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#bucky barnes x you

my first tumblr imagine 😳 please don’t steal my work, like and reblog if you enjoyed!

| bucky barnes |

Warnings : No plot, Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), Mirror sex, Edging, Choking, Hair Pulling and Degradation [basically the entire pack]

Word Count : 1.25 k


(gif not mine, credits to owner)

Tears started to well up your eyes as you tried to choke back your moans, your eyes fixated on his through the mirror as the super-soldier used you for his pleasure, not giving a fuck about the fact that your body was more or less limp in his hands. If it wasn’t for his flesh arm tightening his hold over your waist while the other grabbed your throat, you would probably be splayed on the bed by now.

You had no idea who suggested it first and how, perhaps you’d had too much to drink and slipped the little secret out. Whatever be the reason, it had led to this, Bucky fucking you mercilessly with your back facing him as the two of you maintained eye contact through the mirror. There was something so intimate about this, the way you could watch him staring at you with glittering blue eyes as if he could see right through your soul. You noticed each of his actions carefully, the way a muscle ticked in his jaw every time he hit that sweet spot, the way he smirked just a little when he felt yourself tightening around him, the way his hold on your neck released just a little when you released a choked moan, only to tighten again.

“B-Bucky.” Your voice almost surprised you. The way he’d turned you into a stuttering mess, you could barely speak, your voice a mere whisper. He knew it too, the way his lips curved into a cocky, self satisfied smirk.

“What is it, doll?” He hummed. “Can’t understand what you’re tryna say ‘till you use proper sentences, can I?”

You knew exactly where this was going, you’d been there on multiple occasions. He was going to edge you. Edge you until you would be blabbering, your words incoherent as you begged him for your release, calling you all sorts of filthy names to make sure it was just he who had this power and effect over you. He’d make you cry for it-cry for him.

“Please, Bucky.” Whispering, you dug your nails into the arm around your waist, showing him how bad you needed it.

“What did I say about full sentences?” His metal arm left your throat only to tug at your hair, hard. Your head fell back, resting against his shoulder as he planted a soft kiss over your forehead gently caressing your hair, his voice surprisingly soft yet raspy. “Doll, we can either do it the easy way or make it hard for you. You know that, right?”

Your hair were yanked back again in order to remind you to answer.

“Y-yes.” You mumbled, controlling your breath but failing miserably. “Yes, we can.”

“Good girl.” You could sense the smile radiating on his face at the words. “Now tell me, what do you want?”

He didn’t stop using your hole while he teased you, his thrusts slow yet hard as he pushed all the way in-so deep you could feel him assaulting your cervix. Your eyes closed shut, trying your best to avoid the coil tightening in your stomach, ready to burst every time he hit that one sweet spot.

“I-I want to cum.”

A sharp stinging sensation brought you back to your senses as you noticed a red mark over your inner thigh where his hand just landed. Your eyes brimmed with tears, unsure of whether it was the pain or pleasure. His hand cupped your jaw, forcing your gaze back to the mirror. An almost pornographic moan escaped your lips as you noticed him buried ball deep inside you.

“Come on, baby.” He tutted. “You can do better than that.”

“I-I want you to-fuck.” You gasped as he snapped his hips harshly against yours, a strand falling his forehead as he picked pace, your hand itching to brush it off. “I want y-you to make me cum on your cock.”

“That’s better.” He growled, his eyes trailing over your entire body through the mirror, goosebumps erupting on your skin under the intensity of his gaze. The arm that had been snaked around your waist for support let go, finding it’s way to your breasts, pinching and twisting at the nipples. You tried to balance yourself on your wobbling knees. “Wanna cum so bad, don’t you?”

You were fucked dumb, so deep absorbed in pleasure and the feeling of his cock thrusting in and out that his words or your surroundings made no sense. You nodded furiously at whatever he said, only to get smacked on your breast, the sound echoing in the room.

