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#bucky barnes x reader

Ruined For Good (Part 2 to Ruined)

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Warnings: Angst

A/N: THIS IS IT! This is what you have all been waiting for!! Prt 2 to ruined is now here ladies and gents. I’m so sorry for taking so long but I guess here’s your early Christmas present ❤️❤️ enjoyyyy

Read ‘Ruined’ here


Originally posted by jackmans


That is all Steve could feel. He had spent his life dedicated to this woman and she cheats on him, and with Tony of all people.

How could she?! Not only was he mad, he was disappointed. This was (y/n), the woman of his dreams. So he just did what he knew others  to do. So he took the Asgardian mead from Thor and downed the whole glass in under three seconds. Straight away he could feel his body start to feel light and he can start to feel the alcohol reach his head and move around his body sluggishly.

(Y/N) runs down the stairs after returning from the room that Tony had dragged her inside of. Her face was red from the tears that were falling from her face and the hiccups making her body shake in fear and disgust. All she wanted was her loving boyfriend, to snuggle up in his big, warm and safe feeling arms. 

Reaching the bottom, she expected Steve to still be sitting at the table that she left him at but instead found him in the arms of Bucky, crying to himself. What had gone on? What had she missed?

She cautiously approached him, scared that any sudden movements would startle the man, even if they were in a room with hundreds of people and music loud enough for the deaf to hear.

Reaching him, she placed her hand on his shoulder, for him to turn around, look shocked and shrug her hand off as if her touch scorched him. She could see the fire burning in his eyes and she knew right then that he knew. 

She could read Steve like an open book because he was so open with his emotions. This is how she knew what he thought.

“Steve, it is not what it looks like.”

“You kissed him!”

That caught the attention of all the party goers, and all their friends. “Steve, not here.” she mumbled so quietly that no one heard her, but she knew he did with the way his eyes lit up with so much anger that she knew he would burst any moment and hoped that it would be in private. But as soon as she saw that fire expand in his eyes, it disappeared just as fast. Just blank and cold was all she could see in his eyes and all of it directed at her.

“Baby, you don’t understand!”

She was desperate to make him understand that she didn’t do it willingly, that she was forced.

“Do not call me that, you… you… cheater! And with Tony of all people!”

At once, she heard all the guests and her team gasp. By now she was sobbing trying hard to get words out but all she could do was run, run away from her problems. She ran away from all the curious and shocked eyes of the party, and the smug eyes of her abuser. When she arrived at her shared room with Steve, she flung herself onto the king bed and just sobbed. She was tired, sad, she felt as if everything and everyone was against her, and that the one man that was supposed to support her was not there because he was against her too. She had no one, she was ending the way she started, alone.

Just like when she was only a child of 4 years old she had everything she loved torn and taken away from her - like when her dad decided to steal her mothers money only to gamble it all away in the next few hours.

She felt broken, just like when she was 14, when she found out that her mother had passed away in the middle of the night surrounded by empty liquor bottles and empty syringes.

And now the cycle of heartbreak starts all over again for her - drink her sorrows away and sleep and hope that she never wakes up.

That night, while everyone was outside having fun, Nat flirting with Bruce, Clint with Thor and Bucky kissing the brunette woman that he just met, and Steve Drinking his sorrows away with Asgardian mead,  (y/n) left. She left them all behind because she realized that she was only ever going to be alone because nothing good ever came for her. 

All she knew was that she was ruined.

Ruined for good.

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❝ pathetic ❞ — sebastian stan

❅ slutmas day 4 ❅ ▻ choking


if you would like to be added to the taglist, just send in an ask!


