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what’s it like
a/n: idk what this is, it’s smut but it was written in pieces and idk if it’s any good, sorry y’all i’m all over the fucking place rn
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Tumblr media
      Red wine flowed from your glass into your mouth, swirling enticingly as you gulped down the sweet liquid. You followed the pleasant burn of it as it slipped down your throat.  
“I’m not kidding.” Natasha leaned forward, topping off her own glass with more of Tony’s expensive wine.
“And he just kept going?” Wanda’s mouth dropped open as Natasha giggled while nodding in ascent to her question.
“Had my legs shaking, I swear.” She held up three fingers, “Scout’s honor.”
You laughed, digging your hand into the bowl of Cheetos tucked between your legs. Wanda shook her head, seemingly not believing what Natasha was telling her.
“I didn’t know that Sam had it in him.”
“Wan,” Natasha’s hand landed on Wanda’s knee, “Neither did I. It was almost too much, almost.”
Her voice dropped an octave on the final word, waggling a perfectly sculpted brow at her gaping teammate.
“What?” Natasha stole a few chips from your bowl as she questioned Wanda. “You’ve never had that kind of experience?”
“Mm,” you mumbled behind a mask of Cheetos, “yeah, how’s that work with Vision? I mean, it’s not like he has a—”
“Ah, bup bup.” Wanda cut you off quickly, “Vision knows everything, so he’s very skilled. Apparently not as skilled as Sam, but I mean he’s still learning so…”
Wanda let the statement hang, clinking the body of her glass with Natasha’s. She turned her attention your way, clearly readying herself to ask you a question.
“Well, it’s late, ladies.” They both began to protest, but you simply waved off their remarks. “No, no. I’ve got to get up and, like, be productive tomorrow. Sorry, loves.”
You tapped them both on the shoulders as you passed, dropping your glass off in the sink on your way out of the living room. There wasn’t a single thing that either of them could’ve said to keep you there any longer. Not if that was the topic of conversation. The ‘that’ being sex, of course, because it’s hard to talk about something that you’ve never experienced before.
You trudged back to your room, two floors above the common room. Deciding that you were too lazy to take the stairs, you pushed the button for the private elevators. The ones that Tony made specifically to avoid the other SHIELD agents who worked at the tower on a regular basis.
The railing of the elevator held your weight as it made its climb up the floors. Your eyes slid closed, mind running back to the conversation that you were just a privileged party of. You couldn’t even think of the last time someone took a particular interest in you, much less left you with your legs shaking.
The elevator slowed to a halt, doors opening to reveal a flushed looking Sergeant, your favorite Sergeant. Bucky smiled at you before wiping his brow with the towel that hung over his shoulder. You weren’t particularly good friends with the Sergeant. Not by choice. Honestly, if you had it your way then you two would converse freely, without the worry of judgment by either party.
As you began to prepare yourself for an awkwardly silent ascent alongside Bucky, a hand forced its way into the closing elevator doors. Sam shot a look at Bucky before speaking.
“Dude, I told you to wait for me.”
“You were taking too damn long.”
You snorted, remembering Natasha saying quite the opposite of him. Bucky furrowed his brows at the noise you made, clearly not caring enough to make him question you, though.
“I was not taking too long.” He shifted his bag to his other shoulder as the elevator began to climb again. “I’m just movin’ a bit slower today.”
Bucky grunted, a sound Sam took as a question.
“Super fucking sore from my mission the other day.”
A singular loud laugh escaped your lips, making you slap your hand over your mouth as both men turned to look at you.
“Something amusing, Y/N?”
You looked at your feet, giggling as the doors opened onto the floor your room was on. You slapped Sam’s shoulder as you passed.
“It’s just funny. Natasha was saying something about being sore earlier, as well.”
Sam’s jaw dropped as Bucky whipped his head around to face his friend, eyes wide in shock. You watched as Bucky punched Sam’s bicep before stepping out of the elevator too. He muttered under his breath as he walked to his own room.
“Sore from a mission, my ass.”
No matter how hard Bucky tried, he always got up with the sun. He would love to be someone who could sleep in until the later hours of the morning. He typically found himself lying in bed a few extra minutes, delaying his daily routine as long as he could.
This particular morning it was easier. He had something to think about. Usually, he would be laying there with no thoughts in his head other than the seemingly endless list of names that he needed to make amends with. No, this morning was different.
He was thinking of that damn elevator ride last night. He was kicking himself for not making conversation with Y/N for one floor. With his eyes closed he could recall you perfectly. He thought of the rosy tint to your cheeks and the subtle scent of Tony’s plum wine on your breath. Then he remembered you pushed through him and Sam, your chest just barely grazing the metal of his left arm. The nerve endings that Shuri created for the limb allowing him to feel your nipples through the fabric of your t-shirt.
Great, now he had to deal with his hard-on before he could do anything else.
Bucky couldn’t think straight around you, so he just stayed silent. Not wanting you to see him as a fool, opting for you to think he was standoffish so he could admire you from a safe distance. That’s where he belonged anyway. A safe distance from you. He knows that a relationship would never be something you consider with him. He’s a 106-year-old man for Christ’s sake, what would a twenty-something year-old woman want with him?
He untwisted the lid of his protein container, adding the proper amount to his shaker bottle before dumping the scoop back into the protein jar. He shoved the container into the cabinet on the top shelf, turning back to find you walking into the kitchen. His eyes roamed your figure before stopping dead in his tracks as he registered what you were wearing.
His favorite red henley covered your body, stopping just below your ass cheeks, giving him the show that he didn’t know he needed until this very moment. Your socked feet padded along the kitchen tiles as you gathered the ingredients for what looked like pancakes.
“You going to work out this morning or do you want some pancakes?” You pushed the question out through a yawn. Your eyes closed with the motion, allowing Bucky the opportunity to watch as your nose wrinkled. The freckles decorating your face begging to be traced with little, feather-light kisses.
Bucky watched as you stretched to reach a bowl in one of the high cabinets. Against his better judgment, his eyes dropped to the rising hem of his shirt, lifting just enough to expose the round globes of your ass. The seams of your underwear indented the plush flesh there, letting his mind run wild with the thought of digging his teeth into one of your cheeks.
He turned away from you, cock stirring in his shorts as he leaned his hands against the countertop in front of the sink. He took a deep breath, steadying his nerves as he promptly dumped his protein shake down the drain.
“Yeah, I’ll take a few pancakes.” Bucky crossed the kitchen, opening the fridge to pour a glass of orange juice. By that time, you had set about mixing the batter together. Unfortunately, you were standing right in front of the cabinet containing the cups.
There were a few ways that Bucky could navigate this situation. One would be to ask you to hand him the cups from the cabinet directly above your head. The more dangerous option would be to move you himself. The latter offered him the opportunity to feel your supple form through the fabric of his fucking henley. He went with his initial gut reaction. Should he have? Probably not but fuck it.
His right hand cupped the skin of your hip, feeling the slight bulge of skin there. As Bucky leaned forward, he attempted to keep his lower half from pressing into you as much as he could. He truly didn’t want to push any boundaries with you, knowing that you were too damn young for him. That fact didn’t stop his body from reacting to your presence in the most agonizing fashions.
“You know,” his voice barely a whisper as he reached for the cups above your head, “I’ve been looking for that shirt.”
Bucky’s eyes flickered down to your face before turning away from you with two cups in his grasp. He yanked the fridge door open to reach for the orange juice container.
“What’re you talking about?”
He could hear your exhaustion clinging to your words. He decided to push a bit further as he placed the now full glass beside the stove you were working at.
“The henley.” Bucky paused briefly, leaning against the granite countertop opposite you. “More specifically, my henley.”
His head tilted to the side as you dropped your chin against your chest, seemingly taking in the item of clothing on your body. Bucky smiled softly as the bun on top of your head flopped forward with the motion. You turned around to face him quickly, spatula in hand.
“I���m sorry.” He watched as you stuck your arm out, gesturing for him to take the utensil. “I’ll go change really quick. I thought it was Sam’s.”
Bucky stepped forward, his metal hand resting on your wrist and pushing it downwards.
“Would you leave it on if it was?”
He watched the split second of hesitation flash in your eyes.
The word was paired with a slight shrug of your shoulder, and a dip in your mouth making your chin wrinkle in the most adorable way. God, he wanted to just hold your face in his hands and just stare into your eyes for as long as you would let him.
Bucky took another step forward, effectively pinning you against the countertop beside the stove. His eyes locked with yours as he leveled his face to yours. He glanced down at the red fabric covering your torso. He found his fingers bunching the middle of the fabric, pulling it away from your body to roll between his forefinger and thumb.
“Then it’s Sam’s.”
Bucky promptly dropped the fabric and walked away just after the words left his mouth. Again, should he have done that? Probably fucking not, but Bucky’s learned to let himself enjoy the little things in life. Like the way your thighs just clenched together at his close proximity to you.
You sat on the couch, a plush throw blanket covering your legs and a mug of steaming tea in your hand. You trailed your finger on the rim of the cup, mind running back to your latest interaction with Bucky. It wasn’t unusual for you to obsess over your own actions because you were always worried that the other person was going to think you were an asshole. It was rare that you focused so heavily on the actions of your conversation partner, but god damn.
Bucky fucking Barnes.
You might be a twenty-three-year-old virgin, but that man could get it if he wanted it. ‘It’ being your virginity. Any day of the week.
You knew you probably shouldn’t be having thoughts about a man who, for most of the time you’ve known him, has shown you little reason to believe that he was romantically interested in you. Or physically attracted to you, for that matter. Though, you couldn’t deny that you saw a flicker of something behind his eyes in the kitchen a few days back.
He was closer than usual, granting you the privilege of seeing the dark ring of blue circling his irises. You wondered what it would be like to watch his pupils dilate in reaction to something you did.
To watch the subtle twitch of his very controlled emotions because of you.
“Whatcha watchin’, doll?”
You jumped at his voice. The man that’s kept your mind captivated for the past week.
Bucky fucking Barnes.
He settled his large frame on the couch beside you, lifting your legs that were sprawled out on the cushions to sit underneath them. His metal hand laid on your knee above the blanket, but you could feel the palm of it burning your skin.
“I don’t think I’ve seen this one, yet.”
Your eyes never left Bucky’s profile, barely registering that he was still speaking to you.
“Y/N? Are you okay?”
He scooted closer to you, placing his flesh hand on your cheek before dragging it to your forehead. Bucky’s eyes ran over your face, worry dancing across his brow. You snapped from your trance, the back of his palm still pressed against your forehead.
“You run hotter than all of us. Do you think you’d be able to tell if I had a fever that way?”
It came out harsher than you wanted it to. Bucky didn’t seem bothered by your comment, pinning you with a lopsided grin that made your cheeks heat.
“My Ma always checked that way.” He jerked his head to the mounted TV, “Whatcha watchin’?”
“Nothing in particular. Do you want to watch something?”
Bucky shook his head, pulling out his phone and opening the notes app.
“I don’t know, Sam wrote down a bunch of stuff I should watch now that I’m ‘acclimated to society’ or some shit.” He handed you the device, “Anything look appealing to you?”
Yes, you look appealing to me.
“He wants you to watch a rom-com?”
“The fuck’s a rom-com?”
“It’s a romantic comedy.” You reached for the remote. “You okay with that?”
“As long as you pick a good one, dolly, I’m down for anything.” Bucky’s words made you flush, trying to concentrate on finding the movie you thought of.
About thirty minutes into 27 Dresses, you shifted causing the blanket to slip from your calves, exposing your painted toes. A chill ran up your spine at the sudden temperature change, a movement that didn’t go unnoticed by your companion.
“What’s wrong?” His question was immediate.
You waved it off, “Nothing just a chill. Can you cover my feet, please?”
Bucky glanced at your bare feet. “You aren’t wearing socks. You always wear socks.”
The movie was still playing in the background, but you were fully focused on the words leaving Bucky’s mouth.
“I don’t always wear socks.” You stressed the ‘always’ sarcastically because you knew that was a damn lie. “All of mine are in the wash right now, so I’m making do.”
Bucky’s eyes narrowed, scanning your face. He tapped your legs and abruptly left the room.
“Bucky!” You had just managed to get yourself untangled from the blanket wrapped around your legs to pause the movie when Bucky returned.
He held a pair of his own socks in one hand and one of his henley’s thrown over his shoulder. He plopped back onto the sofa beside you. Bucky nodded down to his lap, in which you carefully placed your legs with curious eyes watching on.
Bucky tugged his socks onto your feet then covered your toes with his hands, rubbing them between his palms to create heat from the friction. He refocused on the show after tossing his henley at your face.
“Put it on. I know you’re still cold, even with this damn thing on.”
“You didn’t have to do that.” You stared at the soft shirt in your hands as you spoke to him.
“Can’t have my dolly being cold, now, can I?” Bucky ran his thumb over your ankle. You felt his eyes on you as you pulled the shirt on. “Sorry, it’s not Sam’s. You’ll just have to make do with mine.”
He threw you a wink before immersing himself back into the movie, his movements on your ankle never ceasing. Meanwhile, you could feel your cheeks becoming as red as the fabric of Bucky’s henley.
It became a bit of a ritual between the two of you. Over the next few months, Bucky was sure to do whatever he could to spend time with you. Despite knowing you had no real interest in him, Bucky made it his mission to be around you as much as possible.
“Hiya, dolly.”
Bucky had been stationed at one of the punching bags in the corner of the room when you walked into the gym. He dropped his stance, taking in your frame in another one of his stolen shirts. This was one of the more recent developments. One that he was enamored with.
Bucky adored seeing you in his clothes, even in this undefined, in-between platonic relationship the two of you shared.
“Hey, Buck.” You smiled at him, dropping your bag onto the floor in front of the wall of mirrors. He watched as you walked over to the bag across from him as you wrapped your knuckles.
Bucky had a much harder time concentrating on his own workout. How the hell was he supposed to? You were behind that damn bag, letting loose all those cute little groans and grunts as your fists connected with the leather.
“Here.” He walked over, tired of seeing you stop your workout to halt the swaying of the bag. He braced himself for the impact of your fists.
You glanced up at him through your lashes with raised brows, waiting for his go-ahead. Once Bucky gave you a nod, you continued your work-out.
Was Bucky a creep? There’s a very real possibility that’s a true statement.
You kept his shirt on, allowing him to take you in with sweat glistening on your body in his clothes. The thoughts beginning to formulate weren’t helping his situation. You had just finished a particularly intense pattern of hits when you groaned. Bucky took in your new stance away from the bag, hands on your hips as you pulled his shirts over your hips, using the fabric to hold your hands.
“Will you spar with me?” You took a step back again to grab your water.
This is a bad idea, but that didn’t stop Bucky from saying yes. He wasn’t sure if there was a situation that he would say no to you in.
The both of you began fighting. Bucky was always impressed with the force of your hits. He thought back to when he first started integrating into the team. You were already recruited by Natasha, and had been training with her for about three years before Bucky was brought in.
He could tell you were becoming fatigued, your movements sloppy and uncalculated. You threw a punch to his left side, but it was slow and careless. He caught your fist, spinning your body around while placing his right arm around your chest. Bucky paused a minute, his breathing syncing with the rapid rise and fall of your breasts against his arm.
“What’s up with you?” His breath bounced off your ear and hit his neck, only to be quickly flipped. You stepped under his arm during his concern for you, knocking the back of his knee before using your body weight to pin him to the ground.
“Nothing.” You smiled wide at him, giggling a little as you had his hands pressed against the mats by his wrists. “Sympathy is a powerful weapon.”
Bucky bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing out loud. He suddenly hooked one leg behind yours, planting his foot on your hip and slamming your back onto the vinyl mat of the floor. Bucky remained snug between your legs, holding your hands to the floor with just one of his.
He stretched his arm out, pulling yours along with it as he leaned down to you. Bucky didn’t want to think about how he felt in this position with you. He didn’t want to let his mind run wild with thoughts about having you pinned like this in his bed. He didn’t want to think about having your hands tied to his headboard while he pulled every delicious sound out of you that he could.
He especially didn’t want to think about how his cock was rubbing against the fabric of your leggings, but fuck was it a good thought.
“Distraction is better. And I’ve got a few years on ya, so experience doesn’t help.”
“That’s cheating.” You laughed, “I had you pinned, I won!”
“I didn’t know we were competing, dolly.” He let go of your wrists, settling his weight backwards as you sat up on your elbows.
“But let’s be honest, if we were competing in who could finish a fight I would win.” Bucky took the opportunity to squeeze your hips before getting up and offering his hand to you.
You laughed beside him as the two of you exited the gym to go to the elevators. You shoved his arm as the two of you entered the elevator, going down a floor to the shared kitchen area.
“Hey guys. We’re having a movie marathon tonight. Want in?” Sam was leaning over Natasha's shoulder as she sat in one of the bar stools. Bucky envied his friend, he wanted to be close to you like Sam was with Natasha.
“I’m down. You comin’, Y/N?” Bucky peered down at you hoping you would say yes. You seemed to be in a bit of a daze as you answered though.
“I’ll come for you anytime.”
All of Bucky’s blood rushed to his cock as you stammered an explanation.
“Uh— wait, no, I— ugh, damn it. You know what, I'm going to go shower, I’ll see you guys tonight!”
“What the actual fuck? Who the hell are you? When did we just start speaking our mind?” You muttered under your breath as you raced up the stairs. Away from the awkward situation that you created for yourself.
“Oh god, let’s be honest, you’ve always spoken your mind, but not that kind of shit, you dumbass.” You slapped your forehead lightly, dragging your hand down your face in frustration.
“And now you’re talking to yourself. Wonderful.” You trudged to your room, hoping that a hot shower would make you feel better.
The spray of the showerhead beat down onto your body, relaxing the muscles as you washed the shampoo from your hair. You let your hands rest on your shoulders, a sigh of exhaustion escaping as you turned your face toward the water.
As much as you didn’t want them to, your thoughts ran back to your training session with Bucky. You hadn’t known that he was in there, but you were pleasantly surprised when you first saw him. Your relationship with the Sergeant was rocky at the start, but you were ecstatic that it began flourishing as well as it is. You were content to harbor the little school girl crush a little while longer, knowing that it won’t amount to anything in reality.
The longer you lingered on the memories of your most recent encounter with the man, the farther your hands began to drift. Your fingers danced over your own skin, eventually landing right where you wanted them to.
With your eyes closed, it was Bucky’s hands on your body.
With your eyes closed, you were bending to his will.
With your eyes closed, Bucky was knocking at your bathroom door and asking if you were okay.
“Oh shit!” Your eyes popped open as you yanked your hand away from your body, slamming into the tiled wall.
“Dolly?” Bucky’s fist hit the door, the damn thing bouncing in the frame with the force of his pounding. “What was that? You okay?”
“I’m fine.” Your voice strained as you wrapped a white towel around your body. “Hang on.”
How the hell were you going to play this one off?
You held your towel to your body with one hand, the other reaching for the doorknob only to have the whole damn thing ripped away from you as Bucky bent to your level. His hands roamed your arms, confirming that there weren’t any injuries before settling both large palms on your cheeks.
“What the hell, dolly?” His blue eyes locked onto yours. It felt like he’s trying to read your mind with how enrapturing his gaze is.
“I’m fine, Bucky.” As much as you wanted to have his hands on you for as long as humanly possible, you needed to create some distance between you. If you don’t, you might make a bigger fool of yourself by asking to kiss him.
“I’m sorry if I worried you, but really I’m okay.” Bucky hadn’t moved from his original place in front of your bathroom door. You could feel his eyes follow your movements about your room, watching as you gathered clothes for the team movie night.
“I need to bandage your hand before we go down.” He left no room for argument, so you ducked your head as you escaped back into the en suite.
At this exact moment, Bucky was happy to have been injected with the serum.
Bucky stared at the closed door of your bathroom. He knew he wasn’t imagining when he heard you moan. He wasn’t lying when he said he was worried. No, that part wasn’t a lie.
He wasn’t sure how entirely truthful he would be if you asked him how long he stood there before knocking on your door.
Bucky needed to cool down.
Like, right now.
He backed away as he dragged his fingers through his hair. Every sound that came out of your mouth was running through his head on a loop. He did try to ignore it, he shouldn’t be thinking of you that way. You deserved more than to have him think of you like that.
Truthfully, he just wanted to have a reason to think of you that way, one that came directly from you.
Bucky felt a billow of warm air blow from the swing of your bathroom door. Your hair, still damp from the shower, stuck to your bare shoulders. He could tell you toweled your hair off in an effort to lessen the amount of water in the strands by the bit of frizz that began forming at the top of your head.
“Sorry.” The closer you got, the easier Bucky could see the droplets of water clinging to your skin. His eyes followed their path as they raced down your exposed flesh. He wanted nothing more than to lick the remaining water off you, if you’d let him.  
“It’s fine.” He said quickly.
Bucky jerked his head toward the door, smiling down at you as he led the way to the theater room. He pushed his way into the darkness that was immediately contrasted by the flatscreen of Tony’s design.
“Where do you want to sit?” He saw one of your shoulders lift out of the corner of his eye. “Alright, I get that you don’t want to pick. Just grab us a seat in the back corner, I’ll get us some snacks.”
“Thank you.” You practically skipped to the seats, making Bucky smile as he grabbed a few junk snacks in his arms.
Bucky’s smile remained as he watched you snuggled into a blanket that was draped over the back of the couch.
“Scootch over.” Tapping your thigh with the back of his hand, he took his seat beside you.
“As we all know, we trade off on who picks the movie.” Tony stood beside the screen, waving his hand emphatically as he spoke. “You’re all so lucky that it was my turn to pick.” One of his hands rested on his chest as he leant forward in a mock bow.
“What do ya think he picked?”
The heat of your body radiated pleasantly into Bucky’s as you spoke to him. The scent of your body wash wafting to his senses, taking his mind back to the noises he listened to outside of your bathroom door.
“I don’t know. It’s always something stupid with him.”
Bucky couldn’t care less about Tony’s choice of movie. What he was really concerned with was how close you were to him.
And how much he wanted to be closer.
About halfway through the movie, your body stretched with a yawn. Both of your legs kicked off the couch, relishing in the rush of blood to your limbs before settling back into your original position.
“You can lean on me, ya know?” Bucky tilted his head toward you, whispering to you as the movie continued playing.
You bit the inside of your cheek as you leaned your head against his shoulder, murmuring a small thank you. Your eyes slid closed as you soaked in the warmth that Bucky provided. Like a goddamn walking space heater.
It took a few seconds to readjust your position, only for Bucky’s metal hand to rest on the bare skin of your knee after you stopped moving. A shockwave raced up your spine at the contact.
The lighting of the movie changed. A buttery filter settling over the screen, the little starlights in the ceiling of the theater changing accordingly.
You nudged Bucky’s side, making him drop his gaze to you before following your pointer finger to the lights in the ceiling.
Suddenly, the lights changed again.
A deep red overtaking them as a guttural groan played through the speakers.
Your eyes snapped back to the screen, seeing the two main characters in the throws of intimate passion. It didn’t take long for your curiosity to overtake you, making you more than invested.
You felt your head leave Bucky’s shoulder, tilting slightly to the left as you leaned forward. Bucky’s hand never left your leg, you distantly felt it slide down to your inner thigh with your quick movements. He must’ve asked you a question because he squeezed the inside of your thigh making you jump in your seat.
“Dolly?” Another squeeze. “Are you okay?”
Your body flushed, finally fully recognizing that it was Bucky’s hand on your inner thigh.
“Yeah, I’m okay.”
You couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from the screen, flashing him a small smile without looking at him. Bucky’s eyes narrowed as he examined your body language.
You had the blanket covering your lower half bunched between in your grip.
The scene progressed and it seemed you couldn’t decide to be relaxed or tense. Your jaw dropped slightly as the male character thrust into the female. He glanced at the screen, watching as the shot focused on the man’s hand on the outside of the woman’s thigh. Back to you, your head had tilted to the side again, brows furrowed at the progression.
He flexed his hand against your own thigh before rubbing his thumb against your skin.
“Feeling a bit hot, dolly?”
Your face whipped around to his, lips parted as small puffs of air escaped. Bucky watched for any sign of discomfort from you as his hand slid a bit higher.
“Is this okay?”
A tiny nod that received a small smirk in reply.
“Words, dolly.”
Bucky felt his harsh breath bounce off his bicep as his fingers dragged up to the apex of your thighs. He traced the crease of your thigh several times, familiarizing himself with the fabric of your shorts. His pinky slipped under the hem, accompanied by a quick inhale from you.
“Shh, dolly.”
He felt your heart rate increase, smiling into your skin as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
“You don’t want everyone to find out what we’re doing back here, do ya?” Bucky felt your thighs clench at his words, making him quirk a brow at the thought.
“You might be into that, dolly. But, I don’t share what’s mine.” He pinched your thigh making you jump closer toward him, a reaction that he thoroughly enjoyed.
He repeated the pinch, pulling you into his lap as you jumped yet again. Bucky fit his arms around your body, keeping your legs spread just enough for his hands to fit comfortably, his knuckles brushing against each other. The surround sound system that Tony installed in the theater room drowned out the little yelps that escaped your lips, much to Bucky’s dismay.
“Be a good dolly,” his right hand pulled your hips back into his, “and stay still.” His metal hand remained in between your legs, the temperature difference causing little goosebumps to rise over your skin. Bucky leaned forward, pressing a kiss to your shoulder before whispering to you, “Please.”
His hand traced the waistband of your shorts, running his fingers over the indentions that the elastic left on your stomach. Bucky hummed into your neck as your breaths shuddered. After a few minutes of torture as the movie progressed, he gave in. Pushing his hand further into your shorts, the fabric peeling away from your heated skin.
It was breathy.
The very implication of it, of what he was making you feel, made his soar on cloud nine.
And all you said was his fucking name.
“What do you want, dolly?” He stopped the downward descent of his hand, resting just above where he knew you really wanted him. But he wanted more.
“Please touch me.”
Fuck him. The quick rise and fall of your chest and increased heart rate reverberated from your body into his.
His metal hand pinched your thigh again.
“I am touching you.” His fingers danced across your slit, humming lowly to himself at the wetness that began gathering there.
A little groan slipped past your lips, a little too loud for Bucky’s liking in such a public forum. His metal hand covered your lips as he brought his mouth to your ear.
“Don’t be a greedy dolly and be quiet.”
One of his fingers breached your slit, the heel of his hand brushing against your clit in the process. The slight friction makes your back arch away from his chest.
“If any of them turned around, what would they see?” He kept his finger stationary, wetness pooling around his digits as he refused to move. “They’d see you spread out on my fingers. My dirty little dolly. Such a good girl for me.”
He felt your walls clench around him.
“You like me tellin’ you that you’re my good girl?”
He took the opportunity to begin to pump his finger in and out of you. Your walls sucked him back in as he continued to move back and forth.
“Of course you do.”
“Bucky, please.”
He twisted his hand, rubbing the heel of it against your sensitive clit. God, he’d barely touched you and you’re already a writhing mess beneath him.
“Such a dirty girl.” Another pump. “Getting all hot and bothered from a movie,” He removed his fingers, circling your clit, “then begging for my touch?”
Your mouth dropped open as he pressed a kiss to the hinge of your jaw. Bucky quickly replaced his digits, resuming his steady rhythm.
“Be a good girl for me.” He whispered into your ear as your legs began to shake. “Come on, cum for me.”
“Bucky.” Your hand reached his bicep, nails digging in and leaving little crescent shaped marks.
Moon shaped badges that he would brandish with pride.
“That’s it, just let go, Y/N.”
Your body stilled in his arms as he continued pumping his fingers, the wetness pooling there thoroughly coating his digits. He smiled into your skin, covering your mouth with his metal hand to muffle your moans.
