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#bucky fic
houseravenclaws · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: alpine just wants her parents back together.
author's note: gif credit to @/sebastiansource.
Alpine never scratched things.
Well, not never, but she never did it often. She was a good cat. A smart cat. One that, as of lately, had started scratching too many things.
“What are you doing on the counter?”
“I know you’re not on the fridge, Alpine. You better not — get down right now!”
“If you even think about touching that package — Alpine!”
And then, you came home one day to find your couch, your favorite gray couch completely torn apart.
“What’s gotten into you? Huh?”
You stared at her.
She sunk into the corner.
“What? Now, you’re gonna act all innocent? You weren’t so innocent when you were —“
You stared at her a little more.
Realized who’s side of the couch she was sinking into.
“You miss him?”
She meowed.
You sighed.
“I know you miss him, but you can’t be doing this, okay?”
She hissed.
“Hey, don’t you —“
And started scratching the couch again.
“Okay, I’ll text him! God, you spoiled little —“
He showed up ten minutes after the text. Maybe that was your fault. hey, can u come over? was a very vague text. One that could imply that you needed him right away. He would think of that first.
Or maybe he would think that you had finally broken the hot water because it’s a million degrees out, baby. why are you boiling in the tub like a crab?
You’d always glare at him.
Can I get in?
That’d always make you laugh.
“She misses you,” you say the second you open the door.
Bucky stares at you.
“I miss her too.”
“Alpine. I’m talking about —“
“I know.”
Good. You made that clear.
Alpine was at his feet in seconds. Even before he had fully walked through the door and that you made you smile. She always was too attached to him, so this whole scratching fiasco shouldn’t have surprised you.
It was only a matter of time.
“Plants are still alive, I see.”
You rolled your eyes.
A part of you wanted to comment on how it’s only been two weeks. Two weeks and how nothing could die in two weeks, but that would’ve been a lie. Things died for you guys in two hours.
And to be honest, you’d much rather not think of the time.
“How’s my favorite girl been?”
Your head snapped to him.
“I was talking to —“
“I know,” you snapped back. “I know you were.”
Damn, that was embarrassing.
Maybe it was better if you went to your room. Stayed in there. That way you wouldn’t have to be in his presence or hear his voice or look at his face because fuck, did he look good. Why did he have to look good? Who came to their ex’s house looking good?
Bucky did.
Because Bucky was stupid and he liked to do stupid things to your heart.
You went to your room.
But did peek out every so often.
To check on Alpine. That’s it.
At first you saw him scratching her head the way she likes. Then saw him playing with her the way she also likes. She curled up to his chest the third time you peeked out. Of course. Then, by the fourth time, you saw them both fast asleep.
Yeah, that was bound to happen.
They always had the tendency to fall asleep like that. Right there too. You’ve remembered coming home one too many times, finding them passed out on the couch with the TV buzzing in the background.
It was your favorite.
Not because Alpine always had a paw to his cheek, but because you’d always find a way to squeeze yourself in there too.
Home, baby?
I’m home, Buck.
It took three hours for them to wake up.
Really, the only reason Bucky started stirring was because he heard the laundry go off. That stupid chime could haunt him in his dreams and he hated it.
Brought him too many flashbacks of his time in service and how fucking picky his superiors were about neat clothing. Even though, they never had it like this back then, he still hated it.
“Need help?”
You turned around, “Uh - I’m good. I think I —“
“C’mon. I know how much you hate putting the sheets on.”
It took less than a minute when he helped.
That was annoying and you barged out of the room to grab the pillow cases you somehow left on the dryer.
Which was evidently the perfect time for Alpine to strut in and start scratching a box.
“Alpine, you can’t keep doing this. It’s not —”
Bucky stopped when he noticed a very familiar looking black t-shirt in the box. In fact, he noticed a couple other very familiar articles of clothing as well.
So, that's where they’ve all been.
Used too. They didn’t smell much like him anymore.
Bucky also noticed a familiar chain hanging around your neck when you asked him to stay for dinner. You’re here, you might as well eat something before you go. Besides, Alpine might destroy the curtains if you leave.
For Alpine.
He stayed and helped in the kitchen like he always did.
Meaning he stared at you. Stood a little too close to you and brought his hand up to the chain when he thought you weren’t paying attention.
You jolted.
“Sorry. Didn’t mean too —”
“It’s okay. It’s uh - you want it back?”
He stared at you.
“I can give it back. I know how much you…” you trailed off. “Just wanted to keep it safe. Safe keeping is all.”
Bucky didn’t say anything.
He took the knife from you though and asked you to check on Alpine.
You did. Didn’t come back into the room until everything was finished and even when you did, things felt quiet. Off. You went to take a seat at the table and he pulled you into his lap instead.
Your hands instantly went around his neck.
“It’s yours.”
He nudged his head towards your neck.
“It’s yours. I don’t ever want it back.”
“Bucky —”
“Remember earlier when I said I miss her too?”
You nodded.
“I wasn’t talking about Alpine.”
You knew that.
“I miss you, baby,” he cleared up. “And I’m sorry about the —“
“Me too,” you instantly said, recalling the stupid event from two weeks ago. “Me too, Buck. Me too.”
He sighed.
“Let’s not fight like that again, yeah?” he touched your hair. "We don’t talk to each other like that.”
“Yeah, we don’t. Never again.”
Then Alpine strolled into the room and scratched Bucky's leg. You didn’t miss me. Yeah, you knew she would’ve heard that and you laughed. It eased the heaviness of the room. Only the heaviness in the room because Bucky’s heaviness didn’t quite fade until you rested your head on his chest.
Right over his heart.
“That’s yours too,” he said.
Alpine was a very smart cat.
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metalbuckaroo · 18 hours ago
Hi, I love your work, like for real top notch. Definitely my favorite account on here. And two could I possibly have like a blurb or something short( or how ever you want it.) of stripper!bucky reacting to the innocent reader getting nipple piercings. Lots of love😘😘
SUMMARY// Bucky gets nervous when you tell him you 'did something'
WARNINGS// Implied smut, mentions of piercings, pretty fluffy
AU// stripper!bucky x innocent!reader
NOTE// you have melted my heart into a puddle 🥺been awhile since I've done anything with stripper bucky, gonna have to fix that 😉
Tumblr media
Bucky hadn't seen you in a week, he was starting to get a certain homesickness for you. A craving that needed to be filled as he waited for you at his apartment, impatiently flicking through the selection on a streaming service.
Hearing the jingle of the doorknob, Bucky immediately put the remote down and sat straighter on his couch.
The moment you walked in, he noticed something different. The way you moved towards where he was sat screamed at him to ask what had changed.
"Something wrong, my angel?" Bucky asked, pulling you to his lap. Your knees straddling his thick thighs. "I... may have done something."
His stomach lurched. Those were never good words to hear. His mind racing with the thoughts of what had changed; if you'd found someone else, did something with someone else- if maybe he had tested the limits a little too much the last time he'd seen you. Though, he didn't think it'd be that, the pinching rule still stood and you'd always used it when you weren't comfortable in a situation. In and out if the bedroom.
"W-what, baby?" He said, swallowing thickly, trying to keep his breathing steady to hide how nervous he was. Your hands reached up to work at the buttons of your blouse and he puffed out his cheeks as he raised his eyebrows at you. "You're not trying to distract me with your tips as you give me bad news, are you?"
You breathed a laugh and shook your head, heat creeping up your neck. "Not that kind of something, Buck." You assured, pecking a kiss to the tip of his nose.
Bucky sighed in relief and nodded, hands resting on the tops of your thighs as you popped open the last button. Wetting his lips as your fingers worked at the clasp between your breasts.
"Holy shit, bunny." He groaned when he saw the two barbells piercing through your nipples. Slipping his hands up to hold your waist as he nuzzled his face against the valley of your breasts.
Your face burning when he let out a heavy sigh. "Do you not like them?" You mumbled, holding his sturdy shoulders. His left cold against your hand.
Bucky lifted his head to look at you with wide eyes, shaking his head. "I fuckin' love 'em- but, I can't touch." He stuck his bottom lip out, eyes flicking back and forth at the new jewelry before up to your face. "I love you more, though." He said with a cheeky grin.
You smiled at him, lacing your fingers in the back of his hair. "I was a little nervous you wouldn't like them." You said softly, looking to his bare chest. "That would be hypocritical of me. Since we match, now." He chuckled, gripping your backside as he pecked a kiss to your lips.
"Lemme show you just how much I like them." Bucky exhaled, hauling you up with him as he stood. "You have to be careful, though, Buck." You said with a pointed look, holding his shoulders as he walked towards his bedroom door. "I know, I know. Healing process, sensitive, sore- I got it, I can work around them."
"Good, because, I missed you." You sighed before your back met his plush mattress, Bucky's large frame hovering over you. "I missed you, Bunny. We're gonna have s'much fun with these-
"James." You warned, getting a chuckle in response.
"I can look, but I can't touch. I know, baby."
🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍
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buckys-black-dress · a day ago
see through
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
a/n: i dont have much to say other than that it's 1 am and i needed to get this out of my system. chapter 4 of play the game is underway, i promise. also, there will be a pov switch in this fic!
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. = POV change!
wc: 4.1k words
[ neighbor!bucky barnes x fem!reader ]
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
Every Friday night, without fail, you saw the light filter into your apartment.
Notice how you said night?
Yeah, it was almost two in the morning, by the way.
And why was there light coming through the chiffon curtains you had hanging on the rod above your window?
(Great choice on your part, by the way.)
Well, because of your neighbor.
You've seen him a few times, actually. Usually on the street outside your buildings, or just out and about. Never spoke to him, though. He was quiet, kept to himself. Didn't seem very friendly or willing to exchange a greeting if he ever saw you.
But you never took it personally. Maybe he was having a bad day. Every time you saw him.
But that's besides the point. The point right now is that you can see the lights blaring in your room. From the apartment across from yours.
Should it even be possible for light to travel that far? I mean, we don't even live in the same building. You think to yourself as you watch the colors dance in the dark.
You debate getting up and yelling out your window to tell him to shut that shit off or to invest in some blackout curtains. You were tired of sacrificing your sleep every week.
But then you decided against it, because you quite frankly could not be bothered to get up from the warmth of your bed. You'd tough it out for the night, but the next time you saw him, you'd have a few words for him.
The next morning, it was almost ten when you woke up. You didn't have your shift at the coffee shop you worked at until three, so you took your time in making your way out of bed.
You noticed the curtains of your neighbor's apartment were still open, but you could see his figure moving across the room. He was clearly on the phone with someone, and he didn't look too happy. You wondered what could have him so angry at such an early time of the morning. He seemed like a person who could use someone to talk to, someone who he could vent to.
But before you let your thoughts get ahead of you, you turn away from the window, heading back into your kitchen to eat breakfast and get ready for the long day ahead of you.
"Hi, what can I get started for you today?" You ask as brightly as you can muster at the moment. You were halfway through your shift, another three hours until close.
"Uh, just a large black coffee." The gruff voice says, and it takes you a second until you look up and look closely.
It was him.
"O-okay, that'll be $3.27." You say, and he hands you a five dollar note before grumbling,
"Keep the change."
"Thanks, and your name?"
He gives you a look that's asking, 'what the fuck do you need my name for?'
"For the order." You try and salvage your dignity, because it feels like the stare shrunk you to a speck of dust.
That's all he all but growls before turning back to find a seat.
As your coworker takes over the cash register, you grab the biggest cup and fill it with his desired coffee.
You try to not think about it too much, but the anxiety you feel rising up inside you and just calling his name to give him his coffee feels absolutely ridiculous.
"Are you just gonna stare at the cup or give it to the customer?" The voice of your coworker, Jenna, rings in your ears and you look up at her, snapping out of the trance you were in.
"Sorry, I'm just a little out of it today, I guess."
"Everything alright?" She asks, and you nod.
"I'm fine, it's just... that's my neighbor." You nod your head towards where James is sat, in the corner by the window as he watches the raindrops run down the expanse of the glass.
"The one who doesn't let you sleep?"
"Yeah, but I don't think he'd take it too kindly if I tell him about that. He seems to have a lot on his own plate anyways," You explain, and she just nods.
"Well, that sucks, but you still need ta' give the guy his coffee." Jenna smiles and walks back to what she was doing before.
You gently slide out from your spot behind the counter and walk to his table.
"Here's your coffee, James. Enjoy, and- uh, let me know if you'd like anything else." You tell him while placing the steaming cup in front of him.
He murmurs a thank you that you barely catch, but you don't quite have the time to sit and wait for more of a reaction.
For the next several hours, James sits right where he was. He doesn't do anything in particular, either. He just watches outside, as the rain continues to pelt down on New York City, and as people come and go from where they were.
Eventually, about an hour left until close, you offer another cup of coffee.
"Do you want a refill? On the house." You ask gently, waiting to see if you'll get brushed off again.
"Uh... are you allowed to do stuff like that?" He asks, and you're a bit taken aback at the sudden concern.
"I don't think you should worry yourself too much, James. Free coffee's free coffee." You smile lightly, and grab the cup before filling it up without his confirmation. You could tell he wanted to say yes but didn't want to seem rude.
"You didn't have to..." He grumbles, and you simply shake your head.
"I know, but you've been here a while, and what kind of employee would I be if I let a customer sit here without any sustenance?" Your lips ply into a tiny smirk, trying to get him to loosen up a bit.
He seems so guarded, defensive. Like any moment, he's ready to run if need be, you inspect to yourself.
"You'd just be a regular employee, Y/N." He says, but the way he says your name makes a shiver run down your spine; and you can't tell if it's a good or bad one.
You unconsciously look down at your name tag, pinned to your black apron that's branded with the café's logo.
"Well, I felt like being nice. I hope you can deal." Your voice comes out short, but he knows you mean no harm.
As you walk back to the counter, you see a small smile playing on his lips, but he doesn't allow it to manifest on his face. You take that as a small victory for your last hour of work.
(bucky's pov).・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
The girl who works at this café is annoying.
But she's got a nice smile. And she's nice to me, Bucky thinks to himself.
He sips on the new coffee you'd just poured for him, without his consent, he thinks bitterly.
But it was a nice gesture.
Why can't you just take a nice gesture?
Because your brain's been scrambled eggs for 70 years. You don't know what to think about anything these days.
He watches you fiddle with the espresso maker, cleaning it with a rag, which you then dip into a bucket.
You look extremely familiar to him, but he can't exactly pin where he's seen you before.
Bucky closes his eyes for a moment, trying to recall where he'd seen you, but for a moment, he comes up with nothing.
Ever since he's been living back in the real world, he hasn't been outside too much.
He goes on the occasional walk, or goes to the tower to see Steve and Sam.
But other than that, he spends a lot of time in his Brooklyn apartment. He watches movies that Steve suggests, or he invites Steve and Sam over to have beer and watch TV with him.
He hates how lonely it gets, though.
Bucky wishes that he had someone.
Someone who could understand.
And don't get him wrong, he loves Sam and Steve. They fill in the gaps in his days, and they make them better.
Sometimes, thinking about having something to do that day is what makes it. He likes having something to do, something to plan for for when his friends come over.
But it feels like a teeny, tiny part of his life is missing. A person shaped-hole in his heart.
But Bucky doesn't spend too long thinking about it, or it'll send him into a spiral about failure and how he needs to 'push himself to get out there more.'
Or that's what his therapist says.
"Hey, we're about to close, and we usually throw the pastries out at the end of the day. Do you wanna take these home, by any chance?" Your voice rings in his ears, snapping him out of the impending slippery slope of his lack of love life.
He hesitates to answer for a second, looking at the brown paper bag pinched between your fingers.
Bucky can tell you were nervous when you spoke to him. He knew he made you uneasy, and it killed him inside.
He hated that. He just wanted to have a normal conversation with someone. But everyone seems to know who he is.
Who he was.
"Uh, what is it?" He croaks, unsure of what to say at your gesture.
"It's a few cookies and a chocolate croissant."
"Sure, I'll take 'em." Bucky simply answers, watching as you hand the bag over with a soft smile and watches you walk back.
You sweep up the floor and put up all the chairs, except for the one Bucky's sitting on. You leave his table alone, and bid farewell to your coworker who was scheduled to close with you.
Bucky doesn't know what drives him to do it, but he gets up after he sees you walk out the door, and follows you home.
Damn, if you like a girl, you usually ask for her number or somethin'. Not follow her home to make sure she's safe, you idiot. Bucky's inner voice speaks and sometimes, he wishes it would just shut up because he knows he has no game nowadays, but this is all he knows to do.
He realizes the way you're walking is familiar, and not at all of the way he was supposed to be going. That made him feel a little better, less like a creep. He's about half a block behind you, and when you turn onto the same street he lives on, he's really confused.
Did you know he was behind you? Are you trying to play a trick on him?
But before Bucky can speak up or say something, you walk right past his building, and into the one right next to it.
All of a sudden, images of you right on the street in front of your buildings flash through his head. He's seen you because you're his neighbor. Bucky's seen you right there, getting ready to start your run through the neighborhood, or probably on your way to work, now that he's seen where you work.
But he feels like there's somewhere else he's seen you; somewhere familiar.
He shakes his head, wondering why he's so caught up in you. He thought you were beautiful, but he feels a pull to you that he's never felt with anyone else before.
Bucky's hands move to unlock his door, sliding the key in and twisting the lock open.
He enters, staring at his dark apartment. It's moments like this, when he spends a long day alone, that he wishes there was someone.
Someone to come home to, to hug, to kiss, to share dinner with.
Some to fall asleep with at night. Someone to keep the terrors of the dark away.
But there was no one.
And then his mind thought back to you. Your hair, your face, your warm hands that touched his while you passed him the brown paper bag of treats.
Bucky wishes he was man enough to ask you out. Not even that, just to talk to you. Have a normal conversation, to get to know you.
But that wasn't in the cards for him anytime soon, he thinks.
For now, he focuses on taking things one at a time. And right now, all he wanted was a nice, warm shower and to get at least three hours of sleep tonight.
He's in his room, forgoing the lights for now, before he looks out his window.
For a moment, he believes his eyes are playing tricks on him.
There's absolutely no way that you are standing right there, right outside his window.
Well, in your own apartment, of course.
And there's absolutely no way in hell that Bucky is watching you undress right now.
As soon as you pull off your top, Bucky turns around before he could get more than a peek of your black lace bra, and he feels a burn in the pit of his stomach.
He can't tell if it's shame, guilt, or arousal.
(y/n's pov).・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
You couldn't stop thinking about James all day.
After yesterday, you wondered why you couldn't shake this feeling about him.
He'd made it quite clear that he's not a people person. Or maybe he just wasn't a you person.
But again, you tried to not take things too personally these days.
Sometimes, you wondered, though, as you looked through your bedroom window to his some nights.
You imagined what it would be like, watching one of those movies with him at night. Making dinner with him. Having coffee in the mornings before work, wondering what he did for a living.
You chastise yourself for your thoughts, thinking that you were crazy for these ideas you were coming up with out of nowhere.
As you pull off your clothes to get ready for bed, you feel the same emptiness fill your heart when your head hits the pillow, and another day has gone by where you're all alone.
The next day, your shift was at ten in the morning so you were up early.
You took your time in rolling out of bed. The warmth of your duvet was holding you down, and you couldn't help take a peek out your window.
You see that the room facing yours is finally housing a body in the bed. In all the time you'd been living across him, you've only seen him on the floor.
You feel a warm flutter at that. Whatever reason led him to actually sleep in the bed last night was, you hope you played a role in it.
You make your way to the café, and although walking in the rain wasn't ideal, you made it, somehow.
You clock in and head to the register, ready to take the millions of orders that come in through the day.
"Hi- oh! Welcome back. What can I get you?" Your tone of voice made it clear you were surprised, but was trying to not let it show.
"Uhm, just the same as yesterday, and... Can I get a chocolate croissant?" Bucky's gruff voice tells you.
You ring him up, wondering if you should say something about him being your neighbor. Although, he didn't seem too keen on looking you in the eye right now, and you wonder if you did something to make him uncomfortable yet again.
He seems to have this issue quite often.
Little do you know, this time, it isn't because of you or anything you did.
Well, nothing you did on purpose.
Nothing you were aware of at the time.
Anyways, you tell James to go take a seat and that you'd be right out with his order.
"Here you go, James," you place the plate and mug on the table, and this time, when you hear him say something, you turn around with furrowed brows.
"Sorry, I didn't catch what you said." You apologize, waiting for him to repeat himself.
"I- nevermind, it was stupid anyways. You probably have to get back to work." He mumbles while looking back down at his pastry.
"James, whatever it is, you can tell me." You offer with a kind smile. "I can come sit with you during my break, if you don't mind?" A hopeful smile crosses your face.
"Uh, I- yes, yeah, that would be nice." He struggles for a moment, but finally nods his head in confirmation along with his words.
"Alright, James. I get off in an hour for my break." You simply tell him with a soft grin, and you can practically feel his eyes burning into you as you walk away.
