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vintagegeekculture · 10 hours ago
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The Buddha guarded by a seven-headed serpent, in Nong Khai, Thailand. 
The region of Nong Khai is closely associated with gigantic statues of enormous guardian water serpents (or naga) that “guard” temples and buildings and even homes. In the Thai version of the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Dragon is instead the Year of the Naga. 
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boyjumps · a day ago
99% of information is useless.
When you really want to do something about your problems and suffering, you start to sort through the information. Wisdom emerges from this, and a sense of meaning for life is developed.
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When looking at your own problems, you will need to be educated. In this context, the term "education" is not the same as simply acquiring information or knowledge.
Why do we need to be educated?
It is to have a "world view" when thinking about problems. What kind of place is this world for you? What is my relationship to the world? Without a world view, you cannot see it. And the only way to do that is to be informed and educated.
First of all, 99% of the information in the world today doesn't need to be there. At most, only 1% of the information you need will be relevant to you.
The 1% selected is called "knowledge". When you can integrate that knowledge into your own life and use it, it becomes "wisdom". But if you don't have your own view of the world, you can't extract the 1% you need from the flood of information.
In other words, information > knowledge > wisdom > education > worldview is a loop.
So how can we have a world view and education?
The first step is not to run away from your problems, but to be troubled and worried about them thoroughly.
You only start to learn when you are able to acknowledge your troubles and problems and when you really want to do something about the situation. That's when you start to sort through the information. Of course, things don't change immediately from there. But as we repeatedly practice using the information and solving the problem, the loop from information to worldview starts to turn.
The speed may be slow. And if you fail to identify the problem, you may find yourself stuck in a loop.
Nevertheless, the loop keeps turning, slowly. And that rotation will certainly develop your world view.
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arjuna-vallabha · 2 days ago
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Christians: you go to hell! Buddhists: Well might be a good idea!
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epicfunny · 3 hours ago
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Newly Made Naga Mountain 🐉⛰ Wat Don Khanak, Thailand What Don Khanak in Changwat Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
たーれっく wrote : 白亜の涅槃仏のお隣に、ナーガがうじゃうじゃいるナーガ園がいつの間にかできていました。これはキモかっこいい~!#タイ中部寺巡り
📍ワット ドーンカナーク [Link] (via Twitter: たーれっく @Taarekrek)
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mahayanapilgrim · 2 days ago
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" There's no fire like passion,
no loss like anger,
no pain like the aggregates,
no ease other than peace.
Hunger: the foremost illness.
Fabrications: the foremost pain.
For one knowing this truth
as it actually is,
is the foremost ease.
Freedom from illness: the foremost good fortune.
Contentment: the foremost wealth.
Trust: the foremost kinship.
Unbinding: the foremost ease. " ( Verse 202-204, Dhammapada - Path of Buddha's Teaching )
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tranquilmind · 11 hours ago
One who is trapped in a cave (= body) and covered by many things (= desires) is sunk in folly. Those who are just like that are far away from the workings of the body, words and mind, which are covered with desires. For in the world, all desires are not easy to get rid of.
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thehumanfront · a day ago
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Learning to let go
This week we are investigating the placement of Buddhist philosophy in Star Wars! And soon we will release a full article.
Until then here is something to consider.
In The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Luke Skywalker fails his initial training with Yoda on swamp-planet Dagobah. In a vision Luke sees himself in the helmet of Darth Vader (pictured). What does this vision mean?
Answer: Yes, Vader is a source of evil in the galaxy but Luke is too fixated on killing him; he becomes his suffering. Vader is the poster-boy for the dark side. He embodies giving into desire. To avoid this path and eliminate suffering in his own life—and find enlightenment—Luke has to extinguish his immediate human desire to kill Vader and find greater answers: he must resist what feels right now and transcendentally adhere to the will of the Force. Only then will he become strong enough to bring about the return of the Jedi Order.
In the end Luke tries to save Vader.
Can you let go, too? The dark side is always alluring—not just in a galaxy far, far away but here on Earth.
May the Force be with you.
