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#bucky x female reader
angrythingstarlight · a day ago
special delivery 😗💕💕
Tumblr media
sigh 🥺 i kinda assume this is a cleaned up biker bucky or is it baker!bucky? it looks like he's giving a talk at a school or something for charity
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Bucky x Teacher Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky feels a little out of place. A lot of place. Bucky doesn't belong here. He's more at home in the lumberyard surrounded by the familiar sounds of nature, the crisp clean scent of the forest, and his ax. With guys who know better than to talk to him, unlike this sticky redhead kid who keeps touching his watch and mumbling about cop dogs.
As more of the little grimy humans filtered in through the room, Bucky wonders if he has enough time to jump through the window and make it to his truck before Steve catches up.
But he promised Steve that he would speak at his daughter's career day. And he's not allowed to break a promise to Steve even if he'd rather bury himself under mulch.
Finally, the kid sees something interesting and wobbles away. Bucky lets out a sigh of relief, setting his head back on the wall. Surreptitiously wiping his watch off on his pants, he rolls his shoulders, counting down the hours until he can go back to his isolated cabin.
"I'm surprised Zach didn't steal your watch." The airy, cheerful tone of your voice has Bucky's eyes flickering over to you. He sits up straight, his mouth dropping open as he takes you in. "Thank you for coming Mr. Barnes, I appreciate you talking to my kids. Steve speaks so highly of you and everyone's excited to meet a real lumberjack. I didn't think I was going to get any of the guys from the lumberyard to agree to career day."
"Your kids?" Bucky repeats, a smile forming on his face. It tugs easily at his lips, you would never know it's the first time he's smiled in weeks.
You let out a small laugh, adjusting the front of your long colorful skirt. "I'm sorry, I always forget to introduce myself and just start talking like everyone knows me. I'm the new teacher."
Holding out your hand, you offer your name. Bucky says it softly, savoring the taste of it on his tongue, his eyes quickly surveying your soft hand. No ring. Single. His heart speeds up in his chest and his smile gets bigger, the corners of his eyes crinkling.
"I couldn't wait to talk to the kids. You know they're our future. I love the little hum-children. Been begging Steve for the chance to come here." Bucky rambles, ignoring the look of pure disbelief dripping from his friend's face as he takes a seat beside him.
Steve's knowing eyes flit between Bucky and you, he nudges Scott with his elbow, not so discreetly getting his attention.
"Thank you," you say with a warm smile. "If you want, we're hosting a small party later tonight for all the parents as a thank you for participating."
"Oh Bucky is leaving after-" Steve starts, almost choking on his sentence when Bucky's head whips around, his blue eyes flaring with unspoken threats of bodily harm.
Bucky turns back to you, leaning forward he realizes that he doesn't have to tilt his head back to look at your face, the knowledge that his 6'5" frame means he's going to tower over you awakens a feral, protective side of him.
Quelling the urge to see exactly how small you are compared to him, Bucky sweeps his hand through his hair, noticing the way your bottom lip rolls between your teeth, your eyes helplessly following the soft strands as they settle over his broad shoulders.
"I would love to stay and you let me know if you need anything. Anything at all," he offers, his voice deepening, the sound rumbling over you, sending a shiver down your spine.
Your lips part, a small breath of air escaping through. You're trying to convince yourself that he's talking about the party but his eyes are telling you a very different story.
Whatever spell he's casting over you is broken when Henry cries out, throwing a block across the room. You thank him again and rush across the room, trying to catch your breath.
Bucky leans back in his chair, a smirk twisting the corner of his mouth. Scott glances over at him, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "You know they're having another career-"
"Sign me up."
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motioneverlasting · 2 days ago
Pain is Pleasure
Pairing: Dom! Bucky x Sub! Steve x Fem! Reader Summary: Just some good ol’ sub/ dom playtime with Daddy!Dom! Bucky, Sub!Steve, and Sub!Reader. Reader can’t seem to follow the rules and gets punished accordingly
Warnings: tons of smut, daddy kink (no age play or age regression), impact play, sub drop, degradation, name calling, masturbation (m and f), oral (m receiving), anal (m receiving)
Author’s notes/ other: they use the color system in this one
Tumblr media
You’re on the couch straddling Steve’s lap. Lightheaded from the feeling of him filling you up and from the sight of him under you with his head turned to the side, mouth full of Bucky’s cock.
You’re struggling not to move. Bucky shoots you a look as you shift your hips ever so slightly. “Stay fucking still,” he says before groaning and pushing himself farther down Steve’s throat.
Steve takes a hand off your hip for a moment to fondle Bucky’s balls. “Fuck,” he hisses. “Just like that.”
You whimper. “You’d better not move,” he says without even looking at you this time. “I told you to keep his cock warm, not fuck yourself on it.”
“I’m sorry, daddy,” you say slowly falling forward, gripping Steve’s arms, and resting your head on his shoulder.
Bucky strokes Steve’s cheek then pulls out to give him a quick break. “You’re so good at that, baby. You look so fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth.” Steve licks his swollen pink lips looking up at Bucky with pleading eyes. “Want you to cum down my throat, daddy. Please.”
“Yeah? Are you gonna swallow all of it?”
“Yes, daddy. Promise.”
“Such a good boy,” he says stroking Steve’s cheek again.
He pushes forward again and you have no idea how Steve is managing to stay so still underneath you. Bucky’s metal hand is fisted in Steve’s hair mercilessly pushing him onto his cock even has he thrusts forward.
Gagging with every movement, saliva starts to run down Steve’s chin. You look up to see Bucky in total bliss. A moan falls from his lips and he stops moving abruptly. Then you see the way Steve’s throat moves, hear him gulping down Bucky’s fluids and you can’t help yourself.
You try to hide your moans, biting into Steve’s shoulder, your face turned away from Bucky. It’s no use with that super soldier hearing and besides Steve tenses up when you clench around him and Bucky takes notice.
“Did you just cum?” You hear the threat of his wrath just underneath his words despite how quietly he says them.
You pant against Steve’s smooth skin still struggling to catch your breath. Bucky gently places his metal hand on the back of your neck making you shiver. “Look at me.” And you don’t have much choice but to look up at him, your pulse racing, eyes pleading, fearing what he’ll do next but still wanting him to touch you even if it’s just to punish you.
“I asked you a question. Did you just fucking cum without my permission?”
“Yes,” you hiccup, tears falling from your eyes. Steve remains still inside you and you truly envy his self control. “I’m sorry, daddy. I’m so sorry. Please don’t-“
His grip on the back of your neck tightens and you know better than to continue talking. He moves down so his lips are right next to your ear. “You disobedient little slut. Get up.” You try to move your shaky legs. “Now,” he says. His voice even sterner than before.
You finally get off of Steve’s lap and he bites his lip trying not to groan at the loss of your heat and wetness.
Still leading you by the neck, Bucky brings you over to the bed and positions you on your hands and knees. “What’s your color?” he asks. “Green, daddy.”
“You know that I have to punish you. Are you going to be able to behave or do I need to tie your hands together so you can learn not to be such a self-indulgent little slut?”
You moan at his words, getting wetter just at the thought of lying helpless under him. “I need you to tie my hands, daddy. Please.”
The Japanese silk feels soft and cool against your skin. Bucky brings your hands behind your back, his gentle touch contrasting with his harsh words. When he’s done he lands a sharp slap onto your ass making you jolt and tug on the rope just a little. He shakes his head. “The more you pull, the tighter it gets. So just relax and take what I give you.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“C’mere, baby,” he says to Steve in a much softer tone. Steve walks over from the couch to the bed. Cock still hard and leaking now. “Lie down right here,” he says situating Steve on his back with his head resting on the pillows.
“Stevie’s been such a good boy, don’t you think?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“I think he deserves a reward.” You gulp knowing that Steve’s reward will have something to do with you being punished and not getting to cum again.
“You’re gonna be a good girl and help him cum.”
“Yes, daddy.” You gasp as he moves you so you’re face down ass up in between Steve’s spread legs. “Well, you’d better get started.”
You lick a long stripe from underneath Steve’s balls all the way up to the leaking tip of his cock. He lets out a soft moan looking at Bucky who’s kneeling behind you. His eyes begging for permission. “Go ahead, baby. You’ve been so well behaved. You can cum whenever you want.”
“You, on the other hand,” he says gripping your ass cheek firmly with his metal hand. “I’m not happy with you at all.”
“‘m sorry daddy,” you gasp out, taking your mouth off of Steve. “Did I tell you to stop?”
“No, daddy,” you say and quickly get back to doing your best to take Steve’s entire length into your mouth. You moan at the feeling of Bucky leaning over you. His hardness pressed against you. He pulls you off of Steve’s cock for a moment. “You’re dripping, baby. You love this don’t you?”
“Yes, daddy,” you reply gasping for air. “Yeah? He tastes good doesn’t he?”
“Mmm yes daddy. So good.”
“Tell him,” he whispers. Lips brushing against your ear as he leans over you.
You look up at Steve with doe eyes. “Love the way you taste, Stevie. So good. Cum in my mouth, please.” Steve’s head falls back and he lets out a groan at the filthy words falling from your lips.
Bucky’s hand is at the back of your neck now. “You’d better take a nice deep breath because you’re gonna be down there for a while, sweetheart.” You nod and inhale deeply before he lowers your head back down.
“Open nice and wide. See? You can be a good girl.” Steve gasps trying to resist the urge to push up into your throat.
“Awww, look at you,” Bucky says admiring Steve struggling to hold back. “It’s okay, baby. You’ve been such a good boy for me. I want you to fuck her pretty face. And I want you to cum down her throat and make sure she swallows every single drop.”
“Oh fuck,” Steve groans. “Yessss. Ugh thank you, daddy.”
Bucky puts his hand on the back of your neck. “Now what about that punishment?” You know it’s a rhetorical question and you know better than to stop what you’re doing even as Steve starts to gently push his hips up towards you.
“Here’s what we’re gonna do,” Bucky begins. “You’re gonna keep fucking her throat. And you,” his grip on your ass cheek tightens again. “You’re gonna count how many thrusts it takes before Stevie cums. And that’s how many spanks you’ll get.”
You can’t respond but you feel yourself starting to drip onto the bedsheets as you mentally beg for Steve to cum because you know you’ll quickly lose count and Bucky won’t show any mercy. It’s even harder to concentrate once he’s positioned behind you, rubbing his cock along your wet folds and brushing against your clit.
The sound of your gagging as Steve mercilessly thrusts up into your throat makes him wild with lust. Soon his eyes roll back, his toes curl, and he’s got his hand on top of Bucky’s on the back of your neck as he moans out your name and a string of curses before shooting hot cum down your throat.
You come up for air, finally. Gasping. “You did such a good job, baby.”
“Thank you, daddy.”
“You like getting your throat fucked like that don’t you?
“Yes, daddy. I love it.”
“Such a little slut.” He kisses your back softly, a reminder that you’re safe with him even when things get rough. “And how many did you count,”
You start to tear up again. “I lost count. Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m so wet. Please,” you whine. “And it feels so good when you rub your cock against me like that. Please. I’m sorry. I’ll try again. Please let me try again.”
“Sorry, sweetheart. You only get one chance. How about… I just spank you until you can’t take it anymore?”
“Yes, daddy. Please. I deserve it.”
“Yes, you fucking do.” He whispers the words harshly next to your ear then pushes you down into the mattress before you feel the first impact on the meatiest part of your thigh. You gasp and try not to squirm. “Stay still,” he says tugging on the rope between your wrists and warning you to obey him.
“Do you have something to say to me?”
“Yes, daddy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that Stevie’s cock felt so good inside me and- and watching him swallow your cum made me cum too. I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it. I tried so hard.”
“You tried but you still couldn’t hold it, huh?” You nod as he brings his metal hand down onto your ass again. “But those are just excuses, baby. Tell me why you couldn’t hold it. It’s not just because it felt good.” He pulls you up so your back is against his chest and you’re forced to look at Steve, that super soldier libido has his cock getting hard again by the second. “Look at him and tell us both why you couldn’t hold it,” Bucky grits out.
“Because,” you swallow hard trying not to focus on Bucky’s fingers grazing against your clit. You look at Steve and his eyes are full of lust and longing. He nods trying to encourage you. “Because, I’m- I’m such a slut,” you say. Hot tears of humiliation rush down your cheeks. “And I can’t behave because I just get so cock drunk. I love having Stevie’s thick cock inside me. Inside my pussy. In my mouth.”
Bucky moans at your words and starts circling your clit faster. “I can’t hold it because I’m just a desperate little slut who needs to be stuffed full all the time.”
“There you go,” Bucky says as you involuntarily jolt trying to move away from his hand, afraid you’ll cum again.
He pushes you forward into the mattress and starts to spank you. Sometimes he uses his flesh hand and sometimes he uses the metal one. He’s careful to strike different parts of your skin and rub over the areas he’s hit occasionally. He even hits the backs of your thighs at times to give you just a bit of reprieve.
“You’re sooo wet, baby.” Bucky’s voice is filled with awe as he imagines you falling over the edge just from him spanking you. “Holy shit. You love this don’t you?”
“Yes, daddy. Please. I c- can’t hold it. You’re gonna make me c- cum,” you say feeling wetness dripping down your thighs.
“You’re gonna cum just like this?” he asks.
“Yes, daddy.”
“Without me even touching that pretty little pussy?”
“Yes, daddy. I love it when you spank me. Can’t help it.” He smacks you again and you scream, unable to restrain yourself anymore. You’re sore and desperate for release. “What’s your color, baby?”
“Green, daddy.”
He slaps your ass three times in quick succession and you jolt forward, your legs shaking even after he’s stopped. “You’re gonna count,” he says. “You cum whenever you’re ready, but you’re gonna count every single time I slap this tight little ass before you let go.”
“Mmm, yes daddy.”
He taps his metal fingers against your wetness before moving back to the task at hand.
“One.” You try to prepare for the next impact but it comes too quickly.
“Twooo- uh fuck.”
“Th- three.”
“F- five.”
“Sssssix,” you gasp. He keeps going at a relentless pace until you finally reach your peak.
“T- twenty five- oh fuck. Daddy, it feels so good. I’m gonna cum.”
“Cum for me. My perfect little slut. Cum for me while I slap this tight little ass.” Steve watches intently, knuckles nearly turning white as he grips the sheets to restrain himself. “Touch yourself, baby,” he says. Steve is more than happy to obey, exhaling in relief as he moves his hand down to stroke himself.
Bucky brings his hand down onto your flesh again. Hard. About five more times and you count each one before you scream again. “Daddddddyyyyy,” you whine. “I- I’m cumming,” your voice sounds ragged and shocked between your gasps for air. He keeps going. The sting of his hand carries you through your orgasm. You’ve lost all control of your limbs. Your legs shake and he’s relentless, pushing you over the edge with the impact of his metal hand on your flesh. “Fuck! Y- essss!” You grip the sheets underneath you as you feel the pressure release and a stream of liquid leave your body.
Bucky is still kneeling behind you, amazed as he watches the remnants of your juices drip down. Bucky beckons Steve over and he licks up every drop. You shiver at the warmth of his tongue and manage to whisper “thank you, daddy.”
Bucky unties your hands and kisses your wrists before laying you down on your back. He lies down next to you, bringing Steve over to straddle him. Soon Steve is riding him with abandon. When you open your eyes again he’s moaning loudly, his head thrown back as Bucky strokes his glistening cock.
“When you learn how to be a good girl, maybe I’ll let you ride me,” Bucky says looking over at you. You wish you were in Steve’s place as he gasps, grinding down and Bucky turns his attention back to him.
“For now you’re just gonna have to cum again all by yourself. Play with that pretty little clit for me, baby. I know you want to.” You reach a tentative hand down in between your legs. “Go ahead, baby. But make sure you don’t cum before I do or before Stevie does.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Don’t disappoint me,” you swallow hard, taking his words to heart as your fingers make contact with your soaking wet pussy. Bucky brings Steve closer and puts his metal hand around his neck. You swear he does it just to make it harder for you to hold on.
Pulling out all the stops Bucky flips Steve over so he’s on all fours. You feel the heat building in your core again and you close your eyes to try to calm yourself. But the sound of Bucky’s hips slapping against the flesh of Steve’s ass resounds in your ears so that you have to stop touching yourself altogether to avoid cumming too soon.
“What’s wrong, baby? Were you getting too close.”
“Yes, daddy. I had to stop,” you say with a sniffle.
“Good girl. I knew you could be a good girl.” You nod even though he’s not looking at you. “Don’t worry, I think Stevie’s getting close. I can feel it.”
He puts his hand on Steve’s lower back. “Gonna be a good boy for me and cum soon?”
“Yes, daddy,” Steve responds sucking in as much air as he can before Bucky knocks it out of him with another thrust. He grabs at the sheets, feeling that familiar heat rising inside of him. Desperate for just a little bit more friction against that sweet spot so he can give in and release all that pent up pressure again.
“Oh my god, baby. You feel fucking amazing. Cum for me. Cum all over this cock.”
“F- fuck! Yes, daddy. Justlikethatjustlikethat. Keep fucking me like that please.” Bucky keeps that same pace and intensity and reaches forward to pull Steve’s hair. Steve lets out a loud groan followed by an exhausted “thank you, daddy.” And with that he unravels, gasping and moaning while Bucky fucks him through it. Steve’s cum coats the sheets beneath him and it’s an absolute pleasure to witness the way his strong body trembles from the aftershocks of his orgasm.
Bucky isn’t far behind. He pounds into Steve one last time before releasing into him with a string of hissed out curses. “Fuck, baby,” he says panting as he pulls out of Steve. His cum drips down out of Steve’s still pulsing hole and onto the sheets.
Steve is struggling to look at you. His cheek still flat on the bed. Desperate to see you fall apart again.
Your fingers are working furiously over your clit now that you’re finally allowed to cum. Your hips jerk towards your hand and you can’t hold back anymore as your moans transform into screams.
“Cum for us, baby,” Bucky says. And that’s all it takes. You scream and your vision goes white as your walls clench around nothing. You close your eyes trying to breathe evenly as your entire body trembles uncontrollably.
Bucky puts his flesh hand on your lower stomach to help still you. His other hand he reaches out for Steve so he can hold him close with one arm, rub his back, and stroke his sweaty hair.
When you finally open your eyes you’re overwhelmed with everything you’ve been feeling over the past hour. The ups and downs. The struggle to control your urges, the denial, the physical pain, the emotions that bubbled up from Bucky’s degrading words.
Bucky senses your drop and scoops you up into his lap a millisecond before you burst into tears. He cradles you tightly and you tuck your arms in close to your chest, trying to curl your body up as small as possible. Your trembling hand in front of your face trying to stifle your sobs.
“I’m sorry, daddy. I’m sorry,” you sniffle. “I tried so hard. I just wanna be a good girl for you. Please don’t be mad at me.”
“Shhh. It’s okay,” he says kissing your cheek and dabbing away your tears. “It’s over now, baby. I’m not mad at you. I know you tried hard.”
You nod and try to stifle a hiccup. Steve leans in to kiss your forehead before sitting next to Bucky and resting his head on his other shoulder. The sweetness of the silent gesture makes you smile through your tears. “Don’t cry, babygirl. Does anything hurt?”
“Just my butt… a little bit,” you say into your closed hand. With the hand closest to Steve, Bucky strokes his hair then rests his head on top of the blond’s. “Are you okay, honey?” he asks. Steve nods, pulling away for a moment so he can kiss Bucky on the lips properly. They exchange “I love yous” so soft that you almost don’t hear them.
“How about we all get cleaned up? Then we can order some food. And I’ll put some ice right here” he says gently resting his metal hand on your left ass cheek.
You can’t help but smile. Bucky leads the way to the bathroom with you and Steve in tow. Steve holds you close while Bucky adjusts the water and steam starts to rise around you. “I love you,” he says looking down at you through long lashes. “I love you too, Stevie,” you say melting into him as he kisses you sweetly.
Neither of you see Bucky smiling at the two of you. Admiring how soft you are with each other and wondering what great deed he did to deserve you both.
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buckysbruni · 2 days ago
hey hun 💘 i just love your writing sm!! and the way you write smut is actually perfect, i’m obsessed 😭 for a request, do you think you could do something that’s bucky x plus sized reader? and she’s like feeling insecure during their *first time* together, and he just shows her all the love and affection she deserves? so like smutty, but really sweet, i would actually just melt 🥺 i just love bucky and you write him so well ❤️ but, the details are really up to you. thanks, love!
hey cutie! i know this has been chilling in my inbox for a minute so i got some lengthy goodness under the cut for you. thank you so much for the sweet words and im so damn happy to finally give this to you. along with some good 90's r&b, "pov" by ariana grande really carried me through this. i wont go on a rant on how damn beautiful that song is but guys...
now onto it.
pairing: bucky barnes x reader; bucky barnes x fem!reader
word count: 5.4k
warnings: smut (unprotected -- but wrap it before you tap it yall), suggestive language, swearing, body insecurity, body images issues, difficult relationship with food.
minors dni. you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Bucky was juggling a very, full bag of Chinese takeout while patting his pockets for his keys when he first saw you. He had just moved into his own apartment and was having a hard time getting adjusting to actually having to remember to take his keys everywhere he went. Honestly, he was used to almost free-balling his explorations in New York – his phone would be close to dying, an unlimited Metro Card shoved in his pocket (monthly gifts from Sam because he didn’t know how to work the damn machine) and carried a few bills. So, the fact that he had to actually remember to carry those three things and keys to his front door needed some getting used to.
So, there he was on a cooler Thursday night really trying hard to not to drop his chow mein as he checked all his pockets.
He heard a tiny little grunt and ‘shit, don’t fall’ to his right which made him whip his head to see what the hell what was going on. You skipped and tripped your way from the elevator, with a lamp that was much taller than you. With one hand on the shade and another hugging the base as you hugged it close to you, the front door seemed a ways away. You were practically waddling all the way to the front door, right next to Bucky’s.
Bucky had to take a double-take. Your cute face and soft arms peeked around the gigantic lamp and his brain did this short circuit thing where he couldn’t decide what his next move needed to be. He really should help you but he also could not stop staring at you. When you set the lamp down with a thud on your flower-print Welcome! mat, Bucky sprang into action.
“Uh-hi-Sorry. Do you need a hand?” He set down his food, which he probably should have done a while ago, and took a step towards you. When you didn’t respond and were taking your time flipping for what he assumed was your apartment key through a ridiculous number of keychains, Bucky cleared his throat but didn’t come any closer to realizing he was there.
You still hadn’t unlocked your door and Bucky waited until he noticed little white little buds in your ears. He watched a little more closely and saw that you were mumbling something and then you startled him when you yelled out ‘CAUSE YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY!”
“Fuck!” Bucky practically yelled which made you look over at him with a hand clutched to your chest.
“Holy shit, dude. How long have you been standing there?” You laughed. The apples of your cheeks all pump and cute almost made Bucky melt right there. You popped an earphone out and shoved it in the pocket of your jeans.
Bucky cleared his throat again,” Sorry,” He weakly smiled,” I just was seeing if you needed any help.”
“I’m okay. Thank you though.” You grinned this big genuine, smile and went back to your keys, finding the pink-painted one for your apartment. You popped it in the lock and swung open the door. Your frame disappeared into the apartment for a minute before your cute, full arms stuck out and snatched the lamp out of the hallway. Bucky laughed at that – it almost looked as if you kidnapped the furniture. But then remembered what he was doing before he was distracted by your presence – looking for his keys. He patted his pockets again and decided then and there that he’d needed to pick the lock.
He bent down to his knees to inspect the lock, staring hard, not even noticing that you had come back outside.
“I don’t need to call the police, do I?”
Bucky sputtered out nonsense trying his best to explain that he just moved in and was really bad about keeping up with his belongings when you cut him off.
“-I was just joking,” You giggled,” I know Martin moved out. I see you on the fire escape sometimes,” You took a few steps towards him,” Hi, neighbor.”
“Hi,” Bucky sighed in relief.
“Come on,” You turned around walking to your front door,” You can climb through your own window by climbing out of mine.”
That’s what you told Bucky was your “meet-cute” as you guys started hanging out a little often after that official introduction. You had caught him on the fire escape late one night a few days after that, staring at the sky when you decided to join him. You had these cheetah print biker shorts and oversized tee-shirt on which made Bucky’s body run warm. A paintbrush stuck in your locs to hold them up and a lollipop hanging out your mouth. Bucky thought you were the perfect vision of beauty. Thick thighs and a big smile, you didn’t say anything for a moment, just looking down at the street below you. A few people jogged with babies, both human and canine. Bucky just observed you while you stayed silent.
Then his brain did that short circuit thing again but this time with what he should say. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to control his mouth and he said something quite abruptly.
“You’re beautiful.”
Bucky could see your eyes widen. Plucking the lollipop out your mouth, you turned to look at him with those big eyes.
“Thank you,” Butterflies were swarming your stomach and you started tapping your toes against the metal of the fire escape.
“Yeah,” Bucky nodded,” Yeah. You’re welcome.” It was silent again aside from the slight tapping your toe ring made with the steel. Then you stood up and sat closer to him. You fumbled with the flat pockets of your shorts before handing out a lollipop to Bucky. He smiled at your palm and took the candy from you.
“I own the café down the way on our street. Corner of 2nd—Well, my mom and I own it but that’s beside the point- You should stop by sometime. Have a cup of coffee on me. I’ll take my break when you come. We can, yeah. We can talk.” You rushed the words out as if you were going to run out of time before getting it out. Bucky understood every word and nodded as he unwrapped his lollipop.
“I’d like that.”
“I work every other morning. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays…”
Bucky laughed,” Ah, that explains why I hear Amy Winehouse at 7am those other days…”
“I’m so sorry,” You peeped, embarrassed,” I’m just so used to the routine and I play her when I’m opening up and- “
“It’s fine,” Bucky looked back up at the sky,” I like her. My friend taught me how to Shazam or whatever…” He looked back over at you,” You made me like her.”
So, you continued to play Amy Winehouse for him those mornings, eventually inviting him to join you for a coffee in your apartment while you showed him, other artists. Bucky stopped by the café sometimes. The first time, he was a nervous wreck who knocked over the sugar display people plucked Splenda from. Bucky enjoyed seeing you in the habitat—usually in jeans that fit just right – but interacting with people, being this fun pastry connoisseur that wasn’t snobby about it. He loved seeing you in the morning. You were full of optimism and smiles. He especially liked it when those mornings were in your apartment, away from everyone so all his focus, all his energy, was all on you.
One of those mornings spent in your apartment, Bucky laid a big, beautiful, first kiss on you. You had on this soft two-piece set that really showed the curves and outlines of your whole body. You had picked and fussed about it in the mirror before Bucky got there but when your doorbell rang, you didn’t have much time to change. You threw on a zip-up hoodie to cover up the rolls the set expose of your back and hiked up the pants a little higher to hide away your belly. Bucky still noticed you – how sexy you were, how the set expose a bit of your cleavage, and how the cotton did justice to those hips he wants to grab on. Bucky had to pick up his jaw from the floor, unaware of just how uncomfortable you were when you opened the door.
But Bucky began to notice.
You kept tugging up your pants and pulling down any fabric you could. You didn’t eat any of the doughnuts Bucky had brought from your favorite spot in the city. Bucky can make an absolute fool out of himself in front of you but he wasn’t an idiot. He could tell your nervous energy, your little ticks, all had to do with your appearance at the moment. Bucky wasn’t blind – you weren’t this flat stomach, size 2. You held weight in different places all over your body and Bucky appreciate every single part of you. So, when you fidgeted, trying to cover up your body around him and played around with your food, Bucky could sense what was going on here.
“You okay?” You had kind of space out while picking the sprinkles off your doughnut. Bucky called out your name and laid a hand on your thigh. You blinked out of wherever you were and looked over at him, giving you a curious look,” You okay, sweetheart?”
You nodded, swallowing,” Yep. I’m good.” You dusted off your hands and turned your attention back to him,” So, what were you saying? Something about the Bryant Park stop.”
Bucky swung his legs off the stool and stood up. His frame towered over you. Following his every move, you watched him take your chin in his metal hand and rub his thumb across your skin.
“Wasn’t important…” Bucky took his place between your legs, allowing you to slowly shift them open to welcome him,” You look beautiful this morning, sweetheart. I forgot to tell you that.” Bucky was being all smooth and sexy but his heart was going to beat of his chest. Your mouth was dry, your body warm, anticipating something as he lowered his eyes to your lips.
“I’m sure it was.” You whispered, kind of ignoring the compliment.
Bucky grinned,” Not really.” He leaned down to kiss you on the cheek first. You couldn’t help but let a little protest leave your mouth which Bucky laughed at. He then kissed the tip of your pierced nose, looking at you with halfway open hazed eyes,” I think I found something that needs more of both of our attention.” He took your lips against his. Heat rose up from your toes to your face, reeling in the electricity your connected lips made happen. Soft, wet movements of your lips were fiery and passionate and you could feel yourself get lost in it.
Bucky was a great kisser.
He really took his time closing and opening his mouth against yours, feeling all the softness of your lips. Your fingers clenched before attaching themselves to his arms, to press yourself closer to him. Bucky moaned a little at that, appreciating just how much he could feel you want to kiss him. He moved his hands to your thighs, only to shift them upward to your hips, grabbing and squeezing your flesh.
“Beautiful girl,” He said between kisses. You moved your hands to wrap around his neck, wanting him to be as close as humanly possible,” Be mine?”
Well, who could say no to that?
You liked to kiss Bucky a lot after that.
All the time, really.
Whenever you got the chance.
He would visit you at the café a little more and lean to kiss you over a plate of Black and White Cookies. You’d ride the subway together almost every weekend to just go see something different about the City and would make out on the empty carts on the ride back.
You were all his. Bucky was definitely all yours.
So, when you moved further along in your relationship when your prayers were not only to keep Bucky safe from his nightmares but also to keep you from pouncing on him before you both were ready. You loved kissing him and the places your thoughts would roam around at night solidified that you wanted Bucky.
Again, Bucky wasn’t stupid. When your kisses got a little too deep and his hands squeezed the places you were most insecure about, you squirmed a little and gave him a few pecks to break the hot embrace.
He had noticed the snide comments at yourself about how you looked in a particular outfit or how on some dates, you’d push your food aside and blame it on not being all the hungry. Bucky noticed it all. All he could do was tell you how beautiful you are in random moments, tell you how good you looked, tell you that he’d give you a good foot rub if you ate all your dinner. Bucky was a great boyfriend. He was a good person.
He made you smile like crazy.
