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#bucky fanfic
classylo · 2 days ago
this game | bucky barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x female reader
summary: you hated him and he hated you, so why does he always crash girls night with the hopes of finally taking you home.
warnings: “enemies” to first kiss, fluff, fake hatred for each other, cuss words
Tumblr media
You step out from your car and gather your things. You are late to dinner with a few friends so you walk as fast as your heels allow. You finally reach the restaurant and make your way inside, you lock eyes with one of your girlfriends and make your way over to them.
You stop dead in your tracks as you realize your best friend has brought her boyfriend Sam and seemingly enough, his best friend Bucky tagged along.
You can’t help but roll your eyes as you were not expecting girls night to be ruined by these two idiots.
You meant no offense to Sam. Sam is great, he’s great to your best friend and that’s all that matters.
Bucky on the other hand... You are not a fan. Literally. He’s cocky and arrogant. He is one of those guys who knows he’s attractive and he uses it to get what he wants.
Look, just cause he’s an avenger and saves the world every now and then doesn’t make him the coolest, most attractive, perfect, person ever.
Well that’s what you tried to tell yourself.
You knew deep deep down that you had a slight crush on Bucky. Slight.
But absolutely hell to the no will that ever reach the surface let alone be something that is ever discussed.
So you will continue your silent hatred for him as a way to cope with the fact you just want to run your hands through his hair and kiss his perfectly sculpted lips.
“Y/N!” The girls cheer as you approach the table. You give a smile and wave and sit down. Of course the only open seat is the one beside Bucky but you pay him no mind as you throw your purse and jacket down.
“Nice of you to show up.” He scoffs in your direction.
Bucky shares similar feelings to you. He isn’t necessarily your biggest fan either. It’s a mutual hate you have for each other and it’s fine. You both respect it.
“Nice of you to crash girls night... again.” You fire back. He cocks his head in your direction and raises an eyebrow at you.
Jesus. Sometimes he’s too attractive. You roll your eyes at him and turn to your other friends. You make your way through dinner and Bucky and you have simultaneously ignored each other. It’s been great. Your best friend and Sam kept being overly affectionate despite receiving boos and moans from the table. The time comes to pay and you realize you forgot your wallet at work.
“Fuck.” You whisper to yourself. Bucky hears your comment and glances up at you.
“Something wrong?” He asks with an eyebrow raised again. His Brooklyn accent so fucking pretentious. Sometimes you just wanna shove him against a wall and...
“Yes. Well no. It’s nothing. I just forgot my wallet at work.” You begin to brush him off and ask one of your other friends to help cover your tab up when Bucky grabs your check. You try to grab it back and he pushes your hand away.
“James.” You say with your sternest voice.
“Chill, doll.” His voice sharper than yours. You sit back and sigh. Sometimes he isn’t worth fighting. The waiter returns and you all say your goodbyes.
You and Bucky seemed to have parked on the same street so you walk silently together. You approach your car and you turn to thank him again for buying your dinner.
“I can Venmo you.” You attempt to open your door and grab your phone but instead stop yourself as you hear him chuckle to himself. You turn back around at him very confused.
“You’re such a fucking idiot.” He whispers but loud enough you can make out each syllable.
“Excuse me?” You question why the fuck he just insulted you like that.
“You don’t need to pay me back. It’s fine.” He continues laughing to himself and you are utterly confused.
“What is so funny?” You cross your arms and use his own eyebrow trick against him.
“You. You are funny. This game we play is funny.” He continues on.
“Game? What ga-“ You attempt to say back but suddenly his hand wraps around the back of your head and pulls you into him. Your lips crash against each other. His kiss is hard and possessive and you can’t help but instinctively wrap your hands in his hair.
Ah. It’s as soft as you thought it would be. He deepens the kiss and you let out a small moan into his mouth. You can feel him smirk against your lips. His hands have made their way from the side of your face, to your hips. His aggressive hold on your hips is enough to make your head spin. He finally pulls back for air and smirks at you.
“I knew it.” He continues his smirk.
“Fuck off” You scoff at him and try to regain your composure. You gently push him away from you but his grip on your hips is too tight. He laughs at your attempt and leans back in and places a soft kiss on your forehead.
“I knew you liked me.” He smiles and pulls away.
“You’re the one who kissed me!” You exclaim and he chuckles.
“Yeah and?” He raises an eyebrow at you.
Game. Fucking. On.
“So that’s it? Just the one kiss?” You question and he tilts his head in confusion.
“What you want more, baby girl?” He growls.
“Come back to my apartment.” You demand.
A wide smile emerges on his face and he turns to run to his car. You practically race each other back to your place and enjoy a long awaited night together.
a/n: enjoy this random fluffy piece hehe <3
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metalbuckaroo · 2 days ago
Hi, I love your work, like for real top notch. Definitely my favorite account on here. And two could I possibly have like a blurb or something short( or how ever you want it.) of stripper!bucky reacting to the innocent reader getting nipple piercings. Lots of love😘😘
SUMMARY// Bucky gets nervous when you tell him you 'did something'
WARNINGS// Implied smut, mentions of piercings, pretty fluffy
AU// stripper!bucky x innocent!reader
NOTE// you have melted my heart into a puddle 🥺been awhile since I've done anything with stripper bucky, gonna have to fix that 😉
Tumblr media
Bucky hadn't seen you in a week, he was starting to get a certain homesickness for you. A craving that needed to be filled as he waited for you at his apartment, impatiently flicking through the selection on a streaming service.
Hearing the jingle of the doorknob, Bucky immediately put the remote down and sat straighter on his couch.
The moment you walked in, he noticed something different. The way you moved towards where he was sat screamed at him to ask what had changed.
"Something wrong, my angel?" Bucky asked, pulling you to his lap. Your knees straddling his thick thighs. "I... may have done something."
His stomach lurched. Those were never good words to hear. His mind racing with the thoughts of what had changed; if you'd found someone else, did something with someone else- if maybe he had tested the limits a little too much the last time he'd seen you. Though, he didn't think it'd be that, the pinching rule still stood and you'd always used it when you weren't comfortable in a situation. In and out if the bedroom.
"W-what, baby?" He said, swallowing thickly, trying to keep his breathing steady to hide how nervous he was. Your hands reached up to work at the buttons of your blouse and he puffed out his cheeks as he raised his eyebrows at you. "You're not trying to distract me with your tits as you give me bad news, are you?"
You breathed a laugh and shook your head, heat creeping up your neck. "Not that kind of something, Buck." You assured, pecking a kiss to the tip of his nose.
Bucky sighed in relief and nodded, hands resting on the tops of your thighs as you popped open the last button. Wetting his lips as your fingers worked at the clasp between your breasts.
"Holy shit, bunny." He groaned when he saw the two barbells piercing through your nipples. Slipping his hands up to hold your waist as he nuzzled his face against the valley of your breasts.
Your face burning when he let out a heavy sigh. "Do you not like them?" You mumbled, holding his sturdy shoulders. His left cold against your hand.
Bucky lifted his head to look at you with wide eyes, shaking his head. "I fuckin' love 'em- but, I can't touch." He stuck his bottom lip out, eyes flicking back and forth at the new jewelry before up to your face. "I love you more, though." He said with a cheeky grin.
You smiled at him, lacing your fingers in the back of his hair. "I was a little nervous you wouldn't like them." You said softly, looking to his bare chest. "That would be hypocritical of me. Since we match, now." He chuckled, gripping your backside as he pecked a kiss to your lips.
"Lemme show you just how much I like them." Bucky exhaled, hauling you up with him as he stood. "You have to be careful, though, Buck." You said with a pointed look, holding his shoulders as he walked towards his bedroom door. "I know, I know. Healing process, sensitive, sore- I got it, I can work around them."
"Good, because, I missed you." You sighed before your back met his plush mattress, Bucky's large frame hovering over you. "I missed you, Bunny. We're gonna have s'much fun with these-
"James." You warned, getting a chuckle in response.
"I can look, but I can't touch. I know, baby."
🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍
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lovelybarnes · 11 hours ago
henleys and hair ties- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, one mention of sam wilson warnings: very fluffy you have no idea about: domestic fluff with bucky barnes or: prompt y/n buying bucky something unrequested because it made y/n think of him. a/n: stop i actually really like this, i had bad writers block so i just went to a prompt generator and wrote this
the bags in your hand gently knock against the door of your apartment, the other reusable bags gathered at your feet to let your other hand search for the keys inside your bag. you frown when you can’t find them, turning a bit to dig further inside and leaning your weight against the door. the knob suddenly turns, and you nearly fall when your boyfriend opens the door, but instead, your favorite super-soldier lets you sink into his chest rather than stand there to watch you pummel to the floor.
“doll?” he asks in confusion, looking down at you.
“um, hi, honey,” you greet awkwardly, sprawling your fingers on his chest to push yourself, standing up again to peck bucky’s lips.
“couldn’t find your keys again?” he teases, gently taking the bags from you, although you argue for a second.
“yes,” you grumble, watching as he bends down to collect the bags on the ground. the memory of you struggling to carry all the bags to the car briefly passing through your mind while you observe him effortlessly bringing them to the kitchen. “see, groceries would be a lot easier if i could carry all the bags like they were just a couple of tissues,” you complain, closing the door behind him. “‘told you to wait for me to go,” he reminds, setting everything down on the table and beginning to unpack. “you left the keys on the counter, by the way.”
you look at the counter to find he’s right, exhaling a short breath of annoyance when you realize it’s the third time you’ve forgotten. “another reason to take me with you,” he shrugs, and you breathe out a laugh, “why are you so insistent on going grocery shopping with me? you need to rest after missions like you insist i do. besides, it’s not as fun as you seem to think it is.”
you stand next to him, folding all the bags that are empty. “everything’s fun with you,” he winks, and you bump his hip with yours, a smile on your lips. “so cheesy, mister barnes,” you say, turning to look at him.
“only for you, doll,” he chuckles, handing you another bag. “so how was the store?”
you shrug, “boring. how was the mission?” he hums, putting away the fridge items while you stare at him from the pantry.
“easy. you cleaned up the base for us.”
you smirk, “‘s what i do.” he meets you at the kitchen table, pressing a proud kiss to your cheek. you turn to kiss him properly, twirling one of the loose strands from his bun with your finger. your nail drags on his jaw when you pull away, collecting the heat from his blushing skin. cute. “wanna watch a movie later?” you cock your head at him, grinning when he kisses your nose.
“sam picks today.”
your eyebrows furrow, “sam? is he coming over?” you look at the table, satisfied to find it clean and void of grocery bags.
bucky shakes his head, “no, he just keeps annoying me about this movie i’ve never heard of.”
“ah,” you nod slowly, already knowing what movie he’s talking about, “you really wanna watch mean girls?”
bucky’s shoulders raise cluelessly, “i don’t even know what it’s about.”
you chuckle, guiding your fingers to thread through his vibranium ones, heading to the couch as he trails along when you spot one more bag. “oh! one more thing,” you squeeze his fingers, reaching into the bag to pull out what you bought. “i saw this and remembered how you keep borrowing these because you hate your hair falling into your eyes, and while i really don’t mind, wan and nat kind of do, so i bought you some,” you smile, handing bucky the package of colorful hair ties you picked out for him. “also, you have like, two henleys left since i keep stealing them, so i got you some more.” you motion to the bag, which contains a few henleys in neutral colors. “but, i will probably steal those, too, after you wear them and they smell like you,” you beam, “just to warn you.”
bucky still hasn’t said anything, staring at the hair ties you gave him- bought for him. specifically for him. just because you saw them and thought of him and remembered something about him. his eyes flicker to the bag, and he remembers the way his henleys hung off of your shoulders, the crinkle of your eyes as you tell him they smell like him.
“oh, i almost forgot,” you tap your free palm against your forehead, turning to the kitchen, oblivious to the inner turmoil going on inside bucky’s mind, “i got fresh plums for you since i know you really like them. they’re in the fruit container thing steve got for us-- which, by the way, i am one-hundred percent sure is not a fruit container--” bucky suddenly cuts you off, pulling you to his chest and nuzzling his nose into your hair.
“thank you,” he murmurs, recognizing the warm comforts of your arms as they wrap around his back.
“oh- yeah. it was no problem,” you laugh softly, before settling your cheek on his chest, rubbing your nose on the shirt that smells like a mix of you and him.
your knowledge about the plums-- something he hadn’t even told you, you’d just cared enough to notice- is what makes him shut his eyes as he drinks everything in, the hair ties in his favorite color settled in his hand, the henleys that he can’t wait for you to take again, the little notebook you got him a couple of months before because you had observed he had filled his last one up-- it wraps around him akin to your softness, assuring him that you actually love him, that you pay attention to him and think about him even when he isn’t there.
the tears that gather in his eyes make him pull you closer and kiss your forehead, and although it shouldn’t be, it’s a surprising realization that he’s happy. and maybe he deserves it, too.
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eloquent-vowel · 2 days ago
I have had a few bucky x read fic ideas bouncing around in my head and i cant write! So here is one,
Sam find a person who stairs and doesnt talk a whole lot because they uses ✨telepathy ✨. So Sam think they would be a good fit for Bucky, but he doesn’t know they have that power he just thinks they are mute. Then there is a thing where the reader is telling Buck how it works and they if they have something to connect them together like an object *reader motions to dog tags* they can have an unbreakable mind link. Then they fall in love or something. This is dumb, thank you for coming to my TedTalk
Hey! Thank you so much for this request, it wasn't dumb at all. I really enjoyed writing this. I may have gotten a bit carried away, this may sit close to 4000 words but we vibe. I hope this is what you had in mind! Please enjoy! <3
Click here for my masterlist of other fics and check in my bio for requests if anyone wishes to ask!
Bucky had been enjoying a moments peace, he loved working with Sam but sometimes all he wanted was to put his feet up, put on some vinyl and enjoy a good cup of coffee all while reading a brilliant book. He had been trying to get into Game of Thrones lately, on Sam’s insistence, and he had been enjoying it. With the crackles of Glenn Miller from the turntable he missed the clunky footsteps coming up the stairs.
The sight that greeted Sam needed to be photographed. Bucky was lounging back on his ‘old man armchair’ feet up, hair in a towel, in a bathrobe, coffee in hand and facemask on, this was definitely one for the family album.
At the sound of the phone shutter Bucky practically launched himself out of the chair.
“Oh, you are never gonna live this one down old boy, it’s going to haunt you.” Sam almost cackled evilly as he began to email the photo to himself- he had learnt the hard way that Bucky was very proficient at breaking phones.
“You better not upload that photo anywhere, Wilson, I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Pfft, reputation, that’s funny.”
Bucky scoffed as he stood up, placing his book carefully on the side table, “Big scary super soldier, people hardly run-in fear from a guy in a bathrobe.”
“I disagree, a man in a bathrobe is definitely something you should run from. AH NOPE!” Sam jumped backwards, on top of a nearby chair, as Bucky lunged for the phone, towel turban falling off in the process. “You are not breaking this phone as well.”
“Fine. But you gotta promise not to post that anywhere.” Bucky huffed.
“I won’t.”
“As long as- “
“Oh no, I’m not doing anything for you.”
“Think of it as payment for the last phone you broke and insurance for this picture.”
There was silence for a moment as the two friends eyed each other up. Sam raised his eyebrows, Bucky’s eyes narrowed. It was a Mexican standoff between a guy in a bathrobe and a precariously balanced man. A clock ticked.
“Fine.” Bucky conceded. “What do you want?”
“For you to come to a meeting.”
“The families of Veterans ones?”
“Yeah.” Sam slowly started climbing down from the chair. “And before you get your old man pants in a twist, I’m not trying to force you to talk or anything, kinda.”
“Kinda?” Suspicion laced through Bucky’s voice.
“You know sign language, right?”
“Which kind?”
“American? I think?”
“Yeah, I know ASL, might be a bit rusty but I’m sure it still holds up. Why do you ask?”
Sam shifted slightly on his feet, “There’s this person, they come in every week and listen. I tried to talk to them, but they communicate through sign language, and I don’t have anyone there to talk with them.” He cast his eyes to the floor, “I feel bad. They were brave enough to come to the group only to basically be ignored ‘because we didn’t plan well enough.”
Bucky smiled, face mask crinkling around his smile lines, “You could have just asked me to Sam. You didn’t have to blackmail me into this, of course I’ll help. When’s the next meeting?”
“This evening. You gonna be ready or do you need some more ‘me’ time.”
Bucky simply chuckled at Sam’s teasing tone, patted his shoulder making sure to squeeze just a bit too hard before retreating to his room.
“I’ll be there, Wilson, and I will look so much younger than you!”
It was frustrating to you, going along to these meetings and not being able to communicate. You could always speak into someone’s mind but all that usually accomplished was a very paranoid person. But just listening to other’s stories really helped the grief from losing someone so close to you. You related to most of the people there and even though they didn’t understand you a lot of the time, you were always made to feel welcome- with friendly pats on the back and the odd tissue thrown your way.
You bustled into the familiar building with a new sense of excitement as Sam had promised to bring a translator for you this week. It was finally time to say your thanks to some of the people there and finally let the group know about your brother, so that it wasn’t only you that remembered him.
You all but ran through the hallways until you caught sight of a familiar smiling man. Sam was facing you, talking animatedly to another man, the strangers back was to you. He was tall, broad shouldered and dressed in a vintage looking leather jacket and rather well fitted trousers. Now the debate was: does the tailoring make the ass, or does the ass make the tailoring. You were halfway through the arguments on either side when Sam shouting your name disrupted the intense debating in your mind. You blushed at being caught, then blushed some more when you caught sight of the stranger’s face. Twinkling blue eyes under a deep-set brow should have made him intimidating, but he was smiling, and his face was dazzling. There was an immediate fluttering in your stomach.
“Hey, I’m Bucky.” Dear lord even his voice was nice, what made you smile even more was the fact that he signed as he spoke. Well, Sam certainly knew how to pick them well. “Sam introduced me; said you wanted an interpreter.”
You nodded as you signed back, “Nice to meet you, thank you for helping out.”
“No problem, Sam has told me a bit about you.”
“Good things I hope.”
“Okay I recognise my own name, you two better not be conspiring against me.” Sam piped up, to be honest you had forgotten about him for a moment.
Bucky laughed, and it sent a little thrill down you, he really was adorable.
“No worries, Wilson, just letting them know all your dirty little secrets.”
“Right, you two get in there, before you make me sleep with one eye open.”
You and Bucky caught each other’s eye, his eyes were twinkling with mischief, and you couldn’t help the smile that overtook you. You had a feeling that the two of you would get on just fine.
The meeting passed easily. Bucky translated your signs and you finally felt like you could actually take part in these meetings. Everyone listened intently when you spoke of your brother and when you had thanked the whole group for being so open to you a couple of people shed a tear. By the end of the meeting though you were tired and very accepting of Bucky’s offer to walk you home.
It was a lot of side glances and hidden smiles and you walked side by side. Drawn to each other under the moonlit sky, it was nice to just be in the presence of someone who had such a kind aura. You spent the walk trying to work up the confidence to sign something, anything but nothing came to mind and Bucky seemed quite content to just walk in comfortable silence.
You soon reached your home, you turned to Bucky with a smile on your face and signed,
“Thanks for today, Bucky. You were really helpful.”
“No problem.” He signed back,
You hesitated slightly before signing, “Would you be happy to have a coffee with me, tomorrow?”
Bucky went a little red in the face, and chuckled, “I would love to, I know a nice place, real cosy. I’ll text you the details.”
“You know how to text?”
“Hey! I get enough stick from Sam, don’t need you getting on my case too. I’ll have you know that I am very adaptable.”
“Sure, Sure.” You smiled at his flustered tone. “I’ll wait for your text then, have a good evening.”
“You too.”
The two of you stared slightly awkwardly at each other, neither wanting to be the first to turn around. You shuffled your feet away slowing, smiling awkwardly once more at Bucky before turning. You heard his footsteps start to fade away as you walked towards your home. You were but three steps to the door when a large figure in a hoodie slammed into you, you raised your arms instinctively to block them when you noticed your shoulder was lighter. The bastard had stolen your bag.
You immediately took chase, chasing around the corner you just walked down but they were fast, faster then you at least. As you rounded the corner you caught sight of Bucky walking ahead. The thief wouldn’t stand a change against him. Without a second thought you cast your thoughts towards Bucky,
“Bucky! Thief! My Bag! Behind you!”
You saw Bucky flinch slightly then turn bewildered, his eyes widening when he saw you hurting towards him, chasing the hooded figure. He caught on and launched after the thief as well, with barely any effort he knocked the thief to the ground, grabbed your bag and whipped out his phone to call the cops.
Well, that was hot.
You took your bag back, immediately checking that you brother’s lucky coin was in the zippy pocket, to your relief it was still there. You looked up to see Bucky staring at you with a very puzzled look on his face. You sighed before casting your thoughts to his head once more,
“I’ll explain later.”
Bucky let out a strange, decompressed noise of shock, it made you giggle. The two of you waited in silence until the police came and took the thief away. The police car had barely driven away when he turned to you.
“Did you just, talk in my head? Or did my conscious just suddenly get really loud.”
“I did. Hi. Sorry about that.”
He waved his hands dismissively. “Believe it or not, not the weirdest thing I’ve encountered.”
“Well, that’s reassuring.”
There was an awkward silence.
“So,” You started, resorting back to sign language, it felt less invasive, “Still down for coffee?”
Bucky smiled, “One hundred percent. I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Yeah. Bye Bucky. Thanks for getting my bag back.”
“No problem, see ya.”
The coffee shop that Bucky invited you to, was tucked away, it was the kind of place that you would stumble over on accident. With a simple door and a big window out the front, that lead soft orange light filter out onto the alley. There was the faint sound of jazz leaking out of the building, you smirked. It was such an old fashioned place, of course this was where Bucky frequented.
