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#bucky barns
amayatheowl · 2 days ago
Bucky X Reader
Summary: You missed him more than words could describe, moving on with your life wasn't really an option yet you still tried.
Warnings: ANGST and omg so much of it (I'm sorry but also not sorry) and mentions of sex, blood too. (Has been skimmed, sorry if I missed some errors)
Words: 1.9K
This little fic was inspired by this post.
Tumblr media
You bought plums for yourself for the first time today. You weren’t even sure why you did, it wasn’t like they were your absolute favourite, but seeing them made you feel closer to him and you wanted to bring that feeling home with you.
A part of you felt as though you were setting yourself up for failure, thinking that maybe if you brought them home he’d reappear as easily as you watched him crumble to dust, slip right through your fingertips.
He was around you, you could feel him, the breeze caressing your skin in the most subtle, gentle way. Whispering into your ear, pressing against your back, just like he would. It made you turn around instinctively, waiting to see his ocean eyes reflecting your frown as he smiled sheepishly, pointing at the fruit ahead of you as though a child at a supermarket.
“You have to eat the other ones too then.” You’d tell him every time knowing damn well that when four o clock hits and he wanders into the kitchen looking for a snack, he’d still reach for the damn plums and not the countless selection of fruits he’d forcefully popped in your basket.
He’d grin shamelessly at you when you’d catch him, lips spread around the skin, the juice trickling down his chin which only irked you more, it made you rush into the kitchen beside him, holding a paper towel underneath.
“I literally mopped this morning.” Even though your tone was one of an overworked and underappreciated caretaker, your eyes would defy your exclamations and soften instantly at his satisfaction. All his innocence surfacing in that moment.
You’d taken the liberty to wear one of his shirts today, arms swallowed by the soft fabric that grazed your skin as you walked around your empty apartment. Your mind replaying the mental image of Bucky’s wide eyes set on you the first time you’d walked across the living room in just his T-shirt, hair still wet, shooting him an awkward smile as he sputtered.
He never mentioned it but took notice of how often he’d seen you scurrying around the apartment in only his shirts, taking a mental note of leaving a couple behind whenever it was time for him to head back to Wakanda, and he did, with a note tucked between them in your dresser, telling you he’d be back soon.
They were still laced with his scent, the woody notes mixed with a hint of metal coming to a close comparison with the feeling of your head against his chest.
Your hand instinctively ran over your head, making sure to stop at the spot he’d adoringly ruffle your hair, chuckling when you cuddled closer, nuzzling into his neck.
“You’re like a cat.” He’d tease only to scoop you into his arms and breathe you in, basking in your warmth.
Right as your teeth sank into the soft skin of the plum, the juices dripping down your chin, you rushed for a paper towel to catch the droplets.
The tangy flavour settled uncomfortably on your tongue. Leaving you with a bittersweet taste.
He’d ruined the fruit for you.
The plum tasted better on his tongue, with his hands gripping tightly at your waist, pressing you to him. With his beard tickling your chin, tipping you back while he deepened the kiss. Just like the fruit he’d break away the barriers, peeling you out of your clothes and devouring you, taking his time to observe and absorb every flavour that you had to offer.
There was no way they’d ever taste the same.
Defeatedly you dropped the half eaten plum in the bin, falling back onto the couch in a matter of seconds, tears already blurring your vision. You’d promised yourself you wouldn’t cry today, and instead enjoy his memory, live there with him, but no one told you it’d be this hard.
A comforting weight settled on your lap, your eyes following the sound of his purring, Alpine peering up at you, you imagined him giving you a comforting smile and returned it half heartedly letting your hand brush over his soft fur. “I miss him too.” You sighed, your head falling back onto the soft cushion of the couch, a fresh batch of hot tears escaping the bounds of your eyes, disobeying you.
It was here, where he told you he loved you. Unravelled you like no other, so much that you struggled to piece yourself back together again.
“Jesus Buck! That hurts.” You squealed, watching him wince as he slowly unwrapped the gauze you’d quickly thrown on during the mission. Visibly unsettled that it was still bleeding.
