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#bucky fluff
angrythingstarlight · 4 days ago
im seeing something i like
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Little bit o' smut, needy, whiny Bucky
A/N: Just a little something until I get back to my laptop. No minors.
“I have to go,” you say, gently shaking off the vibranium hand around your ankle. Laughter bubbling up when he only groans in response.
Bending over you grab your shirt from under the kitchen chair, you start to pull it on, then a dull thud has you turning your head, “Did you-did you just kick the floor?”
Bucky glares up at you with baleful eyes. “Maybe.”
Clutching the wrinkled shirt to your bare chest, you roll your eyes at the pouting super soldier. “Bucky, we spent all weekend together-“ You start, ignoring his loud huff. “-I promised my friends that I would go out for one drink and I....”
You swallow, your mouth going dry as you watch him pull his cock out of tight black briefs. “Bucky, stop it.” you finish weakly.
He tilts his chin up, his ocean blue eyes ensnaring yours and he moans your name, it’s sweet and sinful, as if he’s tasting it, tasting you with each slow swipe of tongue across his bottom lip. Then you remember he is and your knees nearly buckle as he wipes your slick from his chin and smears it over his cock.
He’s so filthy.
Bucky twists his hand around his shaft, precum dripping down from the red, swollen tip.
And he moans your name again.
Louder, vulgar sounds emitting from his chest, his hips rutting into his palm. Thick, long fingers laced around his throbbing cock. “You’re really gonna leave me, Plum.”
You want to tear your eyes away but you can’t. Not with his back arching off the ground, soft grunts mingled with your name filling the early morning air. You bite back a needy gasp when he lets his cock go, fisting his hands at his sides. “I can’t finish,” he gazes up at you, a deep wrinkle forming between his furrowed brows.
Bucky reaches out for you. “My hand isn’t as good as your pussy.” Oh fuck, the way he says that has you trembling. “I need you Plum, need your tight wet warm pussy around my cock.” He doesn’t play fair at all, you’re practically preening at his praise. “You feel so good, doll, so fucking good, please don’t leave me.”
Bucky stretches his legs out, patting his thighs. “Why don’t you let me show you how fucking good you feel Plum?”
You don’t realize you were walking back to him, drawn back into his orbit with each filthy word until he sat up, hands smoothing up your thighs, his breath washing over your glistening cunt before he tugs you down over him.
“Oh Buc-,” you cry out as he pushes you down, down “just a little more plum there you go, until his thick throbbing cock is buried in you, the first stretch knocking your breath out of your chest until you’re panting.
Bucky wraps his arms around your back, pulling you into his warm chest. “Now I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll never think about leaving me again.”
and I-
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buckys-broody-muffin · a year ago
Your Protector
Summary: You're a shy person but the best at your job on Stark's tech team. A certain soldier joins the team and you stick close to him.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Shy!reader
Warnings: None, fluff :)
Words: 1,392
A/N: written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club ♥️ hope you all enjoy it :) I really didn’t intend on writing so much but this really got away from me. 
Tumblr media
You don't really know why you were so smitten with the newest member of the team. There was just something about the quiet man that lured you in. His beefy figure making you feel nothing but safe in his presence. If he wasn't in the room, you would find yourself searching for him and feeling calmer.
You would often watch him sitting on the couch reading a book. His hair would be tied back in a low bun and you were pretty sure he slept, showered and lived in that red Henley of his.
It was so unlike you since you're the shyest member of the tech team. But you're also very anxious and it doesn't take much to scare you. Even a simple thing can make you tremble for hours. You do your job very well and the team of superheroes absolutely adore you. You were more comfortable being open and talkative with Natasha more than the boys. And if Bucky was near, your throat would close up.
Your anxiety and shyness meant you are yet to say a word to Bucky. The things you've learnt about him, such as how he likes his coffee, or what food he likes to eat, you've learnt from conversations from other members.
You've also learnt what movies he enjoys watching. What flavor popcorn he likes the best. The team has also noticed you like to be near Bucky at all times. So it didn't come as a surprise when you asked Natasha if she could talk to Tony about moving rooms so you were closer to Bucky. Which he of course did.
And none of this escaped Bucky's attention. He's also become aware of your quiet presence around him. Sitting next to him during movie nights, at the dinner table, everywhere he was, you would be too. And Steve couldn't keep the shit eating grin off his face when he told him that you had asked to move rooms.
It didn't annoy Bucky at all. He was actually flattered but he failed to understand why. Why did you want to be around him so much? He knew from his observations you were very shy and timid. Was it because he was also quiet? He didn't know.
"Pal, I'm telling you. Watch Y/N sit next to you tonight during movie night." Steve said with a chuckle and a pat on his back. Bucky shook his head, he must be thinking too much into this.
So the members decided to test something, to prove their theory.
Natasha sat next to Bucky on the smaller couch. Tony, Pepper and Sam sat on the larger one opposite. Steve, Clint, Wanda and Vision took the reclining chairs. Which meant there was just the soft large memory foam bean bag to sit on, a seat Sam usually occupied.
Everyone was in their comfy position with their popcorn and snacks. A few minutes later you arrived with your bag of chips to share.
You looked around the room and noticed all the seats were occupied. Especially your favorite seat next to Bucky. Your face dropped and tried not to think too much into it. But thanks to your anxiety, you were wondering if Bucky had specifically asked Natasha to sit there so you couldn't.
Your anxiety was building up and you started to bite on your nail. You stood there, not knowing what to do. Steve's eyes landed on your uncomfortable form and he was worried this was a bad idea. You were trembling and your eyes were glossy.
"Hey Y/N. Come and sit down." Steve motioned to the bean bag. You didn't like the attention, you felt everyone burning holes in your face. But nevertheless, your feet moved on their own accord. You were still biting your nail and you looked down at Natasha and she smiled up at you.
"Hey sweetie." She mouthed and you relaxed slightly. Your eyes flickered over to Bucky and noticed he was staring at the TV, you assumed he wasn't paying any attention but he was. He was waiting to see what you were going to do.
"Can I... Can I sit here please?" You whispered. Your face turning a new shade of red as you felt incredibly uncomfortable in the spotlight all of a sudden.
Natasha gave a knowing smirk and nodded her head. She sat down on the bean bag and sighed, sharing a look with Steve as you took a seat quite close to Bucky.
"Guys! I totally forgot. Should we go and get some pizza to bring back?" Tony suggested as he pointed to the others except you and Bucky.
He needed 8 Avengers to go and get some pizza?
"Great idea. We'll be back in 20!" Sam spoke up.
"Oh and kids. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. It's a new couch." Tony warned and your face heated up at the suggestion. You could barely talk to the man next to you, let alone anything sexy.
When the others left. You and Bucky were sitting in silence. It felt awkward and you didn't know what to do.
You were about to get up and leave when he finally spoke.
"Why are you always near me?"
You blushed and stumbled over your own words. You bit on your nail again and your eyes darted around the room.
"I mean... Why ME exactly?" He pressed. Turning his body so he could face you directly. He noticed your anxiety was going crazy and he felt bad for not wording it lighter.
"I uh... I...uhh..." You were close to crying. You weren't good at forming words and your heart beating itself out of your chest wasn't helping the situation.
"Hey. Calm down, it's alright. I'm not mad okay? It's just me. I'm just curious s'all." His flesh fingers pulled your finger away from your mouth and he noticed the bit of blood pooling on the corner of your nail where you had bitten it so badly. He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and offered a soft smile. It unfortunately did nothing to calm your nerves though.
“I just” You blushed and kept your gaze in your lap. Your voice was so quiet that you weren’t sure he heard you. 
But he heard you perfectly. Bucky was taken aback by your confession. You felt safe with him? How was that even possible? Had you not heard about the carnage he was responsible for during his Winter Soldier days? The pain he caused hundreds of families when he was sent to assassinate a target? How could you feel safe next to someone like that?
“I.. know it’s weird... I’m weird... I’m sorry.” You whispered and went to stand up. His large hand wrapped around your smaller wrist to keep you next to him. His brows were furrowed as he tried to make sense from all of this. 
“You feel safe with me?” He asked. He needed to be sure you didn’t use the wrong words. But by his furrowed eyebrows and straight lips. You were worried you went too far. 
“I do.” 
“But why?” He asked almost immediately. You licked your lips and gathered your thoughts. 
“You’re a big strong man. Quiet, don’t... let harm...come to others.” You were having a hard time finding your quiet voice. “I just feel safe near you.” You offered him a sweet smile, which eventually he returned. 
Bucky pulled you into a tight hug and your nose brushed against the stubble that was growing on his throat area. His cologne was strong, but gorgeous. Your hands fisted his henley as he held you. Bucky would never know what made him transition. He had so many questions, but there was just something about you that made him want to protect you at all times. For now, those questions didn’t matter. You were innocent, timid and shy and if you felt safe with him, then he was going to make sure he wrapped you up in bubble wrap to protect you from the evilness of the world. 
“I’ll always protect you, doll.” You grinned into his chest at the pet name and you were thankful he couldn’t see the new blush on your cheeks. 
He would be your protector. And there was absolutely nothing you could do in the world now, to make him stop protecting you. 
My teensy-weensy taglist: @jobean12-blog​ @nano--raptor​ @finleyjayne​ @marvelgirl7​
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angrythingstarlight · 3 months ago
Don't Give Up On Me
𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: You stole his plum one spring day. Then his heart. You can keep both as long as you promise to love him and not give up on him.
Tumblr media
Gif courtesy of @geezumarts
𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: TFAWS Bucky Barnes X Reader
𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 2.5K
𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: Smidge of Angst, Heaping of fluff
𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘢’𝘥 by the talented @sweeterthanthis and @whisperlullaby but 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘰𝘸𝘯
Written for @book-dragon-13
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵, 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 (𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵)
Check out my Masterlist and Taglist! Requests are closed
Tumblr media
You stole the last plum.
You met the man of your dreams because you stole the last plum.
A brisk spring breeze had picked up around the small, noisy marketplace, flyers fluttering as the wind moved around you, people chatting and laughing as they held down loose items.
Bringing your hood over your head, you tucked your phone between your ear and shoulder. Distracted by your best friend asking when you were coming home, you had inadvertently snatched the slightly bruised purple fruit from his gloved hand.
Bucky coughed, clearing his throat to ask for it back, his words fizzling in his throat when you turned to him. His mouth parted in shock and wonder when his mesmerizing blue eyes connected with yours.
The world stopped, faded into the background. For a second, all you could hear was his quiet breathing. All you could see were his eyes, guarded under the rim of his black cap. Hauntingly beautiful, full of secrets that only you would uncover.
Then your phone slipped to the pavement with a clatter, and the world spun again, the spell broken. You held out your arm, his eyes dropping to the little fruit wobbling on your open palm.
“Keep it.” He spoke, his tone gravelly, a slight hesitation as if he hadn’t spoken in a while, “I can come back tomorrow.” His voice deepened with each word. You knew then his voice would become one of your favorite sounds.
“No, no, you had it first. I’m sorry, I can come back tomorrow,“ you insist.
After a few more minutes of both of you each trying to get the other to take the overripe fruit, the vendor leaned over her cart with a knowing grin. “Son, why don’t you share it with the pretty girl and you both come back tomorrow, I’ll hide my best ones for you.”
When you started to shake your head, she stopped you with a look that said ‘shut up I’m trying to help you,’ her eyes cutting from your face to him. “And I won’t sell to either of you unless you show up together.”
To this day, you won’t know what possessed you to say that he could join you on the bench next to the cathedral two blocks down, but when he smiled at you, slowly at first as if that was another thing he hadn’t done in a while, you were happy you did.
He scooped up your phone, checking it for damage, following you down the uneven cobblestone path.
“Bucky.” You look over at him with a tilt of your head. And he smiles again, more a grin this time, a little wider with a flash of white teeth.  It looks good on him. “Sorry, my name is Bucky.”
You had your first date on an old rickety bench under a cloudy Romanian sky. He cut the plum in half, the small knife appearing out of thin air, any other person you would have been on edge, but there was something about the way he gently and carefully sliced it before handing you the much bigger half, with juices dripping over his black leather glove.
Hours must have passed on that bench. You shared your life stories, explaining how you ended up in this city. He tiptoed around questions about how he got here and his family, but his eyes brightened when he talked about his time here, how he tried a little of everything from the market to figure out what was his favorite. He loved the small thrift shop next to his home, and he rescued a stray cat two weeks ago. Time passed too quickly that day and soon you were reluctantly saying goodbye, his eyes wistfully watching you walk away.
You weren’t expecting to see him the next day, or at least that’s what you told yourself in front of the mirror staring at your ninth change of clothes in thirty minutes. If you had known you were going to run into someone like him, you definitely would have bought something other than plain t-shirts and jeans.
Tumblr media
Little did you know that you could have shown up in actual rags and he would have still thought you looked beautiful. Or that he has rummaged through every outfit he owned, even stopping by the thrift shop to buy cologne.
A few more dates spent on the bench, walking along the cobblestone paths, going nowhere with Bucky as your guide.
Little by little you discovered each other, you knew there was something holding him back but for now; you were content with what he shared. Until one day, the sky darkened suddenly, ominous gray clouds rolling over the crystal blue sky, rain pouring down as thunder boomed overhead.
He shrugged off his jacket, using it to cover your head, “come with me,” he yelled over the drum of rain smacking the ground.
He led you down the street, turning a few corners until you reached an old building, it's exterior worn by time and weather. He held open the front door, his arm around your shoulder as he ushered you inside.
Glancing around the dimly lit entryway, you see a pair of mailboxes built into the wall behind you, the tall staircase to your right. The muted sound of rain pattering on the front door is the only sound in the quiet building.
“My place is on the fourth floor,” he offers, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Or we can, uh, stay down here if you want,” he rushes out, his words trailing off, his blue eyes staring at the faded brown carpet beneath his boots. Bucky falls silent, chewing his bottom lip nervously.
“Hey,” you say softly, letting his jacket hang around your shoulders, hints of cedar and vanilla clinging to the heavy leather, “I don’t mind if you don’t mind.”
You tug his hand out of his pocket and intertwine your fingers with a gentle smile. Bucky glances up at you, a matching smile, dazzling and honeyed all at once. His hand settled on your back, taking you up the stairs, his eyes flitting back to your face every few steps as if he couldn’t believe you were here with him.
He let you into the small apartment, hovering behind you while you look around. You hear him take a deep breath in and you spin around holding up your hand.
“Don’t apologize for your place, okay?” you assert, more than ask as you take a step towards him, “I don’t care, I’m happy to be here with you.”
“I-I thank you,” he sighs in relief. Bucky had hoped to earn enough from the odd jobs he had to save up for something a little better, wanting to have a nicer home to bring you to one day. Your acceptance of him, all of him, has been chipping away at the armor around his heart until there is nothing left but you.
You dry off in the small bathroom, putting on the too-large maroon Henley and shorts he set on the edge of the sink. Putting your clothes over the shower rod to dry, you step back out, watching him make tea.
“I hope you like it, I got it from Daria,” he says over his shoulder.
You sit on the small taupe couch, pulling your knees up to your chest. He shuffles from the old white fridge back to the stove, wiping his hands off on the floral kitchen towel. His gloves discarded on the counter beside him. You wonder if he even realizes he removed them.
Bucky sits beside you balancing two small mugs in his hands, you touch his metal wrist with your fingers. He stiffens beside you, swallowing thickly. You remove your cup from his hand and take a small sip. “You know it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” you say aloud.
His frightened, anxious gaze fixated on the wall ahead.
You turn to him, your knees pushing into the side of his thigh, “and sometimes when it’s hot outside you brush your hair off your neck, like this,” you sweep your hand across his skin, “and your sleeve moves down.”
His head jerks around, his cup shaking in his hand, you press your palm against his bearded cheek, “I’ve known since our second date,” you say in response to the question in his eyes, “I’m guessing you served in the army or had an accident, whatever happened to your arm is nothing to be ashamed of Bucky.”
Waiting for him to speak, you finish your tea. After a few minutes, he whispers, “There was an accident.”
You stay silent, placing your hand on his, squeezing his fingers. He glances down, bringing your hand up to place a kiss on the back of it. Standing up, he walks to the fridge and pulls a notebook off the top. He settles beside you, quietly putting it on your lap. 
As you flip through the pages, he tells you about his life, starting from when he was Bucky to his time as the Soldat, to being whatever patched up version of himself he was today.
There’s a comfortable silence, the rain tapping at the windows, the room awash in a dull glow from a single lamp. Resting your head on his shoulder, you listen as he speaks earnestly; the words pouring out of him. His heart pounding in his chest until he was sure it would burst.
When he stops, out of breath from long-forgotten emotions and painful memories, “I love you, I shouldn’t, it’s too dangerous to be around me and maybe I’m being selfish because I don’t want you to leave,” he confesses, revealing his final secret.
You sit up, moving away for a second. His heart stutters but before it can break, you’re straddling his thighs, holding his face in your hands; wiping away tears he didn’t know had fallen with your thumbs.
You don’t know what to say in a moment like this. Not with him looking sorrowful, contrite, and frightened. It’s the fear in his eyes that hurts you the most. That after everything he’s survived, he’s frightened that you’ll fear him, leave him here in his little home, alone.
There are no words, none you can find right now, to say how you feel, to describe how much you’ve fallen in love with him.
So you kiss him.
A soft sweep of your lips against his chapped ones, moving back and forth until his lips part. He leans into you, his hand cupping the back of your head, deepening the kiss, his tongue tracing the inside of your mouth before retreating, leaving behind the distinct taste of cinnamon and him.
And you kiss him again.
Peppering brief chaste kisses over his closed eyelids, down his jaw, over the corners of his mouth. When he relaxes, bringing you closer, you whisper, repeating your words from earlier, “I don’t care, I’m happy to be here with you.”
You spend the night like that; him holding you in his arms, assuring him you won’t leave him, that you love him. When the skies clear, he feels whole again.
The weeks that follow are filled with happiness and love, he believes he can build a life with you, have a future with you by his side.
Tumblr media
But fate has other plans for him. 
There’s always a fight, and somehow he’s dragged into it. After the bombing, he sent you away, vowing to find you once it’s safe again.
“Hey, doll, this isn’t goodbye,” he promises, resting his forehead on yours. “I will come back for you. Please wait for me, I will come back”
“You’d better, Bucky.”
Time passes, painfully slow without him. He breaks his promise.
He didn’t come back for you.
He tried.
And when he knew he couldn’t do it on his own, he did the next best thing. Trusting only one other person to find you for him.
Steve showed up at your door one night, explaining he was a friend of Bucky's. That’s all you needed to hear, he had barely finished speaking before you had your coat on, saying you were ready to go. You were the first person he saw when they brought him out of cryogenesis.
It wasn’t easy, the first few months out of the chamber were difficult for him, part of him convinced he would always have a monster inside of him. You remained optimistic, trusting in Shuri who worked tirelessly to find a cure, your faith in her unwavering despite test after test ending with him reverting to the Winter Soldier.
He hated for you to see that side, but you loved him unconditionally. Throughout it all, it was you who kept him going, giving him the strength to withstand another experiment, another day with that living inside his head.
And then one night, while preparing for bed, Ayo knocked on your door. “It is time,” she said, her striking eyes relaying her excitement.
You could feel the tension rolling off Bucky. He turned to you and you raised your hand, covering his mouth. “I’m coming with you and not even she could stop me.”
Ayo gives you an amused look, sizing you up. You returned it, your gaze is unwavering and fierce. “She’s right, this is the only battle I could see myself losing,” Ayo winks at you, “let’s go.”
During the ride up the mountainside, Bucky pleads with you to turn around and leave him. You ignore him, holding his hand while you look at the blur of greens and browns passing you. Resting your head on his shoulder, you smile up at the night sky.
Bucky refuses to let you sit beside him, begging you to at least sit across from him, making Ayo swear to protect you if something goes wrong. He won’t sit until you both agree to his demands.
