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#bucky barnes x steve rogers
luxeavenger · a day ago
Put Your Trust In Me
Chapter 2: Ayo
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers
Words: 3120
Series Summary: What if...? What if I needed to know what happened to Bucky in Wakanda , and I got tired of waiting for Marvel to tell us, so I made it up myself?
Chapter Summary: Bucky gets to see Steve. Ayo helps Bucky as he struggles to reconcile the man he knows he is, and the monster that Hydra molded him into.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of past abuse of the Winter Soldier, even more angst , baby goats
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I must still be dreaming, he thinks dimly when his lids crack open again. Because he still sees the same calming blue of his beloved’s eyes when the dim and blurry room shifts into focus.
Only now they’ve settled into a face that’s creased with lines of worry. They sit under golden brows knitted together in concern. They glow like lights made from the summer sky over bearded cheeks flushed with anxiety.
He desperately wants to answer, but his mouth is so dry he can scarcely move his tongue against the back of his teeth to form the word Steve.
Bucky reaches for him with the ghost of a limb Tony Stark destroyed. Still not accustomed to its loss, he easily forgets that the shiny, silver signature of Hydra no longer exists. The dull throb of pain the movement produces is an effective reminder.
Steve scrambles to slide Bucky’s hand between his own. “Shuri, he’s awake!” he calls anxiously.
Even in the dim light Shuri’s face is radiant with the bright smile Bucky had quickly come to expect from the good-natured scientist. He tries very hard to focus on what she’s saying, but the feeling of his hand sandwiched between Steve’s blots out everything else except the dull ache in the meat of his shoulder.
He nods off, not without a good amount of fighting on his part, and when he comes to again, his hand is warm, sweaty, and still trapped securely between Steve’s. But this time the man’s gently snoring with his head pillowed on his own bicep, sitting solid and warm against Bucky’s hip. His soft beard tickles Bucky’s fingers.
His head is clearer this time, and he can see the weight of exhaustion lying heavily over Steve’s shoulders. Bucky has no idea how much time had passed since he asked Shuri to call Steve, or what Steve had been doing prior to that, but it was obvious he had been awake for a long time.
He rubs his thumb softly over Steve’s knuckles until sleep runs away with him again.
Tumblr media
Steve’s quiet voice comes before he even opens his eyes this time.
“Hi, Steve.”
“How do you feel?”
“Can’t complain,” he murmurs. Truthfully, his shoulder is still sore, but it’s nothing compared to waking up with Zola poking at the raw meat of his ruined arm.
He doesn’t want to cast a shadow over the bright happiness shining from Steve’s eyes.
“I missed you,” Steve says plainly. Bucky feels bad, because even though very little time had passed for him, six months had passed for Steve.
“I can’t even imagine. I’m so sorry.” He huffs a frustrated breath. “Can you…” he tugs at Steve’s hand.
Steve only hesitates for a second before he’s clambering up on the bed next to Bucky. Bucky lifts his arm so Steve can snug in beside him, and not compromise all the tubes and sensors Shuri attached to his arm. Steve squirms and wiggles until he’s as close to Bucky as he can get without hurting him.
Bucky presses his nose into Steve’s shaggy hair. The smell is overwhelmingly familiar, and deeply comforting. He takes in great lungfuls of it, as if to steal it all for himself.
Bucky lets out a soft, contented sigh when Steve’s eyes flutter shut and he starts to snore quietly.
Tumblr media
“Hey, Stevie?”
Even though he tries to wake Steve gently, just the sound of Bucky calling his name jolts Steve out of a dead sleep like a slap. “What happened?!?”
“Easy big guy. I just wanted you to eat something. It’s been two days since you ate,” Bucky holds up a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. He waves the plate in front of Steve’s face, “It’s breakfast, sleepyhead. You’ve been zonked since yesterday afternoon.”
Steve sits up, wiping at his face. “Why on earth did you let me sleep so long?”
“Because you were tired?”
“I want to spend time with you. I can sleep when I’m dead.”
“Not on my watch, punk,” Bucky huffs. “Look! Shuri took all my tubes out and stuff!” He excitedly shows Steve his arm, gauze, tape, and band aids plastered over wounds that had undoubtedly healed moments after the obstructions were removed. “Now I wanna get out of bed to eat, but I can’t get up with your big ass in the way.”
Steve scrambles off the bed with a curse. “Damnit, Buck. You should have woken me up earlier.”
Bucky dangles his legs over the edge of the bed, and scowls at Steve, “Didn’t we just go over this?”
“I know, I know,” Steve grumbles. He tries to help Bucky out of bed only to have his hands swatted away.
“I’m not an invalid. I can get out of bed.”
Steve grumbles at Bucky, but backs up a step with his hands still hovering in the air, ready to assist if needed. Bucky sets his plate on the bedside tray, and plops down in the room’s only chair, while Steve leans against the side of the hospital bed. They’re quiet for a few minutes while they wolf down their breakfast.
There’s a light knock on the door, and Ayo peeks in.
“James, Captain Rogers, you’re both looking well today! James, how are you feeling?”
“I feel great,” he says, while he finishes his bacon. “Shuri’s a miracle worker. It’s only been seventy-two hours since the surgery, and she says I’m almost totally healed!”
Ayo takes his hand in hers and gives it a squeeze, “That is wonderful news. It is quite remarkable how fast you’re able to heal.” She turns her attention to Steve, “Captain Rogers, King T’Challa wishes to speak with you at your earliest convenience.”
He gives her a tight nod, and presses a kiss to Bucky’s lips before leaving the room.
Ayo smiles at him. Bucky’s cheeks tinge pink, and he chuckles, “What?”
“The way you and your Captain look at one another as if no one else exists. You’re very good for each other.”
Bucky isn’t surprised by Ayo’s observation. The Dora Milaje is made up of Wakanda’s fiercest warriors, highly trained soldiers, with an eye for details that most other people would miss.
He nods, “I think so too.”
“Shuri has requested I fetch you and bring you up to her lab. She wishes to repeat your MRI to see if her algorithm worked its magic.”
“Well, I’m all yours.”
All the way up to Shuri’s lab Bucky and Ayo chatter away. He’s become close to Ayo over the past several days. His friendship with the battle-hardened woman was quickly forged, growing organically out of a mutual respect for each other’s history. Which, Bucky supposed, was what Shuri had intended by selecting Ayo to work with him. The most dangerous part of his deprogramming still lies ahead, and getting through it would require Ayo’s strength and reflexes, and a great deal of mutual trust.
“Good afternoon, you two!” Shuri chirps brightly. “Bucky, I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!”
He grins nervously, “I’m a little anxious, but excited to see if it worked.”
Ayo hovers close by while Shuri hooks him up to her machines. Steve hustles into the room with an apologetic look on his face.
“You have to go, don’t you?” Bucky asks.
“Yes, but I’ll be back in three days. I promise,” worry clouds Steve’s brow, and Bucky does his best to squash it.
“I’ll be okay. Ayo and Shuri will keep me in line. Don’t worry about me, Steve,” he says, knowing full well that Steve would worry no matter what assurances Bucky gave him.
Ayo pipes up, “Captain Rogers, I give you my word that I will take the very best care of James while you’re away.”
He gives her a thankful smile. Then, to Bucky, “I’ll be back soon. You can text me if you feel up to it. I’ll see you soon, Buck.”
Then he hustles out of the lab, off to meet T’Challa in a waiting quinjet.
Bucky heaves a sigh.
“He’ll be back soon,” Shuri reassures him.
“I know,” Bucky says. He clenches his jaw so hard the tendons creak, “It’s better that he be gone for what comes next anyway.”
Shuri begins her scan, and Bucky’s attention turns to answering her questions.
Tumblr media
“Whaddya mean I have goats?” Bucky asks, incredulously.
Ayo bursts out laughing. “What part of the sentence do you not understand? This is your hut,” she gestures at the hut behind her, “and these,” she points, “are your goats.”
Bucky’s eyes go round with wonder and he plops down in the grass and is immediately swarmed by four capricious little goats. Each is roughly the size of a cat, but so gregarious that they continue bleating and headbutting each other over Bucky’s legs.
He pets the wild little beasts, laughing at their antics, while Ayo situates herself on a straw bale close to Bucky.
“You can stay here as long as you like, James,” she says softly. “I believe Captain Rogers is working very hard on securing you a pardon for the crimes you committed under Hydra, so you may one day return to the states. King T’Challa has declared that you are always welcome in Wakanda. You will always have a home here.”
Tears sting at his eyes. Home. Could this be his home? Could someone as dangerous as himself live somewhere so peaceful, and beautiful as this? He knew the terrible things he’d done as the Winter Soldier weren’t his fault, but he was, and still is, capable of that kind of violence.
He can’t shake these feelings, and Ayo, as perceptive as always, interrupts his thoughts.
“You are not that man anymore, James,” she says gently. “The moment you made the choice to fight to not be him anymore, you ceased to be him. Whether the words work or not, you are no one besides who you choose to be. Are you capable of great violence? Of course. But you choose not to call on that violence, unless it is necessary to protect the ones you love.”
She rises from the straw bale, and picks up her spear. She moves through a complicated form, showcasing the capable handling of her weapon, and brutal but economic use of her body. Each movement is quick, precise, and deadly. This is obviously one of the forms the Dora Milaje use to master the use of their weapon, and to build the muscle memory of these complicated movements, so they will come easily to them in battle. She ends the form by hurling her spear neatly into a tree. It’s nearly on the other side of the grove, but Bucky has no trouble seeing the spear had hit a knot on the tree—no wider than an apple—dead center and stuck fast.
She returns to the straw bale. “Would you agree that I am also capable of great violence?”
Bucky pulls one of the calmer goats to his chest. It immediately begins nibbling on the knot in the blanket that Ayo helped him tie over his shoulder. He nods.
“I have killed before, and most likely will again, in the service of my country. I am deadly. Do you fear me, James?”
“I’m not afraid of you.”
“Nor I of you. Because we are good people, James. We have chosen peace. If there is a reason for violence, we will rise to the occasion—only to protect what is sacred to us—but we remain good people. Violence is not our default setting. Hydra's experiments, their programming, and conditioning have done nothing to change the man you are at your very core. No matter how they tried to break you, they were never capable of changing your nature.”
Bucky tucks the goat under his chin and squeezes it in a gentle hug, and the little creature relaxes into his grip.
“You are a good man, with a good heart, James. And nothing Zola, or Hydra, or Zemo, has forced you to do can take that away.”
She chuckles and gestures at him, “Just look at yourself.”
He realizes the goat under his chin has fallen asleep nestled in his arm, two others are leaning against each other sleeping in the cradle of his folded legs, and the last one is propped against the outside of his thigh, sound asleep.
“I guess they like me, huh?”
“It would appear so.”
She lets a quiet moment tick by, then gathers herself before asking, “Are you ready, James?”
He squeezes his lips together and nods.
Tumblr media
They walk for nearly thirty minutes before they come to the last hut in the grove. Then they walk another hour and a half into the deep wilderness. They make their trek in silence.
Anxiety snarls and tears at the inside of Bucky’s chest.
It’s not going to work, he thinks.
Not only is it not going to work, I’m going to hurt my friend.
What if I kill her?
What if she has to kill me?
What if I let Shuri down?
What if I never see Steve again?
Above the others, that thought alone is too much for him to handle, so he packs it away in a box and banishes it to the depths of his mind.
Tumblr media
The quality of light has shifted when Ayo slips a leather sack over his shoulder and asks him to collect some wood for her.
The task helps keep his mind from running away with him, but it starts again the moment he dumps the wood at Ayo’s feet. He helps her organize the wood into a pile, which she lights with a flint she pulls from her pack.
He sits on a fallen tree and watches the fire grow from the small spark she made. He anxiously fidgets, plucking at his clothing, swiping his hand through his hair, pulling dry grass out of the ground around his feet. The more he tries to shut down the anxiety, the more it grows.
Ayo sits next to him, shoulder to shoulder.
“Do you trust me?” she asks simply.
“I do, but-”
“I won’t let you hurt anyone.”
“I won’t let you hurt anyone, James.”
His voice is small, and fragile when he whispers, “I’m scared.”
Scared of hurting Ayo.
Scared of hurting innocent people.
Scared that this won’t work.
Scared that if it did work, it would change him in some vital way, and he wouldn’t be James Buchanan Barnes anymore. He still feels like himself right now, but what if?
She takes his hand in hers. She radiates calm, and it helps loosen the vise clamped around his chest. “I am here with you. You aren’t alone. Whatever happens, we will get through it together.”
She rises to retrieve her spear, and steel herself for what’s to come. She has complete faith in both Shuri and Bucky, but she prepares for war anyway.
Turning, she says calmly, “It is time.”
“You sure about this?” He gives her one last chance to bail on him. A final escape hatch. Tears already prick at his eyes, because, in his mind, this has already failed.
She smiles gently. “I won’t let you hurt anyone.”
He stares into the licking flames now. Mentally preparing himself for the worst. Ayo’s footsteps scarcely make a sound when she circles around behind him.
“Желание.” Longing.
A familiar chill crawls up his spine. An ominous promise of loss.
“Семнадцать.” Rusted.
Instead of settling in at the base of his skull like it usually does, the ice lands in his belly.
“Ржавый.” Seventeen.
This is the part where the words start to slip their hooks into his meat. Slowly ripping Bucky open, turning him inside out to expose the soldat.
“It’s not gonna work,” tears sting his eyes, because he swears he can feel the hooks.
Undeterred, Ayo continues, “Рассвет.” Daybreak.
Instead of feeling James Buchanan Barnes slipping away while the Winter Soldier takes his place, the soldat’s memories flash like photographs through his mind.
“Печь.” Furnace.
Every target the soldat eliminated, every drop of blood he spilled, every death he caused, it all flickers through his head. The memories yellowed with age, and stained red and angry with the taint of blood spilled.
“Девять.” Nine.
Hot tears spill over his cheeks as the visions hit him harder and faster. It’s agony, but it's a different kind of pain than losing himself to the soldat.
“Добросердечный.” Benign.
He grits his teeth as his mind pushes forward memories of hands. His hands, soaked in blood—metal and flesh equally shiny with the claret stain of lives brutally ended. His captors hands, touching, forcing, poking, prodding. Pain, torture, agony.
“Возвращение на Родину.” Homecoming.
He’s never been this far into the words and still felt like himself. Even when the words were new, his programming still experimental and uncertain. A sob rattles his bones as it shakes its way out of his empty chest, and more tears spill down his cheeks.
He still doesn’t dare to hope though. Hope had hurt him before too.
“Один.” One.
Sound falls away around him. It’s only him, and the soft, sure sound of Ayo’s voice. In the silence, he thinks of everything he almost lost. Of everything he had lost. Of all the times he was almost lost. All of those losses, a lifetime of tragedy, lining the long path that winds away behind him.
“Товарный вагон.” Freight car.
The memories fall away like a shed skin, leaving his mind crisp, and clear, and quiet. Bands of fear and anxiety fall away from his chest, like the unbuckling of the soldat’s leathers.
His face is wet, and his skin feels too tight, but he still feels like Bucky.
In the silence, Ayo’s words are full of pride, and joy, “You are free.”
Bucky looks up at her in shock. It isn’t possible, he must have misheard her. The motion sends a river of tears spilling down his cheeks.
This time, there’s no mistaking it. A grin spreads over her lips, and she says firmly, “You are free.”
He’s overwhelmed. Shaky. He stands, holding his hand up to stop Ayo when she rushes to help him. He stumbles clumsily out of the clearing, into the shelter of the surrounding trees. He sinks quietly down to the ground, with the light of the fire at his back
It worked.
He still feels like Bucky. Whole and intact. No one else inside his mind but himself. He still has his memories, but the man who made those memories no longer lingers inside of him.
It worked.
A wide smile spreads slowly across his face as tears of joy skate freely down his cheeks.
It worked.
Tumblr media
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scxrletrecsmarvel · 12 days ago
October recs
Hey y'all!! this is the collection few very recent series i came across, some are completed, some were started recently and some are not yet started, i really wanted to put out recent fics.
check out RANDOM FIC RECS for some old series fic recs
also check out SERIES for some masterpieces.
Also please send me some fics to read , I searched everywhere for some really sad and fluffly fics. Iam stuck in home for next couple of days, i would love to read them all...
Tumblr media
Softcore - @kaitkat
Summary - You transfer to NYU in the beginning of sophomore year after getting an internship at Stark Industries. You needed a fresh start and it was the perfect opportunity. You meet your new roommates and immediately get along, they adopt you into their friend group. They’re an unlikely bunch, but one of them catches your attention, Bucky Barnes. The two of you instantly click, but an amazing first day in New York quickly comes to an end. You try to forget about it, but it’s not as easy as you want it to be. The fresh start isn’t all you hoped it would be. Does a new city mean a new romance? Or does it mean new heartbreak?