The bell tinkled slightly as you entered the café, where you were greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods. You caught sight of Bucky’s broad shoulders sitting in the corner, and you made your way over to him, smiling at the barista as you passed.
As if sensing you, Bucky turned to smile and wave. He was dressed in casual clothes like last time, but this time his hair was loose around his shoulders. You smiled back before settling into the seat opposite him.
His hands moved hesitantly as he signed, “What would you like? I can recommend their hot chocolate, its very warming/”
“Hot chocolate it is.”
You could tell he wanted to ask you a million questions but to his credit he walked slowly to get the drinks, he even took his time carefully carrying the tray of drinks back to your table. He placed a delicious looking hot chocolate in front of you. You watched as he took a sip.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1-
“So,” Here we go, “What is it you can do, you can speak in peoples’ heads, can you,” He lowered his voice and leaned in, “Can you read people’s minds?”
You giggled slightly, his eyes were basically sparkling, he was definitely nerding out about this.
You set the hot chocolate down before casting your thoughts to his head, “I can speak in peoples heads relatively easily, it’s how I talk most of the time to people I know. I guess you could call it Telepathy.”
Bucky’s eyes were as wide as saucers, “So you can’t read thoughts, only… speak them?”
“I like to call it casting, makes me feel like a sorcerer. I can read thoughts, but it takes a lot of energy. I used to be able to talk with my brother from across the house. That usually requires some kind of connection.”
“Oh, so like a blood or family connection? Do you have to know the person very well?”
“That certainly helps but it’s not always necessary. If I have a personal object that belongs to that person, something I can hold and connect to them it isn’t hard to make a two-way connection. Especially if that person is willing to open their mind.”
Bucky seemed to be caught in thought for a second. “So, if I were to give you something of mine, we could both talk in our… heads?”
“Well yes, but Bucky we have only just met. Letting me into your head is a lot. I try not to pry but sometimes I’ve found that thoughts just burst through. Let’s get to know each other a before that happens.”
Bucky smiled at you before speaking and signing, “You’re right. Let’s get to know one another. I find you fascinating.”
It happened on the fifth date. Bucky was just walking you home after a lovely dinner at a small Italian that he claimed he went to back in the 40s. Just outside your door, under the glow of a lamppost he turned to you and took a deep breath before speaking.
“I know this may be a lot, but I wanted to give you these.” He reached around his neck and pulled off something silver. You gasped slightly as he held out his dog tags, immaculately preserved after all these years.
“Are you sure, Bucky? This is a lot.”
“I know and if you aren’t comfortable with it then just let me know but I want to give them to you.”
“You know what this means Bucky?”
“Yeah, I know, I just figured that you’re already in my head all the time anyways, just can’t seem to get you out of it.”
“You cheeseball.” You smirked at him before taking the dog tags and placing them around your neck. You gripped the cold metal for a moment, concentrating on the man in front of you. Taking everything, you knew about him and stretching out a connection, like a hand reaching out to clasp another.
“Testing, Testing, Testing, one two, one two, can my Telepathic partner hear me?”
You laughed, “Yes I can Bucky, you big dork.”
Bucky whooped out loud before sweeping you up in a big hug. The two of you laughing under the lamp light. His joy was infectious, and you couldn’t fight the smile off your face.
“Oh, we are going to have so much fun messing with Sam.”
“You’re evil.”
Of course, the two of you made a pact not to tell Sam until he worked it out, which wouldn’t be anytime soon according to Bucky. It led to some very memorable moments and Sam refusing to play any form of card or board game with either of you because you always managed to win, somehow. Not to mention all the times you had spoken in eery unison around him.
“I swear, its like you two can read each other’s minds sometimes.” Sam threw his hands up in frustration at another lost game of charades.
You smirked at Bucky across the room, “Should you tell him, or shall I?”
“I think he’s been through enough, I got it.”
Bucky cleared his throat, “We can.”
Sam whipped around to face Bucky, a look of sheer disbelief on his face, “Seriously Bucky-boy, if you think I believe that after all-
“Hello Sam.” You cast your thoughts to him, in the creepiest old lady voice you could muster.
Sam yelped, before turning accusingly at you, “You better be joking around with me right now, I am not dealing with any kind of ghosts in this house.”
“Sorry! Surprise I’m telepathic!”
“You’re serious.”
You nodded.
Sam put his head in his hands and sighed, “Not the weirdest thing ever. Wait, does this mean you have been cheating this entire time.”
You both looked guiltily at one another.
“You owe me. That poker night, void.”
You both laughed, “We’ll have a fair rematch this time Sam.”
It had been close to a year since you had made it official with Bucky and you were now much more comfortable around one another. He no longer just dropped you off at the lamppost but cam inside with you. You had spent many lovely mornings together sharing glances over steaming cups of coffee. Fighting each other for who got to spread their legs out on the couch, there wasn’t really a loser though as it usually ended up in sofa cuddles for both of you, while watching a film.
Life was pretty great, you thought, as you smiled down at the sleeping Bucky beside you. Finally reaching over to turn off the lamp and put your book down, you were finally reading the hobbit at Bucky’s insistence. As you clicked off the light beside you and settled down you noticed the faster than usual breathing coming from beside you.
You reached out, thinking he was awake but instead as you opened up your connection you caught flashes of night terrors. You were falling indefinitely, snow all around you, and in the distance, there were cries of pain, people pleading for their lives, there was gunfire and explosions. You gasped and took off the dog tags. You only gave yourself a moment to breathe before trying to shake Bucky awake. When it became clear that he wasn’t stirring you steadied yourself and settled your hands on his temples. You didn’t care you tired this would make you, you just wanted Bucky to stop suffering. You focused, offering out that hand of connection again, this time picturing it in the shape of a fist and, although it wasn’t subtle, you tried to shake Bucky’s brain awake. You forced your way into his dreams, punching through the dark fog that clouded his thoughts and almost screamed at him.
“Bucky! Bucky wake up! You’re dreaming my dear!”
Bucky woke up with a start. Tears flowing down his face, he stared at you blue eyes shining. No one spoke as he pulled you into his arms. You just breathed together for a moment, counting the breaths and the spaces in between. When he finally pulled back, you saw his eyes flicker with concern before lifting a hand to gently wipe under your nose, it came back red with blood.
“You, okay?”
You smiled sadly, reaching out to put the dog tags back on.
“I should be asking you that.”
“But you’re bleeding.”
“Occupational hazard.” You tried to subtly get rid of any of the extra blood. “That was pretty intense. Wanna talk?”
Bucky looked down to the sheets and shook his head. You smiled at him, tilting his head to yours.
“That’s fine, want me to go? Or would you like to cuddle for a bit?”
Bucky didn’t talk again, just pulled you gently down to the bed once more. Snuggling himself under your chin, resting his head on your chest. You felt his arms draw tightly against your waist. You pressed your lips into his hair.
“May I help you go to sleep? Keep the bad thoughts at bay for at least one night.”
You felt Bucky nod and let out a little sleepy hum of agreement. You closed your eyes, focused on your connection setting up a golden wall against the dark fog at the corners of his mind and settled into a deep sleep.
You woke to the smell of fresh coffee and the clinking of cups.
“Morning.” You opened your eyes at Bucky’s voice and took the offered cup greedily. Your mind still felt hazy from the energy you used last night.
You felt the bed dip beside you as Bucky sat and sipped at his cup as well, hair a bit of a mess from bed. He had evidently only just woken up as well.
He took a breath, “I had some pretty interesting dreams, sweetheart.”
You stiffened, “Good ones I hope.”
“Don’t worry, they were good. If a little strange.”
“I was watching myself most of the time.”
You snorted into the coffee, “Sounds creepy”
There was a slight chuckle, “Nah, I was watching myself build a home, a family- “
“Oh God Bucky.” You snapped your eyes to his, you knew what had happened. “I am so sorry my dreams must have stuck in your head.”
“Those were your dreams?”
“Yeah, its only happened once before but when the connection between two people is very strong, it can happen- I call it bleeding. Perhaps we should- “
“If the next words out of your mouth are take a break, I will spill your coffee.” You clutched your cup closer to your chest, “Truthfully, those were some of the beset dreams I have every had. I really loved them.”
You looked back up at him, hesitantly “You did?”
“And I love you.”
There was silence as you stared at him in shock. His face as nothing but adoration as the sunlight filtered over his face.
“I love you, sweetheart.”
“I love you too.”
Coffee cups were cast aside as you both collided. Giggling and joking, radiating happiness as the two of you shared the sweetest kiss. Your feelings merging together, amplifying one another until they shone brighter than the sun.
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sweetboitom · 20 hours ago
Bucky x little reader! Loves playing with his dogtags and loves wearing them, whenever he goes on a mission or something ( or just leaves to go to the store) she always gives them a kiss to keep him
this is so cute my god.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: fluff, kinda angst at the end, mentions of missions, mentions of cglre
Word Count: 490
Dog Tags
It started about a month after they had started seeing each other. You guys had met and immediately started a sort of caregiver relationship, where he took care of you and you took care of him, just a little differently. Which you both loved. It was hard for you both when he went on missions because you never knew if it would be a week, or a month, or even more. So one day Bucky thought of an idea, he wanted to give his baby his dog tags. So he was going to sit you down a day before he was supposed to leave. He didn't want to do something simple, he was going to take you to dinner and then back to your apartment and give you as much love as he could before he were to leave at 4:00 in the morning.
He texted you to be ready around 2:30 pm, he knew that way you would've had your nap, he didn't want a cranky baby today. Once he got to your apartment, he walked up the steps, flowers in hand, as well as a new stuffie he made at a build-a-bear. He knocked at your door, he smiled to himself once he heard your little pitter patter towards the door. You opened it all giddy and happy, ``Hiya mister!`` He quickly pulled you into a hug, ``Hi baby, I brought you a couple things. Now I know this Teddys uniform isn't exactly the same as daddy's was, but its close-`` ``Wait... why are your dog tags on the teddy? You never take those off``. He smiled down at you, ``Well, angel. Ive been thinking, I know how hard it is for you when im away and how much you miss me. So I figured, ill give you a teddy with a military uniform with my dog tags on him, so im extra close to you when I can't actually be close to you.`` Once he handed you the teddy, he immediately noticed the tears streaming down your face. You quickly sniffled and held the teddy close to you. ``I love him.. Thank you so much!``
It had been 2 weeks now, and Bucky was still gone. You cuddled your teddy every night, which you had named Sergeant Barnes. It was around 1 in the morning and you just couldn't sleep, so you decided to take the dog tags off your stuffie and put them on. Once they were on you grabbed them and held them close to your heart and just cried. You missed Bucky, a lot, and you had no clue when he'd be home. So for now all you had was your stuffie, the dying flowers he got you 2 weeks prior, and his dog tags. You eventually woke up, not remembering falling asleep, you grabbed his dog tags and kissed them good morning. The same way you did when Bucky was home.
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malum-forev · a day ago
Galas, New Dates and Exes (Part. 4)
Tumblr media
Warning: fluff and a tiiiiinyyy bit of smut (oopssss).
Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) broke up and they see each other for the first time at one of Tony's parties. The only problem is, she has a new date.
Word Count: 4k
Author's Note: This is a looonggg oneeee. I know I said I was going to reveal what happened between them buuuutt I decided not to. Hope you guys like this part! Please comment if you would like more parts and what you would want to see happen between the two.
Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt.3
It has been a couple of weeks since the New Year’s Party and (y/n) finally could go back to work. What at first seemed like a couple of weeks of vacations turned into forced leave by Tony Stark so, coming back into the field gave (y/n) something to keep her mind busy. She took a deep breath before entering the conference room where she saw that Natasha, Steve and Sam were already there.
“(Y/n).” Steve said, clearing his throat, not wanting her to know they were just talking about her. “Glad to have you back.”
“I’m glad to be back Cap. And-“ (y/n) took a pause and looked around the room. “I just want everyone to know that I don’t want any special treatment. I know Bucky was also assigned this mission, we’re both adults and can handle this situation as professionals. I don’t want our past to affect our jobs.”
Steve gave her a warm smile. “Please take a seat, we’ll be starting the brief in a couple of minutes.”
(Y/n) got lost in meaningless conversation with Natasha, soon after Wanda arrived and joined in. A few minutes later, Bucky arrived shocking everybody with his perfectly neat hair and serene appearance.
“Sorry for being late.” Was all he mumbled before taking a seat, not looking up at anyone.
The mission consisted of all of them traveling to some unknown part of the world. It was a pretty easy mission: go, get information, and get out without anyone noticing. They were set to leave the next day at dawn. As the meeting came to a close, everyone started leaving the room and so did (y/n). But before she could get to the doors, Nat intercepted her. Something seemed off.
“(Y/n) I want you to know I am so sorry. Truly. I never meant for any of this to happen, it was just that I was stupid and had way too much to drink and I just- I really messed up.” Natasha said, tears at the brink of her eyes. (Y/n) didn’t know what was happening, but as she turned around to see Sam and Steve with their heads in their hands, she started to understand.
“You told them?” She asked the redhead, much to her dismay she nodded. “Fuck.” Was all she could say, she couldn’t blame her friend and by the look on her face it was obviously not on purpose. The only thing that was left was to organize her ideas and face the two men.
“(Y/n). I need to know this isn’t going to change anything with the mission.” Steve started. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that Bucky doesn’t know, but I need my team to be ready for this.”
“Steve, I’m a professional spy, I can handle this.” (Y/n) said sternly.
“I also want you to know that I think he should know. He was going to be a father and the right thing to do is to tell him.” Steve told (y/n) looking into her eyes, seeing the fire building up.
“Steve,” (Y/n) said trying to calm herself. “First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate how worried you are about Bucky, I really do. But frankly, this is none of your concern. You may be the captain here, but you have no right telling me what I should or shouldn’t do in my personal life. Second of all, I have been a trained spy since I was twelve and have been working with you for the past eight years. You know me and because of that, you know that everything I’m doing has a reasoning behind it. So, I ask you to never question if what I’m doing is correct or not. Not in my personal life or in my professional work. I’ll get the fucking job done.”
With that said, and everyone in the room left speechless, (y/n) left the compound. She grabbed her car and left, not wanting to deal with anything that was happening. Before she noticed, she was driving back to her apartment in the city. It used to be her permanent residence but, it had too many memories. She decided to park her car a couple of blocks away from her building and walk back home, it was mostly her decision but also the parking situation in New York was vile. She felt the cold breeze on her cheeks and sloshing of somewhat melted snow on her boots, making her remember those first nights when Bucky and she were still hiding their relationship from everyone. Bucky would practically beg her to stay at his apartment.
“C’mon (y/n) let’s just go back to my place, there’s no need for you to stay here all alone.” Bucky said, wanting to spend more time with her.
“Buck, you know Steve could pop in at any moment! He’s got some weird attachment with you.” (Y/n) laughed and looked up at him. They had been going out for a couple of months, but this was their fifth official date, and they were both feeling like they were floating on clouds. “You just want me to go back to Brooklyn, so you have an excuse to show off your part of town.”
“I want you to go back with me to Brooklyn to spend more time together.” He said looking back at her with an amazing smile.
“You know that smile could melt any girl’s panties off.” (Y/n) laughed shaking her head.
“The real question is, do they melt yours?” He whispered in her ear.
She laughed even more and as they got to her building, she pulled on his leather jacket to push him closer to her. Planting a kiss on his lips, the only thing she said was “Come upstairs and we can find out.”
As their relationship grew, (Y/n) decided to get an apartment in Brooklyn. She had always said it was because her old landlord was always hiking up her rent and that she got a bad feeling about the guy. The truth was, she was spending most of her time in Brooklyn anyways it was just the right move. Plus, getting to spend Sunday mornings strolling through the farmers market with Bucky was one of her favorite things to do.
Before she knew it, (Y/n) was at her apartment door. She heard something coming from inside and with one swift move she entered, gun pointing at whatever the sound was. She silently went through each room and finally entered the bedroom. She let out a sigh and a small laugh as she saw the white cat purring on her bed.
“Alpine, you scared the shit out of me.” The cat only meowed back, she picked the cat up and sat back on the bed. “What are you doing here?”
It was as if the tiny furball understood her and leaped off the bed, walking casually to the kitchen and sitting in front of her food bowl. (Y/n) shook her head and looked through her cupboards to find the feline’s food. Alpine happily ate her meal while (Y/n) rummaged through the insane amounts of expired food.
(Y/n) thought her apartment would feel different and somewhat strange, but it looked intact. Like time had been paused and everything was as it should be. (Y/n) picked up her suits and some extra things she would be needing for the mission before grabbing the cat and heading out. (Y/n) thought of herself as more of a dog person, but as soon as she saw Bucky come in with the white cat she fell in love.
Bucky’s apartment was just a few blocks away but that walk seemed like a mission in and of itself. ‘Go to the building, get the spare key from inside the nearest air vent, enter the apartment, get water and food, leave the cat.’ She kept repeating this in her mind over and over. (Y/n) found the strength to go into the apartment and sighed as she saw the state it was in.
Bucky’s small apartment looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie. Sheets on the floor, half empty takeout containers everywhere and a distinct smell of death. As soon as she started putting water in Alpine’s bowl, (y/n) heard the sound of heavy boots coming to a halt at the apartment door.
“Shit.” She whispered, hiding behind the counter.
From outside of the apartment, Bucky saw the shadows from underneath the door before hearing an intruder inside his home. He silently left the brown paper bag filled with groceries on the floor and took out his knives. Slowly turning the handle and entering his apartment. He saw Alpine happily drinking water, she looked back at her owner and meowed. Moving from where she was sitting and coming behind the counter. Meowing again.
Before Bucky could do anything, he saw (y/n) spring up with her hands holding a gun directly towards him.
“Drop the knife Buck.” She warned.
“Drop the gun Doll.” He replied before taking a step towards her. “You’re really pointing a gun at me in my own apartment?”
She cracked a smile and slowly put the gun on the counter, putting her hands up in surrender. Bucky smiled too and put the knife back in his pocket.
“What are you doing here?” He asked before going back outside for the groceries.
“Alpine decided to pay me a visit, she scared the living hell out of me. I thought someone had broken into my apartment.” (Y/n) said. “On that note, I’m sorry for breaking in. I just thought it would be better if I brought her back here.”
Bucky smiled in response and started to put the groceries in the refrigerator. “Want a beer?”
“You know we shouldn’t be drinking before a mission.” (Y/n) shook her head, smile still plastered on. “Plus, you know I hate beer.”
“I know, just wanted to tease you a bit.”
“Buck, we need to do something about your apartment. This whole situation” she said, motioning the whole scene. “is not healthy.”
Bucky let out a loud laugh and turned to her. “We’re not dating anymore, you can’t complain about the state of my apartment. This isn’t your jurisdiction anymore doll.”
His laughter died down as soon as he saw (y/n)’s expression. “Sorry.” He coughed. “Too soon to make jokes about us breaking up?”
(Y/n) let out a nervous laugh and started to feel the nervousness leave her body.
“I know last time we saw each other was pretty rough but, I-I’ve been seeing a therapist and-“ Bucky was interrupted by another shocked expression coming from his ex.
“You mean macho man, James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes, is seeing a therapist?” She smiled and added. “I’m messing with you, I’m really glad you’re seeing someone.”
“I’m not seeing someone, I just decided that sulking around was getting me nowhere and messing with the old brain.” Bucky chuckled. “You know I realized that, when we broke it off. I didn’t just lose a relationship, I also lost my best friend.”
(Y/n) looked down at her feet, ashamed.
“And you know, we’ll be working together so I just wanted to become civil.” Bucky said, trying not to show how petrified he was but, as he saw (y/n) smile everything else seemed to disappear.
“I want us to be civil too Buck.” She spoke.
“So, as my olive branch to you, I wanted to say that Nicholas looks like a nice guy. I’m sorry for how I treated him, and I hope everything works out with you guys.” He took a deep breath before saying his last part, something that he had been practicing with Dr. Raynor. “I am no longer the Winter Soldier. I am James Bucky Barnes and you’re part of my efforts to make amends.”
“That last part is usually, um, directed to other people.” He laughed.
“I think the olive branch is supposed to be directed to Nicholas.” She said smiling back at him. This is the Bucky she remembered, the one she fell in love with. Goofy and kind. “About Nicholas, we um- nothing ever really happened.”
“What do you mean? What did he do to you.” Bucky got defensive.
“No, nothing. He was really kind but, things just didn’t work out. Our time schedules didn’t really mix and at the end of the day we just decided not to go through with it.” She explained, looking through his refrigerator and grabbing a water bottle.
Bucky had to admit to himself that he was glad nothing ever happened between the two of them. “No one is ever going to be good enough for you. You’re amazing (y/n). And I’m saying that as a friend.”
“Well, as a friend, I’ll say thank you and that no one will ever be good enough to be with you either Buck.” She smiled back. “You’re incredible, even if you’re an old man who doesn’t know how to work a TV.”
Bucky feigned hurt. “Speaking of TV, I wanted to know if you know. Obviously as friends, we could maybe. I mean only if you want to and have nothing better to do. Um- if you wanted to stay over and maybe watch a movie or something.” He grabbed the back of his neck as he replied, feeling the heat rush to his cheeks.
“Just like the old days?” (Y/n) asked in a quiet voice.
After her answer he was filled with regret. “Yeah, it was a dumb idea. I wouldn’t want- you know,” He tried to look around for an excuse, or basically anything to get himself out of the situation. “I wouldn’t want Alpine to get confused and maybe think that we were getting back together- yeah just forget I said anything.”
“It’s fine,” She laughed. “I would actually really like to stay.”
“Really?” He asked surprised.
“You know, you were my best friend too. I need someone to watch scary movies with.” She replied, taking off her jacket and sitting down on the couch.