“How’d you get this, who did this?”
You expected anger to boil through the surface at the way he’d been clutching onto the new gauze, head snapping up to face you, but all you saw was worry curtained by his locks.
“I thought I could take on four men at once.” You shrugged nonchalantly, which only made him tense up more, gawking at you, surprised. He should’ve known, you had always been this sporadic.
“What!” You whined, wincing when the pain poisoned your movements. “I beat them. It was possibly the reason why we made it out alive.”
“Where were the rest?” He interrogated further, holding a spray, meeting your gaze, brows furrowing. “So I just spray this on here and everything will be okay?”
“That’s what Natasha said.” You couldn’t help but smile when he grumbled something about things changing way too much for his liking, ignoring the piercing sting that the contents of the bottle brought you. The sight of him was enough of an anesthetic.
“You need to be careful.”
“I was careful. Otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up here I would’ve been de-”
“Y/n…” he huffed pleadingly, not even wanting to think about what would happen if you’d leave him. You were the only one that made him feel somewhat normal, that there was a life waiting for him once this stupid programming was flushed out of his system.
“How long are you here for?” Bucky wasn’t supposed to be here waiting for your arrival, in fact you were supposed to be visiting him next week once things settled, but the moment you walked through your front door, he latched onto you, marking your lips with a kiss in case you’d forgotten all that you were to him.
“I’m leaving tomorrow.”
“That’s soon.” You unintentionally pouted, shifting slightly to assist him with the dressing.
“Well, I wasn’t really supposed to be visiting, Ayo is not going to be happy that I sneaked off.” He cringed, waiting for you to start yelling but you watched him dumbfounded.
“You ditched rehab for this?”
Bucky grimaced, tossing the sprays, cottons and whatever else that was scattered back into the first aid kit. “You say that like I’m some Disney actor gone rogue.”
“Pop culture reference? Damn Bucky, you’re getting down with the times!” You teased making his skin flush. He pretended to be unfazed, rolling his eyes, reverting back to his smouldering self, knotting your breaths in an instant.
“You should be careful next time.” He sighed, caressing your cheek making you melt right into his palm.
“Maybe you should come with me. Make sure I’m okay.”
“I don’t think people would really like that I’m back out in the open.” His insecurity pushed through, tipping his head to point at the side where his metal arm once was. You hadn’t even noticed since he’d walked in. He’d been uncomfortable, poking fun at it, or its lack thereof, but to you he was perfection, whole, everything.
Bucky watched you grow distant, in a trance, watching him. “Y/n?”
You snapped back into the moment, smiling brightly at him. “I don’t know Sergeant Barnes, you do have quite a fanbase, they all love you so much.” You winked playfully, drawing a smile out of him too.
“Too bad Sergeant Barnes only loves you.” He blurted.
The words bounced off you, never sinking in as you laughed, only to realise what he’d just admitted to. He watched you shrink into yourself stumbling over your words, his heart hammering against his chest, in fears that he’d said too much.
His mind rushed through ways to hide it, or skim over this milestone but nothing came to his rescue. He was frozen and so were you.
His words were a flint to the warmth in your chest, igniting a fire within you as you melted further. You loved him too, more than words could ever describe which was maybe why you were at a loss for them.
“You - you love me?” You echoed, only to have him cough and turn the other way. Something about your tone taunted him playfully. This was all new to him.
“Moving on.” He nodded adamantly hoping you’d mimic him but a smile broke through his lips.
“No no, not until I hear you say it.”
The knocking jolted you back into your colourless reality, eyes desperately searching the room in hopes of it being a terrible nightmare, but you were alone, Alpine no longer on your lap but near the door, watching you expectantly.
You had no intention to get involved in any arguments. Now that half the world had been snapped away, people turned to you in desperation, waiting for a fix, and God would you have been the first to take the opportunity to fix things, because it would bring him back to.
“Y/n open up.”
You heard the keys jingle on the other side and instantly groaned, hiding your face into a cushion. “Y/n.” Natasha’s voice bounced through the apartment, she instantly crouched to greet Alpine, eyes scanning the messy state you’d left your place in.
