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#bucky barns x reader

𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: Bucky decides to show you how good an intense work out can be, starting with the pull up bar. 


𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: Beefy!Bucky x Reader

𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 1.9K

𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: Minors DNI. Smut, semi public sex, 18+

𝘕𝘰𝘵 𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘢’𝘥, 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘰𝘸𝘯

𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵, 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 (𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵)

A/N: Requested by @lookiamtrying, based on that video from Seb


“Everyone out”.  

The soft-spoken command slashes through the loud chatter, a wave of silence crashes over the gym. 

Machines grind to a slow halt. Agents stare at each other, then at the man standing in the middle of the gym.  Everything about him, his stance, his glare screams intimidating, dangerous. Fuck if it doesn’t turn you on.

 When no one moves, he raises a brow, flexing his vibranium arm, the fluorescent lights reflecting off the moving plates as he makes a fist. It’s a clear unspoken threat in the air, don’t make me repeat myself.

They scatter for the double doors, water bottles and towels forgotten. You smile, running your tongue over your lower lip, you had wondered how long it was going to take him to break, looking at the timer on the screen, you’re impressed. 

With yourself. This is a new record for you. You haven’t even finished the warm up. You had thought you were going to have to step up your teasing until he spoke.

His lack of restraint when it comes to you is legendary. You knew what was going to happen the second you pushed open the gym doors. There was a reason why half the agents had stormed out the second they saw you, all of them careful to hide their glares from the Avenger who was staring you down while you strolled across the facility. 

Humming under your breath, you take off your rose gold headphones and pick up your towel off the arm of the treadmill. The last man flees, the pedals on his exercise bike next to you still moving. When the doors swing shut with a click, you step off, stretching your arms over your head with an exaggerated groan. Continuing to hum nonchalantly, you pick up your water bottle and saunter to the doors. 

“Not you,”.  His words stop you in your tracks, your skin prickling at the sound of him. 

His voice dripping with lust, desire for you, sending a surge of it down your belly so fast, hard that you clench around nothing, your clit pulsating from the low timbre of his voice.  You glance over your shoulder. That look on his face would scare any other person, hell it just cleared an entire room. He looks like he wants to devour you. 

Fuck, that’s sexy, you love when he gets riled up, aggressive. Wanting to claim you and let everyone know that he belongs to you, even more than you belong to him. 

Bucky stands in the middle of the now deserted facility, loose black shorts around his waist, thick muscular arms crossed over his bare chest, a sheen of sweat clinging to him. He tilts his head to the side, his eyes dragging up and down your body, his eyes darkening the longer he stares at you.

“Come. Here.”. 

You turn on your heel, taking a sip of your cold water. “Can I help you, Sergeant?”, the faux innocence in your tone tearing at his fraying semblance of control. His chest heaves as he takes a deep breath, his hand raking through his damp locks. He’s seconds away from sprinting across the room and taking you against the wall.

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Run Free

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Authors Notes: This is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s old fashioned DD’s! This is the last prompt I received and I can’t thank you guys enough for sending them in to begin with! The best it’s been fun 😍


Originally posted by southerncountrygentlemenblog

The sun was beating down on you as sat between Bucky’s legs on the long grass with your back against his chest. His arms wrapped around your stomach and his chin resting on top of your head.

Wild horses roamed freely in the fields not far from you. Their gorgeous golden brown coats shined against the light of the sun. Horses were your passion, and they were the closest friends you had. Something spooked them and they all ran in the same direction.

You hummed and craned your head up to look at Bucky already looking down at you.

“You run as free as the wild horses I see your heart is a mustang.” Bucky smiled and kissed your cheek.

“What does that mean?” He shifted to find a more comfortable position.

“You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

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A Helping Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt sent in by @eurynome827: Hiiiiiiii I have a prompt for you!

Old Fashioned DD Meet Cute! “They cover the small amount of change you are short on for a purchase.” Your choice of character!

