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#bucky barnes x reader modern au
all1e23 · 8 hours ago
Lavender Smoke [Pt. 1]
Tumblr media
Pairings:  Alpha!Bucky x  Omega!Reader
Series warnings: A/B/O dynamics. Slightly more than my previous A/B/O series. Sorta love triangle. Kinda but not really. Arranged marriage. Smut 18+. Be cool, kids. I’ll add more as I go but for now I think that’s it.
Word Count:  4074
Squared Filled: Free Space
A/N:  Another one for @star-spangled-bingo​​ 2021! Finally posting the first chapter.  It is sort of modern AU but some typical royalty/medieval aspects are still there because it is loosely based on Tristian & Isolde. I am adding a few medieval accepts but it's set in modern times.  I don’t know, okay? Just go with it. It will also be a little more A/B/O traditional because of that. As always  my beautiful beta @moonbeambucky​​​​​​​​​​​​ looked this over for me. If you like it write me a book report, sing me a song or come scream at me. I am no longer doing taglists. 
***My fics are not to be saved or posted on any other sites without my written permission. Reblogs are my jam, though!***
Tumblr media
The southern beaches were different from the northern shores Bucky grew up near. The sand was softer, silkier, if that made any sense at all. Less shells, too, and if you picked the right spot the water was so clear you could straight to the bottom like it was made outta glass somethin’. There was a different feel to them altogether. It left you with a warm, excited feeling. Something deep in you buzzing with the possibilities of what the waves would bring in each time they crashed against your feet. When George told Bucky to take the summer to get his head on straight, Bucky knew the exact place he wanted to go— Juno Beach. The last time he was here, he was just a little boy. That was back before everything went to shit; before his grandfather died, before his father took over the throne and before he became next in line to be king and clan alpha. A lot of things changed that winter and none of them have been in Bucky’s favor.
Bucky went from kicking Steve’s ass with wooden swords and chasing pretty omegas around the dance floor, to sitting in on council meetings and learning every single law and bylaw forward and backwards. Not just his kingdom’s but all the ones surrounding them, too. He spent night after night in the father’s office, slumped down in a chair asleep with papers and books on his lap only to be awoken by a heavy boot kicking his chair hard enough the wood legs shook and threatened to cave under the pressure and Bucky’s weight. Bucky wasn’t a little kid anymore. He reminded his dad of that fact. Bucky told him the legs were going to give out one of these times and George would be sorry. He’d be sorry when his heir had a concussion from falling onto the brick floor. 
George reminded him, they always had Steve if things with Bucky ever went south. It was a shitty thing to say and wasn’t even half true. Yes, they took Steve in when his mom died. Cancer. Steve was only twelve when he lost her and there was no way Bucky would let his best friend be alone after something like that. He promised Sarah he would look after Steve and that was just what Bucky did. Steve has always been treated as his brother, as part of their family. Bucky loved him like his blood and if anyone thought to question Steve’s position, his place within the Barnes household or his relation to the crown George was the first to set them straight. Well, first once Bucky had calmed down and quit yelling. Regardless of everyone’s affection for Steve, Bucky knew George wanted Bucky to succeed him when the time came. Not because he didn’t love Steve, or because he wanted his bloodline on the throne— that one might be partly true— despite his less than warm parenting towards Bucky and Rebecca, George loved his kids very much and since Bucky was a little boy, George has always said he believed Bucky would do great things one day if given the chance. 
The alpha had a strange way of showing it. Bucky supposed, he wouldn’t truly understand the things his father has had to go through until he took over, walked a mile in his shoes and all that. Maybe then he will see that George did the best he could with what he was given. Or that’s what his mother keeps telling him anyway. Either way, it was a relief to be away from them and Bucky knows he shouldn’t find this much enjoyment in solitude, but he was so relieved when his parents told him to take Steve and Sam and get away for a little bit. One last summer to have some fun with brothers, forget his upcoming nuptials and just be himself; not king or clan alpha. He didn’t have to be a leader or someone that his people looked up to. He could simply be Bucky. 
It sounded like a fuckin’ dream and Bucky planned on enjoying every damn second. 
That’s exactly what Bucky was doing. Enjoying the moment. Regardless of what Sam and Steve thought about his current activities or company. Bucky’s knees sank a good inch into the sand, covering the little bit of thigh that was peeking out from his navy swim trunks. Pink painted nails scratched down his chest, leaving red marks in the wake, but he didn’t care. He chased the pretty beta’s lips as she pulled away, taunting him with a sultry swipe of the tongue to her bottom lip drawing him in for more. That silly grin on his face only grew when she pulled away at the very last second, giggling and rushing off towards the water. She was hoping Bucky would chase after her, that was obvious by the exaggerated wiggle to her hips and the not-so casual gaze over her shoulder as she sunk down into the water. Bucky tore his gaze from the gleaming droplets rolling down her bare back and looked back at Steve and Sam, grinning widely at the annoyed and slightly disappointed glares he was getting. 
“Y’know,” Steve started with a roll of the eyes when the young redhead called Bucky’s name for the third time. He had to grab Bucky by the chin and force the alpha to keep his eyes on him and not on the tempting view a mere twenty yards away. “When your parents suggested this little trip, I don’t think your mother meant, take up residency in a brothel for a month and sleep with anyone that calls you pretty.” 
Bucky yanked his chin out of Steve’s grip and pushed him back into the sand, laughing at the look of feigned annoyance on Steve’s face when Sam snarkily muttered, “I told you so.” 
“I want to have a little fun before I resign myself to a lifetime of misery. Give me a break Stevie.” 
Not all arranged marriages were like that, of course. Bucky knew that and knew Steve was going to make that point any second now. It’s been a week since they found themselves alone on the coast, and Steve’s only mentioned it twice. So it was overdue really. Deep down under all the annoyance, Bucky knew Steve was trying to help with all that crap. None of that really made Bucky feel any better. He’s known the omega he was going to marry since he was six, his mother said it would help to know who she was so the transition to mates would be easier. It wasn’t. He saw her portrait a handful of times. They never even spoke until recently and that was only a few letters preparing for her arrival. Her letters were formal. Bucky appreciated that. He didn’t know what he would have done if she arrived starry eyed and hoping for some fairytale that didn’t exist. There wouldn’t be a love story from their bond and Bucky was grateful they were on the same page. It didn’t make marrying a stranger any easier. 
It didn’t really matter in the end. Bucky’s unease. The importance of the match mattered more than Bucky’s discomfort. Lands were still divided and kingdoms refused to share their wealth and goods and everyone suffered from this level of mistrust and greed. They all needed to work together if they were going to keep them from becoming another Sokovia. No one wanted that to happen again, too many lives lost and homes destroyed. Bucky’s father has been working to repair the damage done by past war-torn decades and ignorant monarchs of the past. He wanted to make amends, heal and bring everyone together under one rule. Bucky’s marriage would help make that a reality. It would bond two kingdoms together by marriage and one day, hopefully, a shared bloodline. If they were willing to be honest with themselves, every clan needed this bond to work. It was a step towards peace and if this marriage would get everyone to accept a meeting to talk about the possibility of uniting, that would be the breakthrough they’ve all been waiting for. Bucky was willing to sacrifice his freedom and his true mate to make that happen. 
What were the chances true love and fairytales were real anyhow? 
“What if you like her? Maybe she’s not as bad as you think. Your parents were arranged and it turned out okay.” 
Fairly predictable Steven. As always. 
“Steve,” Bucky grumbled, unlit cigarette balancing between his lips as he spoke and brows furrowed as he fought the urge to push Steve over again. He was still shaking the sand out of his star-covered shorts and that was enough to make Bucky crack a smile. 
“I know you don’t remember, but they hated each other when they first met and it took decades for them to get to love.” 
Steve shook his head and waved his hand as if Bucky was making the whole thing up or it wasn’t as significant as Bucky was suggesting. 
“They still got there.” 
Yeah, they did. Minus the months they spent unable to look at each other and all the years they spent in silence. 
“Yeah, well, I don’t want to fight for twenty years only to settle into a comfortable convenience that feels something like love.” 
“That’s not an option. Your dad is king. Head alpha. You’re going to be clan alpha. It’s your responsibility to fix the divide and bring everyone back together-” The loud, slightly obnoxious groan that left Bucky’s lips had Steve’s words drowning in the background and before he could start up again once the silence settled, Bucky cut in, putting an end to the discussion. For today at least. 
“Steve. I know all this okay? Why do you think I begged and begged for this? After this, I’ll marry her, bond and do all the shit I have to do but I want this one last moment that’s entirely mine. Is that so bad?” 
Steve opened his mouth and Sam shushed him before he ever got a word out. Sam has been a little more understanding this trip. Bucky wasn’t sure if Steve was really sore with him or if he was worried if Bucky bolted, he would have to shoulder those responsibilities and marry some random omega he didn’t love. He couldn't blame Steve for dreading that. He’s known his path since he could walk and he still hated it. Sam slung his arm around Bucky's shoulder and shook his head at Steve who rolled his eyes in return. Bucky was starting to like having Sam on his side for a change.
“Nah, it’s not so bad, Buck. Let’s live it up before your life really turns to shit.” 
“Thanks. Thanks for the help Samuel.” Bucky chuckled and pushed Sam’s arm off his shoulder and forced himself to his feet, looking towards the northern end of the beach. Sam followed his gaze and cleared his throat, causing Bucky to tear his dreamy gaze from the shore and back to them. 
“There’s a party tonight at the little place a few miles up. The traveling-”
“The fair set up on the northern beach?”
Sam got to his feet and yanked the cigarette from Bucky’s mouth, tossing it into the bag they were using for trash. He really hated being cut off and when Bucky smoked even more. “Yeah, the fair that follows the coast. One of the girls working there said they had music, games and omegas drink free. You wanna have a little fun? That’s where fun is gonna be tonight.” 
Bucky glanced at Steve who threw his hands up in forced agreement and Bucky grinned. 
“Yeah, alright. Let’s do it. Think we can get your sister here by tonight-”
Sam stuck his finger in Bucky’s face making Bucky’s grin turn sheepish and his own features turned deadly serious. 
“I’ll break your neck.” 
“What? She loves music and free drinks!” 
“I’m serious. I’ll drown your ass.” 
“No you won’t. You think I’m adorable.” 
“Head alpha or not, you touch my sister and you’re done for.” 
Bucky threw his head back and cackled loud enough to be heard several miles down the beach.
“Alright, children,” Steve sighed. “Let’s settle down. The night is still young. Plenty of time to kill each other before the night is over.”
“Pietro says he may have found somewhere for us to go.” 
Y/n looked up from the evening's playlist in her hand at the sound of Wanda’s voice and frowned as she processed her friend’s words. She hadn’t been expecting that. Maybe she should have. It was only a matter of time really. Not everyone was made for a nomadic lifestyle. Y/n wasn’t sure she was really cut out for it but it was better than where she was. At least here, she could make her own choices and live the life she wanted, not one someone forced on her. 
“Somewhere safe. He spent the day talking to one of the high ranking council members and apparently they are very accepting. In fact, he said that their king hoped one day we all would be under one rule living together. Can you imagine that?”
"You want that? You want to leave all this behind to live in some strange alpha’s kingdom? Follow their laws and be tied down?” Y/n asked with a chuckle but it was hollow and her nose wrinkled. She couldn't imagine the thought of living with a bunch of strangers who you were supposed to trust without any real reason to. The only thing close to a family that she knew was Wanda and Pietro. It would be hard to lose them, but would it be harder than losing her freedom? Y/n doubted. 
After fleeing the kingdom they were born in, Wanda and Pietro have talked of nothing else. They want to find a permanent home where they can settle down and truly feel safe. Not a traveling camp that follows the road and coin. Y/n has listened to Wanda talk about starting a family one day for years now. Days on end of talks of dreams and family and a home with no wheels. She wants an Alpha and twins some day. So they will always have each other the way she has Pietro. She shouldn’t be surprised they finally found a kingdom worth settling down in. It still made her heart hurt and her stomach burn with uncertainty for them both. 
“To have a family again? People you can rely on? People who love you? Yes. Of course I want that. We aren’t meant to do this alone.”
Y/n nodded in understanding because she truly did understand where Wanda was coming from. It simply wasn’t for her though. Not anymore. A younger version of her perhaps. A less jaded, more naïve version of herself. Unfortunately, the omega she was now, didn’t allow for childish notions and foolish daydreams. 
“I don’t think I could do it again,” Y/n whispered. Even through the thumping of the music she knew Wanda heard her by the way her eyes softened a fraction. She didn’t want pity. It made the nerves she was feeling simmer and boil over into anger. Not all alphas were bad. Y/n knew that. She’s heard stories of other kingdoms with kind leaders. Stark, Odinson and a few others, they were kind and those without a clan flocked there, hopeful gleam in their eyes as they asked for refuge and possibly a permanent home. Y/n knew all about them. She’s also been witness to the less kind clans. Ones that operated with old customs and outdated hierarchies. The small kingdom she was born to, Cerberus,  was home to a man that was only kind when it suited him. Y/n has been victim to more than her fair share of alpha power and abuse. She had no interest in tying herself to another clan and another alpha that would seek to serve only himself. As if Wanda knew what terrible thoughts were plaguing Y/n, Wanda placed her hand on top of Y/n’s and squeezed it gently.
“Not everyone is like Billy,” She spoke softly enough that those around them wouldn’t catch onto Y/n’s secret. “Pietro said they are heading back at the end of summer and if we go with them we would have to leave then. Give it some thought. You could come with us.” 
“I’ll think about it. I promise,” Y/n muttered quietly, pouting as she did and Wanda laughed.  She laughed but let the topic fade into the background. Yn didn’t talk about Billy often, when she did it usually soured her good mood for the evening and Wanda didn’t want to darken Y/n’s night. Not when she had been so excited to have the night off and she deserved to have a little carefree fun after everything she’s been through.
Y/n dropped the list of songs on the temporary bar they set up this morning and spun around to the sea of people dancing. The dance floor was one of those snap together floors that vendors carried to outdoor venues. They didn’t always need it but at locations like this, near the beach or somewhere mainly outdoors, they had to create the right atmosphere to draw people in. Y/n liked to watch the semi-drunk people attempting to dance on the slippery fake wood that was covered in sand thanks to the movement on and off the floor. She wasn’t much for dancing but she did like to laugh at all the alphas tripping over all the omegas swaying their hips and batting their lashes. It was half ridiculous and for a dumb reason she didn’t want to admit, the sight left a twinge in her chest.  
The heady smoky, cedar scent catches her attention, she searches the crowd for the source when she spots someone across the dance floor — a golden skinned, long haired Alpha clearly searching for someone of his own. His icy blue eyes landed on her and he grinned, sending a shiver through her. Her hand found its way to her neck, without thinking, and she could see the alpha’s eyes sparkling at the gesture. He had been searching the room for her. She didn’t know why she did that. She’s never been one of those omegas. Then again, she’s never had an alpha that looked like him, staring back at her the way he was. 
He slowly pushed through the crowd of party goers and she found herself pushing off the bar walking towards him, ignoring Wanda’s calls for her to come back and despite telling her feet to turn around and go back where it was safe. Or at least stop at Pietro’s booth to tell him who she was meeting so he could keep an eye on her. Neither of them stopped though. Not until they were face to face, standing in the middle of the dancefloor. There were two larger alphas standing off to the side watching them with interest and shouting something she couldn’t make out while she was drowning in the gleaming blue of his eyes. The man in front of her flipped them off without looking away and she laughed. He grinned at her as if he was completely enamored by her and they haven’t even spoken. The alpha leaned forward to shout over the music and chatter around them, “I’m Bucky. What’s your name?” 
She told him her name and the whimper that left his lips made her stomach flip.
“You smell good,” Bucky groaned and immediately threw his head back, obviously mad at himself and slightly embarrassed judging by the crimson shading his cheeks. “I know that sounds like some knothead alpha line. I’m sorry. I caught your scent the second we got here and I had to find you.”  
It was a cheesy line. One she’s heard a few times but it felt different coming from him. It didn’t make her stomach twist with something ugly or make the hair on the back of her neck stand up and he’s the only alpha to say it and seem genuine. 
“It’s okay. So do you.” 
Bucky practically beamed and Y/n melted at the sight. She meant it, too. He did. A deep cedar scent that made her chest warm. There was something else she couldn't place under all that. Maybe a hint of cherry in there. Whatever it was, it was sweet and she liked it. 
“Yeah,” she repeated dumbly, grinning like a fool to match the dopey smile Bucky was wearing.  
“Wanna dance with me?” 
Gods did Y/n want to, but she didn’t dance. She didn’t exactly have two left feet but she wasn’t going to draw in her true mate with the moves she was sporting on the floor. Bucky tilted his head to the side and gave her a pleading smile with wide eyes, set for begging if needed. Y/n shoved his shoulder and Bucky caught her hand. He said something about not needing to worry when he pulled her close. He would make sure she only crushed two or three of his toes. As if he already knew her that well, like it was so easy for him to read her that he knew her trepidation came from her own lack of skill and not from fear of him.  
They danced for a while, to whatever came on. It didn’t matter if it was fast or slow, romantic or silly. They stayed on the sandy wood floor, hands on skin every chance they got and shouting questions back and forth over the music. Favorite color? Red. Favorite season? Winter. True mates? For kids but a nice thought. Last time you bathed? You sayin’ I smell? Your Worst trait? Stubborn and I can be a little bit of a flirt or so I’m told. Biggest regret? Letting once in a lifetime slip by. They danced and talked for so long that the songs came and went, slowly drifting from one to next. She didn't know how many they listened to but her legs felt numb. They tingle a bit and her ankles were sore from her shoes, knees weak from the way he was staring at her. All of that was nothing compared to the way they caved when Bucky leaned in, pausing just before her lips to make sure he was reading this right. Just because an omega scents interested, didn’t mean she wanted to be kissed or held like this. Y/n did. Bucky caught on fairly quickly when her hands slipped into his curls and she tightened her hold on the delicate strands tickling the back of his neck and nudged him that last inch and when their lips touched, he swore he saw sparks.
Soft lips brush against her, eager and willing. Their kiss was languid, as if they were searching for something more than this. Bucky’s right hand came up to cradle her jaw, his left pressing against the small of her back and urging her against him so he could envelop her by his arms. The moment his tongue parted her lips, she sank into him and gripped his biceps to steady her unsteady legs. It was slow. Intense. Y/n could feel it with every beat in her chest, she didn’t know how long they kissed for but when Bucky pulled back just enough to take a break the song had changed to a much slower beat. 
“Ah, shit,” Bucky whispered against her lips. There was an unspoken question of concern in her eyes, wondering if she had done something wrong or gone too far and that definitely wasn’t the cause of Bucky’s hesitancy. Bucky kissed her a few times too many and took another grounding breath. 
 “You’ve got my head spinnin’. Just need a minute to catch my breath s’all.” 
Not that a minute would make a whole lot of difference. There was no going back now. Bucky knew when he caught her scent she was different and after having her on his lips, he was sure of it the moment he claimed her lips; she claimed him the second they touched and they were both in deep, deep trouble. 
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multific · 5 days ago
Uprising (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Part 1
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: James Buchanan Barnes, the most powerful man in the whole wide world, but even the most dangerous and influential people had to have a weakness.
Bucky arrived home late at night, work keeping him in the office for way too long.
He felt bad, he promised you he would be back early tonight so you two can have a nice dinner, just the two of you.
Yet, here he was, 2am arriving home to a dark house. Everyone was asleep, all staff and you. 
Bucky took his tie off and threw it on the couch. He had to admit ever since you decided to give the place a makeover, it looked a lot like home. Although he never understood the purpose of all the pillows and knickknacks, now those grown on him. 
He made his way to the kitchen to grab a drink and noticed the blown-out candles on the table, he could see that the table was nicely set and it made his heart clench. 
You waited for him, for who knows how long, before you decided to just put everything away, realizing he won't make it. And the worst part? 
He didn't have the time to call.
He just left you waiting and waiting while he was busy handling Hydra. Something he promised himself he will never do. He promised you'd always come first, and he broke that promise the very first opportunity. 
He slowly made his way up the stairs and to your bedroom, the door was slightly open, but no light came, you were sleeping.
He screwed up.
He made his way inside, closing the door behind himself and this is when he saw you, lying in the bed, in deep sleep.
You didn't even stir when he sat down on the bed and looked at you.
Bucky ran his hand down your cheek then your arm and finally stopped at your stomach.
Your baby bump was now big.
Having to house two of his babies was certainly a challenge.
Yes, you were pregnant.
With twins at that.
Bucky remembered when you told him.
It was a few months after your honeymoon, both of you still living in that phase, naturally, he would make time for you.
Bucky was a passionate lover. And a giver.
He planned a romantic date for the two of you on one of his many yachts. He got your favourite snacks and drinks. He thought it was strange that you didn't want to drink the champagne he offered you, but he didn't think too much about it. 
Not until later when he was slow dancing with you under the moonlight.
"I'm pregnant," you were very forward about it, no paraphrasing, straight to the point. 
He stopped in his tracks and searched your eyes, thinking you were joking or pranking him, but no, it was true.
He picked you up and started laughing. 
"I'm going to be a father!" he yelled so the whole wide world could hear.
You slightly stirred in your sleep, but you didn't wake up. Giving your husband more time to think about the past and admire you at the same time.
Bucky could easily recall when the doctor broke the news to you.
"Twins? As in two babies."
"That is correct Mrs Barnes. Congratulations." said the doctor as she smiled at you then left the two of you alone to process the whole thing. 
You couldn't comprehend what was going on. Not in the office not in the car. Bucky and you just sat in the car, already home, in the garage, staring at the wall.
"Two babies." Buck broke the silence. Then you smiled and looked at him. 
"Two." you said as he hugged you and laughed.
Bucky came to the conclusion that you are dreaming, he watched as your mouth formed a pout, which reminded him of something.
You pouted as you looked at yourself in the mirror.
"I'm HUGE!" you threw a pair of jeans against the wall, unhappy that the clothing didn't fit.
"Darling?" of course your worried husband had to run and make sure you were okay. 
"Nothing fits," you were on the brick of crying when he hugged you.
"My Love, you are beautiful, amazing and so strong. You carry not one, but two babies." 
Bucky could recall how it took him a bucket of ice cream to calm you down.
He placed a kiss on your forehead before he moved to take a shower.
Once he was out of the shower the first thing that caught his eyes was that the light was on, which meant you were up. 
He changed into his sleepwear and headed out but to his surprise, you weren't in the room. 
A second later you walked in.
"Bucky, hi. I was starting to get worried."
"Hello, Love, how are you?" you went to him to kiss him on the lips. 
"All of us are perfectly fine, I just needed a drink. I assume you had some business to take care of."
"I should have called you. I'm so sorr-" he started to apologize, wanted you to know that he was sorry and that he will make it up. 
"It's okay, really. After an hour I realized what must have happened and I watched a movie, it's okay really. Don't stress about it."
"But I promised."
"It's fine, please let's just go to sleep."
Bucky quickly fell asleep with you by his side, holding you and the babies.
A few hours later, he was woken up by you.
"Bucky," you said shaking him. "Please wake up. I-" because of the desperate tone of your voice he got worried. 
"W-What is it? Are you?"
"Yes. My water just broke."
Two beautiful baby girls.
You two were blessed with identical baby girl twins.
Labour was long and hard, but holding them made it all worth it. And seeing Bucky hold them for the first time was just an added bonus.
The most feared man on the planet all soft with his daughters.
You couldn't be happier. And you couldn't wait for them to be home, in the room which you spent so much time decorating for them.
"I love you," his sentence got you out of your imagination as you turned to smile at him. "Thank you for giving me a family."
"I love you too, Buck, so so much."
The two of you shared another kiss before you both turned to admire your daughters. 
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Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You for reading my story!~
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angstysebfan · 6 days ago
The Truth Will Set You Free- Part 11
Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader, Thor x Reader (other Avenger characters)
AU: Modern
Summary: You dated for two years, and thought he was the one for you. One day you came home and found him with someone else. After running away from you, you return home and found yourself in the arms of Thor. When Thor decides to introduce you to his friends at a dinner, you realize that there’s something familiar about the house you were visiting.
Warnings: implied cheating, language (not proofread)
You walk along the path to the part of the park Thor asked you to meet him at. You can’t deny you are a little worried about what he needs to talk to you about. Maybe he decided you weren’t worth all this. I mean it hasn’t been the easiest relationship for him. You having your trust issues and unfortunately making this harder. Maybe he is going to beg for you to pick him, which you are still unsure if you are going to.
As you turn around the bend, you see Thor sitting on a bench. You take a deep breath and head over to the blond man, who looks up at you with a small smile. Your heart pounding in your chest as you return his smile and sit down. You see him take a deep breath to prep his speech and slightly turn towards you.
“Hey, thank you for coming. How are you?” he asks quietly.
You feel tears already starting to build, but you try your best not to let them out and keep your voice steady. “I’m okay. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I just need some more time,” you say.
Thor looks down at his hands for a moment before looking back at you, “Y/N... There is something I need to tell you,” he says. Before you have a chance to respond he blurts out, “I’m in love with someone else!”
You look at him shocked. The only thing you could say was “oh”. Thor looked into your e/c eyes and you saw the regret and sadness in them. You nerves suddenly seemed to disappear at his words, and you didn’t understand why. The tears that you felt before, disappeared. Everything you were feeling leading up to this moment disappeared. Now all you felt was shock.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I-I don’t know how it happened. I met her at work and we were working on a project together. I swear I didn’t cheat on you, but with everything going on, it made me realize that I am in love with her. I wanted it to be you, I did.... but I’m sorry, it’s not,” he rambled quickly.
You swallow and look down at your hands, “Ya know what’s funny? I honestly feel some relief with your declaration,” you say looking back at him. “I don’t think it’s you for me either.”
Thor breathlessly laughs and pulls you into a hug, “I had a feeling,” he says, “I just didn’t want to hurt you in case I was wrong.”
You pull away and cup his cheek, “Thank you for telling me. I guess I wanted it to be you so bad that I was confusing myself. But tell me who is this girl who stole your heart?” you asked with a smile.
You see Thor’s whole face light up, and know deep in your heart that he is indeed happy and in love with whoever this girl might be. “It’s Jane from work. We haven’t even had a date yet, since I was with you, but I just feel like a different person with her. She makes me feel alive,” he says as he stares off.
You can’t help but smile as you know exactly what he is talking about. “I get it. I feel the same way. I just hope I didn’t ruin my chance. But when are you going to ask her out?” you ask him to get the conversation away from you.
“Oh, well I haven’t thought about that yet. I wanted to talk to you first,” he says with a shrug.
You laugh, “Well go call her and ask her out!” you shout.
“Thor?” you hear a woman’s voice speak. You both turn and see a very attractive brunette.
“Jane,” Thor says breathlessly. You turn to look and see Thor’s face. He looked at her with such love that you knew she was the one. You leaned in, “Go,” you say.
He doesn’t even spare you a glance as he walks over to Jane. You smile as you see that she seems as in love with him as he is with her. You decide to make yourself scarce and leave the couple to themselves. As you walk away you suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You realized that you wanted what Thor had again. And you wanted it now.
You looked at the your phone and noted the time, before running and calling a cab. You had to do this... now.
Part 10 / Part 12
Short part I know. We are almost at the end people. Thank you for the support. Feedback is appreciated.
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justkending · 13 days ago
Moral of the Story. Chapter 11.
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Marrying too young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of old loves and lives all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Word Count: 5500+ (It’s a longer one folks)
A/N: I capped this chapter at 2200 words and then thought, you know what? Let’s add a little backstory and characteristic people sometimes forget in the AU versions of Bucky. Did I get carried away? Yes, and I’m so glad that I did:)
Chapter Eleven:
“Whatcha guys looking at?” Bucky asked as he stepped behind the three on the steps. 
Y/N’s dad’s backyard was definitely one you would never picture for someone living in New York. So when you saw the perfect white picket fence that surrounded the decent size lot they had, you would think you’re in a small town suburb and not Brooklyn. 
Sherri loved to garden when she wasn’t at the hospital and Thomas loved to build. So he built her a little plot where she grew different fruits and vegetables and another plot of different flowers and herbs. Each section was blocked off by it’s own short fence to keep out any animals they needed to worry about. And it was spring too, so everything was in bloom. 
Towards the back was a giant tree that held a homemade swing that was just barely younger than Y/N. On the fence line, behind and all around it, held rose bushes and different arrays of carnations that Y/N had planted way back when. They were her favorite flowers. 
And on the porch they sat on, there was a hanging porch swing off to the left and a set up of patio furniture to the right. The porch was large and railed with string lights wrapped around it to accommodate late night talks or early morning coffee breaks. 
That backyard held more memories than either could possibly remember. 
“There’s a family of pill bugs on the steps,” Lily answered as Y/N looked up and sent a simple smile before looking down at Bennett, not expecting Bucky to come out there. 
“Really?” Bucky gasped in an over exaggerated way before he sat next to the little girl. She was the only thing separating him and Y/N. 
“Yeah, look!” she said excitedly, picking one up and offering it to Bucky. “This one’s big.”
“This one is really big,” Bucky agreed. “Maybe he should lay off the donuts and stick with the grass he’s supposed to be eating,” he teased. 
Lily giggled and shook her head. “You’re silly!”
“Am I?” 
Y/N laughed from the side lines and Bucky turned at the sound. He wasn’t expecting her to be looking straight at him and when they made eye contact, surprisingly she held it instead of instantly looking away. 
She smirked some before turning back to Bennett who began bouncing in her lap. 
“You want a little bug too?” she laughed as he reached for it. “Here.” She gently reached down and picked up the pill bug that right away, rolled into a ball in her hand. After a few seconds, it opened up and began crawling around in her palm. “Look at that speedy little thing. No where close to as lazy as the one that Lily has,” she laughed as Bennett followed it with his own finger but didn’t touch it. 
Bucky watched the interaction grinning in a boyish manner at the simplicity and sweetness of the act. Something about it just made him look at Y/N in a different manner. He knew she was always good with kids. She used to babysit and nanny all the time in highschool for extra money. 
But watching it now at an age where she herself could be a mom, it… It was different. 
“Manny! Don’t play with that! That’s Gram’s roses and they could hurt you!” Lily was quick to jump up and run over to her little brother. She was definitely the big sister when it came to watching over the little boy. 
“God, can’t take your eyes off of him for two seconds, can you?” Y/N chuckled, her hand still holding the insect, but her eyes watching the little black haired girl reprimand her brother.
“Not just Denise and John who have their hands full. Looks like Lily is part of the group too,” Bucky laughed with her. When he looked back at her, he saw she had gone back to Bennett who was lazily leaning back into her and his eyes were starting to look heavy. 
“He’s going to be out in a few minutes. I can feel it,” Y/N said, noticing what Bucky was. 
“I would have to agree,” Bucky smiled, watching the little guy get comfortable. 
Y/N turned him in her lap and he laid his head on her shoulder while wrapping his arms around her neck. 
“Mind helping me up? I think the porch swing may be a little more comfortable,” she said, leaning back with the toddler's weight. 
“Yeah, yeah. Of course,” Bucky was quick to offer a hand. He helped her stand up and laid his own hand on Bennett’s back for extra support. 
The two moved to the porch swing and instead of sitting by her, Bucky stood by the railing half turned to the kids in the yard and half to Y/N not sure if he should sit.
It was a little hotter than he expected and the leather jacket wasn’t aiding in keeping him cool. He shrugged it off and threw it over the railing before straightening his t-shirt underneath. 
“The scars look better,” Y/N said softly from the side. 
Bucky was confused at first and realized she meant his arm. 
“Oh,” he said, lifting his arm and analyzing it as if it were the first time for him to see it too. “Looks a lot better than the last time you saw them,” he chuckled restlessly. 
“You’ve added some decoration to them,” she made note of. 
“Um, yeah… A little after we broke up,” he shook his head. “I… I got a little insecure about them. Sam knew a guy who did cover ups and the biggest one was the first one I did.”
He had what looked like random tattoos lining his arm and said scars, but there were still other scars that weren’t covered.
“I remember that night. It was one of the scariest nights of my life I’m pretty sure,” she took a deep breath thinking back. “At least top 5.”
Back in highschool, about junior year, Bucky was gifted a motorcycle from a family friend of theirs. His dad, George, used to ride them and Bucky took up after him. But he was only 13 when he lost his dad, so he had to teach himself a majority of the riding part. 
Said family friend gave him pointers, and Bucky had enough knowledge from his dad driving him that he felt confident enough to have his own. 
Y/N was against it for the most part. She saw it as a death trap waiting to take whoever was riding it, life. But she also knew Bucky saw it as a connection to his dad. It was something that they bonded over when they fixed up George's small collection of his bikes, and it was something that they would spend hours working on. 
That small detail meant the world to Bucky and the fact he could carry on that small piece with him, made him light up brighter than the stars in the night sky. So she drove with him on it on special occasions, but for the most part didn’t care for the death contraption. 
One night during their junior year, she got a call in the middle of the night from Winnie. 
