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oooo maybe a little angst to fluff for bucky “i wanted to apologize” and “you’re cute” “it’s just you and me” 😬
Never For Too Long
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: In the heat of the moment, Bucky says something to you that he doesn't mean, and after a period of reflection he's set on making things right.
Word Count: 2.4k
A/N: Part 3 of me not knowing how to write a drabble.
Tumblr media
After climbing out of the cab, Bucky stands on the sidewalk and soaks in the sounds of the city. The night air is cool, and the moon aids the flickering street lights in illuminating the block. He can’t find it within himself to enter the apartment building before him just yet. A few people pass by, chatting and laughing. He manages to return the smiles of acknowledgement they shoot his way. In doing so, his grip on the bouquet he’s holding inadvertently tightens, the plastic wrap crinkling. He prays that all the stars he can’t see are shining in his favor tonight. 
It isn’t until a pizza delivery guy comes sauntering out the front door that he decides it’s time. He’d have gone back home if he waited any longer. The tightness in his chest intensifies as he crosses through the lobby, making a line for the elevators. A few seconds after pressing the down arrow, a ding sounds and a set of doors slide open.
Inside, he ends up his arm in front of the door upon seeing an older lady headed his way. She tries to walk faster to keep him from waiting longer, and he wants to tell her that she can take all the time she needs.
“Which floor?” he asks after she makes it inside. 
“Six, please.” One stop before yours. A blue ring forms around the number when he presses it. As the car begins to move upwards, she looks at the sheen of his vibranium hand, then to the bouquet in his grasp. “Special lady?” 
Bucky looks down to the flowers, their pastel petals, rich green stems, and prays they’re enough. “Yes, ma’am.” 
“She’ll love them.” The elevator stops, dings, opens. “Have a good night.” 
He’s all alone when he makes it to your floor. The stretch of the hallway reminds him of all the times you’d smiled at him over your shoulder before breaking into a swift little walk. He’d always make a point to catch up with you because you’d playfully claim that he couldn’t. And by the time you’d make it to your door at the end of the hall, he’d squeeze your waist and press soft kisses to your neck as you tried to unlock it with shaky hands and laughter on your lips.
After reaching your apartment, he knocks a few times and stares down at his shoes as he waits. Anticipation grips and gnaws at him until he’s surprised that there’s anything left. Eventually, the doorknob turns, and he lifts his head to the sight of your gaze. 
You’re wearing one of his shirts. 
“Hey. I wanted to apologize.” Formally. He’d already told you that he was sorry, but neither of you had been in the headspace to have a deeper conversation. “You don’t have anyone over, do you?” 
“It’s just you and me.” Your tiny smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes, but it’s enough. “Were you planning on staying, or…” 
Bucky clears his throat. A flicker of hope kindles within his chest. “If you’ll have me.” 
“I’d never turn you away, Buck. You know that.”
When you motion for him to come inside, he walks as if he’s treading onto foreign grounds, steps hesitant as if one wrong move would result in being banished. He doesn’t want to mess this up—not again. A week ago, when he pierced your heart with the venom of his words, he’d left on his own accord. But it was as if your doe-eyed stare and tear-streaked cheeks were telling him that things would be better off that way anyways. 
Bucky doesn’t know what to do with himself when you close the door behind him. “These are for you.” He extends the bouquet, which you accept with a small hum of appreciation. “They’re from Monica’s.” 
That piques your interest. “She’s back from Puerto Rico?” Ever since the beginning of your relationship, she’d been the florist Bucky bought you flowers from. Her shop was a couple blocks away from his apartment. A majority of her family lived down on the island, and she’d gone to visit. 
“Mhm.” He shifts his stance, watching as you lift the flowers to your nose to smell them. He doesn’t miss the way your eyes flicker up to him with a touch of fondness. “She asked about you. About how we were doing.”
But he didn’t tell her that he’d messed up; that you’d only been texting each other to do basic check-ins. He’d wanted to make things right sooner, but work briefings and his own doubts had gotten in the way. It’d been the longest week of his life, with each day stretching like an eternity he longed to escape. But even in your time apart, you never stopped saying I love you.
Your voice is soft when you speak again, “Lemme get these into a vase, okay? Then we can talk.” 
All there was to do was swallow the lump that rose in your throat as Bucky’s words replayed in your head: ‘You’re no different than everybody else.’ You didn’t know tears had begun trailing down your cheeks until he looked as though his very soul had been torn from the innermost part of him. The color drained from his face as his eyes filled with regret as deep as the ocean. 
You were numb. 
Moments before, he’d told you that his anxiety had resurged in the wake of his last mission. Detouring in Bucharest had brought back memories of everything he once was; of running, hiding, a fear-laden life. In the time since his arrival back to the states, he’d been working to push those thoughts from where they’d settled in the forefront of his mind. 
In telling you that, he wasn’t looking for pity. He wanted you to know why he’d been a bit more on edge than usual—but he was going to get through this. What he needed was time. Time to sit with his feelings, work on his thinking patterns, give himself the grace to breathe. After so many years of feeling out of control, he was finally confident in his ability to navigate periods like this. He trusted you with his feelings because he knew you’d be in his corner along the way. 
Then you said something that caught him off guard. “Have you considered giving therapy another chance?” The question was meant to be innocent, yet a small furrow etched itself between his brows. It wasn’t that he had anything against therapy. His time with Dr. Raynor hadn’t been the best period of his life, but he still walked away with something worth holding on to. 
What struck him about your question was the insecurity it stirred within him. Maybe you were seeing something he couldn’t see—maybe he wasn’t managing things as well as he thought. Out of everything you could’ve said, it was almost as if you were implying that he needed therapy. Because if one thing was true about James Buchanan Barnes, it was that there always had to be an outside hand; to steer him, guide him, manipulate him. There was always something. 
A chunk of his pride fell to the ground and shattered into a million little pieces. He could feel his cheeks grow warm with a potent mix of shame and offense. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
Only then did you realize how he’d taken your question. “No, Buck, I—” 
The words that left his mouth next were impulsive. He was hurt, discouraged. “You’re no different than everybody else.” 
Everybody who thought he didn’t have it in him. Everybody who always thought the solution was to send him off to the next scientist, doctor, institution.
But he was wrong. You were nothing like them. Not by a long shot. 
The couch dips when you join Bucky, and neither of you say anything for a while. But it isn’t an uncomfortable silence, it’s a thoughtful one brimming with promise. The lights in your living room cast a soft glow over both of you as your eyes flit over each other. In spite of everything, it feels good to be in his presence again. He looks tired, but there’s a warmth in his gaze that you’ve missed. His shoulders are more relaxed now that his initial nerves have passed. 
More than anything, you want things to go back to normal between the two of you. No more lingering guilt, no more tension. 
It’s him who breaks the silence, “I was wrong for saying what I said. My insecurity came out as frustration, and you’re the last person who deserves to be on the other end of that.” The slight falter of his voice is a testament to his sincerity. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time, doll. I know I can’t take back what I said, but…” He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. A few strands fall back onto his forehead. 
Before he can think of how to continue, you scoot closer to him and nestle into his side. His arm finds its way around your shoulders with ease. It feels so good to hold you again that he can feel it in his toes. You feel like home. You are home.�� 
“I should’ve been more mindful about what I was asking,” you murmur. “I never wanna be the person who makes you doubt yourself—especially when you’re one of the strongest people I know.” You give his leg a gentle squeeze. “All I care about is you being okay. That’s where my heart is now, and that’s where it’s always gonna be.” 
Butterflies flutter in your stomach when he takes your hand and guides you to sit on his lap. When you settle with your legs straddled on either side of him, he places his hands on your waist and meets your gaze.
Just like that, the air is lighter.  
“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” you tell him.  
His lips curl into a small smile for the first time that night. “You’re wearing one of my shirts” 
“I know. I’ve been wearing them all week.” You smooth your hands down his chest. “Thank God I had enough.” 
A squeak leaves your mouth when he moves to get up, securing his hands beneath the underside of your thighs. You have to bite your lower lip to keep from giggling as he heads to your bedroom. Inside, the fairy lights lining your ceiling allow you to make out the softness in his eyes as he lays you on your bed and props himself overtop of you. He kisses your forehead, the tip of your nose, and then he allows his lips to brush just barely over yours before drawing back a couple inches. 
“Hey,” you take his chin between your thumb and pointer finger. “Where’s my kiss?” 
“Right here,” he whispers, pressing his lips to yours. You have to remind yourself how to breathe as a rush of warmth runs through your body. You’ve definitely missed this. There’s nothing quite like the way he expresses his love for you; it ignites every part of you and never fails to leave you in a haze of wonder and disbelief. 
The muscles of his stomach jump when you slip your hands beneath his shirt. His skin is a warm and familiar terrain that you’ve mapped a hundred times before. You allow your fingertips to run along the waistband of his jeans, coaxing a low hum up his throat. When you pop the button undone, he begins pressing kisses down your neck that send you floating somewhere far away. At the feeling of him suckling over your pulse, you run a hand through his hair, tugging the strands as if they’ll help ground you back to earth. 
“Can you spend the night?” You breathe out. 
“Do you want me to?” He straightens up and pulls his shirt off, muscles shifting in a way that makes you glad you’re already laying down. 
“That’s a silly question.” 
He smiles, shrugs. “Do you?” 
For a moment, you simply gaze up at him. When the twinkle of amusement dwindles from within his eyes, it’s replaced by something more fond. Rather than positioning himself back over you, he remains standing so he can take in your entirety. The weight of his gaze makes you squirm. You want him to spend the night, if only for the sole purpose of drowning in the look he’s giving you now.
“Yes, I want you to stay. Happy?” There’s nothing remotely harsh about your tone. 
His shoulders shake with a chuckle. “I was happy the second you invited me in, sweetheart. You could’ve taken the flowers and told me to get lost, but you didn't,” he says. “I sure enough would’ve been needing therapy.” 
“Bucky!” a surprised laugh bubbles past your lips.
“In all seriousness, though.” He moves to hover over your frame again. You can see the earnesty in his handsome features. “The dark is less daunting when you’re around. You’re one of the most selfless and kindhearted people I know, and you don’t give yourself enough credit. Wish you could see yourself through my eyes.” 
Your heart nearly overflows. When you open your mouth to respond, words escape you, and all you can do is offer him a love-filled look that teeters on the edge of disbelief. Your struggle makes him smile. Because he realizes that, unlike a week ago, he has you speechless for all the right reasons. You feel loved. 
Part of you wishes he’d kiss you already to spare both of you from the prolonged anticipation. And of course that’s something he picks up on; he’s good at reading you when he wants to be. And of course he’s going to tease you, if only for a second. 
“Cutie pie,” he says softly, granting you a breathy peck that leaves you wanting more. 
“You’re cute,” the added bite you want those words to have isn’t quite there. “Just kiss me already.” 
He finally gives in. When it comes to you, he can never refrain for too long
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I Really Love Being Your Friend (Part 8)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Plus-Size Female Reader, Foggy Nelson x reader
Word Count: 2.9k
Warnings: Mutual pining, idiots in love, angst, body insecurity, stalker. 
A/N: Thank you to my lovely beta reader, @whisperlullaby​​​​ . All mistakes are my own.
I Really Love Being Your Friend Masterlist
Tumblr media
Ben closes the door behind him and you back away quickly. 
“Ben! What are you doing? Why have you been following me?” you ask with false bravado. 
“It's all going wrong. They found out about me.”
“What are you talking about?” 
“Daredevil found me. He found me and now he knows. Now they all know. I can’t let them take you. I can't lose you.”
Your blood runs cold, “Ben-”
“I love you. You showed up in that bar and it was like an angel had found me. I knew then that I had to stay close to you. To protect you. You are an angel but there is so much darkness around you and I have to keep you safe from it. Foggy just wants to sleep with you. Daredevil is dangerous. He gets people killed. The Winter Soldier is a killer. All that darkness is around you, Angelface. I can’t let it affect you. I love you. I need you,” Ben had cupped your face as he spoke and you fought the building terror that curled in your stomach. 
Thinking fast, you decide to reassure him, “Ben. Ben, look at me look at me. It's okay. They're my friends. They won't do anything to hurt me or… or you.”
“They'll keep me away from you. I can't let them take you away. Come on. We have to go,” Ben says emphatically. Standing, he holds a hand out to you. 
“Ben, it's okay. It's okay. It'll be fine,” you glance around desperately trying to figure out what you could do to calm him or escape him. You realize that he's had a break from reality and because of your kindness, has formed an obsession. Utilizing the knowledge you had gleaned, you attempt to reason with Ben, “Let's sit down and talk about this. It's going to be fine.”
“No! No, we can’t. We have to go. They'll take you away from me.”
You reach into the small of your back discreetly and wrap your hand around the gun Bucky had given you, “Ben, I’m not going anywhere. You need to stop.”
“We have to go,” Ben says, stepping towards you. 
“Ben, stop!” you say as you pull the gun and point it at him. Faster than you can react, he’s managed to twist the gun from your hands and turn it around on you. “Ben-” you gasp as he lifts a gun. You take deep breaths trying to discern the best way out of this situation. Raising your hands in a non-threatening manner you try again, “Ben, really it's okay. Nothing is going to happen to you. Let's sit and talk about this.”
“No! Let's go now. Now! Let's go,” Ben begins herding you towards your door and with a gun pointed at your back you decide the best course of action at this moment was to do as he says. You’ll try to drop some bread crumbs and pray that Bucky can find you. He'd never give up looking for you. Suddenly, you feel your back pocket move and realize that Ben's grabbed your cell phone out of it. You hear it hit the floor and then a boot slamming into it.
“You won't be needing that.”
You were hoping he wouldn't notice your phone. You knew Joaquin would be able to track it and find you. At least they would know by the smashed phone that something had happened. You were kicking yourself. You should have let Bucky stay but you didn’t think someone would actually be following you. 
Attempting to placate, you smile, “Of course. I'm sure you're going to take great care of me. Can I pack a few things? Please?”
“I have everything we’ll need. It’s all ready for us. Let's get to the car,” Ben says as he presses the gun into your back discreetly and holds your arm. 
“I just need to grab my glasses,” you insist and move towards your bedroom door. 
“No!” Ben grabs you and puts himself between you and the door. He puts the gun next to your face, “We have to go, Julie!”
“Ben,” you whisper, eyes-wide as terror floods your mind, “Ben, I’m not Julie. I’m-” 
“We don’t have time for this, Julie. We have to go,” he begins to push you towards the front door again. 
“Ben, wait, just a second. Listen to me-” your words are interrupted when you see your bedroom door move. When Ben goes to follow your line of vision, you grab his face, “Wait, I…” you lean into him and press your lips to his, trying to distract him. You see his eyes slip closed and his arms wrap around you. The door opens quietly behind him and Bucky slips into the room. His metal hand grabs the gun from Ben and you pull away from him quickly. 
Ben recovers from the momentary shock and turns to fight. He and Bucky tussle as you attempt to move out of the way in the small apartment but in the commotion you catch a stray elbow. You cry out and cover your right eye that pain radiates from. After a few moments, your front door splinters open as Sam breaks through with his shield. Joaquin follows him in and immediately covers you using his wings as a shield.
“You’re hurt,” Joaquin says as he maneuvers you into the kitchen. 
“I’m fine,”  you demure, despite the pain. “I’ll stay here. Go help them.”
“My job in this is to protect you. They can handle him.”
“How did this happen, Joaquin? I don’t understand,” you feel the tears begin as the sounds of the fight come from the other room. 
“I don’t know, but we’ve got you. We’re your friends and we’ll always protect you. And Bucky…”
“Bucky what?” you ask curiously. 
“Bucky really cares about you. Give him a chance,” Joaquin says gently. 
“Doll! Joaquin! You okay?” Bucky calls.
Ben was a talented fighter and it had taken Sam and Bucky a few minutes to subdue him. As you rounded the corner you stopped, seeing that your apartment looked like a battle had taken place. You guess one had. Your front door was broken, your tv shattered, a lamp laid in a mangled heap, and general disarray any way you turned your head. Ben was in cuffs and Sam had him by the arm. 
“Your eye! You got hit? Get some ice, please, Joaquin,” Bucky directs.
“I’m fine. It’ll be fine,” you say, dodging Bucky’s hands. 
“It’s not fine. You’re gonna have a black eye,” Bucky says. 
“It’s my fault,” Ben says suddenly. 
You look at him for a long moment, “Ben, do you know who I am?” 
“You remind me so much of Julie,” Ben says, sadness filling his eyes. 
“But I’m not Julie,” you reiterate and you know he understands when he whispers your name. 
“Freeze! Hands in the air!” Two police officers enter your apartment and shock registers on their faces when they see Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and the Falcon.
The next hour and half is spent giving statements. You ask your friends to advocate for Ben to be taken for psychiatric care and they agree. You didn’t think Ben was necessarily a bad guy, just a sick one. You’re numb as you explain what happened and begin cleaning up the mess. Your super shows up  and expresses his displeasure at the mess. When he begins telling you that you’ve lost your security deposit over the front door, you just nod dumbly until Bucky steps in. He pulls the super away and has a conversation that you can’t hear. Honestly, you don’t want to, instead you start picking up pieces of the destroyed lamp. 
“Doll, you okay?” Bucky asks a few minutes later. 
“I’m fine,” you whisper, not looking at him. 
“Hey, leave that,” Bucky puts his hand over yours. 
“It has to be done,” you say, you feel like you’re in a dream. 
“We’ll take care of this. You’ve been through a lot tonight. Go pack a bag. You’re gonna stay with me until we can get your door fixed, okay?” Bucky says. 
“I can just get a hotel room or something, Buck,” you shake your head. 
“I’m not letting you out of my sight right now. Please, doll, for me?”
“For all of us,” Joaquin says. 
“It would be for the best. You shouldn’t be alone,” Sam states. 
“Okay, okay, fine,” you nod and go to your room. 
When Bucky comes to check on you ten minutes later, he finds you standing in the middle of the room with an empty bag on your bed, “Doll?”
“I, um, I’m sorry. I-”
“Doll, you’re in shock. Why don’t I help you?” Bucky holds your hand reassuringly. 
“Okay, so, Joaquin is gonna arrange for you to have a few days off. I’m going to stay with you. You’ll need some comfortable clothes…” Bucky rattles on as he pulls a few things from your closet, grabs your slippers, finds some sleep clothes, and a few more items. You snap out of it enough to get your toothbrush and a few other toiletries together. You grab your tablet and throw your charger in the bag even though you realize your phone is gone. Bucky pauses looking at you bashfully for a second, “Uh, doll, why don’t I give a few minutes for you to pack a few other things and I’ll wait in the living room.”
You are confused for a second but then heat rises in you, “Oh, gotcha. Yeah.” As soon as he leaves, you throw some underwear in the bag and zip the bag up. If you forgot anything, Bucky’s place is only ten minutes from here. You throw the bag over your shoulder and join the guys. Sam and Joaquin each hug you saying they’re glad you’re okay and they’d help you get everything sorted out in the apartment. They secure the front door to ensure that your things are safe and then you head your separate ways. 
At Bucky’s place, you’re unsure of what to do. You still feel like you’re in a fog. The past few weeks have been intense and tonight was an emotional roller coaster by itself. 
“Can I get you anything?” Bucky asks softly. 
“No. I think I just want to go to sleep,” you say. 
“Okay. Come on.”
“I’ll sleep on the couch. You’ve done enough for me tonight.”
“I’m not sleeping in the bed while you’re on the couch. You need comfort and sleep.”
You nod and go to his room. It takes all of your energy just to get ready for bed but when you lay down, sleep refuses to claim you. Instead the events of the last two days play over and over in your head and suddenly you start crying. Sobs wrack your body. You try to stay quiet but obviously fail when the door cracks open after a gentle knock. 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” you sit up, quickly trying to compose yourself but your face crumples a second later and you cover it with your hands as you bawl. 
“Hey, you’re okay. It’s okay. It’s okay,” Bucky sits on the edge of the bed. You lean into him, pressing your face to his shoulder as the crying jag takes over completely. He holds you through it, rubbing your back, whispering reassurances, and making you feel safe. When you finally exhaust your tear ducts, you pull away and Bucky wipes the tears off your cheeks. 
“I’m sorry. I just…” your voice breaks. 
“You don’t have to explain. I understand.”
“Buck…” you pause. 
“Do you want me to stay, doll?” He asks sweetly, as if he knows it's exactly what you need. 
“Please,” you whisper. 
“Of course. I won’t leave you. Not until you’re ready.”
“Thank you, Bucky.”
“Things will look better in the morning,” Bucky says, stroking your face. 
“I probably won’t. Pretty sure you were right about this black eye,” you quip sadly. 
“Now I know you’ll be fine. You’re making jokes already. And you’ll still be beautiful, with or without the shiner,” Bucky gives you that beautiful smile. 
Your breath catches for a moment with the way he looks at you. It was in these moments that your heart felt some modicum of hope. God, you loved him and your heart clenched, wishing so many things but mostly that he could love you. You look back at him and, with all of your inner reserves gone, you feel the words forming to ask if he could ever feel the same about you. It was on the tip of your tongue when he spoke again, “Try to get some sleep. We can talk more in the morning when we’ve both rested up.”
“Good night, Bucky,” you whisper instead. 
“Night, doll. Sleep. I’m right here.”
You were exhausted and managed to drift off a few times but you would startle awake a few minutes later. Eventually, Bucky pulled you into his arms and you were finally able to rest. You woke the next morning with a purring white ball of fluff tucked under your chin. You could hear Bucky clanking around in the kitchen and it made you smile. In this moment, nothing existed outside of this little bubble of comfort and then it burst. Memories flooded in and your mind became a jumble again.  
Bucky walked in a few seconds later with a cup of coffee and a plate of food for you. You gave a small smile as he set it in front of you. 
“Breakfast in bed?” You look at the beautiful man in front of you and think what you would give to have this be every day of your life. To have that soft look given to you everyday. You were so confused by everything that had happened. 
"This is really sweet of you. Thank you."
"You could use some pampering," he assured you. His hand brushed over your cheek just below the bruise on your eye and the tender look in his eyes nearly broke you.  
Pulling away, you say, "You should get yourself some food, too."
Bucky nodded and went to get his breakfast before rejoining you. The rest of the day went much the same. Bucky waited on you hand and foot, going so far as to warm your towel while you were in the shower. He made you laugh and feel comfortable, gave you space, and allowed you to veg out  on his couch. It was exactly what you needed. You fell asleep on his shoulder while watching movies that afternoon and you only vaguely registered being carried and then laid in the bed. A sensation you hadn't felt since early childhood. When you woke a little later, you were dumbfounded that he managed to carry you. You wandered back to the living room looking for him. 
"Hey. I was just about to order pizza. Is that okay?" Bucky asks as he sees you. 
"Sounds great. Sorry I fell asleep. D-did you carry me to the bed?" Maybe you had dreamed it. You probably walked and he just helped you. 
"Yeah, doll. You were out cold. I thought it'd be more comfortable."
You laugh in a self-deprecating manner, "How bad did you strain your back doing that?"
"Not at all. I could carry two of you, twice as far," Bucky winks. 
"Right. Supersoldier strength," you nod. 
Together, you sat to watch a show and eat pizza once it arrived. A little later, you're sitting across from him eating the bowl of ice cream he put in your hands. Bucky was sitting in the spot he had laid you when that forbidden kiss happened. You drag the spoon through the treat while trying to get through the mess in your head. Looking up at Bucky a second later, the question in his eyes is clear. Sighing, you say, "How did you get into my apartment last night?"
"I unlocked your bedroom window when I was securing things. Did you really think I was going to actually leave you alone when you had a stalker?"
"I'm so confused about that still."
"He was mentally ill, Doll. It was-"
"That's- that's not what confuses me so much. I mean, being held at gunpoint by an unstable human being is scary but I think Ben is the easiest thing to understand in all this. He's in a dark place and I showed him kindness. He latched onto it. There's also a huge part of me that feels incredibly stupid that I chalked up our chance meetings to coincidence but I'm just not the type of woman this stuff happends to. I'm not a celebrity or beauty queen. I'm not anything special, ya know?"
"No, I don't. You are special," Bucky says earnestly. 
It makes your heart ache and tears sting your eyes before you blink them back. 
"Thank you for saying that but-"
"I mean it, doll. You're very special to me. To all of us."
You smile in a melancholy way and Joaquin's words from the night before echo through your head. 
"Bucky, I... Joaquin said something yesterday... I-" you shake your head at the stupidity of the confession you almost make. "Nevermind. Sorry."
"No, go ahead. It's okay," Bucky looks at you expectantly, an air of hope surrounding him. "What did Joaquin say?"
"Just that you cared and you would always protect me."
"He's right about that," Bucky's smile fades into a cagey look and your stomach drops when he speaks again. "And since you brought up last night... the comment you made?"
"What comment?" you ask in desperate hope that he means anything but what you think he's getting at. 
"About all anyone wants lately is to get into your pants?" Bucky raises his eyebrows questioningly. 
"Nothing. It was just a stupid comment. I'm sorry."
"Do you think I kissed you just to get you in bed?" Bucky asks. 
"No, yes... I don't - I don't know. I just figured I was a convenience. Like you said, you don't have time to date. I'm a convenient option for... ya know and I just..." you trail off with a shrug. 
"You just?"
"I really love being your friend, Bucky, and I know, I know that if we slept together I'd fall even more in love with you. And I thought about it, I did, I thought about just taking that leap and being that girl for you but I just can't. It would eat away at me and then I'd be shattered when you finally did find someone you actually want to be with. You're such a good guy and I don't want to ruin our friendship for some... probably really great sex but if we did that I'd want more and I know I'm not good enough for you. I'm just that fat girl you work with who would be an easy fuck and then it would become awkward and I'd lose you. I'd lose my friendship with all of you and I can't do that." You squeeze your eyes shut, horrified with the confession that had just come out of your mouth. You said too much. You always do. 
"You'd fall even more in love with me?" Bucky asks, a smile spreading across his face that you can't see. 
"I'm sorry," you cover your face with your hands as tears leak from your eyes. 
"Doll, look at me," Bucky's fingers are under your chin, helping to lift your face to his. "I love you."
"I know. Because I'm your best friend."
"I'm not your best friend?"
"I love you because you are my best friend. But I'm also in love with you and have been for a long time. Practically the first moment I met you. I kissed you that night, not because it was easy or convenient or because I was just horny. You are the person I want to be with. I kissed you because I adore you but before I could tell you that you were out the door saying you just wanted to be friends. So, I resolved for us to just be friends. Then our misunderstanding happened-"
"I'm so sorry about-"
"Shhh. That happened, then you were going on a date with this new guy and I didn't want to stand in the way of your happiness."
"And now?" you ask.
"Now, I'm telling you what I should have said that night before I ever kissed you. I love you. I want to be with you. You're everything to me. Please, doll, please say you'll be mine."
"I'll be yours. I love you, too, Bucky," you pause for a moment, all the doubts and fears pounding in your head, "Are you sure? Are you sure you want me?"
"More than anything. More than anything, doll. And I don't ever want to hear you say you aren't good enough for me again. If anything, it's the other way around. I love you. All of you," Bucky tips your face up and his lips claim yours. Your heart soars as he kisses you with more gentleness than you thought possible. 
You smile cheekily as he pulls away, "What do you say we go test my theory?"
Confused, he asks, "Your theory?" 
"That we'd have really great sex."
He laughs at your grin and kisses you again, "I say that hypothesis needs thorough experimentation."
You laugh together as he helps you to stand. A second later you gasp when he sweeps you off your feet and carries you down the hall. This wasn't what you thought would happen. After all, fat girls don't get happily ever after, right? Well, fuck that. 
Tumblr media
Tuiccim’s Masterlist
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buckies-dolle · 8 hours ago
Jealous dilf Bucky 🥴🥴
Ok see when I hear dilf!bucky my mind instantly goes to dbf!bucky, like he just hanging with your dad and you get all dolled up to go on a date and he does not like that.
“Bye guys see you later!” You shouted as you walked out the door.
“Honey wait, Bucky can drop you up if you like, maybe then you can have a drink. You took a deep breath in before responding “yeah ok, that would be great, thank you Mr. Barnes” l
Bucky leads you out to his car and begins driving but he stops just in a corner near your house. “Mr. Barnes is everything okay?”
He leans his hand over and grabs onto your cheeks aggressively, he drops his other hand to your thighs and spreads your legs out, your skirt riding up to your hips, revealing you lace covered crotch. “what my name baby?”
“Mr Barnes” you whimper out before crying out loud when he lays a light slap down on your pussy
“Once again, what’s my name”
“Bucky?” you question, he shakes his head before slapping you again, you covering your moan with a cough.
He squeezes your cheeks a bit harder and grits his teeth “what’s slap my slap name slap“
“Daddy!” You cry out as you feel you arousal leak through your panties. “Good girl” he whispers as he begins rubbing tight circles on your clit through you panties.
“Are you gonna be a good girl and fuck me instead of going on that dumb date”
“Yes daddy” you moan as your hips buck up. Bucky pushes the back of his chair back and grasps onto your hips, pulling you over his crotch. “Go on take Daddy’s cock out” you quickly scramble and unbuckle his pants, pulling his cock out as he messaged your boob. “Do you wanna ride daddy’s cock”
“Yes please” you practically growled at him. He grasped onto your hips and gently pushed your panties aside and lined you up before letting you sink down in your own time. As you went down you fell flat onto Bucky’s chest, before he sat you back up and pushed you down a little. Once you bottomed out you dragged yourself back up and stared bounce.
“Such a tight pussy” Bucky moaned as his hand fell to your clit and started rubbing in tight circles. “Daddy! You feel so big!”
“Much better then that dumb little date of your huh?”
“So much better, no one else but you”
And that’s all Bucky needed to hear
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chaashni · 2 days ago
God Be You
Your discoveries about a less-than-normal band might have led you to something monumentally more than you had bargained for.
Warnings: Dark!Fic. Vampire AU. Everybody's a little unhinged. Especially Bucky. Drummer!Bucky. Mentions of cuckoldry. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Smut. Teasing. Denial. Remind me if I've forgotten to add something😺
Dividers by
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Musicians who were a part of a band. A multi dimensional one, with multiple instruments and good quality vocalists. The Avengers.
The fun, goofy ones. Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff. Gamora.
The chill, cute ones. Thor Odinson, Peter Quill and Tony Stark.
The silent but kind ones. Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner.
Last but not the least. The lone wolf. The typical broody, quiet, mysterious one with the metal arm. Bucky Barnes.
You would have called the band the cliche extraordinaire, had things about them not been so fishy. Unlike typical band people, this infamous group of musicians was never caught in bars, drunk off their asses or starting a fight. These people were never out in the streets at all, hardly ever captured on camera. They met their fans only and only on scheduled meet and greets, never said a bad word, never stopped even for a two minute water break while performing. No scandals. Nothing.
You did not consider yourself to be some high profile journalist doing a sting operation. You were certainly not without work, and you did not spend all your time on the internet hunting for celebrity gossip.
So why exactly were you here today, spilling out details about the daily activities of musicians who had nothing to do with you?
A few videos had made their way to you from the internet.
