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#bucky barnes x you
wandamaximoffswifey · 56 minutes ago
Y’all call Wanda stans toxic and then forget that Loki, Bucky, Tony, and Thor stans exist. They were the original toxic stans - constantly comparing their favorites to other heroes that weren’t in the MCU to begin with, much like how Loki and other stans are pinning the X-Men against Wanda as if they were in the same universe, and as if Wanda would want to fight them in the first place.
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sunnydunnydays · an hour ago
Marvel fandom please I need to know if this fanfic exists
Bucky x fem reader or oc whatever, and their an old gf from the past. They come back through time when Steve doesn’t in endgame, and Bucky x reader are reunited
Please if this doesn’t exist then I have to write it 👁👄👁
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r3volutionary-queen · 2 hours ago
rev, pssssssst rev
hello hi 👋🏻 i am having the teeniest procedure tomorrow (nothing big, very standard, will have fully recovered before even coming out of anesthesia)
i m baby 🥺 total weenie here
what would alpha!andy and/or stucky do for a lady whomst was s p o o k e d
Oh, sweet love. Procedures can be nerve-wracking, even the little ones. I hope it goes smoothly and that you’re recovery is incredibly quick!
As for what these beautiful men would do... let’s see... I’ve been focusing so much on Alpha!Andy lately that I think it’s time to put Barnes and Noble in the spotlight.
Steve would be 100% there. As in, he is in the doctors office asking questions on your behalf in his Captain America voice with a steady arm wrapped around your shoulder. The man is a tower you can lean on—and you do. He holds up strong. I also think he would make it his mission to find out every. single. detail. about what is going to happen and how to best care for you once it’s done. And when you got overwhelmed, he would calmly reassure you of all the facts and then eventually haul you into his lap for some hardcore snuggs because this man is determined to love your fear away.
Bucky would be a bit different because imo he is also a bit ✨ spooked ✨ by procedures. He may not tell you that outright, but he is. He would get really quiet and privately ask Steve for the same reassuring details and facts that the good Captain gave to you. I could see Bucky approaching you before you go to sleep though and promise you that he will be there the moment you wake up (even though doctors freak him the fuck out—it doesn’t matter because he’ll do it for you). He would probably also promise to try not to wander off with any cute nurses but God knows he always had a soft spot for nurses.
At this point Steve would remind Bucky that all the nurses he ever encountered thought he was a dog, just like every other soldier wagging their tongues at them—filthy from their marches and skirmishes.
This would, of course, cause a bickering battle between the two in which they both would accuse the other of having a shitty memory or seeing a situation the wrong way. Their banter would make you laugh and when both of them see you smile, truly smile, for the first time that night... they would only get more vocal and more ridiculous in their name calling and sassing. Just to see if they can make you laugh.
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coffeecatsandcandles · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Welcome | Bucky Barnes
Summary: You are properly welcomed to the block by your new neighbor.
Pairing: dilf!Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: SMUT (18+), mention of divorce, riding, spanking, just a hint of dom!bucky, finger sucking
bucky barnes masterlist
In the first month of living in your new home, you immediately started noticing a change in your demeanor. You were away from your old place, living alone for the first time in years. You didn’t have your shitty ex to think about or take care of. You had nobody but yourself to depend on, and you loved every second of it.
You would sit on your porch every morning, on furniture you’d thrifted within your first week of moving in, sipping your coffee and watch the kids across the street play. It was a boy with his younger sister, both of them no older than seven. They were early birds, no doubt. You’d be up as early at 8AM on a Monday, and they’d be out there, chasing each other, play wrestling, or drawing with chalk on the driveway. You didn’t mind; seeing kids comfortable enough to play in their yards was a good sign to you. It meant the neighborhood was safe.
It wasn’t until a month after you moved in that the children actually said something to you. You were in the middle of a book your friend had recommended to you when you heard the patter of little footsteps go from across the street and straight to you. “I like your book,” you were snapped out of your imagination at the sound of a little girl’s voice. You lifted your head and were greeted by the little girl you’d been seeing play with her brother almost every day.
“Thank you,” you said, smiling, “I like your hair.”
“I’m Becca.” The girl said, her brother chasing after her from across the street.
“Becca! Daddy said we can’t talk to strangers.” The boy said, grabbing his sister’s hand and looking directly at you.
“That’s a very good rule your daddy set for you. You’re a good big brother.” You said, sensing a little hostility from the child. He seemed to warm up to you instantly, showing a shy smile.
You smiled back, setting down your book and introducing yourself to the children.
“What are you two doing over here?” You heard a man say from behind the three of you. You tried not to audibly gasp at the sight of him. He was tall and built, nearly three times your size in muscle. He had his hands on his hips and a stern look on his face, ready to scold. “You two know the rules. You stay in our yard when you play. This isn’t our yard.”
“Sorry, daddy.” They said in unison.
The man took both of his kids in his arms, lifting them up in a big hug. You wondered if he could pick you up like that. “Go back inside, breakfast is ready.” He said to his children. He set them down and kept an eye on them as they ran inside. “I’m sorry about them. They love meeting new people.”
“It’s not a problem.” You said, “They’re sweet.”
“I’m Bucky,” he said as you stood up, now noticing how much taller he is than you. “Welcome to the neighborhood.”
“Thank you,” you said, “You have wonderful children. You and your wife are very lucky.”
“I wish you’d tell her that,” he said, “I haven’t seen her since Becca was a baby.”
You tilted your head, “What?”
“Yeah, one day she just... up and left. No warning. Nothing except the divorce papers a few weeks later.”
You brought your hand to his bicep, “Oh, you poor baby,” you said, your heart hurting for him. Your words just came out, and you hoped it didn’t sound like you were mocking him. You were genuinely upset for him, having to raise two kids all by himself.
He probably hadn’t been with a woman in so long…
Bucky felt his cock twitch at your tone, surprised by your behavior and welcoming it. You had definitely just awakened something in him, though he wasn’t entirely sure what it was. “Um…” Bucky started, trying to gather his thoughts, “Sorry, again. It was nice to meet you.” He made his way back to his house and you took a deep, long breath.
Now more than ever, you were glad to have moved to this neighborhood. If not for the fresh start, then for the new eye candy across the street.
Your day went along as normal, sending emails to your colleagues, making meals, doing your dishes, budgeting for the month. You felt independent. You felt good.
That evening, you sat on the couch, a glass of wine in hand and a movie on your television. You were just about ready to check out for the night when you heard a knock at your door.
Who could be trying to see you at such a late hour?
Clad in a large t-shirt and a skimpy pair of shorts, you made your way to the door, only to be greeted by Bucky once again.
“Bucky, hi!” you said, surprised, “Is there something I can help you with?”
“Listen to me, because I’m only going to say this once.” He said, “I haven’t been with a woman in four years. I tried online dating, blind dating, all that shit, and it just didn’t work. But you-“ he traced patterns along your arms, “you just came out of nowhere.”
You could feel the goosebumps start to form on your skin as he continued to touch you, his fingers tracing over very promiscuous areas.
“You can say no if you want to, and I’ll pretend this never happened.” He said, coming closer and closer to you, your faces centimeters apart. You said nothing in response, mesmerized and in disbelief this was happening. He took your hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. “You see what you do to me, angel? Can’t get the image of fucking you outta my head.”
Within seconds, his lips met your neck, and you threw your head back in ecstasy, eliciting a moan from you. You brought him inside immediately, hearing him mutter filthy swears under his breath at the feeling of your hand still on his cock.
“Take me right now, on the couch.” You muttered.
Bucky sighed into your mouth, hungrier than ever for a taste of you. He couldn’t get you out of his head all day, no matter how hard he tried. Imagining his hands on your frame, you moaning his name, all from a little encounter that morning. The way you pouted for him, your words ringing in his ears, “Oh, you poor baby.” Sympathy. Something he hadn’t felt in years. A sign that someone cared about him.
He stripped off his clothes, putting his throbbing hard cock on display for you. You ignored the initial shudder at the size of him, you were going to make him fit. You quickly took off your pajamas and underwear and straddled him on the couch as he brought his thumb to your hungry clit, teasing you with light, small rubs.
“Such a pretty pussy,” he said, admiring your core, “and it’s all mine.” You grinded onto his lap as he brought his hand down to forcefully smack your ass, the pain of the sting quickly being replaced with pleasure. Sick of the teasing, you brought his cock to your center, slowly taking every inch of him in then bouncing up and down. “Oh fuck, that’s it.” Bucky groaned, the feeling of your walls around him nearly bringing him to his climax, “You’re so fucking hot, bouncing on my cock like that.”
You tried to keep your composure, throwing your hair out of your face when it got in the way, but he really was hitting the right spot in you. You could barely form a sentence, you were completely dumb on his cock. Bucky took one hand on your waist and the other on your ass for leverage, watching you move up and down on his cock and replicating your movements with his hands, as if he were using you as his own personal fucktoy.
“Show me how you fuck me,” he whispered, gripping onto your skin harder and lessening his movements. He was going to make you work, but you didn’t care. You grabbed onto his shoulders, shifting your body back and forth, riding him until you were nothing but a moaning mess. You felt your insides tingle at the feeling of his hands on you, him inside you, and his hot breath against your neck. You kept riding him, as if it were your job, earning several praises and moans from him, which sounded like music to your years.
“You feel so good on my cock, baby girl.”
“Oh yeah, ride me just like that.”
“Right there, baby, right there.”
He slapped your ass yet again, the sting bringing a smile to your face this time. Your tits were at his eye level, and he brought one of your nipples to his mouth. The feeling of his warm tongue against your breast driving you absolutely wild. The moans coming out of your mouth were getting louder, more powerful. Bucky took his hand off of your waist and brought it to your lips. “Suck,” he commanded, and you brought his index and middle finger into your mouth, mimicking the movements you would make if it were his cock. “Thatta girl.” He cooed, and you were unsure if this was still actually happening. He was like a godsend, doing everything you wanted a man to do to you, touching your body like he knew every inch of it, and bringing you to that glorious edge.
You were doing everything for him and more; Bucky could completely have his way with you and you’d let him, and that was what drove him wild. You gripped onto his shoulders harder, squeezing at the feeling of your orgasm approaching. He brought the fingers that were just in your mouth down to your clit, rubbing hard circles into it as he pounded harder. “Yes, yes, yes,” you moaned with every thrust, knowing you’d snap at any given second. You hunched over, your face buried into his neck. “Cum for me, princess,” he commanded, and within seconds, you felt the coil snap, your walls clenching around him and feeling a sense of euphoria. You were seeing stars at this point, knowing that you could become addicted to something that felt that good.
“Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck-“ Bucky groaned as he pulled out of you and began to stroke himself, white, hot strings of his seed landing on your ass and lower back. You were still coming down from your high as he connected your lips with his for a long, passionate kiss. “I could get used to this,” he chuckled, massaging your ass, which was now red from where he slapped it multiple times.
You smiled in response, bringing your head to his shoulder, “Well, you know where to find me.”
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vivid4am · 2 hours ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 10)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Zemo, Sam, Bucky, and Y/N have discussions in various means of transportation. Y/N also has a big realization.
Warnings: Language, Zemo being an asshat, TFATWS spoilers
A/N: quick note! Lisichka means little fox in Russian! please leave some feedback for me! struggling to continue this series.
| Chapter 9 |
Y/N now found herself in the back seat of a vintage Volkswagen. The interior was crisp and pristine. How these guys got this vehicle, she had no clue. She also had no clue on where they were going and what the plan was. The frustration that diminished earlier was now back, slowly eating at her stomach and rising towards her head. She swore she could feel steam coming out of her ears.
She took a few deep breaths, trying her best to ease the frustration out of her system. Bucky was sitting in the back of the vehicle with her, trying his best to offer some sort of comfort and moral support. Sam sat in the passenger seat up front, Zemo driving the vehicle. How he convinced Sam and Bucky to drive was beyond her. They knew how dangerous he was, yet here they were, probably a pawn in his plans.
She definitely didn’t trust him. And now, she was starting to question her trust in Bucky. Are they that desperate? Is she fully not understanding what they’re up against? Did she clearly not think things through when she told Bucky that she knew who he was? She didn’t think that telling him meant going on missions with him, whether it was their choice or not.
One thing she did know was that the tension in the car was thicker than the Great Smog of London. She cleared her throat, partly because she was uncomfortable. The other part was that she wanted answers. Desperately.
“So,” She started. “How did you guys get this car? Steal it?” A slight venomous tone filled the end of her sentence there. She didn’t mean to, but the frustration sat on her tongue and slipped between her teeth. Zemo chuckled at her, causing her to slightly tense up.
“This is mine. Collected by my family over the generations.” He stated, his one hand on the steering wheel, the other holding the clutch of the car. His eyes trailed off from the windshield and into the rearview mirror, piercing right into Y/N’s. “You’re probably wondering why they brought me along, Lisichka .” A chill went straight down Y/N’s spine. Could he read her mind?