The couple had a fight about something stupid earlier that evening and Bucky left Y/N’s house on angry terms. 
Something about prom and how Bucky didn’t want to go, but it was also their first year to be able to attend prom so Y/N really wanted to go. It wasn’t Bucky’s scene getting all dressed up to dance to be watched by their teachers for a few hours while they drank soda and listened to censored music. 
Anytime they had a fight like that, which wasn’t often, but did happen, Bucky liked to take his bike out for a ride to clear his mind. Y/N had told him on multiple occasions that it wasn’t safe and he would get hurt if he was in a bad mindset while driving, but because she said that when they were arguing, it made him want to do it even more. 
Winnie had called at 2:03 in the morning, holding back sobs as she explained to Y/N what had happened.
“Winnifired? Is everything ok?” Y/N asked in a tired tone. She had cried herself to sleep that night because the prom argument was about more than just the prom. It led into a whole discussion about Bucky and her relationship and it got rocky at the end. 
“Um, no,” she said through deep breaths as she tried to control her sniffling. 
Y/N jumped up from her position in bed and moved stray pieces of her ponytail out of her face. 
“Winnie, what’s wrong? What’s going on?” she said frantically. 
“Now, I know I shouldn’t worry you. You’re only a junior in highschool for christ sake,” she said more to herself. But Y/N was mature for her age. Her mom always making her be the bigger person, aged her unfortunately. “But I tried calling your dad. He isn’t picking up. I tried even calling your mom and she isn’t picking up either. I didn’t want to call you sweetheart, but-”
“Winnie, Winnie. It’s ok. Just tell me what’s wrong?” She was already out of bed with her bedside lamp on. She was blinking fast and clearing her throat in an attempt to wake up faster. 
“It’s Bucky. He got into an accident and he’s in the ER,” she said. Y/N’s heart stopped at that. “They just rushed him back into emergency surgery, but they don’t know how long it’ll be.”
“What?” Y/N said in a breath that had just been punched out of her. 
“Becca is at the neighbor’s house, and it’s just me here,” Winnie sniffled out. The sound of a panic attack approaching was clear in her voice. 
“Shh, shh,” Y/N began to sooth. “It’s ok. I’m getting dressed right now and I’m going to go wake my dad up, ok? We’ll be there in a little. We’re only about 10 minutes from the hospital, so we should be there in no time at all.” 
“Y/N, it’s not good. His arm is all torn up and I think I heard them say something about a broken bone,” Winnie said in between short breaths. “He’s only 17. He’s just too young. I couldn’t handle it if he-”
“No, hey, hey, hey. We are not going to think like that, ok? Bucky is too strong for this, ok? He’s going to be fine.” 
Everything she was saying she was trying to make herself believe as well. She had tears working their way down her cheeks, but she wasn’t going to fall apart when Bucky’s mom needed her. 
They had just lost George 4 years prior and she still wasn’t 100 % from that. 
“Do you need me to stay on the phone with you until I get to the hospital?” Y/N asked. 
“Um…” There was a pause as she could hear the phone be pulled away. “No, no. You guys get here safely. I think I see a nurse coming, so I’m going to fill out some paperwork. Just keep me updated on when you guys get here.”
“Ok, that’s perfect. Ask the nurse if there’s any update and I’ll text you as we go, ok? Call if you need me. We’ll be there in 15 minutes tops.”
They said their goodbyes and Y/N rushed to throw an old sweatshirt over her pajama pants. She rushed downstairs and woke up her dad who had fell asleep on the couch watching one of his crime shows late at night. 
He was already dressed and threw on some shoes and they rushed to the hospital.
Winnie was in such shock, she didn’t even notice the two come into the waiting room. It wasn’t until Y/N placed a hand on her shoulder that she registered them. 
“Oh, Y/N,” she shuddered before breaking down in her arms. The two melting into the other’s embrace and crying together. Thomas stood behind them and placed a hand on Winnie while rubbing Y/N’s back.
He was just as scared, but he needed to hold it together in his mind for the two. 
“How is he? Any update?” Y/N asked once they finally pulled away and sniffled their tears some. Thomas brought a tissue box for them both. 
“He’s going to be ok, the nurse said. He lost a lot of blood and his left arm got torn up pretty good. A broken wrist, but surprisingly no nerve damage. Just some tissue damage. Um, and something about his right foot may need to be in a boot for a little. A sprain or something. I couldn’t quite comprehend much after she said he was ok.”
“Will he be out of surgery soon?” she asked. 
“Yeah, they said they're almost finished and he should be in a room within the next hour.”
“Good, good,” Y/N let out a bumpy sigh of relief. She turned over seeing the clipboard with information half filled out. 
Winnie noticed where her eyes went and she shook her head. 
“I couldn’t concentrate for longer than a minute before worry took over my thoughts. I’ll take care of it-” she started grabbing the clipboard. 
“Hey, it’s ok. I can fill out a good chunk of it. Why don’t you go get some coffee or water?” Y/N gently took the clipboard and rested a hand on her shoulder. “Dad, can you take her to get a cup of water?”
“Of course,” Thomas said, coming around and helping her up. 
“You don’t have to-”
“Hey, it’s ok. You have us for a reason. Let us help,” Y/N smiled reassuringly to the brown haired woman. 
“Thank you, sweetheart,” Winnie said after a second. She patted Y/N’s cheek before using Thomas as support to the water machine across the hall. 
Y/N went through and answered a majority of the questions on the multitude of sheets on the clipboard. A lot of it is just repetitive fill-ins of information. Perks of knowing someone your whole life, you can fill in medical history, addresses, birthdates, and allergies easily. The rest could be done by Winnie when she was in the right mindset. 
Eventually they came back and Thomas had a glass of water for Y/N too. They waited for what felt like forever, before a nurse came out and said he was ready for visitors. He was asleep with a ton of pain meds keeping him under.
They let Winnie go in first and they gave her a second alone with him. Eventually she waved them in and they all sat around listening to what the doctor had come to conclusion. The whole time Y/N held his hand that was less injured and just had some scraps and signs of slight road rash on his forearms. 
“He got lucky,” the doctor began. “The police said that the wreck wasn’t his fault. Apparently, he was on some back roads that weren’t well lit and were single laned. The other driver wasn’t paying attention to his lane size and drifted into James’s, side swiping him. His arm got most of the damage and thankfully the helmet took a good chunk of the hit as well. He had a dislocated shoulder that we put back into place. He rolled his ankle in what we believe was him rolling off the motorcycle, causing a pretty bad sprain but nothing more, and we thought he had a spiral fracture on the wrist, but luckily it was just a stress fracture. In other words a hairline fracture that should heal rather quickly compared to the other.” 
He flipped the paper on his clipboard and looked at another sheet. 
“Of course, his arms got pretty torn up tissue wise and will definitely leave some scarring. We have some amazing laser surgeons who could clear up a lot of them, but there was some deep tissue scarring. It’s not going to be an easy healing process, but it shouldn’t affect him in the long run of mobility.” 
They thanked the doctor as he left, and he told them to buzz the nurses if they needed anything. He should wake up within the next hour or so, but he may be a little out of it. 
It was about 5 in the morning by the time he did wake up. Winnie had been sent home by Thomas and though she didn’t want to, she needed to call insurance, her work, and school to update them later. Plus she was running on fumes. 
Y/N told her she would stay since it was the weekend and she didn’t have anything planned for Saturday. She would call her when he did wake up and she could come back there. 
“You’re going to get a crick in your neck if you sleep like that,” Y/N heard right before she nodded off for the 100th time in the last hour. 
She looked up and saw a dopey look of her boyfriend laying back in the hospital bed. She nearly jumped up and lost her balance with how fast she ran to his bedside. 
“Oh, God, Bucky!” she shouted, grabbing his face in her hands.
“I love you, but I’m a little sore,” he said through his lips that were pursued by her hands squeezing his cheeks. 
“You son of a bitch,” she grunted, slapping his good leg that hadn’t been injured and instantly changing her disposition. 
“Ow!” he groaned. “What did I do to deserve the mood change?” he coughed some as he sat up some and grunted. “Shit, that doesn’t feel good,” he huffed looking at his wrapped up arm and wincing. 
When he looked back at Y/N he saw her face was red and slightly puffy from past tears, and those beautiful eyes of hers were slowly starting to water up again at the state he was in. 
“Hey, hey, sweetheart,” he said hushed, bringing his good hand up to her cheek. Ready to catch any drop that threatened to escape. “I’m ok. I’m alive. Just a little beat up,” he attempted to smile some, but the bruising and small cuts on his face looked painful. 
“You could’ve been killed,” she practically whimpered, not being able to hold the tears that were on the brink of falling. 
“I could be killed any second of any day, beautiful, but looks like it’s going to take a lot to get me there,” he said trying to ease the tension, but failing and getting another slap to his good leg. “Ow! Stop it! I’m in a literal hospital bed!” he pouted. 
“Do you know how stupid that was Bucky?!” she said, standing up quickly and starting to pace the room. “I know we had a disagreement, but everytime you go and ride that damn bike with your mind all scattered, it’s going to get you buried 6 feet under one day!” He was about to interrupt her, but she was on a rampage and she wasn’t going to stop until she got everything she wanted to say out. 
“And God! You’re poor mom called me crying and on the verge of a panic attack. I thought she was going to be the next one admitted into the ER with how freaked out she was! It was 2 in morning, I had just cried myself to sleep because of our fight, and I get a call that you’re in emergency surgery.”
“Becca’s at your neighbors house. I had to text her updates and I’m sure she's up and freaked out too since she can’t be here. I had to send your mom home because she was barely functioning with the little sleep and stress that she’s enduring.”
“Then the doctor said that it wasn’t your fault and I wanted to be angry. Oh, I wanted to be angry… But it was instead some loser who was too busy looking at his phone on the backroads at one in morning to realize there was another person in the lane next to him.” She paused her pacing and turned, pointing a finger at Bucky who slightly straightened at the look on her face. “And trust me, if I find out what room that guys in in this hospital, I’m going to make sure he gets an extra week here just by the beating I’m going to give him from being an absolute MORON!”
“Um, sweetheart. You’re scaring me…”
“And all for what Bucky? All because of a stupid prom disagreement? That’s what almost got you a nice mahogany casket at the age of 17? An argument about having to get dressed up in a tux or nice suit and see me dressed in a gown? All because you would rather go to a party than tolerate a few hours of adults chaperoning us as we dance? That’s what caused this whole mess?” 
She huffed from her lungs begging for her to let air in. He wasn’t even sure if she got two breaths in that entire rant.
He waited a second, not sure if she was done, or just taking a breather before continuing. 
“Is it my turn now?” he asked. 
(Yeah, their arguments hadn’t changed much over the years…)
She deadpanned to him and crossed her arms. 
“Has anyone ever told you, you make rage look good?” he smiled in a childish manner. “Oh, wait. It was me.”
“This isn’t funny,” she said in a serious tone. 
“It’s a little funny,” he shrugged, wincing at the movement. “Ok, not entirely.” He looked over at his shoulder. “What the hell happened to me?”
Y/N sighed as she moved to sit on the bed with him. Eventually curling into his non-injured side and careful not to touch his bruised ribs the doctor mentioned when giving him another dose of pain meds.
She updated him on everything that happened and Bucky recalled parts of the wreck. The only good news besides the fact he was alive was that his motorcycle wasn’t completely totaled. It wasn’t in great condition, but luckily he knew how to fix it up. 
They sat like that for a little while just soaking in each other's presence. Bucky rubbed circles on her back and rested his head on hers where she laid gently in the nook between his right arm and chest in a sweet spot that wasn’t hurt. 
“Why did you cry yourself to sleep?” he asked eventually after combing over everything she had word vomited earlier. 
She didn’t answer right away, but took a deep breath. 
“Because that fight wasn’t just about prom.”
Bucky nodded slightly in agreement. “No, it wasn’t.”
Again, another round of silence as the monitors around them beeped and made noise. 
“I don’t like fighting with you Buck.”
“I don’t like fighting with you either, Doll.”
“Then why do we fight over stupid things?” she asked as she raised her head and looked up at him. 
“I think we fight over valid things, but we’re really bad at communicating our arguments.”
“We’re too hard headed for our own good,” Y/N scoffed with a smirk before laying her head back down. 
“I mean I don’t know… I think maybe one of us is a little more hard headed than the other,” he mumbled into her hair. 
“Watch it mister or else that hairline fracture is going to become a compound,” she threatened. 
“Case and point,” he chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss to the crown of her head. “Either way, we love each other in the end. That never changes.”
“No, that doesn’t.” She lifted her head and looked at him a little harder. Studying his features and taking in the cuts on his face. “Maybe next time we get into a fight, we don’t do something this dramatic?”
“Don’t get into wrecks next time we have a disagreement. Ok, I think I can add this to the list,” he winked before pulling her back down to his embrace. “I can’t promise something crazy won’t happen though. It is us at the end of the day.”
After that wreck, Bucky ended up having to go through physical therapy for a while. Though the doctors said there wasn’t nerve damage, they were wrong. The dislocated shoulder ended up pinching nerves and causing minor nerve damage. Then you add in the fractured wrist, and Bucky thought his baseball career was done for. 
It was a lot of trials to go through but he was back to normal faster than they expected with mainly just scars to mark the memory.
After a few seconds that felt like long minutes passed, Y/N spoke up. 
“You thought you wouldn’t get to play baseball your senior year, and instead, you guys ended up taking state,” she smiled at the memory. 
“Yeah, I definitely got lucky…” Bucky breathed out a laugh. “You know, I’ve been trying to convince Manny to lean toward baseball, but kids have a hardhead like yours, I think he may be able to handle football without the helmet.”
“You know, I’m starting to realize you may have seen more of their growing up than I have,” she said softly, but no bitterness behind her words. 
Bucky turned to her quickly and noticed by her look she didn’t look hurt by it, but could see where it could be a painful realization. 
“I really don’t come over here to interfere,” he started, scared once again that he was constantly pushing a boundary with her family. 
“James, please stop apologizing,” she chuckled as she rocked the porch swing with her foot on the ground and her hand rubbing circles on Bennett who was seconds from being fully asleep. 
Again, that name stung some. He thought he had made some progress within the last hour. But i guess an hour out of 10 years wasn’t going to fix everything…
“I know it’s just,” Bucky began, stuffing his hands in his jeans and looking at the now interesting paint chip on the flooring. “I feel bad.”
“Why should you feel bad?” she asked. “You feel bad because you’ve given my dad a companion all these years in an area where he didn’t have me? You feel bad because you’re helping my sister through a medical journey that no parents want to have for their child?” Bucky looked up and saw sincerity in her eyes rather than resent. It had been a while since he saw that with her. “From what I’m gathering, if anyone should feel bad, it’s me,” she sighed softly, turning to look out at the yard. 
“What? Why?” Bucky was quick to ask. 
“Is there really a question about it?” she scoffed, more angry with herself. 
“Y/N, you’re out doing some pretty amazing things. You shouldn’t feel bad at all.”
“You know you can sit right? I promise I won’t bite,” she laughed and she shot him a playful look. “This time. I won’t bite this time. I’m trying to be civil and mature, remember?”
He rolled his eyes jokingly before carefully moving to sit next to her on the swing. He still left a gap and he took over the rocking as her feet barely touched the ground with each push off. She noticed and thanked him, to which he replied with a nod of his head.
“What I mean is, I make time for them once, maybe twice a year to visit in person,” Y/N continued as she tucked her leg under her and sat criss cross on the swing, gently resting her cheek on the toddlers head on her shoulder. “And the last two years, I haven’t seen them at all. Everyone’s been too busy.”
“You said it yourself. Everyone is too busy. It’s not just you,” Bucky noted, keeping his eyes glued on her as she talked. 
“You’re right, but it’s just not enough,” she sighed. There was a pregnant silence for a second. “You know, I think about it a lot.”
Shit, were they about to have the conversation? With the kids and the whole family just steps away? 
“My company has grown. It’s structured,” she stated, and Bucky let out a breath of relief. “I mean of course, there will always be more growing, but what exactly am I giving up for it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean this,” she motioned her head around it. “My family. Sure, there’s facetime and our yearly vacations, but like I said, it’s just not enough for me.”
“So why don’t you add more visits here?” Bucky asked. A piece of him wanting it for himself even if he hadn’t realized it. 
“It’s hard to cut out time for it. I mean it’s possible, but every time I have a second to breathe, I’m horrible at adding something else to my plate.”
“Eh, don’t have to explain that to me. If that’s the case, then you haven’t changed in that aspect since highschool,” Bucky chuckled. She sent him a jesting glare and he raised his hands in surrender. “Hey, it’s the truth. You never could NOT stay busy.”
“Yeah, yeah,” she nodded her head. “I mean you’re right, but it’s hard to admit.” 
“I know. You’re stubborn too,” he added. 
“Hey, we aren’t turning this into a roast session,” she pointed out. 
“Oh, we aren’t? My bad,” he teased. 
“Haha, you’re so funny,” she said sarcastically. Again, there was a second of silence beside Manny shouting about a worm in his mud bucket. “I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier.”
Bucky was surprised by the subject change, but didn’t say anything. 
“That was self-centered of me to accuse you of what I did,” she said after a second. 
“We’ve never been good at hearing the other out,” Bucky said. The sentence rang true for a lot of other things. 
“You can say that again,” Y/N huffed. 
The breeze blew the wind chimes that were hung up by the steps down the porch and in the distance the sound of a dog barking echoed. Manny was giggling and Lily was shouting at him to be careful getting mud on his clothes. Inside you could hear the girls laughing as dishes clinked together and the faded sounds of Thomas and John in the den.
“Y/N,” Bucky started. She turned and looked at him with those big Y/E/C eyes that he used to think of every night before bed. “I really don’t want things to be like this between us.” She didn’t respond, but continued to stare at him. “And if you don’t know what I mean, which I’m sure you do, I’ll tell you.” 
He turned his body to face her and she turned her head as best as she could with the sleep child on her. 
“I know what happened in the past was really a shitty situation. One that we do need to clear up.” She nodded lightly at that. “In saying that, I hope we can figure things out and move on from it and hopefully, just maybe, be friends again.”
The desire for what he was saying was clear in his facial expression and his tone. She sat there a second taking in his words and contemplating them.
If she really did want to be mature about this like she said she had, she needed to be open to hearing him out and putting the past behind them. All it had done up until this point was hurt them. She was tired of it. 
She stood up, throwing him off guard, and turned to him. 
“Are you working tomorrow?” she asked. 
“Yes, but I just have a few sessions in the evening,” he answered, standing with her. 
“What about Steve?” 
Confused by her question, he tilted his head slightly, but answered anyway. 
“Um, yeah, I think so. He’s got a few sessions early in the morning, but should be done by one or two.”
“Ok. Coffee at your apartment then, around 10 tomorrow? Does that work?” she asked, adjusting Bennett in her stance. 
“Um, yeah. Yeah, that works fine,” he nodded a little too eagerly.
“Ok, then. I’m going to put him down, and can you make sure those two out there don’t bring an entire mudslide into the house?” she asked as she walked back toward the house.
“No promises, but I’ll try my best,” he laughed, looking out at the two kids before back at her. He could tell Y/N was smiling at the thought before she disappeared inside. He turned back and looked hard at Manny and noticed the kids somehow had dirt dusting in his hair and mud all over the front of his shirt. “Oh, come on big man!” he shouted rushing down the steps before the 5 year old could cake his arm in mud too.
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Sparklin' Eyes - Oneshot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (who also has a relationship with a male OC, Josh)
Word Count: 11.3k (oops)
Warnings: angst, fluff, yelling, social anxiety, talk of panic attacks, some light swearing, drinking, manipulation (from Josh), mean things are said to Bucky, idiots to lovers, roommate!au, friends to lovers, the climax at the wedding cliche, 40s slang, Steve is old in this and also married to Peggy
A/N: This is written for the lovely @wkemeup's 9k Writing Challenge. Congrats Kas on such a huge milestone! You deserve it and so much more. I'll link her masterlist here, go check out her work, all of it is amazing. My prompt was:
Character A’s current boyfriend/girlfriend/partner mocks Character B for their crush on their best friend, [A]. [B], feeling humiliated, withdraws from the friendship with [A], who is completely oblivious [B] has feelings for them.
Also, a huge thank you to S. for staying up till like one in the morning stalking me on Google Docs and encouraging me to get this done, love ya tons!
This is my first reader insert fic, and I tried to keep the descriptions as vague as possible, apologies in advance if they weren't. Feedback is always appreciated and hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
P.S for a slight spoiler to see if there's a happy ending, click here.
Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the images or dividers used in this post, credit to their original owners. I do not own any of the Marvel characters, they belong to Marvel.
Tumblr media
“What do you mean, ‘no’?”
“I mean, it’s my day off, and I’m not going to be risking my life wearing death trap shoes and falling on concrete today, ok?”
“Bucky, they’re rollerblades…” she trailed off, a dash of amusement in her voice.
“Semantics,” he shrugged, snuggling up further in the blanket fort he’d made himself.
She groaned over the phone, “Please? Bucky?”
“Do you think I like taunting death on a daily basis?”
“But you’ll be doing it with me,” she whined. “Please?”
She was smart, targeting his weaknesses, but Bucky would be tough today. All he wanted to do was finish this new release, in peace, because the day was made for cozying up in his favourite corner, with a cup of tea and getting lost in the pages of the book. Sunny skies and cool breezes meant that half the town would have rushed out into the streets, making their shared apartment a safe haven. “Can’t Josh go with you?
“He was going to, but then he had a last minute meeting. Bucky, please? I’ll buy you that shitty tea blend you love so much?”
He gasped, pure blasphemy was what she had just said.
“Come on, Bucky…” Y/N paused, clearly mulling over her next move. “I took the afternoon off for this, and I don’t want to turn into the office chick without a life.”
“Why can’t you just go by yourself?” he asked, picking nervously at the ends of his thumbs.
“‘Cause I won’t get the discount if I don’t bring someone else with me,” she sighed, Bucky could hear her office chair squeak as she used her heel as a pivot, making half circles. Y/N’s voice took a more serious tone as she continued. “Look, I know you’ve been meaning to finish that book since forever, but...the weather is so nice today, it’d be treason to stay inside.”
Bucky stayed quiet, wincing when he dug his finger a bit too deep into his thumb and started to draw blood. He brought his thumb up to his mouth and started to suck at the little wound. His silence must have stretched on for too long, as Y/N rushed out, “It was stupid of me to ask, Buck, sorry to bother you...I’ll uh-I’ll be home at around-”
“I’ll go,” he cut her off.
“What?” Her smile was practically palpable through her phone. “I mean-great! Oh my God, this is amazing!” She squealed. “Ok, ok, ok, well, I’ll uh- you remember that park close to the pizza place where the pigeon shat on your slice?”
“Uh-huh,” he mumbled, already searching for some band-aids.
“Yeah, so go two streets down, three to the right, and when you see that whale neon sign above the-”
This was a recipe for disaster, Y/N was horrible at giving directions, “Why don’t you just send me the address?”
“Oh, of course, yes, yeah,” she stuttered. “Sounds great, will do. I’ll see you there in like half an hour then, ok?”
She didn’t wait for him to respond before letting out another squeal of joy and hanging up the phone.
After putting on the band-aid on his left thumb, Bucky stared at his reflection as he busied himself with trying to tame the mess of hair on his much for trying to finish that book. But, to be completely honest with himself, he was already hyping himself up to join her at the rink when he picked up her call on the second ring.
Tumblr media
Unbelievable, was the first thought that ran through his head. The other one was an extremely profane thought at the little pebble that was digging into his skin through his jeans, surely causing indents he would still be able to see tomorrow. “So you’ve been rollerblading for how long, and you don’t know how to do up your skates?”
Y/N laughed at his annoyed face, “First time, actually.”
“What?” Bucky snapped up to her face, pulling a little too hard on one of her laces.
“Mm-hm,” she held her head up happily. “Josh was supposed to teach me...and that plan kinda went down the drain.”
“What am I going to do with you, huh?” he huffed exasperatedly, moving on to the other skate.
“Teach me how to rollerblade.”
“No shit, Sherlock,” he stood up and headed back to the stand. “I’m getting you some knee and elbow pads.”
When he came back, his arms full with every protective brace known to mankind, Bucky saw Y/N staring wistfully out at a couple, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes lovingly.
“Hey, hey,” he sat down beside her. “Look at me, don’t think about him, alright? We’re going to have tons of fun together.”
She scoffed, looking down at her hands. Bucky looked out at the pairs rollerblading in front of them, and though the two-for-one rental deal hadn’t been advertised as a ‘couples’ thing, it was clear who the target audience was. What with the clasped hands, skating conjoined at the hip, and the lovey-dovey gazes the pairs were giving each other. Suddenly, he felt so out of place...a third-wheel.
“Come on,” he nudged her side and handed her her helmet. “I can’t be that bad of a teacher? You haven’t even had a class with me yet.”
“Mmmmm...okay, yeah,” she took a deep breath, pushing out a smile for him and took the helmet from him and started to clip it in place, wincing when she caught some of her skin in the clasp.
“Alright,” he chewed his top lip nervously, he didn’t think she was that much of a beginner. “Honey? Your helmet’s on backwards.”
“Oops,” Y/N giggled, putting it the right way around. “Better?”
“Yeah,” he took two fingers and tucked them underneath her chin strap. “Ya need two fingers space here, right? And your ear straps shouldn’t be twisted-” unbuckling the grasp and correcting them “-and you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers between your eyebrows and the edge of your helmet. Sound good?”
“Yep!” she chirped and started getting ready to get off the bench. “Let’s skate!”
“Woah, woah, woah,” he tugged her back by the loop of her jeans. “Hold ya horses, we’re far from done. Check your nuts for me, see if they’re too tight.”
“Excuse me?”
“Your nu-your wheels,” he corrected. Taking one of his skates off the bench, he flicked one of his wheels. “See how it’s moving freely? You don’t want them to glitch on ya.”
Once both of their nuts were checked and given Bucky’s hard seal of approval, he reached for the protective pads and clasped them down on her elbows and knees, ignoring her protests.
“Look, Y/N, you don’t wanna end up with bruised and bleeding knees at the end of this, ok? Just trust me on this,” he wiggled the hard shell of the knee brace to make sure it stayed in place.
She gestured to the other braces and pads around them on the bench, “Who are these for?”
“For me,” he grumbled, tugging at a finicky clasp on his skate.
“Yeah,” pulling at his laces. “It’s been a while, and I, unlike some people, value my joints and want them to be healthy and well-oiled when I’m old.”
“So, you’re telling me you’re not a 106 year-old man already?” she playfully snarked.
“Hardy har-har,” he gave his nuts another flick test. “You’ll thank me when you’re older,” he stared at her smug expression before chuckling under his breath. “Ok, hold on, lemme get up first and I’ll help you stabilize.”
“Bucky,” she shifted anxiously on the bench. “We’ve been here for ages now.”
“Half an hour, and a crucial one at that,” he held out his hands for her to take. And once she was on her feet, he said, “How’s it feeling?”
“Great, wonderful, can we do some actual skating now?” Bucky’s hold on her wasn’t tight and it was extremely easy for her to break out of his arms taking a few tentative steps forward. “See, piece of pie, now come on before-”
He winced as Y/N fell on her butt, tears already gathering in her eyes from laughter. Expertly, he skated over with an exasperated huff. “I swear, you’re a masochist sometimes.” Leaning over, he grabbed her from underneath her armpits and pulled her up. “Did you learn your lesson? Are you going to listen to me now?”
“No promises, mister,” she grinned back.
For the next two hours, Bucky cautiously taught her the basics of rollerblading, making sure to be as gentle as possible so she wouldn't get any more hurt than she already was. Of course, with Y/N's natural clumsiness it seemed to be an impossible task, as she seemed to find any place on her body that he hadn’t managed to cover in a protective pad and fall straight on top of it.
Finally, finally, after hours of going over the basics, holding the sides of the rink as they made circles and circles, Bucky allowed them to let go and start skating by themselves.
“Ok, Y/N, I’m going to let go now-” His fingers were around her waist in a death grip as he skated behind her and steered her body.
“Oh my God, I’ve only been waiting for the past two hours-”
“And I was going to make you promise me that you wouldn’t complain and then subsequently crash into the wall in front of you, but you beat me to it,” he chuckled under his breath, moving them away from the cement wall. “Ready?”
Her excitement was practically palpable as she shook in his hold.
“Now remember, you have brakes on your toes, so lift your heels whenever you wanna stop, just like we talked about,” it seemed that Bucky was more nervous than she had been this whole afternoon. “Alright, 3… 2...1…” And as she drifted off in front of him, with laughs of delight, he became extremely aware of the loss of her warm presence in his arms. Shaking it off, he skated to catch up with her beaming face.
“Ok, ok,” he started rushing. “Now remember to hold your weight a bit in front, just like we practised, yeah? ‘Cause if you lean too far back you’ll fall just like you did that first time.”
“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?” she teased with a playful sideways glance at him.
Bucky flushed in embarrassment, “Just don’t want ya to get hurt again.”
“Just teasin’ ya,” she giggled. She nudged him, and caught his eye playfully, “Thanks, Buck, you know, for doing this.”
“Ah,” he waved dismissively. “I did close to nothin’, you’re a great student.”
“Liar,” bashfully smiling to herself, “How about I treat you to some drinks-Josh!”
At the sight of her boyfriend from the corner of her eye, she tried to turn her skate to go towards him. Instead of the smooth glide she was expecting, so that she could show off her newly found skills, she was met with Bucky. Jamming her skate almost perpendicular to his, she lost balance and started kicking her legs up to regain her stability. Bucky, reflexively wrapped his arms around her and threw the two of them backwards on the ground, taking the brunt of the fall.
Evidently, the protective gear they were wearing hadn’t been enough. Bucky’s right forearm was throbbing and he knew he would find a nasty bruise there by morning. His senses seemed to be working overtime as he tried to get both of them standing again, while dodging all the death glares they were getting. But, when he heard her gentle groan, he started to become acutely aware of her soft curves pressing into him, and he froze, staring up into her face.
“Baby!” Josh cried, running over to the two of them. “Are you alright?” He laced an arm around her shoulder, another around her hip, helping her get up.
She huffed exasperatedly, “I can get up by myself, you know, all I did for the first hour was fall.”
“What? See, baby, this is why I told you to wait for me to come and teach you!”
“And I told you that I can learn with Bucky!” she grinned at him. “He taught me everything I need to know, so next time we can go together and not embarrass ourselves in front of everyone.”
“You’re impossible,” he muttered under his breath. By now, Bucky had snapped out of his daze and stood up. “Hey, Buck, how’re you doin’?”
“Uhh,” he almost fell over from nervousness. “G-good.”
“Good,” Josh turned back to her, “Now, how about I take you out to dinner? To make up for cancelling today.”
“Oh,” she said, smiling lightly and looking at Bucky from the corner of her eyes. “I actually was going to get drinks with Bucky. As a thank you for this afternoon…” she trailed off as she saw the way her boyfriend’s face dropped. “But the more the merrier, right?”
Josh glared at Bucky, as she went to sit down and take off her skates, “Yeah, the more the merrier.”
Tumblr media
The music of interweaving voices and shuffling feet on wooden floors was briefly interrupted by the slosh of drinks and the clink of glasses. It was a pleasant soundtrack for Bucky, as he dug his left pointer finger into his band-aid clad thumb, a rapidly-warming sleeve of beer in his right. Y/N was talking animatedly about the animal shelter she volunteered her weekends in, one of her favourite puppies having been rehomed just yesterday, and of course she had to go and say goodbye.
Despite all her eccentricities, and wild, carefree attitude, which was actually what drew him to her when he had been apartment-hunting, Bucky found his heart bursting with adoration as he gazed into her starry eyes and messed-up hair from the wind that afternoon. Her face was practically glowing in the bad lighting of the bar, the ratty t-shirt, which was probably Josh’s, making her beauty radiate from inside her chest.
Josh laughed obnoxiously loud at something she had said, breaking Bucky’s reverie. He sighed, a flame of jealousy flaring up in his chest when he saw how she was looking at her boyfriend. Some people just got so lucky at times.
“Hey, honey?” Josh whispered in her ear. “You don’t mind getting me another drink, will ya?”
“‘Course not,” she smiled sweetly, and stood up. Why couldn’t she look at him like that? “You want anything Buck?”
You. He shook his head, making a dismissive gesture and muttering, “Thanks anyway.”
She frowned, taking in his distraught form, and leaned back to whisper into Josh’s ear, “I think we should get going after your drink. Bucky’s real tired, and crowds aren’t really his thing.”
Her boyfriend nodded neutrally, stealing a sideways glance at Bucky who seemed to only have eyes for his girlfriend that night. A plan forming in his mind, Josh grabbed her hand again and said, “You don’t mind getting a sandwich for takeaway as well? I didn’t have dinner.”
“Oh-I mean, sure, but,” Y/N stuttered out. “We’ve been here for ages, why didn’t you just order before?”
