a home to Wanda.
You had remembered Zemo's offer in his castle and a small part of you wanted to take him up on that offer. Stay in your country for a while before you were back to work with Sam and Bucky if you were needed to be.
"Sam said you're looking for a place, ever thought about a place here? I know someone that can help you out with a place."
What you have never known of since the death of Tony Stark, was the trust fund he had place under your name as well as Wanda's, was it something he had always thought of to repay the sins of his past or was it just something he did after everything they've all been through. Being the father to you when you had lost your own. With the money, you wanted to start a new life, pursue higher education, or even just start a small little bakery or cafe like you had always dream of having with your family when they were still alive.
"I'll take you up on that offer, Sarah." You smiled at the older woman, appreciating all the hospitality she had given you and even Bucky since your arrival to their home. How easy she had treated you like a part of the family, unafraid of the powers that courses through your finger tips.
Maybe Louisiana is the place you could get your start. After everything you had lost, it was time for you to get back up on your feet and start rebuilding your life.
"Hope I'm not interrupting anything."
Turning to the owner of the voice, a smile rested on your lips at the sight of Bucky. Two cakes in his hands. A signature dessert he would bring whenever he comes to visit.
"Not much, James." You assured, letting go of the plates you were stacking to give the man a warm hug.
What many people don't know was their shared sentiments. They had lost so much in their life due to HYDRA's control, lost the freedom they once had, and lost someone that had always promised to be there when they need him the most. He had lost a best friend, and you had lost the only man you had ever loved.
It still hurts, you know as much, but for Bucky you know how much he was hurting more than you could even imagine. But slowly, the pain wasn't so painful like it used to be. They've got each other now, they got Sam, they got Sarah, and they got Sharon and even Zemo too (as much as Bucky would hate to admit it).
"How's the trip?" You inquired knowing how hard it was to travel all the way from Brooklyn to Louisiana.
"Got stopped by a couple of Metal Detectors in the airport." He points out and you broke into an carefree giggle.
A hand resting so freely on his vibranium arm. You had often teased him about it, how it's gonna be a problem he's gonna have to face on a daily basis especially when going to the airport.
"Please tell me you didn't scare the airport security." You teased.
"I did no such thing, Doll." He smirked hands resting on the small of your back. "But they did get the spooks when they saw the metal arm."
You nodded understanding, having been with him on one flight and seeing first-hand everything he had to go through and you tried your best to ease him fearing it would bring him back to a dark place.
"Let's get the show on the road, Love Birds." Sam's voice broke you two from your conversation and like being burned had you two pulling apart quicker.
The blush somehow found their way on both of your faces as the knowing look was shared between the Wilson Siblings.
"Can you help me with getting the plates and utensils out, Y/N?" Sarah finally offered knowing no one was going to save either of you from the awkward situation.
"Right." You had somehow found yourself taking all of the plates and utensil with you. You magic helping you out in the process.
"So you and Y/N?" Sam had inquired as soon as you and Sarah had left the kitchen leaving the two men to their own conversation.
"Sam." The warning tone was evident--but still ignored by the man.
The last thing Bucky would ever want is to take advantage of Steve's girl. But then again, you were no longer his girl. Peggy was his girl and you were just--someone he had left behind.
He could still remember the moment were you had talked to Steve's older self. A smile might had been on your lips, telling him how happy you were for him, for staying where he would be his happiest, but no one, not even Sam knew what you did after. The pained sobs that broke from your lips when you had thought no one was looking.
It was a pain Bucky was all too familiar with. He had known Steve would have stayed back in the past, but what he had never accounted for was keeping it a secret from you. Leaving you to hope and break your heart in the process.
"Take good care of her for me, Buck."
He had kept his promise to Steve. He had been there for you even when you didn't need his presence. Even when you had shoved him away time and time again in the earlier days of life after Steve, Stark, and Natasha.
You had lost three of the most important figures in your life, and he had wanted to make sure that he could be there for you, help in his own little way. Making you believe that there was still someone out there that cares for you. He cared, more than he would try to admit.
But then, things just evolved from his unspoken responsibility. He wasn't just taking care of you. He genuinely cared for you. One of the few peoples that had understood how he was still paying for the sins of his past. One that stood by him when everyone else turned their back on him.
His feelings were something he tried his best to hide. He wasn't better just yet. He wanted to be better before he could even think of whatever Sam was insinuating.
"You can scowl all you want but that definitely isn't just a friendly hug you two were in." Sam smirked patting him on the back before dragging him out of the porch.
"She's just a friend." Bucky muttered, hoping it was enough that even he could believe it.
"And I'm not Captain America." Sam snorts sitting him right down on the table--right in front of you, blush from whatever Sarah was telling you.
"What were you ladies talking about?" Sam had inquired knowing fully well it has something to do with Bucky and you.
"We were talking about a place I could buy." You intervened. "It's either here or Brooklyn." You continued.
It was enough for Sam to change the subject of whatever was going on between Bucky and you as he explain a few good places you could either rent or buy.
In the conversation, Bucky just couldn't help himself as he just looks at you. It took him a while to understand why the Punk had gone for you.
You were just a darling to be around. Rough around the edges--for a very good reason, but you just had this look in you. The doe eye that would make even the stone cold killer break even for just a second; it was him, he was the stone cold killer. You spoke your mind, but always placed everyone else's happiness before your own. You always downplay your abilities only for you to take down anyone you could ever come across with just a flick of your wrist.
Yeah. He might be in love--faster than he ever thought possible. 
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cacoetheswriting · 5 months ago
a mutually assured attachment
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader warnings: set post Endgame and pre-TFATWS, emotional hurt/comfort, mutual pining, swearing, mentions of alcohol & food, mainly fluff and idiots being idiots word count: 3.8k summary: the beginning of a friendship, or something more.
a/n: im gonna dedicate this one to the lovely @spacedikut as there is a part in this fic heavily inspired by her. and because i love her dearly and she deserves a bucky fic dedicated to her.
a/n: not a part two but in the same universe
Bucky remembers the first time he saw you clear as day.
The apartment across from his had been empty for quite some time now, so the sudden clatter out in the hallway one afternoon caught his attention instantly. Half expecting to see someone that shouldn’t be there, he approached his door alert and ready to lunge if necessary.
Who he found however, as he carefully peeked through the peephole in his door, trying to locate the source of the noises, was a girl.
You to be exact. Wearing an oversized hoodie and a smile that nearly knocked the wind out of his lungs.
The first time he spoke with you was even more memorable.
He debated introducing himself for over a week now, a long list of pros and cons developing in his mind.
PRO: Every time he caught a glimpse of you, you looked incredibly happy. Would you share some of that happiness with him?
CON: What if instead he shared his sorrow?
The cons always seemed to outweigh the pros and he decided he was okay with never officially meeting you; he’d spare you the pain being around him usually brought. Which is why, instead of simply saying hello, like any normal neighbour would do, Bucky only left his apartment when he knew there would be zero chance of running into you.
His rather childish plan worked, for a while. Until one fateful Saturday evening.
You were laughing.
Bucky heard you clearly through the not so thick walls. He’s heard the honey-like melody before and each time, as if in a trance, he found himself dropping whatever it was he was doing and migrating towards his door, hoping to catch a glimpse of you.
He glanced through the peephole and there you stood. So close yet so far. You were balancing a brown grocery bag on your hip and using your shoulder to press the phone to your ear while trying to unlock your own door, laughing.
You were always laughing. He should hate it really, but the sound was so captivating and carefree. Honestly, if anything, Bucky was envious you had this much joy in you.
CON: What if his past trauma sucked the joy out of your life?
An inaudible defeated sigh escaped his lips. He was about to walk away, leave you be, when the bottom of the bag you were holding ripped, its contents spilling all over the dusty hallway floor. The laughter stopped. You cursed and Bucky smirked under his breath, because he never expected you to possess a foul mouth.
“Let me call you back,” you uttered into the phone, “Yeah I’m okay, fucking stupid paper bags—” pause, followed by a light huff “— I know you keep telling me to invest in some reusable ones, I know and I will, okay? Just… Let me get this shit inside and I’ll call you right back.”
You ended the conversation and hastily placed your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, before kneeling down on the ground to collect your things.
It was then Bucky knew he could no longer stick to his plan of avoiding you. His hand quickly travelled to the doorknob and in a flash he joined you on the floor.
You didn’t notice him at first, entirely too focused on gathering some loose apples. And it wasn’t until a hand appeared in your line of view, holding three of said apples, you realised you were no longer alone.
“Thank you,” you breathed softly, looking up to meet the gaze of your companion. Your heart stopped, because you knew exactly who he was. But what the hell was he doing here?
“Not a problem,” Bucky replied. A timid smile circled his lips as you retrieved the fruit from his grip, your fingers brushing against his in the process. You did your best to ignore the jolt of electricity that ran down your spine. Bucky did too.
The two of you got to your feet simultaneously. He picked up a few more scattered items, such as the bag of frozen peas and a tin of chickpeas, while you fumbled with your keys.
Once your door was open, you disappeared inside without another word. He swayed on his heel, wondering if perhaps he should follow you in considering he was holding some of your groceries. But then again, you didn’t invite him to do so and he wasn’t going to barge in.
Bucky was still deciding what to do when you re-appeared by the door.
“Thank you again,” you said while grabbing the things he was holding.
Unintentionally, your gaze landed on his metal arm, lingering for a second too long. Bucky swallowed his breath; he rushed out of his apartment so quickly he forgot to cover up. But you didn’t say anything. Instead, your eyes snapped up to meet his once again and the kindest smile he’d ever seen graced your features.
“I would probably still be hunting those apples down if it wasn’t for you.” you tried to make a joke. Thankfully he chuckled.
“Well, if you ever need help catching more loose fruit—” he smiled and using his thumb, he pointed to the door behind him, “— let me know.”
The dots quickly connected in your mind. He lived here.
“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, neighbour.”
“The name is Bucky.”
“I know,” and with that you were gone.
Bucky blinked a few times at the now closed door, before letting out a lighthearted titter and heading back inside his own apartment.
This time it was you who watched through the peephole, biting down on your lip to try and hide the excitement that was rushing through you.
A couple of days passed since your encounter out in the hall and Bucky couldn’t stop thinking about you.
The sound of your laughter constantly ringing in his ears. Your smile flashing in his mind every time he closed his eyes. Not to mention how desperately he wanted to know your name.
So much so he even debated breaking into your mailbox — his therapist said that was wrong and, well, borderline illegal.
“Perhaps she doesn’t want you to know her name?”
“I considered that,” Bucky grumbled in response.
“And how does that make you feel?”
How does that make you feel? He hated that question. He hated.... feelings. Or rather, he hated talking about them. It made him vulnerable. Which was the exact opposite of what he was trained to be.
He took a chug of his beer, wallowing in his own self pity. That was a recent hobby of his. A rather unhealthy hobby. Although, did he ever have any healthy hobbies? The answer would be no, not in the last seventy years anyway.
A soft knock on the door hailed him back to reality. He approached it slowly, taking another sip of his beer.
“Would you like some pie?”
The question caught him off guard. Scratch that. You, standing at his door wearing that damn oversized hoodie from the first time he saw you, caught him off guard.
You smirked, “It’s a yes or no question, neighbour.”
“Y-ye—” Bucky cleared his throat, composing himself, “Yes.”
“Good answer,” you lipped and motioned for him to follow you.
Bucky abandoned the half-empty beer and threw on his leather jacket, before quickly joining you inside your apartment. He closed the door behind him with a quiet thud and looked around.
Colourful photo frames, of what he deducted where your family and friends, were jotted around the living space. A flower pot accompanied each frame, like their own little bodyguard. Additionally, three posters hung on the wall directly above the couch, although Bucky was none the wiser about what they represented. He assumed movies you enjoyed.
The place was considerably more homey than his, no surprises there. And even though it wasn’t exactly his taste, he decided he liked it. He hoped you’d invite him over more often.
You emerged from your kitchen, a plate containing a perfect slice of pie in each hand. You eyed him for a second, taking note of the jacket he wasn’t wearing when you knocked on his door, but you refrained from making a comment. If he felt more comfortable this way, that wasn’t for you to change.
“Here you go,” you handed him a plate, “It’s apple.”
Bucky raised a brow, corners of his lips quivering upwards, “From the apples I helped save?”
You chuckled, shrugging your shoulders, “I figured inviting you over for a slice was the least I could do.”
“Thank you,” he reached for the plate.
“Sit and enjoy,” you ordered pointing to the couch, “Would you like anything to drink?”
Bucky politely shook his head, “No, thank you.”
You nodded, sitting down in the armchair as he made himself somewhat comfortable on your couch. You could tell it was too soft for his liking, and you almost offered to swap, but his eye caught yours and a half-smile appeared on his face as if to say “it’s okay”.
So the two of you ate.
In complete quiet.
You half held your breath with each bite of the pie, wondering if perhaps inviting him over was a huge mistake. And as you observed him from the corner of your eye, his attention solely focused on the bookshelf next to your tv stand, you deducted it probably was.
“They’re just for show,” you murmured, breaking what was becoming a rather uncomfortable silence.
Bucky’s eyes drifted to you. He raised a brow, “You don’t actually read them?”
“Well, no. I read uhm— some of them?”
“So what do you do with the rest?” he asked, seeming genuinely intrigued.
“I collect them-m…” your voice faded out because it felt embarrassing to admit.
“Collect to— read them?” he tried to fight back a smirk and you couldn’t quite tell whether he was genuinely confused or just toying with you.
“Collect to just collect actually,” you smacked your lips together and took in a quick breath, “Because they’re pretty.”
Bucky laughed at the hesitancy behind the statement, almost choking on the last bite of pie he just took.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, “Yes, please, laugh at the person who baked you dessert.”
“I’m sorry—” he declared mid-chuckle, “— and the pie is really good by the way.”
“Flattery will get you nowhere now, neighbour.” you chirped while getting up on your feet. You took a step towards him and reached out one hand to retrieve his empty plate.
“Two more strikes and I’m never inviting you over again,” you teased and Bucky lifted his hands in front of his frame as a sign of defeat.
It hit him then how relaxed he was suddenly feeling.
The next evening you showed up at Bucky’s door again, offering him another slice of pie.
“I can’t eat it all on my own, neighbour.” — Was the excuse you gave, but his own self-doubt caused him to overthink the situation.
He said yes anyway. Whether you were playing to your own agenda, taking pity on him, or simply being a friendly neighbour, the only way he’d find out would be by saying yes to spending time with you.
And so, you knocked on his door again and again until there was no more apple pie to eat. By the end, Bucky decided you really were just that kind, and like him, you only wanted someone new to talk to. Someone that would refrain from judgement and scrutiny. Someone you could be yourself around.
Once the pie was finished, Bucky fully expected for you both to go back to spending your evenings alone, as if nothing ever happened. The notion made him feel wistful because truthfully, he had gotten used to your company. You were a refreshing change. Evenings with you brought a sense of cheery comfort to his otherwise dull routine.
So when a recognisable knock on his door caught his attention, he sprung to his feet.
“How do you feel about pizza, neighbour?”
The following morning, after a sleepless night of reevaluating his list of pros and cons —
PRO: You could teach him that apple pie recipe.
CON: He was a murderer. Baking pies wasn’t really supposed to be a part of his skillset.
PRO: No. That wasn’t him anymore, that was his past. And baking pies is arguably a skillset everybody should possess.
CON: …. Fuck. He was sounding really dumb right now.
— Bucky found himself knocking on your door for a change.
You opened within seconds and instantly greeted him with a smile. The same smile you wore the very first time he saw you, only this time it was accompanied by a tank top and pink pyjama bottoms.
Bucky swallowed, trying not to let his eyes linger anywhere they shouldn’t.
“Hi, neighbour.” you chirped and he desperately hoped spending this much time with him wouldn’t ruin your gleaming positivity.
“Hey, uhm...” Bucky hesitated, realising he still didn’t know your name, “... I uh, I was going to get a coffee and thought maybe you’d like to accompany me? It’s the least I can do since you baked me pie, bought me pizza, and all I do in return is continuously insult your hobby.”