Warnings: a little awkwardness, anxiety, fluffy Bucky ❤️

Authors Notes: thank you so much my lovely @eurynome827 for sending me a prompt 😭❤️


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

The queue in the coffee shop was growing shorter and shorter as was your limit on your anxiety. Simple tasks just like this were the most difficult to you. Ordering a coffee was a nightmare, your fear and overthinking of what will happen when you reach the front line, what happens if they don’t understand what you’re ordering? What if you mispronounce the name of the coffee or stutter when giving your name?

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What are you wearing?

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: fluff, silly Bucky ❤️

Authors Notes: Thank you so much for the prompt @nomadicpixel 😍❤️ this is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s old fashioned DD’s. gif is irrelevant but who cares 🤣 it’s my favourite era seb 😏


Originally posted by kiwinerd31

A heart shattering bang at the door had you jumping out of bed in urgency. It was just past 9pm on a Friday night and you were all settled down to watch a movie alone, you weren’t expecting company so this was definitely a surprise and why it was a shock.

You pulled the door open with so much force that it was a miracle the doorknob didn’t rip off. Bucky stood before you and it was more of a surprise to see what he was wearing.

“Bucky?” You poked your head out of the door and looked on both sides of the corridor. “What are you doing here?”

“Is this a bad time? Can I come in?” He barges past you regardless of your answer.

“Sure. Come in.” Rolling your eyes slightly, you slammed the door and making sure it was locked before you paid attention to the super soldier standing in your living room wearing a pink unicorn onesie.

“I’m sorry to drop in on you like this.” It was so difficult to take him seriously, with rainbow horns on his head and a swishy tail.

“Buck… it’s not that I don’t appreciate you coming here. I just… didn’t think you’d come wearing… that.” You eyed his choice of outfit suspiciously.

“Blame Sam for that.” He scoffs taking a seat on your couch and making himself at home.

“I’m sorry, please go into my room and change into a shirt because for as long as you’re wearing that ridiculous outfit I won’t take you seriously.” You order him and he complies like a good boy. Before he disappears into your bedroom you call him quickly, he turns to see what you want and that’s when the flash goes off on your phone.

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Show Me || Bucky Barnes x Reader

Authors Notes: This is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s old fashioned drunk drabbles ❤️ thank you for sending me prompts! I love you guys 😭


Originally posted by angrythingstarlight

Bucky had you cornered in the elevator. There was nowhere to run and you wouldn’t run even if you wanted to. Months of chasing each other, months of the back and forth flirting, it was finally time to put it all to bed and make it a reality.

You wanted him as much as he wanted you, and now that he has too where he wants you, he’s not letting you go.

“Do you love me?” His blue eyes darken as they bore into yours. It’s almost as if he’s searching your soul for something.

“Yes.” Your voice shakes in anticipation. You’ve dreamt about this moment for a really long time.

Bucky’s large hands curl around the back of your thighs and hoists you up. Your arms instinctively wrap around his neck just as the doors ding open.

His long legs take no time in marching down the hallway towards his room. He kicks the door open with his boot, entering and closing it with the same foot. He drops you on the bed, you bounce from the impact and a little giggle escapes before you could stop it. He smirks and hovers above you, his hands are wandering all over your body, he just needs to feel you.

“Do you love me?” He asks a second time. You bite your lip and nod, not once taking your eyes off his own. His hands slide under your sweater, the warm and cold contrast sends shivers down your spine. His mouth dips to your ear, gently nibbling on your earlobe before he speaks those words you longed to hear, “Show me.”

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Bold of You To Assume || Bucky x You

Warnings: Sassy reader and Bucky, just two people joking around, jokes about his peeper.

Authors Notes: This is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s old fashioned drunk drabbles!


Originally posted by angrythingstarlight

“Hi grandpa.” You teased Bucky as you carelessly strolled into the common room and saw the old man lounging on the couch.

Bucky rolled his eyes and flipped his middle finger at you in response, which prompted you to almost crack a rib from laughing too hard.

*A mild minor joke about his peepee below the cut*

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Smell of Roses

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff to start!

Authors Notes: My first ever participation in the @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s Old Fashioned DD’s!


Originally posted by sallycanwait68

“Gooooood moooor-,” you stopped middentence to take a good sniff in the air. Someone here smelt like heaven. “Hmmm.”