“If I don’t hear words coming out of that sweet little mouth of yours, I’ll make sure you don’t get to cum, you whore.” His metal arm applied pressure on your neck making it hard to breath. You choked out a cry, mascara running down your eyes making him release his hold just enough to let you breath. “Wouldn’t even fight that, huh? Because you’re all mine. And I get to do whatever I want to you however the fuck I want and you take it because you’re nothing but a little slut,” He groaned, hot breath tickling the back of your neck. “my little slut.”

“P-Please let me cum Bucky.” You looked into his eyes, pleading although you were sure mercy had been long forgotten the moment he entered you.

“Who’s little slut are you?” He toyed with your nipple, grunting as he felt himself nearing as you milked all his length.

“Yours.” You gasped. “Your little slut, all yours-oh my God-”

His metal arm let go of your throat, reaching down to the bundle of nerves between your legs, the cool metal rubbing and twisting your nub as you felt the orgasm at your brink, there was no way in hell you could wait any longer. You whimpered at his mercy, more or less dying for that one word to make yourself come undone. And as his eyes found you through the mirror, noticing yours all puffed up and red from the tears, your cheeks painted in mascara, because of him-for him, he lost it.


A loud cry left your throat, toes curling as you finally let go. Every nerve cell in your body ignited as you felt the waves of the most intense orgasm you’d ever experienced wash over you. Your vision blinded as you tried your best to maintain eye contact through the mirror-just as you had been ordered.

“Jesus, fuck. You gotta-” The obscene sounds of his sweaty skin slapping against yours filled the room as he growled, hips snapping harshly as he prolonged you orgasm, pinching the bud between your legs. Stilling for a second, he bit down on your neck as he burst inside you, fucking you sloppily through your climax.

He let go of your body, making you fall down on the mattress with a thud, too fucked up to care about anything as you tried to catch your breath. He layed down next to you, gently holding you by your hand, pulling you towards him as you rested your head over his chest. His hands rubbed circles over your back, helping you come down from your high.

“You did so well, doll.” A soft flutter of a kiss over your head made your lips curve upwards. “my doll.”


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Quick Fixes | B.Barnes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky needs to go to the hospital after a incident on a mission.

Word count: 356

Warnings: Language, cute Bucky, not proofread

A/N: Not my gif. This was something I had thrown together quick and I haven’t proofread it hope you enjoy it though.


A loud ‘shit!’ echoed in everyone’s coms, followed by ‘for fucks sake, Barnes, everytime.’

“Barnes is down.” Steve sighed into his coms.

“Already, Barnes? You just tryna see your lady friend at the hospital?” Sam teased, earning a shut up from Bucky.

“I’m going to get him back to the jet and see what I can do.” Steve stood Bucky up and leant him against his shoulder, leading him towards the jet.

“Why’d you do this, Buck? Why’d you get hurt all the time.”

Bucky in his half conscious daze only mumbled out, “‘cause she’s so pretty.”

“I know she is.” Steve said. When he felt Bucky pulling away, he looked down and saw Bucky’s eyebrows knit together and his lips fall into a pout. “What’s up, Buck.”

“Mine.” He mumbled. “She’s mine. You can’t like her.”

“Buck, I’m with Nat. I’m not trying to steal your girl.” Bucky mumbled ‘so pretty’ into Steve’s shoulder and smiled.

On the quinjet, Bucky kept mumbling about you, entertaining Sam to no end.

“What was that, iceman?”

“Smells like daisies.”

“Right.” Sam teased.

When they landed by the hospital, Steve tried to get Bucky off, with him pushing backwards.

“Stop that, Barnes. Come on. You wanted to see her, stop being stupid.”

“B-b-but she won’t like me.” He sobbed.

“Yes she will. Let us get you too her then you can ask her.”

When Steve had actually got Bucky into the hospital and into a bed, you came in and Bucky stopped struggling against Steve.

“Hey, Buck. Back again, huh?”

“Yeah. Sorry about this Y/n.” Steve replied.