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thedailyzen · 9 hours ago
Wisdom only comes when we quiet down and listen.
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crossdreamers · 9 months ago
Shozenji, A Japanese LGBTQ Safe Temple Run By A Transgender Nun
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Matcha reports on Soshuku Shibatani, the transgender head nun of the Shozenji Temple in Moriguchi City, Osaka. It  is Japan’s first temple built as a refuge for the LGBTQ community.
Soshuku Shibatani, a 65-year-old openly transgender Buddhist nun, was assigned male at birth: 
She began to identify as a female in elementary school but never dared to express her gender identity at the time. As a university student, she met people similar to her and briefly lived at ease among like-minded peers. However, upon entering the workforce, she had to hide her true self once more...
According to Ms. Shibatani, "Buddha saw beyond the differences of gender."
There is no need to hide your true self. Ms. Shibatani gradually became interested in Buddhist teachings and enrolled in community courses at the Graduate School of Koyasan University. She later resigned from her company, joined the priesthood, and went on to study Esoteric Buddhism.
Ms. Shibatani stated, "Shozenji is not exclusively for the LGBTQ community, but rather a temple for everyone."
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“The Kannon Bodhisattva has no gender identity,” Soshuku Shibatani says. A statue of Kannon, the Buddhist deity of mercy, is enshrined in the temple. Others see Kannon or Guan Yin  as a female incarnation of the Buddha.
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justcatposts · a year ago
Thai Buddhist monk: I .....will.....keep..... praying.... 
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jareckiworld · 7 months ago
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Hideo Takeda — Praying to Fudō Myōō  (silkscreen print, 1976)
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crazy-awakenings · 3 months ago
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history during the lifespan of a tree; from the burning of Alexandria to America’s declaration of independence. 
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mahayanapilgrim · a day ago
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One day the Buddha saw a man preparing to make an animal sacrifice. On being asked why he was going to kill innocent animals, the man replied that it was because it would please the gods. The Buddha then offered Himself as the sacrifice, saying that if the life of an animal would please the gods then the life of a human being, more valuable, should please the gods even more. Needless to say, the man was so moved by the Buddha’s practical gesture that he gave up the animal sacrifice and accepted the Buddha’s Teaching.
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zen-shu · 23 days ago
Help ive overconsumed info and nownidk what to do
The way you worded this made me laugh a little ngl 😂
When you’ve over-consumed info,
we have to simplify things and go back to the basics. Just keep these 10 commandments in mind and forget everything else.
Your assumptions form your reality. What you assume solidifies into the 3D.
You create the rules. Fuck science, matter, research and the limitations of the flesh. You’re God, never doubt yourself on what’s possible.
Circumstances do not matter. Your current situation is simply your present assumptions solidified. Reality is extremely malleable. Changing your assumptions changes your reality, no matter what.
Anything is possible. Anything. The only limit to your manifestation is the extent of your belief.
Methods do not hold any power. YOU DO.
Work on your self concept. Know you’re God and persist in your new reality.
Let go of the old story. The past like I said is simply a collection of your assumptions. It does not define you. You can be whoever you want to be.
All you need is faith and trust. Believe what you want is yours and know that you have it. It’s a done deal. Knowing is the secret. And in the words of Neville Goddard, faith is loyalty to the unseen reality.
Persist in your assumption and do not give up. You’re almost there. Failure does not exist in our reality. Remember, the fear of failure is also a cause of failure.
Bridge of incidents does not exist. There is no waiting period or time lag. You can manifest instantly if you want.
Hope this helps you, baby x
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thedailyzen · 3 months ago
Sometimes growth requires acknowledging deeply uncomfortable truths. It is hard work. It is not always calm or pleasant.
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leonardospoetry · a month ago
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And here is another poem about living in the present.
I’m currently reading a lot about Buddhism and this seems to be one of the most important lessons of it, to give yourself fully to the present, until there is no “you”. Until there is just the now.
This might be the greatest act of love. To completely renounce our past, our future, and our cravings. To be simply at peace with this moment.
It’s easier said than done. But we can get better with training. So why not start right now?
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