Nervous energy pulsates in the night air. You can feel your heart beating, you know this is going to work; you know it. Placing your elbows on your knees, you observe Bucky staring into the crackling fire, his jaw clenched.
You want to hold him, but he’s so scared of what might happen.
You listen to the exchange between him and Ayo. You make eye contact with her and nod. She recites the first three words, stepping closer to Bucky.
His eyes shut and he sees you, only you. Smiling at him as you bite into that plum, holding his hand at night, your head on his chest, listening to him plan your future together. Dancing in his apartment, bumping into his couch over and over until you're both laughing.
You promise you'll wait for him, giving him one more kiss before stepping on to the train.
Tears fall from his tormented eyes, his lips move but you can’t hear over the sound of your voice chanting ‘it’s going to work’ in your head.
“грузовой вагон.”
You gaze at him, knowing your Bucky is going to be there. He has to be, you won’t accept anything less. 
Bucky looks up in disbelief. He’s still your Bucky. He’s in control.
“You’re free,” Ayo states, her kind voice washing over him.
Bucky looks to you, openly weeping, his cheeks flushed. Too many emotions overwhelming him. He’s free and you’re safe.
He can keep you in his life, he has a chance, a real chance, to be the man you deserve. His mouth opens, but no words come out. He can’t speak, not trusting his voice.
His eyes tell you everything.
You run to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. His head drops to your shoulder, you whisper, “I’m so proud of you, I love you so much.”
His grip tightens, bringing you closer to him, you’re all he needs right now. He breathes you in, listening to you say you love him over and over until his heart is bursting in his chest. “I love you too,” he chokes out, his voice wobbling as more tears form, ones of relief and joy.
He’s free, truly free.
Under the clear night sky, with you in his arms, he knows peace for the first time. You didn’t give up on him; you stayed by his side when others left him. It was you that kept him from breaking, holding the pieces of him together with your love and strength.
“I dreamed of you every night,” he confides, kissing the top of your head. “Flashes, hazy pictures really, mostly of you.”
A pause as he clears his throat again. “Sometimes you and me in a house, a simple life together.”
Another pause, longer this time, you look up with an encouraging smile. “Once in a while, I would dream of you holding our baby,” his hopeful confession warms your heart
Now he can believe that his dreams are going to come true someday. You rest your hand on your belly, knowing that it’s going to happen soon than he thinks.
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tuiccim · 8 months ago
Almost Had Me Believing It
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader    
Word Count: 1046
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Minor smut 
A/N: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Drunk Drabbles / Divider by @whimsicalrogers
Almost Had Me Believing It Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Standing on the front porch sipping your coffee, you watch as Bucky weaves back and forth across the front yard mowing the grass. It was endearing watching him do something so domestic. He looked over at you and grinned at one point. The man was mouth-watering gorgeous and you weren’t the only one who noticed. Several of the neighbor ladies had found reasons to pass by or be in their yards. He had put on a full display, too. He was shirtless, showing off his perfectly chiseled abs, and only wearing a pair of low slung basketball shorts. The nanotech covering that Stark had created for his metal arm made it appear as if heavily tattooed flesh. He looked positively sinful and you were enjoying watching your “husband” mow the lawn. 
The two of you had been on the undercover operation for three weeks now. You had only been with the Avengers for a couple of months before the op came up. Long enough to have fallen for the gorgeous supersoldier in front of you. You nearly jumped at the chance to play his wife for the undercover job. 
You are pulled from your musings when a voice from your right called, “Morning!” 
You turn towards the fence to your right, “Morning, Frank.” Your neighbor and number one suspect of leading a local drug ring was smiling at you. He had no problem hitting on you despite knowing you were married and always dropped innuendo into your conversations. You loathed him, but had to keep up the pretense for the sake of the job. You ambled over to him, “how’s it going?”
“It’s going. Your husband is going to put all of us to shame with his upkeep of the yard.” Frank jokes. 
“He’s excited to have one after being in apartments his entire life.” You smile. 
“That’s sweet. What about you?” 
“Grew up with a white picket fence, don’t ya know?” You sass. 
“You don’t seem the type. Neither of you do.” He raises an eyebrow at you. 
“But we are. Domesticity seems to suit us.” You say. 
“I think adventure would suit you better. I could think of some very adventurous things we could do together.” Frank winks suggestively. 
“I do love a good adventure. And Bucky’s my favorite ride for it.” You smirk, “I’ve got laundry waiting on me. See ya later, Frank.”
“I look forward to it.” Frank drawls.
Bucky watches the interaction between you and Frank slyly as he mows. He can tell by the way you lean and shift that the man is flirting with you again. You always manage to entice your neighbor while also keeping him at arm's length. Bucky felt like you did the same to him. He watched you from the moment you joined the team. He admired your grace and skill, adored your laugh and kind voice, and thought you were the most incredible woman he’d ever met. He knew he could never deserve someone as amazing as you. No matter how much he worked, how much good he did, he could never wipe out 50 years of bad deeds. So, he contented himself to be your teammate. He nearly passed out when he was assigned this undercover op with you. To play your husband for weeks on end was a dream come true, but he never imagined how hard he'd fall for you. You were an angel and he was in heaven right now. And if this was heaven, Frank was the snake in the garden. 
Bucky glares at the man blatantly flirting with his “wife.” He was ready to tear Frank apart as he leaned closer and winked suggestively at you, but you gave a parting remark and moved toward the front door. You turn back as you walk in and smile at Bucky.  Bucky’s heart does a little flip-flop and he grins back at you. After you disappear inside, Bucky looks at Frank and gives him a wave. Frank raises his cup of coffee. Bucky goes back to mowing, imagining smashing that coffee cup into Frank’s face. 
That evening the two of you veg out on the couch watching an old movie after dinner. You are heading back to the couch after putting your dessert dishes away when you spot Frank watching the two of you from his yard. The man will not leave you alone and you felt he was becoming suspicious of the two of you. So, you do the only thing you can think of, you straddle Bucky’s lap and kiss him. This was the first kiss outside of a chaste peck in front of others you had shared. Bucky gasps in surprise, but his arms encircle you immediately. 
“What are you doing?” He whispers when you pull back just enough to look at him. 
“Frank is watching us through the window. I think he’s suspicious. Thought it would be best to give him a bit of a show. Hopefully, he’ll stop hitting on me constantly.” You say. 
“Then let’s give him a good show.” Bucky lifts you and lays you on the couch eliciting a shocked squeal from you. He covers your body with his and his lips take yours with fervor. You waste no time tangling your hands in his hair. You’ve wanted to do just that since you first laid eyes on him. His tongue slides along your lower lip and you open for him. He slides his tongue against yours and you moan. Your knees lift of their own accord and Bucky settles comfortably between them. 
“Bucky.” you moan as he works his lips down your neck. He sucks on your pulse point and you roll your hips against his. Bucky growls, sending a thrill through you, and captures your mouth again. His hips begin rutting against yours rhythmically and you can’t stop the moans that escape you as your tongues dance. Ten minutes into this delicious torture between the two of you, Bucky lifts you up, wraps your legs around his hips, and carries you back to your bedroom. He lays you on the bed and you expect him to follow you down, but he straightens and heads towards the bathroom. 
“Hope Frank enjoyed the show.” Bucky chuckles, “Almost had me believing it, doll.”
Part 2
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2 A.M.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
PROMPTS: 48. I called you at 2am because I need you. 50. I’m scared but won’t admit it so you take my hand 
Requested by @wonderlandmind4​
So, I’m not going to include #1, because I already did that prompt in another story. 
The Avengers are at the Tower for plot reasons. And just because I wanted it that way. Deal with it LOL. 
Tumblr media
Bucky rubbed his eyes awake as FRIDAY announced that he was receiving an incoming phone call. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand and it read 2AM.
“Accept,” he muttered huskily to the AI.
“Wait, FRIDAY, no, no, no!” The call immediately came in.
“Hello?” Bucky asked with confusion.
He expected it to be Steve, who was on a mission with the entire team. It left Bucky as the sole “superhero” left in the tower. But he didn’t see himself as such. Bucky was crashing at the high-rise because he really had no place else to go. And he knew Steve would be disappointed if Bucky didn’t take him up on the offer.
“Bucky, hi.” A female voice said.
He squinted and then put it together. “Y/N, is that you?”
Y/N was Happy’s niece. Tony and Pepper were basically her aunt and uncle without being related. She lived in the city, and therefore was around the tower a lot. Pepper was constantly inviting her over for dinner. Sometimes she’d do her laundry there. If Tony ever had a party, she was invited. The rest of the team had befriended her. 
But Bucky...Bucky kept his distance – just like he kept his distance from basically everyone.
However, that didn’t mean he didn’t take notice of Y/N.
It was ridiculous how long it took him to realize that his eyes seemed to always be searching for her when she was around. He watched her at parties, always dressed in a fancy dress with her makeup a little heavier than usual. He would steal glances at her when she was in the gym. Apparently she didn’t want to pay for one herself, but there wasn’t a gym nicer than the one at the tower.
But just because Bucky noticed Y/N didn’t mean he talked to her. 
Bucky thought the world hated him. Once all of Hydra and SHIELD’s secrets were leaked, everyone knew exactly what he had done.
The Winter Soldier wasn’t someone people wanted to be friends with.
“Hi, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to call you. No, I told FRIDAY not to call you,” she was talking really quickly – obviously, stressed – and yet quietly, like she was scared someone might hear her.
Bucky sat up straighter, fully awake and now on alert. “Everything OK?”
“Yeah. Well, I mean, not really. I’m sure it’s fine. I’m probably being crazy,” her words were coming out faster and faster.
“Y/N, take a breath,” Bucky demanded.
She must’ve done as she was told because there was 5 seconds of silence.
“What’s going on?” He asked then.
“It might just be the storm…” Bucky looked outside his window at the lightning and heavy downpour. “But I swore I heard someone trying to get into my apartment. There’ve been two robberies in my building the last 2 months.”
Bucky already knew about that. He overheard Y/N telling Pepper, Tony, and Happy about it in the kitchen. She seemed pretty shaken up about it. One of her neighbors had to go to the hospital because the robbers timed it wrong and ended attacking the poor man in a panic.
Tony and Happy weren’t happy about Y/N living in what appeared to be an unsafe building. They both tried to convince her to move into the tower. When she refused, pointing out how ridiculous the idea was, Tony told her he’d just buy her a place that had a doorman and high-level security. Y/N refused that too.
It was the first time Bucky had ever agreed with anything Tony said.
“Can you hear anything now?” Bucky asked, taking Y/N’s concerns and fear very seriously.
“No. It’s hard to hear anything with the rain and thunder outside,” Y/N whispered.
Then she sighed.
“Listen, Bucky, I’m really sorry for waking you up. Pepper and Happy are in Germany for a Stark meeting. I was just trying to reach Tony…”
“Everyone’s out on an assignment right now,” Bucky explained. “I’m the only one here.”
“Oh…” Y/N said lamely.
Bucky could tell she did really feel bad, and was growing more and more embarrassed. “And you don’t have to apologize.”
“I’m just being a total spaz right now and–“ She stopped abruptly.
“I definitely just heard something,” she whispered as quietly as possible.
“Y/N, I need you to give me your address,” Bucky instructed calmly.
There was no answer.
“Y/N,” his tone more gentle this time, “you gotta give me your address.”
He was already moving around his room, grabbing necessary clothing. He moved with purpose, not even thinking about what he needed to grab.
Bucky listened as Y/N rattled off her address and apartment number.
He was grateful that her apartment was only a 10 minute drive from the tower.
“I’m on my way. Stay on the phone with me,” Bucky sounded like he did was he was on comms during a mission. Not that he’d done that recently.
“O-Okay,” Y/N stuttered in a whisper.
For a second, Bucky thought maybe he should talk to her, try to keep her calm, or make sure she knew she wasn’t alone. He’d be there soon.
But it was obvious that she was staying quiet so she could listen to any possible intruder.
Just when Bucky was two blocks away from her place, the line went dead.
“Shit,” he cursed under his breath.
He slammed his breaks just outsider her building, not bothering to turn off the car or try to park it.
Bucky would’ve shoved his way through the front door of the building with his metal arm and shoulder, but the lock had already been broken.
Now Bucky was more concerned.
He was quick and stealth as he went up the stairs to Y/N’s floor. He pulled out the gun from the back of his waistband.
With one floor left to go, Bucky suddenly heard footsteps running on the floor above him – Y/N’s floor. The footsteps were running toward the opposite side of the building that Bucky was on. Which meant they probably knew someone was on their way up and they were escaping through the emergency stairs on the other side.
For a moment, Bucky considered running after them. He knew he could catch them. They didn’t stand a chance.
But Y/N was now at the forefront of his mind.
He quickly made it to her apartment.
The door was closed, but he could tell from the scratches on the lock and handle that someone had been trying to break their way in discreetly.
Bucky took in a deep breath and knocked.
“Y/N? It’s Bucky. Can you let me in?”
There was no answer. He waited a few minutes and listened for any movements from inside the apartment.
“Doll… I’m coming in, alright?”
With a quick twist of his metal hand on the doorknob, he was able to crush it to pieces. It should’ve been harder to do, but the building was clearly as old as Bucky and not kept up to code.
Bucky promptly put his gun back in his waistband, not wanting to alarm Y/N with just the mere sight of a firearm.
“Y/N?” He called out to the empty apartment. “It’s just me.”
But he knew where she would be. It was the most common place for people to hide in case of an emergency.
Bucky made his steps quiet, but noticeable, so Y/N knew exactly where he was in the apartment.
He made his way to her bedroom and stopped in front of her closet.
He knew that she knew he was there. He could hear her soft breathing that was still anxious and terrified.
Ever so carefully, he opened her closet door.
Inside Y/N was tucked in the corner, knees to her chest, with a kitchen knife in one hand and her dead cellphone in the other.
Bucky looked at her with only sympathy. 
He couldn’t remember the last time he felt as scared as Y/N looked. Fear had been beaten out of him long ago.
He kneeled down, his forearms balancing on his knees.
“Mind if I come in?” He asked casually.
She shrugged.
Somehow the giant super soldier managed to fit into the closet, making it feel even smaller than it already did.
“For the record… you aren’t crazy. There was definitely someone trying to get into your apartment.” Then he took in a deep breath, realizing he probably wasn’t making her feel any safer. “But they’re long gone.”
When he glanced down at Y/N, she just nodded in acknowledgment.
Bucky wished he was better with words. He used to be. Words used to be his specialty. But he’d isolated himself from everyone. Before that, he was a brainwashed assassin without a mind of its own. Bucky was out of practice.
Bucky slowed reached over to the hand closest to him, the one holding the knife. Gently, he took it out of her grasp and placed it far enough away from them that it wouldn’t accidentally hurt anyone.
Then he took her hand in his, gripping in tight enough to show her comfort. His thumb brushed back and forth over the back of her hand.
She squeezed in return, silently thanking him.
The closet was quiet, only filled with Y/N’s shaky breathing.
“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” Bucky finally breathed.
The words surprised him. He had no idea where they’d come from.
But they seemed to finally calm Y/N down.
“Why don’t you pack a few things, so you can stay at the tower for a few days?”
He half expected her to be stubborn and say she was fine, that he’d have to put up a fight to get her to go back home with him.
But Y/N just nodded numbly.
He nodded back and got up first so he could help her back onto her feet.
When he started to leave her bedroom to give her some privacy, she jumped forward.
“W-Where are you going?”
Bucky quickly turned around. “Don’t worry. I’m just going to be in the living room. I’m calling the police. Between your door and building’s front door, there’s enough evidence to prove that someone was trying to rob the building again.”
Y/N blinked at the him saying “again,” proving that he knew this had happened in her building recently.
She didn’t think Bucky ever paid her any attention. She was never offended by it. But he had just proved that he knew paid closer attention to her than she could’ve ever realized. 
20 minutes later, there was a knock at Y/N’s front door.
Bucky quickly answered to find two cops standing outside.
He answered all their questions, hoping he did a good enough job that they wouldn’t really need to talk to Y/N all that much.
“You live here?” One of them finally asked, realizing that his name wasn’t on the lease.
“No,” Bucky answered.
“It’s your girlfriend’s place?” They followed up.
“Uhhh…no. No, Y/N’s just a friend.” He felt awkward as he answered, but the cops didn’t seemed fazed by it.
Y/N finally came out of her room with a duffle bag.
The cops started asking her questions. Bucky stood guard, making sure they didn’t push her too hard or ask things the wrong way.
After seeing how shook up she was, he felt like he’d instantly turned into her personal body guard.
“Your landlord already called a locksmith to fix your door. He should be here in a few minutes. But you should take any valuables with you just to be safe.”
Y/N nodded.
When the cops turned to talk amongst each other and with the landlord, Y/N turned to Bucky.
“Can we go now?” She asked him meekly.
It was the first time she’d talked directly to him since he got there.
“Yeah, doll, we can go.” He ushered her out and, on instinct alone, put himself between her and the cops as they walked out.
Y/N was quiet on the drive back to the Tower.
Bucky had already texted Happy and Tony about what had happened. He assumed the whole team would know soon enough.
When they were in the lobby of the residential floor, Bucky shifted his weight awkwardly. He didn’t want to leave her yet.
This was the first time they’d ever been alone together and Bucky didn’t think he could go back to keeping his distance again.
“Uhh…Do you want me to show you where the guest suites are?” He asked as he scratched the back of his neck. But he knew that she knew.
She gave him a small, forced smirk. “No, I know where they are.”
He nodded.
“Hey, Bucky?”
“Would you want to just stay up and watch a movie or something? I don’t–I don’t think I can go to sleep any time soon?”
“Of course. I mean, yeah.” Bucky responded immediately.
“Let me just change into some sweats I packed. I’ll meet you in the TV room?”
“Y-Yeah. Sounds good.”
A few minutes later, Y/N joined him on the couch.
She asked him what he wanted to watch.
“Umm…I don’t-there aren’t a lot of movies that I’ve seen,” Bucky finally told her when she kept trying to figure out what he’d like. “Haven’t really tried to catch up on the whole pop culture thing like Steve has.”
“Oh…” Y/N muttered, realizing the mistake she made.
“Put on whatever you want. Really. I’m sure I’ll like it.”
Y/N clicked a few buttons and a quirky song started playing along with someone writing in a notebook.
“Almost Famous,” Y/N explained. “It’s one of my favorites. Always puts me in a good mood, no matter how terrible I feel. And this way, you’ll be able to get a crash course on the best bands ever.”
Bucky couldn’t help but smile at that.
The opening credits weren’t even over before Bucky felt Y/N looking over at him.
He turned to her.
“Thank you for…saving me tonight,” she told him slowly.
Her words were sincere, her eyes even more so.
“You don’t have to thank me, Y/N.”
“Figured you’d say that.” Then she seemed to be trying to work up the courage to say something else. “I’m…umm…I’m glad it was you.”
Bucky blinked at her small confession.
“Me too,” he finally agreed.
And then they both turned their attention back to the movie.
Halfway through, Bucky felt a weight fall onto his shoulder.
Y/N had fallen asleep, her body choosing Bucky as its pillow.
A soft and shy grin grew on his lips from the feeling and the sight of it.
Very carefully, he maneuvered her body so he could lift his arm around her and make it less uncomfortable for her.
She didn’t wake from the movement, only sighed and shifted a bit.
It wasn’t long after that Bucky fell asleep too.
Tumblr media
“Sam, I told you to leave ‘em alone,” Steve called out in a hushed tone.
“Not until I document this…”
Then Bucky felt the flash of a camera. His eyes snapped open to find Sam looking guilty with his phone pointed at Bucky and Y/N, who was still fast asleep.
“You have two seconds to get that phone out of my face,” Bucky warned in a growl.
He would’ve jumped up and snatched it himself, but he didn’t want to risk waking Y/N.
Sam winced and instantly fled.