You giggled, “Okay, no-one says accompany anymore unless they’re going to a formal,” you grabbed his right arm and dragged him inside before closing the door, “Second, is this what this is going to be?” you enquired, pointing between the two of you, “Just us exchanging thanks and favours? Because like I said before, without you there wouldn’t have been a pie.”
Bucky strung his brows together. A mix of confusion and amusement spread across his expression as you maneuvered between the furniture, disappearing into what he assumed was your bedroom.
“And third, collecting books is not a hobby! It’s just something I enjoy doing!” you called out and he chuckled under his breath.
“Sooo, a hobby?!” Bucky teased back.
You popped your head out, “That would be strike two.”
He smirked, pressing his tongue to his cheek to refrain himself from making further comments.
PRO: You genuinely made him laugh.
CON: What if one day he made you cry?
“Can I ask you a question?!” Bucky called out, mainly to distract himself from his own disruptive thoughts. His hands made home in the pockets of his leather jacket.
“What is it that you do, exactly?! We’ve spent every single evening together this last week, but I still don’t know what you do.”
“I thought you’d first ask for my name,” you replied after reappearing in the living room and walking back towards him.
Bucky’s gaze attached itself to your body, like a magnet.
The tank was covered with a simple button-up sweater and the pyjama bottoms were replaced by jeans. He unintentionally licked his lips, before quickly averting his eyes. It wasn’t quick enough however. You noticed the look he gave you and tried your best to hide a satisfied grin.
He swallowed, “You can tell me your name when you’re ready to do so.”
It wasn’t an entirely true sentiment to how he was feeling about not knowing your name yet, but everyone has secrets. Bucky knew that better than anyone. Plus, perhaps it was better this way. It wasn’t like he could form an attachment to you with such a significant piece of information missing, right?
You eyed him for a moment, assessing whether he was being serious.
What you deducted however, was that he was incredibly hard to read. Years of being a HYDRA assassin would do that to a person, you thought and proceeded to reach for your phone and keys.
The two of you left your apartment and once you locked the door, you both ambled down the hallway.
“I’m an executive assistant,” you answered his earlier question, pressing the button to call for the elevator.
“A what?”
You raised a brow, “Now, I’m no history buff, but I’m pretty sure they had assistants in the 1940s? People, I guess it was usually women back then, that provide administrative help—”
“You mean a secretary,” he corrected.
You rolled your eyes, “Assistant.”
The elevator opened with a ding, putting an end to the little dispute. Although, by then you were both standing toe to toe and grinning at one another like a couple of dorks.
Bucky’s gaze traveled briefly to your lips, and he wondered how in the hell you managed to make him feel so relaxed already. He didn’t understand it really, given the first conversation he held with you was not even two weeks ago, and now you were joking together as if you had known each other your whole lives.
Mainly however, mainly Bucky imagined what it would be like to kiss you…
“For someone who’s over 100 years old, you’re very childish.” you pointed out before stepping inside the machine, and unknowingly bringing him back to the real world.
Bucky chuckled at the comment, albeit slightly delayed but you didn’t pay it much mind. He followed and leaned against the wall across from you, the machine now moving.
“I guess I just don’t understand what was wrong with ‘secretary’,” he admitted.
“I’ll explain it to you after our morning coffee,” you hummed in response and he nodded his head.
“I’ll hold you to that, Ms. Assistant.”
You rolled your eyes. “I’m not your assistant, so unless you want me to start calling you Mr. Assassin...” The tone of your voice was serious, but the ditzy expression on your face indicated you were joking.
“Yeah, I would uh, I would rather if you didn’t call me Mr. Assassin.” Bucky replied honestly and a congenial, yet playful silence filled the elevator.
Your attention now focused on your phone, which was vibrating in your hand minutes prior.
Bucky’s attention on the other hand, was still solely on you.
He examined every inch of your face, wondering yet again why he was so captivated by you. Wondering how you managed to make him feel so worry free with nothing but your presence.
In the process, he took note of how you bit your bottom lip when thinking. Cute. And how you scrunch your nose ever so slightly while your fingers work fast across the screen. Even cuter.
When the elevator stopped, you locked the device as Bucky extended out an arm to prevent the door from closing. He waited for you to exit before following closely behind, passing you effortlessly in the lobby to open the main door.
You fought back a smile because it was the most gentlemanly thing you’ve experienced in a very long time. You had to remind yourself not to get used to it.
“How do you feel about Ms. Secretary, instead?” he teased, as the two of you stepped onto the busy New York streets.
“Careful Bucky, you only have one strike left,” you chirped in response.
If he wasn’t entirely too focused on how his name sounded coming from your lips, because it was the first time you had actually called him by his name, he would have recognised the rather dangerous feeling forming in the pit of his stomach.
“That’s a no then,” Bucky retorted.
“Mhm hmm, a big big no,” you declared.
He pursed his lips together, “And hypothetically, how would I go about gaining some of those strikes back?”
“You don’t.”
Bucky let out a playful scoff, “That seems a bit harsh, don’t you think?”
He felt you shrug at the question, your arm pressing up against his in the process.
“Well, you should have been nicer to me, neighbour. I guess that’s a lesson learned,” you replied and although Bucky wasn’t looking at you, he could tell there was a smirk enhancing your expression.
He licked his lips and slouched ever so slightly in your direction, although his eyes still peeled to the streets ahead.
“For someone who appears kind and friendly, you’re actually very mean.”
The statement made you laugh, “A super soldier who’s fought aliens and other monsters alike, thinks I’m mean?” you asked in an over-exaggerated tone.
“Point proven,” Bucky nudged as the two of you approached the coffee shop. He proceeded to open the door for you, and you thanked him with a sweet smile.
The place was surprisingly empty, meaning luckily there was no queue. You approached the till and glanced at Bucky, encouraging him without words to order first. He did and the barista turned to you.
“I’ll have a large Americano, please.”
You thanked the barista, and were about to pay when Bucky stopped you. His fingers brushed against yours and the air hitched in your throat, an odd sensation spreading through you.
Bucky paid, also thanking the barista, and followed you to the other end of the counter.
“Do you take milk or sugar?” he asked, pointing to the various condiments.
“No, I like it as black as midnight on a moonless night,” you responded and Bucky chuckled, catching your gaze with his.
“That’s eh, that’s very poetic,” his mouth curved into a smile.
“It’s from Twin Peaks.”
He furrowed his brows, “Am I supposed to know what that is?”
You gaped at him, forgetting for a fraction of a second about who it really was you were hanging out. Forgetting how his past would have prevented him from knowing anything about pop culture, old or new.
“Right, sorry. I—” your phone started vibrating in your hand, interrupting your train of thought. You peeked down at it briefly, to check the messages, before meeting Bucky’s blue eyes again.
“I’m sorry. I uh, I have to go. But, come by this evening—” the barista placed your order on the counter and you quickly grabbed your coffee, “— let’s say 7pm? I’ll provide food if you bring beer? And I'll introduce you to Shelly, Bobby, Laura—”
“Are, ehm, are they your friends?” Bucky asked, a hint of concern detectable in his voice because he wasn’t sure if meeting people from your life would be a good idea. Unbeknown to him however, it was clearly not what you meant by saying those names.
“Twin Peaks,” you replied and with one last smile, you hurried towards the exit.
“I still don’t know what that is!” Bucky called after you, reaching for his own coffee.
“Bye Bucky!”
He exhaled and drew his lower lip between his teeth. He watched you blend with the crowd, and as you disappeared from view he realised it didn’t matter if he didn’t know your name.
The attachment was already formed.
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nexusnyx · 2 months ago
crawl home to her
— pairing: bucky barnes x female reader
— summary: when bucky finaly returns from his mission, he finds you sleeping in his sofa and the apartment much different than when he left. much prettier, with a touch of home. apparently, while he was away you took his advice to “do what you want with the place, doll” seriously - or as a distraction - and now he got to come home to this.
bucky’s heart takes a leap and he stands there for a second, frozen in his spot.
— word count: 1.4k
— warnings: mentions of violence;
— a/n: i needed a scenario where bucky had a place of his own to call home, so here it is. your feedback is always encouraged and appreciated! 
Tumblr media
bucky’s mission lasts fourteen days and ten hours more than it was supposed to.
you both were very aware of that extra time.
you were aware as you worked, as you floated through his house without him and made yourself at home in the spaces that still smelled like him, as you worried for his safety and for sam’s as well—you knew the threat was bigger this time, you were here, after all.
bucky was aware in every sound of gunshot. his heart skipped a beat and his palms felt clammy, as if they tried to sweat, even though they couldn’t. he was aware of your absence with  every open wound that ached—a physical reminder that your hands weren’t there to suture him, to caress his hair and whisper sweet nothings against his temple.
the ghost of your apple lips touching the crinkle on his eyes as you said anything was what kept him safe at night.
he smiled whenever he thought about your goodbyes.
they might not be butterflies, but there was certainly something alive and fluttering inside his ribs at the thought of you.
you at his home.
the ten-day recon turned into a monthly disaster including explosions and an underwater facility—bucky’s still a little seasick, there’s nothing he hates more than not feeling the passing of time.
being away from each other was difficult, but you two usually handed it well by now. one year into the relationship you were used to not seeing bucky for a few days sometimes, but that was it—days.
when he and sam had realized how much longer it would take for you two to come back home, bucky found comfort in the way you two left things, knowing that while he was obligated to switch between hotel rooms and secret facilities, you’d been at his place.
whenever he misses you too much or worries for your safety, he recalls sam’s words.
“she’s tough as nails, man. stop worrying about y/n, she’ll be fine.”
bucky knew sam was right.
it didn’t make missing you any easier, though. specially given how sad you looked this time—the tremble on your bottom lip as he kissed you a little longer still lingered in bucky’s mind. the worry you felt for him anchored him to the mission, making sure he was taking care of himself, but it was definitely harder, now.
the time away ached and stinged, but bucky kept replaying the day sam picked him up for the mission every time he couldn’t sleep and things got a little better.
he saw you tucked close in his chest with the frown between your brows, all your curls blinding him from anything else in your expression.
you knew bucky sensed you were beyond worried, but you always allowed yourself to hug him as thight you as your heart desired.
“please come back with all your limbs.” your words were muffled against his chest, but you knew he heard you perfectly. “all three of them.” you poked the metal arm. “this we might be able to replace—i’m pretty sure your friend shuri would love to design another one.”
“you think you’re funny, don’t you?” bucky had asked, but the jab would’ve been more effective if he weren’t laughing so much. “i’ll return with all my limbs. all three of them. don’t worry.”
“good.” he laughed, then kissed the top of your head, hugging you thighter. this was usually the time when you let go to kiss him and then stay in a comfortable silence until sam arrived, but you remained still, arms wrapped tight around his waist. “doll? what’s wrong?”
he knew the answer to that, but the mission itself wasn’t enough to do this to you.
“i’m sorry, i know it’s silly. i just... i’ll miss you. a lot. and after a couple of weeks, all my clothes that smell like you don’t anymore and by then i’ll be missing you a whole lot more.” your voice was barely above a whisper. “i’m sorry. i don’t mean to make you feel bad, you know that, right?”
“i know.” bucky knew, but still—.
he kissed your temple, thinking about something that had been on his mind for a while.
he’d meant to take you with him if this mission hadn’t become of urgency, so he took a leap.
“you could stay at my place.” the offer made him a little queasy—his apartment wasn’t much, yet, but that was because he’d been broke and dead, then just broke, then finally when pepper potts signed sam and him under stark tech and he’d started getting paid, bucky was just adverse to shopping. “i know it’s not much, but i had actually meant to take you shopping with me... i want it to feel like a home. that’s why i love your place. it’s you and home and—i want that for mine too. so... you could even could take my card and my ridiculous stark employee checks to an ikea or anywhere, really, and only if you want, and if you’re bored...”
instead of finishing, bucky had frozen with a smile mid-sentence as you looked up with the brightest smile and laughter bubbling in your chest.
“you were gonna make me choose everything and decore your whole place, weren’t you?”
“you know i’m horrible at making decisions,” he’d shrugged.
just then, sam had arrived and pulled up with his newest car, honking at the two of them.
“hello, my favorite lovebirds!” the window of his passenger seat rolled down and sam smiled above his sunglasses. “hi to my favorite grown person ever. how are you, baby?” with a pointed look to bucky, sam went, “and hello to you, bucky bear.”
you smiled widely. “hey, cap. listen, i know he’s your six, but if anyone gets within five feet of my boyfriend can you please use that frisbee  of yours to rip them open by their asshole?” you had said with the sweetest smile, and sam had laughed out loud.
bucky stared between the two of you as he always did—entirely amused.
memories like those were the things that kept bucky happy and sane.
in your case, memories like those only gave you anxiety because they meant goodbyes and goodbyes meant no james, so you stuck to doing the thing bucky had asked you to do: “feel at home. seriously, doll. whatever you’d like to do, you have my ‘yes’ and my ‘please’ and my ‘thank you’.”
no one could say you resisted a pleading bucky and winnie had raised a very polite boy.
as you missed, you decorated.
you knew what bucky liked: deep down he was a nerd and a comfort-over-look kinda of guy. you started with the grey walls — they became very soft and different hues of green and blue — and moved to furniture.
when you realized what you were doing with his card, a lot of amazon was involved and bucky’s apartment no longer felt like a hotel—it felt like someone moving in.
someone who liked lord of the rings, edgar allan poe and shitty tv.
you turned the kitchen into a place where you could both cook and bake with silly and adorable kitchenware, his room had proper bookshelves for his books and a beautiful new wardrobe, his bathroom looked wicked and you were tired, missing him, with aches all over your body.
but fourteen days and ten hours later, none of that mattered.
none of it mattered because bucky returned home at two forty three in the morning, left his duffel and shoes by the door only to find you sleeping in his almost brand new apartment and his heart dropped to his feet.
his heart dropped and splattered all over the floor of his home.
you slept nestled between his blankets while penny dreadful episodes still played on the background.
the wine on the — new, very nice, babe — center table said you were on your week off from the hospital and the red around your eyes say you’ve been crying over vanessa ives’s tragic fate yes again.
bucky was glad for his decision to shower before getting home because then, he could do this: slide right into the sofa behind you and mold his body against yours, breathing in deep as you slowly wake up.
“buck?” you whisper.
“i’m home, doll,” he whispered back, kissing your neck. “love you so much. it’s beautiful in here. thank you, baby, thank you.”
“bucky,” you turn around inside the hold of his arms and wrap your body like an octopus around his. “god, i missed you. you’re home, i’m so happy you’re home.”
“sleep, baby. we’ll wake up together.”
bucky felt you smile against his own neck, your lips pressing there against his pulse point. your eyelashes fluttered closed and you slept.
you were both home.
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scarlvtbitch · 5 months ago
First night you were mine
bucky barnes x fem reader
summary: bucky distances himself from you because he thinks he’s bad for you, fluff snd smut ensues
A/N: for a better experience listen to the song Belong by the Cary Brothers
Tumblr media
Bucky couldn’t understand how could anyone want him. He was an ex murderer, even if he was manipulated and literally controlled to do it, he still did it. He had blood all over his hands, how could anyone want him that way? His therapist once said being alone could be the worst hell possible, yet he was pushing the one person who cared for him away. Why? God, he was so screwed up. 
Y/N came crying to Sam that day, not knowing anyone else she could talk to, who could perhaps comfort. Someone else that wasn’t him. 
“Sam? Sam?” Y/N knocked twice and before she could try a third time, Sam opened the door. He quickly saw the dried tears painted on her cheeks, that were blended with her mascara. Her eyes and nose were red too.
“What happened? Are you okay?” He brought her in and carefully made her sit down on his sofa. 
“Bucky said he never wanted to see me again.”
“Wait, what? That doesn’t make any sense. You two were normal and friendly yesterday.”
“That’s what I thought.” she sniffled “So I asked him if someone was threatening me or him and he said no. I could tell he was telling the truth, Sam. The worst part is that I was about to tell him I-” She let out a quiet sob. “I loved him. He didn’t let me finish because before I knew it he just switched to this cold expression like he was The Winter Soldier again. I don’t know what to do.”
“I’m gonna talk to him. Or beat his ass up.” Y/N took a hold of Sam’s arm. 