The blush creeping up your cheeks also stays there until the remainder of your shift.
As you plop in the chair across from James, you inspect him for a moment.
He was attractive, you'll admit.
Okay, he was more than attractive.
"So, James, where are you from?" You ask, your own cup of coffee in front of you on the table.
"Well, I'm Brooklyn born 'nd raised. Never was a time I didn't live here. You?" His lip twitches, looking out the window fondly.
"That's nice. I moved here when I was nine, so I guess I've been here a while. But no matter where I go, there's nowhere like home." You smile.
"There really isn't, huh? This place is irreplaceable." He gives you a crack of another smile, and you find yourself yearning for more from him. Just a tooth, something.
"Well, do you live around here?" You ask, deciding to play coy. You wanted to see what he'd say.
"Uh, yeah, actually. Over on DeKalb and Clinton." He clears his throat, the hint of a smile on his face melting right off.
"Huh, that's so funny. I live on those streets too." You grin, waiting to see his reaction.
"O-Oh really?" James doesn't really know what to say without giving away that he knows where you fucking live.
"Yeah, isn't that funny? Which building?" You're pressing, and you know he knows, but you're having your fun right now.
"T-the uhm... I live in the Washington." He's now making zero eye contact with you, and you're close to breaking.
"What a coincidence! I live in the Oakley!" You're in a fit of giggles when his face drops, you just can't help it anymore.
"James, can I tell you something?" You ask in a coquettish manner.
"Yeah, I suppose you'll tell me even if I say no." He gives a tight smile as a joke.
"I don't wanna sound like a creep, but I knew you lived in the Washington."
"Oh," James releases a breath of relief, "thank God. I knew you lived in the Oakley, but I didn't wanna sound like a stalker either." He says.
You laugh, sliding a hand on top of his resting on the table.
"Y'know, you do this really annoying thing where you leave your movies running on full brightness on your TV, and I can see it through my windows at night." You laugh at the incredulity of the situation.
"Oh... I never even thought of that. I'm sorry, Y/N." He looks genuinely remorseful, and now you feel bad for any bad thought you've had about the man that lives across from you.
"It's alright. No big deal." Your smile does a good job of convincing Bucky that you truly weren't bothered by his actions, but he still felt bad.
"Y'know, maybe I could make it up to you?" He asks, and you feel a blush moving up your chest. "Like, maybe over dinner?" His voice is timid, you can tell by the way he tilts his head down while speaking.
"James," you slide your hand into his this time, your smaller one resting in his large metal one. "I'd love to go out with you sometime."
Before he could react, you stood up from the chair.
"My break's over, but I get off at 3." You lean down and pull a pen from your apron, scribbling your number onto a napkin. "Here."
You walk away before he could say anything, but there's something about him this time that you notice.
He's blushing, too. And he's smiling. A bright, white, blinding smile.
You think of that smile throughout your whole shift, until you see he's still waiting for you when it's time to go.
"So, do you like Chinese or Italian better?" He asks with a crooked smile.
bonus scene:
six months later
You and Bucky are laid across your bed, the TV blaring a movie that neither of you are paying attention to. Your head is resting on his shoulder, leg thrown over both of his, and his hand running through your hair.
"You wanna know somethin' doll?" Bucky asks, and you feel his chest rumble under your head.
"Yeah, everything okay?" You ask while leaning up on your elbow to get a good look at him, trying to gauge his mood.
"Everything's okay, just remembered something." He laughs, his hand moving to hold your jaw in it. You shivered at the touch, but smiled fondly at the action.
"When I first saw you at the coffee shop, that first day when you gave the free coffee and pastries... I followed you home."
Your brows furrow and it's clear that you were confused as to why.
"I wanted to make sure you got home safe, and then it turned out that you lived right next to me. So I went up to my apartment and wondered what I'd done right in a past life to have you live right next to me, and then I saw you lived right across from me." His face was tipped upwards, like he was replaying that night in his head.
"You followed me home just to make sure I was safe?" You asked in disbelief that he did something so nice for you, when at the time you thought he hated you.
"Of course, sweetheart. It was dark out and there 're some real jerks out there, y'know." One corner of his mouth lifts up in a soft smirk. "Didn't want anything to happen to ya."
You lean down and press a kiss to the corner of his mouth, appreciating his gesture.
"I really thought you didn't like me back then, so this is a nice little secret you've been hiding from me." You giggle when he pulls you back in for a real kiss.
"Yeah, well, I don't think I could'a hated you if I tried, baby. You're too sweet. And at the time, I was still getting used to being out in the open without being a national security threat." You both laugh lightly, dropping your head down.
A moment passes where you bask in his words, letting them soak in. And then a thought hits you, and you can't help but become more curious. Now you need to know the answer.
"Hey, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, hon." Now Bucky's brows are pulled together, and you reach up and smooth out the wrinkle with your thumb.
"Did you ever... see me doing anything in here? Like, I usually keep the curtains open, and even if they're closed, they're pretty see-through..." You trail off, giving him time to craft his response.
You have a feeling you know the answer, considering how he turns red like a tomato in an instant as words leave your lips.
"I... there was this one time, but I swear, I wasn't trying to peep on you or anything, it was the same day I followed you and I just so happened to look into your window, and you were getting undressed, but I swear, I turned away as soon as I saw what you were doing, baby-" He was rambling, trying to save himself from sounding like a complete creep after all he's just told you.
"Did you like it?" You ask, innocently, but he knew what you were trying to do.
"I-I- You were getting undressed, sweetheart, of course I liked it... are you kidding me?" Bucky's grasping for the words, trying to make you understand.
"Well... we could always recreate it, but maybe in the same apartment this time?" You cock your head to the side, your doe eyes stirring a feeling in his abdomen.
"I think that's an excellent idea, honey." Bucky's hands grasp your waist as you slide on top of his lap. "After all, I am a hands on learner."
fin. i hope you enjoyed!
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oops i suck at titles and descriptions Some dangerous men get your address and Bucky has to save you.
Warnings: Mafia!Bucky, language, beginnings of seggsy time at the end
18+ only, Minors DNI
Words: 1.3K sorry its short
This is a submission for @metalbuckaroo's 2k writing challenge. Prompts in order of appearance: 42 Hey! Only I can call them that! 16 I thought you’d never ask 3 is that my shirt 1 you look better in my clothes than I do
Tumblr media
“What do you mean they have her address?” Bucky growled at the two men standing on the opposite side of his desk. He started to crack each knuckle individually on his right hand while he waited for an answer.
“Well, boss, sir, it was Macoy. He sold the Dover boys some information and part of what they wanted was her address. Everyone knows about her, everyone who matters, anyway.” The man shuffled back and forth nervously. Bucky’s eyes stared a hole through him and the second man spoke up.
“Should we tell Y/n, boss? Post guards or somethin’?”
Bucky slammed his fists down on the desk, making both men jump. “Hey!” he barked. “Only I can call her that, you understand? It's Ms. Y/l/n to you assholes. Have some respect or you’ll pay for it with blood! Get the fuck out of my office and take care of Macoy!” The men practically ran out of the room. “I want proof on my desk in two hours!” screamed Bucky. “STEVE!”
Steve Rogers stepped in and softly closed the door behind him. “Yeah, I heard. Sent a group of guys over to her house already, and got your car pulled around front. You want me to go get her while you finish work?”
Bucky stood up and grabbed his coat. He straightened his tie and threw a couple files from his desk into a briefcase. “Good man, Steve. No, you stay here and take care of the place. If those two idiots don’t come back with proof they offed Macoy, send another team out to kill all three of them. After that, take the rest of the night off. Tomorrow, you and I will figure out what to do with the Dover boys. I’m going to go get my girl.” He clapped a hand onto Steve’s shoulder. “Thanks for the help.”
When Bucky got to your house, his guys were surrounding it quietly. He was sure you didn’t know they were there. He walked past them and rang your doorbell.
You cautiously went to the door to peek outside. It was the middle of the afternoon, and Bucky wasn’t supposed to be here for a while yet. But there he was, standing all stern on your doorstep.
You opened the door and waved him in. “Hi, what’s going on.” You looked around and saw the boys standing on each corner of your house. “Gentlemen.” You nodded to each of them and closed the door behind your boyfriend. “Was I supposed to come in to work today, hon? What’s with the show of muscle?” You took a few steps and met his eyes. “Bucky, you look worried and it’s starting to scare me. I need you to talk to me.”
He looked down and sighed. “This isn’t how I wanted to do this, my love, but I need you to come stay with me tonight.”
You smiled a little. You hadn’t stayed the night with him yet, but had wanted to for a while. He wanted to take things slow with you because of his line of work, although patience wasn’t really either of your strong suits. “I thought you’d never ask. Why, though? You don’t look happy about it.” You held is face and lifted it so he would look you in the eyes again. He jerked his face out of your hands and huffed.
“Just do it, ok doll?” His voice bordered on that boss attitude that was a huge no-no to use on you. If he wanted to marry you and be partners one day, you were not going to take that attitude now or ever because partners meant equals.
“Excuse me?” you asked without really asking. You took a step back and crossed your arms. “You wanna try that again James Barnes?”
He closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose and rested a hand on his hip. “Y/n. Darling. Love of my life. Get in the fucking car, please. Remember Macoy, the guy who always wore the pants that were a little too long and the shirts that were a little too small? And the Dover Boys? The one’s who’s cousin I killed last year because he tried to take a picture up your skirt? Macoy sold the Dover Boys some info on us, part of that was your address. It isn’t safe here tonight and we can’t hang around and chat right now.” He raised one hand toward the door. “Can we go now?”
You raised an eyebrow at him. “Was that so fuckin’ hard? I’m going to go throw a few things together and then we can go.” He nodded and you ran up the stairs. You packed, put a few things in your fire-proof safe and locked it before ushering Bucky out of your house. You set the alarm system and closed the door behind you. He took your suitcase in one hand and interlocked your fingers with the other. It was silent between you two as you went to the car. He loaded your luggage and then opened the door for you, sliding in beside you.
The drive was a bit uncomfortable, but you waited for him to say whatever it was brewing behind those eyes. Thankfully, you didn’t have to wait long.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered in your ear. You were the only one you had ever heard him apologize to and it was something you treasured. “I should have told you everything, I’m worried about you. We’ll get this sorted out, and everything will be ok, but I felt so strongly that I needed to get you out of that house and to safety I wasn’t thinking clearly. Please forgive me.” He put his arm around your shoulders and you leaned into him, resting your head on his chest.
“I forgive you. Thank you for coming to get me.”
“I’ll always come for you.” He smirked and let his fingertips graze the top of your tits. “In more ways than one.”
You playfully slapped his stomach and laughed.
“Let’s go get some dinner and we can relax at my place.” Bucky had the best suggestions. You agreed and the driver headed to your favorite fast food joint.
A couple hours later, it was dark out and you and Bucky had finished eating dinner at his table. You stretched and stood up. “I think I’m gonna go change into my pjs. Meet you on the couch in a few minutes?”
He smiled at you contentedly. “It’s a date, princess.” He also stood and started clearing off the trash. While you changed, he started thinking about how firm you had been with him earlier. The attitude that rolled off you when he used the wrong tone…the way your ass bounced when you ran up the stairs…the way your lips sucked a hickey on his neck in the drive thru…the way you smiled at him when his hands grazed your inner thigh at the table. It was all driving him crazy. The danger of the situation and adrenaline probably didn’t help either. Just then, he glanced up and you were walking back into the room. You took his breath away. He was expecting sweat pants and a t-shirt, but this… You were wearing one of his thin white button up shirts, just a few buttons done to keep it closed around your chest. You were clearly not wearing a bra, and the shirt was see through enough to drive his imagination wild.
“Is that—” his voice cracked and he cleared his throat. “Is that my shirt?”
You smiled and blew him a kiss. “Whose else would it be?” You sat down on the couch facing him and spread your legs juuuuust enough.
You weren’t wearing underwear either.
He stared for a second, then whispered “You look better in my clothes than I do. What did I do to earn this tonight?”
“You saved me, Bucky. Now you get to destroy me.”
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eloquent-vowel · 16 hours ago
I have had a few bucky x read fic ideas bouncing around in my head and i cant write! So here is one,
Sam find a person who stairs and doesnt talk a whole lot because they uses ✨telepathy ✨. So Sam think they would be a good fit for Bucky, but he doesn’t know they have that power he just thinks they are mute. Then there is a thing where the reader is telling Buck how it works and they if they have something to connect them together like an object *reader motions to dog tags* they can have an unbreakable mind link. Then they fall in love or something. This is dumb, thank you for coming to my TedTalk
Hey! Thank you so much for this request, it wasn't dumb at all. I really enjoyed writing this. I may have gotten a bit carried away, this may sit close to 4000 words but we vibe. I hope this is what you had in mind! Please enjoy! <3
Click here for my masterlist of other fics and check in my bio for requests if anyone wishes to ask!
Bucky had been enjoying a moments peace, he loved working with Sam but sometimes all he wanted was to put his feet up, put on some vinyl and enjoy a good cup of coffee all while reading a brilliant book. He had been trying to get into Game of Thrones lately, on Sam’s insistence, and he had been enjoying it. With the crackles of Glenn Miller from the turntable he missed the clunky footsteps coming up the stairs.
The sight that greeted Sam needed to be photographed. Bucky was lounging back on his ‘old man armchair’ feet up, hair in a towel, in a bathrobe, coffee in hand and facemask on, this was definitely one for the family album.
At the sound of the phone shutter Bucky practically launched himself out of the chair.
“Oh, you are never gonna live this one down old boy, it’s going to haunt you.” Sam almost cackled evilly as he began to email the photo to himself- he had learnt the hard way that Bucky was very proficient at breaking phones.
“You better not upload that photo anywhere, Wilson, I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Pfft, reputation, that’s funny.”
Bucky scoffed as he stood up, placing his book carefully on the side table, “Big scary super soldier, people hardly run-in fear from a guy in a bathrobe.”
“I disagree, a man in a bathrobe is definitely something you should run from. AH NOPE!” Sam jumped backwards, on top of a nearby chair, as Bucky lunged for the phone, towel turban falling off in the process. “You are not breaking this phone as well.”
“Fine. But you gotta promise not to post that anywhere.” Bucky huffed.
“I won’t.”
“As long as- “
“Oh no, I’m not doing anything for you.”
“Think of it as payment for the last phone you broke and insurance for this picture.”
There was silence for a moment as the two friends eyed each other up. Sam raised his eyebrows, Bucky’s eyes narrowed. It was a Mexican standoff between a guy in a bathrobe and a precariously balanced man. A clock ticked.
“Fine.” Bucky conceded. “What do you want?”
“For you to come to a meeting.”
“The families of Veterans ones?”
“Yeah.” Sam slowly started climbing down from the chair. “And before you get your old man pants in a twist, I’m not trying to force you to talk or anything, kinda.”
“Kinda?” Suspicion laced through Bucky’s voice.
“You know sign language, right?”
“Which kind?”
“American? I think?”
“Yeah, I know ASL, might be a bit rusty but I’m sure it still holds up. Why do you ask?”
Sam shifted slightly on his feet, “There’s this person, they come in every week and listen. I tried to talk to them, but they communicate through sign language, and I don’t have anyone there to talk with them.” He cast his eyes to the floor, “I feel bad. They were brave enough to come to the group only to basically be ignored ‘because we didn’t plan well enough.”
Bucky smiled, face mask crinkling around his smile lines, “You could have just asked me to Sam. You didn’t have to blackmail me into this, of course I’ll help. When’s the next meeting?”
“This evening. You gonna be ready or do you need some more ‘me’ time.”
Bucky simply chuckled at Sam’s teasing tone, patted his shoulder making sure to squeeze just a bit too hard before retreating to his room.
“I’ll be there, Wilson, and I will look so much younger than you!”
It was frustrating to you, going along to these meetings and not being able to communicate. You could always speak into someone’s mind but all that usually accomplished was a very paranoid person. But just listening to other’s stories really helped the grief from losing someone so close to you. You related to most of the people there and even though they didn’t understand you a lot of the time, you were always made to feel welcome- with friendly pats on the back and the odd tissue thrown your way.
You bustled into the familiar building with a new sense of excitement as Sam had promised to bring a translator for you this week. It was finally time to say your thanks to some of the people there and finally let the group know about your brother, so that it wasn’t only you that remembered him.
You all but ran through the hallways until you caught sight of a familiar smiling man. Sam was facing you, talking animatedly to another man, the strangers back was to you. He was tall, broad shouldered and dressed in a vintage looking leather jacket and rather well fitted trousers. Now the debate was: does the tailoring make the ass, or does the ass make the tailoring. You were halfway through the arguments on either side when Sam shouting your name disrupted the intense debating in your mind. You blushed at being caught, then blushed some more when you caught sight of the stranger’s face. Twinkling blue eyes under a deep-set brow should have made him intimidating, but he was smiling, and his face was dazzling. There was an immediate fluttering in your stomach.
“Hey, I’m Bucky.” Dear lord even his voice was nice, what made you smile even more was the fact that he signed as he spoke. Well, Sam certainly knew how to pick them well. “Sam introduced me; said you wanted an interpreter.”
You nodded as you signed back, “Nice to meet you, thank you for helping out.”
“No problem, Sam has told me a bit about you.”
“Good things I hope.”
“Okay I recognise my own name, you two better not be conspiring against me.” Sam piped up, to be honest you had forgotten about him for a moment.
Bucky laughed, and it sent a little thrill down you, he really was adorable.
“No worries, Wilson, just letting them know all your dirty little secrets.”
“Right, you two get in there, before you make me sleep with one eye open.”
You and Bucky caught each other’s eye, his eyes were twinkling with mischief, and you couldn’t help the smile that overtook you. You had a feeling that the two of you would get on just fine.
The meeting passed easily. Bucky translated your signs and you finally felt like you could actually take part in these meetings. Everyone listened intently when you spoke of your brother and when you had thanked the whole group for being so open to you a couple of people shed a tear. By the end of the meeting though you were tired and very accepting of Bucky’s offer to walk you home.
It was a lot of side glances and hidden smiles and you walked side by side. Drawn to each other under the moonlit sky, it was nice to just be in the presence of someone who had such a kind aura. You spent the walk trying to work up the confidence to sign something, anything but nothing came to mind and Bucky seemed quite content to just walk in comfortable silence.
You soon reached your home, you turned to Bucky with a smile on your face and signed,
“Thanks for today, Bucky. You were really helpful.”
“No problem.” He signed back,
You hesitated slightly before signing, “Would you be happy to have a coffee with me, tomorrow?”
Bucky went a little red in the face, and chuckled, “I would love to, I know a nice place, real cosy. I’ll text you the details.”
“You know how to text?”
“Hey! I get enough stick from Sam, don’t need you getting on my case too. I’ll have you know that I am very adaptable.”
“Sure, Sure.” You smiled at his flustered tone. “I’ll wait for your text then, have a good evening.”
“You too.”
The two of you stared slightly awkwardly at each other, neither wanting to be the first to turn around. You shuffled your feet away slowing, smiling awkwardly once more at Bucky before turning. You heard his footsteps start to fade away as you walked towards your home. You were but three steps to the door when a large figure in a hoodie slammed into you, you raised your arms instinctively to block them when you noticed your shoulder was lighter. The bastard had stolen your bag.
You immediately took chase, chasing around the corner you just walked down but they were fast, faster then you at least. As you rounded the corner you caught sight of Bucky walking ahead. The thief wouldn’t stand a change against him. Without a second thought you cast your thoughts towards Bucky,
“Bucky! Thief! My Bag! Behind you!”
You saw Bucky flinch slightly then turn bewildered, his eyes widening when he saw you hurting towards him, chasing the hooded figure. He caught on and launched after the thief as well, with barely any effort he knocked the thief to the ground, grabbed your bag and whipped out his phone to call the cops.
Well, that was hot.
You took your bag back, immediately checking that you brother’s lucky coin was in the zippy pocket, to your relief it was still there. You looked up to see Bucky staring at you with a very puzzled look on his face. You sighed before casting your thoughts to his head once more,
“I’ll explain later.”
Bucky let out a strange, decompressed noise of shock, it made you giggle. The two of you waited in silence until the police came and took the thief away. The police car had barely driven away when he turned to you.
“Did you just, talk in my head? Or did my conscious just suddenly get really loud.”
“I did. Hi. Sorry about that.”
He waved his hands dismissively. “Believe it or not, not the weirdest thing I’ve encountered.”
“Well, that’s reassuring.”
There was an awkward silence.
“So,” You started, resorting back to sign language, it felt less invasive, “Still down for coffee?”
Bucky smiled, “One hundred percent. I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Yeah. Bye Bucky. Thanks for getting my bag back.”
“No problem, see ya.”
The coffee shop that Bucky invited you to, was tucked away, it was the kind of place that you would stumble over on accident. With a simple door and a big window out the front, that lead soft orange light filter out onto the alley. There was the faint sound of jazz leaking out of the building, you smirked. It was such an old fashioned place, of course this was where Bucky frequented.
