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#bucky fluff
𝘕𝘰, 𝘪𝘵'𝘴 𝘱𝘩𝘦𝘯𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘢𝘭. -Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: husband!bucky barnes x wife!fem!reader
concept:  Y/N wakes up while Bucky watches her sleep, unable to believe she is his wife. modern au!
word count: 1500
warnings:  18+ only, smut,  dirty talk, unprotected sex, fingering,oral ( f receiving)
a/n: My first  smut contribution  on tumblr. I really tried but oh well. I apologize if some mistakes appear in my English, as it is my third language. Please share & comment
a/n: My first  smut contribution  on tumblr. I really tried but oh well. I apologize if some mistakes appear in my English, as it is my third language. Please share & comment
The sheets were tangled around her lean, bare legs, and her breath was coming in soft, even puffs. Y/n/’s  hair fanned out across the downy pillow. There was a peaceful expression on her pretty face - eyelids shuttered, long lashes brushing her cheeks. Her growing belly rested in the protective grasp of those hands. The fact he had the whole day off made him think he could stare at her all day long. He had the whole day to himself. Surely he would stare at her all day. Bucky's eyes did not leave the sight of his beautiful wife. Although his life revolved around the woman he was married to, he could not believe that she was his wife. Y/N  glistening eyes grew hazy with sleep. She blinked once, twice, three times before turning to look at him. Her plump lips released a yawn. "Watching me sleep again?" she asked, her lips curving into a dazzling smile. As Bucky nodded, his lips curled. "Trying to figure out how I got so ..lucky you, my love." He started to kiss her as she stroked his stubbled cheeks. She felt warm and comfortable in his hands. He caught her hand with a kiss into his palm. "I believe I'm the luckiest one here." "Oh yeah? How's that?" "I somehow stumbled into the most amazing experience of my life with you. "Thanks to you, the best adventure in life began." When his lips lightly touched hers, Bucky felt tiny flutters in her abdomen as he pressed them together. He was almost certain that he felt the baby kick as well while pressing her lips tightly together. Bucky whispered to Y/N, tenderly, "I absolutely love you." A loving smile spread across her face. As Bucky pressed his forehead against hers, he murmured, "You know...I was an absolute idiot... Instead of realizing what was right in front of me, I chased what I assumed to be my desire. When the reality is so much better.” A former flame lost in the universe, Bucky had finally found the thing he had always wanted, and everything he had ever wanted. It was a relief for Bucky to finally move on from his ex.
His partner, his heart, and his equal. It was wonderful to know someone loved you despite your shortcomings and to know that even when you were at your worst, they still saw your worth. That was his love, Y/N.
"I love you too, Bucky. You're here now, and that's what matters. And not for nothing, but you're my love." His tongue moved gently along her lips. He fumbled in her hair, clutching at the long, silky waves. He pushed her towards him, closing his arms around his lean waist, pulling up his undershirt. Y/N felt like fire on his heated skin. He needed more. He needed to have more of her. He lifted the hem of her nightgown as he slipped his hand between their bodies. Bucky was writhing beneath his digits, his name as sweet as poetry on her lips. She writhed beneath him, writhing beneath his digits. "Buckkyy" Y/N whispered. Y/N bucked in the bed, but he held her gently with his hand as he crouching low on the bed. Her creamy thighs were pulled apart gently as he crouched low on the mattress.
Her eyes shone with anticipation as she looked up at him. She arched up a little and he tucked his fingers in the waistband of her underwear. They were incredibly sexy whether or not they were maternity underwear. The voice of Y/N was husky. Her melodic, lyrical voice aroused his interest the most. He yanked the panties down, sliding them off her feet and laying them on the floor. As he licked his lips, her tongue mirrored the movement of his lips. He pressed his kisses to her already moist center, moaning, "Oh..o.myy. god.., holy shit!" During her pregnancy, Y/N had become very sensitive, and he could tell that she was enjoying every single thrust of his tongue. As Bucky  soaked up her juices, he enjoyed lapping and sucking as greedily as possible. His destiny was to adore her with love. Imagine the time he wasted getting stuck in his past, he was missing this! The tips of his hair were brushed by her hands as she pulled. Bucky’s tongue danced in circles around her clit, circling around the pulsating bud. He didn't stop until the first waves of her orgasm broke over him. Y/N rocked against his mouth then felt his lips touch her middle, causing waves of pleasure to roll across her face. Bucky licked her seam three more times before he spread her out along the bed, spreading her hands out at her sides. "Oh, Bucky," she moaned. "That was absolutely delicious." He winked at her. "I thought that was my phrase. Once I am able to move again, I'd like to return the favor." Y/N smiled lazily.
“You've already repaid the favor countless times. Today I am taking care of your needs." Trying to tease, Y/N asked, "What special occasion are we celebrating?". "Every day is special with you. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. I love you. I need you." "When you speak like that-" Y/n winked at Bucky. As Bucky laughed, "My sweet love, I  see you've been turned on again." Y/N nodded. "Uh huh. Bucky, you are totally needed right now." Y/N tugged at the drawstring on his baggy pajamas. He grinned as she was getting ready to take them and his boxers off. He thrust his engorged body against her, causing her head to snap back. A loud scream erupted in the air as he slipped into her and began to thrust. "Faster, Bucky, faster!" she shouted.  Y/N  moved her fingers across Bucky's shoulders and waist, poked her nails into the skin on his back, and made no effort to hide the marks she left. Y/N sighed in pleasure as Bucky thrust deeper into her, pulling the edge of her around him and dropping her back into him. Instead of resisting the urge to grasp her shoulders and turn her so she was riding him, she clamped down hard. Although he was supposed to be indulging her, she was indulging him right back in return. There was that equality again; that unique compatibility. He raised his head to the enticing jiggle of her breasts. He nipped lightly through her barely-there nightgown to get to one nipple. Her smile told him that she was happy as he gave her pleasure. Suddenly she saw him, her eyes lit up like fire. It was a look that said she was flying toward the edge and desperately needed her release. He pressed into her and she shrieked out his name. Afterwards, Bucky pumped into her a few more times and also reached his peak. He kissed the crown of her head as she panted loudly on his chest. Trying to roll off of him, she was tugged back by him. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked. It's not my intention to crush you more than necessary, Bucky.". “My dear, you are as light as a feather as always." “James, you're a very good liar." His grinning continued as she rolled over the top of him and curled up against his side. He wrapped his arm around her and held close to him. She felt the palm of his hand touch her belly once more. "If it's a girl, I want to name her [Y/N’s middle name]," Bucky whispered against her ear, "Y/N Barnes.". Y/N eyes were now smudged with unshed tears as she lifted them toward his. "Do you mean that?" she asked. "Yes. I hope she's just like her mother." Bucky felt the dampness of her tears seeping into his skin as she pressed her tear-stained face to his chest. "Oh, Bucky, damn you for being so phenomenal," Y/N sobbed. "It's all because of you that I'm able to be so incredible. Encourage and inspire me to be the gentleman I've always wanted to be."
It was clear from her silence that Y/N did not wish to accept credit for who he was becoming. She was the one who has told him many times he was a great man no matter what; she loved him just the way he was.So this is how happiness felt, huh? He grinned, wrapping his arms around her as she inched closer to him. It's nice. No, it's phenomenal. My love.
Tumblr media
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bucky-bucket-barnes · 17 hours ago
Summary: Bucky is an absolute sucker for his girlfriend.
Pairing: beefy!bucky x short!reader
Warnings: so much fluff
Word Counts: 1.1k
Tumblr media
There was no denying your boyfriend was large in every sense of the word. He towered over you easily and his bulging muscles didn’t make him look any smaller. Although, underneath that very sexy exterior, you knew there was just one big teddy bear.
“Hey, Bucky, can you help reset the training-”
“Can you go kiss my ass?” Bucky interrupted Sam sarcastically before he could finish, not even looking up from his cereal as he spoke.
From across the counter, you shot your boyfriend a look, glaring intensely in his direction. He could feel your eyes burning a hole in the back of his head as he continued pouring his bowl of breakfast.
“James,” you warned. He wasn’t the friendliest person in the Compound, but you wanted him to make more of an effort to get along with your housemates. Or at the very least stop bickering with Sam.
He let out a small huff before turning to Sam. “I’m sorry. I’ll help.”
You gave him a small nod of approval as he begrudgingly followed behind Sam to the training room.
“She told your ass.”
“Shut up.”
“Whatever you say, James,” Sam teased, laughing at how easily Bucky cracked.
Okay, maybe he was more than rough around the exterior to most people, but most of the time he was an absolute delight to have around. He was just a bit antisocial, but that’s never been a crime. His best moments were when he would come back exhausted from a mission, ready to cuddle on the spot.
“Hey, handsome,” you smiled from the couch, happily watching a movie when Bucky returned home.
His long hair was tousled into a mess and his face was covered all over with grime. Not a visible scratch was seen on his gorgeous body, though, so you knew he would be alright. Without a word, he came over to the couch, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. He started carrying you around like a sack of potatoes, not even acknowledging what he was doing.
“What are you doing? I’m watching something,” you complained, feet dangling well above the ground, squirming from his much stronger grasp.
“Cuddle. Now,” he grumbled, sleepiness lingering in his husky voice.
“What’s the magic word, Barnes?”
Reaching the bedroom, he flung open the door before lightly tossing you onto the bed. “Please,” he asked, dramatically batting his eyelashes, an insincere smile on his face.
“Fine, but you’re taking a shower first thing in the morning.”
With that, he flopped onto the bed, causing your body to bounce a bit from the impact. You flipped around curling into the fetal position, awaiting his large arm to wrap around your torso.
“I want to be the little spoon,” he whined, throwing his boots off and into the corner of the room.
You tried to hold back your laughter at his request, cupping your hand over your mouth. “Okay, baby, you can be little spoon.”
With that, you tried your best to wrap your body around your massive boyfriend, limbs struggling to hook around his well toned, long body. In the end, you looked more like a backpack than a big spoon, but it was still cute. Within a few minutes, he drifted off to sleep, small snores escaping his lips as he slept.
Of course no relationships are without their imperfections. Bucky was very well aware of your size difference and most definitely knew when to use it to get on your last nerve.
“What in the fuck are you doing?” he asked, walking into the kitchen.
He had caught you mid trying to scale the cabinet. You wanted something from on top of the fridge, but it was well out of your reach. Your pride refused to let you ask Bucky for help and instead you opted to climb on top of the counter in hopes of getting it yourself. Was the plan ideal? Absolutely not, but this wasn’t your first rodeo with reaching high up things.
“I’m just. . . chilling.”
“Why are you standing on the counter?”
“I like the view.”
“Could you not reach something?”
“Have you always asked this many questions?”
His eyes travelled over to the cookie jar your arms were hopelessly trying to reach for. Without a second thought, he walked over to the fridge, arm effortlessly reaching upon and taking them down before you had a chance to swipe them. Mission failed.
“Did you want these?” he teased, popping open the tin and taking out a chocolate chip cookie, keeping eye contact with you the whole time he taunted your failure.
Huffing you got down from the counter, feet now steadied back on the ground, grumbling in anger. Bucky couldn’t hide his smirk as he saw you fume in your acute rage.
“I didn’t know you liked these so much. Next time I’ll tell Tony to put them somewhere you can reach them. Like the bottom shelf.”
“You know, your shins looks really kickable from down here.”
“Can you even reach them?”
But above all, he was wonderfully protective over you. It didn’t matter who it was, absolutely no one would be messing with his girl. Unless it was him, of course.
“Hey, has anyone seen my web shooters?” Peter asked, walking into the living room, eyes peering around the surrounding area.
Everyone murmured a small no, all clueless as to what he was referring to, going back to what they were doing.
“All the web shooters I’ve made and you can’t find one?” Tony asked, taken aback by the fact he couldn’t manage to find another one.
“I don’t want any web shooter, I want my web shooter,” he corrected, exiting the living room to continue looking around.
As you laid against your boyfriend's chest, you could feel the low rumble of his laughter. You peered up to see a tightlipped smile formed on his, failing to hide his glee.
“What’s so funny?” you whispered, trying not to draw attention.
“I hid his web shooters,” he answered, laughing more at his victory.
“Why would you hide someone’s stuff? And above all else, why would you hide Peter’s stuff? Are you serious? Tony will kill you if he finds out.” you spat back, praying silently no one heard him.
“He beat you in monopoly last night,” he answered, matter of factly.
“Are you serious right now, Bucky?”
“He cheated, I saw him swipe from the bank while you weren’t looking. No one messes with my girl but me.” He placed a kiss on your forehead before resuming the TV show you were watching.
“You’re giving it back tomorrow.”
“Fine,” he huffed, “but I’m not apologizing.”
“You’re too much.”
“I love you too, doll.”
Taglist: @itscheybaby @marvelmysterywoman @gabewerk @akaaaaashiiii @kiwiisgolden @chaoticevilbakugo @peoniarose @sinabarnes @sunflowerfive @stark-spangled-banner@instabull @hehehehannahthings
A/N: This was purely self indulgent. Hope y’all enjoyed.
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aplacethatfeltreal · 2 days ago
𝐀 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐑𝐮𝐭 | 𝐁.𝐁.
synopsis: after a millennium's worth of life, bucky finds it high time to get a haircut
pairing: bucky barnes x reader, circa tfatws era
A/N: back with more writing because i felt *inspired* out of the blue and wanted to experiment with tumblr again. engagement is forever appreciated and requests are open.
Tumblr media
Want to come over and eat fast food off my floor? Xo
Twenty minutes later and Bucky is crouched on your kitchen tile, cross-legged and wearing a black bomber jacket with little zippers tracking back and forth across the breast. A safe haven of all things meant to be tucked against one’s chest! He was close enough to smell - all that bergamot and amber musk and the reek of the underground subway. Sometimes, when he shifted closer, you’d catch a whiff of diesel wafting off his chest, and be reminded of a life entailing aircraft carriers and high speed chases.
