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parrishthieves15 minutes ago
I was stalking your blog ( 馃憖) and saw the tags about the supermarket fight of these 911 boys and I raise you Pynch supermarket fight 馃槀 or anywhere really. Call me boring but I love some good fight/argument and then them making up and PYNCH are notoriously known for bickering and calling each other out and not stepping down for a while, both can keep the roast going for a while 馃ぃ I wanna read this so badly 馃槶馃槶
(Mind you, idk anything about the supermarket fight the 2 guys you talked about had )
oh it鈥檚 not that kind of fight 馃槀 more of a comedic fight in a heartbreaking way. the most non spoilery way i can describe it is buck does something stupid and eddie pulls the kid card (except its not buck鈥檚 kid 馃槄). my absolute favourite scene in the show so far
tho i can definitely see pynch doing something similar lol. i can鈥檛 explain it now tho in case you choose to watch it but i end up spoiling the scene that had me in tears from laughing too hard 馃槀
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parrishthieves21 minutes ago
Love that the kid KNOWS and has accepted 2 dads. Kids are smart. He should Tell Them 馃ぃ
you dont know the half of it 馃槄 christopher diaz is a national treasure and also a very very smart boy who loves both his dads very much 馃挒
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evaneddie23 minutes ago
Pining!Eddie season 5 is going to be beautiful, I truly want scenes like in the treasure hunt episode, that was great, never thought we would get to see him crack a bit, my dude was just a step away from pouting
plz it was so good. i LITERALLY will lose my shit next season. i know pining eddie is gonna get ramped up in intensity each and every episode. to the point where even people on calls are gonna say some shit about it. i feel like eddie is gonna get even more sassy because of it. he had already gotten quite comfortable in his sassiness in s4, so pining eddie on top of it will make it crazier.
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u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum51 minutes ago
kinda wanna go clubbing with oikawa to get tipsy and make out
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anchoredstowaways52 minutes ago
i just woke up at 6:30am on SATURDAY. 馃槶 it's gonna be a long ass day, good morning. 馃挄
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guy60660an hour ago
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on-maarsan hour ago
I want Eddie pining over Buck and i want him to be so soft and to make him feel so loved Buck has no other choice but to realize his best-friend is in love with him. I want them to start dating and to move in together and co-parent Christopher like they already do. I want them to tell the team and i want the 118 to be like "fucking finally" and i want them to be soft and to kiss and to make out on the kitchen counter like they should have done in that scene i want it not to be easy and nice but complicated and messy and confusing but knowing they'll both get through it because they're best-friends and they were a team long before they started dating.
I want them to be in love and get married and see Christopher graduate and grow old together until they're all wrinkled and grey.
I want them to have their happy ending.
Thank you for listening.
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parrishthievesan hour ago
I am this 馃馃徎 close to watching 9-1-1 bc of you 馃ぁ
(and talk to me about it too 馃憖)
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parrishthievesan hour ago
How would these firefighter gays become a couple tho if one has a wife and kid and the other possibly a gf i assume and they are not in fact gay ? It is only a hoax probably to show what is possible and noz deliver :C
that is the million dollar question l, anon!
ok sort of but not really spoilers ahead! the simplest non spoilery way to explain it is eddie is estranged/separated from his wife and buck鈥檚 girlfriends don鈥檛 last more than a couple of episodes. the spoilery version is a bit more intense and complicated than that (and shows their relationship more lol). also as far as the kid as concerned, they鈥檙e basically co-parents. i am not exaggerating. are they gay? no clue, but they way they look at each other is not how i look at my best friend, and we鈥檝e been best friends for a decade 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 to sum up, i have no idea if they鈥檙e gonna acc be together. hell, probably not bcos the world sucks like that. but i have eyes, and i know what i see 馃憖 problem is THEY dont have eyes apparently
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zainclawan hour ago
the sheer jealousy buck exudes when eddie is introduced im dying
Threatened by Eddie's hotness, but also, bi panic.
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adhdwtf2 hours ago
u know that tiktok of the girl who hates making a scene so her husband always pretends to propose to her in public to tease her? that鈥檚 buck and eddie.
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drowsyiris3 hours ago
No disrespect to Shannon but I can鈥檛 get over how much Chris looks like Buck,,
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ratt-selfships3 hours ago
Oh Ratt you've been drawing since you were 3, you must use your abilities to create pretty cool art work right?
WRONG! It's 2 am and I redrew one of @year2000electronics old childhood drawings because I thought it would be funny, was it worth the time I spent on it? MAYBE IDK
Tumblr media
And here's the original for comparison
Tumblr media
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emilynevla3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drawing I made of Shasta from Snow Buddies 鉂わ笍
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onlyyams4 hours ago
When you like someone but your imagination starts to get the best of you by creating fake scenarios when that someone goes quiet <
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