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#bucky barnes x reader fluff
bucky-bucket-barnes · 17 hours ago
The Two of Us (Part 5)
Summary: You and Bucky go to investigate the phenomenon happening in Westview, New Jersey. While attempting to understand the issue, you yourselves are sucked into Wanda’s world of pretend. Now, you believe yourselves to be the happily married Mr. and Mrs. Barnes; in real life, you are most definitely not a happy pair. It is up to you and Bucky to piece together what’s happening while dealing with one another inside the hex. 
Pairings: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
Warnings: mind control, swearing, a little fluff, major angst, minor character death,  and WandaVision spoilers 
Word Count: 4.1k 
The Two of Us Masterlist 
Tumblr media
gif by @brucelangley
Tumblr media
“Since when were you a dog person?” you laughed, amused at your husband's funky attire. 
“Honey, I’m a wolf,” Bucky corrected, sloppily trying to hang the final Halloween decorations from the window. 
“Like a werewolf?” 
“Just a white wolf. At least my costume is creative,” he teased, backing away from the window to admire the little bats he had just hung up. 
Scoffing, you made your way to the kitchen to grab the candy bags. “Hey, witches are creative,” you defended. 
“But you’re always a witch. You’re just going as yourself.” He followed right behind you, making his way over to the top cabinet before you could stretch up for the treats. 
Sleep hadn’t been a friend of yours as of recent, so Bucky and you had decided to just stay in for Halloween that year. Maybe not the most exciting way to spend your first Halloween married, but there wasn’t much else to do anyways. Plus, seeing the neighborhood kids in their little costumes was so damn endearing you didn’t really mind just passing out candy. 
As his hand reached to open the cupboard, with a swift motion he broke the entire door off. Wincing in embarrassment, he mumbled a small sorry before trying to fruitlessly stick it back onto its hinges.
“Christ, James, that’s the fifth one this week.”
“Sorry, I underestimate my strength sometimes.” 
Narrowing your eyes in a slight moment of disbelief, you scan your husband up and down. Ever since he went on that mystery walk last week, he’s seemed a bit off to say the least. Still affectionate and loving as always, but there was a growing hesitance there. He also had a new habit of breaking things exponentially more often than normal. 
“Did. . . did you get taller?” 
He set the wooden door down on the counter, giving up on his endeavors of forcing the door back on. Knotting his eyebrows in concern, he turned to look at you. “Did you get any sleep last night, honeybee?”
“As much as usual,” you replied dryly, grabbing the candy bag yourself as your husband continued to stare in fret. 
Bucky was prone to worrying over nothing usually, but he wasn’t oblivious. The nights had progressively become more and more restless for you, some days leaving you with only three hours of sleep to run on. Nightmares weren’t a usual concern for you, not really. There was the occasional night terror here and there, but nothing major. Then all of a sudden, they came in heaps, keeping you up until the early dawn.
There was an unexplainable melancholy to the dreams you had been enduring recently. They shot you up out of your sleep, hands scrambling to find Bucky. Of course, he was always right there where you left him, but each time a part of you thought, even if just for a moment, he wouldn’t be. That somehow during the night he’d slip off into the darkness to never be found. 
You couldn’t tell Bucky. Well, you could tell him anything, it’s just you didn’t want to. He’s acting weird enough, I don’t need another reason for him to stress. 
You made your way back into the living room, turning your decorative glass bowl on the coffee table into your makeshift Halloween basket for the night. 
“Is it stress, you think? I’m worried about you,” he sat next to you on the couch, a gentle hand resting on your shoulder. 
“Bucky, I’m fine-” you shifted to face him, the sentence abruptly being choked back down into your mouth. In a moment, he was no longer your husband, your Bucky, but some unfamiliar stranger in his place. His hair was long, eyes of a foreign, distant demeanor. His beautiful smile was now concealed by a muzzle, his clothing now dark, suffocating. There was no Bucky, just a feral creature that mimicked his likeness. 
A deep inhale rang through your throat as you turned to look away in horror. Sickness plagued your body as you covered your mouth in shock. You were unsure if you were going to vomit, cry, or scream. Who was that? You cupped your face into your hands in disbelief, praying the image would soon dissipate from your mind. 
“Hey, hey, you okay?” Bucky asked, shuffling closer to you, wrapping a concerned arm around your shoulder. With a hesitant glance, you peered back up at your husband to just see him. Just Bucky. 
Grief. It was the name of the sinister thing that resonated in your stomach. Since the day you had arrived you had felt it pulling you down under the waves, helplessly thrashing underneath its weight. Swallowing, you tried to quickly regain your composure, sitting back up, offering a smile in his direction. 
“You’re not telling me something. You have to talk to me." He wasn’t buying anything that you were trying to sell him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t coax the answer from you. He was patient, but he was only human as well, slowly losing his ability to keep waiting. He was going to help, whether you wanted it or not. 
An eager knock sounded from the door and you jolted to get up and answer it immediately, choosing to ignore Bucky’s request. 
"Hey, Agnes,” you greeted, concealing your grimace with a cheery tone and toothy smile. 
"Hey there, neighbor. I like your costumes, we're practically twins!” she praised, glancing your outfit up and down before gesturing to hers. 
 "Would you look at that, we're both witches.” Damnit. 
"Well, I've had this planned since last December, but you know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. Got any plans?" 
It took an ungodly amount of effort to not just slam the door on her smug face at that moment, but you remained poised. She was much too passive aggressive for your taste and Bucky was finally able to convince you you didn’t have to have her approval. But, damnit, if she didn’t know how to get under your skin. 
“Thank you so much Agnes, but James and I-”
"I'm going with Viz. For the neighborhood watch,” he interjected, coming up behind you with a bright smile to match yours. “Hello, Agnes.”
"Tonight?” you asked, your angry tone betraying the grin your wore, “but I thought we were-”
“Something came up, honeybee.” He masked his frustration with a smile, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. 
"Well in that case, you have to come over and try some of my famous punch. It's to die for." Agnes was either the dumbest person in the neighborhood or she didn’t care about the obvious domestic dispute unravelling in front of her, but frankly you didn’t care which one it was. 
"Of course!” Fuck me. “Let me just grab my coat." As you slipped by Bucky, you shot daggers with your eyes in his direction. Pulling him down lightly to give him a kiss, you mumbled against his ear, “We’re talking about this later.” 
Begrudgingly, you followed Agnes over to her house, attempting to drown out most of her talking on the way. Once she handed you the bright green mixture, you had a small sip. It took all your willpower to not gag at the taste, but you managed. It was damn near toxic but you were trying to be kind. She’s agitating, but at least she’s harmless. 
“So, are you going with Wanda to trick-or-treat with the twins later?” She continued to down her grotesque punch down like it was liquid gold. 
“No. Just staying in.”
“Oh, did she not invite you?” Her face was astonished as she clutched her hand to her chest in mock disbelief. “She asked me to come, but I already had plans." 
You could feel your eye twitching with anger, a pang of unfiltered jealousy running through your blood. If it wasn’t bad enough your husband was being weird, you were also stuck at your condescending neighbor’s house drinking her shitty punch, and to top it all off Wanda, your best friend, didn’t seem to want to spend time with you. 
“Would you look at the time?” You flashed your eyes over to her clock, not even looking long enough to see the actual time. “I have to go, but thank you so much, Agnes.” 
"Wait! Let me give you some to bring home, dear.” Excitedly, she popped out of her seat to head to the kitchen to grab more of her poor excuse for a drink. 
You looked over at her rabbit, twitching his nose around as it sniffed the table. 
“At least, you’re not acting weird, Señor Scratchy,” you mumbled, lightly petting the creature behind its ears. 
Before you had time to react, he hopped his way over to Agnes’ cup, dipping his fluffy mouth into the concoction. 
“No, no, no,” you panicked, rushing out of your seat to pick the bunny up. His small nose was drenched in the green liquid, jerking his tiny body violently. Then he suddenly stopped, lying stiff as a board in your arms. 
Fuck me. 
If this day couldn’t get any worse, your dumb neighbors stupid pet died in your arms and now she was about to return with her horrendous punch and see. 
“Stupid, rabbit,” you cursed under your breath, peaking your head back into the kitchen to see Agnes almost done. “Oh, Agnes, could you be a dear and pack some for James too. He loves this kind of stuff.”
“Of course! Just make sure he doesn’t drink it all at once,” she joked back, hearty laughing resounding all the way from her tiled floor kitchen. 
Think, damnit, think. Well, now's a better time than ever to give necromancy a try, I guess. What the hell else could go wrong at this point? 
Tugging a piece of your hair out of your scalp with a snap, you recited an incantation before reluctantly stuffing it inside of  Señor Scratchy’s mouth. As Agnes walked back into the living room with the two pitchers, the fuzzy animal’s ears propped back up. You hurriedly hand the rabbit back to Agnes before taking the drinks, thanking her as you made your way to the door.
“It’s good you’re heading out, he seems sleepier than usual. Bye, bye now!” She waved, rocking her bunny safely in her arms before closing the door. 
You make a quick dash to your house before closing the door behind you, taking in a deep breath. What a day. Huffing, you placed the two jugs on your kitchen table, even more upset one you realized Bucky was gone. Angrily making your way into the living room, you began to shove fistfuls of candy into a bowl before you heard another knock at the door. 
It was Wanda, adorned in a bold red costume and a bright smile. “Hey there, stranger.”
“Hi, Wanda.”
“Pietro is running around with the kids right now, so I thought I’d stopped by. Nice costume.”
"I'm changing it, Agnes has the same one,” you grimaced, causing her to let out an amused laugh. 
“Do you want to join us for trick-or-treating? Billy and Tommy really want to see you and Uncle James." Is she pitying me? You heard Agnes’ words ringing in your head, mocking you in your embarrassment. 
“Bucky's out, so I'm the one holding down the base for now. Thanks for the invite, though.” 
She gave you a confused look. "He's out?" 
You nodded in response. "With Vision. Neighborhood watch or whatever.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at how ridiculous that sounded. Bucky knew you weren’t an idiot, there was not a moment you were convinced that was what he was doing. 
She pursed her lips in discontent. "Well, let's go then. Have a ladies’ night, just us two. And the kids, of course.”
"I think I'm staying in tonight, I'm not feeling so hot.” 
“You're not supposed to say that. . ."
"That's- that's not your line.” 
"Wanda, I-" You feel your body rewind through time, confusing your thoughts in its pursuit.
What was I talking about? You see Wanda smiling brightly at you, waiting for an answer to her girl’s night invitation. 
“Aunty Y/N!” you heard the boys scream as they ran up to hug you with their eager little arms. 
You embraced them warmly, giving them a loving squeeze. “There’s my two favorite twins.” 
They’re followed by a slender man, silver hair and bright eyes. He leaned against your doorframe as he scanned your body up and down. “Who's the babe?”
“That babe is my best friend,” Wanda corrected, nudging her brother scoldfully on the arm. 
“Pierto,” he winked, reaching his hand out to introduce himself. 
"Y/N. Mrs. Barnes,” you replied, releasing Tommy and Billy from your group hug to meet your hand to his. The smug smile dropped from his face instantaneously as the boys laughed at him. 
Clearing his throat awkwardly, he turned to his sister. “We need to stop dragging ass Wanda, we have to hit the rest of the neighborhood before curfew." 
"Sorry." He most definitely didn’t seem sorry.
You were placing heaps of candy in the boys’ bags as Wanda waved goodbye. “Well, it was nice seeing you, but I have three boys to babysit for the rest of the night.” You waved back before closing the door and taking a deep breath and flopping onto the couch. 
“Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Barnes,” Vision greeted as the two continued to stroll down the street, weaving through the many children. 
 “James. Call me James.”
 “I’ve requested your presence as I sense something is off as of recent.” 
“I know what you’re talking about.” Bucky slipped his hand into his pocket before taking out a photo. It was a simple picture of you two, Bucky pressing an eager kiss to your cheek as you smiled into the camera. He handed it over to Viz with a slight hesitance. “Look at the back.” 
“What is this?”
“I woke up in my bed and just found it. I always keep it, but I don’t know who wrote this.” He pointed to the panicked ink that was scribbled on the back of the photo. 
Bucky hated keeping this from you, especially something so shocking, but he couldn’t muster the strength to show it to you. There was one sentence that stopped him, which made his stomach churn every time he read it.  
Y/N doesn’t love you. 
Everything else on the note he could manage to cope with, but that was all too much to bear. It progressively became harder and harder to keep it to himself and thus he decided it was better to tell Vision than no one at all. 
“James, I believe I know where, or rather who this might be from. If I may, can I?” Vision reached to touch Bucky’s temple, causing Bucky to jump back a little, scared of what might happen. 
“Is this going to help Y/N? She’s been off recently, and I just. . . I just miss her.” The words are thick on his tongue as he continued  to study Vision’s fingers. 
 “I think it can help all of us,” he answered lowly. With a slow nod, Bucky allotted Vision to do whatever he needed to. 
Waking up from the hex was like realizing you’d spent your whole life free falling, but only halfway down was when you noticed you forgot a parachute. The walls that blocked his mind from reality came crashing down all at once, letting in a nasty headache. He was awake now, a certain mourning running through his body. 
This was not James anymore, this was Bucky. His eyes scanned his surroundings, the small children running around with their goodies, their parents tiredly trailing behind them. Suburbia was not a place Bucky ever really saw himself, yet there he was, smack dab in the middle of it.
“James, are you alright?” Vision snapped him back into reality. Or whatever reality this was. 
“Vision?” He scanned the red figure in shock. 
“Do you know what’s happening?” His tone was concerned, his eyes studying Bucky carefully. He was prepared to place Bucky back into the previous illusion he had been living. Vision felt guilty he had to put Bucky in this amount of potential distress in the first place, but he was running low on options. 
How do you go about telling a man he’s dead? “Bucky. Everyone calls me Bucky.” That’s all he could manage to utter, still processing what the hell was going on. 
“Is James your real name?”
“You don’t remember anything, do you?”
“Remember what?” 
“Outside of this.” 
Viz shook his head slowly. Bucky could feel a gnarly headache growing with each passing minute. 
“What now?” Bucky huffed, scanning the neighborhood once more. 
“I was hoping you would have the answer Mr. Barnes.” 
“It’s Wanda,” he mumbled, almost suspicious that she could hear him there. “That’s what my wife- Y/N believes.”
What now? 
“I need to see her. Now,” Bucky announced, speaking to no one in particular before taking off to return home. 
The sun was slowly going to slumber, dimming the streets of Westview. Children were making their final rounds about the neighborhood, hoping to get the last bit of Halloween loot before their parents ushered them back inside. 
You opened the door expecting a group of trick-or-treaters to be waiting outside in the cold. “We’re all out of candy-” Alas, there were no kids, but just Bucky instead, eyes intense in their stare. 
His irises were glazed over a bit, mouth slightly agape in awe. There you were, in all your glory. Well, the you he had come to know. The woman he called wife, who he shared a bed with, the person he had known as home. 
“You okay there, James? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” You ushered him inside, moving away from the entrance to let him in. 
“You could say that.” It’s all he could think to say. He wasn’t sure if there was a right thing to say at that moment and opted for shorter, more concise phrases. 
You sighed, parting the door to open more so he’d finally come in. “Was your neighborhood watch successful?” There was a bitterness in your tone that made Bucky flinch in guilt. 
“I don’t want to argue anymore.” His voice was soft as he trailed behind you. You turned sharply to face your husband, eyes narrowing. His hand slowly moved to cup your face, almost scared you might reject his touch. 
“I’m not arguing. I’m just overwhelmed and I’m tired and I don’t know-”
He pulled you into a tender embrace. He guided your face to the crook of your neck as he crooned on, "I know, I know. I’m going to help and we’re going to fix all of this together.” 
You’re a bit taken aback by the sudden hold. He felt overwhelmed in the best way possible. It was you, but a version of you that hadn’t learned to grow distant from him. This version still wanted Bucky, even if it was a made up one. 
“I love you, Jamie.” Your fingers combed through his hair. He felt a shudder go throughout his body as you moved. Part of him wanted to believe it, that you really have the capacity to do so. But he knew better, knew it was a matter of time. 
“I love you too, honeybee,” he responded, taking a moment to pull you in a bit closer. Once this nightmare ended, you’d wake up and realize it was time to go. For all he knew, that would be in a year, a month, or even just an hour. Nevertheless, if this was the last time he was going to hear you say I love you, he was going to simmer in its warmth just once more.
Each visit you always swore was the last one. Dozens of empty promises later, here you were back at Wakanda, crawling back to Bucky. This time is different, though. 
“He’s coming soon.” Bucky broke the silence. You both stood side by side, gazing out onto the lake. The wind sent gentle ripples through its surface as it carried on. 
“I know.”
“Do you know what you’re doing?” 
Coming here sealed your fate and you knew it would. Just one extra week was enough to use what little energy you had. Maybe I can get rid of the nightmares for good this time, I’ll be better this time. It was foolish and honestly a selfish endeavor, but you couldn’t watch him suffer while you idly stood by.  It hurt to watch and it hurt more to know you could end his pain. 
“I'm leaving to get my strength back before the battle. Not just Wakanda, but also the team for a while.”
His face was painted with pain as you spoke. "Let me come with you." 
You turned to him, his desperate blue eyes reflecting off of your pupils. You wanted to say yes, more than anything, but as long as he was around you'd spend your energy on saving him from himself. The world needed you more at the moment, even with what little help you could provide. If you could do anything at all. 