Josh shook his head, and drawled out, “I just remembered I don’t have any leftovers back at my apartment...”
“Well, ok, a BLT with a side of onion rings?”
“It’s like you read my mind,” Josh grinned, awkwardly half-standing to place a kiss on her lips.
When she was at the counter, a safe distance away from the booth where Josh and Bucky were sitting, Josh said, “It was awfully nice of you to take her to the rink this afternoon.”
“I, uhhh, I guess,” he mumbled, not looking in Josh’s eyes as he pulled the edge of the band-aid off and wrapped it around tighter, his thumb starting to turn a dark red.
“Didn’t peg you to be the rollerblading type…” he continued prodding, but when Bucky didn’t respond he tried a different tactic. “What with the books and the...knitting.”
Bucky had faced enough ridicule about his hobby before to barely even flinch at what Josh tried to do. Knitting made him not only relax but also fit in better at his job in a senior’s home as a physical therapist. Plus, Y/N was prone to losing mittens left and right during the winter, and it was starting to cave a hole into her paycheck. It was the least he could do. And as soon as he made her a hand-made pair, they turned into the only mittens she wore during the winter.
“Took lessons when I was a child,” he grumbled, taking a big swig of his drink. The kitchen was taking a damn long time for a sandwich.
“Still,” Josh raised an eyebrow, revelling in the levels of discomfort the man in front of him was exuding. “I personally thought you’d prefer to spend your day-off alone in your apartment to, you know, ‘charge your social batteries’.”
“I’d been meaning to spend some time with Y/N for a while now,” he shifted in his seat so he was sitting up straighter. With a glance behind him, he saw the girl in question chatting amiably on the phone with someone, gesturing wildly with her hands.
Josh scoffed, and with a sideways glance, cocked his head and looked meanly at Bucky, “I’ll be straight with you, Bucko-”
“James,” he interrupted.
“Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?” he snapped back, without missing a beat.
Had Bucky been drinking, he would have sprayed Josh and then shoved the glass up his ass. Even now, when he wasn’t taking a drink, he sputtered out a cough of surprise and disgust, “What?” Oh, how he wished he was in his bed now.
“Come on, d’ya think I’m an idiot?” he scoffed. “I’ve seen the way you look at her, you no-good knitting freak.”
Bucky gave up on rubbing his finger back and forth on the band-aid, something he was trying to do to avoid picking. He ribbed the band-aid off and went in full force, digging through the barely-healed wound from earlier that afternoon. “I’ve-I’ve never thought about that way.” He whispered the last part of his sentence, knowing full well how much of a lie it was. Almost on cue, waves upon waves of red flooded his face.
But he hadn’t just dreamed about having her naked body pressed against his, or feeling her hands roam his back as she moaned into his neck. He dreamed more of waking up to the sun spilling over her shoulders, or the way her face would light up when he bought her a bouquet of roses, or the way he could have her in his arms while reading in bed out loud to the two of them, or taking her to do all the thousand-and-one winter traditions she had around the city.
“And the sky isn’t blue, sure,” Josh chortled. “You idiot, you really thought I wouldn’t pick up on it?”
Bucky nervously looked over his shoulder. “I never acted on it, I swear,” he said, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. “You have nothing to worry about.” He had made peace with the fact that he would never find the courage to confess his feelings to her, and her friendship was more than enough for him. But, now that he had had a taste of it, he could never go back to life as it was before her.
“‘Course I don’t,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently, Tarzan?” Josh was revelling in the scene. “Did you really think you had a chance with-”
“Here ya go,” Y/N came back, her hands full. “Your drink, and sandwich. There seemed to be a lost puppy situation going on at the back of the kitchen, which is why it took so lo-”
“Pickles,” Josh shoved the opened takeaway box into her arms again. “I want pickles.”
“I-uh, alright,” she sighed. Before heading back to the counter to fulfill Josh’s request, she stopped where Bucky was and said gently to him, “You alright? You look a little flushed.”
He nodded back, “Just a lil’ warm is all.”
“Hmmm,” she pressed a cool hand to his forehead, then moved to press the backside to his cheek. “Doesn’t seem to be a fever, just...I’ll make us a cup of tea when we get home, sounds good?”
Bucky made a sound of agreement, before going to sit down on his hands to prevent himself from picking at them anymore.
“I-I just care about her, ok?” he mumbled under his breath.
“Sure ya fucking do, pal,” Josh teased, finding this extremely entertaining. “If you did care about her, you’d leave her alone.”
“Uh-huh,” Josh started talking very slowly, a condescending tone to his voice. “You see, you’re a deadweight, and Y/N is tired of dragging you around.”
Bucky frowned, and his voice was the most assertive it was all evening, “She’s my friend, if she felt that way, she would tell me-”
“You really think that she likes spending all that time holed up in that stuffy apartment with you?” He laughed, “That’s rich. D’ya know how frustrated she gets when she has to blow off plans ‘cause you had another panic attack?”
“She said to call me whenever-”
“She fucking lied, ok?” he snapped at Bucky. “You’re just about as lively as my grandma, and she’s dead. If you cared about Y/N, you’d stop sabotaging her relationships just to have her as your personal therapist.” His voice softened, “I love her, and I know what’s best for her, trust me on this?”
Bucky looked down at his lap and slowly nodded, digesting all the information he’d received. Right on time, Y/N came, letting out a deep sigh as she plopped down beside her boyfriend. “They couldn’t find the damn pickles,” she let out a fatigued laugh, that Bucky mistook to be directed at him. “Turns out they were hiding behind a wall of expired Dr. Pepper. You’d think they’d put it somewhere more visible but…”
Bucky zoned out, lost in his own thoughts as Y/N’s voice drowned out with the rest of the sounds of the bar. So, this was all their friendship was? An exasperated load of patience with his shit from her end, just so that she wouldn’t lose a decent roommate. It was a contract, like the ones they had to sign for the apartment. And here he was, falling deeper and deeper in love with a person who could barely tolerate him. Who used him for rollerblading lessons so she wouldn’t be embarrassed with her boyfriend.
His eyes snapped to the couple in front of him again. Yes, they were made for each other. Eyes filled with adoration gazing into eyes filled with even more adoration, longing touches and lingering kisses. Josh was just as perfect for Y/N as she was for him. Hell, she was better for him. Josh was right, how dare Bucky imagine himself having a shot with her. He had just made a fool of himself and ruined Y/N’s social life…the least he could do was remove himself from her life. He was all kinds of bad for her.
“Bucky?” her voice drew him out of his thoughts, though they still swarmed around his head at full speed. “You doing alright, honey?”
He nodded, clearing his throat, though she didn’t seem to be convinced. “Why don’t we call it an early night, huh?”
“But, baby,” Josh whined, tugging on her arm. “It’s only 9:00pm.”
“Aww, sweetie,” she said in a mock-baby voice. In her regular voice, she continued, “I don’t think Bucky is feeling well, and I’m tuckered out from rollerblading. How about a date night this weekend, huh?”
Bucky isn’t feeling well. Just as if she was his mother, excusing herself early from a party because her son was throwing up and the babysitter didn’t know what to do. Except that she wasn’t his mother, and he wasn’t her son. They weren’t even friends. Just two people who shared an apartment, one of whom was deeply in love with the other.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week flew by in a hurry, with Bucky busying himself at work and drastically trying to avoid his roommate at all costs.
Easier said than done. They had developed a series of rituals for every night of the week, simple as a cup of tea and an hour in silence with a book and each other’s company, or as spontaneous as getting up before the sunrise and having a picnic on the roof. Even then, there were only so many excuses he could give her, while he holed himself up in the library after his shift was over. Bucky didn’t know what to do anymore.
Spending each night muffling his sobs into his pillow and waking up earlier than Y/N just to sneak off to work and sit in his car for an extra hour until his shift started was taking a toll on him.
It didn’t escape his notice how her eyes would stay on him, brimming with worry at the dark circles gathering underneath his own. Or the sheer number of band-aids he had wrapped around his fingers, because he had recently found out that his teeth were much more effective at peeling away his skin. Bucky knew he was a mess, a pity beard growing rapidly on his face, his hair growing longer and messier by the minute, and it was better to keep his mess away from her.
He missed spending time with her more than he cared to admit. His life had taken a drastic turn when he started living with her, and though he didn’t care much for social interaction, but with Y/N it became something he found himself, during that week, craving more and more. Such as the times where Sam and Natasha would come over and they’d all watch a game and annihilate a couple of pizzas.
But at the same time, he was never as outgoing as his friend, who was always the life of the party, laughing and chatting merrily. Josh did have a point, his so-called friendship with her was always curtailed towards his needs and it obviously must take a toll on her. The last thing he wanted was to drag Y/N down.
And as the melody to his thoughts, all through the week, Josh’s words kept ringing through his mind, if you really cared about her, you would leave her alone. Josh has known her for well over a year, in ways that Bucky could only dream about. If he said Bucky cutting off ties with Y/N was best for, the advice had to be taken to heart. Yet why was it that the less time he spent with her, the more time she carved into her schedule for him? He hated that it came to this, he really did.
His next day off, he spent the morning in his bed, staring up at the ceiling as tears gathered and fell from his eyes. Then, he called into work, saying he had to take a few days off because of an emergency, and he set to packing. If Y/N came home and saw all of his things were packed, then she wouldn’t fuss too much about his leaving...or pretend to fuss.
Despite all his confidence and certainty in his decision, Bucky couldn’t help the lick of fear that went up his spine when he heard the door unlock. Sniffling, he rubbed at his puffy eyes, and moved towards his bookshelf, box in hand.
“Buck! I’m home!” she called from the front door. Bucky heard the familiar sounds of her kicking off her heels and plopping her purse by the door. “I was thinking we could have a nice night-in, you know, make some tacos or something...sound good?”
The panic started to rise in his chest, what the hell was he doing? He felt another tear make its way down his face, and he aggressively wiped it away with the back of his hand.
“Oh, and the movie theatre has a special discount tomorrow if you bring a friend…” she trailed off, as her footsteps came closer to his room. Once she was in his door she took a step back in surprise at the disarray of the normally tidy room. “Bucky?”
Bucky made a sound of acknowledgement as he wrestled with trying to fit as many books as he could into the box.
“You’re moving?” her voice squeaked.
He needed to keep his wits about him. Sealing the box shut with some tape, he grunted, still not bothering to look at her.
“Don’t- don’t you- like shouldn’t we talk about this first?”
“I’ll pay my half of the rent till you get another roommate. That’s all that concerns you,” he got up and stacked the box on his dresser. He took a look around him and realized what a mess his room had turned into, half-packed boxes laying around like little boulders all around the floor...he was going to have to do something about that.
He heard her let out a frustrated sigh, even on his best days he wasn’t great at communicating how he felt. “So, you already have a place in mind?”
All that could be heard in the room was Bucky shuffling around placing and replacing boxes on top of each other, trying to find a way to make them all fit in his obnoxiously small room...God, he was going to miss it so much. The annoying lump rose in his throat, and he sniffled at the thought of having to uproot the lovely little routines he’d built with her for the past years.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?” her voice brought his attention back to the situation at hand. “Let me help you.”
For the first time since she arrived, Bucky made hesitant eye contact with her and muttered out, “Needed a change.”
“From what?” She moved into the space a little, trying to see if she could piece together what was happening. His eyes weren’t giving her the best indication that he was making a confident choice, streaked red and puffy, while the tip of his nose was a little pink.
“This,” he gestured vaguely to the room around him. Why was she putting up such a fight? She should be jumping with joy by now.
“Oh... ok, um- maybe I could- I could help you re-decorate. I don't get- you don't need to move!" she huffed, her voice laced with immense confusion.
Help, he shuddered at the word, and hardened himself for what he was about to say. “I don’t need your help,” he spat out, a heap of frustration being added to the mixture of emotions he had been feeling all day.
“Alright, I-I, ok. I’ll call Sam, then, and he can-” starting to feel for her phone in her pocket, and trying to hide how hard they were shaking because of her heart rate.
“I don’t need you to call Sam, alright?”
“Then I’ll help you pack-”
Reaching for a box close to her, Y/N stepped into the room and started putting it together. Noticing what she was trying to do, Bucky stepped forward and ripped the cardboard out of her hands in exasperation, throwing it to the wall with a dull thud. He hardened himself to the shock that painted over her face, he had never been that rough with anyone before, and he always touched her with a gentleness uncanny to his large frame.
“I don’t need anything from you, do you understand?” he said, raising his voice a little, coming closer to her and straightening his shoulders.
Another first for the two of them. Though they had their arguments, neither of them, until now, had yelled at each other. Tears gathered in her eyes, but she blinked them away. Her voice broke as she replied, “Wha-I just want to help, and I feel like you’re rushing into this a little quick.”
“Oh, I have given this a lot of thought-” he nodded, narrowing his eyes at her and crossing his arms at his chest. He wanted nothing more than to take it all back, to hug her and apologize and say that tacos sounded amazing, but it had to be ripping off a band-aid.
“Well, it doesn’t seem like it. You’ve been crying!” her tone matched his, as she noticed his red puffy eyes as prevalent today as they had been this entire week.
“No, I haven’t-” he frowned, trying to mask the tears in his eyes with anger, and failing miserably.
“We should-do you want to sit down, have some tea, and we can talk about this. I just-I don’t want you to be rushing-” she stuttered, her hands starting to shake, before she hid them nervously behind her.
“Stop it,” he snapped, staring her down with a confidence that was, until then, otherwise unknown to him.
“Stop? Bucky, you’re scaring me-” her forehead wrinkled, as she reached up to the side of her neck and rubbed it nervously.
“I mean, stop your pity, and your lies, and whatever screwed-up notion of-” he started moving forward, trying to trap her between the wall, but she only side-stepped and walked backwards towards the door.
She frowned and her mouth fell open in surprise, “Bucky, I have never done anything for you out of pity-”
“Don’t lie to me-” he practically yelled.
“I’m not-”
“Yes, you are! All of this has just been a big fat lie to you, hasn’t it? You don’t even have the common decency to tell me the truth now,” he took a pause, trying to steady his breaths. In a louder voice he continued, “Well, you know what? I’m sick of your bullshit, Y/N!”
“I don’t-I don’t understand-” she said softly, looking down to hide the tears in her eyes. Bucky felt a twinge of guilt for making her cry, but pushed it down again.
“Well, you don’t need to. I’m going to be out of your hair soon enough. You won’t be forced to worry about me anymore.”
“Forced? Bu-I’ll always worry about you, James, you moving isn’t going to change that-” she moved forward, trying to hug him, but he pulled away sharply, his jaw clenched and not a trace of sympathy in his eyes.
“Then don’t worry!” He was yelling at this point, his heart screaming at him to stop, to take back what he had just said, so he could take her in his arms and comfort her. But unlike all the other times, where she had spent the night sobbing on his shoulder, Bucky was the one who hurt her, the jerk who kicked around her heart just to see her cry. “How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not some baby or cripple that needs to be taken care of-”
“Don’t say that about yourself!” she snapped back at him, suddenly.
“Why not? That’s what you think of me, isn’t it? Admit it, Y/N, I shouldn’t have come with you to the rink, nobody wanted me there-”
“I wanted you there. I asked you. Not anybody else. Isn't that enough?”
“Then why did you ask me?” his voice dropped an octave, filled with rage and hate as it broke for the upteenth time that day.
“Because you’re my friend!” she threw up her arms in defeat, searching his eyes for some explanation that he wasn’t telling her.
“Well,” he sighed, deciding to try a different tactic, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”
“What?” she drew back suddenly, crossing her arms at her chest.
“You heard me, I want nothing to do with you. With your parties, and rollerblading, oh, and ‘let’s get ice cream at the asscrack of dawn’! Y/N, I’m sick and tired of being around you, and I can’t believe it took me this long to say it.” He paused until she finally met his eyes, streaks of tears on her cheeks. “It’s exhausting spending time with you, and I can’t spend another minute pretending that I like doing it.”
“I didn’t realize I made you feel like that,” her voice broke multiple times.
“Yeah, you don’t realize a lot of things, Y/N,” he averted his eyes to the floor.
“Ok, well, I’ll just-uh, pack a bag and I’ll uh… stay out of your hair until you’re gone.”
The silence was palpable as the two of them stood in front of each other, watching their tears fall on the ground and make small drops.
“I’m sorry, Bucky… sorry that I’m so exhausting,” she said, her voice aching with fatigue. “You won’t have to deal with me anymore”
“Y/N, I-” he moved forward, wanting nothing more than to hug her.
Shaking her head, she almost tripped over herself trying to get away from him. “It’s alright, James, I understand. I’ll go pack and-uh, you won’t have to pretend to like me anymore...text me when you’re done with the apartment.”
Though her door was closed, and Bucky didn’t see her afterwards until the next morning, where she said a brief goodbye to him and left their apartment, he could hear her gut-wrenching sobs coming from the bathroom. He also heard her at his door at midnight, dropping off something at the foot. When he thought she had left, Bucky got up and found the small wooden box, decorated in twisting floral patterns that he’d given to her for her first birthday with him.
In it, was a variety of trinkets and memorabilia from the past few years together. A couple of necklaces and bracelets he’d given her, a shawl, receipts and movie tickets, and on top of it all, a small box of band-aids, with a note on top telling him to take care of himself.
Tumblr media
“What the hell d’ya mean you ain’t comin’?” Steve huffed, bent over with a ten pound weight and doing some rows.
“Back straight, Steve,” Bucky warned, placing a guiding hand on the protruding area. “And remember to breathe.”
“That doesn’t answer my question, young man,” he pressed, after readjusting himself according to Bucky’s instructions. “You’re my best man, you have to be there.”
He sighed, though he loved his job and the people he got to interact with, the small talk portion of his training sessions weren’t his strong suit. “That’s twenty, let’s give it a break and switch to the other.”
“Phew!” Steve grinned, wiping his forehead with the towel draped around his shoulders. “You’re killing me here, Barnes.”
“If you didn’t talk so damn much…” he muttered back, going to grab Steve’s water bottle. “Drink up, we can’t have you sore for the wedding.”
“Might as well cancel it if I’m not gonna have a best man,” he quipped back.
“You’re actually impossible to be around, Rogers, ya know that?” Bucky signalled to the weights again. “Break’s over, grab the weight and give me twenty rows, and remember to-”
Steve groaned and rolled his eyes like a teenager, “Keep my back straight, yeah I got it the first twenty thousand times you said it to me.”
“Oh, so you want to go to Rumlow and blow your back out?” he countered.
“Anything just to escape your ass for a day,” Steve winked at Bucky. “Might even ask him to be my best man while we’re at it.”
It was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes and scoff something under his breath. “What was that?” Steve puffed out.
“I said, you’re not tightening your core and you’re putting too much pressure on your elbow,” he waited until Steve fixed it. “Good job, now try to do these last five right.” When he finished, Bucky asked, “You feeling alright to get through the rest of this? Or d’ya wanna break?”
“I’m fine, Jesus criminy, you’re such a geezer. I’m guessing you want ten squats now?”
“Yessir,” Bucky said, ignoring Steve’s remark. “Get to it. Knees don’t go past your toes, alright?” The older man was walking to the weights and Bucky realized what he was trying to pull again. “And for gosh sakes, Rogers, leave the forty pounds alone, your max is thirty.”
“You’re a crummy trainer, you know that right?” Steve groaned, coming back with a twenty pound weight.
“And you’re an even crummier client.”
“Maybe, but you take the cake for the world’s crummiest best man,” he groaned, going into his squat.
“Oh for the love of-” Bucky threw up his hands in exasperation. “You ever going to leave that be? And knees don’t go past your toes, Rogers, gotta hold ya core or you’re going to hurt yourself!”
“No, in fact I’m not. I need a best man for my wedding, and you’re gonna be it.”
Bucky scoffed, “So, you’re telling me-knees, Rogers!-that you’re not gonna respect my decision?”
Steve groaned again as he finished his set, and put down the weight. Placing his hands on his waist he looked up stubbornly at his trainer, “That’s all just a load of gobbledygook. ‘Respecting your decision’. How about respecting the promise you made to me to be there on my fiftieth wedding anniversary?”
“Somethin’ came up,” he said, passing Steve his water bottle again, with a look that said drink up.
“That’s a load of bullcrap, if I ever heard some,” Steve laughed. “C’mon, Buck, tell me what happened.”
A muscle in Bucky’s jaw twitched as he remembered the infamous night a few weeks ago. Losing Y/N, that’s what happened. And of course she had been invited by Peggy for the ceremony and reception, and of course she was going. So, as had been the norm for the past few weeks, Bucky was trying to keep himself out of her life as much as possible. This was quite easy, considering the fact that besides Steve, Peggy, Sam, and Natasha, they didn’t have any other mutual friends...and those were the only friends Bucky had was actually getting quite lonely.
“Nothin’,” he mumbled. “Gimme twenty wall push-ups and a 30 second plank, and we’ll cool down.”
“No,” Steve said with a shit-eating grin on his face.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” Bucky frowned. “You feelin’ sore?”
“Rogers, you whiz through these like no one else I know-”
“‘Course I do,” he brushed some imaginary dirt off his shoulder...quite clearly his teenage granddaughter has had an influence on him. “But, I won’t do them ‘till you tell me why you can’t be my best man anymore.”
“Seriously? Blackmail?” Bucky scoffed.
He shrugged, “I got all day.”
“Well, I don’t, I got another client after you, ok? So, can you hurry up?”
“You know what you gotta do…”
“For fuck’s sake,” Bucky puffed and pointed at the wall closest to them. “You’re gonna cool down your muscles and seriously injure yourself. Now, get up while your body is still warm.”
Steve sat in silence, twiddling his thumbs.
Bucky groaned, “I can’t believe it’s come to this...fine, but I’m doubling the push-ups.”
“Fine by me,” he slapped his pecs. “These bad boys got a lot of bounce in them left.”
“Steve, it’s stuff like that, that makes a little part of me die inside every time we have a session,” he sighed, rubbing his forehead and trying to motivate himself that his lunch break was only an hour away.
“Hey! You were at four, what the hell happened? Start back at one, and hold ya elbows properly for the love of God.”
Steve just glared at him.
“Fine,” he threw up his hands in surrender. “I had a fight with my roommate.”
He snorted, correcting his stance and starting the push-ups again, “Don’t shit me, Barnes, I’m not an idiot.”
“What? That’s all that happened.”
Steve paused for a couple of seconds, trying to gauge whether or not Bucky was serious. Having figured out his plan of attack he continued, “Well, it’s just a silly fight, isn’t it?”
“Steve, it’s not-”
“Can’t be more important than my golden wedding? Right?” He didn’t even wait for Bucky to answer before punching him hard on the arm, and getting down to do his plank. “I’ll see you there, Barnes. Now, time me.”
Tumblr media
“You look really pretty, babe,” Josh said, admiring Y/N from her bed as she twirled around in her dress for the wedding.
“Don’t I just?” she remarked cheekily. “And look how flowy it is! Ugh, perfect for a summer wedding!”
“When’s it happening again?”
“Next week,” she smiled absentmindedly, admiring her reflection in the mirror.
“I think,” he started, getting up from the bed so he could circle his arms around her waist, “that you’re going to look prettier than the bride herself.” He pressed a kiss onto her nose
“Oh shut up, you sap,” she giggled. “Have you seen Peggy? I have no chance beside her.”
“Peggy?” He frowned, trying to place them in their list of friends.
“Yeah, Steve’s wife…” she trailed off. “You know, down at the senior home?”
“The one where Bucky works?”
She hummed in agreement, hurt washing over her eyes at the sound of her old friend’s name, “But they’ve rented out a venue and a church.”
“Bucky gonna be there?” he asked in a harsh tone.
“I-” she left his arms to go look at the window. “I don’t know.”
As soon as he left, there had been a Bucky-size hole prevalent in everything she looked at in the apartment. Though her new roommate was nice enough, she found the picture of kittens in baskets filled with flowers that Y/N and Bucky had hung up together above the TV creepy, and she didn’t buy the same creamer as she did, so they couldn’t share. She couldn’t look at anything anymore, without finding some imaginary fault with it...mostly, it was just Bucky’s absence.
She had gone rollerblading a couple times more with Josh, and once by herself, but soon lost her interest. What good was it if she couldn’t see the way Bucky’s eyes lit up when she managed to start marching on the spot, or the gentle caress of his hands on her hips? Even with Natasha and Sam, there was always something missing. A quiet and soft presence, hiding from the light, and laughing lightly along to their drunk tactics.
Josh came up behind her, circling his arms around her waist, pressing his chin into her shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby?” he cooed.
Y/N sighed, “Nothing, I just-uh, nothing.”
“It’s Bucky, isn’t it?” she could see the reflection of his frown.
She turned around in his arms, looking into his eyes, and in her shame, looked back down, to his exposed collar bone. “Oh, honey,” he murmured, pulling her into a hug. “Is he still ghosting you?”
“Mmhm,” she agreed, muffled by his shirt.
“That no-good son of a bitch,” he muttered under his breath quietly, but not quiet enough for her not to catch it.
Her head snapped with a different kind of fire in her eyes, “Don’t you dare call my friend that.”
Josh frowned down at her, his grip around her loosening, “Friend? Are you seriously still defending him after all that shit he said to you?”
Y/N turned away in shame to hide her trembling lip at the memory of that horrible fight. Some small part of her still firmly believed that there was an ulterior motive to Bucky’s decision to move. He had been crying all the nights of the week, barely eating or sleeping, who knows how tired he must have been.
Another twang of guilt took hold of her stomach, she should have acted on it sooner. She knew, first hand, how bad Bucky’s anxiety could get to him, and had helped him through it so many times before. She had seen the warning signs, the withdrawal, the crying, the band-aids...she should have called his therapist.
“Are you even hearing yourself?” he challenged, “The dickhead left you stranded alone in your apartment, and cut off your friendship, for crying out loud!”
“He paid two months worth of rent…” she trailed off, weakly trying to stand her defence.
“I don’t give two shits if he paid two years of rent,” he spat at her, causing her to pull away from him, trying to put distance between the two of them. “He used you and threw you away when he was done with you, you don’t deserve to be treated like that!”
“Bucky he-he never-he was always so kind,” she stuttered out, tears gathering in her eyes. “And I wasn’t able to help him-”
“He doesn’t need your help, Y/N!” Josh roared at her, causing a couple of her tears to fall down her face. “When are you going to get that through your thick skull?” Josh stopped abruptly, panting a little as he took in the sight in front of him. “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry-” he reached forward to hug her again but she pulled back.
The only thing she could hear, over and over again in her mind was Bucky’s voice.
I don’t need your help.
I don’t need you to call Sam.
I don’t need anything from you, do you understand?
I’m not some baby or cripple that needs to be taken care of.
I don’t need your help.
“Y/N, honey?” Josh said, holding his arm out in defense. “You’re scaring me a little. Why don’t you come and-”
“What did you say to Bucky?” she asked in a chilling tone, catching his eye in a daggering stare.
It was his turn to draw back, “Huh?”
“The night we went to the bar,” she frowned, looking at his distraught face. “When I left to get you that sandwich. What did you say to Bucky?”
“We chatted a little,” he pursed his lips, eyes darting around nervously.
“About what?” she snapped, without missing a beat.
“Baseball…” he said, chewing nervously at the top of his lip.
Y/N scoffed, crossing her arms at her chest, “Baseball? Ok, who’s his favourite team then?”
“Don’t remember, it was a while ago and I haven’t seen him since-”
“I’m going to ask you again, Josh,” she cocked her head at his nervous state. “What did you say to Bucky that night?”
“I thanked him for teaching you rollerblading,” he started rushing and started to head out the door. “Why don’t we order some delivery, huh? And watch a-”
“I’m either going to hear it from you or from him,” Y/N stood stock still, her voice piercing through the silence. Josh couldn’t find the courage in himself to say what she wanted to hear from him, and she scoffed. “Unbelievable. Here’s a simpler question for your ‘thick skull’,” she paused. “If you didn’t have to cancel on me that afternoon, would Bucky have moved out a week later?”
His silence was answer enough. In a sudden frenzy of hurried movements, and a voice broken with screams and sobs, she started pushing him towards the front door, throwing the things he’d left behind at him.
A pair of socks, his shoes, his sweater that she was wearing before she changed into her dress, a small plastic frog that had been tied to the first bouquet of flowers he’d given her and that hadn’t moved from her bedside table in over a year. But with them, she threw curses and screams and punches, wanting him to get out, leave her alone, because the only thing that had been repeating in her head since Josh had yelled at her was, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.
Tumblr media
The day was built for a golden anniversary, a light breeze in the air, the sky dotted with clouds. The birds swooped up and down around the church garden, dodging in and out of the frenzied path of the bees. Inside the same chapel they were married in fifty years ago, was a small group of Steve and Peggy’s closest friends, the son of the same pastor who married them getting ready in his office. It would be a perfect day, a day meant for a couple as perfect as the two of them.
“Steve?” Bucky walked into the lounge area that had doubled into a dressing room. “D’ya need anything?”
“Not getting cold feet on me, are ya?” he teased, deftly doing up his bow tie.
“Unbelievable,” Bucky scoffed. “You’re marrying your damn wife after fifty years and you’re worried about me getting cold feet?”
“The hell is that supposed to mean, Barnes?” Turning to face him with an accusatory raised eyebrow.
He shrugged, sauntering into the room, “If I was marrying you after fifty years, I would give myself a hard lookover in the mirror and make sure I hadn’t had any recent head trauma.”
Steve let the remark slip by, as he headed to look out the window, “Nah, after half a century you get to really know a person. Peggy isn’t the type to go running down the aisle.”
“And what about you?” Bucky asked, coming to stand beside him. “Any last minute jitters you wanna get out?”
“None,” he grinned at his friend, tears gathering in his eyes. “I’m marrying the love of my life today, what do I have to be nervous about?”
Bucky took a onceover of the older man standing in front of him, the lines pressed into his face, the shakiness of his arms, or the slight slope in his shoulders. He pressed a warm hand on Steve’s shoulder and smiled absentmindedly, “Nothin’, forget that I asked.”
“You’re a real sappy knucklehead behind all that muscle, ya know that, right?” he said, wiping his eyes with his handkerchief.
“And the crummiest best man as well?”
Steve laughed and walked away from the window, trying to find his water bottle and muttering a soft ‘unbelievable’ under his breath.
As the groom had expected, Peggy did not seem to be inclined for sudden dramatic getaways when the limelight was on her. However, she did make quite a show of pausing for an abnormal amount of time before pronouncing her ‘I do’, enjoying the sight of her squirming husband in front of her. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience by the time the two of them raced down the aisle hand-in-hand, Peggy’s veil trailing behind and around them.
But in all the familiar and unfamiliar faces that Bucky saw as he stood up at the front of the church, there was one face that when he saw it, he finally felt himself take a relaxed breath in ages. It also caused him to be acutely aware of the amount of band-aids that were covering his hands. Thankfully, her attention was occupied by the ceremony, and if she did notice his roaming eyes on her, she made no indication.
He remembered that dress, how she had burst in squealing at what a deal she had gotten, that it was just perfect for Steve’s wedding. Then, how she had worn it for him, twirling around and around to songs she only heard and giggling in their living room as the lights of the city at evening shone in. How she had stopped breathless and a light cover of sweat on her forehead, eyes sparkling and wild as she asked him, “So, how do I look?”
Finally, how his heart beat out of his chest as he managed to stutter out a meek “Beautiful.” And coming from him, she was able to believe it, because back then, he never lied to her, and she had run and jumped into his arms in a burst of affection and hugged him so hard his chest hurt.
Yeah, his heart was going crazy as he zeroed in on the dull green of the carpet underneath their feet.
Bucky made it through the ceremony with his eyes on the floor still, occasionally getting a wink from Peggy, and a wiggle of Steve’s eyebrows. But soon their focus came to each other as they shut out the world and started reciting their vows, a tradition they kept at each of their anniversaries, so they were only gazing into each others’ eyes as they recited the words they knew by heart.
Soon enough, the ceremony was over, and through the cheers of the crowd and the ringing of the bells he lost sight of Y/N. Managing to find Sam in the chaos, they escaped away to the back of the church and headed to the reception venue.
He was taken aback at the sheer number of people who had come to celebrate Steve and Peggy, many from the senior home, but many friends of their family as well. Everyone seemingly had a good memory to share of the two of them.
The bride and groom had their first dance, and soon enough, the dance floor was filled. Photos exchanged multiple hands, as the food was brought out, and the clink of silverware and an excited buzz of conversations filled the room. And in the middle of it all was the lovely bride, in her golden dress, grinning at her glowing husband beside her, occasionally stealing a kiss or two, that made him turn beet red.
Soon enough, it was time for Bucky to give his speech, which he managed to do without a lot of stumbles. The aroma of coffee started to fill the room, and the band began to play some slower songs, reminiscent of Steve and Peggy’s younger years.
Bucky was debating whether or not he should be drinking coffee so late in the evening when he saw someone approach his table. His eyes darted up, bracing himself for some criticism on his speech when he was met with her eyes, timidly smiling down at him, shoulders lifted with tension.
