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#bucky x reader

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 2,621

summary: There’s nothing Bucky loves more than the widow down the hall and her son.

warnings: Tiny bit of angst and some cussing.  Mostly fluff.

a/n:  Thank you so much to @indyluckycharlie for commissioning this!  I hope you enjoy!

Bucky Barnes was a simple man.  He loved his family, Steve, his apartment, and you.

You, the pretty widow.  You and your son, Eugene, lived in 4D, right down from where he lived in 4A.  After your husband had died in the war, you’d been forced to move since you couldn’t afford the nice house you once had.

And maybe he’s sick.  He’s gotta be, considering the fact that you had lost your husband in the same war that he’d been fighting in, that he’d lost his arm in and almost his sanity with it.  He’s gotta be sick, right?

Because otherwise he wouldn’t dream of coming home to you and Eugene, of sweetly kissing your cheek.  He wouldn’t want to teach Eugene how to tie his shoes and shave his face when the time came.

Speaking of.

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Pairing: Bucky x reader 

Word Count: 762

Summary: The mission goes wrong and when Bucky returns he needs you…

Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Kinktober celebration and day 28 (Oct 28th)- knife play. I went with Bucky here because I could watch him twirl a knife all day and those hands…oof. Enjoy and thank you so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤

Warnings: soft love fluff, knife play, needy Bucky, implied smut, it’s all pretty soft :)


HBC Kinktober Masterlist 

He’s mad. You can hear it in his voice, the grinding of his jaw is almost audible through the phone, “I’ll be home in about two hours baby girl. I need you.” With that he hung up. You drew yourself a bath, sinking under the warm water and trying to calm your nerves. Bucky only got mad over a mission when things didn’t go as planned and that rarely happened. At least you knew he wasn’t hurt…

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You get home from a brutal mission. Bucky’s not taking it so well. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

Warnings: smut (18+ please!) mentions of violence/blood/death, trauma, trauma-induced stress/emotion, self-loathing/guilt, praise kink, sad and tender sex/oral sex, bucky cries afterward

Notes: Got a little sadgirl fic for you today ‘cause I’ve got BIG sadgirl energy today. Just sort of pounded all my loneliness into this one. If you need me, I’ll be under the covers with Gilmore Girls. 

Oh yeah. Today’s prompt is “Praise Kink.” And since it’s probably the same reader as the toys fic from the 16th, here’s another Sebastian Stan gif instead of a random stock photo. 

Kinktober Masterlist


Originally posted by madjefferson

You and Bucky get to the right side of the Atlantic in the wee hours of the morning. But by the time the Quinjet touches down, neither of you are ready for sleep.

You’ve seen some dark fucking shit tonight.

“You c’n…” Bucky croaks as the both of you stumble into your pitch-dark bedroom. “Go ahead and shower first. I’ll unpack.”

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Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Summary: Y/n hates Bucky Barnes. Absolutely loathes him what makes it worse is that she has to share her office with him. Now with a promotion on the horizon she has to find a way to work with him and not against him.

Word Count: 1570

Warnings: swears, angst, mentions of past trauma

A/n: sorry I’ve been MIA. also the last bit of this chapter is my favorite

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Hello Again

Request: Hey! I thought about Bucky and Avenders!reader reunion one. She is back in Wakanda with Steve to prepare to fight with Thanos. Some angst and fluff at the end.

Thank you @blueyed-one for requesting this one. I love me some angst and fluff. I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: mentions of blood and injury, swearing, sad Bucky

A/N: Set during Infinity War but instead of Cap going back to the compound after Edinburgh, they head straight to Wakanda.


Originally posted by qu-aint

You have never seen a more perfect and beautiful city than Edinburgh, the only thing that would make it that much more beautiful, is experiencing it with someone as equally perfect as the view. But that thought can only be counted as wishful thinking, you know deep down that it will never become a reality, your life too hectic to warrant you a break to the opposite side of the world. Yet, here you are, ascending from Waverley Station, bloody and beaten, admiring the city below you as it becomes smaller.

Wanda and Vision huddle in the corner of the Quinjet as Nat reprimands the both of them, Wanda tending to her love as she defends their reasonings for travelling so far from home. Steve and Sam conversing quietly in the cockpit. There is a limp in your step as you make your way further inside, your suit damp with sweat or blood, you cannot tell.

Thinking nothing of it, you busy yourself with menial tasks to pass the time, although you know the journey takes little under an hour. The longer you stand analysing information on the screen in front of you, the more exhausted you feel, the adrenaline that was previously keeping you going running thin. That is when the pain in your abdomen starts, burning and sharp. Placing a hand to your suit, you remove it to find the crimson of your blood tainting your fingertips.

“Steve?” The sound of your voice echoing in the small space, causes the super soldier to turn around quickly, halting his discussion with Sam. The last time he had heard you like this was back in Siberia, after which he had made a promise to his best friend that he would protect you, no matter the consequences.

At the sight of you hunched over, your palm pressed to your stomach, blood seeping through your fingers and dripping onto the floor below, Steve’s body runs cold. How could he have been so stupid, so unaware? He is across the floor to you in three strides, holding your weakening body against his own as you crumple to the ground.

“Hey, stay with me.” Steve pats your cheek as your eyes roll shut, losing consciousness is never a good sign. “Y/N, stay awake.”

