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sgt-seabass · 2 days ago
Wolf Like Me
Prompt: Bucky finds out his “beta" best friend has been lying to him.
Pairing: Dark!Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader
Word count: 4k
This is a dark explicit fic. 18+ only.
Warnings: dark!fic, non-con, a/b/o dynamics.
a/n: This is my interpretation of a prompt given to me by the lovely and amazing @thanatosfic​​. I really hope you enjoy this, sweetie 💖 I also got inspiration from the song Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio. Give it a listen to feel the vibe. 
Tumblr media
Dream me, oh, dreamer, down to the floor Open my hands and let them weave onto yours Feel me, completer, down to my core Open my heart and let it bleed onto yours Feeding on fever, down on all fours Show you what all the howling is for ↳ Wolf Like Me, TV on the Radio
It wasn't supposed to have got this far, your lie.
When you'd been given the chance of working as an intelligence analyst for the Avengers, you nearly died of happiness, but when you realised it was open to only Betas and Alphas, your deception had begun.
An Omega, you began taking suppressants to stop your heats and block your natural scent. You hated the way others treated your designation, as if you were inferior, at the whim of any Alphas command and needs. It was bullshit, not having control of your own life. So, you decided to fake it, so you could have a chance at a real career.
It was easy hiding it, simply taking the suppressant tablet at the same time as your daily anxiety medication. No one even batted an eye when you brought the medicine on missions, as everyone you worked with knew of your anxiety.
It felt wrong hiding who you were, especially as you became closer with each member of the Avengers. But how could you tell them? Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Peter and Thor were all Alphas, and you knew they'd think with their knots before their brains. Tony, Clint, Wanda and Bruce were Betas, but you knew they wouldn't care for your pleas, especially if one of the Alpha team members got their claws into you. You were the only Omega in the Avengers tower, and you couldn't afford to let them know.
You knew if they found out you'd lose your job, and worse, you'd lose their companionship.
It would be game over on everything you'd worked so hard for.
You'd never be able to playfully spar with Natasha again, listen to Bruce talk about scientific prospects you didn't understand, try and fail to teach Steve and Peter to cook, curl up on the couch with Bucky and watch films he missed, go on morning runs with Sam, play and lose at poker with Thor, Bruce and Tony, playfully make targets for Clint to shoot, or let Wanda teach you how to braid your hair in different styles. It would all be gone because they would see you as a precious little Omega who was no better than a hole to fill with pups.
It wasn't all their fault. It was a societal problem. But a problem, nonetheless.
Most of all, you couldn't afford to lose the friendship you'd made with Bucky.
He'd been wary of you when you'd first joined the team. And rightfully so, the man had been through a lot. He didn't trust people easily, but there was something about you that chipped away at his icy heart. You saw the way his cheeks flushed and eyes sparkled when you were around, as if he were finally feeling alive. Around you, he wasn't a weapon. He was Bucky Barnes.
Your heart ached for him when you all did public appearances. It didn't go unnoticed, the way Omegas would fawn over the other Avengers, but around Bucky would become reserved and cautious, as if he was still the Winter Solider and not a recovering prisoner of war. Bucky often came back from those events crestfallen, and you always did your best to try and bring a smile back on your friend's face.
Lines became blurred as you started to notice the way he would purposely take any chance he had to touch you, or the way his gaze turning longing when he looked at you. But you never reciprocated it. Not because you weren't interested per se, but because you knew getting involved would mean you would have to reveal yourself, and you didn't want to ruin the platonic friendship you had built and the career you worked so hard for.
Bucky Barnes was incredibly kind and sweet, and you'd revel in the comfort his warmth would give you as your curled up on the couch together, laughing and sharing popcorn after hard missions. You'd always smile at the way he'd tease you and mess your hair as he walked past you in the halls, the way he never let you pay for your iced coffee when you went on café outings, or the way he'd light up when he tried new food. It was beautiful watching Bucky Barnes become a man, not just the weapon of flesh and metal. Steve had told you he hadn't seen Bucky like this since before the war. His playful happiness with you was unlike any other friendship he had in his life.
You both trusted each other wholeheartedly, even though you were deceiving him.
The mission was compromised.
You and Steve had been sent to a Hydra base that was supposedly empty to do nothing more than receive some data and come home. Simple, right? It would have been if Hydra forces hadn't repopulated the base. While neither you nor Steve were hurt during the ordeal, you were forced to reside in a safehouse for a few days when the Quinjet was damaged, and comms systems were downed.
That would have been fine. If you had your suppressants with you. But you didn't.
Steve watched as you anxiously paced the small log cabin the morning after the incident, wringing your hands as you thought. "Hey, doll, what's going on? Hydra won't get us here."
"I— I don't have my anxiety medicine, Steve." You weren't lying. It just wasn't the whole truth either. You didn't know how long it would take for the suppressants to wear off and your breakthrough heat to arrive, but based on the warnings you were given about how to never miss a dose, something told you it wouldn't be long.
"Well, there's nothing we can do about it now. Tony will have seen the distress beacon by now, and he should be here within two days maximum. We'll just have to sit tight." Steve said with a confused tone, clearly taken aback by your level of anxiety.
You were ready to have a panic attack. You felt as if you could self-combust.
This was bad, really bad.
"I'll be outside on the porch if you need me," you said in a rush as you scurried off, opting to sit out in the cool breeze instead of the stuffy cabin. Maybe the fresh air could help keep you calm? Wishful thinking.
There was a small log bench on the pristine porch, and you sat yourself down on it with shaky legs.
Remembering your therapist's advice, you started counting three things you could hear: the rustling of leaves, the rattling of the cabin windows, and Steve shuffling around inside.
Then three things you could smell: fresh pine from the surrounding woods, the slight burn from the wood fireplace, the growing endearing smell of Steve's vanilla scent, shit.
You shook your head, clearing your thoughts and counted three things you could see: the plethora of trees surrounding you, a small bunny hopping away, and the sun setting.
You blinked at the realisation. The sun setting? It hadn't even been midday when you'd come outside. How had you lost so much time? You gulped, throat tight and breathing heavy. At least you were a few hours closer to getting home. Although, by the way you could smell Steve's alluring scent from outside, you knew it wasn't going to be long before it was too late.
When you came back inside, the sky pitch black outside, Steve gestured for you to sit at the counter and placed a plate of pasta in front of you, his own plate already finished and sitting in the sink.
If Steve smelt anything, he didn't show any indication of it. Although the way he watched you as you ate had you on edge.
As you ate in silence, trying to remain calm, Steve excused himself to his bedroom, saying he wanted an early night.
Did he know?
Surprisingly, Steve said nothing during the time you were holed up in the cabin with him. You were sure he must have been able to smell you by now, but he said nothing, didn't even give you a second glance.
You could sure as hell smell him, and your hindbrain had already been intruding your thoughts every time you were in the same room as him.
Your heat is coming. You should snuggle with the Alpha.
You should tell him everything. Maybe he'll mate with you?
Wouldn't life be so much easier just to let everything go?
In horror, you pushed your thoughts down as far as you could, but you couldn't help the slight sheen of sweat that was starting to form as a smouldering fire began to rise in your core.
It was slow but powerful. And something told you this heat was going to be your strongest one ever.
The Quinjet sent by Tony couldn't have come fast enough, and it was luckily piloted by F.R.I.D.A.Y., meaning you didn't have to interact with anyone else.
The sooner you could get back to your apartment on the Avengers compound, the better. At least then you could put a lockdown policy with F.R.I.D.A.Y. before organising to stay with a friend for the rest of your heat.