“It’s quite alright. I can’t complain if I get to look after my favourite patient.” You booped Bucky on the end of the nose and he giggled.

“Y/n,’ he spoke up, ‘Do you like me?”

“Of course I do.”

“No. That’s not what I mean.” He whined.

“Then what do you mean?”

“Like like. Like you want to date me like.”

“Yes I do.’ The biggest smile spread over Bucky’s face at that. ‘Come and talk to me when you’re back to yourself.”

“I will. You can count on that.”

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Warnings: bucky barnes being a charmer

A/n: Happy Readings Angels will be updating my update page, so do keep a look out to see what works and chapters will be posting! 

Day 3 / Series Masterlist


You had always liked to believe that you could consider yourself a morning person, liked to think when you were made to be up at a rather decent hour of the morning, that you were that morning person.

You were wrong, you definitely weren’t a morning person.

You had woken up at 4 a.m. to make sure that you were showered, dressed in your warmest, and that all your bags were downstairs by the time your cab had arrived. You desperately needed some sort of caffeine if you didn’t want to scare anyone away with the permanently etched scowl, but there was no way for you to make a quick stop if you didn’t want to risk making both you and Bucky late for your flight.

You had barely pulled up to the airport when you spotted him out front with his bags, there was just no way someone could look that well put together at the ass crack of dawn, no way.

“Look at you,” he grins when you step out of the cab, the driver fetching your things from the trunk, “you are just a sight for sore eyes in the morning aren’t you babe?”

Your cheeks-tinged pink at the pet name, “s’too early Barnes,” you grumbled, helping the driver with your bags.

“Had a feeling it might be, that’s why I took some time from my morning to make sure you got your caffeine you needed,” you looked over your shoulder to see Bucky extend out his thermos.

Your lips part slightly as you look from him to the thermos, then back again, you almost miss when your driver thanks you, due to your stupor.

You’re offering a rushed thank you to your driver as you lean over to take the warm thermos from Bucky’s hand, he’s laughing as you bring the warm drink to your lips, “what can’t a guy do something nice for his girl?”

You’re raising a brow, “already pulling out the stops I see, you start all this way with your clients?”

A smirk tugs at his lips as he reaches to tug your carry-on bags closer, throwing them onto his, “you’re not exactly a client babe, call it a special occasion,” he winks.

The words catch in your throat, but you don’t have time to sit on it as a voice sounds through the speakers, “Flight to Baltimore Maryland is now boarding, please make your way to gate 3,” the woman repeats herself a second time.

Bucky’s already moving forward with most of your bags leaving you with the rolling baggage, he looks over his shoulder as he reaches the doors to the airport, “you coming sweetheart?”

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i cannot tell you nonnie how much joy it brought me writing this story for you. of course i always love writing, but for some reason this just made me so HAPPY, especially as i was typing out the last words. 

i hope that you’ve had an amazing birthday and that this little fic can add some joy to your day. thank you so so so so much for this request. 

- mal xox


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.9K

Warnings: it gets a bit angsty here, but nothing too crazy. just a couple of love sick dumb dumbs. 

The blazing hot June sun engulfed your body in a sheet of sweat that clung to you like a second skin as you finished your midday run. Normally you would start your runs in the mornings, but it seemed that every piece of workout gear you owned hadn’t seen a washer in more than a week. You cursed yourself for your own laziness as you made it back to the compound.

You wiped the sweat from your forehead as you walked toward the shared living area which sat in the middle of a grid connecting everyone’s rooms. When you heard familiar laughing you stopped for a moment before entering, trying to make out the familiar voices. Carefully you peered around the corner, spotting Bucky, your best friend, with a girl, Kara, not your best friend but someone incredibly nice and pretty. 

They sat close to one another, obviously in a private conversation. As you watched your chest tightened. He looked at Kara with engagement, excitement, sincerity, all the things that would indicate that a guy was into you. And of course he would be into Kara, she was funny, smart, kind, and literally one of the most gorgeous people you had ever met. A keeper for sure, and you guessed that Bucky thought so too. 