Deception - @rosepetalsinwinter
Summary: She knows her future. She is to sit still and look pretty, never speak out of turn. Produce sons for her husband. On her way to marry Prince James Barnes, her carriage is attacked and the princess finds herself in a cold and dirty cell where her life hangs in the balance. What she finds there changes her perspective, and after everything is said and done, she’s not sure if she wants to return to the prince, or run from the only life she knows.
honey, there is no right way - @bonky-n-steeb 
summary || when you agree to be the feared mobster Bucky Barnes’ sugar baby, you expect to get enough money to pay your bills. what you don’t expect is to fall head over heels for him.
12 Days of Christmas - @ohheyjanie
Summary: You spend every winter volunteering and trying to give back to your community, but things are little different this year. Your Avengers family wants to join you for the season of giving! You happily organize a 12-day campaign of events, each Avenger accompanying you on a different day… but there’s one particular member of the team who just keeps showing up, even though it’s not his scheduled day.
Reverie Series - @sebystann
Description: Being with Bucky had always been so easy. There was no commitment involved. But Bucky wanted more. So when he ends things between the two of you for his girlfriend it really hurts you. But a the end of the day you knew he was doing what he thought was right for him. No hard feelings right? Fast forward a whole two years later the two of you run into each other at a friend's baby shower. Old sparks start flying and feelings you thought you buried long ago start to resurface. Too bad he sucks at communication and always leaves you on read. All I'm saying is these next six years are going to be an interesting emotional roller coaster.
I'M TRYING - @buckisthatyou
Summary: you are trying to be better but will it ever be enough.
turn a blind eye - @sergeantxrogers​
Summary - “Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century. And I need you to do it one more time.”The Winter Soldier was cold. Brutal. Unflinching. A machine formulated to comply. Bucky Barnes was the sun warming your skin, your happy pill. Loving him was like bittersweet liquor, sickeningly sweet when you sip, harsh and burning when you swallow.
Neighbors Masterlist - @writerlyhabits​
Summary - Your friendship with your neighbor across the hall, Bucky, blossoms as you get to know each other. Your relationship continues to unfold as the Flagsmashers make their mark on the world. (set around tfatws)
𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒓𝒐𝒚𝒂𝒍 𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒍 - @payperhearts​
summary: even though you are a royalty, you’ve never been happy enough with your life, that is until a handsome guard is appointed to keep you safe, and you find a friend in him.
Gaslighting - @sebystann​
Summary : After a decade of friendship y/n confesses her feelings for Bucky to only be let down. He’s so confusing when he’s fucking her in the bathroom of one of his best friends Steve’s house.
Just Friends - @taylor-will-be-the-death-of-me​
Summary: James Buchanan Barnes was a force to be reckoned with. The notorious athlete has two faces in his life. One for the public and one for his best friend Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N and Bucky had known each other since they were in diapers. Through the good, bad and ugly, they stood side by side. But now being ‘Just Friends’ wasn’t enough for both Bucky and Y/N.
𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 - @noceurous​
summary:  out of all the women in the world, bucky found you. his best friend’s girl.
𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐞 - @blanketbarnes​
Summary: Station 107 of the NYFD, Brooklyn, is undisputedly one of the best in the city. That is because the people working there have indomitable spirit and an innate desire to help others. Their efficiency, courage and bond is unmatched and thats why they're often hailed as the city's heroes.But, things have been a little out of place at the firehouse owing to their lack of receptionist.But all that is immediately solved when you walk in with a large plate of homemade cupcakes and a warm smile on your face. You not only manage to keep everything in place but also forge unbreakable friendships along the line. Especially one with a certain blue-eyed, metal-armed firefighter who manages to steal your heart along the way.
undisclosed - @pellucid-constellations​
Summary: Desperate to outrun a secret that could cost you your life, you seek refuge in a small mountain town. Its deep forests and small cabins make it the perfect place to hide, but the travel website hadn’t mentioned anything about the quiet, burly lumberjack that wouldn’t leave your thoughts. No one had warned Bucky about you either.
Retrograde - @thewildthorberrys​
Summary : As the Goddess of Love you’ve helped everyone else navigate the matters of the heart. So when you finally find your true love in the God of War you finally feel complete. But when James returns from battle with no memory of who you are or the love you share, the Almighty Father takes his chance to have you for his own.
SANGUIS SANGUINIS MEI - @captainscanadian​
Summary: It  took  bucky Barnes two centuries with the blood of his blood to realize how much he loved her. This is their story.  
BUSINESS AS USUAL - @pitifulbaby​
Summary - “I don’t do love, I never understood it. But there is something about you, you changed everything for me. And darlin’ I don’t know if its a good or a bad thing.”
all you need - @barnesafterglow
summary - just after finishing college and your first novel, you meet bucky barnes - a friend of a friend, a publisher, and hopefully something more.
SOLACE - @winterdrag0n​
Summary: After years of living abroad, you’re finally back to New York with a failed marriage and a flashy new job at Art Gallery. In your cousin Steve’s wedding, you meet Bucky again. Your relationship with Bucky had been complicated, to say the least. He had been your childhood enemy, friend with benefits and drinking buddy. But this time, with new circumstances, the two of you might find solace in each other.
Dominoes - @draguta​
Summary : The most elite criminals and robbers known, wanted across the world, brought together by an unnamed man for a heist that they’re promised will set them for life. But will your affections get in the way of your ultimate prize?
A Taste for Older Men - @seventven​
Summary: y/n is moving back in with her parents after breaking up with her college boyfriend. due to an emergency at work, y/n’s dad is unable to pick her up and sends his friend bucky in his stead. to bucky’s surprise, y/n is no longer the innocent girl he remembers from years back.
Timeless - @rosepetalsinwinter​
Summary: The girl met Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes for the first time in 1941. She was hesitant to befriend them though—especially the blue eyed brunette—because she had a secret, a big one. Almost seventy years later, when Steve Rogers is found in ice, and Bucky Barnes is revealed to be the deadly Winter Soldier, her secret is at risk. The girl just doesn't have the energy to hide it anymore. She can only hope the boys don't run away screaming when they finally find out the truth. A hundred years is a long time to be lonely.
𝑰𝑵𝑻𝑬𝑹𝑽𝑨𝑳𝑺 - @buckycuddlebuddy​
synopsis ─ if someone had told you before that one touch could change your whole life, you wouldn’t believe them. you’d scoff at their faces and tell them that they were messing with you. looking into his eyes, though, yes, you thought. one touch could change your whole life and help you meet the love of your existence. intervals, however, were bound to happen, and there was nothing you could do but to let them happen.
The Narnia Witch - @thefallenbibliophilequote​
Summary: being a witch in modern life is difficult, and it gets harder for you when you unexpectedly meet James Buchanan Barnes. This is the story of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe🖤
TILL THEN - @19ana45​
Summary: Bucky and his girl have been inseparable from the moment they laid eyes on each other, when they were respectively six and seven. Now, grown up and ready to start their lives together, Bucky takes her to their abandoned playhouse, and they dream of the life they’ll lead after marriage. But, with the country on the brink of war, their dreams are built on a crack-laden foundation. Will their loss be nothing but time?
A Touchable Dream - @nexusnyx​
Summary: Unpredictable, unfair and unreasonable—so far in, that's all Bucky's known life to be. With the exception of his son, nothing has ever inspired consistency or proven to be worthwhile enough for him to fight daily to keep. Going back to University while being a single parent has more than one rough edge. He feels lost, out of place, with a constant itch under his skin.
You - @thesnowsoldierwrites​
summary: you’re forced to salvage what you can from the wreckage.
Personally - @chloelucia13​
Summary: You and Bucky have decided to give this relationship a real try, and Bucky won’t let anything get in the way of finally giving you the love you deserve. A sequel to Nothing Personal.
SELFISH - @angelifylove​
Description: Bucky Barnes is a police officer working with his partner, Sam Wilson. Bucky is new to the station and his newbie status is put the test as he goes undercover to gain intel to shut down New York's feared gang and drug ring known as the Red Room. Unfortunately for him, he gets paired up with (Y/N) (Y/L/N) the station's favorite drunk with anger issues.
KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS - @captainsimagines​
Summary: You’re a vigilante with a dark past, who is recruited for a mission against the powers holding your sister hostage, and fall in love with the only person who escaped those powers alive.
𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞 - @buckyjmsbarnes​
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 — they’re not in love, they’re not even friends, he’s just her boss but a one night stand does give them something that’ll keep them connected forever but he’s married and has much too loose.
All the King’s Men - @nastybuckybarnes​
Summary: Your father always said that if it weren’t for your presentation, he’d think you were an Alpha. There’s a reason for that. Growing up in a world where Omegas are treated like garbage, you’ve fought for the respect that you have. Until you’re sold off to an old King desperate for a bride. But you will not lay down and present for your new husband. No, you will fight back.
The Escaped Bride - @marvelouslytrekking​
Summary - Being forced to marry someone was not something you wanted, but when it turns out that it is to your best friend, who you secretly loved, things weren’t so bad. Unfortunately, good things don’t seem to last and when the worst happens, you refuse to sit around and be miserable. Will you find true love again, or will your life be turned upside down?
Meant to Be - @rosepetalsinwinter​
Summary: For years the girl was oblivious to what exactly her father did for a living. That is until her precious brother died violently right in front of her. She did what anyone would do. She ran. But the mafia is powerful, and they have connections. Her father finds her. He wants her home, and he wants her to marry James Barnes. He doesn’t care what he has to do to make her listen, even threatening those she loves. The girl agrees. But at what cost? She can only hope the stories aren’t true, and James Barnes isn’t the blood thirsty murderer everyone says he is.
MR. GRUMPY - @holylulusworld​
Summary - Bucky hates omegas. You change his mind.
You still get burned - @indyluckycharlie​
Summary: Posing as a happily married couple for a deep cover op, you and Bucky have to put aside the longstanding animosity between you, at least in public. In private, there’s little more than coldness between you. But maybe, just maybe, there’s more going on than either of you are able to say.
If Only You Were Mine… - @bbgem329​
Summary - You’ve been in love with Bucky Barnes since the moment you laid eyes on him. That was five years ago, when your older sister brought him home for a Sunday lunch and introduced him as her boyfriend.
summary: you waltzed into bucky’s life completely unexpected. occupying the apartment across from his and his heart.
Forgotten Love - @thundering-barnes​
Summary - You’re new to the Avengers. In joining the team, there’s a lot that no one yet knows about you. And there’s some unusual tension between you and a certain brunet. Under a pseudonym and with completely fresh start, and background, you hope for a chance at a new life. A better life. But how long will it last before someone figures out the life you’ve hidden away?
Keeper Of The Cards - @hailhydra920​
Summary: You lost a game of cards with the notorious mob boss Bucky. You didn’t quite know what was in store for you.
It Never Ends - @chouettedubois​
Summary : Bucky and Y/n are fourth-year undergrads with the same major. They’ve always had a crush on each other but were too reserved to do anything about it. One horrendous night pushes them together and they’re forced to navigate the fallout, for better or worse.
Teacher’s Favorite - @suitk0via​
Summary : You are first grade teacher and Bucky is a single dad who wants to be involved with everything his little girl - Elaine - does. He’s the dad all the parent’s and faculty drool over. You quickly become Elaine’s favorite teacher and Bucky’s just gotta meet you.
Wanna Be Yours - @thewildthorberrys​
Summary - Being the  house keeper of the notorious mob boss bucky barnes had its own problems but sleeping with him and getting totally ignored only maken them worse. Fall For You - @firefly-in-darkness​
Summary : You can no longer handle being in a long distance relationship with the rockstar Bucky Barnes and he knows it too…
𝘁𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 - @bentobarnes​
Summary : bucky is not ready to tell how much he loves you but he finds another way to say it. these cold rooftops - @buckysbiota
Summary : you're just doing your job as the local vigilante in new york, why can't bucky barnes leave you alone? Bring You Home - @sunflowersoldat​
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
Summary : Y/N travels back in time to get Steve’s help for one last mission.
his eyes, all the sadness of the world - @extremelyblackandwhite
Summary : a young soprano catches the attention of a ghost story in the bolshoi theatre. based on the phantom of the opera. ‘Take Me Out’ - @mcnegan
Summary : You and Bucky are both professionally trained assassins. Both contracted to kill the other. Both completely unaware.
Your New Captain America - @thesnowsoldierwrites
Summary : place yourself in the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, become best friends with Sam Wilson, be mean to John Walker, and fall in love with Bucky Barnes, all with events lifted from the series.
home for the holidays - @classylo
Summary : when your family begs you to come home for the holidays and to bring the new guy you’ve been seeing, you don’t have the heart to tell them your good-for-nothing-ex cheated on you… good thing your roommate is available and will do absolutely anything you ask.
the dreadful need in the devotee - @jamalflanagan
Summary : It’s a dreadful need, and only you can fill it for him.
The Grand Plan - @winterdrag0n
Summary : You were growing up struggling with money and acceptance; but with your smart brain you created The Grand Plan on how to be successful and live the American Dream. The plan includes getting a full-fledged scholarship, securing a big job with a fat paycheck, paying off your sister’s student loan and your Dad’s heart transplant and eventually buying a house. Of course, some unplanned incidents happened during college (because come on, it’s college); such as developing a friendship (that lasts a lifetime) with Darcy Lewis and falling in love with a white boy. Since the last one might be harming your Grand Plan, you had to pull the plug on that one.
The Caretaker - @you-are-my-sanctuary 
Summary : You've never met him before, the mysterious master of the house you served. You doubt you ever would if only his son hadn’t taken such a liking to you.
friendly assistance - @seventven
Summary : busy on a mission in riga, latvia,- y/n finds it difficult to get her job done due to john walker’s complete lack of professionalism. determined to get the new cap to back off, y/n en lists the help of bucky to show him just how uninterested she is in his shameless attempts to hit on her. Roads go ever on under cloud and under star - @rocketrhap3000
Summary : Life as a single mother of a three year old certainly has its struggles. But when a sweet stranger makes his way into you and your little boy’s life, a one of a kind connection sparks. PROJECT V - @babyboibucky
Summary : You ask your best friend Bucky a favor of a lifetime.
The Sergeant's Heart - @foreverindreamlandd
Summary : You joined the 107th Regiment as a medic to both serve your country and make sure that your younger brother always has someone watching his back. But then the worst thing imaginable happens and it feels like your whole world has fallen apart. Enter the charming new Sergeant Bucky Barnes, who can’t seem to stay away from you. Somehow, he manages to stitch together the broken pieces of your heart that you thought could never be mended. But war is ugly, and a secret organization called HYDRA has plans in place that no one could have ever seen coming. It’s up to the both of you - and a few other friends - to work together to take them down.
A Beautiful, Terrible Thing - @sebastianstansqueen
Summary: “Luckly we’ve found a King from the north who would be willing to take you.”“I will not, and you say that as though I’m a burden.” The Princess hissed.The Queen looked down at the girl “Oh don’t act as though you aren't, you are to be ready for your journey by tomorrow.”“I won't go, I will see what Anthony thinks.” Y/n fought.
Another Word For Surveillance - @h2obased
Summary : You asked Bucky out. He said no. Cool. So how do you move on from that? Ha! You don’t.
An Omegas Duty - @skyeisawizard
Summary : James Barnes, a powerful business man and the Alpha that dominated all Alpha’s. For years he had been mateless, he’d given up on finding them long ago.But now, with a business deal falling through the roof, he finally finds the girl he’d spent half of his life looking for,
nostalgia for the new - @real-jane
summary: bucky meets you because of your exquisite taste in music, and he finds in you a solace he didn’t realize was possible. you create for bucky something he’s never found before: nostalgia for a time that hasn’t happened yet, and hope for a future where he might be loved.
coffee and cigarettes - @classylo 
summary: After seeing you at your high school reunion, Bucky couldn’t get you off his mind. He convinced himself you deserved better and so he attempted to move on himself. Things seemed to be going fine...that was until the Stark holiday party.
october is it’s own magic - @authoressskr
 [end of september] [almost october/october 1st] [october 2nd] [october 3rd] [october 4th] [october 5th] [october 6th] [october 7th] [october 11th] [october 12th] [october 13th] [october 14th] [october 15th] [october 16th] [october 17th] [october 18th] [october 25th]
Summary - (Soulmate AU ) Bucky has a secret admirer. They keep leaving him all sorts of autumnal goodies with little notes. But who the hell is it?! Over the Rainbow - @fangirllife98 
Summary: Y/N Rogers is the much loved older sister of Steve Rogers. She also won the heart of the handsome and famous James Buchanan Barnes. When WW2 takes both her boys from her, she doesn’t stop to get them back.
TRISTFUL -  @turbolisedcomet 
Summary: Bucky Barnes, world famous rockstar, gets addicted to something other than his usual alcohol. (Y/N). A woman, with the voice of an angel, who makes a living by singing at a local bar. As Bucky helps (Y/N) to fulfill her dream of getting the world to notice her talent, his future and life crumbles, threatening the love that has grown between him and his angel.
The Middle Winchester - @fangirllife98 
Summary - Y/N Winchester is Dean Winchester’s twin sister. She’s feisty, loving, funny, witty, an honorary avenger and she’s got that strong good looking Winchester gene. so what will her brothers think when they find out she’s dating James Buchanan Barnes, who they still see as The Winter Soldier….?
STAGES - @babyboibucky 
Summary: Bucky slowly realizes that he wants to cross the line of friendship with you.