“I told you I don’t share, dolly.” His pace slowed as the lights in the theater room brightened. Bucky watched as his teammates began to rise from their seats, grasping blankets at their waists while they stretched their arms above their heads.
“That includes your little noises.” Bucky shifted you from his lap to the cushion beside him, his arm still wrapped protectively around your back. He stood from the couch, leaving his skin in contact with yours for as long as possible.
“We’ll continue this later, little dolly.” Bucky watched your eyes widen as he brought his fingers, the ones covered in your cum, to his lips. He fought his eyes rolling back to take in your shell shocked expression as he moaned from the back of his throat at your taste.
Your fist hovered near the door. You’d been debating on how to broach the subject with Bucky since the team movie night. Just as you went to pound on the door, it swung inward. Your eyes darted up to the mass of a man standing in front of you.
“Hiya, dolly.” You felt your face flush and Bucky’s eyes roamed your figure.”How are you doing today?”
“I’m alright.” You hesitated for a second, wringing your hands at your waistline. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you.”
“Sure, come on in.” He stepped back, revealing the room that you had become acquainted with over the past few months.
You walked in, pausing at the foot of his bed. Bucky’s hand rested on your bicep.
“You sure you’re okay, Y/N?”
You whipped around to face him, eyes wide as they focused on his face that was closer to yours than you originally thought it was.
“I’m fine. Swear, Scout’s honor.” You held up three fingers to which Bucky snorted.
“You weren’t a boy scout, dolly.”
“I could’ve been a boy scout if I wanted to.”
“Oh, I have no doubts about that.” He inched closer to you, bumping the back of your knees into the plush edge of his bed.
You chewed the inside of your cheek as Bucky’s chest pressed against yours. His hand lifted to your face, cold fingers tracing your cheekbones before swiping your hair behind your ear.
“Didn’t you come in here for a reason, dolly?” You started to stammer out an answer when Bucky continued talking, eyes roaming your face. “Don’t get me wrong, I love having you all to myself, but you seemed to be on a mission.”
“Right.” You evacuated his immediate vicinity, facing the window on the opposite side of his room. You fumbled with the drawstring of your sweats, twisting the string between your fingers.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” His hand reached out, resting on your arm to turn your body toward his.
“I wanted to just talk about what happened with us the other night.” Bucky nodded as he took a seat on the edge of his bed. Bucky followed your movements as you paced in front of him.
“Well, it’s just like I’ve never actually done that before or had that done to me so it really kind of made me nervous. But then like it happened and I tried to kind of just forget about it and put it out of my mind because I knew it was probably a one time thing. But it’s been occupying more space in my head than I feel like it should if I’m going to be able to forget it. And now I just want it to happen all over again. And I really liked experiencing that with you and I hope that you liked it too because I mean well you had your hand down my pants and then you, ya know? With the fingers? And then your mouth? And the sucking?”
Bucky sat attentively listening to your rant with his head tilted to the side. You continued to wear down the patterned rug you had claimed ‘looked like him’ in the store. The same rug he wanted to get carpet burn from because he was on his knees for you.
“So I just assumed that you liked it too but now I’m freaking out because what if you were just being nice and you didn’t actually enjoy it and I had just happened to be the closest to you at the time when you were feeling a little frisky?”
Bucky dropped his head to his hands. His weight shifted forward as he leant his forearms against his thighs as you kept talking. He knew you were really talking to him, you had already made a decision before coming in here. He had done this same routine with Sam about you.
“But no that wouldn’t make sense because I feel like we’ve been building up to this the past few weeks, but I thought that you weren’t interested in me because I was too young for you but if it turns out that you are then I would be super excited about that because I’m super into you too and then it would make this whole thing less awkward for me and then we could just bang it out, right?”
He pushed up, halting your movements by placing his hands on your shoulders and turning your body to face his. He titled his head forward, raising a single brow as he spoke.
“Of course I want to bang this out, dolly. But, I need you to understand a few things first.”
Bucky stepped around you to stand beside the door. He watched you from his new position, nudging his head to his bed for you to take a seat.
“I don’t plan on this being just a one time thing.” Bucky took a step forward, crossing the rug he bought in hopes you would spend more time in his room— with him.
“If we do this, you’re mine and I’m yours for as long as we both want it to happen.” A few more steps and he dropped to his knees in front of you. He tipped his head backwards and lifted his hand to reach your knee.
“Now,” he rubbed your thigh up and down, “do you want this? Do you want me?” Your eyes were slowly widening as the words left Bucky’s mouth. Your head began to bob back and forth, pupils blown with desire.
A half laugh escaped through Bucky’s lips, “No, dolly. I need your words, Y/N.”
“Yes, Bucky.” You leaned forward, tracing your fingers against the day old stubble growing on his jaw. A wide smile split his face, and he bit his lower lip as you touched your forehead against his. “I want this. I want you. I want us.”
“Oh thank god.” He shot up, shifting your body up his bed. Bucky’s lips attached to your neck, lightly biting the exposed skin there as your head fell back in what he hoped was ecstasy.
“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you for?” He felt your blunt nails dig into his shoulders, sucking in a harsh breath against your skin at the feeling.
“No need to be greedy, dolly.” Bucky leveled his face with yours, easily melding his lips against your slightly chapped pair.
“I’d give you anything you’d ask for. Without. Question.” He punctuated the last words with small pecks to your cheeks.
“Bucky.” His head snapped up, that breathy little whisper of his name engraving itself into the grooves of his soul. If he died right then he would be content.
“Will you go out on a date with me?” Bucky hands, which had previously been tracing the hem of your t-shirt, found their new home on either side of your head.
“Did you just ask me out, dolly?”
A nervous huff escaped your lips, the subtle scent of your mint toothpaste permeating Bucky’s skin. He hovered over your body, watching every little squirm and shift as he remained silent. He took pity on you, saving you from any further discomfort.
“I would love to go out on a date with you.” He brushed his nose against yours twice.
“Now, can I fuck you into oblivion?”
“Yes please.” You squealed as he shoved his face into your neck, blowing cool air onto the sensitive skin.
“Thank fuck.” His hands dug into your hips, pushing you into the plush mattress below.
Your hands gripped his shoulders, balling the soft fabric of his shirt. Bucky shifted his weight, settling a thick thigh between your legs to press against the heat radiating from your soon to be throbbing center. He groaned as your dull fingernails indented half moons into his exposed skin, badges of honor in his opinion.
“Dolly, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be with you.” He pressed open mouthed kisses to your neck, feeling his dick begin to pulse against you.
You felt Bucky’s hands trail down your body to your waistline, tugging at the soft material of your sweatpants. Your breath began to quicken as he pulled your pants down your legs. Just as they dropped to the floor, Bucky’s eyes immediately met yours, foregoing the newly exposed skin.
“Let’s make this even, dolly.” He pulled you up, standing at the foot of his bed and placing your hands on the band of his shorts. You could feel the elastic material of his boxers cutting into his skin just under the plush fabric of his shorts.
His pants joined yours on the ground as he went to remove both of your shirts. You hadn’t been doing anything terribly important earlier in the day so the decision to not wear a bra was one of comfort. Now though, you kind of wished there was yet another step Bucky would have to take to see you.
Bucky’s hands fell to your rib cage, thumbs grazing the sides of your boobs. One slight reposition and he would be cupping your boob in his hand. Your fingers grasped his wrist, eyes darting to his before he could move any further.
“What’s wrong?”
You swallowed the lump stuck at the base of your throat, “I’m just-- nervous? I guess.”
Bucky leant forward, cupping your cheeks. “I’m not going to push you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If I do, please stop me. Okay?”
“Okay.” You met his eyes before pushing forward and locking lips with him. Bucky released a grunt of approval before returning in kind.
He broke the kiss before you, replacing his hands on your ribs. “Lay on your stomach for me dolly.”
Your heart began to pound hard enough you thought Bucky could hear it. Turning away from him, you attempted to seductively crawl on top of his bed, but you’re sure you looked like an injured gazelle.
Bucky’s hands came in contact with the backs of your calves, the juxtaposition of his hands causing a shiver to race up your spine. He breathed a laugh onto your skin, stamping butterfly kisses on your back.
Everytime Bucky got close to where you wanted him, he would immediately back off and start the process over again. Tracing his hands up your legs, little kisses on your shoulders, the dip of your spine, blowing cold air on your lower back, then retreat. He seemed to revel in your whines as they only served to prolong his torture.
“Bucky please.” You breathed into the comforter below you. He mumbled into your skin, words you couldn’t make out.
“I’m getting there, dolly.” He flipped you over, making you release a squeal and then stare at him with wide eyes. “Let me enjoy my meal.”
His tongue darted out, tracing the gusset of your underwear. A breathy moan left your lips and Bucky took the time to wrap his arms around your thighs to keep them spread. His nose nudged against your clit, loving the sharp intake of breath that met his ears.
“Oh goodness.” Your thighs tensed at the feeling of Bucky’s lips beginning to suction around your throbbing clit. He continued to mouth at your center, the fabric starting to become sticky with your juices. Shots of pleasure ran through your body as Bucky licked.
“I’ve never been happier than right now.” He pulled back a bit, turning his head to press the words into your thigh. You felt his right arm shift as his fingers began to trace your slit.
“Dolly, you’re so wet for me. Am I making you feel good?” He tilted his head against your lower thigh, watching your face as he continued to feel your wetness.
“Am I? Talk to me, Y/N.” He pressed harder at the top of your slit, feeling the engorged clit underneath the thoroughly soaked fabric.
“Yes-- yes, you are.” You reached down, fingers winding into the dark locks on his head. “Please, Bucky.”
His eyes lulled up to yours, watching your reaction as he pulled the crotch of your underwear to the side. It took everything in you to not let yourself completely disappear into the sheets, but god you were glad you didn’t.
“Fuck me, dolly.” Bucky leaned forward, flattening his tongue up your slit. “You taste so good.” He continued to lick, repositioning with both of his arms around your thighs. Bucky pressed his face further into your center, He groaned as the gusset of your underwear attempted to interrupt his meal.
“Fuckin’ hell.”
You let out a small groan when Bucky removed his mouth only to feel the fabric of your underwear down your legs.
“You still doin’ okay, dolly?” He suctioned around your clit as he saw your mouth open to answer him. You felt him smile into your slit, then abruptly felt his tongue roll against your clit.
“Bucky?” You were nervous to ask, but you wanted to experience this.
“Mmhm?” His head tilted to the side, but he didn’t stop his fondling.
“Will you--” You paused as Bucky crawled up your body, pressing kisses into your skin. “Will you make my legs shake?”
Bucky’s head whipped up, eyes meeting yours with a fire blazing behind his. His jaw tensed and you weren’t entirely sure what he was thinking.
“It would be my goddamn pleasure, Y/N.”
You felt fingers in your hair as you were roused from a peaceful sleep. Your nose scrunched as you buried your face further into the warm pillow beneath you.
“Don’t start something you aren’t ready to finish, dolly.”
Bucky’s gruff voice sounded off from above your head, his fingers still fumbling in your hair. His opposite hand was tracing random shapes onto your exposed shoulder. You pulled back a bit, a smile working its way across your face as you looked up to him.
“You feel okay, dolly?”
You went to answer when the door of Bucky’s room burst inward with Sam tossing a water bottle toward the bed.
“Yo! If we’re going to get this run in this morning we’ve gotta get cracking!”
“Sam!” Bucky yanked the covers over your shoulders, concealing you from Sam’s view.
“Oh my god!” Sam backed out of the doorway only to turn his head and shout, “Nat! Nat! Natasha!”
“Why the hell are you yelling at me?” Sam pointed into Bucky’s room where you were cuddled against Bucky’s bare chest. “What’s up, Y/N?”
“Hi, Nat.” Your voice was soft as Bucky played with the ends of your hair.
“Leg shake?”
“Big time.”
“Okay! Everyone out of my room, I’ve got a girl to ravage again!” Bucky quickly turned and covered your body with his as Natasha and Sam left the room in a fit of giggles.
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foreverindreamlandd · 2 days ago
Awake My Soul • 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
WC: 4.2k
Summary: It’s been 5 years since zombies first began their invasion, and despite everything you’ve been through, you’ve managed to survive up until this point. Now it’s time to face your must dangerous challenge yet….the grumpy, untrusting, fiercely protective Bucky Barnes.
Chapter Note: Forced proximity time!! Y'all might hate or love me for this and honestly I cannot wait to hear what you think LOL. Enjoy ;)
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Tumblr media
You got to the lookout station fifteen minutes before your shift started, climbing up the ladder to the treehouse-looking structure they built by the front gate. 
The original brick wall was wide enough for anyone to walk along, but this post served as the central spot for those on watch. Hanging from the top of the A-frame roof that covered the small square surface was a makeshift chandelier that Bruce put together, with five light bulbs. One in the center that provided a soft, amber glow in the space for you to see what you were doing, surrounded by four smaller bulbs that correlated with the different sides of the wall. Green was East, Blue was West, North was Yellow, and South was Red. He had managed to create some sort of sensors along the trees that made them light up if someone walked through the invisible barrier.
“The color you’ll most often see is yellow, and that’s usually when it’s one of us returning to camp,” Sarah told you when she gave you the rundown of the watch post earlier that day. “We haven’t had an issue other than a walker here and there. It’s pretty rare thanks to the protection of the fog and the Bog.”
You grimaced. “You couldn’t have thought of a better name for the Bog that didn’t rhyme with fog?”
Sarah frowned. “I’ve actually never used both words in a sentence back to back like that. It’s pretty terrible.” The two of you laughed.
Clint was there when you made it to the top of the post, playing around with his bow. 
When he looked up, his brows furrowed in confusion. “Need something?”
You shook your head. “I’m here to relieve you.”
This time, his brows shot up. “You’re on third?”
“Yelena made me switch.”
He paused. “And Bucky still has this shift?”
Your nostrils flared, and after a beat you nodded.
Clint only chuckled, shaking his head as he stood up. “What’d you do to piss her off?”
“Nothing!” you protested, crossing your arms. “She says it’s going to help us bond or whatever.”
Instead of a chuckle, Clint snorted. “What a fuckin’ piece of work.” He sighed. “Do you want me to switch with you? You can take second shift and I can be here with Buck-”
“No, no.” you held a hand up waving off the gesture. “I appreciate the offer, but you do enough around here and I need to start earning my keep. Besides, she’s not wrong. Bucky may hate me for the rest of eternity, but if I’m going to stay here I gotta get used to it.”
He shook his head, gaze turning sympathetic. “Just give him-”
“Time,” you finished for him. “Everyone says that.” Annoyance rose within you. “It’s been a month, Clint, and the concept of me breathing the same air as him makes the guy angry. I put the people he cares about in danger, and I gotta own that if I want to be part of Shield.” 
Clint’s eyes flashed behind your shoulder, but you were too riled up to notice. “And yes, part of me wishes he could see that I’m not going to burn this place down and that I would gladly die for anyone here, even his grumpy ass. But that’s not going to happen and we all just need to move on and let him despise me for everything I am.”
Your breathing was heavy, but you had finally picked up on the fact that Clint wasn’t mindlessly staring past you, his focus was on something.
Dread coursed through you as you turned, knowing full well who was standing behind you.
Bucky’s jaw was locked shut, eyes on yours for a moment before going to the ground.
Clint cleared his throat, making his way to the ladder. “Have a good night, you two.” He muttered a good luck as he started climbing down.
You stood there in silence for a few seconds, and since this was your first watch and you had no idea what you were doing, you were forced to remain there and wait for instructions.
“So…” you started, and that seemed to break Bucky from his spell.
He cleared his throat, moving to one of the corners overlooking the outside of camp. “You can sit wherever,” he mumbled almost incoherently, leaning his back against the vertical wooden post that made up a piece of the wall.
You ran your tongue over your teeth, then walked over to the corner across from his. You stared at him for a moment, waiting for further instruction. When none came, you simply followed his lead and kept your focus on the outside. 
Bucky didn’t say anything for the next four hours.
Just kept staring in the same direction, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. And you found yourself continuously staring at him, eyes flickering over to view his side profile glowing underneath the illumination from the light above. 
It was torture.  
For some reason, you found yourself suffocated by the proximity. He was less than five feet away, and you were certain that if you moved your foot over by just a few inches it would connect with his leg. The idea of touching Bucky at all made you want to set your skin on fire. Your head pounded, the air constricted from your lungs, you couldn’t see straight because all you could think about was how close you two were. Think about what would happen if your boots touched, if he shuffled a few feet closer, if he leaned in and-
“Are you okay?” he asked, brows furrowed with annoyed confusion and your eyes widened at the realization that you had most likely been staring at him for way too long and he could no longer ignore it.
You cleared your throat. “‘M fine.” Your gaze went back to the trees as your face burned, and through your peripherals you watched Bucky follow suit and turn toward the outside.
There was a moment that his thumb started tapping against the wood to some unknown beat, and you nearly spoke up to ask what song he had stuck in his head.
But when you turned to him, you quickly thought against it. Not because he had his normal pissed off at the world expression, but the complete opposite. His jaw had relaxed, his eyes had softened. For the first time since those few good moments you shared before shit went to hell at the Bog, Bucky appeared to be at peace.
It would be the worst thing you could ever do in your life to speak up and put him back in his grumpy state.
So with that, you returned your focus on keeping watch, eyelids growing heavy as the night sky slowly transitioned from black to a deep indigo,then to a soft purple glow as the sun began to rise.
The second Sam was up the ladder to relieve you, Bucky shot up without a word and climbed down.
Sam looked from the ladder to you, a single brow raised. “That bad, huh?”
You sighed, slowly moving to stand, your muscles sore from being in the same position for so long. “Honestly? I thought it was going to be much worse.”
He huffed, then rested a hand on your shoulder. “Look, I told Yelena that this would just be on a trial basis. If you want off this shift-”
“No, Sam,” you said, shaking your head. “You all have done so much for me, the least I can do is suck it up and sit in silence with Bucky for a few hours a day.” 
Please don’t take this time from me, you thought out of nowhere.
All he did was nod in response, then moved to settle himself for his shift.
You watched Bucky make his way across the camp.
Instead of going to the bunks to get some sleep, he walked into the middle building.
Was he really going to get a workout in after being up all night? 
It’s not like it was the time that he normally went to the gym. That slot was usually in the early afternoon after he had gotten some rest and eaten.
You, on the other hand, happily and slowly trudged toward your room and passed out as soon as your head hit the pillow, a soft tapping of an unfamiliar beat playing in your mind and lulling you to sleep.
Tumblr media
“So there’s this charge they created for the rifle. It’s this crazy blue color and disintegrates anything in its path.” You grimaced as you remembered the sight of ten walkers being turned to dust. “It was like an icy blue flame. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
You looked between Bruce’s contemplative look and Peter’s wide eyes before looking back at the very amateur drawing you put together for them.
Bruce ran his fingers along the center part of the device, his other hand wrapped around the lower part of his face as he considered the development of such a weapon.
“Holy shit,” Peter finally murmured, “I can’t believe that made a ray gun.”
You and Bruce both stared at Peter for a moment and he blushed, focusing his attention back on the diagram.
“I remember hearing them talk about getting the charge to a certain temperature to generate such a concentrated amount of heat. And that all of those things worked together so that it wouldn’t even make a sound-”
“Because of the frequency created by the force of the heat,” Bruce continued, writing a few equations on the paper. 
You nodded. “I just have no idea how they created that charge mechanism….sorry I can’t be more help, Doc.”
Banner shook his head, taking off his glasses to look at you. “Y/n, this is amazing. I would have never come up with something like this.”
“Yeah, like we’ve played around with a bunch of stuff, but who could have thought that tech like this could exist?” Peter added.
You shrugged. “Who would have thought that people would want ray guns during a zombie apocalypse?” 
Peter laughed and you winked at him.
“We definitely have a lot to work with to try to replicate this device,” Bruce continued. “Would it be okay for us to come back to you with any questions when they come up?”
“Definitely,” you said. “You know where to find me…bonus points if you rescue me from watch.”
He chuckled. “Heard about that. Things going as terribly as expected?”
You rolled your eyes. “I mean, he hasn’t said more than a dozen words to me in a week, which I guess is better than him yelling at me four hours a day.”
Bruce’s lips turned down in deliberation. “Honestly, that seems pretty promising.”
“Also, I totally offered to take his spot if he was too miserable and he said no without even pausing to think about it,” Peter added. 
You felt warmth run through you at the admission, and you couldn’t stop the corner of your lip from turning up.
Bruce pointed a pencil at Peter, brows raised and he smiled at you. “See? What’d I tell ya? Give it time and he’ll come around!”
At that, you grimaced. “Maybe, but I wish time passed faster than a glacial pace when we’re sitting there not doing anything for hours.”
“Why don’t you bring a book with you? Or a journal if you prefer writing.”
You gaped at Bruce. “You can do that?”
“Of course! We have a library at our disposal, and we have the light over the post for a reason. As long as you look up every few minutes to check that everything is clear, there’s no harm in it.”
“Fuck yes,” you groaned, head tilting back to the ceiling for a moment before looking back at Bruce. “You just made everything….so much better. Thanks, Doc.”
He smiled. “Anytime.”
You smiled back before looking at the clock on the wall. “Shit, I gotta get going guys, before Lena decides to punish me with burpees for being tardy.”
Peter scowled. “What are you still doing here? Go! Before it’s too late!”
The two of you laughed as you made it out into the hallway.
“Hey, Y/n!” Bruce called, and you turned to find him jogging over until he was right next to you. He turned around to make sure Peter wasn’t paying attention and when he looked back at you, you suddenly felt nervous. “You know you can talk to me, right? About anything?”
You swallowed back the nerves, forcing a smile and keeping your voice casual. “Of course, Bruce. Everything okay?”
He pressed his lips into a thin line and nodded. “Yeah. Everything’s fine. Just…wanted you to know.”
You nodded back, trying to ignore the panic building at the possible meaning behind his words. “Gotcha. Well, thanks Bruce.”
“Anytime, Y/n.”
He turned away and headed back into the lab, leaving you there to deal with the unspoken tension lingering in the air.
Tumblr media
That night, you started with your normal routine of relieving Clint a few minutes early and settling into your corner.
You stared outside the wall, doing a quick scan for any unusual activity. Once it was deemed safe, you dug into your pack and pulled out the book you spent hours looking for while browsing the library, nearly buzzing with excitement at the idea of four uninterrupted hours of reading.
It had been years since you had been able to do something like this. Before the invasion, you would spend entire weekends holed up in your room by the window escaping into a world found between the pages of the various tomes you found either at your town library or the personal library your parents had amassed over the years. Then, there were occasionally quiet moments while traveling with your parents and the Eternals, but you could only carry two books with you at a time.
Whenever you found an abandoned bookstore or library, you traded one of the books for a new one for you to read over and over and over again until you basically had it memorized.
The second book, though, was one you would never let go of. It was the one you kept with you ever since the invasion, when your family was forced to run from your home.
You couldn’t help but grab the book from your nightstand, your favorite comfort read, one you knew you could never part with.
Not unless you were forced to.
Not unless you were kidnapped and the small number of items you had were taken from you.
When you escaped from Hydra, you had nothing but a single dagger. It took days of scouring different spots for new weapons and supplies. 
And whenever you found an abandoned bookstore or library, you desperately searched the shelves for one title.
It was never there.
And unfortunately, after hours of looking through the Brookfield library, it wasn’t in their collection either.
You hoped you would find it eventually.
Until then, you had plenty of other stories to keep you busy.
Bucky climbed up the ladder quietly, and though you didn’t look up at him upon entry, you could see through your peripherals that he paused and stared at you for a few moments before claiming his usual spot in the corner next to yours. 
The relief of having some sort of distraction from his silent existence and close proximity nearly made you want to cry as you turned each page, following Bruce’s orders and checking to make sure no alarm was off and that you couldn’t hear anything approaching.
As usual, there was nothing to be alarmed of. The only thing you could see was Bucky’s head turning in your direction every minute on the dot, as if he were counting the seconds until it was deemed appropriate for him to look over again. And the only thing you could hear was the chaotic tapping of his thumb, much different from the beats he created in his mind.
He was restless.
And then, suddenly, not even thirty minutes into watch, he spoke.
“Are you reading Twilight?”
You looked up from the page to find him openly staring at you now, his brows knit together at the realization.
“You know Twilight?” you asked, answering his question with a question.
He scowled, looking away as if already done with the conversation.
For you, however, it had just started.
The corners of your mouth twitched up. “Have you….have you read these before?”
Bucky rolled his eyes, but did turn his gaze back to you. Rather than looking pissed, he just looked annoyed. 
You could live with that.
“I didn’t, because I have taste,” he said. “But Becs - my sister - went through a phase and tried to drag me along every step of the way.”
An ache formed in your chest realizing the existence of a sister, who wasn’t here at camp and that could really only mean one thing.
This wasn’t the time for bummers, though. You were determined to get him to say at least ten more words to you tonight.
“So you’re saying you’ve seen the movies.”
His lips pressed into a thin line and you scoffed.
“You’re telling me that the CGI baby and the weird blue filter used in the first movie didn’t immediately compel you to binge read the entire series?”
That’s when it happened.
The greatest moment probably of your entire life.
Bucky Barnes laughed.
It was a chuckle that only lasted a beat, but it wasn’t something hidden behind a groan of a scoff like before. You had caught him so off guard that he couldn’t help but let out a deep, grizzly, baritone sound of amusement.
And just as Sarah said over a month ago, it was contagious, and you breathed out a small laugh yourself in wonder.
Somehow it got even better, because then he made a fucking joke.
“The werewolves definitely almost pulled me in, but then one of them imprinted on a literal baby and I was quickly turned off by that.”
You nodded. “The whole Nessie thing was a bit of a mess, I’ll admit. But that’s what’s so good about it! It’s bad….but also amazing.”
All you got in response was a grunt of acknowledgement, and you felt a newfound boldness to keep going.
“Okay then, if you’re not a Twihard, what’s your favorite book?”
There was a pause.
“Please tell me it’s some cheesy romcom,” you said.
He glared at you again, once again without any true malice. “The Hobbit.”
“Fuck yes, that’s such a good one! And it’s on the shelves. We could do a book club and everything.”
In a flash, you witnessed Bucky’s eyes lighten with excitement and then immediately switch to a dim, lifeless gaze. “No.”
You swallowed, caught off guard by the emptiness in his voice.
It was more conversation than you had ever dreamed of having, and you knew that if you ever wanted to have it happen again you would have to know when to stop pushing him.
For now, hearing his voice, his laugh, seeing something other than disdain in his eyes, it was enough.
Tumblr media
The next evening, Bucky decided it was time to continue the conversation.
“What’s your favorite book?” he asked just as you got to the part where Bella had basically  jumped Edward in the meadow.
You looked up to find him staring outside the wall, but then he slowly turned his head to you when you didn’t respond.
“Is it Twilight?” he asked with a cocked brow.
You hummed, shaking your head. “Top ten for sure, but no.”
Silence. “So…?” Bucky urged.
“Ella Enchanted,” you said finally, closing the book and positioning your body to face him.
He frowned. “Never heard of it.”
“It’s a kids book,” you replied. “And a stellar movie with Anne Hathaway. But it’s been my comfort read since I was, like, ten or something. I even took it with me when we had to leave after this-” you waved your hand around, “-started to happen.”
Bucky nodded in understanding. “Do you still have it?”
You shook your head. “Lost it during the Hydra shitshow.”
“Is it in the library?” he pressed.
Another shake of your head and he nodded again.
“Don’t worry,” you said, “I’m sure I’ll find it by the time you’re done going through the Twilight Saga.”