The flight was thankfully short, but you spent the whole trip with your leg bouncing anxiously, the cramps in your abdomen starting, which almost had you keeling over.
Just a little bit more.
Bucky was sitting on his bed reading as he heard the familiar sound of the Quinjet landing. Finally, his two favourite people were back.
With a yawn and stretch, he finished off his chapter before marking his place, ambling his way into the shared kitchen and living space. "Hey Stevie, mission go well?" He asked as he clapped the man on the back, a signature grin on his lips.
The odd smell in the compound had Bucky's nostrils flaring, but he simply thought they must have had an Omega guest come through when he wasn't paying attention.
"Yeah, yeah. Went great, actually," Steve said as they walked back to Steve's room, Bucky plopping down on his bed as they went over the mission details.
As Bucky listened, his mind wandered to all the times he'd been on Steve's bed before, sobbing to him. Steve had spent countless nights comforting Bucky as he wailed, broken over how he could never get an Omega of his own, how maybe he could be happy with you, a Beta. But then the nights turned into comforting him when Bucky had told him you weren't returning his advances.
"I'm broken, Steve. No one could ever love an Alpha like me. Not even the one girl I trust more than anything."
When Steve came out of his wardrobe, Bucky snapped out his thoughts.
Changed out of his uniform, Steve picked up a small black zipped pouch off his dresser and tossed it to Bucky. "Hey, I forgot I meant to give this to Y/N, but she said she wasn't feeling well and rushed off before I could give it to her. I've got a heap of mission reports to do. Think you could go give it to her for me?"
Bucky's brows furrowed. You're unwell? "Uh, yeah, sure." The concern in his tone was evident, and Bucky saw Steve's lips almost quirk into a smirk for a moment.
"You're the best, Buck."
Bucky gave a brief smile and took the pouch, starting to make his way to your apartment. He was tempted to open the bag and have a look at what Steve had for you, but as the elevator doors opened on your floor, the aroma he had smelt earlier hit him like a tonne of bricks. And as his heavy steps neared your door, the odour just got stronger and stronger until it was all he could process.
His mouth watered as he tilted his head back and took a deep breath in. It was by far the best thing he had ever smelt in his life. He was surrounded by a harmonic blend of lavender, pear and coconut… And something about the sweet smell reminded him of strawberries and whipped cream.
Bucky's mind flashed back to one of your movie nights where you'd made a fruit platter with him, which had turned into a mess once Bucky had started spraying the whipped cream in your hair, eliciting delightful squeals from you.
God, the smell was so good. It left him wanting to do nothing more than devour you like the good little Omega you were.
The thought left Bucky staggering back from your apartment door. Omega. You smell like an Omega.
You're an Omega.
Bucky's fists clenched when he recalled all those nights where you'd rushed for your tablets. He should have known. You were taking fucking suppressants.
Anger and betrayal burned inside Bucky like an uncontrollable wildfire in a dry outback.
All this time, he's had an Omega right by his side. His best friend. Lying to him. Denying him. How could he have missed this?
An uncontrollable growl escaped his lips as his mind spiralled. Why didn't you want him? It was because he's broken, isn't it? A laughable man, trying to be an Alpha.
He questioned everything – were your smiles at him real? Did you even want to be around him? Were you disgusted to call yourself his friend? After all, who could ever want the Winter Soldier, his Handler had once mocked him.
Letting a guttural sound, Bucky's vibranium fist collided with the hallway wall, plaster splintering and covering his arm with a fine layer of white dust.
Bucky's heart was hammering in his chest as he mulled over the situation, but with each passing moment of your intoxicating scent surrounding him, his resolve became obsolete.
With his last sense of self-control, he checked what was in the bag Steve had given him, and a sick grin spread across his lips at the sight of its contents.
You smelt Bucky before you heard him. A blend of bergamot and rose backed by a rich oriental woodsy smell attacked your senses, the combination a perfect balance between soft and bold, leaving your thighs gushing with slick.
You had to get out of here.
But the moment you heard the sound of metal colliding with the wall, you knew you were done for.
You threw the last of your items into your duffle bag and zipped it up with haste, slinging it over your shoulder as your cramps had you folding over.
Everything in your mind screamed for you to go back to bed and nest.
But you had to leave.
For a moment, you almost considered climbing out the window, but trying to scale a building on its upper floors while in the throes of your heat would likely be more dangerous than it was worth.
With a huff, you decided you'd have to run for it.
But as you rushed for the front door, ready to bolt, the door slammed open. Before you could react, you were slammed against the wall by a towering figure. Bucky.
Except this doesn't look like the Bucky you know.
No, this is a feral Alpha with wild dilated eyes and a sneer on his face.
You can't help but whimper as he harshly pins your hands to the walls with his own, your bones throbbing painfully under the grip. His scent is overwhelming now. And everything in your brain wants to love it, but you just can't because this is Bucky, your friend. Not your Alpha.
The snarl that comes from Bucky sends shivers through your body, your mind blanking for a moment in pure terror.
A rabbit caught in a snare.
"You little fuckin' bitch, takin' my trust and thowin' it in the fuckin' dirt." Bucky pulled your body forward and slammed it back against the wall, your vision going blurry for a moment as your head pulsates painfully. "You enjoy toyin' with me, huh? Think I'm not good enough to give you pups, is that it? Too broken to be your Alpha?"
Beneath all the pure rage bubbling out of his pores, you could see the twinge of hurt, Bucky's eyes brimming with unshed tears.
"B-Bucky, I—" You tried, but before you could get the words out, his metal hand latched around your throat, leaving you breathless and your world hazy.
"I bet you want Steve's pups, huh? 'Wanna be mated with him, be his good little Omega," the hate and jealousy dripping from his words had you reeling and clawing at his hand, your breathing wheezing as your lungs were empty.
"Well, it doesn't matter, little Rabbit. You're mine." The animalistic growl that filled the room sent your mind reeling and senses into overdrive.
Bucky ripped the bag from your shoulder and tossed it across the room, the grip around your neck loosening to allow gasping breaths. But there was little reprieve as he dragged you to your bedroom.
You watched Bucky frowned at the sight of your room, taking note of the made bed, but no nest. He gave you a burning glare as he tossed you onto the mattress, licking his lips as you scurried back against the headboard.
"No!" You cried out, hot tears running down your cheeks, but all your body could process was Alpha is upset, comfort him.
"You dare deny your Alpha, little Rabbit?" Bucky shed himself of his clothes as he slinked towards you, a wolf cornering his catch.
The mix of smells in the room – your terror mixed with his angst and lust – had the room spinning and your limbs weak.
You watched as he freed his cock from his boxers, gasping at the way it sprung out and stood proudly, tip red and already leaking with precum.
"Bucky, please… Don't do this!" You wailed as he reached the bed, screeching as he grabbed your ankle and pulled you down the bed.
As he tore your clothes off you fought him, slapping and punching against any point you could.
"Enough. Stop." His command had you freezing, hindbrain instantly submitting despite wanting to run.
Tears were still running down your cheeks as he manoeuvred you, so you were naked and on your back, body presented to him.
"You have no idea how much I've thought about this moment," he whispered as he leant over your body, scenting you as you whimpered.
Everything became a blur of Bucky as his hands were all over you, palming every piece of flesh as he kept nuzzling against your scent gland.
This is exactly what you were scared of. Why you'd hidden in the first place.
