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#bucky x sam
sambucko · 2 days ago
Sam, after hanging up with Karli: She said come alone.
Bucky: And I took that personally.
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thefriendlypigeon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"How in the Goddamn FUCK did you do that you asshole?!"
Just some dudes doing bro things ;D 👉COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN👈
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michasartdump · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
here's a lil drawing i worked on today and i didn't expect it to turn out so soft but it did and can you blame me
anyway have this as a treat 😌👍🏻
requested by @flagsmashersam on the sambucky discord hehe
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anthonystan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Since a lot of people seem to be climbing aboard this ship thanks to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I’ve tried to compile a list of sambucky fics (both old and new) that I love. And also, I am including my own stories, because what is tumblr if not a place for self-promotion?
I’ve tried to tag authors on tumblr, so if I recced your story but didn’t tag you, let me know!
TFATWS-Compliant (I need more of these btw)
Pick Me Up and Dust Me Off (T) Bucky asks Sam for a favor.
#notmycap (T)(Gen) In which Bucky fully embraces the 21st century and is a salty bitch on Twitter.
Fill the Hole in My Heart (NR) Bucky dives into the world of online dating. The girls are nice, but there seems to be something missing. When he goes to Louisiana to meet Sam and his family, he realizes what that something was.
if you leap i’ll come (falling too) (E) by @coffeeinallcaps “It doesn’t mean anything,” Sam agrees, suppressing a shudder as Bucky presses an open-mouthed kiss to his throat. He shoves his hands under Bucky’s shirt, feels the muscles of his back work. “And it doesn’t have to happen again.” But it does happen again. And again. And—
Stuck On You (You Suez, You Luez) (E) by @villa-kulla​ Sam and Bucky’s mission was simple: stowaway on a ship suspected of weapons-smuggling in the Suez, gather enough intel to report back, and hop off again in Port Said. Something gets in the way, and a day-long recon session turns into a week of chess, bickering, semi-successful movie references, and trying not to go slowly insane.
Lucky (T) In retrospect, it took Bucky an embarrassingly long time to realize that everyone and Scott's mom thought he and Sam were dating.
still feel the pull of you (E) After realizing there are some unexpected side effects for those who've been brought back to life after the Snap, Sam and Bucky slowly but surely learn that if they want to be loved, they must submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known [via soul bond].
safe like spring time (T) by @quididtch Sam knows Bucky feels fine. What Sam’s probably actually after is how he feels about the fact neither of them have anywhere else to go, not with Natasha dead and Steve wrinkly. Therapists. Even the good ones, always so circular.
hunger for your touch (E) by @coffeeinallcaps Of course it’s not the first thought that crosses his mind when he loses the arm, but. Well. He really did like those smooth hard metal fingers a lot, is all.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (M) by @hypermania 5 times Sam and Bucky are forced to share a bed + 1 time they choose to.
within me, an invincible summer (E) by @notcaycepollard Sam knows Steve thought Sam’d be looking after Bucky. Turns out, those first few days, it's the other way around. Turns out, Sam was holding himself together more than he realized. Alone, Sam has nightmare after nightmare. During the day, his eyes ache with how tired he is. He forgot how bad this could get.
I’m in the Wrong Place to be Real (M) In which Bucky, Sam, and Steve learn to live together, Bucky and Sam learn to love each other, and Bucky learns to love himself.
and i run, further than before (T) Basically, the 5 times Sam actually found Bucky and the 1 time he tried to hide from him. Don't tell Steve.
Alternate Universe (clearly not my favorite genre, oops)
you touch me within and so i (know i can be human again) (E) by @notcaycepollard It’s inevitable, the way it goes. He’s my friend, Steve says, and he is, he is, he must be. Sam’s best friend is Steve, and Steve’s best friend is a werewolf, that’s just how Sam’s life works now.
double back (E) Sam gets stuck in a time loop. In 1943.
love is in the air (i smell coffee) (T) with beautiful art by @persehpone Sam Wilson - graduate student, part-time barista, part-time salesman, and full-time father - doesn't have time to sleep, much less date. At least, that's what he tells himself.