He scowled, an expression you realized you loved way too much. “There is no way in hell.”
“Come onnnn,” you whined. “For the book club!”
The right corner of his lip twitched. “No way.”
You sighed dramatically, opening the book back up. “You’re no fun, Beefcake.”
He groaned.
You smiled.
Tumblr media
The next day, you went to the library to grab New Moon. 
When Bucky got up to the watchtower, his eyes landed on the copy of Twilight resting in his corner.
Even with your eyes glued to the page of your book, you could feel him glaring at you.
“Just suck it up and read it,” you said, still not looking at him. “You can thank me later.”
With one long, dramatic sigh, Bucky picked up the book and sat down, opening up to the first page.
You had to bite the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from grinning like an idiot.
Tumblr media
“Look,” Bucky started, waving the book in the air. “I just don’t understand why she’s so in love with this dude!”
He had been going on for at least five minutes now, you just sitting there listening to him ramble.
“Sure, he saves her from those guys in the town or whatever, but then nearly kills her by driving like an idiot-”
“But he has super enhanced bat senses!” you argued, fighting to keep your face serious.
That was when Sam climbed up, brows already furrowed from hearing actual conversation being shared between you two as he made his way up the ladder.
Bucky ignored Sam and glared at you. “Okay, but what about other cars on the road? I saw that scene play out in the movies. They had to weave and bob around vampire boy and totally could have caused an accident!”
He stood up and you followed suit, giving Sam a nod and a little shrug as he continued to stare at you.
Bucky, on the other hand, continued to talk as he made his way down the ladder. Usually, you would wait for him to race down and run away as quickly as possible, but since he apparently wasn’t done with this conversation, you decided to follow right behind.
“Okay, whatever, he drives like an idiot and tells her that he basically has anger issues and basically that he’s dangerous for her. And in the movie, she like made him follow her into the woods by the school, which was already dumb. In this, though? He drives her to an isolated place a mile into woods where it would take weeks for someone to find her body? And she’s still all heart eyes?”
He got to the bottom, and stood there until you stepped onto the ground before walking alongside you. 
“It’s called love, Beefcake! Sometimes you do dumb shit like go into the middle of the woods with a vampire who is over 100 years old and really wants to drink your blood!”
Bucky shook his head, not stopping as you passed the middle building which had been his normal pit stop after watch. You felt something inside you ignite with excitement, trying desperately to keep your cool even though a part of you was certain that you had fallen asleep during watch and all of this was a dream.
“I can’t believe I let Becca read these when we were younger. I basically gave her the go-ahead to seek out dangerous, blood-sucking bad boys.”
You laughed. “Well, at least now you know to be on the lookout for any pale man who asks you to go to an abandoned field so he can confess his undying love for you. But it’s clear that you hate the book, so just know I appreciate you giving it a try and I’ll return New Moon back in the library when I’m done.”
You looked over just as he clenched his jaw before grumbling something incoherently. 
“I’m sorry, what was that?”
You bit your bottom lip and smiled, slowing your steps to a stop as you approached the front door to the bunk house.
“You got it, Beefcake. Anything to keep book club alive and well.”
Bucky smiled back, crystalline blue eyes locked on yours for three glorious seconds.
And then they widened, his lips turned down, and he looked to the ground as he cleared his throat.
“I should go,” he said sternly, turning on his heel and storming over to his usual destination, the gym.
His body tensed more and more with each step he took, and you saw his hand clench so tightly you wondered if his palms were bleeding from his nails digging into his skin.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, memorizing the look of his smile from just a few seconds ago.
Baby steps.
Tumblr media
Chapter 6
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angstysebfan · a day ago
The One Where He Needs To Choose
Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader
AU: Modern
Summary: You and Bucky have been best friends since you were kids. You were so close that both your previous relationships ended out of your partners jealousy. But when Bucky meets someone and takes a big step, and ultimatum is made. For the first time Bucky finds it difficult to choose.
A/N: So I came up with this story based off of an episode of Friends. I’m sure if you know Friends you will figure out which one eventually. It’s not a replica of the episode, but based on the subject. Hope you enjoy!
Natasha looks down the long table at her birthday dinner. A mix of her and her boyfriend’s friends to celebrate her. She smiles as she watches everyone mingle with each other and get a long. She looks next to her at her boyfriend of 2 years, Bucky with a mix of love and disappointment. Bucky hasn’t paid that much attention to her, his attention was once again on you. His best friend.
You and Bucky met when you were 6 years old. You moved next door to the Barnes family and quickly developed a strong connection with the oldest son, James, who preferred to be called Bucky. Even when you were in high school, and Bucky was the popular jock, you the band geek, he would walk around the halls with his arm around your shoulders, much to his various girlfriends dismay.
Through college you both stayed as close. Having sleepovers constantly, cuddlefests, and just spending as much time as possible. You both went through various relationships, and they all ended because your significant others were jealous of your friendship. Until Natasha.
Bucky met Natasha at work. You knew he developed a crush on the gorgeous red head and after some time finally got the guts to ask her out. They went on a few dates before you finally met her. You liked her immediately and felt that she and Bucky were good together. The thought made you happy, sad, and jealous at the same time. You were confused about your thoughts, but focused on Bucky’s happiness.
Throughout the 2 year relationship your relationship with Natasha changed. She became slightly colder towards you, and would go out of her way to keep Bucky busy so he couldn’t hang out with you as much. Though once a month your whole group of friends would get together for dinner, which turned out to be one of the few times you would see him. It made you sad because Bucky was the most important person in your life, but was oblivious to Natasha’s schemes.
Sitting at Natasha’s birthday dinner, Bucky made sure to have you on one side of him so he could finally spend some time with you. He felt bad he has been so busy with Natasha that he has neglected you. Half the time he doesn’t even know how his schedule gets so busy. He tries to see you at least for lunch, but even that has gotten hard with work getting crazy. 
He feels bad that he is essentially ignoring Natasha, but you and he have so much to catch up on. He has some news for you, and he hopes you will be excited for him. He wants to tell you before anyone else, but how to do that in a restaurant with so many people around is hard. 
Before he gets a chance, Natasha stands, “He guys. Thank you all so much for coming out to celebrate my birthday. Seeing my friends get along so well with Bucky’s makes me so happy and excited for my announcement!” she says.
Bucky pales as he looks at you. You furrow your brow in wonder about the announcement. Bucky shakes his head and stands up, whispering in Natasha’s ear, “Babe, I thought we were going to wait.”
Natasha laughs and says loudly for everyone to hear, “It’s my birthday and I want all these amazing people to know that as a birthday gift, the love of my life proposed to me!”
Everyone gasps in a mix of excitement, surprise, and happiness for the couple. You however sit there stunned to silence. You look up at your best friend who is pulled into a kiss by his now fiance. You can’t help the drop in your stomach as you replay the words Natasha just said. You look around to all your friends, who have smiles on their faces, but concerned looks when their eyes meet yours. 
You clear your throat, stand up slowly and put on a fake smile. You don’t quite understand what you are feeling at this moment. You should be happy your best friend found the woman he wants to marry. But you find yourself feeling.... heartbroken? Jealous? Angry he didn’t tell you? You’re not quite sure, but you keep smiling as Bucky turns to you and give you a hug.
“I wanted to tell you first, doll. I swear,” he whispers in your ear. 
You pull back and quickly shake your head, not able to speak. Bucky has a look of guilt, but you turn to look away to spot Wanda. When she looks at you, you cock your head to the side to ask her to follow you. She nods and you both walk off toward the bathroom. Bucky watches you and wants to go and check on you, but Natasha is holding his arm for dear life. You both seem to miss the smirk on Natasha’s lips as you walk away.
When you walk into the bathroom with Wanda, you go right into the stall and allow a few tears to fall. Wanda stands outside the door silently, letting you have a moment. She knows how upset you have been since Bucky stopped spending time with you. She has been in the group long enough, curtesy of Sam, to know how close you and Bucky are, or were. She always felt there was something more between you, but neither of you ever confirmed her suspicions.  
“Y/N, honey, did you know?” she asked after awhile of listening to you sniffling. 
You open the stall, wiping the last of your tears away and shake your head. “I had no idea he was even thinking of proposing to her. He has barely even texted me in weeks. It’s like I lost my best friend. Who knows what will happen once they get married. What if I lose him, Wan?” you ask as more tears flood your eyes.
Wanda hugged you tightly, “Bucky would never let that happen, Y/N/N. You know your his number 1,” she said. 
You scoff, “Not anymore Wanda. I mean he doesn’t even seem to notice that she has been keeping him away from me.”
Before Wanda can reply, Bucky opens the door to the bathroom and takes in your red eyes. He looks at Wanda who gives him a sad look. 
“Wanda, can I talk to Y/N/N for a moment?” he asks. 
Wanda nods, gives your arm a squeeze and heads out to the table. When the door closes, Bucky walks up to you and pulls your into a bone crushing hug. 
“I’m so fucking sorry, doll. You have every right to be mad at me. I-I didn’t know she was going to tell everyone tonight. I wanted to sit you down and tell you myself. I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me,” he says against the top of your head. 
You allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of being in his arms, the smell of his cologne and the sound of his heartbeat for a moment before pulling away. “It’s ok, Buck. I mean I didn’t know you were even thinking about it, but if this makes you happy, then I’m... I’m happy for you,” you say. You realized that was the hardest sentence you’ve had to say. Also you know it’s a total lie, but not sure why it’s a lie.
Bucky smiles at you, “Y/N/N, your my best friend in the entire world. I want you to stand beside me when I get married. Please be my best wo-man?” he asks with hope in his eyes.
“Bucky,” you whisper in shock. “What about Steve and Sam? Shouldn’t you want one of them to be your best man?” you ask.
He shakes his head, “You know you are the most important person in the entire world to me, right?” he asks.
“You can’t say that anymore, Bucky. You’re getting married! She is supposed to be the most important,” you scold.
“You both are equally important to my life,” he says as he grabs your hands. 
You feel butterflies in your stomach as you feel his thumbs rub the top of your hands. “Please, Y/N. Be there for me?” he asks again.
You swallow the lump in your throat and fight the tears that want to form before nodding at him, “Of course I’ll be there for you, Buck. Always,” you say.
He pulls you into another bone crushing hug, “Thank you, doll! Love you, always,” he says as he kisses the top of your head and turns to leave.
Once he leaves the bathroom, you lean against the wall and slide down to the floor. You allow the tears to fall again. What were you going to do now?
Part 2
Ok, so I think this will be a short series, but not sure on how many parts. There will be some time jumps from chapter to chapter, but I really hope you all enjoy this! Hopefully it won’t take too long to write! Feedback is appreciated!
Permanent Taglist:  @hailmary-yramliah @tuiccim @comedictragedy @cap-n-stuff @thefridgeismybestie @swiftmind @aleaisntcreative @lookiamtrying @pinknerdpanda @morganclaire4 @iamvalentinaconstanza @verygraphicink @im-squished @joannie95  @connie326 @amandamdiehl @harrysthiccthighss @its-izzys @roserose26 @rebekahdawkins  @broco8 @shinykoalacat @white-wolf1940 @jessyballet @themorningsunshine @eclecticpatrolroadlawyer
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heavenlyhandscribbles · 2 days ago
Keep Each Other (Cold)
Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader
Warnings: Breeding kink, ABO aspects heavily used, mentions of abuse in a past relationship, sexual content, slower burn, but not the slowest, mentions of dom reader, domination and submission aspects, Shibari, werewolf au, hypothermia mentions.
Tumblr media
Summary: It's gotten a little heated, and Bucky's willing to agree
Word count: 2.3k
AN: Enjoyed writing this but I'm going to write eddie munson porn now. Completely unedited cause I'm lazy.
Bucky didn’t hate her for this, he really didn’t, but he could smell her heat. And it was killing him. 
He wants to wait, to show this part of him. The possession he developed as the few weeks went on with her. This interest he’s developed in the omega is curving him away from the isolation he’d kicked himself into those years ago. 
He’s kinda glad she showed up, she’s given him so much to look forward to, even if it’s small things. Each morning he wakes up to her sitting on the couch, his only other mug in her hands, cradled to her chest as she beams up at him. It’s dizzying how pretty she is, her eyes so gentle with him but not in a way that makes him feel inferior, In the way that makes him feel appreciated. 
She was eager to see him each morning as well, her head bowing as he walked out of his room and her hands gripping his mug as she smiled up at him, “Morning Buck.”
He could swear his heart would stop if not for your eyes fluttering at the same beat as it, as he muttered, “Mornin’ doll.” 
He’d pass her, the smell of chocolate and fire on her usually faint, a light misting of her warmth as he walked by, but this time, the scent was heavy, like a coating of the smell of savory food after he cooks in the kitchen, or the weight of Steve close to his rut, and he’d been in his house for much too long. He could cut her scent with his knife, one of the ones in the kitchen right next to him.
She shifted, subtly presenting her neck to him, unbeknownst to him, he was growling down at her. He was subconsciously asking her to present and didn’t even notice. God he was acting like a horny teen trying to get off, he had to calm down. He stepped back, muttering an apology and moving to the kitchen, “What do you want for breakfast?”
She muttered softly, “Whatever you make, I like your cooking.”
He nodded, moving to the kitchen and pulling out pans for himself, setting them onto the counter as he moved to the fridge, “What veggies would you eat in an omelet?”
She smiled, turning and looking up at him, “As many vegetables as possible.” She smiled, her arms crossing as she rested her chin onto her forearms, her lower half shifting to a more comfortable position, her hips pushing back a bit. 
Bucky watched from the corner of his eye, trying to hide his hips shifting as he planted them firmly in the kitchen. He wasn’t going to act on his instincts purely because his mother didn’t raise him that way. He was told to respect omega’s, give them the space they needed, and to understand that heats are painful before they are even thought to be pleasurable. He knew that, he knew that she was getting comfortable and that he should just allow her too, because he saw what his mom went through during her heats. Painful cramps knocked her out, rendering her unconscious in their living room while he and his sisters tended to her fever and attempted to keep her hydrated. He knew what that did to an omega and swore he would never let an omega under his care go through pain like that. 
Maybe it was just the alpha haze but he knew far better. His connection with this one rendered an emotion he hadn’t known in a while, so he decided that what was best was to just let it simmer. But he knew that wasn’t wise either, speaking softly, “Do you need anything? I know… your heat might be coming up, and you might want to go stay at a hotel or something.. I can help with the fever though, raised with three sisters and a mother.” He cocked a brow, glancing back at her as he sprinkled vegetables into the pan. She shifted, glancing up at him with hazy eyes, “I might just need to get some sort of fever lessener. Other than that I should be fine.” 
He frowned, knowing that was bullshit as he finished cooking her omelet, plating it and glancing up at her, “I know that’s a lie, are you sure you don’t need anything else. I’m willing to run to the store for you, get you something…” he cut himself off, glancing away with a nervous expression, “Seriously, the CVS that’s on the edge of the town carries stuff for heats.” He glanced over at her finally, noticing she was staring directly at him with big eyes, “Sure- that’s fine.” 
He let out a small sigh of relief shifting on his feet as he moved back to the kitchen to cook, “Okay. I’ll go do that today.”
She sat back, eating as she nuzzled into one of the blankets she carried from the couch to the table, the sight of it making him go a little wobbly in the knees as he turned back to the stove, finishing cooking his own food and moving beside her, sitting down as well, “Let me know if you want me to get you anything else, heating pad, cooling towels. Whatever I can do to help.”
She shifted a bit, glancing up at him, “Why are you offering to help?”
“Because I know how painful it can be to go through that without a mate. My mom had to do it for ten years after my dad left.” He frowned, picking at his food, “I just don’t want you to be in pain as long as you’re in my home.”
She nodded, her eyes glancing back at the food, “Thank you Bucky.” He nodded, finishing and standing, walking to the kitchen to wash off his plate, putting it into the dishwasher. He moved back to the table with a notecard and a pen he had in the kitchen specifically for grocery lists. At that thought, she smiled softly, turning to look at him, “You keep supplies for grocery lists in your kitchen junk drawer?” She let out a small laugh.
All Bucky could do was smile, “yeah- what do you want me to get? Anything at all.”
She smiled, “Chocolate, and a heating pad would be nice. And then…” She looked away gripping the blanket closer, “Could you get me some of those heat supplies?”
He nodded, “Do you- uh have a preference?”
“The knotted ones.” She murmured, looking down still.
He nodded, holding no ill will against her as he wrote it down, “Okay, do you want any produce for this week? Fruits, vegetables?”
“Could you pick up some cherries?” She asked softly, kicking her feet off the seat where she was curled up and placing them on the ground to lean forward. He noticed, glancing at her with a small smile, “Sure, cherries, some apples, some vegetables for any meals I plan to make…” He glanced up at her, smiling gently before turning back to the list, “Should probably head out now before it starts snowing again.”
She nodded, standing as well and moving to the couch again, glancing back at him gently, “Thanks…”
He nodded, opening the door and walking out. As soon as out of earshot, she threw her hands up, flopping back, “God he can’t catch a hint!”
Bucky walked to his car, starting it hopefully before hearing the engine cut off, his body tensing up, “You’re shitting me.” He slid out of the car, moving back into the house, “Okay so bad news. My car's engine just- stopped working.” He glanced up at her, shifting nervously, “I can walk?”
“No no, don’t do that- that’s at least three miles in the snow.” She frowned, “I can figure it out, just don’t walk.” She asked softly, leaning up to look at him closer, “Come on it’s cold, let's just hang out for a bit.”
He nodded, stepping closer to the couch and flopping beside her, glancing up at whatever was playing on the TV as he yawned a bit. She noticed, shifting closer to share some of the blanket and muttering, “You can sleep if you want?”
He nodded, quickly falling into her as he slumped a bit, falling asleep slowly as he muttered, “Wake me if you think you’re developing a fever.”
She nodded, leaning close as he felt his heat radiate onto her, not thinking much of the feeling that filled her chest at the feeling of his scent wrapping around her. 
There is a shift beside Bucky, a small whimper falling onto his ears as he woke up. He didn’t think to find the woman he’d found on his porch only a short three weeks ago, sliding her fingers into herself, letting out weak whimpers as she preened at the sight of him awake. He tensed up, feeling her forehead and frowning quickly, “You didn’t wake me.”
“I didn’t know I was getting a fever if I’m honest.” She muttered back, her head falling back.
Bucky threw the blanket on top of her, frowning as he moved to the kitchen, pulling an ice pack back from the freezer, the sight of her dripping cunt filling his body with pure agony as he moved back over to her, sliding the ice pack onto her head. She whimpered, having seemingly not stopped her actions as she leaned up for his touch, “Please Buck. Need you…” He quickly shook his head in response, speaking slowly “No doll, you’re far too vulnerable.”
She shifted uncomfortably, growling out, “I need this Buck. Please. I am consenting. I promise you that this isn’t because of the heat- I need it.” She looked at him, expression solid and almost that resembling stone at how sharp her features were. He nodded slowly, his eyes closing, thinking about her clenching down on him so well, thinking about how he’s wanted her for the past weeks, his eyes finally opening again, “Yeah okay.”
She shifted quickly, tugging the blanket up and looking up at him with desperation, “please.. Need you in me.”
He slid onto the couch again, positioning between her legs as he looked up at her, “Are you sure? Absolutely sure?”
She nodded quickly, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since last week Buck, now put your cock in me now.” She snarled out, her legs wrapping around his waist to pull him closer.
He nodded, a flush filling his cheeks as he leaned down, kissing along her neck and subtly scenting her.
She let out a small whimper, the touch of his lips on her neck alone driving her mad, but he was scenting her. God she was so far gone but that, she was going to remember that. He muttered softly, reaching down to roll her clit with his flesh hand as he positioned his tip with his metal one, having gotten hard since he caught a whiff of her slick. He spoke softly into her neck, “Let me know if you wanna stop.” He pushed into her slowly, his head falling onto her shoulder as he let out a soft sigh, “Christ you feel better than I imagined…” She smirked, glancing up at him with fever ridden weak eyes, “You imagined fucking me?”
“You’ve been at my house for three weeks straight, fucking you is the main thing I’ve thought about.” He chuckled, fucking into her to help aid some of her pain, “Better? At all?”
She nodded quickly, her legs wrapping tighter around him, “Feels so good.” She muttered, her cunt tugging him in as she continued, “Needed this, thank you Buck.”
Oh fucking god. Now Bucky knew he had some sort of praise kink, but a woman thanking him for fucking her? Fuck he might combust on spot. He leaned down into her neck again, hiding his flushed expression as he slid his thumb to her clit, rolling it gently as he kissed along her flesh, “Gonna make you feel good, I promise.”
She nodded quickly in agreement, her hips rolling up to match his movements as she let out small pants, pleasure squishing the pain in her as she felt him and only him.
Bucky let out a gruff noise, his hand sliding to tug her closer, “You close?”
She nodded quickly, feeling his finger roll her clit even quicker now. His voice came over in a haze, soft as she felt the deafening noise of her release filling her brain with red and white flashes, “Where do you want me to cum?”
She tugged him closer, his eyes going wide, “You’re not on the pill doll- I can’t.”
“Please…” She begged softly, “I’ll get a pill later, just need you in me longer.”
He shifted, tugging her back by her upper thighs slowly pressing all of him into her, knotting her with ease as he let out a low growl, his hands gripping her thighs in a bruising grasp. God he was too far gone to even check if she was okay, but the soft mewls below him all but proved she was doing fantastic. He leaned down on top of her, kissing along her shoulders slowly, “Feel better? How long should I expect your heat to be dollface?”
“Four days give or take.” She sighed, her body relaxing beneath him as he slid out of her, muttering gently, “Easy does it.. You wanna sleep, it’s late.” He looked up at her, noticing she nodded and turned away, flushing quickly.
He could talk to her about what this meant later, but now he was more worried about making sure she was resting with the fever. He picked up his t-shirt that got discarded at some point, using to wipe between her thighs before picking her up gingerly, carrying her to his room this time, noticing she relaxed in his arms at the wave of his scent that filled both of their lungs. He muttered softly, “You okay sleeping here?”
With a curt nod, she climbed into his bed, looking at him to follow. 
He did so with content filling his chest, wrapping himself around her protectively, despite neither of them being marked or knowing what this all meant- content was all either could feel.
Tumblr media
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ohbuckysmetalarm · 2 days ago
Switching Positions
Pairings: Switch!bucky x switch!reader
Summary: You can’t help your need to control every so often…
Warnings: SMUT: [Oral (f receiving; m brief) fingering, Handjob, Masterbation (m and f), Mutual Masterbation, lots of dirty talk, Begging, Edging, P in V sex, Unprotected Sex, Riding, Degration (dumb baby, whore, slut, etc.), Praise kink, size kink, choking kink, spit kink, breeding kink, Switch!bucky, Switch!reader], USE OF PET NAMES [(f: my love, doll, babygirl, baby, princess) m: love, puppy, pretty boy, baby, daddy)], Talk of wanting kids, FLUFF at the end
Word Count: 4,460
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One thing to know about Bucky: he always feels the need to be touching you at all times. This morning you woke up moaning because James thought a great idea would be to wake you up to him lapping at your juices. Once you grew conscious enough to know where the fuck you even were you quickly threw the covers away from your body and found your loving boyfriend sucking your clit while flickering his eyes up to you. He moaned onto you and then came off you for a split second just to say, “Good morning, my love.” And went right back to his task.
“Bucky!” You tried to sound frustrated, but at the exact moment you opened your mouth Bucky plunged two fingers into your dripping hole, making you whimper out his name. You look down into his beautiful blue eyes and throw your head back in ecstasy.
He swirls his tongue around your clit as he slowly started thrusting his fingers in and out of you. With the way he was working you, you just knew you weren’t gonna last long! Especially when he suddenly adds a third finger and curls them to hit your g-spot with every movement of his fingers.
“Fuck, JAMES!! It’s six in the morning!” He was gonna be the death of you.
He simply moans and quickens his fingers to a brutal pace.
Your legs begin to shake and you can feel your orgasm oh, so close.
“Oh, Bucky! I’m gonna cum!” You screamed out. “Bucky, Bucky, BUCKY!”
He lets off your clit and watches you. “Look at me, doll.”
His dominant voice did things to you and that’s what did it for you. The coil snapped and you came with a shout of his name.
“Oh, y/n. You’re so pretty when you cum all over my fingers. Just like that, make a mess for me… Good girl.” The punishing pace of his fingers doesn’t let up, that and his words send you tumbling over the edge for a second time.
“Again? God, you’re so good to me.” He groans out and slows his fingers down to ride you through your high. He slowly takes his fingers out and makes a show of sucking them clean. You moan out loud as you watch him and already feel your core burning for desire again. And he knows exactly what he’s doing to you.
You sit up and kiss him, still tasting yourself on his lips. You drop your hand to the bulge in his pants and smirk when he whimpers slightly. You pull away and look into his eyes. “Good morning, love.” You say in a sweet, innocent voice as you pull your hand away from the super soldier and get up to head to the shower.
Bucky groans in frustration. “Hey, get back here.” When you don’t listen he storms over to the bathroom, but you stop him right before he can get in.
“Ah, ah, Buck. I need to get ready for the day. And so do you.”
“I wanna take a shower, too!” He whines, which only makes you smirk at him.
“You’re not the one with cum dripping down your thighs. And naughty boys don’t get what they want, so you can wait right out here.” You gave him an innocent smile and quickly closed the door.
Of course you want Bucky with you. You just don’t think you could go another round. You need some time to recover from the mind-blowing orgasms he just gave you!
When you come out of the bathroom Bucky was nowhere to be found. So, you quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to find him. Once you got to the main floor, the smell of bacon hits you but you gotta find Bucky. You walk into the kitchen to ask if anyone’s seen him and you’re surprised to find him cooking eggs and bacon.
The last time Bucky tried to cook was on Christmas two years ago. He wanted to cook Christmas tree shaped blueberry pancakes for everyone, but he had left the pancakes on for a bit longer than necessary and once he went to flip them they were all burned. They still tasted okay, just crispy. From that day on, he made up his mind to never cook again.
“Hey, love.” You say as you walk over to him. He simply gives you a death stare. “What’s wrong?”
Bucky scoffs, “you know what’s wrong.”
Then it hit you. “Oh, you’re upset because I wouldn’t let you take a shower?”
“I needed you, babygirl.”
You give him a hug from behind. “I’m sorry, Buck. You have me now” you say, trying to cheer him up.
He places the eggs and bacon on two plates and then turns around to face you, planting a soft kiss to your lips. “I know, I just wanna make your day extra-special.”
“You already have. You woke me up with the best surprise and then I came downstairs and you cooked me breakfast even though I left you all hot and bothered.”
He kisses the tip of your nose and smiles down at you. “I guess those are all true.” He picks up the plates and places them on the table. “Come have breakfast with me, doll.”
There’s something in his voice that makes you hesitant. But you shake it off and sit next to him. After about eight minutes of silence you can’t take it anymore. “What’s wrong, Buck?”
He keeps his head down, eyes trained on his plate. “Nothing.”
“Something is definitely up, what is it?” He sighs but says nothing. “If you don’t tell me, I know how to make you tell me…”
At that his head snaps up, eyes locking with yours. “And how would you do that, doll?”
You trail your hands from his knee to his upper thigh and lean in to whisper in his ear. “I could always fuck the answer out of you.”
Once the words leave your lips he throws his head back and groans. “Oh, y/n. You and that filthy mouth are gonna kill me.”
Your hand travels higher up to the slight bulge in his pants and you lightly palm him. “We wouldn’t want that, now would we, Buck?”