Your legs unconsciously opened for him, presenting your wet glistening pussy as your body begged for you to let him mark you, claim you. Your heat was getting stronger, and you were quickly losing any semblance of control you had left.
"That's a good girl. You want your Alpha's knot?"
You hated the way your body shivered with want, your core burning at the thought.
A harsh grip to your chin brought you back to reality as Bucky's eyes bored into yours. "I asked you a question. Do you want your Alpha's knot?"
The aroma in the air was quickly turning to pure arousal as innate desires took over both of you.
The voice that came out of you was not yours. It was pure Omega. "Yes, Alpha."
Satisfied, Bucky released your aching jaw and quickly positioned himself at your entrance, revelling in the way your body was shining with a layer of sweat, warmth radiating off you.
He held the base of his length as he rubbed it between your folds, your body shuddering with a mewl each time he brushed past your clit.
"I've waited long enough," Bucky groaned as he started pushing into your waiting heat, a slither of curses falling past his lips as he felt your walls quivering around his cock.
The stretch was painful. You'd never taken an Alpha's cock before, and Bucky's thick girth had you swirling with a mix of pleasure and pain. Tears sprung past your eyes as you lamented, fingers clawing against the bedsheets below as Bucky bottomed out inside you.
He gave you no time to adjust as he started snapping his hips, pounding into you with a feral fervour that had you seeing stars.
The pace was relentless, your breath hitching with each punishing thrust as you watched Bucky's dark eyes focus on your neck.
You writhed, mewling in a mixture of desire and fear as Bucky leaned over you, his hips not stopping for a moment as he licked your mating gland.
Suddenly everything became white noise as you realised what was about to happen. Your hands moved to Bucky's chest, attempting to push him back, but he was like stone.
The world stopped on its axis the moment Bucky's teeth grazed against your neck. You couldn't hear, couldn't see, couldn't smell. All you could feel was his canines against your burning skin.
And the moment he sank his teeth into your mating gland, the world exploded into fireworks, and the orgasm it ripped from you sent shockwaves through every muscle in your body.
You couldn't even hear yourself scream as the bite took hold, bonding you to Bucky forever.
You were awash with his emotions of hurt, anger, lust and satisfaction as his jaw held firm, ensuring the mark would take.
You could feel him like never before. He was a part of you, and you part of him.
As you returned to reality, you could feel the swell of Bucky's knot beginning to catch at your entrance, his thrusts becoming more erratic and bruising.
He finally relaxed his jaw, lapping up your blood as his deep gravelly voice filled the room. "Mine. My Omega. My Bunny."
Bucky clung to your body possessively as his knot locked your bodies together, his head tilting back with a husky moan as his cock pulsated, his cum painting your walls. You were left speechless as he filled you, the hot pain in your core calming with each passing moment.
He held you close as you both panted, your brain still a mess with sensory overload. But beneath it all, you could feel the way your heart beat in time with Bucky's, your bodies harmonic.
As his knot released you, Bucky got off the bed and moved towards his clothes.
Panic surged through you, and you quickly sat up. Alpha is leaving me.
"I'm not leaving, Bunny. Hang on," Bucky cooed, pulling something from his pant pocket.
A black pouch. You tilted your head in confusion at him, but as he unzipped the bag and pulled out a navy-blue collar with gold stitching, your eyes went wide.
"I got my vibranium arm as a gift to new beginnings. Leaving my old self behind," Bucky started, approaching you slowly as he held up the collar. "This is your new beginning, Bunny."
You watched in awe as Bucky leant before you, shifting your hair so he could clip the collar around your neck.
You hated to admit it. But it made you feel safe. Alpha loves you.
"But if you ever lie to me again, Bunny, I'll make you fuckin' regret it."
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hermyohkneegranger · 2 days ago
Marvel 🤝 Supernatural
Thinking that adding words like “man,” “buddy,” and “pal” makes everything their characters say not gay.
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084intheskye · 14 hours ago
Sometimes I wonder why Natasha always had red hair. Obviously it’s her natural hair colour, but even when she’s on the run she doesn’t change it. When someone goes looking for her, her most noticeable feature is her red hair. She has received her training from the Red Room, so its not like she’s making a rookie mistake.
While going on missions, it’s quite unlikely that she dyes her hair. In ‘ Captain America : The Winter Soldier ‘ despite being on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. she doesn’t do anything to conceal her flaming red hair. Even after the events in ‘ Captain America : Civil War ‘ she still doesn’t change her hair colour for quite sometime, as we see in ‘ Black Widow ‘.
So then I thought about it. Her hair is a bright, bold shade of red. Its almost like it is symbolic of something, like a season. Autumn. But then again, why would she do that? It’s because she still has hope.
Because where autumn goes, winter follows.
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tiredweirdo · 5 months ago
look me straight in the eyes and tell me the tfatws show isn‘t an enemies to lovers slow burn Sambucky fanfic, I dare you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look at these scenes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kinanabinks · 2 months ago
Okay I have a question tho
How do u think Bucky would reacts to having the reader his wife known as a milf to all their sons friends
sunday chores around town:
Tumblr media
friday night with the guys:
Tumblr media
dinner with the neighbors:
Tumblr media
diy-ing and doing his househusband duties because bucky is a househusband that is my headcanon and i don't care what anyone has to say about it he is sick of working and retires and sam is more than capable of saving the world alone besides he has like spiderman to help him now so bucky is living his suburban heaven:
Tumblr media
okay so first of all your son (you named him steve. no particular namesake you just liked the name) would HATE that his parents are like. the hottest couple in town
nobody lets him go a day without reminding him that mom and dad are utter sex icons
but you especially are lusted after - or maybe it's just that people tend to be a little scared of bucky, being as he was the winter soldier and all
you can live with the stares from the other moms. you know your husband is a cutie; people are going to find him attractive and you can't control that.
bucky, on the other hand, has a harder time.
just as he finally learnt how to let the other dads' subtle flirting and lingering looks go without resorting to violence or threats, bucky found a new pet peeve: your son's friends.
steve's friends are, to put it simply, smitten.
they always make sure to hang out at your house, claiming that it's because it has the best pool.
bucky has more than once had to slap the back of steve's friends' heads when he's caught them staring at you.
you were always the favorite mom among the boys, but things have changed now that they're older.
"dude, your mom is so hot," phillip says with a smirk one day while they're playing video games.
"shut the fuck up," steve grumbles, utterly sick of hearing about it.
"can't blame him," jonah adds on with a chuckle. "she's such a milf."
bucky is standing in the doorway, frowning. did he just call you a milk? what the fuck does that mean?
"what's a milf?" steve asks, echoing his dad's confusion.
jonah and phillip share a grin. with pride and arrogance, phillip answers, "a mother i'd like to fuck."
bucky's hand clenches into a fist. the disrespect.
steve does what bucky wishes he could; roughs the guys up a little for being such idiots while his father watches on proudly.
from that day on, bucky never lets you alone with any of steve's friends.
a few months of minimal flirting from the boys because they're afraid steve will beat their asses again later, bucky takes you on a romantic weekend away.
"i'm so glad we installed that doorbell camera," bucky mumbles while you get comfortable on the bed. "i hope he'll be alright."
you roll your eyes and laugh at how protective he is over steve, before sitting up. "he'll be fine, james. ahmed promised to keep an eye on him. besides, the boys will likely be sleeping over, so he won't be alone."
his hands clench into fists at their mention. "i wouldn't trust those punks to look after a pet fucking rock, let alone our son."
you frown. phillip and jonah have been steve's friends for years; they're practically family. "what are you talking about, jamie? the boys are sweet!"
