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seventven · 2 days ago
A Taste for Older Men [part v]
summary: bucky invites y/n over to his apartment so they can spend an intimate evening together. things quickly slip out of control. an unexpected guest brings them back to reality.
pairing: dbf!bucky x reader
word count: 4.2k+ (it’s long but you get juicy smut)
warnings: age gap [reader is around 22 & bucky is 39]; drinking; oral sex and dick worship (bc apparently this series is based on my own kinks); a good amount of angst tbh (bc i'm a whore for secretive sex)
a/n: idk man this bucky just makes me feel things. let me know what you think. i love reading your messages and seeing your chaotic reaction gifs/pics
Tumblr media
A few days later, Y/N found herself in front of his apartment building once more, this time all by herself. 
It was a grim and cloudy day, her umbrella shielding her from the rain viciously pouring down as she walked up the steps leading to the entrance.
“7pm. My place. Don’t tell your parents,” was all his text message said. Frankly, Y/N wasn’t even sure how he got her number, but she suspected it might have been from her father; from that time he picked her up from her old apartment. Needless to say, her dad would not have been pleased to know what purpose Bucky was using the number for, and she hoped with her whole heart he wouldn’t find out.  
Y/N was glad for the elevator which soon whisked her with terminal velocity to the third floor. With her tote bag slung over her shoulder and that familiar feeling of nervousness budding in her chest, Y/N stalked the corridors of the building until she came face to face with the right door. It was tall and wooden, strangely intimidating for just a door, and Y/N stared at it for a good thirty seconds before she finally mustered up the courage to knock. 
Her heart was beating frantically inside her chest, the closest thing she had ever felt to butterflies filling her stomach at the mystery of it all. She didn’t know what to expect. Earlier in the day, she had spent a good hour pacing the length of her bedroom, reading over the invitation time after time and desperately trying to figure out his intentions. The mystery both killed and excited her.
It was long moment before she heard the lock click, and another second before the door was pulled back to reveal him in all his glory.
There he stood, a grey towel wrapped around his waist, hair dripping wet and tiny droplets of water covering his bare shoulders and chest. He was all muscle; smooth, tanned skin covering his sculpted pecks and abs, a trail of dark hair connecting his belly button to what lay hidden beneath the plush towel. 
For once in her life, Y/N was glad to have arrived early.
He smiled pleasantly and stepped out of the way, welcoming her into his apartment. 
“I’m glad you could make it,” he said politely, and reached up to wipe away a droplet of water which fell from his hair onto his stubbly cheek “As you can see, I’m running a little late. Sorry about that.”
Y/N shot him an apologetic look. “I’m a bit early, too. I expected there to be more traffic.”
She placed her umbrella by the wall and looked around as she shrugged out of her jacket.
His home was all pale wooden floors, light grey walls with elements of dark wood and steel littered around the place. It was tidy, masculine and sophisticated; the place clearly belonging to an unmarried man his age. 
“The kitchen is just down the hall. I’ve stocked up on drinks for the night.” He paused for a moment, and Y/N could have sworn she saw a flash of nervousness in his eyes. Did she see that correctly? “I, uh... I thought I could cook us dinner.”
The statement sounded a lot more like a question and Y/N couldn’t stop the smile from forming across her lips. Was this a date? All evidence pointed to that idea, and the thought excited her. After all, Bucky wasn’t just some random, immature college guy; Bucky was a man, and it was clear as day that he wasn’t going to treat her the way boys her age had a habit of doing. 
“I would love that,” she nodded enthusiastically, and the satisfaction Bucky felt at her response became evident across his face.
“That’s great,” he released a little chuckle. “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to leave you for a few minutes to finish up my shower. Make yourself at home. Feel free to pour us some wine.”
He shot her another one of his smiles and retreated into the bathroom. She couldn’t help but notice that he left the door slightly ajar, almost as an invitation. 
Shaking her unholy thoughts out of her head, she left her tote bag by the door and stalked down the hall and into the kitchen. It was small but spacious, with large windows and dark wooden countertops, an island standing in the middle with two unopened bottles of wine perched on top of it. 
She looked around a bit longer; a person’s home could tell you a lot about them but all she got from Bucky’s style in decor was that he was much, much older and more sophisticated than she was. For a brief moment she almost questioned why he was making the effort to invite her over and spend time with her, but from her previous experiences with older guys, she figured it was for the same two reasons as always; the firm pair of tits and the eagerness for wild sex that most girls her age possessed. She wasn’t stupid.
Chuckling to herself, she began opening cabinets until she found two wine glasses and got to work on filling them generously. It didn’t take very long, and by the time she was finished, she knew that standing around and waiting for him wasn’t really an option.
And so, gathering her confidence along with the two wine glasses, she walked back out into the hallway and towards the bathroom door. She paused just outside, biting her lip at what she was about to do, and feeling that same nervousness again. Then, deciding to just go for it, she inhaled sharply and pushed the door open. She hoped she had read the situation correctly and that the door left slightly ajar was, in fact, a wordless invitation.
The shower was still running and it took her a moment to orient herself within the dark, steam filled room. The tiles on the floor and walls were black and the lights were dim and warm, originating from behind the large circular mirror above the counter holding the sink. The atmosphere was dark and moody, and her heart beat frantically when her gaze finally fell upon the shower, Bucky’s silhouette visible behind the condensation on the glass.
“Y/N?” He called, not sounding in the least bit surprised or angry. He ran his hand across the glass to wipe the condensation and regarded her carefully. That is, until he noticed the two glasses of wine she held in her hands and then a small, almost amused smile crept onto his face. “Is that for me?”
Y/N nodded her head, taking a nervous step forward. He slid the glass door open and Y/N had to force herself to keep her eyes on his face, her heart hammering wildly in her chest. 
The smirk across his face was evident when she shyly raised her arm and handed him the glass of wine. No words were said, but the tension between them was indication enough to their haphazard feelings about one another. The atmosphere between them felt hot and thick.
Y/N watched with curious eyes as he tilted his head back and took a sip of his wine, closing his eyes for a brief moment to revel in the taste. He hummed quietly, knowing exactly what he was doing to her, the effect he had on her. He was doing it to taunt her.
“Aren’t you going to drink with me?” He asked with a coy smile. Y/N had almost forgotten the glass in her hand, and when his words snatched her back to reality, she hurried to take a sip. In the end, she almost downed the whole thing.
His glass - still half full - was soon handed back to her, but instead of turning towards the door and leaving him alone, Y/N decided it was time to take matters into her own hands again.
She placed the two glasses down onto the counter and leaned against it for a brief moment, contemplating whether she was really going to do this. Bucky knew what she was thinking, or at least, it seemed that he did, because when she turned to face him again his expression was almost expectant, one eyebrow raised as he waited.
Y/N maintained eye contact and allowed a short moment to pass before she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, allowing the fabric to fall and pool around her feet on the floor. The movement was slow, almost as if she were waiting for him to protest, but no such thing happened.
The expression across his face was pleased, a darkness growing in his eyes when she finally pulled her top over her head and let it drop. He wasn’t saying anything, only waiting patiently, drinking in the sight of her undressing herself in front of him. 
By the time she was standing before him in nothing but her underwear, she figured it didn’t matter anymore if she looked or not. Her eyes trailed the long and muscular length of his body until her eyes fell upon his growing erection, thick and veiny, just like the rest of him. She almost gulped at the sight, her mouth watering with anticipation. 
She lifted her gaze again and bit her lip as she unclasped her bra; her panties soon joining the sheer mesh fabric on the floor. She was completely naked and when she took a step forward, Bucky held out his hand for her to take and gently tugged her under the hot water. 
She said nothing, only regarded him curiously as he slid the door closed behind her. The temperature within the cabin was high, the water almost scalding against her naked flesh. The smell of his body wash and shampoo filled her nostrils; a fresh, masculine scent that was so characteristically him. 
She had showered just before leaving, but both them knew that she didn’t join him for that purpose. Both of their intentions were clear and when Bucky reached out to cup her cheek, her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned in to kiss him.
It was slow and gentle, his lips tender against her own. He held her close, hands gripping her hips and pulling her tightly against him, droplets from his hair falling onto her own face due to the proximity. Y/N realised that despite his dirty words and arrogant attitude most of the time, Bucky was a sucker for tenderness and affection, even when he knew little about his partner and there was no evident romantic connection between them. It was all physical, but Bucky was a mature man whose sensuality wasn’t based on the principle of getting off as quickly as possible; no, Bucky lived for all things exploration and eroticism, a lethal combination of tenderness, passion and sweet brutality.
They kissed for minutes, enjoying the feeling of each other’s lips and struggling to breathe with the lack of oxygen within the shower cabin. She could feel his erection poking her in the stomach but she chose to ignore it, too engrossed in the feeling of him kissing her and his hair between her fingers. 
Soon, however, she found she could no longer just neglect it and loosened her grip on his hair. Their lips still locked, Y/N ran her fingers slowly and sensually from the nape of his neck, to his collarbone, down his chest and stomach and finally - feeling him step closer, eager for more - she grabbed him firmly in her hand. 
He hummed against her lips at the feeling and reached behind her to place a hand on the tiled wall for support. She knew what she was doing, her skilful hand getting to work on massaging him slowly, the water providing just the right amount of lubrication. He was hard and thick in her hand, one of the prettiest cocks she had ever seen, the shaft veiny but the tip pink and smooth. 
She cocked her head back by millimetres to watch his expression change, his eyes screwed shut at the feeling. She toyed with him attentively, her eyes gauging his expression to see what he liked and what he didn’t like. It was an exploration, a slow and sensual massage to get a better read on him, and it lasted long enough to get their blood boiling. After a long minute, when she felt like she understood enough, Bucky’s lips parted at the sight of her dropping to her knees in front of him. 
It wasn’t easy, the water falling in her eyes and making her hair drip. Bucky noticed this and tilted the shower head slightly, then watched with dark eyes as she finally took his length in both of her hands and lifted her gaze to meet his own. Her eyes were innocent, but there was a level of mischief and excitement in them which made Bucky’s cock throb in her hands.
She knew that look; it was that same look she had received from men countless times before. The look they got when a young and foxy girl made them feel like at forty years old, they could still make the world their own. There was a certain power in it for both parties involved; it gave him a feeling of confidence that he was still young and could have any woman he desired; it gave her the satisfaction that his feeling of greatness depended wholly on how she chose to play this out. Ultimately, no matter how dominant or aggressive they got, the power was always hers. The men just didn’t always know it. 
Bucky was no different, throbbing at that innocent look in her eyes, the firm pair of tits in front of him and her youthful eagerness to fuck him every time she laid eyes on him. She craved the sensuality of a mature man and Bucky was drawn to the feeling of being desired by someone so much younger; a girl who, in his eyes, could have anybody she wanted. It was an intricate dynamic based solely on power play and desire; a dynamic which begged to be acted upon no matter the possible dire consequences.
Slowly, and maintaining eye contact with him the whole time, Y/N pushed his tip past her lips and hummed at the feeling of him on her tongue. He was heavy, his thick shaft proving difficult to wrap her mouth around fully, not without her jaw hurting. She took him slowly and watched his expression the whole time, her cheeks hollowing to give him a wet, hard suck. She felt that familiar feeling of power again, watching him screw his eyes shut and his breathing accelerate; it was addictive.
With one hand around the base, the other on his thigh and her mouth soon setting a pace for itself, Y/N couldn’t help but close her eyes and focus on the task at hand; a task she was very much enjoying. It was wet and sloppy, her head bobbing up and down until Bucky, too, decided to contribute to the pace and placed a hand on the back of her head. 
He gathered her hair in a messy pony, the gesture almost loving, and held the wall for support with his other hand. 
Looking down at her with adoration in his eyes, Bucky only managed a breathless whisper.
“Good girl,” he praised.
She hummed at his words and released him from her mouth. She maintained eye contact as she licked a long, bold stripe from the base to the tip, taking his balls in her hand and beginning to massage them gently.
It was all saliva and eye contact, the most pornographic oral Y/N had ever given. His grunts echoed off the walls of the steamy bathroom, the spray of water making mascara trickle down her cheeks, something to which she paid no mind. Bucky only watched, in awe of how pretty she looked on her knees in front of him, determined and drowning in the feeling of his cock in her mouth. It was the closest thing to an out of body experience he had ever felt. 
Then, when Bucky’s eyes fluttered closed for a brief moment, long eyelashes sweeping the top of his cheeks, she took him in her mouth again and pushed until she took as much of him as possible down her throat. Her eyes watered at the feeling.
“That’s it,” he murmured, his fingers still in her hair. “Take it all for me.” 
The effect of his dirty words travelled all the way between her thighs and once again, she couldn’t help but moan around him. He enjoyed the vibrations this provided, and thrust himself deeper, until a small choking sound reverberated from the back of her throat. Somehow, with Bucky, even suffocating had a pleasurable side. She revelled in his grunts every time she swirled her tongue around his tip or took him deep down her throat; it was the pinnacle of her arousal.
Motivated by the responses she was provoking, Y/N sped up the movements of her head and mouth, bobbing up and down until the vein in his forehead strained against his skin. His grip on her hair tightened and soon he was thrusting into her mouth, desperate for a release. He was frantic and violent, and when he took a shaky step closer, Y/N knew that it was finished.
He held her head in place and thrust himself deep down her throat, staying there for a long moment as he spilled himself into her mouth. It was hot and salty on her tongue, the size of him in her mouth making her gag around the tip. She squeezed her eyes shut and dug her nails into his thighs, enjoying the groan that sounded from his lips as he rode out his orgasm. He was pulsating on her tongue, twitching until he was completely spent and it was another moment before he finally retreated. 
Y/N wiped the corners of her lips with her thumb and index finger, watching him with awe as he attempted to catch his breath, his frown slowly replaced by a serene, satisfied expression. When his eyes fluttered open, he looked down at her with adoration and smiled softly, holding his hand out for her to take.
He pulled her up to her feet, the motion gentle. Soon, he was cupping her face and giving her a small kiss on the lips.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, sweetheart,” he said delicately, his thumb tenderly wiping away the smeared mascara beneath her eyes. His smile was soft, amused almost, and Y/N couldn’t help but melt dreamily under his fingertips.
They got her cleaned up and when they were finished, Y/N realised that the spray from the shower had completely saturated her clothes on the floor. It was a welcome accident, because Bucky soon offered her some clothes to wear; a long flannel shirt which she purposely left unbuttoned from the chest up. 
They stayed in a peaceful, comfortable silence as they made their way to the kitchen, refilled their glasses of wine and got to work on preparing dinner. 
Hours passed, the food and wine just as delectable as the conversation between them; all childhood stories and common interests, jokes and dreamy glances at each other. Y/N did not expect the evening to go this way. The thought of having such an intimate discussion with him and just enjoying each other’s presence had not crossed her mind, but it was a welcome surprise.
It was strange; her past relationships with older men were strictly based on sex, and none of them ever wanted to cook her dinner or ask her about her time at university. Bucky was different, and a part of her knew that the electricity between them consisted of more than just a desire to fuck. A longing for each other was budding between them and Y/N did not know what to think of it. 
It was maybe nine... maybe ten in the evening when Y/N pushed herself up from the sofa, her legs stiff from sitting for so long. Bucky sat a few feet away by the opened window, enjoying a cigarette with his empty glass perched next to him on the side table. 
Y/N stalked over to him and reached out her hand. It was her turn to grab a refill.
“Thanks,” he smiled politely, watching as she bent over to retrieve the glass. She shot him a cheeky smile in response and sauntered over towards the kitchen. 
Bucky watched with adoration in his eyes as she walked away, all plump behind and a certain gracefulness in her step. He took another drag of his smoke and leaned back in his chair.
“We’re starting to run out of wine,” she announced with a frown when the two glasses were filled. She was just beginning to push the cork back in when a knock sounded on the front door.
“Expecting guests?” She asked with an eyebrow raised, and received a response in the form of a frown as Bucky pushed himself up to stand. He put out his cigarette on the ashtray and straightened his t-shirt before slowly making his way out of the living room and down the hall.
Y/N watched him with curious eyes and remained quiet as she finished replacing the cork on the bottle. She heard his steps echoing off the wooden floor in the hallway and then the sound of the door being unlocked and opened.
A moment of silence ensued and Y/N immediately knew something wasn’t right. 
When she heard her father’s voice greeting Bucky happily, her feelings were confirmed.
Eyes widening and heart speeding up to a frantic pace, Y/N looked around desperately for a place to hide. There was no where to go; no obvious hiding spot for her to successfully avoid her father. Her vision darting wildly across the room, Y/N quickly realised what an awful situation she was in. 
It was bad enough that she was at Bucky’s apartment; what made everything twenty times worse was that she was wearing nothing but his shirt and the mess they had made was clear evidence that something was going on. 
“It’s not really a great time,” she heard Bucky say, but it was too late, the heavy footsteps which could have only belonged to her father were already nearing the kitchen, his unsuspecting laugh echoing down the hallway. 
“No time to hang out with your best bud, Bucky?”
Suddenly, her eyes fell upon a door she hadn’t paid any mind to before. She didn’t know where it led, but it stood right there, next to the TV, and Y/N did not think twice before dashing across the room and pulling it open. She closed it behind her just in time, her heart hammering inside her chest. She quickly realised she was in Bucky’s bedroom. 
With her hand over her mouth to make as little noise as possible, Y/N pressed her ear to the wood and just listened. 
“Wait a minute,” she heard her father say, and from his tone alone, she could tell he had an amused smile across his lips. “Do you have company?”
He had clearly noticed the two dirty dinner plates on the table, the empty glasses and bottles of wine. The burning candles and the quiet, relaxing music in the background served to build a zen and romantic atmosphere which Y/N had very much enjoyed until that very moment in time. Now that her father was there, she wished that her little slice of heaven with Bucky would just vanish, and her with it. 
Bucky released a sheepish, nervous laugh. She could picture him scratching the back of his neck. “Like I said... Not the best time.”
Her father was relentless. “Is she in your bedroom?” When Bucky didn’t respond, he continued. “Come on, I’d love to meet her. You’ve been hiding her away for weeks. Who is she?”
Bucky must’ve shot him a warning look, because soon her father’s voice indicated he was ready to give up.
“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, but an amused laugh followed the complaint. “Keep your secrets. I’ll meet her soon enough. I’ll leave you to it and won’t interrupt.”
He laughed again and she heard what sounded like a clap on the back, followed by footsteps retreating back into the hallway. 
Y/N couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief. She uncovered her mouth and closed her eyes for a brief moment, willing her heart to stop beating so frantically. She placed her hands on the door and just leaned against it, trying to calm down. It was all okay.
Everything felt alright for just a moment, until her father’s voice once again sounded from outside, more distant than before. They were by the front door again.
“You know, Y/N has that same jacket and bag.”
She had completely forgotten about her things in the hallway. 
This was a disaster.
But his words were followed by another unsuspecting and amused chuckle, and the sound of the door opening. He was oblivious. “So long as it’s not my daughter you’re hiding in there, I’m happy to wait until you finally grow the balls to introduce her to me. Enjoy your night, Buck.”
And just like that, the door was closing. 
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bucky-bucket-barnes · 18 hours ago
Summary: Bucky is an absolute sucker for his girlfriend.
Pairing: beefy!bucky x short!reader
Warnings: so much fluff
Word Counts: 1.1k
Tumblr media
There was no denying your boyfriend was large in every sense of the word. He towered over you easily and his bulging muscles didn’t make him look any smaller. Although, underneath that very sexy exterior, you knew there was just one big teddy bear.
“Hey, Bucky, can you help reset the training-”
“Can you go kiss my ass?” Bucky interrupted Sam sarcastically before he could finish, not even looking up from his cereal as he spoke.
From across the counter, you shot your boyfriend a look, glaring intensely in his direction. He could feel your eyes burning a hole in the back of his head as he continued pouring his bowl of breakfast.
“James,” you warned. He wasn’t the friendliest person in the Compound, but you wanted him to make more of an effort to get along with your housemates. Or at the very least stop bickering with Sam.
He let out a small huff before turning to Sam. “I’m sorry. I’ll help.”
You gave him a small nod of approval as he begrudgingly followed behind Sam to the training room.
“She told your ass.”
“Shut up.”
“Whatever you say, James,” Sam teased, laughing at how easily Bucky cracked.
Okay, maybe he was more than rough around the exterior to most people, but most of the time he was an absolute delight to have around. He was just a bit antisocial, but that’s never been a crime. His best moments were when he would come back exhausted from a mission, ready to cuddle on the spot.
“Hey, handsome,” you smiled from the couch, happily watching a movie when Bucky returned home.
His long hair was tousled into a mess and his face was covered all over with grime. Not a visible scratch was seen on his gorgeous body, though, so you knew he would be alright. Without a word, he came over to the couch, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. He started carrying you around like a sack of potatoes, not even acknowledging what he was doing.
“What are you doing? I’m watching something,” you complained, feet dangling well above the ground, squirming from his much stronger grasp.
“Cuddle. Now,” he grumbled, sleepiness lingering in his husky voice.
“What’s the magic word, Barnes?”
Reaching the bedroom, he flung open the door before lightly tossing you onto the bed. “Please,” he asked, dramatically batting his eyelashes, an insincere smile on his face.
“Fine, but you’re taking a shower first thing in the morning.”
With that, he flopped onto the bed, causing your body to bounce a bit from the impact. You flipped around curling into the fetal position, awaiting his large arm to wrap around your torso.
“I want to be the little spoon,” he whined, throwing his boots off and into the corner of the room.
You tried to hold back your laughter at his request, cupping your hand over your mouth. “Okay, baby, you can be little spoon.”
With that, you tried your best to wrap your body around your massive boyfriend, limbs struggling to hook around his well toned, long body. In the end, you looked more like a backpack than a big spoon, but it was still cute. Within a few minutes, he drifted off to sleep, small snores escaping his lips as he slept.
Of course no relationships are without their imperfections. Bucky was very well aware of your size difference and most definitely knew when to use it to get on your last nerve.
“What in the fuck are you doing?” he asked, walking into the kitchen.
He had caught you mid trying to scale the cabinet. You wanted something from on top of the fridge, but it was well out of your reach. Your pride refused to let you ask Bucky for help and instead you opted to climb on top of the counter in hopes of getting it yourself. Was the plan ideal? Absolutely not, but this wasn’t your first rodeo with reaching high up things.
“I’m just. . . chilling.”
“Why are you standing on the counter?”
“I like the view.”
“Could you not reach something?”
“Have you always asked this many questions?”
His eyes travelled over to the cookie jar your arms were hopelessly trying to reach for. Without a second thought, he walked over to the fridge, arm effortlessly reaching upon and taking them down before you had a chance to swipe them. Mission failed.
“Did you want these?” he teased, popping open the tin and taking out a chocolate chip cookie, keeping eye contact with you the whole time he taunted your failure.
Huffing you got down from the counter, feet now steadied back on the ground, grumbling in anger. Bucky couldn’t hide his smirk as he saw you fume in your acute rage.
“I didn’t know you liked these so much. Next time I’ll tell Tony to put them somewhere you can reach them. Like the bottom shelf.”
“You know, your shins looks really kickable from down here.”
“Can you even reach them?”
But above all, he was wonderfully protective over you. It didn’t matter who it was, absolutely no one would be messing with his girl. Unless it was him, of course.
“Hey, has anyone seen my web shooters?” Peter asked, walking into the living room, eyes peering around the surrounding area.
Everyone murmured a small no, all clueless as to what he was referring to, going back to what they were doing.
“All the web shooters I’ve made and you can’t find one?” Tony asked, taken aback by the fact he couldn’t manage to find another one.
“I don’t want any web shooter, I want my web shooter,” he corrected, exiting the living room to continue looking around.
As you laid against your boyfriend's chest, you could feel the low rumble of his laughter. You peered up to see a tightlipped smile formed on his, failing to hide his glee.
“What’s so funny?” you whispered, trying not to draw attention.
“I hid his web shooters,” he answered, laughing more at his victory.
“Why would you hide someone’s stuff? And above all else, why would you hide Peter’s stuff? Are you serious? Tony will kill you if he finds out.” you spat back, praying silently no one heard him.
“He beat you in monopoly last night,” he answered, matter of factly.
“Are you serious right now, Bucky?”
“He cheated, I saw him swipe from the bank while you weren’t looking. No one messes with my girl but me.” He placed a kiss on your forehead before resuming the TV show you were watching.
“You’re giving it back tomorrow.”
“Fine,” he huffed, “but I’m not apologizing.”
“You’re too much.”
“I love you too, doll.”
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A/N: This was purely self indulgent. Hope y’all enjoyed.
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aplacethatfeltreal · 2 days ago
𝐀 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐑𝐮𝐭 | 𝐁.𝐁.
synopsis: after a millennium's worth of life, bucky finds it high time to get a haircut
pairing: bucky barnes x reader, circa tfatws era
A/N: back with more writing because i felt *inspired* out of the blue and wanted to experiment with tumblr again. engagement is forever appreciated and requests are open.
Tumblr media
Want to come over and eat fast food off my floor? Xo
Twenty minutes later and Bucky is crouched on your kitchen tile, cross-legged and wearing a black bomber jacket with little zippers tracking back and forth across the breast. A safe haven of all things meant to be tucked against one’s chest! He was close enough to smell - all that bergamot and amber musk and the reek of the underground subway. Sometimes, when he shifted closer, you’d catch a whiff of diesel wafting off his chest, and be reminded of a life entailing aircraft carriers and high speed chases.
He is a winsome smile shadowed by the halogen light, blinking up from under his eyelashes while your knees knock together. It eats up his face like a camera’s flash. In his hand was a steaming cardboard box of Sichuan pork from the local Chinese place, the grease from it bleeding through in big, uneven grey splotches.
Bucky laughs; you laugh, with your spine pulled crooked and a ponytail falling down it caught in a clip, though nothing witty was said. It was just you and him and the cooling chow mein, as Bucky lingers over a story he was telling, something about Maksim Martynov and the Soviet delegation. Unsurprisingly, he was the most worldly person you could ever imagine knowing. Bucky spun stories constantly, about worlds so removed from your very reality they seemed fictional - Scandinavian grasslands with mountain summits so high you feel like you’re hallucinating religion; cramped cobblestone pathways of post-Stalin Russia, dimly lit with the allegorical Iron Curtain spread wide like a party banner as a half-man filled in with metal slipped through the shadows; bright, booming east Asian cities lit up like circuit boards - Tokyo, Seoul, Tianjin. He makes you wonder, and when he tells stories, you ask questions. You are rapt, attentive. You’ll start a sentence while he is still finishing one, and he will interject something he forgot while you are talking yourself, or a joke, or a reference, as if even a momentary lapse is too long to sit with silence, as if neither of you can wait to crawl into the other’s brain, just a bit more. Your kitchen was a sacred space, a den of hard linoleum and a singular, orange lamp just above the sink and the fatty smell of takeout.