You couldn’t bring yourself to clean it up, everything scattered about was his, like he still lived here, like he was still visiting you whenever he had the chance. You’d panic the moment you touched something, in fear that if he were to walk through those doors he wouldn’t be able to find the things he needed.
“Get up.” Natasha gulped, her heart shattering at the sight of her friend, crumbled to pieces, confused, lost and defeated. You only whined when Natasha wrapped her arms around you and pulled you up.
“You really need to clean up.” She joked, despite the painful knot in her throat. You’d done everything to save him, absolutely everything, but as he crumbled to dust and was carried away by the wind, Natasha was sure pieces of you floated away too.
“You don’t have to check up on me.” Your voice was sullen and so soft that if she hadn’t been sitting so close to you, the distance would’ve eaten your words away.
“I’m not. We’re getting lunch with Steve and Bruce.” She wasn’t asking but you still shook your head, there wasn’t much left to share between all of you, unsure if acting as though things were normal was the right way to go. Moving on seemed sinful at this point.
“I don’t feel like it.” You pushed away, only for Nat to clap her thighs and spring off her couch.
“I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t important.”
“I’m not really in the mood for a reunion right now. So thank you, and tell them I said hey.” You were stubborn which only had Natasha turn to her final options, hope that she was reluctant to give you.
“We can bring him back.”
Finally what I've been waiting for and so excited about, a Bucky fic. A lot of the storyline/character for the MC is based on the series that I am currently working on so unfortunately I don't know if there will be a part 2 to this (depends on a lot of things but I'm willing to be convinced into putting maybe a part 2 out)
Hopefully, you guys enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
As always feedback is appreciated!
Tagging my moots: @itsapeterthing @barnestuff @seolaseoul @allegra-writes @bleh-bleh-blehs @book-wan3
See you very soon.
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koiponderingart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A Buckyversary Study: I am loading up a proper scan of this little study I did to celebrate 10 years with Bucky. (Don't worry another WS series should be on the way soonish) Thank you to @imsebastianstan and his good natured support of us the Bucky bias 💜 Playing with a new style using theories and concepts from @nickvrunge new class via @nohwave. Colors: @agallocolors Paper: khadi
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agnessharknes · a day ago
The One With The Record
Summary: You and Bucky are going through Steve’s stuff right after the incident.
Warnings: None, sad lol
A/N: Thought this...might be cute? We’ll see how it does. It’s a short one. 
Tumblr media
“Hey,” you said walking into the apartment. Bucky watched you walk in, standing to greet you with a hug. Tears flooded your eyes feeling his touch and smelling Steve throughout the apartment. 
“I know,” he said hearing you catch your breath. 
It had been almost a month since you both had lost Steve. He had been packing up Steve’s apartment throughout the week. This was the first time you let yourself go. It was hard being back. Everything in the living room was in boxes with names on who they were going to. You weren’t sure how long you could be there without having a full break down. 
Steve was the love of your life. And he was gone just like that, in a snap. You had hoped that they would have found him from the wreckage of the crash. The day they called went by in slow motion. Everything had been falling in slow motion for you and for Bucky. 
“So, his record collection is over here. Most of it has been boxed up because other people were listed to get them. But there were a few that I wanted you to look at before i took them or sent them off to resale,” he said showing you a box with records in it. You looked through most of the box, handing him records that you didn’t want. 
“A good record,” you said, handing him another one to set in your bag. 
“It is, I’ve got one at home,” he smiled.
You got to the end of the box and found a record you knew well. Tears flooded your eyes as you held it in your hands, running your fingers over the paper covering before pulling the record out. 
“What is it?” Bucky asked. You didn’t respond. Instead you looked around to find the record player. It was boxed up already but you didn’t care. You pulled it out and turned it on, placing the record under the needle. 
Trumpets played followed by the soft strings. You heard the melody played by the single trumpet, your heart skipping a beat. You hummed along, your eyes closed as tears streamed down your cheeks. 