Bucky glanced over at Steve, who gave him an apologetic look.
“Tony told us what happened. She OK?” He whispered.
Bucky shrugged. “She’s a little shaken, but I think she’ll be fine.”
“Well…at least you finally talked to her. Though I wish it didn’t have to be a break-in for it to happen.”
Bucky played the ignorant card. “What do you mean?”
Steve narrowed his eyes as if to say, ‘Don’t even try.’ “Bucky, give me some credit. I’m your best friend. No matter how discrete you are, I know when you have a crush.”
Bucky blushed and the looked down at Y/N.
What neither of the super soldiers knew was that Y/N heard Steve’s confession too. And she wasn’t about to let Bucky go back to ignoring her.
This request was put in ages ago. I’m trying to clean out my inbox. I have so many requests that are collecting dust. 
Please don’t request things. And please don’t immediately request a second part to this. There is no second part. 
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ohwowimlonley · 3 months ago
Satiated - Bucky Barnes
Warnings - smut, swearing, kinda hair pulling, praise kink, size kink, innocence kink, subspace, oral (f receiving), fingering, cockwarming, fluffyyyyy, teeny lil bit of angst, terrible writing, idk it's just nAsty lol. Established relationship btw!
Characters - dom!bucky barnes x virgin!fem!reader
Summary - y/n wants bucky to be her first. Bucky doesnt know shes a virgin. Smut ensues.
Authors notes - this has been in my drafts since I first started my tumblr so it's terrible for the first bit but it gets better (hopefully?)
You was so sure that this was it. Tonight would be the the night. You were finally going to give up your virginity. To Bucky.
You meant to tell him that you were a virgin. Really, you did. But it just never came up. You had been with Bucky for just over four months now. There was no point in keeping it from the others, mostly because of how clingy you were with him. It was strange for you; being this clingy - this needy - with someone. You'd never felt anything like it before. Granted, you'd never had a boyfriend before Bucky, he was your first kiss too. Not that he knew any of that, of course. But with him you felt so at home. You didn't think he'd need to know. It wouldnt make any affect, right?
You'd set the mood, you thought, just right. You didn't want to throw sex in his face so you opted for your LED strip lights to be set to a light red with the main light off. You were wearing his longsleeve Beatles tshirt and a pretty cute lingerie set that you bought in preparation. You decided against wearing shorts, after all, the mission was to fuck the guy, why let another bit of clothing get in the way?
"Hey doll, I'm back," Bucky's infuriatingly attractive voice rang out. He'd just gotten back from a HYDRA mission. You knew he hated going on those missions, especially when you weren't with him. You rushed over to him.
"Hi there darling," you wrapped one arm around his neck and the other went under his shoulder, crushing the life out of him in a hug. He returned it with equal force which made a grin wriggle its way onto your face.
"How was it?" You pulled away and smushed his face in between your hands, "are you okay? Did you need to go to the medi lab? Do you need another hug? Do you want to eat? I think I have some snacky things in my mini fridge but-"
"Doll, I'm fine," he interrupted, moving your hands from his face and putting a reassuring hand on your shoulder, "I didn't get hurt and I'm not hungry. I will take you up on that hug though. Can we watch something shit and cuddle? I missed you."
You almost melted at his little pout, "okay baby, why don't you climb into bed and I'll sort out some of The Flash, yeah?"
He leaned down to kiss your forehead before pulling away and getting under the covers. You went to turn on the TV and pulled up The Flash. You were well aware that Bucky was staring at your ass, which was sticking out of the bottom of his tshirt, giving him a peek of the lavender lace that barely covered you.
When you were done, you turned to see him with blown pupils but a calm smile on his face. He beckoned you over and you skipped towards him happily, your high ponytail swishing behind you. You jumped onto the bed and wiggled under the duvet with him.
Bucky immediately wrapped has arms around you and pulled you literally on top of him. You whined at him and squirmed.
"Buckyyyyy I can't seeeeeee!"
"Don't whine doll, you said so yourself that it's shit. So just stay here with me, yeah?" He held you tighter against him so you complied.
"Y'know, I have the best boyfriend, like, ever. Like it's not even funny anymore you're just awesome," you rested your chin in between his ribs and smiled so wide it was almost a grimace. He rolled his eyes at you.
"You're a sap, dollface," he was smiling, though, so it proved that he liked it.
You sent him a wink and sat up so that you were straddling him over the hips. His eyes bugged out for a second but he tried to play it cool. He leaned up to peck you on the lips.
"Hey there, princess," he murmured, smiling softly.
You kissed him again, deeper this time and with more passion. Bucky didn't seem to object so you pressed further, tounge edging into the seam of his lips and parting them. He grunted in response and sucked in the muscle, sitting upright now. His hands wandered down to your ass and squeezed, gently at first but his grip got firmer when you whined into the kiss. Bucky smirked and pulled away, eliciting another whine from you.
"What's got you like this, little one?" You shivered at the nickname. He noticed.
You distracted yourself from his words by rolling your hips on his. The sensation of it was sending chills down your spine making you shiver and your thighs tense. You could feel yourself getting... aroused.
"Like what, Buck?" You wiggled a bit on his lap, finally feeling that hardness under you that you'd never felt before.
"Like this," he muffled a gasp from your movement, "all... horny,"
You bit your lip and buried your face in his neck, groaning at his words, "stoooooop!"
"Whyyyyyyy? I just wanna know!" He insisted.
He wrapped one hand around your waist and the his prosthetic metal one in your hair. He pulled you back by the hair at the nape of your neck, the tiny bit of pain made you let out a moan.
"What's going on with you?!" He'd never seen you like this before.
You looked down, still firmly sat on his now very evident erection and played with the fingers of his flesh hand after prying it from your waist.
"I just- I can't-" you groaned at your inability to form a proper sentence.
"Just take a breath," you nodded, "and tell me what you want."
"I want you," you whined, "bubba please,"
"What do you mean doll- like-" you interrupted with another roll of your hips, praying that he understood. "Oh, oh,"
You nodded helplessly and grinded against him more, desperate for him to help you with the wetness that had built up from the friction between the two of you.
"You mean like, now?" He tried not to respond to your unintentional teasing but he was hard as a fucking rock because of you and your flimsy lilac panties, "y'know we don't have to if you don't wanna,"
"Baby please!" You weren't trying to be bratty, he was just taking so long and after 25 years of never orgasming, you were a little frustrated.
"Jesus Christ! Calm down doll, if I didn't know any better I'd say this was your time," he joked. But you tensed up. Oh god. Did he know?
You laughed it off, but Bucky's supersoldier senses made him acutely aware that your heart rate sped up and your breathing stopped.
"Doll if it's your first time we don't have to-"
"But Bucky I wanna! I promise. I wasn't even gonna tell you because I knew that you'd treat me like glass-- and- and that's why i never said that you were my first kiss either-" you cut him off but he returned the favour with an incredulous gasp.
"I WAS YOUR FIRST KISS? AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TOLD ME?!" He sounded angry. His grip on your hips tightened and you winced.
"I- I'm sorry Bucky! Just didn't wanna make you worried I-" His grip tightened more, vibranium fingers digging into your bones, "ouch Bucky!"
His hand instantly retracted and he looked mortified, staring at your skin that was already yellowing from his grip.
"See doll! This is why you should've told me! I could hurt you, darling! I don't ever wanna do that," his eyes were still glued to the still-forming bruise, tears welling in his pondwater eyes.
"You could never hurt me, Buck! Not really; not on purpose!" You protested. He didn't seem convinced in the slightest, more focused on the purplish red pigmentation coming to life on your hips.
"Oh honey, it's okay! It doesn't hurt and look, look, it's fading already," that was a lie, by the morning those bruises would probably be black and blue. Not that Bucky needed to know that, "and it's alright darling, it's not you're fault, remember? You can't always feel how strong your new hand is, yeah? My big strong Bucky,"
You could see him trying to fight a smile but he refused to meet your eye.
"C'mon Bucky! How am I ever meant to learn how to take care of you if you dont teach me?" You insisted. Bucky finally raised his gaze, along with his right eyebrow.
"Teach you?" He wore a smirk now.
Oh, this was going to be fun.
"Well, think about it, baby. I mean, I've never even kissed anyone. How could I possibly know how to- how to-" your confidence faulters almost immediately, failing to realise theres no need to be embarrassed when you're with your Bucky.
"To what, princess? To suck my cock? Y' wanna know how to suck m'cock? Or d'you wanna learn how to ride me? Hmm? Learn how to milk m'cock like a good little girl?" He teased. You shuddered against him, leaning further into his perfectly sculpted pectorals. "Oh, I think you do. I think that you wanna be my best girl, huh? My perfect little sub, yeah?"
You nodded against him, but that didn't seem to satisfy Bucky.
"Use your words with me, baby, yeah? Y'gotta use your words with me or else I won't know what you want," holy heck, even when he's dominating you to all hell, he's so sweet and gentle with you. It made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
"Yes, Bucky," you mumbled, reluctantly un-hiding your head from his warm body when a sharp tug at the roots of your hair prompted you away.
"Good girl, well done, honey," he praised you beautifully. You felt the urge to shy away from his compliments, but instinctually you knew that he wouldn't accept that.
"Thank you d- hmm Bucky," he obviously heard your blunder but didn't focus on it, opting instead to stroke soothingly across the expanse of your thighs.
"Okay baby. Just one more thing, I want you to have a safeword, m'kay?" You nodded, "this is just in case y'wanna stop or I do something you don't like, yeah? I won't go too hard on you tonight. Wanna make it all special for you. My little princess,"
"Thank you, bubba," shyly, you pressed a kiss to his cheek which made him grin widely.
"Can you tell me what you want your safeword to be, m'love?"
"I- uh," you were half tempted to give him a stupid answer but this meant a lot to him and you could see it in his eyes.
"C'mon, little girl, don't get all shy on me now," he lilted.
"I- uh, red? I think? I-it's easy to remember, I guess?" His hand had moved from your thighs to your ass, moulding it into any shape he deemed appropriate.
"Well done, princess," he rewarded you with a kiss to the forehead. Then the cheek. Then nose. Finally, the lips. As soon as he pulled away, you chased his lips with a pout and a whine.
"Now now, little girl. Dont get whiny," he lilted.
"Bubba kissy pleaseeee," you whined pathetically.
"Okay honey, but just know that you can't always get what you want with that cute little pout of yours," he relented, pushing his lips against yours. You whimpered into the kiss, grinding yourself down against him to relieve some of the pressure that had built up over your conversation.
He seemed to love it, grappling at your ass and pulling you further onto his raging hard-on. His tongue slipped into your mouth, licking over your teeth and smoothing itself over your own tongue.
"Lay down for me, little girl," he prompted, lightly tapping your bum and moving you to lie on your back. You scrambled to stay on top of him, clinging to his thighs and securing your arms around his neck, "it's okay, honey, I'm staying with you. Not going anywhere, yeah?"
"Staying," you echoed blearily, finally slipping off of him and lying down.
"Good girl," he confirmed, spreading your legs and settling in between them.
He tugged on the bottom of your shirt as a question to which you raised your arms and lifted up slightly. He pulled it off of your body and sat back on his heels to admire you. Bucky had never particularly been fond of the colour lilac but at that moment he had fallen in love with it.
"Sweetie you look... edible," he growled, "can I take it off?"
"Yes, daddy," your eyes widened at your own words, immediately covering your own mouth and retracting from his soothing hands. Your mind was racing 'oh god what did I just do? Does he hate me?'
"Say that again," he demanded, groaning and resting his head on your shoulder. You keened at that, letting out a sigh of relief that he enjoyed it.
"Yes, daddy," you brushed your lips to his ears, an almost tangible fog settling on your mind. It comforted you.
"Fuck," he lifted himself from your shoulder, undressing you quickly and throwing his head back at what he saw.
"I'm gonna fuckin' eat you for dinner," he rumbled. He moved your thighs even further apart, almost painfully so, and leaning down so his face was level with your pussy, "oh, honey look at you! You're soaking for me! So wet for your daddy,"
You whined and raised your hips in an attempt to get any type of friction. He pushed them down but ducked his head with you.
"Shh, it's okay baby. Daddy's here, I'll take care of you," he squeezed your thigh gently, "y' ready?"
"Please, daddy, pretty please," you tentatively moved your hands into his hair. He rewarded your boldness with a kiss to your pussy lips. It felt like heaven, even though he'd done next to nothing.
After that, he went all out; he spread your lips by dragging his tongue through them. Your fingers tugged on his hair as harsh as you dared, albeit not that hard. He seemed to love it though, moving to suck carefully on your clit. You let out a whiny moan, loving the new sensation. You'd never touched yourself before; never had an orgasm. This was all new to you and it felt so fucking good.
He suckled and pulled at your clit, slowly moving his index finger to your hole. He didn't enter you with his finger, opting instead to circle it gently, getting you used to the feeling if being touched there.
"Oh, daddy! S' good," you babbled, lost in another world of pleasure. He moaned against you when you tugged his silky locks harder. "D-daddy can you- can you please put your finger in? Pretty please?"
"Of course honey, but it might hurt. Hold my hand, 'kay? Squeeze it if it hurts, don't be afraid," he smiled at you oh so sweetly and offered you his metal hand. Your grip in his hair slackened and you moved your right hand into his flesh one, smacking his metal one out of the way.
"But honey," he protested, but you gave him no room to argue.
"Daddy! Wanna have your fingers in me please! I'll be a good girl I promise, jus' want your fingers," you argued. He complied, intertwining his fleshy fingers with yours and sitting up to get a better angle so he could position his metal ones by your entrance.
"Oh? Does my little girl want my metal fingers in her? Kinky little girl," he grinned at you.
"Yes daddy, please," you whimpered. Bucky kept his grin and pushed his middle finger against your entrance. You held your breath as it slipped into you. It was definitely painful, not unbearably so but still uncomfortable.
Your hand clenched around his while your other one sought purchase on the bicep of his metal arm. Bucky, always the detective, saw that you were struggling and gave you a moment to adjust.
"Tell me when to move, m'love," he urged kindly. You were more greatful than ever before for how beautiful his personality was. So kind. So loving.
It took you more than a minute to relax; muscles tensing and untensing around his vibrainium fingertips. When you were ready, you gave him the go-ahead so he started shallowly thrusting his finger in and out.
After that, it didn't take long before you were whining and begging for another finger. 'Another another another, daddy!' Of course, he had admonished you for being so bratty but he didn't turn you down. He thought you looked so pretty when you were begging for him.
"Daddy!" You whimpered, a strange pressure building between your thighs, heating up to an unbearable pleasure that you felt.
"Aw, baby, y'gunna cum?" He smiled. Before you could respond, he pulled out his fingers unexpectedly.
"Daddy!" You fussed, tingly feeling still strong in your core and thoroughly unsatisfied. The fog was like a blanket now; covering you up and keeping you warm.
"Shh, don't whine, baby. Don't want you to cum now and be too sensitive before I get you on m'cock now, do we?" Smoothing his hand over your hip, smearing your arousal over it.
"No daddy, sorry daddy," you conceded, terrified that you did anything wrong. You wanted to be daddy's good girl.
"No, sweetie, don't be sorry, you did nothing wrong," he reassured. You sighed, so thankful that you hadn't done anything wrong.
"Daddy?" You looped your arms around his neck.
"Yes, doll?" You rested one side of your head on his, still annoyingly clothed, pectoral.
"Can I have your cock now?" Glazed over eyes stared longingly at his own.
"Of course, little one," he pulled his shirt over his head, fucking finally. Your eyes stayed glued to his abs because 'fucking hell he's so fucking hot holy shit'.
"Thank you, daddy," your fingers pressed into his muscles.
"Sweetie, how d'you wanna do this?" He moved your hands from his abdomen gently so he could remove his jeans. Beneath them, you could see how truly massive he was and fuck he looks so good.
"Baby?" He asked again, snapping you out of your trance.
You didn't answer him verbally, instead moving onto his lap and settling comfortably on his raging erection. After his assault on your clit earlier, you felt extra sensitive and that pressure against your bare core made you convulse in pleasure.
"Okay sweetie, okay," he kept that calming smile plastered on his face, gently urging you to sit up so that he could remove his boxers. You kept his eyes glued to his face until it faltered in pleasure. Looking down, you saw it. Over eight inches and thick as all hell.
"Daddy?" Your head lolled to the side, watching as his hand moved up and down it at a moderate pace.
"Yes, doll?" Groaning, his eyes locked on yours.
"How will that fit in me?" He laughed at that, so fond of your innocence.
"It'll fit, little one, don't worry," he assured you, using his metal hand to gently stroke your hip.
You reached out to grab his cock but he was quick to move you away.
"No, sweetie," he moved your hand into his hair so you could play with it if you wanted to. You whined at him, claiming that you wanted to make him feel good, "you will make me feel good, honey. When I cum inside that sweet little pussy of yours I'll feel so good I promise,"
"Okay, daddy," you leaned against his broad shoulder as he circled your hips against his cock.
"Y'ready, princess?" He double-checked for what seemed to be the tenth time. You responded by reaching for his length and lining it up with your entrance.
Ever so gently, he slid you down onto his cock. If he hadn't opened you up with his fingers earlier, you would have been in a lot more pain. He kept his hands on you when you were all the way down on him; moving them to your tits and rolling your nipples between his thumb and forefinger, causing even more pleasure to spike in your body.
You moaned loudly when he brought his mouth onto your left breast, suckling on your nipple, giving you the most pleasure you'd ever felt in your tits.
Adjusting took a few minutes but when you got used to it, you got impatient very fast. He noticed it when you grinded against him, shuddering at the immense feeling of his cock brushing against your inner walls. He couldn't bring himself to move away from your nipple, though, so he kept sucking while he moved both his hands to your hips and lifted you up so you were only halfway sheathed on his length. He secured you there so you were suspended on his cock, thrusting his hips up to meet yours. His pubic bone brushed against your clit and you were in heaven; his mouth on your tit, cock in your pussy and delicious friction on your bundle of nerves.
"Oh daddy! Feels so good!" You gasped out a breath, overwhelmed by pleasure and all of a sudden, you were falling. Falling deep into a delicious subspace. And there was that overwhelming buildup of pressure in your core again. "Daddy?"
He finally pulled off of your tit, leaving you cold without the warmth of his mouth, "yeah sweetie? What's up?"
Still thrusting up into you at a steadily inclining pace, Bucky found it hard to believe that this was your first time. You were so lost in pleasure that you hadn't acknowledged his words.
"Doll?" He punctuated his sentence with a sharp thrust to your g-spot, making you see stars.
"Daddy? I-I feel-" you didn't know what you felt. Full. For sure, you felt full. Bucky's girth was splitting you in two.
"What d'ya feel, doll? Y'gunna cum? Gonna cum all over daddy's cock like my good little girl?" He teased you, kissing along your neck, bruising it whenever he saw fit.
"Yes daddy! Please, please can I cum?" You begged.
"Of course, little one, cum on daddy's cock," he encouraged. As soon as he gave permission, you let go.
You'd never felt pleasure like that, vision going white and violently clamping down on Bucky's cock, causing his eyes to roll back into his head and cumming inside of you. You fell blindly even deeper into the blissful state that made you feel oh so warm and fuzzy on the inside.
You didn't stir for a while after that. Not until Bucky gently attempted to move you off of him.
"No daddy! Nonononono!" You scrambled to stay leaning against his chest, "no movin daddy, stayin here,"
"Honey, we have to get you cleaned up," he reminded you.
"Daddy no! Have to stay with daddy," you insisted. He ran a soothing hand through your hair.
"Okay, princess, we can stay here," he relented, "but 's not daddy anymore, is it? 'S Bucky again, remember?"
"Nuh-uh, 's daddy. 'N I'm daddy's baby," you babbled, reaching to play with his fingers.
"No baby, it's Bucky. C'mon, baby, y'gotta come back f'me, yeah?" He urged you ever so carefully, scared that if he pushed too far then you would go deeper into subspace.