“Morning Y/N.” Bucky greeted with a cheesy grin, milk pouring from the gap of his lips back into the cereal bowl.

“Charming.” You rolled your eyes and walked past him, stopping next to him when you caught a whiff of that scent.

“What’s the matter?” Bucky wondered and leaned away from you, wondering why you were sniffing him like a dog.

“Nothing.” You whiff his neck and sighed in contentment. “You smell really nice.”

“Oh thanks. Maybe next time join me in the shower and you can smell like me.” He winked and you chuckled.

“I’ll hold you to that, Barnes.”

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Requests are open now!!

•So firstly I’ll be starting by cleaning my inbox as a matter of fact that i have a few requests left, but if u want u can send me ur own now!!

•Just take into consideration that i’m studying 24/7 cuz school sucks and i might not be answering ur requests as fast:(

•These are the characters that i’m writting for:

-Tom Holland

-AVENGERS; Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Erik Killmonger, Loki, Bucky Barnes & Stephen Strange

-HARRY POTTER; Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood & Cendric Diggory

-FANTASTIC BEASTS; Newt Scamander & Percival Graves

-MAZE RUNNER; Newt, Thomas & Gally

-STAR WARS; Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Poe Dameron & Obi-Wan Kenobi

-Dylan O'brien, Stiles Stilinski & Void!Stiles


-Chris Evans


-Send me full requests (with a plot)

-I write smut (rough, dom!), but not too freaky

-I write for fem!reader, preg!reader, daughter!reader & black!reader (and so go on for star wars, avengers etc.)

-I don’t write about anxiety, PTSD and eating disorders


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Just Like We Were

Chapter 1: Lost souls. (Please spare thy)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. 

Warning: Death and blood. Other than that it’s really soft and teenage angst.

Summary: In a far away land called Genosha, everything was at peace. You and Bucky were at your birthday party. When tragedy struck, forcing the two of you to be separated. You get separated and sent to earth leaving everything you once knew behind. Bucky knows you are alive. Years later he finally comes to get you, so that you may restore the balance of your world.

(Notes: this is going to be full of angst and not going to be a dark fic. I hope you guys enjoy this one as well.)

Genosha was peaceful, everything was in harmony. There was no war or even famine. Everyone was wealthy and everyone knew each other. Fairies helped out with gardens for a reward of honey. Trolls that helped keep everyone at bay, but what was the point. No one did anything to get themselves in trouble.

You were the youngest child out of five siblings. Your parents ruled Genosha with warmth and understanding. The citizens loved your parents, adored all the work they did to have Genosha this way. Except one citizen; Howard Stark, he absolutely despised what your parents did to this once great nation. And he had a plan to restore everything back to it’s natural order.

You ran around in the garden, the grass getting in between your toes. The pinkish dress you wore was getting dirty at the bottom. You jumped into the mud with your bare feet, liking the feel of the mud in between your toes. Your hair was pulled back into a loose bun with a few strands in your face.

Bucky ran behind you, putting his arms around you. You squealed when you felt him lift you up in the air. Your hands holding onto his arms. “Y/N, I found you. Which means I get the first slice of your birthday cake.” 

He put you down before turning you around to look at him. His hair pulled back into a much neater bun then yours. His blue eyes sparkling as he watched you but mostly your lips. “I only turn sixteen once, this is a big deal. No way.”

He laughed and you felt your heart race. The butterflies in your stomach doing flips, you wanted to reach your hand out to touch his soft lips. “You can’t back track now. I won fair and square. It’s not my fault you were out here playing in the mud.” You gave him a grin before grabbing a hold of his hand. “Fine, you get the first slice, which is usually the best.”

You pouted and looked up at him with puppy dogs. He leaned down until his forehead was close against yours. You watched his eyelashes and those blue eyes, “Not going to work on me, princess. You can sucker Steve but you can’t sucker me.” He pulled back with a soft chuckle, “Let’s go. I don’t want your mom blaming me for missing the rehearsal.”

“Okay, let’s go James”. He shook his head, “I love when you say my name.”