“What? You can’t sleep after watching a scary movie without having a gun underneath your pillow?”
“You know that was only one time!”
(Y/n) and Bucky spent the rest of the night talking over the movie that had been put on the screen. Reminiscing the time when they spent two weeks off in Italy, new training moves and other random gossip. One topic leading to the next.
“So, Rebecca’s boyfriend told her he didn’t have time to go out to brunch but then Isla saw him playing basketball?” Bucky asked, filling his mouth with another sushi roll and (y/n) shook her head.
“No, Isla is Rebecca’s ex-girlfriend. It was Isis who saw Rebecca’s boyfriend at the court. You know the one on Houston street?” She explained, taking a sip of the green tea that had been “accidentally” delivered to them. Bucky insisted the delivery kid gave (y/n) someone else’s tea, her beauty making the kid’s head spin. He assured her that the restaurant he always ordered from, never gave out anything for free.
“My question is, why do you know all of this gossip from the medical department?” Bucky laughed and (y/n) just replied with a shrug.
As the credits rolled on the screen, (y/n) noticed the time. “Wow, I hadn’t even looked at the clock, it’s already 12:30. It’s really late, I’ve got to be up by 5!”
(Y/n) stood up and slowly took her jacket in her hands, hoping Bucky would ask her to stay over. Bucky nodded and gulped down his food, heading towards the door to show (y/n) out even though she knew the apartment like the back of her hand. As she pets Alpine, (Y/n) looked back at Bucky. ““Hey Buck, you know to celebrate our newly rekindled friendship I wanted to ask a favor.”
Bucky furrowed his brows and quickly nodded. “Yes, whatever you want I’ll do.”
“I wanted to know if I can stay here tonight.” She asked quietly. “I don’t know what it is but, being here with you is easier to deal with than being back at my apartment. I kind of feel like, I don’t know- I just can’t deal with that right now not before a mission. Not before my first mission back I just-.”
“You know you can always stay here doll.” Bucky interrupted her, he saw she was getting frustrated, he came up to her and kissed her forehead. “I know what you mean.”
(Y/n) softly smiled and put her jacket down again.
“You still remember where my t-shirts are?” Bucky smiled, getting the kettle out to make some tea.
“Yes, I remember. Did you throw out my things or do I still have a spare suit and underwear here?” She teased back.
Bucky immediately blushed and nodded. “Yeah, everything is still there. Third drawer on the left side.”
(Y/n) hummed and went into the bedroom. It too was exactly like she remembered. She quickly got changed into one of Bucky’s old shirts and went back to the kitchen, a cup of tea already waiting for her.
“You can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep out here.” Bucky told her, not looking up.
“Don’t be ridiculous Buck! This is your house, I can’t just kick you out of your room.”
“Doll, you know I don’t like that bed. I haven’t even slept in it since, well, since the last time you slept over.” He casually said.
(Y/n) widened her eyes. “You mean you haven’t slept in your bed in more than six months? You basically haven’t had a good night’s sleep in half a year?”
The former assassin shook his head and looked up with a smile. “You know, since you asked me for a favor. Can I ask you for one?”
“Can we sleep together? I me-I mean can we sleep tonight, together tonight?” Bucky was trying to find the right words but everything he said came out wrong. “Not like that. I’m not begging to get laid. I’m just saying actually sleep in the same bed.”
(Y/n) let out a loud laugh. “Handsome, I know you don’t need to beg to get laid.”
Bucky turned a crimson shade of red in part because of her nickname for him and in part because of what she said. “I haven’t- since us. You know I haven’t, done that.”
“Me neither.” (Y/n) replied. She knew this whole conversation was wrong, they shouldn’t be talking about this. ‘Or should they? Friends talk about these kinds of things, right?’ She asked herself. She didn’t want to admit it but, she was glad no other woman had come back to his apartment.
Bucky broke (y/n) out of her trance with a cough. “I’m gonna go get changed.” She just nodded.
After a while the ex-couple found themselves in bed together. As (y/n) moved, the bed creaked.
“You haven’t changed your headboard?” She said shaking her head.
“It’s still good.” Bucky said tapping the wooden frame, like clockwork the old wood creaked again making a noise straight out of a horror scene. “I mean it was fine before you broke it.”
“Are you seriously trying to blame me for that?!” She laughed as she playfully slapped his chest, noticing the muscles. Bucky maybe hadn’t slept more than three hours since they broke up, but he had been going to the gym. And (Y/n) noticed.
“I mean it was technically you who broke it.” Bucky smiled back at her, looking down at her hand that was moving up and down his exposed chest. “Like what you see?”
Thank god for the dimmed lights, if it weren’t for them Bucky would have been able to see how hard (y/n) was blushing. She turned around so that her back was facing him. “I only broke it because you flung me into the bed!” She defended, remembering that night.
“I thought you liked it rough?” Bucky whispered into her ear, grabbing her hips, and pulling her closer to him.
“I do, but I think that night was-“ (Y/n) was trying to find the right words to describe that night. ‘That night was when you got me pregnant’ didn’t really roll off the tongue.
“That night was amazing, and you can’t deny it. You know we’ve got amazing chemistry in the sac doll.” He cut her off, tracing one finger from her shoulder to her knee.
“What makes you think I can’t deny it?” She questioned, trying hard to disguise her actual emotions. With one swift move, Bucky was pinning her down on the bed. Lips only an inch away. With one forearm propping his whole body up, his vibranium arm started tracing circles on her hipbone. Inching closer to where she desired the most.
“Tell me to stop.” He ordered. “Tell me to stop and I’ll do it.”
(Y/n)’s brain was having an internal battle. She knew this wasn’t how the night was supposed to go but she couldn’t get herself to do the right thing. So, next thing she knew her mouth started moving. “Please don’t stop.”
The next day, Bucky and (Y/n) had agreed that the best thing to do was to enter the compound separately. Bucky had gone directly to the hangar where he saw Steve and Sam waiting.
“What’s going on, Bucky you’re scaring me.” Sam said, taking a step back looking at the soldier from head to toes. “You’re doing that weird thing with your face and you’re doing your happy walk.”
“It’s called a smile.” Bucky replied, ignoring the falcon.
“Why are you smiling?” He questioned.
“Do I need a reason to be smiling?” Bucky said.
“Yeah, you do, when you’re Bucky! You never smile, and if you do it it’s not at seven in the morning!” Sam said confused.
“Sam, let the man breathe.” Steve said, not looking up from the mission brief.
Bucky decided to change the subject. “Do you guys have an extra knife that I can borrow?”
“Okay. Man, now I know something’s going on! You don’t have your knife?!”
“Sam, seriously it’s 7:10 am. We need to get going, stop making a big deal out of everything! And Bucky, I know I said this mission was easy but really, you don’t bring your knives?” Steve said, shaking his head. “I have an extra one in my bag, you can get it when we’re on the plane.”
As Steve left to get on the plane, Sam turned to Bucky. “You may be able to fool that guy, but not me. You got laid last night, didn’t you?”
Bucky quickly shook his head with widened eyes and Sam let out a loud laugh. “Me and Redwing, we see everything.”
A few minutes later, Natasha, Wanda and (Y/n) arrived. As they were all walking towards the plane the ladies were falling behind. With Sam and Bucky following in front of them.
“C’mon (Y/n) are you gonna tell us?” Wanda said laughing a bit.
“You guys stop, I already said I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (Y/n) said as she kept on walking.
“You think we don’t know? Your hair is matted, and your smile is extending from ear to ear stop lying! We can almost smell the sex from all the way over here.” Wanda said, trying to get the spy to crack.
“Plus, we found an extra knife in your bag that isn’t yours!” Natasha said.
With that last comment, Sam stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at Bucky. As he saw his pleading eyes, Sam’s mouth fell open.
“Hey, um, (Y/n).” Bucky said, dripping with nervousness. “Sam wanted to ask you something. I think it’s gonna take a while, you ladies can get on the plane.”
Wanda and Natasha furrowed their eyebrows but kept on walking towards the plane as (Y/n) was left behind.
“You, you two. You and you, last night.” Sam kept mumbling over and over again.
Bucky and (Y/n) looked at each other in shock and all was left was to mutter a simple: “Fuck.”
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teebarnes · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Barnes' miscommunication | Bucky Barnes x Avenger!reader
Summary: Bucky was an idiot, and he tend to push away things he loved, and that included you. When he hurt you, he didn’t realise his apology would be too late. He didn’t know about your past with hydra, which made the situation, worse.
W/c: 5.2k (holy shit that's alot)
Warning(s): ANGST, weapons, harm (not on you), reader abilities, hydra, swearing!
A/N: A lot to write, I couldn’t find a good way to summarise this fic… you’ll just have to read it. There are -- read more-breaks for the story because it is so long.
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Tumblr media
You were never one to talk; even before you were kidnapped by Hydra, you still didn't really speak. You were quiet and reserved; being an ex-hydra assassin just solidified your personality. There was a lot to know about you, but you never really shared anything about yourself when it came to it. Everyone knew you as Y/n Stark, 'the daughter of Tony and Pepper Stark' and the girl kidnapped when she was five, found by the avengers later in life.
You worked through a lot of things. The therapy Tony and Pepper signed you into helped with the nightmares, but that was about it. But even still, you weren't entirely there; if people didn't know you, your first impression was always coming off as rude and inconsiderate. And you supposed that after all your years working for Hydra, you probably were. You were very much closed off until you met Bucky Barnes.
Bucky Barnes, an ex-hydra assassin, was welcomed into the team just over a year and a half ago. Your dad agreed to the idea because he thought it might be nice for you to have someone else. One who had something in common with you other than, both Natasha and Wanda.
Meeting Bucky was all to be expected; you both got along well, but never once had you shared something about your personal life. You were closed off, and although you and Bucky were civil. He, too, was the same. It was like two peas in a pod.
Over time, it became a love-hate relationship; you'd try your best to be on good terms with Bucky, but over time it felt like he had something against you. You and Bucky were at constant war with each other, and you didn't know what you did for him to hate you so much, or so you thought. You thought that maybe if you tried to tell him that you were an ex-hydra yourself, that may be the pair of you could bond a bit more. But your attempts to do so turned out in failure.
A simple smile would turn into Bucky turning his head away. A good morning, Bucky would walk away. There were definitely good days where he would talk to you, but it wouldn't last long. You guys just didn't really click anymore, and it had been over a year and a half since he had arrived.
Then, not too long ago, Bucky started playing pranks around the compound with Sam. It was their thing. One day when you were about to go on a mission with Nat and Steve, Bucky had accidentally hidden all of your mission weapons, thinking they were Nat's. So you, too, joined in on the fun; two could play at that game, Ex-hydra assassin vs Ex-hydra assassin.
Slowly, you began pranking him back, shaving cream in his boots, salt in his tea or replacing his daggers with dummy knives, just to name a few.
Bucky knew it was you, and he was finding this game pretty fun. There was never a malicious intent behind the minor pranks the both of you played on each other. This quickly became your thing with him and was the reason you two became close again. Spending more time together than usual, you'd spend nights watching films with him, playing board games or even chatting until the earlier hours of the morning. He'd find it weird that you'd be the only one up sometimes, but he never questions it.
It was odd; you were slowly but surely falling in love with Bucky Barnes. You didn't know why or how it happened, but that love for him was there. He made you feel something you had been missing for most of your life.
Bucky, too developed a love for you. He, too, didn't know where it began or how it happened, but he knew that after all his years of not having anyone, he wanted you. Now I suppose when you put two and two together, it's not hard to know that you and Bucky had a thing for each other; the whole team knew it. Your dad knew it too. However, it never went anywhere; You were just as awkward as each other.
Leading to a few nights ago.
There were three hydra missions scheduled in the week; you and Bucky had been assigned to one of the three. When he came back from his mission that day, he was drained and distraught. You went to welcome him home, but he walked right past you and up to his room.
Steve said something about Bucky seeing where they had tortured him for decades, the memories had got to him, and you understood. Steve thought you might be the best to comfort him, but Bucky still had no idea that you had worked for Hydra before, but you never shy away from the fact that you did. If someone asked, you would tell them. Which still confuses you, the fact that it never came up over the year you've known him. You thought surely someone would say something to him if you hadn't.
The only genuine person who ever understood your pain was Wanda. Both you and she were hydra experiments at the same time. You, her and Pietro. Escaping together because of Ultron, and that's how your dad found you. When Pietro died, it was like you were losing a brother. So you stuck by Wanda; she promised to protect you as you would in return. She was the only one to actually understand what you were going through.
Before the hydra mission, he promised that he'd have dinner with you. Something the pair of you had been doing for quite a while now. So here you were, keeping that promise. You stood outside Bucky's door, softly knocking. You had his dinner that you made in your hand, waiting for him to answer. When Bucky didn't answer, you carefully opened the door just a tiny bit to see him sitting at the end of his bed, gripping the sheets tight in his hand.
His little run-in at the Hydra base triggered something in him. It got under his skin, and he was furious. But you knew that; you sensed it as soon as you walked in the door, and little did he know, you could see what had happened. A soft frown appeared on your face as you walked closer, sitting just a bit away from him at the edge of his bed. "Buck? I made dinner," You called; he didn't answer, just sat there breathing heavily.
"Y/n go away," he warned.
Head tilted, you weren't having any of it. Out of anyone besides Wanda, you knew just how bad Hydra could get, and you didn't want him to be alone. "Bucky, I'm not going anywhere, you promised me dinner, and I made it especially for you." You softly spoke, taking a seat next to him.
He turned to you, looking you up and down. Laying a supporting hand on his back, you leaned down a bit to see his face. "You need someone; Steve told me what happened, and he thought I may be the best to--" you couldn't even finish your sentence before he snapped.
"Best to what, y/n? Understand me? NON of you understand me…" he growled. Sitting back a bit, you were stunned; you didn't know where this was coming from. "Bucky… I do understand. I've been trying to tell you for so long that I was-"
"NO y/n, you don't understand anything, you don't understand me, nobody does!" He yelled at you. You weren't scared; you were sad. You had never done anything for him to be this way to you, yet, here he was.
It hurt you to see him like this. "Bucky, please… I just."
"Get out! GET OUT OF MY ROOM; I hate you." Bucky turned, the words seething through his teeth. Your bottom lip quivered as you stood looking directly at him.
"You don't mean that.."
"I really thought that we were okay… I thought that-"
Bucky stood in front of you, your head looking up at him, "I SAID GET OUT Y/N." he pointed to the door.
A tear shed your face, setting the food down on the bed. You held in your whimpers, "W-well, at least eat. I made it just for you." You almost whispered to him. He watched as you walked away; he didn't realise what he had done. Shutting the door on the way out, you cried back to your quarters. Wanda caught you just in time, that sisterly sense she had when you were down. She sat with you all night while you told her what Bucky had said. You felt so stupid.
In the morning,
Bucky had awoken on his floor; getting up, he noticed the food sitting on his bed. Bucky couldn't remember much last night, only that he came home from the mission, and that was about it. He smiled upon seeing the wrapped food; you had written a note on it. The message you had stuck on it before you walked into his room last night because you thought he may have been in the showers.
"Because I know you like sushi, enjoy! :)"
Slipping on a shirt, Bucky collected the plate of food in his arm with a big smile on his face. Walking out and down the hall to your room, just as he was about to knock on the door. Wanda came storming down from the corridor.
"You son of a bitch!", she yelled slapping Bucky's face. The sushi you made, Bucky slipped from his hands, falling onto the floor in between Wanda and him. His mouth agape, he looked stunned. "If you are looking for Y/n, she's gone on her mission." she huffed out. Wanda gave him a nasty look before walking off. He turned quickly, running off to find Wanda. "Wanda? Wanda-" he stopped when he saw her in the kitchen.
"What do you want, Barnes!"
“I want to understand why you slapped me… What did I do? d-did something happen last night?" he asked. Wanda snapped her head in his direction, "Did you do something? Of course, you did!" She yelled. Bucky came closer to her, "I did? I seriously don't remember." he raised his hands up in defence. "I don't…" he hesitantly repeated.
"Well, this might help you!" Wanda brought her hands up, filling Bucky's mind with the memories of last night. It only took a few seconds for Bucky to fall onto his ass. He was speechless; he put his head into his hands. Wanda kneeled down, "What has she ever done to you?" she questions.
"Nothing Wanda… nothing… I don't even remember anything past coming home." He sighed. "I don't give a shit if you don't remember. Make it up to y/n! She loves you, for God sake, and this is how you treat her!" Wanda ranted mindlessly. "S-she loves me?" Bucky looked up and questioned.
Wanda gave him a shit-eating look, "Of course she loves you; everyone knows this!" She sighed, getting up. His face brightened, "I love her too, Wanda!" He spoke. He hadn't said this to anyone until this very moment, but he did love you. This was the reason; it was his fault for your rocky relationship with him. He was scared to love you, thinking you wouldn't love him in return.
Wanda turned around, shocked, "Then why tell the girl you love that you hated her." Bucky didn't know; he tried so hard to remember, "I got worked up over the mission yesterday, I set myself on auto-pilot. I'll make it up to her, I promise." He got up, trying to think about how to make it up to you.
"Bucky. I'm not in a forgiving mood right now. But just know, she has been through a lot, and you're the only one in this building which still doesn't know that. The best thing you can do is listen to her." She spoke before angrily taking her bowl of grapes with her out into the living room where Vision was.
Before the mission,
"Alright, it is a short but stealthy mission. Y/n, Steve, Nat and Clint, you'll be navigating this one." Fury spoke.
"There is intel that there could be valuable information on Hydra hard drives. We need you to extract them and burn any remaining evidence." He spoke again, everyone agreed, looking through the files. Nat had rested a firm hand on yours, "are you sure you're up for this?" She asked. You simply smiled, confirming her question with a nod.
Everyone in the room with you knew your history with Hydra; that's how you became an esteemed Avenger. Telling everyone your story led to you using your skills to help people around the world. It wasn't uncommon for them to occasionally ask if you were okay or wanted to stay behind if it ever came to a hydra mission.
Now hours later, you were on your way back to the compound. Pretty much feeling like shit. You were numb, and there was no energy left in you. Of course, you didn't let your team see it, but you were exhausted. You just wanted to take a nice shower, eat and sleep for days.
The quinjet landed, and everyone was dis-embarking the jet.
Being the last one out, you slowly made your way into the compound. Not wanting to see anyone, you made yourself a tiny portal to your room that you walked through; you couldn't care. You stood in the middle of your room, not knowing what to do with yourself. Sliding slowly against the end of your bed. Still, with your daggers and weapons attached to your mission suit. You curled up, hiding your face into your knees.
Bucky had run out from his room as soon as he heard the quinjet landing. He came into the bay, looking around for you, but all he could see was Steve, Nat and Clint. Steve smiled upon seeing his best friend, "Hey Jerk, how was your day?" Steve asked, giving him a pat on the shoulder.
"Uh… not great… where's y/n?" Bucky asked, running his hand through his hair. Nat, Clint and Steve all turned their head to look at each other before looking at Bucky. "In her room, catching an early night." Steve smiled, "Steve… I screwed up!" Bucky panicked.
Clint and Nat were putting away their things while Steve stayed with Bucky. "Buck… I don't know what to say." Steve lightly spoke. "Give y/n some time. But not today." Nat spoke before walking out the doors with Clint. Bucky looked back at Steve, "What's with everyone telling me not to bother her today? Wanda, Sam… even Tony has said the same thing."
"This mission was draining for her," Steve advised his friend before giving him another reassuring pat on the back. "If you really want to know, without bother y/n. Just ask Tony. I'm sure he'll tell you." Steve smiled, walking off.
Tony was focused on his tech while Bruce was working at his computer, Bucky had walked in, and without looking up, Tony spoke. "What did you do to my daughter, Barnes?" He questioned. Bucky stood there feeling guilty. "I'm sorry, Tony… I really am. The mission got to me, and I took it out on her." Tony looked up from his laptop, "have you apologised to her?" Bucky shook his head. "Good. Like I said earlier, let her cool down." He spoke before going back to working on his tech.
Bucky stood there trying to say something, "Is there something else, Barnes?"
"That's what I wanted to ask you about." this made Tony sigh. A hand running down his chin, Tony gives Bruce a look. Walking over, he patted the surface of Bucky's back, "Come… sit", he spoke, taking a seat at one of the lab tables. "By what she tells me, you don't know that she was an ex-hydra assassin, correct?" Bucky's face was confused. He was taken aback. "Well, I'm taking that as a yes."
"You know I'm surprised that you've never come across her..." Tony continued. Bucky was wide-eyed; oh, he knew he was such an idiot. "If my time calculation is right, you would've been there the same time as her." looking directly at Bucky, "You're going to have to ask her yourself about her past. Seeing as I know about last night and the fact that you love my daughter." he let out a slight smirk. "I advise that you do one hell of a job to make sure she knows you love her." He spoke. Bucky nodded, and there Tony was, telling you bits of your story.
"I've spent almost two years not knowing she was a part of Hydra? God, I'm so stupid." he sighed, "Tony, I really am sorry." Bucky looked at him. "Don't tell me that; tell her that, bud."
He thought back to all of the times you were with him, all the times you tried to tell him. So when you said you understood him, you really were telling him the truth. Although he couldn't remember the conversation between you two last night, he knew from what Wanda had shown him.
Getting into the shower, you stood underneath the running water for quite a while.
Your thoughts floating in your head, this mission had torn you to pieces, physically and mentally. It had drained you, and all you needed was to regain your health. Cleaning yourself off and washing your hair, you spent a few minutes more under the running water. Thinking about the mission and about Bucky. Bucky was on your mind; you confided in him. He was like your best friend, so you didn't know how to feel when he did this. You tried the entire night to understand his feelings, but you weren't genuinely processing it.