"But daddy-"
"No baby, say it with me 'Bucky', yeah?"
"Bucky," you repeated. "Bucky!"
"That's right m'love! Are y' back with me now?" He asked.
"Yeah, 'm back baby," you muzzled your face in his neck, hyperaware that his cock was half hard again in your cunt but your legs ached too much to do anything about it.
"Well done honey, how d'you feel?" He checked.
"What in all hell does that mean?"
"Your a 100 year old assassin and you don't know basic English?"
"I'm American!"
"You speak English!"
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jobean12-blog · 5 months ago
The Story of Us
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,142
Summary: Bucky is broody muffin unless you’re around- then he’s just a soft muffin of love :)
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club cleanup the archive challenge and the super cute and sweet prompt below from my lovely friend @randomfandompenguin Thank you love! I hope you like this! You know I adore our beefy Bucky! Thank you all for reading and much love always! ❤❤❤ My beautiful divider is by @imerdwarf
Tumblr media
Warnings: Soft and sweet fluff, Bucky’s read Henley, some friendly teasing and fun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hey Buck, Sam and I are going for a run. Want to join us?” Steve asks.
Bucky looks up from his cereal and shakes his head. “Nah, I don’t feel like going out now. Thanks.”
Steve shrugs and claps him on the back. “See ya later Pal.”
Bucky finishes eating his breakfast and washes the bowl before grabbing his Henley and heading back to his room. He hears the soft padding of feet and immediately knows it’s you, his smile hard to hold back when you round the corner.
“Morning Bucky!” you chime, smiling brightly and brushing your hand over his arm. He doesn’t flinch or pull back and you’re grateful for it. In the time since he’s been here you’ve learned that he is ok with a soft touch here or there and you have never pushed for more, letting him lead.
“Hi doll,” he answers sweetly, turning back around and following you. “What are you up to?”
“Well, I started doing some cleaning, so I opened the windows in my room to you know just air it out but then I noticed how beautiful it is, so I decided to go for a walk instead,” you explain with a giggle. “Want to come?”
Bucky pulls his Henley over his head and grabs his hat. “I’d love to!” he says.
The two of you walk out into the warm sunshine and start down the street toward the nearest park. Conversation flows easily and you’re just about to finish your latest funny story when your shoe gets caught in one of the metal grates on the street and you start to fall forward with a screech.
Bucky’s metal hand reaches out and grabs yours, easily stopping your fall and gently pulling you upright again.
“Woah! You ok there doll face?” he asks, giving you a squeeze.
You let out a shaky breath. “Yea, I think so! Thanks for saving me! That isn’t the first time I’ve tripped over those things!” you tell him.
“No problem,” he replies, giving you a moment to gather yourself.
When you start walking again neither of your release your hands and you can’t help but feel the butterflies start to flutter in your stomach.
Bucky looks down between your bodies at your entwined fingers and when you catch him you brush your thumb over his. His lopsided grin makes the heat rise in your cheeks.
“Now I don’t have to worry about you face planting again,” he teases lightly.
You’re just about to make a snarky remark when you hear yelling. Both you and Bucky turn your heads to see Sam and Steve on the other side of the path, waving and pointing. They jog over and Bucky rolls his eyes.
“I thought you weren’t feeling like a run, Buck,” Steve chides playfully, Sam standing beside him with a goofy grin.
“Do I look like I’m running punk?” Bucky questions plainly, clearly not in the mood for them. “I’m enjoying a walk in this beautiful weather.”
Sam zeroes in on your clasped hands and mumbles something under this breath. Bucky shoots him a death glare and starts pulling you away.
“Alright, well have a nice walk. See you guys later,” Steve says, elbowing Sam so he starts running again.
When you get back to the compound you reluctantly leave Bucky’s company to go finish cleaning, but you promise to come find him later.
He makes a sandwich and grabs his book, sitting in the quiet common room to read. Nat, Clint and Wanda come in shortly after, bickering over what to have for lunch. They all greet Bucky, and he looks up with a wave.
“Do you want something to eat Bucky?” Wanda asks. “I’m making Paprikash.”
“I already ate thanks,” he answers and gets up.
“Well, there will be plenty of leftovers if you want,” Wanda shouts at his retreating form.
On the way back to his room Bucky considers stopping by to see how you’re cleaning is going but he decides to shower first. Afterwards he walks down the hall and lightly knocks. Waiting a minute, he still doesn’t hear anything and figures you aren’t in there, so he goes back to the kitchen.
Wanda, Nat and Clint are still there cleaning up from lunch.
“We’re going to play Pictionary when Steve and Sam get back. You should join us,” Nat says, looking at Bucky.
For a second it looks like he might agree to it but then he scrunches up his nose.
“I think I’ll sit this one out,” he says, settling on a chair at the far end of the room.
Nat doesn’t push and grabs her phone. “Watch this guys,” she whispers to Wanda and Clint with a sly smirk.
A few minutes later you burst into the room.
“Where are Steve and Sam?! I want to play!” you nearly shout.
You feel a pair of eyes on you and look over at Bucky. You go to him and sit on the edge of his chair.
“HI! I was hoping I would catch you in here. I went by your room just before but clearly you weren’t there,” you giggle.
“I did the same thing about a half hour ago,” he admits shyly.
“I must have been in the shower!” you explain as you tuck a strand of hair behind his ear.
It takes you both a moment to notice that all the chatter in the room has stopped and it’s strangely quiet. You glance over at Nat, Clint and Wanda, now joined by Steve and Sam and raise your brows. They are all staring and smiling.
“Who’s ready to play Pictionary!” Steve finally yells, breaking the silence.
“Want to play Buck?” you ask hopefully. “We can be teammates!”
He stands and reaches for your hand. “I would love that.”
You all pile onto the couches by the coffee table and Bucky pulls you down next to him, his arm falling over your shoulder. When you suddenly sit up you can see the worry etched across his features and you quickly reassure him.
“I just want to go grab my sweater. It’s always so cold in here,” you explain with a soft smile.
Bucky nods but then stops you.
“You could just take my Henley if you want?” he asks in a whisper. “I definitely don’t need it.”
“Yes please!” you tell him excitedly.
He stands and pulls it off, helping you get it over your head before you both sit down again.
You snuggle into his Henley and then under his arm as the two of you continue to talk while Steve sets up the game.
Sam leans Steve’s way, not bothering to keep his voice quiet when he says, “I can’t wait until the wedding when I can tell everyone what a broody bastard he was until she came along.”
Tumblr media
@addikted-2-dopamine @bugsbucky @book-dragon-13​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes @eurynome827 @fxckbuckyscoming @hiddles-rose​ @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @loricameback​ @lizette50 @lookiamtrying @marvelgirl7​ @nano--raptor​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @cherryblossomskye @tuiccim @whatrambles @white-wolf1940
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evanstarff · a year ago
Test Drive
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2300
Summary: Bucky Barnes catches feelings after a mission. There is one bed.
Warnings: Language. Bits of smut and lots of longing. Mostly fluff – disgusting, I know.
A/N: This is for the lovely @sourpatchkidsandacokecan's Little Darlin’s All Things Fall Writing Challenge – I'm about 84 weeks behind thanks to Real Life™ I'M SO SORRY. My prompt was "At least we're cozy now." which is in bold and italics below. 🖤
Masterlist here, lovers.
Frost stretched long, cool fingers across the windshield and Bucky was just about to eat his goddamn limbs to stem the cold from seeping in.
The light was getting smaller, quieter, soft falling snow swirled about outside, all sound cottoned out and the warmth sparse in the vehicle as it rattled along the asphalt. The radiator of the old, apparently nondescript box of metal some called a car had just about heaved its last, warm breath – unsurprising, considering the 1965 model in the deepest shade of fuck you blue probably groaned its way through half the most momentous events of the last fifty odd years.
"Seriously, can't you drive any faster?" you asked, feet jammed beneath your weight in some pitiful attempt to warm them.
"You wanna drive, darlin'?" he shot back, an impish grin lighting up the inky shade of night in the car.
"Nah, I reckon you're doing just fine, darlin'." A lilt on the second to last syllable and Bucky had half a mind to kiss that sly, delicious smile off your face.
You watched his eyes gleam and glow in the dim light of the dashboard, licked your lips slowly, quietly, bit your bottom lip just because you wanted to. Leather knuckles gripped the wheel a little tighter, the accelerator floored a little harder and you huffed a laugh, breath casting fog on the windowpane. Bucky zeroed in, took half a turn, then another, trying to focus on the drive – the drive, the radiator, and the hundred or so minutes he still had to clear before Wilson started harassing his ass for not being able to keep the damn time.
"Knew we should've left earlier," you mumbled, words clattering cold and fingers going numb.
Your breath was coming slower now, air coming easier too, anxiety trodden down and assuaged in slow motion as the distance between the finished mission and the semblance of home grew closer. Exhaustion seeped through tired muscles, aching in a way that felt good, but not so good that a month-long nap wouldn't be welcomed with open arms.
Bucky glanced over to the passenger side as the light of the moon crept higher into the inky night sky. The odometer ticked along as the minutes crept by and for a little while, the sound of your breathing, your steady heartbeat all curled up in the seat beside him was the calmest thing in the small hours of the world.
The car pulled up to the safehouse in about half an hour less than he bargained, the dim light of the street casting a sickly pale glow amidst the humble little home before him. Bucky flicked off the engine, pulled the leather from his fingers with this teeth and looked over to the passenger side.
You were still sound asleep, carefully folded like origami into the seat, your hands tucked beneath your arms. The stark light painted you all aglow, and the effect seeped through his heart with some strange, unspoken feeling. The radiator had held out as long as it could, but it seemed you ran cold while he ran hot.
A quiet kind of heat seemed to flood Bucky's chest and he swallowed, ignoring it as he ignored all your pleasantries throughout the mission – half a tease here, the gleam of a grin there, then came the flirting you often traced through conversation with the target before the flash of gunshots and the crunch of a broken bone told them otherwise.
It was a simple one – one target, one location, recon was quick and easy, location a little further from the perimeter than you'd initially planned. Simple at least if not for the training marathon he'd put you through the week before. He knew you were exhausted, and he was half-sorry for it – perhaps more than he wanted to admit.
No matter, Bucky decided, flicking a quick message to Sam to confirm you'd both arrived. The dim glow of a pin number and 4-digit room followed soon after and Bucky paused at the car door, conscious of the creak that would come when he opened it.
"Afraid of waking me?" came your voice, thick from sleep despite the cold, thin air outside, and Bucky stilled, face a little too close, too warm from your own and you swallowed, sure he had noticed the mild spike in your heartbeat.
"You broke the target's collarbone," he deadpanned, though his eyes glimmered, full of mirth. "Can't be too careful."
"I'm sure you've seen worse," you replied, shivering in spite of yourself, and pulled your comms device out.
"It's alright," Bucky said unprompted and unclipped your seatbelt, the warmth of his body, his presence all musk and heat too close to contain as he moved away again. "Already checked in with Sam. He gave us the room number."
"Number," you repeated carefully. "Us."
"One room," he replied, gathering his things and exited the car, not thinking to wait for your reply.
Bucky started towards the designated room for the evening, autumn leaves crunching beneath his boots. You watched him for a while, the strong line of his shoulders, hair cropped and cornered, silhouette in shades of darkness as he drew closer toward the building. Shaking your head, you took stock of your own things and chose to ignore the growing sense of yearning, hot anxiety – adrenaline, fear, astonishment and then some, the feeling sinking deeper into your heart.
"One room," you repeated, surveying the space. One bed, you chose not to say as you dumped your things by the desk and began to peel off your tactical gear. Boots by the door, locked and tacked shut – a habit from a different past, percolated with fear of being tracked by anyone but those closest to you.
Bucky was silent, deciding not to state the obvious and made for the bathroom. He unravelled himself from his own suit and couldn't hold back the groan as he peeled the jacket from his waist.
"You alright?" came your voice, mild concern and Bucky winced as he cleared the fabric from his skin.
"Fine," he replied, tried to shove the bathroom door closed, but you had other ideas.
"You're hurt," you said, face materialising in the doorframe, full of concern and a small part of him liked it, the way your voice grew firm and small in equal measure. "Why didn't you say anything?"
"Too busy driving," Bucky replied, his smile grim. "I'm fine."
"Sure you are," you answered, eyeing him warily, trying to decide whether to keep your distance, try to stem the building affection clean off your face – or embrace him wholly, completely, with everything you held back from the days before to the seconds now.
"It's fine," he repeated, a little more firmly this time – a way to keep you at arm's length, moreso to keep the growing tension from entering the only space he might be able to have for himself for the night.
"It's fine, it'll heal by morning – I'm 101 years old, not dead," you riffed off and Bucky half-yelped as cool fingers touched the skin of his pelvis, decision made now and you huffed a chuckle. "That's what you always say."
"What would you have me say?" he asked, though he was grinning now, heart going wild, a little stupid as you brought your face closer to his waist, hands careful, with careful eyes inspecting the graze.
"That you're hurt?"
"Except that I'm not," he breathed, hands of skin and metal closing over your own. Bucky pulled you up to eye-level, quiet now, breath going slow as he stopped, waited, then spoke at last.
"Are you worried?"
"I'm always worried," you answered before you could stop yourself, voice going small and soft and nervous. "I know you can take care of yourself, but sometimes I think–" and you shivered in spite of yourself.
"You're cold," Bucky said, noting your goose-prickled skin beneath the undershirt you wore.
"It's cold outside," you laughed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Why, aren't you?"
"I was once," he replied, the softest smile on those sweetest lips. "Not so much these days."
"Right," you answered, the word simple and dumb in your mouth, trying your best not to swallow your tongue and focus on swallowing the growing emotions in your throat instead.
Silence stretched longer than it probably should have, making the room feel larger, more hollow and speaking volumes more than either of you would admit to say. The fluorescent light did little to hide the tired lines in his handsome face, pretty cheekbones carved to the touch, prettier eyes like a simmering sea, and that mouth you couldn't stop thinking about as the days with him grew more and more.
You were acutely aware of how close he was and Bucky was too, the warmth almost radiating from his skin, hemline of his shirt pulled back down over the graze, down to something more akin to sensibility, until he broke the reverie and spoke again.
"See?" Bucky touched your hands again, the warm enclosure doing little to stem the fuzzy kind of feeling that set off from your fingers to your face, spreading through you, melting your insides so that you almost felt grateful for it. "All healed."
He pressed your hands to his wound, clean skin beneath your palm smooth and hot and you were sure the space seemed to grow smaller in these few moments.
You bit your lip, habit, stupidity, maybe both, and glanced at him, so sure your face was the spitting image of confessions made raw.
"Listen," he started, finding the right words, felt his brain go a little foggy. "Thank you," he stemmed the laugh in his throat. "For worrying, I mean."
"Anytime," you replied, tilting your face to his own, taking in those eyes, all blue and full and affection brimming. You meant to step away, give him some semblance of privacy, but of course, desire took you elsewhere, kept you planted, made you bite your lips again, lick them like some broken, nervous record on repeat to keep yourself busy.
Bucky was looking at you now, really looking like he was seeing you for the first time in a long time. His hands left your own now, fingers tracing the line of your jaw, your cheek, a single breath for luck and then his mouth was on yours or yours were on his, bodies pressing closer to each other, hot, hot heat, and pushing his lower back against the stupid bathroom vanity.
He reached for you, metal on your hips and you broke the kiss, against your better, your worse judgement, angling away just a little, words shaped in your mouth. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to–"
And where did that sharp, tenacious creature he adored from the mission just gone, he wondered. You were unguarded now, glancing at him, lips full and wanting, eyes unsure, and Bucky kissed you again.
"Don't be," he breathed, chest, heart, skin all giddy and sparking bliss through his entire body. Legs wrapped about his waist and he swallowed your giggles with his hungry mouth, his body hard and smooth against yours, clothes pushed to your knees, up past your wrists as you half-stumbled to the one bed and Bucky almost laughed at the thought.
"What," you asked somewhere in between his kisses against your throat and the motion of his long, lean, delightful body rubbing all hot against yours.
"Nothing," he replied, kissing your cheek, nose, mouth, then down, down, down between your thighs until you were shaking, your hands making short work of his chestnut strands, and you a shivery mess he took pride in pulling apart for the very first time.
It was too hot now, covers thrown clean off, sheets tangled through your legs as Bucky moved you, with you, inside you, then you him, fixing him between your legs, straddled him just how you wanted it before he was a solid pillar made warm and pliant beneath you. His clever mouth went everywhere, hands of skin and metal hot everywhere else, sliding a hand just there, the other cupping your cheek, drifting to your throat, just there – yes, oh god yes, right there. A thumb pressed just so, held you just right, all coiled tight and sweet, and he kissed you rough and desperate, so deeply, full of longing and tenderness, trying to pour every ounce of desire into this moment where the edges seemed to blur. The feeling seemed to climb, higher and higher, brighter and hotter, until it was too much, too hot, the feel of him engulfing you, and you were crying pleasure, biting the metal of his hard, clever fingers.
Much later now, the lingering frost trapped outside with nowhere to go for the night when you mumbled from beneath the sheets. "At least we're cozy now."
Bucky laughed, the sound almost hazy, a little worn, but full of delight as he tucked his face into the warm hollow of your pretty throat, peppered kisses on your skin.
"Thanks to you or me?" he asked, shifting against his better judgement, lifting his face to match your own.
"Why not both, darlin'?" you answered, tempting and teasing, feeling the vibrations of his chest against yours as Bucky laughed, the heat of him so wonderful, so loving and sweet, lazy pleasure spreading through his skin.
"Sure, darlin'," he replied. "Whatever you want," and then he kissed you, slow and sweet with the promise of the morning and all the ones after too.
Feel free to send an Ask for all yelling and good vibes! 🖤
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Tumblr media
summary bucky always softens around his girl.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff.
a/n have a nice day/night <33 my masterlist
Bucky certainly wasn’t a ray of sunshine around people.
He usually didn’t smile around the team. He would wake up earlier than everyone, train earlier than the rest of the team. He wasn’t the one to talk a lot, just answering questions.
Bucky was cold, he couldn’t control it. It wasn’t easy to feel comfortable around people after what he went through.
You were an exception.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky finally came to your door after a long day, full of training recruits. He let out a breath and knocked on your door with his knuckles.
“Hey, doll”
“Bucky!” you said as you jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you up a bit.
“Did you miss me, baby?” he said and kissed your hair.
“Mmh, yes. How was your day?” you said as you left his embrace, walking him to the bed.
“Eh, ordinary. Missed you so much.” he said and you gave him a look, making him chuckle. You sat on the bed and patted the spot next to you, telling him to sit. Instead, he took you in his lap and layed down, you on the top of him, his hands on your waist and your hands next to the sides of his head.
“How was your day, doll?” he asked, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“It was fine, I did some work and baked cookies.” you said as you started kissing his neck. Bucky hummed at the feeling of your open mouthed kisses.
“Chocolate chip?” he asked, a big smile forming on his face.
“Yes” you chuckled and put your head on his chest. His hands started to draw patterns on waist and arm and he started humming to an old song.
Bucky was longing for peace before he met you and now that you were with him, he wanted to keep you forever. He wanted to wake up next to you everyday. He wanted to sing 40’s songs with you. He wanted to take you out on a date at that fancy restaurant Tony recommended.
He wanted to tell you everything. He wanted to tell you he loved you with the most beautiful words he knew. He wanted to write you songs, letters, poems. He wanted to express his feelings like everyone around him did.
He sighed quietly.
Instead of using his words, he took your face in his hands, caressed your cheeks with his calloused thumbs and gave you a tender kiss. His lips were soft and it made you forget everything else for a few good seconds, there was just you and Bucky.
“I love you too,” you whispered.