A small noise came out of Bucky’s throat as soon as that pet name was uttered from Zemo’s lips. A hand, specifically Bucky’s glove-covered metal hand, reached over to Y/N’s thigh, almost gripping possessively. His hold wasn’t too tight, just a light squeeze to Y/N’s thigh. She didn’t mind. She carried on with the conversation.
“Yeah, other than being a criminal mastermind, of course,” Y/N said, trying to rid of the flustered look that still sat on her face. A smirk filled Zemo’s face, pride practically exuding from his features. “I used to work for HYDRA, for their Winter Soldier Program.” He explained. “HYDRA had people who could recreate the serum. And once it’s out there,” He paused. “Someone can create an army of the Avengers.” His gaze broke from the rearview mirror to look over at Sam who just glared at him.
Y/N wasn’t the only one who was against having Zemo on board.
Zemo turned his eyes back to the road and continued. “I ended the Winter Soldier Program once before and I have no intention of leaving my work unfinished.” The silence filled up the car once more. Y/N was a little stunned if she was being honest.
“How many are there?” She asked, obviously referring to the super soldiers that the quartet was searching for. “A total of 8 that we know of,” Sam answered, chewing his lip. “That we know of?” Y/N gasped, quirking an eyebrow.
Bucky turned over to Y/N. “We suspect that they need to serum to make more super soldiers. We’re trying to find someone who is still producing it.” Bucky’s hand still laid on Y/N’s thigh, his thumb starting to rub back and forth, providing at least what he thought was a bit of comfort.
“Any ideas on who they are? Why’re they’re doing this?” Y/N continued to prod. Bucky shook his head. “No specific names, just the group.” He replied. Y/N cocked her head to the side. Bucky looked at her, smirking to himself. Her detective brain was slowly coming to life.
“Sam,” She started. “What are their goals? The Flag Smashers?” She asked. Sam quirked a brow. “Does it matter?” Y/N coughed. “Of course it matters. Basic criminology is that criminal behavior has a reason behind it. Someone may steal from a store ‘cause they desperately need food.” She explained.
“Can’t they just be evil?”
“That’s a very low chance, especially considering you have eight possible suspects. Ninety-nine percent of the time, there’s an explanation for criminal behavior. A proper motive.” Y/N continued, pulling her phone out of her pocket.
Bucky stared as she typed quickly on her phone. A smirk infiltrated her concentrated features. “Ha, a quick Google search says that they’re an anti-nationalist organization trying to get the World back to the way it was before the Blip.” Y/N read from the Wiki page.
“A world unified without borders,” Y/N added, pocketing her phone again. Bucky, Sam, and Zeno sat there stunned. Sam clenched his jaw and bit the inside of his cheek. “Maybe Raynor was right about bringing you along.”
Y/N now sat on a plane, sailing 30,000 feet in the air. She sat directly across from Zemo, adjusting her sitting position under his gaze. She tucked her legs underneath her butt, trying to get herself comfortable. It was a private plane owned by Zemo. It was a nice plane. The seats were made of fine tan leather coupled with dark oak wood panels. The floor of the aircraft was carpeted. Y/N had made herself comfortable earlier. She flipped her shoes off and felt the warm woven carpet under the soles of her feet.
She fiddled with a pair of wireless earbuds in her hands, nervously. She still had no clue where they were going. A voice tripped her out of her thoughts. It was an old man, Ozenik, to be specific. He greeted the four of them outside of the plan. He seemed to be a sweet and loyal old man, considering he waited around for Zemo while he was in prison. Ozenik spoke in a croaky voice, “Apologies,” He started, handing Zemo a glass of champagne. “The fridge is out, but I will see if there is some good food in the galley.”
Zemo replied in Sokovian, making Ozenik chuckle. “It’s great to have you back, sir.” Ozenik ambled back to the front of the aircraft as Zemo took another big gulp of his glass of champagne. Y/N’s eyes shifted over to Sam and Bucky, who were giving her the same concerned look.
“You don’t know what it’s like to be locked in a cell,” Zemo said. He glanced over at Sam. “Oh wait, you do.” Sam sighed, looking directly back at Zemo. “Why don’t you tell us where we’re going?” He asked, clasping his hands together. Y/N noticed that Sam did this when he would get nervous. She grimaced. They didn’t know where they were going either .
Y/N faced ahead at Zemo. He was holding a book in his hand, probably some light reading for the plane ride. “I’m sorry,” Zemo replied. “I was just fascinated by this. I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems important.” Zemo pulled a smaller book from the book he claimed to be reading. “Who is Nakajima?”
As quick as lightning, Bucky lunged over to Zemo, grabbing him by the throat. “If you touch that again, I’ll kill you.” He threatened. Zemo offered him a small nod in agreement before Bucky released his neck from his grasp. He grabbed the notebook from Zemo and shoved it into his pocket. He sat back down in his seat. Y/N turned her seat over to him, trying to offer him a smile. He didn’t return it.
He was starting to brood.
Zemo started to address Bucky. “I’m sorry. I understand the list of names. People you wronged as the Winter Soldier.” He explained. Bucky bit the inside of his cheek. “Don’t push it.” He replied.
“I’ve seen that book,” Sam nodded his head at Bucky. “It was Steve’s when he came out of the ice.” Sam tried to bite back a smile. Y/N felt her heart swell as the two started to discuss their dearest friend, Steve. Sam's smile widened as he continued to talk. “I told him about Trouble Man . He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What’d you think?”
Bucky’s body tensed, his shoulders going up in a shrug. “I like 40’s music, so...” Bucky trailed off. Y/N scoffed. Sam about fell back in his chair, offended to hell. “You didn’t like it?” He exclaimed. “I liked it.” Bucky deadpanned, a slight bitter sass in his voice. Even Zemo chimed in. “It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African-American experience.” He explained. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. “I agree with him, but I don’t like that I do.” She stated, pointing a finger at him.
“Everybody loves Marvin Gaye.”
“I like Marvin Gaye.”
“Steve adored Marvin Gaye.”
“Uh, don’t let him fool you, Sam.” Y/N started, a small smirk playing on her lips. “Bucky loves Marvin Gaye. He was obsessed with Too Busy Thinking About My Baby for a week straight.” Sam gaped at her. “You’re lying.” He gasped. She laughed and shook her head. “I’m not! After I played it for him one day, he would come back over and beg me to play it.” She chuckled, looking over at Bucky who was bright red in the face.
“You must’ve really looked up to Steve,” Zemo interrupted. “But I realized something when I met him. The danger with people like him, America's Super Soldiers, is that we put them on pedestals.” He said, swirling his glass of champagne. “Watch your step, Zemo,” Sam warned, as Bucky tensed up again. Y/N wasn’t sure if Sam was protecting Bucky or Zemo at this point.
“They become symbols. Icons. And then we start to forget about their flaws. From there, cities fly, innocent people die. Movements are formed, wars are fought. You remember that, right?” Zemo tilted his head at Bucky, who just stared back at him. “As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon. Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull?” Zemo shook his head. “That’s why we’re going to Madripoor.”
Sam furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s up with Madripoor? You talk about it like it’s Skull Island.” Y/N bit back a laugh. “It's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s.” Bucky explained, turning his head from the side window of the plane. “It's kept its lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves.” Zemo continued. He paused briefly before sending a slightly guilty look towards Bucky. “James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.”
Y/N swore she never saw someone turn that shade of white in her entire life. Bucky’s jaw was clenched. Everyone knew exactly what Zemo was referring to, and no one agreed with it at all. Y/N bit her lip and looked down at her phone. She connected her earbuds to the device and offered one of them to Bucky, who gave her a reluctant look. The look of anxiety was all too evident in his eyes. Y/N motioned for him to take the earbud, which he did, but not without a big sigh first.
He placed the earbud in his ear and laid back in his chair, closing his eyes. Y/N played a song that she loved, one that Bucky loved also. The guitar strums, accompanied with bass drums and a muted tambourine filled Bucky’s left ear.
He immediately knew the song, Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers, a band that Y/N adored. The lead singer’s voice made Bucky open his eyes and look over to Y/N. Her legs were still tucked under her butt. Her arms were crossed on the wall as she looked out the window. He loved that when he first listened to it, Y/N explained the song to him.
It was about a couple who ran to big cities and “seized the day”. Bucky liked it because it reminded him of his old self.
If the sun don't shine on me today
And if the subways flood and bridges break
Y/N looked over her shoulder to see Bucky staring at her with an unfamiliar look on his face. She’s seen that look on other people, but never him. She couldn’t tell you what it meant.
Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
Or will you rail against your dying day
She knew what it meant. Of course, she did. She’s seen it on teenage girls’ faces, young couples after they married, and even on old men who accompanied their wives on daily trips. It was love. A loving look was on Bucky’s face as he stared at her. Butterflies filled her stomach, but she pushed it back down. She didn’t say anything to him but returned the longing look that he gave her. She gulped, leaning her body toward the other end of her chair. She reached her hand out to Bucky, trying not to look too hard at him. Just short glances. He didn’t grab her hand. For what reason, neither she or Bucky knew. Feeling rejected, Y/N looked back at the window, trying to ignore the feeling of her aching heart. She still kept her hand out, in case he changed his mind.
A few songs changed and Y/N was starting to give up any hope. She started to draw her hand away but was stopped by a gloved hand who encased their large hands in hers. She looked over again to see Bucky hold her hand but staring out his window. She bit back a smile and went back to her respectable window.
It was small, but it was progress.
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noshame-bb · 3 hours ago
Daddy!Bucky imagine:
Bucky keeps growing his long hair out because he knows that little!reader loves to play with it and he’s a really sweet daddy? Just overall fluffiness!
NONNIE OMG YES, I just dropped everything I was doing to write this
pairing: daddy!bucky x little!reader
rating/warnings: it's all fluff
Tumblr media
Bucky was never a fan of long hair. It was to hard to keep up with, and it always got in his way during a fight. The first time he got a haircut, you cried. You cried for days. He didn't realize that it wuld make you so upset.
So, Bucky did what any good daddy would do, let it grow.
"Daddy look! Your hairs so long!" You yelled, jumping up and down. He smiled at your little antics. "Yeah sweetheart!" You giggled even more. Bucky guided you to the living room, and put on your favorite movie, tangled. Another squeal came out of you as you plopped on the couch.
Bucky grabbed your paci, and stuffed it in your mouth. "Fanks dada" He smiled ans ruffled your hair. He went to go sit on the couch next to you but, you whined and tugged on his sleeve. "What's up love bug?" You whined again and pointed to the floor. Bucky tilted his head in confusion. "I don't understand what you need sweet girl, can you use your words?" He asked softly. You only whined and made grabby hands at his hair. "Oh! You want to play with my hair huh?" Your head nodded frantically.
"Alright hold on, I'll get a brush and some clips. Stay here." He left the room, and let you watch the movie. So immersed in the movie you almsot didn't see Bucky walk back in the room. He walked over and gave your head a scratch, catching your attention. You perked up, watching him sit down in front of the couch. He handed you the brush and some butterfly clips. 
You started to gently brush through his long locks. “Mmmm feels good sweetheart.” Your light giggles made him smile, even if you couldn’t see it. He felt you start to braid his hair, tugging on the strands a little harder. “careful my love, don’t tug too hard” He said gently. You let out a gasp, as if he had a bleeding bullet wound. “Sowwy” You scoot closer to edge of the couch, placing your legs over Bucky’s shoulders. He grabbed your calfs, and gave the left one a kiss, emitting more giggles. “Tickles” 
He stayed like that for awhile, letting you tug on his hair, tying it up, putting clips in it. He was content, watching disney movies letting his baby make him up. “done dada!” He got his phone out, opened the camera and smiled. “Wow sweet girl, I look great! Good job!” He blushed at his praise. “Fanks dada” 
“Let’s take a picture” He held the phone up so it could see your face and his. His hair was covered in colored butterfly clips, and differetn braids all around. “Say cheese!” 
“Cheese!” click
You grabbed the phone from him and laughed at how you looked. “Pretty” 
“Aw thanks my love” Bucky got on the couch and pulled you into his lap. “wuvs” Your speech slurred, falling to deep. But he understood, “I love you more” 
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bdbb-writes · 3 hours ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Tumblr media
works containing smut will be marked with a *
to be announced
If I Tremble (coming soon!)
Jet Black Heart (coming soon!)
to be announced
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boxofbonesfic · 3 hours ago
this drabble got away from me but… anyways ENJOY ❤️ MINORS, DNI!!
title: Kiss me thru the phone
rating: explicit
warnings: smut, fluff
Bucky hates being away from you. Hates how he can’t go to sleep without you there, hates how he can’t pull you close, fit you against his chest with your leg thrown over his hip, like you like.
So when you suggest skyping when he goes on missions to help him fall asleep, it’s completely innocent. “We can talk until you fall asleep,” you say as you install the app. Bucky huffs.