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2021 is shaping up to be quite the year. Once again, I’m going to share a few of my favorite fics. My January Mini Masterlist is here

Please note some of these fics will contain dark material including noncon/dub con or other dark content, Smut (its me y’all), angst and good ole fluff. All of these fantastic writers label their works appropriately, you and you alone are responsible for what you consume. Do. Not. Harass. A. Writer. Because. You. Ignored. Their. Warnings. (I will not tolerate bullying on this blog)*

Lets Dive In:

A Bad Mission by  @nekoannie-chan 

This is Steve Rogers X OFC (Aryah Rumlow). Its a fun shorter fic about a mission where every and anything can go wrong. Loved how she wrote these characters, you’re immediately thrown into a fun chaotic battle. 

Lessons in Swimming by  @world-of-aus

This is swim coach Steve x Reader. This had me giggling like an idiot especially the beginning, I had to read it twice I liked it so much. I would go swimming everyday with him.

Blackmail With Andy Barber by @stargazingfangirl18

Dark. Mafia. Andy. Barber. I knew this was in the works and I still wasn’t ready. This Andy is amazing and I loved every last bit of this. Perfect storytelling and the smut is *chef’s kiss*

On the fifth day of Christmas by @drabblewithfrannybarnes

Another Andy Barber fic This is pure filthy goodness that will have you wishing you could help Andy “polish” his ring every day. 

Identity Series Part 1 by  @bucky-the-thigh-slayer

I discovered this fic today. Sam Wilson x Reader. Sam has amnesia and all he knows is that Brooklyn may have the answers he needs.  I have no idea where this is going to go or what’s going to happen. I do know that its going to be good. 

We Will Wake Up by @iwantutobehapppier

I reread this fic at least three times now. I love a good dark Steve, throw in a little somnophilia into the mix and I’m sold. Steve offers to let the reader stay with him during lockdown and well she wakes up with a very nice gift.😉 

 Stay by @iraot

Oh, this short but emotional Steve fic is incredible. You sympathize with the reader and really feel the pain that Steve caused. It does have a hopeful ending that leaves you wanting more. 

Nowhere to Run by @sagechanoafterdark

Again, I love a good dark!Steve story. And this one is amazing. Reader is trapped in a pickup truck with a soft dark Steve who wants to make sure that she remembers him before he leaves.

Parts of Whole by @gotnofucks

This beautiful Sam x Bucky fic revolves with these two dealing with the loss of Steve and it is a must read esp. if you love these two. Its so well written and the ending is just amazing. 

Participation by @syntheticavenger

This is a choose your own adventure fic. Featuring Dom!Carol x switch bucky x reader. Part 2 is already done.  This is a fun, sexy interactive story. You don’t want to miss out!

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- He didn’t stay, and that kind of stung a little bit…

- You weren’t really ‘one night only’ kind of person, but it wasn’t exactly like you’d discussed that while you two were busy falling through the door.

- You tried to let it go and not let it get to you. You were both grown adults, and Bucky didn’t owe you anything just because you’d slept together.

- The awkwardness is almost palpable between the two of you, and for the life of him Buck could not figure out how to address it.

- He was however painfully aware how close it’s getting to being too late ro try and smooth things over.


- He was gone when you got up, and there’s a small part of your brain that tells you, you should have see that coming.

- On the one hand, Jason has a reputation - all the bats are infamous, be he seemed to be exceptionally so.

- On the other hand however… You actually knew Jason. Beyond the Hood persona

- Sure he smoked and drank, but not nearly to the excess everyone suggested. And he was seen in the company of a lot of the working girls of Gotham, but he spent all his time making sure they were safe and being treated well (or at least as much as they could be)

- He never struck you as the 'love 'em and leave 'em’ type, you also couldn’t argue with the empty bed and no note either.

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Title: Partition

Summary: Bucky comforts you after a bad day, and your boss learns why no one messes with his girl

Pairing: Mafia Bucky x reader

A/N Written on my phone, no beta, all mistakes will be fixed tonight

Warnings: Smut, 18+, Minors DNI, mentions of violence.