《 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭-𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 》 - @coffeecatsandcandles 
Series Summary: James Barnes, a widowed single dad, had forgotten what love felt like and let it crush him, taking his daughter, Rebecca, with him. He was cold, rude, and arrogant, being one of the few teachers at Westview High School the students seemed to absolutely despise. But when you show up, a hopeful math teacher who’d previously taught Rebecca’s kindergarten class, and are adored by your students and colleagues- James’s attitude starts to change.
The New Line - @misguidedasgardian
Summary - You had a beautiful relationship with Steve, or at least, that’s what you thought. After you managed to get everyone back, there was a last mission for Steve before you finally had peace for you two to settle down, a little faster than you anticipated since you just found out you were pregnant.You decided not to tell him since you didn’t want to distract him in his big mission, you never thought that he would never be coming back from it. Or at least, he wasn’t going to get back to youLucky for you, Bucky was there, and he was going to be there for you, you will draw a new line, together.
𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨 ≠ 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 - @ambrosiase 
 concept: you’re in love with bucky, and bucky’s in love with her.
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ambrosiase · 5 months ago
𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙮 𝙗𝙤𝙮
Tumblr media
concept: bucky should’ve known better than to flirt with someone else
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader, bucky barnes x fem!reader, steve rogers x bucky barnes
warnings: unprotected sex (vaginal + anal). handjobs, anal rimming/ass eating, face-riding. dirty talk, degradation, praise. sub!bucky, dom!steve, switch!reader. lots of cum, (cum play). spit kink. slapping. choking. tears do appear. bondage (bucky’s tied to the bed). also, use of traffic light safe words (bucky confims it’s green / no safe word use). it’s literal filth, with no plot at all.
word count: 2.5k
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
There’s something liberating in the feeling of relinquishing control.
Giving up your primal sense of self so that you could experience a pleasure that had been taken from you, and then given to you.
“Please,” Bucky prays for release like a sinner absolving.
He pulls at his binds, sweat pooling on his forehead as he watches the way your soaking cunt fucks itself down onto Steve’s leaking cock.
The two of you ignore him — after all, he’d been the one ignoring the two of you all night, too preoccupied by flirting with Tony’s newest personal assistant.
“S-Stevie!” You squeal at the feeling of your boyfriend pistoning his hips up into you, hitting that deep, spongy spot that has you seeing stars behind your eyes.
The older man just chuckles, his fingernails digging into the soft flesh of your hips as he praises you, “Such a good fuckin’ girl for me, angel.” His brooklyn accent is as thick as molasses — deep, and harsh as he loses himself to the pleasures your body provides.
Bucky whines, “I’m so sorry, I swear, I’ll never do it again please-”
“D’you hear somethin’ Stevie?” Your voice cuts him off without even looking at him. “Thought I heard the noises of a pathetic little slut trying to talk to us.”
Steve chuckles, fucking into you with a particular rough drive of his hips. “Mm, no, couldn’t be our little whore could it? Because he knows what will happen if he keeps actin’ like a spoiled brat.”
The threat hangs heavy in the air, and Bucky feels himself choke on his own spit. God, he’d really fucked up hadn’t he?
You look at Steve, a smirk pulling at the corners of your lips before leaning down to kiss him. It’s hot, and filthy, your tongues massaging each others as it gets messy.
The blonde’s hands move down to your ass, holding the globes before squeezing them almost to the point of pain. “Stevie! Fuck, ‘m gonna cum!” You cry as you feel the coil tighten in your core, the wet, squelching sounds like music to the men’s ears.
“Yeah, angel? You gonna cum for me, aren’t you?” The blonde grins against your mouth before growling, “Look at me.” Steve strikes your cheek with a cupped hand.
It was a rule Steve had, something that always made his ego swell with pride — your eyes had to be on him at all times when he was fucking you, because he loved watching the way your eyes glossed over with desire, and the way they fought rolling back as you came.
Your eyes find his, breath catching in your throat at the intense stare. “‘M so close, please, wanna cum for you.” It’s the begging that does him in, “Wanna show you how good I am for you.”
“Go on, angel.” Steve encourages you as his fingers find your clit to play with it. “Show our slut what happens when you’re good.”
You scream his name as you clench your walls down on his thick cock, feeling your juices squirt all over the two of you as your boyfriend fucks you through your orgasm. “S-so good, Stevie, oh my god — y’fuck me so well, fuck!”
His tongue licks against your lips, prying them open so that he can fuck your mouth with it the same way he does your cunt. “Squeezin’ me so tight, angel, gonna make me cum, shit.”
“Please Stevie,” huff breathlessly against his mouth. “Want to feel you cum inside of me, need you to fill me up.”
“That what you want, angel?” He asks as his chest heaves and at your desperate nod continues, “Why?”
Your eyes flicker over to Bucky’s, taking in the way his face and body were covered with a red flush as he bites on his lip. “Because,” tou lower your voice, “I want our pretty boy to eat it out of me.”
“Oh fuck!” Steve groans as he feels his balls tighten before releasing inside of you. “So fuckin’ hot, angel, fuuuuuck.”
You giggle as you grind yourself down onto his dick, milking him as you pepper kisses to his face before squeezing him one last time before pulling yourself off him.
Trying your best, you clench your muscles to help stop any of his cum from falling out, looking to Steve with an inquisitive head tilt. “Go on, angel. Let him have a taste.”
Bucky wants to cry from how pent up he is, his tongue already licking at his lip as he watches you make your way over to him.”
“Open your mouth, pretty boy.” You instruct him, leaning down as he does before collecting the saliva in your mouth and spitting it into his, with a sharp tap to his cheek you tell him. “Swallow.”
And he does, because Bucky was sure at this point, he’d do anything you asked without question.
Your hand threads through his hair. “You okay, pretty boy?”
He nods, too eager to have you sit on his face to think about anything else, which isn’t enough for his boyfriend as he asks, “C’mon Buck, what’s your colour?”
“Green,” Bucky gasps. “So fucking green.”
You and Steve share a wicked smile before your legs land on either side of Bucky’s head, and he moans at the look of your messy cunt on display for him.
Running your thumb over his bottom lip, you let him pull the digit into his mouth as he hollows his cheeks and sucks. “You ready, baby?”
“Please,” Bucky whispers as you pull your finger away, eyes pleading innocently. “Wanna taste you and Stevie, please.”
With a satisfied smile, you slowly lower yourself onto his face, gasping when you feel him moan against your cunt. Bucky’s tongue immediately prods at your entrance, lips pursing as he starts sucking and licking, groaning at the taste of you and Steve on his tongue.
Your eyes close for a moment, immersed in the way Bucky makes out with your slit before you feel a sharp slap against your cheek, making you moan out as your eyes find those of Steve’s.
He grips your face, smushing your cheeks so that your lips pucker as he smirks. “Look so fuckin’ hot angel.” And then he’s smashing his lips to yours, dominating the kiss as his hand lowers to find solace around your neck.
It makes you gasp, the way Steve’s control over the two of you never falters, even as you catch sight of cock — glaringly red again, and leaking from the tip even after already coming once.
He pulls away from you. “Mm, what should I do with you two now, hm?”
It takes you a moment to realise he’d asked a question, too consumed with the feeling of Bucky as he sucks your sensitive clit into his mouth.
“Sit up, sweetheart,” Steve instructs and you obey him as you leverage yourself.
The cry that leaves Bucky’s lips has you clenching around nothing. “No, no, no, please, please.”
“Shh, pretty boy.” Steve murmurs as he runs a finger down Bucky’s nose. “Stop actin’ like a desperate little slut.”
His words have the other super soldier falling quiet as he anticipates Steve’s next move.
“‘M still so hard,” the blonde says as he looks towards you. “What should I do about it, angel?”
Your eyes light up at his words, and Bucky holds his breath. “Want to see you fuck our little slut.”
“Yeah, sweetheart? That what you want?” Steve smirks, his finger playing with your lips.
Nodding you tell him, “Wanna see you use him, remind him that he belongs to you, to us.”
Steve groans the words before kissing you again. “Ride his face, want him to feel only us, can you do that for me while I open him up?”
This time, you’re the one kissing him. “Yes, Stevie.”
Steve growls, “God, I fuckin’ love you.” before he’s moving away from the two of you, and grabbing the lube so that he can stretch Bucky to take him.
You look at down at the brunette. “Gonna make me feel good, Buck?”
“Yeah, yes. Please,” he pleads and you don’t offer him anything else before your bringing his head up to your cunt, making him continue.
You know when Steve’s fingers enter Bucky’s hole judging from the sounding moan that vibrates against your clit. “Fuck, Bucky!”
He groans against you, tongue flicking in a way that has your toes curling as you feel another orgasm building. You chase it on his tongue, your hands pulling in his hair as you use him. “Fuck fuck fuck!” You squeal as you hit your peak, cumming all over the brunettes tongue, and sighing from the sensitivity as he laps up your release.
With wobbly legs, you bring yourself off of him, falling onto the bed as you watch through hazy eyes. Steve winks at you, a third finger being swallowed by Bucky’s hole and you can’t but admire how beautiful your boyfriends look together.
You move onto your side, reaching out to stroke Bucky’s cheek before leaning in to kiss him, letting him whine into your mouth as you realise that Steve’s tongue is working in conjunction with his fingers to get Bucky ready.
“Doin’ so well, pretty boy, you look so gorgeous,” you praise, smiling at the cries that leave him, tears welling in his eyes.
You hear the bottle cap of the lube close before a thud hits the ground, pulling back you watch as Steve coats his entire length before grabbing Bucky’s thighs to pull them over his waist.
Steve lines his cock up to Bucky’s waiting hole, and you find enough energy to sit up so that you could watch the way the two of them connect. “Look s’pretty.”
“Y’think so, angel?” Steve grins, giving Bucky a moment to take a deep breath before he’s pushing forward, growling at the way his boyfriend takes his dick in one, fluid thrust. “Fuck, Bucky baby.”
Words escape him, he’s so overwhelmed and all Bucky wants is to come. Mewels and whines leave his throat as Steve starts fucking into him with wild abandonment, taking out his frustrations with Bucky’s flirting out on his ass.
You hear Steve husk your name, his eyes gesturing to the sergeant’s weaping cock. Feeling more energetic, you prop yourself onto your knees before you drag your fingernails along Bucky’s abdomen, watching the way the muscles tense under your touch.
The pad of your finger swipes along the slit, collecting some of the cum that oozes before bringing it up to the blondes mouth. Steve’s tongue swipes, moaning at the taste of his boyfriend before he’s sucking your finger into his mouth.
Pulling it out, you watch the way that Steve thrusts into Bucky — it’s different from the way he fucked you, this time, he goes slower, deeper, making sure Bucky can feel him in his throat.
Leaning down, you collect as much spit in your mouth as you can before letting it drool over Bucky’s cock before you wrap your hand around him.
“Please!” Bucky yells, his tone raspy as he tries to meet Steve’s thrusts. “I’m so close, please. ‘M so sorry, I’ll never do it again. I promise.”
You and Steve look at each other as you continue to jerk Bucky off. “Think he’s tellin’ the truth, Stevie?”
“I don’t know, angel…” Steve trails off, looking expectedly at Bucky as he waits for him to continue apologising, and he does.
Tears fall onto his cheeks as he begs for forgiveness, apologising in any way that he can think of — it has you and Steve feeling sorry for him.
“Shh, it’s okay pretty boy,” you mutter as you flick your wrist in a way that has Bucky’s back arching off the bed.
“Yeah Bucky baby,” Steve adds sweetly. “You’re okay, aren’t ya?”
A part of the blonde almost expects for Bucky to retaliate, shouting that he wants to cum, so he’s shocked when he hears his boyfriend say, “Yeah Stevie, ‘m okay. S’up to you, and angel.”
The look you give Steve has him making up his mind as he says, “S’okay pretty boy. You ready to come for us, hm?”
“Yes! Stevie,” Bucky cries out. “Wanna cum for the both of you, please, please!”
Your movements become more erratic, matching the pace as Steve starts drilling into his hole, and you watch as Bucky’s balls begin to swell, his thighs tensing. “Cum for us, pretty boy, wanna see you let go and make a mess for us, okay?”
His mouth falls wide open, eyes closing as a scream errupts from his throat, calls of your names falling from his lips as he releases all over your hand.
“Fuckin’ hell, baby.” Steve grunts as he feels his own orgasm about to approach. “Clenchin’ down on my cock so good, shit.”
You milk Bucky’s cock for all its worth before you let it go, bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you can lick off his spent, moaning at the taste you’d grown so familiar with.
The sight of you eating Bucky’s cum has Steve grinding into the abused hole, shouting as he hits his peak, and pushing his come as far into Bucky as it’ll go — painting his walls, making sure that he’s completely finished before delicately pulling out.
All three of you wait a moment to catch your breaths, before you hear Bucky’s hitch — Steve was toying with his hole, watching as his cum seeps from it. “Shit, that’s so fucking hot,” you whisper as the rim spasms.
You feel Steve’s hand brush against your cheek before holding it. “C’mere angel.” And your thighs squeeze together as you realise what he’s going to make you do.
Bucky’s completely blissed out, his orgasm still thrumming through his veins and heartbeat pounding in his ears — it’s why the feeling of your gentle tongue prodding his ass has him moaning out in shock.
“Calm down, Buck,” Steve tells him softly. “Just cleanin’ you up.” Steve pets your head, pushing you further into Bucky as you lick at the rim before taking what you could into your mouth. “Don’t swallow it sweetheart, get as much as you can and then come back up to me.”
You do as he says, being as tender as you can before pulling away and getting back onto your knees. “C’mere angel.” Bucky hears Steve’s calm command.
He watches through hooded eyes as Steve’s mouth opens, your tongue pushing past his lips so that you could transfer his cum. It drips down your chins, and Steve pulls you in closer by the back of your neck, groaning as you swap the cum between the two of you before it’s swallowed down.
As the two of you break the kiss, Bucky can’t help the laugh that rises from him. “Fuckin’ hell, you two’ll kill me.”
But you just smile sweetly in response. “Depends on whether or not you’re gonna flirt in front of us again.”
“Mm, well if it ends like this, I don’t know if I can promise you that I won’t.” Bucky smiling cheekily as Steve unties him from the bedposts.
Only for the smile to drop as he feels a tight grip on his chin, Steve forcing him to look up. “Try it again, and we won’t let you cum next time.”
A mischievous gleam sparks in the brunette’s eyes. “Yes, Captain.”
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agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
could we get some safeword action for trinity au? maybe sometimes it IS a little hard to handle 2 guys at once, maybe they all come back from a mission and the reader is upset and the two are angry and want to take it out and the reader changes her mind in the middle
too much ~ stucky
warnings || smut, double penetration, overstimulation, use of safeword, bucky being angsty
Tumblr media
It had been hours of fucking and using you that made the word utter from your lips. You had lost count of how many time you had cum. Steve had managed to cum in your cunt and your ass so far while Bucky had fucked your throat until you could barely speak.
You were worn out and abused, covered in sweat, tears, and most of all, cum. Bucky had cum everywhere. Your tits, your face, everywhere you could splatter his seed on you. The boys had scratches all over them from where you had clawed at them while they fucked relentlessly into you.
You don’t know exactly where they had gotten the idea to stretch you out and both fuck your cunt, but they had been inside your poor pussy for two rounds with no sign of stopping.
At first it was hot and it made you blind with pleasure. Steve and Bucky were in heaven, cocks sliding against each other soaked in your sweet juices. They had cum hard inside you, but they didn’t stop. They fucked you through your and their orgasms, pumping you full of cock until you were so out of it that you could move or speak.
Until finally, the pleasure turned into pain, making you cry out. Your hand went to your pussy, pushing the boys as hard as you could.
“Plum!” was screamed from your throat, gasping in pain when the boys thrusted into you as deep as they could. Within seconds, they had both torn themselves from your body.
You flinched when Steve touched your hips, trying to soothe you.”No, please, don’t touch me. It’s hurts…”You whimpered, curling up into the soaked sheets while you tried to catch your breath
“Bunny, I’m so sorry, please, we didn’t mean to.”
“I know, I know, I’m not mad, it just hurts…it’s not you, I promise. Just give me a minute,”You tried to assure them.
Bucky was silent, his eyes wide as he looked at you with tears in his eyes. You had never actually used the safeword with him, only Steve who got just a little too rough with his strength.
Steve saw the look in Bucky’s eyes,”Do not even go down the road,”He warned Bucky, who’s thoughts were going a mile a second. He had hurt you. You cried at his touch, you flinched away, and he could barely stomach the thought.
“I’m a monster,”Bucky whispered under his breath, stepping away from you. You looked over at him, frowning when he seemed like ge was gonna leave.
It’s the only thing that keeps him in place, looking at you with shame. You make grabby hands to him, wanting desperate to be held now. Steve’s hands are threading through your hair gently, soothing your trembling body.
“Baby, I can’t…”
“If you leave me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep, how will I know you’re okay? How will I be okay?” Your bottom lips quivered, making Bucky soften immediately.
He sank back into the bed, his hands very gently running over your bruised and abused body until you were on his chest. Steve comforter both of you, knowing you both needed it.