“Ain’t the same.” he grumbles, tugging you onto his lap. This goodbye is worse than all the other ones—he’ll be away for three whole weeks, much longer than he’s been away for a long time. And as much as you’re loath to admit it, you have trouble sleeping without him, too. So when he finally leaves early the next morning, his beard stained with you and tired but satisfied, you hope the time will fly by.
The first week is the worst. Bucky forgets to call four nights out of the week, and when he does, the connection is terrible, and you both end the calls frustrated and lonely. When he calls the next Monday, the video is crystal clear.
“Hey, baby.”
“Bucky! You remembered.”
“ ‘Course I did. I never forget my best girl.”
“You forgot me last week,” you tease, and you watch him frown.
“Forgettin’ to call s’not the same as forgettin’ you, baby. Besides, we were moving around a lot.”
“You look comfy.”
“Yeah, they’ve got us staying in this ritzy hotel.” You know he can’t say more—it’s a risk just talking to you, but one he’s more than happy to make. “Miss you so much, doll.” he sighs. “Can’t sleep without you.”
You ask him about his day, what dreams he’s had lately, any and everything you can think of until you’re both yawning, and you finally fall asleep. That’s the pattern every night for the next week—and though it certainly isn’t the same as feeling him wrap his arms around you, the vibranium one cool against your skin, you’re definitely sleeping better.
The following Saturday is when everything goes sideways.
You wake in the middle of the night, the sound of rustling rousing you from slumber. It’s late, still dark out, and you peer blearily around the room without sitting up. Nothing looks out of place, and a cursory glance tells you that no one’s there. You turn over, realizing your phone screen is still on—and then you see it.
His hand glides easily up and down his cock, and you can hear the sound of slick flesh against flesh. He’s hard, the bulbous head of his fat cock dripping with precum. You watch him jerk his hips up into his hand, cursing. You don’t mean to make any noise, but a soft gasp escapes your lips, and his hand stills. You lay there, immobilized as you pray he hasn’t noticed you.
“Know you’re up, sweetheart.” his voice is gravelly from sleep. “Dick got you speechless, baby?” he chuckles, and you swallow thickly, picking up your phone with trembling fingers.
“You do this a lot?” you ask in a small voice, unable to keep the heat from creeping into your cheeks. This is a man who’s fucked you six ways from Sunday and then som, but for some reason seeing his cock through the screen seems dirtier.
“Couldn’t help myself, staring at that sweet ass for hours. ‘Memberin’ how good you feel all pushed up against me and fuck—“ his cock throbs as he speaks, a fat drop of precum gathering at the tip and slowly dripping down. He angles the phone so that you can see his face. “Can’t help myself, doll.”
Your mouth is dry—you don’t want him to stop, but you don’t know what to say, what to do.
But Bucky does.
“Take your tits out, sweetheart.”
You do, pulling down the neckline of your tank-top until your breasts spill over the fabric. He groans, and you hear his hand speed up. “Fuck.” You feel naughty showing off on camera, and although Bucky is the only one who can see you, it still feels like you’re putting on a performance. The thought makes your nipples harden.
“What’cha got on under the blanket, sweetness? Show me.”
You inch the covers down, exposing the curve of your hip. These boy-shorts are a little small, but they’re perfect for this, because they dig into the cheeks of your ass, creating even more delicious curves. Bucky’s practically salivating, and you can hear him egging you on. “More. Let me see, baby. Fuck.”
He makes you cum twice—and you think it counts because when his velvety voice is ringing in your ears, urging you on, it’s better than it’s ever been when you were alone—and finally lets you end the call. You fall asleep immediately after.
Bucky’s only gone for three more days before he’s pounding on your door. You barely manage to unlock it and then he’s on you, lips and hands forcing you against the kitchen table.
“Thought-you weren’t-supposed to—next week?” you manage to gasp out between his kisses.
“We finished up early.” his fingers tangle in your shirt as he attempts to undo your blouse, before he grunts in frustration and just tears it. You mumble out a protest, though you don’t really care. “I’ll get you a new one.”
“How’d you manage that?” you ask, adding this shirt to the mental tally of Bucky’s many infractions.  He grins.
“I just got the right motivation.”
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smuttybucky · 3 hours ago
One Way Ticket
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: SMUT, minor praise kink, slight exhibitionism kink, nicknames (my pretty girl, my sweet girl, kitten, precious, princess, darling), cursing
Request: Omg hiiii I love your writings!! I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests so you can ignore this if you aren’t. But if you are, could you do maybe one where Bucky is a bit adventurous and he has reader pressed up against a (one way) window.
You don’t know how it happened. You really don’t. One minute you were sitting on the couch. The next Bucky was sitting next to you; kissing you with all the ferocity in the world.
Moaning softly, your hands move to his shoulders. “Buck what—“ you try to say, pulling away from him softly, only for him to pull you back in, hands on your waist. You giggled softly, and let yourself enjoy the moment.
Gasping softly when his hands travelled further down to squeeze your ass, you took a moment to pull away, and turn to the side. Bucky groaned, but opted to trail kisses along your neck.
“Buck.. what’s going on?” You questioned, stifling a moan as he got closer to your sweet spot.
“Need you.” Was all he muttered out, hands darting out, to grasp at your button up shirt, slowly undoing each one, as he continued to kiss your neck. Finally, undoing the last button, he pushed the shirt down your shoulders.
Once it was completely off, you reached up and wrapped your hands around his neck. “My pretty girl” he breathed out, before his hands were on your breasts. Kneading, and pinching, he had you right where he wanted you.
You moaned softly, “yours”, you claimed arching your back into him, “I’m all yours Bucky.” You couldn’t help it. You didn’t know what had him so riled up, but you were going to reap the benefits.
You tangled your hands into his hair, moaning when his hands dipped lower into the waistband of your shorts. Bucky hummed, sliding his fingers through your folds. “So wet already, my sweet girl,” He said as he stood, “up” he practically lifted you from the couch. “Have plans for you” he said, slowly dipping down to kiss you.
“What would those plans be?” You said slowly, unaware of what he had planned. He smirked, motioned for you to follow him, and so you did. Bucky enjoyed his privacy, that was no secret. So he had someone come in and install ceiling to floor one way windows in the main room a few weeks back, so ‘he could enjoy the view without feeling like he was being watched.’ Or so he told you.
He stopped rather abruptly, and you nearly ran into his chest. Frowning, looking around, you couldn’t figure out what he was getting at. Bucky knowing this, walked around you, until he was standing behind you. You craned your head to look at him, opening your mouth to say something.
Bucky smirked, and grabbed your throat, tilting your head back. The intensity in his eyes, had you shutting your mouth opting to not say anything. He smirked. “Wanna fuck you against these windows kitten. You okay with that?” He didn’t give you much time to answer, before his lips were on your neck again.
You nodded in response, and felt his grip tighten slightly. Not enough to cut off circulation, just enough to warn you. “Words, precious. Use your words.” He taunted you, lips finding that spot just below your ear, and sucking on it.
“Y-Yes. Please Bucky.” You whimpered, and in a moment he had your shorts and lacy underwear thrown across the room.
“Been thinking about this since the moment I had these things installed.” He claimed, pushing you up against them, and simultaneously slipping himself of his clothes. In a way, this was kind of erotic, but also kinda made you nervous. You knew the people who walked up the street, making their way to their own house, couldn’t see you, but it still felt like they could!
You moaned high in your throat, as he slid his tip through your slick. It didn’t take him long to sink into you. Practically grunting in your ear as he did so. “Good girl, gonna take all of me aren’t ya?” He taunted, as he started pounding into you.
“Oh - oh fuck” you exclaimed, bracing yourself against the windows. Buckys hand slid up against your throat, pushing your head back until it was resting on his chest.
“Wanna see your face when you cum, princess” he smirked, as you let out a whine, high and needy. He chuckled, “yeah? You like getting fucked against these windows, huh?” He taunted you.
Bucky loved watching you come undone in different ways, knowing it was only him who could make you feel this way. He kept the rhythm up with his hips, metal hand coming down to start a slow assault on your clit.
Gasping, your body instinctively leaned forward, head dropping away from Buckys chest. “Oh no you don’t” he smirked, pulling your head back, “I told you, I want to see your face when you cum sweetheart.”
You shook your head slowly, “buck please.. I can’t. I can’t” you whimpered, watching as he smirked, hips snapping against yours.
“yes you can. You can take it. Be a good girl for me and take it.” He dropped his head to yours, kissing you, as his fingers amplified their actions. Rubbing larger circles now, you could swear you were going to collapse.
His name fell from your lips like a chant, as the coil in your stomach tightened. “That’s it, darling, let me feel you. Come on. Cum for me.” He said, against the shell of your ear.
“Fuck” you whined as your body went rigid, and you practically screamed his name as you came. Bucky fucked you through your release, desperately chasing his own.
“Oh shit.. yes” he called, following with your name, and a string of curses as he filled you with his release. Your hands fell from the window, as you leaned into Bucky. He bucked his hips a few times before pulling out of you completely. “Here doll” he said softly, maneuvering his body around you, so he could still hold you as he grabbed a rag to clean you up with.
You squealed, as Bucky pulled you back into his chest, and onto the couch with him smiling as you giggled. No doubt, Bucky would fuck you against those windows again. And he did.
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smuttybucky · 3 hours ago
Thank you for reading anything on my MasterList!! I do appreciate you, whether you comment, or like, or reblog, or do none of the above! Please know I appreciate your time! (Going to update this so it’s better tomorrow!)
One shots - these are Bucky One Shots unless specified otherwise
Thigh Guy - SFW
I can’t lose you
Feelings - Steve Rogers
To The Edge
Mirror mirror
I love you
Sunflowers and Ferris Wheels
Movie Night
One Way Ticket
Bucky Headcannons
The Protector has its own MasterList, you can find it here!
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avenging-fandoms · 4 hours ago
PLEASE OFKFJJFJY, he'd argue so much with you about putting it on put he randomly comes out from the bedroom with it on and he can see the change in your body language and he gets all cocky about it
Tumblr media
"buck! look, you can pretend it's halloween and say you're dressing up as a soldier" you smile but he looks at you with a thin smile and his eyes low. you rolled your lips between your teeth, trying not to smile.
“i don’t care if it actually is halloween, i’m not putting it on” bucky sat next to you and handed you the bowl of popcorn.
“okay, okay. you don’t have to if you don’t want to” you smile and he kissed your cheek, turning on the tv and playing a movie.
a couple weeks had passed and you had honestly forgotten about the uniform sitting in the back of your closet. bucky didn’t.
while you were out shopping for a birthday party, bucky put the uniform back on. once he turned and saw himself in the mirror, a rush of emotions poured throughout his body.
when he heard the front door close, he jumped and closed the door softly, leaving just a crack so he could spy on you. when he saw you climbing up the stairs, he quietly tiptoed into the bathroom.
“in the bathroom, just a minute” bucky smiled in the mirror, rubbing his hand over his freshly shaved face and hyping himself up.
“hey i was thinking we try making something new for dinner. maybe you can call up sam and his sister for a.. recipe” bucky opened the bathroom door and you did a double take as you watched him walk out. “james buchanan barnes..” you breathe and he smiled, holding his arms out beside him and spinning.
“well? after weeks of you begging, which i love to hear, i decided to finally make your wishes come true” bucky grinned as he watched you cross your legs, shivering just a bit. “it feels weird. i feel like i’m 20 again”
“well you certainly don’t look weird, come here” you uncrossed your legs and he stepped in between them, your hands holding the back of his thighs as you looked up at him.
bucky watched as your breathing became uneven when your hands traveled around his body. a side smirk rose on his lips, and he adjusted his stance, puffing his chest a bit. "so you like it, hm?" bucky's fingers touched under your chin, his thumb rubbing over your bottom lip.
"as much as i love it, buck, i wanna rip it off of you" you stood up and took his hand, taking him down stairs. you smiled and took out your phone, playing the playlist bucky made of his old favorite songs, stuffing it in your pocket.
before you grabbed his hands, you gasped and he jumped, blinking a few times. you paused the music and raced up the stairs without a word. you headed back down a few minutes later in a flowy dress, bucky grinning ear to ear.
you played the music again and grabbed his hand, his other hand on your waist with your hand on his chest. bucky looked down at you with hooded eyes, kissing your nose and placing his hat on your head, making you laugh.
"i know this isn't the 40s, but it's good to know what it'd be like to dance with james" you smile and he scrunches his nose, shaking his head.
"you're slow dancing, that's not the only dancing i know" he winks and takes your phone, playing 'blue suede shoes' by elvis presley, twirling you and dipping you, the both of you laughing as he kisses you.
the night didn't end with you ripping the uniform off like you wanted, it ended with you and bucky asleep on the couch, clothes still on and all. you two danced the night away, falling asleep around 3am, but neither of you cared. that was the most smiling and laughing bucky had ever done in his life.
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grey-water-colors · 4 hours ago
After All This Time (Master List)
Summary: The real world is a scary place, even more so when you’re alone. You live alone in a apartment filed with the figurative ghosts of your memories. You’ve both changed since you last met your fiancé, but can love mend the gap after all this time.