“This is so sweet, baby. So, silly. Thank you,” You gushed. The time between you and Bucky had passed quickly and before you knew it, Bucky was someone you gave your apartment key to, even if he could just use the fire escape.
“You like it, sweetheart?”
“I love it.” You kicked off your sneakers and hung up your purse before padding your way to the fort set in your tiny living room. Your cardigan smelled faintly of espresso and lemon squares, so you tugged at it before laying it across the couch.
The fort was comprised of pillows, blankets, and sheets you had never seen before. You were sure Bucky made an expensive trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond just for this.
Bucky would spend a million more dollars just to see this look on your face.
Fairy lights were strung up some way with that big, smart brain of his and candles were perfectly lit and set around the apartment to add to the yellow glow.
You felt tears well up,” My God, Bucky. This is so sweet-you are so perfect.”
“Brought one of my hoodies for you. I know you like to snuggle in those.” Bucky said. Then you noticed how dressed down your boyfriend was. Sweatpants, baggy shirt, slippers. He thought this all through. He made this all happen.
You were definitely going to cry.
“So, get changed and meet me back here for Just My Luck.”
“Oh, my gosh, the washing machine scene.” You beamed. It was one of those average movies that you loved so much and have tried to convince Bucky so many times to watch it with you. He always refuses by saying “You always love shitty movies, baby.”
You moved quick, stripping down from your café clothes in your bathroom and throwing on Bucky’s hoodie. You decided on some high-waisted leggings to hold some in and smooth some out and a pair of fuzzy socks. When you made your way back into the living room, Bucky stuck a Red Vine in his mouth and gathered up a tray full of snacks.
“Pizza’s already in the fort,” He smiled and waited for you to walk over to him. You couldn’t help but lean up to kiss him on the lips, candy in the way and all. He snorted into your face and called you a silly girl.
“I’m so glad this makes you happy, sweetheart.” Oh, you were so damn happy. You could not stop smiling. You led the way to the fort, sitting back on your legs as you patiently waited for Bucky. He handed you the snacks, grinning wide at your big, happy eyes.
The scent of the pizza wafted through your nose and when Bucky was all comfortable and opened the box, your favorite toppings graced your eyes.
You sat down the tray and your brain calculate back to what you had eaten today. A slice of pizza wasn’t ideal if you wanted to lose those few pounds-
“Don’t do that,” Bucky said softly. Water collected in your tears ducts. You didn’t want to ruin this,” Don’t do that, beautiful. I know I can’t make you love that gorgeous body of yours but I’m going to damn well try my hardest. Don’t do that, baby. Be here with me. Don’t pull away from me.”
You contemplated it.
You knew Bucky wasn’t going to relent,” Maybe,” You sniffled,” Just a slice.”
“We can start there. I can’t tackle all this by myself.” Bucky’s hand reached to the nape of your neck and pulled you into a kiss,” You’re so perfect, Bunny. You know, that right?” You nodded into the kiss, trying to appease him and move on so you wouldn’t cry too much.
“Let me hear you say it,” Bucky whispered,” Hmm, let me hear you say it.”
You gave giggly sobs,” I’m perfect.”
“So, perfect,” Bucky pecked your lips,” My Bunny.” Bucky let you go with a few more smacks on the lips and let you cuddle into a body pillow, the food lying between you.
You don’t know where Bucky got it, but there was a perfect stand for his laptop at your feet. Sam tried had to show Bucky how to set up a Netflix and Hulu account and how to navigate the platforms. It wasn’t like Bucky was an idiot right, but your boyfriend thought the whole thing was so damn annoying. So, Sam, like the goodfella he is, just added a profile on his own accounts and named them Grandpa James.
Bucky didn’t know how to change it. You laughed way too hard at it to show him.
The big party scene of the movie took of the screen when you took your first bite of pizza. It was delicious – gooey, cheesy, a little tangy. Your eyes were so fixated on the big kiss, that you couldn’t see it but Bucky was smiling while he gnawed at some saltwater taffy.
You didn’t give in to the urge of another slice and just popped back a few pieces of popcorn.
“Okay, he literally got his body lifted into the air by that car and he’s okay. That’s not luck. He might be a goddamn super-solider.” Bucky grumbled.
“He’s lucky now!”
Bucky grabbed another slice of pizza for himself,” He’s B-class Steve Rogers.” You could feel a little sadness roll off of him when he finished that sentence. You let it settle into the space before turning your head to your boyfriend. He gave you a small smile.
“Don’t give me that look.” He said. He took a little wet wipe and napkin that came with the pizza to clean his hands as best he could.
You furrowed your eyebrows,” What look?”
Bucky scoffed.
“The one where you round out those big, cute eyes and look like you want to cradle me like a baby.”
“Bucky,” You closed the top of the pizza and crawled over to nuzzle yourself close to him. You put your face close to his,” I want to do that all the time.”
“Crazy woman,” He kissed you, tasting your coco-vanilla chapstick and a bit of pizza. He was definitely not complaining. There was a light fresh scent to Bucky, smelling of a shower he took not soon before you got here.
Bucky straightened out his lean on the stack of pillows behind him and beckoned you closer.
“Any closer, I’ll be on your lap.”
“Exactly.” He grinned and tapped his thighs,” Come here, sweetheart.” He said when he noticed your hesitation. You were still for a moment and then Bucky’s hand caressed the small of your back. The material of his hoodie was pushed closer to you and you could feel the slight indents of his fingers. Swallowing down nothing, you swung a leg over his lap, a little unsteady. Bucky kept you balanced,” That’s it.”
One. Two. Three small kisses were shared before Bucky took control. Your mouth melted into his, the sound of a rock song from the movie fading away from your senses. Bucky kept his hand on your back and the other on the side of your face.
You grinded down into his lap, surging a hardness, hotness, from Bucky who groaned into an open mouth kiss. You felt it. You loved this intimacy but you felt the darkness of your insecurities start to creep up your spine when Bucky lifted up his hoodie a bit. You shivered into his embrace and almost began pulling away when Bucky started speaking,” You okay, sweetheart? We don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I’d be happy with your pretty self just sitting in my lap.”
You don’t know what came over you, but hearing him say that made relief, magic, happiness, and relief spread all over your body. You couldn’t pinpoint all the feelings but you knew that you wanted to feel this closeness with Bucky. You wanted it from him. You especially wanted it for yourself.
You pulled yourself closer to him and scratch at the nape of his neck. Your lips were pressed against his neck, nipping and biting at his warm flesh. His hands immediately went to your ass. A throaty moan and squeeze of your flesh sounded off when your teeth gave a slight burn to his skin. Bucky’s mouth was hung open, eyes rolled back when your core grinded against his crotch.
“I’m- We gotta move the fuckin’ food.” Bucky choked. You giggled into his neck and released yourself from him. When your palms rested on his shoulders, Bucky gave a small kiss to your fingers, looking at you through his eyelashes,” A goddamn vision, you are.” That was all he said before moving from under you, easily tossing you over and throwing the snacks on top of the pizza box. He neatly and slowly pushed all the perishables out of the fort space before he perished himself. You saw a juice box tilt over when he shut the laptop and pushed the whole setup out the way but decided the mess could be cleaned up later.
“I’m nervous, Bucky.” You admitted. He hovered over you, dog tags swinging back and forth from your eyesight,” I want this. I really do. But I don’t want you to see me and not like it.”
Bucky leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.
“I don’t think there’s a part of you that I wouldn’t like.” He said against your lips,” Hmm? You understand that, right? Every single fuckin’ part of you – even the parts I haven’t seen. I know I love them.”
You knew Bucky wanted an answer when hovered still and leaned up a little.
“Yes. Yes, I know that.”
“Okay,” Bucky kissed you again,” What would you like to do, Bunny? What would you like me to do to you?” His lips ghosted over your chin and down your neck.
“Where would you like me to touch you?” He asked like it wasn’t the most sinful and obvious thing.
You choked a moan,” Can you take your shirt off, please?” You squeaked out. He rested his knees on either side of your hips and taking his metal hand, he palmed his hardness and grunted. When he began pulling at his shirt, you couldn’t get past what he had just done.
“Do that again.” You demanded. It was a weak demand but one, nonetheless. He gave you a smirk and did it again. His joggers left little for the imagination. He gripped the print of his cock and coughed out another grunt.
“Fuck, you are so hot.” You gushed. Your boyfriend laughed again and went for his shirt. Both of his hands pulled up the cotton material, unleashing a smooth chest and defined muscles. You gulped at how lean he was both in awe and insecurity for yourself. You tried to push it down, and just admire the person in front of you.
But Bucky is so aware, it’s ridiculous.
He raked his hair back with his fingers and leaned down to kiss you,” You are so fuckin’ beautiful, sweetheart. Let me see that beautiful body. You gonna let me have a look at that most gorgeous body in the world?” Butterflies swarmed your stomach before giving him a small nod. He toyed with the high waistband of your leggings, having to push up the hoodie on your frame. That allowed him to see the contour of your stomach in the stretchy material. Smoothing a quick palm over your stomach before leaning down to kiss at your belly button area.
“Let me know if you want me to stop,” Bucky whispered. You could only reply with a weak ‘okay’ when his hands began pulling down your leggings. There some of it was. Exposed. Here. In Bucky’s face. Nerves started to bubble up down your neck and you could have almost sobbed when Bucky started speaking.
“Fuckin’ gorgeous.”
You had to lift your ass a little for Bucky to be able to get the pants down your legs. Your underwear went along with them and so did your fuzzy socks. You pulled the hoodie down a bit when Bucky was focused on getting the bundle of material off of you. When he came back to meet your eyes, you could tell he noticed but didn’t push it further other than saying,” You okay?”
All you could do was nod.
With his metal hand, he grabbed one of your ankles and slowly lifted it to his lips before making his way down to the inside of your thighs. Bucky used his flesh hand to grab a handful of your hip, tugging and feeling it.
“You’re so sexy. Sexy girl. My sexy girl.” He raved. You wanted to shut your legs when his eyes took in your core but he was holding you tightly.
“You want to show me the rest of you, sweetheart? Wan’ show me those tits I have fuckin’ dreams about?”
“Bucky.” He licked a stripe up your folds, still holding your leg out so he could get a sweet angle. You grabbed the bottom of the hoodie when Bucky looked up at you. Seeing his face so close to your pussy, so full of lust made you act fast. You were able to pull it off pretty effortlessly by leaning up a little. Your breasts hung out a little, a little low. You’d think you had a centerfold rack with the way Bucky looked at you.
“Fuck, I knew you weren’t wearing a bra,” Bucky cried,” I can’t wait to make you feel good.” He dove back down, attaching his mouth to your core, licking and sucking your sweetness.
“Sweet like fuckin’ candy. Jesus Christ.” His voice muffled a bit but you could still understand him. Sensual laps, long gulps his face stayed buried in your core. He was able to reach a hand up to squeeze one of your tits and your hands pulled at his short hair, trying your best not to lose control.
You moaned louder, Bucky’s licks got wetter. That man knew how to eat pussy and he knew how to do it well.
“I want you to come on my tongue. I want this perfect fuckin’ pussy to give me some cum.”
He groaned and swirled tongue inside of you,” You think you could do that for me?” Your reply was frail, barely escaping your lips. You were close. So, close.
He shot his tongue deeper, pulling a loud whimper out of you. His tongue. His lips. His hands. A warm sensation is released from you. It was hard. It was quick and you felt all your limbs tense and relaxed in a matter of seconds.
“Oh fuck, yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Bucky groaned, tasting your release,” The most delicious fuckin’ pussy. The most perfect girl.” Bucky let his tongue clean you up before standing up as best he could in the small space. Your vision was hazy and your mind was nearly blank as you watched him rid himself of his joggers.
The sweats were gathered in his hands and yanked down quickly. His cock stood to attention, his briefs pulled down with the rest of his clothes.
“Bucky, shit, Fuck,” You stuttered,” You’re huge.”
He kicked off the bottoms and quickly kneeled back down between your legs.
“You can take it right, baby? My gorgeous girl can take it? Take what’s hers…” He trailed off as he began pumping himself slowly. You wouldn’t be surprised if drool was sliding down your chin at the sight of Bucky.
He was so focused on you, jerking himself off with full eye contact.
You just spread your legs wider.
“You were made for me,” Bucky uttered. Leaning over you, he pumped a few more times and lined himself up,” Oof-Condom.”
“Birth control,” You cried,” Bucky, please.”
He pushed in slowly,” Fuckin’ made for me- Are you kidding?” You could tell he was holding back a bit, easing himself into you,” You’re so tight, sweetheart. Such a tight fuckin’ pussy. Fuck.” He breathed out,” You’re perfect.”
The stretch and burn were magical at the same time. Bucky was right – you were made for him. You didn’t know you could feel this good.
“I love this pussy. I love this body. I love you.” He groaned with a few slow strokes,” You are flawless. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” His pushes started to become more frequent when you clawed at his back.
“Mmmguh,” You were speaking gibberish. His thrusts were delicious, hitting a pleasure that overtook your whole body,” So guh…”
Bucky hiked one of your legs around his back, pushing deeper and exploring deeper. You leaned back a little so he could thumb at your clit, circling the little nerves right into an oncoming orgasm.
“Tell me how perfect you are.” He bid, helping you chase your release of pleasure,” Tell me that you’re perfect.”
“I’m,” Bucky drove sharp, hitting that spot, making you feel almost too full. You gasped out, choking,” I’m perfect.”
“That’s right,” He palmed a tit,” You’re a fuckin’ gift. The most beautiful creation.” Bucky speed back up and got a moan from you with every jerk of his lips. Until he slowed down to a stop and a full release from you. You cried, reaching for him, wanting him to make you full again.
“Get on your hands and knees for me, baby. I want to see every last drop of you,” He said. With little strength you had left, you flipped over with a little of Bucky’s help. You steadied yourself and let Bucky grab your hips. Hips that are a huge insecurity of yours that are now being used to bring you to a high you loved.
Bucky pushed back in. A new angle. A new fullness. You whimpered out and let your head fall down,” Uh un. You take what I give you, right. What’s designed for you.” He said before grabbing the back of your neck to urge you to hold your head upright. You gathered yourself and let your head fall back.
“You’re gonna let me have this pussy forever, huh?”
His thrusts hit harder. The skin-to-skin contact sounding above any of the noise around you,” Fuck, Bucky. Yes.” Your tits bouncing back and forth, tears in your eyes. You knew what was coming,” Forever.”
“I feel it, baby. Come for me…”
Your pussy clenched around him, ushering a groan out of his mouth.
“Give me that fuckin’ cum. You’re gonna come for me.” A strong drive made white-hot fireworks burst behind your eyes and you felt it explode in your stomach. You gasped loudly, cried louder, and let yourself clench and release all over Bucky’s cock.
His followed soon after, warm spurts of cum filling you up.
” Sweetheart, my Sweetheart. Fuck!”
You were both breathing heavily for a minute before Bucky pulled out of you, come plopping right out of your hole with him.
He rubbed your back for a moment, letting you come down before getting himself out of the fort. He returned quickly with a warm washcloth and a glass of water, cleaning you up once you sat up against a stack of pillows. You took a sip of water as you watched him – or more his cock sway as he moved things back in the fort.
“You’re gonna need to recharge, Bunny. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you.”
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19ana45 · 18 hours ago
Stupid Secret Santa
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: fluff, in terms of clichés this whole thing is just one big fat cliché, Bucky being adorable (like the photo)
A/N: This is written as part of my Fluffmas Celebration, the chosen prompt for today was:
Character A’s best friend rigs the Secret Santa, because they know Character A has a crush on Character B.
To see if there is a happy ending click here.
Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the images or dividers used in this post, credit to their original owners. I do not own any of the Marvel characters, they belong to Marvel. This is my own creative piece of writing, you do not have permission to repost it as yours on any other sites and/or translate it. That counts as plagiarism, which is illegal. Reblogs are fine, and encouraged!
Tumblr media
Sam’s eye caught the little, folded up in half, dotted paper and it was as if a bucket of ice water was poured over him. Stuttering up some excuse, and trying to create more suspense, his hand flattered as he let the paper go and reached for another one, “And-and…the lucky winner is-” He opened the paper, taking a deep breath before he was interrupted.
“Wilson, you idiot, you’re not supposed to read the name out loud!” Tony spoke up from his corner of the room, tossing a piece of popcorn in his general vicinity and missing poorly.
“Just hurry it up,” Bucky grumbled, nervously bouncing his knee. At the rate Steve was circling that stupid fedora hat of his he’d be the last one to draw a name and that basically reduced his chances of getting who he wanted to zero. And he really didn’t want that, he’d already gotten her her gift two months ago, and stupid, stupid Steve had to go and ruin all his plans with stupid Secret Santa.
“Everyone, look, just don’t take the dotted paper,” Steve spoke up above the exasperated chatter that had filled the room after he’d sprung his ingenious plan on them. “It’s not that hard, ok? I’ll make sure Buck’ll be the last one to draw.”
“This is stupid,” Tony cried out, silencing everyone and voicing their concerns at the same time. “And not only is it stupid, you wanna know what else it is, Rogers?”
Steve, with only a tilt of his head, got across that he did not want to hear what his plan was, and not only that, he knew that he was going to hear it regardless.
“It’s not gonna work,” he gestured around exasperatedly, and added for good measure. “And it’s also stupid.”
“Thanks for your input, Tony, anyone else have anything they want to share?” He looked around the room with a resigned stare, only shrugging when he caught Natasha’s smirk in the far corner. After a couple of moments of silence, he nodded, “Alright then, steer clear from the dotted paper, that one’s for Bucky.”
“And finally,” Steve didn’t even bother to hold out the hat for his friend, instead taking that infamous dotted slip of paper and handing it over to him, trying to compose his features when he saw Bucky’s face light up at the name.
Mission accomplished.
Tumblr media
“Alright, it’s my turn!” she laughed, excitedly reaching for the little box that had her name hanging from it with a tag.
With a sideways glance, Steve saw Bucky shift imperceptibly, leaning forward a little as his eyes started to flit nervously back and forth between the box and the girl that held his heart in her hands. It seemed that everyone was holding their breath, all of them having been part of a month-long journey together, whether they knew it or not, and it was all coming to a climax now.
A gasp ran through the room as she opened the little box and caught sight of the brooch glittering in the low light of the Christmas tree.
“Barnes…” Natasha said quietly.
Her mouth hanging open, she picked it up to examine it, the little aquamarine jewels placed around the silver backbone, a sprinkling of diamonds dispersed all around. “This…” she looked up, searching the faces of the people around her to see who could have given this to her, already holding the piece of jewelry so carefully in her hand as if she was scared it might break. “I can’t take this, it’s…” She didn’t need to spell it out, the make was too delicate, too intricate for it to have been made at any run-of-the-mill jeweller.
“Well…” Bucky spoke up gruffly, looking down at his hands as he wringed them together anxiously. “I’d like ya to have it.”
She looked up at him from her place on the ground, “No, Bucky…this, I-I couldn’t do that to you.”
Shrugging, he dared a glance at her, “It was my mother’s, got it made when I was born.”
“No, Bucky, listen to me,” she walked over and went to lean between his legs, pressing the brooch into his hand. “I can’t, it’d be wrong of me to do.”
He swallowed thickly looking down at her, his forehead wrinkled in pain, “Why?”
She let her gaze fall to the side, not knowing how or when the room had emptied leaving only the two of them alone, but she was more than grateful for it, this would be embarrassing enough to do in front of him. “Bucky, please, you have to understand that-”
He pointed to the blue jewels, reciting the sentences he’d heard over and over again in his childhood when he’d asked about the brooch, “Those are my birthstones,” then he pointed to the diamonds, “Those are my mother’s.” He turned it over in his hand to examine it again. “My Ma wanted to keep me with her everywhere she went. Took me close to a year to get my hands on it again.”
“You see, James-”
With a deep breath he cut her off and kept going, “And my Ma told me that I should give it to the girl of my dreams.” Her breath hitched at that, only making it harder for him to continue. “I-I…didn’t understand how you could give a damn brooch to a dream. But then-” he looked into her eyes, heart beating wildly with fear. “I saw you, and saw what she meant.”
He shrugged, cheeks flushed with the implications of his confession, and looked back down at his hands, “Just wanted ya ta know.” His ears reddened a deeper shade as he let out a breath and leaned back into the couch again, suddenly finding the designs on her sweater extremely interesting.
There came the feather-light touch of her hand as she reached inside of his for the brooch, hesitating before she took it from him, “May I?”
With a nod, he loosened his grip, “Was only ever meant to be yours anyways.”
“Oh, Bucky,” she sighed out at his sweet words, falling back to lean her weight on her ankles as she looked at it again. “It’s beautiful.”
“M’glad you like it,” he murmured, taking advantage of the moment to really admire her features so up close.
Sensing his eyes on her, she looked up quickly and caught his, “Are you-are you sure you want to give this to me?”
“Yes, yes,” he managed out hoarsely, hope taking a hold of his chest. “Please, doll, this ain’t a prank or anythin’, I wouldn’t to do that to ya, ya gotta know.”
She smiled shyly, “I know…just wanted to make sure you were sure.”
In a burst of confidence, he leaned forward, encompassing her hands with his and smiled, “Doll, I am-”
“I’ll take it then,” she gripped his hand a little harder as a grin split across her face.
Bucky let out a nervous laugh, not believing his sheer luck, “Really?”
With a nod, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss one to his cheek, pulling back only to attach the brooch to her sweater, before she shyly crawled into his lap, where she stayed for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! If you liked this, please consider leaving some feedback it means the world to me, and you can find the rest of my writing here.
If you want to be tagged for any of my works, including the Fluffmas Drabbles, you can send me an ask.
Everything tags: @angstundsindallein, @babebr
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real-jane · 2 days ago
nftn: for her
(bucky barnes x female!reader, shield)
summary: a simple wish on your christmas list has bucky enlisting the help of every person in his life.
warnings: christmas gifts/anxiety, bucky talks some sense into sam, y/n has a panic attack, some slight to severe emotional manipulation on my part re: parental loss.
word count: 9,802
a/n: part eleven of ‘nostalgia for the new’! this is the content which pushed me over the edge of 50k words for nanowrimo! very excited to share this silly piece with you. edit: now including the link to Bucky’s playlist!
series masterlist
Tumblr media
You were a prodigious gift giver. If it weren’t for the fact that you were spot-on, every time, it might actually be annoying. You always managed to find a way to pick something that was both impactful and personal. There was no way that the receiver wouldn’t like something if your name was on the label. You didn’t give with the intention of receiving anything in return, which was good for Bucky considering that he felt like a moron trying to pick things out for you. Generally, he got away with cooking for you, or being the gift, as it were (and he would never ever top showing up at the quinjet and surprising you).
But all you asked for on your Christmas list was… music. You had gotten a host of presents to celebrate your wedding less than a week ago. You didn’t need anything else.
And Bucky was struggling.
Your shared vinyl collection was pressing numbers in the hundreds. In fact, you had ordered a subscription service over the summer, which delivered one rare album a month, so there was no possible way to find something special that you didn’t already know about or own. And you liked everything. When the two of you were listening, you stuck to his favorites, but you sometimes came back from the gym ‘singing’ songs which could only be described as rapid, emphatic, talking. Even if he could figure out which way your preferences lay...
Vinyl wouldn’t do.
Bucky had no idea if you played any instruments--he would put money on you being able to learn anything you set your mind to, but it didn’t make sense to give you any such instrument when you had a playful and invasive cat, and lived in an echoey building made of cement. So, that was off the table.
He couldn’t carry a tune if it strapped on like a backpack, so creating music for you wouldn’t happen.
He was stumped, and he had about three days to figure it out.
Bucky rubbed his eyes so hard he saw stars. There was not enough caffeine in the world to make him have coherent thoughts, especially not about this. He had begged out of going with you for your morning run in favor of trapping Sam at breakfast to get his help.
So far, his suggestions had ranged from wildly unhelpful, to downright ludicrous, including but not limited to get her a dog and name it ‘Music.’
“Buy her concert tickets,” Sam chucked, sipping his coffee while he indulged in the free show.
“To what?” Bucky put his head down on the table hard enough that it sounded painful. He breathed out against the table in confirmation of that fact, but he didn’t budge. Face-down, in their usual booth at the caf, with people walking by who had dangerous jobs with guns and stuff… Bucky Barnes was having a little festive panic.
“Elton John’s touring one last time, again.”
“She has seen him three times,” Bucky grumbled. “Does Tony know Elton John, personally? Maybe I could sell him my arm for a song.”
“He probably does. But then you’d never do better than that gift, and you’d have to explain to Shuri why she has to build you an entirely new prosthesis.”
“I don’t need to do better, I need to just give her something!” Bucky groaned. “...but I think Shuri would understand.”
“You could make her a playlist.”
“How?” He looked up and had a red imprint on his forehead from the pressure on the table. The grumpiness level was through the roof. Sam bit back a laugh.
“Just… put a bunch of songs together that she’d like, and then she can listen to it whenever.”
Bucky’s face dropped even more, if that were possible. “I don’t know how to do that. And what would I even pick? She’ll get bored of me rehashing what I always listen to--might as well get her a jukebox.”
He and Sam narrowed their eyes at each other to assess whether or not the other thought that was a feasible idea, but Bucky broke the standoff. “Definitely wouldn’t fit in our suite.”
“Okay, listen--” Sam braced his elbows on the table and leaned forward. “Playlists are usually themed, like… I got one for lifting. Stuff that has the right energy for slinging some iron. You get me?”
“Yeah. So. What’s your theme?”
“...If I said ‘love’, is that the lamest answer you’ve ever heard?”
“Sir, your wife says that she loves you in official government documents. I think that’s probably the right direction to go.”
“Right.” Bucky’s ears turned pink.
You did it because you knew that all comm conversations on official assignments were recorded for posterity, and so you really laid it on thick when you knew some government lackey sitting in a basement with no windows was gonna have to type out I love you so much, baby, you’re my one and only, and Nick Fury was then gonna have to read it. Still, you were the love of his life. Maybe it was just that simple.
“How do I go about this?”
“Why don’t you just ask people their favorite love song?”
Bucky frowned. “What’s your favorite love song, Samuel?”
Without thinking for longer than one second, Sam said, “Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye.”
“...I’m not putting that on the list.”
“It’s a very sensual song, Barnes. You’ll thank me later.”
“I don’t think I will.”
“Fine. Go ask around. But my answer is the superior one. I would bet you money that Tony’s gonna say--”
“I’ve Just Seen a Face by the Beatles,” Stark said proudly. “Sang it to Morgan mere moments after she was born and she was so sweet and blue, and I had no idea--”
“Okay, okay,” Bucky grumbled. “Give me a taste. Don’t sing it. Give me a lyric.”
He had found Tony in his shop, one hand wrapped around a sandwich, and the other tinkering with what looked like yet another incarnation of his mechanical heart. Tony made the most sense to ask first; he was married, and as far as Bucky could tell Pepper seemed charmed by his shenanigans… he also had a cybernetic implant… so.
Tony cleared his throat and brought Bucky back to the present. He held his sandwich aloft like Lawrence Olivier as Hamlet. “‘I’ve just seen a face, I can’t forget the time or place where we just met, she’s just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we’ve met’--actually, it kinda reminds me of you, back when you were still silent and surly. And then like, all of a sudden you were following this girl around, and--”
“I get it. Anything else?” He wrote down the song on the paper, a piece of white parchment with Stark Industries letterhead. He really did have terrible handwriting… Bucky frowned. He would be lucky to decipher his own scratchings later, but he didn’t have much time to find an alternative solution.
Tony took a bite of his sandwich to think. “Hmmmmm… oh! Sexual Healing--”
“Absolutely not.”
“You have a healthy sex life, I get it--”
He turned away and made for the door. “Goodbye.”
“Joni Mitchell!” Tony called.” Case of You. ‘Love is touching souls,’ my man. Enough said.”
Bucky snorted. “Fine.”
“People say it’s overplayed, but Pepper says--”
“Oh my god,” Pepper Potts laughed, switching Morgan from one hip to the other and sighing as the little girl yanked hard on an errant piece of her hair. “Don’t listen to a word my husband says about me, okay?”
The real hero of Stark Industries was found in her kitchen on the top floor of the compound, giving her nanny a break from the very sweet but curious baby Morgan. Nanny Maureen stood on the balcony, smoking and scrolling on her phone. She didn’t like Bucky, or anybody (save Pepper).
Bucky held out his hands. “Give me the child.”
Pepper readily handed over her baby to him. He frowned at the child, as was their customary greeting. Morgan giggled and slapped a moist hand on his bare arm.
“Sure you don’t want a baby, Uncle Bucky?” Pepper grinned as Morgan prodded his cheek and turned her little baby talons against his stubble.
“That’s ‘Buckle’ to you, you little demon,” he grumbled at Morgan, who blew a raspberry in understanding. “I like children. I like giving them back to their parents even more. Not Joni Mitchell? Really?”
Pepper laughed. “Tony used to wait until JARVIS indicated that I had arrived, and then blare Joni Mitchell through the whole complex, long before he ever asked me out on a date for real.”
“And yet, you married him.”
She pointed at Morgan. “Got a cute little demon out of it, though.”
“Very,” Bucky agreed. “So? Lay it on me.”
She leaned against the kitchen counter. “What’s your tone, here? Are you asking me to romance your wife for you in a fairy tale kind of way, or like a Marvin Gaye kind of way--”
“What is it with you people born in the seventies and Marvin Gaye?”
“What do you have against him?”
“Nothing! I just don’t want to be overtly…” He lost the word. Morgan cackled at his very confused expression. He slowly turned his gaze to her. The moment his face was fully turned her way, Morgan spit up. Bucky grimaced, and straight-armed the kid back into her mother’s care.
“You’re not trying to make a baby,” Pepper finished, wiping Morgan’s mouth. “Got it. Okay… is a little drama okay, at least? Heavy-petting power ballad?” She opened the door to the fridge, so his view of her was obscured.
He blinked. “I know what those words mean individually.”
“Forget it. Ooh!” She closed the door with her elbow and handed him a miniature bottle of orange juice. “You need Stevie Nicks. ‘Leather and Lace’ with Don Henley. Very the two of you. It’s a duet; she’s from the city, he’s from the mountain. Leather and Lace are involved, though it’s up to you which represents you.”
Bucky snorted. “Lace, obviously”
“You know what else would be good, though… oh! I can’t remember anything anymore. Nat loves it. Peggy Lee… god, what’s it called--”
“Fever.” Nat’s knife sunk into the target with a thunk. “Eva Cassidy’s version. It’s your wife in a song.” She retrieved the blade from the wood. Bucky used the wall to write down the song, even though that song made him blush the one time it came on at Gary’s. Then Nat’s words struck him, and he turned to face her.