The edge in his voice has Nat by his side instantly, helping to lower you gently to the ground.

“Sam, how long until arrival?” Nat’s words are met by silence.

“Sam!” Never have any of the heroes sat in the Quinjet heard their beloved Captain raise his voice in such a tone.

“Twenty minutes, Cap.”

“Steve, twenty minutes is too long.” It is the first time that Wanda has spoken since leaving Scotland as she crouches down beside them both, using her abilities to the best she can to provide you some relief and slow the bleeding.

The thought of breaking his promise to Bucky leaves a nasty taste in Steve’s mouth, his stomach wrought with knots of fear, and a lone tear slips past his lashes as he silently begs for you to stay alive.

You awaken to the sight of Nat hovering over you, the lights above that hang from the ceiling causing you to squint with discomfort from their brightness.

“Steve?” There is a weakness to your voice as you speak, as Nat tries to stop you from sitting upright.

“Take it easy, Y/N.” She places a gentle hand on your shoulder, an attempt to lower you back onto the uncomfortable mattress beneath you. “You need to rest.”

Her words fall to deaf ears as you fight against her hold. “We’re in Wakanda, right?” She knows that she cannot deny you an answer, too familiar with your stubbornness. Her only response, is a curt nod.

“Y/N, you need to rest. You lost a lot of blood back there.” Although you may be stubborn, you know not to fight Nat in situations like this. Defeated, you let your head fall back against the pillow behind you.

“Where’s Steve?”

It is in this moment that footsteps can be heard echoing down the hallway, increasing in speed and volume as they near the room that you currently occupy. The door swings open seconds later, swinging harshly into the wall behind it.

There in the doorway stands the man you have been apart from for the longest time. Steve coming to a halt behind him, his breathing heavy as if he has chased him along the corridor, which from the looks of things, he had.


“Doll, are you alright?”

Bucky rushes across the short distance between you, immediately taking your cheeks between his open palms. A kiss placed to your forehead, the sensation lingering on your hairline.

It has been such a long time since you last saw each other. His hair is longer, tied back loosely behind his ears, yet you long to see the brunette strands frame his face once more.

Both Nat and Steve leave the two of you alone, knowing that neither of them are needed to watch over you now.

“Last I remember, doll,” he pulls up a chair to your bedside and takes a seat, not once letting go of your hand. “Is that you promised not to cause any trouble whilst I was under.” A faint smile is all your can manage in your weakened state.

“Since when I have I been able to stay our of trouble, Barnes?”

A toothy grin breaks out across his face as you try to humour him followed by a scoff.

“You’re not wrong there, doll. My little troublemaker.”

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Pairing: Fighter!Bucky Barnes x Castle!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, death, overprotective brother, name calling, violence, strong language, and secrets.

Bucky had everything, he was sitting on top of the world. Till it all  came crashing down around him, accident, after accident. He lost  everything and found home at rock bottom.                    

Till she walked into his life.                  

She’s  just as broken as him. Covered in secrets and damage. He’s only ever  lost one fight, and he’d be damned if that happened again. For her, he’d  go against all odds and anyone in his way.                

He’s coming for everything that made his world, and this time, there wasn’t a chance in hell it was crashing down on him again.

Tag List Is open!!


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Bucky Barnes x reader


» Chapter 4: Breach

↣ Summary: Starting again was never easy. Recently widowed, you now have to start this process over in a place you once called home. Staying with an old family friend seemed like the simple solution. Until a blast from the past comes back into your life, stirring up long lost memories. Whether you’re ready for them or not.

↣ Warnings: Angst. Fluff. Mutual pining. Awkward-stranger conversations. Death mentioned. A tiny dash of fake dating. Farmer’s Market goodness. Country AU.

↣ Word Count: 2991

↣ A/N: This made me really miss going to a farmer’s market. All the goodies to be found. Such great times. Also, the not-so-hidden Grey’s Anatomy reference in this. I literally cannot help myself. Oh well, enjoy this angst. 

This is inspired by/loosely based on the movie The Lost Husband on Netflix. Same premises, the plot differs though.


September. The next day.

“If you’re ever in trouble, I’ll be there on the double, just send for me—”

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Better Than I Imagined

**Language & Smut**


Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes


Originally posted by sebastianstaan

“Need help with that doll?” I heard Bucky behind me.

I was in the kitchen reaching up for a mug on the top shelf. I was only wearing one of Bucky’s hoodies and red lacy panties that I’m sure he must have seen.

“I got it, thanks Bucky,” I grabbed the mug, turning around to him with a smile. “Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be up this early,” I blushed slightly, feeling very self conscious pulling the hoodie down to cover my thighs.

“I’m not complaining,” Bucky smirked. “Is that my hoddie?”

“Um, yeah sorry. I may have stolen it when I was doing the laundry yesterday,” I smiled.

“It’s okay. Keep it, looks good on you,” I swear Bucky was checking me out, I watched his eyes wander up and down my body.

“Thanks,” I blushed.

“You could’ve at least let me take you out to dinner before you started stealing my clothes,” Bucky smiled.

I stuttered nervously before I spoke “Well you never asked,”

“Is it too late?” He smiled.

I smiled and shrugged.

“Tonight? 6:30, I’ll be at your door,” Bucky smiled.