Originally posted by castronomicaaal

  • i just KNOW sebastian stan loves to choke his girls
  • he would be fucking you against the wall, your legs around his waist
  • he knows your at your limit, and he knows that right now, every. single. thrust. is too much for you
  • on one specific thrust you clench your legs around his waist, because he just assaulted your cervix
  • you try to keep quiet, but let’s be honest. it’s sebastian stan.
  • “oh what was that? did i just hit our little spot there? yeah? i know i did”
  • you shake your head, not wanting to boost his ego
  • you’re SO close, he can feel it
  • he can feel you clenching and fluttering
  • “yeah you’re gonna come?”
  • you rapidly nod your head, and just when you’re gonna release he stops
  • “look at me” he growls, cock still in you, resting against your g spot
  • “what?” you mumble, completely fucked out, barely realizing what’s happening
  • “i said look at me” venom tracing in his voice
  • you would’ve, but you can’t really hear him over your loss of pleasure
  • he slaps you across your face and grabs your jaw, tight.
  • “c’mon now, we don’t need me to force you to look at me right? you wouldn’t make me do that to you, right babydoll?”
  • he doesn’t wait for your answer, and he slowly puts his hand on your stomach, feeling his cock bulge out of you, and tracing it up slowly
  • until he reached your neck
  • “what a pretty neck baby. would be a shame if somewhere were to rough it up a bit”
  • he wraps his hand around you, choking you
  • “now let’s try this again sweetie, look. at. me.”
  • you dragged your eyes over his face, tears and mascara painting it
  • he returns to his brutal pace, not leaving any room for sympathy for your fucked our body
  • “god you’re just a fucking whore aren’t you? you like being fucked like the cockslut you are. my brain dead little fuck toy”
  • his words with his neck around your throat send you plummitting into your orgasm, suddenly, and relentlessly
  • be fucks you through it, not slowing down
  • after you calm down, you realize that sebastian is still inside you, hard, and ready
  • “well isn’t that just so silly? did y/n forget that she has to wait for permission to come? i think she did.”
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Bucky Barnes x Reader


Beauty & The Beast/Dark Fairytale AU

Summary: For as long as your town had existed, a sacrifice had to be made. Every five years to keep the dark and enchanted forest, and all it’s monsters at bay, your people chose one of your own to be led into the forest and left as an offering to The Great White Wolf.

Left in the forest to await your death, you quickly realise not all monsters are evil, and truths you’d once held steadfast threaten to come tumbling down around you…

Warnings: mentions of violence, language maybe, dark fantasy vibes.


- One

- Two

- Three

- Four

- Five

- Six

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The Hunt: Part 2

The stretched animal hide bleached pure white was stretched tight across polished and softly carved wooden pegs that were stuck firmly into the ground below.

The opening flap of the portable tent was held open by a leather string and bone clasp that allowed people to go in and out of the largest portable tent in the small clearing.

Inside the portable tent was a small cot layered with thick furs and a hand built wooden table resting to the right of the cot, a series of small draped white cloths stretched atop a dark stained wooden bowl.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside - 3


A/n: Natasha is a sneaky sneak, being the sneakiest. ALSO are we excited to finally meet the parents tomorrow and really kick off this ROMCOM OF ALL ROMCOM CHRISTMAS EDITION FIC?! BECAUSE I AM! I hope you all enjoy this part and are as excited and ready as i am! Happy Readings Angels!

Day 2 / Series Masterlist


You had barely been home an hour, buried deep in your closet when your doorbell rang. Peeking from behind the rack of jeans you were currently scourging through, your brows furrowed as you heard it go off once more. You weren’t expecting anyone.

Hands leaving the hems of your pants you moved yourself from your closest yelling an ‘I’m coming’ as you crossed your apartment to get the front door.

Not bothering to look through the peephole you’re pulling the door open wanting to close it a second later when you find Natasha leaning on the doorway a smirk kissing her red lips, “so I see you took my advice?”

“Oh god,” you groaned moving around the door to let her in, “did he text you,” you questioned shutting the door behind her.

“He did,” she answered, “but it’s not what you’re thinking,” you raise a brow, interest piqued, “he told me to hold off on the payment, any reason as to why he might say that?”

Your brows furrowed, head tilting back slightly at her words, “he told you what now?”

She’s rolling her eyes, “Barnes told me to hold off on his payment.”

“why would he tell you that,” you questioned, “the payment only got brought up once during brunch but – what, why are you looking at me like that?”

A smirk was pulling at the corner of Natasha’s mouth an amusing glint in her eyes, “oh tasha don’t,” you groan.

“having brunch with Barnes alone now are we, y/n is he going to charge me extra,” she teases.

If you had something in your hand you would have already flung it at her, “he offered me Brunch as a way of knowing whether I was in or not, and well apparently I am desperate enough to not want to go home alone for the holidays.”

“as you should be,” she grinned, hands falling to your shoulders, “now what were you up to that it took you two presses to that darn bell of yours to come get me?”

You grinned, “you are aware Barnes and I will be leaving tomorrow morning right, I was sorting through my closet before you graced me with your presence.”

She’s rubbing her hands together than, “I came just in time then, c’mon lets go find you some cute outfits!”