“You got a crush on my wife?”
Nat laughed. “Wouldn’t you like to know. I still say that the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life is her giving Brock Rumlow another hole in his body.”
“Should’ve seen the other time,” Bucky said. “What does it say about us that a little violence makes us weak for her?”
“It’s not about the violence, Barnes.” Nat zeroed her focus and held her knife aloft, with the tip of the blade between her fingers. “It’s about control. Your wife can fell a man a foot taller than her, armed or not. If that doesn’t give you a fever, you’re dead. Because she killed you.”
“Good point.”
“I like a woman with finesse. I’m a simple girl.”
“I’ll be sure to let Steve know.”
“Do.” She released the knife, and it found the crevice she had previously made with her first hit. Spot on. “What are you worried about?”
Bucky realized he had been staring down at this list of his with a pained look on his face. “Imagine that Steve was makin’ you this list, right? What would you miss if it wasn’t on there?”
Nat leaned on his shoulder. “Barnes, if you could talk Steve into making anything for me, it wouldn’t matter if it was made of popsicle sticks and prayer. It would be… It’s the thought that counts.”
“If you put a microphone up to my thoughts about Y/n, it would be approximately eighty years of static, and then one trumpet melody, over and over, for the rest of time. I don’t think my thoughts are going to cut it.”
“It’s a wonder you’re married with that one trumpet-playing brain cell.”
“Tell me about it.”
“I can’t believe she said that,” Steve sighed. “I’m not a craftsman of any kind. I tried cooking for her once, and she banned me from the kitchen.”
“The point is--Nat says I’m overthinking things.”
“You are, but not because of the reasons she says. I think you’re going about it in the right way.” Bucky had a bundle of Christmas lights wrapped around his arm, which he was dutifully holding up so Steve could hang them around the top edge of the big windows in the floor five lounge.
“Y/n is going to love anything you give her, you know that. I think you’re just overthinking the content of the gift.”
“What do you mean?”
Steve scooted the ladder along the wall, bidding Bucky follow. “You’re asking people their favorite songs, instead of putting stuff on there that she will like.” He tapped a small nail into the wall and hung the next three feet of lights.
“She likes everything,” Bucky groaned. “But she has her favorites. The number of times I’ve heard the name Adele in the last two years… shit, I should put her on the list.”
“Maybe ask somebody who knows her taste? Because if you’re asking me, the answer is going to be Stevie Wonder.”
“Which song?”
Steve shrugged. “Any. Move down.”
Bucky did so, and handed up the last of the lights so his friend could drape them down the side of the windows. “You should make Nat something for Christmas.”
“I’ve been meaning to take up knitting.”
“There is something you do, and I’m pretty sure you’ve never done it for her…”
“What? No.” Steve leaned against the ladder.
“Why not?”
“I haven’t picked up a piece of charcoal, in--hell, decades?”
“It’s the thought that counts!”
“I am not giving Natasha Romanoff a bad portrait of herself.”
“You could. Come on, Steve. If I had half your talent, I wouldn’t be doing this stupid project, I’d be drawing my wife a nice picture of Alpine or something.”
“Speaking of, you should get a hobby. Being obsessed with your wife doesn’t count.”
“You’re one to talk, I am amazed you haven’t gotten a black widow spider tattooed on your ass.”
Steve waggled his eyebrows. “That you know of.”
“You’re supposed to be off the grid, languishing in your new marriage.”
“Can you help me or not?”
“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Jenny said pointedly. “You should’ve called me first. Obviously Celine. Preferably ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ or ‘Because You Loved Me.’ Both! Oh, God she will sob if you pick the first one.”
Bucky was holed up in the washroom, trying to speak as quietly as he could into the phone, while you changed your clothes in the main suite. “...and that’s a thing we want her to do?”
“Oh, you big dumb idiot,” she said lovingly. “Yes. You want her to weep with how thoughtful you are, knowing her favorite songs… speaking of which, approximately how many boy bands are on your list?”
He reviewed the suggestions. “Um. One.”
“Unacceptable. Which of the Big Three is it? She’s really a 98 Degrees girl.”
“...The Beatles?”
The silence which followed was almost painful. “Okay. Okay… Can you please put ‘I Do’ by 98 Degrees on that list? She’ll love the reference, given the wedding.” Then, as an afterthought... “Do not be surprised if there are several albums from the late nineties in your stocking this year.”
“Anything else?”
“Buck, can I ask you a question before I start reading you any more song titles?”
“If there was one word to describe how she makes you feel, what would it be?”
A knock on the door made him nearly pitch himself off the side of the bathtub. He muted the call and held the phone and the paper to his chest as the washroom door opened just a crack.
“Baby? You hungry? I’m thinking about some pizza.” You didn’t look inside the room, just in case you were intruding on his privacy in some way.
“I haven’t eaten since breakfast,” Bucky realized. “My card’s in my coat.”
“I wanna get my hands in some flour. I’ll make it. Meet me in the kitchen in like… ten?”
“Sure. Love you.”
“Love you too, Buck.” Your voice sounded sentimental in the way it had for the last few days, whenever you thought about or talked about the wedding. It was really sweet. He’d occasionally find you just flipping through the photos from the day on your phone, zooming in on his face...
Bucky blew out a long breath as the door latched again, and then the suite door opened and shut. He held the phone back up to his ear. “Lucky,” he said softly. “The luckiest.”
“Hmm. You should look up Ben Folds.”
“...for the list?”
“You’ll see what I mean. No, you can’t talk to Buckle, you colored on mommy’s shoes--JAEDYIN LYNN! Sorry. I gotta go. Love ya!”
“Who is this?” Gary yelled into the receiver.
“It’s--It’s Bucky? Barnes?” The silence was more deafening than the man’s shouting. “...I got married in your restaurant last week?”
“Buddy! How the hell are ya!” Gary knew Bucky’s name but anyone who was his personal friend was called ‘buddy’, and Gary had superheroes for friends, now.
“It’s loud where you are--”
“We’re in Margaritaville! What can I do ya for?”
“You and your wife… do you got a song? Like your song?”
“Oh boy. Can’t beat the King. ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ It’s real good.”
“Thanks. Um. Merry Christmas?”
“You too, Buddy! Say hi to your gal for me.”
Bucky hung up and added Elvis to his measly list. Sam had gotten Bucky to the gym, but he was too distracted to spot him, so Sam was running on the treadmill while Bucky used the one next to it like a desk.
“ you have the personal cell number of the owner of Gary’s Diner?” Sam asked.
Bucky shrugged. “He runs a fantasy football league… he invited me. Anyway, he had a good suggestion.”
“You don’t know shit about pro football.”
“That’s not the point. I trust his music taste. More than yours, anyway.”
“Who’s your QB?”
“The new guy from the Giants. Killer left arm.”
“...good pick.” Sam stopped the machine and wiped his sweat with his shirt. “If you’re not gonna put Marvin Gaye on there, can you at least put ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ by Boyz II Men? It’s not what it sounds like.”
Bucky glared at him. “ it about making love, Sam?”
“Primarily it’s about not making love. But the promise of it happening in the future.”
Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose. “Can you take this seriously? I have forty-eight hours.”
“We need reinforcements.”
Peter sat down on the last available chair in the lounge on floor five, after being hurriedly summoned by an everybody who knows Bucky, assemble! Bucky sat in the middle of the couch, flanked by Sam and Steve. Wanda and Vision wandered in, and Clint was leaning against the kitchen island, talking to Bruce about something and trying to catch Sam’s attention (which he was not giving, because I’ll tell you later.). Tony had taken it upon himself to host the little meeting, and glared at Scott as he walked in late.
You were with Nat in the gym for training; she had gotten you riled up suggesting that you wouldn’t be ready for your next assignment after taking the week off for your wedding, so Bucky had at least two hours with his gift committee.
The lone teen coughed. “Not that I mind coming all this way, Sergeant Barnes… I am avoiding a paper on Hamlet as we speak--”
“You’re here to help this man win at Christmas,” Tony said, bracing his expensive Italian shoes on the coffee table like Captain Morgan, and gestured at Bucky with both hands. “So. The criteria is: Songs that are about Love, not horny, and not sad.”
“That’s way too broad,” Sam snorted. Steve nodded in agreement.
“Variety isn’t a bad thing,” Wanda said gently. She sat beside Vision on the loveseat. “I admit I don’t know Y/n that well--”
“You wanna know our favorite love songs?” Hawkeye called.
“At this point, anything is fair game,” Tony said, on Bucky’s behalf, “as long as it meets the requirements.”
“Love Song!” Vision said suddenly. “Does that not fit your requirement?”
“...Sara Bareilles?” Sam asked.
“She is quite accomplished as an eight-time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter.”
“Okay, Google,” Sam muttered. “And that’s a song about not writing love songs.”
“I can’t believe you don’t have one Queen song on this list!” Scott pointed at the paper accusingly, pulling it from Bucky’s grasp. “Crazy Little Thing? Somebody to Love?”
Tony looked over his shoulder at the list. “He already found her, Lang. But Crazy Little Thing is great. Just her speed. Use my pen.”
Bucky sat back against the cushions in defeat, and folded his hands across his chest. Scott added several more songs to the list.
Ant Man hummed. “No Marvin Gaye, huh?”
“Nope,” Bucky said, popping the ‘P’ and glaring at Sam.
Peter sat forward. “Um… well, MJ likes a lotta stuff that’s nice, Sergeant Barnes--”
“It’s just Bucky.”
“Don’t bother,” Steve said softly. “My Girl?”
Scott pointed at him. “Ooh, yes! Temptations going on the list.”
“Funny that this room is comprised of men, when this Love playlist is for Barnes’ wife,” Vision mused to his own partner. “Save you, my love.”
Tony scoffed. “It’s called ‘gentle masculinity’, Vis. Look it up.”
Vision nodded. “As you like.”
“Don’t,” Wanda said, rubbing Vision’s arm. He sat back with a pleasant smile on his face. “What were you suggesting, Peter?”
“Like Taylor Swift, uh… MJ likes most of her stuff, but Love Story is definitely top tier. Taylor’s version, though.” Peter scooted a little closer. “I can start you a Spotify list, Sergeant Barnes… if you want, I mean, I know you’re totally capable and I respect that--”
Sam patted Bucky’s shoulder way harder than anyone would appreciate being the recipient of. “Sergeant Barnes has every app on his phone in one folder on his home screen, kid. You go ahead and start that list, because he will never figure it out by himself.”
Bucky leaned forward and frowned. “One of these days I’m gonna really blow you away with my technological prowess, Wilson.”
“What are you gonna do? Get a Pinterest?”
“Here, it’s easy,” Peter said quickly, whipping out his phone. Bucky mirrored his actions and flipped Sam off behind Spider-man’s back. Bucky unlocked his device. “Awe, that’s a real nice photo Sergeant Barnes.”
“I know how to change my background,” Bucky said, pointing at you. “My wife likes this wedding photo the most. I think she has good taste.”
“...yeah, she’s really nice. Do you mind?”
Bucky handed over his phone to the kid, who figured out very quickly that he had a lot of apps in that one folder on his phone, and even the very music streaming service that Peter sought, but no content whatsoever.
Peter shared the blank list with himself, now that he was Bucky’s sole Spotify friend. “There. I can help you kind of organize it, and add to it for you. Do you want all of these--” he managed to wrangle the paper away from Scott and Tony, who had added an insane number of titles to the list-- “on it?”
“Honestly? I have no idea what any of those sound like.”
“I can curate it just right. Not, uh… sad, or too adult, right?”
“You got it.”
“Okay. Looks like lots of really old stuff. Maybe I can put some current songs--”
“Parker, as long as you do not put Marvin Gaye on that playlist, we’re good.”
“What’s wrong with Marvin Gaye?” Clint scoffed.
“Thank you!” Sam gestured at the blond, who winked at him.
Bucky groaned. “This was a terrible idea.”
“Barnes, we’ll handle this.” Tony clapped a hand on his back. “Why don’t you go punch a sandbag or kiss your wife. Or both.”
He stood in the doorway of the gym, transfixed by what he was seeing. You were hanging from the pull-up bar with your elbows bent, suspended there with your chin just above the bar, while Nat stood below you with a timer. He didn’t want to break your concentration, but shit. You were so strong.
“Don’t look now, but we have company,” Nat teased. You made a strangled sound in your throat as your eyes found him in the mirror, and you lost your grip. Your sneakers squeaked as you touched down and bounced to dart for him.
“Oof!” Bucky chuckled as you collided with him, arms and legs wrapped around him. “Hi.”
“Hi!” You gave him a gentle kiss, wary of how sweaty you were despite the leaping hug. “You’ve been so busy, I feel like I’ve hardly seen you the last few days.”
“Sorry,” he murmured, tightening his grip around your waist. “I’m not busy right now.”
“Wanna help me get my pull-ups? Nat’s gonna do the Navy SEAL test with me--”
“I did not agree to that,” Nat snorted.
“Sure,” Bucky said with a grin, delighted to help however you wanted. “What do you need?”
“I’m just trying to work on my shoulder strength right now.” You let down your legs, but kept an arm wrapped around his waist as he escorted you back to the bar. “Gimme a boost?” Bucky lifted you up to sit on his shoulder so you could reach the high apparatus.
“I know when I’m not wanted.” Nat winked at Bucky, who just shook his head at her. She would wander back up to the fifth floor and find the entirety of the Avengers trying to help Peter curate this playlist.
This was a really bad idea, and it had gotten so far out of hand that Bucky didn’t know how to end it, so. He’d have to let it be, and trust that at least one person in the group would keep Sam from turning it into Sexy Songs to Play in the Bedroom, volumes I-IV.
“I was thinking about what we’re going to do on Christmas Day,” you said, bringing Bucky back to the present. You wrapped your fingers around the bar and lifted yourself from his shoulder. Bucky stood back, but kept his hands at your sides in case you slipped.
“I thought we were going to Jenny’s.”
You slowly lowered yourself, and then raised back up again to put your chin over the bar. “They’re going to San Diego to Brad’s parents’ house. His dad was best friends with my dad. He has stuff of Dad’s he found in the move. They’ll do New Years with us.”
“Damn.” Bucky had really been looking forward to what you referred to as Matching Pajama Cocoa Night, in which everyone put on the pajamas that they had received and watched old Christmas movies. With hot cocoa, of course.
“Nat and I were thinking,” you said, getting a little winded now. But you didn’t give up, just took a beat above the bar. “Christmas in the lounge? The four of us could go together to chop down a tree this afternoon.”
Bucky’s heart skipped. ‘I’ve never decorated a tree before.”
“No?” You slowly lowered yourself and gave him a little nod of consent to grab you and ease you down. Once your feet were on the rubber mat, you turned to him. “You want to?”
He handed you your water bottle because the other option was probably going to be weeping. Bucky nodded.
“Awe. Baby.” You cupped his chin. “We’re gonna have a really nice day. Nat thinks we shouldn’t do gifts, just make cookies and watch movies.”
“But we’re gonna do gifts, right?” Bucky asked, panic lacing his voice.You raised an eyebrow.
“Sure. You’re not going too crazy, I hope…”
Bucky shook his head, but he was certain that he looked in no way nonchalant about the fact that he had been losing his mind over your request for the last few days. “Nah. I’m just excited, is all.” He was not.
“Good. Because I’ve had your present for a while, and I’m just dying to give it to you.” Your grin made his heart fall into his feet. He rolled his eyes.
“Woman, one of these days I’m going to get you really good.”
“Excuse me,” you whispered, pressing up on your toes to hug him around the neck. “I have spent the last couple years in awe of you every moment. You constantly ‘get me,’ baby. I’ve never met such a natural romantic.”
Bucky just blinked. “I am an exceptionally good actor, then, if you think any of this comes easily to me.”
“It’s not easy to love me?” The question was innocent, and gently phrased with just a hint of tease, but Bucky turned steely-eyed.
“Easy as breathing.”
“You have a bad habit of holding your breath.”
“You and Sam are in cahoots to roast me today,” he grumbled, but he kissed your forehead.
“I’ve never been in cahoots a day in my life, certainly not with a man who called me a menace.”
“I’m serious though, he is on another level,” Bucky laughed when your expression turned just ever-so-slightly murderous. “I don’t know what’s going on in that man’s head, but it’s coming out of his mouth as the Bucky Barnes roast-a-thon.”
“Apparently Clint wants to put a label on things. Nat says he’s been asking Sam for weeks, but Sam keeps deflecting.”
“Ah. Well. That explains why he’s surly, but not why I’m the focus.”
“Think about it,” you said, brushing a lock of hair off his forehead. “Who is gonna most readily forgive him for being an asshole? Probably his bestie. Especially when he knows you’ve got me, and I’ll kick his ass.”
“I’ve kicked his ass before,” Bucky said proudly. “I ripped his wing off.”
“That was before you understood object permanence,” you said, which made him laugh.
“You should talk to him, though. He was there for you before we worked things out, and maybe he needs some tough love back.”
“You’re very intelligent, Mrs. Barnes.”
“So are you.”
“Your brain runs marathons around mine, doll.”
“We’ve got different areas of expertise! There is nobody I would trust more in the field to calculate the safest route without being seen. There certainly isn’t anybody else in this compound more qualified to talk me through a nightmare, or to figure out how to build me a better catsuit. Definitely the smartest uncle to those four little Davises. Thanks to you, Jaedyin now knows that only really nice people get to marry Auntie Doll.”
“That child is not going to understand anything about the world if I am her source on the subject,” he chuckled.
“Jenny better change her phone password or I’m sure you’ll get phone calls at all hours about why the dinosaurs died, and such.”
“It’s because they didn’t brush their teeth before bed, as I told Lakylenn yesterday… when she called me on Jenny’s phone.”
You threw your head back and laughed. “Oh my god. Best Buckle ever.”
“I think I’m gonna go find Sam,” he said as you looped your arm through his. “Then we can see about getting that tree.”
“I’ll get cleaned up. Meet you in the lounge on five in an hour?”
“Deal.” Bucky stepped into the elevator with you and pressed the buttons for five and six. He pressed his lips to your temple.
“Mmm. Sweaty,” you said apologetically.
“I’m not complaining. But next time you need a gym partner, I’m there. Maybe I’ll get more time standing at eye level with your beautiful, beautiful ass.”
“You can have that experience anytime,” you laughed.
He peered at you from the corner of his eye. The elevator dinged for five and the doors slid open.
“Oh, hey Y/n!” Peter Parker waved emphatically.
“Peter! What are you doing here?”
He glanced at Bucky and smiled so innocently that Bucky wondered for a split second what Peter was doing there. Then, the kid looked at you. “I’m looking for this guy. I need his opinion on gifts for MJ.”
“He’s all yours,” you said sweetly. “Tell MJ that I want to meet her, soon!”
“Will do. You free right now, Sergeant Barnes?”
Bucky kissed your cheek. “See you in an hour.” He followed the Spiderling and left you in the lift.
“I gotta go, but I’m gonna keep working on your playlist,” Peter said quickly, once he was sure that you weren’t going to suddenly burst out of the elevator again. “I’m seeing MJ tonight, she’ll have good ideas.”
“You really need my help?” Bucky asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
“Nah. MJ is the easiest person in the world to buy presents for. She sends me Amazon links. I’m getting her a rice cooker that doubles as a popcorn machine.”
“ That would make my life easier.”
“Yeah, movie nights are gonna be epic, now! Hey, I'll text you when your playlist is done, but you can change whatever you want on it. I won’t be insulted.”
“Thanks, Parker.” Bucky shook the kid’s hand, and then Peter darted back to the elevator to catch his ride back to New York. Tony’s helicopter, most likely.
Bucky discovered, upon returning to the lounge, that most of the people who had come to help with the playlist had departed; only Bruce and Clint remained, chatting with Sam about new ways to improve the wing pack which would take the pressure off his back. Sam caught sight of his best friend and perked up.
“Hey, man. So, we’re done. Your gift is going to be fantastic, and now I require your assistance elsewhere.”
Sam looked so uncomfortable to be in his own body that he kind of… bowed to Bruce and Clint, and then strode past Bucky, grabbing his elbow and yanking him along down the hall. He didn’t go for the elevators like a normal person. He dragged Bucky to the stairwell.
“Do you plan on throwing me down the stairs, or do you wanna tell me what’s going on?” Bucky asked as Sam raced downwards. He had at least relinquished his hold on Bucky’s arm.
“I’m currently running away from my problems,” Sam breathed.
Bucky snagged the back of Sam’s shirt and yanked him so hard that he sat with a thud on the third floor landing. He jumped down the stairs so he was in front of the Falcon, and held up a hand.
“What the hell?”
“Just… he’s standing there talking to Bruce like it’s nothing, and I just started choking.”
Sam put his face in his hands. He groaned. “I don’t know.”
Bucky tried very hard not to laugh. “What don’t you know?”
“What I’m doing trying to be… dating right now.”
“As opposed to… when?”
“I shouldn’t date people I work with, right?”
“Talking to the wrong guy.”
Sam raised his head as Bucky displayed his ring finger. “Right. Married to your partner. I’m in a hellscape--”
“Are you freaking out because of the idea of dating someone, or because that someone is Clint Barton?”
Sam seemed to seriously consider the question, but what he settled on was-- “Both,” he sighed. “He’s a flirt.”
“...Kind of makes me feel shit sometimes, even though I know that’s how he is.”
“Are you talking about him flirting with people in front of you, or just… generally?”
Sam glared at him. “Would you trust Y/n if you knew that she was going to flirt with anybody on two legs?”
“You’ve seen her and Nat,” Bucky shrugged. “Does he know you feel like that?”
“No! I don’t want to make him feel bad about who he is, it’s my issue--”
“But he can’t do anything about it if he doesn’t know.”
“I’m not asking him to change.”
“It’s not about that. If he cares about you and it’s a deal breaker… I mean, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to make my partner feel like shit, so I’d be more aware of how I was acting.”
“Y/n ever piss you off?”
“Yes,” Bucky said with a grin. “She has never made the bed a day in her life. She doesn’t wear matching socks. She forgets about empty soap bottles in the shower, she lets Alpine sleep on my black coat, and she puts her very cold toes on my thigh just to get a rise out of me. But none of that is a dealbreaker for me.” Bucky sat down beside his friend. “Is Clint flirting with other people going to put your relationship at risk, or are you struggling with what trust looks like for you?”
“Okay, Dr. Phil.” Sam looked at him incredulously. He shook his head. “I don’t know. Every time I think I know, I get… worried. He wants to know what we are, Buck. That’s the scariest question ever.”
“What are you, then?”
“I mean…” Sam stopped for a second.
“He’s the first person you text in the morning.”
“You learned to salsa for him.”
“I’m very good at it.”
“Pretty sure you haven’t eaten meat in like six months.”
“Vegetarianism can be very good for you, if you do it right--”
“You were sad when he couldn’t come to the wedding, Sam. I just… don’t really understand why Clint being a flirty guy trumps all those other things.”
Sam’s face fell. “Right.”
Bucky doffed him on the chin. “A wise guy once told me that I was obtuse. And he was right. And look at me now.”
The Falcon did so. “Ugly as ever.”
“You’re so charming.”
Sam nudged his shoulder. “You know, buddy… standing up beside you, watching you get married… people get married all the time, and most of them for the wrong reasons, but you managed to find somebody that people want to help make a playlist for. And it got me thinkin’ about having a partner that I’m proud of like that, who other people--my friends--love enough to list out songs about love, which they think my partner would like. Like… Peter Parker came here on a school night for you. Wanda revealed her love of Bonnie Tyler. For you.”
“Clint is a really good guy, Sam. You know he’s loved in this crowd.”
“I know… I agree.”
“Imagine how he feels when you’re constantly just… running away. That gets old. Feeling left behind. After a while, he’s gonna stop chasing you.”
“Fuck.” Sam ran a hand over his face. “I’m an asshole.”
“Yeah,” Bucky laughed. “But not an unredeemable one.”
“What the hell do I even say?”
“Hey, Clint. I’m an asshole. Sometimes it bothers me when you flirt with other people, if we could talk about that. Also let's be boyfriends.”
“You are the sappiest motherfucker I have ever met.”
“She brings it out in me, I don’t know what to tell you,” Bucky shrugged. “What does Barton bring out in you?”
“He… he makes me less afraid of trying new things because for him, things going poorly isn’t a sign of the end. Like… even when we tried that horrible American fusion restaurant, his response was ‘that’s gonna make the next place we try incredible.’ It’s not like unbridled optimism, it’s just. He’s not a total pessimist.”
“Seems to really like Marvin Gaye,” Bucky said with a smirk.
“We are not discussing that.” Bucky and Sam shared a smile, anyhow.
“Go talk to him. Stop running.”
Sam sat back for a minute and gave his closest friend a onceover. He shook his head. “I like this version of you. The married guy. It’s the best Bucky.”
Bucky blinked. “Did you… just say something nice to me?”
“Call it a new leaf.”
“Well. Thanks, man. I also prefer the version of me that doesn’t hate every waking moment of his life. You should try it.”
The Falcon laughed. He patted Bucky on the arm and stood. “Alright, I’m going to walk back up those stairs in shame, with my tail between my legs, and… apologize. I’ll see you later.”
“If you’re up for it tonight, we’ll probably be decorating a tree in the lounge. You’re both welcome to join us.”
“I appreciate your optimism. And whatever alien being has taken over your body can stay if he promises to let a little bit of grumpiness out, now and then. For old time’s sake.”
Bucky flipped him off. Sam gave a thumb’s up. He took his time up the stairs again, but he made such a beleaguered sigh when he reached the landing door to floor five that it echoed. Bucky’s phone buzzed in his pocket.
PETER: hey sergeant barnes its peter
PETER: your playlist is done
PETER: I hope she likes it
PETER: mj helped me add a few songs that werent on the list and we pretty much ignored the other stuff that mr lang and mr stark wrote down idk
PETER: your wife is a lot cooler than them but plz dont tell them i said that
PETER: some of them are covers because they r better than the og
PETER: its kinda a mix of new and old
PETER: merry xmas
Bucky flicked over to the only other app which featured on his homescreen, the little green circle with three black lines. The moment the home screen popped up, Good afternoon was written in white writing, and there was a square beneath it featuring four smaller squares inside of it (one of which was recognizably Elton John’s face, but the rest were not familiar). The label beside that collection of images read:
For Her
His nerves instantly went into a fever pitch--to open it now and look over the list of songs, most of which he probably wouldn’t know… or to leave it and trust that Peter and MJ did an okay job curating his playlist, the only gift he planned?
Bucky groaned. Well. He really didn’t have much of a choice. Regardless of whether or not Spider-man had good taste in music, that’s what Bucky had committed to giving you, it’s what you wanted, he kept reminding himself. So. Why ruin the surprise by getting himself all worked up?
His palms were sweating, but. Definitely wasn’t worked up or nervous. Definitely not about to sit in that stairwell, listening through the whole list just to vet it for any last minute additions. Besides, he was facing an evening spent with his wife, his primary best friend, and a woman who was now calling herself Y/n’s best friend if she knows what's good for her. He should be focusing on having a nice time, soaking up the holiday traditions he never got to have.
Bucky levitated off the stair as his phone rang. Your faces grinned up at him from the lock screen, in your matching uniforms on the happiest day of his life. Wife was your contact name, now. He was gonna be insufferable about that forever.
“Yes, darling?” he said into the microphone.
“Where are you? I have a cozy sweater with your name on it, and we’re burning daylight!”
The black SUV rumbled back onto the compound after a few hours away, carrying four people who had chopped down a very important tree, all while wearing Scandinavian sweaters in varying shades of white, red, and green.
This was the first tree they all had shared together--the first tree that the Russian-trained agents had ever had, the first either couple had as a couple, the first that America’s ass had since being defrosted, and the first live tree in the compound that wasn’t paid for by the government. It was small enough to fit in the corner of the fifth floor lounge, and it would drop more needles than anyone wanted to clean up, and about halfway home, Natasha started feeling sniffly… but the world made allergy medicine for a reason, and it was going to be a darn good tree if any of them had something to say about it.
It occurred to one of the party--the one with the most experience decorating trees, who was trying to give her new husband the best Christmas ever (despite not being able to provide the uncle time he so desperately craved)--that they hadn’t picked up any decorations for the tree, once it was sitting in it’s bucket.
An improvised decoration hunt began.
Steve had a bag of green Army men figurines from a prank Sam had pulled on him years prior--they became ornaments, with fronds of pine stuffed under their armpits so it looked like they were armed with needles instead of tiny bayonets.
Nat discovered oranges in the second floor kitchen, and twine, which made nice globes once they had been stabbed through the center and then strung up. Someone was undoubtedly going to miss both when tying up their holiday turkey, but it was all in the name of a well-dressed tree.
Bucky popped an entire movie theatre’s worth of popcorn, which doubled as a snack while sprinkling the kernels on the needles like fallen snow.
You set out to find an adequate topper, something worthy of a star-like position on top of the tree. Instead, you found yourself sitting on the floor of your suite, trying not to be angry at the little white cat who was perched on your knee. Alpine rubbed his noggin’ against your nose, and your cheek, not even minding the tearful trail.
It wasn’t obvious, at first, but when you walked into your suite there was a little trail of ripped paper leading from behind the desk… to beneath the bed. To the site of total destruction. It wasn’t just the wrapping paper which had been obliterated by kitten claws. The contents of the paper were ruined, too. You couldn’t even blame the cat. It was your fault for leaving it in a place he could reach it, complete with curled ribbon to draw him in (even if it had been hidden behind the desk so that Bucky didn’t see it before Christmas). Find it, Alpine most certainly did.
You leaned your head back on the mattress and tried to breathe, but the tears just wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t just a gift, it was… his mom, a beautiful portrait that Steve had created when you dug a photo of Winnie Larson Barnes out of records, in the process of looking for Bucky’s birth certificate to apply for a marriage license. She was so beautiful, and it would’ve been the perfect way to give him back the woman who gave him life. If her beautiful lips didn’t have kitty claws dug through the rosy watercolors which had been laid down by Cap’s brush. Now, you had nothing to give him.
The cat purred like I was helping, mom, I swear. You pulled him into your lap and buried your face in your arms, so the cat who had ruined everything was caged in. You didn’t bother looking up when the door swung open.
“Did you find--oh. Doll?”
Paper crinkled around you. Then, he smoothed your hair.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on?” he murmured.