He is a winsome smile shadowed by the halogen light, blinking up from under his eyelashes while your knees knock together. It eats up his face like a camera’s flash. In his hand was a steaming cardboard box of Sichuan pork from the local Chinese place, the grease from it bleeding through in big, uneven grey splotches.
Bucky laughs; you laugh, with your spine pulled crooked and a ponytail falling down it caught in a clip, though nothing witty was said. It was just you and him and the cooling chow mein, as Bucky lingers over a story he was telling, something about Maksim Martynov and the Soviet delegation. Unsurprisingly, he was the most worldly person you could ever imagine knowing. Bucky spun stories constantly, about worlds so removed from your very reality they seemed fictional - Scandinavian grasslands with mountain summits so high you feel like you’re hallucinating religion; cramped cobblestone pathways of post-Stalin Russia, dimly lit with the allegorical Iron Curtain spread wide like a party banner as a half-man filled in with metal slipped through the shadows; bright, booming east Asian cities lit up like circuit boards - Tokyo, Seoul, Tianjin. He makes you wonder, and when he tells stories, you ask questions. You are rapt, attentive. You’ll start a sentence while he is still finishing one, and he will interject something he forgot while you are talking yourself, or a joke, or a reference, as if even a momentary lapse is too long to sit with silence, as if neither of you can wait to crawl into the other’s brain, just a bit more. Your kitchen was a sacred space, a den of hard linoleum and a singular, orange lamp just above the sink and the fatty smell of takeout.
Bucky had his own hair - long by any man’s terms - clawed back tight at the nape of his neck. The band was so old you were sure it would create a ridge in the thick body of it all. A couple stray wisps fall out from behind his ear as he bows forward to snag a dumpling.
You lean forward to brush them back, as if by habit, though there was the very real possibility Bucky would just snap back out of reach. He doesn’t, and you feel how warm the skin on the side of his cheek was. “Why do you keep your hair so long?”
It’s not hateful, or meant to be a joke. Bucky sits up straighter, caught with his first two fingers in his mouth as he licked off a piece of garlic sauce. “Mhm.”
He gestures a finger into the air then, as if to list his rationality. “I could either cut it myself, and risk looking dumb as shit,” you laugh, and he raises a second finger then, as if to say, next, “or, I could walk down into one of those barber shops in Manhattan and, you know, very understandably be denied service.”
You smile, chin dropped down to rest on your knees, as Bucky continues. “Because, believe it or not, the patriots of New York sort of take it personally when you send Captain America off a bridge.”
“You’re not that person anymore.” You answer, without even thinking about it. The Bucky who sat before you was so disconnected from the pawn he was forced to be during the events of 2014, and everything prior for that matter, that it didn’t even seem a reasonable juxtaposition, to you. Besides, counting The Snap, everything he was referencing took place more than a decade ago. When you thought of Bucky, you thought of the guy who called you on your shit and said getting the hot laundry of the dryer “made him sweat,” the one who killed it in a game of Mancala and got lunch every Wednesday with Mr. Nakajima and loved the Gwendolyn Brooks quote of “even if you are not ready for the day, it can not always be night.”
But it would also be childish of you to not admit that he did have a point. Objectively, the ghost of the figure who he was would linger, forever. You cock your head then, studying Bucky. “I mean, I could always cut it.”
He scoffs a little, incredulous. “What, you mean, like…now? Like...with a pair of scissors?”
You shrug, feigning offense. “Sure, why not? I cut all of my brothers’ hair growing up.” The first two fingers of your left hand form a pair of scissors then, clomping through the air. “And if you know a better tool to all means.”
He laughs, putting his hands up. “No, sorry, I was just surprised.”
The two of you lock eyes then, caught in a game of so who’s gonna bluff. Slowly, Bucky gives in to a grin. And that’s how, smothered under a cape like a little boy, he ends up in your bathroom in Murray Hill.
Blinking up from where he was sitting, Bucky’s eyes catch the light. He had beautiful eyes, ones that had witnessed the very urbanization of Brooklyn from the ground up, the slit trenches of the German battlefield, the very first Jeep rolling off the assembly line during November of 1940.
Gingerly, you tug at the bottoms of his hair experimentally. Bucky hollers as if he’s been branded by fire, and you spook so hard your mouth waters. As your eyes met in the mirror then, he dissolved into a high-pitched fit of laughter. Bucky’s was boyishly high and rusty, as if he didn’t use it much.
“I’m kidding.” He retorts, as if he has any right to be exasperated by the reaction he caused. In the mirror, you wave the scissors menacingly.
“Somebody should have taught you not to fuck with someone who’s about to hold a sharp object to the back of your neck.”
Bucky is still snickering yet, but he sombers up just a hair. “Wait, okay, seriously. I know I’m being paranoid and I know this is dumb but for real, you totally can’t cut me. Like, I will express visible anger. And you can’t purposely make my hair look dumb, and-”
You cut him off, rolling your eyes. “I’m not not going to be careful.”
“Gah,” he articulates, ever the one with words. “Okay, I do want you to do this, but it feels weird, you know? Last time I was that clean-cut, short haired ducky shincracker was before I shipped out, and it was Soldat who had the long hair, and I feel as if I’m not either of those guys, you know?”
Bucky only rambles like this when he’s nervous. Gently, you place a hand on his shoulder, feel the warmth of his blood bleed straight through into your bones. “Bucky, I solemnly promise I will not fuck your shit up. If you end up not liking whatever we do, we’ll just change it, deal? Life doesn’t have to be about all this...conformity.”
He seems to placate, if only a smidge. “Deal. But if you get hair down the back of my shirt, I’m not leaving you a tip.”
Hair is surprisingly hard to work with, if you want the end result to look decent. Firstly, you just snip off the length of Bucky’s in chunks that fell to the floor in soft, dark waves, which was easy enough, but the clippers were a different story. You had to double-check, and then triple, that you had the right attachment clipped on, and that you were lining up the back of his head correctly. Then there was that odd stage when doing a fade where they sort of end up looking like that godawful piece they had Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders rocking.
You just kept dampening it, and combing through, before focusing on the top with your shears. At one point, Bucky’s hair was short in the back with grungy bangs curving out over his chin, and you were tempted to keep it so. It was sleek. But in the end, you resort to replicating a classic crew-cut best you could, spiky chunks sticking up near the man’s forehead.
“There,” you state, shutting the buzz of the clippers off. “What do you think?”
“Wow.” Said Bucky, nodding in a deadpan fashion as he peered up at himself in the mirror. “I actually look like a man again.”
You could see right through the deprecation. Bucky’s breath had caught in his chest for a fraction of a second despite the jovial lift to his voice, as if he was staring straight back at some sort of cosmic meshing of past and present. The way his gaze lingered, the way his shoulders tensed, then dropped, then raised again - you can’t just mask that.
“Oh, shit.” You crane forward with the scissors once more, spotting a few longer pieces on his sideburns that made the pair of them uneven. “There.”
Bucky cranes his neck back then, to grin up at you in a way that birthed wrinkles. “You made me look like Iron Man. You got some thing for playboys I don’t know about?
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jobean12-blog · 2 days ago
Happy Haunts
Pairing: Bucky x reader (Beefy Bucky)
Word Count: 1,198
Summary: You, Bucky and the team go to Haunted House on a’re scared but Bucky protects you. 
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Kinky Halloween Celebration and day 15: haunted house/praise kink. I went with haunted house this time because I wrote a praise kink with my Stucky Vampires 😇This was fun to write. It’s silly and full of fluff and partially based on a true story. We went to this Haunted House called Blood Manor in Manhattan a few years ago...TERRIFYING. But we all know I’m a wuss haha Thank you all so very much for reading and for your continued love through kinktober! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: Fun fluff, silliness, some scary themes and tension, Bucky being soft and adorable and the best protector ever 
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2021 Masterlist
Tumblr media
“How many knives are you bringing? It’s a haunted house Buck, we’re not going into combat.”
“You never know baby doll. And I know you’re scared so I just wanna be prepared.”
He throws you a wink as he slides the last knife into an invisible holster along his thigh. You swallow hard and start to rub your hands together. He immediately kneels in front of you and closes his large hands around yours.
“We don’t have to go baby girl,” he says softly. “It’s totally fine if you want to stay home or we can do something else and meet everyone after.”
You give him a weak smile and kiss his knuckles.
“I want to try if that’s ok. I am scared but I wanna have fun too.”
“I’ll do whatever you want as long as you promise to let me know the moment you’re not ok,” he tells you.
“Deal. Thanks Buck,” you whisper before burying your face in his neck.
As soon as you get to the haunted house your heart starts to race. Bucky grabs hold of your hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.
He leans over and whispers, “I’ve got you.”
The rest of the team rushes to the doorway in excitement but you and Bucky walk slow, your steps stilted.
You can already hear the screams of the people inside and see flickers of light through the windows. With a tug on Bucky’s arm, you stop walking.
He pulls you against his chest and rubs your back.
“How ya doing doll face?”
You cling to him, tightly grasping the fabric of his Henley in your fisted hands.
“I’m ok. I just want to stay outside another minute,” you whisper.
“You got it. Want to go for a walk first or anything?” he asks.
“No. Just staying close to you helps,” you mumble into his shirt.
You lift your face and rest your chin on his chest, your eyes bright with emotion.
“I hope I’m not ruining this for you. I want you to have fun,” you say quietly.
He brushes his thumb across your cheek and dips his head to kiss you. When he pulls away he rests his forehead to yours.
“You could never ruin anything baby doll. If I’m with you, I’m happy. And don’t worry. I can always go through again with Steve or something if I want.”
You smile and nod, nuzzling back into his Henley.
“Ok,” you say, letting out a breath. “I think I’m ready.”
He tucks you into his side as you walk toward the entrance. The moment your foot is through the doorway you stiffen, anticipating a scare. Bucky kisses the top of your head and keeps moving forward. Something along the floor reaches out and grabs at your ankle and you scream, jumping away and stepping on Bucky’s feet.
“I’m sorry!” you cry. “Something tried to grab me.”
“It’s fine baby girl. I’m fine.”
The room is pitch black but you can hear faint noises of movement and you can just feel that something is going to jump out. You close your eyes and hide in Bucky’s arm.
“I can’t look,” you tell him.
Before he can answer a horrifying clown jumps out with a knife. Bucky keeps you tucked into his arm and skips away quickly.
“Glad you missed that one,” he says. “You would not have liked it at all. He had a cool knife though.”
You let out a small giggle at that but still stay hidden. The next room is foggy and cool, making you peek out through his arm. Unfortunately, just at that moment an axe murderer comes charging at you and you let out a blood curdling scream. Bucky instinctively protects you with his body.
“I was about to clock that guy if he came any closer,” he tells you.
“Oh my god Buck. Is it almost over?” you whisper.
“I have an idea baby doll,” he starts. He bends down and says, “hop on my back.”
You happily jump up and cling to him like a Koala to a tree, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He holds you under one leg with his right hand while he keeps his metal hand out in front for protection.
“Ok doll, hold tight, I’m gonna get us through this fast.”
You tighten your grip and hide you face in his shoulder, squeaking when you start bouncing as he jogs into the next room. You hear a loud bang and the cracking of wood then Bucky’s sheepish voice saying, “oops! I don’t think that door was meant to open.”
You can’t help but have a chuckle but it stops as soon as you move into the last room. There is an eerie red glow that blankets the floor and everything else is pitch black.
“Vampires?” Bucky questions in a whisper.
You feel him reach down and then see a flash of silver.
“Don’t stab anyone Buck!”
He smirks but you can’t see it as he keeps pushing forward.
You start to breath again when you see the exit but your relief is short lived as a creature of the night falls from above you and swings right across your line of vision. You scream so loud you’re sure you hurt Bucky’s ears and start to tremble.
Bucky leaps forward and you hear a loud “oof” from behind you and then feel the cool night air on your sticky skin.
“We’re out baby doll. We’re out,” Bucky coos, peeling you off him and into his arms. “It’s ok. It’s over.”
He walks over to a haystack and sits down, curling you up in his lap.
“You did it!” he cheers wryly. “Yayyyyy.”
You let out a hiccup laugh and look up at him.
“Did you stab that vampire thingy?” you ask.
“NO! I didn’t stab him but I may have accidentally elbowed him in the face.”
Now you really start giggling, the tension easing out of you slowly.
“Thank you Buck,” you murmur, sitting up and kissing his lips. “You’re my hero!”
“Anything for you baby doll. You kicked ass!”
You scoff but you’re still smiling.
“I’m hungry. Can we get a candy apple?? Or maybe some kettle corn? Or apple cider donuts? HOT CHOCOLATE?!”
Bucky stares at you while you ramble off everything you want to eat. When you finally stop talking he lets out a loud cackle.
“We can get whatever you want doll face. You earned it.”
He stands and motions for you to hop back on for a piggyback ride. You climb up and squeeze him tight, peppering his scruffy cheek with kisses.
“What should I have first?” you ask, more to yourself than him. “Maybe a donut and hot chocolate then a candy apple for dessert…” you trail off.
Bucky gives you a couple of fun bounces and you squeal in happiness.
“I know what I’m getting first,” Bucky announces, reaching up to squeeze your butt.
“What Buck?” you ask.
“A pumpkin muffin!”
“I’m stealing some of that,” you say excitedly.
“No, you’re not,” he scoffs.
“Yes I am. You know you can’t say no to me Barnes.”
Tumblr media
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mvtthewmurdvck · 2 days ago
You're His Friend
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader WC: 1.7K || Summary: You're friends. But he wants to be more. AN: FLUFF. Because life has been hard. Also, same universe as Paint + Ladders so that's nice.
You’re his friend.
And yet Bucky can’t stop thinking about doing some very un-friend things with you. Once he’d thought it once, he couldn’t stop.
Each time you bent to pick something up, he had to bite the inside of his mouth; each time you smirked at him and said something snarky, in that wicked way you always have, he wondered what you’d say if he were to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
But, he hadn’t.
Because you were his friend. One of the very few left behind. One of the very few who knows things not found on the internet.
You had a key to his place, and he had a key to yours.
Just in case. You’re my neighbour, after all. Do you have keys to all your neighbours houses? Just the old ones, yeah.
