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#bucky x reader

Sworn To Secrecy


Originally posted by ladywinterwitch

Requested by @imagine-all-the-fandoms: Hey colleague ❤️ I really love your writing! So I also thought to send you an idea 😊 The reader is Bucky’s girlfriend but just a normal civilian and he keeps it a secret at the compound. One day she visits him but crosses the other Avengers and Sam is immediately flirting with you but Bucky just comes, swoops you in his arms and kisses you. The others are shocked and confused and later that day they finally tell them they’ve been together for a while now and they are all happy for you two? 😊

Pairing: Avenger!Bucky x Civilian!Reader (Modern AU)

Warnings: Absolutely none! Just a lot of fluff 🥰

Author’s Notes: Thank you so much my dear friend for sending in this beautiful request, I hope you like it and please let me know if there’s anything you want me to change! 💜


Your phone vibrated in the palm of your hand and your smile reached both corners of your eyes when you saw the name light up your screen.

Bucky: I can’t wait to see you, how long until you get here?

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89 notes

Pairing: Bucky x Royalty!Reader

Warnings: angst

A/n:  This was a request sent in by the lovely @bx725​! 

Here we are part two, (you can part one on my pinned masterlist!) there should be one more part to wrap up this piece. I truly hope you all will enjoy this part, and as always happy readings angels! Also a friendly reminder if anyone wishes to be removed from my perma Taglist please let me know!


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Hi this is for my Marvel friends. I have been jamming to the entire Death of a Bachelor album by Panic! At the Disco and I thought of a series when it’s a Bucky Barnes x reader or Steve Rogers x reader or even Stucky x reader where the reader is the lead of Panic! and wrote this album and each story would be a different song off the album. The boys take the Avengers to her concert to see her perform the album and it has flashbacks. Would anyone read this?? No? Okay these are half sleep deprived thoughts anyways 😂

3 notes

Word Count: ~1,658

Notes: Ever wonder who in the MCU actually creates your favorite heroes’ suits?