Also, Nightingale (E) by @the-cimmerians Post Civil War: life in Wakanda is full of surprises. And eventually smut.
This Fledgling Thing (T) by @snarklyboojum They say 'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' but Sam has pretty big hands and he'd prefer the birds to keep their beaks out of his love life, thanks.
There’s My Territory (E) by @dsudis "That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."
sea-cold, sea-cold it certainly is (T) by @enemyofrome Bucky knows that going back on ice is for the best. Steve and Sam beg to differ. There are tears and cuddles and explosions, and some truly awful puns.
It’s a Moon Thing (E) In which Sam Wilson discovers the effects of the moon on enhanced super-soldiers and has a lot of sex thanks to it.
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thefriendlypigeon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some soft Sam/Bucky fluff :3
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zemosimp05 · a month ago
Okay okay can you do something like BUCKY is so bad with getting compliments and Reader kinda tease the hell out of him. And he's all flustered. As they are partners in mission so bucky doesn't know how to tackle that " she is just a friend giving compliment ". I just want some fluffy bucky. Oh oh btw that dad bucky thing was 😗👌🏻❤
Pretty Boy
Bucky x Y/N | Tooth rotting fluff (T-T)
An: Too many compliments with too much fluff. Reader discovering Bucky kinda sub.I hope you guys will enjoy this cute fluff. Reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“I read The hobbit in 1937 when it first came out…” Bucky said bit annoyedly.
“So you see my point?” Sam tried to convince him.
“No I don’t. There are no wizards…”
“Ahh…look I what we got here…” suddenly both of them turned behind hearing your voice and Bucky immediately felt like everything around him stopped. You were the last thing he was expecting here. God you’re the only woman Bucky was so nervous about and he didn’t know why. Might be because you were too frank with him, or too comfortable around him. Especially when you’re in your uniform you just get extra confident around boys and Bucky got always confused if that’s makes him nervous or turned on.
“It’s my favourite Avenger …and a 106 year old grumpy man…” you chuckled looking at them. Sam smiled pulling you in a hug.
“Don’t say she gonna be with us…” Bucky huffed under breath.
“Yeah I will be…” You chuckled.
“How are you Y/N..?” Sam asked pulling back.
“Terrible…” you smiled then looked at Bucky who was awkwardly standing there. This cute idiot.
“Come on grumpy…give me a hug…” you giggled softly pulling Bucky in a tight hug too. Bucky somehow hugged you back awkwardly bending down little bit. God he did miss you. You pulled away looking up at his eyes directly.
God you’re too close to him. And Bucky nervously gulped looking down at you.
“You look good with this hair style you know…doesn’t he look pretty Sam?” you said with an amused smile slightly ruffling his front hair, then turning back to Sam And Bucky’s cheeks immediately got redden little bit. There you go. Compliments. And he was so bad at this.
“Yeah he does…” Sam smiled seeing how much you had effect on Bucky.
Before he could reply with anything you pulled completely away.
“What’s the coordinates…?” You asked Sam as both of you started to walk towards the plane, Bucky following behind. Sam gave you his phone to check.
“So …how’s everything back in home…” Sam asked again.
“Told you terrible…my Dog died…Mike and I broke up…” you said still looking at his phone. Oh so you’re single now.
“He’s really bad in bed…can’t spend life with someone like that…” you chuckled softly handing the phone over. Bucky scoffed softly at this.
“What? Can’t expect a good orgasm from my boyfriend huh?” You asked looking at Bucky. Why you always have to put him in this kind of situations. Bucky didn’t reply. He knew if he opened his mouth he would embarrass himself more.
“True…” Sam chuckled before three of you get in the plane.
“Get out of my face Sam, or I’ll break it…” Bucky groaned lying on the ground.
“Did you recorded it…” You giggled softly.
“All of it…” you heard Sam through your coms.
“I hate you guys…” Bucky said still lying on the ground.
“Come on pretty boy…get up…we don’t have all day…” you said walking past Bucky. Again. Can’t you just stop calling him with pet names.
“Does he always stare like that…?” Walker asked looking at Bucky he was beyond pissed off.
“You will get used to it…” You mumbled looking at Bucky.
