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He will protect you from your bad days and bring you happiness
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Librarian Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: Written on my phone.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Deep blue eyes, plush pink lips, large, warm hands.
His hands cradle your face, keeping you where he so desperately needs you, soft praise whirls around you like a warm summer breeze, each word accompanies one, two sweet kisses that seem to nourish you, cherish you as they skin into your skin. No part of you left untouched. No part of you left vulnerable.
Bucky gathers all you, everything you would normally hide, keep to yourself, listening to that piercing voice saying don’t be a burden, don’t be too much. He sees you, his deep blue eyes piercing through your armor, stripping away your defensives.
“You’re not,” he promises, pressing a warm and sweet kiss on your lips, the taste of cherry vanilla whiskey on his tongue. “You’re not too much for me, I’ll take everything you want to give, all of you, Petal.”
He takes all the sharp broken bits, the fragile needy pieces worn down by the world, your frantically beating heart chipping around the borders, so foolish and sweet and yearning for love. His love. Bucky gives it to you, all of him, his heart, his soul, his laughter at three am when you’re cuddled under one too many blankets, enchanting you with his deep, smooth voice as he reads from his favorite book.
Parts of him seep around your rough, ragged guarded edges, furling around you in hazy waves until he’s engrained in you. Holding you together until you’re able to do it yourself, vowing that you’ll never have to do it alone,his hands on yours, carrying the weight of the world for you. Always for you. Because you’re worth it. Because he can’t fathom doing anything less. 
Those bad days. The ones that seem to knock you off your feet-leaving you stunned and winded-suddenly aren’t so bad, don’t hurt as much. Don’t leave you gasping for air. Don’t leave you spiraling. Not with him, pressing his forehead on yours, so close his eyelashes brush over yours. Breathe. I got you. We’ll get through this. Just breathe for me.
You do. Inhaling him, fresh rain and smoked cedar, tracing your fingers over his palms, smooth and dry, smudges of blue ink in the crevices of his fingertips.
“I got you, I’ll always have you. Today, tomorrow. I got you. Let go and I’ll take care of everything,” whispered sincerely into the curve of your shoulder, his long arms wrapped around your waist, your head on his chest, the steady beat of his heart surrounding you, his hands promising to protect you.
It’s a leap of faith-letting someone in. And he knows, he knows how hard it is, how brave you are for entrusting him with your heart. It makes him love you even more, makes him want to be more, be more for you until you don’t need anything else. Until everything else becomes a want, things that used to take precedence in your mind-hurtful opinions, fear of failure, loneliness-are no longer significant because Bucky is there to combat everything, everyone on your behalf.
He feeds off your happiness, wanting more and more. He’s greedy. Unabashedly so. He told you once, when it was you and him in the library as he was taking the books he stashed for you out of the hiding place under his desk. Was it wrong to tell people that the shipment was delayed? Maybe. Was it worth it to see your eyes light up, to have the chance to lean across the counter and kiss you until he was breathless, to have the taste of your smile on his lips? Yes.
Bucky knows he won’t be able to fight every battle, to have all answers, to know the right words. But he’ll try. If you let him, he swears he’ll try for you. He’ll learn what makes you happy, sad, angry and everything in between so he can give you good things, make you happy. If you let him, Bucky will be the man you need, the one person you can always depend on.
And you’ll get all of him.
Deep blue eyes, plush pink lips, large, warm hands. 
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A Little Rusty (Ep.2)
Tumblr media
Summary: As an aspiring author and current intern, getting a new car was a luxury you never dreamed of. Natasha, your roommate, used you as a personal chauffeur until your car started breaking down. Luckily, you knew some people who worked at Auto Buddy, an auto shop, who could fix your car. But you hadn’t met Bucky yet, and quickly after you found out you’d be stuck with him for a little while.
Words: 4,653
Pairing: Mechanic!Bucky x reader
Warnings: creepy co-worker, uncomfortable interactions
Tumblr media
James: I’m here. 
You and Natasha were running late, both of you running out of the apartment to get a ride from James. You had both missed your alarm and struggled to get out of bed, which led to the both of you laughing at your antics as you jogged to Bucky’s convertible that was parked outside your building. 
“Morning, ladies,” James smiled, “glad to see you both finally showed up.” the convertible's top was down, and the sun was shining directly on his face. 
“Shut up,” Natasha whispered as she got in the backseat. 
Bucky began driving right away, he drove a little more reckless and carefree than you did but you made it to Wall Street all the same. Natasha jumped out of the car and ran across the street, fixing her pencil skirt with her shoes in her hand, stopping at the front door to slip them on. When she was about to walk in she turned around waving goodbye, you and Bucky waved. 
“So where are you again?” He asked as he pulled out and into traffic, one arm rested on the car door, and only one hand held the steering wheel. 
“Broadway,” you rubbed the back of your neck and looked out the window. 
“What’s going on?” he said with a long sigh, almost as if he thought you were trying to get attention. 
You looked at him, “nothing,” he raised an eyebrow and you just shrugged. 
“C’mon,” he took his hand off the wheel to tap your arm, “you barely know me so it’s fine, no judgment here.” 
“I didn’t get enough sleep last night,” you muttered, “I was working.” 
“What were you working on?” he asked as he took a left. 
“My book,” you pointed to the small theatre, “right here, stop.” 
“Your book?” he asked and put the car in park, when you tried to open the door you found it locked, “what’s the book about?” 
“Can I tell you on the ride home?” you asked as you began jumping over the car door because the window was down. 
“It might not be the ride home,” he pulled the corners of his mouth out wide, “I’m going to stay late and work on your car, Natasha will get a ride home from Steve and you can just hang out at the shop with me… how does that sound?” 
You threw your bag over your shoulder, “sounds great, I’ll you about it on the ride to the shop.” 
“Perfect,” Bucky smiled, “have a nice day!” he called as he drove away. 
You had a skip in your step as you walked up to the theatre, feeling to spring breeze and chill that came in the morning. 
“Thank God you’re here!” Hero, the stage director, ran up to you. “Sam quit, he had some family emergency and we need to to be the head of props, he lefts tons of notes and ideas for you-I’ll hire you and give you full pay,” he was beginning you, it was common for people to slowly drop out of Off-Broadway productions which led them to fizzle out before their opening show, it made sense why he was so worried. 
“Of course, I’ll do it,” you smiled and followed him back to the costume and prop department, “and you don’t worry about the pay right now, but if I’m doing full-time work…” you circled your hands around, “I’m not an intern anymore with an intern’s salary.” 
“Completely understand,” Hero nodded, “I’ll get it figured out by the end of the week.” 
“Perfect,” you giggled, Hero pulled you in for a hug before running off somewhere else. You found the prop desk and read through the lengthy letter Sam had left for you. 
Hey, sorry I’m leaving you hanging here, kid. My wife and I have to head to her mother’s place, I’m not going to get into it but unfortunately, I have to leave which puts you in the position of prop master- but please don’t call yourself that. 
Below are some of my sketches and ideas for the props and a little flare to the set design you can pick and choose from, I hope you have other ideas and chose them over mine, you’re the top dog now and you gotta take your vision and use it. I know this isn’t what you want to do when you’re my age but the act of creating will become vital when you begin to write and publish your work. 
Remember me, 
With a pout you pressed the note to your chest, cooing at how sweet it was. As you sat at the desk and began to go over the notes left you went back and read them over again, smiling at the kindness. 
You had changed clothes and were back outside, looking at the tea-stained pages which turned out great and painting plastic cups to look like chalices. The tea-stained paper was still drying but most turn out great, a few had been soaked for too long and the page was extremely dark, to the point where you could see the writing but you didn’t throw it out because it could be used for something else down the line. 
There was gold paint and brown paint on the random plastic lid, you had done some mixing and you were now making the gold chalices look brassy and old like they had been used and dropped a few times. 
“Hey,” the door opened and Ryan was outside, a cigarette already hanging between his lips. 
“Hello,” you smiled and went back to focusing on your work. 
“Who dropped you off this morning?” he asked as he flicked his lighter. 
“It's a long story,” you giggled and flicked your brush on the cup. 
“I have time,” Ryan looked down at you, a smirk on his face. 
“I ended up going to the auto shop I was telling you about,” the corners of your mouth pulled to the sides and Ryan tilted his head, “my car got ruined by some intern, I guess,” you shrugged. 
“Speaking of intern- or lack of- congratulations!” Ryan cheered, “you’ll make a great prop master.” 
“Thank you,” you cringed at the title but you thought it was cute. 
“What happened at the auto shop?” he asked before taking a very long drag. 
“This intern bit off more than she could chew and wrecked my car, this guy named Bucky who owns the shop is working on it now, he’s driving Natasha and me to work to make up for it.” you smiled and dipped your brush in the water to clean it off. 
“Huh,” was all he said for a while, “...why’d you go back?” he asked, “if they fucked you over why would you go back and do business with them again?” 
“I don’t know, I-”
“And whose’s this fucking Bucky guy?” Ryan pressed, “was he giving you a hard time? ‘Cause if he was tell me and I’ll let him know,” Ryan crossed his arms, “you have to be more sure of yourself, Y/N, you can’t just blindly trust these slimy car mechanics, they’re trying to scam you.” he tossed his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. 
“I know…” you said slowly. 
“I mean,” Ryan scoffed, “he’s gonna start asking you for gas money and then tell you your car’s got another thing wrong with it, keeping you in the cycle of just paying him all the time- do you want that?” he asked. 
“No,” you looked up and shook your head, “...I never really thought of it like that.” 
“Well you gotta figure it out,” Ryan said with one hand on the doorknob to get back inside, “I want you to be alright, if you need help with any of it let me know, alright?” 
“Sure,” you nodded but you were too focused on your cup. 
“Hey,” he leaned down and grasped your chin to make you look at him, “if this Bucky guy even IATLCS looks at your weirdly, you tell me about it, alright?” he waited for you to nod before dropping your chin and walking inside. 
As you sat and painted you couldn’t help but wonder what Bucky’s intentions were with you, he didn’t seem like the kind of man to scam you but you also didn’t know him that well. You took a long break from painting and zoned out as you looked into the street with all the cars passing by, you tried to replay all the interactions you’ve had with Bucky to see if there was anything to make you question him. 
He did lose his temper when he was around you but also gave you a blanket in that same interaction. He was really kind about dropping you off and explaining his name, it seems like he’d been doing it his entire life. It had nothing to do with his personality but he was cute, an older guy with a little grey in his stubble, you were never opposed to a few wrinkles; it made you more attracted to him. 
But Ryan looked out for you and was closer to your age, you couldn’t deny he cared about you. But he did grab your face without asking, he could be a little possessive at some points but he was just watching out for you. He was cute with his shaggy hair, you’d always want to play with it. But Bucky also had long hair, and Bucky was a little kinder. 
“Hey, Y/N,” Hero poked his head out of the door, “we’re heading out for lunch, wanna join?” 
“For sure,” you smiled and stood making sure all your cups were going to dry without falling over. “I don’t have a ride.” 
“Oh,” Hero squinted, “Ryan said you were going with him, he came out to smoke and ask you, did he not?” 
“No, he didn’t,” you laughed it off. 
Ryan was sitting on the hood of his car, spinning his keys around on one finger. “You ready?” he asked as he saw you walking towards him. 
“Yeah,” you said a little uneasily, “let's go,” you tried to put on a smile, getting a weird feeling in your stomach. 
When you got in the car Ryan paused for a moment, looking over at you with a smile, “you look good today,” he smiled as he reversed, putting his around your seat in your car and looking over his shoulder. You got a whiff of cigarettes and his cologne, making you cough. His entire car smelled like cigarettes. 
“Can-” you hacked into your elbow, “can we open a window?” you tried to subdued your coughing but nothing worked, the smell of smoke was eating away at you. 
“No,” Ryan shook his head, “I got my window tinted for a reason, you’ll get used to the smell.” 
“Jesus…” you whispered as you tried to stop your coughing, not wanting to be rude. 
As he drove you looked out the window, trying to imagine fresh air. Your knees were pulled together and aimed towards the door, making yourself appear closed off to him. He took the long way to the restaurant which only made your stomach turn worse, you were debating jumping out and getting a cab. 
“We’re here,” he sighed a put his car in park, but not unlocking it. 
“Can you-” you coughed again from needing to take a bigger breath to talk, “unlock?” you felt around on the door until you felt a latch, pulling it which made it unlock, “there we go,” you sighed and got out of the car quickly, taking a deep breath of clean air. 
Ryan walked ahead of you, when his back was turned you whipped out your phone. 
You: call me right now and make something up 
You: Y/N is now sharing location with Bucky
You: tell me my car is on fire you and have to pick me up
You: NOW
“Put that phone away,” Ryan tsked, reaching out the grab it from your hands but you had locked it in time, he tossed it back. 
As you sat at the table your stomach twisted, even more, you could barely stomach the food you had ordered. As you reached for your water your phone began to ring, almost spilling your drink you picked up the phone to see Bucky was calling. 
“Sorry,” you whispered and stood, “My car’s getting fixed.” everyone nodded as you left and walked outside. 
“What’s going on?” you could hear he was in his car, “I’m on my way.” 
“I’m just getting this weird feeling in my stomach, I’m with people from the theatre and this co-worker has always been kinda…” you looked over your shoulder to see if Ryan was looking at you, “overbearing but today he literally grabbed my chin to make me look at him, and he wouldn’t roll down his window and he chain-smokes like crazy when he’s driving, and I…” you took a deep breath which led to a cough, “I just need you to take me to the auto shop, I need to-” you heard the door open, “what do you mean the engine blew up?” you gasped, turning around to see Ryan standing behind you. 
Bucky didn’t say anything for a moment, “is he standing behind you?” 
“Yes,” you paused, “I’ve never done anything to my car myself, I don’t know how that could have happened.” 
“I’m here,” he said and you saw the convertible pull into the parking lot, the top was down so you saw his phone to his ear, and Bucky quickly hung up. 
“You’re leaving?” asked Ryan from behind. 
“Yeah, sorry,” you stepped back and walked over to Bucky’s car, you could see Bucky staring Ryan down, almost sussing him out. 
“That was the guy who grabbed you?” he asked, leaning over and pushing the door open. 
“Yeah, just my chin,” you shrugged as you sat in the passenger seat. 
“Still, he grabbed you,” Bucky said as he pulled out of the parking lot as fast as he could, “you should tell your boss or something, get the man fired.” 
“I can’t,” you said sadly, “he’s an up and coming actor, he’s got his own issues and he’s just looking out for me I guess.” 
Bucky shook his head, “he’s buttering you up, that’s what he’s doing.” 
“What does that mean?” you asked but Bucky just shook his head, “Bucky, what does that mean?”
“We don’t know each other well enough,” he said plainly, “I’d have to explain things that you don’t need to know and that will ruin everything.” 
“Does Steve know?” you asked sadly, looking at him when the light turned red. When he slowly nodded you asked, “what about Nat?” your voice was quiet and soft, but also sad that you were the only knew who didn’t know what was wrong; he nodded at your second question as well. “Oh…” was all you could muster. 
“Yeah…” was all he said back. 
“What if-”
“Are you hungry?” Bucky cut you off, “did you eat anything at the lunch place or did you leave before you were served because we can go get a burger if you’re really hungry,” he didn’t take a moment to breathe, “or we can just go to the shop and we can find some food there for you so-...are you hungry?” his hands were gripping the wheel, his eyes trained to the road. 
“I love burgers,” you smiled, he quickly looked over with bright eyes. 
“Yeah?” he asked, “you wanna get a burger?” 
“It would be an honour, Lord Bucky,” you put on a fake posh accent and slightly bowed your head. 
Bucky shook his head with a laugh, not wanting to find your little accent as funny as he did. The two of you drove in silence after that, you could tell whatever he was holding back from telling you was no longer on his mind. You were grateful for being able to lift the situation, at times you looked back and noticed that you asked way too many questions which led to people leaving; it’s what happened when you first met Bucky at Steve’s apartment. You asked about the girl on his lock screen and he left five minutes later, you’d be stupid to think there was no correlation. 
He turned into the parking lot and parked in front of a diner, it was quaint and not busy at all. “This place was my favourite growing up,” he smiled and got out of the car, you got out of the car to see he was waiting for you, “I never go here as much as I’d like to but I’ve been thinking about it all week,” he opened the door for you. 
“You need a reward after dealing with my piece of shit car,” you laughed and stood in the small entranceway, looking at Bucky who was looking around. “Everything alright?” 
“What- yeah,” he smiled, “find a spot, I’m going to go say hi to the manager because I know them pretty well.” 
“Cool,” you beamed and walked away, seeing Bucky head towards the back. 
There was seating along a bar but there was no alcohol, just some empty coffee cups and plates stacked near the sink behind the bar. There was also an older-looking cash register at the far end of the bar as well, the entire diner had an old feel to it. You picked a seat at one of the single booths along with the window, there were double booths further down but you didn’t want to take up space if a family came in. 
“I’m back,” Bucky swooped down and sat across from you, the waiter also walked forward. 
“Hello, I’m Peter,” the teenager waved, “I’ll be taking care of you guys this afternoon, can I get you some coffee?” 
“Of course,” you smile and accepted the menu that Peter passed to you, “do you need a menu?” you asked Bucky who slowly shook his head. 
“He gets the same thing,” Peter laughed. 
After Peter walked away you turned to Bucky who was flicking the edge of your menu that sat flat on the table. Your hand tucked under your chin as you looked around to see what you wanted, catching a few glances at Bucky in between. 
“I can’t pick,” you laughed and leaned back, “what should I get?” 
“You should get the regular with fries,” Bucky took the menu and flipped it to face him, “I feel like you’d really like the plain one, like me,” he added, “sounds good?” 
“It does,” you couldn’t help but feel the heat rushing to your cheeks as you looked at him, the way he looked at you made you feel like he was blocking out the rest of the world; his eyes could look deep within you. 
“Hey, Peter?” Bucky called out. 
“Talk to me, boss,” Peter yelled back. 
“Can you get a regular with fries for the lady?” Bucky smirked as he talked to Peter, but his eyes stayed with you. 
“You got it,” Peter said more quietly than Bucky because he was walked up with two cups of coffee. When Peter left you were back to looking at Bucky. 
“So how long have you been working at Auto Buddy?” you asked as you brought the mug up to gently blow cold air on. 
“I’ve worked as a mechanic for fifteen years but I’ve been working at Auto Buddy for ten,” he smiled, “apparently the crew is trying to throw some party when it’s my ten year anniversary for working for the company.” 
“That’s impressive,” your eyebrows shot up, “do you like that you stayed there for so long or are you itching to move around?” 
“I’ve very content with where I am actually,” he nodded, “I’ve been taking more time off for personal reasons so I’ve found a really good balance, sometimes you get in a slump where you’re only rotating tires or doing to standard check but then you get a car like yours and…” he blew out a lot of air, “and you’re all I can think about- your car, I mean.” 
You decided to not bring up the slip up from the way Bucky’s face turned red, “if you don’t mind me asking,” his body grew rigid, “what’s wrong with my car?” 
Bucky smiled before running his tongue on his bottom lip, “there was a piece of metal that was hanging down which caused the noise and the AC was easy to fix because I’ve done it before, but the issue is the age of the car, you have to be gentle or else you’re gonna push it way too far and break the entire thing.” Bucky took a sip of his coffee, “I like older cars way more than newer ones.” 
“You like the challenge?” 
“I mean yeah,” both of you laughed, “I’ve been doing this for fifteen years.” 
“Fifteen…” you muttered and rubbed the bottom of your chin, “did you go to college?” 
“Trade school,” he corrected, “and yes, for one year before dropping out and realizing I needed money and I had the skills.” 
“Did someone in your family fix cars as well?” 
“My mom actually,” he smiled, “she had this beautiful, ageless car that would always need repairs and I’d sit and watch until I was only enough to tinker with it.” 
Your mouth fell open, “what age did she let you poke around at her car?” 
“Well first she actually give me an old bike and said ‘if you can take this thing apart and then put it back together I’ll let you change tire’ and I did,” Bucky laughed, “and then she gave me an old lawn mover and said ‘if you can break this apart and put it back together then you can change the engine’ and I did that as well when I was around twelve.” he eye lit up when he heard you whisper ‘wow’ as you listened to him. “All throughout my teenage years I’d work on this car instead of doing homework, that’s all I’d do because I loved it.” 
“That’s amazing,” you shook your head, quickly sitting upright to let Peter serve the food, “I’m so hungry.” 
“Dig in,” he smiled and let you take the first bite watching to see if you’d like it. 
“Oh my god!” you said as you covered your mouth, “this is so good,” your body felt warm from the food entering your stomach. “One last question?” 
“Alright,” he leaned in. 
“Who’s your boss?” you asked as you dipped a couple of fries in the ketchup provided in a little dish. 
“Me actually,” Bucky smiled and nodded at your completely shocked expression. 
“Shut up!” you gasped. 
“Yeah, I was thirty and the guy who started the shop wanted to retire so he chose between me and Steve to pass down the ownership to, Steve was on the rocks about owning a business but I was all in and then it was passed down to me.” He tossed a few fries in his mouth. “So,” he said, “can I interrogate you now?” 
Your entire body froze, “shit,” you whispered, “I’m sorry, I always ask too many questions-” 
“No,” he shook his head, “I liked your questions, can I ask you some?” 
“Oh, yeah for sure,” you said as you took a big bite and closed your eyes to savour the taste. 
“You want to be an author right?” he asked and you nodded, “when did you get that spark?” 
“I was always a writer when I was little,” you smiled, “my dad gave me a typewriter but no ink or paper, I’d just smash the buttons all day and pretend I was writing the newspaper or something.” you took a sip of your coffee. 
“Cute,” he laughed, “you’ve gone back to school, correct, after getting an undergrad?” 
“Yep,” you smiled, “I got my Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a minor in psychology and then I went back to school for creative writing, which is what I’m doing now.” you took another bite and also had some fries, “we need to come back here.” 
“We can whenever you’d like,” he smiled, “how long have you been living with Nat?” you let out a groan and Bucky caught on, “touchy subject?” 
“Not really but…” you rubbed your forehead, “I know she’s going to move out soon, she’s going to move in with Steve and then I’ll need to find a much smaller and much cheaper place because I’ll be on my own and it might be far away from Broadway and my school in the fall and it’s just…” you sighed again, “it’s a really big stressor for me, I got a promotion at the internship, I’m no longer an intern because one of my bosses had to leave so I’m going to start getting paid more but it won’t be enough.” 
“If you ever want to work at the Auto Buddy I’ll find some room,” Bucky shrugged as he took a bite of his burger. 
“I don’t know anything about cars.” 
“We’ve been thinking about getting someone at the front desk, we’re all in the garage we can’t hear the phones, I also lose most of my payments because the office is a mess.” 
“Honestly…” your finger danced around the rim, “I might need to compare the pay but I also can’t leave the show…everyone would be devastated.” 
 “I see,” Bucky sighed, “just keep me updated, alright?” 
“Of course,” you nodded, “and I can clean your office while you work because I’m not going back to the show today.” 
“Perfect,” Bucky smiled. 
The two of you ate the rest of your meal in close to complete silence, you told him a couple more times that you really wanted to come back here with him. Peter stopped by a couple more times to fill your glasses but you covered the cup after his second trip back, not wanting to be too jazzed on caffeine. 
When Peter came back with the bill you reached for your wallet in your bag, Bucky immediately reached over and grabbed your hand softly, could feel the callouses and roughness to his skin. You fought about who was going to pay, both having your reasons but it ended up that you managed to tap your card on the machine before Bucky could insert it; the tip was already added to the bill. 
After paying Bucky stood up and waited for you to throw on your bag, “hey, really quick,” you touched his arm before he walked past you. 
“What’s up?” he turned around with a smile, but seeing your face without a smile made him worry, “what’s wrong?” 
“Nothing just…” you looked around to make sure no one was around, “whatever it is that Steve and Nat know but not me,” his eyes fell to the floor, “the last thing I would want is you thinking I’m pressuring you into telling me, it’s not like that at all.” you gently moved your thumb on his forearm, “if you want to scream it from a building or take it to the grave, I don’t care; as long as I can see this Bucky that’s smiling and laughing, then I’m in no rush for you to pour out your soul to me, alright?” 
“Y-yeah,” he nodded, his eyes still looking at the floor, “that’s really nice of you, thank you,” he nodded and flashed a quick look to meet your gaze, you notice a tiny amount of extra liquid in his eyes. 
“Of course, Bucky.” 
The string tied to his lips pulled up a little more, making him smile a little wider, “I like when you say my name, Y/N.” 
You couldn't help but feel the warmth against your cheeks, “ditto.”
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monarcascension · 19 hours ago
desperada | bb
Tumblr media
summary: you and the law never really got along, and today was no different, but there was one super soldier who you got along with a little too well considering the circumstances between you.
pairings: bucky x villain!reader
tags: angst, vulgar language, toxic phrases and behaviors may be triggering to some, choking, combat
word count: 1.4K
You were cutting through the air with ease, leaping across the rooftops as agile as a stray cat. They were gaining momentum, but you didn't care. You had the advantage of a head start, plus you had a job to do and you never went back on your promises to get it done. Bullets began to whizz past you, just missing the mark by fractions of an inch as the ammunition ricocheted off pieces of metal and brick.
A chopper had joined the fray as well, shouting out orders for you to surrender.
Surrender..? Tuh. Over your dead body.
You glanced behind you only for a moment to get a clear location on your assailant. They were maybe twenty feet behind you, but fast. You, however, were much faster and weren't ready to get caught just yet. You had to find some kind of cover and swiftly before the men in the chopper started getting trigger happy too.
Surveying the land around you, you realized that you were quickly running out of rooftop, and the building in front of you was too high to scale. Either you kill yourself trying to get away or the man you worked for would do you the honors. Neither was optional, leaving you with only one.
"Dammit." You cursed, quickening your movements even more to widen the gap between you and the men who wanted you dead. If you didn't make this jump, so much for the job, but that’s exactly why you couldn't. There was no other way.
Charging head on towards the building, the sole of your combat boots met the ledge for a split second, catapulting you through the air and closed your eyes instinctively. You braced for whatever impact may come, shielding your face with your arms as you suddenly came crashing through a side window of the apartment building and into the hallway. You grunted from the pain of you harshly tucking your body to lessen any damage as shards of glass poured down around you.
You winced from the slight cuts you gained from the glass that grazed your skin and pulled yourself up onto all fours to catch your breath. Glancing over your shoulder, you could see the soldiers that were chasing you staring down at the direction you fell, seemingly pissed that they didn't catch you in enough time. They exchanged a few words before retreating.
It made you smile to see them turn away in such a huff, but you still weren't out the woods yet. They would be making their way over here, and you needed to disappear and fast.
Blowing through the pain that shot through your frame, you stumbled to your feet and ensured all your limbs were intact and functional. People began to peek outside of their apartment doors trying to see what all the noise was, glancing at you in shock and equal confusion.
“You should probably get somebody to fix that later.” You said giving them a charming smile and nodded towards them before taking off down the hallway and down the flight of stairs that would hopefully lead you towards the alleyway.
It took you a few flights but you finally arrived at the exit door and pushed it open quickly. Your getaway was just a few blocks from here, the feds were flooding the area no doubt, but they hadn't located you just yet, which gave you enough time to bolt. Checking the alleyway, you stepped into the thorofare and prepared to run before hearing a gun shot fire off behind you, stopping you dead in your tracks.
“Enough, Y/N!” He hissed.
You perked up at the familiar voice. Bucky. With that oh so disappointing tone like a father mad at their child for playing with their vegetables at dinner time.
“Give up, and I won't have to hurt you.”
It made you laugh. It’s like he didn't know you at all.
You turned on your heels to face him. He had a .22 pointed directly at you, finger presently on the trigger and steadily closing the distance. “You know we have to stop meeting like this eventually, Buck.”
“You're not allowed to call me that anymore.”
“Well darn, I must've really messed up this time.
” You teased.
“I don't have time for your games,” Bucky cut, standing directly in front of you now. The barrel of the gun targeted towards your chest. “It’s over, now surrender.”
You took one step forward. “You say that like you’ve caught me already.”
“That can be arranged.” Bucky cocked the gun back and squeezed the trigger only enough to trigger your reaction.
You grabbed the gun and pushed it upwards causing him to misfire, digging our boot into his abdomen. He lost his footing only for a moment, finding his balance again and striking towards you. You ducked underneath before coming back up again, spinning on your left leg and kicking it out towards his hand and sending the gun flying off elsewhere in the alley.
You tried to get back into a defensive position, but he was too quick to react. Bucky took your vulnerability and swung towards you, causing you to weave back and trip over your own feet. He used your own maneuver against you, spinning around quickly and landing a kick into your side that sent you reeling. You collided against the brick wall behind you with a dull thud that almost knocked the wind out of you, causing you to gasp for air for a moment.
You had no time to think before his metallic hand parked itself against your throat, digging the bionic digits into your flesh. His face dangerously close to yours. You were writhing from the pain, but you stared at him with more strength and determination than you had.
“Why do you make me do this to you?” Bucky growled, his brows creasing the lines in his forehead.
You only grinned, inching your face closer— your lips brushing against the others, breaths intermingling in a romantic sort of dance. Bucky peered down at your lips before meeting your eyes again. You could see the confusion on his face. The uncertainty of what was to come next. His pale blue eyes searched yours for an answer, hoping for some revelation that would explain all of your heinous deeds thus far, but you had nothing for him.
“Because you’re the only one that excites me.”
Bucky seemed to think about your words for a moment, giving into the bait that you expertly laid out. Even the grip he had on your neck seemed to loosen little by little. You took the opportunity to snake your hand inside the small parcel you kept on the side of your hip and fish out an electro-cube, keeping it hidden within your palm. Your ears began to slightly whir at the sounds of blades spinning rapidly in unison. The chopper was going to be over you soon and it wasn't long before you were surrounded.
And just as Bucky’s attention to you broke and engaged with the sound of the helicopter, you slammed the cube down onto his arm and watched it spark and clam up– the metal plates jumping from the electric currents that ran through it. You pushed Bucky away from you, the man holding onto his malfunctioning arm as it fell lifeless by his side and you bolted away. Not even trying to stop you, just watching as you go.
“Sorry Buck, maybe you’ll get me next time.” You blew him a kiss before disappearing into the rest of the street life.
As you ran the smile on your face crumbled. The callous, and flippant attitude you branded fell along with the rest of your facade. The relationship you had with Bucky was strained due to your own selfishness, but your words to him were true nonetheless. He was still the only person who ever made you feel something. However, you’d rather die than to let him know that. You liked Bucky, more than you were willing to admit, but you lived entirely different lives. Ones that could only function separately instead of together. He knew that just as well as you, which made things even harder than they had to be.
If only he would stay out of the way. You thought. Knowing that you couldn't stand to never see him, but it would make your job so much easier.
You were a thief. A liar. A killer.
And he was an Avenger. He saved lives while you ruined them. He tried to save you once, but you wouldn't let him.
You just ran.
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frostironfudge · a day ago
I Met You In My Dreams Once - Bucky Barnes - One
Summary: After receiving an honourable discharge from his military service that was caused by the loss of his arm, James Barnes begins to come to terms with several things. He also finds solace in youtube videos, memes and social media, where he happens to find you.
Pairing: Ex-Military!Bucky Barnes x Fem! Plus Size!Reader (Modern AU)
Word Count: 3930
Chapter Warnings: Descriptions of how Bucky lost his arm, military dynamics, gun fire, bombs, injuries, rehabilitation, angst, crying, hurt bucky, some fluff
Tumblr media
A.N.: This idea has been in my head for several weeks and I usually do not write full length fics while I have one going on, but I just couldn't stop making up all the scenarios and I had to share this, please note most of the military stuff is based on research (if it isn't accurate then its going to be under author too creative liberty lol) i hope you enjoy the fic! (images for the header are taken from pintrest)
Dividers: @firefly-graphics
Fic Masterlist || Main Masterlist || AO3 || Fic Playlist
Tumblr media
James Buchanan Barnes remembers every detail from that day. Even though he wishes he could forget. Only a few days or nights from his life left a profound impact; intensity of such level that he can list off every minute detail. 
The comms were compromised to an extent. The Lieutenant had warned them, a final call of fall back was ordered.
Bullets were flying as the mud and dust kicked up, dancing in patterns that could be admired in the belting heat of the sun. If only it was a day of leisure. 
“We need to fall back.” James reminds his unit as he sets his sniper rifle, the target locked on the viewfinder. The shot never transpires; instead he feels weightless floating, his dog tags glow as he floats, gleaming in the sunlight.
The dust floats around him, begging to envelope him. Begging to pull him under. James falls upon his left arm, the crunching sound cannot be a good sign. The Sergeant chooses to ignore it. The ringing in his ears is a chilling reminder of their unit’s highly compromised status.James pants then opens his eyes trying to get a visual on everyone. 
“Sergeant Barnes!” Torres' panicked voice floats above the unrelenting gunfire. 
“Fall back! Defend, we need to get back behind the line!” James roars, the focus on his people; leading them to safety distracts him from his injuries. Dust floats as does the scent of gunmetal and copper.
“Sergeant!” Another Corporal bellows, then yelps in pain. Fuck, fuck, fuck. James Barnes watches the Corporal, Jessica fall, her chest still rising and falling gives him hope.
James pushes himself up from the prone position, biting back the wince at the pain surging from his left arm. He drags himself staying close to the ground moving towards the Corporal. 
She stays curled up, tears flowing mixing with the dust and soot. 
“No one left behind.” He reminds her. Reaching his arm out he pulls her close trying to move her from the line of fire.