The bell tinkled slightly as you entered the café, where you were greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods. You caught sight of Bucky’s broad shoulders sitting in the corner, and you made your way over to him, smiling at the barista as you passed.
As if sensing you, Bucky turned to smile and wave. He was dressed in casual clothes like last time, but this time his hair was loose around his shoulders. You smiled back before settling into the seat opposite him.
His hands moved hesitantly as he signed, “What would you like? I can recommend their hot chocolate, its very warming/”
“Hot chocolate it is.”
You could tell he wanted to ask you a million questions but to his credit he walked slowly to get the drinks, he even took his time carefully carrying the tray of drinks back to your table. He placed a delicious looking hot chocolate in front of you. You watched as he took a sip.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1-
“So,” Here we go, “What is it you can do, you can speak in peoples’ heads, can you,” He lowered his voice and leaned in, “Can you read people’s minds?”
You giggled slightly, his eyes were basically sparkling, he was definitely nerding out about this.
You set the hot chocolate down before casting your thoughts to his head, “I can speak in peoples heads relatively easily, it’s how I talk most of the time to people I know. I guess you could call it Telepathy.”
Bucky’s eyes were as wide as saucers, “So you can’t read thoughts, only… speak them?”
“I like to call it casting, makes me feel like a sorcerer. I can read thoughts, but it takes a lot of energy. I used to be able to talk with my brother from across the house. That usually requires some kind of connection.”
“Oh, so like a blood or family connection? Do you have to know the person very well?”
“That certainly helps but it’s not always necessary. If I have a personal object that belongs to that person, something I can hold and connect to them it isn’t hard to make a two-way connection. Especially if that person is willing to open their mind.”
Bucky seemed to be caught in thought for a second. “So, if I were to give you something of mine, we could both talk in our… heads?”
“Well yes, but Bucky we have only just met. Letting me into your head is a lot. I try not to pry but sometimes I’ve found that thoughts just burst through. Let’s get to know each other a before that happens.”
Bucky smiled at you before speaking and signing, “You’re right. Let’s get to know one another. I find you fascinating.”
It happened on the fifth date. Bucky was just walking you home after a lovely dinner at a small Italian that he claimed he went to back in the 40s. Just outside your door, under the glow of a lamppost he turned to you and took a deep breath before speaking.
“I know this may be a lot, but I wanted to give you these.” He reached around his neck and pulled off something silver. You gasped slightly as he held out his dog tags, immaculately preserved after all these years.
“Are you sure, Bucky? This is a lot.”
“I know and if you aren’t comfortable with it then just let me know but I want to give them to you.”
“You know what this means Bucky?”
“Yeah, I know, I just figured that you’re already in my head all the time anyways, just can’t seem to get you out of it.”
“You cheeseball.” You smirked at him before taking the dog tags and placing them around your neck. You gripped the cold metal for a moment, concentrating on the man in front of you. Taking everything, you knew about him and stretching out a connection, like a hand reaching out to clasp another.
“Testing, Testing, Testing, one two, one two, can my Telepathic partner hear me?”
You laughed, “Yes I can Bucky, you big dork.”
Bucky whooped out loud before sweeping you up in a big hug. The two of you laughing under the lamp light. His joy was infectious, and you couldn’t fight the smile off your face.
“Oh, we are going to have so much fun messing with Sam.”
“You’re evil.”
Of course, the two of you made a pact not to tell Sam until he worked it out, which wouldn’t be anytime soon according to Bucky. It led to some very memorable moments and Sam refusing to play any form of card or board game with either of you because you always managed to win, somehow. Not to mention all the times you had spoken in eery unison around him.
“I swear, its like you two can read each other’s minds sometimes.” Sam threw his hands up in frustration at another lost game of charades.
You smirked at Bucky across the room, “Should you tell him, or shall I?”
“I think he’s been through enough, I got it.”
Bucky cleared his throat, “We can.”
Sam whipped around to face Bucky, a look of sheer disbelief on his face, “Seriously Bucky-boy, if you think I believe that after all-
“Hello Sam.” You cast your thoughts to him, in the creepiest old lady voice you could muster.
Sam yelped, before turning accusingly at you, “You better be joking around with me right now, I am not dealing with any kind of ghosts in this house.”
“Sorry! Surprise I’m telepathic!”
“You’re serious.”
You nodded.
Sam put his head in his hands and sighed, “Not the weirdest thing ever. Wait, does this mean you have been cheating this entire time.”
You both looked guiltily at one another.
“You owe me. That poker night, void.”
You both laughed, “We’ll have a fair rematch this time Sam.”
It had been close to a year since you had made it official with Bucky and you were now much more comfortable around one another. He no longer just dropped you off at the lamppost but cam inside with you. You had spent many lovely mornings together sharing glances over steaming cups of coffee. Fighting each other for who got to spread their legs out on the couch, there wasn’t really a loser though as it usually ended up in sofa cuddles for both of you, while watching a film.
Life was pretty great, you thought, as you smiled down at the sleeping Bucky beside you. Finally reaching over to turn off the lamp and put your book down, you were finally reading the hobbit at Bucky’s insistence. As you clicked off the light beside you and settled down you noticed the faster than usual breathing coming from beside you.
You reached out, thinking he was awake but instead as you opened up your connection you caught flashes of night terrors. You were falling indefinitely, snow all around you, and in the distance, there were cries of pain, people pleading for their lives, there was gunfire and explosions. You gasped and took off the dog tags. You only gave yourself a moment to breathe before trying to shake Bucky awake. When it became clear that he wasn’t stirring you steadied yourself and settled your hands on his temples. You didn’t care you tired this would make you, you just wanted Bucky to stop suffering. You focused, offering out that hand of connection again, this time picturing it in the shape of a fist and, although it wasn’t subtle, you tried to shake Bucky’s brain awake. You forced your way into his dreams, punching through the dark fog that clouded his thoughts and almost screamed at him.
“Bucky! Bucky wake up! You’re dreaming my dear!”
Bucky woke up with a start. Tears flowing down his face, he stared at you blue eyes shining. No one spoke as he pulled you into his arms. You just breathed together for a moment, counting the breaths and the spaces in between. When he finally pulled back, you saw his eyes flicker with concern before lifting a hand to gently wipe under your nose, it came back red with blood.
“You, okay?”
You smiled sadly, reaching out to put the dog tags back on.
“I should be asking you that.”
“But you’re bleeding.”
“Occupational hazard.” You tried to subtly get rid of any of the extra blood. “That was pretty intense. Wanna talk?”
Bucky looked down to the sheets and shook his head. You smiled at him, tilting his head to yours.
“That’s fine, want me to go? Or would you like to cuddle for a bit?”
Bucky didn’t talk again, just pulled you gently down to the bed once more. Snuggling himself under your chin, resting his head on your chest. You felt his arms draw tightly against your waist. You pressed your lips into his hair.
“May I help you go to sleep? Keep the bad thoughts at bay for at least one night.”
You felt Bucky nod and let out a little sleepy hum of agreement. You closed your eyes, focused on your connection setting up a golden wall against the dark fog at the corners of his mind and settled into a deep sleep.
You woke to the smell of fresh coffee and the clinking of cups.
“Morning.” You opened your eyes at Bucky’s voice and took the offered cup greedily. Your mind still felt hazy from the energy you used last night.
You felt the bed dip beside you as Bucky sat and sipped at his cup as well, hair a bit of a mess from bed. He had evidently only just woken up as well.
He took a breath, “I had some pretty interesting dreams, sweetheart.”
You stiffened, “Good ones I hope.”
“Don’t worry, they were good. If a little strange.”
“I was watching myself most of the time.”
You snorted into the coffee, “Sounds creepy”
There was a slight chuckle, “Nah, I was watching myself build a home, a family- “
“Oh God Bucky.” You snapped your eyes to his, you knew what had happened. “I am so sorry my dreams must have stuck in your head.”
“Those were your dreams?”
“Yeah, its only happened once before but when the connection between two people is very strong, it can happen- I call it bleeding. Perhaps we should- “
“If the next words out of your mouth are take a break, I will spill your coffee.” You clutched your cup closer to your chest, “Truthfully, those were some of the beset dreams I have every had. I really loved them.”
You looked back up at him, hesitantly “You did?”
“And I love you.”
There was silence as you stared at him in shock. His face as nothing but adoration as the sunlight filtered over his face.
“I love you, sweetheart.”
“I love you too.”
Coffee cups were cast aside as you both collided. Giggling and joking, radiating happiness as the two of you shared the sweetest kiss. Your feelings merging together, amplifying one another until they shone brighter than the sun.
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amayatheowl · 2 days ago
Give Me a Minute
Bucky X Reader
Summary: You started a life with Bucky, away from the prying eyes of the world and it was all wonderful until it wasn't.
Warnings: ANGST and omg so much of it (I’m sorry but also not sorry) Unedited... I'm sorry I just wanted to get something out.
Words: 1.5K
Special thanks to @cocoamoonmalfoy and @allegra-writes for helping me pick which WIP to work on, hope this meets your expectations.
Tumblr media
“He has to go.” Steve’s eyes met yours in the moment, the world around you two shifting, a new normal forcing its way into your life, finding you hidden away from the entire world, in a little corner. Just you and him.
“How long?” Was all you could think to ask, Bucky’s calloused hands searching for yours but you feared holding onto them. There was no doubt they would’ve found you, an avenger and an assassin on the loose, avoiding their responsibilities to the world to just be.
It wasn’t like either of you were given the choice, both your records stained red from your horrific pasts, every authoritative figure forcing you to repent the sins you were never conscious enough to commit.
Steve sighed, he wished he was the bearer of better news, but if not him, it would’ve been SHIELD’s agents. “Until they find a cure.”
Bucky watched a ball of fury knot right at the cusp of your jaw, tightening further and further as the moments passed, eating away the angered words, the fear, the pain, anything that you thought would have you fall apart on the ground, beyond repair.
“They want you back at the base too.” Steve added, his gaze flickering between the two of you. Bucky’s free hand clenched into a fist, tipping his head to face you, watching as tears barricaded your vision, distorting it, giving you the hope that this may be a false reality, but Steve’s wary voice snapped you right out of the blissful misconception.
“So they sent you? What, did you get your shield back or something? Is that all it took Cap?”
Steve helplessly turned to Bucky, hoping he might believe him but he seemed torned, caught between his best friend and the love of his life. They couldn’t possibly expect him to pick a side.
“Nat told me. She was the one that found you two before she went underground. SHIELD thinks you’re a threat, especially put together.” Steve reasoned, never once breaking his gaze away from you.
“Bucky hasn’t done anything wrong! No one knows about the code.”
“It’s not a risk they’re willing to take.” Steve huffed, finally flicking a look over to Bucky who was stuck on you, his hand wrapped tightly around yours, brows knitted together, frustrated by the circumstances.
You were naive to think you could just disappear with him, shelter him from the world just enough that he might forget about his past and only think about his future, with you, and all that might be possible. All you wanted was for him to experience the life he never got to have.
“That book is still out there Y/N, SHIELD has it and if they find him -”
Your grip around Bucky tightened. “But the arm -”
“It’s not just the arm.” Bucky sighed. “I’m poisoned from within.” He huffed. “I got so close to hurting you earlier - I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if -”
“There’s no way we’re letting that happen.” Steve interjected, forcing Bucky to peel his eyes off of you, lined with tears.
The thought of you thrashing beneath him, your face crimson, his metal arm wrapped around your neck. The memory haunted him every night, it froze him in his spot, when you snuggled closer, fearing that any moment anyone could walk through and yell those words at him and he wouldn’t be himself anymore.
“Where will you take him?”
“You’re thinking about leaving him with a man that was out to kill him right from the start.” You yelped, your face contorting in anger while Bucky watched on.
“They’re the only ones that can help.” Steve sighed, approaching you with caution, his hands held out in front of him as he kneeled before you, a warm hand wrapping around your not already occupied with Bucky’s as he met your gaze with the sincerity that made you trust him in the first place. “No one will cause him any harm. You have my word.”
Caught in his words you tsked slipping out of Bucky’s reach, all warmth evaporating off his skin, making him feel as though he was slowly shrinking into himself, claustrophobic from the demons inside that might unleash without you there to guide him back to the surface.
Bucky’s eyes met Steve’s, the blue engulfed by his pupils, the panic rolling in like thunder clouds. It almost made Steve want to leave and pretend that he didn’t know where you were all over again, but if it was possible that Bucky could have the winter soldier programming completely removed, wasn’t it worth the momentary distance?
“How long do we have?” Bucky choked, the air around the room suffocating, infact feeling as though it sucked the oxygen out of his lungs, poisoning it with toxins.
Steve almost feared the answer might unleash an onset of emotions he wouldn’t be able to control. Bucky instantly read him, burying his face behind his palms.
“And what happens to Y/N” Bucky tried again, clawing for answers that he was sure Steve didn’t have, but he tried nonetheless.
“Tony has something planned. If she compiles, her record gets swiped clean.”
Your small haven suddenly, awfully quiet, until a loud crash caught their attention.
A vase, shattered to the ground, Bucky watched you rush around the house, clearing up the mess, careful not to let them see your face properly, letting your hair curtain your features as you suppressed sobs.
It wasn’t that you and Bucky couldn’t slip back into the shadows again, restart your life together until SHIELD would eventually find you again and maybe that time wouldn’t be kind enough to send Steve as a messenger but this was a cure. A real possibility that Bucky might have his life back, after all that had happened, he might finally feel in control of his body, of his mind. You wanted that for him, more than anything.
But Bucky, he couldn’t leave you with Tony. Especially after he’d found out about the murder of his parents. Who knows what he’d do to you?
“I can’t -”
“You will.” You instructed, the clattering of the glass hitting the edger of the bin following. “I can fend for myself, but if SHIELD uses that book against you - there’s no way I’m letting that happen.”
“Y/N -”
Before Bucky could protest, you were already liaising with Steve, rushing around the apartment, grabbing all your clothes, planning your escape.
“I’ll lead them away from you two.” You nodded sternly while Steve stole glances, his friend dumbfounded, combing through his hair breathing sharply, unable to comprehend. How was it that he just had you and was now losing you. This was all too quick, all too soon.
In a flash, Steve was hoisting him up, leading him towards the door as Bucky struggled to even place one foot ahead of the other, his whole being suddenly lost on him, scattered around the apartment.
It was all too much.
It was all too soon.
The moment your hands contacted his skin, it felt as though his burning skin was submerged and cradled by the water, the cooling sensation calming his speeding insides, moving too fast for his brain to handle.
“Wait - Wait!” He yelped, turning to Steve, his pleading eyes forcing him to freeze ahead of the door. Respecting his wishes.
“Give me a minute! Please!” He begged, his heart hammering as he took one look at you, your appearance roughened up, maybe even worse than him, how is it that an eternity had passed within a matter of seconds. How was he leaving you when he just got you?
The question morphed into chants as he let go of a shaky breath, the door behind him shutting as Steve slipped into the hallway, keeping watch of any intruders.
“I can’t.”
“You will.”
A silence followed as you dove into the depths of his eyes, absorbing his fears. Your palm lay flat against his chest, counting the beats to his thumping heart and committing them to memory.
The pain was all too consuming, vacuuming the world around Bucky as you stood stagnant in front of him, reflecting his pain back to him.
He would trade everything, everything, his life, his identity, anything in his name, if it meant he’d have you instead of corrosion that rusted his insides.
The sirens blared in the background as his lips met yours, Steve’s cry drowned out beneath the thumps of the agents as he inhaled every bit of you he could. Your lips exchanged promises you knew you wouldn’t be able to keep and farewells to something you weren’t sure existed in the first place.
As you parted, air seemingly worthless compared to this, he tipped his head down, gripping tightly onto his dog chain necklace, the only proof he had of his existence prior to the programming before dropping it around your neck. His past and his future standing before him as he slowly stepped away, bidding you a wordless goodbye, hoping you’d do the same.
You pulled him back, savouring the taste of his lips before pushing him out the door, covering the two until you ran out of bullets.
Your hands in cuffs as they forced you further away from where he might’ve been.
He watched your figure dissolve into the shadows, the doors of the ship reappearing before him, barricading the sight of you.
Until it was only him that remained.
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Defining Label // Bucky Barnes
Summary: After the battle against Thanos, you end up in the ICU. Bucky by your side because he can’t leave his best girl. Moments in time plaguing his memory from when you’d always been by his side.
Word Count: 6.4k
Author Note: Just something really random and soft for your Sunday night. okay—bye. :)
Tumblr media
“I hate to admit it” Steve groaned as he sat next to your hospital bed with the weight of the world on his shoulders. You’d think after just saving it, that feeling would’ve diminished. If anything it felt heavier, because it was you. “But she saved my life more times then I can count, I never asked her to, but she was always there.” Bucky focused on the rise and fall of your chest. The steady sound of the heart rate monitor that let him know you were still there. He liked to watch your eyelids flutter, or twitch—he wasn’t exactly sure what to call the way your eyelids would move, all he knew and cared about was that it was a good sign.
Steve watched as Bucky stood beside your bed, a gentle hand softly covering yours. He hoped that you knew they were there. Smirking to himself with an all knowing feeling resonating in the depths of his mind—Steve leaned back on his chair, watched as you slept, for once, regardless of bruises and cut that littered your face like a roadmap of determination and willpower, you were sleeping. A comatose state. It had been a long five years to bring James Buchanan Barnes back along with half the population. Steve had seen you walk through hell. He hated what loosing Bucky had done to you, what lengths you were willing to go, how much he had a hold over you, owned your heart. Steve had sworn that Bucky had taken it with him when he blipped, leaving you with an empty black hole in your chest where it once pumped life into your soul.
“We had an extra vile of pym partials after Tony and I came back.” Steve began explaining. Bucky listened although his eyes never left you. His eyes would concentrate on hour face for a while, only to fall back to the rise and fall of your chest.
You didn’t get a chance to say goodbye—half way across a torn battlefield with Bucky as Tony professed to his beloved Pepper that she had to make sure you’d be okay. Bucky had listened to you scream in agony, physically and emotionally, as he carried you, felt your blood drip into his tactical gear, holding Tony Starks younger sister, the absolute love of his life since the day he met you. Remembering the way you fought so hard beside Steve—all for Bucky.
“This isn’t you!” You screamed, Bucky could remember the way you felt under his arm. Throat being crushed by vibranium. Your back to his chest as you kicked at his shins, panicking. “Your name, is James Buchanan Barnes, Bucky—Bucky listen to me!!” You weren’t given up, Bucky felt you flail under his grip, pulling out a knife he’d dug into your thigh moments before he’d managed to get you into such a compromising chokehold—pulling it out with a gasp and gritted teeth, sinking it into the side of Bucky’s hip. His release brought a wave of satisfaction over your body, enough that you were stumbling forward with a pained gasp before spinning around into a roundhouse kick, your heel landing straight against Bucky’s cheek. Sighing as he went down with a thud. Bucky couldn’t do anything but lay there, the cloud cover that fogged his memory slowly fading as he listened through the ringing in his ears. Steve finally making his way to you as you doubled over in pain, trying to catch your breath.
“Fuck you Steve, and fuck the fucking government and fuck me for letting my damn guard down which I will never. do. again.” You hissed, looking down at Bucky as he came to, fighting off the urges the Winter Soldier left behind as Bucky Barnes took over his own consciousness again. ”Tony’s gonna be pissed, we gotta get him outta here before Ross has an aneurysm—“ you sighed, spitting blood from your mouth as it dripped from your nose, surely broken from the force of Bucky’s knuckles.
“We?” Steve replied. Watching on as you pushed Bucky’s hair from his face, leaning over him as he gripped at your hand, whispering sorry over and over again. You nodded in response to his apologies, knowing it wasn’t his fault. You turned to Steve as he stepped closer. A hand on your shoulder as you helped Bucky sit up. His head throbbing.
“When have I ever not being on your side?” You gave Steve a soft smile—grinning through the pain. Turning back to Bucky as he still held your hand tight, light your tough was the only thing that mattered—grounding him. Bringing him back to the surface.
“Sorry I stabbed you.” You whipped the blood that dripped from Bucky’s forehead.
“I stabbed you first.” Bucky pained out a chuckle. “I’m so sorry Tess.”
“S’nothing to be sorry about Buck—I know the risks.”
Bucky didn’t even know himself but he knew enough to know that he’d do anything for you. It had broken Tony’s heart when you’d chosen the Manchurian candidate over him. But the difference between you and Tony was he saw Bucky and the Winter Solider he’d been conditioned to be as one person who had choices. You saw Bucky for Bucky—ever since you’d seen the way Steve reached way back when the Winter Solider was still just a ghost story Nat had told you about.