“And what brings you in this pretty face…?” He asked you this time. Seriously? Walker didn’t know you?
“Don’t even try…she will kick you ass in no time…” Bucky said and he raised his hands in a defeat manner smiling at both of you.
“Watch your man…” he chuckled to you.
“Baby boy is just protective about me…” you chuckled softly cooing Bucky making him more pissed. Why were you like this? How were you so cool with everything.
“Can you believe what I’m dealing with…” you said the therapist as Bucky and Sam was arguing over the shield.
“Well no body asked you to be in this…” Suddenly Bucky snapped turning towards you, pissing you off for no reason.
“ Listen James…I’m here…Because I promised Steve that I’ll be there to look after your ass whether you like it or not ….” You snapped making both of them silent. Bucky was clearly taken aback when you called him James. James? Well he’s fucked now. But you looked so hot when you’re angry. You barely used to loose your calm. You’re the most chill person he had ever worked with. And that makes him so anxious about himself, and he had pissed you off.
“Y/N… don’t let him hurt anyone…” the therapist said to you.
“He’s a big boy…he can take his own decisions…he doesn’t need me babysitting him…” you said on Bucky’s face before walking out of the room, making Bucky more annoyed.
Things started to get out of his hands when Zemo entered the scene. He never saw you complementing Sam that way but you did with Zemo. And Bucky was loosing his mind.
He was beyond pissed about you getting impressed by the cocky Baron. And Zemo kind of noticed how Bucky getting little jealous about it so he played along.
Swear Bucky would just snap Zemo’s head if you ever called him pretty boy too. Well you didn’t. But Bucky wasn’t going to let this matter so easily.
So he at least tried to make you jealous.
“I’m Bucky…” he smiled softly looking at Sam’s sister.
“Sarah…” she smiled shyly. As Bucky turned to you and Sam, Sam was looking pissed and you’re beyond happy. Bucky was making a move. Good for him. You cared about Bucky but as a friend. Though you won’t mind having anything more than friendship with him. You knew about his past traumas so you never pushed him. Plus you knew what kind of effects you had on him so you really wanted him to make the first move.
“That was nice…next time tell her …that her earrings really compliments her outfit…” you whispered softly to Bucky as you two started walking behind Sam. Well great. His attempt of making you jealous just terribly failed.
“You happy?” He asked bit sadly. so you didn’t really care huh!
“My pretty boy finally making a move? I’m beyond happy…” you giggled softly. Your pretty boy? Bucky just mentally facepalmed himself.
No Y/N you can’t call him your pretty boy unless he’s your pretty boy only.
And all those other compliments…wasn’t helping his situation either.
“Looking strong Buck…” whenever he would just effortlessly pick something heavy.
“Look at ya…flexing those biceps…” you randomly patting at his arms just walking past him. Giving him random hugs whenever he’s helping you with something. The little touches, patting his back, ruffling his hair or fixing it sometime, feeding his random snacks as he’s working. Everything was messing with his feelings now.
“Samuel…My man need some help here…” you yelling randomly working with them. Fucking hell. Don’t make him fall in love with you already.
“Well got to catch our flight tomorrow….” Bucky said.
“Yeah….need a hotel to stay in for the night…” you mumbled.
“Well you two don’t have to set me up like that…you two can stay here…but you two have to sleep in the living room…”
“Yeah I’m fine with that…” you chuckled.
“But tell your pretty boy not to flirt with my sister…cause I’ll have Carlos cut him up and feed him to fish…” he said making you laugh and Bucky embarrassed again. You just hugged Bucky making him flustered more .
“Aww…don’t be so mean to my baby boy…” you smiled placing a kiss on Bucky’s cheek. Well here we go , he’s done.
“Bucky…?” You mumbled softly. It was late. It was pretty dark in the room despite of a night lamp was on. You took the couch and Bucky said he’s fine sleeping on the floor. You turned to your side looking down at him. You could not see his face properly but he wasn’t facing your side.
“Are you asleep…?” You asked again.
“No…” he mumbled.
“I can’t sleep…” you said.
“What you want me to do about it…?” He huffed softly.
“I don’t know…do you wanna talk…?”