Bucky looked down at the floor realizing the song that was playing. Kitty Kallen’s voice echoed through the room. You felt Bucky move around you, grasping your hand, placing his hand on your waist. You fell onto him as you both rocked back and forth in a dance. The saxophone solo took your breath away as you cried into his shoulder remembering the nights when you and Steve would dance to this song late at night. Dreaming of your future together. 
“I’m so sorry,” he whispered in your hear as the song stopped. The sound of the record continuing to spin rang through your head. You didn’t want your dance to end. You didn’t want your song to be over. But it was. And that realization broke you. But you looked up and smiled at Bucky, who had tears in his eyes looking down at you. He saw the pain in your eyes. You saw it in his. He kissed your cheek before walking over to restart the song. You let him, hearing the trumpets again. 
This play felt different. Like something was being lifted off of your heart. The two of you danced together again. Your breathing became easier, your heart became lighter, and you felt a rush in your head as if you were floating. 
“I needed this,” you whispered. He looked at you with a smile. 
“Me too,” he said, the song starting over one more time. 
Kiss me once  then, kiss me twice  then, kiss me once again. It’s been a long, long time. 
Haven’t felt like this, my dear Since can’t remember when it’s been a long, long time. 
You'll never know How many dreams I dream about you Or just how empty they all seem without you
So, kiss me once Then, kiss me twice Kiss me once again It's been a long, long time
Previous Chapter | Next Chapter (Coming Soon)
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winter-soldier-vibes · 2 months ago
I have a request for your future work. If you are comfortable writing this topic, I'd love to read it.
I have always had very bad cramps when I'm on my period. I also have PMS so I struggle with pain a week before my period starts. And It makes me think, if I could not let go of this cruel pain until menopause, I'd rather stop living. (Sorry it sounds heavy)
I want Bucky to comfort women who are struggling with serious period cramps ( Dysmenorrhea ) and PMS.
Thank you for reading my request! You can ignore this if you are not feeling right!
I love you so much❤️
Of course!!!
PMS for Please Make it Stop
Bucky x reader
Summary: Reader suffers from severe cramps and PMS symptoms on and in between her periods. Bucky, her boyfriend, comforts her as much as he can.
Word count: 1666
Warnings: talk of everything that comes with periods, pain and cramps, PMS, fluff
A/N: Thank you for the request, and I am so sorry that it’s so painful for you! I’ve had a lot of experience with “that time of the month” feeling completely unbearable, and I hope that this fic is helpful! I don’t know exactly what you’re going through because each person has different symptoms with different severities and time spans. I truly hope that this helps you! I’m always here to talk as a fellow person with periods and the emotions that come with them!
Tags: @mardema @buckfics @stucky-on-spiderman @buckys2thicc @abitgryffindorky @barnesplums @thatfangirl42 @freigeistundanderes @babyboibucky
You rolled over in bed, curling in on yourself and using your pillow to suppress a groan. It was early morning, you could tell because the sun was up but Bucky hadn’t left for his run with Steve yet. It was that time of the month again, the one you hated so goddamn much. The one every woman hated so much. But it was never just the few days of blood they had taught you about in sex ed.
You hadn’t been prepared for the cramps, bloating, mood swings, headaches, cravings, and pain…
So. Much. Pain.
You could handle blood, that wasn’t an issue for you. You had seen your share of bloodshed on the battlefield. It was the horrible cramps that felt like something was stabbing you from the inside out constantly for a week preceding the bloodshed that was too much for you. It paralyzed you in a way. It hurt to do anything at all. As much as you hated to admit it, you could deal with any cut, burn, or broken bone. But these cramps had you curled in a ball with tears in your eyes.
You let out another groan and felt Bucky stir next to you. He turned over and rubbed one of his hands up and down your arm and pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
“Sweetheart, why are you awake?” he asked softly, sleep still lacing his voice. There were only 2 reasons that you would be awake. Either you had a nightmare, or...
You let out a small whimper as another wave of pain came over you.