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Descriptions of violence, torture, and trauma. Talks of death, triggers, PTSD, and killing. Cursing.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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iliketowrite1996 · 4 hours ago
Then he Kissed me 4/7
TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- mentions of war, mentions of injuries, mentions of traumatic events
DISCLAIMER- I have no rights to any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, planets, galaxies, etc.
Part 2-
Part 3-
‘’Thank you for dinner, James. As long as I’ve been living in this city, I’ve never been to this diner.’’
    ‘’Oh, Steve and I used to come here sometimes. This diner is about a hundred years old, but it’s pretty nice to see that it’s changed with the time.’’
    ‘’I like these jukeboxes on the tables,’’ you admit, running your finger along the metal edge of it, ‘’I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one this up close.’’
    ‘’Is there any genre of music you like to listen to in particular,’’ Bucky inquired, looking up from the menu.
    ‘’I’ll pretty much listen to anything I like,’’ you respond, picking up your own menu, ‘’I think that if I like the music, then I like the music- I don’t want to limit myself to anything.’’
    ‘’That’s very open-minded of you. Perhaps you can show me some new songs one day,’’ Bucky states, a small smile gracing his lips.
    ‘’Oh, do you think you’re ready to delve into the multi-genre potpourri that is my music playlist, James?’’
    ‘’I do,’’ he shrugs playfully, ‘’If you’re willing to do so with me.’’
    ‘’Well, music is always more fun to listen to with someone else,’’ you agree, just as the waitress comes over.
    ‘’Oh, I haven’t seen you here for a while,’’ the waitress, Joanna, speaks, moving some of her red hair from her eyes, ‘’And I see you’ve brought a friend.’’
    Bucky flushes red, clears his throat, and nods toward you, ‘’She is my date for the evening. I’ve actually been spending time with her, at her bakery.’’
    ‘’I see,’’ Joanna grins kindly at you, before returning to Bucky, ‘’So, the usual? Cheeseburger, fries, chocolate milkshake?’’
    ‘’Of course,’’ he nods, and Joanna turns to you.
    ‘’Um, I’ll have the chicken tenders, tater tots and the birthday cake milkshake.’’
    ‘’Alright, coming right up,’’ Joanna turns on her heels, walking over to the kitchen to put your orders in.
    ‘’So,’’ Bucky beings, ‘’Did you grow up in New York?’’
    ‘’Oh, no. I actually grew up in a small town in Indiana,’’ you reveal, ‘’I moved here a few years ago.’’
    ‘’So what made you decide to come to the city,’’ he leans  against the table, eyes trained on your face.
    ‘’I’ve always wanted to move here. And, as cool as my family is, I never felt like they really supported my dream. They wanted me to pursue a career that was more… lucrative, I guess. But if I found a way to youtube my passion with something that I love and am good at, then why not take the chance?’’
    ‘’Well, based off how you handled that situation with the bride coming to you last minute, I can see that you work well under pressure and don’t back down from a challenge.’’
    ‘’There’s always a new challenge, yeah?,’’ you shift, mirroring Bucky’s posture, ‘’I think that finding ways to get through things sometimes intrigues me. I can’t do everything on my own, but what I can do, I try to do.’’
    ‘’That’s a pretty interesting way to look at things,’’ Bucky nods, glancing out of the window.
    ‘’Thank you. What about you,’’ you implore, ‘’Have you lived here your whole life?’’
    ‘’I actually was born and raised in Brooklyn,’’ he answers, ‘’Never even left the city for more than a few days until I enlisted in the army.’’
    ‘’The army? Wow. When was this?’’
    ‘’A long, long time ago. Feels like a lifetime ago,’’ he responds, ‘’This is my home now, though.’’
    ‘’Well, I’m glad it is. Otherwise, we never would have met,’’ you smile, and Bucky mirrors your expression.
    ‘’Well, I guess that’s true, doll.’’
    Your food arrives, and you eat with pleasant conversation. You talk about your childhoods a bit, favorite music, favorite shows, favorite movies.
    When the time comes to go to the park, Bucky pays the bill and you agree to pay for dessert after the concert.
    You’re enjoying his company, you decide as you watch him close his eyes, swaying to the music. He seems so serene, more serene than you have ever seen him.
    ‘’This is comforting to you, huh?’’
    ‘’It is,’’ he nods, before turning to you, opening his eyes, and asking, ‘’Would you care to dance?’’
    ‘’I would like that very much.’’
    So you two stand, and it’s nice. He has one, gloved hand on your waist, one holding your hand.
    ‘’This is really nice,’’ you compliment him, ‘’Have you gone dancing often?’’
    ‘’I used to. When I was younger,’’ he explains, ‘’I haven’t danced in years, though, doll.’’
    ‘’I haven’t either,’’ you confess, ‘’But, then again, maybe I would have if my dance partner was as handsome as you.’’
    ‘’Flattery,’’ he begins, ‘’Will get you nowhere, but maybe it will get you a dessert.’’
    ‘’I think I can agree to that, but I thought I was buying?’’
    ‘’I mean for the next date. If this is going as well as I think it is, that is,’’ Bucky shrugs, ‘’I’d love to take you out again.’’
    ‘’And I’d love to go out with you again, James.’’
    You continue to dance a bit, before leaving the convent early to get dessert at an ice cream parlor nearby.
    As you walk home, your hand ever so lightly grazes Bucky’s. It would be impulsive, you think, to reach for his hand and to hold it.
    Impulsive, but oh so worth it.
    ‘’James? Can I ask you a question?’’
    ‘’Of course,’’ he continues to eat his ice cream- mint chocolate chip- as he walks you back to your apartment.
    ‘’If I am not being too forward in asking this, why do you always wear those gloves.’’
    He stiffens a bit. Stumbles a little, sighs even more as he turns towards you.
    ‘’I told you already that I was in the army. Well… I didn’t exactly escape unscathed. If you don’t mind, I’d prefer to leave it at that for right now.’’
    You feel a bit uneasy about that answer, sensing that there’s more to it that needs to be told. For now, though, you nod, continue to eat your ice cream, and let the silence between the two of you grow.
    By the time he’s walking you back home, the conversation dies down.  Bucky’s looking straight ahead, while you’re silently stealing glances at him out of the corner of your eye. He looks stoic and rigid, face void of anything that could give you a hint as to what is going on inside of his mind. 
    When you reach the stoop of your apartment building, you turn to him, ‘’Thanks for today, I had a really good time.’’
    ‘’I did, too. I’m sorry if I came off… standoffish, I guess. My time serving is still a bit of a sore spot for me,’’ he admits, and you take his hand.
    ‘’I’m sorry for pressuring you. Look, ‘’ you squeeze his hand gently, ‘’I really like you, James. So, I hope that I will continue to see you.’’
    ‘’I would like that, too,’’ he grins at you for the first time since your awkward conversation in the park, ‘’I’d better get going. I’ll see you soon.’’
    So Bucky turns on his heels, and you walk up to your apartment. You immediately text Alyssa, letting her know that you’ve made it home safely. After doing some laundry, cleaning out your refrigerator and getting ready to go to bed, you finally dare to check the phone you’d been ignoring since he dropped you off.
    ‘’See you in the morning, doll. I can’t wait for those cherry turnovers’’.
    You fall asleep with a smile on your face, grateful for this date going as well as it did.
    And looking forward to all of the forthcoming dates.
@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving  @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212 @kumkaniudaku @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs  @dramaqueenamby  @mellowjellow6 @ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @airis-paris14 @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines    @vicmc624 @lovely-geek @battoddster @niffala  @angstlovers    @weaselbeedisneygeek
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grey-water-colors · 4 hours ago
After All This Time (Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader) Part 3
I'm having so much fun writing this! I hope you all are enjoying this too. This chapter ended up so much longer than I thought it would be, but I'm fairly happy with it.
Summary: The real world is a scary place, even more so when you’re alone. You live alone in a apartment filed with the figurative ghosts of your memories. You’ve both changed since you last met your fiancé, but can love mend the gap after all this time.
Pairing: Bucky X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Talk of torture and death. Mentions of triggers. Cursing? Talk of PTSD and violence. If I missed anything please let me know.
Word Count: 3,299
Part 1-Part 2
Y/N was feeling very lucky. After some failed attempts at getting a job, she wasn’t sure how she was going to afford living. Everything was worth so much more than when she had last had to go grocery shopping.
She had decided though, that she was going to splurge on some flowers to lighten up the apartment. There was a flower shop near home that had been open when she was young all the way till she left for the war. It had been passed down through the generations and she had even been friends with the owners. A couple older than her with a little girl.
Much to her surprise, the shop was still there with the same name. Sunshine’s Flowers. Named after the original owner Sunshine. She walked inside and up to the counter where she was met with a middle aged woman.
“Hi! How can I help you?” The woman chirped.
“I was just looking for a bouquet of flowers to brighten up my dining room.”
The lady helped Y/N find a bouquet and they walked back to the counter to check out.
“And what’s your name?” The lady, who Y/N had learned was Shea, asked.
“Y/N L/N”
It was then that Shea really looked at Y/N. She stared at her for a second then lit up. “I’ll be right back.”
She walked off behind the door and after a couple minutes, then Shea returned with an older lady who looked to be in her mid 90s.
The old lady also stared at Y/N, then smiled. “I don’t know how you’ve stayed so young, but you’re just as beautiful as when you left Miss Y/N.”
Y/N stood shocked for a second, then it clicked. “Dorothy?”
The little girl had been only 10 when she had left, but time had passed.
“Oh it’s so good to see you,” Y/N turned to look at Shea. “How did you know?”
Shea smiled. “Mom keeps a picture of you two in the office. She always talked about how nice you were to her.”
Y/N smiled.
After talking for about an hour, Y/N left with two bouquets and a new job. Her next stop was the VA.
“I almost thought I’d never see you again,” Sam smiled.
Y/N offered a meek smile. “I got some flowers to brighten the place up a bit, if that’s alright.”
“Thank you”
After some mild chatter, Sam asked, “What was life like for you before the war?”
Y/N froze. She hadn’t expected that kind of question. She thought back.
“It almost perfect I suppose. Business was getting back on it’s feet, the depression was over by the time I was in high school. I started dating when I was 18 and by the time I was 20 I was moving into an apartment with my boyfriend. A year after we moved in together, he proposed to me. I didn’t have a job, but I volunteered as a nurse sometimes. I mostly stayed home, we could afford it though. My fiancé worked, but he also came from a well off family,” she trailed off lost in thought.
“So you loved your fiancé?”
Y/N smiled. “I loved more than anything else in the whole world.” Her shoulders dropped. “I’d do anything to have him back.”
Sam nodded and silence filled the room.
“I know someone who would understand what you went through, I could call him down here sometime for you two to talk if you’d like.”
Y/N nodded vaguely. She didn’t know how she felt about that offer.
Sam seemed to understand. “Give it some thought,” he smiled.
She had decided to go back to the VA a week later. She didn’t mind talking to Sam, he seemed to understand in a way that others didn’t. Knew what questions to ask. Of course, that could be because he worked with two people just like her.
Y/N could hear Sam talking to someone in his office as she walked in the front door. She recognized Sam’s voice, but the other was talking so low that she couldn’t really hear it. Sam’s door was partially closed, but not quite shut, which meant she couldn’t just walk up and announce herself. She started debating whether to turn around and come back later or to wait until he was done talking with someone.
Sam had implied that there was someone she should meet, and she was terrified. New people had never really worked out well for her. She shook her head before she could think back, a tactic she had taken up while in public.
Just as she decided to come back later, Sam’s door opened. She turned around thinking it was Sam, instead it was the ghost of her memories. Her heart flew to her throat, then dropped to the floor. She desperately tried to move, to think, to do anything other than stand there and gape at the person in front of her. He seemed to be doing the same thing.
Finally, her words came to her. “James?”
He looked like her James. The same face, although now there were dark circles under his eyes, frown lines where there to used to be smile lines, and a permanent tormented look in his eye that she recognized all to well.
Sam appeared behind James and looked pleased, worried, and unsure about the whole situation. “Uh, Y/N this is Bucky. Bucky this is Y/N, but I think you both have already met.”
So it was true. This was James Barnes. The man who had proposed to her. Bought an apartment with her. Had loved her for god knows how long. Yet after everything that happened, here he was.
It felt like hours had passed before anyone moved, bet then Sam ushered both of them into the room with the beat-up sofas and she curled up into her usual spot.
Sam cleared his throat. “I get the feeling y’all need to talk alone. If either of you need me, please call. We’re the only ones here so.” Sam shrugged then eased himself out of the room leaving Bucky and Y/N together.
Y/N was still in shock. She had no idea what to say or what to do in this situation. A situation she never thought she’d be in.
They sat in an awkward silence until Bucky finally spoke. “How are you alive?”
She stiffened, straight to the point then. “I’m not sure what you mean.”
Bucky looked away. “I- I mean, the Winter Soldier killed you.”