Bucky had his own hair - long by any man’s terms - clawed back tight at the nape of his neck. The band was so old you were sure it would create a ridge in the thick body of it all. A couple stray wisps fall out from behind his ear as he bows forward to snag a dumpling.
You lean forward to brush them back, as if by habit, though there was the very real possibility Bucky would just snap back out of reach. He doesn’t, and you feel how warm the skin on the side of his cheek was. “Why do you keep your hair so long?”
It’s not hateful, or meant to be a joke. Bucky sits up straighter, caught with his first two fingers in his mouth as he licked off a piece of garlic sauce. “Mhm.”
He gestures a finger into the air then, as if to list his rationality. “I could either cut it myself, and risk looking dumb as shit,” you laugh, and he raises a second finger then, as if to say, next, “or, I could walk down into one of those barber shops in Manhattan and, you know, very understandably be denied service.”
You smile, chin dropped down to rest on your knees, as Bucky continues. “Because, believe it or not, the patriots of New York sort of take it personally when you send Captain America off a bridge.”
“You’re not that person anymore.” You answer, without even thinking about it. The Bucky who sat before you was so disconnected from the pawn he was forced to be during the events of 2014, and everything prior for that matter, that it didn’t even seem a reasonable juxtaposition, to you. Besides, counting The Snap, everything he was referencing took place more than a decade ago. When you thought of Bucky, you thought of the guy who called you on your shit and said getting the hot laundry of the dryer “made him sweat,” the one who killed it in a game of Mancala and got lunch every Wednesday with Mr. Nakajima and loved the Gwendolyn Brooks quote of “even if you are not ready for the day, it can not always be night.”
But it would also be childish of you to not admit that he did have a point. Objectively, the ghost of the figure who he was would linger, forever. You cock your head then, studying Bucky. “I mean, I could always cut it.”
He scoffs a little, incredulous. “What, you mean, like…now? Like...with a pair of scissors?”
You shrug, feigning offense. “Sure, why not? I cut all of my brothers’ hair growing up.” The first two fingers of your left hand form a pair of scissors then, clomping through the air. “And if you know a better tool to all means.”
He laughs, putting his hands up. “No, sorry, I was just surprised.”
The two of you lock eyes then, caught in a game of so who’s gonna bluff. Slowly, Bucky gives in to a grin. And that’s how, smothered under a cape like a little boy, he ends up in your bathroom in Murray Hill.
Blinking up from where he was sitting, Bucky’s eyes catch the light. He had beautiful eyes, ones that had witnessed the very urbanization of Brooklyn from the ground up, the slit trenches of the German battlefield, the very first Jeep rolling off the assembly line during November of 1940.
Gingerly, you tug at the bottoms of his hair experimentally. Bucky hollers as if he’s been branded by fire, and you spook so hard your mouth waters. As your eyes met in the mirror then, he dissolved into a high-pitched fit of laughter. Bucky’s was boyishly high and rusty, as if he didn’t use it much.
“I’m kidding.” He retorts, as if he has any right to be exasperated by the reaction he caused. In the mirror, you wave the scissors menacingly.
“Somebody should have taught you not to fuck with someone who’s about to hold a sharp object to the back of your neck.”
Bucky is still snickering yet, but he sombers up just a hair. “Wait, okay, seriously. I know I’m being paranoid and I know this is dumb but for real, you totally can’t cut me. Like, I will express visible anger. And you can’t purposely make my hair look dumb, and-”
You cut him off, rolling your eyes. “I’m not not going to be careful.”
“Gah,” he articulates, ever the one with words. “Okay, I do want you to do this, but it feels weird, you know? Last time I was that clean-cut, short haired ducky shincracker was before I shipped out, and it was Soldat who had the long hair, and I feel as if I’m not either of those guys, you know?”
Bucky only rambles like this when he’s nervous. Gently, you place a hand on his shoulder, feel the warmth of his blood bleed straight through into your bones. “Bucky, I solemnly promise I will not fuck your shit up. If you end up not liking whatever we do, we’ll just change it, deal? Life doesn’t have to be about all this...conformity.”
He seems to placate, if only a smidge. “Deal. But if you get hair down the back of my shirt, I’m not leaving you a tip.”
Hair is surprisingly hard to work with, if you want the end result to look decent. Firstly, you just snip off the length of Bucky’s in chunks that fell to the floor in soft, dark waves, which was easy enough, but the clippers were a different story. You had to double-check, and then triple, that you had the right attachment clipped on, and that you were lining up the back of his head correctly. Then there was that odd stage when doing a fade where they sort of end up looking like that godawful piece they had Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders rocking.
You just kept dampening it, and combing through, before focusing on the top with your shears. At one point, Bucky’s hair was short in the back with grungy bangs curving out over his chin, and you were tempted to keep it so. It was sleek. But in the end, you resort to replicating a classic crew-cut best you could, spiky chunks sticking up near the man’s forehead.
“There,” you state, shutting the buzz of the clippers off. “What do you think?”
“Wow.” Said Bucky, nodding in a deadpan fashion as he peered up at himself in the mirror. “I actually look like a man again.”
You could see right through the deprecation. Bucky’s breath had caught in his chest for a fraction of a second despite the jovial lift to his voice, as if he was staring straight back at some sort of cosmic meshing of past and present. The way his gaze lingered, the way his shoulders tensed, then dropped, then raised again - you can’t just mask that.
“Oh, shit.” You crane forward with the scissors once more, spotting a few longer pieces on his sideburns that made the pair of them uneven. “There.”
Bucky cranes his neck back then, to grin up at you in a way that birthed wrinkles. “You made me look like Iron Man. You got some thing for playboys I don’t know about?
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metalbuckaroo · a day ago
Kinktober Day 8: Spit Kink
SUMMARY// A year had passed since your village had been invaded and you made a deal with the devil himself. One night of whatever he wanted to prove your worth to Captain Bucky Barnes of how you could benefit his crew.
WARNINGS// smut, soft!dark, kinda Stockholm syndrome, kinda degradation, kinda a smidgen of praise, possessive vibes, mention of a bruise, lil bit of choking kink, spit kink, light spanking, cursing (if I forgot any pleeaaase please let me know)
AU// soft!dark pirate!bucky x f!reader
NOTE// This got waaayyyy longer than it was intended to 😅, thanks @sgt-seabass for your help brainstorming and @commonintrest for requesting pirate bucky, ily both
Moodboard by// @samhainduchess
Tumblr media
A year had passed since your village had been invaded and you made a deal with the devil himself. One night of whatever he wanted to prove your worth to Captain Bucky Barnes of how you could benefit his crew.
One night that had turned into a year of being in Bucky's quarters more than anywhere else on the large ship. He'd expected you to try to escape many times. Especially during times like this when you'd be on the main deck while the rest of his crew were away.
Finishing the last shirt of his to clip to the clothes line to dry, you looked at the dock. The sparkling blue water entrancing you as you turned to Bucky who was leaned against a beam that held one of the large sails. "Bucky-"
"No." He didn't even let you finish, voice stern and low as he folded his arms across his chest. "Can I, please? I just wanna feel the water." You pleaded, wiping the soapy water on your hands onto the skirt of the thin dress.
Bucky narrowed his eyes at you, looking to the clothes that had just been washed and hung to dry before over to his crew that were enjoying a few moments of the sandy shore. "You have 30 minutes."
"Oh, thank you." Without thinking you're arms went around his neck, his stern stance not faltering even for just a moment as you quickly pulled away. "Sorry-" you went to apologize, Bucky cocking an eyebrow at you. "Go, before I change my mind."
He felt something inside him twist at the delighted look on your face as you made your way off of the ship and to the dock. Sitting on the edge to let your feet wade in the cool water.
"Careful, a shark might come bite your leg off."
You looked behind you at the deep voice, squinting your eyes at the bright sun to see Sam as he walked closer. Kneeling down beside you with his forearm propped up on his knee.
"I don't think they'll come this close to shore. Do you?" You shrugged, kicking legs back and forth gently against the water. Admiring how it almost seemed to match the color of Bucky's eyes perfectly. "Never know. The sea is full of surprises. Just like you for staying."
"What do you mean?" You looked at him with furrowed brows, studying his features. "Well, the entire crew hears you. You can't actually like that. We all expected you to escape by now." Sam chuckled, shaking his head. "I made a deal, and I like it here."
"A deal for one night, not a year. Look at you, bruised up and gorgeous. It's a shame, really." A shiver ran down your spine when his calloused fingers grazed over the fresh bite mark bucky had left the night before on your shoulder. The indents from his teeth slowly being replaced by a deep bruise.
It wasn't the same excited shiver you got when Bucky's cold and warm hands would grip onto you. The gentle touch almost bringing shame to the surface as his fingers traced over the fading ones on your wrist.
You let out a quiet laugh, shaking your head. "I like it here, Bucky isn't a bad guy. He's just... troubled." You mumbled, shrugging your shoulder and moving your arm away from him. "He should treat you better just for the fact that you haven't tried to run off. Good behavior should be rewarded." Sam said with a pointed look.
Bucky had went down to his quarters to grab something, hearing your faint voice and someone else's as he made it back to the upper deck. Eyebrows knitting together as he went to look.
The twist he'd felt earlier turned to a disgusted lurch of his stomach when he saw Sam's fingers touching you. A deep scowl etching his features as long strides carried him to where you were.
You hadn't even registered his heavy footsteps before his warm right hand gripped your upper arm. A surprised squeal erupting from your throat when he pulled you to your feet in a quick yank.
"Don't touch my things, Wilson. You should know better." Bucky seethed, jerking you along behind him. Stumbling along until you found your balance to match his fast strides until he shoved the door of his quarters open. Shoving you to sit on the mattress of his bed.
"I'm sorry, Bucky-" you were cut off by a sharp slap to your cheek. Whimpering as you raised your hand to feel the stinging skin. "You fucking know better. You're mine, you don't get to talk to any of them."
Another whimper rang from your throat when cold metal fingers gripped your jaw, making you look at him. "Letting him touch you like that? You're a whore." Anger flared in his eyes as he pursed his lips, warm spit suddenly coating the irritated skin of your cheek.
You didn't look at Bucky in fear, more apologetic as he released your cheeks. Hands going to work at the loose buttons of his shirt and pants. "Undress." He ordered, darkened eyes staying locked on you as you stood. Shaky hands going behind your back to untie the fabric that held the back of the dress closed.
"Little fucking faster." Bucky snapped, fisting over himself as he kicked his pants to the side. You quickly nodded and slipped your arms out of the dress before letting it fall to pool at your feet.
"On the bed."
Your heart pounded in your chest as you positioned yourself on your hands and knees on the bed. Yelping quietly when his right hand pressed to the back of your head, pushing your face into the thin pillows.
Your hips wiggled absent-mindedly when his thick head slid through your folds. "Hold still." Bucky snapped, a harsh slap stinging the flesh of your ass.
You clenched at the sensation, pushing your hips back towards him. "Greedy slut." He rasped, filling you to the brim in a swift thrust that had you crying out.
He didn't give any time to adjust, slamming his hips into yours in a relentless pace as his hand gripped the back of your neck to keep your upper half pressed against the mattress.
"Whose slut are you?" Bucky grunted, metal fingers curling into the swell of your ass. "Yours-" you gasped out when he fucked into the sweet spot deepest into your walls. "This my tight cunt?"
"Yes- yes, Bucky." Another harsh slap to the supple flesh of your ass made you moan. "Damn right it is." He huffed out, swollen tip knocking into the rough patch at an angle that had your head spinning. A series of thin moans spilling from your lips as heat sprouted in your veins.
You whined when he suddenly pulled out before he maneuvered you onto your back. "Take everything I give you, like the good girl you're suppose to be." He said through clenched teeth when he slammed back into you. A string of saliva falling from his plump lips to your clit as his hands curled around the backs of your thighs, pushing your knees up towards your shoulders.
"Look. At. Me." Bucky punctuated each word with a rough snap of his hips when your eyes fluttered closed.
He'd always expected to see disgust and resentment in your eyes when he'd do the filthiest of things- for the way he acted. But everytime, He'd see nothing but lust and a spark of something else he couldn't quite explain as your walls clamped around him again.
Taking the opportunity when your jaw slacked to gather more saliva in his mouth and spit it into yours, he groaned as he watched you swallow it. The vice grip your cunt had on him sending a shiver down his spine.
"I ever see you letting one of my men touch you, I'll be the only one cumming." Bucky stated, the grip on the backs of your thighs bruising as he fucked into you. The vigorous pace inching you further up the bed as shocks of bliss coursed through you.
"Greedy cunt just can't stop milkin' me. My cock feel that good?" He snarked, a cocky smirk plastering on his flush face. "I asked you a question." You keened in response, his hand going down to thumb at your swollen clit. "Yes," you gasped out, hands searching for something to hold onto as they found his toned thighs.
His thrusts turned short and fast, flesh hand gripping one of your breasts as his cock slid against every sweet spot of your overly sensitive walls. The line between pain and pleasure blurring as tears prickled your eyes. The coil threatening to snap with every drive into your cunt.
"Another." He grunted, jaw clenched tightly. "I can't-" you mewled, pressing your hand to the tensed muscles of his lower abdomen. "You will. You've given me more plenty of times." Bucky snapped, rolling one of your pebbled buds between his fingers.
He watched as your body tensed, thighs quivering as they tried to shut and vision whiting out for a moment as you cried out his name. Barely registering the twitch of his cock as he painted your walls with his release.
Your eyes blinked open as you felt a rag between your thighs, Bucky's long, dark hair falling forward as he cleaned you up before shoving your legs to the side for you to roll over. The deep ache just above your pelvic bone already setting in.
Staring at the wooden wall, you heard bottles clanking for a moment before liquid pouring sounded in the room. The glass being sat back down with a quiet thump as Bucky exhaled a deep breath.
You figured he would lay with his back to you like any other night. Nudging you away if you tried to cuddle into his back in search of the intimacy you longed for from him, only to be stuck staring at the back of his head until you finally fell asleep.
But, as he looked over your form that you had pulled the thin blanket over, he narrowed his eyes at you. Gaze raking over the soft skin of your back that was exposed, taking in every curve he'd gripped onto many times before. Getting much more in return than he'd ever given- He'd decided on something different for once.
It took you by surprise when you felt his bare front press into your back. Thick, right arm going around you tightly as his fingers wrapped around your hand.
You let out a breath, pressing a kiss to his knuckles before you heard him grunt in disapproval. "Sorry." You murmured, tucking the hand his was wrapped around under your chin. "Go to sleep, or I'll turn over." Bucky grumbled under his breath.
You didn't sleep for the longest time. Instead, you laid there, enjoying the warmth of his firm body pressed to your back. Enjoying the intimacy of it all, wondering how long it'd last.
Which, wasn't long- the moment your eyes had opened, you saw Bucky pulling his boots on as you sat up. Blinking a few times when a dress was tossed in your direction. Handmade and thin like all of the others that sat in the trunk in the corner of the room.
He waited until you'd pulled the clothing on before pushing a bucket of soapy water in your direction with his heavy boot. "I want it cleaned." He ordered, fastening his pants. "Last night-"
"I don't care what you think last night was. You're nothing but a cockslut- a toy that I play with when I'm bored. I give you these stupid books to keep you busy, now I'm giving you something else to do. Listen to what I say." The muscle in his jaw flexed as he gritted his teeth, tossing a rag in your direction. Tears welled in your eyes as you looked at him. "I-"
"Shut up and do it!" You flinched at the harsh tone of his voice. Nodding your head as you swallowed hard. "I'll be back later, clean the hall too."
Part of Bucky started to feel a little guilty for how he acted towards you. Realizing the pleading from a year ago wasn't just to save your ass- you didn't seem to want to leave.
All of the times he'd trusted you with a straight razor to shave his face, putting an opportunity in your hand to have one little slip of a finger and escape. When he'd watched from where you couldn't see him on the upper deck as you washed clothes, waiting for you to make a break for it at the first chance.
He had to push that feeling away somehow. And the local pub of an island the ship was docked at gave him the perfect chance to do so.
You had done what Bucky said while he was away, Steve the only one left on the ship as you were finishing up the narrow hallway that led to the separate quarters for his men.
You could hear his heavy footsteps on the floor of the main deck above, chewing your bottom lip as you twisted the rag to wring out the excess water.
Looking over your shoulder when you heard his deep chuckle, your bottom lip trembled as you saw Bucky walk into his door with a brunette woman in tow. Daring to look at Steve who looked down at you with almost sympathetic eyes as he leaned against the thick wood of the wall.
A few moments passed, barely audible voices coming from his quarters and Bucky's getting more agitated by the second as the woman argued with him.
"Get out!" His booming voice echoed through the door, the woman walking out with tears streaking her face as she slammed the door behind her.
"What'd you do to her?" Steve questioned when Bucky jerked the door open to stand in the doorway. Defined torso on display and pants unbuckled. "I yelled at her. She wasn't doing it right." He shrugged, eyes flicking down to look at you as you lifted the bucket from the floor.
"You, c'mon. Since you're the only one who seems to know how." Bucky grumbled the last part more to himself as you sat the bucket on a table nearby. Following him into the room.
He just looked at you for a moment before raising his eyebrows. "Well? You gonna do somethin'?" He said, voice laced with aggravation. "Have her do it, since one just isn't enough for you."
Bucky's dark chuckle radiated through your body as he rubbed his right hand against the base of his left shoulder where metal met flesh, shaking his head. "Snappin' back now. Ain't ya?"
You were just as surprised as he was at the remark. "I do everything for you, and you brought another woman in here. Out of everything you've done- this might be the worst." You swallowed back the fear that threatened to trickle into your words, hoping his response wouldn't be too harsh.
"A woman who didn't know what she was doing. You, know just how I like it." He kicked his pants off, sitting on the end of the bed. "Now, if you wanna put that mouth to better use, I'll be right here waiting."
You tried not to look pass his chest- the way the taut muscles rose and fell with every breath, or how his abdomen tensed lightly with every twitch of his cock.
The sight of the swollen, leaking tip making your mouth water as it rested against his lower abdomen. Waiting eyes watching you as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other.
Exhaling a breath, you stepped closer. Dropping down to your knees one at a time between his thick thighs as he smirked down at you. "I knew you could be a good slut."
The salty taste of precum flooded your tastebuds when you flicked your tongue over the slit. Moaning lightly at the familiar taste as your lips wrapped around his smooth tip, slowly taking him further into your mouth.
Bucky wanted to close his eyes to enjoy the feeling of your mouth, but he couldn't seem to tear his gaze away from the way you swallowed him to the base. His hand going to the back of your head to hold you on him for a few more moments.
Arousal pooled in your underwear from the rewarding moan that passed his lips when you tried to swallow around him. Spit leaking pass your lips and onto his base as tears prickled your eyes.
"Just like that. You know how to do it right. Don'ya, sugar?" You tapped against his thighs for him to let you up for a breath, another moan pulling from his chest when your throat constricted around him again. "Huh-uh, three taps and I let you up. That was four." Bucky hummed, cocking his head to the side for a better view as you did just what he said.
Three taps and he let go.
A string of spit went from his tip to your lips when you pulled away, a look of pride on his flush face. "Your mouth feels almost as good as your cunt. Keep going, you know when to stop."
Your chest heaved as you nodded, breathing through your nose as you found a steady pace to bob your head along him. Gently twisting your hand around what you didn't take in your mouth as he let moans and grunt fall freely into the thick air, metal fingers gripping tightly to the back of your hair.
Massaging your tongue against his bulbous head, you looked at his face for a sign that it was time to stop. The scrunched up look of his sharp features and thin layer of sweat coating his chest letting you know when you pull away.
Wiping the back of your hand against your chin, you sat back on your heels. Furrowing your eyebrows when Bucky scooted up the bed, his shoulders leaned against the handmade headboard. "Well, c'mon." He snapped, raising his eyebrows at you.
Your eyes went wide for a moment at the realization- undoing the flimsy buttons on the front of your dress to slip it off. Your underwear following the fabric before you hesitated to straddle his hips, chewing your bottom lip when he sat up more.
Goosebumps prickled your skin when his warm right hand grazed up the length of your back, fingers wrapping around the back of your neck as his lips nipped at your skin. Going from the tops of your breasts, to your collarbone, stopping at you jaw- right beside your ear as he spoke quietly. "You're gonna stay right here, on this ship, with me. Until the day I die."
You swallowed thickly and nodded, Bucky grabbing a fistful of your hair. "Of course." You breathed out, hands smoothing up his biceps and to his shoulders. "Then do as you're told and fuck me." It came out in nearly a growl as he said it, cold fingers digging into your hip to lift you enough for him to guide you down on him.
Your movements started out a little jerky, trying to get use to taking his size from the angle you weren't fully familiar with since Bucky came along. Your thighs tensing as you tried to find a steady pace, his hands wondering your stomach and chest. Tracing over every fading mark his lips had left.
"Faster." Your hands lifted to wrap around his wrist when his fingers curled around your neck. Urging you to pick up the pace. "You like it, don't you? That's why you never left. Just a cockdrunk slut that's all mine."
You whined in response, hips faltering for a moment before his grip on your thigh and neck tightened. "You better keep going if you wanna breathe. I'm not letting go until you make yourself cum." Bucky said through gritted teeth. You tried adjust yourself to hit the sweet spot Bucky never seemed to miss, brushing over it enough to make you choke out a cry before it was lost again.
"I- can't." You wheezed out, tears spilling onto your cheeks from the burning ache that grew in your belly. Begging to be relieved
"That greedy pussy just needs an extra push." He hummed, metal fingers pinching and flicking over your clit as your thighs started to quiver. Your lungs burning for a breath as the coil snapped and a strained moan pulled from your throat.
You sucked in a sharp breath when Bucky let go, filling your aching lungs with air as you leaned your palms against his sturdy chest.
"Fuck- there ya go. Now you're doing it right." He grunted, arms going back behind his head as he watched the way your cunt took every inch of him. Walls stretched to their limit and gripping his cock as you rode through the aftershocks of your orgasm. Groaning quietly at the blissed out look on your face.
"M'not done." He growled, gripping onto your hips when you went to stop. "Bucky- my legs hurt." You whined, grinding down against him. "I'll do it myself."
In a swift movement, one of Bucky's strong arms went around you and your back met the mattress. Your legs lifted higher on his waist as he found a ruthless pace.
"Look at me-" cold fingers dug into your cheeks like every other time. Your lips parting to prepare for the string of saliva that he'd spit into your mouth.
Only for his tongue to slip in, instead. Lips smashing to yours in a messy kiss that coated both of your lips in spit as he moaned into your mouth before pulling away.
Lust blown blues stared down at you, his grip on your cheeks not letting up as he worked you towards another orgasm. "Don'you ever stop looking at me like that. Understood?" Bucky panted, easily finding the spot that you tried so hard to find just moments before. "Yes-"
Letting go of your cheeks, Bucky moved his hand down to press sloppy circles to your clit. His hips stuttering when your walls clamped down on him and back arched off of the mattress. Lips smashing into yours again as spurts of release filled you.
He rode through both of your highs with short, gentle thrusts. Groaning into your mouth lightly before slipping out of you.
Your heart twisted when he laid with his back to you. Shuffling to get under the blanket when his body heat had been taken with him.
"I love you..." You whispered, partially hoping he didn't hear. The scoff and shake of his head telling you he did. "No you don't."
Chewing the edge of your bottom lip, you cuddled into his back. Waiting for him to nudge you away before he turned to his other side. "Turn over."
Doing as he said, warmth bloomed in your chest when his arm went around your waist. A more comfortable silence settling in the air. "Are you scared of me?" His low voice asked in a mumbled. "Not at all."
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shywriterrr · 21 hours ago
They were roommates.
Summary: Bucky and y/n are polar opposites, yet they have one thing in common: they want the same apartment they can’t afford. Will they look past their differences and rent this place together?
Bucky x Reader // college!Bucky [almost] x Reader // roommate!Bucky x Reader // AU
Warnings: language, mentions of sexual themes, my humor (?), angst, idk, 18+
Words: 10.8k (because it is a hell of a ride)
Tumblr media
A/N: i had so much fun writing this one! it’s super long and trust me i would’ve gone wayyy longer but i think it’s the best version i could make! please let me know what you think!
A/N 2: Would you like a part 2? cause i already have something in mind. let me know, if you want!!
When you moved into this house, you never thought what you were actually signing up for. Well, apart from the lease and the agreement for rent, you never thought you'd have anything else to take care for.
You were a college student, on your final year. You were previously staying with a bunch of girls from the sorority in dorms, but since it was your last year, you wanted to focus more on your studies and exams and you wanted your peace and quiet. The parties that were held every other night, weren't really helping you achieve that, so as soon as you found a job in the city, you decided to rent a place so you could have your own space.
After searching the whole area that was both close to your work and your college, you finally found your place. It was a two bedroom apartment, with a comfortable living room, a decent-sized kitchen and a bathroom. But what you really loved about the place was the big windows that surrounded it. You had the whole city on view.
Although your parents had said that they’d help you with money and you also had a part-time job, the rent was still a bit too much to take care of every month. You also had to pay for tuition, your books and textbooks, groceries and bills. The cost was getting a bit out of reach.
You sighed. The landlord was negotiating with you about the rent. He was a nice man, and although he wanted to help you, the payment was still pretty high. You could always search for something else, something cheaper or away from your work and college, but you’ve done that already. The places you’ve seen were either too far away which meant you had to take the tube and change two buses, or the place was a dump.
“You know,” The landlord propped his glasses back to his nose, “there’s always the option of getting a roommate.”
You’ve considered this as well, but no one really wanted to move into a new house and have to pay extra for housing. “I know, but no one really wants to.”
He seemed in thought and then he looked at you. “There’s this other guy that was also seeing the apartment. He liked it, but was unsure about the rent as well. He just finished college, so he was looking around.” He explained and pulled out his phone. “I think his name is James?” He furrowed his brows and searched through his contact list. “Would you be interested in talking to him and maybe have the place together? It’ll help you a lot.”