His unit attempts clearing a path, James knows standing up gives them a better chance. Even thought it brings its own issues. 
“Sergeant, my leg…” The Corporal brings to his attention, he sees only the blood ooze.
“Jones, you better hold on.” He tells her, using the remaining strength of his left arm to push them upwards while taking her weight with his right arm.
“Go on without–,”
“Corporal.” Is all James says in warning, cutting off her thought.
There is no ceasefire, Jessica Jones; the Corporal and Sergeant Barnes begin to move quickly towards the line of control. She puts most of her weight upon him. James shifts them quickly allowing his left hand to shield her, grabbing the grenade he had on him.
“Torres!” James calls out, Torres raises the walkie, speaking into it quickly the distance aiding the communication to base. 
He then gives a nod in confirmation to his Sergeant’s question.
James Barnes turns, another bullet lodges itself in his left arm at the elbow, a second lodges itself against his deltoid. Bucky’s right hand launches the grenade giving them the last bit of hope to return to the line.
The blast doesn’t make him flinch, his unit’s steps falter and then he bellows at them to run. Torres grabs Jones from Sergeant Barnes who takes his rifle  
They run, run till their lungs burn with an ache and their throats dry. They take support upon each other, till they reach the military vehicles.
The drive is frenzied quiet sobs from Jessica, disappointment lacing their soft exchange of words. James sighs loudly, enough to warrant silence.
“We followed orders and no soldier was left behind. We will get back to safety and return smarter and more vigilant. You all did good. Do not let this put you down.”
James encouraged not allowing anyone to feel guilty about retreating. 
The vehicles stop and they enter the medical tent first. 
Jessica Jones is treated, her leg can be salvaged. The relief that floods the unit is soon gone as they all give silent glances to his arm. James still ignores the aches and pains that may be originating in his arm. It feels numb and sore to him. 
The Lieutenant watches James with a grim expression, “Sergeant Barnes, care to get yourself checked?” 
He nods once satisfied his entire unit is being looked after. No soldier left behind. The doctor comes in and begins his examination. 
After a minute, a mere sixty seconds, James counted before anything was spoken. That entire minute brought everything to an end. Everything. 
“It’s a dead arm.” The Sergeant registers the words a minute after they are spoken from the army doctor.
James tries flexing his fingers, moving his wrist, elbow, he watches the dark tinge spread over his arm. 
How would he continue? He had to go back out there.
No. They could salvage it. 
“Fix it.” James says in a voice so cold, so devoid of emotion even he cannot recognise it.
“Sergeant Barnes, I’m, there is no easy way to say this—,” The doctor looks ruefully at the superiors, then at the soldier.
“Doc, fix it, get the bullets out.” James begs coldly. 
“There is too much trauma we need to amputate–,”
“No. I need my fucking arm, what good is a one armed soldier?” James wants to mock the thought, the insinuation that the arm is gone. Lost. He had too much on his shoulders to lose anything. 
“Sergeant, we’re moving you to the hospital.” The Lieutenant's voice is distant.
All that flows through James is the sudden pain, all of it that he had blocked out, all the searing, burning. 
The feel of broken fragments. 
The blaze of the first blast, the harsh twist of the joint when he landed on the arm. 
The burning bullets and stinging of the mud on open lacerations.
James Barnes screams, screams till his vision blacks out and he opens his eyes to muted cream walls. 
A monitor beeping steadily. 
His mother rests her head upon her hands against the bed he is upon. James tries reaching out his left hand to soothe the furrow between her brows.
He frowns when he doesn’t feel his arm. He looks down at the large bandages around his shoulder and torso. His right hand moves over where his left hand should be, he even lifts the blanket. Not that this would somehow be a magic trick. Or an elaborate illusion. 
The med tent doctor’s words come back to him, “It’s a dead arm.”
They had to amputate his left arm.
They took his arm. A part of him. 
The monitor beeps rapidly and his mother’s tears are an everlasting presence as the medical staff tries to calm him down. 
What is he going to do?
Who even is he anymore?
They then came in, his superiors mostly looking at the floor. Small velvet boxes in their arms.
Medals of Valour. 
The certificates he earned. 
The ranking badges.
The dog tags.
The small bag contained the memories of his family.
The Honourable Discharge from service.
All of his years of service, from the age of nineteen to twenty-six neatly packed into these small pristine boxes.
A manila folder for the Veterans Affair mandates.
A rehabilitation programme. 
A few pats on the back, and his unit’s remembrances. 
Seven years worth of his efforts neatly tucked into small boxes and pieces of paper. James would laugh, he actually could. He felt nothing. Nothing worth smiling, nothing worth crying. Emptiness. 
Tumblr media
Home doesn’t feel like home. James wonders how much of his life had yet to be changed. The emptiness follows him. He thought it would be left at the door of the hospital. Then he thought he could leave it at the rehabilitation door. But it follows. 
“What is it, Bucky?” Winnie Barnes questions her son watching the light behind his blue eyes flicker away.
“I’m nothing, Ma.” He tells her eyes on the trees outside his room’s window. 
“You are everything.” She reminds him.
“Ma, no, nothing–, this I have nothing to add or do, or provide… How am I supposed to take care of you? Of Becca?” Bucky trails off, the implication this has upon the family. The government would only help till a limit. No matter how many lives he may have saved, or attempted to save, they only gave him shiny lapels for his clothes.
He clutches his dog tags tighter and they make small indents upon his palm.
“Bucky Barnes, what you have gone through, is an event that will have a profound impact upon your life. However, you get to choose how you get through it. If you want to find something else, something you excel at, or if you want to stay disconnected, angry at why this happened. It is not an easy road my child, but your family is there for you.With time you will learn to be there for yourself. And my sweet, sweet boy; your mother is here to take care of you. I know why you want to take care of us, but let me be a mother, your mother.” She cups his cheeks, wiping his tears and pressing a kiss to his forehead.
Bucky smiles only for a moment, to appease her. Once she leaves the room he allows himself to be weak, to cry, to feel sorrow of a future he cannot have anymore. 
Who would even offer employment? 
What could he even do? 
How could he be the man of the house anymore? 
His father’s disappointment creeps at his already heavy chest. Bucky lays in his once familiar bed, he misses the ones back at base. 
Curled upon his right he sees the poster of the band he once loved in high school, he hung it himself so proud of their latest music. A fresh wave of tears take over him. The losses that defined him and the ones that he never allowed to modify his being. 
All plans to find a sweet girl to call his own, twirl in his arms, to hold, to have a future. All down the drain because who would want him now? 
Who would want a broken shell of a man? 
Bucky allows himself to cry till he cannot anymore. 
Tumblr media
After ten months of physiotherapy he enrols into a trial for prosthetics, not keeping his hopes high. They had a rigorous selection process and the waitlist number he was given, further dulled his hope. 
Learning to live without his arm was the main goal. Basic things, cleaning himself, shaving, and wearing clothes had become huge roadblocks rather than simple activities of daily living. He got through, stood up after each tumble. Relearned how to live. 
Bucky finds solace in exercising and working out, an hour of the day that he allowed himself to process his emotions in a physical manner. It quickly becomes a respite and finding himself still strong with one arm does add to him feeling more himself. 
He also goes to therapy, Winnie watches the light return in her son’s eyes but never fully. 
She watches as he gets a job at the library, then enrols himself into night school. 
Bucky then takes a free online coding trial, realising he enjoys it. 
Learning to code with one hand takes time, he focuses on making sure he writes it correctly first before adding the symbols required. 
He learns how to code with one hand, then takes up a course. Later he joins a smaller company working on the back end of things. It’s decent money but he enjoys himself. He returns to his joking demeanour. Even joining in social media. 
He prefers watching and commenting rather than posting, most of the pictures are of him and Alpine, well more so Alpine.
He met the sweet white furball two months ago and could not leave her in the alley in that crappy box. 
She now sits in one of those huge cat towers like the queen she is meant to be.
Bucky also begins to reconnect with old high school friends namely, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. Both notoriously known for their antics on social media and gaming videos. 
After another year he finally is recruited for the trial, he originally signed up at Stark Industries. A pioneer programme in conjunction with MIT. Peter Parker the guy, no, the kid interning for the ever ready to have a sarcastic banter boss of his, Tony Stark. Peter presses a few things on the keyboard watching the corresponding occurrences upon the screen with a smile.
“Parker, give me some good news or I’m revoking caffeine access. Which will get your aunt to somewhat stop giving me heat for making you a caffeine addict.” Tony stands behind the kid, a pleased smile on his face.
“So Barnes, what's the first thing you’re gonna use the arm for?” Tony questions, Bucky contemplates answering.
“Probably be able to code with both hands… or probably scratch that itch on my back.” Bucky huffs out a laugh, Tony shakes his head.
“Honestly the right hand could get some rest at night then,” Stark wiggles his eyebrows and Bucky rolls his eyes.
“I thought you wanted this to be an advancement and not a sex toy.” Bucky reiterates from a previous seminar they had made mandatory for the participants.
“Paying attention, well done.” Tony taps his nose.
“Alright, Mr. Barnes, please lift a finger.” Peter requests, all three hold their breath as the metal fingers do nothing. Staying open. Bucky huffs, flicking his wrist in dismissal of the idea.
Tony gasps overjoyed.
Bucky then looks at the hand, the left hand. The one he moved, he flexes his elbow, it happens. He looks at the two researchers. Gratitude brimming over in tears. Tony wipes his own tears and Peter sniffles.
“Okay, okay he qualifies for phase two. We have to calibrate so it works and responds to you. It will be a detachable prosthetic since the charging is an issue, I’m trying to solve it with a lighter battery. Once I find that it will be a permanent one.” Tony and Peter begin rambling and Bucky only follows the lines of coding on the screen trying to make sense of it. He understands the script and the way it's written to function. 
That is how the next  few months go, learning, calibrating, coding, battery tests. 
A repeat of Physical Therapy adapting to doing activities with both arms again. 
Peter struggles one day with the encoding. Stark went for some gala, to secure grants and fundings. Bucky realised early on the man never stopped, a plethora of ideas swirling in his head. 
“Can I take a look?” Bucky questions and Peter gives him a curious look then it dawns that he can code too. 
“Yes, please end my misery.” Peter turns the laptop and Bucky hovers both of his hands over the laptop. For a moment he hesitates only by re-reading the lines written. The problem was transition movements during compound movements, jerks constantly which prevented smooth motions. 
Coding with both hands was newer, he had practised in the facility, since the arm was yet not his, Stark said something about the Princess of Wakanda having to sign off on the distribution to those patients who could not afford it. Since the metal sourcing was from their country.
Though Bucky had been given several assurances he was a shoe-in for the arm. He still hesitated getting attached and fully dependent.
So he took away the metal arm and worked on the code with his right, then showed it to Peter, for approval. 
Peter then put the lines into the simulator and they waited for five minutes before Peter asked Bucky to repeat the problematic movements. 
No jerks, clean movements.
“You genius.” Peter praises him, Bucky finds his smile turn shy at the praise still not used to appreciation.
“I’m going to tell, Mr. Stark.” Peter gleefully announces.
“Take the win, Parker.” Bucky tells him he doesn’t want trouble for the young intern.
“Nah, you will get credit and I could honestly use the help with another coder on board. Plus, even though its biomechanics plus coding I could handle that part easier. We also might be getting another intern on board, they just finished their degree earlier in exercise science with another in kinesiology.” 
Tumblr media
That is how Bucky finds himself standing with Alpine in the cat backpack, a suitcase and one cardboard box in front of the apartment building that had his two best friends, in New York City with a generous job offer from Tony Stark. 
Winnie stands next to him, her eyes lingering for only a moment on the arm, knowing her son was whole even without it. She had reminded him, incase the whole keeping arm thing never went through. 
“You will visit often.” She says setting down the small set of crockery into the kitchen. 
Bucky wants to laugh knowing her tone is not that of a request but of a command.
“I will, Ma.” He assures her, enveloping her in a hug.
“We’ll make sure he does, Mrs. Barnes.” Steve assures her, her eyes on him now.
“I should hope so since the two of you should be joining him.” She uses the same tone and Bucky gets a kick out of his friends fearing his sweet little mother.
“Oh now, you know I won’t give up any chance to see the prettiest of the Barnes.” Sam winks at Winnie and Bucky gives him a glare. 
He settles in, as does Alpine making a home near the windows that allow sunlight to hit right at her pillow. Bucky even caved in and bought the suction cup cat hammock for her but she refuses to climb on it. Even with treats as a bargaining chip. 
It is a few days later that Bucky’s phone chimes. He looks away from the screen briefly.
Steve Rogers has tagged you in a comment.
@.bbarnes are you ready for the new episode? If I have to sit through the hot daga again, I am warning you.
Bucky wants to laugh, they had recently begun watching Buzzfeed Unsolved with Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. It is an enjoyable series and Bucky was always a firm believer in the paranormal. A Boogara if anyone would ask him. So Steve had a bit of an issue with one of the segments of the ‘Post Mortem’ episodes but Bucky loved every bit of it. These two hosts made him laugh and also shed light on cases and haunted places. 
@.captainrogers the hot daga is an ingenious creation, gripping storyline, music, great animation. Stop being unappreciative of art. I will report you to the authorities.
Bucky chuckles, setting his phone back down. It was enough of an issue with Steve and Sam being on opposing ends of the paranormal believing spectrum.
Just as he was returning to his work, the phone chimes again.
@.watchingthemoonlight replied to your comment
@.bbarnes honestly i agree with you, also what authorities are you contacting I need to snitch on my bestfriend too.
Bucky has a wry smile, no one has ever responded to his comments, let alone interacted unless it was a woman sliding into his DMs which hardly was for prolonged conversations. Curiosity brims over and he clicks the profile,
Bio: more caffeine, less stress-eine. a proud hufflepuff 
Private Account 
Request to Follow
The picture is of you looking to the side sipping on a beverage. He notices the way your skin is flushed. The small round picture can provide him with little indication of who you are. 
Bucky goes back to your comment, pressing reply, something about your unknown profile drawing him in.
Your phone chimes, though it’s late at night and you know your best friend has slept, you look away from the powerpoint about the topic which is going to be in the exam tomorrow morning.
@.bbarnes replied to your comment.
@.watchingthemoonlight never knew a hufflepuff could be a narc.
You narrow your eyes, an amused huff leaving past your lips, oh he thinks he’s smart. Making a comment based on stalking your profile.
You click on his username. Two could play this game. 
James Barnes
Bio: This account may bear my name but it’s just an Alpine fan account. Cat dad.
The profile is open, not too many followers, he is handsome, there is a picture of him you find adorable. Mostly because of the cat, Alpine you assume, is nuzzling her nose against his and both of them are smiling.
Not many solo pictures, a few with friends and one where he’s making a silly face and you find that his blue eyes are beautiful. 
You return to the comment, typing away and not really expecting a response.
But when your phone chimes off within a minute you find yourself eager,
One text message: 
From: Cable Service Provider
This is a reminder that there will be a downtime in your cable service will be affected from 11:00 till 14:00 p.m. Inconvenience is regretted.
You frown, setting the phone back. Then look back at the abandoned exam topic.
Tumblr media
Bucky’s lips twitch as he reads the notification, then a smile when he reads the reply.
@.watchingthemoonlight replied to you.
@.bbarnes what would Alpine think of her father? He forgot Hufflepuffs are the most loyal. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. #alpinesupremacy 
Before he can respond he gets a text from Peter about an impromptu video call meeting with Tony and Shuri, he checks the time 4 p.m. maybe he could reply to you after the meeting.
“There he is!” Tony beams, waving at Bucky as they wait for everyone to join in.
“Hey there Tony!” Bucky waves back, they repeat the greetings as Peter joins and then Miriyam joins and finally Shuri.
“These are my favourite people!” She beams at the two interns.
“Here I thought I was your favourite.” Tony says with feigned offence.
“Oh come on now, you know I adore your work Mr. Stark.” Shuri holds back a laugh at the way she has worded the sentence.
“But not me.” Tony pouts, Morgan clambers up his lap, waving shyly at the screen.
“Hey there Maguna.” Bucky greets her.
“Hi Bucky!” She beams.
“Whatcha doing?” He asks as everyone coos at the sweet child.
“In a meeting with dad.” She says sweetly, “I’m taking the notes. Problem solve.”
“You’re gonna help us solve the problem? That is awesome.” Bucky praises and she giggles.
“Still offended, only she is allowed to call you Bucky.” Peter adds, “I’m a cute kid too.” 
“Hey only my best girls are allowed to call me that. My Ma made the rule.” He raises his hands in defence.
Shuri laughs as Morgan scrunches her nose taking notes and when asked to show what she had this far, it was a drawing of stick people in boxes on the computer screen.
That earned Morgan more adoration and Tony made sure to have copies made to send to all of them. After all, it was a Morgan original.
Tumblr media
Another hour later you decide to leave the exam to the gods of luck. Your phone holds no other notifications, setting your alarm and three back ups, and then settle into bed. 
Just as your eyes close to allow slumber to take over; the phone vibrates twice. 
@.bbarnes replied to your comment:
@.watchingthemoonlight you’re right she is looking displeased. As a fellow hufflepuff (and narc) I apologise. #alpinealreadylikesyou
second notification:
@.bbarnes sent you a follow request
/accept/             or                    /decline/
Tumblr media
taglist is open! please comment or message to be tagged!
permanent tags: @stevesmewmew @pandaxnienke
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leapingintopuddles · a day ago
[𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟑] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟒] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟓] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟔] [𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭]
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 — bucky barnes x female reader
𝐚𝐮 — somewhat canon-compliant (takes place around the time of tfatws), neighbours
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞𝐬/𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐬 — fluff, romance, enemies to friends to lovers, rom-com vibes
𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 — everything is perfect in your new neighbourhood and your new apartment… or they would be, were it not for the sarcastic and mysterious smartass who lives next door. he is absolutely insufferable and infuriating, so what’s with this strange and growing sense of anticipation you get whenever you see him?
𝐰/𝐜 — 1,385
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞, 𝐚𝐧𝐝/𝐨𝐫 𝐮𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝-𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐬, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮!
Tumblr media
𝟓. 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧
You hadn’t realized you’d fallen asleep until you were woken up by the sound of the building’s fire alarm blaring in the hallway. 
Groaning, you sat up in bed and reached for Charlie, and then your phone, which told you that it was almost four o’clock in the morning. Of course, out of all the nights for this to happen, it had to happen on the one night you had hit the town for a girls’ night out with your friends. 
It had been such a long time, you may have hit the sauce a little too hard and had a few too many drinks with dinner. 
Fighting through your throbbing headache of a developing hangover,  you quickly made your way to the door and put your shoes on, all the while balancing a trembling and frightened corgi in your arms. 
You opened the door, surprised to find Bucky already standing there, his back facing you as he pointed the other residents towards the emergency stairwell. He didn’t turn around, just reached behind him blindly to grasp your arm. 
“Jesus, 904. You smell like a brewery.” He said, making you laugh a little. 
“…Were you waiting for me?” You asked him, praying that it sounded more playful than hopeful. You were grateful that he wasn’t facing you now, because you were pretty sure your face gave you away. 
“No, I was not,” he said, but you decided to allow yourself the privilege of believing he protested a little too hard for that to be true. He readjusted his grip on your arm, waiting for the last of the crowd to pass before he pulled you along. 
It was hard for you not to react, now that you were painfully aware of your developing crush on him, especially with his warm reassuring hand heavy on your forearm. 
It was hard for you not to think about that night you realized it, how much you wanted to stare into his eyes again, somehow still so bright even under the cloak of darkness. It was like you could find the entire galaxy in there, all the mysteries and intricacies of life sparkling enticingly at you like stars. 
It was hard for you not to smile when you walked up to your door earlier that day on your way home from work, finding those containers that once held those freezer meals you’d prepared for Yori, which had eventually made their way into Bucky’s hands. They were hanging off your door handle in a plastic bag after being washed, thoroughly cleaned and carefully dried. 
It was hard for you not to think about, with fondness, how the two of you had sat in near silence that one time in your kitchen as you partook in ice cream sandwiches. Bucky would break the silence to tell you that you had “sucky taste” in flavours. 
“Strawberry is not a sucky flavour! I will not sit here and listen to such slander.” You retorted between bites, reaching out to swipe his sandwich away as retribution for complaining. Of course, he had dodged you easily. “What’s your favourite, then? I bet you like butterscotch or something, grandpa.” 
You laughed when he rolled his eyes, but the tiny, minuscule, barely-there hint of a smile playing on his lips told you that you were probably a lot closer to the mark than not. Somehow, he always seemed to be from a different time. They really didn’t make guys like him anymore. You always joked that it was so unfortunate for him that he was born in the wrong era. 
After that, Charlie had somehow wandered over to Bucky’s lap and kept trying to steal a bite, filling your apartment with the surprising and rare sounds of Bucky’s laughter as he tried to keep the treat high up in the air, away from Charlie’s reach. You sat on the other side of the table watching them with a smile. 
When you finally reached the main street, it took about an hour before a kid stepped forward and confessed to a nearby fireman that he pulled the fire alarm as a joke. He got so upset, reduced to sniffles and tears out of guilt, that you let him pet Charlie the entire way back up the stairs after he got a stern talking to from the firefighters and his mother.
After walking Yori back to his unit, you turned around and narrowed your eyes at Bucky. “You knew there was no fire, didn’t you? That’s why you waited for me.” 
“You’re still drunk, 904. I didn’t wait for you.” Bucky rolled his eyes, starting the walk down the hall back to your apartments. Sometimes, you had the feeling he knew things others shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly know. It was another one of those mysteries about him. You wondered if you’d ever find out at least one of those many secrets. 
“Sure you didn’t,” you said, your tone more than clear that you didn’t quite believe him. Your headache had mostly faded away now, and you were in such a great mood as you skipped behind him, smiling at his back like a lovesick schoolgirl. 
But then he stopped abruptly in front of you, his left arm held out at his side to signal you to stop as well. 
“Wait. Do you hear that?” 
“What am I hearing?” You whispered as you both stood there like a couple of idiots, slightly hunched over, practically holding your breaths as you heard a scratching noise coming from around the corner where your units were. 
Suddenly, all you could think about were all the times Bucky had warned you about being too careless and too trusting. He’d always try to scare you into compliance with all of his safety rules by telling you all the possible ways criminals operated nowadays. 
So, it was no surprise when your mind went from 0 to 100 in about two seconds. 
“Maybe it’s something totally innocent,” you whispered as you grasped his hand tight out of sheer nerves. You didn’t even notice you had taken hold of his metal one, even when he turned his head slightly to check your reaction. “Or maybe it’s an axe murderer about to chop our freaking heads off?!” 
“Jesus, woman, calm down.” Even so, he pushed you behind him protectively, but you were so aghast that you couldn’t even enjoy his show of gallantry. 
“Calm—? You’re the one who infected me with your paranoia!” You hissed. Bucky dropped his defensive stance, straightening to give you a look of exasperation when— 
The two of you poked your heads out from around the corner, looking like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Your face lit up with a smile when you saw that it was a small white kitten scratching at Bucky’s door. 
“Aww!” You squealed, clutching Charlie tighter to your chest in case he decided to leap out of your arms to chase it. 
Speaking of, the kitten turned its little head and blinked its huge blue eyes up at the both of you. Now satisfied it was getting some attention, it sat down on Bucky’s welcome mat and lazily flicked its tail back and forth. 
You ran over to it, reaching out to pet it but the kitten sank down to the floor to avoid your hand and backed away. Charlie was trying to scramble out of your arms to play with the new friend, but you held onto him tight. The poor thing already looked scared enough. 
When Bucky approached, though, it hopped onto his shoes, pawing at the hem of his pants. “Meow!” 
“Looks like you’ve got a cat now.” You said as you looked up at Bucky, almost bursting out into laughter at the stern frown he wore on his face. He crouched down next to you, picking up the kitten in one hand, staring at it like it had just come from outer space. 
But then he reached behind him to place it carefully in the hood of his sweatshirt. You tried to hide your grin behind your hand, but it became impossible when he smiled over at you. 
“What do you think, Chuck?” Bucky asked. Charlie responded with a sure and resounding woof! 
Apparently, that was all the persuasion he needed.
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 — introducing alpine the cat! she’ll be joining in on the shenanigans from now on~ and i know we all love alpine, don’t we? 😁 also, am i setting a bad precedent by posting practically every day??? hahaha~ be warned, please don’t always expect such frequent updates! 😝
𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐨 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤. 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐬𝐨 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
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Updated Masterlist
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Fate Series:
The One Where Series:
One Shots
Roommate‘s Best Friend
Tumblr media
Part Of Me Series:
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Part Three (The End)
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Part One
Piece Of Your Heart Series:
Part One
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Revenge Series:
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Daddy‘s Little Girl
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Crossing the Line
Summary: After your friends set you up on a blind date with your sworn enemy, you both drunkenly decide to mess with them by making a bet to see who can pretend to be a happy couple the longest.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x reader
Warnings: 18+ only, smut, unprotected possessive sex, beefy!bucky manhandling the reader a lot, mirror sex, fingering, light angst with a happy ending, fluff, swearing, Fifty Shades of Grey reference, alcohol, jealous!bucky, brief run-in with an "ex" with a wife, pet names, Bucky is kinda cocky, enemies to lovers, fake dating.
Word Count: 10.1k
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Tumblr media
“We shouldn't, right? It’d be too cruel,” Natasha asked warily. 
“Nat, they have so many things in common, and frankly I am tired of their bitter rivalry over every little thing. We can’t finish a game of Uno without things getting contentious. And god forbid that they end up on the opposite team for charades,” Sam said. “Would giving them a chance at meeting outside of our game nights be so bad?”
“No, but you know how they get when they’re left alone.”
“Bitter and argumentative, sure, but maybe there’s a hidden spark just waiting to ignite into a blazing passionate fire.”
Nat looked at Sam incredulously, “I think you’re doing this to get back at Barnes for flirting with your sister.” 
Sam smiled sheepishly, “Well why did you offer to set her up on the blind date to begin with? You were fully on board at one point.”
“I just feel like there is something there that they’re not seeing, and I have a strong sense that if given the chance, it could work out really well. Plus Bucky’s not a bad guy, and after the dates she’s been on — well I trust him at least a little bit.”
“And at the end of the day it will be a really funny story if it backfires,” Sam said cheekily. 
Nat sighed, a knowing smirk playing on her lips, “Yeah, can’t argue with that.” 
You walked up to the doors of the restaurant with purpose. Your best friends Nat and Sam had set you up on a blind date, and while the thought of that was unnerving, you trusted their judgment. Blind dates were a fun way of meeting people, or so you told yourself, and at the very least you knew that the mystery man was vetted by reliable people, so it shouldn’t be too bad. 
With a deep breath you opened the door and walked towards the hostess. 
“Hello, do you have a reservation?” the cheery wide-eyed brunette asked. 
“I believe my date is already here. Is there a man in a blue shirt waiting for someone? I was told that’s what he would be wearing,” you said. 
“Yes, of course. He got in a few minutes ago, told me to expect a woman in a burgundy dress,” she said as she took in your attire. “Right this way,” she said gleefully before quickly grabbing a couple menus and walking you towards a candlelit corner booth. 
You couldn’t see the man given the angle of the booth, but the moment you arrived at the table you were filled with instant regret. 
“And here we are, your waiter will be right out in a second,” the jovial hostess said before giving you a sly wink and leaving you to be. 
You were met with familiar blue eyes that looked just as bewildered as yours. 
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You?!” you exclaimed at your annoying foe.
“I’ve got to be kidding? What the hell are you doing here?” 
You huffed out a breath before sliding into the seat across from Bucky. “Obviously this is some kind of punishment aimed at you for taking things too far last Saturday.”
He ran a hand through his hair, “When I play charades, I play to win, you know this.”
“I know, but did you have to nearly flip Sam’s coffee table?”
“This isn’t worth rehashing, what do we do, just go home?” he asked. 
“I’m hungry, and while I could go find something to eat elsewhere, we’re already here. Can you keep it together without any drama for a little while?” you asked sarcastically. 
“Only if you can,” he said with a raised brow. 
“Great, I’ll just need a lot of wine, but then I’ll be good to go.”
“Perfect, let’s get a bottle or two,” he said before flagging down a waiter. 
“Some prank huh?” you muttered after placing both your food and drink order because you had no intention of prolonging the night. 
“I know this is Sam’s way of getting back at me for something.”
“Yeah no doubt, but I’m not sure what I did to deserve this.”
“Right, because you’re perfect,” Bucky said drily. 
Bucky leaned back and looked at you with a tight smile. “So what do we do to get back at them? I don’t think they should get away with setting us up on a date that they knew wouldn’t work out.” 
“Whoa, I’m a damn delight, this could’ve worked out if you were anyone else.” 
Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why are you like this? I only agreed to this because Sam said this girl was unlike any I’d dated before. I didn’t think he’d mean it so literally.”
You furrowed your brows. “The hell is that supposed to mean?” 
He rolled his eyes, “Nothing bad, I just usually got along with my exes, at least for a while. You and I, on the other hand, have never gotten along.”
You nodded your head, “Yeah that’s true.” You paused for a minute as the waiter brought out your wine and poured it into your glasses, leaving behind the bottle.
After taking a few gulps, “Maybe you were right, I mean you pulled out an iron for that shirt, we can’t let them get away with this,” you said jokingly. 
“Thank you for noticing,” he said as he subconsciously ran his hands over his nicely pressed shirt. “So what are we thinking? We could TP their house,” he said before taking a big swig of his wine. 
You scoffed, “Bucky, how old are you?” 
“Well give us an idea, smartypants.”
You sighed, taking a moment to contemplate. Unfortunately, you realized every option would be juvenile. “Ugh I don’t know. Sadly, the mature thing to do would be to pretend like this didn’t affect us so that they don’t get the reaction they hoped for.” 
“That’s lame,” he said as your waiter brought out your food. 
“So is their prank,” you muttered before taking a bite of your pasta. 
The two of you ate in silence for a little bit because neither of you knew how to speak to each other companionably. It was always quips, retorts, and sarcastic remarks that fueled your conversations. 
After a beat, you asked, “Did you pick out the restaurant?” 
Bucky furrowed his brow, “Why, do you hate it?” 
Your eyes widened, “No, I actually really like it.” 
“Oh,” he chuckled in surprise. “I did, it’s my favorite spot for good Italian food.”
“Ah, well you’ve got decent taste — at least in food,” you said with a small smirk. 
He tugged at his bottom lip, trying to suppress a smile. “Do you want more wine?” 
“Yes please.”
Heat rose to your cheeks as the effects of the wine were finally making itself known. With one bottle down and another on the way, you felt a little more at ease in Bucky’s presence. 
“I don’t know why Nat would set me up with you, no offense — like she knows that I just got out of something a little messy.” 
Bucky’s eyes softened as he looked at you. “I know Sam is doing this to mess with me, but I can’t figure out what Nat’s thought process was in all of this. She’s usually so protective of you.”
“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to be more weary of her,” you said timidly. If you were completely sober you would shrug this off as a silly prank, but you weren’t and it was hard to process why your friend would mess with you in an area in which she knew you held many trust issues. 
Before you could ponder any further, the waiter reemerged, pouring more wine for the two of you. The two of you happily drank some more, not completely hating the date any longer. 
“You know what would be kind of funny?” Bucky mumbled more to himself. 
“If we pretended that this date was amazing and that we liked each other after it.” 
“Like liked each other?” you asked in surprise.
He let out a laugh, “Yes, like we felt a spark and decided to keep seeing each other.”
You giggled, “They’d never see that coming! But that would be hard to pull off.”
“I know,” Bucky blushed at the thought. 
“Regardless, you can’t seem to keep your cool around me when you’re sober, so it would never work.”
Bucky huffed out a breath, “Yeah that’s true, plus you despise me and start arguments for no reason whenever given the chance,” he shrugged.
You scoffed, “Right, I’m argumentative for absolutely no reason and you never upset me on purpose,” you muttered.
“That’s exactly right,” he said matter-of-factly. 
“I don’t know why you live to agitate me, I could totally keep it together and do it convincingly too.”
“Correction, you live to annoy me, and I know I could keep it together way better than you,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Wanna bet?” you blurted out. 
Bucky’s eyebrows raised, his interest was piqued. “Bet?”
“We do the pretend thing to mess with Nat and Sam — the first to back out loses.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes as he considered the proposition; it would be a good way to get back at Sam. And he would take that bet on principle just to prove you wrong and show you that you were the irrational one, but he knew something else was needed to make it more interesting. 
“What’s at stake? If we’re going to pretend to like each other in front of our friends it’s gotta be worthwhile.”
“Loser has to clean the winner’s place for a month.”
“Make it two months with laundry included and you’ve got yourself a deal. I could use the break.”
You snickered as you reached for your wine glass once more. “Yeah, and when I win you can enjoy the extra month of cleaning you’ll have to do at my place and yours.”
Bucky tilted his head, “Are we really doing this, or what?”
You extended your hand, “Two months of cleaning for whoever bails or starts drama first.”
He stretched out his hand, engulfing yours completely — and thus commenced the charade. 
You woke up feeling dehydrated and hungover; you needed a painkiller and a giant cup of water to quell the throbbing in your head. Begrudgingly getting up to retrieve that from your kitchen was a difficult endeavor, but it certainly helped you feel a bit better afterwards. Once your head felt a little less heavy you thought back to the bet you made with Bucky. Even though you were drunk then, it wasn’t difficult to remember every detail of the conversation now. 
In the light of day you started to feel uncertain about following through with it, and you wondered if Bucky was going to bring it up himself. You wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t, but as you put some bread in the toaster you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. 