“I love you both,”You whispered out,”It’s just hard to take so much sometimes…I like when you use me, but…one super soldier is a lot, I’m taking two…you can’t beat yourselves up because occasionally it’s too much. Especially you, Buck. Me using the safeword doesn’t me you’ve got to punish yourself…just means I need you to calm down and hold me. Can you do that?”
Bucky nodded, kissing your forehead before kissing Steve’s lips.”I would do anything for both of you.”
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 8 months ago
Two Years and Counting
Pairings | Bucky Barnes x f!reader, Steve Rogers x f!reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers
Warnings | swearing, dirty talk, smut, mm smut, anal fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral (m and f receiving), slight degradation, kinda dub-con at one point but not really?, implied pregnancy, unprotected sex, sort of breeding kink I think,
Word count | 3.2k
Summary | Steve gets Bucky a present for their second wedding anniversary: you and a little something extra
A/n | so loads of people wanted more Stucky x you go
Tumblr media
"So you want me to...sleep with you? Both of you?" You reiterated what Steve had just asked you, and the blonde man nodded.
"If you don't want to, please don't feel pressured to accept. It's just- we're very open, and Buck's been sayin' for a while how much he adores you." Steve admitted sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "And I more than agree with him." Steve added quickly after, a smile spreading over his perfect lips.
So that's how you ended up here, your back pressed you Steve's chest, his lips at your ear and a cerulean-eyed super soldier lapping relentlessly at your core.
"That's it, Buck, right there. I want your face to be shiny with her cum by the time you've finished." Steve cooed, voice thick and heavy with lust as his teeth nipped playfully at your earlobe.
You couldn't take your eyes away from the sight between your legs; the brunet super soldier's head buried between your thighs as he relentlessly lapped at your clit. A sharp gasp accompanied your fluttering eyelids when Bucky placed a finger at your entrance, slowly pushing it inside you.
"You like his tongue, hm? Those fingers feel real good, don't they?" Steve purred at your ear again, breath hot on your skin as your head dropped back into his shoulder.
Your legs were pulled painfully wide over his knees, hips aching from the stretch as his firm arms looped around you: one at your waist and the other over your chest, pinning you to him with the ghost of a choke around your neck.
"Wait 'til you see what his cock can do, sweetheart. You won't be walking tomorrow by the time we're done with you." Steve smirked, but you were so far gone by this point the words barely graced your senses.
"Fuck!" You squealed, Bucky's teeth giving a little nip to your clit as your back arched away from Steve's chest. The man chuckled, bringing his tongue down and tracing your slit before pushing in.
With his tongue stroking your walls and his nose bumping up against your clit, it didn't take long for Bucky to make you cum. Steve's large hand still rested against your throat as you came down from your high, his plump lips pressing wet kisses behind your ear.
"You good, doll?" Bucky bummed, hands resting heavily on your thighs, rubbing up and down soothingly. You nodded, a dopey smile crossing your lips as you were brought back to reality. Bucky chuckled again, low and melodic as Steve's voice filled your ears.
"Maybe we should give the dame a break...get on the bed, Buck. I want you naked and on your back." You never would be thought Steve to be so controlling in the bedroom. Sure, he barked orders all day long but you'd always assumed that he'd want to let go for a while. That and you'd always thought Bucky gave you raging Dom vibes.
Bucky was quick to comply, kneeling up and pressing a quick peck to your cheek and then Steve's lips before he was scrambling over to the bed, tearing his clothes off on the way.
Steve helped you up, setting you down on the bed beside Bucky and pressing and lingering kiss to your forehead. He offered you a quick, small smile before his attention was on Bucky.
Steve's lips spread wider when he saw the bottle of lube in Bucky's hand, the blonde's own hand moving up to brush the hair out of his husband's face.
"You're such good boy for me, baby. Now let's get you nice and open, hm?" Steve cooed, leaning down for a kiss. You expected it to be sweet, and it was anything but that. The kiss was almost nasty, with tongues mingling and teeth clashing.
Steve grabbed the bottle of lube from Bucky when he pulled away, slowly kissing down the man's body. Bucky whined - like actually whined - as Steve took his time, taking a moment to let his tongue smooth over one of Bucky's nipples before moving on.
When he reached his cock - which you hadn't let yourself look at until now - Steve took the swollen and leaking tip in his mouth, suckling lightly and causing Bucky's hips to jerk up.
"Please, Stevie! Just - just fuck me already!" Bucky whined, hips wriggling as Steve tried to hold him still. A whimper bled through Bucky's lips when Steve's hand came down on his thing in a small slap.
"Don't tell me what to do. You'll take what I give you." Steve's voice was suddenly stern; it was his Captain America voice. Bucky whined, but settled down, his head tilted up as he watched his husband with hooded eyes.
Steve hummed to himself, leaving a trail of wet kisses down the length of Bucky's cock until he reached the base. It was then that he pulled away, nimble fingers flipping the cap off the lube and squirting a generous amount onto the fingers of his other hand.
"Relax for me, Buck." Steve mumbled, his free hand coaxing Bucky's thighs a little wider until he could clearly see the man's tight rim. You watched without blinking as Steve's pink tongue ran over his lips, his eyes solely focused on the sight between the older man's legs.
He circled Bucky's tight hole with the tips of his fingers, a smirk gracing his lips when an breathy moan slipped through Bucky's slightly parted lips.
"That's it." Steve was pushing a finger in then, slow and controlled and the digit worked itself passed the resisting muscle. "Good boy." Steve's voice was a low purr, wrist rolling to make Bucky moan as his fingertip glided over his prostate.
Bucky could already see stars, and he'd barley begun. You watched intently, feeling yourself get even wetter as you watched the way Steve played Bucky's body like an instrument he'd mastered over years of practice. And, in a way, Steve had.
Two years into their marriage and both boys knew each other inside out, the ways their body's worked and responded committed to memory. Your bottom lip found itself tucked between your teeth, hands pushing you up so you could get a better view.
Bucky's head was thrown back now, eyes disappearing into his skull and Steve rolled his wrist a little faster. The sight was heavenly, hair falling into his face and mouth parted as Bucky attempted not to squirm, his hands fisted so tightly into the sheets they looked as if they may rip.
"Do you want to try?" It was Steve's voice again, real soft and tempting as he peered up at you through thick lashed. You swallowed thickly, blinking away the sight of Bucky as you directed your gaze to the blonde.
"Huh?" Your voice was probably timid, arguably sheepish as the sound of question formed on your tongue.
"Would you like a go? At fingering him?" Steve repeated, a gently charming look in his blue eyes. You gulped, but ultimately nodded as the words in your mouth seemed to dry up. Steve offered a wide smile, slowly slipping his finger from Bucky - the resulting whimper making Steve chuckle - before moving to the side to give you some room.
"I- I don't know what I'm doing." You admitted as you placed yourself between Bucky's legs, hands on your thighs as your eyes slid over the sight before you. Steve breathed something of a laugh, leaning in close and picking up your right hand with his.
"I'll tell you how." Steve murmured near your ear, his other hand quick to pick up the bottle of lube again before squirting a good amount onto your fingers. "You need 'em nice and wet, it feels much nicer when they can slide right in." Steve explained, rubbing the substance around your skin to make sure they were saturated enough.
"Then what?" You breathed, unable to tear your eyes from the beautiful sight before you. Steve smiled, guiding your fingers to Bucky's little hole. Once the tip of your middle finger was lined up, Steve urged you to being pushing in. It met a bit of resistance, but the muscle quickly gave way again and your finger slid in fairly smoothly after that. Bucky moaned, long and loud.
"That feel good, huh? Does she feel good?" Steve cooed at Bucky, who could only seem to muster a nod as you begin to roll your wrist, just as Steve had. "That's it, take it real slow. You can build up the speed a little more in a moment." Steve mumbled beside you, eyes alight with lust.
"Can I- can I add another finger?" You tentatively asked, giving Steve a nervous glance.
"Yes, I think he's ready. Are you ready, Buck?" Steve replied, looking up at his husband.
"Yes! Feels s' good, so so good!" Bucky moaned, attempting to squirm but Steve placed a firm hand on his hip and tutted.
"Ask nicely." Steve chided, that hint of harshness back to his tone. You couldn't help but think that having sex with Steve would give you whiplash with how quickly his tone could change.
"Please can I have another finger? It feels real good!" Bucky stuttered out through breathy moans and whimpers. Steve smiled coyly, nodding to you when you gave him a look in question.
You let Steve squirt some more lube onto your index finger before pushing it in along side your middle one, a pang of arousal clenching your gut and the completely debauched sound that it pulled from the writhing super soldier.
"Good girl." Steve murmured near your ear, his eyes glued to your fingers slowly pumping in and out of Bucky's tight hole. "Why don't you give his pretty little cock a kiss, huh? It looks a little needy." Steve purred, eyes sliding over the swollen tip of Bucky's cock.
You nodded, wetting your lips with your tongue as you leant forwards. Buck's back arched so high you thought you could fit a goddamn pillow under there when your lips brushed the head of his cock, precum smearing over them.
"That's it. You gettin' close now, baby?" Steve cooed and Bucky whined. You let your tongue lap at his skin, Bucky's musk coating your tastebuds as you felt the warmth of him against you.
Steve hovered over you, his hand now palming at his own dick through his jeans as he watched you pleasuring his husband.
"Curl your fingers a little, doll. You'll know when you find the spot." So you did, and you definitely hit the 'spot'. Your fingers pressed into Bucky's prostate, pulling an dirty moan from the man as his back arched even higher and the sheets actually ripped in his hands.
"S-should I keep going?" You mumbled nervously, pulling away from Bucky's cock and looking up at steve through fanned lashes. He gave you a nod, but stopped you before your lips could meet the shaft of Bucky's dick in a wet kiss.
You pulled back again, pumping your fingers even faster when you saw Steve lower his own lips to Bucky's cock. They spread over the tip, saliva dripping from them as Steve spat onto Bucky's skin. The brunet groaned, loud, as Steve bobbed down, his nose brushing the patch of curls at the base.
He clearly did this a lot.
The other thing that surprised you, but sent a tingle of need up for spine nonetheless, was when Steve reached up Bucky's body, his fingers pinching the older man's nipple before rolling the bud between them.
The sight made you let out your own small moan, your hips unintentionally winding down against the covers as you felt yourself growing hotter again.
But a loud whine pulled you from your haze, Steve's warm hand over your wrist as he pulled your touch away from Bucky. You felt bad, the man was squirming under your heavy gazes; denied of his release.
"Ah, ah. We don't whine. Now get up; I'm itching to see you buried in our girl." You shivered, like visibly shivered, the words echoing about your mind. Our girl.
Bucky crawling across the bed pulled you out of your trance yet again, his hands of your waist to guide you so your back was flush against the now-sweaty sheets a delicious contrast of cool and warm.
"Good boy, now make me proud." Steve murmured into Bucky's ear, perfect teeth nipping at the man's lobe before Steve gave Bucky's ass a quick spank and pulled away. Bucky squeaked, but pulled his lip between his teeth anyway.
"Please, Bucky," you croaked, voice nothing but a breathy whine, "Wan' to feel you inside me." You were growing impatient now, witnessing the lovers' little interactions making you slick with want.
Bucky couldn't deny you that, the doe eyes you were flashing him making the man's cock ache with need. Wrapping a firm hand around his throbbing cock, Bucky glided the tip between you puffy folds, Steve chuckling as you bucked up at Bucky, hips jumping.
"Fuck, doll." Bucky growled as he sheathed himself inside you in one, slow thrust. You sucked him in, the walls of your cunt pulsating around his thickness as you groaned, hair sticking to your face as your toes curled and hands cling to Bucky's broad shoulders.
"Bucky!" You cried out, soon joined by the super soldier himself as he felt Steve's tip judge his tight opening.
"Ready, baby?" Steve cooed, almost mockingly. The strained nod Bucky gave him seemed to be enough for Steve, the super soldier the tip of his slick cock breaching the barrier of Bucky's stretched ass. A smirk widely spread in his pink lips at the sinfully loud moan he pulled from his husband's lips.
"S'tight. Always so fuckin' tight for me, doll." Steve purred against Bucky's skin as he pushed in, only stopping once he'd bottomed out. Bucky's eyes were wide now, a dirty moan spilling through his lips at the feeling of Steve's thick head massaging his prostate. Your own moans accompanied Bucky's, a filthy harmony of pleasure ringing through the sex-scented room.
Steve begun a punishing rhythm, one that Bucky was quick to match on his own, thighs smacking against yours. Your eyes were threatening to disappear into your skull and your back was beginning to arch, breaking away from the bed, but the thin sheen of sweat caused the covers to lift with you.
Bucky's balls were slapping lewdly against your ass, still wet from Steve's saliva. Steve grasped Bucky's hips to ground himself, his grasp on his husband so tight that all three of them only knew there'd be pretty purple bruises decorating his beautiful skin tomorrow.
Bucky grabbed for something to hold onto, his flesh hand pulling at your wrists until he managed to pin them over your head, the metal appendage cupping your flushed-hot cheek in a cooling grip. He smashed his lips against yours - messy and desperate as his tongue sought yours.
"You like that, huh? You like shoving your tongue down our girl's throat?" Steve rasped from behind, a smirk evident in his derisive tone. There it was again: our girl. The words truly made you tingle, but also made you hope that the name would be permanent. Our girl.
Bucky's moan was strained as he attempted to nod, his pace picking up even more as his lost release came back in sight.
"Filthy fuckin' boy. Look like such fuckin' whores when you kiss like that." Steve chided, hand grasping and palming the flesh of Bucky's ass. "Remember your manners, baby. Make her cum before you whore out and fill 'er up." Steve gritted, teeth nipping at Bucky's neck until it tingled with that glorious pleasure-pain.
Bucky nodded again, just as strained as the last time as his metal hand shakily reached down to rub circles over your clit.
"G-gonna cum!" You screamed, and Bucky smirked this time, a proud glance crossing his cerulean eyes. "'M gonna cum!" You cried, walls fluttering, spasming, clenching, clawing at Bucky's cock.
When it hit you properly it was white-hot pleasure, blooming in your core and spread throughout your body. You shook, bones vibrating as you felt your vision clouding with the intensity.
A harsh, rippling smack from Steve to Bucky's ass sending him over the edge with you, the brunet collapsing forward to cover your body with his as he emptied himself inside you.
Steve stilled his hips, heavy pants washing over them as he let out a dirty string of moans and grunts. He filled Bucky's ass perfectly, the sticky, white substance leaking around his cock before Steve carefully pulled out.
It was only in that moment that you realised it, the wince that escaped you when Bucky pulled out more from the feeling of his cum seeping from your hole that anything else.
"Wha- I'm not in anything." You suddenly gasped, eyes wide. Steve smirked after he ushered Bucky out the room, his large form bending over your and he cupped your face in his hands.
"That's the point sweetheart. Did you really think my gift would just be you? You're having our baby, doll." Steve grinned. You should be discussed by his words. He tricked you. But if anything, you were overjoyed. You'd discussed surrogacy before with the super soldiers, but had eventually ruled out the idea because you couldn't comprehend giving up your baby - even if it wasn't really yours in the first place.
"You mean-?" You couldn't find your words, the syllables scattered around the room as your mouth opened and closed a few times. Steve nodded, tears glistening across his eyes and most likely yours.
"You're going to be a mother, y/n. You're going to be ours." Steve mumbled, nose bumping yours as he leant in for a sweet kiss.
"What?" Bucky's voice drawled from the door, a little damp rag clutched in his hand as he returned - cleaned up.
"Shit." Steve muttered in a hiss as he pulled away, eyes flickering to yours before he stood up. "Buck, I can-" Steve began to explain but the completely overjoyed look on Bucky's face stopped him.
"We're having a baby?" Bucky mumbled, eyes widened with hope.
"Yes." Steve smiled, his arms open as Bucky crashed into them, head buried against Steve's chest.
"Thank you. I love you, so much." Bucky squealed, pulling away enough to connect his lips with Steve's before he was looking to you over his husband's shoulder. "And thank you, too, doll. Really. I can't wait to have you as ours."
Tumblr media
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falcqns · 5 months ago
Imagine Daddy! Steve and Little! Bucky and Little! Reader where steve is gone for a mission and Bucky and you miss your daddy a lot! When Steve comes home at night, he sees his two littles bundled up in the middle of the bed,arms and legs around each other and thumbs in their mouth and Steve just melts at how cute they look🥺🥺🥺🥺
𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘
☼ 𝔭𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: Daddy!Steve Rogers x little!Bucky Barnes x little!Reader
☼ 𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔨𝔫𝔤𝔰: slight angst, tears, fluff.
☼ 𝔞/𝔫: thank you for the request, and I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
neither of you liked it when Steve was gone.
you both missed him, and the worry made you cut yourself off from everyone else, even each other, a few times. usually when Steve was gone, only one of you would wake up little, leaving the other to be the caregiver for the day, but today, you were both little.
you were much littler than Bucky, and you refused to talk, so it was up to Bucky to help.
"i's dinner," Bucky said, putting the peanut butter and jelly sandwich down on the table. you didn't answer him, your eyes locked on the screen where Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was playing. you were laying on the floor, your stuffed elephant Bubbles in your hands.