When you introduced yourself by stumbling into him, eyes glistening with laughter as you apologised. And since that night, you’ve made him laugh, smile and feel like he’s about to burst into fucking flames. And something else he hasn’t felt in years. So much so, he isn’t sure how to even describe it. So he doesn’t. He goes along with it. He lets it consume him. He lets it fester in quieter moments, and breathe in larger ones.
Until now, where he’s outside your place. Outside your door. Brushing the bottom of his boots against your mat. He can't even remember walking over, but here he is. And he doesn't hate it. Not even a little bit.
Because… fuck does he want to be more than friends.
The thought alone makes his heart want to explode out of his chest. Because while he’s faced so much, fought wars and lost a goddamn arm, it’s this which scares him as he runs a hand over his face. It’s the idea of telling you which terrifies him more than fighting alongside a raccoon against an army of aliens.
Because you’re not like him.
There’s no serum, no special skills, just a kind heart and a special smile. He could break you, shatter you into a thousand pieces, and he’d hate himself for it if he did. The only good thing in his life, the only good thing in his day. The person who made his heart skip a beat just by handing him a beer and the one who made him grin something stupid an hour after meeting you.
Sam had knowingly smirked as he bid him goodnight months ago, your eyes glancing up at the stars, asking him some question he never answered. Because he was focused on the look on Sam’s face, the one he didn’t understand. Now he does. Now he can’t stop fucking knowing why. And to make it worse, he can’t stop thinking about you. Because you do so much to him, all by doing nothing at all.
And, that’s why he’s here. It’s why he raises his hand, and knocks. Even if he’s terrified about what comes after, having ran through all the ways this can blow up in his face.
Because he has to try.
Just like he had to move out the city he’s only ever known and get a bed, with a mattress. Just as he’s had to get used to the internet and social media, and everything else his phone can now do.
He retracts his hand only when he hears you call out that you’re coming, and he’s unsure where to shove it. A pocket, by his side, on your door? None seem right as he waits, shifting his weight as the door opens, and he lets that warm feeling rush over him as your eyes meet his. The little curl of your lips, the softening of your facial expression when you realises its him.
And then he can’t think.
He can’t speak.
Bucky, the former Winter Soldier, is resorted to the teenager from Brooklyn all those years ago.
“Hey there, Barnes.”
The way you say his surname, it makes him grin. And he can’t put a price on it.
Barnes? You can call me Bucky, you know. … You’re not going to call me Bucky, are you? No. But I can call you James, or Jamie. I think Jamie has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? You’re a pain in my ass. I know, Barnes. But, here I am all the same. You prefer Barnes now, don't you?
He hates it when anyone else calls him Barnes now. It’s yours, only yours. No one else saying it the right way, no one else making it sound as good as you.
So he leans on your doorframe, letting it wash over him, all ready to speak and greet you like he usually does. But his throat goes dry, and he realises he can’t.
He can’t do the normal with you; he can’t pretend. Tired of hiding how you drive him insane, and how you light his goddamn world. Because you do. Christ you do. The smallest of things, like getting him milk when he’s been away and keeping him company on the edge of the get-togethers by the water. How your first thought when he told you who he once was, was to ask him if he was okay.
And now he’s aware he’s breathing more purposefully, feeling your eyes dig into him. You’re studying him, your expression shifting, and frown lines are appearing. And he wants to rid them. Wants to smooth them out with his fingers and tell you not to worry. He’s fine, he’s more than fine, because you’re here.
It sounds so easy in his head. Sounds so good to think it, he just needs to say it.
But doubt is creeping. It’s edging over how cocksure he’d been an hour ago when he’d been planning it all out. And now, he’s here. And he can’t run, he can’t hide. He’s standing at the threshold of the door, not quite stepping over, but not quite walking away. It feels like minutes he’s said nothing, but he knows it’s been mere seconds. But in that time, the air has become so much heavier around him, almost suffocating him and he can’t breathe through all the thick, tense space around you both.
So he focuses on you. He takes you all in. Looking from your pretty eyes to your gorgeous lips. Letting his eyes fall until he notices you’re wearing his T-shirt. The one he’d given you when you spilt sauce down yourself at his. The one you’d tried to give him back at a movie night at Sam’s a week later. The one he told you to keep. Because you’re as clumsy, as you are brilliant. You’re a pain his ass, but you’re also wonderful and so much more.
And you must sense him looking, because you huff. Not menacingly, not even annoyed, just a huff. A small one, a you one. One you do when you’re being playful.
“You caught me, Barnes,“ you say, teasingly, “I like wearing it, alright? But, if you want it back, I can give it you. But in my defence, Barnes, you told me to keep it. And keep it I have.”
He blinks. Opening his mouth, finding no words are yet coming.
Because he isn’t sure how to explain he hasn’t been expecting to see you in it again. Even if he always secretly hoped too. That he liked you in it, that he likes you’ve answered the door to him, all dressed down and his t-shirt covering your body. He likes it.
He likes you.
Fuck he likes you. So much so.
What you going to do when you fall in love with me, Barnes? Your confidence astounds me. One day, it won’t be just my confidence that astounds you.
“You alright, Barnes?”
Your hand reaches out, poking him as you smile, and he can’t even help it, he half-smiles as you do.
Because you do this. You poke him and nudge him. A gesture which is the same as the question you’ve just asked him, but one you can get away with around others. Because while he likes to be quiet, to observe, you like to annoy him. You’re annoying and you don’t listen to him. But he doesn’t hate it as much as he would hate it on someone else.
His eyes look at you again, holding your gaze until it hurts to do so. And, Bucky guesses, if he ever needed a sign, this was it. It was screaming, hearing it chant like a song in his head.
Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her.
But as he rolls his lips, as his elbow begins to ache from leaning on your doorframe, Bucky’s sure the voice speaking, screaming, calling out to him is his heart. And he moves as you speak,
“Alright, you’re worrying me no—“
But he doesn’t let you finish.
Dropping his arm, he steps over the line. The one marked by your doorframe and the one he’s made up in his head.
And he lets his fingers brush up your cheek, as he presses his lips to yours as your words die in the space between. And he’s kissing you, he’s clutching you. And he feels you freeze before you melt.
Then Bucky feels your lips move with his, and fuck it’s everything and more. It’s so much, he can’t even begin to focus as he deepens the kiss, feeling you curl against him, the space minimising with each movement until he’s pulling you flush against him.
It’s heaven.
It’s happiness. And it’s so much more he doesn’t have the capacity to describe as he begins to smile against your lips. Metal fingers falling to your hip as you gasp as his thumb slides under the edge of the fabric covering you. Your fingers clutching him tighter, lips moving more insistently as if you’re as desperate for him, as he is for you. And he’s only aware then, that he’s walking you backwards, kicking the door shut behind him as your hands pull at his jacket, and his curl under your leggings as he awkwardly slides them down until your legs are aiding him.
And the door slams, but he’s not paying too much attention as he lifts you from the ground feeling bare skin under both his hands as your legs wrap around his waist and he lets his hand slide up your thigh feeling the curve and the lace of underwear and he groans against your lips as he nips at your bottom lip. And you help him from his jacket, and both your lips part.
Because your eyes are full of fire, light and lust, and he hopes, really, really hopes, a speckle of love too.
And your mouth opens, just as his jacket meets the floor.
“Took you long enough, Barnes.”
He crashes his lips against yours, groaning against them as he mutters, “Shut up, Doll.”
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purple-babygirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby!Pâtissier!Daddy!Bucky Barnes x f!little!reader
Word count: 480
Warnings: ddlg dynamics, it's all fluff.
A/N: that's so cute omg😭😭😭 i laughed out loud so thank you so much for sending me this honestly 😂💜💜💜💜here's a blurb for ya xx💜
secretly a stuffie
"But daddy, you're even so warm and soft just like 'em," she argues, burying her face in Bucky's chest as her hand slips under his big Henley to caress his belly.
"Bonbon," Bucky chuckles, his large hand lovingly rubbing up and down her back in return. She was such an angel.
"Admit it, dada. You're a stuffffiiie." Her warm hand wanders under his clothes, caressing his side and reaching behind for his back.
"Daddy's not a stuffie, baby," Bucky laughs as she kissed the middle of his chest over the shirt.
"But what's your proof?" She whines.
"Do your stuffies make you the cupcakes daddy makes you, bonbon?" Bucky taps her nose smartly, thinking he won the discussion.
She shakes her head, moving it so her face could nuzzle Bucky's neck, "but they smell good and daddy smells good too." She sighs, taking in her man's cologne mixed with the warm scent of baked goods and letting her senses float.
"Still not a stuffie, little one," Bucky teases, his calloused thumb touching her cheek.
"Their hairs is soft just like daddy's," she whispers dreamily, her hand slipping out from under Bucky's shirt to touch his hair.
She slowly pulls herself on top of Bucky, fingers gently taking the hair tie down and undoing Daddy's bun.
She wears the tie on her wrist, not wanting to lose it before letting her fingers dive between the smooth hairs, "always so soft."
She kept her hand buried in Bucky's long hair as she returned her face to the crook of his neck, pressing the lightest kisses there.
"Yeah? You like Daddy's hair?"
"Mhhm. And dada is good at cuddling like my stuffies," she continued, getting comfier on top of her man as the need for her to close her eyes and sleep grew more and more.
"Just good?" Bucky teases, wrapping his big arms around her and squeezing her to him tightly, soft lips pecking her ear.
"More than good," she yawns, her cheek leaning on Bucky's shoulder as her hand slides down to settle on his chest.
"What do I do with you, huh?" Bucky smiles, pecking her forehead as he sees he's run out of excuses as to why he can't be considered a stuffie.
"Admit you're a stuffie?" She suggests playfully, doe eyes peering up at him before she hides her yawning face back in his neck.
He laughs again, making her smile in his hold as his chest vibrated beneath her.
"Fine, I'm one of your stuffies, bonbon," Bucky finally relents, big hand moving up and down her arm.
"My best stuffie, dada," she tells Bucky, softly kissing his collarbone.
"Go to sleep, my sweet little bonbon," Bucky whispers, planting another long kiss to her forehead before his arm extends to turn off the side table light.
"G'night, dada. I love you."
"I love you way more, baby."
~~~ Tag list: @harrysthiccthighss @tinystudentfirepurse @lavendercitizen @tumblin-theworldaway @pretty-pop-princess-hs @lilymurphy03 @idontwannagomrstarkk @glxwingrxse @littlelioncub43 @mathletemadison @bratty-bug @pandaxnienke @floral-recs
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parkersdoll · a day ago
Breathless ➜ B.Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Word Count: 570
Warnings: fluff, mentions of anxiety
Description: who knew Bucky Barnes would be the one to soothe your anxiety.
⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅
Monday morning, the first day of your new job at the avengers compound. Working for the world’s favourite heroes was a dream come true. Something you never thought you could possibly achieve, yet here you are. Although, being late for your first day on the job wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. 
When you finally reach the entrance of the building, your mind feels like it’s running a million miles a minute. “I wonder how the avengers feel” you murmur quietly under your breath. Here you are, stressing over nothing major. Everything will be fine. 
Those were famous last words, as you are currently crouched on the floor in an alleyway outside the compound. Things were going well, up until now. It’s as though a wave of stress and anxiety washed over you, you couldn’t even pinpoint what triggered it. Luckily, it was time for your lunch-break - allowing you to swiftly exit through the lobby and find yourself here….an alleyway. Whilst obsessing over your own thoughts, breathing laboured, you hear the gravel crunch beside you - someone’s shadow looming over your head and blocking the sunlight. Great, I’m going to get mugged. The shadow clears their throat, signalling your attention. As you slowly look up, you can’t believe who you see in front of you.
“Bucky Barnes? Why are you here?” you gasp slightly. You knew this job involved working for superheroes, but you didn’t expect to meet one on the first day.
“Uhm..well, you’re kinda outside the building.” he chuckles lightly, a laugh that sounds unused.
“Right, sorry. I’ll be on my way now.” you quickly rise to your feet, breathing feeling even more restricted as result of your embarrassing encounter with the brunette super-soldier. Before you can take another step, you feel his hand lightly grasp your arm - stopping you in your tracks. 
“Are you alright?” concern floods his features, a soft crease between his eyebrows that you wish you could smooth over - what are you thinking
“Honestly? No.” you sigh lightly, tears threatening to slip from your eyes. It feels like everything is spinning. Bucky extends his arms, pulling you into his embrace. 
“Follow my breathing.” He takes slow deep breaths, waiting for you to do the same before he takes another. You feel as though this should be awkward, except it’s not. It feels right.
When your breathing finally slows, you look up at the man in front of you - he blushes lightly at the sudden eye contact. 
“Thank you, I guess you really are a superhero.” he breathily laughs at your words, shaking his head in response.
“It’s alright, I understand how it feels.” he takes a deep breath, as though he isn’t used to spontaneously conversing with others. “I usually come out here to get away from everything, have a moment to myself. You’re welcome to come talk to me anytime.” he nervously smiles, pulling away from you.
“I’ll take you up on that offer, Barnes.” you smile, turning on your heel and walking back to the building - your lunch break long over by now.
“Wait!” you hear him running after you, halting your movements. You turn around, a flustered smile on his face.
“What’s your name?” you giggle at his question, pondering your answer.
“I’ll tell you next time.” you smile, and with that you walk away.
Something tells you that isn’t the first time you’ll leave Bucky Barnes speechless.
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bi-bi-readytocry · a day ago
Bruised eye, broken heart (b.b.)
pairings: Bucky x reader warnings: fluff, cliches and cheesy lines, idk... bad writing, maybe some profanities, oh and mistakes (english isn’t my first language, sorry pals) summary: some supid decisions happens, Bucky comes to rescue
GIF not mine - credit to the owner. 
Tumblr media
You looked like a mess. Tangled hair, broken pair of high heels in your hand, and at the top of this all your favourite dress had now a freakin’ ripped slit up to your upper thigh. Fuck. You hated dating apps, they were full of creeps and weirdos, but Nat was pretty persuasive - at least when you were shitfaced with some vodka - so you two made accounts. Just for fun, of course, but the fact, that you matched with this guy - Ethan - who captured your interest and after two weeks of intense texting you decided to give it a go and you two agreed on a date night. What a stupid idea. 