Bucky was walking back to the main quarters when he heard your angered scream, "BUCKY FUCKING BARNES," looking at yourself in the mirrors. Your hair was a mix of pink and green. You furiously went into your showering, grabbing the shampoo and conditioner bottle, checking the contents; it was dye.
Bucky ran up the stairs, coming out into the halls where Sam was standing just a bit away from your room. Then it clicked; Sam turned to Bucky, "I thought you took it out of her shower." Bucky mentally face-palmed himself. "I forgot! I forgot!" Nat and Wanda were coming out of their rooms; they looked at each other with an 'oh fuck look'. Bucky turned to Wanda and Nat, who looked like they were going to kill him. "I'm sorry!" He panicked.
You were a mix of furious and sad; you paced around your room with tears streaming uncontrollably down your face. You dried your hair, slipping into a comfy jumper, some tights, and your combat boots. You pulled the hood over your head, grabbing your daggers. All you saw was red. Today all you needed was a nice shower, to have some food, put your mission gear away and then head to bed. But this was it, that was the cherry on top; you let the emotions run free.
You came out of your room to see Wanda, Nat, Sam, Clint and Vision standing there. "Where's Barnes!" You yelled at them. "H-here." Bucky came out from the staircase; your eyes snapped in his direction. Sam stood in front of your path, "y/n… y/n it was me. I'm-" you were still fuming; you had used your abilities to throw him out of your path. Clint came in sight, and you did the same thing to him.
Storming towards Bucky, your dagger was in your hand. Bucky stood there, not really know what to do. You kicked his chest in with much force that he went flying onto the ground. Groaning, you stalked closers, kneeling onto his chest, and he let you. You pulled the dagger to his throat. When you aggressively took the hoodie off to reveal your face, he could see you were crying. "You think this is fucking funny, Barnes?" You yelled at him, "I have done nothing but be nice to you!" You continued yelling at him.
Nat came in from behind you, but Bucky shook his head, "It's okay, Nat, let her." He groaned as you pushed into his chest. Still, with a dagger to his throat, he looked into your eyes as your cried. "I… I get it… I get that you hate me! I get it!" You cried out in anger. Everyone didn't really know what to do or how to react. They all just stood there watching.
"Y/n… please sweet. You're hurting him." Wanda spoke, your face dropped a bit, turning to Wanda, your eyes darkened, you couldn't get it out of your head. She saw it; she saw this look once before. This just made you a hundred times more dangerous, and you knew she wouldn't get in your way.
Turning back to Barnes, he was looking at you. "A-all I wanted was to come home, have a fucking shower and go to sleep." Your anger is apparent to him. The angrier you got, your hair began to strip of pink and green, turning into a jet black colour.
"I've called Tony," Clint reassured.
Bucky lifted his hand, he tried to caress your face, but you quickly swatted it away, "y/n… I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you…" he furrowed his brows, trying to bring back the y/n he loved. Your whimpers heard from him, "what did I do! What did I do for you not to like me." You yelled into his face. "I don't hate you Y/n… I promise you, I lo-" he stopped when you pushed the dagger further into his neck. You were too angry to let him speak; you couldn't.
Steve and Tony running up the stairs, Bucky briefly looked at Steve.
A black glow emitting from your other hand, and your eyes darkened more. Tony looked at Wanda and nodded. With a flick of her hands, she sent the dagger flying from your hands. Looking at Wanda, your eyes widened. Before you could do anything else, you were pulled off Bucky by the waist. "Hey… hey honey." You looked back to see your dad, a frown set upon your face as you dropped your hands; you gave in once you saw your dad.
Steve was helping Bucky up while everyone just stood there as you cried into your dad's arms, whimpering into his chest. He brought you into a tight hug caressing your back. Bruce came from behind, sedating you with an injection. Your eyed dilated slightly as you looked at your dad with pleas before falling limp into his arms.
Everyone watched, your hair turning back into its original colour. Bucky felt guilty, nor did he know that you had any abilities. Tony looks at Bucky shaking his head in disappointment before picking you up, carrying your sleeping body back to your room. "Friday, get Pepper over here," Tony spoke. "Right away, Tony."
"So everyone saw that?" Sam asked, "Y/n has powers?"
"Yes, she does, and it's none of your business." Wanda shook her head, walking off with Nat. Bucky was catching his breath as Steve held onto him. "I fucked up, Steve… I really did." He felt so bad. Steve looked at him with sympathy. "C'mon, Bud, let's get you back to your room. We can discuss this tomorrow." He spoke. Bucky looked at his best friend, "But I need her to know that I'm sorry… Steve, I need to tell her that I love her." He was almost in tears. "And you will tomorrow. The dose Bruce gave her will last until morning." Steve said.
Bucky sighed, nodding in defeat as he made his way to his bed. "Just trying and get some sleep, Buck." Steve closed the door behind him. Bucky laid on his bed, looking up at the ceiling all night, trying to think of how to tell you he was sorry.
"They were eventually going to find out how bad she could get..." Tony spoke, running his hand down his face, "I told you and Fury not to put her on that mission, Tony." Pepper quietly yelled at him. They both turned your way, watching as you slept softly under your sheets. "She said she was okay; I trust her, Pep. Who am I if I am not to trust our own daughter's words?" Tony sighed. Pepper's arms folded, she took a seat right next to you, caressing the hair out of your face. "Is Bucky okay?" Pepper asked; Tony rolled his eyes. "He's okay; Steve said he keeps going on about apologising."
"Are you going to let him apologise?" Pepper asked Tony.
"Mh… I'm thinking about it."
"Yes, okay… I'm not one to stop metal arm from apologising." Tony replied.
"Don't call him that," Pepper spoke, giving your forehead a kiss. "Okay... sorry," he whined before doing the same, pulling your duvets up to keep you warm…
Groaning, your eyes flutter open. You didn't move; you just stared at the ceiling. You remembered everything last night, and you felt guilty for what you had done to Bucky. Laying amongst your pillows, you continued to stare at the ceiling.
It was maybe about 45 minutes later when a soft knock on your door lured you from your daze. Bucky knocking on the door didn't bother you. You just continued your stare into the void.
On the outside of the door were Bucky and Tony. Tony stared at Bucky, whispering. "Go in, Manchurian Candidate. We don't have all day." Tony spoke, opening the door, pushing Bucky in before closing the door behind him. You were awake and unbothered by his presence.
He walked towards your bed, taking a seat next to you. "I made you your favourite." He lightly smiled; you softly turned your head to look at him then to the plate of food. Bucky indeed made your favourite food, but you had no words. You didn't say anything but turned back to stare at the ceiling. Bucky placed the plate on your bedside table. Lying right next to you, he sighed.
"Y/n… I'm really sorry about last night and the night before. It wasn't my intention to hurt you. I just wasn't in the right headspace, and I took it out on you" He quietly spoke. "I'm really sorry..."
"I know there have been multiple times you've tried to tell me that you were kidnapped by Hydra… and I'm sorry it took me until now to know." He turned to you as you tensed. He was exploring your features, the ones he had grown to love since the day he first met you.
"And I-" Bucky went to speak, but you cut him off, "Do you hate me?" You quietly asked, still with your eyes to the ceiling. Bucky shook his head, "I could never hate you y/n." "Then why say it?" You asked him again. "Because I was an idiot. I was angry, but I didn't mean any of it. I was so caught up in the mission that I took it out on you." he looked down at his hands.
"It was like I lost myself when I got back to the compound. But that is no excuse for what I did to you, and for that, I will spend however long it takes to make it up to you." You turned to look at him, and he was already looking at you. Sympathy in his eyes, you knew he was genuinely sorry.
"I never meant to hurt you last night, Buck. I'm really sorry, I feel horrible." He smiled lightly at you, "You don't need to be sorry. I understand how you felt, and I'm an idiot. I never wanted to hurt you."
And like any other conversation of yours, the pair of you started fighting again.
"But you did-"
"I know I did-"
"What did I do, Bucky? Where did I go wrong?"
"Nowhere… you didn't do anything."
"But then why-" you were thinking out loud, and you didn't mean to; the words were just slipping out.
"Because I love you, okay? I love you y/n! And I am so angry with myself that waited this long to tell-"
"I love you too..." You cut in. "I know you do," you spoke again.
"You know?" Bucky questioned. You nodded, "I have been able to read your mind since the day you step foot inside this compound, Bucky. I've loved you even before you started liking me." you sent him a small smile.
He went to speak but quickly shut his mouth, taking the advice that Tony gave him about listening to you. "And when you told me you hated me, I couldn't read your mind. I couldn't tell myself that you were lying and that you said it out of the moment." A tear fell down your face. Bucky rested his hand on your cheek, lightly caressing away the tears. "I've spent months trying to tell you so you knew you could talk to me. Because I understood. I wanted you to know that we had something in common. I wanted you to know that I loved you. But you never gave me that chance."
"All the times you would turn away from me, or ignore me or even go as far as to telling the team that you didn't want to go on missions with me."
"I tried because I thought you hated me…. Until that day, when you came home, and I had made you tacos. That was the first time I heard your mind again; I had heard you say that you loved me."
Bucky smiled; he remembered that day. Thinking back to it now, he knew he never said it, but he felt it because it was true. "So you knew what I've been thinking this whole time?" He quietly asked; you nodded softly.
"So, how about now?" He asked.
You furrowed your brows and then heard it, I love you, Y/n.
A small smile paved your face, "yeah... I heard that." he leaned in, placing a soft kiss on your lips which you returned.
He thought again, I'm so sorry for everything… I can't lose you, not when I've barely had you. I'm trying my best, for you and for me.
Your eyes opened back up, you stared into his eyes. "I forgive you, Bucky. Just please don't hurt me again." You whispered.
Bucky gave you a nod, kissing your forehead. "I will never hurt you again."
With the soft blink of your eyes, you believed him. You opened up your blanket, inviting him in. He took his shoes off and slide in next to you, pulling you into his arms. You smiled as he held you close to him. "Y/n?" Bucky whispered. You looked up to him humming in response.
"If it's not too much to ask, could you show me your past?" He asked; you thought about it for a second before gently nodding. Bringing your hand up, placing your hand softly on his forehead. Cuddled up together, you confided in him once and, going back to show him what you'd been trying to tell him from the very start.
Tumblr media
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biisexualemma · 17 hours ago
old friends. bucky barnes
word count: 1.7k
warnings: swearing, angst, mention of killing, guns, knives, lots of sarcasm and anger all the good stuff
requested: heey love! just saw that your requests are open and I thought I could request a Bucky oneshot because I am really in love with your writing. so, here's the idea: the reader is a skilled assassin herself but is more like an antihero. somehow she encounters the avengers, like Sam or Steve maybe, which is how she gets to know Bucky. They start to evolve feelings for each other blabla until one day buck looses control and beats her up like really really bad cause she doesn't wanna fight him back. I'd love to leave the ending and details up to you!
a/n: i have a couple other parts already written for this and while this particular part doesn't completely fulfil the request, it is the start of something along those lines so hang in there! this is just the beginning!
Tumblr media
you held your gun at arms length, eyes darting around the hallway as you scoped out your surroundings. your feet padded along the concrete hallway, your body clad in a skintight leather suit that was chafing your thighs like crazy. your bottom lip was caught between your teeth, turning another corner to find it empty like all the rest. you let out a humph, your eyebrows knitting for a second as you lowered your gun.
"what the hell?" you muttered under your breath. you tucked your gun back into the holster before continuing down the hallway until you reached a dead end and a single door. your hand hovered over your gun as you pushed the door. you rattled the door handle but it didn't budge. you took a few steps back before running at the door and slamming your shoulder into it with a thud.
suddenly the door cracked open and you went flying inside the room, stumbling over your own feet. your hand quickly grabbed your gun as you tried to regain yourself. your eyes travelled up, the same time you lifted your gun and in front of you stood a round of familiar faces. your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head as you straightened yourself out.
"oh god," you let out an audible groan. "what the hell are you guys doing here?"
"we could ask you the same thing," sam quipped back. you sent him a glare out the corner of your eye before redirecting your attention to steve who stood at the forefront of the team of avengers.
"god, you cock blocks always ruin my fun," your hand remained glued to the gun you held out aiming at steve, who was eyeing you up with caution.
"i wouldn't call disrupting a military organised rescue mission fun," sam couldn't help himself. you got on every one of his last nerves and you loved it.
you shrugged. "well that's why we could never be friends, bird man," you rolled your eyes back over to when he cleared his throat to intervene.
"enough," you sneered at the way he lowered his voice. "if you don't turn around and leave, we have no choice but to take you in— you know that."
"or maybe i could just go ahead and kill all of you," your smile dropped from your lips, watching steves frown deepen because he knew what kind of threat you were. "then you wouldn't have to do anything."
"c'mon, y/n," tony spoke up. you glanced at him for the first time since you barged in. the man you probably hated most out of them all. you didn't give him more than a glance.
"none of you have any idea who's dirty work you're doing here," you fought back, your grip growing tighter on the handle of your gun. your teeth gritted. "always blindly following orders, hm?"
"and what about you?" natasha couldn't hold her tongue any longer. you cocked an eyebrow, pursing your lips as the red head spoke up. "how long were you under dreykov's thumb for?"
you clenched your jaw, you took a few angry steps closer before swinging your arm so the gun faced natasha now. "you are a traitor and a coward, and you have no idea what you're talking about," you spat hastily. she didn't flinch, her arms remained folded across her chest, staring down the barrel of the gun.
"alright— enough!" steve intervened again, slapping the gun out of natasha's face. she huffed and turned away from you. "will you put that gun away for christ sake, nobody's killing anyone today."
you gritted your teeth, breathing through your nose to steady yourself. you had once gotten along with the avengers until they turned their back on you. and seeing them again was bringing back old feelings.
"you always did take her side in a fight," you dropped your gun down for a second, backing towards the door but you were halted. your back collided into another person, you turned around and saw a man staring down at you, blocking your way out. he had long, dark hair covering most of his face but the pair of piercing blue eyes was what caught your attention first. you took a step back as he towered over you, your gun slipping for a split second but you recovered quickly and tightened your grip.
"hang on—" your eyebrows knitted together as you came to a sudden realisation. "how the hell did you get your hands on the winter soldier?" your eyes trailed up and down him, his expression staying the same until you uttered the name. his jaw tightened as he glanced down at his feet for a second.
he shook his head, meeting your eyes again before he spoke. “that's not my name."
"oh really?" you teased, eyebrow twitching upwards. "we've met before, if you want me to jog your memory?” you followed his gaze as he tried to avoid your piercing stare. he shook his head a little softer this time. you gritted your teeth. "you tried to kill me."
he faltered for a split second but quickly tried to disguise it. he sniffed, shaking his head again. "i had no control—"
"oh, well that makes all the trauma you inflicted ok then—"
"y/n!" steve growled, cutting you short as his patience began to wear thin with you. it always did, you knew how to push every one of their buttons.
"cut it out, kid. you made your point," tony mumbled, his eyes struggling to meet yours. you shook your head.
"i can't believe i ever associated with you cranks."
"she was an avenger?" a voice you didn't recognise spoke for the first time, you frowned. it was young, girl-ish and wearing spandex.
"no," you narrowed your eyes at him and he seemed to shrink back away from you. you glanced at tony again. "you're recruiting kids now? that must be sitting nicely on your conscience, tony."
"i'm not a kid," the spandex clad kid in the corner tried lowering his voice to disguise himself but he'd already given himself away.
"have fun dealing with that weight when he gets killed, alright?" you teased a little too darkly.
"you never did know when to stop talking," clint chimed in for the first time.
"how's the wife and kids, barton? haven't paid them a visit in a while— 'they still living out in—"
he took a step forward, his hand moving to grab an arrow, his bow swinging up to face you but it was natasha who held out her hand to stop him.
"always so dramatic," you rolled your eyes, turning away from the gang and back to where the winter soldier stood blocking your exit. you look him up and down again. "steve, you wanna tell your guard dog to move out of my way or do i have to make him?"
"you can't leave, you're involved," steve was short, he was trying not to lose his temper with you. you made it incredibly hard for anyone to be nice to you.
"also, you just told us you came here to deliberately sabotage this mission," sam added. "we can’t just let you leave to finish off what you started."
you eyed them both up irritably. realistically you had no way of leaving if they were going to try and stop you. you were greatly outnumbered.
you humphed. "what're you gonna do with me anyhow? guarantee you'll be sick of me in a couple hours and you'll have wished you let me go right now."
"it's not up to us," tony shook his head. "you've got a lot of people looking to hold you accountable for some pretty serious shit."
you shook your head, chewing on your bottom lip. "assholes," you murmured, more to yourself than to them directly. you narrowed your eyes at him, eyebrows furrowing at the tone tony was taking with you. "if i remember correctly, you've all done some pretty serious shit in the past but i don't see that catching up with any of you."
"it's not the same—" tony shook his head but you cut him off.
"no because you have money, a shit tonne of it, so you can make it go away," you humphed, eyes dragging away from tony. "i don't see natasha being held accountable— and trust me—if you think i'm bad—“
"will you shut it," natasha snapped, her fists clenching at her side.
you let out a soft smirk, seeing her breathing heavy out the corner of you eye. "full house," you mumbled under your breath, amused that you got a rise out of every one of them in a matter of minutes. "you're all so easy."
"you're coming with us," steve ignored your comment, nodding to bucky. he picked up his shield and walked passed you without even a glance in your direction.
"fat chance," you scoffed, but before you could reach for your gun again, you were swiftly disarmed by the winter soldier. he tucked your gun away and made to grab your wrists, only for you to smack his hands away. you shook your right arm downwards, letting your backup knife fall from your sleeve and into your palm. you lifted it to his neck, the blade pressed up against his skin. "try to touch me again and i swear to god i'll kill you."
he didn't seem to flinch. he picked up on the slight tremble in your grip that might have gone unnoticed by anyone else. bucky gave you a second before catching you off guard and slapping the knife away from his throat, his hand catching your wrist before prying it out of your grip.
you huffed. "you're making the wrong call following them," you teased as he spun you around, yanking your hands behind your back and restraining your wrists with a zip tie. "trust me, you'll regret it. and i think you have enough regret to last you a lifetime, and then some.”
he turned back round to face him, his breath fanning your face he had leaned in so close to you. "why would i trust anything you say?"
you shrugged, your lips dipping down for a second. "that’s fair— you probably shouldn't."
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buckysbruni · 23 hours ago
games, riddles & tricks
pairing: gamer!bucky barnes x reader
a part of the thin lines universe
*written with a black reader in mind
word count: 3.8k
warnings: dirty talk, suggestive language, smut, swearing, exhibitionism if you squint really hard, bucky being a dirty lil shit, pls notify me of any warning i overlooked. 
a/n: this piece is in response to this ask and i read it and fell in love with it. thank you so much @bucked-niall for this ask! i hope you enjoy this! i know its not really short but thats a testament to how much i loved your ask. also It became way more smutty than I expected. im sorry. I hope that’s okay?? And I hope everyone continues to enjoy these two as much as I love writing for them. Right now, I am completely open for requests and am so very grateful to everyone who has written one so far. Send in an ask, a PM, or reply to any of my posts to request something! If you want to be added to my taglist (general, steve, bucky, and/or frank), do the same. If you are interested in more of my work, please check out my masterlist or search #mjwriteshere. I’ll catch ya’ll later. –mj :)
Tumblr media
The thing about Bucky is that because of who he is, he owns virtually any and every type of system on which you can play video games on. This reasoning isn’t solely because Bucky got every next-gen system and vintage handheld device for free because of his following. It’s also because Bucky was a big, fat nerd who would save up and buy all those things anyway. So, whenever you got to spend time at his place, you would have essentially an emporium of gaming devices to choose from.
It was glorious.
It also made a slight shame rumble in your stomach because you would always take a glance at your Switch that you brought everywhere with you and stuff it deeper in your bag.
“I still love you. I won’t let you feel neglected all night,” You would whisper to your Switch as the screen disappeared under your overnight clothes.
Tonight, you followed the same routine, having a real urge to play Wii Sports on his older console, and said an almost tearful goodbye to your Switch.
Bucky normally was very strict about his place being off-limits the nights of his streams. And by very, strict, he would send you the same text message those nights that stated:
If you even take a step towards my place, I will spank you. And you won’t like it.
(You replied: you know i’ll like them anyway. i might just sprint to yours to earn those. but that’s beside the point).
You always took his “threat” lightly but you knew there was extreme gravity behind those words. So, you listened. Usually. You stayed at your place. Usually. You didn’t think about going over there. Usually. But as of lately, you felt this imaginary tug at your limbs that signaled to your brain that you needed to be over there.
Truthfully, you just wanted to be near Bucky.
You had taken on a new internship that took more of your time than you anticipated and there were only certain times that both you and Bucky were completely available. Some of those times were the nights of his streams and when Bucky noticed how much time you two were not spending together (along with own almost primal need to always be around you), he broke his own rule tonight with a simple text: I’ve been thinking about your tits all day. Please come over here now.
Yani had been looking at a funny video on your phone at the time and gagged in your ear. You stuck your tongue out at her, told Bucky that you and your tits would be over there soon (Yani gagged again but told you to get out of your shared apartment), and sprinted to the bedroom to get ready.
When you arrived at Bucky’s apartment, you realized or rather remembered, why you and Yani were huddled up in your living room watching videos anyway. You two were relaxing before Bucky’s scheduled stream. Bucky answered his door freshly showered, with a phone in one hand, a controller in the other, and a headset placed upon his temple. You were confused for a slight second and then your eyes got big. You were so excited and eager to get to see him you forgot all about the stream. You blubbered out a hyper exclamation when you realized and slapped a hand over your mouth.
