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#buddie 911
incorrect118buddie · 2 days ago
Congratulations on 200 followers my friend!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨✨✨
You sweet soul, your blog single-handedly makes me laugh when the hiatus-sadness sets in♥️😅
💗💗I’d like to request an incorrect with the Buckley-Diaz Fam, maybe plus Abuela? Something about Abuela and Chris parent-trapping Buddie? Something sweet and wholesome? You decide, my friend, but the dynamic is ✨👌💯
IM SO SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE FORGIVE ME ?🌹 this is the best I could come up with !
* door bell rings*
Eddie finds a random note taped to the fridge with his name on it :
Will you go on a date with me?
Eddie calls Buck: Hey I got your note Buck , of course I’ll go on a date with you .
Buck: Ummm I didn’t write a note , but okay when and where ?!
Eddie: You didn’t write a note ?
Buck : ….
Christopher laughing into the phone lurking around the corner: We did it Abuela !!
Abuela cheers: Those idiots
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sullystar · 19 hours ago
So 911 is coming back... if anyone needs me I be here, listening to Whatta Man on repeat....
Tumblr media
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buddie-actually · a month ago
Taylor thinks Buck feels he’s invincible (too powerful to be defeated or overcome)
Mrs Buckley thinks he feels indestructible (not able to be destroyed)
For them to say that shows how little they know him and understand him. Buck knows only too well that he isn’t invincible/indestructible but he feels that it wouldn’t really matter if he was the one to get hurt/die as long as the people he loves get to go home to their families. Buck doesn’t see his life as important in comparison to the others.
And this is what he explained to Bobby but as much as Bobby loves Buck, Bobby thinks that Buck will never change
But Bobby isn’t Eddie and none of them understand Buck better than Eddie does, it’s Eddie that really sees Buck, and see that actually Buck feels he’s expendable (of relatively little significance and therefore able to be abandoned or destroyed) which is the complete opposite to what Taylor and Mrs Buckley think.
Eddie made it clear to Buck how much he is needed, and trusted and wanted, that he is valued, telling Buck about the will and giving Buck a reason to fight to be there for his family and to think about how important he is to the people who love him, I really think by doing this Eddie has given Buck the gentle nudge he needs to change and to think before he rushes in and takes huge risks with his life because he knows that his life is just as important as everyone else’s and that Eddie and Chris need and want Buck to come back safe to them
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mikeluciraphgabe · a month ago
Chris: Hey Dad, you love us right?
Buck: Ya, you love us right?
Eddie who was minding his business and reading the newspaper: Normally I would say yes without hesitation but I have a feeling this is going somewhere I won’t like.
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monarch-pink · 3 months ago
Please convince me this isn’t Buck and Eddie,
Especially in those ‘U.S Navy Seal Evan “Buck” Buckley fan fictions on AO3’
Lol you can’t, cause I’m not wrong!
This is something either I want to write or have someone else write because I’m more confident in my artistic skills than my writing. Lol @mistmarauder I really like your writing style just a suggestion you don’t have to do it, haha! Especially if you don’t want to, no pressure! Love you and I’ve read all your 911 works! Big fan!!!! 💕💕🤩🤩
Also I can picture this scene happening in the fire truck with Hen and Chimney ribbing them after having the surprised Pikachu face.
You know this one:
Tumblr media
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incorrect118 · 8 months ago
Eddie: *sighs dreamily as he enter 118*
Chimney: What's got Eddie so happy?
Hen: Last night Buck got so drunk he couldn't recognize Eddie.
Hen: Eddie tried to take his shirt off to get him changed but Buck slapped his hand away and said, "Stop! I'm married."
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httpstaygold · 3 months ago
some people in this world are sane.
others wake up every day remembering eddie called buck ‘evan’.
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Buck: Hey Eddie! As a guy from Texas - You know the saying 'Save a horse, ride a -"
Bobby from somewhere: DIAZ!
Buck: That!
Eddie: 😳 ... I am not a cowboy, Buck.
Buck: Not the point I am trying to make here.
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incorrect118buddie · 23 days ago
Hen: Is having a penis fun?
Chim: It has its ups and downs.
Eddie: Sometimes it’s a little hard.
Buck : It’s a pain in the ass.
Bobby: Oh, Jesus, fuck, guys, come on.
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writingsnmusings · 7 months ago
Happy Ending After All
pairing: evan ‘buck’ buckley x eddie diaz
summary: 5 times buck was mistaken as a member of the diaz family and the 1 time eddie was there to witness it.
a/n: my first contribution to the buddie fandom! i know this trope is everywhere, but i couldn't resist making my own version. i love writing for these two already!
Tumblr media
gif credit: @whattarush​
“You two have an adorable son.”
He should’ve corrected the Elf, but he just didn’t have the heart to. Watching Eddie and Christopher on the bench a few feet away made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
It’s not like he wouldn’t love for Christopher to be his son, cause boy would he. He was the perfect kid and Buck absolutely adored him.
All Buck could do was nod and smile. “Uh, thank you.”
Buck walked back to the two Diaz boys with a little more pep in his step.
Buck and Eddie kept a watchful eye on Christopher as he played at the little park. Just going up and down the small slide.
“He’s fine, Eddie. You can take a breath.” Buck teased the man next to him who seemed as tense as ever. Eddie was usually right behind his son, keeping a hovering hand on his back, but not this time. Christopher was adamant about doing this on his own though.
Eddie sighed, “I can’t help but worry.”
Buck nodded in understanding, there was a few times where he wanted to jump up and run when Christopher even wobbled in the slightest.