“Natasha,” you whined.

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Hey guys! Figured I’d make one of these since I see everyone else doing it to keep track of their writing.  I hope you guys enjoy!  

Stories with *** beside them are 18+!!!


Embrace  - The reader wakes one night to find Bucky not in bed when one of his nightmares gets the better of him.  If there is one things that can calm Bucky Barnes down it is being wrapped up in her arms.

Give Into Me ***- After tip toeing around each other for what seems like forever you and a certain super solider finally give in to each other.  Now you just have to make sure the rest of the compound doesn’t hear you when you once Bucky gets you in his bed.

Better Than You Know - After spending the night together you and a certain super soldier end up discussing your feelings for one another.

Movie Night - I want cuddles really bad and I feel like a movie night with Bucky would be fun.

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hello! i am so sorry this took so long for me to do but here it is!! hope you like it!! 

drabble/ficlet requests are: open!! 

words: 711 (it’s a little longer because i took so long to actually do this)

read the first part here!

After that day, Bucky became your best friend in the compound. You did almost everything together, and it was soon known throughout the team that wherever one of you went, the other was not far behind. Bucky was quiet at first, but he became more comfortable with you as the days went on, and you hoped that he was feeling better about moving to the compound in the first place.

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 13.3k

Warnings: Enemies to lovers, wedding and marriage talk, mostly fluff, a little bit of angst, au series

Summary: As Steve, Sam, and Bucky return home from a grueling mission where Steve has a near-death experience, he makes the last minute decision to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Sharon Carter. To pass the time until the impulsive wedding, the team decides to play a game: Get Bucky to fall in love with their residential tech expert, also coincidentally the bane of Bucky’s existence - You.

A/N: yay new series! and its enemies to lovers! and its an au sorta! this is based off of the shakespearean comedy by the same name and plot, and i highly recommend reading it if you haven’t! i read it in high school and really liked it, thought it was super funny, plus im a sucker for an enemies to lovers trope okay. spark notes has a no fear shakespeare that translates the language to make it easier to read so that helps too. so yea! enjoy!


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blurb prompts

- 40s!bucky

779 words - 18+, smut, oral (female receiving), implied loss of virginity


“Jesus, doll,” he gasps, watching the gauzy robe drop from your form to reveal nothing.

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SUMMARY: You had gotten too comfortable at your old job where no one noticed anything about you and didn’t think about how hard it would be to hide your ongoing secrets from your new coworkers.

WARNINGS: Domestic Abuse, Mentions of Anxiety

WORD COUNT: 4.4k (whew another long one, oopsies!)


Originally posted by bishopl


Originally posted by toyboxboy

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Summary: After a long three week mission with Steve and Sam, Bucky helps you relax and takes care of you 

Features: Use of daddy in a sexual context, use of sex toys, soft!Bucky, not overly heavy on the smut but it’s there

Kink: Daddy Kink

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader; Background Polyamorous!Avengers

Notes: Day 5 of Kinktober…brought to you two months late in December. I’ll slowly be rolling out the rest of these. It took a bit for me to feel okay to come back to writing smut. 

Word Count: 1034


Originally posted by bishopl

You were exhausted. You were coming off a long mission and you were done. You loved Sam and Steve, but three weeks in close quarters was enough to drive anyone up the wall. By the end of it, the three of you were snippy with one another. There had been no room or time to take time for yourself to just breathe and relax. No. A tiny one room cabin in the middle of the Canadian wilderness as the three of you tracked down a hidden base of an international trafficking ring meant the three of you were getting on one another’s nerves within days. 

That wasn’t to say none of you worked out your frustrations. No, there was plenty of that done on the return from the mission. The strict rule in place about no sex on missions was something you were sure contributed to the feelings of annoyance. Steve opted to head to the gym after debriefing. Sam had a date with Natasha and Clint. You, on the other hand, were looking forward to a nice, relaxing bath and perhaps catching up on some reading. 

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Originally posted by violet-blur

Pairing: Reader/Bucky Barnes. 633 words.
Prompt: Bucky is your best friend, and he knows how much people take advantage of you because you can’t say no. He teaches you to stand up for yourself.
A/N: I know it’s been ages since I wrote anything, so I hope this hits the spot XD Thank you so much to @buckstaybucky​ for this lovely prompt via @the-ss-horniest-book-club​! I hope you—and everyone!—enjoy! xoxo


“Hit me.”

You roll your eyes.