Bucky shook his head, “Mm, ‘Haven’t started yet. Just wanted to get ready.” You slowly nodded and took a step inside, letting Bucky close the door behind you. You clicked on your phone and noticed you sit had a couple of minutes before he began, “Hi baby.” He tried his best to tilt away the tiny microphone connected to his headset with the back of his wrist, before leaning down to kiss you. Still a little awkward, he let his lips pressed against yours in pecks before leaning to the side to kiss your cheek and going back to his full posture.
“Hi,” You grinned, releasing yourself fully from him, readjusting the strap of your backpack so that it fits better to your shoulder.
“Ah, there they are.” Bucky’s toothy smile confused you at first before you noticed his gaze glued to your chest. He set down the items in his hands and made grabby hands at your chest. You wanted to swat them away, but the no bra and tight crop top you were wearing was purposeful. So, you bit at your lip and pushed out your chest a little giving Bucky as much access as you could. He swooped down, burying his face in your shirt, and used his palms at the base of your back to push you closer to him.
“Ah, Bucky!” You yelped. Bucky rapidly tugged your bag off your shoulder and scooped you up. You had no choice but to wrap your legs around his back. Heat against heat, you were set up a little high on him so your chin rested on the top of his head. Bucky continued to rub his face against your tits, reeling in the softness that could be felt even through your top.
“Fuck, show them to me please.” Bucky tilted back his head and gave you a childish grin.
“Your streams starts in like a minute- “
“-This will only take a minute.” He wiggled his eyebrows. Rolling your eyes, you hesitated, before slowly pulling your hands from behind his neck and grabbing the hem of your top. Bucky weighted you down, helping you maintain your balance by gripping his hands on the exposed flesh of your torso. You leisurely pulled up the cotton and let it bunch up on your collarbones, still having to hold it in place.
“Hubba, hubba.”
You couldn’t lie. You loved this intense and often, silly-stupid, attraction Bucky had to you. The smiles that stretch across his face made a warmth settle in your belly like no other. You could be doing anything and wearing anything, and Bucky reacted to you like you were butt-naked, oiled-up pornstar ready for a shoot. 
It made you feel undeniably sexy.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cancel tonight,” Bucky’s voice trailed off as he took one hand to thumb as your nipples. His strength always stunned you especially when he was able to use one arm to hold you up, “And why are you hiding yourself in these ridiculous pants. Lemme see.” Bucky curled his fingers in the elastic band of your high-waisted leggings and shoved them down a little. Your soft flesh was on full display much to Bucky’s delight. His beard pinched a little against your skin when he started kissing up and down your ribcage.
 “You’re not canceling. Now, put me down.” The sternness in your voice was lost with the heat spreading through your loins and the laughter in your throat. Still, Bucky gave a kiss to both of your tits and steadily lowered you down to your feet. Your running shoes squeezed a little against his hardwood floor when you tried to keep yourself upright – a little dazed from the intimacy you just shared. Bucky was the one to tug your shirt back down but not without saying, “Bye, I’ll see you two later.”
“I set up the Wii for you in the bedroom but of course, everything is up for play,” Bucky gathered his belongings, took another glance at your chest, and sighed,” I’ll have my door shut but you can message me if you need anything. I’ll have my phone beside me.” Bucky ducked down for another kiss and pushed his mic back into place.
“Okay…” A weird static feeling ran inside your stomach when you realized that Bucky was actually going to lock himself in his gaming room for the next couple of hours. Yes, it was your idea for him not to cancel but also, you couldn’t help but let it rattle in your brain that, that might have been a mistake. Bucky seemed to notice the drop in your mood and gathered you up again, pulling you against his body.
“It will be a quick one tonight, kay?” Him smelling all good and body so warm, you really decided that you should have agreed with him to cancel. Bucky would never say anything about it because honestly, he did really need to stream tonight, and for the most part, him suggesting to cancel it, was a joke.
“…Got some of my merch samples. Wore some of the hoodies this week. They’re stacked up on my dresser.” Bucky was saying exactly what you needed without actually saying it. You were going to absolutely throw one of those on as soon as he shut the door behind him.
You held an embrace for a few moments, kissing and letting your tug on the top of his ears and slide down his chest. Your fresh manicure looked great against the darkness of his own hoodie, making you almost whimper all over again.
“Have a good stream,” You pulled yourself closer to him,” I love you, baby.”
“I love you more,” He laughed,” You needy little thing.”
“You’re the one who said they missed my tits…” You grumbled.
“Shut up.” He pinched your side, “Gonna wait to eat after the stream but there are snacks in the kitchen for you if you get too hungry to wait,” The hair on his face tickled your lips,” I’ll see you in a few.” With that, Bucky scurried off and you heard the door of his cave shut behind him.
That’s how you got exactly where you were right now. Your phone propped up on his desk by a cookie jar tuning into his stream and practically drooling at the sight of him on your tiny screen. You were in your third game of Wii Tennis, a little sweaty in the hoodie you stole (or rather the one Bucky practically said you could have), letting your eyes glance down to your phone when Bucky gave a particularly large chuckle or said some expletive.
Bucky was funny. In fact, he was hilarious. You didn’t have to pay much attention to his gameplay to get a good laugh from his commentary. The hoodie of his jacket was placed a little back on the top of his head so you could see his slightly damp curls peeking out which made you groan out loud. Bucky was doing the absolute bare minimum right now and you couldn’t help but let all those gooey, lovey emotions flush your body. He looked good. He was making you laugh. Bucky was just being Bucky. God, that made you want to be right next to him. It was a blessing and a curse to know and love Bucky.
You tried to distract yourself. You were just too sweaty and too unwilling to get rid of the jacket that smelled just like him, that you had to stop playing the game as if you were actually on the tennis court. You turned off the console and humbled yourself to play your neglected Switch. Unfortunately, that distraction didn’t last long. You had kicked off your shoes and wiggled your toes in your fuzzy socks, letting your mind roam somewhere else. You thought about the times you played the Switch in Bucky’s lap and he would keep his hands on your belly and his face nuzzled in your neck the whole time. Those thoughts made you irrationally angry and you stuffed your gaming device deep back in the bag where it belonged.
You tried just not watching his stream but as you scrolled through Instagram or Tiktok, you found yourself switching back to see his face.
It was infuriating.
It was even more bothersome because he was only a few feet away from you, so much so that you could hear him in particular moments when he got especially loud about figuring something out or losing a life even with both your doors closed.
When Bucky told his audience, Eh, a couple more missions won’t hurt? that’s when you decided that you had enough. And if you were remembering correctly, Bucky was waiting to eat after the stream which meant it had been a couple of long hours between his last meal. Bucky did this – getting too involved in his work that he pushed down his hunger and mistreat his overall well-being. Okay, maybe you were being dramatic or just needed any morsel of an excuse to be where he was but the rational part of your brain simply ignored that.
You swiped up the cookie jar (a present from you that modeled the Hunny jar from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) and stomped over to the kitchen first. It was too late for a coffee but you knew Bucky would want it anyway so you grabbed a canned espresso shot anyway. As you plated him a PB&J, a sliced apple, and an assortment of cookies, you heard Bucky ask his followers if he should give this mission a go. 
You groaned. 
So much for a short one.
You absolutely knew that your emotions were unwarranted but this was Bucky. How could someone not always wants to be right next to him?
You put your hood on just like him, letting your straightened hair and extensions fall over the front of your shoulders before doing the easy balancing act of holding his plate and drink. What you were about to do was different. It wasn’t like his follower hadn’t seen your face before but this was the first time it was on the stream. You were opening it up to probably thousands of people who didn’t follow him on other social media platforms. You were opening yourself up to the cohort of Bucky’s real dedicated fans. The idea of it all terrified you a bit but it was bound to happen sooner than later, right?
That’s what you had to tell yourself.
With a deep breath and the hand holding the espresso on the doorknob, you slowly turned the mahogany. The room was pretty dark for the most part with the banality of having LED lights everywhere. Bucky’s color scheme was green and blue with hints of pink. The sign that said AVERAGEMCLOVIN was the largest touch of pink and could be seen in the background of all his streams. Bucky’s back, covered by his gaming chair, faced you so your eyes could really only the large screens that sat in front of him. He was so focused on the game and then back to the chat that he hadn’t noticed you appear somewhat in the webcam. You took a few steps forward, closing the door behind you so that your frame would come to light.
Bucky still didn’t notice.
“Guys, I know that’s a fuckin TikTok trend,” He laughed, rolling his eyes at the chat,” You guys just want to punk me with that stupid look behind you. You guys don’t think I’m very smart, do you?” Bucky’s eyes were still on the game feigning hurt.  
“I think It’s that hot chick from your IG,” Bucky mumbled, reading off a comment, “She comes bearing gifts. What?” Bucky scoffed, loudly and continued playing the game, “Mister anakin3000, that’s scary. How do ya’ll know she’s even at my place?” Bucky didn’t even question who this “hot chick” was and knew exactly who everyone was talking about. You slightly laughed at that and decided to play along with everyone and not let Bucky in on the secret.
“Because she’s right behind, you doorknob.” Bucky read off another comment from the chat and winced, “Ouch.” With the chat still sounding off about your presence, Bucky finally twirled around his chair. Taking your bottom lip between your teeth, you let the air blow out your nose in a giggle.
“Hi.” You said softly.
Bucky’s eyes were large and smiling. Your heart just melted at that. The bit of anxiety you had concerning his strict, don’t bother me while I’m gaming motto, was all washed away.
“It is that hot chick from my insta,” Bucky’s game was paused and he twisted to the side so that he could easily keep his eyes on you but didn’t turn his back fully away from the chat, “And she does have gifts…” Bucky looked down at your hands and then back at your face. You were grinning now and taking closer steps towards him.
“Hi.” You squeaked. You step into the full light and were well aware that everyone could see your entire face now. But then Bucky did something.
“Hi, baby. Everything okay?”
That was the tip of the iceberg.
One word.
“Holy fuck,” Bucky whispered with a slight laugh on his breath. The words on the screen moved up, down, and away at lightning speed.
 @anakin3000: Damn she fine
 @mayod: NGL If she came to all of your streams I’d probably pay more attention
 @cryingmj: mommy? Sorry. mommy? Sorry. mommy? Sorry.
 @bonding007: U tappin that McLovin????
 @xanadu: I bet she can whoop your ass in Clash.  
 @ifnotnowthen: crying and throwing up rn.
 “Okay, guys. Fuck off.” Bucky laughed and grabbed your waist. The food on the plate jumbled a little but Bucky’s artful fingers (in more ways than one) effortlessly took the white porcelain from you and set it on his desk,” Ooh coffee.” He had it in his hands for about two seconds before cracking open the tab. Knocking his head back and taking a sip of his drink, Bucky moved you so that you stood between his spread legs.
Ignoring Bucky, the chat continued to spiral. Most comments were complimenting you or asking you questions. Some comments were odd but none were outright rude. You tried to smile, tried to give some answers but it was hard to focus on all the comments coming in so at one point you decided to hang your head down and trace the tattoos of Bucky’s hand.
“All right…” Bucky tapped his left thigh, urging you to take a seat. You did. You slowly lowered yourself down, keeping your eyes everywhere but the screen. Okay, maybe this wasn’t a great idea. But also, now you were here all close to Bucky with his cologne rushing through your senses.
“Yes, she is sexy. And no, I will not share.” Bucky almost growled out, tightening his grip on your hips. You laughed at that and turned your head up so you could look at his face. He gave you a little peck on the tip of your nose, moving away from the mic on his headset first, and smiled huge as he pulled away.
“You should eat something,” Was all you could say. You really kind of stuttered it out. You were too caught up in his arm around you and his big, beautiful eyes and yeah, this man had the most beautiful face you have ever seen.
Bucky started to rub your thighs, comforting you to stay a little longer. You thought he completely ignored what you said until you picked up a one diagonal cut half of his sandwich.
“You hungry too?”
“I can wait until you’re done…”
“You’re hungry too,” Bucky said this more as a statement this time. He slid the plate closer to you, telling you to take the other half giving you no time to protest. His face turned directly to the screens in front of him, reading more comments. You grumbled a little, as a sign to Bucky that told you could wait until his stream was done. Bucky took that as an opportunity to pinch your side, really hard while never turning his attention back to you.
Pouting you picked up the other half and gradually started taking bites.
You could make a really mean PB&J.
“Mm, they want you to talk to them some more, sweetheart.” Bucky used the roller on his computer mouse to slow down the comments, “Only if you want to.” Bucky could definitely sense your reserve. A million thoughts ran through your brain – Was this a good idea? I should have just stayed put? But look at me now… Fuck, Bucky looks so good. I’d be an obsessed fan too.
You took a deep breath and gave a glance at the comments. With Bucky’s hand rubbing up and down the small of your back, you slowly started to gain the courage to answer some questions. We met in college. No, I don’t play games nearly as much as him. I’m wearing the black and green mascara from Essence. Uh, yeah! This is some of his new merch – Shit, Bucky was I supposed to announce that?
You both started to settle in comfortably, the game is long forgotten. Sometimes Bucky would answer a question and give you the chance to continue the answer. Sometimes you were the only one who could answer it. It was fun. Bucky made you feel so cozy the entire time with reassuring touches and once he removed his headset, he was able to whisper little sweet nothing in your ear.
“You’re doing so well, honey. So, brave.”
“Thanks for joining me. I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Mm love you s’much. Love that you’re right on my lap. Love that you love me.”
“Such a good girl…”
As much as you tried to focus on answering questions or just adding your voice to some remarks on the screen, the room started to get a little too hot and your body’s reaction to his words was the root of it all. Bucky was daring – he marched against his own drum. He was truly the last person on Earth you would ever think would care about someone else’s opinion. That’s what you loved about him most of all. So, when Bucky’s murmurs in your ears started to turn a very different way, you cursed yourself because how could you not guess this would happen.
“I cannot wait to eat my favorite little pussy, tonight... You deserve to be rewarded.”
“My sexy, fuckin baby. You want my dick tonight?”
“Can I fuck you tonight, please?”
You knew you were playing with fire but you shifted across his thighs to sit further up on his crouch, letting the thin layer of your leggings and the thin layer of his sweatpants allow you to feel the hardness of him. In the viewfinder, you could see that Bucky was leaned all the way back, his eyes on the sight of your ass on his cotton-covered print.
You had answered approximately two questions and wiggled on his lap four times before Bucky leaned forward and announced it was the end of the stream. It was abrupt but warranted when a few comments started to ask Bucky why the fuck his face looked like that. Bucky clicked off everything, still holding you close, but not without mumbling how naughty you fuckin’ are or how he should have fucked you right in front of everyone.
You sighed at that, “Maybe you should have… You would’ve probably gotten more tips.”
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Dangerous (2/2)
Some dangerous men get a hold of your address and Bucky comes to save your ass. What happens the next day?
Warnings: Cussing (obviously), implied smut, outright smut, fluff, god save the queen (also this is my first time writing any smut so just know that lol)
Words: 1.9k
18+ Only, Minors DNI
Part 1
Tumblr media
Bucky woke up and turned so he could see you asleep on the pillow beside him. You took his breath away. It was raining outside, and the gentle light coming in from the windows lit your delicate features, making you look so innocent and sweet. You were snoring faintly and it made him smile. Even your imperfections were perfect. He would be damned if he let anyone hurt you. He kissed your forehead as lightly as he could and then snuck out of bed to get ready for the day. His legs were stiff and sore as he walked slowly to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and turned slightly, catching a glimpse of his back in the mirror.
“Holy shit,” he whispered. There were red lines criss-crossing all over his back, a couple places had scabs where you had drawn blood. He turned and checked his chest only to find it littered with hickeys and some faint lipstick stains. Memories of screams, grasping hands, and desperate moans flashed through his mind and a slow smile graced his face. Last night had been…beautiful. He stepped under the warm water and hissed, the scratches stinging a little when they got wet. But his back, hips, and leg muscles needed the heat to help relax. After washing off and jacking off, he stepped out and dried off. When he came out of his bathroom, you weren’t in the bed anymore and his breath caught. His first thought was of the Dover Boys and how the hell they could have gotten in here to take you without him hearing anything. The rattle of pans in the kitchen grounded him and he sighed in relief. You were still here.
He slipped on a pair of boxers and gym shorts and then stepped out to find you. He followed the sounds of light music and singing to the kitchen where you were making eggs and toast for the two of them. His mouth fell slightly open when he rounded the corner. You were standing there, wearing nothing but a pair of his boxers and an apron. He was quite certain that you were going to be the death of him, and no death could be sweeter.
One of your recent favorite songs was playing, and Bucky loved it too.
“Sylvia?” he called, joining in with Mickey as he walked to stand beside you at the stove.
Your head popped up and you gave him a large, joyful smile. “Yes, Mickey?” you sang.
He picked up a wooden spoon and used it as a microphone. “How do you call your lover boy?”
You used the spatula that was in your hand. “C’mere, lover boy!” you sang with all the sexy gravelly voice you could muster.
“And if he doesn’t answer?” He flipped the stove off and grabbed you by the hand to pull you in.
“Oh, lover boy?” you answered sweetly, wrapping one arm around his waist and holding your spatula microphone with the other.
“And if he STILL doesn’t answer?” Bucky bit his lip, knowing his favorite part was coming next.
You crooned, “I simply say, ‘Baby, oooohhh baby! My sweet baby, you’re the one!’”
Bucky took your microphones and set them down, taking you by the other hand and danced with you around the kitchen, the two of you singing together. The song faded out and you looped both arms around his neck. You pulled him down to kiss you, taking charge and swirling your tongue around his mouth. You loved the way you could still taste his cinnamon toothpaste. You broke the kiss with a pop and shivered, his hands coming to rest on your sides so his thumbs could brush back and forth over the exposed sides of your breasts. “I’ve got breakfast and coffee ready for us. Then, I’d like to help you deal with…the boys…today.” You looked at him with a serious face. “I don’t take kindly to someone threatening me at my own home. Can I be part of today, please?”
“Anything for you, my love.” He said. “How many hickeys do you have this morning?”
You winked at him. “One too few, I think. Could I get another one right here?” you asked, pointing to where your neck met your collar bone. “I think it would look really pretty there to show off at our meeting.” Without hesitation, he nestled his face right where you had pointed. You sighed and leaned your head back to give him more room to work. You tangled your fingers in his hair; that earned you a good slap on the ass.
He stood back up to admire his handiwork. Satisfied, he lead you to the kitchen so you could eat.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
You sat in Bucky’s chair behind his desk, cleaning your favorite pistol and waiting for the Dover’s to show up. Steve had set up a meeting between them and Bucky, but didn’t tell them what it was about. He just said that it was a good opportunity they would want to be a part of. He was waiting out front and Bucky…well, he was pacing back and forth, getting more and more angry. Not at you, never truly at you. Even yesterday he wasn’t mad at you, he was scared and mad at the situation.
“Mr. Barnes, darling, please sit down or come stand beside me. You’re going to wear tracks on my very expensive rug.” You were tense, and he could tell by the name you used. He walked behind you and started to rub your shoulders. You knew he was trying to be helpful, but it was also a good use of his nervous energy.
“Boss,” crackled the radio on the desk. “They’re here.”
You looked up at Bucky, a bit tense but also secure in your safety here. You nodded.
“Strip them of weapons and bring them up,” he commanded.
Less than five minutes later, two gentlemen walked into the office followed by a very angry Steve. “They had weapons. I specifically told them to not bring anything and what do these fuckin idiots do? They brought these!” he shouted, dumping a pile of hand guns, knives, and a taser onto the floor behind the desk. You cocked an eyebrow at the assortment and looked back up at the boys. “Thank you, Steve. Please step just outside the door in case we need you.” You focused your eyes on the desk in front of you and began snapping your own weapon back together. “You want to walk me through that thought process, boys?”
They just stared at you. “Mr. Barnes, they’re all yours.” You said without looking up.
Bucky walked around and sat on the front of the desk, giving you a nice view of his ass and strong back. You knew you had carved into that back last night and the thought of those marks made you crave him.
You put the last piece into place and slammed a magazine into it, cocked the gun to put a bullet in the chamber, and set it back down with a loud thump. Bucky was asking them if they knew why they had been asked to visit, asked them if they knew why he had killed their cousin, the usual small talk. But you didn’t want to wait for him to do something, you were madder than hell.
“Honestly, I don’t give a fuck who we shot,” you interrupted. Bucky stood and walked to the side of the desk, holding out his hand to you. You took it and stood as well, allowing him to guide you to the front of the desk with him. He leaned against the desk and pulled your ass flush against him, rutting against you while the Dover boys stared wide-eyed. “Do you understand what this show means?” They shook their heads at you, their eyes glued to where your skirt was beginning to ride up with the friction. “You’re leaving here in a body bag. You think you can use our men to get my address? You think you can attempt to put me in harm’s way without consequences?” By now Bucky had lost control of himself. He unzipped his pants and pulled the back of your skirt up the rest of the way, burying himself in you. It wasn’t an accident you had “forgotten” to pack underwear for today. “You think you can see him touch me like this without losing your eyes? This is going to be the last thing you see. You think you can hear him whisper love words in my ear? No, you’ll lose your voice so you can never repeat them. You’ll lose your ears so it’s the last memory of sound you have. You made a big mistake gentlemen. He might be the king of this city, the head of this mafia, but I’m his queen and everyone knows you respect his queen or pay in blood.” You let Bucky go a few more moments, enjoying the sensation, the audience, and the adrenaline. “Kneel.” You commanded. The two men were crying but couldn’t seem to look away. Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck to muffle his whimpers. You had driven him beyond the point of return, he was so far gone for you. Your demanding voice sent shivers down his spine and he had to slow down so he didn’t cum too early. “I said kneel!” you shouted.