You weren't even that interested. Your thoughts were occupied by a certain hunk of a man, who just this week brought some random redheaded cutie to the compound and you were stupidly jealous. So you decided for the most adult solution you knew - have a date with some random man from an online dating app and tell no one. Fuck this. Your whole face hurt like hell and you had no shoes, no money and no ride. You took a deep breath and decided to call the one man, who was the reason behind your suffering.
He picked up immediately. "Hey, doll." 
A black car pulled into the parking lot, where you were currently hiding. Taking a deep breath you started to mentally prepare yourself for what was coming. Bucky stepped out of the car and looked around. It took him exactly 23 seconds to spot you. And exactly 2 seconds to turn on full rage Bucky. Fuck. "Hi, Buck." You tried to smile, but the cut lip and bruised jaw protested with sharp pain. "Jesus fuck, (y/n). Get in the car." Trying to act tough would be useless, so with your head down, you went for the passenger's seat.
When the door lock shut Bucky shifted his gaze to you. "Now tell me, what the hell happened. Do I need to go and murder someone, or is this one of your stupid ideas ending wrong." You let out a defeated sight and looked in the shade mirror. Fuck, you looked worse, than expected. Bruised jaw and cut lip weren't the only things on your face, that were angry red and purple. Shutting the shade back in its place, you looked back at Bucky. "I thought you liked my bad ideas?" Bucky let out an angry huff, so you decided to continue with digging your own grave. "So I thought, it would be a good idea, to go on a date with a guy I met online. And of course, he wasn't real. It was some stupid ass gang member, who held a grudge against me for busting their business a few months back." The phrase 'fucking douchebag' comes out of your mouth like a whisper, so Bucky's not sure if he heard you right. "Well, doll, you have no idea how angry I currently am. You could have been killed. Are you even aware of your own decisions? You are so full of yourself - look at you. One man did this to you and you are still wondering, why I'm not letting Steve give you alone missions?" 
Your mouth falls open. Now it's your time to be angry. "What the fuck, Barnes? You know nothing about this and yet you decide to give me a parenting talk? Fuck off! There were six of them - he brought friends and they fucking jumped me in a back alley of the restaurant. I put 4 of them to the hospital and two of them run away screaming, you asshole." You look at him. He is making you so angry, that you are really considering punching him in his stupidly perfect face. "And what do you mean - you, YOU of all people, are not letting Steve assigning me to solo missions. Who do you think you are? If you want to control someone, try it with your girlfriend first, but I can assure you, she won't be happy." 
Your head is starting to hurt like hell, but that doesn’t stop you from scowling at him. And he has the audacity to look started. "Okay, but it doesn't change the fact, that this was a stupid idea and you should think first before you'll try so desperately to get laid. And girlfriend? What are you talking about I-" Now you were just shouting at each other and you were done.  Bucky crossed so many lines and this day was awful enough as it is. You didn't need any of this. "Stop the car." He didn't even look at you. "Don't be ridiculous, doll." 
"Bucky, stop the fucking car or I'm gonna jump right out of it." You are no longer screaming, but your voice is so dangerously slow and low, that Bucky decides, it's in his best intentions to stop near the sidewalk, so you don't hurl yourself into upcoming traffic. He also knows, he fucked up big time, but the fact that you went on a date with someone else makes him want to rip the steering wheel off. "Okay, doll listen I-"
But you cut him off. "No, Barnes. You are going to listen to me. I had a bad fucking day. Hell, I had a bad fucking week, so don't you dare to lecture me again." You gave Bucky a little time to decide if he wants to risk his life and when he remains quiet, you continue. "I’m done with this. With the fact that you always treat me like a fuckin’ child. I get it, you are this big super soldier, with all the serum in you, but guess what - I can be pretty badass too. I’m a trained assassin and not a stupid porcelain doll. And I’m so tired of waiting for you, so I’m sorry that I wanted to have someone too for once. But I guess I’m too fucked up for a normal relationship, so the only dates I’m gonna have are with fake ass Ethans and myself.” There is a heavy air and even heavier quiet in the car for a while. Bucky is looking at you, but saying nothing, he just starts the car again. “Okay Barnes, good talk. Now please, take me home.” 
It’s already a week after your “killer date” and currently it felt like you and Bucky weren’t on speaking terms. Hell - it wasn’t just a feeling, you were avoiding each other, and honestly it hurt you more than your already yellow-ish face. It’s not like you were expecting a declaration, that he was secretly in love with you, but you expected something. Some kind of response, some kind of reaction. But nothing happened, so you fell down in your weird Bucky-less routine. Sparing with Nat, training at night alone and eating in your room, ‘cause everyone was still giving you shit about the incident with Tinder. Fuck them. 
It was currently 3.47 AM and your mind was working full time. Thoughts about everything were running around and it made you lightheaded. Well, that was a lie, your thoughts were mostly about one person particularly, but you would never say that out loud. So you decided to do what you could do without thinking - kick the hell out of the punching bag. With sore hands and sweat on every inch of yor you, you were just waiting for your body to give up and collapse. 
You were so in your head that the fact that someone else entered the gym slipped your attention. So when they grabbed your waist, you were immediately in fighting mode and pinned Bucky to the floor with a fist ready in the air to knock him out with a single punch. “Well, I guess I kinda deserve this?” You didn’t waste any minute and quickly get up from Bucky’s lap. “Sorry, you startled me. I didn’t hear you come in.” Bucky slowly get up after you and quietly watched you pick on your gloves. Before he came here, he had a whole speech prepared about how he’s sorry and his feelings and more, but when he saw your still kinda bruised face and sad expression, it all went shit. So he just stood there and watched you and your nervous habits. 
“What do you need, James?” Bucky slightly flinched at the coldness in your tone, you barely called him James, not like this. It felt strange and wrong. “I just - doll, I -” Why was he stuttering? Jesus, this started really badly. He watched you shake your head in dissapointment. “Look, I’m not trying to be bitchy, but you know what? I kinda told you my part, not like I wanted to, but I did. I’m sorry that I yelled, but you made me so angry and frustrated, I just wanted to punch you in the face. But I liked you, like really liked you. And I get it - you don’t feel the same, but still, it would be cool if you just told me. I would feel stupid, but at least I wouldn’t feel like a burden in your life and I could move on, but now? We are not even friends anymore - or it sure don’t feel like we are. And it breaks my heart, because you were my best friend and now I lost you, because I’m stupid, selfish and wanted answers.” You curse yourself for being a little bitch when your eyes stars to well up with tears, but this time you decide to stay and wait for his answer.
Bucky looks lost. And he sure feels like it. And above all of that he also feels like a complete asshole, when he realizes that he probably broke your heart with his stupid actions and silent treatment (which wasn’t intetional, because he didn’t know what to say to you). “Liked me?” You look up from your hands and furrow your eybrows. “That’s the only thnig you got from what I just said? Barnes I swear to God -” 
“Well, if you don’t like me anymore, this will be kinda awkward.” You look at him confused, but then he is kissing you and what the actual hell is happening right now. You push him off of you and punch him, hardly, in the shoulder. “What the fuck! You just decided to ignore everything I said to you - twice - and though ‘I’m gonna kiss her, so everything will be alright’? Barnes you are getting on my nerves again.” 
Bucky blinks. Okay, that didn’t go as planned, but he somewhat expected it. “I’m sorry, doll. For everything. Mostly for the fact that I just ignored you for a whole week, but also because I was, I am, an idiot. I should just say something. Don’t let you just yell at me and then leave. I’m sorry I was such a coward that I caused you to think we are not even friends anymore. I wan’t you to be my friend, because you are sweet, selfless, kind, smart and pretty badass and you can put Sam in his place, which is honestly amazing. But I also love you - more than a friend, because you are sweet, selfless, kind, smart, pretty badass and short tempered and your ass looks hella good in your uniform. So I hope, that you were lying when you said you liked me. And that you can forgive me for being idiot who can’t coope with his feelings.” You finally look at Bucky, who is standing so close to you, that you can’t breathe right and you are pretty sure, that he can hear your wildly beating heart. “Only in my uniform?” 
Bucky laughs and then his hands are on your waist and he is pulling you closer to him. “In everything. It’s a pretty good looking butt. C’mere.” You smile at him and then you are kissing and this time no one is punching anyone and your hands are in Bucky’s hair and his are on your butt, which looks good in everything and you are happy and - “What the fuck?!” Sam’s voice resonates through the gym and you are forced to leave Bucky’s lips for a while. “Fuck off Wilson or I’m gonna kick your ass at training so hard, that you’ll cry again.” Bucky laughs and kisses your neck and your legs are suddenly weaker. “That was one time!” 
“That was hot.” You smirk at Bucky, who is giving you a suggestive look. “Well sarge, we should move this somewhere else then, so I can show you other hot things this mouth can do.” Bucky closes his eyes and rests his fohead on yours. “You’re gonna be the death of me, doll.” 
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pixie-dust-and-pain · 2 days ago
Summary: As much as you love Bucky, you draw the line at slang. However, someone has been teaching Bucky slang and he may have just used it at the most inappropriate time ever
Warnings: swearing, shreksual innuendo, just bucky being a general dumbass, unedited
Word Count: 993
a/n: I've had the idea for quite a bit and I really wanted to write it. It could've come out better, I think, but meh. Also I can't fucking spell Teusday
You may not know what an endoplasmic reticulum is, but you do know that if Bucky keeps this up, his nose is going to be bleeding by the end of today.
"You're sleeping on the couch," You hiss, drawing away from Bucky, who's clearly enjoying himself.
"Aw, but why, doll? I thought this was fun?" he inches closer to you, hands ghosting over your sides as your back hits a tree. And then he begins to tickle you.
The series of curses that escapes you is creative, to say the least. You spout out quite a few suggestions regarding what might happen to his 'yoghurt shooter' if he doesn't stop his wretched attacks, none of them working in his favour.
"So violent, doll," he tsks, and you smack the back of his head in response.
The leaves crunch under your foot, and you bend over to pick one up, "See this?" you ask him softly, and he nods.
You throw the leaf back down, watch it gently sway then fall, before stepping on it as hard as you can, "That's gonna be your pretty little head if you don't stop," you smile sweetly, and he stares at your shoe for a long minute before nodding.
Grinning, you lace your arm through his and begin forward.
"Sometimes," you explain, "when things get too much, I come here. It's peaceful,"
Bucky glances around skeptically, "To a graveyard?"
You elbow him, "The dead won't judge me for crying over The Song Of Achilles, now will they?"
"I beg to differ," he starts, but you cut him off.
"Then beg,"
He pauses, mulling over it, "This is another meme reference, isn't it?" he asks, pronouncing 'meme' and 'mimi', and you chuckle, shrugging.
"Sort of,"
He huffs, pouting.
"Are you sure we won't die?"
You roll your eyes at him, "Babe, we literally just jumped out of a helicopter, like, last Tuesday. I think we'll be fine,"
"If this place is haunted, I'm leaving you as sacrifice,"
"So romantic," you sigh, still aggressively crunching the leaves.
"Why are you letting out years worth of trauma onto those poor leaves?"
"Shut the fuck up, Bucket," you say, leaning into him slightly, crunching the leaves even harder.
"It's almost like you want me to tickle you,"
"I will murder you, you fucking cretin," you hiss, glaring at him, but freeze when you see people, grabbing onto Bucky even tighter.
"Ouch, what the-" you shush him, pointing at the funeral that's taking place. Not the best time to come out for a walk, it seems.
"What do we do?" he whispers to you, and you shrug. It would be a little rude if you sat on a bench and read, wouldn't it? And it's not like you could read anyway, not with all these sobbing people around.
Slowly, you begin walking, not making eye contact with the funeral procession and leading Bucky by the arm as you make your way down to a random grave and crouch by it. You hope nobody will notice that the grave you're crouched next to is fifty years old.
A lady strays from the people she's with, standing at the edge of the group, awfully close to where you and Bucky are.
"I'm sorry," Bucky, the kind soul he is, says to her. You want to face-palm.
"So am I," she sighs, "my mother is a good woman," she flinches, "was, I mean,"
Bucky nods, understanding, "May her soul rest in peace, yolo,"
You and the lady freeze, and you turn to him, eyes wide.
"...What?" the lady sounds confused. You're confused, too. Maybe you heard him wrong.
"Yolo. I hope she got to spill the tea before she rip-ed,"
Oh God, you're both going to die.
Bucky Barnes is a member of the avengers, and he absolutely refuses to attack a civilian, claiming it goes against his code. This does not, however, automatically mean that a civilian follows the same code.
The lady's hand whips back before she slaps him, as hard as possible.
You're already leading the confused Bucky Barnes away from the crying lady, who's summoned her whole band of people around her, telling them what Bucky's done.
"You asshole," the first punch comes at Bucky, who doesn't block and lets the man hit him.
"What the fuck?" you hiss at him.
"I might hurt the civilians," he says, solemn as ever, and you clench your jaw at the sight of the blooming wound. He's going to get a black eye.
"I'm sorry, he really didn't mean that-"a man swings a punch at Bucky, who just stares instead of blocking it, and you block for him, basically throwing the man backwards.
"Did I do something wrong?" Bucky sounds nervous, and you're sighing.
"Run," is all you say before the two of you take off. Bucky is far faster than you, but he's also faster than the mob you're trying to outrun.
Once you've lost them, you stop, turning to Bucky. You're panting and sweating, but he looks as fresh as a fucking daisy.
"Bucky, darling, light of my life, what the fuck was that?" you ask in between gasps and pants, trying to catch your breath.
"I was only offering my condolences?" he sounds confused and a little offended, and you facepalm.
"Dearest," you begin, resting a hand on his shoulder, "I'm going to ask you something and you have to promise to answer me honestly,"
He nods, still confused.
"Who taught you those words?"