Bucky: Hi sugarplum, honey pie…
Well shit, he remembered. There was no way you were going to back down now. 
Y/N: Workshopping nicknames are we?
Bucky: Duh. I’m in it to win it, muffin.
Y/N: Okay good for you, but why are you texting me? There’s no one around to see.
Bucky: Nat didn’t text you?
You were about to type that she had not, but your phone began to buzz at that moment. Speaking of the devil, it was Nat calling to likely see how her crappy set-up went. Before answering you reminded yourself that you didn’t want to be Bucky’s housekeeper. 
You soon found out that Sam had already spoken to Bucky and that Nat was checking to confirm if you really were good to grab coffee in an hour. She seemed genuinely excited to hear that things went well with Bucky, which confused you immensely. Nat even claimed that she knew something was there, but before you could ask her to elaborate on that she had to run. Before hanging up, you agreed to meet up with them. 
So much for coasting for a few days before having to play pretend.
Before you could grumble about it too much you remembered that you had to text Bucky back before getting ready. You pulled up your messages and quickly typed out your response. 
Y/N: Nat called, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. 
Bucky: Right, I was going to ask if you wanted me to pick you up on my way. 
You couldn’t tell if he was being nice or whether he was trying to further prolong your suffering, but you had a feeling it was the latter. 
Y/N: Fine. 
Bucky: Cool, I’ll text you before I leave, babygirl :P
You rolled your eyes at your screen. 
Bucky pulled up to your place wearing a bright smile ten minutes before you were set to meet up with the other couple.
“What are you so happy about?” you asked as you buckled your seatbelt. 
“I’m just really looking forward to the upcoming two months of chore-free living, that’s all. Seeing you reminded me of what a great break I’m about to get.” 
You scoffed, “Wow, well I wouldn’t be too sure about that yet, Barnes.” 
“Barnes? No pet name for me, doll?” he asked cheekily. 
“I’ll think about it. Can we just save the talking for when we get to the coffee shop? I don’t even know why we’re doing this today.” 
“Steve and Sharon are out of town, so game night is pushed to tomorrow. Guess Sam and Nat still wanted to see us, and I think they’re also trying to confirm that we’re a thing.” 
“Well I am looking forward to messing with them about that,” you mumbled.
Bucky hummed in agreement, “Same, but let’s see how long you can hold out.” 
“All I know is it’ll be longer than you.”
Bucky scoffed as he turned a corner, “Right, just try not to fall in love with me while you’re at it.”
You snorted, “Shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Why’s that?” he asked with a self-assured smirk on his face. Bucky loved to mess with you, mainly because you were the only one that could keep up with him. 
You huffed a breath, “Because, I like my men a little less dick-ish.” 
“Ah, yes, that would be an issue then,” he said as he parked his car. After a second, he turned towards you with a smug smile, “But is too much dick, really that bad?” 
Groaning internally, you tried to rush out of the vehicle, ready for a moment away from him already. But Bucky was too quick, and he was there to help you out of the car once your door was open. You mumbled a thank you and moved to get across the street, but in your haste to get away, you tripped and stumbled onto the road. 
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted. He quickly grabbed your hand and tugged you back just as a cyclist zoomed past, barely missing you. 
All too fast, you heard a whiz of air and a shouting of expletives from the cyclist before you were roughly pulled against Bucky’s broad chest. “Shit!” you exclaimed, as you tried to recover your balance. 
“Are you alright?” Bucky asked as he placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you. He looked at you with concern, only now noticing the stunning hue of your eyes. He unconsciously brushed his thumb over your cheekbone, hoping to calm you, or perhaps himself as he took in your beauty.
Your heart raced as you stared into his sparkling blue eyes. And when you took a deep breath to calm yourself, you accidentally inhaled his warm cologne — like sandalwood and vanilla. Wow, did he always smell that good? 
Shaking your head and coming back to your senses, you finally found your voice. “This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey. Thank you for saving me but I’m not going to gaze longingly into your eyes.” You only hoped that he wouldn’t bring up the fact that you had essentially done that already.
Bucky slowly released the grip he had on you, finally remembering where he was. “You sure? Could be good practice?” he said with a soft smirk on his lips. He was too mesmerized to call you out on that little moment, he was too caught up in you. 
You released a breath, before nodding your head. “I’m sure.” 
“Okay, well then it’s time to go put on a show. Is it alright if I hold your hand, for appearances of course?” Bucky didn’t tell you that he only wanted to make sure that you crossed the street safely. He was feeling unexpectedly protective over you after that adrenaline-inducing moment, and he was grateful when you wordlessly slipped your hand into his. 
As you crossed the street together, Bucky felt a weird sensation in his chest — and that worried him more than he cared to admit. 
Once you arrived in front of the coffee shop’s door, you both shared a knowing look. Plastering a fake smile on your face, you stepped inside as he held the door open for you. “Thank you, boo bear,” you said, looking back with a wink. 
Bucky looked at you in surprise. Oh, so she’s not going to make this easy on me.
“So you guys really hit it off, huh?” Sam asked curiously as you curled up next to Bucky in the wooden booth. 
Sam’s narrowed eyes showed his disbelief, but Nat appeared smitten and excited for whatever response you were going to give. 
“We did, what can I say?” you said gleefully as you looked into Bucky’s eyes. He tried to contain a smile, but failed miserably. You were too good at this, and he knew he had to put in some work to keep up.
“It was strange,” Bucky chimed in. “It was like I saw her for the first time last night. Suddenly, all of our petty arguments seemed ridiculous.” You looked over at him suspiciously as he spoke all too convincingly. He continued, “She was wearing this burgundy dress that looked so gorgeous on her, and I knew then that I wanted her. And of course, let’s not forget, she’s always challenged me like no other. She makes me want to be a better man. So thanks so much for the set up, Samuel,” he said with a charming smile. 
Nat listened attentively to every word, as Sam sat still, finding it all hard to believe. Bucky and you were practically sworn enemies from almost the moment you crossed paths. Sam knew Bucky’s aversion was because he thought you were an “exasperating wisecrack.” And Nat knew your disdain stemmed from the first rude encounter you had with Bucky, where he told you he thought you were an “annoying know-it-all.”
From those early moments he couldn’t stand you, and you had trouble speaking with him without getting upset. Undoubtedly, it was petty and based off of the most trivial encounter, but it magnified over time. Game nights with the gang only amplified your animosity, which continued to grow through seemingly every interaction you both shared. 
“Yes, thank you Nat. Seeing Bucky all cleaned up last night, looking so handsome, just did something to me. I knew then that I had to have him,” you said, groaning internally as you spoke. 
Sam nodded his head, seemingly convinced. “Well, I’m happy for you both. You guys deserve something good.” The two of you together wasn’t entirely implausible, because despite the surface hostility, he knew you both respected each other. 
“I guess this means game nights are going to look a little different too then, huh?” Nat asked teasingly. 
Bucky looked at you, “Of course, we’re on the same team now. Isn’t that right, baby?” 
“So true, bunny,” you said as you looked into his cerulean eyes. 
Nat spoke up, “I am loving this, so so much! I cannot wait until tomorrow night.” 
“Me too,” Bucky mumbled. 
“Me three,” you said, lying through your teeth. 
The ride home was uncharacteristically quiet. Neither you nor Bucky had anything to say to each other. You were starting to feel a little weird about the bet, mainly because it wasn’t exceedingly hard to uphold. Playing nice wasn’t nearly as difficult as you imagined it’d be, and that felt strange. It’s not that you loved Bucky’s company, but you didn’t hate it as much as you usually did either. 
Bucky was feeling his own version of unusual, because he too realized that sustaining the bet was too easy. He had been fairly honest, and he realized when he spoke of how beautiful you looked the night before, that he meant every word. Hopefully, things will change at game night. 
He still felt compelled to check on you despite his desire to win. After parking in front of your place, he turned to you. “Are you sure you want to keep doing this? We can come clean before game night because I’m pretty sure we’ve convinced them and made up for their prank.” 
“Is that your way of attempting to quit?” you asked curiously. Sure, you felt odd, but you were still in it to win it. 
Bucky huffed out of breath, “No, I was giving you an out in case this isn’t something you wanted to do anymore. We could call off the bet and have no winner or loser if you want.”
“That kind of defeats the purpose of this whole thing, Bucky,” you said frankly. 
“I… I know.” He shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what he was even trying to say in the first place. “So then, I’ll pick you up at 5 tomorrow?” 
“Sure, and thanks for driving me today, boo bear,” you said as you opened the car door.
He let out a laugh, “Can I put in a request for another pet name?”
“You can, but it might not get approved,” you beamed before shutting the door and leaving him alone with his thoughts. 
And that consisted of the thought of you in his arms, the feel of your hand in his, and the memory of you in that dress. 
The following day, you tried not to dwell on the unusual feelings you had about the night before. They didn’t matter, and you figured Bucky would finally start some drama later on at game night. He was too competitive not to, and that made you excited about what was to come. 
By the time Bucky had come to get you, you were giddy to get the show on the road. You both made casual small talk, and seemed to be in good spirits. The two of you even set boundaries on public displays of affection quite easily, agreeing on everything but kissing. However, your plans were briefly thwarted when Nat texted you, asking if you could pick up some ingredients that she forgot to get from the store. After letting Bucky know, the two of you stopped at the supermarket along the way. 
“What did she say she needed?” Bucky asked as he grabbed a cart. 
“Just a couple of things for her dip. We don’t even need a cart.”
“That’s okay, I like to drive it.” 
“Suit yourself. I just need a few things from the produce section,” you said before heading in that direction. 
“Alright, I’ll meet you there in a minute. I’m going to grab a couple drinks.” 
You nodded, as you made your way to grab the vegetables you needed. As you picked out some celery, you were disappointed to see your recent ex, if you could even call him that, Quentin headed your way. Things abruptly ended early on after you found out that he had a wife. After a crappy first date, and a dramatic second date where his wife stormed in, you realized he was an absolute tool. He still called and texted you afterwards, trying to see if you were willing to look past it but you blocked his number after declining multiple times. 
“Well if it isn’t Y/N. How have you been, sugar?” he asked obnoxiously. 
“Quentin, —.”
Bucky interjected before you could respond. “Hey, doll. Do you remember the whiskey Sam had last weekend? I forgot the brand name,” he said as he stood behind the cart facing you and Quentin. He furrowed his brow as he took in your demeanor — he couldn’t tell what was going on, but he could see that you were bothered. 
“Hey, um I don’t remember.”
“Oh alright, well did you find —.”
Quentin narrowed his eyes as he looked at you, “Who the hell is this, Y/N?” he interrogated. 
Bucky was taken aback, but he finally understood from context that this had to be one of your crappy exes. He chimed in before you had to. “I’m her boyfriend, and I don’t really care who you are,” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest, making himself appear broader. “Ready to go, doll?” he asked, not giving Quentin a second glance. 
Quentin was so shocked by the turn of events that he couldn’t think of a response. 
You nodded your head as you placed the greens in the cart. Bucky reached out for your hand, after you put everything down, which you gladly took. 
“Do you actually need anything else?” he asked as you turned the corner. 
“No, I’ve got it all. And thanks for the assist back there.”
“Any time,” he said as he squeezed your hand. For a moment you forgot that he was still holding it, and by the looks of it, he did too. “Oh um, sorry,” he said, slowly letting go of your hand.  
Bucky knew he shouldn’t, but he wondered if you felt it too, the captivating force that was pulling him to you — a small part of him wished you did. 
“Nothing to be sorry about,” you mumbled as your heart skipped a beat. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the feel of your fingers intertwined with his. 
“I forgot to ask, do you want me to circle back and kick his ass?” 
You let out a laugh, looking up at him in disbelief. “You’d do that for me?” 
Bucky cracked a smile, “Anything for my sugarplum,” he teased, nudging you gently. You only shook your head and tried to suppress a smile in response. 
And even if his tone was playful, he couldn't help but feel like he meant it. 
After arriving at Sam and Nat’s you took the opportunity to step away from Bucky. You had a feeling things would get contentious soon enough, and a brief break before that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Heading to the kitchen you dropped off the groceries and caught up with the girls. 
“How have things been with Bucky?” Nat asked suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows. 
“Oh my goodness, is that why you two arrived together?!” Wanda asked excitedly. 
“Nat, it's only been a couple of days, but it’s been great. He’s a good guy.” 
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. I know you guys clashed when you met, but he’s a good person. I’m so glad you’re seeing that now.” 
Wanda chimed in, “Bucky really is the best — so chivalrous and handsome. I’m happy you guys settled your differences, because you make a lovely pair.” 
“Thanks ladies,” you mumbled, taking a good swig of your beer. You were well aware that this was supposed to be a prank — mess with Sam and Nat for setting you up on a bad date, and get a couple months of cleaning out of Bucky. But it didn’t seem like the others were taking it the way you had intended. You weren’t feeling the satisfaction that you thought would come from pranking them, and Bucky was being entirely kind to you. How the hell is this going to work out? 
Before you could worry about that too much, your old friend Thor walked in. 
Excusing yourself from the girls, you walked up to your blonde friend. “Hey, I didn't know you were coming!” you said excitedly. Thor rarely made an appearance at your game nights, but you loved it whenever he did. 
Thor beamed at you, “Hello, Y/N. It’s so good to see you! Are you well?” he asked before pulling you into a bear hug. 
You giggled as he let you go. “I’m good! What’s new with you?”
As Thor caught you up on his daily life, someone else was feeling unsettled at the sight of you standing so close and chatting so happily with him. 
From across the way, Bucky asked Sam and Steve, “Who invited Thor?”
“Oh right, I ran into him a few days ago. I invited him but I didn’t think he’d take up the invite. He’s always a good time though.” Sam paused when he saw Bucky's irritated expression. “Why do you look upset?” he asked. 
Steve let out a laugh, “Because Y/N’s looking awfully chummy with him,” he pointed his beer bottle in your direction. 
Bucky glowered at you laughing at something Thor was saying; your head thrown back as you gripped his large bicep for balance. Thor looked at you with the brightest smile, laughing along to whatever joke you two were sharing. It made Bucky’s chest tighten, and he did not want to think about the reason for that. 
“Oh,” Sam said. He thought your behavior coupled with Bucky’s concern was suspicious, considering you both were apparently together now. “Well, what are you worried about? That’s your girl now,” Sam said to goad Bucky. For the first time that night, Sam started to doubt the legitimacy of your short relationship, and he figured he could push Bucky into revealing something.
Bucky took a deep breath before realizing something himself — this was the perfect opportunity to maintain the ruse and get you to quit first. “That’s right, she is my girl,” he said impishly. “If you’ll excuse me gentleman,” he said before heading towards you. 
You saw Bucky strutting towards you jovially, a bright smile on his face. Those kinds of smiles weren’t usually directed at you, so you knew something was up. Unsure of the reason, but hoping to divert his behavior, you spoke up. “Hey, Buck! What’s up?” you asked behind an obviously saccharine smile.
“Nothing, just came over to see my girl,” he said as he reached out and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
Your eyes widened as Bucky settled behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder as you both faced Thor. 
“I didn’t know you and James were together,” Thor said with a sweet smile and a hint of confusion. 
Bucky lifted his head. “We sure are Thor, this little jellybean is the best thing to ever happen to me,” he said with feigned enthusiasm.  
“Well that’s wonderful, how long have you been together?”
“Three days, three amazing days,” Bucky said as he let out a chuckle.
Thor furrowed his brow, “Well congratulations, to the both of you,” he said before kindly excusing himself to get another drink. 
Once he was gone you turned around to look at the annoyingly affectionate man behind you. 
“What the hell was that?” you challenged. 
“What was what, doll?” Bucky asked with a cheshire grin. 
Your jaw dropped, narrowing your eyes, you grabbed his hand and tugged him outside to the backyard. “So we’re adding sabotage to the mix, now huh?” 
“Sabotage, what do you mean? Like your chances with Thor? Well I just thought he ought to know your relationship status. Plus, Sam and Steve were starting to get concerned, what with you flirting so openly with another man when you’re supposed to be with me.”
“So what if he was flirting with me? We’ve told them that I’m with you.” 
Bucky eyes widened, taken aback. “You knew?”
“Thor’s a flirt, who cares?” 
“I do, you’re my girlfriend.”
You shook your head, “You know you’re starting to sound like a jealous boyfriend.”
“Then I’m playing the part right,” he shrugged.
You scoffed at his indifference, “Is that what it’d be like? Dating you?”
“Why, are you asking because you’re considering it?” he asked with a smirk. 
“No, Bucky. I just want to properly warn the next girl that stupidly falls for those pretty blue eyes.” 
“Did you just say that you like my eyes?” he asked gleefully. 
“Ugh,” you scoffed before kindly shoving him out of the way and heading back inside. 
He smiled to himself, satisfied that he got the better of that exchange. 
Watching through the glass door, he saw you walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a drink. You looked frustrated with him, and normally that would make him quite happy, but today Bucky felt a touch of guilt in his smug satisfaction. He didn’t want you to actually be upset with him. Lately, when it came to you though, the more time he spent in your presence, the more confused he became. 
The only thing he knew was certain from that interaction was that you were right. He didn’t like seeing you with Thor, and come to think of it, he didn’t like seeing you with that guy at the store either. It made him feel that tightness in his chest that was now becoming common when it came to you. 
After you threw back your drink and headed to the restroom to freshen up, you finally had a moment to yourself. As you thought about the events of your typical game night, you started to think about Bucky’s present ridiculousness. By now you’d be at each other’s throats for some type of game disagreement, not because of something like this. 
It was true, you enjoyed Thor’s company, and his flirty nature was fun for you too. However, you didn’t think you’d like the way it felt to be wrapped up in Bucky’s arms more — but you really did. The way it felt to be held against that wall of hard muscle, the heat permeating off his body, it just felt so good. 
This was supposed to be fake, and perhaps there was more beneath the surface, but you knew you shouldn’t think about that. It was too great a risk to take, especially with the bet still in place. You couldn’t give that smug bastard the satisfaction of a win. 
After returning to the living room, you observed the girls finishing up a game of Uno. 
“Hey, charades is starting up in five. You and Bucky are on different teams. Since you both are friendly with one another, I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem!” Nat said excitedly. 
Oh thank goodness. Finally, competitive Bucky can come out and ruin the day. 
Bucky was excited to play against you, because he knew you were just as competitive as him. He too was ready to finish this bet. Every time you both stepped up to grab the slip of paper with the phrases on it, you could feel the tension. And he brought his A-game, beating you out on the hardest phrases. Somehow he was able to act out building a sandcastle with ease, and he made sure to give you a cocky wink after getting that done. When you were both up again, you were able to convey shoveling snow faster than him, and you loved seeing how frustrated that made him. 
Bucky had Steve on his team, which was an unfair advantage because it oftentimes felt like they shared the same brain. But you were grateful to have Wanda on your team because it almost felt like she could read your mind, which definitely helped rack up some points. 
As the game neared its end, both teams found themselves in a tie. It was down to you and Bucky to break it. After you both read “waterfall” you got to pantomiming the best that you possibly could. 
Ultimately, you were able to break up the word and make it recognizable for Sam, thus sealing your victory. You made sure to stick out your tongue at Bucky as you basked in your win. He only shook his head before heading out the back door. There’s the hot head that I know. 
You decided you’d follow him after a minute to see if you could push his buttons, and maybe win your bet too. But you didn’t expect to see him in such good spirits when you stepped onto the patio. 
“Hey, doll,” he said with a soft smile. “Congratulations on the win, I really thought I had you there.” 
“Here I was coming to gloat, and you’re being… nice. What gives?” 
Bucky shrugged, exhaling a heavy breath. “You know I don’t hate you, right?” 
“You told me off the day we met, Bucky. You don’t like me.” 
“I was drunk, which isn’t an excuse, but I only told you that you were a know-it-all. Did you ever ask yourself why I might've said that? 
You furrowed your brows. “No?” you asked quietly.
He took a deep breath. “I was being stupid and childish. I was the best at trivia, and then you came into my friend group, knowing more than me about American history — that was my thing. And it wasn’t just that, your team won the entire trivia match because of you alone. So I said something dumb when I shouldn’t have, because I was intimidated,” he said sheepishly. 
“Trivia, Bucky? Are you insane?” you asked in disbelief. That had to be the dumbest reason to start a bitter rivalry with a person. 
“We just clashed, we didn’t get along. And I guess I never did anything to fix that.” 
“You know, I studied up on those categories because I wanted to make a good impression on the new group of people Nat was introducing me to. I didn’t want to ruffle feathers, I only wanted to be accepted. But before the night ended you made sure I knew that I definitely was not.”
“I misjudged you, and I annoyed you when I should’ve seen you for the exceptional person you are. I should’ve been kinder, and I’m sorry.”
You eyed him suspiciously. “I don’t get it. Why are you saying this now?” 
“Because something’s changed, and I needed you to know that I —.”
“Hey lovebirds! Sharon convinced Nat to fire up the karaoke machine. You in or you in?” Sam asked excitedly, oblivious to the moment you were sharing. 
“Um,” you looked at Bucky. 
“We’re in,” he said. This was far too heavy a conversation for tonight, and he had already said what we wanted to. 
He gave you a shy smile before following Sam inside. 
You wished you could finish the conversation you were having. With the way Bucky was acting you felt like the bet would truly never end, and it scared you that you didn’t mind as much as you thought you would.
Now that you understood where he was coming from, as irrational as it was, it was hard to hate him. In his tipsy state he spouted out a statement borne of jealousy, which felt a little less harmful than what you had been thinking all this time. Still, you figured you could think about it all later. 
It was karaoke time now. 
After watching Steve belt out “Brown Eyed Girl'' by Van Morrison, then seeing Sam follow it up with “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, you started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Nat asked if you were feeling alright, and you weren’t sure how to answer that. You couldn’t fully pinpoint what was going on with you. 
Opting to avoid revealing anything that would lead you to lose the bet, you told her that you weren’t feeling well and that you were going to call it a night. Fortunately, Thor was heading out early too, so you left with him while Bucky dueted with Sam. 
Immediate relief washed over you once you were back home. Finally, you were alone and able to process your thoughts on your own. 
Things were getting weird with Bucky. Your friends were all too accepting of you two getting together, and even you were starting to get too comfortable with it. As silly as it was, you thought back to how you felt in his arms, when he pulled you out of harm's way. The way he looked at you, like he was seeing you for the first time — it was all too hard to forget. 
The man that you couldn’t stand a few days prior, now made you feel safe and somehow cared for? You pondered how that could be and gave yourself a headache thinking about it. Bucky went out of his way to apologize, when you were happy to dislike him for the rest of his days. 
Even though his rationale for being mean in the beginning was ridiculous, you realized neither of you did anything to stop it from spiraling out. And not only that, but he went on to tell you something had changed, making you even more confused. Did he feel something for you, like how you might feel for him too?
Deciding to forget about the whole thing, you lit a couple cozy vanilla candles and set up a warm bath for yourself. After soaking and relaxing your mind, you came to a decision. 
You were going to call off the bet. 
It had become pointless. Bucky treated you differently, and you couldn’t see how this would end in him surrendering. He was seemingly unbothered by the situation, so you had to be the one to put an end to it. You could always hire a housekeeping service or something to clean his place for him, the terms were never that detailed anyways.
As you slipped into your favorite pajamas, you felt content with your decision. Your life was going to go back to normal and an added bonus was that Bucky would no longer be your enemy — things were looking up. 
Just as you sat down with a cup of tea, your phone buzzed in your lap.
Bucky: Can I come over? Unless you’re with him. 
Huh? Maybe he was drunk texting you from Sam’s place. You decided not to text him back until the morning since it was already late. 
Bucky: I’m outside, if you’re awake. 
What the hell? You got up and opened the door, surprised to see him waiting on the other side. 
“He’s not here is he?” he grumbled. 
“The one that would be more than happy to give you a ride.” 
“Of course, Thor’s not here,” you stepped aside to let him in from the cold. 
Bucky breathed a sigh of relief. “Good, that’s good,” he muttered as you shut the door. 
“You really came all the way over here to make sure I wasn’t with Thor? Are you serious?” you asked in disbelief. 
“No, well, you left without a word and I had to make sure you were okay, and tell you —."
You cut him off before he could continue. “Look, I don't want to do this —.”
“I’m calling it. I don’t want to do this bet anymore,” he blurted out at the same time.
“You’re… we’re both quitting?”
His eyes widened as he processed your question. “Looks that way.”
“Okay. So neither of us wins and gets a housekeeper… I guess that’s fair,” you said.  
“I think so,” he nodded. “Okay well, I’ll let you go then,” he said before moving to leave. 
Placing a hand on his chest, “Bucky, why couldn’t this wait until tomorrow?”
He exhaled a deep breath, looking down at your hand. He wanted to confess that he came because he saw red when Nat told him you left with Thor, and that his heart wouldn't know peace until he saw you. He needed you to know that you had consumed his thoughts the last few days and he needed to release the pressure of the bet because he was overwhelmed by his emotions. 
Instead he asked, “Did you feel it too?” 
“What do you mean?” you asked timidly. 
Clasping his large hand over yours, he looked up into your eyes. “I think you know.”
“I don’t know what you mean,” you breathed out. Thinking back to all the instances in the last couple of days that made your heart race, of course you knew what he was referring to. But it wasn’t made to work, not with all the rough history between you two. 
His azure eyes bore into yours, as words were not necessary to express what laid under the surface. “Alright then,” he nodded before giving you a tight smile and dropping your hand to leave again. 
“That’s it? You’re not going to elaborate or anything?” you breathed out, before you could bite your tongue. 
Before you knew it, he was invading your space, slowly pushing you up against the door behind you with his hands on your waist. “I asked you a question, and you don’t want to answer honestly.” His lips were a mere inches from yours as he gazed into your eyes. 
“It was a vague question,” you whispered, your eyes falling to his soft pink lips. 
Bucky grabbed the back of your neck and pulled your lips to his — intentional and packed with everything he was too afraid to say. You reciprocated immediately; your confusion and doubt finally made sense. What you wanted, no, needed, was him. 
You gave into him completely, letting him take control of the filthy kiss. It was all tongue, teeth, and wanton desire. His rough hand dug into your hips as he pulled you towards him, melding you to his firm body. Your hands found their way into his hair, and you tugged his brown locks, earning a deep groan from his throat. 
Bucky didn’t want to let go of the feel of your lips on his, so he dragged out the moment until you were both too breathless to carry on. As he pulled away and released the hold he had on you, you reluctantly untangled your fingers from his hair and peered up at him; his eyes dark with kiss-swollen lips. 
“You knew what I meant,” he whispered, his thumb brushing against your bottom lip.
You nodded your head. 
Bucky smiled softly, one of his hands coming up to cradle your face. He couldn’t help it — his feelings were reciprocated and you were too gorgeous so he pulled you back for a wild, warm kiss. 
“You’re mine now, understand?” he muttered against your lips. 
You narrowed your eyes at him. “We’ll discuss that later,” you said defiantly, a smirk playing on your lips. 
A lazy grin tugged at his lips, “You are the most frustrating woman in the world.” 
You rolled your eyes, “And you are the most infuriating man I have ever known.”
“Yet for some reason, you like me, doll,” he goaded. 
“Shut up,” you muttered.  
His eyes widened, a twinkle of mischief glistening in his gaze, “Make me.”
He was about to tease you some more, but then you sucked his bottom lip between yours and he decided it wasn’t worth it; he’d gladly lose every little disagreement if you kept kissing him like that.
Bucky’s hand snaked its way to the back of your head as he savored the kiss, his tongue gliding along yours. 
Reaching up, you tugged at his hair to tilt his head for an even deeper kiss, pouring everything you felt into the searing kiss. 
Bucky’s hips grinded with yours, hands moving down to squeeze your ass as he kissed you fervently. You couldn’t help but moan at the delicious friction. His brain short-circuited, the sound sobering and disillusioning him at the same time. 
“I’m… fuck, I’ll stop.” He pulled away to look into your eyes, his hands doing nothing to release you from his hold. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to take advantage —.”
“You’re not, we can slow down if you want though,” you said before kissing him softly. 
He pulled away to smile at you. “I don’t want that. I want you.”
You pushed his chest, successfully getting him to back up and away from you. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. You knew he was letting you shove him around, and that in reality he only moved because you directed him to. 
“Come and get me then,” you said before making a break for your bedroom. 
Bucky let out a laugh before chasing after you, and right as you were about to hop onto your bed, his arms wrapped around your stomach, jerking you back towards him. You squealed in surprise as he pressed your back up against his hard beefy body. 
He moved you so that you were facing your tall mirror and the sight of him wrapped around you made your heart pound like a drum in your chest. Engulfed in his warm scent, captured in his strong arms, your head felt dizzy with desire. 
“Now that I’ve caught you, what am I going to do with you?” he rasped, as his hand slid down your torso, toying with the hem of your shorts. You bucked against him, as his hand ghosted over your clothed core. 
“Please, Bucky. Whatever you want.” 
“Anything?” Bucky asked as he deftly untied your shorts, allowing them to fall in a pool at your feet. 
“Mhm,” you mumbled as you watched his fingers dip beneath your panties, trailing his fingers through your soaked folds. “Bucky,” you whimpered, as his thumb pressed into your clit, his fingers prodding at your entrance.
“Yes, doll?” he asked, slipping two fingers into your tight hole, pumping slowly. 
You were rendered speechless, trying to stifle your moans as you writhed against him. 
“So gorgeous,” Bucky groaned, taking in your pleasured expression in the mirror. He curled his fingers and you keened as he gently caressed that spot that made you shudder. 
Reaching down to his hand around your midsection, you guided it up to your body as you rucked up your shirt. Understanding your intention, Bucky pulled your top off before cupping your breast with his large warm palm, squeezing and kneading you roughly. You gasped, arching into him and he picked up the pace, strumming your clit with his thumb. You leaned your head back against his chest as he touched you, moaning as he eased in and out of you in a perfect rhythm. Incapable of controlling your hips, you grinded down on his hand erratically.
“Fuck,” Bucky breathed out, “Look at you.” You were falling apart before his eyes, and he couldn't look away. 
You whined desperately, clutching his forearm as that familiar coil tightened in your belly, “Fuck, I’m —.”
“Go ahead, doll,” he groaned in your ear. 
You whimpered as your walls fluttered around his fingers. Your vision going white as pleasure coursed through your body. 
If it weren’t for Bucky’s arm wrapped around you, you were certain you’d collapse. As your breathing slowed and sight cleared, you got a good look at him in the mirror — you watched as he brought his soaked fingers from your pussy to his mouth, licking them clean. 
Reaching behind you, you palmed his hard erection, earning a deep groan from his lips. Keeping his hold on you, he buried his face in your neck, sucking at your pulse point as he rutted against your hand. 
“I need you so bad,” he muttered as he kissed along your jawline. “Are you ready for what comes next?” 
You weren’t sure if he meant what you’d do in the bedroom or what would happen once you crossed the next line, but you nodded your head eagerly because it didn’t matter — you were ready for it all with him. 
He kissed your temple before finally releasing the hold he had on your body. “Undress me.” 
“Yes sir,” you whispered, turning around and eagerly unbuckling his belt, tugging off his pants and dragging down his boxers. Your mouth watered as you finally got a look at his impressive length. You should’ve known, the man was a giant, it only made sense that he’d be well-endowed too. 
Bucky’s jaw went slack as he looked at you, wide-eyed and gazing at him with fire in your eyes. He pulled his shirt off himself because he could see your attention was elsewhere.  
You marveled at the gorgeous unclad man, and you started to slowly pump his hard cock, unable to keep your hands off of him. You were about to fall to your knees when he lifted your chin to look into your eyes. 
“I need something else more, doll.”
You looked at him quizzically, until he scooped you up and headed towards the bed. You giggled as his knees hit the edge of the bed and the two of you fell sideways onto your duvet. He let out a laugh as you sidled up next to him, hooking your leg over his own, as you peppered his neck with kisses. Bucky’s hand skimmed over your back, gliding his fingers along your spine until they settled around your waist. Your hand found his hard length, and you stroked him slowly, earning a deep groan from his chest. 
“Fuck, baby,” he moaned. 
He kissed you softly before pulling back to look in your eyes. His hand halted your movements, making you release him. You were about to protest but then he gripped the back of your knee, and rolled you onto your back, so that he was hovering over your wet heat. Bucky met your gaze, looking for any unease, only to find you nodding and biting your lip in anticipation. 
He let out a chuckle at your expression before coating himself with your slick and lining himself up. Your fingers tangled in his hair as he slowly sunk into you, gasping at the feel of him stretching you out completely. Bucky leaned in and kissed you, his tongue swirling around yours as he gave you a moment to adjust. 
You had never felt so full before, but you knew that you could get used to the feeling. Wrapping your legs around the small of his back tightly, you urged him to move. Bucky sucked your bottom lip before easing back and thrusting into you hard. He watched as your eyes squeezed shut and mouth fell agape, as he sank in and out of you. 
He relished the way you clenched around him, your breathing coming out shallow as he took what he wanted. His lips found your neck when he felt your walls squeezing even tighter, “Such a good girl, and she’s all mine now, huh?” he mumbled against your skin, 
“Use your words, doll,” he groaned as he suddenly slowed his movements. “Wanna hear you say it.” 
Your eyes snapped open as the peak you were so close to hitting started to slowly fizzle away. Bucky had a self righteous smirk on his face, like he knew he had you. He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted until you answered his question. 
“Bucky,” you whined in protest, trying to urge him to move faster with your hips. 
