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#bucky x reader
darkbucky · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
the sheriff's leather encased hands trailed a path down your arms; goosebumps forming at the surface of your skin.
your head lolled to the side, showcasing your neck to his hungry, steel blue eyes. it took all of his willpower not to attack your pulse point, to leave behind a scattering of violet patches.
instead, he leans in close – the scent of whiskey clouding your senses, “when you're in bed at night, with that sorry excuse of a partner, you'll be reminiscing about what I've done to you... how my touch alone can leave you a shivering mess.”
Tumblr media
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squishneedsahero · 32 minutes ago
Seeing as I’m currently at 99 followers I’m going to accept a few requests and see how inspiration hits.
Here are my only requirements:
X Loki
X Bucky
X Sam Wilson
Clone Wars (Familial Relationships Only)
Rebels (Familial Relationships Only)
Bad Batch (Familial Relationships Only)
Another chapter of any of my existing fics if they are completed or not
Your request only has to meet one of these for me to be willing to consider it
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bvckysfalcon · 37 minutes ago
Sam: and what do we say when we get depression?
Bucky: my depression is vicious but this ass is delicious
Sam: Bucky no-
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poisonbeauty · 50 minutes ago
Also imagine you and your best friend are hanging out, and they bring up how you should try to date this random guy just as Bucky's passing by so you look at him and reply to them "yeah, he's cute right? Maybe I should make a move" he'd get so angry
oh. OH.
you and your best friend were laying on the sofa, another lazy friday night. you haven't seen bucky all day, which was unusual. he arrives home, a little bit more dressed up then what he usually dresses like -- and at 1am? please.
you attempt to ignore the thought of him seeing someone else, someone who isn't you -- on a friday night. just as he crosses the living room, your best friend shows you a picture of a guy who admittedly is your type. oh, and he's single too?
"____, you should dm him or something" she suggests, through mouthfuls of popcorn. "he's pretty cute"
you can feel bucky's gaze burning through your skin as you pick the phone from her hands, looking through the guy's socials. the thought of his skilled touch and silver tongue makes you shiver.
"yeah, maybe i will"
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dbnightingale24 · 50 minutes ago
Hey babes,
Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise I’m still writing and all that fun stuff, but I’ve been really drained as of late. It’s just taking longer than usual to crank them out. Not because I don’t have an idea, just because of lack of energy. Y’all have chapters and a one shot coming your way soon!!
I love you and pls be kind to yourselves. Remember to drink water and eat meals. Okay, that’s all, bye.
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In the Meantime | Bucky Barnes x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: when Bucky took Steve out of the water he left behind everything that kept him captive the last 70 years. So he had another mission and that was restore the man he was one day. In the meantime he meets someone who helps him go through everything, his very own ride or die.
Word count:
Warnings ⚠️: mentions of trauma, murders, sad bucky, fluff at the end
Author's note: I'm very insecure with almost everything I do in my life so if you're enjoying the turn the story is having please let me know. If you have any suggestions let me know as well
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Four months have passed since we went to the museum. He was very quiet the first days, I had to start working so I had to leave him alone for most part of the day. He seemed to appreciate that time alone because when I returned home he helped me cook dinner, wash the dishes and even start conversations.
The first memory he told me, 4 weeks ago, was about Steve, Captain America himself, they were old friends for what he can remember. They were inseparable, he looked after him a lot because Steve was bullied and always ended up in fights.
-And then he had to wore newspaper on his shoes because he wasn't as tall as he is now, after the serum and all. He thought no one noticed but his mom and I often joked around him telling that some random guy walking by and laughing was mocking him for that- he said laughing, his smile was beautiful. He was really reliving that moment
-I can't believe it. He seems such a powerful soldier now, how things change- I answer while calming down for the outburst of laugh.
-Yeah... I guess some things can change after all- he said with one last smile and looking down at his glass of wine.
-So... what happened to you all this years? Any news on that subject?
-I got blurry memories, the things I recall I'm not ready to tell you yet- he said looking in the eyes with total honesty.
-I get that, it's okay, whenever you're ready. Maybe if you didn't tell me and talked with another person...- I said trying to sugest something and he interrupted me.
-There's no way I'm going to a therapist, I told you- he said, not mad, not screaming, just resigned
-But why?
-I don't even know what is legal and what no anymore. I can't talk about my past or the things that keep me up at night because I'm going to end up in jail or in a mental institution.
-James you have to talk to me then, I can help you. But if you keep drifting me apart I won't be able to understand and do something about your situation- I said grabbing his flesh hand and playing with his fingers while he watched my moves.
-It's just...- he seemed so embarrassed- Okay remember the other day while we were watching the magic box? The girl in there talked about The Winter Soldier?- he said looking to my eyes, he was having a hard time talking to me. We had passed the times where he couldn't talked to me and now we were back.
-What about it?- I said listening carefully
-Well I'm him, I'm the ghost story, the winter soldier- he said putting his hands in his face and rubbing his eyes.
I didn't know what to do with that information, I mean I support him because clearly he didn't want to do all the things the TV said he did, he didn't behave like a serial killer, but in the other hand what could I do? A newbie journalist in a city far away from home, with none experience at all in this sort of things, super soldiers, avengers, villains kind of thing. But I was going to find a way, something will come up. For now he have to stay low profile. I was thinking on finding him a job or anything but now this changes everything. He can't leave the house because any minute now the FBI, CIA, Captain America or Iron Man is gonna show up in my door and take him. And neither of us wanted that.
-Please say something- he is scared of my reaction, I can tell that.
-I'm not mad or scared Buck, I just need to know, why you did all those things that lady said?- After the problems in D.C. all Hydra and the Avengers's files and secrets were out in the web for everyone to read. The media began to inquire and found a lot of stuff to harm everyone. But something was clear, that ghost story was real. Since that file went public every single wrongful murder in the last 70 years made sense. It made an impact on people, in the media I worked it's a news that must cover any section everyday.
-I... I'm sorry Y/N, I told you it was bad, I never meant to do all that things, but I'm starting to remember everything, and every victim, every moment, I recall their faces and their fear and that is what keeps me up at night, I'm sorry- he said again, looking at me and rubbing his eyes in an attempt to hold his tears back. His voice was shaky- If you want me to go I will, if you are here protecting me... if they got me... they will lock you up as an accomplice- he grab gently my face so I can look him in the eyes- I don't want anything bad happens to you.
-It's okay, I'm not letting you go anywhere Buck, I just want to know what is happening. What happened with all of that murders? What make you do it?- I said trying to understand, grabbing his hands and intertwining our fingers.
-In the war they captured me, they tested in me some variation of the super soldier' serum the states used on Steve- he said looking at some spot in the wall. Our hands still together
-Who are they?- he turned his gaze to me.
-HYDRA, the scientific division of Hitler, they were the ones trying to create the perfect soldier and the superior race humans. They used enemies soldier to test in them. Anyway when I fell off the train in 44 they captured me, they brainwashed me and put me in cryogenesis to sleep until I was useful again. They said I was shaping the century, whatever that means. I don't recall having a life other than those damn words and the moment I kill the target- that last words were the ones that break him, it was something so big what was he telling me. Of course, hearing his story for the point of view of what they say on the news he was a deadliest mercenary but in reality he is the victim here not the victimizer.