“If you go with them, I never want you coming back do you hear me Tess!?” Tony hissed, spitting blood out onto the gravel, beaten, bloodied and bruised. You stood holding Bucky with your arm wrapped around his waist, his arm draped around shoulders for support. Shield dropped at your feet as Steve watched you turn your back on family for his best friend, for him. “You’re naive, you have no idea what you’ve just done!”
“I know exactly what I’ve just done.” You spoke through heavy breaths, looking down at the brother you swore not three days ago you knew like the back of your hand.
“He kill mum—“
“You hated him before you even knew, don’t act like you wouldn’t go out of your way to find any excuse under the sun to have him locked away in a damn cell Tony!”
“Your blinded by a foolish crush on a man who can’t remember his own name Tess, grow up!” Holding back your own tears you helped Bucky walk, his cybernetic arm half gone. Barley hanging on his was heavy against you. “Don’t come back—don’t you dare come back Tess.” you never did mend things after that. Tony never forgot and you never forgave. Two years passed before you spoke or saw Tony again. Only coming back when Bruce had called.
“I’d stashed them in my suit pocket, after everything with Nat I’d forgotten, but afterwards, after we’d all been down by the lake—I pulled Tess aside and said if she wanted to see you, she could.”
“Steve—“ The fear in Bucky’s voice was prominent, Bucky still didn’t understand the relative concept of time travel, what had you seen him do? What version did you meet? What would you think of him now? “Why did you do that?”
“I told her to go back to 1943, that night we went to the Stark Expo, my god Buck you should’ve seen her face when she came back. She had this big grin from ear to ear and all she kept telling anyone who would give her the time of day how good of a dancer you were.” Bucky chuckled, jealous of his past self. “Tony didn’t have much to say except she should’ve stayed in the past.” Bucky chose to ignore that last part, focusing on the idea of dancing slowly with you. The warm embrace of your spirit. He made a mental note to himself to take you dancing, he’d happily let you step on his toes.
“I think past me definitely set high expectations in that department, kinda haven’t had time to dance in decades.” Bucky ran his thumb over the back of your hand, pulling the chair towards him so he could sit on the other side of your bed. Resting his head down beside your leg. Hospital bed covers scratching at his cheeks. “I haven’t known her very long, but she’s always done the most for me.” Bucky held back a tear that threatened to spill from his waterline. Sniffling as he sat back up. Steve knew the look in Bucky’s eyes all too well. It was the same was he looked at Peggy through the glass on his own trip back in time.
“You love her Buck, that’s all that matters man.” Steve smirked, staring at Bucky as he shot him a look. Telling him to get lost in a comfortable silence. “It’s complicated, it always will be with you too, Tessas the only person I know who would spend weeks at a time with you in Wakanda.” Steve chuckled to himself. “You love her and there’s no doubt in my mind Tessa loves you back, probably more—I’ve seen lengths she’d go to just to get to you.”
“Tessa—? Bucky’s voice seemed chilled, like he didn’t know what was wrong, what was happening. When you turned to see Bucky fading away you ran towards him, catching the dust he left behind.
“Bucky?” You whispered. Steve coming to stand beside you as your knees dug into the dirt. “Where’d he go Steve where the fuck did he go—BUCKY!? James!?” You felt the panic rising in your chest a tears welled in your eyes. “Steve—“
“I don’t know—“ Steve replied as he fell to his knees beside you, bringing you into his chest as your screamed. Completely loosing yourself. Steve held you tight as he watched others around the two of you fade away. “Tessa—“
“I can’t lose him.” You cried, it pained. You already wanted Bucky back. “I can’t—“
“Kinda feel responsible, you know, maybe if I didn’t—“
“What happened out there happened Buck, there’s nothing more or less you could’ve done.” Steve was quick to shut Bucky down. Stopping him from spiralling into a self loathing mess. It wasn’t his fault—he couldn’t control you, Steve had tried many times before but he’d learnt that if you cared enough about something, somebody, You’d use your own body as a shield to protect them if that’s what you thought necessary. Bucky couldn’t get the sight out of his mind, it kept him awake at night and when he was able to succumb to his body’s need for sleep—it’s what plagued his subconscious.
Bucky saw you dig the sharpened edge of Steve’s broken shield into the chest of one of those bug like aliens that seemed to multiply every time you killed one. He watched you stand with a groan—looking around at the terror and carnage that just seemed to continue no matter how much any of you did. But Bucky knew you wouldn’t give up.
“Stark!” Bucky called out, his gun raised as he shot dead a grovelling alien thing that had snuck up on you as you turned to find where your name had been called from. Seeing Bucky standing there. “Hey—“ He shouted as you rushed him. tears streaming down your face as you ran into him with a thud. Arms wrapping around his waist as you felt him, breathing him in.
“Woah, hey? What’s gotten into you?” Bucky chuckled as his hand cupped the back of your head. “Tess—“
“Five years Barnes, five years you were gone and I know to you it felt like, like five minutes for you, but for me it was decades.” You paused, looking into Bucky’s eyes, the ocean blue you’d missed so much it burned a whole in your chest. A black hole of darkness and despair where your heart used to be, beating for the first time in five years as you cupped Bucky’s scuffed cheeks. “I love you.” Bucky had said it once before, when you’d spent a few weeks in Wakanda, just checking in. You didn’t say it back, Bucky knew you would when you were ready, he wasn’t sure if he ever would be but at least he had told you. You’d lost the love of your life when he was dusted in front of you, you felt him fall through the cracks of your fingers into nothingness and you weren’t going another second without him knowing. “I know it’s not the most appropriate timing, you’ve got your shit and I’ve got mine.” You ran your thumb across Bucky’s lower lip. His hands draping to the side of your waist. “But I just needed you to know—“
“You’re insane.” Bucky chuckled, pulling you closer as he kissed you, deep and dirty. Needy and full of passion. Yours tears streamed down your face, so consumed in Bucky’s presence once again, letting your guard down for him, because of him, willingly. You opened your eyes for a split second to see the spear flying straight for Bucky’s back. Pushing him to the side and down to the ground as you took the full force. Piercing straight through your side. Gasping in pain as your blood ran cold, eyes wide in fear. Feeling the earth shift underneath you as the dirty alien like creatures dusted the same way Bucky had five years ago. Disappearing around you. Falling to your knees as Bucky scurried his way to your side. Holding you tight in his arms.
“Shit—no no no no, hey, you gotta stay with me okay—we’ll get you outta here.” Bucky’s voice broke, he could still taste you on his lips. Breaking the long end of the spear, his gut churning at your screams. “I’ve got you, C’mon—“ guilt already setting in, he shouldn’t have distracted you like that.
“Steve!!” Bucky cried out, rushing over rubble, Steve turned around from where he’d been standing. Tony passed not seconds prior—the light in his chest faded. “We gotta get Tess to a hospital, she’s bad—“
“M’fine.” you groaned, blood dripping from your side into Bucky’s gear. “I’m okay I—“ you lifted your head from Bucky’s shoulder for only a second, you wished you hadn’t. You could see Tony, lifeless. “No, Tony? TONY!!”
“Get her outta here Buck.” Steve gestured, Bucky nodded as he turned around, doing his best to keep you still in his arms to not do any more damage. “Go—“
“TONY!! let me fucking go Barnes, I gotta, I gotta help Tony.” Bucky didn’t have the heart to say what you already knew. Screaming as you tried to fight your way out of his grip. Spear digging further into your side. Bucky’s heart setting on fire.
“Tessa’s a tough one—she’ll pull through.” Steve’s voice cut through Bucky’s playback. His eyes still trained on the rise and fall of your chest. Hand still gripping your softly as his thumb moved gently over your palm.
“Never seen her so mortal before.”
“Think we forget that’s all we are.” Steve sighed as he pushed himself out of the chair he’d been in for a few hours now. “I’m gonna head down the the coffee cart, you want anything?” Bucky just shook his head no in response. Steve accepted, placing his hands into his pockets as he walked out of your room. Bucky eyes followed Steve’s silhouette u til he’d vanished down the hall, coming back to focus on you a short second later. Watching as your head fell softly to the side, turning to face Bucky just a little more.
“Would you consider it rude that he didn’t ask me if I wanted anything?” Your voice was croaky, eyes fluttering open a moment after Bucky caught onto the fact you were waking up—reaching out to press the button for a nurse to come check on you. “Don’t press it, I’m fine, just wanna be here with you.”
“You scared me there for a moment, almost thought I’d lost you.” Bucky kissed the palm of your hand. You wore a smile as he did so. The feeling of his lips pressed longingly against your palm warm and loving. “Can’t do any of this without you—“
“I missed you.” You whispered, barley audible. “So much Buck.” Bucky could see the tears welling in your eyes as he pushed the hair away from your face behind your ear, much like the gesture you always did to him before your tap his cheek.
“I’m not going anywhere.” It had been a few days since the battle. Steve was hoping you’d be awake before the funeral. “I’m sorry about Tony.”
“I’m sure I’ll have the time to process the grief.” You groaned, trying to sit up a little more. Bucky helping to fix your pillow. Pouring you some water, passing it to you. “Real shit show huh? Kinda wish I’d stayed in the past.” You teased, you’d heard Steve tell Bucky about the Pym particles. “Only came back because this guy I met just wouldn’t listen when I told him not to go—tried to bribe him with some really shitty coffee and some amazing cherry pie.”
“Why’d you go back?” Bucky asked softly.
“Because I missed you so much, I just wanted to talk to you.” It was the sadness that laced your voice that broke Bucky’s heart. “You looked younger.” You chuckled. “Sargent James Buchanan Barnes with the 107th regiment.” You tried to hide your smile, your teeth pulling as your bottom lip as Bucky played with your hand. Tracing unidentifiable shapes and objects with his index finger, hiding his blush. “That’s how you introduced yourself you know, god you looked so good in that damn uniform.”
“I took you dancing?” Bucky asked as you nodded. Remembering a moment in time when he’d met a girl, beautiful and bright.
“Sure did, pretty good at it too, took me to some back alley twenty four hour diner afterwards, I tried to get you not to go, some really stupid idea I had, thought if I couldn’t have you in this life I could have you in another, one where you never went to Europe.” You took a sip of your water, sighing as it trickled down your throat. “Half way through our cherry pie I thought I’d almost convinced you to stay, but after we’d finished our coffees, which were awful by the way, you told me if I waited for you, you’d come back to me.” Bucky watched as you placed your cup on the table, whipped your tears that ran over bruised skin. He didn’t at anything—not yet, he just wanted to listen. “I realised in that moment I’d lost two different versions of the man I loved in two different timelines and I couldn’t handle that, I came back just before Bruce put the gauntlet on in such a wreck. Steve tried his best to calm Tony down but I was a goner, kinda glad that it worked because if it didn’t Buck who knows what I would’ve been capable of.”
“I remember waking up in the dirt back in Wakanda and everyone was just so confused. Sam was there—he uh, he helped me up because I couldn’t breathe. I had this really intense pressure just shooting through my chest.” Bucky coughed back a sob as you listened. I remember asking him where you were and he didn’t know either, I just needed you next to me.” Bucky shrugged his shoulders as he leaned back in his chair. Hand still in yours. Outstretched and resting on your bed. “I know the feeling.” You chuckled. Letting your head rest against your pillow.
“You know goats can climb trees?”
“No they can’t—“ Bucky shrugged you off, watching the small group of goats that had congregated to eat. “Don’t do that, fill my head with falsified information.” You chuckled to yourself, you could already here the wheels of the quinjet touching down in the field behind you. Sam your personal chauffeur out of Wakanda. “When are you planning on coming back?” Bucky asked.
“I’m not sure yet, kinda just going with the flow of things, I’ll be back though.” You beamed at Bucky. “I know you kiss me when I’m gone.” Bucky wasn’t about to deny it. Nodding as he watched the goats enjoy their food.
“That much is true.” Bucky chuckled softly as he brought you in for a one armed hug. Kissing the top of your head gently. “Don’t freak, but I uh—I just need you to know before you go, don’t feel Like you have to say it back or anything but—“
“Bucky?” You stopped him from rambling. Waiting for him to say whatever it was he had to say.
“I love you, I know I’ve got a lot to figure out—but I already know that much.” Bucky swore you’d turned the seven colours of bad shit. But you were just taking in the moment. Enjoying the feeling of being loved.
“If I fall for you Buck.” You sighed, trying to hide the fact you’d already fallen. “I'll never recover, If I fall for you, I'll never be the same.” You kissed his cheeks softly. “I gotta go, I’ll be back, watch your goats, I promise they do climb trees.”
“We’re just a mess aren’t we?” Bucky agreed, laughing along with you. “I think after this we should seek out some hard core therapy—“
“Either that or we’re gonna end up in some prison somewhere in Guatemala.” Bucky could listen to your laugh all day if you’d let him. The smile it brought to the surface, not a lot of things could do that. But you were always someone that could make Bucky remember why life was worth living, worth fighting for—you were always his biggest reason to fight. “Whatever you wanna do Stark I’m down, I’ll follow you anywhere you wanna go, as long as you’re by my side.”
“You think a relationship is something either of us should be jumping into right now?” You asked softly, sighing because time was never in your side. “I love the shit outta you Buck but that’s probably the dumbest idea that’s ever popped into your cyborg brain.” You chuckled. Bucky looked away for a moment, seeing Steve in the window of your room, not wanting to interject or interrupt an obviously intimate moment. 
“Never said anything about a relationship, just wanna go wherever you are.” Bucky admitted, he knew better then most he couldn’t let you love him the way he so desperately wanted you too. “But I do love you, everything about you has always driven me crazy and you’ve always been the first person to fight for me, you’ve taken bullets and punches and fucking spears for me—“
“Kinda sounds like your flirting with me?” You interrupted, smirking as Bucky once again brought your hand to his lips. Leaning forward as his elbows balances on his knees. Softly kissing the back of your hand. “Are you flirting with me Barnes, kinda bad at it if you are.” He wasn’t, he was always so good at it. You just liked to tease Bucky whenever you could, he always reacted to it like it was the first time someone was giving him attention. Bucky looked you dead in the eye, his entire demeanour changing as he got serious.
“I think I’ve been flirting with the same girl since 1943, I remember taking this girl dancing once.” Bucky was trying his best to remember, bits and pieces coming back to him that resembled what you’d shared with him. “She’d kinda hijacked a date I was on, just by sheer coincidence I guess.” Bucky chuckled to himself as he shook his head, a grin on his face. “We danced and shared some bomb ass cherry pie with—shitty coffee that was a-bit of a buzz kill, but she said she’d wait for me, after she’d tried to convince me not to leave, Kinda hoping after all this time she kept her promise?” It took you a moment to realise Bucky had been talking about the same date you had. How was it possible? You’d never know, maybe in the twisted nature of it all you were always destined to go back, maybe it was always meant to end with you and Bucky in that diner.
“What’s another decade.” You chuckled. Bucky stood, leaning over you to press a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Always gonna be you Barnes.”
“Always gonna be you.” Bucky whispered back. “Never for a moment will it not be you.”
You pushed your way past the people who blocked the elevator doors, mumbling ‘move’ and ‘get out of the way’ rushing, but also not really, towards the therapy session Bucky had so kindly asked you to attend. He said he’d seen you showing signs of a spiral recently. He just wanted to make sure you were okay, you thought it was kind of him to care enough about your well-being that he wanted you to join in on his therapy session. Only agreeing because the way his lips felt on yours was simply magical.
“Sorry! Sorry I’m late!” You burst through Doctor Raynor’s door, Bucky was already sitting in the middle of the couch, moving over slightly as you sat with a huff. Passing him over the pink box and plastic fork. Bucky beamed. Opening the box as his mouth salivated—a slice of cherry pie. “I’m here, I got stuck in traffic.”
“That’s horse shit Tess.”
“Ahh—you got me, just kinda don’t wanna be here doc.” You kicked your shoes off, taking a fork full of pie to your mouth as you laid your head into Bucky’s lap. “Hey Sarge.” You quipped, Bucky smirked down at you.
“Gotta stop calling me that.” He whispered softly. Stealing some of your slice of cherry pie. A gasp leaving your mouth, the absolute audacity.
“Tessa, this is court mandated therapy.”
“For him!” You pointed up at Bucky. He smacked your hand away from his face softly. “Im only here for moral support and snacks, you wanna bite?” 
“I think I’ll be right.” Doctor Raynor continued. “James, where were we?”
“We were talking about how you think it’s insane Tessa and I just won’t define a relationship.” You looked up at Bucky as you swallowed your mouthful. He’d cut his hair recently, you’d admit it, you missed the long brown locks, the strains that you could tug on and be met with a sharp hiss from Bucky’s mouth. Sensually riding him for hours as you teased and tugged in the brown locks that flowed so easily. But Bucky needed a change, to turn a new leaf. You’d helped him cut it one afternoon as you shared a block of chocolate and paired it with the salty taste of sea salt chips.
“We aren’t in a relationship?” You questioned, your eyebrows frowned with cautiousness and Curiosity.
“I know that, Doc doesn’t understand why not.” Bucky chuckled. You smiled up at him as he brought a piece of pie down into your mouth—teeth gliding against his fork.
“Look at you two, I can’t for the life of me understand why you two won’t just take the leap and commit to a title, James.” Doctor Raynor sighed as she picked up her notepad. “Relationships are important for you to establish, it builds foundation—“
“If I may Christina.” You interrupted. “Barnes and I go way back, like 1943 way back—I think to say the foundation’s are laid is pretty overstated.”
“You two share a home together? Is that right?” Bucky nodded. You groaned. “You share a bed together, you live and breathe and do everything together.”
“It’s our co-dependence.” Bucky quipped, looking down as you pulled a face at him, rolling your eyes because all you wanted to do was go to the beach and fry your skin cells. Feel the heat from the sun cook you alive. “You see doc, Tessas trauma is some how all my fault. I left her in a diner because I wanted to go fight for my country, I killed her parents and somehow managed to convince her I was worth saving so that in turn completely shattered whatever fragile relationship was still standing with her brother.” Bucky shrugged his shoulders. You clicked.
“Yeah what he said.” Agreeing with Bucky. “I’m in love with the man responsible for my broken relationship with my brother because he killed my parents, I spent a pretty good chunk of my life either fighting for him or with him, then, he blipped which ultimately ended up with me going back in time because I couldn’t breathe without him, but he ended up leaving again. Kinda hard to commit to a relationship when that’s all just floating around all unresolved and just existing isn’t it?” Doctor Raynor rubbed the bridge of her nose.
“Essentially what you’ve both just said is that being together, officially that is, would kill you just as much as being separated would kill you.” 
“I wasn’t under the impression this was couples therapy—“ you hissed at Christina. “Look, you wanna definitive label?” You snapped, sitting upright, looking at Bucky as he looked back at you. The absolute love of your life. “We’ve always been a mess Doc, this?” You pointed back and forth between you and Bucky. “It has never been as simple as a one word label, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse—we don’t fit the mould.” You sighed as you ran your hands through your hair. “I love Buck—he knows I’d take a bullet for him because I have and I never hesitate when it comes to him, he’s my person and the love of my life. I wanna spend the rest of my life with him but I can’t fit that on a damn label.”
“Why can’t you?” Doctor Raynor pressed, aggravating you to no end. She was forcing you to say it, she wanted you to be honest with yourself and say it out loud. God you wanted to just run out of the room right now, leave Bucky behind to seek out his own therapy. But you didn’t, not with the way he was looking at you.
“Because everyone I’ve ever definitively labeled has left me, my brother, my parents, Steve—before the blip, I told Bucky he was my best friend—I watched him disappear, i don’t want him to disappear again, I watched him turn to dust after I said he was my best friend, god he’d probably spontaneously combust if I said fuck it and referred to Bucky as my significant other, that’s the way my world works.” The air was thicker then you remembered. Suddenly overcome with emotions so deep it made you feel sick to your stomach. Bucky hadn’t realised your response had brought him back to when you’d been a character witness for him during his pardon, pissing off the panel that sat on Capital Hill—Buck swore without you his case would’ve been dropped.
“Miss Stark?” You were staring down at the statement you’d prepared, hands crumpling at the paper. “Miss Stark are you with us?”
“Sorry I uh—“ you could feel the panic rising in your chest as hundreds of people waited to hear you testify on Bucky’s behalf, you focused on him, Bucky sent you a soft reassuring smile because he knew no matter what as long as you were on his side he’d be okay. “James Buchanan Barnes has been known by the world as the Winter Solider for far too long.” You started, crumbling your prepared speech and tossing it to the side. “I’ve only ever known his as Bucky.”
“Sargent Barnes was a prisoner of war, he’s the only person I know to date that has a serum causing through his veins he didn’t ask for—even Steven Rogers volunteered.” It was the way Bucky looked at you with so much love and admiration in his eyes that kept you going. Never for a moment looking anywhere else but in his direction, blocking out the rest of the world. “The things he’d done as the Winter Solider, the things he was forced to do by people who saw him as nothing but an asset they could freeze and control whatever they please, he shouldn’t be held accountable for. He remembers everything single one of them, I know that for a fact. The Winter Solider took my mother and fathers way from my brother and I—I don’t blame the man sitting before me today, he’s a victim too. He was forced to do the most unimaginable things while the governments of the world did nothing.” You couldn’t help but to scoff. “All you wanted to do was lock him away, forget that he was trapped inside his own mind for decades.” Your voice was laced with anger, venom dripping from your tongue as you stood and turned to face the panel that would determine Bucky future.