“Hey, it’s okay, come here,” he said before carefully wrapping his arm around your stomach, rubbing small circles over your stomach. He brought his body flush against you so his chest to your back, without squeezing you too tightly. You sighed in relief, his warm body easing your pain slightly. He pressed soft kisses to your temple, whispering reassuring words in your ear.
He had learned a lot rather quickly when it came to helping you with your pain. He hadn’t known much at all at first, growing up in the 40’s where people never talked about it. When he had first walked in on you curled in the fetal position, crying and whimpering, he had been so worried. So when you referred to it as ‘just a period’ and that ‘it’s happened before', he was very confused.
He thought a period was something you ended a sentence with.
You had sent him to Nat and Wanda to explain what was happening. You had synced up with them naturally, but their cramps weren’t as severe as you. Everyone's experiences of periods, their symptoms, and PMS differently, but they felt bad for the severity of yours.
He was very confused as to why he had to ask other people about your pain. When he approached the two wide-eyed and confused, asking why you were in severe pain with no injuries, they had to try not to laugh.
They explained the basics to him, and what was off-limits. No assuming it was happening because of mood swings, no expecting you to keep functioning at peak condition, no mentioning how the emotional mood swings were happening
He was just in awe of it - how women were expected to just act naturally as if they weren’t bleeding at a constant rate while dealing with horrible pain and emotional mood swings. He thought that it was amazing that it was expected that they act naturally.
It took a little bit of trial and error and a lot of patience on both your parts, but he knew how he could help make these days as bearable as he could.
He would spend these days close to you, showing you a lot of affection. He would be gentle and patient with you, reminding you how much he loved you. He would get you anything you needed, be it food or pads or tampons. Once you had sent him to get pads and tampons and he had come back with one of every box with a sheepish look on his face.
“I didn’t know which ones you wanted so I got...all of them.”
You had laughed so hard that it hurt, but it was worth it. He made you promise not to tell Sam.
But eventually, he had learned what you needed. How he could help. The heat helped ease your cramps, so he’d hold you close, but not tightly. Rubbing your stomach helped too, in slow, lazy circles.
While he hated seeing you in pain, he loved taking care of you. Anything he could do to help you he would do.
Another cramp made you shift slightly, trying to find the impossible position that would help relieve the constant pain. You let out a small groan, trying to curl in tighter on yourself. Bucky pressed a small kiss to your temple.
“It’s okay angel, it’s alright.”
“It hurts,” you said, voice cracking.
“I know it does, I know,” he said, using his left hand to brush some hair out of your face.
“I just want it to stop hurting so much,” you said, letting out another pained whimper.
“I can’t imagine,” he said, sincerely. He couldn’t imagine the same pain every month with no relief or solution. He knew just how strong you were, strong as anyone on the team if not stronger. Seeing you in this much pain must have meant it was unbearable.
“I can’t make it go away but I’m here to do whatever I can to help, okay?” he whispered against your skin.
“I’m sorry about this,” you said.
Bucky took a deep breath. “Did you choose to go through this?” he asked softly.
“Then you have nothing to apologize for.”
You nodded slightly, your heart melting. You tried to take slow and even breaths. After a few moments passed, he asked “Can I help you to the shower? You always say how much the hot water helps.”
You paused for a moment before you nodded, and he pressed another kiss to your temple before standing up and moving to the other side of the bed to help you stand. Moving from your position sounded like the worst idea right now, but you took a deep breath before taking his hands. You sat up slowly, groaning as your hand wrapped around your stomach. You stood up shortly after, bending forward slightly as you made your way to the bathroom with Bucky. He had noticed a bloodstain on the bed, but he didn’t say anything. You didn’t need to know that.
He turned on the water for you, checking the temperature every few moments. Once he deemed that it was hot enough but wasn’t going to burn your skin, he told you and gave you a quick hug before giving you some privacy. You had always enjoyed intimate showers together just...not when you had your period to worry about. When he closed the door, you started to slowly undress to get into the shower. You got into the shower, sighing in relief as it helped soothe your cramps.