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Eye Candy//B.Barnes
Bucky x female!reader
kind of enemies to lovers. i tried my best.
warnings: angst, bucky and reader being sarcastic assholes, mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol, pinning, sexual tension, language, mentions of sex
summary: sam asks you to help him get some information on hydra. however he was unclear on if it was a solo or duo mission. bucky tagging along entails lots of bitterness and it a certain situation lots of tension.
authors note: hey babes I hope you ll enjoy this. I created this and it loosely follows tfatws but of course I added my own twist. pls lmk what you think <3
Tumblr media
Sam had contacted you a while after you had settled in. Working as a free agent meant risky business but you had always got the job done. However Sam had mentioned that the mission you were gonna be sent on was fun but a dead end if you didn't get the right harddrive and the right information from the right guy. Always loving the challenge you agreed immediately. He had told you to meet Torres at the airport around six am for a briefing and for him to fly you to France. But what Sam forgot to mention was the number one reason you decided to work alone, James Barnes would be accompanying you.
Waking up at five you washed yourself up, packed you dresses, tactical gear, and some other personal things you would need. Sam said you were going in during a gala so makeup and hair products were a must. Locking everything up you made your way to the airport.
You had met Torres before. He followed Sam like a lost puppy and he was your ride to Panama for another solo mission. Walking into his office you knocked twice to grab his attention.
“Morning Torres.” You said setting your stuff on the table and walking over to greet him.
“Morning Y/N.” He said embracing you in a small hug.
“How have you been?” He asked, wanting to make small conversation. You sat at the table and him doing the same.
“Honestly I was so bored for the past month so when Sam called me, I of course had to say yes, but I did enjoy a nice break.” You said. Suddenly there was a small attention cough from the door. There and behold was Sergeant James Barnes, former Winter Soldier and forever a jackass. Your mouth hung open seeing him. Sam never mentioned that he would be joining you.
“Nice to see you flirting with Torres already.” He said walking in with his bags and sitting at the table.
“What are you doing here?” You questioned him.
“Oh didn’t you hear, you’re on my mission this time. This was my plan, and I can’t go into a Hydra gala without having eye candy to distract those men from looking at me.” He was smirking knowing his plan was working.
You grabbed your bag and got up to leave but he grabbed your wrist.
“Torres, I'll brief with her. Can you get us some coffee please?” James asked and his grip on you tightened.
“Sure I’ll meet you guys on the plane in ten. How would you guys like your coffee?”
“Both black, one sugar for me, and two for her please.” He said, Torres nodded and walked out of the room. You pulled your wrist free and gave him a stern look.
“What the hell Barnes is this all about.” You said gritting your teeth as you scolded him.
“Look sit down and let me explain.” He said pointing to the chair. You were being stubborn, you didn't take orders from him or any one for that matter.
“Please Y/N.” He said in a softer tone. Nodding you took your place.
“Look there's these supersoldiers who are based in Europe. They're stronger than us and I know that they’re a product of Hydra. I just need to get in that gala for information, it’s a charity gala but Hydras men will be there and this a secret Hydra base. But I can’t go in with Sam as eye candy because well--it’s Sam.” He explained while he opened a file that had all the information in there. You looked it over and realized that he really needed this information.
“What's your plan than sergeant?” You said finally making eye contact with him.
“Well the gala is Saturday night so we have about eighteen hours to scope around the area, make sure our guys are there. Attend the gala and keep our eyes open. The computers with information are at the top or at the bottom, it’s the same system just as long as we get into one of those rooms.”
“How do you expect them not to figure out who you are? And what is your plan to do with the guy you want information from?” Going back and forth with plans with James was common for you two. Especially after the incident that happened in Greece.
“I just need to slip a tracker in his drink, suit, anything on him. Get some basic information on him to just see if he has a motive. And as for you doll I know you don’t know this, but whenever you’re all womanizer well it’s kind of easy to ignore the hand you're holding. Also it’s a gala, limited light source, lots of booze, and well Hydra is known for being assholes so they're only paying attention to the females in that room.”
“Like father, like son.” You said shutting the file and sliding it towards him
James and you both grabbed your belongings and made your way down the runway towards the plane.
“So why didn’t you ask Sharon to go to this gala with you?” You asked as you walked with him.
“Really-- you know why.” He said letting out a low chuckle.
“Oh but I don’t.” You said offering a small smile. And you nudge your elbow into his rib cage.
“C’mon Barnes let me hear you say it.”
Shaking his head he turned towards you, looking into your eyes he knew you would walk away if he didn’t admit what you wanted to hear. Plus there was truth in that sentence.
“Fine, you're better at this job than her, plus your better eye candy and a better distraction for this mission.”
You smiled at his comment.
“Oh added bonus, better eye candy, James I would say you’re flirting with me, too bad I’m not into a fifty plus age gap.” You said letting out a laugh.
“Take the compliment and laugh all you want but that doesn’t make up for Greece.” He said walking onto the plane.
“Yeah whatever I’m gonna be hearing about that stunt for the rest of my life.” Rolling your eyes you saw Torres standing there with your cup of coffee. Offering a big smile to him you decided to show him some thanks.
“Torres you are my life saver and I am willing to pay you to crash this plane with old man Barnes in it.” Torres laughed but James didn’t which made Torres go silent and you now the one to laugh.
“I’m kidding, it's a joke old man, my goodness did you become grumpier while I was gone?” You said. James only gave you his famous stare. Turning to Torres you nudged him slightly,
“Wheels up dude before he changes his mind on actually having Sam accompany him.” Torres nodded and you took your seat, James sitting right in front of you never changing his facial structure. Just that deep dark stare that you absolutely despised.
✰ ✰ ✰
James and you had scooped the area of the gala out. Top security at every corner but this wasn't your first bulls run when it came to dealing with lots of security. You guys had stayed at the hotel that was around twenty minutes from the venue. Staying next door from each other, because let's be honest if you and James had to share one room, someone would be going to therapy and another to the hospital. It’s not that you and him ever despised each other where you couldn’t be civil, it’s just you both are completely head strong and would not let the other drag the other’s ego down. However after the Greece stunt, he was the one to scream and storm off. And ever since it was like walking on eggshells with each other.
The door between the shared rooms were opened as you both discussed the plan while getting dressed.
“Our guy is the main attraction of the night. I think you’ll have a better chance getting close to him than I will.” He said. You were curling the final pieces of your hair while listening to him. Standing only in your garments and hidden tactical gear you had walked over to the door. He was sitting at the edge of the bed tying his dress shoes on.
“Sergeant I know we want a plan for our every move but don’t you think we can’t plan our and everyone's move? No. We have two goals and we are not leaving until that gets done.” You said sternly and walked back to your left side of the room where your dress laid. Slipping it on you heard shuffling footsteps moving closer in your room. You knew why he was like this, this time around but you were getting annoyed at the sense of him babying you.
“Look I’m just trying to make sure we’re being cautious.” He said, he had walked over towards you as you motioned for him to zip your dress up. Looking at the scar that aligned your rib cage towards your spine, he let out a sigh.
“We’ll be fine.” You said moving away from him as the dress was zipped up, grabbing your heels you slipped them on, and applied a coat of gloss to your lips. Bucky grabbed his suit jacket, placed his gloves on and shut his door. Both of you were in the elevator and it was silent. Too silent.
“Try not to fall in love with me tonight.” You said trying to break the silence. Bucky let out a small chuckle,
“Try not to fall.” He said looking at you. Before leading you to the car that was being provided. Let’s just hope no one speculates the gloves, you thought to yourself as he drove to the venue.
The venue was in full party mode. Servers carrying trays with booze or finger foods. But it was easy to pinpoint those who were casual citizens and those who were a part of Hydra. Hydra always closed their groups circle when talking, never leaving it open for a passerby to join in. You and James had your arms interlocked as you walked up the stairs. Keeping your gaze shifting constantly so no one suspected anything.
“Seven o clock. Black tux with green socks.” James said leaning to your ear. Laughing a little you both shared a smile and allowed your gaze to look for the suspect he had just told you about. He was standing on the bottom of the staircase surrounded by some women and their dates.
“Hey go get us some drinks and I’ll meet you over there.” You said to him and he offered you a small kiss to the cheek and you both went separate ways. Shimming yourself to look even more desirable you began your route to the man. Your heels clicked down the staircase, as your dress trailed behind you. Hearing loud heel clicks the group turns around slowly. You acted unfazed until you saw his gaze on you. Looking up you made eye contact offering a sly smile towards him. Nearing two steps from him you purposefully tripped over yourself having to have him reach out to catch you. His arms out reached for your body and he had gracefully helped you obtain your footing again.
“Oh my goodness I am terribly sorry. Something handsome caught my eye and I couldn’t help myself.” You said acting all dramatic and head over heels for this guy.
“Well I’m glad it was me who caught not only you but you’re attention.” He said allowing his Russian accent peak through, he also snaked his arm around your waist. Having to conceal a shiver from his touch, due to the disgust you felt from this man.
“I was on my way to the bar for some liquid courage, care to join me? Obviously I don’t want to intrude though.” You said gesturing towards the group that surrounded them he laughed and shushed them away.
“How can I say no to a doll like you. Name is Viktor.” The sound of a doll coming from his mouth was foreign and annoying. And for once you wished it was Bucky saying that word. He led you towards the bar, taking a seat Viktor was sandwiched between you and James.
“So what are you doing here tonight darling? And why's there no ring on that finger?” He asked after he signaled the bartender for some drinks.
“Well I love to be a charitable person and a girl loves a good excuse to get all dressed up. And the ring problem, well I guess I haven’t caught the eye of the right man.” You said, James moved closer to the guy and began to listen in. You noticed he was having his own drink.
“What a shame. You know I could provide everything you need in life if you would allow me.” He asked smiling before taking a sip of his drink.
“Really and how does a man like you offer up such an ideal lifestyle?” You asked. Viktor had now set down his drink and James threw in the tracker and powder discreetly. You knew it wasn’t technically drugging the man but the man definitely did not consent to this at all.
“Well not to boast myself but I’m a scientist for this--well--company. And they loved my experiment so much that they’re mass producing it. And soon well it should change the world.” James looked over his shoulder to meet your eyes signaling for Viktor to drink his cup.
“Well cheers to that.” You said lifting your glass, Viktor following suit, and after toasting Viktor finished his drink. Continuing to talk to Viktor you noticed he seemed very uncomfortable.
“Viktor are you alright?” You asked him. James had slipped a laxative powder in his drink and let's just say poor Viktor did not plan to ruin his expensive suit. Before he could say anything he ran away towards the restroom. Letting out a small chuckle you looked over to James and saw him smiling as well. Both of you moved closer to one another.
“Sharon couldn’t do that.” He said just above a whisper. You smiled at his compliment, it was rare to hear praises from him and you were soaking it all in. Literally soaking it.
“Guards upstairs three of them, four in the main lobby, two hallway. Basement computer system is our best bet.” You said sipping on your drink and looking towards the two guards that were by the hallway who both grabbed a shot from the server.
“It’s like they don’t know that you’ve guys already encountered their new products.” You said.
“Let's move fast and keep it that way.” He said jumping from his spot and offering his arm for you to take. You both make your way through the hallway, acting all flirty and drunk, quickly he pulled you through a door that wasn’t being guarded. It was the hallway that led to the computer system.
Both of you began to run towards the door that led to the computers. James tried opening the door but it was locked, he put one of Sam’s accessories on the lock which will help unlock the door, but the accessory was taking way too long for both of your liking. Hearing the door open you r first instinct was pda. Something Natasha told you would always work in many situations. You grabbed Bucky by the tie and pulled him towards your lips. Instantly Bucky reacted and allowed his hand to caress you. Pulling away you mouthed ‘Keep going’. He moved towards your neck, and looking towards the door there was a guard who was dumbfounded like a deer in the headlights. Winking towards the guard and offering a smile--it all had to be an act, but Bucky sucked your sweet spot and you let out a moan. You would later tell him that it was for the act but you couldn’t believe that this 106 year old knew how to push the right buttons to get you worked up like that. The guard put their hands up and walked back through the door. Hearing the door close, Bucky didn’t pull away but offered his lips again on that spot. You were about to slip out a moan again but you kneed him lightly. He had a smile as he backed away from you.
Before opening the door, you both took your guns out, to be ready for any more distractions. Opening the door, you and Bucky both scope it out before he begins to speak.
“About three inches under the ear on the right side. Good to know.” He said. You knew he was talking about the spot.
You saw the computer and quickly moved over to log in and export the data it contained. Bucky moved behind you, encasing you with his arms, it wasn’t meant to be sexual but you sure were heated from the event that just had happened. The export estimated time read three minutes and fifty six seconds. Suddenly the air became thick and filled with tension.
His hand wraps around your waist, pinning you to be closer to his chest. He leans down closer to be hovering next to your ear, whispering softly,
“You can’t tell me that there’s nothing between us.”
You swallow sharply. Mouth becoming incredibly dry. His hands move in sync to turn you around so you’re now facing him. Even through the darkness and the computer screen being the only thing illuminating the room, you still saw his bright blue eyes.
“Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this.” His voice was nervous and shaky but his grip on your wrist tightened. As if he was about to lose you again. But you knew he knew your answer to his question. Ever since the Greece mission when you took the knife to protect him. Even though he’s a super soldier and could heal within a week, you weren’t thinking and didn’t want to risk losing him or seeing him in that state. And when he pushed himself away you promised yourself not to let yourself fall for someone again like that and take a knife across the side of your body. Moving your hands to move to his chest you game him a sly smile.
“Did my kiss hypnotize you that much Barnes?” You said leaning up to be closer to him.
“Or was it the fact that you saw me with another guy. Or is it when my hands roam all over you to feel every inch of your body. Or is it that you’ve haven’t been able to be with someone else like me, just Sam. Oh nope it was when you saw me practically naked in front of you wearing all my tactical ge-“ Before you could finish your sentence Bucky smashed his lips onto yours. You grabbed his neck wanting to feel him even closer. All the tension was released through a simple act of connecting each other’s lips. As Bucky grabbed your neck the computer downloading the data let out a sound acknowledging that it was complete.
You turned your head to grab the usb port. Laughing lightly when you realized what happened. Looking back up to him you leaned in closer.
“Buck you fucked up in Greece. Pushing yourself away from me.” You said.
“Finally. You said it.” He said when he heard you call him his name. His true name that he loved. That you loved. When you’re mad at him he knows because you call him everything else besides Buck or Bucky. But he knows that you’re under his spell when you refer back to his nicknames.
“You piss me off.” You said offering a smile again.
“Either way I do something to you.” It was the last thing he said before he reconnected your lips. But you pulled away.
“I am not about to have sex in a secret Hydra base.” You said placing your hand on his chest.
“Alright then let’s go have sex and then we’ll stop Hydra and have some sex more.” He said placing his lips on yours for a small kiss before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the exit. Bucky was done playing this game of being scared. He’s made amends, he’s gone to therapy, but now he’s ready to live his life like the way he’s always wanted too. But first he’s got to get the shield back to Wilson, figure out why there’s more superhumans, and make up for the months he’s pushed you away.
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Make It Up To Me, Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 4.3k
Warnings: Arguments, divorce mention, Bucky struggles with communication, alcohol consumption, unprotected sex (wrap it), edging, size kink, Daddy kink, fingering, we all know Bucky would be a hoe for his girl in a sundress let’s be real, Married!Bucky, good old fashioned makeup sex
Summary: Bucky and the reader have an argument and she leaves him, Steve convinces Bucky to talk it out with her. Complete smut but they work it out!!
A/N: I imagined this as hate sex with Bucky and turned out a bit softer than I expected, I just live for the thought of hate sex with Beefy Bucky omg. Also can’t believe I’m at over 200 followers now, thank you all so so much!!
Minors, do not interact
“Damn Buck, I still can’t believe you let that one get away.” Steve taunted as Bucky sipped his beer. Both men were sitting in the comfortable wicker garden furniture, drinking together and people watching the other guests at the party. It was your annual neighbourhood barbecue and truthfully, it was the perfect day for it. There was a light breeze but apart from that, it was stiflingly hot outside but that was to be expected in the middle of summer.
“Trust me, if you were married to her, you’d get it.” Bucky sighed, just a little hint of venom in his tone, downing what was left of his beer. Even Bucky had to admit, you were looking stunning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you, the way that pretty little sundress made you look so modest and pure was killing him. You two had been married for a few years, with things getting rocky in the last few months. Bucky had been cold and distant, pushing you away, not answering your calls, giving you short answers and never turning up for dinner. Eventually things just broke down, despite your marriage councillor’s best efforts to get Bucky to open up. After one particularly bad argument a few weeks ago, you had packed up a bag and left, slamming the door behind you.
“You don’t fucking try anymore Bucky! I do everything around this house and you don’t even bother to show up for dinner! I don’t know what I did to make you hate me but God, you’re really punishing me for it, aren’t you?” You had spat, finally reaching your breaking point when he hadn’t shown up on time for dinner for the sixth night in a row, leaving you eating alone yet again. “You don’t even touch me anymore, you hardly ever look at me, what did I do wrong?” You yelled, throwing the dishcloth to the ground in frustration. It was horrible not even being acknowledged in your own home, while you still slept in the same bed, you didn’t speak after the lights went out. All the dinners you made with love for Bucky sat in the fridge until you had to throw them out and with no explanation as to what was wrong, it was becoming soul destroying.
“Nothing, leave it.” Bucky had hissed, still not even looking at you.
“For God’s sake Bucky, it’s not ‘nothing’. Talk to me.” You pleaded, running a hand through your hair, at an absolute loss for what to do next. You had this argument weekly for the last few months, with nothing ever changing. It was always the same with Bucky, he just wanted you to drop it and leave him alone.
“Leave it, I mean it.” He insisted firmly, not budging an inch. His huge frame had almost been intimidating as he got up to leave the kitchen, running away from the conversation yet again.
“Bucky I’ve had it. I’m at my wits end. If you leave this kitchen, so help me God, I’m leaving you.” You threatened, tears spilling down your cheeks, both from frustration and the soul destroying pain of seeing the love of your life shut you down, once again. Bucky hadn’t spoke, he just kept walking down the short hall to your living room, slamming the door behind him. Unshed tears spilled quickly and you felt your heart break in your chest. How had things got this bad? Your vision was blurry with tears as you packed a bag, stuffing some clothes into a duffle roughly, with little thought or care as to whether anything matched. You could hear the TV blaring through the living room door as you gave one last glance to the room your husband was in, before turning and heading out the front door and getting in your car.
“Still think you should’ve just talked to her. She was good for you Buck.” Steve offered, making the dark haired man furrow his brow even more than it was before.
“I spent enough of my life being controlled Steve, I didn’t need some nagging wife trying to control me too.” Bucky snorted with derision. Deep down, he knew he could’ve been more open and honest with you and he knew it would’ve saved both of you from a whole lot of heartache but he was in far too deep to admit his mistake now. The worst part was he knew everything you were doing had come from a place of love. You hadn’t been trying to control him but once he let his head get the better of him, there was no coming back from it.
“From where I’m sitting, it looks like she only ever tried to take care of you. The girl just wanted to make sure you ate properly for God’s sake. I don’t see why you let her leave you.” Steve’s disapproval of the circumstances of your breakup was more than evident. He didn’t even try to hide the fact he thought losing you was the biggest mistake Bucky had ever made. He would’ve been happy to keep his opinions on your separation to himself if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had witnessed first hand how miserable Bucky had been since you split, no matter how hard he tried to pretend he was fine. Bucky didn’t reply and opened another beer instead, pressing the cool rim of the bottle to his lips. His eyes hadn’t left you all evening, watching as you swayed happily with the hem of your sundress flowing around your knees. You had hardly even looked in his direction, truly seeming like you were thriving after your split. The thought of you moving on ate him up inside. He couldn’t help but wonder if you were seeing someone new, it had been almost a couple of months after all, you could’ve found someone else in that time. The thought of anyone else touching you was more than he could bear, making his knuckles of his flesh hand turn white from how hard he gripped the beer bottle.