“Come on pretty boy…don’t be so mean to me…” there you go again. He huffed softly. Why this particular pet name has this effect on him. He wasn’t a sub in nature but somehow he realised wanted you to call him that all the time. May be he was sub , may be little bit.
“What you wanna talk about…”
“Do you still get those nightmares?” You asked him.
“All the time…but I don’t wanna talk about it…” Bucky declared.
“Okay….umm Sarah is cute…” you smiled making Bucky chuckle.
“You think that…?” This time bucky turned to you.
“Yeah she’s beautiful…you should ask her out…”
“So that Sam can feed me to the fishes…” Bucky huffed.
“he won’t do anything like that…” you assured him.
“Did you really broke up with Mark because of that reason…?” He suddenly asked.
“It’s Mike…and yes…” you huffed.
“You didn’t change at all…” he said above whisper. The same woman he met years ago.
“ well you changed a lot…but got prettier…” you chuckled.
“Why you call me that…” finally Bucky gathered the courage to ask you. He couldn’t see your face but he knew you’re smiling.
“Pretty boy…” he asked shyly.
“Because you’re pretty…” you giggled softly.
“Ugh…” Bucky just groaned softly nuzzling his head more into his pillow. Why you had this effect on him. He was flustered and little bit turned on already.
“You don’t like it? I can stop calling you that if you want…” you said again.
“No…no…it’s fine…it ju-“ fuck, he’s fucked.
“So it’s pretty boy then…” you whispered softly. Oh god! Come on Bucky make a move already. He’s so touch starved. All he wanted was you to hold him and call him pretty.
“Hey you okay…?” You asked seeing him bit restless.
“You drive me crazy with these compliments…and I don’t know how to react…you make me feel things…good things…and I don’t know why is this… I have not felt like this in years…and I don’t know how to act…fuck…” he groaned softly.
“Honey…honey calm down…” you smiled gently getting up from the couch.
“Come here…there’s enough space for us to cuddle…” you chuckled seeing at his desperate state. And Bucky never moved so fast in his life. He just crashed you with a hug falling back in the couch , with you on top of him. You just laughed softly hugging him back.
“I wanna be your pretty boy…” his voice came above whisper as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, sighing in relief. He needed this form the moment he saw you that day.
“ You are my pretty boy…” you smiled placing a kiss on his head running your hand through his hair. Who knew winter soldier was a soft boy.
“Can I kiss you…please…?” He asked looking at you. Gwad he’s so cute pleading. And you just pressed your lips making him groan softly. And Bucky was beyond happy that he finally get the chance to be your, only your pretty boy.
“Take care of my heart…I’ll take care of your orgasms…” he chuckled softly against your lips.
“Promise?” You mumbled kissing him again.
“Yeah…we can start from now…” he said bit excitedly suddenly flipping both of you, so he’s on top now.
“Okay calm down pretty boy…not in Sam’s couch…” you chuckled.
“Oh come on…” he whined playfully kissing you tugging at your t shirt.
“ No…” you tried to push him away but he was strong.
“Please…just be quiet…” he mumbled softly.
“Bucky…st-“ but you already got cut off by another passionate kiss. Well it gonna be a long night.
“Well I knew it…” Sam whispered to himself next morning , seeing you and Bucky perfectly cuddled up in the couch sleeping peacefully and he was beyond happy for both of you.
Here's the Dad Bucky imagine ❤ don't forget to leave a feedback ❤ have a nice day❤
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zaynpoetries · 4 months ago
anthony mackie once said: "you see them going through this amazing arc of not wanting to be around each other to not be able to do it without each other".
homie just made my heart explode love u baby
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sambuckysplumtree · 26 days ago
Things I love about this scene/gif:
Tumblr media
Just them being homies ofc
The way Bucky pulls Sam closer instead of just grabbing his hand (idk, I wouldn’t be dragging my strictly platonic buddy’s hand directly to my heart if i didnt love them)
Their fucking smiles
Sam’s muscles 🥵 (Anthony works hard for them, so lets appreciate them y’all )
They’re both just so pretty to look at
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loveforever86 · 2 months ago
Anthony is so cute , look at him . He is pure energy. And see him like this made my day . I love him , your honor .
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