Water drips down the side of the brick wall, the fluorescent ceiling lights harshly shine down on the silent men. Low dull thuds, fists hitting flesh echo in the small, dark room, followed by muffled pained grunts.

A sharp knock at the door stops Bucky mid punch, “What?”

One of his men opens the door, holding a small cell phone, “Its your girl, Mr. Barnes”

Bucky wipes the blood off his hand, tossing the stained rag at man slumped in the chair.

He holds his hand out, taking the phone. “Hey honey,” he smiles, placing the phone between his shoulder and ear.

He takes another rag from Steve, cleaning his rings.

“Hi”, you sniffle, swallowing thickly trying to not cry, “Are you busy?”

Bucky walks to the door, motioning for Steve to continue, “No, just handling a little business, Im never too busy for you”. He closes the door as Steve draws his fist back.

His heart dropping when you sigh, unable to hid how you upset you are.

“Whats wrong?”

Bucky keeps his voice soft, his eyes revealing his growing rage when you tell him about your day. His men instinctively backing away from him as he strolls down the hallway.

Stepping outside, he leans against his car, adjusting his jacket, checking the material for any specks of stray blood.

“And then he screamed at me in front of the entire department, meanwhile the file was sitting right on his desk under his laptop,” you continue, your rant winding down, “never even apologized.”

Bucky smiles, a dark twist of his lips. He’s been wanting to have a conversation with your boss for a while now, only holding back out of respect for you. But no one makes his girl cry. The only time he wants tears in those pretty eyes is when your lips are wrapped his cock, taking him down your throat until you gag.

Sam’s been listening to Buckys side of the conversation, one look at his friend and he understands what’s about to happen.

When you finish, you feel better, lighter. Bucky always knows what to say when you’re frazzled, able to calm you. You say your goodbyes and return to your work.

The black SUV pulls up to curb outside your building. He steps out, buttoning his jacket. Peter runs ahead of him, opening the door.

The building nearly empty, the security guard at the front desk pretends to sleep when he recognizes the men at entrance.

Walking up the stairs, flanked by Sam and Steve, he finds your office on the second floor.

Making sure your door is shut, Steve stands outside your office. Bucky and Sam continue until they reach your boss’s office.

His secretary looks up from her desk, “You cant go in—”, she splutters, shrinking back when Sam sits on her desk, grinning at her.

“Sure darling”, he replies picking her family photo off the desk.

Ignoring her, Bucky doesn’t break his stride. He takes his knife out, twirling it in the air, whistling an upbeat tune as the door closes behind him.

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For the next 48 hours, my REQUESTS will be OPEN. I have the next two weeks off from work so I’m hoping all of you will keep me busy. Send me an ask with any prompts or headcanons you want me to write and I will do all of them! You can request any ship you like or character x reader pairing. Please specify if you want your reader to be gender neutral or a specific gender. Fandoms I write for:

  • Star wars ( every single character or pairing )
  • Marvel ( every single character or pairing )
  • DC ( every single character or pairing )
  • The Witcher ( every single character or pairing )
  • Harry Potter ( every single character or pairing )
  • Actors and Actresses and their different roles as long as I’ve seen the movie/tv series
  • Characters from most period drama shows

You can also see the full list of characters and fandoms I write for linked in my masterlist ( pinned on my blog ) free to ask anonymously if you are too shy to put your name next to a request. Also I write: angst, fluff, smut ( only people who are 18+ please ), general platonic relationships ( not everything needs to be about romance or smut ).

Have fun requesting!

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 sorry i am writing this in the dark 

warnings, bad day? crying, ends in fluff

Nat and steve couldnt make it back even though it was supposed to be a four day trip that ended yesterday. at least you still had the rest to have dinner with.

 “mr. stark aplogieses for the inconvienience but he will ot be attending dinner today” jarvis says through the speakers in the lounge. ok three down still four to go, or not. phone buzzing from your message from wanda.

sorry hun, late night mission, vision is with me also. x 

at least she was considerate enough to send a message herself. “hey! y/n, how do i look?” sam the last avenger who was still here asks. “umm ok i guess” you answer unsure of why he was asking. “by the look on your face you forgot about my date?” “date? was that today?” he nods an d leaves without anther word.

a totally not brilliant end to the very stressful day you were having, deciding you didnt need to do dinner so early because no one else was here to eat it. you sat down with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and started daydreaming, only when salty tears started to run down your face did you decide to wipe them away.