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Summary: “first day of snow is full of magic, anything can happen.”

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Sad boy Bucky, mentions of smut, some 18+ content (but nothing to write home about), tooth rotting fluff.

Word Count: 3.2k

Authors Note: I’m so merry and bright its insane. This is my second submission to the Merry Hoemas Challange hosted by the wonderful @amythedvdhoarder​, @chrissquares​, @drabblewithfrannybarnes​, @pumpkin-and-pine​, and @starlightcrystalline​. Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

Prompt: Watching the first snowfall  


Would you know what love was if you didn’t know it existed? 

There were many times Bucky felt what he only assumed was love. Moments, however fleeting that he would often wonder, is this what that feels like? Of course, Bucky had memories, though dull and distorted,  he knew he was loved at some point, he just couldn’t remember by whom. Family, maybe. A lover, sure. But all he was left with now was an empty pit. A warmth that he couldn’t quite place. It spread throughout his chest every time he saw you. 

“Hey Buck.” You beamed up at him. He smirked at the way you had to crank your neck to look at him. It was comical, really. But you never let your height deter you from a fight. He admired that about you. Among other things. 

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Originally posted by stripper-patrick

smut, explicit language, very unholy behavior overall

  • in my mind priest!bucky is a mostly submissive man. he enjoys it best when you have full control over him as a whole
  • the only time when he takes total control over you is when you ask for it by doing something out of line, like tempting him during mass, or openly flirting with some random guy in the youth group
  • he’ll drag you to his office and scold you until he’s red in the face“you’ve been so bad today, angel.” he’ll finally say, frowning at you
  • hm, I have. how can i repent of my sins, father? how can i be good for you again?” you whisper in his ear, palming him through the slacks under his cassock
  • one rosary angel. you tell me a whole rosary from start to finish. if you stop, you have to start all over again. you don’t get to cum until you’ve said your final prayer, understood?

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Lost Souls, Kindred Spirits Masterlist

Bucky Barnes x fem!reader (no y/n)

Total word count: 36,896

Summary:  After the events of Winter Soldier, Bucky finds himself in New York to try to jog his memory where he runs into the reader. After saving her from being assaulted, they both feel an instant connection and she decides to help him out, and their relationship grows from there. Maybe it was fate that drew them together, but a lost soul always recognizes a lost soul.

Warnings: pining, action, drama, slowish burn, stripper!reader, mild violence, kidnapping, hurt/comfort, injury, blood, smut, protective!Bucky, heated love confession, canon compliant

Originally posted between Aug 2018 and March 2019


Moodboard made by me

💦 = smut

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10


 Chapter 11 

Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15 
Chapter 16


Chapter 17
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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: After taking Sam’s advice, Bucky goes searching for a gloryhole and he finds one between your legs.

Warnings: NSFW; smut, unprotected sex, implied female receiving oral, language, friends to lovers. 

Word Count: 1,215 (Get ready for 1k fics from this day on!) lol

Authors Notes: TGIF!!!! Happy Weekend Friends! :)

Even if Bucky and Sam’s relationship seemed a little hit and miss, Sam was always there to offer Bucky some good advice when he needed.

The soldier had been waking up in really bad moods for the past couple weeks. It didn’t help when Sam was insistent on watching movies with lots of sex scenes.

“You just need to get laid.” Sam told him one morning over a coffee. Watching Bucky’s eyebrows deepen in frustration over the lack of sex he was having.

Bucky agreed with Sam. Knowing a long night between someone’s legs was going to make him feel so much better and happier. Sam went on to tell him about finding glory holes, “the wetter the better.” He said and gave advice on fingering.