They sank to their knees and started to beg for their lives. You whipped your pistol up and shot them both between the eyes before Bucky registered what was going on, blood splattering everywhere. You moaned and came, dragging him along with you.
When the two of you had cleaned yourselves up with the washrag and baby wipes you kept in his drawer for such an occasion, you opened the door and ushered in the clean-up crew. Bucky was slumped in his chair, still dazed. “You wanna go home, honey?” you asked softly.
He looked up at you with tears in his eyes. “I love you so much, Y/n. I mean it. Will you move in with me? We can have your stuff in my house by the end of the day.” He grabbed your hands and guided you to sit on his lap. “I know you wanna get married, let’s go ring shopping tomorrow. Can we move you in today though? I love you and I don’t want to live another day without you.” He kissed your hands and sniffled.
“Oh, baby, I love you so much, of course I’ll move in with you!” You kissed him all over his lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, everywhere you could reach.
“Steve, will you bring my car to the front?” Bucky called. “And call the Francos, the Tanner boy, and a few other trusted guys. We’re gonna move my darlin’ to my house today.” He wrapped an arm around your back and one under your knees and picked you up. “I’m gonna hold you all the way to the house, and then carry you over the threshold. There ain’t a doubt in my mind you were made for me, babydoll. You drive me insane, you know that?”
You giggled and looped your arms around his neck. “I kinda had my suspicions during our meeting today.” You were looking forward to what the rest of life would bring with your Mr. Barnes. The two of you became the most dangerous couple in all of New York. Everyone knew to respect the king, but God help whoever disrespected the Queen.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Thank you for reading! If you wanna see more of what I've written, my masterlist is the top pinned post on my blog. If you would like to be added to my tag list, let me know, and if you have thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, or requests feel free to shoot me an ask! Love y'all!
Tags: @metalbuckaroo @airixaram @striving4averagegirl
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the-queen-of-hell-666 · 2 days ago
Not Done
Tumblr media
So this was a request by; @hq6667754 I hope you enjoy this fic!!!
Warnings: explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, vaginal sex, creampie, semi-public sex, dom!Bucky, sub!Reader), easily pissed off Bucky, bratty!reader 
Tumblr media
You sat in the booth next to Bucky and he wrapped his arm around your waist. You laid your head on his shoulder as you took a sip of your wine. 
He pulled you onto his lap and you leaned against his chest with a smile. You smirked widely and started grinding down on his lap. His hands squeezed your hips and he growled low in your ear. You giggled and reached behind you to tangle your fingers in his hair. 
Bucky groaned as you tugged on his hair lightly and you smiled at him. You ground your ass against his groin and his hands dug into your hips. You were wearing the small black cocktail dress that always drove him crazy. 
You two came here with Steve and Peggy and they went dancing on the nice dance floor. You and Bucky stayed behind and drank your alcohol and enjoyed each other’s company. You loved how he smelled of metal and cologne. He loved how you smelled of lavender and gunpowder. 
You turned around in his lap and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He squeezed your ass softly and you squealed quietly. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” You smirked as you continued to grind on his lap. 
“You keep acting like a little brat and I'll take you over my knee right here, I don't care how many people are watching,” Bucky growled in your ear, and a shiver rolled down your back. You loved how dominant he got with you. It always turned you on to no end. 
You usually crumbled under his glare but you wanted to tease him a little longer. “Oh, so scary.” You smirked, and he stood up and dragged you to the bathroom.
He made sure the bathroom was vacant and he locked the door before he pinned you to it. His lips crashed down on yours and you moaned at the intensity of the kiss. He picked you up by your thighs and pressed you flush against his chest. 
You squealed as his hands squeezed your ass and he growled against your lips. He pulled back to start taking off his button-up and you stood up. You looked at him in a daze before smiling and playing with the hem of your dress. 
“Wanna see what I'm wearing underneath all this?” You asked, and he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. His metal hand gripped your dress and he tore it from your body. It revealed your brand new matching black lace lingerie. 
It had gold and black details all over it, matching his arm. He smirked at the sight of you looking like his property. He leaned down and kissed you passionately as he picked you up again. 
Your hands went down to his jeans and you unbuckled his belt before pulling his cock out. You stroke him slowly and he groaned against your lips. His hands slid your panties to the side and he slipped his cock into you. 
You moaned as his cock filled you up and stretched your cunt. It was always a bit painful to take him but it felt so good. His hands gripped your ass and started pounding into your tight and wet core. 
He groaned at how tight your walls squeezed his cock as he fucked you. You moaned and he thrusted two fingers into your mouth to keep you quiet. You gagged on his fingers as your head fell back against the door. 
He smirked at how fucked out you looked and he sped up his hips. He felt your walls throbbing and clenching around his cock as you got close to your orgasm. He leaned into your ear and whispered all the dirty things he would do to you once you get home. 
Your walls clenched and throbbed at the thought as you got to your edge. He nibbled on your neck and you fell over the edge and came around his cock. You cried out around his fingers as your walls squeezed his cock tight. 
He growled your name before he thrusted deep into you and came in spurts of warm cum. He filled you up to the brim and he kept thrusting into you, making sure that you get all of his cum. He pulled his fingers out of your mouth and a bit of drool spilled out of your mouth. 
You had a dazed smile on your face as he pulled out of you. He tucked himself back in and he helped you stand. He kissed your lips softly and you kissed back with passion.
“That was fun.” You whispered.
He chuckled and nodded. “It was, but I’m not done with you.”
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supremethunda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/black!Reader
Word Count: 630
Genre: Romance
Warning: Suggestive situations
A/N: Special thanks to magicxc for beta-reading this!
Taglist: Thekrazykeke, Jewel2876, Browngirldominion, merceret, bestofbucky, @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog, @whisperlullaby, @wintersoldierslut, kelieah, jasminedayz, angrybirdxx, namjoonswifeyy, @chaoticpete​, AWESOMEREXTYPHOON
Tumblr media
If you had known that you were gonna run into the loser of a guy you went on a first date with, you wouldn't have agreed to drinks at the bar with your girlfriends tonight. You would have kept your ass home and stayed in your pajamas and bonnet watching Living Single. Luckily, one of your friends was able to give you a heads up that he was looking for you. Apparently, blocking his number from your phone wasn't enough to prove that you weren't interested in a second date. You knew you were gonna have to step your game up if you were gonna get rid of this guy for good. When you spotted a tall and handsome stranger with short brown hair in a tapered style with a black long-sleeved jacket sitting at the bar by himself, you saw a way out.
You tell your friends you'll be right back and leave their table and head straight for the bar. You ask the bartender for a drink before you cautiously slide closer towards the handsome stranger. You think you're being subtle until you realize he's looking right at you. His eyes, which are a piercing shade of blue, nearly takes your breath away. It isn't until he speaks that you feel your heart skip a beat.
"Hi," He greets. "I'm Bucky," He greets you with a polite smile.
"(Name)," You return the smile before you push yourself to continue while the line of dialogue is open. "Mind if I ask you a favor?"
Bucky raises an eyebrow in curiosity wondering what sort of help a beautiful woman such as yourself needed that would require his assistance. When he sees the way your body tenses up when you lock eyes with another man standing on the other side of the room, he suddenly understands why you were asking for help.
"Kiss me," You urged, putting a hand over his own. "Please..."
Bucky looks at you for a moment completely thrown for a loop by your sudden and intimate request. However, when he sees the guy that has you so on edge approaching, he decides now isn't the time to ask questions or hesitate. He reaches out and gently places a hand behind the base of your neck, his eyes boring into yours.
"You got it, doll." He whispers before he leans forward, his lips meeting yours in a soft kiss.
You sharply inhale and your eyes flutter close as Bucky moves his gloved hand from behind your neck and cups your face using both hands to tilt your head as you kiss him back. The kiss initially starts off slow and sweet as you lean into it and allow yourself to enjoy the softness of his lips against yours. The combination of the taste of alcohol lingering on his lips and the scent of his cologne ignites a fire in you that leaves you wanting more. You reach out with both hands and grab fistfuls of his jacket as you part your lips and allow Bucky to slip his tongue inside your mouth. Warmth spread throughout your body as his tongue explores your mouth, a soft moan escaping your lips without even meaning to.
As your brain and lungs urge you to take a breath, you slowly break the kiss. Bucky’s chest rose and fell with rapid breaths, his lips now swollen and his face flushed from the kiss. You take a moment to look around the bar for the guy you’ve been avoiding. When you see that he was nowhere to be found, you sigh in relief.
"Thank you for, well… the kiss." You said, your heart still racing.
"No problem," Bucky said, straightening out his jacket.
"I hate to ask, but what was your name again?"
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metalbuckaroo · a day ago
hi lovely! i have a request if you’ve not already wrote one or you’re willing to write it :) - a lil drabble about if mafia!bucky misses date night bc he’s too busy with his business and stuff (a little angsty and a lil fluffy)
thank you sm <3
SUMMARY// Bucky misses the 3rd date night in a row and assumes buying you something will make up for it
WARNINGS// cursing, lil angst, lil fluff, I think that's ab it
AU// mafia!bucky
NOTE// this was pretty fun to write, not gonna lie
Tumblr media
Bucky mentally cursed at himself as he got out of his car, quickly climbing the stairs of your apartment building as he looked at his watch.
Five hours late for a reservations he'd made to your favorite restaurant three weeks before.
"She's gonna fucking kill me." He grumbled to himself as he flipped through his keys for the one to your apartment door.
"Hey, baby." Bucky gave you a nervous smile when he saw you stand from the couch, dress flowing against your thighs as you stormed down the hallway.
"Come back- I'm sorry." He huffed, letting the door shut so he could follow after you. "Get out." You snapped, slamming the bathroom door.
He leaned his forehead against the wood and sighed. "I got caught up, I said I was sorry." Bucky tapped his metal knuckles against the door, hearing a soft sniffle on the other side. "This is the third time you've missed a date. In a row. I've barely seen you in the past two months. I might as well be single..."
His heart twisted at your words and he squeezed his eyes shut, the possibility of losing you due to him flaking out so much finally weighing on him. "Don't say that, darling. Please, don't say that." He pleaded, trying to turn the knob. "I'll make it up to you. New dress? Maybe some shoes to match? Anything you want, I'll buy for you."
Bucky almost fell forward when you slung the door open, swiftly catching himself with the doorframe as you looked up at him with tears streaking your face. "I don't want you to spend money on me, I wanna spend time with you."
His hands reached to hold your waist as you shoved pass him. "You look so gorgeous, sweetheart. C'mon, let's go find something to do." He offered as you pushed his hands away. "Go away." You muttered, feeling behind you for the zipper of your dress.
"No, don't undress. We're gonna go do something." He said while tapping your hands away gently. "You can go do something, I'm going to bed."
"I told you I was sorry and I would get you whatever you wanted to make up for it!" Bucky didn't mean for his tone to raise the way it did. Though, it still didn't phase you as you whipped around to glare at him.
"Buying someone things doesn't make up for everything, James! You need to understand that money doesn't solve every problem!" You retorted, Bucky's shoulders slumping and eyebrows knitting together. "I figured it'd make you happy."
You scoffed and tugged at your zipper. "I don't want money, I want you. You make me happy. Get that through your thick skull." You seethed, poking a finger into his thick chest.
"Did you just- poke me?" Bucky wasn't mad, more confused by your actions and words. "Just go home. If you can't understand that all I want, is to spend even just an hour with you- then go home." You said waving a hand at him.
"I'm offering to take you somewhere and buy you something, sweetheart!" He tried to soften his tone with the petname so it wasn't as harsh, urging his gaze not to watch the dress pool at your feet. "Exactly- buy me something! That's all it ever is! 'I'll buy you this, I'll buy you that'- I just want my fucking boyfriend!"
The tears that pooled in your eyes made everything click in Bucky's mind, knowing exactly what he had to do so that he could make it up to you.
He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Fine," he said pulling his dress shirt from the waistband of his slacks. "Wanna go to bed? Do it. I'll be in the living room watching TV. Might even order some take out." He walked to your dresser as he unbuttoned his shirt, getting in the very last drawer that held some of his clothes he'd left behind.
"Whatever." You mumbled, getting a shirt from your closet to wear.
You watched as Bucky pulled on a pair of sweatpants, sitting a thin, rectangular box on top of the dresser before walking out of the room.
Sitting on the edge of your bed, you folded your arms across your chest and huffed out a breath. Looking at the box he'd left behind.
You rolled your eyes at it as you crossed your legs under you. Thinking it was something he'd sent someone for as a way to apologize.
Maybe you had overreacted, maybe you hadn't. It didn't seem like such a bad thing to want some time with him. He just stayed so busy all of the time.
Bucky sat in the living room for almost an hour, waiting for the food delivery and for you to finally come out of your room. He knew that you wouldn't actually go to sleep if he was sat in your living room. You'd wait for awhile for everything to cool down, then come out.
Your soft footsteps caught his attention from the TV as you padded into the room wearing one of his shirts. Eyebrows knitted together as your eyes wandered towards the TV for a moment and you moved to stand in front of him. "I'm sorry, darling." He exhaled, reaching his hands out to you.
You looked at him for a moment before sitting on his lap, his arms going around your tightly. "I shouldn't have yelled at you." You murmured, tracing one of the golden lines on his bionic left arm. "I understand, I shouldn't have yelled either. I'm not around as much as I should be. I'll turn my phone off until I leave tomorrow afternoon- Did you open the box?" He said, pressing a kiss to your temple as you shook your head. "No, I don't want an apology gift. I told you that."
Bucky chuckled lightly and hugged you a little tighter. "I bought it yesterday, didn't think I was gonna be so late. Was gonna give it to you over dinner as an early anniversary gift." He shrugged, another kiss pressed to your shoulder this time before he patted your leg for you to move over.
You watched him go down the hall and into your room, coming back out with the velvety box in hand.
"You're impossible sometimes, you know that?" You stated as he sat back down beside you. "Mhm, you love it." Bucky smirked, pecking a kiss to your lips as he opened the box. Taking the tennis bracelet out. "And cheesy."
Laughing lightly, he placed it on your wrist. Clasping it before turning the jewelry to show the 'J' pendant that was attached to it. "Extremely cheesy for you, sweetheart."
"What kind of food did you order?" You said softly, looking down at the pendant as you messed with it. Bucky sitting next to you and pulling you into his side. "The all night diner down the street. Your favorite." He exhaled, pulling your legs to hook over one of his. "Really?" You said, finally looking at him again.
Humming in response, he place a brief kiss to your lips. Cold left hand cupping the inside of your thigh. "I really do care for you, sweetheart. Would hate to lose you." You nodded pecked a kiss to the dimple of his chin, lifting your hands to hold his scratchy jaw. "No more apology gifts."
Bucky's blue eyes sparkled as he looked at you, a wide smile flashing his pearly whites. "Whatever you want, sugar."
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹
Taglist: @likeahorribledream @cxddlyash @iwannabekilledtwice @bookstan0618 @glxwingrxse @yliumy @pineprincess @makbarnes @cupcakehinch @doasyoudesireandlive @magicwithinnightmares @preferredrealty @andy-is-gay @stucky-my-ship @marvel-3407 @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @i-l-y-3000 @avoxzy @impala1967666 @mollygetssherlockcoffee @supernaturalbaesduh @bucky-hues @suchababie @an-adult-fairy @ju5tyna20 @hallecarey1 @jxlystan @elizabeth228 @secret21121 @strwbrrybucky @busybeingtrash @harrysthiccthighss @everything-burns-down @ynsdiarys @sunnynapp @bucky-harrymybfs @sylleblossomstar @winter-soldier-101 @smokeinherperfume @andreead @amalfoyandariddle @mal-edictions @magicaleternal @doll1917 @eireduchess @commonintrest
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puppypopcornpizza · a day ago
Cold Hands
She'd forgotten New York's chill. Burning as she breathed in crisp and the hairs on her neck stood. Icy bitterness - biting into skin and her fingers were numb even stuffed into her pockets. The man ahead didn't even seem slightly inconvenienced. 
"You're being dramatic," a crinkle in his eyes before a chuckle and white breath. His shoulders seemed lighter. 
"Says the Super Soldier with the metal arm, you've got less parts to get cold."
"That's rude." 
"You've said worse to me." 
Eyes glared in her direction then back ahead, she caught the quirk at the corner of his mouth before he could hide it. She couldn't help her own smile. 
Bucky, to her, felt like comfort. An odd kind of uncertainty but safety that left her longing for more and she wasn't entirely sure for what. 
But she caught herself memorising the tension in his jaw when words got stuck, a squint as eyes darkened - the way his head would tilt when he spoke. The sorrow in his features when he thought no one paid mind. He carried more hurt than he'd let on. 
Though he'd watch her hands, she'd notice. Eyes would focus on chipped nail polish and picking at raw edges as words took - almost distant gazes but she knew he'd heard. 
"Hey," a bump to her shoulder and she almost gasped at the pull from thoughts. "Where are you?" 
She breathed a short laugh, watching her boots as she sifted through her brain for an answer that wasn't related to him. Because she couldn't do that yet, she wouldn't. 
"Uh," another forced chuckle before an awkward smile. He had every right to be suspicious.
"'Think the cold might be freezing your brain." 
"That and I can't feel my nose or my fingers," an eye roll with a smile from him. "Don't roll your eyes at me, I will punch you." 
Feigned fear in his eyes before he broke out into grins, her chest felt warmer. Static in her stomach like he was a high school crush. 
"I hate you, Barnes."
Right hand held out to her, he still wore the gloves and it almost made her frown. Even through the leather his palm radiated warmth and the butterflies doubled. 
"Yeah?" The smug in his grin never faltered, seeming to widen at the colour growing in her cheeks. "Seems like I'm helping now." 
"Shut up." 
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coffeecatsandcandles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐞’𝐥𝐥 𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧 | 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐈- 𝐈’𝐥𝐥 𝐍𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧
Chapter VII | Series Masterlist
Word Count: 2.7k
Warnings: DEATH, dead body mention (nothing graphic). Major depression and grief. I’m sorry (I’d elaborate more but spoilers). I will say that this chapter goes deep into the feelings of grief, so if that is a sensitive topic for you, this is your warning.
A/N: Remember a few weeks ago when I said that one of my own works made me cry? Well… this chapter may or may not be what broke me. I’m sorry.
Some days taking care of Rebecca were good, some weren’t. It was odd how familiar the entire thing felt- helping her bathe, feeding her when she wasn’t able to feed herself, petting her hair until she fell asleep, it all reminded you of when she was a baby. Not much had changed, only now she could form coherent sentences. That is, if she had enough energy to do so.
When she did talk, she told you everything about her life, even more than she did when you were just a friend to her. She talked about her college days, about Rose- she really did love her, and it killed you that you never got to meet her- and she’d talk about her parents. There were so many people who loved Rebecca, so many people who made her who she was. It hurt like hell knowing you weren’t one of them until now, but more than anything, you wished that every single one of them were still here so you could meet them and thank them. Thank them for making her who she was, for taking care of your baby girl. Rebecca was raised by strangers to you, but they did a pretty damn good job doing it. You couldn’t help but wonder how different she would’ve turned out had you or Bucky never gone missing.
Rebecca gently shut her eyes, signaling that you could relax for a few hours while she slept. If it’d been any other person, you’d be off the clock. You’d be tired and worn out. But this was your baby. You would go to the ends of the earth and beyond to make sure she was healthy. After kissing her forehead gently- something you did every time she fell asleep as a baby- you made your way out to the living room, where Bucky was sat waiting for you.
“How’s our little girl doing?” he asked. You plopped next to him, his arm instinctively wrapping around you as you cuddled into his side. Over the time the two of you had spent together, Bucky remembered more and more about you. First, he remembered your wedding. Then the day you met, the many nights he’d knock on your door in the middle of the night just to kiss you, and nearly all of your pregnancy. The memory that hurt the most was saying goodbye to you, right before he left for the last time.
Oh, how he wished things were different. He wished he could turn back time, fake being sick and never go to war in the first place. He’d live out his days with you, taking care of Rebecca until he took his last breath, hopefully with his two best girls by his side. His aura was so full of love and warmth every time he was around the two of you, he always felt warm and fuzzy every time he looked back and thought about the 40s. He liked those days. But that was a completely different life. The one he was living now, though he was trying to get that warm and fuzzy feeling back, didn’t feel the same. He still loved you, he knew that for a fact. But he couldn’t help but feel like this wasn’t the life he was meant to live.
“She’s still running a fever.” You said, “But don’t worry, she’s still our happy girl.”
Bucky kissed the top of your head. He didn’t want to imagine what was likely about to happen. He couldn’t avoid it, as much as he wanted to. But he told himself that no matter how bad it got, no matter how hurt he felt, he would help you through it. You were the one to carry her for nine months, feel her kick from inside of you, nurse her and sing her to sleep as a baby. You were the one who managed to find her after all this, and now you were the one taking care of her again. You were in for a world of hurt, and though you were denying it and remaining positive, Bucky couldn’t avoid the truth.
Allowing yourself to relax for the first time all day, you listened as Bucky talked about his latest mission with Sam. To your objections, Bucky continued fighting. You were upset by his decision to keep putting himself in danger, but after hearing why he wanted to continue, there was no talking him out of it. He felt as though he owed the world something- something good. He’d spent decades hurting others- becoming an Avenger was his way of repaying his debts and clearing his guilty conscience.
You felt your eyes get heavy and your mind start to wander. Slowly, Bucky’s words began to fade, and you took in a deep sigh. You hardly got to relax like this anymore, with all the worrying, fighting, and working. The couch was too comfortable, Bucky’s body was just warm enough, and you dozed off. Bucky couldn’t even be upset, he knew how hard you worked and that you deserved to rest. Plus, you looked adorable as you slept, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
Bucky often found himself wondering how you still chose to be with him. After everything, you still saw him as who he used to be and who he had the potential of becoming. You didn’t see the monster HYDRA made him. You didn’t see the man who’d killed hundreds of people. You still chose to be his life partner, seeing him as your downstairs neighbor from Brooklyn who you fell in love with. Tracing your jawline with his finger, Bucky couldn’t help but think about how strong you were compared to him. Taking care of Rebecca, helping him remember his old life, adjusting almost immediately to a new life and continuing to be wonderful and kind- you could handle anything, and you did it all without him. That, above everything, made him fall deeper in love with you.