“Stupid cat ruined everything,” you blubbered, dripping more tears onto the cat who very much deserved it. Alpine merely mewed up at you.
“Honey…” Bucky touched your shoulder. “What happened? Can you look at me?”
Slowly, you raised your head to look at him, but the moment you saw his concerned expression, a new wave of emotion hit you. “I had the best present for you, and-and this monster destroyed it, and I should just make him wear a little angel gown and sit on top of the tree as punishment, but he’s so cute, and oh god, Bucky, it was so beautiful… you were going to love it, Steve worked so hard! He did like three drafts, and I told him every time that it was perfect, and then it was even better every time! Like--baby, look at this!!” You scrambled for the pieces of paper, to try and hold it up where it would’ve met. “It’s your mom. She’s so pretty, and Alpine ripped her up!”
Bucky gently wrapped his fingers around her wrists and his gaze softened. “You planned this with Steve?” he asked. He made a mental note to give Steve a hug later for such a gorgeous portrait, even if the dumb cat had made a mess of it. So much for haven’t picked up charcoal in decades. You nodded frantically. “Doll… that’s the nicest gift--how did you even find a picture of her to show him?”
“It was in your file in records,” you sniffled. “I should’ve put it in the drawer, but you were looking for something the other day and you looked in that drawer and you almost saw it, and I was gonna hide it in our luggage instead, but we’re not going to Jenny’s now--”
“Oh, love,” he soothed. “I’m sorry. It’s really beautiful. We can fix it, though.” He took the pieces from you and looked over the jagged edges. “A little tape on the back, you’ll never know Alpine was here.”
“Winnie deserves better than tape!” you cried.
Bucky sat beside you, shooing Alpine away. The cat jumped onto the chair and settled sullenly.
“I’m sorry Alpie ruined your gift,” he said. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and pulled you close. “If it’s any consolation, I put yours in the hands of the Avengers, and… I’m still not convinced it wasn’t ruined by the man who officiated our wedding.”
You laughed, despite the tears which just kept flowing. “Really?”
“It’s nothing big, so don’t get your hopes up, but… would you feel better if I showed you?”
“...My gift which Tony likely ruined?”
“Yeah,” he laughed. “Just close your eyes, okay?”
You laid your head on his shoulder and did as he said. He jolted you a little, reaching forward. A drawer opened and shut. His thumb brushed your cheek, and then… your earbud was fitted into your ear. You frowned, but you waited patiently to be told you could open your eyes again. Instead…
Gentle guitar picking flowed like water into your head. You knew the song, but you couldn’t place it immediately. You peered up at him. Bucky was wearing the other earbud, like he had in the early days of your relationship when you got him running in the mornings sharing some Benny Goodman. One corner of his mouth turned up. He held up his phone so you could see the screen.
For Her, a playlist by Bucky Barnes.
Oh my god, you thought.
When you asked for ‘music’ you figured he’d add some vinyl to your collection, or maybe pick up some tickets to a jazz show in the city… not this. Not make a whole playlist. Especially not one that started with Can’t Help Falling in Love.
Wise men say: only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.
You might be fools, but you hadn’t rushed; if anything, it had felt like pulling teeth just to get to the point where you could translate what he felt for you, but this… how could you not be madly in love with this man? You took his phone and scrolled past title after title on the playlist--it really was a perfect mash of classic, beautiful songs with new music… but not too new. Nothing that felt fake or out of place, and there were a shocking number of things from the nineties. All of them were perfect choices.
The song changed to the next, a Beatles classic with a little twist. You rested your chin on his shoulder. “You gave me music,” you whispered.
Bucky let out a ragged breath. “You like it? I asked everyone what their favorite love songs were, and then Peter helped me put them together.”
“Oh my god, Bucky. It’s really good!”
“Thank you so much. I’m going to listen to this all the time.” You tugged his chin so he’d lean down and kiss you.
“Good. I… it’s been making me crazy for days,” he admitted, scratching his temple. “I would have probably scrapped the whole thing if Tony hadn’t called the team together.”
“You nailed it.”
You paused the playlist, but sent it to yourself (adding yourself as Bucky’s friend so that you could pay him back for this collection at a later date). He had to have spoken to Jenny, given the inclusion of Celine… and there was no way that Bucky came to the conclusion on his own that you were a sucker for both Boyz II Men and Bonnie Tyler (although, of all the additions to the list, you wondered who was responsible for Sexual Healing... Tony was the most likely culprit). The idea of Bucky listening to those songs and thinking that it was a worthwhile list was amusing. There was no way he knew what his friends put on it.
It was the perfect gift when one lived in a compound with a bunch of adults who sometimes acted like adolescents, who were all far more involved in each other’s lives than was really appropriate.
You hugged him tight. “I’m sorry I don’t have anything for you.”
“Not true.” Bucky pulled your legs so they rested over his. “Approximately six days ago, you stood up in front of our friends and promised to take care of me forever. Today, you gave me this very festive sweater--which I love, by the way--and we found and decorated a tree with two of our favorite human beings. And I’m hoping two more will join us later. All of this is possible because of you, doll.”
You perked up. “Did you talk sense into Sam?”
“More or less. We’ll see if it paid off.” He smiled, nodding at Alpine. “Come on. Don’t let that innocent furry face ruin your night.”
You sighed, but you nodded. “I really wanted you to have something that you could look at every day to remind you of your mom.”
“Honey… every time I look at you, I am struck by how much she would’ve loved you. Tell you what… why don’t we take a trip into the city tomorrow, after Steve and I cook breakfast?”
“There’s nothing like Brooklyn on Christmas.”
You blinked. “What do you mean?”
“I gotta visit Ma’s headstone. I could bring you with me, we could drink hot chocolate with her. Either way, it’s real important that I go, and soon.”
“Why soon?”
Bucky took your left hand in his and kissed the ring which sat on your third finger. He smiled, but for just a moment he looked a little sad.
“Gotta tell her I got married.”
The flip in his voice, that little crack which belied deeper emotion… it hit you square in the chest. It was a choking feeling, the way new tears welled. You crawled into his lap.
“Yes. Please. Let's go.”
Brooklyn was bathed in the kind of light which seemed to be made for Bucky’s life-changing moments. Paris had looked just that shade of gold the day you agreed to marry him, and the brownstones shone on Christmas day as he walked arm-in-arm with you. The haphazard Christmas displays on front walks and stoops were lit and merry (at least the ones which hadn’t been eclipsed by the spray of grey sludge from the snow plows).
Bucky pointed out the apartment that he had lived in with his family, and the alley he pulled Steve out of more times than he could count… the curb he had wrecked his bicycle on trying to jump it, and the tree stump which used to be a tall maple that had broken his fall and subsequently his nose. The bar he drank in for the first time (the same bar he was banned from for drinking underage). The pizza joint which had been open since the forties, and appeared to be under management by the same family.
It was like a reunion. Why did Brooklyn feel like this with you? He had been back a few times in the last few years, but you brought out a side of the neighborhood which seemed like her truest face. It wasn’t Christmas magic; the city was still as wild and unruly as ever, despite the glow from lights and the smattering of snow on every eave. It’s just that standing in the place which formed him with the woman who saved him made both things seem perfectly matched.
You fit. As well as your fingers fit the crook of his arm, you and Brooklyn were a fine pair.
So, he took you to see Her last.
Winnie Larson Barnes
Beloved wife and mother
It was just a headstone, weathered with moss and weather and time, but it sat next to a much older one that one could barely make out the lettering for if one didn’t know who wasn’t buried there. The man in question stood at his mother’s grave.
One time, early in knowing you, Bucky had a dream which made him ache long after he woke, but not a nightmare. It was just fragments of a life that wasn’t to be, but… Winnie was embracing you, unveiling you at the end of the aisle in a small church--that one, which had been the cornerstone of the Barnes’ little community for Bucky’s whole childhood. That was the whole of the dream. Winnie knowing you. Bucky couldn’t have everything in this life, but…
“I’m married, Ma,” he said softly. “And God, you’d love her.” He kissed your temple, and you both sniffled.
The shadows seemed to curve, and the sunshine shifted, but Bucky sipped hot chocolate without remarking on the passing of the day, and told his mother all about the morning he met his wife, and how he knew he loved her (and shared a few international secrets, but Winnie was more than trustworthy). They asked Winnie’s opinion about where they might move once the intrigue and adventure lost their lustre.
But the golden light thrummed.
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, she said. The city, the sunlight, the mother. Didn’t matter who spoke. Her voice was clear as crystal.
Bucky’s playlist:
Part 10
Part 12 - coming soon
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belovasbrat · 15 hours ago
OKAY OKAY OKAY but imagine Bratty!Jealous!Reader who hates when Daddy!Bucky has to babysit another little... So she acts out but Buckys rly soft with her and kinda kills the brattiness [🙄] by babying her and coddling her
this is the cutest thing ever omg i’m melting i’m a puddle on the ground
Tumblr media
“honey…” bucky croons from the other side of the room; you’re sitting with your back to him, pouting, as bucky takes care of wanda whilst nat and steve are out for the day.
“go ‘way.” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest indignantly. “don’ wanna talk to you. stupid daddy.”
“come on, honey. that’s not nice now, is it?” he creeps up behind you, his scruff scratching the crook of your neck as he murmurs love words into your soft skin. “come on, my baby. daddy wants to cuddle…”
you squirm and wriggle under his grip, holding back the grin that threatens to push to the surface.
“my angel…” he continues, “daddy misses you. daddy misses his favourite girl.”
“daddy!” you elbow him, rolling your eyes at his antics. “know what you’re doin’.” you grumble.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about baby. i just want to spend time with my pretty girl.” he chuckles, the deep voice reverberating through your body, only intensifying your urge to press yourself against his broad chest.
“dis isn’t fair.” you huff, turning around to face him.
“hi, princess.” he laughs at your frown and the creases in your forehead intensify. “c’mere, pretty girl. daddy needs you.”
“what you need me for?” you murmur against his chest, cheeks squished as he holds you close.
“this, baby. need you to snuggle daddy…”
“why, you could jus’ snuggle wanda.” you retort sourly, clearly jealous of all the time he’s been spending with her.
“wanda has her mommy and daddy. she doesn’t compare to my baby.” he coos, kissing your forehead as you finally allow yourself to sink into his embrace. “‘atta girl.”
“daddy.” you hum melodically.
“baby.” he replies.
“my daddy.” you grumble.
“yes, baby. yours only.”
you giggle, pushing your face into the crook of his neck and inhaling his scent. “forever and ever, daddy.” you chime.
“forever and ever and ever, my baby girl.” he grins, cradling you to his chest and kissing all over your face. you giggle, swatting at his chest playfully.
“you so warm, daddy. warm an’ cuddly.” you murmur, clambering into his lap like a kitten. “don’ move ever again. gotta stay here with you.”
“alright, princess. we’ll stay here and cuddle.”
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misguidedasgardian · a day ago
The New Line
IV. Erase it
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary: You try to navigate having Steve back in your life, or try to kick him out anyways
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x FemaleReader (very ambiguously described) Ft. Steve Rogers
Warnings: Cursing, mentions of abandonment, fluff, angst, heavy talks, a little misogynist Steve, high risk pregnancy, mentions of complications in pregnancy
Bucky being a dream, Steve being the biggest asshole, not dark, but a total dipshit
+18 please.
Word Count: 2.8k (approx)
Notes: Thank for all the comments and follows to this story
Tumblr media
You heard him talk, and you totally became numb, if you thought the pain you had felt when he left you was bad, it held nothing on this.
After the shock you had to sit down so now there you were, Steve was sitting there across from you, speaking to you like he didn't left you for another woman, and he came back, talking about how Bruce turn him back like it was his last mission in the jungle with the team
“Anyways... “ he said, “If you had came talk to me that day, you'll would have realise that it was always the plan” that did leaked in, and you sat there not believing his audacity
“You just had to wait a couple of months until Bruce can change me back and everything would been like nothing had happened” You heard him talk and talk and you couldn't believe the audacity of this man
“Steve you left me”
“But only for a couple of months!” he said
“Oh so you didn´t live a full life with Peggy Carter?” you asked him, “Because I knew there wasn't any problems with you, so clearly you made a choice, and that choice was to leave me for another woman” he didn't erase that condescending smile, and you wanted to punch him in the face, your mama lion instincts kicking in
“The moment Peggy told me she didn't want have children, and that she wanted to keep working I knew I made a mistake”
“What?” you asked
“And I knew right there, it was you darling, all this time, you are the real deal”
“I have to ask” you said, dead serious, “Are you having senile dementia?” he laughed like you had cracked the joke of the century
“Of course not Honey, I'm here now!” he said, like you were the double face idiot, “And you should be thankful” he said
“Excuse me?”
“I came back for you, and to help you with my baby”
“You didn't come back to me!” you claimed, “you got old and barely survived to see us all back again, and it's NOT your baby!”
“Ah it isn´t?” he asked, he was starting to get mad, “And who's the father if it isn't me?”
“It's Bucky,” you said firmly. He laughed, deadass laughed in your face
“You are about to give birth, 8 months ago we were together, it´s my baby” he said firmly
“You might have help in the making, but you renounced every claim you had on her when you left me! You don't get to say that! you accused, “not after you left me”
“Her? A girl?” he asked, with his tone, you knew perfectly well he was disappointed, and you didn't understand why your chest clenched with sorrow again, why would you feel like that? He was the one that left you and abandoned you, you didn't have to care about his opinion. He was a misogynist, dreaming about having his male heir or whatever
“Yes, it´s a girl” you said firmly, “We are naming her Rebecca”
“We?” he asked
“Bucky and I” he chuckled, mockingly, “He is the real father of our baby”
“Cut the crap, you are telling me that you are together now?”
“Yes we are!” Bucky came into the house, almost in a rage, Sam trailing after him
“Honey, you are willing to kick away the father of your baby, your boyfriend of five years, for him?”
“Without a second thought” you said firmly. Steve got off the couch and into his feet to meet Bucky. Both faced the other, and you feared a physical confrontation
“Bucky you are pathetic” he accused
“I'm the pathetic one?” he asked
“You don't think I didn't see that sad puppy face every time someone celebrated me?, like when we came back to camp after I rescued you? or when Peggy preferred me? instead of you? or when I became the hero?”
“You are delusional” he said, not believing his best friend had become this person in front of him
“So now you plan on replacing me, taking my girl, and my baby” he finished, “Well it's not gonna happen”
“If it is your baby and your girl, I want you to tell me, what week of pregnancy is she in?” he asked, Steve just tried to kill him with his stare, “What foods made her nauseous the first months?” he asked, but there was no answer, “What was she craving?” he attacked again
“You know I have no answer for those things because she...!” he said, raising his voice and pointing directly at you, “Never told me she was pregnant!”
“I was going to tell you that night!” you defended, “I found out the day before, but you never came back!”
“I did came back”
“Or better yet” Bucky continued, “something every parent should know, what foods can she not have? and which ones are recommended in pregnancy? which vitamins?”
“Stop it!” gunted Steve, “Do you think reading some books about pregnancy makes you a father?”
“But being here does!” you said, “Being the first thing I see when I wake in the morning, and the last thing I see at night, cooking for me meals rich in vitamins for the baby, and make sure I take the supplements, and coming with me to all the appointments, consoling me when I feel so bloated and tired I just cry for hours on end because I'm uncomfortable, and cuddle with me despite of my demonic behaviour all day because I can't eat raw things” Now Steve was speechless, but mad, and when he was mad, he had the tendency of…
“I didn't know you were pregnant!” he yelled, “Because you had such a big ego you couldn't even let it slide to tell me!” you wouldn't believe what you were hearing
“What is wrong with you?” asked Bucky
“There is nothing wrong with me, I just came to claim what is mine”
“You are insane” he said, things were getting heated, luckily Sam came into the house
“Ok, I see now that this was an awful idea Steve” he accused, “You said you were going to behave”
“I didn't know she was pregnant” he said back, he said, pointing at your belly in a way you didn't like, “How could you not tell me? you all hid this from me!”
“You had no right to know!” you said, grabbing the reins of the situation again, “You left me for another woman!” You said, “You came back as a 100 year old man! after living a life with fucking Peggy”
“But I came back to you!” He repeated, “It took me all these months because Bruce and Hank Pym took his time rebuilding the portal, that's the only reason why I wasn't with you any sooner, and you refused to talk to me that day!” he was making you feel like you were the one in the wrong, and he was in the right
“Ok that's it!” you yelled, the three men stood very still, impressed. And you felt your blood boil, your mama lion insticts kicking in so fast it made your head spin, “Steve get the fuck out of our home!” you said firmly. Bucky smiling proudly, “She is mine” you continued, cradling your belly “And Bucky ́s''
“I want a paternity test” he demanded
“Get the fuck out!” you demanded, and Sam grabbed him softly by the arm, and took him out of the house.
“This isn't over!” Steve promised, leaving the house, and only when you heard the engine driving away, you drop yourself back to the sofa, feeling suddenly depleted of your energy
“Hey Doll” Bucky was on you in a second, “That's my baby momma, are you ok?” you nodded while you tried to calm your unsteady breathing
“Yes I just, got tired all of a sudden”
“Let me get your vitals” he said, “FRIDAY!” he called, and the AI was in it in a second
“Everything looks good Papa bear” she chanted
“Papa Bear?” you giggled. Bucky smiled at you and give you a little peck in the lips
“That's my code name for pregnancy things” he said
“What´s mine?” you asked, amused
“Momma bear” he responded simply
“I love that” he kissed you again softly. He grabbed you gently, like if you were a princess, and carried you to the bed, he help you get under the covers after he took off your shoes
“Are you ok?” he asked, more serious than before, leaning in to kiss your temple
“I can't believe he is back” you murmured
“Would you ever consider… taking him back?” he asked, seating beside you at the edge of the bed
“What?” you asked, scared, “No!” you grabbed his hands, suddenly terrified, “Never Bucky please…” was he going to leave you?
“Hey, it's ok, I´m here” you were becoming so upset he could sense it, “I'm just wondering”
“No Bucky, please, it's you, only you”
“I'm not going anywhere” he said, “I swear it, I was just scared” you both breathed more relaxed. But the confrontation drained you of all your energy.
“I don't want to take him back, I don't want to see him, I don't want to have him near me” a single tear escaped your eye, “I don't know what I'm going to do”
“I´m here, with you”
“I don't want to share her with him, she is ours” he smiled softly and kissed you
“I´ll talk to him, calmly” you sighed, “You need to take a nap”
“Steve was always like a Dementor” you murmured, “It drains you of your soul and energy”
“A what?” he asked, confused, “is that something the avengers fought?”
“Have you never seen Harry Potter!?” you yelled. Bucky laughed, shaking his head, “No freaking way! we need to see them!”
“Them?” Bucky asked
“There are 8 of them” you giggled
“Oh shit!”
Tumblr media
Bucky signed one last time. He had left you with Pepper, as he decided, after that heated argument with Steve, that they needed to relax and try again to come to terms with what had happened, so he asked his old friend to a café
“We need to have a serious and calm conversation about this” he said firmly, as Steve nodded.
“Please, you go first” he said
“When you left that day, you hugged me and asked me to take care of her” he said softly, “You knew already you weren't coming back”
“Yes, I was thinking about it since before I left
“Why didn't you tell her?” he said
“I didn't have the nerve”
“So you surviving until you saw us all again was a coincidence?”
“Yes, I didn't know I would survive it, but when I did I realised I could do it all again”
“But do you think that is fair to her?” asked Bucky, even if it was a couple seconds to us, you did live another life with another woman”
“I realise that, it's been 80 years for me, but I never stopped thinking about her”
“Steve, you have to walk away” he said firmly, and Steve look became angry
“I don't want to” he said
“The best thing you could do is walk away” repeated Bucky
“I won't walk away from my woman, and my baby”
“You already did” he responded, “I'm here now” he said firmly, “And you need to understand that, unlike you, I´m not going anywhere”
“Peggy didn´t gave me any children” he said, like he was a little kid
“That's unfortunate” Bucky said, “but you made your choice, so now you stick with it”
“You think I'll walk away just like that?” he asked, almost mocking him
“I'm asking you to do it, because she doesn't want you there” he said firmly, “She won't take you back, under any circumstances, she will marry me, and the baby will have my name”
“Well, I don´t care, it´s my baby, and if you wanted it so, I want a paternity test now, so I can prove it, and if need be, to call a lawyer” Bucky frowned, desiring he could settle this in an old school way like in a duel or something, but that wasn't going to work out
“She isn't doing a DNA test”
“Is not up to you” dealing with him was like dealing with a toddler
“She can't do it now, you´ll have to wait until she is born”
“Are you suddenly an expert in pregnancy?” he mocked
“Yeah, I became one, for her” he said, “I read a lot of books, and articles” he was frustrated, Bucky could feel it, Steve leaned back into the seat and crossed his arms over his chest
“I want to hear from her that she doesn't want me back”
“She is eight months pregnant and the other day she needed a four hour nap and a trip to the doctor to get over your little visit” he said firmly, “You are not going anywhere near her”
“I want to be part of my baby's life” he said firmly, “I want to be there for the birth”
“You must know, it's a high risk pregnancy” Steve stood very still, “Doctor Cho is scared for her, even if she doesn't want to show it, we don't know how the birth is going to go, due to, the serum in the baby, and she didn't want to have any testing done because it includes a very invasive needle and the risk of miscarriage, and we're too late to do it anyways”
“So she is going in blindly” he spoke like it was a military mission
“Yes, we don't know what to expect” Bucky was terrified, “It's been a good pregnancy, she just needs a lot of more supplements, than a regular baby, it´s like she is a super baby” They both shared a look, “Which is very possibly”
“But doctor Cho, I'm certain that she can do whatever it takes”
“Yes, of course, she is beyond overqualified for this, we are confident that everything is going to be ok”
“It will take me sometime to understand she doesn't want me” he said, “But I do want to see the baby”
“I'll talk to her” said Bucky, “If you concede in letting us do what we want, I'm sure she will let you be a part of her life Steve”
“I'll wait then”
He surrendered, Steve surrendered
Tumblr media
“Ok mama bear” Bucky had his sargeant voice on, as he marked a red cross in today´s date in the calendar “It's on, we are in the 38 week mark, everything after this point is fair game”
“Oh” you rubbed your belly, you loved your daughter with all your heart, and soul, and body, but you wanted her out, you were so uncomfortable
“Now momma, what's the plan?” he asked
“As soon as the water breaks, we jump in the car” yu said firmly
“I have it loaded with the hospital bag”
“Yes, and FRIDAY is calling Bruce and Doctor Cho immediately, they promise to be in the compound for the next 3 weeks”
“Good, now Bruce… I know he means well” he started, “I'm just saying, he is a giant! what if he doesn't measure right and crushes our baby?”
“Bruce is not going to crush anyone” you said smiling widely
“I'm not sure I want his big hands in the receiving end” you giggled
“I'm sure it will be fine” you opened your arms to him, which was a clear sign that you wanted to cuddle. And you did, getting comfortable in his arms in the couch
“What if I hurt her?” he asked suddenly, you looked at him, scared
“What do you mean?”
“What if… I hurt her while I held her?” he looked at you with those beautiful eyes so tortured you wanted to kiss him to eternity to prove him wrong
“You won´t”
“What if I pinch her little arms or legs with the gears and grooves of my metal arm?” you touched the arm in question, feeling it so soft and smooth
“The old one had those things, but not this one” you said softly, and you placed your fingers inside his metal elbow, try to pinch me
“I'm going to hurt you”
“You won't” he took his hand to his shoulder, bending his arm as he gently pressed your fingers, and you didn't feel anything, “There are no grooved or gears Mr Barnes, you are safe and qualified to hold your crying daughter to make her burp while her mother is asleep” he smiled as one single tear escaped his eye
“I love you so much”
Tumblr media
“I fucked up Sam” Steve wished he could be drunk right now
“Yeah you did” he said, drinking his own beer
“I want them both back”
“She is with Bucky now”
“Yes I know”
“Are you going to accept that?” he said, cautionaly
“Yes, if that's what it takes to be part of my daughter's life”
Tumblr media
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November Recs List | Part 11
Here are the second part of recs for November in no particular order. PLEASE support the writers as they put a lot of work into their fics! Comment any fics for me to check out and add for next month! Also, if you find any mistakes or missing/incorrect “*” please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible! Thank you, happy daydreaming :)
[ * = 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝟏𝟖+, 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐃𝐍𝐈 ]
Bucky Barnes x Reader unless stated otherwise
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If Only You Were Mine… Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Pairings—Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
You’ve been in love with Bucky Barnes since the moment you laid eyes on him. That was five years ago, when your older sister brought him home for a Sunday lunch and introduced him as her boyfriend.
MINORS DNI. 18++. Angst. Mentions of violence. Language. Readers family is shitty. Protective!Bucky. Nurse!Wanda. Pining!Bucky. Mentions of pregnancy.
“You had one job. I understand why you did it, okay? I get that you were lost in the moment and you acted with your before you thought with your brain,” George huffed, hands tugging frustratingly on the end of his silver hair, “But this is our lives, James. You just put a bounty on all of our heads.” He threw his head back incredulously, eyes clenched as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “All of them.”
Bucky stopped his pacing in front of the window to cast an exasperated scowl in his father’s direction before he was walking again.
Five heavy strides to the left, turn, five more strides back, repeat.
He was only half listening, cerulean eyes trained on the metal gate at the end of the long driveway. He could deal with a scolding later, after Steve has delivered you safely to him. Although he really didn’t need one, he was well aware of the consequences of his actions tonight.
“Leave him be, darling.” Winnie Barnes whispered, passing her husband a tumbler filled to the rim with his favorite scotch. “He finally stuck it to them, something we should’ve done a long time ago.” She sank down beside him, fingers brushing soothingly along the tensed muscles of his back, a tender kiss pressed to his flushed cheek. “Whatever ramifications arise from this, we’ll get through together.”
“If I may,” Natasha piped up, kicking off the bookshelf before making her way around the leather settee. “We’ve already got the ball rolling on a case against the Y/L/N.” She plopped down beside Winnie, both hands wrapped around a warm mug of tea. “I’ve taken it on myself and with the help of Sam we’ve built quite the case. The contract was easily approved for a void,” She shot George a sideways glance, blue eyes narrowing slyly, “But I’m sure you knew it would be, Mr. Barnes.”
The silver haired man raised a brow, chuckling slowly, “Of course I did. The contract was a mess—nothing but bullshit.” He nodded, grin falling solemn as his eyes flickered to the roaring flames in the fireplace. “That’s not what concerns me.” He slumped back on the settee, gulping back a generous sip of the throat burning scotch. “They’ll come for us. Y/F/N isn’t the man I once knew. His business isn’t as pure as it used to be.” He scrubbed a hand down his face, nails scratching along his trimmed beard. “He has connections to some very bad men and his own hands are stained with blood.”
Bucky interest was piqued.
He shuffled closer, brows furrowed, lip trapped between his teeth, and arms crossed over his chest as he stood beside the couch, eyes flashing from his father’s defeated form to the front window.
“Then we dig.” Natasha declared, leaning forward to place her mug on the coffee table. She straightened up, lifting her chin defiantly. “I’m assuming you have dirt on him. Let’s dig up some more.” She glanced back at Bucky, apprehension crossing over her face and he gave a single stoic nod. “Things already don’t look good for him with the faulty contract—foraging Bucky’s signature and threatening all of you. We’re already a step ahead of them. We need to keep it that way.”
“I would also like to figure out why the fuck they treat Y/N like shit.” Bucky added quietly, perching himself on the arm of the settee. “Something must’ve happened or-” He shook his head, gnawing on his bottom lip as he combed his fingers through his hair. “You don’t just hate your own child without reason. She didn’t do anything so I want to know why.”
“Well, we don’t have much of a choice,” George huffed, throwing back the last sip from his tumbler, tongue darting out to lick the remnants from his lips, “But if we’re going to do this—go after them, we need to tread carefully. Winnie,” He turned back to his wife, intertwining their fingers before lifting it to his lips, pressing gentle kisses to her knuckles. “I think you should take Y/N and the girls north. As soon as possible.”
Winnie shifted nervously, spine straightening, lips pursed, and soft, blue eyes wide. “You really think that’s necessary? I don’t think we should be apart.”
“I do.” George mumbled with a frown, dropping her hand in favor of cupping her cheeks and placing a tender kiss to her forehead. “You have no idea what he’s capable of, the lengths he’d go.”
“Up north?” Bucky inquired, brows furrowed as he racked his brain for what that could possibly mean.
Upstate New York or further?
Would that mean being apart from you again? Because he would not stand for that.
“We have a cottage upstate.” Winnie replied, rising from her seat with George’s empty glass in hand. “We’ve kept the location discreet. A safe house of sorts.” She offered him the smallest of smiles as she refilled the tumbler halfway. This time she poured one for herself, needing something strong to take the edge off, ease the dubiety weighing heavy on her chest. “Just in case—for times such as these.”
“Why haven’t we gone there before?”
But before anyone got the chance to respond, headlights flashed through the windows and the sound of tires screeching to an abrupt stop resonated outside.
Bucky was on his feet and racing out the front door without another thought. He hurried down the front steps, eyeing a tousled, flush faced Steve as he hopped out of the driver's seat.
“She’s in the back.”
Bucky's brows furrowed further, the crease between them deepening with every step towards the SUV. He didn’t have time to question before Becca slipped from the passenger seat, tears spilling rapidly down her cheeks, gasping out choked sobs.
“What the fuck happened?” Sam hollered, rushing down the front path, meeting Becca halfway to guide her into the house. “Who did this to you?”
It was then he noticed the gash on the left side of her forehead, fresh blood trickling down her reddened cheek and temple, and he felt his heart lurch painfully in chest.
Fearing the worst, he broke into a sprint, rushing around the driver’s side to where his best friend was leaning through the opened door and into the back seat.
“Buck, come help.” There was a frantic edge to his voice and it left Bucky’s gut churning and his mouth running dry.
“What’s goi-” His mouth fell open at the sight of you lying limp on the cold leather seat. Completely frozen as all too many feelings and emotions came rushing to the surface. Before he even realized what he was doing, he was shoving Steve out of the way and taking his place in the opened door.
“What the fuck? What the fuck happened? Who the fuck-” Bucky swallowed hard, inhaling sharply as he ran his fingers along your pliant body and up to your pale cheeks. It was then that he noticed the hand and fingerprints painted along your throat. “Oh my God.”
He lifted the back of your head, finding it almost impossible to breathe at the sight of you looking nearly dead. He’d think you were if it wasn’t for the way your chest heaved and lips parted with every stifled breath.