“You branded Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, James Barnes and myself as enemies of the state, fuck you guys.” The room filled with gasps and horrified looks, all Bucky could do was hide with laugh—looking over at Sam who sat with Rhodes. Absolutely stunned. “You wanna lock Barnes up behind bars? I dare you—see how far you get.”
“Is that a threat Miss Stark.”
“It won’t have to be if you’re decent enough people to see that Bucky’s just as much a victim as any of the people he unfortunately crossed paths with.”
“James? How does that make you feel?” Christina looked at Bucky, his eyes welling with tears as he pulled you closer, his arm around your shoulders as he kissed your cheeks softly.
“Labels don’t matter, not when you’ve been the best constant in my life. I love you, so much.” Bucky chuckled. “I never thought I’d be capable of that let alone having someone as kind and caring as you love me back.” Bucky’s coughed out a small sigh. “We’ve got a lot of shit to work through doc, I think putting a label on this isn’t the biggest issue right now.” Bucky had planned this session, it didn’t turn out exactly the way he thought it would. But nevertheless, he appreciated your honesty, your response.
Your love.
“Every time I see that therapist of yours I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soup.” Bucky chuckled as he followed you through the threshold of the home you shared together. “It’s like she makes it a mission to get into all the little groves I try plaster over with gum and willpower.”
“That’s kinda her job Tess.” Bucky chuckled to himself, throwing his keys down onto the kitchen bench. “You know it’s probably a good thing right? Therapy as shitty as it can be actually kinda helps.”
“You’re just saying that because you’re no long the Winter Solider, you are James Bucky Barnes and it’s apart of your efforts to make amends—“ you quipped at Bucky. Reciting the small but powerful sentence you’d caught Bucky saying to himself in the mirror on a couple of occasions. “What we have is good right?” You asked softly. Expecting Bucky to answer straight away. The silence lingering linger then you’d like it to. Turning around as you undid the back of your earring to see Bucky holding a small box in his hand. A ring box, throwing it up and catching it so casually. “Right?”
“It’s great.” Bucky began, his eyes soft as he sauntered closer to you. Still throwing the box up and catching it. “What we have Tess? I wouldn’t trade it for anything, for anyone. But lately? I’ve been thinking about you and me and just—I gotta admit it, putting a label on you and me? The only label I’d ever wanna know you as besides being my best friend is my wife.”
“I know we still have a lot to figure out, we should still keep going to therapy, just having you in my is enough for me, but I uh—I got this for you.” Bucky dropped slowly to his knee, opening the box that held the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen. You fell to your knees in awe. Cupping Bucky’s cheeks as he continued, tears in your eyes, a mix between joy and excitement, by laced with fear. “Sam helped me customise it, said you told him once that diamonds terrified you.”
“Do I smell.” Sam sniffed dramatically. “Wedding bells?” Sam teased as you buckled yourself into the seat next to him, he’d watched you kiss Bucky’s cheeks before heading towards the jet. You groaned in response.
“One, no you don’t and two, Diamonds are terrifying things, they’re overrated and ooze overbearing commitment, can’t stand em.” Sam for some reason or another committed that very moment to his Rolodex of memories. Saved it for a rainy day. He was glade he did when he tagged along with Bucky ring shopping.
“So I thought emeralds? But then I thought maybe rubies because cherry pie—“ you cut Bucky off mid sentence with a kiss. Smashing your lips together with his as he fell backwards, bringing you down with him with a thud.
“You don’t have to say yes, I just wanted you to know that it’s here and that I’m not going anywhere.” Bucky finished, pushing your hair from your face as you straddled his waist.
“What if I say yes and you spontaneously combust?”
“I won’t.” Bucky reassured you, he could feel you trembling above him. Scared to accept that maybe just this once a label wouldn’t end in death or defiance. “I won’t leave you, not now, not ever.” Bucky slid the ring over your finger as you chocked back a sob. Looking into Bucky’s swirling pools of ocean blue that took in the sight of you. The best part of him. “It looks good on you—“
“Tessa Barnes huh?” You fell in love with the idea. “Sounds pretty catchy.”
“Is that you saying yes?” Bucky beamed, bringing you down closer to his face as you nodded, his lips attaching themselves to yours softly. “Will you marry me?” Bucky whispered into your mouth as his tongue explored your mouth, yours doing the same. “Will you Tessa Stark, my best friend, my person, the love of my life, my partner, my saving grace, my significant other, my other half, my best girl—Will you marry me?” Bucky counted off all the things you were to him, still beneath you after they were all said allowed. You nodded. Smirking against Bucky as he beamed back at you. Going against everything you’d told yourself would surely happen if you ever labeled anything ever again. Taking a leap of faith and trusting in Bucky—you’d lived without him before, it broke your spirit, it took your light, your happiness, your ability to see the good in things. Praying to whatever God would hear you that just this once things would turn out okay.
“Yes.” You whispered back. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

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scxrletrecsmarvel · 2 days ago
Pragmatic - @delicatelyherdreams (Persephone!Bucky Barnes x Hades!Reader)
Black serpent - @invisibleanonymousmonsters
Petals & Bullets - @revengingbarnes
A Business Deal - @em-imagines
Kings - @kaunis-sielu
DON’T JUDGE A TIGER - @kaunis-sielu
ON POINTE - @kaunis-sielu
NAJA - @kaunis-sielu
HIM - @kaunis-sielu
Astrophile - @all1e23
Sugary sweet - @all1e23
The CEO - @evanstanwrites
Ascendance - @extremelyblackandwhite
I hate you but - @buckybarnesthehotshot
Black Swan - @hopesbarnes
Someone I once knew - @nev3rfound
The mutant in the pub - @writingsoftheloser
Pulling Away - @rogerslovesstark
The One I Want - @world-of-aus
I Like You - @bccky
The Beauty Of Us - @you-are-my-sanctuary
A Fine Line - @buckys-black-dress
He Doesn’t Like You - @crazybarnes
Betrayal - @ghostsstoriess
Picking Up The Pieces - @gogolucky13
Iam With You - @wkemeup
Fight song - @berjhawn
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teebarnes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm Yellin' Timber | Bucky Barnes x Reader
| Song: Timber By Pitball ft. Ke$ha
| Word Count: 1.3k
| Summary: Bucky would go anywhere you asked him to, and tonight that mean't going to a bar with you. (So ya know, he can say he's been there, done that.)
| Warning(s): Singing, dancing, pure fluff, jealously... love is in the air.
A/N: I squealed at my own fic, I thought this was so cute. I'm such a loser bahaha. Anyways I hope you like it! :)) I always appreciate the comments, likes & reblogs, it makes my day.
All Likes, comments are reblogs are really appreciated :))
Tumblr media
"Doll, you know I don't like this sort of stuff", Bucky softly spoke while you were pulling him along the almost full parking lot.
"I said for you to trust me, Buck" you rolled your eyes, quickly walking into the lively bar. There was already a bright smile across your face; the place you had just walked into was buoyant, people laughing, dancing, enjoying their time.
Bucky's eyes explored around the place; his first instinct was to search for potential threats. You knew what he was doing when Bucky's hand tensed in yours. You had stopped walking, turning around to face him with your hand still in his "Bucky, you're doing that thing", you sternly warned him.
When he wouldn't look at you, you rested a hand upon his face, directing his gaze towards you, giving him a soft smile. "We're okay. Nothing will hurt me or you or anyone around here; it's just me, you, and all these happy people", you chuckled.
He wouldn't dare to say no to you, so it was no surprise that when you asked him if he wanted to come somewhere with you tonight, he said yes. Bucky followed your lead; he would go anywhere with you if you asked him. And tonight, that meant going to a strange bar that he had only seen a handful of times back in the 40s.
Taking him straight to the bar, you smiled upon seeing your favourite bartender, "Hey Charlie! Two of the usuals, please", you sweetly asked, returning a smile. Charlie nodded "hey Y/n! Of course, coming right up" Bucky stared at the male bartender you were talking to moments ago.
"Reeeelax Buck, he is a friend" you smiled. You could see the slight jealously playing on his face, and by the way, his hand was slowly tightening around yours. "You seem to come here a lot to know his name", Bucky lowly spoke. You gave Bucky a disappointed look which he clearly saw.
"James Bucky Barnes", you yelled through the bustling noise. You took his face into your hands, pulling him close to yours. "My eyes are for one man and one man only" beaming you softly pecked his lips. "And if anyone tries anything on me, I'll gladly send em' your way, handsome," you whispered into his ear, teasing him.
"Here you are, two of your usuals", Charlie spoke, handing the two glasses of hard liquor over to you. "Thanks, Charlie! By the way, this is Bucky!" You exclaimed. Charlie turned to Bucky and gave a polite smile before extending his hands out to meet Bucky's, "It's finally good to meet you, Bucky" he smiled.
"Y/n raves on and on about you, I was starting to think you weren't real", he laughed, which caused Bucky to cackle at the comment too. "Anyways, ya'll have a good night", Charlie commented before serving other customers.
"C'mon Buck, let's go grab a table", you smiled back at him. Taking his hand into yours again, you led him to a small booth. Scooting in, you made enough space for Bucky to sit next to you.
Looking around the bar, Bucky knew exactly why you came here so often. It was full of joy, music and happy people. Something you very much enjoyed. You were here almost every weekend or after every big mission you went on. He wondered how he ever got lucky with you; you were a literal ray of sunshine, and Bucky was the polar opposite, or so he thought.
Jamming to the music, you took sips of your drink, as did Bucky. "We are going to dance tonight, Buck", you happily exclaimed. Watched as his face displayed doubt; you knew he wasn't keen on that idea which made you laugh. "I promise you, you will not care once we are on the dance floor", you said, resting your head on his shoulder. He took a deep breath in, downing the last of his drink. "Alright, let's go" he smiled at you.
Your confusion as he took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor, it took you by surprise and to be fair, you loved it. You took both of Bucky's hands and dragged him closer into the middle of the dance floor. You wanted to be in the middle of the action, and you knew that it would loosen up how tense Bucky was.
It's going down. I'm yelling timber… You better move. You better dance.
Smiling as one of your favourite dance songs began to play. Looking at Bucky, you started singing along with the song. "Let's make a night; you won't remember" you closed your eyes feeling the song "I'll be the one, you won't forget." Your body moved smoothly around Bucky, enjoying the rhythm of the music.
"C'mon Buck, follow my lead" you held his waist, swaying side to side. He laughed lightly before letting his eyes roam your body. He was focused on syncing his moves with yours. "That's it, Buck!" You smiled, laughing at how fun this was; Bucky was getting into the mood. The music sang loudly while everyone was dancing around the pair of you.
"Swing your partner round and round" Bucky took one of your hands, twirling you around; you giggled, twirling underneath his arm. The energy was there, and both you and Bucky were enjoying it. "End of the night, it's going down… One more shot, another round… End of the night, it's going down," the music continued.
On your tippy-toes, you held one of Bucky's hands, yelling, "It's your turn! Swing your partner round and round." He laughed and gladly twirling around, bending down a little to get under your arm. His hands rested back at your hips, both of you looking at each other, you swayed side to side together.
Then without warning, you started to sing along again, "It's going down, I'm yelling timber", you pointed at Bucky. "You better move; you better dance." Bucky had heard this song before, and honestly, it wasn't hard to remember the words, so he sang along with you.
He directed his attention to you, "Let's make a night, you won't remember… I'll be the one, you won't forget." him saying those words to you made you feel special, and Bucky really meant those words, he wanted this to be a night he'd never forget. "It's going down, I'm yelling timber", you sang, your back against his chest; he had his hands snug around your waist.
You better move, you better dance… Let's make a night you won't remember.
Your head turned slightly, and you sang again, "I'll be the one you won't forget", you giggled before slowly turning back. Slowly you lowered your body down to the ground. Shaking your ass and Bucky indeed found that hot. His hands gliding down your body as you slowly dancing back up to meet his gaze. God, he loved you, and this was another reason to add to his long list of why he did. You brought the life out of him; you made him feel young.
"'cause it's about to go down", the crowd sang in unison. "Swing your partner round and round", and so Bucky did. Twirling you around again, he swung his partner around with love. Looking at Bucky, your smile was growing. "End of the night, it's going down", you pointed at him to sing the next part, "One more shot, another round", "End of the night, it's going down". Taking turns, you happily sang the song with each other. Bucky's hands resting on your behind as you gently sway.
"Thank you for bringing me here, doll", he smiled at you. Cupping his cheek, you leaned in to kiss his lips passionately. Splitting from the kiss, he leaned his forehead against yours. "See, look how much fun we're having, love!" he smiled. "I love you so daym much, doll." the soft smile on your face, "I love you too, Buck."
For the rest of the song, you spent it cuddling him with your head on his chest. Dancing around in the same shot, you were in each other's embrace.
"I'll be the one you won't forget".
Tumblr media
Feel free to message me if you would like to be removed from my taglist <33
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All mistakes are my own, please do not repost, copy or translate my fics; all writing is my own. Thank you for all the support! Enjoy :))
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kikix36 · 2 days ago
Bad days
Bucky x reader
Word count - 786
Warnings - fluff
A/n - Short and sweet. Just wanted to write something comforting since my anxiety has been acting up.
Tumblr media
Life as an avenger was always stressful, if you weren’t preparing for a mission you were probably recovering from one and the tabloids always managed to make leaving the compound more difficult than it needed to be.
It was days like these when you questioned if the stress was getting too much, but it was the moments you spent with Bucky when your worries were quickly diminished, all of your negative thoughts forgotten and far away from the blissful cacoon you and your lover would wrap yourselves in.
It had been a tough day, you had returned from a particularly upsetting mission and had spent the little time you’d been back in a depressed slump, the other avengers either giving you understanding looks or sympathy pats.
You hadn’t managed to see Bucky all day and considering you’d been gone for a few days anyway, you were anxious to crawl into bed with your boyfriend tucked in beside you.
When Bucky entered the kitchen to see your head in your hands he began to worry, but when you met his eyes and instantly started sobbing, his heart broke.
You were immediately wrapped up in his arms as he pressed his lips to your forehead, his eyebrows furrowed as held you as close as physically possible.
You didn’t have to say anything, he picked you up, wrapped your legs around his waist, and walked you to your room.
When he sat you down on your bed you had managed to calm yourself down, silent tears now running down your cheeks as he knelt on the floor before you, tucking your hair behind your ears and kissing away your tears as they fell.
“You want me to run you a bath doll?” He whispered gently in the silent room and you sniffed and nodded.
Bucky picked you up again, carrying you into the bathroom and sitting you down on the sink, not wanting to leave you alone for a second.
You tried not to pull him closer when he began to pull away to run your bath, just needing him close.
As you focused on your breathing, your thoughts started wandering back to the mission, gory and traumatising images flashing behind your eyes and you felt yourself start to panic, becoming frantic.
“Bucky! Bucky I can’t-“
He shot up at the sound of your frantic voice, looking up from the bath he was preparing to see tears rolling down your cheeks again and your eyes wide, reaching out for him and he was stood in front of you instantly, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight as you tucked your face into the crook of his neck and clutched at the back of his shirt.
“Shhh, it’s okay Doll. I’m here, I’m right here” His soothing voice made a shiver run down your spine and you focused on the feel of his arms around you, inhaling the familiar scent that can only be described as Bucky.
“I’m sorry.”
Bucky furrowed his eyebrows at your apology, gently pulling away from the hug to tilt your chin up with his finger, brushing against your lips with his thumb as your bloodshot eyes met his.
“Don’t you apologise baby, you have nothin’ to be sorry for. You’ve had a hard time, ‘m gonna help you feel better, I promise.”
He leaned forward, placing the softest kiss against your lips and your eyes fluttered shut at the feeling, savouring the sensation.
Pulling away again, he quickly checked the temperature of the bath and turned off the tap when he felt that it was perfect, before walking back over to where you were sitting and offering you a loving smile.
He paused after gripping the hem of your shirt, silently asking for permission and then pulling your shirt off once you nodded at him.
After he took your leggings off and you were just sat in your underwear you reached forward to pull off his shirt too.
“Want you to join me” You explained when he gave you a questioning look and he kissed your forehead after his shirt was off.
Once you were both rid of your clothes Bucky picked you up again and gently placed you in the tub before sliding in behind you and holding you close against his chest.
Letting out a content sigh and letting his eyes fall shut he pressed a loving kiss to the back of your head.
“I love you” You murmured quietly as the warm water began to soothe your aching muscles and Bucky couldn’t stop the smile forming on his lips from your confession.
“I love you too Y/n” He kissed your shoulder and lingered there for a while, “so much.”
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ssoldier-whoore · 2 days ago
𝑩𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒚 𝑩𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒔
Tumblr media
♠︎ = smut; ♥︎ = fluff; ◆ = dark; ♣︎ = angst
𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒎𝒆
• He finds reader annoying but gets fond of her over the time reader was kidnapped by hydra and is situated in his cell how they just fool around together to spend the time but he still can't do much cuz he's the winter soldier and he can't have fun and reader does something about that and he just kisses her 【♥︎♣︎】
𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒅𝒊𝒅
• Based on the prompts #48. "Why not tonight? I'm even wearing something pretty." #1. "I want more, please, give me more!" 【♠︎】
𝑺𝒑𝒐𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒅 𝒎𝒐𝒗𝒊𝒆 𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕
• You want to watch a movie but Bucky has other plans 【♠︎】
Coming soon
•Coming soon
𝑯𝒂𝒊𝒓 𝒃𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒅𝒊𝒏𝒈
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hemmingg · 2 days ago
Bucky Barnes insert <3
Tumblr media
It was secretive as first. You’d catch the perfect moments when he was sleeping or passed out from exhaustion, from work or a mission or Sam, to place a small little sticker in an unnoticeable place on his metal arm. It was a wordless game that both of you played and unknown to you, both of you enjoyed. But he’d never admit it out-loud.
Sometimes when he woke up too early for yourself to bring yourself to get up, he’d whisper you thank yous for your nightly gifts that you thought you were being so secretive about.
You even got Sam in on your game, when you’d enjoy lunches together with him and his family you two would pick out new stickers you’d order. Some of them were actually nice stickers- ones he’d like, others were stupidly childish and so out of his style it was hilarious. It would have you and the rest of the family laughing for hours.
When Bucky found one of your packages before you got home to get it, his curiosity got the best of him, and he found your little stash of stickers.
It honestly warmed his heart, the thought that you’d do all this to decorate the arm that gave him so much distaste in the past. Your little acts of kindness, that you waved off as a fun little game helped him heal. Bit by bit. It wasn’t much but if it came from you, it was enough for him.
When he finally confronted you about it, your playful worries were all to amusing for him.
And don’t even get him started on your flustered responses when he got close to your face or ears whispering questions he wanted answers to.
Eventually you two got to a point of a mutual agreement, if you bought stickers you’d have to only put them on him when he was conscious, so he could enjoy your adorable smile and eyes lighting up with happiness. It was like watching a child open Christmas presents, and he loved it.
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metalbuckaroo · 2 days ago
SUMMARY// "I wanna be selfish with you."
WARNINGS// cursing, age gap (reader mid 20s, bucky mid 30s), unprotected sex (that's basically a given on this blog), lil angsty, one and a half smut scenes (one is brief)
AU// dbf!bucky x f!reader
NOTE// have this drunk drabble 🥴 idk what else to say, besides its not proof read
Tumblr media
Bucky was a new friend of your dad's. A little younger than your dad but had quickly grown close to him over the course of a year. They started to do everything together- watch sports, go for drinks, all of the things two best friends do together.
Bucky was also one incident you told yourself wouldn't happen again. A perfectly sculpted, handsome, blue eyed incident that made you feel selfish for indulging im.
Sitting in his kitchen after a rejection to your dream job. The soothing tones of his low voice melting into you as he leaned closer, smoothing his sturdy left hand down your back.
It was something you'd never be able to forget. How metal and flesh hands gripped your hips, your waist. Stubble scratching your skin. The way his lips tasted as he filled you to the brim and fucked you against the counter.
Bucky was usually so confident during sex, but in that moment in his kitchen- he could barely do anything besides mutter filthy words and promises against your skin and lips.
After that, he noticed you distancing yourself away from him until you had moved to your own apartment across town. Where he could finally have the chance to talk to you.
"Bucky?" You said when you opened the door, confusion etching across your features. "We need to talk." He said, clearing his throat.
You leaned your shoulder against the doorframe and folded your arms across your chest. "About what?" You shrugged a shoulder, blue eyes boring into you. "My kitchen, what happened in it."
"James, if my dad f-"
"He won't, and if he does I'll handle it. We're adults." He assured. "Do you know how shitty it makes me feel to know I slept with his best friend? How selfish?"