"Sam," he states, a little hesitant, and you rise up to press a chaste kiss to his forehead, then his cheek, and then you hug him. Your hand gently traces the black eye he's got, one that will probably heal in a bit, and you hold him tighter. He wraps his hand around your waist, the confusion practically radiating off him.
"Doll?" he begins, only to be cut off by you.
"I'm going to strangle Wilson,"
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sheriffbodeckerlee · a day ago
dr. baby
Tumblr media
synopsis: bucky has injuries that are in the process of healing, but you would rather take care of them when you play doctor
pairings: daddy!bucky barnes x little!reader; caregiver!bucky barnes x age regression!reader
genre: fluff!
tw: mentions of blood, scars, minor bodily injuries
It was like clock-work, your Daddy would come home with various injuries (some worse than others) and he would have to take care of them himself. He usually would attend to deeper wounds in this privacy of his bathroom as to not scare you, but this time around he came home with only a few scratches.
While sitting at the kitchen table, you kept looking at his fresh cuts as Bucky spoon fed you mashed up banana and cheerios. He kept smiling watching as your eyes traced the lines across his cheek and neck, disappearing under the collar of his shirt. Your heart pulled to take care of your Daddy, but being in your little headspace you didn't know how to, your basic medical knowledge illuding you.
After getting ready for the day, Bucky let you play in your room for a bit. You had an arsenal of toys that could keep you occupied for hours while Bucky tried to catch up on post-mission paperwork. Today, Bucky was in his office while you were in your room, a baby monitor keeping him in the know of what was happening while he wasn't there. For a few moments he heard no noise coming from the monitor, usually there would be your shuffling around or talking to your stuffies, but for the last minute there has been radio silence. It made Bucky instantly nervous.
He was about to get up and see what was the matter when you walked into his office. You had a Princess costume dress on and carrying your Doc McStuffins doctor bag. You set the bag on his desk while standing at his side. You looked up at him with stern eyes, "I heard you called for an appointment, Sir?"
Bucky scrunched his eyebrow, but wanted to play along with you, "Um... Yes, Doctor- I did."
You raised an eyebrow as you assessed his surface abrasions, "Intewesting... I tink I can help."
He tried not to laugh at your cuteness as you started taking supplies out of your medical bag. A stethoscope, syringe, flashlight, reflex hammer, thermometer, and tweezers. You also put a bunch of Peppa Pig band-aids in there as well, dumping them out into a tiny pile on the desk. Bucky was impressed at your baby preparedness, "Wow, little miss... you really know what you're doin', huh?"
You huffed at him, looking at him seriously, "You can call me Doctor Baby!"
He nodded and stifled a laugh, "Okay, Doctor Baby. Can you help me?"
You nodded and smiled, "I will help you, Daddy." Bucky's hear melted at your words.
You began by using your stethoscope to listen to his breathing, "Dat wooks good!"
You then inspect his cuts and take a few band-aids from the pile, opening them up and sticking them around his face, neck and chest. You stepped back to look at your work and you were happy, "Otay.... all done, Daddy!"
He smiled, pulling you into his lap and kissing your temple, "Thank you Doctor for taking such good care of me."
You gasped and leaned toward your bag on the desk, taking out a lollipop, handing it to your Daddy, "Here you go, Daddy! You were a weawy good patient! you did good job, Dada! You a bwave Daddy."
Bucky chuckled at how cute you are, taking the lollipop out of your tiny hands and opening it up, happy with your choice of blueberry flavor for him. He pet your head, "Thank you, Doctor Baby- what would I do without you?"
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andrewqarfieldtbr · 2 days ago
Thank you doll-Fluff
Bucky thanks you for taking care of him after a Nightmare.
Warnings:Nothing,just a little smut at the end but not much really
Time stamp:1:07
Tumblr media
Bucky wakes up,sweating and with heavy breathing,in the middle of the night. It didn't suprise him but it was exhausting for him. Going thru his trauma every all over and over again. And you knew that. You had a very bad sleeping shedule since you spend your days going on Mission and watching lucifer all night. But it didn't bother you because,first of all,you loved it to stay up late. Hearing the rain outside and just sit there,cuddled into your fav blanket,and sometimes just read. And second,you knew Bucky had nightmares. You knew how much they stressed him and that he wakes up in the middle of night so,when you had a feeling that something was wrong with him,you just called him and talked to him.
Bucky stands up from the floor and gets the phone breathing heavily. "Hello?" "Hey nighty". He breathed out in realive. He rubs his eyes tiredly and lets out a little laugh. "Hey,you don't have to stay up so late,just so you can-" "James,i can't sleep anyway so,its good to talk to someone". As you say this,he smiles a lilttle bit to himself. "I miss you" he tells you as you sigh and think for a second."Come over". A wave of confusion runs over your him and he doesn't know ehat to answer. "Your gonna come over" "Wha- no- no,i can't,you have stuff to do tommorow and-" "I can come to yours!" "Wha no-" he breathes out. "You dont have to do this" "I want to James...and by the way i-...miss someone too you know".
You two didn't work together so you two didn't see eachother really often since steve died. He sighs. "Give me ten minutes Y/L/N" "take ur time". You reply to him as he hangs up and smiles to himself knowing,you missed him,and cared about him. So as soon as he did he put on a shirt and a jacket,and walked up to your apartment. When he arrived,he wanted to knock but you already opened the Door. Buckcy gives you a light suprises look. "I uh- saw you walk down the street so i-...guessed when you'd show up-" You say as he laughs and walks in. You both sit on down on your coach and you bring tea that you made while he was coming. He drinks a bit as you look at him,feeling sorry for him.
"So...why'd you wake up?" You ask as he lookd up at you and puts down the tea. " was just another nightmare,nothing specific to talk about." He reply's as you immediently know he's lying. You give him a look raising your eyebrows lighly with a sad look. He sighs. "I-... i was they,put on my arm but...when i woke up i..." He stops there and looks down to his Hands. "I felt hard pain in my arm" he tells you as he looks up to you."Have you checked it?" "What?" "Your arm" "N- no wasn't relevant,i just tought-". You tilt your head to the side and see that his Neck has grown slighly red. "James" you say as you get closer to him and slowly put down his shirt.
He hisses slighly as you do. You look up to him,making sure you don't hurt him. "Your Neck is red" you say worridly. He looks at you and realizes that you are actually worried. "Thats...not the first time it his like that" he confesses as you look up to him. "Why didn't you tell me?" "I-... i didnt want to annoy you." You look at him realizing how nervous and scared it makes it when you touch him. "James,you don't annoy me,you never do....let me help you" you say this with a low voice trying to make him feel safe. He usually always did around you but,this was different. "Please" you beg him. "You don't have to-" "James,i want to!i care about you!" You confess. He sighs with a light smile "Do what you can't resist".
And as he says this,you smile and get a wet patch to put on his Neck,and also got a Band aid,and a gel for inflammtion's. You get back on the couch. "So i uh-...i need you to take off your Shirt" you say more in a low tone. He looks at you nervously for a second but then takes it off and puts it to the edge of the Coach. This made him really insecure,showing his body to you but,he tried to just let you help him. You see that there is a wound just beside the start of Bucky's Metal arm. It wasn't too big but,it wasn't nothing. "God,how didn't you feel that?" You say as you touch his shoulders gentely. He breathes in rather deeply and turns his head to the right as you immediently look back to him to make sure hes ok.
"I don't know i,don't really look at stuff like that while going on Mission" "that's why i'm here" you reply,and smile.You take the wet patch and gentely speckle it at his wound. As you do,he slowly starts turning his Head back to you. He started to look deep into your eyes as you were trying not to let go of your focus. Bucky always flirted a little as the dork he was but,this was different,it felt different. You took some gel and slowly put it onto his Shoulder. "This might,burn a little but,it goes away soon" you tell him,as he nods,and pretends to know what you just said. It did burn a little but,he didn't really felt it. You finally locked eyes with him as his pupils start to grow bigger in releave and joy.
You evetually let yourself go from the focus you had just to let yourself run into his steel blue eyes. You wanted to know where this leads. He breathes in as he feels your Hand sink onto his Leg.As you do this,you realize what is about to happen and,you were scared he might want it so,you broke the eye contact,took away your Hand,looked down and tried not blush. Bucky realizes to and looks to his right but he when was honest,he realizes way earlier.And so did you but,you were just to caring to let it happen for now. You gulp"You can uh-... take it off in a few days" you say before you take the Band aid and press it onto his Shoulder gentely.
You do this very carefully and save,he felt that. You never wanted hurt him. Ever. Because you knew how much he suffered and how insecure he got about himself. So you took every second you had with him and,treated him like he was the only person in the World for you. If you were honest,he was,when it comes to this,you just pull your feelings aside to spend time with him. It was like Gold to you. He can't help but let his Head turn back to you. He finally sees what your doing and "accidiantly" starts glaring into your eyes again. You have your Hands on his Shoulder while you let your eyes wander into his. You take your left Hand and let it sink down his upper body.
You look down to your Hand and,so does Bucky. Bucky looks back up to you as your Hand lands on his Leg. You look up at him hoping not to overwhelm him with this and,you didn't. He enjoyed every second your fingers went down his Body so softly. He always has been insecure but,his Body was his weak point even tho,you didn't make him feel like this right now. He felt realived in the way you looked at him and,firstly touched him. He lets his right Hand wander up your left Arm and lets it strangle up your Neck. You breath out one last time before he pulls you into a deep and passionate kiss. You lips felt they were in heaven,you both never realized how much you actually wanted this up to this point in time.
The two of you really had a crush on eachother since awhile now but,you didn't tell eachother because you didn't want to break this realtionship that,wasn't more than friends till now. You let your Hands wander to his sides still not letting go from his lips. Bucky was holding you so tighly and close,yet so gently. When you both stop the kiss,you breath out and Bucky looks at you with light smile. You look up at him and gulp. "I uh...think the,inflammtion's got better" you tell him looking at his Shoulder, having him laugh slighly. "I know....felt that" he says and smiles at you.
"Thank you Y/L/N" "you know,i think you can stop calling me that now" you tell him tilting your head a bit to the left. "Alright...Thank you Doll" he answers having a smile on his face wich makes you laugh sheepishly and tilt your Head back. "Your welcome seargant" you say happily as he pulls his Hand to your cheek and pulls into another passionate kiss wich you enjoy madly but end it a little soone rthan he expected you too. He gives you a confused look as he sess you slowly stand up. "James,sick people belong in bed...not on a coach" say with a smiley,sarcastic look. He stands up when start walking away to your Bedroom.
"Oh your gonna regret that" he says as he walks up to you and drags you to your Bedroom. He lays you down on the Bed,crawls on top of you and kiss you softly while holding your cheek. "I guess i can't count you into 'sick people' " "Well,you made me healthy again,i have to return the favour" He replys as he makes you laugh and smile. "Oh James" you whisper before he kisses you and takes you into a Night that neither of you forget so fast and,your glad about that.
The End<3
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From Eden ~ Masterlist
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
SUMMARY: (AU ~ Veteran!Bucky) Three instances over the space of a year where your path crossed with the blue-eyed man. Three times where fate tried to push you together. And all it really took was a bad beating and a cup of tea.
WARNINGS: Chapters Individually rated.
Original inspiration from the album 'Hozier' by Hozier.
🌹 Smut (18+, Minors DNI)
💮 Mentions of Domestic Violence
💗 If you enjoy, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi 💗
Keep reading for 'From Eden' MASTERLIST.
Tumblr media
Chapter One: Three Instances 💮
Chapter Two: You Are Powerful 💮 | 22nd October 2021 |
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treasureswordsgirl55 · 2 days ago
Special Night
Character: James "Bucky" Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: James Bucky Barnes - Fem!Reader OC
Inspired by: Es por ti - Juanes
Warnings: Post! TFATWS. Mentions of memories. Bucky's Past. Family. Relationship. Mentions of Christmas. Mentions of Weddings. Fluff. Fluff. Fluff. Mentions of New Avengers. White Wolf! Bucky.
Author's Note: Hello! Hello! Hello! I hope everyone's well. I'm better but none in my best days. (I need a hug from Bucky)
I wrote this fic like a gift for all of you that takes your time to read my stories and most important, makes me keep writing.
I apologize for having abandoned you so much and I hope you like this fic ❤️
One more thing: If you can and if you want, leave a comment or reblog the post.
Thanks for all the replies and welcome to whoever wants to read!! XOXO 😘
Tus ojos me llevan lentamente al sol y tu boca me habla del amor y el corazon, tu piel tiene el color de un rojo atardecer... Y es por ti, que late mí corazon...
I hear him snort as I listens attentively to what he is being told on the other line of the phone. I focus on the water moving in front of me, as I see the reflection of the stars in it, and dream for a moment to reach one.
- What do you mean, there are no reservations? - Oh, we didn't have a place for dinner. I look at my white dress with blue flowers and see Bucky tugging at the collar of hid white short-sleeved shirt as if it bothered him. I doubt for a moment whether to approach him but I turn around just to see how my boyfriend wants to hit the trash can that he has next to him, but little hides his desire to do so.
I let out a laugh that makes him look at me and smile at me before turning his attention back to the speaker saying that he had booked last Friday.
- I did not make the reservation, he made it .... Damn idiot - I hold back the urge to laugh as soon as I see that the colors begin to rise on his face, and I know that he is letting himself be carried away by anger - I'm not telling you , Mister. It is the idiot of my partner who surely did not make the reservation to annoy me.
That's right, when Bucky got upset with Sam, he went from losing the title of "best friend forever" to becoming "the co-worker" accompanied by a note of hatred in his voice.
I move closer to his side to interlock our hands and as soon as he notices me leaning against his side, he lets go of my hand to wrap it around my waist.
- Look, this is the situation, I asked my friend to reserve a table because I wanted to take my girlfriend to a special dinner after being almost two months away. I'm upset and you don't have to take my anger away, so I'm sorry.
He listen for a few moments and I turn to see that a few meters away, there is a church where many people are arriving, dressed in an elegant way, both in suits and in long dresses, except for three girls who are wearing cream colored dresses and small flower crowns in their heads.