“You can't.” You averted your gaze, studying the lake once more. 
“Why not?” The hurt that rang through those two words was enough to make you almost double over in guilt. He hadn't expected you to turn him away so quickly. 
"Bucky. I can't be near you right now-" 
"No, no it's not like that, it's just. . .” you tried to correct yourself, trying to find an explanation that didn’t involve you accidentally blaming Bucky.  
“It's the nightmares isn't it?” You could feel his stare lingering on your face as you refused to look at him. 
You swallowed thickly, nerves spiraling out of control. “So, you know?”
“They're only gone when you're here. . .you don't have to worry about them, I don't care about them. I want to be with you.” His hands found their way to one of yours, cupping it lightly as he pleaded softly. 
"I can't. I can't not help you when I know I can." 
You finally turned to look at him, knowing it would eat you alive forever if you didn’t. "Bucky. No." Your voice was trembling with months of anger, guilt, and confusion. 
“Does this mean I'll never see you again, then?”
The air felt heavy around you two. Nature was content to juxtapose the grim scene happening, the birds chirping brightly as the sun continued to pound its heat onto the Earth’s surface. 
“I don't know.” He gave you a strong hug before you could speak another word.
“Please come back.” His voice barely carried above a whisper as he spoke into your shoulder. As he mumbled into your skin and embraced you, you knew he'd always be your weakness. He was your vice, your downfall, and above all the love of your life; you’d always give into him. 
You couldn’t afford that, though. You're a hero, and that’s not what heroes did, right? There was no time for hopeless romances or puppy love of any sort. It was too dangerous for everyone involved. 
"I can't,” you responded solemnly, collapsing into his body. Your voice was on the edge of breaking as you spoke. “I can't keep doing this to me and I can't keep dragging you along. I'm sorry. It's better if we- we just-" 
“-don't speak.” He finished for you, sensing the amount of agony this was causing you. 
“I'm sorry.”
“Me too.”
Shakily removing yourself from his hug, you hand him back the dog tags. You couldn't bear the constant reminder. 
“No, no,” he responded, closing your hands back around the metal. “Keep them.”
“You need them more. They've kept me safe while I needed them. It’s your turn now.” Tears were violently spilling out of your eyes as you forced out the words. You’d come with every intention of keeping your composure, but there was no use in trying. This moment, this inevitable moment, was always meant to sting. 
“Why does this feel like goodbye?”
“Because it is, Bucky.”
He pressed them to your heart one last time before kissing your forehead. "They’re a gift. You don't return those.”
Tumblr media
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anywherebuthere · 5 months ago
all we are is skin and bone ㄧ ...obligatory self promo, sorry luv 😁 yes I find comfort in my own almost kiss scene, what about it <3
foxglove ㄧ the day I shut up about this fic is the day I dIE. It smacks so hard and @whistlingwillows clearly put a lot of thought into it. they're entire masterlist for bucky is to die for and so, so well written, but this is my favourite. immortal!bucky and reincarnation.
Little Lion Man ㄧ brought me to tears, very angsty with a great fluffy ending, @wkemeup 's entire masterlist is honestly stellar and super extensive
Who's She | The Long Run ㄧ these two are Bucky x doctor!reader and is cute as shit <3 both are by @itsapeterthing and her entire masterlist really, is full of cute, easy to read Bucky fics
Green | Relax ㄧ oneshots still by @/itsapeterthing... can you tell I love her writing yet? anyways, jealous!bucky and protective bucky, what more could you want? just cute ass fluff
amaranthine ㄧ by the same author as foxglove, it's a 6 part series spanning decades between bucky and the reader. it includes his time as the winter soldier and it's just- ugh <33
cookies, kisses, and such | candlelight & cuddles ㄧ just the most *chefs kiss* fluff you can find by @sweetbucky words cannot describe how much I love it, it's just that cute.
Deny Me ㄧ I don't think the author is active anymore but this is a spectacular biker!bucky fic with just the right amount of angst and comfort; that being said, their masterlist still smacks and has light, fluffy stuff, though some of the links don't work so you'll have to search for it manually by title
The Story of Us ㄧ beefy!bucky supremacy !! I hate everyone but you, soft bucky but only with you vibes, I love it so much. by @jobean12-blog
Borrowed Apples ㄧ short, on the run with bucky fic, adorably comedic and just, such a soft read by @dizzydancingdreamer
Back to You ㄧ a WIP series by @celestialbarnes about ex!Bucky x reader; the chapters are short and sweet, and incredibly well written
different with you ㄧ a short cute bucky blurb by our favourite piss girl, @anchoeritic
this ㄧ by @buckyblues just.. so cute omg- dogtags, baby, bucky being a dad. made me think "maybe I don't hate kids"
bucky recs ㄧ this recs list by @obxjj is banger after banger, all the fics recommended under this are amazing, it's a staple list and to my knowledge, is still being updated? it's great and I love it
that's all off the top of my head that I've read recently <3 enjoy shawty 😼🙏
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nikkixostan · 6 months ago
Eye Candy//B.Barnes
Bucky x female!reader
kind of enemies to lovers. i tried my best.
warnings: angst, bucky and reader being sarcastic assholes, mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol, pinning, sexual tension, language, mentions of sex
summary: sam asks you to help him get some information on hydra. however he was unclear on if it was a solo or duo mission. bucky tagging along entails lots of bitterness and it a certain situation lots of tension.
authors note: hey babes I hope you ll enjoy this. I created this and it loosely follows tfatws but of course I added my own twist. pls lmk what you think <3
Tumblr media
Sam had contacted you a while after you had settled in. Working as a free agent meant risky business but you had always got the job done. However Sam had mentioned that the mission you were gonna be sent on was fun but a dead end if you didn't get the right harddrive and the right information from the right guy. Always loving the challenge you agreed immediately. He had told you to meet Torres at the airport around six am for a briefing and for him to fly you to France. But what Sam forgot to mention was the number one reason you decided to work alone, James Barnes would be accompanying you.
Waking up at five you washed yourself up, packed you dresses, tactical gear, and some other personal things you would need. Sam said you were going in during a gala so makeup and hair products were a must. Locking everything up you made your way to the airport.
You had met Torres before. He followed Sam like a lost puppy and he was your ride to Panama for another solo mission. Walking into his office you knocked twice to grab his attention.
“Morning Torres.” You said setting your stuff on the table and walking over to greet him.
“Morning Y/N.” He said embracing you in a small hug.
“How have you been?” He asked, wanting to make small conversation. You sat at the table and him doing the same.
“Honestly I was so bored for the past month so when Sam called me, I of course had to say yes, but I did enjoy a nice break.” You said. Suddenly there was a small attention cough from the door. There and behold was Sergeant James Barnes, former Winter Soldier and forever a jackass. Your mouth hung open seeing him. Sam never mentioned that he would be joining you.
“Nice to see you flirting with Torres already.” He said walking in with his bags and sitting at the table.
“What are you doing here?” You questioned him.
“Oh didn’t you hear, you’re on my mission this time. This was my plan, and I can’t go into a Hydra gala without having eye candy to distract those men from looking at me.” He was smirking knowing his plan was working.
You grabbed your bag and got up to leave but he grabbed your wrist.
“Torres, I'll brief with her. Can you get us some coffee please?” James asked and his grip on you tightened.
“Sure I’ll meet you guys on the plane in ten. How would you guys like your coffee?”
“Both black, one sugar for me, and two for her please.” He said, Torres nodded and walked out of the room. You pulled your wrist free and gave him a stern look.
“What the hell Barnes is this all about.” You said gritting your teeth as you scolded him.
“Look sit down and let me explain.” He said pointing to the chair. You were being stubborn, you didn't take orders from him or any one for that matter.
“Please Y/N.” He said in a softer tone. Nodding you took your place.
“Look there's these supersoldiers who are based in Europe. They're stronger than us and I know that they’re a product of Hydra. I just need to get in that gala for information, it’s a charity gala but Hydras men will be there and this a secret Hydra base. But I can’t go in with Sam as eye candy because well--it’s Sam.” He explained while he opened a file that had all the information in there. You looked it over and realized that he really needed this information.
“What's your plan than sergeant?” You said finally making eye contact with him.
“Well the gala is Saturday night so we have about eighteen hours to scope around the area, make sure our guys are there. Attend the gala and keep our eyes open. The computers with information are at the top or at the bottom, it’s the same system just as long as we get into one of those rooms.”
“How do you expect them not to figure out who you are? And what is your plan to do with the guy you want information from?” Going back and forth with plans with James was common for you two. Especially after the incident that happened in Greece.
“I just need to slip a tracker in his drink, suit, anything on him. Get some basic information on him to just see if he has a motive. And as for you doll I know you don’t know this, but whenever you’re all womanizer well it’s kind of easy to ignore the hand you're holding. Also it’s a gala, limited light source, lots of booze, and well Hydra is known for being assholes so they're only paying attention to the females in that room.”
“Like father, like son.” You said shutting the file and sliding it towards him
James and you both grabbed your belongings and made your way down the runway towards the plane.
“So why didn’t you ask Sharon to go to this gala with you?” You asked as you walked with him.
“Really-- you know why.” He said letting out a low chuckle.
“Oh but I don’t.” You said offering a small smile. And you nudge your elbow into his rib cage.
“C’mon Barnes let me hear you say it.”
Shaking his head he turned towards you, looking into your eyes he knew you would walk away if he didn’t admit what you wanted to hear. Plus there was truth in that sentence.
“Fine, you're better at this job than her, plus your better eye candy and a better distraction for this mission.”
You smiled at his comment.
“Oh added bonus, better eye candy, James I would say you’re flirting with me, too bad I’m not into a fifty plus age gap.” You said letting out a laugh.
“Take the compliment and laugh all you want but that doesn’t make up for Greece.” He said walking onto the plane.
“Yeah whatever I’m gonna be hearing about that stunt for the rest of my life.” Rolling your eyes you saw Torres standing there with your cup of coffee. Offering a big smile to him you decided to show him some thanks.
“Torres you are my life saver and I am willing to pay you to crash this plane with old man Barnes in it.” Torres laughed but James didn’t which made Torres go silent and you now the one to laugh.
“I’m kidding, it's a joke old man, my goodness did you become grumpier while I was gone?” You said. James only gave you his famous stare. Turning to Torres you nudged him slightly,
“Wheels up dude before he changes his mind on actually having Sam accompany him.” Torres nodded and you took your seat, James sitting right in front of you never changing his facial structure. Just that deep dark stare that you absolutely despised.
✰ ✰ ✰
James and you had scooped the area of the gala out. Top security at every corner but this wasn't your first bulls run when it came to dealing with lots of security. You guys had stayed at the hotel that was around twenty minutes from the venue. Staying next door from each other, because let's be honest if you and James had to share one room, someone would be going to therapy and another to the hospital. It’s not that you and him ever despised each other where you couldn’t be civil, it’s just you both are completely head strong and would not let the other drag the other’s ego down. However after the Greece stunt, he was the one to scream and storm off. And ever since it was like walking on eggshells with each other.
The door between the shared rooms were opened as you both discussed the plan while getting dressed.
“Our guy is the main attraction of the night. I think you’ll have a better chance getting close to him than I will.” He said. You were curling the final pieces of your hair while listening to him. Standing only in your garments and hidden tactical gear you had walked over to the door. He was sitting at the edge of the bed tying his dress shoes on.
“Sergeant I know we want a plan for our every move but don’t you think we can’t plan our and everyone's move? No. We have two goals and we are not leaving until that gets done.” You said sternly and walked back to your left side of the room where your dress laid. Slipping it on you heard shuffling footsteps moving closer in your room. You knew why he was like this, this time around but you were getting annoyed at the sense of him babying you.
“Look I’m just trying to make sure we’re being cautious.” He said, he had walked over towards you as you motioned for him to zip your dress up. Looking at the scar that aligned your rib cage towards your spine, he let out a sigh.
“We’ll be fine.” You said moving away from him as the dress was zipped up, grabbing your heels you slipped them on, and applied a coat of gloss to your lips. Bucky grabbed his suit jacket, placed his gloves on and shut his door. Both of you were in the elevator and it was silent. Too silent.
“Try not to fall in love with me tonight.” You said trying to break the silence. Bucky let out a small chuckle,
“Try not to fall.” He said looking at you. Before leading you to the car that was being provided. Let’s just hope no one speculates the gloves, you thought to yourself as he drove to the venue.
The venue was in full party mode. Servers carrying trays with booze or finger foods. But it was easy to pinpoint those who were casual citizens and those who were a part of Hydra. Hydra always closed their groups circle when talking, never leaving it open for a passerby to join in. You and James had your arms interlocked as you walked up the stairs. Keeping your gaze shifting constantly so no one suspected anything.
“Seven o clock. Black tux with green socks.” James said leaning to your ear. Laughing a little you both shared a smile and allowed your gaze to look for the suspect he had just told you about. He was standing on the bottom of the staircase surrounded by some women and their dates.
“Hey go get us some drinks and I’ll meet you over there.” You said to him and he offered you a small kiss to the cheek and you both went separate ways. Shimming yourself to look even more desirable you began your route to the man. Your heels clicked down the staircase, as your dress trailed behind you. Hearing loud heel clicks the group turns around slowly. You acted unfazed until you saw his gaze on you. Looking up you made eye contact offering a sly smile towards him. Nearing two steps from him you purposefully tripped over yourself having to have him reach out to catch you. His arms out reached for your body and he had gracefully helped you obtain your footing again.
“Oh my goodness I am terribly sorry. Something handsome caught my eye and I couldn’t help myself.” You said acting all dramatic and head over heels for this guy.
“Well I’m glad it was me who caught not only you but you’re attention.” He said allowing his Russian accent peak through, he also snaked his arm around your waist. Having to conceal a shiver from his touch, due to the disgust you felt from this man.
“I was on my way to the bar for some liquid courage, care to join me? Obviously I don’t want to intrude though.” You said gesturing towards the group that surrounded them he laughed and shushed them away.
“How can I say no to a doll like you. Name is Viktor.” The sound of a doll coming from his mouth was foreign and annoying. And for once you wished it was Bucky saying that word. He led you towards the bar, taking a seat Viktor was sandwiched between you and James.
“So what are you doing here tonight darling? And why's there no ring on that finger?” He asked after he signaled the bartender for some drinks.
“Well I love to be a charitable person and a girl loves a good excuse to get all dressed up. And the ring problem, well I guess I haven’t caught the eye of the right man.” You said, James moved closer to the guy and began to listen in. You noticed he was having his own drink.
“What a shame. You know I could provide everything you need in life if you would allow me.” He asked smiling before taking a sip of his drink.
“Really and how does a man like you offer up such an ideal lifestyle?” You asked. Viktor had now set down his drink and James threw in the tracker and powder discreetly. You knew it wasn’t technically drugging the man but the man definitely did not consent to this at all.
“Well not to boast myself but I’m a scientist for this--well--company. And they loved my experiment so much that they’re mass producing it. And soon well it should change the world.” James looked over his shoulder to meet your eyes signaling for Viktor to drink his cup.
“Well cheers to that.” You said lifting your glass, Viktor following suit, and after toasting Viktor finished his drink. Continuing to talk to Viktor you noticed he seemed very uncomfortable.
“Viktor are you alright?” You asked him. James had slipped a laxative powder in his drink and let's just say poor Viktor did not plan to ruin his expensive suit. Before he could say anything he ran away towards the restroom. Letting out a small chuckle you looked over to James and saw him smiling as well. Both of you moved closer to one another.
“Sharon couldn’t do that.” He said just above a whisper. You smiled at his compliment, it was rare to hear praises from him and you were soaking it all in. Literally soaking it.
“Guards upstairs three of them, four in the main lobby, two hallway. Basement computer system is our best bet.” You said sipping on your drink and looking towards the two guards that were by the hallway who both grabbed a shot from the server.
“It’s like they don’t know that you’ve guys already encountered their new products.” You said.
“Let's move fast and keep it that way.” He said jumping from his spot and offering his arm for you to take. You both make your way through the hallway, acting all flirty and drunk, quickly he pulled you through a door that wasn’t being guarded. It was the hallway that led to the computer system.
Both of you began to run towards the door that led to the computers. James tried opening the door but it was locked, he put one of Sam’s accessories on the lock which will help unlock the door, but the accessory was taking way too long for both of your liking. Hearing the door open you r first instinct was pda. Something Natasha told you would always work in many situations. You grabbed Bucky by the tie and pulled him towards your lips. Instantly Bucky reacted and allowed his hand to caress you. Pulling away you mouthed ‘Keep going’. He moved towards your neck, and looking towards the door there was a guard who was dumbfounded like a deer in the headlights. Winking towards the guard and offering a smile--it all had to be an act, but Bucky sucked your sweet spot and you let out a moan. You would later tell him that it was for the act but you couldn’t believe that this 106 year old knew how to push the right buttons to get you worked up like that. The guard put their hands up and walked back through the door. Hearing the door close, Bucky didn’t pull away but offered his lips again on that spot. You were about to slip out a moan again but you kneed him lightly. He had a smile as he backed away from you.
Before opening the door, you both took your guns out, to be ready for any more distractions. Opening the door, you and Bucky both scope it out before he begins to speak.
“About three inches under the ear on the right side. Good to know.” He said. You knew he was talking about the spot.
