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Pairing: Avengers! Bucky Barnes x Avengers! Reader (enemies to lovers)
Word Count: 2.9k
Summary: after being sprayed with sex pollen on a mission gone wrong, bucky is the only man who can help you. the issue? you hate his guts. 
Warnings: SMUT, sex pollen, praise kink, swearing, daddy kink,knife to throat, gore/blood mentioned, violence mentioned, choking, finger sucking, belly bulge/ size kink, sub space, pet names, over stim
Notes: i am re-uploading this bc i like it oodles and i need something to post bc i have to study<333 and i luv enemies to lovers
Tumblr media
His body slumped to the ground, the crimson blood pooling around your feet as you slid the gleaming hand knife back in its sheath. 
The tangy, rusty smell burned your nostrils as you stepped over the dead man, your boots leaving a trail of red stained footprints as you walked silently over to the desk in the corner.
 Waves churned in the background as you watched the dim light swing side to side from the ceiling, the boats rocking motion making you feel slightly queasy. You needed to get out of here fast. The sound of the alarms would sound as soon as the guards found the knocked-out soldiers that you had dragged behind cargo crates, their bodies sure to be tipped in the open with the current of the water. 
You had only killed three people this mission, a drastic change from your last missions.
 The Avengers borderline refused to kill people, unless they absolutely had to be killed. Johnson, Wayne and Smith had to be killed.
 They were in your way. They’d understand. 
Sliding loose papers out of the way, you frantically looked for the HYDRA reports Rogers and Stark had requested. 
You growled in annoyance, tossing papers over your shoulder as you continued to search. You whipped open the wooden drawers of the desk, ripping them clean out of their spaces. Watching them clatter to the ground, you sighed. 
You were fucked. Utterly fucked. 
Kicking the drawer, you watched it slide over to the remnants of Smith, blood soaking through the cracks and crevices of the wood as it lay beside his hand. 
There was nothing here.
 Spotting an exit in the darkness, you made your getaway. You were annoyed, tired and injured. You could feel the purples and yellows of the bruises form across your skin from under your skintight suit, blood trickling from the gash in your arm a soldier has caused. 
The metal door refused to budge as you pushed it, only creaking slightly. 
God fucking dammit! 
With a sigh and some phrases that would have your grandmother rolling in her grave, you stepped back, putting your full weight into the door. It finally nudged open, the metal slightly indented from your shoulder. Blinded with rage, you shimmed through the crack. 
Stupid fucking boat. This entire mission was stupid, and the fact you were here with Bucky made it all the more merry. You hated that man more than this mission, his annoying fucking attitude- 
Your thoughts were interrupted by a stinging in your eyes, your nose suddenly clogged with dust. You coughed and wheezed as you attempted to get the yellow powder out from your eyes, rubbing them frantically. The powder stayed on your skin, your vision blurring as your eyes watered. 
The plant had blinded you, it was choking you, stealing the air from your lungs- 
“What. The fuck.” a deep voice growled, his weight pinning you against the wall. 
You blinked feverishly, Bucky's icy blue eyes staring down at you with enough anger to make your stomach curl in on itself. You wheezed from the force, your breath caught short as a silver knife was placed to your throat, a warning. Bucky tilted the knife against your soft skin, threatening to break it. 
“Do you mind explaining to me why there are three dead men on this god damn boat?” he hissed, anger rolling off him like the very waves outside. “They are not men.” you spat, growling as he nicked the knife against your jawline. 
“No bodies. That was the orders we were given. You're supposed to be decreasing your body count, not increasing it Y/L/N.” 
“Like you Sargent? Your body count is pretty low ain't it?” you smirked, knowing you had struck a nerve. He was so close to you, you could feel his breath, could smell the smoke and gunpowder that was caked on his skin. 
“Watch your fucking mouth before I find methods of shutting it.” 
The alarms began to sound, their wails piercing through the second remark you were about to shove down his throat. The guards had found them. You hadn't exactly done an amazing job cleaning the blood, as stopping to grab a mop and some bleach were not exactly high on your priority list at the moment. 
Still- you wished you had at least dragged them somewhere more hidden. 
Oh well. 
“Shit!” Bucky cursed, removing the knife he had pinned to your throat and letting your body fall to the floor with an oof! “We gotta get to the speedboat.” he growled, voice almost unrecognizable as you scrambled up from the floor, your legs weak and wobbly from the abuse you had taken tonight. 
“I thought we should turn on some jazz, maybe eat some caviar with em Barnes. They seem like rather friendly specimens.” you spat, a knife heavy in your hand as you trailed after the large supersoldier. 
“Ya know I’ve really had enough of that bratty mouth you got Y/L/N.” he whispered as the two of you hid behind the corner, the sound of guards yelling and running by causing the two of you to linger in the darkness. 
A bright beam of light flashed by, making you wince as a guard ran past.  It was then when he saw the yellow powder that speckled across your cheeks like freckles, like fairy dust. His eyes narrowed, his pearly whites tugging his bottom lip in worry. 
Whatever it was that plant sprayed on you, it could not be good, if Barnes looked concerned for you. 
“So do something about it.” you smirked, santurning down the hallway as the men cleared. 
Those words were not like you. You had only said those things to him in your wildest fantasies, never ever out loud. Maybe the plant had sprinkled you with confidence. Or maybe it had royally screwed you over, acting as a truth serum. Either way, you were fucked. 
A look of shock was plastered across Bucky's face at your sudden change in demeanor, eyebrows furrowed as he lingered in the darkness, waiting for the men to pass. 
It was at this moment you remembered the files you had been sent to get, and failed. They weren't on this ship. Not only had you killed three men, but you had been unsuccessful in gathering the papers on top of making a complete fool of yourself in front of Bucky. 
The thought alone had you flinging your knife with force towards a guard, hitting jackpot as it struck clean through his eye. Yells and the sounds of bullets raining down muffled as you slung your body over the metal railing, dropping down to the escape boat below.
It was hot. 
Holy gods, was it ever hot. 
You felt as if you were trapped inside a volcano, its lava scorching your skin clean off your bones. Sweat burned your eyes as you blinked them open, grogginess taking hold. Your shirt stuck to your skin, a puddle of sweat now on the sheets where you lay. 
No amount of water could quince your thirst, your throat dry, glass empty. Stumbling out of your bed at the safehouse, you groaned in discomfort, grabbing your lower stomach in pain.
 It hurt. 
Your entire core was on fire, wetness sticking to your inner thighs as you clenched them. Your cunt throbbed, tingling as you stumbled in the darkness. 
Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. 
You were so desperate, you were debating rutting against the corner of the desk to satisfy the urge you so desperately craved, but the emotional side of your brain kicked into overdrive, telling you that wouldn't be enough. You needed Bucky’s help. 
You knew deep down for a fact something was extremely wrong if your brain went straight to Bucky. 
Independence was your middle name. You had never needed anyone to take care of you, to comfort you in times of need. But this, this feeling was something else. Something you had never felt before. Tylenol and a glass of cold water couldn't cure whatever was going on with you.
 A part of you wished you could stop your legs from carrying you to his room- but you couldn't. You were like an animal in heat, scenting him on every single thing you passed. The art pieces, the carpet. The mirror at the end of the hall, the decor vases Tony had bought despite knowing they’d be smashed at some point. 
He was everywhere. 
You took a shuttering breath as you neared his door, the wood creaking under your feet. What were you doing? This was wrong, a god-awful idea. A sharp pain came licking down your spine suddenly, making your cunt throb painfully. You hissed, pushing open his door. 
That was why you were here. Because you needed Bucky to fix you. 
“Y/N?” he asked softly, voice laced with sleep as he sat up in bed. His abs gleamed in the pale moonlight as pieces of his hair brushed his cheekbones, despite being tied back in a bun. You fought the urge to tackle him like a quarterback, biting and licking every inch of him.
 “S’bad.” you whispered, clenching your thighs together as you approached his frame, now sitting up in bed, worry audible on his face. “S’bad!” you whined again, thoughts becoming a jumble as you stumbled over to him, hand sliding between your thighs. 
“Hey, hey what’s so bad? What's going on sweetheart?” 
Sweetheart. You nearly combusted right then and there. 
“Tingles. Can’t think, I’m burning up.” you cried, collapsing on the bed beside him, hips beginning to rut against the mattress. “What’s going on sweetheart? Can you use your big girl words and tell me what's happening?” 
Oh gods. If Bucky, Bucky mother fucking Barnes was talking to you like this, you knew you were in a state of sorrow. You never thought of him as a person of comfort, yet here he was, his words sweet as honey as they rolled off his tongue. 
You looked up at him, a wild look in your eye as your hair was plastered to your forehead. “I dunno. Something on the boat, I think- I think it did something. It tingles all over, hurts.” His eyes widened, realization hitting him like a freight train.
 “Sex pollen.” he muttered, hand coming up to your forehead, wincing at the temperature. “Sex…” you trailed off, moaning into the sheets as you brought your hand back up from your thighs, juices coating your fingertips. 
A low growl left Bucky's throat at the sight, physically having to hold himself back from grabbing you and fucking you like a wild animal. His cock was so hard it was borderline painful, the sight of you rutting into the bed like a bitch in heat enough to send him spiraling. 
You were far too horny to be embarrassed right now, your brain coated in a dull smog. “You can’t take this on by yourself sweetheart, it's far too much. I’m going to help you okay?” he cooed softly, removing himself from the bed to slowly make his way over to where your body was draped across the sheets, legs trembling as you fought to keep yourself up.
 “D’know what's going on.” you whimpered,  whimper turning into a moan as you finally noticed the pile of his clothes spewed across the floor.
 “It’s okay honey, you don't need to know anything at all. Daddy's gonna do all the thinking for you right now, okay. Just trust me.” he assured, his large 6’5 frame making its way behind you. 
You mewled as his firm grip was placed on your sides, helping you crawl up onto all fours. His metal hand was cool to the touch, and you savoured it on your hot skin as he guided you on wobbly arms. “Can’t stay up-” 
A deep chuckle sounded from behind you, a grin plastered on Bucky's face. He was enjoying this, in some sense. Not that you were in pain, or that you had been drugged. In the way you were here, on his bed, aching to be touched by him. Something he had wanted for ages now, something he had been too scared to do anything about. 
But you were here now, and that was all that mattered. 
He knew from his past time at HYDRA the drug took at least forty-eight hours to wear off. So he’d make it the best forty-eight hours of your life.
 “Already cockdrunk and I’ve barely touched you yet. Don't worry sweetheart, we’ll have lots of time to train you.” he smiled, his hand sliding over to wrap around your throat, pinning you against his chest. 
You couldn't register his words. Didn’t care what they were, to be quite honest. All you knew was that if you didn’t get this man inside you soon, you’d trickle into the water that fell across the bay windows. 
Hell, you were already as wet as them. 
The throbbing of your cunt only increased at Bucky's nearness, the smell of cedar and smoke wrapping your senses in a warm embrace. “Need you please daddy. Please!” you whispered, tears began to trickle down your cheeks as the pain consumed you whole. 
You gripped his wrist that held your throat, needing any sense of comfort you could get at the moment. “Such a good girl.” he praised, entering your weeping hole in one quick fluid motion.
 There was no time for foreplay. There was no need.
 You screamed his name as he filled you to the brim, sucking him in and clenching around him madly. He moaned as you gripped him, wetness coating his cock. “That's it sweetheart. I’m going to make you all better okay?” 
You nodded frantically, eyes widening as he slid out of you, hitting home once more with a thrust hard enough to make you see stars. If it weren't for his assistance, you would have fallen to the bed, molding into the blankets below. 
“S’too much!” you whined, legs shaking even harder as he picked up a steady rhythm, rocking into you and brushing your g-spot with each thrust. You felt as if your body was on cloud nine, and you were simply one with birds in the sky. 
You were flying. 
“You have to take it дорогой. I’m doing this to help you, I’m doing this because it's good for you. I know what's good for you.” he explained, knowing you were far too gone to hear him properly. “Just listen to the sound of my voice okay? Daddy's the only- only one who can help silly little girls like you.” he grunted, faltering as you squeezed around his thick length, hand coming down to grab his metal one. 
You parted your lips, sliding his metal fingers in your mouth and began to suck absentmindedly as he continued to fuck you, your screams now muffled by his fingers. You gripped his wrist tightly as you swirled your tongue around his digits.
 “Such a dumb fucking baby.” he smiled down at you, laughing as you jolted forward with a hard thrust. Letting his fingers go with a whine, you watched your saliva trail from your lips to his fingers, his hand sliding down to tease your aching breasts.
 “Daddy so so so good!” you moaned, feeling the release you had so desperately craved come barreling down your spine, licking and caressing each nerve, each bone as it neared. 
“You gonna cum дорогой?” he asked, cooing down at you softly as you answered with mindless babbles, words slurring together as the coil in your core began to snap. “S’needy for me hmm? Need me to fill you up, stuff you full?”
 “Mghmh yes!” you cried, head lolling against his chest as he began to press down on the bulge in your belly, the sensations making you squirm as he slowed his thrusts. 
“I’m gonna let you cum, but that's the only way you're going to cum - got it? You only cum when Daddy says you can. And you’re only done when Daddy says you're done. I don't care if you're passed out, covered in cum on this bed, I will fuck you in your sleep.” he muttered gently, his words anything but. 
“Yes Daddy, anything for you.” you sighed dreamily, too cockdrunk to comprehend. 
You came around his cock with a cry, his soft, gentle thrusts working you through your orgasm, his sweet words and cooes making butterflies explode in your tummy. “Now where was this mouth when we were on the boat hmm? Just needed some cock in you to keep you nice?” Bucky teased, moaning as he saw your cum coat his dick, your cream coating the base.
 It was enough to send Bucky over the edge, thrust becoming sloppy as he pounded into you, using your body as a means of his pleasure. His warm cum coated your insides, overflowing inside you as you continued to cry out his name. “That's it, good girl. Gotta take your medicine.” 
You slumped to the bed as Bucky let go of your throat, body shaking as he pulled out of you, his cum trickling down your inner thighs. “Still… still hurts.” you trailed off, exhausted from the fuck Bucky had gifted you with. 
“I know sweetheart. This is gonna take forty-eight hour treatment.” he explained, hand coming down to smack your ass, making you hiss. 
“Whatever… whatever you say daddy.” you yawned, black spots dancing in your vision as sleep threatened to take over. But there was no time for sleep. Every time your eyelids drooped, even a smidge, your cunt would remind you just exactly you were still awake.
 “That's what I like to hear, sweetheart.”
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Between Your Legs
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (SMUT)
Summary: Making your very shy boyfriend admit his kinks turns into an unexpected series of events.
Word Count: 5.3k
Warnings: smut, smut, smut! (minors dni) cursing, size difference, overstimulation, oral sex, dom/sub undertones
(fic is two parts but i stuffed it into one so that’s why it’s long!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“C’mon Bucky, there’s gotta be something that makes you all hot and nervous?”
“Everything pertaining to… that.. with you makes me hot and nervous.”
I was sitting in front of Bucky, my legs folded underneath my thighs and I was leaning in close to enact eye contact as well as to try to reveal my nipples exposed from the large neck hole of shirt. But he looked away shyly, and only glanced back to see if I was still staring at him.
We had never had sex. Our adventures always peaked at the high of steamy make-out sessions. But when curiosity got the best of me, I jumped up during the film and asked him what he liked to do during sex. His face turned bright red and he began sputtering out a million different questions, avoiding the answer to my own. I sat there amused at how bashful he could be. Since Bucky was born in the 1900s’, being so open about sexuality was an adjustment for him. But when our make-outs got heavy and I could feel him softly runting his crotch against my midriff, I knew he wanted more than some sloppy couch kisses.
But of course, as the classic gentlemen that he was, all my attempts to get down to action in the past recoiled with him saying that our first time should be special, not on his couch watching The Hobbit. I respected his decision to wait but that didn’t mean I couldn’t at least know what he was into. And imagine it. And fantasize about his fantasies. And wow, the air suddenly got hot as my head wandered off.
I flapped the front of my shirt and squirmed in my position, thinking about the possibilities.
But my hopefulness that he was into some BDSM play or rough sex was shattered as he said there’s ‘nothing special’ he’s particularly into.
I pushed further, feeling like there had to be something hiding in that reserved personality.
“Yes, but you don’t have a single kink?”
“Kink?” He furrowed his eyebrows, confused by my vocabulary.
“Kinks are a sort of fetish or turn-on. It’s something specific during sex or foreplay that makes you more aroused than other things.”
“Bucky! No more avoiding the question.” I whined.
I looked up at his massive figure still thinking about everything he could be into. I imagined he was into dominance given his large structure. He was a good foot taller than me, and his body practically ate up my torso when we hugged. He could easily fling me around with that metal arm; he would be the perfect dom partner.
I zoned out again, drooling at the thought of a dominant Bucky, but caught onto some dire information at the end of his sentence.
“…but if I have to say something, I guess... I like to be on the opposite side of the receiving end.”
He gulped, still staring every which way that wasn’t my direction.
Oh? He’s submissive? I could feel my legs already begin dripping. How did that idea become even more attractive than a rough dom?
I moved closer to him excited and perked up.
“So you like giving your partner pleasure? Is that what I’m hearing?”
He nodded.
“What kind of pleasure do you like giving?” I teased.
He finally looked down at me as I gave him my big eyes expression, making sure to blink slowly. His own eyes lit up and I could see the tent growing in his sweats but he quickly shook his head.
“Hey, I answered your question now. No more!"
“Fine, fine.” I sighed defeatedly. My ever-growing horn would have to wait.
I sat back down, and we resumed the movie. He wrapped his arm around me as I cuddled his side.
But throughout the whole movie, he kept repositioning and moving his limbs around. Which was highly unusual. He was always as stiff as a tree but I brushed it off, figuring that maybe his back hurt from work or something.
That is until 10 minutes later when I heard him whisper near my ear,
“Can we kiss?”
So that’s why you can’t sit still.
Smirking, I eagerly turned and began pressing my lips against his. He groaned at the abrupt contact and quickly enveloped his arms around my waist to set me on top of him. I straddled one of his thighs and cupped each side of his face with my hands, moving my tongue inside of his mouth before feeling him do the same. I could feel myself growing wetter every second of it and I moaned when his rock-hard cock brushed against the top of my clit. Lost in the moment, I guided his hand underneath my shirt and latched it on my breast. His hand covered my entire boob and he gasped into the kiss. Although surprised, he began massaging and rubbing his finger against my hard nipple. I had been very touched starved so this released a very loud moan on my end and I began unconsciously grinding against his shaft.
Bucky's groans also echoed at the contact.
After what felt like hours of our tongues pushing as far back as we could go, I pulled away seeing his salvia-coated lips and glossy eyes watching me with hunger and desire. My god, he was so sexy. But I knew if we kept going, I wouldn’t be able to refrain asking for sex. Which I didn’t want, I wanted to wait until he told me he was ready. My legs were shaking, wanting nothing more than anything to just shove my pussy in the space of his legs.
Panting slightly, I said,
”Bucky. I love this, I really do, but you’re killing me here.” I chuckled.
“We can.. we can do other things.” He retorted timidly.
“Oh? Like what?”
I pulled my hips closer as his hand tugged the small of my back into his body.
He licked his lips.
“I... I want to, put my face between your legs.”
My eyes widen in surprise. That’s what he meant.
He likes giving oral sex.
There was a hard blush rushing across his cheeks, but my eyes immediately went to his wet shiny lips. They had never looked more appetizing before. The picture of his head bobbling in the space of my legs sent me into a frenzy. Although some part of me was screaming to ride his face then and there, I decided to mess with him more.
I ran my hands up and down his broad chest, knowing that it was a weak spot before kissing the crook of his neck, another weak spot. He swallowed harshly, bucking his hips up. I trailed kisses up to his ear before whispering,
“You want to eat my pussy, Barnes? Is that it? That’s the thing that makes you all hot and bothered? That’s so dirty James.”
Bucky squeezed my sides harder and his cock twitched inside the hem of his jeans, probably swelling up to an uncomfortable point by now.
Bucky had a thing for me saying his first name. I didn't really understand it but it became my favorite thing to do if I needed to grab his attention.
“Will you let me Doll?”
I pushed his hair back to look at him. I couldn’t help but adore how absolutely gorgeous he looked underneath me, so desperate and needy to please me. His lips between his teeth, and his body language silently telling me, please.
I stroked his face lovingly before giving him a soft peck.
“Of course James. I want to feel your lips everywhere.”
And with that, his head swooned up giving me a passionate kiss before flipping our positions and disconnecting the kiss to run his hands down my body.
"Eager are we?" I chuckled lightly but I could sense his impatience because he overlooked what I said and continued to kiss and suck the areas below my breasts.
I leaned back against the sofa and Bucky grabbed my hips as he licked a wet line from the top of my stomach down toward my pelvis. I bit my lip, trying not to crumble under how good something as small as this felt. His back muscles were protruding from the black shirt that was way too tight on him and the way his arms flexed as he got closer to my crotch made the walls of my pussy clench at the sight.
He slithered down onto his knees and slipped his fingers on the band of my panties. I raised my butt so he could pull them off. He did so while slowly placing kisses on the inside of my thigh. I pulled my shirt off, my breasts bouncing as I fell back and I draped my legs over his shoulders. Even if Bucky wanted to do something to me, I wanted him to know that I'm still in control. Now I was completely exposed and staring straight at Bucky's intense gaze. His eyes roamed every part of me not knowing where to land until I spread my legs and those 'innocent' orbs locked onto my bare vulva. His pupils dilated and his mouth slightly gaped open. He shuffled his knees, cock harder than before.
"God you’re so beautiful. ”
He smiled at me, fluttering his eyes closed before finally pressing his lips on my cunt. I gasped. The sensitivity made me super responsive. I opened my legs even wider and he placed one hand down on my hip so I wouldn't move. I shivered as I felt the cold metal make contact with my warm skin. He began lapping at every area besides the one part that I wanted his mouth on most.
Is he teasing? He proceeded to very slowly and painfully, draw lines up and down, stopping right before making contact with my clit. Oh, he totally is.
I whined,
"James, please."
He smirked before doing it once more, and then completely changing his slow pace. He began sucking my clit and drawing circles with his tongue. Twirling his head with his movements. I gripped his hair, obscenities rolling from my tongue at the sudden contact. Quivering, I crossed my ankles behind his head.
"Holy- fuck, god yes, James, right there-"
My breath staggered even more as I felt him flick my clit in his mouth. I pushed my thighs between his face earning a hard grunt from Bucky. I could tell he was enjoying this too, his eyes meeting my own and showing pure ecstasy. He squeezed one of my legs and I could see him rubbing his palm against his clothed dick, making me even more impossibly hornier.
"You're so wet baby.." I heard him mumble. I only nodded, so immersed at how fucking good his mouth felt, because why hadn't we done this earlier?
I could feel myself getting closer and closer to that familiar edge. Bucky became fully concentrated on what he was doing and moaned as I tightened my grip in his head. He would shake his head up and down, making me purr at the fiction. He stopped palming at his jeans and brought his hand up to fumble with my nipple, slightly twisting and pinching it every time I would react. The cool vibranium added an element of temperature play and instantly hardened my nipple, electrifying the heat pooling in my stomach.
"James, god, ah. You're so good, ah, it feels so good." I slurred, feeling so buzzed from all the stimulation. I pushed my pussy forward, greedily wanting more.
Watching him dive his head and wholly eat me out like I was a fucking 5-star meal was intoxicating.
And as if things couldn't get any better, I then felt two fingers make contact with my opening. Without stopping his movements, he carefully pushed his fingers into me, and I withered under him, no longer containing the volume of my voice. I'm sure if he wasn't busy pushing his entire throat down my vag, then he would be a moaning mess as well. I shoved myself down into his fingers, unwilling to warm up first, and hitting my g-spot as his tongue rubbed my clit, in rhyme with my pace. My entire body trembled as I rode his mouth.
"Ah! James, I'm so close, I'm so close." I panted out, feeling my abs start to burn up but not caring. His moves became more erratic and messy after this, wanting nothing more than for me to cum all over him. My words alone had him gripping the side of the couch, knuckles turning white from the pressure.
Bucky stopped for a moment to say, "Cum for me girl, fuck my face until you get there."
He quickened his pace, beating at my sweet spot and sucking harshly on my swollen clit. His soft and gentle demeanor completely faded out as he devoured me with so much force, fucking me with his fingers at such an animalistic pace and shoving his face deeper and deeper in my cunt. His nose disappeared between my folds. His persistent muffled moans created waves of vibration that ran through my fragile body and the loud suckling & slurping filled my ears, driving my head mad with lust.
My vision went faint and my body did one final thrust to meet Bucky's fingers, hitting the perfect spot and sending me over the edge.
"J-James!" I cried out as I felt my body shake through my orgasm centered on the feeling of his tongue. I felt pure euphoria and softly repeated his name out as I rode through my climax. Bucky's eyes rolled back as he let out a breathy groan back, guzzling down all the cum.
I twitched forward whimpering out 'ahhs' as he delicately licked the remaining slick.
I felt his lips detach from my pussy, a string of salvia showing as he pulled away. He stared at me completely dazed, salvia dripping down his chin. He wiped his pretty plump pink lips with his shirt and readjusted his jaw, which was probably sore. I immediately threw myself on him, my legs still a shaking mess, as he held me. He gave my forehead multiple kisses that melted my heart as he picked me up and laid me down on the couch resting my head in his lap. He brushed the hair away from my face.
"Did you like that doll?" He said whilst looking at me with those beautiful eyes of his and a large smile, admiring me even in my unhinged post orgasmic state.
I nodded. "More than just like. Bucky, you're- you're amazing."
He budded noses with me. "You're amazing. I love you."
"I love you too James."
Smiling, I gave the tip of his nose another peck before lifting my head up in search for my shirt. I spotted it on the floor and grabbed it, pulling it over my head. Bucky complained.
"I like you without your shirt on..."
I chuckled, "Hey, what happened to my shy boyfriend who doesn't like to share his kinks with me huh?"
"He's dead now."
I laughed at his over-exaggeration before realizing something. I turned to him with guilty eyes,
"Oh shit! Wait, Bucky did you want me to do the same? I can also-"
His eyes grew and he laughed nervously, "No, no, don't worry about me sweetheart, I'm all good."
I shook my head, determined to give him the same godly pleasure he gave me.
"No, please Buck-"
"No, really, it's fine Y/N. I got everything I need from doing that alright? It was all my pleasure-"
I was about to protest again until I noticed the worry in his eyes. He also was covering his private area with his forearm. I squinted at him, trying to figure out what was up with him until...
"Oh my god."
"What?" He gave me another worried look.
I smirked.
"You finished didn't you?"
Fear flashed through him, and I could pick up on the clear embarrassment he felt.
He stuttered,
"I-I just, I'm somewhat sensitive-"
"That's so hot."
I shot him a seductive stare, my legs shifting with arousal yet again.
"Hot?" Bucky said with disbelief filling his tone.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, butting my forehead on his.
"You came just from eating me out? So fucking hot. Makes me wonder how easy it's gonna be to get you to cum when it's my turn.." I murmured with a low husky voice.
He gripped my waist, breathing shakily. His boner rising as if his refractory period was simply a minute long.
"Guess we'll find out won't we?" Bucky replied, more confident this time.
Oh, now this is interesting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(this is part 2)
Summary: Bucky is now always performing sexual acts on you but he never lets you return the favor. You began to worry if there's anything wrong with you.
same warnings! + slight angst
"Shit- Bucky!" I cried out as Bucky rapidly rubbed my clit and attacked the sweet spot on my neck.
He whispered sweet nothings as I came. “You look so pretty like this. You feel good hm? Just like that, cum for me doll.”
I came with a small tremble and waited for my head to clear. He gave me a light-hearted smile and kissed my temple, assuming that our session was over.
But I smashed my lips onto his with the strong intent to get him to finally accept my offer. I pressed into the kiss further until he needed to use his arm to balance himself on the mattress. He hummed blissfully into the kiss and I took this as my chance to slip my hand down his pants. His eyes flew open as he grabbed my hand and pulled himself back.
I frowned.
For weeks now, I've tried to perform on him and every time, he stops any move I make. And sure, at first, I didn't mind.
I liked receiving all the attention without having to do anything back. But now, I was beginning to wonder why he was so against it. His constant excuse was that he was content with solely giving me pleasure and he didn't want anything else.
But I had my doubts about how true that could be. I mean, who likes to have blue balls? Paranoia got the best of me and I was scared if the real reason was because he didn't like me enough to do that. Or if he wasn't fully attracted to me.
Not only that, but I desired him so deeply. His bulge pushing against his denim jeans, the thrusting of his hips into mine, seeing his cock twitch while he touched me. It was beginning to drive me over the edge.
He chuckled shyly, "It's alright Doll, I'm-"
"You're good, I know. I just thought maybe tonight could be different?" I said with a raised eyebrow.
"Some other time alright?" He kissed my nose, but I crossed my legs, leaning my head against the headboard.
Clearly noticing something was wrong, Bucky furrowed his brows and tried to caress my face but I turned away.
A look of sadness washed over him and a pang of guilt hit me.
I couldn't be petty, I needed to explain myself. But the possibility of him telling me that he didn't like me enough pained me so much.
I bit my lower lip, thinking about what to say. Frustratedly, I spat out,
"Bucky, do you not like me?"
His jaw dropped a little, completely confused.
"What? What are you talking about? Of course I love you Doll. You're my girl. Why on earth would you assume otherwise?"
I looked down on my hands, feeling insecure about the entirety of the situation.
"You never let me touch you, even though I'm always asking. I was starting to think that maybe you weren't attracted to me or you didn't feel the same way... It's okay if you don't but-"
"No Y/N. Don't even finish that sentence. I-" Bucky brushed his hair back and placed his hands on his knees, annoyed. But not with me, with himself.
I watched him carefully.
He let out a deep sigh before turning back at me and taking my hands in his.
"Sweetheart, I love you more than anything. You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I want nothing more than for you to touch me. It's like you have a spell on me because if you even so much as bat your eyelashes at me, fuck- I can't describe how attracted to you I am. Please, don't ever think that I don't want you. Because you're all I want, and all I think about. And I'm so sorry I made you feel any different."