Bucky scoffed and shook his head, tongue jutting out to wet his lips. "I should be the one who feel like shit, but I can't make myself feel bad. Want it too bad. Want you, too bad. "
You just looked up at him, his teeth chewing the edge of his bottom lip as he waited for you to say something. Anything.
"Y'know what, I should go. This was fucking stupid of me-" your hands reached out to grab the front of his shirt when he went to back away. A single tug taking him off guard as he stumbled closer. Your fingers twisting in the back of his short hair to pull his lips down to yours.
A fire you had craved since that night at his house lighting in your core as he backed you further into the apartment. Bending down to grab the backs of your thighs and lift you to his waist.
"Want you so fucking bad, sweet girl." Bucky groaned, kicking the door shut. Your mind fogging over from the messy kiss. Teeth clashing, tongues pressing and twisting together and biting on each others lips until your back met the plush cushions of your couch.
Bucky's lips locking back to yours as his hands pawed at the hem of your dress, shoving it up so he could hook his fingers in the sides of your underwear.
A sharp gasp left your lips when he ripped the thin fabric and dropped it to the floor. Fumbling with his belt and the fastening of his pants.
"Fucking hell, sweets-" he gasped out, shocks of pleasure coursing through both of you as your walls stretched around him.
Your hands holding his scratchy jaw and lips nipping his between moans as he found a steady pace. Bionic and flesh forearms caging in your head as his body waved over yours.
The pressure in your lower belly quickly building with every drag of his cock. "You make me feel s'good, Buck." Your words slurred together against his lips. His touch so intoxicating, you were addicted.
"Cum, pretty girl. Feel you milkin' me." Bucky panted, slipping his hand down to thumb tight circles to your clit. Palm applying the right amount of pressure just above your pelvic bone to push you over the edge. A pleasured cry of his name swallowed by his lips as his release mixed with yours.
Your body relaxed against the cushions, chest heaving as your breaths mixed with Bucky's. Taking in the after glow as his forehead leaned against yours.
His nose nudging yours and hands moving to hold the sides of your head, softening cock still buried in your cunt. "I wanna be selfish with you."
💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙
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deenarnia · a day ago
Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Summary: You find passing notes is not always that bad.
Word Count: 865
Warnings: Fluff
Tumblr media
Everyone is passing the answers from their sheet. Its exam, how good of them, how convenient for you.
It's getting annoying, really.
Yesterday, the class had a discussion without a professor. What a surprise. But for other sections that thought it was an academic one, it sure as hell not.
To put it simply, they had planned on cheating, headed by Clint supported by the president and vice of your class Steve and Thor. You just hope your adviser, Professor Banner, won't hear about this.
You're not against it-- actually, you were because these guys are already geniuses and why the hell will they need it anyway but you didn't mind it. At first.
If only they are not that murmuring like busy bees. It's as though they are wanting your professor to catch them in the act. You're more worried for them than they are for themselves.
When you looked up from your paper to where your professor is at, he's not minding the noise.
What the hell.
You find it hard to focus, you're nervous for them but the very familiar scent of perfume that came from the person sitting in front of you calmed you a bit.
It's when you felt him shift from his seat. You lift your gaze to find his steel-blue eyes already on you made your heart beat fast.
You can stare at it all day. You like him and it's very obvious.
You felt your face heating, flustered at your position face planted on your table, you immediately sat properly.
You swore you saw his lips lift a grin.
That is when you see his hand holding out a crumpled paper to you.
You reached it, "Want me to throw it for you?"
You are smitten to this adonis. He can control you in a snap of his fingers. You two are friends, forgot to mention. Best friends.
Then it dawned on you, "Oh," you want to palm your face. "No, no."   rejecting the paper. "It's alright. I'm good." you wanted to get a hold of it because it was from him but you're shy.
Getting caught was out of your mind now.
"Just take it," Bucky says jutting it forward for you to take.
Without any more further ado, you took it and said thank you. He turned his back on you.
Your attention was on your sheet as you smooth out the paper that was given to you by your crush, keeping your romantic excitement down and looking down at it as unsuspecting way as it can be.
When you see it you turned the paper back to the front if they're still writing on it, not believing your eye at what you're seeing.
Below the numbers with answers was--
There's a newly opened cafe a few blocks away from our neighborhood, I want to try it with you.
Yes, it's a date. Hope you can clear your schedule if not then we can reschedule because I don't really take no for an answer, sweetheart.
You stilled. Is this real? It came from him. Heartbeat doubled.
You seemed to be processing the information at a slow pace.
"YES." You suddenly blurted out, in fact, it's that loud it made the entire room silent.
"Finally!" Sam said out loud. The whole class started cheering.
What is the meaning of this?
"I know that look, darling." Bucky is already holding your hand pulling you to stand on your feet. "You don't get to take your answer back, I'm taking you out."
When your sight landed on both Wanda and Natasha they were grinning at you giving you thumbs up.
A hand from your chin made you avert your eyes to its owner, "Been thinking of asking you out many times now, just didn't get the chance."
Bucky moved strands of stray hair out of your face, staring at you with adoration. "I liked you since we were in middle school. Don't wonder if I'm already in love with you now because I am."
Your eyes widened stopping yourself from squealing in delight by squeezing both of his hands that you don't remember even holding.
Bucky went to add, smiling, "And I also tried to confess my feelings for you months ago but you slept on me," he chuckled remembering what happened, it made your eyes widen more, guilty "but I don't mind it pretty girl, get to look at your beautiful face all night."
You were speechless.
With all the emotion coursing through you, you're so happy you're tearing up, "Bucky, I love you too." hand to his face, thumb caressing his cheek.
"Take it easy sweet girl, I can hear your heart beating out of your ribcage, don't want you having a heart attack we still got years ahead of us."
You will not have a heart attack because your heart already melted.
That is when you remembered you are in a middle of a test. Looking at your professor, he's smiling at you.
You thought you were on your way to the guidance. Had he talked to your prof about this?
As if reading what's on your mind, Tony spoke, "I am a cool teacher and you're all exempted from the test."
You forgot this section is full of immature people.
Bucky did this for me...
"Of course," both your hands still intertwined, he brought it to his lips, kissing the back of your hand. "You are worth everything, love."
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Addams Amore
You and your roommate, Bucky, go to a haunted forest Halloween attraction. Maybe you can get a date out of it?
This is another entry for @metalbuckaroo s 2K Writing Challenge! I used a random number generator for my prompts and somehow it came out better than when I picked my own 😂
Fluffy Prompts: 35: Kiss me better 38: I'm not scared but if you are, you can hold my hand Smut Prompts: 12: I'm going to ruin that pretty makeup 47: I'd rather have your hands around my throat but the necklace will do.
Warnings: Cussing, implied smut, a haunted forest
Words: 2k and some change
18+ only, Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Bucky sat in the living room drinking a beer and waiting for you to come home. He missed you on the days you worked and he didn’t. The house was a lot quieter without you. Most days, he would play music off of one of your Spotify playlists to make it feel like you were around, but he always turned it off at 5 because he didn’t want you to hear it. He was head over heels in love with you, but he’d never admit it because then you might not want to be roommates with him. But you were so full of life, your laugh was contagious, the way you danced around the kitchen while you were making dinner captivated him. Life would be so dull without you. And of course he loved catching glimpses of you walking from the bathroom to your bedroom in nothing but a towel, or the nights he would come home late and you were obviously braless in your pjs, relaxing and drinking wine on the same couch he was sitting on.
He was lost in a daydream of you when you burst through the front door, scaring the shit out of him. “Aaahh!! Fuck, Y/n, you’re gonna give me a heart attack!” he scolded, flustered and embarrassed.
“I’m sorry, I figured you woulda heard me knocking for you to open the door. Would you help me with these bags?” you asked as you stumbled through the narrow entry way. He dashed over and took the bags off of your left arm. “Thanks! You excited about tonight?” Your eyes were shining with excitement.
Bucky bit his lip and thought for a moment. “Tonight…What’s tonight?”
“Of course you would forget. It’s only the night you promised to go with me to the best haunted forest in the whole state. You forgot we were going to dress up, too, didn’t you?” You tried to hide a smile. You were hoping he had forgotten that part, too, cause you had bought both of you costumes and were so thrilled about it.
“Oh, uh, yeah the forest. I remembered that part…” he blushed a little before adding, “I don’t have a costume. I’m sorry.”
“Yes! I’m so excited!!” You bounced around the kitchen and started unwrapping bags at lightning speed. “I have the perfect thing for us then!”
Bucky had no idea what was happening. He forgot about the forest and he didn’t have a costume and you were excited about it? He might not understand, but your face all lit up like that was more beautiful than he thought he could handle. “Ok, well good. What did you buy us?”
You held up a long black dress and a cheap black suit. “We’re gonna be the Addams! I’m gonna be Morticia, obviously. Look at how gorgeous this dress is! Ok, here’s your stuff, go get dressed and then I can help you with hair and makeup. This is going to be the best Halloween ever!” You raced out of the room, taking Bucky’s heart with you.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Forty minutes later, you came out of your room and stood in the doorway of the living room. “Wha’d’ya think?” You gave a graceful spin and Bucky admired the dress. It was low cut in the front and he could see the tops of your breasts. As you spun, he admired the way the dress hugged your figure and the low cut back that accentuated the curve of your ass. Damn, you looked good. He took the final swig of his beer and stood up. “Stunning. I like that necklace, is that a bat on it?” He was desperately trying not to stare at your chest while he walked closer to see better.
“Yeah, not exactly what Morticia wore but I liked it well enough. Honestly, I’d rather have your hands around my throat, but the necklace will do for now.” You gave him a wicked smirk as he choked and coughed. “You look really nice in your outfit, too! Give me a spin, darling!”
“You’re going to literally kill me.” He grumbled as he spun around for you.
“I love it! You look so handsome!” You hoped tonight would give him the encouragement he needed to finally ask you out. You had been in love with Bucky for months now, and he wasn’t very subtle with his wandering eyes and flirty comments. You had tried to flirt back and drop hints, but nothing ever happened. It was like he was completely oblivious. If you could just tease him enough, maybe convince him you liked him back, he would ask you on a real date. “You know, Morticia and Gomez Addams are married, so we have to pretend to at least be dating tonight.”
Bucky’s eyes got huge. “I mean, that’s fine with me. You wanna…you wanna do my makeup or whatever and then go?” He was so nervous, he hadn’t planned on any of this tonight. The most he was hoping for tonight was to hear you sing in the shower and then watch you walk through the hallway, dripping water and looking good enough to eat. He gulped when you walked towards him, placed a hand squarely on his chest and pushed him backwards until he bumped into the kitchen table. His mind was spinning a thousand miles a minute but he wasn’t having any cohesive thoughts at all. He may as well have been drooling.
“Sit down, sweetheart. I’ve gotta fix your hair,” you said in a sultry voice. You knew exactly what you were doing to him and you loved watching his mind unravel. You brushed his hair and styled it, then grabbed your makeup kit. You walked in front of him and used your hands to hold his legs together so you could straddle them and sat down. You had purposefully bought a dress with a high slit in it so you could do this exact thing. You hadn’t really known where or when, but if the opportunity struck you wanted to be ready. And boy did it strike.
“Just a little powder and eyeliner, ok?” you asked. He nodded and kept his bright blue eyes trained on yours, the light hitting them just right and making them practically glow. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”
He shook his head. “No, not at all. But what are the rules? Is it strip club rules, completely hands off? Or…” his words seemed to dry up and you smiled.
You bent forward so your lips were brushing the shell of his ear. “You can touch anything you want to. Hands, lips, teeth, you can use them all, whatever you want, Sarge.” You bit his earlobe and he let a small, breathy moan escape, his mouth opening slightly. You sat up and grabbed your makeup and brushes. “Close your eyes for me and hold your breath.” You dusted his face with powder to make it matte and said “Ok, all done with that part.” His eyes opened again and his hands came up, cupping your ass with a firm grip. Your eyes got wide and it was his turn to smirk at you.
“Now eyeliner, right Cara Mia?” (my beloved). He slapped your ass with one hand before trailing upwards to rest his hands on your hips.
You grabbed the eyeliner and did his eyes, but before you could slip off his lap, his metal hand traveled up and squeezed your breast. His other hand slid up your back and pressed you forward so he could sink his teeth into the soft flesh peeking out the top of your dress. You mewled and he left a nice hickey ringed in teeth marks there for everyone to see. “Thank you for your help with my costume. You ready?” he asked as if nothing had happened.
You stood up, brain a foggy mess. “Yeah, I think so. Let me go get my purse.” You thought that maybe, you were going to get way more than you had bargained for when you left the Halloween store today.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
The drive over to the haunted forest was surprisingly relaxing, despite you both being horny. You turned on your spooky music playlist and the two of you sang along. It was almost enough to distract you from his hand on your thigh, holding so firmly you were sure there would be fingerprints left. The two of you parked and purchased tickets, waited your turn and finally got to go through the forest. Bucky wasn’t sure what to expect, but he figured he wouldn’t be phased by anything these people could throw at him. What he wasn’t expecting was the clause in the waiver the two of you signed that stated that the actors would be given names of people going through the forest, and could use your names whenever to scare you. So when the guide dressed as the Grim Reaper took you through a portion of the woods decorated like an abandoned insane asylum, he wasn’t expecting the girl sitting in the corner to talk to him. Or you.
“Buuuuuckkkyyyyyyyyyy,” she called in a quiet, sing-song voice. “Y/n,” she said in the same way. “Come play with me!” She jumped up and ran towards you, stopping a few feet from Bucky. You screamed and flung yourself into his arms and he spun you around so that his back was to the girl. If she was going to get one of you, he thought it should be him. The guide laughed evilly and told her to go back to her corner. Bucky opened his eyes, not remembering closing them, and sighed in relief. You let go and laughed uneasily.
“I’m not scared, but if you are you can hold my hand,” he offered, trying to be brave.
You didn’t say anything back but gripped his hand with yours and wrapped your other arm around his.
The rest of the group started walking and Bucky guided you to the middle of the pack so hopefully the rest of the actors would target other clients, which they did. The rest of the forest was fun, but you had had enough by the end of it.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
The two of you walked into the apartment, tired from the adrenaline of the forest and the raging hormones from earlier. Bucky sat down in his spot on the couch, cold beer in hand. “That was fun,” he said before taking a long drink.
You walked over to him and waited for him to be done. When he pulled the bottle from his lips, you took it from him and set it on the end table. Then, you straddled his lap again and laid against him, nestling your face in the crook of his neck. You really wanted to be held, and Bucky was happy to oblige. He leaned his head forward and pressed a kiss to your exposed shoulder where the dress had slipped over a bit. He absentmindedly picked at the high seam of the split at the top of your thigh. “I like your dress. You should wear it all year round,” he mumbled.
“Thank you. Who knew a haunted forest could be that terrifying and that exhausting?” you asked, your voice muffled. You sat back and the two of you just looked into each other’s eyes, breath syncing up and feeling connected in a way you had never felt before. His hand came up and rested at the back of your neck, gently urging you forward. He pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.
He blushed and smiled at you shyly. “I like you, a lot. More than roommates or friends. Would you think about giving me a chance, maybe go out on a date with me tomorrow night?”
“Kiss me better.” You answered.
He gave you a confused look. “What?
“I’ve been waiting for months for you to ask me out. Kiss me better,” you insisted.
He kissed your nose and replied, “I’m gonna ruin that pretty makeup. But your wish is my command, Cara Mia.”
“Oh, before you do,” you interrupted. “Can I sleep with you tonight? I’m a little scared sleeping alone after the forest.” You blushed sheepishly.
"Hell, you can move into my room if you want." he grabbed your ass and kissed your throat, working his way up to your lips.
He stood up and carried you to his room, throwing you down on his bed. He crawled up over you and claimed your mouth with his. It didn’t matter that you were scared to sleep alone, he didn’t let you sleep until the sun came up and the birds were singing anyway.
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gimmesomebucky · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You are a shapeshifting mutant that has an alter-ego of a cat. Bucky is a quiet man. Cats like quiet places. Probably a good match.
Themes: Fluff, slight angst
Warnings: Mentions of trauma, Bucky's past, death
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
A/N: I'm treading chapter by chapter lmao uni life is so hectic I can barely find time to check my tumblr but thank you for those who like my stories still! Btw, this is another chapter, I hope y'all like it! As always if you like the story please leave a like, an ask, a reply, or a reblog! TIA! ❤️
Part XII
You groaned and cleared your throat. The first rays of the sun slithered through the small space inbetween the curtains, the light seeping warmly into your skin. It was a good sensation, as always. You opened your eyes and blinked, your vision focusing in and out. Taking a deep breath, the lull rising of your chest caused you to feel the heavy limb draped on your tummy. It made you smile.
Pivoting your head to the side, you saw Bucky's sleeping face. Small puffs of warm breath escaped his parted lips, fanning across your temples and forehead. You smiled wider. He looked peaceful, like an angel. You were almost tempted to wake him up to see his blue eyes. You had been used to seeing it by now the moment you wake up in mornings and before you sleep at night.
It had been about two months since you both had a mutual understanding. You knew from the get go you wanted to be with him, as he wanted to be with you, too. Everything was smooth sailing with him, and the team was happier to know about the unspoken thing between you and Bucky. You remember so well of Sam's incessant teasing and Nat's as well. Both of you weren't able to escape them for like a week, if it wasn't for Steve admonishing them, you knew they wouldn't stop.
Only a few minutes later, you felt Bucky stir from beside you. You heard him hum under his breath, felt how his metal arm hugged you tighter and pull you closer to his body, and how he murmured as soon as his nose buried on your hair. All those years you've lived—wandering and searching about, the only other time you had felt serenity was in his arms. And you never wanted it end.
“Mornin',” came his groggy voice. It tugged on your chest in the best way, “beautiful, as always.”
You chuckled and shook your head, “Are you trying to charm me early in the morning, Barnes?”
“I could be,” he teased, his lips making contact on your temple. “I know you like it.”
Your chuckle turned into a laugh and Bucky gladly listened to your laughter, his heart filled with the best kind of warmth. “You're a total charmer.”
He hummed once again before planting a deep kiss on your lips, slowly draping his body over yours. Bucky placed both his elbows on either side of your head, fingers tenderly caressing your scalp. You were almost out of breath when he broke the kiss.
“How 'bout we take a morning walk? Sun's up,” he smiled, “thought you might like getting sunlight and all that.”
You reciprocated his smile, “I like that.”
“What are you doing?”
Bucky asked, his eyeballs darting down to the side, watching the graceful movements of your hand. He felt the warmth of the golden light graze his temple. “What are those?”
“Flowers,” your fingers pushed through the locks of his hair and a flower materialized on top of the shell of his ear, “symbolizes the beautiful thing that is your mind.”
Bucky had been sitting with you for almost half an hour since you both decided to take an early morning walk. No one was awake yet and everything around you was peaceful. The sun has shone quite boldly already and you took it to your advantage to create a flower crown on Bucky's head.
You noticed how Bucky quieten after what you said, you know too well by now what's inside his head.
“That wasn't you, Bucky.” You sighed, “Whatever they made you do, wasn't you. It wasn't your fault. And it will never be.”
“But I still did it...” his voice was low, “didn't I?”
You took a deep breath and exhaled, looking straight to his eyes right after. Even though you had completely healed his mind, the memories of his past still clung to him. It refused to let him go because he was the one who shackled himself into its claws. He can't let it go.
“Yes, you did.” You blinked and turned your head to one side, “Though you had a choice not to, you still did. You pulled the trigger. You pushed the knife through a person's flesh. You took lives. But you have to remember, you didn't do it because you wanted to. But because it was the only thing you could've done at the moment,”
“You didn't know who you were, Buck. You didn't even know who Bucky was. Who James Buchanan Barnes was. They took him away from you for all those years and used you to their advantage. You never felt like a person, a human being. Only a machine of destruction and death.” Bucky listened intently to your every word, as though it was his lifeline. “You may have a moral consciousness inside you, but that meant useless since you have lost your self-identity. Maybe for you at that moment, killing every hit was the only thing that gave you sense of purpose or a sense of semblance to yourself. You grappled so hard to remember who you were since Steve wasn't around to remind you that biggest and most important piece of you.”
Bucky was still silent, digesting what you had said. Maybe, maybe he was the worst. Maybe it was true he never deserved a second chance in life. But there you were infront of him, looking and staring at him with all the care in your eyes. And he thought maybe, since you saw the light in him—he could believe there was something good in himself, too. That maybe he isn't so bad, after all.
“No one can undo the past, not even me, Buck.” You smiled at him, touching his hand—both flesh and metal, “But we can move on. Do better. Be better. We owe that one to ourselves. To the self you have lost for almost a century.”
He nodded, the tears accumulating on the sides of his eyes. “You always know what to say.”
“A perk of being an old maid.”
He chuckled, curling his hand into yours. “Still beautiful, though. You're the wisest person I've ever known.”