You saw the computer and quickly moved over to log in and export the data it contained. Bucky moved behind you, encasing you with his arms, it wasn’t meant to be sexual but you sure were heated from the event that just had happened. The export estimated time read three minutes and fifty six seconds. Suddenly the air became thick and filled with tension.
His hand wraps around your waist, pinning you to be closer to his chest. He leans down closer to be hovering next to your ear, whispering softly,
“You can’t tell me that there’s nothing between us.”
You swallow sharply. Mouth becoming incredibly dry. His hands move in sync to turn you around so you’re now facing him. Even through the darkness and the computer screen being the only thing illuminating the room, you still saw his bright blue eyes.
“Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this.” His voice was nervous and shaky but his grip on your wrist tightened. As if he was about to lose you again. But you knew he knew your answer to his question. Ever since the Greece mission when you took the knife to protect him. Even though he’s a super soldier and could heal within a week, you weren’t thinking and didn’t want to risk losing him or seeing him in that state. And when he pushed himself away you promised yourself not to let yourself fall for someone again like that and take a knife across the side of your body. Moving your hands to move to his chest you game him a sly smile.
“Did my kiss hypnotize you that much Barnes?” You said leaning up to be closer to him.
“Or was it the fact that you saw me with another guy. Or is it when my hands roam all over you to feel every inch of your body. Or is it that you’ve haven’t been able to be with someone else like me, just Sam. Oh nope it was when you saw me practically naked in front of you wearing all my tactical ge-“ Before you could finish your sentence Bucky smashed his lips onto yours. You grabbed his neck wanting to feel him even closer. All the tension was released through a simple act of connecting each other’s lips. As Bucky grabbed your neck the computer downloading the data let out a sound acknowledging that it was complete.
You turned your head to grab the usb port. Laughing lightly when you realized what happened. Looking back up to him you leaned in closer.
“Buck you fucked up in Greece. Pushing yourself away from me.” You said.
“Finally. You said it.” He said when he heard you call him his name. His true name that he loved. That you loved. When you’re mad at him he knows because you call him everything else besides Buck or Bucky. But he knows that you’re under his spell when you refer back to his nicknames.
“You piss me off.” You said offering a smile again.
“Either way I do something to you.” It was the last thing he said before he reconnected your lips. But you pulled away.
“I am not about to have sex in a secret Hydra base.” You said placing your hand on his chest.
“Alright then let’s go have sex and then we’ll stop Hydra and have some sex more.” He said placing his lips on yours for a small kiss before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the exit. Bucky was done playing this game of being scared. He’s made amends, he’s gone to therapy, but now he’s ready to live his life like the way he’s always wanted too. But first he’s got to get the shield back to Wilson, figure out why there’s more superhumans, and make up for the months he’s pushed you away.
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insomniumstella · 3 days ago
late nights 
bucky x reader 
summary: late nights with Bucky while everyone else at the compound are sleeping. that’s it.
warnings: none, this is just fluff, unless, if you squint really hard, you might be able to find some angst in there
word count: 1,123
Tumblr media
“We shouldn’t be here.”
“I know.” Bucky gave her a big smile and just like that all her worries washed away. She’d suffer through Tony’s disappointed lectures for this smile. He was jittery with excitement by the time they reached the compound’s pool. A full moon hanged above the two as they came to a stop. It illuminated Bucky’s face beautifully, y/n thought; like a painting its master spent years creating.
“Ready when you are.” She stuck out her hand. Bucky didn’t hesitate to take it. Y/n barely managed to take in a breath before Bucky jumped into the pool, clothes still on, bringing her down with him. Despite it being deep into summer the water was icy cold. Their wet clothes uncomfortably leached onto their bodies. Wrapping his arms around y/n’s waist, Bucky swam upwards until both of their heads peaked from above the water’s surface. He laughed when y/n had to place her hands on his shoulders just to stay afloat. The outside pool was much deeper than most and even Bucky had to straighten up to reach the very bottom without getting fully submerged. “It’s weird to be awake when everyone else is sleeping.”
“Wouldn’t know.” Bucky shrugged and y/n’s heart shattered. If there was a way for her to take his nightmares, she would. Every single one, each more terrifying than the last, no, she wouldn’t care. She’d take them all if it meant Bucky could finally rest. “You’re wet and shivering.”
“Top 3 things you could also say in the bedroom!” Y/n joked. “Good one, Sherlock.”
But his words gave her an idea. A rather bold idea she might regret. They were friends, yes, they were close, yes. But were they that close? Close enough for Bucky to feel comfortable if she took off her clothes? Letting go of his shoulders, y/n swam to the edge and pushed herself upwards until most of her body was out of the water. While the water was cold, the chilly air against her skin felt even more bitter. Bucky had an amused expression when she sat down on the edge.
“I sense trouble.” Bucky chuckled, swimming up to edge and resting his elbow on it.
“No-“ Y/n mumbled, stumbling over her words. “No trouble.” She added, peeling her top off right after. Y/n hoped his reaction would be good, but she didn’t expect a smile so big it took up half of Bucky’s face. A smile so genuine she had forgotten what it looked like.
“Naughty.” He teased. Bucky didn’t move because there was no need for it. He had all the time in the world to take off his own top. For now he relished in the glorious sight that was y/n. All the doubts she had about the idea were long gone; as if Bucky’s adoring staring had wiped them clean. Slowly, she removed her shoes before taking off her jeans too, throwing everything in a messy pile.
“Your turn.” She said and Bucky shook his head no. Y/n could sense his nervous demeanour underneath the playful facade.
“I have scars. Big ones.” He said nonchalantly. “Many of them.”
“I know.” Was the only thing y/n was able to reply with even though she didn’t. There wasn’t a way she’d know. “I think scars are beautiful.”
One sentence was enough to melt Bucky’s heart. She trusted him enough to take off her own clothing, so there was no reason he couldn’t do the same. Unsure, he slowly peeled off his top, throwing it on top of the pile. Perhaps he let his body move on its own. Admitting his love for y/n would be too scary. 
“These are staying.” He pointed to his jeans, but y/n could barely see them from above the water. Sliding back into the pool, she rested one hand on Bucky’s shoulder.
“These ones?” She tugged at the fabric on his thighs. Laughing, Bucky placed her other arm on his shoulder. Y/n wasn’t the only one making bold moves tonight. He quickly wrapped her legs around his waist as if to not let himself think the idea through. He let out a relieved sigh when the girl laced her hands around his neck. And so they stood in the icy water, faces just inches away from its surface, staring at each other. The loving kind of stare. The I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you kind of look; a look no friends share. “I think your scars are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.” Y/n whispered upon looking down. She timidly kissed a big scar where his flesh meets metal. Bucky had a bewildered look on when their eyes met again.
“Don’t-“ He stuttered. “Don’t say that.”
“Why not?” She kissed the scar again. “They are.” She kissed a smaller one on his chest, then a fresh flaw on his right upper bicep. But she didn’t stop there. Y/n peppered kisses on every single line, every cut, every scar she could reach while clinging to Bucky. “They tell the marvellous story of what a strong man Bucky Barnes is. How he keeps on fighting and how he won’t give up.”
“I don’t want to be friends anymore.” Bucky stated. This was true. He didn’t want to keep on looking at y/n from the other side of the room and have to endure other man flirting with his woman. He didn’t want to pretend his playful touches were everything else other than flirting. Bucky was tired of having y/n so close, yet so far away. Touch, but never savour.
It was un unsettling feeling. Y/n was almost sure she pushed it too far until Bucky stopped her right before she could remove her body from his.
“I love you.” He started out. “If you would ask to me collect every star our universe has to offer, I would.” Bucky pushed her hair out of her face. “I would do anything for you.”
This was enough of a confirmation as y/n crashed her lips with his. The whole world seemed to stop for a moment. There was no more burning of the freezing water or the icy wind. No sounds of late night travellers passing by. No one else, just y/n and Bucky as their lips moved together. With her head spinning, y/n weaved her left hand into his hair. Closer, please, I want you closer. She was sure Bucky could understand what her actions meant. She was right. By the time they pulled away for air there was no space left between them. And as the outside world slowly came to life again, y/n had already decided upon her whole world being the man in front of her. James Buchanan Barnes. The man with many scars and secrets she’d do anything for.
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jobean12-blog · 6 months ago
The Language of Flowers
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 997
Summary: You love to give Bucky flowers and kisses. 
Author’s Note: This is for the @redhead-wine-and-literature-club Love in Bloom Challenge and day 11: Hawthorn (ps not sure if this flower comes in blue but ;) which means good wishes. I got a lovely ask that went well for today and I love the thought of flowers in his hair. Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: shy Bucky, soft and sweet fluff, kisses :) 
Thank you to @mcavoys for this amazing gif! :)
Tumblr media
Love in Bloom Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Good morning Bucky!” you chime as you walk into the common room.
He turns and smiles at you softly. You twirl the small pink geranium stem between your fingers before stepping closer and placing it behind his ear.
“I hope you have a good day,” you say quietly and the lean up to place a kiss to his cheek.
You spin on your heels and head out for a day of errands, leaving Bucky standing there with his fingers pressed to the spot where your lips left his skin tingling. He lifts the pink flower from his ear and looks it over, carefully inhaling the almost rose like scent.
With a smile he puts it back and continues eating.
“What the hell is on your head?” Sam asks when he walks in.
Bucky looks up, shrugging.
“A flower,” he states plainly but with a smile.
Sam chuckles and shakes his head. “What did she tell you today?”
Bucky takes the last bite of cereal before answering. “That she hopes I have a good day.”
Sam starts to open his mouth but Bucky continues, “and she kissed me on the cheek.”
He says it with a lopsided grin and Sam bends over with laughter.
“Oh man, you’ve got it bad,” Sam teases. “I wonder how many more flowers she’s gonna have to give you before you finally admit it.”
With that he grabs a water and leaves Bucky to his own thoughts.
The next day you get back from the green market with several bags of fresh produce and of course flowers. You’re in the kitchen unpacking when Bucky comes in looking for a snack.
“Hey doll,” he says. “Need some help?”
You look up and smile brightly. “I’d love some, thank you!”
As he starts unpacking a bag you grab the small bouquet of purple hyacinth and the scissors. Snipping off a small stem you take it to Bucky and secure it behind his ear then hold the other flowers up to his nose.
“Smell these,” you tell him.
“Wow, that’s amazing,” he says. “What kind is it?”
“Hyacinth. I love how they smell too and the color is really pretty.”
Bucky finishes unpacking the bag. “Sam and I are going down to the VA for the afternoon but we won’t be back late.”
“You guys are really amazing, you know that” you say and gently brush your fingers over his jaw.
When he smiles you kiss the corner of his mouth, letting your eyes flutter closed just long enough to enjoy the feel of his skin against your lips.
“Have a nice time. I’ll see you soon.”
Bucky just nods, his expression soft and you go back to the groceries.
“Oh wow, that’s a fancy one today. Did you get a kiss too?” Sam asks when Bucky stops in front of the VA building.
“I did. And this one smells really good.” Bucky looks down and shuffles his feet. “She said we’re amazing.”
Sam smiles wide. “She did huh. Well, of course she thinks I am but you seem pretty surprised about being included.” Sam’s voice gets quieter with the last part. “You know Bucky, you deserve to be happy.”
Sam slaps Bucky on the shoulder before turning and walking into the building.
The following day is gloomy and looks like rain so you get out early and head down to your favorite flower stall, hoping to pick something up and get home before getting soaked. Thankfully, you find just what you want and make it back in time.
The skies open up just as you settle yourself on the couch with your book.
“There you are,” Bucky states, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was wondering where you went off to so early.”
You place your book down and meet him by the kitchen island. “I was down at the green market again. I went early to beat the rain.”
“I’m glad you did,” he says, his cheeks turning a light pink. “Uh, what did you get today?”
You smile knowingly at his question and point to the small vase on the counter. “Hawthorn. It reminded me of the color of your eyes.”
Bucky drags his gaze from you to look at the beautiful blue flowers.
“Really?” he asks, sounding surprised.
“Yes really.” You pull out a stem and place it behind his ear. “Do you know the meaning of these flowers,” you ask him.
He shakes his head no, his eyes never leaving yours.
“They stand for good wishes and love.” You let the words sink in before your thumb delicately brushes over his cheek and you follow it with a kiss.
His eyes are closed when you move away.
“What about the pink one from the other day?” he asks, finally opening them.
“That was a geranium. It symbolizes happiness and positivity,” you explain. “And the hyacinth…that’s the one that smells really good…symbolizes peace and commitment,” you finish, answering the question in his eyes.
“Why did you choose those particular flowers to give me?” Bucky’s voice is small when he asks this question and his eyes fall to floor.
You take his chin and lift it with your fingers, looking him in the eyes when you say, “because you deserve happiness and love and peace.”
He’s quiet for several long moments as his eyes search yours and wander over your face. Slowly, his hand reaches up and he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, lightly cradling your jaw.
“If it’s ok with you, I’d like to return some of those kisses now.”
You trace your lips with your tongue. “It’s more than ok.”
He dips his head, delicately brushing his lips to yours. Your hands find purchase in the soft fabric of his Henley and you hold on, letting his strong arms pull you closer. His lips are gentle at first and a sigh leaves the back of your throat and then he kisses you harder and with increasing need.
Tumblr media
@addikted-2-dopamine @book-dragon-13​ @moonlacebeam​ @meetmeatyourworst​ @nikkixostan​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @moonlitskinandcrimsonribbons​ @lizette50​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @eurynome827​ @hiddles-rose​ @jhangelface0523​ @jewels2876​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @loricameback​ @lookiamtrying @la-cey @marvelgirl7 @nano--raptor @pinkdiamond1016 @randomfandompenguin @white-wolf1940​
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lovelybarnes · a month ago
henleys and hair ties- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, one mention of sam wilson warnings: very fluffy you have no idea about: domestic fluff with bucky barnes or: prompt y/n buying bucky something unrequested because it made y/n think of him. a/n: stop i actually really like this, i had bad writers block so i just went to a prompt generator and wrote this
the bags in your hand gently knock against the door of your apartment, the other reusable bags gathered at your feet to let your other hand search for the keys inside your bag. you frown when you can’t find them, turning a bit to dig further inside and leaning your weight against the door. the knob suddenly turns, and you nearly fall when your boyfriend opens the door, but instead, your favorite super-soldier lets you sink into his chest rather than stand there to watch you pummel to the floor.
“doll?” he asks in confusion, looking down at you.
“um, hi, honey,” you greet awkwardly, sprawling your fingers on his chest to push yourself, standing up again to peck bucky’s lips.
“couldn’t find your keys again?” he teases, gently taking the bags from you, although you argue for a second.
“yes,” you grumble, watching as he bends down to collect the bags on the ground. the memory of you struggling to carry all the bags to the car briefly passing through your mind while you observe him effortlessly bringing them to the kitchen. “see, groceries would be a lot easier if i could carry all the bags like they were just a couple of tissues,” you complain, closing the door behind him. “‘told you to wait for me to go,” he reminds, setting everything down on the table and beginning to unpack. “you left the keys on the counter, by the way.”
you look at the counter to find he’s right, exhaling a short breath of annoyance when you realize it’s the third time you’ve forgotten. “another reason to take me with you,” he shrugs, and you breathe out a laugh, “why are you so insistent on going grocery shopping with me? you need to rest after missions like you insist i do. besides, it’s not as fun as you seem to think it is.”
you stand next to him, folding all the bags that are empty. “everything’s fun with you,” he winks, and you bump his hip with yours, a smile on your lips. “so cheesy, mister barnes,” you say, turning to look at him.
“only for you, doll,” he chuckles, handing you another bag. “so how was the store?”
you shrug, “boring. how was the mission?” he hums, putting away the fridge items while you stare at him from the pantry.
“easy. you cleaned up the base for us.”
you smirk, “‘s what i do.” he meets you at the kitchen table, pressing a proud kiss to your cheek. you turn to kiss him properly, twirling one of the loose strands from his bun with your finger. your nail drags on his jaw when you pull away, collecting the heat from his blushing skin. cute. “wanna watch a movie later?” you cock your head at him, grinning when he kisses your nose.
“sam picks today.”
your eyebrows furrow, “sam? is he coming over?” you look at the table, satisfied to find it clean and void of grocery bags.
bucky shakes his head, “no, he just keeps annoying me about this movie i’ve never heard of.”
“ah,” you nod slowly, already knowing what movie he’s talking about, “you really wanna watch mean girls?”
bucky’s shoulders raise cluelessly, “i don’t even know what it’s about.”
you chuckle, guiding your fingers to thread through his vibranium ones, heading to the couch as he trails along when you spot one more bag. “oh! one more thing,” you squeeze his fingers, reaching into the bag to pull out what you bought. “i saw this and remembered how you keep borrowing these because you hate your hair falling into your eyes, and while i really don’t mind, wan and nat kind of do, so i bought you some,” you smile, handing bucky the package of colorful hair ties you picked out for him. “also, you have like, two henleys left since i keep stealing them, so i got you some more.” you motion to the bag, which contains a few henleys in neutral colors. “but, i will probably steal those, too, after you wear them and they smell like you,” you beam, “just to warn you.”
bucky still hasn’t said anything, staring at the hair ties you gave him- bought for him. specifically for him. just because you saw them and thought of him and remembered something about him. his eyes flicker to the bag, and he remembers the way his henleys hung off of your shoulders, the crinkle of your eyes as you tell him they smell like him.