She thought back to that day. While she remembered, trigger days were a little fuzzy, like watching satellite tv while it was raining. She took a deep breath before speaking. “How much of that do you remember?”
“I remember being given an order to kill you. I remember choking you. I remember feeling your windpipe collapse, then they announced you dead.” He had said it with such determination. Fact from the fiction of his thoughts.
“Then I’ll start from the beginning and fill in the gaps. We had gone on a couple missions together,” she started tentatively. He nodded in agreement.
She took that as her cue to continue. “We had gotten close. Not necessarily romantic, but we had become a sort of friends. When it was time for me to get transferred to a different facility, I put up a fight. They called me irrational and childish, but because of my outburst, we both had to be erased. By that point though, you were no longer being controlled with your trigger words, they had already started using the brainwashing contraption to wipe your memory. It didn’t work as well though, so there were some things that you would remember. They had noticed a trend in your memory that you remembered kills, and since I had helped with a couple, they needed you to have a “closure”,” she paused trying to gauge his reaction. When he didn’t say anything, she continued.
“They had you “kill” me, without my actual death. I’m not sure where you got the crushed windpipe from, but you never know what they manipulated with. I passed out and when I recovered enough, it was time for my trigger to be placed. I went into cryo and when I woke up from that, I was in Wakanda.”
Bucky let out a sigh but didn’t look any less tense. “So, you lived, and they just played us both.”
“Essentially, yes,” she muttered. It was hard to think about her time with the Winter Soldier. Frustrating now that she had all the puzzle pieces. They had both been so close, but they had never been farther apart.
“And how exactly do you remember so much? I can’t-“ A deep breath. “I barely remember anything.”
It was hard to miss the frustration in his voice, and she understood that. “Because of the technique they used to block my memories, everything was sealed away, not erased. They never actually got rid of my memories, and yours weren’t supposed to either. When they started to fry your brain, that’s where the damage started.”
“If that’s true, then how do you know all this? How do you remember so much? How do you know so much about the Winter Soldier Project anyways?”
She flinched as his voice rose with every question. She knew how incredibly unfair it was that she remembered and he didn’t, but she also knew that if Hydra hadn’t changed hands later in the 20th century, then he would have remembered just as much as she did.
“I know as much as I do because of the Project I was part of. Project Cecilia was a precursor in every way to the Winter Soldier project. Almost everything you went through; I was the reason it worked. And as I said, your memory was never supposed to be wiped.”
Bucky sat back in his seat. He looked angry, frustrated, and betrayed. Through all of this, she felt a sliver of hurt. He didn’t bring up what they were. He didn’t even ask about her well-being. She figured he had changed, but she didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know this man in front of her, just as much as he didn’t seem to know her. She wanted to reach out, to see if even a sliver of him was still there.
“Jam- Bucky?” He looked up at her with a weary look. “I… I umm…” She stumbled over her words trying to think of what to say. Then continued to blurt out something ridiculous. “Do you want to get something to eat?”
She ducked her head and scolded herself. Of course he didn’t want to get something to eat. He probably didn’t even really want to go anywhere with her. They were… strangers.
His reply startled her. “Sure, but I don’t know any good places to eat here in the city.”
She nodded and blurted out, “We can eat in my apartment.” She was going to need a bigger shovel for this grave she was digging. Did she really just invite him over to her apartment? Their apartment?
“You mean cook something?”
She nodded numbly, mortified beyond belief what she was getting herself into. He could always say no right?
Y/N had hoped that he would say no. He looked uncomfortable when he had agreed, and hadn’t spoken since they had said goodbye to a seemingly shocked Sam.
She wondered if he even remembered life before he was captured. It hadn’t occurred to her then that he had probably suffered some pretty bad brain damage and memory loss. Is that why he didn’t bring up the past?
While she was lost in thought, they had arrived at the place she called home. She snuck a peak at Bucky. He stared up at the building, but didn’t say anything. She couldn’t quite read him either.
They went inside and got into the ancient elevator and it shook on its way up.
She gave a sigh of relief when they got to door 9C. She felt at home when she slid the key in the lock and turned it with a gratifying click. She had almost forgotten that there was a guest behind her.
She opened the door and walked through, holding the door for Bucky. When he got inside, he froze.
Everything was exactly the same as when he had left. A sense of déjà vu passed over him. It felt wrong to be here. Wrong to see everything, but not able to quite place why. Had he lived here? Why did everything look like it came from the 30’s? He was about to ask her when he noticed the far wall. It was bare, which was odd, as he somehow knew that there used to be something there.
Her voice cut through the silence. “You can put your jacket on the tree and sit wherever you want while I make dinner.”
He just nodded and did as she said to with his jacket. Instead of sitting he decided to take a look around the living room. He meandered over to the mantle where there was a pipe. It looked worn and used. Next to the pipe, was a picture frame that had been laid down to hide the picture. He picked it up and looked at it.
A slightly younger looking Y/N and Bucky stood in front of that very mantle smiling together. He had his arm wrapped around her and her arm around him. Then, like someone blowing dust off a old book, memories started to come forward.
Bucky remembered Y/N much more clearly now. Not everything, but more than before. This apartment had been their home for almost three years. Three years of love, happiness, and safety. He now knew how much he had loved the woman in the kitchen.
Y/N L/N, the girl who he wanted to take his last name. The light of his life. He felt stupid for forgetting. He turned to take a look around the room with new eyes. She really hadn’t changed anything at all. His eyes landed on his leather chair. Like he was on autopilot he walked towards it and sat down. The worn leather comfortable in all the right ways. The chair had been used by him for so long that it had molded to his shape.
As much as he wanted to bask in the renewed memories, this place also reminded him of the life that had been robbed from him by Hydra. All the pain and suffering they had caused through him. His mood shifted. Why was he here? To eat dinner with someone he used to know? He knew exactly what she had done. The upbringing they had both had. Politeness, charm, and hospitality, it was how things worked back then. It was her default.
The more he thought about it, the more it unsettled him. Y/N was living in the past. She hadn’t changed anything because once upon a long time ago this had been her safe place.
He wanted to know more, so he stood up and snuck into the hall that led to the bedrooms. He opened the door to the master bedroom. As he expected, nothing had changed.
Except, for something on the dresser. As got closer he saw it was her dog tags and sitting next to them on the chain was the engagement ring he had bought for her. It dawned on him then that what had been missing from the wall, were the pictures of them. There were no visual reminders of their relationship in the apartment. Why? If she was stuck in the past, wouldn’t she bask in the memories of him too? He had to know.
He walked out to the kitchen where Y/N was folding a sauce into some noodles.
Y/N jumped as she turned around and Bucky was there.
“Oh! You startled me. Dinner is almost ready if you want to set the table.” She pushed two plates with knives and forks on them across the small kitchen island. Bucky nodded and started to set the table. They both sat down to eat in silence for a couple minutes.
If she closed her eyes and pretended hard enough, she was back in 1940 and the US hadn’t joined the war yet.
She was so lost in her fantasy, she hadn’t heard Bucky clear his throat. A second, louder, noise came and her eyes snapped up to meet his.
“Why are you here?” he asked.
Her heart dropped. “Do you mean in New York?”
His gaze hardened a little. “I mean in this apartment.”
“I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I wasn’t a registered live person when I got back. None of my accounts were open and I had nowhere to go.”
She was bullshitting. She could have gone anywhere in the world, but she chose this place.
Bucky shook his head. “Why are you here still then. Why are you living in a museum? You can’t find comfort here. You wouldn’t be weak enough to actually let yourself believe that nothing can hurt you here. Does this place not kill you?” He was yelling by the end. His hands gripping the sides of the table, his vibranium arm leaving minuscule marks on the old wood.
By the end of his mini rant, Y/N was looking at her hands in her lap, desperately trying to keep the tears from leaving her eyes. She looked like a child being scolded by her mother.
Bucky loosened his grip on the table, his anger leaving him when he saw a crystal tear fall to her lap.
Her shoulders were shaking as she cried. Guilt piled onto his shoulders, and he did the only thing he felt he could.
He ran.
Y/N just sat at the table staring at her plate as the door slammed behind her.
“You did what!”
Both Steve and Sam were waiting for Bucky to get home. When he did, they ambushed him on how it went. Sam was excited that Bucky even went out. Steve concerned for them both. Bucky wasn’t the same person, and he suspected that she wasn’t either.
When Bucky told them what happened, Steve all but exploded.
“I yelled at her,” Bucky mumbled.
“And did she yell back at least,” Sam asked seemingly hopeful that she had tried to stand up for herself like he knew she could.
“She cried,” Bucky whispered, just loud enough for them to hear.
Steve turned to look at Bucky, “Jesus Buck. Why?”
“Steve you should see the apartment, it looks exactly the same. She acts like she did back then. She does everything but dress like it. She’s hiding in the past.”
Sam put his hand on Bucky’s arm. “That’s how some people cope with trauma. They live like they’re back in a time where they were happy. With as many triggers as she has, I would almost expect that. We can’t take away someone’s coping mechanism just because we don’t agree with it.”
“You have to go back and apologize Buck,” Steve sighed, and with that, Steve left.
Sam let out a small sigh. “She’s just as lost as you are. She told me about her fiancé before the war. I didn’t know that it was you then, but she loved you with everything in her heart, and from where I was standing during that conversation, she still loves you. You gotta give her a chance.”
“I’m not the same person Sam. She loved the old me, back when I was whole. She doesn’t want this mess now.”
“Do you know that for sure? Did you give her a chance to decide that herself, or did you make up her mind for her.”
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mullet papa 🍼
(bucky barnes x reader)
Tumblr media
You are trying to get into a new college but unfortunately, you don't have enough money. You find out through a friend that you can get paid around $25,000 to be a surrogate mother. It doesn't seem like such a bad idea. But somehow the sperm vials get switched and there are a lot of people depending on the baby you are carrying.
Chapter 3 - Back to Reality
word count - 428
“Y/N. You are not up yet?” MJ hovers over me as I lay in bed. “I thought you were getting changed. We have to leave soon to the doctors.”
“Wait, what?” I look up at her.
“I booked you an appointment with a fertility specialist.”
“What did you do?”
“Ughhhh, Y/N,” She yanks my arm pulling me out of bed.
“We need to see if you’re are able to be a surrogate mother and to do so you need to go to a fertility specialist,”
“Fertility Specialist, rightttt. Imma get changed.”
“Thank youuu,'' MJ says as she closes my door behind her. What the fuck are you supposed to wear to a fertility doctor? A t-shirt and jeans seem too complicated because I would have to get… inspected. A dress should do it. But what dress? A casual one. All right here a black and white striped dress and converse should be a good addition.
I walk downstairs to see MJ waiting by the door. She looks up at me in relief.
“Took you a while,” she says with a chuckle in her throat.
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll just get breakfast then we can go.” 
Before I get the chance to walk into the kitchen she grabs my arm.
“No time,” she says. “We can get it on the way.”
MJ is in the driver's seat. She just got her licence and has been eager to drive ever since. ‘From the Dining Table,’ is blaring through the speakers so much that I can’t form any coherent thoughts, all of it is just Harry Styles. 
“What are you thinking about?” MJ asks me in a sympathetic tone. I lie.
“Just the appointment...” Definitely not Harry Styles shirtless... MJ turns down the music. Bitch. 
“I don’t know. Everythings just happening so fast, you know?” I sigh. “Anyway, enough about me, how about you?”
“What about me?” MJ looks at me weirdly.
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, Peter...” I stare at her and she coughs violently.
“Peter. What about Peter?” She says, daze filling her face.
“Give me the details. I’m trying to live vicariously through you.”
 “You do know that it is kind of sad that a self-sufficient adult is living through a 16-year-old.”
“Quit beating around the bush and just tell me.”
“Alright, Fuck it. We went to the drive-ins-” I cut her off.
“The drive-ins huh. Did anything-” I wiggle my eyebrows, “happen...”
“Y/N. What the fuck? It was our first date.”
“ don’t have to tell me then.” I said with a smirk.
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Love Cuts Deep
Chapter 18- The Whole World Is Watching
Summary: With the Dora Milaje threatening to snatch up the annoying Sokovian. You, Bucky, Sam and Zemo attempt to find out where Karli will be next, but things don’t completly go according to plan.
Warning: blood, violence, smut mentions (not related to the violence), fluff
Tumblr media
Following Sam and Zemo’s lead thought the cobblestone streets of Latvia, you watch as civilians pass by, going about their usual business when you suddenly catch the scent of someone very familiar and very angry.
Halting in your tracks, you turn towards the direction of the person who has yet to show themselves completely, Bucky going still while his intrigued gaze follows yours. “What is it?”
You break from your trance to face him, “Ayo.”
His face falls, he knew she’d come for the Sokovian soon enough, “I’ll handle it. I know why she’s here.”
You give him a knowing look, “Zemo.”
“They always find what they’re looking for, I’ll just tell her why we need him for a little while longer. Then he’s all there’s.”