Speechless, I lost myself in his words. He reached out to cup my cheek and this time I let him, leaning into his touch. I smiled, alleviated to hear those words but one thing still was still left vague and I hesitated to accept his answer.
"If you want me to touch you, why don't you let me?"
His eyes bore into my shirt and he swallowed harshly.
"Are you too nervous to Bucky?"
He nodded. I nodded back.
"That's okay. Can you tell me why love?" His face turned pale and I held his hand to console him, thinking that maybe he was nervous due to something in his past.
He let out a shaky breath.
"You know how the serum enhances your body physically?"
"Of course Buck, you're massive." I joked, looking down at his hands that were double my size.
He gave me an awkward chuckle back before wearily continuing,
"Well, let's just say that- it enhanced my... lower body as well.."
"-And I'm afraid I'm a bit too big."
I tilted my head. It took me a second to decipher what he saying but by the time I got his message, I burst out laughing.
He sat there with a pout as I fell into a fit of laughter. By the end of it, I wiped a couple stray tears from my eyes before composing myself.
"Wait, wait, so you mean to tell me that you're nervous because your dick is TOO big? You know it's usually the other way around right? Bucky, you're a super-soldier! Of course, you'd have a 'super-cock' too."
You put air quotations around the word super-cock.
"Don't call it that." He grunted, clearly embarrassed by the whole thing. I laughed again before throwing myself at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He grumbled but eventually hugged back.
"Listen, in all seriousness, I don't care about your size, it doesn't matter to me. You could be two inches or twelve and it wouldn't matter. What matters is the man I love attached to it. I've always loved our size difference and I'm not going to like you any less because your dick is 'too big.' Trust me." I playfully winked at him.
"But I don't want to see you have to go through anything uncomfortable."
His eyes and head fell along with his mood. He really was distraught over this.
I grabbed both his shoulders and lifted his chin to meet my eyes.
"Hey, hey. Look at me yeah? We can take it slow okay? I can assure you that doing this will only make us both happy."
I gave him a soft peck and he muttered simple 'thank yous' as he kissed my clavicle.
"Besides, I've felt it before and it doesn't feel that big. You sure you're not overestimating yourself a little there Sergeant?"
"That's because I tuck it."
"Excuse me?" I looked at him with wide eyes.
“Do you mean to tell me that the good seven inches I felt was... fucking tucked?”
Both amused and boiling with lust, I grinned at him.
I licked his outer ear and felt his body fidget as I whispered,
"Nothing I can't handle, James."
His pants grew and I began sucking on his neck. I pushed my pussy, which was still exposed from our previous session, on his bulge and arched my ass outside my oversized shirt. Bucky looked down toward my exposed bottom before carefully placing his hands on my ass giving it a small squeeze.
My hands roamed his broad chest, pulling his shirt over his head and looking back to admire his divine body.
He was made of pure muscle and his skin looked almost porcelain. His body was a giant mass of a man, and I couldn't wait to devour him.
Eager to see the "super-cock" he was so shy about, I jumped off the bed and settled my knees on the hardwood flooring.
Bucky sat on the side of the mattress facing me, with his legs spread open. I shifted closer between his huge thighs, which were so insanely sexy, and began fumbling with the buttons of his jeans.
"Are you sure about this Y/N?"
"I am more than sure. Let's see this pretty boy."
Bucky's face completely flushed as I slowly stripped him down to just his boxers. I ran my fingertips along his bare legs feeling up his beefy quads.
So many provocative thoughts preoccupied my mind.
Imaging how easy it would be for him to crush my head between his thighs, or how good it would feel to ride one.
I bit my lip, feeling myself get wetter at the images playing in my head.
Pulling myself back into reality I looked straight ahead and god, I could moan at the sight. I could see the outline of his cock already pulsating through his briefs. I still wasn't intimidated, I was confident in my sexual abilities, no matter how big he could be.
But when I pulled down his last piece of clothing, my eyes went wide, my irises practically jumped out of sockets. His dick sprung right in front of me, rock hard glistening with pre-cum. I bent back as it flung out. It came so close to making contact with my face.
It was the most erotic sight to see my boyfriend abs and his anaconda-sized dick practically stare me down. And I must've been looking for a bit too long because Bucky then gave me a troubled look.
"Is it too much? See Y/N, I told you-"
Before he could finish I gripped his cock firmly with both hands, slowly moving them upward and using his pre-cum to lube him up. His breath hitched and his face distorted into one of euphoria.
He has been waiting far too long for this.
He stretched his neck back, closing his eyes and softly huffing out,
"I-It's ok, ahh- okay if it's too m-much for you, oh..."
I smirked at how modest he was. I clenched his dick harder and he subconsciously thrusted his hips lightly into my hands.
"Oh really, you want me to stop?" I said as I began rubbing my thumb on his very needy tip.
"God, no, please don't stop."
He threw his head back, relishing in the moment.
He was so sensitive, twitching at every touch. That familiar feeling began churning in the pit of my stomach as I watched him curse through his teeth and melt under me. Now I know why he likes eating me out so much. This was a goldmine.
Bucky looked like he could come at any moment but I had a feeling he was going to push himself not to spill so quickly. So I decided to step it up. I stopped my actions for a moment, earning a quiet whine from his perfect lips.
He looked down to see what the hold up was and when I locked eyes with him, I quickly latched my mouth onto his cock, circling my tongue and bobbing my head on the tip.
"Fuck, Y/N. Don't do that to me, I'll cum if I look at you baby- fuck! You feel so good."
I chuckled against him. I already knew that it would be harder for him to contain his load if he watched me.
I didn't mind his length, but his girth was a whole other ballpark. I had to open my mouth completely in order to take him. I fastened my strokes and took more of him in my mouth as I went along. I couldn't possibly fit the whole thing in my mouth but I wanted to try to go as deep as I could.
His moans became even more pornographic and loud. Seeing this side of him for the first time left me weak in the knees. I groaned looking at him, buzzing his member and earning a slight wave from his hips.
I heard the metal plates in his arm shifting near my ear and glanced up to see his hand hovering over my head.
So he wants to control my mouth?
Maybe he wasn't that submissive.
I smiled at the timid gesture before grabbing his hand and placing it on my head.
I gave him a nod to let him know it was okay and he very gently gripped my hair.
I wanted him to push me further with that vibranium metal. To head fuck me and thrust his whole length in my mouth.
But instead of being shoved down, I was delicately pulled up.
Confused by his actions, I looked up at him. He was panting, body slicked with a light coat of sweat, and watching me with his pupils practically heart-shaped.
"J-just the tip."
Always a gentleman.
My heart fluttered and I listened to his request but finished him off with the sloppiest top and fastest jerk I could forge. I suckled him down and you could hear the friction of saliva and skin gushing together. Bucky was finally allowing himself to watch me and I wanted to give him the best show.
As he got close, his grip tightened and his cock twitched inside my mouth.
I did my final move.
I twisted my hands along the wet strokes while violently sucking on his head, flicking my tongue between his frenulum.
Bucky tried to tug my head out of the way, but I persisted with the same force.
"Y/N, I'm gonna cum, ah, ah-"
Unable to hold back any longer, Bucky released a loud whimper as his hot semen shot down my throat. I gurgled down every drop, lightly slurping as I let his penis out with a wet pop. Bucky shivered from the lost contact.
I wiped my mouth as I pulled away. I was about to stand until Buck grabbed me and put me on top of him again.
He stuck his head in the crook of my neck as he held a tight grip around my body. He was coddling me.
"Woah, Woah, love you too Buck but what's up?"
"When I was looking at you, during it, wow, I felt better than I ever have. And so completely in love with you. I wanted to hug you so badly. Thank you for doing this for me."
I smiled.
"I love you too Bucky."
"But don't swallow next time!"
"Hey, I wasn't the one who came in my mouth."
He groaned into my collarbone, "I know, I tried to move you but- I'm sorry. I'll be quicker next time."
"Don't be. I liked it."
"...I liked it too."
Tumblr media
A/N: i wrote this a while back when i was challenging myself to write something other than the usual fluff or angst, need less to say it was difficult being ace and this will be ??probably?? be my first and last smut (a heads up for those who want to follow me based on this) but as always, thanks for reading :))))
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jbreenr · 4 months ago
𝕳𝖊𝖑𝖑 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × Reader
Summary: Bucky tells you that you're no sweet dream but a hell of a night.
Word count: 2.6k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), hate sex (?), unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), size kink, fingering, mentions of an oral (m), cockwarming at the end. And I think that's it.
A/N: This is all self-indulgent because today's my birthday and it's my gift to myself because it took me ages to finish it and it's finally done so, yay! As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*. Let me know your guys' thoughts. I love that shit.
Tumblr media
ᴺᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᵍⁱᶠ ¯ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵒʳ
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” You let out as soon as Bucky slammed the door shut behind him.
“With me? What the fuck is wrong with you?” He debated, taking his tie off and throwing it aside as if to breathe better. “You were supposed to take the target outside so I could interrogate him.”
“No, you wanted me to take him out so you could interrogate him. I was ordered to get the information without raising suspicion or causing a scene, which you did! This mission was supposed to be subtle.”
Getting rid of the hundreds of pins in your hair, you saw Bucky clenching his fists through the small mirror hanging on the wall. “Yeah, and your way of persuading him was so subtle.” He chuckled at his implication, crossing his arms over his chest.
“What?” Leaving your hair fall to your shoulders, you turned to him. Hands in your hips and a challenging grimace on your face.
“I'm just wondering how you got him to tell you everything.”
Your guy was fool enough to believe you were only a girl looking for a good time. He took you to the VIP section of the club to have more privacy, and after some minutes of him talking about his wealth and how he'd have you coming back for more, it took him only a couple more drinks and for you to sit in his lap to tell you everything about the big assault he and his friends had planned to double their illicit fortunes.
But everything went to hell when Bucky “I Don't Like Being Left Out” Barnes stormed in, ready to kick the shit out of the guy because he thought you may have been in danger.
A dozen armed men followed him past the chain dividing the club and you had to fight your way out and to the security house you'd have to stay for three more days.
“You're not the charming one here, Barnes.” You kicked your shoes off, feet thanking the relief of not being trapped in those heels any longer. “I can be very persuasive.”
“Yeah, dressed up like that, you bet that's true.”
And he was not wrong. The vibrant red, strapless dress was held together by two shoe-like laced strings on the sides, the skirt was short enough to let little to the imagination and the pronounced cleavage made you question if it was going to keep everything in place once on.
“A man would do pretty much anything to have a beautiful woman.” From under the skirt, you took out your only unused knife and tossed it on top of the pile of bobby pins. “Which he thought I was.”
Your mocking comments only served to piss Bucky off even more. None of that would have happened, the mission wouldn't have been compromised if you had listened to him and did what he asked you to do.
“Then I should have left you there.” That granted him your full attention. Inquisitive eyes asking him to elaborate. “Let him deal with you to see if he could stand you for more than a night.”
Bile grew on your stomach and started raising up your throat, making it burn. But you wouldn't fall for his provocations, not that easy.
So you inhaled deeply and said, “Believe me, he was looking forward to it. Bet he's gonna dream of me for the rest of the week.”
You started to make your way to the small bathroom to clean yourself when his somber chuckle stopped you dry.
“What's so funny?” You turned to him, watching him shorten the distance with you until you were face to face again.
Bucky shook his head in amusement, a devilish spark on his eyes.
“You may look like a dream.” His lip was twitched upwards, a scowl of pure disgust all over his face as he eyed you up and down. “But you're a fucking nightmare.”
He was close enough for you to smell the bourbon he drank before you had to leave the club, to see the intense blue of his eyes trying to burn a hole in your skull, and you couldn't help but to wonder how his plump lips would feel between your teeth.
“That would explain why you're always wandering sleepless at night.” You tilted your head, as if you had just understood the mysteries of the universe. “Too afraid of your subconscious betraying you--”
His vibranium fingers dug in your chin as he stamped you against the nearest wall, lifting your face up so you could see his enraged expression.
“What are you saying?”
“That maybe, I not only make you scream out of fear in your dreams.” You forced your head to the front, taking advantage of Bucky's strength faltering. “But out of pleasure too.”
And he gave you the reason when, by talking a handful of your hair, he crashed his lips on yours roughly.
You reciprocated, not only to the kiss –sucking on Bucky's lip and letting your tongue fight his, but also by tugging at his hair too.
Grunts and moans filled the air with each movement of your heads, trying to drink more of each other, but refusing to let go of your grips.
The anger you had accumulated in your body was quickly replaced with the fire of lust. Pure and burning desire for Bucky to tear your dress in shreds and have his way with you.
“You really believe I dream of you?” He asked in between kisses, left hand leaving your chin to find your waist, keeping you in place as he pressed his semi hard member to your hip. “You think too highly of yourself.”
His lips made their way down your jaw and to the crook of your neck, where he sucked, surely leaving more than just one mark.
“I'm not the one having wet dreams with you, Barnes.” Your hand sneaked inside his trousers and past his boxers, easily finding his cock, which you started stroking slowly. “Tell me,” His lips had stopped their assault, heavy breaths hitting your skin with each movement of your hand. “Is this as good as you imagined?” Your thumb brushed his tip, smearing it with the pre cum he was already leaking. “Or am I just disappointing you here?” You squeezed only enough to have him coming back to reality.
With more force than you anticipated, Bucky freed himself of your torturous palming and pinned your hands above your head, restricting your attempts to keep teasing him.
“You're a pain in the ass.” He snarled on your lips, as if he wanted to make sure you'd swallow his words.
“Quite literally.” You mocked, benefiting from his grip on your wrists and jumping to lock your legs around his waist and dig your talons on his lower back. “What're you gonna do about it, huh?”
But the smirk adorning your features wouldn't last long; Bucky easily took the few steps needed to reach one of the beds and let you fall on top of it. The bouncing of your body on the mattress, wrinkling your dress just above your waist.
“You'll see what I'm going to do about it.” Bucky discarded both his button-up shirt and trousers as he stood dangerously close to the bed, letting you see the well formed tent in his boxers.
When he got rid of his last piece of clothing, revealing his full length, hard and ready and glorious, your mouth watered and your pussy throbbed. From that previous sneak peek, you knew he was big, but seeing him, his red tip, that vein you'd kill to run your tongue on… it was a whole other level.
Even if you wanted, you couldn't take your eyes away from his cock, imagining how it'd feel between your lips, its weight on your tongue and the bittersweet taste of him on your throat as you made him cum with only your mouth.
“Like what you see?” His ego was all over the roof when he asked.
“I've seen better.” You both knew that was a lie, but by the way Bucky clenched his jaw, you were sure he was not pleased with your answer.
You saw him climbing on the bed, but you didn't quite register what it meant until he hurriedly unlaced one side of the dress and opened it as if it was a book cover and you, the story to be read.
The dress was meant to work as a second skin, too tight that not even your soul would fit inside, which meant that the presence of your so-called panties as the only thing underneath it was well justified.
Bucky scoffed, dragging you to the edge of the bed by your talons. He ran a finger along your pussy over the silky material, making you gasp. “You may not have wet dreams,” He yanked the panties down your legs, fist closed around them as he directed them to his nose to inhale your scent. “But you sure as hell are soaked for me.”
Before you could think of a response, his hand was back between your legs, parting your lips and collecting your juices in his fingers as he teased your bud.
“Oh!” You let out when his thick finger entered you. The cold metal, warming against your walls as he pumped it in and out.
You closed your eyes, your own hands finding your nipples to play with them as you enjoyed the stimulation Bucky was giving to you.
“Gorgeous.” You heard him whisper before adding a second finger. He'd scissor and curl them, preparing you for the real thing.
Peeking one eye open, you saw Bucky's gaze fixated in your center and how your lips would swallow his digits with a soft wet sound.
Only when he felt your walls starting to flutter and your moans felt heavier did he let go, leaving you panting in need and desperation for a release.
He watched his fingers, all covered in your dampness and he debated between tasting you in them or making you lick them clean so you could give your mouth a good use.
Deciding that he'd have three days to do that and much more, he simply settled for taking his cock in hand to stroke it, lubricating it with your arousal.
That was it. The second he positioned between your legs and started running his tip all over your pussy until, eventually it pushed just past your entrance, you were sure he wouldn't fit.
“Fuck!” You whined, feeling him stretching you out more and more as he entered. “You're so fucking big.” The words left your mouth before you could stop them.
And Bucky didn't give you time to even regret saying them.
“But you can take it, can't you?” Watching you struggle to allow all of him in you, with your lips parted and the undeniable hurtful yet full of desire expression written all over your face, it was taking all of him not to bottom out in a single, fast thrust. “After all, you've had better.”
The little shit! You knew what he was doing. He wanted you to admit he was better than anyone else you had been with. But you wouldn't make it easy for him to get that confession, at least not that much easy.
“Way better.” You moaned.
But that was not the answer he was expecting again.
With a fluid movement, Bucky snapped his hips to the front, gaining a raw moan to erupt from your throat.
He wasted no time, owning a pace that had the bed squeaking, threatening to break at any moment from his forceful thrusts.
“Oh, God!” Your hands flew to his shoulders, trying to hold onto him for dear life as he kept pounding. Your nails, biting on his flesh and trying to scratch the metal with long stripes that would mirror the ones on his right shoulder blade.
Harsh breaths left Bucky's lips with each thrust, accompanying your every moan. His lips found a place in your jaw, and when his teeth grazed your skin and you clenched around him, he wouldn't forget that.
A series of kisses and stripes of his tongue on your throat had you almost seeing stars. The smell of sex and Bucky's body wash mixed was intoxicating, a combination that was destined to drive you crazy.
“Taking my cock so well.” He grunted, his hand finding a space between your bodies to apply just the right amount of pressure over your clit to have your hips jolting, searching his touch. “You feel so good around me, I don't think I'm letting you go.” He circled his fingers, repeatedly drawing an infinite symbol. “Imma be buried in this sweet pussy for the rest of our time here.” A particularly hard thrust followed his statement, your whine automatically letting him know that you agreed with his terms. “You'll be so full of my cock that you won't know how much time passes until we have to go.”
His words were pure torture. The pictures he painted in your brain, of him fucking you in every corner of the safe house, of you riding his cock until your body gave in, of him making you cum over and over only to have you begging for more right after…
There was nothing in the world that you wanted more than to make all those scenarios a reality.
“Ha!” You managed to hide a wail behind the sarcastic laugh. “I never took you for a romantic, Barnes.” Your hands roamed around his back, exploring his muscles and asking him to keep going. “You always like this with the ladies?”
“Only with the ones I wanna break in half.” He left a tender kiss on your shoulder, a contrasting gesture that felt just right.
And even though you understood the implications of Bucky's words, you said, “Then, what's stopping you?”
His smirk served as your only warning before he started hammering into you like a man possessed. The relentless rhythm with which he fucked you, reflected in both the slapping sounds of skin on skin and the delicious squelch your juices would create every time his cock made its way inside you.
With each slap of his hips, he was taking you closer to your orgasm. You could feel it in your bones, the rising need, the desperation to fall apart, the urge of taking him down with you.
“Let go now.” His fingers went side to side in your bundle of nerves, tightening the knot in your lower belly. “Show me you can follow instructions; cum for me.”
And the order sent you over the edge.
As your orgasm hit you, taking all the air out of your lungs and making you curl your toes, you felt Bucky twitching, still pounding into you, searching for his own release. And you were going to help him.
On purpose you clenched, squeezing Bucky hard, making him grunt as he faltered. A few more thrusts and he spilled, cock softening but still buried deep inside you.
He let his weight fall on you before rolling in the bed, taking you with him so you'd still be connected.
Both of you were panting. The sound of your heavy breathings and the cars passing by outside, filling the room.
Until you heard Bucky laughing.
“Can't believe all it took was for me to call you a nightmare.” He caressed your back delicately. “Should have done that ages ago.”
To that, you sat up straight, straddling him and looking down at his confused eyes.
“You really wanna know how much of a nightmare I can be?” There was no malice in your voice, only a challenging tone that matched the slow way you started moving up and down Bucky's renewed hard member.
“Let's find out.” And as his hands guided your pace, you knew you wouldn't dream of anything else ever again.
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buckybraneslover111 · 25 days ago
Sundress - B.B.
summary; a sundress, really? (no plot just smut) 
a/n: don’t copy, translate or report my work. gif is not mine, credits to creator:) ALSO, i do that requests so please send some in!
warnings; dbf!Bucky, shy!reader, smut 18+, praise kink, fingering, daddy kink,(Bucky mid-40s, reader 20s) 
Tumblr media
You ran down your stairs, finally ready to go outside and enjoy the sun. You stopped at the doorway of the living room and turned as you saw your dad’s best friend Bucky laying on the couch. You frowned a little, wondering why he was here. He turned his head and looked at you and gave you a small wave and smile. You scoffed and walked out the back door to the back yard. Bucky had been sleeping at your house for a few days now because his house was infected with bugs and he had to get it bombed, so your dad let him sleep on the couch. You walked to the patio chair and sat down in it and opened up your favorite book and started reading. Good book, beautiful warm summer day and your favorite new sundress that you just bought. After a few minutes, you started to get thristy, and you thought a new cold glass of lemonade would be perfect to make your day even better. 
You walked back into the house and saw Bucky in the kitchen sipping his coffee, “You know your parents left this morning right?” he said as you opened the fridge.
“Yeah duh!” you poured yourself the lemonade in your glass and took a nice long sip, enjoying the cold fresh lemonade. You put the cup down and filled it up some more then put the pitcher back into the fridge. You turned back around and looked at Bucky who was staring right at you. You blushed under his gaze, “Do you always stare at people like that?”
He chuckled then took a sip of his coffee, “Only people i like.” He put his cup down and leaned back against the counter, “New sundress?”
“Uh…yeah i got it the other day at the mall.” you blushed getting weirdly shy around him.
“Hmm…looks good on you,” he walked towards you as you slowly backed into the counter behind you. He put his hands on either side of you on the counter trapping you between him and the counter, “Sometimes i wonder if you do this on purpose.”
“Do w-what?” you looked up at him, his face close to yours.
“Wear dresses like this around me knowing how one wrong move can get you fully exposed to me,” his flesh hand runs up your exposed thigh to your hips as he smirked, “I am right because it seems like you aren’t wearing anything under this hm?” he was right. You never wore panties with your dresses because you liked to be free now and again.
“B-Bucky…” you breathed slowly, his lips getting close to yours, his metal hand coming up to your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.
“Shhh it will be okay doll, just let me take care of you.” his nose presses up against you, his lips finally closing the gap between you two. He kisses you softly at first, then he gets rough with it, sliding his tongue into your mouth. You whimper against his lips trying to keep up with him. His flesh hand slowly moves between your legs as he rubs your slit, your wetness dripping down your legs and coating his fingers. He pulls away from you and smirked, “All wet because of a few words from me baby?”
You whimpered, “Y-Yes Bucky…” you breathed heavily as he pushed his fingers through your slit, running them from your clit down to your hole. You threw your head back moaning, grabbing onto his forearm, “B-Bucky…”
“Shhh i got you baby, just relax.” he kisses your neck and slides his middle finger into you slowly rubbing your spot. From afar it would look like he is standing over you just talking to you, but if anyone wanted in they wouldn’t know what was really happening.
“So good! More!” you moaned, his finger thrusting into you fast rubbing your clit with his thumb. You lift one of your legs wrapping it around his waist to give him more access to your wet core. “More please!” you moaned as he rubbed your clit faster, his metal hand holding your leg up higher on his waist.
“You are so beautiful princess, moaning for me like this.” he whispered in your ear, thrusting his fingers harder, sliding a third finger in you, stretching you out. You whine, covering your mouth with your hand so hide your moans. “Oh no princess, i wanna hear you, don’t hide those beautiful moans baby.” he pulls your hand away pinning it to the counter.
“Daddy!” you throw your head back against the cabinet, “S’close!! Please!” you clench tightly around his fingers as you feel your orgasm building up.
“Let go bunny, i got you. I’m right here.” he rubs your clit faster putting a little pressure on your clit. You moan his name loudly, your legs shaking as your orgasm takes over you, every muscle in your body tensing up at the power of it. He slowly pulls his fingers out of you and lifts them up to your mouth, “Open for me.” your jaw drops as he slides his fingers into your mouth, sucking on them tasting yourself. He pulls them out and kisses you sliding his tongue into your mouth tasting you on your tongue. He pulls away putting your leg down and he fixes your dress, your body is a haze. “You wanna go lay down baby?”
You nodded and followed him to the couch as he sat down on it and let you lay down on his lap and fall asleep as he played with your hair, “Goodnight y/n.”
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elusivewildflower · 3 months ago
Girls Night Out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: A girls night out with friends to celebrate finally being single again turns into being walked home by the guy who’s eyes you kept catching.
Warnings: cursing, drinking, smut, oral (f receiving), penetration, reallllyy slow at first. I’m sorry. 
Word Count: 5.3K
A/N: Please, be easy on me. This is my first time writing fanfiction in....years. I also intended for this to be much shorter...but that did not happen. (Feedback is more than welcomed, though!)
Tumblr media
The volume of the club music was already loud enough outside to give a normal person a headache, and Bucky grimaced when the door opened to let more patrons in. He and Sam were only a few people away from being let inside. He turned his attention over to his so-called friend, “Remind me again why we’re here?” He questioned in an exasperated tone. 
“Because we need a night to relax, and I’ve heard that this is the right place to be,” Sam responded with a smirk pulling at his lips, his elbow tapping at Bucky’s side gently. 
Bucky couldn’t help but scoff in response, “I can think of plenty of other ways to relax. You owe me for this.” 
Sam only laughed in response, taking several steps forward to close the gap between them and those that were let in before them. They only waited for a second more before the bouncer ushered for them to enter. 
Different colored strobe lights flickered around the room, the club not having any sort of lighting except for those white and neon colors. The volume of the music seemed to increase with every step further into the door, the bass reverberating right through Bucky’s entire being. It wasn’t anything that he recognized, the music a bit too modern for his tastes, not to mention that it seemed to be several songs remixed together. His steel blue orbs flitted around the room, following directly behind Sam as his friend pushed past all of the club-goers to make their way to the bar. 
It seemed the bar was the only section of the club that had normal lighting, though it was dimmed by several levels. It was just bright enough to be able to see those that stood all around the rather large and expansive counter. It lined the entire back wall of the club, giving everyone that stood around a perfect view of the dance floor. Bucky’s eyes glanced around the dance floor as he and Sam found an open spot at the bar, surveying all of the people that were losing themselves to the music. 
Seemingly not finding anyone interesting upon the floor, aside from those that had had a bit too much to drink—their loose and carefree dance moves being the telltale sign. Bucky went back to scanning all of the faces that currently adorned the bar. This time, something did happen to catch his attention. A trio that was dressed in all sparkles, currently raising their shot glasses up into the air for a toast. Of course, they weren’t the only ones that were dressed in sparkles that night—but they were the only ones that had caught his eye thus far. 
Tumblr media
“To finally dumping that asshole!” Cheered one of your best friends, lifting her drink into the air, encouraging you to toast to her words. 
You couldn’t help but laugh at her words, raising your shot of choice into the air, clinking all three of your glasses together before knocking the liquor back. You scrunch your face up at the burn that radiated all of the way down into your stomach, a curse word falling from your lips in response. “Well, that’ll speed things up,” You commented with a laugh, placing the now empty shot glass upon the bar. Your friends nodded their heads in agreement, each of them still shaking off their grimaces from the burn of the liquor. 
It was your first Girls’ Night Out since breaking up with your shitty ex-boyfriend. The one who always started a fight when you came home from these nights, fully believing that you only went out to cheat on him. You shook your head slightly, as if trying to shake yourself from your thoughts and the bad feelings that were rising. This night wasn’t about him anymore, this night was about you. You and your friends, and you weren’t going to let him ruin one more minute of it. 
“First drink’s on me!” You shouted above the excruciatingly loud music, knowing that when you left for the night your ears would be ringing. Your friends cheered enthusiastically, one of them catching the attention of the bartender and ordering your usuals. As you wait for your drink to arrive, you let your eyes wander around the club. A feeling of excitement crept up from inside of you, forming goosebumps on your skin. This was your first night of fun and dancing where you could take a guy home without a single regret—or at least you hoped. Your sober self might feel differently the next morning, but that was the next morning problem. 
As your drinks arrived, you didn’t hesitate to start sipping it down. You needed a buzz to form if you were going to have the courage to do what you planned for tonight. Your attention was momentarily distracted by one of your friends being pulled off to the dance floor by a guy that could only be described as tall, dark, and handsome. You shot her a wink as she was escorted away, being left with just your other friend, who had been scanning the club with her eyes just as you had been seconds ago. As you returned to your previous activity, your eyes instantly landed upon a man that was across the bar from you, and his eyes were already on you. A shiver raked down your spine from the intense gaze, and your cheeks already began to flush. How were you ever going to accomplish taking a man home, if you couldn’t even keep yourself from being flustered just from meeting someone’s gaze? 
You didn’t have time to think over that issue, as a hand tapped upon your shoulder. You jumped slightly out of surprise, twisting yourself to face whoever it was that had touched you. A green-eyed, blonde-haired man stood in front of you, his hand outstretched for you to take and lead you away to the dance floor. You gave one last glance over towards the dark and mysterious stranger before letting yourself be whisked away to the middle of the room. A dance and a free drink wouldn’t hurt, would it? 
Tumblr media
Bucky was already on his second beer when he watched you be whisked away to the dance floor. He watched as your second friend was pulled away to dance shortly after you had been, and then as the other returned to the bar, the guy she had been dancing with ordered a drink. Dark brows furrowed a bit in confusion, as it seemed to be something he had been noticing the entire time he was there. A girl wanders off to dance, and after a song or two, they return to the bar for a drink. He nudged Sam, who somehow seemed to still be by his side. “Are they paying for the dance by buying them drinks?” He asked, his head turned towards Sam and his voice raised to be heard over the music. 
“Yeah, I probably should’ve explained that. You ask a girl to dance, she says yes, you dance a song or two, and then you get her a free drink.” He explained, finishing off his second beer before clapping Bucky on his shoulder. “Speaking of which, I’m gonna go find myself a girl,” He paused for a moment, adding on a quick, “You should too,” with a smirk before he wandered off. 