“oh, i almost forgot,” you tap your free palm against your forehead, turning to the kitchen, oblivious to the inner turmoil going on inside bucky’s mind, “i got fresh plums for you since i know you really like them. they’re in the fruit container thing steve got for us-- which, by the way, i am one-hundred percent sure is not a fruit container--” bucky suddenly cuts you off, pulling you to his chest and nuzzling his nose into your hair.
“thank you,” he murmurs, recognizing the warm comforts of your arms as they wrap around his back.
“oh- yeah. it was no problem,” you laugh softly, before settling your cheek on his chest, rubbing your nose on the shirt that smells like a mix of you and him.
your knowledge about the plums-- something he hadn’t even told you, you’d just cared enough to notice- is what makes him shut his eyes as he drinks everything in, the hair ties in his favorite color settled in his hand, the henleys that he can’t wait for you to take again, the little notebook you got him a couple of months before because you had observed he had filled his last one up-- it wraps around him akin to your softness, assuring him that you actually love him, that you pay attention to him and think about him even when he isn’t there.
the tears that gather in his eyes make him pull you closer and kiss your forehead, and although it shouldn’t be, it’s a surprising realization that he’s happy. and maybe he deserves it, too.
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earlgreydream · 6 months ago
| bucky barnes x reader | fluff | smut |
bucky drabbles 🥰 🤍
it’s summer weather
Tumblr media
Bucky grabbed your hand, pulling you across the yard, back toward the house, away from the party. You looked at him in confusion, but Steve smirked, recognizing the look in Bucky’s eyes.
The two of you had been at a party at Wanda and Vision’s home, enjoying the summer weather with your friends outside. You had decided to wear a cute yellow sundress since it was nice out, having no idea what it would do to your boyfriend.
Bucky couldn’t keep his eyes--or his hands-- off of you. You just looked so cute, innocent, and fuckable in your little dress. You were oblivious to the lust that was coursing through him, his tongue swiping across his lips as he watched you.
He had tried to behave himself throughout the party, telling himself he could wait until the two of you got home. But when you spun around lightly, dancing with Shuri, your skirt lifting only slightly, Bucky couldn’t contain himself. 
He needed you, and he needed you now. 
“Bucky, what are we doing?” you giggled as he practically dragged you inside. 
“I need to fuck you now, doll. You’ve been teasing me in this little dress all day and I can’t wait,” he confessed bluntly, and your cheeks were rosy as you blushed.
“Bucky!” you gasped shyly as he locked the door to their downstairs bathroom. 
“Flip your skirt up, doll,” Bucky was nearly whining with need, and you lifted your skirt obediently, despite the fact your cheeks were burning. Bucky bit his lip and tugged your panties down your legs, making you squeal. He snapped the button on his jeans, pushing them down his legs just enough to free himself. 
The desperation and the rush made you throb, seeing Bucky so needy for you. 
“Hold your pretty dress up for me.”
Bucky brushed the head of his cock against your clit a few times, smearing his lips against yours in a messy kiss. 
The high-pitched moan that came from you when he fucked you made his head drop back. The straps of the sundress slipped off your shoulders as your body jolted upwards from the force of his thrusts. You were just leaned against the counter, Bucky’s hands keeping you steady as he absolutely railed you in your dress.
“I need you to be quiet doll, unless you want everyone to hear you squealing my name,” Bucky teased before slipping his tongue past your lips. 
You tried not to squeal as he rubbed your clit in quick circles, desperate to make the two of you come as fast as possible. You rarely saw this side of him, boyish and playful, but you loved it. 
His touch had fireworks bursting in your nerves, and he swallowed your scream as you came violently around him. The feeling of you squeezing around him as he thrust quickly in and out of your tight pussy had him coming after you, pulling out and coming all over your puffy, swollen sex.
Your breathing was quick and uneven, and you barely registered Bucky slipping your panties back up your legs. 
“Wait, need to-”
“I want you to feel me all afternoon, because I’m going to fuck you again the second we’re home,” Bucky whispered in your ear, sending shivers through your body.
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nastybuckybarnes · a month ago
The Name Game
Pairing: Soft!Bucky X Reader
Summary: Bucky wants to start a family.
Warnings: Fluff, Fluff, Fluff, Mentions of Sex, Fluff, Fluff, tiny bit of Angst, Fluff,
Word Count: 1.2K
A/n: I listened to Cherry Wine and Jackie and Wilson while writing this cause uwu. I hope you enjoy this fluffy piece, and I hope to update Deep End very soon! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing day!!
“What are we gonna name our kids?”
His question pulls you from the book you were reading, grabbing at your attention and holding it firmly in his grasp.
He shifts from his position in your lap, body squished between your legs while his own dangle half off the couch. His cheek is pressed on your lower abdomen, fingers tracing patterns on your bare thighs gently in the early hours of the morning.
His eyes, beautiful and blue, raise to yours.
“What are we gonna name our kids?” He repeats the question, this time with a bit more energy.
His hair is tousled atop his head and his voice is groggy with sleep, but the question is still strong.
“I-I don’t know.”
You didn’t even know he wanted kids, let alone kids with you.
He hums, the sound vibrating against your body.
“Been thinkin’ about it a lot lately. Think we’re gonna have at least a boy and a girl. Definitely one of each."
You hum in both curiosity and agreement, setting your book down on his back and bringing your hands to his soft hair.
“You been thinking about having kids?”
He nods, a lazy smile spreading across his face.
“Yeah. Think we’d make pretty good parents, huh? You especially.”
You grin and lean down to press a kiss to his forehead.
“I didn’t even know you wanted kids, beloved.”
He shrugs, leaning his head back down with a sigh.
“I didn’t. Then I met you. I want kids with you, Angel. Wanna start a family, buy a nice house and a dog or two, and raise our kids together.”
Your heart fills with something light and warm, and you tug on his hair until he looks up at you.
“You wanna have a baby with me?”
Your voice is so soft and so full of awe that he can’t help but smile again.
“’Course I do. S’all I want, really. To have our own little family. Buncha kids that look like you ‘cause you’ve got the good genes.” You smack his shoulder playfully and he chuckles.
“And obviously I wanna put a baby in you. Wanna watch you grow all nice and round. Think you’d look sexy like that.”
This sends a spark of warmth down to your core, but you’ll address that later.
“But what about work? And would we move? I like the apartment.”
It took you guys months to finally find an apartment that you both loved, and now that you’re here, you don’t want to move. And his job isn’t exactly kid-friendly. The number of times he’s stumbled home bloody and bruised and barely breathing borderlines on too many to count.
“M’gonna quit. Don’t wanna be in the field anymore anyway. Hate how sad it makes you, the way you worry. I don’t wanna worry you like that anymore. Just wanna be home with you, safe with you,” he whispers, his eyelids fluttering closed.
His confession makes butterflies flap their wings in your belly.
He’d really do that for you?
“I don’t want you to stop because of me, love. The world needs you. Your team needs you. Don’t... don’t put me at the top of your list, not over the world.”
A sleepy grin finds his face and he peeks one eye open.
“You are my world.”
Ever the charmer.
You roll your eyes then give him a look.
“I’m serious, James. You know that you’re needed out there.” He groans and pushes himself up into a seated position, pulling your legs into his lap.
“I’m needed here too, doll. M’not just gonna ignore the one person who means the most to me. Especially not if I wanna start a family with her. I’ll... I’ll take desk duty or something. But I wanna be here. Or wherever the fuck we move to. I wanna be present in our kids’ lives.”
He looks away from your eyes, his walls threatening to climb and lock you out, but this is a conversation he’s been wanting to have for ages.
All he wants is a family. With you.
“I wanna make them proud, make you proud. Wanna be a good dad. I wanna teach them how to play ball, how to dance. Wanna be there when they go to school and when they have school musicals. I wanna be there for career day and class parties. Wanna dress up as Santa on Christmas and make all their dreams come true.”
Your heart grows impossibly warmer, your adoration for the man you love growing.
He's got such a good heart, so much love to give and so much love he needs to receive, too. After all that he's been through, the horrors he’s faced, he still has such a softness to him. A gentle giant.
His fingers are tapping nervous beats onto your calf, making you reach out and still them gently in your hand.
You smile at him, soft and sweet, just like you, and nod.
“I just wanna make sure you’ve thought this through. I know... I know that sometimes people just jump into it blindly, and I don’t want us to do that. I want to plan this, think about it carefully. I don’t wanna put my kids through what I went through.”
Your relationship with your parents is strained, to say the least. A childhood of neglect due to the simple fact that they weren’t ready for kids. Didn’t want them. And, although you know you'd never treat anyone poorly, it’s still a thought that haunts your mind whenever anybody asks when you’re going to be having kids.
“Oh, Angel. You’re the sweetest, most gentle and loving person I’ve ever met. I know that any kid would be so blessed to have you as their mother, and I’ll die on this hill. You’re compassionate and understanding and so damn patient. I doubt there’s a kid on Earth who wouldn't love to have you as their mom.”
Your bottom lip trembles and a wobbly smile finds your face.
“You really think so?”
A tear ghosts down your face, and Bucky’s quick to catch it with his thumb, wiping it away.
“I know so. I love you, Angel. And if you’re not ready, that’s okay. I’ll respect that. But whenever you are, know that I am too.”
You shake your head, scooting impossibly closer and holding his flesh hand tightly between both of yours.
“I-I think I’m ready. I just... it’s scary.” He nods, face soft and earnest.
“It is. But you’re one of the bravest people I know. If we can handle having dinner with Steve and Tony together, we can handle anything.”
This draws a laugh from you and you nod, smiling warmly at him.
“Okay. Okay, you’re right.”
He cups your cheeks and leans in, pressing a gentle and loving kiss to your lips before pulling away to give you a slightly perplexed look.
“I wanna agree on names, but I refuse to name my child after any of our friends.”
Another laugh bubbles out of you and he smiles, loving the way it sounds.
If he could listen to it on repeat every day, he would.
His fingers go back to tracing your skin while the two of you brainstorm names, eager for the next part of your journey together.
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Barnes, Barnes & Barnes: Part 1
A/N: Divider by @firefly-graphics
The door slammed behind you as you entered your floor; you roughly yanked the shirt over your head only to throw it in the clothes hamper to be taken to the laundry room. Shuffling into the kitchen, in the avenger’s tower, you opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, twisting the cap off and taking your first steady drink. You nearly finish half of the water before your attention is pulled to the three chirps that FRIDAY plays for you to know there’s a danger within the tower.
“FRIDAY,” you addressed the AI who was trying to make contact with you, “what’s up?”
“Mission debriefing has been sent to your files-“
“Thanks.” You cut the AI off and walked from the kitchen to the living room, opening your laptop and accessing the files you needed to see.
As you clicked the tab twice, the mission debrief popped up on the screen. You started with the first file and moved on to one and then the other. You’d spent nearly an hour diving into the mission debriefing before you felt your heart stop.
You paused at one of the pictures that had been taken from the cameras built into the gear you’d used, taking notice of something that shouldn’t have been there.
While the mission was a success, and the residual bridge between realities and timelines had been sealed, it appeared as if…something had happened.
You didn’t know what, but judging from the sudden burst in energy, something had either ejected from the timeline’s/realities accessed or something had broken through.
“Well shit,” you sat back against the couch and sighed. “Guess I owe major asshole an apology.”
You closed the laptop and stood, swiping your water bottle from the coffee table and tucked it under your arm. You were determined to go to bed, to settle after the mission and finally have rest.
As you had had it halfway toward your room, you were taken by surprise as the alarm in the building started blaring. You jumped and pressed yourself back against the wall, covering one ear with your free hand and using your shoulder to block the other ear and with your neck craned, you called for FRIDAY to deliver an explanation.
“All avengers are asked to return to the floor-“
“Shit.” You ditched the water bottle and dove to the front door, ripping your shirt from the floor to yank it back on.
After you pushed your left arm through the sleeve, followed by the right, you yanked open your front door and raced toward the emergency door. You pulled open the fire door and ran down the stairs, moving from the floor you shared with two other agents to the destined floor that you had just come from.
“Shit, shit, shit-“ you came skidding to a stop when you walked through the emergency door.
The entire floor had been ripped apart as if something or someone had set a bomb off. Some of Bruce and Tony’s lab tech crushed as if a boulder was dropped onto it, but the sound of grunts coming from further within the floor had diverted your attention.
You took each step carefully, not sure what would be waiting for you, unsure of what had caused this destruction or what had fallen through the time barrier.
As you continue towards the offices, you spot more destruction that only gets worse with the closer you get. It was a trail of broken furniture and crushed glass; doors ripped off of hinges and a complete lack of care for anything or anyone who may be in the path of destruction.
“It’s Barnes!” A voice came from your left, a man in a white lab coat hissed from the office you were about to pass by. He was cowering beneath an opening at the foot of a desk; laboratory beakers smashed around him. “Barnes is doing this.”
“Bucky? I just saw him. He was with Steve. He couldn’t have-“ you felt eyes on you. You felt a penetrating gaze, eyes that were studying your every movement. You slowly turned your head and locked eyes with a man who was Bucky’s carbon copy in every way, save for the wild look in his eyes, his hair length and the metal arm.
“It’s not the Bucky we know.” You blanched. “It’s the Winter Soldier.”
It wasn’t possible. It shouldn’t have been possible. Bucky was reformed, and every piece of him that had been made to be bent to their will, to Hydra’s will, had been removed.
And yet…
You felt his eyes on you that followed your every move as he was slowly calculating what you might try.
His jaw was clenched, and his hands were balled into tight fists as he took one slow step, followed by another.
As if he knew you wouldn’t run from him.
“It’s the Winter Soldier. There’s a red star.” You glanced at the man in the lab coat to your left and slowly stepped toward the brainwashed Bucky. “Go. Get off the floor. Move!”
The man didn’t hesitate to scramble out of the office and past you, scurrying over and through destruction. With him gone, you were alone with the Winter Soldier, with no one to help you fend him off, with no one to help you fight a super-soldier.
Not yet. For now, you were on your own.
“V chem moya missiya?” His deep, raspy voice sent shivers down your spine. (What is my mission?)
“I don’t speak Russian,” you took another slow step, “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not….”
“Gotovy sootvetstvovat'.” He spoke again, his strides quickly bringing him within reach of you. (Ready to comply)
“I don’t speak-“ you frowned and felt your heart-stopping.
He had reached out with his vibranium hand and slipped his cool, metal fingers along the back of your neck as if he could feel your flesh through the vibranium. He let his metal fingers rest against your hairline at the nape before he moved his hand around the front of your neck to your throat. There was little pressure on your neck, not even enough to constrict your breathing. It was as if he wanted to feel you beneath him, feel you at his mercy.
However, the ever-present thought was that he would squeeze. You were sure you would feel his hand clenching around your neck, and he would begin choking the life out of you.
He could’ve snapped your neck with one quick twist.
“Ty dolzhen byt' moim.” (You are meant to be mine)
He wasn’t hurting you. He still wasn’t squeezing your neck; he was keeping his hand there and using his thumb to brush along the edge of your jaw.
He was gentle, almost…endearing.
“I don’t-“ you heard footsteps behind you, the clatter or objects being thrown out of the way.
Others had arrived to assist you.
“Let go of her.” With the arrival of Tony, you saw his expression change gradually, as if time was slowing down around the two of you. Tony came in, and it made you frightened.
You watched every second and millisecond as his expression changed from something that could be considered primordially soft to a feral and predatory glower that was pointed directly at the avenger behind you.
His animosity was aimed at Tony Stark and the avengers who were stationed behind him.
He took a step closer to you, your chest touching his, and finally drew his hand away from your throat. He grabbed you by your waist and threw you around his back, holding you with his right arm. He was using his strength to keep you pinned against him while he extended his left arm toward Tony Stark.
“What the hell?!” You heard more voices that belonged to members of the Avengers, and while you desired to look, he was blocking your path.
He was keeping you flush against him, hidden from the people you knew as friends.
“Let her go, robocop.” Tony raised his arm in warning. “I won’t be responsible-“
“YA yedinstvennyy, kto derzhit yeye v bezopasnosti.”
(I am the only one keeping her safe.)
“FRIDAY translation-“
The window to your right shattered, and his thick body had covered yours. You fell to the ground by his weight as glass fell around you. His body was shielding yours, his hands wrapped protectively around your head and neck, while his legs had been squeezing your thighs.
He had protected you from the glass, but in his attempt to keep you safe, he had allowed himself to be captured and made immobile by the tranquillizer that had been lodged in the skin of his neck.
He had reached the needle and yanked it out of his neck, but it was too late for him to prevent the drug from taking control of his system.
As he fell victim to the drugs that were meant to knock him out, he was pushed off your body and the Bucky you knew, the Bucky who had healed from all the trauma he suffered, lifted you to your feet and pulled you into a solid chest.
His worry translated to a tight hug and his hands roaming your back as he studied all he could to find any small nick or injury.
“How,” you questioned when you pulled away from Bucky, “are there two of you?”
“Three,” Steve approached with his shield in hand, “there’s three Bucky’s.”
“One who survived the war, one who didn’t get rescued-“
“-and me.” Bucky’s voice was nary a whisper.
“How is that even possible?” You raised your fingers to the back of your head and winced when the pads of your fingers made contact with blood.