“Okay, I’ll be ready,” I blushed, biting my bottom lip.

“Can’t wait, doll,” he smiled moving to get some coffee.

I jumped in the shower when I got back to my room and conducted some lady maintenance.

At 5:30 I started getting ready. I found out my little black dress and heels before I did my hair and my makeup. I wanted to look my best, Bucky hasn’t seen me all dolled up so I’m hoping he’ll be impressed tonight.

At 6:30 on the dot, there was a knock on my door. I grabbed my bag and opened it quickly, looking at Bucky in a white shirt and black blazer, black jeans and smart shoes. He looked incrediblely handsome.

Bucky didn’t say anything he was just staring at me. I got very warm under his gaze.

“Wow…” Bucky started then cleared his throat. “You look absolutely beautiful,” he smiled looking me in the eye.

“Thank you Buck, you look really handsome too,” I blushed.

“Psht, sweetheart you look stunning. You always do, but this dress…almost as sexy as those red lace panties I saw this morning,” he smirked and lowered his voice, leaning closer to me slightly.

I blushed and giggled. “Oh, you did see those,”

“Yeah, you in those and my hoodie. I could certainly get used to that,” he bit his lip.

“Well, if you play your cards right tonight, you might be able to see it again soon,” I grabbed onto his jacket and caressed his chest slightly.

Bucky inhaled and closed his eyes. “My god, you’re perfect…C'mon let’s go to dinner,” he took a step back from me.

Part of me was slightly disappointed he didn’t just push me into my room but I was also really hungry and the night is young.

“You good on the back or we can get a cab,” Bucky asked when we reached the street, his motorcycle parked in front of us.

“Got a helmet?” I smiled.

We rode into Brooklyn, my arms wrapped around Bucky tightly. I could certainly get used to this.

He took me to a really nice Italian place, we ate and talked about anything and everything like we usually do.

It was so natural and easy but being alone with him was different this time. We both knew that. Both of us finally knew how the other felt now and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

He payed for dinner despite my insistence I would pay my half. We rode back into the city, Bucky’s hand resting on my thigh whenever he could.

Buck pulled into the towers parking lot and parked up. He jumped off and turned to me as I was taking off the helmet.

“What?” I smiled, fixing my hair when he just stared at me.

“Nothin’, I just like seein’ you on my motorcycle,” he smiled.

I hummed and blushed. He helped me off the bike and pulled me close.

“Do you wanna…watch a movie, or something in my room. I don’t wanna say goodnight yet,” Bucky paused to suck in a breath before he smiled sweetly.

“Yeah. Me neither,” I smiled. Bucky grabbed my hand and walked towards the elevator.

We reached his room, still hand in hand when he locked the door behind him pulling me close to his chest again.

“Can I kiss you?” He said lowly.

“Yeah,” I bit my lip and nodded.


Originally posted by violadvis

He brought his hand up to cup my cheek before slowly leaning in and kissing me, soft and slow and sweet before pulling away.

“Perfect…Everything tonight has been perfect, I don’t wanna mess it up,” Bucky sighed contently.

“I really like you Bucky,” I smiled softly, running my finger over his lips.

“I really like you too,” he smiled before he kissed me again. I smiled against his lips.

Bucky deepened the kiss, one hand on my waist, the other tangling into my hair.

I lightly pushed him backwards towards the bed. He stumbled and sat down on the bed, bringing me to straddle his waist.

I connected our lips again in a more desperate kiss. His right hand was resting on my waist while his vibranium hand was resting on the bed.

I started kissing down his neck and ran my hands under his shirt.

“I want you to touch me Buck,” I breathed, grabbing his vibranium hand and putting it against my chest.

“I don’t wanna hurt you,” he tried to pull it away.

“You won’t…but you don’t have to be gentle,” I bit my lower lip, holding his hand against me.

Bucky let out a groan as he flipped us over, I was now on my back with him hovering over me. I giggled before I saw the look in his eyes, dark and full of lust, hunger.

“I’ve waited so long to get my hands on you,” his eyes locked with mine. “Will you let me just touch you and kiss you for a while?”

“Whatever you want, I’m all yours. I’ve waited for this too,” I stroked his cheek.

“Will you be mine?” He asked softly.

“Yes. I’m yours Bucky,” I smiled.

Bucky kissed my lips softly while his hand roamed over my body. He was holding his weight on his vibranium arm. One of my hands ran over his body while the other played with his hair.

He started kissing down my neck and sucked on my sweet spot, making me moan. “Mine, you’re mine,” he mumbled.

“I need this off,” Bucky growled pulling on my dress.

I raised my back off the bed as his hand quickly found the zipper, pulling it down and pulling it off my shoulders.

We maneuvered up the bed a little as he took off my dress, discarding it somewhere on the floor.

“How are you this beautiful?” Bucky rasped. I blushed as his eyes raked all over me.

He attached his lips to my neck again, kissing down to my collarbone, repeating “mine” as he claimed a new part of me, sucking on the top of my breasts, continuing down my stomach and over my hips. He licked and sucked along the hem of my panties. I hummed and put my hands into his hair, massaging his head lightly.

Bucky placed both his hands on my thighs and started kissing my inner thighs, sucking certain spots like he was marking his territory. “Mine”.

He kissed his way back up my body, between my breasts and back to my lips.