A/N: I’ve written this before the airing of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, so NO SPOILERS here. I wanted to finish up this little idea that I had before the flood of clips arrived on YouTube and stuff like that, just for my own sanity for not being able to have Disney+ just yet (rural area problems…though I’m sure Hawkeye at least had wi-fi…)

~~~~  ~~~~

You were initially surprised by the last call you received a little over a day ago. Given that it was not unusual for you to get a phone call about an alteration, mending, or a new suit, but with how quiet it had been in the last five years since the Snap, you had to get used to your talents being needed again.

Placing the last of your drawing utensils onto the table, your phone beeped with an alert. “Perfect timing,” you smiled at the screen, showing two lone figures at the front door.

“Long time no see,” you greeted upon opening the front door.
There with a wide grin was Sam Wilson, also known as the Falcon of the Avengers. Beside him, you could safely assume, was James Barnes, or Bucky, as he was introduced as over your previous phone call with Sam.
“We’ve been a bit busy,” he said and then gestured to the man next to him. “And this is my partner-in-stopping-crime, Bucky.”
“Hi,” Bucky smiled kindly, reaching out a hand that you gladly shook.
There was an air of curious hesitance that was notable to you as you looked at him.
“It’s nice to meet you,” he added, stepping back.
“I can assure you that the pleasure is all mine,” you laughed lightly. “Come on in, you two,” you gestured inside.

“So, are we looking at an upgrade to your suit or an entirely new one, Sam?” You asked as you walked them down a hallway that looked increasing different than the rest of your house.
“I was hoping for a new suit. Not that there’s anything wrong with the one that I have now.”
“Thank you for adding that,” you teased. “There’s an art to all of this you know.”
“I can see that,” he said, gesturing for Bucky to look over at an old prototype suit displayed along one of the walls labeled: Quake.
“How long have you been making suits?” Asked Bucky, his eyes wide at the suits, photos, newspaper clippings, and sketches as the three of you continued to walk into your workspace.
“Without getting into details—uh—a little over ten years now. I can’t take credit for every suit of course. Not that I would. And here we are.”

A large couch and two chairs were set roughly in the center of the room facing a mirror setup for fitting purposes. It was accented with a few plants and some of your favorite things in addition to the superhero memorabilia. There was a table at the far end of the room that held all of your designing necessities prior to the physical suit creating process. With all that was in that one room, it was a wonder that it did not look cluttered.
“Bucky, if you wouldn’t mind standing over there for me, please,” you asked as you skipped over to grab your measuring tape.
“Sure,” he nodded quietly, taking position between the couch and mirror.
“I feel like I’m in one of those shows where they try to find the perfect dress for the bride,” Sam smiled cheekily, making himself quite comfortable on the couch.
“Hilarious,” Bucky deadpanned, sounding disinterested in the joke.

“Alrighty,” you hopped over to Bucky’s side. “I think I’m a little too excited about this,” you muttered to yourself.
“Has it been a while?” Asked Sam, adjusting a pillow.
“No, SHIELD keeps me pretty busy,” you shrugged, unraveling the tape. “But this is my first time with Bucky.” You ignored Sam’s smothered laugh and continued. “And don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I’m doing every step of the way. Or at least I’ll try to. Is that okay with you?”
“Yeah,” Bucky answered simply.
“Cool. First I’m just starting off simple; getting your height.” Kneeling down you wedged one end of the tape under Bucky’s boot, thankful that he lifted it a bit to assist. Standing back up, you slowly got back into routine and jotted down his height on your little wristlet notepad.
“Not so bad so far,” Bucky commented, his eyes locking on to each of your movements.
“Oh, don’t worry, it gets better,” said Sam in another humorous tone.
“Great. Thanks for that.”

“And now for your neck.”
“My neck?”
“You don’t want a constricting or slouchy suit, right,” you gave him a small smile.
Bucky’s head tilted in acknowledgement and again kept still as you delicately slipped the tape around his neck and just as quickly took it away. He appeared relieved, if only a little.

This was oddly enough one of the more interesting ways to get to know the people behind the mask, so to speak. A hero could come in all smiles and with cheeky words, but as soon as you were in their personal space, sometimes their reactions were much different than their outward personality.

“Hey, you’re blocking my view!” Sam called as you stepped in front of Bucky.
Looking over your shoulder, you kept the measuring tape to both of Bucky’s shoulders. “Sometimes there are disappointments in life that you’re just going to have to deal with, Sam.”
“Uh-huh. Out of the two of us, who has the broader shoulders?”
“I’m sorry, Sam, but that’s artist to model confidentiality.” You said, extending out one of Bucky’s arms to the side.
“That’s for doctors and patients!”
“I still stand by my words, bird-man,” you defended, jotting down more numbers as you stepped around in front of Bucky again.
“Armpit to armpit now,” you said, bringing up the tape again.
“You’re very thorough,” he stated, watching you write on the paper. “About how many measurements do you need to take?”
“Oh, I don’t count them, then I get overwhelmed. Excuse me,” you said softly as you brought your arms around him to reach the other end of the measuring tape.
“Hey, don’t you have a machine for this? I mean, not that I think Bucky minds what you’re doing here.”
“Yes, but I want to be sure. One can get too reliant on technology, yah know.”
“Fair enough.”
“But I suppose we can shorten this process. Would you mind stepping over here for a minute? It’s not as dramatic as it looks.” You asked, pointing at the tall machine that looked like a metal detector.
He nodded and followed you over, stopping with you for further instruction.
“I swear it doesn’t hurt or anything,” you assured, putting a gentle hand to his arm. “Just a computer scan of your body. Wow, that sounds so invasive now that I said it out loud.”
“Great,” he sighed before stepping onto it.
“If it makes you feel any better,” you said, pressing a few buttons to switch on the machine, “I’ll be the only one who sees the original scan. I put on a generic suit on top of the figure as a base.”

As the scanning came to a stop, your eyes went between your notepad and the screen.
“How’s it looking?” Sam asked as you stared at the screen, going over what measurements you took of Bucky.
“Like the computer is correct. Again. I’ll stop fondling you now, Bucky,” you said, waving him to step out of the machine. “Have a seat.”
“Thank you.”

Sitting on one of the chairs, you joined the pair with a sketchbook and pencil in-hand. “All right, gentlemen, let’s talk colors—for your suits.”
“I’m leaning more towards red,” said Sam.
“Just black and red?”
“Well, not like a fire engine red. Something a little more wearable. Less flashy.”
“Mmmm,” you squinted in thought.
“As if those wings of yours don’t call for attention,” commented Bucky.
Flicking through colored pencils, you smiled. These two seemed like a pretty good team. Though you had questions, you did not want to ask of Steve’s whereabouts. Or any other hero that you’ve suited for that matter.
“What about a white accent? To balance out the dark and warm tones?” You asked, twirling the color between your fingers.
“Alright, alright. Now we’re getting somewhere.”
“Do you want a princess seam?”
Sam’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline. “A what?!”
Laughing to yourself, you shook your head. “Never-mind. Any ideas as far as colors for you, Bucky?”
“Full-on metallic. Make any and all enemies turn an eye in direct sunlight.”
Bucky sighed, turning his attention to you. “Uh—I’m not sure yet. But you’re the professional here, what do you think?”
“Blue, hmm,” Sam nodded in agreement.
“I think it’s a safe color to go with your,” you paused to gesture a hand to him, “aesthetic.”
Sam broke out into a smile and laughed, nearly turning in on himself. “His aesthetic?”
“Here we go,” Bucky sighed, sitting back to see what Sam came up with this time.
“How about dark and brooding for mister cyborg here? Listen the first time I saw him, given there was a whole—thing—around that, but it was in all black. So just think of the night. He is the night. You can’t see him. You can’t hear him. But he is there.”
“What I mean is—with his complexion. The silver and gold of his arm, his hair—”
“You should’ve seen how long it was,” Sam side commented.
And his eyes of course.”
“My eyes?” Bucky asked, his head tilting rather cutely.
“Steel blue. I have to be careful not to stare into them,” you said, looking back down to your sketchbook, missing the looks exchanged between the heroes. “But don’t worry, I’m not thinking of a vibrant blue for your jacket. If I can assume, your outfit today suggests that you don’t want to stand out. Well, either that, or you just have a preferred color scheme to dress in. So, I’m keeping stealth in mind with these sketches.”
“You get really into this, don’t you?” Bucky asked with a growing smile.
“Of course. How could I not?”