You nod, “Good. Be careful. They have every right to choose their own means of handling it, no matter your reasoning.”
Bucky reveals the flash of a smile at your concern for him, “I know, I know. And I’ll be careful too don’t worry.” Assures Bucky before turning to walk down the street, he makes it a ways down, giving you one last look before disappearing behind a stone corner.
You keep walking, quickly catching up to the other two when Sam’s brows furrow over to you, “Y/N?” Asks Sam as the two of them give you a confused look, “Where’s Bucky?”
You casually shrug this off, “He’ll be with us soon enough. Let’s just find this place of yours Zemo.”
Seated comfortably on the Baron’s L shaped couch, you rest a hand against the armrest while Sam sits at the bar, Zemo looking out the window with a bagel in hand. He stares through the distorted glass before turning around to face you, “What is Bucky doing if I may ask?”
Absentmindedly twirling one of the fancy cushions little string tassels, you don’t even bother to look up, “Keeping you from the wrath of the Wakandans.”
Zemo raises a brow, “How sweet of him to defend me, I can see why you like him so much.”
You scoff, “Shut up. If the Wakandans didn’t want you so badly I would have sliced up that insufferable face of yours long ago. You don’t deserve defending, you killed that scrawny lab rat in cold blood.”
“Nagel?” Asks Zemo, “Do we really have to litigate what may or may not have happened?”
“There’s nothing to litigate. You straight shot the man.” Adds Sam while the Baron wanders unbothered back around the bar when Bucky suddenly walks into the room.
“Guys.” He starts, holding up his phone as he gains everyone's attention, “Karli bombed a GRC supply depot.”
“What? What’s the damage?” Wonders Sam while Bucky looks down at his phone. “Eleven injured, three dead. They have a list of demands and are promising more attacks if those demands are not met.” Shit, she’s getting serious.
“She’s getting worse.” Adds Zemo as he rests his hands against the edge of the bar’s counter, “I have the will to complete this mission. Do the three of you?”
Sam makes a loathsome face, “She’s just a kid.”
Zemo gives a slight shake of his head at this, “You see something in her that isn’t there. You’re clouded by it. She’s a supremacist. The very concept of a Super Soldier will always trouble people. It’s the warped aspiration that led to Nazis, to Ultron, to the Avengers.”
“You’re talking about our friends.” States Sam, a tinge defensively.
“The Avengers, not the Nazis.” Adds Bucky while you join the three of them by the bar.
“Alright so, Karli is radicalized,” You configure while leaning yourself against the bar, “but there has to be a peaceful way to stop her.”
“The desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from supremacist ideals. Anyone with that serum is inherently on that path. She will not stop. She will escalate until you kill her.” Says Zemo, dark eyes on you before they shift over to a conflicted Sam, “Or she kills you.”
“Maybe you’re wrong, Zemo.” Counters Bucky, “The serum never corrupted Steve.”
“Touché. But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?” Presses the Sokovian as he walks over to the back counter, opening up a wooden cupboard while Bucky wanders over to the couch.
Bucky sighs from the frustration of it all, blue eyes trailing over the backwall, “Well, maybe we should give him to the Wakandans right now.”
“And you’ll give up your tour guide?” Muses Zemo as he searches through the wooden cupboard.
“Yes.” You deadpan, removing yourself from the bar to find your seat upon the couch once again. Bucky following soon after, falling into a tired heap at your side while you lean an elbow against the soft armrest.
“From my understanding, Donya is like a pillar of the community, right?” Asks Sam as he looks from Zemo to the two of you, “So, when I was a kid, my TT passed away.”
“Your TT?” Wonders Bucky in puzzlement as he shares a befuddled look with you. Whatever that means.TT. Is that a code word for something?
“Yeah, my TT, yeah.” Nods Sam like this is the most obvious thing in the whole entire world.
You raise a brow at Sam, “He’s from Brooklyn and I’m from Russia. Do you think we know who your TT is supposed to be?”
Sam rolls his eyes, “Fine. When I was a kid, my aunt passed away and the entire neighborhood got together for a ceremony. It was like a week long. Maybe they’re doing the same thing for Donya.” ah okay, aunt, that makes more sense.
“Worth a shot.” Nods Bucky.
Zemo turns to the three of you, one hand holding a decorative metal container while the other holds something white wrapped in clear plastic, “Your TT would be proud of you. Turkish delight?” He asks before throwing Sam one, “Irresistible.”
Leaning your head into the softness of the couch, you close your eyes as Sam eats his sweet treat, “So, what now? Do we even have a full plan here?”
Zemo hums, “Yes. Tomorrow we find some answers when there is more daylight, so for now I give you my home. A small comfort in the chaos.”
“Wonderful.” You deadpan.
Seated on a barstool, you down the rest of your drink while the three boys play their second game of cards for the late evening. It’s around 10:30 at night by now, with dinner eaten and drinks had, your little group of misfits appears to have nothing relatively important to accomplish considering how late it’s becoming. So cards it is.
You’re not exactly tired, but you’re not exactly in the mood for a game of cards where you’ll need to focus in order to possibly win. So for the past half an hour you’ve opted out to pass your time by slowly sipping on your drink and watch the boys play.
You hear Zemo applaud Sam for his win, cards shuffling around before the sound of Bucky finds your ears, “You wanna play one game Y/N?” You could honestly not be bothered.
Pursing your lips together, you slowly turn to face him, “Must I in order to be left alone?”
He chuckles at your bluntly unenthusiastic answer, “Well, no. You don’t have to play...”
“I will.” You mutter, getting up to walk over to them, “Guess a little team bonding wouldn’t hurt.” You muse, finding a seat right next to Bucky while the Baron skillfully shuffles the deck. Taking his time while the three of you wait, all conversing about nothing adherently important.
A short amount of time passes before your Sokovian acquaintance finally ends his shuffling of the playing cards, you’re too distracted by Sam’s short story to notice when two curious dark eyes fall to you, “Y/N, if I may ask..” Begins Zemo cautiously as you turn to face him.
Leaning back into your puffy seat, you study the way his eyes squint in questioning interest before giving a casual shrug, “Ask away.” Now what the hell would he like to know? You’re to captured in deep fascination to stop yourself from halting his wonder.
He nods, seemingly excited by your confident answer gifting him permission, for this he does his usual slight head tilt before speaking, “I am still very curious about this since, well, perhaps awhile ago now. But I must ask anyway to fully satisfy my ever present how, how is it that you managed to break away from Hydra after all those years of manipulation into doing their dirty work?”
Off to a good start, I see.
“Zemo.” Growls Bucky, voice a stern forewarning that causes the Sokovian to recoil only slightly. He leans back into his seat while putting an arm up in defense, “I know, forgive me, it’s none of my business. I was just curious.”
You let out a telling sigh before resting your elbows against your knees, all watching for what you may say next. Your darkened gaze shifts up to meet his, “You’re right, it’s not.” Zemo nods in understanding as you share a glance with a concerned Bucky before your eyes flicker back over to the intrigued man, “But I guess I owe some willing ears an explanation. I know it would at least give me a little peace getting this off my chest for the first time in almost fifteen years.”
“Then if you are willing, I don’t see why not.” Smiles the Baron as both Bucky and Sam share a concerned look. They know how Zemo is when he presses for information, and they know your past history is far from rainbows and sunshine.
You close your eyes, fingers pinching the bridge of your nose when you mutter, “I’ve never told anyone this before, not even Bucky.”
Bucky rests a comforting hand upon your knee, “And you don’t have to Y/N.” Assures your blue eyed lover, understanding that this is probably something very taxing on your emotions since it’s the one thing that finally turned you away from Hydra for good. 
“I want to.” You add softly, raising your head to meet his worried gaze before turning to face the table.
Frowning down at the empty glass in front of you, all three men’s eyes are trained onto your conflicted face as you clasp your hands together anxiously, “It was my last mission for that goddamn organization though by now I was already thinking of leaving, planning on it even, my shame being I never had enough courage to try until this mission.....I was, let out of cryotosis after sleeping in my happy imprisonment for five years if that’s right. By now it was 2009 and my superiors sent me to Naples, Italy where I was tasked with gathering intel from a black market arms dealer who’d been stupid enough to double cross them.”
The Baron’s eyes flicker with interest while you continue, “I made it to his mansion seated near the ocean around 2am and slipped right inside, which was easy enough since my team fucked with the security sensors, giving myself a one way ticket right into the belly of the beast.” You explain with a smirk as your face slowly falls once again, this is not a happy memory, “I killed the guards on the first floor, one by one I ended their lives, and they never saw me coming. They couldn’t scream or else sabotage the whole mission. Less blood for the my team to clean up.”
“My kills were quick and clean, just as I’d been trained. Soon I made my way to the third floor, killing one last guard before finding my target.” You swallow, eyes trained anxiously onto your hands that you can’t help but fiddle with, “He was in his bedroom, seated by the far wall at his computer....he...he never heard a sound until I pressed my pistol against his head.”
“He knew we’d be coming for him, so trying to keep his life for a bit longer, he didn’t put up a fight when I ordered him to give me the hard drive with all the valuable codes and resources hidden within it......But he knew. He already knew he was a dead man the second I pressed that barrel against his head.” Your face flashes with a hidden pain that sparks more worry into Bucky, “He was my mission. But before I-before I could end his life, a light turned on.”
Bucky notices as your chest begins to rise and fall with anxious breaths but he forces himself to keep silent, this is your story, and you’re going to tell it to the end. “A woman spoke his name. She was confused, coming out of a deep sleep only to wake up to some woman in black holding a gun against her husbands head. I froze......I..I..didn’t know she was there when I walked in, no one ever said he had a wife. Guess that was better hidden information then the guns he was selling to the Soviets.”
“She was, well....she was prepared. I turned to finish my job and a second later a shot rang out and I felt a bullet graze against my shoulder.” You pause, face pained and remorseful as you take a shaky breath and continue, “I drew my gun and shot her in the chest, then I shot her husband in the head before he could scream.” The three men keep as silent as ghosts.
“The uh, the woman or wife, whoever she was....she was laying on her side when I walked over to examine her for anything of value to Hydra. They made sure I would never leave a job without searching for anything, I did.” Your lip quivers reflexively as a small lump begins forming in the back of your throat, yet you continue on, you must, “The white sheets where stained red when I uh...when I got there..... and when I turned her over.”
You swallow thickly as they keep deathly silent, unshed tears brewing in your shameful irises as you whisper, “She was pregnant.” The rooms atmosphere shifts to a silent shock radiating from Bucky, Sam, and Zemo as your eyes keep trained on the floor to hide your shame, “I wanted to throw up after I realized what I had done. She had a noticeable bump that shown through the wetness of the blood, and I.....I couldn’t believe what I just did.”
“She was a witness. I was trained to kill anyone who could have seen, anyone who got caught up in the mission. I couldn’t fail, and I couldn’t have any witnesses kept was instinct. I just wish...” Your voice is strained and shaky now as you clench your fists tightly in frustration, “I fucking wish she didn’t wake up. If she would have stayed asleep, if she could have just stayed the fuck asleep. I wouldn’t have had to fucking kill her.”
“I wouldn’t have fucking killed her.” You raspily whisper in defeat before releasing your balled up fists and standing, “So you all know why I left. The straw that finally broke the camels back, and don’t. Just don’t feel bad for me alright. I don’t need anyone’s pity because that shit is gone and done with and I can’t ever take it back. I can’t take anything I did back.”
“So keep that shit to yourselves and goodnight.” You quickly add in a rush before turning around and hastily walking across the room to yours and Bucky’s shared bedroom. Not once turning around as Sam and Bucky call out for you.
Turning the golden handle, you swiftly enter the room before shutting it just as swiftly and letting out a choked breath, it feels like you’ve just unloaded a hefty emotional weight that’s been clinging onto you like an obnoxious demon for the past many years. It feels freeing, but you still hold this huge chunk of remorse for what you did, even if you didn’t have a choice.
Though it appears you’re body is betraying your inner intellect on the matter; breathing increasingly heavier, you raise your hands and take quick notice as they appear to shake from the adrenaline and apparent trauma that’s showing itself freely. The hands that murdered those guards who were there to keep watch, the fingers that pulled the trigger and ended a family that night. One of whom had yet to even have a life, one who would never meet their family or know what it’s like to feel loved. Because of you.
You don’t know how you got there, but soon enough you’re alerted to the sounds of walking across the bedroom floor when suddenly two gloved hands gently  touch your shoulders. Recoiling in fear, your hand swings out and pushes Bucky backwards and into the far wall on instinct as you cower through sobs on the floor.
Bucky’s eyes are wide in shock but soon they soften in worry for how you’re processing your gruesome memories. Tears flow like two roaring rivers broken free from the ice of winter. Your hands are hiding your face when Bucky crouches down next to you, “Y/N.” He whispers as not to startle you again, “Please look at me doll, please Y/N.” Urges Bucky with a soft voice that you can’t help but move your hands to find, though his face is slightly blurred by the tears.