Gently, Bucky picked you up bridal style and moved you to your new bedroom. Since moving into Rebecca’s house to take care of her, Bucky let you have the only other bedroom while he slept on the floor in the living room. He still considered himself your husband, he was still very much in love with you- but he didn’t want you to be there when his nightmares came. They were worse than they were before. Now that he was remembering his life with you, he was also remembering all the years in between the 40s and now. All the people he’d hurt, all the lives he’d taken. You always told him that you had no problem with him sleeping next to you, but he knew it was for your own good. He didn’t feel deserving of a bed, and would much rather take the floor, in a room where you couldn’t hear or feel him wake up.
Three hours had gone by. Three peaceful hours. Bucky had managed to get a few minutes of shuteye, and you were particularly comfortable in the spot Bucky had tucked you in. Your alarm went off to check on Becca, one you set every three hours in the night, just to check if she needed anything. Bucky heard the familiar alarm from the bedroom, followed by the door opening and your footsteps heading over to Rebecca’s room.
This life you led with Bucky, it had a funny way of working. The minute things started to feel perfect, something just had to be taken away.
Bucky’s eyelids started to get heavy again, the idea of getting a few more minutes of sleep in creeping into his mind. Then he heard you wail from the bedroom, and he was immediately on his feet, any feeling of tiredness gone the second he heard your distress.
He ran as quickly as he could to the main bedroom, eyes fixated on you crying in front of Rebecca’s bed. Rebecca looked exactly as she did when she fell asleep. She hadn’t moved a single muscle.
Rebecca was gone. His biggest fear, the inevitable, had become a reality.
“No, no, no,” you kept repeating, a sob emitting from the back of your throat. This was the deepest, most guttural pain you’d ever felt. Like someone had stabbed you in your heart and ripped it out with their bare hand. You knew this would happen. You knew it had to happen, Rebecca was in her seventies, but you wanted so badly for it to never happen. That she would live forever, or at least until after you and Bucky were gone. Not now. Not like this.
You heard Bucky crying with you. He was holding you while you cried and screamed into his chest, painfully listening and holding onto you.
Your baby, the old woman who you were able to identify from a mile away as your daughter, was gone. Your heart ached as it shattered in your chest, leaving broken pieces that were beyond repair. That baby who you’d worked so hard for, who you loved with every ounce of you and more, who lived an entire life that you were so proud of. Gone overnight.
When the coroner came, you felt nothing but numbness. You watched as they took Rebecca off of her bed and onto the stretcher, though Bucky could tell it would’ve been better if you looked away. You had to lie through your tears, saying you and Bucky were her caretakers. Not her parents- that was Edward and Marjorie, and they were long gone. Only you and Bucky knew the complicated truth, and you wanted to scream it out to the world, but it would only make things worse.
Though your heart still ached every day you were without her, and you found yourself randomly crying throughout your days, you found a little more comfort every day. It wasn’t the same kind of comfort you once knew, and you knew it was likely you’d never feel the same way again, but little things added up. You found support through Bucky, Steve, Sam, Natasha, and everyone else at the Compound. They made it clear to you and Bucky that you always had a home with them. And though you weren’t ready to step back into Rebecca’s home just yet, you knew you had a room at the Compound waiting for you.
The room was just as bare as it was when you left it, not a single indication that anyone had ever lived here or put any effort into decorating it. You ended up exactly where you started, confused and lonely in a bare room. Only now, you had one of the people you’d been yearning for. And while having Bucky was great, he didn’t fill the void that Rebecca had left behind.
Bucky approached you slowly, watching you reach into your pocket for the folded up picture of Rebecca’s first birthday. She’d given it to you shortly after you told her the truth, claiming you needed it more than she did.
“You hungry?” Bucky asked, wrapping his arms around you from behind, “We can go somewhere if you want.”
He was trying his best. He didn’t know what he could do or say to make you feel better. He didn’t know what anyone else could do or say to make him feel better. He lost his daughter, too. Bucky felt the numbness. The void. The heartache. And he wanted more than anything to make it go away; if not for him, then for you.
“How do people move on?” you asked, placing the picture in front of you on the mantle and looking at it. You looked so happy. So did Bucky. Rebecca’s first birthday was a day you’d always remember- one of your last happy memories before things went south. More than anything, you wanted to go back. To hold your baby one more time, to live in that ignorant bliss. “After a loss like this? You see it in the news, people losing their children. I would think ‘If that ever happened to me,’” you shook your head, at a loss for words as you looked at the ground, “and now here I am.”
Bucky held you a little tighter as you tried to hold back the tears. You didn’t know you were capable of producing so many until now. But with the quiver of your lip, and the tears blurring your vision, you had no choice but to break. Turning around to face Bucky, you buried your head in his chest. “I just want my life back, James. I want things to be the way they used to. Before everything.”
Bucky’s heart was already broken the minute he saw Rebecca, but hearing your words and how hurt and hopeless you sounded, it only made the damage worse. Both of you had produced enough tears to fill an ocean, and you knew that pain would stay as long as both of you were still alive.
“I don’t know what I can say to make you feel better, I’m just as lost as you are.” Bucky admitted, his voice nearly a whisper, “But I love you. And I love her. Nothing will ever change that.” He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead.
“I’m not hungry.”
“That’s okay.”
“I’m just tired.” You found yourself saying that a lot. To avoid talking to anyone or hearing the overwhelming amount of condolences you were receiving, you slept. It seemed like all you ever did was sleep nowadays.
“Okay. I’ll let you rest.” Bucky said, pulling away before you stopped him.
“Can you stay? Please?” You had a hint of desperation in your eyes.
Bucky always seemed to be unable to say no to you. Even back then, the very idea of upsetting you took a toll on him, so he always bent over backwards to make sure your needs were met. On your first date when he stole an apple for you- he was perfectly capable of buying one for you himself, but he wanted to see you smile. When you were pregnant, all the times he’d make his way to the convenience store at an ungodly hour because you were craving Peppermint Patties- he was on a first-name basis with the owner and he was about as involved in your pregnancy as Bucky was with how often he bought the candies from him. And now. Your heart was in pieces. You’d just experienced the biggest heartbreak imaginable, a heartbreak no person should ever go through. And you were asking him to stay with you. To lay in the same bed as you. He had to oblige, because if it made you feel just an ounce better, it was worth it.
He laid in bed next to you, stiff on the mattress that was a little too soft for comfort. No matter, he could ignore it for now.
You wrapped your arm around Bucky, holding onto him in a spooning position that made your heart feel slightly better.
The idea of peace seemed far away. Maybe it would never come at all. Right now, despite holding onto your husband and feeling the bond you two created decades ago grow stronger, you felt as though you would never feel truly happy again. There was still a pain that would never leave. But there was an understanding between you and Bucky that things would always be different now, and that you’d have to help each other through all the low moments.
But you knew you would help each other. You were all Bucky had, and he was all you had now. So you held onto him tight, fearing that if you let go, he would just be another thing you would lose in this new, harsh reality.
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turbolisedcomet · 2 days ago
Summary: Bucky has always been a man of his words. Just not to you or so you thought.
Author’s note: Alternative ending for all you heartbroken hoes. Reblogs and feedbacks are appreciated so please do leave comments.
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)
Word count: 4.5k
Warnings: angst, ANGST, ANGST, fluff in the end
“ We could either get out here or you could get drunk and give him the speech of his life and make a dramatic exit.” That makes you laugh for the first time since you arrived at the wedding location. It felt weird hearing the sound of laughter coming out of your mouth, especially considering where you were and you could see that Sarah was genuinely happy to hear you laugh. She looked a bit surprised too but, you ignored that.
“ As much as I am tempted to do both, especially the latter, I think I’ll pass. I read in this blog run by a divorced lady that this can be a way to get closure.” Sarah looks at you with the same emotion you’ve seen in her eyes ever since he broke up with you for your best friend. Pity and worry. As much as you appreciated Sarah, you did not want to be looked at like that. It only further reminded you of why she worried so much. So, you look away and admire the beautifully decorated place. They really did put a lot of thought into the wedding. There were lilies adorning the place and everything about the whole place looked like something out of a fairytale just like how Bucky wanted his wedding to be and now when you think about it maybe he was talking to you about the wedding he wanted with Leila but you were so stupidly in love with him to notice that and thought it was about the two of you. Maybe he had been thinking about how his wedding would be with Leila while he was with you.
“ You don't owe them anything, (Y/N).” Sarah says rubbing your shoulder comfortably as the both of you sit on your cushioned chairs, waiting for the ceremony to begin. She was right, you did not owe them anything and you knew it. But you were doing this for yourself. Seeing him for the last time and accepting the truth would finally help you to move on with your life. It was about time to have your life back in your own hands.
You thought you were doing well after the grand break up. You had a job that kept you occupied most of the time and most importantly you had Sarah and Sam. Each night you cried, or felt down they were always there for you doing anything they could to make sure you were doing well. Or as well as you could be doing for someone who was dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years for her best friend. Even though that painful throb in your heart was still persistent every time you came across a picture of the happy couple having the time of their lives, you started feeling hopeful again that maybe you can have a future without him.
But constant peace had not been something that was a part of your life for a long time.
You were finally back to the house which you and Sarah shared now after an exhausting day of work. The only thing on your mind was to get into some comfortable clothes and sleep through the weekend. Or maybe even watch that one movie Sam wanted to watch. Caught up in your head you did not notice the guests as you walked over to the kitchen to grab yourself a glass of water, until Sarah had called out your name and there they were, the oh so lovely couple sitting on the couch giving you cautious smiles. But all you could focus on was how they looked picture perfect together, Bucky’s arm around her shoulder and his other hand holding her’s on his lap and they fit together so perfectly. Not even a year ago it was your hand holding his, your legs draped on his lap, your fingers raking through his soft locks as he whispered how would do anything to stay like this forever.
You were finally finding the lost broken pieces of your shattered heart and you would not let them ruin your healing process. And the reason for their visit did not ruin your healing process. It ruined you even more than before, your heart crumbled and broke into even more pieces, a sick painful throb made its way to your chest and even more pieces of your heart were lost and you knew you by the agony you were feeling that they would remain lost.
They were there to invite you to their wedding. That word left you stunned in the worst way possible. A bloody wedding. It hadn't even been a year since yours and Bucky’s separation or since he and Leila had started dating. That's when your eyes fell on the lovely diamond ring resting on her finger twinkling under the rays of sunshine pouring in through the window. You didn't even know that they had gotten engaged. No matter how much the whole situation was affecting you, you put on your unbothered facade and congratulated them and kept conversing. Sarah saw right through you and kept sending you glances that conveyed how proud she was of you for staying strong in front of them.
Bucky and Leila wanted to invite you to their wedding in person because apparently you’re a very important person in their lives. They sure did have a lot of funny ways of showing it . Like, when Bucky confessed his undying love for your best friend a few days after your five year anniversary and said how it had been her all and how she was the one for him. Or when, Leila decided to set you up with one of his friends to go on a double date with her and Bucky not even a week after he left you. You hated how they were acting like you were not affected by the break up. It was like you and Bucky didn't even share a past. Like it was Leila instead of you who had been in a 5 year relationship with him.
“ The ceremony is about to start.” Sarah said, nudging you with her elbow to snap you out of your dreadful reminiscing. Taking a deep breath and giving her a small nod, you looked up at the bright blue sky trying to calm yourself down.
“ I’m here.” Sam says as he took a seat beside you and the boys took seats beside their mother after giving you “hey (Y/N)”s and you ruffled their hair in response.
“ What took you three so long?” You ask genuinely curious as to why the three first insisted you and Sarah leave before them and then arrived only minutes before the ceremony.The three did a really bad job at hiding their panic as they exchanged glances.
“ Sam, what's going on ?” You hear Sarah ask , her voice slightly raising and a smirk made its way onto your face thinking about the pleasant time you're going to have at home watching Sarah giving Sam a hard time to get him to tell what he was doing and by the looks of it you dont think its something Sarah would like hearing about.
“Noth-” Sam was cut off by the guests erupting in whispers.
“The groom is here.” You hear someone say, making you close your eyes instinctively, preparing yourself to look at the man who promised you the world once upon a time. You open your eyes to see him walk towards the altar where he would wait for his soon-to-be wife to arrive. He looked ethereal in his wedding suit and slicked back hair. Under the golden rays, he was glowing, wearing the biggest and brightest smile. You don't think you have ever seen him this happy. Not when you used to bring him a flower every night when you came home after work, not when you planned a surprise rooftop dinner date and slow danced under the moonlight. It hurt to think about how you never got to see him this happy and hopeful while he was with you, when Leila had an effect on him that you never had during the whole of your relationship. But then again, it had been a while since Leila owned his heart.
As he stood at the altar, his eyes already glistening with happy tears, you couldn't help but notice how he didn't even spare you a glance. The least he could do was acknowledge your presence.
“Breathe.”You hear Sam whisper as his fingers laced through yours and you do as he says which draws Sarah’s attention.
“You're going to be just fine.” She says as her hand repeats the same action as her brother’s from a few seconds ago. You allowed yourself to hurt now and feel the pain and betrayal. It was better to get over with dealing with all these emotions than denying keeping them for later. The excruciating pain swallowed you. Your heart ached, your stomach twisted in sorrow and tears threatened to spill from your eyes and your emotions compounded even more when you heard the music play as an indication of the bride’s arrival. Tears were freely rolling down Bucky’s cheeks as well as yours. The only difference was that his were of joy and yours of the misery the bride and groom had caused you. As the bride walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father, your chest tightened as you recognised the gown that she was wearing. You designed that. Back in high school Leila had asked you to draw a wedding gown for her because in her eyes no one had better taste in anything other than you and she wanted you to design a dress so that she could add it to her wedding planning book that she had kept. In a different circumstance your heart would have been soaring with happiness at the sight of her wearing what you designed for her. You were convinced that your life had turned into some sick joke.
The ceremony continued, with Sam and Sarah squeezing each of your hands comfortingly, some of the guests dabbing at their eyes and giving the soon to be married couple teary smiles. A few minutes later Bucky finished saying the traditional vows but he wasn't done yet. He had a few vows that he made for her. You were starting to question your decision to come to the occasion that was only proving to be even more dreadful and miserable with each passing second.
“ Sweetheart, there's nothing that can compare to how much you mean to me and how special and lucky you make me feel everyday. There’s nothing in this world I would not trade if it means that I get to hold you and love you for the rest of my life……”
STOP. You wanted to scream at him to stop. Those were the words he spoke to you, the promise he made to you the first time the two of you made love. You were too caught up in the memory to notice Bucky’s gaze drift to you.
“ Oh sweetheart, you're so good to me. What did I ever do to deserve an angel like you?” He says nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck as the two of you lay on your bed sweating and trying to catch your breath after he made love to you for the first time. Giggling at what he said, you press a kiss to his forehead. “ You deserve the entire world and more, love.” He pressed his forehead to yours before saying, “ Sweetheart, there's nothing that can compare to how much you mean to me and how special and lucky you make me feel everyday. There’s nothing in this world I would not trade if it means that I get to hold you and love you for the rest of my life.” He sealed the soon to be broken promise with a soft kiss.
“....You have taught me so much about true love and how deserving I am of it. I promise to cherish you and make you feel as loved as you have made me feel for as long as I’m alive…” He stops to swallow his tears and releases a teary laugh to cover the anguish he was wallowing in. But, you did not notice that either. All you can focus on is how he made the same promise on your birthday that you celebrate with him, 2 years into the relationship.
“ You baked a cake for me?!” You couldn't help but laugh at how adorable he looked when he was nervous.
“ I tried.” He said, smiling shyly at you before gesturing for you to cut the cake and so you did.
“ This is so good.” You said after taking a bite and the way his eyes lit up was enough of a birthday present for you. “Baby is there anything you're not good at?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“ God, I love you so much.” He said before going in for a passionate kiss.
“ The cake does taste good.” He smirks cheekily before going in for another kiss.
“Sweetheart, happy birthday.” He continues in a soft voice, “ You have taught me so much about true love and how deserving I am of it. I promise to cherish you and make you feel as loved as you have made me feel for as long as I’m alive.” And like that another promise was made that he would definitely break.
By now your hand was clamped over your mouth as you silently sobbed. You don't think you can ever get over this kind of intense pain. You felt so used like he was experimenting and practising everything about being a boyfriend and in a relationship with you so he could be the best for Leila and that realisation only caused more tears to flow down your heavy eyes.
“ (Y/N), come on, let's leave. You have been so strong all along but this is not healthy for you. You don't have to put yourself through this.” Sam says as Sarah smoothes down your hair. You could see that they were very concerned, borderline panicking, for you at the moment. You wanted to explain to them what tipped you over the edge but you were too afraid to open your mouth so you just shook your head no and proceeded to take a deep calming breath.
“... these are the words you never have and never will deserve to hear from any man after what you did to me and (Y/N). How you manipulated us.” The last part of his vows left a tense silence in the air after shocked gasps from the crowd. To say that you were caught off guard was an understatement. You heard a confused whimper leaving your mouth as your lips parted before Leila’s shrill voice broke the confused and stunned silence.
“ Bucky, baby, what are you talking about?” Leila asks, panicking as she holds his face in her hands, which soon were smacked away by Bucky as if the mere touch caused his skin to burn. For the first time that day, his eyes drifted to yours and how tortured and in pain he looked caused a different type of pain in your heart. His eyes spoke a million words as they bore into yours before Leila’s father interrupted the intimate moment.
“ How dare you talk about my daughter like that?” He questioned as he walked up to him and grabbed him by his collar. Bucky was eerily calm by his reaction and the smirk that curled up on Bucky’s lips sent a shiver down your spine.
“ What the absolute fuck is happening?” Sam whispered, his eyes not leaving the chaotic sight in front of him. You wanted to respond but like most of the guests, you were too shocked.
“ Oh you’re going to see how much of a manipulative snake your precious daughter is . Every single soul present here is going to see her true fucking colours.” A collective gasp follows as he shouts the last part at the crowd sitting in front of him.
“ Everyone’s going to know what she did to me and my girl.” Those precious blues shining with tears were on you and you could feel that his eyes were not the only ones on you. You mouth a ‘what?’ at him to which he gives a reassuring smile as if saying that ‘everything will be fine’.
Through the whole unfolding events, Leila was and is still crying, clutching onto her father’s arm. But you knew her way too well to know that those were not tears of being misunderstood. Those were tears that someone would shed after being caught for doing something unforgivable, like ruining someone’s life.
“ So, how is this going to go , Leila? Are you going to explain to everyone what the fuck you did or do you want me to bring the evidence and show everything you did?” Bucky asks with his arms folded across his chest.
“ I don't know what youre talking about, baby.” She sobbed in response and by how she was acting you would have believed her if you didn't know her all too well.
“ I’ll be a bit more specific then.” He continues as his voice raises,” I’m talking about how you tricked me into believing that (Y/N) cheated on me and how instead of confronting her I should hurt her the same way she supposedly hurt me by saying that I was in love with you.” Your hand flew to clutch your chest at the revelation. Leila, your best friend since you were 12 ruined both yours and Bucky’s life just because she didn't want him to be happy with you.
“ Bucky how- I- who told you that?” Leila gasps as her facade of being the victim finally wears off. You wanted to do nothing more than tear the hair off her head and punch her in the face but you had to wait until he was done. You wanted to hear the whole story from her mouth and then you can have a go at giving her a slap or two.
“ Oh how did I know?” He lets out a dark chuckle before continuing,”I think you forgot that I’m a supersoldier . I heard you loud and clear when you were bragging to that methhead fucky buddy of yours about how you made your best friend’s boyfriend leave her for you. After that it wasnt that tough getting every single detail from him considering how he was running an illegal drug business and lets just say that you won't be seeing him any time soon. Now go on and explain to our guests what you did. Bet they are so excited to hear what precious little Leila did.”
You could see the gears turning in Leila’s head, trying to come up with some excuse but, by the way she sighed, you knew she gave up and was going to tell the truth.
“ I- I’m so sorry for hurting both of you. I-” Leila’s trembling, meek voice was cut off by Bucky.
“ Stop fucking apologizing. You and I both know that you’re only sorry because you got caught and just get on with telling what the fuck you did.”
“ Y-yes I will. I fell so in love with Bucky while he and (Y/N) were together and she always got the best things all the time. Every single time.” You noticed all too well how her tone became venomous as he talked about you. You were so ready at this point to drag this bitch to hell yourself. You deserved all the best things in the world and that's why you got them. Unlike Leila, you were not selfish or manipulative or any thing of those sorts. You always did what you had to do without expecting a reward for everything. You hated how she was acting like it was your fault that she didn’t the supposed good things in life.
“ I needed him. He was just so perfect and he was right there every single time. So, I took her to a club and called up this guy from her office who liked her a lot. Told him that she was interested in him and how unhappy she was in her relationship with Bucky. I convinced him that she liked him just as much as he did her and she was just playing hard to get so, he shouldn't give up on her the entire night. ” Henry. The guy from work who just wouldn't give up no matter how many times you told him that you had a man who you loved more than anything. You remember that night in the club how he randomly showed up and wouldn't stop flirting with you and when you had tried to find Leila, she didn't appear to be anywhere.