~~~~  ~~~~  ~~~~  ~~~~

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Thank you for reading!!

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realizing in retrospect, some two years later… my bucky x reader fics weren’t so bad after all……,,,, might i write another? maybe? just to test the waters?? to see if i got better or worse??

3 notes

Drabble #1

Walking into the common room during your study break you sigh before plopping down onto one of the couches. “Oof” it’s only then you realise this couch wasn’t exactly free, but free enough. “Really doll?”  Bucky asks as you look at him. “Do you hear Steve complain? No? Be more like Steve.” you say before sighing once more.

“Everything alright?” Natasha asks from the other side of the room. You shrug “School” you answer making her nod, understanding you. A moment of silence passes before you speak up once again. “I just want someone to take me out, you know?”  

“Like, on a date or with a gun?” Bucky asks as he and Steve look down at your resting form. “Surprise me!” “Doll- no” “Understandable” “Nat- no”

Both you and Nat sigh this time, extra dramatic as the guys disapprove of your wishes. “Boring.” you say before walking back to your room.

40 notes

Pairing: Mobster!Bucky x Shy!Reader

Warnings: angst, language, mentions of mobster business (barely), love-struck Bucky, fluff, shy reader, tension, cuddling & snuggling, mentions of cheating (not Bucky)

Word Count: 2298

Square Filled: Mafia AU for @marvelfluffbingo​ (marvelfluffbingo2021) & @star-spangled-bingo​ (SSB2021)

Marvel Fluff Bingo 2021

Star Spangled Bingo 2021


Your nose buried in yet another book, you tap your foot to the classic song they play at the podcast you are listening to. 

“Miss, did you hear what I said?” taking out your earphones you look up from your table, giving the young man talking to you an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry, but this is my lunch break. The library is closed until 1 pm,” you point toward the sign on your desk. “If you want to look around it’s fine, but don’t tell my boss.”

A deep chuckle makes you flinch; you didn’t even see another man stepped toward the table you occupy to read your book in silence. “It’s alright, doll,” he smoothly purrs; eyes roaming your body.

The man smiles, offering his hand to you. “Peter and I will return after your break, pretty girl,” you giggle when the man presses a chaste kiss to your knuckles. “You’re worth the wait.”

“You can have a look around, I don’t mind, Sir,” the man lifts his eyebrows, gaze never wavering. He looks you straight in the eyes, waiting for you to say something, but the way he looks at you makes your heart race. “Just don’t tell my boss, she doesn’t like to see I let people check on the books during my break.”

“I won’t tell anyone, doll,” you watch the younger man out of the corner of your eye. He walks toward the shelves with Russian authors, smiling as he takes one book out of the shelf. “How about we talk a little while my friend looks for the book he wants?”

“Sir, not so loud,” you shush, pointing toward another sign on the wall opposite your table. “Rules. No yelling at a library.”

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Before you go

Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Literally just fluff and reader being adorable, also ABBA

Written on my phone so I apologize for any mistakes, feedback as always is appreciated hope you enjoy💕

The music played loudly in your earbuds. You danced happily along the floor of the kitchen as you cleaned up from baking a tray of brownies to bring to Clint and Laura’s baby shower. You hummed the melody and we’re lost to the world as if the kitchen was a Broadway stage. ABBAs dancing queen was your current choice. Your hips moved to the beat as you started to sing to your self, pointing to your cat who was lounging in the sunlight when the lyrics sang “you can dance you can jive”. Your arms went up as you had the time of your life.

You didn’t hear the door open as a voice called out in what would have been your alert to Bucky being home from work. He walked down the hall to see you in a state of pure bliss. He smiled to himself as he watched you waltz around the kitchen using various utensils as microphones and doing dance moves that would put Sam to shame. Your dancing suddenly slowed as your music changed. He heard the tune switch from upbeat to slowed. Almost immediately he recognized the song as A thousand years, that was the song you first danced to with him.

Both you and Bucky remembered it fondly. Tony and Peppers wedding, Buck had sat himself by the bar the whole night other than a few times when he was pulled away by Steve to meet someone. The night seemed to be drawing to a close when you got brave and tapped the winter soldier on the shoulder.