One of them involved Gamora- painted all green on some Halloween party- drinking something red. Without even thinking you had decided it was blood. You could also swear her eyes burned red.
Another one of them was of Steve Rogers tumbling out of a window- the tape was of horrid quality but you were sure it was him. You also had more than enough reason to tell somebody had thrown him out of the window, the bars barely dangling from the sill being an evidence to your derived conclusion.
What was worse was that Steve did not seem to face any injuries. He scored a perfect landing, shrugging and dusting off his trousers before squinting at the setting sun like it had violated him, and marching back to the building
Like this was all supposed to be that simple.
Like fuck it was.
Then there was a picture of Bucky Barnes. Standing next to a very young Mick Jagger, Bucky looked exactly as he did today, the only difference being that he was dressed in the fashion which was prevalent in those days, and his hair was a little longer. Spinning his drumsticks in his hands, an intense expression as done by people.in music in those days crowning his annoyingly pretty face.
That picture was fifty years old. Untampered.
And you just had to find out what the fuck was going on.
That is what you keep repeating to yourself in your head as you snuck your way to Bucky's trailer, using one of your hairpins to click open the door and walk inside. You smashed the security alarm before it could go off, the loud beats from the stadium covering up all the sounds that you made.
You stumbled inside, piles of clothes discarded on the seats, some concealer and a lot of nail polish bottles. Yeah. The drummer liked having his nails painted and it made you swoon for him. You spotted a few broken drumsticks, a huge drumset all set up at one corner.
You turned to face the mirror, yelping when you caught sight of one of the pictures stuck to the corners of it.
A dick pic.
No. It was Bucky, all naked except for the leather shoes he had worn, a cigarette rolling between his teeth. His hair fell to his shoulders, a prosthetic, different from the black and gold one he uses now resting on his thigh. His cock stood plump and heavy, drops of precum oozing out. You gasped as you pulled the picture from where it was attached, mesmerized by his abs and a little drunk on the lines of veins scattered over his cock.
"I took that one in nineteen sixty two. Used to have long hair then."
His silky voice floated through the air, causing you to yelp and throw away the pic in your rush, your wide eyes directed at the mirror. A sharp prick crackled down your spine, the temperature dropping to an eerie level, a pounding blasting away in the recess of your head.
There was nobody behind you.
The mirror showed nothing, only your terrified face and the picture which was now hovering vertically in the air behind you.
You flipped around to find Bucky Barnes casually leaning against his drum set, totally in the reflecting range of the mirror.
"You- you…" you started, barely able to hold in the increased thumping of your heart, your mind clogging and shutting down as the drummer smirked at you, metal arm casually twirling his drumsticks the exact same way he had done in that pic.
"Me…" he started, walking over to the drawer next to his dresser, the echoing of his boots the only evidence of his existence if you were watching the mirror. Your body shut down as he pulled out a stack of pictures, lightly extending them towards you.
With shaking hands you took them, careful not to touch his skin. He chuckled at your startled gasp when you were faced with another of his bare body pics, close up pictures of his abs and lips and - fangs. The pictures turned filthier with each one that you tossed behind, the sound of Bucky's drumstick tapping against his thigh almost hypnotizing you.
Pictures from the nineteen twenties. Him and Steve in some bar, dancing with a few women. Him and Natasha in some club in Vegas in the eighties, him and Tony snowboarding through mountains which were no longer snow covered in this century. And to end it all, another picture of him with somebody else's hands wrapped around his dick, his eyes shut in pure ecstasy.
Well, that kinda stung.
That burned. You did harbour a tiny crush on the drummer, his blue eyes and fluffy hair and the faint lines of stubble along his cheeks always drawing you to him.
You hated that he was showing you pictures of somebody else touching him in that way.
It should have been you.
A cold hand touched your chin, a body sliding behind you. You felt him tilt your neck up, holding you still so you could keep facing the mirror.
"That was my girlfriend from the sixties. She was one hell of a minx," You couldn't watch what he was doing to you, not in the mirror at least. From the corners of your eyes, Bucky Barnes was gazing down at you, still in his drummer's outfit, all black and leather with heavy rings on all fingers. And nailpolish.
Bucky Barnes was telling you something about his fling from the sixties. 'She must be all grey and old now' you thought bitterly, shaking your head at why were you even so possessive about him.
You couldn't explain it. You just were.
And why the hell were your panties dripping wet already?
"Sweet fuck, I can smell you from here," Bucky started, fingers lining over your jaws and pushing your head backwards, his metal arm slowly flotterong over your breasts. "Does the thought of me fucking somebody eles turn you on?"
You shook your head faster than you had expected, not really into the idea that he would believe you had a cuckolding kink, angry red lines of possessiveness keeping you from exploring things.
"So this pretty little thing," He wrapped his arms around your chest and pushed your breasts upwards, his thighs spreading and landing on both sides of your hips, keeping you from moving. "Likes to hear me talk about my old flames. So she can go imagine herself in their place and touch herself till she falls asleep. Isn't it?"
"Does knowing that I can make dames like you fall to their knees in seconds make you crave to be one of them?"
How does he know?
It is. You looked at pictures of Bucky every night, touching yourself and crying out his name, imagining his voice directing you to touch yourself in whichever places you did. You sometimes fantasize that it was him running his hands over your body and making you fall apart on his fingers, tongue and cock.
You sometimes played audio tapes of the select few interviews he had done, his velvety voice pushing you towards your brink.
"You couldn't keep yourself from coming in here, could you? Coming here to find out who I was. How old I am. Where I come from." He sneered, the sharp prick of something- his fangs, burning against your shoulder.
"Tell me, princess, isn't this what keeps you hooked to your phone all damn day?" You felt another prick on the side of your arm, his metal fingers lowering from your breasts to lift up the end of your top, slowly carving its course over the waistband of your jeans. "I got your dm's. I have access to your search history and your screenshots. Safe to say princess, you are pretty obsessed with me."
"I'm not. I was suspicious," you started, hesitating and watching his hands go lower before he popped open the button of your jeans, sliding the chain down. "I came across a few pictures which- which didn't seem right."
"I got Tony to hack into your account and inject a trojan. That's why you got all those pictures in just one sitting. Those aren't really for public eyes , babygirl. I wanted you to see them."
Fuck. Fuck.
Bucky Barnes wanted you to know who he was. If this day couldn't get any better. You remembered the last time you had met him, revelled in the fact that he had held your hand for a quarter of a second, mentally dancing when he leant in and pulled you in for a hug.
You never wanted him to let you go. You even tried to soak up his cold touch, already begotten by the stell blue of his eyes.
Tilting your head slightly you looked at the man- vampire, holding you to him, sliding his hands down your panties, his eyes glowing red, his fangs on full display, faint lines of your blood raking through them.
Isn't this what you had always wanted? Isn't he what you had always wanted? You hadn't counted on Bucky being a vampire, but didn't that make things better?
Good judgement had left this conversation a long time back.
Doesn't vampire venom on mixing with human blood form some kind of aphrodisiac? He would have to feed you his blood to turn you, and something told you Bucky wanted youtube as human as possible for him.
"Fuck. Can't wait to have a taste. You've got any idea how desperate your sweet smell got me for you?" He slid his metal hand into your hair, tugging at the roots and pulling your head backwards, its pair pinching your clit. He towered over you, catching your lips in the messiest upside-down kiss, all teeth and spit and breathless gasps as you grabbed the back of a chair, holding on for dear life.
"I felt like I was dying again, having to hold myself back from doing that. If you didn't come here tonight," his fangs tore out, digging into the skin of your jaw and skimming down your throat. "I'd have come to get you."
You gasped, your head reeling. This was all too much to take, and everything you had ever wanted.
Too much at once.
"Don't look at me like that, baby doll. You wanted me. I wanted you." Bucky shrugged, not missing a beat before he was swooping down, digging his fangs over your bared neck and biting down, hard.
You screamed, louder than you had ever, two holes digging into your neck and drops of blood dribbling down in the mirror, getting licked up by something which did not have a reflection. The mirror played its part, a witness to Bucky claiming you as his own, his hands possessively sliding over your folds as white hot light tore through your vision, your legs jerking apart at the burst of pleasure streaming through your body.
He kept flicking your folds, tremors burning through your body as he played with you, gently licking up your blood and smearing his venom to seal the wound. You watched the gaping holes fill up for a second before he was biting down on the exact same spot, the pain sharper and much more pleasurable as you vision fogged, your legs convulsing from his teasing and mind hazy from the venom he was transferring into your bloodstream.
"You get what you want, here. All your dreams and fantasies which you write about," Bucky whispered in your ears, lips drenched with your blood, leaving marks of their bloody trail over your skin, an unhinged glint in his eyes.
He turned you around, making you face him in his full vampiric glory, eyes a fading red and lips caked with your blood, his tongue dipping out to lick some of the liquid up. His arms wrapped around your body, holding you steady. The metal arm inched up to lace around your throat, forcing you to look into his eyes, two fingers shoved into your needy cunt, the base of his rings working against your clit.
"In return I get to keep you. I feed from you. I fuck you. Only I get to have you. Forever."
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nexusnyx · 5 hours ago
hi! i love your writing so much! idk if you’ve done something like this before, but could i request a bucky x reader imagine where the reader is really high maintenance? if not, that’s okay! xx
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: He knows that when he takes his girl out, not forgetting his wallet is important. There are many things his baby is—sweet, witty, smart-mouthed, a little bit of a freak; among the big list he's compiled so far, 'cheap' is nowhere to be found. It takes a lot to keep her happy. Bucky loves the challenge.
A/n: Feedback is really important to me. Tell me what you think and I'll adore ya forever :)
Word count: 3.1k
Warning(s): This work is intended for 18+ audiences. Minors, DNI. I also do not allow for my work to be copied, translated, or reuploaded anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
There were many surprises in re-adapting to life in the 21st century with a mind of his own, free to do whatever he wanted, search for and make the life he never could in the past, and, of course, create his own reasons to be happy, have his sense of self back.
One of the things he did not include or expect to be on that list: getting used to designer brand luxury stores.
What could he say?
Sgt. Bucky Barnes' girl was not a cheap date. Never had been, and if he had his way, never would be.
She was one of those people who were not born into wealth but still were born with a sense of self-worth which made them richer than a lot of others in life.
Y/n never gave her time to people who never earned it, she cultivated friendships of a lifetime and had the maturity to surround herself with people who were true to what they wanted just like her; the beauty of her confidence exuded in every pore of her being, and it was what attracted him towards her in the first place.
She also enjoyed fine things.
Which was okay—there was the desire for money (stupid) and the desire for good things (reasonable) and when the latter existed and the person didn't turn into someone else in order to get what they wanted, Bucky couldn't see a problem with liking extravaganze.
Bucky always thought fondly of how his first time truly flirting with her went.
"With a mouth like that and answers like these, I could think you're trying to flirt with me."
"Trying? Sergeant, if I was flirting with you, you'd know."
"I—Really? Wow. All the times you flicked your hair at me, you were just playing with my heart, then?"
"Never did that either. I think you are trying to flirt with me, Sergeant Barnes."
Bucky laughed.
"Outch—is the thought of it that funny to you?"
"Oh, no. Not that. I am definitely flirting with you. I just thought it was funny you trying to deny you were looking specifically for my attention those times when you love rolling your tongue around Sergeant Barnes that damn much, y'know?"
"D'you always speak to your work colleagues this up close or...?"
"I don't know, d'you always talk to yours while focusing so much on their lips? ... Ah. There it is. I got those cheeks pink once and I thought it was just a fluke, but I think I got it. See—the way I see it, Mrs. Y/l/n, we could be doing this flirting elsewhere. Like on a date, or... on a date? Or. Instead, you could tell me again about how I'm wasting my time here because you are 'not flirting with me'."
"... Could we?"
"Why not?"
"Well. All this time you've been 'flirting' with me—"
"I do not appreciate the air quotes."
"Stop smiling at me like that, I'm trying to focus here."
Bucky wanted to kiss her there and then. He stopped himself, and bit down on his smile.
"As I was saying, all this time you've been 'flirting' with me, you let out that a) 'this generation', aka people my age, tend to annoy you with their 'silly' hobbies, and I'm not sure which one of mine would fall into that category and a) said you don't like going out and doing 'fun' things is overrated, and... While I appreciate the frown and adore the sexy smolder it's attached to it... I'd need a little more than that."
"... You're right. It's—hard. For me, still, to just... let my guard down."
"I can see that."
"I'm trying, though..."
"I can see that, too."
"Good. So—if I showed you I meant it, maybe you could tell me about your hobbies? I'd keep my old brain very open to all of them. I—you're a really smart, funny, and witty woman, Y/n. Beautiful as the icing on it all. I... would love to try. If you want me to."
The smile you gave him then sealed it. Bucky Barnes knew: after all those months of flirting, he'd do anything for you. For that smile. That attention in those eyes.
"I'm not a cheap date, Sergeant Barnes," you whispered, the smile lazier than ever, or maybe it was the hooded blink in your eyes.
Bucky felt glad for the first time that his job under Fury and Captain America — he'd have to thank Sam Wilson, fuck — gave him real money.
He spent it rarely on things, never quite finding anything worth it besides a good motorbike, decorating his house to not look like a hotel, and a few good weapons.
He was willing to spend any amount on you.
"I'll make sure to take you somewhere nice."
"Wow... Are you gonna smile like that when you pick me up?"
"If you're looking at me like this, then yes." He laughs. "I like that smile."
"I like yours more."
"What are your favorite flowers?"
"You heard me. This is my first proper date in—actually, never mind. You don't need to know the number. In a long time. So I'm doing it right."
"Calla lillies."
"Thank you. You can go back to work now."
"I'm not one of your Agents, Sergeant."
"You do realize I'm the Second Superior in Command of the entire Avengers Compound, right?"
"Captain America," he puts his hands high on top. "Me." He lowers his hands just a little."
"Technically, doesn't even exist."
"So... you're my boss's boss?"
"Right. Good to know, Sergeant."
That had been the first date of many.
Bucky kept good on his word and doing so managed to bring you into his life. Light took over many corners that had been dark for years.
He took you to museums, art galleries, book launchings, and whatever else you asked him to, and had pleasure in doing so.
The days were not all spent out, either.
You showed him that when he let his guard down and showed you more than just his frowns or just the Sergeant you met walking the walls of the Compound, you could let your guard down, too.
Inside his apartment, you two watched countless movies, painted the walls, ordered take-out from several different places in the city with the intent of trying and figure out all the best ones—you napped with him. Accompanied him to physical therapy sessions he had with Dr. Park as he tried to learn life without the arm, too.
Some of it was flashy nights in the city, but some were quiet nights with jazz and wine, too.
Bucky loved every side of this.
All of them were worth their weight in gold.
Tumblr media
None of the designer stores he's ever visited made Bucky comfortable, but most of them were tolerable because of the champagne.
He enjoyed having something to do with his hands.
After a few months of visiting them every now and then, he ever learned a few cool games he could play as he stood or sat in the waiting area. This time, he was playing 'spot the places you could conduct secret sound surveillance without never being found' when you called his name.
"C'mere for a sec, please?" You called.
Your voice sounded just a fraction too off for his liking, so Bucky puts down the glass and in a few steps arrives at the fitting room where you are.
When he enters the place, Bucky's jaw meets the velvety floor.
Gods, she looks breathtaking.
He walks almost subconsciously, stepping closer until he's standing right behind you as his eyes take over every inch of the outfit.
To accompany him as his date to the dinner the committee was holding for spies and allies in a lot of other countries, you'd come to shop for a new dress. You'd told Bucky you had never better to a party that important, and while part of him wanted to tone it down, say the occasion wasn't that fancy at all, the number of scientists, people Fury called personally to attend and the secret venue made it impossible.
So he told you to go shopping, and now, here you two were.
You in a satin, shimmery dress, a slit high up your thigh and with the back almost naked except for a few super thin straps of gold metal holding it together, and Bucky right behind you with his eyes darker than when he entered, his work clothes — jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather jacket on top — and a stupid look on his face.
"Holy fucking..." his words die out. The eyes are too busy drinking all of you in.
He's so busy watching how every bit of the dress clings to your body that Bucky almost misses the insecurity in your face. If it weren't for the way you whisper, "You think it's nice?" It would pass by him.
Your voice calls his eyes to go up to your face though, and that's when he sees.
The dark spark of judgment in your eyes, which are glued to the middle, where the dress hugs tight your round belly—the stomach he loves squeezing, loving, and biting, even on the days where you find it hard to love all the bits of you, that's one of the parts Bucky sees your eyes darting back to. You seem to judge your clavicle as well, exposed in the thin straps that hold the dress, even your arms.
"It's not too..."
"Too what?" Bucky chuckles. "Too sexy? Maybe." He's done with the uncertainty on your face, so he closes the distance between your bodies. "But that's a problem for me to deal."
"Buck. I'm serious," you even sound the part when you lock gazes with him through the mirror. "I know I'm—I try my best to be nice to myself and I accomplish it most of the time, but this is a big deal. And—with you. I'm your date. You wanna take me as your date, I gotta look the part." Your voice lowers, tugging on the strings of Bucky's heart. "I wanna look good."
"Baby." Bucky wraps both arms around your waist, hugging your body tightly. "You look way past good," he states, pressing a firm kiss to your cheek, and making sure to keep his eyes on yours so he sees that you believe he means every word. "Good was left in the dust. Miles behind ya. This? This is gold. I mean—It's literally gold—what is this fabric? God, it's good."
You giggle when he starts feeling up your body with both hands, and he thinks there it is. Much better. "Bucky—"
"Shhh, I'm tryna figure out what fabric this is."
"It's satin. Stop feeling me up!" you giggle.
"Hm. Your words say 'stop', and your body says 'oh, I love it, James, keep going'." He does stop, though, even if you were leaning into the touch. Even if you were pushing more of your back to mold on his front. He rests his chin on your shoulder and kisses the skin there. "I meant it. You look amazing, baby. Wasn't this the first dress you set eyes on when you walked in?"
Bashful with how much he's noticed, you nod. "Yeah."
He nods. "You've got good eyes."
"It's really not too much for an official, high-ranking, Fury-made Avengers party?"
"Nope," and Bucky would not give a rat's ass if it were. This is the dress you want and he knows it, and if what you wanted was to wear a black plastic bag, he'd let you.
"Right." You look to yourself again in the mirror, and Bucky watched you doing so. "I wanted to ask. 'Cause I know it's... tight."
"It's fitting," he corrects. His palms run through your stomach, the rolls and curves of your waist and thighs, and feels you sighing against his chest. "Looks really damn good."
That's a different kind of tone. Bucky's lips form a smile right against the skin of your shoulder, and he decides to show you just how much he loves the dress.
His right hand makes a slow path to the hem of the dress while he presses kisses alongside your jaw, then on your neck. He pays good attention to that spot in the juncture of your shoulder and neck where you love to feel his tongue, his teeth—by the time his hand is sneaking under it, your legs are already parting for him just with the ministrations of his mouth on that sensitive part of your body.
Reluctant to leave his other hand from where it is, Bucky noses along your cheek until the magnetism of his lips close to yours calls you in for a kiss.
Your lips meet his slowly, and Bucky revels in the feeling of your tongue.
There's a reason he uses his right hand and not the metal one (most of the time): Bucky loves to feel on skin how warm you are.
The inside of your thighs are burning, and the soft moan you let out against his mouth makes his neck feel as hot as your core must be right now.
"Bucky," this time, it's said as a warning.
"What?" He runs the tip of his fingers deeper between your thighs until it's brushing on the fabric of your underwear. "Want me to stop?"
You gasp softly when Bucky's thumb makes contact with your folds, running upwards until it brushes on your clit. "I... we're in public."
"Never stopped us before," he chuckles, nosing along with your temple now. He feels how wet you are getting even through the panties. That's reason number two he enjoys to use his right hand.
"I'm still trying on the dress," you protest. It's weak in comparison to the way your hips are starting to be less than innocent in what you two are doing.
"I'll buy it. I'll buy ten of them."
It's your turn to chuckle. "You can't afford ten of these," your voice is a little breathy, but you're still too smart-mouthed for his tastes.
"I'll hack into politicians' accounts and buy this store, Y/n. You're not the only one with insane hacking abilities in this fitting room," Bucky feels himself getting worked up by how wet you already are and the fact that the sight in front of him in the mirror is his, so he starts kissing your neck again. "Can I show you what I see? How good you look in this, hm?"
You exhale in surrender, and Bucky feels all your weight pressed on him. "Okay."
"Thank you, baby." Bucky gets a little dizzy with how much he wants you, sometimes. "You gotta see what I see, 'cause..."
He stops teasing you, and instead of just a brush, he now cups his hand over your whole cunt, applying pressure to the heat he finds there.
He starts. "You see, this is the thing..." With his other hand, Bucky lets down your hair and drapes it on one side, making it voluminous. The blush on your cheeks helps with the vision too. Dropping his voice so low that only you can hear it with his lips pressing right on the shell of your ear, he continues. "This is the privileged vision you'd wanna deprive people of. Look at you. Look in the mirror, baby—yeah. See that? That's you. And fuck, don't you just look delicious enough to eat?"
"James, stop teasing. Please. Please," you plea.
He loves hearing you call him his name. The first time you did it, a voice in his head that came from decades ago said:
Hey, I'm Bucky. The dames call me James, but Bucky's what most people know me for.
You bring that voice and the person who said it back, even if just a little.
"Please what?" He demands.
"Your fingers," you whine.
"Sh. I'll give you what you want," he whispers, but then lifts his metal hand to cover your mouth. He knows you'd tell the whole store what you two are up to otherwise. "You gotta keep quiet, though."
You nod behind his hand, and Bucky enjoys the view a little too much.
He stops teasing you after that.
Bucky pushes your panties to the side and starts by spreading your slick all through your folds, coating his fingers with it until he's lubed up all the way to his knuckles.
Then, he starts circling your clit.
That's when your eyes roll to the back of your head.
Bucky looks at the mirror and all his mind can conjure is The Cursed Woman, 1859. He'd seen that painting with you, and while he'd die if another man touched you (let alone two), he believed he could take the part of all three of them and make you the center of that art still.
You looked like a painting when pleasure hit all the nerves of your body.
Melting against his torso, Bucky watched you writhe and buckle against his head, seeking more of his fingers until he gripped your throat for a second in a warning and groaned, "Stand still," and you nodded in compliance.
You stop pushing your hips back on his crotch and just took what he gave you.
He'd still grow hard as a rock until you came, but with you obeying him at least there were no chances of him cumming undone in his pants like a teenager.
Some things are easier to mask than others.
Bucky finally takes pity on you and starts pumping his fingers inside you, one by one.
He first dips one all the way 'till his knuckles. Then two, which is a bit more of a stretch, but only for a few seconds. Your cunt swallows his fingers greedily the more you catch a glimpse of you two in the mirror, and the only sounds in the fitting room are both of your hard breathings and the low noises of your wetness and his fingers finding your spot relentlessly.
Bucky's glad for the music playing outside—when he does find your spot, it's impossible for him not to chase that orgasm that knocks all strength out of your legs.
He's three fingers deep in you when your hips start rocking back against his hard-on, and Bucky's too far gone in the way your eyes keep finding details on the reflection to pay attention to. He lets you.
Bucky finds that spot inside of you that makes your toes curl and hits it until you're clenching around his fingers and your legs are shaking, your eyes nothing but white.
He'll buy you the dress, and a new pair of shoes to go along with, and after the event is done, he'll take all of them off and throw it somewhere in his house, just for the pleasure of seeing all of you like this—head swimming in pleasure, knowing you're the most gorgeous sight he's got to lay eyes on.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟑
Part 1 | Part 2
➵ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | Rebecca is ready to go to college, but Bucky isn’t sure he’s ready for her to leave.
➵ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | dad!Bucky x reader (ft. Rebecca Barnes)
➵ 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 2.3k
➵ 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | some sadness, mostly fluff and Bucky being the ultimate dad. 
დ 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | დ 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | დ 𝐤𝐨-𝐟𝐢
Bucky set down the final box- full of clothes, or was it bedding? He’d been bringing in so many unlabeled boxes, he wasn’t sure what was in the dorm and what was still in the car. Rebecca was a little scatterbrained- like him. She saw no point in labeling most things unless they were incredibly fragile, but she’d take that in herself to make sure they wouldn’t break.
He glanced over at his daughter, stacking up plates in her cabinet with you right next to her. Her new roommate hadn’t arrived yet, due to Rebecca wanting to be incredibly early. Her designated move-in time was 12, but all three of you had been sitting in the dorm parking lot since 11. Talking about how Rebecca wanted to decorate the dorm, her plans to take her roommate out to lunch to get to know her. Everything about college that she was so excited for. She’d turned into such a lovely young woman. A carbon copy of you- down to the way she acted. She was a spitting image, and he had you to thank for raising her to be the woman she is now. He had only a fraction to do with it- due to some unforeseen circumstances, you were with her from the very beginning. If he had the choice, he would’ve been there too.
Bucky insisted on carrying everything into the dorm, up the three flights of stairs (because he insisted it was much faster than the elevator) as you and Becca organized and decorated. His strength was slipping with age- back before the Snap, he would’ve been able to carry five- hell, six- boxes at once. Now, he couldn’t do more than three. Maybe he wanted to carry them all in to prove that he could still do it. But after a few trips, he found himself winded. It was worth it, though. Every time he walked through the door, though he was tired, he gave a smile at the sight of you and Rebecca decorating, listening to Rebecca talk about her classes. It was all worth it. The bond you two shared was one he adored more than anything in the world.
“Is that the last one?” you asked Bucky as he stretched, trying to alleviate the pain in his back. He nodded, gently pulling you closer to him so you’d wrap his arms around him. He loved being in your embrace, whether he was in pain or not.
“Dad, there’s a fancy grocery store just a couple miles from here!”
Bucky smiled at his daughter’s excitement, remembering the first time Rebecca called him dad. How much it meant to him, even though she was probably unaware of the weight it carried.
Rebecca had never referred to him by name. She never even called him Bucky or James. For the first two months after his return. Then suddenly, it happened.
You and Bucky had been making dessert, watching Bucky pile on the whipped cream. “Calm down, save some for the rest of us,” you joked. 
He stopped briefly, looking you in the eyes before messily spraying the whipped cream in his mouth, half of it landing right on his upper lip. “Alright,” he said, “but before you make your dessert, can I have a kiss?”
“Bucky-” you scoffed.
“What? I was gone for five years, deprived of all the kisses you could’ve given me in that time. I’m just asking for one right now.” he said calmly, which made you laugh.
He leaned in closer, you worried the whipped cream would get on your face. You let out a squeal as you tried to escape, but it was too late. He kissed your cheeks, your mouth, your nose, leaving traces of the sweet cream all over your face. “I’m gonna strangle you!” you laughed, searching for a paper towel to clean yourself off.
“Then I’ll die a happy man,” he smiled, a whipped cream mustache still on his upper lip. He grabbed another paper towel to wipe it off.
A six-year-old Rebecca laughed, having witnessed the whole thing from the living room. “You and Daddy are so funny,” she said.
You didn’t realize it at first, but Bucky did. He noticed right away. He noticed because he’d been trying for ages to get Rebecca to call him that. She knew he was her dad, but for some reason she never said it. He’d been waiting, not wanting to pressure her into it but also growing a little needy. He remembered making breakfast for her one morning, simply asking, “Becca, who am I?”
She responded, “Mommy said that if I’m ever lost, I should say your name is James Buchanan Barnes,”
He suppressed a laugh- of course you taught her that. Of course it was important for her to know her father’s name in case she ever got lost- but a part of him knew that you also told her because anyone would be absolutely insane to think they could get away with letting anything bad happen to the Winter Soldier’s daughter. But still, he persisted. “I know, but who am I to you?”
Rebecca shrugged, “You and Mommy kiss sometimes, and you take care of me when she’s gone,”
Bucky smiled, “Yeah, and what does that make me?” he asked, pointing the spatula he was using to cook Becca’s pancakes at himself.
There was silence. The word was right there, why couldn’t Becca say it?
My dad. You’re my dad.
But when the silence lasted a little too long, he simply nodded understandingly, returning to the pan. “It’s okay. It’s alright.” he couldn’t tell if he was saying it to her or himself. He knew he would be hurting his own feelings by asking, so he didn’t push it any further.
So when she sat there, so happy to say it, he wanted nothing more than to fall to his knees and erupt in tears of happiness. But instead, he made his way over to his daughter, scooping her up in his arms and attacking her with kisses.
“Ahhh! Daddy stop! That tickles!” Rebecca laughed, your heart growing ten times bigger.
He’ll always look back on that day and smile- now here she was, such a gorgeous young woman. Though he still wished she was still that little girl, clinging onto his leg and eventually persuading him to read to her every night, even when she was old enough to read herself. Part of him still wished he could still wake her up in the morning and be the first person she saw through her sleepy eyes and messy hair. To make her breakfast and insist that the cereal she wanted was too sugary. 
But then he’d be keeping her from being the woman she was now. She was so smart, wise beyond her years, and so kind. He was so proud of what she’d become.
Rebecca glanced over the dorm, then looked back up at her parents. “Well, I think I’ve got it from here.”
Bucky’s jaw nearly dropped. That’s it? Just like that, she wanted them to leave? He looked over at you. Your eyes said the same thing. You weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet, but he knew you’d never say it.
“You don’t want us to help you unpack? Or get lunch? I can drive to that grocery store if you want, you can get whatever you like-”
“James,” you said, your voice low. You grabbed his hand, “I think Becca is ready to be on her own.”
Rebecca nodded, an anticipating smile on her face. But something about it seemed off. If there was anyone he could read like a book, it was his own daughter. After all, she was half of him.
James thought it over for a second, nodding and deciding against the emotional goodbye he was planning. No- clearly Rebecca wasn’t as torn over leaving as he was. “Right,” he said. He just decided to rip the band-aid off. Say goodbye quickly and get to the car. Maybe then he’d shed a couple tears, but now clearly wasn’t the time. “Bye, kiddo.” He gave her a hug that was too quick, then turned away to shake off any emotion that might’ve shown on his face as you took your turn to say goodbye.
“I love you, and I’m so proud of you. Tell me all about your first day.” you said, pulling away after giving your daughter a light kiss on her temple.
“Bye, drive safe.” Rebecca said, waving as you and Bucky exited the dorm room. You and Bucky got one last look at your grown daughter, smiling and waving goodbye before you closed the door. It was eerily quiet in the hallway.
“And just like that, there were two.” you said, equally as shocked and heartbroken as Bucky. You grabbed onto his hand, sensing he needed your touch.
“I just can’t believe she just… kicked us out like that.” Bucky muttered as the two of you made your way to the elevator. The two of you walked slowly, hoping Rebecca would pop her head out one more time to say goodbye or even ask you a question. You were hoping for anything. But she didn’t.
“Our little girl is all grown up,” you said as the elevator door opened.
“God, I thought that was gonna kill me,” Bucky sighed. You rested your head on his shoulder.
As the doors slowly began to close, you caught a glimpse of a familiar young brunette leaving a dorm room.
“Dad! Mom!” Rebecca called, sounding like she was in distress. With his metal arm, Bucky stopped the door from closing and nearly ran to his daughter. You followed, not too far behind.