“No, wait! I don’t want to pressure him.”
“Y/N, but that wasn’t fair.”
“I know, but he needs time.”
“Okay.” Sam sighed
Sam lied. As soon as Y/N left his place he quickly headed to Bucky’s apartment to talk to him. Or beat his ass up. Or both. 
He knocked harshly on the door until Bucky opened it.
“What the hell, man?” Sam was about to throw a punch when Bucky’s appearance stopped him. His hair was all over the place and his stubble was slightly thicker. Just like Y/N, his eyes and nose were red.
“We need to talk.” Sam walked into the apartment like it was his own home.
“Ok, let yourself in or whatever. What’s your problem?”
“My problem is that I know you love Y/N, man! Why’d you do that to her?” Bucky’s whole face fell.
“I don’t love her.” Liar, his brain yelled.
“Bullshit. She came to my house, a mess, because you told her you never wanted to see her again?”
“I never wanted to hurt her.” 
“Then why the hell did you do it?” Sam spoke a little louder this time.
“Because I love her, alright!” Bucky snapped. “I love her so fucking much that it’s driving me insane. She’s all I think about when I wake up and before I go to sleep.”
“Then why push her away?”
“Because she shouldn’t be with someone like me! She’s too good for me.”
“Shouldn’t she be the one to decide that?”
“Yeah.” A voice spoke and it wasn’t Bucky or Sam. It was Y/N. Bucky and Sam were so wrapped up in their conversation that they didn’t hear Y/N use her key to open the door. She stood there, mouth wide open as she had heard the conversation. Well, the important parts at least.
“Mind giving us a sec, Sam?” Y/N asked.
“I’ll give you more than that. I’ll see you later.” After he left, Y/N and Bucky were silent until Y/N decided to approach him.
“Bucky,” God, he was so stupid. He felt to ashamed to look at her, so he glued his gaze to his feet. She reached up and gently cupped his cheek, turning his gaze to her. “did you mean it?”
“Every word, doll.” Her heart swelled at the nickname.
“Can I speak now?” He nodded, she took a step forward and got closer to him. Not too close that it would scare him away, though. His first instinct was to pull away, he still wanted to distance himself from you. The voice in his head screaming, ‘she’s too good for you’. 
“I heard what you said, Buck. And you were wrong. You really think yourself  undeserving of me?” He nodded. “You couldn’t be more wrong James Bucky Barnes. You may see yourself as this monster but do you wanna know what I see? I see a good man. A man who is strong, brave and caring. A man who’s been through so much, and blames himself for it, even if it wasn’t his fault. A man, that I’m so in love with.” His whole expression fell.
“What did you say?”
“I love you, Bucky.” 
“Say it again.” 
“I lo-” The rest of his words were swallowed by his lips. He must have walked so fast to her because he was holding her face in seconds. Y/N’s hand came up to tangle itself in Bucky’s hair, and the other fell against his waist. They tilted their heads and their tongues now danced in sync. Bucky’s hands went to grip her ass as he lifted her up, while also not breaking the kiss. He backed her against the wall, hands palming her bottom while now kissing her neck. He licked and nibbled until she was left panting and moaning above him. 
Bucky now decided it was a good time to take her to bed. She stopped him.
“I want you. Right here.” Bucky just smiled against her mouth before pulling her in for a kiss by pushing the back of her head to the direction of his lips. He groaned before gently setting her across the floor.
“At least I want a hard surface so I can worship you correctly, doll.” Y/N lifted up her shirt and hissed at her back hitting the cold hardwood floor. Bucky took care of her pants and pulled them down. She was now left in just her bra and underwear.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” She mumbled against him and started undoing his belt and pulled down his pants. He helped her and took them off completely, hitting the floor with a thud. She then pulled his black tee over his head. Bucky’s body never ceased to amaze her. She started kissing his biceps before he stopped her.
“This is about you, my love.” He then went and undid her bra clasp. His nose glided down through the valley of her breasts as he left a trail of wet kisses. Nipping and licking her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her hips until he reached his destination.
He was now face-to-face with her center and he could feel the heat radiating off her, as well as the smell of her arousal. He finally dove in and ate her like a starved man. Y/N was left a mess below him, moaning and whining. When he gave her clit a very strong suck she tugged on his hair so harshly that he almost thought she would rip a strand out. She didn’t.
“Buck, I love you. But if you don’t get inside me in the next thirty seconds I’m gonna kill you before you get a chance to.” He laughed against her folds before he pulled away and she brought his head to hers. She wasted no time to yank him down for a kiss. His body towered over hers and she could feel the cold chain of his dog tags softly hitting the skin of her breasts. This managed to turn her on even more.
Bucky lined himself up with her center, teasing her as he rubbed the red head of his cock with her entrance. She got tired of all his teasing and brought her hands down to cup his ass and pushed him inside her.
They simultaneously moaned at how good it felt to be joined. Bucky stilled as he gave her time to accommodate his higher than average size. He smiled against her lips and so did she. It felt amazing to have Bucky inside her, just as she dreamed once or twice.
He began thrusting in and out at a slow pace but then it turned into a more needy rhythm. They were desperate for release at this point.
“B-bucky I’m almost there.”
“Me too.” He grunted as he quickened his pace. His delicious cock pounding into her in the most perfect way. “Come for me, doll.” He didn’t need to tell her twice. She found her sweet release and tightened around him. She cried out and seconds later Bucky grunted and groaned against her mouth, as he spilled himself inside her. He brought his arms down and put his weight on her, not too much that he would hurt her though. They just stayed there, taking in what just happened. Bucky softly smiled as he caressed her cheek.
“You were amazing, my love.”
“You weren’t too bad, old man.” She joked and he had her pinned again in a second.
“Old man, huh? Would an old man be able to give you five orgasms in one night?”
“What are you talki” Before she could continue, Bucky was lapping at their combined juices. He gave her more than five that night. The Winter Soldier definitely had the best stamina around.
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thewintersoldierr · 17 days ago
Can you imagine, Bucky not knowing your favourite song. He doesn’t know music, and you’re his girlfriend—so he should know what song you love. And while he’s been trying to find out what it is, you say you don’t know, because there’s too many. But he knows each one you list isn’t it, because he doesn’t see your eyes glint how they should like they do when you eat your favourite food.
And then at some random bar on a random night, the jukebox plays a song and your face lights up across the room as you talk to a friend. And he’s enamoured. He’s sure he can see physical glitter in your eyes twinkling and he isn’t sure how your face doesn’t hurt from how big you’re grinning.
The way you smile, the way you’re taken back to whatever moment makes your cheeks puff and the corners of your lips go so high.
He’s been fucked for a while, almost blurting on several occasions how he loves you. But he worries it’s too soon. But seeing you so full of joy as you twist and sing—he’s overboard. He’s picking the label from the bottle, not listening to Sam or anyone else. He’s trying not to grin, to break out into an uncharacteristic smile because Sam’s here for one, and he can’t stand the teasing.
But, fuck is he in love with you; he wants to make you as happy as each chord makes you right now.
And so his feet move, and he’s cutting across the crowd to the sounds of the guitar and cheerful voice. People part as if it’s some planned gesture, and your friend turns before he gets there, and your eyes meet his as the chorus repeats.
He doesn’t think, because Bucky never thinks. He knows you hate big public displays—hell, he does too. But it doesn’t stop him.
When it comes to you, nothing ever stops him.
All he knows if that if he doesn’t kiss you right now, he’s going to implode.
His fingers slide up your cheek into your hair; his cold metal fingers meet your jaw and neck gently, and he kisses you. His mouth smothering yours as his tongue slides across your bottom lip, feeling you kiss him back with the same energy.
And he doesn’t stop kissing you until the song ends, your lips swollen, the glint still in your eye and he grins like a full on fool.
“That was the song.”
“That’s the song,” you nod, his thumb drawing a circle on your cheek.
AN: I don’t even know where this came from, but what song came to mind when you read it. I might tell you which one prompted it <3
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badassbuchanan · 7 months ago
My Girl
Tumblr media
Request: Could you writer some sort of frenemies thing with Bucky where everyone thinks you hate each other but then Loki starts flirting with you and it makes Bucky really jealous??
Warnings: smut; non!con turned fucking sickly sweet, fingering, slut shaming, unprotected sex, doggy, missionary, dirty talk, angst.
Word count: 7968
A/N: I apologise for messing with your hearts like this - I also strayed a bit from the request (sorry anon!) x
“Buchanan, you fucker!” Y/N yelled from across the compound moments before Bucky strutted into the boardroom with a roll of his eyes.
The rest of the team’s head’s turned to follow the loud noise of Y/N yelling, watching the long haired super soldier enter the room with a smug look on his face.
“Not again.” Bruce sighed softly, his head falling into his hand as he prepared himself for another bickering match between Y/N and Bucky. 
“Don’t you walk away from me.” Y/N followed Bucky into the room, her eyes fixed on the back of his head as he casually made his way over to the others. 
“Guys, cut it out.” Tony spoke sternly, trying to control the two avengers who were constantly at each other’s throats. 
“Just wait until you hear what he said.” Y/N looked over at Tony who’s palms were pressed against the edge of the large conference table. He shook his head, looking between the two is disbelief. 
“I don't ca-”
“Don’t be such a baby.” Bucky retaliated to Y/N childishly before Tony could speak. The super soldier slumped down in the empty seat next to Cap, his eyes focused on her from across the room as his elbows rested on the arm rests of the swivel chair. Neither of them cared that they’d bought the whole room into the argument. “All I said was I’d rather take my chances with spider-boy than have Y/N as my partner on a mission.” 
“This is coming from the guy who couldn’t even hold on to a train.” She growled as she pulled out the seat next to Nat, who was smiling an amusement at how well Y/N stood up for herself. Bucky scoffed at her comment, shaking his head as he thought of something to anger her further.
Peter’s face screwed up in shock after realising his name had been mentioned, his arms coming up to cross over his body defensively. “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked as a devious smile appear on Bucky’s face. Peter glanced over at Tony for help, but he was too annoyed to care about the youngest avenger’s feelings. 
“It means-” Y/N words were cut off by a loud bang of Tony’s hand hitting the desk. The sound made everyone jolt slightly, the room immediately silencing.
“Enough!” He yelled furiously, eyebrows furrowing into a frown as he glared between the bickering pair. “I didn’t call this meeting to hear you two fight. You’re already late, now stop acting like children and listen up.” 
Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, trying to stop the laughter that was building up inside of her from hearing Tony yell as she glared over at Bucky.
“Asshole.” She mouthed to Bucky, who was already smirking at the fact that they’d been told off like toddlers. 
“Snitch.” He whispered back cheekily, secretly liking the way he knew it would make her laugh. Bucky liked being the only reason she got frustrated, wound up and tense. But he also liked being the only reason she smiled, laughed and blushed.
Bucky had this hold on Y/N that couldn’t be explained. She’d tried to reason with herself, telling her inner-self it was just her caring nature that made her feel sorry for him, even when he was a complete dick to her. He was constantly doing things to purposely annoy her or to get a reaction. It gave him a thrill. Like a power trip that sent pleasure to his brain. And he took advantage of that any chance he got.
“Now, over the past few weeks the threats from the Beyonders have increased noticeably.” Tony stood up straight, tugging his collar back into place as he clicked the button of the control he was holding. The screen changed, a mathematical graph appearing to prove Tony’s point. 
Y/N chanced a glance over at Bucky, his fingers on each hand intwined as he swivelled lightly in the chair. God, he was so infuriating. There wasn’t a day that went by without him getting on her last nerve. He frustrated her beyond belief. But for some twisted reason, she loved it. 
“Now we don’t know a lot about who they are, what they want or where they came from.” Tony continued, the room dead silent as he flicked to the next slide.
Bucky bit the inside of his lip, a frown appearing on his brows as he zoned out to what Tony was saying. He was bored already, deciding to look down at his metal hand as he wiggled his fingers to amuse himself, studying the mechanics of it.
He felt a pair of eyes burning into him, glancing over to Y/N. A smug smile washed over his face when he noticed her already looking at him. He gave her a quick wink, pouting his lips into a kissing motion as she rolled her eyes. 
“So, we’ve had to call on the help of an old acquaintance.” Tony turned to face the team again, his fingers lightly tapping on the table in front of him as his eyes darted around the room. Luckily by that point, Y/N and Bucky had both turned their eyes back to the spokesman. 
Tony’s tongue quickly darted out to the corner of his mouth, the unknown reaction of the team was making him anxious.
“Excuse me, Mr Stark. Thor and Loki have just landed. Should I send them in?” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice came through the intercom, immediately causing a few murmurs from the team. 
“Loki’s here?” Y/N’s eyes lit up immediately as she looked up at Tony for confirmation. Bucky’s head shot round to where she sat, eyebrows furrowing as he wondered who the hell Loki was and why Y/N was so excited to see him. 
“You called Loki?” Steve almost shot up out of his chair, a look of betrayal on his face as he stared at Tony, waiting for an explanation. “Tony, he is not an acquaintance.” 
The fact that Steve was so put off by the mention of Loki had Bucky even more concerned. If Steve had a problem with him, so did he. Especially since Y/N liked him. As the room grew louder in outbursts of resentment regarding Tony’s decision, so did Bucky’s brain. 
He watched Y/N try and fix her hair subtly, sitting up straighter in her chair as an unusual feeling flooded through him. He wasn't angry, but he sure as hell wasn’t happy. 
The beep of the boardroom door opening quickly silenced the group, Y/N’s head turning to watch the God of Thunder walk into the room. “Hello everyone.” Thor nodded with a sweet smile, pleased to be back with his friends again. “Good to see you all.”
It was almost as if a cold wind engulfed the room as Bucky watched the dark haired, chiseled faced, pale god strut into the room. Bucky’s jaw clenched, his eyes darkening as he felt a wave of overwhelming hate flood through his body. He noticed Loki’s hair was longer than his own. His eyes brighter. His smile wider. His jaw sharper. 
“Greetings, all.” His voice was slicker. He was charismatic. He was charming. He was everything Bucky wasn’t and he fucking hated him. Bucky felt his heartbeat quicken as he watched Loki greet everyone individually, stopping in his tracks as he reached Y/N’s chair. 
She’d turned to face him, her eyes lit up like fireworks as she looked up at the god of mischief who had put his hands over his mouth. “My god,” Loki gasped softly as he pulled his best puppy dog face, leaning his hands on the arms of Y/N chair to get close to her. “Y/N, you look more beautiful every time I see you, my love.” 
Bucky felt his jaw clench so tight he was sure it would break. His hands closed into tight fists as he sat up a little straighter in his chair. He was livid. Livid at the fact that this green-eyed hot shot thought he could waltz in and steal Y/N away from him. Bucky was the only one that made her smile. He was the only one that got to have her attention. 
“Oh, Loki, stop, you’re making me blush.” She giggled softly and wrapped her arms around his neck like they belonged there. Loki turned his face towards her, leaving a gentle kiss on her flushed cheek before he stood back up. Bucky had never made her giggle like that. He’d never kissed her cheek before. He’d spent every damn day with her and he never got her to blush like a little school girl.
“Maybe later you can show me your favourite spots and we can talk about what's changed since I was last here.” Loki spoke softly, taking Y/N’s hand in his as he pulled it against his chest dotingly.
A few snickers broke out from the rest of the team, not surprised one bit at Loki and Y/N’s interaction. Believe it or not, Y/N wasn’t Loki’s biggest fan. She would never actually progress their friendship to anything more than flirting, deep down she didn’t trust him just as much as Steve didn’t. But Y/N did love the attention that Loki gave her. How he treated her like a princess and devoted himself to her every word. She liked how he complimented her and made a fuss. She liked how he made her feel special in a room full of people.
But all that Bucky saw unravelling in front of his eyes was the start of one of those soppy rom-coms that he despised. “We have training later, Y/N.” His words came out a lot more aggressive than he originally intended. 
The whole room’s attention turned to him, straight faced and stiffened body. Loki stood up straight as a glimmer shone in his eyes. He noticed how on edge the super soldier looked.