“L/N’s injured. Take her to the medical wing and have her looked at. Take robocop to a cell and find the red book that set him off-“
“I don’t think the red book set him off.” You brushed off an agent’s hands when he tried to reach you. “When he found me-“
“-he’s still brainwashed-“
“He was confused.” You spoke up over Tony. “It’s like he didn’t know what he was doing or what he was here for.”
“FRIDAY, play the audio feed,” Tony demanded the AI, and it was sparsely a moment before your voices were heard.
“V chem moya missiya?”
“What’s my mission?” Natasha translated.
“Gotovy sootvetstvovat'.”
“Ready to comply.” She glanced at Bucky, the reformed assassin whose shoulders were hunched over, as he genuinely felt discomfort.
“Ty dolzhen byt' moim.”
The translation didn’t immediately come. Natasha didn’t directly relay what he had said, but Bucky knew. And by the way his head snapped up and he stared at you, the way his blue eyes widened ever so slightly, you learned in your gut that the message wasn’t anything Bucky had said before.
“-you are meant to be mine.”
“Uh…that only raises more questions than it answers-“ you smacked away another agent who was trying to help you, “get off!”
“You hit your head. You’re bleeding.” Tony looked your way with speculation, “you need to be checked out. That’s not a request, that’s an order. When you’re done, we’ll discuss what in the hell could’ve brought the Winter Soldier-“
“-where’s the other one? You said there was another Bucky-“
“Sergeant Barnes of the 107th,” his familiar voice came as he stepped over some wreckage and rubble, his army greens and crooked hat still on his persons, along with a set of dog tags hanging around his neck, “the other guy caused some trouble.”
You pursed your lips and tilt your head, watching him slip his hands in his uniform pockets, his blue eyes crinkled at the corners as he looked you over.
“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am.” He smirked your way and tipped his hat, the flirtatious variant of Bucky was ignoring the original Bucky’s glare.
“Stark,” you frowned, “I think I have a concussion.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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starsvck · 7 months ago
among the layers
Tumblr media
bucky barnes attempts to live in a new future, he’s trying, he really is, but he’s got a secret, a pretty little secret with the sweetest of smiles and gentle of touches.
warnings: bucky barnes/reader, slight fatws spoilers, secret relationship, soft smut, not canon to the first episode cuz i hadn’t seen it when i started writing but i knew i had to write anything for bucky just cuz its been a while 
Finding a love after HYDRA and Thanos was a feat something Bucky Barnes could not understand. While it had felt so ethereal, so promising, it also felt undeserved.
To be a man capable of such death, such darkness in the palms of the plates of his metal appendage, it’s such a concept he doesn’t believe in.
Until he met her.
Sweetest thing she is, with lips gentle as if touch was the very first thing she does, and with words so melodic made by the Gods. Bucky Barnes suddenly understands the idea of love the moment he lays his eyes upon her small stature.
And now, she’s his best kept secret.
He understands it’s something new to him, to love, to cherish, and to hold, but when in moments like these, where he’s get her settled comfortably on top of him, he understands the many feats and responsibilities he has to acquire.
Especially more so when his lips latches on to the very pulse of her neck, just as the smallest begs fall from her honey slick lips.
He almost feels bad he has to keep her like this, keep her away from the dangers he owes, but among the layers of their affair, the hidden getaways and late night meetings such as this as for Sam to be unaware the next day, he knows it’ll be worth it just as he gets to love her.
And when he kisses her like this, his lips attempting to mock of those her own when she kisses his cheek, he adores the cutest whines that echo like songs against his ear.
Hes thankful for the faint distraction of the TV, some sort of soccer match being played, and while at first he had cared to understand who had scored a goal, his focus sits on the way his love grinds against him in a passionate heat.
“O- Oh, Bucky...”
He cups her face, forces her soften gaze to look at his hardened one. A furrow to his brows, his thoughts compel him to kiss her words away.
His secret. His love. He mustn’t risk anything if not for him but everything for her.
“I know, sweetheart.” And when he fucks her, sweet and slow with her writhing underneath his large body, caging her smaller one with arms she desperately clings on to, he lets himself feel every inch of her. “I’ve got you...”
And he does. He promised he does. It’s the least he can offer as she’s the one dating him, a man of age who’s out of touch with the world. She keeps him grounded, yet shows him every inch of the new future he missed.
Shows him TikTok. Shows him soccer. Shows him the very least. Every bit of it spent with her, he’s thankful. He’s making amends, it’s the least he can do. And even if she’s not on his list of people to vaguely apologize for, he feels redemption in her arms.
“Doing so well for me, pretty thing.”
Her gasps fills his ear just as he fills her and with eyes pinched, he’s cupping her chin in an effort to draw her eyes open. “Look at me, darling. Wanna see you.”
And when her eyes peel open, pretty sweet doe eyes staring back at him, a kind smile present on her lips when she reaches out to mock his gesture.
“There you are, sweetheart.” He nudges his nose against her own, the sweetest of her scene engulfs his senses. Like sage and lavender, she smells of the life he craves.
But in the palm of his hands, he has what he needs. What he craves. Her. The simplicity of her life meshing with his, a simple bookstore librarian, a soldier who’s fought one too many wars.
It’s unorthodox yet here they were.
She grinds her hips against him in return, almost like gift of appreciation, it grinds neatly within that spot inside of her until she’s a shaken mess under.
“That’s it, pretty girl.”
With Bucky pulsing after, metal fingers stuffed between her mouth as to silence her moaning symphony, he stills against her small body with an soft groan against her skin, and somehow, she welcomes him like that.
He’s thankful.
Even more so when their world stills and it’s just the two of them in this little living room, the TV barely even to their attention, the blanket under itching the skin of their asses but it’s anything they don’t mind.
For a moment, theres silence, just the sounds of their breathing that they reel in when she lays against his bare body. It’s soothing but she prefers the sound of his voice against her ear better. Whether it be to tell her how much he adores her or to scold her about eating too much of those donuts down the street.
But she’s grinning when he’s tucking her body flush against his side, just not the one with his metal arm as she’s fully well aware of his consciousness about it. She’ll never press on about it, not until he’s opening up to her about it on his own.
So, just as the gentle touch of his fingers caress the purpling colours of her skin, she hums his name. Just as she expects, he hums back.
“We’ve got to get our own place.” Bucky is certain, despite his closed eyes, he can sense the smile present on her lips. It makes him chuckle.
The silence that came after almost gutted her, silencing the smile present on her lips as she snuggles closer against him.
This is enough. I have him and that’s all that matters.
But knowing that when the sunrises and casts that’s beautiful glow that has his skin shining and her tummy churning, and she has to sneak back out, it hurts her more than she likes to admit.
However, in moments like these, both her and Bucky will simply just admire the time they have. The little moments among the layers of their relationship, it’ll do.
Tumblr media
all works taglist:  @16boyfriends-and-me​ @ajeff855​ @buckysbeloved​ @milkxxkookies​ @beskar-tano​ @spideysimpossiblegirl​ @jenrebloggingfics​ @rosiefridayrogersunday​ @mistermiraclee​ @fleurlovesbucky​
bucky taglist: @whatrambles​ @our-zombie-muses​ @rogueheretic555​ @t3a-bag​ @tinylumpiaa​ @buckysfailedmissions​  @buckyswildflower 
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bucky-bucket-barnes · a month ago
hello!! I would love your take on bucky with his pregnant wife/gf being an stressed out mess because she is also stressing out and it's just a big stressing situation idk. I love me some domestic/father-to-be buck. it could be angst, fluff, humour, whatever really!
small bump
Summary: Bucky has fought literal armies, survived multiple murder attempts, and still nothing worries him like his pregnant wife.
Pairings: bucky barnes x pregnant!reader
Warnings: tooth rotting fluff and pregnancy
Word Count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“I can get it,” you explained to Bucky, already feeling frustration rising in your chest.
“I know. Now sit down so I can do it for you instead.”
You shot your husband a tired gaze, sighing before turning around to face him. Bucky had always been the protective type to say the least, but with baby Barnes on the way, he was damn near obsessive.
“Am I in trouble?”
“I can get the damn cup.”
Ever since you hit the seven month mark, he had been doing this, wanting to do everything for you. At first, it was sweet, but soon you felt like you were going stir crazy. You want the remote? I can get it. I know it’s closer to you, I just want to help. Do you need some water? That’s all the way downstairs, I’ll get it instead. What do you mean you don’t need help to the bathroom? What if you fall? I am not being overbearing, I’m being careful.
He threw his hands back up in a defensive stance. “I just think I can help-”
Before he could finish his sentence, you were already on your tiptoes, reaching for a cup on the top shelf. Just as your fingertips began to grasp at the plastic, from behind your husband lifted you off your feet, picking you up before setting you down away from the cabinet.
You pouted as Bucky got the cup you had just been reaching for. With a bright smile, he handed you the small plastic dish before saying, “See? Wasn’t that easier?”
“I’m not thirsty anymore,” you grumbled before walking towards the nursery.
The smile quickly fell from his face as he trailed behind like a lost puppy, wondering where you were going.
“Doll, is something wrong?” He asked as he walked up the stairs behind you, hand on the small of your back to help guide you.
“You sure?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m just tired.”
“I can get you-”
“No!” you interjected. You reached the door to the nursery and shook your head profusely. His help was nice, but it could be overwhelming at times. You knew it came from a good place and this was the only way he knew how to help, but you could feel your patience slipping by the minute. Today your temper was extra short.
His bright blue eyes widened, taken back by your sudden volume. He carried the expression of a scolded child before he slowly nodded his head and whispered a small sorry. As his puppy dog eyes beamed into yours sadly, you felt yourself cracking.
Rubbing your temples, you swallowed as you apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m just- there’s a lot happening right now. You’re just trying to help. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” he assured, seeing the tears brim at your eyes. Stupid hormones.
“Stop saying that,” you broke down, crying into your hands. “You’ve been trying to help this whole time and I’ve just been cranky and a mess and I’m agitated all the time and I don’t even know why.” The words came out of your mouth like a spilled glass of red wine. You’d managed to not be an emotional pregnant woman thus far, but something about today was just extra trying.
“Hey, hey,” Bucky comforted before wrapping his arms around you, allowing you to bury your face deep within the crook of his neck. “You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You’re going through a lot and you’re handling it so well.”
He pulled back to get a full view of your face, using his thumb to wipe at the tears as they ran down. As you sniffled, he knelt down on his knees to see the bump protruding from your shirt. “When you get here, you have to remind mama how great she’s doing. She loves you so much and she’s going through a lot so you can be happy and safe.”
Bucky looked up at you with a warm smile as he continued. “She’s the most wonderful woman dad’s ever met. You’re going to be just alright, kid.”
“You’re just saying that,” you sniffled, tears subsiding as a smile broke on your face.
He shook his head before pressing a light kiss on your bump and then standing to press a light kiss on your forehead. “I mean it, doll. Now, what do you want for dinner? If it’s okay, I’d like to cook.”
“Hmm, I don’t know.”
“Well, what did you have for breakfast and lunch?”
You gave it a moment's thought as you glanced at the nursery. You had been folding and putting away clothes in it all day, occasionally stopping to just admire the soft green color of the room. What did I eat today? It was so easy to lose track of time there, day dreaming about baby Barnes. Imagining Bucky holding them close to his chest as he hummed a soft tune.
“So, it’s a crazy story actually.”
“Y/N?” he asked, his tone more serious and expression more stoic.
“Am I in trouble?”
“Did you not eat today?”
“I forgot,” you shrugged, trying to play it off. Pregnancy brain was real. It didn’t just mean sometimes you’d misplace your keys in the fridge or forget your phone was in your hands. It also occasionally meant letting other more important things slip from your mind. Whoops.
His bright eyes immediately blew up with worry as he panicked, “You haven’t eaten all day?” He looked like he was about to pass out, scanning you up and down as if you were about to faint.
“Look on the brightside, at least it means I’m not an emotional pregnant lady. I’m just hungry,” you joked.
Bucky did not laugh. He did not find the situation funny at all.
“We’re getting food in you. Now,” he commanded softly, taking your hand to help guide you back down stairs.
“Bucky, I’m okay, you don’t have to fret so much.”
“I can’t believe my wife and child didn’t eat today and I didn’t notice,” he scolded himself.
You couldn’t help but giggle at your husband. “Hey, I’m supposed to be the crazy pregnant one.”
Leading you to the counter, he placed a cup of water in front of you before rummaging through the fridge frantically.
“You’re going to give me a heart attack, you know that?”
“Easy there, old man, you don’t want to run up your blood pressure,” you teased, sipping at your water.
“You, Missy, are in trouble. I’m fretful because it works,” he announced, placing ingredients for a sandwich on the counter before tossing you an apple. “Eat that while I finish. Where was I? Yes, I was talking about how my tendency to worry is the backbone of this household-”
“Do you need anything?” His head snapped up from the poorly constructed sandwich he was making.
“I love you. Don’t change,” you praised, leaning over the counter, to press a gentle kiss onto his forehead.
“I love you too. Please remember to eat,” he answered, returning your kiss with one of his own.
As you watched your husband hurriedly throw together a sandwich for you and your kid, you knew everything was going to be just alright.
A/N: Thank you for the suggestion anon! All likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated. I thought I’d give y’all some fluff before I start writing another angsty^™ piece again, as I’m still getting comments about When It All Falls Apart.
My masterlist
My taglist: @itscheybaby @akaaaaashiiii @kiwiisgolden
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softlybarnes · 5 months ago
Summary: The reader and Bucky go to a summer carnival. Bucky is determined to win a prize for the reader.
Pairing: Bucky X Reader
Word Count: ~1.5k
Warnings: FLUFF, bucky's kinda gross tho
A/N: This is purely self-indulgent fluff because I miss summer and crowded carnivals. Please let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
The summer evening is dewy with humidity, fairgrounds packed with people. Children shriek on a nearby carnival ride, long lines of people trailing through the trampled grass waiting their turn to purchase funnel cake and lemonades, more ride tickets and glow sticks.
You sit at a picnic table, watching with affection as Bucky licks powdered sugar from his fingers across from you.
His shirt sticks to his sides with sweat from the heat, his short hair mussed, curly and fluffy in a way that makes you want to reach out and run your hands through it.
“That’s really pretty good,” he says, moving on from the funnel cake to the fried oreos and loaded nachos.
“You’re going to make yourself sick,” you muse, pushing the napkin dispenser closer to him.
“Nah,” he says, licking liquid cheese from his thumb. “I still have to get through the frito pie, the french fries, and the fried pickles.”
You press your lips together and take a sip of your lemonade. “Suit yourself, Barnes. I’ll laugh at you later when you hurl on the tilt-a-whirl.”
“Don’t you want any, sweetheart?” He asks, ignoring your snark.
You shake your head and pick at the remains of your own funnel cake.
When you ordered two of them earlier, you hadn’t expected Bucky to take one bite of his before promptly heading back to the food stall to purchase an assortment of fair food.
He seemed determined to try every greasy food on the menu.
“There’s supposed to be fireworks later this evening,” you say. “Wanna stay and watch?”
He nods, dipping one of the fried pickles into the frito pie. “Of course. I need time to win you one of those,” Bucky nods toward the long line of booths housing skill games, stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling and stuck to the walls as prizes.
You roll your eyes. “I do not need some bear, Barnes.”
“You sure about that, doll face?” He takes a long draught of the beer in front of him. “I think you could use one. Something to hold on to when I’m not around.”
You scoff. “God, I’m not that desperate, Bucky. Besides, I have Alpine to keep me company.”
Bucky groans and reaches across the table for your hand. “C’mon! You don’t want your fella to win you something?”
“Don’t you dare start raggin’ on me.”
“Fine. Win me a dumb bear then, Barnes.”
He grins at you, “I’ll win your that damn stuffed animal and you’ll treasure it forever. Mark my words.”
“Sure, I will,” you snip back, smiling, waiting for Bucky to finish the greasy spread in front of him. You try one of the pickles and find they aren’t too terrible, and would have liked to have an orea had Bucky not already inhaled all of them.
As soon as he’s done, he gathers up the various wrappers and tosses them in an already overflowing bin. He licks his fingers and reaches for your hand, making you squeal and dip out of his reach.
“That’s so gross,” you say, reaching into your bag for hand sanitizer. “Here.”
Bucky sticks his hand out obediently and you massage it into his palm, handing him a tissue wetted with the stuff for his metal hand. “You act like I haven’t had worse...fluids on my hands and touched you.”
You wrinkle your nose as he throws the tissue away and takes your hand, bringing it up to his lips to kiss, “Buck! There are children around. Don’t say fluids, it's gross.”
He rolls his eyes and keeps your hand in his, leaning in to graze his teeth over the curve of your ear. “Fluids,” he whispers, voice husky before his tongue flicks out.
You shiver and giggle but swat him away. “Stop it! Disgusting, Barnes.”
Bucky gestures out at the long line of arcade and skill games. “The world is your oyster. You pick the challenge, I win the prize.”
You slip your arm through his and point to the first colorful stall you see. Bucky immediately steers you that way, smiling.
The sun is starting to fade, the world painted in shades of yellow and gold, pink and peach. Bucky glows, lit by the dying light and peace in his eyes. You can hear laughter and screams of delight, friends shouting playfully at each other. A band has started playing somewhere, the crickets loud in the grass.
It's a perfect summer evening.
You lean up to press a kiss to his jaw, chuckling when he hums and leans into it, turning his head to try and kiss you on the lips. He only snags the corner of your mouth though, and so he nips at your bottom lip.
