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#bucky will judge you
sweetbucky · 14 days ago
hi!! i know it’s been awhile but i’m trying to get back into writing & literally how better than to write bout my boi <3 bucky is back at being #1 in my heart. 
as always, i just found a random prompt & ran with it! enjoy a blurb 
“Oh, you’ve started stealing my socks now?”
Bucky’s face is serious, the notorious grumpy expression pulling his brows together. His voice gives away his amusement, as well as the twitch of his lips. You blink where you stand, coffee pot in mid-pour as you tilt your head to check your footwear. 
His favourite pair of stripey socks don your feet, stretching midway up your calf.
You flick your eyes back to him and grin. “I wear em’ better.”  
Bucky rolls his eyes but doesn’t disagree, only smiling in response. You finish pouring the cup in your hand and hold it out to him. 
“Peace offering?” You pout slightly. “Besides, you’re more than welcome to wear my flamingo ones if you’d like.” 
He steps forward and takes the cup from you, his pink lips quirking up in thanks. As he takes a sip, you fix yourself a cup and Bucky shakes his head. 
“I just couldn’t pull them off.” He says, sighing in feigned disappointed. You chuckle with a roll of your eyes and pass him to take a seat at the dining table. 
Letting the steam unfurl from your mug, you watch him as he tinkers around the kitchen of the apartment, putting together some form of breakfast. The traffic from the street travels up through the open window and mixes with the sounds of the two of you waking up. You’re not sure what it is— what this is; sharing socks, coffee and living space for most days of the week. 
But from what you know about Bucky, this a lot for him. A lot to be sharing his jokes and smiles for you. And for you, it’s enough. You smile in your mug as you hear Buck start to hum and mumble a song to himself from the kitchen. Yes, it’s more than enough for you, you think. 
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