Tears were streaming down her face. Her beautiful skin was puffy, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around her father the second he was within arm’s reach. “I’m so scared, Daddy,” she sobbed, “I don’t want go grow up yet,”
Just when he thought the first goodbye wasn’t going to kill him- this happened. Bucky could feel his soul split in two at his daughter’s words. As if she didn’t already have a piece of him the second he first met her. Slowly over her life, she’d been taking pieces of him. He figured one day, he’d give her that final piece of his heart. She could do what she wanted with it- keep it locked away in a box, give it to any child she has over time like he did with her. Whatever she wanted to do with it, he didn’t care. Because Rebecca was his reason for getting up every morning. For living- for being. There was nothing in this world that could come close to the love he had for her. It was something he didn’t even know he was capable of feeling.
If this didn’t kill him, he wasn’t sure what would. 
“It’s okay, Bug. I promise. You’re gonna do great things. You already make me so proud. I love you so much.”
“But what if something happens? What if I fail a class? Who’s going to tell me that I can’t have chocolate for breakfast or protect me from boys?”
“I’ll still do that, Bec, but you gotta learn to do things on your own. I promise you, if you’re anything like me- no, if you’re anything like your mom… doing things on your own will be a piece of cake.”
You smiled, wiping a few stray tears away at your husband’s words.
Rebecca nodded, eyes cheeks still stained with tears. “I love you, Dad.”
It was then that Bucky realized he was crying, too. “I love you more, Becca. Remember that book I used to read to you when you were little? I’ll love you forever…”
Rebecca nodded, “I’ll like you for always,” she continued.
“As long as I’m living, bug,” he added, wiping the lingering tears from his daughter’s face, “my baby you’ll be.” He kissed her forehead, bringing her in for one more hug. He hated not having that little baby girl anymore, but he was so excited for the Rebecca she was going to become. Majoring in finance, exploring new parts of the city, living on her own and becoming an adult. Even if she didn’t think she was, Bucky knew she was ready for everything to come.
After a few moments, Rebecca pulled away, much calmer. Bucky grabbed onto your hand, saying goodbye one final time before leaving the dorm room.
“She’s gonna make me so proud, hon.” Bucky said to you, hopping into the elevator once again. His eyes were slightly red. He sniffled a little as the elevator reached the lobby of the residence hall.
“So proud.” You repeated, squeezing Bucky’s hand and exiting the building. The two of you returned to the car, once filled with boxes and bags and was a vessel for your impromptu road trip karaoke session with Rebecca, was now quiet and empty.
You remembered the days when Rebecca’s attitude bit you, and mid-argument, you’d think to yourself about how much you couldn’t wait for her to go off to college. How you couldn’t wait for her to get out of your hair- but now that the day was finally here, you wished you could take all those thoughts back.
Because now she was gone, and everything felt different.
“I guess we just… go home now, right?” you asked. The car stayed off. The engine wasn’t running, the keys weren’t even in the ignition yet.
“I guess so,” Bucky said. As he was beginning to start the car, you both received notifications on your phones.
A text message from Becca, where she added both of you to a group message with her.
I’ll love you forever.
She added a heart emoticon. You looked up, noticing the sweet smile on Bucky’s face.
“That’s our girl,” you heard Bucky say.
She would have your heart forever, for always, and as long as you were living.
Your girl, Rebecca Barnes.
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Scenting | B. Barnes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: the stereotypes of the alpha and omega dynamics were blurred, when it comes to you and bucky.
pairings: omega!beefy!bucky x alpha!small!reader
warnings: language, abo dynamics.
Tumblr media
anyone who sees bucky; six foot four mass of a man, yielding brute strength and the deadly precision of a world-reknowned assassin, would always assume he's an alpha. he's got the muscular stature down to pat, he looks like someone who will slam you to the nearby wall should you present to be a threat to his omega and pups, don't he?
well he will, absolutely, slam you into a wall without a second thought should you prove yourself to be a threat to his mate and pups; mostly because he's a senior citizen, and he's had enough of people's shit and he would not stand for some rando disrespecting his mate, omega or not, his hands are rated violent for everyone.
another thing is, he was an omega.
HYDRA, for all their advanced technology during their time could not alter his designation despite the serum cursing through his veins. it was a silly joke he had been dealt with, drawn and quartered in the 40s, experimented on, had been on copious amounts of suppressants and scent blockers, frozen like a damn chicken when the winter soldier is not needed.
there was little time to mingle or find his mate even as he tried to immerse himself in the real world.
sure, bucky has dated. he's dated plenty. tried to put himself out there, like that beta from the pr department, or the receptionist from stark tower's, or that chick from the park. but he was spread far too thin with missions, and therapy, training and making amends with his victims or their families, which made any meaningful relationships impossible. they were all too weirded out about his identity anyways, what more, should they figure out he was a broken omega too.
his cycle was fucked up and he hasn't had any since sometime twenty years ago, in an abandoned warehouse twisting in gut wrenching pain, before he was caged and tossed in the cyro. he remembers that. the pain too piercing to have been missed.
o the life of james buchanan fucking barnes. the casanova from the 40s had fallen too far from the suave and easily beguilling man, too confident for his own good. now? oh now, he's embroiled in self-hatred, and trauma, with night terrors and his designation atop of it all. he's given up on finding an alpha, because, who in the world would want a broken toy?
“you okay pal?” steve huffs out in fatigue, a rough session with the weights and his usual exercise routine had tired the blonde out, sweat sticking to his forehead. but even he was not too dense to figure out that bucky has been under considerable amount of stress and the pressure he puts on himself, is so to speak, staggering.
“why won't i be?” he quips, delivering a blow that knocked the punching bag off it's perch and to the floors.
“hey, you're sexually frustrated, we get it.” sam hollers from the threadmill, barely flinching when bucky snarled at his audacity.
“shut up, birdbrain.”
“i'm saying-”
“why don't i punch your teeth in so you can't anymore?”
“alright!” steve clamors, cutting of the snark reply tethering on sam's tongue. “everyone is tired and fatigued with all the mission's we've been committing to. there's no use in snarling and clawing eachother's eyes out, or teeth in.”
bucky grumbles, but stayed quiet nonetheless, whereas sam mumbles something incoherent under his voice. bucky chose to ignore him for peace and quiet, but he did try to trip sam when he walked past, to which steve immediately inserted himself as to avoid further altercation.
“seriously, buck.” steve chides as they walk out of the gym, “you're uncharateristically short this week, something bothering you?”
he grimaces in his head, how could he ever explain it to steve when even he, struggles to make sense of it all.
“'m fine.” he gruffs out, but steve remained unphased with his reply, quirking an eyebrow. “just tired.” he supplies, which was half the truth.
he is tired, and sleep deprived. but nothing the serum can't work with. he's been neglectful of his well-being with far more extreme measures.
he looked like he wanted to say more, but the voice of FRIDAY beat him to speaking, “mr. stark is requiring every present avenger in the conference room, meeting starts in five.” the robotic voice of the AI cuts through he air. the men looked at eachother, shrugging in confusion but following through orders aswell.
Tumblr media
you fiddle with the invisible seams of your tactical gear, clad in the skin tight black suit and armed with high powered guns in the holster, your shoulders squared and your gaze intent on nothing in particular- your chin turnt up and a serious expression as your facade to hide the true nervousness bubbling inside your chest.
finally, though, you snagged a well coveted spot in the elite avenger initiative after a year of rigorous training and life-risking missions under the supervision of SHIELD and the watchful eye for talent of director nick fury.
you passed the trainings with flying colors, dabbled on tech and weapon engineering, excelling in classes. it also quite helped, that despite your small frame and seemingly harmless appearance, as an alpha, people were esily reliant and trusting of you; as if openly seeking for approval, which clouds your target in a momentary haze of how nature intended it to be.
you had easily become the fastest recruit to accomplish s-classified missions and infiltrated several terrorist organizations and brought them to ruins inside out. you were esteemed and applauded for your talents, and equal parts disdained at for being an accomplished young female alpha, but most were certain your prospects were only looking bright from here on out.
still, there was a strange gnawing thought at your basebrain. as if something important was missing.
you had not even noticed that the chairs were half filled, and your new teammates looking upon you, standing alongside fury with curiousity and interest.
“we're just waiting for the soldiers,” stark assures you, must have sensed that your brain was going into an overdrive and you were lost to your own thoughts. he was the only one you had met down at the labs, where fury was slowly introducing you to the team; testing the waters of your chemistry with the rest.
stark was ofcourse first, due to his obnoxious demeanor and sarcastic quips that were sometimes, borderline offensive.
you didn't mind his humor, nor his ramblings. you had gotten along like a house on fire with the alpha and the distance was easily thrown out the window once you both had gotten to tinkering with his repulsors, adding new functions and doing general calculations.
taking a lungful of air, you were wrapped in several scents, but none too overpowering. they were all light and airy, pleasant to the nose which was a good sign; they weren't having unpleasant feelings at your presence.
“sorry, we're late.” the baritone of captain america rumbles along the expanse of the conference room, most of the team looking at him, and the grumbling pair behind, equally as tall and built behind him.
“cat fight?” natasha smirks in amusement, as she sees the scratches and forming bruises around bucky and sam's face, aswell as the nasty bust to steve's chin.
“he started it!” sam's boisterous voice yells, it was coupled with an accusing finger pointed towards bucky, eyes wide as the man tries to bite it off, “the senior citizen tried to trip me, and hurled a water bottle at my face!”
“in my defense, i thought you swallowed the garbage can and was trying to fucking recycle!”
“you dimwitted fuck!” he exclaims, offended.
“you're one to speak, there's not an iota of intelligence in your small fry brain!”
“enough!” steve threw a withering glare to the kids, who continued to glare and hurl expletives and insults under bated breath. steve felt an incoming headache and sensed a few white hairs making itself known, however.
the team snickers, familiar with the banter. whereas fury watches with impatience and beside him, you giggle. this was the infamous sam wilson and bucky barnes; both soldiers, one a wold war veteran at that.
“can you shut the fuck up for one moment, so we can proceed with the meeting?” fury barks, which ceased the arguement for a bit.
enough that they finally take a seat, and for bucky and you to finally meet eyes; both of you freezing, as an electric like current flows through the single stare.
unconsciously, you take a stuttering breath, pupils blowing wide once you register the heavenly scent permeating in the air; of fresh pine and sultry sandalwood, coupled with hints of damascus rose. it smelled positively divine, that your throat dries up, and you looked away in order to suppress the primal urge, clawing at your sanity to jump the wide-eyed super soldier.
fuck, you wanted to knot him.
your designation has never held to be a defining quality of yours, but at this very moment, every single ounce of your cells were itching to grab him, despite his obviously bigger statesque frame, and scent his glands, chanting deliriously.
oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.
but he can't be an omega— could he? he could. ofcourse he can, you add. but you've never felt such a strong pull towards an omega, let alone one you've never bonded with.
and then, there was the concept of true mates. they weren't impossible to have, just.. rare.
“you okay, agent?” fury asks, quietly. you nodded solemnly despite struggling to remain composed. you had to. lest your mate- you say that with internal glee and equal parts worry- thinks lowly of the way you present yourself.
suddenly, it was no longer just the nerves of working with world reknowned heroes that weighed like a ton on your shoulder, the pressure to do well and be liked by this particular group and their pack, even more brutal.
Tumblr media
the meeting proceeded without a hitch, after a momentary stare off concerning barnes and the new avenger; y/n y/l/n. if the avengers had noticed something, they didn't mention it. she was articulate in conveying her ideas, and when she introduced herself along with her capabilities, people hang off her every word interestingly.
bucky listened intently, but he was restless inside. his hindbrain was urging him to do all sorts of mating calls to appeal to his alpha, even the preconcieved title she already has in his own brain, he had no control of.
his omega recognized the small, and intoxicatingly divine smelling alpha, with the flawless face and even more perfect curves, coupled with her wits and talents, his.
how in the world does he deserve her? she's untainted, sharp and every sort of perfect, while he was fifty shades of screwed over.
but holy crap, if he weren't singing inside his head whenever you would glance at him in midst of speaking, and smile softly. it made all sorts of animals trample his stomach.
his head swam with the thoughts of you, and he barely registers fury's speech to disperse; everyone shuffling in their seat and slowly piling to the doors after shaking your hand, welcoming you to the team.
“you got this buddy,” steve was last to leave with an encouraging smile, making him breathe out shakily.
was he too fucking obvious? but no, he was sure they were discreet and their stares brief. it was the star spangled hero's intelligible guess with his eldest friend's behavior. he paid too much attention to what was being said in the meeting.
he clenches his fist unconsciously, insecurity gnawing at the forefront. he had a metal arm, he had done all sorts of things heinous. he was a terrible, terrible man and he would totally deserve it if—
“seargent.” your tone was a touch softer, making his head snap towards you. he was not aware of your footsteps drawing near, which is why he startles when he sees your distance, merely a few steps away from him. “are you okay?” worry laced your voice, noticing the distinct hints of something wrong in his scent.
“i-i'm fine.” he stammers out, cursing silently because of his inability to speak properly. get it together!
“yeah?” you tilt your head to the side, heartbeat hammering in your chest. “can i.. can i hold your hand?” the words slip out before you can coral it, knowing it to be such a weird request but it was either that, or your base instincts was shrieking to do some things unspeakable to your omega.
he reaches his flesh hand to you, sweating palms and all, yet you clasp it gently, intertwining your fingers carefully.
“thankyou,” you murmur shyly, smiling at him.
“don't worry about it.” he squeaks, with sa strained voice which made you giggle.
“i'm y/n.”
“bucky.” he replies, watching with wide eyes when you place his hands on your face. he almost preens at the soft flesh under his warm palm.
“nice to meet you, omega.” he couldn't help the yip of joy that escapes him, and if it were even possible, you glower with happiness. “i'm courting you, just so you know.” and that is how you made a grown ass man, blush a bright shade of red.
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gutflorizt · 25 days ago
˚⁺‧͙𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐃𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫. 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐝𝐝 𝐚 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭.
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠︱𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝟏𝟖+, 𝐒𝐌𝐔𝐓, 𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲, 𝐩𝐞𝐭 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞: 𝐝𝐨𝐥𝐥, 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐟!), 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐩 𝐢𝐧 𝐯 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞︱@buckspumpkin 𝐠𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 𝐬𝐨 𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦!𝐈'𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐛𝐜 𝐈'𝐯𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐥. 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 <𝟑
Tumblr media
“Bucky you have to watch the movie, it’s phenomenal!” You rambled on as you plopped down next to him. “I know you don’t like a lot of the newer things but you’ll like this for sure.” 
“Are we sure we want to watch tv?” Bucky asked, trying to divert your attention. “You know what we should do?” 
He snapped his fingers in the air, “Play a board game!” 
“Buck we’re not playing a board game,” You said as you grabbed the remote. “Come on please just try it. If you don’t like it we can–oh my god!” You gasped when you turned on the t.v and was faced with a cracked screen. 
You turned to Bucky with your mouth agape, “What happened?” 
“Sam came over and–” 
“I don’t think I need an explanation, you said enough,” You cut him off. “I’ll bring my computer, just give me a second.” 
You left and Bucky was left sitting on the couch as he played with his thumbs. He watched you curiously as you marched out of your room and back into the living room where the internet box was. You inspected the internet box and let out soft questioning hums. 
“That’s weird, everything is just fine so why isn’t the internet working?” A moment of silence passed as you tried figuring out what was wrong. “Bucky, did you forget to pay the internet bill?” 
He screwed his eyes shut in frustration, “I must’ve. I’m so sorry Doll.” 
“S’okay Buck, it happens to the best of us. I’ll go pay it tomorrow during work.” You blew air through your lips and tucked your hands into the front sprocket of your jeans. “Looks like we’re playing a board game.” 
Bucky followed you to a very small closet down the hall. That closet mostly contained board games and long forgotten boxes you were supposed to open when you first moved in. 
You opened the door, revealing the dust collected boxes. 
“We can play Uno.” 
“Too repetitive,” You said. “What about Monopoly?” 
“No, because you cheat!” Bucky accusingly exclaimed. 
“I do not!” You defended. “Ok so no Monopoly….We should play chess!” 
“What are we 80 years old?” 
You glanced at him and checked him out, “Well you are.” 
Bucky’s face scrunched into one of annoyance, “Ha. Ha. Very funny.” Bucky hummed as he kept looking. “What’s Twister?” 
“You’ve never played before?” You asked as you grabbed the box. 
“No, I've played my entire life and I suddenly forgot what it is,” Bucky sarcastically said. “I haven't played before, that's why I’m asking.” 
You grabbed the box and started to walk back to the living room while you explained the rules. “There's a color wheel with a picture of a body part, depending where it lands you place the body part on that color. So say I spin and I get green and right hand then I have to put my right hand on a green circle on the mat.” 
“Seems easy enough.” 
Bucky truly overestimated his flexibility. At first glance he thought it would be easy and you would easily lose against him. He’s a very trained soldier after all.
Bucky flicked the spinner. Body part, foot. Colour, green. He bent over on top of you but because the only green circle left that can make it physically possible is behind him. Which means he would have to be stuck in a crab position until it’s his turn. 
“Come on Barnes, this hurts,” You complained as your arm cramped under you. 
“I don’t think I can do this,” He muttered to himself. 
“Either we keep going by you trying or it’s a forfeit and I automatically win.” 
There was no way Bucky was going to lose to you. He instantly moved backwards and into the dreaded crab position. 
Right as you went to flick the spinner you lost your balance and fell, making Bucky automatically the winner. 
“Ha! I win and you lose!” Bucky boatsed as he got up. “And I didn’t cheat.” 
“Yeah yeah you win and I lose,” You mumbled and tucked your legs under you. “How’d you like the game?” 
“It was alright,” Bucky shrugged. “But what if we added our own twist to it?” 
“Like what?” 
“Every time it lands on red we have to take a piece of clothing off,” He smirked. “In other words, strip Twister.” 
“You’re on Barnes,” You smirked, getting up. “You’re going first though.” 
Bucky flicked the spinner, left hand on red. Bucky clicked his tongue as he took off a sock and placed his left hand on the red circle. It was your turn and you landed on right hand on green. 
“You better not cheat,” Bucky teased. 
“Or what?” You playfully retorted. “Is the big bad soldier going to get mad?” 
“Jesus christ,” Bucky chuckled as he shook his head. “You love to tease me don’t you?” 
“Yes sir,” You winked as you saluted him with a devilish smile. 
“Just for that I’m making you go again.” 
“Meanie,” You pouted and spun again. “Oh you have to be kidding me,” You groaned when you landed on left foot on red. You copied Bucky and took your sock off. 
It was Bucky’s turn and he landed on right hand on blue. A flash of disappointment ran though you and you cursed at the spinner. 
“Why the sad look Doll? Wanted me to strip?” 
“You wish,” You scoffed. “Your turn.” 
The both of you continued taking off the smaller pieces of clothing, each getting excited with each spin. Soon enough Bucky had ran out of small clothing to take off. He spun and landed on red. 
“Get ready to see an adonis Doll,” Bucky said as he peeled off his shirt. 
You stared in awe as you watched him. It all felt like it was going in slow motion right before your very own eyes. He was an adonis. Even the faded jagged scars around his arm made you want to plant sweet tender kisses upon them, showering them in your affection. 
“Hey eyes up here,” Bucky smirked as he pointed his finger up towards his eyes. 
You rolled your eyes, “I’ll look wherever I want.” 
Now it was your turn. You spun the spinner and landed on red. Perfect. 
You slowly took your pants off, making sure to purposefully wiggle your but in front of his face. Bucky’s throat went dry when he saw your thighs. All the blood started to rush to his cock and he knew the game wouldn’t last long. 
“Now I really can’t do this,” Bucky said as he contemplated losing. You only had a pair of panties and shirt left on and he only had his boxers on. If he took his next move his face would be impossibly close to your chest and he would for sure lose. “I really can’t.” 
“Just do it Barnes, s’all part of the game.” 
Bucky took your word and maneuvered his body around, his hand going over your body to land on the green dot in the right hand corner. Just as he predicted his head was right in front of your breast. 
Bucky turned a bright shade of tomato red as he tried to look anywhere else. His hardened cock pressed against your thigh and you smirked in triumph. Bucky had desperately tried to hide his boner and he was successful. For the most part. 
“What sarge? Can’t handle a pair of tits in your face?” You asked as you pushed your chest in front of his face tauntingly. 
“That’s it,” Bucky growled as he got up. 
“Ha! I won!” You stuck your tongue out at him. “I’m the winner!”
“For now.” Bucky abruptly grabbed you and tossed you over his shoulder with ease. You squealed as you felt his metal hand grasped your body. He took you to his room and gently set your body on the bed. 
Bucky shortly after climbed on top of you and kissed you with an intense need. His body grinded against yours as he sloppily kissed you. 
“Just take this damn thing off,” Bucky snarled against your lips as he ripped your shirt in half. His jaw momentarily dropped when your bare breasts were exposed, “No bra? Dirty slut.” 
His hands played with your breasts, his thumb stroking your pebbled nipples ever so slightly. Your body arched into his touch, silently begging for more. He took the hint and his lips placed their love on your body all the way where you needed him the most. 
Using his teeth Bucky pulled your panties down to your ankles. It was the most erotic thing you’ve ever seen your entire life you couldn’t helped but have moaned. You felt his head dip between your thighs, his growing beard scratched your inner thighs deliciously. 
“Can’t wait for your pretty thighs to tremble ‘round my head,” Bucky quipped, biting one of your thighs. 
Bucky spread your legs impossibly further, watching your pussy leak. He flattened his tongue and likced a bold stripe up your cunt. Your hands flew to his hair, gripping the tousled hair in between your fingers. 
“You taste so sweet Doll,” He complimented, dipping his tongue into your hole. “Like fuckin’ candy.” 
Bucky went from long bold licks to short sweet kitten licks. It made you writhe around in pleasure and push your pussy closer to his face. His hot wet tongue was addictive, he had become your own personal drug. 
You felt his tongue trace out letters on your clit. You tried so hard to concentrate but the pleasure overwhelmed you. He kept going again and again until you finally got it. My cumslut. 
“Bucky y-you gotta stop-AH!” You moaned when he started to harshly suck on your clit. “Bucky!” 
Bucky pulled away, a string of your arousal connecting to his lips. “You really want me to stop?” 
“Yes,” You shook your head no despite your response. 
Bucky chuckled at your response, “Why?” 
You nervously gulped, “Because the first time I cum I want it to be around your cock.” 
Bucky looked genuinely shocked at your response. Never did he ever think he would hear those words fall from your lips. If he could he would replay those words over and over again until he got tired of hearing them.
Bucky didn’t respond and attacked your lips once again. You felt his tip prod at your entrance, “Needy slut, wanting to cum on m’cock first.” During the middle of his sentence he pushed all the way in, bottoming out soothingly. 
Pure ecstasy rippled through your lower half, your eyes fluttered shut as you felt him inside you. His hot throbbing member pulsed inside you. Teasing him some more you clenched down hard and watched Bucky’s eyes screwed shut. 
“Can’t stop with the teasin’ huh?” He clicked his tongue. “I’m just going to have to fuck it out of you.” 
His thrusts started slow but quickly rose to a fast and brutal pace using your hips as leverage. So fast your body jolted with the banging headboard. Pain and pleasure seared through your body. Beads of sweat formed between your bodies as Bucky continued to fuck you. 
“You feel s’good Bucky,” You whimpered as you felt his tip rub against your sweet spot. “So good. I love your cock.”
“Cock drunk already?” Bucky questioned. “Looks like it didn’t take long to fuck the teasin’ out of you.” 
“Shut up,” Your voice was merely above a whisper. “Just keep going.” 
Bucky finally felt the tremble of your thighs around his outer thighs. Deciding to spice things up he pressed on your lower tummy so slightly. He watched your eyes roll to the back of your head and drool dribbled from your swollen lips. 
“You look so pretty like this, fucked out becasue of me,” Bucky said as his thumb pushed the drool back in. “Imagine how you would be like if I actually got to take my time with you. Slowly tearing you apart with my fingers, tongue and cock.” 
The mere thought of it was enough to make you come. You dug your nails into his back as you screamed his name while you gushed around his cock. 
“Yes, yes, yes,” You mindlessly hummed as he kept going. 
After a few more thrusts Bucky pulled out and finished over your stomach, both of your juices mixing together. He watched as it started to drip down and closer to your pussy. 
“You ok Doll?” Bucky asked when you didn’t make a sound. 
“I'm way more than ok,” You giggled. “I don’t think it’s ever felt this good before.” 
“That's because the other guys weren’t me, Doll,” he pointed out. “Remember that, no man will ever make you feel as good as me.”
Tumblr media
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · a month ago
dating bucky barnes
your honour i love him. i love him so much.
Tumblr media
-when you first met him, he was a grump. a real sour puss. when you were introduced to the avengers as the newest recruit, he kinda just did that up and down eyeing thing and grumbled
- steve was surprised he even showed up to that tbh
-you were really nervous around him at first (bc who wouldn't be). he sorta gave off this very on guard 24/7 aura, like if u stepped left instead of right he’d have a knife to your throat. so whenever you were near him, you were super quiet, keeping yourself as little as possible
-but he’d nod to you in acknowledgement when you walked in a room, or he’d tilt his head when he would stare at you from the corner, like he was trying to read you
- it eventually expanded into little waves in the hallways, or a little shy hello
-one time you were practising in the training room with knives and he came up behind you, fixing your stance and giving you a tip or two (steve walked in on this and his eyes literally fell out of their sockets)
-the two of you became acquaintances, both being rather quiet and timid. you noticed how’d he’d interact with other people, and then with you and it was very, very different. he’d often be almost rude to others, but for you… he had a soft spot.
-it expanded into you two training together or eating breakfast together while he read the morning paper (cause he's an old fart)
- whenever people teased you or anything, he’d defend you with his life. even if it was a joke. he’d snarl or grumble a response like “shut the fuck up n leave them alone”
- he was so protective of you. overly. even though at this point the two of you weren't “friends” yet. you noticed early on, he’d often stand in front of you if someone was near, or would always be in arms reach. on missions he’d always check in with you more than anyone else, covering you with his life.
-after a particularly rough mission the two of you were partnered on, you offered to fix up his wounds on the quinn jet. he politely declined, wanting to be alone as always but you insisted, and eventually he gave in. he was quiet the whole time, but you noticed how he’d lean into your touch, or even let out a little purr when you’d brush the warm water over the caked dirt and blood.
- things really shifted when you heard him screaming from his nightmares. you didn’t have a second thought as you ran to his room. you sat on the bed as he woke up crying, and at first he flinched for your touch. but your soft, gentle words brought him back to reality, and you stayed with him.
-you rubbed his back and played with his hair until he was about to pass out, but as you went to leave he grabbed your wrist and said “wait, please. stay.”
- it became common for you to come and help him with nightmares. you’d stay the whole night when he had them, falling asleep in awkward positions, like sitting up with his head in your lap from you playing with his hair 
-he really warmed up to you. everyone noticed how he treated you, often teasing him. anyways the two of you became close, doing little things together like listening to records (his fav is ultraviolence by lana del rey) , stargazing on the roof, and you even tried teaching him how to bake a pie ( it did not go well)
-one time you went on a walk with him and there was a super loud noise so you grabbed his hand on instinct but he kept your hand in his the whole way home
- the two of you slowly realised you were falling in love with each other, and couldn't be just friends.
-sunshine and the storm is what your friends called you guys, as he truly only had a soft spot for you ( and steve)
- he calls you names like doll, bunny, sweetheart, my darling
-bucky never leaves your side. if he was protective before, its to the max now. he always has to be touching you, like a gentle hand hold, a brush of the fingers over yours, or holding your waist.
-he loves doing little things for you everyday like giving you flowers he picked, or writing you little letters. he even made u a cd once ( which is a big deal for him, he doesn't understand spotify) OOO and one time he tried baking you a pie like how you showed him, the poor thing
-he wakes you up with kisses every morning, cuddles and gives you back scratches
- bucky LOVES when you play with his hair. always. whether it be absentmindedly playing with it, or braiding it or scalp massages. he adores it
-bucky has polaroids of the two of you all over his mirror with his handwriting at the bottom with the dates so he can remember EVERYTHING
-whenever you're shy or anxious, he always helps. it could be anywhere from him doing breathing exercises with you, or if you're super uncomfortable he’ll do the task for you
- you always wear his shirts and he loves it!!! especially after the two of you make love in the shower, he rubs lotion all over you and plops you up on the counter to do your skin care and braid your hair. then he’ll shimmy the shirt over your head watching it fall to your knees
-motorcycle riding! It was scary at first, but you felt safe with bucky. late-night rides with him are the best, and you’ll often go to little creeks or ponds to watch the moon on the water
-he loves slow dancing with you. there doesn't even have to be music, he’ll just twirl you around and you step on his feet while he sways you side to side
-bucky is a huge softie<33
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
"I got the pussy. I make the rules" - Peach
Tumblr media
gif by @sebastiansource
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1.5k
Warnings: Fingering, Oral (fem rec), smut, overstimulation, praise kink, choking kink.
A/n: Written on my phone.
|Masterlist|Chubby Bucky Masterlist|Library|☕️|
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I make the rules here Bucky,” you repeat for the second time in five minutes, glaring at your 6’5" boyfriend currently hunched over the back of the couch, watching you pace back and forth across the living room rug.
You don’t remember how the argument started, in fact you’re not even that mad anymore, but your pride won’t let you back down. How you got to the topic of who's in charge is beyond you but again-your pride won't let you shut up.
Bucky adjust himself, his erection threatening to bust through his boxers. Damn you’re sexy when you’re angry, he enjoys your fiesty nature more than you. He knows better than to share that tidbit when you’re all riled up. Bucky uses his cup to hide his smile, downing the rest of his latte.
See, it’s not that he thinks you’re wrong, in fact he loves it when you out him in his place.
Bucky wholeheartedly believes that women are better than men, he’s not one of those guys who think you’re weaker or fragile just because of what’s between your legs. He knows women should rule world. Anyone who says otherwise is a delusional piece of shit.
So it’s not that he disagrees with the fact that you make the rules. You do. If you tell him to jump and he’s already in the air asking is this high enough.
It’s just that...well, you’re not the only one in charge here.
“Aren’t you forgetting someone, Peach?” Bucky asks, head tilted to the side so he can get a real good look at you. You’re such a pretty thing, wearing his oversized Henley, the long forest green sleeves rolled up to your elbows, and a pair of panties that show off your ass.
"The one person even you have to listen to. Matter of fact, she should be the one talking right now."
“Excuse me?” You ask, hands on your hips, the indignation drawn across your face makes you even more stunning, all he wants to do is fuck the anger right out of you.
Bucky saunters around the couch, the dull slap of his heavy steps fills the room until he’s right in front of you. He meets your exasperated gaze, swiping a knuckle across the wrinkle forming between your furrowed brows. His bare chest grazing the front of your shirt, brushing your sensitive nipples when he takes a deep breath in.
“You heard me Peach.”
Before you can devise a swift retort, he bends down, setting his cup on the coffee table.
Only he doesn’t stop when the cup hits the glass with a sharp clink.