You propped your head on your hand leaning on the table. Having a stranger living with you? A guy who just finished college? Were you ready for that? Living with another person was one thing, but living with a complete stranger that you didn’t even know was point black terrifying. But on the other side, as you looked around the place, you couldn’t help but actually consider it. This apartment was perfect. It even came with its own furniture so you didn’t have to worry about buying new things. At least for the time being.
The apartment had two bedrooms which meant that you wouldn’t really have to interact with this guy a lot since you’d probably be holed up in your room studying anyway. Your introverted side was getting handy right now.
You let out a breath and rubbed your eyes.
“So?” The landlord cocked an eyebrow. “Should I call him?” He asked.
Your anxiety was skyrocketing as you looked at the man before you; phone in hand ready to call this guy, James, was it? You took another breath and mumbled something about hoping not to regret this when you finally nodded.
And this is how everything began.
When the landlord called James on the phone, he said that he’d be there in ten minutes, “fifteen tops”, he had said.
One hour later and you wanted to claw yourself for being stuck in the apartment, waiting for a guy who was already appearing to be inconsistent, with your landlord giving you a sympathetic smile.
When he finally decided to show up, you couldn’t help but check him out. Out of pure irritation for having you waiting on him for a freaking hour and curiosity cause you were supposed to be living with this guy.
“James, I’m glad you made it.” The landlord said and you didn’t miss the hint of sarcasm in his words. He was waiting with you for so long after all.
“Yeah, sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck. “Something came up.”
“You could’ve called.” You chimed in, trying to hold your nerves at bay.
You needed James. You needed him to like you and agree to move in with you, because you wanted this place and he was your only option.
“Y/N.” You extended your hand and plastered a smile on your face.
He was scanning you up and down and you wanted to scream for his non-subtlety that he was displaying. He smirked at you, “James.” He shook your hand and you quickly wanted to pull it away. “But you can call me Bucky if you want.” He winked at you and you wanted to vomit, but you kept your fake smile, cringing on the inside.
“So,” the landlord clapped his hands, “are we having a deal?” He looked between you two and you stared at James for confirmation.
“We have a deal.” You both spoke at the same time.
The landlord let out a breath that he’d been probably holding ever since he met you both. “Thank God.” He admitted and you both looked at him confused. “No offence but I really have to be somewhere else and I just needed an answer so I can ran to my lawyers to hand him the lease papers.” He checked his watch to see the time and grimaced. “Which by the way,” he roamed in his bag and pulled out the papers, “you need to sign.” He handed you a pen and pushed the papers to you.
James nodded and was the first to sign them. You hesitated when the pen was handed to you. You were really doing it. You were moving in with a guy that you met a couple minutes ago and you weren’t even impressed by his attitude. From the minute he walked in, you knew he was the type of guy that you’d avoid like the plague, but here you were signing to willingly live with him.
You signed the paper and the landlord quickly picked them up before hurrying to the door.
“I hope you enjoy your stay.” He called. “The keys are on the table. You can make another set so you can both have one. Goodbye.” He left.
You were both standing there, awkwardly, looking around the place.
“So,” James started, “this is ours now.” He chuckled.
Your apartment. You couldn’t believe it. Your very first apartment. Well, James’ too, but your apartment. You were beaming.
“Yes, it is.” You smiled wide.
“Do you want to celebrate?” James cocked an eyebrow and you furrowed your brows. “I have a bottle of wine in my car and we can also get to know each other. We’d be living together, so, it’d be nice to know a few things about each other.” He explained.
You looked at him as he was standing there, leather jacket, black jeans and a tight T-shirt, giving you a big smile.
“You have a bottle of wine in your car?” These were the words that left your mouth.
He chuckled. “I’ll go get it.” He walked out of the apartment.
Maybe you should get to know each other.
“James!” You yelled, banging the door of his bedroom. The music was so loud that you felt at some point your bed side table shaking.
He opened his door, and a very surprised, half-naked James, greeted you.
“What’s up?” He asked casually.
You pushed him aside and searched his room to find the remote and turn down the deafening music. When the music was switched off, you felt yourself relax.
“Why did you do that?” James asked whining. “You could’ve told me to turn it down a bit.”
You were glaring at him. “I did. But you couldn’t listen to me, James.” You pointed to your ears to get your message across.
He tossed a shirt on the bed and went to grab another one from his wardrobe.
“Why do you need music anyway? You’re just getting ready.” You crossed your arms to your chest watching his every move with a scowl on your face.
“Because,” he pulled his pants up and buttoned them, “I like getting ready with music on. It’s like having a theme song, you know.” He shrugged.
“No, I don’t know.” You scowled.
He rolled his eyes. “Obviously, you wouldn’t.” He mumbled.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You let your arms fall on your sides.
James pulled the shirt over his head and tucked it in his pants. “That you’re a party pooper.”
You huffed. “I’m not!” You defended. “I just happen not to like having music playing on blast while I’m trying to study.”
He scrunched his nose in distaste. “Why on earth would you be studying on a Friday night?”
“Because I have a month of catching up to do since I was working non-stop at the office.” You retorted.
“It’s just your first month, Y/N.” He fixed his hair looking in the mirror. “Don’t be so dramatic.” He turned to look at you and you scoffed. “And please, just call me Bucky.” He winked.
You smirked at him. “It’s my last year, James. I don’t want to fail, James. And that will only happen with consistency, James.” You emphasized his name.
He rubbed his temples in irritation. Sometimes, you were driving him crazy. But so did he. You were both driving each other crazy for a month now.
You knew that it’d be that way from that very first night at your new apartment where you decided to get to know each other.
You were looking straight ahead, your eyes focusing right in front of you were the TV was supposed to go. Your eyes were spitting fire and you were bouncing your left leg up and down in frustration.
“The wall will be painted white.” You said firmly.
James was mimicking you. “Grey.” He insisted.
You snapped and turned to look at him. “Who the fuck paints their living room wall grey?!” You threw your hands in frustration.
James was looking back at you with a scowl. “White is too bright.”
“And grey is too dark.” You fired back.
James let his hand slide on his face, “Ok,” he said, “what about beige?” He suggested.
You furrowed your brows thinking. “Deal.” You finally agreed.
It had started fine; that little get-to-know-each-other-over-wine night. Both of you were trying your best to remain calm and appear polite with each other. Then, a couple glasses of wine later, your mouths were spitting truths and your true opinions were starting to surface.
You were polar opposites.
James, who still insisted on calling him Bucky, was working a part-time job as a mechanic, fixing motorcycles, liked to party a lot, bring people over, and even asked you if you’d be bothered if he brought over girls, for very obvious reasons. Your cheeks had turned red from both embarrassment and fury that he would be so blatantly asking you something like that. He said he didn’t know how to cook, he rarely cleaned and he sometimes was loud as he had two neighbor complaints against him in his old apartment, which was one of the reasons he also wanted to move out.
On the other hand, you were quiet. You rarely brought people over, you never brought any boys in your room even back when you were living in a dorm with a bunch of other girls frequently bringing guys over, and you having to cover your ears in order to block any screams and moans you might hear. You thought finally having your own apartment would spare you of that but James wasn’t really keen on. You knew how to cook and you preferred a spotless house and you just wanted to come back from college or work to find peace and quiet and not a bunch of guys talking loudly, drunk on beer.
James was rolling his eyes at you, throwing comments such as “you don’t know how to live” and “how can you be such an old lady Y/N, you’re only in your early 20s!”
Let’s just say that you were day and he was night; you were white and he was black; you were a good girl and he was a bad boy... you were glaring at him and he was scoffing.
“I had high hopes for this, Y/N.” James gestured between you two.
“Well, I didn’t, James.” You crossed your arms to your chest.
James huffed and plopped on the couch letting his head fall behind. You let your back rest against the pillow.
“Ok, fine.” You sighed, “We’ll make it work.”
James turned his head to look at you. “Ok.” He said. “We’ll make it work.”
You nodded. There were a few minutes of silence.
“Call me Bucky.” He winked.
You turned and glared at him.
This was not going to work.
That incident was just an indication of what happened pretty much every day.
“James,” you picked up the clothes from the living room floor, “do you have to throw your clothes everywhere?! Just pick them up!” You raised your voice in exaggeration.
James walked into the living room, shirtless as always, giving you a confused look. “I thought I had picked them up.” He smirked.
You threw the pile that was now on your hands, right in his face.
“Next time, I’ll throw them out the window.” You threatened and slammed the door of your room.
Then the other night while you were watching your favorite TV show, James plopped down on the couch next to you and as you were getting lost in the plot, he changed the channel.
“What the fuck, James?!” You yelled at him.
He was looking nonchalantly at the TV. “That show is boring, Y/N.” He cocked his head on the side studying the TV with his brows furrowed.
“Well, for me it wasn’t.” you started speaking when you took a glimpse at the TV, “What the hell are you watching?!” Your eyes widened at the sex scene that was unfolding in front of you.
He was staring at the TV and then looked over at you laughing at your reaction. “Come on, Y/N. I’m sure you know what is happening.” He smirked and cocked an eyebrow.
You stood up and huffed. “Goodnight, James.”
You heard him laughing as you marched to your room.
“I don’t know why she acted that way.” James whined. He was telling you about a date of his. You hardly paid any attention, only humming and agreeing here and there. You eyes were focused on the TV, where an X-Men movie was playing. You weren’t really into superhero movies but for some reason it kind of intrigued you along the way.
Then, a mopping James came home; plopped down on the couch beside you and started whining about how his date left him.
“I mean, every girl likes me.” He pointed and you rolled your eyes that were still glued on the screen. Fuck, you thought, that guy Logan or whatever his name was, is hot.
“What are you watching so religiously?” He wondered and shifted his eyes on the TV. He snorted. “The X-Men movies are not even as good as the Avengers franchise.”
You rolled your eyes. “Whatever you say, James.”
“I mean, the worst villain has to be Magneto himself. No one hated the X-Men more than this guy.” James chuckled.
“Did you want anything else?” You turned to him, giving him a tight-lipped smile.
“So, what do you have to say on what I told you?” He cocked an eyebrow, and he seemed like he genuinely wanted your opinion.
“I have to say that she didn’t like you. That’s all.” You shrugged.
“There’s no chance, Y/N. All the girls I’ve been on dates with liked me a lot.” He said with confidence. “I can pretty much say that every girl I met has actually liked me.”
“Very modest.” You mumbled.
“You’re the only one that hasn’t liked me, but that’s because it’s you.”
You glared at him. “What’s that suppose to mean?!”
He looked at you in a strange way, his eyes almost seemed sad and his brows were scrunched in concentration as if he was thinking deep; and then he shook his head as if to clear any thoughts. “Nothing.” He muttered and stood up from the couch. “I’m tired. Goodnight.” He walked away before you had a chance to say anything to him.
You didn’t know why your heart fell when he said that to you. He’d told you a lot of things since you started living together almost 3 months now, but somehow this had bothered you.
You shifted your attention back on TV.
“Great, I lost the best part.” You muttered to yourself and sank down on the couch.
It was a hectic morning; your alarm didn’t go off and you were now hurrying to get ready because you were going to be late for your exam. The semester was over and the exam period was starting and this was how you were welcoming the most stressful period of the year; by waking up late, bumping into all the furniture in your room as you struggled to get dressed and trying to find your things that were sprawled all over the floor from last night were you were studying until late.
You hurriedly opened the bathroom door, not looking in front of you, when you lifted your gaze and you let out a scream, closing the door again.
A stark naked James was standing in the middle of the bathroom, dripping wet.
If you weren’t awake before, you sure were now.
You felt your cheeks heat up and your breath become uneven. You ran your hand down your face and knocked on the door. You really had to go to the bathroom and you really needed to get the hell out and have your exams, on time, preferably.
You heard a fade 'come in', before hesitantly, opening the door.
James’ smug face was looking at you and you hated that smirk on his face.
“Don’t.” You warned him and he laughed.
He had a towel wrapped around his lower body. “Come on, Y/N. I’m sure you’ve seen a dick before.” His vulgar language would have you scoffing or rolling your eyes in other time, but right now you just stared at him, your cheeks a little flushed, gulping. You tried not to show your discomfort, but it was hard to miss and James picked it up.
His amused face turned into shock and then horror in a matter of seconds. “Wait,” he spoke, “you’ve seen a dick before, haven’t you?” he asked you.
“Can you please hurry up, I need to leave and I also really need to pee.” You tried to say more casually but you could hear your heart beating in your chest.
He didn’t say anything as he exited the bathroom.
You pulled your pants down. “Shit.” You whispered as you peed.
Christmas came and went as quickly.
You spent it with your family and James told you that he would also be going to visit his sister, so the house was empty.
The holidays were over and as soon as you came back into the apartment, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of comfort and relaxation. You had forgotten how it was to live with your parents, and you had gotten used to living in this apartment, even if that meant constantly bickering with James.
James was already here, greeting you with the image of him snoring on the couch, in his boxers while a girl was sprawled all over him.
You let your suitcase hit the floor with a thud, as you were standing in front of the couch with your arms crossed. You saw both of them stir a little as you cleared your throat loudly.
James slowly opened his eyes, blinking. When he saw you, he let out a “oh, shit” before he quickly stood up straight, shaking the girl, who was sleeping on him, awake.
The girl’s eyes were wide in shock when she saw you, quickly standing up and putting her clothes on. James was searching for his T-shirt which you found wrinkled on the floor next to the coffee table, and threw it at him. He grabbed it and put in on.
“What the hell is this mess, James?” You gestured towards him and the girl who looked like she wanted to bolt out of here.
“Y/N, I can explain.” He tried to calm you down as you pinched the bridge of your nose.
The woman was dressed up and you saw her making a beeline for the door as James walked her. You heard her say something like “you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend” and then a slapping sound which made you smirk.
Before James could say anything the woman disappeared and he let his head rest on the door.
He sighed and then turned back to you giving you a big wolf smile. “Welcome home, Y/N!” He threw his hands in the air.
You rolled your eyes. “I thought you said you’d be at your sister’s.”
He shrugged, “Change of plans.”
You cocked an eyebrow. “So, you were here the whole time?” You asked.
He nodded, as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.
“Where did you spend Christmas?” You walked towards him, leaning on the counter.
“At Steve’s.”
Steve was his best friend that you got to meet one night, after you came back from work, finding them both pissed drunk, laughing. You had scoffed at the image, and when Steve went to grab at your ass, as you were trying to clean up the endless beer bottles, you glared at him and hissed at James that if you woke up the next morning in this mess, you’d have him clean up the whole house for the next month.
“I’m serious, James.” You threatened.
Steve burst out laughing while James huffed.
You started walking back to your room when you heard James say, “It’s Bucky, doll.” Even though you had your back turned to him, you knew that he was winking at you.
“And New Year’s?” You cocked your head on the side.
“Here.” He took a sip of his water.
“You could’ve…” you started but then you thought again.
He raised an eyebrow at you. “What?”
“You could’ve said so, and I’d stay with you.” You admitted which sounded strange to your ears. “I mean, I’d rather be here with you than my parents’. I had forgotten how bad they can get.”
James chuckled. “I’m honored that you don’t think I’m as bad as your parents.”
You shook your head, smiling.
“You should be, James.” You walked towards your forgotten suitcase.
“Call me Bucky, love.” You shook your head to yourself, laughing.
“Come in.” You said to Thor who was outside the door of your apartment.
You had met Thor at the office. You were working in a lawyer firm and he had come to have some contracts finalized. He had complimented you and you blushed. When he asked you on date, your response was positive. It was about time you finally get out there into the dating world.
“Finally, Y/N.” Wanda breathed out in relief. “I thought you were going to become a nun.”
You scoffed. “I’m just not that kind of person, Wanda. I want my time.” You were getting shy all of a sudden. You couldn’t actually pinpoint the reason why you were so hesitant in dating and so awkward around guys, but you were. You were too shy, too introverted and too awkward to approach a guy and when they approached you, you didn’t really know how to react.
“Well, tonight’s your night, my little butterfly.” Wanda singed.
You shook your head. “I hate you.”
So, a couple of dates later and you found that Thor was a really great guy. He would open the door for you, bring you flowers, compliment you and never rush you into anything that you weren’t comfortable with. Plus, he was gorgeous and a great kisser.
You pulled Thor inside the apartment after your date at a restaurant. The restaurant was really expensive and when it was time to pay, Thor didn’t let you. He never let you pay for anything and it was getting on your nerves because you didn’t want others paying for you, but Thor also had an expensive taste that had made you question his job and income since he never seemed to struggle in paying everything. “Business.” he had told you as he took a sip of his wine. You didn’t really question him since you didn’t want to seem like prying. He was always dressed in brands and the gifts he gave you so far were expensive that at one point you thought about returning them back to him.
“You shouldn’t be buying me such things, Thor.” You frowned at the necklace.
“I want to, love. Please, take it.” He looked at you with such adoration that you couldn’t help but accept.
Thor walked into the apartment, taking a look. You stood beside him as he inspected the place.
“I know it’s not as fancy…” you trailed, suddenly getting nervous.
“It’s ok.” Thor said and you frowned a little. “You can always live with me.” He suggested and you laughed.
“A bit too early for even mentioning this, don’t you think?” You raised an eyebrow and he shrugged.
“Well, just so you know, if you ever need any help, and I mean anything-” you caught him off.
“I’m managing.” You said. “Besides I’m not living-” you were caught off by a voice yelling your name.
“Y/N! Where the hell did you put my shoes?!” You saw James emerging from his room, looking irritated.
“Fuck.” you cursed under your breath.
You thought James would have been out of the house by now. It was a Saturday night after all, and when you had asked him to make sure he would be leaving the apartment so you could bring Thor, he raised his eyebrow in suspicion but his response was positive. But of course, James, being James, was late.
“Who the hell is this guy?” James pointed at Thor looking him up and down in suspicion.
“James,” You tried to smile; it didn’t work well, “can I talk to you for a second?” You marched towards him grabbing his forearm and dragging him back to his room as he was still glaring at Thor, who was looking ticked off by James’ behavior.
“What the hell are you doing here?!” You whispered-screamed as soon as the door closed.
“I was getting ready to leave.” He said. “Who’s that guy, Y/N?” He asked you.
“A friend.” You crossed your arms to your chest.
He chuckled. “Don’t fucking lie to me, Y/N.”
“What do you want, James?” You gritted your teeth.
You were glaring each other until you heard a knock on the door. You regained your posture and took a breath before you opened the door with a smile to find Thor standing there, not amused in the slightest.
James nudged you walking past you out of the door, a sour look on his face, whispering “we’ll talk about it later.”
“No, we won’t.” you hissed back trying to hold your smile for Thor.
You took Thor’s arm and guided him towards the living room.
“Where the hell are my shoes?!” James shouted and that ticked you off.
“I threw them away!” You shouted back.
“Why?” He asked you.
“Because they smelled like something died in them.” You retorted and he let out a stream of curses before slamming the front door shut as you squeezed your eyes shut in irritation.
You turned your focus back to Thor who was witnessing all of this with a grim look on his face.
“So, where were we?” You smiled.
The next day, you were sipping your coffee, when you heard keys daggling.
You tried to mentally prepare for James.
He tossed the keys on the kitchen counter, and walked towards the living room where you were curled up on the couch with your cup of coffee.
You glanced at him from the rim of your mug. He looked pissed as he threw his jacket on the couch.
He sighed and looked at you. “Who was that guy, Y/N?”
You took a sip of your coffee. “His name’s Thor. If that’s what you're asking.”
“Are you dating him?” He asked.
You chuckled. “I’m not going to tell you about my business, James.”
“Y/N.” he warned. “This is not funny.” He was serious. “Tell me, do you know who this guy is?”
You looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”
“Fucking hell.” He threw his hands in the air. “Do you know his last name? His job? What he does for a living?”
“Of course I do, James.” You scoffed. “His last name is Oddison and he works in business.”
James chuckled dryly. “You have no fucking idea.”  
“James, can you please tell me what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” You stood up as well.
“He’s a fucking mob boss, Y/N! The business title he gave you; it’s illegal business! Guns, drugs, and who knows what else.” he raised his voice and looked at him with wide eyes. “You’re clueless, aren’t you?” He whispered in disbelief.
“Shut up, James.” You muttered.
You were dating a mobster. You were dating a dangerous man, who knew your name, your address, your work, your college and could find pretty much anything he wanted about you.
You sat back on the couch. “What am I going to do?” You asked hopeless.
James sighed and sat beside you. He’d never seen you so shaken up and it was strange. You always had something to say; you always appeared strong, but now you looked lost.
“Break up with him.”
On Monday, after you finished your lectures and you were walking back home, you saw two guys standing outside your building. You furrowed your brows, but you brushed it off. When you stepped out of the elevator, you saw two other men, across the door of your apartment. They were wearing similar clothes with the other two guys on the front door.
You opened the door to your apartment, stepping in and placing the keys on the table beside the door.
James was sipping his coffee, probably having just woken up, looking outside the window.
“Do you know what the deal with these guys outside the door is?” You asked James as you shook off your jacket.
“There are also across the street as well.” He nodded outside the building and you approached to take a look.
“What the hell…” you whispered.
“They’re your boyfriend’s private guard.” James grimaced.
“What…” you gaped at him.
“You need to break up with him, Y/N. Or else, be prepared to be watched 24/7.”
You groaned. “Fine.”
You pulled your phone out of your butt pocket. “Damn, and I thought he was the one.” You joked.
James didn’t laugh at that.
“Wanda stop bugging me.” you whined.
Wanda was in your apartment, trying to convince you to come to the ‘before spring-break- party that one of the frat houses was holding this Saturday.
“Come on, Y/N.” She trailed, nudging your shoulder as you were trying to watch your favorite show for the tenth time. “You need a distraction since you’re heartbroken after your big, dramatic break up.”
You snorted. “It was neither big nor dramatic and I’m not heartbroken. Thor and I had being going out for merely a month.”
“Still.” She said. “It’s your first break up.”
You rolled your eyes at the redhead.
You heard the front door, signaling that James was home. “Honey, I’m home.” James singed and laughed at your gagging reaction.
“Oh, hello, Wanda.” He smirked and plopped down on the couch, resting his arms on the back of the couch wide open.
“Hey, Buck.” Wanda smiled at him.
James and Wanda had met a long time ago when Wanda was frantically knocking on your front door needing a place to sleep after she was locked out of her dorm. James had answered the door, yawning and shirtless while you trailed behind, your glasses propped on the bridge of your nose, as you had been studying.
“Hello there.” James’ raspy voice said as she smirked at Wanda.
Wanda smiled mischievously at him. “Well, aren’t you a sight.”
You rolled your eyes and cocked your head on the side. She came in looking at you like a lost puppy. “Can I sleep here?” She pouted.
“You can sleep in my bed if you like.” James smirked and you scoffed.
“Yeah, Wanda,” you mocked, “you can sleep in his bed if you want to catch something.” You crossed your arms on your chest. “He never cleans his room. It’s basically in lockdown.”
James scowled before walking away. “Goodnight.” He grumbled and left.
Wanda was biting her lip trying not to laugh at the interaction.
“How come you visited our humble home?” James purred.
Wanda chuckled. “I’m trying to convince little hermit over here to join me on the frat party on Saturday.”
You groaned. “I don’t want to be around drunk people.”
“Do it as your break up ritual.” Wanda pointed.
James snorted. “Yeah, Y/N. It must have really stigmatized you dating a mobster.”
“I’m more stigmatized by living with you, James. That can never be topped.” You smirked and you watched him scoff.
“Ok, enough with the bickering you two.” Wanda put her hands up in surrender. “James, why don’t you come with us?” She invited him. “You can tell Steve to join if you want.” She added and you cocked an eyebrow.
Steve and Wanda had hit it off really quick when they met, in your apartment, after Wanda had slept the previous night there – it had become a habit since she loved your apartment – and James came home reeking of alcohol being supported by Steve. As soon as he stepped into the living room, he let James bounce on the couch. You and Wanda emerged from your room, yawning, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “Fucking typical.” You had muttered as you saw a drunk out of his mind James, giggling to himself on the couch.
“Why did you bring him here?” You questioned Steve. “You can take him back to your place.”
“I know how you love drunk James, doll.” Steve chuckled and you scrunched up your noise.
Wanda giggled and Steve looked at her.
“Steve.” Steve extended his hand.
“Wanda.” She shook his hand and you saw her blushing.
For a few moments they were just looking at each other while you were looking at them and it was getting awkward.
“Y/N.” James slurred.
“James.” You warned.
You clasped your hands to bring their attention back to you. “Ok, so now that we all introduced ourselves, can we please go back to bed?”
As a respond you heard James snore.
You dragged Wanda back in your room as she waved ‘goodnight’ at Steve.
And that was all it took for them to act awkwardly around each other ever since.
“Sure.” James smiled.
“So, now that James is coming, you will come too, Y/N.” Wanda said and you looked at her confused.
“That’s a reason not to come, Wanda.” You chuckled.
Suddenly, Wanda stood up abruptly. “You’re coming. End of story. About time you take a break from studying and this apartment.”
Both you and James looked at her in surprise.
She turned to James, “And you, sir, you’re going to make sure she comes. Drag her if you will. I don’t care.”
“Yes, sir.” James saluted.
She left your apartment without any word.
“So….” James trailed, “what are you going to wear?”
You looked at him in disbelief.
Saturday came too quickly for your liking and now here you were trying to get dressed.
You looked yourself in the mirror and frowned. The dress was too short and too tight. The back was on display along with your arms and your butt was poking out. You had curled your hair and let them flow down your shoulders. You painted your lips and did the only eye makeup Wanda had taught you.
You were rarely dressing up like this, because you rarely went out anymore. You preferred more buggy clothes, longer dresses and no makeup days.
A knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. You grabbed your jacket and slipped on your high heels.
“Doll, you ready?” James called.
You opened the door. “Yeah.” You answered. “Let’s go before I regret it.” You sighed and went to walk towards the door.
You could feel James’ eyes roaming all over your body and you felt a wave of insecurity hit you. He was still standing there with an expression you couldn’t quite read.
“Are you coming, James?” You called irritated.
He shook his head and followed you.
It was going to be a long night.
It was too loud; too crowded; and it smelled like alcohol.
You hated it.