"yeah, sweet on you," he grumbles bitterly, busying his hands by folding up the towels.
you scoff, unsure where his anger has stemmed from. "what; do they bully you or something?"
"i'm not getting bullied by fuckin' teenagers," he seethes, his eyes filling with rage. "i just don't like how they treat you."
now you're just confused
"what? they're the sweetest boys i know!" you insist, crawling over the duvet and closer to where he's standing. "they're kind, and helpful, and i wholeheartedly trust them to keep our baby boy safe. steve would have had no chance of graduating if it wasn't for them!"
"they're disgustingly horny and they objectify you and i don't like it," bucky complains childishly, dropping the towels and firmly folding his arms across his chest. "i'm very close to making every last one of them disappear."
you're shocked by his revelation- but also intrigued.
"really?" you ask, shrugging. "what do they... like, what's an example of like- what do they say about me?"
his frown softens and he rests his hands on his hips, shaking his head. "you just want me to stroke that pretty little ego."
"i just feel like i should know what they're saying!" you claim, holding up your hands. "do they think i'm pretty?"
he leans forward so he's at eye-level with you, glaring. "they stare at your ass. they stare at your tits. they call you a milf. that flattering enough?"
he's expecting you to be disgusted
he's shocked when instead, you laugh
"really?" you press, grabbing onto his hand. "they really said that?"
bucky rolls his eyes and places his hands on your shoulders, squeezing them. "if you leave me for a 19 year old, i'll have no choice but to kill you."
"don't be so silly," you laugh, grinning up at him. "it's just nice to know that, you know, i still got it."
he furrows his brows. "me telling you that every single day ain't enough for you?"
you shrug, "you're my husband; you have to say it."
"alright then. no more compliments for you," he decides curtly, letting go of your shoulders and taking a step back. "i guess i need to treat you mean to keep you keen."
"noooo," you whine, reaching out to him. "i was just kidding, daddy. i love you."
bucky narrows his eyes. "i'm gonna start cutting down my 'i love you's to once a month; really get you feening for it."
"no!" you cry, terrified at the prospect of not hearing the words leave his mouth for four entire weeks. "bucky, baby, you can't do that to me!"
his glare softens and he comes back to you, sitting on the bed and pulling you onto his lap. "alright, kitten. don't you worry your pretty little head."
you melt into his arms, clutching at his bare chest. "say it, say it, say it."
with a soft chuckle, he strokes your hair and gives your forehead a kiss before whispering, "i love you, i love you, i love you."
you purr with content, smiling sweetly up at him.
gently, he cups your chin and brings your face closer to his. "but if i catch you flirting back with those punks, you'll be in for it. understood?"
with a sly grin, you give him a sloppy kiss, letting him know you're all his. "understood. gosh, you're so dramatic. now, if you knew what the girls at work say about you..."
bucky's brow quirks up. "really? they- they talk about me? what's, like, what do they say?"
rolling your eyes, you lightly hit his shoulder. "now who's looking for an ego-stroke?"
"hey now," he mumbles, kissing you a few times and keeping his lips close to yours. "if you want something to stroke, i've got something much bigger than my ego."
Tumblr media
hi! i no longer use a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifs, you'll know when i post! 🥰
bucky masterlist
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asterie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kyysis-nyx · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam being the embodiment of "I can say whatever I want about him, but if you do it we're gonna have a problem."
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hermyohkneegranger · 2 days ago
I kind of like thinking that “I’m with you till the end of the line” is something that started when Steve and Bucky were kids that they’ve been saying to each other ever since.
Maybe they were seven and Steve was sick or something and Bucky refused to leave his side.
Maybe Steve was getting beat up for the millionth time and Steve asked him why he always tries to save him.
Maybe Steve didn’t understand why Bucky, an intelligent likable guy, wanted to best friends with him out of everyone they knew.
At first it was just kids being affectionate but as they grew older and realized how they felt for each other, they began using it as their own secret “I love you.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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winter-soldier-vibes · 4 months ago
Come Back Home (Bucky x reader)
Come back home
Bucky x reader
Word count: 3,061
Summary: You were getting worse and were afraid to hurt Bucky, but unable to hide it. Instead of talking it out, you ran away. Embarrassed and afraid, you avoid the calls and voicemails from the man you left. But one night, you can’t help but listen to them, and you need to hear his voice.
Warnings: depression, reader blames herself, Bucky blames himself, anxiety attack, lots of tears, lots of fluff and comfort
I actually got this idea from @thelifeof.jana on TikTok, she posts different scenarios with comfort characters and I wanted to make it into a fic. 
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A/N: It’s nearly finals week and it is CRUNCH TIME so I’ve been writing when I can, I apologize for the sporadic-ness of it. Thanks for sticking with me! 
A/N 2: I left a few things to interpretation, such as a nightmare. Insert what you want, I know everyone has different experiences and I wanted this to be as relatable to as many people as I could. I also left out when y/n gives an address because 1) I don’t know New York and 2) It’s likely somebody’s address in real life so...interpretation. 
Your phone began ringing, piercing the otherwise silent house and startling you
Answer it.
You stared at the phone, taking a deep breath.
You picked it up and turned it over, closing your eyes and letting a breath out.
Don’t answer it.
You looked at the screen again, seeing the name of your favorite person.
Answer it
Please, I wanna hear his voice.
I can’t
Letting a breath out, you put the phone down and sat on the floor next to your bed, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. 
Ring. Ring. Ring.
Then you were left in the silence once again.
You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding, waiting a few more seconds for the next noise. Sure enough, your phone made a sound, notifying you of yet another voicemail.
Another addition to your library of ignored messages.
You picked up your phone, clicking to see the messages you never listened to.
25 unheard messages. All of them from Bucky. 
Your finger hovered over them for a moment, allowing yourself to ponder listening to them. But you sighed, closing your phone and placing it back on the nightstand. You couldn’t listen to them. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be able to resist calling him back. And you couldn’t take that risk. 
You’d spent this much time without him. Once you heard his voice you’d be spilling everything to him. Just like you used to. Which is why you left in the first place. 
Bucky was special to you. He always had been. Despite all the trauma he’d gone through, he was still kind and gentle. He had been the one to pull you out of the dark place you were in at the time. He was always there to talk to you, listen to you, or help you take care of yourself when you just couldn’t anymore. He’d sat through many of your panic attacks and calm you down if you had a nightmare, just as you would for him. He would drop anything for you, you always came first.
And that was the problem.
He did too much for you, and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. This man had already gone through so much pain and suffering and was finally getting better. He was going out more and the nightmares happened much less often. You were grateful for the love he gave you, and you loved him more than anything.
Which is why you couldn’t bring him down anymore. So, one day when he was out on a mission, you had packed up your few positions and left him a note.
I just wanted you to know that I love you so much, but I have to go now. I’m sorry. 
You had to keep it brief. If you said anything more you knew you’d say too much, and it would only make leaving harder. And if he knew you were leaving because you were hurting too much, he wouldn’t stop until he found you.
Not that he wasn’t looking for you know.
You had rented out a room in the cheapest hotel your could find in somewhere-New-York-City. It was small, it wasn’t the cleanest, but it was fine. You didn’t care, it was functional. Within hours of leaving, your phone started ringing. Not that you answered. You couldn’t, not when you would start crying once you heard his voice.
You got many texts and calls that night. 
What happened?
Where are you? Y/n are you okay??