He keeps going until he’s down on both knees, head canted back to gaze up at you with brilliant azure eyes darkened with a simmering mirth that makes them darken.
He curves his hands around your bare calves and drags them across your soft skin until he’s grasping your hips, the calloused pads of his thumbs toying with the band of your panties.
“You’re not the only one who makes the rules in this relationship, Peach,” he states, voice deepening to a near growl.
The heady lust in his tone sends a jolt right to your clit, making it pulse once, twice, your stomach tensing as warmth spreads across you.
“Yes, I am.” Swallowing the whimper at the base of your throat, you steady your voice. “You don’t make-oh," you cry out, eyes widening.
Holy shit, did he just smack your pussy-that whimper you were pushing down arises, sweeping past your lips on a faint huff of air-when he gently slaps you again.
“Aht, aht,” he admonishes, pressing a finger down the middle of your panties until a crease forms, your arousal soaking through the thin material. "I wasn't talking about me."
He didn’t think it was possible to be addicted to a person until he met you. Your soft curves perfectly complement the hard planes of his body, fitting around him like God herself handcrafted you solely for him.
“You had your turn, now it’s sweet girls’ turn to talk.” His cobalt eyes descend from your face down to your pussy, he places a kiss on the damp spot.
Soft lips still pressed to your clit, he slides his hands back to your hips, hooking his thumbs under your panties; easing them down until they’re fluttering to your ankles.
You preen under his adoring gaze despite your best efforts to hold on to the irritation slipping through your fingers like sand.
“She makes the rules too, Peach,” he hums out, trailing two thick fingers down your pussy, over your aching clit with a firm, languid pass until he’s at your sopping wet slit. “And I have to listen to both of my girls.”
You’re not going to disagree with that.
“What kind of man would I be if I ignored her?” Bucky continues, sinking his fingers inside your tight wet cunt until he's knuckle deep, slowly taking them out, smirking when you clench around him. “Look at her already, trying to suck me back in. Gotta give her what she wants.”
And he does. Thrusting back into you so hard you rock backward, he steadies you with his other hand, muttering out a soft don’t run sweet girl, his wrist rotating, fingers rubbing harder and harder as he searches for your spot, the smooth, cold metal pad of his vibranium thumb rolling over your swollen clit.
“Bucky.” His name comes out as a wet moan, hips arching into his hand. “Fuck.”
Placing his warm hand on your belly, he slides it up until he reaches your neck, warm long fingers close over your throat.
“Shh Peach,” he orders, a smirk toying at his lips. “Sweet girl is speaking now, we gotta listen to her. Pay attention.” The command in his baritone voice makes you shiver.
The salacious sounds of your pussy reverberates in your ears. He fucks you faster, deeper, his fingers gliding over your spasming walls, the obscene schlickschlickschlick gets louder and louder.
“That’s my good girl,” he says, gaze locked on your pussy swallowing his fingers, your slick dripping on his palm. Bucky’s praise has another moan preening from your lips. “That’s what you need, sweet girl. You wanna cum for me, don’t you? I’ll spend my life on my knees to keep you both happy.”
“Please,” you sob out, grinding down on his hand, visceral sensations pulse through your veins, thighs trembling as the pleasure takes over your body. “S’good, you’re so good.”
“There you go, I got you, Peach, I got you.” He does. Bucky is the only thing keeping you upright, your hands buried in his hair, gripping the silky strands for balance.
“Go on and cum for me. Give it to me.” He applies more pressure to your throat, your breaths come out, thin and raspy.
“Or I’ll take it myself, take it right from your pretty pussy- “ Bucky leans forward, his lips wrapping around your clit, tracing over it with his tongue. “-until you two learn your orgasms are all fucking mine.” He sucks your swollen little clit into his warm, wet mouth.
Sultry white-hot sensations erupt inside you, overwhelming your senses. You’re going to combust from the intensity. Something twists inside of you, a formidable knot getting tighter and tighter, your stomach constricting as the pressure mounts.
You try to pull away, needing just a second to catch your breath, to recoup. Bucky chuckles, the amused sound drifting up as he brings you back. You’re not going anywhere, he can’t let you go until you give him what he needs. Bucky shakes his head, your clit still trapped between his lips.
You convulse, clenching down around his fingers, your own yanking his hair so hard he swears he’s losing strands. It’s worth it to see you so utterly wrecked, a smug satisfaction brimming in his blue eyes as he watches you fall apart for him, drenching his hand while he prolongs your orgasm with languid strokes over your velvety walls.
One orgasm melds into another until you’re sobbing, overwrought with pleasure, incoherently pleading that you can’t even as your pussy pulls him back in, greedy for more of the unbelievable pleasure he’s giving you.
When your cries are reduced to whimpers and your hands fall from his hair, Bucky releases you with a pleased smirk.
He stands, guiding you to the couch, his hands on your hips, massaging small circles into your skin. “That’s my girl, so fucking good for me.”
You collapse on the cushions, laughter bubbling up as you float down from your high. “That was incredible,” you pant, placing your forearm over your eyes.
“I know it was good,” he replies, sucking the rest of your climax off his thumb. “I know what my girls like.”
“Yes you do,” you agree with a chuckle. You can’t even pretend to be upset at his cock tone, not with his face drenched and tremors still skating up your thighs.
“Now I don’t know if you were paying attention when my sweet girl was going over the rules,” Bucky steps between your legs, pushing your knees into your chest.
You almost forgot how this entire thing started. Judging by the mischievous gleam in his eyes, he didn’t.
“She said I have to keep her stretched and full otherwise,” he trails off, pushing his thick, veiny cock into your sensitive pussy, still so wet that he slides right in, right where he belongs, your combined gasps ringing in your ears as you clamp down on his swollen head.
Oh fuck.
“She’s going to be very,” he slides inch by inch, “very upset with us,” he finishes, bottoming up until you’re stretched taut around his throbbing length. “So I gotta do what she says, Peach.”
“After all, she makes the rules.”
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slut4buckysarm · 2 months ago
— Chemical Reactions | B.Barnes
au; enemy.
pairing; bucky barnes x reader.
summary; bucky barnes joining in on your solo mission was the worst part of the night. that was until the both of you got dosed with sex pollen.
word count; 3.6k.
warnings; smut [masturbation (f), finger gagging, praise, no protection, d in v], sex pollen, language, fainting, angst, blood.
Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my work.
Tumblr media
—“oil and water weren’t supposed to mix and neither were they”.
[11:26 pm].
“James! What the fuck was that!” you yell, waving your hand in front of your face but the purple mist is too thick to clear.
“Get down. Now”!
The both of you drop your bodies to the ground and Bucky looks over to you with panic in his eyes. He moves closer to you and without warning he smacks his bionic hand over your mouth and nose and flips you on top of him. “James!” your words are muffled as confusion overtakes your body. You continuously elbow his chest from above but all he does is tighten his grip.
“Can you shut up?!” he whispers in your ear.
You furrow your eyebrows together when you start to go a bit dizzy. Your hits get sloppy and you can’t seem to focus on one thing. “James…” you mumble as your grasp on his hand starts to loosen.
“James I can’t breathe.” your words are slurred, the room becoming nothing but a blur of white.
The last thing you see is the ceiling light flicker a total amount of three times before the world goes dark.
[11:47 pm].
A sharp gasp leaves your throat when you gain consciousness and your body sits up straight. Your eyes frantically look over the room and finally land on Bucky. He’s sitting in front of the bed you’re on in a cheap wooden chair, bandaging his upper arm.
“What the fuck happened”?
“Hello. How are you? I’m good. What about you?” Bucky jokes, eyes still concentrated on his wounded arm.
“Don’t give me that shit Barnes. The last thing I remember is not being able to breathe because you hand your fucking hand over my face.” you sneer. “Now explain yourself before I break that hand”.
That gets Bucky’s attention.
“Where’s my thank you?” he asks with his eyes narrowed on yours.
“My thank you. Where is it”?
You get off of the bed and walk towards him ready to deliver on your promise of breaking his hand. “What the hell are you talking about”?
“Oh, you don’t remember?”.
“Remember what”?
“The lavender smell in the air? The purple dust blinding us”?
Somethings wrong. You can sense it in Bucky’s tone. He’s one sarcastic motherfucker but even he knows that sarcasm has its limits.
“You bite your tongue any harder, it might fall off”.
“Oh, wouldn’t you like that”?
You let out a deep sigh and Bucky knows that you’re scared. “James what happened?” you ask again although you’re not completely sure you want to know the answer this time around.
“We were dosed doll. It’s a HYDRA formula that was made back when I was being held captive. Essentially what it is, is a… sex pollen”. Bucky’s smirking to hide his fear. He knows how tense these situations can get and that if the both of you don’t reach the point of an orgasm, you can potentially die.
“What? You’re kidding right?” you chuckle in disbelief.
He stays silent.
“Barnes tell me you’re fucking joking! That shits only in fairytales”!
[12:38 am].
He looks handsome. Scratch that. He looks downright beautiful. The way his orbs darken when he catches sight of you. The way the blue contrasts with a splash of white perfectly is enough to mimic the Atlantic ocean. The way his chest heaves as he takes you in.
You know you aren’t supposed to feel like this. The both of you are practically dying after all. But god you can’t help the feeling of tingling in your lower stomach.
Neither can he.
Bucky watches you as he runs his fingers through his hair moving it out of his face, the sweat that first beaded only at his hairline now getting passed throughout the rest of his locks. It hurts him to see you in pain but hell if he can rip his eyes away from you. Getting dosed with sex pollen isn’t the same for the two of you. Not only does Bucky have super-soldier formula coursing through his veins, he now has a HYDRA-made toxicant and the two mix just as well as water does oil.
To you the poison merely makes you crave him. To Bucky it makes him want to devour you. Get lost in your tastes and your smells. Thrust into you with nothing but hunger until you’re a whining fucking mess. Until your little hole is clenching around him so hard that not only do you come, be he also comes. Hard.
And it’s not like it isn’t known by everyone else that you two want each other. That you’re not really enemies.
The thought of Bucky’s perfectly sculpted abs can’t leave your head while the thought of your perky tits bouncing as your pussy soaking in your juices cant leave his. He wants nothing more than to end both of your sufferings. To throw you onto the cheap bed and relish at the sight of you naked and coming undone all because of him. All because of Bucky.
But he can’t.
The two of you are sworn enemies and never so much as give each other a smile unless it’s the result of your sarcastic natures. The sex pollen will kill both of you but giving the other the satisfaction of winning will kill you faster.
Bucky scratches his stubble as he ignores the sharp pain in his abdomen while keeping his eyes trained on yours.
"The sex pollen didn't rid you of your staring problem I see." you smile at him.
Bucky keeps quiet.
"You know what? None of this would have happened if you didn't butt into my solo mission." you spit making sure to put emphasis on the word solo. "I had it under control but no, Bucky Barnes always has to get his way right"?
If he was lying he'd say that you calling him 'Bucky' didn't hurt him a little. That name is used by everyone but you. The name "Bucky" isn’t meant for you to say. You are always to address him as 'James' and nothing but ‘James’.
It was given to him by his late mother who he loved so dearly and it isn’t a bad name to him. He actually prefers it over Bucky but it didn't feel right coming out of anyone's mouth since his mother passed away. That was until you joined the team. When you called him James, even with nothing besides hatred, he was left mesmerized by the way it rolled off of your tongue with ease. Mesmerized by how beautiful it sounded even with a tint of spite.
You can see Buckys demeanour change by how your words affect him. He leans back further into his chair and spreads his legs wider. His head lowers but his eyes stayed glued to yours, watching as you laugh at the impact your one word has on him.
It’s amusing to you even throughout the pain in your stomach and thighs.
"Oh that's funny to you?" he finally speaks with a low, harsh tone.
"I mean that's why I'm laughing".
Bucky stays silent. As much as he wants to argue back, and god does he, he's too distracted by the way your body's sitting up against the cheap cabin bed. You're wearing a S.H.E.I.L.D regulated uniform. A white camisole under a black leather jacket and the same coloured cargo pants. You've discarded your jacket a few minutes ago and are trying your hardest not to rip your top off to allow the cool breeze coming from the slightly cracked open window to make contact with your burning hot skin.
“How long until we get a quintet out here?”
Bucky doesn’t hear you. Instead, his eyes move over your body— over your chest, and your legs, and your face. “Fuck” he mumbles under his breathtaking in how beautiful you look.
“What?” you can’t make out what he just said.
“What?” he responds quickly, snapping out of his trance.
“You said something”.
His expression quickly changes to the one of before. Eyes darkening, jaw clenching, eyebrows relaxing. “No, I didn’t”.
“Yes, you did”.
Just as he’s about to retort, a sharper pain than before practically stabs his torso causing him to let out a groan through his closed teeth.
“What was that?“ you ask as you sit up straight.
“Are you okay? That sounded bad”?
“Mind your business Y/L/N”.
For the first time ever you were concerned for Bucky’s well being and he still found a way to hate you for it. You’re done and more than that you’re in pain. You need to come so bad and it doesn’t look like there’s any other way to do it.
"Fuck this" you mumble as you get up from the bed, grabbing your leather jacket.
“Where’re you going”.
“We’re trapped in a cabin in the middle of nowhere without any cell reception and I feel like I might literally die if I don’t take care of myself so that’s what I’m going to do”.
You know that he knows what you mean when you say you’re going to take care of yourself and if this had been you yesterday, you probably would have been too embarrassed to say it but you don’t care. You need release.
“Are you-“
“Can it Barnes”.
“No! You’re gonna go into the next room and what? Masturbate your way out of this?” he chuckles.
“Well it’s better than just sitting around and-” thinking about going to town on you is what you meant to say but it came out more like “putting myself through the pain”.
Bucky can’t help but smile. He knows what you want to say, what your ego is stopping you from saying. “Tell me the actual reason”.
He stands up and walks towards you making your core heat up when his face is inches away from yours. You can feel his breath on your nose and you clench around nothing with the thoughts going through your head. God, why did he make you feel like this?
“Tell me that you want me too and I can make this go away for the both of us” Bucky whispers as he leans into your ear.
You contemplate it. You would get everything you wanted right now and you wouldn’t even have to be the one that gave in. Bucky was giving you an out and as much as you so desperately wanted it you couldn’t take him up on his offer. You couldn’t risk losing what the two of you had now.
“Never ever flatter yourself like that again Barnes.” you smile as you take a step back. “It’s a pathetic look on you”.
“That’s your big ass ego talking”.
“So a girl finally rejects your offer to sleep with you and all of a sudden it’s because of her ego”?
“You think I don’t hear the way your heart beats faster every time I’m around? How I can quite literally smell how much you want me”. Your eyes widen when you hear Bucky’s words. It was no news to anyone else that you had a thing for Bucky but you didn’t know that the man you like himself knew that.
“And I’m the one with the overwhelming ego”?
You don’t let him finish before you walk out of the room and enter the other one.
[1:06 am].
After minutes of sitting at the edge of your bed and thinking about whether or not you should ignore Bucky’s words and actually take the easy route out of this, you gave in.
Your white tank and black cargo jeans are now somewhere on the wooden floor tiles of the room you are in. You’re left in your white bra and matching coloured panties. Your fingers are under the fabric that clings to your hips and are between your folds. With pleasure now overtaking your body, it’s impossible to feel the pain you were feeling before. Moans are spilling from your lips as your clit aches with every rub of your finger.
In the other room, Bucky can feel his cock throb when he hears your fingers circle your clit. The sound of your muffled whimpers and screams into your pillow, every single sound coming from your room drives Bucky insane. He doesn’t know if he can contain himself much longer. At any moment he’ll reach the brink and rip your wooden door off of its hinges. No. You need to have some control.
Although his mind is telling him to stop thinking that way, his cock is telling him oppositely. His cock hardens against his jean fabric when he hears your whines. The sound of your fingers being coated by your arousal and being pumped in and out of your pussy in a desperate attempt to heal you rings in Bucky’s ears. But just as his hand palms his crotch his eyes snap open and his face flush’s pale as he recalls the horrific memories from his time at HYDRA.
Bucky jumps out of his chair and strides towards the room you’re in, his steps taken long and fast.
“Doll you need to stop,” Bucky demands as he pushes open the door with so much force you’re sure you hear a crack when it hits the wall.
You look over at him and can’t help but be drawn closer to the edge when you see the imprint of his dick against the cloth of his jeans. “James I can’t. I need the pain to go away,” you whine as you start to pump faster.
You know you’re close to your orgasm and so does Bucky.
He walks up to you and grabs ahold of your wrist, pulling it towards him and causing your fingers to remove from inside of you.
“What the fuck?!” you yell in disbelief.
“I can’t let you do that”.
“What’re you talking about?” you groan as you feel a sharp pain strike you by your ribs.
“That’s not how it works. You can’t do it yourself. It’s meant to be done person to person”.
“You mean you and I have to have sex.” you sigh, your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“Well don’t sound too upset about it”.
The number of needles poking your body stops you from making up a comeback. Your body quivers and your knees fold up against your chest.
“Ahhh fuck!” an anxious groan rips through your throat and Bucky’s eyebrows scrunch together when he’s put in a state of worry.
“What’s happening? Talk to me doll.” Bucky speaks as his hands grab at your face.
“It hurts. So much”.
“Shh I know. I know”.
“God. Make it go away James. Please just make it go away”.
[1:10 am].
“Once I start I won’t be able to stop”.
“It’s okay. I can handle it”.
With that, he smacks his hands into your shoulders and you’re thrown onto the bed with his eyes basically ripping you open.
Before you know it Bucky is tearing your panties off of your legs and ripping your bra from your skin. His eyes widen in awe when he finally catches sight of your bare tits, his lips immediately wrapping around your hardened nipples.
“Ah”. Your breathing speeds up when Bucky’s tongue swirls around your skin, it being more sensitive than usual due to the pollen coursing through your veins right now.
“James let me feel you. Please”. You’re practically begging as your hands start to fumble with his belt.
“God, you’re so needy aren’t ya? And if I’m being honest doll, I’m not sure it’s entirely the sex pollen.” he growls as he slides his belt out of their loops.
“See I’ve been watching you. Listening to you. To every beat of your heart and every breath you breathe. You’ve wanted me for as long as I’ve wanted you. Admit that and I’m all yours doll”.
As much as Bucky wants to let you feel him, and god knows he does, he needs you to tell him that he wasn’t the only one that has been head over heels for you for practically months now.
“Are you serious? Of course I want you. I’ve been falling for you since the moment I saw you James. Now please, please just fuck the pain away”.
Bucky’s teeth catch his bottom lip and his eyes glare at you with nothing besides lust and hunger. He pulls his pants down along with his boxers and watches how your eyes widen when you see the length of his cock smack up against his stomach.
“Oh god”. Hearing you mumble that under your breath had Bucky’s face flush pink.
“You’re not really surprised are ya?” he chuckles.
“Just hurry up” you roll your eyes.
Hearing that, Bucky pumps his pre cum down his dick a few times and lines himself up with your entrance. “Take a deep breath for me” he whispers before he slides into with ease.
“Shit. You’re so fucking tight.” he groans as he waits for you to adjust your hips closer to his.
“Alright, go” you mumble and Bucky’s never been so delighted to hear those two words before. As his cock moves in and out of you, the pain you once felt starts to leave your body. “Ah fuck! James”!
With each thrust of his hips, not only does your throat release moans that drive Bucky absolutely feral but Bucky also grunts in your ear, his raspy voice driving you insane.
“Gonna need you to quiet down”.
But you can’t. Bucky’s cock is practically splitting you in two and you’re so close to the edge you’ve been wanting to fall off for a while now. You both are.
“James fuck"! Moans keep spilling from your mouth and Bucky’s had enough. He brings his metal hand to your mouth and clutches your bottom jaw with so much pressure you think it might shatter.
“Open.” he demands and you don’t think twice before you part your lips.
Bucky slips his index and middle fingers into your mouth and presses them to the side of your cheek. The metal digs into your skin and burns a bit but you don’t care. It all feels too good to care. “Oh, you like that?” Bucky asks with his lips slightly turned up when he hears you moan into the pillow with his hand against your face.
Not getting an answer from you slightly frustrates him. “Use your words doll or I’ll have no choice but to stop”.
“Yes! Fuck yes. I love it”.
“But you’re still being too loud. M’gonna have to shut you up aren’t I”?
Just as you are about to answer you let out the loudest moan yet and Bucky smirks.
“Yeah I am,” he grunts as he pushes his fingers down your throat.
Pleasure courses through your body in ripples as you gag on his fingers.
“J-am-es!” you yell when Bucky snaps his hips into you again.
“Ah fuck. You look so beautiful”. Praises run out of his mouth like water and although they’re mostly for him to hear, you can’t help but enjoy them too.
With both of you so close to your orgasms Bucky helps give you that extra push. He brings his free hand to your lower stomach and draws tight circles on your clit with his thumb. His other fingers keep connected with the skin above and push down to keep you from squirming away.
With his thumb stimulating your clit and his cock inside of your hole your walls flutter like they haven’t before and your body jolts up, back arching. “Shit!” you cry out with tears prickling the sides of your eyes.
“You gonna be good and come for me doll”?
All you can manage to do is nod your head when his electric blue eyes roam over your sweaty body and then lock with your umber ones. “Yeah, you are. Can feel you squeezing down on my cock. Gonna milk it real good aren’t ya”?
You can’t answer but Bucky needs one.
He runs his metal fingers through your hair and tugs it back slightly. “Aren’t ya”?
“Yes fuck yes. Just don’t stop James. Please don’t stop!” you beg and he lets go of your hair and rubs his thumb down your plump lips, the bottom one slightly swollen from his teeth attacking them earlier.
“That’s what I thought. Now open up,” he demands once again and your mouth separates without hesitation. He props his metal thumb inside your mouth and slightly raises his head. Close.
Your lips wrap around the metal of his thumb and your tongue runs circles. “That’ll keep that pretty little mouth of yours busy” he mumbles as he pushes his hips against yours again.
Bucky can feel his cock twitch against your soft walls and he doesn’t know how much longer he’s going to last but he needs you to come first. He needs to know that you’re not in pain any longer before he gets over his.
Pleasure clouds your thoughts and the cabin room starts to go white. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and your hand reaches for his neck. In a few seconds, your walls tighten against his cock and your right thigh starts to shake. You let go onto him, toes curling, screaming his name.
“That’s it sweetheart” he grunts through his teeth as he nears his orgasm. The overstimulation is making your body quiver but knowing that Bucky is soon going to be rid of his pain brings you happiness. With a few more thrusts Bucky comes inside of you, his body dropping down on you. His weight is enough to crush you so you thank the gods for his forearms catching himself.
“Oh fuck”. His lips are slotted over yours and you push his body aside.
Maybe Bucky butting in on your solo mission wasn’t the worst thing.
— la fin.
please give feedback and reblog if you enjoyed.
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kikixreverie · 2 months ago
Sleepless nights
Roommate!Bucky x Fem!reader
Summary - Weeks of not being able to get off leave you restless and without sleep, and after hearing your troubles through the thin walls, your roommate, Bucky, decides to help you out.
Word count - 4.6k
Warnings - (18+) Smut, masturbation, oral (f receiving), fingering, pet-names, dirty talk, friends to lovers, fluff.
A/n - Well. Let's just say I did not expect to write over 4k words of pure smut, but I'm not mad about it.
Tumblr media
Hours. It had been fucking hours of you tossing and turning and there was still no sign of sleep coming anytime soon.
Your eyelids were heavy but your mind was running a mile a minute, refusing you the simple release of rest.
It wasn’t just tonight that you lay awake half the night, for about a week now you’ve been running only on caffeine, barely sleeping at all and you were starting to lose hope that you’ll ever get a decent nights sleep again.
You could give a decent guess to why you couldn’t sleep.
Bucky had only moved in three months ago, but living with somebody else in a tiny apartment with very thin walls proved to be more difficult that you had expected.
You hadn’t been able to get off in weeks, and it was the most sexually frustrated you’ve ever been in your life.
There was a rule you made for yourself when he first moved in.
Never masturbate with Bucky home.
It was a simple rule, one fairly easy to follow. Your walls were thin and Bucky’s enhanced hearing was something you were very aware of. But your resolve was cracking.
You need it.
You’re fucking desperate.
You groaned quietly into your pillow, opening your eyes to adjust to the darkness of your room. There’s no point in trying anymore. You’re never gonna sleep again.
Your bed was too warm, your pillow too flat, everything uncomfortable for no apparent reason and it was driving you insane.
You adjusted your position again, lying on your back to stare up at the ceiling.
You can’t do this anymore.
The thought of finally feeling that release was enough to make you clench your thighs together, images and scenarios filling your desperate and horny brain as you let your eyes fall shut.
You thought about feeling the weight of someone above you, kissing your lips, slipping their tongue inside before lowering their mouth to your neck, marking you, then lower, teeth catching on your nipple before soothing the sting with their tongue, lower, lips against the soft skin of your stomach, lower, brushing against your navel, lower.
You thought about his lips on your clit as a teasing kiss as he looks up at you with a smirk when you moan, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously in the dim light of your bedroom.
You ripped your eyes open, your gaze shooting to the wall to the left of your bed.
The image of him between your legs stayed vivid in your mind.
It certainly wasn’t the first time you’d imagined sleeping with Bucky, but it was the most vivid daydream you’d ever had about him.
He was the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen, of course you’d grow to have feelings for him, he was sweet, charming, caring, and too goddamn smooth for his own good.
It was agony sometimes, the way he’d flirt so shamelessly with you when you were sexually frustrated beyond reasoning, it led to a rather dangerous dynamic between you, both teasing the tension more and more until someone finally did something about it, but you were certainly just as stubborn as Bucky, and there’s no way you'd admit to your feelings first.
Your hand was resting on your stomach your body begging you to slide it down further, to feel the mess you’d already made of your underwear.
He’d most certainly hear you if you weren’t careful, but you couldn’t wait any longer, your clit was throbbing with need, your eyes falling closed again as your hand inched lower and lower, slipping under the waistband of your shorts and then into your panties to press two fingers against your clit, gasping at how sensitive you were before quickly snapping your mouth shut, taking a moment to listen for any noises from Bucky’s room and then making gentle circles with your fingers when you felt the coast was clear.
Your head sunk into the pillow, your hips lifting to grind against your hand as the tension in your body started to melt away, your teeth pulling harder at your bottom lip in attempt to keep any noises at bay, but when you started to speed up your fingers, a quite whine slipped out and you were to invested in your own pleasure to notice.
Bucky did though, he noticed everything, heard every damn squeak your mattress would make every time you shifted in bed, heard the quiet noise often playing through your phone as you scrolled aimlessly through social media, he could practically hear you think, so he most certainly heard the soft, whiny moan that made his cock twitch in his boxers.
He knew you weren’t getting much sleep recently, he knew that because he wasn’t either. It’s not like he blamed you, Bucky had his own problems, chronic insomnia being one of them, but knowing that you were also awake all night, tossing and turning just as he was, for some reason made it worse.
The noise wasn’t the problem, he’s had over 70 years to get used to his enhanced abilities, hearing the thump of someone’s heart in their chest was normal to him, the constant noise was more normal, more natural to him now, than the expected quiet he'd hear without the serum.
He liked that he could hear your heartbeat, he liked that he could hear your gentle humming as you showered, he liked hearing you laugh at whatever you were looking at on your phone, so loud and so clear through the thin wall that he could almost imagine that you were laying beside him, giggling at something he had said.
But god he fucking loved hearing the moans kissing his ears right now.
It felt wrong, it felt dirty, but you were making the most beautiful noises, and Bucky couldn’t help but imagine you laying in bed, your hand between your thighs, touching yourself like you needed, your pretty lips parted and eyes closed- no, eyes open, watching him as you let him hear you, let him watch you.
Bucky hissed and cursed quietly when he squeezed his dick through the fabric of his boxers, a soft groan escaping him when you moaned again.
This is wrong. It’s so fucking wrong, but how could he not.
He tried desperately to justify himself when he shifted in his bed, moving closer to the wall to his right to hear you better, his hand sliding under the waistband of his underwear to wrap around his cock, but the guilt and shame of it made him quickly come back to his senses and he ripped his hand away, sitting up in his bed and resting his head back against his headboard, closing his eyes.
He jumped forward, a sharp intake of air catching in his throat at the sound of you saying his name. At first he thought he had been caught, and the guilt worsened, but another moan followed and suddenly he was breathless.
“Fuck Bucky, please.”
He groaned again, his cock so hard that he could feel precum weeping from the tip, making a small damp patch in his boxers.
It took everything in him not to get up and burst into your room, the knowledge that you were thinking about him as you touched yourself was driving him insane, fucking feral.
His fists were clenched in his lap as he breathed through his nose, pushing away the urge to touch himself as he told himself that he could wait it out without being too much of a creep.
He didn’t have any headphones yet, that was still on his list of things to invest in, so he couldn’t exactly stop himself from listening. Not that he wanted to at all, but for your sake.
He waited, listening to your heavy breathing that was steadily speeding up, your quiet moans getting slightly louder as you drew closer and closer to release.
Bucky's cock was throbbing, begging for him to touch himself along with you.
Both of you were on the edge of your seats, waiting for you to climax, waiting for the release, but as you got closer, the tension in your core depleted, and you lost your rhythm, letting out an upset, frustrated cry when you couldn’t cum.
Bucky froze, listening to the muffled, annoyed groan you let out into your pillow, a whispered, “fuck.” escaping your lips.
It was silent for a moment.
Bucky could hear the loud beating of his own heart in his ears, but not a sound from you, not until he heard the quietest sob and he was standing in an instant, his previous lust discarded as he ripped open one of his drawers and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a t-shirt.
He could hear your cries getting louder as he left his own room and walked to yours, his forehead falling to the cool surface of your bedroom door as he gathered enough courage to knock.
You froze when you heard the gentle knock on your door, startling you as tears continued to stream down your cheeks.
Did Bucky hear you? Was he at your door to tell you to shut up so he could get some sleep?
Your face heated with embarrassment and you sniffled and cleared your throat, calling out a small, “yeah?”
Bucky swallowed down his nerves, and cleared his own throat, “I heard you crying. Just wanted to check on you, make sure that you’re okay.”
You rubbed your hand across your forehead, there’s no way he didn’t hear you moaning the way that you were only minutes ago if he managed to hear your frustrated crying into your pillow, however, the worry in his voice made your heart swell despite the awkward circumstance.
“I’m okay Buck, just- just tired.” You replied and Bucky sighed, his eyebrows furrowed.
“D’you want me to come in? Could give you a hug if you want one?” He offered.
You bit your lip as you considered his offer, Bucky did give really good hugs, and you most certainly needed one right now.
It was probably a bad idea, and given the fact that you were just masturbating to thoughts of him certainly didn't make it any better, but you found yourself answering before your brain could catch up with your mouth. “Yeah.”
Bucky smiled to himself, reaching for your door handle and letting himself in, tutting gently at the sight of you sat in the middle of your bed with your knees tucked up to your chest, tear tracks drawing lines down your cheeks as you sniffed.
“What's the matter, honey?” He walked to the edge of your bed, his eyes soft when you reached your arms out for him, wanting that hug he had promised.