You were standing in the corner of the room, a glass of fruity drink in your hand. Everyone was dancing, or more like, grinding against each other, sucking their faces off or drinking.
Wanda was tipsy by the time you had come, her eyes wide in surprise when she saw you. “I actually didn’t think you’d come.” She smirked. “And looking this hot…” She whistled and you chuckled.
Steve came a few minutes later and when he spotted you he asked if you knew where Wanda was. “Over there.” You pointed to her as she was drunkenly dancing with another redhead with short hair.
“Thanks, Y/N.” He started to walk away then he turned to you. “You look hot, Y/N.” He winked and you shook your head in amusement.
James took off as soon as you had arrived. “I’m going to grab a drink.” He told you and squeezed his way through the crowd.
Now, you could see him cornering the redhead Wanda was previously dancing with. They were laughing and he was too close to her. At some point you saw him dip down and kiss her.
You looked away.
You didn’t know why the image of James kissing this girl was making your stomach twist. It felt weird in a bad way and you couldn’t really explain it. You had seen James kissing plenty of women in the whole of eight months you’ve been living together.
You downed the rest of your drink and went to grab another one.
As you were filling your glass, you watched out the window. There was a car that had the lights on, and when you narrowed your eyes to look closely, you saw Thor on the backseat.
“Fuck.” you mumbled.
You quickly took off to find Wanda.
You nudged and shoved your way through the sweaty bodies, cringing to yourself, when you spotted Wanda half-sitting on Steve’s lap, making out.
“God, help me.” You muttered.
You cleared your throat to signal your presence but they didn’t seem to hear you. “Wanda!” You shouted and you saw a couple of eyes turn to you, before they shifted their attention away again.
Both Steve and Wanda looked at you confused, their eyes glazed, lips puffy and cheeks flushed. Great.
“What happened?” Wanda furrowed her brows.
“Thor’s here.” You responded quickly.
Steve furrowed his eyebrows. “I thought you had broken up with him.”
You nodded. “I did.” You admitted. “I send him a text telling him that I no longer want to be with him and that I’ve found somebody else.” You explained.
Wanda’s eyes were wide looking at you with terror. “You broke up with a mobster via a text?!” She jolted up and Steve mimicked her.
“Why is that so bad?” You looked at her worried.
“Fucking hell, Y/N. And telling him that you were with someone else…” She put a hand on her forehead. “This is bad.” She mumbled pacing back and forth.
“What did he reply?” Steve asked.
“I think he said something along the lines that I’m going to regret my decision.” Then, it hit you. Oh God, what have you done?
“Have you not read any fan fiction, Y/N?! He’s here to take you back and probably kill whoever your new boyfriend is!” She exclaimed. “No one steals from a mob boss.” She whispered darkly.
“Ok, Wanda, calm down.” You laughed. “I think you’re overreacting.” She was quite tipsy after all. Not drunk; but still under the influence of alcohol and she also had a wild imagination.
“Oh yeah?” She placed her hands on her waist.
“Does he know who your boyfriend is?” Steve asked.
“I don’t have a boyfriend Steve.” You said.
“Yes, but you live with a guy.” Wanda pointed.
Your eyes were wide. “James.” You all said in union.
“We need to find him.” Steve said and you all agreed.
You were searching the place that you had previously seen James but he was nowhere in sight. “Damn you, James.” You whispered.
You tried to distinguish his silhouette in the crowd and then you found him. The same redhead was sitting on his lap as they were kissing passionately.
Why did you have to always be the one breaking people from kissing?
“James.” You called and he pulled away from the redhead.
He looked a bit disoriented but when he saw the worry in your eyes, he sobered up. “What’s going on, Y/N?” He stood up, letting the redhead slip away from his lap.
“Thor is here.” You whispered-yelled to him. The redhead checked you up and down before giving you a sly smirk and whispering something in James’ ear which made him stiffen. He nodded and then the redhead left.
“What is he doing here? I thought you said you broke up with him.” He looked at you sternly.
“I did!” You defended. “But I may have also dumped him via a text telling him that I was dating someone else.” You said sheepishly.
Wanda and Steve jogged to you, gesturing towards the door.
“He’s here.” Wanda said breathlessly.
“Bucky, he thinks that you’re Y/N’s boyfriend. I heard him asking for you when he entered.” Steve said quickly.
“Fuck.” He mumbled.
You took a quick glance to see Thor in the living room inspecting everyone and making a face at a couple who were making out heavily.
James followed your gaze and then looked at you.
He grabbed your hand and dragged you towards him. Your bodies were pressed together.
“Do you trust me?” He asked.
“James…” you started, “no, I don’t trust you.”
He chuckled. “Trust me on that, Y/N.” He breathed looking into your eyes.
For a moment you let yourself get lost into his blue eyes. “Ok.” You breathed.
“Guys…” Wanda hissed and you saw her pointing towards Thor who was coming your way.
Suddenly, James was pinning you on the wall and his lips were on yours kissing you hungrily.
You gasped in the kiss as you were surprised but you let yourself relax after a couple of seconds. Your arms locked around James’ neck and his were tracing your sides.
“He’s not here.” You heard someone say and then footsteps thudding away.
“That’s fine. Another time, then.” You heard Thor’s voice.
It took a few minutes to actually register what you were doing. You were actually making out with James in a frat party in order to get away from your ex mobster boyfriend. What had your life become?
When you were sure you Thor had left, you pushed James off your body.
He seemed taken aback, still too focused on the kiss.
“Let’s go home.” You muttered, not daring to look at anyone as you made your way towards the front of the house.
On your way out you didn’t miss the way Wanda and Steve stared at you with worry and you definitely didn’t miss the broken expression James had given you.
The next day you woke up with a headache. You got dressed as you decided to go to Thor’s house.
You slipped quietly out of your room, stopping on James’ door hearing his snores and you subconsciously smiled. That took you by surprise and you quickly frowned again.
You closed the front door quietly and left.
When you returned home, you felt lighter. You had explained everything to Thor and you practically begged him not to hurt James, since it wasn’t his fault.
“Do you love this guy?” He had asked you which took you by surprise.
You let the keys on the side table and slipped out of your shoes.
“Where were you?” You heard James’ voice as he marched towards you; his hands were gripping your shoulders and he was examining you from head to toe.
You furrowed your brows and shook out of his grip. “I went to Thor’s.” You replied.
“What?!” He raised his voice. “Why the hell would you go there?”
“I went to clear things up with him.” You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. “He says he’s not going to bother me. Or you for that matter.”
“You shouldn’t have gone alone.” His expression was hard.
“He didn’t hurt me, James.” You plopped down the couch, suddenly exhausted.
“He could have.” He pointed out.
You stood up again. “I’m going to take a shower. I still reek of alcohol.” You scrunched your face in disgust.
He nodded.
Your shower calmed you down and for a few minutes you forgot whatever happened yesterday. How James had pressed your bodies together, how his lips tasted and how your stupid heart leapt.
You shook your head.
You changed into comfortable clothing, thanking spring-break for not having to attend lectures and having the days off from work since you were still a student, they excused it as spring-break being time to catch up for your exams that were approaching.
You made your way to the kitchen to make some coffee and you found James already there.
“I made you coffee.” He pointed towards the steaming mug.
You raised an eyebrow at him surprised. “I’m shocked and surprised.” You put a hand on your heart.
“For making you coffee?” He cocked an eyebrow.
“For knowing how to use the coffee maker.” You smirked and he chuckled.
You both sat in silence drinking your coffee when James spoke, “You know about last night,” you caught him off.
“Last night was just a way to practically save our lives.” You said. “And I want to apologize to you for what happened. It was my fault for dragging you into this.” You breathed out.
“It wasn’t your fault.” James said. “The kiss, um, the kiss was…”
“The kiss was just the best we could do in the middle of a crisis. It’s not a big deal.” You shrugged.
You saw his eyebrows drop and his gaze was hard; looking the mug in front of him. “Yeah, you’re right.” He gave you a tight-lipped smile.
You nodded staring at him. “Yeah.”
The rest of the day slipped quietly.
The following couple of weeks were slipping as normally. You had gone back to your normal routine, bickering and fighting like always.
James would sometimes come home late at night pissed drunk, blanking on the couch.
Although you hated when he came home like a mess, you made a habit of letting a painkiller and a glass of water on the coffee table and making one more cup of coffee.
“I don’t want to deal with your hangover, James.” You had told him one day after he asked you why you’d do that.
However, he also tried to help more around the house. He was picking up his littered clothes from the living room whenever he left them left and right, and he even went grocery shopping.
“I’ve seen the list and since I was out I thought I’d stop by.” He shrugged and took a sip of his beer.
Wanda and Steve would tease you that you finally found peace and accepted each other, but then another screaming match would break and they would mutter, “Here we go again.”
The days were tickling away and before you even realized it, you had your last exams. You were one exam away from being done with college.
You had woken up early, brushed your teeth, washed your face, and slipped into a button up that you’ve tucked into your jeans.
You walked into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee which you desperately needed.
James greeted you with a smile behind his mug.
“Fresh, hot coffee for a fresh-looking, hot girl.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes, but your lips were tugging upwards. You had gotten used to James’ humor.
“Good morning to you, too, James.” You chuckled and took a seat.
“Please, call me Bucky.” He winked and you snorted.
You took a sip of your coffee feeling awake all of a sudden. Even though the weather was getting warmer and warmer, you’d never ditch your cup of coffee for cold lattes.
You were nervously tracing the rim of your mug before speaking. “You know, um, Wanda said we should celebrate our last exam and being done with college and all.” You waved. “You’re invited.” You felt your cheeks heat up and you prayed he didn’t notice. “Wanda is going to invite Steve as well.”
James raised an eyebrow. “Is that a date, doll?” He smirked and you whipped your head in his direction gaping at him. “Obviously not.” You snarled.
You stood up from your seat and sighed. “I need to go.” You said.
“I’ll come.” He spoke before you leave. “You know I wouldn’t miss a party, especially the celebration of your last exam.” You rolled your eyes but smiled.
“Good luck, Y/N.” James’ voice stopped you before you opened the door.
“Thank you.” You said softly and left the apartment.
“Cheers!” Wanda shouted over the loud music as you all clinked your shot glasses together and downed it; the liquid burning your throat, choking you.
“Easy there, doll.” James smirked and you waved him off.
Tonight, you finally decided to let lose. The exams had gone great which meant that your hard work was finally paying off and you’d be done with college after four long and agonizing years.
“I can’t believe we’re actually free.” Wanda breathed.
“Me neither to be honest.” You chuckled.
You, Wanda, Steve and James were all at the club, celebrating you and Wanda finishing college. Wanda told you that she didn’t really care about her exams, but you could tell it must have gone alright since she was usually easy to read and if she knew she failed, she wouldn’t have been as carefree. She tends to dwell even when she says she doesn’t.
The night was almost a blur. You were drinking and laughing and you were feeling free and careless. You were dancing and you felt hands on your waist and although another time you may have kicked whoever it was in the nuts and storm away, tonight you didn’t care.
By the end of the night, all you could remember was the music, the lights and the alcohol.
You were now in your apartment, half-drunk.
“Easy there, doll.” James helped you on the couch. You heard giggling and you turned your head to see Steve carrying Wanda to your room and closing the door behind him.
James had left your side and when he returned he gave you a glass of water. “Drink this.” He pushed the glass to you and gulped it down. Suddenly, you felt so thirsty.
You sat there for a few moments, sipping on water, until you started sobering up a little.
“Steve hasn’t come out of the room.” You pointed looking at the closed door of your room.
“Yeah…” James scratched the back of his neck. “He fell asleep with Wanda in your room.” He gave you a sympathetic smile.
You sighed. “Great. Now, I’ll take the couch.” You patted the space next to you.
“You can sleep in mine if you’d like.” James spoke and you looked at him confused. There was no smirk following his words as usual.
You shook your head. “No, James, it’s fine.”
“Come on, doll, we’re just going to sleep.” He chuckled. “I promise I won’t bite.” He put his hand up in surrender.
You smiled. “Fine.”
James opened the door to his room and you let out a gasp.
You looked around with wide eyes.
“You don’t have to look so surprised, Y/N.” He chuckled as he searched his wardrobe pulling out an oversized T-shirt.
“You cleaned your room?” You expression was pure bliss. You placed a hand on your heart and turned to look at him. “I’m so proud of you, James.”
He rolled his eyes and handed you the t-shirt. “Here.” You looked confused for a second. “I don’t reckon your dress is a proper sleeping material.” You looked down at your skin-tight dress.
“Right.” You mumbled.
You raised an eyebrow and nodded towards your body and the t-shirt.
“Right.” James mumbled and turned his back to you so you could change.
“You can turn now.” You said.
The t-shirt was reaching mid-thigh but you kept pulling it lower, feeling self-conscious all of a sudden.
You excused yourself to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth before returning.
James was already tucked in bed, waiting for you.
You slowly slipped under the covers. You were awkwardly lying on your back with the sheet covering under your chin.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” James whispered.
“Goodnight, James.” You replied.
A few minutes passed but your eyes were still open. It felt so weird being in James’ room, sleeping in his bed while wearing a t-shirt that smelled like him.
You shifted in bed, trying to lie on your side facing away from James.
“A millimeter more and you’d fall off the bed, Y/N.” You heard James and you froze. You thought that he would have dozed off by now.
“I’m fine. It’s just a tendency I have.” You sighed.
“What?” His voice was muffled from his face being half-squeezed by the pillow.
“I just tend to go on the furthest side of the bed when I’m sleeping with someone. I don’t want to squash them in my sleep.” You explained shyly.
James laughed and you felt the bed shaking. “What!”
You huffed. “Thank you for laughing at me, James.”
“Sorry, doll.” He tried to sober up. “But I didn’t expect that.”
You groaned. “Why do I even speak with you.” you muttered. “Goodnight, James.”
You tried to adjust the pillow, when you felt James’ arm pulling you closer to his body. You let out a yelp. “James.” You hissed.
“Don’t worry, Y/N. You’re not going to squash me.” A smile crept up your face. “Goodnight.” He mumbled and you could feel his breath tickling your neck.
After that you let sleep engulf you.
You woke up, feeling something heavy on your body.
You scanned the room to see that it wasn’t yours and for a second you panicked until you remembered last night.
You were in James’ room.
“Good morning, Y/N.” You heard James’ raspy voice.
You tried to pull away, but his arm was holding you in place. “Good morning, James.”
“You can call me Bucky.” You rolled your eyes and freed yourself from his grasp.
You stood up from the bed. You picked up your clothes from where you had folded them and had placed them next to the bed.
“I’ll go make coffee and you know,” you pointed towards your body, “change into my clothes.” you went to open the door, when James spoke.
“Wanda and Steve may still be asleep.” He pointed cocking an eyebrow.
You looked at him and smirked. “It’s time to wake them up.”
“Oh shit.” James grimaced. “You’re merciless.”
“I am.”
You opened the door to your room and scrunched up your nose in disgust. It reeked of alcohol.
Wanda and Steve were curled up spooning each other, on the bed.
You dropped your clothes on the chair you had beside the window, and opened the curtains letting the light flow into the room.
“Good morning!” You shouted throwing your arms up in the air.
You saw Wanda and Steve squeeze their eyes as the light blinded them.
“Cruel.” You heard James mutter, leaning on the doorway, in his night attire that was as always just boxers.
“You’re so mean, Y/N.” Wanda cursed and you saw them standing up from the bed.
“God, talking about the worst wake up…” Steve mumbled, rubbing his eyes.
“That’s what you get for stealing my room.” You crossed your arms on your chest.
Wanda yawned and Steve stretched.
“Poor you.” Wanda pouted, mocking you.
“Hey, Y/N, nice t-shirt.” Steve winked at you as he passed you and got out of the room followed by a smirking Wanda.
You blushed dropping your arms on your sides.
“They’re only jealous because that t-shirt rocks.” James gave you a smile and you smiled at him.
It’s been three weeks since you finished college and summer was almost here.
You were sitting on the couch, eating some ice-cream while watching a movie that was on the TV when you switched it on. James had just come from work and the day was pretty normal and quiet.
After his shower, he plopped down on the couch and went to grab the remote to switch channels when you gave him a hard glare. He froze and was thinking of whether to push the button or let it slide when the doorbell rang.
Neither of you moved as the doorbell rang again.
“James, are you deaf?” You asked as you licked the spoon.
“No, doll. Are you?” He gave you a tight-lipped smile.
“It’s your turn.” You pointed the spoon at him.
“I don’t think so.” He wasn't budging.
“James.” You warned him. “Answer the door.”
“I’m afraid I can’t. I don’t function in commands.” He smirked.
The doorbell kept ringing.
You sighed and stood up shoving the pint of ice-cream on James.
He smirked and took a spoonful.
When you opened the door, you found your landlord standing on your doorway, a sour expression on his face from having to wait so long to answer him.
You gave him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry I was in the bathroom.” You excused yourself and you heard James’ muffled shout, “Liar!”
You gritted your teeth and stepped aside to let him in.
“Whatever the reason, I need to speak to you both.” He said and took a seat on the kitchen table.
James made his way to the kitchen leaving the pint of ice-cream and taking a seat as well.
You were all sitting, waiting for the landlord to speak.
“I’m afraid I have bad news.” He folded his hands on the table. “I found a buyer for the apartment, so you will have to move out in the next couple of weeks.”
You and James both stared at him.
“It is stated in the contract that when a buyer is to be found, you will have to leave the apartment. Thankfully, Y/N, you have graduated, so it’s not as a big of an inconvenience.”
“But-” you started to say.
“You’re kicking us out?” James asked.
“Don’t see it that way. You knew that; it was stated in the contract.” He stood up and looked at his watch, “I need to meet with the buyer. You have a few weeks to pack up. I’ll call you.” He said and left.
You were too stunned to even utter a word.
You had to leave the apartment that you were living in for almost nine months. You were frozen.
“Y/N.” James called you softly. You looked at him and he looked as crushed as you. “What are we going to do now?” He asked.
“We pack our things.” You shrugged and then you heard James mutter, "what the hell was this guy's name?" you chuckled since you also had no idea since you never remembered it.
“This is it, then.” James smiled sadly as you were both standing in the middle of the living room with your suitcases packed.
Any electronic device or furniture that you bought had been packed and stored in the storage since you didn’t really have anywhere to take it to. You were moving back with your parents and James was going to be living with Steve for a little while until he figured what to do.
You had quitted your job since you were living this city and finally started sending CVs and emails for any openings for internships as a lawyer graduate to where you were now relocating.
“This is it.” You looked around the apartment. You were going to miss it.
“You know,” James turned to you, “it wasn’t all bad, right?” he asked you.
You laughed. “No, it wasn’t, James.”
He smiled and you looked into his eyes. It reminded you of that night at the frat party where he kissed you and how your heart was beating.
You weren’t talking for a couple of seconds; he was staring at you and you were staring at him.
“Y/N.” James breathed. “I have to tell you something.” He looked nervous.
“What?” you smiled at him.
“I,” he sighed, “I think I,-” James looked at the door.
“Y/N, come on!” You heard Wanda shout at you. She was going to be driving you to your house.
“I’m coming!” You shouted back and looked at James. “Well?”
He let out breath, “Y/N, I think, I’m-” He cursed under his breath.
“These are the last ones?” Steve walked in nodding towards the suitcase next to your feet.
“Yes,” you nodded. “Thank you, Steve.” You gave him a smile and he returned it.
You looked again at James. “Sorry.” you said even if it wasn’t your fault.
He breathed and then smiled at you although you could tell it wasn’t as genuine. “I think you’re a great girl, Y/N. We had a good time.”
Your heart fell a bit at the sound. You gave him a small smile not letting the disappointment show. “Yeah, we did.”
James stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets. You heard a car honking and you knew it was Wanda getting frustrated for taking so long.
“That’s my call.” You nodded.
“Yeah.” James chuckled.
“Well,” you said awkwardly, “goodbye, James.”
“Goodbye, Y/N.” He said softly.
You turned to leave but then you stopped turning around. You looked at him and you saw the hesitation in his face.
Before you could speak, he said, “See you around, Y/N.”  
“See you around, Bucky.” You smirked and you heard him chuckle.
As you walked out of the apartment towards Wanda’s car you could hear the question Thor had asked you months ago.
“Do you love this guy?” He had asked you which took you by surprise.
You hesitated as you stared into his blue eyes; Thor’s eyes were another shade of blue that wasn’t as dear to you as another, more familiar one.
You let out a breath. “Yes.” You whispered.
You climbed into the car. Wanda was glaring at you. “What took you so long?”
“I was saying goodbye.” You stared at the windshield as she started the car and drove away.
She snorted. “It’s just a building, Y/N. You’ll find another place.”
“I wasn't saying goodbye to the apartment, you dumbass.” You sighed. “I was saying goodbye to him.” You confessed.
“Bucky?” She raised an eyebrow in confusion. “That’s why you look sad? I thought that you’d be finally relieved.” She chuckled.
You looked out of the window, the roads you were passing, the trees and houses. With each mile you were getting further and further away.
“Well, I’m not.” You mumbled.
“Why?” She asked confused.
You took a breath before admitting out loud something that you’d never admitted even to yourself.
“Because I’m in love with him, Wanda.” You looked at her, “I’m in love with Bucky.”
Wanda’s eyes went wide in shock and surprise as she cursed, “Holy sh-”
And you almost crushed.
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parkersdoll · a day ago
Breathless ➜ B.Barnes
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Word Count: 570
Warnings: fluff, mentions of anxiety
Description: who knew Bucky Barnes would be the one to soothe your anxiety.
⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅
Monday morning, the first day of your new job at the avengers compound. Working for the world’s favourite heroes was a dream come true. Something you never thought you could possibly achieve, yet here you are. Although, being late for your first day on the job wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. 
When you finally reach the entrance of the building, your mind feels like it’s running a million miles a minute. “I wonder how the avengers feel” you murmur quietly under your breath. Here you are, stressing over nothing major. Everything will be fine. 
Those were famous last words, as you are currently crouched on the floor in an alleyway outside the compound. Things were going well, up until now. It’s as though a wave of stress and anxiety washed over you, you couldn’t even pinpoint what triggered it. Luckily, it was time for your lunch-break - allowing you to swiftly exit through the lobby and find yourself here….an alleyway. Whilst obsessing over your own thoughts, breathing laboured, you hear the gravel crunch beside you - someone’s shadow looming over your head and blocking the sunlight. Great, I’m going to get mugged. The shadow clears their throat, signalling your attention. As you slowly look up, you can’t believe who you see in front of you.
“Bucky Barnes? Why are you here?” you gasp slightly. You knew this job involved working for superheroes, but you didn’t expect to meet one on the first day.
“Uhm..well, you’re kinda outside the building.” he chuckles lightly, a laugh that sounds unused.
“Right, sorry. I’ll be on my way now.” you quickly rise to your feet, breathing feeling even more restricted as result of your embarrassing encounter with the brunette super-soldier. Before you can take another step, you feel his hand lightly grasp your arm - stopping you in your tracks. 
“Are you alright?” concern floods his features, a soft crease between his eyebrows that you wish you could smooth over - what are you thinking
“Honestly? No.” you sigh lightly, tears threatening to slip from your eyes. It feels like everything is spinning. Bucky extends his arms, pulling you into his embrace. 
“Follow my breathing.” He takes slow deep breaths, waiting for you to do the same before he takes another. You feel as though this should be awkward, except it’s not. It feels right.
When your breathing finally slows, you look up at the man in front of you - he blushes lightly at the sudden eye contact. 
“Thank you, I guess you really are a superhero.” he breathily laughs at your words, shaking his head in response.
“It’s alright, I understand how it feels.” he takes a deep breath, as though he isn’t used to spontaneously conversing with others. “I usually come out here to get away from everything, have a moment to myself. You’re welcome to come talk to me anytime.” he nervously smiles, pulling away from you.
“I’ll take you up on that offer, Barnes.” you smile, turning on your heel and walking back to the building - your lunch break long over by now.
“Wait!” you hear him running after you, halting your movements. You turn around, a flustered smile on his face.
“What’s your name?” you giggle at his question, pondering your answer.
“I’ll tell you next time.” you smile, and with that you walk away.
Something tells you that isn’t the first time you’ll leave Bucky Barnes speechless.
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hallowdeaths · 2 days ago
Barnes' Bakery, Part One.
summary ; your boss at the bakery has a soft spot, but in his hidden business behind the shop, those aren't allowed, and he knows better. Yet, he can't help but want you, and perhaps that will be the cause of his fall.
author's note ; this was mainly inspired by baker!bucky aus and a tiktok i saw recently... basically this is just bucky being a mafia boss and using a bakery as a front, lol.
trigger warnings : there shouldn't be anything very triggering in this chapter. there is yelling and slight violence, though.
Tumblr media
You always were your boss' favorite. You were told often by your co-worker, Stevie, that there was just something special about you. Some said it was because James Bucky Barnes never hired outsiders. His staff had been the same since the start, and it was well believed that it would remain this way. Until you. Until you came stumbling in one day, wind in your hair, your cheeks flushed and frozen with mid-december cold, your bags too heavy on your shoulders.
James had been at the register that day, counting the money and just getting ready for a close. At first, he had kept his eyes down, muttering something about the place being closed.
"I'm sorry," you had apologized again and again, causing his curious and breath-taking eyes to finally take you in. "My car broke down."
And well, the rest was history. Bucky had gotten one of his workers who was good in mechanic to fix your car while another made you a warm croissant and coffee. You explained how you were a college student drowning in stupid debt and your car was the last thing you could be worrying about right now with the eviction notice on your door and the school debts threatening to swallow you whole.
Bucky had saved your life. He'd offered you shelter in the apartment just above the bakery, had offered you a job down here and had made sure that all of your debt was quickly taken care of.
You'd tried to stop him from taking care of the debts, because it was at least a hundred thousand grands by semester, but when James Barnes put his mind to something, it was impossible to stop him.
Overall, there was still loads of unanswered questions from him. How had he gotten the money? Why had he taken you in? Why— amongst anyone he could hire, had he decided to hire you, an art history and english literature major good at nothing in the kitchen?
Perhaps it had be simple pity, but you didn't like to think about it too much. At the end of the day you were grateful, and you showed that in working hard and long shifts at the Bakery before retreating to your apartment once the place was closed and cleaned and ready for the morning.
"Will you tell the girl to fucking hurry?" You heard a costumer from the sitting area shouting to Steve as he walked back into the kitchen, the batting doors only allowing the loud voices to penetrate your focus for a split moment, causing your finger to burst open the orange you had been trying to peel for the last minute.