-What words bae?- I said unconsciously, cleaning one of the tears on his cheek.
-They programmed me to kill, so each time I wake up from being frozen I tried to run, leave the place, found Steve, Mr. Stark, my family, someone who can help me. But all those years of lobotomies paid the price and after some time instead of fried my brain they said a bunch of words that had the same effect, the effect to put me in the winter soldier mood, ready to comply every task they gave me- I look in his eyes, after all he said tonight I think he is relieved, obviously he is sad, and we're not even close to his sanity but this was a hell of a step, he did so much by remember all this things and telling me. Now we can work together and focus on restore the man he was before Hydra, the brainwash, the war, everything.
-Okay now, is there anything else you want to talk with me?- I asked, waiting for him to feel comfortable again to talk like he just did.
-Maybe in another time- he looked tired- I just wanna go to sleep and thank the gods they sent me you- he said and my heart shudder. I wasn't going to lie, the last month was something, he was a very kind man, caring and tender. There were days when he didn't want to came out of his room, and I understood that. But the other days where just wonderful. I was developing some kind of feelings towards him but come on, he was a 100 year old men who was really trying to understand the 21st century and help me with everything that surpasses me. It was impossible not to fall.
And that was the night I knew his story, who he was the last 70 years. In the museum we found a little thread that we kept pulling from until found out all he has told me. I suspect that there is more. But the last time was a lot of information. He and I were overwhelmed so it was fine not to talk about that for a while, he will when he is ready. Besides I wanted to give him a rest.
I had an idea, something that might help him. There was a veteran support group near my home, he could even walk there. I have to convince him tho that was the difficult part. He was so terrified of anyone recognizing him that he nearly left the house.
-What do you wanna eat tonight Bubby?- he said my nickname, since I told him that was how my father call me when I was little he didn't call me other way and I found it adorable. He walk in the kitchen and pour two glasses of wine. We we're watching a movie in the living room, I was relaxing after a long day of work, it was finally friday. Lately those were my favorite days because the next 48 hours I could spent time with my favorite super soldier. Truth is the feelings towards him were growing stronger. It scared me a little but that was it. I couldn't deny the reality.
-I don't know, maybe we can order something?
-Okay, I pay- he said with a huge smile
-What you've heard, I got my money now- he said very proud of himself, sitting beside me again in the couch.
-How...?- I said in disbelief, as far as I'm concerned he didn't have a job, he didn't even leave the house when I was at work.
-Well... there is a mechanic shop a few blocks from here, I was walking one day and he needed help with one car and we kind of made friends, we don't talk much tho, just fix cars together and he pays me for that- he walked me through his job, he was saving his money to take me out for dinner but he wasn't so sure to step into the public yet. But he was delighted with the idea of deliveries. Back in the day that wasn't so common.
-I'm impressed, you are a big kid now- I said giving smiling and giving him a kiss on his cheek- I'm so proud of you. You are the strongest men on earth.
-Thank you bubs, I was motivated because I want one of those things in my bedroom- he said pointing at the TV.
-Ohhh I like that idea, it's good to have something that motivates you- he looked at me and smile, he moved closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders- Can you order the food from your telephone?
-Yes, I'll call right now- I deal the number asked for the pizza and we waited for it while watching the movie together.
After the dinner we stayed in the kitchen a while, talking about how things have changed from the 20th century to the 21st, what he loved the most about the future and what he missed from the 40s.
-I know a place, you can go after your job. I think you would like it, or maybe just give it a try you know- I said looking at him while playing with my fingers, I was a little nervous.
-There is a veteran support group 5 minutes from here. I think you can share life experiences with them, maybe you can find yourself comfortable there- I looked at him, waiting for his expressions. I didn't want him to think I didn't wanted to hear him or I wasn't interested in his stories- they might have more psychological tools that I have. I don't know, it was just a thought.
-I found extremely kind and loving you spending time on thinking how can I feel more comfortable or better- he smiled at me, I felt relieved- I'm going to give it a try- he stopped- when I'm ready
-YES! Thank you buck- I hug him and stayed there for a while, between his arms. It was the first time we were this close. At first he didn't react, but after a while he wrapped his arms around me and hide his face in my neck. He gave me a kiss in my cheek and immediately got away from me.
-I think I'm going to go to the bed now, I was a lovely night Y/N- he said as he used to every night.
-Have a good night Buck- I watched him walked away from the kitchen. I was so proud of him. But there were boundaries that got him tensed, we were gonna get there and break those. I knew it.
Tag list
@ginger-swag-rapunzel @dopegothlampknight @ranprivate
If you wanna be tagged please let me know 🖤❤
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coffeecatsandcandles · 59 minutes ago
Just Breathe
Tumblr media
Summary: You help Bucky feel better after a nightmare.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: angst, nightmares, smut (18+), oral (m receiving)
bucky barnes masterlist
You could feel that the bed was empty. You sighed upon feeling the cold sheets next to you, knowing exactly where Bucky was. You got up, wrapping your crocheted blanket around you and made your way to the living room. Your apartment was small, but doable. It was really only ever you there since Bucky was away on missions most of the time. But it seemed like he didn’t like being alone, so he always stayed over at your place. Since meeting and falling in love with you, he’s been attached, like you were a drug or the only other person in the world.
Just as you suspected, he was lying on the carpeted floor in the living room, clad in only his dog tags and boxers, covered in a thin blanket you were sure wasn’t keeping him warm. Even though he was sweaty, exhausted, and asleep, he still looked like an angel. These nightmares he had, these intrusive thoughts- you knew it was the one thing keeping him from being himself around you most of the time. On nights like this, you knew exactly what went down. He had a nightmare, probably from something that happened decades ago, and needed to have his own space.
You reluctantly laid on the floor next to him, knowing to be careful and gentle in your movements. You didn’t want to know what would happen and how his body would react if you weren’t careful. Gently, you wrapped your arm around his waist from behind, bringing your head to rest on his shoulder. Your chin met the area where skin met vibranium. You kissed his skin, noticing the tiniest collection of scars, and that was what woke him.
“Why are you out of bed?” He asked, interlocking his fingers with yours.
“Because you’re out of bed.” You said.
He opened his eyes and turned to face you. His eyes were red, as if he’d been crying. You played with his tags as he ran his flesh fingers through your hair. “I’m sorry,” he said, looking everywhere but your eyes.
“Don’t apologize. I could never be upset with you.” You say. Bucky’s eyes avoid meeting yours, because he knows that if they were to meet, he’d fall apart in an instant. He felt like you didn’t deserve this. You didn’t deserve waking up at an ungodly hour to care for him. He had so many demons, and you- the one and only light in his life- were too good to face them. “Do you want to talk about it?” You asked him. He never talked about his nightmares, but you always offered. You wanted him to know that no matter what, you were there to listen, protect, and care for him. Let him know that those demons in his mind can’t hurt him, and that no matter what, he isn’t alone.