He sat on your bed and pulled you to him, his metal arm cradling your back as his flesh hand rested on your hair, holding you close to him as you tucked your face into his chest.
He laughed when you grumbled something into his shirt, “What was that, doll?”
You took a deep breath and moved your head to the side, your arms slipping around Bucky’s waist to squeeze him back, making warmth spread across his chest.
There’s no point in pretending what just happened didn’t happen, so you decided to just say it, “You heard me didn’t you?”
Bucky’s hand that was stroking your back stuttered in its movement, and you immediately knew the answer to that question.
“Uhh... heard what?”
You groaned in embarrassment and Bucky blushed, “I appreciate you trying to not make this awkward, but we both know that you definitely heard me.”
Bucky didn’t reply, he didn’t know what to say, he felt disgusted with himself.
“I’m so sorry, I obviously thought I was being a lot quieter than I actually was. Fuck, this is so embarrassing.” You pressed your face into his shirt again and Bucky’s arms tightened around you.
“Hey, you got no reason to apologise, you live here, you have every right to do whatever you need to do whenever you want. I’m the one who needs to apologise, listening in on you like some fuckin’ creep, I’m so sorry Y/n.” He frowned into your hair, the self-loathing was practically rolling off him in waves.
“Bucky, you did nothing wrong, what could you have done? It’s not like you could’ve turned your hearing off or anything.”
He went quiet again, his frown deepening at your words. If only you had known the thoughts that were running through his mind as he listened to you, the way he imagined how you would feel squeezing his fingers, or his cock, how you’d taste.
“You don’t understand, Y/n I-“ He trailed off, unsure on how to word his confession, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but he couldn’t sit there and lie as he held you in his arms. You pulled back slightly, just enough so that you could look at him, and you took in the guilty look in his eyes as the blush deepened on your cheeks, connecting the dots yourself.
“Oh.” Was all you could say, your hands were suddenly clammy, your throat dry as you imagined Bucky touching himself to the sound of your moans, it made your heart thump harder in your chest and he most certainly heard it.
“I didn’t come in here to embarrass you or anything, and I definitely didn’t come in here to try to start something, I just couldn’t sit there knowing that you were crying in here by yourself. I can leave if you’d like. I should probably leave.”
You quickly shook your head, holding him tighter to stop him, “No, stay. I’m not upset Buck, I still think you have no reason to feel bad.”
Bucky pulled a face, his confusion obvious, his dark eyebrows furrowed, eyes squinted and you pulled away from him to switch on the lamp on your bedside table, smiling when you could finally see his features better in the soft, dim light.
“But I- the things I was thinking, doll. Had no right to creep on you like that, I even-“ He stopped himself again and you bit your lip, sitting on your knees in front of him.
“Did you touch yourself?” You asked quietly, watching Bucky’s adams apple bob as he swallowed, his tongue darting out to wet his lips like he so often did.
He nodded and you squeezed your thighs together.
"But I stopped myself. It was wrong.”
Bucky watched you chew on your lip and the sight made him breathless, the previous excitement from earlier making a quick return.
“So you didn’t cum?“ You almost whispered it, your face inching closer to his and he shook his head, “Neither did I.”
You didn’t know where this boldness was coming from, but you weren’t about to question it when Bucky was staring intensely at you like you were a goddess to be worshipped.
His hand slid to your waist, squeezing slightly and urging you to move forward, onto his lap.
"You never told me why you were crying." He reminded, gently running his hands up your bare thighs as you made yourself comfortable.
The two of you had never been so close before, so close to crossing the lines you've both been longing to cross since you'd met, and after a three month long game of cat and mouse, you were finally ready to bite the bullet.
"I needed to get off so bad, it's been so long Bucky and I needed it, but I just couldn't." You didn't care how whiney you sounded, all you cared about was feeling Bucky's erection straining against his sweatpants between you.
“You want some help, kitten?” He asked, his voice rough in the early hour of the morning, his eyes gleaming with hunger, just like the image of him that your mind had made earlier.
You nodded and glided your hands into his hair. Your face so close to his.
“Want me to make you cum, sweetheart? Make you feel good?” You kept nodding his words sending shivers down your spine, eyes falling shut as you grinded your hips against his, earning a hoarse groan from Bucky.
“Please,” You begged, raking your nails through his hair as he hummed, letting himself relish in the sensation before he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and stood, walking to the end of your bed and laying you down before crawling on top of you.
“Of course, honey.” He whispered gently, and then his lips were on yours, softer than you could’ve ever imagined, sweeter than you’d ever dreamed. His tongue was like silk as it slid against your bottom lip, teasing you before slipping into your mouth, exploring in a way that wasn’t too much, just enough to leave you wanting more.
You moaned into his mouth, pulling gently on the hair at the nape of his neck and he responded by nipping at your lip, making you gasp.
“I heard you say my name. Were you thinking about me? While you touched yourself?“ He spoke in between kisses, moving to the spot just below your ear and leaving open mouthed kisses there to give you the opportunity to respond.
You could barely form the words, so focused on how Bucky’s body felt pressed against your own but he nibbled on the lobe of your ear to get your attention.
You nodded, holding his head to your neck to tell him to keep doing whatever he was doing when he traced his tongue below your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I always think about you.” You replied breathlessly and he moaned into your ear, his breath hot on your neck.
“Fuck.” His left hand shifted to your waist, slipping under the hem of your t-shirt and slowly easing it's way onto your skin, you gasped and clenched your stomach when the cold metal met your skin, Bucky almost pulled away, but you arched your back, pressing yourself against his hand, "I always think about you too."
The confession sent you dizzy, along with Bucky's touches as he carressed your soft skin, slowly returning his lips to yours when he felt that your neck was appropriately marked up for him. His hand moved higher and higher, until his fingers brushed the underside of your breast and you arched your back even further, pushing your chest to his.
"Please, buck-" You gasped against his mouth and he pulled back to get a good look at you, his fingers drawing teasing patterns around your nipple.
Your eyes were half-lidded, lips all pretty and swollen from his kisses as you writhed under him, fucking desperate to be touched.
He swore the sight was enough to send him delirious.
"Please what, honey? Talk to me, tell me what you want and I'll give you exactly that." His voice was sweeter than the nickname he'd given you, the pretty words whispered into your ear and all you could do was moan back at him.
"I want-" You paused, you wanted everything, you wanted all of him, all at once, wanted him inside of you, but you thought back to the way you had imagined him pleasuring you earlier, and suddenly you wanted to feel that soft, hot mouth of his in between your legs.
Bucky took in how gone you were, pushing your hips up to grind against his, you needed the release so bad.
"Want to know what I want?" He offered and you nodded instantly, your legs wrapping around his hips to push him down onto you, grinding against him.
"Fuck- wanna taste that pretty cunt of yours, wanna eat you till you can't form a fucking thought, doll." He rolled his hips as he spoke to you, feeling how soaked you were through your shorts, "You want that, honey? Want me to clean up that mess you're making between those pretty thighs?"
You nodded breathlessly, drunk on the feeling of Bucky's hand roaming your skin, you needed more.
You tugged at his shirt, making Bucky chuckle when you struggled to get it off him, he sat back on his knees and reached behind his back to grip the soft material, pulling it over his head and tossing it away, revealing to you his beautifully ripped torso.
It was hard not to gape up at him like he was carved by the gods, because he was, and Bucky almost blushed at your unabashed staring.
He loomed over you with those broad shoulders, silver dog tags hanging from his neck, hunger in his eyes. Of course, you noticed the scars, hundreds upon hundreds of them, scarred tissue that had been broken and left to heal without care, decades of anguish and pain and torture, written deep into his skin, carved into his left shoulder, where skin met metal.
You reached forward, your hand caressing his chest with a barely-there touch, brushing over his dog tags, tracing lightly on a pink scar that stretched across his right collarbone, and settling over his heart, feeling the steady beat beneath your finger tips.
"Beautiful." You breathed and watched as Bucky's lips parted in surprise, it wasn't often he'd receive pretty words in response to the ugliness that was his scars. His tongue darted out to wet his lower lip and pull it between his teeth before he let go and breathed a short laugh, head shaking as he leaned over you.
"That's my line." He lifted your shirt ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to your sternum, his eyes darting up to meet yours as his lips touched your skin, "Can I take this off, sweetheart?"
You let your fingers glide along his back, nodding before lifting your arms to let Bucky guide the shirt over your head.
You didn't feel self conscious to be exposed to him, you didn't really get the chance to before Bucky was groaning out a soft 'fuck' and his mouth was already wrapped around your left nipple.
Immediately, you were a mess again, moaning out in pleasure as Bucky's hot tongue laved over your peaked nipple, sucking it into his mouth before pulling away and blowing cool air onto your heated skin.
He then swapped sides, paying his attention to your right nipple and sending shockwaves down your spine when he used his metal fingers to twist and tweak at the left.
"Fuck, Bucky please-" You groaned, lifting your hips off the mattress, needing to soothe the ache between your legs, he hummed against your skin.
"What is it, honey? You getting all desperate for me huh? I can practically feel you throbbing, sweetheart."
God, this man and his mouth.
He smirked when you didn't respond and lifted his head from your chest, kissing your lips and dipping his tongue into your mouth for a moment before pulling away and kissing your throat.
You shivered as he travelled lower and lower, another kiss to you nipple, lower, a slower, sweeter kiss to your stomach, lower, just below your navel, lower.
He tucked his fingers under the waistband of your shorts, licking his lips and meeting your eye, "Off?"
He smiled at you and nodded, pulling them from your body without hesitation, taking your ruined panties with them. Then he parted your legs.
"Fuck." His lips parted, completely breathless as he stared down at you layed out before him, "God, Y/n- So fucking pretty, never seen anythin' so fucking pretty."
You were soaked, your cunt glistening and throbbing, and all for him.
Bucky felt like he had died and gone to heaven.
He laid on the bed, between your legs, staring at your pussy with half lidded eyes, and just as you thought he was about to finally touch you were you needed it, he turned his head and kissed the inside of your thigh.
You whined out in protest, wiggling your hips and glaring at him when he smirked at you, moving to the other thigh and nipping at the soft flesh with his teeth.
Your eyebrows were pulled tightly together, your hands gripping at the bedsheets. The anticipation was fucking killing you.
"Bucky- shit- just-" You were cut off by a throaty moan when Bucky suddenly moved forward and licked a long stripe through your folds.
Your legs practically wrapped around his head, your hands gripping his hair as he circled his tongue around your clit, teasing you in the most delicious way before finally wrapping his lips around it and sucking hard.
Bucky groaned against your cunt when you pulled his hair, the vibration sending a jolt through your stomach.
His hands then squeezed your thighs as he moved his head lower, tongue-fucking you and moaning at the taste.
"Taste so fucking good, pretty girl." He moaned against you, before burying his face impossibly closer, his nose nudging your clit.
You were a mess, pulling harder on his hair as every swipe of his tongue sent waves of ecstasy through your veins.
His right hand drifted from your thigh, caressing up the inside of your leg and reaching your cunt, Bucky pulled away to watch you.
He parted your folds with his fingers, gently rubbing your clit with the soft pad of his thumb long enough to have you writhing beneath him. You watched as he bit his lip, his eyes gleaming as his hand travelled lower, his index finger sliding inside of you, feeling you clench around him as he fingered you slowly, adding a second finger shortly after.
"God, you're fucking soaked." He murmured, and then his mouth was back on you, sucking on your clit with his fingers pumping inside of you.
It was heaven.
You could already feel the coil in your stomach tightening and you wrapped your legs tighter around his head, pushing his face against you as you rocked your hips below him, urging him to add more pressure.
You'd always imagined he'd be good at this, but the orgasms you'd achieved at the hand of the wet dreams you've had about your roommate paled in comparison to the earth-shattering orgasm that tore through you when Bucky rubbed your clit in tight circles with his pointed tongue and curled his fingers inside you at the same time.
Black dots filled your vision, your heart thumping in your ears as Bucky rode you through the orgasm, his tongue replacing his hand at your entrance, lapping at your soaked entrance, only stopping when you hissed at the oversensitivity.
It was only as you came down, returning to your body and mind, that you realised you were holding onto Bucky for dear life, your hands fisted in his hair and your legs wrapped around his head, ankles crossed at his back.
"Sorry," You breathed, releasing him and softly raking your nails across his scalp, making him smile and shiver when they reached the nape of his neck.
"Never apologise for anything like that, doll. That was fucking amazing." He pressed a kiss to the inside of your thigh, and then another one to your hip as he crawled his way back up your body, finally kissing your lips again.
You blushed when you tasted yourself on his lips. He chuckled and kissed you deeper, his tongue sliding against yours.
He then pulled back and kissed your nose, taking note of the tired smile on your face.
He was practically throbbing with need, but you were exhausted, so he pushed the unholy thoughts to the back of his mind and took a deep breath.
"C'mon, kitten. Time for bed." He whispered, kissing in-between your eyebrows when you furrowed them and standing from the bed, walking to the side and lifting you into his arms.
"But Bucky-" You started as he knelt on the bed and laid you down on the sheet.
"No buts. You're exhausted and you need to rest."
You tried to protest, but your eyes just grew heavier as you sunk into your mattress. Bucky slid into the bed beside you after taking off his sweatpants, leaving him just in his boxers, and you felt the perfect warmth of his body wrapped around yours from behind, his arm wrapped around your waist and holding you close.
It has been weeks since you'd gotten a proper nights sleep.
"What about you?" You whispered sleepily, very aware of his erection pressed against your ass, Bucky laughed, his hot breath fanning against your shoulder.
He tucked your body closer to him and pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck, "What about me?"
"I didn't get to touch you." You were half asleep already, your tired voice way too cute for the vulgarity of your words, "Wanted to make you cum. Wanted you to fuck me."
"Oh honey, we have all the time in the world for that, gonna make you cum more times than you can count, but I need you rested."
You moaned at the thought, pushing your ass back against him, smiling when he groaned, "Promise?"
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wintersldr1 · 3 months ago
spring break.
pairings: best friend’s older brother!bucky x f!reader
18+, minors do not interact
word count: 3,120
summary: reader has always had a thing for her best friends older brother, but she never expected for him to feel the same about her. when she returns for spring break, bucky makes his intentions abundantly clear.
warnings: size kink!, smut, fingering, penetration, sexual tension, oral(f!receiving), age gap (about six years), reader & bucky fuck in the kitchen in the middle of the night
Tumblr media
The first man you ever had a sex dream about was Bucky Barnes.
To be fair, he was a god of a man.
Blessed with huge biceps, thick thighs, a sharp jaw, sharp eyes, and dark hair often pulled back into a small bun… Bucky looked like he was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. He was irresistible, and you were a young high school girl suffocated by hormones and new feelings towards the opposite gender.
Now you were in college, and your feelings towards him hadn’t dissolved. If anything, they’d increased tenfold. There was one small, teeny-tiny problem, though: he was your best friend’s older brother.
Rebecca had been by your side since grade school and you valued your friendship with her over anything - but goddamn, when Bucky waltzed around the house with his sweats strung low, exposing his V line, you found yourself questioning everything.
It was spring break, and you and Becca were crashing at her parent’s house for two nights before leaving for the beach with your friend group. You’d always been close with the Barnes, feeling as if they were basically family at this point. You felt more than comfortable in their home.
Bucky had just recently graduated from university, and he was staying at home for a month or two while he took out a lease on an apartment - meaning the two of you were staying in the same house.
Even if it were only two nights, that was more than enough time for you to be flustered by his presence.
“Hey, Becs,” said Bucky, walking into the kitchen. He wore nothing but black joggers, exposing his chiseled abs and rippling muscles. He ruffled Rebecca’s hair and shuffled past her, who was seated on the kitchen counter eating cereal.
“Put a shirt on, James,” she retorted, dodging his affectionate gesture.
You can mess up my hair all you want, you thought, eyeing the man in front of you. You sat at the table, your legs kicked up on the seat next to you.
“Pass. I’m in the comfort of my own home,” said Bucky, grabbing a yogurt cup from the fridge. He made his way over to the table. You expected him to sit in the empty chair across from you, but instead, he loomed over you, lifting your legs off of the empty seat next to you.
“This seat’s taken,” you said, forcing your legs back down onto the chair.
“Yeah, by me,” Bucky said.
“No. My feet were here first.”
“Too bad, sweetheart.” Bucky shot you a killer smile before hooking his huge arms under your legs and swiveling you to the side, effectively opening up the seat which he immediately plopped into.
You groaned, rolling your eyes at Becca, who simply shook her head in annoyance.
“Whine all you want, but you’re not getting this seat back,” Bucky said, then leaned in close to your ear. “Although I can admit I don’t mind hearing those little sounds you make.” His voice was low, low enough for Becca to completely miss his words.
To say you were shocked was an understatement. You had never in a million years thought that Bucky would ever reciprocate the feelings you harbored for him. You were younger; you’d always thought he’d seen you as an immature little sibling.
You recoiled, staring at Bucky with widened eyes. He simply smirked, licking the yogurt off of his spoon. You couldn’t help but follow the path of his tongue; how it licked its way up the plastic and curled in to devour the creamy substance. Bucky let out a low groan at the taste. The sound made sparks shoot up your stomach, a familiar tingling sensation arising in your lower half.
“God, I fuckin’ love yogurt,” he whispered, smacking his lips together. “Tastes so good.”
“Stop being weird about your food, Bucky,” Rebecca interrupted, scrolling through her phone. “Go like, lift some weights or something.”
“Whatever you say, Becca,” he replied, shoveling the rest of his yogurt down and standing abruptly. He took you by surprise when he grabbed your legs again, lifting them and placing them back on the chair he had been sitting in. You felt your core heat up, slight dampness warming your underwear.
Bucky walked out of the kitchen, but at the last minute he turned, sending you a wink.
Good fucking god. You were done for.
You spent the day packing with Rebecca, running back and forth from the house to the mall because the two of you were incredibly indecisive about your outfit choices. In the end, you had packed seventeen bikinis, fifteen shirts, twelve pairs of shorts, and seven dresses. You were happy with your suitcase, looking forward to a week’s getaway on the coast with your closest friends.
You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until the smell of spaghetti lured you out of Becca’s room. Her parents had made dinner, as they always did. They truly were the best chefs you knew. Your stomach grumbled loudly and you descended the stairs behind Rebecca.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnes sat at the table, chatting quietly with each other. Bucky was there too, leaned back against the chair with his legs spread and his broad arms crossed across his chest. He eyed you as you approached, not even attempting to hide his lingering gaze on your body. Rebecca sat in the chair across, leaving you to sit next to him. You didn’t mind, but the idea of sitting in such close proximity to Bucky - especially after this morning - had you feeling nervous.
You began scooping pasta onto your plate as you and Rebecca talked casually to her parents about your day. You were acutely aware of Bucky’s relaxed presence. He still sat lazily, his thick thighs causing his sweatpants to tighten around him. You could smell his cologne from here. You tensed, fixing your posture and pushing your hair out of your face.
You heard your name being called, and you looked up to find Rebecca and her parents staring at you expectantly.
“I’m sorry, what was that?” You asked, your voice echoing in your ears.
“I was telling them about that boy you met last year on our trip,” Rebecca said. “What was his name? Bryce? Anyway, my mom was saying that maybe you’ll meet another boy this year.”
You forced a laugh. “Yeah, maybe. That would be interesting.”
Rebecca nodded in agreement, launching back into conversation with her parents. You felt Bucky lean forward, acting like he was taking a bite of his food, but you heard his voice in your ear.
“You seem distracted, doll. Something on your mind?”
You gulped, shaking your head. You were afraid that if you tried to speak, your voice would falter and he’d see just how on-edge he made you feel.
“You sure?” he pried, “you seem kind of… jumpy.” You jerked at the sudden feeling of something on your leg. Looking down, you saw Bucky’s huge hand on your kneecap, slowly making its way up. Your stomach tightened at the touch, and you shot Bucky an incredulous look. He simply looked at his plate, acting like his veiny hand wasn’t getting closer and closer to where you wanted him the most.
“Bucky,” you hissed.
“What are you doing?”
Bucky shoved a bite of spaghetti into his mouth, side-eying you while he took his sweet time chewing. Finally, he swallowed, licking his lips. “I’m eating,” he said, his tone suggesting that it was the most obvious thing in the world.
You glared. Turning back to Rebecca, you jumped in the conversation, choosing to ignore his blazing touch. This seemed to piss him off, because he tightened his grip and squeezed, hard. His nails scraped the inside of your thigh as he slowly but surely made his way closer to your crotch. You shuddered. You could literally hear your heart pounding inside your chest, and you wondered if he could too. You hoped not.
When he was just centimeters away from where you needed him most, he stopped moving. His fingers lingered, tracing small circles on your skin, but he didn’t move any further up. His hand remained where it was for the rest of the dinner.
You and Rebecca thanked her parents for the food, then stood. You didn’t miss the way Bucky rearranged the front of his pants before standing up. He literally towered over you - you had to crane your neck almost all the way back to look into his eyes. He was huge.
“Enjoyed your food?” He asked, taking the plate from your hands.
“Yeah,” you said, somewhat breathless from the extreme closeness of his body.
He frowned, looking down at your plate. “You didn’t eat much,” he said, eyeing you with concern.
“Not that hungry,” you said with a shrug. The truth was, it was completely his fault because he distracted you from eating a full meal. He didn’t need to know that, though.
He hummed, obviously displeased with your lack of nutrients, but he didn’t say anything more as he brought your plates into the kitchen.
Rebecca called your name, and you reluctantly took your eyes off of Bucky as you headed upstairs with your friend.
You and Rebecca were exhausted from your day of shopping, to say the least. The two of you were in bed by eleven, Becca’s telltale snores letting you know she was fast asleep.
Unfortunately for you, it wasn’t as easy to drift off to sleep. You laid awake, tossing and turning and kicking the sheets off the bed. You tried for two hours to drowse off, but to no avail. You finally decided that you needed a change of scenery. You sat up, slowly creeping off the bed and down to the kitchen to get some water and maybe a midnight snack.
You were standing against the island of the dark kitchen drinking a Coke and eating baby carrots when you heard the sound of footsteps. You whirled around, half scared out of your mind, but when you saw Bucky’s large frame taking up the entirety of the doorframe you only barely relaxed. The moonlight streaming through the window illuminated his sharp features.
“What are you doing?” You spluttered. “You scared the shit out of me!”
“I’m sorry, doll,” he said sincerely, and you had to physically hold yourself against the counter because his sleepy voice made you weak in the knees. “Jus’ wanted a glass of water. You?”
“Couldn’t sleep.”
Bucky nodded, stepping into the kitchen and reaching in a cabinet for a cup. “Insomnia gets me too sometimes.”
“I don’t have insomnia,” you said, crossing your arms defensively. “I just wasn’t tired.”
“Oh yeah?” Bucky smirked. He took a sip of water, his Adam's apple bobbing as he gulped. “Something keepin’ you up?”
You narrowed your eyes. “No.”
“Hmm. You’re sure?”
“What could possibly be keeping me awake?”
Bucky took several steps closer to you, basically caging you against the counter. “Maybe the thought of how my hand felt on you tonight,” he whispered, his eyes dragging over your lips. “The thought of how wrong it is for you to want me. But maybe that’s what gets you off, huh? Knowing that it’s fucked up for you to want your best friend’s brother?”
You stammered, not expecting him to speak so… bluntly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m going to bed,” you said, but as soon as you tried to push him away, he was on you. His hands grabbed your wrists as he pressed you against the counter, the marble digging into your lower back.
“Tell me that you’ve never wanted me. Tell me that you’ve never thought about me fucking you until you can’t think anything except for my name. Tell me, and I’ll let you go and we never have to speak about this again.”
You sucked in a breath. This was so taboo, on so many levels, but you couldn’t deny the fiery tingling feeling in your stomach, nor the inexplicable desire to know what he felt like. You found yourself stuttering, not even knowing what you wanted to say.
“I-I’ve… I mean, I had a crush on you when I was in high school, Bucky, but now…” you trailed off, unsure of what to say.
“Now… that we’re both mature and know what we want,” Bucky finished for you, “now will you let me take you?”
Your words got stuck in your chest as you peered up at the massive man. He was effectively crowding you in, keeping your focus solely on him and the obvious tension in the air.
You had been wanting this for so long. Rebecca was your best friend, of course, but sometimes… sometimes you have to be selfish.
“Yes,” you gasped out, nodding slightly, and Bucky pounced the second the word left your mouth.
“You know how long I’ve been wanting to take you apart?” He asked, pulling your hair back to expose your neck as he littered it with kisses. “Ever since you’ve gotten home from college, I couldn’t take my goddamn mind off you. Walking around in those short pajama shorts, your messy hair, the way you smell… god, you don’t understand the things you do to me.”
You moaned, clawing at his biceps. “Me too, Bucky. Me too. I can’t function when I’m around you.”
“Good. That’s how I want it. Jump for me, sweetheart. I’ve got you.”
You obeyed, and he caught you effortlessly in his arms. He set you on the counter, the new angle giving him better access to your face. He kissed you with a fierce passion, to make up for all the lost time the two of you had spent pining after each other. “I’m going to ruin you,” he promised as he pulled away from your face. “And you’ll be begging for it, too. Now, let’s see how this sweet pussy tastes.”
He crouched down, sliding your cotton shorts off with ease. He must’ve seen the damp patch on your underwear because he audibly groaned, licking his lips as his hands met your hips and slowly pulled the material off. You were completely exposed.
“Even prettier than I imagined,” he commented before connecting his lips to your heat.
You were immediately jerking, your thighs closing in around his head as your back arched. “Oh my god, Bucky!” you cried out, attempting to muffle your noises with your fist.
Bucky pulled away, replacing his mouth with two thick fingers. “And tastes even better than I thought it could,” he said, a smile growing across his face. He plunged his fingers in, cursing as he felt how tight you were. “Can’t wait to put my fat fuckin’ dick in you, doll. Gonna make you feel so good, I promise.”
You could only moan, relishing in the feeling of his thick digits sliding in and out. He brought you to the brink of orgasm not once but twice, promising to make you fall apart on his cock, and his cock only.
He stood, licking your arousal off of his fingers as his other hand shoved his sleep pants down. His erect cock popped against his abdomen. It was aggressive looking, already leaking and throbbing. You’d never seen one as big as his; your eyes nearly popped out of your skull at the prospect of fitting him inside of you. He caught the concerned look on your face, pausing to tilt your chin up to his face.
“You wanna stop?” He asked. You shook your head vehemently. “Tell me, at any point, if you want to. Okay? Want this to be good for you.”
“It will be,” you promised. “Please fuck me.” You gave him your best innocent-eyes look, and that seemed to seal the deal.
“Don’t have to fuckin’ ask me twice,” he grumbled as he lined himself up with your center. “Although, like I said this morning, I do love hearing those pretty little whines.”
You choked on your breath as he bottomed out in one swift thrust, fully filling you to the brink. You couldn’t even form words, just incoherent sounds as you bit into his shoulder.
“Y-you take me so fucking well,” Bucky managed to get out. “Fuc-fucking knew you would. You’re so fucking tiny. All for me.” His jaw clenched like he was holding himself back.
“You’re so deep,” you sighed, enveloping the warmth he provided. His right arm was wrapped around your lower back, holding you tight against him, while his left held the back of your head down into the crook of his neck. The burn of his enormous entirety inside of you was almost painful, and the numb sort of push right against your cervix had you clenching your fists.
Ever observant, Bucky picked up on it. “Are you okay?”
“I’m full,” you whined pitifully.
“I know, baby. This tight little pussy can’t take another inch in it, can she? Need me to slow down?”
“No. I can take it.”
“That’s my girl. You’re so perfect.”
However, Bucky still took mercy on you, making his thrusts a tad less forceful as he pressed a loving kiss to your head. “You take me so well. Never had pussy this damn good,” he stuttered. Your head lolled against him, your entire body giving out as he took over and let you baske in the pleasure. “Don’t pass out on me,” he grunted into your ear. “This pussy is mine. Understand?”
You cried out a ‘yes’ as your eyes screwed shut.
“You’re mine. You’ve always been mine.” Bucky’s possessive rant sent you into a spiral, your tightness clenching around him as you rode your orgasm. He fucked you through it, his hands moving to clutch the counter as he shoved himself into you with a ferocity you didn’t know anyone was capable of. “Stop fucking squirming,” he growled, his hands digging into you, holding you in place. You were limp against him, a rag doll for him to use as he chased his climax. “Shit,” he hissed. “I’m coming. You ready for it? You gonna take it, suck it in like my good little girl?”
“Yes, baby, please - I need your come in me.”
That's what did Bucky in; his thrusts became erratic, shoving the head of his swollen cock against your cervix with each push of his hips. You felt the second he began spurting his release. It warmed you up, sliding down your walls as you sucked it all in. Bucky’s moans and grunts were the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard. “That’s-hng! That’s fucking it,” he panted, slowly pulling his cock out of you. “How’s it feel to be full of my come, sweetheart?”
You groaned. “So fucking good. So good, Bucky.”
He crouched down yet again, his huge, warm hands covering your thighs as he stared at your dripping center. You felt exposed and slightly humiliated, and you began to push your legs together.
“No, no, baby,” Bucky pleaded, gently pushing your legs apart again. “Let me see what I did to you. You know how fucking gorgeous you look right now?” he asked sincerely, gazing up at you. “Your hair, swollen lips, teary eyes, leaking cunt… god, you don’t understand the power you have over me.”
You sighed contently, pulling him back up for a sweet kiss. He held you to his chest, gently picking you off the counter without so much of a strain of his muscles. It was almost comical how small your body was compared to his - your thighs were half the size of his forearms. “You’re too light,” he teased. “Need to eat more.”
“I can think of something I want to put in my mouth tonight,” you giggled.
Bucky dropped his mouth, feigning disgust as he carried you across the kitchen, your legs wrapped around his waist. “You dirty little girl,” he said, then kissed your nose. “Gonna have to take you up on that offer. Tomorrow, though. You need sleep, doll.”
“Yeah, you wore me out, Buck.”
He carried you up the stairs. You rested your head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of being completely safe and protected in his warm strength. You couldn’t believe that had really just happened - it was even better than your dream from high school.
“Promise me one thing, though, pretty girl,” Bucky whispered in your ear as he maneuvered the two of you down the hall and to the bathroom.
He gently kicked the door open and set you on top of the sink, pushing strands of your hair behind your ears as he looked intently into your eyes. “On your trip, if you get with any other man, I’ll have no choice but to come down there and beat the shit out of him. Got it? I meant what I said about you being mine.”
“Well,” you said. “Only if you promise not to fuck any women.”
“Of course. I wouldn’t ask that of you if I couldn’t reciprocate.”
“So…” your unfinished sentence lingered in the air. By the expectant look in his eyes, Bucky knew what you were going to ask. “Wh-what are we? You and me? I mean, it’s fine if we’re just like, fuck-buddies or if this was a one-time thing, but I just wanted to-”
Bucky cut your rambling off with a searing kiss. Pulling back, he cradled your face in his hands. You bit your lip, staring into his blue eyes anxiously.
“This was not a one time thing. You mean too much to me to just be a side piece. You’re you. I’ve known you your whole life. We don’t need to figure this out tonight, or even this week, but I need you to know that I’m not using you. This is more than that. We are more than that. You hear me?”