“Yeah, we’ll still have time to train, Bucky.” She spoke with a level of concern, noticing the unusual seriousness on Bucky’s face. “I wouldn’t skip on the opportunity to kick your ass.” She smirked, face immediately dropping as she watched Bucky quickly divert his eyes away, not entertaining her with his usual sarcastic response.
“Bucky?” Loki’s voice was low as thoughts flew through his brain at a million miles per hour. He smiled deviously, eyes squinting as his heart jumped at the chance to cause mischief. “James Buchanan Barnes. The winter soldier.” 
Bucky clenched his jaw again as his eyes flickered up to Loki before back to the table, he could feel his anger bubbling over. Loki had been getting under his skin ever since he walked through the damn door. 
“Hydra’s most successful experiment, their deadliest weapon.” Loki made a quick move around the table to stand in front of Bucky, his eyes widening with excitement as he held his hand out in front of him. “May I say what a pleasure it is to meet you.”
Steve noticed Bucky’s metal hand grip tightly around the arm of his chair as he politely lifted his flesh arm to quickly shake Loki’s hand. Bucky smiled as he momentarily looked up at the long haired god, using all of his will power to stay calm. 
“How did it feel to know how many people you killed once you got your mind back?” Loki’s words were slow and full of deviance as Bucky’s metal arm began whirring into action. 
Y/N watched worriedly, she annoyed the crap out of Bucky all the time, but she’d never seen him so angry. Her heart sunk as she watched Bucky’s eyes darken, a soft, lost look on his face that disappeared so quick she almost thought she’d imagined it.
Steve’s eyes widened as he watched the event unfold. “I think that’s enough chit chat, Loki.” He spoke sternly, Loki’s eyes immediately glancing over to Steve. He knew the fact that Steve had to step in meant he’d done a good job of infuriating Bucky. “Why don’t you just get on with what you came here to do.” 
Loki stayed silent, pleased with his work as he flickered quick a smile, striding back up to the front of the room where Tony stood. 
“The Beyonders are a race of extra-dimensional entities powerful enough to collect planets.” Loki went straight into ‘business mode’, his charismatic nature immediately made most of the room forget what he’d just said to Bucky.
But Steve was concerned, and embarrassingly enough, so was Y/N. Yes, she loved to aggravate Bucky, wind him up until he was chasing her down the hallway or whining at her to stop being a brat. But it was never to hurt him, she made sure of that. Not like what Loki had just done. She tried to silently get his attention by glancing over at him every now and then, but Bucky’s eyes didn’t budge from the table. 
“Their nature is so alien that they are unable to leave their own dimension and for millennia were never observed by any being of the Earth dimension.” Loki continued to teach the team about the threat they were facing, the room silent as mostly everyone paid attention. “To interact with the Earth dimension they must operate through agents.”
“So basically, what Loki is saying is, it’s not just one race we’re up against here. It’s gunna be a big ass battle.” Tony interjected Loki’s speech, he’d read the room enough to know he’d lost the attention of three of his avengers already. There was no need for this to continue. “That’s all you need to know for now. We’ll regroup tomorrow for another meeting. Thank you, Loki.” 
The team stood up, casually making their way out of the room after Tony had ended the meeting. Y/N lagged behind, watching Steve and Sam mumbling something incoherent to Bucky.
By the looks of things he didn’t want to listen to what they had to say, the long haired super soldier pushed past his oldest friend with a frown on his face, not lifting his eyes even once as he left the room.
Y/N sighed as she watched Bucky storm out of the room, she’d never seen him act out so much, he was always so internal with his emotions. She didn’t like the way Loki brought up Bucky’s past in front of everyone like that. She almost felt protective over Bucky, like she was the only one who should be able to tease him about that kind of stuff.
The look on Bucky’s face when Loki had mentioned the Winter Soldier’s assassinations made Y/N’s heart ache. It was as if everything came flooding back to him in an instant, like a bad dream he couldn’t wake up from. 
Y/N and Bucky had never discussed such personal things, no way. She didn’t know that he suffered from PTSD, flashbacks and social anxiety. She didn’t know about the nights he lay awake haunted by his past. All she saw was a grumpy looking soldier who only smiled when he was making fun of her.
“Darling,” Loki’s sudden call to her knocked Y/N out of her thoughts. Her head was forced to turn to the side by the god of mischief, whose hands were on her shoulders. He smiled down at her dotingly, eyes bright as he fed her attention-needy ego. “What do you say we make the most of this alone time we’ve been so generously given, hm?”
She smiled softly up at him, although her eyes were glazed over as her mind wandered off again. “Sorry Loki, but I should go and get ready for training.” Her voice was monotone and quiet as she suddenly wasn’t so interested in the attention of the man in front of her. 
She left the room and wandered through the compound, stopping in her tracks when she saw Sam, Steve and Nat talking in the kitchen. “Hey, Steve.” Y/N called out, confused as to why she was suddenly so concerned about the metal armed man. 
As all three of the avenger’s heads turned to where she was standing, Y/N began second guessing her decision to ask if Bucky was okay. She hated Bucky, he annoyed the shit out of her. Even if she asked, the team would just think she was asking to make sure he wasn’t okay. What if they thought she’d take Loki’s side? Or worse. What if they thought she’d set Loki up to hurt Bucky? Even worse than that. What if Bucky thought Y/N had set Loki up to hurt him? 
“Never mind.” She sighed as she bit the inside of her lip, continuing her walk through the compound until she reached her room. 
She quickly changed into a red sports bra with navy detailing and leggings to match. She looked in the mirror after tying her training shoes and tied her hair into a high pony tail. She turned around, shamelessly checking out her ass before making her way down to the training room. 
She waited for a whole half an hour for Bucky to show, but he never did. She stood up from where she’d eventually laid down on the rubber floor mat, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about what had happened earlier. Bucky obviously blamed her, why else wouldn’t he show? He’d never been late before. 
“He didn’t show, huh?” Y/N glanced up as Steve walked into the room, tight grey top and black shorts. 
She shook her head, lifting her arms to tighten her pony tail before placing her hands on her hips. “Any idea where he is?” 
“In his room.” Steve shrugged, knowing that’s where Bucky spent most of his time. He started throwing controlled practice punches at the punching bag in front of him, stopping as he watched Y/N walk towards the door. “Maybe take it easy on him. I know he can annoy you sometimes but, I just think he’s having a bad day.” 
She couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as she turned back to face Steve, he really thought she was going to yell at him for not showing up to training. She couldn’t blame him for thinking that, any other day and that's probably exactly what she would’ve done. “Loki was really out of line earlier, I actually just want to make sure Bucky’s okay.” 
Steve smiled proudly at her from where he was taping up his hands, nodding slightly as if he were giving her the ‘go ahead’. There weren’t many people, even living in the compound, that would be willing to go out of their way to make sure Bucky was okay. It was partly his own fault, he was very stand-offish. 
“Come in.” Y/N was surprised when she heard Bucky’s voice call out from beyond the door after she’d knocked. Honestly, she wasn’t expecting a response. 
She opened the door slowly, noticing his neatly kept room with minimal belongings. She looked over Bucky who was standing by the foot of his bed, he was wearing different clothes from earlier. That, his slicked back hair and the scent of peppermint told Y/N that he’d just had a shower. 
“What do you want?” Bucky mumbled bluntly, turning his back to her as he walked over to his desk to grab a newspaper. Y/N shut the door behind her quietly, watching as he glared at her before diverting his eyes away. He rubbed his face in his hand, sighing out of frustration when she didn’t answer. “I said what do you want?” 
“Woah, at ease soldier.” She chuckled lightly, trying to make a joke to calm her nerves. She’d never been in Bucky’s room before. She’d never genuinely asked him about his feelings. She had no clue how he’d react. What if he made fun of her? “So this is why you bailed on our training, huh?” She smiled softly, pointing at the newspaper in his hand. 
“I’m surprised you even noticed I wasn’t there.” Bucky scoffed out spitefully, referring to Loki asking to spend time with her. 
“Of course I noticed.” Y/N frowned in confusion, watching Bucky roll his eyes as he slammed the newspaper back on the table. 
“Why? Because you and your boyfriend didn’t have anyone to make fun of?” Bucky raised his voice, eyes squinting in anger as glared at her from where he stood. “Is that why you’re here now, hm? Didn’t get enough time to piss me off earlier? Or do you just wanna see how far you can push me before I snap?”
“Loki is not my boyfriend.” She screwed her face up, raising her voice to match his as she waved her hands in the air.
“Yeah, well, you suit each other.” Bucky snapped back sarcastically, a deep crease between his eyebrows formed as he frowned. 
Y/N clenched her jaw, a burning heat rising up in her as her anger took control. “I came here to make sure you were okay, asshole!” She yelled furiously back at him, crossing her arms defensively.
“Oh yeah? Since when do you care about me?” Bucky spoke sarcastically, leaning his shoulder against the wall as he crossed his arms and waited for her response.
“Believe it or not, Bucky, some of us do care about you!” She snapped back at his sarcasm, her chest heaving with fury as she watched him immediately jolt off of the wall. “Normal people care about people other than themselves.”
“And I don’t?” His voice lowered drastically, he started walking towards her as if she were his prey. “Why? Because I have no feelings?” He clenched his fists by his sides, watching her press her back against the door as he stalked closer.
“I don’t know! No one knows what goes on in that cyborg brain of yours!” She argued, agrivated that she had tried to do the right thing by coming to see him, but his stubbornness was causing an argument.
“So that’s how you see me, huh? A robot with no emotion? An empty vessel? A killing machine?” Y/N gasped as Bucky’s metal hand tightened around her throat, pushing her head back against the door harshly. Her eyes widened innocently, trying to regain her breath as his face came square with hers. “You don’t know shit about me. About the constant fucking torture inside my head.”
“You didn’t kill those people, Bucky, it was Hydra. I saw the way you looked like a scared little puppy when Loki mentioned the-“
“The what?” Bucky growled huskily, keeping her head in place as his eyes stared into hers. He watched her pupils dialate as he squeezed the sides of her neck with his metal fingers.
His heart had stopped for a moment when she’d told him that Hydra was the one she blamed for what he’d done. He didn’t expect anyone to think that way, especially not her. A wave of emotion flooded through him, not jealously this time, but...what? Whatever it was, it caused butterflies in his tummy.
Bucky felt his cock twitch slightly at the sight of her submitting it him, for once in her life not fighting him. “The winter soldier?” Bucky whispered into her ear, Y/N’s eyes closing as she started to feel her pussy tingle. “Is that what this is all about? You wanna meet him? Wanna see me turn into a monster? Watch the light disappear from my eyes as I fucking destroy you?”
She couldn’t explain why his threats turned her on, all she knew was that she’d never been so aroused in her life. Her chest was heaving as he whispered in her ear, her panties flooding as his metal arm choked her.
The look she gave Bucky sent his head into a spin. She looked so helpless and innocent beneath his hand, but there was a hint of desire in her eyes. She wanted him, she wanted to please him, she wanted him to take whatever he wanted from her.
“You don’t scare me.” She whimpered softly, her lips parting as she tried to breathe. Bucky’s eyes flickered over her lips as an uncontrollable urge to kiss her washed over him.
“Still so mouthy.” He shook his head with a tut, their lips almost touching as he jolted his hand, pushing her head against the wall with more force. She let out a small cry. “You know there are other ways to get attention, baby.”
Y/N’s arousal was soaking through the material covering her crotch, her pebbled nipples rubbing against her sports bra. “Well it’s not my fault you’re always pissing me off.” She whispered bravely, her eyes fixed on his which had grown noticeably darker.
“Oh?” Bucky arched his eyebrow, tilting his head back slightly to assert his dominance. “You don’t like when I wind you up? When I say things to purposely get you to snap?” He leaned his head down, his lips tickling the delicate skin just behind where his fingers finished pressing into her neck. 
Y/N listened closely to his words, realising that Bucky hadn’t been treating her that way because he hated her. He hadn’t been constantly on at her because he didn’t get along with her. In fact, he did it because he knew exactly what she liked. Exactly what kind of interactions she thrived off of. The kind that would always bring her back for more. 
Bucky took her silence as an agreement, a smirk playing on his lips as he continued kissing her neck softly. “I know exactly what gets you going, don’t I?” He continued, finally letting go of her neck as his metal arm trailed down her chest. 
Y/N let out a shaky breath as her throat was now unrestricted, her eyes dropping to where his hand was on her. Bucky’s flesh palm was planted firmly on the wall next to her head, trapping her there. 
“Is that why you’re always so frustrated around me? Hm? Constantly coming back for more?” He kissed her cheek, almost affectionately as he watched her squirm under his touch. “Such a needy little attention whore.” 
She didn’t bite back, her head lifted to lean against the wall, her thighs desperately rubbing together to relieve some of the tension building between her thighs. She liked it.
Bucky chuckled deeply, looking down at where his fingers had dropped to play with the waistband of her exercise leggings. He hooked the tips of his metal fingers inside, entertaining himself as he looked back up at her. “Tell me honestly, baby, whose attention do you crave most?” 
“Yours.” She whimpered desperately, not even taking a moment to think. His lips ghosted over hers, his eyes big and innocent as he brushed their noses together. 
“Not that green goblin who calls himself a god?” Bucky tested as he stepped closer, their bodies touching as his hand pressed against her lower stomach. She whimpered at the feeling of his cold metal fingers on her bare skin, so close to where she needed him most. 
“No.” She submitted to him instantly, shaking her head as Bucky slowly pushed his hand further down into her pants. 
He stopped when he reached the band of her panties, a loud gulp erupted from Y/N’s throat as Bucky teased her even more. “You sure? S’not too late to go running back to him.” 
“No, Bucky, I want you.” She breathed out shakily, almost crying in frustration as Bucky licked his lips, her words were like music to his ears. Her hand came down to rest on his lower tummy, feeling his muscles through the thin material of his t-shirt. 
“Why, Y/N?” He growled as their breaths hit each others lips, she clawed softly at his stomach, overwhelmed with pleasure before he’d even begun. “Tell me why you want me and not him.” 
She felt exhausted, like her body could collapse at any moment. She was in a euphoric state from his light touches and words alone. She looked down at his lips, her eyes half shut as she grabbed hold of his metal wrist, pushing his hand down into her panties. 
Y/N let out a soft moan as his metal fingers slipped between her slick folds, her head hitting the wall with a thud. She looked up at Bucky, watching his eyes fall to where his hand disappeared into her leggings. His brows were furrowed in a frown, his mouth slightly hung open as he slipped his fingers deeper into her. “Because only you make me wet.” 
Bucky lost control, pushing his lips against hers in a desperate kiss as two of his metal fingers slipped into her hole. Y/N moaned into the kiss, her hand flying up to hold the back of his neck, pulling him down harder onto her lips. If only he’d known. If only he’d known that every cocky remark, every teasing comment left her this wet. 
“God, if Id’ve known all it took to shut you up was my fingers in your wet little hole I would’ve fucked you a long time ago.” Bucky chuckled darkly, his words were condescending. He pushed his tongue between her lips, a growl escaping his throat as she sucked on his warm muscle. 
His fingers moved in and out of her aching pussy, his whole hand drenched in her arousal. Y/N whimpered when he curled his fingers inside of her, hitting a spot of pleasure that she didn't know was there. 
“Bucky.” She moaned against his lips, her hips bucking into his hand as his thumb moved to rub her throbbing clit. She tugged on his hair, her arms resting on his shoulders as she steadied herself. 
“You wanna cum, don’t you?” He asked smugly, tilting his head before pressing their lips together sensually. “You wanna cum all over metal hand, you horny little slut.” 
“Yeah.” She whimpered out breathlessly, sucking on his top lip as she rocked her hips against his hand, pushing them further inside of her. “Make me cum, please, Bucky.” 
“I’m the only one who gets to touch you like this, you hear me?” Bucky growled into her mouth, biting down on her lip hard enough to hurt. He felt Y/N’s hips rut against his hand again, a smile appearing on his lips as he felt how desperate she was. 
She whimpered, her back arching off of the wall as she rolled her hips toward him. She looked up into his eyes innocently, like he was the only person in the world.