Bucky finally met your gaze. He shifted. “I was on the train,” he said. He didn’t know why he felt the need to tell you about his nightmare now. He was tired of keeping it all in. For once, he gave in and let himself talk about it. “I was hanging on… I tried to grab Steve’s hand but I…” words escaped him. He felt tears start to return, making their way to brim his eyes, “I just… I- I- I couldn’t.” his voice was nearly a whisper as he buried his head into your neck now. You held onto him as if he were a lifeboat and you were near drowning.
You knew he’d been through a lot. More than anything, you didn’t want him to feel like you didn’t care. You cared about him more than anything, or anyone for that matter. “It’s okay, you’re okay now.” you said as he cried, tears staining your sleep shirt. You rubbed his back, ran your fingers through his hair, anything you could to calm him down again.
“I just want to stop feeling like this,” he muttered, his crying coming to a gradual stop. He still sniffled, and he was almost too embarrassed to look you in the eyes again.
You knew he meant he wanted to stop being haunted by his past life. To stop having these awful nightmares and to forget the Winter Soldier altogether. But you knew that was impossible.
Without warning, Bucky brought his head up and kissed you. He was desperate for any distraction. Desperate to get this awful feeling out of him. He quickly pulled away, shocked by his own actions. “I’m sorry,” he said, placing his hand on your cheek, “that came out of nowhere- I didn’t mean to-“
“James. It’s okay.” You assured him. “It’s always okay.” You kissed him back to make sure he knew that you were fine. You two had been together for a long time, but he always got nervous to kiss you. Never wanted to catch you by surprise or off guard. “I want to make you feel good, if you’ll let me.”
Bucky’s breath hitched. He nodded, “I just want to get rid of this feeling.”
“I know.” you said, snaking your hand down his torso and lazily tracing the waistline of his boxers, “Just breathe.”
You listened to Bucky take a deep breath and exhale as he pressed his forehead against yours, gasping when you took his length in your hand, pumping until he was hard. “Let me make you feel good.” You repeated, sending shivers down Bucky’s spine. You laid him on his back, adjusting yourself so that your mouth was in line with his cock.
“If you need me to stop, just tell me.” You said. He nodded, seemingly too blissed out to respond with words.
You took him into your mouth, earning an immediate moan from him. You loved making him feel good; it gave you a sense of pride knowing it was only you who could make him feel like this. You could have him in your mouth for hours if it meant you’d hear him moan like that. You’d come up only to praise him, “So good,” you said as he grabbed onto your hair, gripping and pulling when he needed to. You didn’t mind it- you secretly loved it. “You taste so good.”
You bobbed your head up and down, feeling every wonderful inch of his cock in your mouth. You stopped only a few times for a couple of seconds- just to make sure Bucky’s 106-year-old heart wouldn’t explode.
“I’m gonna cum…” you heard him mutter, bucking his hips up a little as you teasingly licked the underside of his length.
“It’s okay. Let go.” You said, sticking your tongue out as you watched him grab a hold on himself, stroking himself and aiming for your open mouth. After a few moments, your tongue was met with his warm, bitter load and your ears were ringing with the sound of his beautiful moans.
You’d do anything to see his face always like that. Blissed out, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, bringing your face up so his. You didn’t care that you didn’t get to reach your peak. You were content enough knowing he reached his. “You are something else, you know that?”
You laid on top of him, the feeling of his heavy breaths underneath you. “You feel better?” you asked, chin resting on his chest as you looked up at him.
Bucky gave a devilish smile, seemingly forgetting about his nightmare, “I will, once you get your turn.”
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poisonbeauty · an hour ago
I’m obsessed with that point you made about best friends brother!bucky being protective/possessive like god I could just see him calling you after or giving you a look from across the room if some guy tries to get close to you, especially if you act oblivious 😉
absolutely! and because your hiding your situationship from everyone else (c'mon, the bratty princess with the punk wannabe? how cliche is that?) he can't really do much about it. it's only when a chad or a brad hits on you, being a little too close and a little too comfortable -- and you don't stop him -- that bucky snaps.
you're pressed againts the wall, inside the nearest bathroom (once again). he's fingering you, nibbling at the sensitive skin of your neck "what was that little show, princess? acting like a slut... for what? how bad d'you want my attention?"
"let's see whose name you'll be screamin'"
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girl-of-many-fandoms · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare
Warnings: mentions of choking
Your eyes shot open as the cold metal hand clamped down on your throat as Bucky straddled your body on your shared bed. Gasping for air you struggled to get him off of you
His face held zero traces of emotions as he continued to apply pressure on your throat, clearly in winter soldier mode. Reaching over to the nightstand you managed to get a hold of your alarm clock and using the little strength that you had you bashed it against his head
His grip loosened and you quickly shoved his weight off of you, scampering all the way to the farthest corner of the bedroom. Completely shaken up from almost being choked to death by the man that you loved. Your chest heaved with each breath that you took, eyes glued on Bucky as he broke out of whatever trance he was under
“Doll?” even in the darkness you knew that he was confused by being shoved in his sleep, the bed squeaked as he threw the covers off
His feet padded against the hardwood floor as he followed the sound of your labored breaths
“Don’t come closer”
Your lips trembled as the words fell past your lips, gulping you swallowed the lump in your throat. Reaching up you ran your fingers over your bruised flesh as he stood in his spot. Hot tears streamed down your face as flashes of the winter soldier hovering over you took over
The lights flicked on and his face fell
“Oh God”
Regret washed over him as his blue eyes scanned your shaking frame, especially on the bruises that now decorated your neck
“I’m so sorry” he quickly crossed the room and you involuntarily flinched when he reached up to cup your cheeks. Through your blurred sight you could see how crushed he was by what happened
For the past couple nights Bucky had been having trouble getting sleep and when he fell asleep on your chest you thought that tonight he would finally get a full night’s rest, that was until he started dreaming
“Please forgive me”
Bucky apologized repeatedly as he dropped to his knees, burring his face into your stomach, his hands held onto you’re your thighs. His body shook from the intensity of his sobs and even though you were still a bit shaken up yourself you ran your fingers through his hair, trying to calm him down
“Bucky’s alright, it was just a bad dream”
At this point it sounded more like you were trying to convince yourself more than him. Your heart broke as he continued to cry uncontrollably, lowering yourself down to his level you wrapped your arms around his neck as he snaked his around your waist, burying his face in your neck
“It’s alright"
Hot tears flowed from your eyes as you continued to comfort Bucky, you know that he's going to hate himself even more for laying his hands on you like that, your heart ached
"It was just a nightmare"
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buckys2thicc · an hour ago
Steve x reader kinda Bucky x reader
Summary: Steve takes the stones back without you…
WC: 586 (it’s short)
Tags: @winter-soldier-vibes @wicked-mind @thatfangirl42 @bbqsnakes @the-living-typo @stolenxkissess
A/n: I found this in my drafts so enjoy ig, I felt bad for not posting. If their are any mistakes please inform me so I can fix them.
Tumblr media
"Just promise me you'll come back to me like this and not a baby," You said to Steve kissing him goodbye.
"What are you going to do without me?" Steve asked with a smirk.