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a/n: i’m sorry this took me so long:( but thanks for the request! enjoy xoxo

‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪ ‎✪

bucky claims he’s the “king of holiday decorations” and that he can outdo anyone. and he goes all out and buys a bunch of lights and trees and wreaths and stuff and he spends all freaking day on the roof trying to figure everything out. but he quickly realizes how difficult some of the technology can be, not to mention he has a ton of bunched up/tangled lights and he cannot untangled them for the life of him. so you go out and you’re all like “babe, you’ve been up there all day. just come down and finish it tomorrow” and he’s like “no way!”. and you’re just watching him, trying so hard to keep your laughter in cuz he just looks absolutely ridiculous lollllll. and he’s like “what are you laughing about?? think you can do better???”. then homeboy trips over the lights and straight up falls off the roof and into a bush. and you’re laughing sooooo hard (especially since you know that he’s not hurt or anything). but while you’re laughing you totally slip on a little patch of ice and fall flat on your ass. and then it’s bucky’s turn to laugh. so y’all are just laughing together and it’s just a fun time:):):)

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Help In Need - Bucky Barnes [ Prologue ]

Series Summary : Bucky wants Natasha. Steve has Natasha. You want Bucky. But Bucky wants you to seduce Steve so he can get Natasha. In trying to find that luck that was so desperately needed in your life, did you end up putting yourself in a really messed up game? Yes, you did. Especially when feelings are caught.


Masterlist Link : Link.


Nothing was going right .

This wasn’t your best year, but who were you kidding ; the past few years hadn’t been any better.

You were 26 years old, and the nearest that you had to a love life was your strong relationship and bond with your cat – yes, you read that right, your cat, Valentino. You had thought that maybe life will start looking up for you soon, but when you stood in a corner at a colleague’s birthday party, watching her shimmy against a hot bouncer, you realized that you were most probably going to die alone, having lived a boring, loveless life with no one to cry for you when you were gone, except Valentino. To top it up by a notch, you lost your job, the only good thing that you had, and now , you didn’t know if it was just another bad year, or the entire decade was going to be as depressing.

You stepped on to the busy street of Sixth Avenue, Manhattan; holding a box of your stationary. You were officially jobless today. Your heels clicking against the paved sidewalk, you pushed your way through the swarming Friday crowd.

You must have looked a sight– your hair a messy nest on top of your head, your glasses tilted over your eyes but you were unable to use your hands to even push the frame over the bridge of your nose; thanks to the box that you were carrying around. If things couldn’t get worse, you almost fell to your side, your heel having snapped into two; and had a kind hearted stranger not held you steady, you would have landed face first against the cold concrete, and would be jobless, single and broken nosed.

“Jesus, that’s it! That’s just fucking it! I can’t do this anymore,” in that one second; all hell broke lose. You were done, you were tired, you were angry and worst of all, you wanted to break someone’s nose. Your hands dramatically dropped the box and all the contents scattered to the ground with a crash, your hands now flying up to your hair, as you shook your head and closed your eyes, “deep breathes Y/N. Deep fucking breaths. You’ve seen worse than this, haven’t you?”

You forced yourself to flutter your eyes open, and move the fuck on when your eyes fell on something – an LED board – outside a tarot shop with a quote on it that immediately called to you; it was like an inward calling – Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.

Of course; how could you have been so dumb. Maybe your luck was waiting right there for you, waiting for you to knock on its door. You just had to try.

You ran towards that quaint little shop in the corner of the street like your life depended on it; your heels off your feet and dangling from your hands, your bare feet flapping against the concrete as you recklessly ran towards the shop. The little jingle of the bell acted like a catalyst of a sudden positivity inside of you, and the warm, welcoming smile of the gypsy lady by the end of the room seated under an illumination of a mix of bright neon lights captivated your attention.

“Look at you, child. You seemed to have had a bad day.”

“A bad day?” You snorted; rolling your eyes, “it seems to be a bad decade.”

The woman arched her body forward, her heavily tainted cherry rouge lips only puckering in amusement as her ring adorned hand came to rest on her chin, and you watched her scratch it.

“Looking for a little luck?”

“It won’t be so bad to know how being lucky feels like.”