Bucky, meanwhile, was working fast. First he texted Steve that he wouldn’t be able to make it to training today, knowing he would understand. He then moved to make the bed with clean sheets, so you wouldn't see the small bloodstain on the current ones. He didn’t want you to worry or feel bad about it. He grabbed a pair of sweatpants and one of his t-shirts that you had always loved. He cracked the bathroom door open and placed them on the counter, careful not to disturb you. He then quickly ran down to the kitchen, still empty for the moment, and grabbed a few of your favorite snacks along with a few water bottles to bring back upstairs.
When he came back to the room, he noticed the water had been turned off. He set the water and snacks on the bedside table as you opened the bathroom door, hair in a messy bun and looking much more refreshed. “Feeling better?”
“A little,” you said quietly before wincing slightly. Bucky gave you a small smile before taking your hand and bringing you over to the bed, him sitting down and leaning against the headboard. He helped you sit down between his legs so you were able to lean your back against his chest. You laid your head back against him and he wrapped his arms around you so his human arm was on your lower stomach, his metal arm resting over it. You let out a small sigh, relaxing back against him. He pressed a small kiss to your temple, rubbing smooth lazy circles on your stomach.
“Try to get some rest, doll.” he whispered. “We can watch your favorite movie when you wake up.”
You turned slightly to look up at him. “But you hate that movie.”
“But you don’t,” he said simply.
You felt tears brim your eyes even though it felt so stupid. “I love you, Bucky.’
“I love you too angel,” he whispered, pressing a last kiss to the side of your head. “Try to get some rest.”
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stxrbaku · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
the enemies to friends to lovers hits me every FUCKING time
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smuttybucky · a month ago
To The Edge
To The Edge
Pairing: TFATWS!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary: Bucky comes home to you touching yourself. He’s not happy.
A/N: this is based off of a dream I had, and I just got a sudden inspiration to write this!
Word Count: 2,069
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI, light bondage, edging, slight praise kink if you squint hard enough, unprotected sex (pls remember protection!).
Nothing had prepared you for the week long mission Bucky had to take with Sam. Sure you were used to the two of them going off for days at a time, but never a whole week. The longest he was gone was 4 days.
You had been 6 days without any contact from Bucky, to say you were worried was an understatement. You had texted him good morning and good night every day, hoping for a response of some sort, but you got nothing. You couldn’t sleep, thinking something happened to him.
You had called Sam a couple nights ago, knowing he’d answer, and he did, letting you know that Bucky was okay, but it was gonna take longer than a week to find Karli. Letting you know they weren’t going to be coming home for a while.
You had gone about your day, as you normally would. But you sighed, you missed everything about him. From the way his face lit up every time he saw you, to the way that he pulled you into him when he knew you needed his company. To the way he kissed you, and boy could you use one of those kisses right now.
You missed the nights where you were all that mattered to him. Missed the way his hands felt against your skin. Missed the way he knew his way around your body. He knew exactly what you wanted, without you even having to tell him.
You missed the feeling of his body pressing against yours. He wasn’t going to be home for several days, but you craved him. You bit your lip, opting to just do the work yourself. you hadn’t needed to touch yourself since Bucky, but you desperately needed a release right now.
And there you were, laying on the bed, fingers brushing your clit. Moans and curses falling from your mouth. Chasing your sweet release, you didn’t even hear the lock clicking, didn’t register Bucky entering your shared apartment.
Of course, with how quiet the whole apartment is, Bucky heard you the minute he entered the apartment. He heard the noises, frowning, knowing you wouldn’t be with someone else. You wouldn’t do that to him. Right? He frowned as he walked to your shared room.
Whimpers of his name fell from your lips, as he peered around the doorway. Smirking, he watched you as you came, your breathing erratic, and chest heaving, unaware of him watching.
You bit your lip staring at the ceiling, when you heard a low hum, looking towards the doorway, you saw Bucky. “Now, what do we have here?” He asked, walking into the room, setting his bags down and turned to you, smirking.
“I-I.. I just missed you... It was only once I promise.” You stumbled over your words, sitting up properly. Bucky just chuckled, and you knew you were in for it.