"It's only going to be ten seconds for me, the real question is will you be ok without me?" You asked smirking back.
"Right ten seconds, I'm going to go say goodbye to buck," Steve said walking over to Bucky.
"You ready for this?" Bucky asked Steve.
"I'll be fine, take care of Y/n while I'm gone ok," Steve said with a worried face.
"Steve it's only going to be a few seconds for us she will be fine trust me," Bucky said laughing.
"Yea I know, just if- If something goes wrong I need to know you will be here to keep her safe," Steve said worriedly.
"Of course, I know how much you like her, and you don't need to worry you're going to come back," Bucky reassured him.
"Yea I know, maybe not the same way," Steve said.
"Stop worrying let's go," Bucky said walking Steve back over to you and the platform.
"You ready baby?" You asked.
"Always," Steve responded.
Bruce told Steve what to do and handed him the stones.
"You got this Steve," Sam told Steve.
"Be safe!" You yelled.
"Don't do anything stupid, Steve!" Bucky yelled.
"Can't promise anything!" Steve yelled before he was gone.
"Alright 10, 9," Bruce started counting down.
"3, 2, 1," Bruce said.
Nothing happened
"Bruce, what happened? Where is he?" You asked.
"Look," Sam pointed to an old man watching the water.
Tears welled in your eyes, you knew what he did, but you couldn't understand why though, why would he leave you for... her?
You slowly walked to the man you once called your's, "Hi," you sniffled out.
"Can I sit?" you asked wiping your tears.
“Of course,"
You finally got to take in his new features, he was older, his hair was gray and his eyes were full of hope, a different kind of hope, his eyes never held this look when he was with you.
"You did it," You said looking out at the water.
He didn't say anything, he stayed silent, watching the girl he promised he'd stay forever for, and now he was leaving.
"You left, and you didn't tell me," You sighed and glanced at the silver ring on his finger, "Were you happy with her, Peggy?"
"Yes, I was, I'm sorry I never told you," He apologized, but it didn't mean anything, he would never regret leaving you for his soulmate.
"I understand," You really did understand you knew that you wouldn't ever be enough for him, you understood his love for you would always be forced, and he would never truly get over her.
You stood up, "goodbye Steve,"
You saw Bucky standing in the distance behind you, and Sam walking towards you. While Sam talked with Steve you stood with Bucky watching.
"Did you know? That he was staying with her?" You asked as tears threatened to fall down your face.
"No," His voice was soft, and held pity, but you didn't want, nor did you need it. You would be ok without him you just had to get past the heartbreak stage. 
It would be hard waking up with an empty space next to you and going on long runs without his cocky comments. You would miss him but you could live without him, plus you had Bucky.
The end
A/n: I might make a part two if you guys want.
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spideyyboii · an hour ago
Being Bucky’s Younger Sister Headcanon
Tumblr media
main masterlist
bucky barnes masterlist
Being Bucky Barnes younger sister was never easy especially when everyone in Brooklyn was scared of the soldier who was constantly ending his best friends fights.
When you were young it was hard to make friends as nobody wanted to be around your older brother in fear he would interrogate them.
Bucky s number one priority was your safety. Whenever you were in town the older boy always held your hand to ensure you couldn’t run off.
The both of you always the closest out of all your siblings and your brother always make sure to be home in time to tuck you in.
“Okay munchkin, let’s get you to be otherwise you’ll be cranky tomorrow.” He said picking you up and carrying you into your small bedroom. “Right my little munchkin what shall we read tonight?” He continued with a smile as he watched the small yawn exit your mouth.
“Nothing just want cuddle.” You told him whilst making grabby hands.
When Bucky announced he was going to fight in the war it was almost as if your heart shattered.
“You can’t leave Buck! I need you here!” You told your brother as tears streamed down your face. “Munchkin you have to understand I don’t have a choice they’re making me go.” He told you his heart breaking when you pulled away from his embrace and ran away.
Once the day came for Bucky to leave for war you were still ignoring him and he knew you were only doing to avoid crying. “Munchkin, I need to go now I love you and remember if you need anything you have Stevie.”
Soon after Bucky left, Steve joined the war leaving you alone again. Which meant it was time to start making friends.
Four years later Bucky and Steve returned home excited to have some time with their family. It was almost as if they expected to see the same nine year old doe eyed girl to come running toward them.
They weren’t expecting the young woman that appeared in front of them dressed in the proper attire. “Munchkin you grew!” Bucky exclaimed shocked and saddened that he missed out on watching you blossom into a beautiful young woman. “Buck your back!” You shouted before running into his arms feeling safe once again.
Things quickly fell into place and you were back to only caring about your older brother and what he thought. “So when are you going to introduce Bucky to your partner?” Your older sister said with a smug smirk. 
“Partner? You better not be dating!” The two men said not fond with this information. “Tell whoever this partner is that Captain America will kick their ass if they hurt you!” Steve said 
The day your brother met said partner was the day you almost lost them. 
“Listen here punk you ever hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you understood.” Your brother finished his speech and continued to stare at your lover.
Even though the days of you following Bucky and Steve around like a lost puppy were over the soldier knew you’d always need your brother. 
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starduststevie · an hour ago
heir e i g h t // ceo bucky barnes x reader
Warnings: absent parent, single parenting
Words: 2.2k
Summary: as much as you loved him, you couldn’t tell bucky about your son. he left you for his empire and now he’s looking for an heir. not that he knows that he already has one
Chapter Summary: you let bucky in on what he and luca missed out on
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You decide that the only way for Bucky to understand just how much he fucked you over when he left is to show him the collection of broken hearts he left in his wake. It is the only way you think that he will be able to understand the lasting damage he has left you. And you want him to see just how much Luca has missed, too.
The little blue box has a place on top of your wardrobe where it is protected from the world. It contains memories. Ones that you made with Luca from the moment you knew about his existence. Wiping the dust from the top, you open the way one would unravel a sacred scroll.
The lid is still tight: you try not to open it particularly often. It has a way of taking you back to the past and the past has been completely decimated by your memories of Bucky. Each item is one where you wished Bucky was there for. Luca’s first steps. His first words. All of it...
It is as if Pandora’s box has been opened; once the lid is off, you’re flooded with the sight of Luca’s baby socks, his baby teeth, and a whole array of trinkets and sentimental items you’ve collected over the past decade. They’re things Luca doesn’t even know that you’ve kept. But they all remind you of a happier time. One where Bucky was not trying to take your son away.
Holding onto the base tightly, your fingers start to go a little weak. You’re not able to take anything out. Instead, you simply hold the box in trembling hands and watch as it gently shakes. It makes no sense to you why Bucky still has such an effect on you. Sure, he’s the father of your son but before that he was so much more.
But he’s nothing to you now. And that is what confuses you. Why does he have such a hold over your heart? And why do you find yourself starting to like Sam? The feelings are confusing; it’s like you want something to happen for you. You want your own piece of happiness but you don’t know how. Do you want Sam? Do you want Bucky back? You don’t know and it’s frustrating.