“Can I ask you for a dance?” she asked, fiddling with the bracelet on her wrist.
Bucky’s eyes nervously darted around the room for Josh, and though he couldn’t spot the man, he didn’t want to take any risks and ruin his best friend’s big day, “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said, slowly.
He could see the sudden hesitation and embarrassment that flared up in her eyes, “Please?” she whispered softly, “Bucky? I know you’re not fond of death-trap shoes and concrete, but I promise I’m the only one who’s going to have to wear them.” She gestured to her heels.
“Alright,” he shuffled around, awkwardly and finally made it to the other side of the obscenely long table.
The band struck up another song, and Bucky took a deep breath, lacing his fingers with hers and curling his arm around her waist, and pulling her close to him. They started to sway slowly to the music, on the edge of the dancefloor, and an awkward silence keeping them apart.
“So, uhh,” Bucky cleared his throat, he never was one to initiate conversation, but he would rather rip off his left arm than continue to dance like this with her, if it could count as dancing. “How’ve you been?”
Crying for the past week holed up in my apartment, waiting for you to come back. So nothing new. “I’ve seen better days,” she shrugged. “You?”
“Fine,” he murmured, trying to memorize the soft curves of her face in the glow of the strung-up lights. “Josh couldn’t make it?”
She shook her head, looking down at the ground beneath their feet, “No, we uh-I, just, but-he wanted to-”
Bucky stopped moving them abruptly, “Sweetheart, are you alright?” His eyes were filled with concern for her, and a part of her felt relieved that he still cared.
Shaking her head, she stepped a little away from him, “I’m such a mess, I’m sorry. Buck, I never should have bothered you.”
“Hey, hey, hey,” he leaned down a little, trying to comfort her more, but the only thing he saw was her trembling lower lips. “Alright, honey,” he held her hand, and guided them out of the venue and into the cool, summer night air. “We’re just going to air our heads a little, sounds good?”
Shrugging off his suit jacket, he led them to a bench beside the building, and draped it over her shoulders. “Here ya go, alright?” he sat beside her, and fished in his pocket for a handkerchief. “Take as long as you need.”
It didn’t take much for her to calm down, though she let out a couple of dry sobs. Bucky thought she seemed to be tuckered out, almost tired of crying. In a surprisingly clear, though wavering voice, she said, “Josh and I broke up.”
A small spark of hope took hold of his chest, but he quickly smothered it, “Oh... how long?”
“A little over a week,” she replied, playing with the bracelet again.
“’ve been holding up alright?” he asked meekly, wanting nothing more than to take her in his arms and forget the rest of the world together.
She scoffed and looked at him with a hardness in her eyes unlike her, “Yeah, I’ve been holding up real good, James. I just broke down at a wedding and had to be personally escorted out.” Noticing how quickly he winced at her verbal assault, she took on a gentler tone, and apologized, “It’s just been a crazy week...and day for me, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”
He waved dismissively, “I deserved it.”
“No, Bucky,” she said. “It’s been an even longer day for you...and that speech was amazing, by the way and-”
“Listen to me,” he placed his hands hesitatingly on hers. “I should be the one apologizing. I treated you horribly that day and you didn’t deserve it-”
She shook her head, “No, Bucky, I did. Especially after that horrible week you had all because of what happened at the bar and the horrible things Josh told you-”
“Josh?” he frowned at her. “How do you know about what he told me?”
She looked down at her lap in shame, fiddling with his handkerchief, “He yelled at me that I needed to get it through my ‘thick skull’, that you don’t need my were repeating that a lot that day and, honestly, I felt a little like Sherlock there,” she smiled softly, but the sadness was spilling into and tainting her expression.
“Oh,” he said, trying to process it all.
“Yeah, and,” she shrugged. “It didn’t take much for me to dropkick him out the door.”
“You were never one to beat around the bush, were you?” he teased half-heartedly, remembering all the times she had reduced grown men to tears, particularly when they couldn’t take a hint. “Josh doesn’t change anything about this though, I treated you horribly, and you deserve an apology,” he paused, waiting for her to meet his eye. “I’m sorry...I’m so sorry, and I wanted to take it all back the moment it left my mouth.”
She nodded, “It’s alright, Bucky, you were scared and vulnerable-”
“Damn it, why aren’t you listening to me?” he huffed exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning back. “Nobody should be treated like that by anyone, and I can’t believe I said all that to the woman that I love.”
The sounds of the reception, that, until now, were merely background noise, filled in the space around the two of them, as Bucky slowly removed his hand to prepare himself for the aftermath of what he had just said.
He was met with the most beautiful sight he’d been blessed to see in ages. Her glossy eyes filled with hope and an expression he’d never seen so prominent there before gazed up into his. All the while, his heart seemed to be using his chest walls as a punching bag, erratically throwing itself up and down his throat. He was sure that if he stood up, he would immediately fall down due to the rush of adrenaline in his system making him light-headed.
“Bucky,” she murmured, and suddenly all he could concentrate on was the sight of her sparkling eyes. “Did you mean it?”
For his whole life, Bucky had taken each and every precaution when it came to what he said, or did, or ate. Hell, he was more concerned about the state of his joints than Steve was, considering the way the latter liked to throw weights around like they were hammers. But now, he couldn’t find himself to care anymore. The endless stream of analysis and perception and action just shut off and he said, before he could regret it, “Every word.”
“Alright,” she nodded, still not taking her eyes off of him, as she moved her face closer to his, “Do you want this?”
His breath almost got caught in his throat, and his brain glitched, trying to form the words together, before his heart took over, “I have from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he tried not to blink anymore, scared that even the slightest distraction would wake him up from this moment he’d thought about so often.
But her face kept moving towards his, her eyes became more and more beautiful the more he looked into them, and before he knew it, her lips were pressing against his cheek, moving slowly upwards to his forehead, where she left another feather-light kiss, down towards his other cheek, and finally, finally, down to his lips. But before she pressed them onto his, she whispered “I’ve wanted this too, from the moment I laid eyes on you.”
Bucky had read a lot of books in his life, had imagined for days and nights what it would feel like to be kissing her, to actually hold her in his arms. He had seen in his mind, from the safety of the lumpy blue coach in their apartment, people erupt into flames, fall off cliffs and dive into the ocean, all because of a simple kiss. He couldn’t see their first time being much more different than that.
But kissing her was warm, and gentle, the epitome of what their relationship had been from the beginning. Cozy nights and rollerblades and right now, as he pulled back from the kiss and he kept his eyes closed, savouring the feeling of her forehead on his... the feeling of coming back home.
“Can I move back in again?” he murmured, running his hands up and down her shoulders.
She opened her eyes, a blissful smile on her face, “Actually, I wanted to take this a little slow, if you don’t mind?”
Bucky shook his head, bringing her in to hug her tight to his chest, “We’ll go as slow as you want darling, I have all the time in the world.” Sighing, he pushed his face into her neck and closed his eyes again, trying to memorize every moment.
She giggled at the ticklish sensation of his beard rubbing off on her skin, and threaded her hands through his, “Bucky, about that day-”
Pulling back, he looked her in the eyes and said, “I didn’t mean it, none of it, and I’ll spend the rest of my life proving it to you if that’s what it takes.”
“But what you said about spending time with me, and the activities I make you do,” she sighed and looked down at the bench. “The last thing I want to do is to make you that uncomfortable.”
“You never did, doll,” he lifted her chin so he could see her face again.
“I just-” she paused, taking a moment to think about it. “We’ll figure it out together, right? A healthy balance?”
He couldn’t take it anymore, and leaning forward he pressed his lips onto hers, leaving one hand at the corner where her neck met her shoulder and moving the other to cup her cheek. Pulling back with a happy sigh he grinned, and winked at her. And it was enough for confirmation for the two of them to let Bucky take her hand in his and rush the two of them back into the venue. For the rest of the night, she stayed in his arms, as he twirled her around and around the dance floor.
Though he had promised her that they would be taking this as slow as she wanted to, and he had every intention of keeping that promise, he was already imagining the day where she would be wearing a golden dress, just like Peggy's, and the two of them would be sitting behind the table and looking out at the life they'd built together.
Tumblr media
Tags: @wkemeup
The title was inspired by a song by Dean Martin, with the same name:
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justkending · 17 days ago
Moral of the Story. Chapter 9.
Tumblr media
Summary: Marrying too young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of old loves and lives all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Word Count: 3800+
A/N: Things are about to get SPICY... In other words, they are going to take a turn since we needed some heat.
Chapter Nine:
Why Y/N was nervous and needed to get out of that all of a sudden suffocating tent? Couldn’t tell you. Maybe it correlated with how she wasn’t all sass and anger with him randomly now. Every time she saw or thought of him for the past 10 years, her blood boiled thinking of their past. 
Even at the lawyers office she was mostly civil, but anger and past pain lingered in her veins, making it irritating to just be around him. 
Maybe it was seeing him in an old environment that was nothing but good memories for her of him. The two would always go to the farmers market every weekend once Y/N had discovered it. Well, most weekends… Anyway, they never had a bad memory there. And he looked so happy… And so good. 
“Get out of your head, Y/N. What you needed to do is done and now the rest of the day is reserved for your family. Bucky is out of the picture for now. He’s the least of your concerns,” she told herself through deep breaths as she pulled into the garage. 
Rushing in she noticed that it was close to 12:15 and her extended family would be over soon. She gave a quick hello to Sherri and Thomas while they cleaned up the living room and family space and raced upstairs for a shower before they came.
She was dressed and ready in record time and with her hair done by 12:45 when she heard the front door open and a squeal of little kids rush in. 
Tumblr media
(Of course not so off the shoulder;)
Tumblr media
She came downstairs quickly and once she turned the corners, she saw the backs of Denise and John. The two oldest of her three kids were sitting at the barstools being handed orange juice by their grandparents. 
“Now that can’t be my little niece and nephew. They weren’t that big last time I saw them,” Y/N said from behind, making everyone turn their head her direction. 
“Buggie!” they shouted in unison before plopping down to the ground in a clumsy manner and racing to her as she squatted down to catch them. 
“Hey munchkins,” she laughed as they trampled her. 
Everyone laughed as the three ended up on the ground. Y/N on her back and the little girl and boy both laying on top of her. 
“Manny, Lily, be careful,” Denise laughed, showing the two year old on her hip as she turned. “We just got her and you’re going to break her before we can all say hi.”
Denise looked a lot like her mom did at her age. She had fair skin, long black hair, and beautiful light brown colored eyes with flecks of gold throughout them. Her own daughter looked like a miniature version of herself as well, just with the hazel, close to green, eyes that were her fathers. Lily’s skin was just a touch more olive toned than fair. 
“She likes being tackled though,” Manny argued, routing into Y/N’s side more, making her grunt. 
Manny looked more like his father. He had his carmel colored skin and a light brush of freckles coming across his nose and cheeks. He held his mothers brown eyes, but his father’s brown hair. 
“I highly doubt that, trouble maker,” John, their father, said coming over and rescuing Y/N from the 5 year old.
They eventually all got back to their feet and Lily stayed stuck to Y/N’s leg as she wrapped her arms around her. She was about 8 now and was a shy little girl compared to her younger brother. However, she was the sweetest and most kind hearted child a parent could ask for. 
Manny on the other hand was exactly as his father called him, a trouble maker. It took less than 5 seconds of looking away from him to find him covered in markers, food, or mud. The kid was a walking human version of the tasmanian devil cartoon. He was still a hoot though and was sweet when he wanted to be.
“And now I get to meet the new little guy,” Y/N smiled at the confused little toddler on her step-sister’s hip. “Hi there, Bennett.” 
Bennett was a smaller version of Manny. He had almost all the same features, but had the round baby face and olive skin tone like his sister.
He curled an eyebrow at her, but didn’t cower into his mom. 
“Benny, this is your Aunt Y/N, or Buggie as your brother and sister so graciously named her,” Denise laughed.  
“Grandpa and Grams call her Bug!” Manny argued. 
“They call her June Bug, Manny,” Lily replied. 
“Same thing,” the little brown haired boy rolled his eyes before going back to his juice at the bar. 
“Every single one of them has a drastically different personality,” John scoffed, tucking his hands in his pockets watching his middle child become engrossed by the coloring books Sherri laid out earlier. 
“And what about this one? What are the updates on him?” Y/N smiled down at him. 
“He’s, um, he’s still not talking much,” Denise said a little bit saddened. 
Bennett had some complications at birth. The umbilical cord happened to wrap around his neck in the womb and when he came out, they were scared he lost some oxygen to the brain during that time. 
He ended up being rather healthy given the terms, but suffered some developmental issues however. Speech being one of them. He didn’t talk much and when he did, it was more so sounds and grunts than actual words. He was currently going through speech therapy and had a few occupational therapists for minor motor skills he was strengthening. 
“Hey, but from what we’ve talked about, he’s made quite a bit of progress,” Y/N said in a hope filled manner. “Still doing sign language?” she asked. 
“He does that more than actual talk,” Denise answered. 
Y/N looked back at Bennett and gently put her hands out before signing Hello and How are you?
He seemed to like that as he understood the motions. He didn’t know full conversation language as he was just two, but he knew the basics and liked to in a messy manner do them back. 
He reached out to Y/N without hesitance and she smiled as she took him in her arms. 
“Well, that’s a first,” John chuckled by Denise. “He usually just looks at people strangely and even when they hold him, he stares at them.”
“He doesn’t make a fuss?” Y/N asked as she bounced him on her own hip. 
“No, it’s strange,” Denise answered. “These other two, and practically every baby I’ve ever met, freaks out when they aren’t attached to someone familiar, but he doesn’t cry or make a scene. He just stares and analyzes everyone.”
“Nothing wrong for analyzing people. It's a strange world out there for the newbies,” she chuckled, grabbing his hand and acting like she was dancing with him in her spot. “Isn’t that right, Benny?”
He gave a smile in response and dipped his head in between her neck and shoulder as they danced. 
“He seems to really like you though,” John said watching the two. “I mean it took him two seconds to warm up to you at least.”
“I have that effect on the boys,” Y/N teased. “Plus, I would hope so considering we facetime every other day of the week.”
“It’s true,” Denise laughed. “Ok, mom. Where do you need our help?” she said, turning to Sherri and Thomas who were watching the interactions as they cooked and moved around the kitchen. 
“Will one of you go get your sister, Chloe upstairs? The other help me get the table set while Thomas works on the food, please,” Sherri quickly instructed. “Oh, and John, will you help him with the pancakes? The poor man always burns the first batch.”
“That’s not true,” Thomas defended, holding the spatula closely. 
“It’s very true,” the rest of the adults in the room countered together. 
“I ate a black pancake one time just so you wouldn’t feel bad, but I think you even managed to burn the chocolate chips in them,” Y/N laughed, moving to the stairs with Bennett.
“Oh! Can I have chocolate chips and chocolate syrup on mine?” Manny shouted. 
“I think one source of sugar is enough for you kiddo,” John shook his head as he took the spatula handed to him by Thomas. 
The family spent the next 15 to 20 minutes preparing the big brunch and getting the house set in a way they could relax and hangout after. 
Chloe finally came down, still in her pajamas and tiredly hung out with her nieces and nephews as they colored and played with playdough in the living room. Sherri, Denise, and Y/N talked with the other adults in the room as they set up the table and got drinks ready. A few mimosas in hand and Y/N still had Bennett on her side. He had gotten rather comfortable and liked the multiple necklaces she had around her neck. Quietly and gently he examined the beads and pendants that littered them. 
“Oh,” Y/N sniffed before scrunching her nose in the middle of a sentence.
“What?” Denise asked, noticing the fowl look on her face. “Oh, I know what’s happening. Here. I’ll get him,” she said, standing and moving to take the child from her.
“No, no. I’ve missed two years of aunt duties. A diaper change is the least I can do,” Y/N waved off standing. “Where’s the diaper bag?”
“You don’t have to-”
“It’s by the couch. Chloe, hand Y/N the diaper bag when she gets in there,” Sherri shouted into the living room that opened up to the kitchen and dining room. 
“Got it!” Chloe answered by lifting it. 
“Thanks,” Y/N nodded, taking it and walking to a bedroom before Denise could try and step in. 
What Y/N was not expecting as she finished wrapping up the new diaper on the toddler, was hearing the doorbell ring. 
“Last I checked, everyone was here. Who could be ringing the doorbell?” she asked confused to the 2 year old who just mocked her stare. “I’m curious too, munchkin.”
She made her way back out to the living room and didn’t see anyone new, but noticed a new voice. It was muffled from being closer to the kitchen and entryway, so she couldn’t quite make it out. 
“Who’s here?” Y/N asked Sherri and Denise who were blocking the doorway to the new guest. Both turned quickly and had big eyes taking up their expressions. Sherri however had one of guilt rather than surprise. “Sherri-”
“I really just came to drop them off. I don’t want to intrude, Tom. Really, today is a day for you and your family,” the voice said. 
Y/N unconsciously tensed at the voice that she now recognized. 
“Don’t be silly, Bucky. Get in here. We have enough food to feed an army. It’s the least we could do for these,” Thomas said back.
“It’s just flowers,” Bucky laughed. 
“Sherri,” Y/N said in a more rough tone. 
“Now, listen,” Sherri started. Clearly she knew something Y/N didn’t.
“Nonsense, get on in here.” Thomas was now ushering the brown hair, perfectly blue eyed man into the room. 
Instantly Y/N and Bucky made eye contact and the two froze. The tension in the room was thick and the only sound was the vent above the stove and the quiet sound of background music still playing. 
“Mom,” Denise scolded her mother. 
“Thomas,” Sherri chided her husband. 
“James,” Y/N said after she regained the breath she was holding back. 
There was another round of silence as everyone practically communicated with one another just by looks and eyes alone. 
“Thomas, I really should go. I didn’t come over here to impede,” Bucky said, stepping back to the door as Y/N and his eyecontact didn’t falter. He could see some kind of emotion in Y/N’s eyes he would rather stay away from. 
“No, no. I’m the man of this house, and I get final say on who comes in,” Y/N’s father insisted. “Now get in here and get comfortable. John, grab Bucky a drink, will you?” 
John looked at his wife for approval and Denise just looked flustered before nodding. John did as told and the group moved into the kitchen. The kids that were now outside in the backyard with Chloe were completely oblivious to the situation happening at the kitchen island. 
Bennett started to get slightly fussy, probably hungry, as he picked up on the energy in the room. 
“Here, I’ll take him. It’s about time for him to eat,” Denise said, moving and carefully taking the little boy from her. 
“You sure?” Y/N said, snapping from her death stare to Bucky, who took the break as a second to recollect himself. 
“Positive,” she smiled before leaning closer to her. “Be nice. I don’t think he realized you were here.”
“Seriously?” Y/N groaned, not buying it. 
Denise just sent a pleading and big sister kind of stare, telling her to play nice. 
“Sherri, we have enough space at the table, right? The kiddos can eat at the island,” Thomas went on as if nothing was off in the room at all. 
“Buc- James,” Y/N almost slipped up. “Can I talk to you for a second?” 
Bucky noticed the slip and a tiny bit of him wished she wouldn’t have caught it, but the anger and irritation in her eyes snapped him out of that thought quickly. 
“Um, yeah- yes,” he nodded as she turned on her heel and moved to one of the bedrooms down the hall. He looked back at the room who gave him a weary look and he took a deep breath before following her. He hadn’t even closed the door completely before she was yelling at him. “Y/N, listen-”
“What the HELL James!?” she said, raising her hands and looking at him hard. 
“I didn’t know-”
“I told you I was hanging out with my family today, and you stop by my house? What the hell kind of move are you making?!” she shouted.
“I’m not making a move,” he retorted. Now his sassy side was coming out.
This entire time he had tried to walk around eggshells around her, knowing she hated him, and he didn’t want to make it worse. However, now… He really didn’t mean to do any of this and he knew he was going to get smacked upside the head for it, or worse. He wasn’t about to play the role of a punching bag.
“Really? Because it looks to me that you figured out that I’m finally ready to talk about all these years back, and you showed up at my door first chance you got,” she huffed crossing her arms, popping her him, and sending a glare. 
“Like I said, I didn’t know-” he started again, but was cut off once again. 
“I have one week with my family. I planned a nice brunch with them to catch up, meet my nephew I haven’t actually met in person yet, and hang out with my other niece and nephew who have grown like weeds since the last time I was here,” she went on. “I get I said we could talk, but what happened to calling and setting up a date?”
“That isn’t why I’m here-”
“And even if you weren’t here to talk, you knew I would be here with my family. I said I had plans today and that I wanted to take this week to catch up with them. Why the hell would you just show up on the front step knowing all that?” she said all in one breath. 
There was a pause as if she was waiting for him to answer. She gave him a look telling him it was his turn and he just shook his head, but stayed stoic. His arms now crossed across his chest as well. 
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I had a speaking part in this little temper tantrum of yours,” he said sarcastically with a matching smirk that dropped instantly after. 
“Don’t get snarky with me, mister-” she said, pointing a finger and stepping to him. 
“Are you done or not?” he groaned matching her step. The two practically chest to chest. “Cause I’d like to share my side of the story now, if you’ll allow it.” His tone was identical to her. The two had gone back to their old day of the same kind of spitfire sass and anger. “I know that’s hard for you, but maybe if you let me get two words in, you’ll understand that everything you just accused me of is completely wrong.”
Y/N was slightly taken aback by his sternness as she hadn’t seen it the entire time they had reconnected. He had almost been submissive and wary around her. Now it was like looking at the young Bucky Barnes she remembered. Either way, she didn’t let her shock show for long as she stood back in her stance and continued to stare at him with a glare in her eye. 
“Great. Now that I can hear myself think,” he said taking a deep breath and turning away to reorient himself. “I didn’t think you would be here.”
“How could you not kno-” she began, but he cut her off as she did him. 
“No, it’s my turn to talk. You said earlier today you wanted to be civil and mature. If that’s the case, then let me talk,” he said pointing a finger at her to shush her, which she did. The furrow in her brow only grew from his chiding. “As I was saying,” he continued with a head tilt. “I called your father before I came over, saying I had something to drop off. I wanted to make sure that you weren’t here so I didn’t disrupt any family time, and he told me you guys had an early dinner planned and it wouldn’t be until later.” As he explained, he looked at the ground and took his turn pacing as Y/N stood by the bed and watched him. “He sent me a time saying you would be out running errands then and that I could come by at that time. Clearly, it was a set up and he gave me false information.”
He looked back up at Y/N and though she was still clearly pissed, her irritability looked as though it was transferring to something else. Or someone else.
“So no. I didn’t come here to ruin your family time. I didn’t take the notion of you wanting to talk as an opportunity to come and disrupt your life whenever I wanted. Much to your belief you have of me, I’m not that selfish,” he said a little softer. His tone went from anger to just frustration. 
There was silence as Bucky looked over Y/N’s face and body language for some kind of tell in what she would do, but all she was doing at the moment was processing. He could have gone on. He could have let out a few more of his frustrations of how Y/N’s perspective of him hurt him, but clearly he had done enough damage just by ringing the damn doorbell. So maybe the best case for both of them would be to just leave. 
“You know, what? I’m going to head out. I shouldn’t have come anyway-”
“Why did you bring flowers?” she said, stopping him from turning the door knob his hand was on. 
He paused and turned his head back seeing her looking in front of her, avoiding eye contact, with her arms still crossed. He realized she didn’t put two and two together and tilted his head in confusion. 
“It’s their anniversary,” he answered. 
She lifted her head quickly and any sign showing she was upset turned to shock. 
“Shit,” she mumbled to herself, even though Bucky clearly heard it. 
“You forgot,” he stated quietly. No judgement, just realization. 
“No, I didn’t,” she started, but when she saw his raised eyebrow and teasing slight smirk, she rolled her eyes at herself.  “I forgot.” The confession was quiet and timid. 
“Well, that would be my reasoning,” Bucky nodded before turning back to the door. 
“Wait!” she said rather urgently, stunning him to stop. He turned back with confused eyes and dropped his hand from the exit. “I-I…”
He turned his body back to her and leaned back putting his weight on one leg. He wasn’t sure what she was going to say, and clearly she wasn’t either. 
“Why are you bringing them flowers on their anniversary?” she asked, slowly looking up at him.
He was slightly shocked by the question. Did it seem that outlandish for him to do?
“Um, I don’t know. I mean, you know Thomas is like a,” he hesitated, but decided to say it anyway. “A father to me. Sherri has been nothing but kind and motherly as well.” He scratched the back of his neck all of a sudden in nerves. 
“Dad says you're here every weekend almost,” Y/N said, looking straight at him. 
Bucky nodded not sure how to respond. Did she not like that? Was that pushing a boundary?
“It’s really helped him find things to do during retirement since Sherri is at the hospital so much,” she went on. “He’s needed that.”
“He teaches me something new everytime we hang out… I gladly cut out time to come over here and just do random projects and things with him.”
Y/N stared at him for a second and now he couldn’t read anything on her face. Nothing. It wasn’t frustration or rage. It was blank. 
Eventually she snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head. 
“You should stay,” she sighed. “For brunch I mean. I know everyone wants you here and I don’t want to be the evil witch who cast you out…” Her tone had now switched to embarrassed and bashful. 
“I’m not going to stay if you don’t want me to, Y/N. Again, I do respect you enough to not-,” he began but she cut him off. 
“No, it’s,” she paused before looking at him with a smile. “It’s fine. Really. Please stay.”
He wavered before asking her, “You’re sure?” 
“Positive,” she said. Her whole mood changed. “It’s a good place to catch up.” Without another second to second guess either of their next moves, she brushed past him and left the room. 
Bucky was shocked once again and looked at the door frame she left out of. He had a stunned look on his face before it changed to a content smile and followed in her steps.
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The Kids Will Be Alright
Chapter 18
Single dad!Bucky, single mom!reader; Social Media AU
Summary: Bucky and Y/n have been friends for over ten years, since high school. Nothing has ever happened between them until one lonely night a few years ago. That one night left them with a little surprise. They agreed to raise their child together as friends. As their child gets older, as they get older, they’re faced with new challenges as co-parents, and possibly secret feelings (according to their friends).
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Don’t Hide Anymore (1/3)
Pairing: werewolf!bucky barnes x werewolf!reader, college!bucky x college!reader
Word Count: 2.5K
Warning(s): angst, depictions of blood and violence, just hurt everywhere
Tumblr media
Hello, everyone! With school finally done, we can continue on with the requests to continue on the 200 follower celebration! This request was requested by the lovely @whatrambles ! This is a pretty interesting fic to write, especially since I have never done either a college au or a werewolf au! So I hope I did this request justice, and I hope you enjoy reading it! 
Tumblr media
(photos not mine, but the layout is mine)
Tumblr media
“Bucky, again?” You sighed at the scratched up man that was standing in front of your door. “You know, Buck… if you can avoid getting scratched up all the time, maybe we both wouldn’t be complaining about our short mornings before calculus!” You groan before going into your bedroom to get your first aid kit, as if it was clockwork. 
Bucky smiled slightly, quietly shaking his head before accepting your quiet invitation to go inside your dorm. Quietly closing the door, he makes it a point to carefully toe off his shoes before making himself comfortable in your apartment style dorm, setting down the two orders from Starbucks on the coffee table. “Well, if it makes you feel better, I took the chance to get us some Starbucks from the food court while you were asleep!” He says, making sure that you hear from your bedroom. He couldn’t help the little smile that fell upon his lips when he heard you shush him quite dramatically from the other side of your dorm. 
“You’re lucky I’m close with you and Rogers, Barnes. It’s only 8:15 in the morning and you’re already getting on my nerves!” You hiss quietly at him, feigning annoyance as you approach him with your first aid kit, trying your hardest not to smile in front of the brunet, hiding your appreciation for his company for the first time in a long three months. 
He chuckled lightheartedly and shrugged. “Oh come now, sweetheart, that was not even loud. Romanoff and Maximoff won’t wake up to that.” 
“You’re lucky our best friends are heavy sleepers…you always assumed so much stuff since freshman year” you mutter, taking out some disinfectants, bandage scissors, and some wrap. “How bad?” You ask, the playful annoyed tone now gone and had turned into concern. 
You heard him sigh and shake his head.
“Bad, got a gash here on the left arm apart from the normal scratch, see...” He confesses, his eyes looking down as your pair of eyes widen. 
“James Buchanan Barnes, I swear to god why aren’t you more careful?!” You hiss, trying your best not to raise your voice as you look up at your close friend with concern. He did not respond, only unzipping his jacket to expose his gashed up left arm, one that made you wince. 
“You wanna tell me how it happened?” You offer, tone careful and audibly softer as you watch his face fall. He only shakes his head. 
“It’s better if you don’t ask, sweetheart.” I don’t think you’ll ever look at me the same if I did, he thinks to himself. However, he was grateful when you didn’t question or push him further, only nodding as you started to work on his injury. It’s the routine now between you two to have you bandage him up, especially when he was taking care of fights for Steve’s sake, as he would tell you. Little to his knowledge, his gaze was fixed upon your concentrated face, eyebrows gently furrowed as you disinfected his wound and muttering incoherent sentences that would only make sense to you. He smiled a bit at how concentrated you were in your work. However, it quickly fell as he noticed the bags under your eyes. 
You were tired. Unknown to Bucky, you had a pretty bad transformation night last night, but you were thankful to have had Wanda and Natasha, your roommates, help take care of you as you transformed and even keep watch of you while in your wolf form, making sure that you don’t wander too far off and maintain some peace and secrecy. The three of you have known each other since high school, being there when you got bitten by a werewolf on the way home from a party during your sophomore year. The two ladies have agreed to not only take the secret with them to the grave, but also help you during the full moons to make it less painful for you. You were thankful that they had slept in this morning. In fact, they had deserved it after taking care of you when the dawn came, making sure your scratches, bruises, and gashes were patched up and covered neatly to take on the day. That had led you to wearing a loose and baggy sweater and sweats for the day. You were more than thankful for the fact that you finished getting ready by the time the tall, blue eyed man had shown up to your door.
“Long night?” You hear the deep voice ask, cutting your thoughts short, your eyes looking up at his tired, worried ones. You could only nod and shrug, offering a small smile to reassure him.
“Yeah… full of...eventful things,” you respond, “as any typical college student would have to go through, right? Didn’t really feel well last night.” “Shit, doll, I’m sorry for bothering’ ya this early. I can take care of it mys-”
“Stop, Buck, it’s fine. We’ve always done this, and I’m okay with doing this. I just wanna take care of you.” In more ways than one, you’d think. “It’s also been a while since we’ve seen each other…. And...and I’m worried about you and Steve, Buck,” you sigh, continuing to wrap the now disinfected gash. “You two are constantly getting into trouble. I know the fraternity is giving Steve a hard time, but seriously, you two should know to stay away from problems like-” Your thoughts were cut off as you further examined his gash. Why did it feel familiar to you? It looked like… it looked like you knew it somewhere. It felt like-
“Like?” You hear Bucky ask, cutting you off from your stream of consciousness. 
“Like this..” you finish off. 
“You okay? You look-”
“Sorry, Buck, just zoned out, that's all. Just still waking up,” you lie, offering him another soft smile to ease his worries. It wasn’t long till you finished cleaning him up, allowing you both to eat breakfast in silence. However, contrary to other times, it felt as if you two were pointing lasers at each other’s eyes. You couldn’t help but sniff out a scent, one that was starting to show up too often every time Bucky would show up to your dorm. Your heightened sense of smell, an after effect of the transformation, sensed smells of dirt, of pine, and… another familiar scent. But what? It couldn’t have been your scent, you had deduced, for you had washed off prior to this visit of his. Your suspicion had only raised. 
“Buck… you know you can tell me anything you’d like to tell me, right?” You ask in a whisper, breaking the silence after sipping on your Starbucks drink. He only nods.
“Of course. Why?” 
 “I just wanted you to know…” You trail off, opting to eat your brownie. Bucky on the other hand, tried his best to control his breathing and his heartbeat, trying to remain his composure as your eyes stared him down. 
Should I tell her?
No, you idiot, you’ll only make matters worse. 
Despite the fact that this tug of war of telling you or not has been present. Bucky too, has had his own suspicions. You had always seemed off once in a while, noticing how you’d try to shorten conversations, or take shortcuts much more often, even excluding yourself during study sessions or lunch breaks. But why? It had bothered him a great deal these past few months seeing that apart from cleaning up his bandages, he had grown distant with you. 
“You know, Y/N, you can always talk to me too. You don’t gotta hide anything from me.” He speaks up after a while, making you look up at him. 
“I said, you don’t have to hide from me.” 
“What makes you think I’m hiding something?” You scoff, clearly in shock at such a bold statement. Bucky only had squinted his eyes at you, not wanting to let down the conversation. 
“Well it seems like it to me. After all, aside from these mornings and classes, we don’t see each other as often as we used to. We don’t eat out, we don’t cram in the library, we’re not doing as much-”
“Well I’m a college student who happens to be in a difficult major, Bucky! I have priorities to face.” You snapped, not intending for your voice to be raised as it did. It was apparent that Bucky was surprised too, even hurt by your tone. However, that expression quickly changed to defensiveness. 