“Told you not to, doll. I warned you.” He smirked, and even in the dark room, you could see his pupils blown wide, sizing you up. You shook your head, moving up towards the headboard.
“I... how are you even here right now? Sam said you’d be away for longer...” you said hurriedly. You were glad that he was here, but also really nervous, as your mind flitted back to what he told you before you left.
Bucky rocked his hips into yours, slowly, agonizingly. “This. Is my pussy. You understand me baby? You’re all mine.” You whined, wiggling your hips in an attempt to get him to move quicker, but your movements only made him drag his hips slower. You had no choice but to nod.
“Your words, babydoll. Use your words.” He demanded. You were too high on the feeling of him. Too far gone to even care.
“Yes.” You mumbled, “please.” You knew you were his, and you would’ve done anything for him.
“Good girl,” he grinned, “no one is allowed to touch you while I’m gone. Got it? Not even you.” He smirked, picking up his pace, to the complete opposite of the spectrum. Pounding into you so hard, you were seeing stars.
“Ah! B-Buck... please!” You screamed, you were so close, nails digging into his shoulders. You arched your back off the bed into his body.
“I said. No. One. Can. Touch. You. Not. Even. Yourself. Got. It.?” He all but growled, enunciating each word with a snap of his hips.
“Yes!! No one but you!” You cried out, as you came all over Bucky’s cock. You whimpered, losing all senses.
“Good girl” he smirked, “but I’m serious. You’re mine.” He said.
“You’ve been such a bad girl, baby. And you know what I do to bad girls.” Bucky brought you from your daydream, you bit your lip. Casting your eyes over to him, he shrugged his shirt off, smirking, stalking to you as if he was a hunter. And you, you were his prey. And he intended to feast.
“B-Buck...” you said, but it was no use. Bucky pressed his lips to yours. Quickly pulling away, and walking to the closet. Bucky pulled out a very familiar box, and walked back to where you sat on the bed.
You recognized the box, it was a plain shoe box. If anyone asked about it, you said you just kept it for storage of papers. Bucky only ever brought this box out for very special occasions. He was going to tease the absolute shit out of you.
“What are we feeling tonight baby?” Bucky asked you, pulling the top of it off. Inside, was so many toys. Vibrators, handcuffs, butt plugs, you name it, it was in here. You shook your head.
“You choose.” You looked up at him, and his smirk only grew. This whole scene of Bucky digging around in a box of sex toys was so incredibly hot to you. He smirked, pulling a few things out, and setting them on the dresser. He put the box back in its original place.
“Clothes. Off. Now.” He demanded, humming as you complied. “You eager baby? Huh? Did you miss my cock baby girl?” He taunted, and you could only nod.
He chuckled and grabbed the things off the dresser and walked to you. “You’ve been such a bad girl baby, you completely disobeyed me. Now, you’re going to pay.” He growled.
“B-Bucky.. it’s not—“ you started to say, but the look he gave you was enough to shut you up. You squirmed around on the bed, waiting for what he had in store for you.
He chuckled darkly, “arms up.” He commanded, and you complied lifting your arms over your head. The feeling of cold, harsh metal caused you to look up. Seeing Bucky handcuffing you to the headboard. You whimpered, and tugged on your restraints.
“Good, they won’t give. And now, something a little... darker” he chastised, and pulled a blindfold over your eyes. “You know what they say.. when sight is gone, all other senses are enhanced.” You could practically see the look on his face.
“Bucky.. please.” You whimpered, unable to feel his presence next to you anymore. He chuckled.
“I’m still here doll.” He chimed, “now, you’re not to cum unless I tell you to.. got it?” He kissed your neck aggressively, nipping at the skin. You only nodded. Bucky tsk’d “ah ah.. your words baby.. I need you to use your words.” He kissed your jawline.
“Yes.” You said, aching to feel his lips on yours. “Yes what?” Bucky asked, pulling away from you completely.