Bucky heaved out a sigh, though was unable to keep the grin off of his face as he watched Sam approach a girl and within seconds have her headed towards the dance floor. As he watched them get lost in the sea of people, he immediately shifted his attention towards finding you. His eyes scanned the dance floor and a slight frown formed upon his face as he hadn’t caught a glimpse of your sparkly outfit. His blue orbs darted back around the bar, and he was immediately rewarded with your visage. This time, there was a new drink in your hand, and you were surrounded by your friends once more. Your eyes met his for a few moments before another guy approached your trio. Bucky unknowingly held his breath, that is, until the guy whisked away one of your friends back to the dance floor. He cursed underneath his breath and lifted his beer to his lips to finish it off. “Guess it’s now or never,” He muttered near silently, pushing himself away from the bar. 
Tumblr media
After your attention had been drawn away by your friend being whisked off for yet another dance, you returned your gaze to Mr. Mysterious across the bar. Except, this time, he was not standing where he was last. Your brows furrowed as your eyes scanned the nearby vicinity for him, your lips wrapped around the straw of your drink as you sipped slowly. Suddenly, your eyes found the familiar leather-jacket clad man in the sea of people. You nearly choked on your drink, he was pushing his way through the crowd towards you. 
“Fuck,” You cursed aloud, accidentally catching the attention of the friend that hadn’t been whisked back away to the dance floor yet. 
“What?” She asked, leaning closer towards you so that she could hear you better over the music. 
You nudged her gently and raised a hand to point at the man that had you in mind as his destination. When her eyes met his figure, a gasp escaped from her, followed shortly by a squeal of excitement. “He’s hot!” 
You shook your head and laughed at her response. Well, she wasn’t wrong. Feeling a need for a bit more courage, you quickly sipped down the remnants of your third, or fourth, drink. You had lost count, honestly. You finished your drink in perfect time, setting the empty plastic cup on the bar right when his ungloved hand tapped upon your bare shoulder. Sucking in a quick breath to ease your nerves, you twisted yourself to face him. That breath caught in your throat upon viewing him up close. My God. He was hotter than you had realized. Steel blue eyes that were currently taking in your form, just as you were doing to him. His leather jacket attire was only slightly out of place compared to the other club-goers, but the gloved left hand was a bit odd. 
“Care to dance, doll?” His deep and gruff voice boomed over top of the music, his ungloved hand extended for her to take. 
It took longer than you wished to admit to find your voice, your head bobbing up and down in agreement as you slipped your soft hand into his calloused one. “Yeah,” You finally managed, a smile now gracing your features. 
A charming grin now pulled at his own lips as he led you towards the middle of the floor. His eyes caught Sam, now dancing with another girl, and he shot him a wink. Sam’s face mimicked one of shock, surprised that his friend had actually taken his advice. He gave him a subtle thumbs up that neither of the ladies caught, but had Bucky chuckling under his breath. 
Has he ever danced like this before? No, but it couldn’t be that hard. He had been watching everyone for over an hour now, and he used to dance back in his day. He just had to listen to the music and follow the beat….Yeah, that was it. His hands made their way to your hips, just as yours wrapped around his neck loosely. His right leg slotted itself in between your legs as you began to move to the music together, the alcohol doing wonders for the both of you, his right hand slipping lower until it was resting on the top of your ass. 
“What’s your name, Doll?” He spoke into your ear, his hot breath fanning upon your neck. 
“(Y/N),” You responded, tilting your head upwards as you spoke, the height difference between you finally beginning to show. “Yours?” 
“Bucky,” He replied, his right hand squeezing the flesh of your ass as you accidentally brushed your clothed core against his thigh. He blamed it on his lack of experience with this kind of dancing, you blamed it on the one-too-many drinks you had already had. 
The two of you had joined the dance floor in the midst of a song, and as it switched over to one with a different rhythm, you spun around in his grasp. You kept one arm raised, hand resting behind you on his neck, as you arched your back and swayed your hips against his crotch. It took everything in him not to moan at the unexpected, and new, contact. He tried to correct himself rather quickly, picking up with the new rhythm of the song, but you hadn’t missed his moment of shock. 
His cock stirred within his jeans, and he prayed to whatever God was listening that he could keep himself calm enough that you wouldn’t notice. His grip upon your hips had tightened significantly, not that you minded, and his hips would occasionally brush against your ass whenever you circled your hips a bit too far backwards. He had never danced like this before, it was so different from what he was used to, but it was exhilarating all the same. He could see why Sam had brought him here, though he still wouldn’t quite call it relaxing. Relaxing is sitting in a quiet bar and sipping one too many beers before heading home. This, this was stirring something within him that he hadn’t felt in quite a while. Their bodies moved together so perfectly, well, as perfectly as they could for too tipsy people. 
As the second song began to meld into a third, you stood back to your full height and spun back around to face Bucky. You gave him a quick smile before leaning up to murmur into his ear, “I think I’m all danced out for the night.”
He raised a brow, nodding his head and eyeing you over. He leaned himself down to speak directly into your ear, just as he had earlier. “What can I get you to drink?” 
His breath fanning upon your neck caused a shiver to wrack through your body, something he certainly noticed. You bit down upon your bottom lip, shaking your head. “I’ve already had too many tonight, but thank you. I think it’s about time for me to head home.” 
As you spoke your words, you tore your eyes away from his captivating gaze and began to search for your friends. Several moments passed, and you still couldn’t find them, your brows furrowing and plump lips forming into a pout. Bucky’s hands still hadn’t removed themselves from your hips, his bottom lip tucking between his teeth as he stared down at your pouting lips. He shook himself out of it long enough to realize you were searching for your friends, and his skilled eyes scanned the room quickly. His own brows furrowed when he didn’t seem to catch a glimpse of them. When he turned his attention back towards you, you had your phone out and were staring down at a notification on your phone. 
Your pout seemed to deepen as you read the texts from your friends. They had left you, something about the one finding a guy to take home, and the other desperately needed to sleep for work in the morning. They hadn’t wanted to ruin your chance with Mr. Mysterious, now known as Bucky. You glanced back up towards Bucky, realizing he was now looking down at your phone as well. Your cheeks flushed as you imagined him reading the texts. “Uh, they both left me. I don’t live too far, I’ll just walk myself home.” You stated aloud, the last bit more aimed towards yourself as you came to the realization that you’d be leaving the club alone. 
“I’ll walk you,” Came Bucky’s immediate reply, beginning to escort you away from the center of the dance floor, his hand still pressed against your hip. There was no way he was going to let her wander off into the night alone, not after admitting to having a few too many drinks. 
You blinked in a bit of shock, not expecting the kind gesture. “Uh,” You stuttered, “Sure.” You smiled gratefully at him, letting him lead you off of the dance floor and out of the club. 
The moment the two of you stepped onto the streets of New York, Bucky audibly sucked in a deep breath and sighed. You raised your brow as he did, the ringing in your ears almost keeping you from catching it. “Too loud for you?” You asked, a small smirk pulling at your lips. 
He let out a breathy laugh, nodding his head. “Yeah, way too loud.” He raised a hand up and rubbed at his ear, placing emphasis on his words. 
You chuckled softly, “You’ll get used to it. The ringing will go away….eventually,” You teased. You had to admit, the reprieve from the music at the end of a night out was always something you cherished. Just as you cherished the cool night air of the city, something that made you happy to live so close by to your favorite spot. His hand moved to the small of your back as you began to walk further and further away from the club, the music finally dropping down to the volume of a low hum. 
Bucky scoffed playfully, “Eventually?” He repeated, a smirk now pulling at his own lips. “I’m going to have permanent ear damage from this,” He joked. 
You couldn’t help but giggle softly, nodding your head. “You’re not exactly wrong.” 
“How much further until we’ve reached your place?” He questioned after a few moments of comfortable silence. 
You rose your head from glancing down at your boots as you walked, taking in your surroundings for a second. “Mm, another block.” 
Bucky nodded his head, returning back to the silent walk for a moment or two before speaking up again. “So, it seemed like you and your friends were celebrating something? I saw you all toasting your shots when I first arrived.”
Your brows furrowed for a moment as you wondered how he had realized that, however a chuckle escaped from you as he explained. You nodded your head. “Ah, yes.” You paused for a moment. “We were celebrating my first night out as a single woman,” You spoke your last two words with emphasis, unable to hold back the chuckle that escaped right afterwards. 
This intrigued Bucky, his brows raising slightly. “Oh? Well, congratulations. I hope you enjoyed yourself.” His hand that was resting upon the small of your back moved to your hip just long enough to give it a quick squeeze. 
A blush formed across your cheeks, your bottom lip tucking in between your teeth once more. “Yes, I did.” You felt your cheeks darken further as you opened your mouth to speak again, “I had actually planned to find someone to take home as a one-night stand,” You joked, a slight laugh escaping from you as you glanced up towards your building, halting your steps. 
Bucky felt as if his breath had caught in his throat for a moment, but thankfully your abrupt stop bought him some time to formulate a response. His tongue swept across his bottom lip, wetting it, before speaking. “Uh, well, I could still be that.” His steel blue orbs were staring directly at your face, awaiting for you to turn your attention back towards him. 
His words had immediately caught your attention, your head whipping to meet your eyes with his. You surveyed his face for a moment, realizing he was being completely serious. Your eyes flickered down to his lips, then back to his eyes. He took this as a sign to step forward, closing the small gap between the two of you. His gloved hand gently took a hold of your jaw, dragging your lips to his. You moaned softly at the feeling of his soft lips against yours, his light stubble brushing against your cheeks. Your opposite hand rose to rest upon the side of his face, the kiss deepening as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. He tasted of the beer he had been drinking all night. You tasted like all of the fruity concoctions of alcohol you had been sipping on. He moaned as his tongue wasted no time in exploring every inch of your mouth, devouring the taste of you, stealing your breaths as his own. 
As the two of you parted for some much needed air, you took a few steps backward to unlock the main entry to your building. He was right behind you, pushing open the heavy door the moment that it had been unlocked. He followed you up the two flights of stairs, eagerly waiting as you dug around for your keys in your small purse, his arms encircling your waist as he placed wet kisses to your exposed neck. His distractions proved to affect your concentration, as you struggled to get your key in the lock and open the door. He was right behind you again, his gloved hand pushing open the door so that you wouldn’t have to. As soon as you were both inside and the door was shut, he had you pinned up against it. Your lips met again, this time much more desperately, and his hands roamed your entire form, before settling upon grabbing handfuls of your plump ass. 
He forced himself to pull away from your lips. “Are you sure about this?” 
Tumblr media
You nodded your head, letting out a quiet whimper as his hands gave a tight squeeze to your ass. 
“I need you to use your words, Doll.” He commanded. 
His tone of voice elicited another whimper from you as you felt your arousal begin to dampen your panties. “Yes, I’m sure.” 
Bucky let out a growl as his super soldier senses picked up on the scent of your arousal, and he did not need to be told twice that you were sure. His hands slipped from your ass to beneath the back of your thighs, hiking you up until your legs were wrapped around his thick waist. Your clothed pussy pressed right against his strained erection, eliciting a moan from the both of you. 
His lips pressed against the delicate skin of your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses on any part that he could reach. “Where’s your bedroom?” He muttered against your skin. 
You murmured the response out in between moans, raising a hand to point into the direction that led to your bedroom door. Bucky wasted no time in getting to his new destination. Before you knew it, you were being thrown backwards upon your bed, bouncing a few times as you impacted with the mattress. You sat up upon your elbows and began to scoot further up the bed when Bucky shook his head, grasping you by your ankles and tugging you back to the edge of the bed. A gasp escaped from you from the motion, another following quickly after as he dropped to his knees and began pressing kisses to your inner thighs. You squirmed impatiently in his hold, a soft moan falling from your lips, “Please,” You begged. 
Bucky’s teeth sunk into the soft skin of your thighs, his mouth leaving behind several marks that were sure to stay for several days. “Patience, Doll.” He scolded, his mouth now hovering right over where you needed him most. You squirmed beneath him once more, and his left arm laid across your hips, holding you in place. If you hadn’t already been so desperate for his touch, you would’ve noticed his arm was heavier than what was normal. His hot breath fanned over your clothed pussy, seconds later his tongue pressed flat against the silky material of your underwear. He moaned at the taste of you, and you moaned at the feeling of his tongue right where you needed him. However, it wasn’t enough, and you tried to buck your hips, whining pathetically at the lack of friction. 
He tsked at your response, removing his tongue from your pussy to sink his teeth back into your plushy thigh as punishment. The sharp pain only made you wetter, a moan falling from your lips as your arousal soaked your underwear. He pressed his nose against your clothed pussy, inhaling deeply. “Fuck, doll, you smell amazing.” 
His words elicited a mewl from you, “Please, Bucky, please!” You desperately needed him to touch you, your thighs unable to clench together for some relief due to him laying between them. 
He hummed a response, seemingly deciding to take pity on your desperation. His hands rose up to grasp at your underwear and yank them down your knees, sliding them off of your legs until he could toss them freely somewhere in your bedroom. His hot mouth hovers over your pussy once more, this time finally free of the barrier your underwear produced. His blue eyes are staring directly up at you, your elbows propping your weight up so that you can watch as he pleasures you. His tongue teasingly licks a strip up your folds. Once, twice, three times, before you’re entangling your fingers into his hair, begging him to please stop teasing you. 
He chuckles softly at the sound of you begging him, his lips wrapping around your clit as he gives it a soft, teasing suck. His tongue goes back to lapping up your arousal, his fingers holding you open as he inserts his hot muscle inside of you. Fucking you with his tongue. “Oh, fuck!” You curse openly, your walls already clenching as your orgasm begins to build at a pathetically fast pace. He retracts his tongue from your pussy, moving back to focusing upon your clit, swirling and sucking at the sensitive bud mercilessly. You cry out from the pleasure, your eyes squeezing shut at the intensity. One of his fingers pokes and prods at your entrance, gathering the slick before sliding deep inside, then a second follows. Your mouth falls open in a silent gasp, his finger curling upwards and hitting the spot that makes you see stars behind your eyelids. 
Your thighs quivered around his head, your fingers pulling at the tufts of his hair that they were tangled in. The coil within your lower stomach was beginning to tighten, begging for the pressure to be released. “Bucky, I’m gonna cum,” You whined out. 
His movements slowed slightly, “Already, sweetheart?” He teased, already knowing that you were close from the feeling of your walls fluttering around his fingers. Your only response was a whimper, followed by a louder moan as his tongue resumed flicking at your clit. His fingers increased their pace, angling perfectly to hit your g-spot and drive you over the edge. 
“Cum for me, doll.” He murmured against your pussy. 
His words were the last thing you needed to reach your peak. Your walls clenched around his fingers tightly, as they still pumped in and out of you to milk you of your orgasm. His name fell from your lips like a prayer. His mouth still sucked your clit until you were pushing his head away due to overstimulation. Your chest heaved as you tried to catch your breath, however you didn’t have much time, as Bucky quickly repositioned you so that you were on all fours.
 You heard the familiar sound of a belt buckle being undone and his zipper shortly thereafter. Moments later, you felt the head of his cock pressing against your entrance. He teased you by running the head of his cock up and down your slit, purposefully bumping against your still sensitive clit before he lined himself up with your entrance. You hadn’t even gotten a chance to see how large he was, but oh, did you feel it. He pushed himself inside of you with one smooth thrust, burying himself completely in your walls. 
“Oh, Bucky!” You cried out, the familiar burning feeling of being stretched out completely overtaking your senses. He remained still for a few moments, allowing you time to adjust to his length and girth, as well as giving him time to ground himself within your pussy. Even though you had just came, you were extremely tight around him. 
“Fuck, doll,” He groaned out, his hands gripping harshly at your hips. His hold was sure to leave bruises the next morning, but you didn’t care. This was the best you’d ever been fucked, and he’d barely started. 
“Please, move,” You moaned out, trying to push your hips backwards in order to feel the friction that you craved. He complied almost immediately, his hips drawing backwards, only to snap forward once more. The first thrust had moans escaping from the both of you, and soon after he set a brutal pace. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to last long, not even able to remember the last time he enjoyed spending time with a woman. The only sound that filled your apartment, and probably your poor neighbor’s, was that of skin slapping against skin and the wanton moans that fell from your lips. Occasionally, your ears would be graced with the sound of his own moans and groans of pleasure. 
“Fuck, you feel so good. So tight around my cock,” He managed to grit out in between thrusts. His right hand came down to spank your ass cheek harshly, his hand massaging the red mark shortly after. 
You whimpered out in response to the smack against your behind, the sharp pain adding to the immense pleasure that his cock was currently pistoning through you. You could already feel the beginnings of a second orgasm building within the pit of your stomach. His cock was reaching places inside of you that you didn’t even know could be reached. You weren’t even sure if you’d be able to walk the next morning—more than likely not. His right hand left your hip and snaked itself around so that his finger was able to press against your sensitive bud. The pressure alone had you clenching around him, and when he began to trace fast circles around your clit, you were almost done for. 
His cock was beginning to swell and twitch deep inside of you, warning the both of you that his release was just as near as yours. He pressed a bit harsher upon your clit, the speed of his thrusts increasing as he worked towards chasing both of your orgasms. “C’mon, cum for me one more time, princess.” He grunted out. 
 You’d never want to admit just how much the pet names were working for you, but his words were once again the last thing you needed to push you over the edge. Your entire body stilled, your fingers grasping at the covers beneath you so tightly that your knuckles turned white. Your walls fluttered around him so beautifully, your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you cried out his name. A few more thrusts and he was cumming with you, his cock swelling and twitching within you as his hot seed coated your walls. His seed never seemed to stop, each twitch of his cock shot another hot rope of cum deep inside of you. After several moments, he was finally finished, his hands finding purchase upon the bed as his forehead dipped to rest upon your back. You were panting beneath him, trying to catch your breath after the best orgasm you’d ever had. Bucky sucked in a breath of air before pulling himself free from you, his seed beginning to drip out and onto the covers now that it had nothing keeping it inside. He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder before he moved to stand before the bed. 
He began to shrug off his leather jacket, having been too excited to have bothered taking it off earlier—just as your dress had simply been hiked up. Though, there was another reason why he had kept it on. As you rolled over onto your back, still catching your breath, he stood there glancing down at you, a small smile on his face. 
“Before round two, I have something to tell you….”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Below is a list of spicy Bucky Barnes content! The bloggers I've listed below are so talented and I could only wish to be able to write sexy scenes as good as they do. Please show them all some love!! Reblogs are much appreciated!!
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⚠️18+ Only! MINORS DNI⚠️
I'm not responsible for your online media consumption. As I have implied this fic rec is focused wholly around sexual themed content. And with that being said I encourage you to read the warnings. Reminder each blog has their own boundaries regarding minors so please read over their guidelines.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𓂸 addicted to you by @bonky-n-steeb-lib
Summary: find Bucky to be irresistible after you both get affected by sex pollen.
𓂸 Honeymoon Suite by @navybrat817
𓂸 soaring by @blanketbarnes
Summary: You show your broody bodyguard that’s it’s okay to give into your desires once in a while.
𓂸 Like To Lose Control by @jbreenr
Summary: Bucky knows that you sometimes like to lose control… And he likes it too.
𓂸 slow ‘n steady , bucky barnes by @buckysblues
Summary; You and Bucky have been dating for a month now, and having a discussion about his past leaves you more connected to each other.
𓂸 A Twice Broken Man by @wkemeup
Summary: Knowing what will happen if Hydra ever captures him again, Bucky asks the impossible of you. The road to recovery is not an easy one. 
𓂸 all the riches, baby, won't bring what your love can bring by @sunmoonandbucky
Summary: The Crime Whores cover the story of the Barnes's Gang, who robbed over twenty banks in fifteen years.
𓂸 Kitchen Countertops by @chxrrysangel
Summary | Bucky Barnes. The Red Henley. Sinful thoughts. That is all.
𓂸 eyes up | b.b by @dirtychocolatechai
𓂸 This Is Home by @phantomspiderr
Summary: Bucky turns an ordinary, forgettable day into something you want to remember.
𓂸 mine by @sweetdreamsbuck
Summary: cockwarming mafia bucky while he's working
𓂸 Pretty much all of @agentofbarnes Masterlist for Bucky Barnes.
𓂸 Kitchen Floor • Pornstar!Bucky by @bucksfucks
Summary: I want soft, tipsy, almost drunk sex w pornstar!bucky. like both of your bodies are warm and tingly and he’s touching everywhere.
𓂸 Toxic Love by @gogolucky13
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Description: Bucky wants to take his relationship with his girlfriend to the next level. And that means ending his three year long no strings attached relationship with you. Which sucks for you because you might just fucking love him. (Not smut but I worked really freaking hard on this. And would love if you would check it out and maybe even give it a like/reblog/comment. It would mean the world to me.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit to whoever made this gif!
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avintagekiss24 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the truth of lust woman to man.
the details;
Tumblr media
sub!bucky barnes x black!Dom!reader.
10,347 words.
18+ ONLY, smut, Dom/sub dynamics, sex toys (a lot of sex toys lol), pegging, hand job, blow job, crying kink, slight degradation/humiliation kink, teasing, sex work, body worship, biting kink.
for @navegandoaciegas maneater challenge:
ingredients → body worship + "so fucking tight" + "you're such a pathetic little slut" + "look at you drooling all over yourself"
notes from the author;
i know i said i was gonna post on bucky's birthday, but i decided that i hated the format i had, so decided to change it 🤷🏾‍♀️. a few days late, but nonetheless, happy birthday to this man. please enjoy :)
consent/18+ banners by @maysdigitalarts / line divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
one thing in life you must understand
the truth of lust woman to man
so open the door and you will see
there are no secrets make your move
set me free
~ michael jackson in the closet
Tumblr media
The vibration of the phone fills the bathroom as you stand in the mirror. Fluffy white towel wrapped around your body, hair wet— ringlets bouncing with each stroke of the comb as Spotify rolls through your playlist. You’re tempted to ignore it for a while, your phone, as wash day is a beast of its own. Shampoo, rinse, shampoo again, rinse, conditioner, rinse, a five minute leave in conditioner, rinse. Comb through. A twenty minute hot oil treatment. Rinse. Comb through again. Then comes the hard part. Either let it air dry and deal with the frizz and wild, braid it and have your fingers go numb, or blow dry and straighten it which’ll take up the next two and a half hours and cuts into your Netflix time.
The phone vibrates again with the unread message.
You’re off tonight— just like every Friday night for as long as anyone can remember because it’s wash day. Everybody knows that. But your phone is vibrating anyway. It vibrates again in quick succession; another text. So you snatch it up with a huff and an eye roll, ready to cuss out whoever isn’t respecting the one boundary you have.
I know it’s Friday… but I just got back in town… really need to see you
You feel bad as soon as you read his name, let alone his messages. Three dots are still bouncing on the screen as your thumbs dance across the glass.
I’ll pay extra… please extend my sincerest apologies to your hair
He’s being a shit. You can read his dry ass tone through the screen. This is his little way of apologizing for intruding on your personal time… but a boy has needs. Obviously.
Text Nat, you reply, deleting your original and kinda mean (even for you), message, You can apologize in person.
He doesn’t text back.
Blow dry and straighten it is.
A few minutes later, the phone vibrates again. A text from Nat.
I have a request for you tonight… says you’ve green lighted this? Please confirm
Confirmed— overtime rates for the entire evening
Got it. Contract to follow
You flip off vibrate, not wanting to miss another text. There’s something behind them— a little desperation, maybe? He needs you, but he’s still going to wait the time it takes to do your hair.
Gotta punish him somehow.
The swish on an incoming email fills the bathroom as you pull out your blow dryer and hair straightener. Grabbing the phone again, you click into the PDF, skim the details— overtime rates applied, extra fees for a last minute booking and personnel accommodations— then tap above your printed name just below Natasha’s signature, and turn your phone in your hands. You slide your finger across the glass, leaving behind a swift, girly signature. A few more taps and a loud swoosh later, your contract is sent back to Natasha, awaiting the signature of your client.
Within minutes, another text flashes across the screen.
All set. Yelena will meet you at the destination. Stark Towers, 1245 E. Manhattan St, Midtown Manhattan, NYC. APT 1514
You’re all too familiar with the Stark Towers apartment building. An exclusive property in the heart of New York City. Luxury apartments that never seem to come available for rent— to the general public that is— not that a few overly rich, overly confident assholes haven’t tried. No, you have to be a specific type of human to get Tony Stark to even take a second glance at your application. A certain human of the hero variety.
It’s a tall building. Looks as if it’s made completely out of glass. There’s too many floors and too many apartments for the six or seven super humans that the world knows about— makes you wonder just how much Mr. Tony Stark knows about this flying green rock and how little the puny humans actually know about the super ones... maybe there’s more. But, you don’t get paid to ask questions. You just get paid to stalk the halls of Stark Towers and make very big, very strong men lick your boots until they cry.
A smile tugs at the corners of your mouth at the very thought.
Tumblr media
There’s a blonde standing just outside the door of the luxury apartment building, hands shoved in the pockets of her black leather jacket, the permanent scowl she dons etched on her face, “This one must be special to get you out on a Friday night.”
A small smile curves onto your lips as you step onto the curb, “Well, he’s got a big dick if that’s what you’re asking.”
Yelena scrunches her face, lip snarled as she rolls her eyes and scoffs, “This is why I hate working with you,” she holds out her hand to you, wiggles her fingers, “Wrist.”
You push up the sleeve of your own leather jacket, clearing your throat as your ponytail blows in the wind. Yelena wraps a device around your wrist, something like a fit bit but a little more high tech. Her eyes bouncing between her phone and your face as she syncs the two devices, “Your hair looks nice.”
“Thank you,” you smile, tossing your head a bit to make it move, “I finally pulled the trigger on that $500 straightener and tried a new shampoo. All good?”
The bracelet around your wrist dings and vibrates quick before Yelena shoves her phone into her back pocket, “Good. Let’s go.”
One good thing about Stark Towers is the anonymity of the building. Security codes get changed daily, and each door, stairwell, or elevator requires a different one. The front door is a four digit code, the elevator, a pattern. Floor fifteen is a seven digit code plus voice recognition by the one and only—
“Jarvis,” you smile gently as Yelena leans against the wall of the elevator, “It’s been a while, darling.”
“It has,” Jarvis’ smooth voice fills the metal box, “It’s nice to hear your voice again. May I have the seven digit code please?”
“0743926,” you read slowly, glancing down at the text from Nat.
“Thank you, and the additional four digit pin please?”
It goes quiet for a few moments, Jarvis running his specs to confirm your answers and voice, “Thank you, and your companion? May I have a name and their one time guest passcode please?”
“Yelena Belova,” she answers with a huff, pushing away from the wall, “37624. Open the door, Jarvis.”
“Ah, Ms. Belova, how lovely to see you again,” Jarvis answers, “Enjoy the evening, ladies.”
Just like that, the elevator doors slide open to floor fifteen. Yelena trails you as you move with purpose. Confident strides, setting your tone. When you reach the door, you don’t even have to knock. You hear Jarvis’ muffled voice announcing your arrival to the person inside and then heavy footsteps. Locks sliding back into the doorframe.
The door opens within seconds and you’re bathed in a warm light, “Hi baby,” you purr, when your eyes meet a pair of steel blues.
He just smirks in return, before sliding those eyes to the short blonde behind you, “Christ,”
“Nice to see you too,” Yelena fake smiles. She grabs your wrist and lifts it eye level, “This,” she points towards the sleek device around your wrist, “Is a direct link to my phone. It records every vital in the human body— heart rate, oxygen levels, body temperature, and blood pressure—,”
“Yeah, yeah,” he holds up his hand, “I got it, do we have to go through this every time?”
Yelena doesn’t miss a beat, “If her heart rate goes above one hundred and twenty five beats in any one minute time span, I’m coming through this door. If her breathing hitches for longer than twenty seconds, I’m coming through this door. Temperature play isn’t on your list of kinks, so if her’s drops even one degree—”
“Let me guess,” your client sighs, pushing the door open wider to expose his scantily clad body— only a pair of black boxer briefs covering his most intimate. He crosses his arms over his broad chest, a hint of gold glinting underneath the hallway lights, “You’re coming through my door?”
“And throwing you out of the window,” she drops your hand and digs out her phone, “She can also click one button on the bracelet or her phone and I’m snapping you in half like a twig,” she taps on her phone, starting the timer linked to Natasha’s computer, “Time starts now, and ends when I see her face again. Fingerprint, please.”
He doesn’t argue. Just places his thumb onto the screen of her phone and lets his eyes wander your frame as you push your finger onto the glass as well once he’s finished. Yelena walks off without a word— not a smile, not a second glance— leaving you and one Bucky Barnes to stare at one another.
He steps aside and you saunter in, pulling off the backpack and jacket and tossing them to the floor as you glance around his spacious bachelor pad. You turn to face him, blinking slow as your eyes search his face. Watching him as the power balance shifts on a dime. His eyes go all soft and nervous, barely able to maintain contact before those dark lashes rest on his suddenly flushed cheeks.
“Aww,” you purr, stepping up to him, cupping his cheek in your palm, “My sweet boy missed me, huh?”
Bucky nods soft, nuzzling into your touch, “It’s been too long.”
“You’re a busy boy, that’s okay,” you push your hand into his short hair, a smile tugging on your lips as his eyes flutter and lips part, a small moan in the back of his throat, “Somebody has to save the world.”
“Lucky me,” he whispers, turning his head gently to meet your fingers, to feel them.
You grab a fistful of his soft hair, yank his head back without warning, making him grunt, “Don’t think that superhero status means we still don’t have rules, baby,” you push in real close, lips brushing right up against the shell of his ear, “Greet me properly.”
The words are barely off the tip of your tongue before he’s on his knees. Large hands caressing your calf beneath your tight black jeans. Thick fingers and wide palms pushing up and around your thighs, hips, back to your ass before he leans down and kisses your combat boot. Then he looks up at you, blinking all sweet and innocent, hands gripping your hips like if he lets go he’ll fall straight through the floor.
You smile, eyes soft as you stroke his cheek and chin with the backs of your fingers, “Good boy.”