"y/n/n?" Bucky called again, and you flipped your head to look at him.
"I make dinner." he said, and you shook your head. "y/n/n we hafta eat or Dada won't be happy." Bucky tried to reason and you shook your head again before lifting your arms.
"otay, y/n/n I cawy you." he said and lifted you up. he tried to put you in your own chair, but you started crying when he sat you down, your arms reaching out for him again. "i's otay." he said, holding the sandwich up to your mouth, but you refused it, your tears increasing.
"you not hungwy?" Bucky asked, and you shook your head, your hand reaching towards the kitchen, your hand opening and closing. Bucky glanced towards the kitchen and then back at you. "you wants a baba?" he asked, and you nodded, hiding your eyes in your stuffy.
"otay, y/n/n. I make it." he said and stood up to make it. as he did that, you grabbed your stuffy and went back to the floor. Bucky came over a few moments later, your bottle in one hand, his sandwich in the other.
"here you go, y/n/n." he said, and plopped on his butt beside you. you guzzled on your milk while Bucky ate his sandwich, and soon after, the timer on the stove went off, signalling to the two of you that it was time to have a bath or a shower and get ready for bed. Steve didn't like leaving the two of you, and he knew that the two of you often got distracted when you were engrossed in a video game or movie, even when big.
"you wanna shower or a baf?" Bucky asked, and you held up a 2. Bucky nodded and stood up. he walked in the bathroom, and tried to figure out how to turn on the taps, so he asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to do it for him. once it was filling up, he found your favourite bubble bath, and after a little help from F.R.I.D.A.Y., the bathtub was teeming with bubbles. he walked back into the living room and scooped you up from the floor.
you cried as he took you away from your show, but quieted and let out a quiet "oh," when you saw the bath. "B-Buck?" you questioned softly, your first word of the day. Bucky set you down and helped you out of the over sized shirt and spandex shorts before helping you in the bath.
"you need me to wash you or you do it?" Bucky asked, his head tilting to the side. you pointed to yourself, and Bucky nodded. "otay. I go have my shower, den we hafta go to bed." he said, and once you nodded, he headed into the great bath to have his shower.
by the time he was finished, you were crying in the now room temperature bathtub.
"B-Buck-" you cried as he came into the bathroom and lifted you out. he dried you off quickly and carried you into the bedroom. he laid you on the bed, and slid a pair of underwear on you, and one of Steve's shirts, which calmed you down, making you tears stop.
"wan' Dada." you whimpered, and Bucky nodded, sniffling.
"I wan' Dada too, but he be back soon." he said, as he climbed on the bed with you and pulled you up to the pillows. he pulled the blanket over the two of you, and you snuggled up to Bucky.
"I miss Dada awot." you said, and Bucky rubbed your back.
"I know. me too. he said he be back soon. maybe he be here in da mornin'?" he reasoned, as you grew more tired.
"I hope so. I wan' dada 'nuggles." you said, before Bucky offered you your paci and you were closing your eyes and falling asleep.
Tumblr media
Steve walked out of the elevator to YTV playing on the tv. he turned it off, before following the sounds of Bucky's light snoring to the bedroom. when he walked in, his heart melted. Bucky had you wrapped in his arms, your body intertwined with his. you were suckling softly on your paci, while Bucky was sucking on his metal thumb.
Steve put his things down, and climbed in bed, thankful that he showered in the safe house before leaving. he laid down next to you, and you stirred. you turned over and your paci fell out when you saw Steve.
"Dada!" you said quietly, not wanting to wake Bucky. Steve lifted you onto his chest.
"hi baby girl. did you have fun with Bucky?" he asked and you nodded.
"he wittle too, but he the care of me. I wittler." you said, and Steve gave you a smile before leaning over to press a kiss to Bucky's forehead, who mumbled something about Paw Patrol and rolled onto his stomach.
"he took good care of you?" Steve asked in disbelief. Bucky was always extra gentle with you, big or little, so it didn't surprise him too much that he took care of you, but judging by the kitchen, he made meals, and bottles for you. he had never been little when you were little while Steve wasn't there, and he was thoroughly impressed that Bucky stepped up.
Steve lifted the paci back up to your mouth, and you drifted off to sleep moments after sucking it back into your mouth. a kiss to Bucky's head later, and Steve was following the two of you in sleep.
Tumblr media
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sweeterthansammy · 7 months ago
All Yours || Stucky
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes; The reader is Bucky and Steve’s girlfriend.
Summary: Being claimed by someone can be frustrating, especially when they’re super soldiers. However, Y/N has no choice but to give in and face reality; she’s theirs. All theirs.
Genre: Smut
Written in third person point of view.
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, male x female, male x male, threesome, bondage, gagging, knife kink, innuendos of exhibitionism, face-slapping, use of sex toys, fingering (anal), orgasm denial, anal penetration, vaginal penetration, daddy kink, hair pulling, double penetration, marking, some fluffy shit at the end, polyamory relationship, and mild language
Word count: 3.2k+
A/N: I’m genuinely proud of myself because, for the first time in a very long time, I have been able to write a full one-shot in one day. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Feedback is appreciated as well.
Tumblr media
Thinking that Bucky was just calling her in for another mission, she answered the door, only to find both him and Steve standing before her.
“Um, what do you-”
“If you don’t want your little Jonathan in there to be our next mission, step out right now.”
She looked around, Jonathan getting prepared to take her out for dinner in his bedroom.
“What is this about?” she asked, turning back to face the pair.
They appeared to be much closer than before, toned bodies centimeters from hers. She stepped back into the apartment as their arms reached for her.
“Tell me what you want and I’ll go with you,” she spoke cautiously.
“We want you,” Steve started.
“We need you,” Bucky finished.
She slammed the door shut as they again, reached for either of her arms.
“Who was that?” Jonathan asked, doing the button of his shirt as he approached her.
“I-It was the plumber,” she stuttered, guarding the door to her best ability.
“Don’t lie to him, princess,” Bucky sung.
Y/N sighed, body going limp against the door.
Jonathan was quicker than her, reaching for the doorknob before she could stop him. Seeing a needle full of clear liquid disappear into his neck, Y/N scrambled to her feet, running to the nearest room. She felt bad for the guy but spared not one look back at him. She didn’t fail to slip a teensy pocket knife, more like a dagger, under the strap of her bra, throwing one leg over the edge of the window, doing the same with the other, before landing on the fire escape.
She waited a few seconds, slowing her breaths to her best ability. She scanned the area, neither of them in sight as she leaned up against the cool brick wall. The buzzing in her back pocket caused her breath to hitch. She quickly silenced the call, shutting her eyes as she heard the footsteps of people approaching.
Leaning over the edge of the fire escape, she checked to make sure the coast was clear. Using her hard-earned superhero abilities, she jumped about fifteen feet down, quietly landing on the tips of her feet. She put her head down, brisk walking to wherever her mind sought out.
One night spent with the pair, and suddenly they thought they owned her. Jonathan was a casual hookup, a distraction from both Bucky and Steve. While she hated the thought of being claimed as someone’s property, she was inevitably theirs. No one made her as happy as they did, no one made her smile as they did, no one fucked her as good as they did.
There was some sort of thrill being hunted down by the super soldiers. She hid in the darkness of a corner, cursing under her breath as she heard Bucky’s vociferation.
“Come on, kitten! Speak when you’re spoken to, it’s the least you can do!”
She watched, standing on her hinds before turning the opposite way.
“Going somewhere?”
If she’d only looked the other way to make sure Steve wasn’t there, she wouldn’t have been caught.
“It was fun while it lasted, I’ll admit that,” Steve retorted, arm tight around her bicep as he led her over to Bucky.
She fought against Steve’s grip, grunting as she landed right into Bucky. They both held her tightly as they took off for their shared apartment.
“For fuck sake, let go of me!”
“You want to get us into trouble, don’t you?”
Bucky shared a chuckle with Steve, the two soldiers using their strength to their advantage as they dragged Y/N down the dark alleyway. She’d completely forgotten about the little dagger under her shirt, the tip gently digging into her skin. With many things digging into her skin - Bucky’s metal fingertips into her wrist, Steve’s fingernails into her bicep, and the dagger into her breast - she hissed.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, his grip managing to tighten around her wrist.
“You’re hurting me,” she paused, knowing Bucky would let go. “Both of you.”
Their expressions softened, grasps faltering.
She hunched over, pretending to cradle both of her arms before standing straight to stretch, her dagger pointed outward at Steve as she took off. She winked at them, dashing through the doors of the apartment building before rushing up to the boys' floor. She put the shower on, stripping down to her undergarments, and throwing her clothes about. She quickly punched Bucky’s phone number into her keypad, smiling wickedly as he picked up, voice gruff and breath heavy.
“Come find me.”
She hung up before he could say anything else, tossing her phone onto the island before making her way to the bedroom, hiding behind the curtains of Steve’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows. She felt like a five-year-old playing hide and seek, even though she knew she’d be ruined by both Steve and Bucky. She held her breath, their footsteps going crazy on the wooden floors.
“She’s not in the shower,” she heard Steve huff.
“Wait….” Bucky’s voice trailed off.
She leaned back against the window, giving anyone outside quite a view. She squeezed her eyes shut as he swiped his hands across the curtains, his metal arm landing straight around her neck.
“Jackpot,” he muttered, peeling the curtain back to properly wrap his hand around her neck.
She shuddered at the difference in temperature - his cold hand on her hot neck.
“Found her, Stevie.”
He kept his eyes on her the entire time, the sound of Steve’s footsteps ascending toward the bedroom after he turned off the shower making her heart thump against her chest ten times faster. Bucky’s eyes landed on the dagger between her fingers, reaching down to grasp it between his own.
“I should fuck you right against this damn window.”
“Who’s to say that I’d let you fuck me anyw-”
His hand tightened around her throat, constricting her airways the slightest bit.
“Did I tell you to speak?”
“You told me to speak when I’m spoken to,” she quipped, squealing as he lifted her with no effort, throwing her on the bed.
“Such a smart ass, aren’t you?” Steve tutted, fingers puckering her cheeks as he shook her head side to side, smacking her cheek after he hoisted his hand.
She whimpered as Bucky worked on the rest of her body, binding her feet to one another, as well as her wrists behind her back with thick rope. Her eyebrows furrowed as he grabbed her neck, the rope soon replacing his fleshed hand. She rotated her wrists, crying out as her neck was pulled back by the garment.
“You move, you make it worse for yourself,” Bucky grinned, watching as her spine was straightened out for them.
Using her little dagger, he slid the blade beneath the strap of her underwear, sawing it back and forth until her underwear snapped. He did the same to the other side, snatching her underwear from her body before bunching up her underwear in his palm. Her eyes widened as he pried her mouth open, the remnants of her lace underwear being shoved into her mouth.
“Now, that’s to shut you up.”
Oh my god.
She narrowed her eyes at Steve as he brought in a tall chair for her to get a full view of the unholy acts that were about to unfold in front of her. She looked up at Bucky, the brunette smirking down at her.
“What’s wrong? You scared now?” he mocked, delicately dragging the blade up her torso before slicing through the center of her bra, leaving her completely nude with pieces of rope laced around her body.
She gulped, the cloth in her mouth giving her a severe case of cotton-mouth.
“Steve, put her on the chair for me, baby.”
His hand held onto the undersides of her thighs, lifting her before placing her on the chair.
“You look amazing like this,” he mumbled, teeth digging into the plump flesh of her bottom lip.
She sighed at the feeling of the cool leather pressed up against her heat. She seemed to be relaxed, watching Steve and Bucky lock lips as they slowly stripped each other of their clothing. They stopped briefly, lips parted into a pleasant grin as they looked over at her. The sight of her seated there so primly almost made Bucky spare her pity, but he learned from the last time.
“Don’t think you’re just gonna sit there and not receive any punishment,” Steve chuckled, walking over to her.
Her eyes glossed over as he took a hold of her breast, pinching down on her nipple. 
That damn dagger.  They were having too much fun with it, but she’d brought it herself. His hands spread her legs, running the blade up her thigh before pressing it flat against her cunt. She let out a throaty groan, legs shutting in the process.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he warned her, pressing the blade into the inner part of her thigh yet again.
Or what?
He pulled the blade away from her skin, leaving her exposed for both him and Bucky. Reaching into this magical drawer that seemed to be the actual jackpot, Steve’s fingers twisted at the end of the little pink toy, the toy vibrating against his palm.
How many people have you used that on?
Steve seemed to read her mind, chuckling as she jolted at the contact.
“This one’s just for you princess. This is the lowest setting, any movement, I put it up higher. If I see that you're cumming, I put it up higher. Got it?” he asked.
The silicone was smooth against her velvety walls, her back arching at the feeling of the vibrations inside of her. His fingers twisted her nipple again, regaining her attention.
“You move, or you cum, and I put it up. Got it?” he asked again, watching the way her eyebrows furrowed from bare pleasure.
She nodded desperately, her legs fighting the urge to clamp shut. He and Bucky went right back to their business, never failing to take their eyes off of her.
“Y’know, it kinda hurt my feelings when you said I was hurting you,” Bucky blurted out, his puppy-like eyes reeling her in.
She wasn’t seeing straight, her head dizzy and the temptation of her arousal about to burst in her lower stomach growing.
“Was I really hurting you doll?”
She shook her head no, her eyebrows furrowing as her fingertips dug into the bases of her palms.
“You made our boy sad. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Steve tutted.
She could feel her wrists involuntarily writhing against the restraints, her neck being pulled farther back. Her mouth opened wider, tongue working to find any saliva. She watched as Steve had Bucky laid on his stomach, both of their muscles on full display. 
Bucky moaned and groaned and whimpered, face contorting in pleasure as Steve pumped his fingers in and out of his tight hole. She watched as Steve’s hips slammed into Bucky’s from behind, both men letting out vulgar moans. She shivered at the sounds being made, hips rocking into nothing as she yearned for either of their touches.
“Steve,” Bucky panted, only not a moan of his name but a calling for Steve to increase the level of the vibrator.
Steve groaned, pulling out of Bucky with a grunt before walking over to her.
“Why can’t you fucking listen?” he grumbled, fighting the way her walls clenched around the toy as he pulled it out of her cunt.
She let out a sigh of relief, slouching in the chair as he twisted the knob several times.
Oh fuck.
Her eyes widened, jaw slackened, as the vibrations progressively grew louder.
“That’ll keep you busy,” he murmured, forcing the little toy back between her legs.
She sat upright again, knees bending inward as she neared her orgasm. She used every muscle in her tongue, prodding at the fabric until some of it was out of her mouth. She spat repeatedly, smacking her tongue against her chapped lips once her underwear was completely out of her mouth.
“Let me cum! Please!”
Her voice was broken, her throat parched.
“Please, I’ll do anything! Just let me cum!”
She begged over and over and over, her boys watching in amusement as she thrashed against the bindings, legs screwing shut as she clenched every muscle to hold her orgasm. They both looked over at her, Steve being the first to walk over to her.
“You get to cum on one condition.”
She groaned, head falling toward to rest on his rock-hard abdomen. He chuckled, fingertips tugging at the roots of her hair, pulling her head backward for her to look up at him. She rested her chin atop his stomach, her legs pushing themselves together even more.
“If you want to cum, I need you to look at me.”
She did exactly that, her lips puckering to place soft kisses along his skin.
“You can’t butter me up as easily as you do Bucky, kitten. If you want to cum so bad, you need to apologize to daddy-“
“I’m sorry, daddy-“
“No. I wasn’t done talking. You’re gonna over there, apologize to him, and ride him like the good little slut you are. Got it, baby?”
She nodded, her cheeks hot as he leaned down to undo the rope around her ankles. He pressed a sweet kiss to her heat, removing the toy before directing her to stand up.
“M-My hands,” she mumbled.
“No, no, kitten. You’re just gonna use that pretty pussy of yours to get the both of you off.”
She obliged, swinging one leg over Bucky’s waist, bending both knees as his hips parted her legs.
“‘M sorry, daddy,” she muttered, littering his chest in a series of kisses.
She let a quiet moan slip as he grasped her jaw, sloppily kissing her lips. His hands roamed down her body, hoisting her by the thighs the least bit before sheathing himself between her walls. Coming back up her body, his forefingers clutched onto the rope that so sweetly left welts in her skin. He tugged on it, earning a loud moan from her as her back arched. 
Steve came up behind her, pushing her right back onto Bucky’s chest before stuffing two fingers into her anus. She cried out, teeth grazing against Bucky’s jugular as she hid her face in the crook of his neck. She remained like that, Bucky’s hips snapping up into her as Steve found his way into her right hole bit by bit. She could feel herself shaking under both of their touches, an array of moans and profanities tumbling from her lips.
“Sit up, I wanna see your pretty fucking face,” Bucky hummed, watching as Steve caught her spent figure in his arms.
His lips bit and kissed the skin of her neck and her shoulders, fingertips digging into her hips as all three of their skin slapped in unison. That was until her phone rang. She wasn’t sure how it ended up in the room but both men’s paces slowed momentarily, Bucky putting the phone on speaker before holding it up to her face. She stayed quiet, her breathing heavy as they picked up the pace again.