“Now don’t do that to me, even during the hardest of times, back in high school, and even in college, you and I would find time to study, to eat, to talk, don’t tell me that it became impossible all of a sudden!” 
“It’s nearing finals week, Bucky! I have shit to do!” 
“Like actively avoiding me?” He accuses, taking you aback. 
“Actively avoiding you?!” You repeat in shock, “Don’t act like you haven’t winced every time I fucking tried to hug you or touch your arm these past few months! Don’t act like you haven’t kept physical distance! I know you’re hiding something, Buck! I know you’re hiding shit so don’t act like a saint here because I know damn well you have something to tell me!” 
“And you’re beating around the bush, Y/N! You haven’t denied that you’ve been avoiding me every time I try to talk to you-”
“Well you caught me at the wrong time!” 
“When will be the right time huh?! WHEN?!” He challenged, voice raising as a result from the pent up worry and frustration that had accumulated from these past months.  
“You don’t tell me when the hell I can tell you shit, Barnes! There’s just some shit I don’t think is worth speaking about.” You pointed out, your upper body now sitting up straight as the man looks at you in an accusatory manner as he points a finger at you. “So you are hiding something!” 
“So what if I am?!” You yell, trying your hardest not to let those tears form at his tone, trying not to break. 
Trying not to break your cover. 
“So what if I’m hiding, huh?! Have you ever considered that I have to keep some things to myself for the sake of other people?!” 
“But I’m here so you don’t fucking shut yourself out as a consequence like you did these past months! It hurts to see my best friend disappear like dust! It’s not supposed to be like that! And we’re classmates too! Y/N-”
“And you act like you haven’t disappeared before Barnes! I’m only trying to reciprocate what YOU have been doing-” 
“GUYS STOP IT!” Nat interrupts, cutting you both off and being the one to intervene. You two didn’t even realize that her and Wanda had woken up to your’s and Bucky’s raised voices. “Listen, it’s too early in the morning to be like this all over each other. You two. BREATHE!” Nat hisses, almost as if she was lecturing two children. She inhales deeply and exhales before looking at you two. “Bucky, wait for me outside. Wanda, just watch Y/N… you two gotta chill out and cool off. We did not become best friends for this long to become so argumentative like this. C’mon Buck, let’s just find Steve.” She orders, and none of you can do anything but agree, with Bucky putting on his shoes and walking out the dorm with the remains of his order in hand, Natasha following suit. 
The minute that she shuts the door is when you let out the sob that you didn’t realize you were trying to hold back, your body slumped against the sofa. 
Your body trembles, you’re seeing white. At the same time, something keeps telling you “Get up, run to him, tell him everything, hope that he’ll understand.” 
However, you felt as if you cannot possibly lighten the results of this visit. How could you? You were caught being dishonest. You only felt shame flow throughout every being in your body. 
“I...I didn’t ask to be a werewolf…” You whisper into the now empty room as your cheeks become wet with your tears. 
It was true, you wished desperately that you would have taken another route going home. You wished you could have stayed in that party longer. Maybe not even go at all to that party. If it weren’t for the fact that you weren’t a werewolf, maybe then you would be a bit less shameful in regards to your feelings towards your best friend. Maybe then you would actually chase him, follow him and tell him that you loved him with all of your heart. But you couldn’t. 
How could he ever love you, a beast? 
That was the question that kept repeating in your mind as you opted to wipe your tears and get out of the dorm to get a little walk in before you go to your chemistry lab class. Discarding the now finished food, you heard a familiar voice calling your name from afar. Turning around, you saw the familiar blond, blue eyed man approaching you, sketchbook in hand, making the ends of your lips curl up a bit. 
“Now, what are you doing here, Steve?” you greet with a small smile as he stops in front of you. 
“Wanted to just...walk with you to our class at least… if you want…” he rambles, the last part trailing off as his cheeks flush out of embarrassment. This made a chuckle leave your lips. 
“Of course, let’s go…” 
So you two walked across campus towards the science building, a comfortable silence surrounding you two as you made your way inside the big building. 
“So how are you, Steve? Anything going on last night?” you ask, eyes watching him. 
“I’m good.. Just ummm… just spent the night trying to come up with sketches for the next art project…”  
“How about Buck? How are you two?” 
“I think he’s fine,” he shrugged, “I don’t know where he went, just told me he’d see me tomorrow and left after he finished his part of our group project. 
He was unaware, you concluded. You couldn’t help but wonder where the frequent gashes on Bucky’s arm and torso had come from. Why was it constant? Why did it look familiar? Could you have done it? No, right? You were always roaming on your own under Natasha and Wanda’s supervision. But nonetheless, it looked familiar, as if it truly was an animal’s scratch. It looked quite similar to yours that you had inflicted during your transformation. You had noticed immediately during your walk that Steve this time was not as beat up as he used to be, not a visible cut in sight. It could not have been a fight either, you were sure. Then what? It wouldn't be that Bucky is a werewolf like you were, would it?
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elizamalfoyy · 19 days ago
Cuddles and Confessions | Bucky x Reader (One-Shot)
Tumblr media
After a rough day you come home from work to your roommate and best friend, Bucky, who comforts you until you feel better.
Word Count:
Fluff; that's all.
(Modern AU)
Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
It was a Tuesday evening and you'd just had the longest day ever at work. That day your boss was constantly complaining and calling you in to his office to talk and get you to stop focusing, and then yell at you for not staying on task. You had been trying to find other jobs to get out of this toxic environment, but no one had gotten into contact with you yet.
The only thing that managed to brighten your day was the affection that you received from your best friend and roommate, Bucky. You two met in college and been inseparable since. He always managed to cheer you up after a bad day; pampering you and letting you cry on his shoulder. Even though you'd had the biggest crush on him, the late night cuddles and whispers of "it's going to be alright" and "it's okay, I've got you now" were never awkward.
You'd managed to make it to the front door of your apartment not crying, but as soon as you opened it, the flood gates opened too. The first thing you saw was Bucky looking at you from the couch. As soon as he saw the tears he rushed to be by your side. He quickly shut the door behind you and turned around to give you a warm embrace.
The moment he wrapped his arms tightly around you, you snuggled into his chest, sobbing. He smoothly grabbed your belongings and set them onto the kitchen table before he picked you up and moved you to the couch. No words were exchanged, just a silent understanding, which was extremely comforting. He knew all too well what was going on at your job, and knew that you didn't want to talk about it.
You both sat there on the couch, you had moved to sit on his lap, continuing to cry. You suddenly pulled back, looking at his gorgeous blue eyes and mumbling a "thank you" before snuggling back into his side. He whispered the same thing he always said, "I'm here for you no matter what," and moved his hand to make circles on your back.
Just his presence made you feel better. You looked up once more after drying your tears into his shirt and found him gazing lovingly back at you. It was such a sight, and then the words slipped out of your mouth.
I love you
You felt his muscles tense under you, he remained silent but didn't pull back or try to move you off of him. You looked down, red in the face after your confession and tried to ease it by moving back. He held you firm and took his hand and put it under your chin to force you to look back up at him. He held his same gaze at you before whispering back,
I love you too
It wasn't just a friendly love either, and you both knew it. A stray tear fell from your eye, he reached his hand to wipe it away before looking at your lips and looking back up to your eye. He licked his lips, "May I?" before leaning in for the kiss. You nodded your head and grinned as he took his hand and placed it on your cheek while kissing you. Even though it was just a gentle peck, it was filled with passion and love. You broke away and looked back down, blushing from such a wonderful moment between the two of you.
Boy, Bucky really knew how to cheer a girl up.
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justkending · 21 days ago
Moral of the Story. Chapter 7.
Tumblr media
Summary: Marrying too young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of old loves and lives all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Word Count: 3400+
Chapter Seven:
“Mind telling me what the hell you got yourself into tonight that your ex-wife is delivering you home, drunk off your ass?”
“We’ve been over this. She’s not my ex yet,” Bucky mumbled, looking out the window after hearing Steve come back in. He was watching to make sure Y/N got to her car safe, and he watched carefully as she started the engine and pulled away unharmed. 
“Besides that,” Steve said harshly. “What the hell were you thinking?!” He had the entire posture of disappointed Steve on display. Arms crossed over his chest, hip popped to one side, and eyebrows furrowed upon his stern face. 
“I was thinking, I went through a divorce with my highschool sweetheart for a second time in my life time today, and I needed a drink,” Bucky glared back at him. 
“Ok, and how the hell did Y/N get caught in the mix of the angst filled drunken version of you?” Steve countered, keeping his eyes vigorously trained on him. 
“She happened to be at our bar that we go to,” Bucky answered, looking back at the street in front of him. 
“You guys just ran into each other?”
“She was at the bar and I went up to her.”
“Sounds harmless, so explain to me how it escalated,” Steve prodded. 
“The bartender started flirting with her,” Bucky eventually answered under his breath. 
“And...” Bucky drug out. 
“And why should that matter? You guys aren’t together!” Steve huffed, throwing his hands up in his frustration. 
“I know…” Bucky said softly, hurt in his voice at the thought.
Steve noticed his defeated state at the comment. He eased up at that and let out a sigh. “God, Buck. Just say it. You still have feelings for her.”
“No,” he whispered. 
“Bucky,” Steve drug out, moving to the couch, running a hand through his hair. 
“I’m not going to say it.”
“Fine, I’ll say it for you,” the blonde laughed in a harsh way, turning in his seat on the couch, his arm thrown across the back as he faced Bucky. “You never stopped having feelings for her. They’ve just been lying dormant for the past 8 years, because let’s be honest, even the year after your first supposed divorce, you still loved her.”
“I wasn’t ready to end things,” Bucky said to himself. 
“And as soon as you saw her again, saw how she was doing after all this time, saw that she had moved on,” Steve listed. 
“Ok, we get it!” Buck shouted, turning back to him. 
“They ignited all over again.” The smirk on Steve’s face showed he knew he was right. 
Bucky didn’t respond. Sure his best friend said everything he was feeling and thinking, but that didn’t mean he was going to admit it or say it for himself. 
“Fine, don’t accept the fact you’re not over her. Just know this, Buck,” Steve sighed, standing and looking at him as Bucky avoided eye contact now. “It has been 9 years Bucky. She’s doing good, and from what I can tell, she’s moved on. Either you need to talk to her and figure this all out, or completely forget about it. It’s doing no one good just tiptoeing around the subject.”
There was silence as Bucky bitterly took in the words his friend so grimly laid out for him. 
“What do you think I should do?” Bucky finally said quietly. 
“I think you should do what you think will benefit you both. So, yeah. Maybe a talk between you two to go over all the shit that exploded in your faces all those years ago may do you both good. Clear up some dirty water,” Steve shrugged. “You guys never actually talked about it in a calm manner or mature way. You were both young, frustrated beyond measures, and both blinded by your own egos. Nothing good comes out of that, nor did it.”
“So, I should talk with her…”
“If you think you can both do it in a cultured manner. Yeah, I think you should.”
Bucky thought about it. It would be nice to clear up some of the shitty things that took place during their breakup and what led to it. It was something he always wanted to explain himself in and apologize for. But she never gave him the chance or time. Which is what made him upset with her during that time. 
“He scared off the bartender?” Nat repeated on the other end of facetime. 
“Scared off would be an understatement. The glare that he was sending was one that could easily kill,” Y/N sighed, now changed in pajamas and starfishing on her bed as she looked up at the ceiling. The phone propped against the lamp on the nightstand.
“Sounds like a jealous Bucky kind of move,” Nat chuckled.
“But what gives him the right? We aren’t together!” she groaned in a frustrated way before turning to the phone. “You would think me coming to the city to sign off on our SECOND divorce would give him a hint towards that.”
“Ever stop to think maybe he still has feelings for you. You know, after only forever together, feelings don’t just go away,” Nat retorted.
Y/N shot her a glare before rolling her eyes.
“Feelings do go away. It takes one fault in trust to lose them,” she huffed. 
“God Y/N. You’re going to hate me for what I’m about to say,” Nat sighed, grabbing Y/N’s attention again. 
“Then maybe you shouldn’t say it,” Y/N said in a half teasing, half serious tone. 
“Well, I couldn’t give two shits. I’m saying it,” Nat said back. “You two have never actually discussed what happened.”
“That’s not true, we-” 
“Shut up. I’m talking,” Nat said, now in serious mom mode. “No, you didn’t. You got in a screaming match after a few months of miscommunication and didn’t listen to the other’s perspective of the situation. Because of that, there was even more miscommunication.”
“When you physically see your husband making out another girl, it’s not miscommunication. It’s evidence.”
“Y/N, you have said it yourself! He didn’t kiss her, she kissed him,” Nat groaned. 
“I’m not talking about it,” Y/N shook her head violently, sitting up and grabbing the phone.
“Tough luck. I am,” Nat said, making Y/N freeze from almost hanging up. “Now stop. Stop for one second. Before you and Bucky became an official item, who was he to you?”
There was a pause. She knew what the red head was doing, but in doing it, she would have to give Bucky the benefit of the doubt and she wasn’t ready for that. 
“My best friend,” she answered in a mumble. 
“Correct, and what did he always do for you since day one?” Y/N didn’t answer. She didn’t want to, so Nat answered for her. “He looked out for you. He always made sure you were ok and out of harm's way.”
Again Y/N didn’t reply. She was stuck in her thoughts about all the sweet times Bucky had been there for her and vice versa. And it was true. There were more days like that than there were bad. 
It just so happened one of those one bad day was the one that hurt Y/N more than anything in the world. One that broke her heart and took her so long to repair… If it was even fully repaired from that…
“Y/N. Bucky would never do anything to truly hurt you. What happened all those years ago was an act of two people angry and upset over something that neither talked about. Something that so many wrong stories were created in the others head causing them to do and say stupid things,” Nat spoke up, bringing Y/N back to earth. 
“But it happened Nat…” Y/N said softly, the pain in her voice clear. “He hurt me in a way that was irreversible. One that cut so deep, I think even to this day, I’m trying to wrap my head around what I could have done wrong. Hell, what I could have done right to fix it and keep it from ever happening…”
“Ok, and what are you going to do about it?” Nat persisted. 
Y/N quirked an eyebrow and looked at the phone. Nat holding one of her signature knowing looks. 
“What is there to do Nat? It’s been 9 years. It’s time to move on,” Y/N responded. 
“What best way to move on than to talk it out and get down to the issue?” 
“You really think reliving and bringing all that back up will help?”
“That or you can keep sulking in it after all these years and only get hurt every time you think of that specific time in your life, or you think of Bucky. Which I know for a fact, you think of Bucky more than you care to admit…” Nat’s steely look had gone and was replaced by one of sympathy. “You can’t tell me I’m wrong, because we both know that I am always right,” she smiled, lightening the mood. 
Y/N sat there thinking about it. The thing was… Their entire friend group had told her that the two needed to say their side of the story, but Y/N had always been too stubborn and too hurt, to want to hear it.
She didn’t want to hear about how Bucky fell into a kiss with another woman after she had witnessed it in person. Seeing it was enough to know what happened, right? She didn’t need the story either. It would only hurt her more.
“Just think about it. You’re there for a week, so you have time. I personally think it’s what both of you need in order to really move on from it all. Even if you still don’t hear what you want to, at least you’ll both know each other’s full story.”
“Um, yeah…” Y/N answered after a while. “Listen, I’m going to let you go. I’m exhausted from the night. As you can imagine,” she tried to chuckle to lighten the mood, but the lost look in her eyes showed Nat she was really thinking about it all.
“Ok, sister. I’ll let you get some sleep,” Nat agreed. “Don’t hesitate to call or text.”
“Will do,” Y/N nodded with a soft smile. “Love you, Nat.”
“Love you too,” Nat kissed through the phone and the two hung up. 
Y/N threw her head back on the pillow and let out a grunt.
“Why is everyone more in my business than I am?” she said bitterly. She looked over at the jean jacket that she had thrown off as soon as she came home on the hunter green accent chair in the corner. “You just had to pick that jacket out of them all, didn’t you?”
She stared at it for a little longer. The memories that it held, started to come to the forefront of her mind. 
Senior Year of High school. 10 Years ago. 
“Come on Y/N. Trust me! Give me your hand,” Bucky laughed as he pushed Y/N to her limit on the tall height. 
“I don’t do good with heights Buck,” she said looking down over the buildings ledge. The drop at least 30 stories high. 
“You literally hike all the time!” Bucky argued as she rolled her eyes, looking at his outstretched hand before glancing back at the drop. 
“Hiking is different from mountain climbing. I just have a path to follow on an incline, one that’s not so narrow and tall either,” she gulped, taking in just how far up they are. 
“Doll, you know I got you,” Bucky smiled genuinely. The emotions behind it promised he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. 
She took a deep breath before nodding. She slowly and carefully took Bucky’s hand and he guided her down the ledge she was on. The one he was on, was on the bring off a building. Just wide enough to fit their bodies as they moved the look over the ledge at the new scene in front of them. 
Bucky placed himself behind her. His arms trapping her on the wall as they sat on either side of her own arms wrapped around herself. Her back to his chest as he moved to where he was resting his chin on her shoulder. Both of their eyes on the city view in front of them. 
“Wow,” was all she said. All she could manage to say. “This is…”
“Something else, right?” Bucky chuckled in equal amazement. 
“How did you find this place?” Y/N asked, resting her cheek on his head that laid on her shoulder. 
“Clint found it awhile back doing that weird game he does of him practically finding little nesting spots over Brooklyn to find the best views,” Bucky answered. “Just stole a few spots off his map to infiltrate.”
“Man’s like a damn bird with his love of heights and nesting,” Y/N laughed. 
“Eh, I have to appreciate his findings though,” Bucky nodded, pressing a small kiss to her shoulder before resting his head there again. His arms moving around her waist and pulling her in. “We have a hawk eye’s view up here of Brooklyn thanks to him.”
“Oh! Look that’s the bridge way off that way,” Y/N pointed in excitement. Her fear of heights melting with each second. 
“She’s a beauty,” Bucky chuckled. “Not the only one either,” Bucky smiled as Y/N giggled at him. 
They stood there like that for a second. Each of them taking in the hustle and bustle of the city sounds, people, and life. It never ceased. It was easy to get caught up in the movement and sent to another planet. 
“Maybe I do like heights,” Y/N later broke the silence. 
“Is that so?” Bucky laughed at her. He flipped her in his arms quicker than she could register and placed her hands on his chest to balance herself. 
“Not when you spin me like that. We’re on a ledge still, sir. Keep that in mind,” she shook her head in a teasing scold.
“Will make sure of that, sweetheart,” he nodded, kissing her nose as an apology. “So does that mean you’ll climb Everest with me?”
“Everest? Since when have you wanted to climb the tallest mountain in the world?” she furrowed her eyebrows with a grin. 
“Since I figured out I might be able to drag you along with me,” he winked. 
“Now I just said I can handle a 30 story high building, not freaking 5 miles straight up a mountain,” she pointed a finger. 
“How do you know it’s 5 miles up?” 
“We talked about it for a book reference the other day in Comp 1,” Y/N shrugged like it was a simple fact of knowledge to have. 
“Right, right. I forgot everyone has that fact in their back pocket. They would be crazy to know something like how tall Mount Vesuvius was though. That’s just weird at that point,” Bucky teased. 
“If you’re talking about actual height,” Y/N stuck her tongue out before turning back around to the view. Bucky’s arms once again trapped the two on the ledge as they went back to watch the city move. “Then no, I don’t know.”
“Good because then I’d have to classify you as one of those weirdos.”
“However,” she started, making Bucky raise an eyebrow as he tilted his head and looked at her. “The height of all the ash was close to what they think was 20 miles up.”
Bucky didn’t say anything just instead just gave her a crazed look.
“Are you a walking almanac?” Bucky said softly. 
“Depends on the topic, but I don’t have near to photographic memory for anything,” she winked before leaning her body back into him. 
“Whatever excuse you want to use Everest to make you not sound weird, works for me,” he shook his head jokingly. 
“It’s not an excuse! It’s a blessing and a curse.”
“Sure thing, Everest.”
“Stop calling me Everest.”
“I will the day you decide to climb it.”
“That’s never going to happen.”
“Then I guess you better get used to your new nickname because I’m not calling you anything else any time soon…” Bucky sighed.
“Bucky…” Y/N drug out, attempting to sound tough. 
“Everest…” Bucky retaliated with the same tone. 
“You know what? I give up. I know we can and will go on for the next 20 minutes bantering,” Y/N laughed. 
“But I like to banter with you,” Bucky fake pouted, laying his head on her shoulder and giving her a puppy dog face. 
“Maybe another time. I’m trying to take in this view that my boyfriend brought me here for,” she waved off before cocooning herself into him as a brisk breeze came through the cove they were in up high. 
Y/N shivered just a touch at the sudden change in temperature and turned to wrap her arms around Bucky’s middle. Her cheek pressed to his chest, but face still focused on the streets below. 
“You cold?” Bucky asked instantly, wrapping his arms around her when he felt her shiver. 
“No, I’ll be ok,” she shook her head. But the cold betrayed her and hit her again making her shiver once more. 
“Liar,” Bucky said before shrugging off his jean jacket and maneuvering with Y/N still around him as he moved it over her shoulders. The wide and large frame on it eating her all in one bite. “Little big, but it does the job.”
“I’ve always loved this thing,” Y/N snuggled into it. “It smells like you,” she grinned with her face in the fabric. 
“Well, looking at it… I think I like how it looks on you more than me,” Bucky said wrapping her in a bear hug from behind. 
“It does, doesn’t it?” Y/N laughed. 
“Cheeky, doll,” Bucky rolled his eyes playfully. 
They stayed like that for the rest of the evening just chatting and watching the views before Y/N needed to get home. 
Bucky came around the truck to the passenger side, always opening the door for her since day one. He walked to her to the front porch and as Y/N went to take the jacket off, he pulled the collar back around her and tightened it on her some. 
“You keep it,” Bucky shook his head. 
“No, Buck. This is one of your favorites. You wear it with practically everything,” she furrowed her eyebrows, attempting to take it off again, but Bucky’s grip was stronger than her. 
“Well it only makes sense that one of my favorite things stays with my favorite person then, doesn’t it?” Bucky countered.
“No, you keep it. I’m fine with just stealing it from you when I can,” she winked, finally getting it off and handing it to him.
“You’re stubborn. You know that?” Bucky huffed in defeat. 
“Don’t act like you don’t love it,” Y/N smiled, leaning up on her toes to press a kiss to his lips. 
“I do love it,” Bucky mumbled on her lips making her laugh.
They said their goodnights, left some lingering kisses, and eventually went their separate ways. But once Bucky got to the truck, he looked back at Y/N’s house and then the jacket in his hands. 
A smirk pulled at his lips and an idea formed. She would be getting the jacket one way or another. He just needed to add something before giving it to her. 
She had a small smile on her lips at the memory. It had been a week before their 3 year anniversary, and on the actual anniversary, he had added the patch and gave it to her as her gift. She couldn’t help but grin at the happy nostalgia. 
There were a lot of small little memories like that that she had suppressed after all these years. In her head, they would just be a cruel thought of all the good that was ruined by mistakes and false trust. 
But after her talk with Nat, and after the night that involved Bucky, maybe she did need to talk about it. Maybe getting both sides of the story out there would heal old wounds and help her move forward.
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The Kids Will Be Alright
Chapter 17
Single dad!Bucky, single mom!reader; Social Media AU
Summary: Bucky and Y/n have been friends for over ten years, since high school. Nothing has ever happened between them until one lonely night a few years ago. That one night left them with a little surprise. They agreed to raise their child together as friends. As their child gets older, as they get older, they’re faced with new challenges as co-parents, and possibly secret feelings (according to their friends).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The kids will be alright Series taglist: @splaine-to-me @aikeia @kmuir1 @that-one-person @sebastianstansqueen @slytherinambitious @shadowolf993 @sebssssthighssss @lharrietg @prentisswrites @tanakaslastbraincell @puddinsqueen @its-yasbxtch @sarcastic-and-cool @yourgoldengirls @vivalakate @carnationworld @nerdgirljen @toshijimafarms @beananacake @mehb1 @randomfandomwrittings @mylifewithfandoms @cxlpxrnia @wobblymug @ironmansuucks @your-not-invisible-to-me @guccibrandmathtest @puffypenguin216 @lost-in-the-stars03 @natdrunk @kissmepete @hista-girl @teenagedreams-bucky @severewobblerlightdragon @puppiesforfeminism @amazingfantasticmarvelous @disaster-rose @natdrunk @supernaturalcat7 @ohladymacbeth @fandomrejects @lannycleave @buckybarnesobsessedd
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Random People
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Part One- Yellow and Fuckboy
Part Two- 8 Years
Part Three- Out on June 26th
~ ~ ~
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Moral of the Story. Masterlist.
Tumblr media
Series Summary: From childhood friends, to highschool sweethearts, the two naive, young, and lovestruck teens decided the best way to keep a strong relationship during college would be to marry right out of highschool. No one batted an eye at the idea as everyone knew they were soulmates. However, college is a big step in a person’s life. You learn new things about yourself, you make new friends, find new hobbies… And maybe being newly weds and going to different colleges across the states wasn’t the best plan… After a falling out, a tragic and heartbreaking divorce, the two now despise the other for how the whole thing was handled. Neither not really knowing both sides of the story. 10 years later, and they both get a call from the lawyers office that settled their divorce. Somehow the papers never went through and the divorce was never completed. So now, the exes, or should we say husband and wife, have to meet back up after all these years to settle their failed marriage once and for all. (This summary will be shorter in other chapters. I just needed to get the full concept out there;)
A/N: So the other day while I was doing my hair (quite the process), I was playing music and the song Moral of the Story by Ashe came on. Mind you, I’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but for some reason, this time I got a major story idea! Listening to the lyrics brought me to this new series. Of course, the lengthy summary above will give you an idea of what came to my brain, but I recommend you listen to the song still because it plays a big part in my thought process:) (Plus it’s a good song;) Enjoy and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with me! I love each and every single one<3
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Chapter 1           Chapter 11
Chapter 2           Chapter 12
Chapter 3           Chapter 13
Chapter 4           Chapter 14
Chapter 5           Chapter 15
Chapter 6           Chapter 16
Chapter 7           Chapter 17
Chapter 8           Chapter 18 
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 
In progress: (Not sure how many chapters just yet)
Last updated: 6-15-21
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(9) Making Omelettes
(Made in collaboration with @thorfanficwriter​)
Making Omelettes Masterlist
Need to read Chapter 8?
Pairing:  Single dad!Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader
Words: 5400+
Warnings: Language. Wanda and Pietro’s age is downsized to young teens. Making out.
Summary: As if being the single father of two young girls wasn’t pressure enough, Bucky Barnes has to deal with a wacky brother, Steve, and nosey neighbor, Sam Wilson, trying to run his life. On top of that, he is struggling to get ahead in his high-pressure job as a financial adviser. He has reached his limit, sure he couldn’t possibly handle any more drama in his day-to-day. And that’s when you enter the picture, willing Bucky to have the courage to take a chance at finding love.
A/N: We are happy to finally update this series. We’re so excited to finally get this update out. Hope you like it!
(Moodboard by @thorfanficwriter​)
Tumblr media
It was a long ride home. 
Becca repeatedly tried to get Bucky to stop at the grocery store on the way home but Bucky insisted he'd already cleared with Y/N that they’d order in Thai. His daughter whined, “That’s not very romantic, Dad.” 
He countered, “Becks, this is a last-minute deal that’s about getting acquainted with our family. There’s nothing romantic about it.” 
In fact, the more he thought about it, the more Bucky worried that the timing was way too soon. There was every possibility you’d only accepted the invitation because of Becca’s pressure. But then again, he’d offered you an out. You could have very easily made an excuse to decline. 
The more Bucky’s thoughts volleyed back-and-forth, the less enthused he became about the entire evening.
Kobik broke his train of thought and grumbled with hands crossed over her chest. “It’s gross anyway.”
Completely ignoring her younger sister, Rebecca continued to gush. “Y/N really likes you, Dad. I can tell.” 
“Yeah? How?” 
Kobik griped, “Because she looks at you the same way Becca looks at Pietro.” 
“I do not!” the older girl protested. 
“Do too.”  
Before another infamous Barnes Girls Argument got out of hand, Bucky intervened. “That’s enough. Let’s just get home, get cleaned up and not make this a bigger deal than it needs to be.” 
Oh, but it was a big deal. So, so big. It was such a massive deal that Kobik’s innocent little heart was nearly crumbling under its weight. The fact that she couldn’t do anything about it only made it worse. 
It was all going...just so wrong. Kobik never thought that you’d be invited to her home. Her home where she lived peacefully with her family. She didn’t want anyone to come and trample on their happiness. Because she was convinced that’s exactly what you were going to do. 
Even if you weren’t as evil as her hatred had made you out to be, Kobik simply didn’t want you to be a part of her family, much less mingle with them. She didn’t trust you. You were a stranger supposedly charming enough to have her father giggling like a schoolgirl after one date. One single date! She was young but she wasn’t naive. She knew things didn’t normally escalate this quickly except in the movies. Of course she had some reservations against you. An outsider, that’s who you were. 
When they did finally get home, Rebecca rushed through the apartment in a mad dash to clean herself up. Twenty minutes later, she emerged from her bedroom to see her sister and father had straightened up the living room and kitchen.
“Is this okay?” she asked, drawing attention to the floral skirt and coordinating top she’d carefully chosen to wear. 
“I don’t know why you’re still making a big deal of this,” Kobik grouched. 
“Because this is a big deal. Dad’s never brought a girl here before.”
Bucky said, “Sure I have. Maybe it’s been a while, but…”
“No you haven’t.”
His jaw worked up and down as if he were about to speak, but in reconsideration, he knew she was right. “Your sister has a point. We need to just relax and be ourselves. But you do look very nice, princess.”
In the next moment, he was saved by the ringing of the doorbell. Rebecca ran to answer it but stopped short and looked back. 
“Maybe you should get it, Daddy.”
“It’s fine, sweetheart,” he laughed. “Just open the door.”
When she did, their neighbor from across the way came through wielding two bottles of wine along with his infamous, cheerful smile. And as much as Rebecca loved the man, pretty much considered him another uncle, her face fell in disappointment.
“It’s just Sam,” she announced.
“Well, hello to you too,” he smirked. In his own excitement over meeting Bucky’s new flame, Sam brushed off the sight and continued on into the kitchen.
“Since I didn’t know what we’re having, I brought a red and a white,” he explained.
The moment Bucky opened his mouth to respond, the doorbell rang again. Again, Rebecca was discouraged to see another man on the opposite side of the threshold.
“Just Uncle Steve,” she whined.
“Sorry, kiddo,” he chimed as he swept by her, his arms laden with multiple bags of carryout. 
On her way to shut the door behind him, Rebecca happened to catch a shadow moving in the hallway. She popped her head through the opening and glanced in that direction. You were a few doors down, checking out the various apartment numbers.
“Miss Y/N!” Rebecca squealed, waving wildly.
You returned the enthusiastic girl's smile. “I hope I didn’t keep everyone waiting.”
“No. Uncle Steve just got here with the food. It’s perfect timing,” she answered while letting you in.
As everyone else greeted each other with big, dopey smiles, Kobik stood apart and watched you being treated like royalty. With how much Becca was fawning over you, Kobik almost expected her to ask for your autograph. And her father? Well, dad’s should never be getting moony-eyed. Ever. Grown men, especially fathers, had no business acting the way Pietro acted around Becca. The whole scene was unseemly in Kobik’s estimation. So, when you greeted her directly, she found it very difficult to summon up the good manners her family had instilled. But refusing to let you get the better of her, she dug deep and managed to muster up a forced grin along with a half-hearted, “Hi.”
Bucky frowned slightly at seeing his normally confident, outspoken daughter looking and acting downright surly. But, before he could address the situation, his first priority was to make sure you weren’t overwhelmed by the onslaught of the others. 
And, though he hadn’t thought of your arrival as any sort of relationship test, Bucky couldn’t help but take a moment and watch how gracefully you jumped right into the fray. 
Steve grilled you about the injured nose which was still slightly swollen but, luckily, showed no signs of bruising. Having offered a choice between the two, Sam handed you a glass of white wine while Steve continued to offer his unsolicited professional advice which you gratefully accepted and thanked him for.
Finally deciding to step in, Bucky seated you at the table despite protests that you wanted to help. The three men began to serve as Rebecca to a set next to you and began an overly-excited, nonstop interrogation.
Not that you minded. Just the opposite, in fact. The older girl’s interest actually took some of the pressure off. Ever since learning about Bucky’s children, you’d often wondered if they’d tolerate your presence. At least one of them seemed to like you.
Unfortunately, it looked as though the other would be a tougher nut to crack.  Throughout dinner you tossed a question her way only to receive polite but curt responses. Each was followed by another frown from Bucky directed at Kobik, and you suspected a potential familial spat was in the making. Luckily, Rebecca always rescued the moment by interrupting with another question for you or some brief anecdote about her father in a relentless campaign to promote his best qualities.