Tell me where you are, we can talk this out, please.
You couldn’t bring yourself to read more than that. You silenced his messages and let the calls go to voicemail, never able to bring yourself to reject a call, instead letting it ring all the way until he got the same voicemail message every time.
Hi, it’s y/n. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, have a nice day!
The same fake cheery message every time, giving an empty promise.
What you didn’t know was that on the other end of the line, Bucky was shattering a bit more with each voicemail he left. 
Bucky’s POV:
He couldn’t understand what could have happened. Why you had left all of a sudden. He knew you had some bad days, and the first time he had read it he was terrified that you had done something. He usually was able to see when things were getting bad again but he couldn’t think of what he could have missed. When he saw that you had read his texts that night, seeing the word read appear after a few of them, he told himself that you were okay. 
Because he didn’t know what he was going to do if you weren’t.
What you didn’t know was that you had helped Bucky just as much if not more so than he had helped you. His nightmares happened less often because you were there with him every night. He was more outgoing because you had dragged him out to those first few bars and parties. He felt happier because he was helping you, and you made him feel safe and wanted.
And then you left.
He couldn’t sleep most nights, worried about you. Most of the nights he did sleep, he dreamt about you and everything that could have happened. He called you every day, multiple times, needing desperately to hear your voice. He withdrew again, only going on one mission when the team absolutely needed him. It was his only sense of purpose anymore, but it meant nothing compared to what you had meant to him
But you didn’t know that. Because you hadn’t opened any of his messages yet. 
It was late now, and Bucky was discouraged. It had been over a week since you had left, and his texts had gone unread ever since a the first night you left. It wasn’t a long time. But it was still too long. He decided to try your phone once more. 
Bucky closed his eyes, begging you would pick up, silently knowing you wouldn’t.
“Hi, it’s y/n. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, have a nice day!”
Sighing, he got ready to leave a voicemail. After the beep he said, broken.
“Please y/n. Come back home.”
Your POV:
You sighed as yet another round of rings echoed through your apartment, hearing the notification soon after, notifying you of yet another new voicemail. 
You looked at the time. 11:03 P.M.
You sighed, knowing you should get some sleep. But no matter how tired you were, you knew that once you closed your eyes, you would have nightmares again. And no one would be here this time. 
You couldn’t deny it, you weren’t doing well. Your appetite had diminished and you relied heavily on caffeine to supplement the sleep you refused to get. Not that it helped your appetite in any way.
You would go through the motions, make it to work (most days) and get through the day just to...get through the day. You weren’t living really. Just surviving. You knew it was getting bad again, some nights so dark you weren’t sure if you would see the light the next day. Yet you couldn’t let yourself call him. You didn’t want to hurt him.
But you didn’t know that you had already hurt him more by leaving than you ever could’ve by staying.
You sighed, knowing that eventually, you were going to need to sleep. Might as well try to. You didn’t know if for sure you would have a nightmare, so may as well try?
That turned out to be wishful thinking.
Major wishful thinking. 
You woke up screaming, drenched in sweat and looking around the room frantically. When you realized it was just a dream, you put your face in your hands and felt tears immediately prick your eyes.
When was this going to stop?
You felt your chest contract as you realized the truth. It wasn’t. Not like this at least.
Just over a week and you were already at your breaking point.
Call him
You looked at the time. 2:47 AM.
You couldn’t call him now.
Call him.
You opened your phone and found Bucky’s contact, finger hovering over the name once again. At the last second, you clicked your voicemail inbox instead, scrolling back down to the first one on the night you left.
Your breath hitched as you heard his voice, fresh tears pricking your eyes. Not just from his voice and how much you had missed it, but also the absolute panic in his voice.
“Where are you? Are you okay? Why- why did you leave? Please, answer the phone, I need to know you’re okay.”
You clicked on another one from a few hours later.
“Y/n, please, I saw you read the first few texts I sent. Please answer the phone. We can talk this out, whatever it is just - please call me.”
Tears were falling from your eyes, and you didn’t have it in your power or even the desire to stop them. You flicked to another one that was sent a few days later, this one was longer. 
“Please y/n,” it started, his voice soft and cracking with emotion. “Where are you? Just - just tell me where you are, please. I need you. These past few days it’s like I hear your voice and then there’s nothing. I miss you so much. I’m nothing without you please....please just come back home. I don’t care what you did or think you did or why you left. I love you. And I could never stop loving you. I can come get you, we can talk this out. Please. I can’t do this without you. I - I’m falling apart.”
You were now sobbing as you flicked over to your text messages and clicked on Bucky’s name, seeing texts upon texts from him.
One of the more recent one’s caught your attention.
“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”
Never, never in your heart did you ever think Bucky would think that he had done something to drive you away. Your heart broke, realizing he could be blaming himself for your leaving. It was never his fault. It could never be his fault.
With shaking hands, you pressed the phone icon below his name, bringing the phone to your ear as you listened to it ring.
You tried to control your breathing through the tears, falling apart after a few seconds of thinking you had it together.
Please pick up, I need to hear your voice.
I’m sorry this is all my fault.
Please, I -
Your breath hitched and your eyes flew open. Your words got caught in your mouth, having no idea what to say. Bucky, on the other side of the line, hadn’t even looked at the caller ID. He hadn’t fully fallen asleep yet, but the tiredness was evidence in his voice.
“Hello?” he said again
“I’m sorry,” you choked out.
Bucky’s eyes flew open and he pulled away his phone, seeing your name across the screen. All exhaustion was gone from his body, and he heard you trying to control your breathing on the other side of the line.
“I’m so sorry…” you said again, breaking out into sobs.
“Y/n, can you tell me what’s wrong? Where are you?” he said, panicked and getting out of bed, pulling on a shirt and shoes.
“I’m sorry, Bucky, I’m so sorry,” you said again, not being able to say much else. 
“Y/n, sweetheart, it’s okay. You’re okay. But I need you to tell me where you are, can you do that for me?”
He waited for a moment while you tried to pull yourself together enough to repeat the address of the hotel.
As you did, Bucky was already out the door and in the car, starting it and putting you on speaker, driving as fast as he could to the hotel and ignoring all traffic signals. It was the middle of the night, and you were not okay.
“I’ll be there soon, angel, can you keep talking to me?
“I’m sorry Bucky…”
“It’s okay y/n. You’re okay. We’re okay. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
His words didn’t reach your ears, your breathing getting harder to control and your tears fell faster. You had fucked up, this was your fault. Why did you call him, now he knows where you are and you were going to burden him with all your shit again. 
He could hear your breathing become labored as he sped further towards your location. He tried talking to you more but he soon realized that he wouldn’t be of much use until he was in front of you. His heart was breaking and he was hoping nothing was seriously wrong. 
But you wouldn’t have called him like this if nothing was wrong.
Clenching his jaw, he scanned the street signs for yours, knowing the city well enough to know he was close. 
When he pulled up to the street, he couldn’t help but wince at how dingy this place was. It was run down and the smell was putrid. He was so sad that this was where you had run off to. He took his phone, saying how he was here but it fell upon deaf ears. You weren’t calm enough to hear his voice from the phone you had dropped when you had moved to cover your face instead.
Bucky took the stairs 3 at a time, getting to your room in record time. He pounded on the door, trying the knob even though he knew it would be locked. Calling out your name and getting no response, he decided to break the door in. It was barely hanging on its hinges anyway.
“Y/n? Y/n where are you?” he called out, met only with the sounds of your labored breathing. He followed it to your room, where you had curled yourself into a ball against the headboard, hands covering your face as you struggled to breathe. 