“No, Bucky.”

“Look, you’re getting the hang of it!” Bucky’s shit-eating grin has you groaning.

“Ugh, c’mon. This really isn’t necessary. I know how to say no.”

“If you did, would you have been working late four of the last five nights? I think not.”

“That’s different—they were busy—”

“Yeah, sure, but that’s not your problem.”

You swallow, cheeks hot, and hug your legs to your chest. “They couldn’t manage without me,” you mumble. “Of course I needed to help out.”

“You know I support you, but that’s a fat load of bull,” he says flatly.

“If someone needed you to step in, you would!”

“Babe, you do good work” Bucky says, totally serious but for the slight tic at the corner of his lips, “but our jobs are not comparable.”

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status — completed social media series
each chapter has their own warnings so check that out

summary — y/n is a youtuber who often creates videos about the avengers. her recent video talking about how bucky barnes did nothing wrong; and it just so happens that it was seen by the man himself, what happens then?

social media profiles

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

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a/n: hi! so as per the request of a lovely girl who asked for more frat!bucky, without further ado, here it is! just to let y’all know, i love frat!bucky so i will NEVER say no to more of him– and thank you @xicanalarraa for being my first request ever !!! -ali

wc: 1.4k

Having a boyfriend in a fraternity was difficult.

But it was even more difficult when said fraternity threw parties every. single. weekend.

Sometimes you just wanted quality time with Bucky, and you only had so many opportunities to be in your apartment alone with your roommates that were always around.

So when you asked Bucky if you guys could maybe just stay in his room and watch a movie while the party happened downstairs, you thought that it would be fine, that you could just have a calm Friday night in. It was rare that you guys spend quality time together these past few weeks, as finals were in full swing.

And since everyone was done with finals, tonight’s celebration was louder than ever. 

“Hon, you want some snacks? I can go grab some from downstairs.” Bucky piped up from where you were leaning into him on his bed, the movie playing on the TV in front of you two.

“Uhm, sure. You’ll be okay down there?” You smirked, knowing how Tony and Thor could drag him into a party.

“I’ll be back in a flash, doll,” he flashed a smirk as he pulled away from your hold, swinging the door and shut it behind him.


The movie was about a quarter way through when Bucky left, and about 20 minutes had passed since he left.

What the hell could he be getting that’s taking this long?

You really didn’t want to go downstairs, so you settled with texting him. After another 10 minutes with no response, you felt like you had no choice, heaving yourself up from the warmth of Bucky’s giant bed and making your way down the stairs. 

Of course, the first place you thought to check was the kitchen, but that was dead end, as Bucky was nowhere to be found. 

But you know where he would be found?

Doing a keg stand.

A fucking keg stand. 

Cheers and whoops were being chanted all around your boyfriend who was upside down on a keg of beer. So of course, your first instinct is to tug at Steve’s sleeve, who was standing off to the side talking to a pretty brunette.

“Y/N? What’s up, I thought you were upstairs with Buck?” He asked, confused. 

“Yeah, well, he came downstairs to get snacks. That was like, half an hour ago. So I came down to see if he was alright, but it looks like he’s more than fine.” You turn your head to where Bucky is now just standing up from the keg, cheering on with everyone as Tony and Same pat him on the back. 

“He’s… he’s a fuckin’ idiot, Y/N, I’m sorry.” Steve says apologetically, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Whatever… it’s alright. I know we haven’t seen much of each other because we were busy studying, and I know he wants to have fun, but he could’ve just told me he wanted to party instead of watching a dumb movie with me…” Your voice trailed off as you lost more and more of your confidence. If he didn’t want to spend time with me, he could’ve just said so.

Steve opened his mouth to say more, but before he could, the brunette from before came back from refilling her drink, and he shot you look saying, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m here if you want to talk.’

You just put on a fake smile and walked back upstairs to get your bag you’d brought, thinking you’d spend the night, but it was becoming clearer Bucky had no intention of finishing the movie with you.

As you were opening the front door of the house to leave, a hand grabbed yours, making you freeze and tug it out of the strangers’ hold. 

Oh, not a stranger. 

“Where ya goin, doll?” Bucky’s voice was a bit slurred, but you knew he wasn’t completely wasted.

“Home, since you don’t seem to want to spend time with me, Buck. If you wanted to party tonight, you could’ve just asked me to come another night. You don’t have to feel guilty or obligated to spend time with me, but next time just be straightforward.” You finished, your voice low and surprisingly not angry at all. Just a bit… dejected. 