When he slipped one hand off the back of your head, intent on double checking your pulse, he found a layer of flesh blood coating his palm and fingers.
“Steve, what-” He growled out, anger swirling in his dark eyes as rage bubbled within his chest. “What happened?”
“We need to get her inside.” Steve urged, hands steady on Bucky’s trembling shoulders. “I’ll explain everything, okay? Let’s just get her inside.”
Bucky nodded, lip caught between his teeth as he ever so carefully lifted your body from the car, one arm beneath your knees and the other supporting the tops of your shoulders as your head lolled against his chest.
Wanda, Natasha, and Sam were gathered at the doorway, parting so that he could carry you in. He ignored their frantic gazes, words, and questions as he headed straight for the stairs. He didn’t think twice before turning in the direction of his old room, shouldering the door open, and setting you gently on the bed.
Wanda appeared beside him, already in nurse mode, and with a towel in hand. Bucky gently lifted your head, allowing her to press it to the gouge at the back of your head. He perched himself on the edge of the bed, taking your small, cold hand in his much larger one, and pressing kisses to your fingers as Wanda scurried out of the room murmuring something about ice.
He didn’t spare a glance at Steve when he entered the room, eyes trained solely on you, brushing his knuckles along your cheek. “What happened?” His voice was low and deep.
The underlying outrage was clear in Bucky's tone alone. Steve rarely saw this side of his best friend—only when it came to protecting the people that he loved. The very same he’d use on anyone who dared pick on Steve when they were still boys. Only now it was darker, much more menacing—a guarantee to bring whoever harmed even the slightest hair on your head, an grievous amount of pain.
Steve knew he had no other choice but to tell him, though he was afraid of how he might react. Not out of concern for Carly, she deserved whatever she got and then some, but for the sake of his very best friend.
Bucky would blame himself.
Spend today and the rest of his days, punishing himself for allowing this to happen to you.
All of this because he’d slipped up—had a moment of weakness, a quiver in his strong facade.
“It was Carly.” Steve admitted quietly, hands stuffed deep in his pockets as he rocked nervously on his heels. He witnessed the moment in processed in his brain, numerous emotions washing over his face.
Mostly anger in the tick in his jaw, an ounce of shock in the cock of his brows, and a whole lot of guilt swirling in his wide, blue eyes.
“She was on her when I got there.” Steve sighed, scrubbing his hands down his face, head tossed back to the sky as he fought to collect himself. A sight he never wanted to see again but would forever be engraved in the forefront of his memory. “I’ve never seen Carly like that. There was-” He took a deep breath, shaking his head, “There was no remorse, only hatred on her face. She was sitting on Y/N’s chest, almost bouncing on it, both hands wrapped around her throat.” He paused, carefully selecting his next words, “She kept screaming ‘You ruin everything… I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you’. Becca hit her head pretty hard, and was knocked out cold for a few minutes. She was still waking when I got there, just screaming at the top of her lungs.”
“What did you do?” Bucky inquired, voice cracking slightly as he ran his fingers over the inflamed marks on your neck. There would be bruises in a few days and the grooves from her nails would most likely scar. He cleared his throat, finally lifting his head to gaze at this friend, standing tensely across the room.
“I ripped Carly off her, tossed her back into the wall.” The blonde swallowed thickly, “Must’ve knocked her out because she didn’t stir. Not while I was getting them out.”
Bucky’s heart clenched for his friend. Steve was a great guy, the best he ever knew. He would never lay a hand on anyone, let alone a woman, unless he felt he had no choice. It was obvious it wasn’t sitting well with him.
Bucky was both sorry and thankful he’d done it for you.
Steve had saved you.
Bucky didn’t hesitate as he stood from his seat and barreled into his best friend, embracing him in a much needed, heartfelt hug.
“Thank you.” He whispered, patting and brushing his hand soothingly along the expanse of his back. “You saved her, Stevie. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you for that. Thank you.”
Steve relaxed into him, arms wrapped securely around his friend's waist, grounding and steadying himself in the brunette's hold. “I didn’t want to hurt anyone but I couldn’t just let Carly kill her.” He sniffled softly, pressing his face into Bucky's shoulder, “She was going to kill her. I had to stop it.”
“You did the right thing, pal.” Bucky mumbled, tightening his hold. “Thank you for looking out for her. You didn’t have a choice and you did as I asked. She wouldn’t be alive if you hadn't.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t get there sooner.” Steve breathed out, shaking his head. “I didn’t know if I should take her to the hospital. I was afraid they’d come for her there if I did. And didn’t have my phone on me, I realized too late that I’d left it in Nat’s purse. I couldn’t call-”
“Hey, hey,” Bucky interjected when he picked up on the growing panic and distress in his friend's tone. He drew back, planting his palms on either side of his shoulders. “You did good.” He made sure to keep his face calm, expression sincere. “You did the right thing, okay?” He offered him a small, encouraging smile, giving his shoulders a light squeeze. “Don’t beat yourself up over this. You did exactly what I asked and more.”
There was a commotion outside, pulling the two apart before Becca burst through the door. Her eyes were wild, frantically scanning the length of the room. A throw blanket hung over her trembling shoulders, her chest was rising and falling with panicked breaths, and a bandage taped over the wound on her head.
Wanda and Winnie appeared behind her in the doorway, attempting to coax her from the room.
“The doctor will be here soon, darling.” Winnie tried, slipping a hand down her arm, tugging her gently towards the door. “He’ll take care of both of you—clean your injuries and check you over.”
“Why don’t we change out of your dress? Hmm?” Wanda offered softly, rubbing a hand down her back, “Get into something a bit more comfortable?”
When she laid eyes on you, she made to move towards the bed but was hindered by Bucky as he pulled her into his chest.
“Let me go.” She hissed, wiggling in his tight hold. “Let me go. Let me see her.”
“Not until you calm down. What’s going on?” Bucky breathed out, cradling the back of her head as she began to cry again, “Y/N will be okay. The doctor will make sure of it.”
“You don’t get it.” She choked out, tears spilling down her cheeks. She stopped struggling in his embrace, falling limply against his chest, her tears soaking his dress shirt. “I should’ve known. I should’ve helped.”
“It’s not your fault, Becca.” Bucky assured her, combing his fingers through the ends of her hair.
Something he used to do to sooth her when she was little. During those times she’d wake him in the dead of the night because she couldn’t sleep. He’d allow her to slip in beside him in his twin size bed and play with her long dark hair until she fell back asleep.
“No one expected Carly to react like that. You couldn’t have known.”
“Y/N pushed me behind her.” Becca sobbed, body shaking furiously against his. “She… When Carly lunged it sent me flying back and I hit the head on the corner of Y/N’s desk.” She whimpered, chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath, gasping between each word. “If Steve—if he hadn’t come, she would’ve died because I didn’t have the chance to stop her. I couldn’t have stopped her. My head-”
“Shhh.” Bucky shushed her, rocking her from side to side in an attempt to sooth her. Her cries heightened when she talked, her side of the story could wait until she was calm. She was inconsolable right now. Far too wound up and the trauma too fresh. “You’re okay. You’re both safe now.”
“I was a coward and-” Becca froze, lifting her head from where it rested on his chest. Sentiments filled with horror as she gazed up at him. Her mouth opened and closed, the grip on his shirt faltering as what seemed to be a terrifying realization poured over her. “Oh my god.”
“What?” He asked, voice barely above a whisper. His heart was thumping wildly in his chest, dread pooling in his belly over such a sudden change in her demeanor. He’d never seen his sister act like this. The look she was giving him sent shivers racing up his spine and his blood running cold as a million possibilities raced vigorously through his mind. “What is it?”
“She was-” Becca gulped, face paling significantly, “Y/N hasn’t been feeling good.”
Bucky raised a brow, tongue darting out to lick anxiously along his lips. Waiting impatiently for her to continue.
“For a few weeks now.” She stuttered out, eyes wide as they flickered to your unconscious form on the bed. “Since you both, ya know.”
“Get to the point, Becca.” Bucky prompted, eyebrows furrowed and lips pressed into a thin line. He wasn’t at all sure what Becca was getting at but if her reaction was any indication, it wasn’t good. It left a bitter taste in his mouth and anxiety building rapidly throughout the front of his chest and stomach. “What’s wrong?”
“I think-” Becca swallowed harshly, fresh tears springing in her swollen eyes, “I think Y/N is pregnant.”
Bucky stumbled back like he’d been slapped clean across the face. Face paling ever so slightly as the revelation reached his ears.
“What?” He managed out, bracing himself on the edge of his old dresser, hands pressed firmly to the dark wood, and head hung in defeat. He took shallow, shaky breaths willing his heart to steady and slow its rapid, quick thumping within the cavity in his chest.
“I think she’s pregnant.” Becca replied, louder and more sure this time.
And just like that Bucky’s whole world turned upside down and inside out.
Bucky sat on the floor across from his bedroom door, back pressed against the painted gray wall. He’d been sitting there for over an hour, waiting patiently for the doctor to finish up his assessment. Glaring heavily at a piece of wood that separated him from you, because if he stared hard enough maybe it would splinter into two and show him you.
I think Y/N is pregnant.
He turned the words over in his head for what seemed like the millionth times. His mind was a muddled mess over the admission. Running through every possibility, whether it could be true.
Thinking back now, to that unforgettable night, he realized he hadn’t used protection nor had he bothered to ask before spilling his seed deep within you.
The cognizance left shame and guilt rising from deep within.
It was injudicious of him.
He should’ve asked. Should’ve made sure.
The lack of consideration and responsibility made him sick, stomach churning distressfully over the thought of unknowingly impregnating you and then leaving you as he had. The notion that he’d returned to Carly, fully intent on settling with her, even if it wasn’t by choice and was meant to keep you from harm's way, leaving you heartbroken and possibly pregnant, had a new-found self hatred rising to the forefront of his mind.
Bucky had fucked up, and he wasn’t at all sure what he could do to fix it.
He wouldn’t blame you if you hated him now, wanted absolutely nothing to do with, and were perfectly content with never seeing or speaking to him ever again.
But he would try.
He’d do whatever it takes to keep you.
Even if it takes days, months, years. He would wait and he would fight.
Because you are worth everything to him.
He’d risk it all just to make things right, to have you by his side for the rest of your lives.
I think Y/N is pregnant.
Bucky would be lying if he said he hadn’t hoped for this one day—You, the mother of as many children as you’d willingly give him.
But not now, never this soon.
It used to be a dream, forever out of his reach. Now that it was right in front of him—a probable chance to have exactly what he wanted in life, he wasn’t sure how to act or what to feel.
A baby.
A life made of half him, and half you.
It was just as terrifying as it was invigorating because this wasn’t the time, nor the place. In the midst of this chaos and trepidation, wasn’t what an innocent newborn should be brought into or raised within.
It wasn’t fair to either of you—his girl and an unborn child.
You both deserved better.
But if you’ll allow him, he would try his hardest to do you right and keep you safe.
Because the idea of losing you for good, allowing you to slip right between his fingers was a fate worse than death in his eyes.
And if you were really pregnant, carrying a child made purely from your earth-shattering love, he’d have all the more reason to pursue this fight against your family.
Now he had far too much to lose.
Bucky let his mind wander, indulging for just a moment in the idea of you being pregnant with his child.
Belly growing swollen and round, hips widening, breast heavy, and a natural glow glistening across your skin. He couldn’t help but crack the smallest of smiles at the fantasy painted in his head.
He could picture you now—a brilliant smile etched across your sleepy face as you rocked and soothed a tiny, pink, swaddled up newborn. Or a sleeping, drooling infant strapped to your chest as you moved fluidly around your kitchen, humming along with the soft music playing on low from the speaker of your phone. Or you chasing after a chubby, bright eyed, giggly toddler.
You would make a fantastic mother—from every kind bone in your body, to the purest of hearts, you were meant to be a mom someday.
And he’d be incredibly lucky to experience raising a family with you—considering it to be his greatest honor.
Bucky was pulled reluctantly from his thoughts as the bedroom door swung open.
He jumped to his feet, hand stuffed into his pockets as Becca slipped into the hallway, the door closing softly behind her.
A natural flush had returned to the apples of her cheeks, sentiments calm and at ease, and her eyes were no longer riddled with the fear and concern they’d held when he was guided from the room an hour and half earlier.
“She’s okay.” Becca whispered with a small smile running her hands soothingly along the tops of his arms.
Bucky breathed out a sigh of relief, head thumping as he relaxed back against the wall and the unbearable tension lifted from where it resided heavily on his soul.
“She’s awake and lucid.” She added quietly, bowing her head as she gnawed on her bottom lip, “But she isn’t ready to see you.”
His heart clenched at the declaration.
He wanted nothing more than to see you, talk to you, hold you. Make sure that you were okay with his very own two eyes and explain himself.
Bucky had a lot to expiate and mend, and he desperately needed to fix things immediately, but he understood your reasoning.
Although it hurt, he knew it was nothing in comparison to the pain he’d brought on to you. For the last few months and for however long before that, in the five years since he’d met you, he’d provided nothing but heartache and agony—countless let down after left down.
You needed time and at the moment he had plenty to give you. All the pain he’d inficilated and caused was far too new and fresh.
“Oh.” Bucky swallowed down his reluctance, nodding apprehensively, his own swollen lip caught between his teeth. “That’s-” He cleared his throat, “That’s okay, understandable.”
“She just needs time.” Becca assured him, and he found nothing but promise and certainty in her sentiments. “She’ll come around.”
He nodded solemnly, head bowed in shame.
“And is she…”
“Yeah.” Becca breathed out, struggling to suppress the grin tugging at the corner of her lips. “Yeah. She’s pregnant.” Her shoulder lifted in a lazy shrug. “Around nine weeks, give or take.”
She’s pregnant.
A turmoil of emotions and questions flashed swiftly through him.
Fear, worry, excitement, hope.
He didn’t know how he should feel, what to say, or what to do. Where they went from here or what this meant for the both of you.
But there was one thing he knew for certain, he’d take care of you.
Bucky had a lot to amend for but he’d do it.
Whatever you asked of him. Anything and everything to earn your forgiveness.
For you and his unborn child.
Tag list
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frostironfudge · 2 days ago
it comes back to me - bucky barnes - one shot
Summary: bucky watches you sitting in the apartment you both shared, memories coming back to him of a past he wished would remain bleeding into the present and future.
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing bucky, idk why i’m feeling very angsty so this is the result. Also I’m posting this from my phone so the editing may be weird will rectify it once I am on my laptop. (rectified the edits 4.12.2021 1:00 PM IST)
Warnings: angst, fluff?, mentions of s e x.
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x reader, (Bucky calls the reader Doll)
set in an AU where Bucky is a Lawyer.
past is in italics
present is in normal
Words: 831
Main Masterlist
the rain pours down, Bucky watches you curled up on the seat by the window.
the very window that held memories.
“Bucky!” you giggled, as he twirled you, lifting you up, in the empty home, setting you down, your back against his chest, as you both watched the leaves cascade down from the window.
“Can’t wait to have forever with you, doll.” He says, lips softly brushing against your jaw. He can’t help the grin that won’t leave his face.
You moved, raising your glass to your lips, setting down the book for a moment. You seemed content, he could tell this is the spot you always felt was safe.
“So what do you think?” His hair was a mess, he looked adorable in your opinion, scratching the back of his neck.
“About what?” You asked entering into the room further, your eyes on him.
“This, doll, this,” He laughed as his hand gestured to the once empty walls near the corner window, now graced with shelves lined with your books, a record player and Bucky’s vinyls arranged over them, some shelves empty for new trinkets.
“I love it!” You wrapped your arms around him, the spot turning into just how you imagined it, all you needed was to have a small throw blanket which you both could cuddle with, when you both did decide to snuggle.
He looked at the ground, the rain pattering against the concrete breaking apart into smaller splatters.
“Y/N,” He grabbed your hand,
“No, don’t even bother,” You raised your hands away, to prevent him from touching you.
“Doll, don’t be this way please.” His blue eyes pleading.
“Oh, so I am supposed to be fine, with, with her all over you? Tell me does your little firm even know I existed, before tonight?” You asked, a hand running through your hair, you grit your teeth not wanting to cry.
“That was Maya, she was drunk, I just helped her get into her cab safely.” Bucky tried reasoning, sitting down near the window, looking at you, pain went through him at you being hurt.
“She seemed pretty happy being safe in your arms.” The more you shoved the image of her trying to touch your boyfriend out of your head the more it would get burned into your memory.
“Y/N.” He sighed, “Doll, you’re the one for me. I could never want anyone else.” He got up, moving closer to you again, cupping your cheek.
“I just, I feel like I will lose you.” You sighed, your guarded posture slipping, resting your head on his shoulder.
“You won’t.” He assured, kissing your forehead.
A few people grumbled, as he stood, taking up space on the sidewalk, they were just trying to get home.
Candles adorned the room, Bucky even convinced you to light up the fancy ones you ‘kept for the aesthetic’, he rolled his eyes.
“Doll, it smells like the fragrance section on a sale day.” Bucky laughed, the storm outside caused a black out, you both sat on the floor having an impromptu candle lit dinner of half heated lasagna which was now abandoned.
“Well if you would let me light similar note scents this wouldn’t happen.” You pointed your fork towards him.
“I can think of a few distractions from it.” Bucky suggested with a smirk, the candlelight only adding to the mischievous glint in his blue eyes.
And you found yourselves, against the window, his back against the cold metal and you in his lap, whimpers and moans of each other’s names being spoken against swollen lips and heated skin.
Bucky then had you pressed against the cold glass, you arching off of it into him, needy, him greedy to mark your skin, chasing to make you both reach your blissful brink.
Bucky looked down at the rings in his palm, they used to shine before and now the rain was making them glisten for the first time in so long.
You were perched on the window seat, reading through Bucky’s speech for the firm’s small event, even though he articulated well, and could charm the socks off of anyone. He liked you reading his work, laughing where he made a joke, always assured him that he knew he was on track.
Your eyes clouded with tears, as you read over the ending lines on the draft,
‘You’ve made me the happiest man, pushing me to work hard, held me accountable when I did something wrong, you make me want to be better than the man I was the previous day, each day,
so Y/N what do you say?
Will you marry me?’
When you looked up from the paper he was on one knee, ring box opened, tears threatening to fall from his eyes as well.
“Promise?” He echoed a distant memory.
You kept the papers to the side, nodding, reaching over to take him into your arms,
“Promise.” You affirmed, kissing him deeply.
He looked back at your form, taken aback at you looking down at him, your palm pressed against the window.
He began walking away, letting the flashes of memories keep him company.
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angrythingstarlight · 19 hours ago
Early Morning Plans
Summary: Bucky only needs a few things to survive being snowed in for the weekend. You. Pancakes. You. A warm fire. And more of you. Wrapped all around him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, teasing, oral (fem receiving), cockwarming, 6'5" Bucky. Thigh-high socks. Praise kink.
Word Count: 1.6K.
a/n: Sinday drabble #1. Unbeta'd.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is having a very good morning. And you, well you're having an incredible one all because of him and his insatiable appetite.
“I can’t, come- oh fuck, please,” you slurred, fingers twisted his thick brunette locks. You’ve been begging him for what feels like hours. “Please Bucky, Ican’tIcan't-oh god,” you choke out, your words stumbling over the moan in your throat.
Taking a deep cool breath in, your back arches off the bed and you nearly twist away. In the midst of your frantic thrashing, you get a glimpse of your beefy lumberjack and your pleasure spikes at the sight of him enjoyjng himself.
Cheerful blue eyes gaze up at you, a thin rim of blue surrounds his lust-blown pupils, his hair mussed from your hands, a damp lock of it curls across his forehead, his tongue continuing to worship you.
You don’t know what’s driving you more insane, the fact that he’s moaning as he devours your pussy or his little happy hums whenever you cry out his name.
You teeter between wanting him to give you a reprieve and for him to do that thing with the tip of his tongue again. Bucky has learned your body inside and out and he can tell you’re close, he mumbles something that sounds vaguely like good girl, I know Bunny, you’re almost there aren’t you, I got you Bunny, I got you.
Then he does the thing. That sinful fucking thing with his tongue that makes you cry out and your vision blur.
Teasing you. Riling you up. And just when a please is scrambling out of your mouth, he moves faster.
Faster and faster and oh fuck even faster. His pink, wet tongue gliding over your pulsating clit punishing and worshiping at all once. He’s just tossed you off the edge of a cliff into an ocean of sensations, his wet, warm mouth kissing your pussy vulgarly, drawing out every ounce of pleasure from your body.
But it’s not enough, Bucky’s so damn greedy for you, he twists two large fingers inside you and glides them along that sensitive spot that makes you see stars, your stomach swoops to the ground, your eyes snap shut and a hot rush of pleasure implodes within you, scattering across your limbs, your head feels airy. Your mouth goes slack, nothing comes out, but you feel as if you’re screaming. Are you making that noise that’s echoing around the room? Fuck, you don’t know. You don’t care.
Bucky lifts his head when you go limp on the bed. Patting your swollen, throbbing pussy with his large calloused hand, he surveys his handiwork with pride, licking his fingers one by one. There’s something about eating you until you can’t move that he can’t get enough of. He lets out another one of his happy hums followed by a soft chuckle. “You good Bunny?”
You take in another deep breath and try to lift your head. Nope. Not happening. You don’t bother attempting to speak instead, you give him a weak thumbs up.
“Yeah, you’re good. Me too. Thank you, Bunny, that hit the spot, you have no idea how good that was for me.” He preens, the smug tone in his voice washing over you. “I’m going to make breakfast. I feel like waffles. No pancakes. You want some?" He tilts his head waiting for your response, rubbing his thumb across his bottom lip, he watches you shiver on the rumbled sheets. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
Bucky saunters over the window, wiping the condensation off the snow-covered glass. Outside, a thin layer of frost coats the yard and surrounding forest, the sun peeks through the cloudy gray sky. He can tell by the darkening horizon that a snowstorm is approaching which means you’re both going to be cooped up inside all day.
“It’s going to be a good day.” He leans down, planting his hands beside your head, his lips slot over yours for a slow, sweet kiss. His tongue flickers across your bottom lip in an intricate pattern, a playful reminder of what he just did to you. Another soft chuckle rumbles in his chest after you tremble.
Bucky peers down at your pussy, his lips tugging up into a smirk. "I’ll be back for you. Get some rest. I know I wore you out.” The way he talks about your pussy, so sweet and possessive, is another thing about your man that you love.
You hear him leave the bedroom, your body wracked with the aftershocks of his deviant mouth. He did wear you out, was that four or five orgasms this morning?
You lost count after the third, yawning you stretch your arms across the pillows and fall into a sated slumber. The savory scents of breakfast float through the cabin and break through your hazy dreams.
Rolling yourself over, you crawl to the edge of the California king bed, your toes barely graze the cold hardwood floor before you’re pulled across the sheets. Letting out a shocked squeal, your back hits his warm chest, his chin settling on your shoulder.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Hiding your grin, you look over at him innocently. “I was going to get dressed and then-”
He scoffs, turning you around, his large hands grab your hips and push you on the bed. Bucky shrugs off his red and black checkered flannel, draping it over your shoulders.
“The only thing you’re wearing is my shirt,” he tells you as he heads to the dresser. You slide your arms into the sleeves and roll up the sleeves to your elbows. His body is blocking your view, but you can tell by the way he’s hunched over that he’s rummaging through one of the lingerie drawers. “And these.”
Bucky holds up a pair of sheer black diamond-patterned thigh highs-one of his favorites and he grins down at you.
He kneels before you and you can’t lie, seeing your 6’5” man on his knees for you, knowing he only does this for you makes you feel special and cherished.
His large hands that can rip apart logs gently hold your leg up and he slides the first sock up your calf and over your thigh, straightening the band with his fingers.
It's erotic the way he’s handling you with such care, more of his hair falling across his forehead, his head bent between your knees. You sweep your hand across his face, gathering the stray strands, raking your fingers through his hair, the scent of your shampoo wafting up. Bucky pauses, letting you push his silky locks back in place, peppering chaste kisses along your calf until you’re done. “Thank you, Bunny.”
When he gets the sock across your other thigh, his thumbs trace over the stretch marks there. His eyes flicker up to you and he sighs. “You gotta stop tempting me,” he grumbles roguishly, making you giggle. “How am I supposed to get anything done when you’re out showing off your pretty little pussy and your soft perfect thighs? Huh?”
Your mouth falls open. “Me? This is my fault? Are you serious-Bucky!”
He slides his arm under you, swinging you into his arms as he stands to his full height, the effortless way he picks you steals your breath. You’ll never get used to how small he makes you feel.
“Yes, you. I was a humble, piteous quiet man before you came into my life, getting me addicted to you.” He retorts, carrying you down the hall. He shrugs off your reply that he chased you, blaming it all on your-excuse you Bunny she belongs to me thank you very much. I think you mean my-pussy.
Mornings like this filled with a light, cheerful banter, his love covering you like a warm knitted blanket, seeping into your skin until he’s seamlessly ingrained into your heart, is what you live for. Bucky places you on top of the table, next to the bundle of beautiful wildflowers he picked the night before, saving a few more batches before the frost could destroy them.
He heads to the stove, checking on his pancakes warming in the pan. You smile softly at the bouquet, you get a similar one every morning, the bow on it askew despite his best efforts.
Unlike prior boyfriends, Bucky truly enjoys giving you presents, anything from the flowers you adore to the bookcase that he keeps filled with all of your favorite authors, he gets joy from your happiness and he’s always finding new ways to make your face light up.
You part your thighs, leaning back on your elbows, excitement thrums inside you like a live wire. He’s predictable and honestly, you love it. You always know what you’re going to get from him. Consistency, faithfulness, and love. Gifts for no reason. And early morning orgasms.
Bucky glances over his shoulder, his lips curling up. “Good girl,” he says, scrunching his nose at you. He strolls over a full plate in one hand, his other one loosening his grey sweatpants. They fall to his feet with a soft swish and your mouth goes bone dry when his cock springs loose, hitting his stomach.
Bucky plops down on the chair, putting the plate beside you. His gigantic hands grasp your waist and he brings you over his cock. The swollen red leaking tip pushes at your entrance, your walls clenching down in anticipation of being stretched.
Bucky observes your face closely, he rolls his hips up slowly slowly slowly filling your cunt, each thick veiny inch adding to the intensely pleasurable burn, your hands gripping his shoulders as you struggle to take all of him.
His murmured praises, good girl, there ya go, take it Bunny, rings in your ear until you’re finally seated. Bucky eases you back until you’re resting partially on the table, his brilliant blue eyes staring down at your joined bodies.
"Fuck you like so pretty wrapped around my cock."
Taking the fork, he precedes to feed you his famous pancakes dripping in his homemade syrup.
In between bites, you ask what he wants to do for the rest of the day, he merely laughs and kisses your sugary sweet lips. “Bunny, the only I’m planning on doing is keeping you warm and happy and stuffed.”
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summerofsnowflakes · 20 hours ago
Wicked Games IV
Tumblr media
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Fem Reader (Avenger) 
Word Count: 5K
Summary: You need to give him up, but it’s just too good.
Warnings: This series is 18+, MDI. Smut, Unprotected Sex, Spanking, Cursing, Dirty Talk, Cheating, Heartbreak, Angst  
A/N: So here is part four!! I’m really happy with where this part went and I really do think this gives us all a lot of answers. I do have a rough plan for the final part but I’ve not started working on it yet. I’d be really interested to see how you guys want this series to end, so let me know!!
Dividers by the fantastic @firefly-graphics
Previous Part | Masterlist 
Tumblr media
Bucky’s eyes flickered from you to Steve and back again, scratching like a broken record. He shook his head, breaking the cycle.
His eyes trailed down from your face, along the red spaghetti strap and along the curve of your body. His stare hardened when saw your fingers intertwined with Steve’s.
To see his best friend cozied up with you, was truly the last thing he’d expected to see tonight.
You wanted to shrink into the fabric wall. Your stomach twisted in anguish as you met his cold gaze, his jaw was tight enough to cut glass. It was a whirlwind of emotions, anxiety, guilt, anger, hurt. It made your head spin.
“Hi, you too!” She chirped happily, pulling Bucky’s densely heavy body into the elevator. His girlfriend’s voice was a bucket of ice cold water being poured down your back. You mustered up a quiet hello as your eyes focused on the fibres of the carpeted floor.
Steve sensed the tension in the air and took the lead on the conversation. “How are you both this fine evening?” His words dived deep into bleeding wounds.
As though she hadn’t spoken to anyone in months, his girlfriend flew into a conversation with Steve. Whilst Bucky only grunted in response, his eyes burning a hole in yours and Steve’s hands. Silently he hoped he could draw your hands apart if he stared hard enough.
Their voices drowned into a white noise around you as you tuned into the harsh thud of your heart in your chest. Steve’s hold on your hand was the only thing keeping you grounded physically as you plummeted down further into the ground.  
Though mentally, you were free falling, spiralling out of control. Drawing in the memories of your clandestine affair.
You chanced a look at him but he was already staring back at you with a vague expression. A hundred and one things flitted through his mind, words dancing on the tip of his tongue that remained unspoken because of the setting. It was too difficult to look at him, so you just looked away.  
It broke your heart that you weren’t prepared for this moment. That seeing him made you feel so conflicted, you wanted to hate him but you couldn’t.
Steve squeezed your hand, breathing life back into your gormless figure. “Huh?” You muttered surveying the three of them, your own voice didn’t sound as though it belonged to you.
“You look a little unwell, is everything okay?” Bucky’s girlfriend asked earnestly.
You nodded somewhat frantically, “yeah, just not a fan of elevator’s when they are full of people.” You could feel Bucky’s presence re-enter the room, could practically feel his smirk radiating off his lips.
“Yeah if I remember correctly I had to come up with some pretty good distraction techniques for you.” He mocked.
You met his challenging gaze with wide unforgiving eyes. It felt truly despicable to  dangle the truth in front of her so blatantly. Pure toture if she wasn’t completely ignorant.
The elevator dinged before the conversation could go any further and you were unbelievably grateful to swap the stuffy elevator for a stufier ballroom.
A sea of faces, familiar and not greeted you, pulling you away from the shore into the depths of the tenth circle of hell.
Upper crust society. You allowed Steve to lead you around the room as you said hello to people of great importance that you barely knew the names of.
You were granted a moment of relief when you reached your teammates, exchanging hugs and pleasantries as if you hadn’t cooked dinner with them two hours ago. But it didn’t last long as you were closely followed by the happy couple, strolling merrily hand in hand.