He walked over to your side, reaching out his hand but thinking better at the last moment. He needed to make sure you knew that he was there, he didn’t want to scare you.
“Y/n?” he starts softly. 
You lifted your head and looked around yourself wildly, startled when you saw the figure of a man standing in front of you, trying to push him away. He grabbed your arms and you tried to break free
How did he get in here? 
What does he want with me? 
Your eyes settle on his. Light blue eyes, staring right back into yours. You knew them, you were safe with them. Your own eyes, red  and blotchy flash with realization and you let out a sob. 
He took you into his arms as sobs wracked your body, rubbing an arm up and down your back in efforts to calm your shaking form. He was repeating comforting words over and over again. You clung to his shirt as you kept apologizing over and over again, not knowing what else to say - or even how to say it. 
“I’m sorry”
“It’s okay.”
“I’m so sorry…”
“Shh, y/n, it’s okay.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m here. I got you.”
You tried to focus on his heartbeat, steady and strong, as you tried to take deep breaths. Eventually your tears slowed down as you still clung to him, tears drying on your face as you were able to deepen your breathing to match his. His hand still rubbed up and down your back as the two of you sat in silence for a few minutes.
You took a shaky breath. “I - I’m so sorry Bucky.”
Bucky took a deep breath and held her a little more tightly. He could still feel her heart racing. What could she possibly have to be sorry for?
“What happened y/n?”
You felt tears prick your eyes again. Sadness, shame, embarrassment and made you feel sick to your stomach. You opened and closed your mouth a few times before you were able to speak. 
“I - I don’t know.”
“Please y/n. Tell me why you left.”
“I just… I was… “ you swallowed and let out a shaky breath. “It was getting bad again,” you said, voice barely audible. 
Bucky clenched his jaw, angry at himself that he didn’t see it. “Why didn’t you tell me? I told you you could talk to me about anything.”
You screwed your eyes shut. “That was the problem…”
Bucky pulled you back to look at you. “What?”
Your eyes darted everywhere but Bucky’s face. You didn’t want to see the pained expression you knew he’d have right now. You took a deep breath. 
“I just… you were doing so well. And I - I just felt so bad for bringing you down all the time. You would drop anything for me, and you were always there and you were always perfect but I wasn’t.” you finally looked at him. “And I left because I realized I was never going to be.” You shook your head slightly. “I didn’t want to put you through that when you were doing so well.”
You looked away, unable to look at Bucky’s sad eyes any longer. Bucky broke the silence after a few moments. “You were the only reason I was better.”
 Now it was your turn to look at him confused. “What?”
“You brought me out to places when all I wanted was to hide. The nightmares stopped because you were there to make me feel safe. Every time I helped you, I was helping me too,” he said, voice cracking. “You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You weren’t too much for me, you never could be.” 
When you still looked unsure, he moved his hand to cup your cheek. “It’s okay to let people help you, y/n.”
Tears pooled in your eyes once again. That had been what you had said to him when he began closing himself off, be it an intense nightmare or being triggered. Back when things were bad. Like they were for you now.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“It’s okay.” he whispered, hugging you again. “Let’s go home.”
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Sinners • P4
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Summary: Yet again, you find yourself in the same place as your best friend's insufferable ex.
Content Warning: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, softcore smut (kissing, daddy kink, half a handjob), slut-shaming, fluff, argument, angst.
Tumblr media
Loud music, dancing bodies, and free alcohol. Now, this is what you call a Friday night.
"I knew you'd enjoy yourself," Anna grins smugly. "And you complained that I was dragging you here against your will."
"Yeah, yeah," You yell over the music, waving her off. "I'm only here because I had nothing better to do."
Yet again, Anna has hatched another plan to get Bucky back on her arm. When sending you to talk to him didn't work, she decided to up her game: show up to places she knows he'll be, hoping he'll think it's fate. That's why you're in a mini dress when you'd rather be taking a nap, but the prospect of seeing Bucky has undeniably excited you.
No. Bad girl. Bucky doesn't excite you. Not in the slightest.
About an hour after you arrived, you've lost sight of Anna but you don't really mind. She has a habit of pointing out other girls' outfits that she hates, or makeup that looks terrible, and sometimes she'll even give you a lecture on what looks good on you and what doesn't.
While you're pouring yourself a drink, you feel a strong arm wrap around your neck and the bottom of a cold beer bottle rest on your cleavage, making you shiver.
"Hey, princess," You hear Steve's unmistakable voice in your ear, low and raspy.
Smiling, you rest your hand on his forearm, lifting up your head so he doesn't accidentally strangle you to death. "Evening, Cap. What a pleasure it is to see you here."
You feel him kiss your bare shoulder, and you wonder if he somehow figured out a way to get drunk. "You look so good," He mumbles, his free hand on your hip. "Anyone told you that yet?"
Somehow, you manage to lift his arm off your neck and turn around to face him, happy that you wore flat pumps because you forgot just how much you love when he towers over you. "Unfortunately not," You tell him with a pout. "I've been attention deprived all night."
"Poor thing," He whispers, cupping your cheek in his hand. "Well, it's a good thing I'm here, ain't it, my princess?"
While you melt, Bucky watches from across the room, seething. What a prick. Surely you don't like the whole good-guy schtick Steve seems so good at, right? Nah. You don't. Bucky's confident in himself, and he knows you loves the drama. Much to Bucky's dismay, though, Steve's taking your hand and leading you out of the main room.
"Where you taking me, Cap?" You ask him with a giggle, holding his beer as he leads you into a bedroom.
"Somewhere quieter," He answers you, pulling you in and closing the door behind you. "I'd much prefer being alone with you than with all those people."
You walk over to the full length mirror while Steve sits on the bed. Putting the beer down on the ground, you smooth down your dress and rub off the lipstick which has smudged over the edges of your mouth.
"That's awfully sweet," You mumble, untangling your necklaces. "What makes me special enough to have all of Captain America's attention to myself, hmm?"
He stands up from the bed and strolls over, placing his hands on your hips and swaying you to the beat of the muffled music from outside. "You kidding me?" He asks you with a raised brow. "You know you're my special little princess."
His words almost send you spiraling. Where the fuck did that come from?
Letting out a laugh, you lean back against his chest. "You're too cute, Stevie."
"Not as cute as your pigtails," He replies, bringing up a hand to play with one of the small pigtails at the front of your head. "I like when you do your hair like this."
"Oh, yeah?" You ask teasingly, turning around to look up at him. "Well, maybe I should do it more often then."
"Hmm, maybe you should," Steve mumbles, bringing his lips closer to yours. Before you have the chance to ask him what he's doing, he gently tilts your head all the way up and kisses you. His kiss is soft and slow, pulling out weak whimpers from your mouth.
Once you come to your senses, you push his face away and laugh. "Steve, what are you doing?"
Saying nothing, he kisses you again, holding your body closer to his. You can feel his boner pressing against your stomach, making you jolt as you pull your head back.
"What's wrong, princess?" He mumbles against your lips. "Hmm?"
It physically hurts to stop yourself from kissing him, but you know you shouldn't. "I'm... sort of seeing someone," You tell him sheepishly.
His brows furrow together. "That Murphy guy?"
"It's Mordecai," You correct him with a playful nudge.
Steve pouts his lips, leaning closer. "So that means you can't kiss me?"
Taken aback, you let out a scoff. "Captain Rogers, when did you get so naughty?"