He lights up at the praise. A quick, sheepish smile. Batting his eyes as a pink blush blooms across his cheeks. So pretty. You tap him just underneath his chin to get him to stand, peering down at him through your lashes and then setting your gaze directly on him as he looms over you. Bucky still averts your eyes slightly, falling nervous after mere seconds before having to look away.
You love him like this.
So big, but so small. All at the same time.
You kiss him hard, lacing your fingers back into his hair and pulling gently. His top lip between yours as your tongue slides along the roof of his mouth. You moan into his wet mouth, push your body into his so he can feel you. To reassure him. Let him know that it’s okay. He can relax— you’re here now.
Bucky melts into you as he takes your lead, letting you control the moment— but careful to mind his manners. Even though those fingers of his are itching to touch, to grope and fondle, he keeps them by his sides. Waiting for his cue. He still loses himself in your mouth all the same. Moans into you. Hisses when you bite down on his fleshy bottom lip just a little too hard, but he shivers because it feels good.
And you love that too. How responsive this big man is. You pull away from him when you’ve had your fill— and when his cock is pressing into your thigh. A devilish smile creeps onto your face, soft but mischievous eyes batting up at him as your fingers trace the band of his boxers. A low giggle bubbling up in your throat as you walk those fingers down over the thick outline of the impressive cock print pushing against soft material.
You cup him without warning— squeeze his cock and balls hard as a sharp, quick breath chokes in his throat. The soft metal of the tips of his fingers clinking against his palm as he balls his hands by his sides.
“Oh Bucky baby,” you sigh happy, releasing your grip to slide your hand along his cock, massage that heavy sac before teasing his cockhead and the cute little wet spot that’s appeared within the last few minutes, “I hope you’re ready for me, cuz I sure have missed you,” you turn on your heel, releasing him completely from your grasp, “Come, and bring my bag.”
The loud zip of your jeans bounces off the walls of the quiet apartment as you move through the living room, past the kitchen and down the hall. The plain white cropped t-shirt covering your torso slips over your head easy, falls to the floor with a soft heap somewhere near the threshold of his bedroom (he’ll stop to pick it up because that’s what good boys do).
Once in the room, you turn on your heel, tilt your head and set your eyes on him again as he moves through the threshold. He places your bag on the bed, folds your shirt quickly and places it in the chair in the corner of his room before he tosses your leather jacket over the back. Then, he’s right back in front of you. Ready for his next orders.
You point towards the floor and he obeys without question. Head down, hands flat on his thighs, fingers spaced just so. You take a few steps toward the bed, but as you pass him can’t help but run your fingers through that soft, brown, freshly clipped hair. He moans, real little and soft, and a smile breaks onto your face as you move away from him and unzip your Christian Louboutin backpack.
A sigh pushes through your nose, a hum vibrating at the back of your throat as you unpack slowly, lining up the toys and random pieces of clothing side by side. Black mesh thigh high stockings for you. Leather harness. Glass butt plug. Nipple clamps— his favorite. A new dildo, one that as soon as you saw it when scrolling through your favorite online sex shop, you thought instantly of Bucky. The Sinnovator Rhino. Black, silver, and pink in color, nubs carved on the underside of the soft silicone. Huge— ten inches long, almost eleven inches in girth at its widest part.
Perfect for cock sluts like Bucky Barnes.
There’s a bottle of water based lube. A four-in-one misting sanitizing spray (a good Dom is a clean Dom). One hitachi wand, and an array of soft bondage rope. Pinks, blues, greens, pretty colors for a pretty boy. An expandable spreader bar, and finally, one pair of men’s thigh high stockings— red, three little white stripes at the top of each. You grab your pair of stockings and pad back over to the stoic Bucky, breathing deep but easy. Centered. You reach out, tap him on his shoulder to get him to raise his head.
“Help me get ready, baby.”
“Yes ma’am.”
You stand still, both hands on his shoulders as he sits up on his knees, his nose at your belly button. Two strong hands slip around your waist and dip inside of your jeans, pushing the thick material down over your ass, greedy fingers and palms squeezing your flesh to cop a quick feel.
The punishment is swift. His stubbly chin yanked upwards and then,  a quick slap— all fingers and really no force at all— across his face. It’s not about pain with Bucky, he’s had his fill of punches and slaps, down right beatings when he stepped out of line. No, it’s not about the pain, but the shame of not following the rules. Of disobeying a direct order. A distant call to his days with HYDRA, except, he can control it now. He can decide when he wants to toe this invisible line, when he wants the sharp retaliation. He can be a disobedient soldier, all while feeling good about it.
“You know better,” you hiss, eyes and lips hard as you point your finger in his face, “Apologize—”
“ —I’m sorry,” he interrupts quickly, big blue eyes batting up at you, chest rising and falling a little harder, a little faster, that red blush creeping through his creamy peach skin, “I’m sorry. Thank you for correcting me.”
You drag your thumb over his lips, back and forth, real slow, watching as his eyes flutter again, “Such a good boy.”
Reinforcement is also big with Bucky. Another hum whirs deep in the back of his throat as he takes a big, deep breath and rolls his shoulders. That’s something he never got back then, and something he might not ever really get used to deep down, but it’s starting to feel better. He’s getting better about it— trying harder each and every time the two of you are together to accept the words. To believe them. The tiny little hum is proof that it’s starting to work.
“All is forgiven, bunny,” you smile, “Now come on, let’s stop wasting time, shall we?”
There’s a small smile on his blushed face. His bottom lip stuck between his white teeth, the soft skin going red and white from the pressure, “Yes ma’am,” he answers quietly.
Bucky waits until your hands are back on his shoulders before he’s tugging at your black jeans again. He lifts each leg one by one, a strong hand wrapped around each naked thigh as he pulls the rough denim over each foot. Folds them up real nice and places them just to his left before he accepts the thin, sheer stockings from your fingers.
He takes his time. Lifts your right foot and rests it on his hard thigh as he bunches the expensive material in his hands before he rolls it up over your manicured toes, foot and ankle. Shimmies the black stocking up your calf, over your knee, and up to your thigh, his fingers glancing along your skin all the while. There’s a soft little rub of his palm against the back of your thigh before he adjusts the stocking on your leg, making sure it’s straight and smooth, that there’s no kinks or bunched material, and then moves on to your other leg.
The soft pad of your feet against the carpet fills the room once more as your back at the end of the bed, harness in hand. You hand it over to him, place your hands back on his wide shoulders, lift your right leg as he holds it open. The velvet lining on the inside of the leather is so soft— comforting even. Makes you take a deeper breath and close your eyes for a beat longer than a blink. This is home. This is center. This is confidence.
Bucky adjusts the straps to your hips with skill, just barely flicking his eyes up to yours to get a handle on whether or not he needs to sinch them tighter. After all the time together, he just kinda knows. He turns you in his hands and starts lacing up the back, tugging hard on the string for the ultimate tightness— corset like. When he’s finished, he turns you again, hands gripping your sides, fingers gently indenting the meat of your waist. And then, like the good little bunny he is, he drops them to his sides and bats those big, pretty blue eyes and long, dark lashes up at you.
Your thumb finds the little dimple in his chin and another wide smile cracks his face. It makes you go all warm, the smile. There’s probably all of three people on the planet that have seen this smile, and although you’d probably never say it out loud, you’re kinda proud to be one of them. You push your chin forward, smiling soft, “Bed.”
There isn’t a shred of hesitation. Following behind him, you stop at the edge of the bed, taking a deep breath as you eye the arsenal spread out before you. The mattress dips under his weight, the toys bouncing and rolling a little as two hundred and something pounds of man positions himself around them.
“You know, baby,” you start, plucking the red stockings from their place, “Since it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other, I think I need to take it a little slow tonight. Wouldn’t you agree?”
Bucky hates it when you take it slow. The semi-hard breath that pushes through his nose further demonstrates his displeasure, but, he doesn’t dare say it, “Yes.”
The curt answer makes you laugh as you climb onto the bed and between his outstretched legs. You grab a small chunk of skin between your index and thumb, just on the inside of his thigh. Pinch him so hard he jumps, muscles tensing as he sounds from the sharp, instant pain, “Don’t,” you start slow, pinching harder, “be rude. Yes, what?”
“Yes ma’am,” the words rush out of his mouth in a hurry, eyes squinted, teeth grinding against teeth, “Yes ma’am!”
“You better watch that smart mouth.”
You dress him in his red stockings, fix them all nice and straight, your fingers “slipping” to his inner thighs, scratching and pinching at the tender skin— his cock twitching at each little indiscretion of your hands. Soft laughter bubbles up in your throat, little moans of satisfaction as the wet spot on his black boxers grows bigger. You push his legs up so they’re bent at the knee, his feet flat on the mattress and push them open so you can wiggle in between.
Your hands find his knees and push down his thighs, right to his hips before raking your nails back upward to the bend. They make their way back down his thighs again and to his hips, but don’t stop this time. No, those fingers and palms keep roaming, over a perfect set of abs, up to two pronounced, hard tits until they fall on either side of him, the mattress catching your weight as you lean over him to kiss that mouth.
It’s sloppy and wet, the kiss, as you grind your cunt against his cock. Real slow. Back and forth as you release his now red lips with a loud smack. You keep your face close to his, lips barely out of his reach as your hips roll against him. Bucky’s teeth dig into his bottom lip, his eyelashes settling on his reddened cheeks as you push your face into the little nook between his jaw and neck. You kiss him once, twice, three times, real quick before your tongue darts out against his skin, licking a path before you kiss him again, this time harder. Punctuating it with a deep thrust from your hips.
He hisses, body tightening, hips jerking slightly as you suck a pretty bruise into his skin. He pushes his hips upward, into the leather and the wetness of your cunt, staining his underwear further with his excitement.
Your teeth scrape across his throat while you grab his wrists and pin them up over his head. It’s ridiculous really. One little twitch of his wrist and he’d be free of your grasp— your strength absolutely no match to his— but he doesn’t even try. He just relaxes more, practically melts into the mattress and underneath your power.
A wet tongue slithers just below his ear, a quick, purposeful blow of air to dry and cool the hot, wet spot. Bucky shivers, grunts and moans while bated breaths choke up in his throat as your cunt slides over the full length of his cock, pinned against his stomach. His hips rock more. Faster, harder, as your mouth and tongue and teeth move down his chest. Through the smattering of dark hair, over the little nicks and silvery scars that litter the wide canvas.
“Fuck,” he groans, kinda garbled and strained when your lips wrap around his right nipple to suck the cute little nub and massage it with your tongue as you tighten your hands around his wrists some more, “Fuck, I—”
He’s just a mumbling mess now. Cock jumping in his tight boxers, hot droplets of precum leaking through the material. The mattress dips with his thrusting hips, snaps right back into place when he lifts, but sinks again just as quick. He’s vibrating. Body humming. Blood rushing as you sink your teeth into the side of one of those perfect tits. He’s hot all over. Whiny and desperate to cum as he squeezes his legs around you.
But it isn’t time yet.
You lean back— keep his hands pinned over his head for a second more before you push away completely and leave him humping nothing but air. He slams his fists down by his sides, swallows hard as you laugh at him, “Aww, honey,” you patronize, grabbing his cheeks and shaking his head back and forth, “Poor wittle baby, you mad at me? Huh?”
He shakes his head, but keeps his eyes closed, licking his lips as shaky breaths push between his teeth, “No ma’am.”
“No?” you purr, pushing on the inside of his knees to push those legs open wider before you fall onto your hands. You nuzzle your face against his thigh, wrap your arm around it and press your lips against the firm muscle, “Are you sure?” it’s a whisper. Eyes batting all sweet as you lean up and blow warm air against his cock.
Bucky tenses, stomach and thighs flexing as he grunts in frustration. You palm his sac, squeeze it, before you drag your hand flat along his cock, all the way to the tip and then back to his balls again.
“No ma’am,” he quips, but it’s weak and all trembly, “I’m not— ah!”
A firm, deep bite to the inside of his naked thigh steals the words right off his tongue. His legs tense up again, hips lifting from the mattress as you send your eyes up his long body. His head is torqued just a little— tipped back and rolled a tad to the side so his chin is jutted towards the ceiling. There’s little crinkles in the corners of his eyes, his lips zipped up tight as you can only imagine him grinding those perfect teeth against one another to dull the pain.
Bucky’s always been one for dramatics. The slightest little slap or scratch sends him wailing. You’re sure your love bite is nothing more than what a mosquito bite is to a Rhino. Barely a prick, if there’s really any acknowledgement of the bite at all from said Rhino— or… could he be leaning into it? The pain. After years of ignoring it, shrugging it off. Becoming numb to it all, so in actuality, after a while, he never really felt anything. Not a fist to his jaw, or a knife to his thigh. No sore bones and deep muscle bruises after rolling, kicking, punching, falling, jumping. Nothing. Just learned to not register it because what did it matter anyway?
Now he’s alive. Flesh, blood and bone. Hypersensitive and whiney. Screeching at the mere thought of your teeth in his thigh again and manicured nails digging into skin that’s now meant to feel. His eyes leak from the frustration, the pent up anxiety, the final release you’ve provided week after week for only Natatsha knows just how long. Laughter and tension and tears and relief— he’s alive. And he wants to feel it.
So you bite him again, because it is about the pain. You palm his sac, massage his heavy balls slow as you drag your wet tongue and swollen lips around the now hot skin where your teeth just were. Wrap your fingers around his thick cock and pump him through his boxers as his chest hitches. He starts to tremble, cute noises bubbling in his throat as he tries to keep calm but the white sheets below are knotted firm in his grip. Any more tension in fact, and those metal digits will rip this poor little sheet in two.
With a lingering kiss on the inside of his knee, you pull away again. Twist around on your knees to pluck the glass butt plug and cleaning spray from its place in the toy line up. You spritz it slow with the sanitizing spray, feeling sharp, eager eyes on you all the while, his impatience growing tangible. He’s breathing hard, audibly so. His poor bottom lip clamped between his teeth again, so hard that you’d be surprised if it doesn’t end up bleeding. You still take your time though, twisting and turning the plug between your fingers, seemingly eyeing every inch of the custom blown glass just to annoy him further.
“Back in a flash, buttercup,” with that, you’re off the bed and padding into the bathroom, cutting your eyes just in time to catch him taking a hard swallow, “Patience is a virtue,” you call in a sing song tone as you flip on the water and wait for it to heat.
Your facetious nature added with Bucky’s surly attitude really makes for a great evening— always has. You dip the anal toy to and fro beneath the warm water more times than necessary just to waste a little more time— to get him really yappy and rude. A few more minutes tick by as you pretend to not know where he keeps his hand towels, opening and closing drawers loudly and then finishing off the Oscar worthy act with an “Ah, here they are!”
Two blue eyes meet yours again as you lean against the door frame, right leg crossed over the left as you start to dry the plug. You lift it up into the light, rub out an imaginary spot. Turn it between your fingers, squinting and wiping like it’s the finest piece of crystal known to man and not something that’s gonna be shoved up his ass in a few minutes.
After it’s clean, and you mean clean, you skip back towards the bed and climb on top, wiggling between his legs again as you reach for the band of his boxers. Bucky lifts his hips without having to be asked as you pull them half way down his thigh, snapping the elastic band against his skin playfully.
“Alright baby boy,” you murmur, flipping the cap of the small bottle of lube, “Relax for me.”
You start with your fingers first, slathered up with the gel. Run them between his cheeks, eyes snapping towards his and a smile curling on your lips when he jumps at the contact. Index and middle fingers find his warm, tight rim, already fluttering with anticipation, and gently stroke him. Prep him up real nice and wet— getting his chest hitching and those sweet little sounds to burble through him again, his cock jumping within seconds of your touch.
With a little glob of lube on the tip of the plug, you toss the bottle behind you and push the glass between his legs, still bent at the knee and but falling further and further open as he starts to melt away again, his brain going to static and fuzz as he’s safe and warm with you again at last.
Push, push, push. Slowly, slowly, slowly. His mouth falls open, head tipping back again as his body spreads, forms around the glass toy. You flatten a palm against his knee, fingers stroking the thin, delicate skin there as you fill him up.
It isn’t enough to satisfy the whore in him, but the heel of the plug finally rests against his hot rim. You give his sac another squeeze, pump his shaft and sweep the pads of your fingers over his wet, red tip as a sweet hum vibrates in his throat. Just to get him to jump again, to gasp and shiver all sweet like, you give his cockhead a kiss, make sure your tongue barely breezes against the sensitive skin before you pull away to shimmy his boxers back up— another loud snap of the elastic band around his waist.
You nuzzle your cheek against the inside of his thigh. Press three soft kisses there as you rake your nails up and down the back of it before sitting up straight enough to grab the next piece from your arsenal before venturing up his body— a kiss here, a slippery tongue there, greedy fingers scratching, gripping, groping everywhere— until you find that broad chest once more. You push your fingers through the soft hair splashed along his tits before lightly brushing your fingers over his left nipple. Pushing up on your knees, you throw a leg over his waist to straddle him, resting every pound you have to offer on his stomach.
He can certainly take it.
Bucky keeps his eyes closed as you explore him with your hands. Flat palms gliding over pecs and shoulders, squeezing a thick bicep— tracing the singular vein that protrudes against his skin. When you lift the soft black metal arm, oh, those blue eyes pop open again. Find you quick.
He’s always been self conscious of it— since the day you met him. It wasn’t all shiny and new then. No, it was old and heavy, silver with that pesky red star. A red, jagged, thick scar joining flesh and metal that crept down into his pec and back— which made for a lot of uncomfortable nights, tossing and turning. Already strained, tired muscles burning with an old, burdensome pain. It changed him, that arm. The way he touched (or didn’t touch) things; not wanting to hurt or break anything without realizing. Altered how he moved, how he walked. A new, distinctive gait that gave him away whenever he wanted just a little anonymity. Long sleeve shirts, jackets, and gloves became his permanent wardrobe.
Don’t touch it, he warned the first time you’d met, that’s my only… thing.
The arm is a hard no?
Very hard.
Hm, ok. We’ll work on that.
And now you have that vibranium limb in your hand, the tip of his index finger between your teeth, lips wrapped around the digit as you suck lightly, taking it all deep into your mouth. The chain of the nipple clamps dangling from your fingertips click gently against his forearm as you take a second black and gold finger into your mouth.
He whimpers. Bucks his hips into your ass soft as your tongue swirls around his fingers, your free hand pushing down, then back up his long arm. A far cry from don’t touch it… and that makes you all tingly. He trusts you; and you feel like that’s hard to come by from a hundred year old killing machine.
You drop his arm, let him grab a hold of your thigh as you push your hands from his hard stomach up to his chest again, just kinda feeling his thick skin and trained muscles before you start to tease his left nipple. Rubbing it a little harder, pinching and teasing until it’s ready for a weighted clamp. You flip your eyes from his chest to his face, watching him as you tighten the grip of the clamp, moving the slider upward until his face breaks from the squeeze. His teeth grinding again, crinkles in the corners of his eyes, a hiss slips through his teeth.
Just for good measure, you push the slider up just a tick further, until his entire body tenses underneath you. That’s the sweet spot. You fix him up real pretty, get that second nipple locked into its clamp and give the silver chain a tug— just to make him squirm. His handsome face breaking again, hips rolling as the sharp pain of the clamps starts to settle with the fullness the plug in his ass provides.
He wiggles, tightening the grip he still has on your thighs, his breath starting to rush again as he grows impatient, that deep itch just barely being tickled.
Climbing off, you settle on your knees between his legs, which have now fallen flat against the mattress. You push them open a smidge, let him flex his feet and adjust as you grab yet another toy to once again push him right up against his threshold. You were sorta on the fence about making him cry tonight— it’s been a while and he’s all pent up and anxious… you like to take it a little easy on him in situations like this. But he’s definitely going to cry tonight. The sadist in you won’t have it any other way.
The soft buzz of the hitachi wand fills the room and sends a shiver right through him. You scoot back towards the edge of the bed so your feet dangle off and prop up on your elbows, your face— mouth and all— maybe an inch from his throbbing cock. Your ass in the air.
“Where to start,” you wonder aloud with a huff, “Maybe,” you sing, skimming the wand up the inside of his thigh, “Here?”
Bucky’s legs jerk, close in a little around you at the vibration as he pushes his hips down into the mattress hard when you stop just at his balls.
“Or maybe here,” you continue, placing the silicone head of the toy on his stomach, running it from hip to hip, tracing the elastic band of his underwear.
“Aht, fuck,” it’s throaty, but a little rushed. He’s falling fast, “Plea—“
“ —No? Maybe here then,”
Back to the inside of his thigh, but the left one this time. You drag it underneath his sac real fast, just barely letting him feel it before you pull it away completely. Tease him again by running it along the cock print in his nearly ruined underwear. Over the large wet spot and then back down the front of his thigh.
You pull it away again and the absence is just too much for the burly man. Bucky slams his fist into the mattress, “Please,”
Giggling, you tilt your head, place your chin in the palm of your hand, “Please what, bunny?”
“Aht, aht, aht,” you warn, pinching the inside of his thigh, “I warned you earlier— watch that mouth, James.”
Bucky slaps his hands over his face, rubs his eyes and cheeks hard before he drops his heavy limbs back to the mattress. He’s getting huffy. Lashes wet, cheeks a deep red, chest heavy and heaving again. His hips wiggle down into the mattress, all the more aware of that plug— filling him not nearly enough.
“You’re such a pathetic little slut, you know that?” you laugh, tickling the inside of his thigh, laughing harder when he jumps, “Can’t take two minutes of a little foreplay.”
You give into him all the same. The vibrating silicone head meets a weeping cockhead through the thin black boxers. His whole body stiffens as you hold the wand still against him, moaning all sweet and low as his cock starts jumping again. You push the wand down his length, over his drawn up balls then back up to his tip. Drag it back and forth along his stomach as he squirms— toes spreading out, drawing his legs up before stretching them out long again, fingers flexing from tight balls to flat against the mattress on either side of him.
He grows louder as the minutes tick by. Groaning and whimpering, gasping when you grab him again, lifting his cock from his stomach, squeezing and stroking as you push the wand against his mushroom head. You move it around slow, circling his sensitive tip as you keep a firm hold of him, pulling the wand away and then pressing it against him again in quick succession, jerking his cock with your hand all the while.
“Guh— g— od,” he pants, grabbing the side of the mattress with his metal hand, “I’m gonna fuckin— ugh, I’m,”
“You’re not coming unless I say so, bunny,” you smile, pushing the vibrator back down his cock, over his balls real slow, “Those are the rules.”
He grunts in response, knowing what’s coming but is too weak to stop it. Too warm and fuzzy to really want to stop it— this is what he pays for after all.
The vibrator falls next to Bucky’s side as you dig your fingers underneath the band of his boxers again. It’s a little harder to drag them down his long legs, but the minute his cock springs free you find the strength to shimmy them down his limp body. He’s shiny and wet, a deep bloom of red all over. Gorgeous.
He’s warm— hot even— when you wrap your fingers around his cock, palm his full sac with the other hand. You take a deep breath, push it out audibly as you stroke him slowly, tilting your head and batting your big brown eyes when his hips start to buck with your rhythm. A wet tongue finds his hot flesh, licks from the base of his cock all the way up, up, up to his tip, a salty plop of cum dribbling from his slit when the two meet.
You suck on the head, then take him whole before he can even realize it’s happening. Slip him right down your throat with ease (you’re a professional after all) as you find the magic wand again and press it against his taint. You hum lightly as you pull your mouth off of him to tease his slit with your flicking tongue before you swallow him up again.
Being the good little bunny Bucky Barnes is, he tempers himself. He’s used to it really, holding himself back. Keeping those pesky little demons at bay— but he’s starting to struggle. Thighs are getting shaky. Hips are faltering more and more as they roll and buck. He’s getting whiny all over again, high-pitched and almost helpless. Urgent, trembling, honeyed little moans spewing out of him as your throat massages him, lips and tongue swirl, suck and slurp on him, all while the deep vibrations of the silicone headed wand rock through him.
He freezes up suddenly, muscles tensing all over as a shaky, drawn-out moan passes through his lips, a quick gasp following. His cock jumps in your mouth out of anticipation— it’s right there. So close that you both can taste it. Flesh and metal fingers dig into the mattress, sheets all bunched up under his palms, barely withstanding the force of his grasp.
If you swirl your tongue just once. Move that vibrator a centimeter of an inch, and you’ll have a mouth and throat full of cum.
Sounds fun— for both you and Bucky.
But you didn’t say so. So, naturally…
“Fuck! Don’t—“ his voice breaks underneath the strain of a ruined orgasm. He just kinda breaks after that. As soon as you empty your mouth of him, his face contorts with the tears and sobs of his frustration. He cries openly and loudly as you click off the vibrator— like the sweet little angel he is, “I’ve— ” he begs, inhaling deep between each sob that wracks his body, “ —I’ve been so good… I n-need to… this isn’t f-fair— please, just,”
“Aww, sweetie. You’ll be okay. I promise,” you purr, moving up to perch on his stomach again.
Your lips find his forehead, his cheeks, the bridge of his nose before pecking at his mouth. Once, twice, three, four times— they’re always so soft and red when he’s all achy and sweet like this. You could just eat up every little sob and squeak and choke that pours from him, “Such a good little puppy,” you murmur, kissing him one last time before rolling off of him and planting your feet on the carpet.
There’s a body length mirror in the corner of his room, propped up by the two adjoining walls. He bought it just for you— well, for your dates. Bucky Barnes, left to his own devices, wouldn't have any mirrors, let alone one that spans nearly the entire length of the wall. What’s the point? I know what I look like. But little, soft bunny Bucky Barnes? Oh, he likes seeing himself stripped down to the barest of all that is human. Likes to watch his body lurch forward with each thrust from behind. Etches the lines and wrinkles in his skin as his face breaks from the ecstasy of your hard fuck in his mind— how it scrunches up in pain, in relief, in anticipation. All for you. All because of you.
He’s flesh, blood and bone you see. Not only does he want to feel it, he wants to see it too.
A deep breath fills your lungs. You hold it in, one, two, three seconds before pushing it out through your nose— totally content. Bucky sniffles behind you, sobs still squeaking out of him as you saunter back into the bathroom to wet another hand towel. You wring it out, move back into the room and stand at the edge of the bed. Time for what he really pays you for.
Sanitizing spray and warm hand towel in one hand, pink and black dildo in the other, you move to the mirror and start to prep. The soft spritzes of the spray seem to fill the room, drowning out Bucky’s cries. Twisting and turning the huge cock in your hand, you douse it thoroughly before you wipe at it, making sure every little nod carved into the silicone, every little nook gets the proper attention. For good measure, you traipse back into the bathroom, stick it underneath the warm water to clean the surface again before you lock the base into the silver ring of your harness. You give your cock a few good tugs to make sure it’s snug and secure. Bucky’s cranky enough— let your dick fall off while he’s trying to get off and see how well that goes.
“Alright puppy,” you coo, back at the edge of the bed, collecting some rope, “On your knees.”
His limbs are liquid. Muscles hot and sore for the constant flexing and straining from your teasing. But he manages to perch on his knees, his arms unable and unwilling to hold him up. He slumps forward, pushing the side of his blotchy red face into the sheets and mattress, his shoulders bearing most of his weight.
You push your hand down his spine, right down to his neck and give it a squeeze before moving your fingers into his hair. You smile a little when you see him visibly relax into your touch— eyes flutter closed, a soft but deep, purposed breath releasing from his mouth. He even moans a bit, feeling safe and soothed by your fingertips.
“You’re doing good, baby. Still with me?” a pathetic head shake is all you receive, “Use your words, please.”
Bucky gets all choked up, the words strangled and chopped as his eyes blur with tears again, “Good, I’m g-good,”
“We’re almost there, honey.” your voice soft and warm, fingers pulling from his hair and back up his spine real slow, “I’m gonna give you what you want bunny, but I need those hands first.”
There’s no struggle. No back talk, no pouting or huffing. Bucky just places his hands in the small of his back, crossing his left wrist over the right and flexing his fingers slow. You lift his hands gently, slipping the pink bondage rope underneath his wrists and circle it around them, starting your single column tie. Breathing easy and slow, you work the soft rope around his wrists, the tip of your cock pressed right up against his tight sac the entire time. His cock jumps every now and again, his hot hole fluttering with anticipation as he sniffles and hums with his tears.
When you’re finished, you give your handiwork a hard tug, the knot holding firm— for a regular human anyway. Bucky could snap it with a twitch of his wrist if he really wanted to, but that Bucky is suppressed entirely too deep tonight. You lean back to take a look at him, drag your nails up and down his stocking clad thighs, then up to his bare ass to give that little booty a squeeze. Finding the lube again, you squeeze a dollop onto the tip of your pink and black, ribbed for his pleasure, cock and stroke it slow, spreading the slick right down to the base before pushing some out onto the tips of your fingers.
Bucky jumps slightly when your fingers find his rim. He lets out a long, semi-focused breath as you prep him real nice, your eyes flickering towards the mirror, “Look at yourself, beautiful,” you whisper, grabbing your cock in your hand, “This is your favorite part,” your voice thick.
Wet, thick lashes flutter as he cranes his neck a little to see himself. To see you. Blue eyes peer on as you push closer to him, your thighs right up against his. You spread his ass open with both hands. Drag your pretty, fake cock from his heavy balls to his asshole— then push. Slow. Hard. Watching the mirror as Bucky’s face screws up in pleasure and pain. Deep wrinkles carve into his forehead, his mouth falling open as he squeezes those eyes shut before popping them open again, blinking furiously.
You don’t stop until his ass is flush against your harness. All ten inches— completely gone. Have you mentioned how much you love cock sluts like Bucky Barnes?
He’s all whimpery and whiney again. Huffing and choking on his own sounds. Balled fists pull lightly on the restraints around his wrists. He struggles to keep his eyes open, but tries hard, blinking fast as he groans deep, “G-od, please. Please, please,” he begs, metal fingers clinking against a metal palm, “Fuck me, please. Fuck me good.”
Fuck him good, you will.
You rock into him, the mattress starting to squeak with the weight and the movement. His body lunges forward with each stroke, his mouth falling wider and wider open as you fuck him deep. Make him take each and every inch from tip to base with each push of your hips. Your rhythm is slow, pushing him forward, pulling him back by his hips, letting him feel the girth, the carved nubs.