He halted his movements as he gazed deeply into your eyes, “You’re not getting out of this one, doll,” he smiled before nipping at your bottom lip.
“Later,” you pleaded. 
He swiftly pulled out of you, and manhandled you so that you were facing away from him while sitting in his lap. 
Your eyes flickered to his gaze in the mirror. “Do what you want then,” he muttered as he placed a pillow behind his back. 
You couldn’t help but think that Bucky was practically telling you to fuck yourself, but you didn’t care. You placed your hands on his thick thighs and tucked your legs up so that you were straddling him in reverse. The position had you spread open on your knees as you hovered over his lap. 
Bucky grasped the sides of your hips so that balance would not be an issue, allowing you to comfortably rock against him. The sight in the mirror made you even wetter, if that was possible — his brawny body taking up your bed, with his hands holding you tightly as you moved against his thick, perfect cock. 
You lined his length up with your entrance, and slowly sank down, releasing a shuddering breath as you went. The stretch ached in the most satisfying way, and you liked the control the position gave you. 
Your lips parted with a breathy moan as you started to move, bouncing up and down. Finding the right rhythm was easy as Bucky supported you and let you grind against him until you found what felt good. 
Bucky hissed beneath you, “Fuck, feel s’perfect.” He filled you up perfectly, like he was made for you. 
“Look at yourself, doll.” He grabbed the back of your neck, coaxing you to look at yourself in the mirror. “Watch how well you take my cock.”
You cupped your breasts as you saw your reflection, and then you understood why he insisted on making you see. The way you moved against him, the way your bodies melded together, it was all so beautiful. As you continued to appreciate the sight, Bucky sat up, so you could lean back against him.
He kissed along your shoulders, up to your neck as you took what you needed from him. “Don’t you see it?” 
And you finally realized, you did; you were perfect for one another, physically and literally. The thing that everyone saw, and you both were too afraid to admit, was that you were so damn similar. Both fiery, passionate, and a little crazy — you didn’t clash because you were different, you clashed because you were the same. 
You wrapped your hands around his, as he sucked a hickey into your neck. “Yes,” you breathed. 
“You belong with me.” 
“I do,” you moaned as the coil tightened in your belly. 
Before your brain could comprehend what was happening, he twisted you both onto your side and started thrusting into you from behind. “Good, now come with me,” he groaned. You arched your back, giving him better access as he pounded into you. His thumb found your swollen clit, rubbing rough deliberate circles, making you clench around him even more.
Your breath hitched in your throat as the sudden increase in pace and added pressure finally pushed you over the edge of bliss; your body tensing and mind blanking as your walls spasmed around him. “Fuck, fill me up please,” you cried out. 
His thrusts grew erratic as he buried himself as deep as he could go, hips driving into you with more force until he was spilling himself inside your core with your name on his lips. 
With one last squeeze on your hips, he carefully withdrew himself from you and rolled over on the bed next to you. You both laid there, panting as your breathing slowly regulated. 
After taking a solid moment you lazily turned towards him and reached up to play with his hair. 
Bucky turned towards you slowly, a lopsided grin on his face. His eyes were closed as he reveled in the way you touched him. 
“That was…” you said, barely above a whisper. Hot as fuck, ridiculously good, indescribable.
“Yeah,” he nodded, knowing exactly what you meant. “I wasn’t too rough was I?” he asked gently, finally coaxing his eyes open to look at you adoringly. 
You shook your head, “I liked it,” you murmured. 
Bucky grinned, grabbing your hand in his hair and bringing it to his lips, “And to think all the times we were bickering, we could’ve been doing this.” 
“Maybe we should take the weekend to make up for lost time,” you said teasingly. 
Bucky rolled you over, and pinned your hands above your head before you could blink. His lips hovered over yours as he caged you in. “I’ll need more than a weekend for that, doll.” 
You stretched up and pecked his lips before laying back and looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. “I think that can be arranged. After all, I am yours now, boo bear.”
He let out a laugh, “And don’t you forget it,” he beamed, leaning down to press his lips to yours.
Bucky would learn to deal with your silly nicknames, and your sass, and anything else you threw at him. Because now that you’d crossed the line, there was no going back — and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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kikixreverie · 2 months ago
Sleepless nights
Roommate!Bucky x Fem!reader
Summary - Weeks of not being able to get off leave you restless and without sleep, and after hearing your troubles through the thin walls, your roommate, Bucky, decides to help you out.
Word count - 4.6k
Warnings - (18+) Smut, masturbation, oral (f receiving), fingering, pet-names, dirty talk, friends to lovers, fluff.
A/n - Well. Let's just say I did not expect to write over 4k words of pure smut, but I'm not mad about it.
Tumblr media
Hours. It had been fucking hours of you tossing and turning and there was still no sign of sleep coming anytime soon.
Your eyelids were heavy but your mind was running a mile a minute, refusing you the simple release of rest.
It wasn’t just tonight that you lay awake half the night, for about a week now you’ve been running only on caffeine, barely sleeping at all and you were starting to lose hope that you’ll ever get a decent nights sleep again.
You could give a decent guess to why you couldn’t sleep.
Bucky had only moved in three months ago, but living with somebody else in a tiny apartment with very thin walls proved to be more difficult that you had expected.
You hadn’t been able to get off in weeks, and it was the most sexually frustrated you’ve ever been in your life.
There was a rule you made for yourself when he first moved in.
Never masturbate with Bucky home.
It was a simple rule, one fairly easy to follow. Your walls were thin and Bucky’s enhanced hearing was something you were very aware of. But your resolve was cracking.
You need it.
You’re fucking desperate.
You groaned quietly into your pillow, opening your eyes to adjust to the darkness of your room. There’s no point in trying anymore. You’re never gonna sleep again.
Your bed was too warm, your pillow too flat, everything uncomfortable for no apparent reason and it was driving you insane.
You adjusted your position again, lying on your back to stare up at the ceiling.
You can’t do this anymore.
The thought of finally feeling that release was enough to make you clench your thighs together, images and scenarios filling your desperate and horny brain as you let your eyes fall shut.
You thought about feeling the weight of someone above you, kissing your lips, slipping their tongue inside before lowering their mouth to your neck, marking you, then lower, teeth catching on your nipple before soothing the sting with their tongue, lower, lips against the soft skin of your stomach, lower, brushing against your navel, lower.
You thought about his lips on your clit as a teasing kiss as he looks up at you with a smirk when you moan, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously in the dim light of your bedroom.
You ripped your eyes open, your gaze shooting to the wall to the left of your bed.
The image of him between your legs stayed vivid in your mind.
It certainly wasn’t the first time you’d imagined sleeping with Bucky, but it was the most vivid daydream you’d ever had about him.
He was the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen, of course you’d grow to have feelings for him, he was sweet, charming, caring, and too goddamn smooth for his own good.
It was agony sometimes, the way he’d flirt so shamelessly with you when you were sexually frustrated beyond reasoning, it led to a rather dangerous dynamic between you, both teasing the tension more and more until someone finally did something about it, but you were certainly just as stubborn as Bucky, and there’s no way you'd admit to your feelings first.
Your hand was resting on your stomach your body begging you to slide it down further, to feel the mess you’d already made of your underwear.
He’d most certainly hear you if you weren’t careful, but you couldn’t wait any longer, your clit was throbbing with need, your eyes falling closed again as your hand inched lower and lower, slipping under the waistband of your shorts and then into your panties to press two fingers against your clit, gasping at how sensitive you were before quickly snapping your mouth shut, taking a moment to listen for any noises from Bucky’s room and then making gentle circles with your fingers when you felt the coast was clear.
Your head sunk into the pillow, your hips lifting to grind against your hand as the tension in your body started to melt away, your teeth pulling harder at your bottom lip in attempt to keep any noises at bay, but when you started to speed up your fingers, a quite whine slipped out and you were to invested in your own pleasure to notice.
Bucky did though, he noticed everything, heard every damn squeak your mattress would make every time you shifted in bed, heard the quiet noise often playing through your phone as you scrolled aimlessly through social media, he could practically hear you think, so he most certainly heard the soft, whiny moan that made his cock twitch in his boxers.
He knew you weren’t getting much sleep recently, he knew that because he wasn’t either. It’s not like he blamed you, Bucky had his own problems, chronic insomnia being one of them, but knowing that you were also awake all night, tossing and turning just as he was, for some reason made it worse.
The noise wasn’t the problem, he’s had over 70 years to get used to his enhanced abilities, hearing the thump of someone’s heart in their chest was normal to him, the constant noise was more normal, more natural to him now, than the expected quiet he'd hear without the serum.
He liked that he could hear your heartbeat, he liked that he could hear your gentle humming as you showered, he liked hearing you laugh at whatever you were looking at on your phone, so loud and so clear through the thin wall that he could almost imagine that you were laying beside him, giggling at something he had said.
But god he fucking loved hearing the moans kissing his ears right now.
It felt wrong, it felt dirty, but you were making the most beautiful noises, and Bucky couldn’t help but imagine you laying in bed, your hand between your thighs, touching yourself like you needed, your pretty lips parted and eyes closed- no, eyes open, watching him as you let him hear you, let him watch you.
Bucky hissed and cursed quietly when he squeezed his dick through the fabric of his boxers, a soft groan escaping him when you moaned again.
This is wrong. It’s so fucking wrong, but how could he not.
He tried desperately to justify himself when he shifted in his bed, moving closer to the wall to his right to hear you better, his hand sliding under the waistband of his underwear to wrap around his cock, but the guilt and shame of it made him quickly come back to his senses and he ripped his hand away, sitting up in his bed and resting his head back against his headboard, closing his eyes.
He jumped forward, a sharp intake of air catching in his throat at the sound of you saying his name. At first he thought he had been caught, and the guilt worsened, but another moan followed and suddenly he was breathless.
“Fuck Bucky, please.”
He groaned again, his cock so hard that he could feel precum weeping from the tip, making a small damp patch in his boxers.
It took everything in him not to get up and burst into your room, the knowledge that you were thinking about him as you touched yourself was driving him insane, fucking feral.
His fists were clenched in his lap as he breathed through his nose, pushing away the urge to touch himself as he told himself that he could wait it out without being too much of a creep.
He didn’t have any headphones yet, that was still on his list of things to invest in, so he couldn’t exactly stop himself from listening. Not that he wanted to at all, but for your sake.
He waited, listening to your heavy breathing that was steadily speeding up, your quiet moans getting slightly louder as you drew closer and closer to release.
Bucky's cock was throbbing, begging for him to touch himself along with you.
Both of you were on the edge of your seats, waiting for you to climax, waiting for the release, but as you got closer, the tension in your core depleted, and you lost your rhythm, letting out an upset, frustrated cry when you couldn’t cum.
Bucky froze, listening to the muffled, annoyed groan you let out into your pillow, a whispered, “fuck.” escaping your lips.
It was silent for a moment.
Bucky could hear the loud beating of his own heart in his ears, but not a sound from you, not until he heard the quietest sob and he was standing in an instant, his previous lust discarded as he ripped open one of his drawers and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a t-shirt.
He could hear your cries getting louder as he left his own room and walked to yours, his forehead falling to the cool surface of your bedroom door as he gathered enough courage to knock.
You froze when you heard the gentle knock on your door, startling you as tears continued to stream down your cheeks.
Did Bucky hear you? Was he at your door to tell you to shut up so he could get some sleep?
Your face heated with embarrassment and you sniffled and cleared your throat, calling out a small, “yeah?”
Bucky swallowed down his nerves, and cleared his own throat, “I heard you crying. Just wanted to check on you, make sure that you’re okay.”
You rubbed your hand across your forehead, there’s no way he didn’t hear you moaning the way that you were only minutes ago if he managed to hear your frustrated crying into your pillow, however, the worry in his voice made your heart swell despite the awkward circumstance.
“I’m okay Buck, just- just tired.” You replied and Bucky sighed, his eyebrows furrowed.
“D’you want me to come in? Could give you a hug if you want one?” He offered.
You bit your lip as you considered his offer, Bucky did give really good hugs, and you most certainly needed one right now.
It was probably a bad idea, and given the fact that you were just masturbating to thoughts of him certainly didn't make it any better, but you found yourself answering before your brain could catch up with your mouth. “Yeah.”
Bucky smiled to himself, reaching for your door handle and letting himself in, tutting gently at the sight of you sat in the middle of your bed with your knees tucked up to your chest, tear tracks drawing lines down your cheeks as you sniffed.
“What's the matter, honey?” He walked to the edge of your bed, his eyes soft when you reached your arms out for him, wanting that hug he had promised.
He sat on your bed and pulled you to him, his metal arm cradling your back as his flesh hand rested on your hair, holding you close to him as you tucked your face into his chest.
He laughed when you grumbled something into his shirt, “What was that, doll?”
You took a deep breath and moved your head to the side, your arms slipping around Bucky’s waist to squeeze him back, making warmth spread across his chest.
There’s no point in pretending what just happened didn’t happen, so you decided to just say it, “You heard me didn’t you?”
Bucky’s hand that was stroking your back stuttered in its movement, and you immediately knew the answer to that question.
“Uhh... heard what?”
You groaned in embarrassment and Bucky blushed, “I appreciate you trying to not make this awkward, but we both know that you definitely heard me.”
Bucky didn’t reply, he didn’t know what to say, he felt disgusted with himself.
“I’m so sorry, I obviously thought I was being a lot quieter than I actually was. Fuck, this is so embarrassing.” You pressed your face into his shirt again and Bucky’s arms tightened around you.
“Hey, you got no reason to apologise, you live here, you have every right to do whatever you need to do whenever you want. I’m the one who needs to apologise, listening in on you like some fuckin’ creep, I’m so sorry Y/n.” He frowned into your hair, the self-loathing was practically rolling off him in waves.
“Bucky, you did nothing wrong, what could you have done? It’s not like you could’ve turned your hearing off or anything.”
He went quiet again, his frown deepening at your words. If only you had known the thoughts that were running through his mind as he listened to you, the way he imagined how you would feel squeezing his fingers, or his cock, how you’d taste.
“You don’t understand, Y/n I-“ He trailed off, unsure on how to word his confession, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but he couldn’t sit there and lie as he held you in his arms. You pulled back slightly, just enough so that you could look at him, and you took in the guilty look in his eyes as the blush deepened on your cheeks, connecting the dots yourself.
“Oh.” Was all you could say, your hands were suddenly clammy, your throat dry as you imagined Bucky touching himself to the sound of your moans, it made your heart thump harder in your chest and he most certainly heard it.
“I didn’t come in here to embarrass you or anything, and I definitely didn’t come in here to try to start something, I just couldn’t sit there knowing that you were crying in here by yourself. I can leave if you’d like. I should probably leave.”
You quickly shook your head, holding him tighter to stop him, “No, stay. I’m not upset Buck, I still think you have no reason to feel bad.”
Bucky pulled a face, his confusion obvious, his dark eyebrows furrowed, eyes squinted and you pulled away from him to switch on the lamp on your bedside table, smiling when you could finally see his features better in the soft, dim light.
“But I- the things I was thinking, doll. Had no right to creep on you like that, I even-“ He stopped himself again and you bit your lip, sitting on your knees in front of him.
“Did you touch yourself?” You asked quietly, watching Bucky’s adams apple bob as he swallowed, his tongue darting out to wet his lips like he so often did.
He nodded and you squeezed your thighs together.
"But I stopped myself. It was wrong.”
Bucky watched you chew on your lip and the sight made him breathless, the previous excitement from earlier making a quick return.
“So you didn’t cum?“ You almost whispered it, your face inching closer to his and he shook his head, “Neither did I.”
You didn’t know where this boldness was coming from, but you weren’t about to question it when Bucky was staring intensely at you like you were a goddess to be worshipped.
His hand slid to your waist, squeezing slightly and urging you to move forward, onto his lap.
"You never told me why you were crying." He reminded, gently running his hands up your bare thighs as you made yourself comfortable.
The two of you had never been so close before, so close to crossing the lines you've both been longing to cross since you'd met, and after a three month long game of cat and mouse, you were finally ready to bite the bullet.
"I needed to get off so bad, it's been so long Bucky and I needed it, but I just couldn't." You didn't care how whiney you sounded, all you cared about was feeling Bucky's erection straining against his sweatpants between you.
“You want some help, kitten?” He asked, his voice rough in the early hour of the morning, his eyes gleaming with hunger, just like the image of him that your mind had made earlier.
You nodded and glided your hands into his hair. Your face so close to his.
“Want me to make you cum, sweetheart? Make you feel good?” You kept nodding his words sending shivers down your spine, eyes falling shut as you grinded your hips against his, earning a hoarse groan from Bucky.
“Please,” You begged, raking your nails through his hair as he hummed, letting himself relish in the sensation before he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and stood, walking to the end of your bed and laying you down before crawling on top of you.
“Of course, honey.” He whispered gently, and then his lips were on yours, softer than you could’ve ever imagined, sweeter than you’d ever dreamed. His tongue was like silk as it slid against your bottom lip, teasing you before slipping into your mouth, exploring in a way that wasn’t too much, just enough to leave you wanting more.
You moaned into his mouth, pulling gently on the hair at the nape of his neck and he responded by nipping at your lip, making you gasp.
“I heard you say my name. Were you thinking about me? While you touched yourself?“ He spoke in between kisses, moving to the spot just below your ear and leaving open mouthed kisses there to give you the opportunity to respond.
You could barely form the words, so focused on how Bucky’s body felt pressed against your own but he nibbled on the lobe of your ear to get your attention.
You nodded, holding his head to your neck to tell him to keep doing whatever he was doing when he traced his tongue below your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I always think about you.” You replied breathlessly and he moaned into your ear, his breath hot on your neck.
“Fuck.” His left hand shifted to your waist, slipping under the hem of your t-shirt and slowly easing it's way onto your skin, you gasped and clenched your stomach when the cold metal met your skin, Bucky almost pulled away, but you arched your back, pressing yourself against his hand, "I always think about you too."
The confession sent you dizzy, along with Bucky's touches as he carressed your soft skin, slowly returning his lips to yours when he felt that your neck was appropriately marked up for him. His hand moved higher and higher, until his fingers brushed the underside of your breast and you arched your back even further, pushing your chest to his.
"Please, buck-" You gasped against his mouth and he pulled back to get a good look at you, his fingers drawing teasing patterns around your nipple.
Your eyes were half-lidded, lips all pretty and swollen from his kisses as you writhed under him, fucking desperate to be touched.
He swore the sight was enough to send him delirious.
"Please what, honey? Talk to me, tell me what you want and I'll give you exactly that." His voice was sweeter than the nickname he'd given you, the pretty words whispered into your ear and all you could do was moan back at him.
"I want-" You paused, you wanted everything, you wanted all of him, all at once, wanted him inside of you, but you thought back to the way you had imagined him pleasuring you earlier, and suddenly you wanted to feel that soft, hot mouth of his in between your legs.
Bucky took in how gone you were, pushing your hips up to grind against his, you needed the release so bad.
"Want to know what I want?" He offered and you nodded instantly, your legs wrapping around his hips to push him down onto you, grinding against him.
"Fuck- wanna taste that pretty cunt of yours, wanna eat you till you can't form a fucking thought, doll." He rolled his hips as he spoke to you, feeling how soaked you were through your shorts, "You want that, honey? Want me to clean up that mess you're making between those pretty thighs?"
You nodded breathlessly, drunk on the feeling of Bucky's hand roaming your skin, you needed more.
You tugged at his shirt, making Bucky chuckle when you struggled to get it off him, he sat back on his knees and reached behind his back to grip the soft material, pulling it over his head and tossing it away, revealing to you his beautifully ripped torso.
It was hard not to gape up at him like he was carved by the gods, because he was, and Bucky almost blushed at your unabashed staring.
He loomed over you with those broad shoulders, silver dog tags hanging from his neck, hunger in his eyes. Of course, you noticed the scars, hundreds upon hundreds of them, scarred tissue that had been broken and left to heal without care, decades of anguish and pain and torture, written deep into his skin, carved into his left shoulder, where skin met metal.
You reached forward, your hand caressing his chest with a barely-there touch, brushing over his dog tags, tracing lightly on a pink scar that stretched across his right collarbone, and settling over his heart, feeling the steady beat beneath your finger tips.
"Beautiful." You breathed and watched as Bucky's lips parted in surprise, it wasn't often he'd receive pretty words in response to the ugliness that was his scars. His tongue darted out to wet his lower lip and pull it between his teeth before he let go and breathed a short laugh, head shaking as he leaned over you.
"That's my line." He lifted your shirt ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to your sternum, his eyes darting up to meet yours as his lips touched your skin, "Can I take this off, sweetheart?"
You let your fingers glide along his back, nodding before lifting your arms to let Bucky guide the shirt over your head.
You didn't feel self conscious to be exposed to him, you didn't really get the chance to before Bucky was groaning out a soft 'fuck' and his mouth was already wrapped around your left nipple.
Immediately, you were a mess again, moaning out in pleasure as Bucky's hot tongue laved over your peaked nipple, sucking it into his mouth before pulling away and blowing cool air onto your heated skin.
He then swapped sides, paying his attention to your right nipple and sending shockwaves down your spine when he used his metal fingers to twist and tweak at the left.
"Fuck, Bucky please-" You groaned, lifting your hips off the mattress, needing to soothe the ache between your legs, he hummed against your skin.
"What is it, honey? You getting all desperate for me huh? I can practically feel you throbbing, sweetheart."
God, this man and his mouth.
He smirked when you didn't respond and lifted his head from your chest, kissing your lips and dipping his tongue into your mouth for a moment before pulling away and kissing your throat.
You shivered as he travelled lower and lower, another kiss to you nipple, lower, a slower, sweeter kiss to your stomach, lower, just below your navel, lower.
He tucked his fingers under the waistband of your shorts, licking his lips and meeting your eye, "Off?"
He smiled at you and nodded, pulling them from your body without hesitation, taking your ruined panties with them. Then he parted your legs.
"Fuck." His lips parted, completely breathless as he stared down at you layed out before him, "God, Y/n- So fucking pretty, never seen anythin' so fucking pretty."
You were soaked, your cunt glistening and throbbing, and all for him.
Bucky felt like he had died and gone to heaven.
He laid on the bed, between your legs, staring at your pussy with half lidded eyes, and just as you thought he was about to finally touch you were you needed it, he turned his head and kissed the inside of your thigh.
You whined out in protest, wiggling your hips and glaring at him when he smirked at you, moving to the other thigh and nipping at the soft flesh with his teeth.
Your eyebrows were pulled tightly together, your hands gripping at the bedsheets. The anticipation was fucking killing you.
"Bucky- shit- just-" You were cut off by a throaty moan when Bucky suddenly moved forward and licked a long stripe through your folds.
Your legs practically wrapped around his head, your hands gripping his hair as he circled his tongue around your clit, teasing you in the most delicious way before finally wrapping his lips around it and sucking hard.
Bucky groaned against your cunt when you pulled his hair, the vibration sending a jolt through your stomach.
His hands then squeezed your thighs as he moved his head lower, tongue-fucking you and moaning at the taste.
"Taste so fucking good, pretty girl." He moaned against you, before burying his face impossibly closer, his nose nudging your clit.
You were a mess, pulling harder on his hair as every swipe of his tongue sent waves of ecstasy through your veins.
His right hand drifted from your thigh, caressing up the inside of your leg and reaching your cunt, Bucky pulled away to watch you.
He parted your folds with his fingers, gently rubbing your clit with the soft pad of his thumb long enough to have you writhing beneath him. You watched as he bit his lip, his eyes gleaming as his hand travelled lower, his index finger sliding inside of you, feeling you clench around him as he fingered you slowly, adding a second finger shortly after.
"God, you're fucking soaked." He murmured, and then his mouth was back on you, sucking on your clit with his fingers pumping inside of you.
It was heaven.
You could already feel the coil in your stomach tightening and you wrapped your legs tighter around his head, pushing his face against you as you rocked your hips below him, urging him to add more pressure.
You'd always imagined he'd be good at this, but the orgasms you'd achieved at the hand of the wet dreams you've had about your roommate paled in comparison to the earth-shattering orgasm that tore through you when Bucky rubbed your clit in tight circles with his pointed tongue and curled his fingers inside you at the same time.
Black dots filled your vision, your heart thumping in your ears as Bucky rode you through the orgasm, his tongue replacing his hand at your entrance, lapping at your soaked entrance, only stopping when you hissed at the oversensitivity.
It was only as you came down, returning to your body and mind, that you realised you were holding onto Bucky for dear life, your hands fisted in his hair and your legs wrapped around his head, ankles crossed at his back.
"Sorry," You breathed, releasing him and softly raking your nails across his scalp, making him smile and shiver when they reached the nape of his neck.
"Never apologise for anything like that, doll. That was fucking amazing." He pressed a kiss to the inside of your thigh, and then another one to your hip as he crawled his way back up your body, finally kissing your lips again.
You blushed when you tasted yourself on his lips. He chuckled and kissed you deeper, his tongue sliding against yours.
He then pulled back and kissed your nose, taking note of the tired smile on your face.
He was practically throbbing with need, but you were exhausted, so he pushed the unholy thoughts to the back of his mind and took a deep breath.
"C'mon, kitten. Time for bed." He whispered, kissing in-between your eyebrows when you furrowed them and standing from the bed, walking to the side and lifting you into his arms.
"But Bucky-" You started as he knelt on the bed and laid you down on the sheet.
"No buts. You're exhausted and you need to rest."
You tried to protest, but your eyes just grew heavier as you sunk into your mattress. Bucky slid into the bed beside you after taking off his sweatpants, leaving him just in his boxers, and you felt the perfect warmth of his body wrapped around yours from behind, his arm wrapped around your waist and holding you close.
It has been weeks since you'd gotten a proper nights sleep.
"What about you?" You whispered sleepily, very aware of his erection pressed against your ass, Bucky laughed, his hot breath fanning against your shoulder.
He tucked your body closer to him and pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck, "What about me?"
"I didn't get to touch you." You were half asleep already, your tired voice way too cute for the vulgarity of your words, "Wanted to make you cum. Wanted you to fuck me."
"Oh honey, we have all the time in the world for that, gonna make you cum more times than you can count, but I need you rested."
You moaned at the thought, pushing your ass back against him, smiling when he groaned, "Promise?"
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dirtytomatoedwrites · 4 months ago
That’s The Way Love Goes
Paring: Soft!Beefy!Bucky X Fem!Reader
Summary: You give Bucky a blow job for the first time.  
Warning:  18+ ONLY. Fluff. Blowjob. Man receiving. Cock Worship. Tit fondling.  Cum Swallowing. Smutty words.  Slight Angst. Un-betaed.
Word Count: 2000 words 
Your media consumption is your own responsibility.
Tumblr media
"Just a minute," you whispered. "I love this song" Gently, you reached across Bucky's muscular chest to the other side of the bed and raised the volume on his stereo.
"Is that right?" Bucky chuckled as his vibranium fingers skimmed across your outstretched arm, his nose nuzzling your armpit, while his lips pressed fleeting kisses against every bit of exposed skin he could reach. It's gentle. Delicate. As though anything else would cause you to shatter into a million tiny pieces.  
Ever the gentleman Bucky was adamant that you'd take things slow. So slow, in fact, that nine dates and god knows how many late-night movies laid up in his room wrapped in each other's arms had not moved you past third base.
The man had eaten you out repeatedly (In fact, no other man has ever been so devoted to making your pussy purr), and yet he would not move past going down on you. Not even your sweet kisses and honeyed words begging him to fuck you could deter him from breaking his chaste promise. But you were determined to move your relationship further. Tonight you would get your hands on that big burly body of his. Tonight you would get a taste of him.
The deep male voice accompanied by a woman weaved its way through the speakers and chanted words like a velvety mantra. It is soft and sensual, adding to the sexually charged energy flowing between you and Bucky.
Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire.
My love is blind.
Can't you see my desire?
Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire.
My love is blind.
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes.
"Who is that?" Bucky slurred, drunk on your sweet kisses and sultry eyes.
"Janet Jackson." you preened, as Bucky buried his head in your neck and breathed you in. "Have you heard of her before?"
"No. But I like her already. I can tell…." Bucky whispered as he pulled you close, your body flushed on top of his.
"I thought you would-"  You smiled, but your words were immediately cut short by Bucky's tongue as it entered your mouth in an overwhelming kiss.
Come with me, don't you worry
I'm gonna make you crazy
I'll give you the time of your life
I'm gonna take you places
You've never been before
And you'll be so happy that you came
Oh I'm gonna take you there, ooh
That's the way love goes.
Slowly you pulled your lips away from his to catch a shaky breath while Bucky's mouth moved across your jaw in slow, measured kisses. The bulge in his jeans is evidence of his burning desire for you. You could feel him through the thin material of your summer dress. Suddenly parched, you licked your lips with anticipation.
"Would you like me to take you there, Bucky?" You seductively whispered as your hand gently moved from the stone wall of his chest, down his belly to his crotch, where you palmed him through his jeans.  A weighty breath exhales through your lips as your fingers boldly assess the heaviness of him and just how hard he was for you.
Bucky moaned gently against your ear at your delicate touch. He pulled away ever so slightly to watch your hands' explorative movements.
"What are you doing, baby?" Bucky groaned, voice low and throaty as he watched you knead him a little firmer through his jeans.
"All those times you've pleasured me…" you cooed, "Don't you think it's time I return the favour? Make you see stars for once?" your fingers expertly unbutton his jeans, and you are proud you did not fumble it. Insignificant as the task was, it made you feel confident. You were taking control of the situation, and it seemed Bucky was happy to follow your lead with little resistance. Slowly you dipped your hand into his boxers. Your fingers gently stroked the pubic hairs just above his cock. Bucky visibly squirmed beneath you. His eyes shift back to yours.
"You don't have to do this, baby..." he swallowed thickly, his hand on your wrist to stop your movements.
"Oh, but I want to Buck. I want to feel you in my hands. Don't you want me to touch you?" You asked, your words sweet like dripping honey. Your hand dipped lower into his boxers and made contact with his hard cock. The whimper Bucky made from your light touch was the sexiest sound you have ever heard. It took everything in you not to throw yourself on top of him and fuck him senseless. Patience, you reminded yourself.   All in good time.
"I have a lot of fantasies about you." You confessed. "But the one I can't seem to shake, the one I revisit time and time again, is being on my knees, worshipping your cock." You felt Bucky’s grip on your waist tighten. It fuelled you to continue. "I always wondered what it would feel like to have you between my fingers. But nothing gets me off faster than the idea of your cock stuffed down my throat. In my fantasies, you try to be gentle, you always do, but in the end, you always make me choke on it-"
Bucky growled as he savagely kissed you with all teeth and tongue. Pent frustration made him palm your skull as he deepened the kiss. He sucked and pulled on your bottom lip, and you shuddered by the raw intensity of it. Pulling away, he rested his forehead against yours as he tried to control his breathing.
"You would like that too. Wouldn't you, Buck? Tell me you want to come in my mouth. Tell me you want to shoot your load down my throat. I’ll swallow it all, Buck. I’ll swallow everything you wanna give me-"
"Goddammit, Doll-" Palming your face in his large hands, Bucky shook your head slightly as he stared into your eyes. "You tryin’ to make me lose my mind? Where's this - Why're you sayin' these things-" His eyes are wild with desire. You have never seen him look so unhinged, vulnerable or horny, for that matter. It made your chest swell with wanton pride. There was no way you were backing down now.
"I'm saying it because it's how you make me feel. I'm saying it because it's true," you whispered. "Now tell me you want my mouth on you." Bucky’s eyes bore into yours with a hunger that scared as much as it thrilled you.
"I want your mouth" Bucky repeated, voice raw with desire as he looked down at your lips. He leaned in, desperate to kiss you, but you pulled away ever so slightly.
"No. Not good enough. Say you want my mouth on your cock."
Bucky's eyes flashed to yours, and that’s when you saw it.
"I- I..." Bucky suddenly cast his eyes downward. He swallowed dejectedly. At that moment, realisation dawned upon you. Bucky did not ask anything of you because he did not think himself worthy of your touch. He did not consider himself worthy of receiving pleasure. Well, you were undoubtedly going to clear up that misconception.
Gently you wrapped your hand around his shaft, and you both gasped. You were certain Bucky's was out of how fucking good it felt to finally have any part of you around him. You, on the other hand, was shocked by how thick he was since you could not fit one hand entirely around him.
"You're always pleasing me but denying yourself. Don't you understand that seeing you satisfied will also give me pleasure? I want to make you feel good, Buck. I'm going to make you feel good. It's been long overdue. Take off your clothes." you commanded. The sudden assertiveness in your voice made Bucky nod dumbly.
You raised yourself from his body and knelt at his side. Swiftly Bucky pulled off his red Henley and threw it aside. Laying back on the pillows, his fingers hooked the fabric of his jeans and boxers. He raised his hips slightly and rusked it down his legs, where he pushed it down the rest of the way with his feet.
You gasped.
Your eyes widened at the sight of him. Naked and chiselled as if made out of the finest marble. He's a work of art unlike any other. Small scars litter his body called out to you to be kissed, and you wasted no time in doing just that.
Leaning over him, you laid soft, gentle kisses to each one. Your fingers traced the marred skin of his shoulder that fused flesh and metal. Gently you laid kisses on it as Bucky mewed under you. By the time you had finished kissing down his vibranium arm to each of his fingers and the pads of his fingertips, Bucky was moaning your name like a prayer.
Your eyes looked to his thick thighs and between them raised at attention is his magnificent cock. It's thick, pink and beautifully veined. The tip glistened with precum. Gently you pushed Bucky's thighs apart and settled yourself between his legs. You licked your lips and hummed in approval while Bucky watched utterly mesmerised.