I put my hands under his shirt and pulled it up his body, he pulled away from my lips just for a second while I took it off and threw it somewhere.

“I wanna feel you Buck,” I breathed.

“Patience baby, let me worship you,” he said in a hoarse tone.

I moaned out and raised my hips to brush against his crotch.

He grunted and pulled one of the cups of my bra down. He quickly covered my exposed nipple with his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and nipping lightly.

“Bucky,” I moaned, arching my back. His hand quickly unclasped my bra, he released my nipple with a pop and pulled my bra away.

He trailed his hand down my stomach and the inside of my thighs. Kissing my stomach as he lightly traced over my core with one of his fingers, surely he could feel the pool of wetness there.

I heard him hum against my skin before he pulled away, hooking his thumbs under the hem of my panties.

“Pants off first!” I breathed with as much sterness I could muster while putting my hands on his.

“Yes ma'am,” he chuckled, reaching to unbutton and unzip his pants, pushing them down to his knees before maneuvering to take them off completely. His very big and hard cock straining against his underwear.

“I want you inside me Buck,” I pleaded.

“Not until you cum on my tongue, sweetheart!” My eyes widened, he kneeled between my thighs “I need to know how you taste. Then I wanna make love to you till the sun comes up!” He took off my panties.

“Oh baby you’re perfect, absolutely soaked for me, you’re dripping on my sheets…mine” he groaned, leaning his face closer to my pussy before licking up my slit making me jolt and moan.

He devoured me like a man starved.

He was so good at it too, I couldn’t even form any words. I felt his vibranium fingers teasing my entrance.

“Is this okay baby?” He pulled away to quickly ask before he dived back in.

“Mmhum yeah, so good,” I panted. With that he plunged a finger inside me and I moaned out more.

Soon after he brought me to the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. My legs were shaking still moments later.

He pulled his fingers out and licked at everything I gave him.

“Mm, I wanna taste you for the rest of my life,” he hummed when he pulled his mouth away and reached up to kiss me, tasting myself on his tongue. “So sweet baby,”

I moaned, reaching my hands down to palm him over his underwear. He was above average I could tell that much.

His lips didn’t leave mine while we maneuvered to get him out of his underwear, him finally kicking them off onto the floor.

I reached down for him and lined him up with my entrance.

“I’m not imaging this right? This is actually happening?” He breathed heavily. He’s so sweet.

“Yeah, this is real baby,” I breathed and kissed him softly. I hooked one of my legs around his waist and pushed him down.

He pushed into me slowly, groaning into my mouth as I stretched around him.

“Oh, you’re so tight. I don’t think I’ll last long baby,” he said, starting a very slow pace.

“It’s okay, I just wanna feel you,” I put my hand on his cheek.

He connected our lips again as he pushed in and out of me at a steady pace.

His vibranium hand gripped onto my thigh and squeezed lightly as he hit deeper and started going a bit faster. I moaned more with every thrust.

No one’s ever made me feel like this, this good, this appreciated, this loved. We were making love, it wasn’t about just sex and I’d never felt that before.

I ran my hands up and down his back and in his hair while his other hand not on my thigh was running over my ribs and breasts.

“Oh Bucky,” I moaned into his mouth.

“I need you to cum baby, I’m so close already,” he grunted, looking down to see himself disappearing inside of me.

“Jus'go a little faster…I’m close too,” I slurred between my moans. I reached my hand down to rub my clit as he started moving his hips faster.

“Can I cum inside you?” He panted.

“Yes! Please!” I moaned. He thrust into me harder a few more times and I came, squeezing Bucky so tight.

“Ooh Y/N!” He grunted as he spilled inside me.

We both panted heavily, his lips over mine. A light coat of sweat on his forehead as my body shook from the intensity of the last few minutes.

He kissed my lips, my cheek and down to rest his head in the crook of my neck, my hand running up his back.

Bucky rolled us onto our sides, him still inside of me. No part of me wanted to let him go.

“That was amazing!” He exhaled.

“That was perfect!” I hummed, smiling at him. Still breathing heavily.

“I know you said I didn’t have to be gentle but I really just needed that…But we got all night,” Bucky smirked.

I giggled and bit my lip. “I really needed that too, I’ve never experienced anything like that,” I smiled softly.

“Me neither, mind blowing. Way better than what I imagined,” he smiled.

“You’ve set the bar pretty high Barnes,” I giggled.

“I didn’t even last that long…I need to know what’s okay and what’s not…”


Originally posted by madjefferson

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Originally posted by racetrackshiggins

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 793

a/n: It’s my first Marvel Fic, enjoy


you were stuck, literally

you and Bucky were on a mission, someplace where the sun doesn’t shine and snow falls instead. it was just supposed to be a walk-in and walk-out kind of mission.

yet here you were, stuck with none other than Bucky Barnes himself after the cabin you two barge in got buried under a pile of snow after there was a snow avalanche, luckily, communication didn’t die down and you were able to call for back up. 

“Tony said it will take a while to remove all the snow, on the bright side, at least they found us” you said, your voice trembling due to the cold as you plop down on the corner of the room, curling up as much as possible. 