“So fuckin’ tight,” you purr, leveling your palm against his ass, the sharp sound slapping off the walls, “Feel good? Huh, do I feel good baby?”
He doesn’t answer, can’t really. He just nods frantically, hands still balled in the small of his back, the side of his face pressed into the mattress as groans choke up in his throat. Soon, you aren’t moving fast enough. Bucky starts pushing back into your hips, faster, harder. To the point where you stop moving all together, just let him fuck himself back onto your cock as you watch in the mirror. You spank him again, and then quickly a third time, his fair skin starting to turn a shade of red. So responsive.
“I asked you a question, soldier.”
A shiver passes through him. Bucky knows that tone, honeyed and smooth, but menacing all the same. He fucks back into you again, real slow, “Guh— god, yes.”
You snatch a fistful of hair and yank hard, “Yes, what?”
“Yes ma’am,” he whimpers, lunging forward when you snap your hips, pushing deep, deep, deep, “S’good, feels good.”
“Good boy,” your words don’t reflect your actions though. Praising him while pulling completely out of his hot hole, eyeing the wet spot on the sheets from his weeping cock. He whines, on the brink of tears again when you tap the inside of his right thigh, “Lay flat, on your tummy.”
He doesn’t waste a second. Cock pinned between his stomach and the mattress, legs spreading wide as you climb over him, throwing your legs on the outside of his while you enter him again. You flatten your body to his, tits and stomach pressed against his muscular back as you start bucking back into him, your lips just at the shell of his ear. Moans drip like honey from your mouth, the tip of your tongue flicking at his ear before you suck the lobe right into your mouth, your fingers dripping back into his hair.
There’s a wet little sound, a squeak of your silicone cock pushing into his wet asshole. Bucky buries his face into the sheets and mattress as he groans deep before taking the duvet into his mouth to muffle the noise. You pick up your pace, pushing up onto your knees and resting your hands on his back to hold your weight as you lean forward to fuck him hard. Your thighs slapping against his, adding to the filthy noises of your sex.
Then, in an instant, you slow down again. Wanting him to feel it all. Pull all the way out of him and plunge back in, Bucky’s eager hips pushing upward to help you sink in. You fall forward, kissing the back of his neck, his jaw lazy and sloppy. Purring in his ear, telling him he’s a good little boy, how happy you make him as you speed up once more.
You pull out of him again, but push off the edge of the bed, grabbing the last and final toy. You don’t even have to give him any instructions— it almost makes you laugh. He maneuvers up onto his knees and scuttles to the edge of the bed where he throws his feet on to the soft carpet, standing as you drop down to your knees. You pull the spreader bar out as far as it goes, so he can’t clamp those legs and thighs together to cop a feel before you’re ready for him too. You make quick work of it, wrapping the velcro cuffs around his ankles and giving them a quick tug before your back on your feet, sliding behind him and pushing him forward a few steps.
Eager fingers find his hips, push around to his stomach and then up to chest, just to feel him as you eye your bodies in the mirror. He’s flushed all over, his face blotchy and red, eyelashes clumped together as he breathes heavy through his open mouth. You flatten your palm over his heart, rest your nose and lips against his shoulder blade as you peak over his shoulder.
His cock is nearly purple he’s so hard. Balls hot to the touch and heavy as you roll them between your free fingers and give them a squeeze. You pump his cock a few times, the pads of your fingers teasing his cockhead and pushing away the beads of milky precum before you stick them right in your mouth, linking eyes with his as you clean them up. A soft giggle bubbling in your throat as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath at the sight.
You grab your cock with one hand, push lightly on his shoulder with the other to coax him to lean forward. You slide in easy he’s so wet and open. He keeps his eyes on your reflections in the mirror as you fuck into him again, him pushing back to meet your thrusts. Torture is on your mind, but he’s been through enough… for now. So you grab his swinging cock and start to pump him as you fuck him from behind, grab his sac with your other hand between his legs.
Bucky’s mewling in minutes, high-pitched and unrestrained as you push him to the brink. Throws his head back and lets his mouth hang as you set a brutal pace that he’s all too eager to meet. He gets louder, more desperate, right on the edge as you jerk his cock with the tunnel your palm makes, teasing that weeping slit and slutty, sensitive cockhead with feathersoft fingers. His asshole squelching from the slick lube and monster silicone cock massaging his insides and that sweet little deep spot.
“Look at you,” you coo, “Drooling all over yourself. You ready, sweet boy? You wanna cum, baby?”
He’s a mess. A shuddering, groaning, panting mess. Keening and cursing, gasping and hissing with every flick of your wrist and stab of your hips.
“That’s it, baby boy. Those are the moans I love to hear,” you continue to coax, “Come on baby, give it to me. You’ve earned it. Come on.” You put every ounce of your weight into your thrusts, wrist twisting up and down his cock as you squeeze his sac.
“I’m— fuck, i’m gonna,” Bucky stutters, voice breaking as a sob sticks in his throat, “Ma’am i— i’m gon—”
He can’t even finish the sentence. Every muscle he has tenses, body stiffening up quick before he cums. Red, hot cock jumping in your hand with each spurt, spilling to the floor. You fuck him right through it, with your hips and hand, wanting to drain that sac of every last drop. Bucky loses control, but only now, snapping the soft bondage rope in two. But you don’t stop, not until he’s shaking, twitching and tensing, sobbing when he’s overstimulated and it starts to hurt.
You anchor a hand in the center of his chest again, press your forehead into his shoulder, your pumping hand and hips finally starting to slow, “You’re such a pretty boy,” you murmur through kisses, “Such a good, good boy, bunny.”
He gets heavy. Limbs and muscles turning to goo. You pull out of him one last time, remove the cuffs from around his ankles and let him fall back onto the mattress, where he turns into a puddle of mush. Melts into the duvet and pillows and sheets. Lets the soft cocoon and soothe him as he cries again— just to get it all out.
You strip out of your harness, unsnap the hooks and let it pool around your feet. In all your nakedness, you climb back onto the mattress, over the sobbing man and curl around him, wrapping him up and pulling him into your chest. Fingertips push into his hair and scratch at his scalp as your lips find his forehead.
“Sweet, sweet, boy,” you murmur over and over again.
He nuzzles into you, his face right into your chest and tits. Throws his arms around your waist and pulls you close. Holds you tight. And he just cries. Because it feels good. Because he can. Because he’s safe, and it’s really the first time in over eighty years he’s felt anything like this. Safe. Comfortable. Vulnerable. So he cries— because he feels good.
“Your hair smells nice,” Bucky whispers after a long while, sniffling a little, eyes red and wet, lashes clumpy.
You laugh but it’s low and kinda slow as you drag your lips back and forth along his forehead, still scratching at his scalp and wiping his soft hair back and away, “Thanks baby, new shampoo.”
“I like it curly though,” he shrugs a little, “Or the braids.”
Your laughter grows, “Well excuse the fuck outta me, Barnes. I thought I called the shots around here, bud.”
“You do, I just… y’know,” you can feel him smiling into your skin, tightening his grip around your body.
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll make sure Nat adds it to your file.”
“Thank you.”
It’s heavy and light, the thank you, all at the same time. It means so much, but also nothing at all because of the timing. He could just be playing along with the joke— or thanking you for fucking him into oblivion, taking the weight of the world off his shoulders for just one night. Letting him be him. You’ll never really know which way he wants it to go.
Or maybe you do and just don’t wanna admit it. That you like being here more than you should. That you like being the one to strip him down to flesh, blood and bone.
But that’s all for another day.
“Can you stay?”
You take a breath. Let it out slow and easy. Place another kiss to his forehead and drag your free hand up and down his arm, “If you need me bunny, I’m here. You know that.”
“Let Vladimir know she’s in for a long night.”
“That’s not funny,” you giggle, fumbling around on the nightstand for your phone, “I’m telling her you said that.”
Bucky yawns, nuzzles deep into your body as he settles in, “I can take her.”
Gonna be an all nighter. I can have Bucky get you a guest pass.
Dinner too. You ok? Need me?
No ma’am. I’ll text you in the morning.
спокойной ночи
“Jarvis?” Bucky pipes up, his voice heavy and laced with sleep as he nuzzles in again.
“Mr. Barnes?”
“Set Yelena Belova up in a guest suite, please.”
“She wants dinner too,” you smile.
Bucky sighs heavily, “Whatever she orders for dinner, charge to Steve’s apartment.”
You slap his arm playfully, your laughter filling the room, “That’s not nice!”
“Yes, Mr. Barnes,” Jarvis’ calm voice rings through the room, “I’ll contact Ms. Belova. Have a pleasant evening.”
“We good?” Bucky asks, yawning.
“We good,” you smile, “Get some sleep, soldier. We still got a couple rounds to go.”
You feel him smile into your skin, “Yes ma’am.”
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brooklynwritess · 5 months ago
not just friends
summary : bucky turns you on by accident
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader
warnings : smut, language, neck kisses, vaginal sex
You and Natasha talked about the very important upcoming mission while Bucky, Sam, and Steve goofed around.
You look over to see Bucky air humping the air which should not be turning you on, considering the fact that he was completely joking and looked pretty stupid while doing it.
Natasha noticed your lack of attention “Barnes stop that, your distracting y/n,” Natasha laughed.
You roughly kick her foot under the table and gave her a “shut the fuck up” look.
“I’m sorry miss y/n for distracting you.” Bucky said with a wink.
“God” Natasha said fake annoyed.
The two of you got to talking about the mission again, you didn’t miss how Bucky was staring at you practically the whole time.
After you two were done discussing you walked right past Bucky swaying your hips a little more than usual.
After you were out of the living room area steve whispered “Go get her Buckster,” into Buckys ear.
“Come on Bucky don’t be shy now bud,” Sam said with a nudge to Bucks shoulder.
“You two are sick,” Natasha said with a fake gag.
“But seriously go get her Barnes,” Natasha said with a chuckle.
“Alright alright i’m going.”
Bucky slowly made his way down the hall and up the stairs to your room.
He stood outside your door and wiped his clammy hands on his pants before knocking gently on your door. “don’t be nervous, you got this.” he told himself.
You slowly opened the door considering you had just thrown on a cropped tank top with no bra and short shorts.
“Oh Buck, hi,” you said leaving the door cracked because of what you were wearing.
“Hi y/n/n, could i come in?” he asked you politely.
“Um, yeah of course,” you said, it was just Bucky, you two were already close so it should be okay.
He slowly scanned your body not even caring that you watched him do it.
“So y/n/n I wanted to talk to you about something.” he said seeming a bit nervous.
“Of course anything,” you said gesturing him to come sit on the small love seat you had.
“So, you know how we’re great friends and everything,” he said with a smile.
“Yeah Buck?” you said getting a bit nervous, was this gonna be a friendship breakup?
“Well y/n i really really like you, i think about you all the god damn time, even on dangerous missions your always on my mind, your always my number one priority, and i just well i really really really like you a lot and honestly i think i’m in love with you, and i wanna take things to another level y/n, I don’t wanna be just friends.”
You were shocked you just stared at him not saying anything.
“Look if you don’t feel the same way no heart feelings I just thought you should know how i feel about you and-“
You cut him off as you slowly cupped his face and kissed him gently, one gentle kiss turned into a passionate make out session and you climbing into his lap, grinding softly.
“I don’t wanna be just friends either buck, i think i’m in love with you too,” you whispered in his ear.
You could feel how heard he was underneath you.
“Please Buck, claim me, make me yours,” you whispered.
He smirked and grabbed the back of your thighs easily lifting you up and setting you onto your bed.
He looked up at you for silent permission and you smiled in consent. “Please,” you said.
He slowly slid off your tank top and your short shorts.
He stepped back and admired your body. “Bucky please, can’t wait.” you whined.
“Oh darling, be patient for me baby,” he said with a little chuckle.
He quickly took off his clothes so the both of you were naked.
He slowly rubbed your swollen clit while kissing down your neck leaving many hickeys on his path.
He felt how soaked you are and quietly asked “Do you think your ready for me baby,”
“Yes yes i’m ready Buck please just want to feel all of you.” you moaned when he slowly inserted the tip.
“Fuck baby you’re so tight, don’t even know if i can fit,” Bucky groaned.
“Please make it fit Buck can’t wait any longer,” you whined.
Finally he pushed all the way into you, he let you adjust to his length for a minute and you nodded when you were ready.
He slowly started grinding his hips into yours. Thrust after thrust you both felt yourselves getting closer and closer to your climax.
Once he found your g-spot and hit it over and over again it was over. “Need to cum, fuck Buck need to come,” you moaned.
“Alright baby cum with me right now, cum.”
You both moaned as one as the both of you let go at the same time.
He let the both of you rest and calm down from your highs he slowly slid out of you making you whimper in the loss of connection.
“Sh shh come here my lovely” he said. You snuggled into his side as he rubbed imaginary shapes onto your back
“You did so good baby, that was so so so good,” he whispered into your ear.
“Felt so good Buck, so good.” you smiled giving him a few neck kisses.
“So y/n/n, are we ya know boyfriend and girlfriend know,” Bucky shyly whispered.
You giggled at how cute he was being, who knew the big scary winter solider could be such a softie, “Yes Buck, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now.”
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stuckytown · 7 days ago
My Bunny
Tumblr media
Parring: Bucky x Reader
Summary: you and Bucky explore some new kinks
Warning: chasing kink, nickname (bunny), fear play (kinda), metal arm, cum play (face), unprotected sex (condom please), oral (m+f received) face fuck (kinda), choking, hair pulling, pussy slapping,
You ran down the empty streets. You could hear your blood rushing through your ears and the burning feeling in your lungs. He was after you, you could feel it.
Chills went down your spin when you turned a corner and looked behind to see no one. There is a reason they call him the Winter Soldier. You never see him coming.
You knew he was there so you decided to run, full speed down the street. You ran for what felt like hours, and you decided to stop before you would pass out.
It felt like someone was watching you from out side of the dark alley you were hiding in. You placed your hands on your knees and took a deep breath and looked out.
There was no one. He was playing with you, you were a pray and he was the predator.
“Y/n” it felt like it came from right behind you. You turned around and tried to see if your could see him. But it was to dark.
Suddenly something moved, it was him. You turned and ran again. His laughter echoed in the dark alley way. “You can’t hide from me bunny” he yelled.
You continued to run along the streets, you could hear is footsteps behind you. You looked behind you and saw his dark figure coming towards you.
Your eyes widen, you knew you were doomed if he got to you. You turned a sharp corner, almost tripping when turning. Your legs started to give out, they were exhausted and so were you.
Suddenly an arm wrapped around your waist and lifted you up and slammed you into the wall beside you. Your front was pressed into the bricks.
“Got you” you could almost see the grin on his face. He pressed himself against you, so you couldn’t move. You stayed quite trying to catch your breath.
He pressed his waist into yours and you could feel his erection on your lower back. He grabbed your wrist and pinned them above your head with one hand.
“What am I gonna do with you hm?” He pressed his nose into the side of your neck and took a deep breath in “you smell so sweet bunny. All for me” he smiles
You whimper when he presses his erection into your back again “don’t worry bunny I’ll take good care of you” he turns your around still having a hold on your hands. He crashes his lips into yours, he forces his tongue into your mouth.
His teeth scrape against yours, he took control of the kiss as soon as his lips touched yours. You arched your back into him seeking more of him.
You clench your thighs together. He lets go off your hands and travels them down your arms to the bottom of your dress. You hands went into his hair and tugged at it gently.
He runs his hands up under your dress “such a dirty little bunny, not wearing any panties” he shook his head looking into your eyes. His eyes was pitch black and full of lust, and something dangerous flashed in his eyes.
You bit your bottom lip and looked at him through your lashes. “Don’t look so innocent. We all know you aren’t”
He flippes up the skirt “I bet your soaking wet” he ran a finger over you slit and held his finger up in front of him and you. His fingers was glistening with your slick “I guess I was right” he put his fingers into his mouth and sucked them clean. His eyes closed and he moaned at the taste of you “the sweetest thing in the whole world” your cheeked burned and you looked down.
“Going all shy now bunny” he tilted you head up with his finger “no” you whispered. He grinned “get on your knees for me bunny” the nickname made you cheeks burn but you slowly lowered to your knees.
“Good girl” he praises he has a hold on your hair, and pressed your face into his dick. The mushy smell made you head dizzy, when he pulled back you started to undo his belt.
You pulled his pants and underwear down and his dick is standing tall in front of you. The head of his cock was dripping with precum. You slowly licked it off, Bucky groans in response. “Shit” you part you lips and wrap them around him and slowly started to go up and down his cock.
“Feels so good” he tightened his grip in your hair and force you down. You gag and place your hands on his thighs, he starts to thrust his hips slowly into your mouth.
“God the things I wanna do to this mouth” he groans and moans. He placed his other hand onto the wall behind you. He had a tight hold on your hair and started to drive faster into your mouth.
You were breathing through your nose. He pressed your head all the way down to your nose pressed into his pelvis. The burning in your throat made you gag. You pressed onto his thighs because of the lack of air.
He held your head there even though you pressed on his thighs. He waited a few second before he let your head go, allowing you some air.
He grabbed into your arms and lifted you up and turned you around. He arced your back so your were leaning over and your cheek rested on the cold wall.
He flippes up your skirt and goes down onto his knees “dirty little bunny” he grunted and licked a strip from the bottom to the top. His eyes rolled into the back of his head of the taste of you.
He moaned and circled your clit while breathing in your sent. The vibrations going through your body and you moaned out his name. “So sweet” he mumbled before driving his wet muscle into your heat.
Your legs started to shake and you screamed out in pleaser. He knew where to touch to make you scream for him.
His metal finger started to make circles into your clit. You eyes rolled into the back off your head, you were so close to cumming on his face. “I know you are close bunny, cum for me” the command made your body let go and you came. Everything went white for a second, he always gave you out a out of body experience orgasms.
Bucky slowly stood up and pressed the head of his cock to your entrance, and it made you whimper.
“I’m not done with you yet bunny. I’m gonna make you cum on my cock, and make a masterpiece you of you” he pressed the head in and moaned “god to tight. Always so to tight” his head dropped, so his head was leaning against the back of yours as he pressed in.
“God your so big” you whimper and moan from the stretch. Bucky groaned when he bottomed out into your heat. He kissed the top your head before slowly drives in and out giving you time to adjust.
You grab a hold of the back of his head and tug on his long hair “faster please” with an instant he drove faster in and out in the right pase for you.
The slapping of skin started to get louder as well as your moans. The familiar sensation started to build in the pit of your stomach, when Bucky hit your g-spot every time.
He took a fist of your head and tucked your head back to expose your neck to him. You moaned from the tug. Bucky started to suck and bite dark spots into your neck.
“So pretty” he looked at his work on your neck before going to the other side “everyone is going to know who you belong to” he grunts into your ear before he let go of your hair and wrap it around your throat and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“Who do you belong to bunny?” You moaned when he drove faster into your heat. Your eyes rolled into he back of your head when his other hand did circles on your clit.
Sudden jolt of pain made you scream “answer the question” he slapped your pussy again “you!” You screamed out.
“That’s right. You’re mine, and only mine to ruin” he bites down onto your earlobe.
The circles on your clit and his cock driving in and out your heat made you shake. You were so close to cumming again it started to hurt. “I need to cum. Please”
He pulled out and spun you around. Before you could protest and grabbed the back of your thighs and you stabbed your legs around his waist and he started to thrust into you again
“I wanna see when I ruin you again bunny” his mouth dropped open when he saw your fuck out face. Your lip swollen from biting and him fucking your mouth. He brought his lips to yours and kissed you before biting down onto your bottom lip.
Your cheeks was flushed red. You had a tight hold on his hair before your head dropped back and you let out a scream when you came around his cock.
“Milk my cock bunny” he groaned looking down too see were you were conectes to see your cum at the base of his cock. By just the sight of it could make him cum on the spot.
Bucky was close. He pulled out “on your knees” you dropped down and pulled your hair away from your face. He started to pump his cock fast i front of your face.
Strikes of white shouting out of cock and painted your face. He whipped something up with his metal finger and placed it in front of your lips.
You stuck your tongue out and licked his finger clean before sucking it lightly.
“So pretty with my cum on your face” he smiled before helping you up. He took of his shirt and gave it to you. You whipped your face off.
Bucky walked down the streets and turned to a corner, a loud buzz sound and everything disappeared. “Thank god everyone is out of the tower” Bucky yelled from across the room.
“Yeah me too. Try to explain this to Clint if he saw us from the vents” you laughed before walking over to him and wrapped your arms around his torso.
“Yeah. Let’s go take a shower and go to bed doll” you looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss the top of your nose.
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bucky-barnes-diaries · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stepdad!Bucky || You're my fucktoy. My property. My little plaything. A piece of meat for me to use whenever I please, baby girl.
Tumblr media
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buckyndean · a month ago
Tumblr media
Winter Soldier one shot! this has been in my head for a while 🙈 public sex, face slapping, rough oral sex, boot kink, mean but gentle dom bucky?
“Kneel,” the soldier demanded, voice low, somehow sharp behind that mask.
You trembled, sinking to your knees, staring up at the goggles covering his eyes, knowing they were running over your naked form.
Voices of the higher ups in Hydra murmured behind you but you paid them no attention, gaze locked on the soldier, who stepped up to you, bulge in his tactical pants large and making your mouth water.
The soldier’s hand suddenly fisted in your hair, yanking you back until your throat was exposed. “Suck,” he ordered, shoving his crotch in your face.
You raised shaky hands to his pants, undoing the button.
Your head whipped to the side as the soldier slapped your face, his metal hand whirring. “I said, suck. No hands.”
You sucked in a breath, feeling dizzy, and drooled over his crotch, getting his pants soaking wet as you licked and sucked, pulling the zipper down with your teeth. He slapped you again, but let you continue once he pulled his cock out, making sure to slap it on your tongue a few times.
You swallowed him down immediately, groaning at his taste, musky and earthy, bitter but you were already addicted to it. The soldier grunted, hips shoving forwards, gagging you. His hand tightened in your hair again, holding you against his pelvis.
You squirmed, unable to breathe, choking on his dick. You started seeing spots before he pulled back, letting you gasp before he thrust back down your throat, building a brutal pace, balls swinging so heavily they slapped against your chin and throat.
The soldier pulled out with a groan, pushing you suddenly, making you sway and fall backwards, catching yourself on your elbows. He growled and placed his boot on your right breast, pressing down until you collapsed, on your back. He jiggled your tit with his foot, making you whine.
“Don’t move,” the soldier murmured as he kicked your legs apart, as wide as they would go. He lifted his foot and gently set it down on your cunt, sliding in your wetness.
You gasped as he applied pressure to your clit, making circles with his ankle. He pressed harder, making you squirm.
“I said, don’t move,” the soldier snarled, quickly getting to his knees and forcing your hips to the floor. He seemed to change his mind, yanking you up onto his lap, lining up with your entrance and bottoming out in one thrust.
Your back came off the floor, his cock bigger than anyone you’d had before, feeling him in your throat. He didn’t give you time adjust, pulling out and thrusting back in immediately, pounding your spot over and over until you were screaming with pleasure.
“Come,” the soldier rasped over your cries, hands leaving bruises on your hips as he fucked you mercilessly.
You wailed, coming from him hammering your spot, making you gush around him, soaking his pants. He groaned, hips stilling as he came when you clenched around him, so tight he had to force himself to stay in you, coming for ages.
When he was finally done, he pulled out, shoving two metal fingers back inside you to keep his cum there. You moaned, the cold metal such a contrast to the warm cum inside you.
You became aware of the voices behind you again, but they didn’t matter. They were allowed to watch, but no one but the soldier touched you.
He pulled his fingers out of your pussy, shoving them past your lips and making you taste your combined fluids. You moaned, cleaning his fingers, until all you could taste was metal.
The soldier stood up to applause, the crowd dispersing now that the show was done. When you were alone, with just the soldier, he pulled you off the floor into his lap.
“You did well дорогой {sweetheart},” he murmured, taking off the goggles and mask, revealing soft blue eyes, and a crooked smile.
“Thanks Bucky,” you whispered, tucking your face into his neck as he stood up, easily supporting your weight and carrying you to the room you shared.
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · a month ago
Pairing: Roomates! Stucky x Fem! Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Summary: while eating the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted, you teasingly confess to your roomates you’d let ben and jerry do anything they wanted to you. the next time you open the freezer, their names have been crossed out, and replaced with bucky and steves. be prepared for a treat much sweeter than ice cream...
Warnings: SMUT, threesum, blowjob, praise kink, degradation kink, petnames, masturbation mentioned, finger sucking & gagging, sub space, size kink/ belly bulge, small daddy kink, swearing, teasing, bucky speaking russian bc oh my god that needs its own warning
Notes: in honour of summer being near, i made this while eating some BOMB ass ice cream! if ur lactose intolerant, you arent in this fic, hop on the dairy train bb;)
Tumblr media
As Steve dug in his pocket, pulling out the apartment key that jangled with the little heart-shaped keychain you had made him, he was not expecting to hear a loud moan come from the other side of the door. 
It made him stop in his tracks, key halfway in the lock as he froze, eyes widening. 
It was your moan. 
He could recognise that sweet, high-pitched whine anywhere. 
Whenever you thought he and Bucky were asleep, he could hear you moan into your pillow through the paper-thin walls, hand between your legs at an odd hour of the night. He never told you could hear you, knowing you’d be too embarrassed to do anything in the apartment again. 
And that wouldn't work for Steve.
 He craved those sweet noises like a drug, often slipping his hand down to stroke his cock in rhythm with your moans. 
But it wasn't very late, and it wasn't far enough to be in the comfort of your bedroom. Was Bucky fucking you? He and Bucky had discussed it many times, often fantasying over you together, talking about every little way they’d fuck your gorgeous body, but was he seriously doing without him? 
The thought of Bucky touching your pretty little body without him present had him slamming open the door at an alarming speed, handle banging into the wall hard enough to scratch the paint. 
You jumped from the sound, stumbling back into the fridge with your ice cream in hand. Steve looked at you with a wild look in his eye, appearing to be searching for Bucky. 
“Could you slam the door open any harder Stevie? The wall told me earlier today it wanted a massive hole in it.” you grumbled, attempting to catch your breath from the scare. Clutching the carton of ice cream tightly, you padded over to the couch just as Bucky stepped out from his room, hair still wet and dripping from his shower. 
You gulped at the sight of his bare chest, abs gleaming in pretty shades of pink as the sunset spiled in through the windows. Sweatpants were slung low on his hips, a look of confusion on his face as he noted Steve shaking his head, shutting the door behind him as he slung off his shoes. 
“You okay punk?” he asked softly, making his way to you on the couch, sliding your bare legs across his lap, watching with delight as the oversized shirt you wore of Steve’s slid up to reveal your thighs. 
“Mhmm. Thought I heard something, that's all.” 
You stopped mid-bite, realization hitting you like a freight train. Turning to face him, you quickly grabbed a pillow, throwing it with all your might at the blonde. 
“Steven Grant Rogers! You came bursting through that door because you heard me moan?! You pervert!” you shrieked, making Bucky howl with laughter. “Hey you said it!” he grinned, grabbing the pillow and throwing it on the chair. 
“You boys are gross. Let me enjoy my ice cream in peace.” you sighed, adjusting yourself so that Steve could sit with you and Bucky on the couch, resting your head on his knee. “Go ahead bunny. Stevie won't bother you anymore.” he grinned, eyes filled with delight as he raised his eyebrow at the blonde, patting your calf gently.
 “Better not.” you grumbled, scooping out a chunk of cookie dough from the ice cream. “I’m not that gross. Just sometimes.” Steve smiled, his hand coming down to stroke your hair, watching your face confront in pleasure as you chewed the cookie dough.
 “All guys are gross, you all got cooties.” you grumbled, mouth full, as you rolled your eyes. A little smack on your thigh made you yelp, Bucky's hand rubbing over the bare flesh where he hit you lightly. 
“You take that back bunny!” he laughed, watching you attempting to kick his arm, with no success. “Never. Never ever.” you smiled, spooning more ice cream into your mouth. 
The chocolate flavors melted on your tongue, the traces of brownie and cookie dough still lingering as you swallowed. “This is genuinely the best thing I’ve ever had in my entire life. Oh my god, I would let the people who made this do whatever they wanted to me.” you moaned, purring in delight as Steve’s fingers began to comb through your silky strands, scratching your scalp gently. 
“Anything?” Bucky asked, eyebrow raised as he looked over at Steve. 
“Anything.” you replied, too lost in the ice cream and the feelings of Bucky's hand stroking your soft skin to notice the look of amusement on each of their faces, wicked grins and winks being exchanged back and forth. 
“I’m gonna hold that against you dolly.” Steve sang, making you laugh. 
Oh, you were in for a treat. One much sweeter than that ice cream indeed.
“Didn’t I say I’d hold those words against you honey?” Steve asked softly, gripping your chin so you were forced to look into his baby blue eyes, the mock pity etched on his face as Bucky pounded into you from behind. 
You were much too gone to speak, the snarky, quick-witted reply you had so desperately wanted to say back stuck in your throat. Only a low whimper had left your lips that were now shaped in an O-shape, eyes widened to saucers as Bucky gripped your hips even tighter. 
Although you were at a loss for words now, you were beyond thankful you weren't on that couch, spilling your guts about every little position you’d let the ice cream company hit, teasingly. 
The next time you had opened that same freezer, spoon in hand as you reached for your little carton, you froze.
 No longer was it Ben and Jerry’s, but Bucky and Steve's name written in black sharpie. 
“Oh my god, I would let the people who made this do whatever they wanted to me.” “Anything?” “Anything.” 
You had shut the freezer with a soft slam, surprise written all over your face as Bucky and Steve strolled into the kitchen, grins evident on their faces as your arms limply fell to your sides. 
That was how you had ended up here, in this position, one of many you had spilled to the boys. Bucky pounding into you from behind, Steve's hands teasing you until you cried. 
“There's no point in talkin to her punk she's a goner.” Bucky chuckled, his thrusts making you cry out, your eyes beginning to glaze over from the stimulation he was giving you. 
He growled as you clenched around him, your toes curling from the way his cock prodded your g-spot, the way you could feel him bulging through your belly. 
“Oh don’t be so rough with our doll Buck. She’s just a lil thing compared to us.” Steve warned, the bulging veins from the back of his hand stroking your cheek lightly as you inched forward with every one of Bucky's ministrations. 