It’s the kind of frustrating where you’re unaware of what to do. There’s no physical element to your frustration; it’s all mental and so you’re unable to do anything about it. You want to scream and screech and curse the fucking universe but every sound is trapped in your throat. You want to cry but the tears are already dry in the back of your eyes. There’s nothing you can do but live on the sheer nostalgia and the memories of Luca as a baby.
| 2010 | parkchester, new york |
Peeling the plastic wrapping off of the box, you’re faced with an empty vastness for you to start a bank of memories. The first thing you put into it is safely secured  in a ziplock bag: the little pregnancy test you took after you found out you were pregnant takes a new home in the memory box. It sits there, surrounded by empty space and you realise that soon it will be filled with other clutter and all of the memories that come with it.
Whilst your apartment feels empty and barren without Bucky, it is far too small for a baby to live here least if you are going to keep it. A part of you wants to do so, more than anything in the world, as it is a part of Bucky you can keep with you forever. Only, you’re not entirely sure if you will be able to keep him with you without harbouring all of the pain he has put you through.
You tell yourself that it is only the right thing to do to tell Bucky. But you don’t know how to. You draft numerous unsent texts: some of which beg for Bucky to call you whilst others simply say that you’re pregnant. None of them are good enough for the baby growing inside of you.
You settle for calling Bucky but after two dial tones, you cut off the call and throw your phone on the bed. Feeling nauseous, you run to the bathroom and cry as your stomach heaves. Why is everything so difficult? You don’t even want to think about work and paying rent...or telling your family. There is just too much that you are forced to deal with. Things that you don’t want to deal with.
The contents of the box knocks the wind from your body. You barely look in it, scared that you will still feel a pang of pain that Bucky was not there for any of those moments. Luca’s fair pair of shoes are in there and they’re so tiny that they bring tears to your eyes.
It is impossible for you to fathom that, at one point, he was so small that your little boy was able to fit into them. It elicits even more emotion when you realise that they were too big for him for the first few months. There’s a strong stabbing feeling in your chest, reliving these moments.
As much as you shouldn’t feel like this, you can’t help but imagine how Bucky would have reacted to seeing Luca stumble through his first few steps or how he would tear the world apart at the mere thought of him crying. That is all you’re able to think about: how good of a father Bucky would have been.
He would have been a different type of father than he is now; he’d be one that actually gave a shit about his kid. But there’s a deep, nagging feeling that Bucky is only invested in Luca so that he has a person to carry his legacy once he passes. As bitter of a pill it is to swallow, you don’t believe that Bucky cares about you. Not really.
At one point in time he may have cared about you but those years blurred into one another and is only leaving you with more confusion. Maybe you can attribute it to the fog of growing older or the passing of time. Or worse, the fact that you know that deep down he never did care for you. But you’re not sure.
Only James Buchanan Barnes has the power to confuse you over and over again. He is the only person that has ever been able to make your stomach turn with anxiety and sadness to replace them with butterflies. And then he starts that cycle all over again. Only now, there are no butterflies. The only thing you feel towards him is animosity. It’s hard not to after everything he has done. And everything he is continuing to do.
You send Bucky a text, inviting him over as soon as possible. He responds instantly, telling you that he’s about an hour away and your hands tremble at the reality. You will have to confront him about everything. You deserve an answer. Some closure. But you know that the world owes you nothing.
But Bucky Barnes does. He knows it just as much as you do.
He arrives at your house dressed in a suit and you feel your heart squeeze. It used to be so foreign seeing him in a suit but now it seems to be a part of him. His metal arm is hidden under his blazer but the glimmer of his metal hand peeks out and it reminds you a little of when you were going to pitch Buchanan Bionics.
‘Did something happen to Luca?’ Bucky’s voice is concerned but his face is stoic. You shake your head in response and step back to let him into the house. ‘Then why am I here?’ You notice how his voice and his body tenses at the thought that you’ve tricked him. But you didn’t.
‘I wanted to talk…’ you play with your fingers, looking down as you walk to the living room. ‘Can I get you something to drink?’ Bucky simply shakes his head with his jaw tensed, prompting you to continue speaking. He wants an explanation, you know that much but the situation is terrifying.
‘You see that box in front of you?’ You gesture to the pale blue box and Bucky nods once, slowly, his eyes never leaving yours. ‘Look through it: there are memories that you missed. Bits of Luca’s life you were not here for. I want you to see what you missed in his life. Momentous occasions you didn’t get to witness because…’ your voice trails off as the pain hitches in your throat.
It feels like a mistake. It is all too overwhelming and Bucky doesn’t move. He just watches you with soft eyes. It’s like he’s a ghost of himself; only a glimmer of the man you once loved is in front of you. ‘Things you missed when you left. I will talk you through the items in there if you would like.’
‘Yes, I’d like that,’ Bucky’s voice is so soft that you struggle to hear him. He’s so gentle right now that you don’t know who is in front of you. ‘Thank you.’ You nod in response, tears falling down your face and the first thing that Bucky reaches for is the little tag on Luca’s leg once he was born.
‘He was tiny,’ you whisper. The whole moment is so intimate. ‘I remember the first time I saw him; it was like the whole world had changed. I had to protect him at all costs.’
‘I’m sorry that I wasn’t there,’ Bucky crosses the room and sits beside you. Pulling you into his body, he holds you as you cry. All of those years you had to hold it in was finally enough; you cry and cry, letting it all out. ‘I’m sorry for all of it. I’m sorry for leaving. I wish I could tell you why I did that. I wish I could tell you why I’m such an asshole right now but I can’t. All I can say is that I’m sorry,’
‘Give me something,’ you beg, whispering into his chest. ‘Tell me what you left me. Tell me why you broke my heart. Tell me why you’re hurting me now. Why are you threatening to take Luca away from me?’ You’re a broken and desperate woman. You’ve been strong for so long; fought for so long. And now it is time for you to find some sort of peace.
‘I...I couldn’t do it,’ Bucky wipes his face with a rough hand. ‘It was all too much. I loved-fuck. I still love you and I was so fucking scared. What if I fucked up the company and you didn’t love me anymore? What if I wasn’t good enough? I couldn’t stay and find out...I’m sorry.’
‘Then why come back into my life and try to fuck it up?’
‘Because I’m selfish and I was angry. Seeing you with Luca made my blood boil and I wanted to hurt you,’ Bucky starts to explain. ‘I got to see the life that I could have had when you dropped Luca off and gave him a kiss on the head. I didn’t know if he was mine until I saw him up close and there was no way he wasn’t mine. I was just so angry that I didn’t know. I’m sorry. How can I fix this?’
Bucky’s rambling is simply jumbled in your mind. His words feel slow and your head feels heavy as your heart strains. ‘You didn’t have to want to hurt me. You did enough of that ten years ago and I’ve kept it with me every second of every waking day. I can’t even look at my son without being reminded of who I don’t want him to become.’
Bucky doesn’t say anything in response. He simply holds you even closer to his body and you feel his warmth radiate into your body. You both sit like that for a few moments before he wipes away your tears with the pad of his thumb. ‘How can I make it up to the both of you?’
‘Start by being in Luca’s life,’ you state. It’s a fact. You want him to have a relationship with Luca. ‘I want to let him know who you really are. But I need you to actually love him. He’s not your heir. He’s your son.’