"I'm sorry," you muttered to Steve, who walked past quickly and began to fill plates with commands more important than the yelling man's.
"Don't worry 'bout it, tiny." He walked past again, full in confidence as he patted your back and rolled another orange onto the counter you were working on. "Bucky'll take care of him."
You quickly went to peeling again, this time focusing on the task instead of what might happen when you brought out the plate.
Once you were done, you straightened your apron and your dress underneath, trying to gather as much confidence as Steve had before walking out to the impatient costumer.
The costumer came in just about thirty minutes ago, demanding something that wasn't even on the menu. Steve had said no at first, but you had wanted to show yourself useful for once and prove both yourself and perhaps Bucky that you could do something.
You walked out towards the sitting area, getting an exasperated groan from the costumer as he noticed you.
"What took you so long, girl?"
"I'm sorry, sir," you prodded quietly, letting the plate down onto the table with shaking hands. "As my coworker said, the item you asked for wasn't on the menu, so not ready to be delivered."
"Pff," He rolled his eyes, poking at the orange on the plate and the piece of cake you'd made. You glanced at Steve who stood at the register, busy ringing out costumers though you knew he kept a careful eye on you.
There were the regulars sitting at their usual tables, too, all looking at the man with heavy glares and at you with comforting smiles.
"Will that be all?" You swallowed thickly, hands behind your back.
The man, tossing a grey mop of hair behind as he looked up at you, smiled a disgusting grin. "How about you take that door and never show your face here again?"
Silence fell all around, even Steve who was at the register had stopped to stare. You were shell-shocked, for a moment, wondering what had caused this sudden outburst.
"You call this cake?" The man roared, mushing the cooked batter between his fingers. It crumbled too easily in his palm, and the orange pulp left a cold lick of liquid down the man's arm. "I call this a plate of trash."
"I- I'm sorry, sir, but-"
And then you were covered in cake. You weren't very sure how it happened. One minute you were apologizing at the next you were being thrown his cake, the orange splashing down your apron and your cheeks.
The costumers, the regulars who came often, all rose from their chairs simultaneously, ready to come to your defense, but a loud door slamming stopped all of them.
You're pretty sure it stopped your heart, too.
There's loud footsteps ringing through the silence, army boots you know too well stop just beside you. "Steve, get tiny back in the kitchen."
You went to protest but quickly thought better of it when you noticed Bucky swinging his metal arm in a circle, knowing exactly what that meant for the man.
Steve caught you by the arm and quickly rushed you out through the batting doors of the kitchen. "Come, we'll clean you up."
Too dazed with the sound of plates and a table smashing against the floor, you follow Steve to the sink and let him take a damp cloth to your face and apron.
There's voices, Bucky's voice, but all you can make out is few words that make your blood run cold. Step a foot in here again and I won't be so kind.
The doors of the bakery are slammed open and than closed after the body of the man was tossed out like a filthy trash bag, the footsteps you know so well coming straight for the kitchen instead of back to his office where he usually spends his day working and doing whatever the boss needs to do.
Soon, Bucky is grabbing your shoulders and turning you towards him, his eyes roaming your face and apron for any injuries.
"Get back out there." He grumbled to Steve, his patience running obviously short. His long time best friends obliges, though, and returns out there.
"You okay?" He asked quietly once you were alone, his metal fingers wrapping against the edge of your chin.
"Yeah—" you croaked. "I'm fine, it was my fault, anyways."
Bucky frowned. "None of that," His words were matched with the shake of his head. "He was an asshole."
"What'd you do to him?" You attempted quietly, your fingers toying with the sink's edge behind you.
Bucky raised a brow at your curiosity, probably wondering when you'd grown to want to ask questions. "Only did to him what he was begging to get. You don't mess with my—" his words trailed off, before he picked up again. "My worker, and except me to sit there and do nothing."
Sure, that was understandable, but Steve also had his fair share of bad costumers and never had Bucky reacted so.. strongly. Perhaps he thought you were weak compared to his friend and you needed to start standing up for yourself more instead of always counting on the boys to make you feel safe.
"Thank you." You whispered, your face heating up when you noticed how close you still were, and how obviously lost Bucky was in the edges and panes of your face.
He cleared his throat before parting, running a hand through his wild hair. "You're dismissed for tonight."
"What- What?" You stumbled as you went after him. "No, no, I can— I can still work!"
"I said, you're dismissed, Y/n." He looked at you over his shoulder, his eyes pinning you with a seriousness that didn't go unnoticed.
Deciding he'd been challenged enough today, you faltered and sighed, pouting at his back as he retreated back to his office.
Perhaps he wasn't at all worried about you not being able to work. Perhaps all he wanted was for you to be out of Steve's way so the last hours of his shift could be smooth and without trouble.
Perhaps that was all you were to him. Trouble.
Giving a sigh as he disappeared, you began to take off your apron and headed for the circular set of stairs, up to your apartment.
Once you were home, you showered, coocooned yourself into all the blankets your friend Wanda had gotten you for your birthday and let your thoughts roam for a while.
If you didn't want this to happen again, you needed to get better, and as Steve often said, practice made perfect. Steve didn't even like baking that much before, apparently, he had simply grown good at it over time and had begun to grow fond of it through the costumers and his friends.
Decided suddenly, you swung up on your feet and dressed in a loose shirt and sweatpants. You tied your hair up on your head as it was earlier in a neat ponytail, and grabbed your baking books given to you by Steve before rushing down the stairs.
By then, the Bakery was closed and Steve was off his shift, but there was a small light still on in the kitchen and another over the register's counter.
You peered out to look into the bakery's free floor, watching as Bucky moved about the register counting the money up to make sure everything added up, and Steve who sat with a few other people you knew as Tony, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Cho, Peter, Natasha, Clint and Scott.
It was the usual people that lingered here after close. Bucky's friend and family. Sort of. You were never prime to their hang outs, always deciding that you didn't want to intrude and instead going to hide in your apartment above instead.
Tony was son of the Howard Stark, who owned an industry of guns and anything weapons, really. He was the one who had an upper hand in all merchandise and things money.
Sam, him, was a long time friend of Bucky's. You weren't sure when or how they had met, but you knew that you didn't ever remember a night where Sam hadn't been there.
Thor was a foreign man with a thick English accent and odd ways of speaking. He had a brother who was professor at your college, though you wouldn't know if you hadn't been told. He taught theater and dramatic arts, rendering those two classes your favorites.
Bruce was the mind of the group. He was the last braincell, as Steve had told you, and you liked to believe that without the quiet, awkward man Bruce was, the group would be even more of a mess than they already were.
Cho was a doctor, friends with the group because of her relationship with Thor. She was an exceptionally smart girl, having gone through her high school in so little time that she was only twenty three today and a full time Docor. Their relationship was quite unusual, anyone asked how her and her husband had gotten together, neither could tell. It was a curious thing, their relationship.
Peter was the youngest of them, and you were pretty sure you'd seen him around campus a few times. Your majors were different, no doubt, but it still gave you hope to see someone as young as him... fit in.
Natasha and Clint were two best friends from Russia, both of them having been through more than they cared to admit. Natasha was perhaps the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen. She had wide hips and a small waist, lips to die for and ginger hair that curled at the end beautifully. Clint was attentive and funny, mostly getting along with the youngest ones while the others liked to pick on Peter ruthlessly.
The last was Scott. He was the one who seemed the most.. out of place, to you. He was funny and kind and light with his actions, always reaching out for others to make sure they were okay and always making them laugh. You vaguely remember Steve mentioning Scott had a daughter who he had to stay home for a lot because since he'd gotten arrested he hadn't really gotten a lot of time with her. It warmed your heart to know he was trying his very best for her and working towards being a better father. You wished yours had made the same efforts.
The group talked with drinks and beers in their hands, some eating treats that hadn't been eaten today at the shop.
You could hear faint talk coming from the huddled group, but nothing particular stuck out to you, either. It was the usual banter and the usual business talk. At least, that's what you thought.
You were just about to turn back around when someone else walked into the Bakery, the clinks of the bell up front grabbing your thin attention.
Steve rose from his seat, all smiles, and even Bucky stopped counting and moving around. A sort of coldness filled your tummy, and you pushed your body further into the locked doors of the kitchen to listen in.
"Everyone, this is Sharon!" Steve said, wrapping his arm around the thin female's body. She had short shoulder blonde hair and a devilish smile that called for nothing good, along with a body that filled in well the dark dress she was wearing.
"Good to meet you," Scott cheered first, before all of the voices erupted.
"Gonna say something, boss?" Peter's sing-song voice called for Bucky, who was still staring straight with his back to you.
"Welcome. Your shift is tomorrow at seven."
Something flocked in your stomach, and you quickly found your knees buckling. Was Bucky replacing you?
"And try to keep yourself out of trouble, will you? I've already got enough with Tiny."
"Oh, give her a break," Steve laughed at Bucky's voice as if her bad luck and clumsiness was genuinely the joke of the year.
"That girl's gonna' be the end of you, Buck." Natasha mumbled into her beer, smirk on her face. Bucky cocked his head her way, but since his back faced you, you were unabled to tell what he looked like.
So you were only trouble to him.
"Anyways, I'm sure you'll get along with her." Steve reassured Sharon, who only beamed up at him with certainty.
"Oh, like it's hard!" Thor raised a big hand that had previously been on Cho's shoulder. "That girl is all but angel sent, my friends."
"Enough," Bucky growled, rendering his friends quiet. "Enough about her. Will some of you actually do what we came here to do or are you just gonna continue hogging my bakery?"
"You know what, Barnes?" Tony defied with a cocky smirk on his face. "Hogging sounds extra good right now."
You took a few steps back and sat against a cold counter, hoping to ground yourself. It didn't make sense, nothing did. Why would Bucky even keep you around if you were that much trouble that he would hire another outsider?
Oh, oh, was she just another pity case? Or was she perhaps.. involved with him? Nothing suggested that, but at this point you were ready to imagine anything to soothe your frustration.
Like this, with thoughts ringing between your ears and your fingers trying to get together recipes you were already taught by Steve, you spent the night walking around the kitchen and rushing to be better. To be less trouble for Bucky.
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pixie-dust-and-pain · 2 days ago
Summary: As much as you love Bucky, you draw the line at slang. However, someone has been teaching Bucky slang and he may have just used it at the most inappropriate time ever
Warnings: swearing, shreksual innuendo, just bucky being a general dumbass, unedited
Word Count: 993
a/n: I've had the idea for quite a bit and I really wanted to write it. It could've come out better, I think, but meh. Also I can't fucking spell Teusday
You may not know what an endoplasmic reticulum is, but you do know that if Bucky keeps this up, his nose is going to be bleeding by the end of today.
"You're sleeping on the couch," You hiss, drawing away from Bucky, who's clearly enjoying himself.
"Aw, but why, doll? I thought this was fun?" he inches closer to you, hands ghosting over your sides as your back hits a tree. And then he begins to tickle you.
The series of curses that escapes you is creative, to say the least. You spout out quite a few suggestions regarding what might happen to his 'yoghurt shooter' if he doesn't stop his wretched attacks, none of them working in his favour.
"So violent, doll," he tsks, and you smack the back of his head in response.
The leaves crunch under your foot, and you bend over to pick one up, "See this?" you ask him softly, and he nods.
You throw the leaf back down, watch it gently sway then fall, before stepping on it as hard as you can, "That's gonna be your pretty little head if you don't stop," you smile sweetly, and he stares at your shoe for a long minute before nodding.
Grinning, you lace your arm through his and begin forward.
"Sometimes," you explain, "when things get too much, I come here. It's peaceful,"
Bucky glances around skeptically, "To a graveyard?"
You elbow him, "The dead won't judge me for crying over The Song Of Achilles, now will they?"
"I beg to differ," he starts, but you cut him off.
"Then beg,"
He pauses, mulling over it, "This is another meme reference, isn't it?" he asks, pronouncing 'meme' and 'mimi', and you chuckle, shrugging.
"Sort of,"
He huffs, pouting.
"Are you sure we won't die?"
You roll your eyes at him, "Babe, we literally just jumped out of a helicopter, like, last Tuesday. I think we'll be fine,"
"If this place is haunted, I'm leaving you as sacrifice,"
"So romantic," you sigh, still aggressively crunching the leaves.
"Why are you letting out years worth of trauma onto those poor leaves?"
"Shut the fuck up, Bucket," you say, leaning into him slightly, crunching the leaves even harder.
"It's almost like you want me to tickle you,"
"I will murder you, you fucking cretin," you hiss, glaring at him, but freeze when you see people, grabbing onto Bucky even tighter.
"Ouch, what the-" you shush him, pointing at the funeral that's taking place. Not the best time to come out for a walk, it seems.
"What do we do?" he whispers to you, and you shrug. It would be a little rude if you sat on a bench and read, wouldn't it? And it's not like you could read anyway, not with all these sobbing people around.
Slowly, you begin walking, not making eye contact with the funeral procession and leading Bucky by the arm as you make your way down to a random grave and crouch by it. You hope nobody will notice that the grave you're crouched next to is fifty years old.
A lady strays from the people she's with, standing at the edge of the group, awfully close to where you and Bucky are.
"I'm sorry," Bucky, the kind soul he is, says to her. You want to face-palm.
"So am I," she sighs, "my mother is a good woman," she flinches, "was, I mean,"
Bucky nods, understanding, "May her soul rest in peace, yolo,"
You and the lady freeze, and you turn to him, eyes wide.
"...What?" the lady sounds confused. You're confused, too. Maybe you heard him wrong.
"Yolo. I hope she got to spill the tea before she rip-ed,"
Oh God, you're both going to die.
Bucky Barnes is a member of the avengers, and he absolutely refuses to attack a civilian, claiming it goes against his code. This does not, however, automatically mean that a civilian follows the same code.
The lady's hand whips back before she slaps him, as hard as possible.
You're already leading the confused Bucky Barnes away from the crying lady, who's summoned her whole band of people around her, telling them what Bucky's done.
"You asshole," the first punch comes at Bucky, who doesn't block and lets the man hit him.
"What the fuck?" you hiss at him.
"I might hurt the civilians," he says, solemn as ever, and you clench your jaw at the sight of the blooming wound. He's going to get a black eye.
"I'm sorry, he really didn't mean that-"a man swings a punch at Bucky, who just stares instead of blocking it, and you block for him, basically throwing the man backwards.
"Did I do something wrong?" Bucky sounds nervous, and you're sighing.
"Run," is all you say before the two of you take off. Bucky is far faster than you, but he's also faster than the mob you're trying to outrun.
Once you've lost them, you stop, turning to Bucky. You're panting and sweating, but he looks as fresh as a fucking daisy.
"Bucky, darling, light of my life, what the fuck was that?" you ask in between gasps and pants, trying to catch your breath.
"I was only offering my condolences?" he sounds confused and a little offended, and you facepalm.
"Dearest," you begin, resting a hand on his shoulder, "I'm going to ask you something and you have to promise to answer me honestly,"
He nods, still confused.
"Who taught you those words?"
"Sam," he states, a little hesitant, and you rise up to press a chaste kiss to his forehead, then his cheek, and then you hug him. Your hand gently traces the black eye he's got, one that will probably heal in a bit, and you hold him tighter. He wraps his hand around your waist, the confusion practically radiating off him.
"Doll?" he begins, only to be cut off by you.
"I'm going to strangle Wilson,"
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turbolisedcomet · 2 days ago
Summary: After a while of peace, you come face to face with your past.
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)
Word Count: 3.8k+
Warnings: Angst, mentions previous cheating, swearing, tears, talks of depression. Let me know if I missed anything.
Author’s Note: The long-awaited part 2 is finally here my dudes, savour it. Please reblog and comment.
Tumblr media
“ Ma, will you be coming with us tonight?” Amber asks as she sits herself on the kitchen counter popping in some chocolate chips while you make pancakes. Looking at her, you tried to decide if you wanted to go and hang out with Amber and her girlfriend, Alisha or stay at home while the expensive bottle of wine and a nice long bath kept you company.
“ Lovebug, I don’t want to interrupt your date.” You say flipping the pancake. It had been a long time since you had some time to yourself but you loved hanging out with your daughter and her girlfriend just as much as they did. But, you did feel guilty every time you hung out with them at the thought of intruding on the time they were supposed to have together even though they have reassured you a million times that they loved having you around.
“ Come on Ma. Alisha and I have a lot of dates together. Tonight we just want to hang out with you. Please Ma.” There she goes with the puppy dog eyes. This girl knows what she is doing. It’s the same thing she did to get whatever she wanted ever since she was born and it would be a lie if you said that you didn’t fall for it every time.
“ Ok, fine. I’ll go with you both. And stop with the puppy eyes. Just because they work on me doesn’t mean that everyone will fall for it.”
“ You love me nonetheless.” She says as you shake your head, chuckling while she hopped down from the counter as the school bus notifies its arrival with a honk.
“ Love you, Ma,” Amber says as she hurriedly picks up her bag and places a chaste wet kiss on your cheek before running out of the house.
“Love you too. Take care, lovebug.” You shout after her. A heavy sigh falls from your lips as the sound of the front door closing echoed through the house. It has been seventeen years since you became a single mother. At first, it was scary. Terrifying, actually. You were confused, trapped, and had a baby to take care of all by yourself. Of course, you had your family but you needed to get out and far away from him. You wanted to be completely unreachable as if you never existed in his life or better he never existed in your life. So, you moved to Scotland with Amber and went through the divorce without having to see him, thankfully.
You had to deal with so much. Your baby, the depression that came with Bucky’s betrayal, making money not just for you but also for Amber and her future. Your sister was able to help you at first and moved with you. But, she had a life too and the last thing you wanted was to keep her from living her life and you knew very well that for you she would throw away everything, but you couldn’t do that to her.
With time, your wounds healed, finally turning into mere scars, and even though they left a permanent mark, you had accepted it and were happy that they had healed. You did everything in your power and took Sam’s help too, to stay out of Bucky’s sight and make both you and Amber unreachable to him. He didn’t deserve to even think of you and Amber after what he had done.
Right now, the dust had settled, the storm was over, the ship was finally sailing smoothly, with no obstruction or whatsoever insight. You had a trusty job, an amazing 16-year-old who was not only your daughter but also your best friend, and though you were suggested a few many times to get back into the dating field, you didn’t feel the need to while you were doing just fine on your own.
Checking your phone, you see that it was already time to go to work. Smoothing down your pencil skirt and washing your hands, you head out as you grab your keys and handbag on the way.
“ Good morning to you, pretty lady.” You heard your next-door neighbour Ransom, who seemed like he was on his way to work too, greet you. He came under the typical rich-brat-turned-working-self-earning-guy category.
" Morning to you too, neighbour." You greet back as you lock the door.
" Want a ride, flower?" He asks as he stands by his car, waiting for an answer.
"Nah, I'm good. I'll see you later, though." You say climbing into your after giving him a wave which he returned. Flower. You liked how he called you that name. But you were far from looking for anything even in a 5-meter radius of romance. If anything is going to happen you are only going to let it come to you rather than chase.
" Hey, Sammy." You greet through the phone.
" Hey, (Y/N). How are you and Amber doing?" The familiar voice sends warmth through your body. Not only did you lose your love life because of Bucky, but you also lost the chance of being home with your friends and family and this was the only way to catch up.
" We are doing great, Sammy. How's everyone there?"
" Perfect." He answers.
" Are you at work? I don't want to be disturbing you." He asks quickly.
" Oh, no-no. I just left. I'm in my car right now." You reassure him as you lean back into your seat.
" You go home and give me a call later, I could get to talk to Amber too?"
" Yeah, that would be great, Sammy. I'll call you later. Bye."
" Bye." Keeping your phone away, you head home, knowing that Amber and Alisha would be waiting for you to come home and you really didn't want to keep them waiting.
The ride was quiet with the low hum of the radio in the background. The call from Sam had your mind wandering. You thought about Bucky, the only exception that this time the thoughts didn’t come with a peculiar intense heartache and you were glad that this is how it has been for the past few years. You wondered if he was still with that girl you caught him with. Did he even feel guilty about what he did to you? Does he even remember you and Amber? You didn't realize that you had sped the car as you got lost in your head but snapped back, slowing the car down.
Those questions could only be asked in your head and you had no intention of knowing the answers to that. It didn't have anything to do with your life now and that's just how it is.
" Ma, you're finally here. What took you so long?" Amber asks not long after you step into the house.
" Got stuck in the traffic, lovebug." You say placing a kiss on her forehead.
" Good to see you, ma'am." A shy Alisha greets you.
" Call me (Y/N), darling and it's good to see you too." You greet her back with a tight hug.
" Let me get changed and then we'll get going, yeah?"
" Of course ma, take your time we'll wait." Amber says as she cuddles against Alisha on the couch and the sight has an eye crinkling smile appearing on your lips. You were so glad that the past didn't affect your daughter's life, especially her love life. Even though she was cautious she loved with no fear which was something that you hoped you could do in the future.
" Come on girls. Let's go" You say, walking out of your room in a pretty dress.
" You look gorgeous, ma." Leave it up to this sweetheart to make your life the best.
" Thank you, lovebug. You look pretty." You tell her, giving her cheek a short caress before the three of you walk out into the night.
" James, I need more money than this." Kylie spits out, drumming her long nails on the table as Bucky brings fingers up to rub his forehead. He fucking hated this. He knew her mother, Lindsay only wanted money from him, through their daughter. She knew that even though Kylie never intended to happen, Bucky could never go against her because in the end she is a part of him. And after how he lost his daughter and wife he was way too guilty to treat Kylie in any kind of bad manner no matter how much he never wanted her or her mother in his life and they had already perfected the art of guilt-tripping him and after the incident, he was way too fucking vulnerable for his own good.
" No more, Kylie. I didn't even ask you or know that you were going to come along with me. You took my money, bought the tickets yourself and showed up at the fucking airport." Bucky says, exhausted. He had somehow tracked down your location and was on a mission to find you or at least get a glimpse of you and his baby girl. The thought that his daughter wouldn't be a baby anymore and you would be a single mother has his heart aching. The pain no less than the pain he felt years ago when his life came crashing down at his own account. Not a day goes by where he doesn't think about what could have happened if he hadn't thought with his dick. How fucking happy he would have been with you and Amber and maybe would have tried for another baby too. Like all those times before, he fall into a hole of what-ifs and fantasies that he could only live in his head. 17 fucking years and he still loves you the same. Not that he ever wanted his love for you to ever die out.
" Are you going to give me the money or keep thinking about that woman you came here looking for who would probably be sucking someone's dick right now?" That's it. That's fucking it. Bucky was not going to let her talk about you like that. Not in a million years. He was fuming. He was so fucking angry that he could feel his ears ring.
" You listen here. Do not ever talk about her like that. I don't even want you to be saying her fucking name. Now take this fucking money and get the fuck away." He shouts before throwing a bunch of bills at her and after picking them up with shaky hands and a smug facade that was falling apart, she scrambled away.
The second after the bang of the door closing reached his ears, he allowed himself to break down as he fell onto the hotel room floor the same way he did since the day you left. He needed you. He needed his family back so fucking much. He knows he doesn't deserve it, he knows. But when it comes to you he has always been selfish and this time he was not going back without seeing you or his Amber.
In the two days that he had arrived, he had no luck in finding you. But knowing that you were out there where he was right now was more than enough motivation for him to keep searching for days. So, he left the room continuing his search on a cold night.
Hands buried deep in the pockets of his jacket and a few beers later, he found himself in a busy neighborhood with drunk men on the streets and restaurants on either side. Restaurant after restaurant he reached the last one on the street. Walking in, he quickly scanned the place first before taking a seat to scan the place properly.
" That's the new restaurant I was talking about. It's run by an Indian family and the food is amazing." Alisha says, her eyes wide with excitement as she pulls her girlfriend with one hand and you with the other towards the restaurant.
" I think we have had enough food for the next fifty years, sweetheart." You exclaim before the two girls burst out into fits of laughter.
" Oh, I'm so sorry," Amber says as she bumps into a girl around her age, who regains her balance and narrows her eyes at you like she was trying to remember you. You stared back at her, not being able to shake away how familiar she looked. The blue eyes similar to Amber’s. A specific type of nose structure. It was like the answer was straight in front of you but you couldn’t get a hold of it.
“ Well, if it isn’t the famous (Y/N) and baby Amber.” The girl in front says with a cruel glint in her eyes, leaving both you and Amber’s eyes widened in shock.
“ Oh, I’m so so sorry how rude of me I’m Kylie-” Her lips twisted into an evil smirk before she continued with mockery evident in her voice, “ Kylie Barnes. You must be knowing my dad, James or Bucky Barnes and my mom, Lindsay. You know them, don’t you?” Her smirk widens with the taunting question she shot at you. You stood there in absolute shock. You didn’t know what you had expected but hearing that he has a family with the woman he cheated on you with sparked a different type of fire. One that of rage and astonishment at how easily he was able to just move on. Suddenly the blue eyes and the familiar nose on the girl made sense. This was unfair. He doesn’t get to cheat on you and play happy family with the mistress while you and Amber endured the pain and suffering. You were frustrated, angry, and overall mad at how unfair life was as tears of frustration blurred your vision.
“ Oh did I hit a soft spot? I didn’t make you upset now, did I?” Kylie’s brows furrowed together in mock sadness and you hated the girl just as much as you did her parents. Immediately, a swift blur of motion catches your eyes and the next thing you know Amber has tackled Kylie onto the ground and is throwing punches at her face.
“ Amber stop. Amber, you listen to me.” You scream trying to break her out of her frustrated headspace as you along with some people in the crowd try to pry her off of Kylie.
Bucky’s head snaps towards the street, interrupting his search, to see Kylie on the ground, face covered with blood as you hold back a girl who was with bloody knuckles and body heaving with rage. It was you and Amber. He didn’t even have to think twice before deciding that the girl was his now grown-up Amber. Not wasting a second, he was pulling open the door rushing towards where the crowd was now starting to fade away.
Standing beside Kylie, your eyes met with his dull blue ones. He couldn’t believe his eyes. You were her standing right in front of him, your face holding a kind of maturity that showed you had to go through hell to reach the peace you had attained. The kind of maturity that he forced you to acquire. Glaring at him, was his Amber. The yes hat once held so much adoration for him was now swirling with hatred and disgust and he knew that if she had a chance she wouldn’t, hesitate to throw a few punches at him. But, he also knew that you hadn’t raised her that way with how Amber was trying to control her anger and stay civil after her outburst.