“S’tight I can’t help it.” he growled roughly, arm slipping under your stomach as your now shaking legs were unable to keep you up on all fours. “I gotcha bunny you just keep your eyes on Steve okay? Don’t want you passing out on us just yet.” he winked, laughing at your little ahs you let out with each movement. 
“Stevie…” you trailed off in a daze, head becoming light and cloudy as you stared at the smiling man in front of you. “Yes honey I’m right here. Open up okay sweet girl?” 
You nodded slowly, mouth opening wider as he slipped his two fingers inside, your tongue swirling around his digits with a strangled moan. “Ohhh she likes that. Keep doin that punk.” Bucky moaned, feeling you clench tighter around him the further back Steve's fingers went. 
Suddenly, his large fingers hit the back of your throat, making you cry out as you choked around him. “Shhh, I’m preparing you sweetheart. Something someone should have done before they started rutting into you like a bitch in heat.” Steve narrowed his eyes up on Bucky, in to which Bucky just shrugged as if to say oh well. 
You whined as he slid his fingers out, wrapping his tongue around them and sucking your saliva clean off them with a boyish grin.
 “Okay doll you ready?” he asked gently, beginning to gather your hair in a makeshift ponytail. The same hair he was stroking and playing with, so innocently as you ate your ice cream. 
Oh how the table have turned indeed. 
“Course she's ready, little bunny wants to be filled from both ends.” Bucky smirked, thrusting into hard and rough as you nodded in agreement, staring up at Steve as he now towered over you. “Is that right baby?” 
“Yes daddy.” you whispered hoarsely, sticking your tongue out in obedience. 
“Oh fuck…” Steve moaned, bringing his hard, aching cock to your lips. You lapped at the precum that coated the tip, moaning as he yanked your hair so you were forced to meet his eyes. 
“Eyes on me. Got it?” 
You nodded, purely dumbfounded. A sharp thrust from behind had you keening, and you wrapped your lips around Steve's cock, hollowing your cheeks as you took him down your throat. 
Fresh tears stained your flushed cheeks as Bucky slapped your ass harshly, Steve’s control of your head making you take him deeper and deeper. You moaned, the vibrations around his cock making him growl as he began to fuck your throat in perfect harmony with Bucky. 
The sight of Steve's head thrown back in pleasure, his adams apple bobbing as you pleasured him made your core tingle, flames licking down your spine as you felt release in an arms reach. 
“такой милый кролик…” Bucky moaned, his own orgasm approaching as you gripped him tightly. “Buck she's gonna cum.” Steve whispered, frantic eyes meeting your own, your tears and hiccups turning them on even more. 
“I know… can feel her squeezin the life outta me.” he replied with a grunt. “Let go, sweetheart, we’re right here with you.” Steve cooed softly. 
Those were the words you needed to hear. 
The coil in your belly snapped, your vision turning white as you came all over Bucky's cock. The sensations were overwhelming, each muscle, bone and blood cell consumed with pure pleasure as the men continued to use you, riding you through your orgasm. 
“Oh godddd-” Bucky moaned, hips stilling as he spilled inside you, his cream coating your spongy walls as you shook from under him. Steve followed suit, his cum trickling down your throat, the taste bitter yet sweet as you swallowed every last drop he gave you, his sweet praises encouraging you to lick him clean.
 “Such a good girl sweetheart, we’re so proud of you.” he smiled, slowly pulling his cock out of your mouth, watching you sputter for breath. 
“You are?” you croaked, sniffling as your arms could no longer support you either. “Yes bunny we’re so proud of you. But we’re not done just yet.” Bucky smiled, his hands slowly guiding you upwards on your knees, his cock still firmly inside your weeping hole. 
The look he gave Steve had you whimpering, the light in his eye meaning there could only be trouble brewing in that filthy mind of his. 
“Switch Stevie?”
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neonovember · 2 months ago
The Hating Game ||
Tumblr media
part two of the hating game
summary: running into the forest after letting someone pour their heart out to you, didn’t seem like the best thing to do. You’ve never been one for confrontation, you’re lucky bucky is.
warnings; smut themes, fluff, angst, heartbreak, mentions of low self esteem, hydra bullshit etc
a/n: split into two parts since 15k of words would bring anyone a headache
Tumblr media
The second you'd taken off, Bucky felt his heart leap from his chest and escape him. He’d never done something like this before, never done what he should've weeks ago, but he did, and you looked like you could die.
By the time you'd already made it halfway across the tracked path that led into the dense forest surrounding the compound, Natasha and Steve had finally entered the living room.
You feel Steve wrap his head across the room, expecting your brooding self to be continuing what seemed to be the heated argument they'd heard.
“What the fuck just happened?” Natasha asked, eyes zeroing in on Bucky, on his stace, how he looked as if he was a second from jumping up and running through the compound.
“I’m not one for profanity, but Natasha's right, where is she?” Steve nodded, his arms crossed over his chest. Steve was somewhat protective of you, and even though he knew the hidden feelings his friend harboured for you, it didn’t change the concern that runs through his veins at your apparent absence.
“Its, god, I told her, told her everything and she just, she was so mad, Steve, she just ran out” Bucky grunted it out softly, faces downturned, the guilt racking over his chest.
The sun was already setting, and soon enough the autumn cool would take over, and for the first time, Bucky was aware of how cold it could get out side, where the Trees hold no heat and the sky was pitch dark.
“I have to go, I need to find her, it’s going to be dark soon, and so help me god if something happens to her” Steve and Natsha observe Bucky, the rise and fall of his chest, the frantic look of his eyes, the way his metal arm twitches as if he need to disintegrate something in his palm. He doesn't wait for their answer before his running through the compound doors after you.
-- -
Each moment that goes by where Bucky calls your name, the sinking concrete of fear takes root in his stomach, it clings through his body, materialises through goosebumps and the guttering of his muscles. He finally got you, finally told you everything, finally said what had been permeating, had been investing in his mind for months, he couldn’t lose you again, not like that, not so soon.
The trail leading into the forest had been cleared for hikers, but as he travelled further into the mass of trees, his boots felt the path turn into forest floor, dirt and leaves crunching under his boot. It felt like it had been hours since he'd been looking, the sun practically at its rear, the looming darkness threatening to take over.
His field of vision was decreasing rapidly, and he didn't want to think of you possibly tripping over, or falling off a tavern; the thought spurres him to run faster, deeper into the forest as he practically howls your name.
“God damn it, Please! Where are you?” He yells it into the mouth of the pine trees, until their leaves russell with the vibrations of his screams.
“Bucky?!” He hears the distant call of his name, the tired, yet frantic scream that's let out in desperation and hope. He thanked the gods as he ran towards the centre of the voice
“Hey I’m here, I’m here sweet girl” He mutters it under his breath as he runs like he's never before towards where he knows you are.
Fleeting through the branches and roots that stick out on the forest floor, he bends between the channels of birch wood, bushes and shrubbery, before the density breaks into a clearing, where he finally sees you.
Bucky slams into you full force as he hauls you into his arms, gathering you to press your body into his chest, your chest burns from the impact bur all you can think about is how you don’t feel the smacking of the cold air against your skin anymore.
“Doll, I’m so sorry, i'm so, so, so, sorry” He repeats it in a hushed tone as he rocks you back and forth, his hands are shaking, as he grips you into the Freon of his neck, where he swallows himself into your hair.
You nod your head as you press into his neck, feeling the warmth of his body spread through you.
“Bucky, stop it, stop, thank you, you fucking saved my life” You answered back to his guilt.
He raised you face away from him so he could get a better view, you felt his fingers brush back the strands of hair the sprang forth from your hazard escape.
“This wouldn't have happened if I didn't make you run away, god, I don't know what I was doing doll” He says with conviction, and you feel your heart sputter at his words.
Had he regretted it?
“Had you been right all along?
“You… you didn’t mean what you said?” You asked him fearfully, eyes straining across his broad chest as it heaved up and down.
“No, no, Doll, I meant what I said, I meant every word of it, but I should've done it better, you didn't deserve me saying in the compound living room covered in the sweat and dirt of a mission, you deserved more than that, it was supposed to be better than that.” He said
You couldn't stop the creep of a smile that tore into your face as you looked down, Bucky caught it anyways, bringing your face up again.
“Do you feel the same?, I mean, you probably, you wouldn't, it doesn't make sense-” He started, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to find the right footing for his words.
“I like you too Bucky” You replied cutting him off, smiling up at him
An expression you’d never seen before toke over Bucky’s face, the moment you saw it gleam across his eyes and spread across his face you’d decided it was your favourite things you’d ever seen. It was wonderment, glee, relief and desire all squashed in one. The vines of hope grasp at the both of you now, pulling you in as it took root in the forest floor.
“But I’m scared Bucky, you don't understand how long it's been since I've done” you gesture to the small space between your bodies “ This.”
He nods towards you, a small smile taking over the Cheshire one before,
“If it’s one thing I can understand, it’s not being versed in..” He gestures towards the inch between your bodies now similarly “This”. He replied softly, eyes still straining to take you in, all of you, as if you might dissipate from his hold once more.
You smile at his reassurances, you want it to take you along with it, let it make you believe this could work. The squeaking of a bird has you blinking through your sudden haze, the reality of who you were now seeping into the warmth that radiates your chest. You can’t love James, you can’t open yourself up to be left again, like before, like all those years ago. You gulp down the memory of her, but it persists until your brain is swarming with the anguish you remember and the heartache that beats through your chest. Each and every time you think you’ve left that part of your life, you're reminded you never, ever have.
Bucky senses the erratic bearing of your heart, grips your back tighter as you search your face for any sign of pain, there is none, and he knows now it isn’t that.
“Tell me what’s happening” He says it slowly
“Bucky, you have to understand, I can’t do this, I’m not built for this. Love and relationships and companions, I’m simply not, I should've figured it out years ago, should have let it smother me when I felt it before, but I didn't. And I paid the price, but now, now I know, I know now bucky. I won’t let it take me again, I can’t” your voice broke as you said the last of your pleadings, he looked at you then, looked at you in a way that made you want to crawl back into the darkness of the pine trees. Let it’s darkness swallow you whole and lick its fingers than let Bucky continue his soul grasping gaze.
“Don’t look at me like that” You rushed out, begging him to stop this tortuous dance.
“Like what?” He’s eyes blazed with a blue storm, you see the familiar look of determination in his eyes, the same look he wears on the quinjet before missions, the same one he wears when he takes down an entire tactical team with a blunt knife.
“Like you won’t leave me, like I’m not some unremarkable face that you see in crowds and forget, like you won’t get bored of me” You say quietly, huffing out for air, your chest feels tight and warm, and you hate the sweat that’s gathered at your spine, trickling down as you watch him.
“Doll, believe me when I say this, I’ve met hundreds of people in my time, dealt with them, understood them, learned their ways, their language, their customs, and none, none” He says it’s emphasises as he grabs your jaw “Hold even an ounce compared to you. God do you know how incredible you are? How everyone just, watches you? Practically half the team should be convicted of stalking with the way they look at you, hell I should be locked away for it myself” He says.
You stare at him in bewilderment, did people actually see you?, had you had an impact besides a blurry face and black curls? The thoughts shocks you, they didn’t seem true, they didn’t seem honest. Natasha was the type of woman to gather that attention, her own femininity used as a weapon of mass destruction for god's sake, she deserved that attention, not you, not ever you.
“I don’t believe you” You say scratching at the imprint of the A on Bucky’s tactical shirt.
“Why? Why do you keep denying the truth? Why do you keep denying that you’re worthy of love?” He says, he was truly confused, you were so easy to love. No one could help it, not even the stone hearted or miserable pessimists, you were just that kind of person.
You shake your head, eyes blurring with fresh tears, they stay at your waterline, as if deciding whether or not they would fall onto your cheeks, deciding whether or not you’d finally let him see you, all of you.
”Why sweet girl? Why?” He says it under his breath, wiping away the tears that cascaded down your cheeks, eyes zeroing in on your face, jaw tightening at the wobble of your lip, he murmured softly before mumbling quietly, so quietly a breath would’ve taken his voice along with it.
“Who did this to you?” He asked, recognising the hurt on your face and the shielding of your body.
You up at the sky when he says that, how long you’d craved for someone to ask those 5 words, waited for the opportunity to release the burden of her weighted memory from your shoulders, you watch the swirls of the midnight sky, the twinkles of far off stars that are years away, that are centuries away.
You look at them as they shine, breaking through the unmoving darkness that cloaks the universe, you see them in the past, watching them years before they’ve actually exploded into supernova, until they’re simply a dying star, their life cycle ending. You sickeningly recognise how it parallels to your own life, how you succumb to the repetition of your past, how you may implode into a scattered air of nothingness, so quick.
Tears blur your vision, and the stars seem further away somehow, but you keep staring at them, you do so until you feel Bucky laying you down across the soft grass of the forest, where you sense his body pressed into yours as he too stares into the night sky. You almost laugh at the thought of someone see you too like this, two Avengers, the most highly trained and feared people on these green earth, fucking star gazing.
The heaviness that set into your chest seems to let out at the thought, and your mind drifts to what possibilities mean, what hope truly is for a star like that. Unconscious to its own predestined death? Forever made to become a black hole in a sea of endless nothing? Your stomach fills with a sensation that you thought had left you; excitement. Excitement because somehow, deep within you, you can practically feel it in your bones, your destiny had been, -is, with the man you despise. The man leaning his shoulder towards yours, staring at stars at 10pm.
You stir slowly as you spot the Big Dipper, your eyes crinkle for a moment as you recall your childhood, tracing constellations with your mother as she explains the ins and outs of the universe. You had wanted to be an astronomer for years after that. No hesitations or buts when someone asked “What do you want to be?”.
You don’t want to be a star, blind to the destiny prescribed, they’re amazing and so inconceivable but they remain so far. You don’t want your life to be looking through the past, living thought the past. You do something you know you shouldn’t, you begin something you don’t know you can’t finish, and maybe it’s the forest air, or maybe it’s the memory of your childhood years, but you do it anyway.
You let him in.
“It doesn’t matter” You replied softly, eyes wiping across your face to collect the tears threatening to fall.
Okay, maybe you’d creak the door open.
“Yes it does” He said it just as quickly, as if he knew you’d dismiss him.
He grips your hip pulling you forehead to fall onto his chest, you gaze back up at him, eyes sleek with tears and the trembling of your arms.
“It does to me” He whispers it looking down at you, eyes glinting in desperation, as if to say, please, I need you.
“Why?” You muttered, breaking your unwavering stare, looking down at his chest inches way from yours, the tactical suit from the mission a few hours ago still strapped to him. The mission felt like so long ago, a million lifetimes, as lay beside him under the cloudless night.
“Because it’s you” He eyes crinkled with a soft smile, eyes filling in adoration and something else you didn’t want to believe. He unlatched an arm from your hip to lift your chin up rewards him, soft fingers sweeping across your jaw before gripping the nape of your neck
“It’s you, it’s been you for so long” He looked down longingly, as if he had held a secret that had been growing into him like moss for months, cerulean blues glazed over into greys as he gripped you gently, his quiet admission hanging onto the air like gas, your fingers gripping his shirt as you looked to him in hiccuped anticipation.
“James, do you know what you're saying? We hate each other, we fucking despise each other more than Ernest and Hemingway” You croaked out the last few words, unable to register his confession. Your mind is too fuzzy with the anxious beat of silence that tore between you, his face unreadable as they bore into yours.
It was a moment too before they flickered with familiarity, the orbs shining back to azure, the glazed off look now conceited, as if he knew. Had made a decision in the few moments that passed.
You weren’t quite sure what it was, nor where you were ready.
“For so long in my life, for decades of my life, I’ve been kept from expression, looked away in cryo or imprisoned in my mind” He began, memories of his dark past hinted in his grimace, he swallowed painfully but he kept his stare on you, his anchor, his rope to reality.
“And for so long, I’ve waited, I’ve kept to myself, even when I got better, even when I didn’t, I didn’t take any step to begin life truly”
I don’t know if I was scared, or if, I didn’t trust myself not to turn back into that person, but” He continues
“You aren’t him Bucky, you were never him” You whispered softly, recognising the grief of his past. The familiarity of your rivalry seemed to dissipate now as he shared parts of himself to you, and you your own as well.
He nodded toward you, his smile glinting as he brushed his knuckles along your cheek. A breath tore between you as he collected himself to continue.
“I mean getting back my life was the greatest gift, having autonomy over my own body after so long was-“ He swallowed, tears pushed back into the recesses of his mind as he willed himself to hold onto his resolve.
“I could finally live, but I didn’t. People don’t realise the memories are still there, from when I was him, they made sure I remember it, I think they knew I’d get out, that I’d somehow in years time, leave that life, but they knew I wouldn’t ever leave the memories. They made sure of it, and god, I remember it, I remember them all. My hands will forever be red and I just can’t-,” He stares blankly at his hands, as if the bloodshed of the people hs killed will begin spilling out of them. “I shouldn't have life, or a family and a wife and kids and a house, and everything else I thought I’d have at 19”. He smiles tightly at you, throat bobbing as he swallows thickly.
“That just isn’t in the cards for me, not when I’ve done what I’ve done. Not when you’ve done what I’ve done” He crossed his head, head rocking to the side as if to reprimand the thoughts of a fulfilled life, as if the mere mention caused him to chastise himself. How could he? How dare he?
You kept your face solemn, taking his words in, letting him tell him the quiet truth to you before you would interrupt.
Smiling up at him with a softness you kept for few, you gripped his shirt a little tighter as you felt his tears slide down his cheeks
“Bucky, no, we’ve all done something, some worse than others, and they’re bad, horrible, vile acts, but you have to remember Buck, that was before. Before you could finally breathe for yourself, before you could fucking pick between killing someone and letting them go”.
“You had no choice, and isn’t that everyone? One way or another life had dealt us a pretty shitty card, and people had used that. Used our vulnerability, our pain, our suffering, our death, for their own twisted agendas. We’ve been puppets for their greed and power, weapons for their war and bodies for their desires”.
A part of yourself needed the rivalry, it needed the anticipation that each day the both of you would have an argument or fight, it was promised. Now it needs him, it needs Bucky.
“But there is a finality in their tight grip, they were never meant to last, we were never meant to be theirs forever, and now, now Bucky? They’re gone, the universe has passed on the little justice it has to give onto them. You are unshackled, you can’t be held to the same person you were before, not after what they did, not after what they did to you” You hiccuped the last words, tears sprinting forth as you grunting in resistance to the onslaught of emotion over the memories of Bucky’s torture, never enough time to mourn, not for the world, not ever.
“This is past atonement, you’ve given everything, you’ve laid down your life to humanity, and you still do now, you're a goddamn avenger, that’s gotta stand for something right?” You grin up at him pulling a tired quirk of his mouth, it was real, that’s what mattered.
“You deserve to live life, you deserve to have that family, that’s everything” You gleamed into him, hands wrapping around his face as you shook him slightly, emphasising yours words, reprimanding him to the unwavering belief.
Blinking back the haze of incoming tears, Bucky grips the nape of your neck tighter, solemnly nodding to your words,
“It’s just a doll, when you walked in, that day, it was like everything blew up in my face. I realised how long it had been, how long it had been before I felt the raw overwhelming feeling of love, to feel it course through me, to watch it keep me up at night. And it hurt, it hurt so bad because I knew I’d never let myself feel it, I’ve never allowed it. God, I just, I wanted to know you, to learn what your favourite food was, grow tired of your nonsensical rambling I know you love, I wanted to hold you so bad, but I didn’t. Weeks went on and I just didn’t. I don’t know if it was guilt or nervousness now, but there has been too much time waiting.” He said, and urgency in his words as if time was slipping through his fingers, perhaps it was, maybe that’s why you hadn’t realised the sun was creeping into the horizon, the colours of the morning dew shing across your faces.
“It’s been so long, so, so long” A pained look took over his desires as his brow furrowed in regret, and you shook your head solemnly
“Never, Buck, it’s never too late, '' you replied, answering his silent question. The air grew thick with anticipation, particles springing and bouncing to the energy radiating off of the both of you, the seams and stitches of your trumbling relationship torn though, the truth of your feelings shown brightly amongst the jagged seams, the truth behind the hatred, the fear behind every stringing remark you’d throw at him. They all hinted to the unwavering yet familiar feeling settled in your chest, the feelings that remained even after months of ignoring and dismissing, feelings that cemented into you, and feelings that coursed through him as well.
“You didn’t answer my question” Bucky whispered, the rising sun gleaming across his face, brooding eyebrows and red lips covered in a silky hue, the caramel rays of dawn settling amongst the two of you.
“Who hurt you?” He asked again
You scoffed lightly, the question that had started this whole thing, the one you thought you got away with, stupidity, really. This was Bucky Barnes, nothing could be hidden from him. You felt stupid trying to outsmart him
The memories that flooded towards that question left you breathless, you had gone through your mourning, yes, the scars that left healed showed that. But they still hurt. You could feel the question pressing on them, sinking their curiosity into the lines and soft edges.
Bucky felt your mood change, holding onto you a slight more tighter, bringing your downward face towards his own, eyes wide and open, wiling, safe, your sanctuary
“A few years ago, uh, I had met this girl. We were both in our 20’s, experiencing the breath of independence in the form of expensive coffees and even more expensive apartments in New York. The first time I met her I was just in awe. She was so cool, so eccentric and mesmerising and so far from what I'd known, so different to me, she wooed me with her music taste and underground food spots she found in back alleys”. Your eyes crinkle at the memory, a low chuckle escaping you, you wouldn’t deny her aura, she was enigmatic, it was part of why you were so drawn to her, and you don’t doubt she still is.
“She was the only one who really, I mean really made me feel alive. Like I mattered, like she believed in all my stupid dreams and hopes and decisions, she’d kiss me and say I’d become one of the greatest writers there would be, she’s hold my hand and tell me that I could be whatever the fuck I wanted, that the insecurity’s felt from my childhood didn’t matter, and for someone who’s never felt this kind of affection? Who’s never felt the soft innocent touch of wonderment? You bet I fell in love.
Tracing a figure eight on his chest, you hide behind and smile and continue
“I fell hard, fast, so fucking fast I couldn’t see how fucking stupid I was being, she told me she did too, but even now I still don’t know if that’s true”.
“All I knew was that she was my first everything. My first love, my first stupid decision, my first everything Bucky. And I thought she would be the last, the one, and then I was shoved into the reality that was life”.
Nothing is ever that easy, there had to be, had to be heartache. I knew that, I knew that Bucky, I’ve known that since I was 12, I just didn’t think it would be from her. I didn’t think she’s just leave me, just fucking discentegrate the way she did. No phone number or, or address, nothing. You chuckled at the memory, she had left you to yourself, ghost you with feelings she knew you’d never felt before, disappeared at the altar of your love. You thought you knew hurt, thought you knew grief, she taught you one thing, and that was you didn’t.
“She was gone so fast, ungripped form my hold, Ithought I dreamt her, I wish I did, it would've made forgetting her easier”
“You know I couldn’t even look for her? I was a broke 20 something who couldn’t even pay for name brand cereal, I couldn’t hire an investigator or whatever the fuck you’d do if the only person you’ve ever loved wholly vanished, I couldn’t even ask her family because they didn’t even know me bucky, they didn’t know me. We were together for over half a year and they didn’t know me. I thought it was cool then, somehow more intense and special because no one knew except the people that mattered, now I know it was some bullshit excuse I fed myself”
“She was ashamed of me, it took me years to admit it but it’s true,” You nod towards the ground, you'd accepted it long before, but the strain in your heart remains strong, even after all these years. Bucky tugs your face at that, an aghast expression over takes him as he shakes his head.
“No, no she wasn’t, you aren’t something to be ashamed about, doll,” He says furiously as if he felt personally attacked by your candour.
You tighten your embrace around him, smiling as you blink tears. You knew you weren’t something to hide, something to keep only in memories and whispered calls. But she did, and if that didn’t crush your entire existence, you didn’t know what would've.
“I knew her Bucky, she was fierce, she didn’t hide behind false pretences or an identity, hell her parents knew she wasn’t straight when she’d told them herself on her 11th Birthday. It’s what made it so much worse, what made the grief last so long, to know that she kept me a secret not because she was withholding her identity from her parents or her friends or was still hiding behind straightness, but because she was ashamed of me. Me. And I believed her, believed it, the moment of realisation broke me, it ruined me Bucky.
“She took every single thing I thought I knew about myself and crushed it under her glitter boots. God it hurt, it hurt so bad I wished for death, I wished for something as sweet as nothingness so I wouldn’t wake up and remember, remember what she did to me.” You swallow the last bit of your pride as you let out the truth of your entire being towards the brunette, you felt you should stop, felt you should’ve 20 sentences ago, but you didn't, you don't want to.
“I see her, you know? I see her in spaces, in corners of the room, her ghost traces its fingers over my body some nights, before disappearing into the moonlight before I could reach out and touch. I see her in people, their faces morphed with the wrinkled memory of hers, paralysing me right there. It’s worse in crowds, a neck, an arm, a hair style she’d always wear, or a jacket she’d love that would make me shase after them, turning them around to see some fucking normal civilian who was bombarded by a random girl who was grieving a relationship from years ago.”
“She keeps a part of me, always, that part of me, a piece of who I was before, a memory of a different version of me. And it’s a loss, it’s a mourning period of realising I’ll never get that part of me back, but it’s the reality of love. It’s the bright red cautionary warning we all refuse to really see at the start.”
“Maybe I keep a part of her, maybe she feels the same loss I do, wherever she is.”
“Doll, you say she knows you, you say she loved you, but that’s not what love is, what she did, it broke you, I see it now, I saw it the moment you walked in.”
“I know you're scared to begin this, to allow yourself to feel an emotion that brought so much pain and undoing. But with that part she has of you, let her take that feeling too, let her possess the heartache and fear and anger as well. She has your past, she has your first love, don’t let her take your future.”
“But what if she’s right? What if deep down, she’s was right all along” You ask
“And what if she’s wrong? What if deep down you’re everything you’re meant to be? Loving, kind, funny enough to make even Strange laugh, saving the entire fucking world and looking goddamn beautiful doing it.”
Your mind was ready to resist, to upend another reason for why you won’t allow yourself the luxury of loving. But there’s a pause, there’s an air between the usual insecurity, your mind grows giddy as you wish to hold on to the possibility of your body letting love in again.
“Why are you trying so hard?, You know how much time it will take for us to even begin to have a normal relationship? Why waste all that time?” You ask cruising peeking up, you were genuinely curious as to why he gave it his all.
“I’ve spent more than 3 decades doing something every ounce of my being hated, I want to spend all the time I have in doing something I love. For you, it may seem like a grievance, to grow and learn and become what we’ll be, but for me, for me it’s fucking nirvana”.
You remain speechless and you let his reply spread through you like the warmth of a blanket, what he said, what he felt, was so different from what any and all others would say. He found it pleasurable, to, to wait. To spend the torturing months before doing things normal couples did within days. You feel the warmth drop down to your core, springing it to life with a need you haven’t felt in a long time.
Something about Bucky telling you that he got off on the wait made you shiver with an unwavering need to touch him. Absentmindedly rubbing your thighs for any semblance of friction, you stop almost immediately as you catch the way the cerulean blues looking back at you depend into an intense black.
You feel him feather a hand across your stomach, before gliding it across the back of your thigh, squeezing the junction between where the back of your thigh meets your ass. You hear him mutter a groan as he practically rolls his eyes into his skull, and before you know it you're crashing your lips against his.
Fire and light burn sparks between your bodies, the heat radiating off of you in waves until you practically steam with arousal. His lips are surprisingly soft after spewing bullshit for so long, and the thought has you smiling into the kiss. Your humour seems to disappear though, as Bucky pulls your bottom lip into his mouth, sucking and pulling, until he draws blood, he runs a wet tongue over the top of it, licking the crimson off your lips.
The kiss becomes more violent, needy to feel each other, more teeth and tongue and the clashing of fire and ice as the heat in your core bursts with desire.
He reaches behind wrapping around your thigh, he hoists you up with ease, the flex of his bicep pressing into your back. With your legs wrapped around his hips, Bucky backs you into the trunk of an oak tree, the feel of its bark pressing into your skin is still no match for the grip Bucky has on you, the torturous touch he leave behind ever glide of his finger tips.
Bucky groans above you as he feels the warmth of you back, gliding his finger up your spine until his fingers wrap around your throat, he unlatches his mouth from yours as he looks beneath his lashes; his lust consumes him.
“God damn it doll, I need to feel you” He whispers groaning, the look of pain overtakes his features as he presses into your sides.
His brunette curls fall across his face as he leans into your neck, licking a long strip following the length of your neck, until his sucking on the junctures between where your shoulder meets.
You feel the bruising before he’s even let’s go, and in any other setting, you would’ve been mournful for having to wear some itchy turtleneck to cover the huge love bites from the team, but this time, now, with the need coursing through your veins, you’d agree to wear even the most hideous scarf known to man.
He hums into your skin, continuing his art of lust across your collarbone, he kisses a point behind your ear and you cry out pleasure, moaning his name and your eyes roll into your head. You want him to continue, you need him to continue.
You feel him smile into your skin, and you feel the urge to quiet down your moans, Bucky senses this too, and looks up momentarily, his lips parted and red, eyes glazed over
“I wanna fuck you so good you forget your name doll, don’t quiet down on me” He says, his eyes crinkle at your open mouth shock at his words.
It’s been so long since you’ve done any of the things you were more than indulging in now, aside from a cursing off of romance, one night stands have been the only consistency in your failed “love” life. Most of them were okay, none had left any world shattering experiences, or stories you could tell your friends. This though, Bucky, you were sure It would keep you up at night days later.
You miss it, the musk and heaviness of a man, or atleast Bucky, his 6ft mass of muscle overshadowing everything else, taking up space until you were trapped between a 5ft wide unmoving stalk of wood, and the practical statue.
You didn’t understand it, how he was so soft, how he’s touch could be so feathered, even as though the weight of him was so heavy against your body.
Bucky lifts his face from your neck as he reaches for your lips again, shoving his tongue between your parted lips, your face crushed between his hands.