“Answer or we stop,” Steve grumbled.
“Y/N, where the hell are you?”
“I-I’m with S-Steve an-d Buck-y.”
She moaned the last syllable of Bucky’s name as he reached up, marking her breasts with his teeth.
“What’re you doing with them?”
If Jonathan didn't already hate the two men, he sure as hell did now, but they gave zero fucks.
“She’s getting her brains fucked out, buddy. Don’t call her ever again unless you want to fall asleep and never wake up again.”
Bucky hung up after he felt he had gotten his point across, pulling one last glass-shattering moan from Y/N before chuckling into the phone, singing a “buh-bye.”
“Does he fuck you like we do? Can he make you cum over and over?”
Her head rolled back at his words, walls clenching around him.
“No. H-He could never fuck me a-s good you guys do.”
“Good. Now, you’re ours, right?” Steve chimed in, one hand cupping her breast while the other rubbed tight circles on her sensitive nub.
“Yours. All yours.”
Those were the words that granted her access to finally cum. She let go with a broken moan, back arching into Steve as their movements continued. Their paces picked up and slowed down, hips sputtering as they too reached their high. She looked down at Bucky, chest heaving as his metal finger ran up and down her side.
“That was just round one, angel. We’ve got many more hours of love-making ahead.”
She pulled Bucky’s large t-shirt over her naked figure after just getting out of the shower, her skin covered in slick and sweat after hours upon hours of being sandwiched between her two soldiers. She watched as they made a space for her in the middle of the bed, being sandwiched between them yet again. Her back was pressed right up against Bucky’s front, her legs trapping Steve’s in their messy tangle of limbs. 
The side lamp was still on, giving a gentle, golden glow to the room. Bucky examined her hands, eyes tracing to where his metal hand clamped around earlier. Though there wasn’t a visible mark, he felt guilty at the thought of actually causing her pain.
“Does it hurt?” he asked quietly.
“If you’re talking about my legs, yes-“
“No. Your wrist.”
The giggle that she and Steve shared died down as she turned around to look at him.
“Bucky, you didn’t hurt me. I knew you had a soft spot for me and I took complete advantage of that.”
“Yeah, but, if I did hurt you-“
She shut him up before either of them could start crying. She could see the faint layer of gloss covering his eyes. She pushed him onto his back, her hands cradling his face as she properly kissed him. His arms securely wrapped around her waist, keeping her close to his body. His eyes shut in content, leaning into her embrace. She pulled away, forehead against his as her thumb grazed against his cheekbone.
“You never hurt me, Bucky. I promise. I’ll let you know if you ever do, but you didn’t hurt me at all, except for the wicked ache both of you gave to my legs,” she chuckled, kissing him softly once more.
“And what was that? The thing you said earlier? Something about being ours?”
She tucked her bottom lip between her teeth, running her fingers through Steve’s hair as she rested her head on Bucky’s pillow, her chest resting against the side of his neck. She watched the big smile that broke onto both of their faces, not a single word even exiting her mouth yet.
“I’m yours. Both of you,” she breathed out. “I denied it for a long time, sleeping around with other people, but you two just keep reeling me back in.”
Steve kissed her knuckles, watching as Bucky tilted his head back to kiss her neck.
“So it’s official?” Bucky asked, a glimmer of hope in his eyes as he looked up at her.
“It’s official. I’m all yours, mon amours.”
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luxeavenger · 2 months ago
I saw you reblogged a post with a photo of a text that said "goddamn the next time you bite your lip while I'm talking to you, you're getting fucked so hard" and I can TOTALLY see Backstage Pass!Bucky saying that to Backstage Pass!Steve🥵
okay, so you and this post got me thinking, so i did a thing. and i'm not gonna lie. it got a little rough.
This Is How All Their Debates End
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers
Warnings: anal sex, rough sex, spit kink, degradation, derogatory language/name calling (slut, bitch, punk - affectionate)
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Reality TV is garbage,” Bucky asserts.
Steve shoots back, “I don’t disagree with that, but it’s still a valid form of entertainment.”
“No it fucking isn’t. It’s not entertaining to watch idiots bickering over dumb bullshit, or exploiting their kids for attention, or watching rich people flaunt their expensive garbage. That kind of shit fucks up people's minds. It poisons their whole outlook on life.”
Steve licks his lip into his mouth and chews on it thoughtfully. After a moment he says, “I agree with you completely. And I get that you don’t personally like it. Personally, I don't like it either. I’m just saying for some people, it’s stress relief, or it distracts them from their day-to-day bullshit.”
“That’s what hobbies are for, man. Play a fucking game, knit a goddamn sweater, collect decorative plates, or whatever. Reality TV is poisoning people’s minds. It gives them unreal expectations of the world.”
“Watching TV is a hobby, Buck.”
“No. No, no, no. It is not a hobby. It’s a passive activity, and therefore is not a goddamn hobby.”
“Can you two quit bickering?” you grumble. “I’m watching Kings of Pain. These guys are getting stung by bullet ants on purpose. It’s hilarious.”
“We aren’t bickering,” Bucky huffs, “we’re debating. And you’re kinda stepping on my point here, kitten.”
“See?” Steve gestures at you. “Animal shows are reality TV, and they’re cute, and funny!”
“Okay, they’re cute. I’ll give you that, but don’t you think it’s a little exploitative?”
Steve chews on his lip again while he mulls over Bucky’s comment.
“Goddamn it, Steve,” Bucky growls. “The next time you bite your lip while I’m talking to you, you’re getting fucked so hard.”
Steve sits up straighter, eyeing Bucky hungrily, then slowly, deliberately, licks his bottom lip between his teeth and bites it.
Bucky flings himself across the space, and knocks Steve flat on his back. He rips through the basketball shorts Steve is wearing, and yanks down his flannel pajama pants. He manhandles Steve onto all fours, hawks a wad of spit at his hole, and follows it with his cock.
Steve groans a curse when Bucky’s hips are flush with his.
“You’re still wet from when I fucked you this morning, punk,” Bucky growls through clenched teeth.
Steve’s eyes flutter shut. “Yeah, I fuckin’ am,” he purrs. “Now get me even wetter, Buck.”
Bucky pulls him closer, so he’s towering over Steve’s body while he fucks him. He uses his vibranium arm on Steve’s neck to pin him down to the mattress.
“God, fuck yes,” Steve groans. “Go fuckin’ harder. Shit.”
“You want it harder?” Steve nods as best as he can with his head pressed to the mattress. “I’ll fucking wreck you, slut.”
Steve fists his hands in the sheets when Bucky starts to rail him in earnest. He’s chanting yesyesfuckyesfuckme with every slap of Bucky’s hips against his ass.
Steve presses his chest against the mattress, and pushes his ass up, so Bucky can go deeper. Bucky grabs a handful of Steve’s ass cheek and spreads him open so he can really pack himself into Steve’s guts.
“Fuck you feel so good around my cock. Such a good little slut for me. Always ready for my cock, always ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”
“Shit. I fucking am,” Steve whines. “‘M always ready for you. God, you fuck me so good.”
“That’s the kind of shit I expect from a slut like you,” Bucky spits on Steve’s face. It lands on his cheek with a wet smack, and Bucky uses his human hand to rub it over his skin.
Steve’s eyes roll back into his head, and he moans, “‘M your slut. ‘M fucking yours to use. ‘M fucking yours.”
“You’re goddamn right you’re mine, bitch,” Bucky snarls, and pushes on Steve’s neck again. “Now fucking come for me, slut.”
Steve barks a curse, and his dick obediently starts pumping come as soon as the words are out of Bucky’s mouth. His cock swelling and twitching, and splashing jizz all over his chest and the mattress below him.
Bucky takes his hand off Steve’s neck, and puts his weight on top of him, pushing him flat on the mattress, and riding him down. He bites marks into Steve’s shoulders as he barrels toward his own orgasm.
“Gonna come. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck, ‘m gonna come,” Bucky pants against Steve’s sweaty skin.
“C’mon, Buck. Do it,” Steve grunts.
Bucky rests his forehead between Steve’s shoulder blades. He comes with a groan, grinding himself into Steve with shallow strokes, making a mess deep in Steve’s guts.
He rolls to the side, hitting the mattress heavily. They’re both panting hard, trying to catch their breath.
“Do you stubborn asses feel better now?” you ask.
“A little bit,” Bucky sniffs.
Steve snorts, “All I’m sayin’ is let people live their lives.”
“Not this again,” you groan, and roll your eyes.
“No, no. I’m done. You win, Stevie. You’ve convinced me,” he holds his hands up in supplication. “Now, as soon as I catch my breath, we’re going to talk about you and your goddamn lip biting habit.”
Tumblr media
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darlingsteve · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐛𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭 — in which steve rogers and bucky barnes finally get to live their lives together after so many battles. they move into an apartment together in brooklyn. this was a fresh start until they met you, their next door neighbor.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 — steve rogers x baker!reader x bucky barnes (polyamory)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — angst, fluff, smut, threesome mmf, captain kink, daddy kink, ddlg themes. more warnings to be shown throughout each chapter — 18+ ONLY • MINORS DNI
~ 𝐀𝐂𝐓 𝐎𝐍𝐄. ~
𝐈. ❝ NEW BEGINNINGS ❞ — coming soon
— more chapters to be announced.
— coming soon. (can be requested by anyone!)
faq’s below!
~ 𝐅𝐀𝐐’𝐒. ~
will there be a taglist?
yes, comment if you’d like to be tagged on this post only! as chapters are posted i will NOT be tagging anyone who comments on the chapters. so please only comment if you want to be tagged on this series masterlist which is this post.
you must be 18+ to interact with my blog and if you want to be tagged your age MUST be in your bio. if it isn’t i will not tag you. no blank blogs will be tagged either.
how many more chapters will there be?
so far there are four chapters titled and ready to be posted, i have a plan to make this series ten or eleven chapters & no more than that.
when will the chapters be posted?
chapter one will be posted sept. 1st, so next week. i plan on posting at least two chapters every week but that won’t happen all the time. there might be a week where i can only post one!
is this a limited series? will you post a sequel?
so, while this will be a limited series with only about ten chapters i think it would be fun to make this series apart of the daily schedule of au’s. i would really love to make the brooklyn sessions our topic of discussion for mondays since it is stucky monday <3
what i mean by that is sending in your asks or requests about making moodbords or one shots on life with stucky. monday’s would consist of discussing their kinks, life together, having kids, etc. whatever you would like! i’m really happy about this series and i hope everyone will be too and would like to see this apart of stucky monday.
obviously a few chapters need to be posted to know the plot and all for you to decide but once they are i would love to know your thoughts!
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twoghostsfromeden · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
!Bucky Barnes Works
* Smut
! Angst
^ Fluff
/ Dark Themes
* Video Games: Sam Wilson attempts to teach Bucky how to play video games, but you have a different idea
^ Strawberry Ice Cream: Bucky Barnes is the best stepdad to your children ever, especially when he has to deal with your ex.
* ! Good 4 U: You see Bucky out for the first time after the breakup, and you can’t help but wonder why he seems okay. A trip to his home might not have been the smartest thing to do, but here you are.
! ^ Favorite Crime: Bucky comes home from a mission, convinced he's bad for you
* ! Cruel Summer: You’re married, but there’s always one man you sneak into your garden for
* Three's A Crowd: You’re Steve’s girl, but Bucky has always caught your eye.
! Good Girls, Hopeful They'll Be: When Bucky Barnes is drafted overseas, he comes to a crossroad: Pick his obedient wife, or pick the fiery woman he accidentally fell in love with?
^ You Can Hear It In The Silence: Sunday mornings with Bucky
! Didn't You Calm My Fears With A Cheshire Cat Smile: When you reveal a secret to Bucky, his whole life changes
! Lit Through The Darkness at 1:58: When you're home alone, you convince yourself that Bucky deserves more
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steven-and-james · 3 months ago
Brooklyn circa 1935
Bucky: So....hypothetically. How would a man know he is queer? Like would he look at their blonde, lithe, beautiful male childhood friend and think about how they would really like to kiss and ravish them for hours? In a totally hypothetical situation, of course.
Steve: ok.
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agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
an ask for you 1/2: 29 & 30- stucky x reader where bucky gets hurt on a mission with reader and she has to support him and carry him back to the quinjet and during the recovery process hes just clumsy and tired and a tad messed up from the meds Banner has him on so steve and reader take care of the poor baby
take care — stucky
little summary | bucky’s all drugged up and feeling clingy for you and steve
prompts :
29. “You’re not hurting me, you’re not heavy. I’ve got you, love.”
30. A: “I’m such a mess.”
B: “I love it when you’re a mess!”
notes | this is a part of my trinity au
Tumblr media
The mission had gone quite terribly. Bucky had taken a massive hit for you, covering your body with his when the facility you had been taking down self-destructed. He had thrown himself over you, protecting you from the blast because he knew it would kill you.
But he’s a lot stronger and durable than you. That didn’t mean he didn’t take a hell of hit. Steve had gone crazy when you stepped off the quinjet with Bucky barely conscious, hanging off you.
That was three days ago and Bucky was finally out of the medbay, but man, he was drugged. Bruce had to prescribe him a much larger does that normal with his super strength and all. He was loopy, but most of all, he wanted his boyfriend and girlfriend.
“Stevie,”Bucky whined, stumbling slightly when he came into the bedroom,”Where’s peaches—oh there you are.”
You hadn’t expected him to be awake from his nap yet, but you smiled up at him when you saw him. You and Steve were sitting in the former’s bed, going over plans for Bucky’s birthday coming up. You quickly put your notepad away, slipping it into the drawer so Bucky wouldn’t see.
“What do you need, baby?”You asked, watching the brunette carefully as he stepped towards the bed and held out his arms for you.”What’s wrong?”
“Had a nightmare,”He admitted with a sad look in his eyes, glancing over you to make sure you were okay.”About the explosion, I didn’t get there in time—“
“Hey, you did, okay?”Steve quickly eased him while you went to hug him gently.”She’s perfectly fine, but you need to rest, you gotta sleep, Buck.”
“You don’t give me orders,”He teased with a loopy grin, allowing you to pull him into the bed so he could lay between you and Steve. Bucky nearly tripped into the bed, his big limbs not caught up to his foggy brain.
Steve chuckled, shaking his head.”I do give you orders, when we work, you listen to me. And when I take care of you, you need to listen to me too.”
“‘m the one who takes care of you.”
“Yeah, you are, but let us to care you for a change.”
You tried to urge Bucky to lay on your chest, knowing he’d find comfort in being pressed against and knowing you were safe. He fought against you, though.
“Peaches, you gotta..can’t lay on your I’ll crush you,”Bucky was so sure of this, pulling at your waist to have you lay on him.
“Buck, she doesn’t want to lay on you because you’re bruised, she just wants to hold you.”
“But I’m too heavy. ‘m gonna hurt her.”
“You’re not hurting me, you’re not heavy. I’ve got you, love, just relax, okay?” You told him, pulling the beefy soldier into your arms for him to lay his head on your chest. His weight was heavy, but in a comforting way that made you feel warm. Steve moved to be ok your other side so he could see Bucky’s face and talk to him.
“I love you,”Bucky whispered, sighing out deeply and nuzzling his face into your chest.
“We love you too,”Steve replied immediately, hand coming to caress his face gently.
“Sorry, I’m such a mess,”He whispered almost as if he were ashamed that he needed to be taken care of. You could understand why he would feel that way when he was usually the one doing the caring.
“I love it when you’re a mess,”Steve told him, leaning forward to press a kiss against his lips. Bucky leaned into it, pushing closer to Steve by squeezing you between them.
“You do?”
“Yeah, think it’s cute,”Steve told him,”Don’t you agree?”
“I always think he’s cute,”You admitted, snuggling in between them happily.”But maybe he’s a little cuter when he’s clingy.”
“You just like that he’s all up on you,”Steve teased, making Bucky chuckle against your skin.
“She does like it, craves it really, my precious girl,”He slurred from the meds.
“Our girl.”
“Duh,”Bucky breathed,”You’re both mine.”
You smiled sheepishly at that, glancing at Steve who just rolled his eyes.”I like being yours, both of yours.”
“And you’re so good for us, you know that?” Bucky whispered, feeling drunk over the pain killers.”The best girl two guys could ask for, just wish we could have showed you that earlier...imagine going dancin’, peaches, in that pretty dress of yours, the one you wore to the expo, fuck, you looked so good, you both did, wanted to take you home and never leave.”
“You often think about me in my dresses?”You poked at him, making Steve smirk because he knew he personally thought about you a lot.
“Oh, remember that pretty sundress she wore to my nineteenth birthday? The red and blue one?”Steve remembered, and Bucky nodded in response.
“Fuck, her legs looked so good in that one, and you looked so handsome that day, you had Y/N do your hair and I managed to get hold of that bootlegged moonshine?”Bucked smiled, and you knew he liked talking about the old days. It helped his memory.
Steve laughed at the old memory,”Yeah, we had to take care of you that night too. You got so buzzed, you ended in the sick as a dog.”
You giggled at the thought of that night,”Why did you get so drunk anyway? Just for fun?”