“Sh-shit, y/n”
“I wanna feel you in my mouth, Bucky. I wanna make you cum so hard. Want you to fuck my face and-“ You heard the ‘ding’ of the elevator and immediately pull your hand away and turn back to your plate.
Bucky whimpers at the loss of contact and you just know he’s beyond frustrated.
A few seconds later Sam, Steve, and Nat walk in, sweaty from their early-morning training.
Nat’s the first one to notice you and Bucky sitting at the table. “You two are up early!”
You look to Bucky then back to the group. “Yeah, Bucky just wanted to make some breakfast for me…” You prayed to God that nobody noticed the slight crack in your voice and the silence Bucky and was sitting in.
But, of course Sam just had to ask questions. “You alright there, Buck? You look a little flushed.”
James simply nods and continues staring at his plate. He clears his throat.
“Umm… you sure?” Steve asks, concerned.
He clears his throat again, “Yeah, just a bit hot.”
“Oh, okay…”
“Anyway, good morning, y/n!” Nat says as she runs to give you a hug.
“Good morning, Nat!” You stand up and give her a tight hug.
“Do you have any plans for the day?” Nat asks.
“Umm, I haven’t made any. So, I guess not.”
They all give you a smirk then look away quickly. Peculiar. You let it slide for now, remembering the state your boyfriend is in behind you. “Anyway, I better go get ready for the day. I’ll see you guys later! C’mon, Buck. I need some help figuring out what I should do today.”
He remains silent and stands up, following you to the elevator.
“Oh, y/n!” Nat calls out. “We’re going shopping in a bit, so be ready!”
“Yes, ma’am!”
Once the elevator doors close Bucky let’s our a sigh of relief. “I thought we were never getting out of there” he whines.
“I’m sorry, Bucky.”
“You’re gonna pay for this, doll.” There goes the domination in his voice again.
“I know, I know. I will make it up to you, I promise!” Once the doors open you make your way to your room, Bucky following your every step. And the minute you walk into your room, he smashes his lips on yours. You give in for a moment before slowly pulling away. “Bucky-“ you breathe out when his lips travel to your neck. “I-I have to go out with Natasha.”
“We’ll be quick.”
“No, Bucky.” You pull away from him completely and he looks at you with hurt in his eyes.
“I’ll take care of you when I get home, I promise.”
He lets out a frustrated sigh, “fine!”
“Good boy!” You give him an innocent smile once you see the look he gives you; and you turn to go get your purse before you jump him and let him make love to you for the rest of the day. “I’ll be back in a few hours, babe. Don’t touch yourself until I get back, I want you needy for me, for my touch.”
“Okay, princess.” You can just hear the smirk in his voice.
“I mean it James!”
“I know!”
You give him a quick kiss on your way out. “Be a good boy.”
“Yes, ma’am” he gives you a little salute, making you giggle.
“I’ll see you in a few hours.”
As your going downstairs your mind wanders to the super soldier. You know he’s gonna touch himself while you’re gone, and you know all the ways you’re gonna teach him to be your good boy. That’s the thing about Bucky; he can be so dominant and rough and the next moment he’s a babbling mess for you. Just thinking about it has you getting wet.
“Hey, love. Ready to go?”
Eight stores, four and a half hours later and you’re beyond tired. You got two sundresses, a new bikini, perfume, and a short, skin-tight black dress Nat insisted you buy because apparently “Barnes won’t be able to keep his hands off you!” Little did Natasha know, he is already unable to keep his hands to himself!
When you got home you rushed upstairs to your room and what you found made you stop dead in your tracks.
There your super soldier of a boyfriend was; laying on your bed with his metal arm wrapped around his thick cock. Head thrown back and moaning. You walked up to your desk and sit in your chair. “Looks like someone’s been having some fun…”
At the sound of your voice Bucky freezes and snaps his eyes open. “Y-Y/n, you-you’re back!”
“And you’re doing the one thing I told you not to do.”
“I’m s-sorry.”
“You can’t even follow the simplest of orders.”
“I-I can f-follow orders.”
The way he’s a stuttering mess has you dripping wet. But you have to keep your composure, tease him a bit more. “If you can follow orders, then you’ll listen when I tell you to do something.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Ok, I want you to continue what you were doing. But you don’t cum until I tell you to cum! You understand?”
“Fuck, yes!”
“Go on, puppy.” You watch for his reaction to the pet name and you smile when you see him visibly melt a little. “Fuck yourself while I watch.”
He looks up at you confused. “Y-You aren’t gonna touch me?”
“No, naughty boys don’t get touched.”
“Y/n, I’m sorry!” He whines out and you want nothing more to jump on the bed and ride him until you can’t anymore.
“I know you are. Now, I wanna see you make yourself cum and then, maybe, you can have me.”
He starts gliding his hand along his shaft at that. Bucky closes his eyes when his thumb brushes over his slit and whimpers.
“Eyes on me, pretty boy.” You snap at him.
He looks into your eyes and his motions quicken. The way his hand is running up and down the length of his glistening cock has you clenching your thighs. That’s when an absolutely filthy thought pops into your head. You quickly remove you clothes until your just in your panties. Bucky eyes your peaked nipples and moans as he quickens his pace once again, his hips slightly thrusting into his hand.
He watches as your hand travels to your breasts and your fingers start tweaking your hard nipples. You moan out loud at the feeling, which has Bucky groaning. You watch his dick twitch slightly and you know he’s close to cumming undone.
“You gonna cum, baby? Gonna make a mess all over my sheets?”
Bucky whimpers at your words, ready to burst any minute.
“I need to hear your words, puppy.”
“Y-yes I’m gonna cum, y/n. Please, can I cum?”
You just sit there watching the way his hand still doesn’t let up the pace as his legs begin to shake slightly. Fuck, that’s hot!
“Please! I need to cum so bad; I’ve needed it all day. Please!”
Bucky let’s out a pathetic whine as he stops his ministrations, breathing heavily. “Fuck, please! Y/n, please. I need it so bad.”
“I know you do. But bad boys don’t get to cum so easily.”
He looks at you with pleading eyes, and your heart melts, wanting to give him everything he so desperately wants.
“You’re gonna watch me like a good boy, and you don’t touch yourself until I tell you to, okay?”
At that, you stand up and climb over Bucky to get to the other side of the bed; ghosting your fingers across his chest, making him whimper slightly. You sit against the wall and slowly open your legs for the super soldier, looking into his eyes as you do so. You slowly trail you fingers down your stomach, stopping at the waistband of your panties and pass the place you need attention the most. As you trail your fingers down to your knees you can clearly see the hunger in Bucky’s eyes. He needs to see your pussy probably as much as you need him to fill you up. Once you get to your knees, you slowly make your way back to your aching core. When your fingers get to your panties you rub two of your fingers over your clothes folds until you reach your clothed clit. You add a little bit of pressure to your clit and that makes you moan out from sensitivity. You’ve been edging yourself for a good twenty minutes now!
When you finally take off your panties you and Bucky both groan in relief.
When you run your fingers through your folds that’s what makes Bucky absolutely desperate. He brings his hand up to touch you, but you give him a glare that makes him whine. “If you’re a good boy you can touch me all you want. You said you wanted to give me anything I wanted; so just sit and watch.”
“But-” He starts.
You just shake your head and he immediately shuts up. At that, you continue your teasing; bringing two fingers to circle your clit. You moan out as the pleasure runs up your spine, everything in you wanting so desperately for it to be Bucky’s fingers teasing you. “Oh, Bucky!
At the sound of his name, he whimpers lowly and grips the sheets tightly underneath him. The only way to stop from touching you.
You trail your fingers down to your entrance. “James, baby, touch yourself for me.” The moment he grips himself you insert your pointer and middle fingers into your dripping hole. You both moan out loud and Bucky closes his eyes from the pleasure. “Look at me, baby.”
He snaps his eyes open, unaware that he even closed them. “Move, Bucky.”
He slowly moves his hand up and down his shaft, pace the same as your fingers thrusting in and out of your pussy. Watching his desperate eyes has you throwing your head back in pleasure. You can feel your pussy throbbing with the need to cum. You curl your fingers and bring your other hand to play with your breasts. With the curl of your fingers, you’re able to hit your g-spot with each stroke of your fingers. Bucky runs his thumb over his slit and his hips stutter. God, the way he loses control for you. You can feel the coil tighten and you know you won’t last much longer.
“F-Fuck, BUCKY!”
“D-doll. Please, can I cum? Please, please.” Bucky begs, and that’s what does it for you.
“Y-YES! Cum for me, Bucky. Cum.”
With that last word you cum together. The way Bucky’s chest is heaving as he cums is enough to get you through your high. Once you’ve finally come down you make your way to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth to get Bucky cleaned off. As you walk back out you notice Bucky’s still trying to catch his breath. You crawl between his legs and gently wipe his lower stomach, then you make your way to his half-limp dick and toss the towel away. He looks down at you, slightly confused. You slowly lick from the base to the tip of his cock and he whines out in sensitivity. You look up at him with innocent eyes and take him into your mouth, immediately feeling him harder.
“Y-Y/N!” He yells out.
You let off him with a pop, “Yes, love?”
“I-I please, I need more. Please.”
“So greedy” you tsk. “I just made you cum three minutes ago and you want more?”
“Well, gotta keep my good boy satisfied.” You say as you straddle the super soldier, wanting nothing more than to feel his painfully hard cock deep inside of you. You grab hold of him and guide him through your folds, moaning when the tip hits your clit.
“C’mon, baby. I need you, please.” He’s a whining mess again.
You smile down at him and slowly sink down until he’s bottomed out. You both let out a loud moan, needing this from the moment you woke up this morning. The moment you raise your hips and slam them back down is when you know you won’t be in control for much longer; already going cock-drunk.
“Oh, God, y/n! You feel so good wrapped around me! So, so good!” Hell, even Bucky is turning into a babbling mess, which gives you a little boost of confidence.
“Sh-shit! You like that Bucky? You like my pussy clenching around your fat cock?”
That has Bucky throwing his head back and whining loudly. “You-you’re pussy is so tight. I could just stay under you for the rest of my life.”
You clench harder around him. “T-touch me, James.”
He doesn’t need to be told twice, he brings his hands to your breasts and starts tweaking your nipples. You whine out and that’s when you feel the control start to slip away. Bucky sits up and replaces his left hand with his mouth.
“Oh, God, James! YES!” He brings his metal hand down and rests it on your waist. You still the movement of your hips, “James, I need you to touch me.”
“I am touching you, doll.” You can hear the smirk in his voice.
“N-no, down there.”
“Where, princess?”
Oh, that pet name. You know this is the end of all the control you had only minutes ago. “My pussy!”
He adds a slight pressure to your clit with his metal thumb; the cold making you jolt forward slightly. Once he starts circling your clit you continue bouncing on his dick. When you look down into his eyes he’s looking up at you with a deep hunger. You speed up your actions and become a babbling mess. “Oh, James! You feel so good, s’deep inside of me. I love the way you fill me up so perfectly.” He comes off you nipple with a pop and you feel him shift so he can fuck up into you, using your waist as leverage. You fall forward onto him. You start kissing his neck, sucking on the skin to leave a mark. With the new position he’s in he’s able to hit your g-spot with each push of his cock. You can practically feel him in your guts at this point.
“Shit! You’re cock is so good, baby! I-I-“ To be honest, you don’t even know what filth is spilling from your mouth. All you know is his cock feels so good. Out of nowhere you feel your orgasm approach quickly, and you start clenching him once again.
“Oh, doll. Are you gonna cum already?” He mocks you, giving a particularly harsh thrust.
You can’t speak anymore. You just nod.
“Are you too dumb to speak? You goin’ drunk on my cock?” You just moan as a response. He flips you over so he’s on top of you and pulls out till it’s just the head inside of you. “You can think you’re in control all you want. But we both know the moment I get my cock inside you, you’re just a dumb baby.”
You try to think of something, anything, to say, but there’s nothing.
“Buc- AH!” He suddenly slams into you.
“Oh, princess… that’s not my name.”
Oh, fuck. You’re absolutely fucked. He pulls out and slams back into you. “C’mon be a good girl. I know you can do it.” He taunts you, pulling out once again and slams right back in after a few seconds.
“DADDY!” You scream.
“Mmm, that’s more like it.” Bucky starts a punishing pace and you throw your head back from the pleasure building up. “Look at me, y/n.” His voice is bordering on dangerous and you try to look back up into his beautiful eyes, you’re just too far gone. Bucky brings his metal hand up to your throat and squeezes slightly. You instantly snap your eyes up to his and clench.
“Oh, you’re such a dirty girl. Taking whatever
Daddy will give you. Fuck! Clenching me so tight.” He stares at your lips and his hips slow ever so slightly. “Open your mouth, babygirl.” You look at him confused before you tentatively open your mouth. Then Bucky does the unthinkable: he spits in your mouth. The thought of it is absolutely filthy, something you would never want. Or, so you thought.
“Swallow.” And just like he said, you do. Once you get it down you find yourself opening your mouth for him again.
“Oh, God. Your so filthy, baby. You like that? Like when Daddy spits in your mouth?”
You nod and plead with your eyes for him to do it again. And when he does you waste no time in swallowing all he gives you.
“You’re such a good little whore, aren’t you?” You only whimper. His hold on your throat tightens, “I said, you’re a whore, aren’t you.”
“Fuck, yes! I’m your little whore Daddy!” That’s when he loses all control and starts fucking you without abandon. “Oh, Daddy! You’re so big. Oh, YES!”
“Fuck, princess! I love the way you take me. You’re just so good to me.” The praise makes you a bit dizzy as you feel the coil tighten inside you. Bucky rubs tight circles on your clit and you let out an almost pornographic moan. “I can feel you, you’re close aren’t ‘ya?”
“Yes, Daddy.” You look up at him with pleading eyes, on the verge of tears.
“Gonna cum all over my cock, make a mess all over?”
You whimper out a ‘yes’.
“Gonna milk me dry? Let me fill you up like a little cumslut?”
“Oh, yes! Fuck!”
Bucky almost doubled over when he feels you tighten around him at the thought of him filling you up and he can’t help the feeling that bubbles inside him. “Sh-it! You’re such a dirty slut. Want Daddy to fill you up? Fuck a baby into you?”
“Yes, Daddy. I wanna carry your baby, make you a daddy. Fill me up, please! I need it.”
Bucky’s hips stutter at your words, ready to spill into you right now. “You can’t say shit like that, gonna blow my load and make it a reality.” He starts to pull out but you wrap your legs around his waist and bring him impossibly deeper inside you.
“Y-y/n I-I need to pull out.”
You stare deeply into his eyes. “You’re not pulling out, James. You are cumming inside of me.” You’re a babbling mess at this point; continuously telling Bucky that you want need him to fill you up with his seed. “Bucky, baby, look at me.” He looks into your eyes, desperate. You go soft for him, “I want you to fill me up, Bucky. I want to have your kids. I want it all with you. I love you so much, my love. Please, please! Fill me up!”
At that, Bucky starts panting and his thrusting becomes erratic and you can feel your impending orgasm about to wash over you. Just need a little more…
Bucky circles your clit with his thumb and whispers in your ear, “Come with me, y/n.”
And with those last words you let the pleasure consume you as you feel Bucky still deep inside you and let go, bursts of hot cum filling you up; heightening the euphoric state you’re in. You and Bucky stay like that for a while, just staring into each other’s eyes until he pulls out and lays next to you, completely exhausted.
He cuddles you into his chest and sighs contentedly.
“I never knew you wanted kids, Buck.”
You feel him stiffen and you’re worried he doesn’t, it was just some kink, until he finally inhales and speaks. “Have for a while, love… Just never thought you’d want any. Unless you-“
You cut him off by turning around in his arms. “I meant what I said… I want everything with you. I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” He smiles at his full name and you give him a peck on the lips.
“And I love you, Y/n m/n Barnes.”
“Did you just-?”
Bucky attacks you with kisses all over your face. “Yes, doll. You said you wanted everything, so you get my last name too.”
He’s going to be the death of you. “God, I love you more than you know, Buck.”
And he goes back to peppering you with kisses. And you fall asleep in each other’s arms.
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buckybarnesandmarvel · 2 days ago
What do you take me for, a shitty boyfriend?
Tumblr media
Pairings: Bucky
Warnings: Sad!Reader, ‘Forgetful!Avengers’, Cursing, Fluff, Bucky is the best boyfriend ever
Summary: On the day of your birthday, it seems as if everyone forgot, but little did you know, your loving boyfriend has a surprise for you.
A/N: This sweet idea is for @chrisdrysdale​​‘s writing challenge. CONGRATS BABE FOR 700!! My prompt was “Of course I remembered.”
Thoughts are in italics.
You slowly stirred. You turned and buried your face further into Bucky’s chest, feeling him sleepily wrap his arm around your bare waist. You hummed contently at the feeling of the cool metal brushing against you.
You lay there for a bit, just enjoying the presence of your lover, before your bladder decided to give you a wake up call. You tiptoed to the bathroom, so you wouldn’t wake Bucky up, but failed. Stupid super hearing.
“Baby, where’re you going.” Bucky’s voice was deep, husky and laced with sleep. His face was stuffed in the pillow, so it came out muffled.
“Just to the bathroom, bub. I’ll be back.”
You came back a few moments later, to see Bucky stretched out on the bed, his eyes closed. You tiptoed over to him and straddled his waist, watching a smile spread over his face. His eyes fluttered open and focused onto your lips. He sat up, his hands on your waist and kissed you deeply. The two of you stayed like that for a few, bliss, moments before you pulled apart. Jumping off the bed, you grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him with you.
“What’s the rush, doll?” He laughed.
“I want to do so much, today!” 
Bucky raised an eyebrow at your eagerness.
“Why? What’s today?”
“Buckyyyy...” You whined, giggling.
“I’m serious, doll, what’s happening?”
His voice was serious but confused, so you turned to face him. Bucky looked genuinely confused as a million thoughts rushed to your head.
He’s just come back from a mission. He’s still tired. Yep, that must be it. He wouldn’t actually forgot. Would he?
It’s just a birthday, right. It’s no big deal. They come and go every year. It’s fine. Don’t make a fuss and make him upset or feel bad. It’s okay.
You plastered on a fake, yet convincing smile before answering Bucky.
“Nothing, Buck, it’s just a pretty day and I wanna make the most of it.”
“Well, c’mon, then, doll, what’re you waiting for?”
You fell back onto the bed, exhausted. Bucky had left to do a workout with Sam and left you outside the bedroom door. The day was amazing but you were hurt that he forgot your birthday. It had never happened before. You just chalked it up to him being too busy with missions and work. Deciding to keep your mind off of it a bit, you lay down on the bed, still fully dressed, and closed your eyes.
“Hey, doll. Y/N. Wake up, baby.”
Bucky rubbed your shoulder as you awoke . The feeling of him envelopeed you in warmth until you remembered earlier.
“Oh. Hey, Buck.”
Picking up on the disappointment in your voice, he raised a brow.
“Okay.... what’s up?”
“Really?” You scoffed. Getting up, you walked to the bathroom and shut the door firmly behind you.
Bucky came up and knocked multiple times on the door.
“Y/N, doll, come out. Talk to me.”
“Fine. You want to talk? Let’s talk.” You strolled out of the bathroom door, walking past him. “What day is it?”
“It’s my birthday, Bucky! How did you forget that? I wanted to do so much with you. I wanted to enjoy today with you but you didn’t even remember!” You burst out.
He stood there, silent for a few moments before grabbing your hand. Your protests were cut off as he pulled you along. He led you to the common room.
In front of you, was the rest of the team. Tables were laid out wih food, drinks and decorations. Balloons were placed on either side as the team blew whistles as you came into view. You covered your mouth, tears welling up in your eyes. You turned to Bucky.
“Bucky. I-”
He cut you off, placing a sweet kiss to your lips. Everybody clapped and ‘awwed’ around you before turning on the music.
“What d’ya take me for, huh, a shitty boyfriend? Of course I would never forget.”
“I- thank you, Bucky. I love you.”
“I love you more. Now, c’mon. We’re gonna be here all night.”
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thestoriesweforgot · 2 days ago
Dangerous, But Fun ꕥ Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Civil War!Bucky Barnes x Assassin F!Reader
Warnings: AU: canon divergent, language, non-graphic violence and assault, references to murder and attempted murder, mentions of blood and injury, stalking, crime, smoking, dark comedy, unconventional rom-com, sassy!Bucky, flirty!Bucky, eventual smut, fluff, slight angst, enemies to somewhat reluctant lovers (on the Reader's part lol???), list to be updated as the series progresses
Summary: You are the best at what you do, and you must succeed where countless others have failed: kill the Winter Soldier. But unfortunately for you, nothing seems to go right whenever this man is involved. Where does he get off, smiling at you like that when you're trying to put a bullet in his brain? Is he making fun of you, buying you flowers and asking you out on dates instead of running for cover? Why does he touch and kiss you like that? More importantly... why do you let him?
I do not consent to having my work copied, reposted, or translated on outside apps or sites. If you see my work outside of Tumblr and not under the username @thestoriesweforgot, then it has been posted without my permission.
Tumblr media
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five
(Last Updated: July 1, 2022)
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lu-zo-san · 2 days ago
You Betrayed Me... [1]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary:You felt your heart break when you saw him betraying you.
Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Oc!Daine
Word Count: 1+k
Warnings: Angst, Things get worse, Bucky is heart broken
Previous: Series Masterlist: Next
Tumblr media
You didn't know what to say all you did was look at the blank space and think about all the moments you spend with Bucky. Steve only silently drives the car to his safe place no one knew he had that place for a reason, when he wanted to be alone he would go there and that's the place he is taking you. As the car drove between the wood Steve looked at you with sad eyes " You good? " Steve would always try to talk things out so they won't feel much hurt he always worries since that's his job as a friend right?.
You didn't look at him " I don't know Steve... I am thinking where did I go wrong... I did everything for him I cooked for him and took care of him when he needed someone I was there for him when he was uncertain about things I was there for him even when I was broken, Steve... I was there for him even when I had missions or other Important things I had to did Steve... I made him my priority when I never Prioritize myself... " you broke down again.
Your hand was shaking you just couldn't bear it anymore Bucky meant everything and he still does but why he had to go and destroy you like that he knew how sensitive you were when it came to relationships he promised you he would never hurt you because he sees you as an angel sent from heaven to save him from the nightmares he faces on earth but then why he must take advantage of you like anything other human does with angels.
Steve stops the car and holds your hand " Listen to me (Y/N) I know he hurt you but he would never I mean, never, leave to for someone else you know he is just naive he thinks that Diane was just being friendly with him or thought of her as his little sister Doll I mean how could he even hurt or Cheat on someone like you even I won't forgive him if he did because in his place if I were him I would have married you and make you the mother of my children " That's where both Steve's and your breath hitched.
" SAM! she left I don't know what to do? Sam, please help me I don't wanna lose her please " Bucky rushed back in Immediately when he saw the look you gave him his heart stopped how could he do that even tho it wasn't his intention to ignore you for some girl he thought of as his little sister Rebecca but he should have thought this isn't the same century he used to like in not all people are alike God he was such a fool. He should have listened to Steve when he pointed him out He should have noticed how you were changing but he couldn't lie to himself he did notice but he chooses to ignore it.
" Bucky I think you should give her some time," Natasha said to him " Do you really think she is ready to listen to you after what happened? God we all tried to talk to you even fucking Loki did God just leave her alone you knew what she thinks of relationships but even after that she gave her all to you but you god and you act like you are a fucking victim " Tony said he was angry again he never like Bucky much after knowing about Bucky's connection with his parent's death but he forgot about that just for (Y/N) but now he couldn't help but vent out all of his anger he stored because of him.
" I... I know I was wrong... But I swear I don't love Diane I only love (Y/N) she was every- no she is everything for me please help me please I beg of you " Tears streamed down from his eyes. The cold White Wolf was now crying like a crybaby.
Diane was still there looking at him with shock how could he say that when he made her laugh when he was always there for her when she needed someone but then why did he still choose you why! she did everything for you to know that Bucky doesn't need a sorry excuse of a person like you in his life All buck needs is her Diane.
Diane moved closer to him Sam saw this and was about to stop her but then Bucky already saw she was coming closer to him but he ignored her and tried to call you and Steve but both were going to voice mail.
" Bucky please listen to me you don't need her I can be better for you! some you need someone who can actually be a girl for you! please! " she begged, trying to hold him but he didn't hesitate to slap her hand away " Oh FUCK YOU I NEVER NEED YOU GOD I SHOULD HAVE FUCKING LEFT YOU THERE TO DIE WHEN YOU WERE ABOUT TO GOD IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! YOURS!... no it's mine God only if I had seen your intentions I wouldn't have lost her because of my own foolishness "
" Just get the fuck out of my face or I won't hesitate to fucking kill you, " Bucky said coldly to her which made her angry " What does she has that I don't huh you were the one who spends more time with me then with her! you were there for me when I need help then why you are still running after her when you clearly want to be with me! " She screams at him and Wanda and Natasha were ready to jump at her for disrespecting you but everyone stopped when they heard Bucky.
" I looked after you because you looked and acted like my little sister Rebecca and I thought it's my responsibility to take care of you when I couldn't with my own sister and you say what she has that you don't right? then listen to me loud and clear you disgusting bitch She has my heart, my soul, and everything that you can never have! she is one I want to grow old with and she is the one I want to have children with and you can never be close to her "
Diane couldn't help but feel ashamed and walk away from there but not before Natasha and Wanda stopping her " Be grateful We are busy about worrying about them or I would have erased you and no one would have known and cared what would have happened to you so you better vanish from this place and I will make you myself " making her run away.
Bucky called Steve again and this time he answered " Steve please don't hang up I want to make things clear with (Y/N) please let me talk to her, please tell me where she is "
Steve sighed and couldn't help but feel guilty " I can't not right now but I want to say I am sorry Bucky... I know what you did wasn't intentional but I also want you to know what I did wasn't intentional too " Bucky's stood there frozen his heart was racing he couldn't help but feel bad no worst his guts were telling whatever Steve is about to tell him he isn't going to like it at all
" What did you do Steve is (Y/N) good? Is she hurt? tell me, damn it! what's wrong??" Bucky couldn't help but panic.
" I kissed her "
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buckysbritishwoman · a day ago
Back to You (4)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader / Winter Soldier x Fem!reader
Summary: Hydra has a way of hiding secrets and one of them just happened to be you. The support Soldat to the famous Winter Soldier himself. But in a mission gone wrong, things changes, and life just isn’t as it seems.
Warnings: swearing, blood, violence, depressive thoughts, panic attacks, use of weapons, angst
Word Count: 4.7k
A/N: So this has to be one of my favourite chapters to write so far. I hope it doesn’t seem too choppy, I did read over it and try to make it less jumpy, but it may still come off that way. Let me know what you think!
Taglist: @matchat3a @locht3ssmonster
Part One Part Two Part Three
Tumblr media
As a soldier for Hydra, emotions weren’t allowed there was no use for them in your line of work. If Hydra could get rid of emotions completely they would, but the brainwashing only got one so far. As a soldier there was rigorous training to supress any unwanted emotions until there was this simmering rage that overtook everything. It was almost like a red haze.
The other emotions on the other hand, such as fear; happiness; sadness; they were all supressed, pushed away and locked into the furthest part of your mind, next to the memories of times forgotten. During the last few months, those very emotions were leaking. Completely alien to you during your half-brainwashed state, you were unsure on how to proceed with these feelings. Over the last few weeks, spending time with Steve and the others, you had gotten used to these feelings, gotten used to how they made your body feel.
But this was different.