You’d been at this party for less than five minutes and it felt like it had been hours. You wouldn’t be able to survive the night at this rate, especially when the dancing started.
You surveyed the room, sighing in relief and your eyes landed on the bar. Bucky’s eyes were on you again, that same distant look plagued him again. Your resolve hardened, not sparing him a second glance and turning your attention to Steve, who was already smiling at you.
The calm of his smile was enough to ease you back to shore. It was nice to have a friend. You reached up onto your tiptoes so you were somewhat closer to his height.
“I’m going to the bar, can I get you anything?” You uttered in a hushed tone, your lips ghosting delicately over the shell of his ear. Heat immediately radiated from his pink cheeks, you had broken down the physical barrier even further.
“I’ll have a Scotch on the rocks.” He responded, you were almost certain you could feel the increased tempo of his heart as your fingertips ran over the silky fabric of his suit jacket.
“With a twist?” You smiled.
“Hold the twist.” He replied too quickly, a nervous laugh escaping his lips. “Would rather save the twist for when we dance later tonight.” He muttered, looking down into your eyes hopefully.
You smiled sincerely for the first time this evening, your head dropping forward towards his broad chest. “Okay Captain, I look forward to it.” You replied, slipping from his grasp and ignoring Bucky’s unnerving stare.
You missed the way Bucky’s girlfriend cuddled into his side, “that could be really cute.” She mentioned, nodding her head at Steve who was fighting an immeasurable grin.
Her words were like a thousand daggers piercing Bucky’s heart from every angle. Fury filled his body, Steve couldn’t give you what you wanted out of life. You and Steve together, it was repulsive, the mere image of his hands touching your body in the same ways that he had was enough to drive him crazy.
He knew he had no right to be so angry, to feel so possessive over you. But oh how he missed you, your touch, your smile, your laugh. It was addictive. He missed seeing you almost every day, he longed to share intimate moments with you that no one else noticed.
After he left you that night he’d taken the remainder of Asgardian ale stored in his room and wandered the streets all night.
Lost, alone and completely broken, he didn’t have anywhere left to go; he’d always felt displaced in New York city, since he’d been given his memories back, but it was never as startlingly obvious to him until that night.
His feet went into autopilot as all coherent thoughts he could muster were of you. His cowardice had shattered both your hearts in one failed swoop, he didn’t deserve you.
It was only as he reached the otherside of the Brooklynn bridge that he realised he was going home. His real home. Day broke over the Hudson river, streaks of orange and pink bled through the night’s sky.
He walked the streets he and Steve grew up on, watching as the memories of two happy carefree boys unfolded before him.  Everything seemed brighter under the fog of nostalgia, it was easy to forget that the buildings had been torn down and rebuilt into million dollar apartments. Everything had been torn to shreds and replaced with shiny new things.
The warmth of the early morning sunrise paid him no mind. Bucky was cold, loneliness was the coldest feeling, he wanted nothing more than to walk these streets with you and show you his life before the war.
But that wasn’t going to happen, not now or ever. He’d ruined everything.
He hated himself for returning back to his apartment, but the thought of breaking that poor girl's heart after puncturing his own and yours, was just too much to handle.
He didn’t want to be with her, but he really didn’t want to be alone.
So he stayed and he’d thrown everything back into their relationship. He tried to love her the way she deserved, the way she loved him. Even if it felt wrong deep down, with each day you took up less space in his mind and he could at least pretend.  
He’d been doing alright until tonight. Stumbling upon an intimate moment between you and his best friend was his worst nightmare come true. It didn’t matter how ‘cute’ it would be, he couldn’t let it happen.  
Tumblr media
Bucky was an inescapable presence throughout the night. Everywhere you turned there he was; his name seeped into every conversation, his towering frame standing uncomfortably close to you, his eyes watching you and he whisked her round the dance floor.
It was suffocating.
You were past counting how many drinks you’d had, but alcohol was the only thing getting you through the night. You swayed from side to side, your head resting comfortably against Steve’s chest. The dulcet tones of the piano lulled your intoxicated body into tranquility.
It was nice to be held, to have someone to hold onto and not be forced into darkness like a dirty little secret. No shame to weigh you down.
You raised your head from Steve’s chest, peering up at his chiselled features. Something new bubbled up inside of you, a feeling stirred that you couldn’t quite describe.
You lifted your head from his chest, looking up at Steve’s chiselled features. Something bubbled nervously in your stomach, a feeling stirred in you that you couldn’t describe.
Steve felt your eyes on him and smiled,  “something on my face?”
You chuckled quietly, “thank you for tonight.”
He was quiet for a moment, before deciding on his words. “It’s nothing, just nice to see a real smile on your face.”
A comfortable silence settled over you both once again, but curiosity took the driver’s seat in Steve’s mind. He’d been patient, tried to remain neutral and hoped you or Bucky would open up. But his feelings for you were becoming too obvious to ignore. He needed to know the truth before he told you how he felt.
“Sweetheart, what happened with Bucky?” He asked.  
Your body went rigid in his arms, all the walls he’d broken down this evening flew back up, only now they were ten times taller. “Nothing, Steve.”
“I think we both know that’s not true.” He continued, his mind willing him to stop, but his mouth had other ideas. “He’s been watching you all night, and he keeps staring at me like he wants to drown me in Tony’s Koi pond.” He chuckled nervously.
“There’s more to this than you’re letting on.”  He continued, “Let me in so that I can help.”
“I don’t need your help.” You grumbled, pushing your body away from his. Tears welled up in your eyes as the room got smaller and smaller; the air becoming more suffocating. “I’ve never asked you to fix me or the situation Steve. What I have asked is for you to leave it alone.”
“But I—“
“I’m going to get some air, please don’t follow me.” You stormed off, away from Steve and the party.
Of course being thirty levels below sea level meant there wasn’t anywhere to go and get some air, but being away from that ballroom would suffice.
You took deep uneven breaths as you wandered the corridor of the sub-level floor. Your heels tapped steadily against the marble floor, unlike the uneven thudding of your heartbeat.
You walked past a few labs labelled with new names you’d never heard before. Then you came to the one that still has Bruce’s names engraved and smiled to yourself.
Walking into the room was like stepping into a time capsule. Everything was exactly as he’d left it a few years ago. Bruce has been off the grid, he took some time for himself after a code-green incident in San Francisco.
He’d been your first friend when you’d joined the team. He never asked anything of you or you of him. You liked sitting silently in his lab whilst he tinkered with tech and other experiments. You missed him greatly.
The evidence of his absence crystal clear as you ran your fingers along the dust covered countertop. Your digits searched for the little green button along the back wall of the room and pressed it.
The underground shutters came to life, a window appearing before your eyes.  Spotlights illuminated the dull aquatic scene outside. Fish and trash floated in the murky green water, past the window.
The lab door clicked open behind you, you assumed it was Steve but you remained facing forward. Instead you enjoyed the tranquil swooshing sound of water whipping against the window.
“Stevie is looking lost without you by his side.” Bucky stated as he came up beside you. “So, when did you start sleeping with my best friend?”
You scoffed at his unbelievable arrogance, your mouth parted in utter shock. “You’re unbelievable. I’m not sleeping with him.”
“But you came with him tonight?” He reasoned doubtfully, his eyes flitted over your figure wantingly.
You turned to face him, rage biting at your fingertips. You pointed your finger at him, pushing against his chest angrily. “Not that it’s any of your concern, but I didn’t come with him.”
He smirked down at you, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. “He seems to think otherwise.”
“What are you doing here Bucky?” You hollered. You pushed his chest again to try and create some distance between your bodies, but he only seemed to get closer. “What do you want from me?”
“I just came to check on you.” His face relaxed, all signs of riling you up disappeared. “You seemed upset when you left.”
You couldn’t hold back the humourless laugh that erupted from your lips, “you came to check if I was alright, by accusing me of sleeping with your best friend. When you showed up tonight and paraded your girlfriend around the party.”
“Baby …” He reached out, his warm fingertips wrapping around your wrist as you walked away.
You stopped in your tracks, muttering brokenly, “don’t you dare call me that.”
You watched as his fingers slid down your wrist, intertwining your fingers. Your breath caught in your throat, goosebumps awoke along your bare skin.
You looked up at him, taking in his features up close and personal for the first time in months. He’d cleaned his beard up, his stubble barely there. His cerulean eyes were tinted with fatigue, he wasn’t sleeping again.
“Sorry, slip of the tongue,” He whispered hoarsely. You stared into his eyes, allowing them to reel you back in. There was undeniable weight to his apology, it was more than an error of words.
Spellbound by the ebb and flow of his oceanic orbs, you uttered, “I should probably get back to the party.” But you remained firmly planted in your place.
“Yeah I’m sure Steve is missing you.”
The spell was broken. You pushed past him angrily, stalking towards the door. As you reached the door, the fury bubbled over inside of you. You whipped back around, “you’re unbelievable, you know that.”
The volume of your voice startled Bucky, he knew he deserved it. Your chest heaved raggedly as you lent against the island countertop for support. “If it really kills you to see me with Steve, then you should have done something about it before it was too late.”
Bucky closed the distance between you until he towered over your smaller frame. You tried to back away from him but you’d trapped yourself against the table.  
“Is it?” He muttered. “Too late for us?”
You stopped breathing completely as you peered up at him, completely lost for words. He was so close that the scent of his oaky aftershave flooded your senses, it was familiar, like home.
His hand snaked around your waist, the cold vibranium of his other hand trailed up over your bare arm. His fingers slid over the strap of your dress, pushing it off your shoulder.
His eyes never left your face, he waited for you to stop him. But you were frozen in the moment, revelling in the feeling of his touch.
Your addiction was being fed.
His fingers feathered over the base of your neck, placing his index finger under your chin. He tipped your head upwards, your lips were millimeters from his, his hot breath fanned over your lips.
“Tell me to stop.” He pleaded, “If you don’t I won’t be able to hold myself back baby.”
Your head reeled at his words, lust filled fog drowned out the voice saying to stop. Your heart cried louder begging to let you enjoy the moment. Your heart beat out of your chest and finally you tilted your head, grazing your lips against his.  
“Don’t stop.” You whined needily. It was the greenlight you were both waiting for and Bucky crashed his lips into yours.
You melted into him as your mouths moved in sync with one another. He pulled away for a second, you chased his lips but he wasn’t going anywhere. He pulled your lip between his teeth and tugged, opening your mouth wide enough for him to slip his tongue into your mouth.
It was the most alive you’d felt in months.
You breathed harshly as his mouth left yours, kissing and kitten licking along your jawline and down your neck. Your hands found his shoulders and pushed off his black suit jacket, his white shirt strained against his brawny chest.  
He wrapped his hand around your thigh, pulling up to wrap it around his waist. Your silky red dress bunched up exposing more of your thighs. The top of your dress sagged off your shoulders, your breasts threatened to fall from their loose red cage.  
You were almost completely exposed to him and he was making you feel so wanted, so needed. His plump lips and strong hands worshipped your body. “You’re so fucking gorgeous baby.” He mumbled against your neck.
His fingers slipping into your panties, ghosting over your clit. “Bucky, please!” You whimpered into the ecchoing room, your head thrown back in ecstasy. You weren’t sure what you were begging for but you just needed him.
“Take what you want baby. I’m still yours.” He growled against your burning skin.
You unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his beefy frame. He shuddered as you ran your hands down his torso. You unbuckled his belt, fervently pulling his hard member from his boxers and rubbing your hand up and down his length. He moaned needily at your touch, his head falling into the crook of your neck.
“Enough teasing, I need you now.” He growled as he turned your body away from him. He pulled your dress up, revealing your plump ass, admiring how good it looked. His cool vibranium hand collided with your bare cheek and he watched it jiggle.
He ran his achingling hard length along your slit, collecting your juices. You moaned breathlessly as the head of his cock nudged against your clit.
“Please, please, please.” You pleaded with him, arching your back against his chest as he teased your entrance. He slipped his tip into your sopping cunt, easing himself in and stretching your tight pussy out inch by inch. The stretch was delicious, you pushed yourself back, sheathing his rod inside of you until he bottomed out.
“Fuck baby, how do you feel so good.” He grunted, his head resting against your shoulder as he allowed you to get accustomed to his length.
“Buck, please… Please move.” You stuttered and he chuckled huskily in your ear.
It was all the permission he needed, he pulled and thrusted back deep inside of you. You moaned loudly as he filled you up again. Each stroke of his hips brought you a little bit closer to complete bliss.
“That’s it baby, you’re taking me so well.” He moaned as you clenched around him.  
His hand wrapped around the back of your neck and pushed your body forwards, pressing you against the cool countertop as he drilled into you.
You mewled underneath him, the new angle of your body allowed for him to hit deeper inside of you, his cock brushing against your g-spot. His fingers reached around your body, finding your clit and rubbing a figure of eight into your bundle of nerves.
“Oh fuck, Bucky!” You cried as he pushed you over the edge of complete glory, stars erupted from behind your eyes.  Your tight hole clenched harshly around his dick, milking him dry as he fucked into you feriously releasing his hot seed deep inside of you.
Slowly he stilled his movements, the only sound filling the room was your heavy breathing as you both came down from your highs.
The door to the lab flew open, “Sweetheart I know you said not to follow but- “ Steve stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes landed on the two of you tangled together.
“Oh shit.” Bucky cursed as his eyes landed on his best friend. He pulled himself out of you, turning away from both of you as he stuffed himself back in his pants.  
You fixed your position, covering your exposed cleavage and yanking your dress back down. Your eyes never left Steve’s as he pieced the whole story together. Guilt bled from your eyes, horror from his.
“Steve I-” You started, but the words died bitterly on your tongue. You had no idea what to say to him, but there was no going back now. He’d seen you together with his own eyes, there was no mistaking it for something else.
Bucky returned to your side to face the music alongside you, but still no one spoke. Hidden by the large island, he slipped his hand into yours and squeezed it reassuringly.
Steve remained unmoved. Frozen in time.
And then he snapped back into reality, his spine straightened uncomfortably and he cleared his throat. “Buck, I think your girlfriend is looking for you.” He spat, coldly.
Bucky looked between you and Steve, waiting for you to stop him from leaving but you weren’t ready to face him. You stared at the wall above Steve’s head, tears rolled down your cheeks.
When you didn’t so much as send him a glance, he took it as his cue to leave. He nodded, a defeated sigh slipping from his lips and he dropped your hand, walking away. As Bucky crossed Steve’s path he muttered, “you might want to wipe the red lipstick from your lips.”
The door slammed shut, startling you and forcing you to meet Steve’s gaze again. Your breathing stopped upon seeing the disappointment in his eyes. You scrambled around the table, nearing him.
“Steve, I can explain.” You cried quietly. Steve held his hand up mid-air, stopping your movement, keeping a safe distance between you both.  
“We can discuss this tomorrow.” He murmured before rushing out of the door, leaving you completely alone.
The emotions of the night overcame you, you were broken and alone once again. The dam broke and you cried and cried, you ran for the elevator.
You had to get away, everything was too messy and too painful. You had to leave. Through tear stained eyes you made your way to your room, frantically grabbing a few bags from under the bed.
The bags were pre packed, you were always ready for a quick getaway, but you still needed a few essentials. You threw the last of your things into a bag clumsily when you heard the familiar purr of a certain snowy cat.
Alpine nuzzled his head against your bare leg, he purred sweetly as he stalked through the gap between your legs. You picked him up, sitting him on your lap as you sat on your bed.
You released a deflated sigh, ‘I’m sorry buddy, but there’s no room for you to come with me on this trip.” You weeped dejectedly, running your fingers along his back. “I promise I’ll come back for you and in the meantime the team will take care of you.  
You set him on the bed as he meowed loudly at you. “Bye my sweet little Alpine.” You muttered, shutting the door on your room and your life here as an Avenger. You weren't sure where you were going, but you were used to a life on the run.
You made your way to the loading dock, with each step a new part of your plan formed. Tony would have to catch you if he wanted to kill you for borrowing a quinjet.
“Headed someplace nice Buttercup?” Sam’s voice echoed through the bare walls of the bay. Your heart stopped at the sound of his voice, this was not part of the plan.  
“Just going on a little vacation, Sam.” You sniffled quietly, turning to face him. You hoped he wouldn’t notice the red tint in your eyes and your ruined makeup.
He remained silent as he crossed the room and pulled your trembling body into a bone crushing hug. You broke in his arms all over again and he allowed you to cry in the safety of his arms.
“You wanna try and give me a better answer.”
“I have no idea where I’m going, I just need to get away from here.” You cried into his shoulder, your breathing becoming more steady with each second.
“Yeah, saw Bucky and Steve come back to the party, both looking disheveled and like they were ready to kill one another.” He commented concernedly, your head spun at the mention of both of their names. “And when you didn’t come back, I got worried about my partner.”
“Thank you.” You smiled.
“C’mon I’ll get you out of here and take you somewhere you can regroup safely.” He said, pulling you in the direction of the quinjet. You weren’t thrilled by the prospect of Sam coming with you but at least it gave you a moment to relax.  “There’s one condition to me taking you though, you gotta tell me everything.  Okay?”
Tumblr media
When Bucky returned to ballroom and found her waiting for him, he was certain that the whole room knew the truth. Your smell lingered on his clothes, your supple lips stained on his skin. The air was stifling and every movement he made he could feel Steve watching him, judging him.
He knew he’d ruined any chance between you and Steve and honestly it felt awful. He never wanted to see you together, but ruining your friendship wasn’t part of the plan. He could take Steve hating him, but not you, that wasn’t fair.
From across the room Tony staggered onto a tabletop, gathering the crowd around him. He couldn’t stand it any longer, no one would notice if he went after you.
And he had to go after you, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. He moved between the crowds of people, weaving through the maze, he didn’t notice his girlfriend following behind him.
His eyes widened in horror as she jumped into the elevator after him. He was a shell of himself, his only focus was getting to you even as she desperately tried to break him away from his own mind.
Her hands latched onto the lapels of his suit jacket and tugged harshly, “Bucky, please…” She pleaded, but all he heard was your voice, moaning underneath his not even thirty minutes prior.
As the doors to the elevator opened he barged past her, storming towards your door and banged harshly against it. He called your name, pleaded for you to let him back in.
It was too much, the harsh sound of his fist hitting the door, the crack in voice and he cried for you, her voice pleading for Bucky to come back to his senses. He simply couldn’t take it anymore.
He burst through the door, his heart shattered in his chest when he saw it had been completely ransacked. All traces of you were still there but he knew you were gone.  
“Bucky, you’re scaring me. What’s going on?”
He ignored her questions, scanning the room for a sign of what you’d gone. One of his red henley shirts was strewn over your nightstand, it covered a photo of you with the whole team.
Fuck, I’m too late!” He roared, dropping to his knees, he couldn’t hold it in. He’d been so stupid and now he’d lost you for good.
Her dainty hand rested on his shoulder but Bucky flinched under her touch. He recollected himself, slowly standing to face her. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s o-”
“No it’s not. Nothing about this is okay and I can’t do it anymore.” He affirmed. “I need to let you go, this has to end.”
“What? I don’t understand.” Her soft, angelic face worked through the emotions. She was completely stunned, hearing those words come out of his mouth, she really was oblivious to it all.  
“I’m sorry but this is over.” He looked down at the floor, guilt and shame bit at him. “I need you to leave.”
Tears glistened in her eyes as she covered her mouth, muffling the pained whimper that escaped her lips. None of it made sense, she was trying to piece together a puzzle with only half the parts. Without another word she ran from the room, loud sobs slipped from her mouth.
Something akin to relief filled Bucky’s body and he collapsed onto your bed. A new storm brewed inside him, sadness and ease tore through his body as the scent of your fresh sheets consoled him.
“I’m so sorry…” He whispered into the dead air of your bedroom. The bed dipped beside his head and a soft purr erupted from beside him.
His eyes fluttered open, met by a sea of white fur. A white cat pawed at his shoulder pad, staring at Bucky with a curious look. They started
They glared at one another until the cat finally decided Bucky posed no threat. He plopped himself down in the crook of his neck, his head resting on Bucky’s shoulder.
A soft snore rumbled through the cat’s body, reverberating against Bucky’s skin and soothing him. Bucky fought to stay away in case you returned but he was exhausted. He was carried off to sleep comforted by the white fur ball and the soft smell of cherries.
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asgardwinter · a day ago
Pure Luck
🎄 summary | Bucky returns to his apartment to find a really pleasant surprise.
Tumblr media
pairing | TFATWS!Bucky x fem!Reader
warnings | fluff, Bucky receives the love he deserves
word count | 771
author’s note | first Christmas fic!!!!!! (as you can see I’m only a bit excited 🙃) I have had this thought since TFATWS came out and I finally can share this with you!
hope you like it! 💕
Bucky Barnes Masterlist | Taglist | The Holiday Collection 🎄
Tumblr media
Bucky never thought he could have anything like this.
After all those years HYDRA took from him and feeling so out of place sometimes in the world he lived Bucky thought his life was already more than he even deserved.
And then he met you.
With your bright smile and how you always treated everyone that entered in your coffee shop so kindly.
To say that you brought light to his days was an understatement, almost an offense. Bucky was sure that if he had you he could live without the Sun with absolutely no problem. If Sam ever knew about how Bucky thought of you he’d never let the supersoldier hear the end of it.
What was a hopeless crush for him turned into date nights where he’d take you to explore this new world with him.
Even if Bucky always tried his best to make the most incredible itinerary for the night, you seemed to be absolutely happy just staying at your apartment with him, talking or watching some terrible movie.
Suddenly you were together and it was the best thing he could've asked for. Weekly movie nights, late afternoon dates where he’d get to your shop just after the closing time, walks around the park and those times you extend a date for two days just because he spent the last week or two out on a mission. You really wanted to be near him and Bucky wouldn’t be the one to complain about that, nobody knew just how he wanted it too.
Bucky entered his apartment with those thoughts in mind, the recurrent thought about Saturday night popping in his head. He couldn't wait for it to come and he’d be with you until Monday morning.
A whole weekend. He was so excited.
Being that distracted Bucky didn’t notice any difference before he unlocked the door, not until Bucky stopped at the threshold looking at you standing right in the middle of his almost empty living room. There were three considerably large boxes near you with the look that they were ready to fade away from how old they seemed to be.
“I can explain.” You started to talk, studying his expression so carefully to find any sign of irritation or discomfort. It was already a habit for you to guarantee Bucky was okay with every step you took and he loved that careful thing you had, always so attentive to him. “It is our first Christmas together and I thought about doing something nice, in your apartment this time for a small change. I talked to Sam and he said the idea was perfect and I already had the key you gave me for any emergency and…”
You went to Sam to plan something nice for him? You took that time?
“Doll.” Bucky stepped closer to you and tried to get you out of the rambling.
“...I already had some extra lights at home…” You kept going with no sign of stopping.
“Doll!” His voice was higher this time and had the intended result, you lifted your eyes to find the shiny and now soft blue ones. “I think it is an amazing plan.”
Your smile only made Bucky be more sure about how great this would be.
“You like it?”
“I love it.” Bucky answered as he left a soft kiss on your forehead. “I love you.” He whispered against your hairline, feeling the way your cheeks shifted to welcome a wider smile.
“Oh, I love you too.” It was like your arms had a mind of their own as they sneaked around Bucky’s waist and you buried your face in his chest.
In the middle of the living room Bucky stood holding you even closer, not wanting to let you go even if it was to start the decoration you had planned for his apartment.
“Where do we start?” You asked him, leaning some inches away from him to better look at his eyes.
“I don’t know, doll. You decide.”
“So, I was thinking about leaving the tree as a last thing and we can start by placing this at the door.” You signaled to the wreath inside the half opened box.
Bucky nodded solemnly, laughing on the inside to the steps of your very detailed night. As he places the decoration on the still open door, thanking the nail that was already there, Bucky thinks again about how lucky he was.
Maybe, if everything went this perfectly, next year Bucky could be up the roof placing a lot of lights in your house.
Maybe he would test this Christmas wish thing, just to check.
Tumblr media
Everything: @writing-for-marvel
Bucky: @emi11ie @hiddlesinner @miyadarling
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a-fictional-mans-wife · 2 days ago
„Stay with me“
James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader
Words: 5.3k
Summary: So far the added “benefits” haven’t ruined your friendship, but something about it feels dangerous. Bucky is one of your closest friends, and both of you can be veritable forces of nature when you get wound up. It’s what has made the sex great so far but you can easily see that same passion leading everything to blow up in your faces.
Warnings: explicit smut, hurt & comfort, fluff, lots of feels, friends with benefits, oral, p in v, semi public sex, pet names, drunk sex, mentions of alcohol
Notes: —
🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍
Tumblr media
»You're my paradise
And I'll do anything to be your love,
or be your sacrifice«
-Infinity by Jaymes young 🎼
The first time it happened was genuinely an accident.
You and Bucky are the last two left standing at the end of a long night of celebratory drinking, everyone else having bowed out far earlier in the evening. Your victory tastes like cheap vodka and the regret you know you’ll feel in the morning, but for now you’re on top of the world, staggering back to Bucky’s place because it’s closer than yours and it wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve crashed on his couch.
This time, though, you end up in his bed instead of the couch and sometime between fits of drunken laughter you end up kissing, and sometime after that your hand ends up down Bucky’s pants and his face ends up between your thighs, and holy fuck but that ends up being one of the best damn orgasms of your life.
You wake up the next morning with only few memories of the night before, with Bucky curled warm and comfortable and naked against your side. You worry, for a moment, about what this will do to your friendship- but then the hangover slams into you so quickly that the only thing you’re left worrying about is making it to the toilet before losing the contents of your stomach.
Bucky helps you home and then stays to make you a cup of tea, and somehow you both skip past the awkward morning-after conversation and fall easily back into your usual banter as if nothing happened at all.
The second time it happened, you were both a little more sober, but not by much.
It only takes a few drinks before Bucky’s kissing you, and it’s doesn’t take long for you to drag him into the bathroom of the bar, where he fingers you, quick and dirty, until you’re coming against his hand so hard that your legs give out- which just makes it easier for you to get your mouth on Bucky to return the favor.
The two of you return to the bar a while later, to your unknowing group of friends, and a few more drinks later has you following Bucky home- and into his bed- yet again.
There’s the beginnings of a routine forming here and part of you wonders if you should be worried about that, but you’re too busy chasing the taste of cheap beer from Bucky’s mouth to ask him about it that night.
So it’s not until it happens again that you say anything. There’s no alcohol involved this time, just a quiet afternoon hanging out as friends that ends with Bucky’s hand on your thigh and yours tangled in his hair as you pull him into a kiss.
“Are we really doing this?” you ask, panting heavily against his mouth.
He laughs, just a small chuckle, and points out, “We’ve done this before.”
“We’re not drunk this time.”
“So what?” Bucky asks. “It’s just a bit of fun, isn’t it? Doesn’t have to be anything more.”
Something about that feels dangerous. Bucky is one of your closest friends, and both of you can be veritable forces of nature when you get wound up. It’s what has made the sex great so far but you can easily see that same passion leading everything to blow up in your faces.
Still, so far the added 'benefits' haven’t ruined your friendship, so you push aside those worries for now in favor of pulling Bucky into another kiss.
The two of you don’t make it to his bed this time. You climb into his lap as his hands slide up under your shirt, and you break the kiss only long enough to pull it off and toss it aside. Bucky’s shirt is already unbuttoned and it’s easy enough to slide it off his shoulders, as he unhooks your bra and cups your breast in one hand.
“What do you want?” he asks between kisses, his breath hot against your mouth. His thumb teases over your nipple and you whimper, and arch up into his touch. “Want my fingers? My mouth?”
“Anything, Bucky, just do something,” you say, trying to smother a gasp.
Something ends up being a little bit of everything. Bucky presses kisses and lovebites down your body, finally bringing his mouth to your core, and you come with two of his fingers buried inside you and his tongue lapping at your clit, until the pleasure starts turning into almost painful overstimulation and you weakly push him away. You collapse back against the couch, breathing heavily, as Bucky wipes his mouth and grins down at you.
“Can I fuck you?”
You’re still a bit too sensitive but you don’t care. Bucky always feels so perfect as he pushes inside you, though you still whimper as he starts to fuck you. He goes slowly at first, clearly trying to make sure that you’re still enjoying yourself, but there’s something overwhelming about the care he’s showing. It’s different from the drunken fumblings that you’re used to, and it makes your heart ache in a way you don’t want to look too closely at.
“Harder, Bucky, I can handle it,” you moan, because you can handle rough better than you can handle this unexpected tenderness.
And Bucky obliges, thrusting into you so hard that you can’t help but cry out, hands clawing at his back as you rock against him. This is what you’re used to, desperate, hard and rough, Bucky’s face buried in the crook of your neck, muttering obscene praises against your skin.
“God, fuck, feel so good, you’re so good, baby,” he groans, bringing one hand between you to rub at your clit. “Want you to come before I do. Want you to come for me, doll, c’mon now-”
It’s Bucky calling you those cute little names he had for you, but it’s in that tone -the one you’ve never heard before the sex between you both had started- that tips you over the edge. Your orgasm taking you almost by surprise as you grind down against his hand and his cock. Bucky keeps rocking into you, but it only takes a few more thrusts before he comes inside you with a low moan.
This is the point where in your past drunken encounters the two of you would already be halfway to passed out from the combination of endorphins and alcohol. Now, completely sober, the two of you still take a moment to lie together and catch your breath, but you’re caught off-guard when Bucky nuzzles at your neck.
He has always been affectionate after sex, but he’s also just an affectionate drunk in general. You had always assumed that that was the reason for his tender gestures in the afterglow, so you’re surprised to learn now that he’s apparently just always like this. It makes your face flush a little bit hotter, and you open your mouth to make some quip- but it dies with a small, hitching breath as Bucky presses a gentle, absentminded kiss behind your ear.
Your stomach swoops and your heart flutters, and you quickly roll out from underneath him. “Sorry, gotta pee,” you mumble, and flee to the relative safety of the bathroom.
Once there you splash cold water on your face with shaking hands, and sternly tell yourself that the feeling in your chest isn’t a budding love for your best friend.
By the time you finally return to the living room, you almost believe it- but Bucky’s easy grin looks exactly like the danger you were worried about.
Maybe the problem is that you’ve always been a little bit in love with Bucky - but the thing is, everyone is a little bit in love with Bucky, aren’t they?