“y/n?” you heard frrom the corridoor, how on earth did you forget about the hot lump of pure muscle, more commonly called bucky. “ummm yeah?” you replied moving off the sofa and puttng your back to the direction of bucky. “are you ok?” he asks closer to you now.

“sorry about-about dinner, i know i normally get it to you by now,” you sniffle half way through “ill cook you something now.” you walk off leaving bucky string at your back. “y/n, come sit with me please?” bucky asks not able to see your face.

murmering something about dinner, you carry on cooking. bucky now very worried puts his arm around your shoulders and guides you too the sofa. “baby, you can talk to me, whats wrong?”

“nothing, i just had a bad day and i thought i could have a family dinner but that didnt goto plan, i dont even know why im crying” you let out a sad chuckle.

Buckydidnt say anything, just pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of your head. once you calmed down bit bucky finally speaks. “i hate seeing you upset, its like my hearts has been wripped ut nd shoved back in, i love you doll, please dnt be upset.”

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𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌!𝕭𝖚𝖈𝖐𝖞 𝖝 𝕶𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙!𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝕬𝖀

𝕾𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖞: When the Queen falls sick and passes away, King Bucky must marry another, preferably the princess of an alliance kingdom nearby, in order to keep peace and order among the lands. However she is the most god awful human being anyone has ever met. Her guard however well she was definitely not what the king expected.

cw: brief talk about buck being tortured, suggestive infertility with reader, graphic details about death, talking about a violent accident to the reader during the battle, that battle, loki’s death too sorry (loki x reader past)….

𝖂𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: smut 18+ (‘bathtub’ sex!, oral!fem, praise kink, cockwarming; blink and you’ll miss it, loss of virginity but who cares lmao, unprotected sex but reader can’t have kids… sorry), digusting amount fo fluff hahaha part 4?

𝕬/𝖓: tbh i saw this bathroom pic on pintrest and it was huge like all made of stone and gold with stain glass windows and the tub was like a giant jacuzzi and honestly that’s what i imagine the reader’s bathroom to be in this but feel free to imagine something else lol

𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 2.7k (big boy lol)

part one | part two | part threepart four |



flashbacks in italics*

Bucky separated from Charlotte and practically sprinted to you. You looked behind you to find Bucky saying goodbye to his friends; them all winking at him. You scoffed and continued walking to your bedroom. 

Usually during these big parties the king throws, you reside upstairs to bathe the world’s longest bath. You can’t normally take these because you’re always needed for service whatever it may be. You left your door open for Bucky to easily find you knowing he was trailing close behind. 

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The aroma of a baking poppy seed roll filled the kitchen as you and Bucky sat at a table in the corner. You placed your final card, a king of clubs, on the table, with a confident smile. “Get wrecked. Again.” Bucky slammed his handful onto the table, revealing a collection of low-level cards. “Are you serious? I taught you this game two days ago!” You smirked. “What can I say? I learn fast. Do we have time for one more round?” Bucky swiveled in his chair and leaned over to check the oven timer. “We got eight minutes. I think we can fit in a speed round.” You gathered the deck, shuffling it expertly. Bucky’s eyes lingered on your nimble fingers for a moment before flicking over to the window over the sink. The morning January sun shone brightly in, casting rays on the tiled floor, but didn’t manage even a weak warmth. Condensation lined the corners of the glass panes where the heat from the oven reached. 

The peace and quiet in the days after the mission ended had allowed Bucky to start processing. For the most part, he had been handling the whole time-travelling thing well, but every so often he would pass by a place he remembered in Brooklyn and get slammed with a wave of nostalgia. In particular, there was an old-world Yiddish bakery he and Steve had frequented back in the 40s that had the best mohnstrudel they’d ever tasted. After eighty years, though, the cozy shop had been converted into a trendy hair salon, and neither one had ever been able to find poppy seed rolls quite like it. Steve had mentioned this loss in passing a couple days ago, and luckily you remembered an old family recipe your grandma had taught you as a child. One minor flour spill, a lot of kneading, and not a lot of measuring later, a loaf was baking in the oven. 