‘Hey, are you going to sit here all night’

Your smile cut through him and melted him like ice in the sun.

“No actually I probably am leaving soon Dollface, just keeping the seat warm for you” Bucky had a habit of picking on you, you had worked together for months but you never could find the courage to ask him to coffee. But after encouragement from Natasha and Sam, and a glass or two of your favorite drink, you decided you’d ask him to dance.

‘Well Barnes’ you looked and realized you still had your hand on his shoulder ‘I was going to ask if, maybe before you headed out, you’d like to grab a dance’

He chuckled, you moved your hand and sat down next to him. ‘Well if your just going to laugh at me, I’ll tell you this was Sam and Nats idea I…’

before you could finish Bucky took your hand and led you to the dance floor. The song switched as you got to the center. You glanced over to see Sam with a huge grin giving you the most excited thumbs up ever. You wondered how much he bribed the DJ.

A slight blush came to Buckys cheeks as he held your hand with one arm around your waist pulling you close.

‘I’m not much of a dancer’ you mumbled to him as you both swayed with the melody. He swung you out from his chest and let you spin before he pulled you back closer this time it seemed. You put your arms around his neck and he wrapped both his arms around you, still swaying.

“It’s okay Y/N this is fine”

You rested your head on his shoulder taking in the moment. You looked up at him ‘I was wondering,’ you paused not sure if you should even ask ‘do you want to maybe get coffee sometime, or dinner with me?’ A smile spread across his face.

“You know I’ve wanted to ask you that for two months”

‘So it’s a date then’ you smiled back at him

“I think it is Doll” Bucky pulled you closer and kissed your forehead as you both swayed I’ve loved you for a thousand years I’ll love you for a thousand more.

You jumped as your headphones got unplugged and two large arms wrapped around your waist. Bucky kissed the top of your head and smiled as you turned around. He wiped some coco power of your nose and hummed the song.

“Dance with me doll” he pulled up into the center of the kitchen. You didn’t argue you swayed with him, arms around his neck. You smiled into his shoulder as you thought about your first dance, first date, first kiss. Pulling away you looked up at Bucky, and kissed him. He returned the kiss, it was soft but so full of love. Your hand instinctively went into his hair and he pulled you closer. You pulled away and smiled

‘I’m glad I asked you to dance’

~hi Alex here I hope you enjoyed this was an older draft I had that I thought I’d post while I fight off writers block, my requests are open and I appreciate all of you, I hope you enjoyed this tiny bit of fluff~

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Sexual Healing

Summary: You ask a touch-starved Bucky if he wants to try something new in an attempt to take your minds off work.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2,462

Warnings: Smut (oral M receiving, vaginal penetration). Mild swearing. Some angst and fluff. (18+ only please).

A/N: This is my secret gift for @sweeterthanthis​ as part of the Happy Hoelentine’s gift exchange hosted by @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @chrissquares@amythedvdhoarder​. I hope you like this story, and Happy Valentine’s Day, love! 😘💜 gif not mine.


It’s the sound of his door closing that catches your attention first. Next, the screeching of water pipes kicking on then abruptly off less than ten minutes later, and you silently wonder while laying in bed if it ever actually helps him. 

The missions start to catch up with everyone after a while—both body and mind. Tired limbs and endless thoughts of what ifs and could have beens. You were no stranger to it either. Being a part of the Avengers initiative was something you dreamt of since you were young, but all the glitz and glamor had you blind to certain repercussions. Not that you were totally ignorant to the dark side of avenging, but one can never know exactly what kind of toll the violence and long hours can have on a person’s psyche.

Then there were the colorful pasts some team members came from. Their hidden demons always lurking just below the surface, silently taunting the back of their minds until they chose to take a hold of their waking thoughts, adding to the guilt and self-deprecation.

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Pairing: Prince!Bucky x Matchmaker!Reader Royal AU

Summary: Bucky speaks with his father. We get closer to the coronation, and we meet Sam!

Warnings: None

Part 8

Bucky stood with his sword outstretched, his pose firm. Dot had suggested they go to the drawing room, so she could paint Bucky, and he agreed. He saw Dot focusing on the canvas in front of her, her eyes darting between him and her painting. From the way she was working, Bucky thought it might turn out decent.

           “Almost done, Jamie.” Dot said with a smile.

           Bucky subtly winced. He hated being called Jamie by her, but he would let it pass. His arm was starting to ache and his stomach was starting to growl. He kinda wished you were there, to be honest. His blue eyes landed on Dot as she grinned.

           “Done! Come take a look, Jamie!”

           Bucky was relieved to finally bring his arm to his side, and he walked over to where Dot was. As soon as his eyes landed on the painting, he held back a grimace. It was awful. Like, a five-year-old could have done better that her. Pasting on a fake smile, Bucky applauded her.