He lifts you up in a hurry, placing you on the grass of the forest and he lay his body against yours, his lips traces down your neck, before unbuttoning the ruffled shirt you were wearing, your face grows hot as you watch Bucky trace across the lace embroidered bustier, the white fabric contrasting against your skin. You hear him hm in satisfaction, eyes growing with hunger.
Looping an arm behind you he unclips your bra with a metal hand, releasing your breasts as you lay bare in front of him.
“Fuck” You hear him grin out as he shifts againts you, his cock practically throbbing, strained againts his pants. The moonlight shines an iridescent shadow across your chest, making them look fucking celestial. Images of your pebbled nipples between him teeth, hearing you groan that sweet sound of yours, or perhaps sheslthing his cock between them, fucking up into your breasts. You’d look gorgeous, covered in sweat and his cum, he knew you would, you were his girl, you always would.
You try to hide, look away, embarrassment taking over your features, he tuts loudly, grabbing your face with his wrist until you're forced to face him, him and the pulsating desire radiating off of his body.
“Don’t hide from me, you're my girl, say it” He growls, the sound vibrating through his chest. He feels suddenly overwhelmed with a need to prove to you how badly he wants you.
You stare at him open mouthed, unsure as you try and speak; yet your voice quivers under his intense gaze.
“Say. it.” He commands it from you, unearthing it from your chest.
You gulp down the intimidation, and speak what is the only truth you know of
“I’m your girl” You say.
He nods as you say it, eyes following hee line of your lips, his marking already making him groan out in pleasure. He likes this, you under him, he’s spent enough time under the covers dusting his cock at the thought of you, yet nothing would compare to how he was feeling now. He’d fear even the taste of you would make him cum in less than a minute.
“And my girl know, she fucking knows how gorgeous she is, you will know it, and you will tell everyone that you do” He says matter of factly, as if he’s listing the forecast for the week, as if it’s common knowledge. The heat from your core grows at the thought of that, cording through you until your absentmindedly grinding againts him.
He tightened his grip of your thigh, leaning in as close as possible, until you can feel his breath on your face
“I want you to sit up for me, can you do that doll?” He whispers it softly. Motioning to manoeuvre your body so that your thighs rest on either side of his.
He directs you to sit on one of his thighs, and the act as you groaning out in pleasure.
The denim of his jeans press onto your folds, the rough material creating a delist friction you chase. You feel his hands rest on your hips, hiding you across his thigh with a slow but steady rhythm.
“Just like that pretty girl, I want you to make a mess all over me” Bucky hums with a sound of satisfaction, watching the way your back arches as the friction of his denim pants rub into your cunt.
He leans into your chest, circling his tongue over your nipples, before sucking the crest into his mouth, you cry out as his hands move mor rapidly, guiding your wearing push across the folds and crevices of his pants.
“Please, please bucky,” You plead with him, he grins into your breast, nibbling on your nipple causing you to cry out, your arousal leaking from your thighs, dampening his jeans.
Letting go of your nipple with a loud pop, he watches you grind on his thigh, tensing his muscles to give you more friction, the act spilling his arousal from your lips
You feel the littering of goosebumps across your skin as the building fire in your core increases. Your head lays limp over Bucky’s shoulder, shivering with intense desire as you become consumed with the feeling of a Bucky’s pants pressing into your clit.
Bucky keeps a bruising grip on your hips, hiding you across his leg faster, rougher, until your arousal coats his entire thigh, Bucky reaches between your bodies, his thumb rubbing across your clit, nimble fingers adding impossible pleasure. You begin to grind up into his finger as well as his leg, mind blank as you the sensations become to much, over riding your senses.
You bother out incoherent words as all you can do is repeat “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky”
Senses your impending descent to climax, Bucky whispers praises under his breathe, words of “good girl, and just like that” fall from his lips as he circles his thumb across your clit, an arms wrapped around your back and he grind you into him deeper.
“Cmon pretty girl, give it to me, I need it , I need you to give it to me” He groans, watching your arch you back your neck left open as your leans back.
The heat blooms from your core and the pounding of your heart vibrates in your ears, grinding across the hardened muscle of muscles leg, with his fingers pushing into your folds and pressing into your walls, your descend onto pure euphoric pleasure.
Your vision blind as white hot pleasure Raines down across your back, through your spine, everywhere. Your pussy pulsing around Bucky’s thigh, gripping onto whatever it can. You’re boneless across him, the sensations of your thighs and hands become consumed with saccharine.
Your head rests across Bucky’s shoulder as your thighs continue to shake against him. Bucky rubs a hand across your back, kneading your as he whispers praises against your skin. His heart thumping with pride.
He caressed a fallen yet from your cheek, rubbing his knuckles the side of your face, eyes bleeding with hunger.
“We’re okay?, I know these pants were pretty good but I don’t want you passing out on me” He grins, a smirk pulling at the side of his lips.
“I’m, I’m okay, the last time I’d did something like this was..never” You croak out, voice hoarse from your ministrations.
Bucky but laughs at that, lifting you up so that your rested on his chest again. You don’t know if you can walk after what just happened, much less have the large imprint in Bucky’s pants pressed into your folds again.
As if sensing your trepidation, Bucky in haste says;
“We don’t have to do anything more, I meant what I said before” He replies, eyes searching your features for any sign of discomfort.
“I can wait” He whispers finally, eyes relaxed as he seems to have gathered that you haven’t wounded yourself dry humping.
He grasps softly at your hands, intertwining them, holding them to your chest, the beating of your hearts together.
You nod slowly, releasing the tension gathered at your shoulders, you weren’t quite ready to feel him completely, and you had to admit, you weren’t that experienced in that realm of a world. You had only been with her and a sweet boy from your neighbourhood who took you to prom.
She was more memorable.
Still though, the carnal instinct to feel him overcomes you, it swallows you while until your pulling at his shirt and resting your bare chest against his. You knew this was more intimate, more than having him every would be. He knew this too, as he held you closer, tightening his hold on you so that you head was tucked under his chin.
You hadn’t had time to truly appreciate Bucky’s stature when he was knuckles deep in your pussy, but now, whilst you lay againts the mass of muscle that is his chest, you realise how truly big he is. His arm sprawl across your stomach, large enough to wraps around and then some, his legs seem to go on forever, and his hands, his hands made the wetness in your thighs pool again.
They were heavy, strong, the veins protruding along his forearm towards them, his fingers were thick, you realise some had just made you cum, you also realised they’ve been licked clean; the realisation leaves you breathless and sends shivers down your spine.
You stayed like this for a while, feathered kisses across your sweaty bodies, hands feeling, touching, memorising every curve and dip, every scar and mark, until it was pressed into your memories forever.
The flutter of movement in the bushes breaks you from the trance, Bucky grips you towards himself, manoeuvring you over that that you were shielded from the outside. His dark eyes scanned the pitch black blanket surrounding you two; you finally realise how high the moon is, and how deep the forest has become.
“We should probably head back before Steve sends a search crew” He smiles, rubbing his thumb over your cold knuckles.
“Mhm, that is a wonderful idea” You nod, already pulling Bucky’s hands to follow you as you make your way through the forest.
Bucky’s grip is tight, mostly likely from the fear of losing you the roots of the forest, and the truck back to the doesn’t seem as bad with his warmth clouding you.
You break through the uncharted bushes and trees, into a clearing, where the compounds expensive grey side peaks through the mist. It’s October, and the cloud of fog settles on the tops of the pine trees, covering the entire place with an eerie silence.
You both move in rhythmic pace, in silence, in comfortable silence, you haven’t been much for silence, but with him it’s not so bad. You both seem engrossed, swimming through the events that transpired between you two, mulling over decisions made and possibilities unearthed.
You finally make it to the beaten path that leads a short walk to the safety of the compound, the blocks of concrete the have cracked under the sun or simply always been that way, make contact with your boots, the loud thunk breaking through the silence of the night.
Hope breaks through the cracks of the concrete path you walk on, and it takes you almost everything, and Bucky’s hold on you, too keep yourself from stamping it out, ripping it from the dark earth to keep it from growing.
The compound doors break through the thick forest surrounding it, the illuminating lights from the outside flittering in your vision, a stark blindness to the darkness of the path.
You don’t have to see it to hear the rest of the team huddled in the living room, rambunctiously conversing amongst themselves. You falter a little as you make the final step through the compound doors, Bucky looks towards you, a reassuring look overtaking his appearance.
Before you can make the decisions, Natasha seems to make it for you, noticing you’re hunched frames through the compounds windows.
“Oh god! There you two are!” Screams Natasha from the love seat, a tight blanket wrapped around her, a glass of wine in her hand.
“I was wondering were you two went off to, was considering looking for you two myself” Grumbles Steve, arms crossed against his chest.
You look towards Bucky, a knowing smile takes over your features and the wide eyed look Bucky gives you sends you spiralling into laughter. He fucking called it. Your keened over gripping your stomach, fat tears rolling down your cheeks and you hiccup out of breathe. Soon Bucky joins you, and the Avengers watch on as the two most jilted people on the team act like old friends.
“What’s so funny?” Steve says, eyes zeroing in on the proximity of you and Bucky, somethings changed, a shift, everyone on the team has sensed it.
“Don’t you worry your little head about it Steve” Bucky chuckles, wiping a tear from your face, before stretching his arms out.
“Let’s say we get something in our stomach doll, I know your not fully satisfied” He murmurs, a smirk enlarging his features. Your face heats with desire as you pull your bottom lip between your teeth. You don’t miss the inaudible groan Bucky let’s put at the action, grasping your hands once again to lead you to the compound kitchen.
The rest of the avenger remain motionless, mouths agape.
Sam grunts loudly as he reaches for his jeans, plucking a 20 bill from his wallet, Natasha makes haste to snatch it from his grasp.
“I fucking told you so” She grins, making motion to sniff the dollar bill, dark eyes crinkling at the sides and she laughs at Sam obviously wounded expression.
The rest of the team chuckle out in scattered laughter, Steve rolling his eyes at his team members antics. He smiled onto himself secretly, under the muscles of his forearms, Natasha always won a bet, but Steve didn’t have to wager to know his oldest friend, who lived through lifetimes and centuries, through wars and regimes and cataclysmic world turners; was no match for you.
Love seemed like such an empty word to what he was he felt to you, it was enrapture, it was entanglement, ecstasy and comfort and honey down a sore throat.
It took everything in Steve to not grab my his stupid face and force him to confess.
“Whatever, I bet 50 he’ll say the big L word first” Sam argues back, leaning back against the chair.
“Oh come on, Sam, even I know that’s too easy” Steve groans out, peeling himself from his leaned in position on the wall.
“Now that, Sam, is a wager I can agree with” Nat replies back, tucking the 20 into her front pocket.
It was about time you two had finally just dealt with the mountain of tension between you two. All they ever saw was what it was, now they’d finally see what it would become.
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jbreenr · 5 months ago
𝕯𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖐𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖂𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝕮𝖚𝖕𝖎𝖉
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × Reader
Summary: Maybe, for once, alcohol had all the answers you needed.
Trope: Drunk confessions.
Word count: 3.2k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), brief choking, alcohol consumption, an itty-bitty bit of angst, porn with feelings (?), slight dirty talk. And I think that's it.
A/N: Sooo, as you may have figured by now, I can only write if it's for a challenge, and today is not different. This is for @tom-whore-dleston 's 500 followers / AU and trope bingo challenge. Congratulations on your milestone, honey! 🎉 I hope you like this at least a little bit. As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*. Let me know your guys' thoughts (I love that shit).
Tumblr media
ᴺᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᵍⁱᶠ ¯ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵒʳ
Fast healing was great, colds disappeared in a matter of seconds, headaches were gone before they even started and you had never experienced a hangover. That part was great. But unfortunately, it was very difficult for you to get drunk. It took an exaggerated amount of alcohol for you to feel even tipsy.
Which was the reason two empty bottles of tequila were already empty and forgotten next to the one that was on its way to become a third one.
“It's so good to finally have a girls night.” Said Wanda as she took a chip from the plate and threw it in your direction to get your attention from your match with Natasha.
Who agreed, hugging you from behind, careful not to pinch you with the two darts she was still holding. “We only need some single men to make tonight better.” Still hugging you, she reached out for her beer to bump it into Wanda's.
“I don't think Vis would like that, or Steve.” Wanda pointed at the redhead accusatory.
“Not for us.” Her hands were quick to go up and down your sides, as if you were a product she was trying to sell. “For this pretty lady here.”
They had insisted fervently on you joining them in their night out, and after declining the offer several times, you accepted under one condition.
“'No men.'” You reminded them. “That was the deal.”
Natasha went to sit on the other side of the table, in front of you. “It was because, otherwise, you would have stayed at the tower alone and depressed over an idiot who's not worth it.”
“Yeah!” It was Wanda's turn to give her opinion. “Fuck him! You're young, you're sexy. You can have whoever you want just like this.” She snapped her fingers. “And you can have them now, if you want to.” She nodded her head, telling you to turn discreetly to see something behind you.
Playing the fixing my hair move, you looked behind, immediately locking eyes with a handsome man. His curly hair covered his forehead and made it difficult to know the color of his eyes, his lips curved into a smirk as he crossed his thick arms over his chest. When he winked and licked his lips, you understood why Wanda chose him among the many people at the bar. He was effortlessly hot.
“I don't know, guys.” You turned your attention back to your friends, taking a dart from Nat's hand and walking in front of the dartboard pinned to the wall. “I don't think that a one night stand is what I need right now.”
You threw the dart, almost hitting the bullseye. Nat joined right after, hitting the center of the board with the minimum effort, right beside the dart she had thrown minutes prior.
“And what exactly do you need?” Wanda asked. “A rom-com marathon, eating ice cream while crying and feeling bad for yourself? Believe me, getting laid will help you get over whoever you haven't gotten over yet.”
And to that logic, you started to consider it. Maybe if you landed eyes on someone else you could start forgetting about…
“Or you could go to this mystery man's place and talk straight to him.” Nat laughed at her suggestion, thinking of it as the most ridiculous thing she'd ever said as she took the darts off the board. “I mean, you never know, right?” But when Natasha turned, darts in hand and ready to give you your corresponding batch for the next round, neither you nor the bottle were there any longer. “ Where's Y/N?”
And Wanda didn't have an answer to that.
“I knew I'd find you here.” You said as the door closed behind the overly confused man.
“Maybe because this is my room.” His sarcasm didn't come out with annoyance, curiosity all over the sentence.
You looked around as if you had just realized where you were, sitting on the edge of his bed, legs crossed with a half empty bottle of tequila in between them.
“Yeah, you're right.” You pointed at him, a knowing smile making its way in your lips. “But I thought you wouldn't come to your room alone, if you know what I mean.”
Bucky couldn't help but notice you were dragging the words. The particular spark in your heavy eyes, telling him about your current state.
“I see you've been drinking.” He stood in front of you. His posture, broad shoulders, crossed arms and look of disapproval, making him look bigger, imposing, dangerous even, which you knew he was, but not to you, he would never hurt you… not physically, at least.
“Yes, and I feel amazzzing!” A big gulp to the bottle followed your statement. “I don't know why I don't do this more often.”
“Mhm,” The sound left your throat as you took another sip. “It's like I can do anything. Like all that embrerreastent went on vacation and I can finally tell you the truth I've been hiding for th--.”
As you spoke, Bucky sat beside you in the bed, whole body turned in your direction, full attention on you. “What truth?” He imagined a hundred possible answers. You, hiding the pillow of the couch he'd always sit on because you spilled some coffee on it and now it's stained; You, being the one who leaves the empty bottles of milk on the fridge because you're too lazy to take another one out; You, leaving the country because a millionaire proposed to you and you're ready to live your best life with him…
Seconds of silence passed by and the atmosphere in the room changed with them. While you found the perfect words, Bucky watched you expectant, preparing himself for the worst.
“The truth of my feelings.” You would have seen Bucky's exalted expression, having not been looking at your fingers. The theory of the millionaire crossing his mind again. “My feelings for you.”
To say that Bucky was lost was an understatement. “Your feelings for me?”
You drank again. A drop of tequila descended from the corner of your mouth and Bucky was surprised your face did not contract at the taste of the liquor.
“I'm so freaking in love with you.” Laughing and brushing your hair out of your face, you directed the bottle back to your lips only to find it empty.
A single tear rolled down your face, but you were not sure if it was caused by your laughter or out of fear he'd hate you for the rest of his life. “How stupid is that? Falling in love with the only man who'll never look at me twice.”
After a quiet minute, Bucky asked, “What makes you say that?”
“It's too obvious! You could have any girl you want, anytime you want her,” You snapped your fingers, copying Wanda. “And if you wanted me, you would have made a move ages ago.”
He remained silent for what seemed like an eternity, and as your eyes started to focus on his expression and you felt the effects of the alcohol dissipating, you knew you were already sobering up which, in this case, was worse than an actual hangover.
“Where is this coming from?”
Realization hit you stronger than one of Natasha's kicks in the training room. Now, in your five senses and aware of what you just did, you let go of the bottle, letting it fall to the carpet.
Standing up, you tried to excuse yourself, ready to go hide in your room to start deciding on a convincing excuse to never see him again.
As fast as you left the bed, Bucky's arm reached out for you, gripping on your wrist, stopping you from running away.
Knowing that it'd be impossible for you to escape, you sat down again, avoiding meeting his eyes. “You didn't answer my question.” His fingers were still on your wrist, metal slowly warming against your hot skin.
You exhaled in resignation. There was no going back now. “Remember a couple months ago when Nat set me on a blind date with that agent and I didn't sleep here?”
There was a change in the way his eyes looked at you, but you couldn't quite point out what it was. “Yeah, I remember.”
“We didn't get along that well and I… I made it to the tower that night and, you know, we have pretty thin walls.”
Understanding what you were implying, Bucky wanted nothing more than to slap himself in the face and drag Sam with him for giving him the idea.
He overheard the girls talking about how handsome the guy they set you up with was and how they knew for sure you'd stay the night at his place and he lost it. He let Sam convince him that the quickest way to forget you was with someone else, and God if he listened to him.
“And then, there were more girls, more often,” You continued. “And I just couldn't take it anymore. I was ready to sleep with some stranger to get you out of my mind for, at least, a night but I ended up here instead because I couldn't bring myself to do it and…” Your babbling was cut off, leaving your half structured idea dusting away along with any other thing you could possibly think of by Bucky's lips moving sweetly on yours.
You tasted like tequila and strawberry, a strange combination, but one Bucky seemed to enjoy as his lips danced delicately, unhurriedly waiting for you to follow.
And when you did. God! He could get used to that. If kissing you was already heaven, having you kissing him back, well, it was even better than Bucky imagined it could be.
His flesh hand cradled your face, wiping away the trace of tears adorning your cheek as his left hand caressed your arm up and down. The moment felt endless, minutes stretching into hours and hours turning into years, but you knew it was just a matter of seconds.
When you finally put an end to the kiss, eyes closed and forehead pressed against Bucky's, you didn't know what to expect next. Would he regret kissing you? Would he pretend it didn't happen?
You didn't have time to keep digging in your imagination for Bucky was the one to break the silence. “I didn't need to look at you twice.” And even though you were sober again, you didn't quite understand what that meant. You separated from him, wanting to look him in the eye, but your attention kept being dragged to his lips. “I've been crazy about you for the longest time. I just never thought you'd be interest--.”
It was your time to interrupt him, lips crashing into his in a hungry kiss he was quick to follow. It was desperate, passionate and full of emotions. It was like you wanted to transmite every ounce of love you felt for him in that single kiss, even though you knew it was immeasurable.
With a fast movement, you were straddling him, fingers playing with his hair and hips grinding against his hardening member. His hands explored your every centimeter, almost as to make sure you were actually there.
Your hands descended, looking for the hem of Bucky's shirt, which you pulled out of the way to run your palms along his exposed back.
How did you end up here? When you sneaked in his room in the first place, you were mentally prepared to make a fool of yourself, believing you wouldn't remember a thing the next morning. You never imagined your visit would have this outcome.
When your nails started making a red trace and Bucky's hips jolted was when his eyes snapped open. “Wait. We can't.” He said in between kisses, separating from you against his deepest wishes. “You're drunk. I--.”
“Not anymore.” Your breathing was heavy, cheeks flushed and lips red.
He seemed reluctant, trying to decipher if what you were saying was true or just a trick motivated by the alcohol. “You, super soldiers, are not the only ones with this ability.”
He thought about your powers and the perks that must come with them and it made sense to him, not only because it was what he desired most in the world at that moment but because you seemed well aware of your surroundings and current situation to be as drunk as you were minutes ago.
“Are you sure?”
Lowering the straps of your dress, you let it pool around your waist, revealing your already hard nipples.
Your actions had the desired reaction, Bucky's eyes didn't tear from your breasts, not until you took his jaw and made him look at you again. “There's nothing I want more.”
And that was enough for him to roll on the bed, pinning your body under his and resume the breathtaking kiss that had your head spinning faster than any liquor could.
Your hands desperately tried to yank his jeans down, but you found it'd be more difficult than you thought. Knowing your struggle, Bucky decided to take matters in his own hands and get rid of his unwanted clothing as well as your dress, tossing them to the other side of the room.
He took a second to drink in the sight of you, half naked in his bed, eyes begging for him to join you and do things you only got to experience in your dreams.
Parting your legs, he made his way up your calf with his lips brushing your flesh. When he reached your panties, all he did was to leave a tender kiss on your mud over the thin fabric, making you gasp. Before continuing to your belly and between your breasts, he discarded the insulting cover away, leaving you all at his mercy.
But he did nothing more than to travel up your body until he was facing you again.
As Bucky kept his full weight from crushing you with one hand, he brushed a lock of hair off your face with the other. “God, you're beautiful.”
He didn't give you time to answer or reciprocate the compliment. His fingers were already playing with your clit, leaving you with your lips parted and soft sounds of satisfaction falling from them.
You wanted him to take you and use you in every way he pleased, so your hand flew to his wrist, and even though he was obviously stronger than you, he didn't put any sort of resistance when you directed his fingers to your mouth so you could taste yourself. When you brushed his fingertips with your tongue, he lost it.
Bucky's fingers left your lips with a soft pop.
He aligned with your inviting pussy and started rubbing his length already leaking with precum along your lips, coating it with your arousal before finally plugging into you with a slow thrust.
Your head flew back, exposing your neck to Bucky, like asking him to cover it with his palm, and Bucky couldn't help but to do so.
The feeling of his flesh hand taking possession of your throat as his hips started moving had your breath hitching. It was too much and too little at the same time.
You relished in the fact that it was not just another dream, that you were actually stretching around him and he was enjoying it just as much as you did, but still, you needed more. You needed him to move faster, to break you into a million pieces only to glue you back together.
“C'mon, Buck,” Your voice brought him back from his own thoughts. “Show me how crazy you are about me.”
And that was it. His grip on your throat tightened the slightest as his movements gained force. He accelerated the pace quickly, making you a whimpering mess in seconds, profanities falling from your lips easily.
Your hands closed around his wrist as your legs hugged his hips, urging him to keep moving, to keep pounding into you as if it was the last thing he'd ever do.
And if that was the case, Bucky would gladly comply. If he were to die he would be happy to know that it was between your legs, bringing you to ecstasy and loving you the way he only knew.
His train of thought was interrupted when he felt you clenching down on him, making him grunt.
“Fuck.” He said as he directed his gaze to where your bodies connected, watching his cock disappearing inside of you. “You're taking me so well.” Sweetly caressing your thigh, he lifted it up, giving him better access that granted him go even deeper. “So fucking well.” His ragged words and the new angle only added to your arousal, making your moans be louder and louder until Bucky muffled them with his lips, and that's when you heard it. The squelch sound that your bodies created with each thrust.
Your back arched, sensitive nipples brushing against Bucky's chest. He let go of your throat as soon as your hands left his wrist, meaning to explore as much of his body as you could reach. His hand descended to play with one of your hardened buttons, pinching and twisting it to give it the attention it craved before continuing its way to your bundle of nerves, which he roughly pressed as he drew fast circles, getting you closer to your imminent release.
“Damn, Buck, I…” The way you whined Bucky's name was almost sinful, the difficulty you faced when trying to say something coherent and understandable showed the moment your words were interrupted by Bucky's restless stimulation to your clit. “I'm close!”
But you didn't need to tell him. Just by feeling how your walls squeezed his cock was enough for him to know that you were on the edge of your orgasm.
“Hold it for me, doll.” With little effort, Bucky sat on his knees, dragging you with him until your back was barely touching the bed under you. “I know you can do that, baby. Just a little more.” He inhumanely accelerated his pounding, drilling into you with ferocity.
Your protest got caught in your throat and was replaced by the pleasure bubbling in your stomach. You didn't know how much more you could hold it.
But you had no time to even do the math. Your orgasm hit you like a tidal wave, walls clamping down, trying to milk Bucky's cock dry. Your explosion of bliss only intensified when you felt him release right after, filling you up with his spent as he worked you through it with slow yet deep thrusts that had you panting in renewed need.
You let out a meowl when he pulled out to fall to your side. Both of you, struggling to breathe normally for a couple of minutes.
“That was…” He paused, taking his time to find the right words to describe it. “Better than I ever imagined.” You let him hug you closer to leave a sweet kiss on your temple.
And to the sincerity of his statement, you couldn't help but ask, “You got it bad, uh?”
He looked down at you, a raised brow and the corner of his lips twitching upwards at your playful grin.
“Oh, shut up.”
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buckybraneslover111 · 28 days ago
Stranger - B.B.
summary; y/n has the power to make people forget things at certain times in their lives, she also has the super strength. One day, when a mission goes wrong, Tony, Steve, Nat and Peter blame her for everything that went wrong, Bucky sticks up for her, but does she make them forget or herself? 
a/n: got this idea from a video I saw on YouTube lol. side note, Bucky and y/n are together. credit to creator of the gif 
warnings: crying!reader, fighting, yelling, powers used, a little fluff if you squint.
Heading back to the compound, you limped into the meeting room area with Tony behind you. “So lets talk about what went wrong back there y/n!” he put his helmet on the table then looked at you. 
“What...” you sat down in one of the chairs as Steve, Natasha and Peter walk in. You looked at Tony, “How was that all my fault?” 
“You were supposed hold off those guards so Natasha could finish the scan!” Tony yelled as he ran his hands through his hair.
“It wasn’t her fault,” Bucky said as he walked into the room, “I was suppose to go help her but I got caught up.” 
“Dont try to take the blame off of her Bucky! She could have handled it! It was 4 guards!” Tony said, frustrated.
“Well, Nat should have scanned faster, I dont know Tony!” You sighed rubbing your face.
~Flashback to the mission
You and Natasha ran up to the tower of the building as the guys were fighting off the hydra soldiers so Tony could destroy the machine that was creating more super soldiers. As you girls got up to the tower, it was blocked off by four guards. 
“Go Nat! I’ll fight them off! How long do you need?!” you looked at her.
“Only a few seconds, hold them off until I get back?” She asked.
“Yeah I got this!” Natasha ran in the other direction around the soldiers as all four of them got in front of you. “Oh boy here we go.” you cracked your neck and started fighting all four of the guards. You got two of them down and you were still fighting off two others. Over the ear piece you said, “Nat, how much longer?” 
“I’m almost done! I had to get through the fire wall, just a few more minutes!” Nat said over the ear piece.
One of the guards threw you against the wall and you groaned as he had his hand wrapped down your throat, “H-Help!” 
Bucky heard you struggling over the ear piece, “Doll!? You okay?! I’m coming up!” 
“Bucky no!” Tony yelled after him as Bucky ran off to the tower.
You struggled against the super soldiers strength as he was stronger than you. You made eye contact with him as your eyes turned green, you whispered, “Stranger.” The super soldier slowly let go of you neck and he looked at you confused.
“Who are you?” he said as he looked around then ran off. Little did you know the other solider ran off to go stop Natasha. Bucky ran over you as you were kneeling down holding your throat and coughing.
~end flashback
“I mean, Tony is right y/n. You could have faced those guards off yourself.” Peter added.
You looked at him frowning, “Speak for yourself kid!” 
“Just shut up y/n!” Tony yelled. “You disappointed all of us! You could have handled them!” 
“You failed the mission! Now Hydra is gonna come after us!” Natasha frowned sighing with her arms crossed her chest.
“Its not my fault!” you stood up frowning at her.
“Guys relax-..” Bucky said before Peter interrupted.
“We all wish we never knew you existed!” Peter yelled as the room got quiet. You looked around the room as no one looked at you except for Bucky.
“He didnt mean it doll.” Bucky walked over to you as you had tears in your eyes edging to slip. He reached for your arm but you pulled it away from him and stepped back looking at Peter then at Tony.
“Is it true?” you whispered.
Tony sighed, “You have made us fail so many missions y/n...” 
“Doll, dont listen to them, listen to me baby...” Bucky said.
“You just ruin everything y/n..” Nat said.
“Every mission its something different...” Tony said.
“You are no use to this team...” Peter mumbled.
“Baby, dont listen to them, just focus on me.” Bucky stepped closer to you as you tears ran down your face, then your eyes turned red and everyone looked at you.  “If that's what you guys want...” you said softly, your eyes becoming a brighter red.
“What? Why are her eyes red?” Tony said.
“I dont know...” Natasha said confused.
“This is what you guys wanted...” you looked at everyone then whispered, “Stranger...” as your head dropped, everyone looking at each other then back at you.
“Y/n?” Nat asked looking at you. You looked up and wiped your tears off your face.
“y/n...? Tony said, everyone staring at you at this point. You fixed your shirt and your hair standing up from the table. You looked up at Tony and tilted your head in confusion.
“Do I know you?” you looked around, “Where am I?” 
Bucky looked at you, tears welding in his eyes, “Y/n?” 
You looked at him and smiled a little, “Buckyyyy!” you giggled and hugged him then pulled away, “Who are all these people?” you whispered to him as he hugged your back.
“No one baby, just friends.” he kisses your head.
After Bucky put you to bed, he walked upstairs to the meeting table where Tony and Natasha were sitting. Tony looked at Bucky then sat up, “How is she?” 
Bucky sighed and poured himself a glass of whiskey, “I talked to her, she doesn't remember anything from the point before she met you guys. I asked her what her red eyes meant and she said, she erases her own memories to a certain point,” he sipped his whiskey, “Last thing she remembers is the day before she met everyone.” he turns to them two and sighs.