He lets out a groan at the name, holding you tighter. "Must be this dress. How about you take it off? Maybe that'll put me on my best behaviour."
"Oh, my God," You utter, shaking your head. "I thought I was off-limits after I got with Bucky, huh?"
He looks down at that, a naughty smirk on his lips. "Off-limits? Nothing's off-limits for me," Steve states, before lowering his voice. "Nothing's off-limits for daddy."
Your mind fogs at his words, and he sees it in your eyes. Knowing he has you right where he wants you, Steve takes your hand and places it on his throbbing boner.
"Feel how hard you make me?" He asks with a mutter, making your stomach flip. "It ain't fair for you to leave me like this, princess. Don't you wanna be a good girl?"
He's absolutely fucking irresistible, and you know it. "Fuck, Steve," You whine, hating the hold he has over you. "Fine. But only a handjob."
While you unzip his pants, he cups your face, forcing you to look up at him. "Really, baby? Are you sure you don't want daddy to fuck your pretty brains out?"
Don't give in, Y/N. Yes, this is Steve fucking Rogers wanting to fuck you, but do not give in.
"Just a handjob," You whisper insistently, smirking up at him. "Don't get greedy, now."
It won't win him the bet, but damn will he take anything he can get from you right now.
Your hand slips down his boxers and wraps around his hard cock, and he rests his forehead against yours, groaning. "Fuck, princess. Just like that, keep going."
He kisses you as you jerk him off, your tongues dancing fervently. His hand cups your throat, and he has to keep your head tilted fully upwards so you can reach his lips. God, you love how tall he is.
"Feels so fucking good," Steve growls. "My good little princess, aren't you?"
"Yes, daddy," You whimper, feeling his thick shaft throb against your palm.
"Baby," He mumbles, lowering his mouth to your ear and nipping your lobe. "Wanna fuck you so bad. Let me fuck you, princess."
You almost give in just then - you're weak and willing, but before you have a chance to rip off his clothes, the door opens. Turning to the door with a gasp, you're shocked to see Bucky.
His eyes glance down to your hand which is currently stuffed down Steve's pants, and he grimaces. "Ugh. Really? At least lock the damn door."
You take your hand out of Steve's pants and pull the zipper back up while he watches you with a disappointed look. As you close the buckle of his belt, he turns over to Bucky. "What do you want, punk?"
Bucky lets out a sigh, shutting the door behind him with a pissed-off look on his face. "Anna's been dancing on me for the past half-hour. Help."
Rolling your eyes at his pathetic plea, you fold your arms across your chest. "Why the fuck should I help you, Barnes?"
He takes a step further, glaring at you. "Because if you don't, maybe I'll accidentally let slip about what happened at my apartment. And during our meeting. And last weekend on Steve's breakfast bar."
You scoff. "Are you blackmailing me right now?" With a pout, you look back at Steve, who immediately steps forward.
"Bucky..." He says in a warning tone, raising a brow at him. The brunette just shrugs with an arrogant look on his face.
"I'm warning you, Barnes, if Anna finds out-"
"What are you gonna do, little chick?" He asks with a smirk, frustrating you to no end.
Pursing your lips, you think up the scariest threat you can. "I'll kill you."
"Kill me? Aw, how cute," He coos, walking closer and patting your head condescendingly. "What a dumb little girl you are."
It hits you like a shock wave, the effect of his words. Your eyes widen and your mouth goes dry, your hands itching to reach out and touch him. His eyes burn into yours as though he knows what he has done; as though he knows he has just melted you like butter.
Noticing the tension, Steve immediately steps forward and wraps his arm around your chest, breaking the silence. "How about you leave us alone, Buck? We were kind of in the middle of something."
Rolling his eyes, Bucky knows he can't leave you alone with Steve or else he'll be out 50 grand. "Fine. I won't tell Anna," He promises, looking you up and down. "But, your little boyfriend showed up a while ago.
You frown, taken aback by his revelation. "Mordecai is here?"
"And I can't control it if he wants to have a tour of the place," Bucky says with a coy smile. "Say; how would he feel if he saw his girl with her hand down Captain America's pants, huh?"
"Prick," You seethe, clenching your hands into fists.
"But of course; if Anna was pulled off my ass, I'm sure there's no way Mordy would learn about this little rendezvous of yours," Bucky goes on to say with a snide wink. "Bye, now."
Once he's gone, you begrudgingly make your way to the door after him, but Steve's quick to grab you and hold you against the door. "Hold on, princess," He implores, stroking your cheek. "Murphy doesn't need to find out. We can lock the door."
"What has gotten into you, Steve?" You ask with a shocked laugh. "There are a lot of people here tonight, and most of them will be attracted to you. Go fuck one of them."
Before he can beg you some more, you escape out of his hold and leave the room, re-entering the bustling party. To your dismay, Bucky is talking to Mordecai, making your heart skip a beat.
"Hey, Mord," You greet him with a smile. "I didn't know you'd be here tonight."
He gives you a quick hug and a kiss on your cheek, grinning. "You know how it is, babe; being a chef to the stars has its perks."
"Good to see you, Y/N," Bucky says with a smirk. "I was just telling Mordy here that the last time I saw you tonight, you were going off somewhere with Steve."
"Yeah," You reply as casually as possible. "We were getting ice."
"Ice," He repeats with a mumble, before stepping forward and lowering his voice. "Darlin', how about you be a good girl and get us some drinks, hmm?"
Doing your best not to reveal to Mordecai just how intense Bucky can make you feel, you clear your throat and nod. "Uh, sure. Back soon."
Once you're out of earshot, Bucky turns to Mordecai. "So, you and Y/N, huh?"
He chuckles, nodding. "Yeah, man. We're just having fun, getting to know each other."
Bucky glances over to where you're arguing with someone over the last two bottles of Bud Light. "She's a firecracker, ain't she?" He asks, mostly to himself.
Mordecai snorts. "Oh, absolutely. And the fact that she's so easy is a bonus."
Faltering at his words, Bucky raises a brow and glances over at him. "Huh?"
"Come on, you know what I'm talking about; you've known her for a while," Mordecai says, nudging his arm. "I'm taking her out for our third date this Saturday and I guarantee you, brother: I'm getting a blowjob before the night is over."
Bucky's eye twitches, and his vibranium arm whirrs a little. "Well, she must really like you," He says through gritted teeth. What a fucking dick.
"Nah," Mordecai brushes off Bucky's comment. "Between you and me?"
Nodding once, Bucky silently gestures for him to continue - though all he really wants is for him to shut the fuck up.
"Y/N'S a complete slut," Mordecai states with a smirk. "That's the main reason I asked her out."
Bucky feels his blood boil, but he does well to stay calm. "Is that right?" He mutters, wondering whether people would mind if he was to rip this fucker's head off in the middle of the dancefloor.
"You know the type," Mordecai goes on to say with a sly wink. "Daddy issues and an insatiable hunger for validation: the perfect combination. I'll have fucked her before next weekend."
Before Bucky has the chance to rip his balls off, you reappear with three bottles of Heineken. "The last of the Buds were stolen from me, so you'll have to make do with these," You say bitterly, looking up at Bucky. "Could've really done with a Super Soldier having my back among the vultures out there."
While Mordecai gives you a sweet kiss on your cheek to show his gratitude, Bucky gives you an odd look. "Sorry I couldn't be there, chick," He utters, taking the beer from you with a clenched jaw.
You give give him a questioning nod so as to silently ask him what has suddenly got him so pissed off, but he just shakes his head before walking away, leaving you to dance with Mordecai.