“Uh-huh,” she threw out her hand towards you, and you took a step closer, until you placed your palm in her outstretched hand and she nudged you to take a seat, “you’re just at the right place then, copil dragut.”

The gypsy made you roll over your palm, as she leaned forward, curling her lips; her eyes fixed on the lines that ran along the crevice of your palm, “hm.”

“See anything? Anything nearest to luck?”

“What scares you the most, hm, zahăr?” She licked her lip, her gaze flickering from your palm to your eyes, making you shrug; truth be told, many things scared you.

“I’ll end up dying alone, my corpse rotting away in my apartment, and no one to cry for me, except Valentino, that’s my cat–”

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t see a very interesting future ahead. Things might not change, I can see your cat being with you, and that’s that,” her fingers slowly dropped your palm, and she snatched her purse from her left, pulling out a cigarette and fixing it between her plump lips, “But it will change, for good.”

“What do you mean?”

Maybe there was hope for you–

“Well, you will have all that you wish for, but you got to do one thing for it; you got to help someone in need,” she tried to explain.

“Like charity? I can do that.”

She shook her head, bringing the lit cigarette to her lips, inhaling the smoke as you watched her being engulfed into a whirlwind of smoke only to appear again.

“It’s much more complex than that. I can’t tell you when, and who. But someday, soon, someone will come asking for your help and you should not send him away. He’s going to be the key; the key that will open up the genie in the bottle for you.”


Today, as you sat opposite this beautiful blue eyed man, the words of that gypsy came back to haunt you – you’ll know when it is time, and your gut will answer it for you.

You grabbed your Starbucks cup, pushing the straw rather unceremoniously into your mouth, looking at him.

Shoulders tense, thick lines forming over his forehead and sleep deprived bags underneath his eyes. He was the one. The key to your problems; you had finally found him.

You didn’t answer me, doll, will you help me?” He cocked his head to one side, his messy black locks falling over his face; covering almost a half of it.

Maybe, he only needed a good fuck. And who were you kidding– so did you. You didn’t remember the last time you had orgasmed to an actual dick inside you, and not a fucking dildo. Maybe you could help the both of you. Your eyes scanned him; the way his tight fitting shirt stuck to his torso made you want to lick your lips. You could see his abs, the tshirt was so tight.

Listen, I’m desperate. I am willing to pay. Tell me,” his words ended, but your eyes followed his movement as he pulled out a cheque book (that belonged to Tony Stark) from one of his pockets, slamming it on the table. “Name your price, doll.”

That warm, raspy voice sent nerves dancing up your spine. You wanted him. The very voice seemed to be pushing your mind, and your body into an uncontrollable spiral. You unknowingly bit your lip, leaning forward as your palm came to rest on the coffee table, your fingers aimlessly tapping against it. The look in his eyes lingered; causing you to wonder if he could see through you and what your mind was cooking up; if he could notice that you were undressing him in the back of your mind, practically eye fucking him, right there. He seemed to have imprinted your soul with a simple mark: infatuation.

“What did you say your name was, again?” You asked him; absentmindedly. Sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention to what you had to say, I was busy imagining you pushing me into that stall right there and hiking up my skirt.

Bucky. Bucky Barnes.”

No way. You’re him. You’re the Winter Soldier. You’re the fucking Winter Soldier. And you need my help?” Suddenly, this was amusing. You skewered your head to one side, taking a sip of your cappuccino, watching the man who was so obliviously trying to hide his metal arm.

And then he smirked at you, leaning forward, placing his elbows on the surface of the table in front of him, “Don’t make me change my mind, doll. If not you, I can line up a dozen women in here who would help me , for free. And I’m even ready to pay you good money.”

He wasn’t wrong though. How hadn’t you known before? He was a freaking Avenger. You mentally cursed youself for not bothering to be just a tad bit social media active. You didn’t even recognise people by their faces.

Alright, Soldier. Fine. I’ll help you. Though I don’t understand why, a man like you –” your eyes swiped appreciatively over his torso, a smirk breaking out over the corner of your lips, “will pay a woman for sleeping with him.”