Bucky felt his cock pressing harshly against the material of his track pants, desperate for attention. He watched her bounce on his fingers, her hand moving from his shoulder to pull the tight material of her sports bra over her tits, letting them bounce freely.
Bucky’s eyes darkened at the sight of her boobs, his fingers speeding up inside her tight pussy as he met every movement of her hips. “Fuck yourself on my hand, just like that, make yourself cum.”
Her thighs clenched around his hand, controlling his movements as she clung to his wrist, fucking herself on his hand just like he’d told her to. “Shit, Bucky.”
Y/N clenched rapidly around his metal fingers, his thumb harshly pressed against her sensitive nub as she felt her orgasm taking over.
She leaned in to press her lips against his, hoping to muffle the moans, but Bucky was too fast. He moved his head out of reach, smiling down at her deviously as she came.
Her moans filled the room, her nails digging in to his shoulder as she bucked her hips unrhythmatically into his palm. “Fuck.” She whimpered as she clung to his chest, trying to calm down from the overwhelming sensation.
Bucky pulled his fingers out of her before she could even catch a breath, little moans escaping her lips as she watched him suck his fingers soaked in her juices.
“Shit.” He breathed heavily as he looked down at where his fingers had just been, a noticble wet patch covering the material of her leggings. “You’re so fucking wet, soaked right through your leggings.”
Y/N whimpered in response, tugging his metal hand down to her mouth as she sucked on his fingers. Bucky clenched his jaw as he watched her submissively take his fingers, her soft plump lips wrapping around them.
“Bucky,” she breathed shakily as he pulled his fingers from her mouth to hold her hips. She wrapped her hands around his biceps as she pulled body against hers. “I want you to fuck me.”
He smiled darkly at her desperate state, his cock throbbing as he tilted his head to the side. “It’s gunna hurt.” He chuckled, enjoying the thought of impaling her on his cock. 
“Good,” She pouted as she ran her hands down his muscular form, desperate to feel his cock in her hand. “I want it to hurt.”
Bucky immediately caught on to what she was doing, his hands quickly moving to grab her wrists tightly. He skilfully used his strength to spin her around, her exposed chest pressing hard against the wall as he held her hands behind the small of her back.
Y/N let out a small cry, his body pressed tightly against her back. She felt the outline of his cock pressing against her ass cheek as she ground back into him. 
“Don’t you dare try and take control.” Bucky growled deeply, his head dropping as he watched his bulge rub against her. 
Bucky groaned at the feeling, he let go of her wrists, her palms moving to press against the wall. His hands quickly moved to pull the waistband of her leggings and panties down to free her ass. 
He gulped loudly as he watched the wetness pool down onto her panties. Bucky had to stop himself from dropping to his knees and fucking her with his tongue. 
“Come on Bucky,” Y/N whined desperately as she kicked her bottoms off the rest of the way, almost crying out of frustration. “Don’t you wanna fuck the brat out of me?” She turned her head to look at him, biting her lip as she watched him tugging on his cock that he’d pulled out of the confinements of his pants. 
He was huge. Her lips parted in a gasp as she took in the beauty of his cock. She had to stop herself from turning around and sucking him off. Bucky lifted his flesh hand up to her mouth, watching as she obediently licked a strip up his palm with her tongue. 
Bucky looked her almost naked form up and down, moving his wet hand to lubricate his cock as he tugged himself off. “God, you make me so wet, Bucky.” She moaned sensually, spreading her legs a little wider as she felt her juices running down the inside of her thigh. 
He closed his eyes, letting his metal fingers dig into her hip as he positioned himself behind her, lining his tip up with her dripping heat. He bit his lip, forcing his cock into her tight walls as she moaned like a pornstar for him.
“Oh, yes.” She screamed at the feeling of his thick length stretching her pussy. “Fuck, Bucky.” She felt his cock twitch inside of her, encouraging her to moan louder. She closed her eyes, leaning her cheek against the cold wall as she tried to adjust to his monstrous size. 
“Good girl, let everyone know who you belong to.” Bucky moaned as he stilled, fully sheathed inside of her. Her pussy clenched around him, hugging his thick shaft trying to milk him of his cum. 
“You’re so big.” She whimpered submissively, trying to stop her hips from jolting to get used to his cock throbbing inside of her. Bucky could tell that she was already fucked out, his cock was too much for her to take. But for once, she wasn’t answering him back or being a pain in his ass. She was begging him. 
Bucky bit down on his bottom lip as he suddenly began moving his hips in and out of her, the action easy because of how wet she was. He held her hips in place as she cried out, still trying to adjust to his size. Her tits bounced as she lost control of her body, pushing her palm harder against the wall as she steadied herself. 
“No, Bucky, wait.” She whimpered, moving her other hand back to push his hip back, needing a little more time to adjust. A dull ache took over her pussy as he fucked her relentlessly, easily fighting against where her hand was pushing him away. 
“You said you wanted it to hurt.” He growled dominantly, pulling her hips back against his cock as he fucked into her, treating her like his own little sex doll. His cock twitched at the sound of her erotic moans filling the room loudly, a grunt erupting from his lips as he watched his cock disappear into her pussy. 
Her clit throbbed with pleasure, her ass being pulled back harshly against his skin. Slapping sounds grew louder with her pussy still dripping with arousal, his cock easily slipping in and out of her. 
“I do,” She breathed heavily, her head spinning with pleasure as she dropped her hand from his hip, the feeling of needing to help him feel better overwhelming her senses. “Take it all out on me, Buck.” 
His hips didn’t let up, fucking deep into her as he felt a different feeling flow through his body. He looked at the girl in front of him, so ready to help him fuck away his problems. So ready to help him, where most people would’ve run.
Bucky’s heart felt like mush, a moan leaving his lips as Y/N arched her back into his touch. He moved his body forward to press his chest flush against her back, his metal hand pressing into the wall.
He’d pushed his cock deeper into her with the new angle, another loud moan of his name escaping her lips as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.
Bucky felt her pussy clenching around him again, his flesh arm wrapping around her chest to hug her tighter against him. She started circling her hips on his cock, a deep growl came from his chest as he fucked her.
“Did you mean it?” He whispered into her ear, fucking deep inside of her as he made her moan for him. She whimpered softly, her eyes closing in pure bliss as she felt his cock pressing against her cervix. 
She turned her head towards him, her eyes darkened and fucked out as she looked at his face. His stubble scratched her cheek, his eyes glistening in the dull light of the room. He waited for an answer for what seemed like a lifetime, his thrusts getting rougher as he clenched his thighs. 
“Did you mean it?” He repeated the question, feeling his balls slapping against her skin. Y/N looked up into his eyes, noticing the softness in them which wasn’t there before. “Did you mean it when you said you’re not scared of me?”
A warm feeling flooded Y/N’s heart as she saw that look again - the scared puppy look that she’d seen when Loki mentioned the winter soldier. Her chest tightened around itself, the pain in his eyes was so deep it almost hurt her to see. 
“Yes,” She nodded softly, her hand moving to play with his hair as she watched Bucky’s eyes flicker down to her lips. “Of course I meant it.” Her eyebrows raised, almost to confirm her sincerity as she pressed her lips to his. 
Bucky sighed in relief as he felt her lips against his, embarrassingly too shy to do it himself. He deepened his thrusts, hugging her body as he fucked up into her. But now it was more than fucking, it was like they were connected on a completely different level. Like they understood each other more than anyone else would ever understand them. Y/N had never seen this side of him before and it was making her fall in love. and that scared her.
She pushed her ass back against him, moaning into the kiss as she felt his cock twitching inside her walls. She knew she was close, her clit tingling at the full feeling of his length fucking her. Bucky knew it too, he felt the way she was squeezing around him. 
He felt an overwhelming amount of emotion coursing through his veins, his heart almost beating out of his chest as he slid his cock out of her. Before she could protest, Bucky spun Y/N to face him, his chest heaving as she pressed her hand against his peck. 
“Do you think you could ever love me?” He nudged her nose with his, looking down at the floor as he breathed shakily. Her eyes saddened at his vulnerability, wondering how many times that thought had crossed his mind, thinking the answer was no. “Do you think anyone could ever love me?” 
“God, you’re such a fucking idiot sometimes, Barnes.” She sighed with a sad smile, a little chuckle escaping her lips as Bucky looked up at her eyes in a moment of bravery. 
She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his automatically move to hold her hips. She felt his throbbing cock against her crotch, ignoring the sexual desire as she focused on taking care of his feelings. “Of course I love you.” She admitted shyly, the flush on her cheeks not just from the raw fucking. 
Bucky tried to control the smile from beaming on his face, but he failed miserably. She looked up at the handsome soldier, her heart skipping a beat knowing she was the reason for his happiness. “Why else do you think I constantly bug you? Or instantly forgive you for all the things you do to make me mad, hm?” She played with his hair as Bucky licked his lips, admiring her through hooded eyes. 
She squealed as Bucky suddenly pressed his lips against hers deeply, giggling like a little school girl as he picked her up by her thighs. Bucky’s heart fluttered at the sound of her laughing, her hand cupping his stubble-covered face as she tilted her head into the kiss. 
Bucky turned them around, walking them over to his bed as he flicked his tongue between her parted lips. She moaned into the kiss, feeling herself falling before her back landed on the soft mattress. 
She opened her eyes when Bucky took his lips away, a small pouty smile on her lips as she watched him lifting his shirt over his head. She ran her hand down his bare chest as Bucky threw the material to the floor. 
Y/N took the opportunity to lift her sports bra the rest of the way off, letting it join Bucky’s t-shirt. He sat up between her legs, admiring her now fully naked form as he tugged his tracksuit pants off. 
Bucky hovered back over her, his hands coming to rest either side of her head as he followed her eyes to where his metal arm fused with his skin. He gulped loudly as her hand came up towards the modification, her eyes meeting his to ask for permission. 
Bucky nodded nervously, still in slight disbelief that she hadn’t run away yet. He felt her soft fingers trace the frame of the metal shoulder, following the boarder which connected to his flesh. His heart skipped a beat as she watched a soft smile cover her face, moving her eyes back up to meet his. “It’s so beautiful.”
“You’re beautiful.” He smiled down at her bashfully, moving his hand to grab hold of hers as he leaned down towards her lips. 
“My goodness, did I just hear old man Barnes call me-” 
He cut off her sass with a kiss, a chuckle erupting from both of them as he shook his head. “Don’t ruin the moment.” She scrunched his face up with a smile, looking down at her dotingly. 
“Sorry.” She giggled cheekily, wrapping her thighs around his hips as she pulled him closer. Her nails scratched lightly down his back as she lifted her head to kiss him again. 
Bucky groaned, feeling his cock rub against her pussy lips. A moan escaped Y/N’s lips as she tugged on his hair, feeling his cock pushing back inside her. 
“Fuck.” She let out in a whimper, her eyes big and innocent as she felt him bottom out inside of her. She tilted her head to the side, her other hand holding his chest as she deepened the kiss. 
Bucky started fucking her deep and slow, feeling every clench of her needy pussy. He breathed heavily through his nose, short grunts vibrating in his throat as he twitched inside of her. 
“Y/N,” He moaned deeply, letting their lips brush against each other as her breath tickled his face. “I love you.” He clenched his jaw as he felt his orgasm approaching fast. 
Her tits bounced against his chest, her back arching at the feeling of him filling her sweet cunt with his cock. “I love you, Buck.” She let out with a cry, Bucky’s skin rubbing her throbbing clit as her thighs clenched around his body, a wave of euphoria erupted through her body. 
“Oh, Bucky.” Her hips erratically bucked up to meet his, her pussy pulsing around him as she came. Her nails dug harder into his back, leaving imprints that would at least last a day. 
“Fuck.” Bucky moaned into her neck, his brows furrowing into a frown as he muffled his grunts against her skin. The feeling of her coming on top of him had Bucky’s hands gripping tightly at the bedsheets. “I’m gunna cum.” 
“Bucky,” She whimpered shyly, rubbing the back of his neck soothingly as she hugged him close, rolling her hips onto his. “Can you cum inside me?” 
“You want me to?” He groaned softly, trying to stop himself from cumming so soon, but the feeling of her was too good. 
“Please.” She nodded as Bucky turned his head to look at her, hovering his lips against hers for a second before pressing them against his passionately. He felt his orgasm hit, his hips rutting into her as he filled her with his cum. 
Y/N looked down at where their bodies were connected, watching his cock slide into her overstimulated pussy as he rode out his high. She whimpered softly as she rubbed his shoulder soothingly, his softening cock slipping out of her. 
Bucky looked down too, both watching as his cum dribbled out of her pussy. He smiled proudly before looking back up at her, tracing his finger over her cheek lightly. “Guess the team will be happy that this means our constant bickering will stop.” Bucky chuckled sweetly, looking down at her face. 
“What does this mean?” She prodded him lightly with her finger, smiling up at him as she admired his gorgeous eyes. 
“It means you’re my girl.” He mumbled before kissing her lips softly. 
“Do I get a say in this at all?” She faked a shocked look and giggled in amusement, watching the cheeky smile appear on his face. 
Bucky shook his head before kissing her again. “No.” He smiled softly, the feeling of pure happiness making him kiss her over and over.
“Okay, fine, I’ll be your girl.” She let out a fake sigh of exasperation, her heart thudding against her chest like she’d never felt before. “But I just have one question.” 
“Okay.” Bucky dragged out the word suspiciously, sitting up on his knees as he rubbed the tops of her thighs. 
“Do you honestly think me being your girlfriend means I’m not gunna still constantly annoy the shit out of you?” She let out lowly with a smirk, watching Bucky groan dramatically as he dropped down next to her on the bed, a huge smile on his face.
He knew she was right, but he didn't mind at all. In fact, he never minded before anyway.
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mayraki · 4 months ago
✧ the hotel room - bucky barnes
Tumblr media
-> violadvis’ gif
Tumblr media
summary: after an awful night with your family the only thing you want to feel is bucky’s body against yours.
check out my bucky barnes x oc series let’s play fire with fire
warnings: family members being mean. fights between reader and family. oral (f. receiving), cowgirl, unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy). if there’s anything else, please, let me know. +18!!
Tumblr media
“Did you order the pizza, baby?” You asked the second you walked into the living room. Bucky was sitting on the couch while his fingers were moving around the TV controller, touching every single button to get the movie going. You smiled at his confused face as you sat down next to him, waiting for his answer.
“I can handle a phone or putting a channel on, but a movie?” He said still with his eyes glued to the TV and all the options it was showing as his fingers were pressing more buttons. “I can’t seem to understand it.”
You let out a tiny laugh before taking the controller from his hand to press the button that said ‘back’ and then, when the movie list came back to the screen, you clicked another button to soon see the movie slowly loading to start. “There.”
“You just did that with two buttons, two!” He rested his back on the back of the couch frustrated. “I’ve been sitting here for like fifteen minutes. And yes, I order the pizza. It should come any minute now.”
You let out a tiny smile as your head went towards his chest to rest on it. “To be fair, I haven’t teached you yet how to put a movie on, so is alright if you can’t. It’s hard for you, Buck.”
“I just wanted everything to be ready for you, doll.” He said softly while his cold metal arm was now around your shoulder and his fingers were caressing your cheek, making you feel the coldness of them in your skin.
You locked eyes with him to get closer and leave a little kiss on his lips. Feeling his warm lips you let out a tiny smile enjoying the feeling of it against yours. He grabbed your cheek with his right hand to pull you even closer to him, even if there was no place left. “I think we have a couple of minutes left before the pizza gets here, doll.” Bucky said softly against your lips.
As his eyes were glued to yours, you could noticed the desire in them. You couldn’t blame him, since yours had the same thing in them. “Really?” You asked as a grin escaped your lips. “And what to do think we should do in those minutes we have?”
Without giving you an answer, he let out a smile and quickly, with his strong metal arm, managed to grab your waist and pulled you up to gently place you on his lap, while your two legs ended between his waist. Soon grabbing his cheeks with your hands, you pulled him in for another simple yet hot kiss. You could feel his hands on your waist grabbing them with strength, but then they quickly moved towards your back to touch the skin under your shirt. So, with slow moves you felt how his fingers started to trace your lower back while pulling your shirt up.