Your hand slid up the underside from the base to the tip, where you held him firmly in your grasp and Bucky sucked in a breath. His chest heaving with just one touch.
“You okay, soldier?”
"It's been a long time…" he whispered.
"I know." You cooed, as you kissed the tip. "Relax. Let me take care of you."
Gently you placed leisurely, slow, kitten licks to the tip. Bucky moaned, his soft lips beautifully pouted as he tried not to make a sound.
When you finally put him in your mouth, Bucky's hips practically shot off the bed, forcing you to suddenly gag on his shaft.
"Fuck- I'm sorry, baby- oh" he gasped, as you gently pushed his hips down to keep him still. Slowly you started an up and down motion, and Bucky's laid his head back on the pillows. Gently, Bucky's fingers brushed your cheek. Feeling the indentation of his cock inside of your mouth as you worked his shaft.
Teasingly, you run your teeth over his length, and Bucky hissed. "Ah- fuck. You did that deliberately, didn't you?" he groaned with a laugh.
"You don't like my teeth on you?" You chucked, moving your mouth from his cock you kissed his pelvis, your face nestled in the dark curls of his pubic hair, while your hand stroked his length, reverently, desperately.
"I love whatever you want to give me… whatever you feel I deserve," he whispered, breath shallow, as his fingers caressed your jaw.
"Good answer," you smiled mouth back on his cock with added determination. Bucky hissed as your tongue rolled over the tip, then devoured him within your sinful mouth.
"Need to see you. Need to feel you…." Bucky whimpered. He leaned forward and roughly pulled down the front of your summer dress. You gasped as his fingers cupped your breasts, then tweaked and pulled your nipples harshly. You're not sure if it was the sight of your strained breasts or the fact that you were sucking him within an inch of your life, perhaps a combination of the two, but you felt Bucky swell in your mouth if such a thing were humanly possible.
"Look at me.." Bucky begged, and you did. You knew you looked a mess. Teary-eyed, with drool running down your chin and neck, but you didn't care. The sight of him, belly quivering with desire and glistening with sweat, and those beautiful eyes of his dark with passion is enough to make you shove his cock deeper into your mouth as far as it could possibly go.
Bucky whimpered your name over and over again as he rolled your nipples between his fingers. "Just like that, baby- You're so good to me. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Make me come. Make me come…." His pleas are a symphony to your ears and you matched each of his words with every stroke of your bobbing head.
Your fingers worked the shaft of his cock while your other hand explored his body. Your nails scratched against the thickly corded muscles at his groin. You massaged his balls, his taint, tugging the delicate skin between your fingers, slowly you followed the soft skin, pressed your fingers to the clenched puckered ring of his ass.
Bucky threw his head back as his orgasm suddenly caught him off guard. And what a fucking sight it is to watch him succumb to you. His eyes are closed. His mouth opened while his hands squeezed your breasts in a vice-like grip. He's caught up in a feeling so potent his entire body shuddered as his seed spurted with the force of a geyser.
He opened his eyes mid-orgasm and was shocked to see rope after rope of his seed being shot onto your awaiting tongue as though you were receiving holy communion. He could not catch his breath.  He looked as if his head would explode or his heart would give out should he be subjected to anything else. Wickedly, you chose that exact moment to place his spurting cock in your mouth and milk him dry.
Bucky howled in ecstasy as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Driven by primal need, his hands desperately clutched the back of your head and pushed you down as he thrust his cock deep, emptying himself into your mouth.
Moments later, Bucky laid back spent. His chest was heaving, his hips twitching with aftershocks as you gently released your hand and mouth from his cock. Slowly you opened your mouth and showed him the interior of your mouth filled with his thick milky seed, and suddenly, it's gone.
You had swallowed every drop with a satisfied grin.
Bucky grabbed hold of you and kissed you frantically. The taste of him on your tongue is new, but you both savoured it with soft moans of approval and breathless sighs. Turning you in his arms, he ripped your dress right down the middle exposing your naked body to his feral gaze. 
"Buckle up, doll. It's my turn now."
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angrythingstarlight · 10 days ago
Power Over Me
Summary: Bucky has a thing for sundresses, he loves it when you wear them for him. All you have to do is saunter around in his favorite one and he’s willing to do whatever you want. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Biker Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, Bucky being a 6′4″ menace, sex against a wall, praise kink, implied body worship.
A/N: Based on a tiktok about sundresses, written on my phone. Comments, reblogs and likes are cherished. Sinday drabble.
This is not the fic about the first time he saw you in a sundress, oh no he was way worse that day. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky loves it when you wear dresses, you look beautiful in the classic little black he bought you for a party but his favorites are those colorful sundresses. The ones that show off your luscious curves, and slide across your ass with every step, highlighting your body in ways the other dresses can’t. 
He goes feral every time he sees you in them. He likes you in sundresses more than you like him in those grey sweatpants.
You can get him to do anything you want if you ask him while wearing the one red with the thin gold straps. Granted, he’s going to do whatever you want anyway, but he appreciates the extra motivation.
And he knows, he absolutely knows, what you’re doing when you saunter around the house, wearing a new sundress. Enticing him with your pretty smiles and even prettier eyes as the soft material sways around your hips.
It doesn't matter because he’s always ready to give you anything including giving you the moon whenever you want. He's just waiting for you to ask.
That's the power you have. And he loves it.
Tumblr media
Bucky's trying to behave, he really is. Even keeping his eyes on the manual he's studying, telling himself to stay focused while you moved around the living room.
All you're doing is rearranging a few things, a couple of candles on the mantle, sprucing up the wilting plant in the window, nothing too special expect for the fact that its you doing these mundane tasks.
Yet he can’t help the way his gaze keeps straying from the page, wanting a glimpse of you. 
You're alluring, addictive. Without even trying.
He’s about to return to his work when you lean over, picking up a stray pillow off the carpet, the hem of your lacy dress riding up your thighs and he sees that you’re not wearing any panties.
His reaction is instantaneous.
His body moving towards you, like you're the sun, pulling him into your orbit. Just like that everything else is forgotten as he gazes at you.
Bucky swears that every time you do this to him, it’s like being struck by lightning. He can’t breathe, can’t move, can’t think for a minute, just drinking in the sight of his gorgeous girl showing off her perfect body.
He inhales deeply, attempting to get a handle on the torrent of emotions swirling inside him, happiness, potent lust, and a tinge of possessiveness.
“So I was thinking...” you start, glancing over your shoulder unaware of the effect you’re having on your boyfriend, your eyes widen when you see his bulge hardening, his eyes darkening.
Bucky leaps to his feet, tossing his Harley manual on the floor. “Yes.”
You laugh as he grabs you by the waist and spins you around. Your hands land on his chest and you tip your head back to look into his oceanic eyes. “Bucky, you don’t even know what I was about to say.”
“Gorgeous, the answer is still yes. You don't have to say anything else, I'm still going to say yes." Bucky says over your shocked giggles.
"It’s yours, you can have it, I’ll do it, I’ll make it. I'll get it, Yes we can go. The answer is always yes when it comes to you," Bucky continues, his large hands sweeping under the hem of your dress, and the feel of his calloused palms, makes you shiver, goosebumps trailing behind his deft fingers.
His hands curve under your ass, squeezing your soft skin as he picks you up, without any effort.
Hours working in the garage and in his home gym have sculpted his thick body into the masterpiece it is today, allowing him to manhandle you with ease, always making you feel weightless and small around him.
“You can have whatever it is you want, you know that,” he says, a smile lifting the corner of his lips. It’s true. Making sure you’re happy and taken care of has become second nature to him.
Providing for you is more natural than breathing. 
He backs you into the wall, framed pictures rattling and threatening to crash to the carpet below, not that you notice or care, laughter pinging between you, the both of you pushing and pulling at each other clothes. Your dress is bunched up around your waist, his pant falling to his ankles. What’s happening is wild and chaotic and irresistible. Just like Bucky. You need him right now, you can’t stand going another second without him inside you. Your hands reach between your bodies to find his thick cock hard and ready for you while he keeps a firm grip on your hips.
“Fuck,” he groans when you slide him through your drenched folds, coating his veiny cock in your slick arousal. “Is that all for me?” His deep voice is already strained and gravelly. “This pretty little pussy wet for me Gorgeous?” 
“All for you Bucky," you sigh. "Always for you."
You’re reminded of the feeling you get when you’re sitting at the top of a rollercoaster and then it drops, going 100mph, your stomach plunging to the ground and excitement laces around your racing heart. That's how you feel when he looks at you, when he kisses you, touches you. And it's how you feel every time he first stretches you, giving you inch after inch until he's so deep inside your pussy, you can't think. You can only feel him.
And he always makes sure you’ll feel him for days after he’s done with you.
"Good girl." He keeps his hands around your hips, holding you up, his head dropping down so he can watch you guide his thick length inside you. "So good to me. So fucking tight for me, wish you could feel how good you are."
Bucky’s eyes bounce between your joined bodies and your face, unable to decide which sight is sexier, the way you’re taking him or the way your eyes are rolling back, mouth slack as moans and sighs spill from your lips.
Every sound you make spurs him on, his pace increasing from the need to hear you scream his name so loud the entire block knows who’s making you feel so fucking good.
You gasp, a soft shuddery noise that slips down his spine when he rolls his hips, hitting that one spot only he can find.
“That’s it Gorgeous,” he rasps out, “that’s it, fuck you’re doing so good for me.” His head drops to the curve of your shoulder. The wet schlick sounds of your pussy gets louder, more vulgar with every deep, frantic stroke.
You cling to him, letting the pleasure wash over you in thick, sultry waves. "Right there, right there," you cry out, you don't have to tell him not to stop.
He won't.
Not when you're holding him so tight.
The same sensations tightening the coil in your belly are crawling up his spine, he has to adjust your hips, needing to go a little deeper, so greedy for the way your tight wet cunt wraps around him, knowing you can handle him. You feel so good he has to hold back, refusing to cum before you do. He slips a hand between you, and his thumb rolls over your clit, once, twice before circling it in an intricate pattern.
You jerk back, stomach tensing as the edges of your orgasm surround you. “Bucky,” you choke out, unable to say anything else. You’re so close it hurts. "Buck-oh god"
“I know, I know, go on and let go for me,” he encourages with a particularly deep thrust that nearly tears you in two, a cascade of pleasure bursts inside you, scattering through your veins and you clench down on his cock so hard his pace stutters.
“Fuck, that’s what I want,” he laughs breathlessly, grinding slower, deliberately drawing out your pleasure. “ You're doing so good. Cum for me, please cum for me Gorgeous," he pleads, snapping his hips into yours.
His filthy, sweet praise is all you need to fall over the edge, your orgasm slamming into you. His name leaves your lips on a broken gasp, your nails drag down his bare, sweat laced back, thin red lines marring his tattoos.
A few more languid strokes inside your spasming walls and his pace becomes erratic, sloppy,  his lips finding yours, the deep kiss broken by his harsh grunts of I love you as he loses control, pounding you into the wall until he goes taut, his muscles constricting, a low of hiss of fuck yes followed by warmth blooming as he spills inside you.
He stays like that for a few long minutes, holding you in his strong arms, resting his forehead on yours, relishing in your warm, soft body, his lips brushing against yours, giving you sweet chaste kisses until his breathing evens out, your hands rubbing his back, smoothing over the scratches you left.
“So what did you want?” He asks, a bright smile etched across his bearded face, as he pushes away from the wall, pulling out of you with a low groan before easing your trembling legs down one at a time.
Keeping one hand on your waist so you don't slump to the ground, he slides your strap back over your shoulder.
"Um..." You have to think for a second. Your brain’s still addled from the aftershocks of your intense orgasm. "Oh right! I was going to ask if you were hungry." You pause, tapping his bottom lip. "What if I was going to ask you to shave your beard or get rid of the motorcycle?" you ask, mostly out of curiosity.
"I meant what I said. It's always a yes when it comes to you. I would shave it and sell it for you." He replies sincerely, his love for you is apparent on his face. Your heart twists and you feel even better than you did a few minutes ago.
"Now about lunch-" A smirk slides across his lips and he tugs your dress up so he can get a good view of your messy, swollen pussy. He couldn't hide how much he wants you if he tried, his voice deepening as he stares down at you. “I know what I want to eat.”
You playfully slap his chest, chuckling. “Food, real food Bucky. Maybe we could try that new Thai place for lunch?”
Bucky gives you an incredulous stare as he drops to his knees. “Gorgeous, you got a five-star dessert between your thighs. Why would I want anything else?”
“Bucky.” You try to keep your voice firm but it's hard to maintain your composure when he's looking at you with such adoration. “We talked about this.”
“Fine, how about I eat you, then we’ll both eat and then I’ll have you again for dessert.” he bargains, gazing up at you with hopeful blue eyes, placing your leg over his shoulder.
You’re not going to say no to that.
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virginburial · a month ago
.·:*¨༺    sextape.      ♱   bucky barnes ༻¨*:·.
SUMMARY: in which you bother your upstairs neighbor or alternatively, in which you, a cam girl, try to do your job and accidentally wake up your neighbor
SHIP: fem reader!bucky barnes, FATWS bucky barnes WARNINGS: explicit content, mentions of sex work, mentions of daddy issues, explicit language, random story-telling/plot
WORD COUNT: 4.8K SONG: https://open.spotify.com/track/4rEGJ9KirDlKiOHxqVwcVg?si=a3c34ab37c7749d0
A/N: hi everyone! Buffy here, this is my first oneshot on here that will be posted on ao3 and wattpad later in the week. i know this concept is kind of unrealistic but it’s also the best idea i had for bucky bc i’m writing him for clout, it was hard to think of anything else. i apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. forgot to mention that i’m super adhd and get my letters and grammar confused. not even accidentally dropping 144 bucks on Grammarly can save me :,)) REBLOGS, NOTES, AND COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED !!
Tumblr media
"Alright! should we go with option one or two?"
You weren't always the outgoing type, and when you were, you were most likely in your element; but nothing could compare to how very much 'in the zone' webcamming made you. Things have been different since you were able to move on out of your childhood home; your lack of world experience hit you hard. of course, the blip added to the economic stress of it all, but you were so sure that when everyone came back, everything would be normal again, right? Something had to give. Next thing you know, you got fired from your barista job because of the workplace blip act - basically ensuring that the blipped got their jobs back. Their livelihoods. As if you haven't been scraping for your own since they all dissipated to nothing. Whatever, you were over it now. Or you presumed you were. It used to be so easy to find a job, but webcamming wasn't your final option; there was always working for the city's sewer system - yeah, fuck that.
Besides, as complicit-in-your-own-oppression being a woman may seem, the false illusion of having control over your body felt somewhat empowering. You never were big on your sexuality until you discovered webcamming, and it gave you the confidence to treasure the wonders of the sex world - sex work wasn't fun for everyone, but you were happy it was fun for you. Consider yourself privileged. It went from being scared to taking off your shirt, to randomly buying fun wigs and toys to wear and mess around with during your shows. Rent would be on the back burner as corsets and vibrators started to rack up a bill with your bank. It didn't matter, though, men were throwing money at you, and it all comes back; a complete cycle.
Sure, there were the downsides, like dealing with someone who lacked respect or was just indecent, but that was the magic of the internet or at least chaturbate.com. All you had to do was block them. You were laying it all out there, and there was nothing they could do or say to make you feel any more naked. It did hurt still. And it does ruin the overarching mood of the so-called performance-please don’t try to do that thing where you settle for webcamming over an acting career ... it's just sad. Like broadway, hecklers get ushered out, and the show always continues. Then it goes all over the place. Either way, it happens.
Nonetheless, you were still you, just with a new hobby. It's no different than being a writer or a painter, someone who got a hold of art the way they want to see it. The point is, you were still you, but you were finally home in your skin, and at the end of it all, the digital footprint will become privatized by law, so we can't snoop in on what Mark Zuckerberg or Grimes is doing. Everything matters, and it doesn't, so you go with toy number two despite the comments telling you to use toy number one. You were a tease like that, and you loved making those paypigs wait until frustration because of the payout. It was just a basic vibrator with the craziest settings imaginable. You tested it out before the show, and it already made you weak enough not even to consider it. But you did because you learned the fun way not to judge a book by its cover.
The cam girls get to have personalized websites for their business, and you took it upon yourself to make the website so very much yourself. You didn't have to pretend with your audience. think of it like MySpace. You even had a bit of having scene aesthetic to your site, but it was all centered around you. You, you, you, what would your audience ever do without you?
You slowly set the vibrator on high, the words are in Japanese, and you managed to memorize some of the characters to know what it means, spreading your legs open to reveal skimpy pink laced panties that complimented your skin color. There was already a puddle forming on the base of your panties from earlier and then throughout the day. Mainly because you and your neighbor were chatting up about the new upstairs neighbor. The man seemed disheveled and gloomy, almost like a lost puppy, and you had a thing for strays. You wouldn't say it out loud today because everyone is so political, but you liked the idea of fixing someone. You were probably projecting and wished someone would correct you, but putting all that energy into someone becoming better, helping them, that interested you. Cry for help, probably? Not like anyone could hear over the excessive amount of moaning you were doing. Either way, he looked sad; you liked sad, repressed trauma aside, you thought he was handsome. Then you let the thought of him simmer down in your mind, which was a mistake on your part, leading down to you concluding that your attractiveness towards older men was either your father's or Lana del Rey's fault. Somehow.
You began fidgeting at the sensations rolling through your body as you tried to keep your thighs from squeezing shut, but it was hard; then the sound of coin slot machines started rolling from the computer. You felt like Schrodinger's dog, the sound triggering you to shut your legs, taking deep breaths as a slight giggle left your mouth. Blood ran to your cheeks like a marathon, causing the chat to compliment how cute you looked when flustered. You peaked at your panties to notice how the puddle suddenly grew into an ocean, flopping back to your bed and turning on the vibrator again. You thought it would be funny if you teased your audience again, flipping the setting up and placing it on the base of your areola as you stared into the camera. Glittery makeup and lipstick smudged as your blonde wig threatened to fly off. You let it slowly trail down your stomach - the vibrations from your abdomen were already setting you off - steadily going down south until you heard three loud knocks on your door.
"Shit!" You whisper under your breath as the chat freaks out with you. You look at the chat and try to remain calm; this usually never happens. One; because your neighbors don't care, and two, you're never that loud. you weakly smile. "I'm going to put the show on hold, i'll be right back, Lovelies." you kiss the camera, saying it all with a defeated tone as you quickly pause the show. You grab the pink cheetah robe you've had since you were fifteen - back when you had a bit of a princess aesthetic - and ran to the door, struggling to put it on as you made sure you covered just about everything. damnit, son of a bitch cunt whore slut, the colorful words started to pile up in your mind as you reached for the front door. you have got to be fucking kidding me
in all his exhausted glory; there he is, the mysterious upstairs neighbor
he looks timid, almost like he didn't want to bother you. meanwhile, all the blood from your cheeks went directly back to your cunt. "hello, um..." he sighs softly. "I haven't really set up my bed yet; I kind of just have this mattress that's on the floor." the look in his eyes screamed 'why did I bring that up??' as you tug on your robe. "so I can hear everything, and I haven't been able to get some sleep." you heard him just fine, but you were to busy to notice what he was wearing; grey sweatpants and a black tank top; yes, he was packing. The thing that caught you the most off guard besides his sweet-raspy voice was his metal arm. You grew up in a small town with a vast military population, so you knew and had family and were friends with people who had prosthetics. His, however, was strange. The metal was much more refined, it looked very, very, very expensive. You might just be assuming, but why does a man with such a costly arm live in the dump you live in? just a thought as you avert your gaze back to him. "I'm so sorry, i'll be sure to keep the noise down... i-i don't have any guests, it's just ... me." why the fuck would you say that?! you scold yourself as the man cracks a small smile and looks down at your robe. "cool...?" he says in the same tone.
you start to fumble. "I-I'm sorry I-I dunno why I said that sometimes my mouth is faster than my brain-especially in situations like this." you ramble a bit. Make. This. Less. Awkward. I'm. Begging. You. "I'm Y/N, by the way."
The man still has the small smile he had from your confession. He seemed rather amused at how quickly you shattered in his presence. you couldn't tell if it was attractive or unbelievable how someone could look like a nirvana song. "Bucky." he introduces himself, and suddenly, the mystery is solved; his name is Bucky. he then points to the wig struggling to stay on your head. "I'm guessing you're ... cosplaying is the word, right?" he takes a pause. "cosplaying Hannah Montana-" "-oh no no no." you take off the wig, revealing your loose and messy bun/braids, a few pieces of your hair falling to your face as you, in sitcom fashion, throw the wig to the side. "I'm... I'm an actress," you say confidently. You two just kind of stand there looking at each other before your maternal instincts kick in, it's midnight, and he looks tired. You bite your lip hesitantly. "come in, I can make you some tea. It's the least I can do for waking you up." you open the door a little for him, not giving him a chance to reject you as you reveal how snug and perfect the robe fit around all your curves. he noticed that. And just like that, he strolls into your home.
You go to the kitchen, your thighs rubbing with every step - just reminding you that you were still on the clock and that you were still very, very, very desperate for some touch. You just had to make Bucky some tea now, did you? You grab the sleepytime tea box that sat elegantly on your microwave and fill the mug with the words; "maybe swearing will help" printed with water. Making tea was damn near ritualistic. You can't help but feel Bucky's presence, though. Lurking in the shadows and looking at all the fun knick-knacks you collected. You turn to him. "so, you from New York?" you ask.
he nods. "Brooklyn born and raised. I just came back from living in Wakanda for some time. Also spent a little time here and there..." no actual specifics besides Wakanda and Brooklyn. "you from Brooklyn?" he asked, but you shook your head. "small-town girl, I'm from the south. I moved up here during the blip." you explained. Bucky nodded. "to become an actress? Like on broadway?" he asks.
He remembered your white lie. How sweet. You squeeze your thighs a little and gulp. "n-no." you laugh a little. "I came here to get away from losing my brother in the blip and start school. I'm studying biochemical engineering. I wanted to study theatre and the arts, but my dad told me that it was a waste of a college education and that he wouldn't pay if I went and did theatre. but now that my brother is back, he can focus on ruining his life instead of mine..." you ramble a bit before seeing the look on Bucky's face. he was intrigued at the little spice you were able to throw in the conversation. you bite your lip. "sorry, I shouldn't be trauma dumping on you like that...dad's, yknow?" he nods in agreement. "but i've always wanted to be an actress-"
"so, you're not an actress? you're a biochemical engineer student?"
You feel a pang of guilt for lying, but you realize now that you should probably tell him, considering that he's your neighbor, and warn him about the cons of your newfound profession, such as the noise and noise complaints. you scrunch your nose and tilt your head to the side. "I am, but not in the traditional sense ... I'm a porn actress, webcam, actually. I started a couple of months ago after losing my job after the blip." you keep it short and sweet, turning over to the microwave to fetch him his tea before turning back around, you didn't want to see his reaction, but you did, and he looked relatively unfazed. Most men scream and run in the other direction, weak, but Bucky... doesn't care. You decide to change the topic. "what about you? why are you here?"
"...I was in the Army, just came back to get my life back on track, have to do court-mandated therapy now. I should hate it, but a small part of me is glad I'm going." court-mandated therapy? no wonder he's unfazed by a cam girl. "I'm sorry, I know what pornography is, but you said you did webcamming? what...is that?"
you narrow your eyes at him. "you...don't know what caming is?"
He shakes his head. "nope. I'm old-fashioned, don't even have those fancy smartphones." he says as he pulls out a Nokia. "holy shit." you say as he beholds the ancient relic. this was going to be good. Suddenly, you felt your clit throb as he glanced at your robe; you couldn't help but want to show him. You suddenly remembered all the thoughts you left on the back burner about him, simmering down until it boiled and exploded. You were at your boiling point,.your cheeks turned red as you pulled out your phone, going to your site as he keeps staring at you. he could tell, he could tell that you were holding out; considering that you were standing right in front of him and you had your legs crossed. You didn't want to show him your old shows, but at the same time, you didn't want to show him anyone else. If he was going to watch, it had to be you somehow. You pressed on your most recent one from two days ago, skipping ahead before showing off yourself in a sexy nurse costume. You pull the phone away before he gets to peek, though. "you sure you want to see this?" you asked for his consent.
bucky nervously laughs, his smile suddenly getting cheeky as he rubs his chin. "I mean, Y/N, you're showing me pornography-not like I haven't seen it before." his smile slowly turns to a smirk. He was so shy at first, maybe you said too much, overspilled, but no, that wasn't the case. he wasn't getting comfortable with you. He was somewhat charming you. or at least, appeared that way. "cmon, you can show me." he smirks softly at you.
Fuck. Me.
Without hesitation, you show him. You could see his pupils dilate right away, his cheeks getting a little pink as Bucky... studies you. He's not engaging in the content, just analyzing it like an accountant. He holds the phone and observes as you start to feel hot, skin sizzling-almost like a hot flash of some kind-as his eyes follow your every move. he glances over at you. "arent your other neighbors concerned about how loud you are?" he asks almost mockingly, teasingly, but he was serious. You shake your head as your moans echo throughout your apartment. "my neighbor on the left is my best friend from middle school, who told me I should look into this. The neighbor on the right is Miss Chen. She's hard of hearing; I told her I had a cat. and the neighbor across the hall, Amelia, is a flight attendant. Lucky, right?" you try to pause the video, but Bucky is mesmerized by your movements. "so all you do is...sit in front of a camera naked? And people just give you money? And it's live? How...innovative." he said like it piqued his interest. you began to laugh nervously as you finally managed to pause it. he could see it, how visibly nervous you got around him. he furrowed his eyebrows. "why so shy? You weren't earlier." his eyes told you everything you needed to know.
You decide to play his game. "first of all, it's not just sitting in front of a camera and looking pretty. Second of all...whatever happened to being old-fashioned? aren’t you going to buy me dinner first before you look at me that way?"
Bucky looks down a bit bashfully, handing you back the phone as you start to question his motives. "is the real reason you came down here was to quiet me down? or something else?" you ask. You had to have asked. You were okay with whatever answer, though. He's hesitating, though, Bucky glances back at you. "well, it's hard for me to sleep regardless, thought I'd be more tired if I came down here then go back up, but I'm wide awake...why? Were you hoping I came down here because you were moaning like that?" he asked. The conversation was starting to cross the rhetorical-question-turned-confession territory. A small part of you wanted to say yes; ever since he moved in last week, you'd cross paths with him, and he'd stay on your mind. But hooking up with your upstairs neighbor? Webcamming was one thing; being with someone, after how lonely the blip was, was another thing. but something about Bucky made your stomach turn into Simone Biles; flips and tricks and jumping through hoops at the mention of or the glances from Bucky. "...moan like what?" you raised an eyebrow, smirking.
Bucky seems hesitant, maybe he didn't want the conversation to continue, but it wasn't until he was staring at the space between your chest did it hit you that maybe he was too shy to make a move. Yet, he looked so eager, something was holding him back. You realized you weren't the only nervous person here. But you had to try, and you had to try to get him. You lean in a little closer. "cmon Bucky, why so shy? You weren't earlier." you mocked him, playfully teasing him as you slowly grabbed his hand. "may I?" you asked him. It only felt right. he nodded his head and watched as you guided his hand down to your core, his calloused fingers running against your inner thigh as you slowly humped on his hand, rubbing your clothed cunt on his rough palms as a soft moan left your lips. he looked at you in awe, almost like he couldn't believe you were real. You keep a steady pace as you hold onto his shoulders, smiling a little at him because his reaction was priceless. "did it sound like that?" you innocently asked as lust glazed over your eyes.
He lets out a shaky breath. "oh .. fuck..." he said in a throaty tone.
You watched him crumble as he grabbed you and smashed your lips against his, teeth hitting teeth as you eagerly kissed him back, his hand staying still on your cunt as its presence set you off. The first thing Bucky does is undo the loose knot on your robe; it's almost like that's what he wanted to do the moment you answered the door. He reveals your breasts, his sweet kisses never breaking from the fact that you were naked besides your wet panties. Your jaw starts to buckle and hurt as your bottom lip turns red from the friction. Bucky pulls away, practically panting as he delicately brushes your hair behind your ear. You can't help but notice that Bucky was still a gentleman in all the tension. Even if you wanted him to pound you. You could tell this was a little unorthodox for him; maybe he truly was old-fashioned, but also very touch starved. You pull him closer by the waistband of his sweatpants, your hand slowly wandering down to his expanding tip as your index and thumb rub it. You could physically see Bucky relax into your touch as he latches on to your neck; soft kisses on your neck before going completely animalistic on your chest.
You let out a soft whine before grabbing his face and passionately kissing him, your thighs squeezing around his hand. You pull away from him, both of you panting as you hold his warm hand, noticing a thin coat of your wetness before dragging him into your room. A piece of you wanted him to bend you over the counter, but you voted against it. that's when Bucky's eyes landed on the computer. "...is it live-?" he asks. You shake your head; webcamming was your thing; it didn't mean it had to be Bucky’s. But Bucky surprises you. for a man who ‘didn't know’ how to use a laptop; he sure worked his way around it. You - laying in your bed and squeezing your thighs, raise an eyebrow and laugh. "what are you doing?" you giggled.
"hitting two birds with one stone."
He quickly finds the GO LIVE button and moves away from the frame, leaving you front and center, watching the views roll in from your loyal fans as Bucky grabs you by your chin and kisses you lustfully. You could feel your skin cry for him as your knees got weak; the kiss was out of the frame, Bucky made sure of it because, god, it would be embarrassing if anyone there recognized him. It wasn't long before you flopped down on the bed and spread your legs for him like magic. You didn't know if it was because he looked like a movie star during the golden age of Hollywood or because of how mysterious he was, but Bucky made you weak. So weak that you didn't care if this was the first and last time he would touch you. You feel his rough fingertips slowly slide off the panties you've soaked, seeing your hole overfilled with your wetness. Bucky slides his warm hand in between your folds, causing you to jerk your hips slightly, trying to keep them down as your chest starts to rise.
Bucky lets out a dry chuckle. "you're sensitive, how...cute." he mocks you.
The disgusting thing about it is that you liked how he mocked you, watching you squirm as he spits down on your clit, saliva hanging from his lips as he leans down and slips his tongue in your mouth. You open your jaw a little more so he could explore your mouth, watching him pull away before feeling the freezing metal from his other arm hit your clit at full force. At this point, that's where your heartbeat was, and the cool metal was making it worse. You gasp and let out a quiet moan as you look into Bucky's eyes; he knew that would get you. watching as you shut your thighs around his arm, he roughly pries them open. "I don't think so." he damn-near growls at you. a chill ran up your spine before feeling two cold fingers slam into your hole, your walls closing in on his index and middle finger as he holds it there. What a fucking tease. your clit was begging for attention as he looked down at you. "not so talkative now, huh?"
You arch your back, practically offering him your body as your eyes beg him to move his fingers, but he doesn't. he keeps them there to remind you of how helpless you indeed were. Not like you didn't know; you were vulnerable for him for a whole week. He slowly moves his fingers out of you, carefully rubbing them on your bottom lip before you eventually obliged and sucked them dry. The sound of coin slot machines echoed in the room as you shakily closed your legs, squeezing them shut before feeling your chest heave - you were already orgasming? To be fair, you have been teasing yourself for a good hour before Bucky waltzed in. a deep moan left your mouth as your thighs shook and coated themselves in your cum. Your back was getting sweaty as your cheeks turned bright pink. Bucky watched as your body compulsed. You could tell he loved the show but was disappointed that it wasn't him making you shake like that.
Bucky watched as your body tried to maintain itself, finally calming down after your rolling orgasm as the sound of coin slot machines went crazy. You weren't letting yourself catch a break as you felt your clit throb for more. That's when you felt Bucky move—dragging you off to the edge of the bed and sitting down. Having you lay across his lap. You've seen and read enough porn to know exactly what was going on and obliged happily. You watched him slowly take off his tank top before making it into a ball and stuffing it in your mouth; a makeshift gag, if you will. Your right-hand touched his chest and feels him up as he keeps you in a comfortable position. Now, you couldn't think about the timid and traditional man that came knocking so he could get some sleep; your mind bombarded with thoughts of the eager and somewhat perverted sweetheart that was helping you relieve yourself after pulling you away.
His hand hits your ass hard, and you gasp and whine in pain, feeling your body tense up as he smacks it again. The noises from the laptop ringing again made you want to follow through on your habit, so bucky spreads your legs and then spanks you, hitting your ass and cunt with full force. Moans with hints of pain muffled through your gag. he seems amused, seeing your clit turn red and raw from the amount of spanking he did; you shake and quiver every time he spanks you and misses; which is often. By then, you were already horny again. Bucky stuffs three fingers in you unexpectedly, causing you to let out a loud moan. His warm hand goes to your mouth, covering it and shoving the gag deeper into your mouth, causing the fabric to tickle your throat and gag reflexes. Tears come to your eyes as Bucky decides to tease you by leaving them in there. again.
You feel the walls close in on his fingers and ache for them to move, so when he finally does drive them, you feel a wave of euphoria hit you. He curled his fingers as the metal slid in and out of you, causing you to spill out in moans. You were almost glad he improvised a gag because it would be embarrassing if your neighbor, Miss Chen, realized you didn't have a cat. Your heartbeat begins to steady itself, something you were grateful for before Bucky places his cold thumb on your clit and rubbed you like he was playing a scratch-off lottery ticket. It felt like a dam broke between your thighs as you wiggled and tried not to give in so quickly. But you couldn't help it. He was overstimulating you to the extreme.