After making it back home and getting into bed, your thoughts floated all around your mind. 

Was I too harsh? Why didn’t he just tell me he wanted to go to the party? Am I too clingy? 

All these thoughts were jumbling together until you fell into a dreamless sleep.


The next morning, your body felt heavier than ever as you pressed the button to brew on your coffee maker, your roommates watching you warily from the couch.

“Y/N, weren’t you supposed to stay at Bucky’s last night?” Nat asked you.

“I was… I think he wanted to go to the party but he felt bad, so he stayed in with me. Then I found him doing a keg stand… so…” You explained, the look of pity overtaking Nat and Wanda’s faces. 

“Aw, honey, it’s okay. We can spend the day doing something fun today! How ‘bout a mall trip, a little treat for after finals?” Wanda chimed in.

“Yeah… that sounds fun…” You really didn’t want to go out, but it would be better for you than staying home and wallowing.


After a few hours of shopping and trying on every piece of clothing in sight, you made your way back home, ready to settle in for the night with a box of pizza and a bottle of wine. 

Only the lights were already on when you 3 walked in, and the door was unlocked.

“Wan, did you lock the door when we left?” You asked cautiously, your hand still on the knob.

“Oh! I must’ve forgotten, silly me.” She giggled, waving a hand in front of her face.

What you missed as you turned back around was the look your two roommates shared, a mischievous grin on both of their faces.

When you reached your room, you jaw dropped after you pushed open the door.

“Bucky? What are you doing here?” Your voice was breathy, taking in the scene before you.

Bucky had essentially transformed your room into a cozy movie theater, with blankets and pillows, dimmed, twinkling lights, and a movie ready to be played. 

“I… I can’t explain to you how sorry I am for last night, angel. I didn’t mean to make you feel like I’d choose a party over you, and I never wanted you to think you’re my second choice. You’re my everything, sweetheart. I thought I could entertain Tony for a bit so he’d get off my back about not coming to the party, but I should’ve talked to you first. Please, please forgive me?” Bucky ended his speech with opening his arms, hoping you’d come closer to him.

When you felt your eyes well up not only at his speech, but this whole gesture, your body moved on its’ own accord into his arms. 

“Bucky, you know you can always talk to me, right? I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide anything from me, I’m always here to listen.” You told him while you buried your face in his neck.

“I- I know, doll. I was so stupid. I love you so much.” Bucky’s voice was full of conviction.

“You’re not stupid, Bucky. Just a little… weird sometimes when you make decisions. And I love you too, you big fool.” You laughed, leaning up to give him a peck on the lips.

“Yeah, I see that now. Whaddaya say, let’s do it right this time?” He suggested, nodding to your bed.

“Sure Buck, let me get out of these jeans first.” You smiled, pulling off your pants and pulling on a pair of his boxers you had and a t-shirt of his, and cuddling into his side.

Bucky’s lips met the crown of your head, whispering, “There’s no where else I’d rather be, doll.” As he smiled down at you, your face mirrored it. 

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Help In Need - Bucky Barnes Masterlist ( Coming Soon)

Author’s Note- My horny ass mind just can’t do anything better.


Summary: You’re just an unlucky one, trying to find a little luck. Frustrated and almost having given up, you take the advice of a palm reader, who tells you that they key to unlocking the luck in your life will be to help a man in need.

Bucky Barnes is that man in need.

Bucky needs you, but only in a way you never really thought he would.

You see, Bucky loves his best friend. Who doesn’t love Captain America, right? But does he love his bestfriend more than him secretly being in love with Steve’s girlfriend, Natasha Romanoff? Not really.

Bucky wants Natasha. Steve has Natasha. You want Bucky. But Bucky wants you to seduce Steve so he can get Natasha. In trying to find that luck that was so desperately needed in your life, did you end up putting yourself in a really messed up game? Yes, you did. Especially when feelings are caught.



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so at the beginning of quarantine, I started to work on a social media au, but then I got lazy. here’s all the stuff that I got so enjoy it! I’ll probably end up writing out this plot line and making a different, shorter smau.

Summary: You’re Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab assistant while also being New York’s newest superpowered vigilante and a college student. How fun. You have to balance work, school, and keeping you secrets safe (it’s not easy with two prying best friends who are invested in your lovelife.)

(Bucky Barnes x Reader Social Media AU)

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