You stand in line, watching person after person fail at the game.
It turns out to be a balloon game.
Five dollars for five darts.
Pop five balloons, get a big prize.
Pop three, get a small prize.
You watch a slow smile spread over Bucky’s face with easy assurance that he could win with little effort. The sun is rapidly setting now, neon lights of the rides and stalls reflecting in his bright eyes.
He slaps a five down onto the counter when it's his turn and receives five darts from the teenager behind the counter. “Thank you very much,” he says, confidence brimming over.
You stand back and watch, you watch as the world renowned assassin and master marksman strikes out.
His brow furrows as each dart strikes, but doesn’t pop a single balloon. “What the hell?” he asks, turning to look at you. “What the hell?”
You shrug, infinitely amused, as he pulls out another five, now carefully analyzing the wall of balloons. The crease between his eyes has appeared, hard concentration radiating from his gaze, shoulders back, spine stiff.
Patting his arm gently in concession, you look out across the wall of prizes and realize they’re superhero themed, toys for almost every hero. With a swoop of your gut you realize that Bucky’s is most left over.
Almost no one has chosen the teddy bear with a sliver arm and black goggles over his eyes, mask over his face.
Why had they chosen that design? You suppose it's his most memorable look, but that excuse is not good enough to you.
Suddenly, you so badly need Bucky to win, you need to be able to choose his bear. You want to pick his bear and fix it up.
Biting your lip you look back at his face, wondering if Bucky has realized.
If he has, he doesn’t show it. When he does maybe his heart will break a little bit, and so you need to pick it, you need him to win so you can choose his stupid toy over all the others.
His face changes then, like a light bulb flickering on. “I got it, doll,” he says, smiling back at you. “It's rigged.”
“Of course it's rigged, dear,” you chirp, nervously. Rigged, sure, but was it unwinnable?
“Yeah, but I figured it out.”
He looks proud of himself and so you gesture with a little bow for him to get on with it. “Go on then, Barnes, impress all of us.”
Bucky leans over and kisses the side of your head, and then collects his darts. He aims and throws and pops every single target.
The kid behind the counter whistles. “Pretty good shot. Pick whatever you want.”
“Oh, honey,” he starts sarcastically, turning dramatically to you, hand over heart. “I know you didn’t want any dumb stuffed animal so maybe I should-,”
“That one,” you point to one of the winter soldier bears whose goggles are skewed to the side. “I want that one right in the middle.”
You feel Bucky’s arm curl around your waist, his chin against your shoulder. “You sure you don’t want a more popular one?”
To your relief, he sounds amused.
“Yes, absolutely.”
You’re handed a bear that you tuck under your arm. “Thank you very much, Barnes. He’ll make a very nice addition to Alpine’s blanket nest. I plan to fix him up to look like you first though so she’ll recognize you.”
Bucky barks out a laugh and squeezes your side gently to lead you down the path. The day has cooled into night now and Bucky suggests going to find a place to watch the fireworks show later.
“That just means you want to find somewhere to make out,” you accuse.
“Well,” he starts, clearing his throat, “I mean I brought that picnic blanket and all.”
You bite back a smile. “Oh, is that what it's for?”
“Yep. Neckin’ while stuff explodes in the sky? What more could you want?”
You lean against him as you walk, not minding that his body heat added to the warm air in an almost uncomfortable way, squeezing your new bear tight.
“Only if we can get more funnel cake and lemonade.”
“Way ahead of you, sweetheart,” he says, dragging you back into line by a food truck. You kiss the top of his shoulder and close your eyes as you wait, content. “Hey,” he says, flicking the bear's ear so you crack open one eye. “Thanks for choosing me,” he murmurs, voice serious. His blue eyes are fastened on yours, looking hard into the center of you.
You nod and kiss the back of his hand that’s atop the bear’s head, “Always, love. That’s one thing you never have to worry about.”
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nikkixostan · 6 months ago
Two Experiments//B.Barnes
!no spoilers but this would take place during tfatws episodes 2 and 3!!
warnings: lots of cursing, mentions of hydra (yes that's a warning lol), mentions of alcohol
summary: Bucky knew Zemo would have a lead, but knowing Zemo he would need to bring you with him. And after years of putting off this reunion he was desperate to have you by his side.
authors note: thank you so much for all the love on Eye Candy! I wanted to give you all another sarcastic Bucky fic and I hope you all love this one as well. lots of love babes <3
Tumblr media
“Before we go to see Zemo we need to get her.” Bucky said to Sam as they walked away from the imposter of Captain America.
“Yeah good luck with that one. She’s as stubborn as you and finding out you're getting her back just for Zemo--well you know what I wanna see how this turns out.” Sam said patting the back of Bucky laughing at his idea.
“He won’t talk to us. He’ll talk to her.” He said reassuringly. To even get a lead to this super soldier scheme, he knew Zemo would know something--or at least know where to start. But Zemo had an obsession with Hydra, and bringing the prized possessions of Hydra to him will Bucky and Sam out.
✰ ✰ ✰
Bucky had found your location rather quickly. He knew you would be in Italy. You both had talked about running to Italy together during your days at Hydra. So when you broke out, he knew you would always be there.
You were there waiting for him and that broke him even more.
Walking into the apartment with Sam he saw how much it resembles you as a person. There was a vase filled with fresh flowers, some clean spots and some spots where your clothes littered the floors. You had all your favorite food scattered along the counters and in the fridge you had plums. Smiling at the small gesture in your apartment that was directed towards him.
“So where is princess Hydra?” Sam asked as he walked around. Sitting on the couch that you had.
“Well it’s ten pm on a friday night. She’s out clubbing.” Bucky said as he walked into your bedroom. Your bed was made and had no indents, as if it’s never been slept on. But on the floor there was a pillow.
“I like her a lot. More than you. Girl knows how to live her life after being an experiment for Hydra.” Sam said.
“Yeah she knows how to live life.” Bucky said smiling to himself as he saw your heels gone from your shoe pile.
“So what are doing here, are we going clubbing?” Sam said standing up walking over to Bucky.
“Yeah put these on. Find her and I’ll do the rest.” Buky handed an ear piece to Sam and they both walked out leaving your apartment. Bucky taking one last look at what could've been his.
✰ ✰ ✰
The club was packed. Filled with young adults from all over the world. It was a speakeasy type club where only the in-people were allowed in. So when Bucky and Sam walked in they knew that they stood out. Wanting to blend in--both of them split up and walked around the club looking for the Hydra princess.
Bucky walked over to the bar, ordering whatever the bartender handed him. Sipping on it lightly, he saw Sam upstairs talking to some girl--completely lost within her trance. He knew he was on his own trying to find you. Looking over towards the dance floor and un-fucking believable to him—you’re dancing. Bucky didn’t know what he was expecting. You were an experiment like him, but you two had come out of Hydra completely different. Your hands were all over you, enhancing the curves you owned. Fuck you were making this hard for him. In two ways. The dress you're wearing is just making it worse for the 106 year old to get up and walk over. Adjusting his position, he tried to gain composure and some confidence before walking over to you.
“Dude what happened to your game? Leave it in the 40’s? Sam said over the ear piece laughing. Bucky didn’t even answer just finishing off the drink that had no effect on him.
Standing up he made his way towards the dance floor. Moving towards your body that was completely lost within the beat of the music. Moving his hands around your waist and swaying with your body--he was trying to blend in but also get close enough to you. But when your hands moved to feel his. You automatically knew it was him. One hand cold as metal and another warm as blood. Quickly you turned around to be met with the face you once planned to love forever. But he was rescued, not you, and you wanted to have fun with this.
“Enjoy the show Soldier?” You asked him as your arms felt him everywhere.
“We need to talk.” He said moving closer to your ear.
“About what? About how you left Hydra without me. Not even bothering to check in to see if they killed me. How you got to be back with your best friend Steve Rodgers. And when I blipped I knew you had something to do with it. Is that a new arm?” You asked him noticing the once metal that was Hydra’s was now a sleek black and gold color.
“Look you help me out, I’ll help you out.” He said tightening a grip on your bicep. He was desperate to have you back. Not only for this mission but to also have you back in his life. Back at Hydra you were there for him after evry torturing memory wipe, and everything else. You sat in your cell talking to him about how he was an American soldier, and who he once was before being a chess piece for Hydra.
“That’s not how it works anymore.” You moved closer to him placing a kiss along his jawline and watching him smallow and his breathing become erratic. Laughing to yourself slightly you leaned up to his ear.
“You’re not here for me. I know about the earpiece, you in my apartment, and how this is all a setup for you to get my help.” Placing a kiss on his neck you pulled the earpiece out and handed it to him.
“You’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that to get me in on whatever bullshit you're planning with birdwing up there.” And with that you saw his face being displayed with shock, turning away you walked out of the club. You heard your name being shouted at by him as you entered the car. Looking over you saw him being desperate and you wanted him to feel that. That desperate feeling of wanting the other person. Feeling helpless when they let you down, after promising to be by your side forever.
✰ ✰ ✰
The car had dropped you off in front of your apartment complex. Tipping them, you got up to the staircase before you heard him.
“Y/N! Please wait!” He was running. He ran from the club to your apartment complex. You laughed at his determination.
“I fucked up ok I get it I fucked up but I couldn’t go back as soon as I got out. They would find me and lock me up again. I wanted to have a chance at getting you out. Fuck when I found out that you got out I was thrilled, but you got an apartment here where you wanted. I thought that if I showed up one day you would just shut the door in my face. But I know I fucked up. I should've been here as soon as you got an apartment. When I saw that you had plums, it broke me in a way Hydra could never do. You sleep alone on the floor, fuck I do to across the world in New York. But we have a chance to stop Hydra again if they're behind this super soldier stunt. But Zemo loved you as much as he loved me and as fucked as that sounds I need you by my side when I go in. He won’t cooperate if we were not there I fucked up and I need you and if you never wanna see me again after this. Ok I’ll do whatever you want.”
You decided to cut him off from talking.
“I want you to shut up.” You said sternly. Bucky looked at the ground thinking you weren’t in on this and this was a waste of time--but he had held onto hope a little longer.
“You’re late.” You said walking down the staircase towards him.
“Yeah well you were extremely early.” He said, humoring himself.
“If Zemo tries any stunts we ruin him. But you don’t ruin this again. Don’t ruin us.”
“We are already ruined.” Was the last thing he said before he captured you within his arms and pulled you towards him. Breathing cut off for both of you, your kiss was rapid and desperate. It held so much pain and desperation for the other. Years of watching the other be tortured by Hydra and not being able to say ‘It’ll be ok’. But now here you both were, entranced by each other’s presence. As if you couldn’t deepen the kiss even more Bucky moved his hand to your waist to move your whole body closer to him. You pulled away placing your hands on his chest. Completely panting and out of breath. Grabbing his arm you walked up to the staircase with him.
“Tomorrow we’ll go.” You said opening the gate. But as soon as the gate closed Bucky engulfed you in another kiss. Laughing as he pulled away.
“Eager?” You asked him.
“You have no idea.” He said before grabbing your hand and leading you towards your apartment. And in that moment it was like Hydra didn’t exist, and you and Bucky were two normal people who were extremely in love with one another. With him now with you, there was no challenge you two couldn’t defeat. After all, you were Hydra’s princess and prince. And as twisted as it seems, you thanked Hydra for letting you and Bucky train together because this love story started as two experiments who were gonna be used as war weapons.
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holdontorogers · 2 months ago
hiiii !! i fucking LOVE your writing, you’re so talented!! i wanted to request a bucky x reader where they have a mission and a stark gala afterwards, maybe the mission was a little grueling and there’s some heavy tension after? you can do smut or whatever you want tbh i bet it’ll be amazing regardless!! thank uuuu<3
࿐ 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐨 𝐰𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠, 𝐛.𝐛.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; tfatws!Bucky x fem!Reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 1,732
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI, friends to lovers, mentions of bruises, swearing, pet-names (gorgeous, baby), unprotected sex, semi-public sex (hallway), mocking, praise kink, ruined kink, slight breeding kink.
𝐚/𝐧; GIF CREDITS, tysm for your words bby 🥺💕 i’m so glad you enjoy my writing and I hope you liked this one! sorry it took so long 💕
Tumblr media
It went bad, extremely fucking bad. You were all ambushed, Clint was hit in the leg, everyone panicked for a hot minute.
It was a lot, a very explicit mission gone bad stamped on all of you as you returned to the compounded.
Frustrated sighs, bruises and a defeated expression in all of you, nobody needed to ask how things went. It was more than obvious.
But it didn’t matter — Tony Stark still needed his stupid damn gala.
“It’s gonna cheer us up” he tried as all of you groaned, objected and it was useless.
In a matter of hours you had all to get on the quinjet and go to the Tower, Stark would have his event.
You rolled your eyes as you slid the dress down your body. Fixing your hair and applying the last touches of your makeup.
A heavy breath leaving you as you made your way out of your room. You stumped into Bucky on your way out.
“Hey” was all he managed to say under gritted teeth, you smiled, amused by the grumpy man.
“Oh cmon” you poked his chest with your arm. “We’re gonna have so much fun tonight!” you fake cheering only made him groan and roll his eyes.
No one hated these events more than Bucky Barnes. They annoyed him to an extreme, his grumpy self present in his face from beginning to end.
Still, all the single girls seemed to jump at him anyways. He didn’t even have to put on a smile.
You would never, ever confess that out loud but oh fuck, did those girls made you jealous.
You tried to ignore it and stay away from them, but God, you really wish Bucky could notice the effect he had on you.
Because obviously you wouldn’t just end your friendship by admitting you had this stupid crush on him, it would be your secret to take to the grave.
“You look nice tho, gorgeous” Bucky snapped you out of your daydreams so fast you could only stared at him with slight shock on your face.
“I — what?” you were confused, almost sure you heard something wrong.
“What?” he shrugged his shoulders.
“Just because I hate these things doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge how beautiful you look in this dress” you blinked a few times, as he gave you his hands to pull you into the jet.
You were still a little shocked as you flew to the Tower. Was that Bucky flirting? And that pet-name???
He was a super soldier which probably meant he could clearly see the shrives running down your body whenever he called you peach.
It was fucking hard to resist him when he was on a black suit, smelling like leather, sandalwood and Bucky — because it was just too unique to classify.
You had to control yourself. There was no way you’d survive the whole party with these thoughts in your head.
You had to get away from Bucky as soon as possible.
He threw away all caution he might’ve had. But seeing all flushed and unable to think as he said how beautiful you were made it all worth it.
Being a 106 year old cyborg and former assassin was hard enough. Dealing with the world he was in seemed like a bad joke.
And then there was you. Bucky didn’t even remember what it was like to actually have feelings.
But your shy way, the way you always cared for him, and how you seem to break down all the walls he created made him understand that there was no escape.
Yeah, he took longer than he should’ve and he wanted to make sure he was not wrong and would just fuck things up between you two.
But he notices you, he notices everything about you. He knows all about you, especially how tense you feel around him.
Bucky noticed the signs slowly.
How you pressed your legs together when you were staring too hard at him, how you would bite your lips whenever he enter a room.
The way goosebumps went through your body when he was close, too fucking close.
He also noticed how annoyed you’d be whenever he mentioned a date or another girl. It was cute, really.
But Bucky’s had enough, because it was not obvious to you that he felt the exact same way, with twice the desperation.
He would always make sure your favorite flavor of coffee and your favorite mug were there for you every morning.
He would protect you with his life whenever tou were assigned to missions together. He even tried asking you out — but you only thought he meant it as a friend.
Bucky started to hate that word, fucking friends. That didn’t stop him from pumping his cock and moaning your name every damn night.
He needed to do something, and if Stark thought you all need a party to relax after the long failure of a mission you had, than so be it.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ‎⍟ ༉‧₊˚ ───────── ⋅⊰
The party was dreadful, and Bucky kept staring at you. Those blue eyes always capturing yours as you tried to ignore the ache between your legs.
“Having a nice time, beautiful?” you nearly dropped the drink in your hands as Bucky whispered in your ears.
“Buck, hey!” your heart was hammering in your chest, as you stared wide eyed while the super soldier only smirked at you, what was it with him today?
“I feel like today you’re hating this event more than I usually do” he said, as he ran his tongue through his lower lip.
You tried not to drool at the sight. Muttering out something no one could be able to understand.
“Lost your words?” Bucky cocked his head to the side a coy smile on his face, “maybe we can go somewhere more private so we can, uh, talk”.
You were taken by surprise but all of it, but you followed him anyways.
You don’t know how it happened, all you knew is that you were back against the wall at an empty hallway with Bucky’s knee between your leg as you both devoured each other’s mouth.
It was teeth and tongue colliding in a messy and needy kiss.
“It’s been so long since I wanted to do this” Bucky purred.
“Always wondered what your pretty lips would taste like” he went back to kissing you, his finger running your body.
Bucky slid his hand pass your dress his two fingers pushing your panties to the side.
His fingers pushing your panties to the side, the contact with your pussy making you arch your back.
“However, cannot wait to taste you there” he smirked, gripping you tighter with his other hand as he saw how wet you were, his eyes darkening.
Bucky kept the eye contact as he brought his fingers to his mouth to taste you.
You swallowed hard at the sight, biting your lips to hold back a moan.
“Bet I could just take my dick out and you would take it all easily” he hovered your face with his lips, as you whined and opened his pants.