           “It looks wonderful. And I can see how much detail you put into my face.” He said pointing to the area he assumed was the face.

           “That’s your arm, silly.” Dot giggled.

           Bucky nodded, trying to keep his eyebrows from raising any higher. “Of course it is! I was just messing around!”

           “I was hoping we could put it the gallery room.”

           “Uh…yup, heh, excellent choice.”


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Love, Adore, Cherish, Fight 4

Chapter name: Party disaster

Series Summary:  He admired you from his car, he knew you came to the market every Sunday, for flowers he remembers the first day he saw you, two years ago, He came to the market just to get a few things, and then leave that was until he saw you out of the corner of his eye,  just as the woman was handing him his plums, he turned to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, you looked up at him and gave him a small sweet smile with a little wave.

You looked up when you felt you were being watched you looked around, only seeing cars and people, you shrugged and turned back to the flower stand, picking out a few and putting them into the basket you had, once you where finished, you paid, and took the short walk back to your apartment,  you didn’t know a car was following you, you walked up the stairs to your apartment, you opened the door, when you got in you were met with your roommate.

Paring: Mob!Bucky x Reader

Warning’s: Fluff, angst, and talks of death and hinting at rape I guess you can say

Word count: 2447

A/n: I finished writing this on the day WandaVision came out, and I have to wait ‘cause my familymeder wants to watch it with me ugh, I hope you like it, feedback is appreciated, thx💞💞-SSITKOW

Series Masterlist - Profiles -  Masterlist -  Tagglist


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7 notes

Deeply and with a burning ache you could never snuff, you felt. When your lungs gasped for air, as if drowning in their pain and grief, you felt. It was hallow and all consuming, but still, you felt.

When the hurting stops, only grief finds its replacement. But this time, it wasn’t borrowed. This time it was yours and truly, you didn’t know what was worse. Feeling everything so intensely. If it was better to burden theirs or your own.

4 notes

Bloody Love 13

Chapter name: Dark Room

Series Summary:  1999- You woke up screaming and crying bloody murder in the earlier hours of the morning, Your mom and dad ran into the room, to see blood seeping threw the leg of your onesie, they woke up your older siblings and  rushed to the hospital the doctors stitched up the wound, “It’s a bullet wound, it  wasn’t that deep on her end, it’s probably worse on her soulmates just be a little more observant of her, and keep notes on what you didn’t see or notice before.”

2014-  You felt the oxygen from your lungs beginning to slow, and like there was something tight around your thought you tried to gasp for air.“Y/n!” your teacher called out for you, “Y/n are you alright?” you gasped for hair the feeling was gone “What happened Y/n?” your teacher more demanded than asked.

Paring: Bucky x Rogers!Reader (Soulmate AU)

Warning’s: Angst, and Dark

Word count: 1064

A/n: I have literally nothing to rally say except for I hope you like it and feedback is appreciated, thx💞💞-SSITKOW

Series Masterlist - Profiles -  Masterlist -  Tagglist


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So all my asks disappeared and i can’t get them back!! If you sent a request or a gif please send it again. I still have all the gifs i just don’t have the @ of the people who sent them in so drop me a message or an ask to let me know what you sent!

3 notes

Hey thank you for the idea um I already had that part written, but the series might not be on hold for long I was having a hard tim writing part 6 for it but thank you for trying to help.💞💞


Originally posted by igor762posts

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((Its 3am. the sleeping pills i took did not fucking work. so here’s a saucy bucky drabble))

You woke up to Bucky pressing kisses down your torso. You let out a whine and feel him chuckle against your skin, “Mornin’, baby.”

You peek through your lids to see him staring up at you with a mischievous look on his face. You then glanced at the clock on your bedside and sighed, “We gotta get up for training.”

He hums, pressing a kiss below your naval, “Says who?”

“Says Sam.”

“He can wait.”

You giggle, “I don’t think he can, Buck.” He crawls back up to you, lips hovering over yours, “He’ll have to.” He captures your lips in a heated kiss and when he pulls away, he continues to kiss down your jaw and to your neck.

You’re conflicted because you want this. God, do you want this so bad, but you should really go to training so you can get better control of your powers, but-

“Fuck, Bucky,” you moan and he snickers into your skin.

“Still wanna go to training, hm? Just tell me to stop and I will.” He nips at your sweet spot and you’re puddy in his hands.

“Don’t stop,” you plead breathlessly and he smiles into your skin, “Knew you couldn’t resist,” and he descends down your body once more.

75 notes

A Defiled Uniform

Steve x reader x Bucky , Steve Rogers x reader , Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: the boys find a particular garment in your stuff, and set out to fulfill an old fantasy in the bedroom

Rating: 18+, don’t touch this if you are under age please, and sweet Jesus wrap it up folks,

Warnings: CW brief discussion of religion and old style school punishments, SMUT, 3 some, if it isn’t your style, don’t read (I’ll be less offended if you ignore it than if you read it and get cranky), blowjobs, spanking, man on man kissing, dirty talk, language, teacher kink … let me clarify the reader is 100% of age and consenting to the scene!!!