“ He made it seem like she was with him and every time he touched her or was close to her, I took a picture, made it seem like she was cheating on him and sent them to Bucky. I then met up with him and convinced him to not confront her and to hurt her back just as bad by telling (Y/N) that he was in love with me. He was vulnerable and I took care of him and then we started dating.” She ended what she had to say with a sob raking through her. You couldn’t believe what the absolute fresh fuck had just happened. You felt so betrayed. You couldn't fathom how a human being could be so cruel. So vicious. The whole sight of the wedding venue would have been amusing in a way if you weren't so stunned. Leila’s father was staring at her like he didn't know who the person in front of him was while her mother was weeping in her place. Some of the guests left the place and the remaining were chattering and shaking their heads as if being somehow related to her was an embarrassment and no, you couldn't blame them. Sam’s face was buried in his hands, probably trying to comprehend the chaos and Sarah was whispering something to AJ and Cass.
Bucky was seething, absolutely blinded by rage as you saw him talk to her through gritted teeth. If your mind wasn't in a hazy state due to the overwhelming feelings you would have been able to hear him. You had to get away from everyone, everything was just too much, too fast.
Without a second thought you were hurriedly walking towards where your car was parked ignoring your name being shouted behind you by Sarah, Sam and Bucky. A few more steps later, a strong hand wrapped around your arm and you were pulled into Bucky’s Suit clad chest. For the first time in what seemed like forever, you were staring at those blue eyes where you once found home and surprisingly still do.
“ Please listen to me, sweetheart, please.” Bucky begged, tears streaming down his face.
“ I’m so tired, Bucky. So fucking tired of all this. When will it stop?” You say defeatedly as you rest your forehead on his chest.
“I know baby I know but please, love, just hear me out. I have so much to say.” He begs as he caresses your cheek.
“ (Y/N), do you want us to stay?” You hear Sarah question. You turn to give her and Sam a grateful smile and reply with a ‘no’. They give you a nod before walking away leaving you alone with Bucky.
“ Let's sit in the car.” You say as you walk towards your car and he follows with his hand hesitantly lingering on your arm.
“ Let me start from the beginning, yeah? Just sit back and listen please.”
You give him a nod, looking at the steering wheel.
“ I’m so sorry for everything I have put you through. I should have asked you about the pictures but I was so fucking hurt. I was so blinded by the betrayal I felt and I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me. When Leila told me to tell you that I was in love with her I knew how much it would hurt you so I did.” He stops to take a deep shaky breath trying to collect himself together.
“I felt so vulnerable and alone and she was there comforting me and I fell into her trap and started dating her. But it felt so wrong, baby. She just wasn't you. But all I could think about were those damn pictures. And then I heard her talking over the phone and sweetheart, I lost it.I didnt think I would have survived through the pain and guilt I was feeling for what I was putting you through. But I stayed just to hurt her and make her feel the same betrayal she made us feel. I convinced her that I was in love with her. I gave her all the hope I could just to make her experience the hell she put us through. The hell she made me put you through. I had to stay with her for that and I knew if I saw you, my plan wouldn't work. I'm so incredibly sorry, sweetheart. It was so fucking painful for me being away from you and with someone who wasn't you, who could never be you. I'm so sorry." He finishes as he drops his head into his hands and sobs, the sound cutting through your chest like a knife.
" Bucky, you could have told me. You made my life a living hell for almost a year. You fucking ruined me."
" I know honey I know it was like that for me too but I was so consumed by the betrayal and rage I felt towards her and I had to. She deserved to feel that and I couldn't just let her get away with what she did."
" What now Bucky, I'm suddenly supposed to ignore the past few months and act like you didn't ruin me?" You questioned as his eyes widened.
" No baby, I just need to make up to you. I don't want this to be the end of us. Please give me a chance, love."
" This won't be easy Bucky I need time and we need to go slow but you can start by giving me a kiss " Your heart felt full at the gorgeous smile on his face before he pulled you in for a passionate kiss. You felt the love, the longing, the utter adoration he felt for you through a simple kiss and you knew it would be a long rocky road before things would go back to normal but you would get there. You and Bucky would get there together with eachother.
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Addams Amore
You and your roommate, Bucky, go to a haunted forest Halloween attraction. Maybe you can get a date out of it?
This is another entry for @metalbuckaroo s 2K Writing Challenge! I used a random number generator for my prompts and somehow it came out better than when I picked my own 😂
Fluffy Prompts: 35: Kiss me better 38: I'm not scared but if you are, you can hold my hand Smut Prompts: 12: I'm going to ruin that pretty makeup 47: I'd rather have your hands around my throat but the necklace will do.
Warnings: Cussing, implied smut, a haunted forest
Words: 2k and some change
18+ only, Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Bucky sat in the living room drinking a beer and waiting for you to come home. He missed you on the days you worked and he didn’t. The house was a lot quieter without you. Most days, he would play music off of one of your Spotify playlists to make it feel like you were around, but he always turned it off at 5 because he didn’t want you to hear it. He was head over heels in love with you, but he’d never admit it because then you might not want to be roommates with him. But you were so full of life, your laugh was contagious, the way you danced around the kitchen while you were making dinner captivated him. Life would be so dull without you. And of course he loved catching glimpses of you walking from the bathroom to your bedroom in nothing but a towel, or the nights he would come home late and you were obviously braless in your pjs, relaxing and drinking wine on the same couch he was sitting on.
He was lost in a daydream of you when you burst through the front door, scaring the shit out of him. “Aaahh!! Fuck, Y/n, you’re gonna give me a heart attack!” he scolded, flustered and embarrassed.
“I’m sorry, I figured you woulda heard me knocking for you to open the door. Would you help me with these bags?” you asked as you stumbled through the narrow entry way. He dashed over and took the bags off of your left arm. “Thanks! You excited about tonight?” Your eyes were shining with excitement.
Bucky bit his lip and thought for a moment. “Tonight…What’s tonight?”
“Of course you would forget. It’s only the night you promised to go with me to the best haunted forest in the whole state. You forgot we were going to dress up, too, didn’t you?” You tried to hide a smile. You were hoping he had forgotten that part, too, cause you had bought both of you costumes and were so thrilled about it.
“Oh, uh, yeah the forest. I remembered that part…” he blushed a little before adding, “I don’t have a costume. I’m sorry.”
“Yes! I’m so excited!!” You bounced around the kitchen and started unwrapping bags at lightning speed. “I have the perfect thing for us then!”
Bucky had no idea what was happening. He forgot about the forest and he didn’t have a costume and you were excited about it? He might not understand, but your face all lit up like that was more beautiful than he thought he could handle. “Ok, well good. What did you buy us?”
You held up a long black dress and a cheap black suit. “We’re gonna be the Addams! I’m gonna be Morticia, obviously. Look at how gorgeous this dress is! Ok, here’s your stuff, go get dressed and then I can help you with hair and makeup. This is going to be the best Halloween ever!” You raced out of the room, taking Bucky’s heart with you.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Forty minutes later, you came out of your room and stood in the doorway of the living room. “Wha’d’ya think?” You gave a graceful spin and Bucky admired the dress. It was low cut in the front and he could see the tops of your breasts. As you spun, he admired the way the dress hugged your figure and the low cut back that accentuated the curve of your ass. Damn, you looked good. He took the final swig of his beer and stood up. “Stunning. I like that necklace, is that a bat on it?” He was desperately trying not to stare at your chest while he walked closer to see better.
“Yeah, not exactly what Morticia wore but I liked it well enough. Honestly, I’d rather have your hands around my throat, but the necklace will do for now.” You gave him a wicked smirk as he choked and coughed. “You look really nice in your outfit, too! Give me a spin, darling!”
“You’re going to literally kill me.” He grumbled as he spun around for you.
“I love it! You look so handsome!” You hoped tonight would give him the encouragement he needed to finally ask you out. You had been in love with Bucky for months now, and he wasn’t very subtle with his wandering eyes and flirty comments. You had tried to flirt back and drop hints, but nothing ever happened. It was like he was completely oblivious. If you could just tease him enough, maybe convince him you liked him back, he would ask you on a real date. “You know, Morticia and Gomez Addams are married, so we have to pretend to at least be dating tonight.”
Bucky’s eyes got huge. “I mean, that’s fine with me. You wanna…you wanna do my makeup or whatever and then go?” He was so nervous, he hadn’t planned on any of this tonight. The most he was hoping for tonight was to hear you sing in the shower and then watch you walk through the hallway, dripping water and looking good enough to eat. He gulped when you walked towards him, placed a hand squarely on his chest and pushed him backwards until he bumped into the kitchen table. His mind was spinning a thousand miles a minute but he wasn’t having any cohesive thoughts at all. He may as well have been drooling.
“Sit down, sweetheart. I’ve gotta fix your hair,” you said in a sultry voice. You knew exactly what you were doing to him and you loved watching his mind unravel. You brushed his hair and styled it, then grabbed your makeup kit. You walked in front of him and used your hands to hold his legs together so you could straddle them and sat down. You had purposefully bought a dress with a high slit in it so you could do this exact thing. You hadn’t really known where or when, but if the opportunity struck you wanted to be ready. And boy did it strike.
“Just a little powder and eyeliner, ok?” you asked. He nodded and kept his bright blue eyes trained on yours, the light hitting them just right and making them practically glow. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”
He shook his head. “No, not at all. But what are the rules? Is it strip club rules, completely hands off? Or…” his words seemed to dry up and you smiled.
You bent forward so your lips were brushing the shell of his ear. “You can touch anything you want to. Hands, lips, teeth, you can use them all, whatever you want, Sarge.” You bit his earlobe and he let a small, breathy moan escape, his mouth opening slightly. You sat up and grabbed your makeup and brushes. “Close your eyes for me and hold your breath.” You dusted his face with powder to make it matte and said “Ok, all done with that part.” His eyes opened again and his hands came up, cupping your ass with a firm grip. Your eyes got wide and it was his turn to smirk at you.
“Now eyeliner, right Cara Mia?” (my beloved). He slapped your ass with one hand before trailing upwards to rest his hands on your hips.
You grabbed the eyeliner and did his eyes, but before you could slip off his lap, his metal hand traveled up and squeezed your breast. His other hand slid up your back and pressed you forward so he could sink his teeth into the soft flesh peeking out the top of your dress. You mewled and he left a nice hickey ringed in teeth marks there for everyone to see. “Thank you for your help with my costume. You ready?” he asked as if nothing had happened.
You stood up, brain a foggy mess. “Yeah, I think so. Let me go get my purse.” You thought that maybe, you were going to get way more than you had bargained for when you left the Halloween store today.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
The drive over to the haunted forest was surprisingly relaxing, despite you both being horny. You turned on your spooky music playlist and the two of you sang along. It was almost enough to distract you from his hand on your thigh, holding so firmly you were sure there would be fingerprints left. The two of you parked and purchased tickets, waited your turn and finally got to go through the forest. Bucky wasn’t sure what to expect, but he figured he wouldn’t be phased by anything these people could throw at him. What he wasn’t expecting was the clause in the waiver the two of you signed that stated that the actors would be given names of people going through the forest, and could use your names whenever to scare you. So when the guide dressed as the Grim Reaper took you through a portion of the woods decorated like an abandoned insane asylum, he wasn’t expecting the girl sitting in the corner to talk to him. Or you.
“Buuuuuckkkyyyyyyyyyy,” she called in a quiet, sing-song voice. “Y/n,” she said in the same way. “Come play with me!” She jumped up and ran towards you, stopping a few feet from Bucky. You screamed and flung yourself into his arms and he spun you around so that his back was to the girl. If she was going to get one of you, he thought it should be him. The guide laughed evilly and told her to go back to her corner. Bucky opened his eyes, not remembering closing them, and sighed in relief. You let go and laughed uneasily.
“I’m not scared, but if you are you can hold my hand,” he offered, trying to be brave.
You didn’t say anything back but gripped his hand with yours and wrapped your other arm around his.
The rest of the group started walking and Bucky guided you to the middle of the pack so hopefully the rest of the actors would target other clients, which they did. The rest of the forest was fun, but you had had enough by the end of it.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
The two of you walked into the apartment, tired from the adrenaline of the forest and the raging hormones from earlier. Bucky sat down in his spot on the couch, cold beer in hand. “That was fun,” he said before taking a long drink.
You walked over to him and waited for him to be done. When he pulled the bottle from his lips, you took it from him and set it on the end table. Then, you straddled his lap again and laid against him, nestling your face in the crook of his neck. You really wanted to be held, and Bucky was happy to oblige. He leaned his head forward and pressed a kiss to your exposed shoulder where the dress had slipped over a bit. He absentmindedly picked at the high seam of the split at the top of your thigh. “I like your dress. You should wear it all year round,” he mumbled.
“Thank you. Who knew a haunted forest could be that terrifying and that exhausting?” you asked, your voice muffled. You sat back and the two of you just looked into each other’s eyes, breath syncing up and feeling connected in a way you had never felt before. His hand came up and rested at the back of your neck, gently urging you forward. He pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.
He blushed and smiled at you shyly. “I like you, a lot. More than roommates or friends. Would you think about giving me a chance, maybe go out on a date with me tomorrow night?”
“Kiss me better.” You answered.
He gave you a confused look. “What?
“I’ve been waiting for months for you to ask me out. Kiss me better,” you insisted.
He kissed your nose and replied, “I’m gonna ruin that pretty makeup. But your wish is my command, Cara Mia.”
“Oh, before you do,” you interrupted. “Can I sleep with you tonight? I’m a little scared sleeping alone after the forest.” You blushed sheepishly.
"Hell, you can move into my room if you want." he grabbed your ass and kissed your throat, working his way up to your lips.
He stood up and carried you to his room, throwing you down on his bed. He crawled up over you and claimed your mouth with his. It didn’t matter that you were scared to sleep alone, he didn’t let you sleep until the sun came up and the birds were singing anyway.
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smoothy-ve · a day ago
Stop Fucking Things Up!
Tumblr media
Summary: You love Bucky even tho he hurt you but why is your heart beating faster when you heard Steve's Confession?
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader x Steve
Word Count: 900+
Warning: Bit of Dark!Steve, Angst, A bit short.
A/N: Please give me feedback I would really appreciate it!
TagList: Open!
Part 1: You Betrayed Me, Part 2: Mend The Broken
"You fucking did what!? Steve how dare you touch her!!" Bucky screams at him through his phone. The sadness and guilt change into anger and betrayal.
"I know Bucky stop screaming it was all me and she pushed me away" Steve sighed he knows he fucked up but who could he not he was also in love with you.
"So what Steve I know (Y/n) won't betray me but I never thought it would be you, Steve... Why..? Why would you do that..? I am also in a place where I already regret what I have done to her but why would you have to betray me don't you God Steve... I-" Bucky couldn't stop now all the sadness he was holding it all came out with a burst.
He fell on his knees and began to sob loudly it was unbearable to hear his cries itself made it clear that he does regret it and he feels badly betrayed by his own best friend.
Steve didn't know what to say he knows he did some fucked up things when the situation was already bad and he didn't know why he kissed you maybe he felt selfish because he was always in love with you before Bucky decided to have you for himself.
(A few moments Before)
You looked away when Steve literally saying marrying you if it wasn't for Bucky " I- I don't know Steve... Maybe he really didn't know what he was doing... Maybe it was all me misunderstanding things... because I do know Bucky clearly never Cheats because He- I Just know..." You didn't know what to say but you were sure he isn't the type of guy who would ever cheat.
"I know (Y/n) he never cheated but he was just spending more time with her than you making you feel neglected and unworthy but you are not (Y/n) only if you were with me ." He said making you look at him "Steve... I-"
And the Steve kissed you it was quick and would have been longer if you hadn't pushed him away... "Steve No! This is wrong! I know I have broken up with Bucky but I still love him! Steve, I am so sorry but I can't You are my friend!" You got out of the car immediately and walked into the house.
You felt like you have cheated on Bucky even though you were hurt badly by him but that didn't mean you should do it to him too. Steve didn't get in but he stood outside the door and spoke "I- am sorry (Y/n) I don't know what came over me I didn't mean to disturb our relationship... I am sorry I... I was actually in love with you.. from the very start... I wanted you to be with me but I just couldn't because Bucky loved you too Maybe more than me.." he held that door but then he sat down and sighed.
"But I am truly sorry for that (Y/n) I am umh going back if you need anything else just tell me ok but I also wanted to say Bucky never betrayed you..." With a heavy heart, he left.
You didn't know what to do him yes you are feeling Betrayed by Bucky but also relieved that he never betrayed you and also your heart fluttered by Steve's confession.
"I don't know what I am feeling..."
(Present Time)
Steve then confessed what actually happened but in the end, he even gave Bucky the address where you are Bucky didn't talk much to him once he heard where you are he immediately canceled the call and went to the garage to take his bike.
Before he could start the engine he got a call he was about to cancel it again thinking it was Steve but then his eyes light up. The caller was you...
"Doll... I am so so-" "I am sorry Bucky... That I... I have betrayed you I kissed Steve I am sorry he told me you never betrayed me-" "I know everything Doll... I know just wait for me I am coming" Bucky never felt this much happiness ever he never thought you were this innocent this kind and all he did was break your heart he knows you don't mean it! You didn't accept Steve's kiss instead you told him what happened!
Now all he knew was he had to make things right but why? Why he feels uneasy at the thought of Steve and you being alone in a house in the middle of nowhere?
Steve knows he has fucked up but what he can do he can't deny his love for you it wouldn't be fair for you and him. But knowing that there is still a chance for you to go back to Bucky breaks him.
He can't bear to see you being lovely with Bucky again it was already hard for him. He was a good friend but his own friend fucked up so why he should help him more his friend knows what he was doing so it doesn't matter if he pursued you right?
Steve walked back in and saw you sitting with your phone on and yours and Bucky's photo now he hates it, God...
(Y/n) looked at Steve "what's wrong why do you look so mad?" (Y/n) saw a frown on his and got a bit worried since he was not having a good mood was it because you rejected him?
"I want to ask you something (Y/n)" he sits beside you and holds your hand. You hesitate but nodded letting him continue trying to remove your hand from his but he had some firm grip.
"Why can't you give me a chance with you? I can treat you better!-"
"The fuck you doing Steve?" Bucky Exclaimed.
Tumblr media
TagList: @lovely-geek @silentkiller2374 @geekanista @thestarsandtheircoffee @coffeebooksandfandom @niffala@hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @jessyballet @leyannrae @seybox
Tumblr media
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fanpageknight · 17 hours ago
Could I get some headcanons of how yanderes Stucky and Peter Parker would react to the reader freaking out after he kidnapped her and she suddenly yells ''What's the guarantee you won't kill me after you're bored with me?''
Yandere Stucky x GN reader
Warnings: Kidnapping
I didn't know how much I love yandere stucky until you started requesting to so thanks lol
Tumblr media
You woke up in your "new home" not to long along and you where not taking it well. Steve and Bucky tried very hard to sooth you. At one point you tried to hit them so now you where trapped in Steve's lap on the floor. He wasn't hurting you. God no he would never just holding you in place. Bucky was on his knees in front of you trying to see if you wanted some water or a blanket but nothing worked. "Please let me go. I want to go home." You sobbed. "Baby you are home." Bucky said. You shook your head. "Yeah you are, honey. We are going to have so much fun here. Isn't that right, Bucky." Steve said trying to help. "What's the guarantee you won't kill me after you're bored with me?" You asked through tears. They stopped for a moment and looked at each other. 'Did they think we would really hurt them?' The both thought to themselves. Steve turned you to look at him. "Y/n, you are the most extraordinary person very. Look at me." He said grabbing your face as you tried to turn away. "We would never hurt you. We brought you here to keep you from getting hurt." He kissed your nose. Bucky chimed in. "Steve and I could never get bored of you either. How could we? You've got so many layers to you." Bucky reached out his cold metal give you chills as his careful brushed your hair behind your ear. "We love you every much y/n. Nothing bad will ever happen to you again.... C-Can I have a hug?" Bucky asked shyly opening his arms. Your hesitation lead to Steve gentle nudging you to move. You cautiously move to bucky hugging him. It was his turn to have you sit in his lap. Steve smiled at the both of you and took a quick picture while you weren't looking. Bucky rubbed your back. "I love you, doll." He said kissing your forehead before leaning forehead to give Steve a kiss.
Yandere Peter Parker x GN reader
Warnings: Kidnapping
I'm not really into Peter Parker so I did my best. there's a deleted scene from endgame where he calls mantis lady bug & it was so heart warming.
Tumblr media
You woke in a bed you didn't recognize, hands and feet bound by insanely strong spider webs. "HELP!!" You screamed as you struggled. "HELP! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!" Peter came running the room. "Are you okay?!" He asked frantic. "No no please don't hurt me!" You begged knowing he was the one who webbed you up. "W-what hurt you no I-" He stopped and realized that you where scared because he, you know kidnapped you. "Oh no no no." He said sitting down on the bed next to you. "Hey hey it's okay. It'd okay. I promise. I know it's all a little scary right now but this is for the best y/n. I've been watching you for a while and you where so stunning and then you accidentally found out I was spider man because I was changing in the alley outside your window." Peter continued to ramble explaining that was planning to take you anyway beacuase he just loved you so much and you finding out was a perfect excuse to act soonerthan later. "But but what's the guarantee you won't kill me after you're bored with me?" Peter paused his rambling and looked up from his lap to your face. You where crying. "No no no no. I love you I would NEVER kill you. You're my GF/BF/partner, y/n. I would never ever ever do something so cruel to you but if someone tried to hurt you I don't think I could say the same to them." He said blushing at the thought. His eyes where heart-shaped. "I'm spider-man its my job to look out for the little guy. You know? It's my job to look out for you." He lead foreword. "Can I kiss you, love bug?" You shook your head. His heart eyes sadden. "That's okay. I can wait. It's not like your going anywhere."
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