You had made your way around most of the crowd at the party giving lemonade top ups before you decided you should probably offer some to your ex-lover to save face. The knot in your stomach pointed out exactly how you would rather do literally anything other than go over and make painful small talk with the man you had lost but you still loved with all your heart.
“Lemonade, boys?” You offered with a smile, only letting yourself look at Steve and not at the man who was still technically your husband.
“Yeah y/n, sounds great, doesn’t it Buck?” Steve encouraged, lifting his glass to let you fill it. Bucky only nodded in response, doing everything in his power to not look at your legs trying to stop wondering if someone else was spreading them these days.
“Here ya go Buck.” You smiled curtly, bending at the waist to fill his glass that he hadn’t even bothered to lift off the grass. Bucky drew in a sharp breath at how close you were to him and how your sundress rode up just a little, showing off those gorgeous thighs.
“Thanks.” He huffed when you straightened again, doing his best not to look at the little jiggle of your ass as you walked away, taking lemonade to another little group of neighbours.
“Christ Bucky, that was painful. You need to talk to her. Sort things out.” Steve insisted, noticing the little breath Bucky let out now that you were gone. In truth, he hadn’t even realised he was holding it.
“Yeah.” Bucky huffed out simply, leaving Steve unsure if he actually meant it or not.
The rest of the party was pretty uneventful, you relaxed on a picnic blanket, chatting to some of the other ladies about the books you were all currently reading before helping with the dishes and clearing up. Almost everyone had went home already when their kids had got tired, drained from running around all afternoon in the summer heat. You had spent the best part of the last hour stretched out on the picnic blanket alone, just enjoying the light evening breeze, reading one of the books your neighbour had let you borrow.
“Buck if you don’t go talk to her, I will.” Steve threatened, noticing how Bucky was staring at you yet again.
“You wouldn’t.” The dark haired man hissed, eyes never leaving you. It killed him to admit how lost he was without you but the fear of you rejecting him, confirming his suspicion that you were doing just fine without him was more than he could handle.
“Try me.” Steve replied curtly, watching as his friend’s expression became even more annoyed. Bucky’s jaw was tense as he pulled himself up from the wicker chair, crossing the short distance to where you sat on the blanket.
“Can we talk?” Bucky asked as calmly as he could, his huge frame blocking the sunlight.
“I don’t know? Can we?” You replied, being as short with him as possible, stomach flipping with nerves at having to make awkward conversation for the first time in weeks.
“Maybe somewhere more private? Back home?” He suggested, ignoring how difficult you were trying to be. He knew you had every right to make this worse on him, it was his own fault after all.
“Fine.” You huffed, closing the book and standing up, dusting down the little skirt of your dress. Bucky led the way back to your house, only a few doors up from the little park that you had just spent the afternoon in. God you wished your heart could slow down, praying that he wasn’t just taking you back home to sign the divorce papers. You both walked in silence, Bucky unlocked the door and held it open for you, letting you walk inside and then closing it behind him. The house seemed exactly as it had when you left it and you were thankful for that at least.
“How’ve you been?” He asked softly, getting both of you a beer from the fridge, popping the cap off with his metal thumb. That had always been his favourite party trick. You took the bottle from him gratefully, settling into a chair at your kitchen island before taking a sip.
“Been busy.” You offered quietly. You knew you couldn’t say you were good, Bucky would’ve seen right through the lie. He just nodded, taking a sip from his own bottle.
“Missed you.” Bucky admitted, looking anywhere but your face. You didn’t say anything in response, just taking another sip from your bottle. There was so much you could’ve said, you missed him too, he could’ve called, things didn’t have to be like this but instead you kept your lips pressed tightly shut.
“You look good. Happy.” Bucky had barely whispered the last word, making you question whether he had even said it at all.
“And are you? Happy? Enjoying life as a single man?” You asked, giving him a little smile, heart breaking into a million pieces and just praying your eyes didn’t show it.
“No doll, I’m not. Miss having you around.” He seemed so much smaller, leaning against the other side of the kitchen island, beer resting on the dark granite countertop. “Miss waking up beside you, miss kissing you goodbye when you go off to work, miss your cooking.” He continued, finally daring to look you in the eye. The lump in your throat felt like it might consume you, tears welling in your eyes.
“You haven’t done any of that in months Buck. Even before we separated.” You pointed out.
“You with someone else now?” He asked, voice more than a little broken.
“No Buck, there’s no one else.” You reassured him, noticing how he stood up a little straighter. “Never wanted anyone but you. Thought you knew that.” His eyes seemed to light up at your little admission. He still had a chance. He could still win you back and spend the rest of his life making up for the fact he had been so damn stupid. Before he knew what he was doing, he had rounded the island and captured your lips in a searing kiss, hands clinging desperately to your hair. His huge thumbs caressed your cheeks and you couldn’t help but lean into his touch. God you had missed this, the passion and need that came with loving Bucky Barnes. His mouth was hungry on yours, making up for months of longing all at once. He clung to you desperately, his mouth moving against yours like a man starved. You couldn’t help but melt into his touch, his huge frame warm and comforting and familiar against your own, making you feel tiny.
“Missed you. So much.” He panted between needy kisses, not even taking the time to pull his lips from yours as he uttered the words.
“Missed. You. Too.” You managed to mumble back, tugging on his belt loops to pull him impossibly closer. Before you knew it, Bucky had lifted you up, gripping your ass with his flesh hand before placing you gently on the kitchen island, his lips never leaving yours as he did so.
“ ‘m so sorry doll, for everything.” He whispered, his bright blue eyes showing just how sincere he was, slotting comfortably between your thighs.
“Make it up to me, Barnes.” You whispered with a little smirk, crashing your lips against his again, needing this just as much as he did. A low growl was ripped from his throat at how fiercely your tongue slid over his, the need to feel you again almost consuming him. His hands slipped under the skirt of your little sundress, grasping the soft skin of your thighs firmly, the metal one feeling cooler against your skin than the other.
“Shit baby doll, you’re absolutely dripping.” He hissed, snaking his flesh hand to the apex of your thighs, finding them slick already, your underwear had been soaked through long ago. You could only moan in response, holding the back of his neck, lips parted, as his finger tips ghosted over the soaked lace. “Look so pretty like this doll, so ready for me and I haven’t even touched you yet.” His fingers barely teasing the thin material.
“You’re not in any position to tease Bucky.” You hummed, voice barely above a whisper. Looking dead in his eyes, you could see how badly he needed this, how he was thriving off the little moans and sighs he pulled from your lips.
“You’re right toots, bet you’ve missed these fingers. No one makes you cum like I do, not even yourself, isn’t that right? Bet even when you touched yourself it didn’t feel as good as when I do it. Your fingers just don’t make you feel as full as mine do.” You hated how every last one of his words had been right. He could play your body like a violin, knowing exactly how to coax orgasm after orgasm from you when he wanted to, leaving you with shaking legs and that fucked out look in your eyes that he loved so much. He pulled your underwear aside painfully slowly, trailing just one finger from your clit to your needy hole, before swiping back up again. His touch was still featherlight, only teasing but it was enough to drive you wild. Ever so slowly, he dragged his finger down your pussy once more, slipping it in you up to the first knuckle, connecting his plump lips with your neck at the same time. The light dusting of his beard scratching against your neck as he sucked you brutally, finger sliding deeper was almost too much. After each dark hickey he sucked, he made sure to soothe the tender skin with his tongue, pulling moans from you that were nothing short of obscene.
“Need everyone to know you’re mine. My wife.” He half groaned against your skin, admiring the dark bruises forming. He couldn’t help but love how you rutted against his finger desperately, needing more of him.
“Bucky please.” You pleaded, looking at him with that soft expression that made his heart melt.
“What do you need baby doll?” Bucky cooed, holding your face with his metal hand, curling his flesh fingers inside you until he hit that sweet spot you couldn’t reach on your own. He was truly obsessed with how your face warped into the perfect vision of pleasure, mouth falling open, eyes squeezing shut as he tore a groan from your bruised throat.
“Need more.” You managed to huff out, keeping your eyes closed, grinding helplessly against his hand. The sight of your plump, wet lips, parted ever so slightly as you rode his hand could almost have made him cum then and there.
“Anything for you toots.” He smiled, plunging a second finger into you, groaning at the stretch of your walls as you accommodated him. “Even tighter than I remember baby doll.” He praised. You could only whimper as his fingers flexed and curled within you, the wet sounds coming from your pussy were nothing short of obscene but that only fuelled him, making him work your body faster. “You’re so close toots, you wanna cum for me? You gonna be a good girl and cum on my fingers?” He coaxed, bringing his metal hand down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts. You nodded weakly, letting him work your body in the way only he knew. “Who owns this little pussy?” He asked, feeling you reach your peak but stilling his fingers before you had a chance to fall over the edge, letting the sharp edge of you impending orgasm fade.
“You do Bucky! My pussy is yours!” You gasped, willing to do anything if it meant he would just let you cum.
“Damn right it is.” He growled lowly, lips finding his way back to your throat as he let his fingers continue bringing you blinding pleasure. It didn’t take long for him to send you spiralling into the most intense orgasm, your body tightening, clenching and gushing around his fingers. You practically screamed his name as you rode out your high, grasping his wrist and clamping your trembling thighs shut around his hands as he continued, tearing every last wave of pleasure from your body. “Fucking delicious baby doll.” He groaned, sucking the evidence of your orgasm from his fingers. You huffed out a little laugh, running a hand through your hair to steady yourself, leaning back on your other arm for support. “You’re like a fuckin’ wet dream sitting there, you know that?” He smiled, taking in the sight of his wife in her pretty little sundress, panties pushed to the side and thighs slick with arousal. “Hair all messy, cheeks flushed, pretty little pussy on display to the world.” His words sent a shiver down your spine, sparks of need shooting through your body. “Can’t believe how stupid I was to let you leave.” His tone got a little more serious, blue eyes full of regret.
“Hey, I’m back now. No harm done.” You soothed, opening your arms so he could slot himself between your thighs and hug you close. The scent of his familiar cologne was all you needed, little kisses peppered against your shoulder as Bucky buried his face in the crook of your neck. “Now take me to bed and fuck me like our marriage depends on it.” You laughed quietly, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.
“No pressure then.” He chuckled, scooping you off the counter and carrying you gracelessly to the bedroom, both of you laughing together as he did so. “You know, half of me wants you to keep that pretty little dress on.” He smiled, setting you down on the bed gently, layering his body of top of yours so he could press needy kisses to your lips.
“Oh yeah? And what does the other half of you want?” You teased, fingertips digging into his firm back.
“To rip it off you.” He replied simply, fingers playing with the hem of the skirt. “Gently though, want to make sure it stays in one piece. Looks so damn good on you, gotta show you off some more.”
“Make up your mind Barnes, you can’t have both.” You laughed, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down his legs.
“Take it off.” He decided, pushing his jeans the rest of the way down before pulling his shirt over his head. He watched hungrily as you rose to your knees on the bed, pulling the dress up over your head before letting it fall to the floor. “No bra? God, you really are a wet dream.” Bucky all but groaned, joining you on the bed, his lips sliding against your own as he pulled your underwear down your legs. You placed both hands on his firm chest, pushing him back onto the plush pillows, slotting one leg either side of him, leaving you straddling his waist. You couldn’t help but rut against him through his boxers. He felt absolutely huge, so long and thick, nestling perfectly between your folds. Little whines escaped your mouth as you lost yourself in pleasure, not even needing him inside you for him to make you feel incredible.
“Soaking me toots, you know that?” He growled in your ear and you gripped the headboard for leverage, practically humping his clothed cock. “Making such a fucking mess, little slut, you like soaking daddy’s cock like that? Like feeling how hard I get for you? Don’t you want more baby? Or is just Rockin’ against my cock like that enough to make you cum?” His hands gripped your thighs tight, helping you to slick him up.
“Need to fuck you.” You gasped out, finally pulling his boxers off and positioning yourself above him once more, sinking down onto his cock slowly. The stretch was almost unbearable, your eagerness to have him inside you conflicting with the pain of your walls fighting to accommodate him.
“Too big for you baby doll? Been too long since you took daddy’s cock, hmm? Promise you won’t ever have to go without it again. Daddy’s gonna take good care of you, promise.” His filthy growls only made you sink down onto him faster, despite the pain until he was fully seated inside you. “You wanna fuck daddy princess? Wanna see you use me. Use me to make yourself cum. Don’t worry your pretty little head about me, just want you to cum as hard as you can, you got it baby doll?” He asked softly, cradling your face in his metal hand as you began to rut back and forth, loving how his cock hit the deepest spots inside you.
“You feel so good, so big Bucky, you’re so big.” You sobbed out, feeling the head of his cock nudge that sweet spot deep inside you. Bucky thrust up into you harshly, making you yelp.
“Think you mean daddy, toots?” He teased, thumb placed on your chin to make you look down at him. He looked absolutely perfect underneath you, hair messy, wet tongue poking out to soothe the lips that you had assaulted earlier. His hand went back to your thighs, helping you grind messily on his cock.
“Need more daddy please. Need you to -ah- need to cum.” Your whines were practically cries at this point as Bucky slid two flesh fingers between your bodies, nudging perfectly against your clit.
“That’s it, good girl, get nice and full and fuck yourself against daddy’s fingers. Look so good like this for me angel, so so pretty. Stuffed full of cock and rutting on my fingers like a needy little slut. Such a pretty girl.” He praised, making you speed up. His fingers nudged your clit just right, making you mewl. Bucky began to press his fingers against your clit just that little bit harder, sending you reeling into your second orgasm of the night. Before you could even come down from your high, Bucky had flipped you, laying you on your back with him on top of you, fucking you roughly through the aftershocks. You were practically screaming for him as he thrust into you, making sure you felt every last inch of his cock. You were so overstimulated it almost hurt as Bucky fucked months worth of need into your body.
“Love you doll.” He whispered, not slowing down at all before sliding his tongue over yours, all passion and longing and need.
“Jesus, Buck, cum for me, please Bucky.” You whimpered, grasping at his back and shoulders, fingernails digging into his flesh.
“This pussy is mine.” He growled lowly, hips stuttering as he came with a long, drawn out groan, filling you completely. Cum dripped out of you before he could even pull out, marking you completely and utterly as his. After a few minutes, he flopped onto the bed beside you, pulling you close and kissing your forehead, despite the thin sheen of sweat.
“Shit, if the makeup sex is that good, we should argue more often.” You laughed lightly, still feeling like you hadn’t quite come back down to earth yet. He chuckled lovingly, stroking your hair.
“I don’t know doll, wasn’t nice being without you. Don’t think I’ll be rushing to argue like that again.” He admitted, stroking your bare back tenderly with his metal fingers, noticing your heart rate return to somewhere closer to normal.
“I guess you’re right, missed having you around.” You smiled quietly, pulling him into a gentle kiss.
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jobean12-blog · a year ago
Pitching a Tent
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,568
Summary: You and the team go on a camping trip together and you get stuck sharing a tent with Bucky. 
Author’s Note: This is for @aesthetical-bucky 1k challenge and the continuation of the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk drabbles and the super fun prompt sent in below. For the challenge I had the prompt- enemies to friends/lovers: camping trip and you’re forced to share a tent with (Bucky) and then the smutty prompt- “are you wearing underwear?” Congratulations my beautiful love! Thank you all for reading and much love always! ❤❤❤
Tumblr media
Warning: Fun teasing, flirting, fluffy fun, implied sexy times ;)
Tumblr media
The tent pole pops out of the fabric and nearly takes your eye out. Letting go a string of curses you flail around in a huff. “Having some trouble, doll?” Bucky taunts, standing over you with a smirk. With a frustrated groan you stand, poking him in the chest. “Are you offering to help or just enjoying my suffering.” He picks up one of the poles and bops you on the head, “nope, definitely not gonna help,” and walks off with a laugh.
You grit your teeth, ready to stab him with the pointy end but Clint’s boots block your way. “Hey kid, need some help.” Looking up you frown, but it quickly turns into a smile when he gives you his own goofy grin. “That would be great thanks! Bucky basically came over here to make fun of me then left.”
Clint’s grin only grew, his eyes twinkling with something you can’t quite place. “What?” you ask, watching as he starts picking up the pieces of the tent. “Nothing. You two are oblivious is all. Hand me that pole, please.” You hand it over with a raised brow, blowing out a raspberry before saying, “if by oblivious you mean he’s an asshole then yea.”
With a shake of his head Clint continues building the tent, doing it far more quickly and efficiently than you ever could. “Wow,” you say, standing back and looking over the perfectly balanced tent. “Thanks, Clint! At least someone was nice enough to help me!” You shout the last words in Bucky’s direction, his head swinging your way. “Well it’s a good thing. You would have never been able to do it yourself.”
Clint can no longer contain his laughter as it rings out over the campground. “Oh man, so funny,” he mutters as he walks away. You narrow your eyes at Bucky, sticking out your tongue. He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and does the same back, your face scrunching up in shock. “UGH!” you say, not noticing when Steve leans over in Clint’s ear, whispering something that makes them both grin deviously.
The rest of the day goes by peacefully and you enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the woods. You manage to avoid Bucky for most of it. After dinner you head down to the lake to cool off with a swim. Ridding yourself of your clothes you walk into the refreshing water wearing only your underwear and bra, sighing at how good it feels.
You’re so caught up in the relaxation of your surroundings that you don’t hear Bucky quietly enter the water. It isn’t until he has his hands at your sides, tickling you and effectively scaring the life out of you that you know anyone is there. You scream loud enough to draw over Nat and Clint, the two of them going from terrified to annoyed. “I’m gonna drown the both of you if you don’t cut this shit out!” Nat yells over the water then stomps off, Clint hot on her heels.
“Nat’s not gonna be able to drown you because I’m gonna do it first,” you shout, trying your best to push Bucky under the water. It’s no use of course as he laughs and easily holds you back. “Nice try doll, but you might want to work on your take down a bit.” With that he dunks you one more time and strides out of the lake. You seethe, watching as the water drips down over his neck and chest. You don’t know if you’re angrier at the fact that he managed to scare you or that you’re staring because he looks so damn delicious.
Darkness finally descends on the campground and you and the rest of the team are huddled around the campfire, roasting marshmallows while Tony complains. “You should have let me buy a camper. Then we could have done this and gone to bed in style.” Steve throws a marshmallow at his head, tsking as he says, “that defeats the purpose Tony!” You laugh while trying to unstick your fingers from the marshmallow on your smore, finally deciding to just lick it off. You feel someone staring and look up to see Bucky’s eyes on you. His jaw is clenched, and he looks almost angry, so you just chalk it up to him being his usual jerky self. Throwing him a smirk you lick your lips.
It’s after midnight when everyone finally shuffles off to their tents. Nat and Clint, Tony and Pepper, Steve and Sam and then you and Bucky are left glaring at each other. “Oh, hell no, Barnes, you can sleep outside,” you say, going into the only empty tent left and starting to zip it closed. He barges through, “no way y/n. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”
You look down at the sleeping bag and although it’s giant there is only one. “Then you have to sleep outside the sleeping bag!” You stomp your foot with authority, and he laughs. “We’ll see about that.” Huffing and puffing you get yourself ready for bed, all the while very aware of Bucky’s closeness.
Once you’re under the cover and comfortable you sneak a glance his way just as he’s taking off his shirt. He starts to take off his pants and you screech, “what are you doing Barnes?” Giving you a cocky smile, he replies, “what does it look like, baby, getting ready for bed.” His pants are off in a second and he’s now standing in his boxer briefs.
You swallow hard and try to look away but can’t seem to bring yourself to. He lays down next to you, above the covers as promised and grabs his book. “Sleep tight, doll.” You mumble goodnight and turn over with a sigh. You’re not sure how much time passes before you start shivering but you can’t seem to stop.