Bucky nods. ‘Where is he?’
‘Softball practice,’ you say, licking your chapped lips. ‘I-no, we will need to pick him up in about an hour.’ Bucky’s eyes light up when he hears that he will be involved.
‘Are you sure?’ he’s hesitant, as are you. But you want to give him the benefit of the doubt. For Luca. He deserves the world and you want him to have his father involved. ‘Can I just grab a change of clothes from my car? I don’t want him to see me like this. I don’t want him to think that all I do is work. I have time for him. I will always have time for him. And for you.’
‘Don’t do this, Bucky,’ you plead.
‘I have always loved you. Please believe that if you don’t believe anything else that I’ve ever said. I love you.’
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Happy Father’s Day
Tumblr media
AN: Here’s to the upcoming weekend; Happy Father’s Day and l could really use a Bucky in my life.
“Mommy, you have to be quiet or you’ll wake Daddy!” Your little girl exclaimed loudly at you, dropping the utensils on the floor. 
You smiled at her, “Right, right, sorry. The pancakes are done, baby, let’s bring ‘em to Daddy.” 
“Daddy’s gonna love this, right, Mommy?”
“Of course! Your Daddy loves anything that comes from you.” You planted a kiss on her forehead and slid your bedroom door open quietly. Bucky lay sprawled out on your mattress, hair sticking to his face in a knotty mess. You smiled. This was your life and you were the happiest you had ever been. 
Your daughter squealed and sprinted forward, clinging to your sheets to aid her climb up your large bed. You saw Bucky’s lips twitch with a smile. 
“Happy birthday, Daddy!” She yelled, jumping up and down happily. 
“Not happy birthday, silly girl! Happy Father’s day!” You laughed gently, sitting down on the other side of the bed. Bucky rolled over with one of the biggest grins you’ve ever seen. Your little girl jumped on his chest and you laughed when he groaned. 
“Happy Daddy’s Day!” 
“Thank you, baby girl!” He grinned, littering kisses all over your daughter’s face making her giggle wildly. He looked up at you and your heart fluttered. Amazing how he still had that effect on you. You leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Thank you, Mommy.” He whispered and kissed you sweetly again. 
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Hi I hope your having a good day or night and I was wondering if I could request maybe 2 headcannons of reader and the avengers have a beach day or pool day. The other headcannon would be family game night where they do different games like pictionary, charades, arm wrestling tournament (or regular wrestling), pie eating just like games to see which team is better team iron man or team cap to make it simple. Also Ned and MJ are at both bc like their like Peters and y/n bestfriends and always hanging around. Also if u decide to do do family game night that Pietro and Ned are on team iron man while MJ and y/n is on team cap and loki,thor and Bruce would be the refs but yeah:)
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: hi fren, i love the way you phrased this lmao it sounds like my blog is a drive thru for headcanons. this is long, chaotic, and there are about 500 people in this, but i think everyone got a bit of screen time lol enjoy x
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
game nights with the avengers
thursday nights are game nights. if you don’t show up, you’ll be disowned (it’s the fine print)
as always, wanda and vision are in charge of snacks but since pietro is visiting from the underworld i suppose he tries to help and it’s pure Culinary Chaos
he thought it’d be appropriate to bring flambé ice cream which is just ice cream that you have to set on fire so the alcohol melts and it gets caramelly~
a normal lighter would’ve done the job but since pietro is not your average joe, he brings a whole flamethrower and sets that bitch on fire
two seconds later, the fire alarm goes off, steve zooms off to get the fire extinguisher, and bucky and sam help by blowing on the huge fire to put it out
they’re honestly just making it worse but wanda isn’t going to be the one to tell them that
peter and ned adore pietro immediately and adopt him into team iron man
since peter and y/n are on rivalling teams but both are also competitive as FUCK, the tension is immaculate~ and half of the time ned just goes “are you flirting or are you starting a fight”
thor, loki, and bruce are usually in charge to play refs, so tony gets them matching black-and-white-striped referee uniforms
thor finds them Cool™ but in reality, they kinda look like a theatre trio of prison inmates
since they’re all from different backgrounds and they go through numerous games every week, it often happens that not everyone is familiar with the games and rhodey gets a kick out of it
“what are the rules of monopoly?” “if the game lasts over four hours, you get the legal right to kill the person who asked to play”
(the game only lasts three hours)
(loki is disappointed)
nat and bucky form an alliance and somehow end up owning half of the properties. they constantly high-five each other and by the end of it they have their own business handshake
steve and vision keep landing in jail so they start writing jingles together while waiting for their turn
halfway through, wanda tries to donate her monopoly money to non-existent charities and they are all very supportive
y/n and mj are losing so they make miniature cardboard signs and start protesting capitalism
tony gets so upset that he gets on the board and knocks over everyone’s houses like a very angry cat
charade is also fun because they get creative with it. only the big age gap among them makes it a bit complicated
while bucky and steve are chilling, knowing damn well they’re not in their element, sam and tony are KILLING it in their respective teams
y/n, mj, peter, and ned on the other hand are solely communicating through memes and viral tiktoks trends and it’s driving the others insane
pictionary always comes close to inciting a rebellion bc the only people who are actually decent at drawing are steve, scott, and mj but since they’re all on the same team, team iron man is hanging on by a thread
they’re all staring at nat’s drawing and tony is soul searching in those stick figures but at this point it could be anything or nothing
loki brought his special markers for everyone to use and he goes full monica geller on them
“i’m starting to think people that don’t screw the caps back on are just there to be an inconvenience”
pietro is ruling this game because by the time someone from team cap has simply stood up, he has already finished an ugly but impressively detailed landscape painting
at some point they simply give up and lay on the ground, ankles crossed, as they’re doodling on each other’s arms and waiting for the food to arrive
while loki is simply keen on making everyone’s lives miserable, thor is being a fair and just referee. bruce, though, is just a fully easily manipulated ref
they’re in the middle of an arm-wrestling tournament when clint yelps
clint: nat just kicked me in the shin, that’s against the law
nat: i am the law
clint: ref?
bruce: yea sounds reasonable
peter alias “the kid who takes gym class too seriously” goes all in and almost dislocates his shoulder trying to win against steve
they play categories which is a game where you have to name cities, countries, rivers, etc. that start with the given first letter and as it turns out, bucky is a pro at this game
it doesn’t matter what letter they choose, bucky just keeps rattling off places and rivers and tiny towns that nobody has ever heard of
but bucky just keeps going and 20 minutes later he has everyone drenched in sweat and gasping for air
tony, slumped over the couch: “those are the eyes of a man who has seen god and laughed”
the last game for the night is dodgeball and it’s just like the trojan war
it goes on forever and is essentially fruitless but who cares. both teams are super into it and the entire compound becomes a battling ground
what first starts off as “come on it’s just dodgeball” “he insulted my HONOR” quickly turns into “GENTLEMEN, WE ARE AT WAR WITH TEAM CAP AND MUST NOT DROP OUR GUARD AT ALL”
loki, thor, and bruce ditch ref duty and form their own team and they’re so. scary
clint, staring thor dead in the eye after getting hit: “nothing means anything we’re all going to die”
the last ones still standing at the end are scott and pietro and they’re both living on a prayer
pietro throws the ball, scott shrinks, pietro runs after the ball while searching the ground for scott and almost trips
in the last second, y/n dashes out from behind the couch, standing there like the final boss in a game as she aims for pietro and bonks him right on the head
team cap breaks out cheering and the victory is so overwhelming that they just pull everyone into a bone-popping hug despite not even being on the same team
the night finally comes to an end and mj glances at her film camera before handing it to tony to let him develop it for her
she’s been secretly taking pictures of everyone the entire night, so when they wake up on the next day, they all get very emotional over a whole wall covered in cute and funny photos
* * *
stay hydrated <3
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i saw that you wanted to even out all the smut with some fluff, so maybe #2 and #24 from the fluff prompts :) as always no pressure!