You dealt out six cards each, organizing them in your hand as Bucky made the first play. You countered it and drew another card. Fifteen or twenty plays later, you held the trump card and a jack of diamonds in your hand. Bucky looked decidedly resigned as he drew the last card. “Jesus, [y/n]. I swear you’re cheating.” You clicked your tongue and pushed the jack towards him. “You’re just mad I’m better at it than you.“ Perking up, he placed a queen of diamonds on top of it. “Hah! Fina-” You slid the ace of spades next to the two cards. “You were saying?” Never had you seen a face go from smug to stunned so fast. “…What?” Bucky slumped back in his chair, hands coming up to cover his face. From behind them came a muffled groan. Just then, the beeping of the oven timer filled the kitchen. 

You pushed back your chair and stood up, taking a towel hanging from the handle of a nearby cabinet as you went. The kitchen filled with a rush of hot fragrant air as you opened the oven door, grabbing the metal tray with the cloth and setting it down on the stovetop. Digging in a drawer for a knife, you cut two slices and placed them on a plate, handing one to Bucky and setting the other one down on the table. The kettle on the stove was boiling, and you poured black tea into mismatched mugs. Bucky bit into his piece as you sat down and his eyes widened. “Oh, wow.” You looked up. “Is that a good ‘oh, wow’ or a bad ‘oh, wow’?” you asked through a piece of roll, sipping some tea. Bucky shook his head, chewing. “It’s exactly like the one that bakery used to make.” Everything was there - the smooth poppy filling, the hint of plum jam, the lemon zest. You grinned with pride, cheeks flushing, and licked a drop of filling from the side of your finger. Bucky wouldn’t admit to himself how good it made him feel to make you smile like that at him. His eyes lingered a little too long on your lips, noticing how soft they looked before blinking away. Friends didn’t do that. Steam curled up from your mug and the radiator clicked on. In the kitchen that Saturday morning, Bucky didn’t fall in love so much as glide into it, slowly and surely.

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Chapter 1


You all were supposed to get part 2 to the Ransom story yesterday, but as you can tell by my page, I was too busy being outraged by the stupidity of this country. Anyway, I’m posting a new story a day early cause I still need to edit my Ransom story. I want to give a MASSIVE thank you to @pagesoflauren for helping with this and giving great advise! I truly appreciate it. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy!

Oh! Just to give y’all a heads up, I changed things up just a bit. Bucky survives the Snap.

Warnings: Swearing, Heavy Dialog, Arguing, Mentions Of Sex, Jealousy, Betrayal (eh), Smoking, Envious Thoughts(…eh)…I think that’s it?

Song(s) That Inspired This Chapter:

Foundations - Kate Nash

Let This Go - Paramore

Word Count: 2302

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Steve sat in the living room of the compound listening to another argument between Vanessa and Bucky. Sometimes, Buck remembered to soundproof the room because he bothered to remember Steve’s enhanced hearing. Other times, he just went about doing whatever he was doing like no one could hear him. That included sex. Steve always said that was an accident, but the smart-ass glances he would receive the next day always made him wonder.

However, it seemed that lately they were having less sex and more arguments. As much as Steve hated it, somewhere deep down inside, it made him feel a small happiness that he knew he shouldn’t. He had no right. Yes, he had wanted her first, but Bucky had gone and…well, he had gone did what he does. He saw someone he wanted and took her.

As angry as Steve wanted to be with him, he knew he that Bucky wouldn’t go out of his way to hurt him.While Steve was fairly sure he had made it very known to everyone how much he liked Vanessa,it’s not like he had asked her out on a date or anything. Yeah, whenever they all went out to the Shawarma place Tony had taken them to after they saved New York (the first time), he flirted with her as much as possible. Hell, whenever he ordered food from there, he asked for her specifically to deliver it. He had never made an actual move though.

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