You were intently listening to said elder daughter talk about her good friend Wanda and her twin brother Pietro. The latter name having been dropped caused Bucky’s eyes to roll. Previously tight-lipped Kobik decided at that time to announce, “That’s her boyfriend.”
Just as both Rebecca and Bucky turned and began protesting at the designation, your ears detected the tinkling of a small bell. 
In the next instant, a fluffy, white cat leapt on top of the table. Insulted at having not been formally introduced, Alpine decided to take matters into her own paws and gingerly made her way towards the excited human who was so obviously and instantly enamored by her charms.
The plumage at this adorable animal’s back end, however, was in immediate danger of contaminating Bucky’s plate. He swiftly stood and reached across the table in an attempt to collect the offending feline who stealthily avoided capture by jumping onto your eagerly awaiting lap. 
Unfortunately, his brother had the same instinct. Steve also threw his arms out to try to catch Alpine. But he fared no better. All he managed to do was knock over his glass of wine which fell over and stained the front of Bucky’s jeans.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” the accident-prone man shouted.
The girls, having been through similar emergencies before, swept into action. The eldest righted the glass and tried to save what food she could as the youngest ran into the kitchen for paper towels. Bucky excused himself so he could change his pants while Rebecca, sure that their beloved family pet had just ruined the entire evening, began to apologize profusely.
“Please don’t fret,” you said while lovingly petting the cat and receiving loud appreciative purrs. “This little girl just wanted to be part of the fun. What’s her name?”
Bucky, who came right back out wearing a pair of clean sweats, said, “If she pulls another stunt like that her name’s going to be ‘homeless’.” 
“Now don’t you pay any mind to Mr. Grumpy,” you coo-ed down at your furry friend. “He’s just mad about his inability to keep his clothes clean for a full twenty-four hours.” 
Bucky wanted to devour your sinfully sweet lips as you played with Alpine. Your face had such a cute expression, it settled down right in his heart. Though he was having a hard time doing so, Bucky kept his emotions and desires in check with the current audience.
Kobik? She never considered herself a violent person but she wanted nothing more than to scratch your eyes out at that moment.
You gave Bucky a wink while gently placing Alpine on the floor. Standing and taking up your dinner plate, you then asked, “Can I help clear?”
Kobik swooped in to take the dish from your hands. “We don’t let guests clean up. You can just go.”
“Kobee!” Rebecca scolded her sister.
Heat rose to the younger girl's face as she surreptitiously peeked at her father whose face had grown very cross. She put her eyes down and meekly said, “I mean I’m sure you have work in the morning so, we don’t want to keep you or anything.”
You noticed the look of concern on Bucky’s face. Whatever was going on with his daughter was obviously something they needed to address in private. You took that as a cue to make an exit.
You weren’t gonna lie, it did feel bad, the way Kobik had been acting with you the entire evening, but you understood she was just a child who might not be a big fan of changes around her. And having you around was in fact a pretty big change. 
In all honesty, you often questioned whether a relationship with Bucky was realistic. You regularly had to remind yourself not to expect too much, not to move too fast. The man had an entire, busy life and needed a chance to figure out if and how to fit you into it. And that was assuming he even wanted to. Although Bucky didn’t seem to be interested in only having a fling, (in fact, he was moving much slower than you’d expected) still, you couldn’t avoid some doubt. After all, you were just starting to get to know each other. 
“You’re absolutely right, Kobik,” you agreed. “And thank you for pointing out the time. I should be getting home. Thank you all for the fun evening. Next time, it’s my turn to entertain.”
Rebecca, who had been sure you would break up with her dad after the disastrous ending to their dinner, asked, “You mean it?”
“Of course I mean it, sweetie. I’ll talk it over with your dad later.” As you went about saying goodnight to the girls, the eager teenager wrapped her arms around your waist.
“It was so nice to meet you,” she said.
“It was very nice to meet the both of you, too.”
Kobik merely offered another half-hearted wave as her father escorted you out.
Tumblr media
As Bucky made his way down the hallway with you, he passed by his elderly neighbour who was about to enter his apartment. "Evening, Yori."
"Evening, Bucky." When the man turned towards Bucky, he was no less than astonished to find a female accompanying him. That too, a beautiful one such as yourself. Not that Bucky didn't have female friends, but Yori knew they weren't close enough for the responsible, single father to bring them to his place. Moreover, he was well aware of the fact that Bucky wasn't actively trying to date. Not at least to Yori's recent knowledge. This made Bucky’s having female company over that much more peculiar. 
The only explanation Yori could come up with was that you must have been his colleague, over at his place to complete some work-related thing.
"Oh, you have company over I see."
Bucky turned in his tracks to face Yori, and you along with him. Yori started his approach in your pause. "A friend, I assume? Hello, I'm his neighbour, Yori Nakajima. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss...?"
"I'm Y/N Y/L/N. It's nice to meet you too Mr. Nakajima." You smiled warmly at him. 
"Oh no, no, dear. Yori is fine." He smiled in kind. Yori couldn't describe it, but something about you simply gave him a good vibe. For what exactly, he was unsure. Talk about elders reading too much into anything, but in Yori's opinion,  Bucky looked good with you. And it was about damn time that Bucky got into the dating game.
Yori leaned towards Bucky, as if to speak only to him but everyone heard his words. "You should ask her out." Without waiting for his reply, the elderly man turned towards you. "He would like to take you out on a date. Maybe to bingo or a night of pinochle? Pinochle. Yeah"
You chuckled lightly. Bucky rolled his eyes, but he couldn't keep a wide smile from capturing his lips. "If only you'd let me talk, Yori. I already did ask her out."
"And we went out a couple of times. Wouldn't want to miss out on a fine gentleman such as him, now, would I?" you said.
"Mhmm, that's right." Yori was surprised to know that Bucky was faster than he originally thought. He felt good to know that Bucky was at least trying to meet new people and date again. Though he didn't want to get his hopes high, Yori simply had a good feeling about you. "He is a good man, Y/N."
Bucky shook his head with a chuckle. "Goodnight, Yori." He didn't take long to grasp your hand in his and draw you away from his neighbour before he could be further embarrassed. 
“I'm sorry about him.”
"Why are you sorry? He was sweet. Besides, I’m game." 
“Game for what?”
“For us to go out again sometime,” you said,  squeezing his hand tight and leaning a little into him. “And hopefully sometime soon, if that’s alright?”
“Wow,” Bucky whispered, looking enchantedly at you. “Of course, I’d love to.” He squeezed your hand right back.
By then the pair of you had reached your car. You turned to him, unconsciously holding his hand just a tad bit tighter, unwilling to let go just yet. Bucky was none the wiser.
With a bated breath, Bucky intertwined his free hand with yours too, encompassing both your palms in the heat of his. Ever so slowly, he inched closer to you. He hoped you were fine with being a little more intimate with him. “So, I hope the night was okay.”
You pulled him a little closer. With a smile you said, “Don’t sell yourself short, Bucky. It was amazing. I enjoyed being with you and your family.”
“I’m sorry about how Kobik acted tonight though. She’s usually not like this. She’s never like this, in fact. I don’t know what got into her.” 
“It’s alright, Bucky. She’s just a kid, they get unruly sometimes. I am a stranger to her, after all.”
“Mhmm, I guess you’re right. I’ll try to talk to her.”
“At least one of your daughters likes me.”
“Oh, she likes you a little too much.” He chuckled.
You and Bucky gazed at each other, eyes subtly shifting from the lips to the eyes and then again.
“I guess it’s time to go then,” you said, but refused to let go of his hands.
“Mhmm, I think so.” He agreed, but just like you, refused to let you go. Instead, he leaned a bit into you.
You couldn’t help your smile from reaching your eyes, a sort of bashfulness in your being. You didn’t know from where this playfulness had gotten into Bucky, but you loved it all the same. You bit your lip, leaning into him more. “Well, I better leave.”
“I guess you should.” Bucky smiled as brightly as you, leaning some more. 
A moment later his lips brushed against yours ever so softly, nothing more than a feather touch. Your eyes closed of their own accord, reveling in the gentle touch and yet wanting a little more. The kiss grew into something passionate right after that. His tongue sought yours not long after, his lips and tongue playing with yours merrily. He pushed you a little until your back hit your door. 
You were trapped between his body and the car, and you absolutely loved it. Your hands let go of his to circle around his neck and rake your fingers through his hair. One of his hands circled your waist while the other stayed at your hip. It didn’t take long for the kiss to grow heated. 
Bucky never thought that’d ever be making out like horny teenagers in the parking lot after having two kids. But there was, indeed making out with you like horny teenagers in the parking lot. 
You couldn’t help but let your hands wander until they reached his ass. Giving an affectionate squeeze to those mighty plump cheeks, you revelled in the gasp that escaped his mouth, immediately followed by a moan. Like you, Bucky couldn’t help himself either. Grabbing your ass, he kneaded it as he pulled you closer to himself. Every inch of you was pressed against every inch of him. Oh dear lord, what was this if not heaven?
Gradually he pulled back. He had been lost in your and your delicious lips. He was excited no doubt, but he didn’t want to get too excited. 
Your heart was fluttering when you parted, your face a little warm. “Now I really should leave.”
Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you should.” 
As you turned to unlock your door, Bucky couldn’t help but manage to place a delicate kiss on your cheek. His hands curled around your waist loosely. He said close to your ear, “Stay safe, yeah? And let me know that you got home, please?”
With another irresistible kiss to your cheek, he instantly stepped back to give you space, hoping you would be okay with the closeness and the intimacy.
You nodded, getting in your car with heated cheeks and strapping the belt. Exchanging goodnights, you pulled out of the parking space and headed for home with a racing heart and a glowing smile.
Tumblr media
A giddiness still swept over Bucky as he made his way back to his apartment. You had that sort of effect on him. It was yet another night that went well.  
Though he couldn’t help but dwell upon his youngest’s behaviour that night. Simply saying that it was uncharacteristic of her would be an understatement. Bucky remembered Kobik mentioning at the game that she didn’t like you. Why, he had no idea. He couldn’t continue that conversation at the game due to the circumstances, but he had all the intentions of resuming it then.
Passing Steve and Becca who were cleaning up the mess on the table, he knocked on Kobik’s door. After getting her permission, he entered and shut the door behind him. 
Kobik was on her phone. When she heard her father say that they needed to talk, she put it down and gave him all her attention. “Yeah, what about?”
“Is there anything you want to talk about? Anything at all?” Rounding the room, he sat on her chair. 
“Come on, Kobee. You know you can talk to me about anything, right? Whatever it may be, I’m always here to listen.”
“I know, dad. Thanks, but there really is nothing in particular I want to talk about.”
Bucky huffed. Not in annoyance or frustration, no. It was just going to be harder than he thought.
“How about Miss Y/N? You wanna talk about her?” Bucky gently asked. “About what happened today?”
Kobik rolled her eyes and crossed her hands defensively. The clueless expression on her face gave way to a scowl. “I told you, Dad. I don’t like her.”
Bucky made sure to keep his voice calm and comforting, letting her know that he wasn’t attacking her just because their opinions differed, that she was as free as him to talk out loud about her thoughts. “Yeah, you said that at the game. But you hadn’t even met her then, sweetie. How could you be so sure?”
“Well, I got to know her well enough during the dinner. And I still don’t like her.”
Kobik knew she should have outright worded her thoughts about you. If there was anyone she trusted enough to talk to freely, it was her father. Not this time though. She was unsure how to properly address those concerns, how to properly word them to make her point known. Looking at how serious her father was about you, she feared that this time he wouldn’t understand her or her concerns. It only made her frustrated.
“And why’s that?”
“Because I...I just don’t like her.” She shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant but Bucky knew she was anything but that.
“No reason in particular?” Bucky tried in vain.
A little fed up with her father’s questioning, she turned the attention on him instead. “Why do you like her so much?”
Bucky let out an awkward laugh, not at all prepared to be asked that. “...uh, what?”
“Why do you like her so much, Dad?”
He was a little unsure and more than confused as to how to answer that to his daughter. 
“I don’t know how much of this you’ll understand, and I don’t fully expect you to. And it’s alright. You’re still so young, sweetie. But to answer your question I…I haven’t been able to connect with anyone like I do  with her, you know. I like talking to her, being with her. It’s...It’s nice. More than nice, in fact. It simply feels good being with her. Like you and Becca say - what was it? - yeah, we vibe together.” He ended his rambling with a nervous little laugh.
Well, hearing her father say those words, the love-sick look in his eyes as he said them, it was the final straw. The hidden anger, the bubbling frustration of not being able to appropriately voice her concerns, her own little fears coming to life as she heard her father rambling, it was all too much. It overwhelmed her. To the point that she covered her eyes with the heel of her palms and started crying.
Bucky was taken aback at seeing the sudden change in his daughter’s mood. She was scowling one second and abruptly started sobbing the next. Did he cause this? Was it his rambling? He didn’t see any reason why his rambling would cause his daughter to cry. Was it something he did earlier then? 
Before he could answer those questions, he knew Kobik needed to be comforted. He needed to get her to talk about what had been bothering her. But first, he needed to get her to calm down. 
In an instant Bucky was beside her, hugging his little girl to his chest and rocking her gently. “Hey- hey, what happened?” He patted her back and the back of her head, whispering soothing words. “Shh, shh, let it all out. It’s alright, sweetie. It’s alright…”
“It’s not alright!” She aggressively croaked out in between sobs a few moments later.
Bucky pulled back, more than worried for his daughter. “What do you mean?”
Kobik took a moment to pull herself together as she decided to just get done with whatever was eating at her, no matter how crass it sounded. 
“Y/N, Dad...You wanna know why I don’t like her? Because she doesn’t belong with us, Dad. She doesn’t belong with you and me and Becca! Not even Uncle Steve or Alpine or even Sam! Ever since I can remember it’s always been us. And it’s fine and we’re happy like that! And now she’s come along and is trying to wedge herself between us. Why can’t you and Becca see that? 
“Don’t get me wrong, Dad. I’m happy that you found someone who you like being with, but...but not like this! You’ve only been on one date with her, Dad! And she has charmed you off your feet and made you all giggly and moony-eyed like I’ve never seen you before. Is that how it’s supposed to happen? Is that how all love stories go? Does everything happen so fast? I don’t trust her, Daddy. Not one bit. Our family is perfect the way it is. We don’t need an outsider trying to shove their way inside our home.”
Kobik went at length about how much she didn’t trust you, how much she despised your interference with her family. Although she never reached the point of yelling, her voice consistently grew louder and louder as her emotions took the better of her. 
And when all the anger and the hatred propelling her words exhausted her, that’s when the fears tightly gripping her innocent little heart made themselves known.
“And with the way things are going, she’s ultimately going to get all your attention, Daddy. and her will start a family...and that will be it. You’re gonna forget about me...and Rebecca, and- and-”
Kobik couldn’t even continue as another round of tears overtook her. 
Something inside of Bucky broke in that moment. His mind couldn’t help replay what Kobik had said at the end. His heart crushed a little more with every replay of those dreadful words.
You’re gonna forget about me...and Rebecca, and- and-
What in the world had given her that idea? That he could ever forget about his girls; his angels. That even if he did start a new family - which had never once crossed his mind before Kobee had mentioned it - Bucky wouldn’t make them a part of it first? To even suggest such a thing was atrocious. It was downright absurd. His youngest had always been observant, but he had never assumed a twelve-year-old to think about anything in such depth, reaching such outrageous conclusions.
Ah, the mindless scenarios a young and scared mind can conjure up with its wild imagination.
But why did Kobik have such an idea in the first place? What had led to such a dangerous train of thought? Was it something he said? Something he did? How could she not know how much he loved his girls, how much he valued his family? Was that what she thought of him? A man who would leave the two most precious persons in his life just like that? To think about that these thoughts were most probably running through her head since days, it only broke his heart that much more.
Before Bucky could deal with his own dilemma, he knew Kobik’s had to be dealt with. Hell would freeze over before Bucky would let his princess believe that she didn’t matter the entire world to him one second longer. 
He continued to hug her close and tight to his chest, kissing the crown of her head. Bucky struggled to not crumble in front of her, though his voice betrayed him a little. 
“Listen to me, and hear me loud and clear Kobik Barnes. No matter what happens, I am never going to forget you or Becca. Never! No matter what. Nothing in this world could make me do such a thing. Why would you even think that? You and your sister are the best thing that ever happened to me; you both are my precious little princesses. There’s nothing or no one more important than the two of you. You hear me?”
As Kobik calmed down, her sobs reduced to sniffles, she meekly asked, her words muffled against his chest. “You mean that?”
“With my entire heart.” 
Bucky comforted her a while longer, assuring her that he loved her and her sister too much to simply forget about them. Reminding her that she didn’t have to hold anything in or bottle up her thoughts and emotions. That he was always there to talk to her, to listen to her whenever she needed him. That communication was always the key.
Mentally, he chastised himself. He should’ve known. He should've taken into consideration Kobik’s feelings too. It wasn’t necessary that what Becca wanted, Kobik wanted too. He shouldn’t have assumed that they did. 
It took Bucky a while to understand that it wasn’t specifically you his youngest was mad at. She would have been mad at any woman in your shoes, any woman he might have considered getting serious with this fast. She was repelled at the idea of an unfamiliar face in her family. 
Bucky knew that Kobik would eventually come around the idea of him seeing you, but she needed time to adjust to it. She needed a lot of time. No matter how excited Becca was, or him, Kobik’s comfort mattered too. He just needed to show her that the two of you had her best interest at heart. 
When Kobik had calmed down enough and he had assured her for at least the fourth time that night that his girls meant the world to him, Bucky slipped out into the balcony. With those thoughts consuming his mind, he leaned against the railing and gazed at the fleeting burry lights below him.
Tumblr media
After cleaning the table as best as he could have and wishing Rebecca a good night, Steve was about to leave when he heard his brother’s voice from the balcony. “Hey buddy,”
Steve headed towards him, about to greet him when Bucky suddenly launched into a speech.
“Life...Life is a very fleeting thing, you know. It goes by so quickly. You have to, uh, really think about what you want. You have to figure out how you feel inside-”
Steve raised a brow, unsure where this line of thought was coming from. Heavily concerned as to why his brother felt the need to talk about life and its various aspects in such a manner when half an hour ago he was at the top of the world. Nevertheless, the blond quietly stood a few paces behind the balcony, listening to the little monologue.
“-and then how you’re gonna communicate it to the rest of the world because communication is everything at the end of the day. It's what you say, how you feel, how you perceive something, you know, and we gotta learn how to do that better, you know what I mean?”
Again, Steve was about to respond when Bucky abruptly knelt and picked up Alpine, petting her head lovingly and coddling him as he cooed, “You understood what I meant, right? Aww, of course my baby understood what I meant. It’s my Alpine, after all.” 
It took Steve a moment to realise that Bucky, blissfully unaware of Steve’s presence, had been talking to the feline all this time. But that wasn’t the end of it. Having known each other since they were nearly five, having practically been raised together, there weren’t many -annoyingly and adorably- ridiculous things Steve hadn’t watched Bucky do. The firefighter also had a fair idea of what his brother was capable of. The next thing that happened though, Steve wouldn’t have guessed it in his wildest dreams, watching his brother fawn over Alpine the way he did.
“Aww, my baby. Who’s my good baby, my favourite kitty in the world? That’s right, it’s my Alpine.” Suddenly his face lit up with the force of a thousand suns and he gasped and petted his cat. “Alpine, that's your tummy! You know what kitty tummy’s are for? Kisses!”
And he blew raspberries into Alpine’s tummy.
Sighing and shaking his head at his brother, Steve decided to take his leave then without causing Bucky any more embarrassment for the evening. 
Tumblr media
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angstysebfan · 29 days ago
The Truth Will Set You Free- Part 10
Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader, Thor x Reader (other Avenger characters)
AU: Modern
Summary: You dated for two years, and thought he was the one for you. One day you came home and found him with someone else. After running away from you, you return home and found yourself in the arms of Thor. When Thor decides to introduce you to his friends at a dinner, you realize that there’s something familiar about the house you were visiting.
Warnings: implied cheating, language (not proofread)
You sit in your apartment, staring at the TV, which is currently off, lost in your thoughts. You had 2 men who were both in love with you, and you didn’t know what to do. You had a hard time separating your thoughts, and you didn’t want anyone else’s opinion, because they might be biased. 
So here you sit, trying to figure out what you wanted. You think about how the last year with Thor has been. He has been so patient with you. He knew you had trust issues, and worked for 6 months to finally gain your trust to go out on a date. The last 6 months have been great with him. He again stayed patient with you, as you worked through all your issues with being in a relationship again. You knew he loved you, but you were never fully ready to let your heart go again.
Then there is Bucky. Bucky Barnes, the reason for your trust issues. The reason you couldn’t give Thor your heart. The man who already owned it. While now you know that he actually didn’t cheat on you, there are other things in your mind. First thing is do you still love him like you did before? It’s been a long time and you hated him for so long. You know you love him, but are you still in love with him? Then you think about how he didn’t tell everyone the truth. You know he regrets how he handled the situation, but is it enough? 
You hide your head in your hands as all these thoughts went through your mind. At the end of the day, it comes down to who do you love? Do you love Thor, as in really in love with Thor? Are you still in love with Bucky? If you are, can you move past this? You honestly don’t know. You know you need time to think. Time to decide. 
Thor walks up to the door and tentatively knocks. After a moment the door is opened and a confused Bucky is standing there. 
“Hey man, whats up?” he asks as he opens the door, letting Thor in.
Thor gives a small smile as he walks in. Bucky leads Thor to the living room and offers a drink, which Thor declines. Bucky sits on the adjacent chair to the couch, where Thor is sitting. There is a few seconds of silence before Bucky breaks it.
“What’s going on? Everything ok?” he asks, nervous that Thor is here to tell him that you chose him.
Thor looks at Bucky, “How did you know you were in love with Y/N?” he asks.
Bucky furrows his brow, even more confused by this line of questioning. “I mean I guess it was when I realized that I thought of her almost every second of the day. She was the last person I thought of before I fell asleep and the first person I thought of when I woke up. I dreamt of her.  I wanted to talk to her, be with her, all the time. Still do, if I’m being honest,” Bucky says with a small laugh. “Why?” he asks.
Thor looks at his hands, “I feel that way. I can’t stop thinking or dreaming of her. I-I think I’m in love,” Thor says. 
Bucky’s heart drops, but he is still confused, “I thought you knew you were in love with Y/N. We talked about this before,” Bucky said.
Thor shakes his head, “I think I’m in love with someone else,” Thor says quietly.
Bucky’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Uh, wh-when did you meet someone else? I thought you love Y/N,” he said.
Thor stands up and starts pacing, “I thought I did too. I met Jane at work, and at first I just thought she was beautiful, but she is smart too. I didn’t mean to fall for her, but we have been working on a project together and all of a sudden I realized how I felt. I swear I never cheated on Y/N, but I can’t help but want Jane,” he said looking at Bucky. 
Bucky took a deep breath as he took in everything that Thor said. He sees the guilt in Thor’s eyes, “Ok, first of all calm down. Have you spoken to Y/N about this?” he asks.
Thor shakes his head, “No, I know she was taking some time on her own to think about things. I’ve been trying to ignore my feelings for Jane, because I love Y/N. But now I know I am not in love with Y/N.”
Bucky tries to keep his emotions at bay. While this might be good news for him, it doesn’t mean you will take him back. Right now he is worried about what you will think when you find out. “Thor, you have to talk to her. The sooner the better. If you are the one that she wanted, she needs to know that you don’t feel the same,” he says.
Thor nods, “Do you know where she is? I went by her place but there was no answer,” he asks.
“I would call her and ask her to meet up then. I’m not sure where she went after she and I had our conversation,” Bucky said sadly.
Thor looked at Bucky, “I think one of the reasons I allowed myself to fall for Jane is because I know she will choose you,” he says.
Bucky scoffed, “I don’t know about that. She doesn’t know if she is still in love with me. But even still, you don’t know you aren’t the one she will choose,” Bucky says. “Just promise me you will talk to her. Face to face. She deserves that.”
Thor nods, “I don’t want her to hate me. She has become so important to me. I don’t want to hurt her.”
“Just do what I didn’t. Talk to her and make her listen. Maybe if I had done that, none of us would be in this position,” Bucky said sadly.
You sit at the park with your best friend looking out at the lake. You try to allow the quiet and peace relax you. Your best friend accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it, at least yet. You knew eventually you were going to need someone to listen, but for now, you needed to be alone with your thoughts. As you are sitting there, taking in the quiet your phone started to ring. You looked down and saw that Thor was calling you. You decided to ignore the call as you were not ready to decide.
After a moment you got a text from Thor, “Hey I know you want time, but we really need to talk.”
Part 9 / Part 11
I know. I really struggled with this. I honestly might write another version with Thor as the one, but this was the right way to go in my heart. Feedback is appreciated.
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sunny-reys · a month ago
The Football Player (Part One)
Based on this request: “Bucky is a football player and you are a fan of the team but you're also really shy. Secretly Bucky also developed a crush on you. He sees you getting mocked by some idiots and he gets in between to stand up for you. Later then he asks you for a walk and he kisses you.”
masterlist / part two
Tumblr media
According to every ounce of common sense still left in your body, you should be paying attention. You’re in school, might as well actually learn something, right? You have a test next period, and if you were smart or wanted to pass at all, you should be focusing right now, tracking every single word that your professor is saying. The only problem is that you’re not doing this whatsoever. No, your gaze is instead directed out the window, where a certain football team is just beginning practice.
It’s not like you were intentionally trying to get distracted. You had come to the classroom right on time, pencils lined up and notebook out, ready to start the day. Your gaze just happened to accidentally shift to the window instead, and when you saw number seventeen in red and gold, well, how could you focus on math at a time like this? You’d seen James Barnes around the school many times, but he never ceases to amaze you.
Honestly, even talking about him tends to light a fire behind your cheeks. You’ve seen this movie dozens of times before: shy, studious girl falls for the football player, hijinks ensue. However, this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. Bucky is a star member of the team, and you’re just a fan of your school’s football games. Whenever you do icebreakers in class and you’re forced to describe yourself in one word, you always reach for ‘bookish’ or ‘smiling’. Certainly never ‘superbly athletic’ or ‘on Bucky’s radar in any way’. Those aren’t even one word.
However, you never quite seem to let yourself be brought back to reality. Time and time again, you don the red and gold colors of your school- Mid-Capital University, or MCU, ready to go cheer on the team and your favorite player especially so. In fact, there’s a game tonight, you’ll be going with your friend. No matter how many times you laugh at yourself, though, you can’t shake your crush. You doubt it’ll be going away anytime soon.
The night is young, the shouts loud. You cheer with your friend and the rest of the school as the football team runs out onto the field. Their manager, a Mr. Stark, watches from the sidelines, yelling directions or complaining about how much the equipment is going to cost. The team jogs over to their captain, Steve Rogers, to huddle up and discuss final strategy. Steve is a senior, and you’ve heard rumors that he’s chosen Sam Wilson to take his place as captain next year. He’s Bucky’s best friend, so you’ve heard, although they pretend to fight often enough that you’d think they were rivals.
Bucky is here as well now, eyes glinting from underneath his helmet. He’d had long hair for the longest time, but when he’d cut it over the summer there had been more than a few desolate sighs from the cheerleaders. You had to smile at that- at least you weren’t head-over-heels enough to give up your crush based on his hair. You weren’t that bad yet.
As you watch, the team takes their position. They’ll be playing their rivals tonight, the Hydras. Steve heads to the back, Bucky and Sam on either side of him. Further along the team, you can begin to recognize other players- Scott Lang, a kid who’s scrawny off the field but seems to grow twice in size the second he puts on his gear, Peter Parker, the freshman who managed to make it on the team within his first few days, and Natasha Romanoff, the one girl on the team who’s got a death stare promising she’ll tear any objectors to shreds.
The whistle blows, and the teams are off. You watch with bated breath as Bucky darts left, right, catches the ball from Steve and takes off down the field. Apprehension grows across the student body until at last- touchdown, your school! You rise with the others, cheering in unison. Maybe you’re just being silly, but you could swear Bucky looked at you with a smile just as he started off back towards the line.
The rest of the football game is a breeze. Your school wins easily, and Bucky definitely did his part to secure the victory. The next day, everyone is still buzzing over the catches and near misses with their friends, not wanting to miss a single moment. You suppose it’s still on your mind, which is why you’re frozen in your tracks when your new lab partner sits down beside you in biology.
It’s Bucky. Of course it is Bucky. Of course, the one time you have to have a new lab partner in class, your teacher manages to have the terrible luck to place you with the one person who reduces you to a blushing mess every time he steps within ten feet of you. Bucky slings his backpack down beside his chair, offering you an easy smile like a flyer, free of charge.
“I’m Bucky.” He says, and you remember yourself. “I know. I saw the game, you were really good. I’m Y/N, uh, by the way.” Bucky’s smile grows even wider when you mention the game, if that’s possible. “You saw the game? That’s so nice of you.” You feel like you can’t form a coherent thought. “Yeah, I went with my friends. Your team won.” You want to slap yourself in the head- of course he won, he was there. You’re stating the obvious.
But Bucky doesn’t laugh at you, or act like you’ve said anything strange. He just nods, shoulders slumping slightly as he thinks about last night’s game. “It was hard. I guess every time you go against your rival school the pressure’s just ten times worse. It took a lot to just run out on the field.”
He stiffens slightly after he says this, like he wasn’t intending on sharing that secret just yet. However, you’re just grateful that you’re not the only one saying whatever pops into your head. “I can’t blame you. If it’s worth anything, though, I thought you were great.” Bucky’s beaming smile is back, brighter than ever. “It’s worth a lot from you.”
Maybe this sudden seating arrangement won’t be that bad after all.
Your friend catches up to you the second you leave the biology room behind. She looks back and forth between you and Bucky’s retreating form, something in between astonishment and a teasing grin lingering on her face. “Tell me I didn’t just make that up. Tell me you’re actually the lab partner of the one and only Bucky Barnes, the guy you’ve been crushing on for, like, forever.”
You shove her slightly, although you can’t help but smile. “It’s true. I don’t know how, but it’s true. Guess the bio teacher really liked me that period.” Your friend loops an arm around your shoulders. “It’s not just him who really likes you. Did you see the way he was looking at you? All through class, he kept stealing glances. I think Bucky Barnes has a crush on you.”
You stop in your tracks. “That’s impossible. He would never.” Your friend crows in victory. “But he did! You don’t stare at somebody like that unless you’re hopelessly in love with them. It’s the same way you stare at him.” Indignation rises in you like a spring. “I don’t stare at him. I just observe, casually.” Your friend snorts. “Well, you casually observe him a lot. Honestly, I just see this as a success. If you can get the star football player to fall in love with you, then I think I can win the lottery or something.”
Even after your laughter rises and dies away, you can’t help but think about what your friend said. Surely it’s impossible- Bucky would never so much as talk to you outside of class, let alone have a crush on you. But your friend wasn’t exactly lying. You had seen Bucky out of the corner of your eye, the way a smile lingered on his lips when he glanced over at you. That wasn’t just nothing, right? Honestly, this whole lab partners deal might be more pressing than you ever thought possible.
The only way to move on is to go through the next day, and the next. After that, however, you have biology again, and that means finding your place next to Bucky Barnes and pretending like your heart rate isn’t skyrocketing the second he smiles up at you, saying he’s glad to see you again. Your friend keeps stealing glances your way, eyes wide and thumbs raised in an expression of impressed awe.
As it turns out, your friend isn’t the only one to see something between you and Bucky. You make your way out of the bio room, unable to hide a smile, although your happy outlook disappears the second somebody blocks your path across campus. This somebody just happens to be Mandy Fleming, bottle blonde junior who thinks she owns the school, and her entourage of preening followers.
Mandy folds her arms over her chest, considering you. Her lip purses. Evidently she finds something lacking. “You know, I don’t think we’ve had a proper conversation in a while. We need to make a few things clear.” You force a smile, trying to step around her. “Can we do it later? I have places to be.” Mandy curls her lip. “I don’t wait. This can’t wait. See, you’ve developed the unfortunate habit of spending too much time around Bucky Barnes.”
You raise an eyebrow. “We’re lab partners. What, you want me to ignore him?” Mandy’s eyes narrow. “That would be preferable. Next class, you’re going to go up to the professor and tell him you want to switch partners. Make something up about wanting to be closer to the board or something, I’m sure he’ll believe it.” You can barely listen to her. “And why would I do that?” Mandy takes a step closer. “Bucky is mine, not yours. I’m going to need you to back off.”
You stare at her. “You want me to switch lab partners all because a boy you’re not even dating is sitting next to me?” Mandy’s head rears back. You’ve obviously struck a nerve. “Listen here, honey. This isn’t an issue about me, it’s an issue about you. What, did you really think Bucky would ever even give you the time of day? You’re a nobody, a nothing, somebody not even worth a fraction of his time. Honestly, I’m doing him a favor by getting rid of you. He doesn’t want to see you, not for a second.”