“And you're the most beautiful and interesting human I've had the honor to ever come across,” you grinned, caressing the flowers on his head, “I'm lucky to be here with you.”
The day went on and you and Bucky were stuck doing the same usual thing whenever there wasn't any spare missions for either both of you. For Bucky it wasn't just another day, though. Each day he could spend with you was a date. Even if it's just you two prepping coffee, or making omelette, or watching the same TV shows over and over again. It wasn't just familiarity that made him head over heels for you. He knew he had found a safe place in you, and as selfish as it may sound, he wanted you all for himself.
Bucky plopped the pillow into its rightful place and fixed the sheets when you told him you were to go to the adjoining bathroom. You had been feeling the insisting ache within the region of your chest for almost a week now, and you had to excuse yourself from Bucky to hopefully discern it wasn't what you thought it was.
As soon as you closed the door, you spread your arms and opened your palms, a faint light illuminating the corners of the bathroom. You created a barrier around you, so Bucky couldn't hear the noise if ever there would be.
You stared at your face in the mirror, though with the barrier present, your reflection was clear. Breathing hard, you pushed your opened palm on your chest—your form changing. The orbs of your eyes shone a gold light, and you saw the streaks of the same light piercieng out of your chest.
You felt how your heart sank. It was happening again.
No. Not now. Not when you finally found something worth holding on to, a person who has been the rest and calm you were longing for billions of years. You had warned yourself. And yet you didn't listen.
But you knew better. You had to go. You knew what was to happen if you don't. And not only Bucky would have to pay the consequences if you were to be selfish for love.
Love. What a word. You love him. You never thought a day would come and you would actually adore someone in your pitiful existence. The sensation was unlike any other you'd experienced. You had felt rage, loathing, and mercy. Nothing prepared you for something so human yet an unparalleled force you never saw coming.
The light from your eyes died and so did the one from your chest. For now. It'll only grow even more evident as days would go by. Until the day you'd dissolve into nothing but a globe of light—reuniting with nature once again to keep balance.
A knock took you out of your trance, making you face the closed door.
“Babe?” came Bucky's voice, “is everything all right?”
You immediately took down the barrier you created minutes ago and finger combed your hair. You faked a smile but more for yourself.
“Yes,” you replied, reaching to open the door, revealing a worried Bucky, “I'm fine. Everything's fine. Let's sleep?”
He snaked his hand around the small of your back and pulled you to his chest. Bucky closed the bathroom door for you and walked you with him afterwards, with you falling beneath him on the mattress.
“Good night,” he murmured, dragging the sheets to cover both your bodies.
The look on his face clenched at your heart. But you did your best to smile back at him.
“Goodnight, Bucky.”
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ohtobeleah · 2 days ago
If you have time can we please get an update about what happened in Wakanda with Bucky and Carter?
Agent Carter Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Yep, okay, well if you can’t get in touch with Dr. Beck can please try getting in touch with Dr. Christina Raynor?” You groaned frustratedly, squishing your face behind your hand as you listened to the obvious thick assistant on the other end of the line trying to figure out how to contact the therapist you wanted to work with Bucky. “Okay, yep, thankyou—bye.” Hanging up with a sign you leaned back against the chair. A gentle hand coming to rest on your shoulder. 
“What have you been doing all this time Y/n? You’ve barley slept?” Shuri asked softly, concerned for your wellbeing. You smiled over your shoulder, patting her hand with yours.
“I’m okay, promise, just doing my job, which is unfortunately harder to do from half way across the world.” You let out a chuckle, laughing at yourself. Shuri sympathetically chuckled along, admiring your persistence.
“You should take a break, I’m sure Sargent Barnes wouldn’t mind the company.” Bucky had been down by the lake for a few days now, resting and becoming accustomed to the quietness and seclusion of the Wakandan fields. You nodded in response, feeling and overwhelming sense of need, a desire to be in Bucky’s company after spending the day on the phone to countless Congress men and women, assistants, secretaries, officers and more. Being run around in circles. Standing as you pushed out from your desk, rubbing at your eyes that seemed to hate the magnifying lenses of your glasses more then you hated having to wear them at all. “He appreciates everything you’ve done for him you know? I can tell.”
“I know—“ you chuckled. “He deserves everything too.
“You know.” It was the kindness in your voice that first had Bucky’s attention. His train of thought instantly shifted from the water that reflected his own reflection back to him—a man he was still struggling to get to know. Acquaint himself with. ”if you stare long and hard enough, I’m sure your reflection will eventually smile back at you.” Bucky chuckled softly to himself, turning to greet you with a gentle smile as you came to stand behind him, looking out over the glistening water.
“Agent Carter.” Bucky greeted you softly, his body and mind tired, hell, he’d even say exhausted, hard to believe when he’d just finished yet another stint in cyro. You shook your head, smirking as you removed your glasses, eyes strained from the computer screen you’d been sitting in front of for the last couple of days. Working on finalising Bucky’s pardon, making sure everything was in order.
“Please, it’s Y/n.” Pressing your fingers and thumb into the bridge of your nose to release the pressure build up. “How’s life treating you out here?” It was a genuine question, the sincerity in your voice noticeable as Bucky listened. Signing softly as he pressed his lips together.
“So far so good.” He admitted. “I don’t mind the tranquility of it all, it’s peaceful, quiet.” 
“I would’ve come down sooner, but I’ve been working on finalising everything for when you decide to return to the states.” You explained, still looking out over the water, taking in the sight of the natural beauty. Nothing could ever compare. “That’s not to say you ever have to, I could understand if you never wanted to leave this place.” You crossed your arms over your chest, a sigh escaping as you looked at Bucky. “It’s beautiful.”
“It’s safe.” Bucky added. “I’ve got soup on, if you’re hungry?” Nodding, you grinned when Bucky gestured for you to follow him, welcoming you into his humble abode. His safe haven. Bucky offered you a blanket, taking it with a small thankyou, he worked to bowl up some soup and bread. Walking out to sit around the open fire with you. Warm and rugged up. Blanket draped over your legs, your blazer discarded next to you in the log. Blouse unbuttoned slightly for comfort. Still tucked into your skirt.
“So Carter.” Bucky didn’t use your first name, maybe it was something he wasn’t ready for yet, accepting the fact you blew over the steaming soup you lifted to your mouth via the spoon in your hand. “Tell me about you? I kinda wanna know more about the woman who keeps fighting for me like her life depends on it.” Bucky smirked softly as the light from the fire bounced off his features. “Haven’t seen you for a few days, been thinking about how you just beat around the bush whenever I ask.” You swallowed your mouthful. Turning to face Bucky just a little more. He seemed calmer then normal.
“What do you wanna know?” You asked. Swirling your spoon around in the bowl of soup absentmindedly.
“Why do you do what you do? I mean—for me? If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be here.” Bucky admitted, you already knew that part though. “For all I know if you didn’t help me, I could be locked up somewhere in a federal prison.” You couldn’t help but to chuckle.
“Let’s not forget even with my help you did almost end up in a federal prison.” Bucky laughed with you, enjoying the company, the company he wanted the most. He trusted you, Bucky’s walls seemed to break down a little more with you. “I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that it was never you that was the risk, when you said you could kill me in the Smithsonian? I mean sure, that was you talking, but we aren’t at war and the Bucky Barnes I’ve been researching and studying and trying to track down and help doesn’t go around actively taking down people he meets in museums does he?” Bucky agreed with a slight shake of his head, filling some of the bread he’d ripped off into his soup.
“I guess not.”
“Exactly, but the Winter Solider however, was. He’s like a parasite, but you can’t blame the host for a parasites actions? I guess I had a gut feeling that if I gave you a place to run and hide the Winter Solider wouldn’t be that much of an issue until I could figure out what more to do, how to help, I was hoping you’d lay low—you know, or be the cause of an Civil war between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.” You admitted, sharing a smile with Bucky, he appreciated everything you’d ever done for him, more then you would ever know. You gave him a chance at freedom. “I tend to break the rules a lot when the people I met end up being more then case files, you deserved a second chance at life and I’m glad I’m the one that was able to be apart of giving that to you—a lot of people never gave up hope on the Bucky Barnes that fell from that train, I’m glad they didn’t and I’m glad your case file landed on my desk because here I am, with you, with this delicious soup, enjoying the company of my favourite semi stable 100 year old man.” It was the way your face light up at the small tease you sent Bucky’s way, hoping he’d accept the banter. He did, Bucky bumped your hip with his, leaning forward as he placed his now empty bowl on the ground between his feet.
“What do you do when you’re not babysitting a semi stable 100 year old?” Bucky questioned, you didn’t really mind the interrogation, Bucky showing interest was a good sign of progress. Smirking you answered, hoping that showing that you were okay being vulnerable in Bucky’s presence that soon, gradually, he’d open up and be just as vulnerable with you. 
“You mean when I’m not working my favourite case?” Correcting Bucky you beamed at him. it was true, Bucky Barnes was and always had been your top priority, now more then ever as you got to know him more. “I work with criminals who have either life sentences or close to, you know the kind! the ones who claim to be reformed and whatever else they wanna say to reduce their sentences.” Ripping your bread you dipped it into your soup. “I sit in with their lawyers and evaluate the danger they could potentially pose to society if they were let out of incarceration.” You popped to soggy bread into hour mouth, pushing it into your cheek as your spoke. “More often then not it’s a big fat no way—but it beats field work.”
“Why do you say that?” Bucky asked softly, genuinely intrigued by you. “What’s so bad about field work?” Bucky caught on quick to the silence that lingered in the air, the way you coughed the hitched “um” in the back of your throat. The fire popping and cracking a little louder in the silence. Maybe he’d crossed a line? Maybe Bucky shouldn’t have asked. But when he watched you put your now empty bowl to the side, bringing the blanket up over your legs a little more with a sigh, he knew you’d tell him—you were just doing your best to prepare. No one really asked you about this kinda stuff anymore. It had been years, not a lot of people even knew. So there was really no point.
“I used to work undercover with my fiancé, Mark.” You started talking, your tone more serious even when you pained out a small chuckle at his name, his memory. “We were like this inseparable dynamic duo that the bureau just obsessed over. But we uh—We got caught up in this major drug bust after a year of undercover work, should’ve known better, Mark just jumped the gun.” You sighed. Bucky could see the tears welling in your eyes. Placing his hand over your knee when he thought the silence had lingered for too long, comforting and reassuring you to go on. “He was um—was shot during the takedown, he was wearing a vest but there isn’t much that can be done for a clean head shot.” You pressed your lips together, shaking as you wiped the tears that threaten to spill over, raw emotions. You were okay though, at a stage in your life where you’d been through enough therapy if your own to finally be able to talk about your past without having a full on mental breakdown. “I don’t work in the field all that much anymore, got used to being a desk jockey. It’s actually what go your case on my desk—I asked for all the old SSR files, CIA files and cold cases that dated way back to like the 40’s. Stuff that Peggy had worked on or been involved with. Just wanted some mind numbing work to do.” Bucky took everything you said in like a sponge, his eyes lingering over your frame, drinking in the sight of you. Bucky felt like he’d been running far too long—but even then he knew he had a friend, a person he could trust if things ever got too much. To hard to handle. 
“Woah, that’s uh, that’s a lot, I’m really sorry that happened.” Empathy, an emotion Bucky knew he felt, especially towards you. “I couldn’t even begin to imagine.”
“It was so long ago now” sighing you let your elbows fall to your knees, leaning over yourself as the sun dipped below the horizon even more, the light of the fire your only source left. “A former life, but that’s just what it is Barnes, fucking life, we all carry trauma, it’s how we choose to carry it that makes the most difference.” Your words were powerful, they resonated with Bucky something deep. Planting themselves into his mind.
Bucky made a conscious decision then and there to live by your words—to consciously carry his trauma in a way he could manage. Without stumbling, falling to his knees from the weight. To find a way to distribute it. Bucky wanted his life back, or something that felt similar to the life he once had—for everything you’d done for him. He wanted to at least be able to show you he was worth the trouble.
“You think this is gonna work?” You asked as you read over Shuri’s work. Bucky sat nervously on the bench, sending you a forced pressed smile. “He needs it to work—“
“It’ll work, I promise, might take time but as long as he’s willing to try I’ll do my best Mrs Carter.”
“It’s miss.” You corrected Shuri with a firm smile. “And hey? I thought we were on a first name basis here? What’s with that?” You chuckled, Shuri doing the same as she took her paperwork from you.
“Sorry, Y/n.” Shuri corrected herself. You were leaving for the states, making sure the abolishment of the last known Winter Solider was underway before your departure. Leaving Bucky behind with time to heal and grow. He didn’t want you to go—but you had commitments, so did he. You smiled and thanked Shuri for all her help, embracing her before making your way over to where Bucky sat patiently. His smirk prominent upon his face.
“when will I see you again Agent Carter?” By now you had accepted the fact Bucky wasn’t ready to know you by your name.
“Is this your way of asking me on a date?” You teased, smirking as you came to stand almost between where Bucky’s legs hung over the side of the bench. “Didn’t strike myself as your type?”
“From what I can remember? As long as they were smiling, enjoying themselves, felt safe, wanted to dance and let me walk em home? that was my type.” Bucky smirked, a glint of something in his eyes you couldn’t really make. “What about you? What’s the widow into?” You appreciated Bucky’s banter—you didn’t want him treating you any differently. Your lost love and heartbreak was years ago. Time could heal all wounds of given the chance.
“I’m somewhat of a masochist, not physical, but the emotional a side is kinda where it’s at. Assholes, guys with pretty much no charm and egos! Agh—“ you teased. “I usually go for buzz cut clean cut guys who at least look like they could pass for an upstanding citizen, but I guess I could make an exception to a rule, there’s this brunette shaggy looking guy who’s older then me, pretty fucked it if I’m being honest—“ you couldn’t help but to reach out and gently touch Bucky’s cheek, his beard scratching at your palm. Bucky never truly realised how touch staved he’d been, how much he craved the level of affection you were giving him.
“Oh yeah, he’s got a lot of shit to figure out.” Bucky interrupted, reaching out to bring you closer with his right arm, hand hovering softly over the curve of the small of your back. His legs on either side of you as your hands fell to his knees for balance.
“Oh so you know him?” Bucky odder as you chuckled. “Think I should give him a chance?”
“I think if anything? He’d settle for just one kiss, just needs a taste of what’s waiting for him when he gets his shit together.” Bucky smiled, watching as you leaned in with a smirk. Your lips touching his—softly and slowly tasting Bucky. Your tongue dancing with his as you took the lead. Pulling away slowly.
“Work on yourself Barnes.” You pulled out a small flip phone from your back pocket, handing it to Bucky with a bashful smile. “It’s got my number in it, use it, don’t use it. Just promise me you’ll work on yourself okay? Don’t let me down, I don’t wanna have to come after some psycho assassin okay?” The last thing Bucky Barnes ever wanted to do was let the one person who gave him a chance down.
“Never wanna let you down, you keep yourself outta trouble okay?” Bucky kissed the back of your hand. Eyes lingering on yours, ocean blue. “I’ll see you around Agent Carter.”
It was a feeling like no other, panic, numbness, the feeling of calm washing over his body. Bucky called out for Steve—his body cold and feather light—feeling as if he was floating on thin air yet drowning all at once.
“Steve?” Bucky looked at Steve with fearful eyes, not too sure what was going on, he wasn’t dumb enough to notice he was the first to go—looking around before he fell to nothingness, the people that stood around him wore a face of shock horror and utter sadness. In his pocket a flip phone rang—Bucky never went anywhere without it, he could feel the buzzing on the putter side of his pocket until he didn’t feel at all. Silence consuming him before he could hit the ground. His last thought being—
On the other end? You traced back and forth from around your desk, college’s that once stood beside you now vanished into thin air. The number you were calling suddenly cutting out. Panic hitching in your throat as you felt uneasy. Like your fingers and toes were missing, watching ass your arm slowly but surely dissolved, a wave of nothingness creeping over you. Your last thought being—

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scxrletrecsmarvel · 2 days ago
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𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 - @buckys-black-dress
Uninvited - @mymoonagedaydream
Domestic Bliss - @mymoonagedaydream
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Witness Protection - @mymoonagedaydream
Itchy sweaters - @sheeple
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Ever after - @onceuponastory
Don’t You Know - @siberianoverture
Summer of 1983 - @cumonmebucky
You left your mark in my heart - @buckystevelove
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in which yours and Bucky's relationship is complicated
warnings: 18+, swearing, smut, violence
word count: 3100+
Bucky didn't know what he was doing.
There, he'd said it. He had no fucking clue what he was doing when it came to you. He didn't even know what the two of you were.
Friends? Best friends? Friends with benefits? Hell, Bucky was sure that the two of you could have been married for a decade and he'd still have no idea.
And although Bucky was always a little confused by something, things had gotten a lot more confusing recently. Because recently the two of you had slept together.
"Bucky, what's in your pocket?"
"Not a thing, sugar, not a thing."
It had only taken a tense stare shared between the two of you for you to end up together in your bedroom. A night of passion-fuelled sex realised feelings that neither of you knew you had. Sacred words were gasped and went unheard as the two of you sank into bliss with each other.
And then Bucky had left.
He knew that had hurt you. When he slowly pushed himself up and away from you, pulling himself out of you. He couldn't quite meet your eye and you seemed to have already guessed what he was going to do before he even spoke.
"I think I should go."
"Oh. Okay."
Despite the plain voice you used, Bucky could still detect your frustration. He didn't know if it was with him, or with yourself for letting it happen. But he didn't hang around to ask. Just as he had reached the doorway with his clothes in his arms, you had spoken again.
"Yeah, Y/N?"
There had been a pause as a thousand words went unsaid.
"You don't have to go."
"I know."
His blue eyes finally lifted to meet yours, and you stared at him as he turned and left. The door shut softly behind him.
So he understood why you were avoiding him. It was awkward and tense, and you'd seen parts of each other that friends should never have seen. And you must have been incredibly angry with him for doing the same to you, making no effort to patch things up and just disappearing as soon as you were nearby.
But none of that stopped his jealousy as he watched you talking to a random stark industries worker. There was nothing overly flirtatious about your actions, but you were obviously showing an interest in the generic looking young man.
As Bucky nursed his beer and watched the two of you, he sized up his opposition. The man was tall, maybe an inch shorter than Bucky was. He was nowhere near as broad, very skinny and slim. There was something a little awkward in how he was standing beside you, and as Bucky watched he saw the other man reach out to touch you and then second guess himself halfway. The triumphant smirk had only just made its way onto Bucky's face when you reached forwards and made the contact yourself. His smirk slipped immediately.
Employing all of his years of training, Bucky discreetly made his way closer. He didn't have to be too close to hear your conversation thanks to his super soldier hearing.
"--I'm sure that's not true," you smiled at the young man that was nervously telling you about his hope for a promotion in his field. "From what you've told me, you'd make an excellent fit."
The man, whose name was Eric, blushed slightly. "Oh, thank you. That means a lot, coming from you."
"No problem." As you spoke, you took his hand and squeezed it. You revelled in the reaction that you got as he sucked in a breath, forcing a smile onto his red face.
Bucky's eyebrows furrowed and he was momentarily distracted from his jealousy. He knew that the two of you had only shared one night together, but you hadn't once tried to assume control. In fact, Bucky hadn't even considered that you might like to. Women tended to just submit to him. Even if he wished it was the other way sometimes.
"Hey, uh, do you know that guy?"
Bucky was too lost in his own thoughts to realise the hushed words were directed at him.
"Hm?" You turned around and Bucky blinked, tearing his eyes form Eric to meet yours. As your eyes took him in, Bucky cursed himself. There was no way that you wouldn't know he had been eavesdropping. Sure enough, after a second your eyes narrowed. "Yeah. He's a friend from work."
You turned back around, leaving Bucky's mouth hanging open slightly. A friend from work? That's all he was? He shook his head slightly, anger bubbling up inside of him. Before he could control himself, he was tapping hard on your shoulder. You whirled around.
"What, Bucky?" You hissed the word at him. "I'm in the middle of a conversation with a man that I'm interested in."
Eric smiled. "Thank you."
"No problem, sweetheart," you smiled back at him reassuringly.
When you had started to speak to him, it had been a genuine interaction, not some petty attempt to make Bucky jealous. You had come to terms with the fact that he didn't care about you in the same way as you cared about him. All he was doing by speaking to you was undoing days of crying and forcing yourself to recover from the heartbreak of him sleeping with you, and then leaving you.
"I just wanted to talk to you," Bucky explained. His gaze turned cool as he looked at Eric. "Shut up."
You scowled at him, disliking it when Bucky was rude to people. "Don't you dare tell him to shut up, Barnes. He has done nothing to you." You turned to Eric. "I'm really sorry about this, could we exchange numbers and maybe meet some other time? I'd really love to get to know you."
"Oh!" Eric beamed. "Y-Yeah! Of course!" He scrambled to get his phone out. You glared at Bucky defiantly as you gave Eric your number and then said goodbye to him.