“(Y/N)” Bucky’s voice came out in a broken whisper as you stared back at the man who tore down your life years ago.
You couldn’t put a finger on how you were feeling, what was happening. One moment you were enjoying your night out with the girls and now you were face to face with the man who made so many promises that he knew he would break.
“ Dad, look at what this bitch did to my face.” Kylie wails out as she removes her hand away from her face. Dad? She had never called him that and he knew exactly why she chose to call him that right now.
“ Mind your goddamn language and get back to the hotel right now, Kylie,” Bucky says through gritted teeth and she feels herself appearing smaller at her father’s response.
“ Whatever.” She huffs before stomping away after delivering death glares to everyone.
“Let’s go, Amb.” You say turning on your heels before Bucky desperately calls out for you.
“ Please, I just want to talk, and then I’ll be gone from your life. Please give me some time. I’m begging you.” Bucky pleads with a quivering voice. You kne whow persistent he could be and the only way to get rid of him wa sto give him what he wanted. Time to talk.
“ Follow my car.” With that, you walk away with Amber and Alisha right behind you leaving happy and hopeful Bucky.
The tension in the room was intense. You and Amber were seated on the couch after she dropped Alisha back at her home. Bucky couldn’t help but be amused by how alike you and Amber looked with the same stoic expression and arms crossed across your chests as he sat on a chair in front of you.
“ Get it over with.” You say, your voice, devoid of any emotion.
“ I-uh-” Bucky did not know where to start. After preparing for years what he would say if he got to see you again, he was blank right now. What was the right thing to say to the woman he cheated on years and to his daughter who he disregarded the moment he decided to sleep with another woman?
“ I know it’s been years but I’m so fucking sorry, (Y/N). So fucking sorry for everything I put you both through. There hasn’t been a day where I regretted what I did. There hasn’t been a day where I didn’t think about you or stooped loving you.” He sobbed.
“ Yous seemed to be doing just fine with your new family.” You say and watch as his face twists in confusion at your words.
“ No, no. There’s no family. Kylie was not supposed to happen and after her, they would not stop coming behind me. I was trapped and I never wanted this. I still don’t. I’ve been so fucking miserable, (Y/N). My life and I haven’t been the same without you and Amber.” You didn’t know how to respond to his words. What were you supposed to say? That he was welcome back into your and Amber’s life?
“ We have been doing just fine together without you and we intend to keep our life that way.” Amber’s stern voice takes both of you by surprise. Bucky whimpers as more tears flows down his face at how horrible the situation is. His baby Amber said that to him and it was all his fault.
" You can leave if you're done." You tell him.
" I-I need you both in my life. I need a chance." Hell to the fucking no. This man has the audacity to ask for a second chance? No fucking way.
" Get the fuck out of my house, you ignorant arrogant asshole." You shout at him standing up.
" I'm sorry I'm so sorry I didn't mean-"
" Get.Out." You say pointing at the door, your eyes staring at the floor. He hesitates for a few seconds trying to come up with something that will give him some more time with you and Amber. But, he knows he doesn't deserve anything in life anymore and the last thing he wants to do is burden you again. So, leaving the remaining pieces of his broken heart with you and after a tearful farewell with one last look at the love of his life and his daughter, he walks out of the house and their lives with no intention of returning for their sake no matter how much he wanted to.
Not too long after Bucky leaves, Amber goes up to her room without a word leaving you all alone in the living room. You allow yourself to cry. The day has been so exhausting and you were drained emotionally and seeing him brought back so many feelings and memories. The closure you got was worth everything and overwhelmingly good. You felt like everything was over. Actually over. No more attached strings. No more open endings.
Amber allowed herself to break down in her room. She needed to be all by herself right now. She had never met her father after what he had done but seeing him that day, thinking about what could have been had her spiralling. She cried for mother, not being able to understand why anyone would let go of an amazing woman like you, she cried for how cruel life was to you. That night she made a promise to herself that she would protect you and be there for you the same way you have been doing all these years. She would do anything to give you the life that you deserve as you would.
Bucky sat by his hotel room window looking up at the night sky thanking the universe for protecting you and Amber. He was content knowing that the two of you were doing just fine on your own. He just wished that in another life he could redeem himself for the mistakes he committed to his lost family in this life. That is his only hope he was ready to spend the rest of his life stupidly hanging on to.
The next day you didn't go to work. You decided to take some time for yourself and Amber who didn't go to school to stay with you for the day.
" Hey, flower. I noticed you didn't go to work so I thought I would check up on you." You open the door to see Ransom with a few tulips in his hand.
" And these are for you." He says handing the flowers to you. You liked the way his smirk turned into a soft almost shy smile when it was aimed at you. You liked how he treated you. He made you feel special.
Fuck it.
You press your lips to his.
A/n(2) so do we like this or nah?
Part 1
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bucks-bunny · a day ago
𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐫 - 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Synopsis: After a long trip, you finally come home to him. And he's not gonna let go.
Word Count: 1.3k ish
Warnings: fluff, tiny bit of angst, bad internet connection.
A/N: aaa hii it's good to be back! this fic was inspired by "little wanderer" by death cab for cute. hope you like it!
Not beta'd, all mistakes are my own. I wrote this at like 3 am on my phone, I'll fix any mistakes asap
Tumblr media
"Plane A-456 ready for departure. Last call for plane A-456"
"Shit!" you cursed. Checking the gate number one last time, you picked up the pace. You couldn't afford missing this plane. 
Luckily, you only carried a small backpack with you, so you didn't have to worry about dropping off any luggages. Your job had trained you to always travel light, which was extremely convenient, on rare occasions. 
Six months. Six long months you had to be away from home. Away from Bucky.
It wasn't that you didn't like you occupation, but sometimes shooting documentaries in god-forgotten places took longer than planned. And cherry on top, your flight was delayed for another two days due to bad weather. 
You quickly shoot a text to your boyfriend to let him know you were finally leaving, finger crossed, you were gonna see him in less than six hours, unless Thor decided to strike you or airplane down with a lighting. 
"boarding now. can't wait to see you" 
"have a safe flight. love you." His response reached you just as you accommodated in your seat on the plane. 
With a tap, you turned off your phone and shoved it in the front pocket of your backpack. 
You had always liked travelling and everytime you got on an airplane you were always excited, you'd spend the entire trip daydreaming about the place you were visiting. But this time it was different. You were even more excited, because this time, you were going back home, back to Bucky. 
God, you had missed him so much. Of course, this wasn't the first time you had been separated for a long time, considering your job and his, being an Avenger busy saving the world on a daily basis. 
Most of the time, one of you was home while the other was God-knows-where. But you made it work. 
Technology has gotten pretty good these days, and you'd manage to work around time zones, enduring nights up late waiting for the other to wake up just to steal five minutes of time without distractions, just for each other. 
Oh, and if you were lucky enough to find a good time to talk, the network wouldn't cooperate, so you'd resort to plain-ol' texting. 
You were far, but never apart. 
Also, you were pretty sure that Bucky had started using your t-shirts as pillowcases, you had caught a glimpse during one of your calls one night. But you didn't say anything because you were guilty too. Before leaving you'd always steal one of his t-shirts, too. That way, you'd both have a piece of home to comfort each other.
Bucky's dogtags were dangling from your fingers, the cool metal soothing your digits, as you recalled one of your recent conversations. 
"...and then the monkey stole my protein bar!" your laugh echoed in Bucky's room and lightened his heart a bit. 
Talking to you was the best part of his days, on the rare occasions in which you two managed to talk. 
"I wish you could have seen it Buck, you'd love it here" you stated. 
You sounded sad and he absolutely hated it, that he couldn't do anything to reach you because unfortunately, he was on a stake out in Prague. 
"I know honey, but you're coming back soon, no?" he asked, hopeful. "Just a week, seven sleeps, and then you can have all of my protein bars, if you want" he joked, hoping to cheer you up a bit. 
Apparently today luck wasn't on his side because the connection started acting up, causing the audio crackle so much he couldn't make out what you were saying on the other side of the world. 
He started moving around the kitchen of the stake-out house, searching for the spot with the best connection. Nothing was gonna get in the way of him speaking with his girl, not even if he had to keep his laptop in the air. 
He had never been good with technology, but he had learned whatever possible, because this was the only way he could see you. 
"Act--lly.."you started "we might ha--to delay our return another coup-- weeks. we had a problems --- the cameras and have to wait for the repl---ments. I'm --rry" your distant voice made his heart freeze.
"oh." his shoulders slumped,  "well, it's okay sugar, we can always talk on the phone" he put up a fake smile, he didn't want to make it worse, knowing pretty well that you were in his exact same position. 
"Speaking of which, "you paused looking over your shoulder, "I have to go. we have a night shooting today" you sighed, 
"But we just started talking!" he whined, he'd never get used to this.
"I know honey, I'm sorry." Somebody was shouting your name, telling you to get ready. "Coming! I gotta go baby, I'll call you later, I promise" you swore, holding your pinky in front of you. 
"Okay doll, be safe. I love you". He put the pinky in front of his camera. 
Bucky waited for your answer, but the network froze again. Luck wasn't definitely on his side.
Defeated, he stared at your smiling image still lingering on the screen. With a beep, it was replaced by a black screen with  "Connection lost" written all over it. 
He really hoped he could get to see you soon, in person. With a sigh, he closed his laptop and started getting ready for the day, as the sun was already rising up over his city. 
Lost in your thoughts, you didn't notice that your plane had landed, and that everyone was now leaving the plane. 
Time couldn't move slower while you were waiting in line for customs, but as soon as you were done, you basically launched yourself out of the gate
Thank God you only had a backpack.
You got lost in the sea of people outside the airport, too busy reuniting with their families to notice that you couldn't find Bucky anywhere.
Standing on your tiptoes, you tried to make out his features amongst the crowd, when you felt someone tapping on your shoulder. 
And there he was, as soon as he laid his eyes on you, his face lit up and he flashed a smile at you. 
"Bucky!" you jumped into his arms, letting your backpack slide off your shoulder, and clinging to him with everything you had.
"Umph" he chuckled,  "Hi, doll". 
He smelled like aftershave and leather and a bit like the cologne you had gifted him for Christmas. 
To you, he smelled like home.
"Hey baby" he hugged you a bit tighter, you missed his hugs so much.
You weren't gonna lie, you were grateful for the progress of technology that let you keep contact with people all over the world, but no phone or camera could replicate the feeling of having Bucky in your arms. Never.
"I've missed you so much" you said, your voice cracking, failing to swallow down the lump in your throat.
He broke the hug, putting you down and taking your face between his hands to exhaling you, drinking you in. 
Bucky was holding back tears, too. 
"We are so never gonna do that again for a long time" he joked, "I can't stay without you".
That was true, he supported you and rooted for your career, but now he was going to take you home and he wasn't planning on sharing you with the world for a while. 
"Honey, don't worry. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere" you sniffled, tucking a strand of his hair behind his ears.
"Yeah, I got promoted and now I have to follow the documentary from here." you smiled, oh how he missed you. "You're stuck with me for a while, Barnes" you chuckled.
Bucky couldn't believe it. His girl. Home. For more than a month. 
He picked you up again, peppering your face with small kisses. 
"I wouldn't want it any other way, doll" he said, before grasping your lips with his in a passionate kiss.
Yes, he definitely wasn't going to let you go anywhere for at least a month. 
Thank you for reading! Comments and reblogs are appreciated :)
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Everthing Bucky:
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spicynudlesoup · 2 days ago
Can't get you out of my head
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Summary: Bucky finally arrives home after a tough mission.
Warnings: Angst, mention of injuries, gaslighting, description of panic attack
WC: 1.1k
A/N: Hello there! I've finally finished my spooky October fic after months of trying to write this! This is also my entry to @lokithealligator's 2k spooky challenge, for which I used the prompts 44 “It’s just your imagination.” and 49 “It’s just a scrape…” And I also wanna give a huuge thank you to @lookiamtrying for giving this a read before ! post it
I do not give permission to copy, post, rewrite or translate this fic or a part of it anywhere. By clicking “Keep Reading” you’re telling me you’re above the age of 18. All mistakes are my own.
It was already dark outside when Bucky arrived at his place after a particularly tough mission, and now he was finally able to let his body –and mind– be able to relax with her by his side.
He threw his bags in the middle of the barely lit living room without a care in the world and let himself fall on the sofa with a painful groan.
Unwilling to move, he took over more than half of the big grey couch. He was not only exhausted, but also injured. At least he had got all bandaged up earlier and the high amount of painkillers he was in was doing wonders. If Bucky was the embodiment of rough, the woman sitting next to him was the embodiment of cozy. She was sitting in the small free space in the corner of the couch, with her knees against her chest, a warm cup of tea in hand while a big fluffy blanket covered her frame. She was the warmth and softness Bucky so desperately needed after the brutal couple of days he had. He was finally home.
She was wearing that Handley shirt she "borrowed" from him when they started dating, and those yoga pants that always made Bucky lose his mind. Bucky loved to see her in that outfit, it was one of his favorites. It reminded him of more peaceful times.
As soon as Bucky laid down, she placed her mug on the coffee table and crawled to him, peppering kisses on his bruised face, careful of the fragile state his lover was in. Slowly, he caressed her soft cheek, a pure gesture of love as he brought her face closer to his. Their lips met with a tender kiss, carrying all the love, worry and relief they felt and didn't voiced before.
Some minutes later, and after some questioning looks, he started to tell her about the mission, how the extraction was going smoothly until they were ambushed, getting completely outnumbered, barely making it out. He'd got the worst out of the team.
“You should be more careful Bucky, I want you here in one piece, you know?” she said in a soft voice, but he could tell how concerned she was.
“It’s just a scrape babe, you worry too much about me”
“No it's not, you have two broken ribs at least and more stitches than I can count. You’re my husband, of course I'm gonna worry, what are you expecting?”
“I don't know, actually” he chuckles. God he missed her so much. Every day he spent without her had him in agony. She was the only one that kept his nightmares away, the only one that managed to get him to trust himself and others again. For years she was by his side. She stuck with him through thick and thin, she was his rock. He couldn't believe how lucky he was.
“I hate it when you leave, you should stay here more, be with me” she said with puppy eyes.
“Babe, you know I can’t do that” it broke his heart not to be able to be at home so much. But Steve and Sam needed him in the avengers, and he owed the world some good after all the damage he'd done during his time as the winter soldier.
With a serious look on her face, she left his embrace to face him again.
"There's nothing wrong in wanting you all to myself" she whispered, he could feel her breath, her lips just an inch away from his. She slowly leaned next to him, soft lips barely touching his earlobe. "There's nothing outside for us, we only have each other"
"But I have friends, I've got a purpose, I'm finally having a life" Bucky turned his head around to face her again, looking for an answer as to why she would say that.
"Your life is with me, not with them. They don't see you like I do, no one does" she spited, clearly in annoyance with his statement.
"y/n, stop it" Bucky certainly wasn't in the mood nor the state to have this type of discussion that night.
"You're nothing without me, I'm just stating the truth" she continued, ignoring him. Bucky just stared at her in awe, trying to understand what she wanted from all of this. Did she just want him to retire and have a quiet life somewhere else? Was she just wording her wishes wrong? Or did she know something he didn't?
"Baby I know you still have that darkness deep inside you, everyone else is just too ignorant to notice. It's just a matter of time before it comes out again" she cooed despite, her words shooting a sharp pain through Bucky's chest, bile raising up his throat.
“It’s… it's just your imagination.” Bucky barely managed to get the words past his lips, tears stinging the back of his eyes. Just the thought of everyone turning against him again made his skin crawl. He's been fighting his past for years now, pushing the darkness that the Winter Soldier left in him as far away as possible. But deep down he knew that everyone around him would notice that he couldn’t escape who he was.
It was bound to happen.
She climbed on top of him, caging him, she was everywhere. And just like that Bucky started to spiral, he started thinking about how naive he was for thinking that despite all he moved on and that everyone around him was finally accepting him. He was getting too confident. But the way she spoke made him doubt everything again.
"Is it really?" She tilted her head, “gosh, you look so broken when you cry.” she mocked as she cupped his fragile face with both of her hands. "We need to leave this place" the words left her lips but all Bucky could think of was the lump forming in his throat. Suddenly the room was too small, too hot and he couldn't manage to get fresh air into his lungs. He was full of pure panic.
Muffled laughs reached his ear; he moved his head to face the door and soon enough, Sam and Steve entered the room.
“Hey, Buck, are you up for some bee- woah what's going on?” Steve inquired. Worry settled across his face. Bucky still looked uneasy, his breathing was still …. He felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.
“Nothing man, leave me alone” he retorted. As he looked away, he found the rest of the room empty from her trace. There wasn't a blanket on that sofa, and there wasn't an almost empty cup of tea on the coffee table.
“Were you talking to yourself again?”
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seventven · 4 hours ago
A Taste for Older Men [part vi]
summary: bucky and y/n’s family receive an invitation to a common friend’s birthday party. one thing leads to another and soon, y/n’s father confronts the guy she’s been drunkenly flirting with. bucky decides he is sick of y/n’s immaturity. but is he really? 
pairing: dbf!bucky x reader; dbf!sam x reader (no i'm not kidding lmao i went there)
word count: 4.5k+
warnings: age gap [reader is around 22 & bucky is 39]; more brat taming; degradation (including bucky calling y/n a slut); spanking and face slapping (consensual of course); mild daddy kink lol; drinking; jealousy; confrontation
a/n: this chapter is daddy issues central. it’s the beginning of the end my dudes. it’s endgame now (pun intended)
Tumblr media
A few days after the events at his apartment, everyone received an invitation to attend a party hosted by Sam Wilson, a common friend of both Bucky and Y/N’s father. 
He lived in the middle of nowhere, in a picturesque wooden cabin surrounded by trees and a lake. Y/N only knew Sam from her dad’s stories but when he found out she had moved back home, Sam extended the invitation originally only intended for her parents. Y/N was glad; she knew Bucky would be there and that she would finally get to see him after what felt like years of complete radio silence.
The thing was, after what happened at his place almost a week earlier, Y/N and Buck came to the common conclusion that they had to be more careful. They had been sloppy and their carelessness almost led to them being caught; something neither of them wanted. 
In the days that followed, they had agreed to keep their contact to a minimum, only texting each other a few times and exchanging little glances when no one was looking. Y/N, although craving his company and that feeling of tension she had grown so addicted to, almost enjoyed the secrecy of their little affair. It made things exciting, and every time she thought about him and how dangerous it all was, she felt that familiar coil in her stomach, a heat somewhere deep within. So, when she got to Sam’s cabin the afternoon of the party, she couldn’t help but look around to see if he had arrived yet, feeling that giddy childish excitement to finally see him again.
“Sam, I believe you haven’t met my daughter yet. This is Y/N,” her father introduced her, and Sam held out a hand for her to shake. He was all smiles and jokes, the life of the party, as her father had described him.
“Great to finally meet you. Your dad has told me so much about you,” he grinned, and Y/N couldn’t help but feel her cheeks turn red. This was going to be an interesting night. “I’ll show you to the guest bedrooms. Everyone should start arriving within the next two hours so you have time to settle in. We’ve got a hell of a weekend ahead of us!”
Her dad nodded, smiling enthusiastically as he reached into the trunk of his car. He pulled out a box with all his fishing equipment. “I came prepared. Nothing like some hungover fishing after a whole night of drinking.”
Sam laughed, clapping her father on the back. “Damn right.”
The cabin was cosy and rustic; all the furniture, walls and even ceilings were made of warm toned planks of wood, with red tartan blankets strewn across the sofa and armchairs. There was a fire going in the fireplace and party decorations littering every corner as Sam’s sister, Sarah, worked on preparing snacks for the night ahead. 
Y/N chatted to her briefly before locking herself in the guest bedroom and proceeding to get ready for the party. She wasn’t going to lie; she had spent countless hours planning her outfit, hair and makeup, desperate to look as irresistible as she possibly could when Bucky finally got there. Despite the cool late autumn weather, she went for a short dress and some heels, cute and sultry lingerie hiding beneath the outfit. 
By ten o’clock, however, with the party in full swing and Bucky still no where in sight, Y/N was beginning to regret her choice. She stood by the kitchen island, a beer in hand as she watched people come in and out of the house, laughing and dancing to the music playing from the speakers in the garden. 
Sam had invited well over thirty people and with the amount of alcohol flowing, the whole house was buzzing. Y/N didn’t really know anyone and she smiled politely when Sam and her dad made their way into the kitchen. 
“Bucky said he would be here by eight. He hasn’t called or texted to say he’ll be late,” Sam told her dad who only laughed in response. Y/N’s ears immediately pricked up at the topic of their conversation.
“He’s probably busy with his new girl, if you know what I mean.” The suggestive look her dad shot Sam made Y/N want to gag. If only he knew who the girl he was talking about really was. 
The other guy raised an eyebrow. “A new girl you say? Are we talking another Sarah situation or...”
Y/N couldn’t help the confused frown from forming across her lips. What Sarah situation? She desperately attempted to look as disinterested as possible but she found it difficult, eager to know more about what they were referring to.
“I honestly don’t know, Sam. He’s been hiding her away for weeks so I haven’t even met her yet. Knowing Bucky, it very well might be another casual sex thing.”
Sam expelled an amused chuckle, shaking his head at her father’s words. “I still can’t eat at my own damn kitchen table after the stunt he pulled with Sarah. I don’t think I will ever get that horrifying image out of my head.”
Kitchen table? The cogs were turning inside Y/N’s head as her eyes travelled across the room to where it stood. Could it be that table? The table from her fantasies, and Sarah the faceless, nameless girl she had pictured herself as so many times in the past? No, it couldn’t be. 
Y/N felt a lump in her throat, suddenly feeling really fucking uncomfortable. She took a big gulp of her beer but it only served to exacerbate her feelings of discomfort, her stomach churning. Suddenly, her little heavenly fantasy from the past took on a different meaning; she was no longer the girl Bucky was furiously taking on top of a random kitchen table she had never seen. Now, all she could picture was him and Sam’s sister, and the seemingly guiltless, four legged mahogany table which seemed to be staring at her from across the kitchen.
Y/N didn’t know what to feel but she knew she didn’t want to hear any more details about Bucky’s past with Sarah. 
Soon, her father left to go dance with her mom and Y/N was left drinking in the kitchen with Sam. The alcohol was slowly starting to take effect and Y/N was laughing at the jokes he made and the stories they exchanged. It was nice, she was somewhat distracted from her uncomfortable thoughts about Bucky and Sam was great company. Y/N quickly realised how comfortable she felt around him; he treated her as his equal, not just the kid of his friend who tagged along to the party. In time, the two were exchanging phone numbers and promising to meet up for drinks or coffee at some time in the future.
“I’m going to go out for a smoke. Do you want to join?” Y/N eventually asked him and Sam considered the proposition for a moment before finally shaking his head.
“Maybe later. I should probably go and chat to someone other than you. I’m a terrible host,” he joked, and Y/N only laughed, sending him a little smile before stalking away and towards the front door. 
She wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of the back garden, and her parents complaining about her smoking again. She chose the path of less disruptions and stepped out onto the driveway, closing the door behind her. With her cigarette already between her lips and her arms wrapped tightly around her at the chilly night air, Y/N suddenly realised she wasn’t alone. 
Bucky’s car was parked under the tree in Sam’s front yard and he was standing next to it wearing a brown shearling jacket, a cigarette dangling from the unsmiling corner of his mouth. Y/N felt that same discomfort in her stomach as the thoughts returned, made worse by the image of him completely engrossed in conversation with no one but Sarah herself.
She wanted to disappear, feeling that stupid, petty jealousness budding within her chest. She cursed herself for her rampant emotions and took a long drag of her cigarette, deciding to retreat into the garden through the gate at the side of the cabin, careful not to be spotted. 
She knew that her emotions were childish and erratic, but she couldn’t help feeling this way. The alcohol in her system only made everything more difficult to ignore, her head light and her thoughts hazy. 
Bucky had done nothing wrong, neither had Sarah, but the images in her head sparked feelings of possessiveness she hadn’t really felt before, and she craved something that she couldn’t really place her finger on. Was it reassurance that Bucky only wanted her? Or was is a desire to make him jealous, the way that she was feeling? Y/N couldn’t really tell; she just knew she needed something. Maybe even just an orgasm that she was still denying herself, all these weeks later, desperate to be a good girl for him.
Whatever it was, Y/N felt jealous and angry.
That, and she wanted to fuck, hard.
She leaned against the wall, a drink in one hand and her cigarette between her teeth. She stood alone, watching the chaos of the party around her. It was a pleasant atmosphere; all twinkly orange lanterns and balloons littering the vast expanse of the garden, people dancing on the grass and drinking on the patio. Sam was standing on the other side of the garden, chatting away to a group of people she didn’t know and Y/N wondered briefly - completely innocently - if he was seeing anybody.
When his eyes met hers, she felt something inside of her stir, a weird warm feeling incited by her deprivation and the jealousy she felt. Her desire was making her fucking crazy.
Y/N raised her drink, almost in a toast and Sam smiled at her across the garden. He quickly excused himself from the conversation and offered some apologies to the group before beginning to make his way over, a polished glass of golden rum in his hand. Y/N couldn’t help but let her eyes wander; she took in his dark eyes and muscular physique as he neared closer. He was tall, broad and thick... older. Just the way she liked them. 
Her dad had some damn attractive friends. 
“All by yourself again?” Sam asked with a chuckle, coming to stand in front of her. He reached over and plucked her box of smokes from where it was poking out of her clutch. He pulled one out, placed it between his teeth and waited until she handed him her lighter. “What’s with the grumpy expression? You look just about ready to kill someone.”
Y/N only chuckled humourlessly at his words but couldn’t help feeling a little amused herself. She watched in silence as he lit his cigarette and took a long drag. 
“Boy troubles,” she answered simply and took a sip of her drink.
Sam raised an eyebrow. “Boy troubles? Is he being a dick?”
“If by being a dick you mean I don’t get any, then yeah.” Her laugh was self-depreciating and she looked down at her feet, surprised at her own bluntness. What was it about her dad’s friends that made her so freaking comfortable and ready to spill all the vile secrets of her sex life? Y/N wasn’t sure. 