Bucky just nod in your direction, comfortably sitting on the opposite room. you can practically see your breath on the air as you hug yourself tighter and tighter as time passes by. 

an hour or so later, you were freezing cold, your eyes flickering towards Bucky who was trying to avoid making eye contact with you as much as possible. 

ever since Bucky joined the Avengers, you never interact with him as much as you interact with the others, while Bucky was the quiet type, he never really spoke to anyone other than Steve. and so you two only spoke with each other when necessary. but, when you two started to get paired up for missions, a lot of stories had been shared between you two.

from ignoring each other, you and Bucky started to silently greet each other when passing by the hall, your eyes would meet during meetings but that’s it. 

now that you think of it, this was the only time you were alone with Bucky. 

“I’m sorry” you suddenly mumbled with your trembling lips. 

Bucky’s eyes quickly snapped towards your direction “what for?” 

“well, it’s practically my fault were in here. If I didn’t insist on checking this area, we’ll probably enjoying a warm coffee and delicious biscuits right now” you quietly explained, your eyes feeling quite heavy as you fight off the creeping sleep. 

“this is better than getting buried alive in snow” Bucky replied

“I guess” 

Then it was silence again. you can’t bear it anymore, the unbearable silence and the cold so you let down your guard and swallowed your pride. 

“hey Bucky” The man in question snap his head back to you again. 

feeling quite bashful, you averted your eyes away from his and towards the wall that seems to be more interesting than ever, 

“can I…maybe use some of your body heat?” 

Bucky stared at you for a while, processing if he heard you right or it was just a pigment of his imagination.

“I don’t Cuddle” he voiced out, his voice perfectly normal, not the least affected by the cold. maybe it’s one of the perks of being a super soldier. 

Bucky watched your face drop in disappointment as you bring your trembling hands toward your mouth to breath in it. 

Bucky cast his eyes on the wooden floor then back at you again, sighing to himself, he moved from across the room and place himself beside you, making sure it was his normal arm that is close to you. all the while you followed his every movement.

“just this once” he mumbled as he let you lean against him, slightly flinching when your freezing cold skin made contact to his skin. a ghost of a smile made it on your lips as your head fall on his shoulder, it was definitely better than earlier.

Bucky was not sure what to do with his hand so he ended up placing it on your waist, didn’t pulled you closer but didn’t push you away either, it was just there. He awkwardly cleared his throat as you nuzzle your head into the crook of his neck, his hair brushing against your face but at this point you didn’t care anymore.

Bucky slightly craned his neck, feeling awkward as you nuzzle into him. but when he did get tired, he slowly let his head rest on top of yours as the feeling of awkwardness washed away from him. it doesn’t feel that bad, after all. 

When he got comfortable, he pulled you even closer to him, liking the feeling of you close at him as much as you like it. there were fluttering on his stomach but he chose to ignore it as he wanted to enjoy this moment. 

it’s a feeling so familiar but at the same time foreign to him. 

“don’t tell anybody about this” he bashfully mumbled but you were already deep in sleep to response. 

contrary to their belief, the Winter Soldier was very warm

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pairing: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 4,097

summary: Battles are always hard, especially the aftermath and what’s left behind.

warnings: Parent death.  Cussing.  Violence.  Angst.  Hurt to comfort.

a/n:  Lmao I don’t always get the motivation to write, but when I do…  Please let me know what you guys think.

There’s a certain feeling that lingers in the air in the ending moments of the battle.  When the dust has started to settle and you’re not quite sure whether or not that was the last of your enemy or if you need to prepare for another wave.  The wariness clung to your skin like sweat as you look around, heart still racing a million miles an hour.

The scent of blood hadn’t yet been overtaken by the scent of death, but it wouldn’t be long before it did.  It’s tangy and metallic and you could just choke on it.

This particular battle was at a Hydra base, and the reptilians that you’d been fighting for hours covered the ground.

As you looked around and your eyes met a pair of lifeless orbs, you’re reminded that even though they were horrible, despicable people, they were still people.

They were human.

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Warnings: fluff, teasing, bedsharing (oh no c;)

A/n: We’ve finally hit the halfway mark! So the next three chapters will be focusing on there little getaway and me and our semi problematic Bucket trying to make amends and bring these two together, you all excited?! Also the last three works I’ve released had not been doing good note wise, and i thought maybe my writing was doing bad or i was just updating to frequently, but i actually found out that my works are not showing up in the tags so I figured that’s what it must be. So I’m going to try something, if you want to read previous chapters you will need to  find the work in my main masterlist and catch up there, my masterlist and series masterlists will be updated regularly due to this issue. As always i hope you enjoy this chapter and happy readings angels!


Tucked away into the back of the sleek black sedan your eyes were trained on the window, the sights were absolutely breathtaking and that’s because it was all a blur from the moving vehicle.

“it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

You struggle to pull your eyes away, a chuckle leaving his lips when your eyes finally meet, your eyes sincere, “its breathtaking Buck, how did you manage to get this all together, surely it wasn’t easy with such a small-time frame.”

A soft smile tugs at his lips as he dips in a little closer, “had this planned for over a year now,” your breath catches in your throat, “a year,” you question, “but that would mean -”

He’s nodding his head softly a look of disappointment flashing behind his eyes, “I know, I know I’m horrible, and the thing is I didn’t realize how bad I had let it get till the lady I was booking the hideaway houses with asked if I would be calling a week later to hold off on the reservation again,” he’s shaking his head eyes falling away from yours, “I’m so sorry dove, I can’t believe I let it get this bad, how could I not realize in that moment what I was doing to you and the kids, how did I let myself get so wound up in the job, I became the same person I told myself i refused to be like, I became my dad.”