While the hotness in your body was growing and the kiss between you and Bucky was getting quicker, without giving him the chance to do something else you started to move your hips slowly against his pants. His hand quickly stopped to break the kiss and look at you with lust in his eyes. “Fuck, doll.” He said almost in a whisper gaining a smile from your lips. But the moment you were about to unite your lips with his once again, the doorbell rang, making you let out a sigh as your head rested on his shoulder.
“I guess it was less than a couple of minutes.” He said the moment you moved from his lap and ended right by his side. He got up while letting the biggest sigh and then walked towards the door as your eyes were following him, admiring every little detail of his body. “Thank you so much, have a good one.” He said with a little smile after giving the delivery guy the money and some tips. Instead of closing the door once the guy was gone, he looked down and stayed put for a second before kneeling down to grab something off the floor. Curious, you lifted your body over the back of the couch to have more sight on him and the floor, so noticing a couple of papers on his hand, you furrowed your eyebrows confused.
“What is that?”
He turned around and closed the door behind him. “I don’t know.” He said confused as he was walking towards the tiny table in front of the couch to leave the pizza on top of it. “Is like some sort of invitation.”
“What? Let me see.” The moment he sat down he handed you the paper. Quickly grabbing it you read the first word on top of the paper thinking that it was some sort of mistake, but as soon as your eyes were finished with that tiny title, your heart sinked to your stomach. “Oh my fucking God.”
“What?” Bucky asked going back to you since he was opening the box of pizza while you were reading. “What is it?”
You closed your eyes letting out a long sigh not wanting to read what was left on the paper. But the moment you felt the invitation leaving your hand, you opened them again.
“The future Mr. and Mrs.” Bucky started reading. “Join us for an engagement party honoring. George and Kimberly.” As soon as he finished he turned to you with his eyebrow furrowed, confused like the first time he saw it. “Do you know these people?”
You slowly nodded tilting your head to the left while your eyes were slowly wondering around the invitation. “George. That’s my little brother.” You pointed at his name in the paper which made Bucky turn to it once again, but then soon went back to you.
“Your brother is engaged?”
“Apparently. I didn’t even know he was with someone.” You shook your head. “But I think me going is not an option. So you can throw it away.” You got closer to the pizza and grabbed a piece. Ready to grab the controller to play the movie, you took your free hand towards it but when you noticed Bucky still reading the invitation, you looked at him. “What?”
“Why aren’t you going?” He asked locking eyes with you. “I mean, I know the story you have with your parents and all, but he’s your brother.”
“I’ll call him later and celebrate it with him and his fiancé alone, I’m not putting up with my parents and my stupid family. Buck, I’m not discussing this, so, c’mon, let’s play the movie.”
After you grabbed the controller and started the movie, Bucky let out a low ‘alright’ and proceeded to grab a piece of pizza to enjoy the movie with you.
After that day, you definitely forgot about the invitation and the party. You moved on by living your life like you did years ago. With your work, your tiny apartment, new friends, and then soon, with your boyfriend Bucky Barnes. Your mind was busy to even give it a tiny second of thought, either way, you already made a decision. You weren’t going.
But even though you tried, the moment that you saw the invitation once again on the tiny table in front of the couch the next night, you stared it for too long as the memories were slowly going back to your mind.
The tears, the screams, the loud fights, the fake relationship to please people. You remembered those days to be the worst years of your life. You being pressured to be someone else just to be the rich happy family your mother always wanted it to be. Your dad with his incredible obsession with his work, that at some point you didn’t even see him for weeks. And then, when he was home, he was either drinking or watching a football game, not even giving five seconds of a attention to the five year old little kid trying to show him a drawing that they made. Then, it came your older brother. He was a nightmare. People always talk about having a older brother as something so fun and memorable, but not with yours. Nothing about him you wanted to remember. Making your childhood a living nightmare, calling you names, breaking your toys, insulting you as you two were growing up but then pretending to be the innocent little boy for mommy when she walked by. He was the spoiled brat you tried to escape since you started to think for yourself.
The only one that managed to make your days better was your little brother, George, the only one you remain with a little relationship the moment you left the house. He was the one more similar to you. Not wanting to be fake just to please the rich families around you, liking to just be chill and watch movies instead of going to fancy parties like your mother insisted. He was your best friend growing up. Even if he was like your twin, he had at least something that went with the family, he liked to work with your dad. That was the only thing that made him survive all those years back in the house. But you didn’t have anything. It broke your heart to leave him when you did, but it had to be done for you to be better and enjoy your life.
So, when you got the chance to leave them, you did. As soon as you turned 18, you grabbed every little saving you had from your job and rented the tiniest apartment you could afford. And from then, you built a family and a life of your own, trying to leave every ugly memory you had from them on the past.
You weren’t going.
You repeated as you sat down on the couch to rest and feel your body relax as it was trying to release everything bad from the day. But when you closed your eyes, the sensation of your phone vibrating in your back pocket made you opened them again. Knowing that it was almost dinner time and Bucky always called you around that time, without reading the name in your screen you answered the call to later bring the phone to your ear.
“Hello?” You said with a smile.
“Hi big sis.” You heard the voice of your little brother on the other side of the phone making you sit up straight as a surprised smile came out of your lips. “Nice to hear you again.”
“Georgie. What- what are you doing calling me?”
“I wanted to say hi, you know, since you’re my big sister and all.” Hearing his voice filled your chest with happiness as the memories of him and you playing around appeared on your mind. You two were just kids... but not anymore.
“You sound like a man, G.” You heard a little laugh coming from him.
“Yeah, well, it got deeper. Hey, I wanted to ask you something. Did you got the invitation for-?”
“Yeah, I did.” You nodded. “Why didn’t you told me you were seeing someone?”
“Y/n, I can ask you the same thing.”
You let out a tiny laugh. “Touché.”
“So...” You could notice the hesitation on his voice. He wanted to ask you something and was looking for the courage to do it. Deep down you knew what it was, but still waited for him to ask it. “Are you coming?”
You let out a tiny sigh and closed your eyes feeling your stomach turn. You hated feeling like that, like you would disappoint your little brother. But you didn’t want to go. “I’m sorry, Georgie. It’s just-”
“You don’t want to see mom, dad or the rest of the family, I get it. I do, believe me.” The hurt on his voice made your heart shatter into pieces. “But- I would love to see you there, Y/n.”
“I know, I know. I suck. But what if I just take you two to a fancy dinner. Just the three of us a week after the party. My treat.”
You let out a tiny proud smile because of your idea, maybe that was going to fix everything, but the moment your heard a sigh coming from his mouth, the smile quickly disappeared. “I would love that, but we leave to Mexico a day after the party because half of her family lives there.”
“How about after?”
“We leave for a year.”
“A year?” You asked softly disappointed. You let your back rest on the back of the couch as you closed your eyes once again. The moment you were about to open your mouth, the front door opening cut you off. Bucky walk into the apartment holding bags of food and a little smile on his face.
You turned away from him as you heard your brother speak again. “Can you come, Y/n?” He asked with the same tone you did seconds ago. As soon as a little sigh came out of your mouth Bucky sat down by your side and left a gentle kiss on your cheek. But noticing the strange look on your face, soon furrowed his eyebrows and mouthed ‘who’s that?’ but you didn’t answered, you just stayed silent not knowing what to say next. “I would love for her to know my big sister, I know she would like you, a lot. And I know you would too.”
“I love you too much, you know that?” You said after letting out a long sigh.
“Is that a yes?” He asked excited. Noticing this, you let out a little smile and nodded.
“Yeah, I’m going.”
“Y/n! Oh my god, I’m gonna see you. This is amazing. I love you sis!” As soon as a laugh came out of your mouth Bucky took his right hand and placed it on your thigh to gently caress it. You did the same and took your hand towards his, resting it on top to wrap your fingers together. “Maybe you can bring that boyfriend of yours, too.”
“Oh,” you locked eyes with him with the intention to say that he wasn’t available, not wanting him to deal with your family, but instead you shrugged your shoulders and let out a softly: “Maybe.”
The moment you ended the call Bucky got closer to your face with a little smile still placed on his lips. He looked down to yours as you bit your lower lip, looking straight to the desire on his eyes. “Hi.” He let out almost on a whisper.
He ended the space and united his lips with yours to feel that warm sensation against your skin. His hand now on your cheek made the kiss even deeper but before it could lead to something else, he broke the kiss and without moving further away from you, asked: “Alright, who is the person you love too much and where are you going?”
You let out a tiny laugh hearing his jealousy tone but with a little bit of joke in it. Grabbing his cheek to caress it with your thumb you looked down to his lips but quickly went back to his eyes, melting under his sight immediately. “My little brother, and I guess I’m going to the engagement party.”
“You are? I thought you said you didn’t want to.”
“I’m going because of my brother, that’s it.” He nodded before giving you another simple kiss on your lips before getting up to get the food he brought. As you were following his every move with your eyes, you bit your lower lip wondering if you should tell him about what George told you.
Inviting Bucky to the party meant him finally meeting your entire family. Meeting the people that once made you feel miserable and have the worst years of your life. Who knows what could happen? Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. But you did know one thing, if you were going to deal with your family the entire night you definitely needed Bucky by your side.
“This sucks.” You said letting your head rest on the back of your sit by Bucky’s side as he was driving the car. You felt his hand touch your thigh which lead you to slightly tilt your head towards him.
“You looo beautiful tonigh, doll.” He said softly giving you a quick look. Inevitable, you let out a smile as your were biting your lower lip. The way this man made you feel was incredible, making you feel the best of things even on the worst moments. “It’s gonna go fast, I promise.”
“I hope so.” As soon as you said those words the giant hotel building covered in bright lights appeared in front of you. Fancy people walking up the big and long stair while smiles where plastered on their faces. Some women even had white gloves on their hands, the men were wearing expensive suits, that made you smell the old and extra fancy perfume from your car.
Bucky handed the keys to the man working as the valet and then quickly walked closer to you while you were getting out of the car. The dark green dress you were wearing quickly fall towards your knees the moment your feet touched the ground. It started to move along the wind as well as your hair making you feel a little bit chilly, but the moment Bucky touched your waist to start walking and you felt his body next to yours, it all immediately started to fade away.
As you were slowly walking the steps up to the front door you could feel your heart beating faster. Even if you didn’t want to feel nervous to not make the night worst, seeing all those people being fancy like you remembered when you were a kid made you bring all those awful memories back. You let out a long breath the second you noticed you were next to step into the building.
Unintentionally, as you were waiting you looked inside the hotel to check if anyone you recognised was in your sight. But luckily, nobody that you knew was there. Just old rich people talking and having drinks in the reception.
“I didn’t know your family was this rich.” Bucky said softly by your side while his eyes were wondering around the big hotel. You nodded but before you could let anything out it was your time to say your name to enter the party.
“Y/n Y/l/n.” You said with a little smile to the man with a suit standing outside the front door and it didn’t took him long to find your name and nodding with a smile. Seeing him move to the side you started walking towards the inside, but not before receiving a key from the man you talked to seconds earlier. “A key?” You asked confused the moment it touched your hand but it was too late to ask since he had already moved on to the next in line.
As yours and Bucky’s eyes were wondering around the room, you slightly opened your mouth surprised at what they were seeing. It was as fancy and expensive as those parties you attended with your family when you were young. But your surroundings didn’t seem to matter to you, all you could think about was you reuniting with your family. It made your heart beat faster as your fingers couldn’t stop playing around with themselves. Turning around your rings, pulling them on and off leaving heavy breaths as your eyes were still following the people around you.
Noticing this, Bucky grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, making you turn around to face him and unite his lips with yours. As soon as you felt his warmth against you the speed of you heart started to slow down as well as the air coming in and out of your nose. You let out a tiny smile the moment he took his right hand and placed it against your cheek to slowly caress it with his thumb. “Ready to go in?” He asked softly and you nodded, after letting out a tiny sigh and realising this was it.
“Y/n!” You heard a male voice calling your name but as soon as you turned around a couple of arms wrapped your body with them, making you soon recognise your little brother.
“Gergie.” You said softly letting your chin rest on his shoulder. “You know how to throw a party, baby brother.”
“Oh, c’mon.” He said once he broke the hug. “You know it wasn’t me who did all of this.” You nodded but then quickly turn to Bucky who was standing by your side with a little smile. As you were getting ready to present him, George spoke before you. “And this is the boyfriend, am I right?” George took his hand to shake Bucky’s while he just nodded with a smile.
“James Barnes, you can call me Bucky.”
“Bucky, alright.” George did a quick look to you as a grin came out of his lips but before he could let out a word a girl called his name. “Oh, that’s Kimberly. She needs me. Y/n, I’ll introduce you two later so don’t go anywhere.”
“I won’t.” You said with a smile, even if the first thing you wanted to do was ran as fast as you could from that party.
Since the moment you sat down on your table next to Bucky and some old random people, the only thing that you did was eat and have a laugh with Bucky. He knew that you were ready to have an awful night, he knew your story and how bad it was, so he made the mental note to make it a good night for you. Kissing you, making you laugh, remembering embarrassing moments or just stupid things you two did together. At one point it felt like you two were just in a bar having a normal date together.
Even if that helped, you still felt the looks of the people around you on him and you. People that you used to know as a kid or just because you had a similar face as your family, making them wonder who you were.
Soon later, George went looking for you with the intention to introduce you to his future wife. Even if you expected her to be the rich woman your mother would want his son to marry, she was the opposite of that. She was one of the sweetest girls ever, with her beautiful smile that would light the room and with her funny personality she did made you laugh a couple of times since you started talking to her. George was happy, you did noticed that. He was excited and proud the moment you fell into a conversation with Kimberly about a movie you two liked, seeing his sister and his fiancé like each other was all he wanted and it made him fall into a more deep whole of happiness. And that, was all that mattered to you. After spending 20 minutes talking to each other, Kimberly was needed to be somewhere else and, after saying goodbye with a smile, left you and George alone.
“She’s sweet, G.” You said the moment you noticed your little brother waiting for your reaction. “You better now fuck it up.”
He let out a tiny laugh before shaking his head. “Don’t worry, I won’t.” He did a quick look towards your table to see Bucky having a nice conversation with the old lady by his side. “You better don’t fuck that up, either.”
“Uh, uh,” you shook your head “I’m the big sister here, I say what you do and don’t.” You said jokingly gaining a laugh coming out his mouth. “I haven’t seen... mom. Or dad, yet.”
“They’re around.” George said with his eyes wondering around the room but once he came back to you, he let out a tiny smile.
“I know they’re around, but thanks to you and your fiancé for inviting like a thousand people so is not as easy and I thought it would be.” You said leading George to let out a tiny laugh as he was shaking his head.
“You’ve met Kim so you can go if you want, seeing you happy and hanging out with my girl is what I wanted for tonight. But, if you want to stay, the key they gave you on the entrance is for your room. You can use it when the party is over if you stay until late.”
You nodded. “Damn. You did take this party seriously.”
“It was Kim, her idea.” You nodded already knowing the answer. Soon your laugh joined George’s as he was getting closer to hug your body tightly. But just like before, he was needed somewhere else.
“I think Mrs. Harrison is flirting with your boyfriend.” He said before letting out a big a smile and turning around leaving you confused. But once you turned around to see your boyfriend and noticed the old lady he was talking to earlier was now closer and was trying to touch his strong metal arm.
Biting your lower lip trying to not let out laugh you started to walk towards them as you eyes were glued to Bucky trying to be as friendly as possible to the old lady flirting with him.
“Going somewhere, little sis?” You heard a voice behind you making you stop quickly.
“Michael.” You said annoyed before turning around to lock eyes with the tall man in front of you.
“Nice to see you, Y/n.” He said with an arrogant smile as his hand was holding a glass of champagne.
“I would say the same, Michael...” you said with a smile “but that would be a lie.”
“Mom and dad know you’re here.” He said ignoring your comment completely. “You know?”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Good for them.”
The arrogant smile still on his face made you feel disgusted. He was standing like he was the best thing on the world and wanted to show it. But the only thing he had was dad’s money, nothing more. “You’re stupid for leaving all of this, Y/n.”
“I’m happy, Michael, believe it or not some people just don’t need millions to be happy.”