A wedding. And if there was something that I loved as much as Christmas, it was weddings.
I let go of Bucky's grip and point to the church as I walk towards it, he just looks at me with a frown but nods, muttering a "Wedding?"
I just shrug my shoulders, giving him a smile as I hurry to arrive and see the minute I enter the church, how a young woman in a beautiful champagne-colored dress approaches down the hall, accompanied by what I imagine is her mother, until where is the groom, who has tears in his eyes. That emotion of knowing that the person you love loves you so much that he will do whatever it takes for you to know, joining you until the love is over, and why not, forever.
I see the details of the benches, which contain small twigs like the one the bride wears, as well as a small black bow like the one the groom wears. Sometimes the little details are the best.
- I can never keep you away from mistletoe or weddings, right? - I laugh as I shake my head and move a little closer to where Bucky is, leaning against his chest while we see how the boyfriend wipes some tears before saying his vows, without taking his eyes off his partner - I liked too to watch weddings whenever I could, but I always dragged Steve before the bride and groom kissed, I don't know why it gave me ...
- Disgusting? - I lowered my voice so as not to disturb those present.
- No, I don't know, but it kind of bothered me at that moment to see something so intimate. - The sincerity in his voice makes her lift her head to look at him, and he's just staring at the couple.
- Very considerate, Barnes. Counting that there are more than 100 people here watching a couple swear eternal love.
He falls silent and I feel his chin resting on my head.
- I always have been - He tightens his arms around me and I let out a laugh as I listen to the priest ask the bride to say her vows. For a moment I get lost in my thoughts and imagine that it is the two of us, that the love we feel is great enough to take that step - only that you have known a part of me that is not very considerate.
I feel my cheeks warm when I hear his words and we are distracted by the applause, while I accompany them and instantly we see the happy couple pass by with smiles that radiate happiness.
- Come with me - He pulls me towards the exit of the church and brings me closer to the side of him as we walk away from the church amid murmurs, cries and little notes of music that fill our surroundings.
I know he's partly upset that I didn't have the night he had planned, but for me, just having him by my side is enough.
- Change that face, Bucky. It's just a dinner.
He lets out another snort as he steps away just to clasp our hands and guides me toward a small bridge full of little lights that look like fireflies. We walk in silence for a few minutes and I enjoy his company, because just seeing him is enough for my heart.
- It would be a special dinner, baby.
- I like that you call me that - He smiles and looks towards the pier, while the moon barely illuminates around him - And any moment is special if you are here. Let me enjoy you until you have to leave again.
Oh god, I sounded really cheesy.
- I like your cheesy side - he murmurs in a low voice as if he could read my mind - It's just like mine ... I just don't show it too much.
- You show it only with me and it is enough.
We both laugh until we get to the end of the pier and I lean on the railing as he leans with his back to the river - You know, the other day I went to a pawn shop that Sam sent me. Marc had told him that he had found things about my family and that he might want to see it.
- What did you find?
- Photos of my sisters, some things that belonged to me, like my book The Hobbit, and others ... It is a small wooden drawer that has a little of what my life was before all this ... - I see him settling in like he's in a defensive posture, but as soon as he looks at me I see his eyes sparkle, as if emotions overwhelmed him. Something about that little excursion into the past made him happier - and I found something else there. I recognized it as soon as I saw it.
- Any treasure?
He stays silent and smiles at me as he takes off the jacket he's wearing and drapes it over my shoulders. I don't know when I started to shake, but I thank him with a smile - Something better than that.
- Will we play question and answer until you tell me?
He starts to laugh out loud at my frown and walks over, resting his hands on my waist, turning me towards him completely.
- Your eyes shine ... Did I tell you that you look beautiful today? - I feel the heat rise up my face and every part of my body that my clothes hide. He know very well how to distract me from my long questionnaires.
- Thank you for that, but the beauty of the two is you.
- Are you only attracted to my beauty?
I shake my head as he placed my hand on his chest, level with his heart.
- This is what attracts me the most about you, James.
He starts to blush and I feel like the luckiest woman in the universe. I hug him and feel him looking for something in his jacket pocket and the second I feel his lips against my ear.
- I found my mother's engagement ring.
Something inside me freezes as soon as I hear his words and I feel as if the floor has disappeared and she will find me only supported by his arm surrounding me.
Did he say engagement ring?
- Bucky ...
- I always remember my mother telling me that the day she would find the perfect woman for me, she would tell me with just one look. That other women would not exist for me and I would only see her. Only to the one that was the right one for me - He murmurs as he moves away and takes my hand, as if he knows that I feel insecure without his touch - At that moment it was not something that mattered to me, because the truth was, I was fleeing the idea of Marriage but ... When I saw you at that amusement park, I don't know what happened to me. But I felt that the words of my mother to me of 15 years suddenly made sense and ... I wanted you only for me.
- Oh ...
- And the fact that she found this ring now ... I took it as a sign that it was time to give it to someone. And who better than you - I notice that he has a small red box in his hand and he lets me go just to open it and let me see a small silver ring with a beautiful red stone surrounded by small white crystals, very bright in the light of the moon. The air escapes me suddenly, I feel a pressure in my chest and suddenly the tears fight to come out. The word "yes" struggles to leave my lips against my will before he even asks the question that I don't know if he will. How can I deal with disappointment later if I misunderstood his actions? - It was a gift from my father when they got start dating, it's all I know, but I know very well that she would have been very proud that I gave it to you as proof of how I feel about you.
I gasp in search of the words but my brain seems not to react beyond the image of the ring - Does the mouse seem to me or has your tongue eaten, doll?
- I'd rather say the ring - I barely mutter as I try to get back to the here and now, but I focus only on how Bucky takes a deep breath, takes the little ring out of its box, which he pulls next to us and takes my hand.
- I was upset because my idea was to take you to dinner, that we can walk for a while, maybe have fun at the fair and when we come home after an incredible night, ask you to marry me when we are in our room, but I see that Sam always makes me improvise things - Without taking his blue eyes from mine, he falls on one of his knees in front of me and the world stops as soon as he offers me the ring as if it were the most valuable thing in the universe - Would you marry me , doll?
I shake my head frantically like I'm a Hawaiian car doll before I feel the tears run down my face and I laugh. I feel that my heart is going to leave my chest with so much joy.
- Of course, I do accept! And you ask me? - I don't give him time to get up because I threw myself into his arms, making him end up sitting on the floor with me astride, while I kiss him as if there was no tomorrow.
And the pieces of the puzzle snap together, just like our lips, where my tears mingle with the minty taste of his mouth and she smiled against his kiss, as I feel his grip grow even tighter. around me. I barely pull away, parting from his lips for a few seconds to pinch me and make sure I'm not dreaming, which is why I hear him laugh.
My fiancé. My future husband.
Hell, how good it feels to say or think those words.
- It's not a dream, is it?
- Let me take you home and I will show you that it is not a dream.
I laugh as I hug him again and feel his lips against my neck, where he leaves a soft kiss to separate and place the ring in the right place.
- There is, officially you will be mine.
- Am I not yours already?
- Yes, but I will like me much more when you have my last name, baby.
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Moving In: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi friends :)
One of my closest friends sent me this screenshot of her texts with her boyfriend. These texts are from when she and I were on a girls beach trip for a few days, right after she’d started moving in with her boyfriend:
Tumblr media
She sent me this and said it was “most definitely fanfic material” 😂
So here we are lol
You gave up trying to get comfortable. You’d been laying in bed for almost two hours now and sleep still alluded you. You’d promised yourself that you’d stay off your phone this weekend. It had been almost 8 months since you’d last seen your girl friends and you wanted to focus all of your attention on them. All 4 of you made a promise that this was a no phones weekend.
But they were all asleep, seeing as they kept normal sleep schedules for their typical 9-5 jobs. You, on the other hand, had grown accustomed to sleeping and waking at the same time as Bucky. That meant going to bed around 3am and waking up around 11ish.
You rolled over, checked the clock, and saw that it was only 1:39am. Ugh. You hadn’t gone to sleep this early in quite some time. Noticing your phone out of the corner of your eye, you were tempted to send Bucky a quick text. You missed your incredibly sweet super soldier boyfriend. The two of you had just moved into a new apartment together for the first time and you felt bad for leaving him alone in the midst of the move. His sleep issues had steadily improved since you two started spending your nights together, so you wondered how he was doing without you there tonight.
“One text won’t hurt,” you thought. You grabbed your phone and fired off a quick message to Bucky. “Hey, Bucko. Whatcha doin? I can’t sleep. You hit send and waited for a response. Only a minute later did you feel your phone buzz.
Bucky was washing paint off of his hands at the kitchen sink when his phone chimed. He dried them on a clean rag and made his way over to the couch. He saw your name on his screen and an involuntary smile crossed his face. He read your message and fired back a quick reply “hey there, baby. I thought this was a no phones weekend? Or are you just missing me too much?”
Alpine, the cat you’d adopted together, rubbed up against Bucky’s legs. “I know, Alpine,” he chuckled. “I miss her too”. He looked around the new apartment he’d just leased with you. Moving in together was a big step for him, but now that it was official he couldn’t be happier.
He’d promised himself that by the time you got home from your trip, he’d have all of your shelves and art hung up. He’d been working hard since the moment you left and was determined to welcome you home to a semi-put together apartment.
His phone buzzed again and he chuckled at your response.
Bucky’s text made you laugh. “So cocky, Sargeant Barnes,” you replied.
But you did miss him quite a lot. You hoped that he was relaxing after moving probably over 100 boxes into your new place, but you knew he wasn’t. He hadn’t let you carry anything because “I’m a super soldier babe” and “I’m the one with a vibranium arm”. You’d rolled your eyes and carried the lighter items into the apartment.
You smiled at the thought of him on move-in day, bringing both his things and yours into the new apartment. He looked so happy to have a home outside the Avengers compound and to be sharing it with someone who loved him.
You were sure that your texts had probably interrupted him assembling some furniture or hanging shelves. It seemed like Bucky didn’t know how to relax, which made sense to you. He hadn’t had been allowed to relax for seventy years. Your heart ached whenever you thought of his years of mistreatment, so you were determined to make his life as wonderful as you could.
“Well, my ego has been taken down a few pegs tonight, hun. It’s a disaster over here. I’m covered in paint,” Bucky typed out as he assessed his current situation. He had paint on his clothes, his shoes, and his vibranium arm. The whole apartment smelled like paint, and the window he’d opened earlier in the evening to let the fumes out didn’t seem like it had helped much.
The shelves he’d hung over the couch looked decent, but the pictures he’d hung in your shared bedroom were most definitely crooked. He hadn’t found a layout for the pictures that satisfied him, so he’d kept making new holes in the wall and moving the frames around. He just wanted you to come back to an apartment that was homey and comforting, but right now it was chaotic.
Alpine laid at Bucky’s feet. She hadn’t even tried out the cat tree that Bucky put together for her. She was in a new place and you weren’t there. It seemed like she was moping- if cats could mope. Bucky bent down and scratched Alpine on the head. “It’s okay. She’ll be back soon”.
You read Bucky’s message and laughed. “What were you trying to paint, Michelangelo?” you sent back. He was always trying to do sweet things for you, even if they were a little misguided. He was a ridiculously kind person, and sometimes you really couldn’t believe that he was at one time a ruthless assassin. The only indicators that you’d seen of his past were his vibranium arm and his night terrors.
Some nights he would mutter under his breath in Russian, the same phrase over and over.
“готов подчиниться.
готов подчиниться.
готов подчиниться.”
It took you a while to figure out it meant “ready to comply”, which sent chills down your spine.
Other times you’d be woken up by his almost violent thrashing. But his night terrors had significantly improved since the two of you started staying together every night. Moving in together seemed like the most natural next step; you wanted to be with him all the time. The improvement in his night terrors made you happy. You wanted him to get restful sleep and feel safe enough to do so.
Bucky replied and you couldn’t help but playfully roll your eyes at what he’d sent.
“Oh, James” you whispered to yourself with a quiet laugh. “What am I gonna do with you?”
“I was in our bedroom” Bucky began typing. “Wow, our bedroom.” he thought. That was new. He liked it.
“I was trying to paint over some holes that I may or may not have made in the wall. Turns out, the gray paint from your last place doesn’t match the gray paint here. So I ended up painting about half the wall. And Alpine is sad that you’re not here. Which makes two of us. I miss you, sweets.”
He started to put his phone down but then picked it back up, sending you one more message. “I know I’m the Sargeant around here, but I think you should be in charge.”
He grabbed a rag from the floor and began wiping the paint off of his metal arm. This was definitely different than wiping other peoples’ blood off of the vibranium plates. This was safe, domestics, normal. He liked it.
You couldn’t contain your laughter when you read Bucky’s answer. He was just too damn cute.
“Alright, babe, no worries. We’ll go buy some paint together when I get home.”
You checked the clock. It was 2:30 and you were starting to get sleepy. It had been a long day of sun, swimming, and alcohol at the beach with your friends and you were really feeling it.
You sent one more message to Bucky before placing your phone on the nightstand and closing your eyes: “I’m gonna get some sleep. Give Alpine some pets for me. Don’t work too hard, please. Get some well deserved rest. I love you.”
Bucky was undressing to take a shower when he got your last text of the night. He smiled and a quiet laugh escaped his lips. He was so excited to do even the most mundane tasks with you. He couldn’t wait for the two of you to go buy paint or shop at the grocery store together.
He’d never thought he’d experience something so normal. He couldn’t wait to cook dinners with you and spend lazy weekends on the couch watching movies and eating take out.
“Going to sleep soon. Alpine’s already in our bed. I love you more, doll. Can’t wait to see you”.
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subwaysurf45 · 3 hours ago
The Museum: Mini-Series
Tumblr media
Summary: finally away from your controlling parents you use college as a new beginning. Natasha, your best friend and roommate, introduce you to three guys who live in a house together: Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Now taking steps in on your own you try and navigate trauma, friendship, and school. 
Warnings: (there will be specific warnings on each fic), drinking and drug use, swearing, talks of divorce, car crash, underage drinking, gun
Pairing: College!Bucky x Reader
Main Masterlist
A Starry Night -  The first day of college didn’t go as planned. But who knew one bad high could cause a great friendship?