Warning: pretty sure this is just a lil fluffy
AU: Biker!Bucky
AN: Not a huge fan with how this turned out, or with how short it is, my mind blanked out a little.
Prompt from this list, requests are always open so feel free to send one or more in
Tumblr media
"The bar will survive a few more minutes, come back." You mumbled, wrapping your arms around Bucky's torso to try to pull him back into bed with you.
He chuckled and sat on the edge of the mattress so you could sit your chin on his shoulder, the metal cool against your skin. "I won't be long, I promise."
"Sam and Steve can handle a couple plumbers."
"It'll only take two hours. Now, come on. Take a shower with me." He said pulling himself from your grip.
You huffed out a breath and fell back against the mattress, silently cursing Sam for interrupting your peaceful morning.
Bucky's hand wrapped around your ankle and he tugged you to the end of the bed, laughing lightly when you squealed from the sudden movement. "Quit pouting, I know you wanna shower with me." He teased, grabbing your hands to pull you onto your feet.
"You hog all of the water." You said as be wrapped his arms around you, walking with you towards the bathroom. "Can't I just take one peaceful shower?"
"Its good for the environment." He mumbled, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. "It takes twice as long and a lot more hot water."
It didn't take much convincing for you to get in with him. Although, you never said no, a few kisses to your cheek mixed with a soft smile and you fully agreed.
Carefully placing bubbles on his stuble as he washed his hair, you smiled. "Awe, you're so cute." You giggled.
His blue eyes opened to look down at you, eyebrows raised. "Cute? I don't think many people would agree with you on that one." He said squinting his eyes at you. "You're about as terrifying as Santa Claus to me, Buck."
He chuckled lowly and leaned down to peck your lips, his head going directly into the stream of water.
"Ow, you prick." You cursed when soap went in your eyes, showing his chest lightly. "That was, by far, the stupidest thing you've ever done." He laughed, making you glare at him.
"That was your fault. The stupidest thing I've done is agree to shower with you."
"You love showering with me."
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I would like Bucky to tickle me out of the blue, he definitely would be the kind of guy that would “attack you” with trickles
it was a gesture that you looked forward to but also kept you on your feet wondering when his next “attack” was, “can you help me out with dinner?” you ask bucky when he enters the kitchen.
he would agree and give you all the necessary ingredients you need to make dinner and while you stir the pot filled with delicious food he would wrap his arms around your waist and his head would be placed at the crook fo your neck, “you scared me.” you chuckle once his skin made contact with yours.
bucky smirks and his fingertips now trail up and down your waist, “oh yeah? did you think i was gonna do this!” you burst into a fit of laughter as bucky tickles your carefully so you don’t burn yourself. the night continues with his random tickle attacks on you and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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1k sleepover!!!
firstly, i want to thank all of you lovely people for 1k. i couldn’t be more grateful for all of you and it boggles me that there’s one thousand of you voluntarily following me😳🥺
so, here’s what i’m doing to celebrate 1k....
a sleepover!!!!
it goes as follows:
it will run from the 16th June to the 18th June!
you can:
send in asks -> (anything about me, ask games, ask anything about my writing, anything you have on your mind)
ask questions -> (would you rather, fmk ((kiss or kill ;)) with any of seb or chris’ characters or any marvel characters), send any thots that you have about any characters
send in drabble requests -> make them as specific as you like, about any character i write for!! i’ll write pretty much anything so go wild (if i don’t get around to yours i will write it after and it will probably be posted the following night!)
send in concepts or thoughts that you have -> could be a certain trope, au or anything really, and i’ll give u my thoughts on it too!
also,,, please rb to get the word out! bc if i do this and no one asks anything i’ll be mortified lmfao
tagging some moots (soz lol)
@mianorth @goaskbarnes @mypalbuck @buckybarnesthehotshot @belladonnabarnes @buckyblues @buckysbbyy @blackberrybucky @teddybearbucky @elijahs-wife @wintersfilm @egcdeath @buckylove123 @winter-james @jurassicbarnes @uprootbasic @buckyshattergirl @thefanbasewhore @peterssweetpea @bitchassbucky @ritesofreverie @buckysbabyyy @itsapeterthing @lokiscollar @tinymalscoffee @bvckysmoon @bucks-bunny @avengerslittleprincess @cloudystevie @sableseb @fuckandfluff
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rivers-rambles21 · 2 hours ago
The one with the flipping
Part 10 of The one where Bucky has a cute neigbour series!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader (f)
Summary | Reader and Bucky become friends after he saves her from  a creep in their apartment building. Each chapter explores a different point in their friendship - very slow burn!
Warnings | 18+ only, Smut in later chapters (this is a slow burn), swearing, unprotected sex, oral sex, (later chapters)
We’re starting to see more from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - there are some bits taken from the show to help shape the story.
We’ll also be seeing Y/N & Bucky texting whilst he’s away
Chapter 10 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It didn’t feel right with Bucky away. Although he’d only been gone for just over a day you felt the void he left. Over the past few months you’d become inseparable, seeing each other every day - whether it be hitting the gym together, cooking or just hanging out.
After coming home from yet another terrible day at work, you wanted nothing more than to open a bottle of wine and binge watch TV with Bucky who was undoubtedly now your best friend. 
You were two glasses in when you heard a banging outside your apartment door. 
Stepping out into the hallway you were greeted with two cops hammering away on Bucky’s door, nearly breaking it clean off. “Excuse me, can I help you?” 
Both officers quickly spun on the spot and reached for their guns, stopping when they saw you were on your own. “Do you know the man who lives here?” 
“Yes, do you?”
“Ma’am do you know where he is?” 
“No I don’t” You lied, not trusting the two men infront of you. 
One of their radios suddenly turned on “-he’s is now in custody in Baltimore” 
Both cops nodded to one another before turning back to you. “Nevermind ma’am” 
You watched as they left as quickly as they arrived before running back into your apartment, grabbing your phone and frantically calling Bucky. You tried a few more times before stuffing your wallet into your purse and heading for the door. 
Fortunately you managed to catch a last minute flight to Baltimore after confirming with the police precinct they were holding him in . You hadn’t thought twice about going to him, your heart ached at the thought of him being confined to a cell, trapping him like an animal. 
After paying the cab driver your fare, you sprinted into the precinct heading straight for the desk. 