“You? Happy? With that-” he pointed behind you towards Bucky “man? He looks like a man that you just picked from the street and took him here. C’mon, y/n, you can’t be serious.”
You let out a tiny fake laugh and walked closer to him to make it very clear for him: “You’re just a little bitch, Michael. And if you’re just insecure about your love life because you could never make a girl happy like ‘that man’ does, just say that.” Even if he tried his hardest to now show that your words hit him, you definitely knew and let out a tiny smile before turning around to walk towards your table, but before you could, Bucky was already behind you.
“Is everything alright?” He asked softly with his eyes glued to Michael behind you. Nodding, you grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the dance floor where some people started dancing as soon as the music became louder.
Wanting to feel Bucky’s body against yours, you pulled him closer as soon as you where surrounded by people dancing. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he grabbed your waist and moved your hips along the music. You smiled to yourself since you noticed the little dance lessons you used to gave him for modern music paid off since his hands were moving your body like a professional.
Grabbing your hand to turn you around, he wrapped his fingers with yours and spin you around to finally grab your cheek and unite his lips with yours in a simple kiss. Playing with your lips he moved them around making the kiss even more deeper while your bodies were feeling the music. He grabbed your waist with his two hands as a little laugh escaped your lips the moment you broke the kiss. Everything bad you felt moments ago was gone, and your chest was nothing but filled with electricity and warmth.
After that song came another one and another one, making you and Bucky dance for at least five songs without a break. But as soon as you felt your throat getting dry you pointed towards the table and Bucky nodded without taking his hand of your waist ready to lead you to the drinks.
“I’ll get you something.” He said loudly enough against your ear before giving it a little kiss and with a smile, leaving you behind.
As your eyes were following him back away, you gently bit your lower lip enjoying your sight. His arm on that shirt looked extremely good so you found yourself not blaming the old lady wanting to touch them before. His back was wide and it was fit, it could be seen through the shirt. Your eyes slowly went to his hand making you remember all those times he picked you up to lead you the bed and do all those things you loved so much.
He was all yours. And that single thought, made your insides go wild.
“You seem happy, dear.” As soon as you heard those words and that voice your breathing unintentionally cut short and your heart sinked to your stomach. Not wanting to turn around you closed your eyes hoping that it was just your imagination playing games with you, but that voice spoke again. “Y/n, I’m talking to you.”
“Mom.” You said the moment you turned around to lock eyes with those dark eyes. She had a little smile on her red lips while her hand was holding a glass of whiskey. That old dress made her waist look thinner and her legs to seem longer. Like she always liked.
“It was nice seeing you dance with that man, you know, like you do in the night club.” You immediately took the word ‘nice’ as sarcasm for the way she said it, making you let out a tiny fake smile trying to eat every bad word your brain wanted you to scream. “But he looks like a good man, Y/n.” You furrowed your eyebrows confused at her nice words, but then when she opened her mouth once again, you went back to normal. “Never thought you were going to end up with someone like him, to be honest. Always thought you were gonna end up running away with someone covered in tattoos and with no future whatsoever.”
“Someone who’s covered in tattoos doesn’t mean that they don’t have a future, mom.”
“Ah, there it is.” She said nodding. “You, never agreeing with me.” You rolled your eyes getting up from the table to leave her behind not wanting to face her, but then her voice stopped you. “You got a job, Y/n?”
“Yes I do, mother.”
“A good one? Do they pay you good?”
“And your place, is it big?”
“Big enough for one.”
“Oh,” she said quickly to then soften her tone “so you don’t live with this man.”
“No- what is this? Some sort of interrogation?” You asked loudly gaining a couple of eyes on you. Noticing this, your mom looked around angry at the way you behaved that walked closer to you and grabbed your arm to pull you aside. “Mom, what are you doing?!”
“Lower our voice, would you?!” She asked in a loud whisper while looking around and letting out fake smiles to the people around you two to let them know everything was alright.
“Oh, so that’s why.” You said while looking at her and a loud laugh came out of your lips. “You still don’t want to break that perfect family fake shit you built when I was a kid, got it.”
“Watch your language!” She quickly turned to you and pointed her index fingers in your face. “You broke our family the moment you ran away. The only one to blame here is you.”
“Me? I broke it? What about you wanting me and my little brother to be something we’re not? You literally built something fake! All because you wanted to be the perfect family and make everyone envy you! You didn’t give a shit if any of us were hurting.” As you felt the anger and pain grow inside your body, not wanting to make a scene and ruin the party for your brother you closed your eyes to let a big breath out.
“You could never understand what I did for you when you were growing up, the way you treat me-! Disgusting!” She said in a loud whisper. “You’re so ungrateful. I gave you everything you wanted and now-”
“Everything I wanted? Back then the only thing I wanted was for you to be there for me. But the only thing you cared about was you and your perfect little family. But I didn’t give a shit so you started to treat me like you didn’t care at all-”
“Please! I did care.”
“Throwing money at my face wasn’t going to make me do all the things you wanted. I’m not Micheal.” You felt your throat hurting but at that point, you couldn’t stop. “I just wanted for you to be my mother, to care, to caress my hair and tell me everything was gonna be alright. But you didn’t.” You got closer to her face and felt the air coming out of your mouth mixing with hers. You could noticed the anger in her eyes but just like she always did, she would bottle them up and save them, showing nothing but fake happiness and wealth. “You treated me like I was just trash. And, oh boy, I know how much you don’t like trash.” Since there was no words coming out of her mouth you knew that you were hitting the part that annoyed her the most. Not being able to control you and having you in the palm of her hand. “Remember what you said to me? The moment that I left the house? You screamed at me: When you fail don’t you ever come back because this door won’t be open for you.” You felt a tear coming down your cheek as you were getting ready to say your last words. “See me now, mom? I didn’t fail. Are you disappointed?”
Slowly shaking your head you turn to the side looking for Bucky and once you noticed him waiting for your drink, you stepped aside ready to leave your mom behind, but once again, her voice stopped you. “He’s gonna leave you, you know?” She said softly yet intimidating. You stared at Bucky as the tight nod became even stronger in your chest. “A man like that won’t stay with a girl like you.”
Without hesitating, you turned around to face her and say with the same exact tone as her: “If he does, don’t wait for me to come home and run into your arms.”
As quickly as your feet allowed you, you turned around and made your way towards Bucky, who was now holding your drink with a little smile on his lips. But at soon as he noticed the sadness plastered all over your face and the little tear dripping down your cheek, his eyes were now covered in worry as he was getting closer and closer to you. “What happened? Are you alright?”
“Can we just get out of here?” You asked softly grabbing his arm and he quickly nodded by letting the drink aside and wrapping his fingers with you ready to walk out the door.
Now in the reception, as you were walking away from the party you noticed all the people making line while waiting their cars. Not wanting to wait, you stopped as an idea came to your head. Bucky gave you a strange look the moment you turned to the side and started to walk up the stairs towards the room. The moment you grabbed the key from the pocket of your dress and read the number ‘14’ to look at your designated room and get away from everyone else once and for all.
“What are we doing here, Y/n?” Bucky asked confused by your side but you didn’t respond as you were still focused on finding your room. The moment you arrived at some dark corner and saw the little ‘14’ in the door, you quickly opened the door with the key and walked inside the room dragging Bucky with you.
“Fucking finally.” You said sitting on the bed and covering your face with your hands annoyed. Ignoring how confused Bucky was, he got closer to you and sat by your side to gently caress your shoulder with his right hand. You uncovered you face the moment you felt his lips leaving a simple kiss on your cheek. Letting out a little smile you touched your forehead with his and let your breathing mix with his, enjoying the little hot breath of his against your skin.
“What happened, doll?” He asked softly.
“My family, that happened. She just- sucks.”
Taking your head towards his chest, you rested against it while his chin was resting on top of your head still with his fingers caressing the side of your shoulder. Letting out a breath to relax your chest you closed your eyes and felt the hot air coming out of your mouth. “We can stay here if you want.” Bucky said almost in a whisper after a couple of seconds in silence.
You looked up to wonder your eyes around the room. It was definitely fancy. Something that you weren’t used to. The moment your eyes stopped at the tiny fridge and you noticed the five different types of beer sitting in there you tiled your head and for the first time after a long time you let out a genuine little smile. “Yeah, we can stay here for tonight. I want to break my dad’s wallet.” Bucky confused followed your body as you got up and walked towards the fridge to take out two beers. You waved them gaining a little laugh from him, and that unintentionally, made the tight nod you had in your chest to slowly get undone.
“I can’t believe my dad rented an entire hotel to make an engagement party. I mean, look at this-” you said getting up from the bed to sit down on top of the dresser “I can use this as a seat!” Bucky let out a little laugh as his eyes were staring at you. Once you looked up at him, you felt a little tingle in your stomach making you bite your lower lip.
The way that he was laying on the bed with just a simple black shirt on and his pants, his hand under his head making his arm look even more strong than it already was. As soon as your eyes noticed the slight piece of stomach of his since his shirt was a little bit lift up, your mind started to go wild without a warning. Imagining your fingers against his stomach, tracing his abs up and down slowly while his hands were gently touching your thighs making you weak like he always did. Your legs between his waist feeling him under you, filling your bodies with lust and desire as the minutes were passing. And before you could think of something else, you started to feel your skin getting warmer.
“Come here.” You said almost in a whisper pointing with your head towards your body. Bucky let out a tiny smile before getting up from the bed and slowly walk to your body that was still sitting on top of the dresser. Opening your arms you instantly wrapped them around his neck the moment he arrived in front of you. Resting your head on his shoulder you started to feel his perfume entering your nose, and wanting to feel it even more deeper, you took your nose and gently pressed it against his neck. Noticing this, Bucky started to caress your thigh on top of the dress you were wearing after taking a little step closer to you body and feel the warmth your body was giving him.
The poor light surrounded the room didn’t let you have a good look at him even though he was close, but you knew since the moment you stared at those pink and thick lips you knew that you wanted them against yours. So, without waiting another second grabbing his cheek with your hand you pulled him closer and ended the space between you two.
Immediately feeling his soft lips against yours, you opened your legs wide to let his body between them and deepen the kiss even more. You wanted to feel the electricity running through your veins, so grabbing his other cheek with your other hand, you pulled him even closer against you to feel every single angle of his lips on yours. The kiss was happening in a slow speed but even if it was, you could feel the hotness of it.
The way his lips was playing with yours it looked like it was the first time you two had kiss, wanting to remember every single detail of the other so taking the time to experience and taste each other. But the moment you felt his tongue touching you, you opened your mouth even wider to let it twist with yours. His soft and quick tongue made its way to yours and started to control it up and down slowly, making your heart sink to your stomach as the butterflies were going wild inside of you.
Every time he moved his fingers against your thigh the more you wanted to feel them between your legs. You could feel it tingling under your dress and underwear, feeling the wetness starting slowly inside. Taking your right hand you grabbed the one that he had on your thigh to take it towards your underwear. Breaking the kiss, he slightly moved backwards with his eyes locked in with yours, seeing the little sparkle in them as you let out a tiny smile. “Fuck me, Bucky. I want you to fuck me right now.”
He let out a long breath making you feel the hot air hitting your face. There was nothing else that you wanted to experience more than him inside of you, fingers, his dick, anything of him would be enough. Maybe it was the anger that you had inside of you for fighting your mother that it was making you feel that way so quickly, or maybe those last words that she let out to you... you didn’t know. All you knew is that you wanted Bucky to press his body against yours and fuck you right on that moment.
Gently grabbing your cheek he pulled in to give you another kiss, but then quickly broke it to look you in the eyes and see the lust in them. You could feel the sweat starting to come out of your forehead as he slowly started to trace your underwear up and down. Letting out a little breath of enjoyment, you grabbed his arm to feel it move against you. “Fuck, Bucky.” You said in a whisper making you shiver and let your head rest on the wall behind you. Embracing every movement he was making you opened your legs wider and let out yet another long breath.
As your chest felt heavier you let go of his arm and placed them beside your body to lean your back backwards and not arche it in the wrong way in the process. His fingers were still slowly tracing your underwear up and down while his other hand was slowly caressing your thigh. But once you opened your eyes you felt his hand gently tracing your skin and stopped once it arrived in your waist. The coldness of it could be felt even if you had your dress still on, but according to Bucky and his hand, it wasn’t going to be in your body much longer.
“Lift your waist for me, doll.” He said softly making you feel shivers down your body. Without questioning it, you pushed your body upwards with your hands to let Bucky, with a quick move, take off your underwear and leave your dress up to your stomach, softly resting on your waist and dresser under you.
Without giving you a time to take a breath, Bucky took his fingers and quickly touched your folds to trace them up and down gently. His index finger was making tiny circles while it was going downwards towards your orifice. But once there, he didn’t sink it in like you expected, instead, he joined with his middle finger the message he was doing to your folds. Making you want for more, he didn’t speed it either. “Bucky-” you whispered almost begging for him to touch you more deeper. He knew what you wanted, but he had the need to treat you like a princess and take time to make the final line even better.
“What, doll?” He asked looking at you waiting for your eyes. But you didn’t open them, the enjoyment of his fingers against you was making you fall into so much lust and desire that you didn’t even noticed them being closed. “Open your eyes, doll. I want to see how much you want me in your eyes.”
As he told you, you slowly let your eyes see the man that you had in front of you. Once you did, a little smile escaped his lips and without making you wait another second, took his thumb and started to caress your clit gently, doing tiny circles, rubbing it side to side, left and right, every movement possible.
“Shit-” you said as soon as you felt his thumb gaining speed but he took it down immediately, making you feel your folds warmer and tighter between your legs. He loved to see you under his touch, messy and letting out breaths or words you couldn’t control. He adored it. So taking his sweet time with you wasn’t news for you.
The air getting hotter around you made you feel your little hairs getting stick to your skin as the seconds were passing and Bucky was still focused on your folds and clit. Switching fingers, he took his middle and index finger towards your clit and quickly regain the speed not wanting you to lose everything you were feeling under his touch. Now, having his thumb free he slowly rubbed your orifice which lead you to let out a tiny smile.
“What? You want me inside of you, doll?” He asked softly but with a little bit of cheekiness on his voice. Biting your lower lip as a smile was coming out, you were ready to pull him in for a kiss, but before you could lift your hand up feeling his thumb inside of you made you stop and let out a tiny moan. Getting closer to you he paused right before your lips and whispered softly: “You better we quiet, we don’t want the people in the room next to us hearing what we’re doing.”
“Fuck them, Buck. Fuck all of them.” You answered softly before ending the space between you two to give him a little kiss. Wanting to take control of it, you made the rhythm slow and moved your lips with decision. But you in control didn’t last long since the moment Bucky started to move his thumb inside of you, you pulled away breaking the kiss to close your eyes with strength. Even if it was as simple as his thumb, his movements were the thing that got you weak against him. He started to make slow circles as he was getting in and out of you. Moving his arm up and down you grabbed it once again to feel it move and make your body even hotter because of it. As he was moving you could feel the tight nod becoming stronger in your lower stomach. Making little tingles as you arched your back feeling all of his fingers speed their rhythm. But bofore you could reach that wanted orgasm, he stopped and took his fingers off you.
With your heavy breathing you locked eyes with him as he was letting out a little smile. Taking you hand to his cheek you pulled him closer and united his lips with yours to feel his skin against yours like you wanted. Slowly after leaving your lips, he went down to your neck and left little kisses on it while your skin shivered under his hot breath. Arriving at your chest, he soon grabbed your dress and quickly pulled it up your body, leaving you with naked in front of him. His eyes took their liberty to admire your bare body as your eyes were still glued to his face. The fascination he had while watching your body made the butterflies in your stomach to fly uncontrollably as well as a little laugh escaping your lips. Hearing this, Bucky locked eyes with you and let out a tiny smile. “You’re so damn beautiful, Y/n.” He said softly but he didn’t give you a kiss like before, instead, he went down to your lower stomach and started to leave gentle kisses on it.