Your thighs begin to shake as a tear or two rolls down your cheek from how overwhelming it felt, but you couldn't imagine yourself being anywhere besides his lap. Feeling him spread you out and spank you as you wiggle more and more for his touch, even if your clit was starting to swell up. Bucky was too preoccupied with you that he probably didn't notice how hard he was getting; your right-hand slides over to his clothed cock as you gently squeeze it, hearing a soft but deep groan as Bucky leaves another red and purple mark on your ass. "take my fingers first, then we'll see." he raspily tells you, but you knew you weren't going to last long. You longed to have him inside of you.
And he knows.
he knows you won't last that long either, maybe he's alluding to round two? not that you had the energy to think coherent thoughts as a tsunami wave of pleasure hits you. heavy breaths as your chest rises and falls flat, as you creamed all over his hand, your cheeks turning a deep shade of crimson as his curled fingers hits the right spot one last time. if heaven was a place on earth, it was on this man's lap. you look at him, your eyes glossed over and your cheeks red as Bucky pulls out the balled up tank top out of your mouth. you pant and looked over to your laptop screen, seeing the money you made rack up more and more. speechless, you glimpsed at bucky before planting a sweet kiss on his lips, only for him to glance at you and say:
"guess I can finally sleep now."                                                    .·:*¨༺♱༻¨*:·.
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sweetdreamsbuck · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
beefy lumberjack!bucky x f!reader (lumby and bunny au)
w.c: fucking long i'm so sorry i have no control (8k)
warnings: SMUT, angst/mention of Bucky's past, oral (f rec), p in v, dom+needy!bucky (this is lumby we are talking ab), fluff, he's so in love that it's actually rude and you might die
summary: Bucky's never been so scared of a feeling in his life. there are too many what if's– too many fears bubbling deep within the parts of him left broken and hollow, untouched for far too long. but he never envisioned finding you– and he's entirely too impatient; entirely too certain no one's ever been more infatuated with something than how he feels for you.
a/n: the long overdo lumby and bunny's first time. i'm so nervous to share this with you and i rewrote this about 3 times lmao. not proofread, all mistakes are my own. i hope you enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think. tumblr did not want me posting this apparently, please read it lol xo
𝐢 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞, 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤. 𝟏𝟖+ 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐝𝐧𝐢
The last month and a half has been bliss, to put it bluntly.
As the ground awoke from the lasting bite of winter, so have you. His laugh, his voice, his scent, his eyes– god those fucking eyes.
Every day has been something new and exciting; your sweet boy has been nothing short of perfect in the little while you’ve gotten to know him.
Endearing, charming, attentive– but there was something burning under those layers of gleaming eyes and rosy pink cheeks; under his breathless giggles and groaned utterances of his shy ‘come on bun… you’re makin’ me go all silly’.
It wasn’t your fault he looked so pretty when he blushed.
You could feel it in his stare, in the way his hands started holding your curves with a bit more need– even apart from those few intense nights spent on his couch.
His touch had been something that hadn’t shied away from letting you know just where he wanted to be; holding you between his palms was where he felt he fit best.
The force his body used to chop heavy stumps day after day took a lot out of him– years of strain strenuous on his mind, on his limbs. Bucky’s hands only knew rough wind and a death grip; until he met just how soft you could feel under them, that was.
Now they caressed with a featherlight air, molding perfectly around the dips and swell of you. Bucky liked having his hands on you– he knew he just needed to touch you. But there was something off.
Almost as if he was afraid of placing them on you– a hesitancy you couldn’t quite name.
Running gentle tingles along the length of your spine, tracing circles and shy patterns into the secrecy of your sides, his hands began to relax for the first time in years. His lips would sear fire across every inch of skin they discovered, the plump pillows teasing your throat and the span of your shoulders with nervous breaths whispered.
If the shivers and soft whines you graced him with from just his recent discovery of weightlessness were this heavenly– fuck.
He’s fucked.
How’s he meant to contain all his desires– all the urges festering torturously in the pits of his stomach? He’d never be able to stay away once he knew what it was like to let himself go.
What if you felt the same way she did?
While his mouth caressed you, his hands followed. Ghosting over each trail and trace of his tongue, goosebumps spreading across your skin like sparks in a flame.
It was perfect. You’d never known being wanted could feel so right.
As you’d sink further into his chest, hands gripping the back of his neck while he tugged at your thighs to straddle him, he’d shut down. Meeting your movements for a moment, a low moan sounding deep in the depths of his throat as you rolled your hips, pulling at you desperately with a jolt of his core before he realized what he was doing.
Gasps of air and a shaky Bucky would act, anchoring his hands at your waist and slowing his lips gently up the side of your jaw. Chaste, teasing, a soft brush of ‘you’re so perfect bun,’ mumbled against your mouth before cuddling beside you on the couch, turning on a movie to cut through the tense air.
He wanted to take this slow– as slow as you’d let him. The sharp daggers embedded into his heart still left their sting, echoes of her words, 'You’re a fucking hermit. No one wants a man who can’t function in public. It’s embarrassing, really. I don’t want to live in the woods, let alone with you.'
'Let alone with you.'
He still hears it. He still feels it. True and bold, ringing loudly in every shielded touch on your back and hesitant kiss pressed against your temple.
'And you’re so clingy. My god. I need my own space, Bucky. You say you can’t breathe in the city and yet you manage to suffocate me here.'
He’s well over her. Hasn’t had a feeling toward that woman since she broke his heart. But the words left their boom, and with you– he’d never be able to stomach it. What if you felt the same way?
But fuck– he was going to combust. Bucky was certain of it. It was all he's been able to think about, to breathe about the last few weeks.
He felt his nerves taunting him with every moment he found himself in your presence, craving the need to know you deeper; to hold your palm, to name the hairs on the back of your neck, hell– to study the skin of your knees.
It might only be several weeks, but he knows. It’s love. He can’t remember the feeling ever being this scalding; the desire to be with someone every second of the day, the need to wrap himself around them and never let go– he loves you.
Bucky knew from the moment you stuffed your hands into his jacket that he needed you to cling to him like that forever.
Your touch is all consuming, a swell and tide he can’t help but long for. So good, so fucking good. His stomach wraps itself in tight knots thinking of how much he craves it.
He’s in love with you. Bucky wants to take this slow, and your accidental self-deprecating joke about how no one’s ever wanted to love you before on that amazing first date was not something he took lightly. But he feels the way you reach for him, the way you cling to him and softly whisper for more.
It’s that same nagging he feels pinching at his spine, too.
You’re both entirely too impatient.
And Bucky’s going to burst.
He wants to give you everything. To inhale you, to make you crave him as deeply as he’s addicted to you, to have you give yourself over to him wholly– but he can’t stop her words from haunting him.
There was a wavering hesitancy behind every brush of his hands, a sheltered sigh in each press of his lips against yours, until tonight.
He asked you to dress nice, that it was a surprise– a date he’d been planning all week. Bucky knew you both loved spoiling those you cared for with nice things, with lavish gifts and surprises worthy of their heart. But he also knew– a bit smugly– that if he were to dress in his nicest button-down, arrange the rooms of his cabin with soft candles and the aroma of a delicious dinner that he cooked, you’d leap right out of your soles with delight.
Seeing you light up made everything seem so clear– the harsh noises bouncing around his head would cease, save for the loud thumping of his heart sounding soaringly in his ears. And in the safety of his own home, he’d have you all for himself.
But Bucky wasn’t prepared for the ground to freeze over the way it did when he opened the door to you.
A harsh huff of air leaves his lips, frozen solid at the base his tongue, incessant on the struggle of not letting it find its way back in. Unblinking eyes cradle every inch of your satin-adorned figure with a reverence unknown to you– unknown to anyone that wasn’t on the receiving end of it at this exact moment.
The ice spreads further, mouth frozen in place but his jaw loose as ever, itching to etch itself within your skin. The soft glow emanating from the way you look basking in the moonlight, peaking its way through the sea of thick evergreens littered behind you was a sight he’d never forget. Ever.
Not even a thermal camera could capture the radiance of what he feels, staring at you.
A deep black fabric clings a little too perfectly to your figure, the pudge of your stomach and dip of your hip highlighted beneath its silky sheen. A strappy pair of heels and a glossy stain on your lip sit prettily, complimenting the dress so simply– his throat is on fire.
Something too terribly similar to that of coarse ash and cinnamon line his airways, a roaring heat blazing pitifully in the base of his throat.
Dry, wordless, breathless.
And his brain can’t find the power to extinguish the feeling.
Struggling to think of anything but the way he can not handle being near you without his body betraying his fears; he stops fighting it. He needs you; to love you and suffocate you– and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t let you know it.
Letting his eyes sweep across every inch of you, painting the form of the angel standing before him with the smoke of an arctic storm behind his gaze, his pulse quickens with a renewed purpose. Heat pounds through his veins, straight to the very tips of his fingers and toes.
He’s so helplessly in love with you.
“You gonna let me in, Buck?” you laugh.
His hand was gripped around the door since he’d opened it, so tightly you could've sworn the wood cracked a bit under his hold. Opening it all the way while his neck ran crimson, nodding furiously down at you as he ignores the splinters of wood falling from his fist.
Brushing a hand across his chest, your fingers toy with a button of his shirt before looking up at him through your lashes. “You, look incredible. Holy shit,” you smooth up his neck, pulling him down to press a short kiss to the side of his mouth before pushing past him, “so handsome.” He shudders at your voice, the spreading blush growing across his complexion at the flutter of your eager eyes and scurrying fingers.
Inebriation– amorous, hazardous, oh so beside himself in anguish with the sight in front of him; the fabric swaying with the taunt of your thighs, your perfume tickling past his nose and making his brain fuzzy. “Bunny…” he whispers.
He’s never been more sure of anything in his life.
“Yeah, Bucky?” turning to meet his eye, his air consumes you.
The weight of his compulsion happens in a surge, hand grabbing for your neck, the other squeezing around your hip. Propelled by your scent, by your intoxicating sting, crashing his towering frame into your softness as desperate lips meld against yours. His warm tongue invades your mouth, hungrily exploring with a new blaze, soft moans pressed against you as you melt into him. Decadent cologne tints your senses, sandalwood and spice seeping into every last pore of your skin as he sinks his claim deep within you.
His hand moves lower, grasping at your ass and pressing your hips against his, a deep chuckle sounding in his chest as he feels your hands begin to claw at him.
You’re nothing like her.
The desperation in each of your rushed embraces and heavy breaths confirms the shock with his sudden urge, the power and force of his movements quenching a drought you didn’t know was there. But this is only a small chip at the ice of who he really is, and he can’t wait to let himself go.
This new intensity in which he reached for you told you he wasn’t planning on letting you go anytime soon.
You need more.
More of him, more of whatever it was he’s been hiding deep behind every breath and winded stroke of his knuckles against your cheek.
He sucks at your lip, biting and toying with you until you mewl and pull him back in, smoothing your hands around the back of his head and into his soft locks.
Time seems to cease when his hand cups your jaw and slants his soft mouth against yours, tilting your head delicately with a purposeful need. Teeth nip at your throat, lips soothing the ache, humming behind your ear, “M’sorry,” a low laugh, rich with disbelief. “I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous you are,” fixated on the spot just below your jaw, savoring your sigh. “We’d be here for a while if I tried.”
He doesn't voice it, but you hear him loud and clear: we have all night, bunny.
You grab his hair, needing him closer, heating up under his gravelly tone. His hands roam your back, clinging to the silky fabric sewn around you. “My goodness. This dress….”
Bucky feels it, the hardness growing against your thigh.
Your damn thighs.
Unashamedly, he nudges his nose along the shell of your ear. “Let’s go eat, pretty girl. Can't seem to control myself around ya anymore…” admission never felt so easy, his sheepish smirk something gluttonous. “Been cooking all afternoon. Promised you a nice evening, didn’t I?” He pulls away sweeping his hunger over you, unbridled lust burning every inch of you. A shiver rumbles deep in your chest under his gaze, cold fingers dancing up your back before brushing down your arms, linking his hand with yours.
“You’re all mine for the rest of the night,” he brings your fingers to meet his eager lips, brushing your knuckles against him. Awe slips through his kisses, a softly muttered confession spilled to the veins of your hand, “Can’t believe you’re here with me right now.”
The scent of earthy tomatoes and warm bread carries you both over to the kitchen, Bucky's thumb brushing over your knuckles as you take in the sight of his table: decorated with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, a few candles, and two perfectly plated meals sitting closely to one another.
“What do you mean?” you question breathlessly, oregano and garlic filling your nostrils.
He pulls out a chair for you, waiting for you to sit before sauntering over to open a bottle of wine. A glimmer of cynicism flickers across his features, a short smile falsely placed. His tongue sweeps over his lip before sucking his bottom lip between his teeth.
He looks at you with a telling shake of his head, light of just how stunned he finds himself apparent while grabbing your wine glass and filling it, “Someone like you doesn’t just come walking into my life– anyone’s life, actually.” He sets your glass in front of you, picking up his own to fill. “Don’t think anyone on earth understands what it’s like getting to know you, to be with you while you walk around…” he tapers off, adoration apparent in the lusty blues of his eyes sweeping over you, “shit– looking like you do. Having you want to be here in my home...dressing up nice for me. It's a lot. I'm not used to it."
'I'm not used to feeling wanted.'
And god do you want him.
He grabs his glass and holds it up to your wide and waiting eyes, nodding for you to raise yours to toast. “To the most perfect person I’ve ever met. And for being here with me”
You shake your head, speechless and bashfully clinking your glass against his. “Such a smooth talker, Bucky.”
A giggle slips past your tongue, nervously swishing the red liquid around the glass before bringing it to your lips.
He hums, eyebrow quirking up at your dismissal. “Don’t need to be one when it comes to you. You make feeling things… painfully easy. But so difficult to concentrate. Yeah,” he nods to himself, basking in the chill of your wide eyes flitting across his face, “so fucking difficult.”
You preen under his husky admittance, a warmth spreading through your core. “I know the feeling,” a sheepish chirp. He squints his eyes at you, taking a sip of his wine. “But you're wrong, you know. No one who’s anything like you goes around inviting me over and cooking me a meal.”
He timidly smirks at that, the pink stain you love tainting his cheeks. “Such a shame. Guess that’s my problem to fix then, huh?” he shrugs, pulling his chair to sit next to you, the frames kissing one another.
He tries not to observe like a hawk– he really does. Opening his mouth to say something, anything, so he doesn't make a babbling fool of himself. But he can't help it.
Those words.
Anxious feelings creep back in, following your every move as you scoop a forkful of pasta, nerves accelerating past a scream before he can stop himself, “I know you like Italian so I thought I’d make some pasta. It was ma’s recipe and uh, I love it but I haven’t had someone worth making it for in a long time and I hope it’s ok because now that I think about it, I haven’t really coo–” a deep moan cuts him off, your eyes shutting in appreciation as the taste of warm pepper and fresh garlic invades your tastebuds.
“Gosh Bucky, this is delicious. Mmm, your mom is a genius. This is incredible,” you scoop another bite into your mouth, his nerves dissipating with every word and soft moan of praise.
Fuck– he’s not making it out of tonight alive.
“I believe I cooked this for you, not my mother,” he chides, a bit shaky but just as playful as ever.
Your eyes skim up past his broad frame, watching his shoulders expand as he nervously exhales. It's perfect, really; the way he needs you to know how special this is to him, how good it makes him feel being here with you. The spread of your lips is inevitable, a blinding smile curling inside the high rounds of your cheeks. The joy buzzing across your face rapids down his spine in swift waves, your knee brushing against his as the point of your shoe meets his calf under the table.
The smile grants him reprieve, the air filtering through his chest somewhat normally, grinning so boyishly as you grab your glass, finishing it all in one gracious gulp. “Well then, just gonna have to send my compliments to the chef. How would he like my gratitude?”
Your foot travels up the inside of his leg, your bodies acutely more awake than when you first sat down.
“However you’d like. As long as it’s from you,” his hand smoothes across your leg, fingers dancing past your knee, slipping under the creamy fabric of your dress. “I’m sure we can work something out….” Bucky's lips bow to meet your shoulder, a lull brushing effortlessly against your warm skin and moving up your throat. “But I’m gonna need you to eat that whole plate. Can’t have you growing weak on me,” he hums against your ear, pressing a quick promise to your pulse.
Dinner continued on like that– with desires of something even tangier than the zest of parmesan or the basil he decorated his sauce with. Whispered taunts and giggles against the ear of the other, wandering fingers and teasing hands itching to explore.
Bucky was right– feeling things had been painfully easy. Easy, but so beyond your willpower to try and focus on anything half the time; it was exciting. To feel any and every little thing all at once.
Tonight, you needed him to know how you’ve been feeling– all the greedy thoughts and cries you’ve been hiding away in each chase of his lips and slow grind of your hips. But this quickening darkness in his eyes, in the fervor of his hands, in the rasp of his voice– he was feeling it too. If not just as much, more.
You love him.
His hand never left your thigh throughout dinner, stroking tenderly. Pressing his calloused fingertips into you, kneading and tracing circles into the skin he had yet to get a look at.
His meal was finished long before yours, antsy and desperate to be near you, to touch you. And god, that neck. The scent of your skin has been choking him all night, he needs to memorize it, to drown in it.
Bucky’s hand snakes up your back, tracing the soft divots at the top of your spine as you rambled on about work. Nodding every so often at a particular point you’d make, intently and actively trying to focus on your words; on what Clarence did to make you so mad, on how your boss jipped you of your time off; but falling victim to the shape of your lips, to the cute frustration in your forehead, the strength behind the arch of your brow.
He couldn’t think of a moment that made more sense than this– being here with you, listening to your voice fill him in on the bits of your day he missed out on.
To hear about your day, your worries, the things that made you smile, your successes and failures– it was all he wanted. Terribly so; his fingers ached.
Bucky wanted this. So much– to love you with everything he had.
It happened before you could realize, his hand gliding up and up, slithering with a gentle scratch at your sensitive flesh until his knuckle ghosted against your center. A thin whine leaves your throat, your legs clamping around him. His fingers still, trapped hot and excited between your soft thighs.
And that’s when your sweet boy finally snaps. “You make me crazy, bunny,” his dark eyes lock on yours, sliding the hand wrapped around the back of your neck to encircle your thigh, urging you to rest on the spread of his legs.
Your thighs willingly part, resting against his wall of muscle he calls a leg, his hand free and steeping to explore the rest of you. “I can’t control my thoughts anymore. You’re all I think about. Day and night. You, you, you.” His hand inches slowly, the satin pooling around his arm as he travels higher and higher, fingers erupting prickles of excitement along your skin.
Nudging his nose against yours, his lips meet your cheek, eyes fluttering in a torturous surrender. “My sweet girl.”
Wounded with desire, an agonizing fever mouths his raspy heat in declarations along the curves of your face. “You,” pressed to the corner of your mouth.
“You”, trailing along your jaw.
“You”, bitten against your pulse.
“Bucky,” you breathe out, grasping his broad shoulders between your palms.
A ravenous moan surges through him, inhaling the length of your neck, trembling as your legs open wider to his touch, drunk and emboldened from the way your body listens to him.
He knew you’d be such a good girl for him.
“I gotta touch you, bun,” he growls. “I gotta have you,” his arm slinks around your back to pull you to rest across his lap. His hand stays under your dress, toying with the lace keeping you from him.
Lips play at your collarbone, a rough finger stroking along the wet gusset of your panty. “Do you know what you do to me?” a husky plea twirls around the base of your neck, scratching at your skin. Bucky nips across your shoulder, pulling the strap of your dress between his teeth and down your arm.
Goosebumps spread under his breath, his stubble branding his urgency into even the most ordinary parts of you.
“Please Bucky,” you whine, locking your fingers in the thick tendrils of hair along his scalp.
Such a good girl for him.
He shivers as your nails send volts of sweet pain past every nerve, moaning shakily into the smooth satin around your chest. You squirm under the vibration, under the tickle of the finger tracing along your clothed folds, moving your hips to beg him to press harder.
But he stills.
His eyes stay closed, heavy breathing filling the silence of the room. You breathe against his forehead, soothing your fingers through his hair. “Bucky?”
His head shakes against you, his mouth returning to your skin while wrapping you up in his arms, standing from the table, “Not here, bun. Absolutely not on a damn kitchen chair.”
Arms cling to his broad back, wrapping your legs around him as he makes haste towards his bedroom. His lips never leave you, tasting the column of your throat, expertly making his way through the cabin without ever looking up.
He steps through his door, the room dark, illuminated only by the light peering through his window.
Laying you gently in the center of his large bed, he moves to switch on the lamp in the corner. It only helps bare a wash of color privy to his sight, a warm radiance adding to the allure of the mesmeric beauty he can't wait to lose himself to. His eyes spare a glimpse, unable to withstand the temptation of your song, of that sweet enticement any longer.
Fuck. He's never seen something more beautiful.
Heels kick at each other, crazed motions to flip off his shoes, his eyes distracting him with the promise of that thigh peeking its canvas out of your dress, of the shape of your body mocking his inability to do one simple thing without needing to devour you.
Shoes get flung somewhere on his floor and Bucky can't help but look at you– can't help but allow the ache in his stomach, the throbbing between his thighs to stir and boil so uncomfortably.
His bunny, sitting so perfectly where he left you.
His heart stammers in his chest, kneeling on the bed before cupping his hand around your throat, sliding up the side of your neck. Watching the rise and fall of your chest, your erratic breathing; the strap of your dress right as he pulled it; a hedonic sheen of need glazing over your skin inviting him to drown, to sink even further into depths he no longer can fight to stay afloat in. It's rapturous.
Bucky feels his insides shaking, screaming at the way your pulse feels under his hand, how you lean into the strength of his palm wrapped around you with such zeal. It's addictive. How you clearly want this, his touch, him.
He explores further, his thumb brushing over your jaw, moving to trace the outline of your lips. You press against his thumb, soothing the twitch in the pad of his finger, rubbing your cheek against his palm.
Your lips send a trickle of pleasure down his arm, the darkness swimming in his eyes to siphon his greed and need hurdling through the room. Leaning back, nimble fingers clutch around his wrists to pull him with you.
Bucky cages his forearms around your head, nosing down your body with an appetite of awe in his eyes. He shifts, hands sliding down your curves before bunching at the bottom of your dress. Your legs part, helping him lift the fabric as he pushes it up your thighs.
There’s a nervous tremble in his hands, that hesitancy you know all too well seeping in the passion of his intent. His eyes meet yours and plead, hands freezing reluctantly. That same cynicism from earlier twinkles behind his gaze, a sad smile tugging at his cheek.
“Bucky? What’s wrong?” you grab his hands in yours, sitting up to focus on his face. “Did I do something? Do you want to stop?"
His eyes widen, his hands immediately grasping your forearms. “Never bun, you could never. Fuck, no I don't. Far from it– I’m uh, I’m just scared.” His hand grabs a piece of your hair that fell out of place, toying with it to distract himself. "So scared."
“Scared? Of what baby?” his eyes soften at your tone, at the way you didn't think twice of the term of endearment sliding so swiftly off the roll of your tongue.
“Of how perfect this feels. You just…you’re so…you make me...” he groans, closing his eyes and running a hand over his face. “What if you get tired of me? What if I annoy you? What if you hate this? What if I can't be–”
“I love you,” you don’t even hesitate. Pulling his cheeks between your palms. His eyes widen, breath stolen deep in his chest. “Bucky. I love you. And I could never hate this.”
His stare is molten, white-hot adoration unblinking with stupefied shock written all over his features.
“You just cooked me an entire meal in a cabin you built with your own damn hands. And you're worried I can get tired of you?” you brush a hand through his hair, curling up against his thigh. “You are perfect, James. Everything about you.”
Bucky swears he's listening, he sees your lips continuing to move, saying something about choking the life out anyone who told him otherwise, but he can't seem to hear anything. The sparkle of your confession pouring loudly through every bit of him– and truly, it's all he needed.
You love him.
His smile grows wide, wider than you've ever seen it, eyes glistening with a dark vibrance as his tune changes. “You love me?” he squeezes his hands around your hips, pushing you onto your back.
You meet the soft mattress with a giggle, nodding your head as he smashes his mouth against yours.
“Me? You love me?” he laughs, in between his vicious attack against your cheeks. “I love you so much,” his lips trail down your jaw, “I love you,” to your collarbone, “so much. So so much.”
His hands slip down the fabric of your dress, finding the trim and pushing it upwards. Your hands wrap around his wrists, eyes locking as you join him in slowly tugging it up your body.
Murmurs of his love swim around you, whether he's aware of them or not. Soft whispers, bold declarations pour from his lips with an air you could feel was undeniably his– undeniably the true and honest breath of the Bucky you love.
His eyes never leave yours, letting go of the fabric to intertwine your hands, sliding them to rest above your head. A kiss is pressed against each palm as he drops them above you, carefully carding the satin up and dragging it over your head.
It gets stuck, your arms tangled in the straps he worked so hard to not have this happen, but all you can do is laugh.
Laugh– at the frustrated sigh that leaves his mouth, from the way he's still completely dressed, from the thrill of getting to share this with him. Love.
And god, if it wasn't pure unadulterated bliss.
That boyish giggle soon finds its way up your stomach, kisses pressing against you as he flings the dress behind him dramatically.
Bucky cants back on his heels, eyes roaming over every inch of your figure with this new honesty of his, goosebumps erupting under his intensity. “My god…” he swallows, unsuccessfully. The air strangles him, exploding in his throat as he tries to mutter anything but your name.
“You're not real,” his fingers graze down your body, over your peaked nipples, razzing the sensitive tips with faint circles, trailing torturously under the swell of your breasts. Your whines and gasps fuel his exploration, dragging them down the softness of your middle, the branded marks littering your skin that he starves to memorize.
His touch scorches against you with such famished rage, worshipping you until your insecurities melt away– until he's tainting your skin with only his fervent breath of possession.
Grasping your thighs, he can't help but moan, lifting a leg to his lips. “I love you,” he breathes, kissing down your soft flesh, stroking at your calf. “And the heels are staying on tonight,” he chuckles against your ankle.
That mouth can't seem to keep away from your skin, thirsty, caressing its way back up to you and showering your other leg with attention.
Teeth and tongue drag along your inner thigh, his hand toying with the band of your panties. “But these are coming off.”
A bite squeezes the pudge of your hip, gently soothing the sting with his tongue before grasping the lace between his teeth, pulling it down the swell of your thighs. “Yes, Bucky."
And oh god, he whimpers– melting under the way his name sounds, so weighted but breathless, pulled so high and and desperately from your chest. Excited hands quickly remove the lace from the rest of you, a tear of fabric stretching through the air, but you can't find the need to care.
Such a good fucking girl for him.
“Need to make you mine, bun. Gotta taste you,” he lays himself down between your thighs, wrapping his hands around your legs and placing them over his shoulders. “So fucking beautiful, got the prettiest pussy,” he whines, taking in the mesmerizing view of your glistening folds, watching your slick drip from you.
"All fucking mine," he hums.
“Keep your eyes on me bun, need you to watch me,” his low voice growls, his hands locking themselves tightly around you.
Kisses pepper up your thigh, his nose inhaling your scent with a shudder in his shoulders. So fucking good. Placing a kiss to your clit, his eyes watch, hungry to catch every move of yours intently. Your body caves at the sensation, a thin gasp pulling from the pit of your stomach, the sound all he needs to hear before licking a fat long stripe through your folds.
Oh it's so soft, so strong, your hips jerk under his warm tongue, the thick stroke of it nestling itself through you and brushing over your clit. “So fuckin’ sweet,” he moans, sucking more of you into his mouth.
He pulls you closer, licking obscenely around your cunt before locking his lips around your clit. He moans feeling your hands tug against his hair, scratching at his scalp while he laves hurried strokes at your throbbing nub.
Jolts of pleasure rip down your spine, his tongue flattening and pushing against you, unrelenting motions sending you higher and higher. “So good Bucky, fuck keep doing that,” you cry, his mouth pulses ferociously around you as he continues to bask in pleasure.
Your head falls back, curses leaving your lips as his tongue curls, fists so tightly drawn your nails leave indents, his warm muscle stroking you just right. You've always known how attentive he was but fuck– Bucky is a really fast learner, picking up quickly on just how to play with you.
A hand slaps firmly against your thigh, a yelp leaving your lips as he grunts against you. Your eyes flicker down, a smug look of disapproval on his face as he teasingly licks through your folds. “Eyes on me, bun.”
An apology rolls of your tongue, squirming under his wanton stare– that devilish mouth.
Bucky pulls you back into his warm, wet hold, devouring you with a lewd possessiveness you didn’t know could exist. Pressing his own hips into the mattress, moaning and trying to soothe the throb of watching you writhe under his tongue.
Look at you, making a mess all for him. He can't get enough of you like this.
Your hips roll against his ministrations, trying to meet the immense pleasure his salacious kisses send through you. He mumbles, heady and deep 'such a good fucking girl for me, that's it bun' the vibrations severing heat through your core, your toes curling and your hands fisting tightly against his pillows.
“You’re so good Bucky fuck, feels so good,” you cry out, breathless and thin causing another delicious moan from his mouth to grace your core. Your heels dig into his shoulders, pricking and scratching his back with every lap of his tongue. His cock throbs achingly against the mattress, your whines and sweet cries pushing him to a hardness he didn't know was possible.
God you have no idea how fucking good that makes him feel.
He shakes his head from side to side, his tongue lashing around your aching clit, the muscles in your stomach tensing as you feel a powerful release approaching. He shoves a finger into you, curling and finding the spot that makes your eyes roll.
“I’m gonna cum Buck— fuck don’t stop,” you wail.
As if I'd ever do something as stupid as that, bun. A throaty chuckle pulses around your clit, a scream bubbling up the length of your throat and filling the room.
He adds another finger, stroking them against you as the muscles in your stomach unravel, piercing waves of warm pleasure crashing around you.
That tongue never ceases, his mouth drinking up every last drop, moaning and basking in the praise your cries and words grant him. You feel him smirk against you, your hands trying to pull his head away but he just keeps going, his lips sucking you further and further as you arch your back higher.
Eyebrows lift, the thin rims of his ceruleans sending you a smug glare as you continue to spew incoherent cries about how good it feels, how you can’t take anymore, oh Bucky fuck, please don’t stop.
Bucky's in heaven– fervid lust moaned against you, torrid sirens of pure rapture searing through you as he worships you insatiably between his lips. He can’t stop now– now that he knows how sweet you taste, how good you sound begging for him.
It's all your fault, bun.
Your legs tremble around him, walls clenching around his tortuous fingers, sending miles of avid pleasure straight to the throb of his dick with every jab of your heels. His mouth lifts from you, kissing softly against your thigh as he removes his hand, bringing his two fingers up to his eager lips.
He moans, licking up all your essence dripping around his palm. “That was incredible, bunny. Never felt anything like that…” he clutches his shirt, neglecting to finish unbuttoning it all the way before ripping it off of him completely.
He never felt anything like that? Smug, evil, perfectly devilish bastard.
Spit mixed with your juices coats his stubble, a pretty sheen glistening on the lower half of his face, somehow making him appear even more irresistible. His tongue flicks around his mouth, licking up more of you. Now that he knows your taste, he's never letting it go.
He tugs at his belt, removing it in one fluid motion before discarding it across the room. Popping the button of his slacks, pulling the zipper down and kicking them off his legs.
“So fucking good for me,” he groans to himself, watching your limbs quake, gripping his aching bulge with a heavy fist.
You tremble under his gaze, the lasting intensity of the two fierce orgasms he pulled from you tingling deliciously, preening at the godlike body on display before you. Your eyes sweep over every inch of warm, corded, muscle; thick and perfectly carved.
Your eyes alone could be his ruin– and he wouldn't want it any other way. Destroy him, break him, ruin him– just never stop looking at him.
Watching you, he takes in the softness of your face, the debauched and drunk glaze of your eyes. Even with the wrecked look muddling your vision, he's never felt so cherished by someone's stare in his life.
And he sees where they're burning to glimpse at.
Your eyes land between his thighs and even with briefs on, he’s fucking huge.
A shy chuckle brews in his stomach as your eyes widen, his hands shakily moving to discard his sticky briefs. Bucky’s thick, throbbing cock slaps against his stomach, wet and glistening, the tip red and leaking with proof of his arousal.
Holy shit– there’s no way he’s going to fit.
“Oh I’ll fit, bun.”
Shit, you said that out loud.
Earnest joy grips his face, boring his eyes into yours before positioning himself over you. A hand cradles your cheek, pulling himself in for a kiss while rubbing circles into your thigh.
Lips drape over yours, lamented fervor lacing the cavern of your mouth. Tongue and teeth clash together, his eagerness tracing your lips to memory with the plea of more.
He could kiss you forever if you'd let him.
The lasting taste of you on his tongue is tangy, filthy, your hands moving to the back of his neck and itching for more. “I love you,” he whispers, pressing his nose against yours.
You smile against his cheek, biting him softly before rolling yourself up against his cock, “I love you, Bucky.” His hips jolt forward, a dark chuckle rumbling in his throat.
God– the things you make him wanna do.
His hand grabs his cock, swiping it through your folds before nudging your sensitive clit, rubbing your wetness around him.
Pressing the tip of himself against you, he moves in teasing circles, lips sprawling across your chest. The way your body responds to his every move is addictive, it's not his fault you're such a good girl for him.
The tongue flicking against your nipple matches the motion of his cock, a breathy whimper etching itself to the side of his neck. "Bucky, please. No more teasing."