As Rumlow moved from holding on to the collar of your hoodie to the ponytail that Natasha had helped you learn how to put up after you had a panic attack with your hair touching your neck, not used to the sensation as it was always in a tight and unforgiving bun. The pure, cold fear that seeped into your heart turned your blood to ice was something new. You hadn’t felt fear like this, it seemed to cling to every inch of you making you shiver, your muscles clench. You didn’t like this.
Rumlow pulled you up, grunting as he did. Pulling you closer to him, his warm breath on your cheek did nothing to warm you up, it seemed to have the opposite effect, your breath hitching in your throat. “You have caused so many issues, you bitch. But that’s all going to end.”
You wanted to fight back, you were a soldier, you had the strength and the training. But if you were being honest with yourself, you didn’t have the heart too. Your breathing was becoming ragged, and your mind was racing to the point you couldn’t keep up with it. You tried to focus, just like the therapist had tried to teach you.
Things you could see, the wreckage of the café, the people that were inside crawling out, their skins marred with dust and blood. The smell wasn’t any better, the smell tang in the air from the explosion was like tar on the tongue, you couldn’t get it off. You could smell something burning, it almost made you eyes water with how bitter it smelt. Your ears were still ringing slightly but you could hear the screams, hear the sound of the mother calling for her baby, desperation thick in her screams. It was obvious she was crying. It wasn’t working.
Everything around you were too overwhelming until you felt it, the paper of the photograph that you were clutching bit into your skin, the sudden pain snapping you out of the panicked fog in your brain. Pain. That was something that you could focus on.
There were sharp pains in your chest as you breathed, most likely something to do with your ribs. There was stinging all over your legs and arms, most likely from micro cuts. There was a gash on your knee that you could feel blood seeping out from. The searing pain of Rumlow holding your hair tightly. The warmth on your skin from the explosion. Pain was something you could recognise and focus on.
It was in that moment of clarity that you knew, you had to fight for him. You had to fight for your chance to see the Winter Soldier. Rumlow was your best chance, and he was here in front of you, giving himself to you on a platter. Without hesitating, you shove the picture into the pocket of your hoodie, keeping it safe and in one fluid motion you bring your elbow back, hitting Rumlow in the ribs. Even through all the noise you hear the satisfying crack.
He grunts in pain, his hand loosening on your ponytail just enough for you to twist around, using the leverage to punch him hard in chest. With the added strength of the serum, Rumlow flies backwards, hitting the floor hard with thud. You flex your hand, it felt a little stiff from not fighting for a while, the muscle memory was coming back though, the familiar rush of adrenaline was starting to flood your veins.
Rumlows laughed, your eyes focusing in on him as he sits up and spits the blood out his mouth, his eyes focused back on you. Rumlow always had this sinister glint in his eyes when he killed, it never used to bother you much but now, you being on the receiving end of it, you couldn’t help but feel that cold fear rear its ugly head. “You aren’t worth the trouble. I don’t know why they took you back then, you weren’t needed.”
You look at him perplexed. You had no idea what he was on about. You finally find your voice, but it came out a little weaker than you had wanted, the toll of the day making itself known. “What are you talking about?” 
“Ah so the bitch talks,” He pushes himself up slowly, his face scrunching up in pain slightly. Once standing again, he shakes his arms, loosening up. “You see, Hydra already had their weapon, but they decided to take you. They wanted insurance that their dearest weapon would always work for them, so what better way than to use the woman he loved.”
The words were like bullets to your heart. You knew they wanted more soldiers, there was a batch of soldiers in a lab somewhere in Siberia, but you hadn’t heard any news from then in a little while, not after everything had gone wrong during the training sessions which ended in unfortunate bloodshed. The doctors that stayed could barely control them. Hydra still favourited their first weapon, the Winter Soldier. But you never knew that the only reason you were created was to be used as leverage, that you weren’t ever really needed. 
“They weren’t even sure you would survive the process; you were so weak back then. That’s what the notes say. But somehow you pulled through and then they had the perfect team,” Rumlow shook his head, that smug smile still on his face. “Whenever their little toy got to close to remembering things or you, they threatened you to get him to cooperate, when that didn’t work they put him back under.”
“What was I then?” You hadn’t meant to ask the question out loud, but you had to know. If you weren’t one of their weapons they wanted to use, what good were you?
“You were useless, you still are. Why do you think we are here? It’s not to rescue you,” Rumlow spat the words like poison as he pulled out his gun from the holster, aiming it at your chest. He flicked the safety off. “For your information, he started to remember you again, he refused to kill you when ordered to. We fixed that though.”
He was remembering you? The Winter Soldier was remembering things? There was still hope, you had to get to him. It was clear to you now that the man that you had once loved with all your heart, Bucky, was in fact the same man as Hydra’s favourite toy, the Winter Soldier. Although all the evidence was there, hearing Rumlow confirmed it. 
“It’s a shame the serum was wasted on a pathetic human like you, but orders are orders,” Rumlow shrugs nonchalantly. Rumlow would’ve made a good soldier, you were sure of it, he was never one to turn down orders or hesitate when it came to killing. He didn’t need the torture to erase the emotions, he was born heartless. “Hopefully you’ll still be conscious when he comes to kill, so I can watch the sadness and hurt in your face as your soulmate, or whatever you called him, kills you.” 
You were about to run forward to try and disarm him when you heard the sound of your name. You turn just in time to see a flying red suit coming straight toward you and Rumlow. You watch as the red suit hurls straight into Rumlow who, once again, was thrown backwards and lands even further away.
The red suit settled down next to you, turning to face you. “I’m here to collect the other fossil.”
You point to yourself, unsure of what he meant exactly. 
“Yes, I’m talking about you,” Suddenly the face of the suit disappeared to show a man you didn’t recognise. “I’m Tony Stark. Rogers called me.” 
You look around the now hectic street, abandoned cars were haphazardly parked in the streets, the bright flashing lights of police were illuminating the street. You could also hear the sounds of gunfire, the louds bangs echoing. You couldn’t see Steve anywhere.
“If you are looking for Rogers, he’s off having his own fun. I’m here to take you back to the compound, let’s hope you aren’t as heavy as Rogers.”
You didn’t have time to say anything as Tony grabbed your arm, his helmet snapping back into place. Then just like that, the floor disappeared beneath your feet, and you were off, flying through the streets.
The scream was trapped in your throat, your eyes watching as the ground was lost beneath you. You look back down the street, spotting the police cars. You could also see the familiar black SUV’s of Hydra. Rumlow had brought backup.
“Rogers, I’ve got her.” You could hear Tony speaking. You couldn’t hear the reply, but you were glad that Steve was okay, he had saved your life back by the café and you hadn’t had a chance to even think about if he had survived.
You heard it before you saw it. The distinct sound of something flying at high speed towards you. You weren’t sure who threw it, but you spotted the pole aimed at Tony instantly, the soft whistling as it flew through the air was all you could focus on. You wanted to warn Tony but there wasn’t enough time, any noise you made was lost in the wind.
The pole hit Tony square in the back, the sound of metal on metal ringing out. The jarring pain was enough for Tony to let you go and then you were free falling towards the ground. You could hear Tony cursing as he stabled himself in the air before turning around and rushing to get you.
But Tony had no chance as you felt your body colliding with something hard and warm. You were expecting the hard ground to impact you but instead you felt the glass shatter on your back as you both collapse through a window, the body that had hold of you letting you go.
The hoodie cushioned your arms enough that the glass barely made cuts, but it didn’t save you from the ache in your muscles and bones. You groan and push yourself up, thankful for the serum and the durability it gave you. You look over at the person who took you out, only for your eyes to widen.
Here he was, the man you were looking for.
The Winter Soldier, or Bucky. You weren’t quite sure what to call him yet.
He had already got to his feet, the gun aimed at you. His eyes were cold and hard, almost black looking. They didn’t bother putting a mask on him this time and it gave you a chance to see him. His face hadn’t changed much, he looked older though, not the same baby-faced man you feel in love with. But he was still there, in his features, the man you loved was still there. You wanted nothing more than to walk up to him and hug him, which was something you hadn’t wanted to do in a long time. You weren’t sure you remember the feeling of a hug.
You had become somewhat familiar with the feelings that had returned to you, but this light feeling in your chest, the way your heart raced. The way the world seemed to stop, and it was just the two of you. You recognised the feeling from saccharine dreams. This was love. You loved the man in front of you.
Instead of a sentimental reunion the two of you most likely dreamed of in the past, you were staring down the barrel of the gun aimed at you. But he wasn’t shooting. You could see his finger twitching over the trigger, but he was hesitating. You didn’t want to fight him, but this left you no choice. You would make him see, make him see you for the woman he was supposed to love.
You immediately set into attacking him, the muscle memory of fighting sinking in. Pushing past the screaming pain in your body, you kick the gun out his hand, it clattering the floor somewhere nearby, you don’t both to look. One mistake in combat and you could end up dead, your focus was only ever meant for your opponent.
The sudden kick seemed to set him into motion, blocking the punch you were already throwing his way, aiming at his face. Always aiming to incapacitate or kill. With his metal arm, he caught you fist. You knew he would normally twist the arm, making the person useless for the time being but he just held your fist there, the whirring and clicking sound making you smile slightly.
“I’ve been trying to find you again.” You say, you breaths coming fast heavy, your heart beating wildly. Here was the man you were longing for, yet he wasn’t here to welcome you with wide arms. You could already deduct what his mission was, the words of Rumlow ringing in your head.
‘When he comes to kill you.’
They had given him the orders to kill you. With everything going on with all the recent revelations, this was the breaking point. They had taken everything from you, they had created you yet were willing to just throw you away. Worst of all, they had sent him to do it.
Well, you weren’t going to let it happen. You were willing to fight for what you wanted. Even with a war going on in your head, you wanted more. You wanted a life, the life that they had robbed from you. You wanted your Bucky back.
“I’m not going to let them take you again,” you said, the conviction in your voice was clear. “And I won’t let you kill me.”
With that, you brought up you other fist, aiming for his face. You knew he would normally block it by grabbing your fist, but that’s what you wanted. He let your other had go, his metal arm grabbing the other fist that was aimed at him. With ease you relax your arm and drop low, grabbing his metal arm and yanking him down. With the force of him being pulled down, you bring your hand down on the side of his knee, making his leg bend, bringing him to his knees.
Although Hydra may have created you to just be leverage, they had also trained you with the best, you weren’t about to let them get away with this. They had created a monster and you were about to be their worst nightmare.
Although the movement surprised Bucky, he quickly got out of your hold, bring his elbow round and hitting you squared in the face. You could feel the blood pouring into your mouth from the split lip that you now had. You had ended up on the floor, looking up at Bucky.
He was quick, coming for you, a knife now in his hand. You scooted across the floor, until your back hit one the office desks you hadn’t noticed. With Bucky advancing you grabbed the only thing available. Pushing it forward, the rolling office chair hit Bucky, only faltering his step slightly, but it was enough time for you to get up.
You quickly dodged out the way of his knife, attacking him back. This was how it went on for a while, both of you trading and blocking each other’s blows, the sounds of both of you grunting through exertion, his metal arm whirring and clanking. You knew all his tricks; he was the one who taught you the majority of them.
You could hear gunfire outside suddenly. Breaking one of your own rules, you spare glance outside, you could see that Tony was currently dodging said gunfire, giving it back just as much, but you could see that he was attempting to try and get to you. Whoever was shooting at him, knew where the both of you were. You needed to get Bucky back, the fear and determination, an odd combination, fuelling you further.  
With your focus on Tony outside you never saw the desk chair coming at you. The chair collided with you, a pained grunt leaving your lips as you collapse in heap with the chair on top of you. You push it off quickly, but not quick enough as Bucky advanced again, his eyes never leaving you.
You try to feel for any sort of weapon to help you but there was nothing in reach. You try to stand up, but a shooting pain in your arm stops you, your breathing caught in your throat. Something was wrong with it.
You felt the weight of Bucky on you as he pinned you, his heavy frame immobilising you. You watching as he brought his metal fist up. Waiting for the final blow, you were surprised it didn’t come.
Looking up at Bucky you noticed his eyes weren’t on you like they were before, but on something beside you. You slowly turn your head and instantly spot the picture that you had put in your pocket. The edges were torn a little, but the picture was still intact.
Peering back at Bucky again, you could see something shift in his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together as he stared. You swallowed, the taste of blood and sweat making your stomach roll. You could feel all the aches and pains coming back in full force, your body was starting to shut down, the lack of food and sleep recently was starting to take its toll. Even as a super soldier, you needed food and sleep. You could live off a little and it would be enough to survive, but barely.
You had been barely surviving at the compound.
“Bucky,” you whisper, your voice full of desperation. “Please.”
The man on top of you slowly moves his gaze to you, a flicker of recognition settling in his eyes. You could see it, how his eyes softened as he drank your features in, how his mouth quirked a little, almost like he wanted to smile at you. A small flame of hope ignited in you.
You brought up you uninjured arm, slowly and tentatively. Bucky flinched as your fingers brushed through his long hair, his eyes never straying from your face. You push further, your fingers brushing up against his cheek his stumble rough against your raw and bloodied fingertips. You could feel how tense he was, how his jaw clenched, even with such a small touch.
You could feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. This was your man. This was the man you had fallen in love with, and you were able to touch him again. Even though throughout the many years you did missions together you had touched him, fixed cuts and clean wounds. Nothing compared to this, this was different. This was the first time you had touch him with feeling. The first time you were touching him as his lover, as Y/n.
This was his first time being touched so gently, so… lovingly.
“Soldat!” Bucky flinched at the term, his eyes darkening slightly. You couldn’t see them, but you could hear them. Dozens of men, Rumlow at the lead. “Soldat, kill her now.”
Rumlows voice was vicious and bitter. You weren’t sure when Tony was anymore, you couldn’t hear the gunfire outside anymore. You werent sure where Steve was, but you wished he was okay, that he was still fighting. But there was a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, it didn’t seem good if Rumlow and his men had made it up here. You could see you were losing him; you were losing Bucky again.
You couldn’t lose him.
You felt the weight of him leave you and then suddenly you were being pulled up by your hoodie. You grip on to his metal arm, trying to get him to budge, hitting it meekly. You could see his clenched jaw, the determination in his eyes.
You couldn’t stop him, you were broken and battered, you had little energy left. Or maybe you had just given up. That little flame of hope dwindling as Bucky dragged you to the window you had both fallen through. The sound of the glass crunching under his foot and the wind rushing past set your teeth on edge.
This was it. Even though you had thought you’d gotten through to him, even though you had that small flame of hope, it wasn’t enough. You didn’t have time to nurture the flame into something that could withstand the vicious darkness that was Hydra. And maybe that was okay. You knew Bucky wouldn’t have wanted you to see him like this. You knew he’d hate the man he had become.
But in all honesty, you didn’t care because you were the same. You hate what you have become. The monster that they had created. Their own personal weapon. Maybe it was better this way. Dying at the hands of a lover was a better what to go. Although you hated the thought of him being wracked with unyielding grief if he ever remembered you.
“Don’t worry about me,” you gasp, your feet feeling the edge of the window, the wind whipping at you. “I love you Bucky.”
Bucky brought you close to him, his breath hot against your cheek. “I’ll find you again and I’ll come back to you.”
Your eyes widen, your breath hitching in your throat as Bucky looks at you one last time, this time you knew it was truly him that spoke. It was truly your Bucky. His eyes were the clearest you had ever seen them, you could see your own reflection in them, he was seeing you, the real you.
You wanted to reach out and hug him, to hold him.
You needed him.
But as soon as he had said the words he let you go, and you were falling. You were falling fast. You looked up at the man you loved, watching you fall to the ground. Confusion and sadness. That’s all you felt.
Then suddenly you weren’t falling. “Gotcha,” a familiar voice called out. “God damn you super soldiers are heavier than you look!”
You look up at the man holding you, Sam was flying with metal wings attached to his back, holding on to your arm like a vice. You were moving too fast, and you couldn’t see the building anymore as you looked back. You couldn’t see Bucky anymore.
As Sam slowed down and lowered both of you to the grass, you knees collapsed under you, the weight on your chest too heavy for your body to hold up anymore. You couldn’t hear anything except the words Bucky had whispered to you.
I’ll find you again.
The pain of a breaking heart was familiar and something you never wanted to feel again. You could hear someone in the distance screaming, it wasn’t until you felt someone’s arms around you that you realised it was you. Tears were streaming down your face, you couldn’t breathe.
I’ll come back to you.
You looked up at the sky, wishing for the agony to leave you, wishing for the one man who could ease the discomfort in your chest. Wishing for Bucky. You had lost him again. How could you be so weak? You wanted to go to him. You needed too. He was alone with those men.
You clawed at the ground beneath you, trying to pull the dead weight of you body forward. Your eyes were blurry with the unshed tears, you could recognise the soreness in your throat as you pleaded with whoever could hear you to let you go, to let you go to him. You fought off the hands that seemed like acid on your skin, burning you as they held you back.
A sharp pain in your neck didn’t even register until your eyes started to drop, your body getting heavier and heavier until you suddenly felt weightless. Blackness settled in and you were out.
Bucky watched as you fell. He knew that man would catch you, he had spotted him coming this way, heard him say that he had spotted you. He couldn’t allow you to get in the way. He needed you out the way for now, he needed you somewhere safe so he could come back to you. But he meant those words.
Seeing that picture had broken something in him. He recognised the people, the memory. He remembered it. Then suddenly the words hit him like a truck. His memory cleared enough for him to look down at the woman he was trying to kill and recognise her.
You had touched his face. He brought up his metal hand to his cheek, the cold metal not the same as your gentle and loving touch, it lacked the warmth and the intention behind it. He already craved it, was already addicted. His skin was scarred with your heat from where you had touched him. He wouldn’t forget this time.  
But there was still this overwhelming darkness in his head, it seemed like black tendrils wanted to lash out and grip hold of him. The men behind him from Hydra, the words were still rooted in him, he needed to get rid of them. He needed to burn Hydra to the ground so he could rid of the damn invisible strings that still controlled him. He wouldn’t settle until the organisation had been razed to the ground. Until that man was dead.
But he could start with these men for now. Just a few men out of the many that he had to kill.
He turned around, taking a few steps forward, making his face impassive to give nothing away. Rumlow was looking at him with a furious look, his eyes almost bulging out his head. “You were supposed to kill her.”
He spat the words out, his spit flying everywhere. Bucky didn’t care though, his words meant nothing to him. He bent down and picked up the picture that had broken the dam in his mind. He folded it up and slipped it into his pocket.
“I told you before,” he said, his chest rumbling as his fingers flexed around the knife in his jacket. “I’m not killing her.”
With that Bucky threw the knife at one of the closest men to him, the knife embedded in his shoulder, causing him to drop the gun. Bucky slid forward, low to the ground and grabbed gun, already taking out other men. None of them really had time to get any good shots in. The mainly dinged off the metal arm Bucky used to defend himself.
Soon, the floor was littered with injured or dead men. Bucky chucked the gun to the floor, looking over the Rumlow. He hadn’t gone for the kill on him. He was useful to Bucky. “What are you doing, Soldat, you are under our control”
The words tried to control him. Bucky could feel them, hated that they had an effect on him. Hated that he almost wanted to comply to them. But he shook it off, remember your voice, your words. Your touch. His promise.
“I’m not your soldier, now take me to him. Take me to Pierce.”
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imagineswriting47 · 2 days ago
Park Friendship
A/N: This is for @fandom-princess-forevermore who asked for a Bucky/Reader where the Reader has a service animal and they bod over that. Sorry, it took me so long to get this out!
All mistakes are mine and mine alone. Also here is a short one for you.
Warnings: None
Summary: Meeting Bucky in the Park and forming a friendship with him.
Parings: None
Tumblr media
I love days like this. When the weather is perfect, and the sun is shining. Bayen is sitting at my feet, head resting on my leg, both of us happy to be sitting in the sun.
"Is it alright if I sit here?" I hear a voice ask, causing me to open my eyes and look at the man standing on the other side of the bench. 
"Sure," I tell him as I motion for Bayen to move to the other side of me. We sit silent, not talking to each other happy, just watching the people. It seems to become a daily thing after that, and I can't help but think of it as our bench. It takes a couple of weeks before we even start talking. And the first thing he asks me about is Bayen, who always sits at my feet. 
"Bayen is my service dog."
"What is that? Sorry, I dont think I have ever asked you your name." He asks me. I can see him looking at Bayen, and I command Bayen that it is okay for him to go over to him.
"Sorry, I'm Y/N. I am a diabetic, so Bayen help alerts me to changes in my blood sugar."
"Thats neat that he can do that. Bucky." He tells me as he holds out his hand to me. After that, we fall into an easy friendship, and even Bayen, who doesn't take to anyone, seems to like him. Every time we met, Bayen would go over to him and wait for Bucky to give him pets. I once joked with Bucky that he only wanted to be my friend for Bayen. He seemed like he took a lot of comfort from Bayen. I never asked what he had been through; I knew he would tell me if he wanted to.
With everything that has happened in New York, sometimes I wonder why I chose to stay in this city. Aliens again are attacking the city. I take shelter with Bayen in the bathroom in my apartment. I watch the news of the attack on my phone, shocked when I see Bucky on the screen fighting alongside the Avengers. 
I figured he was famous because people would stop and stare at him, but they would never come up to him and ask him anything. But to see him down there fighting, I couldn't help but worry about him and pray to a God that I dont believe in anymore that he would be okay.
It took a couple of days before I could go to the park again. Bucky was sitting on the bench waiting for me when I got there. His face was bruised, and he was holding one arm closer to his chest than usual.
"You scared me; you know that," I tell him as Bayen and I sit next to him. "Why didn't you tell me that you were an Avenger?"
"You didn't know?" He seemed shocked that I didn't know that.
"No, I dont watch T.V or anything like that. I'm not on social media."
"You are something else, Y/N." We both start laughing at that. It has to be the best sound that I've ever heard.
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lover4marvelfics · a day ago
Bucky barnes dating a plus size reader
Tumblr media
:I've said it once and I'll say it again he could care less
:he just cares about your personality but your looks is a extra thing
:him giving you piggy back rides
:randomly picking you up
:showing you around the places we're he used to go [if it's still there ]
:you always supported him
:he wouldn't care about your weight and you didn't care about his past
Tumblr media
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tuiccim · 11 hours ago
So you can't even come up with an original story now, you're just rewriting old ones with different characters? Your shit writing is just getting shittier. Congrats!
You mean rewriting
For a friend? Yeah, I did that. Suck it, asshat.
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angstysebfan · 5 hours ago
The One Where He Needs To Choose - 2
Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader
AU: Modern
Chapter Summary: Time jump. Things seem calm before the wedding, somewhat. Bucky is confronted by Steve and Sam after the reader meets a potential new man.
A/N: So I came up with this story based off of an episode of Friends. I’m sure if you know Friends you will figure out which one eventually. It’s not a replica of the episode, but based on the subject. Hope you enjoy!
Part 1
Over a year later...
After the engagement, Natasha was so busy planning the wedding with her bridesmaids that Bucky seemed to have some more time for you. Since Natasha and Bucky didn’t live together, you two would have a weekly movie night and sleep over. You both had always kept the sleepovers hidden from everyone, since you knew they would start to speculate your feelings for one another. Which you were not ready to confront yet, regardless of Wanda and Sharon’s, Steves girlfriend, pushing.
Over the last year, it felt like you were getting your best friend back, but not without some bumps along the way. Natasha completely denied you being Bucky’s best wo-man. Bucky was angry but you honestly were ok with it. You promised him you would still help him with everything, but you were happy not to stand up next to him. Instead the plan was to sit up front with his parents, so you would still be close. You know Bucky was not happy about it, but you told him it was fine. 
Now being a month away from the wedding, you helped Bucky with gifts for his groomsmen, made sure his tux for tailored correctly, helped Sam and Steve plan a bachelor party that Bucky would actually like, and help Bucky write his vows, which was like a knife to your heart. Now Bucky had some minor things to help Natasha with, but most of the wedding was planned. You still can’t believe he is actually getting married. But for now you will enjoy one last month of movies and sleepovers, and pretend like it wasn’t quickly coming to an end.
“Doll, Nat is away for her bachelorette party this weekend. We can extend our sleepovers if you want,” Bucky said with a warm smile toward you. 
“Oh, well I actually have a date on Saturday, but I can do Friday night and spend some of Saturday with you,” you reply.
Bucky frowned, “I didn’t know you were going on a date? Who is he? What’s his story?” he asked.
You roll your eyes, “It literally just happened the other day. I was going to tell you after. And he is a junior partner at my company. He has been flirty with me and I decided to take a chance. I’m not getting any younger. I mean even YOU are getting married before me,” you say.
Bucky scoffs, “What does that even mean? Even I am getting married before you? I dated Natasha for over 2 years, it makes sense I would get married before you,” he says.
“You dated other girls for over 2 years and never proposed, so your argument means nothing,” you counter.
Bucky looks at you for a moment, “You-you’re okay with me getting married, right?” he asks.
You look at him surprised and can’t help the awkward laugh that comes out. “Does it matter?” you ask.
He nods, “Y/N/N, you know how important you are to me. I value your opinion more than mine. Do you think I’m making a mistake?”
You swallow, “Do you? I mean is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to get married?” you ask softly.
He looks down and shrugs. He feels like his choice might not be the right one, but he doesn’t know why. He looks at you searching to the answer because you are always the one that helps him figure things out. But you don’t give anything away, so he just wants to forget this conversation.
“Anyway, this guy. Do you like him?” Bucky asks.
You smile shyly and Bucky’s heart starts to pound and his stomach churn. He hasn’t felt these feelings in so long, so he isn’t sure why he is now. He thinks everything with the wedding it just getting to him.
“He’s a great guy. We’ve done little lunch dates, and have a lot in common. This is our first real date though. I’m excited,” you say with a smile.
Bucky tries to ignore the feelings he has and gives you a small smile, “Well maybe I’ll meet up with everyone and you can catch up after your date and tell us about it,” he says.
You laugh, “Buck, I’m kinda hoping we either come back here or end up at his place, if you know what I mean. It’s been too long since I’ve been properly fucked, so I’m hoping it happens.”
Bucky coughs on the drink of water and tries to get his thoughts together. He doesn’t understand why these feelings are all coming back. He hasn’t had them since he met Natasha, at least he doesn’t think he has. He was always jealous of the guys you went out with before, but now he was engaged. He was getting married in a month, and here he is feeling jealous about you potentially sleeping with another guy. He needs to end this conversation before he does something stupid.
“I’m kinda tired. You ready to sleep?” he asks.
You frown at the quick change of topic but confirm you’re ready and you both head to your bedroom. You lay your head on his chest and you both awkwardly lie there, neither falling asleep. You don’t know why it’s suddenly so awkward, when it never was before. Maybe it’s just all the emotions floating around with the wedding and your date. You’re sure it will be better next week.
On Saturday night, Bucky meets up with Steve and Sam for drinks. Bucky constantly checks his phone, hoping for a text from you, letting him know you were ok. He hasn’t even thought about his fiance who is away for the weekend, just you. In fact you have been in his thoughts since your sleep over. It’s driving him crazy.
“Ok, what’s with you Buck. You keep looking at your phone. You waiting for Nat to call you or something?” Steve asks.
“No. Y/N is out on a date. I’m hoping she will text me if she needs me, or at least to let me know she is okay,” Bucky says as he puts his phone on the table.
“You’re not her dad. You don’t need to keep tabs on the girl,” Sam says with a laugh. 
“Ha ha. I just don’t have a good feeling about this guy that’s all. Has she mentioned him to you guys, or the girls?” Bucky asks, checking his phone one more time.
Sam elbowed Steve with a smirk, “Why don’t you tell us what’s really going on?” he says.