“Are you cold, y/n?” You were hoping he was asleep already. “No, I’m fine,” you lie, curling into yourself. The next thing you know he’s getting into the sleeping bag and pulling you into his chest. At first you protest, pushing away from him with a grunt. “No thanks, Buck.” He doesn’t listen, tightening his hold on you and whispering into your neck, “don’t fight me, doll. You can’t freeze all night. Your feet are like ice.”
Giving in you go limp in his arms, finding it hard to fall asleep now that his warm body is so close to yours. You wiggle around to get comfortable and you hear his breath hitch, the low rumble of a growl vibrating through his chest. Ignoring him you cuddle closer, the feel of his hardness against your ass making you stifle a moan. You finally relax, the comfort of his strong body lulling you into a peaceful sleep.
When you wake up the next morning, Bucky’s arms are still curled around you and your legs are tangled together. “Morning baby,” he murmurs, stretching his arms. You do the same, your oversized shirt riding up above your bum. Bucky immediately stills, his thigh brushing against your bare skin. “Are you wearing underwear?”
His question is barely audible over your heavy breathing, the air thick with tension as he runs his metal arm up your thigh. “Um. They were still wet last night after my swim in the lake, so I didn’t wear any to bed.” He rolls you over, caging you under him and between his arms. “Are you telling me you’ve been without underwear this whole time?”
You shake your head yes, unable to speak now that his thigh is nudging between your legs. “Fuck,” he growls before leaning down to kiss you. The very moment your lips brush to his you hear the zipper of your tent. Bucky jumps off you and throws the cover over your bodies. “Morning you two!” You hear Sam’s chipper voice before you see him poke his head into the tent. “Hurry and get up, Tony’s hungry and is already starting to yell about taking everyone out to eat. We have to get breakfast ready and we need all hands-on deck.”
He smiles, waiting for your reply. “Yea, yea, we’re coming Sam, get out!” Bucky throws a sock at his face which works better than expected as Sam wrinkles his nose in disgust and quickly leaves. “Fucking hell, he has the worst timing.” You giggle then blurt out, “but I thought you couldn’t stand me.” Bucky quickly moves back to you, taking you into his arms.
“Quite the opposite doll. I really like you a lot. It’s just easier for me to be a pain in your ass than actually tell you. I didn’t think you could ever feel the same way.” You straddle his waist, winding your arms around his neck. “Well, you’re wrong. I do like you. A lot.” His thumb brushes against your cheek and he leans in for another kiss only to be interrupted once again by Sam yelling outside your tent.
“Don’t make me come in there again! Hurry your asses up.” Bucky rests his forehead to yours and sighs, “I guess we have to go help with breakfast.” You tuck some hair behind his ear. “Yea, I guess,” you reply with a light laugh, then perk up, asking, “hey, so what are you doing later?” His grip on your waist tightens and he gives you a heated look. “You.”
@aesthetical-bucky @auro-ora @azurika-writes @book-dragon-13 @buckys-broody-muffin @bugsbucky @emilylyoness @eurynome827 @imgaril-lindru @ikaris-whore @itsunclebucky @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @kaosera @loricameback @littledarlinhavefaithinme @littleredstarfish @mushyjellybeans @marvelgirl7 @marvelandotherfandomimagines @nano--raptor @randomfandompenguin @scarletsoldierrr @sallycanwait68 @the-wayward-robot​ @softpeachbarnes​ @yansi1923​ @hiddles-rose​ @hawksmagnolia​ @hailmary-yramliah​
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Hide & Seek
Summary: Bucky wakes up to his favorite things in the world. His sons and you.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: unbeta'd, Ill edit later. Don't copy, or repost but I'll appreciate likes comments and reblogs.
Hushed giggles and pattering of mall feet wake Bucky from his nap. He blinks slowly, shielding his eyes from the soft golden rays streaming through the swaying living room curtains. He touches his chest with a smile, knowing you must have taken the baby when he fell asleep.
The last thing he remembers is watching his babbling newborn stretch his chubby arms before yawning in his face.
Bucky’s enhanced hearing picks up more giggling. Closer and louder. Little voices whispering. A flash of orange darting across the hallway catches his attention.
Rubbing the drool stain on his henley, Bucky lolls his head to the side. His oldest son skids to a stop, his lively eyes widening comically before he gasps and runs away.
“What?” Bucky chuckles, scrubbing his hand down his face.
He sits up when he sees you saunter around the corner, his blue eyes brightening as you make your way towards him. “Hey, honey.”
“I missed you.” Bucky grabs your hips the second you’re within reach, pulling you on his lap.
Looping your arm around his neck, you chuckle, “Bucky, you were asleep for ten minutes, how could-.”
He cups your face, gazing at you with such awe and love that your breath hitches and your heart races. No matter how many times he gives you that look, you’ll never get used to it.
“I love you.” He murmurs, his hand moving up your thigh to your waist, soft lips brushing over yours until your own parts and his tongue slides in your mouth. Sliding your hands in his soft, short chestnut locks, you bring him closer, the kiss deepening as he slants his head. He’s always so eager to have a taste of your lips.
“He got mommy. Leave her. We gotta go,” your son whispers loudly to his brother, small feet slapping on the floors as they run into the kitchen. “Go, go, go.”
You break away, resting your forehead on his, laughing, “right, almost forget, you’re playing hide and seek with our boys.”
“What?” Bucky repeats for the second time in five minutes. His curious blue eyes sweeping across the open living room, he spots his eldest hiding under the chair, and his middle child peeking at him from under the sink.
You nod, patting his chest. “And you’re losing.”
Bucky tilts his head, “I am?”
"Yep.” You stand up and back away, giving him a playful look. “There’s five minutes left and if you don’t find them, you’re taking us out for pizza.”
You both grin when you hear a chorus of yeahs erupt from the ‘hiding spots'.
Bucky stretches his arms over his head, rising to his feet. “What do I get if I win?”
“If you win, we take you out for pizza.” You lean whispering that it was your son’s idea of course.
He places a warm kiss on your lips, happily sighing. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face if he wanted to, these are the moments he lives for now. Bucky will never understand how he got so lucky to have you and his boys but he’s going to cherish every minute of his life with you.
“Got it.”
Bucky saunters in the kitchen, stomping loudly around the table, pretending that he cant see his colorful shirt sticking out. Your son scoots back, holding his hand over his mouth, squealing as Bucky gets closer.
You sit on the coffee table and watch as your supersoldier opens and closes the cabinets, loudly calling your sons names.
“Are you in here?” He shouts, opening the fridge. You wave at your boys, gesturing for them to run. Bucky keeps his head down, waiting for them to flee the kitchen before turning around.
They hide behind you, giggling into your back.
“Where are they?” He asks.
“Who?” You shrug, you look back at their happy faces, a perfect combination of you and Bucky staring up at you. “It’s just me.”
“Alright, guess I’ll go look upstairs.” He replies slowly, stomping down the hall.
They slink out when they think he’s gone. For a brief second, your house is quiet.
Then Bucky springs out from the hallway and chaos erupts around you.
They scream running around the living room as your husband chases them. Bucky pretends to stumble and miss each time he gets close enough to grab them.
You’re almost in tears from laughing so hard. After a few minutes, you announce that they’ve won. Bucky holds his hands up in defeat, letting them tackle him to the ground. The room filled with chants of pizza as they jump and climb on him.
You join them on the rug, poking your oldest in his belly. “So what’s this about leaving me behind huh?”
He looks at you, his toothy grin matching Buckys. “Had to. Daddy told Uncle Sammy that you can’t handle-”
“Who wants pizza?” Bucky interrupts, plucking the boys off the floor, using them as shields as he backs out of the room. “Love you, doll.”
You smirk, arms folded across your chest as you watch your husband run from you, “Love you too Bucky.”
Part 2
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buckybarnesdiaries · 3 months ago
a place called home
Tumblr media
© credits to the author, i found it on google. if you own it, send me a message to add your @.
bucky barnes x reader. ⎢ masterlist.
Request by @dora-wolfram-blog: Hi <3 so happy to see your requests are open! How about ex Avenger reader who can manipulate the forces of nature and she comes to help Sam? (Idk maybe calling fish from the sea so his family can sell and earn enough money for the boat?) There she meets Bucky who she briefly met after endgame and they get to know each other? Domestic stuff is my weak spot so thank you so much luv u <3
word count: 1.206 words.
warnings/tags: none. bucky being a gentleman and sam a pain in the ass as always.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
Saying that Bucky and you were friends wasn’t something exactly. You fought together a couple of times before you retired from superhero life. Like many of them, the war had finished and you chose calm over being a private agent. More or less like the ex-soldier, with the difference that he went to New York and you didn’t be able to find a home until Sam made you a call. He was quite the opposite of Bucky for you, connecting since the very first second you met. After he told you about his sister’s financial trouble, he offered you a roof to sleep under in exchange for your powers to control the tide and promote the movement of fish stocks. Of course, it was a hit, and you finally found peace in Delacroix. A celebration was inevitable, it was part of Wilsons’ DNA, but you weren’t expecting Bucky to show up with Sam; although he told you in your last call that they were working together. Or something like that.
As soon as your eyes laid on him among the crowd, you knew he had changed after more than six months without seeing each other. You couldn't help but feel happy for Bucky when you saw him smiling for the first time. He had a beautiful and innocent smile, seeming like a new man. Renovated, with want to live, enjoying playing with kids and talking to old men about war stories.
You had placed your back against an oak column, away from the crowd but close enough to check on everyone, in case they need help with anything. A beer was resting against your lips, doubting on continuing drinking, lost in your thoughts. There was something about Bucky going from one side to another, laughing unworried, that had fully captivated your attention. You weren't able to stop looking at him, chuckling when you saw one of Sam's nieces putting a magnet with the form of a crab on his left arm.
“I have that teen-in-love's face on camera”.
You frowned at Redwing some inches away from your face. As a response, you tried to slap it down. But your friend was faster than you controlling that thing.
“He looks good, uh?”
“Oh, shut up…” You replied by clicking your tongue and rolling your eyes, having a sip from your drink to put your eyes away to the sea.
“He asked if you'd be here… Just saying”.
“Shut up, Samuel!” You implored, rubbing the bridge of your nose.
Tumblr media
As the night went on and the guests started to leave, Sarah asked you to take Jim and Jody home while she stayed there cleaning with his brother about the business. You were exhausted too, and she noticed it. And after saying your goodbyes, you headed to the parking where your car was stationed, carrying the younger Wilson onto your arms —peacefully sleeping— as his big brother was yawning loudly. At that point, you realized that it was going to be a tough mission to put them in the car.
“Wait! Lemme help”.
The male voice coming from behind you made you turn around and before you could react, Bucky was taking Jody from your arms to his. You smirked softly in response, looking for the key in the right pocket of your jacket to unlock the car. The soldier tucked the younger in the back seat, placing the belt around him as Jim occupied the other side of the SUV.
“It's been good to see you”. You said after closing the door, staying outside in front of him.
“Same”. He replied, not knowing what else to say.
Puckering your lips and clapping the key on your palm, you nodded with your chin, feeling the nerves running through your veins. “Good night, Bucky”.
“Good night, (Y/N)”.
You gave him your back, sighing inappreciably, to open the pilot's place and came in.
“He— Hey, wait”.
“Sam told me… you were tired. I might give you a ride back home. I can wait for him there”. The offering made you glance towards him, already sitting in your car but with a leg rest on the ground. “If you want, I mean…”
Of course he did (...). That son of a bitch had the audacity to push you onto the other. You bit your inner cheek, landing your eyes on the wheel. Yes, you were tired. You woke up at five to sail with Sarah, then you organized the party and cooked for it. You hadn't had a single second of rest during the whole day. And Sam took advantage of it, feeling like he was some kind of Cupido. And you had to recognize that it was also very considerate coming from Bucky.
“I'd appreciate it… actually”. You ended up agreeing, stepping out to give him the keys and ceding your seat.
The ride was silent between the two of you, hearing some quiet indie music playing on the radio while you fought against your brain to stay awake. Luckily, it didn't take him too long to reach Sarah's house —although you were barely keeping your eyes open at this point. Again, he helped you with the kids, walking indoors and following you to their respective rooms. You tucked Jim and Jody on their beds, making sure they were comfy before placing a kiss on their foreheads and wishing them a good night. Bucky had rested his back against the wall, in front of the elder’s room, just waiting for you. And you could swear that you saw him briefly smirking because of the tenderness in your actions.
After closing the last door, you waved your head to urge him to follow you downstairs to the living room. With an exhausted sigh escaping your lips, you let your body fall on the sofa, curling on a side of it to give Bucky some space. You couldn’t help but yawn, turning on the TV by using the control remote.
“It’s good to have a home to come back”.
“Yeah… After all the shitty situations we’ve been through… We deserved a rest, don’t you think?” You replied grabbing a cushion from the floor, using it as a pillow over the armrest. “Sorry, I… I’m deadly tired…”
“Come here, that will hurt when you wake up”.
Bucky didn’t hesitate on beckoning to his arms, taking off his boots heel against heel to place both legs over the coffee table. You didn’t resist, knowing it would be comfier by his way. Sitting up, you lied to the opposite side, being wrapped instantly and snuggled against his warm body. Shameless, you rest your head on his right forearm, practically laying over his lap. But you felt good. You felt like it was a good reward after a long day, rolling down your eyelids and focusing on the caresses in your hair you didn’t know you needed.
For a moment, your mind wandered and fantasized about this last hour being part of your real life. Putting your kids to sleep and then cuddle with your husband till falling asleep. Smell Bucky’s strong and edgy scent. Your hands scratching his back. His fingertips stroking your scalp. Your legs laced (...)
Oh, God, Sam. What did you do?
Tumblr media
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nsfwsebbie · a year ago
breed | b. barnes
summary | bucky libido always flares at the thought of breeding you, so maybe it’s time for his dreams to come true.
pairings | dark!bucky barnes x female reader
word count | 2,453 words
warnings | noncon sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dark!bucky, breeding kink, mentions of kidnapping, male masturbation, DARK!FIC, SMUT, 18+
Tumblr media
BUCKY THRUSTED HIS hips forward, handfucking his cock. his flesh hand slammed against the shower wall tiles as he felt himself get closer to his release. cold water poured down his face, but he paid no mind to it. his cum spurted out in white streakes, painting the shower walls instead of yours. his chest heaved slightly as he controlled his breathing, squeezing his eyes shut. his started to go flaccid, the feeling for pleasure no longer coursing through his veins. he couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t. every since he met you, all he thought about was breeding you. maybe it was all the pent up sexual frustration from all those decades. maybe it was something inside him that was triggered by you. he didn’t what it was, but that was always the least of his thoughts.
the annual avengers movie night was always your favourite. the relaxation and coziness of it always made you feel at home. you watched from the kitchen as clint and sam fought over the remote, arguing over who gets to choose the next movie. you giggled softly before the beeping of the microwave caught your attention. you grabbed the bag of popcorn you put in there and shook it up. “careful there, wouldn’t want to break it all up” a deep voice behind you warned, making you jump. you turned to see the elusive super soldier, bucky, standing right behind you. “bucky you scared me” you held your chest, your heart beating at a hundred palpitations per second. “sorry doll” he meekly apologized, before opening up the bowl of butter. you opened the bag of popcorn carefully, not wanting to spill any. you watched as bucky took a heaping was of butter and placed it in a bowl before putting it in the microwave. “are they still fighting?” you asked him giddily, making him smile down at you. “yep! it’s like by the time they’re done five movies would be finished” he joked, making you laugh almost in a flirtatious way.
bucky laughed along with you, but watched as you bubbled with laughs and giggles. you both calmed down once the butter finished melting, sighing heavily. you opened the microwave and made the mistake of grabbing the hot ceramic. “ouch!” you cried out, pulling your almost burnt hand out of the microwave. bucky cursed a string of swear words as he grabbed your hand. “it’s not burnt, just a little sensitive” he told you, making you let out a breath of happiness. bucky knew that once he got you pregnant he’d have to safety proof the entire house. bucky grabbing the bowl with his metal hand and carefully drizzled the butter on the popcorn. “put the whole thing” you whispered under your breath, and bucky made your wish come true. he knew that once he got you pregnant he’d have to cut off all junk foods, especially if it’s a super soldier baby.
you both finished getting all the snack together and then plopped down on the expensive couches tony had bought. tony decided to put on ‘knives out’ after he had enough of sam and clints bickering. you cuddled yourself close to bucky and he wrapped an arm around you. halfway through the movie he watched as exhaustion took everyone over. he looked down at you and saw you sound asleep. you looked so peaceful and relaxed, and yet you also were the most beautiful in the room. he looked down from your face and was met with the sight of your tits. realization hit bucky as he then noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra. he peeked under the blanket that you both shared and saw how your nipples showed through your cotton shirt. he bit his lip at the thought of when your tits will fill up with milk, how it’ll leak through your shirt. he adjusted himself to get a better view, but he accidentally nudged you. he halted himself and waited for you to wake up.
“bucky?” you stirred awake, calling out for him. “sorry doll” he apologized, hoping you’d go back to sleep. “what time is it?” you grabbed your phone and checked the time, eyes growing wide at how early in the morning it was. “shit, i have some trainees to train at 7” you cursed, getting up and wrapping yourself with the blanket. bucky looked up and masked his disappointment with a meek goodnight, the image of your tits still burning in his mind. “night night bucky!” you ran to your room and soon bucky went to his, ready to jerk off to your tits.
days had passed and bucky still couldn’t stop thinking about breeding you. the thought of you swelling up with his babies made him hard in just a few seconds. the amount of cold showers he had taken grew almost out of control. bucky knew that there was only one solution to this, and that was to breed you. he imagined how he would do it, but he unfortunately was resorted to his last option.
“hey, i have something to show you!” bucky told you, the key to the cabin in his pocket. “is it for me?” you asked with a grin, following bucky. “if you’d like to think that” bucky smirked cunningly, leading you out of the avengers tower. you didn’t know where bucky was taking you, but you trusted your fellow teammate with your life. “bucky where are we going?” you asked as he opened the car door for you. “it’s a surprise doll, just relax” he reassured you falsely, knowing that this might be the last time you’d see the city. “do you want me to play music?” he asked after a while, breaking the painful silence. you reached for the auxiliary cord and plugged it into your phone, opening your spotify and choosing one of bucky's favourite songs.
three lana del rey albums later, you were sound asleep in the back seats of bucky's car. he finally pulled up to the gloomy forest where the gate was. he scanned his id and was let in. he drove along the long concrete road that led him to an old hydra base. it was one of his many hideouts when hydra fell, and it was the one that no one thought to look for. he pulled up and killed the engine, before waking you up. “bucky? where are we?” you asked as you rubbed the tiredness from your eyes. “somewhere far, far away” he whispered under his breath, before clearing his throat. “we’re at the edge of the city!” he cheered as he helped you out of the car. he shut the door behind you and he made sure you had none of your weapons on you. but it wasn’t like you could even put a scratch on him. you held onto bucky as you walked into the cabin, the smell of mahogany teakwood infiltrated your nostrils.
your boots clicked on the polished wooden floors as you looked around the place. it looked old yet it seemed as if it was just built. the sound of the large door shutting close made you turn around. you thought you both would only be there for a few minutes, maybe even a few hours. “what was it that you wanted to show me?” you asked, walking up to bucky. “this, it’s my new place!” he cheerfully beamed with excitement, making you smile. you looked around the front foyer and saw a few photo frames. you walked up to them and squinted your eyes, trying to make out who was in the photo. your jaw dropped and you took a step back, shocked at the photo. it was a picture of you before you joined the avengers, a picture of you with your family. the next one was the photo that your friend took of you at your cousins birthday party. but the final one shocked you, it was a photo of you fast asleep, the blankets long gone. your naked body was in frame and you started shaking your head in disbelief.