There’s something unspeakably attractive about him, something magnetic that draws people in, something that makes it easy to forgive him for his quick-tempered moments, his rude staring, his sassy comments. Bucky isn’t perfect but there is something fundamentally loveable about him anyway, so it only makes sense that your signals have gotten a little crossed…
You explain all of this to Steve as you wait for Bucky and Sam to show up at your bar of choice like most saturday evenings, confident in your flawless reasoning.
That confidence fades a little when Steve sighs and says, “Look, Y/N-”
“Don’t say it,” you interrupt. “I’m not really in love with him. I can’t be.”
“Well, it sort of sounds like you are.”
“I can’t be,” you insist. “It’s just- it’s just sex. It makes things a little complicated, that’s all. Maybe if I sleep with Bucky enough times I’ll get over it.”
Steve almost chokes on his drink. “Or you could stop sleeping with him. And stop telling me about it, I don’t need to hear what my best friends get up to.”
“Buddy, you haven’t heard anything yet. I could tell you about that thing he does with his—”
“Oh thank god- Sam! Over here!” Steve calls out before you can finish that sentence. He waves across the bar to Sam and Bucky, who clearly have just arrived.
“I see you two have started without us,” Sam says as he slides into one of the seats next to Steve, leaving an empty seat for Bucky on your right. You’re a little pleased about that, but you try to stamp the feeling down before any of it can show on your face.
Although, now that you’re thinking about him… “Where’s Bucky?,” you ask and ignore the pointed look that Steve gives you.
“Don’t you worry, he’s just getting the first round for us“, Sam laughs -more or less unknowingly to the whole situation between you and Bucky- and nods towards the bar,
“Ohh but it seems like that’s not all he’s getting.“
When you glance over you can see that Bucky is talking to a woman. There’s a polite smile on his face that you’ve seen too many times before and the girl has her hand on Bucky’s arm. Your stomach lurches unpleasantly at the sight of the two of them together.
“Well he’d better come back with our drinks before he takes her home,” Sam says, rolling his eyes.
“You can have mine, Sam. It’s, um- It’s not agreeing with me.” Because something is causing bile to rise in the back of your throat, and you refuse to think about what else it could be. You push the glass across the table towards Sam and stand up. “I think I’m just gonna head home.”
“What? But we only just got here!” Sam protests, though that doesn’t stop him from snagging your drink and taking a large sip.
Steve gives you a critical look, but you chose to ignore it.
“Tell Buck I’m sorry I missed him.”, you mumble.
Just as you turn around, Steve is suddenly standing behind you and catches your wrist to stop you from leaving. “Tell him yourself,” he says in a low, gentle voice, so only you can hear. “He’s not gonna know how you feel if you don’t talk to him.”
“The only thing I’m feeling is sick, Steve.” You yank your wrist out of his grip and storm off, past Bucky and the blonde that he’s still chatting with. If he sees you leaving, you don’t notice at all.
You don’t sleep well that night. Despite your efforts, your thoughts keep drifting back to Bucky- wishing you were the one he took home instead of that girl at the bar, wishing you were cuddled up with him instead of alone in your bed, and wishing that the thought of him with someone else didn’t hurt as badly as it does…
You’re no stranger to jealousy but this is something else altogether. Maybe there was some truth to what Steve was saying. Not love, that’s ridiculous, but the beginnings of… something. Possessiveness -that’s it. You never liked sharing your toys as a kid, so it stands to reason that you wouldn’t like sharing Bucky either.
That’s all it is. That’s all you’ll allow it to be.
Still you don’t feel much better the following morning, though you’re quick to blame it on the lack of sleep the night before. You’re grouchy and irritable, and when there’s a knock on your door in the early afternoon you don’t particularly feel up for company.
“What do you want?” you snap as you yank your door open, and your mouth drops open in shock when you see Bucky standing there. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”
“Wow, you really are sick, aren’t you?” Bucky says with an easy grin. “You look terrible.”
“Well, thanks. You really know how to make a girl feel special.”
Bucky, on the other hand, looks great. He’s practically glowing, the tell-tale sign that he probably got laid the night before and he’s still walking on cloud nine because of it, and your stomach twists with jealous anger.
“Listen, I can’t stay long, but I got worried when the others told me you had left early last night and I just wanted to make sure you were alright,” Bucky says. “Oh, and I brought you this!”
He holds out a brown paper bag, which you take with a small amount of trepidation. “What is it?”
“A container of soup, just in case you weren’t feeling well enough to cook,” Bucky says. “And toast, though that’s probably gone cold by now.”
You swallow down a lump in your throat and manage to force out a quiet, “Thanks, Bucky. I appreciate this.”
“Hey, it’s no problem doll, I’d do this for any of my friends.” Bucky leans in and gives you a quick peck on the cheek. He’s still grinning at you but you can see the genuine concern in his eyes, and it’s all suddenly too much for you to handle.
“Thanks,” you manage to force out again, “Listen, I’m gonna go lie down, I’m not feeling well-”
“Yeah, yeah, of course. Feel better soon, Y/N - and come see me when you do!” Bucky gives you a wink, before waving goodbye and leaving.
You close the door to your flat and stand there, holding Bucky’s soup and blinking back tears, and wishing desperately that he was still here with you: to take care of you and kiss you and tell you that he loves-
You throw the bag across the room, not caring that the container inside bursts open and soup starts leaking out. You sink down to the floor and bury your face in your hands, because you can’t keep lying to yourself about this anymore.
You’ve gone and fallen in love with Bucky, and you have no idea what you’re supposed to do about that…
But you don’t stop sleeping with Bucky.
You should, you know that… but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Now that you have this part of him in your life you can’t let it go, even though Bucky’s physical affection makes your heart ache with yearning now. He’s always been affectionate with you, always sharing tight hugs and friendly kisses on foreheads and cheeks, you both having silly nicknames for one another… But now it’s all too much for you. Too much, yet not enough.
You drag your feet when it comes time to leave Bucky’s place in the mornings after, and when Bucky ends up at your flat you have to bite your tongue to stop yourself from begging him to stay forever.
It’s not all bad, though. Despite your new feelings the sex is still incredible, and your friendship with Bucky hasn’t suffered at all. The two of you still hang out constantly, meeting up between daily duties, laughing and joking just the same as you ever have. You know Bucky doesn’t feel the same way about you and that hurts, but you’re trying to get over it. You’re still thankful to have him as a friend at least, even if you know you’ll never be anything more than that.
You stop going home with other guys at all, though plenty have shown interest. The others question you about it, once or twice, when they see you turn down someone’s advances, but you brush their curiosity aside with any one of a thousand excuses: You’re too tired, they’re too drunk, you just weren’t feeling it… Every single one of them a lie, because the truth is that they’re simply not Bucky.
Only Steve doesn’t ask questions, but his knowing looks every time the subject gets raised are somehow even worse.
You assume Bucky still hooks up with other girls, especially with Sam trying to get him to settle down, go on dates and all of that. Which is fine, as long as you don’t need to see it happen and as long as you don’t know the details of it. Bucky is content to keep his secrets as usual and you suspect that Steve is doing his best to keep Sam quiet when the four of you meet up.
But conversations with them have a tendency to get out of hand, and sometime in the middle of Sam‘s latest rambling story about last weeks mission with Bucky, where they had to stay overnight at Sarah‘s place he drops in, “And then Bucky, you asshole, tried to flirt with my sister! Again!”
Your stomach plummets and your easy grin quickly fades away.
“I did not flirt with her!” Bucky protests hotly, and you wish you were anywhere but here, being forced to listen to this story.
“You did!” Sam insists before he adds, “You didn’t even finish helping me pack up the gear before you were out the door with her!”
“Can we change the subject? I’m tired of hearing you bring this up every time you guys visit Sarah,” Steve interrupts, feigning annoyance, but you know he’s interrupting for your sake rather than his. You’d be grateful for that, if you could feel anything except sick at the moment.
“You’d think poor James hadn’t gotten any in weeks, the way he was so eager to get into her pants-”
You stand up so quickly that your chair topples over backwards, and you bolt away from the table before anyone has a chance to say anything. Not that you’d hear them even if they did -your heart is beating loud enough to drown out everything around you, and your vision starts to blur with unshed tears as you race out the door.
As soon as you get outside you duck around the corner of the building, walking further down the alleyway and then leaning against the wall, furiously wiping your tears away, trying to get your emotions under control. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” you mutter, furious at yourself for your reaction.
You have no right to be upset.
Bucky doesn’t love you. It was never supposed to be exclusive. And he’s always been a flirt, especially with Sarah because he knew exactly how much it annoyed Sam.
You repeat these facts over and over but you can’t wrestle down your feelings with logic anymore. You’re just hurt, and right now it’s more than you can bear.
Any other time you’d be thrilled to hear that voice, but right now Bucky is the last person you want to talk to. “Go away. Just- just leave me alone.”
But Bucky, being Bucky, he doesn’t leave and instead takes a step closer to you. “Are you crying? Doll, what’s wrong?”
“I’m not crying, I’m fine,” you say, forcing a laugh and trying not to sniffle to give yourself away.
“No, you’re not,” Bucky says, refusing to let this go and leave you alone. “Just tell me what’s bothering you. You’re my friend, and I want to help you if I can.”
Hearing Bucky yet again call you his friend is what finally breaks you completely and you whirl on him, full of fury and pain. “That’s what’s bothering me!” you snap. “That I’m your friend. That I’m only ever going to be your friend. We fuck and then we go our separate ways, and you get to sleep with any bimbo who throws herself at you while I’m left alone because I had to go and fall in love with someone who doesn’t love me back!”
Bucky stares at you, his mouth hanging open in shock. “You -what…?”
“I love you, you idiot,” you say. “We started hooking up and I fell in love with you and I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I kept sleeping with you when I knew you didn’t feel the same, and I’m sorry for not saying something sooner, and I’m sorry that this is probably going to ruin our friendship, and-”
Bucky interrupts your tirade with a kiss. It’s gentle, chaste, the barest brush of his lips against yours, so different from your passionate makeout sessions that you’re stunned into silence. When he pulls away he keeps his hands cupping your face, so you can’t turn away as he says, “Who ever said that I don’t love you too?”
You stare at him, stunned by this unexpected turn of events. “But you.. you never said… and why would you go home with other girls…?”
“First of all, I didn’t think you loved me. And second of all, I did not go home with any girls for the past… i don’t know how long. I was just trying to get over you,” Bucky admits, “But obviously it didn’t work. I wasn’t interested in any of them and turned them all down as soon as they wanted to make a move."
“Obviously? Sam just said you left with Sarah-”
“I took her back to her house, yeah, but we didn’t have sex. I mean I kinda tried but- ah…” His face flushes and he scrunches his nose in embarrassment, before finally confessing, “I accidentally called her Y/N before anything could happen. That’s how gone I am for you. I just didn’t think you felt the same. Sarah just laughed it off, we talked for a while and she promised me to never tell Sam about what happened. In return I had to promise her, that I would ask you out one day…“
For the first time since you stormed out of the bar you laugh, warmth blooming in your chest as you smile hopefully at Bucky. “So what you’re saying is, we’ve both been idiots here.”
“Well idiots is a bit harsh, but… yeah, maybe we have been,” Bucky says, and that’s enough for you to surge forward and kiss him again.
Unlike Bucky’s kiss yours isn’t gentle. It can’t be, not now, not when all the love you’ve been trying to bury down suddenly comes rushing forward. It’s hot and desperate and full of everything you’ve been hiding for weeks now, and Bucky meets you with the same urgency. He pushes you against the side of the building, pressing forward until there’s no space left between your bodies at all.
You roll your hips against Bucky’s and he groans, breaking the kiss to drop his head to the crook of your neck, panting heavily against your skin. “Fuck, doll, stop, stop, we’re in public, we can’t-”
“We have before,” you say, still rocking against Bucky and feeling him grow harder in his jeans. “In the bathroom of the bar-”
“That’s not the same as fucking you against a wall outside,” Bucky protests, though his hips rock against yours and he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to pull away. “I love you, Y/N. I want to take you home and do this right.”
You bite back a whimper at hearing Bucky so easily tell you that he loves you, and it only serves to heighten your desire. “Bucky, I love you more than I have words for and that’s why I need you, now. Please, god, I can’t wait to get back to your place, I need you, please, please—"
Bucky kisses you again, fierce and quick. “Alright, alright, whatever you want, doll. As long as I can still get as taste of you later tonight.”
“You can do whatever you want to me, just please…” The rest of your begging gets cut off as Bucky slides a hand underneath your skirt and presses against your core. Even through your panties, his touch makes you cry out and Bucky kisses you again, swallowing down every sound you make.
“Gotta keep quiet, baby, can’t let anyone hear you,” Bucky murmurs against your mouth as he slips his hand inside your panties slides his fingers along your already slick folds.
Bucky isn’t in a teasing mood, which is perfect because you’re too desperate to last long anyway. This is what you needed: Bucky pressed against you, his fingers pushing inside, his thumb rubbing your clit… Every movement, every kiss, every baby, doll and that’s it, that’s my good girl and love you, god I love you reminding you that Bucky is here and he’s yours.
You can feel your orgasm building and you grind against his hand as he works it against you, chasing that peak with every roll of your hips. “Yeah, doll, that’s it,” Bucky whispers, pushing another finger inside you and twisting them. “Come for me, I want you to come for me, baby.“
And you do with a moan that Bucky can’t quite muffle soon enough, the sound of your pleasure echoing down the darkened alleyway before Bucky gets his lips on yours again. You whine against his mouth as his skillful fingers work you through your orgasm, until your knees almost buckle and Bucky has to wrap his vibranium arm around your waist to keep you upright.
“God, Bucky, I fucking love you,” you pant, leaning heavily against him as you catch your breath.
“I love you too,” he says with a small laugh and a fond smile. “God, do I love you. Now can we please get back to my place so I can fuck you properly?”
Bucky pulls his hand out from underneath your skirt and, flashing you a wicked smirk, sucks his fingers into his mouth to lick them clean. You whimper at the sight and pull Bucky’s fingers away so you can kiss the taste of yourself out of his mouth instead.
You’ve slept with Bucky dozens of time before, in a dozen different ways, but it’s never quite been like this.
Bucky wasn’t kidding when he said that he wanted to fuck you properly. Your desperation from earlier has been sated, for the time being, and the two of you undress each other slowly, trading soft kisses broken only to pull off shirts or wrestle with a particularly stubborn button.
Bucky pushes you down onto his bed and kisses down your neck, pausing to suck a bruise into the hollow of your throat. “What do you want, baby?” he purrs. “Want me to eat you out? Finger you again?”
“Just fuck me, please.”
Bucky keeps moving down your body, licking over one of your nipples, and you arch into his touch. “Bucky, please,” you whine. “Please fuck me, I love you, don’t wanna wait any more…”
He chuckles and kisses your breast, and then the center of your chest, and a third down on your stomach. “I don’t know if you’re insatiable or if I’m just that good,” he teases, kisses your bellybutton and nipping at the crease of your thigh.
“It’s just you,” you tell him. “You drive me crazy, Bucky.”
The brunette moves back up to kiss you properly. “I drive you crazy? God, doll, do you even know what you do to me?” He laughs, breathless, and adds, “Good thing we got together, or who knows what sort of mess we would’ve ended up in eventually.”
Your heart skips a beat and you grin at him and say, “Together, huh?”
Bucky’s eyes go wide. “I- I mean, if you want, I just thought-”
You reach down for his cock, giving it one long, slow stroke to cut off the rest of his babbling. Bucky groans and ducks his head, rocking his hips even after you hold your hand still around him.
“I love you, and I love the sound of us being together,” you tell him. “But right now I’d really love it if you just fucked me already.”
That startles a laugh out of Bucky before he pushes into you, slow but insistent, rocking into you more gently than you’re used to from him. It reminds you of the tenderness that he showed you the day that you first realized you were starting to have feelings for Bucky.
You were scared of his gentleness then, scared of what it could mean for either of you, and you begged him to fuck you harder - but this time you don’t want harder, you don’t want rougher, you just want this. Bucky’s cock fills you perfectly, and you’re sensitive enough from your earlier orgasm that each deep thrust makes you cry out.
“Love you, love you, love you,” you chant, clinging to Bucky as he moves inside you, your nails digging half-moons into his shoulders
“I love you too,” Bucky groans. “Love you so much, god, fuck, fuck-”
His thrusts start to get a little erratic, a little harder, and you reach down to touch yourself, knowing it won’t take much for you to come again. But Bucky beats you to it, getting his fingers on your clit before you can, and you choke on a gasp, your eyes nearly rolling back into your skull as he rubs and teases at your sensitive bundle of nerves. “Bucky- oh, god, fuck, Bucky, Buck-”
You don’t even get a chance to warn him that you’re about to come. Your orgasm crashes over you suddenly, catching you off-guard and startling a loud cry of pleasure out of you, vision nearly whiting out as you’re overwhelmed by the intensity of it all.
Bucky groans at the sight and sound of you coming undone beneath him. “Fuck, you’re so perfect, looking so pretty when you cum, doll, love you so fucking much,” he babbles, his movements starting to get sloppy as he chases his own orgasm.
You capture his lips in a kiss and do your best to tighten around him. “Come for me, Bucky,” you pant against his mouth and he finally does with a loud moan, his kisses turning sloppy and his hips stuttering into you, each movement sending sparks of overstimulated pleasure skittering down your spine.
When Bucky finally pulls out he collapses next to you. When you’ve slept with Bucky in the past you would always be afraid to move in too close, or else spend too much time overanalyzing what the tiniest of his actions meant to enjoy the afterglow. Now you don’t hesitate to snuggle up against his side, sighing in contentment as the brunette throws an arm around your waist and holds you close.
“Should get cleaned up at some point,” you mumble.
Bucky presses a lazy kiss to the top of your head. “Later. Or tomorrow. You don’t have any plans, do you?”
“For tomorrow?” you ask. Bucky nods, you can feel the movement of it against your bare skin. “No, nothing.”
“Good.” He gives you a soft smile. “Stay with me. Not just tonight but tomorrow too, I mean.”
You smile back at him, feeling lazy and content and so in love that it makes your whole chest ache with happiness. “I’ll stay. For as long as you’ll have me.”
“Stay forever then,” Bucky says. “I love you, and I don’t want you to ever leave again.”
You lean in and kiss him, and he meets you halfway. It’s sleepy and gentle and perfect, and all you want to have for the rest of your life. “Yeah,” you breathe. “I think I can do that.”
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onceuponastory · 19 hours ago
at her side - b.b x reader
Tumblr media
I was only just a breath removed from going to waste 'Till I found salvation in the form of your Your grace, your grace, your grace - grace by lewis capaldi
Plot: Y/N needs a boyfriend to bring to her family’s Christmas party. Her best friend Bucky Barnes offers to be her fake boyfriend. Of course, neither of them know that the other is madly in love with them, and would date them for real. No pressure, right? Basically, it’s a fake dating fic with Bucky Barnes. With a happy ending of course. Warnings: Some mentions of alcohol Notes: This is for day five of @staticscreenwriting​ and I’s Christmas Creation Calendar. Today’s prompt is fake dating at a Christmas party. If you’d like to be involved (and you don’t have to be a writer to do so), check the rules here, and read the masterlist of the days so far here!
“Is this the turn here?” Bucky asks, and Y/N nods.
“Thanks again for doing this, Bucky.” She smiles. 
“No problem.” He responds, turning the car into her parents' street. As best friends for the past three years, Bucky and Y/N do a lot of favours for each other. So, when her parents called and asked if she was bringing her boyfriend to her Christmas party, she panicked and said yes. Unfortunately, the ‘boyfriend’ in question was a guy she had been on two dates with, who then dumped her to go back to his ex. So instead of owning up and admitting how single and lonely she actually is to her parents, she kept the lie going a bit longer. But then she suddenly realised just how screwed she was a week before the party, and that most men would run a mile if she wanted to introduce them to her family on the second date. But thankfully, her best friend Bucky, kind and dependable Bucky, who still has a heart of gold despite everything the world has done to him, heard of her plight and offered to be her date. As a favour, of course. 
Bucky decided not to tell her that as a 106-year old formerly brainwashed super-soldier assassin, he doesn’t really get invited to too many parties at this time of year. Or ever, actually. So he would still offer regardless of how much she tried to convince him not to. This is actually his first party in a long time. And besides, he’s been friends with Y/N for almost three years at this point. What better time to meet her family? He gets to help Y/N by doing so too, which makes everything worthwhile. Besides, she’s done so much for him already, and continues to do so. When Bucky was at the lowest points of his life, and when the nightmares and insecurities were too loud for him to handle on his own, Y/N was there to help him through it. To this day, he still has no idea where he’d be without her love and support. Pretending to be her boyfriend for a few hours is nothing compared to the things she’s done for him, so of course he offered to help her out for once. And although he’d rather die than admit it, especially to Y/N...Bucky isn’t exactly going to complain about pretending to date his gorgeous best friend for a while. At least he gets to be with her, even if it’s just for one night. 
Meanwhile, Y/N gets to spend more time with her best friend in the entire world, and by doing so, she finally gets her parents off of her back. Of course, it also means that she gets to pretend to be dating the person she’s been in love with for the last year. She wasn’t going to turn that opportunity down anytime soon. So both of them consider it a win. They just have to be themselves, hold hands a few times and maybe give each other a small kiss or two on the other’s forehead or cheek if they have to. That’s not that bad, right? Even if the thought of kissing the other is enough to send both of their hearts into palpitations. Bucky soon pulls up outside her parents’ house. “You ready?” He asks. Y/N sighs.
“...As I’ll ever be.” Bucky gives her hand a squeeze with his non-metal one, which calms her down ever so slightly. She looks into Bucky’s eyes, so blue and calm. Like the sea. She smiles her first genuine smile of the day so far. Bucky smiles back at her. The pair get out of Bucky’s car and walk towards the front door of Y/N’s parents’ house. She holds out her hand to knock on the door, taking a deep breath to calm herself down. Part of her knows she’s being silly. It’s just introducing Bucky, her best friend, to her family for the first time. Okay, maybe they’ll have to hold hands once or twice, but it’s not that bad, right? 
So why does it feel like she’s being led to her execution? She suddenly feels another squeeze on her hand and looks over to see Bucky giving her another reassuring smile. One that tells her he’ll be right by her side. And they can face everything together. Once again, Bucky’s presence makes her feel a little better. So, she raises her hand and knocks. The door opens before she’s even finished knocking, and her mother stands before the pair.
“Y/N! Hi darling!” She grins, pulling her close for a tight hug so quickly that she loses her grasp on Bucky’s hand. She can smell the scent of her mother’s perfume mixed with home baking, something that brings her back to her childhood. It smells comforting, and it smells like home.  
“Hey, mom.” Her mother gives her another squeeze before turning her attention to Bucky.
“And who is this?” She grins. “Is this the boyfriend we’ve been hearing so much about?” Bucky holds out his hand. Y/N smiles. Always the gentleman and the sergeant, despite what happened to him.
“Hello ma’am, I’m-wow, okay.” He gasps as her mother pulls him into a hug. “I’m Bucky.” Y/N giggles as she watches him getting the life squeezed out of him by her mother. 
"One thing you gotta know about me, honey, is that I’m a hugger.” Her mother grins. But to Bucky, despite how weird it feels to be squeezed so tightly by someone he barely feels nice overall. Bucky hasn’t been hugged like this in a long time. The last person to hug him like this was his own mother, back in the twenties. There’s really nothing as sweet and welcoming as a mother’s love. And Y/N’s mother has it in bucketfuls. Y/N’s mother finally lets him go and ushers them both inside. 
“Can I take your coats?” Y/N notices Bucky tensing immediately. She knows he’s terrified about showing his metal arm to everyone, despite how much she constantly reassured him that her family would be okay with it, whether he decided to cover it up or let it show. Bucky glances to her for reassurance, and she gives him a small smile and a nod. Gulping, Bucky takes off his jacket. The gold of his metal arm glints in the light. Y/N’s mother doesn’t say anything to his immense relief, and takes both their coats without another word. “Almost everyone is in the living room, and some of us are in the kitchen cooking. Go say hi to everyone!” She grins. As she leaves, she throws a glance at Bucky and winks, mouthing “You did well!” to Y/N. Her cheeks flush. Thankfully, Bucky doesn’t seem to have noticed.
“Well, I guess we better-”
“Y/N! I MISSED YOU!” A squeal fills the room, and soon Y/N’s legs are tackled by her five-year-old niece and goddaughter, Amelia, who wraps her tiny arms around them in a hug. 
“Hey, sweetheart!” She smiles, bending down and picking her up. “Oh, you’re getting so big!” She kisses her cheek and listens intently as Amelia continues to rattle on about the things she’s done since she last saw her aunt and what she asked Santa for. Bucky smiles at the scene in front of him. Y/N really is a natural with kids...And why is he thinking about that? Why now? Sure he loves her and all, but he’s here as her fake date, nothing more. Now is not the time to think about how cute their kids would be. “Amelia.” Y/N begins. “This is Bucky. He’s my friend. Can you say hello?” Bucky gives a small wave, and Amelia gives him one back.
“Are you her boyfriend? My mommy and nana said that auntie Y/N’s bringing her boyfriend. They said that she told them that he’s cute! And she’s right! You’re cute!” She tells Bucky, who grins. Y/N’s cheeks turn a bright red, and Bucky chuckles. 
“Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.” 
“Amelia, why don’t we go see mommy? I need to talk to her.” Y/N asks, placing her niece down, who runs into the living room, beckoning for the pair to follow her, which they do. “Talk to her about how to not spill things said in private.” She mutters under her breath.
“So, you think I’m cute.” Bucky smiles. Y/N starts wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her whole. 
“Well, I mean, you are, it’s just-” She trails off. Meanwhile, Bucky is still slightly in disbelief, despite how confident he seems. She thinks he’s cute? Him? But surely...she can’t feel the same about him, right? Nobody’s ever felt the same way about him, despite how much he wants them to. And with Y/N, her feeling the same way about him is all he’s ever wanted. 
Once Bucky has been introduced to Y/N’s family and friends and gotten to know them some more, the pair sit with her sister, brother in law, aunts, uncles and some cousins, chatting as Christmas music plays softly in the background and lights sparkle around them. Of course, as the new person there, Bucky is the one most people want to speak to about his hobbies, work, and everything in between. Bucky and Y/N sit on the couch, Bucky’s arm wrapped around her waist. This still feels weird to her, but comforting too. Like where this is where she’s meant to be. Surrounded by love and family, with Bucky at her side. Even though it’s just for one night, she doesn’t want this to ever end. She doesn’t want to wake up from this dream.
“You know, you two are so cute.” Her aunt grins, sipping from a glass of wine. “When did you two start dating?” Y/N’s eyes widen slightly. She completely forgot to prepare a dating timeline with Bucky.
“A few weeks ago. Almost a month, actually. But we’ve been friends for longer, right Y/N?” Bucky responds before Y/N can even start to panic. Damn, he’s good. Y/N nods.
“I see. So, what made you two decide to start dating? Did it seem like there was something more, or...” Bucky and Y/N gulp.
“Well-” Bucky begins, but before he can say anything, they’re called to dinner. Y/N breathes a sigh of relief. Saved by the turkey. For now, anyway. As her family leaves the room, Y/N and Bucky hang back. “Dammit. We don’t have a dating story worked out.” Bucky sighs. “Okay, at least we have some time over dinner to think up answers to their questions.” He whispers. Y/N shakes her head, sighing. 
“I wish, but nope. The questions won’t stop over dinner. We don’t have time to think up a story because they’ll send someone to come find us if we’re late to dinner, so one of us will just have to make up something whilst the other one nods and agrees. Okay?” Bucky nods. He can see Y/N is getting slightly worked up about it, so he gently takes her hand. 
“Hey, it’s okay. We’ll be fine. We’ve been through worse.” He reassures her. Bucky pulls her close, gently pressing a kiss to her forehead. Y/N swears the butterflies in her stomach must’ve turned into a colony by this point. “Now come on, let’s go get some food.” He tells her, leading her out of the room and into the dining room, where they take their seats.
As Y/N’s parents and some other family members bring in steaming dishes of food, Y/N’s mother comes in, struggling with a few dishes of food. Before Y/N can even do anything, Bucky stands up. “Let me help you with those.” He smiles, taking some of them from her with ease. His muscles flex ever so slightly, and he doesn’t even flinch under the weight of the dishes. Y/N gulps. That super serum really must be doing its job. God, how does he make everything, even carrying the roast potatoes, so attractive? Her eyes scan the table. All her female relatives seem to feel the same, given how they’re all staring at him. Bucky places the dishes down on the table and sits back down, not noticing how most of the women, including Y/N, are all staring at him. Some of them look like they’re considering leaving their husbands for him. Meanwhile, Y/N’s mom looks like she’s ready to start calling him her son in law.
Once everyone has their plates piled high and is tucking into their food, the incessant questioning of Bucky and Y/N starts again. Of course, a few other questions and stories are thrown in, but most of the conversation is centred on Y/N and her new date. Where they met, their first date, their second date, how they knew they wanted it to continue...and so on. Y/N and Bucky do well at keeping their stories similar. And besides, most of what they’re telling them is true. They met in New York at work and got closer after seeing each other every day. Nobody has to know they aren’t really dating. And it looks like nobody suspects they aren’t either. It’ll just be a funny, cute memory for them both down the line. Even though neither of them want this lie to end, or to let go of the magic just yet.
“So.” Her aunt clears her throat. “We got interrupted last time, but Bucky, when did you know you wanted to start dating Y/N? How did you know she was the one?” Y/N almost chokes on a potato. Next time her aunt goes to fill up her wine, she will tackle her whilst someone locks the wine up. If she has anymore, it’ll only be a matter of time before her next question is if he will propose to her.
“Nina.” Y/N’s mother tuts. “Stop with all the questions. You’ll give the poor boy a heart attack.” Her aunt shrugs.
“It’s just a question. I was the same when you met your husband.” Y/N’s father rolls his eyes.
“You don’t have to answer that.” Y/N whispers to Bucky. Surprisingly, however, he clears his throat and continues to talk.
“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. Well. One day she came into work, and she’d brought me a coffee and a bagel. I mean, she does that a lot, but when she gave it to me, I realised that she’d left me a little note saying that she hoped I had a good day with a little smiley face on it. And as I read it, a lot of things just started to fall into place. She’s so kind and loving. Even on her worst days, this woman is like a ray of sunshine.” Y/N gasps softly, feeling tears stinging in her eyes. “And god, she’s so beautiful. I mean, she always is. Especially today. And I realised right then and there that I didn’t want to go another day without being with her. So, I asked her out, and the rest is history.” Her family aww around her, but Y/N is still in shock. Bucky...said those things about her? He thought them about her? Is it true? Does he really love her like that? 