“I’m sorry for the things we said, its just, she failed on the mission Bucky, we almost had all of the files to stop Hydra.” Natasha said.
“Hey, its okay I get it, I am just glad that's all she erased and she didnt get rid of all of my memories.” he smiled a little, finished his glass and walked out, “Have a goodnight guys.” 
Bucky walked back upstairs to your shared room and he walked in shutting the door. He stripped his clothes so he still had his boxers on and he slipped into bed behind you. You turned around in your sleep and cuddled his chest wrapping one leg around his waist. He put his hand on your lower back pulling you closer to him, kissing your head. “I love you doll.” 
taglist; @airedale17 @madehellline
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balenciagabucky · 8 months ago
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫; 𝐜𝐲𝐨𝐜
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 choose your own character x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 dancing through life
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 955
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。, imagination, dancing, masturbation
Waving to the last student, you lock the door and cut the lights closing the studio for the day. You roll your neck and massage the tension in your shoulders. Moving through the familiar space you review the day, making mental notes for the upcoming lessons.
Entering one of the classrooms still shining brightly, you trail your fingers along the well worn wooden barre at the mirrored wall. You cherished this time alone in your favorite space, more at home here than anyone else. Following the path of the barre to the stereo, you select a track and take your place before the mirror.
You review yourself critically - your bare feet automatically finding first position, powerful legs leading to the figure that dashed your ballet dreams though your body still carried the grace of the training, toned arms leading to slender fingers, every muscle in its place and completely at your command.
Your dance skirt brushes the floor as you grand pliés enjoying the flexibility and strength in your legs, the practiced stillness of your spine. One hand on the smooth wood, your other arm curves forward, then over your head in a graceful arc. Stretching the arm to your side, it lowers with your body and rises with your once more. You turn and repeat the stretch on the other side ensuring you are loose and limber. Rolling your shoulders, your neck, you step away from the mirror.
The bass drops and your arms push out with force as your feet step wide. Your hips circle making your ass pop, your hands moving to tangle in your hair as you shake your head from side to side. Your fingers trail over the curve of your breasts, thumbs barely brushing your nipples through the old sweatshirt worn over your simple sports bra.
You imagine your lover's hands, soft and slender as your own. Continuing down your sinuous form, hands sliding over your stomach as your hips sway back and forth to the driving beat of the chorus. Circling lower and lower, palms travel down smooth bare thighs to rest on your knees, you thrusts your hips forward before rolling your body back up to standing.
Walking purposefully, a step on every other beat, you cross the room. Your mind wanders to your lover's lips, full and red from kissing you, glistening, curving into a satisfied smile.
As the verse fills the room, your hand reaches between your thighs, finding it is not only your memory that has been stirred. Fingers find the warm skin of your stomach, trace up to your nipple, hard as a pebble under your bra. Indulging yourself, you rub your heat gently as you roll your nipple between your fingers.
A sigh escapes your lips at the memory of your mouth there, tongue circling your peaks as you slip your fingers between your thighs to tease and please you.  Soft curves pressed against your muscled body. Though not as strong, your lover had the power to bring you to your knees. Hearing the imminent chorus, you mark the time and prepare to fly.
A deep breath to focus your mind and body and you are in motion. Legs pumping as you gain momentum and leaps, one leg pointed in front of you, your back arched to meet your other foot, arms out as if to welcome your lover home. As your feet touch the cool wooden floor, you channel the remaining power into a spin. Twirling on your toes, body held tight and close, you glimpses yourself in the mirror on each revolution.
Salty perspiration trickles over your body as you wipe your brow, grasping the hem of your sweatshirt. You whip it over your head tossing it in the corner. You untie the dance skirt and stand in your simple black athletic panties and bra. Every inch of your strength and sex in perfect combination. Your eyes flash and you prepare for the next journey across the floor.
This time the spin comes before the leap. Arms flung wide as you twirl across the room, you coil the springs in your calves and thighs and thrusts herself into the air, legs straight out to your sides, fingertips grasping your toes and for a moment you are suspended, separated from gravity. Landing, you drop and roll forward, on your knees facing the mirror.
Your heart pounds in your chest, your lover's breathless cries echoing in your ears as you drag your hands over your slickened skin. Hips rolling as though you were atop your paramour, feeling the glory of your mouth on your wet lips, the talented tongue drawing patient tantalizing works of art. Your core aches with need and you are overcome, powerless to resist.
Watching yourself and imagining your love, you remove your bra revealing your breasts. You moan as you watch your own hand grasp at your fullness, pinching and pulling at your hardened nipples. Slipping a hand under your waistband, you find your throbbing clit, press and circle it as jolts of electric desire shoot through you.
You bend forward, the cool hardwood kissing your breasts before you roll over your shoulder onto your back. Eyes closing you imagine the last time you were together, how their eyes met as you slipped inside you.  You press a finger into your wetness curling it forward and urging yourself on. Now two as you plant your feet on the floor and lift your hips to meet your urgent hand.
You race headload toward the edge, your ass raises off the floor as your body bows and snaps. The hot wet release flows over your hand, soaking your panties and sliding over your thighs to the floor ...like a river.
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sebystann · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi below are some of the best Bucky Barnes x Reader content I have come across. Enjoy reading & show some of these authors some love!!!
Please understand that some of these writing(s) may contain mature content. Please read over the warnings of the writer's content before reading.
If you would like to check out my Series Edition Fic Rec click -> HERE <-
╰┈➤The Shot Heard Round the Tower & Unwarranted Weaknesses by @pellucid-constellations
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You just want to know if Bucky has feelings for you. Bucky just wants you to be okay.
╰┈➤ Flashing Lights & Convalescence by @pellucid-constellations
Pairing: Paramedic!Bucky x reader
Summary: Bucky’s worst fears come true when he’s called to a scene. If he’s the one with the dangerous job, then why is it your life that’s hanging in the balance?
╰┈➤ Say Something by @sweetheartybarnes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You’re in love with your best friend, with the guy you worked so hard to have a friendship with only to find out he’s been dating someone.
╰┈➤ In The Right Hands by @barnesafterglow
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Description: Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes from her lips, from the frost melting into teardrops on her eyelashes, from her slack face that seemed like the life was being drawn straight out of it with every wavering breath.
Blue lips were supposed to go with twinkling eyes and sticky fingers and half a headache from being in the sun too long.
╰┈➤ Waiting for You by @turbolisedcomet
Pairings: dbf!Bucky x reader(any race)
Summary: You waited for him but he changed his mind.
╰┈➤I'm With You 》 Bucky Barnes x Reader by @youlightmeupfinn
summary: You and Bucky are enemies, but share a common past. However, Bucky realizes he's in love with you upon watching the Winter Soldier in you unleash, resulting in him having to hurt you.
╰┈➤ missed me? by @buckyhoney
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: fwb!bucky barnes x reader
Summary: 103. “come and sit on my face and i’ll show you how much i missed you”
╰┈➤ the little flashing red light by @bucksfucks
pairing ; roommate!bucky x f!reader
abstract ; bucky asks you to help him make a sex-tape for his twitter account.
╰┈➤ Heathens by @cryptidcasanova
pairing: Demon!Biker Bucky x Reader
Summary: There’s something deliciously sinister about the man you met at the bar.
╰┈➤ KNEW YOU WOULD BE MY RUIN by @turbolisedcomet
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)
Summary: The time for you to finally relinquish your addiction has finally arrived.
╰┈➤ I can’t keep loving you by @wildestdreamsblog
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N
Summary: The one where he loved with only half of his heart.
╰┈➤ Forcefield & Safe Haven by @buckysfaveplum
pairing: bucky barnes x female enhanced!reader
summary: when a mission takes a turn for the worst, Bucky and y/n are forced to confront their feelings for each other.
╰┈➤ Going Live & Offline by @ambrosiase
pairing: camboy!bucky x fem!reader
summary: your new neighbour looks so familiar, where had you seen him before?
╰┈➤ Saturdays are for chaos & October Love by @agentofbarnes
pairing ~ college!stoner!bucky barnes x college!younger!reader (young and free au)
╰┈➤ Stark Hub by @world-of-aus
A collection of one-shots set in an AU world where the boys are porn stars working for stark entertainment.
╰┈➤ Love me harder by @celestialbarnes
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough.
╰┈➤ CherrixKisses by @metalbuckaroo
AU// Roommate!Bucky x Camgirl!Reader
SUMMARY// At 3am, every Sunday, Bucky locks his bedroom door to watch his favorite camgirl. What's to happen when he finds out he's much closer to her than leaving generous tips on her videos?
╰┈➤ When it All Falls Apart by @bucky-bucket-barnes
Pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
Summary: The fate of the universe was in your hands. Bucky and you had been sent to retrieve the soul stone, a seemingly simple task. Unbeknownst to you, there was a hefty price to pay for such an exchange. You’re able to return to Earth, but it’s soon apparent part of you was left in Vormir.
╰┈➤ Reward by @invisibleanonymousmonsters
Summary: Bucky gets reminded of his time as the Winter Soldier. Only this time, he’s forced to face the victim of his assault.
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
╰┈➤ Wolf, Partner, Gloves… by @revengingbarnes
Summary: HYDRA’s words make Bucky go into Winter Soldier mode. Then he meets you, and you make for him words that will bring him back to normal.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Basically, just read everything on her masterlist!
╰┈➤ Gaslighting by @sebystann
Description: After a decade-long friendship y/n confesses her feelings for Bucky to only be let down. He’s so confusing when he’s fucking her in the bathroom of one of his best friends Steve’s house.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader
╰┈➤ let me love you by @sebystann
Description: She believes no one can truly love her… because she made terrible mistakes in the past. But Bucky wants to love her, he wants to show her how it feels to be loved.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
╰┈➤ closure by @sebystann
Description: Bucky never told y/n how he truly felt about her.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
╰┈➤ Moments by @sebystann
Description: All the moments that had you falling in love with Bucky.
Click -> Here <- for my masterlist.
(Sorry for the self-promotion at the end! )
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twoghostsfromeden · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
!Bucky Barnes Works
* Smut
! Angst
^ Fluff
/ Dark Themes
* Video Games: Sam Wilson attempts to teach Bucky how to play video games, but you have a different idea
^ Strawberry Ice Cream: Bucky Barnes is the best stepdad to your children ever, especially when he has to deal with your ex.
* ! Good 4 U: You see Bucky out for the first time after the breakup, and you can’t help but wonder why he seems okay. A trip to his home might not have been the smartest thing to do, but here you are.
! ^ Favorite Crime: Bucky comes home from a mission, convinced he's bad for you
* ! Cruel Summer: You’re married, but there’s always one man you sneak into your garden for
* Three's A Crowd: You’re Steve’s girl, but Bucky has always caught your eye.
! Good Girls, Hopeful They'll Be: When Bucky Barnes is drafted overseas, he comes to a crossroad: Pick his obedient wife, or pick the fiery woman he accidentally fell in love with?
^ You Can Hear It In The Silence: Sunday mornings with Bucky
! Didn't You Calm My Fears With A Cheshire Cat Smile: When you reveal a secret to Bucky, his whole life changes
! Lit Through The Darkness at 1:58: When you're home alone, you convince yourself that Bucky deserves more
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bentobarnes · 11 months ago
『𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐧』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : sebastian stan x reader
word count : 1k
request by anon (thank you!): reader and sebastian can't stand each other but they have to work together as the maid of honor and the best man at their friend's wedding. How will everything end?
warnings : tiny bit of finggering, fluff
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
You were the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding. You were beyond excited to be next to your friend and help her throughout the wedding with everything that needed to be done.
But there was something about the wedding that you particularly wanted to exclude. Sebastian Stan. You hated him. He was charming, with a pretty face and he was kind. You hated him because he could never be yours.
He was the best man at the wedding and you hated that part because you had to do many activities with him. Which meant spending a lot of time in his company.
You were sure he hated you because every time you were in a room with him you both ended up fighting over something. Not a pleasant thing to do while arranging a wedding for your friends.
This is how you got into the situation you were in back then.
“No, the flowers should be in the center of the gift table.” You argued in a harsh tone.
“It won’t be practical we have to put them more on the left or right side.” Sebastian fought back at you. This man was thinking he is the best decision-maker but you didn’t think so.
“Can you leave me for once decide one thing without you telling me what do to!” You almost shouted at him, your voice loud not wanting to take any more of this.
“I’m not telling you what to do I’m just saying what will be the best!” He was calm but from the sound of his voice, you notice that soon he will shout at you just like you did.
“I’m done with this. Do whatever you want I’m going to pick the cards from the gift maker.” You murmured before taking your jacket and left out.
“I’m just saying what would be the best.” You mimicked his voice under your nose when you got into your car. He was annoying but god, he was so hot in that tight black t-shirt.
You were preparing your best friend’s hair when she lifted the theme about you and Sebastian.
“You and Sebastian seemed to have lots of fun preparing all this.” She started with a soft tone. “I know you play like the tough woman but I can sense your adoration for him from kilometers so don’t lie.”
“You know me too well, don’t you? He is cute but annoys me to the bones and he probably doesn’t like me so it’s whatever.” You replied not being able to hold back from your best friend.
“I think he likes you. Who knows? I can see him watching you when you look away and he looks interested.” Your friend shrugged her shoulders making you think over and over her words.
“Let’s not think about this now. You are the most important today not my love life.” You clipped the last strain of hair, smiling in the mirror at the look of the finished hairstyle.
“Be careful with the rings, Stan” You exclaimed seeing Sebastian holding the little velvet cushion with the two marriage rings gently resting on it.
“Watch your legs, you may fall while holding the bouquet behind the bride!” He returned your insult while observing your body.
You were wearing a velvet, tight, short dress in pallet with the theme of the wedding. He thought you look sexy in it and he wanted to rip it off you and see that beautiful body of yours.
You checked him out from head to toes. The black suit fitting him like a chef’s kiss with the velvet bowtie and white shirt adorning his body. He looked classy and handsome.
You were sitting across the room looking at Sebastian. Everything went well. The wedding was perfect and now the people were having fun at the after-party.
You were happy. Happy for your best friend but for you were far from happy. Sad smile adorning your face while you were looking at Sebastian.
He at least looked happy. Joking around with the others. Spending a quality of good time.
“As we all know our best man and the maid of honor are dearest friends of ours and the tradition says that they need to share a dance.” Your best friend’s husband talked on the microphone and everyone cheered.
You felt embarrassed, angry, and of course, excited to be so close to Sebastian.
When you stepped on the dancing Sebastian extended his hand so you could slide yours into his. His hand was soft, touching your skin like a feather.
The music started playing and you both danced slowly in synchrony. After a couple of minutes, you leaned forward, head resting against his chest.
His hand slid down your waist. The action sending goosebumps through your body.
“I thought you hate me.” Sebastian whispered into your ear.
“I don’t hate you. I just can’t be yours.” You muttered against his chest.
“What if I tell you I like you since we had our first argument?” His hand was moving up and down your back.
“I won’t believe you.” You replied but deep down you knew he was telling the truth.
“You know that dress would look a lot better on the floor.” He smirked looking down at you. Your eyes were wide at the sudden confession.
“Seb, I can’t take it anymore, please.” You moaned trying to be as quiet as possible. Having Sebastian’s fingers between your wet folds in the bathroom of the hotel was not part of the party plan.
But it was the best plan you could ever make. He was pushing and twisting his fingers inside you, hitting your g-spot a couple of times, pleasure building up in your stomach.
After a couple more minutes of playing with your sensitive clit and fingers buried inside of you, you came to your high. A wave of pleasure spilling down your tights.
You had a hard time catching your breath not being able to get a proper amount of oxygen in your lungs.
“Do not think I’m done with you yet, doll?” Sebastian whispered into your ear, biting a bit of it.
“Round 2 at my room?” You breathlessly asked leaning more and more onto the wall trying to support your body.
“Everything for you, sweetheart.” Sebastian kissed your neck a few times before helping you clean up yourself.
You were walking to your room, your hand in his while guiding you through the hall. That night would be so much fun.
Tag list: @lovie-barnes , @littlecanadianlani
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stevekemp · a year ago
Deal Closer, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers AU
- (fem!reader x CEO Bucky Barnes x CEO Steve Rogers)
Summary: You're dating your boss, Bucky Barnes, and he needs your help sealing a deal.
Warnings: Includes Smut! 18+ Only Minors Do Not Interact! Includes Anal, Double Penetration, Rimming (M->F), Oral (M->F) and (F->M), Bucky has a bit of a heel fetish, Steve is a bit of an ass and talks down to the reader. (I suck at summaries) Sorry for any typos; I typed this on my phone.
Word Count: 3,091
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You look out at your keyboard as you type up a report. Pushing a piece of hair behind your ear, you take a sip of the coffee that sat beside your keyboard and stretched your hands a bit. Then you crossed your legs and looked down at the pair of black Louis Vuitton heels you wore to work that day, and a smile curves on your lips as you bit your lip thinking about the night before.
You looked up at the ceiling, hearing the voice of your boss and secret lover booming out of the intercom, calling you to see him in his office. You got up from your desk, pushed some hair behind your ear, and walked down the row of cubicles until you got to his office. You pushed the door opened and smiled over at him as you could feel his eyes studying your every move.
Bucky Barnes, your boss and the man who had been fucking you senseless for the past month, licked his lips as he saw you come in wearing his favorite red skirt and black heels. He stood by his desk, leaning against it with a smirk as you walked towards him. He wore a black suit, the top few buttons unbuttoned, showing a little of his chest. You could feel yourself getting wet just at the sight of him.
"Close and the door behind you, you," he said, licking his lips.
"Sure," you replied as you closed the door.
"you, you've been doing great work," Bucky said, roughly pulling you forward before kissing you and grabbing your ass cheeks.
"Awe, thanks," you said, "It helps to have great leadership guiding you."
"Guess what … you've been promoted," Bucky said as he lifted you up and sat you down onto his desk.
"Um, that's good," you said, "Thank you," Bucky loved when you played innocent.
"Now you get a reward for your hard work, doll," Bucky said while rubbing his now hardening dick through his slacks.
You smile up at Bucky as he eyes you like a predator eyes their prey. Your skirt is pulled down slowly, and Bucky smirks up at you as he takes in that you don't have any panties on. He pushes your skirt off of your feet. You try to kick your heels off, and he stops you and places a powerful kiss on your lips.
"Those stay on, doll," he says with a growl. "You know how much I love to fuck you with the heels on," he hums as he feels your hand reach out to grab onto his dick through his slacks.
"Just like last night," you hum ad pull him closer to you by his tie.
He laughed as you pulled him closer to his desk, and he wrapped his arms around you. He loved to have you in his arms, this close to him. He didn't get it enough. He held you so tight against him that you could feel your nipples hardening. He laid you onto the desk and reached up, unbuttoning your shirt and letting it fall away from your tits. Starting at your tummy, he kissed his way up, his hands playing with your breasts after he freed them from the confines of your bra.
"My perfect little doll," he hummed as he sucked on one of your nipples.
As he licked and sucked on each of your breasts, his hands traveled down to your core. He gently moved his fingers along your clit and groaned as he felt how wet you were for him. He kissed his way up to your lips, crashing his soft pink lips onto yours and moaning into the kiss as you pull him closer by his hair. He was smelling your hair, and for some reason, that turned you on. He pressed his head into your neck and bit the skin sucking on it. He knew it would leave a mark letting you know he was there, and you loved when he did that.
Your pussy was soaked, and you could feel your juices starting to flow down your thigh. Bucky's hands were now under your thighs, so he could push them apart.
He pulled away from you slowly, and you let out a groan missing his kisses on your neck. He sits down in his office chair and pulls your hips closer, and lets you throw your legs over his shoulders.
He spread your legs wider and smirked up at you as his face lined up with your pussy. You were dripping wet, and your pussy was spread open a little more due to the way he had your legs pushed apart. Your pussy glistened from your juices, and he couldn't wait any longer. He took his tongue and spread you open, sucking your tasty nectar. His tongue wiggled in and out between your slit. He sucked and nibbled on each pussy lip, carefully rotating his tongue inside of your slit. Then out of nowhere, he attacked your clit.
He began to suck on it the way you loved and bit it gently with his teeth. You were in pure ecstasy, grabbed the sides of his head, and forced him closer to your pussy. You loved the way he ate you out. Not all men had the skills to please you the way that Bucky Barnes could.
"Oh, God!" You moaned into your hand as you began to cum. He smirked as your body trembled as he flicked your clit again with the tip of his tongue.
"I want you in me now," you murmured.
"You want me to stretch you out, doll?" He murmured. "Gonna take me so good," he said as he stood up.
Bucky stood up, unbuckled his pants, and dropped them down to his ankles before pushing his boxers down. His dick finally sprung from his boxers. You loved his dick; it was 8 inches long with a sharp downward curve. You grabbed his dick in your hand, stroking him as he looked down at you with bright blue eyes. You guided his dick to your pussy and rubbed it slowly on your clit before guiding him inside your dripping pussy.
He pushed all the way inside her with the first thrust and smirked as he began to fill and stretch you with his dick. He found your lips and groaned into your lips.
"That's it, doll," he said, looking into your eyes. "You like when I stretch you out, don't ya?" He said in a low groan.
"Takin' my dick so so good," he said as his fingers dipped into your hips.
His nails gently dug into your skin, but you loved when he did that. You could feel the head of his dick massaging your g-spot with each stroke. You always thought it was because of the curve that he had. The room was filled with the loud noise of sex—the sound of his dick inside your wet folds and the sound of skin on skin. You pushed your hips forward, meeting each of his thrusts. He pinned your hands behind your head and kissed you hard before he began to fuck you harder. You always loved the sound that your bodies made when he fucked you so hard that his balls slapped against you, hitting your clit perfectly, adding even more pleasure. Bucky could feel your pussy starting to throb heavily. You were nearing another orgasm, faster and faster. You moved your hips until you lost control and the waves of pleasure came over you.
"I'm cumming," you cried. Your body shook violently, and Bucky groaned as he felt your pussy pushing you out of him. He smirked and looked down, seeing your cum shooting from your pussy like a flood.
You were spent because of the last orgasm, but you knew Bucky was close and hadn't finished. You grabbed Bucky's dick and shoved it back inside of your pussy; Bucky smirked and began pumping you like there was no tomorrow. You took your right hand and massaged his balls, and smiled up at him. He started to pump in and out of your pussy faster, and he could feel the familiar feeling in his stomach letting him know he was close, and soon he was blasting his load of cum into your pussy. He left with his dick inside you and leaned his forehead against yours, and smiled as he placed lazy kisses to your lips before slowly pulling out of you.
You squatted between his leg and smiled as you took his dick in your hands and looked up at him as you sucked the remaining cum through the head of his dick. Bucky cleaned you up and redressed you before pulling you into his lap as he sat at his desk. He stared into your eyes and softly kissed you over and over before you leaned your forehead against his. It didn't matter how rough he could get during sex; after, he was always so sweet and caring.
But believe it or not, that wasn't why Bucky had called you into his office.
Bucky smirked as he looked up into your eyes as you leaned your head lazily into the crook of his neck.
"Keep up the good work, your," Bucky said.
"I will, especially if the rewards are anything like that all the time."
Bucky gave you a deep kiss. You ran your hand up to his short brown hair and moaned into his lips. You and Bucky continued to kiss for a few moments before Bucky pulled away.
"I've got a special job for you. One that will require your special talents," Bucky said, smirking as he looked into your eyes.
"Sure," you responded, "Whatever you need,"
"I need you to be by my side while I close a deal. By helping me make sure the client is comfortable," Bucky said, leaning back in his chair.
"I can do that," you stated.
"Steve Rogers is in charge of negotiations for this company. We go way back, so give him whatever he wants."
He left the room with that. You were surprised to be involved in upper-level negotiations, and you sure as hell didn't realize that you had unique talents.
The following week you and Bucky met Steve at his hotel, a fancy place occupying a large suite. It had two antique sofas and three chairs along with various antique tables. It was a magnificent room. The bathroom was larger than the last hotel room you had stayed in.
In his late thirties, Steve stood around 6 feet 2, had a thick beard, and very green eyes. He had a stern look about him. They chatted about various issues, including their business deal. The discussions became heated and tense as offers and counteroffers were made. They finally broke after five hours.
It had been predetermined that they would play pool for their break. Steve was reputed to be an excellent player, and the hotel had tables in the bar area. you crushed both Bucky and Steve, something that made Steve visibly angry." If you worked for me, I'd fire your ass," Steve told you after the game.
"You never humiliate a client in a game," he said. "No matter the sport, "
"I play to win," you stated, "and you're supposed to be good at this game,"
"Where did you find this bitch Bucky?" Steve said, looking agitated.
"She's my best asset," Bucky replied, "She just doesn't like to lose,"
"She might lose you a contract," Steve growled.
"No, she won't; she knows how to close deals," Bucky replied.
"We'll see," Steve said, looking you over in apparent disgust.
They retreated back to Steve's suite, where Steve showered and exited the bathroom just wearing a white bathrobe. He sat on the sofa, his robe opening slightly to reveal the head of his dick. It was a huge head that hinted at a thick member. You were wondering what he was aiming at when he caught you looking.
"You have the stare of a dicksucker. No wonder you're Bucky's little pet,"
"Take off your clothes," Steve stated, "I want to get a look at you while you suck me,"
You did as you were ordered and stripped down. You knelt down between his legs, slowly licking his big head as he caressed his thighs and balls with his hands. His dick was thick and very hard to engulf with your mouth. You slowly worked down Steve's erection stretching your mouth as you slowly deep throated his shaft. You started pumping him slowly with long, deep strokes with your mouth. You saw Bucky out of the corner of your eye, jerking off at the show.
"You've found a nice dicksucker, Bucky. No wonder she's one of your favorites," Steve said.
"Good help is hard to find, and I like to have the best people around me," Bucky started, leering at the two of him at that moment, growing more jealous than he'd ever been.
You continued to pump his dick, licking and sucking faster and faster. He was groaning louder, squirming on the sofa as you sucked him. Steve returned his attention by fucking your mouth roughly as he felt his balls tighten. He finally let out a beastly growl as he pumped his hot load into your mouth, holding your head on his dick as he squirted his entire load.
"Why don't you keep this little dicksucker warmed up. I'm gonna want another turn with her,"
Bucky moved over and kissed you, tasting what was left of Steve's cum. He licked and kissed down your back until he made it to your asshole. He licked and teased around your pucker while he slowly ran a hand around your thighs and pushed a couple of fingers against your clit. His tongue finally penetrated your ass.
Bucky was so good at rimming; you were always in heaven. Your body was trembling, and you were moaning softly at his advances.
Bucky stood up and sat down on the sofa. Where he began stroking his dick with lube. You knew where this was heading, and you could feel your pussy growing even wetter.
"Come here and mount up," Bucky said with a malicious grin on his face.
You put your back to his face and slowly guided your ass to his dick. He spread your cheeks and lubed your ass before letting his head touch you. You lowered yourself gently onto his mighty dick, gasping with delight as you took him in completely. You started to ride him slowly, picking up pace steadily. You made sure to drive his dick all the way in your ass and grind against his pelvis.
Steve had moved across the room and stood in front of you with his limp dick at mouth level. You took it into his mouth and stroked it with your tongue. It was rising with his attention until it was again hard.
You were getting so hot having two dicks to work over. The feel of Bucky's dick grinding your ass while you revived Steve's erection was spectacular. Yet you could feel something different while Bucky fucked you," something like a sense of urgency.
You pulled Steve's dick out of your mouth, jerking him off slowly while you rode Bucky.
"You wanna fuck my ass?" You said to Steve, almost begging.
"Oh yeah, sugar; I'm going to stretch that ass out," Steve smirked.
You were fucking Bucky fast and hard by now. Bucky's groans were getting louder, and soon he filled your ass with his cum.
That's when you felt Steve's strong hands grab your waist and throw your face down on a rug on the floor. He pinned you down by pressing down on your shoulders as he pressed his lubed dick into your ass as fast as it would take the thick rod. You cried in delight as he drove deep into you, stretching your ass as he pushed.
"Time for your fucking sugar," Steve said as he started pumping in and out of your ass.
"Fuck my ass," you moaned, pressing your hips back against each of his thrusts. "Feeling my ass so good, Mr. Rogers," you hummed.
Steve was fucking you like an animal, thrusting faster and deeper with each stroke. Each thrust drove you into the carpet, giving you carpet burns on your elbows.
The pain didn't matter as you rubbed your clit desperately as Steve began to fuck your ass.
You looked up and saw Bucky walking towards you. He maneuvered in a way so that he could slip his dick into your slick pussy.
The feeling of both of them inside of you made you feel like you were floating. You moved your hand back and pulled Bucky's head towards your mouth, devouring his lips with yours.
"I want you both to cum inside my pussy," you murmur against Bucky's lips, and the two of them stop moving and look down at you. They both smirk at you as Steve pulls from your ass and lets Bucky fuck you for a few minutes as he strokes his dick. Either wanted to hurt you, so Steve lubed his dick up a little more and lined up with Bucky's dick and pushed in, and after a few more thrusts, he came first, followed by Bucky a few seconds later. You laid there with both of them inside you, either of them moving as they play with your hair. After a few minutes, Steve pulls out, followed by Steve, and they help you up, and both start to clean you up. Bucky kisses your carpet burned elbows and knees and smiles up at you.
"You've got the contract," Steve says simply.
"I knew she would be a great deal closer," Bucky smirked and pulled you against his chest.
"Come on, let's get her cleaned up some more," Steve says, turning his head and smirking at the both of them. "Night doesn't have to be over," he says with a wink. "But I do know one thing, her legs are going to hurt tomorrow once we're done with her in the shower. Those heels aren't going to be the most comfortable,"
"I might have to give my doll a day off from work tomorrow," Bucky smirks as he picks you up and carries you towards the bathroom where Steve was starting to run the water for the shower.
You laughed and wrapped your arms around Bucky's neck and hummed against his lips as he leaned down, kissing you and murmuring how proud of you he was against your soft lips.
"I like the sound of that," you hum into the kiss. You smile as Bucky leans down and removes the heels and kisses the top of both of your feet before pulling you up into his arms and carrying you into the shower with Steve close behind.
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