Bucky looks at Sam with a confused look, “What are you talking about?”
“You’re jealous.”
“What?! I’m not jealous. Jealous of what?” Bucky asks annoyed. 
Both men laugh, “Buck, you used to get like this with all of Y/N’s boyfriends. That’s why they all dumped her. You don’t like when any other guy shows interest in Y/N. Never have, not even as kids,” Steve said matter-of-factly.
Bucky opens his mouth to deny, but he knows he can’t. “I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I thought I was over Y/N when I met Nat. I mean I love Nat. Hell, I’m marrying her in a month, and I’m sitting here jealous that some asshole is taking out my best friend. What is wrong with me?” he asks covering his face with his hands.
“Ya wanna know what I think?” Sam asks.
Bucky sighs, removes his hands from his face and looks at Sam. “You’re still madly in love with Y/N. You pushed it down when you met Nat because you are attracted to her. But you have to admit Nat is very high maintenance, and you’re not. Now that you’re close to your wedding, those second thoughts are occurring, which is normal, and your feelings for Y/N are resurfacing.”
Bucky looks from Sam to Steve, who nods in agreement. Bucky rubs his eyes, “What am I supposed to do? What if she falls for this guy? And who is to say she has or ever had feelings for me? I’m fine with marrying Nat,” Bucky says.
Both men shake their head at the brunette. “Buck, listen to what you just said. If you didn’t realize Y/N has feelings for you, then you are both blind. And really you are “fine” with marrying Nat? You need to really think about this, bud. Talk to Y/N before you both do something you’re going to regret,” Steve said. 
The next day you met up with Bucky for breakfast. You went on and on about this guy, Jeremy. You even invited him to the wedding as your plus 1. Bucky allows his heart to break, seeing as he is the cause with getting engaged. He doesn’t want to ruin your happiness, so he puts on a fake smile, and nods along.
A month later, Natasha walks down the aisle toward Bucky. While looking at Natasha, Bucky finds himself glancing over at you. You both lock eyes, and Bucky thinks he sees sadness in your eyes, which makes him want to stop this whole thing. However, then Jeremy wraps his arm around your waist and kisses your cheek, which takes your attention away from Bucky. The smile you have on your face causes Bucky to look back toward the woman walking toward him.
As he says his vows, which you helped him write, he thinks only of you. He knows he shouldn’t go through this, but seeing you so happy with Jeremy makes him think he will never get the chance to be with you, and if he can’t be with you, than he will happily be with Natasha. Who he also loves.
Just not the same way.
Ok... So I know some people might not be ok with Bucky still being with Natasha. I know! But this part was to show Bucky’s feelings for the reader. So I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is appreciated.
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princessphilly · a day ago
Bucky loves to praise you. Your his girl, and he loves to tell you how well you're doing, how good you're being for him. Such a good girl, bouncing up and down on him like that...
His fingers in your mouth, that metal hand holding you in place as he starts to thrust up, taking over. You’ve been such a good girl for him, riding him so well. But it’s time for Bucky to take over, to make sure you both cum and cum hard today.
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buckycuddlebuddy · 2 months ago
𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒆𝒕𝒔
summary ─ hearing the man you’ve been fantasizing about had similar feelings for you had to be a dream. a best kind of dream. you never wanted to wake up.
pairing ─ dilf!bucky barnes x babysitter!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, flirting, age gap (reader mid 20s, bucky early 40s), dirty talk, pet names, dilf bucky is a Sight, dad!bucky, kissing, visuals are: 2017 sebastian, light degredation, fingering, bucky with kids, size kink, oral sex, riding, protected sex
a/n ─ this took me a while to write, but i'm happy it's finished and that i'm officially horné. all the mistakes are my own. hope y'all like it. please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <333
title and the inspiration comes from ‘freak’ but when it ends it’s ‘streets’ (slowed) by doja cat.
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much for doing this again,” James murmured as he opened his door for you to get inside. “I know this is your day off, but I wouldn’t have called you in if it wasn’t an emergency.” He grimaced a little.
“It’s alright, Mr. Barnes,” you said. It really was alright because babysitting to his kid was one of your favorite things. “I enjoy my time here, honest.” He chuckled.
“Oh, it’s very good to know. I now will assign you a room, so that I can keep you here all the time,” he wiggled his eyebrows. You laughed lightly. You wouldn’t say no to staying here, you thought to yourself idly.
Mr. Barnes was filthy rich. The place he called ‘home’ was just a little shy from being a fucking mansion. It had many rooms and incredibly beautiful inner design. Each room was comfortably big; they didn’t make you feel like it was suffocating you with its smallness or drowning you with its extra empty spaces. The design his house had was cozy. It carried earthy tones with some whites and golden color nicely sprinkled around.
“I wouldn’t say no,” you teased, feeling your cheeks burning when the way he looked at you changed.
“Yeah?” He asked. You chuckled nervously as you nodded. It wasn’t like you hadn’t stayed here before, it happened once, but you really wouldn’t mind being a stay-in-babysitter because your roommates and their friends were driving you crazy during midterms and finals. “Well, now I’ll definitely make sure to set one of the rooms up for you, then,” he murmured. “Please pick a room and tell me, so that I can put some things you might like up in there, alright?”
“Oh, you don’t h-have to…” You started, but James waved his hand dismissively.
“It’s fine, I actually enjoy doing interior design,” he said, shrugging. “I don’t get to do that as much as I would like to.” He grabbed his suit jacket where he left it on the couch. Quickly putting it on, he fixed his cuffs.
“Your tie…” You mumbled as you inspected his slightly crooked tie. Your hands went for it before you could stop yourself; fingers touching the soft fabric, you straightened the tie up, fixed his collar and brushed the non-existing dust from his shoulders. “T-that’s better,” you whispered, eyes finding his.
Mr. Barnes was rich, yes, but he was also very charming, funny guy who was great with kids; you watched him spending time with his kid, you knew how much of an attentive father he was. The scene of him playing with his son was making your uterus having thoughts of her own, but you also couldn’t help but melting every single time you got to watch them together.
James was a devilishly handsome man. He had beautiful steel blue eyes which he passed it on to his son. He had gorgeous, chestnut color, fluffy hair that always made you want to run your fingers through them, and his well-kept beard always made you bite your lip for some reason you refused to think deep about. His naturally red lips had very pretty bow shape; they looked like they were made to kiss and to be kissed. He had a sharp jawline although he always hid it under his beautiful beard. He really was a very handsome man.
What drove you mad about his looks, though, were the grays in both his hair and beard.
He wasn’t a young man; he was nearing his mid-forties. He wasn’t so young, but he wasn’t exactly old either. For you, he was the perfect age, and seeing him going silver slowly was the best kind of torture.
“Thank you, sweetheart,” he whispered, a small pleased smile playing on his lips. You nodded quickly and sent him a smile of your own. “I’ll be back in couple hours. You already know the drill, but for the sake my mind let me repeat: If you get hungry, I just got the grocery shopping done, so you can cook or order takeout. It’s on me, you don’t have to pay for it. If you go out with him, please text me so that I’ll know you’re out and don’t freak if I come home early.” You chuckled. He rolled his eyes, mostly to himself. “I already gave him a bath. He will most likely to pass out in an hour or so, but who knows. He’s a little shit.”
“Mr. Barnes!” You exclaimed lightly, and James laughed.
“What,” he said, shrugging. “He’s my kid. I know things.” You chuckled. “Anyway. I’ll let you know if I run a little later than I told you, and will also let you know when I’m coming home. Any questions?” You shook your head.
“We’ll be fine,” you murmured. “We’ll probably pass out together.” James smiled. He loved walking in on you and his son cuddled together in the couch, all conked out.
“Alright,” he agreed, sighing deeply. He grabbed his coat, car and house keys and wallet. “Have fun.”
“You too,” you said. He grimaced. “Err, don’t have fun?” You offered at his expression. He snorted.
“Yeah, paperwork and last minute meetings are not fun,” he rolled his eyes. Opening the door, he stepped out. “I’ll be silent.” You nodded. He sent you one last smile before he made his way to his car which was a sleek and handsome looking black Jaguar. Unlocking the doors, James slipped inside gracefully, making your stomach flutter. He waved right before he exited the driveway and disappeared.
“Goddamn,” you whispered to yourself while closing the door. That man was a walking sin, and it was getting harder and harder to not jump into the arms of Lucifer.
“Miss Y/N,” you heard a small voice coming from your left and immediately lifted your head. “Where’s dad?”
You smiled as you walked towards James’ son, Tommy. He was the most adorable little boy you’ve ever seen. He had beautifully curly, chestnut brown hair and steel blue eyes, which he got both of them from his dad, with a small nose and tiny, cute face. He was missing two of his front teeth, and it just made him look even cuter.
“He had an emergency at work, baby,” you murmured softly. “He had to leave, but he’ll be home very soon.” Tommy nodded. He was sleepy, it was so obvious, and was slightly swaying on his feet. So, you bent over and scooped him up in your arms. He was getting heavier, and it was making you feel sad that there was going to be a day where you wouldn’t be able to lift him up in your arms like this.
“Can we cuddle?” He asked, face hidden in the crook of your neck. You stroked his back, ran your fingers through his soft hair.
“Of course, sweetie,” you said. “I’ll never say no to cuddles, you know that.” He hummed. His little hands were holding onto your t-shirt tightly. You hugged even closer to him. You loved carrying him around like this because it felt so nice to have his weight and warmth up against you like that. It was very soothing.
You carried him to the huge living room. He was here, you could see; his favorite fluffy blankets were thrown on the large, comfy couch and you saw a couple throw pillows and his favorite stuffie. You got on the couch, grabbed the blankets and covered him and yourself with it carefully. He was laying on your chest, silent and sleepy, when you held out his cute stuffie to him. He took it without saying anything and held it against him. You sighed happily.
“Is there anything you wanna watch, baby?” You asked softly. Tommy whined a little but didn’t say anything. He was very close to passing out, you figured, so you didn’t repeat your question. There was already an animation movie playing, so you let that roll as you cuddled Tommy close to you.
It was fifteen minutes later; you fell asleep with Tommy still cuddling you on the couch.
A shuffling noise and the sudden lack of weight on your chest woke you up. Alarmed, you opened your eyes immediately and looked around.
“Hey,” A soft, familiar voice called out silently. “‘s alright.” You tried to blink the sleep away from your eyes and looked up to the figure standing tall before you.
It was James.
“Oh,” you whispered. James hummed. Tommy was in his arms, wrapped in his blanket and his stuffie still in his hands, sleeping soundly. “What time is it?” You asked. James grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.
“Past midnight,” he answered you. “Lemme put him in his bed, and I’ll be right back.” You nodded absently, sleep still present in your movements. James cradled his son’s head closer to his neck as he moved quickly towards the boy’s room.
You yawned. James’ couch was very comfortable, you thought, because you didn’t have any crick in your neck or any stiffness in your body. Looking around, you slowly gathered the couple toys Tommy left behind and put the pillows back on the couch, and then you stood up, fixing your clothes and hair. You could feel sleep still being present in your limbs and actions, everything felt so slow and heavy. James was home, though. That meant it was time for you to leave.
“Alright, he’s in his bed,” James said with a breathy voice as if he ran from Tommy’s room to the living room. “He’s out still, and I think he will be until─ Where are you going?” You tried to blink away the sleep.
“Um,” you paused, thinking for a hot second. “Home?” James frowned.
“You’re not going anywhere at this hour,” he said, his voice hard as steel but soft as feather at the same time. You swallowed hard. “It’s late. I’d rather if you stay in one of the rooms until I set up your real one.” He shrugged his suit jacket off as he spoke and undid his tie. Your sleepy state was dissipating slowly but surely. “I would offer you to take you home myself, but there really is no need for that when you can stay here.” James looked at you with his mesmerizing steel blue eyes as he rolled his sleeves up.
Oh fuck, you thought.
“O-okay,” you stammered and watched him getting hotter each passing second. “I’ll, uh, I’ll stay.” James gave you a smile and wink.
“Good girl,” he murmured. You shivered lightly. His eyes traveled up and down exactly once before he made his way to the kitchen. “You hungry, angel?”
Fuck him, you thought. He knew what exactly he was doing with calling you those sweet names. You frowned. He shouldn’t have affected you this much, but he was a very hard man to resist. He had always called you ‘angel’, though. You hummed.
“Y/N?” Blinking, you snapped out of your trance.
“Um,” you started but forgot what he asked. James came out of the kitchen with worry etched on his face.
“You okay?” He asked softly. So softly that you suddenly wanted to let go of everything and collapse into his arms. “Hey?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” you lied. “Still sleepy.” He hummed. He slowly reached for your wrist and grasped it gently in his large and warm hand, pulling you towards the kitchen. You let him drag you, relishing the soft hold he had on your wrist.
He placed you against the counter and turned around to get some fruits out of the fridge. You yawned lightly as you watched him washing the fruits quickly but efficiently. James, then, grabbed a small knife and flipped it masterfully between his fingers before starting to cut fruits in small pieces. You watched him fussing around the kitchen like you were hypnotized.
After he was done with cutting, he put them into a deep bowl and turned to you. “Hop on to it,” he said, pointing the counter. You felt your cheeks burn but did as he said. Lifting yourself up on your arms, you perched yourself on top of the island in the middle of the kitchen. James grabbed a fork before he walked into your personal space, your legs spread open without you realizing it.
“M-Mr. Barnes?” You whispered. He shushed you gently.
“Open up,” he murmured, holding the fork with a strawberry to your mouth. You licked your lips, totally missing him eyeing the movement hungrily, and opened your mouth. James hummed as he fed you.
Your whole body was on fire. Your heart was beating fast, hands were a bit sweaty, and you could feel your panties getting damp slowly. You cursed at yourself in your head. You had a crush on James since the day you saw at the job interview, and it was easy to crush on him. He was this older, rich guy who was very handsome. He was very good with his kid, funny, smart and caring. It was impossible not to crush on him, honestly.
“Wan’ some mangoes?” He asked softly. You swallowed the strawberry in your mouth and nodded meekly. He smiled. He stuffed the fork with a couple mango bites and held it to your lips again. You hummed appreciatively at the taste and chewed it, relishing the taste of the cool fruit. “You know,” James started. “If you don’t want this, you can just say so, and I’ll step aside, act like this never happened.” You frowned a bit. His blue eyes tore themselves away from the fruit bowl and locked into your own. “You don’t want me in your personal space, feeding you, caring and providing for you…” He took a deep breath. “…fantasizing about the ways I can touch you, just say so. I’ll stop, and I mean it.”
You choked on your fruit. Coughing a couple times, you felt his soothing hand at your back, rubbing. “Fantasizing? Me?”
His eyes darkened. “You have no idea how magnificent you are,” he huffed. “I watch you care for my child almost every goddamn day, and the only way to stop myself from bending you over the nearest surface is to jerk off three times a day while thinking of how you’d moan my name when you’re all needy.” Your eyes widen at his words. Your slowly dampening panties were now soaked, and you could feel the ache spreading through your groin.
“Mr. Barnes─” You started, but his appreciative moan caused you to cut yourself off.
“Yeah,” he said, sound so close to a growl. “That. I both hate and love the fact that you refuse to call me James or Bucky, but Mr. Barnes.” He leaned in; his nose was brushing against yours a little. “It drives me fucking insane.” He nudges your nose, his breath licking your face. You felt his hands on your thighs. His large hands grasping them, he slid them up from your knees. “You have no idea how much I wanna see you all breathy and covered in my marks.” He tilted his head, and fuck, his lips were brushing against your jaw. “Maybe see my come leaking out of you…” He nipped the soft flesh there, and then placed a kiss on it. “You have no idea how much I wanna see you wrecked and out of it because of me.”
“James,” you breathed. He responded you with a deep groan. His hands on your thighs tightened, blunt nails dug into your flesh over your jeans, and you took a shaky breath.
“Want me to stop?” James asked. “Say the word, and I will. I swear.” You bit your lip as you really thought about it.
One side of you was telling you that it was wrong, that you were the babysitter and it might end badly for you. That was your logic speaking, you knew it, but then there was this other side of you that was yelling at you to just go with it. You wanted to give in, let him use you and make you feel good while you did the same for him. It was wrong, yeah, but it sounded like such a great idea. You swallowed harshly and said ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind.
“No,” you whispered. Your fingers found the collar of his white, crisp shirt and curled around them, using it to pull him in for a passionate kiss. James moaned into your mouth. His hands were quick to find their home on your thighs. His fingers dug into the meat of them, and you moaned. They tightened around your knees, and he placed your legs around his waist, doing the same with your arms, winding them around his neck.
“Hold on,” he gasped into the kiss. You tightened your limbs around his body, and suddenly you were hauled up in his arms. You gasped. James didn’t miss a beat; he covered your lips with his, continuing to kiss you while making his way to his bedroom.
It was so sexy that he could carry and kiss you at the same time like it was nothing. You always liked it when your partner manhandled you, and James was pressing on that button so hard. You whimpered into his mouth, licked into it and bit down on his bottom lip. James grunted at the prickly pain. He walked into his room, closing the door rather loudly, but neither of you cared. You knew that Tommy could sleep through a bombing, and the thought relaxed you.
James made his way to his bed, dropping you onto it and climbing on top of you without losing a second. You moaned as you stretched under him.
You were still having hard time that you were under him, his big and strong body on top of yours and his plush lips were kissing yours. You have fantasized about this for so many times and so long that it all felt like a dream, you were afraid that you were going to wake up at the best part and continue to your yearning in silence.
“Mm, angel,” Bucky whispered, his nose moving up and down your throat. “You smell divine.” You whimpered. Squirming under his bulk, you looked at him when he pulled back.
His blue eyes were black, pupils massive. All the kissing you’ve done caused his lips to get red and swollen, and it made you want to kiss and bite them all over again. His beard had spit and some fruit juice in it, making it shiny, and you briefly wondered how it would look after he made you come on his face. You moaned at the thought. James caught on it immediately.
“What?” He asked. He cocked his head to his side and looked at you with careful, narrowed eyes. “You’ve thought about something that made you moan, haven’t you, love?” You bit your lip and nodded. “Tell me,” he commanded gently. You whined.
At first, you wanted to say no. You knew he’d accept it, but you also wanted to tell him what you’ve just thought about because you knew that he’d make it true, too. Ugh, you thought. This guy.
“Baby, if you don’t tell me, I’ll just wring it out of you,” he threatened. His voice was soft but low, it sent shivers down your spine. You hummed, murmuring another ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind.
“I…” You started. James hummed approvingly. “Can you eat me out? Please?” You asked, face burning up. James’ eyes widened at your words before his whole face darkened with lust. Your breath left your lungs as you watched him licking his lips hungrily and nodding eagerly. Fuck, you thought, whining. “You’re gonna ruin every other man for me, not fair!”
James chuckled. “Who says I’m gonna let you go to those… boys after I’m done with you, hmm?” He told you. You gasped. James quickly shed his shirt, throwing it on the bedroom floor, his hands grabbed the hem of your sweatpants. He pulled them down after your tiny approving nod, and in no time, he got rid of your panties as well. “Goddammit, sweetheart,” he whispered when his hands spread your legs to reveal your dripping core. He licked his lips again.
“James,” you whined. Your hand found its way into that fluffy, chestnut brown hair and pulled. James groaned throatily. “James.”
He hummed. “Pull my hair all you like, baby,” he whispered. The tip of his nose was nudging your weeping core, grazing over your sensitive clit. “Lookit this lil’ pussy, hmm…” You whined, pulling on his hair a bit more. He moaned.
Then. Then, he was latched onto your clit like he was a thirsty man who finally found some water, and you gasped loudly as your other hand desperately clutched onto his hair like the other one.
James’ skillful tongue started licking, moving up and down on your pussy, and his lips occasionally closed over your clit, sucking it harshly. You moaned whenever the tip of his tongue nudged that little bundle of nerves. He was a messy pussy eater, you came to find out soon enough. He didn’t mind the drool getting everywhere, certainly did not mind how wet his face got because of you. James seemed to get off on it, in fact.
As he pushed his tongue inside you, your back arched at the feeling. Your hands were holding onto his hair tightly. Feeling like if you were to let go, you were going to lose your last grip on reality. James didn’t comment nor mind the harshness of your hair pulling. He actually liked the stinging pain in his scalp; it let him know that his partner was having a real good time.
Pulling back, James gasped for air for a couple seconds. In mean time, he put his long and thick fingers into use as he pressed his thumb on your clit and slid two of his fingers in you. You cried out in pleasure.
“So fuckin’ tight,” he whispered, feeling how your walls were constricting around his fingers. “God, you gonna feel so damn amazing on my cock, aren’t you, baby?” James asked, taunting you just a little bit. “You gonna milk that come right outta my dick, but don’t worry, I’m a very willing participant.” He winked at you when he caught your eyes.
James’ hair was a mess thanks to you. All of his neatly done hair was tangled. His beard was shining like a crystal under lights with your juices. His face was red, eyes were black, and James still looked hungry. You mewled at the sight of this man between your thighs.
“Mmm,” you moaned when you felt him sliding another finger in you. He was pumping them in and out at a tolerable pace; one that wouldn’t make you desperate for him to faster, and also would keep you on the edge. It was the best torture. “James, mmm…”
He grunted. “Love the way you call my name, honey,” he murmured. “Gets me so hot for you.” He bent his head down and licked a fat line from his fingers to your clit, giving it a small suck and causing your hips to thrust upwards. James chuckled darkly. “Take your t-shirt off,” he ordered. You lifted your torso off the bed, minding that James was between your thighs, and pulled your t-shirt and bra off, throwing them on growing the clothes pile on the ground. James let out an appreciative hum at the sight of your bare chest.
His free hand found its home on one of your breasts, fingers immediately pulling and tweaking your nipple. You gasped at the sharp sting of pain and moaned at the pleasure that followed that pain. James smirked. He, then, got on his knees on the bed without taking his fingers out of you or faltering the pace he set, and closed his mouth on one your nipples.
“Mm, fuck!” You groaned, hand sliding back into his already messy hair. James hummed. “You have an oral fixation, sir,” you murmured, amused. James bit your nipple in return, making you cry out in real pain this time, but both of you dissolved into chuckles. James took his mouth off your nipple, kissed his way up your lips and kissed you passionately. You hummed into his kiss.
James was such a good kisser, you thought. The way he kissed made you feel precious, and like you were this person that he really found sexy─ it was one hell of an ego boost if you were to be honest. You sighed into the kiss, melting under him as you opened your mouth and let him lick into your mouth.
He pulled back with gasp. “Damnit, you gonna make me come in my pants like a fuckin’ teenager,” he murmured, huffing out a chuckle. You grinned. You wrapped your legs around his thick waist and flipped him onto his back. James gasped in surprise. You found your seat right over his groin, felt how hard he was for you and hummed. You started to roll your hips against his bulge; bare pussy against his clothed dick. James moaned throatily as he threw his head back, burying his head deeper into the pillow. You chuckled lightly.
Making a man like him moan like that and get him lost in his pleasure had the power to make you feel confident and very sexy, so you rolled your hips against his bulge a bit faster and rougher. His large palms found their home on your ass, holding onto the flesh there and digging his nails. You moaned.
“Mmm, God, honey,” James whispered, moaning afterwards. You closed your eyes, straightened up and ground your hips harder. You were getting close, the position you were in and his reactions were pushing you even closer to the edge. You moaned. Your fingers found your nipples, and you pulled on and rolled them between your fingertips.
James grunted at the sight on top of him.
You were this wet dream of his that made him come in his sleep pants at nights, and here you were, grinding your hips desperately against his hard as fuck cock. He hummed. Pulling back one hand, he slapped your ass cheek harshly. You gasped. James did it again and again until he was sure that the flesh of your ass was warm with his attack. You mewled, and in that second, James knew you were about to come.
His thumb found your clit immediately, pressing on it and rolling it gently, he watched your lips parting with a silent scream. Your eyes were closed and hands resting on his thighs as you continued to grind down on him. James could feel your clit throbbing under his thumb, and he smirked. He pulled his thumb back and gave you very gentle slap right on your clit.
You gasped loudly, hips thrusting at a mad pace as you came.
“Yeah, love,” James grunted. “Yes, gimme all. Yeah, let go.” He stroked your sides, your ass and breasts. You were gasping for breath as your thighs shook violently. Your walls were clutching around nothing, and it made you whimper sadly. James shushed you. Sitting up, he kissed your neck, cheek and lips. “’s okay,” he whispered. “’s okay, baby, let yourself feel it.” You relaxed under his kisses and touch, and James hummed approvingly. “There you go…”
You sighed. You could feel the effects of your orgasm fading away, and you sighed again. You melted into his arms; your face tucked into the crook of his neck as James stroked your back soothingly.
“You were amazing,” James was whispering into your ear. “You were so good, damn, baby.” You giggled lightly as he pressed kisses after kisses on your cheeks, neck and lips. James hummed at the sound your giggle. He always found it adorable, but never got the chance to tell you because you were forbidden once.
“Mmm,” you hummed. “Mr. Barnes, sir, you haven’t come yet,” you said, all faux-innocence on your face and softness in your voice. James narrowed his eyes at you. He knew so well what you were trying to do. “Will you let me make you feel good, Mister?” James exhaled shakily.
“Have at it, love,” he said, gesturing his lap. You grinned at him and pushed him on his back. Then, you grabbed his legs, spread them apart and fit your body between his strong thighs. You kissed his inner thighs, nuzzled against his full balls and licked his faint happy trail. James hummed deeply. You ran your nose along the length of him, the tip of it brushed against his balls, and James moaned. “Hmm, don’t tease, baby.”
You pouted. “But, where is the fun in that?” You whimpered a bit and leaned down to took one of his balls into your mouth, sucking on and getting it wet. James groaned loudly. You nibbled on the skin there very gently, scraping them mostly really, and James tensed. You heard him choking on a groan and high-fived yourself in your mind.
“God, angel,” he murmured. His large palm found its place in your hair, taking a hold of your head to hold it gently. “I’m too riled up,” he whispered. “I feel so close to coming already,” he added and forced out a chuckle when you licked his cock from root to tip. “Fuck.”
You grinned at him when you pulled back. “I’m gonna leave the cock worship to some other time, then,” you told him, winking. “Please tell me you have a condom?” James nodded. He leaned on his left, opening his drawer, and pulled out a string of condoms. He ripped one free and opened the package. You took the condom from him, put it on his cock and stroked him a couple of times to spread the lube. James hissed at the warmth of your hand around his aching cock.
You straddled his thick thighs, raised on your knees to grab a hold of his dick that curled up to his belly and guided it to your already weeping pussy. You slowly sank down on him. James gasped, hands grabbing your hips immediately; he watched the way your pussy swallowed his cock inch by inch. You hummed, a moan getting trapped in your throat, then, you whined lowly. James ran his hands up and down your back soothingly.
“Lookit that lil’ pussy,” he growls. “She’s so hungry, isn’t she? Hmm? Lookit the way she swallows me right up. Hmm…” You moaned. Placing your hands on his muscled chest, you started to bounce on his cock at a steady pace. James cursed.
He felt so good inside you. He fit so nicely that it felt like that he was made to fill you up, or you were made for him to fill up. It didn’t matter. James fit so well into your pussy, and you wanted to keep him in you at all times. You whimpered at the thought of him being inside you all the time, and your walls clenched around his cock. James groaned.
“Baby,” he whispered, voice strained. His blunt nails were digging into your flesh. You hummed questioningly. “Baby, I’m gonna come─” James gasped. You didn’t care about what he said, you continued to ride him at a steady pace, occasionally clenching your walls around him.