You nodded, unexpected tears glazing your eyes. You sniffled, wiping them as you looked away in embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled.
“Don’t be,” Bucky said affectionately. “It’s adorable.”
“I’m tired,” you said, slumping against him with a yawn.
“I know, doll. Let’s get you to sleep. I want more than anything to bring you into my bed and hold you until we fall asleep, but that might look a little suspicious in the morning.”
“I know, it’s alright.” You stood on shaky legs, wrapping your arms around his torso to give him a hug. “Goodnight, Bucky. Sleep well.”
“I will, sweetheart. You too. Come get me if you need anything.”
You giggled at his sweetness, pushing past him to head out of the bathroom and into Rebecca’s room. “I will. Promise.”
Bucky’s gaze didn’t leave your retreating frame until the door shut gently behind you, a soft smile gracing his face as the thought of you crowded his mind.
part 2 here
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metalbuckaroo · 25 days ago
Long Awaited
Summary// Bucky never could get along with your ex, though he didn’t have to anymore. Now he can be as close as he wanted. (Back at it again with shitty summaries)
Warnings// smut, exhibitionism, sex in an alley and someone catches you, light breeding kink, unprotected sex, cursing, slight mention of drinking, that may be it
AU// bestfriend!bucky x f!reader
Note// this didn’t turn out how I wanted, but I’ve been holding onto it long enough trying to fix it
Tumblr media
Bucky knew the moment Jake walked in the crowded bar. The over exaggerated, annoyingly loud laugh filling his ears within seconds and the constant feeling of being watched.
He could never get along with your ex. Even when you were dating, Bucky couldn’t stand being around him. For the pure fact that Jake would always make a point to be all over you when he was around- doing everything in his power to make Bucky uncomfortable or pissed off for an entire year.
Bucky wasn’t sure what caused the breakup months before. But, as selfish as it sounded, he was relieved when it happened. Everything went back to normal, you were happier, and he had his best friend back.
You seemed oblivious to Jake being there, carrying on with your night. Slowly becoming more aware of how handsy Bucky was getting as time passed.
His hand resting lower on your back than usual, lips brushing your ear when he’d lean down to talk to you, and standing so close you could feel his body heat. All of it slowly driving you mad as he kept a wide smile on his face.
Jake’s stare burning into him when his hand slipped down to your backside, giving a gentle squeeze as he leaned down to talk in your ear.
“Look gorgeous, darlin’. It’s driving me crazy.”
Your cheeks burned from the sultry tone of his voice, meeting his lust blown eyes when he pulled away with a smirk. “Wanna head out?”
Anticipation grew in his veins from the offer, lips curling in a wide smile as he shook his head. “I don’t think I’ll make it all the way home, sugar.”
Tumblr media
It was nothing like Bucky had wanted the first time he slept with you to be like. His jacket laid on top of a stack of wooden pallets and jeans shoved to his knees, the skirt of your dress shoved up to your waist in a dimly lit alley.
It wasn’t soft and gentle like he’d imagined it to be many times before. Just rough and bordering feral with sloppy kisses and feverish thrusts that made you bite down on your bottom lip to stifle the cries of pleasure that threatened to pour out.
Walls stretched to their limit around him as he fucked into sweet spots that were unknown of before, metal and flesh hands groping at whatever they could as he moaned against the skin of your neck. The relentless snap of his hips into yours fogging your mind and lighting your skin on fire in ways you couldn’t explain, euphoric bliss shooting down your legs every time he’d push forward.
“Wan’ me to fuck a baby into this tight cunt?” The needy whine that pulled from your throat and flutter of your cunt around him made his hips jerk forward, the words and reaction catching even him off guard. “You’d like that, huh? Stuff you ‘till you’re swollen and round- fuck, you’d look s’gorgeous like that.”
Movement at the end of the alley caught Bucky’s attention, lifting his head to see Jake starting to round the corner of the building. A wicked smirk tugging his lips from the frozen form standing in shock at the opening of the alley.
“Thought no one would see, pretty girl?” Bucky teased, rhythm not faltering as your legs tightened around his waist.
“Don’ care- don’t stop, please.” You practically begged, needy for that bubbling pleasure that crested higher and higher.
Burying his face in the crook of your neck, Bucky’s pace picked up even more. Stroking so rough and deep, all you could do was hold on and moan against his shoulder. The mewls and keens muffled by the fabric that covered solid metal.
“Doin’ perfect, sweets. Squeezing me s’tight- fuck.” He huffed out, looking to where Jake was slowly backing away. A content hum pulling from Bucky’s throat when his hand gripped the back of your hair, tugging for you to lean back and look at him. “Go on, sugar. Make a mess.”
Angling his hips slightly, he fucked into a sweet spot that had your mind reeling. Yours hands fisting at the back of his shirt and teeth dug into your bottom lip. Trying everything you could to muffle the vulgar sounds that slipped out as you released around him.
The vice grip your cunt had on him pushed his over the edge. Hips stuttering and teeth gritting together as he choked out a moan, pushing as deep as he could before filling you with his spend. Riding both of your afterglows with shallow thrusts to prolong the blissful sparks that he waited so long for.
He wanted to stay just like that; lips grazing the column of your throat, hands gently massaging your sides. Though, he couldn’t due to the location-
Everything felt perfect.
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jadedvibes · 5 months ago
Summary: You broke up with Bucky right before college to pursue your career goals across the country. You didn’t think the first time you’d see him again years later would be in your office after he was arrested for a crime you know he didn’t commit.
Pairing: Beefy ex!Bucky x lawyer!reader
Warnings: 18+ only, smut, unprotected slightly rough possessive sex, so much fluff, exes to lovers, touch of angst with a definite happy ending, some criminal procedure, mentions of a drug, sketchy police behavior, alcohol, swearing, beefy!bucky (he always needs a warning).
Word Count: 8.7k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
You met Bucky Barnes for the first time when you were eleven years old. You started middle school in Brooklyn halfway through the year, and he immediately took a liking to you. He walked you to all the classes you had together, always let you cut him in line for food at lunch if you wanted, and he and his best friend Steve Rogers made sure no one bullied you since you were the new kid.
It was apparent to everyone that he had a crush on you, but back then you thought boys were gross, rightfully so, and you made sure he knew that. He respected that and offered you his friendship in response.
Both he and Steve were the greatest friends a gal could have. The pair helped you acclimate to your new home, and you knew it wouldn’t have been as smooth of a transition without them.
However, things changed when you got to high school — boys were no longer gross, and you started to see your dark-haired friend in a different light. His sweet chivalrous nature no longer annoyed you, instead it made you swoon. You felt crazy, but you finally let him in on your crush when you asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. He said yes, and admitted that he was hoping you would ask him.
It turns out your crush wasn’t one-sided, he secretly liked you for years. Steve claimed he knew that it was only a matter of time before you both finally got together.
You fell in love with him when you were 15, and you dated all throughout high school. He was the sweetest boyfriend and both of your families loved the two of you together. Everyone knew you two were it for each other, but your parents still warned you to be careful because they knew about the big plans you had for your future.
He proposed to you the summer before you left for college and everything in your heart wanted to say yes because you had never known a love like his. His adoration was all consuming, but you were afraid of what it could do to your goals. You knew you were going to California to attend your dream school, then law school after that.
You had plans, and a love like that was never a part of them. Letting go of Bucky was the hardest thing you ever had to do because it didn’t end due to anyone’s fault. No, you loved him with all that you were, but you had to let him go to become all that you wanted to be.
You went off to school on the other side of the country and tried to forget about the boy that held your heart. Over time, it became a little easier to forget all the memories you shared, but his hold on your heart, well that always remained.
You distracted yourself with other guys, but nobody ever felt right. You wondered if you romanticized the past, and that was why all other men paled in comparison to your first love. There had to be a logical explanation for why you had never found another love as sweet and pure, but you knew it was because you had never met anyone like Bucky.
After nearly eight years away you were offered a high paying job back in your hometown. Your old friend Steve was even a lawyer there. You didn’t tell anyone that you applied for the job and were extensively interviewed to get it, mainly because you didn’t want to explain your reasoning for wanting the position in the first place.
Coming back home felt like the right move for you. You had experienced so much, and you were ready to settle down near your family again, maybe near old friends too. After all, you always felt like a piece of you stayed behind in Brooklyn.
That was three months ago, and in that time you had made a name for yourself as a strong criminal defense attorney. You also knew now that you were back in Brooklyn you might eventually run into Bucky, and that thought made you anxious for a multitude of reasons. There was no denying you had hurt him, and that you were wrong for doing so.
However, you didn’t think the first time you’d see him after all these years would be in your law office’s conference room for your nine a.m. meeting. He sat there looking forlorn and defeated staring at the table. Perhaps he was tagging along with a potential client?
The sight of him washed memories of simpler times over you, but before you could reminisce, Steve called out your name.
“Hey Y/N you’re just in time, Bucky was arrested last night. They found cocaine in his auto shop. Sorry, I didn’t have the time to brief you, I had to bail him out early this morning, and it’s all been quite the nightmare.”
Your heart stopped. Bucky was arrested? There’s no way any of that could be true.
You turned around so Bucky couldn’t see you through the glass walls. “Wait, Steve, there has to be a mistake. He wouldn’t… there’s no way. And are you sure I should go in there? It seems like you have this um handled?” You rambled out because you were not ready to face him, especially not in these circumstances.
“I added this to your schedule because honestly Y/N, I need your help. You know him, you know he’s not capable of something like this, and you’re one of the best defenders we have. I could really use your help here because it’s not looking good for him.”
“What happened?”
“Someone credible tipped off the police last night that Bucky was involved with drug trafficking, and that his auto shop was his base of operations. When the police got there, Bucky was finishing up on a car and they showed him a warrant to search the premises. They brought drug sniffing dogs and everything. Somehow they found enough drugs locked in one of his cars to charge him with a felony, so they arrested him on site. It was weird, Buck said it seemed like they knew exactly where the drugs were located beforehand.”
You could not believe what you were hearing. This was a lot to get thrown into. “Steve, of course I want to help but he and I have history. We haven’t spoken in a long time, and I don’t know if it’s such a good idea that this be the first time we reconnect.”
“Don’t you think I know that? He’s my best friend. This is an all hands on deck kind of situation. Obviously, I can’t force you to help, but if you could help keep him out of jail, wouldn’t you want to?”
Steve knew how to make an argument — you couldn’t get out of this one. You nodded your head, “Yes, of course, you’re right. Lead the way.”
You followed him into the conference room to meet the one you left behind all those years ago. He didn’t notice the two of you walk in, too caught up in his own thoughts, and that gave you the opportunity to take a good look at him.
Bucky had grown up, or more specifically, he became a man. He sat there taking up the small chair with his broad shoulders and muscular body; somehow he grew up even more attractive than you had imagined. He also rocked a short scruffy beard, a stark contrast from the teenager who couldn’t grow a moustache. He changed tremendously yet still felt all too familiar and the sight of him so close to you made your heart race.
“Sorry to keep you waiting, pal. I had to get all the right information on the charges. I know you remember Y/N, she’ll be working on the case alongside me,” Steve said.
Bucky lit up when he heard your name, but when he saw you he didn’t know what the hell he should do. He didn’t think standing up and shaking your hand was the right move and he couldn’t fathom coming around and hugging you — not when he felt like crap and looked so rough after spending the night in jail.
You experienced a different apprehension and uncertainty because you didn’t know how he felt about you after all this time. Did he hate me or was he annoyed to see me on his case? Opting to avoid the issue altogether you wrapped your arms around your padfolio and walked towards the chair on the opposite side of the table. “Hi, Bucky,” you said as confidently as you could.
He tried to mirror your professional demeanor but he couldn’t help but crack a soft grin when you said his name, “Hi, Y/N.” God, I missed her.
You smiled at your first love and childhood friend. He returned the smile sincerely, a striking difference from the gloomy look he had before you walked into the room.
Steve interjected, unintentionally breaking the little trance you had fallen under with Bucky. “Okay man, I’m gonna give it to you straight. They seized enough drugs to put you away for at least a couple years. Our best move now is to come up with alternative grounds for why the drugs were there, like maybe someone planted them. They were found inside one of your personal vehicles inside your property, so that makes it more difficult, but can you think of anyone that would want to frame you?”
Bucky forgot Steve existed for a minute, barely listening to him speak. He was still caught up in the fact that you were there, looking so enchanting. She’s so lovely, she grew up so beautifully.
Steve cleared his throat to regain Bucky’s attention and heat immediately rushed to your cheeks as you shyly looked away from your ex’s intense gaze. Was he checking me out?
Quietly chuckling to himself, “You haven’t even asked if I did it, Stevie.”
Steve huffed out a breath, “I know I don’t have to.”
Bucky shook his head, his best friend’s loyalty was unyielding. “I have no idea why anyone would want to do this. I run a clean and simple business.”
“Do you have any enemies or maybe rival businesses that would want to hurt you?” you asked, hoping to get a better understanding.
His heart beat a little faster, hearing your honeyed voice again. Get it together, Bucky. She’s trying to help your case.
After a moment of contemplation, “Well I know John Walker, another mechanic, has a shop he opened up that hasn't been doing well. I’ve even heard that he took out a big loan with the mob, but I don’t know if that’s true. His business has been slow while I just opened up another garage because of demand,” he said while staring at the table. He couldn’t bring himself to look at you for too long, the last few hours had been exhausting, and adding you to the mix made him feel overwhelmed.
“Buck, that could very well be the motive for planting the drugs. If he knocked out the top competitor in the area then he’d be able to improve his business.” Steve said determinedly.
“Yeah B, that should give us a good start. Do you have cameras at your shop?” you asked, not noticing the nickname roll off your tongue.
Bucky blinked in surprise, he noticed. “Yeah, the police already took that but my system backs up the recordings online. I’ll give you guys the login.”
“Okay great, I doubt they’re looking through the camera recordings that intently since they already have all the evidence they need against you. That’s what Y/N and I will do today. Why don’t you take my car and head home, get some sleep,” Steve suggested.
“You’ve been up just as long as me, why don’t we both go.”
Before Steve could deny the idea, you chimed in. “That’s a great idea, Steve. Why don’t you go home and freshen up, maybe get a nap in. In the meantime I’ll look through the camera feed. I know we need to be quick about this, but you could use a little rest.”
Steve looked at you with furrowed brows and a disapproving frown, “It’s Bucky, Y/N. I need to be here for this, I didn’t ask you to come in to take over.”
“You look like a zombie, you’ll be better able to help after you get some sleep. Leave all your files and information, I’ll clear my schedule for the day so that I can work on just this. I’ll also make a couple calls to see where the prosecution is in the process.”
Bucky was astonished by your willingness to help. “You don’t have to do that, Y/N.”
“I know you didn’t do this, Buck. You guys head out, I’ll call Steve if I make any developments.”
Steve sighed deeply, he knew you were right and he trusted you to stay on top of things. “Fine, but I’ll be back this afternoon.”
“I figured as much.”
With that the two of them left, Bucky gave you an awkward head nod and a bashful smile on his way out.
“Damnit Steve, a bit of a warning would have been nice,” Bucky groaned dramatically.
“At what point in this hectic situation would you have liked that warning? Also what good would it have done? You had enough on your plate, I didn’t need you to be anxious over seeing Y/N.”
“Better to blindside me with the one that got away then,” he scoffed as he got in Steve’s car.
“Are you kidding me? It’s been years, pal. You’ve dated plenty, and aren’t you seeing someone now?” Steve asked in disbelief as he pulled on his seatbelt.
“Dating and loving are different, and no I’m not seeing anyone. Probably for the best, ’m not sure who’d be lining up to be with a criminal anyway,” he muttered.
“You haven’t committed a crime, and you haven’t been found guilty — you’re not a criminal.”
“For now,” he whispered as he looked out the window.
You logged onto Bucky’s security system account and tried to watch the tapes of the night of the search. Weirdly, the camera glitched during the afternoon, and there were no recordings during the drug bust. Taking note of that for later, you went back to the videos taken two weeks prior. You knew it was likely that any person that might have done this would have scoped out the shop beforehand.
It seemed like everyone that came in and out of the area that the drugs were found in were Bucky’s employees. Their clothes had Barnes Auto written on it with the shop’s old school insignia. The only person that came in the area without the proper attire was a pretty dark-haired woman.
Two weeks ago you saw her come in and out of Bucky’s office a great deal. On top of that, she constantly, almost purposefully, crossed the area where his car was located. The recordings also showed her walking out of the garage awfully close to Bucky, and you would be lying if you said the sight didn’t sting a little.
You knew you had no claim over the man, not in the slightest, but that didn’t take the dull ache in your heart away. Especially not after seeing him for the first time in so long, looking as handsome as he did.
Opting to forget about that and focus on your task, you soon realized that the woman did not return once in the last week. She was the only one that seemed out of the ordinary in the specified area. Maybe she had something to do with this?
You wondered if your suspicions had anything to do with the tinge of jealousy you felt when you saw them together. However, you had a hunch, and you knew those were rarely wrong. You texted Steve to ask Bucky about the woman — the timing of it all was questionable and worth looking into.
Next you started to ponder how the police were tipped off. You couldn’t figure out what reliable source would implicate Bucky and know exactly where the drugs were located. It would take a legitimate cause for a judge to issue a search warrant; unless it wasn’t a valid warrant in the first place.
Before you could get into it too deeply, Steve returned looking clean and a little bit better. You didn’t realize it, but it was afternoon and you had been working for hours. He brought you a late lunch, and sat down so that you could fill him in on your findings.
“So you think Olivia had something to do with this? Buck said she left him a week ago. He didn’t get into the details too much, but apparently it wasn’t a good match.”
“Don’t you think that’s weird, the um her leaving in the last week of all times and the missing tapes? Not them being a bad match.” you asked as casually as you could, hiding any feelings you might have about Bucky’s dating situation.
Steve noticed your sly attempt and decided to mess with you a little. “No, he’s had a big turnover rate lately. She was probably another one of many vying for the spot to be next to him, but you saw the other videos and you think it’s odd. I trust your judgement, so what’s our move?”
You couldn’t help but feel jealous over hearing about Bucky’s plentiful dating life, but you knew that was ridiculous. You broke it off long ago, you had to let it go.
You shrugged it all off, “I think we should find Olivia and question her.” The thought of meeting Bucky’s former paramour felt less than great, but you knew it was necessary. “This is discovery time, let’s talk to some people. Personally, I want to hit up Walker’s place too.”
“Let’s give Buck a break on finding her, I know the way to his auto shop. Let’s head there first.”
You stood up with purpose, but then got a look at the wall clock. “Ah crap, look at the time. I know they close early today, so why don’t we go first thing in the morning? We can meet here then drive together,” you suggested.
Steve reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. “I hate not being able to do anything. But okay, yes that works.”
“At least we have a place to start. Do you want to look into the police reports some more and start compiling a case with me?
“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until we do.”
The more you read the evidence you had, the more it seemed like Bucky really did it.
Steve got upset after a while so he stepped out to take a walk and clear his head to come up with a new strategy.
It was frustrating, Officer Hoskins, who wrote one of the reports, claimed that Bucky was belligerent, aggressive, and evasive when they arrived at the shop. Nearly everything in the report was stacked against Bucky, and it vilified him in a way you couldn’t believe.
Before you could stand up to clear your head as well you saw Bucky saunter into the conference room wearing a blue henley with dark jeans, holding a bag of food from your favorite burger joint.
“Hey, I thought you guys could use a little break. I had a feeling you’d still be at it,” he let out a nervous chuckle. He stood at the opposite end of the long table awkwardly, unsure of whether he should come closer to you or not.
You had been working for nearly 12 hours, and your mental state was waning. You didn’t feel as confident about his innocence anymore, so you blurted out the question that had been gnawing at you. “Why did you store the drugs in your own car, and what were you planning to do with them?”
Bucky’s eyes widened and his breath hitched in his throat. He took a second to reply, “Wow, Y/N I thought you knew I didn’t do this, you’ve known me for so long. Why the hell would I do this?” he asked, trying to keep his cool but unable to hide the irritation in his voice.
“No Bucky, I knew you; I haven’t known you in years. I have no idea who you’ve become.”
He scoffed, “You seriously think I’ve changed? That I am capable of what — drug trafficking?”
“It doesn’t matter what I think, it’s my job to defend you regardless of your alleged guilt.”
“So that’s how it’s going to be, huh?” he asked rhetorically. “I’m not speaking to the Y/N that I fell in love with all those years ago, any more am I?” He paused, “I now see what you meant, you’re so concerned with how much I’ve changed but you don’t realize you’ve become nearly unrecognizable. The Y/N I knew would know I’m incapable of something like this. I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I even joined the military before taking over my dad’s business.”
Instant regret overcame you as his words seeped in. Of course you had changed a great deal in the last few years, but you had hoped that you were still the same person at your core. In that moment you realized you were wrong; he had only become a better version of himself. There was no way he did it.
Stuttering a breath, “Buck, I’m sorry… I will do everything I can to help you out of this, I just —,”
He cut you off before you could continue, “You know, a lot of what I did was partially done in the hope of becoming worthy of you.
Your heartbeat increased, did he still care for you? “I don't know what to say, I don't know what you want now.”
“Yes you do — it’s the same thing I’ve always wanted.”
He still cared. “Come on, you just said it yourself. I’m not that person anymore, maybe you are but I’m definitely not.”
“Maybe you’re right.”
Your face fell at that, but it was true. Before you could respond he muttered, “then why can’t I let you go?”
Taken aback, you stared at him in disbelief as your heart rate refused to slow down. “You did let me go, you didn’t ask me to stay,” you murmured with a soft, shaky voice.
He walked around the table so that he could stand right in front of you. “How could I? And run the risk that you’d actually listen? Becoming a criminal defense attorney was your dream since middle school, Y/N. Plus, it’s not like you asked me to follow you either.”
“I thought we were young and stupid. I couldn’t ask you to leave your dad’s shop especially when he was so sick at the time. It would’ve been selfish.”
“Well I wish you were selfish, at least then you’d be mine,” he said frankly.
“It wasn’t meant to be, we couldn’t ask so much of each other. Our lives were going in different directions.”
He paused to consider your words, they were the truth, but it still hurt. “So you thought about it, us working it out and getting married?” he asked with downcast eyes.
You placed your hand on his forearm, “I thought about all of it, how could I not? I loved you too, but it was bad timing. Even if I said yes the odds of us working out weren’t great, we were just kids.”
He gently wrapped his rough calloused hand over yours. “You know that’s not true, I would’ve done anything to make it work. You say it like it was a rash decision, as if I barely knew you and I acted impulsively.”
You exhaled deeply, “Bucky, it doesn’t matter anymore. We can’t do this. We made our choices, now I’m your attorney and this definitely cannot happen.”
“You didn’t give me a choice at all. You left without giving me a fighting chance.”
“Because I knew that if I let you try to convince me, there was no way I could leave without you,” you murmured. You looked down, thinking about loosening your hand from his grip, but then realizing somehow you had your fingers intertwined with his.
Bucky tilted your chin up with his free hand so that he could look into your brilliant eyes. “You are the love of my life, Y/N. There was never another like you. You took my heart and soul away from me the day you left — but maybe there’s still a chance for us.”
“I’m sorry, I wish things could have been different, but we can’t,” you said, reluctantly stepping back and fully pulling away from his warmth. “Maybe everything happened for a reason. I got my dream job, you turned your dad’s shop into a successful business. None of those things would’ve happened if we stayed together.”
“I guess you’re right, it’s just hard to remember that when you’re here now. All I can think about is the time we lost, and what we could’ve been.”
Before you could continue your conversation, Steve walked back in, unable to sense the tension in the room.
“Did you bring burgers? Thanks buddy.” He patted Bucky on the back and grabbed the bag before sitting down.
“Listen I’m gonna go, I don’t think there’s much else we can do tonight. You guys do whatever you want. I’ll see you in the morning, Steve. Bye Buck.” You grabbed your belongings and rushed out the door.
“What was that about?” Steve asked as he took a bite of his burger.
“Oh she accused me of committing the crime, and I professed my love for her.”
Steve choked on his burger, “What?!” he croaked out.
“Uh yeah, I think I blew it. Maybe I should’ve eased into it a bit. Seeing her brought back so many feelings though. I’ve always known that if I was ever given the chance again, I wouldn’t let her go easily. She told me it’s not possible though, now that she’s my lawyer. What a stupid rule,” Bucky huffed out.
Steve chuckled at his friend's annoyance, “I think there’s a rule that if you had relations prior to the client-lawyer relationship it may be kosher, but it might’ve changed. It’s probably best to wait it out.”
“I’d wait my whole life for her, what’s a little while longer.”
“I thought you were over her.”
“I never said that. I just stopped talking about her after a while because it made it easier.”
Steve nodded, “Well, she put in a lot of work for you today. She saw you with Olivia, and it kinda seemed like she might’ve been a little jealous. Perhaps there’s hope for you yet.”
Bucky lit up at the thought of that, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. “Well let’s keep me out of jail first, maybe then I can work with that.”
Steve pulled in front of the auto shop, and parked his car. “So first thing when we get in there, we ask for Walker.”
You nodded your head, “Yeah, we can ask if he knows anything about what happened with Bucky. He’s technically not involved, but we’re allowed to talk to people who might have information about the situation.”
“Perfect, lead the way.”
As he opened the door to let you in, you walked up to the receptionist’s desk. There sat a dark-haired woman with meek eyes. She didn’t bother looking up to greet you, and at that moment you noticed that her name tag said “Olivia”. It took you a second, but you realized she was the same woman from the security tapes. She was dressed differently than she was when you saw her with Bucky, opting for a more modest and darker clothing style.
You nudged Steve, and he looked at you then got a good look at Olivia. He immediately registered her as the woman from Bucky’s shop.
Before you could speak to her, John Walker turned the corner and stepped into the reception area. He looked at you, then Steve, and realized who you both were. The black suits you both were wearing also made it easier to deduce your occupations.
“I want a lawyer,” Walker stated determinedly as he crossed his arms and attempted to look menacing.
You let out a laugh. “Um, okay here we are.”
“Olivia, don’t say a word, you have the right to remain silent.”
You looked at Steve, and he looked down at you. The two of you couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. John wasn’t under arrest, this wasn’t an interrogation, but he was acting like he had something to hide.
Before you could utter another word, Olivia broke the silence.
“He made me do it! John told me I had to get access to Bucky’s security system or else he would lose his whole business, he owes a lot of money to some sketchy people. It was duress, I didn’t do anything! I didn’t even know what was in the bag,” she blurted out.
“You put the bag in Bucky’s car?” Steve inquired.
“Well yeah, but John drove me there and made me.”
“Olivia shut up!” John shouted out. “None of that is true, none of it. You’ll be hearing from my attorney.”
“Lemar was in on it too, he’s an old buddy of Walker’s and he convinced him to falsify the report at the scene,” Olivia volunteered with abandon.
Shaking your head in disbelief, “Uh Steve, let’s get out of here. I think we have a couple phone calls to make.”
Things moved swiftly after speaking with the prosecutor and the police. You and Steve were able to clear Bucky’s name from all charges.
Steve could not be happier, and he wanted to be the first to head over to Bucky’s to tell him the good news. However, before he could head out he stopped and thought about what a good opportunity this could be for his best friend.
“Y/N, I was going to go to Bucky’s, but do you maybe want to be the one to tell him in person? I just realized I uh have an important meeting I need to get to, like right now.”
“Um, sure… you could just call him though, right?”
“This feels like news you deliver in person, I think. Here, I’ll write down his address for you.” He scribbled the address on a piece of paper and handed it to you, not leaving any room for arguments.
You shrugged, “Okay, Steve.” Grabbing your briefcase you headed towards your car.
The thought of being alone with Bucky made you feel nervous, but then you remembered who he was. The guy who always carried your books and watched out for you. The guy who made sure you never felt alone, never felt unloved during your adolescence. Even now, he was the guy that was unafraid of baring his soul to you and telling you how he felt, making you feel his love that never left.
You also couldn’t believe he went into the military and took over the business thinking those things would add to his worthiness. He was worth everything and more to you, simply because he was himself. Kind, loyal, silly, and so soft with your heart, no one else could ever compete. You regretted not telling him that.
You blinked a couple times, until it finally clicked — you never stopped loving him.
Feeling a newfound excitement about being the one to tell Bucky the good news, you parked your car in front of his house and took a deep breath as rain started to drizzle on your windshield.
The next decision you made could very well change the trajectory of your life.
As you knocked and waited outside his door, you felt nothing but calm. You were ready to be with the one your heart always knew you were meant to be with.
Bucky opened the door and looked at you with raised eyebrows. He didn’t expect to see you at his place. “Y/N hey, did something happen? Please come in, Steve didn’t call me about anything?” He stepped aside to let you into his beautiful brownstone.
“Yeah, he got caught up. He wanted me to deliver the good news in person.” You walked in, taking off your slightly wet raincoat, smiling at him. He looked so good in his olive green sweater.
He beamed back at you as he took your jacket, directing you towards his couch as he hung it up. “Good news?”
You sat down and he sat next to you, a couch cushion apart. “Olivia and Walker set you up. Olivia did most of the dirty work under John’s guidance. I’m really sorry Bucky, but she confessed right when she saw Steve and I this morning. We called the right people, and another police officer went and questioned the pair officially. The prosecutor agreed to throw out the case, there are no charges against you now.”
Bucky breathed a giant sigh of relief, you could see the stress literally melt off of him.
Having you in his house was enough to make him happy, but hearing that there would be no case and that he was totally a free and clear man meant the whole world. “Thank you so so much for coming to tell me! I can’t believe it. The last two days have been so hectic, I was so afraid, but that worked out better than I could’ve imagined.” He reached out to grab your hand, grateful for no longer being in his predicament.
“Yeah, nothing to worry about anymore. Sorry about Olivia though, she was Walker’s receptionist, sucks that it couldn’t work out for you both,” you muttered, unintentionally squeezing his hand a little tightly.
“You sound really broken up about it… maybe a little jealous, but I know that’s crazy,” he teased.
You smiled sheepishly in response, “Nothing like that, B.”
An adorable smile graced his lips, “So I guess that means you’re not my lawyer anymore huh?” he asked, looking deep into your eyes.
“Correct, ‘m not your lawyer anymore,” you whispered, following his train of thought.
He tried to keep his cool, knowing now that there was nothing keeping you apart but yourselves.
“Well cool, do you want to stay for a bit, or do you need to get back to work?” Bucky wasn’t sure what he should do again. It wasn’t every day that he was cleared of a crime and the girl he always dreamed of spending his life with showed up at his door. He didn’t want to let you go.
“I could stay, I cleared my schedule for the week to work on the case, so there’s nothing pressing to get back to.”
“Great, do you want me to order up a pizza and crack open a bottle of wine? It’d be nice to catch up.”
“Yes, I’d love that.”
After swiftly starting up the fireplace across from the couch, Bucky ordered a pizza from one of your favorite old spots. The two of you settled in with the best red wine, ready to get to know each other again.