With every word, you can feel your confidence plummeting. Mandy notices this, a smirk burning even deeper into her lips. Sometimes, you swear she can smell fear just like an animal. “You’re worried because you know I’m right. You’re pathetic, really, and Bucky Barnes wants nothing to do with you.” Just as you feel like you want to go back to your dorm room and never see the light of day again, a voice rings out from behind you. It’s a voice you recognize instantly, and one that Mandy does too, as she shrinks back the second she hears it.
“You couldn’t be more wrong.” Bucky steps forward, taking a place next to you. Mandy forces a smile. “I, uh, don’t know what you’re talking about. Y/N and I are just having a little chat about homework. We had homework, right, a textbook reading and-” Bucky cuts her off coolly. “I heard every word. If you think I’d want to choose you over her, you’re wrong. She’s a hundred times the girl you’ll ever be.”
Mandy stammers, fishing around for words but coming up with nothing. It’s almost cathartic to watch. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, Y/N and I have somewhere to be. And if I hear you trying to talk to her like that again, believe me when I say that this won’t be the worst I’ll say to you.” Bucky offers you a hand like a proper gentleman, and you take it, letting him steer you away from Mandy and her followers, who are still gaping at your backs.
The second you’re out of earshot, Bucky turns to you, apologies and regret written all over his face. “I’m so sorry about that. It’s all my fault- she’s been trying to flirt with me all semester, and I finally gave up and rejected her, and now she’s taking it out on you. I wish none of this ever happened.” You manage to force a smile. “Trust me, it’s fine.”
Bucky looks at you, concern still lingering in his eyes. “Are you sure? I can talk to them again if you think they’ll bother you.” You laugh at that. “Don’t worry about me. I’m perfectly alright.” Bucky smiles at that. “Well, if you are perfectly alright, I was wondering if you were busy this Saturday. I saw this new park that opened, and it looked really interesting, but if you’re busy or something we can totally do something else, or nothing at all, whatever you-”
You cut him off, unable to hide a smile at his rambling. “I think that sounds excellent. I’ll see you there?” Bucky’s face lights up. “I’ll see you there.” He gathers his courage one last time, then leans forward to kiss you. He flashes you one last perfect smile before disappearing around the corner, leaving you with a smile and the memory of his lips on yours. When you look up, you see scores of jealous girls staring at you, but for once, the attention doesn’t bother you. Why should it? You have Bucky at last, and he doesn’t want anyone but you.
marvel tag list: @mycosmicparadise​
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justkending · a month ago
Moral of The Story. Chapter One.
Tumblr media
Summary: Marrying too young out of highschool leads to a naive and failed marriage. Now 10 years later, word comes that the divorce was never actually completed. Bucky and Y/N have to come back together after all these years to settle what wasn’t all those years back. Passive attitudes, miscommunicated endings, and reminiscing of an old love all comes back for the two.
Pairing: Bucky x Y/N
Word Count: 2600+
A/N: Ok, here is the first chapter! If you have not already listened to the song that evoked this idea from my imagination land, I suggest giving it a go! Moral of the Story by Ashe. I’m excited for you guys to see what this story brings and I really hope I do it justice! As always, comments and thoughts are welcome as they help me grow as a writer and let me see what you guys notice:) ENJOY MY LOVES!!! <3
(The posting will be once every other day until I have finished the series. If I finish early, I will post an update once a day:)
Read the Prologue here first!
Chapter One:
“You already got the flight?” Nat asked, perched on Y/N’s couch as she ran around frantically packing. “Don’t you have a huge meeting this upcoming week with that new business? What was it called? Bee’s Knees?”
“Yes, but it’s not until Monday evening. I highly doubt I will be there longer than a weekend to sign a few divorce papers. I’m planning on coming back early that afternoon, so I shouldn’t miss it,” she answered, not even stopping to look at her as she ran throughout the rooms and bathroom in the apartment. 
“How soon did you book that flight?” 
“As soon as I hung up the phone with Murdock,” Y/N sighed. Nat sent her a questioning look not knowing that name. “New lawyer. Guy who took over for the sleaze ball known as Justin Hammer,” she rolled her eyes.
“Right,” Nat nodded. “So, are you staying at your dad’s house?”
“I would take my dad’s house over my mom and Jerry’s anyday. You know this,” Y/N paused in her actions, sending her a bitch face. 
“I know. Just didn’t know if you’d be all fancy and rent a hotel room to escape the smothering that is bound to happen from good ol’ Mr. Y/L/N,” Nat grinned.
“It’s been so long since I’ve seen him not via facetime. And we both know that’s barely seeing him as he doesn’t ever know where the camera is even after a hundred calls,” she laughed. 
“Parents. Either they’re technologically challenged or know how to work it better than us. Never in between and it's weird.” Nat watched as Y/N froze in her stance and looked lost trying to think of something else to pack. Deciding she needed a distraction, Nat changed the subject some. “Hey, Melody going on that date tomorrow?”
“Yes!” Y/N answered proudly. “I know your aunt wants grandbabies from her daughter, but that girl just needs a night on the town more than anything. She’s in her early 20’s and holes herself up at the office almost more than I do, and I’m the boss.”
“Cousin’s got my work ethic. What can I say?” Nat shrugged smuggly. 
“Well, she needs to get your spirit in living some too.”
“Touche,” Nat pointed. “I need to have Yelena take her out. She’s the real party sister out of us two.”
“That is true. How she’s able to party for 48 hours straight and still wake up at 8 am for mimosas, blows my mind,” Y/N commented on Natasha’s younger sister. “She’s only a few years older than Melody, right?”
“Yeah, Yelena is 24 and Melody 22. They were best of friends growing up, but once they got to highschool, they kinda went different routes about life. Lani, the party gal, and Mel the studious bookworm.”
“I’m not surprised by either of those,” Y/N shook her head before collapsing next to Nat on the couch. A loud breath and sigh escaping her body.
Nat watched as her mind escaped back to the original issue at hand.
“What’s going on in that brain of yours, Y/N/N?” she said, softly touching her shoulder. “Not that I don’t already know, but maybe letting it out will help unscramble those thoughts.”
Y/N lazily rolled her head to the redhead next to her. 
“How is he?” she asked. 
Nat was a part of their friend group from middle school through highschool. She kept up with all of them still, whereas Y/N kept up with all of them except one.
“I actually haven’t talked to him in a while. Steve on the other hand…” Nat nodded. “Sounds like he’s just as surprised and freaked out as you.”
“He’s freaked out?” Y/N asked, a hint of interest peaking out.
“Who wouldn’t be? You get a call from a lawyer saying your marriage is still intact after 9 years of breaking it off, I would be freaked out too.”
“He deserves it. I hope he’s just as freaked out as me, if not more,” she responded bitterly, crossing her arms across her chest like a pouting child.
“Y/N,” Nat sighed.
“No. Don’t. Don’t defend him to me, it’s pointless,” she put up a hand. “I know you’re still friends with him, but you guys still don’t understand the pain that that man brought on me.”
“He fought for you Y/N. He didn’t mean-,” Nat countered.
“Again, you’re wasting your breath. Defending him now does nothing to change the past,” she said stubbornly, getting back up and going back to packing. “You can still take me to the airport tomorrow, right?”
Her best friend wanted to keep pushing, knowing she had harbored on this heartbreak for too long. Sure what had happened between them sucked and was a horrible chapter of their lives, but neither made an effort to talk it out and understand the other’s side of the story. Faults of being young, immature, and not knowing how to handle a grown up decision. 
“Yes, I’ll come get you at work at 10:15. Flights at 11:25 right?”
“Yes, and you know California traffic. That will probably get me there 10 minutes before my gate closes. I had to get an early flight though because that time difference is going to kick my ass. It’ll be close to 5:30 in my head and 8:30 there by the time I land... ” Y/N huffed, rolling her bag to the front door for tomorrow. “You mind taking this tonight and keeping it in your car for now? That way I don’t have to lug it to work?”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll grab it on my way out. But we’re still having a girl’s night, right?”
Y/N laughed some before going to the kitchen grabbing beers. “I Survived is already recorded and ready for us.”
“Shit man… When’s the last time you talked to her?” Steve asked, sitting across from his best friend in the chair diagonal from the couch, leaning forward on his knees after listening to the new news. 
“Since I was supposedly signing our divorce papers. And even then, we didn’t really talk. She sat there quietly and straight face until it was signed and then rushed out the doors,” Bucky sighed, still trying to wrap his head around the situation. “She was out of the state within the next hour.”
Steve nodded before falling back into the single seat. 
“So, do you guys have to see each other again, or is it one of those situations where you can sign separately?”
“I don’t know. I just got off the phone. All I know up to this second is that Y/N and I have been married for the past 9 years without knowing it,” Bucky said somewhat harshly. Steve didn’t flinch at the tone knowing it wasn’t directed to him. “I’m sorry. I-I just can’t wrap my mind around this.”
“It’s ok. This is crazy shit, Buck,” Steve waved off. There was a long pause before Steve decided to ask the question he was sure anyone would want to know. “Do you want to see her?”
Bucky slowly looked over to the blonde. God, he had been asking himself that question for the past 10 minutes himself. 
On one end, yeah. He wondered where she was now in life. How she was doing. What accomplishments he knew she would be making. He knew a few small things just by the whispers and small talk of her with their shared friend group that he still hung out with, but a majority of the time, they didn’t bring her up around him. They knew what it did to him.
On the other end, he never thought about facing her again. I mean maybe for the year after their divorce, but when he never heard anything back from her all those times he still tried to reach out and she blocked him on almost all forms of social media, he gave up any hope of them falling back into good terms again. He hated it, but he wasn’t going to push her when she clearly hated his guts.
And honestly, he deserved it. His young, stupid, college self was not a smart guy when it came to relationships. Even ones that had been there from the beginning of time practically. 
Yet again, she wasn’t perfect either. She made some mistakes of her own that pushed him to act the way he had.
“Hey, you both are older and more mature now. I’m sure you if you guys do have to see each other again, you can handle it like adults,” Steve reassured, seeing Bucky’s face turn to a soft frown. “Ok, so she may be a little stubborn…”
“A little?” 
“Ok, a lot. But she’s older now. She’s not the 19 year old girl that you remember,” Steve defended. 
“I believe that, but I’m sure she still holds a grudge that is very, very, very, very-,” Bucky was going to go on about 10 more very’s before ending with BIG, but Steve cut him off.
“You don’t know that,” Steve shook his head.
“Really? Because usually when you no longer hold a grudge against someone, you might just reach out to that person and reconnect possibly,” Bucky argued. “I mean that’s what mature people do, right?”
“Not always…”
“So she’s either not mature or still just as stubborn. Hell, for all we know, both,” Bucky shrugged, pursing his lips.
“If you go into this with that mindset, nothing good is going to come out of it.” Steve pointed an eyebrow at him. 
Bucky rolled his eyes not replying to Steve. He knew he was right, but he was still bitter after all these years for how Y/N handled the situation. Sure, he messed up, but she had too. Yet she made him into this big bad wolf that was at 100% fault in the downfall of their relationship. It made him feel like shit, and though he tried to make amends knowing he did some fucked up things, she acted like she was Miss. Perfect and didn’t do anything wrong the entire time. 
Damn, even after all this time, it still lit a fire in his chest with annoyance and hurt. 
“When’s the meeting?” Steve once again interrupted his thoughts. 
“I guess Saturday morning. They said they were coming in on their off hours to fix up the bit of cases they found like ours,” Bucky answered.
“How many cases were there?”
“Eh, I think he said it was single digits, but there was a shit ton of other cases in different areas that were worse off. The divorce ones are a small number compared to those.”
“Damn. That sucks for all the couples who got a call today then,” Steve huffed, running a hand down his face. 
“Yeah, you’re telling me…”
“Hey, we were going out with Wanda and Vis tonight. You still up for that, or…?” Steve stood up. 
Bucky looked back at the beer on the coffee table and then at the TV still playing I Survived stories quietly in the background. 
“You know what? I’m going to need a stronger drink than an IPA to get me to sleep tonight,” Bucky nodded, standing and wiping his hands on his jeans before walking to his room.
“Looks like I’m the DD tonight then…” Steve sighed. 
“Vis,” Wanda motioned to her fiance as he came back from the bar. “Nat just texted.”
“About what? How is she?” Vis smiled as he sat next to her with Sam across from him. Sam tagged along at the last second since his other plans got canceled. 
“She’s good, but it’s not about her,” Wanda waved off, still reading whatever lengthy text was sent her way. 
“Wow, that looks like a novel,” Vis noticed with wide eyes as he looked over her shoulder.
“Wait ‘til you hear what it’s about.” Sam shook his head as he took a sip of the beer Vis had brought over. 
After reading the rest of the text out loud from where she had left off, everyone at the table looked at each other with shock ridden faces. 
“They’re still married?” Vis said softly as if it was a secret. 
“Apparently…” Wanda nodded with wide eyes. 
“So that Hammer guy was a sham?” Sam questioned. 
“I told her not to go to him. He had some shady hole in the wall kind of establishment,” Wanda chided. “But she said they needed something cheap and fast. She hated his guts and wanted it out of it then and there. Plus, they were 19. They didn’t have much money anyway.”
“Why didn’t they just ask their parents for help?” Sam questioned. “Isn’t Y/N’s mom loaded?”
“Yes, but she refused to help her. She said it was her own fault for getting married so young and that she had warned her. Told her she had to get out of the mess on her own,” Wanda answered. 
“What about her dad?” Vis jumped in. 
“Bucky and her dad were close. She was off in Colorado for school and didn’t want to put her dad through that or make him have to help her in cutting him off. Bucky was like the son he never had and they were bonded at the hip. No matter how much Y/N hated Bucky, she wasn’t going to ruin or take away his relationship with her father. That would have been cruel, and Y/N is anything but that.”
“Weren’t Bucky’s and Y/N’s dads best friends?” Sam asked. 
“Yeah, they were old time war buddies. They’re the reason Bucky and Y/N had known each other since birth. But Bucky’s dad died when he was about 13, and Y/N’s dad, Thomas, kinda took him under his wing. Growing up a teenage boy without a father figure messes with you, and Bucky was on the edge of a bad path after losing his father.”
“He’s still rather close with Thomas, but I’m sure Y/N doesn’t know that. Unless Thomas has said something, and with how everything came to an end for the two, I’m sure he doesn’t bring it up knowing how tender of a subject Bucky is to her,” Vis added. 
“Makes sense…” Sam nodded. “I only knew you all from the start of college, so I’m still a little lost in all the beginning stuff.”
“All good. It’s complicated with those two. Their past and upbringing is so interconnected with the other, it makes their downfall all the more intense and messy,” Wanda sighed. “God, if this is the news, he’s going to be a wreck tonight…” She looked up worriedly at her fiance who shared the same concerns. 
“It could go two ways. Either he comes in all solemn and says three words all night, or Steve’s going to be the DD and he’s waking up with a head busting hangover,” Sam noted with a small grin at the thought. “I’m going to go with the later though.”
“Poor guy,” Wanda sighed, taking a drink with a sad face. Ever the sympathetic one.
“We’ll be here to listen if he wants to talk. If not, we act like we have no idea and don’t bring it up,” Vision spoke up, throwing his arm over her and running his hand up and down her shoulder. 
“I’m going to tease him still most likely,” Sam shrugged nonchalantly. Wanda sent him a warning glare. “Fine, mama bear! I’ll be nice… Until he starts making a fool of himself.” He added the last part quietly.
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No Strings Attached - Pt.2
Y/N vs. Dangerous Cardio
Type: Modern-college-professor AU x CHUCK, part of Attached series More info here and on the Attached masterlist
Pairing: professor!Steve Rogers x reader   Word count: 3400
Summary: It’s all very sweet until it isn’t.
Warnings: swearing, Steve in a gym, mention of a migraine, violence, gun violence
A/N: Enjoy and thank you if you’re giving this crossover a chance. You don’t need any knowledge of Chuck, not realy.
Tumblr media
Attached & No Strings Attached masterlist
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
You woke up with a startle; some shuffling and a click of a drawer made your snap eyes open and follow the sound. Steve’s back welcomed you as he was fishing out something hidden to your sight.
What time was it? What day was it? Why had you been you sleeping when Steve looked like he just got home from work? Why didn’t he wake you?
…hold on. It was Tuesday and there were those Ministry people at the uni and the strange test and you got the splitting headache--- what time was it that Steve was already home?
You groaned when you noticed the drawn curtains, last sunrays peeking through and colouring the sky. Jesus. Had you slept through the majority of the day?!
“Babygirl?” Steve’s voice reached your ears and your head whipped back to him automatically, thanking heavens when your temples didn’t throb with the sudden movement.
He placed the socks on top of the drawer, making his way to you, concern drawing his brows together, creating those lovely worried wrinkles on his forehead.
“Uh-huh?” you hummed as you sat up, once again pleasantly surprised that the world wasn’t swimming in front of your eyes, no blurred vision, nothing.
Aside from feeling sleepy, you were… fine. Which was kinda strange, but you weren’t about to complain.
Sitting next to you on the bed, Steve gently sunk his fingers into your hair, dropping a sweet lingering kiss on your forehead. Lips never leaving your skin, beard scratching lightly, they caressed your temples next; and you realized what was happening, your own lips curling up in a smile as pleasant warmth spread in your chest at Steve’s worry.
He was lowkey checking for fever.
“You’re not subtle,” you informed him, both amused and touched.
His words vibrated against your skin as his mouth moved a bit higher again, thumb caressing your cheekbone.
“Not trying to be. How do you feel?”
“How do you even know I wasn’t feeling good?”
He withdrew a little – not before he dropped a cheeky kiss on your nose – raising a challenging eyebrow.
“Ibuprofen on the table and you sleeping at five in the afternoon after only attending one class?” he offered with a smirk, but you weren’t fooled. It worried him. You weren’t a perfect student, but you rarely skipped class; especially Callahan’s class, because you immensely enjoyed it.
“Fair enough. Is it really five already?” you asked rhetorically, running a hand through your hair, catching Steve’s own and brushing the soft skin of his wrist with your lips; a silent thank you for fussing. He gave a brief smile, pulling you to his side, letting your head lull against his shoulder. “When did you come home?”
“Just a few minutes ago, unfortunately. Kept messing stuff up when I wanted to leave the office.”
Because I was worried, was left unspoken and you sighed, wrapping your arm around Steve’s stomach, drawing soothing circles on his side.
Steve was a mother hen; it wasn’t something that was widely known about him, but you had had several opportunities to experience it and you loved it… most of the time. Then again, it brought unnecessary concern to weight his shoulders down.
“I’m sorry, Stevie. How did you know? Did Bucky tell you something?” you wondered, faintly remembering his gaze having following you as you left.
“Linda Parson dropped by to tell me, actually.”
A snort escaped you and you laughed into Steve’s shoulder, fingers clutching his waist. You felt your cheeks warm up with both amusement and embarrassment when you recalled your last encounter with her.
“Was she able to look you in the eye?” you chuckled, causing Steve to retreat and watch you with puzzlement written all over his face.
“Not really-- how did you-?“
“I was kinda out of it. I’m pretty sure I told on you that you don’t usually sleep naked. And that we totally went at it before going to school today. And that your hair looks really good in the morning.”
Steve’s eyebrows gradually rose until they nearly got lost in his hairline. “Uhm… that would explain it. Also… thanks?”
“As if you didn’t know.”
One corner of his lips rose higher in appreciation and then he looked you in the eye, serious again. “How do you feel?”
You didn’t hesitate – and you didn’t have to make up things just to calm his obvious anxiety. You simply spoke the truth.
“…surprisingly good, actually. Headache’s all gone, which is… weird. Frankly, it was terrible, I can’t remember feeling anything like it before.”
Steve’s gaze travelled all over your face, tender fingers tucking loose strands of hair behind your ears before he proceeded to kiss the presumably offending spots on your face. You couldn’t but smile widely, pulling him in for a proper kiss, which he willingly surrendered to.
“I’m sorry, babygirl,” he whispered, brushing his nose with yours.
“Not your fault.”
“Well, you did sleep for a while as if you were catching up on lost hours… maybe I’m keeping you awake too much,” he remarked cheekily and you rolled your eyes at the switch of moods, tickling his side which caused him to chuckle and swiftly retreat.
“Har-har. Do you hear me complaining?”
“Nope, usually you’re just asking for more.”
You gaped at him and chuckled breathlessly, feeling your stomach flutter at the memories of you doing exactly that. “You are incorrigible, Professor Rogers.”
He only smirked and pecked your lips. “Sweetheart, you’re forgetting I know you wrote about having your cunt eaten out and getting railed against the desk in my office and thanking me for it.”
This time you sputtered, almost choking on your spit at such low blow; playful, yes, but brutal. Also – such language!
“So I don’t think you should be playing this whole ‘you’re incorrigible’ game with me.”
“Jesus, Steve. You’re a menace.”
“Oh babygirl, you know it... just for you,” he assured you with a grin, his eyes now completely cleared of all worry, humour twinkling in them instead. “Anyway, I uh… I was thinking the gym, since it’s Tuesday, but-“
Right. Another thing about Tuesday. Sweaty Steve and workout. Yum and—eh. Okay.
“Of course. I’m coming with.”
You felt better – you felt completely fine, to be honest. And if it got worse by exercising, well… you could always just settle for taking it awfully easy in order to watch Steve’s biceps bulge under weights, his perfect ass growing even rounder while doing squats.
Oh yeah, you were so coming with.
“Are you sure? I mean, we can totally stay in, I don’t want you to-" he fussed again, but you just shut him up with a quick kiss.
“I’m fine, Stevie. Plus, you’re like a damn model. I need to keep up at least a bit.” You couldn’t but grimace at that a bit, drawing an offended sound from him.
“Hey!” he protested, frowning. “Thanks and all that, but what are you even talking about? Sweetheart, you’re gorgeous. My perfect, perfect pretty girl-“
You squinted at him playfully as he turned your lame attempt at a joke – that might have been a bit serious, because had you seen him – into a compliment. “Charmer. But I mean in general, you know. They say it’s healthy to do sports. Plus, we paid for that couple membership, so…”
“Ah, yes, at least once a week together to get a discount. What were we thinking?”
“That sex doesn’t count if it’s the only exercise we do,” you shot back instantly, this time making him snort in amusement.
“I love you, babygirl. And I know I keep saying it, but I love how your mind works,” he added sweetly, kissing your forehead again as if he wanted to make sure you really weren’t running a fever and thus were ready to be cleared to leave the bed by nurse Rogers.
“Love you too, Stevie. Now let’s go before I change my mind.”
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Exercising was not such a great idea.
Obviously, Steve delivered; watching him lift weights and work out in general was a delight, your mind helpfully supplying the huffs and other noises you knew he was making occasionally, but couldn’t be heard over the music.
And you actually did enjoy going just for yourself; the endorphins worked wonders for your mood, always. Even today, in the first few minutes as you jogged and then even ran on the treadmill, you were having fun.
But then the previous headache echoed dully in your skull; barely there, considerably less intense than in the morning, but you certainly had no plan to push it. You did not want to be where you had been earlier today.
So you eased up your tempo at first, the pulses in your temples slowing down and then you resigned entirely and switched to a different machine. Less cardio, more strength training, while you did not forget to get an enticing view of your fiancé, recalling other times his face got flushed like this.
Except not even sinful thoughts could quite erase the barely-there tingle of pain.
You gave up with a sigh, wiping your hands to your leggings and approached the most handsome man in the gym.
Steve carefully set his weights down, hair sticking to his forehead in a way that should not be as attractive as it was and smiled at you curiously.
“Hey there, handsome,” you humoured him, earning a breathless chuckle.
“Hey beautiful. What do I owe the pleasure of your company?”
Your eyebrows jumped, smile faltering.
“I’m gonna get some air, just wanted to let you know.”
“You okay?” he asked, damp eyebrows furrowing and you couldn’t resist – you smoothened the line out, for some reason actually revelling in how sticky the skin was. “Gross,” Steve mumbled in return.
“How dare you. I’m… fine. Just feeling the head again and don’t want to overdo it. Fresh air might help,” you offered with a shrug.
“Fresh air? In New York City?”
Steve dropped a kiss to your forehead, people around be damned and smiled at you, the concern still undeniably present.
“Just don’t run off on me.”
“Run off? On this?” you joked and not joked at all, gesturing to his body vaguely, earning an eye-roll.  Oh but you knew he liked to have his body appreciated alright. The attractive body just happened to hide a soul that would make angels weep, giving him a reason to actually love him. As a refiner of that, you tapped his chest lightly above his heart, grinning up at him. “And from this? I wouldn’t dream of it, Stevie.”
His gaze softened, probably following you even as you made your way to the lockers.
“Don’t forget your coat!” he called out lowly, but loud enough for you and a few people around to hear. You snorted to yourself as the on-lookers probably thought he was being like an overprotective parent – and yet, you smiled at his care.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
You were frankly grateful to have your coat – warmed up from the gym, the early March air was still rather cold against your skin. You made a mental note to thank Steve, thoroughly, for looking out you. He had also had a point; fresh air in New York wasn’t exactly an available article, but you supposed this would do.
Trying to ease the headache, you breathed in deeply, deciding against leaning against a similarly cold and dirty wall, walking slowly instead, glad that the street was one of the less frequented ones as the gym was just outside the busiest city centre.
You opted for subtly observing your fellow citizens in order to relax your mind and to resist the usual urge to pull out your phone and check what was new in the world. You played a game with yourself, one Steve asked you to play with him sometimes and which always resulted in him complimenting your unique mind which he claimed to love so much; just watching people, wondering about what their story was.
You were ninety percent sure that the guy in the beige trench coat was an accountant hating his job, but sticking with it for the sake of his loved ones; a ring told you there was definitely a significant other for him if not a whole family.
The woman your eyes fell on next, on the other hand, loved her job. Either she had a very enthusiastic colleague she was discussing a certain problem with – her eyes were shining with excitement, mouth seemingly forming very long words, likely a scientist then – or the said colleague was more than a colleague. You felt one corner of your lips rise; you knew a thing or two about blurred lines.
The next guy was--- well, hunk. Judging by his built, you would think he was heading for the gym you were hovering around, definitely reckoning him as a regular visitor. But in his leather jacket, jeans and cap, an inconspicuous clothing at first glance, there was just something about him that unsettled you.
Your heart skipped a startled beat when your eyes met. Your insides twisted uncomfortably as his irises flashed with an emotion you didn’t dare to try and read.
His shoulders seemed even wider now as his right hand reached to his lower back, probably to adjust his jeans and pull them higher to shield his loins from the cold. You didn’t blame him, his jacket wasn’t exactly long, more of a fashion statement, than a practical choice-
The world swayed of its place as something collided with you hard, the woman’s cry barely having reached your ears before she slammed into you. You landed on your side with a hiss of pain as you hit the ground, but the quiet sound was drowned in something much louder – something that made your blood run cold.
The bang rattled through the city noise, instantly followed by screams—and to your horror, more shots were fired before your brain even registered that someone--- someone actually fired a gun.
Multiple times.
And few of those shots rang right from above you, forcing you to close your eyes and flinch violently in fear.
“Get up!”
Your side throbbed with pain, your chest constricted as you couldn’t breathe in, the command falling on deaf ears.
An iron solid grip circled your arm and tugged you half-way up. Your eyes snapped open, catching a glimpse of blond ponytail before your vision blurred with sudden tears and another loud bang thundered through your head.
“Go, GO!”
Your feet acted on their own accord, moving swiftly, stumbling as you were forced to stagger whichever direction you were being pulled.
Heart racing as if it was meant to escape your chest, the world seemed too slow and too fast at once. You couldn’t tell how you were running away from the terrible noise, but you were – and you were still being tugged to follow your companion god knew where, hand on your bicep, fingers digging in, people getting out of your way more than willingly.
And for a good reason.
It finally connected in your brain that--- that was definitely gun in the woman’s hand. You instantly came to a halt, desperately yanking away from her grip.
“Hey!” she complained and you managed to get a look at the woman manhandling you at last, even as she kept looking back and forth as if checking whether you were being followed.
You felt your jaw go slack. She was familiar; very vaguely, but unmistakably familiar.
“Are you-“ you choked out, fear mixing with relief, because this was definitely the woman from today’s morning, the one who was with the ministry even if she wasn’t wearing glasses anymore and what the hell, did the Ministry of Foreign Affairs teach people how to shoot or-
You yelped when a black jeep pulled over by the sidewalk, causing you to instinctively jump back; and to forget for a second that there was a stranger right next to you who had just been in a gunfight probably on your side and got you as far away from the weird gunman as possible.
The backseat door flew open.
“Get in, Walker!”
Walker. Right. That was her name – the name Chuck, Carmichael, had introduced her with as his colleague. And now this.
What the hell was going on and what had it to do with you?! Why did the woman grab you of all people?!
“Come on, we’re here to help, I promise,” Walker blurted out, her sharp gaze still scanning the street, her head beckoning towards the vehicle.
For some reason, you believed her.
Because she had had an opportunity to shoot you instead of shooting after the guy who had just pulled out a gun in the middle of a peaceful street and she hadn’t.
Decision was made. She certainly was the lesser evil at the moment, even if going with her included meeting whoever was driving the jeep and he could be worse than the gunman. But there was no time to lose any more time by your useless pondering.
You climbed into the car, swiftly followed by the blond, door shutting close just as a bullet hit the wingmirror, making you nearly jump out of your skin and scream bloody murder in fright.
You were knocked backwards to the seat and to the side as the driver stomped on the gas harshly, darting from the side of the road into the traffic, horns complaining all around you as he had no regards for the regulations.
“You alright?” the deep timbre from the front seat asked, a grunt following when he took a sharp right, causing you to crash into the other woman.
Your head was spinning, the roller-coaster of madness momentarily rendering you speechless – but the question wasn’t aimed at you.
Which was good, because you were not okay in the slightest.
You were hyperventilating, your lungs burning from the improvised run, your muscles ached from the gym visit and the extra work-out which involved running from a fucking shooter. Your head was back to pounding and your heart felt like it might give out any second.
And you were definitely crying, but all that was the least of your concern, because-- what the fuck was happening?!
Who were these people? Who was the guy who--- who just decided to shoot into the crowd, nearly shooting you? Why did Walker snatch you away from the place, to supposed safety? Why not the others and--- oh god, the others.
“We’re good. He obviously got away, but I think I took a good look on a tattoo on the side of his neck.”
The driver – tall, wide-shouldered, with dark-ish hair, that much you could see even with your vision swimming in tears – only grumbled in response.
Before you could say a single word (or yell), your phone vibrated in your pocket and you instantly made a grab for it, pulling it out.
“Is that a phone?!”
“Yeah, I’m really sorry about this,” your blond companion blurted out in response to the irritated question from the driver’s seat.
You didn’t even get to accept Steve’s call before the device was yanked from your hand--- and a second later, a knife was sticking out of it, lead straight through the middle.
“What the fuck?!” you yelped, horrified, terrified and--- utterly shocked.
What---what- where did it even-?
“Not safe. Had it been an older model, I’d just pull the battery out, but these damn smartphones are impossible to open quickly,” Walker complained as if her words made any sense and as if she had a reason to complain.
Why would she even need to remove the battery?! How--- she just cut you off from Steve!
You stared at her, unable to form words, too many frantic thoughts bouncing off in your aching skull.
“What-“ you lamely breathed out, bewildered, freaked out and thoroughly exhausted.
“We’re the good guys, I promise. Which is why I’m sorry about this,” the blond spoke again, softer than before.
You barely had the time to process that she was reaching behind her back before a brief pain stung your neck, the world spinning faster and faster, darkness closing off your vision… and then it swallowed you whole, the last thing you felt being the backrest against your temple.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Part 3
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Well, that went off rails quickly. That’s Chuck to you.
I promise things will start making sense... in the meantime:
Tumblr media
Excuse my lacking action writing skills, it’s been a while.
Thank you for reading!
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angie-likes-to-art · a month ago
Girl’s Night Out
Pairing: Bartender!Bucky x Reader Summary: What was supposed to girls night to support Pietro’s band becomes sidetracked when Natasha failed to mention the new bartender Clint hired Word Count: 1194 Warnings: Some sexual language, mentions of alcohol A/N: I really meant this to just be a bucky fic but i got carried away with steve, maybe him and the reader have a past together i dont knowwww, i quickly proofread this, so im sorry if there are any mistakes, feel free to let me know
Tumblr media
        “Can you guys hurry up?” Wanda shouts from half a block in front of you and Natasha, “Pietro’s band is starting soon, I promised I’d be there for his first gig.” She stops and huffs like a child when Nat chuckles.
        “Clint said they don’t start until nine, it's not even 8:45 yet” Nat points out rolling her eyes sarcastically. 
        “But I wanna get there early, he’s probably super nervous.” She admits, playing with a strand of her hair. Nat and you share a look and both let out another laugh.