Finally, you turned to him and waited. Bucky cleared his throat. "So, uh, how're you holding up?" There was a moment of complete silence as you processed his question.
"Excuse me?"
Bucky should've known from the sharpness of your tone to shut up, but he didn't. "I said, how're you holding up? I know things are kinda rocky between us, and I just wanted to make sure you're okay."
"What the hell, Bucky?" You asked quietly. "You were my best friend. And then, for a night, you were more. But then you walked out, and you refused to talk about it. So I've gotten over everything that we used to have. Not just the sex. That's not the most important part. I've gotten over you, completely, in every way possible. Because you've shown that you don't care as much as you should."
Bucky opened his mouth to protest, but you shook yoru head.
"No, Bucky. It's your turn to shut up." Your words were harsher than you meant them to be, but it was the only way you could guarantee your resolve. "Don't you dare interrupt something that's going well for me just to ask how I'm 'holding up' after you abandoned me. Don't you fucking dare."
With that, you nodded slightly and stormed off. You only made it a few paces, sinking into a bar stool a few metres away. You smiled at the bartender, ordering the strongest drink that you could think of.
And then you started to work on what Bucky had already started unravel. Your determination to stay away from your ex-best friend had wavered for a second, and the interaction only went to prove why you shouldn't let it happen again.
But that didn't mean that your heart wasn't starting to fracture again as you watched Bucky glare at you before storming off. You knew it wasn't fair, but you wished he'd made more of an effort to tell you that your opinion of him was wrong.
Hours later, and Bucky was finally simmering down. He knew that his anger wasn't towards you, it was towards himself. And he should never have stopped you from interacting with the other man. It wasn't like the two of you had ever been a 'thing'. He was just the best friend that took it too far and then ruined your relationship.
As he collected himself, Bucky looked around for you. His eyebrows pulled together when he didn't find you on his first cursory sweep. He turned around slowly, taking in every corner of the room.
"Hey, Steve?" He asked his friend, still looking around the room. "Where's Y/N?"
Steve hummed. "Y/N? Uh...last I heard, she was pretty drunk. Maybe she went out to get a breather?" Bucky nodded, briskly making his way outside. He looked down the sidewalk, searching for your face in the drunken crowd. After he came up empty, Bucky was starting to panic. He caught sight of someone that looked at least a little sober and approached the woman.
"Excuse me, ma'am?"
She turned around, immediately smiling at him flirtatiously as she obviously checked him out. It made Bucky's skin crawl, but he made an effort to be polite.
"I was wondering if you could help me with something?" Bucky asked, smiling tightly.
She bit down on her lip, peering at him from under her eyelashes. "Happy to help, handsome. With anything." Bucky didn't even catch the hint.
"Great, thank you. Uh, I'm looking for a woman-"
He was cut off by the girl as she frowned slightly. "Your girlfriend?"
"Uh.." Bucky cleared his throat. "My...just my friend. I think. It's, uh, it's complicated."
The woman didn't seem to care about the details. "You don't have a girlfriend?"
"No, I don't," Bucky replied, shaking his head as he once again remained oblivious to the woman's intentions.
She smiled again. "Well, my name's Mary."
"Uh huh." Bucky was looking around the crowd again. "So, uh, if you could just tell me whether you saw her leave the bar?"
Mary shrugged. "What's she look like?"
"Um.." Bucky began to describe your appearance, painfully aware of the way that he seemed to gush about your figure, your eyes, your pretty smile. "Oh, but she was probably not smiling.
Meanwhile, you were stumbling along the road trying to remember which bar you had left an hour ago. There was a whole street of them. You were pretty certain that you wouldn't have been able to figure out which one it was even if you had been sober. Which you were definitely not.
Admittedly, you had overestimated your ability to get over Bucky in such a short amount of time. It only took a single interaction with him to have you thinking about him constantly again. You tried your best to drink him out of your head. When drowning him out didn't work, you went for a walk to try and clear your head again.
Only thing was, fresh air and a lot of alcohol didn't usually bode well together. As soon as you had walked out of the bar, the full effects of the alcohol you'd drank hit you.
You still went for a walk, and you'd decided that you were going to ask someone to pay for your taxi and repay them tomorrow. But as you drew closer to the bar you recognised most, you saw Bucky standing in front of it. And he was with someone.
Holding back, you watched. You had no right to be jealous, which you knew. But you seemed content to ignore that fact as you stormed over.
"Hey, look, I know you're a stranger, but you said you'd help and I don't know how much you're actually looking," Bucky told Mary sheepishly as he looked over and saw her just watching him hungrily.
She smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry. I keep getting lost in your eyes. They're so pretty."
"Uh, thanks?" Bucky looked at her uncertainly, feet coming to a halt as she moved in front of him.
Mary reached up and cupped the back of his head. Before Bucky realised what was happening, she was pushing her lips against his. He panicked, freezing up.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" You growled, grabbing Mary by the arm and dragging her off Bucky.
She blinked, lips pulling into a snarl. "A tall brunet. You?"
"Kicking the shit out of you, whor-"
Before you could finish what was undoubtedly about to be a list of horrible words, Bucky stepped in. "Y/N, we were just looking for you."
"Oh, you were, were you?" You cocked your head. "Who's we? Bucky and bitch? Or were you going for more of a 'Mr Barnes and his new toy' type thing?"
Bucky shook his head, wondering whether your extreme jealousy meant anything. You were drunk, but...a drunk man's words were a sober man's actions, right? Did you still like him?
"I just asked Mary to help me, she's-"
You frowned at him angrily. "Oh, you and Mary? It's Mary now, is it?"
"No!" Bucky exclaimed. "Mary, she's nothing! Nobody! I just wanted to know if she'd seen you!"
Just as you were about to believe him, Mary spoke up. "I'm nothing?" Her voice was so shrill that it was painful to listen to. "Nothing!?" She turned on you. "I was going to fuck him, you bitch! Now you've ruined everything! I'll show you nothing!"
She pounced on you, but your training meant that you were far superior to her. With a few swift movements, you had her pinned to the floor beneath you. Bucky was just watching in awe as your thighs tightened around her waist to keep her still.
"Bucky!" Steve exclaimed, running over. "What are you waiting for? Stop her!" Bucky blinked, realising that you were about to start punching Mary's face.
He cleared his throat, swiftly stepping towards you and pulling you up. "Alright, Y/N. I think she's down."
"I'm going to fucking kill her," you hissed. "She's fucking dead."
Bucky was actually struggling to hold you back as he yanked you into his chest. "Easy there, tiger. Nobody's 'fucking killing' anyone."
"You're fucking killing me," you retorted. "All over some random woman after you just agree that you don't give a shit about me."
He looked down at you, placing a finger under your chin as he made you look up at him. "I thought that you didn't care about me. I thought you wanted me to just leave you alone."
"Of course I care about you, Bucky," you sighed. "It's the most annoying feeling in the world, and I can't get rid of it."
Bucky led you over to the side of the road, gesturing to Steve that he was taking you home. "You say it like caring about me is the worst thing that's ever happened to you." His voice was light, but it carried a lot of weight. A taxi pulled over beside you and Bucky told him your destination.
"It is."
Bucky blinked in surprise, closing your door as he got into the other side. "It is?"
He frowned over at you. "Why?" As he looked at you in the closer confinement, Bucky could see your blurry eyes and rosy cheeks.
"Because you don't," you replied quietly. "You don't care about me, but the only thing I care about is you."
Bucky's mouth fell open at your confession. He wanted to kiss you, to show you how wrong you were. How much he cared about you. But he refused to take advantage of you in your current state.
"Did you hurt yourself while you were beatin' the shit out of Mary?" Bucky asked. You rolled your eyes at him changing the subject, but dutifully placed your hands in his when he gestured for you to do so. "Not a scratch." He smiled at you tightly. "You pack a punch, doll."
You shook your head, pulling your hands back and turning to look out the window. "Don't call me that, Bucky."
"Why not?"
You sighed. "'Cause that's what you called me then." You didn't have to say it for Bucky to know what you were talking about.
"Oh, fuck, harder, please," you panted as Bucky ploughed into you.
His head had been resting in the crook of your neck, but he lifted it to look into your eyes. "As you wish, doll. But you gotta do one thing in return."
"Wh-what?" You asked breathlessly, a whimper falling from your lips as he brushed against your g-spot.
Bucky kissed you softly, leaning back only slightly so that his lips brushed yours as he whispered. "Gotta shout my name when you come, pretty girl. Can ya do that for me, hm, doll?"
"Fuck, yes, Bucky!" You cried out.
He shook his head slightly, lifting your hips slightly to get just that bit deeper inside you. "Nuh uh, dollface. My name."
Bucky cleared his throat as he forced himself out of his dirty thoughts. "That why you haven't called me James in ages?"
"I haven't called you James because we haven't spoken in weeks, let alone joked around." Your answer was sharp but sad.
Bucky nodded slightly. "Yeah. Yeah, you're right." He turned to look out of his own window, sighing.
Bucky's head shot up as soon as he heard you make your way into the kitchen. Your eyes met his just as you picked up some coffee. Hesitantly, you sat beside him.
"Mornin'," Bucky whispered, unsure if he should say anything.
You didn't look up. "Morning."
"I was wrong to leave," he mumbled. "If I could go back, I wouldn't even consider it."
You nodded. "If I could go back, I wouldn't do it at all." Bucky's breath caught in surprise. "Not that way."
"Which way, then?"
You blinked slightly, taking some painkillers as you felt your head start to thump with a hangover. "I'd tell you how I felt, and ask you for a date. Maybe a picnic under the stars, or something sappy like that. Just...I'd just do it properly."
"Maybe.." Bucky looked at you through the corner of his eye. "Maybe we could? Do it properly?"
You looked at him properly. "Like...go on a date?"
"I mean, why not? What have we got to lose at this point? We've both kinda messed up," Bucky pointed out. He was gaining a little confidence. "It'll be like old times, even if it doesn't lead to anything else." You nodded. "So, what do you say?"
You thought. "I'll see you at seven."
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classylo · 3 hours ago
the bodyguard | part 4
pairings: bodyguard!bucky barnes x chief of staff!female reader
summary: part 4 | the day off | things seem to be picking up between you and your bodyguard. you laid in bed all night replaying him calling you by your first name along with that sly smile. the next morning you were ready for a new day with your bodyguard.
warnings: angsty, mentions of violence, james pushes someone up against a wall :/, kinda fluffy, possible first kiss!!!, more build-up, I promise we are getting there. I PROMISE. 
Tumblr media
You spring out of bed and quickly get ready. You’re more upbeat than normal. You can’t help but think it’s because last night you laid in bed and replayed James calling you by your first name accompanied with that sly smile…over and over.
You tell yourself it’s just a little crush, what could hurt? You have been with one person for the past six years. You haven’t gone out on a date for months.
Christ, it feels like you haven’t even flirted in years. You have this feeling of butterflies in your stomach at the thought of seeing James, even though it made you feel like a teenage girl you kinda enjoyed it. It’s Saturday so you dress casual as you only need to be at the office for a few hours. Before you reach the door you selfishly hope that James brought you a coffee again. You open it and are met with an unfamiliar face.
“Good morning, Miss. I'm Agent Casper, I'll be accompanying you today.” He smiles.
You stare at this person unsure what to think. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his badge to prove he isn’t lying.
“Where is Agent Barnes?” You ask.
“It’s his day off, ma’am.”
Day off? Your bodyguard can take a day off?
You are still uncertain what to think about this individual so you take off down the hallway towards where James is supposedly staying.
You abruptly knock on the door and within seconds, the door creeps open and a sleepy James is behind it.
“Casper, what the fuck?” He wipes his eyes and looks up to realize it’s you.
You smirk at the sound of ‘fuck’ leaving his lips. His raspy sleepy voice mixed with the Brooklyn accent, makes it become your favorite word all over again.
“Oh-um. Ma’am.” He clears his throat and steps in front of the door.
Your eyes wander down as you realize his black t-shirt is barely covering his boxers, you stare at his toned bare legs and instantly have to control your thoughts.
“Hi.” You say looking back up to him.
“Are you alright, ma’am?”
Back on the ma’am bullshit, you see.
Probably because the other agent is around and he has to keep up his professional persona. Annoying.
“Why didn’t you tell me today was your day off?” You ask.
“Oh, well, it was in your briefing from Jim. I assumed the Chief of Staff would read all the memos given to her.” His sarcastic response prompts a chuckle from you.
“Interesting. Enjoy your day off. Apologies.” You smile.
“Are you sure, ma’am? I can get ready.” He says, your heart flutters at the thought of him giving up a day off at your request.
“No need, Barnes. Casper seems like he can do the job.” You wink at him before walking off.
Though it’s Saturday everyone usually comes in for a few hours to catch up on all the things that were neglected during the week. You asked your assistant to let you know once Josh was in because you need to discuss his little habit of not listening to you.
“He’s in, do you want me to call him?” She announces over the phone intercom.
“No, I will surprise him. Thanks.” You respond with an evil smirk.
“Oh Jooooosh,” you yell as you walk down the hallway to your deputy’s office.
You hear the shuffling of papers on his desk as you round the corner and stand in the doorway. You lean against it and give a wide smile.
“Hi.” He smiles. He knows you’re here to yell at him. He’s prepared himself. You slowly walk into his office and walk around a bit before sitting down.
“Josh. My man. My friend. How are you?” Your sarcastic tone rings throughout his office.
“I am great, boss. How are you?” He responds back. Josh and you can always go head to head. You enjoy these moments.
“You know, Josh. I would be better if my deputy wouldn’t run his mouth all over town.” You narrow your gaze.
He sighs in defeat.
“I’m sor --“ he begins.
“Josh. I know Walker is your best friend but you don’t have to tell him everything. Especially about me.”
“We are worried about you. He has a right to know.” He attempts to explain himself.
“He lost that right a few years ago.” You state.
“I’m sorry. I am. He cares about you, you know.” He says.
You nod your head and sit there and talk with Josh for a few minutes. Josh notices that Agent Casper is outside of his doorway and he chuckles.
“He really does follow you everywhere, huh.”
You roll your eyes and stand up.
“That’s not even the main one.” You roll your eyes and stand up to walk out.
“I figured as much, Walker said you had a thing for him. That one doesn’t look like your type.” He retorts and you spin around, your eyes wide.
“Excuse me?” You state and Josh quickly realizes he overstepped but he doesn’t care.
“I mean, you have a type, you know, men you can't have.” He chuckles.
“Shut up.” You raise your hands to stop him.
“You know I am right,” he smiles.
“Get the fuck back to work.” You demand as you walk out of his office.
You finish up a few hours later than expected but still enough time to allow you to enjoy a lazy Saturday night.
Casper checks your apartment and lets you inside, you watch as he walks down to James’s apartment and knocks once, and then enters.
You stand out there for a few seconds, hoping for some reason James would pop out and say hello or something.
But he doesn’t.
You go inside and sulk for a few minutes, who would've thought only seeing James for 5 minutes would make you so... sad.
You eventually get over yourself and order some pizza. While waiting you open your fridge to see a beautiful six-pack of beer you were saving for this moment. You flip on the tv and find the baseball game and sit down.
You let out a content sigh as you secretly live for these Saturday nights alone. 30 minutes or so pass and you hear a knock on the door. You jump up and find your wallet as you walk to the door you hear a man yelling.
You open it to find James has shoved the pizza guy against the wall and is frisking him.
“James, what the hell?” You ask
“Hey, man, get off!” The pizza guy who is pushed up against the wall attempts to push James off.
“Stay inside, Y/N.” James demands.
“James — it’s the pizza guy. I just ordered pizza. Let him go.” You try to explain.
He quickly lets up his grip and the pizza guy stands back, his face is red and he is confused and shocked. James steps back and fixes his shirt. You notice that his jaw is clenched and you can see the veins in his forehead. Without thinking you step out and grab ahold of his arm,
“It’s okay, James,” you whisper.
His body immediately relaxes with your touch and you notice this. He looks at you and you offer a smile. You then turn towards the delivery kid and pull out a large bill and hand it to him.
“Keep the change, I’m sorry.” You explain but he lights up when he notices how large his tip is and takes off running down the hallway.
You notice your pizza is laying on the floor and you laugh as you open it to see it remand in perfect condition. You stand back up and James is leaning against the wall. His jaw is still clenched. He is breathing somewhat heavily and you step towards him again.
“James, it’s okay, I’m alright and my pizza is still in perfect condition.” You laugh trying to lighten the mood.
“Christ. Next time, tell me when you’re ordering food. We have to check people. I have to do my fucking job, Y/N! Do you realize how easily you could’ve been hurt just now? Fuck!” He yells.
This is the first time he’s raised his voice at you. Normally if a man, well if anyone, spoke to you this way you would enter into defense mode and yell back. For some reason, James yelling at you made you upset.
You step back and sigh.
“I’m -- I’m sorry. I didn’t think.” You mutter.
He looks up at you, shocked you didn’t respond with a sarcastic comment or fight him on trying to do his job. He sighs and steps into you, forcing you back against your door. Your body tenses as you catch your breath. He is so close to you, you can smell him. His scent is unique. You’d like to bottle it up and keep it with you forever.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean — I didn’t mean to yell at you. I just have to protect you, okay? I have to keep you safe.” He practically whispers.
You’re so overwhelmed with his scent and the fact he is so close you can make out more of his gorgeous features, all you can do is nod in response. You both stand there in silence for a few seconds.
“So are you on the clock I’m assuming?” You finally say.
“No — I just heard someone knocking and looked out to see him. Casper must’ve checked him at the front but no one told me.”
You laugh as you realize he completely overreacted just now, he slammed a poor pizza guy against a wall for nothing.
“Well if you’re off the clock, you can join me for pizza and beer, then.” You smile and pull him inside.
“Uh — I probably shouldn’t” He begins once you’ve pulled him inside.
You watch as his glances around your apartment as if he hasn’t been in here several times before.
“Shush. It’s free beer and pizza. What else are you doing?” You ask as you walk off towards the kitchen to grab plates and some beers.
“It’s just — I shouldn’t hang out with the protectee. It’s against protocol.” He follows you.
“For who?” You ask, spinning around cocking your head at him.
“Uh, the secret service.”
“Well good thing you don’t really work for them, huh. You’re just the hired bodyguard.” You smirk and hand him a beer.
He chuckles as he takes the beer and pops it open. You step back to take him in.
This is a sight you could get used to. James. In your kitchen wearing normal people clothes which is a first. He’s wearing a loose-fitting gray t-shirt and jeans.
You enjoy his bodyguard attire as it involves him in a suit, but wow who knew a guy could look so good in a gray t-shirt?
You lead him back to your couch and plop down, patting the cushion beside you. He’s hesitant at first but eventually gives in. You slap a slice of pizza on his plate and he whispers a “thank you” and you watch as he takes a slice of pizza and folds it up like a taco. This makes you laugh.
“What?” He asks.
“I love seeing people eat pizza. You can tell what type of person they are.” You respond, smiling over at him.
“What type of person am I then?” He asks as he leans back into your couch, throwing one arm behind your head.
“Can’t tell you that. Then I’d have to kill you.” You smile.
He chuckles at that response.
“I’d like to see you try” he whispers to himself.
“Oh I wouldn’t kill you, I’d just have someone do it.”
He looks at you and smirks not aware you heard his comment.
You two sit there and eat more pizza and drink a few more beers. The only talking that goes on is the announcers of the game. You eventually lean up and place your plate on the coffee table and fall back into the couch. You feel yourself gravitate towards James and your leg brushes up against his.
He coughs slightly and leans up to place his drink on the coffee table.
“I should probably go…” he says as he stands up.
“No wait.” You say as you stand up and are face to face with him. This is the closest you two have been since the other night when he held your drunken self up.
You smell his scent as you did earlier and you feel yourself glance down to his lips. You watch as the breath catches in his throat and now it’s his turn as his eyes glance down to your lips. 
You two stand there staring at each other for a few more seconds before you slightly lean in. He follows your lead and as your lips are millimeters apart his phone starts to ring. He quickly pulls away from you and you let out a silent sigh.
“Barnes.” He answers
“What? Are you fucking serious? When?” His tone changes in a second.
You turn and give him a worried look.
“OK. I’ll get her. We are leaving.”
He shoves his phone into his pocket and looks at you, his jaw is clenched, you’ve picked up that this isn’t normally a good sign.
“Jame — “ you begin to speak.
“We have to go.”
“Why? What’s going —“ you shake your head.
“Pack a bag of clothes that can last you the rest of the weekend. Someone will come back for your other stuff.” He cuts you off.
He notices your wide eyes and how scared you’re beginning to look, he grabs ahold of your hand.
“Y/N, please. Please just trust me.” He whispers as he squeezes your hand and you silently nod before jumping off the couch and packing a small bag.
a/n: !!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD come on!!!!! hope you enjoyed <3 hehehe 
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