Growling once again, James wrapped his arms around your back and flipped your positions. You squealed as you found yourself under his bulk, trapped and being railed through the mattress mercilessly as James started to pound into you with his all might. You cried out, moaned and gasped as his cock hit all the sensitive spot and stroked your walls so nicely. His balls were so full, you could feel the heaviness of them whenever they slapped against your skin. James’ tensed body was also another sign that how worked up he was. Like he said, he was about to come.
You grinned as James kept pounding into you. “Mmm, Mister!” You whimpered, putting on a show on purpose. “Mister, please come! Please!” James hissed and cursed. He cornered you against the pillows and the headboard, bending you almost half, and threw your knees over his elbows. You gasped.
“Oh, shit, yes, there!” You whispered. He was hitting that spot with each of his thrust, and holy fuck, you were going to come.
“Mister!” You cried out. “You’re gonna make me come! ‘m gonna come so hard for you, fuck─” You gasped. “James, James! Fuck, James, ‘m coming─” Your walls clenched around him as his thumb suddenly found your clit and started rolling it beneath his fingertip. You threw your head back, moaned loudly and long and came on his cock. Your walls were clenching around his aching dick madly.
James hissed. He thrusted once, twice and for the third time before he gasped, groaning deep in his throat, he filled the condom with his come. His balls were twitching as his cock spurted come. He panted into the crook of your neck. Your hand was in his hair, nails scratching his scalp, while your other hand was rubbing his back. Both of you stayed in that position until you leveled your breathing.
James pulled out slowly. You whimpered, but James shushed you with a sweet kiss on your lips. You sighed into it. Quickly getting rid of the condom, he walked into the bathroom to grab a wet cloth.
“Mmm, you’re against the stickiness, I assume,” you joked. James grinned. He gently wiped your body down from all the excessive body fluids and dumped the cloth back into the bathroom before joining you in bed. You immediately cuddled up to him, laying your head on his chest, as he held you against his body with his arms tightly. You sighed again. You were content, relaxed and felt cherished.
The sleep didn’t take long to find you when you were that relaxed.
Your feet were silent as you walked towards the kitchen while wearing one of the sweatshirts that James owned and you found in his closet. It ended in your mid-thighs, and you pulled on your thin pajama bottoms just in case (you left some clothes in his house, after all). James was talking to someone, and you frowned as you slowed down. You didn’t want to interrupt his phone call, that was if he was having one.
The scene greeted you when you entered the kitchen wasn’t what you were expecting.
Tommy was standing on his small stool next to James while James poured some pancake batter into the hot pan. You smiled. Your heart was beating fast, stomach flipping, but you loved the feeling.
“Well, mornin’, boys,” you murmured. Both of them turned around with the same look on their faces, and you chuckled. “What are you doing?” You approached them with a skip on your step. James smiled.
“Mornin’, love,” he whispered. You grinned at him. Lifting yourself on your tiptoes, you kissed his cheek and patted his ass, knowing that Tommy wouldn’t be able to see it. Then, you turned towards Tommy, kissing his forehead. “We thought we could make some pancakes before you woke up.”
“Wanted to suphrise you,” Tommy slurred. You smiled at him. Ruffling his hair, you kissed Tommy’s cheek this time.
“Consider me surprised, baby,” you told him. Tommy beamed at you. James watched the scene right in front of him with a stupid smile on his face. “Need any help?” James blinked himself back into the reality and shook his head.
“Nope,” he said. “You help yourself with some coffee and go sit down, a’right? Make the kitchen look pretty.” You felt your face heating up at his words, and James winked at you. You rolled your eyes. He kissed your cheek. “Go,” he urged you. “Coffee’s fresh.”
“Fine,” you sighed. Grabbing yourself a cup, you filled it with coffee and sat down on the chair like James told you so.
You watched Tommy and James as they cooked breakfast for you. They were bickering and giggling lowly, creating a nice background noise. You smiled into your cup as your eyes never left your boys. You could see how much James loved his son and indulged him into things that he was doing. Tommy was also a good boy for listening to James and never disobeying him.
I love both of them very much, you thought and sighed happily.
James came by the table with a plate stacked with pancakes, and Tommy brought the utensils. You thanked them both before all of you dug in. After you were done with eating and sent Tommy away to wash his face and hands, you leaned in James’ personal space, lips brushing against his.
“You know,” you whispered, and James hummed. His eyes were dark already and never leaving yours. “You’re great father.” James blushed. Smiling widely, you kissed him on the lips chastely. “You’re also a freak in the sheets, but I guess I like it.”
James laughed loudly. His arms wrapped around your waist as he held you close to him. “Oh, baby, you love how much of a freak I am, and you haven’t seen nothing yet.” You hummed. Kissing him again, you rubbed your nose against his own.
“Oh, Mister, I can’t wait for you to show me.” James grinned and captured your lips with yours, promising you silently to show how much a freak he was in the most loving way possible.
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ohbuckysmetalarm · a day ago
Champagne and Sunshine
Part 2
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: “Hop in the shower, she beggin’ for more…”
Warnings: SMUT: [Teasing, Dirty talk, Handjob, Blowjob, Brief face fucking, Edging, Begging (m and f), Marking, Slight degration, Possessiveness, Size kink, Begging kink, Praise kink, Choking kink, Slight Daddy kink, Mention of domination kink, Shower sex, Unprotected P in V sex] USE OF PET NAMES: (Baby, Babygirl, Doll, Princess)
Word Count: 2370
Tumblr media
“We should probably go shower…” Bucky says as he strokes your cheek gently.
“Yeah, we should.” You pant back.
After a few moments Bucky picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist and bury your face in his neck, inhaling his scent. Even after fucking you into oblivion he still smells like his cologne, though it’s faint. When he walks into the bathroom he places you on the counter to turn on the water and let it heat up.
Once he thinks the water is warm enough he picks you up again and places you under the warm water. The warmth feels amazing on you skin and you instantly relax. Bucky applies a generous amount of body wash on the loofa and steps closer to you. He gently scrubs your back, leaving kisses on your neck as he does so. Telling you how beautiful you look and how good you did for him. He turns you around and focuses on your stomach, making his way to your breasts. You look into his eyes as he spreads the suds around them, you can see the desire start to creep into his features. Bucky drops down to his knees and scrubs you legs and feet. As he washes your thighs he lightly blows on your pussy, making your knees buckle slightly. He finishes cleaning you, being careful not to pay too much attention on your most sensitive parts, thinking your not quite ready for another round. As you rinse off you watch him, thinking up a plan of how to get him absolutely needy for you.
You take the loofa from his hand and start on his broad chest, loving the way he looks at you you do so. Like he knows you have something in mind. Before you know it there’s only one place that needs cleaned and you drop the loofa. Bucky looks down at you absolutely confused. You pump some soap into your hand and drop to your knees in front of the super soldier. You look up at him him innocent eyes as you grab ahold of his base and his he throws his head back and groans out. You pump him a few times and semi quickly hardens and you can barely even fit you hand around his shaft, he’s so thick.
“God, Bucky, you’re so big.” You breathe out. That must have been the right thing to say because you feel his dick twitch in your hand and you smirk slightly. You start a slow, gentle pace that has him whimpering quietly, needing more. You take your other hand and pump him with that hand as well to get some soap on it before bringing it down to his sack. He moans out loud at the pleasure he’s receiving. The sounds he’s making has you absolutely dripping with need. The slight tug at his sack and the slow pace your pumping him still isn’t enough to make Bucky cum and you know it. You pull away from him completely and stand up; he snaps his eyes open, not realizing he has even closed them. He quickly rinses off and you drop to your knees again and push him back till his back hits the wall. Once again you take hold of him by the base and look up into his eyes as you flick your tongue on his slit.
“Y-y/n, I need more, please.” He pleads softly.
Something about Bucky, the six foot super soldier, begging you does something to you and you feel yet another wave of heat in your core.
“C’mon, Buck. I know you can do better than that.” You send him yet another innocent look.
He looks down at you, unbelieving. There is no way in hell he is going to beg for you to give him more.
“You don’t wanna beg?” He just stares at you. “Fine.”
You wrap you lips around the head of his cock and suck slightly.
Bucky bites his lip, holding back the sounds threatening to escape his throat.
As you take him further into your mouth you moan around him, causing his hips to buck from the feeling. As you draw back you run your tongue along the prominent vein running along the underside of his cock. You start a steady pace that obviously wasn’t enough for Bucky because his hips start thrusting, making his cock hit the back of your throat till you gag. You suck him so he can feel the soft warmth of your cheeks around his throbbing length. And that’s when his hips start to lose their rhythm and you know he’s close. You let him make a few more thrusts and then you let off of him, a string of saliva the only thing connecting you to him.
“What the actual fuck, y/n!” He shouts at you.
“What?” You ask, playing dumb. You can see his eyes darken five shades and his pupils dilate even further.
“Oh, you wanna p-” His sentence is cut off by a moan when you start jerking him off as your suck on the tip of his dick. “Yes, just.. like.. that.” He pants out.
You swirl your tongue around his slit at the same rhythm your hands stroke his length. When he tries to push his cock further into your mouth you let off him which makes him growl out in dissatisfaction. You just huff at his reaction and kiss his inner thighs, working your way up till you lips are centimeters from his heavy sack. Once a kiss is placed on one of his balls he stiffens slightly. You quicken the pace of your hand and suck one of his balls into your mouth. The weight of it feeling great on your tongue. You fondle it with your tongue, memorizing the feel of it. When you let off of him he whines out, needing you back on him as soon as possible. Lucky for him you wrap your lips around the other and suck it into your mouth, giving it the same treatment. Soon enough he’s close to bursting again and you once again pull completely away from him again. And he whimpers from the edging, and that’s when you know you’re going to get exactly what you want soon enough.
He blows out an exasperated sigh, “Why do you keep doing that?! I get oh, so close and you just pull away!”
“I already told you…”
“Told me what?”
“I wanna hear you beg.”
“No.” Bucky loves the control; he can’t even imagine giving it to someone else.
“Then you don’t cum.” You give him a grin.
“Please, no.” He sighs.
You perk up at his voice. “What was that?”
He looks down, defeat drawing on his face and breathes out. “Please…”
“You gotta be louder than that, love.”
“Please make me cum, y/n. I need to cum so bad! Please, please, please.” Bucky yells out.
You give him an effortless smile. “Wasn’t so hard, was it?” And with that you take him into your mouth until he hits the back of your throat, making you gag slightly. You grab hold of his hand and guide it to the back of your head to let him guide you along his length. Bucky gladly takes control and pushes his cock down your throat until your nose comes into contact with his body. He stills for a moment, constricting your breathing and making you splutter around him before pulling you back, letting you take a second to breathe. Once he guides your mouth back on him, he’s guiding you quickly, fucking your face without abandon.
“YES!! Just like that, doll, F-fuck, your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock. Wanna cum down your pretty little throat. Will ya let me do that, babygirl?”
You just moan around his cock and that’s what sends Bucky hurtling over the edge. He shoves his cock deeper into your mouth and you feel his hot cum spurt down your throat. You swallow around him as best you can taste his cum on your tongue and moan out again.
Bucky pulls out of your mouth, still hard as a rock and pulls you up to stand on your feet. “God, you’re such a needy whore. I just fucked you on your room and you had to come in here and be fucking cumslut. Can’t get enough of my cock, can you?”
“Need you, Bucky.”
He pushes you against the wall, your back to him and he breathes against your neck. “You’re gonna have to better than that if you want my cock in your pretty little cunt.”
At this point you can feel your slick run down you thighs and your core is burning with desire. You arch your back to grind against his dick, Bucky pulls just out of reach and chuckles darkly in your ear. A shiver runs down your spine despite the hot water surrounding you. Bucky brings his metal hand up to your neck and squeezes slightly. “If you want me inside you, I wanna hear you begging.” He growls out.
You clench around nothing at the dominant tone in his voice and you want nothing more than for him to fuck you senseless and be in complete control. “Bucky,” you whine out.
Bucky grabs hold of his cock and slides it through your sopping folds, and you whimper when the head circles you throbbing clit. “C’mon, y/n. Beg, I know you can do it.”
“Bucky, please! Please fuck me, I need it so bad.” You pleaded, close to tears from the teasing.
The head of his cock prods at your entrance; you try to push back to take him in but Bucky grabs hold of your hips with his flesh hand, his metal hand still placed around your throat. “Bucky, please, please. I-I need you.” And that’s when a tear runs down your cheek.
“Oh, baby. That’s not how you ask. You gotta use my name.”
“I-I did,” you say, slightly confused.
Bucky releases the grip on your hip and lightly smacks your ass, you moan from the stinging pleasure. “That’s not my name, princess. You had no problem saying it in the bedroom.”
“D-Daddy, I need your cock deep inside of me. Please.”
“Good girl,” Bucky says as he bottoms out inside of you. It’s a good thing he’s holding you up, if he wasn’t you definitely would’ve fallen over from the force of his thrust and the praise he gave you.
“YES! I’m your good girl, Daddy. Fuck my hard, please. I need to feel you.”
Bucky obviously had enough of your babbling because his grip on your throat tightened, slightly constricting your airway.
“Be a good girl, and take then,” he growls in your ear. You arch your back into him to take him deeper inside you and you can once again feel him in your guts, just like earlier. The thought of him filling you up consuming your every thought and you clench hard around his length, causing him to groan out. “Sh-shit, babygirl. Clenchin’ me so good, gonna blow my load too quickly.”
At that you clench even harder and let out a choked moan. “You like that, y/n? You want me to fill you up till your dripping with my cum?” You just nod your head, unable to say anything because of the hold he has on your neck, but you wouldn’t want him any other way.
You just close your eyes, letting the pleasure consume every part of your body. You memorize the way his cock feels gliding in and out of your pussy, the way his hips stutter when you clench around him, the way he moans in your ear, and how you wan feel every vein in his thick length. As he pounds into you, you can’t help the tears that start to escape and Bucky chuckles darkly at the sight. He releases his grip on your throat and trails his fingers down to circle your clit. “That good?”
“Yes, Daddy,” you sob out.
“I love this pussy. Love the way you clench when I hit that spot deep with in you. Love the how soft and warm it is. Could stay inside you forever.” You moan loudly at that, and Bucky slows his thrusts and the circling of his fingers on your clit. “You like that idea, y/n? You wanna be my girl?”
You turn your head to look in his eyes and give him a quick kiss before saying, “Yes, Bucky Barnes, I would love to be your girl.”
“God, you’re too good to me.” He breathes out as he kisses your neck, leaving marks all over so everyone will know you belong to him. His pace picks up again and he angles his hips so he’s hitting your g-spot with every push of his cock. Your legs start to shake and he knows you’re close. Bucky brings his metal fingers to circle your sensitive nub again and the coil tightens further within you.
“Cum for me, y/n. I wanna hear you when you cum around my cock. Don’t hold back, babygirl.” His thrusts become erratic and sloppy as he says that last statement. “You’re mine, y/n.” Bucky burrows his face in your neck.
“I’m yours,” You pant out.
“Your only mine, always. Nobody else gets to touch you like this. No one else gets to bury his cock deep inside you. And nobody else gets to make you feel this good.” He punctuates each sentence with a particularly harsh thrust, hitting your cervix.
“I’M ONLY YOURS, BUCKY!” You scream out as your cum around his cock for the third time that night. “F-Fuck!”
At hearing you scream his name Bucky stills his hips, his dick deep inside you and spills his seed so deep you know you’ll feel him for days. Bucky gives a few more languid thrusts, riding out both of your highs before pulling out his softening cock. He spins you around and picks pulls you into his arms. The last thing you hear is Bucky telling you how beautiful you are before you fall into a blissful sleep.
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belletais · 29 days ago
Doctor: How many sexual partners have you had?
Me, who reads smut fun fictions about different characters on daily basis…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nastybuckybarnes · a month ago
Riding Lessons
Pairing: Dbf!Bucky X Reader
Summary: You’ve just passed your knowledge test and now you need someone to teach you how to ride. Who better than your dad’s best friend? 
Warnings: Language, Fluff, Smut, Age Gap (Reader is 21, Bucky is mid-forties),
Word Count: 3.8K
A/n: I have a new obsession and it’s dbf!bucky. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy this and I love you all very much!
You straddle the bike, feet planted firmly on the ground as your hands grip the handlebars.
“It’s heavier than I thought!” You tell your dad with an excited grin.
He only chuckles and pats your right hand.
“Yeah, it’ll take some getting used to.”
“Hey, Kid, be careful on that. Don't want you to hurt yourself,” A new, cockier voice says.
You hold back a shiver and an eye-roll as Bucky emerges from your house, a bottle of beer in hand.
“She just passed her knowledge test,” your dad says proudly, a smile on his face. You grin right back at him and nod, your eyes flickering to his best friend for just a moment.
“Now I just need to get in some practice with a good teacher.”
Your dad nods before his face lights up, and you can almost see the lightbulb over his head.
“Maybe Bucky could teach you how to ride!” He suggests, an innocent smile on his face.
Your bottom lip immediately goes between your teeth at the innuendo and you look over at the huge tattooed brunet whose eyes are now focused on you.
His steel-blue eyes get dark as he imagines you riding not only his bike, but his cock, too.
“Yeah, I could give you some lessons if you want, Kid. Can’t promise I’ll be the best teacher, but I’ll give it a shot,” he says after a moment, watching you lick your lips.
His nickname for you is a constant reminder that your crush is just that: a crush. Never to be more than a dream.
And, although being near him is hard enough to do without your panties getting wet, he’s been riding for almost thirty years. Where else are you gonna find a better -and cheaper- teacher?
“Sure, that’d be great, Bucky. Thanks.”
He nods, “it’s gonna cost you, though. Each lesson I expect a case of beer, yeah? Maybe a pizza, too.”
You roll your eyes but nod nonetheless.
“Can we get started now? I wanna be able to ride before the summer’s over.”
He swallows hard before answering, his wicked brain once again conjuring up images of you naked on his lap, bouncing on his cock. Those perfect tits in his face and that tight-
“Yeah, I, uh, I’m not doing anything later. I could swing by with one of my bikes, show you the ropes and whatnot,” he offers, shifting his weight to try and hide his growing erection.
“That’d be amazing! Thank you so much!” The excitement in your eyes does little to stop his swelling cock, but, thankfully, your father grabs your attention before you can notice the tent in his pants.
“Mark got tickets to the hockey game tonight, but you know you’re always welcome here, Buck. It’s not too late for you to change your mind about coming with me,” your dad says, already knowing the answer.
Hockey isn’t Bucky’s favourite sport, and he’s got much better plans for tonight.
He wrinkles his nose and shakes his head, “no thanks. Tell the guys I say ‘hi’, though. And make sure you invite them to the barbecue, yeah?”
Your dad nods easily then heads inside the house, leaving you alone in the garage with Bucky.
Nervous winds give life beneath the wings of the butterflies in your stomach, and you nibble on your bottom lip.
“I’ll probably swing by around six. I expect a pizza and a pack of beer to be waiting, got it?”
You raise your eyebrows at him, “you’re gonna drink and teach me to drive?”
He chuckles and takes a step toward you, towering over you and looking into your eyes, “honey, I’m a grown man. A beer or two isn’t gonna put me over the limit. Besides, you’re not gonna be riding that thing fully today, anyway. Maybe you’ll make it out of the driveway, but I doubt it.”
You frown but nod, slightly intimidated by the man in front of you.
He slowly takes a step around you, taking a subtle inhale and holding back a groan at the sweet scent of raspberries wafting from your skin.
He walks over to his restored Camaro and slides in, giving you a raise of his fingers in farewell, before peeling out of the driveway and out of sight.
You spend the next several hours worrying about your lesson with Bucky.
You’ve only had a crush on the man for years, and now you’re getting to be alone with him. You’re not sure if you should swoon or combust.
The second option is definitely looking more appealing when you hear him pull up to your house, his bike rumbling.
With a deep breath and a final fix of your hair, you venture downstairs and outside, grabbing the pizza and beer on the way.
“Hey, Kid. I see you brought my payment,” Bucky says, a grin on his face when he sees you.
You smile, trying your best not to be shy but he makes it so hard.
His huge body takes up so much space in the garage, thick thighs straddling a Ducati.
“Yeah, hope you don’t get too carried away before actually teaching me, though,” you tease, setting everything down on one of the tables against the wall.
He only chuckles and kicks down the kickstand, then gets off of his bike to grab a beer.
“First I want you to tell me where the throttle is,” he says, popping the cap off with his belt buckle then bringing it to his lips.
You watch, entranced, as his pink lips wrap around the bottle. A drop of liquid trickles from the corner of his mouth down his chin, and you follow it with your eyes as it trails down his neck and then disappears beneath the collar of his shirt.
Bucky watches you as you stare at him, and he can’t help the pride that blooms in his chest when you pull your bottom lip into your mouth.
Slowly, he lowers the bottle and wipes the drop up, then takes a step toward you.
“C’mon, sweetheart. You gonna show me what you know?”
His voice snaps you back to the present and you raise your eyes to his, embarrassment filling you as you realize he caught you staring.
“Uh, the throttle is here,” you whisper, walking over to your bike and touching the right handlebar.
“Perfect. How do you get on a bike? Show me.” He could just ask you to explain it, but he wants to see you straddle the bike.
You walk to the left side then step over the seat, your hands coming to rest on the handlebars instinctively.
“Nice. Now, where is the rear brake?” He asks, stepping closer to the front of the bike to watch as you point just in front of the right footpeg.
“Now, front brake?”
Your fingers lightly graze the lever on the handlebar in front of the throttle.
“Gear shift and clutch?”
You point to the pedal in front of the left footpeg, then the lever behind the left handlebar.
“Look at you go. Where’s the kill switch?”
Your fingers dance over the button beside the right handlebar and he nods proudly.
“Very nice. Okay, I want you to kick the kickstand up and then just stand there, balance the weight of the bike, okay? That’s a big thing is getting used to how it feels to have something so big between your legs.”
Your core dampens at his words and your gaze drops to his crotch for just a moment before you do as instructed.
The bike is heavy between your legs, and you plant your feet to try and maintain control.
“Just like that, good girl.” It slips through his lips before he can stop it and you instantly melt into a puddle of arousal.
The bike wobbles and Bucky steps forward, grabbing the handlebars to stop it from toppling and taking you with it.
“Easy there,” he murmurs, his hands covering yours and squeezing as he steadies the machine.
You regain your strength and nod, holding the bike tighter.
“So now just walk it back and forth, okay? I’m gonna move with you until you get comfortable with the weight.”
You nod then take a deep breath and push the bike forward slowly.
Each step is small and wobbly, but after a few minutes, you start to get the hang of it.
“Okay, honey, I’m gonna step away so you can really feel it. I’ll be right beside you though.”
You nod and watch as he steps aside, slowly pushing forward and back again.
You give him an excited smile and he grins right back.
“Now start her up! You’ll be good in neutral, then I'll show you how to kick it into gear.”
You start the bike and it rumbles to life beneath you, the vibration shaking you slightly.
“Now, pull in the clutch and kick down on the gearshift into first gear.”
You do exactly that, keeping a firm grip on the clutch.
“Slowly let go of the clutch. Don’t give it any throttle yet,” he instructs, stepping beside you as you follow his directions.
The bike creeps forward and you instinctively squeeze the clutch again, squealing when you teeter away from him.
Bucky lunges forward, one arm coming across your legs to grab the side of the bike while the other grabs you, his hand resting half on your ass, half on your back.
He looks up at you to make sure you’re okay, but you can’t breathe.
He’s looking at you through his lashes, lips parted and pupils wide.
“Don’t let it scare you,” he teases softly, slowly rising up to his full height. His hand moves from the bike to your thigh while the other hand stays on your back, and you need to crane your neck to look at him.
He watches you as you lean your head back to look at him and he can’t help but wonder what your pretty face would look like if he were to spit on it right now.
Or cum on it.
God, he knows you'd look so pretty all covered in his cum, mascara running down your cheeks.
He wants to grab your face and shove his cock in your mouth.
Your innocent eyes look up at him, lashes fluttering, and it takes everything in him not to stroke your lips with his thumb.
He looks so intimidating from here. So tall and big and- your eyes drop down to his crotch only to widen comically.
He’s hard.
And he’s fucking huge.
Your eyes dart back up to his and he has to hold back a chuckle at the wonder written across your face.
So many nasty thoughts swim through his mind. There are a thousand things he wants to say and none of them are appropriate given the fact that you’re his best friend’s daughter.
Instead, he takes a slow step back, then another, then walks to the table along the wall to grab another beer.
“We’re gonna try something a little bit different now, okay?”
You nod, even though he can’t see you.
He walks back to you and steps over the back of your bike, straddling it and nudging you forward a bit until you’re as far forward as you can comfortably sit.
“Okay, I’m gonna explain everything, and you’re just gonna do what I say.”
A shiver races down your spine and all he wants to do is grab a handful of your hair and fuck you until you’re crying.
You nod, like the obedient little girl he knows you are, and a grin grows on his face.
“Ease up on the clutch again. We’re gonna walk in a little circle. I’ve got you, honey.” He’s one hundred percent doing this on purpose now, but he doesn't care.
The way you looked at him after seeing his erection is enough for him to know you’re not exactly opposed to whatever’s happening.
You ease up on the clutch and try to focus on the machine beneath you, not the heat radiating off of the man behind you. The man who now has one hand resting on your waist while the other holds his beer.
You pull forward slowly, then push on the right handlebar slightly, a jolt of excitement going through you as you move to the left.
“There you go, baby, just like that,” he whispers, his breath dusting over the back of your neck.
You clench your thighs around the bike, desperate for some friction against your dripping core.
You do another turn slowly but surely, walking your feet alongside the bike, and the hand on your waist gives you a squeeze.
“Fuck, you’re doing so well for me, sweetheart.”
You squeeze the clutch and the brake hard, clenching your hands into as tight of fists as you can manage, and you lurch forward, your heart racing as your core throbs.
The sudden stop surprises Bucky, and he bumps into you harder than anticipated, sending his beer spilling across your shirt.
You gasp, arching away from the cold liquid.
“Sorry, kid. Here, put it back in neutral and shut it down. I think we can call it a night. I’ll help you clean up.” Is he hoping he’ll be able to catch a glimpse of you in just your bra? Absolutely. Is he ashamed? Not as much as he should be.
You do as instructed, waiting until after he gets up to move because you’re sure you’ll leave a wet spot on the seat.
You only get up when his back is turned, and then you wipe the seat quickly.
“You coming?”
Your eyes dart to his and, judging based on the knowing grin on his face, you weren’t as discrete as you thought you were.
You follow him into the house, closing the garage door tightly behind you.
He leads the way to the laundry room and you slowly follow, your heart racing at all the different dirty thoughts swirling through your mind.
He waits in the doorway while you step into the cool room, your back to him as you take a deep breath.
This is it. This is where a line is crossed and your relationship with your dad’s best friend will change.
You pull your wet shirt over your head and toss it into the washing machine, turning to look at the older man.
He stares at you, his dark eyes focused on your chest.
“Looks like I spilled a little on there, too,” he murmurs, his eyes slowly finding yours.
You hold his gaze as you unclasp your bra and let it drop to the floor, your breasts bare and your nipples hard.
Slowly, he steps forward, his eyes never leaving yours as he approaches.
You tilt your head back when he comes to a stop in front of you, your chest rising and falling rapidly with your quick breaths.
“That’s better. Doesn’t it feel nice to be out of those sticky wet clothes?” He asks softly, his fingers lightly dusting over your sides.
Goosebumps rise on your skin and you nod, unable to form a sentence.
“You’ve got a little bit here, though. Don’t want it to stick.” He drops his head down, warm tongue darting out to lick up a drop of beer that found your skin.