Sam regarded her expression for a brief moment. “Well, are you exclusive?”
She shook her head.
“Then what are you waiting for? If the guy doesn’t satisfy you, find someone who will.”
Y/N released a sigh. It wasn’t that simple; she craved Bucky day and night and she wasn’t able to get him out of her head. She was fucking addicted to the feeling of danger he brought along and the excitement of sneaking around with him. Down between her thighs, however, she wanted more; something that Bucky was refusing to give her but which he had no trouble giving to women in his past. There it was again, that feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. 
“If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know,” she giggled, then exhaled deeply, thinking about how much she craved a release. “My pussy would thank you.”
Sam raised an eyebrow and she knew he was trying to figure out what sort of thoughts were going through her head. There was something so crude about the conversation between them and it wasn’t long before Y/N noticed it; that familiar look in his eyes which men always gave her when she made the first move. It was nothing but intrigue and the wicked need for know whether her words meant nothing or if she was really trying to stir something. She had seen it countless times before, even with Bucky during their drive from her old apartment, and Sam wasn’t any different.
“Is that so?” Sam asked, his voice suddenly a lot lower. He had curiosity in his eyes, his interest sparked at her blunt words and her evident desire to fuck. He stepped a little closer.
When she shrugged her shoulders, taking another drag of her cigarette, Sam licked his lips.
“You know, I could maybe give you a hand with your little problem if you’d like.” 
The corner of her lips curved up at his words. His attention was caught and he was thinking about all the vile things they could do together, his mind running wild with wicked and depraved possibilities. Y/N couldn’t help but feel amused by how simple men were; all she had to do was bat an eyelash and they were falling in her trap.
She tried to look shocked, cocking her head back and laughing quietly. “What would my dad think about this? I thought you guys were friends.”
Sam was unrelenting. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”
It was her turn to step closer, reaching out a manicured hand and placing it on his shoulder. He turned his head to look at it, then lifted his gaze towards her face. He was gauging her intentions and the intrigued little smile across his face was indication enough to his feelings about her. 
Behind him, Bucky had just emerged through the patio door and there he stood, a drink in hand, watching the whole interaction with dark, disapproving eyes. He wasn’t moving, his expression stoic as he brought his bottle to his lips and took a long gulp. The eye contact between them was sinister and when Y/N leaned further into Sam, her lips hovering by his ear, Bucky’s eyes narrowed. 
Sam placed a hand on her hip, pulling her closer, but all she could focus on was Bucky watching her from across the garden.
“As much I would like to, I don’t think fucking my dad’s friend would be very appropriate,” she whispered to Sam, eyes still locked with Bucky’s. He was seething with rage, she could tell, and the idea made her insides clench with need.
Suddenly, Sam was being pushed away, not by her or by Bucky but by someone she hadn’t even noticed was present in the garden. Her father used two hands to shove Sam off and Y/N gasped at the unexpected interruption.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Her father asked Sam, anger in his voice. His brows were knitted together as his eyes darted between Y/N and his friend. He was furious. 
Sam stumbled back but quickly regained his stability. “Nothing, we’re just talking,” he lied and reached up to fix his jacket. 
Heads were starting to turn, conversations pausing, and Y/N had no idea how to react. She stood there in silence, watching with wide eyes as her father went on. 
“If you think I brought my daughter here for you to hit on, I’ve got some big fucking news for you. She’s twenty years younger that you, Sam! Keep your hands to yourself!” Her father was just about ready to start a fight, taking a bold step towards Sam with his hands curling into fists.
A third voice suddenly interrupted the unexpected confrontation.
“Hey!” Bucky stepped in, placing a hand on her dad’s chest to stop him in his tracks. “Calm down. They were just talking.” He was calm, the voice of reason among a group of angry men whose thoughts were hazy with the effect of alcohol. The only sober person there, Bucky seemed to be the only antidote to the chaos beginning to emerge.
“Is that what talking looks like to you? I’m not fucking stupid!” He paused for a moment, face red with anger. 
Bucky gave her father a look that told him to calm down. “I saw the whole thing. Nothing happened. They were just talking,” he said calmly and Y/N’s father, believing his best friend, finally took a deep breath and stepped back. He was still angry but Bucky stepping in really helped bring his emotions under control.
Bucky continued. “Calm down, yeah? Even if something was happening, Y/N is old enough to make her own decisions. She’s not sixteen. You need to back off.”
A long moment passed before her father looked towards her. It was like he was looking for something; an indication that she was uncomfortable around Sam, or that she needed help from her dad, but he got nothing. Only a calm expression that said he needed to relax. Nothing had happened. 
Her father nodded at Bucky’s words. “You’re right.” Then he turned to Sam. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to explode like that.”
Sam only smiled and stepped closer. “It’s all good, man. Let’s get a drink, yeah?”
Nodding, her father took another deep breath and allowed Sam to lead him away. The chatter around them instantly resumed, everyone going back to their conversations, their drinking and their laughter. 
Bucky and Y/N stood in silence as they watched her father and Sam walk away, already making up, her father apologising for his outburst. She couldn’t believe what the hell had just happened.
“Thanks for stepping in,” she told Bucky, waiting until he finally turned his head to look at her. Although he had been the voice of reason in the chaotic confrontation just moments earlier, Bucky was quick to drop the act.
“I see you’re trying to fuck all your dad’s friends,” he said coldly, his gaze hard and unamused. He wasn’t smiling and his demeanour made her stomach twist into knots. He was angry.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “I’d don’t recall you asking for us to be exclusive. I do believe I still have the right to do whatever I want... Including fucking other people. Not that you’ve ever even fucked me.”
He raised an eyebrow, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Is that what this is about? You’re drunk and horny, and you can’t handle not getting what you want? You’re so immature.”
She chuckled, honestly entertained. “Haven’t you heard my dad? I’m twenty years younger than all of you. I think that gives me an excuse to act a little bratty.”
She didn’t wait for him to respond, only took a sip of her drink and began making her way towards the patio door. She knew he was following and couldn’t help the smirk from appearing across her lips as she pushed past the people in the kitchen and stalked towards the guest bedroom in which she was staying.
He kept his distance but she knew he was behind her, feeling his eyes burning holes into her back as she swayed her hips from side to side. She was tipsy, sure, but she knew damn well what she was doing and where this was heading. She just wanted to be alone with him again.
Stepping into her room, she purposely left the door open and made herself comfortable, waiting for him to join her. Y/N realised the stereo was just outside her bedroom window, blasting music so loudly the glass shook and she was forced to pull the curtains across to be able to hear her own thoughts. 
It was maybe twenty seconds before Bucky finally stepped in and closed the door behind him, swiftly turning the lock. 
Y/N had just sat down on the edge of the mattress when Bucky took a few steps forward, coming to a halt right in front of her. He was looking down at her, his crotch on her eye level and Y/N yearned to know what he was thinking. She gulped at the dark expression in his eyes.
“I’m really disappointed in you.” He told her calmly. “You promised me you wouldn’t pull a stunt like that again.”
She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just having fun. Something you know nothing about.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “You want fun, is that it? How about we call Sam over right now and you can have all the fun you want with him. Would you like that?”
She shrugged, provocation in her eyes. She was enjoying this.
“Why not?” She asked innocently. “I’ll call Sam over and you can go find Sarah. From what I’ve heard that table in the kitchen hasn’t been put to use in a long time.”
Bucky’s brows furrowed as he regarded her expression. There was venom in her eyes, bitterness fuelling her every word and the snarky look across her face. She was childish pettiness personified; a spoiled brat who just begged to be disciplined. 
“You’re jealous,” he said matter-of-factly, an entertained grin appearing. He was amused by how worked up she had gotten, ready to cause a hurricane just so she could get what she wanted. 
“I’m not jealous.”
He laughed, taking a seat next to her on the mattress. Uncomfortable with the confrontation. Y/N pulled herself up to stand.
“Yes, you are, and you’re acting out because of it.”
Y/N shot him an unamused look. “If I’m jealous of Sarah, then you’re jealous of Sam. I saw how angry you got when I got close to him. Maybe I should go find him and take him up on his offer.”
When Bucky raised an inquisitive eyebrow, Y/N continued. “That’s right. His offer to help me with how needy someone I know has made me. You should have seen the look in his eyes when we talked about it. He would’ve dragged me to his room if only I had let him. I bet it would’ve been unforgettable.” 
Her tone was mocking and she was desperate to provoke a reaction, to aggravate him further. It was her turn to look down on him, a smirk playing across her lips as she watched the cogs turning in his head. There it was, that feeling of jealousy making its way onto his face. She had him.
In one swift movement, Bucky had reached over and grabbed her by the wrist, yanking her towards him until she lost her balance. Her knees buckled underneath her and she quickly found herself bent over his lap, her stomach pressed to his thighs, a surprised gasp falling from her lips. Before she knew what was happening, he was pulling her skirt up over her hips and taking the soft flesh of her ass in his hand.
“I’m sick of your little games,” he said calmly, but there was a warning in his tone that signalled she had finally pushed him over the edge. He kneaded the flesh roughly, an aggravated sigh falling from his lips. “You’re a spoiled brat with nothing but fucking on your mind. I think it’s time I finally start treating you the way you deserve.”
His words were followed by a smack across her ass, the impact hard and unforgiving. She gasped at the tingling pain, feeling the wetness pooling between her thighs. The sound was muffled by the loud music outside and Y/N couldn’t help but dig her nails into the sheets to the side of his body, her whole body suddenly feeling weak. In spite of this feeling, however, Y/N knew she had to push him more.
“Is that all you’ve got?”
Bucky ground his teeth at her insolence, her words earning her another smack, harder this time. It felt fucking good, the delectable sting making her push herself into his hand. She wanted more.
“You’re such a fucking slut.” Another merciless blow. “You’d do anything for someone to just pound your little pussy.”
“Mhmm,” she moaned, feeling herself throb between her thighs at his dirty words and harsh tone. “You weren’t complaining about how slutty I was when you were fucking my mouth.”
The comment resulted in another blow, and Y/N couldn’t help but hiss at the pain, enjoying every damn second.
“Spank me harder and I might even call you daddy,” she teased, looking at him over her shoulder. He was furious, eyes dark as he laid another hard slap to her backside, almost vibrating with rage. “Is that what you want? You want to discipline me for my bad behaviour?” Her tone was innocent and she was toying with him, doing everything in her might to provoke him further.
“I’ve been so bad, daddy. All I’ve been thinking about is getting fucked silly by your friend, Sam.” The mischief in her eyes was driving him insane, his teeth grinding together at her tormenting attitude. “I’m such a slut, daddy. I think you should chastise me for how naughty I have been.”
Bucky was sick of it. “Shut your fucking mouth before I make you.”
She grinned. “Oh, please do.”
The slap she received was harder than any previous one and she cried out at the pain. She didn’t really have any time to recover because soon, Bucky was pushing her off his lap and she landed on her knees in front of him. She looked up with amusement in her eyes, ready to offer another snarky remark before he grabbed her chin roughly, forcing her to look him in the eyes. His touch was hard, painful on her face and she felt her eyes water but she blinked the tears away.
“You’re infuriating,” he told her, regarding her face with that same dark look in his eyes. “I loathe how juvenile you act sometimes.”
She laughed quietly, licking her lips. “But you love how filthy I am for you.”
He slapped her. Right across her left cheek, leaving behind a stinging pain as she looked at him in shock. The sensation was new, something she hadn’t expected but which she found herself enjoying. The tingling in her cheek was a welcome new experience. She liked it. 
“Watch your tone with me,” he warned, still gripping her chin in his hand. He pushed her away roughly and got up to his feet. Y/N only watched with curious eyes as he stalked towards the door, leaving her disheveled and aroused on the floor. “Come to me when you’ve considered your behaviour and you’re ready to act like an adult.” 
With one last look, he unlocked the door and left, leaving her behind, shaking with need.
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killerqueenfan · 2 days ago
Coming Home 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x female reader
Summary: Five years after the fight with Thanos Bucky finally comes home to you.
This is my first time posting any of my writing on here, I know it's not that great but I'm proud of it :)
Five years,  that's how long it's been since you last heard his voice, felt his touch and been able to get a full night's rest. That’s supposed to change today or so you all hoped. You remember the day Steve came to talk to you about Tony’s newest discovery. You couldn't believe what you were hearing and you couldn't get your hopes up. If it was just you it would have been different but you have to worry about the person in the other room. The most important person in your life, your son James. 
When Steve showed up that day for what you thought was just a regular visit to you and his nephew, you knew something was going on the moment you saw him. He greeted you like he always did with a hug and a kiss on your cheek but he seemed nervous. “What's going on Steve?” you had asked him as soon as he pulled away. “Can't I just come and visit with two of my favorite people y/n? Where is the little guy anyway?” he said with a smile.  “You know I can tell something is up right, you're nervous about something” you raised your eyebrow up. “Uncle Steve!” James yelled as he came barreling around the corner and smashed right into Steve's arms. You laughed at your son as he knocked Captain America himself over, or so your son thought. “Hey J man! Have you been working out?” , Steve says to James while lifting him in the air. 
Your son squirmed in Steve's arms while laughing, “No Uncle Steve I'm a Super Soldier like you and Daddy, Im super strong!” You and Steve start laughing at the 4 and a half year olds attempt to give his best mean face to show how serious he was. You loved days like this when Steve would visit and they would play and goof around, James needed it, and so did you. He would visit often to keep you company and to help with his nephew as much as he could. Some visits he would bring Aunt Natasha along so you and your friend could catch up. You used to be an Avenger fighting right alongside your family but that all changed after Thanos, after you lost the love of your life and knew you would be raising your child alone. But your family made sure you were never alone through any of it and every one of them absolutely loved the littlest member of the family. 
“Hey J man why don't you go set up your toys and I’ll be there in a minute, I need to talk to your Mom first” Steve set James on his feet after flying him around for a bit. “Can we play Avengers?” your son's favorite thing to play because he knew he would get to hear stories about all of your friends and he thought Captain America and his Avengers were the best. And Steve loved playing with him and telling these stories, even if Spider Man was James favorite one to play. “Of course we can kido” James' eyes lit up as he ran past Steve to head to his room to get set up. “He never gets tired of hearing stories does he?” Steve askes with a sad smile on his face. “No he doesn't, he loves hearing about everyone, you guys are all his heros, especially Bucky. He loves to hear stories about his Father.” you said while trying to hold back your tears. James never met his Father but he loved him so much and wanted to hear everything about him that he could get out of you and Steve. 
“What's going on Steve? You never send James to his room like this to talk to me, you're making me nervous” you started pacing around your living room. Steve walked up to you and placed his hands on your shoulders. “We think we found a way to bring them back, to bring them all back” Your breath hitched in your throat and your legs felt weak, you were sure if Steve didn't have ahold of your arms you would have hit the floor. Steve led you over to the couch and sat you down next to him, “What do you mean bring them back? Thanos used the snap and then destroyed the stones. How could you bring them back?” You were starting to feel light headed and you were trying your best not to cry. Steve then went on to explain how Tony figured out time travel and the plan to go back and get the stones and use the snap to bring them all back. You had a hard time wrapping your head around it but you believed in your family and knew if anyone could do it they could. Steve stayed late that night with you and James, keeping your son busy while you made dinner and had time to think about everything, about the possibility of your Bucky coming home. When Steve left that night after putting James to bed he hugged you and told you “This will work y/n, I know it will. I will bring Bucky back to you and to his son” You hugged him a little tighter and told him to be safe and tell everyone else the same and that you loved them all, “you know I wish I could help you guys but I…” “You can't leave James, y/n we know and we would never ask you to, I need you here and to keep that little man and yourself safe and be ready to have your family back” Steve told you with a smile, you wiped the tears from your eyes and smiled back. “I will call you when it's over y/n!” and with those last words he headed to his car and you closed your front door. You barely made it back to your couch before a sob racked through your body so hard you couldn't catch your breath. When you finally made it to your room that night, you cried yourself to sleep.
“Mommy?” James' voice startled you as you stood at the stove cooking dinner. “Yeah Sweetheart?” you turned to your son with a smile on your face that did not reach your eyes but he was too young to notice. “When is Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat coming over again? I miss them.” He asks you and you notice his Captain America and Spider Man action figures held tight in his hands. You smiled at your son and you told him “They will come over soon baby, they are busy right now. But you know they love you and can't stay away from you for long”. You walked over to your son and ruffled his hair up. “Are they fighting bad guys again?” James asked while looking up at you with his big blue eyes that matched his fathers completely. Your heart sank at his question, he was so young, you hated that he knew so much about the bad guys in the world. The bad guys that took his family away from home for weeks at a time, the bad guys that took his Daddy away from him. You knelt down in front of your son “yeah baby they are, but they will be back soon”, you hoped anyway. Your son hugged you then, knowing you had a sad look in your eyes. James was so smart for his age and understood so much, and cared so much, he was just like his father. “Will Uncle Steve bring Daddy home?” Your breath caught in your throat and tears came to your eyes while you held your son a little tighter. “Oh sweetheart, I don't…” The sound of your phone ringing cut you off mid sentence and you knew who it was but you were frozen. You just looked at your phone sitting on the counter, you couldn't bring yourself to answer it, you didn't want to know what he would tell you. You couldn't hear it didn't work, that they couldn't bring them back, couldn't bring him back. You don't think you could get through it. You didn't realize that as you were frozen on the floor of your kitchen your son had wiggled his way out of your hold and grabbed your phone. “Hi Uncle Steve, yeah Mommy is here, she's sitting on the floor. I think she's broken” your son’s giggle snapped you out of it and you jumped to your feet reaching for your phone in James hands. “Steve….” you held your breath while you were waiting for him to say something, anything. “We got them back y/n, Bucky is back” You fell back down to your knees from your legs feeling so weak and you started to cry, but even through your happiness and shock you could tell Steve wasn't telling you something. “What happened Steve, what's wrong?” you were surprised by how strong your voice sounds, you definitely didn't feel it. “Don’t worry about that right now y/n, just focus on the good. Buck is coming home to you and James.”
You don't know how you got where you were but you were in your car with your son on your way to Tony and Pepper’s house. The last hour has been a blur and all you know is that Steve said a few people were going over to Tony’s house because the compound was destroyed. You only told James that you were going to see Steve and a few friends, you didn’t want to get your son’s hopes up about meeting his father when you couldn’t believe it yourself. To say you were nervous was an understatement, you haven't seen him in five years. You knew for him it was just a blink of an eye and he wouldn't have changed since the last time you saw him but you have changed. You have aged five years and you had a child, you were different. Would he still love you, would he still want you, would he be happy with having a child, these were all questions running through your mind. But you knew deep down he would still be your Bucky and still love you and will love his son, but you couldn't help but be scared. 
Tony didn't live far from you, which you were grateful for, and before you knew it you were pulling up the long drive. As soon as the car was in park James was ready to get out of the car and see his Uncle, but you moved slower than normal getting him out of his carseat. You saw a few people outside and you were already ready to break down in tears seeing some of your friends who vanished in the blip. You greeted Peter, Wanda and Clint out on the porch with hugs and tears. Clint had disappeared after his family vanished so this was the first time seeing him in five years too. You introduced your son to all of them and James was so excited to meet Spiderman, his favorite superhero despite Steve's protest, and Peter was more than happy to talk to him. You asked Peter if maybe he could keep James busy while you went inside to find Steve and Bucky, and of course Peter was happy to help and James wouldn't leave his side yet even if you tried. Wanda pulled you aside and told you what happened and the loss of Nat and Tony and you were heartbroken. You have been close with them for years, they were your family, Nat was one of your best friends. As you were wiping your tears you heard a familiar voice coming from the kitchen and you couldn’t breath. Wanda noticed and grabbed you by the arms, “y/n it's ok, it's just Bucky, he hasn't stopped asking Steve about you since the fight ended”. Wanda gave you a warm smile and you nodded your head and walked towards the kitchen. When you rounded the corner you could see Sam, Pepper, Steve and then right in between them was your Bucky. He looked the exact same as the day he vanished and looked as handsome as ever. Tears were running down your face and you couldn’t stop the sob that escaped your lips. Every set of eyes turned to you but all you could see was one set, one set of the most beautiful steel blue eyes you have ever seen. “Bucky” you could only say in a whisper, and he was across the room in an instant with his arms wrapped around you in a tight hold. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his around your waist with his face buried in your neck. You were shaking and Bucky only held you tighter, “I missed you so much Buck, I can’t believe you're here, your home”. “I missed you too sweetheart, Im here, I got you, Im home” He pulled away first but just enough to look at you, “Still as beautiful as ever”. You giggled at the comment, “and you're just as handsome as always”. You didn't notice you were the only two left in the kitchen, everyone else must have left to give you some privacy, you wanted to remember to find Pepper and let her know if she needed anything she could ask you. You were watching Bucky and his eyes kept going from your eyes to your lips and back again, “Just kiss me already Buck”. “You don't need to tell me twice Doll” and with that smirk you fell in love with his lips were on yours. It was like no time had passed, his lips molded to yours perfectly and they took your breath away. You tightened your hold around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair, and when you pulled slightly you heard a beautiful moan escape his lips, which made you smile. “I love you Buck”, “I love you too sweetheart”. 
You would have kept on going in your own little bubble if not for a squeal and laughing from a little voice from the front porch “Uncle Steve put me down!” You pulled away from Bucky “Uncle Steve? Who is he with out there?”, he asked with a laugh but as soon as he locked eyes with you he froze. “Buck...when the blip happened I was...ummm I was pregnant”, you said while trying to avoid his eyes. You were scared of his reaction, you were afraid he wouldn't want this, then what would you do. Before your mind had much time to think about it you felt his fingers on your chin trying to get you to look at him. When you looked up you were met with watery blue eyes and a smile on his face. “We have a child? I'm a father?”, he whispered to you. “Yeah baby we have a four year old son, James Steven Barnes and he is so much like you”, you said to him while wiping his tears away with your thumbs. “He loves his Uncle Steve and he loves hearing stories about you two when you were young” you told him with a smile on his face. You took a hold of his hand and kissed him one more time. When you pulled away, “You want to meet him?” All Bucky could do was nod his head, but you could see the fear in his eyes and you knew him well enough to know exactly what his worry was about. “Buck look at me” you waited until his eyes slowly met yours while you cupped his cheek in your hand, “James knows about your arm and he doesn't know anything about the Winter Soldier being a bad guy or any of that, he just knows you lost your arm in a fall and that it saved your life. Your son asks about you every day and he loves you, I promise.” Bucky’s eyes stayed locked with yours and you could see his nerves calming down and with a smile he said “Okay let's go get our son.”
With Bucky's hand in yours you led the way to the front porch where Steve and Peter were running after your son in the yard. Steve picked up your son and was ‘flying’ him around in his arms to get away from Peter. “James”, you yelled for your son with a lightness to your voice and he looked up at you. “Hi Mama Uncle Steve was just….Daddy!!” James yelled and squirmed his way out of Steve’s arms and ran up onto the porch and right into Bucky’s arms, he had knelt down to be at his level. Your heart swelled at the sight of your two favorite people finally together at last. You could tell Bucky was trying not to cry as your son had his little arms wrapped around his neck and looked like he never wanted to let go. But your four year old let go first and kissed his father on the cheek, “are you going to have to go away again?” Jame’s little voice broke your heart and you could tell it broke Bucky’s too. “No I’m not going anywhere buddy, I’m coming home with you and Mommy”, Bucky said while looking up at you with a smile. You smiled back at him and then looked over your shoulder at Steve and he was smiling as well. “Good! Now will you play Avengers with me and Peter and Uncle Steve?” Jame’s was already trying to get back down to run and you all laughed at how carefree he was. “Of course I will but you will have to show me how to play”, Bucky said while standing up to follow his son back into the yard but paused in front of you for a quick kiss to your lips “He's amazing y/n, you are amazing” he said before going back for another kiss. “Daddddyyyy” your son whined, he was ready to play with his Dad for the first time and he didn't want to wait another minute. “I already love hearing that” he whispered to you and then he took off running after your son. You couldn't help but laugh at the site in front of you, two super soldiers and a teenager running after a little four year old, but you loved it. 
You had only stayed on the porch for a few minutes before you joined them in the yard and for a moment you tried to forget about the loss of two of your good friends and family members and enjoyed having the love of your life back and Peter back  who is like a little brother to you. You were happy, you had your family back.  After about another hour your little soldier was yawing, “Hey James why don't we take Daddy home and let poor Uncle Steve and Peter get home”, you laughed at the frown on his face but then Bucky picked him up and held him and James snuggled right into Bucky’s arms. You said your goodbyes to Steve and Peter with plans of an upcoming play date with James, while Bucky was putting your sleeping son into the car. As Bucky shut the door he caught your wrist in his hand and pulled you close to him and kissed you, “Marry me?” he mumbled against your lips. You pulled away from him just enough to look into his eyes “What did you say?” you asked with a smile playing on your lips. “Marry me, I wanted to ask you before the fight but I didn't want you to think that's why I was asking. I don't have a ring or anything yet but I'm just so happy to have you and James and I don't want to waste anymore time and…” “Yes", you interrupted his rambling. “Of course I will marry you! I love you, you are it for me Buck” He pulled you close for another kiss and you could feel him smiling against your lips. “Let's go home doll" 
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andrewqarfieldtbr · 2 days ago
Thank you doll-Fluff
Bucky thanks you for taking care of him after a Nightmare.
Warnings:Nothing,just a little smut at the end but not much really
Time stamp:1:07
Tumblr media
Bucky wakes up,sweating and with heavy breathing,in the middle of the night. It didn't suprise him but it was exhausting for him. Going thru his trauma every all over and over again. And you knew that. You had a very bad sleeping shedule since you spend your days going on Mission and watching lucifer all night. But it didn't bother you because,first of all,you loved it to stay up late. Hearing the rain outside and just sit there,cuddled into your fav blanket,and sometimes just read. And second,you knew Bucky had nightmares. You knew how much they stressed him and that he wakes up in the middle of night so,when you had a feeling that something was wrong with him,you just called him and talked to him.
Bucky stands up from the floor and gets the phone breathing heavily. "Hello?" "Hey nighty". He breathed out in realive. He rubs his eyes tiredly and lets out a little laugh. "Hey,you don't have to stay up so late,just so you can-" "James,i can't sleep anyway so,its good to talk to someone". As you say this,he smiles a lilttle bit to himself. "I miss you" he tells you as you sigh and think for a second."Come over". A wave of confusion runs over your him and he doesn't know ehat to answer. "Your gonna come over" "Wha- no- no,i can't,you have stuff to do tommorow and-" "I can come to yours!" "Wha no-" he breathes out. "You dont have to do this" "I want to James...and by the way i-...miss someone too you know".