Your heart clenches in your chest, and you don’t stop yourself as your hands reach out for his squeezing, “at least you came through now buck, that’s what matters, besides,” you add, “you’re trying to grab hold of the reigns of your life and make better choices, I’m not going to hold that against you.”

His eyes meet yours, “I don’t deserve you, you know,” he murmurs, his eyes trailing to the middle seat where Steve and Peggy sit, Winnie and James talking animatedly with them, “I don’t deserve either of you,” his eyes meet yours and your fingers squeeze.  

“well that’s not your decision to make, James and Winnie those are your babies, you’re their whole world,” you reply, “so whether you think you deserve them or not, you have them Buck, they aren’t going anywhere for a long time.”

A small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, “and what about their ma, how does their ma feel?”

Your returning his smile, you consider your next words carefully before your leaning closer shoulder brushing against his, “like I want you to keep trying for your family,” a breath, “to keep trying for me.”

Bucky’s breath catches in his throat, words dying on his tongue, your squeezing his fingers a little more eyes drifting back to the window, he’s just as surprised as you are when your fingers remain tangled with his.

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This one goes out to @sexyvixen7​! Thanks so much for sending this in!

Prepare for all the fluff,y’all!!


Originally posted by disastrouspan

“You’ve shown me what love can feel like.” “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

Sparring was, honestly, the hardest part of your week. Everyone seemed to be made for hand to hand combat. Not you.

To be fair, you could do it- you weren’t incapable but it took work. A lot of it. So much so that you asked Bucky to work with you separately so you could keep up with the rest of the team.

“Eyes up.” He reminded you as you hit the punching bag.

You kicked hard and your shin whacked the bag.

“Good. Reset.”

You followed his instruction without question.

And that’s how it usually went. He instructed, you listened and learned.  But at the end of each session you would sit together and just talk. It was your version of payment to him. Or at least it was at first.

Bucky needed to vent to someone and you needed a coach.

But now, you both just talked for the sake of needing a break from the rest of the world.

It was easy to talk with him and eventually- actually, rather quickly -you started to fall for him.

“Hey, listen,” He started one afternoon. “Can I…” he shook his head, “This is going to sound insane. But would you like to get dinner with me?”

Your eyes widened a bit before you shook away the shock and straightened your spine, “Um, yeah. That would be really nice.”

And that’s how you ended up here, dinner at a rooftop restaurant.

Bucky had dressed nice. Like, grey suit with a white button up that he left unbuttoned at the top, nice.

He’d gone all out.

“I’m really glad you said yes, y/n. You don’t know what this means to me.”

You were speechless. You knew he’d opened up to you more than anyone but this was more than you were expecting.

“You…” He went on, hesitantly, “You’ve shown me what love can feel like and I didn’t think I’d ever get to feel that.”

Your eyes watered as you stood up and took his hand. You pulled him from his chair and led him over to the glass railing that looked out over the bright city. “Bucky, You have no idea what you mean to me. You are so amazing. So amazing that you saw that I loved you even before I had the courage to say it myself. And I do, Bucky. I love you.”

If you could hold one moment in time it would be this one and the smile that spread across his face as those three very important words left your mouth.

He all but blushed as he leaned in close to you. His hands cupped the base of your neck and his lips ghosted across yours. “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.” He grinned and he closed the thin gap and pressed a kiss to your lips.

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The request can be a sumt,fluff,agnst


Can you guys/gals put ideas here


I write for:




Characters that I would like to write for:








Maybe will write for if requested:



Mad hatter

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ooh yes yes yes oh my goodness i love this! i decided to make the best of both worlds and have a (kind)witch!reader and bucky dressing their kids up for halloween. okay so for this she isn’t so much of a witch, but she has the same powers as wanda and a similar backstory. also after rereading this i realize that this could be a part two that takes place five years from “keeping me warm”, so if you want you can read it like that. i went a little itty bit far with this but i felt the mood for fluffiness so i hope you enjoy<3


“Mama, mama, can you help me zip up the back of my dress?” You turned, a three month-old baby on your hip, holding a pair of scissors between your teeth as you looked at your oldest daughter who was impatiently tapping her foot on the ground. The back of her space-princess dress was half-zipped up, both arms reaching behind her head though she couldn’t reach the zipper. 

“Yeah, baby, let mama do it.” With one hand you expertly zipped up the back and smoothed down her hair which was in it’s usual Rebecca Barnes mess. Curly locks of chestnut hair fell short above the five year-old’s shoulders, topped with a headband with small planets decorating it. “You’ll be the prettiest space-princess all of New York has ever seen.”

“Not all of New York, mama, the whole wide galaxy!” Nico chimed in. He’d always admired his older sister, despite only being a year younger, and had decided to match with his sister and became one of Rebecca’s royal Martian subjects for the special night.

Halloween was never a stressful holiday before this one, with all of your kids being too young to go out trick-or-treating. You were scared of letting them go out, even if they were with their dad, and you wanted nothing more than to coddle them all in blankets know they were safely tucked in the house with you. However, it was Rebecca’s first year of school, and with relentless begging and pleading you had backed down and allowed them to go. 