You grabbed his length through his boxers, gasping at how hard and big he was. your eyes widening for a second.
“Don’t worry baby girl” he cooed. “You’ll be able to take it all” he removed his boxers enough for his dick to be free.
“I bet this greedy pussy is dripping for me” he said, running his fingers through your folds again, spreading your arousal.
“Sadly I can’t take my time with you because someone could cut our fun short any minute now” he pouted, stroking his length a few times “but let’s enjoy the time we have”.
He winked, as he raised your dress and pushed his length into you, waiting a minute for you to adjust to his size.
“Bucky” you whined, “please” his stillness was driving you crazy. He chuckled at your desperation.
“such a needy baby” he mocked, “i’m ball deep inside you and still so desperate to be fucked” he started to move inside you, a slow agonizing pace as you tried to hold back the whimpering and moans.
“don’t worry, gonna ruin you all night, you won’t be able to fucking walk tomorrow” he promised, increasing his pace.
It became harder and harder to contain your sounds.
Bucky’s thrusts were hitting your sweet time without an error, you head was threw back you grabbed his shoulders for some balance.
“shh baby” Bucky’s arm gripped your throat, the pressure driving you even closer to the edge.
“Such a good girl, taking me so good” he praised, “such a tight pretty pussy, like it’s made for me” he had to contain his own groans as he hid his face in your neck.
“My pretty girl, all ruined for me” he whispered, “you look so good with your make up ruined, all for taking my cock so well” he mewled, his thrusts deeper and faster, you were close.
“Bucky, I—” you tried, but another big moan threatened to pass your lips as Bucky shushed you with his own mouth.
His thumb found your clit and he became to draw slow circles, the nod in your stomach about to explode.
You bite his shoulder as you came, white hot spots of pleasure blinding you as Bucky drove you through your high.
“Gonna have to fill you up” Bucky’s thrusts were sloppy and he was flushed, pink cheeks and sweat covering his perfect face.
“Gonna have you dripping with our mess for you to know who you belong to now” he said, as he had to contain his own moans as he came inside you.
You were both trying to recover your breathing as you held on each other for some balance.
Foreheads pressed together as you two didn’t dare to move.
“Cant believe we took so long to do this, hope you get used to us now” he smiled, rubbing your cheek.
You smiled back, pecking his lips.
“Not gonna let you go anymore Buck, don’t worry” you winked back, as you both made your ways back to your room.
Neither of you bothered to go back to the party, as you’d prefer to make a party of your own, now that you had the chance to have Bucky to yourself.
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jobean12-blog · 7 months ago
PowerPoint for Dummies in Love
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,225
Summary: Peter gets a great idea and Sam uses it as an opportunity to give you and Bucky a nudge in the right direction... :D 
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Lucky in Love Celebration and day 20: opportunity. I got this super fun and perfect ask from a lovely anon! Thank you and hope you enjoy! Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Tumblr media
Warnings: super fluffy fun, smiles, a kiss :) 
THIS IS SPOILER FREE! No spoilers here! :)
Gif by @james-bucky Thank you! 
Tumblr media
Lucky in Love Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Oh, come on Mr. Stark! It’ll be so fun! And you can do a whole PowerPoint on your favorite music or your best inventions or even one of Pepper. She would love that!” Peter pleads.
“All my inventions are the best,” Tony states, staring Peter down before throwing his hands up in exasperation. “Fine, fine,” he mutters. “But this better be good,” he threatens before walking off.
Peter’s eyes are wide as he watches Tony leave but once he’s out of sight he does a little fist pump and rushes off to text everyone.
The next night you and the team are gathered in the common room and Tony has his computer projecting off the coffee table. Peter goes first, his PowerPoint basically a tribute to Tony and his greatness.
Tony is practically preening by the time it’s over and clearly relishing in the whole idea now. Steve goes next, giving a whole presentation on the benefits of running, much to the chagrin of Sam.  Nat follows, showcasing her favorite knives and their uses and then Clint does one on music. Sam goes next.
You’re seated next to Nat and across from Bucky. Every so often you catch him looking your way, his eyes soft and a smile playing on his lips when he sees you laugh at one of the slides. You wiggle your fingers in a little wave and mouth “hi.” He returns the gesture with the kind of smile that crinkles the skin around his eyes and makes his nose scrunch up.
“Earth to Barnes! Hello. I’m about to get started up here and you’re not gonna want to miss this,” Sam says with a devilish grin.
Bucky pulls his gaze from yours and looks up at the screen. Sam smiles at everyone before starting.
“So, at first I thought Peter’s idea was a little ridiculous but then I got this great idea and I knew exactly what to use this opportunity for.” Sam looks at Bucky and then at you. “This presentation is about love,” Sam continues and everyone lets out a chorus of aw’s. He holds up a finger, “and two people who are too dopey to see it even when it’s right in front of their faces.”
You give Nat a ‘what the hell is this look’ but she just raises a perfect eyebrow and smiles. When you turn back to Sam you can feel the weight of Bucky’s stare and give him a quick glance. He’s watching you intently, those blue eyes a swirling sea that you can easily get lost in.
Sam clears his throat and your attention is once again on him. The first slide comes up and it’s a picture of Bucky. He’s giving Sam the finger and scowling. You instantly smile, letting your eyes drift to Bucky who returns the smile and winks.  
“Now this picture shows how Bucky looks when he’s around me,” Sam laughs, grinning Bucky’s way. “Take a look folks, he’s doing it right now.”
Everyone turns to Bucky, who is now looking at Sam and no longer smiling, and starts to laugh, his expression nearly mirroring the one in the picture on the slide.
“This next one is of all of us,” Sam says, moving on. “Notice who’s under Bucky’s arm and how happy his smile is here. Also, no sign of any middle fingers.”
Bucky cuts in. “Where the hell did you get these pictures Wilson?”
Sam shrugs like it’s nothing and keeps going.
“This next little piece is a video from Tony’s Birthday party last month. Watch here,” Sam says, pausing the video. “If you look at Bucky in this shot he doesn’t look like he’s having that much fun but the moment he sees his favorite person in the whole Universe walk in,” Sam pauses and looks directly at you, “his whole face lights up and he’s smiling like a complete idiot.”
Your palms are sweaty and your stomach is doing somersaults. You don’t dare steal a glance at Bucky, too afraid of what emotions his eyes might hold now.
“Let’s keep going,” Sam says, clearly enjoying himself. “This is a simple t-chart showing all the times Bucky has said no to me and yes to her.” Once again Sam’s playful eyes land on you.
“He won’t go running with me or Steve if it’s too early, but if she asks, well he’ll do anything no matter what the time.”
The whole team is doing their best to hold back laughter but the sniggers and snickers can be heard all around the room. You finally tear your eyes from Sam and lift them to Bucky’s. You let out a big exhale when you see that your favorite crinkly eyed smile is plastered to his face and directed at you.
“I’m not done gang!” Sam clicks to one last slide. “I put this one together with a little help from the girls.”
There is a picture of you sitting next to Bucky during one of the game nights. He’s looking at the game board and laughing and you’re staring at him, with that same goofy grin that he saves just for you reflected on your own face.
The bullet points next to the picture list each thing you’ve said about Bucky to Nat and Wanda when you’ve had a loose tongue from one too many drinks.
“Shall we read this over together?” Sam asks, his smile growing when he sees you and Bucky just smiling at each other.
“He has such a great ass.” Sam purses his lips in disbelief before going on.
“It’s not America’s ass,” Steve cut in and shouts, causing Sam to lean over to high five him.
“He smells soooooooo good.” Sam makes sure to emphasize the extra o’s in so.
“I want to steal all his shirts, especially his Henley’s. He has the most beautiful eyes!” Sam rolls his eyes at that last one before batting his eyelashes.
At this point you’re so far past embarrassed that all you can do is smiler wider at Bucky and accept the truth. Bucky’s face is flushed pink but he never once looks away, holding your gaze as Sam continues with his power point.
“And lastly and my personal favorite…I like his metal arm. A lot.”
You finally drop your head into your hands and let out a groan, “oh my god. Ladies. I’ll never tell you another secret again!”
Nat rubs your back but her smirk never falls. “Aw don’t worry. Be thankful we didn’t tell Sam everything,” she teases.
It isn’t until cool fingers gently wrap around your wrist that you look up into those beautiful blue eyes.
“It’s all true,” he says, pulling you up to his chest. “You are my favorite person in the Universe.”
You wrap your arms around his neck. “Good because that means I can have your Henley’s forever now.”
“They’re all yours baby doll and I am too.” He whispers the last words against your lips, just low enough for you to hear.
You melt into his touch and let your lips brush his in a barely there kiss.
“Well, what are you waiting for Barnes! Kiss her!” Sam yells and everyone chimes in with their agreement.
Your eyes flutter closed the moment Bucky’s lips meet yours and you curl your fingers into his hair, pulling him closer.
Tumblr media
@addikted-2-dopamine  @bugsbucky​ @book-dragon-13​ @buckysdollx​ @cherryblossomskye​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @eurynome827​ @hiddles-rose​ @jhangelface0523​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​ @jewels2876​ @loricameback​ @lookiamtrying​ @lorilane33​ @lizette50​ @marvelgirl7​ @nano--raptor​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @randomfandompenguin​ @whatrambles​ @white-wolf1940​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @moonlitskinandcrimsonribbons​ @littleredstarfish​
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lovelybarnes · a month ago
dream girl- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, platonic!sam wilson warnings: mentions of blood, mentions of mission dangers about: prompt “you’re my dream girl.” a/n: found this in my drafts and i actually?? really?? like this??
it’s not your most glamorous moment.
you’ve just finished one of your dirtier missions, clear in the dirt that sticks to your cheeks and the blood that stains your fingers, its splatters of red light on your jawline. you’re tired, and every single muscle in your body aches and burns, but your head is tilted towards sam next to you, a tired but genuine grin playing on your lips while you joke with him.
bucky’s in front of you, observing you and the winces you make when you move in a way that stresses one of your injuries, cracking a smile when your own lips curve upwards and listing all the places that make you hurt, reminding himself to massage your shoulders and force you to go to the medbay so you don’t feel the pain of your wounds.
the shadow of the spirit you wear when fighting is still ghosted on your features, laced in your tone when you push sam’s shoulder lightly or playfully jab at steve. the presence you have when you’re out on the field trails after the movements of the fingers that elicit deep green swirls, the playfulness of your teasing words when you effortlessly knock someone out, the ease of the routine you’ve learned well enough to do in your sleep painfully obvious as bodies drop in your wake. although the struggle is evident in the slashes of your suit, bloodied skin poking through the rips.
your face is dirty- everyone is- you look tired, but none of what should diminish the glow you carry with you, laced in the tug of your smile and the crinkles of your eyes, does.
as if you can feel bucky’s eyes on you (and you probably can, you constantly let him know his stare weighs heavy), you turn from your conversation with sam to lock eyes with him, gifting him a grin and a cheesy blown kiss that sam catches and gags at. you jab a finger into his shoulder and push him lightly. bucky can’t help the chuckle that escapes him before you stand and walk over to him.
“what?” you ask softly, sitting next to him. he’s filled with a feeling he didn’t think he would ever feel again when you let yourself slump against him, relaxing your body on his shoulder, letting your head fall on his shoulder as if it has been aching to do so for decades.
“what what?” he counters, wrapping an arm around you. “you’re staring, buck,” you inform, looking up at him. “ooh,” you scrunch your nose, “am i that dirty? i swear, if it wasn’t for those disgusting aliens-” bucky shakes his head with a laugh, “no, it’s not that at all, just…”
he looks down at you when you turn your chin to your front again. even the top of your head is a piece of artwork, stray leaves and all. “i just really love you,” he starts, his fingers unconsciously drawing his confessions of love on your arm. “i don’t know how i got so lucky,” he continues.
“you? buck, you’re the catch-” you begin with a laugh that tells him you think the cheesy poetry lines about you that run through his mind hourly are ridiculous- not because of what they say, rather what they imply: that he thinks you're perfect, but you confer.
“you don’t get it- you’re my dream girl, y/n,” bucky confesses, leaving your wide eyes and parted lips staring up at him in slight disbelief, your warm cheeks warming him. “you’re who i’ve dreamt of my whole life, hell, darlin’, you’re even better.”
“bucky,” you breathe, sitting up straight to look at him properly. self-consciously tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you begin to shake your head, “i don’t- i don’t know what-”
“you don’t have to say anything,” bucky promises, “i just want you to know,” he says honestly. because bucky values honesty after so many years of being manipulated and lied to. which is why his words are so much more real when he says them.
you’re his dream girl. you’re his dream girl in the elegant gowns and done-up hair and you’re his dream girl in dirty tac suits with dirt staining your skin and you’re his dream girl when you’re wearing clothing that is almost all his while you lounge on the couch next to him.
you’re bucky barnes’ dream girl, but you’re even better, because you’re real.
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bucks-bunny · 5 months ago
𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 - 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: You and Bucky cuddle but it's not enough for you.
WC: 560
Warnings: is there such thing as too much fluff? biker!bucky (he needs his own warning)
A/N: this was inspired from this TikTok I saw. Hope you like it!!
(gif not mine)
Tumblr media
It was miserable outside. The air was heavy with electricity, promising. A storm was coming.. You could hear the wind howling, shaking the trees in front of your bedroom. It was going to rain soon.
You loved when the weather was like this, because you would always open the window to let some fresh air in, and the sweet smell of petrichor would fill your lungs and it was one of the things you adored the most.
The only thing you enjoyed more than this, was being all snuggled up in your bed, with your boyfriend Bucky, while the world outside was momentarily falling apart.
You prepared everything: the window was open; the blankets were ready on the bed, and you were already in your comfiest clothes.
But there was only one thing missing: Bucky.
You scoured the entire house, finally finding him in the garage, busy working on his bike.
"Hey sweet girl," he lit up, seeing you enter the room.
"Buck it's raining!" you exclaimed. He knew how much you liked storms, and he shared the same excitement as you, knowing what they meant. He knew the drill: storm equal cuddles.
"Is it?" he asked, only to be answered by a clap of loud thunder, rumbling in the distance.
"Let's go then!" he put down his tools, and picked you up, resting you on his shoulders, making his way towards your shared bedroom.
The air in there was frizzy.
You jumped into the bed, squealing excitedly. Bucky disappeared momentarily to change out of his clothes, which were dirty from working in the garage all day.
"Come on, Bucky! Hurry up, it's going to stop raining soon, and this sounds like a good one"
He came back immediately, dressed in the red Henley he knew you loved so much.
"I'm here, I'm here," he grumbled, getting in bed with you and covering you both with your fluffy blanket.
You cuddled up next to him, but no matter how hard you tried switching positions, you couldn't find the perfect one. Big spoon, little spoon. You always felt too distant from Bucky. And you were practically glued to him.
"Could you please stop moving so much? I'm trying to cuddle here!" Bucky whined.
You got up on your knees, huffing. "I just...I can't find a comfortable position…"
But then, an idea popped up in your mind.
Straddling Bucky, you grabbed the hem of his Henley and put it over your head.
"What. Are. You. Doing?" Bucky asked, pretending to be irritated, but in reality, he was amused.
"Shut up." you pouted, struggling with the t-shirt, which was stuck on your head. Bucky unbuttoned it, chuckling.
"Here you go. You're free now, little koala," he grinned, seeing your head peeking out of the Henley.
"Much better," you exhaled. "Hi." you smiled at him.
"Hi baby," he replied, kissing you softly.
You placed your head in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent, a mix of his cologne and laundry detergent, blended with the smell of wet grass, that was filling the air of your room.
Bucky was lazily caressing your back, listening to the soft pitter-patter of the rain falling on the roof, and every time the thunder was too loud and scared you, he placed a soft kiss on the top of your head.
Yes, rainy days were definitely your favorite ones.
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earlgreydream · 6 months ago
| stucky x reader | fluff | smut |
oh no, there’s only one bed trope
Tumblr media
“James!” You screamed, your voice getting carried off in the wind. You kicked backwards, knocking free from the grip of a Hydra agent. You ducked as a bullet whizzed past your head, slicing through the skull of your enemy.
A hand wrapped around your arm and dragged you forward, forcing you to break into a run. Blinded by the storm, your lost your footing in the slick mud. If it wasn’t for Steve’s grip on you, you would’ve fell face first into the ground.
“Be careful!” The shout was stressed, impatient.
You swore and ran through the field after the soldiers, nearly tripping over the uneven ground. Your muscles were burning along with your lungs, and the rain was so thick you couldn’t see.
“We can’t drive in this!”
“We don’t have another option!” Steve shouted back, his grip on you tightening as he helped you onward.
The mission had gone to absolute shit before it even started. Stark sent you, Steve, and Bucky to hunt down a Hydra agent, which you’d just taken out in the field. However, he’d gotten wind of your arrival, prepared with an elite security team you had to get through. They had nearly succeeded in killing Bucky, throwing the three of you off from the beginning.
The storm had made everything nearly impossible, and it wrecked any chance of you getting home soon. No plane, not even one designed by Stark, could fly you overseas when you couldn’t see two feet ahead of you.
You couldn’t see Bucky, or Steve really, only knowing he was there by the hand on your arm. You trusted Bucky was nearby, making his way back to the car with you to try to get out of the middle of nowhere.
You were exhausted, hardly able to stand, let alone run through the storm, covered in heavy mud and gear. You finally made it to the car, your shaking hands coming into contact with cold steel.