        “Hun, I think you're the nervous one, he's been pumped for this ever since Clint suggested booking a band,” You put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, “Plus we’re three blocks away.” You added, pointing ahead the three of you to the bright neon sign spelling ‘Barton’s’ in cursive, that you were all too familiar with. You’d been going there every Friday since college when you finally convinced Wanda to come out one night with you, it's where you met Nat, who was working as a bartender at the time while her boyfriend and owner of the bar was working on hiring more staff. It's where you found your first real college boyfriend, who ended up cheating and breaking your heart, but that's not the point. And where you met Steve and Sam, you'd met them through Clint who was playfully yelling at them to stop flirting with Nat. Both you and Wanda quickly joined the friend group and were nearly attached to the hip with Nat from that point on.
        Clint intentionally booked Pietro’s band on a slower night, as a trial run, to see if the regulars enjoyed them and everything went smoothly, Pietro wasn't completely on board with this idea. He wanted his first gig to be on a busy night, with everyone dancing and yelling for his band, but eventually gave in and accepted the offer he got. The bar was fairly popular, a few dozen regulars milling about grabbing drinks, sitting at booths, or watching the band set up. Wanda immediately ran to her twin brother, congratulating him and his band mates with a bright smile on her face. Nat and you walked over to the bar to get your first drinks of the evening, expecting to see Clint cleaning a glass or making a complicated drink, like usual. Instead, behind the bar, stood a man you'd never seen before, chatting happily to Steve and Sam who were sitting on the stools in front of him. He wore a tight black t-shirt his biceps were one flex away from busting out of and a smirk that would make your panties drop if he asked nicely. 
        “Ow, what the hell, Y/N?” Nat yelped when your elbow collided with her rips.
        “Why didn't you tell me Clint hired a hot new bartender?” You questioned through clenched teeth, tilting your head towards him.
        “Oh, Bucky?” she smirked as well, “He’s an old friend of Steve's.” She explained, casually walking to the staff room, you assumed Clint was in. Leaving you abandoned in the middle of the bar, before you have the chance to turn and join Wanda, you hear a familiar deep voice call you over. 
        “Y/N! Hey, have you met Buck yet?” Steve shouted over the sound of Pietro’s band doing a sound check, he offered you a friendly smile you couldn't help but return as you strided over. You glance behind him to see the hot bartender now giving you a smirk and watching you move, you feel a blush creeping up your neck and to your cheeks.
        “Hey Stevie, Sammy!” Giving them both hugs avoiding the eyeline of the man behind the bar, Steve looked at you expectantly, “Oh, uh, no, I haven’t yet.” You answered, still keeping your eyes on Steve.
        “Great! Then Y/N meet Bucky,” He looked so happy to introduce his friend to each other that you couldn't help but loosen up, “Bucky meet Y/N” He looked in between you both, “She's friends with Tasha and Wanda,” He pointed to Wanda who was still watching her brother happily.
        “Hey,” You lied earlier, he didn't need to ask nicely to make your panties drop, all you needed was that one word. He leaned over the bar to get a closer look at you and to offer his right hand. You were too caught up in his ocean blue eyes to notice, you could stare into them all day and still find new shades. Steve’s hand on your lower back knocked you out of your trace, you looked at him and back to Bucky, then down to his hand. You quickly let out a breathy apology, then pressed your hand into his, his entirely engulfing your smaller one. He gave your hand a quick squeeze before pulling back and standing up straight. "Can I get you something to drink?”
        “Just a beer,” you squeaked, he let out a chuckle before stepping away, you clenched your eyes and turned to your friends, embarrassed they had to witness that.
        “God, I haven't seen you like that since you talked to that college guy, like five years ago.” Sam laughs before taking a swig of his beer.
        “Oh fuck off Sam, do I have to remind you how you talk to Nat when you get too drunk to remember she dating Clint?” You threaten, Sam rolls his eyes dramatically. You press your index fingers together and put on a baby voice, “Pwease Natasha, will you go on a date wiff me?”
        “I don't do that,” he defends, swatting your hands apart as you giggle and Steve pretends not to be entertained. Bucky returns with your beer and some refills for the guys. You try to put out of your mind how ridiculously hot he his, with his soft waves pushed up and away from his face, you wonder what it'd feel like to run your hands through it and down his cheekbones to his dark stubble. You hear Steve telling a story about when they were kids but you couldn't make yourself listen, usually you would drop everything to pay attention to Steve, you’d kill to see him smile just one time but Bucky had you in a daze. Until you felt Steve’s hand on you again, you looked into his eyes, his have more green than Bucky’s, you've gotten lost in these ones too.
        “Wands calling for you,” It comes out hardly above a whisper, raspy like the alcohol is starting to take effect, you nod at his words but make no effort to move away.
        “Y/N!” You hear Wanda shout from across the room this time, you look over to see her bouncing excitedly next to the makeshift stage for the band, she waves you over. You see Nat and Clint are already over there waiting for the first song, you grab your beer from the bar top and head over, pushing away the thoughts of Bucky, Steve, and even Same making fun of you, so you can have a fun night with your girls. Just like you intended to.
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constantwriter85 · a month ago
Rescue Me
A Bucky x Reader AU (Part Two)
Pairing: Forrest Ranger!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (AU)
Word Count: 5776
Warnings: *18+**, Language, Bucky’s negative self-image, Angst and Mutual Pining, Survival Situations, Blood and Injury (Not that Graphic), Medical/Rescue Intervention, Eventual Fluff and a Happy Ending
Summary: A weekend in the mountains turns deadly as an early winter storm moves in quicker than planned. When Y/N, a seasoned photographer and hiker turns up missing, it’s up to Ranger Barnes to find her–before it’s too late.
A/N: Part Two is finally here!!! This request is from @nerddreamerfangirl . She requested a rescue storyline with worried!Bucky, a hint of whump but mostly hurt/comfort.  Also, I know just enough about climbing and mountain rescue to be dangerous, all mistakes are my own. Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
(Read Part One HERE)
 The full force of the storm had arrived now. Bucky made his way as quickly as he could, following the river as he carried both you and the remaining pack towards the promise of shelter. Scrambling over jagged rocks and debris washed down from the mountain, buffeted by great gusts of wind that threatened to knock him right off his feet.
Whatever he had given you had done its job well, so aside for the occasional twinge as you were jostled against the harness, the pain had dulled down considerably. You were even relatively warm in his thick jacket—or, at least, warmer than you had been up on that ledge.
You kept your face pressed against his shoulder, the fur-lined hood on the jacket blocking out the worst of the weather. Below the waist you were soaked, but you welcomed the added numbness the cold brought to your injured leg.
It was starting to sleet now. Sloppy half-formed ice pellets painfully stung your face, and you ducked even further into the hood.
Bucky wasn’t so fortunate. He’d given you his jacket for protection, leaving him in just his work shirt. You knew he had to be cold, knew the sleet must be tearing at his face and hands and soaking him to the bone.
Bucky never said a word, though.
On and on you went. A soft grunt here and there as his footing slipped, a firm squeeze of your elbow to check that you were still with him after he righted himself. Occasionally, you heard him call in on the radio, but the words were lost on the wind. Time winnowed down to each ragged breath, each stride, muscles shifting beneath you as he fought the storm.
“You doin’ okay back there?” he hollered.
The wind ripped the words from your mouth, but he must have heard you, because you felt him nod.
“It’s just up ahead, hang in there.”
So you held on grimly, unable to do a single thing to help. You closed your eyes and buried your face in his back, shutting out the storm and the fear and the pain until the only thing left was Bucky.
Suddenly, the wind let up. You felt yourself being lowered gently to the ground, harnesses uncoupled and the pack pulled from your back.
Pushing the hood back from your face, you saw he’d brought you to a natural hallow in the side of the mountain. A sheer rock face that leaned out over the riverbank, acting as a natural windbreak and positioned high enough over the swollen river where storm erosion wouldn’t be a worry.
Bucky shrugged out of his own harness and shook himself like a dog, rainwater flying as he brushed his soaked hair back from his face so he could see. Then he dropped to one knee and started pulling apart the pack. You shifted, wanting to help, but you couldn’t hide the wince as your leg flared.
“Just rest.” His voice was hoarse, the words pulled through clenched teeth.
Bucky rifled through the pack with mechanical efficiency while the wind howled. An emergency tent was set up, just barely big enough for two, sleeping bags and first aid kit stuffed inside.
The wind still occasionally curled around the rock face, driving the rain under the overhang. It was better than being out in the full force of the storm, but it was still freezing. You shivered, watching with heavy eyes as Bucky hastily set up camp.
“Hey—stay awake.”
Fingers under your chin, caressing gently and tilting your face up towards his. You didn’t even realize your eyes had drifted closed.
“Stay with me, sweetheart. Just a little bit longer, okay?”
You noticed Bucky was shaking. Lips nearly blue with cold, and every inch of his exposed skin looked beaten raw. He seemed oblivious to it though, eyes creased only with concern as he tugged the jacket tighter around you.
A flare of heat across your face startled you awake, and you realized you’d lost a bit of time. Bucky had a small but efficient fire going, sheltered deep under the overhang. You had no idea how he’d done it—everything was soaked, including any fallen branches and kindling.
He knelt down beside you. “I’m sorry Y/N, but we’ve both got to get these wet clothes off. It’s gonna get below freezing tonight, and they’re not doing us any favors.”
Bucky untied your boots. He sucked in a breath as he gingerly helped you pull down your jeans, seeing the mass of bruising down your legs. You started to peel off his jacket, but Bucky only wrapped it tighter around you as he picked you up in his arms.
“C’mon, I’ve got you.”
Into the tent. Bucky only pulled off the jacket once you were safe inside the tent, easing you into the sleeping bag and apologizing profusely when you whimpered, despite your best efforts to hold it in.
Your leg felt like it was on fire. The rest of your body didn’t feel much better—now that you were somewhere safe it seemed like the pain was returning tenfold. You needed something to focus on.
Bucky rolled up the jacket and placed it under your head, cursing and flexing his hand when his fingers fumbled with the zipper on the sleeping bag.
“Bucky, you’re freezing. You—”
“Don’t worry about me, sweetheart,” he smiled faintly. “Gotta get you cleaned up a bit, first—pain starting to creep back again?”
Bucky nodded, lips thin, brushing his fingers across your forehead. They felt like ice. He knelt next to you in the tent and opened the first aid kit, checking his watch.
“It’s been long enough, I’m gonna give you some more meds for the pain, all right?”
Bucky had gentle hands for such a big man. Their touch was feather light along your thigh, thumb rubbing soothing circles when you sucked in a breath at the pinch of the injection.
The look on his face was so intense, blue eyes wide with worry, but his hands still shook slightly as he dabbed at the blood on your forehead. He shined a light in your eyes, lips thinning as he pressed his fingers to your wrist. Bandaging cuts and ghosting over bruises, taking inventory of each and every hurt with such tenderness as if they’d been done to him.
When he started to re-splint your leg you cried out, and his jaw clenched. “Sorry. I’m sorry, I know it hurts.”
“I-It’s okay, the morphine’s already helping.”
“All right, tough girl.”
Fondness and maybe a little admiration bleeding into his tone despite his teasing. Bucky’s eyes softened for a moment, and he lightly caressed your cheek before turning to pull a bottle of water from the pack.
“Can you drink some of this? I’ve got to get some water into you,” he said.
He cradled your head in one arm as he helped you drink, pressing his lips to the top of your head, after. “That’s it. You’re doing so good, Y/N.”
Bucky pulled the sleeping bag around you, petting your head and looking at you as if you were the most precious thing in the world to him. It was a look that would have ordinarily had your stomach doing flips, if he wasn’t still shivering and deathly pale.
“Bucky, please. You’re freezing.”
You weren’t having it. Already, you were starting to feel better, and you couldn’t stand the thought of him neglecting himself for your sake. “Don’t try to lie to me, I’m not some noob hiker. I know hypothermia and exhaustion when I see it. You’ve taken care of me, now take care of yourself.”
Bucky blinked. Huffed a short little laugh, but he nodded in the end. “You must be feeling better, bossy.”
He kicked off his boots and pants, and you tried not to ogle him as he slipped into his own sleeping bag. There was a beat of hesitation before he pulled his shirt off, and you caught a glimpse of pale, scarred flesh over chiseled muscle before that too disappeared beneath the cover.
“Trailhead to Barnes, radio check.”
Bucky lifted an arm out of the sleeping bag, fumbling for the radio. “This is Barnes—go.”
“You missed your last two checks. We were starting to get worried.”
“Sorry about that, it was hard to hear ‘em with the wind and rain.” Bucky rattled off a series of numbers, the coordinates for the morning MedEvac.
“All right. Stay safe, you two, talk to you in thirty.”
“We’re sittin’ tight here, let’s bump it up to sixty.”
“What—you tired of my voice already?”
“Well, it is pretty annoying, and we need the rest.”
“Roger that, Barnes.” You could hear Clint chuckling. “Talk to you in sixty.”
Even Bucky was smiling slightly as he tucked the radio away. Hearing their friendly banter did more to reassure you than anything else, and you snuggled deeper into the sleeping bag, feeling safe as your eyes grew heavy. Outside, the wind beat against the rock face, the rain sounding like a freight train howling down the pass. Here, though, in the little alcove Bucky had led you too, it was calmer.
The small fire Bucky had built helped drive out the creeping cold some, but it wasn’t enough. With the relative safety came the horror of your situation.
You could’ve died.
You would’ve, if it hadn’t been for Bucky.
You were so stupid. You’d seen that storm approaching, but you’d stayed behind to get the shot. You had almost paid for it with your life.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?”
Eyes squeezed shut, you cringed away and tried to steady your breathing. It was so embarrassing, you knew you were spiraling, and you didn’t want him to be witness to that.
Goddamn it, don’t you cry. Don’t you dare cry, you big baby.
Bucky made a small noise in his throat and instinctively reached for you.
“C’mere. Please.”
Before you knew what was happening, the tears were spilling over and you were being cradled in Bucky’s arms.
“Shhh…I’ve got you. It’s okay, you’re safe.”
“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I-I saw it coming—the storm. I should’ve known better.”
He shook his head, nuzzling your hair. “It was a bad situation, not your fault. You would’ve made it to Two if it wasn’t for the washout.”
“You warned me about it.”
“You risked your life to save me. You could’ve been hurt—you were hurt,” you said, fingering the cuts and bruises on his face.
“I’m fine, sweetheart. I’m fine and you’re safe, and that’s all that matters.”
He was lying, you knew. You saw how stiffly he held his left side, the tremors that still racked his body. His left arm, the one that he’d almost lost overseas, and you knew, through Clint, that it still troubled him.
But Bucky had come for you in the end. He’d saved you—you weren’t deluding yourself about the likely outcome if he hadn’t.
“You came for me. I…I was so afraid nobody would. I thought I was—”
“No,” he said sharply, clutching you tighter. “No. We were monitoring the trails, we knew. There was no way I was going to leave you out here alone.”
“Thank you.”
Bucky pulled back slightly. Emotions flitting across stormy eyes, too many to count. You were still safely sealed inside your individual sleeping bags, but something about the way he was looking at you made you feel completely naked.
He reached out, hesitating for only a moment before he brushed his fingers down your cheek. His mouth opened and closed, jaw working like he was struggling for words just out of his grasp. Or maybe, there were there and he was just afraid to voice them.
In the end, he lightly kissed your forehead and tucked the sleeping bag tighter around you. “Get some sleep, sweetheart, you need to rest. I’ll wake you in a couple hours for more medicine.”
Tumblr media
  This was stupid. He didn’t know why this was affecting him so much—she was stable. She was safe. Vitals steady, wounds triaged—banged up a bit, yes—but it could’ve been worse.
No, that was a lie. He didn’t sleep at all. He couldn’t, not when worry over Y/N’s condition kept gnawing at him.
It could have been a lot worse.
His stomach lurched every time he thought about it.
Bucky thought about how close she had come to tumbling over that cliff face. Huddled alone on that ledge, nearly a hundred feet above a sheer drop down to the rocks below. All on her own, at the mercy of nature and fate. What would’ve happened if he’d never seen the camera and had simply bypassed the washout…
He could’ve lost her.
The hours ticked by. Two checks, three checks from Clint on the radio, the anxiety in the other man’s voice going down with each call. Through it all, Y/N slept heavily, the morphine doing its job and keeping her comfortable enough to rest.
Bucky, however, was wide awake. Already playing through the morning’s MedEvac, providing the storm had let up enough for them to fly. Mentally inventorying the medical and survival supplies in case it didn’t, developing contingency plans in case they had to shelter there longer.
In reality, it was only an exercise to take his mind off the fear of nearly losing her.
Now that they were in a calm interlude, that cool, military detachment deserted him. Bucky was terrified. She looked so fragile lying there in the firelight. The shadows had deepened the bruises on her face, each cut and each scrape, and Bucky wanted to kiss each one away. He didn’t know why this was affecting him so much, he…
Bucky sucked in a breath as it hit him.
Clint was right. He loved her.
That’s what it was, all right. Bucky felt it now. Or maybe, he’d always felt it, he had just been too scared to acknowledge it for what it was. But after today…he couldn’t ignore it anymore. How could he, when his heart was practically screaming it to his head?
His head, that insistent but ultimately untrustworthy part of him, especially when it came to things like this.
Tell her.
Just tell her.
You almost lost her.
He would tell her. He would. They were going to get out of this, even if he had to carry her all the way back to civilization himself. He was going to get her out. He loved her, and he would do anything for her.
He could admit that now, even if it meant acknowledging the smug I told you so look on Clint’s face when they got back.
Bucky grimaced and shifted stiffly. His left shoulder was throbbing, the scar tissue there knotting and his nerves alight, pain radiating all the way down to the tips of his fingers. It was his own fault. He’d forgotten his meds in his haste to begin the search, and now he was paying for it. The weather made it worse, swelling the damaged joints and sending zings of pain up his nerves. Every scrabble against the cliff-face, every brace against a fall as he’d led them to shelter now returned to him tenfold.
Clint called in for another check, and Bucky hissed through his teeth as he reached for the radio. When he laid the radio back down, Y/N was looking at him.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?”
“You’re arm,” she said, softly. “It’s hurting you, I can tell.”
Bucky snorted. “You should talk, I’m pretty sure your everything is hurting right now.”
“Yeah, but you took care of me. You’re just…laying there, suffering though it and not saying a thing.”
“It’s fine.”
“Bucky. Please.”
He deflated a bit. Maybe it made him weak, to want her comfort at well. To want the warmth of her touch, even though he knew she was hurting, too. He’d never take advantage of the situation, but he still wanted it all the same.
“It’s my arm,” he said quietly. “There’s…a lot of damage, and the cold makes it ache.”
Y/N pursed her lips in the firelight. “Yeah, and I’m sure rappelling down the side of a cliff and carrying my ass for miles had nothing to do with it.”
He chuckled dryly. “It’s didn’t do it any favors. It was worth it, though.”
It was worth it for you, and I’d do it a thousand times over if I had to. Anything for you.
She looked at him for a long time. Long enough for Bucky to grow uncomfortable, as if she could see right through him to the thoughts he carried carefully locked away in his heart.
“The cold makes it hurt?” she asked.
He nodded. God, the way she was looking at him right now. He suddenly felt jittery, nerves like live wires and heart pounding.
“Come here.” She started to reach for him, but Bucky pulled back.
“No. You’re hurt. Don’t worry about me.”
“But I do. I do worry about you Bucky, and I…just let me help.”
“Y/N, I’m fine,” he sighed, even though it was a bald-faced lie. “It’s not even that cold—"
“Well maybe I’m cold,” she said stubbornly. “Is there any way you could rig these sleeping bags so we could lay together?”
Bucky started. He saw what she was trying to do. But for him, it wasn’t about trying to maintain a macho image in her eyes.
No. He was scared of how she’d react to his scars.
They’re ugly. A maimed and twisted piece of meat. Hideous, nobody would want to be with me after seeing that, nobody would—
He looked at her. Eyes wide and a little glassy, exhaustion still reflected there along with the firelight, she reached out and placed a hand on the ground between them.
“I don’t care about the scars.”
“I care that they’re hurting you, but I don’t care how they look. I just want to help, Bucky. Please let me.”
A long, long pause while he teetered on the edge of fear and want.  
“Okay,” he whispered. “Yeah, um…hold on.”
Bucky wriggled out of his sleeping bag, flipping it around and fitting the zipper to hers.
Okay. Shit. We’re doing this. Just like a cheesy adventure movie, huddling together for warmth and practically naked. Just me and…and her. Fuck.
He wanted it, not just because of the promised relief her body warmth would bring to his aching shoulder, but because it was her. Finally in his arms, touching him, close enough to kiss—
Bucky closed his eyes, swearing silently to himself. Just because he’d resolved to tell her how he felt, it still did not warrant whatever was starting to stir down south, and with only the thin fabric of his boxers to hide it, she was going to notice unless he got himself under control.
He stalled, checking the fire and sending one last check in to Clint before there was nothing left to do but slip back down next to her. Excruciatingly close, skin to skin with nothing but their undergarments between them. She could see every scar, he knew, every bit of pitted, missing flesh, and he braced himself for her inevitable recoil.
But it never came.
Instead, he felt a soothing warmth along his shoulder. He looked down, and realized her hand was hovering over his skin, caressing the old wounds so lightly, so tenderly he could barely feel it except for the warmth there. The entire time, her eyes never left his face, watching for his reaction.
“Is this okay?”
“Yes,” he croaked.
A little more pressure now, a little more heat as she lay down next to him. Bucky closed his eyes, breathing deeply, still keyed up despite the relief that the heat and pressure brought.
“Still okay?”
He nodded quickly, eyes tightly shut, but her body settling against his left side felt like heaven. Heat spreading through his throbbing nerves, chasing the ache away. The warmth of her was nearly overwhelming, and Bucky curled towards her instinctively.
“Better?” she asked.
She sighed, sinking into his embrace. Her head rested lightly on his chest, and he wondered if she could hear how fast his heart was beating. The girl he’d been pining after for so long, bundled in his arms—his left arm, her bare skin resting against his as if it were nothing.
Bucky nuzzled her hair, listening to her breathing deepen as she fell asleep again. Outside, the wind still howled, the storm showing no signs of letting up as sleet turned into snow. Bucky felt the tension and the tightness in his shoulder bleed out with each passing moment, and he centered himself on the scent of her, the feel of her in his arms.
Soon his eyes started to grow heavy. The last thing he did, just before sleep finally took him, was to press a soft kiss to the top of her head, murmuring the sentiment he still held carefully locked away.
“I love you.”
Tumblr media
  “Barnes, this is Trailhead. Come in.”
Bucky lurched awake, blinking in surprise at the dim light filtering through the tent’s fabric. He checked his watch—0600. He’d been asleep for almost four hours.
A surge of panic rushed through him. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep so heavily. But one look down found Y/N still wrapped in his arms, sound asleep. Still safe.
For a moment he just laid there, staring at her in wonder. He knew she’d still been hurting and scared last night, but she had been so gentle with him, so concerned about him. Lips twitching up in a small little smile, he rested his forehead against hers, gently caressing her temple, almost ready to fall back asleep again just so he’d have the excuse to hold her, just a little bit longer…
“Barnes! Godammnit, come in!”
Bucky jumped, fumbling for the radio. “B-Barnes. This is Barnes, go ahead.”
“Status report.”
He could practically feel Clint’s irritation. The more agitated Clint got, the less and less professional his radio calls became.
“We’re um, we’re good, same position as last.”
“Do you have any idea how many checks you missed?”
Christ, he was going to get so much shit when he got back. “Yeah, sorry. We both fell asleep.”
“You’re both okay though?”
“Yeah.” Bucky disentangled himself from Y/N guiltily. “Any update on that MedEvac?”
“That’s what I was calling for, other than to make sure you weren’t dead, asshole. MedEvac’s wheels up in thirty, they just got clearance.”
Bucky felt a wave of relief. “That’s great, Barton, thanks. We’ll keep an eye out for them.”
Thirty minutes. Add another fifteen, twenty minutes of flight time, and they’d just have enough time to strike camp and get into position. Bucky slipped out of the sleeping bag and pulled on his clothes—they were a little damp still, but not too bad. He pulled on his boots and gently shook Y/N awake.
She blinked sleepily, softly smiling up at him. Bucky couldn’t help but return it. “Time to get up, sweetheart, chopper’s on its way—let’s get you out of here.”
He helped her dress, insisting she keep his heavy jacket. It was still freezing, and nearly six inches of snow had fallen overnight. In no time at all, the gear was neatly stowed back in his pack and he moved them both out into the open, just in time to hear the approaching helicopter.
Bucky pulled a MK-124 flare from his pack, popping the day end and sending up smoke to mark their position. Coordinating with the pilots over the radio, he braced himself against the rotor wash as the Stokes Litter was lowered. Y/N clutched at him as he carried her to it, but she grabbed his arm when he started to give the hoist signal.
“Wait—you’re not coming?”
Bucky had to shout over the rotors. “Not enough room, sweetheart. Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.”
“But what about you?”
“I’ll be fine.”
She stared at him. Bucky could tell the pilots were getting impatient, but the look she gave him broke his heart. Before he could stop himself, he surged forward, cupping her face in both hands and kissing her.
It probably didn’t last more that a couple seconds, that kiss, but it stole his breath away all the same. Desperate and grasping, her lips parting beneath his with a whimper just as a shout from the hovering helicopter startled him back to reality.
Bucky reluctantly tore himself away, blinking hard as he eased her back onto the litter and tightened the straps, telling himself the burning he felt in his eyes was from the rotor wash.
“You’re gonna be just fine, Y/N, I’m…I’ll catch up with you.”
He held up his thumb and stepped back, never taking his eyes off her as the litter lifted off the ground.
He watched as the litter was winched higher and higher in the sky, until the flight mech was able to grab it and pull it aboard. A few more minutes and the cargo cabin door slid closed. The helicopter turned and headed north, dipping around the side of the mountain and out of sight.
Bucky stood there watching long after it was gone. Then he turned north as well, adjusting the pack on his back and following the river back towards Trailhead—and home.
Tumblr media
  One Weeks Later
The bright jingle of the flower shop’s doorbell caught your attention, and you hollered from the back room. “I’ll be with you in a minute, feel free to look around!”
You were just finishing up with a wedding order—late fall jewel tones, plenty of creamy white dahlias to offset the richness of the bouquets. Cursing under your breath, you leaned way over the workbench, trying to reach the florist’s tape without getting up.
It was your second full day back at work. Two days in the hospital and nearly a week at home resting, and you were about to go out of your mind with boredom. You still had your assistant to help you, but it felt really good to be back at work.
Finally, you finished the last bouquet and carefully rose to your feet, grabbing your crutches and making your way slowly out of the back room.
“Hi, what can I help you with—” The words died in your throat when you saw who was standing there.
He paled a bit when he saw the cast and the crutches, and his eyes flicked up to the cuts and bruises on your face that still lingered. You barely even saw what he was holding before he was tossing it down on the counter and ushering you to a chair.
“Jesus, doll, should you even be on your feet right now?”
“What are you—Bucky, I’m fine,” you protested as he helped you to sit, pulling up a second chair so you could elevate your leg. Like the doctor had suggested, you remembered with a cringe.
Bucky had the same look on his face that had been there in the tent. The one of barely restrained panic. He shook his head.
“I heard you were back at work, but I didn’t think—”
“You came down here to see me?”
He froze in the act of laying a blanket over your legs—how he’d found it so quickly, you had no idea—and biting his lip. Blue eyes peered up at you guiltily through long, dark lashes.
“I’m sorry,” he began, tucking the edges of the blanket in. “I wanted to visit you in the hospital, but we were swamped with the fallout from that storm. I called, I tried to check in on you—”
“I know.”
Bucky frowned.
“The nurses told me.”
“Right.” Bucky looked down, biting his lip nervously.
You took his hand. “Hey—Bucky, it’s all right. I know how hard you guys work.”
“I wanted to come down earlier, but Hill said—”
“It’s okay. You’re here now.”
He seemed suddenly awkward, blushing and biting his lip nervously. You knew what was on the tip of his tongue—Bucky’s feelings had been made clear in that one, sizzling kiss, just before you’d been lifted away from him.
“I never thanked you,” you said.
“You don’t have to, it was—”
“If you say it was just your job, I’m going to smack you.”
Bucky snorted, ducking his head and smiling shyly. You both knew what that kiss had meant. You’d both felt it, but Bucky was nervous, you could tell. Maybe what he needed wasn’t space, maybe he just needed to be shown a clear path ahead.
“What’s in the bag?” you asked.
“Oh. That.” Bucky opened it and pulled out your Nikon, setting it on the counter.
It was ruined. You didn’t even have to pick it up to see the lens was smashed, the housing cracked. You groaned, but you were still touched he’d taken the time to find it and return it to you.
“I-I know it…it looks bad,” he began.
You chuckled. “Understatement of the year.”
“Fuck. Okay, yeah. It’s toast.”
Taking it from him, you felt along the outer casing. “The camera might be toast, but there’s no cracks in the housing—the film might have made it.”
“Yeah. I kind of want to find out—you still up for that darkroom tour I promised?”
Bucky beamed.
He initially protested at the thought of you hobbling down all the stairs to the basement, but in the end he compromised with another piggy-back ride. This time, though, you held him a little tighter, delighting in the way his cheeks colored when your lips brushed his hair, softly kissing just behind his ear.
Bucky stayed right next to you the whole time, listening intently as you explained the development process, and helping you move the negatives from one station to the next, lips curled in a crooked smile and looking completely smitten.
You finished hanging the last photograph to dry. “Now, we wait.”
Bucky was staring at the photographs. “These are beautiful—looks like they’re all gonna turn out.”
He was standing very close to you, and you couldn’t help but notice how his eyes dipped down to your lips and back up. “Y/N, I…I’m…”
This time it was you who moved first. The kiss seemed to pick up just where the other had left off, the want and need and desire still just as palpable as it had been a week ago. Maybe even mores so, now.
Bucky’s shoulders sagged and his breath let out in a rush, as if he’d just set down a heavy weight he’d been carrying. Gently, he pulled you close, his arms so strong around you but still so careful, mindful of your still-healing body.
Time fell away. Kisses turned a little more insistent, Bucky whispering your name as he trailed his lips down your jaw and neck. He paused when he reached the base of your throat, resting his forehead against your shoulder before he pulled away slightly so he could look at you.
“Y/N…sweetheart, I-I’m crazy about you.” He huffed, almost sounding like a laugh. “I should’ve said something a long time ago, but I’ve been falling in love with you ever since I saw you that first day up at Trailhead.”
You smiled, feeling just a little bit dizzy that this conversation was actually taking place. “Me too.”
You nodded. “I just didn’t want to push you into anything or make you feel uncomfortable. You’re…” you laughed self-consciously. “You are the best part of my week, seeing you for those five or ten minutes here and there. I care a lot about you, and the very last thing I wanted was to rush into something and risk ruining it before it started. Because I think I’ve been falling in love with you since that first day, too.”
Bucky’s breath hitched. Another breathless kiss, and he cradled you against him as if you were the most precious thing in the world.
“I’m an idiot. It took me almost losing you to make me see sense, but Y/N, if you’ll let me, I never want another day to go by without you hearing how much I love you.”
You kissed him back. “I love you too, Bucky.”
The photos were gathered up, kisses stolen as he helped you tidy up the darkroom. Of course, he insisted on carrying you up the stairs, this time opting for carrying you bridal style so he could hold you even closer.
When he got back up to the flower shop, he saw it was well past closing. “So, I don’t want to wear you out if you’re tired and just want to do home, but if you’re up for it, I’d like to take you out to dinner. Nothing fancy,” he added quickly.
“I’m not tired at all—you kinda gave me my second wind, down there.”
Bucky laughed, kissing your cheek. “Good. I gotta treat my best girl right.”
As he helped you with your jacket, his phone chirped. He groaned when he saw the text message.
“What is it?” you asked.
“Clint. He’s gloating.” When you looked confused, he continued. “I told him I was coming down here, and I practically had a cheerleading squad sending me off, between Clint, Sam, and Steve.”
“I’m not really surprised, the amount of hints Clint was always dropping about you. I mean, I kind of already knew, but I—”
Bucky looked a little confused. “You knew?”
“I had a suspicion, and Clint, well, he kind of confirmed it…not in so many words, but still.”
“I knew it.” Bucky shook his head. “He hasn’t stopped ragging on me since I got back. You know he’s going to take credit for all this.”
“I highly doubt he can take credit for the storm. Or the washout.”
“He’ll try.”
You narrowed your eyes, smiling wickedly. “Well, we’ll just have to annoy the hell out of him, then, won’t we. I’m not hiking anytime soon, I could always hang out with you the next weekend you’re on…”
“Oh, definitely. He’ll be sick of us by Monday.”
“That’ll teach him to gloat,” Bucky laughed. He kissed you again, cradling your face in his hands, his lips sweet and soft against yours as he murmured against them.
“I’d like that a lot. It’s a date, doll.”
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