Unsurprisingly, the conversation flowed easily, there was so much to learn about each other. Neither of you were exactly the same anymore; a lot of life had happened in the last few years. The last time the two of you were together, you could hardly call yourselves adults. You reflected on how you thought you knew so much about the world at 18. He told you a bit about his time in the military, and how much that made him grow up. You told him about all your years in school, and all that you did afterwards.
You both spoke about the random things that you experienced that made up who you were now.
Together, you both addressed the need for separating when you were younger; it made you both become the best versions of yourself.
You liked the person he became. He was always the best guy, but he grew up to be such a determined, kind, and amazing man.
When he got up to grab another bottle of wine he took a moment to appreciate the sight of you in his home; he thought you looked like you belonged there. You had taken off your heels and had your legs tucked under you — the slit on your black pencil skirt riding higher due to your seating position. Did you know how sexy you looked?
Throughout the afternoon you got closer and closer, literally and physically. By the time the sun had set there was hardly any space between the two of you on the couch. Like magnets, you both felt a pull towards each other that nothing could repel. Somehow his arm made its way behind your couch cushion, and you leaned into him from time to time.
There was a delightful familiarity you felt when you were with him. Even if you were no longer the same people, being near him felt easy, effortless. He knew you in ways most people never would.
Bucky felt the same way, it was all so normal and comfortable. And now that he was near you again, he couldn’t stop trying to make you smile; it had been far too long that he had gone without seeing it. He loved seeing you happy, content, and smiling. It was the most beautiful sight in the world to him.
He missed this, being with someone you feel safe to be your truest self with — he missed you.
Bucky realized he was wrong when he told you that you had become unrecognizable, and he wanted to make that right.
“I’m sorry for what I said at your office. You’re still you. Obviously you’ve grown into someone even more amazing and wonderful, but the girl I loved is still in there,” he whispered.
You met his ocean blue eyes, “I’m sorry too, B. The stress of the situation got the better of me, I shouldn’t have accused you. I knew better.” He nodded his head, he understood.
Bucky let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m also sorry that I let it slip that I still have feelings for you,” he blushed under your gaze, the wine releasing his inhibitions ever so slightly.
“I’m not.”
Oh, you’re not.
“I appreciated the honesty, I like how I never have to guess where I stand with you.”
“Well I wish I could say the same about you,” he nudged your shoulder playfully and let out a laugh.
You narrowed your eyes and smirked at him, then you reached down to play with his fingers. “Why do you think I put your case at the forefront of everything, B,” you whispered. He intertwined his fingers with yours.
“Why do you think I let Steve pretend he had a meeting, so that I could come over and tell you the news myself?” you asked rhetorically, looking into his dark and dilated pupils. He was so close to you, his soft pink lips inviting you in. “Why do you think I came back to Brooklyn at all... ”
Bucky gasped in surprise, he couldn’t believe it. He reached out and cupped your cheek, you placed your hand over his and held his gaze. He looked deeply into your sparkling eyes, as if he wanted to memorize the look of adoration you held just for him. You saw nothing but pure love and desire reflecting back to you. “You were always worthy of my love, you’ve always had it,” you said.
Remagnetized and unable to fight the pull, your lips met his for a warm passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush against his beefy body as his tongue begged for yours to part. Letting him in, you placed your hands behind his neck and deepened the kiss.
You and Bucky had shared at least a thousand kisses in the past, but none like this.
None full of this much desire, want, and need. Never a kiss filled with such emotion and love. His hands roamed over your body, touching, kneading, trying to remind himself this was real — that you came back for him.
Slowly pulling back, you smiled as he chased your lips. You reached down to bunch your skirt up so that you could properly straddle his thick thighs. Understanding your intention, he manhandled you on top of him with ease. Fuck, that was hot. He was so much stronger than he used to be, and the thought of what he could do to you with muscles like that made your body buzz with desire.
You hadn’t realized you were biting your lip as you ogled him until he gently smoothed your bottom lip free with his thumb. You kissed the pad of his thumb, and he smiled at how adorable you were. He placed his hands on your waist, and trailed one arm up the length of your spine until it finally rested on the back of your neck. He pulled you into him, taking charge and guiding your lips to his.
The touch of his tongue set your body on fire, making you tingle in places you hadn’t in a while. He squeezed your hip and pulled you down hard against his tightening jeans — you grinded steadily against his growing erection. Fuck, was he always that big?
You kissed along his scruffy jawline, down his throat, nipping and sucking as you went.
Bucky groaned, “Baby, baby wait. Are you drunk?” he asked as he halted your movement, unwilling to take advantage of the situation.
“No, it would take a lot more than that to get me drunk.” you answered honestly. “Are you?”
“Not at all, and I’m glad because I want to remember every moment of this.” He leaned in to kiss you again, wrapping his strong arms around your waist.
Threading your hands in his hair, you kissed him back, soft and tender. There was no rush, not after all the time you spent without him.
The kisses slowly grew hotter and heavier, your hands tugging at his hair as you grinded against him again. The friction against your lace-covered core became too much. You couldn’t take it any longer, you needed him, pulling away you whispered against his lips, “Can I ride you, Buck?”
He nodded his head eagerly and leaned back on his sectional, giving you the space to do what you wanted. You speedily unzipped your skirt and slid it off, taking off the rest of your clothes as quickly as possible. Bucky followed suit, removing his clothes, watching you with a big grin — you were always so eager for him. You scrunched your nose when you saw him taking you in, “See something you like?” you teased, hovering over his lap.
“Mhmm, very much,” he pulled you down on top of him so that you could feel all of him, right against your dripping wet heat. He kissed his way down your neck, stopping to suck and knead your breasts harshly with his tongue and large warm hands. You whimpered as you gripped his hair and held him in place. He lavished your chest with kisses, unafraid of leaving a mark.
Unable to feel the emptiness inside of you any longer, you pushed him, making him release you. Bucky laid back but kept his hands on your hips to steady you, watching as you lined yourself up with his length and sunk down slowly, releasing a shuddering gasp as he filled you up completely.
You took a moment to adjust to his size — he really was bigger than you remembered. He stretched you out in the most satisfying way, the delicious pressure from being so full of him turned you on even more. Eagerly, you leaned forward and placed your hands on his broad shoulders, using him as leverage as you started to bounce on his thick cock.
Bucky’s hips moved instinctively, as he tightly gripped your hips and thrust into you, unable to control himself because he needed you too.“You feel so fucking perfect.” Bucky watched with admiration as the love of his life took what she wanted from him. “Fuck, use me pretty girl, just like that,” and you did, circling your hips and taking what you needed. He couldn’t be happier as he watched you ride him like you were meant to. He rubbed small circles over your clit when he felt your warm walls squeeze around him.
The coil tightened as a sudden orgasm took you over, making your body tremble with your release.
Grabbing the back of your neck he pulled your lips to his, pouring every emotion he felt into the bruising kiss. He pulled away to look at you in awe, his gorgeous sweet girl coming down from her high.
As your heavy breathing slowed down you felt Bucky sit up with his hard cock still inside of you. Crap, he didn’t cum.
You giggled as you looked at him, disheveled and handsome. “Sorry, B… just give me another minute and I’ll—,”
He flashed you a soft grin, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Bucky hooked his hands behind your thighs and stood up as if you weighed nothing.
He walked you back towards the wall behind you, gently pressing you up against it. Placing a hand behind your head and keeping you pinned to the wall with his solid body, he kissed you fervently. Then he dropped his hand back under your thigh and snapped his hips into you with a hard thrust — with deep, steady strokes, he reclaimed your body as his. He knew you belonged together, and he never wanted to be without you again.
“Whose pussy is this, baby?” he groaned against the shell of your ear as he pounded into you.
“Yours Bucky, only yours,” you cried out, while he took you higher than you had ever been. Feeling weightless and under his control turning you on even more. He swallowed your gasps as he kissed you, murmuring sweet praises against your lips.
“That’s a good girl, taking me so well — missed this pussy so much. Missed you so much,” he managed to mutter out between his heavy breaths.
Bucky took you apart, striking every spot, giving you everything you needed with his rough unwavering thrusts. “Now cum for me, my love,” he rubbed your swollen clit and you could have sworn your soul left your body. “Buc-” you screamed, clutching his shoulders and squeezing your eyes shut as fireworks bursted behind your eyelids. Clenching down hard on his cock as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through your body.
A soft grunt escaped his lips as he felt your tight walls squeeze around him, and after a couple more hard thrusts Bucky finally emptied himself deep inside you — where he belonged.
The two of you wore matching satisfied smiles as you caught your breaths. After a moment, he carried you back to his room and sat you down on his bathroom counter. He didn’t want to let you go just yet, but he wanted to cuddle with you, and the two of you needed a shower after that little marathon. As the water warmed up, he stepped in between your parted legs and tilted your chin up so he could see your tired eyes.
“Think you can walk to the shower?” he asked teasingly.
“Mm no, B, you can carry me though.”
“Whatever my girl wants,” he pecked your lips and picked you up as you wrapped your arms around his neck and lazily kissed him. Standing under the large rainfall shower head, he held you in his arms, incapable of wiping the giant grin off his face.
The warm water washed the tiredness away a bit, and you asked him to finally put you down.
When you were younger, sex with Bucky was always rushed. Even though you were 18, it wasn’t something your parents approved of, so you rarely got the time to savor it whenever you found the time to get intimate.
Today though, Bucky cherished every moment. He took care of you without a concern for anything else in the world. The intimacy you shared was everything you wished for and so much more.
He gently washed your body, and you helped him wash his own too; you particularly enjoyed running your hands over his broad chest, defined abs, and well-built back.
“Buck, you know you’re like stupid hot right?” you asked him with faux annoyance in your voice.
He let out a laugh at your comment, cupping your cheek and dropping his head down for a sweet kiss. “You know you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on, right?”
Heat rushed to your cheeks, he was so sweet on you. You didn’t say anything, just leaned up to kiss him some more.
When you finally got out of the shower, you both dried up nicely then slipped into bed together, clothes long forgotten.
He wrapped you up in his big strong arms, so happy to have you close to him. You traced your fingers over his chest as you considered what had just happened.
“So much time has passed, B. You sure we can go back?” you asked hesitantly. The last couple of days were eventful to say the least, and you were afraid you might be getting caught up in it.
“You’ve always had my heart, Y/N. I don’t want to go back, I want to move forward with you by my side.”
Oh boy, this is real.
This man truly loved you, he never stopped loving you.
“Bucky, you weren’t always this sappy,” you said teasingly, squeezing his large bicep.
“It took years of missing you, thinking about what I lost to make me appreciate this all the more.” He kissed your forehead gently. After a beat, “Is it weird that I’m grateful for Walker? He’s the reason you came back in my life.”
You giggled at that and sat up to look at him. “It's a little weird, but I know it wouldn’t have been long until we found our way back to each other. Somehow, I knew it was a matter of time.”
A lazy smile tugged at his lips. “Yeah, I know you’re right. Steve told me when you took the job, I knew you were back. I was just working up the courage to reach out to you again.”
Your eyes widened at his confession, you didn’t know that.
“Oh also, I was never dating Olivia. I had hired her to work for us, I didn’t know where she was actually working. She quit suddenly, but I might've let you think we were a thing because jealousy looks real cute on you,” he smiled sheepishly.
“You jerk!” you playfully swatted his shoulder. “I was jealous though, you were right,” you let out a laugh.
“I know baby, I liked it.”
“Oh, Bucky, what am I going to do with you?” you beamed at the sweet giant man.
“Keep me?” he paused, “I’d like that more than anything.”
You nodded your head at your big softy. “Okay, handsome, you’re all mine now. I’m not letting you get away.”
He smiled brightly at that, tightening his hold on you. “And you’re mine. My girl, my baby, my sweetheart,” he tangled his legs with yours, caging you in while being careful not to crush you with his weight.
“Yes, I am,” you stated confidently.
You could’ve sworn you saw Bucky’s eyes water a little as he leaned in to kiss you. But that was all forgotten as you lost yourself in him again. As his lips slowly descended down your body you briefly thought about how there was probably a lot more to talk about. Nevertheless, you knew that could wait.
All that mattered now was that you were his and he was yours.
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buckies-dolle · 3 months ago
Of course not baby
18+ minors do not interact if you do you will be blocked :)
roommate!Bucky x fem!reader
Summary: You get told it’s disgusting by your boyfriend ex-boyfriend but Bucky loves it.
Warnings: smut, squirting, unprotected sex, fluff, shitty ex boyfriend.
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: italics represent flashback
Tumblr media
You walked into your apartment, slamming the door on your way in. You proceeded to storm over to your bedroom, also slamming that door. You completely ignored Bucky sitting the couch looking at you very concerned. Usually when you got home you sit down with Bucky and talk about your guys day, so it worried Bucky when you didn’t 
You were angry and upset. You boyfriend had just kicked you out a dumped you mid-fuck session because you squirted.
“C’mon baby, cum for me” he chanted while pounding into you. You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach, but harder then it ever has before. It was your first time sleeping with your boyfriend and he decided to fuck your into the oblivion. You were soon coming around his cock, your legs were shaking your breaths were heavy and your thighs were soaking wet. “What the fuck” he shouted at you confused and angry.
“What baby?” You looked at him very confused.
“What the fuck was the shit coming out of you?” He shouted again while wiping his torso clear of your fluids. “Baby, you made me squirt, it’s natural” you replied while sitting up to comfort him, but he backed away.
“Nah I’m not dealing with that, that’s disgusting, get the fuck out”.
“But baby, I can-“.
“Get the fuck out you whore, and don’t come back”. You were very taken back by his words, causing you get get dressed very quickly, grab your stuff and leave.
You threw your bag down on the bed, followed by your jacket and shoes. Which you didn’t even have time to put on. Your boyfriend lived across the street in another apartment block so luckily it wasn’t that long of a walk.  You got changed into some pyjamas and turned on some music to put your mind at rest. 20 minutes later you heard a knock at you door. “Y/N, if your awake I made dinner for you.” 
You let out a small smile at the gesture. Bucky was always too kind and caring of you. He took care of you in a way that your boyfriend never did. You got up and went out into your living room to see Bucky on the couch with 2 plates of food. “Hi” you said lightly while sitting down, taking the plate from his hand. “How was your day” you asked trying to avoid any questions about your day. “Good, I would ask how yours was but I think that obvious, creepy professor again?” he asked knowing that he was the professor that upset you the most.  “No actually it was actually Frank this time”
“What did he do” 
“To put it in the simplest terms and not to but you off your dinner, I’m single now.”
“That jackass dumbed you? My god! He’s fucking stupid, do you want me to go over and beat his ass? Why’d he dump you?”  “Bucky calm down, it doesn’t matter also I’d hate to ruin your dinner”
“Ok you can tell me after” 
“What! Nooo-” you were interrupted by him shoving a fork full of food into your mouth. You looked over at him with a mouth full of food, trying his best not laugh. You swallowed the food and looked back at him “I hate you” you said to him trying your best not laugh. 
You guys finished you food and stuck on a movie. You had your head resting on Bucky’s shoulder. All was well, until Bucky felt the shoulder of his t-shirt starting to dampen. He looked to down to see you quietly crying. “Y/N, oh no, come here.” You pulled you into his chest as you started to crying louder. He paused the movie so he could try and hear anything you were going to say. “What did he do Y/N seriously I need to know you can’t be this upset over nothing.” 
“promise you won’t get grossed out” 
“promise” he reassured you while kissing the top of your head.
“We decided to have sex, and I emm-”
“C’mon doll it’s ok” 
“Well I squirted, and he thought it was really gross and he kicked me out calling me a whore and disgusting, and I just feel so worthless” 
“Doll, no you’re not a whore, you’re not disgusting and you’re not worthless, that jackass has no idea what he’s talking about, ok?”
“But Bucky-“
“Not buts doll okay? He was just trying to hurt you, because he couldn’t appreciate you”
You had no reply, you just sat there in silence with Bucky holding your hand. Bucky didn’t want to pry on the situation anymore, so he stuck back on the movie you guys were watching. You placed you head back on Bucky’s shoulder and slowly felt yourself falling asleep. 
You woke up the next morning in your bed, you were very confused because last you remember you were on the couch with Bucky. You were wondering if that whole night was a dream but no, your jacket, bag and shoes were all in the same place as they were last night. You got out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen where you found a letter.  “Hi doll :)
I just popped out for some eggs I’ll be back soon to make you a breakfast omelette, my treat :)
- your amazing and wonderful roommate”
Bucky always leaves little letters around the place and you find it adorable, he has a phone so he can text you but he chooses not to. You plopped down on the couch and stuck on the tv. A couple minutes later Bucky came home with a shopping bag filled to the bring with lots of stuff (not just eggs) and a colourful bouquet of flowers. He dropped the bag down by the fridge and ran over to the you on the couch to hand you the bouquet. “Here you go” he said while handing the flower out for you
“Bucky? What are these for?”
“For being the best roommate I could have asked for” 
“You didn’t have to” you said while nudging his shoulder.  “But I wanted to” he teased you while ruffling your hair.  “So whatd’ya get, because that’s clearly not just eggs” 
“shit!” He shouted looking at the bag “I forgot the eggs” 
You burst into a fit of laughter, dying at the fact he forgot the one thing he went out for. “I’ll be back a minute doll, I’m gonna actually get eggs”
“Ok Buck” just as he was about to close the door you shouted for him to wait, he stuck his head back in the door “Don’t forget the eggs” he groaned before picking up one of you slippers you left at the door and threw it at you. 
5 minutes later he was back with the eggs. “Bucky, you still didn’t tell me what you got in the bag” 
“oh yeah, I got all your favourite snacks and drinks, were having a movie day. You’re staying in your pjs, you’re getting all the blankets from my room and yours and were sitting on this couch for the rest of the day and binge watching as many movies as we can”
A smile rose on your face when Bucky stopped explaining what we were doing. “Thank you Bucky.  “you’re welcome Y/N” 
“wait Bucky can we watch whiplash?” You questioned him knowing he hates how much you watch that movie.  “Yes doll, we can watch whiplash” 
“YAY! Thank you” you squealed before jumping off the couch and wrapping your arms around his waist. “Im gonna start cooking breakfast ok doll?”
“Yep go head I’ll set up everything else ok?”
You had thrown the flowers into a vase and let them on the table, you had were getting everything, ready and you and Bucky were dancing around the kitchen with music blaring. You heard a knock the on the door, you kept the music playing as Bucky kept dancing, swinging his hips to the sound of the music.
You opened the door to see Frank standing there looking sad but he turned angry when he saw you standing at door, out of breath, hair a mess, still in your pjs (The short one’s Frank hated when you wore around Bucky), music blaring and Bucky dancing while making breakfast. He took a glance over at the couch to see piles of blankets a cushions. He looked down before sighing “So I was right you are whore”
“What the fuck do you mean by that Frank?”
“What do I mean!? Less then 24 hours and you already fucked him, hell you’ve probably been fuckin’ him the whole time”
Tears started to swell from your eyes “Bucky has been nothing but supportive since last night, hell the whole time we’ve been in a relationship, he’s always been there for me unlike you, you prick” Frank grabbed you by the neck of your shirt and gave you a backhanded hit across the face, causing you to fall to the ground “Fuckin whore” he mumbled while walking out the door until Bucky grabbed his wrist swung him around and punched him straight in the face. “Listen here Jackass, I’m not gonna say this again, never step in here again do you hear me” Frank didn’t reply “Do you fucking hear me”
“y-yes” Bucky let go of Franks shirt and ran back into you slamming the door. “Hey hey doll, are you ok?” he asked while trying to help you up “Yeah I’m fine Bucky” You decide not to get up and just sit on the floor, Bucky sat down beside you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Trust me that Jackass won’t be coming back here anytime soon”
“Thank you Bucky”
“You’re welcome doll, now how about I finish making those omelettes”
“Only if you continue doing that little dance you were doing”
“Only if you join in”
You guys wrapped up breakfast and started your movie binge. The rest of the day went well until exactly 3:47am in the morning. You and Bucky decided to go to bed around 1ish but you were woken up by a noise.
Bucky felt terrible doing this, but he couldn’t get the image out of his head. You squirting all around his fingers. God, he craved you, he wanted to make you squirt, show you how much he loved it by soaking you all up. He was sitting on his bed laid flat out stroking his rock hard cock. The angry red tip was dripping with pre-cum, begging for release. His eyes were glued shut trying to imagine your hand on his cock instead of yours.
You stepped out of your room and the grunts got louder. You thought Bucky was having a nightmare or was in pain and you were very worried until you heard him moan. A look of realisation his your face when you realised that he was jerking off. You didn’t want to do anything well maybe help him but that’s for another day. You really needed your sleep so you decided to knock on his door but not go in.
You gave a very light tap on the door. “Em Bucky?” Bucky shot up from the bed and started covering himself terrified of you walking in. “yyeah y/n?”
“I don’t want to invade on your “personal time” but it’s really late so do you think you could keep it down just a little bit?”
“I’m so sorry doll, i’ll keep it down”
“Ok night Bucky”
“Night Y/N”
Bucky groaned at the embarrassment, he couldn’t believe you practically caught him jerking off, but he couldn’t stop now he needed to finish. 
You went back to your room and laid flat on the bed, you could still hear Bucky’s moans through the walls. You couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed your vibrator out of your bedside table. You started groping your left boob with your hand while using the other one to press your vibrator against you clit. You eventually ended up grabbing the headboard for dear life as you came, biting your lip so hard you could draw blood. Once you calmed down from your orgasm, you had realised you had squirted again, but much much more then before, your sheets were soaked. 
You ended up taking the sheet off your bed and replacing them. You slowly sneaked out to the washing machine to put your sheets in. Just as you turned around to go back to bed, there he stood. Bucky. ‘’doll, what’ya doin?’’ 
‘‘nothing Bucky, just go back to bed’‘ 
‘‘Doll please, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me, and don’t tell me you don’t need my help because there is clearly something wrong. Is it about what Frank said?’‘ 
‘‘Yeah ok, it is, but you’re wrong Bucky, I don’t need your help’‘
‘‘What is it? Which part of what Frank said upset you’‘ 
‘’ That I’m disgusting because I can squirt, I just hate it, like it happened right fucking now and now I have to clean my sheets and everything’‘ Bucky was a bit taken back by your words, because you basically just told him that you masterbated straight after you found out he was masterbating. 
‘‘Come with me doll’‘ he said while holding out his hands.You took his hand as he slowly led you into his bedroom. He patted the bed suggesting you sit down. He sat down beside you and put his hand on your thigh. “Listen doll, I can see how much this is effecting you, and I want you to feel good about it, I’m gonna be honest with you, I think it’s really fucking hot”
“Yes doll oh my god” he took a deep breath in before speaking again “Just there when you caught me jackin off, I was thinking about you”
“What?” a light blush rose upon your face
“Y/N, I really like you, like like you”
“I like you too Bucky” Bucky leaned in closer to your face causing you to also lean forward, you crashed your lips together, the kiss was tender and slow, you could tell their was love there. You pulled away from the kiss and touched your foreheads together. You looked Bucky straight in the eye, you could tell their was hunger there, he could probably see the hunger in yours too. He grabbed a hold of your waist and pulled you over his and started to kiss you again, this time with more passion. You felt him tug at the hem of your shirt causing you both to break away and tear off your shirts, leaving you just in your panties.
Bucky grabbed one of your thighs and flipped you under him, still while not breaking the kiss. He started to kiss down your stomach very lightly while one of his hands tugged away at your panties, once you realised he was trying to get them off you brought your hips up so he could. 
Once they were off, Bucky slowly started to kiss the inside of your thighs, make you whimper. He slowly brought his face closer and closer to your soaking wet cunt, his beard burning the inside of your thighs. “Just tell me if you want to stop doll”
“will do- uhh oh god” You were cut off by Bucky flicking his tongue across your clit, throwing your head back from the sensations, hands gripping the sheets to the point where they could rip. “yeah baby that feel good”
“S-so good Buck”
Bucky placed his metal hand on your stomach sending chills across your body. You could feel your orgasm creeping up on you making your back arch off the bed.
“C’mon baby cum for me, make a mess”
“Oh Bucky oh god I’m gonna i’m” you were cut of by the coil in your stomach snap releasing your orgasm. You squirted all over his face, it was dripping down his chin, rolling down his neck onto his chest. You swear you heard him growl when you finished. “Holy shit doll, that’s even hotter then I thought oh my god” Bucky thought he was in heaven. He sat back up near the top of the bed to kiss you, as he did, you dipped your hand down into his boxers and lightly started to massage his cock. As Bucky pulled away from the kiss you let a light “please”
“Please what baby”
“Please fuck me Bucky”
“as you wish baby”
As Bucky rolled off you he panted “Oh my god”. You let out a little giggle as you unstuck your back from the soaking wet sheets. “I didn’t kill ya did I Sarge?”
“Don’t call me Sarge doll, unless you wanna do that whole thing over again”
“Ok well at least give me a break” You picked up your phone and unlocked it and started searching the web. “Doll what ya doin?”
“Looking for water proof sheets, I don’t think we have enough money to buy a new mattress every week, also we need more towels”
“Ok one at a time doll, let’s just get some rest”
You woke the next morning hot and sweaty from Bucky sleeping right next you. You could feel his morning wood poking you in the ass. As soon as he felt you move he woke up and starting placing little kisses on your neck and shoulder. “Mornin’ Sarge”
“Good morning doll”
You tried to get up but Bucky’s arms pulled you right back. “Stay please”
“Buck, hun I gotta do something but i’ll be back in 5 minutes, ok maybe ten but still I promise i’ll be right back, I wanna get something for you”
“Fine, it better be worth it”
“It will I promise”
You popped on some clothes and went out to the kitchen. You grabbed one of the pieces of paper Bucky uses to write you letters and started writing your own letter.
“Dear Frank The Prick
Yeah we fucked, Much better then you, gotta go now, to fuck him again
You gave the corner of the paper and kiss, leaving your lipstick stain on it. You quickly put on some shoes and ran out the door. You went into Franks apartment block and went to his room, you slipped the paper under the door, knocked them bolted. When you were outside you heard Frank scream from his balcony. “WHAT THE FUCK Y/N”
You then took a quick stop at your local sex shop. You went in and bought a small packet of silk ropes. You quickly went back into your apartment and into Bucky’s room where he was waiting for you to get back. When you walked back in, he sat up with his back against the headboard “Hi baby” he said with a raspy voice “Hey Sarge” Bucky felt his cock twitch under the bed sheets when you said Sarge. He noticed the little black bag behind you “What ya got there doll”
“A present” you tossed him the bag so he could open it, he pulled out the small bag of silk ropes and looked at them with a smirk. “So when do you wanna use them?” he asked you, he still hadn’t looked up and didn’t even realise that you had stripped in the door way of his room “How about now Sarge” you said as he looked at you with wide-eyes as you slowly crept onto the bed “Anything you want doll”
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goldenthena · 25 days ago
I'm not yours anymore
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 — brothersbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 — Bucky and you had a secret relationship that ended months ago, but there was and unspoken tension between you.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 — SMUT, 18+, minors dni, oral (f receiving) denied orgasm
𝐕𝐄𝐄'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄 — it's rare but I was in the mood to write smut (well smut in general but i try my best u horny dogs!) like, comment and reblog!, not my gif, follow @goldenthena-sstanhoe-updates to never miss an update!
Tumblr media
You're getting ready for dinner with your boyfriend's parents when your brother's best friend interrupts you.
"You look lovely." He comments, tipping his head to the side.
Avoiding his eyes, you retort, "I'm aware."
He grins, chuckling, "Confidence is quite stunning on you."
"Drop the flirty remarks, just hand me my necklace and get out." You told him, your eyes focusing on the reflection of you in the mirror.
He arches a playful brow, "So needy."
You watch as he moves up behind you, attaching his hips to yours.
"How's this?" His voice low, the cool metal of his fingers hooking around your throat.
Your breath hitches, "I'm not yours anymore. You can't do this."
He trails his lips down your jaw.
"Then why do you fit so perfectly around every inch of me?"
"Why does your pretty little pussy feel like it was made for me?"
"Why do you only make those sweet sounds for me?"
His right arm snaked around your waist pulling you flush against his broad chest. "Bucky, we can't—" you stammered.
Bucky gently put his fingers on top of your mouth, shushing you.
His other hand trailed lower down your body, stopping above your jeans. He opened the button and the zipper for easier access.
Your breath hitched as his hand slipped into your panties.
"You’re already wet strawberry…all for me?"
He rubs his fingers against your clothed core, making your legs squeeze together around his hand.
Bucky pushed your panties aside
A whine left your lips as his soft fingertips brushed your clit.
"Bucky…you can't do this anymore," you stammered.
His metal hand lightly squeezed your throat as the tip of his fingers entered your hole, it made you arch your back in an attempt to be closer to him. Something your body always wanted.
You were desperate for his touch even months after breaking things off.
"Mhmmm, then tell me to stop, tell me and I'll stop right now, leave this room and I will never ever touch you again."
His two flesh fingers curled inside of you, spreading your warm walls apart. His thumb drew tight circles over your clit as his middle and ring finger hit your g-spot.
You closed your eyes welcoming the pleasant feeling of Bucky devouring you.
Head falling back on his shoulders you could hear him chuckle against your ear before he left soft kisses down your neck.
"I get the feeling you don't want me to stop, right strawberry?"
"Please, please don't stop Bucky" you begged him as you felt his fingers slow down and then instantly stop.
"Strawberry, you know better…," "please, don't stop sir,"
Bucky moved back to kiss your neck, sending chills down your spine, goosebumps now lining your skin.
"Good girl," his hand returned to your aching core, going back to its previous movements.
A loud noise came from outside your door hinting that your brother was only two rooms away. Bucky retreated from you to close the door and lock it, making you whimper in response.
As he came back his hand covered in your slick grabbed your jaw, "so pathetic…," he whispered before pushing you down on the bed.
With a dark look in his eye, he utters, "rub your clit," your fingers slowly trailed down your body until they met the hem of your shirt.
"Sir, can you please take off my pants?" You looked at him with a pout and puppy eyes knowing he would do everything you asked.
"Oh, strawberry you know how to get me," he whispered before discarding his shirt revealing his perfectly sculpted chest, he looked like a god.
Bucky hooked his fingers in your jeans pulling it down and throwing it around the room.
His eyes moved back to your pretty pussy covered in black lace panties – the one he had bought for you – "You wanted to wear that? Were planning on fucking your boyfriend with the panties I bought you huh? You filthy slut." He slapped your pussy sending shivers through you.
"No, no sir I didn't, I wouldn’t…these are only for–" a high pitched moan came from you as Bucky pushed you panties aside and two of his fingers inside.
A smirk graced his lips, he watched your eyes roll back the moment his fingers hit that spot, "I seem to remember you enjoy my metal hand quite a bit…" quite a bit was an understatement, you loved choking on it, getting choked by it, getting fucked by it, getting hold down, everything.
And Bucky enjoyed watching you fall apart on his fingers. He found it remarkable that he could pull those reactions from you with just two fingers.
"Yes, yes, sir, I'm Cummings please let me cum!" Bucky let out a quiet groan at your pleading, "come strawberry, come for me and only me," "sweetheart are you almost ready?" a new voice came through the door with a knock, your mom.