There he is, face marked in deep concern and worry though his blues shine bright with love, he knows better then anyone what this feels like, how it feels to live with something so terrible that you can never take back. He rests a comforting hand on your arm as you study his face through teary eyes filled with remorse.
He gives you a hopeful smile and a second later you’ve pulled him in for the biggest hug you can muster without crushing your boyfriends bones. Immediately he relaxes into you, strong arms holding you tighter as more sobs wrack through your tired vessel as he embraces you.
“It’s okay Y/N.” Whispers Bucky against your shoulder, “I’m right here, I love you so fucking much.”
Taking in a deep breath, you open your puffy eyes to the ceiling above, you don’t remember making it into bed and you certainly don’t remember falling asleep. But now, with the morning light cascading down through the cloth blinds, you could swear you feel lighter. Perhaps it’s been a long while since you’ve had a good cry, but you’d be a real liar if you’d said letting it all out last night didn’t help. You haven’t woken up to this much peace in a long fucking time.
“How you feeling?” Asks a soft sultry voice from beside you.
Closing your eyes, you reply, “I feel like a hot mess......but I, I feel good. I think I needed that, I needed to get that off my chest and I needed to finally process what happened. I’ve been holding that in for such a long time, it almost feels like I just let out a couple ghosts. It’s weird, but....feels nice.”
Bucky scoots himself closer, putting an arm over your torso as you embrace the comforting touch, “I’m glad you’re feeling better, I wanted to strangle Zemo after you left and we could hear you crying. If Sam wasn’t there I don’t think we’d have that idiot around anymore.”
You chuckle, causing Bucky to crack a relived smile, “You could still punch him, I’d let you.”
“I figured you’d say that, but I don’t think Sam would allow us to blacken Zemo’s eyes...”
“He could wear some sunglasses.” You suggest with a small laugh that has Bucky beaming, “Or he could wear that stupid mask of his, just hide his whole face all together. Saves everyone from those two little beady eyes of his, he’s like a shark.”
Bucky laughs, leaning his head down to gently nuzzle your shoulder affectionately, “Y/N I love you so much, you have no idea.” Mumbles your sweet lover against your skin, a small smile pulls at the corners of your lips when his handsome face rises to meet your own.
Staring into his beautiful blues, you take in how he keeps a steady gaze onto your own face, eyes flickering once to your lips before you trail a hand over his cheek. Bucky’s eyes close as he leans in to your gentle touch, “Я люблю тебя больше, чем все звезды и солнца во всей галактике. Спасибо, что любишь меня. Кем бы я ни был сейчас.” You whisper into the morning sunlight, your words translating to “I love you more then all the stars and suns in the entire galaxy. Thank you for loving me. Whatever I am now.” Which sends a thrill through his heart.
Bucky swallows a small lump forming in the back of his throat, your words hitting him harder then expected, “Y/N..” Rasps Bucky, voice wavering and low as he rests a gentle hand against your cheek, “You don’t have to thank me for anything, I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond whatever takes us when we’re dead.” Says Bucky, words true and pure, held with so much emotion that your heart could just about burst. God you love him so damn much.
You can’t even form a coherent sentence, so instead do you lean forward while pulling him down, his body shows no signs of protest as he pressed his lips against yours.
Other then the pleasantries of this fine morning involving a particular metal armed super soldier, today has been rather bland and disappointing. Zemo herded you three to some courtyard in the large town where the rebels had been reported to be hiding.
Sam, yourself, and Bucky didn’t gather much intel but you have a high suspicion that Zemo was successful in snatching important information when conversing with the squares children who took a great liking to the Turkish delights. Has no one ever told them not to talk to strangers? Especially one with candy.
“Well, I got nothin’.” States Bucky as he follows behind yourself and Zemo into the Baron’s admittedly beautiful estate, “No one’s talking about Donya.”
You find the couch as Sam nods, “Yeah, it’s because Karli is the only one fighting for them.” Bucky making himself comfortable right by your side while Sam sits on the other section to your left as he adds, “And she’s not wrong.”
Bucky sighs, “What do you mean?”
“For five years,” Begins Sam, “people have been welcomed into countries that have kept them out using barbwire. There were houses and jobs. Folks were happy to have people around to help them rebuild. It wasn’t just one community coming together, it was the entire world coming together. And then, boom. Just like that, it goes back to the way it used to be.”
You hum in agreement, “I wouldn’t say boom and everything was the same again, but I understand your meaning. You’re right. To them she’s at least doing something.”
“You really think her ends justify her means? Then, she’s no different than him,” Contends Bucky while throwing a hand towards Zemo who’s in the kitchen pouring some tea, “or anybody else we’ve fought.”
“She’s different.” Defends Sam as Zemo carefully walks over to the three of you on the L shaped couch with his metal plate of tea, “She’s not motivated by the same things.”
“That little girl. What’d she tell you.” Asks Bucky while Zemo keeps silent for a moment, “I could just ask Y/N.” All you heard was something about a funeral they were talking so quietly.
“No need I assure you, the funeral is this afternoon.” Reveals the Baron as he leans down to gather a glass of tea, standing up again he almost appears slightly uncomfortable by how dark your expression shows. He knows just how much you absolutely despise him.
“You know,” Zemo’s eyes reluctantly find your irritated ones as you gather his attention, “the Dora’s coming for you any minute. In fact, they’re probably lurking outside right now. Keep talking.”
The Sokovian slowly nods, eyes flashing down to the cup in his hands before returning to you, “Leaving you to turn on me once we get to Karli. Hmm. I prefer to keep my leverage.” Smirks Zemo as you casually rise from the couch.
The three of them watch in curiosity as you saunter around the glass and metal coffee table before making it to Zemo’s side, he turns to face you fully but is greeted by nothing but a furious glare. Right before his tea is snatched from his hands and thrown violently into the far wall with a loud crash. Glass shattering everywhere.
He flinches ever-so-slightly as you lean in close like a tigress ready to kill, “You wanna see what someone can do with leverage? You have no right to even walk this earth after what you’ve done..”
“Take it easy.” Warns Sam as he sets a comforting hand on your shoulder, “Don’t engage him. He’s just gonna extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing. Let me make a call.” And with that does Sam walk off, leaving you and the Baron to a heated old western styled staring contest before Bucky comes to the rescue.
He stands protectively on your left as his chest faces opposite of the Baron, metal hand holding tightly onto your left bicep while Zemo keeps wary eyes onto you, “You want some cherry blossom tea?” He casually asks.
Clenching your fists together, Bucky can feel the way your muscles tense underneath his touch, he knows just how much you hate this man. “Go fuck yourself.” Words sounding like venom as he purses his thin lips together, eyes rightly downcast when Bucky takes a step away.
“Come on Y/N, he’s not worth it.” Assures Bucky in a soft voice as you remain unflinching, “The Wakandan’s will have him soon enough.”
Zemo keeps silent as a ghost, unsure if you’re honestly about to slice open his stomach or leave him to the Dora Milaje. Though he soon gets his answer when you take a step back, shrugging off Bucky’s hand before turning around and walking into another room for some space to calm your emotions.
You shut the door with a palpable amount of force that causes some pictures hanging on the wall to jump, luckily they don’t fall. Not caring if you might have just broken the golden hinges in the aftermath, you practically stomp over to the balcony to ignore all your problems and brood alone. Though Bucky soon opens the door before shutting it once again.
Slowly he wanders over to the balcony where you’re standing, forearms leaning against the stone as you stare out at the brick covered streets below. “You okay?” He cautiously asks.
“No. Fuck him.”
Bucky chuckles before finding his place at your side, mirroring your posture as he looks to your agitated face, “Just....try not to kill him before the Dora Milaje get here.”
You scoff, “If not for Wakanda you wouldn’t be here so unfortunately I have no other choice then to respect their wishes.”
“Which are?”
“Keeping that insufferable fuck alive.” You deadpan, eyes studying the timid pecking of the doves below as Bucky opens up his flesh palm for you to hopefully take. Your frustrated gaze lingers onto the grooves of his skin for a moment before pressing your own hand with his, both yourself and Bucky opting to interlace your fingers together. It’s the little things, isn’t it?
You keep a steady gaze out at the civilians on the street, Bucky smirking blissfully at the feeling of your hand in his despite his awareness about how heated you are about being around Zemo and all. He’s just glad to know you love him more then you’re hatred for the Sokovian.
“ you feeling?” Randomly asks Bucky as he leans himself into your side. You relax ever-so-slightly into him though you remain annoyed.
“The same as I did two minutes ago when you asked me if I was okay.” Harsher then you intended, but you can’t help it.
Bucky slowly nods, hearing your blunt reply loud and clear, “Right, right. Yeah.”
Rolling your eyes at yourself and the admittedly rude little sentence you just gave him, you gently give his hand an affectionate squeeze as you let out a sigh, “Sorry.”
His brows immediately furrow in puzzlement, “For what?”
Leaning your head against his shoulder, he patiently awaits your answer, “Well, I guess I’ve been kinda short lately. I’m just....I’m always on edge. And I...I shouldn’t be mean. At least not to you or Sam.”
You sigh yet again, “I’m just so afraid I could lose you to something. With the police and then Madripoor, it’s like we’re always onto the next problem and it never ends. And of course, Zemo.”
“I wish I didn’t have to bring him along..”
“No Buck. You were doing what we needed even if it sucked. It’s just.....I know it’s been a long time since everything that happened in Romania and Germany. But I can’t ever forget what he did to you....what he made you do to me.....that’s something, it’s something I’ll never forget.”
Bucky purses his lips together at the dreary memory when he was forced into the Winter Soldier state by Zemo and then was commanded soon after to stop you from harming the Sokovian. Though the only way to halt the Winter Soldier from his assault would be for yourself to kill him, or to let him kill you instead.
Clearly you never even considered ending Bucky’s life though you had the power and skill to do so, that was never a feasible option. However he wouldn’t have stopped fighting if you didn’t willingly give in, so that was your only option that day. To let the Winter Soldier smash your skull into the cement floor, killing you instantly.
Well, you technically never actually die. But it sure looks like it, sure as hell feels like it too. Luckily Adamantium claws aren’t the only thing you were gifted with while in the care of Hydra’s top doctors and scientists. Physical regeneration helps immensely.
Bucky leans his head against the side of yours, metal hand resting on your forearm as he frowns, “Well if it helps. I thought you did amazing keeping those bounty hunters from getting us.”
“Oh yeah?”
“And. And when you knocked a couple of those guys around in the Brass Monkey.” Admits Bucky as he turns to look at you, “It was actually pretty hot.”
You reveal a small smile, soon forgetting about your current troubles with the way he’s looking at you now, “I wasn’t trying to show off, but thanks.”
“Doesn’t matter.” Shrugs your blue eyed lover, “I still thought you looked hot.....well, you’re actually pretty beautiful all the time if I’m being honest.”
You laugh, the sound of your joy sending a proud thrill through Bucky when he sees your face shift into slight embarrassment as you look elsewhere. “Alright kiss-ass.” You muse, causing him to snort in amusement at your light hearted comment and how he was successfully able to make you blush though he can’t see it. Which is an incredibly rare sight to behold.
“No, ah come on, I mean it.” Protests Bucky as you shake your head at him, face still turned away so he can’t see the hidden blush, “Y/N. Come on babe look at me. Please?”
You smirk, forcing yourself to keep from looking at his handsome features, “I’d really rather look at those birds. They seem pretty interesting, kinda reminds me of Sam a bit and the clouds are big and fuff......mhmm...mmmm...” Words gone to the wind as he presses his lips to yours in a heated yet pleasantly unexpected kiss.
Bucky, not being able to handle your teasing anymore, thus took it upon himself to pull your face to his and with that lock lips with your alluring ones that were practically calling to him for some smooches.
You smile into the kiss, letting all your worries and troubles melt away as he gives a part of his body and soul to you in this very moment. All thoughts of Zemo and Karli out the window while Bucky moves so beautifully against your lips, god he feels so good. It’s been a hot minute since you and Bucky have had a moment as intimate and wonderful as this.
Contrary to this morning which consisted of probably the quietist and quite possibly the softest sex you two have ever had together. Since you were within thin walls and there happens to be two whole other people accounted for in the residence. Nonetheless, it was still beautiful and hot and oh so enjoyable laying underneath your sweet Bucky as he drew you to your high.
No one suspected a thing, and they never will. Probably.
Knock. Knock. Two raps on the door pull you from his delicious embrace, you break from his grasp, licking your lips before turning towards the wooden door. “What’s up, Sam?”
“We’re ready to head out.”
“Okay. We’ll be there in a minute.”
Sam smirks from behind the wood, “You two take your time now. Be safe in there yunno, mindful of the neighbors..”
“Okay Sam.” Grumbles Bucky in annoyance, “We get it, you can go now.” Sam chuckles, tapping on the door one last time before leaving to wander elsewhere in the house.
Bucky’s eyes are on you in a second, “Buck, no.”
“What? I didn’t do anything.”