The Last Supper -  before reading week starts the group has a ‘Friendsgiving’. There’s food, laughing, and talk of family. Little did you know you’re not the only one that deals with that touchy subject.
Massacre of the Innocence -  The first round of exams are finally over, the group need a celebration. you head to a house party that goes out with a...bang...
Tumblr media
REQUEST: I’d be happy to add to this mini-series and in the College!au in general, if you have request send an ask! If you’d like to be on a tag list for all my Bucky works you can send an ask or leave a comment on any of my fics. 
A/N: thank you so much for 200 followers! I have been working on this mini series for some time and it just so happened to land on the Sunday where I reached a milestone, I’ll count this as  200 follower celebration even though it’s not under that part of my master list. I really hope you enjoy and thanks again for all the love and support on my page, I never thought I’d get to 200 so quickly, it’s been super fun and I can’t wait to keep writing!
-Rambo <3
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drailyter · 2 days ago
After a hectic day for both of us, we decided to rewind on our bed. Bucky’s nose was buried in a book while I mindlessly scrolled through my phone.
"Wanna go on a picnic?"
He looks at me with one of his eyebrows raised, "I thought you didn't like picnics."
"Felt like being one with nature." I join my hands to stress more.
Bucky chuckles, "Really?"
"It felt weird saying it. I saw people doing it online."
Bucky nods and goes back to his book.
"What's the verdict, Barney?" I move towards his side.
"That makes me want to say yes." He replies with sarcasm dripping in his voice.
"I would ask another way, a bit tired for that."
I laugh and give him my best puppy eyes.
"Fine." Bucky groans.
"Yes! I'll make the food. Can you remember to bring UNO?"
He shifts his gaze back to the book, "I think I can handle that... I have training with Sam tomorrow."
"We could do after that? It's in the mornin'."
"That works. We could go afternoon. Can you wake me up when you leave for training?"
"Yeah. Where are we going?"
"Shit! I forgot about that."
Bucky laughs. We both look at each other, trying to think of a place.
"We could go to the woods, make it a camping trip. It's not that far away."
I get up and rest my back in the headrest.
Bucky raises his eyebrow in confusion. "What's wrong with suggesting the woods?"
"Wow! No one with good intention goes to the woods."
"It’s creepy. Like, genuinely, anytime anyone goes to the woods, it's a disaster. One of these always happens- you get your head chewed off by a bear, whacked off by a human, or YOU FIND A DEAD BODY."
"Are you serious?"
I give him an "Obviously!" look.
Bucky chuckles, "Doll, many people go camping to places like that. I'm sure all of them are not dead."
"That's true... But I'm never going to THE DAMN WOODS! I have seen enough crime documentaries to know what happens there."
"I have a metal arm. I'll keep you safe. I promise."
"Nope. Look, you make me feel safe all the time. Even if the whole avengers go too, I'm not going to the woods. The place creeps me out. The only time you'll see me near is to show our future children."
"Show what? Trees?"
"That I don't care if I find them in a rave party, just don't contract any STDs. But, if I ever find them in the woods, their dead bodies are dead."
Bucky throws his book on the side table and pulls me onto him. He hugs me so that our chests pressing each other.
"You said our kids." He teases
"Oh! Well, that's what I always say to all my boyfriends. It'll be the same for the next one too."
Bucky clenches his jaw as he hears 'next'.
I let out a giggle, not able to control it. Bucky glares at me.
"I'm kidding. Damn! You can't take a joke."
Bucky rolls his eyes and pulls my face closer. I could feel his breath on me, "That's not funny, Doll."
I kiss him, hoping it would shut him up.
"Better." He says with a smirk on his face.
"I don't want OUR kids in a rave party." His face with a more serious tone.
"You know what a rave party is?"
"Yes, Y/N. Sam dragged me to one."
"What?! Why wasn't I invited? You guys have the nerve to ask me to come to the gym with you guys but not a rave party?"
"Didn't know you then."
"Oh, sorry. We can talk about our 'Parenting differences' later. Let's find a place."
"Seems like there are going to be many, but we'll deal with that later."
I punch his flesh arm in protest.
After 30 minutes of scrolling online, we found a place right outside the city.
After feeling content with our planning, we both slept off.
Next day
I could hear Bucky calling my name like an alarm. Dude never gives up.
He strips me of the comfort of my blanket, "Y/n!"
"Wake up."
"Uhhhhhhhh" I groan while trying to get the blanket back. After thirty seconds wrestling match- thirty seconds because of how strong that idiot is, I gave up.
I got up and muttered, "I hate your ass that never quits."
"You asked me to wake you up, no matter what. I love you too doll."
I mimic him as I get into the bathroom, "Meh meh meh, doll. Idiot!"
Halfway through brushing my teeth, Bucky sneaks his hands on my waist.
"I need to leave. I'll see you in few hours, okay?"
I say as clearly as I can, "Okay."
He remains in his position.
"You didn't say it?"
I spit before asking him, "Say wh- Oh! I love you, Bucky!" I give him a smile to make up for it.
He returns a smile and moves closer to me.
"I'm brushing!"
He looks at me confused. Then he changes his face to that adorable puppy face he always pulls to make me do things in his way.
"Nope! Not going to fall for that! Get out. I love you!"
He murmurs, "I love you."
I hear the door close.
After that, I finish cleaning up fast and start making stuff for the picnic.
I turned the music on and browse through recipes online.
I decide on few things before pulling out everything I need for it.
Time went by fast after that. I enjoy doing cooking. It's the cleaning up part that's the most annoying. Bucky is such a trooper. He helps me clean up at the end.
"Doll?" I heard Bucky as he entered the kitchen.
"Hey! How was training? How's Sam?"
"Good. Sam's still annoying."
"So nothing new, huh?"
He pulls me closer with his metal arm on my waist and tastes random food I prepared with his right hand.
"Thanks." I can't help but smile at him.
I pull him closer to kiss him. It didn't take long for us to turn it into an INTENSE make-out session.
"Woah!" I pull back to catch a breath.
Bucky grins, catching a breath himself.
I move back to pack everything up.
"When do you want to leave?" Bucky asks, going for another bite of cornbread muffins.
I look at my phone to check the time, "It's 12. We could leave by 2?"
He nods and gives me a thumbs-up, his mouth full.
I laugh and hand him a tissue to clean himself up.
"Why don't you go rest?"
"We both can go rest after cleaning this." He points out to the sink full of dishes and different things laid out across the counter.
"You don't have to. You just came from training. I have seen how intense it gets. If it's me, I would have trouble just moving my legs."
Bucky starts picking up things from the counter, "Been through worse."
I hold his shoulders to look at him.
He smiles at me to confirm he's fine.
I turn back to finish packing the last one. Bucky starts to sing to 'I want to know what love is'. Soon, I join too. After 30 mins of cleaning and singing into a wooden spoon, we were able to finish.
We both took a shower together and got ready.
As I kept everything into a huge cover, "Buck, did you take the UNO?"
I could hear cursing in the bedroom and shuffling around.
After five minutes, someone came into the living room with a pack of UNO cards.
"I told you, I got it." He walks over and grabs the portable speaker from the counter.
"Who did I hear cursing and rumbling around for the last few minutes?"
He crosses his arms over his chest, "Must be the neighbors. They're getting loud."
I grabbed the basket and hit him on his head while making my way to the door.
I heard a small 'ow' before we both got out of the apartment together.
Bucky made it very clear that he wanted to drive on our way to the car. I was able to convince him to give me control of the music.
The place is right outside the city. As we got close to our destination, city buildings were disappearing, the roads were getting less crowded. Thankfully, the weather is perfect for a day outside.
I turned my head to look at Bucky. He had his sunglasses on as he was singing along with Frank Sinatra. He looked carefree. He had his leather jacket on and black jeans that fit him just right.
"You're staring."
"I can't help it, James. Stop looking handsome all the time. Don't think it will help, but what's the harm in trying."
He laughs and places his hand on my leg.
"I'm always trying for second place when you're there, doll."
I smile back and tease him, "Charming as always."
He shrugs.
"What are you excited about?" I ask.
"The food. You?"
"Beating you at UNO and the food."
"Really? Y/n, I'm better at UNO than you."
"No, you're not! You always win because when you feel like I'm going to win, you do something to stop the game."
"The game stops because you fall for my tricks. Not my fault."
"Fine. Bring it on, cyborg. I'm gonna make you eat your words. Hope you're excited about that."
"We're here."
I look in front and see this beautiful view. We both get out of the car and go in front. The place is full of beautiful green grass. There were few huge trees across the field. In the end, there was a lake, which was window clear.
"I didn't have hopes because we found the place online, but wow! This place is beautiful!" I look at Bucky who's admiring the view. He nods in response and holds my hand in his.
After few minutes, we moved to set our spot. We laid out a thick picnic blanket and began placing things on them.
"You made a lot," Bucky says as he places the food.
"I did go a bit overboard. I was really in the mood today."
He smiles.
Our place had the perfect shade and backrest from the tree behind us. We could see the sun and the lake right in front of us. The place didn't have anyone except for us there.
"I can't believe this place isn't filled with people," Bucky says as he sits beside me and places his arms over my shoulder.
"Right?! I like it, just the two of us. It's peaceful."
"It is peaceful. Too peaceful." Bucky looks around, tensed.
I place my hands in his face, pulling it to mine, "We're good, Buck. Don't worry."
I place a kiss on his lips to calm him down. He gives me tight-lipped smile and looks forward.
"Why don't you play something on the speaker?" I hand him the speaker, which after multiple tries and speakers, he had finally learned to use.
I open the containers and take the plates out. Bucky takes a plate after playing his playlist.
"Okay! So I made some cornbread muffins, which you have tasted."
He nods as he looks towards the food with complete focus.
"I made us pigs in a blanket. Felt fancy today. Shepherd's pie. Don't ask me why. Lastly, some mini cinnamon scones and coconut chocolate chip cookies."
Bucky looks at me with a wide smile.
I look at him confused, "What?"
"This is more than what I ate in a week, ten years ago."
"Well, I'm just trying to make up for it. Food is vital for a happy soul."
We both fill our plates with food. I wait for Bucky's reaction and it didn't disappoint. He took a bite of the pie and his eyes went wide as he groaned,
"Forget what I said. There isn't enough!"
I beam as I take a bite, "Shit! I'm kinda proud."
"Kinda? This is the best!"
"Thank you, Buck."
From there, things escalated pretty quickly. We finished all of the pigs in a blanket and shepherd's pie. After the dessert, we both were lying on the blanket.
"Is it normal that I want to continue eating the cookies even though my stomach might burst?" Bucky says, lying beside me.
"I get that. I don't want to stop, but my body won't let me."
Bucky hums in support. We both continue to lay down and listen to music behind us.
"Ready to lose?" I get up and grab the UNO.
He moves to lay on his stomach, "Doll, I'm going to destroy you."
An hour later
"You're such a cheater!" I scream in frustration.
"You're a cheater!" Bucky screams back.
"I literally said UNO BEFORE YOU SAID CAUGHT!"
"I said it first! I knew you were going to put a card. That's why I said CAUGHT."
"You're unbelievable and a liar!"
"Take four cards, Y/N!"
"Absolutely not!"
"Y/N." Bucky's tone is more serious.
Bucky looks at me with his grave face.
"Try me," I tell him, giving my grave face.
He gets up from his place and walks over to mine.
"What are you doing? Bucky!"
He picks me up, "Bucky! What the hell? What-"
I look at him and see him smirking.
"Noooooo! Bucky, don't even think about it!"
Before I could say anything, he was running towards the lake.
"Bucky!" I scream out.
He throws both of us into the lake. I feel cold water around me as I try to get to the surface. When I do, I hear certain someone laughing their ass out.
"You dumbass!" I scream as I get water out of my ears.
"Has this helped you to believe me?" He gives me his best cocky grin.
He was drenched. I move closer to him. I put my arms around his neck and lean toward him. He leans closer, touching our noses.
"Do you want to know where I think you are the most unbelievable in?"
"Where do-" I push him as best as I can underwater. Just seconds later, both my hands were pulled off him. Bucky came back up. He turned me around, pressing his front on my back and my hands gripped by his.
He rests his head on the crook of my neck and whispers into my ears, "You're going to pay for that."
I remain silent to irritate him.
I don't move or talk.
He lifts me again to throw me further away. I get back up with more difficulty, moving my hair to have better vision.
"If you answered, I wouldn't have done that."
I run to him and splash water at him. Soon it becomes a competition. Both of us weren't backing down. We were both laughing and moving around. I used all my energy to splash a much as I could. Bucky stops suddenly,
"Getting tired, old man?"
"I don't want to be in this competition. I just want to hold you." He gives me an adorable pout.
"You don't think I'm falling for that, do you?" I cross my hands over my chest.
"Falling for what?" He moves closer to me.
"Stop! I know you're scheming something." I move back as he comes closer.
"I'm not. Y/N don't go deeper. I swear, I won't hurt you."
I stop, "Really?"
"Of course, doll."
He looked genuine, so I wait for him to come to me.
"You're soaked." He says as he wraps himself around me.
"Guess who started it." He pulls me closer.
"Hmmm... better."
"Even though there was a better way of making me do this, I like it too."
He moves his face closer to mine. Our cold lips touch each other. His lips radiate comfort I didn't know I needed.
"We need to get you out of this before you catch a cold."
"This is why I always pack extra clothes." I smile, pressing my lips onto his.
He moves my hands and legs to wrap around him and turns back.
"I love you," I whisper into his ears.
"I love you." He holds me tighter.
I place a kiss on his wet neck. The moan that escaped from him, definitely did things.
He sets me on the blanket and walks towards our car.
A minute later, he comes back with a bag, that I keep in the car with our essentials, just in case.
Bucky pulls out a large towel and hands it to me. After drying myself off, I give it to him so he could do the same. He dries himself and sits beside me. He takes the throw blanket and covers both of us with it.
We sit in silence and wait for the sunset.