Sucking you into his mouth he moans, giving in to the flames raining down his spine as your fingers claw at his skin. They move to tangle with his hair, arching yourself further in his rousing tongue.
Can't help myself, bun, it's all your fault.
Tugging at your other nipple, rolling it sharply to distract you before kneading the entirety of your breast, squeezing with such need, you feel it in the tips of your toes.
Stroking his cock once, twice, before lining up with your entrance, Bucky pushes in slowly. Torturously, making you feel every ridge and throbbing vein of his dick. Rolling his hips, groaning as he feeds you inch by inch, his cock sending shocks straight through you.
"Almost there bun, doin' so good for me. Just a bit more," he moans, your cunt tighter than anything he's felt before. Kisses dance along your temple, distracting you from the agonizing stretch and himself from forcing his hips down.
Because fuck, he knows once he's in there's no coming out.
"Takin' me so well, sweet girl. I love you," a gasp leaves both of your lips, his hips kissing yours as he bottoms out, jittery in the feeling of your wet heat around him.
Heavy breaths fill the air, the stretch of his cock between your silken walls so overwhelming, you've never felt so full in your life.
“Please Bucky,” you whine, pressing your mouth against his jaw, prodding for a desperate kiss. “Fuck me, please,” you whine, wiggling your hips against him. He trembles, pulling out and thrusting back into you.
His hips lunge, slowly and forcefully, a moderate pace that's measured and precise. Bucky can't go any faster, not yet, it'll be over entirely too soon– he needs to memorize this. The feel of your wet walls finally wrapped around him is too good, sending his mind into overdrive. The slow pound of his hips steadily grants you both miserable bouts of maddening pleasure. “You feel so fucking good,” he moans, biting into your shoulder to ground himself.
Your hands claw at his back, nails digging into the bulging muscles as his heavy body propels his thrusts. He lifts your legs around his waist, driving his weight behind his strokes and pressing you into his mattress.
"Fit so perfect around me, feels incredible, so tight." He's right– it's so good. So fucking good you could scream.
You do.
Your nails pierce him, skin rippling and burning under your hold, wails of pleasure fluttering past his ears and encouraging him further. His chest constrains you, pushing down on you with such force, pining you under all his weight as he clutches the pillows.
Forehead resting against yours, he watches your eyes roll to the back of your head in ecstasy. "That's right bun, feels so good, doesn't it?"
He needs to hear more, needs to feel you ripping him piece by piece, until all he can do is give you everything you need.
The need to tear you apart; to submerge you in every ounce of desperation he breathes; to have you completely unravel around him, wrecked and clinging to him.
He wants to give you everything. He lifts up, looking down at his cock driving in and out of you, the stretch of your walls around his girth perfect with each snap of his hips. Bucky's head falls back, moaning at the lewd sounds his cock makes spearing into your wet heat.
It's so good, so so good, he needs to stay like this forever.
He untangles your legs from around him, lifting them up and around his arms, the force of his hips punching a spot so deep, your eyes roll back, the muscles in your stomach wrapping around each other with a sharp inhale.
"Bucky, baby I'm gonna cum," you wail, a sound so desperate, so wanton, it echoes vivaciously around the room, wrapping your cunt tighter around Bucky's dick.
"That's it bun, look at you. Sound so fucking good taking me. Fuck, you're chokin' me. Wish you could feel how good you are," he praises, each utterance met with a rough, punctuated stroke. You feel incredible, he's never gonna leave.
Bucky’s balls slap against the skin of your ass, the sound mixing with the salacious suck of your pussy and cries of pleasure. "Bucky, s'good. Right there baby don't stop," you moan.
He grasps your wrists and pins them above you, pressing you down with all of his strength into the mattress. His hips continue their painfully slow thrusts, every throb and twitch of his cock ingrained in the pulsating quiver of your walls.
"Fuck bunny, that's it, cum for me, be my good girl and cum," his teeth suck at your neck, branding bruises of passion and wells of pleasure to pool deep within your stomach. The tight winding of your muscles snap, crazed and pounding pleasure erupting through you.
"I love you, I love you so much," he groans, the pulsing and clench of your walls around him almost too much to handle.
He lifts your thighs higher, bending you in half.
"My good girl, so good for me. No one makes me feel like this," he barks, pushing you through the throes of your orgasm with a hasty jerk of his hips.
"M'yours Bucky," you wail, walls fluttering desperately around him, torrential swells of pleasure prickling every nerve of your body.
“Say it again,” he growls, hips stuttering for a moment.
“I’m yours, all yours Bucky,” you plead. He latches his mouth around your nipple, flicking and sucking it sharply between his teeth.
“Again,” a roaring moan rips through him. Bucky’s eyes pierce straight through you, wrapping themselves around you as he feels your heart thump viciously under him.
“Only yours,” your nails rake down his back, the sting urging him to bounce his hips harder against you. Your hands dig into the globes of his ass, thighs wrapping themselves higher up around his waist. “Please, Bucky. Please oh fuck,” your cries grow louder, hips desperate to meet his with every harsh thrust.
Bucky drops your legs, your weak limbs pliant and shaking in his hold. A strong arm lifts under your hips, plunging himself into you so deep, deeper and deeper until he has to remind you to breathe. His thighs start to shake, the grip your cunt has on his cock strangling him so firmly he's whining. "Fuck bun, so good for me, so good," he cries.
The sound of skin slapping and lewd squelching bellows in the room, moans and words of praise permeating every inch of Bucky's cabin. His hold forces you to feel every last inch of him, your hips meeting his with all the energy you can muster.
"Oh fuck– so fucking perfect for me, all mine," he growls, pounding his hips into you so meticulously, so deep you feel him in your chest. "Need one more bun, need to feel you one more time, please."
His hand dances down your skin, meeting your swollen clit with a harsh flick of his wrist. Oh shit it feels so good, too much Bucky too fucking good.
Your walls spasm uncontrollably, squeezing him so tightly he can't breathe, but fuck– it's heaven.
Don't stop please don't ever stop bounces around the room– was that your words or his? Your body arches higher and higher, another shattering orgasm bursting through you. Your walls scream around him, the wet unrelenting clench choking him so tightly he swears he sees stars across your skin.
"I love you," he moans, unable to control the aching sob of his dick any longer. His hips quiver, his high raging through you in thick, hot white ropes of his spend. Whimpers leave his lips as you milk him dry, cum dripping and ripped from him with every last stutter and weak move of his hips. Bucky collapses on top of you, still hard, deep inside you.
Your hands card through his hair, holding him closely to the swell of your chest. His body melts against you, shaky breaths tickling your skin with every trace of your fingers against his scalp.
"I love you," you whisper, "and I plan on it for a long time, as long as you'll let me."
Watery blue eyes peer up at you, his skin sticky, but clinging to yours so tightly for the first time. Tingling with a rosy tint, bashful and so safe under your stare, he's never felt words so profound in his life.
He's never felt so wanted.
You lull his head back down, softly sweeping over the lines of his face, sloping your fingers down the curves of his neck.
A whimper of content sounds softly from his lips, preening under your touch and squeezing himself tighter around you. And for the first time, he lets himself feel it.
Sleep taunts him so sweetly, the love he feels infused in the reverent tremble of your fingers, saturating him so deeply is enough to drag him under.
"All yours, Bucky," you sigh, softly planting your lips along his hairline.
Oh yeah. He's fucked.
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casdean-jenmish · 28 days ago
Chapstick • B. Barnes
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1k
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Y/N is a simple girl with a problem that most suffer with, dry lips. In desperate need she begins asking around the compound for the one that can help her. She never expected to a get a question that changes everything.
Warnings: implied smut, sexual tension, sexual situation, spanking, choking, pet names (sargent, princess, doll, cockslut), dom vibes, I think that’s it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
All fucking day, my lips have been driving me crazy. With this cold weather, my lips naturally began to dry out. It make them chapped, rough, and honestly? A pain in the ass to deal with. This morning when I woke up, I already knew that I would have issues today. The only issue is that I couldn’t find chapstick anywhere in this god forsaken compound. How is it that none of these assholes deal with a simple problem like chapped lips? Even Peter, the kid who usually has one of everything, didn’t have chapstick. It’s straight bullshit.
I dragged myself into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water in hopes some form hydration would help. As soon as I stepped in I seen Steve, Bucky, and Sam all sitting at the island. Sam was eating something, while Steve and Bucky were going over their last mission. “Morning boys.” I said as I made my way to the fridge. “Morning Y/N.” Came from all three men. As I reached for a bottle of water from the open fridge, I realized I hadn’t asked Bucky yet. He’s a super solider like Steve, why would he need chapstick? I ignored the little voice in my head as I closed the fridge. I set my bottle of water down on the counter before turning to the men.
“Barnes?” I asked cutting off Steve and Bucky’s conversation. Both looked over at me, Steve more agitated than Bucky was. “We’re in the middle of finishing up our report Y/N.” Steve said, but Bucky wasn’t having it. “Don’t be a jerk punk, what do you need doll?” A small smile made it way to my face at the term. Bucky was always kind to me. Usually flirted a little with each conversation. It was nice having the attention of such an adonis of a man. There were many nights that I had spent dreaming of the Sargent.
“I know it’s a long shot, but do you have any chapstick by chance? My lips are really dry today and I need something.” I said almost exasperated. I really didn’t want to have to leave the compound today to buy a simple tube of chapstick. I watched as his eyes light up with something I couldn’t quite place. When a smirk made it way to his face, I knew this was going to end a different way that what I expected. “Which lips pretty girl?”
My mind completely shut down as I watched Steve and Sam almost snap their necks to look at Bucky. No fucking way he just said that to me. Absolutely not. No fucking way. I must have misheard him. “I, uh, I’m, what?” The words left my lips before my brain could even process. It’s like everything had shut off completely in my body. His smirk widened as he looked me over. “I said, which lips? Top?” I watched intently as his eyes dropped down to where I was practically throbbing. “Or bottom?”
A wave of slick rushed out of me as he bit his bottom lip before slowly making eye contact with me. Nothing but pure amusement and lust swirled in his beautiful blue irises. I could feel my throat drying out quickly as he waited for my response, but what do you even say to that? How do you response to something like that? “Which one’s princess?” I clenched around absolutely nothing at the new term of endearment. My body lighting up like a fucking christmas tree. Oh it’s fucking on.
I ran my tongue across my bottom lip, catching his eye. I cleared my throat before meekly saying, “Well both are wet now Sargent.”
Now was Sam and Steve’s turn to snap their heads in my direction. Jaws dropped on both men. I could see the fire in Bucky’s eyes grow as he clenched his jaw. “Bucknasty!” Sam said clapping his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. His laughter filling the now tense space. I gulped as Bucky slowly turned his head towards Sam, almost murderous intent in his eyes. “You and Steve have about five seconds to get out this kitchen before I bend her over the counter.” My breath caught in my throat as he spoke the words with a scarily calm voice.
“Wait what-“ Steve words were cut off as Bucky stood from his seat. I watched with anticipation as he practically stalked his way over to me. Oh fuck, he’s actually going to do it. “Shit, he’s serious.” I heard Sam say as him and Steve hurried their way out the kitchen. As soon as Steve stepped out, Bucky’s hand was wrapped around my throat. His brought his face closer to mine, allowing me to feel his hot breath against my lips.
“You’re going to be a good little princess and bend over for me, understood?” I let out a breathy moan at his words. The result of not answering him only caused his hand to squeeze around my throat for a second. “Is that understood?” He growled out, lips almost meeting mine. I nodded, but it wasn’t good enough for him. “Use your big girl words, princess.” His hand tightened slightly around my throat, making me gasp. “Yes Sargent.” I whined. I was practically soaked, making me very uncomfortable with the lack of attention.
“Then do it.” As he released his grip from around my throat, I turned and followed through with the instructions. “I hope these are replaceable doll.” I raised an eyebrow, questioning what he meant. As soon as I felt hands on me and the sound of ripping, I knew I was in for a good time. He let out a low groan which made me clench yet again. “You and this pretty little pussy are going to be the fucking death of me princess.” I let out a moan as I felt his hand come down on my ass, the slap sending more noise through the room. “Gonna make you my little cockslut.”
I should’ve asked him for chapstick sooner.
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frostironfudge · a day ago
I Met You In My Dreams Once - Bucky Barnes - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: After receiving an honourable discharge from his military service that was caused by the loss of his arm, James Barnes begins to come to terms with several things. He also finds solace in youtube videos, memes and social media, where he happens to find you.
Pairing: Ex-Military!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Plus Size!Reader (Modern AU)
Main Masterlist || AO3 || Fic Playlist
Chapter List:
Two (31st May 22)
Updated: 24th May 2022
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fic-finders · 2 months ago
What’s your favorite fics to read over and over again
wow ok this is going to be a lot so sit back, relax, and enjoy the fics lol
(I feel like there is more but I can’t find them)
Bucky Barnes
Oral Fixation by @boxofbonesfic
Body talk by @boxofbonesfic
Merciless by @buckycuddlebuddy
At Least I’ll Have Me by @buckyxplumsss
There Has Been a Misunderstanding by @touchstarvedirl
Through the Year by @punani
You’re a What Now by @floatingpetals
To Build a Home by @fanficimagery (warning! you will fucking have a mental breakdown reading this. I sobbed for days)
What the Fuck Did You Do by @sunmoonandbucky
Clockwork by @aries-writingblog
Tell Me Which Is Worse (Living or Dying First) by @nightowlwriting
Torture by @just-dreaming-marvel
The Old man’s Grocery Order by @yarnforbrains
Something More by @tellmealovestory
It’s a Deal by @justreadingfics
Harmless by @shurisneakers
To Be a God Or a Hero by @spiderbitchspiderbitch
Nostalgia for the New by @real-jane
Appointments by @buckycuddlebuddy
The Price of Truth by @cloneswars
All That’s Best of Dark and Bright by @ursulaismymiddlename
3B by @softlybarnes
Bad Match by @justreadingfics
Your Hands Have Made Some Good Mistakes by @thenhewaswrongaboutme
In The Embers by @foreverindreamlandd
If I Could Fly by @buckyys-doll
None Like You by @bonky-n-steeb
Maple Syrup Memories by @kinanabinks
Spill It by @adrinktostopyourthirst
Couldn’t Be Me by @drunken-imagines
I Won’t Give Up by @christycurlswrites
It Never Ends by @chouettedubois
The Mess by @sanguineterrain
Henry Cavill
You & I by @buckyownsmylife
Command and Obey by @wanna-do-bad-things
Dumbass Cat by @angelic-kisses13
Achey Thighs by @jadegrey711
Leave Me, but Don’t Leave Me by @buckysgoldenheart
For Auld Lang Syne by @daydreaming-in-letters
Toss a Coin to Your Witcher by @mel-the-fangirl
The One With the One Night Stand by @angywritesstuff
The One With the Advent Calendar by @angywritesstuff
Geralt of Rivia
Sorry Not Sorry by @thefanbasewhore
Vixen by @c-a-v-a-l-r-y
Leaving For Good by @cap-n-stuff
Jasker’s Plan by @anna-pixie
Sex Pollen by @clareguilty
A Jealous Man by @cap-n-stuff
Found by @kh-ael
Maneater by @thewritingdoll
Henry!Sherlock Holmes 
Jealously by @cinebration
Emotionalism by @cinebration
What I mean by @cinebration
Impressed by @cinebration
It’s Alright Darling by @thebadboyfanclub
The Only Women by @writingfortoomanyfandoms
Richard Madden
Or Else My Heart Consealing It Will Break by @rocketrhap3000
Eternal(ly Yours) by @ikaris-whore
Fighting Temptation by @ikaris-whore
Snapshot by @beananacake
Regrets by @girl-of-many-fandoms
Try by @thatfangirl42
When You Love Something, You Protect It by @ashc-from-ao3
Dead By Deviants by @starshipsofstarlord
Cruel Lover by @defaulttwig
Savior by @beananacake
Wayward Devotion by @ava-kedavra
Chis Evens
The Prenup by @vannybarber
Ransom Drysdale
Say It by @stargazingfangirl18
I Trust[ed] You by @likeahorribledream
The Assistant  by @trillian-anders
A List of Authors Whose Masterlist is Something I Binge Frequently 
@agentofbarnes Masterlist
Zee’s AUs literally bring me to life. My favorites of hers is; The Barnes au, Hacker’s Heart au, Dewdrop au, and Young & Free au! But every single work in her masterlist is amazing and a must read!
@angrythingstarlight Masterlist
I fricking love Star’s writing! The amount of feels she makes me feel when I read her writing! My personal favorite is her Biker au. I love how everything connects with each other and the plot! The plot is amazing!
@wkemeup Masterlist
Ok, listen, call me overdramatic but Kas’s writing is a work of art. The way she develops characters, plots and how she connects everything together is amazing. You get sucked in the world that she wrote and can get lost in there forever. My personal favorites are Graveyard & Sacrifice,The Witness, By Any Other Name, Delicate Edges, Suburbia, Behind the storm, and that is just naming a few.
@pellucid-constellations Masterlist
Kathie’s writing style unique, I can read a fic without looking at the author’s name and know its her. Kathie has drawn me in with every single work she put out. It’s so hard to choose my favorite but I love it when she writes for college!au bucky. Everyone must check her out, literally reading her masterlist is part of my daily routine.
@metalbuckaroo Masterlist
My goodness, where do I start? Darcy first grabbed my heart with her series Sweet Pea but once I started I could not stop. Her writing is fun, entertaining, wholesome but she can also break your heart in a dozen of pieces; like with her two parter (soon to be three) fic For the Best. Another fic that I normally read first when I binge her masterlist is The Bet.
@babyboibucky Masterlist
Bee is an amazing writer. She almost always have the holy trinity (smut, fluff, and angst) I love every piece of writing she has done but my personal favorites of The Match and Project V.
@babycap Masterlist
Devon has amazing writing skills. I love how she takes shows/movies or books and create her own little story with it. She goes in depth with all the feels and makes me honestly tear up at times. Some of my favorites are Not Other Shade of Blue, Security Deposit, and Just a Glimmer.
@littlefreya Masterlist/Drabble Masterlist
I’m new to the Henry Cavill plus his characters fandom but one of the first writers I have ever read for Henry was @littlefreya. Her writing is fun and exciting. I always look forward to read her stuff. Plus her smut is a A+, in my book. I don’t think I can choose my favorites as I love everything on her masterlists.
@mcubrunette Masterlist
Almost immediately after I watched eternals I went and search for Ikaris x reader fics. Thats went I read Fly Baby for the first time and was memorized. Since then @mcubrunette has added more fics and I have been loving every single one. If you want your heart to squeal, this masterlist is the one for you.
@cruelfvkingsummer Masterlist 
I fricking love Tia’s blog! Not only is her writing amazing but I am in love with her theme! Her masterlist is unique and really fun. But her writing is where its really at. The way she writes her story lines is phenomenal and I look forward for more to come.
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leapingintopuddles · 2 days ago
[𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟑] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟒] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟓] [𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟔] [𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭]
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 — bucky barnes x female reader
𝐚𝐮 — somewhat canon-compliant (takes place around the time of tfatws), neighbours
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞𝐬/𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐬 — fluff, romance, enemies to friends to lovers, rom-com vibes
𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 — everything is perfect in your new neighbourhood and your new apartment… or they would be, were it not for the sarcastic and mysterious smartass who lives next door. he is absolutely insufferable and infuriating, so what’s with this strange and growing sense of anticipation you get whenever you see him?
𝐰/𝐜 — 1,307
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞, 𝐚𝐧𝐝/𝐨𝐫 𝐮𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝-𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐬, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮!
Tumblr media
𝟒. 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐲𝐣𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐬
You sank back into your bed, exhaling deeply from your nose as you closed your eyes and tried to drift off to sleep. But your stubbornness about utility costs and refusal to turn on the air conditioning in this stifling summer heat certainly didn’t help matters. Instead, your window was wide open to let in some fresh air. 
Charlie lay on an empty spot on the left side of the bed. You had long ago given up making him sleep on the very expensive you bought him and kept in the corner of your bedroom. Luckily for him, you didn’t move around much during sleep, so rolling over and accidentally squashing him in the middle of the night wasn’t a concern. 
Opening your eyes to stare at the ceiling, you reached over, unable to sleep, running your fingers through the short fur on top of his little head. Despite the heat, you could hear the gentle rumbling in his chest as he enjoyed the sensation. 
You wondered if Bucky was home yet. You wondered if he would barge in any second now to tell you to shut the window because the city noise was too much for his sensitive ears, or maybe lecture you about being so careless. 
You wondered why you let him get away with it. 
He had scared you a little bit that day you first met when he climbed up the fire escape and sauntered his way into your apartment like he belonged there. You didn’t tell anyone about it, knowing they’d probably tell you to submit a complaint to the landlord. And they would have been right to do so… on paper, that single event alone was sketchy as hell. 
But for some reason, you kept him a secret from your friends and family, not wanting to hear them try and persuade you to stay away from him. 
Bucky had stopped doing that anyway, as promised, but occasionally you’d be taking out the garbage only to find him sneaking down the hall towards his unit, looking grumpier and more tired than the last time. Sometimes, he was sporting a new bruise somewhere, bleeding from more than a few cuts and scrapes. 
You wondered what he did to get beat up like that all the time and why. You wondered if he had anyone to take care of him when he did. 
Your eyes snapped open as you scrambled to sit up in bed, eyes wide and breath hitching, startling Charlie out of sleep. He raised his head to tilt it in your direction, confused. 
Dear lord. Were you going through some kind of bad boy phase? 
Was that why you made such allowances for Bucky? Was that why you left the door open whenever you baked, even though you knew he’d come by and mooch? Why you always asked him instead of the super to fix that leaky faucet in your bathroom? Why you still sung loudly and terribly in your shower even though you knew he could hear you? 
Did you have a crush on your elusive neighbour?! 
With a soft groan, you fell back onto your covers and squeezed your eyes shut as if you could will those feelings away. Well, it wasn’t the end of the world, right? People got crushes all the time. All you had to do was shut it down now that you were aware of it. Bucky never had to know. If you had your way, he wouldn’t ever — not if you could help it. 
“Hey, 904. What did I tell you about leaving your window open like that at night?” Great. Now you were hearing his voice in your sleep, slightly muffled in your dreams. 
But Charlie got up and hopped off the bed, whimpering and pawing at the door. You got out of bed and opened your bedroom door, almost screaming when you saw him standing in your living room. Charlie went wild, dashing across the hall to launch himself at your late-night intruder. 
“I’m pretty sure you’re the only danger around here.” You hissed, placing a hand over your beating heart. “You need to stop coming in through the windows like a total weirdo.” 
“Trust me, the only thing worth stealing from you is probably Chuckie boy here.” He responded half-heartedly with a goofy smile as he continued to pet your dog into the next century. “I forgot I wasn’t supposed to take the…” 
He looked up at you and trailed off, leaving you standing there glaring at him in the moonlight with your hands on your hips. Bucky smirked before letting out a small laugh. 
Definitely not a good sign. 
“Nice PJs, doll.” 
You looked down and groaned in embarrassment. Of all the possible nights you could have worn this! 
“These were an impulse buy… on sale at Target.” You explained hurriedly, wrapping your arms around yourself as if that could possibly hide your matching pyjama set, complete with cutesy illustrations of Captain America’s shield and cowl printed all over them in a repeating pattern. 
“Oof. An impulse buy.” Bucky chuckled, still rubbing his hands over Charlie’s fluffy belly, before muttering under his breath, “I gotta tell Sam that one.” 
“Nothin’. So you’re not a fan of Captain America, then?” 
“…I didn’t say that. What’s not to like? He fought bad guys and shit. Plus he was cute.” You shrugged, remembering the rare occasions when you turned on the news and saw footage of Steve Rogers’ clean-shaven handsome face. 
“Hm.” Bucky hummed, still smiling but a little wistfully now as if recalling a fond memory. But then his face hardened, noticeable even in the shadowy darkness of your apartment. “Even the new one?” 
“What? There’s a new Cap?” 
“Boy, you really do live under a rock, don’t you?” Bucky’s words were teasing, but his tone sounded somewhat grateful. 
“I gotta if I want to stay sane.” You returned. Especially after the blip, there was hardly any good news lately. If you didn’t tune it out, you’d go insane trying to keep up with it all. 
Bucky got up and crossed the room, stopping right in front of you. He loomed so tall over you that you had a hard time maintaining eye contact, but you could swear he was looking at you like he knew something you didn’t. 
Like he could hear your heart practically beating out of your chest. 
“Yeah, well,” he said after clearing his throat a few times. “I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed, 904.” 
“Uh, rude.” You responded, trying to sound nonchalant as he stepped away, trying to ignore the way your heart fell a little at the resumed distance. Get your head together! You were supposed to be crushing this crush! 
“Close that window before going to sleep. Just because I haven’t tried anything, doesn’t mean there aren’t any weirdos out there who won’t.” 
“Rude.” You repeated, but even so, you followed him to the door, stopping by your fridge to pull out the meals you were unable to deliver earlier. “You don’t deserve these, but… here.” 
He stood there for a moment, looking at the containers in your hands like you were handing him a ticking bomb, before slowly reaching out his prosthetic hand and taking them from you. 
“I made them for Yori but he wouldn’t take all of it, so, you know…” You rushed to explain, not wanting him to think you’d made them especially for him, because you hadn’t. “Plus, you were actually nice the other day, so, yeah.” 
Bucky mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like a ‘thank you’, making you smirk triumphantly. But then he looked up, his eyes meeting yours like little blue pools reflecting the night sky back at you…
…and the world shifted. 
Looks like there was no crushing this crush, after all.
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 — i can’t with these two. what the actual hell. did i actually write this? why are they so cute???? i’m dead 😂
𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐨 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤. 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐬𝐨 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
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jbreenr · 3 months ago
𝕳𝖊𝖑𝖑 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × Reader
Summary: Bucky tells you that you're no sweet dream but a hell of a night.
Word count: 2.6k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), hate sex (?), unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), size kink, fingering, mentions of an oral (m), cockwarming at the end. And I think that's it.
A/N: This is all self-indulgent because today's my birthday and it's my gift to myself because it took me ages to finish it and it's finally done so, yay! As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*. Let me know your guys' thoughts. I love that shit.
Tumblr media
ᴺᵒᵗ ᵐʸ ᵍⁱᶠ ¯ ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵒʳ
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” You let out as soon as Bucky slammed the door shut behind him.
“With me? What the fuck is wrong with you?” He debated, taking his tie off and throwing it aside as if to breathe better. “You were supposed to take the target outside so I could interrogate him.”
“No, you wanted me to take him out so you could interrogate him. I was ordered to get the information without raising suspicion or causing a scene, which you did! This mission was supposed to be subtle.”
Getting rid of the hundreds of pins in your hair, you saw Bucky clenching his fists through the small mirror hanging on the wall. “Yeah, and your way of persuading him was so subtle.” He chuckled at his implication, crossing his arms over his chest.
“What?” Leaving your hair fall to your shoulders, you turned to him. Hands in your hips and a challenging grimace on your face.
“I'm just wondering how you got him to tell you everything.”
Your guy was fool enough to believe you were only a girl looking for a good time. He took you to the VIP section of the club to have more privacy, and after some minutes of him talking about his wealth and how he'd have you coming back for more, it took him only a couple more drinks and for you to sit in his lap to tell you everything about the big assault he and his friends had planned to double their illicit fortunes.
But everything went to hell when Bucky “I Don't Like Being Left Out” Barnes stormed in, ready to kick the shit out of the guy because he thought you may have been in danger.
A dozen armed men followed him past the chain dividing the club and you had to fight your way out and to the security house you'd have to stay for three more days.
“You're not the charming one here, Barnes.” You kicked your shoes off, feet thanking the relief of not being trapped in those heels any longer. “I can be very persuasive.”
“Yeah, dressed up like that, you bet that's true.”
And he was not wrong. The vibrant red, strapless dress was held together by two shoe-like laced strings on the sides, the skirt was short enough to let little to the imagination and the pronounced cleavage made you question if it was going to keep everything in place once on.
“A man would do pretty much anything to have a beautiful woman.” From under the skirt, you took out your only unused knife and tossed it on top of the pile of bobby pins. “Which he thought I was.”
Your mocking comments only served to piss Bucky off even more. None of that would have happened, the mission wouldn't have been compromised if you had listened to him and did what he asked you to do.
“Then I should have left you there.” That granted him your full attention. Inquisitive eyes asking him to elaborate. “Let him deal with you to see if he could stand you for more than a night.”
Bile grew on your stomach and started raising up your throat, making it burn. But you wouldn't fall for his provocations, not that easy.
So you inhaled deeply and said, “Believe me, he was looking forward to it. Bet he's gonna dream of me for the rest of the week.”
You started to make your way to the small bathroom to clean yourself when his somber chuckle stopped you dry.
“What's so funny?” You turned to him, watching him shorten the distance with you until you were face to face again.
Bucky shook his head in amusement, a devilish spark on his eyes.
“You may look like a dream.” His lip was twitched upwards, a scowl of pure disgust all over his face as he eyed you up and down. “But you're a fucking nightmare.”
He was close enough for you to smell the bourbon he drank before you had to leave the club, to see the intense blue of his eyes trying to burn a hole in your skull, and you couldn't help but to wonder how his plump lips would feel between your teeth.
“That would explain why you're always wandering sleepless at night.” You tilted your head, as if you had just understood the mysteries of the universe. “Too afraid of your subconscious betraying you--”
His vibranium fingers dug in your chin as he stamped you against the nearest wall, lifting your face up so you could see his enraged expression.
“What are you saying?”
“That maybe, I not only make you scream out of fear in your dreams.” You forced your head to the front, taking advantage of Bucky's strength faltering. “But out of pleasure too.”
And he gave you the reason when, by talking a handful of your hair, he crashed his lips on yours roughly.
You reciprocated, not only to the kiss –sucking on Bucky's lip and letting your tongue fight his, but also by tugging at his hair too.
Grunts and moans filled the air with each movement of your heads, trying to drink more of each other, but refusing to let go of your grips.
The anger you had accumulated in your body was quickly replaced with the fire of lust. Pure and burning desire for Bucky to tear your dress in shreds and have his way with you.
“You really believe I dream of you?” He asked in between kisses, left hand leaving your chin to find your waist, keeping you in place as he pressed his semi hard member to your hip. “You think too highly of yourself.”
His lips made their way down your jaw and to the crook of your neck, where he sucked, surely leaving more than just one mark.
“I'm not the one having wet dreams with you, Barnes.” Your hand sneaked inside his trousers and past his boxers, easily finding his cock, which you started stroking slowly. “Tell me,” His lips had stopped their assault, heavy breaths hitting your skin with each movement of your hand. “Is this as good as you imagined?” Your thumb brushed his tip, smearing it with the pre cum he was already leaking. “Or am I just disappointing you here?” You squeezed only enough to have him coming back to reality.
With more force than you anticipated, Bucky freed himself of your torturous palming and pinned your hands above your head, restricting your attempts to keep teasing him.
“You're a pain in the ass.” He snarled on your lips, as if he wanted to make sure you'd swallow his words.
“Quite literally.” You mocked, benefiting from his grip on your wrists and jumping to lock your legs around his waist and dig your talons on his lower back. “What're you gonna do about it, huh?”
But the smirk adorning your features wouldn't last long; Bucky easily took the few steps needed to reach one of the beds and let you fall on top of it. The bouncing of your body on the mattress, wrinkling your dress just above your waist.
“You'll see what I'm going to do about it.” Bucky discarded both his button-up shirt and trousers as he stood dangerously close to the bed, letting you see the well formed tent in his boxers.
When he got rid of his last piece of clothing, revealing his full length, hard and ready and glorious, your mouth watered and your pussy throbbed. From that previous sneak peek, you knew he was big, but seeing him, his red tip, that vein you'd kill to run your tongue on… it was a whole other level.
Even if you wanted, you couldn't take your eyes away from his cock, imagining how it'd feel between your lips, its weight on your tongue and the bittersweet taste of him on your throat as you made him cum with only your mouth.
“Like what you see?” His ego was all over the roof when he asked.
“I've seen better.” You both knew that was a lie, but by the way Bucky clenched his jaw, you were sure he was not pleased with your answer.
You saw him climbing on the bed, but you didn't quite register what it meant until he hurriedly unlaced one side of the dress and opened it as if it was a book cover and you, the story to be read.
The dress was meant to work as a second skin, too tight that not even your soul would fit inside, which meant that the presence of your so-called panties as the only thing underneath it was well justified.
Bucky scoffed, dragging you to the edge of the bed by your talons. He ran a finger along your pussy over the silky material, making you gasp. “You may not have wet dreams,” He yanked the panties down your legs, fist closed around them as he directed them to his nose to inhale your scent. “But you sure as hell are soaked for me.”
Before you could think of a response, his hand was back between your legs, parting your lips and collecting your juices in his fingers as he teased your bud.
“Oh!” You let out when his thick finger entered you. The cold metal, warming against your walls as he pumped it in and out.
You closed your eyes, your own hands finding your nipples to play with them as you enjoyed the stimulation Bucky was giving to you.
“Gorgeous.” You heard him whisper before adding a second finger. He'd scissor and curl them, preparing you for the real thing.
Peeking one eye open, you saw Bucky's gaze fixated in your center and how your lips would swallow his digits with a soft wet sound.
Only when he felt your walls starting to flutter and your moans felt heavier did he let go, leaving you panting in need and desperation for a release.
He watched his fingers, all covered in your dampness and he debated between tasting you in them or making you lick them clean so you could give your mouth a good use.