The school day seemed to have gone by so quickly, with two of your kids at their respective schools, and baby Emma staying home with you. You picked Nico up from preschool, Rebecca up from kindergarten, and by the time they had gotten home, eaten their dinner, played for a bit, and gotten into their costumes it was already six o’clock. Bucky had been at the compound all day; after you gave birth to Rebecca he decided to step down from missions and just trained the recruits, and you were on maternity leave for another good two months before you got back out in the field. Every inch of you was dying to go back on missions, no respect to single-moms, but you had too much energy and were tired of sitting on your ass all day. 

“The great father of this household politely asks her Royal Highness and her subject to please help put the groceries away.” As soon as they heard their father’s voice the two older Barnes children sprinted as fast as they could to embrace him. Bucky stumbled backwards with their arms around his torso, but chuckled at his kid’s silliness and love. “Hey, guys, I missed you a ton.” He kneeled down to their height, cerulean eyes you loved so much filed with nothing but pure happiness. “Can you help me put away the groceries? I got you some broccoli because you need to eat more veggies, Nico, I know you haven’t been eating them.”

The young boy frowned, clearly upset that his dad caught him trying to sneakily avoid his greens, but nonetheless took the small bag of groceries to the kitchen counter. “Hey, baby, how was work?”

Bucky locked the door and sauntered over to you with a smile on his lips. “Boring, I miss having you there.” He pecked a quick kiss on your lips, moving on to the baby girl with the same eyes as him. “Hi, Em, did you miss your dada?” There was a hopeful tilt at the end of his question, waiting for the baby to say something in return

He got nothing but a wide-eyed stare.

With a huff he wrapped an arm around your waist and buried his head into your neck, sweet vanilla and cinnamon invading his senses. “Give it a while, Buck, she’s only three months old.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Nico and Rebecca’s chatter about candy faded in the background as soon as the lock on the knob of the door started rattling again. “Doll, I should probably tell you that I-”

“Guess who’s favorite uncle is here?” Sam yelled through the house, adorning a Mad Hatter costume and large bags that seemed like they were full of-

“Candy!” Both Rebecca and Nico swarmed their “cool” uncle and started to peek in the bags.

“Wilson! I told you you could come over, not feed my kids junk.” Bucky grumbled. He walked to his friend, snatching the bags of candy out of his hands and putting them away, effectively ignoring the cries of his children. “You munchkins are about to go out trick-or-treating, you don’t need any more sugar.”

Sam walked over to you with a kiss on the cheek for cooing at the baby in your arms. “Aw, come on, Barnes, I’m just trying to have some fun. A man’s gotta do something to ensure their place as the favorite.”

An eye roll from Bucky and a wink from Sam, the two men slumped onto the couch where you sat. “Mama, are you gonna come with us? Can you do the magic for us, please?”

The kids were never supposed to know about your past, a past full of darkness and pain until Bucky walked in. It was only a year ago when they had seen footage of you with their Aunt Wanda controlling objects with wisps of glowing red energy. You had cried into Bucky’s arms the whole night after that as he comforted you, knowing how terrifying it was to have your kids know that other side of you. Your kids, the innocent ones they were, thought you were still the most amazing and badass mom who could bake the best cookies and was like a witch. Yeah, they had lots of bragging rights at school.

Bucky pulled Nico into his arms and nuzzled the boys face, letting the little boy squeal at the feeling of stubble on his soft skin. “Not tonight, Nico, your mama needs her rest. I’m gonna take you kiddos tonight.”

The soft “aww” of the kids was silenced by Sam’s proposition. “I can take the kids if you want, Bucky, that’s actually why I came over. You’ve had a long week and I’ve been on bed rest from the leg. You stay home with your wife and start working on my next nephew,” you punched him in the arm, eliciting a wince from the large man, “or niece.”

“I just gave birth three months ago, Sammy, I’m not doing that anytime soon.” A quick look at you husband for confirmation and you turned back to Sam. “Are you really okay with taking Nico and Rebecca?”

“Of course! We’re gonna go tear up the state.” A peck on the cheek from the Falcon, and he took your kids in his arms and slammed the door open. “We’ll be back in two hours! See you later!”

Another thud let you know that Sam had left, little Emma jerking in response to the loud sound. Bucky took this as an opportunity to sprawl out, head coming to rest in your lap as he took a deep sigh. “Just the three of us for Halloween this year, huh, doll?”

“Yeah, Buck, just the three of us.” 

It wasn’t anything fun. It was you, Bucky, and Emma passed out on the couch at only six in the evening, exhausted from the days activities. But in the moment, you couldn’t find anything more special to than to share October 31st with two of your loves wrapped around you.

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Originally posted by welcome-wild-ones

Pairing: Stucky x Reader

Word count: 4.3K

Warnings: Swearing, little bit of drinking, quite angsty and fluffy

A/N: (gif not mine) So this is my incredibly late entry to celebrate  @finleyjayne reaching 100 followers. Congrats hun you deserve it. So I picked the prompt ‘Feeling blue’ with Stucky. This is not beta read so I apologise now for any mistakes. 


Bucky let out a heavy sigh as he rolled over to face Steve in bed. Another night filled with restless sleep, the extra body in the bed missing making it impossible to sleep easily.