Wait. What? Hold on a minute.”

You frowned; he just shook his head, it hitting him like a brick, right across his face.

I don’t need you to uh, sleep with me,” he sheepishly ran his flesh hand through his hair, messing them up even more, “I need you to seduce Captain America.

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Day 4 submission for HBC Home For The Holidays. I took a little bit of liberty with the prompt of fireplace. Hope ya’ll enjoy!


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 675


You attempted to pull your layers around you even rather, finding the fabric had nothing left to give. Snow falls steadily over the quickly made structure, building walls higher and higher around the two of you.

Bucky was working tirelessly, but any wood that was easily accessible can be soaking in the cold wet snow. Sparks flew from his flint, but his biggest accomplishment was just licks of smoke.

“Why don’t you just give it a bit of break and bring it under the tarp and hope it can dry out a tiny bit. In the meantime, we can dig the bottom out some more and build up the walls to protect us from the wind.“ You attempt to pull him out of his trance.

“Yeah let’s do that. I know your sleeping bag got lost in the run, but we should be able to squeeze into mine and be warm enough.” His lips pressed gently against your forehead, secretly getting reading for your dropping temperature.

As much as he hated the cold, this felt familiar. Survivable to him. The bastard serum had him running at higher temperatures normally, the cold right now taking him to just above average. But you were normal, wholly human. And if he didn’t get that fire going soon, this would be one hell of a night for the both of you.

He had to get it going, even if it means ripping off a healthy dry tree limb to get you there. Taking a wide circle around your location, ensuring that you hadn’t been followed this deep into the woods. He started to turn back when something flittered in the corner of his eye.

Approaching slowly, the hunting blind was revealed. Inside, only a few chairs but the ground was dry, the wind was almost completely cut down. His feet carried him swiftly back to you. finding you struggling to build the walls up higher.

“Y/N!” The wind howled, causing him to yell “I found a small shelter just a little that way! We’ll do a lot better there tonight!” his fingers pointed in the direction he had come from.

It was useless to yell, you both knew your voice wouldn’t carry. Instead, you nodded and made quick work of the knots holding the tarp up, folding it tightly before starting your trip. It was tight, barely made for two people to sit around in all day, let alone sleep. But it was a million times warmer already.

“We might get a fire to light in here, without battling the wind.” You said hopefully, scavenging the ground for old twigs and pine needles. He disappearing quickly, but loud cracks of a tree branch alerted you exactly where he was.

Flint shaky in your hand, multiple strikes in an attempt finally connected spark to needles. Fire born bright in that small tent.

“Congratulations. Now to keep it going,” He walked in with an armful of kindling, followed by small logs to keep going throughout the night.

You ate dinner silently, relishing the warmth of noodles and broth.

“I’ll take first watch.” He said quietly, setting up his sleeping bag and gesturing over to you.

“Bucky you are going to get cold eventually,” There was no way that you could take the entire bag to yourself.

“Who said it was all for you?” His smile was broad as he pressed himself close to the seam of the fabric. Even if you could keep the fire going all night, it was still likely to be just above freezing the entire night.

Settling in comfortably, his arms came around you, set on the task of the zipper, slowly encasing you two together. Becoming closer by the second until your head was forced onto his chest.

“Get some sleep. I’ll keep you safe.” His tone was hushed, the vibrations of his syllabus vibrating you. You tried to fight it for as long as possible, but the steady pounding of his heart and crackle of the fire left you in the deep clutches of sleep.