Deciding that he'd have three days to do that and much more, he simply settled for taking his cock in hand to stroke it, lubricating it with your arousal.
That was it. The second he positioned between your legs and started running his tip all over your pussy until, eventually it pushed just past your entrance, you were sure he wouldn't fit.
“Fuck!” You whined, feeling him stretching you out more and more as he entered. “You're so fucking big.” The words left your mouth before you could stop them.
And Bucky didn't give you time to even regret saying them.
“But you can take it, can't you?” Watching you struggle to allow all of him in you, with your lips parted and the undeniable hurtful yet full of desire expression written all over your face, it was taking all of him not to bottom out in a single, fast thrust. “After all, you've had better.”
The little shit! You knew what he was doing. He wanted you to admit he was better than anyone else you had been with. But you wouldn't make it easy for him to get that confession, at least not that much easy.
“Way better.” You moaned.
But that was not the answer he was expecting again.
With a fluid movement, Bucky snapped his hips to the front, gaining a raw moan to erupt from your throat.
He wasted no time, owning a pace that had the bed squeaking, threatening to break at any moment from his forceful thrusts.
“Oh, God!” Your hands flew to his shoulders, trying to hold onto him for dear life as he kept pounding. Your nails, biting on his flesh and trying to scratch the metal with long stripes that would mirror the ones on his right shoulder blade.
Harsh breaths left Bucky's lips with each thrust, accompanying your every moan. His lips found a place in your jaw, and when his teeth grazed your skin and you clenched around him, he wouldn't forget that.
A series of kisses and stripes of his tongue on your throat had you almost seeing stars. The smell of sex and Bucky's body wash mixed was intoxicating, a combination that was destined to drive you crazy.
“Taking my cock so well.” He grunted, his hand finding a space between your bodies to apply just the right amount of pressure over your clit to have your hips jolting, searching his touch. “You feel so good around me, I don't think I'm letting you go.” He circled his fingers, repeatedly drawing an infinite symbol. “Imma be buried in this sweet pussy for the rest of our time here.” A particularly hard thrust followed his statement, your whine automatically letting him know that you agreed with his terms. “You'll be so full of my cock that you won't know how much time passes until we have to go.”
His words were pure torture. The pictures he painted in your brain, of him fucking you in every corner of the safe house, of you riding his cock until your body gave in, of him making you cum over and over only to have you begging for more right after…
There was nothing in the world that you wanted more than to make all those scenarios a reality.
“Ha!” You managed to hide a wail behind the sarcastic laugh. “I never took you for a romantic, Barnes.” Your hands roamed around his back, exploring his muscles and asking him to keep going. “You always like this with the ladies?”
“Only with the ones I wanna break in half.” He left a tender kiss on your shoulder, a contrasting gesture that felt just right.
And even though you understood the implications of Bucky's words, you said, “Then, what's stopping you?”
His smirk served as your only warning before he started hammering into you like a man possessed. The relentless rhythm with which he fucked you, reflected in both the slapping sounds of skin on skin and the delicious squelch your juices would create every time his cock made its way inside you.
With each slap of his hips, he was taking you closer to your orgasm. You could feel it in your bones, the rising need, the desperation to fall apart, the urge of taking him down with you.
“Let go now.” His fingers went side to side in your bundle of nerves, tightening the knot in your lower belly. “Show me you can follow instructions; cum for me.”
And the order sent you over the edge.
As your orgasm hit you, taking all the air out of your lungs and making you curl your toes, you felt Bucky twitching, still pounding into you, searching for his own release. And you were going to help him.
On purpose you clenched, squeezing Bucky hard, making him grunt as he faltered. A few more thrusts and he spilled, cock softening but still buried deep inside you.
He let his weight fall on you before rolling in the bed, taking you with him so you'd still be connected.
Both of you were panting. The sound of your heavy breathings and the cars passing by outside, filling the room.
Until you heard Bucky laughing.
“Can't believe all it took was for me to call you a nightmare.” He caressed your back delicately. “Should have done that ages ago.”
To that, you sat up straight, straddling him and looking down at his confused eyes.
“You really wanna know how much of a nightmare I can be?” There was no malice in your voice, only a challenging tone that matched the slow way you started moving up and down Bucky's renewed hard member.
“Let's find out.” And as his hands guided your pace, you knew you wouldn't dream of anything else ever again.
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daisybvck · a month ago
Baby love, I need your love
Pairing : mafia!bucky x baker!reader
Warning : smut, praise kink, teasing
Summary : sex with Bucky before he has to leave for work
Tumblr media
I had woken up with the feeling of a warm hard body right underneath me. The manly scent engulfed my nose making me never want to leave. Slowly, I tilted my head up a little from his chest to see that he was busy sleeping. His eyes were shut, giving him the most innocent appeal. The plumpness of his lips were present and perfection of his jaw was panty-dropping.
As slow as possible, I slid out from on top of him and very quietly left his room and into my restroom. My hand found the toothbrush where I quickly placed on my toothpaste and began to scrub away. When I was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror, noticing the extreme case of bed hair. Grabbing a brush, I brushed down my wild y/h/c strands of hair just before putting it away and running all the way back to Bucky’s room.
He remained sleeping peacefully as I climbed right back into the bed. It made me wonder if he ever had to go do all of that. I think that he's too perfect to even have to. As I inspect his hair, I notice that there's not a single hair out of place. My nose was itching to smell his breath, but I felt that was too beyond weird.
Instead, I settled on tracing his tattoo on his abs with my finger. It was actually more intriguing than I thought it would be. The little red star indicating his brand of the powerful winter soldier. In seconds, I could feel his warm hands come down to cup my butt before pulling me all the way on top of him to the point I was straddling him. Both of my knees were on either side of his body as his hand rested on my ass.
"How'd you sleep?" He asked me. His voice sounded richer and deeper adding to his huskiness. My eyes found his to see that they were still hidden behind his eyelids
"I think it was the best sleep I've ever had," I answered him honestly. I found his tattoo again, only this time, it was the one on his chest before using the pad of my index finger to trace it. Finally, he opened his eyes. I could feel him staring at me, but I didn't bother to look up at him seeing as my attention was completely on his tattoo. After a few moments, he grabbed my hand, stopping my motions.
This left me to look into his eyes-it never fails to pull me in. "Same here," he muttered, still talking in his sleepy voice. I reached over and planted a kiss on his lips before pulling back. He didn't allow me to pull back for long as his hand found the back of my neck as he pulled me back in. My lips came crashing down onto his as his hand on my ass moved my hips for me against him. A moan climbed out of me as his tongue bit down on my lip, asking for entrance.
I parted my lips with absolutely no hesitation leaving him to slowly massage his tongue against mine. Then, I could feel his hand slowly trail from my hips to the inside of the boxers he let me wear to sleep. I could feel every one of his motions as he slid his hand to my clit. He rubbed against my lips, creating a pleasurable friction.
I could feel him insert a finger inside of me after a while. Pulling away from the kiss, my eyes closed as moan climbed out of me. I was entirely too wet to not say I was turned on. He seemed to know how to push inside of me just perfectly to the point that it felt amazing. His finger stroked the inside of my walls with each thrust of his finger. It had me moaning out in a bliss against his lips
He tore the boxers I was wearing off in a heartbeat. The sound sounded so sexy in my ears and the feeling of him moving back the boxers he was wearing just enough to uncover exactly what I needed in this moment.
I reached between us and grabbed him before lining him up with my entrance. Slowly, I started to lower myself down onto him, but he wasn't having it. He reached up and grabbed me by the shoulders and roughly pulled me down, fulling burying himself in me. I gasped at how full I felt. At this angle, he was so deep inside of me. I started rocking back and forth on him slowly, but started to gain speed. While I was bouncing up and down on his cock, I could feel his hands wander down to my bottom as he pushed me to grind more against him each time I impaled myself with his girth.
With each thrust, I could feel my breast bounce right in front of his eyes. His eyes were on them for a while as I circled my hips in a motion before sliding up his pole once again. Instinctively, I squeezed around him with every time I slide right back down. The sound we were making with our bodies sounded absolutely erotic. A moan came out out of me as I closed my eyes, tossing my head back.
His hands moved from my bottom to to my breast underneath the huge shirt I was wearing, where he cupped them in his hand. I could feel as he molded them, and rested my hardening nipple bud in-between his fingers. It felt so good as he continued this while my body was pleasuring itself right on top of his shaft. Every single time it entered me, my toes curled just like my experience had been yesterday
After a few moments, the door opened up and since the shower was made out of glass, I could see Bucky walk toward the sink and begin to brush his teeth. "You couldn't wait until I was done?" I asked. He turned around, smiled at me before continuing what he was doing. "I wanted to see you one last time before I left for work dekta," he said after rinsing his mouth out with mouth wash. He walked up to me, opened the shower and smashed his mouth against my lips. "Behave" was the last thing he said before walking out of the bedroom
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jobean12-blog · 2 months ago
R: Reader and Bucky are best friends, but everyone mistakes them for a couple.
Accidentally On Purpose
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 2,888
Summary: You and Bucky are best friends and it's clear to everyone else (except you two) that you're perfect for each other.
Author's Note: Hey lovely! Thanks for this request. I love it. Love the friends to lovers troupe. This one got away from me haha but I hope you enjoy! Have a great day! HUGS! 💕Thank you all SO MUCH for reading! Much love always! ❤️❤️❤️Divider by my sweet @firefly-graphics thank you love!🥰
Warnings: soft and fun fluff, teasing, flirting, awkward shyness, super light angst, a curse here or there, meddling Sam and friends :)
Gif NOT MINE: Credit goes to @cityofembers
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Has anyone seen my ‘Brooklyn’ shirt?”
Bucky jogs into the common room, his hat on backwards and his running shoes in hand. Just as he finishes his sentence you turn from the coffee machine and smile at him.
“There it is,” he says cheerily.
You look down and then give him a sheepish shrug. He walks toward you and leans down to kiss your cheek.
“No worries doll face. I have other shirts. See ya later.”
“Bye Buck!” you giggle.
With that he spins on his heel and jogs back to his room.
“Would it have mattered if anyone else answered him? Did he even realize we’re here?” Tony snickers, his eyes glued to you.
“Definitely not,” Sam laughs.
The rest of the team nods in agreement as you continue to wash your mug, completely oblivious to the knowing looks they exchange with each other.
When Bucky returns from his run he hops in the shower and then stops by your room. Without knocking he walks in and calls your name, his brows furrowing when you don’t answer. He opens the door and steps out into the hallway but doesn’t get very far before you barrel into his hard chest.
“Oof Buck. I was just…,” you start.
“Hey, there you…,” he says at the same time.
“You ok?” he fusses, rubbing your arms.
“I’m fine,” you answer and tug on the strings of his hoodie.
“Wanna go to the coffee shop?” he asks. “I need a muffin.”
“YES! And I need coffee!”
“And a muffin,” he adds.
You grab his hand and take off down the hallway. When the two of you get outside you sigh contentedly at the feel of the warm sunshine.
“What kind of muffin are ya gonna get doll?” Bucky asks as he throws his arm lazily around your shoulders.
“Hmmm. Blueberry,” you state with confidence. “Wait no! Banana nut!”
“Ooo good choice,” he hums.
“Well, maybe I do want blueberry,” you whine. “UGH! I can never decide.”
“Tell ya what,” he smirks. “I’ll get banana nut and you get blueberry and we can share!”
“Perfect,” you cheer.
He holds the door of the coffee shop open so you can go in first. You both order a coffee and the muffins and wait in line.
“You’re still wearing my shirt,” he teases.
“Oh yea. I am,” you concede. “I like this one.”
His lips turn up into a sideways smile and he pokes you in the side.
“So do I!” he mocks playfully.
The barista calls your name and you shuffle down to the counter, smiling when she holds up your drink.
“Thank you!”
“Gimme one sec and I’ll have your boyfriends ready too,” the barista answers with a smile.
“My boy…”
She turns away and finishes up Bucky’s coffee. Bucky slides up next to you, muffins in hand and asks, “is that mine?”
“The barista is finishing yours up now,” you tell him.
He sticks his hand in the muffin bag and rips a piece of the muffin top off before stuffing it in his mouth.
“You better leave me some of the top Buck!” you chide with narrowed eyes.
“My boyfriend always eats the tops on me too,” the barista says as she appears with Bucky’s coffee.
“He’s not…”
But before you can finish Bucky takes the coffee with a smile and says, “does he? Must be a boyfriend thing.”
Bucky winks at you before saying thank you to the barista and starting toward the door. You follow him back outside into the sunshine, your face scrunched up in mild distaste.
“Is your coffee bad doll?”
“Huh?” you say, finally lifting your eyes to his.
“You have that face.”
“What face?” you ask.
“You’re doing the nose scrunchie thing and you look sorta suspicious,” he explains. “Oh, and you’re chewing your lip.”
You release your lip and stare blankly at him, your mouth opening and closing before you clamp it shut and grab a piece of muffin top. You stuff it into your mouth.
“I’m good,” you mumble and start walking.
Tumblr media
You’re curled up on the couch, your head buried in Bucky’s chest as the girl on the TV let’s out a blood curdling scream.
Bucky laughs and you burrow further into him, covering your ears when the murdering starts.
“You know we don’t have to watch these movies anymore. I know they scare you,” he says softly.
“But you like them!” you protest.
“And you don’t! I can watch these with Steve or somethin’. Let’s put something else on.”
“Think we have time? Sam said he and Sarah would be here soon! I’m excited to meet her!”
“Hm, maybe not. And me too. I can’t wait to make fun of Sam together!”
Your head falls back with laughter just in time for Sam and Sarah to walk in.
“What’s so funny?” Sam deadpans.
You snort and smile Sarah’s way before standing. Bucky opens his mouth to speak but Sam holds up a hand.
“Lemme guess. You were talking about me,” Sam states, clearly unamused.
You introduce yourself to Sarah and immediately like her and her warmth. After she meets the rest of the team you all gather together for some food. The pizza boxes are strewn across the counter and you search for the pie you want but before you find it Bucky appears with a slice and hands it to you.
“Thanks Buck,” you smile. “I was looking for that.”
He kisses your cheek and saunters off to chat with Sam and Steve. Sarah comes up to you and takes a slice.
“The pizza here is so good,” she gushes.
“I know!!!” you agree, taking a bite and closing your eyes.
“So,” she begins. “How long have you and Bucky been together?”
You choke on the bite and quickly search for your water. She finds it first and hands it to you, looking concerned.
“You ok?” she asks once you catch your breath.
“Yep,” you croak, clearing your throat. “Um…we’ve been best friends for a while now, feels like forever.”
“Oh…OH!” she exclaims. “I’m sorry, I just thought…you seem like…sorry.”
“No big deal!” you assure her. “It happens all the time but we’re just friends.”
She nods slowly but doesn’t seem convinced so you just shove more pizza in your mouth.
Tumblr media
“Hey, do you wanna go to that new Italian restaurant that opened in the village tonight? It’s been getting great reviews!” Bucky says as the two of you walk home from running errands.
“I’d love to!” you sing. “Ohhh I hope they have tartufo and maybe I’ll get lasagna! Or penne vodka!”
Your excitement makes Bucky smile wide and he nudges you in the shoulder.
“We can get whatever you want doll face.”
“Is it fancy? Do we need to dress up?” you ask, as you swing your arms, glad to have him carrying all the bags.
“Nah. Seems like one of those small and authentic places that we can just chill,” he explains.
“My favorite,” you say happily.
“Me too,” he agrees.
Tumblr media
“Wow. It smells SO GOOD in here,” you whisper as you walk into the restaurant.
“I can’t wait to eat,” Bucky says, rubbing his stomach.
The hostess smiles as you walk over and Bucky tells her he’d like a table for two. They seat you in the back at a small table and Bucky pulls your chair out.
After perusing the menu, you put it down and make a face. Bucky catches your eye and grins.
“Can’t decide what you want doll?”
“NO,” you huff.
“We’ll get both and split it,” he says before pouring you more wine.
“Thanks,” you say quietly, smiling sweetly. “You’re the best.”
The waiter comes over to take your order and before he leaves he leans in and asks, “I don’t mean to pry but you two are just so cute. Is this a first date or are you one of those couples that’s been together for years but you know…you’re just perfect.”
Your eyes widen and Bucky opens his mouth but no words come out. The poor waiter realizes his mistake and steps back then starts to apologize profusely.
“I am so sorry!” the waiter says. “I just assumed because you look so happy together. I shouldn’t have said anything. Again, so sorry. I’ll put your order in right away.”
With that he hurries off and leaves you and Bucky awkwardly shifting your silverware around.
“You know Sarah thought…” you start to mutter.
“The same thing happened at the…” Bucky begins before clearing his throat.
“I guess everyone just assumes we’re together,” you say dismissively.
“Yea probably happens to lots of people like us,” Bucky adds, downing his wine.
The rest of dinner goes by and the two of you enjoy and share the food, making small talk about nothing but you can feel the shift in your relationship. You know Bucky feels it too because he keeps stealing glances your way and when you try to meet his eyes he looks down like he got caught doing something he shouldn’t.
On the walk home your hands hang between your bodies and your fingers continually brush, the sensation igniting your skin in a way you’ve never felt before. You want to reach over and hold his hand but your mind is swimming with confused thoughts and you think better of it.
“Did you wanna watch something tonight doll?” he asks you when you get back to the compound.
“Um…,” you mumble, suddenly feeling more nervous than ever. “I’m kinda tired. I’m going to get rest for a bit. Thank you for dinner.”
His dejected look makes your heart ache but you just give him a clumsy hug and rush off. You slam the door to your room and slide to the floor, hanging your head between your knees.
“Shit,” you mutter.
Tumblr media
“Hey Buck. Where’s your best pal,” Steve asks when he walks into the kitchen the next day. “Thought you’d be doing your usual morning ritual.”
“Hmm?” Bucky says, glancing up from his coffee mug. “Oh, uh, not sure. Maybe she’s still sleeping,” he shrugs.
Steve’s eyes soften when he takes in the tired look on Bucky’s face.
“Everything ok punk?” Steve asks.
“Yep. Fine. Why wouldn’t it be?” Bucky says with a dour look.
Steve just nods and makes his breakfast.
You don’t see Bucky all day and it feels like the longest and worst day ever. You want to go to him but you can’t stop thinking about the past few weeks and what the waiter said and how you feel about him.
Do you want to be more than friends? Does he? What if it messes everything up?”
Tumblr media
“So, what’s going on with Barnes?” Sam asks Steve the next day. “I haven’t seen him so glum in a long time.”
“I dunno,” Steve answers, clearly lost in thought. “He won’t tell me but I’ve definitely noticed that he doesn’t hang out with his best girl much anymore.”
“Hm,” Sam muses. “Did they have a fight? I mean best friends have fights…you should know.”
Steve cracks a smile at Sam’s light teasing but it quickly falls when Bucky enters the room looking extra grumpy.
“Hey pal, wanna go play some pool later?” Steve asks, throwing Sam a sideways glance.
Bucky looks up and presses his lips together.
“I dunno if I really feel like going out,” Bucky mumbles.
“Aw come on Buck,” Sam chimes in. “It’ll be fun. You love it when I kick your ass in pool!”
Bucky let’s out a light chuckle and agrees to go with them before he excuses himself back to his room.
“Man, he does look bad,” Sam says once he and Steve are alone again.
“Maybe tonight will help,” Steve says, his tone hopeful.
Sam starts to smile, his face filled with mischief and Steve narrows his eyes.
“I think I might know what’s going on,” Sam whispers. “And I have a plan.”
Later than night you run into Bucky when he’s coming back from the gym. His already tight tee shirt is clinging to his skin from sweat and you can see the outline of his muscles.
“Hey Buck,” you say with a gulp. “Good workout?”
“Hi doll. Um…yea pretty good.”
“So, uh. I wanted to see if you wanted to order some pizza later. I haven’t had any in a while and you know it’s so good so…”
You inwardly cringe at your rambling and when you finally brave a peek at Bucky he’s looking slightly regretful.
“I told the guys I’d go play pool with them tonight.”
“That’s great!” you say far too cheerily. “Have fun!”
You start to walk off but he grabs your arm.
“You can come if you want,” he tells you.
“Nah. I don’t want to impose on your guy time. Just make sure you beat Sam.”
You throw him a half-hearted smile and walk quickly back to your room.
Tumblr media
Steve nudges Sam with his elbow and points the pool stick in Bucky’s direction.
“He is definitely not having a good time,” Steve whispers.
“I can see that,” Sam agrees but he’s wearing a smirk.
“What the hell is that about. What did you do?” Steve says through gritted teeth.
“Nothing yet,” Sam answers before walking over to Bucky.
“So,” he starts. “How come your best buddy didn’t come tonight?” Sam asks Bucky.
Bucky scoffs before he says, “she didn’t wanna butt in on our guy time.”
“That’s never been a problem before,” Sam says, raising a brow.
Bucky doesn’t answer and takes his shot. He misses and starts to grumble under his breath.
“Maybe she had other plans,” Sam continues. “You know…a date or something.”
Bucky’s head shoots up and he pins Sam with a death stare.
“A date?” Bucky growls. “With who?”
Sam just gives him a nonchalant shrug. “How should I know? You’re her best friend. But I did hear her talking to Nat about some dress thing.”
Sam takes his shot and lands the seven ball in the corner pocket.
“You’re really sucking tonight Barnes,” Sam taunts. “Get your mind in the game.”
Bucky’s eyes meet Steve’s and Steve gives him a small nod. It’s all it takes for Bucky to discard his pool stick and leave.
“Wow, that was way too easy,” Sam snickers.
Steve walks up next to him, hands crossed over his chest. “This better work Wilson.”
Tumblr media
Bucky rushes into the common room, his chest rising and falling with the exertion of running all the way back to the compound. He stalks toward your room and goes to open the door. He stops with his hand on the knob and rests his forehead against the wood before letting out a sigh and knocking.
He hears you shuffle closer on the other side and when you ask who it is, he answers, “it’s me doll face.”
You open the door, grabbing the hem of his shirt and wringing it through your fidgeting hands.
“Hi Bucky. I thought you were out with the guys…”
“Sam said you were on a date.”
“What?” you say, shocked. “No. I’m not. I have no idea why he thought that.”
Bucky sighs and threatens Sam’s life before he, says, “I…listen baby doll…I need to…”
He stumbles over his words and you want to say something but he’s never called you baby doll before and it sounds too good for you to concentrate on anything else.
You lick your lips and pull the bottom one between your teeth, holding his heated gaze as he continues to try and get out what he wants to say.
“Fuck it,” he growls and takes a step inside and closes the door.
He grabs your waist and spins you around, caging you against the hard wood.
You open your mouth to speak but his lips crash to yours, their softness filled with a desperation that has a low moan leaving the back of your throat. All his control is lost at the sound and he lines his body up with yours, parting your lips with his tongue.
You grab his leather jacket and curl your fingers into the worn material, pulling him closer. His hands wander over your curves until his metal hand slips under your shirt. The coolness makes you gasp into his mouth and he pulls away, resting his forehead to yours as he tries to catch his breath.
“Fucking hell,” he breathes out. “Please tell me you want this.”
Your eyes open and his name catches in your throat at the way he’s looking at you. Like he wants to devour you but also like you’re the most amazing thing he’s ever seen.
It makes you dizzy, the world spinning with the lingering feel of his lips and the way his body feels so close to yours.
“Please,” he whispers. “Please be mine.”
Your head starts to move up and down before the “yes,” leaves your parted lips. Bucky’s smile is brighter than you’ve ever seen it but the moment your eyes drop to his mouth he drags his tongue over his lips and lifts his hand higher, your body trembling from his touch.
“All mine,” he simpers before his kiss steals away any other coherent thoughts you might have had.
Tumblr media
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jadedvibes · a month ago
Warm Comforts
Summary: A sudden breakup causes you to feel self-doubt and insecurity about your situation. Fortunately, it’s nothing your sweet roommate and a little Legally Blonde can’t fix.
Pairing: Beefy roommate!Bucky x reader
Warnings: angst with a happy ending, so much fluff, swearing, soft Bucky being the absolute best to a disheartened reader, Legally Blonde references, pet names, hot cocoa consumption, a breakup comfort fic.
Word Count: 2.1k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
Clutching your phone to your ear, you paced through your kitchen, venting out the drama from your evening. “He told me that he didn’t think it was going to work out in the long run, and then he had the audacity to say that this breakup would hurt me more than him. What kind of asshole says something like that?!” you grumbled to your best friend Wanda.
Just as you were about to continue, your roommate Bucky unlocked the door and came into the kitchen. He moved in three months ago after your prior roommate moved out to live with her boyfriend.
Bucky nodded cordially, cognizant that you were on the phone.
You continued because you needed to let it out. “I’m not great... I saw a real future with this guy, and yeah maybe I romanticized things but I thought that this was it. Or maybe I wanted this to be it — so that I wouldn’t have to bother with the whole dating thing anymore.”
“Dating can be a real mess, that desire is understandable. Gosh, I’m so sorry, babe. You didn’t deserve that,” she said kindly.
“Thanks, Wan. I’m just going to take a shower and deal with my feelings,” you mumbled.
“Okay, well call me if you want company or need anything.”
“Will do, talk soon,” you assented before putting your phone down and exhaling a heavy breath.
Bucky pulled out some leftovers from the fridge before speaking up, “Do you want me to pretend like I didn’t hear anything?”
You sighed deeply, “No need. Quentin and I broke up.”
“I’m really sorry, even if I thought he was kind of a prick,” he said with a sheepish grin, trying to make you smile.
You rolled your eyes at him, a small smile gracing your lips. “Yeah, he knew that too. And it turns out you were right.” ​​Taking a deep breath, you shook your head as you looked down at the countertop. “I just finally thought I had a stable thing with a decent guy. It wasn’t some beautiful romantic thing with him, but I had hope. And now I feel like an idiot for ever thinking it could be real.”
“You’re not an idiot.”
You shrugged as you glanced up at him. “Then I’m naive for thinking someone could like me for longer than a couple months.”
Bucky shook his head, his eyes softening, and his expression warm. “There’s nothing wrong with having hope, sweetheart. It was brave to put yourself out there and try to work things out.”
You smiled weakly, “Thanks, Buck.”
“And for the record, any guy would be lucky to love you for a lifetime. You’re the complete package — please don’t let him make you think otherwise,” he reassured you.
“I —” you couldn’t find the words. Hearing that simple reassurance when your mind told you otherwise meant a great deal. And in that moment, it was exactly what you needed to hear.
You silently stepped towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He wrapped his big strong arms around you instantly, engulfing you and allowing you to feel the warmth radiating off of his body. You relished it, enjoying the sense of security and peace you felt in his arms. Even if his touch was new, even if you hadn’t known him all that long, you couldn’t deny that it had been far too long since you’d felt so comfortable and safe.
You felt him press his lips against the top of your head, and your heart melted. The influx of emotions from the evening finally took its toll on you as your eyes watered, causing you to subconsciously pull back to wipe it before he noticed.
“Will you be alright, can I make you anything to eat?” he whispered, wordlessly wiping away your stray tear as it fell.
“That’s okay, maybe I’ll make something later. I’m gonna grab a quick shower and wallow now,” you murmured, slightly embarrassed by your display of emotions. Bucky was kind enough not to mention any of it though.
“I can keep you company if you’d like? For the wallowing part,” he said with a soft smile.
“Bucky, I’m not going to pull you into my sadness.”
“You’re not pulling, I’m willingly coming in,” he said reassuringly with a boyish grin.
You couldn’t help but smile, he was too kind. But you needed to process the events of the day in private, at least for a little while. “I think I need to be alone tonight. I’m gonna watch Legally Blonde and drink some hot cocoa. You don’t have to worry.”
“Well you know where to find me.”
While you slipped away to shower and get ready for your solo movie night, Bucky got to work. He swiftly preheated the oven so that he could have a pizza ready by the time you got out, then he got to making your favorite hot chocolate and airpopping some popcorn just the way you liked. By the time you were back he had created a sweet little spread for you and had the film queued up and ready to go.
Being the good friend that he was, he also respected your wishes and was nowhere in sight upon your return.
“Ah Bucky, you didn’t have to do this for me,” you mumbled to yourself. Ever since he came into your life you felt his thoughtfulness and care in everything he did. You were grateful that your path crossed with his.
Deciding to thank him later, you grabbed some food and your favorite blanket before getting comfortable on the couch. Reaching out for your mug of hot cocoa and the remote, you were ready to unwind from the day's turmoil.
As the song “Perfect Day,” started playing to introduce the film, you began to feel a little better. And Bucky’s delicious cocoa certainly filled your chest with a warmth you didn’t know you needed, but definitely appreciated.
You adored Legally Blonde because it showed you how wonderful life could be when one forges their own path and cuts out a thoughtless partner. Elle’s worth did not diminish simply because Warner lacked the ability to see it. She rose above those that didn’t believe in her, and she did so while staying true to who she was at her core. In the end, she saved her client based on her own merits and extensive knowledge of hair care. When Warner finally came to his senses and saw that she was always amazing, she was able to see that he was not worth a second thought.
After you finished the movie you were filled with positivity, and this made you realize that it truly was Quentin’s loss. You didn’t want someone who lacked the capacity to see your worth. You were kind-hearted, wonderful, and deserving of someone who appreciated you just the way you were. And you thought back to Elle, and how in her path to becoming the best version of herself she met Emmett, a guy who valued her and respected her from the moment they met.
Maybe the right guy would show up when you least expected it. Now that the space for someone better opened up, perhaps the universe would deliver just that. Knowing that a world of amazing possibilities existed filled you with hope and made you feel so much better. Regardless of what came next, you knew you would be alright.
As you started to clean up and move your dishes to the sink, your roommate reemerged.
He looked at you softly, unsure of how you were feeling. “Hey, I just came out for some water. You can leave the dishes in the sink and I’ll do them in a bit.”
“That’s okay, and you can stay out here now, my movie and my wallowing are done.”
“Oh okay,” he said, still a little hesitant.
As you started to scrub your dishes, you remembered you had to thank him. “Thank you for the little set up by the way. You made me my favorite things, and I really appreciate it,” you smiled.
He chuckled quietly, coming up next to you with a dish towel, “If you’re gonna wallow you might as well do it with comfort food.”
You handed him the wet plate with a grin. “Can’t argue with that,” you said as you looked into his eyes. “You even used my favorite giant mug — it’s like you know me too well,” you said, before looking back down and scrubbing the sizable cup.
“Only a little well,” he said sweetly. “And um, how are you feeling?”
“Honestly, much better. The movie did wonders for me,” you said confidently.
“Really? Because I’d be willing to run out for your favorite ice cream if you wanted me to.”
You let out a laugh, “What did I do to deserve you?”
Bucky chuckled, “You don’t have to do anything to deserve a little kindness.” He took the final dish from your hand and nudged you, “You’re one of the greatest people I know. You don’t deserve to be mistreated.”
He met your gaze after he put down the cup. You couldn’t understand how a guy as sweet and warm as Bucky could exist. “You make me believe that good guys exist out there,” you whispered.
Casually leaning back against the counter, he crossed his large muscular arms as he stood next to you. “Well you are worthy of the best of them.”
As you looked up into his cerulean eyes, you thought about how grateful you were to have him in your life. “Can I take you out for breakfast tomorrow?” you asked abruptly. You weren’t sure why the words slipped out of your mouth, you only knew that you wanted more time with him.
Bucky furrowed his brow with a hint of a smile playing on his lips. “You want to take me out… on a date?”
Did you? “No, I mean yeah… a friend date,” you stuttered, heat rising to your cheeks.
For a split second, you thought you saw disappointment flash across his face. “Sure, that sounds great.”
Your heartbeat increased, “Did you want it to be a real date?” you asked shyly. You needed to know, and you knew that if you didn’t ask, the thought would gnaw at you.
Bucky nervously rubbed the back of his neck as he blushed under your gaze. “I didn’t mean to be presumptuous, but I am aware that this is the first time that we’ve both been single since we’ve met.”
You blinked in surprise. “Hmm, so it is,” you murmured.
His vivid blue eyes looked deeply into yours. “So it is,” he repeated.
You bit your lip as you started to see your roommate a little differently. Were his eyes always that blue? “Right so we do the friend date, and then um, we’ll just go from there.”
He nodded, eyes twinkling with amusement. “Okay, that sounds good to me,” he said with a broad smile.
Your lips quirked up in a half smile because you could not fathom what was happening. “Well, I should head to bed,”
His eyes widened slightly. “Right, me too,” he said abruptly, finally conscious of the close proximity between you two.
“Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning,” you said, unable to comprehend your feelings and ready for a moment to process.
“Sweet dreams, darling,” he said, gleefully bemused by the situation.
And while he wished you the best of dreams, it was him that night that dreamt of you. After holding you in his arms, and feeling the need to protect you, something changed. You altered his subconscious and shifted the way he saw you. Your gorgeous smile, your sweet voice, and the way you looked at him before walking away — it consumed him.
When he woke, he decided that he would give you all the time you needed to fully get over Quentin. But he would make sure that his intentions were known — because a girl like you, well it wouldn’t be long before someone tried to win your affection. Bucky only hoped that he had enough charm and luck to be the one to earn it first.
As he entered the kitchen that morning, he saw that you left him a hot cup of coffee in his favorite wolf mug. He beamed, grateful for your thoughtfulness. She knows my favorite mug too. As he got a little closer, he noticed a little sticky note attached to the cup with a heart drawn on it and he melted. She’s too cute.
Bucky felt in his heart that this was the start of something, and he had a strong feeling that things would work out even better than he imagined.
And lucky for the both of you, he was right.
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