Bucky went silent for a minute,”You,”He murmured,”That prick from down the street, he asked you out, you remember?”
The rest of the memory had come flooding back.”Oh, yeah. I remember. He wanted to take me out, but I stood him up. I went to Coney Island with you guys instead.”
“Yeah, but you had said yes and I thought I was going to die from anger and heartbreak,”He admitted,”And Steve was too caught up listening to him talk about his stupid job in—ugh, whatever it was, it was cool. And I just kept drinking.”
Bucky closed his eyes, feeling two pair of lips on his face and that managed to make him smile.
“Remember Coney Island?”You whispered,”You both won me different stuffed animals, a lion and a bunny, we spent all our money on it, we didn’t know we were gonna get home.”
Bucky chuckled,”Oh my god, you slept with those stuffed animals all the time.”
“Yeah, because they smelled like you guys, you had them until we got back and they ended smelling like both of you,”You confessed.
“What was it that Stevie said to when he gave you that bunny?”Bucky asked,”It was something that drove me crazy, I had to calm myself down.”
“He said he picked the bunny because—“
“You’re our little bunny.”
“Yeah, fuck, that was so hot,”Bucky grinned,”He was so right, you are our little bunny.”
“Shut up,”You rolled your eyes,”Sleep, Bucky, I know you want to. We’ll be here when you wake up.”
“Promise,”You and Steve both vowed, holding him close so that he could finally rest easy. Soon enough, the pain meds took over and he finally passed out.
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 3 months ago
Your doll 1// Skipping Ahead
Pairings | Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x f!Stark!Reader
Series synopsis | Y/n, Steve and Bucky are now in Wakanda, 2 months after the events of civil war. All is peaceful - but will it stay this way, especially after Steve has one very special question?
Series Warnings | smut, violence, swearing, threesomes,
Chapter Summary | y/n, Bucky and steve have settled into wakanda
Chapter Warnings | Smut, swearing, mentions of anal fingering/rimming, cockwarming, oral (f recieving)
A/n | this is the 3rd book/series to my fics Their Doll and Our Doll! This book loosely follows the mcu timeline, starting in CAWS in book one and starting just after CACW in this book. In this series, Bucky had been recovered and is safe, and Peter was taken under Tony's wing when he was much younger.
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Tumblr media
Brows furrowed, y/n held the screwdriver between her teeth as she fiddled with the wires inside Bucky's arm.
"I'm sorry, Doll. I'll try and be more careful next time." Bucky sighed. He felt so guilty that y/n had to patch him up again, still getting used to the different strength of his new arm. Y/n shook her head, grabbing the screwdriver from her teeth before flipping the plate back down.
"You're just lucky my dad payed me attention long enough to teach me this shit." Y/n mumbled as she secured the screws back in place, sitting up and shoving the tool onto the table. "Try it out."
Y/n gestured to his arm and Bucky flexed his fingers, the black and gold metal moving as if it were his own flesh.
"I think I have a good idea how to test it out." Bucky smirked, reaching out to y/n and wrapping the metal arm around her waist. The girl squealed as he tugged her into his lap, the super soldier's face nuzzling into her neck.
"Bucky!" Y/n gasped, hands resting against his bare chest for support.
"Yeah, doll." Bucky murmured against the skin of her neck, teeth nipping teasingly as she squealed again and let her hands slide into his hair.
"I've gotta say, I'm disappointed that I wasn't invited for this 'testing out'" a playfully stern voice made y/n drop her head back to smile at Steve, who pushed away from the doorframe to press a kiss to the girl's pursed lips.
"Hiya Stevie." Bucky grinned. Steve chuckled and ruffled his boyfriend's long locks.
"Hiya Buck. How're you doing?" Steve asked, matching Bucky's grin. Y/n squealed then as bucky wiggled his fingers at her sides for a moment.
"I busted my arm tending to the goats. I felt bad going back to Shuri to have it fixed seeing as I only got it a few weeks ago." Bucky explained. Steve hummed and offered his boyfriend a pout.
"Poor baby." Steve whined before grinning again. "So, how're we gonna test it out?" Both Bucky and y/n had smirks on their lips at his question.
"I don't get it." Y/n huffed, hands clasped around her knees - which were tucked up to her chest - as she sat beside Nat and Sam.
"Don't get what?" Sam inquired, leaning around Nat to look at y/n. She sighed.
"What we're doing. I get the goats are cool but I just don't see the point." Y/n complained and Nat groaned.
"Will you shut up," she snapped, opening her eyes to look at the girl, "this is meant to be relaxing."
"Close your eyes, y/n. Think of something nice." Sam suggested. Y/n settled back into a comfy position and closed her eyes.
"Hey! Nothing dirty!" Nat scolded, hitting y/n playfully when she saw the girl's grin.
"What!? I was only thinking of Steve and Bucky." Y/n countered and Sam scoffed.
"Yeah, probably Steve and Bucky making out." He teased and Nat chuckled.
"Or fucking." She supplied and y/n shot both of her friends a glare.
"Well you two have fun looking at the goats, I'm going to find my hot boyfriends." She sighed, leaving Sam and Nat in fits of giggles.
Billows of intertwined flavours and smells enveloped y/n as she opened the door, a fresh cloud of steam slipping past her and outside.
The melodic notes of old music wafted about in the domestic air, only filling y/n with more joy as she crept through the house and into the kitchen.
"Mm, you're so pretty, Stevie." Bucky's low voice purred against his boyfriend's lips, whilst crowding him up against the counter with a strong hand on Steve's waist.
"Having fun?" Y/n mused, arms crossed and a teasing brow raised. Steve grinned at her over Bucky's shoulder and the winter soldier looked back to wink at his girl.
"Loads." Bucky chimed, moving away from a now pouting Steve to give y/n her own kiss.
"Whatever's cooking smells amazing." She hummed and Steve began to stir the ingredients around the pan again.
"Hopefully it'll taste amazing too." He quipped, turning the stove off and plating up their meals.
"Thank you, Stevie." Bucky hummed and y/n's mouth watered.
"And you Buck. I'm sure you helped a good amount." Steve breathed a chuckle and Bucky slapped his boyfriend on the arm playfully.
"We all know full well Barnes is a shit chef."
"Language, Captain ." Bucky gasped and all three of the burst into laughter.
They ate in a comfortable silence, trading snappy remarks and sweet-nothings every-now-and-then until their plates were clean and it was time to wash up.
Since the boys - well, steve - had taken the time and effort to cook, y/n insisted on doing the dishes.
She wandered over to the sink with a stack of dirty plates and dumped them on the counter as she filled the sink with towers of white bubbles and almost-way-too-hot water.
"Come join us, Stevie made popcorn." Bucky mumbled, brown hair tickling along y/n's shoulder as he nosed along her neck from behind.
"Buck, give me a minute and I'll be right over." She dismissed, placing a plate - dripping in suds - on the drying rack before picking up the next.
"But I wan' you now." Bucky murmured, pushing his hips into hers sharply enough to make y/n gasp and drop the plate in her hands into the sink.
"Bucky!" The plate made a small cracking sound as it hit the metal basin.
"Are you two alright in there?" Steve's call sounded from the living room and Bucky grunted against y/n's neck.
"Jus' havin' my dessert." Bucky called back and y/n squealed as he tugged her shorts down over her hips. "Keep washing doll."
Y/n nodded shakily as she felt his fingers trail up her thigh, Bucky's warm presence behind her gone as he dropped to his knees.
"So sweet doll, like fuckin' honey I swear." Bucky whispered as he placed a quick kiss to y/n's clit from behind. He repeated the action, kissing all over her cunt until the girl's legs were quivering and her knees were threatening to give out.
"Bucky I swear to - mmm - god if you don't get to it I will gut you in your sleep." The ex-assassin threatened and Bucky chuckled, clearly unfazed.
"Yes, ma'am."
Y/n squealed as Bucky went all in, tonguing along her folds before dipping into her core.
"Buck?" Steve grumbled as he sauntered into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes as his body grew tired for the night.
"Mmm fuck! Soldier!" Y/n moaned, head dipping back as she deftly scrubbed the next plate clean.
Steve's eyes grew dark and his tongue swept over his bottom lip.
"Hi, honey. How's he doin'?" Steve whispered into y/n's ear, crowding up next to her. His hands roamed over her body, grabbing at her thigh to hitch it onto the counter.
Bucky hummed in approval at the increased access.
"Sounds like he's doing well. Why don't you come for him, y/n. Come for Bucky." Steve growled, grip growing tighter on her leg as he kept her spread open.
After that, all it took was a playful nip of her clit and y/n's legs were shaking, her mouth flopping open in a drawn-out, raspy moan of Bucky's name.
"Good girl." Steve nosed along her neck, dropping kisses here and there.
Bucky pulled away, licking his lips clean as he stood up and gave Steve a quick peck, which the younger man turned into a truly debauched kiss.
He licked his way into Bucky's mouth, biting at his upper lip until it was kiss-bitten and swollen red.
"Now, who's gonna sit on my dick, huh?" Steve asked and Bucky's eyes flared.
"Rock paper scissors?" Y/n was quick to suggest.
"You're on." His lovers competitive nature had Steve holding in an amused chuckle as he took a seat on the sofa again.
Y/n and Bucky stumbled into the room in a mess of kisses and manhandling before Bucky was settled firmly over Steve's lap, which the super soldier took as an indication that his boyfriend had won the game of Rock Paper Scissors.
Bucky was quick to drape himself forwards so he could connect their lips, Steve's eyes slipping shut as he hummed appreciatively when Bucky replaced Steve's hand with his.
"Can't wait to have you inside me." He moaned into Steve's mouth and Steve felt his cock twitch at the thought.
They were broken apart by y/n climbing back onto the sofa beside them, a bottle of lube in her hand.
Steve watched as y/n opened Bucky up real nice and real slow with her fingers and her tongue, until the man above her was writhing for more. She pulled away with a sickly-sweet grin and lube-slick fingers.
Steve grabbed the lube himself and slicked up his own cock, before Bucky kneed his way further into Steve lap until he was using the strength in his thighs to hover over Steve's cock.
Steve couldn't help his long, low groan as Bucky lowered himself down with a mewl, the feeling euphorically tight.
"Good boy, that's it." Steve mumbled, hands groping at Bucky's ass as he bottomed out.
Several orgasms later, Bucky was still seated over Steve's cock whilst y/n and Steve makes out - the three of them covered in a shiny sheen of sweat as their bodies shook from the aftershocks of pleasure.
The tv droned on in the background, mindless noise that was barely registered to the three of them.
"Can we sleep here, like this?" Bucky murmured into Steve's neck, which he was currently mouthing at. Steve pulled away from y/n.
"Buck, we gotta get cleaned up."
"In the morning." Bucky grumbled as y/n let out a yawn.
"I agree with Bucky, let's sleep and clean up when have more energy." Y/n agreed and Steve sighed.
"Just this once then." He relented and Bucky snorted.
"Okay, mom." Y/n chuckled and Steve fake-gasped. He smacked Bucky's ass, still grasped in his hands, and the man squealed.
They all manoeuvred themselves around, until Steve was laying down with Bucky on top of him - Steve's cock still buried inside him - whilst y/n was curled around the side of Steve's chest, fingers tracing the dips and curves of his muscles as they gazed at one-another.
"Marry me." Steve said and y/n's fingers abruptly stopped.
"What about Buck?" She asked and Steve chuckled.
"'Course I'm gonna ask him too, but I think we fucked him asleep with all that sex." Y/n snorted and Steve chortled at his own words.
When the fell silent y/n leant forwards more, breath hot on Steve's skin as she mumbled.
In his joy, Steve pulled her in for a long kiss, one that left them both breathless and laughing .
"What's goin' on?" Bucky slurred sleepily, lifting his head.
"We're getting married!" Y/n exclaimed and Bucky frowned.
"What about me?"
"Well of course with you as well, baby. You were just too busy sleeping to be part of the conversation." Bucky looked at Steve, looking for a confirmation and that this wasn't all a prank.
"We're gettin' married, Bucky. If you say yes, of course." Steve mumbled the last part shyly, as if Bucky would have said anything other than yes.
"Yes, fuck yes." Bucky breathed before surging forwards to kiss Steve, then y/n, before settling back down against Steve's chest.
"G'night, fiancés." Y/n mumbled, sleepy and drunk on happiness.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes Series/mini Series | @buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @zaphdekota @theoldermanswhore @addriaenne @thegirlwiththeimpala @turkish276 @lilpopizzle @gooseyhouse @ohmy-fandoms @harrysthiccthighss @partiesandblurrypolaroids @prettysbliss @the-surviving-revolutionist @white-wolf1940 @dpaccione @tenaciousperfectionunknown @loveyou5everr @vallerydevora @multihoee @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @sunflowerbunny2 @spookyparadisesheep
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The Pain in Serendipity - 1
Tumblr media
The Pain in Serendipity - A Captain America Fanfic
Series Masterlist
Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing:  Steve Rogers x F!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers (possible polyamory in future).
Rating: E
Word Count:  2689
Warnings:  Child and Infant death, canon typical action, angst, grief, trauma, aftermath of the snap. (smut warning on series 18+ only)
Synopsis:   When Thanos snaps his fingers it takes your daughter and Steve Rogers’ first love with it.  Together you pick up the pieces, falling in love and building a family together.  Finding serendipity in your shared trauma.When opportunity comes to bring back those who are lost comes with the risk of more loss for you both.  Is it worth taking the risk?
A/N: Wanted to explore the dusting and blip stuff more.  This is primarily a Steve x Reader fic, but has past and possibly future Stucky and possibly future polyamory.  This is a similar premise to Moving On But this time the reader is the one being moved on to and there’s a LOT more at stake.
THIS IS NOT AN ENDGAME FIX IT FIC!.  Steve is not going to the past but that’s just because that’s how it works in this fic with the things I decided to add.  I do not want to hear about how he goes back to Peggy in canon.  I liked that he went back to Peggy in canon.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
The worst day of your life started out pleasant enough.  Good even.  Your four-year-old daughter Alice had let you sleep in for a change and you’d woken up feeling rested.  You had gotten a decent amount of work done while Alice had eaten her cereal and spent the morning building things with her Lego bricks and you’d decided that as a treat to you both, you’d take her to the park and get lunch while you were out.
Nobody ever expects the world to fall apart though and you’d already had that happen to you once.  When the police showed up at your home to tell you your husband had been killed in an accident you thought your whole world had ended.  The love of your life was gone and you were alone in the world with your infant daughter.
One life-shattering change was enough - or so you had thought as you’d picked up the pieces of your broken world and built a new one out of the wreckage.
The world is random and unforgiving and doesn’t care how much anyone has been through and as you brushed your daughter’s hair, carefully working out the tangles so you can put it in pigtails, the world took from you again.
“You’re doing a real good job, mommy,” Alice praised.
“Thank you, Ally,” you said.  “You’re being very nice to me.”
“‘Cause you’re doing so good, mommy,” Alice said.  “It looks real nice.”
“And I’m not pulling your hair,” you added.
She giggled and bounced in her seat.  “Nope!”
As you ran the brush through her hair again it seemed to start disintegrating - pieces of it breaking away and floating off like dust in the wind.
“Alice, did you do something to your hair?” you asked, trying to get a hold of it.
Alice turned in her chair and looked up at you, holding out her hand.  “Mommy…” she said, and all at once, she crumbled into nothing.
You screamed.
It had to be a nightmare.  Things like this didn’t happen in real life.  You patted the chair in front of you and grabbed a handful of the dust that was once your daughter.  You could feel it.  It was slightly oily under your palm.  Your brain didn’t want to process what was happening, so you hit yourself, trying to wake yourself up from the obvious nightmare you were having.
Despite the pain, you stayed trapped where you were.  So you did it again, and again.
The walls were thin and the sounds of people screaming and panicking floated through from the other apartments and the street outside, but none came in as loud as the wailing from next door.
The sound of your neighbor’s infant son crying snapped you out of the panic spiral you had been falling in.  Callie, the woman next door, was a good friend.  You were both single mothers and you relied on each other for a lot of things.  You babysat for each other, shared meals when money was tight, you borrowed things from each other from pots and pans to clothes.  All your hand-me-down kid things went next door, and little Jacob currently slept in Alice’s first crib.
You grabbed the emergency keys to her apartment and ran next door.  You had no other thoughts except to get next door.
“Callie?”  You called, as you burst into her apartment.  Jacob was in a high chair, wailing so loud his face had turned red.  There was a pot on the stove boiling vigorously.  On the ground in front of the stove was the same dust that had been left on the chair where Alice was sitting.
You ran to Jacob first, picking him up and holding him against you.  “It’s okay, buddy.  I’ve got you,” you soothed as you went to the stove.  Thankfully there was still water in the pot that contained a squeeze pouch of pureed broccoli and rice and a bottle.  You knew they would be too hot to give Jacob now, but you dumped the boiling water into the sink and grabbed a dishrag, wrapping the bottle and pouch in it.
“Okay, J.J.,” you said.  “If this happened to both of us and people are screaming outside, it stands to reason that it’s happened all over.  Which means, there might be more babies like you, and more stoves left on, or irons, or lit candles.  So… we should probably go check before something worse happens.”