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Pairing: Bucky x reader (Hubby and dad Bucky)

Word Count: 679

Summary: You and Bucky wrap gifts for your kids while enjoying the fireplace :) 

Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-clubHome for the Holidays Celebration and day 4- fireplace. I’ve included this sweet and lovely drunk drabble prompt below from my darling @bugsbucky​ Hope you like this and thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤


Warnings: Soft fluffy love, implied sexy times…soft Bucky and Winter pup :)


HBC Home for the Holidays Masterlist

The fire warms your feet as you sit on the cool wood floor of your living room, toe to toe with Bucky and a pile of wrapping accessories between you. “I can’t wait until that new rug comes Buck; my ass is freezing.” Bucky looks up from his ribbon tying and smirks, “I have an idea.” He stands and moves behind you, sitting again and pulling your back to his chest. He curls his legs around yours and finishes tying the bow.

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Note: I try to keep the reader so as to be “all colours and sizes inclusive“ and “gender-neutral” (inclusive of all the genders), unless stated otherwise. My works are mostly self-indulgent.

Note: Check out more Bucky fics under different pairings in my Main Masterlist and dark!fics on my side-blog @that-dark-girl

The title dividers are made by the amazing @firefly-graphics​ and the other one by me.


Bucky and The Bed Masterlist

Making Omelettes Masterlist
Collab with @thorfanficwriter
Work In Progress


Tinsel Teasing*

Too Many ‘After which’s

Dreaming and Doing*

Saying Winter

The Chills and Warmth

For You


All The Way*

Our Love


Buttery Butt


Our Pup


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Bucky Barnes x Reader


Beauty & The Beast/Dark Fairytale AU

Summary: For as long as your town had existed, a sacrifice had to be made. Every five years to keep the dark and enchanted forest, and all it’s monsters at bay, your people chose one of your own to be led into the forest and left as an offering to The Great White Wolf.

Left in the forest to await your death, you quickly realise not all monsters are evil, and truths you’d once held steadfast threaten to come tumbling down around you…

Warnings: mentions of violence, language maybe, dark fantasy vibes.


- One

- Two

- Three

- Four

- Five

- Six

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A/n: Natasha is a sneaky sneak, being the sneakiest. ALSO are we excited to finally meet the parents tomorrow and really kick off this ROMCOM OF ALL ROMCOM CHRISTMAS EDITION FIC?! BECAUSE I AM! I hope you all enjoy this part and are as excited and ready as i am! Happy Readings Angels!

Day 2 / Series Masterlist


You had barely been home an hour, buried deep in your closet when your doorbell rang. Peeking from behind the rack of jeans you were currently scourging through, your brows furrowed as you heard it go off once more. You weren’t expecting anyone.

Hands leaving the hems of your pants you moved yourself from your closest yelling an ‘I’m coming’ as you crossed your apartment to get the front door.

Not bothering to look through the peephole you’re pulling the door open wanting to close it a second later when you find Natasha leaning on the doorway a smirk kissing her red lips, “so I see you took my advice?”

“Oh god,” you groaned moving around the door to let her in, “did he text you,” you questioned shutting the door behind her.

“He did,” she answered, “but it’s not what you’re thinking,” you raise a brow, interest piqued, “he told me to hold off on the payment, any reason as to why he might say that?”

Your brows furrowed, head tilting back slightly at her words, “he told you what now?”

She’s rolling her eyes, “Barnes told me to hold off on his payment.”

“why would he tell you that,” you questioned, “the payment only got brought up once during brunch but – what, why are you looking at me like that?”

A smirk was pulling at the corner of Natasha’s mouth an amusing glint in her eyes, “oh tasha don’t,” you groan.

“having brunch with Barnes alone now are we, y/n is he going to charge me extra,” she teases.

If you had something in your hand you would have already flung it at her, “he offered me Brunch as a way of knowing whether I was in or not, and well apparently I am desperate enough to not want to go home alone for the holidays.”

“as you should be,” she grinned, hands falling to your shoulders, “now what were you up to that it took you two presses to that darn bell of yours to come get me?”

You grinned, “you are aware Barnes and I will be leaving tomorrow morning right, I was sorting through my closet before you graced me with your presence.”

She’s rubbing her hands together than, “I came just in time then, c’mon lets go find you some cute outfits!”

“Natasha,” you whined.

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