A gasp leaves your mouth and your hands come up instinctively to grab his shoulders.
Taking that as a green light, the big man in front of you grabs you by the waist and hoists you up, dropping his hold to your hips when you wrap your legs around his waist.
His erection presses against your core and you can’t help but moan softly in his ear at the feeling of it.
He sits you on top of the washing machine and forces his way between your legs, holding your chin with one hand and forcing you to look at him.
Your eyes are hooded and you swear if he doesn’t touch you soon you’re going to explode.
“Do you want something, pretty girl?” He asks, pink lips pulled into a smile when you nod.
“Ask for it then, be a big girl.”
You lean your forehead against his chest and whine. You can’t help but feel tiny before him.
“Please, Bucky. I want you to touch me.”
Your words go straight to his cock and he can’t do anything to stop himself from doing exactly what you want.
One of his hands finds your breast, toying with your nipple while the other hand dips into your pants with practiced ease.
“Jesus, you’re soaked, sweetheart. Is this all for me, babygirl?” He already knows the answer, but seeing you all flustered is adorable and makes him want to fuck you even more.
“Yeah,” you whisper, pulling back to look up at him as he slides a finger inside of you.
He doesn’t have much room to work within the confines of your pants, but he makes do with what he has, one finger massaging your g-spot while another rubs your clit.
“O-oh! Like that, fuck... just like that...” your mouth drops open in a silent moan and he grins.
He leans forward and wraps his mouth around your other nipple and you toss your head back, arching your back and further pushing your chest into his mouth.
“Please... I’m gonna cum...”
He continues his assault on your young body, watching through dark eyes as you fall apart because of him, as your tight young cunt clenches around his fingers and fuck, he can’t wait to get his cock in you.
The front door opens and you hear your dad’s voice call out to you, making your eyes widen.
Bucky doesn't stop. He doesn’t even slow down.
No, he keeps his hand between your legs, determined to make you cum whether your dad finds out or not.
“You’d better answer him, sweetheart,” he whispers around your nipple, his teeth scraping against the bud.
You whimper softly and nod, bucking your hips into his hand as he continues working you closer and closer to that edge.
“I-I’m just grabbing a shirt!” You call, your voice faltering when Bucky bites your nipple roughly.
“Is Bucky still here?”
You bite your lip to try and hold back a moan as the coil in your belly tightens almost to the point of snapping.
“Answer him,” the man whispers from between your legs, scraping his teeth up your neck.
“Uh, yeah... somewhere,” you call, brows drawing together as you feel it coming.
“Okay. I’m gonna get changed, I’ll be back down in a minute.”
Bucky licks your cheek then holds your throat, squeezing just hard enough to cut off your air.
Your mouth drops open in a silent scream of pleasure and he grins, feeling your walls clamp down around his fingers.
“There you go, there’s my good girl. Such a good girl, cumming for me like that,” he whispers against your skin, peppering kisses wherever he can reach as he fucks you through your climax.
Finally, he releases your throat and pulls his fingers from between your legs, and you suck in a huge breath, body like jell-o as he licks his fingers.
“Find a shirt then come on out, I’m sure your old man wants to know how good you were for me,” he whispers, grabbing a handful of your hair and tugging your head back.
He plants a sloppy, erotic kiss on your mouth, then steps away from you and leaves the laundry room, fixing his erection on the way.
You stay there, panting on the washing machine for a long while before slowly climbing down on shaky legs.
You find a shirt and yank it over your head, then venture out to find your dad and Bucky.
The two of them are in the living room, sharing the pizza and some beer.
You take a seat next to Bucky, your thighs still shaking a bit, and smile at your dad.
“So how was the lesson?” He asks around a mouthful of food.
“It was good. He’s a good teacher.” You try to keep your voice level, you really do, but it’s hard to act normal while you recover from the most intense orgasm of your life.
“Nah, she’s just a good listener, picks up on things quickly. Real good at doing what she’s told.” Bucky’s hand squeezes your thigh and your dad nods, hardly paying attention.
“How was the game?” With those three words, Bucky has your dad launching into a detailed story of the hockey game. Thoroughly distracted, your dad doesn't notice when his best friend slips his hand higher on your leg to cup your mound.
You cross your legs and bite your bottom lip, hoping he doesn't notice anything.
When Bucky gets a little too daring, you stand up.
“I uh, I’m gonna go to bed. Thank you, Bucky, for the lesson.”
He nods, dark eyes on yours and filled with something that looks a little intimidating.
“Of course. If you’re free tomorrow night, maybe we can actually get you on the road, show you how it feels to actually ride.”
You swallow hard and nod, unable to look away.
“Goodnight, kiddo. I’ll see you in the morning.”
You turn without another word and race up the stairs as fast as your shaking legs can manage, your core throbbing with each step.
You try to fall asleep, you really do, but you can’t get the image of him out of your mind. Even when your fingers dip into your panties to try and alleviate the tingling between your thighs, nothing helps.
Now that you’ve had a taste of him, you know nothing will ever feel as good.
“I didn't tell you to leave,” his voice suddenly whispers from the doorway.
You snap your gaze over to him and yank your hand from between your thighs, your heart racing at the intrusion.
He steps into your room and shuts the door softly behind himself, his eyes dark and his cock straining in his pants.
“M-my dad-”
“Is asleep. Knocked on his ass from all that beer. It’s just you and me, babygirl. And I plan on finishing what we started.”
You swallow hard and scoot back on your bed as he approaches, his eyes focused on your face.
“Now, someone was a bad girl and left before I told her she could. Do you have anything you wanna say for yourself?” His hand comes up to hold your face, squeezing your cheeks and forcing your lips to pucker.
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, eyes wide and focused on his.
He nods, eyeing you closely, and then he pushes your mouth open further and spits in it.
“I don’t think you are, not yet. But you will be. I’m gonna show you what happens when you don’t let me have what’s mine.”
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wintersldr1 · a month ago
summer sins.
dads best friend bucky! x fem reader
18+ only, minors do not interact
summary: ever since you returned from your first year of college, you can’t keep your eyes off of your dad’s best friend, Bucky. at a family pool party, you finally give in.
warnings: unprotected sex, kitchen sex, age gap (m:40+, f: 22), penetration, fingering, dirty talk, praise kink, degradation, size kink, pet names (sweetheart, princess, sweet girl), come kink, breeding kink, bucky has a huge dick lol
Tumblr media
a/n: im baackkk😊 & i’ll come up w a more creative title later hehe
The inviting chill of the pool woke your muscles up. You sighed contently, laying back and floating stomach-up in the water. Sunshine soaked into your skin. You were happy.
Bucky was also happy. He stood at the grill, flipping hamburgers distractedly while staring at you. Your breasts were accentuated perfectly in the neon pink bikini you wore, the peaks of your nipples just barely visible through the fabric. Not to mention your face, a blissed-out smile stretching it as you enjoyed the summer weather. Bucky swore he’d do anything to be able to put that expression on your perfect face.
“Buck, you’re burnin’ the damn burgers, man!” Sam shouted across the pool. Bucky cursed, looking down just before the meat caught on fire. You glanced up at the commotion, spotting Bucky, in all his shirtless glory, scrambling to get the burgers off the grill. You giggled, swimming closer to the edge of the pool.
“Maybe we should fire you from grill duty,” you teased, positioning yourself so that your cleavage was more than visible over the railing of the pool.
Bucky glanced up at you, then back down to the burgers, and back to you. His gaze dropped to your chest momentarily before forcing its way back up to your blushing face. “Har har,” he retorted, stacking the burgers on a plate. “I’d like to see you do better.”
You smirked. Grabbing the railing, you began to climb out of the pool. You felt a bit self conscious, but the way Bucky looked at you like you were his prey made all your self-doubt fly out the window. You walked over to him, drops of water sliding down your bare torso and towards your feet.
“I can do better,” you said, coming within an inch of Bucky’s personal space. “After all, I know how to handle meat.”
You shot him a sly smile before waltzing away, taking in a deep breath at the sound of Bucky’s frustrated growl from behind you. Teasing him was your favorite hobby; you’d been doing it since the beginning of summer since you came back from your first year of college.
Bucky Barnes was by far the best looking man you had ever seen. He could easily be a Calvin Klein model with his tanned torso, beefy thighs, long brown hair and piercing eyes. He was good friends with your dad. They weren’t friends when you were younger, but they began to hangout more and more when you were in high school. Even then, you had only met Bucky once or twice. You only just got to know him this past year.
And you had been teasing him since.
Whether it be at pool parties, neighborhood barbecues, grad parties, or charity events, you made sure to look your best for a certain six-foot Russian man. You didn’t miss the way the older (and very married) women fawned and practically fell over themselves to get just a morsel of his attention - but his eyes were only on you. He stayed by your side anytime you were in the same vicinity, a protective presence over your back. The boys your age didn’t dare come speak with you when such an intimidating man was standing with you.
You and Bucky still hadn’t done anything, but the sexual tension was enough excitement for you.
Until today.
You only had about a month left until you went back to college hundreds of miles away, meaning that if you wanted Bucky, you had to act fast.
You put on the bikini you knew drove him crazy and made your best doe-eyes that had most men stuttering to form a sentence. But not Bucky. He never stuttered or tripped, he just got angry.
You could feel the frustration radiating off of him from behind you as you walked into the patio from the pool deck. You didn’t turn around as you entered the kitchen, expecting to find your dad or one of the other neighbors lounging around, but it was empty.
You were just about to go back upstairs when a piece of paper lying on the counter caught your eye.
Hey honey, the guys and I ran to the store for some more snacks and beer. Might take a while b/c Clint likes to take detours to the ABC store. Bucky should be here though. See you later!
- Dad
You didn’t even have time to process the note before Bucky spoke from behind you. “You thought you’d have people here to protect you, didn’t ya, sweetheart?”
You swallowed, slowly turning to face him. He towered over you, a devious grin on his face. “Uh-”
“Thought you could get away with teasin’ me because you’d be safe around other people. But let me tell you a little secret, doll.” Bucky leaned in closely, lips inches from your neck. “I saw your dad’s car leave. We’re all alone. And guess what? I’m sick of the fuckin’ teasing.”
You heaved in a breath as he cornered you, your ass pressed against the countertop. “Bucky,” you breathed, craning your neck to look at him, “we have to be quick.”
His lip quirked into a devilish smile at your words. “Knew you’d let me ruin you. Jump, sweet girl.”
You did as he asked, his enormous hands catching your thighs with ease as he dropped you on the counter and moved in between your legs. “Been waitin’ all summer for this sweet cunt,” Bucky grumbled, tilting your head back and pressing his lips to your neck. “And I’m not a very patient person, doll.”
You whimpered when his teeth scraped your throat, your nails digging into his back at the painful pleasure. “Need you now, Bucky.”
Bucky pulled back, breathing heavily as he crouched down until he was level with your pussy. “These gotta get the fuck off,” he snarled, yanking your bikini bottoms down until your cunt was exposed to him. He heaved in a breath at the sight, jaw visibly clenching and his pupils blown wide as he admired your pussy. “So cute,” he whispered. “Such a pretty little cunt all for me.”
You nodded your agreement. “All yours, Bucky. Belongs to you now.”
Bucky seemed to like that. He gripped your hips with a bruising force, his tongue darting out to wet his pink lips. “Gonna eat you out later, baby,” he promised as he stood to his full height, “gonna make you feel so good when we have enough time. But I gotta fuck you now, okay?”
“Please, god, please,” you whined, the feeling of being empty too much to bear.
Bucky smiled, his fingers dancing across your core before slipping one inside your aching cunt. You reeled, back arching as his finger curled once, twice before another one joined it. “Oh, fuck,” you sobbed pathetically, burying your face into his neck. “Fuck.”
You could feel Bucky smirking above you, his fingers moving steadily inside you. “If this is your reaction to two of my fingers, how are you gonna take my fat cock, sweet girl?”
You couldn’t even respond, especially when his thumb flicked your clit with expertise. It wasn’t long before you felt that familiar build up in your stomach, legs beginning to shake around his waist. You were absolutely shocked; no guy had ever made you finish before, much less within minutes. But of course your dad’s best friend just had to be the only one who could. Just your luck.
“Bucky, I- I think I’m about to come,” you whimpered. Bucky didn’t speed the pace up, he simply curled his fingers with more force and did his best to reach the depths of your cunt. “Please, oh shit.”
“Fuck yes, sweetheart. You’re gonna come all over my fingers, then on my cock. Sounds good? Jesus, you’re so tight. ”
Your cries were more than enough response for him as you came hard around his hand, your cries echoing in the expansive kitchen.
“Love the sounds you make,” Bucky sighed as you came down from your orgasm, hands still clutching his back with a death grip. “So much better than anyone I’ve ever been with. So young and innocent, huh? You like getting off on your dad’s friends? Fucking slut.”
You smiled. “You’re the one who came on to me, James.”
Bucky scoffed before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss. “Because you walk around in these slutty bikinis.”
“At a pool party!”
“Doesn’t matter. You’re teasing me all the same. Now stop fucking talking, princess.”
Your mouth immediately clamped shut, eyes focused on Bucky as he pulled himself out of his pool shorts. You couldn’t stifle your accidental gasp.
He was huge. And not just huge in a way that most big guys are; you hadn’t even seen a dick that big in porn. His cock was long, at least nine inches, and absolutely dripping in precum. His thick hand was wrapped around it, giving it a few tugs and running his thumb over the engorged head. Veins popped out and you swore you could see them throbbing.
“That’s not going to fit,” you said matter-of-factly.
Bucky chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound. “I’ll make it fucking fit, sweetheart.” He grabbed your waist and gently tugged you towards him. Your feet landed on the ground and he swiftly turned you so your back was against his chest. “Bend over,” he commanded, but he didn’t give you much room to disobey as his hand found its way into your hair and practically bent you over the counter for him. The side of your face was pressed against the cool marble of the kitchen counter, the edge of it digging into your hips. You could feel Bucky moving behind you, his gaze burning into your backside.
“You’re gonna take everything I give you, understand?”
You whimpered, wiggling your ass closer to him. “Yes, sir.”
That seemed to do something to Bucky. He groaned, placing his hands on your waist and pressing his cock against your entrance. “Good girl.”
He began to press his way into you, the head of his cock slowly being engulfed by your clenching cunt. The two of you moaned in unison at the feeling. Bucky began to pump in more, inch by inch being swallowed in your pussy.
“Too big,” you whined pathetically, clutching the edge of the counter for dear life.
“Fuck, princess, I gotta move. You feel too good. You can take it, okay?”
You simply moaned in response, bracing yourself. He started to thrust into you fiercely, the head of his cock ramming into a spot you didn’t even know existed. You could feel his heavy balls smacking against your clit with each push of his hips.
“So fucking tight,” he grumbled, voice laced in lust. “That’s it, you perfect little thing.”
Your body slid up and down the counter, breast pressed into the chilled granite as your dad’s best friend fucked you like a toy. He wasn’t giving you time to catch your breath, but you loved it. He knocked the air out of your lungs with each hard thrust. There was a delicious burning sensation around your cunt, its walls stretching to their limit in order to take Bucky in. He could feel it, too: each pulse of your pussy, the drag of his veins along your walls, the slick of your mixed arousal aiding him in sliding in with ease.
“You fucking get off on this, don’t you?” Bucky asked, bending to press a heated kiss to your spine. His hand found its way into your hair, wrapping strands around his fingers and yanking your head back so that your neck was exposed. “You get off on letting your dad’s friends fuck your brains out, huh?”
“Fuck, yes, I do,” you admitted, gasping for air. “I do.”
Bucky moaned from behind you, and you swore you could come from that sound alone. “You filthy little girl. But you’re MY filthy little girl, huh? Not gonna let anyone else touch what’s mine. This-” he emphasized the word with a spank to your ass, “is all mine. Say it.”
You’d be lying if you said that his possessiveness didn’t get you riled up. “I’m yours, Bucky.”
“Good girl. And what belongs to me?”
You opened your mouth to answer, but only a string of curses came out. “Fu-fuck. My cunt. My cunt belongs to you.”
Bucky rewarded your obedience with a slick rub to your clit, causing you to arch your back into his touch and grasp the counter. “Oh god, please,” you begged. “Please don’t stop.”
“You already came once, little one. You’re really going to come again? God, how desperate can you be?”
You wanted to retort back with something witty, but you were too fucked-out to think straight, so you moaned wildly instead.
Bucky’s thrusts matched with his flicks to your clit. It felt like a tidal wave slamming into you with each movement, that same coil building hotly in your insides. Your pussy clenched tightly around Bucky, who moaned and began to thrust erratically. You could tell he was close too.
“I’m gonna come, baby,” Bucky ground out, “and you’re gonna take it all like the good girl you are.”
You nodded fervently, urging him to fuck you harder and faster. He obeyed, slamming into you with a force that was near impossible. You knew that, without a doubt, you’d have some serious issues walking later.
“Shit, Bucky, I’m coming,” you groaned, feeling that peak approach. “FUCK!”
“God, you’re s-so fucking tight,” said Bucky, whose voice was lowered an octave and came out nearly as a growl. “Best damn pussy I’ve ever had.”
You relished in the praise. Your orgasm began to hit you, causing your legs to shake and your face to screw up in a perfect blissed-out expression. You moaned loudly, uncaring of the neighbors.
Bucky hit his climax a second after yours, pushing into you in slowed, drawn-out thrusts that milked him of all his seed. He stayed in you for a while, making sure every last bit of his cum was pushed deep into your cunt.
You caught your breath, heaving in large gulps of air as your heart beat wildly in your chest. “Jesus Christ,” you mumbled.
Bucky barked out a laugh from behind you, slowly pulling out and tucking his dick back into his pants. “Are you okay?” He asked, reaching out to gently pull you up and turn you to face him. “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
You looked into his concerned eyes, adoration filling your chest. “Not at all,” you replied. “That was perfect.”
Bucky smirked, pressing a kiss to your nose. “That’s what you deserve.”
You scoffed, unused to any form of intimacy after sex. But Bucky wasn’t like those college boys you’d hooked up with - he was a real man, and it showed.
“Dad’s gonna be home soon,” you whispered, peering up at Bucky.
He looked down at you, nodding his head and pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I know.” He leaned down, plucking your discarded bikini bottoms from the floor and helping you into them. You felt your face flush at the sweet action.
You heard the garage door open, and your eyes widened. “I gotta go back outside,” you said, moving past Bucky, but he grabbed your wrist and yanked you into him, capturing your lips in a bruising, heated kiss before letting your wrist go and ushering you outside.
“Go,” he said with a wink. “We have the rest of the month.”
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Coffee. Emergency. Thighs.
Summary: You told Bucky that the only time he's allowed to wake you up is under three conditions: He has coffee. It's an emergency. Or his head is between your thighs.
And today, he really, really wants to wake you up.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy!Biker Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1.6k
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem receiving), consensual somnophilia, praise kink, body worship (Bucky has a thing for thighs).
A/N: Beta'd by the amazing @lunarbuck and @cwbucky. Based off an anon ask.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’ve always said that the only time he’s allowed to wake you up before your alarm goes off is under three conditions: if he has coffee waiting for you, it’s a dire emergency or if he has his head between your thighs.
Otherwise, you won’t be responsible for what you would do to him if he doesn’t allow you to get sleep in.
He learned this after he woke you up one bright and way too early morning to ask if you remembered where he put his book—it was next to his watch by the way. You found it in less than three seconds and turned on him with a disgruntled gaze.
He can't lie, he loved the fiery way you glared at him.
Do not wake me up again without a good reason, Bucky.
You pulled him down to your level and repeated yourself so slowly and with much malice, that he instantly got hard. 
The way you aggressively manhandled Bucky, turned him on more than either of you expected. He spent a few hours apologizing to you, mostly with you on top of him. 
Tumblr media
It’s a little after six, muted pinks, burnt oranges and streaks of blue mar the skyline, and enough light filters through the spaces around the curtains to illuminate the room in a dusky glow.
Bucky’s been awake for hours. He spent the first two on his back, staring at the ceiling, willing himself to get up and do something, anything.
But that would mean leaving you, all warm and soft and sleepy, he tried once, even got his leg over the edge of the bed but the light weight of your hand splayed across the ridges of his lower abs rendered him immobile, he has no choice but to stay in bed.
With you.
After several long minutes of him willing you to wake up, please Gorgeous, cmon baby, open those pretty eyes—Bucky discreetly shifts on his side, head propped up on his palm, elbow buried in his cool pillow, the blunt smooth edges of his fingernails trail across your hip. His hands are rough and calloused and scarred, a stark dichotomy to his featherlight touches, he's always careful with you. Calloused pads of his fingertips sweep over your waist. Back and forth across sloping curves. Drawing the letters of his last name across your soft skin, he can’t wait for the day it becomes yours too. 
He misses you, sure you're next to him but it doesn't change how he's feeling. Doesn't change how much he wants you. Granted, he always wants you. Who wouldn’t want someone as gorgeous as you? But having you in his bed, wearing only his shirt with the traces of last night engrained in the sheets surrounding you, stirs these innate primal urges that seem to lurk within his soul to mark, claim, take, and suddenly it’s more than a mere want—he needs you.
He needs to wake up so he can love you, hard and deep, fuck you, soft and sweet. Until you’re just as needy and desperate as he is. Because he’ll be damned if he suffers alone.
Still, he hesitates. The distinct memory of you grabbing his face with your hands, pretty eyes stern, narrowed, the threat dripping from your lips like acid.
Coffee. Emergency. Thighs.
Coffee’s out. After all, you’re the one pinning him to bed, preventing him from walking downstairs to the kitchen. Besides he has no idea how to work that machine anyway. Bad coffee might be worse than no coffee.
Emergency. Can a man die from blue balls? His dick seems to think so. The urge to have you wrapped around him sizzles under his skin, leaving him restless, tormented. Does that constitute an emergency? It should.
But he knows better.
There’s only one option left.
A sly grin slides across his lips, tugging at one corner until it’s a full-blown smirk. Slate-blue eyes rimmed with dense, long lashes span down your sleeping, pliant body, settling on your thighs. His hand curves around your waist and he eases you back, slow, slow, slow pushes of his dry, warm palm until you’re on your back.
He follows. He’ll always follow you. Large hands beside your face, crushing your pillow. His warm gaze languidly moves over your face, drinking in every feature. God, you’re stunning. He hovers over you, weight resting on his tattooed laced forearms, unable to resist kissing you. Bucky cant get enough of your scent, lovinh how it lingers on him. His lips press against your forehead, once, twice before moving down the bridge of your nose.
A soft indiscernible sigh slips past your lips, the sweet sound beckons him and he places a gentle kiss there. His gaze flickers up, tongue daring to trace across the seam of your mouth. Still sleeping. Still gorgeous.
His muscular thigh lies between yours, grinding against your bare cunt while he makes his way down your body. Tugging your shirt open, the fabric flutters to the side and his lips sweep across your collarbone, your breasts, down the valley that leads to your soft, soft belly until he’s right where he belongs.
Between your thighs.
His fingers trace over the stretch marks lining your skin and all he can think is how perfect you are. Bucky kisses each one. He stops right at the crease of your thigh and moves to the other side, showering you with more quiet adoration, caressing every inch of skin he can, moving closer and closer to the prettiest pussy he’s ever seen.
His hands curve around the back of your thighs, easing them up until your knees are bent and spreading them. Opening you up. For him. To him.
“Damn Gorgeous” he breathes out, biting his lower lip. He gazes at you, reverence and lust and something deeper, something innate darkening his blue eyes. “Fuck me.”
He inches closer, inhaling your scent. He needs to taste you, needs to hear your moans and sighs, needs you to tell him how much you love it when he does, how much you love him. Flattening his tongue, he laves it through your folds, with every gentle pass, you get wetter and wetter, your unique, delicate taste blooming in his mouth. Yes. Yes. An ardent, pleased moan sits deep in his throat, he’s not even aware he’s doing it.
Visceral, warm sensations drip into your subconscious, flooding the depths of your mind with pleasure.
Bucky takes his time, deep, slow licks leading to even slower kisses, dragging his wet, open mouth up and down. Devouring you. Your breathing quickens. He watches your head loll to the side, your fingers curling in. Oh. Even before you’re awake, you know it’s your Bucky doing this to you. Making you feel so good. Your hips move in a natural rhythm, instinctively seeking more of him.
He waits until you’re on the cusp of awareness, eyes fluttering open.
“Bucky,” you gasp, gazing down at him.
Your only warning is his grin, full of promises and declarations. He makes sure you see his tongue before he swirls it around your small, aching clit.
“Bucky.” This time, the gentle suction of his mouth seems to pluck his name from your throat, your back arching off the bed before flopping back down. You grab your breasts, rolling your nipples between your fingers. “Right there baby,” your needy tone is everything he wanted to hear. "S'good, you're so good."
You praise surrounds him, emboldens him. His pace quickens, those gentle licks and languid kisses turn into fast, passionate sucks that make you whimper. His tongue rolls over your clit, drawing over until you want to scream. A kaleidoscope of sensations billows inside you.
Not enough and too much all at once.
Fuck, he’s so good, you want to cry; you want to grind your pussy all over him. Another more sensible part of you wants to pull away for one second, only one so you can breathe, can think.
Bucky must know what you’re thinking, that you might take his sweet, decadent pussy from him, maybe it’s the way the thin keen is traveling up your throat or the way your hands go still on your nipples, the way your wide eyes lock on his because he unleashes a flurry of licks, the tip of tongue sweeping over your clit so fast, you go taut, stomach tensing in, an oh god bursting from you.
His narrow hips clad in a pair of tight black briefs grind into the sheets, trying to relieve the throbbing ache. It’s so inherently sexy, so empowering-knowing he gets off of your pleasure.
Every single thing you’re doing is driving him to please you more, his grip tightens, long fingers digging into your skin, keeping you spread open. Bucky sucks your clit into his mouth with a wet, hungry moan, gently shaking his head.
The coil that’s been building since he first touched you splinters, scattering heady, sultry bliss through your body. The edges of your vision blur and you vaguely recognize that the loud sound echoing in the room is coming from you. He doesn’t let up, not even when your thighs tremble or you claw at the sheets.
You can give him one more, he knows you can.
Bucky keeps sucking, dragging his tongue over you until you prove him right, only letting go when you go limp, weakly pushing at his head. He sets your thighs back on the sheets, placing a wet kiss on the right one.
“Good morning, Gorgeous.” Bucky smiles at you, moving up so his bearded chin is resting on your belly, the heat from your fluttering pussy warming his chest.
You gaze down at him panting. “Morning Bucky.”
“Did you sleep okay?” He cheekily inquires as if he didn’t fuck you to sleep last night. “Yeah, me too,” he answers in response to your smirk. “You hungry? I just ate so I’m good, but I can make you a little something if you want.”
You let out a soft laugh, wondering how you got so lucky. “I want coffee and an omelet. After a long, hot shower.”
“Can I join you?” He sits up, glancing fondly at you.
“Always, but I’m not turning the temp down so I don’t want to hear you compl-Bucky,” the words barely leave your mouth before he’s sweeping you into his arms and climbing out of bed.
Bucky catches a glimpse of the two of you in the mirror, the morning sun illuminates your face as you smile at him, talking about the weekend plans you have for the two of you. The words from earlier play in his head.
Coffee. Emergency. Thighs.
A steady thrum of sheer happiness beats in his chest. He made the right choice. And he’ll do it again tomorrow. And every day after that if you let him. A gorgeous girl like you deserves to have the world and he'll give it to you piece by piece. He'll start with learning how to make your favorite coffee, right after he does filthy, sweet things to you in this shower.
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