The boys are helping you pack up your apartment so you can move to the compound up North with them. Natasha is helping you wrap dishes in the kitchen while Steve and Bucky tuck your clothes into suitcases from your closet. Classic rock plays throughout, windows open letting fresh air flow, and you can hear Sam bickering with the spiderling about what order to pack your furniture into the moving truck. Nat hands you another champagne flute from the top rack when you hear Bucky call your name.

“Y/N! When did you get all these shirts?! You literally wear 3! And since when do you wear so many shoes???” He yells from the closet, tossing your stuff at Steve, who patiently chuckles and sets them down in his organized fashion.

“It’s called variety, Buck, you’re not a woman on undercover missions. I need options!” You chirp back at him and set the wrapped plate into the box.

Bucky continues to mutter over your items and sighs happily when he can finally see the other side wall of the closet. Only 2 hangers left to go, he thinks gratefully. He grads an aged, faded green hoodie with your university logo and puts it to his nose so he can soak up your scent on it. Your choice fabric softener and hints of your favorite perfume, Black Opium, waft through and he thinks fondly of how much he loves those scents. Tossing the top to his best man, Bucky grabs at the last hanger. Huh, never seen this skirt before, he thinks while holding it up to the light.

“Hey Stevie, have you ever seen her wear this? Looks awful small for mission gear.” Bucky aims the skirt at Steve, giving it a gentle shake for dramatic effect.

“No, Buck, can’t say I have. You know what it reminds me of though? Those uniforms they used to wear at the all girls school across the road from the park back in Brooklyn.” Steve looks from the clothing to his boyfriend suggestively.

“Oh yeah! Those nuns sure kept the girls in line, remember the stories Dot and Molly would tell us about the rulers and paddles? Shit today that’s corporal punishment!” Bucky pulls the skirt off the hanger and folds it, placing the garment in your overnight bag rather than the suitcase.

“You gonna do something with that?” Steve nods to the new addition to your bag.

“Just gonna ask a question later is all Stevie.” Bucky winks at his partner and smiles.

Later that evening, the apartment is signed away and no longer your monster to manage, and the three of you are celebrating the next step in your relationship and life with your men. Lounging on the couch between them, your back against Steve and your legs curled up on top of Bucky’s, sipping a whiskey coke. Steve reaches to your chin and tips it up to place a chaste kiss on your lips, while Bucky rubs up and down your calves softly. You return his peck by sliding your tongue across his teeth, asking for permission to deepen the kiss. As he obliges, he lets his hands drift around your waist to rub your breasts and knead at the full flesh.

In your lustful haze, you hear Bucky speak up. “So where in hell did a good Catholic student learn how to kiss like that? I’m pretty sure they didn’t teach you how to moan like that in school princess.” His eyes are dark with desire and he rests his hands on your knees, locking them in place. You turn your eyes away from one man to the other, bewildered and slightly warm.

“What do you mean Bucky?” You ask with genuine uncertainty. Regardless of the commentary, your arousal grows with the ministrations from both your lovers.

“Well see doll, we did a little research today while you were unpacking. Shield likes to keep full files, and boy was it satisfying to learn that our sweet girl was an innocent little catholic school student. Went to church twice a week and everything.”

Steve whispers in your ear while rubbing a nipple between his fingers.

“And what better detail to find than your old uniform hanging in the closet. Blue is really our favorite color princess.” Bucky adds while snaking his vibranium hand up the inside of your thigh. He ghosts a finger across the seam of your panties, and gives them a quick snapping tug.

You turn to hide your head in the couch cushions, an attempt to cover the blush spreading across your cheeks. They weren’t supposed to find it! How could you slip up with that , as a SHIELD agent??! That fantasy was to remain deeply hidden.

“Don’t hide princess, we want to see that face when Steve tells you what happens next.” Bucky continues working your mound with his metal arm while he previews the future of the evening.

“Now sweet girl, you are going to go upstairs and open your overnight bag. You are to strip out of these clothes, put on the items in there, NOTHING else. Understand me?” Steve’s voice drops an octave as his mind shifts toward his dominant state.

“When you’re ready, I want you to sit at the desk, ready for the bell to ring.” Bucky adds his request as you nodded toward the blonde.

You swing your legs off the couch, palms sweaty with the anticipation of fulfilling the fantasy of defilling such a symbol of purity and innocence. As you turn away from your boyfriends and head to complete your task, each man takes a palm to your ass and smiles. You yelp, and scurry to the bedroom to find your drag bag placed at the foot of the bed. With shaking hands you peel the zipper apart to pull out your wardrobe. A white button down blouse, white ankle socks, the soon to be defamed plaid skirt, and the most ridiculously padded fire engine red bra you’d ever seen. With a chuckle, you peel off one layer of clothes and begin re dressing with the second. Not knowing how much time you have until the “class” begins, you hastily throw your hair into a ponytail and slap a little lip stain on before sliding into the large desk chair and crossing your ankles.