“i have so many more you know, but i didn’t have enough time to frame them” he said nonchalantly, running a hand through his locks. “you took these?” you said in a hoarse voice, tears threatening to fall any second. “baby, don’t cry” he pouted and walked up to you. “don’t!” you yelled, searching for the knife you always kept with you. “you looking for this?” he smirked, holding up the knife. you mentally cursed and looked around the room for something, spotting a glass vase in the corner. you ran towards in but was then slammed into the wooden floor. bucky grabbed your two arms and held them to the small of your back. you groaned as your body was filled with pain, and the weight of the super soldier on top of you only added to the pain. you tried kicking him off of you, but that didn’t work.
you were turned around and faced bucky. his face was dead serious and he wore a frown of anger towards you. “don’t fucking pull that shit again” he held onto your head and gripped it tightly, almost as if he wanted to break it. “i’m sorry” you quietly apologized, earning a meek smile from him. “if you try that again, i’ll send your entire family those provocative videos of yours” he threatened, even though it was empty. his threat was unique yet it still terrified you. you nodded out of fear and he smiled gratefully, showcasing his infamous pearly whites that would usually make you weak in the knees. this time, it made you sick in the stomach.
he moved downwards and unbuttoned your jeans, pulling them off of you. you immediately regretted the thong you pulled on in a rush this morning. he chuckled at the thong and pulled the crotch back, before snapping it back. you cried out at the singing and tried closing your legs. bucky was quick to stop you though, he gripped your thighs and pried your legs open wide, not having any of your fighting back. he moved himself in between your legs and pulled your sweater over your head. he snaked his arms around your back and undid your bra, watching as your tits became free.
his mouth nearly watered at the sight in front of him, but was then disappointed once again. you moved your hands in front of your breasts to cover them, feeling small, weak and humiliated under his stare. he smacked your hands away, a stern warning to not do it again. “normally, i’d do some foreplay, but i’m just too excited” he expressed, almost making you scoff. he busied himself by taking off his belt, then his jeans. you saw the perfect opportunity to run, even though you were basically naked. you didn’t have a foolproof plan, but at least you had a plan. you went to get up, but bucky grabbed you but the neck and slammed you back down onto the floor. you cried out in pain, the impact severely affecting you.
“i said not to pull that shit again” he growled, even more pissed off at you now. you sobbed out apologies, begging for him to let you go. “please, i-i won’t tell anyone what happened!” you tried bargaining, but he wasn’t bought. instead, he snickered vilely and continued to undress. you wanted to try fighting him, you really wanted to, but you knew what he was capable of. plus, who’s going to believe you if you said that an avenger forced himself onto you? he ripped the thong off and spat on his fingers, using it to rubbing your clit. you told your body to fight it, you told your pussy to fight it, but they didn’t listen. your pussy easily gave into the ex winter soldier, and your body followed lead. the small voice in the back of your mind that told you this was wrong started to fade away too.
“that’s it baby, just give in” he ushered you, and you soon gave in. you felt yourself get wetter, humiliated as realization hit you. you were getting your clit rubbed in the centre of a cabin, on the wooden floor by a man who probably just kidnapped you. you knew it was wrong, you knew it too well. you let out a small moan, finally giving bucky what he wanted. he pulled his fingers away when he thought you were wet enough for him. you looked down to see him stroke his cock. your mouth watered at the sight. his cock was large and thick, nothing like what you had ever seen. you watched as pre-cum collected at the tip, almost dripping onto the floor. he lined his cock up to your entrance and with no warning he pushed into you.
the stretch was painful, but soon the pain turned pleasurable. his cock filled you up, so much so that it was like a perfect fit to him. “shit, so tight” he groaned, gripping your hips as leverage. you hissed sharply when he pulled his hips back, before snapping them forward. you both moaned before he started thrusting into you at a fast, inhumane pace. your tits bounced at each thrust, making bucky even more hornier. he bent down and sucked your nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it. you clawed at the wooden floor as you felt the familiar pressure in the bit of your stomach tighten. you clenched around his thick cock, cumming all around it. he didn’t stop thrusting, instead he slowed his pace down. his thrusts were deeper and your cum dripped onto the floor. “can’t wait to breed you, fill you up with my cum so you can have my babies” he groaned, the grip on your hips grew tighter.
“w-what?” you were confused, before you realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. “p-pull our, please” you begged, pushing on his chest. a growl rumbled in his chest as he felt you clench around him again. your back arched off the wooden floor and you moaned wantonly, cumming for the second time. “my little breeding machine” he smirked, before throwing his head back. he moaned your name and thrusted into you faster, chasing after his orgasm. a few thrusts later, he came loads into you. instead of his shower walls, he painted yours. you sobbed at the feeling of his cum inside you. “shh, don’t worry baby” he shushed you, not pulling out of your pussy.
“i’m gonna fill up this pussy until the only thing you can think of is me cumming in you.”
Tumblr media
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also, i’m submitting this for the dark kink challenge hosted by the @mcudarklibrary !
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demonsandmischief · 3 months ago
Something Special
Marvel - Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader,
Soulmate AU
1.6k Words
Tumblr media
You can meet your soulmate in your dreams but you can't speak to them and you lose most memory when you wake up, but for some reason your soul mate has never met you there. You're certain they don't exist, until one day.
A/N: I imagine this taking place during TFATWS :).
"What do you mean you've never met your soulmate in your dreams?" Sam Wilson asked his friend Bucky.
"I have nightmares, Sam. That is no place for them to be," Buck argued, taking a rag to wipe the blood off of his vibranium arm.
"But they probably think you're dead."
"It's just better off that way," the stoic man finished, his steely eyes meeting Sam's.
"I don't think you're willing to admit that you are scared to try," Sam said, his voice dropping to a softer tone as he leaned forward.
Bucky sighed. "Of course I'm scared. I am not what anybody wants for a lifelong partner," he whispered, dragging his flesh hand down his face.
"Bucky, that's not your choice to make." He stood up, walking away to let him think it over.
Bucky had heard stories of how people meet their soulmate in dreamland. It was a common occurance, but when he had first tried during World War II, he never got a response. There was no way he could even have one now. He was 106 years old after all.
Yet, when he went to bed that night, he decided to push his thoughts aside and focus on calling for you.
You had been waiting for your soulmate to meet you, but it had been years and never once did you hear anything back. You just figured you didn't have one.
Until that night as you were drifting to sleep, it was like a tingling sensation that drew you in. Your eyes were closed, yet it was like following a rope deeper into the darkness of your head.
At the end, was a man. He was tall and stern, and even though you were dreaming, you could feel his presence.
His facial expression remained masked when he saw you, but even you could see his dark eyes widen slightly. You couldn't believe it, after all this time. You searched his body for any distinguishable features, but only found a blurring image. It was going too fast and you were already waking up.
Bucky couldn't believe he saw you on his first try. Plus, seeing you meant no nightmares. Instead, he had a new longing to look for you, and when he woke the following morning he scrambled to write something down before he lost it.
"Shit," he groaned miserably, only managing to write down brown eyes. Most of the population has brown eyes.
"Someone's in a mood," Sam grinned when he caught sight of Bucky's deep frown, deeper than usual that is. He took another bite of toast. "We've got to move on this next lead. Be ready in five."
"Seriously, what's up with you?" Sam asked genuinely when they both were on the plane ready for their next destination.
"I took your advice-"
"Wait, wait. You took my advice?" Sam smiled widely.
"Yeah I took your advice," Bucky said sharply. "And I saw my soulmate, but I can't remember anything about her."
"You know that's just part of the gimmick. You'll figure out a way, Buck," he said sincerely, standing up.
Bucky couldn't be sure. If he dragged this out for too long, there was a possibility that you would find out who he was and never want to meet him. He wouldn't blame you for that.
You felt like you were floating in clouds the whole day. For your entire life, you had seen people meet their person, and as you got older, you realized that the chances of you not having that were becoming greater than actually meeting them.
You didn't know what had changed, but you spent the entire day trying to come up with a plan to finally meet the handsome man you saw in your dreams.
You couldn't remember much. You tried to write or sketch him when you woke up, but all you got was blue eyes.
You wondered if you appeared to him in the same clothes you slept in, and if so, maybe you could fold a note in your pocket. You weren't sure you would even be able to remember it was there. Either way, it was worth a try.
The following night you were so excited you were certain you weren't going to be able to sleep, but you managed, and sure enough there was your broody man.
He gave a wave. His lips twitched up slightly, brightening all of his sharp features.
You reached into the pocket of your sweatshirt. You didn't know why, but you had the longing to do so, and you pulled out a small sheet of paper.
You stepped closer to the man, and placed the paper in his palm.
Y/N, Y/L/N, Your Address
Bucky didn't know how he managed to remember all of that once he woke up. He stared down at the scribbled piece of paper in wonder. Could it really be?
You were probably better off without him. He had not been a good man for most of his life, and you deserved more than him.
That's how Sam found him, sitting on the floor lost in thought, the paper scrunched in his fist.
Bucky relaxed his hand so his friend could see the writing. Sam blew out air, and sat down in front of him.
"What are you waiting for?" he asked as gently as possible.
"She deserves so much better than me."
"You can't decide that for her, Buck. You've kept her waiting long enough." Sam stood up, but spoke once more. "I'll get the plane ready if you change your mind. I think we both deserve a detour."
You were on pins and needles the whole day. You truly wondered if your man got the message or not. You could just vaguely remember holding his hand, which means you must have given the paper, but you couldn't be sure. You were just willing someone to knock on your door.
Yet, as the day passed you grew less and less confident. If he remembered the note, surely he would have tracked you down by now. Unless he didn't actually want to track you down. Your thoughts were a swirling mess.
You didn't have any dreams that night. You woke up in cold sweat, a sinking feeling forming in your stomach. You felt nauseous. Was it you who ruined everything? Maybe he knew who you were already and decided to pass.
You weren't sure you had the energy to get up and go to work, but you forced yourself to start moving. Your thoughts were only going to get worse.
The two men were quite far from the states and Bucky couldn't stop thinking as they made the long trek. For once, these thoughts were not dark flashbacks, they were a bit hopeful. What if she accepted him?
He felt bad that he couldn't sleep. He desperately wanted to see the girl of his dreams, but it just wasn't going to happen. Even Sam kept unusually quiet.
When they finally landed, it was evening, and the pair parted ways. Bucky would finish the journey alone and he was a nervous wreck, even though all of his emotions remained masked.
When he arrived at the address, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door... except there was no answer. He considered his options. He could have messed up the address, or maybe you gave him a fake one. What was he supposed to do now?
He was so lost in thought, he didn't even notice you pulling in.
Your heart fluttered in your chest as you saw the handsome man standing on your doorstep. All of the dreams you had forgotten came rushing forward.
"Hi," you greeted timidly. He was huge up close, definitely taller than you. He wore mostly black, leather gloves on his hands. His features were sharp and familiar from the dream.
He flashed a nervous smile that only lasted a second before his face went blank once more, "I was worried I had the wrong place."
"Yeah, sorry, I was at work," you said, shuffling a bit as the silence consumed you. You had dreamt of this moment, literally, yet you didn't know what to say.
"I'm Bucky," he said, his tone much softer as he looked at you, soaking you in.
"It's great to finally meet you. I'm Y/N, but you know that," you blushed. "Do you want to come in? I can make dinner or we can order something?"
"Okay," he nodded, following you inside. You realized he was very stern and very observant. Combined with your quiet and shy personality, you were quite a match.
"Do you want something to drink?" you asked from the kitchen, pulling ingredients to throw something together for you both to eat.
"No, but thanks." Bucky sat on the stool by the island unsure of what to say or do, but he enjoyed watching you. There was something very positive about you and your home. It felt good.
"Can I ask about the gloves?" you ask curiously, throwing some chicken in a hot pan.
It seemed like you didn't know who he was. He slowly pulled off his gloves, revealing his metal hand.
"Woah, cool," you said, moving closer. "Can I touch it?"
Bucky furrowed his brows, "I guess."
You couldn't help yourself. It was so smooth and shiny, and you giggled happily.
"I guess you can't feel it," you said, reaching for his flesh hand and tracing just like you were on the metal.
He couldn't have been happier to have the stupid arm at that moment. He loved hearing your laugh, and feeling your fingertips gave him goosebumps. His shadowed mind seemed almost calm in your presence, and he knew just from being around for a short time that you were going to be his addiction.
You dropped his hand, meeting his beautiful blue eyes. Your lips quirked automatically, and you were relieved to know the tension was finally broken.
A/N: aw yay I love this. Here's part 2 :))
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nikkixostan · 3 months ago
Two Experiments//B.Barnes
!no spoilers but this would take place during tfatws episodes 2 and 3!!
warnings: lots of cursing, mentions of hydra (yes that's a warning lol), mentions of alcohol
summary: Bucky knew Zemo would have a lead, but knowing Zemo he would need to bring you with him. And after years of putting off this reunion he was desperate to have you by his side.
authors note: thank you so much for all the love on Eye Candy! I wanted to give you all another sarcastic Bucky fic and I hope you all love this one as well. lots of love babes <3
Tumblr media
“Before we go to see Zemo we need to get her.” Bucky said to Sam as they walked away from the imposter of Captain America.
“Yeah good luck with that one. She’s as stubborn as you and finding out you're getting her back just for Zemo--well you know what I wanna see how this turns out.” Sam said patting the back of Bucky laughing at his idea.
“He won’t talk to us. He’ll talk to her.” He said reassuringly. To even get a lead to this super soldier scheme, he knew Zemo would know something--or at least know where to start. But Zemo had an obsession with Hydra, and bringing the prized possessions of Hydra to him will Bucky and Sam out.
✰ ✰ ✰
Bucky had found your location rather quickly. He knew you would be in Italy. You both had talked about running to Italy together during your days at Hydra. So when you broke out, he knew you would always be there.
You were there waiting for him and that broke him even more.
Walking into the apartment with Sam he saw how much it resembles you as a person. There was a vase filled with fresh flowers, some clean spots and some spots where your clothes littered the floors. You had all your favorite food scattered along the counters and in the fridge you had plums. Smiling at the small gesture in your apartment that was directed towards him.
“So where is princess Hydra?” Sam asked as he walked around. Sitting on the couch that you had.
“Well it’s ten pm on a friday night. She’s out clubbing.” Bucky said as he walked into your bedroom. Your bed was made and had no indents, as if it’s never been slept on. But on the floor there was a pillow.
“I like her a lot. More than you. Girl knows how to live her life after being an experiment for Hydra.” Sam said.
“Yeah she knows how to live life.” Bucky said smiling to himself as he saw your heels gone from your shoe pile.
“So what are doing here, are we going clubbing?” Sam said standing up walking over to Bucky.
“Yeah put these on. Find her and I’ll do the rest.” Buky handed an ear piece to Sam and they both walked out leaving your apartment. Bucky taking one last look at what could've been his.
✰ ✰ ✰
The club was packed. Filled with young adults from all over the world. It was a speakeasy type club where only the in-people were allowed in. So when Bucky and Sam walked in they knew that they stood out. Wanting to blend in--both of them split up and walked around the club looking for the Hydra princess.
Bucky walked over to the bar, ordering whatever the bartender handed him. Sipping on it lightly, he saw Sam upstairs talking to some girl--completely lost within her trance. He knew he was on his own trying to find you. Looking over towards the dance floor and un-fucking believable to him—you’re dancing. Bucky didn’t know what he was expecting. You were an experiment like him, but you two had come out of Hydra completely different. Your hands were all over you, enhancing the curves you owned. Fuck you were making this hard for him. In two ways. The dress you're wearing is just making it worse for the 106 year old to get up and walk over. Adjusting his position, he tried to gain composure and some confidence before walking over to you.
“Dude what happened to your game? Leave it in the 40’s? Sam said over the ear piece laughing. Bucky didn’t even answer just finishing off the drink that had no effect on him.
Standing up he made his way towards the dance floor. Moving towards your body that was completely lost within the beat of the music. Moving his hands around your waist and swaying with your body--he was trying to blend in but also get close enough to you. But when your hands moved to feel his. You automatically knew it was him. One hand cold as metal and another warm as blood. Quickly you turned around to be met with the face you once planned to love forever. But he was rescued, not you, and you wanted to have fun with this.
“Enjoy the show Soldier?” You asked him as your arms felt him everywhere.
“We need to talk.” He said moving closer to your ear.
“About what? About how you left Hydra without me. Not even bothering to check in to see if they killed me. How you got to be back with your best friend Steve Rodgers. And when I blipped I knew you had something to do with it. Is that a new arm?” You asked him noticing the once metal that was Hydra’s was now a sleek black and gold color.
“Look you help me out, I’ll help you out.” He said tightening a grip on your bicep. He was desperate to have you back. Not only for this mission but to also have you back in his life. Back at Hydra you were there for him after evry torturing memory wipe, and everything else. You sat in your cell talking to him about how he was an American soldier, and who he once was before being a chess piece for Hydra.
“That’s not how it works anymore.” You moved closer to him placing a kiss along his jawline and watching him smallow and his breathing become erratic. Laughing to yourself slightly you leaned up to his ear.
“You’re not here for me. I know about the earpiece, you in my apartment, and how this is all a setup for you to get my help.” Placing a kiss on his neck you pulled the earpiece out and handed it to him.
“You’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that to get me in on whatever bullshit you're planning with birdwing up there.” And with that you saw his face being displayed with shock, turning away you walked out of the club. You heard your name being shouted at by him as you entered the car. Looking over you saw him being desperate and you wanted him to feel that. That desperate feeling of wanting the other person. Feeling helpless when they let you down, after promising to be by your side forever.
✰ ✰ ✰
The car had dropped you off in front of your apartment complex. Tipping them, you got up to the staircase before you heard him.
“Y/N! Please wait!” He was running. He ran from the club to your apartment complex. You laughed at his determination.
“I fucked up ok I get it I fucked up but I couldn’t go back as soon as I got out. They would find me and lock me up again. I wanted to have a chance at getting you out. Fuck when I found out that you got out I was thrilled, but you got an apartment here where you wanted. I thought that if I showed up one day you would just shut the door in my face. But I know I fucked up. I should've been here as soon as you got an apartment. When I saw that you had plums, it broke me in a way Hydra could never do. You sleep alone on the floor, fuck I do to across the world in New York. But we have a chance to stop Hydra again if they're behind this super soldier stunt. But Zemo loved you as much as he loved me and as fucked as that sounds I need you by my side when I go in. He won’t cooperate if we were not there I fucked up and I need you and if you never wanna see me again after this. Ok I’ll do whatever you want.”
You decided to cut him off from talking.
“I want you to shut up.” You said sternly. Bucky looked at the ground thinking you weren’t in on this and this was a waste of time--but he had held onto hope a little longer.
“You’re late.” You said walking down the staircase towards him.
“Yeah well you were extremely early.” He said, humoring himself.
“If Zemo tries any stunts we ruin him. But you don’t ruin this again. Don’t ruin us.”
“We are already ruined.” Was the last thing he said before he captured you within his arms and pulled you towards him. Breathing cut off for both of you, your kiss was rapid and desperate. It held so much pain and desperation for the other. Years of watching the other be tortured by Hydra and not being able to say ‘It’ll be ok’. But now here you both were, entranced by each other’s presence. As if you couldn’t deepen the kiss even more Bucky moved his hand to your waist to move your whole body closer to him. You pulled away placing your hands on his chest. Completely panting and out of breath. Grabbing his arm you walked up to the staircase with him.
“Tomorrow we’ll go.” You said opening the gate. But as soon as the gate closed Bucky engulfed you in another kiss. Laughing as he pulled away.
“Eager?” You asked him.
“You have no idea.” He said before grabbing your hand and leading you towards your apartment. And in that moment it was like Hydra didn’t exist, and you and Bucky were two normal people who were extremely in love with one another. With him now with you, there was no challenge you two couldn’t defeat. After all, you were Hydra’s princess and prince. And as twisted as it seems, you thanked Hydra for letting you and Bucky train together because this love story started as two experiments who were gonna be used as war weapons.
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