“Yes, sir.” You commented. Finally, you felt him kiss you. He was all lips, and tongue. Hot and heavy. This is what you missed. Slowly, he dragged his tongue against your bottom lip. You refused to give in this quickly. You wanted all of him.
He chuckled against your lips, pressing a vibrator against your clit. The cold plastic against your hot skin made you gasp softly, he used that to his advantage. Slowly, he pulled away, sitting up completely. “Now for the fun,” he said before turning the vibrator on, and up as high as it could go.
He had you sputtering curse after curse. Plead after plead. You were tugging on the restraints, begging him to let up, but he just kept the vibrator pressed against you. Every nerve ending in your body felt like it was on fire.
“Bucky, Please” you whimpered, squirming around. You knew he wasn’t going to give into your begging. But you had to attempt. Even using a toy, Bucky knew your tell tale signs that you were close.
Your legs started shaking, panting got heavier, moans and mewls falling more frequently from your opened mouth. You tilted your head back, ready to succumb to your high that was approaching and approaching quickly.
Bucky pulled the vibrator away at the last second. You gasped, being met with cool air, and then whined when you realized what was happening.
“I told you. No cumming until I say so.” He said, his voicing sounding much huskier. You only tugged a little more on the restraints.
“Buck.. please! Take the blindfold off, I’ll be good, I promise.” You whimpered. Bucky only chuckled, pressing the vibrator against you again. This time, pushing it into your aching core, eliciting a slight scream from you.
“My naughty little baby.” Was his only reply, as you ground your hips down onto the toy. Once again, the coil in your stomach tightened, and you tried not to let it show as the pressure built higher and higher. This time, your whining gave you away, you were so close.
Once again, the vibrator was pulled away completely, your body coming down. Nothing you did mattered, you wanted so desperately to cum. Your entire body felt like it was on fire. Your ears perked up at little grunts and groans Bucky was making.
Of course, he was pleasuring himself. “Such a sight to see baby. If only you had been a good girl, and lasted a couple more hours.” He muttered.
“Please!” You practically cried out, wanting nothing more than to feel him.
“You gonna be a good girl?” He asked, shutting the vibrator off completely.
You nodded, “yes, please. I’ll be so good.” You commented, and the blindfold was taken off your eyes. Sure enough, you were right. Bucky had been stroking his cock, while he toyed with you.
Bucky kissed you again, tongue sliding against yours as you kissed him back, hungrily. Slowly, but surely he sank into you. You moaned around his mouth, wrapping your legs around his hips, as he bottomed out.
“So good baby, look at you taking my cock.” He moaned against your ears as he lowered his head to the junction where your neck and shoulder met, sucking at the skin there.
“Yes, Bucky, please. Move.” You whined, grounding your hips against his, and you didn’t have to tell him twice. His hips snapped against you mercilessly. The only sounds to be heard were you both making ungodly noises, panting, and skin slapping against each other.
You once again found yourself so close to the edge, Buckys hips working in tandem against yours. Your back arched, and Bucky knew you were close again. He could feel it. “Just a little longer baby, just hold on a little longer” he grunted, his hips moving slightly quicker.
You moaned out, “Buck.. Oh fuck!” You tightened your legs around him. “Yes, baby, just like that, let it go baby. Let it all go.” His voice so much raspier than before, and you knew it would only be a couple moments until he came.
You let out a high pitched moan, finally able to come. Your head lulled to the side, as Bucky came just moments after you. Groaning into your shoulder, his thrusts slowed, until finally they stopped.
You wiggled your hands around, reminding him of them being tied. He reached up, and took your hands out, kissing each wrist several times, pulling out of you slowly at the same time. He looked up at you, “you feel okay? Didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked.
You giggled and brought your hand to his cheek, and shook your head, “I feel fine my love.” You said to him, and he smiled. “Welcome home.” You giggled again. He laughed, and laid beside you, pulling you into his chest.
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theacadominique · 3 months ago
i just think it's cool that the universe decided to end the falcon and the winter soldier on the same day that shadow and bone premieres, and that both shows touch on what it means to defend a country that has done very little to defend you
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