You did a quick circuit of the studio apartment to make sure nothing else was left on.  After disconnecting a humidifier, you rushed downstairs.  You banged on your super’s door.  Thankfully, the elderly Mister Sampson was home and not turned into dust like the others.  
He opened the door slowly and his features changed from happy to confused when he noticed your panicked face.  “What’s wrong?”
“Something bad is going on.  I was in my apartment and … and… and…” you stammered.  Sampson put his hands on your arm to focus you.  “Alice just vanished.  I was brushing her hair and she just turned to dust.  I know that sounds weird but I went next door and Callie was gone too.  I think it’s happening everywhere, look -” you pointed outside and Mister Samson looked out at the chaos through the glass doors.  There was a car pile-up and people running around in a panic.  Part of you couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed yet, but the old man lived alone and was hard of hearing.  He turned back to you and the panic you were feeling was now mirrored in his face.  “What do we do?”
“People might have had things turned on. Stoves, Irons.  They could have been running baths.  We need to go turn things off or the building will burn down,” you explained.  “But there might be more kids like Jacob.  We have to get them and make sure they’re all safe and together.”
Sampson held up a shaky finger and gave you a short nod.  He went back inside and grabbed his keys to the building.  “Let’s go.”
He was slow on his feet, but together you went from apartment to apartment checking on everyone.  Thankfully while many seemed to have lost someone, there was only one apartment with a stove on and no one around, and one with a shower running.  The dust had formed a sludge on the bottom of the tub.  In apartment 6B the Katzen’s two-year-old daughter was sitting on the ground crying.  You grabbed her and left a note for Mister Katzen in case he was at work so that he’d know where to find her.
“I think I need to check more buildings,” you said to Sampson when you went back downstairs with him.  “If this is all over - we’ll be in just as much danger if the buildings next door catch fire as we are with this one.”
“You go,” Sampson said.  “I’ll stay with the little ones.”
You handed over the bottle and food pouch to the old man and then reluctantly passed him the baby and went next door.
As you went from building to building you gathered help.  Another two moms who had lost kids joined your rank along with a guy who had been home with his boyfriend who had turned to dust and Ryan, a 14-year-old boy who’d been home sick from school by himself but now couldn’t get through to his parent’s phones.  Some buildings had supers who helped you unlock doors.  Other’s had lost them or never had them in the first place and if you didn’t get an answer you used an ax to break down the door.  If you did any damage you always left a note saying why.  If you found things turned on, you turned them off.  If you found kids, you grabbed their parent’s ID and put it into their pockets, and left a note to say where they were.  Ryan would run the kids over to Sampson after you’d checked each building.
By the time the sun had well and truly set and you couldn’t possibly do any more, you’d checked every building on the entire block.  You’d found over 30 kids without parents, put out 3 small fires, and turned off countless stoves, heaters, and baths.  In one apartment there had been a dead infant on the floor in a pile of dust.  It had nearly broken you seeing that, but rather than stop you it spurred you on to work faster.
When you went back, half the kids had been collected by parents.  Sampson had said they had seemed both distraught and thankful and many had said they’d come by in the morning and help check other blocks.
That night you and the two women you’d found on your search had stayed in your and Callie’s apartments with all those kids.  You’d cooked together and fed them all and then spent a relatively sleepless night getting up to change countless diapers.
The next day, still sleep-deprived, you went to do it all again.  A fire had broken out several blocks away but the chaos from yesterday had calmed a little and you were able to pull some police aside and tell them what you were doing.  They ended up going with you, and you went through another block.
Whatever had happened to make your daughter turn to dust in your hand had happened everywhere.  Not just in Brooklyn.  Not just New York.  Not even limited to the United States or the Earth.  It had happened everywhere.
By the end of the week, you’d been made the unofficial leader of an unofficial halfway house for displaced kids.  You had been given a space in a school gym and cots and cribs had been laid out throughout it and you had a small team under you to help cook and change diapers and make sure the kids were well taken care of in this traumatic time.  You kept Jacob with you most of the time and Ryan had stuck to you like glue when his parents had never come to find him.  He was being very helpful, but you knew that like you, he was keeping busy just to avoid breaking down completely.
The world was in shambles.  Even in Brooklyn, there had been blocks lost to fire because something had been left on or a cigarette had dropped from dusted fingers into loose paper.  You hadn’t paid too much attention, but you knew that people were calling you a hero for what you’d done on those first days in your neighborhood.  You didn’t feel like a hero.  You felt exhausted and like the only thing stopping you from breaking down completely was that if you did, all these kids would too.
It was the start of the second week when the Avengers showed up.
Well, two of them.
Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff had come into the gym with Pepper Potts, while you were in the kitchen making lunches with three others.  You’d heard the cry of ‘Captain America’ but didn’t acknowledge it.  The kids often played imagination games and superheroes were up there with their favorites.
It wasn’t until you were nudged by Ryan that you looked up.  He didn’t say anything, he just pointed to the large man standing in the door.
Of course, you recognized him right away.  He looked exhausted and he had a full beard, something you’d never seen him wearing, but his uniform alone gave it away.  The star was grubby and worn but it was Captain America.
“They tell me that you’re who we have to thank for saving all these kids - and the neighborhood,” he said.
You wiped your hands on your apron and approached him.  “I just… my daughter…”
He held out his hand and you shook it, shaking his head a little.  “You were very brave,” he said.  “Not many were that resourceful.”
“Do you… do you know what happened?” you asked.
Steve Rogers’ face fell and he looked down at his feet.  “We were attacked.  This madman got it in his head that there was too much life in the universe to be sustainable.  He gathered together these stones that could grant the wielder anything they wished for, and he wished for half of life to go.  We’re trying to track him down.”
You trembled a little.  If they were looking for the guy who did this and he still had the stones, maybe they could get everyone back.  “I could get Alice back?”
“Is that your daughter?” Steve asked.
You nodded.  “I was - I was brushing her hair.  I thought she’d put something corrosive in it when she …”
That did it.  The stress and grief and pain you’d bottled up for two weeks broke and you staggered on the spot as the tears broke.  Steve caught you and wrapped his arms around you.  “I’ve got you,” he whispered.  “I’ve got you.”
You sobbed against him, letting it out for the first time since it happened and he said nothing.  He didn’t offer you false words of comfort or try to shush you.  He just let you cry. When you started to get yourself under control again you pulled back and grabbed some paper towels from the bench to wipe your eyes.  “I’m sorry.”
“It’s perfectly understandable,” he said.  “I don’t want to promise you we can undo this.  But we’ve got hope.  So that’s something.”
He paused and looked over at the two women he had with him.  “This is my friend Natasha and Pepper Potts from Stark Industry.”
Natasha gave a silent nod and Pepper held out her hand to you.  You shook it as she started to talk.  “We’ve all felt very lost lately.  We got word of what you were doing here.  Others are doing similar things but you’ve been the most organized and able to return kids to their families.  It’s impressive what you’ve done.”
“Thank you,” you said.  “I just did what I saw needed doing.”
“We want to make it more official,” Pepper said.  “The Stark Foundation has resources the police don’t.  Money.  Information.  We still own Stark Tower in the city though it’s been mostly empty on the residential floors since the Avengers moved.  We want to offer you that space for these kids and the funds to help pay for carers for them while we track down their families.  Hopefully, this is a temporary thing and the Avengers can track down the person who did this and we can get all these kids back to their parents soon enough.”
“That would be amazing,” you said.  “Thank you.”
“No,” she said.  “Thank you.  Who knows what would have happened to these kids if you hadn’t kept your wits about you.”
“Ryan helped,” you said, gesturing to the boy who was hovering behind you. “I found him the first day.  His parents are gone.  He’s helped me with the kids ever since.”
Steve approached the boy and shook his hand.  “Your parents would be proud of you.  I’m proud of you.”
“Th-thank you,” Ryan stuttered.
Steve turned back to you.  “Natasha and I have a lot of work to do.  But we’d like to help you with this however we can.  If you’ll allow it, we’d like to have a sleepover with the kids tonight.  Maybe it will lift everyone's spirits a little.”
“That would be amazing,” Ryan said.
You smiled and nodded.  “The kids would really love that.  Thank you.  We’ll honestly accept any help you’ll give.”
“Great,” Steve said.  “Well go set up.  Pepper, did you need to run some things past her before you go?”
“Yes, if you have a moment,” Pepper said.
You looked back at the other women in the kitchen and they waved you off.  “We’ve got this,” one said.
“Sure, of course.  There’s an office this way,” you said.
As you led Pepper to the office that had once been the school coach’s and now acted as your office and bedroom, you didn’t realize that you were starting a completely new chapter of your life.
Tumblr media
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More Than Enough//Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
||part one||
pairings: steve rogers x reader, bucky barnes x reader
summary: steve rogers always made you feel like you weren’t enough until one day you decided to choose someone who would show you how you deserve to be treated
warnings: swearing, mentions of cheating, mentions of past emotional abuse, slight angst
word count: 1.9k 
||main masterlist||steve rogers masterlist||bucky barnes masterlist||
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers was someone you believed would love you forever but over the years he proved that you would never be enough for him. The two of you had to figure out a way to get along for the sake of your son who Steve was only just building a bond with, three years after he was born. "I just don't understand why he's so closed off from me, but is so open with Bucky." Steve exclaimed jealously laced in his tone "Steve you have to remember Bucky has been there for the both myself and James long before he was even born. He's done a lot for us so he's a familiar figure in James' life, you've only just come into his life so be there for him so he can trust you." Before Steve could respond, your son came out of his playroom and interrupted your discussion, "Sorry mumma, I just couldn't get him to wait." Bucky said sending a wink your way which wasn't missed by Steve. "Bucky said he would take me out for ice cream so you and Mr Rogers can talk. Can we, can we?" He asked, not noticing the way Steve's face dropped. "Of course baby. Go and have fun with Uncle Buck." With that you sent him on his way pressing a gentle kiss upon his forehead.
"So that's it, James is only close with Bucky because the two of you are fucking. I'm gone for a few years and you move onto my best friend like a whore. Don't even try to lie to me. I can see it in your body language." The solidier shouted absolutely furious with what he believed had bene happening whilst he was gone. "Steve you left! Not the other way round I didn't think I'd ever see you again. Bucky was there for me from the moment you left, who do you think was in the delivery room with me whilst our son was being born! You don’t get to come back and be all caring for a month claiming you want me back and that you want to have our family together and then call me a whore when YOUR friend starts flirting with me. Just get out Steve.” Once you were done you were angrier than ever and you knew what needed to happen.
Bucky arrived back a few hours after Steve left, “Hey we’re back, how did yours and Steve’s chat go?” Bucky asked his footsteps faltering when he saw the state you were in, “hey what happened, what did he say to you?” He asked whilst pulling you into a comforting embrace, “He accused me of sleeping with you and called me a whore, Buck I’ve never seen him so angry.” You explained between sobs calming down as you felt the mans hands comforting you. “Doll go upstairs, get into some comfy clothes, I’ll cook dinner tonight and we can forget everything Steve said.” Bucky had never wanted someone more than he wanted you but he understood how you felt about Steve so he was focused on being there for you as a friend. “Buck, this is amazing Steve never cooked for me so thank you.” This act alone caused your heart to flutter.
A Few Months Later:
It had been a while since your last encounter with Steve and you hadn't seen him since the day he blew up at you. His relationship with James had been built; however, his one with Bucky had crumbled. After seeing the outcome of the way he treated you and hearing the things you were accused of, Bucky knew it would be best for him to cut Steve out of his life as well so the two of you could focus on building your relationship and being there for James. The super soldier quickly began showing you how you were more than enough for him. It started almost instantly.
Your First Night Without James:
Bucky knew your agreement with Steve would be difficult especially as you had never been away from your son before. “I just hate that he has to go, Steve doesn’t know that he only likes his sandwiches cut into triangles.” Bucky quickly cut off your rambling and informed you that you needed something nice for what he had planned for you. “Bucky, where are we going? That requires the both of us to be dressed so nicely?” You asked the soldier in confusion, “well my love you needed a distraction so here I am to be your distraction.” 
When the two of you arrived at Bucky’s surprise you were gobsmacked, “Doll, you excited for this?” He asked with a smile knowing you had always wanted to come to this fancy, overpriced restaurant.
Whilst the night progressed, the man kept his focus on you and what you wanted. “Thank you for tonight you can go with that waitress. I know she was sending you signals.” You told the soldier with a sad smile, “what waitress? All my focus has been on you beautiful”  Once again the man showed you that all he needed was you. However, you were still too afraid to admit him and your son were all you needed.
Sam Gets Bucky A Date:
“Barnes you can’t be alone forever. You agree with me right?” Sam asked, hoping he could play on the jealousy you were both feeling in order to get you both to admit your feelings for one another. “Yeah everyone deserves someone who will love them unconditionally. Go on the date Barnes, she may be the one for you.” Your agreement only seemed to annoy both of your friends. “I don’t want some random woman, I want you!” The soldier exclaimed hoping this wouldn’t cause any problems between the both of you and that you would feel the same and finally admit it. “You are enough for me.It’s you that I’m interested in nobody else. I don’t want to go on some stupid date when I could have you.” The man stated with a nervous smile hoping you felt the same so he wouldn’t have to cope with Sam trying to set him up. “Bucky, I've never been enough for anyone. Nobody has ever wanted just me but I do want you as well.” You told the super soldier with a smile.
Your First Date:
Your first date with Bucky had you filled with anxiety, especially now you knew he reciprocated your feelings and hadn’t been with anyone since Steve first abandoned you. Wanda had taken it upon herself to help get you ready for the date as she knew you would try and talk yourself out of going in fear of upsetting Steve. “Wanda, I have strong feelings for Bucky and have for such a long time but I’m scared he’s going to hurt me like Steve has.” You explained to the witch, “You should know by now that Bucky is head over heels for you and has been since the first time you kissed, he wants that American dream with YOU not anyone else, he’s been like a father to your son since the day he was born.” The witch told you hoping she’d be able to calm your nerves. Before dropping you to your date.
Once the two of you arrived at the abandoned field, you were once again in awe of this man and the way he treated you “Buck this is amazing, how did you find the time to set all this up?” Before he explained you were pulled into a loving embrace, “Well darling, for you I’ll always find the time, I’ve already told you I want to be the man who makes you understand you deserve the world and more.” One date quickly became two which then led to an endless stream of dates.
His Vows:
The relationship between yourself and Bucky hadn’t always been easy especially at the start as both of you were terrified of hurting Steve, the day your lover proposed was the second happiest day of your life, nothing would ever beat the birth of James. 
The day of the wedding was another time that the super soldier proved you were more than enough; his vows said it all. “I’m standing here today in front of everyone I care about ready to marry the woman I love. This is something I never believed could happen to me maybe before my time as the Winter Soldier, yes, but I never thought I would be able to find someone who would love me for all my past mistakes, the woman before me loves me for my past, presence and hopefully my future. I’ve spent years trying to show her that she deserves the world and I dedicated my life to proving to her that she deserves to be loved. I love you my darling and yourself and James are all I want in life. I love you my darling and I have since the first time we kissed all those years ago.” The soldiers' words had you close to tears as well as your guests. In all your years with Bucky he had been able to rebuild your confidence and showed you how you deserved to be treated. 
This is something you never thought would be possible. Steve Rogers had made you feel like nobody would ever be able to love you for you and that somebody would always be better than you. However, Bucky Barnes believed the opposite; he thought you deserved better than him and that he would never be enough for you. However, the man was ready to spend the rest of his life loving you.
The Birth Of Your Daughter:
Bucky had been fearful about extending his little family; he believed things with James were different as the young boy still knew his father and only viewed Bucky as an uncle. How the man was wrong James always viewed Bucky like a father which is how you knew your husband was prepared to extend his family. The day you told him you were pregnant was nerve wracking as you feared Bucky would freak. 
“Babe I have something to tell you and I’m hoping it doesn’t cause you to freak out,” The super soldier was instantly on high alert fearful that you would tell him you were leaving him. “I’m pregnant Buck, you're going to be a dad.” Your nerves increased when the man was yet to respond, “Are you serious?” Were the first words out of the man's mouth. “Papa! Muma has a baby in her belly, aren't you excited!” James exclaimed his excitement, hitting Bucky who quickly pulled you both into a loving embrace. “We’re having a baby,'' your husband said with excitement and love filling his heart. 
The next nine months were hard, Buckyhad gone full on overprotective and was barely letting you do anything as he feared you may injure yourself or the baby. Having experienced your first pregnancy and childbirth together the two of you knew what to do but it hadn’t stopped Bucky from worrying. 
“Bucky it’s time!” You shouted when you felt the water in between your legs. The man had everything ready and was quick to get you to the hospital where you gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl who was quick to capture everyone's heart. “Princess, you're going to break a few hearts in your time but nothing is going to break yours. You’ve got a big support system and everyone loves you already. Don’t tell your mumma but I think this little family might not be enough, if she keeps making such beautiful children. I’m afraid I’m going to keep wanting more.” 
Thanks to Bucky Barnes you were able to learn to love yourself again.
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