“Hi, you’re holding my friend Bucky -  I mean James Barnes.” You panted, tired from the sprint to the officer behind the desk.
“Who the hell are you?” 
Turning around, you came face to face with someone you instantly recognised. “Falcon” You grinned, a little bit star struck at meeting an actual Avenger. 
Sure Bucky was one too but to you he wasn’t some superhero on the evening news who fought aliens and terrorists, he was just Bucky - your friend who stole your food and listened to your never ending rants. 
Realising you hadn’t answered his question, you continued. “I’m Y/N, a friend of Bucky’s.” You extended your hand out to him which he shook. 
“Sam” He replied, releasing your hand from his. 
“The one who believes wizards are real” You joked, trying to remove the tension. 
“I’ll tell you the same thing I told the cyborg, a wizard is a sorcerer without a hat!”
“Uhuh” You laughed, rolling your eyes. “Have they said when they’ll let him out yet?” 
Sam gestured you to the seating area and sat down. “Once his therapist arrives they’ll let him out.” You sat in comfortable silence for a few moments as the busy precinct bustled around you, cops and civilians passing through constantly. 
Sam was the first to break the silence. 
“Do you want to watch a funny video?”
The first time you watched the video of Bucky jumping out of the plane you were worried sick he’d hurt himself with his terrible landing. But by the fifth time watching it you’d found it hysterical as you laughed along with Sam as you watched the video over and over again from different angles to kill the time. 
Reluctantly, you left the waiting area and headed to the restroom to relieve yourself. When you came back you were stumped to find Sam wasn’t where you’d left him. 
“Excuse me, do you know where the man that was sat there went?” You asked the officer behind the desk. 
“Therapy session” She replied, pointing towards the double doors before returning back to furiously typing on her computer. 
“Thanks” You muttered before returning back to your seat, patiently waiting. 
You didn’t have to wait for long before Sam came back with an annoyed look etched across his face. “He’ll be out in a minute” he said as he passed by you, heading for the exit. 
With a sigh of relief you stood from your seat and adjusted your clothing as you watched the door with eager eyes. 
The moment you saw him through the small windows you felt all the stress and anxiety of the day seep out of you as you saw he was relatively okay. 
Bucky must have been distracted as he didn’t notice you standing in front of him until his eyes landed on you, his mouth hanging open in shock. 
“Hey Buck” 
“Doll what are you doing here?” He asked as he strode over to you, pulling you into him in a tight hug, your face pressed against his warm chest. Your arms wound around his back, pulling him in closer, his scent overwhelming your senses. He left a kiss upon your head before pulling back slightly to look down at you, searching for answers. 
“Cops came to your apartment looking for you, and then I heard they’d got you and I just panicked. Are you okay?” Reaching up, you cupped his face in your hand, your thumb stroking his soft cheek. 
His eyes fluttered closed for a moment before he opened them again, suddenly aware of where you were. 
“C’mon lets get out of here.” Taking your hand in his, he led you out of the station and into the fresh evening air. 
A shiver ran down your spine as the cold air hit your bare arms. In your rush to go after Bucky you’d foolishly foregone a jacket. 
Instantly noticing your discomfort, Bucky dropped your hand and shrugged his jacket off and wrapped it around your shoulders, the leather swamping your form. 
“Thanks” You said shyly, Bucky merely smiled back at you in response. 
“Well I feel better” Sam’s voice broke you out of the moment as he walked up to you both. Bucky opened his mouth to respond before being interrupted by the sound of a siren and flashing lights.
“Gentlemen!” You recognised the voice from the news - the Captain America knock off. “Good to see you again.” 
You felt Bucky's hand slide down your arm to grasp your hand once again as he walked towards the imposter, angling you behind him. 
“Look, if we divide ourselves, we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.” 
“So what do you got?” Sam asked, rolling his eyes. 
“Well the leaders name’s Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians who’ve been helping Karli move from place to place.”
“They geotagged a location then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe.”
“We think she’s taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.” 
“Well, there are hundreds of those all over the planet since The Blip so I guess you’ll have to look real hard.” If it wasn’t for present company you’d have rolled your eyes at Bucky’s sarcasm.
“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?”
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?” 
“No we don’t know Bucky. It’s only a matter of time before we find out”  
“Things are really intense for you, aren’t they Walker” Your lips twitched as you fought off a smirk.
“Take it easy. Look Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kinds of authorisations you have to get. We’re free agents. We’re more flexible. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to work with you.” 
You all turned to walk away, Bucky squeezing your hand as you did before fake Captain America stopped you in your tracks. “A word of advice then… stay the hell out of my way.” The two men turned and began to walk before Walker stopped again. “Nice to finally meet you Y/N” 
You felt Bucky tense as he turned back to the two men, his eyes glaring at them. Gently, you squeezed his hand and tugged his arm, pulling him back towards Sam, not bothering to respond to dumb and dumber. Looking down at you, he sighed before complying. 
With one last glance behind, you raised your hand as though to wave before smirking and flipping them both off instead - earning a chuckle from Sam.
A few blocks later, Sam hung back to give you and Bucky a moment alone. 
“I can’t believe you came for me doll” Bucky couldn’t keep his hands off you, he kept switching from rubbing your arms to keep you warm and tucking pieces of hair behind your ears. After the day he’d had you was a welcome sight, reminding him that not everything in his life was terrible. 
“Of course I did” You replied, confused as to why he would even doubt it. “I’d do anything for you.” Your confession came as a shock to both of you. You weren’t quite sure as to why you voiced your feelings, maybe it was the day of stress finally getting to you, or the realisation what Bucky and Sam was up to was dangerous and you feared losing him. But regardless of your reasoning, you didn’t regret saying it. 
Bucky's breath hitched as his blue eyes searched yours, looking for the moment where you’d crack a smile and make a joke out of it. But that didn’t happen. 
Gently, Bucky leant forward and pressed his lips against your forehead, lingering for a moment before pulling back. “I don’t want you getting caught up in this doll.” His right hand cradled the back of your head as his eyes sought yours, trying to memorise every part of your face, committing it to memory. 
“I’ll stay out of it, I promise. I just couldn’t bear the thought of you caged up again-” Your voice had become erratic as you processed the days events. Bucky pulled you into another hug, silencing you as he did, his metal hand rubbing up and down your back. 
“I’ll be fine y’know that right? But I have to stop these people Y/N, the serum can’t end up in the wrong hands. I need you to trust me, to trust I know what I’m doing.” 
You merely nodded in response, too caught up in the feeling of being in his arms. 
Bucky pulled away from the hug and stroked your cheek, wiping away the tears you hadn’t realised had fallen. “Cmon, where’s that smile?” 
You couldn’t resist his boyish charm and smiled back at him, although weakly. 
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fallinforevans · 2 hours ago
i am such a Disney nerd so i've been wondering all day what would Stucky's favorite disney movie be to cuddle up to??
i love disney movies 🥺
i see them watching beauty and the beast or the little mermaid 😌 i can already picture them so engrossed in the film while asking questions when they watch it for the first time but then it becomes their comfort film to cuddle up to 🥺💗
join marvel monday!
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