Moments later, you hear heavy boots scuff the floor and the stairs creak under the weight of two super soldiers. Your thoughts drift to dirty places and you imagine seeing bucky’s vibranium hand slide under the skirt while Steve massages your flushed and heavy tits through the top half of your given uniform. A shrill school bell pierces your thoughts and a heavy thud from the door forces your eyes up.

“Now who do we have here? Looks like Miss Y/L/N was sent in for a dress code violation. Mr. Rogers, would you please identify the specifics on why you have sent this young lady to my office?” Bucky looks you up and down as if he were stalking his prey.

Steve looks over his reading glasses and gives you a once over. “Well Mr. Barnes, this young lady clearly has no respect for the rules. I guarantee that skirt is far too short, bet you can see her backside if she stands up.” He begins to circle you as well, and pulls at your blouse. “This shirt is practically transparent, I’d say that’s a bra redder than a sunburn on the Fourth of July.” He grabs a strap and allows it to snap sharply back against your shoulder.

Bucky reaches out to you, asking for your hand. “Now young lady, I am a pretty lenient man, but disrespecting the code of conduct is an inexcusable offense. Mr.Rogers didn’t even mention that lipstick you have on. I happen to know for a fact your lips are not that shade of plum.” He swipes a thumb across your lips to smear the stain. “I think we should allow him to assist in your punishment since he had to leave his duties to discuss this with us.”

“I haven’t used a ruler on this one yet, will that suffice Mr.. Barnes ? She looks a bit delicate for much else.” Steve comes up behind you and begins to caress your thighs, not yet going past the skirt.

“I think a palm should get the point across rather eloquently, perhaps 10?.” Bucky keeps hold of your hand and reaches for your other to pull you close to him.

Steve releases your legs and allows Bucky to take you away. With his vibranium hand, Bucky pulls you to the opposite side of the desk, and leans you across it bringing your chest flush against the mahogany. As he releases your hands he whispers in your ear. “Now princess, I want you to count them and just maybe this will be your punishment for not telling us about your dreams sooner.”

Your thighs clench as a wave of wetness rushes through you, and your breath comes in pants as you hear the pair of them come to face each other over you. Bucky grabs your hands again, and brings them together in front of you so he can hold you down, while Steve runs a hand up your legs and slots one of his between your knees.

“I knew this tight ass couldn’t hide under that skirt, such a bad girl princess,” Steve says as he pushes the skirt over the globes and gives each one a squeeze. “Damn Bucky, can you tell how turned on she is? Dripping all over the place, ready to cum still all dressed up.” He continues kneading your backside while ignoring your moans and wiggling frame.

“Wait til you’ve finished her punishment, bet she’ll be ripe and sweet like a peach for us to taste Stevie.” Bucky growls as he pushes you back down onto the table.

Distracted by Bucky’s words and touch, you nearly miss the sound of air moving as Steve’s palm cuts through it toward your ass. You Yelp again, and whimper at the prospect of not sitting for a week. Bucky taps on your shoulder, reminding you of your duty. “What did I ask you to do princess? Are you going to be a good girl and count for us?”

“Yes, One Sergeant.” You groan out the count.

Another smack comes down to the same spot, right above the crest of your cheek. You gasp into the desk and suck in a breath from the sting. “Two Sergeant.”

Steve continues doling out your punishment to your backside, by the time he hits nine tears are welling in your eyes from the sting and pleasure building in you. Your legs are shaking with effort from standing and your voice is wrecked from garbled use.

“Ten, Sergeant. Thank you Sir.” You whisper after Steve finishes his smacks and begins to rub the marks in soothing circles.

“Good job princess, you did that so well, now it’s time for your reward.” Bucky releases your arms and Steve pulls you up from the desk, the pair of them sandwiching you between them as you all move toward the bed. Your blouse is pulled over your head between frantic kisses with Steve, while Bucky strips his clothes. As they switch positions, you go to unzip the skirt and wrap your legs around Bucky, but he catches your hand and yanks it behind your back.

“Who said you were allowed to take that off? Class is in session, and you must be ready to learn.” His eyes glow with desire as he leans in to kiss you.

Once Steve has rid himself of his clothes, he returns to the bed and comes to lay behind you as Bucky sits you up. “Today’s lesson princess, is the art of how to keep sucking while you cum.” Steve is stroking his member while watching your eyes roll shut with want as he explains the plan to you. Bucky houses you forward into Steve’s chest and pulls your backside to him.