Bucky’s hand finds hers under the table, and he intertwines his fingers with hers. He gently pecks her on the cheek. Y/N swears her heart is beating so fast it might break out of her chest. It feels like her whole world has been turned upside down. She has to talk to him and find out the truth.
After dinner, Bucky and Y/N lie on the couch, too full to move. Bucky’s arm is slung around her waist again, and she rests her head on his chest. “Oh doll, your mom is a talented cook. I couldn’t eat another thing.” Bucky groans. “I could sleep. For about a hundred years.”
“Yup. She sure is. I don’t know how I managed some dessert after all that turkey. She’ll have you invited over for her New Year’s feast if you’re not careful.” Bucky chuckles. They sit in silence for a while, and Y/N starts to smell Bucky’s cologne. It’s nice. It’s comforting. In its own way, it smells like home too. Her mind goes back to earlier and to the moment when Bucky practically admitted his love for her over the dinner table. “Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Mhm?” But before she can say anything, her mother and some other family members walk in. Y/N sighs. She can’t ask her fake boyfriend if he really loves her and wants to date her for real in front of her family, who thinks they’re actually dating. She shakes her head, and Bucky frowns but says nothing. 
“Okay, you two, we’re going to put some music on and have a dance party. And before you start groaning, Amelia requested it, not me.” Y/N’s sister says. 
“Bucky, can I dance with you, please? Just for a little while...” Amelia asks, looking up at him, her eyes wide and pleading. 
“Of course you can, sweetheart.” Bucky smiles. He glances over at Y/N. “But I would like to dance with your auntie too, if that’s okay.” He whispers loud enough for Y/N to hear, and Amelia nods. Y/N smiles.
“Actually, Y/N can I see you in the kitchen for a moment, please?” Her mother asks. Y/N frowns, wondering what she’s done now. But she nods and follows her mother out of the room. Once they’re in the kitchen, her mother turns to face her. “You really love him, don’t you?” Y/N frowns.
“He’s my boyfriend, mom. Of course, I do-” Her mother raises an eyebrow.
“Mhm. Y/N I know when you were a teenager, you thought I was born in the middle ages, but I am not that old or dumb. I can tell when you’re actually dating someone or if it’s just fake. And I know you and Bucky aren’t actually dating.” Y/N opens her mouth to argue, but her mother holds up her hand to stop her. “Don’t bother arguing. I know. A mother knows these things.”
“Seriously? Wow, I guess what they say about a mother’s intuition is right.”
“Well, yeah, it is. But it’s mostly cause you said your new boyfriend’s name was Henry, and now it’s Bucky all of a sudden.” Y/N blushes. Oops. “But you know darling...with the way he looks at you and speaks about you, and the way you look at had us all fooled. I think there’s more love invested into this ‘fake’ relationship than you think there is. You really do love him, don’t you?” Y/N nods.
“I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want to go back to New York and go back to being friends when I love him so much. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” She can feel tears stinging at her eyes again, and her mother pulls her into another tight hug. 
“You have to talk to him. I know it’s scary and tough, but it’s what you have to do. And...I think I know his answer.” The two women walk back into the living room and are greeted by most of the family dancing to Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time. Bucky holds Amelia in his arms, gently swaying and spinning her to the music as she giggles along. Y/N smiles softly. He really fits in with her family. They all adore him. And she does too. Her mother gently pats her back, and after taking a breath, Y/N walks over to Bucky as the song fades out and Queen’s Thank God It’s Christmas begins to play. 
“Hey, sweetheart. Can I get that dance with Bucky now?” Grinning, Amelia nods. Bucky places her down, and she runs off to find her parents. Bucky takes her hand in his and wraps his arm around her waist again. They begin to sway together. 
“What did your mom want? Everything okay?” She nods. Everything’s great. 
“Thanks for today, Bucky. For everything, actually.”
“Of course, doll.”
“And um.” She takes a breath. Bucky raises an eyebrow. “I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to. I don’t want us to go back to just being friends after this. I’m in love with you, Bucky Barnes.” His eyes go wide, and his face lights up. 
“I love you too.” He sighs happily. “God, I’ve been waiting and hoping you’d say those words to me.” Y/N grins. “Can I kiss you?” She nods, and he gently places her lips on hers in a soft kiss. Y/N was right. This is all she needs, and it’s where she’s meant to be. Surrounded by love and family, with Bucky at her side. For real this time.
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Wait...I thought you died?!
Tumblr media
// I do not own this gif // credits to the owner//
Summary: Y/N finds out Bucky didn't die.
Warnings: None
The Avengers sat in the living room of the tower, Alexis in the middle explaining her life story. She’d just joined the team and as expected she needed to tell them her life story. “So to reCAP,” She giggled looking over to her best friend. “I’ve been best friends with Steve since we met in like 1930. Howard gave me cool powers with a super serum prototype. I was frozen trying to save Cap’s butt, Thor and Loki somehow miraculously found me and I lived on Asgard for like 30 human years. When I came back to Earth it’d been like I was here the whole time, I ran around saving people for a bit then I found Tony, and here we are.”
Soon they started asking questions, “So did you ever, I don’t know, date anyone?” Wanda asked excitedly, ready to hear about my love life. I thought for a moment, blushing before casting my thoughts to the wall, for them to view like a plasma screen tv.
I watched as Howard powered up the ruby red car. “Wow!” I exclaimed looking up at Bucky who was smiling back at me lovingly. “Amazing isn’t it?” We look back to the car just as the car sparks and falls to the ground. I jump, grabbing Bucky’s arm. “Scared?” He asked, smirking. “Shut up,” I grumbled blushing before pulling him with me. We walked into the music room, and I smiled admiring the grand room.
He pulled me out of the doorway to avoid being trampled by the people entering behind us, and in the process pulled me flush against his chest. “Would you care for a dance love?” He asked, smiling down at me. I smirked, “On one condition.” “Yes?” He responded quirking his eyebrow. “Promise not to step on my feet?” I explained, poking his chest at each word for emphasis. He sighed, rolling his eyes at my reaction. Dragging me by my hand, Bucky led us to the center of the dance floor and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped mine around his neck and closed my eyes breathing in his scent. We swayed softly to the music as that memory faded out into the next one.
The next memory was the day Bucky left for war. Bucky and I pulled away from our hug. “Promise me you’ll stay safe?” I whispered, holding his upper arms and staring into his eyes. Kissing my forehead he promised, “I’ll come back to your doll. No matter what.”
*End of Flashback*
I teared up and smiled as everyone glared at Steve as he stared at the ground. I looked around confused, although I’ve never told anyone about this, this was not the reaction I expected. “What's wrong?” I asked.
“She deserves to know.” Wanda glared at Steve, finally turning to me with a look of hurt in her eyes. Confusion twisted on my face, “know what? Steve, what's going on?” My best friend turned in my direction, but he still didn't look at me. Instead he looked past me, the same hurt in his eyes.
Just as I was about to turn around I heard an all too familiar voice behind me.
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Summary: The two of you may not be able to understand the language of the words spoken but can surely understand the language of love.
Pairings: Bucky x desi!reader
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warnings: FLUFF, yes it's a warning because it's me.
Author’s Note: FUCK YES I JUST MADE A DESI!READER FIC. And a lot of the physical attributes are from my own. PLEASE DO REBLOG AND COMMENT.
Tumblr media
Hushed giggles, hands in each other’s and feet hurrying to get to the roof as soon as possible not wanting to waste a single precious second that could be spent at the usual spot on the roof, staring up at the stars and occasionally even catch one shooting down with a glittering light trailing behind.
Bucky swears that he doesn't believe in all this “shooting star bullshit”, but you knew with the way his eyes briefly closed, the star giving the little sparkle before they are completely enclosed by his eyelids, and the way his lips moved in a little mumble, he did make wishes and often you wondered what they were or if they have ever come true.
Little did you know that by just existing in Bucky’s life and looking at him like he was the one who made the stars fall and put on a glimmering show just for you, you were making every wish he has made, in what he thought was in secret, come true.
Sometimes when you tell Bucky how there can never be anything as beautiful and bright as the stars illuminating the night sky, he could never get tired of telling you that nothing could ever shine as bright, bleed with so much beauty or bring life to anything that gets cast under its presence, like you.
Anyone could put the whole damn universe by your side, with all the shining stars and balls of colors and dazzle, and Bucky’s eyes would be widened in awe and glimmer with the shine from your beauty, not even acknowledging the presence of the whole universe beside you.
“ Bucky you’re stepping on my leg.” You giggle as he tightens his arm around your waist bringing you even closer to him which you didn't think would even be possible.
“ I told you already, красивая звезда, it's either me sticking to you, or you’re gonna have to let me carry you,” Bucky says before placing a sloppy kiss on your cheek, his heart skipping a few beats when your nose scrunches up adorably and a laugh leaves your mouth.
Bucky could never get tired of touching, he needed to feel you any way he could, he needed to be surrounded by your sweet scent and comforting aura.
It didn't matter if your skin was only grazing his or if it was your knees touching his, he needed you close and he did have you close all the time. Bucky wished he could keep it that way forevermore.
After decades of pain, life really did give him everything to make up for it by the gift of you.
Laughing at his antics you say, “ I’m not letting you carry me all the way to the roof.”
“ And there’s no way I’m going to pass up on a chance to have you as close to me as possible.” His voice turned from playful to serious adoration and an intense flash of emotions crossed his eyes.
Your voice carries an equal amount of pure love and adoration for the man who won’t hesitate to give up everything just to have you in his eyesight, when you say, “You have all the time in the world to have me as close as you want, my chaand.”
The dark light adds a bluish hue to the pink slowly freckling his cheeks as your words give him a kind of comfort that he didn't even know could exist.
Bucky wasn't scared, he wasn't worried, not about a single thing as long as you were there to complete him and he knew with each passing day that you will always be there.
You were the pretty star keeping your moon company amidst all the darkness after all.
The light wind whipped through the strands of hair falling away from the tied up bun and Bucky’s loose t-shirt slightly flutter around his torso as the two of you step onto the roof, the sky clearing as the wind pushes the clouds away to reveal more small gems dusted all over the dark canvas.
The stars twinkle and the moon shines brighter as if to greet the two of you and knowing that you would have the most mesmerized and mesmerizing smile etched upon your lips as you look at the sky, the kind of which you have seen so many times, Bucky turns his head to catch sight more precious to him than the one above.
Bucky just cannot comprehend how you are real with those widened, shining eyes and smile so wide that he could just die right there and would be happy that he passed after getting a sight of something so heavenly. Moreso, he cannot understand how it's possible for him to feel so much towards a person. How is it possible that after years and years of making him and being forced to be someone else, someone so cruel to such an extent that he had to live with that person inside him, you’re just magically able to make every moment of misery vanish and have him feel human again as if it was always natural for him to feel that way?
“ Let's go lie down.” You say gesturing your head towards the usual spot but Bucky holds you in place while his other arm makes its way around your waist and his head dips down just enough for his lips to be closer to yours.
“Gimme a kiss first красивая звезда,.” He whispers and your hands immediately find either side of his face as you hold him, teasingly pulling away when he leans in before the slight pout on his face has you giggling when his hand comes up to clasp your cheek to keep your face in place.
Bucky’s lips crash onto yours perfectly molding and fitting as he kisses you even harder like he can never get enough, he keeps needing more and more of you. The kiss has you breathless but at the same time wanting him to steal every ounce of breath. His thumb is stroking your cheekbones and his other hand rubbing slow circles on your waist as he keeps kissing you.
“ The stars.” You breathe out as you pull away, your lips still slightly grazing his.
“ I got my star right here.” He whispers back before you burst out into a fit of hearty laughter that has him grinning like an idiot.
“ You cheesy fuck.” You laugh out as you pull away from him walking away to where you two usually lie down.
Hurrying behind you and leaning forward to grab a hand in his he exclaimed, “ Hey, that was romantic.”
“ Oh yeah, Shah Rukh Khan would step down for you.” You joked as you watched him trying to understand your words.
“ Who?” He asks cautiously
Shaking your head in mock disappointment you reply,
“ You really need to catch up with that Bollywood list I made for you.”
Bucky laughs out. “ I really do.”
The two of you sit down on the concrete before taking the usual position. Bucky on his back, arms wide open and you curled up against his side with your head resting on his chest as strands of your hair wrap in dark tendrils around his finger while he twirls them.
A calm quietness engulfs the atmosphere as the two of you bask in it with the stars twinkling in a silent greeting.
“ It's so beautiful.” You whisper tracing patterns on his chest, right above his heart.
“Mhm, it really is.”
Your eyes dart across the night sky and stop on one particular star.
“ Aaah, there’s Jonathan.” You say pointing out at the star as you feel Bucky’s chest rumble with laughter.
With a playful tone, he says,“ That's not Jonathan, that's Jerry.”
Hearing his words you huff out and hold your mouth agape in mock offense, “ That's Jonathan. Jerry is his brother.” Your eyes go back to the dark sky and you point out at a star beside Jonathan, “ That's Jerry, bewakoof.” You mumble the last word but Bucky catches on before he narrows his eyes at you in mock suspicion.
“ What did you just call me?”
Looking anywhere but at his face and with a smirk on your face you reply, “ Nothing.”
“ Oh please, you just said something.”
“ Not like you're going to understand anyway.” You tease him as he pretends to get offended.
“ Well then,все, что мне когда-либо было нужно в моей жизни, это ты.”
You have absolutely no idea what he just told but you're not giving up either and since he can’t understand anything you could tell whatever you felt like telling.
Raising an eyebrow in challenge you try not to show the nature of what you're telling by the tone of your voice
“ मुझे पता है कि मैं तुम्हें अपना चाँद कहता हूँ, लेकिन तुम भी मेरे सूरज हो, जिस हवा में मैं साँस लेता हूँ, तुम मेरे लिए सब कुछ हो तुम मेरे लिए मेरे जीवन में किसी भी चीज़ से ज्यादा मायने रखते हो |”
Bucky’s features become softer and a tad bit serious as he leans in to press your forehead against his.
“Я мог бы иметь мир, и это все равно ничего не значило бы, если бы у меня не было тебя. Для меня ничего не имеет смысла, кроме моей любви к тебе.”
As the next few words leave your mouth, your own voice betrays you as every emotion and the meaning of every word flows into everything you spoke.
“ एक दिन मैं चाहता हूं कि कुछ बनाया जाएगा या शब्द आपको यह दिखाने के लिए मिलेंगे कि आप मेरे लिए कितना मायने रखते हैं, लेकिन मेरी भावनाएं आपके लिए कितनी गहरी हैं, मुझे संदेह है कि कोई भी चीज कभी भी उनका वर्णन या दिखा सकती है |”
Bucky knows. He just knows what exactly you mean by every word that he can't understand. After all, it's only the language of the words you speak that he doesn’t understand, he understands every word that your eyes tell him, he understands all the feelings that you show him with every stroke of your fingers tracing his nose.
So, he knows just how much you love him by the words you spoke.
“ Однажды, моя прекрасная звезда, однажды я надела самое красивое кольцо на этот красивый палец и назову тебя своим навсегда.”
Not a second passed after those words left his mouth when his lips were pressed against yours a soft smile growing on his lips when he feels your smile against the and he pulls away for one last say the most important one yet.
“ Я люблю тебя больше всего на свете, моя прекрасная звезда.”
You knew he just said that he loves you, you knew by the way his heart fluttered faster under your palm and the way his eyes looked so soft.
“मैं तुमसे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ, मेरे चाँद, बहुत |”
Bucky didn't understand a word, but he knew, he felt.
красивая звезда- pretty/beautiful star
Bewakoof- idiot
все, что мне когда-либо было нужно в моей жизни, это ты- all i’ve ever needed in my life is you
मुझे पता है कि मैं तुम्हें अपना चाँद कहता हूँ, लेकिन तुम भी मेरे सूरज हो, जिस हवा में मैं साँस लेता हूँ, तुम मेरे लिए सब कुछ हो तुम मेरे लिए मेरे जीवन में किसी भी चीज़ से ज्यादा मायने रखते हो-
I know I call you my moon, but you are also my sun, the air I breathe, you are everything to me, you mean more to me than anything in my life
Я мог бы иметь мир, и это все равно ничего не значило бы, если бы у меня не было тебя. Для меня ничего не имеет смысла, кроме моей любви к тебе-
I could have the world, and it still wouldn't mean anything if I didn't have you. Nothing makes sense to me but my love for you.
एक दिन मैं चाहता हूं कि कुछ बनाया जाएगा या शब्द आपको यह दिखाने के लिए मिलेंगे कि आप मेरे लिए कितना मायने रखते हैं, लेकिन मेरी भावनाएं आपके लिए कितनी गहरी हैं, मुझे संदेह है कि कोई भी चीज कभी भी उनका वर्णन या दिखा सकती है-
One day I wish something would be made or words would be found to show you how much you mean to me, but how deep are my feelings for you, I doubt anything can ever describe or show them.
Однажды, моя прекрасная звезда, однажды я надела самое красивое кольцо на этот красивый палец и назову тебя своим навсегда-
Once, my beautiful star, once I put the most beautiful ring on this beautiful finger and I will call you mine forever.
Я люблю тебя больше всего на свете, моя прекрасная звезда- I love you more than anything else, my beautiful star.
मैं तुमसे बहुत प्यार करता हूँ, मेरे चाँद, बहुत - I love you so much, my moon, so much.
A/N: So as you can probably tell my Hindi is good but not that great so there will be mistakes and if u find any please do tell me about it and same with my Russian. PLEASE DO REBLOG AND COMMENT.
Tagging a few angels:
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brooklynwritess · a day ago
summary : bucky is completely mesmerized by you and needs you
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader
warnings : smut, mommy kink, sub bucky, pretty soft smut
You just got home from a long day of training with the rest of the avengers team. Bucky was very tired so you told the rest of the team that he was feeling sick.
When you got home Bucky immediately heard the front door close, “y/n/n”, he immediately got off the couch and ran to the front door. When he got to you he picked you up like a baby and hugged and kissed you all over. “I missed you Buck,” he grinned and kissed you, “I missed you more doll,” he smiled.
You wrapped your arms and legs tightly around him while he studied your face intently with his hands and his blue eyes, “your so perfect, the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen.” You gave him another kiss which ended up with him carrying you to your shared bedroom and dropping you on the king sized bed.
“Mommy I need you,” he whimpered in frustration, “needed you all day long.”
“You need your mommy, huh Buck,” he nodded with a cry in reply, “words my sweet boy.”
“Yes I need you mommy, please please please,” he begged.
“Good begging baby, what do you want hm?”
“Anything mommy, just wanna cum for you.”
You smiled and whispered a “good boy” and you slowly pulled down his pants, told Bucky to spit on your hand, and slowly started jerking him off.
You could tell he was close to cumming by the way he could barley kiss you back and the crease in his forehead from his eyebrows focused in concentration to not cum without your permission.
So you pulled your hand away from him. “Mommy, please, why’d you pull away, need to cum so so so bad.”
“I’m sorry my good boy, don’t you wanna cum inside of me?”
“Yes mommy please let me cum inside of you please.” he begged.
You have him a peck on the forehead and slowly started lowering yourself onto his long, throbbing member. You both moaned in usion.
“Mommy i’m not gonna last long,” he moaned, “it’s okay baby neither am i,” you whimpered.
You slid up and down him and stared grinding onto him, which had you both loudly moaning. “I’m close baby,” you moaned.
“Cum mommy, please cum.”
“I’m cumming Buck,” you basically screamed.
When Bucky felt you clench down onto him, he came right away with you. “There you go, good job baby, cum for mommy, good job,” he moaned at all of the praises.
“Such a good boy,” you slowly slid off of him, while he let out a cry at the stimulation. “I’m sorry baby, I gotta go clean us up.”
“No mommy, don’t leave me again, please.”
“It’ll just be a second i’ll be right back buck,” you said giving him a kiss, he wouldn’t let go of you. You gave him the look and he immediately let go with a pout.
You quickly grabbed a warm, damp wash cloth and some clean comfy clothes. You got back to the bedroom and Bucky was almost asleep but still pouting a bit.
He immediately was awake when he saw you, “y/n/n,” he said with a smile, you knew he was back. “Hi baby,” you cleaned him up with the still warm wash cloth and slipped on a pair of clean boxers, he didn’t want to put on the shirt because he wanted to “feel your skin on his.”
So you just threw on some panties and held Bucky close all night, ordered some takeout to your door and watched some of your guys’ favorite movies.
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bucky masterlist
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animeangsteng · 2 days ago
Warning: Brainwashing, death, trauma, self hate and canon violence
Bucky x fem! reader
Based on this post by @thefandomplace
I’ve never written something so fast.
It literally took half an hour so it might not be the best thing I’ve ever written but I really like it.
Enjoy and stay tuned for White Chocolate pt. 3 with Hermione Granger!
Ps: I love Bucky! Please let me give him an hug.
It couldn’t be.
She could not be part of Hydra.
All that he went through with her, all the trauma she helped him overcome... she was part of what caused it.
James “Bucky” Barnes, once the Winter Soldier, didn’t want to believe it, despite what the others said.
She couldn’t be part of it.
She would never... but was he sure of it?
He wanted to trust the sources they had but at the same time he didn’t want to believe his beloved could be... one of them.
They told him to keep it hidden from them, to hide from you the discovery of this information.
It wasn’t hard for him not to mutter a word about it but much harder was not to notice how he avoided her.
Every time she looked at him or he noticed he remembered her betrayal.
So when the time came he made a decision.
Steve Rogers was captured.
Captain America was captured by Hydra and he had to do something.
So he struck a deal.
The Captain for her.
Steve would have never accepted no matter what she might have done.
“We do not trade lives” he would have said.
But Bucky wasn’t like that.
Steve was his priority, especially compared to her, whom had betrayed him.
Whom was part of Hydra.
Yes, it was no real problem for Bucky.
It hurt but it was a win-win situation for all, one last kindness on his part.
She’d go back to her Organisation on Steve would come back home.
Easy as it was.
At least that’s what he told himself.
So why did his heart ache when he slipped the chloroform into her drink?
Why did every step get harder to do when handing her over?
Why did he want to never let go of her hand when they took her away?
Unfortunately the answer came too late and he regretted.
He regretted it all.
It was fake.
The sources were wrong.
She never had anything to do with Hydra apart from fighting her.
And they, no he, handed her to them on a silver plate.
As soon as he heard these news he wanted to run and rescue her, heart full of guilt.
He gave her to those monsters.
He didn’t trust her.
Why did he do it?
What if... what if now... what if now she was gone?
Steve had to stop him and force him to make a plan first.
To be honest he planned very little, being a crying mess in a corner.
His own hands.
He did it.
He was a monster.
And if she was fine... when he rescued her he’d leave them alone.
Disappear from her life.
He had no right to stay in it.
Not after what he had done.
When the others were ready he ran into the Hydra base with no care but finding her.
And when he did... it was too late.
They brainwashed her.
Turned her into a second Winter Soldier.
And his please nor the others’ reached her ears or her heart.
Yet, as she beat him up, he couldn’t find it himself to react.
He did that to them.
All he went through.
All she helped him overcome.
He put her through that.
Over some stupid fake information.
And at one point... nothing more.
When he looked up he saw her eyes flash in recognition and the nothing.
She fell on her back, a hole in her chest.
And he scrambled to try save her.
Try save her from the mess he had made.
He knew there was still life.
Still hope.
He couldn’t have killed her like this.
He couldn’t!
Yet all he was trying to do was reanimating a dead body.
That he was.
He barely survived, forced to go through a tremendously monotonous routine.
Steve and Sam became his caretakers.
They woke him up, have him eat, run a bit, eat again and go to sleep.
But every step was harder.
Every waking moment was.
He could feel her touch, her hands grip him as he gave her to Hydra and now ghosting over his body all the time.
Not that sleeping was much better but it felt somehow comforting.
The nightmares were more dreams than anything else.
He could see her, although she either hated or ignored him.
But he could dream she was still alive.
He could hope.
He fluctuated between his little delusions, created not to break down completely, and reality.
And despite all Steve and the rest of the Avengers told him it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t help it but protest.
He established he exchange.
He made it.
And he caused her to suffer.
To die.
He exchanged her life for Steve’s on lies’ basis.
What he didn’t realise at the time was that he exchanged his life too.
And now he couldn’t help but let her drag him down with her.
After all... it was his fault.
He was reaping what he sow.
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buckybarnesw1fe · 5 hours ago
insecurities part 3 [enemies to lovers] - completed
pairings: bucky barnes x reader
warnings: swearing, yelling at bucky, confrontation, brief mentions of rape/sexual assault 
summary: you confront bucky about the things he said about you and it ends in fluff <3 (i really suck at summaries)
word count: 1.2k+
[A/N]: i tried to make this as painful as i could but also give bucky a reason for yelling at us like that and it was so difficult HAHA since they were becoming comfy with each other the previous part but i really hope you guys enjoy reading this. also i acted out the confrontation scene in my living room when no one was at home and i started crying whoops... anyway, this will be the last part because i don’t really have much to write for this story. send i. your requests if you have any :) i’m so grateful for your comments and notes thank you guys so much. love yall <3
part 1 | part 2
*italicized is the reader’s sentences*
*bold is bucky’s sentences*
“she was so clingy. she didn’t leave my side the entire night. i wanted to get away but it was impossible.” you heard bucky complain to his best friend, steve. 
you were going to thank bucky for saving you the previous night. you didn’t get the chance to thank him because you were so flustered when you woke up and found yourself cuddling with him. 
just as you were reaching his door, but still out of his sight as his door was ajar, you heard him say that. your heart shattering into a million pieces. every time you think you can finally forgive him for what he said about you, he goes and does this. who does he think he is? your sadness turning to pure rage when you realise he really doesn’t care about you. 
you’ve had enough of his bullshit, the rage clouding your thoughts as you forcefully pushed his door open and stormed into his room, the two of them turning to look at the intruder. “are you fucking kidding me?” you screamed at bucky, steve’s eye widening as he stared at you in shock. “what are you- y/n, what’s wrong?” 
“what’s wrong? are you serio- what’s wrong is that you keep talking shit about me. first you humiliate me in front of the entire team and now you’re gonna complain about me to steve and how i was so fucking clingy last night!?” you stopped yelling at his to catch your breath and before you knew it, you were blurting out your thoughts again, not letting bucky defend himself. “if you hate me so much, why didn’t you just let him rape me?” a single tear falling down your cheek as you recall what happened the previous night. you knew saying that in front of steve probably wasn’t a good idea but you had to ask bucky. if he really hated you as much as he showed it, he should’ve just left you to suffer. why would he care about what happened to you.
“wait y/n what? who tried to rape you? are you okay?” steve questioned, with concern lacing his voice but you weren’t interested in sharing your experience with steve at that point. “get out, steve” you had intended to say it politely but it came out cold and distant. he realised you needed time to sort out your issues with bucky, so he quickly shot bucky a glance and hurried out of the room. bucky hadn’t said anything to you yet. he was just staring at you, absolutely shocked that you thought he would let you get hurt like that. 
“you didn’t answer my question” you said sternly, but tears were falling from your eyes even though you were trying to hide your true emotions. “y/n, i would never let anyone hurt you” he said, getting up from where he was previously seated and walking towards you. you were looking down at the floor now, not wanting to further reveal your dishevelled state, your mind drifting off but he brought you back to reality when he placed his hands on your shoulders. you looked up at him, your brows furrowed and your lips quivering. 
“no but that’s the thing. you let me get hurt. YOU hurt me” you screamed at him as gut-wrenching sobs tore through your chest and you shoved him away from you. “i spent every day starving myself because of what you said. maybe you’d actually bother to look at me if i was skinnier. i spent every fucking day training so that i’d be as good as the rest of the team so maybe you’d finally fucking treat me equally AND IT STILL WASN’T ENOUGH” you yelled at him as he stared at you with tears filling his eyes. “i’m sorry, y/n. i really fucking am. i never meant what i said. i’m sorry, please.” he cried out, his arms moving up in an attempt to hold me again but he decided against it. “you don’t get to apologise and think it’ll all go away. you broke me. and i had to deal with it all by myself.” you said while shaking your head in disbelief that he thought he could apologise and make you forgive him.
"it hurts when i look into the mirror for too long, james, it fucking hurts” your voice softening now, accepting the weakness you felt in your heart. you were finally admitting your insecurities to him. “you clearly weren’t aware that you made me miserable. and now i hear you talking shit about me to steve? he’s my fucking friend too and now- now you call me clingy?” you scoffed. “if you didn’t want to be near me, you could’ve just fucking left last night. do you take me for a fucking fool or something?” you weren’t shouting at him anymore but it was obvious that there was anger in your voice. “what? y/n, i wasn’t talking about you when i told steve that. i was- i was talking about the lady i was with at the party. she wasn’t leaving me alone. i wanted to go over to you and try to talk to you but she- she kept holding me back.”
you stood there speechless, you had completely misread the situation. but you were still angry at him since he had still humiliated you in front of the team. when he realised you weren’t saying anything, he continued. "i don’t regret staying with you last night and i will apologise for the rest of my life if i have to but i swear i didn’t mean what i said to you that day.” “bucky, you don’t get it. you just don’t get it. you may not have meant it but i will never look at myself the same ever again.” your heart breaking as you confessed your insecurities to him. you were wracked with heavy sobs to the point where you could no longer control their breath, and you were choking on the air you were inhaling. 
unable to see you suffering, bucky took a chance and pulled you close to him. his vibranium arm wrapped around your back while his “normal” arm held your head. instead of pushing him away, you let yourself sink into his chest, your arms wrapping his waist, pulling him closer as you cried into his chest. “im sorry, doll. i really am. i’m so sorry” you heard him whisper to you, with his chin on your head. you knew you shouldn’t forgive him so easily but being in his arms was the safest you had ever felt in your entire life. 
you had finally stopped crying after a few minutes when bucky pulled away from you, his hands now cupping your face. “i love you” bucky confessed as your eyes widened in shock. “and you don’t have to say anything. i just wanted you to know. i can’t take back what i said but i will spend every second i have reminding you how perfect you are because i really love you.” 
when he realised you were just staring at him, he started to go on a rant. “and i’m not doing this or saying this out of guilt or pity. i really care about you and i am sorry about what i said but that’s not why-” you stopped him from going on a rant by letting your lips meet his. you were standing on your toes while he bent forward and pulled you closer to him, his hands grabbing your waist. when you finally pulled away, a smile forming on both of your faces, you whispered “i love you too”.
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