I take my phone and open the camera. I take a picture of our hands, held together and a bit of the lake and our legs are seen. Then I flip the camera, take a picture of both of our head's sides pressed against each other, under the blanket, just smiling. We take more pictures making random goofy faces. I take a photo of the setting sun, the beautiful lake, and the surroundings.
Bucky was quiet, so I looked at him. He had a smile on his face, as he was cherishing the view.
I quietly position my phone to take a picture of Bucky. His face was beautifully lightened by the golden hour. His face was covered by his classy smile and his eyes cascaded with light blue. He looked peaceful and light. I couldn't help but adore the man sitting next to me. I would never get used to it.
I peel my eyes off him and look back at the picture.
"You look peaceful, Buck."
He looks at me with the same expression on his face.
"I feel like it. I wish I could always feel like this."
I give his hand a gentle squeeze.
"I love you, Y/N. Thank you for planning this. Thank you for always being there for me."
"We are a team, Buck. I'm always at your corner. I love you, Bucky... We could always come back? This is our spot from now."
He nods brightly and kisses me.
"Our spot." He repeats.
We look forward to watch the sunset while enjoying being close to each other.
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majestyeverlasting · a day ago
Coming within the next few days <3
Tumblr media
♡ having the right person around at the right time is something close to magic.
Hi, everyone! "You're Always What I Need" will be yet another addition to my growing list of fluffy Bucky fics. I'm choosing not to set a firm date due to my schedule, but I promise it will be out before you know it. It's based on the following request made by a lovely Anon.
Pairing: beefy!Bucky x reader
♡ Prompt 19: “Can you reach that for me?”
♡ Prompt 43: “Let me help you.”
Summary: There's nothing quite like a new place to call home because of all the possibilities. After the kitchen is organized just the way you like it, you begin to notice small changes within the following days. And it just might be because a certain somebody happens to like when you ask him to get things that are out of your reach. But because he's very sweet and very handsome, you let it slide.
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dumb-barnes-simp · 17 hours ago
You Are Here 📍 - A Bucky Barnes x Reader Fanfiction - On the Edge
Description: On September 11th, 2001, the world changed forever. During the horrors in New York City, planes all over the world bound for the United States were promptly landed at the nearest airport. For a small town of nine thousand in Newfoundland, Canada, thirty-eight planes were grounded at the Gander Airport. As a Gander native, you were going about your normal day. For Bucky Barnes, a Brooklyn native, landing in this backwater Canadian town while terror was happening back home was a whole new adventure in it of itself. While this will be based on Come From Away, it is also a completely true story. Gabi is based on @buckysmischief
Warnings: This fic deals with the events surrounding September 11th, 2001. This chapter also has depictions of racism towards Muslim people, as that was unfortunately prominent shortly after the attacks and remains to this day.
Word Count: 1913
Tumblr media
4:39PM, Thursday, September 13th, 2001
With Y/N and Gabi being teachers, Gander Academy was their second home. They couldn’t really sit at home during this crisis. The entire town was antsy to help, so they were constantly at Gander Academy to help out wherever they could. Since Steve and Bucky didn’t want to be by themselves in this strange, unfamiliar town, they were also tagging along to the school. While Y/N and Gabi worked away in the kitchen or the library or the classrooms helping out any come from away that needed help, Bucky and Steve walked around the school to see the building. They wanted to know where their hosts worked, how their lives were, and the building they dedicated so much of their time to.
Neither of the men wanted to admit it, but they wanted to stay with these women. They were growing attached. They didn’t know if it was because of the situation, with Y/N and Gabi being there for them at all hours in case they needed them, but emotion was powerful and unpredictable.
“Look,” Bucky murmured softly as they stopped outside a classroom, both of the men stopping outside to look at the bulletin on the wall next to the door. The hallway was packed with people using the phones, and the classrooms all were serving as shelters. “This must be Y/N’s classroom.”
Steve nodded as he looked to the classroom next to Y/N’s, letting out a smile. “The one next to it must be Gabi’s. No wonder those two are close. They’re neighbours in two ways, huh?”
Bucky was focused on the bulletin door outside of Y/N’s classroom, letting out a smile as he did so. No matter how long he had been out of elementary school, all of them seemed to be the same and never changed. The bulletin board was back to school themed, as school had just returned less than two weeks prior. The borders around the board had clipart pencils and erasers, and a smiling picture of Y/N was posted in the top left corner also bordered with the pencils and erasers design. Across the top, bubble letters spelled out “Miss Y/N’s Grade 1/2 Class of 2001”. Along the middle and bottom were smiling pictures of her students, twelve in total, answering questions about their teacher and what they thought of her. Gabi’s bulletin board looked more or less the same, with a different colour scheme and a different border but with the same layout and questions. Upon peeking into Y/N’s classroom, both rooms were joined by a small office in the middle.
“Miss Y/N is a really good teacher because she gave us a chocolate bar on the first day and we played outside,” Steve read from one of the papers, taking a couple of moments to decipher the chicken scratch. “Kids have low standards, it’s hilarious. But I don’t doubt she’s an amazing teacher. From the way she’s taken control thus far, she could lead an entire army. An army of six-year-olds.”
“Steve. Call me crazy,” Bucky then spoke up, looking towards his best friend. “Please, call me crazy. Because I feel crazy. I think I’m in love with Y/N.”
Steve blinked a little bit as he took in what Bucky had just said, thinking for a few seconds before sighing. “It’s been two days since you met her. You’re crazy.”
Bucky nodded slowly as he got confirmation, looking at the bulletin board once more to read the rest of the students’ responses. They were all saying how nice Y/N was, how pretty she was, and how excited they were to have her as their teacher.
“But,” Steve then spoke up, arms crossing as he nudged his best friend with his elbow. Bucky looked back up at him, one eyebrow slightly raised. “You better call me crazy, too.”
Both men then shared a look, then both grinned like idiots and laughed together. These two were stupidly in love, and they really meant stupidly. They had met the ones they were head over heels for only two days prior, both sleeping on their couches, and lived in entirely different countries. They didn’t know when they were going back either, so starting a love story seemed to be impossible. They didn’t even know if Y/N and Gabi liked them in return, but there they were. They were madly in love, hopeful like little schoolboys.
“Come on,” Steve then laughed as he grabbed Bucky by the shoulder, shaking him slightly and pushing him towards the edge of the hallway. “The girls are probably done by now. A puppet show in the library can’t possibly be longer than twenty minutes.”
Bucky nodded in agreement, playfully pushing Steve’s hand off his shoulder before heading back up the stairs to the main floor. Gander Academy was split into two floors, the younger years in the basement and the middle years along with the gym on the main floor.
Tumblr media
As they were heading towards the library, turning down the hallway leading to it, they heard someone’s voice raise. It was a man with a Southern accent in line waiting for the phone, as nearly every hallway in the school had desks with phones on them. “Hey! Hey, what the hell are you sayin’?! Are you celebrating this?! Are you praying for your friends?!”
A man, a Muslim man named Ali from Steve and Bucky’s flight, was speaking in Urdu to someone presumably back home. He was Pakistani and people had been shifty around him from the moment they had gotten to Gander Academy two days prior. Ali turned away from the phone, looking at the man who had yelled at him. “I beg your pardon.”
As Ali turned back to his conversation, the man scoffed and turned to someone behind him. “Why doesn’t he speak English? This is America, isn’t it?”
“Excuse me!” Ali replied, raising his voice as he looked back at the man. “We are both in Canada right now, so if you don’t mind--”
“Are you telling your Muslim friends where to bomb next?” Another man snickered, elbowing the original racist man who had spoken up.
“This was not on Muslims!”
“Go back where you came from!”
“I’m Muslim and I was born in Connecticut!” A woman then shouted, trying to stop the fighting between the men. “I’m an American citizen!”
“You don’t look American.”
“What does that even mean?!”
A shouting match then ensued, Ali desperately trying to get back to his phone call with his family as the second man who had spoken up tried to grab the phone away from him. This caused Ali to yank the phone from his hand, sending the man sprawling onto the ground. The first man then tried to throw a punch at Ali, but found his hand was stopped and he was slammed against the wall by his throat. Y/N had run out of the library, shutting the door and leaving the children in there with Gabi so they couldn’t see or hear what was going on.
Bucky was there in front of him, eyes burning into the man’s soul as he held the man against the wall with his left hand. “Shut up! Shut the fuck up! Can’t you see that we’re all grieving?! Everyone across the world is in mourning, not just Americans!”
“But his people--”
Bucky pulled the man forward and slammed him back to shut him up. “Do you know how many people in the world are Muslim? You wouldn’t, since your brain is too tiny to realize that people look different than you. The attacks on Tuesday were done by horrific people, but that doesn’t mean others in the same denomination are the same. So if you don’t shut the fuck up and wait quietly in line like the rest of these people, you’ll have me to deal with. Do you understand that?”
The man’s eyes had never left Bucky’s, as wide as saucers the entire time he was held against the wall. People around them had stopped and were staring at the two of them, wanting to see how this would unfold. Y/N was watching closely, Steve standing next to her. The man then nodded obediently, Bucky then letting him go. The man staggered on his feet, shaking slightly.
Y/N then smiled at Bucky, approaching him now and placing a gentle hand on his back. She was proud of him for standing up for someone he barely knew. She was on her way out to do the same thing when he had intervened. She then approached the man, who turned his attention to her when she did. “You know how America is called a melting pot?”
The man nodded.
“Do you know what we call Canada?”
The man shook his head.
“A mosaic,” Y/N then informed him. “While America takes all of its cultural diversity and attempts to melt it all into one, cohesive mess, Canada displays all of theirs and celebrates all of it. We are equally as guilty as America, as we both killed our Indigenous peoples and had slavery, but Canada is slowly learning. America is content with staying the same. So keep your dumb mouth shut.”
Bucky stood behind her slightly, arms crossed as he stared at the man. It was like he was daring him to talk back, wanting him so bad in order to show him his place. The man simply nodded, turning to look at Ali one last time before taking his place back in line.
Y/N sighed softly as she looked at Bucky, smiling at him warmly and giving him a nod. She then turned to Ali, who was staring at them almost in shock. “I’m so sorry about that. Please, return to your call. Tell your family we say hi, alright?”
“Yes. Thank you, Miss Y/L/N,” Ali replied thankfully, giving her a slight bow in thanks. He then looked at Bucky, grinning at the man and nodding in thanks as well. “And you too, Mr. Barnes. Thank you.”
Bucky smiled at him, placing a hand on his shoulder and nodding. “Any time. If you get any more grief, come find me. I’m pretty much always here.”
“I will, thank you,” Ali replied gratefully, then quickly sitting down and returning to his phone call. The woman from Connecticut then thanked the duo as well, Bucky and Y/N giving her a similar response before heading towards the library.
“You totally showed that guy,” Bucky whispered excitedly as the three of them, since Steve was now following behind, entered the library. “You’re totally badass!”
Y/N laughed softly in response, raising her eyebrow as she looked up at him. “Totally? Well, thank you, Bucket. You’re pretty badass yourself.”
“Isn’t that what Bucky is short for?” Y/N joked with a laugh, elbowing him in the side before hurrying back towards the little puppet stage. Gabi was trying desperately to continue the puppet show on her own but was having trouble playing four characters with only two hands.
“Oh, thank fuck,” Gabi sighed in relief when her best friend rejoined her, the kids immediately bursting into giggles when they heard this adult swear in front of them. “I mean, uh… Well, shit.”
As the kids burst into another round of giggles, Bucky and Steve watched on fondly. Yup. They were definitely head over heels in love.
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im seeing something i like
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Little bit o' smut, needy, whiny Bucky
A/N: Just a little something until I get back to my laptop. No minors.
“I have to go,” you say, gently shaking off the vibranium hand around your ankle. Laughter bubbling up when he only groans in response.
Bending over you grab your shirt from under the kitchen chair, you start to pull it on, then a dull thud has you turning your head, “Did you-did you just kick the floor?”
Bucky glares up at you with baleful eyes. “Maybe.”
Clutching the wrinkled shirt to your bare chest, you roll your eyes at the pouting super soldier. “Bucky, we spent all weekend together-“ You start, ignoring his loud huff. “-I promised my friends that I would go out for one drink and I....”
You swallow, your mouth going dry as you watch him pull his cock out of tight black briefs. “Bucky, stop it.” you finish weakly.
He tilts his chin up, his ocean blue eyes ensnaring yours and he moans your name, it’s sweet and sinful, as if he’s tasting it, tasting you with each slow swipe of tongue across his bottom lip. Then you remember he is and your knees nearly buckle as he wipes your slick from his chin and smears it over his cock.
He’s so filthy.
Bucky twists his hand around his shaft, precum dripping down from the red, swollen tip.
And he moans your name again.
Louder, vulgar sounds emitting from his chest, his hips rutting into his palm. Thick, long fingers laced around his throbbing cock. “You’re really gonna leave me, Plum.”
You want to tear your eyes away but you can’t. Not with his back arching off the ground, soft grunts mingled with your name filling the early morning air. You bite back a needy gasp when he lets his cock go, fisting his hands at his sides. “I can’t finish,” he gazes up at you, a deep wrinkle forming between his furrowed brows.
Bucky reaches out for you. “My hand isn’t as good as your pussy.” Oh fuck, the way he says that has you trembling. “I need you Plum, need your tight wet warm pussy around my cock.” He doesn’t play fair at all, you’re practically preening at his praise. “You feel so good, doll, so fucking good, please don’t leave me.”
Bucky stretches his legs out, patting his thighs. “Why don’t you let me show you how fucking good you feel Plum?”
You don’t realize you were walking back to him, drawn back into his orbit with each filthy word until he sat up, hands smoothing up your thighs, his breath washing over your glistening cunt before he tugs you down over him.
“Oh Buc-,” you cry out as he pushes you down, down “just a little more plum there you go, until his thick throbbing cock is buried in you, the first stretch knocking your breath out of your chest until you’re panting.
Bucky wraps his arms around your back, pulling you into his warm chest. “Now I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll never think about leaving me again.”
and I-
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