You two didn't work together so you two didn't see eachother really often since steve died. He sighs. "Give me ten minutes Y/L/N" "take ur time". You reply to him as he hangs up and smiles to himself knowing,you missed him,and cared about him. So as soon as he did he put on a shirt and a jacket,and walked up to your apartment. When he arrived,he wanted to knock but you already opened the Door. Buckcy gives you a light suprises look. "I uh- saw you walk down the street so i-...guessed when you'd show up-" You say as he laughs and walks in. You both sit on down on your coach and you bring tea that you made while he was coming. He drinks a bit as you look at him,feeling sorry for him.
"So...why'd you wake up?" You ask as he lookd up at you and puts down the tea. " was just another nightmare,nothing specific to talk about." He reply's as you immediently know he's lying. You give him a look raising your eyebrows lighly with a sad look. He sighs. "I-... i was they,put on my arm but...when i woke up i..." He stops there and looks down to his Hands. "I felt hard pain in my arm" he tells you as he looks up to you."Have you checked it?" "What?" "Your arm" "N- no wasn't relevant,i just tought-". You tilt your head to the side and see that his Neck has grown slighly red. "James" you say as you get closer to him and slowly put down his shirt.
He hisses slighly as you do. You look up to him,making sure you don't hurt him. "Your Neck is red" you say worridly. He looks at you and realizes that you are actually worried. "Thats...not the first time it his like that" he confesses as you look up to him. "Why didn't you tell me?" "I-... i didnt want to annoy you." You look at him realizing how nervous and scared it makes it when you touch him. "James,you don't annoy me,you never do....let me help you" you say this with a low voice trying to make him feel safe. He usually always did around you but,this was different. "Please" you beg him. "You don't have to-" "James,i want to!i care about you!" You confess. He sighs with a light smile "Do what you can't resist".
And as he says this,you smile and get a wet patch to put on his Neck,and also got a Band aid,and a gel for inflammtion's. You get back on the couch. "So i uh-...i need you to take off your Shirt" you say more in a low tone. He looks at you nervously for a second but then takes it off and puts it to the edge of the Coach. This made him really insecure,showing his body to you but,he tried to just let you help him. You see that there is a wound just beside the start of Bucky's Metal arm. It wasn't too big but,it wasn't nothing. "God,how didn't you feel that?" You say as you touch his shoulders gentely. He breathes in rather deeply and turns his head to the right as you immediently look back to him to make sure hes ok.
"I don't know i,don't really look at stuff like that while going on Mission" "that's why i'm here" you reply,and smile.You take the wet patch and gentely speckle it at his wound. As you do,he slowly starts turning his Head back to you. He started to look deep into your eyes as you were trying not to let go of your focus. Bucky always flirted a little as the dork he was but,this was different,it felt different. You took some gel and slowly put it onto his Shoulder. "This might,burn a little but,it goes away soon" you tell him,as he nods,and pretends to know what you just said. It did burn a little but,he didn't really felt it. You finally locked eyes with him as his pupils start to grow bigger in releave and joy.
You evetually let yourself go from the focus you had just to let yourself run into his steel blue eyes. You wanted to know where this leads. He breathes in as he feels your Hand sink onto his Leg.As you do this,you realize what is about to happen and,you were scared he might want it so,you broke the eye contact,took away your Hand,looked down and tried not blush. Bucky realizes to and looks to his right but he when was honest,he realizes way earlier.And so did you but,you were just to caring to let it happen for now. You gulp"You can uh-... take it off in a few days" you say before you take the Band aid and press it onto his Shoulder gentely.
You do this very carefully and save,he felt that. You never wanted hurt him. Ever. Because you knew how much he suffered and how insecure he got about himself. So you took every second you had with him and,treated him like he was the only person in the World for you. If you were honest,he was,when it comes to this,you just pull your feelings aside to spend time with him. It was like Gold to you. He can't help but let his Head turn back to you. He finally sees what your doing and "accidiantly" starts glaring into your eyes again. You have your Hands on his Shoulder while you let your eyes wander into his. You take your left Hand and let it sink down his upper body.
You look down to your Hand and,so does Bucky. Bucky looks back up to you as your Hand lands on his Leg. You look up at him hoping not to overwhelm him with this and,you didn't. He enjoyed every second your fingers went down his Body so softly. He always has been insecure but,his Body was his weak point even tho,you didn't make him feel like this right now. He felt realived in the way you looked at him and,firstly touched him. He lets his right Hand wander up your left Arm and lets it strangle up your Neck. You breath out one last time before he pulls you into a deep and passionate kiss. You lips felt they were in heaven,you both never realized how much you actually wanted this up to this point in time.
The two of you really had a crush on eachother since awhile now but,you didn't tell eachother because you didn't want to break this realtionship that,wasn't more than friends till now. You let your Hands wander to his sides still not letting go from his lips. Bucky was holding you so tighly and close,yet so gently. When you both stop the kiss,you breath out and Bucky looks at you with light smile. You look up at him and gulp. "I uh...think the,inflammtion's got better" you tell him looking at his Shoulder, having him laugh slighly. "I know....felt that" he says and smiles at you.
"Thank you Y/L/N" "you know,i think you can stop calling me that now" you tell him tilting your head a bit to the left. "Alright...Thank you Doll" he answers having a smile on his face wich makes you laugh sheepishly and tilt your Head back. "Your welcome seargant" you say happily as he pulls his Hand to your cheek and pulls into another passionate kiss wich you enjoy madly but end it a little soone rthan he expected you too. He gives you a confused look as he sess you slowly stand up. "James,sick people belong in bed...not on a coach" say with a smiley,sarcastic look. He stands up when start walking away to your Bedroom.
"Oh your gonna regret that" he says as he walks up to you and drags you to your Bedroom. He lays you down on the Bed,crawls on top of you and kiss you softly while holding your cheek. "I guess i can't count you into 'sick people' " "Well,you made me healthy again,i have to return the favour" He replys as he makes you laugh and smile. "Oh James" you whisper before he kisses you and takes you into a Night that neither of you forget so fast and,your glad about that.
The End<3
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kiolawrites · 2 days ago
New York - What's Your Country Song? - Stucky X Reader (#1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: College!AU
You and your boyfriends, tired of your college campus, are ecstatic when your dad agrees to pay for a road trip for the three of you. With a plan to visit all fifty states, you, Bucky, and Steve are excited and ready, or so you think. With the three of you, there's sure to be adventure!
Warnings: Nothing, I think. Tell me if there is :)
Word Count: 1.6+ k
A/N: God, I love poly triads. I want one :(. Anyway, for all my Stucky lovers, and all my polyamorous readers, here you go! This one will be a series. Reblogs and likes are appreciated, and feel free to make a request!
Press Play:
"Bring me the cooler, will you?" Steve called to Bucky, pushing a suitcase into the trunk. You stood off to the side, directing traffic as Bucky shouldered his way through the door.
"Got it!" he called, handing it off before turning to you to ask, "What else we need, doll?" You looked down at your list, which was on a clipboard and everything, highlighting your organized nature. Crossing off the cooler, you sighed, slightly panicked, "Only a million snacks and all of the toiletries! Ugh, we're never going to get going in time! I mean, look at the ti-" Bucky cut you off by pulling the clipboard out of your hands gently, wrapping his metal arm around your waist to pull me to his lips. He muttered against them, "Breathe, doll. It's going to be okay. We're going to have fun and it's going to be great." You relaxed, succumbing to the kiss before Steve interrupted you, "Can I join?" You laughed, a light, cheery sound that was much different than your demeanor before. Wrapping your fingers around his forearm, you pulled him into the hug with you and Bucky.
Steve pecked Bucky's lips before planting a kiss on your head, causing a contented smile to settle on your face. You three stood there, wrapped in each other's arms, until your phone rang, making you jump. This caused your boys to laugh as you rolled your eyes and pulled the offending object out of your pocket. Swiping up, you said, "Hey, Dad." The next few moments were full of "mhm" and "We're almost set" by you and patient looks from Bucky and Steve. By the time the conversation was done, though, they'd gone back to making out, giving you the chance to grab your clipboard again.
"As hot as that is," you cleared your throat, "we've got to finish." With silly, apologetic smiles, they turned back to loading the car. With a laugh, you continued to direct traffic.
When everything was shoved into the trunk (which was thankfully quite expansive, since your dad had modified this car for you), Steve climbed in the driver's seat, smiling back at you and Bucky, who were still standing outside. "Who's riding shotgun?" You and Bucky's hands both shot up, leading to a race to the car. You got to the door first, yanking it open, but before you could sit down, Bucky grabbed your hips and lifted you out of the way, sitting down on the seat with a smirk. You pouted, sticking your foot in the way of the door closing. Grabbing the front of Bucky's shirt, you hauled him out of the seat, sitting down in the seat you'd just forced him to vacate.
He scowled, climbing in the back. You knew he wasn't actually that mad, and you also knew you wouldn't have been able to move him unless he let you move him. "You win this time," he whispered, brushing his fingers on the back of your neck. "But I'll win next time." You shivered slightly at this touch. Steve waggled his eyebrows at you, causing you to burst out laughing. Both of them tried to be intimidating, but they couldn't intimidate you. Not like that.
You turned around to Bucky and chuckled, "You're a dork." Leaning towards his face, you laid your hand on his stubbled cheek, puckering your lips as they brushed his. He smiled, putting his hand on the back of your head to pull you closer, but then Steve clicked his tongue, "Seatbelts, darlings." You rolled your eyes, turning forward again as Steve reached across you to click yours into the buckle. "Don't take it off," he warned, "or there will be consequences." You knew Steve was very insistent on seatbelts, ever since Bucky had lost his arm in the car crash that led to them meeting you, but you still hated the restricting feeling across your chest. You'd grown up in the country, riding tractors on dirt roads with your dad, one hand off the wheel and no safety restraints in sight as ten-year-old you herded cows. And Steve knew that. But he wasn't going to risk losing either of you.
Steve and Bucky had been best friends since they were born. They'd grown up together, fought bullies together, gone to college together, and got together all before you met them. But then Bucky got in a car crash and lost his arm. You were in the middle of a clinical when he was rushed in, arm having to be amputated as he struggled to stay alive. You were his nurse during recovery, hand feeding him when he couldn't sit up himself. You two became quite close while he couldn't have visitors, and you'd talk about everything. Your most upfront conversation was your struggle with figuring out to come out to your family as polyamorous. Bucky had explained sweetly how he had come out to his friends, and helped you make a plan. Then, when his boyfriend, Steve came to visit, he was grateful for your support and care for his love, giving you several gifts to make up for it. You reminded him that it was just your job, but the three of you just seemed to have a spark. They left and you thought you'd never see them again.
Little did you know, they went to the same college. When you came out to your family and it went well, you wished you could thank Bucky, but you knew you would probably never see him again. And then you were at a random bar on campus, being felt up by some random guy that you didn't want to be touched by, and Steve saw you. He recognized you immediately by your brilliant eyes and intellectual talk. He grabbed Bucky and they defended you. You thanked them profusely before grabbing drinks to catch up. Bucky now had a metal prosthetic, Steve had graduated his undergrad and was now in the law masters program at the college, and you were quite happy to find out that they lived on campus like you. Your friendship grew over time and then turned into something else. You introduced them to the idea of polyamorous threesomes, as you had come out as poly to your family because of Bucky. Then one day, Bucky was brave enough to ask if you'd want to form a threesome with them. Be their best girl. You were so happy, you forgot to say yes. And then, when you did, you immediately told your roommate, Carol, joy radiating through the phone. Things just took off from there.
Your family had been so accepting; a lot more accepting than most of your friends' families. You felt so lucky, in fact, you knew you were lucky. As Steve pulled out of the driveway, you were reminded of that fact when your mother texted you some very… suspicious emojis and the words, '🍆 remember your pills… you've got double the chances of getting pregnant 🤪… tell your boys i love em!' You rolled your eyes, tucking your phone away as you relayed the message. Your boys automatically treated your mom like she was everyone's mom. "Awww, tell Mom I love her!" Bucky trilled. You laughed, telling him you would next time you got your phone out.
When you reached over to turn the radio on, Steve automatically said, "Country, please!" You laughed. You'd already been going to. You'd grown up on country music, as your family were down-to-earth farmers. You'd gotten Bucky and Steve into Country almost immediately when you'd all started dating. The song that came on was one of your favorites, and you immediately started belting the first verse. Your boys stayed quiet at first, knowing you deserved to sing it by yourself, as it fit you well.
"Did you grow up on a tractor? Did your daddy let you drive? Are you whiskey bent and hell bound, even though your mama tried?" Bucky joined you with a smile, "Did you cruise down a backroad with your Dixieland delight? Are you on the Chattahoochee on a barefoot blue jean night?" Steve took over, you and Bucky humming harmonies in the background.
"Everybody got a small town anthem, everybody got a story to tell. Everybody got a hallelujah, everybody been through a little hell." You switched to melody, Bucky continuing with his harmony. "When you're rolling down a two-lane highway, and you turn your radio on, tell me which one hits you, baby, yeah, what's your country song? Yeah, what's your country song?"
You and your boyfriends were jamming now; crazy notes and riffs going all over the place. "Do your exes live in Texas? Are you so lonesome you could cry? Are you heartbroke 'cause you know that ain't your truck in her drive? Are your friends all in low places underneath the neon moon? Were you already country, back when country wasn't cool? Everybody got a small town anthem, everybody got a story to tell! Everybody got a hallelujah, everybody been through a little hell!
When you're rolling down a two-lane highway, and you turn your radio on, tell me which one hits you, baby, yeah, what's your country song? Yeah, what's your country song?" At the bridge, Bucky tapped your shoulder expectantly, holding out his plastic water bottle to use as a microphone. "Who's your strawberry wine? What's your family tradition? What makes you turn it up, make you raise your cup every time you listen? Everybody got a small town anthem, everybody got a story to tell. Everybody got a hallelujah, everybody been through a little hell." You punched Steve's shoulder, motioning for the two of them to join in, "When you're rolling down a two-lane highway, and you turn your radio on, tell me which one hits you, baby, yeah, what's your country song? Yeah, what's your country song?"
With smiles and giggles, you finished your impromptu concert, another van beeping at yours enthusiastically. Waving, you whooped as Steve sped a red light (he swore it was accidental after) and continued to drive through your lovely New York.
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wildestdreamsblog · 2 days ago
You showed me love was all you needed
Pairing: Bucky Barnes (AU)  x Reader
Warnings: Soft!Dark Bucky, Swearing, Alcohol consumption, Sexual themes, dubcon if you squint, mention of death, drama. If you’re not 18+ please, PLEASE, do not interact. Be mindful of the warnings. Let me know if I miss anything.
A/N: HIIIIII. Thank you for all the replies, reblogs, likes! This is a story set in an alternative universe where Bucky is a single dad. Thank you for all the support! Hope you enjoy! (also ohmygod my first smut???????????????) Also we made it to the end!
Gorgeous: Beginning, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, End
Tumblr media
"I won't try to change your mind. But just know, when the world tires you, when the world hurts you again- and it will because that's just how it is, I'm here. You can always come back to me. Angel, I'll accept you with open arms."
His words echoed in your mind as you drove away from the town. Did you make the biggest mistake of your life by leaving him? By leaving someone who loved you more than you've ever been loved in your life? Or was this self-preservation? Maybe the only way to find out was to see this through. And so you drove and drove, miles separating you from him, from the life you thought you wanted.
Rebuilding your life took months- months of hard work, of adjusting, of missing them. But you soldiered through it all. You told yourself this was what you needed. You needed to have no regrets that you didn’t follow your dreams.
"Is that you?"
You stiffened before you looked behind you when someone called your name. You smiled when you recognize who it was- it was Bucky's friend Sam. "Hey, it's so good to see you," you went to embrace him when he leaned in.
"Oh my God, how long has it been?" you mused as you stared at him with a smile on your face.
Sam chuckled as he rubbed a hand on his mouth, a thoughtful look on his face. "Five months? Going Six?"
You stared at him, thinking if you should asked about him, about them, if you even had the right to seeing as you up and left when things went hard. Sam smiled at you. He saw the turmoil in your eyes, "Braxton is doing good."
You waited for him to tell you how Bucky was, but you didn't deserve to know how the only man who had loved you for you was doing.
To say that your life without them was bleak was an understatement. There were days when you thought you saw his tall form in the crowd, but then you blinked and before you knew it he was gone. There were days when you could swore you saw his ocean, blue eyes only to end up missing those eyes.
"Hi baby! How are you?" you asked over your phone. Braxton had been calling you weekly, always talking excitedly as he told you about his classes, his friends- but nothing about his father. And just like with Sam, you couldn't asked.
"Hi mommy angel! I miss you!"
"I miss you, too!"
"Are you coming back, mommy?"
You didn't know. You had no answer for that. And so, you went on for another month before you finally had the courage to return to the town for Frances' birthday party. She had encouraged you to follow your dreams, and for that you owe her. You ended up following your dreams, and learned that even that couldn't make you happy- as happy as you were when you were with him.
"I miss you so much, girl!" Frances hugged you, her breath smelling of alcohol as you arrived a little late at the bar and your friends had already quite a few drinks.
"Happy birthday!"
Even with sea of people, you weren't happy. You watched your friends danced the night away with a smile on your face, and a drink on your hand to numb your heart. And even there, you thought you saw a brunette man with those eyes in the sea of people. You looked closer to see if it was him but the crowd hindered your eyes. You blinked and he was gone.
You were driving that same night, the road empty and only illuminated by the moon and a few, scattered street lights. Your car suddenly lurched forward before making a screeching sound. You aimed for the side of the road slowly before your car completely died. Brows furrowed, you opened your door before opening your hood. It was emitting smoke. Looking around to see if you could ask help for anyone, you looked at your phone to start contacting Frances for help. If she was even sober enough. The coldness of the night made you shiver.
You were standing there for a couple of minutes before a familiar black jeep drove by you slowly before parking behind your car. That was the first time you saw him in months, his long and strong thighs strode to you confidently, eyes flicking to your car before finding their way to you.
"Bucky," you heard your voice called for him. His eyes were cold before going to your open hood and taking a looked in it. He scoffed before fishing his phone from his black jeans, "Along the Smith street, yes. A blue toyota. Take it to the shop. The keys are in the ignition. Yes." He ended the call coldly before walking by you and going back to his car. You watched his broad back, he stopped walking, took a pause before looking back at you.
"Well, are you coming or not? I don't got all night. Braxton's waiting for me at home."
Slowly, and probably against your better judgement, you grabbed your purse in your car before walking to his car. You watched him drove, his strong arms gripping the steering wheel as he maneuvered the car. It didn't even occur to you that this road was the way to the next town, or that he should not be here tonight seeing as how far it was from his office or his home.
You were silent as he drove to his house. He claimed he could not drive you anywhere because he had to relieve Dolora, Braxton's sitter. And you knew none of your friends could be reached tonight seeing as they were wasted or on their way to being wasted when you left the bar. You didn't know where to stay when he parked his car. He still had not looked at you unless it was necessary. You found yourself inside his house once again. You were behind him as he walked inside the house.
"Hey Buddy! I bought your favorite dinner!" Bucky was holding in his large hand a box of chicken you remembered Braxton always loved, even back then you had takeouts of that weekly.
Braxton jumped from the couch to run to his father when he noticed you behind Bucky. He aimed for you and engulfed you in his little arms. He was hugging you so tight, as if he was scared you'd vanished if he let go. You could feel the little boy's shoulder shaking as he tightened his hug. You looked up to Bucky's eyes only to find them already in yours.
"Sit," Bucky ordered as he put plates on the table. Braxton was already seated and was telling you bunch of stories, filling you in on the months that you were gone.
You seated meekly beside Bucky, as you eagerly listened to Braxton. "And then tomorrow, we're gonna eat all delicious food! We're gonna go out, right daddy?"
Bucky nodded at his son. "You'll go with us, right, mommy angel?" You looked at Bucky who only shrugged at you, still wasn't looking at you.
"Is there an occasion tomorrow?"
"It's my mom's death anniversary, mommy angel."
Tomorrow was September 21. You didn't know if you should stay, it felt like a family affair and you felt like an intruder. Like the times you stayed there, you read Braxton his story. Bucky didn't join you, and you found him drinking his whiskey from the dining area. You walked to him slowly, his eyes finally on you as he watched you over the darkness of the night. The darkness made him looked like a fallen angel. His hand holding a glass of whiskey he kept swooshing slowly as you neared him.
You offered him a tentative smile. "If you want to leave, you can. But your car would take more than a day to fix."
"Thank you for taking care of it." He always did, even before. He was always taking care of you, he was always fixing things for you. He was so dependable that sometimes it was easier to give in, to have someone take care of you.
"But if you want to stay, you can." He took a sip of his drink, before lowering it on the table with a finality. "The question is, do you want to stay?"
You knew he was asking more than staying for the night. He was offering more. He was bearing his soul to you, willing to stretch out his hand despite the times you turned your back on him.
I've laid it all, angel. All you had to do was take my hand
Bucky's dark eyes followed you as you neared him.
"I'm sorry for hurting you." You admitted in the darkness of the night. You looked down, before having the guts to look at his eyes. He was still waiting for you, still looking at you with his iced cold eyes.
"I'm sorry for leaving." You held his hand, and you were glad he let you. You took a deep breath when even that didn't make his expression change.
"I love you." you leaned in to kiss his soft, inviting lips. Your lips touched, once, twice- but he was still looking at you stoically.
He scoffed before taking a sip of his whiskey, "I want to stay." you finally admitted, because you really did. Bucky might had been intense, and you might had been a coward before, but that was all in the past. You knew he was the only one who could love you like this. And he was the only man you could love like this.
"If you love me, you'll marry me."
And you did.
It was not even a month before the two of you tied the knot.
Bucky never felt happiness as he was feeling now. You were finally, and most officially his. He was carrying the groceries when he found you looking down at a bunch of documents. His blood felt cold when he saw what exactly you were holding.
Slowly, you lifted your head to look at him. "Bucky, I- I thought you were discharged after she died."
Bucky was gauging your reaction as he slowly lowered the groceries on the counter, his back on you as he started taking them out one by one. "I did."
"It says here you were discharged on September 12.."
You could not know the truth. No one could ever know the truth. He looked up and turned to you, but not before rearranging his face to mimic a nonchalant look.
"Yeah, angel. That was a clerical mistake. I was discharged on September 21. I told you, love." He smiled at you before walking to you and rubbing your belly softly. "You shouldn't be stressed, angel. That's bad for our baby."
Bucky remembered the first time he saw you. The first time he tasted your lips, and he knew you were exactly and perfectly what he was waiting for. He knew you were the one. You were everything he ever wanted and more. And it turned out, you were what Braxton needed as well. And so, he drew you in his life, and you let him like the sweet, little lamb you were. You let him in your life, spent your free days with him, you were basically playing a role that wasn't really yours. But he made it yours. He could not believe how happy he was- until you left him. Until the people around him made you leave him. It wasn't your fault, you were young. You needed to explore.
And so he let you- he let you think you had independence away from him. But he was always watching, waiting for the perfect time to lure you in again. He had always been good with cars, how to fix it- how to break it. He let you get away from him, but he didn't forgive the people who drove you away from him. He was always a maniac when people try to take the things he loved away from him. He knew he needed to be patient with you, to be soft with you. You needed to think it was your decision to return to him.
He could never lose you quietly. It would take more than that, more than breaking his bones for him to even willingly let you be snatched away from him. It would be chaos if you leave him again.
"Where did you get that, love?"
You showed him the envelope containing the return address. Of course, it was Mrs. Lowe. He might just pay her a visit.
Please take note that I give no permission for my work to be reposted or published anywhere other than on my Tumblr account.
REBLOGS ARE MUCHOOO APPRECIATED!!! If you made it this far, comments are highly appreciated!  Also, I don’t own the Marvel and any of their work, this is just purely a fanfiction written by a fan!
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pink-duda · 11 hours ago
Warnings/Notes: Everything is very soft, the bird comes out alive and well. if you don't like pets being treated like a child or something like that, I don't advise you to read this.
This story was inspired by my cats, they are always bringing birds into the house and my father and I have to keep saving them. Today it happens at dawn and they brought it to my room, I woke up scared and I could only ask for help, everything worked out and the bird is flying around somewhere.
the cat called Panther really exists, she is mine and my everything, I have never seen a cat so in love with me I swear. I thought it was cool the idea of ​​bucky having a white cat and you a black one, like the image of yin yang, one completes the other.
Anyway, i hope you like it💖
⚠️let me know if something is spelled wrong⚠️
♡︎you wake up bucky to take out a bird that one of the cats brought to the room♡︎
Tumblr media
You wake up with a flutter of wings. Strangely, you look around the room and do not believe what you see.
"Bucky. Bucky!" you try to wake up your boyfriend.
"Um, what's wrong doll?" He replied in a husky voice and still half asleep face down on the bed.
"Panther brought a bird into the room and I don't think I can get it out of here" you say in a loud whisper.
Coming out of the dream world completely bucky sits up in bed quickly and sees a black bird a little bigger than his hand on the floor near the bed with a black cat around it.
"Damn Panther! Why do you do this in the morning? Why not in the afternoon when everyone's awake?" He speaks leading, heading towards the still-living bird, and she even received an answering meow.
"Yeah! You're wrong and you know it, your (mom/dad/parent) and I have to rest! Poor bird, why don't you look like your sister Alpine and go to sleep?" He says pointing in the direction of the white cat that all this time was sleeping on your feet.
You never thought that Sunday morning would have this vision, your boyfriend saving a bird from the claws of your cat with only a pair of pajama pants and still giving an earful.
Easily catching the poor poor bird, Bucky goes to the window and lets go, quick and easy.
"Sorry to wake you up baby, I don't think I could do it alone" you say when he gets back in bed with you.
"No problem, you know you can always count on your prince in shining armor" he says with a big smile.
Now hugging you closer, your head was right on top of his chest and you could hear right his heart beating for you.
"I know I can" you say in a whisper going back to sleep in your lover's cozy arms.
And now Panther was lying curled up along with Alpine at her feet as if nothing had happened.
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