You raise an accusatory brow, “You were definitely thinking it.”
Bucky snorts, “And what was I thinking?”
“I can’t say those thoughts out loud.” You practically purr into his ear, “But when this shits all over you can show me exactly what’s on your mind.”
Bucky’s eyes widen in excitement as you press a quick kiss to his cheek before sauntering off for the closed door. He stands there a moment just smiling to himself like a fool in love, soon following right after as you disappear into the doorway.
God he loves you so much.
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Broken Dreams
Part 5
Tumblr media
Pairing- Bucky Barnes x F! reader (Y/N)
Word Count-  1723
Warnings- canon typical violence, angst, language
Summary- Y/N is a top notch agent that left SHIELD years ago on not so great of terms. Now she is forced to go back and face the past, including a blue-eyed someone she used to call her best friend.
A/N- Here’s an angsty little something I cooked up to vent. Based loosely on some real life issue and events. I truly wrote this for myself to help deal with things. It’s a five part mini series.
Tumblr media
It had been a little over a year since the blip. Since you had been winked back into existence. Settling back into life had been difficult with the loss of some of your closest friends and coworkers like Natasha, Steve, and Tony. Luckily you still had Bucky and he was experiencing that same difficulty of transitioning back as you were. 
As with everything, time moved forward and the world progressed. Sam became the new Captain America and SHIELD had reformed newer and better than ever before. With your extensive experience and training you were primed to take a newly created position as lead agent where you’d be working directly under Bucky who was now instated as head of field operations.
It was everything you had ever hoped and dreamed for. A perfect job, working with your closest friend, and receiving the recognition that you were one of the top agents outside of the Avengers. While the job wasn’t yours yet, you were confident the offer would be given to you any day now.
Standing in the kitchen eating buttered toast, you heard footsteps behind you and turned to see Bucky entering the room. He wore a particularly blank look on his face causing you worry.
“Hey, what’s up? You ok?” You asked him.
“I came to talk to you about the new position.”
Heart racing in your chest, you couldn’t believe the moment had finally arrived. “Yeah? What about it? Did you decide?”
“We uh. . . I ah, I decided to go with someone else to fill the lead agent job,” he mumbled. “I wanted to tell you in person. But I also want you to know this decision isn’t a reflection on your importance to the team.”
“I—what? How? How!” you bellowed, not believing what you were hearing. “What did I do wrong?”
“Nothing. You’re an amazing agent. One of the best. We— I had to do what I thought was best for the team at this point,” he explained.
Stunned, you didn’t know what to say so you just stood there staring at a wall just beyond Bucky’s head.
“Y/N, are you ok?” Bucky asked after several minutes of silence.
“Ok? You want to know if I’m ok?” you laughed. “I just had my best friend tell me they didn’t choose me for my dream job. I’ve just watched my ship sail away while I was chained to the shore. Am I ok? No! I’m not fucking ok. I’m fact, I’m kind of dying inside,” you sobbed, tears spilling over in anger and disappointment.
“I’m sorry, Y/N.”
“Right, you’re sorry. Well so am I. I’m sorry I ever thought I was worth a god damn to this organization or to you,” you spat. 
“Please don't do this,” Bucky pleaded.
“I just had my heart ripped out Bucky, I think I get to be a little reactive for the moment.”
“Alright, just please. . .don’t do anything rash, ok?”
2029 (Present)-
Standing outside Bucky’s bedroom, you knocked on his door, half hoping he wasn’t there. A whirlwind of contradicting emotions swept through you. One moment you felt relief that it hadn’t been Bucky to make the decision, but then the next you felt the betrayal that he had lied to you all these years. No matter his reasons, you would never get those years back, yet you had to know the truth of why he would cause such a divide. 
Just as you were about to turn around and leave you heard the knob turn and watched as the door opened to reveal a very shocked Bucky.
“Y/N? Is everything ok?” he asked on edge, unsure of why you had come to him.
“You lied to me,” you accused as you stormed past him into his room. 
“What? What are you talking about? I’ve never lied to you,” he defended, staring you straight in the eyes after closing the door.
“The fuck you haven’t,” you spat at him. “I want to know why?”
“Why what? Y/N I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
“Fury told me,” you growled, as you curled your hands into fist at your side.
“He told you what?” 
“That it wasn’t your decision. . .it was his. He’s  the one that decided not to promote me. Why did you lie about that? Why did you let me hate you all this time?” You demanded. “Did he ask you to lie for him?”
“No, he didn’t know I lied until after.”
 “So it was all your decision to throw away our friendship? And for what? To protect Fury?”
“I did it to protect you.”
“Protect me?” you questioned. “Protect me from what?”
“Being hurt,” he said softly.
“Hurt? You wanted to protect me . . . from being hurt. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but you fucking failed. I’ve had my heart ripped out twice now,” you squeaked, on the verge of tears.
“Fury was right. We clouded each other’s judgement and I was afraid that you were going to get hurt.”
“Was this because I missed the guy on the roof when you got shot? Because I didn’t ask you to jump in front of me,” you proclaimed.
“No, it’s not because of that. It. . . I mean it was an example but not just that incident,” he muttered.
“What are you talking about?”
Sighing deeply to collect his thoughts, Bucky took a moment to respond. “I was overly protective of you. And I was starting to make poor decisions to ensure your safety. And you were missing small things that endangered us. And those things only happened when we worked together.”
The truth. 
You had been seeking it for so long, you should have felt relief to have the answers. But you never could have anticipated this mess. For a moment you just stared at him, unsure of what to think or say.
“I’m sorry Y/N. I never thought it would end up like this. I thought the bond you and I had was stronger than this. That’s why I took the blame. I figured you’d forgive me. I know you haven’t seen it, but this has been hell on me too. I was furious at Nick for what he did. I wanted to leave  SHIELD countless times, but Sam always persuaded me to stay.”
Then Bucky unexpectedly reached out and cupped your face with his hand. “I’ve missed you Y/N. It’s killed me everyday to know how much pain I caused you. To not see your face around here. Or to have you to talk to.”
“Bucky don’t,” you told him as you moved your face away from his hand. “Do not go down this road. I can’t. . . I just can’t. Not after everything.”
“But now you know. It wasn’t me. I didn’t deny you your dream-“
“But you did. You may not have taken away my dream job, but you lied to me. And you took away a different dream and so much more,” you said through tears.
“What do you mean?”
“It doesn’t matter now,” you scoffed.
“No, tell me. What other dream?” he pressed, cocking his head to the side.
Laughing gently to yourself, you sighed. “Once upon a time, I had a dream that was you and me. Together,” you started. “Foolish, I know. But I think I was in love with you and I held onto the hope that maybe someday. . . someday you’d see me for who I was and find me as amazing as I found you,” you confessed with a small, bitter smile.
“But then when you didn’t pick me for the promotion, it was like you were turning me down, closing off that possibility. I thought it was your way of letting me know you weren’t interested and didn’t see me as I saw you. 
I was heartbroken. 
And now I’m heartbroken all over again. And I know it’s dumb of me, foolish to feel so hurt even after all this time--”
“No, it’s not foolish. I felt the same way. I still do. I know my actions don't make any sense with that, but I was afraid,” he told you as he reached out and grabbed your hand. “Fury got into my head and I became so afraid you’d get hurt or killed if we continued working together. And I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you if I had the opportunity to protect you. I panicked. And I never had the nerve to act on my impulses for fear of ruining what we had.”
“You’re an idiot,” you deadpanned.
“Yeah, I am,” he smiled back. “I'm really, truly sorry Y/N. Can you forgive me?” 
“I honestly don’t know Bucky. I’m . . . very confused right now. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you, miss us. But my life went off the fucking rails and you had a big part in causing it. I can’t just be ok with that,” you explained. 
“That's understandable. But maybe after we work together again on this Flag Smashers case, it’ll feel like old times and we can move on from the past.”
“I don’t think I’ll be helping with the Flag Smashers mission. In fact, I think I’ll be leaving SHIELD again,” you said.
“Y/N I’m begging you. I’ll get down on my hands and knees, please don’t leave again,” he pleaded with a strained look on his face. 
“I appreciate finally knowing the truth. And maybe someday I’ll be able to forgive. But right now,” you sobbed, “I can’t be around here. It’s too painful.”
“Please, don’t. You don’t have to leave. I can go. Then your mom can stay and you can keep your job. It’s what you deserve,” he offered. 
“Even if you left, there’s just too many memories here. And Fury sure as shit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I don’t think I can bear to be around him either,” you countered.
“Where will you go?”
“I don’t know yet. This . . .I hate this feeling. I loved it here, and no place will ever compare. No partner will ever come close to what we had. And for a brief moment, I thought maybe I could recapture that magic. But it looks like I’ll have to find a new place to be from again.
Goodbye Bucky.”
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leipotterhandswp · 5 hours ago
A thousand years
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request/Prompt: (thanks for the request btw <33) “It’s like I’ve been waiting for her for a thousand years” with buckyyy Description: A thousand years of waiting for a lifetime of love. A/N: Hi!! I kind of changed the request a bit, instead of “her” i made the story gender-neutral, and i also changed the quote a little,,, also, keep in mind that the italics are flashbacks,, that’s all,, i hope you all enjoy this!
Ever since therapy started, Bucky has made it his new mission to make amends with those he’s hurt as the winter soldier. Door to door, he recites his lines and hopes for the best. Some do understand and forgive, some don’t, but that’s expected, right?
Sighing, he checks off the last name on the list. The list is complete. Well, not really.
There’s still someone. Someone he loves, and someone he’s hurt, not as the winter soldier, but as himself. 
(Flashback starts)
An arm grabs his, trying to pull him closer. “Bucky, do you really have to leave?” He looks over to them, tears rolling down their face. “I’m sorry, I really have to. Not for myself, but for you.” “Bucky, if this is to keep me safe, you don’t have to do this,” They exclaim. “I’m always safe when I’m with you,” “Just please, I don’t want to put you in danger.” He looks away, he can’t bear the fact that his love is crying because of him. “Please, I need to leave.” 
“Okay,” They hiccup. “I’ll let you leave on one condition.” “What is it?”
“Promise me you’ll come back alive,” “I promise,” But in reality, he’s not so sure if he will come back alive. 
They pull their bracelet off of their hand and fit it onto his. “Take this,” “I’ll take care of it.” He says, pushing the door open. He takes one more look at them and then he walks ‘till he’s out of sight.
(Flashback ends)
He has to find them again. He needs to keep his promise. The only problem is they are all the way in Bucharest, Romania. He doesn’t even know where they are, but he knows where to start.  ________________________________________________________________
After arriving at Bucharest, he returns to the place where they lived. He knocked every door, until he found them. They didn’t recognize him at first, he expected that, but after noticing his metal arm, all of it came back to them. “Bucky?” They said tearing up. “You really came back!” The tears spilled out, as they wrapped their arms around him. “I made a promise to the love of my life, I wasn’t about to break that promise.” He smiled, hugging them back. “It’s like I’ve been waiting for you for a thousand years,” They said while touching his face, still crying. “Well, I’ll be with you forever from now on to make up for it.” “I’d love that,” They said, pulling him in and connecting their lips with his.
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Oh sorry! The 5,18,19 from the fluff list haha. Thank you!!
Tumblr media
prompts “I’m so proud of you.” - “I love seeing you smile.” - “Why are you wearing my sweater?” “Because it smells like you.”
pairing bucky barnes x reader
summary you and bucky reunite after a mission
warnings fluff.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky wasn’t expecting you to come until Saturday, so when he found you sleeping next to him, cuddling to his body on Thursday morning, he was surprised and curious.
You had been on your first solo mission for the week and although Bucky was worried sick, he was also very proud of you.
“Bucky? Stop moving.” you mumbled sleepily when his moves woke you up.
“Good morning to you too, sweetheart. How was the mission?” he asked and kissed your forehead.
“Successful but it felt like years, Buck. I missed you so much.” you kissed his neck and he smiled at your needy behaviour.
“I missed you too, baby. I am so proud of you.” he said, making you smile. You put your hands on his chest and looked at him with a smile on your face and he smiled too.
“I missed your smile. I love seeing you smile.” he said and kissed your nose, making you giggle. You kissed him on the lips, he kissed you back and rolled over so he was on the top of you. You two made out, his hands on your waist and your hands rubbing the back of his neck.
“I love you so much, honey.” he whispered after you stopped. He kissed nose again and you giggled again.
“Why are you wearing my sweater?” He asked when he saw you wearing one of his sweaters that he got as a gift in christmas. You looked so adorable in it that he wanted to take a picture and keep it with him forever.
“Because it smells like you.” You answered shyly, looking away from him. He cupped your face with his hands and kissed your cheeks.
“I am right here, baby.” he said and you buried your head in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent.
“I know.” you answered, still embarrassed.
“Hey, doll, if you want to wear it, you can, okay? It looks better on you anyways.” he grinned at the last part, making you smile.
“Okay.” you said.
“I love you so much, sweetheart.”
“I love you too, James.”
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