It isn't until you and Anna decide to leave that you see Bucky again. Anna's flirting her way into getting you guys a ride home, but it doesn't seem like her plan is working.
"Dangerous to be that close to the road, chicky," Bucky calls out from behind you.
You spin on your heel to see him with a cigarette between his lips, his eyes trained on you. "Maybe I like the danger," You reply with a shrug. "A little excitement to my otherwise dreary life."
"Enough of the 'woe-is-me'," He says with an eye roll. "You're a twenty-something year old living in New York City with more than one Avenger to call a friend. Your life is anything but dreary."
His words make you smirk. "Calling yourself a friend, Barnes?"
He lets out a laugh and shakes his head. "Was talking about Sam and Steve."
"Mhm," You reply teasingly, strolling over to him. "Give me a drag?"
Raising a brow, he takes the cigarette from his lips and hands it to you. "You smoke?"
"Socially," You answer him with a shrug. "With friends."
"Ah; never gonna let me live that one down, huh?" Bucky chuckles, watching as you take a puff. "That'll kill you, you know. You don't have self-healing lungs like I do."
"How do you know that?" You ask him pointedly, narrowing your eyes as you hand the cigarette back to him. "For all you know, I could be chock-full of that weird, hero juice."
He glances around before shooting you a wink. "If you wanna be filled with hero juice, you only have to ask, chick."
"Perv," You laugh, hitting his arm before wincing when a shot of pain runs through your hand. "Fuck. Wrong arm."
A look of concern grows on his face and he immediately takes your fingers, rubbing them soothingly. "Shit. You okay?"
"Ah, I will be," You mumble. "Thankfully, the beers have dulled the pain."
He pouts down at you before lifting up your sore fingers to his lips and kissing them. "There you go. All better." His action sends tingles through your skin.
Suspicious about his sudden softness, you tilt your head. "Who are you and what have you done with James Buchanan Barnes?"
He laughs bashfully, looking down at your fingers. "It's just something my ma would do when I was a kid. Sorry; must be all the beers."
"Oh, yeah, because you're such a lightweight," You say sarcastically, before taking your hand out of his. "Thanks for the kiss, mommy."
Bucky snorts and salutes you. "Anytime, chick."
"Y/N!" Anna calls out, rushing over. She gives Bucky a sly smile before looking back at you. "Darren said he'd give me a ride home, but he doesn't wanna go all the way to Central. I'm so sorry."
You let out a sigh, knowing she isn't exactly the type to give up a free ride just because you aren't invited. "That's fine. I'll see if Mordecai is still around."
"I can give you a ride," Bucky interjects, throwing his cigarette to the ground and stamping it out with boot. "If you don't mind the bike."
"Oh," Anna says awkwardly, letting out a nervous laugh. "Are you sure, Bucky?"
"Of course," He replies instantly, looking back at you. "I'll even let you wear the helmet."
When a hot guy offers you a ride on his motorbike, no matter how aggravating or rude or romantically involved with your best friend he is, you say yes.
"Sure," You say casually, giving Anna a quick side hug. "Call me when you get home."
"You too," She chirps, before stepping closer to Bucky and smiling up at him. "It was nice seeing you tonight, Bucky-boo."
He grimaces at the nickname but does well to hide it. "You too, Anna. Have a good night."
She quickly kisses his cheek before giving you one last grin and slipping away again.
Bucky pushes himself off the wall and raises his brows. "Ready to ride, little chick?"
"Always," You reply, following him as he walks over to his bike.
As promised, he puts the helmet onto your head, making sure to strap you in tightly. He asks whether you want to sit in front of him or behind him, and you opt to sit in front. No reason, of course.
His big arms come around you, making you shiver in his warmth. "Ready?" He whispers into your ear, not giving you a chance to respond before he kicks it into gear and shoots off into the wind.
Your hands immediately go back to grip his thighs, clutching on for dear life. You can hear him chuckling as you let out small noises of fear, only prompting him to speed up.
"Don't worry, darlin'," Bucky assures you, his voice muffled against the windy air. "You're safe with me. Trust me."
Praying that you can trust him, you attempt to enjoy the rest of the ride. And, faking it til you make it, you actually do end up having fun. "Wooooo!" You scream out, holding your arms out at your sides.
"That's my girl!" Bucky replies with a laugh.
Doing your best to ignore the butterflies that his words set loose in your stomach, you place your hands on top of his on the grips, and move back to rest your head against his chest. For a while, and for once, things feel nice between the two of you. Nothing matters as you speed down the roads, zooming past amber lights and watching the people pass by like shadows. Wanting to properly feel the wind, you unstrap and remove your helmet, putting it on your lap.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Bucky asks, his tone laced with concern.
Smiling widely, you turn to look up at him. "S'okay. I trust you, Barnes."
He glances down at you for a second, back up to the road, and then back down to you again. No words leave his mouth, but his lips curl up into a smile.
When you reach your apartment block, you're slightly disappointed.
"Damn," You breathe out, getting off the bike to stretch your legs. "That was fun."
"Yeah?" Bucky asks, his eyes glued to you. "You should ride with me more often, chicky."
You laugh, sitting back down in front of him with both your legs hanging over the left. "I don't know about that, Barnes."
"Why not?" He presses with a frown. "Enjoyed it, didn't you?"
"Yeah, but..." You trail off weakly, looking down at your hands. He knows what's stopping you from agreeing: Anna. And, with the subject of romantic partners in mind, Bucky grows bitter.
"You're not seeing that prick anymore," He states lowly, taking you aback.
"Excuse me?" You ask with an incredulous scoff.
"You heard me," He says bluntly. "Break it off. Dump his ass. You're not seeing him again."
You get off the bike, hugging your arms around yourself. "What the fuck is your sudden problem with Mordecai? You seemed to be best buddies at the party."
"He's a complete dick," Bucky spits, tightening his grip on the helmet.
"Since when do you care about who I date?" You question, narrowing your eyes at him.
Bucky rolls his eyes. "I was your best friend's boyfriend for 8 months; I'm not a sociopath," He utters. "I don't want you to get hurt, alright?"
Though you're pissed at him, his words make you smirk. "So, you care about me?"
He lets out a huff and places his hands back onto the grips. "Forget it."
"No, wait," You insist, genuinely curious. "Why am I gonna get hurt?"
Bucky rubs his face, letting out a groan. "The guy's a disrespectful piece of shit, alright?"
"In what way?" You press, needing the details.
"Just- just the shit he was saying, and the way he talks about you," Bucky explains, shaking his head. "I don't like it, okay?"
Admittedly, it's a shock to hear. You're pretty sure Mordecai is the nicest guy you ever dated. Not wanting to believe that he could be anything but a gentleman, your defences stand to attention. "Because you talk about me so much nicer," You mutter bitterly.
"Listen to me," He begins, standing up off the bike. "If you have any self respect, you'll stop seeing this guy."
His words are like a slap to your face, and you take a step back. "Fuck you!"
"I didn't mean it like that," He says quickly. "I just meant-"
"Whatever," You cut him off curtly. "You don't need to be worried about me. You don't need to care about me. I'll get Anna off your back, and we don't ever have to talk to each other outside of work, for real this time. Okay?"
Terrified that he has screwed things up, and not just because of the stupid bet but because he was genuinely enjoying being your friend for those fleeting moments, Bucky grabs your hand. "Y/N, listen to me-"
"Goodbye, Barnes," You finish, pulling out of his grip and storming off into your building.
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