“What’s up? Steve grumbled still half asleep.

“You know what,” Bucky replied wistfully.

Steve stretches out lazily before turning to face Bucky and smiling sadly. “We had to let her go, give her a chance at a normal life. She couldn’t have that with is Buck.”

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Summary: Your older sister is getting married, but that means you need a date for the wedding. You end up asking Bucky with no other option. In order to appease your overbearing parents and sister, you end up needing to fake being in a relationship with Bucky in order to make things go smoothly. Except there’s one problem - you have a crush on him, and it’s a recipe bound for disaster - but the wedding must go on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 4,412

Warnings: language, mention of overbearing family, Bucky being kind of a little shit

A/N: hey everyone, here’s my newest series from a prompt from @caplanbuckybarnes writing challenge, “Will you be my date to the wedding?” this series will most likely be four parts, but I may extend to five just for fun if y’all want. I’m really excited for this one as it has some of my favorite tropes lol. as always, let me know if you want to be added to or removed from my tag list or want to send me any requests! please feel free to talk to me about my fics or anything in general, I love talking to y’all! I hope you enjoy 💜


           It’s a Tuesday afternoon when that fateful little envelope finds its way to you.

         “Mail time,” Steve announces, stepping off the elevator into the kitchen, a pile of mail tucked under his arm. He places the pile on the counter, and begins sorting through it, making separate small piles for the others. “Let’s hope it isn’t all spam mail.”

         “Where does your fan mail go, then?” you ask idly, helping him sort through the pile as you sit on the kitchen stool. Some of it seems just like bills or business letters for everyone here, including you – which you are surprised at. It’s kind of a hidden fact that you are living here, after all – you are just a standard civilian and not some hero. You just happen to be best friends with Wanda. You suppose there are people out there with enough connections to find that out, as strange as it is.

         “Ah, that’s a whole separate box,” Steve replies, flopping a magazine onto Sam’s pile. “It’s sent over to a storage unit before I sort through it.”

         You snort. “I’m surprised you don’t have two units, then.”

         He shrugs. “I read all of it, and keep record of them all as best as I can. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. If you’re ever really bored, you can come with me to the unit one night and you can help.”

         “Sounds good to me,” you reply. “I like writing and organizing. It’s part of my job.”

         Steve thumbs through the last few letters, and pulls out one, pausing to read the fancy lettering. “Hey, this one seems genuine. A letter for you, from your sister.”

         You pale as you see the small white envelope, your sister’s over-the-top cursive listing your address on the letter, the ornate stamp placed in the corner. You can even smell your sister’s perfume on it – and that’s not a good sign. Although she’s over the top in general, you know that these are too many steps above for just a regular letter.

         “Oh, no,” you mutter, slowly opening the letter, seeing the gold leaf lining. You reach in, pulling out the white lace invitation. You pull on the satin bow holding it together, revealing what you were hoping not to see for another few days. You are not mentally prepared for this.

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Originally posted by local-trash-can

pairing | bucky barnes x reader

summary | when one of the idiots in love as a baby and the other meets said baby and finally admits feelings. 

word count | 1.2k

note | this has been skimmed over for mistakes, i apologise in advance. and yes, i had to use that gif. :)


His smile was like a sudden beam of sunlight, his phone illuminating his face in the darkness of the room as he stared at the tiny baby in the picture, a handsome baby boy. He instantly set the picture as his home screen, a picture of you and Bucky as his lock screen that he refused to change. He was smiling in it, a genuine smile that the super soldier could never have imagined would be on his face again. The same smile he was wearing that very second as he took in every last feature of the little bundle, thankfully, the spitting image of you. 

It was no secret that you made Bucky equally, if not more, happy than he made you. You were like two peas in a pod, never one without the other. Just the sounds of each other’s name being mentioned made you both smile like two love struck idiots and when you found out you were pregnant and the father ran faster then a super soldier out of your life Bucky vowed to help you, be there for you, protect you, even if that meant from himself. 

It felt like only yesterday to you that Bucky and your best friend had surprised you with a last minute baby shower and gender reveal party, having only cried to Bucky about it two days prior. Feeling like you had missed out on so many pregnancy related events due to your job and your now ex-boyfriend. 

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Yes Ma’am


Pairing: sub!Bucky x dom!Reader

Warnings: 18+, sexually explicit, sub/dom 

Summary: Bucky has been a good boy and deserves a reward.

Words: 500ish

A/N: This is my second submission for @drabblewithfrannybarnes #Sweaterbaeschallenge. As soon as I saw this picture I knew I had to write something for a subby!Bucky. He just gives me life 🥵


From the neck down your body was completely covered. You wore a black high necked top which hugged your body perfectly, elbow length gloves covered your hands, and a black corset with red lacing defined your waist and cupped under your breasts. Black stockings with delicate red stitching covered every inch of your legs whilst showing the beautiful lines of your body. Shiny black stiletto boots further enhanced your legs. A bold red lip was the cherry on top.

Everything about you exuded power and control. A stark contrast to the boy who knelt naked on the floor before you, exposed and vulnerable. His body trembled with need and desire, eyes trained on you as you paced slowly around him. His cock was painfully hard and aching for release but he knelt obediently, hands on thighs.

“Did you follow all my instructions today?”

“Yes ma’am”

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