His movements there didn’t last long since he quickly moved towards your folds and clit to press kisses in them as well. Locking eyes with you, he took out his tongue and waited for you to let out a long breath before licking your innner lips with it. Arriving at your clit, with the tip of his tongue started to trace it around slowly making you let out a simple low moan. Slowly speeding up, you could feel once again the warmth against your folds and lower stomach. The tingle sensation made you let out another moan and quickly look towards Bucky to see his tongue moving uncontrollably against your clit.
“Please, Buck, don’t stop.” You whispered grabbing his hair and wrapping your fingers with it. Your legs started to slightly shake between his head and without being able to control it, you lifted your thighs and widen them more to feel him against you even more deeper. You could feel the wetness of your walls dripping inside of you, and that was soon handled by his middle and ring finger quickly sinking into you. Seconds after you could feel your walls pounding as his fingers were moving every single way possible. Your clit was almost reaching that wanted point the moment with his free hand grabbed your inner thigh to widen your folds even bigger to help his tongue and make you finish. Seeing the lust in your face Bucky speeded his tongue as much as he could in your clit as well as his fingers inside of you.
Closing your eyes as soon as you felt your body melting and getting weaker under his touch, the warmth inside and out between your legs made you let out a softly moan as the orgasm was slowly fading away. Your chest was quickly moving as air was coming in and out of your mouth. The moment you felt your hand that was resting on his head lift up, you opened your eyes to see Bucky heading towards your neck to leave a simple kiss in it. Soon he moved towards your lips and stopped right in front of them while his eyes were glued to yours.
“You’re so good to me, Bucky.” You said as a little smile escaped your lips. He grabbed your waist and pulled your body closer to yours making you widen your legs between his body. While your breathing was now going back to normal, Bucky was now gently caressing your naked body up and down as your hot breath was mixing with his. Grabbing one of his cheeks to give him another kiss, you wrapped your legs around his waist and took your other hand towards his chest to slowly caress it down until it reached his belt. Slower making it undone, once it was lose, you quickly pulled it and dropped it on the floor making a loud noise in the process.
Reaching down to his crotch area you massaged it gaining a little smile escaping from his lips. Soon enough, a little bulge appeared against your hand. “That fast, huh?” You asked cheekily once you broke the kiss.
“It’s all you, doll. All you.”
Uniting your lips with his once again, you lifted your waist the moment you felt his hand going towards your ass to lift it up and walk towards the bed. Surprisingly, instead of going towards the comfy mix of pillows on top of the bed, with his strong body placed yours on the floor making you feel the coldness of it immediately. But you didn’t mind, wherever he wanted you be, you were going to be there.
Without breaking the kiss you took your hands towards his pants and clumsily pulled it down towards his knees. With a quick move he had no longer clothes and was as naked as you on the floor. Since he was kneeled down in front of you, a little smile escaped your lips as his big erection was all your eyes could see. Biting your lower lip you locked eyes with him and noticed the desire to touch you in them, he got closer to your face making you feel his dick against your folds. Letting out a long breath of enjoyment you close your eyes embracing every movement he was doing. With his arms by your side he pulled in for another kiss but soon took his right arm to grab his dick and slowly sink into your vagina and feel that incredible sensation he always gave you between your walls.
“Fuck.” He whimpered while slowly entering with his dick. Once fully inside, he dropped his hand by your side and flexed down to unite his lips with yours again. He slightly dropped his body on top of yours for you to feel his V area against you. Taking your hand to the side of his stomach, you started to slowly caress it while his body was still on top of you waiting for you to get used to his dick inside you. But knowing that it didn’t took you long, since you’ve felt it before, he started to grind against you making you let out a moan in the process.
His skin rubbing your clit gently made you shiver under his body and grab his ass with your other hand to feel it move. “You look so good under me, doll.” He said with his heavy breathing against your lips. You took off your tongue and touched his lips as the hotness of his and your body was raising.
Feeling his dick fill your body with lust the more he moved inside of you, you bit your lower lip avoiding the loud moan wanting to come out. Stopping with the grinding, he slowed down and took off his dick off of you to gently rest it against your folds. Catching your breath you took your hand and started to brush his hair with your fingers while he was still holding his body with his hands beside your head.
Not wanting to waste time, you grabbed his dick and gently started to rub your fingers against his tip. He smiled and let out a breath. “You’re such a horny girl.” He whispered before giving you a kiss.
“It’s all your fault- I have to take care of my needs.” The second you were finished with your sentence you wrapped your legs around his waist and with your whole strength, pulled your body upward to hug his shoulder with one arm as your body swing to the side and end up right on top of him. Surprised at your move, Bucky let out a big horny smile to soon take his eyes towards your body. His metal hand started to play with one of your breast as you grabbed his dick and started to rub it with your hand up and down. “Fuck..” he whimpered closing his eyes. Not giving him a chance to take a breath you moved your hips towards his waist and quickly sink his dick inside of you.
Digging your fingers on his chest to help your movements you started to grind against his dick and let out a tiny smile seeing him getting weak under you. With quick hand, he grabbed your ass and started riding him with you. Taking control of the rhythm he started to move you faster as little moans were starting to come out of his mouth. Wanting to feel them against your ear you reached down and placed your head in his shoulder. Shivering under his breath you touched your chest to his while feeling his dick making your walls pound once again. You could feel your lower stomach shaking as his hands were moving you quicker on top of his.
Taking your lips towards him you placed a little kiss on them and without moving, you started to move your ass up and down making his dick go in and out of you. “Shit- Y/n, don’t stop.” He said in a whisper making you melt while your breathing was getting heavier and your legs were getting tired.
Saving you from your legs not working anymore, Bucky grabbed your waist and with a quick move, changed positions. Once again, you found yourself under his body while his dick was going in and out. Not ending with the rhythm and your bodies starting to feel tense, he placed his hands beside your head as the noise of his body hitting yours hit your ears, making you feel even hotter.
You grabbed his chin to pull him closer to your face and look at those blue eyes and the lust in them as he was reaching that wanted organsm. With your other hand, you took your fingers towards your clit and stated to rub it to feel the combination of him inside of you and your clit, wanting you to shatter when the end came.
He started to grunt as he was strongly and deeply sinking into you. “C’mon, Buck, cum for me baby.” You whispered with a heavy breathing feeling your walls strongly pounding and your clit letting out a slight tingle feeling.
Now the room was filled with your moans, his grunts and his body hitting yours. You wrapped your legs around his waist as soon you felt your clit shattering against your fingers. You could see the lust on his eyes as he let out a moan, feeling your insides getting filled with his cum you grabbed his cheeks and gave him a kiss as you and him could feel the orgasm slowly getting away from your bodies.
The moment he dropped his body in top of yours you started to caress the side of his stomach as his and your breathing was trying to go back to normal, while your body was processing what just happened. “Fuck- Y/n.” He let out gaining a little laugh from your mouth.
“Fuck indeed.” You grabbed his cheek so your thumb could trace it and his lips and you eyes were wondering around his eyes, loving every second of it.
He moved a piece of hair hanging out over your face and pulled it away to grab your cheek as well and worship your face. “I love you, Y/n.” He said softly against your lips making your butterflies go crazy.
As soon as he let out those words you unintentionally remembered your mom’s words making you feel a tigh nod in your chest. You didn’t want to believe her, you knew that Bucky loved you and wanted you by his side, but the thought of him not being around you and being with someone else was going around your mind. So, with the lowest tone possible, you closed your eyes as soon as you touched your forehead with his. “Don’t ever leave me, Bucky.”
Hearing those words, he left a kiss on the side of your lips and whispered softly: “Never, doll.” Making you melt under his voice, once again.
Tumblr media
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fairyavengerwrites · 5 months ago
good night ⇝ bucky barnes
content warning: explicit smut, 18+ MINORS, PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE. somnophilia, unprotected vaginal sex, groping. dubcon as reader has consented to sex but obvs is not awake.
pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
word count: 733
author’s note: this is not my best work at all, which is so so sad bc i really love this idea!! i think i’ll come back to it when i have more time for it, but in the meantime, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Bucky loved watching your sleeping form.
When the insomnia hit him, especially on nights like this, it was soothing to watch you breathe, just placing his hand over where your heart would be to feel you. Sometimes, it would be enough to push him to the edge of sleep, joining you in whatever dreamland you mumbled about in your sleep. 
Other nights, however, your passed out form was just so tempting to him.
Take tonight, for instance. A long, long night of passionate, heavy sex had left you almost passed out. You were quite a deep sleeper anyway; and Bucky knew that right now you’d sleep through the middle of a war zone and not even twitch. 
And, oh, did that give him ideas. He thought about it so often. Bucky was thinking about it right now, in fact, stroking his flesh hand along your warm hips, squeezing the soft skin every so often. Bucky ran his hand just a little further, cupping your ass and squeezing gently. He felt himself start to grow hard, and so he shuffled closer to you, wrapping his arm around your front to start grinding himself against your bare ass. You were still in a deep enough sleep to not notice the thick cock pressing against your ass. His metal arm shifted around under you and bent itself to palm your tits, the cold metal arousing your nipples. 
Bucky pressed his mouth just below your ear, inhaling the scent of you and rolling himself against you faster. The hand on your stomach nudged itself between your thighs, and Bucky was not surprised to find your pussy already wet, having worked through this routine before. He dipped his fingers between your pussy lips, smearing your wetness between your thighs. A few minutes later, he switched his hands to hitch up your thigh, spreading you open and giving him better leverage. Bucky poked one cool finger into you, deciding whether or not he wanted to eat you out before taking you in your sleep, but decided against it, preferring to use his mouth when you were awake to watch you come undone on his tongue over and over again. 
So instead, Bucky lined himself up, the thick mushroom head of his cock, poking against the entrance. He grunted, pressing light kisses against the side of your neck and shoulders. Bucky stroked his dick against your lips a couple of times, relishing in the friction before pushing himself in you all the way in, gripping your thighs tightly. He stayed still for a moment, watching as you twitched and moaned lightly before relaxing again. Once you stilled, Bucky slowly started thrusting in and out of you, backing out so that only the tip remained in you before he pushed in again. Building up a rhythm, Bucky listened to your quiet gasps and whimpers, and realised that you must, to some degree, realise that Bucky was fucking you in real life, if not in your dream. His metal hand started teasing your lips again, sinking into you faster and faster. Not even the dirty sound of your flesh smacking together was going to wake you up, and Bucky was thankful for it. This kind of sex got him off more than he’d like to admit, using your body just for what it was made for: his cock. Your pussy fit him like a glove and he was very happy ravaging you just like this.
It seemed that your subconscious enjoyed it as well, tightening around his dick as Bucky continued to tease your lips. You never really finished when Bucky fucked you in your sleep, only creaming around him. Bucky was very sure that it gave you some intense erotic dreams, which only meant you’d pounce on him in the morning. 
Bucky loved the morning-after sex too.
Bucky was beginning to feel himself get closer and closer to his climax, tightening one hand, bruising your tit and the other pinching and slapping your clit harder than before. You were clenching on his cock hard, and Bucky thrust in roughly once more before he stilled, groaning as his cum spilled into you. He held you close to him when he pulled out of you, tucking your shoulder under his chin, feeling lighter and a lot more relaxed. For the rest of tonight, at least, he would sleep easy, all thanks to his favourite girl.
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falcqns · 3 months ago
Imagine that the reader is married to stucky and they have two twin daughters. Now they both are planning with their mum for surprising their dadies in on father's day. A lot of fluff on how they surprise him🥺🥺🥺
strength is something you choose
pairing: Stucky x Reader
warnings: pure fluff!
a/n: thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! happy fathers day! title is from I Learned From You by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.
Tumblr media
Bucky was the first to wake up.
he rolled over, and his heart sank when he saw that you weren’t there. then, he remembered it was father’s day, and you were most likely in the kitchen with your two girls, Grace and Aurorra.
his eyes traveled to Steve, who was still sound asleep on his side of the bed. his arm was still extended over the bed, having not moved from when you slithered out of this grasp. Bucky slid over, and lifted the arm, cuddling himself underneath, and next to his husband. Steve grunted slightly and mumbled something about Tony being an asshole, his hand fisting in Bucky’s shirt, but he settled down again.
Bucky lifted a hand, and traced Steve’s lips, always cherry red and kissable. he ran his flesh hand through the light brown, almost red, hair of his facial hair that Steve let grow after the girls were born. he never had time to shave when they were newborns, and it just became habit. it was short but thick, a manageable length, while also incredibly soft, a sign that he took care of it religiously, which he did. he didn’t want to scratch up the skin of his little girls, or you and Bucky, despite how much you and Bucky claim to love his beard burn.
Bucky leant up, and pressed a kiss to the lips of his husband, who stirred, and kissed him back. “i love you.” Bucky whispered. “thank you for making me a daddy.” Steve laughed quietly, and pulled Bucky closer.
“you were made for it. even in the fourties, i hoped that some way, some how, we’d be parents. i saw the way you were with Becca. you were meant to be a father, baby.” he whispered, and Bucky chuckled.
“taking care of you gave me good experience with that.” he said and Steve pressed another kiss to his lips. he was rolled onto his back, Steve slotting his body between Bucky’s legs, the kiss deepening. Steve pulled his lips off of Bucky's for a brief moment. "happy fathers day," Steve said, smiling down at the man he'd never thought he'd get to marry. just as Bucky opened his mouth to respond, the door opened, and your two little girls, followed by you, came barrelling in the room.
"Daddy! Papa!" Aurorra screamed, climbing on the bed. Steve pushed himself off of Bucky, and pulled Aurorra into his lap, while Grace climbed on top Bucky, and snuggled into his chest. "made you b'ekfast," Grace said.
"thank you baby girls, that was so sweet of you." Bucky said, running his hands through Grace's hair, prompting giggles from her. the twins, while polar opposites, were 100% Steve. that was never in question. when the three of you were trying to conceive, Bucky was just coming off of his medication, so his sex drive was virtually non existent, so the three of you made the decision that Steve would biologically father the first baby. one baby ended up being two, and you swore after that that you would only have Bucky's babies.
Aurorra was high energy and excitable, and could be a little bossy at times, which was Steve out in the field, where as Grace was more mellow and quiet, and desperate to be a good person, which was Steve at home.
you set the tray with both of your husbands breakfast down before pressing a kiss to Bucky's lips. you bit your lips before your next sentence. "did you see their shirts?" you asked, and both men looked at you, before lifting their respective girl away from their bodies to look at the shirts on the 3 year olds.
"big sister?" Bucky said, utterly confused.
Aurorra felt her pockets, and gave you a panicked look just before Grace sat up. "oh, I have it Rors, we mixed up our pants." she said, before pulling out a small stick from her pocket.
Bucky sat up and read it. he quickly deciphered what the two lines meant, and looked back at you in shock. "you're pregnant?" he asked, looking between you and Steve, who had a knowing look on his face.
"yeah I am, baby." you said. you ran a hand through his hair, and smiled at the look of disbelief on his face. his eyebrows pinched together as he did the math. he looked back at you, tears rimming in his blue eyes. "is it-" he asked, unable to finish the sentence.
"yeah, baby. it's yours." you said, and hugged Bucky to your chest as he sobbed in happiness. you turned to the girls. "why don't you two go and get your presents for Dada and Papa." you said, and the girls nodded, before jumping off the bed and running out of the room, talking about where they hid them.
"I-it's mine?" Bucky asked as he was pulled into Steve's arms.
"yeah sweetie. I didn't say that I'd only have your babies from now on for no reason." you said, just as the girls came back in with two gift bags. one red, for Steve, the blue one for Bucky. they took their respective bags, and opened them, both boys tearing up at the pictures inside.
"of course the got your art skills," Bucky said, admiring the gold and black arm that was from Aurorra, judging by the writing on the bottom that looked more like Anrna than her actual name. he looked over at Steve who was complimenting Grace on how well she drew his shield.
Bucky pulled Aurorra into his lap, and pressed a kiss to her cheeks. "you're such an artist, aren't ya doll?" and she nodded.
"yeah, Daddy. so is Grace." Bucky pressed another kiss to her cheeks before pulling you into bed with the others. Aurorra climbed out of your lap to go compliment her sisters work, and Bucky placed his hand on your lower belly.
"thank you so much, this means so much to me." he whispered, and you smiled at him.
"happy fathers day."
Tumblr media
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