Bucky pulled his hand away from you, leaving you with nothing. You looked at him shocked that he denied you your orgasm, "yes mom, I'll be there any minute."
You heard your mom leave before you turned to Bucky with a glare, "finish me!" you demanded to which he shook his head, "nah, have fun with your new boyfriend strawberry."
He got up, put his shirt on and left the room with you frustrated on the bed.
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buchanan-fics · 2 months ago
Summary: Bucky broke up with you because he didn’t want to bother you with his issues. But after two months of little to no sleep, he caves in and calls you.
F, A or S? Fluff & Angst
Word count: 3206
A/N: Inspired by the song Nightlight from Finding Hope. Strongly recommend listening to it while reading, it’s a beautiful song.
Tumblr media
The sudden buzzing of your phone on your nightstand jolted you awake. Still, your first instinct was to groan and press your face in your pillow again because your eyes were so heavy you could barely keep them open. Your bedroom was pitch black, indicating that it was still very much the middle of the night. Annoyed, but also a bit curious, you picked up your phone and looked at the caller ID. At first, the screen blinded you and all you saw was a blur, and when you squinted your eyes you could barely make out a rather familiar name: Bucky Barnes. You told your heart - which had instantly started racing - that you were imagining it. But the name only became clearer when you put down the brightness of your phone. It was really him. Without wasting another second you picked up. 
“Bucky?” your voice was groggy and only now did you notice that your throat was sore.
“Y/N?” his voice responded. His was clearer, like it wasn’t 2 AM and he wasn’t supposed to be fast asleep at this moment. You could hear his rapid, uneven breaths from over the phone. You knew those labored breaths well, it happened when he was woken by one of his countless nightmares. You could imagine him sitting on the bed, blankets pushed away from his upper body, his hair disheveled and his chest rising and falling rapidly. You could imagine his panicked eyes, the frustration indicated by his furrowed eyebrows and the defeat when he realized his past had once again caught up with him. Your heart sank a bit hearing those sorrowful breaths and imagining his state of being at that moment. 
“Nightmare?” You asked quietly when he didn’t continue the conversation. It had been silent for a few beats too long. 
“Yeah,” you heard him sigh and then the call came to an awkward halt. You had always been there to hold him after his nightmares, to drag him over to the bathroom to take a shower, to change the sheets, to cuddle with him or massage his muscles until he fell asleep again. But not anymore. Not since two months before, when Bucky had sat you down and told you he wanted to break up with you. Instant regret had filled his eyes the moment the words had left his mouth, but he hadn’t taken them back. It wasn’t you, he loved you, but he didn’t feel ready for a relationship. Too much had happened, he needed to work on himself first. You had tried to convince him that you could be there for him throughout that process, but he had rejected the offer and you had respected his decision. You hadn’t spoken to each other in two months and still, he was the only man that had been occupying your thoughts. You hadn’t even bothered to go out on dates, you knew it would take ages to get over him and you hated going on dates. Whether it was blind dates set up by your friends or men you found on some dating app, you had never met anyone that had sparked your interest… Until Bucky. With him it was natural, comfortable. He was your first and you had foolishly thought he’d be your last. That had proven to be false, but you still loved him like you were convinced you’d never be able to love another man. 
“Y/N?” he said your name again, this time a lot more hesitant.
“Could I… come over?”
For a moment your heart stopped beating. It was just like before when for some reason you weren’t sleeping in the same bed. He’d call you, asking if he could come over. His voice wasn’t as hesitant back then, but there was always doubt present. Then one cutting question brought you back to earth: What did it mean? Was he just desperate for some rest? Did he want you back? Was it something in between? What would that even be? But even as the question had split into a million questions that were threatening to drown you, you already knew you’d never say no to him. You cared too much about him, you wanted him to call you when he couldn’t sleep, you wanted to give him any comfort you could. 
“I’ll come to you,” you replied and simultaneously threw off the blankets. 
“You don’t have to-”
“Bucky, when was the last time you had a decent night’s rest?”
Bucky didn’t answer that. Maybe he didn’t even remember it himself? 
“You shouldn’t drive like that, it’s dangerous. Just take a shower, change your sheets, I’ll be there in 20.”
“Thank you.”
You smiled sadly and hung up. You felt for this man, for his past suffering and his lingering suffering. You hoped he’d been doing better since you were last at his apartment, you hoped this was his first nightmare in two months, but you knew better than that. You got out of bed, any remaining tiredness immediately left you as the cold air of your room hit your body. Quickly, you trudged over to your dresser to wear something thicker but still comfortable enough to sleep in, then you grabbed your car keys, slid in your shoes and locked the apartment behind you. The drive to Bucky’s place took longer than you remembered, as the turns in the road had become unfamiliar to you over the past months. When you arrived a sudden nervousness took over your body. You still didn’t know what he really wanted from this so how were you supposed to greet him? Was a hug too much? Was shaking hands too awkward? Was just smiling at him too distant? You shook your head annoyed and got out of the car. You’d let him decide, after all, he was the one who had called you. 
Bucky opened the door almost instantly after you had knocked. He had heard your footsteps on the stairwell, careful and silent as you always were when you came over late at night. He had to hold himself in to not just meet you halfway the stairs the moment you had entered the building, he wanted to see you so desperately, missed you so much, but he had to hold himself in. But there you were, standing in front of him wearing an oversized sweater he didn’t recognize, and his fear that calling you had been a mistake was instantly confirmed. Even tired and with your hair all messed up you were the most beautiful person he’d ever laid eyes on. How was he supposed to survive the night having you so close to him and yet not having you at all? 
“Um, hi,” you said awkwardly and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. He had been staring at you like you were a figment of his imagination come to life and it had made you a bit self-conscious of how you looked at that moment - regardless of how much worse states Bucky had seen you in. 
“You’re really here,” Bucky breathed out. He knew you were the most kind-hearted person in the world, but he had broken your heart, so when you asked if you could come to him instead of him coming to you, he figured it was to get out from underneath the request without being too harsh. You could’ve just not come. He knew you weren’t like that, but he would’ve deserved it, and he was almost sure you had moved on, so why would you waste more time soothing the shattered pieces of his soul? 
“I told you, right?” you asked, confusion laced in your voice and visible in your furrowed brow. 
You did. He knew he should’ve trusted you’d keep your word. 
“Yeah… sorry, I just- never mind.” 
Bucky took a step aside to let you in. You entered his apartment, still confused for a lot of reasons. You felt like you shouldn’t be there, like the two of you were going to make a mistake being alone in his apartment so late. 
“So… do we just-”
“Should we talk about this?” you asked abruptly, interrupting whatever suggestion he was awkwardly going to make. You told yourself you weren’t going to do this. You were here for him, not for your own selfish reasons, but you knew that your confusion would turn into frustration if you’d just hold him in your arms tonight and go back to not talking to each other tomorrow. You knew you’d grow hopeful, and that would make it hurt so much worse. 
You looked at Bucky who stared back at you with big, fearful eyes. You didn’t understand that. 
“I shouldn’t have called you… should I have?” Bucky looked away from you, regret clear in his voice. Did you come to lecture him on how selfish he was to call you this late at night with a request like that after breaking up with you? He’d deserve it, but he was at the end of his wits. Ever since he had lost you his nightmares had gotten worse, he hadn’t had a good night’s rest since. He’d try so hard to stay awake to not have to live through the nightmares, but he’d pass out for a few hours and wake up with another horrible memory fresh in his mind again. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed it to stop. He just wanted to sleep. If you left him here, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to take it. 
Your heart broke at his insecurity so apparent in the way he avoided eye contact and the way he stood in front of you. “No, that’s not it. You can call me whenever you want to. I just… I need to know what this means. What will happen when we wake up tomorrow? What does this mean for us, Bucky? I know there is no ‘us’ anymore, but being here with you like this… it confuses me.” Your mind didn’t have all the answers, so your heart filled in the blanks, and your heart had always been more hopeful than was good for you. 
Bucky was surprised to hear you say that. You wanted him back? Was that what you were saying? He couldn’t believe his ears, but he didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t even think you’d show up, no way was he prepared for this. What was he supposed to do? Sure he wanted you back, but you were everything anyone could hope for, you deserved someone who was everything you ever hoped for. And that just simply wasn’t him. He couldn’t give you what you deserved. But he also couldn’t look at you and tell you it meant nothing. He was not a good liar and he didn’t want to hurt you. “I don’t know…”
You sighed, none of your questions were answered with that response and he felt bad for it. Wanted to tell you the whole truth, but he knew you’d argue because you couldn’t see that you deserved better. 
“Did you change your sheets?” You asked, already having taken peace with not getting an answer. 
“Let’s get you some rest then.”
Bucky wanted to say something, wanted to tell you how much you meant to him, how much he had missed you, how grateful he was that you were there, but the words refused to come out of his mouth, so he just followed you to his bedroom. You crawled under the cover and looked away from him shyly when he didn’t immediately join you. He was sure you had never looked as pretty as right that moment. He tried to push away the shock of seeing you in his bed again and joined you. You tucked another strand of hair behind your ear and shyly reached out to him. His heart leaped at how cute you were, but he didn’t let himself stop and take in the sight, afraid he’d make you self-conscious or that he would lose control and kiss you right then. 
“Could you lie down?” he asked, throat suddenly really dry. 
You nodded, still avoiding eye contact, and lay down on your back awkwardly. He immediately moved in and laid his head on your chest. Instinctively, one of your hands found its way into his hair and you shifted your weight to your side so your other hand could snake around his shoulders, pushing him closer to you. He took that as a sign that it was okay to wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against him. Both of your cheeks had already heated up at the closeness of the other. Bucky buried his nose in your chest, drowning himself in your familiar scent. You hadn’t changed a bit, and all of a sudden the last two months were one big blur, and it was just like he had never left you, like you had been here holding him this whole time. Finally, the storm in his head calmed down and the only thing occupying his mind was your scent and your heartbeat, racing as fast as his was. With your hand running through his hair, he quickly felt his eyes grow heavy and in no time he was fast asleep in your embrace. 
It took you a bit longer, the nerves coursing through your veins from having him this close to you kept you awake even after his soft snores were filling the room. But the minutes passing by helped calm you down. You eventually dared to place a soft kiss on his head and stayed in that exact position as sleep took over your body. 
Bucky woke up with a startle and sat up gasping loudly. The sudden movement woke you immediately. You were disoriented at first, still not quite believing you were back in his bed, but everything came back to you the instant your sleepy eyes landed on his hunched over, panting body. You glanced up at the digital clock on his nightstand, it was only around 4 AM. 
You sat up and placed a careful hand on his shoulder. “Hey-” you whispered, but his head snapped up at you, eyes bewildered, and you realized he had also forgotten that you were there. 
The moment he recognized you, he let out a relieved sigh and his eyes softened. 
“Come here,” you whispered and beckoned him to you. 
He instantly let himself fall into your open arms. He buried his nose deep against your shoulder and sighed shakily. Why did he have a nightmare? You were with him, it was supposed to stop. 
“It’s okay,” you cooed him and ran your fingers soothingly along his scalp. 
Bucky gritted his teeth. It wasn’t okay. He had wasted your time, he had given in to his selfish desire to have you with him, and what for? Bucky got out of your embrace which surprised you a bit, normally he could stay like that until morning, finding comfort in your arms. He looked down instead of at you, but you had seen the tears. You were just about to say something, anything to make him feel better but he beat you to it. 
“I’m sorry,” he said with a strained voice. “You came for nothing.”
That shocked you, you were already shaking your head but he wasn’t looking at you. “I came for you,” you said, voice choked, and placed a hand on his cheek. 
“I asked you to come because I want to stop having nightmares. They’ve been worse since we… but I just wasted your time.”
You shook your head again and now placed your other hand on his other cheek too. You forced him to look up at you. He looked so tired, so heartbroken. You thought him breaking up with you was the worst you’d ever felt, but seeing him like this, you weren’t so sure anymore. “I came for you,” you repeated, clearly pronouncing every word. “I’d come every day if you’d let me, if you’d want me to. I’m so sorry you’ve been losing sleep all this time. I want to help you, and if I can’t then I at least want to be here with you. I can’t watch you like this and just leave when the sun comes up in a few hours.”
Bucky didn’t answer that, he didn’t know how. He didn’t want to do this to you, but he really needed you. He had no idea how he had survived the past two months without you, but having you back now? How could he possibly go back to being alone? Just when he looked away from you, trying to sort out the whirlwind of emotions going through him, you leaned in and kissed him. And somehow he wasn’t surprised. He didn’t pull away, didn’t look at you with big, shocked eyes. Instead he closed them and leaned into the kiss. He placed a hand on your neck and the other on your waist, and suddenly rid of any doubts or worries he deepened the kiss. Your thumbs brushed over his stubble gently causing shivers to run down his spine. He might’ve not been as surprised as he thought he would be having you willingly kiss him again, but he was still hypersensitive to your touch. Maybe even more than usual because it had been so long. Your small hands cupping his cheeks, your delicate fingers tracing and scratching his stubble, your nose brushing against his because of your proximity, your hair tickling his neck, your soft lips firmly kissing his and your tongue in his mouth. Every one of those things would send shivers down his spine, would make the nerves in his stomach jump, but having them all at once? It was overwhelming and yet not enough. He wanted to pull you closer, kiss you more passionately, touch you where no other man had ever touched you. He was your first and he had always told himself he’d be your last. Breaking up with you was the dumbest thing he’s ever done, but only right then, when he heard your soft whimpers against his mouth, did he realize how big of a dumbass he had been. 
He pulled away from you, leaving you panting and gasping for air. 
“I made a mistake,” he confessed. “I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I thought that I had to figure things out on my own so I could come back to you and be a better boyfriend, but shit’s only been getting worse. I know it’s selfish, but I still love you so much and if you-”
You lunged forward and kissed him. “Yes,” you whispered, lips still inappropriately close to his. “I want you back too. I love you too.”
For the first time in a long time, Bucky smiled genuinely and kissed you. You’d figure it out together, how to help him sleep, how to stop the nightmares. With you back in his arms he was convinced it’d all work out.
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gutflorizt · a month ago
⚘ ˚ 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐭𝐬𝐲 𝐁𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐲 𝐒𝐩𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐲 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐲 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐬𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐭 𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐛𝐬 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝐃𝐁𝐅!𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖.𝐂︱ 𝟓𝟎𝟓
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ︱𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐜𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐚
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞︱𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐫𝐛 :𝐩 𝐄𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲!
Tumblr media
You and Bucky decided on one thing before he moved in. That he kills any and all bugs. Nothing scared the man, especially something so small like an ant.
You were quite the opposite. You preferred that any critter stayed outside and as far away as possible. You took every precaution to make sure your house was a bug free zone. Much to your dismay it wasn’t entirely impossible to keep them out.
You found one right before you were going to sleep. You were sitting down at your vanity finishing up your skincare routine when you felt something on your hand leg. You brushed your leg and continued. When you felt that strange feeling again you looked down and saw a black spider crawling across your lap.
“Oh my god!” You screamed as you got up and ran out of the room. Instinctively you dashed right towards Bucky’s room, “Bucky!”
“What’s the matter?” He asked calmly, oblivious to the fact you were on the verge of panicking.
“There’s a spider–Huge one in my room-”
“And let me guess you need me to kill it?”
You flashed him a smile, “Please with a cherry on top?”
He playfully rolled his eyes as he got up from the bed, “I’ll be right back.”
Bucky entered your room and scanned for any signs of a spider. He didn’t mind the fact that you had him kill bugs. In fact he found it endearing you needed him and would clutch his chest when you saw one.
He almost gave up when he saw a tiny spider crawling up the wall. “Here I thought you were this gigantic thing,” He chuckled as he grabbed your shoe and squashed it quietly against the wall.
Bucky walked back into your room and he saw you on his bed with your legs tucked under you. You inched closer to him on all fours, stopping at the edge and lifting yourself up on your knees.
“Did you get it, Bucky?” You worriedly asked. “Because if you didn’t I’m not going back in there. Like ever.”
A devious idea popped into Bucky’s mind. “I’m sorry sweetheart but it escaped.” He internally cooed at the sight when you started to nervously bite your nails.
“You have got to be kidding me,” You cursed. “Where am I going to sleep now?”
“You could always sleep with me,” He suggested as he got closer to the bed. “It’d be nice to have you in my arms. Plus my room is spider free.”
You accepted with no hesitation. Bucky eagerly got under the covers and opened his arms, an informal invitation to spend the entire night in his arms. You snuggled closer to him, sighing in satisfaction when you were enveloped in his warmth. His hand running up and down your back soothed you, luring you to sleep.
“My poor baby, scared of the itsy bitsy spider,” He teased, tenderly kissing your forehead.
“Shut up,” You groaned. “It was huge I swear!”
“Yeah sure it was,” He chuckled, knowing fully well it wasn’t that big. “At least you’re safe here.” In my arms where I could protect from everything in sight. Even an itsy bitsy spider.
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 24 days ago
Pairing: Avengers! Bucky Barnes x Avengers! Reader (enemies to lovers)
Word Count: 2.9k
Summary: after being sprayed with sex pollen on a mission gone wrong, bucky is the only man who can help you. the issue? you hate his guts. 
Warnings: SMUT, sex pollen, praise kink, swearing, daddy kink,knife to throat, gore/blood mentioned, violence mentioned, choking, finger sucking, belly bulge/ size kink, sub space, pet names, over stim
Notes: i am re-uploading this bc i like it oodles and i need something to post bc i have to study<333 and i luv enemies to lovers
Tumblr media
His body slumped to the ground, the crimson blood pooling around your feet as you slid the gleaming hand knife back in its sheath. 
The tangy, rusty smell burned your nostrils as you stepped over the dead man, your boots leaving a trail of red stained footprints as you walked silently over to the desk in the corner.
 Waves churned in the background as you watched the dim light swing side to side from the ceiling, the boats rocking motion making you feel slightly queasy. You needed to get out of here fast. The sound of the alarms would sound as soon as the guards found the knocked-out soldiers that you had dragged behind cargo crates, their bodies sure to be tipped in the open with the current of the water. 
You had only killed three people this mission, a drastic change from your last missions.
 The Avengers borderline refused to kill people, unless they absolutely had to be killed. Johnson, Wayne and Smith had to be killed.
 They were in your way. They’d understand. 
Sliding loose papers out of the way, you frantically looked for the HYDRA reports Rogers and Stark had requested. 
You growled in annoyance, tossing papers over your shoulder as you continued to search. You whipped open the wooden drawers of the desk, ripping them clean out of their spaces. Watching them clatter to the ground, you sighed. 
You were fucked. Utterly fucked. 
Kicking the drawer, you watched it slide over to the remnants of Smith, blood soaking through the cracks and crevices of the wood as it lay beside his hand. 
There was nothing here.
 Spotting an exit in the darkness, you made your getaway. You were annoyed, tired and injured. You could feel the purples and yellows of the bruises form across your skin from under your skintight suit, blood trickling from the gash in your arm a soldier has caused. 
The metal door refused to budge as you pushed it, only creaking slightly. 
God fucking dammit! 
With a sigh and some phrases that would have your grandmother rolling in her grave, you stepped back, putting your full weight into the door. It finally nudged open, the metal slightly indented from your shoulder. Blinded with rage, you shimmed through the crack. 
Stupid fucking boat. This entire mission was stupid, and the fact you were here with Bucky made it all the more merry. You hated that man more than this mission, his annoying fucking attitude- 
Your thoughts were interrupted by a stinging in your eyes, your nose suddenly clogged with dust. You coughed and wheezed as you attempted to get the yellow powder out from your eyes, rubbing them frantically. The powder stayed on your skin, your vision blurring as your eyes watered. 
The plant had blinded you, it was choking you, stealing the air from your lungs- 
“What. The fuck.” a deep voice growled, his weight pinning you against the wall. 
You blinked feverishly, Bucky's icy blue eyes staring down at you with enough anger to make your stomach curl in on itself. You wheezed from the force, your breath caught short as a silver knife was placed to your throat, a warning. Bucky tilted the knife against your soft skin, threatening to break it. 
“Do you mind explaining to me why there are three dead men on this god damn boat?” he hissed, anger rolling off him like the very waves outside. “They are not men.” you spat, growling as he nicked the knife against your jawline. 
“No bodies. That was the orders we were given. You're supposed to be decreasing your body count, not increasing it Y/L/N.” 
“Like you Sargent? Your body count is pretty low ain't it?” you smirked, knowing you had struck a nerve. He was so close to you, you could feel his breath, could smell the smoke and gunpowder that was caked on his skin. 
“Watch your fucking mouth before I find methods of shutting it.” 
The alarms began to sound, their wails piercing through the second remark you were about to shove down his throat. The guards had found them. You hadn't exactly done an amazing job cleaning the blood, as stopping to grab a mop and some bleach were not exactly high on your priority list at the moment. 
Still- you wished you had at least dragged them somewhere more hidden. 
Oh well. 
“Shit!” Bucky cursed, removing the knife he had pinned to your throat and letting your body fall to the floor with an oof! “We gotta get to the speedboat.” he growled, voice almost unrecognizable as you scrambled up from the floor, your legs weak and wobbly from the abuse you had taken tonight. 
“I thought we should turn on some jazz, maybe eat some caviar with em Barnes. They seem like rather friendly specimens.” you spat, a knife heavy in your hand as you trailed after the large supersoldier. 
“Ya know I’ve really had enough of that bratty mouth you got Y/L/N.” he whispered as the two of you hid behind the corner, the sound of guards yelling and running by causing the two of you to linger in the darkness. 
A bright beam of light flashed by, making you wince as a guard ran past.  It was then when he saw the yellow powder that speckled across your cheeks like freckles, like fairy dust. His eyes narrowed, his pearly whites tugging his bottom lip in worry. 
Whatever it was that plant sprayed on you, it could not be good, if Barnes looked concerned for you. 
“So do something about it.” you smirked, santurning down the hallway as the men cleared. 
Those words were not like you. You had only said those things to him in your wildest fantasies, never ever out loud. Maybe the plant had sprinkled you with confidence. Or maybe it had royally screwed you over, acting as a truth serum. Either way, you were fucked. 
A look of shock was plastered across Bucky's face at your sudden change in demeanor, eyebrows furrowed as he lingered in the darkness, waiting for the men to pass. 
It was at this moment you remembered the files you had been sent to get, and failed. They weren't on this ship. Not only had you killed three men, but you had been unsuccessful in gathering the papers on top of making a complete fool of yourself in front of Bucky. 
The thought alone had you flinging your knife with force towards a guard, hitting jackpot as it struck clean through his eye. Yells and the sounds of bullets raining down muffled as you slung your body over the metal railing, dropping down to the escape boat below.
It was hot. 
Holy gods, was it ever hot. 
You felt as if you were trapped inside a volcano, its lava scorching your skin clean off your bones. Sweat burned your eyes as you blinked them open, grogginess taking hold. Your shirt stuck to your skin, a puddle of sweat now on the sheets where you lay. 
No amount of water could quince your thirst, your throat dry, glass empty. Stumbling out of your bed at the safehouse, you groaned in discomfort, grabbing your lower stomach in pain.
 It hurt. 
Your entire core was on fire, wetness sticking to your inner thighs as you clenched them. Your cunt throbbed, tingling as you stumbled in the darkness. 
Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. 
You were so desperate, you were debating rutting against the corner of the desk to satisfy the urge you so desperately craved, but the emotional side of your brain kicked into overdrive, telling you that wouldn't be enough. You needed Bucky’s help. 
You knew deep down for a fact something was extremely wrong if your brain went straight to Bucky. 
Independence was your middle name. You had never needed anyone to take care of you, to comfort you in times of need. But this, this feeling was something else. Something you had never felt before. Tylenol and a glass of cold water couldn't cure whatever was going on with you.
 A part of you wished you could stop your legs from carrying you to his room- but you couldn't. You were like an animal in heat, scenting him on every single thing you passed. The art pieces, the carpet. The mirror at the end of the hall, the decor vases Tony had bought despite knowing they’d be smashed at some point. 
He was everywhere. 
You took a shuttering breath as you neared his door, the wood creaking under your feet. What were you doing? This was wrong, a god-awful idea. A sharp pain came licking down your spine suddenly, making your cunt throb painfully. You hissed, pushing open his door. 
That was why you were here. Because you needed Bucky to fix you. 
“Y/N?” he asked softly, voice laced with sleep as he sat up in bed. His abs gleamed in the pale moonlight as pieces of his hair brushed his cheekbones, despite being tied back in a bun. You fought the urge to tackle him like a quarterback, biting and licking every inch of him.
 “S’bad.” you whispered, clenching your thighs together as you approached his frame, now sitting up in bed, worry audible on his face. “S’bad!” you whined again, thoughts becoming a jumble as you stumbled over to him, hand sliding between your thighs. 
“Hey, hey what’s so bad? What's going on sweetheart?” 
Sweetheart. You nearly combusted right then and there. 
“Tingles. Can’t think, I’m burning up.” you cried, collapsing on the bed beside him, hips beginning to rut against the mattress. “What’s going on sweetheart? Can you use your big girl words and tell me what's happening?” 
Oh gods. If Bucky, Bucky mother fucking Barnes was talking to you like this, you knew you were in a state of sorrow. You never thought of him as a person of comfort, yet here he was, his words sweet as honey as they rolled off his tongue. 
You looked up at him, a wild look in your eye as your hair was plastered to your forehead. “I dunno. Something on the boat, I think- I think it did something. It tingles all over, hurts.” His eyes widened, realization hitting him like a freight train.
 “Sex pollen.” he muttered, hand coming up to your forehead, wincing at the temperature. “Sex…” you trailed off, moaning into the sheets as you brought your hand back up from your thighs, juices coating your fingertips. 
A low growl left Bucky's throat at the sight, physically having to hold himself back from grabbing you and fucking you like a wild animal. His cock was so hard it was borderline painful, the sight of you rutting into the bed like a bitch in heat enough to send him spiraling. 
You were far too horny to be embarrassed right now, your brain coated in a dull smog. “You can’t take this on by yourself sweetheart, it's far too much. I’m going to help you okay?” he cooed softly, removing himself from the bed to slowly make his way over to where your body was draped across the sheets, legs trembling as you fought to keep yourself up.
 “D’know what's going on.” you whimpered,  whimper turning into a moan as you finally noticed the pile of his clothes spewed across the floor.
 “It’s okay honey, you don't need to know anything at all. Daddy's gonna do all the thinking for you right now, okay. Just trust me.” he assured, his large 6’5 frame making its way behind you. 
You mewled as his firm grip was placed on your sides, helping you crawl up onto all fours. His metal hand was cool to the touch, and you savoured it on your hot skin as he guided you on wobbly arms. “Can’t stay up-” 
A deep chuckle sounded from behind you, a grin plastered on Bucky's face. He was enjoying this, in some sense. Not that you were in pain, or that you had been drugged. In the way you were here, on his bed, aching to be touched by him. Something he had wanted for ages now, something he had been too scared to do anything about. 
But you were here now, and that was all that mattered. 
He knew from his past time at HYDRA the drug took at least forty-eight hours to wear off. So he’d make it the best forty-eight hours of your life.
 “Already cockdrunk and I’ve barely touched you yet. Don't worry sweetheart, we’ll have lots of time to train you.” he smiled, his hand sliding over to wrap around your throat, pinning you against his chest. 
You couldn't register his words. Didn’t care what they were, to be quite honest. All you knew was that if you didn’t get this man inside you soon, you’d trickle into the water that fell across the bay windows. 
Hell, you were already as wet as them. 
The throbbing of your cunt only increased at Bucky's nearness, the smell of cedar and smoke wrapping your senses in a warm embrace. “Need you please daddy. Please!” you whispered, tears began to trickle down your cheeks as the pain consumed you whole. 
You gripped his wrist that held your throat, needing any sense of comfort you could get at the moment. “Such a good girl.” he praised, entering your weeping hole in one quick fluid motion.
 There was no time for foreplay. There was no need.
 You screamed his name as he filled you to the brim, sucking him in and clenching around him madly. He moaned as you gripped him, wetness coating his cock. “That's it sweetheart. I’m going to make you all better okay?” 
You nodded frantically, eyes widening as he slid out of you, hitting home once more with a thrust hard enough to make you see stars. If it weren't for his assistance, you would have fallen to the bed, molding into the blankets below. 
“S’too much!” you whined, legs shaking even harder as he picked up a steady rhythm, rocking into you and brushing your g-spot with each thrust. You felt as if your body was on cloud nine, and you were simply one with birds in the sky. 
You were flying. 
“You have to take it дорогой. I’m doing this to help you, I’m doing this because it's good for you. I know what's good for you.” he explained, knowing you were far too gone to hear him properly. “Just listen to the sound of my voice okay? Daddy's the only- only one who can help silly little girls like you.” he grunted, faltering as you squeezed around his thick length, hand coming down to grab his metal one. 
You parted your lips, sliding his metal fingers in your mouth and began to suck absentmindedly as he continued to fuck you, your screams now muffled by his fingers. You gripped his wrist tightly as you swirled your tongue around his digits.
 “Such a dumb fucking baby.” he smiled down at you, laughing as you jolted forward with a hard thrust. Letting his fingers go with a whine, you watched your saliva trail from your lips to his fingers, his hand sliding down to tease your aching breasts.
 “Daddy so so so good!” you moaned, feeling the release you had so desperately craved come barreling down your spine, licking and caressing each nerve, each bone as it neared. 
“You gonna cum дорогой?” he asked, cooing down at you softly as you answered with mindless babbles, words slurring together as the coil in your core began to snap. “S’needy for me hmm? Need me to fill you up, stuff you full?”
 “Mghmh yes!” you cried, head lolling against his chest as he began to press down on the bulge in your belly, the sensations making you squirm as he slowed his thrusts. 
“I’m gonna let you cum, but that's the only way you're going to cum - got it? You only cum when Daddy says you can. And you’re only done when Daddy says you're done. I don't care if you're passed out, covered in cum on this bed, I will fuck you in your sleep.” he muttered gently, his words anything but. 
“Yes Daddy, anything for you.” you sighed dreamily, too cockdrunk to comprehend. 
You came around his cock with a cry, his soft, gentle thrusts working you through your orgasm, his sweet words and cooes making butterflies explode in your tummy. “Now where was this mouth when we were on the boat hmm? Just needed some cock in you to keep you nice?” Bucky teased, moaning as he saw your cum coat his dick, your cream coating the base.
 It was enough to send Bucky over the edge, thrust becoming sloppy as he pounded into you, using your body as a means of his pleasure. His warm cum coated your insides, overflowing inside you as you continued to cry out his name. “That's it, good girl. Gotta take your medicine.” 
You slumped to the bed as Bucky let go of your throat, body shaking as he pulled out of you, his cum trickling down your inner thighs. “Still… still hurts.” you trailed off, exhausted from the fuck Bucky had gifted you with. 
“I know sweetheart. This is gonna take forty-eight hour treatment.” he explained, hand coming down to smack your ass, making you hiss. 
“Whatever… whatever you say daddy.” you yawned, black spots dancing in your vision as sleep threatened to take over. But there was no time for sleep. Every time your eyelids drooped, even a smidge, your cunt would remind you just exactly you were still awake.
 “That's what I like to hear, sweetheart.”
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