The three of you managed to get inside the vehicle, though it didn’t feel like it was going to do any good. You were soaked from the rain and covered in mud and blood, and you were shivering from the icy temperature.
Bucky turned the key in the ignition, deciding that you needed to drive to shelter, even if he couldn’t see the road ahead.
“Fuck! Bucky!” You yelled as cold air blew directly on you from the AC, making you feel like you were going to freeze death.
“I’m fucking taking care of it, Y/N!” Bucky snapped back, raising his voice at you.
“Hey, that’s enough, Buck.” Steve interjected, despite being on edge himself. Bucky turned off the air, pulling out into the road and blindly inching back toward the small eastern-European town.
“I’m sorry.” He finally said through clenched teeth, and you shook your head.
“It’s fine, we’re all just exhausted.”
You didn’t even realize you were clung to Steve until Bucky parked, somehow managing to get you three to a motel, alive. You muttered an apology, grabbing your backpack off the floor and running into the front office.
The desk manager eyed the three of you warily, and you sagged against the wall, struggling to stay upright. The floor felt like it was rocking under you, and you grabbed Steve’s arm to try to steady yourself. You were so cold, you felt like you were about to freeze to death.
Bucky started speaking to the main in fluent Russian, the conversation growing sharper and more annoyed as they argued. You didn’t understand what the problem was, and you started to cry, overly exhausted, dirty, and weak.
“Stevie,” Bucky whined at Steve to take care of you while he continued to deal with the manager.
“Y/N, take deep breaths,” Steve hugged your shivering body to his, and Bucky gestured at you and shouted at the manager.
He flashed his gun before he was finally given a room key, and he threw the door open, motioning the two of you to follow. Steve carried your backpack for you, gently pushing you after Bucky and praying you didn’t collapse.
Bucky unlocked a room, pushing you inside ahead of him, and you stared at the one bed. You were too tired to truly care, lethargy threatening to drag you under.
“It was all they had. He’d barely give me this last room.” Bucky’s tone was apologetic, albeit frustrated.
“It’s fine, one thing at a time,” Steve sighed, and you dropped to the floor, working your boots off.
“I need a minute, you can shower first,” you said hoarsely, and the boys nodded, Bucky tenderly touching your head as he walked to the small bathroom, tearing off his ruined clothes. He was quick, and Steve was in and out right after, both of them clean in under fifteen minutes. You sat on the floor, trying to catch your breath and drink the water bottle that Bucky had forced into your hand.
“Can you stand for a shower?” Bucky asked you, and you nodded, taking his hand as he helped you off the floor. You grabbed your one change of dry clothes from your backpack and set them on the sink.
“Don’t lock it please, Y/N,” Steve called, worried you would collapse.
You stripped out of your ruined uniform, discarding it with the boys’. You stepped under the hot water, a moan escaping you as you finally got some relief from the freeze deep in your bones. You washed the mud off of your body and out of your hair, nearly crying from the relief of the hot water.
“Oh my god, fuck!” You shrieked when your clothes fell off the counter and onto the wet floor, the drain not doing much good.
“Y/N?!” Bucky’s concerned voice came as he cracked the door open.
“I’m fine, I...” you started crying again, feeling defeated and worn out.
“Doll, what happened...” Bucky’s voice was soft, the rare term of endearment making you cry harder.
“I dropped my clothes!” You shut off the water and peered around the dingy curtain. You grabbed a dry towel from his hand, staying behind the curtain as you dried off, the steam keeping you warm.
“Just leave your clothes. You can have Steve’s sweater. That’s all we’ve got, but it’ll be big, so...”
You were wrapped in the towel as you took the fluffy white sweater from Bucky, pulling it over your head once you were given some privacy.
It fell almost to your knees, the sleeves covering your hands. You wished you had something to put on under it, but this was the best you could do right now. You squeezed the moisture out of your hair before joining the boys in the small motel room.
“You okay?” Steve asked, and you nodded, thanking him for the sweater. They had only managed to raid a vending machine outside, and you were handed a package of crisps and another bottle of water. The television in the corner was playing some Russian telenovela quietly, the scratch of the fuzzy connection interrupting it.
You sat on the edge of the bed, eating the crisps and wishing you had some real food to satiate your stomach ache. You pulled an extra band from Bucky’s wrist, tying your damp hair up on top of your head, getting it off your neck.
Your two best friends wouldn’t let you lay down until you’d finished the second bottle of water, paranoid of your possible dehydration. You ignored their anxious nurturing, getting under the covers as soon as you’d finished it.
You had never felt so exhausted in your life, and your eyelids were heavy as they fell closed. The two super soldiers laid down on either side of you, surrounding you with warmth. They were like two individual heaters, pressed against your back and front in the small bed. 
You didn’t know when you fell asleep, but it was pitch-black when you woke up. You stirred, your eyes still heavy with sleep. The storm was loud outside, covering the soft breathing of the soldiers.
You felt metal between your thighs, Bucky’s hand gently rubbing your inner thigh.
“James?” You murmured, stirring.
“Mm?” He was barely awake. Steve’s arm tightened around your waist, holding you closer. You rubbed your eyes, snuggling deeper into Steve’s soft sweater.
Your mind was thick with sleepiness, and you were still stuck in a half-dream state. It was warm, dark, and heady, surrounding you in a settled calmness.
You felt Bucky’s fingers trail higher, finding you bare after the clothing mishap. You didn’t register what was happening at first until you felt him sliding along your skin, finding your bundle of nerves. You whimpered softly, your mind melting and your legs parting even though you didn’t know what was happening.
“James, what are you doing?” you whispered breathlessly.
“I can’t keep my hands off of you, doll. You’re just too irresistible,” Bucky murmured into your chest, curling up closer into you. His lips ghosted over your neck, hot kisses dotting along your skin. Your body ignited with the touch, and you couldn’t bring yourself to push him away.
“Wanna feel you,” Steve’s sleepy voice hummed through your hair, his hand moving up your sweater up to your chest. A noise escaped you as you felt Steve slowly begin to grind against your backside, hardening against your soft skin. You realized they were naked too, and you began dripping on Bucky’s fingers.
“Sweet girl, does that feel good?” he smiled against your throat, marking you up with hickeys. 
You nodded, tipping your head down to kiss him. It was a bit hesitant at first, but you couldn’t keep yourself from melting into Bucky. Your lips molded together, his gentle movements easing any doubt in your mind. Steve squeezed your breasts, teasing your nipples and making you sigh against Bucky. He slid his tongue past your lips, the warm muscle exploring your mouth. Metal fingers pressed slowly inside of you without resistance, stretching you out and rubbing your velvety skin.
Your soft sighs and moans filled the motel room, and you reached behind you to pull Steve into a searing kiss. Bucky pulled your leg over his, giving them better access. You whined a complaint when Bucky pulled his fingers from your heat, causing the boys to laugh softly.
“I’m just going to get you ready for Steve, doll. Is that alright?” Bucky’s silver eyes locked with yours, searching for any hesitation.
“Yes, but... go slow?” you whispered shyly.
“We’ll be gentle, sweetheart,” Steve promised, and you leaned your head back against his shoulder. You trusted the men, knowing they’d never hurt you, not purposely. Steve’s hand smoothed over your side, kissing the skin of your shoulder that peeked out above the neckline of his sweater. 
Bucky’s slick fingertip traced around the tight ring of muscle before carefully easing it in. Your fingers snaked into Steve’s hair, tugging lightly as Bucky worked to loosen you up. 
“I’m not hurting you, am I?” Bucky asked when your face squeezed up as he added a third finger.
“No, it just feels... strange,” you squirmed between the boys. Steve dropped his hand between your legs to distract you from the discomfort Bucky was causing. You slowly relaxed around him, smiling into Bucky’s gentle kisses. You adjusted your leg over his hips, pulling the soldier closer and smoothing your hands over his chest. 
You were restless, anxious for them to be inside of you. Your quiet begs sent shudders of anticipation through the boys, giving in without hesitation.
“I’m going to slide in first, it’ll go easier,” Bucky waited for your permission and you agreed, tugging on his long dark hair. He loved it, a deep growl coming from his throat as you pulled on the locks. Your giggles abruptly cut off as Bucky wrapped an arm around your hips, pulling you close as he sank inside of you. He mumbled profanities in Russian, overwhelmed by the feeling of your warmth surrounding his cock. Your leg draped over him allowed him to get a deep angle, feeling like he was splitting you open in the best way. He was bigger than anyone in the past, and you swore to yourself you could never go back after this.
“You’re fucking huge, James,” you whined into his ear, gasping as your words caused him to thrust against you, the friction sending electricity to your nerves. Steve laughed at that, waiting for Bucky to still before rubbing his leaking head against your other entrance. 
“Just breathe, okay?” Steve could see the nervousness in your eyes, even in the dark. You hid your face in Bucky’s chest as Steve pushed inside of you, squeezing your ass in his large hands. Bucky felt the friction against him, and he struggled not to thrust into you. 
The foreign fullness had your thoughts disconnecting, your body being overwhelmed with arousal. Your loud moans filled the silence, and you squeezed around them as Steve’s hips met yours. 
They only gave you a moment to adjust before both soldiers started moving, thrusting in and out of you, making you scream with mind-numbing pleasure. Bucky’s movements became more forceful, pulling sounds from the three of you. You couldn’t think or move, your only ability was to take it, soaking it up and igniting your body. You throbbed around them, throwing your head back against Steve. 
“You feel so good, sweetheart, you’re so tight and warm around us,” he praised, kissing your cheekbone. Your mouth opened with a choked moan, and he connected your lips, moving his tongue against yours. Bucky swore, even more turned on by the sight of his two lovers making out.
He lifted your knee higher, thrusting impossibly deeper. The pressure that had been building snapped, and you screamed as your orgasm hit you like a train. 
“Fuck, I’m so close, doll,” Bucky knew he couldn’t last long as you tightened around him like a vice. 
“Come inside of me, please, I want-” you didn’t finish your sentence as he came, throbbing inside of you as he filled you with hot ropes of release. You were reduced to mindless, incoherent begs, pleading for Steve to do the same. His strong arms held you still against him, keeping you from writhing as he came deep inside of you. Bucky swallowed your screams, and you sank weakly against them as you came down from the high that had all of you wrecked. 
You woke up slightly dazed from the post-sex sleep, exhausted from the mission and getting fucked by the two super-soldiers. You opened your arms with a sleepy whimper, making the boys laugh softly. Bucky pulled you into a hug, letting you drape your arms around his neck and cling to him. 
“How’re you feeling, doll?”
“Like I’ve had the life fucked out of me,” your voice was soft and amused, making them smile tenderly at you.
“In a good way?”
“In the best way,” you assured Steve.
“I want all of our missions to end like that.”
Bucky grinned cheekily, kissing your head and making you giggle. 
“The storm’s let up. I’m sorry, but we’ve got to get you out of bed,” Steve peeled the blankets off, making you cling tighter to Bucky in protest. 
“Your clothes are dry. C’mon, up, now.” Steve slapped your ass, and you slowly let go of Bucky.
“Help me, my legs are weak,” you held Steve’s hands as he assisted you in climbing off the bed.
“We break you?” Bucky teased, and you shook your head. You kissed Steve lightly before getting dressed, opting to leave his sweater on. 
Within an hour, you were on your way back to Stark tower, curled up on the private plane, your head in Bucky’s lap as he stroked his fingers through your hair. 
“So, everything went as planned on the mission?” Stark asked, debriefing with the three of you. You fought back a laugh, and Steve placed a hand on your back.
“Everything went great, Stark. We assassinated the target, and we all made it back alive,” Bucky confirmed.
As the three of you were walking out the door, Stark’s voice made you turn.
“Don’t think I’m stupid, I can tell what the three of you are up to!”
You squealed, running out the door with the super soldiers, away from Tony’s amused judgement. 
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starshipsofstarlord · 2 months ago
An imagine with bucky please 😊 basically reader and bucky live in the same apartment block like a few doors down and they've only ever said good morning and hello to each other but one day reader and her boyfriend have a fight in the middle of the night and bucky clearly hears it and he goes to check whats going on and somehow he ends up punching the boyfriend and then they go for a walk to calm the reader down and bucky ends up confiding in her maybe. Thank you x
𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑇ℎ𝑟𝑒𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑑
Summary: based on the request
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: abusive relationship, domestic abuse, mentions of arrest, threats, injuries, some violence
Word Count: 1212
Masterlist Link
Tumblr media
“Evening.” You spoke with your head down as you passed your neighbour, he hadn’t been in the building long, and you hardly spoke to him. It wasn’t that you didn’t or wouldn’t want to, but you had strict orders to not interfere with the new resident. Despite his lack of judgement, you knew of whom he had once been. The Winter Soldier. Your partner, upon a romantic level rather than a professional one, had uncovered his secret, he worked with the police force, and had taken Bucky in due to upholding his attendance to his arrest, and had also been there for his release. Joel had bragged about having the former assassin in handcuffs, a once wanted man and enemy of the state at his mercy. Barnes seemed obedient in his prevailing surrender, easily having accepted the terms that followed after his pardon, like a horse that was easy to handle for a novice - Joel was that novice.
Though Bucky suspected he was more complex than that; it was very straightforward to see that the officer had trouble managing his anger, he would always have his hand on his baton as though he hoped that he'd have to use it upon someone that he were taking to the station. There was a darkness to every step that he took, and the shadow was reflected around your left eye as you attempted to scathe past Bucky without him noticing, though the hood that you were wearing did not come down low enough to do that. "Evening." He replied shortly back, gulping at the sight of the growing bruise, back in the 40s men would beat on their wives, and the soldier had thought that times had changed. Women had more power than before but clearly not enough if you were showing up to your own home like this. "Are you okay?"
The question made you jump, as you mumbled a quick yes. You couldn't let the truth slip through the cracks although Bucky had already established what it was, and he was repulsed by the idea of what was happening to you behind the threshold of your apartment. If Joel were to see you fraternising with your neighbour, he would be overwhelmed in a rush of paranoia, hence why you rushed inside; he timed exactly how long it took you when you were returning from work to ensure that you weren't spilling any of your shared secrets to anyone who may be concerned by the sight that they were met with on your face. Bucky had noticed how your hand had lingered on the door handle, unsure if you should enter, but nevertheless you had chosen to, and once you had disappeared, the man realised that you hadn't locked the door.
That made him feel a little bit relieved but also nervous for what was to come, but he couldn't just intrude and impose on the home of a police officer, Sam would have his head for the plain stupidity that action would exhibit. And so he sighed and returned to his own stationary residence, turning on the tv and allowing the light from it to flicker on the walls. It didn't matter what was on, he felt physically sick from the fact that he had allowed you to enter that toxic space. His ears were constantly in tune with any sound that came from next door; the clatter of beer bottles, the drop of the television remote, the reclining of the chair, the scrape of knives and forks against a plate. They were ordinary sounds, as though the menacing truth was trying to be concealed behind each fax of noise. Bucky wasn't sold that easily though, as he could hear you clearing up the table after dinner, he heard a glass fall to the ground and crack into more than a dozen pieces.
Everything went silent for a minute, until he could hear profuse apologies fleeing from your lips and Joel, the bastard, stride towards you. Bucky's instincts kicked into gear as he escaped from his own rental, and instantly flew into your home, if you could even call it that. What he saw pissed him off more than he had ever been before - there was Joel, that damned baton in his hand as he cornered you between the conjoining edge of the kitchen counters; tears were leaking down your frightful face, as your hands shook to shield it. You hadn't noticed him, and as you heard a strong impact, your shoulders uplifted out of shock, though no pain flourished upon your skin. Instead as you removed your covering hands, Bucky was there, and Joel was on the floor, trying to shuffle away from the super soldier.
"You don't fucking touch her! Do you understand?" He wasn't shouting at your boyfriend, but his voice was frank and firm, as though he were a sergeant speaking to a soldier that had made a grave mistake, and in some sense that was a correct annotation. Joel was scared, he shivered as he worried what may have been if Bucky had not been pardoned and had an image to uphold - Joel knew he couldn't say anything to his colleagues in return, he had done worse and there was plenty of evidence of that. It was brandished upon your skin, and there many falsified times you had to have gone to the doctor to get some of the injuries checked out. He had dug himself into a hole, and it was one that he couldn't fill back in with more lies, not this time. "You don't touch any woman like that again, you hear me? Because if you do I will find you, and it won't be pretty."
Joel was rapidly nodding his head. Bucky turned towards you, care endorsing in the pools of his eyes as he held his hand out for you, to which you accepted as though he were your knight in shining armour. "Come on doll, let's get out of here." The name he addressed you by made your heart flutter, and you stood, and he led you from the apartment out into the hallway, making a point of closing the door so that Joel's cruel eyes couldn't follow you. "Are you okay?" He began to check you for more injuries, it confused you; no man had never been so caring to you, he was so gentle as he delicate as he moved your hair out of your face to see the patch that surrounded your eye.
"Aren't we going into your apartment?" You asked your neighbour, confused as to why he were steering you away from his and your doors. He shook his short haired head, his jaw stiffening at the thought of having any kind of proximity of the monster that you were leaving behind. "Have to get something for your eye, and get a motel or something for the night." And whilst he spoke shortly, his hand entwined with your own, your fingers interlocking as his words fading into a blur as he told you all about the time he had spent on the run in Bucharest, the tales dragging a spent smile upon your face as you listened to the man who had saved you.
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