“Damn Stevie, those handprints won’t be gone for a week. She’ll have to find a softer surface to sit on.” He admires his boyfriend’s handiwork while getting his girl set. With your head down and ass up, Bucky slides his flesh hand between your thighs and begins to run two fingers along the outside of your slit. Using your arousal to coat his fingers, Bucky pushes two inside you and begins to work them slowly. He picks up speed as you begin moaning and looks up at his partners nodding to Steve to fill you from the other end.

As Bucky’s fingers move against your walls with vigor, you moan and writhe seeking out more friction on your clit. Steve takes the opportunity to place his hard cock against your open lips, and waits for you to begin sucking. No motivation needed, you lean into his groin and take him in one swallow. Moving your head back and forth, you swirl your tongue against the shaft, and as Bucky adds a third finger to your pussy, you let a moan vibrate through your body, sending a secondary shiver through Steve as well. You relax your jaw and allow Steve to begin fucking into your mouth as his own release builds, the sounds of skin slapping and your muffled moans driving him wild with want. Bucky withdraws his fingers and reaches under you to lift you higher onto your knees. With this motion, Steve lifts into a kneel of his own and makes eye contact with his boyfriend. You pay them no mind as greedily sucking down your boyfriend’s dick takes precedence and the prospect of getting fucked by the other makes you giddy with anticipation.

Bucky grabs a fistful of your skirt and slams your ass into his hips, setting your pussy ablaze with the slide of his thick curved cock against your walls. You groan against Steve’s painfully hard member, and before you can take him all he grabs your ponytail and pulls you off. Bucky’s brutally fast and deep pace has you close to the crest and Steve wants you to remember the rule of the scene.

“What did we say about today princess, you need to be able to keep sucking my cock while Bucky makes you come. Don’t stop, go it?” He wraps his hand in the ponytail and as you nod he allows you to take him in your mouth again.

Bucky’s thrusts are getting frantic as he chases everyone’s peaks, and he reaches his vibranium hand to your clit while grabbing Steve with his opposite hand to pull him in for a hard kiss. Both men are panting as they pound into you from both sides, a hand touching each body as your body grows tight with the desire to orgasm. Bucky pinches your pearl and he tells you to come, giving a final hard thrust as he feels your walls clench around him. Like a rubber band, you snap into oblivion, no longer aware of what occurs beyond the throbbing in your pussy and the perfect fullness that surrounds you. You feel the waves of pleasure crash through you, and still both men continue their chase. Hypersensitive and fuzzy, you relax your jaw again and take Steve all the way to the hilt, and you bob your head quickly, sealing your lips around his large base trying to finish him off. Bucky’s thrusts have gone shallow as your walls have him locked like a vice, but you feel him begin to shatter as well. With a final thrust from both men, they spill into you with heavy grunts.

Bucky pulls out of you and Steve lifts you off his softened member, laying you onto the pillows.

“Did we properly defile the uniform, princess?” Steve kisses your forehead as Bucky pulls the garment off you with a smile.

“Yes Sergeant. Thank you Sir.” You nod sleepily, thank each man, and curl into their frames as Bucky climbs under the sheets. “If I had had either of you for teachers, it would have been a shameful garment way sooner,” you chuckle as they share a kiss above you.

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Bucky Barnes Imagine

My Little Worm - crack/fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

gender neutral reader!!

Summary: I absolutely died seeing this tik tok and got inspired from a trend from a few months ago. Enjoy a sappy buck. I’ll tag the video at the end 😊

You couldn’t believe the series of events that just unfolded in the common area.

The former Winter Soldier, accredited with over two dozen assasinations, was sprawled out on Tony’s really fucking expensive couch, with you sufficiently crushed underneath. His sobs racked through your body as he buried himself deeper into your neck.

With every sob progressively getting more aggressive, you began threading your fingers through his soft hair, trying to relieve the man of his sorrows.

Steve, who unfortunately walked into the scene, stared at you dumbfounded.


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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader    

Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: *Trigger* Forced Drug use, mutual pining, language.

Summary: An undercover operation playing Bucky Barnes’ wife is a dream come true. Playing house in the suburbs while trying to take down a drug ring brings you and Bucky closer but a nosy neighbor causes trouble in paradise.

Updates and taglist: Updates for series will be made on Wednesdays and Sundays Central Time Zone. Please follow my sideblog @tuiccimfanfiction​ for update notifications. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can’t thank you enough for your support!
A/N: Divider by @whimsicalrogers

Almost Had Me Believing It Series Masterlist


“Nat! What the hell is going on?” Bucky shouts as soon as he sees her. 

“About time you guys got back. Find anything?” Natasha smirks to herself as she continues working on her tablet, knowing she’s driving Bucky crazy. 

“She was high when I called her last night!” Bucky yells. 

“I know. What did you guys find?” Nat never looks up from her tablet. 

“Nothing. We found nothing. Stop torturing him, Natasha.” Steve narrows his eyes at her smirk.

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