The two men kept a light conversation up until Christopher made a slight judgment error and waved to his dad and Buck when he reached the top step. He stumbled, but quickly caught himself. That wasn’t good enough for Eddie though. “Okay, I’m going.”
Buck shook his head but didn’t stop him. He chuckled when he saw the look Christopher shot his dad as he began to hover.
“My wife is the same way with our boys.” Buck turned his head to find a man standing next to him. “She would’ve yanked them off the slide though, your husband is better.”
Buck’s breath got caught in his throat at the word husband. Did they really look like a couple? He had his arm around the back of the bench where Eddie was, but that’s as close as they were.
He didn’t have a chance to respond as the man had walked away. Eddie and Christopher were now making their way back to him now.
“He wants the swings now, but does not want me to push him.” Eddie faked annoyance and Christopher reached for Buck’s hand.
“Looks like this is a job for Buck, huh?” Buck raised his brows as Christopher let out a few giggles and nodded furiously.
It was just Buck’s luck that he ran into this lady today.
The 118 had assisted her on a call a few days ago, nothing major but she couldn’t stop flirting with Buck the entire time. She only let up when Bobby walked up and said it was time to go.
So here Buck was, going for his morning run when he was stopped by a woman jogging towards him. “If you’re here who’s out saving the city?”
That cheesy line would’ve definitely worked on Buck 1.0, but now it just makes him cringe.
“I go in later this afternoon.” He said with an awkward chuckle. Buck got even more awkward when the lady put her perfectly manicured nails on his arm. “Uh-I better get going now.” He tried making his escape but she wasn’t letting go that easy.
“How about I give you my number? We can set something up once you’re free?”
Buck quickly nodded, thinking if he got the number he could leave and just delete it as soon as the coast was clear.
“Sure.” He pulled out his phone and unlocked it. Pausing for a second to smile at his background which was a silly picture of him, Eddie and Christopher at the park.
“Oh, I see.” The woman piped up from next to him.
Buck raised his eyebrows in confusion.
“You have a family. I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable, that’s a really cute picture.” She nodded towards the phone Buck held.
The realization hit him like a truck. She thought he was with Eddie. Before he could say anything, the lady was jogging backwards and waving while muttering a ‘have a good day.’
Buck let out a laugh and pocketed his phone. Breakfast with his two boys sounded real good right about now.
Eddie was fast asleep in one of the bunks. He’d been pulling doubles whenever he could, needing the extra money for Christopher’s ever piling medical bills.
That’s why he didn’t hear his going off even though everybody else in the firehouse could. Buck had set down his fork and was about to answer Eddie’s phone himself when his own rang.
Carla’s name flashed on the screen, making him answer it without hesitation. “Hello?”
The caregiver quickly explained that Christopher was perfectly fine, but she had an emergency with her husband and needed to drop Chris off somewhere. Buck told her to bring him to the firehouse, knowing today was Abuela’s bingo day and she wasn’t home.
Hen and Chim shared a look as Christopher walked into the station, a big smile on his face like usual. Buck ran to him, scooping the younger boy into his arms and spinning him around. The two said their goodbyes to Carla as she rushed out.
The 118 plus Athena said hi to Christopher and kept him entertained as Buck went to wake up his dad.
“Eddie...Ed’s,” Buck softly shook him from his sleep.
The older man stretched as he looked up as Buck, “What's going on? We got a call?”
Buck shook his head, “No, no. Christopher’s here. Carla’s husband had an emergency so she dropped him off.”
“Why didn’t she take him to Abuela’s?” Eddie asked, furrowing his brows. It took him a second to rack his brain before he mumbled, “Bingo day.”
Buck nodded with a chuckle, “C’mon, Chris was asking for you.”
Athena bumped Hen’s shoulder as they watched Eddie and Buck slide Christopher down the fire pole. The women weren’t really ones to gossip, but these two men were the exception.
“They’re damn near co-parenting him.” Athena mumbled as Hen nodded in agreement.
“It’s like they’re a little family.”
Buck waited right by the school doors, just a few more minutes till kids would be bustling through them.
He volunteered to pick up Christopher today as it was his day off and Eddie was at work; wouldn’t be out for another two hours. Buck made his way through the crowded halls in search of the classroom Christopher would be in.
He heard the boy before he saw him. The unmistakable sound of his giggles made Buck smile. Seeing Christopher was always the highlight of his day. And seeing Eddie wasn't so bad either.
“Buck!” Christopher’s smile was as bright as the sun when he spotted his Buck at the door.
“Hey bud, i’m picking you up today.”
Christopher grabbed his backpack off the chair and made his way to Buck, immediately wrapping his arms around the man’s waist. “Missed you.”
Buck’s heart melted as he squeezed Christopher tighter to him. “I missed you too, Chris.”
“I’m Ms. Ross, Christopher’s art teacher.” The lady stuck her hand out which Buck shook. “It’s so nice to finally meet his other dad. He talks so highly of you.”
“I-um, yeah. It’s really nice to meet you too.” Buck could feel his cheeks heating up.
This isn’t the first time he’s been mistaken for Christopher’s dad and it’s not that he minds, he just wants to know where they’re getting that idea.
“So what’s next on the list, mijo?” Eddie asked his son as they walked the aisles of the grocery store.
“Uh, Buck said we need marinara and cheese for the pizzas.” Christopher said before looking to Buck who was on his other side. “What else?”
Eddie also looked to the other man who was scrolling through his phone, no doubt looking at the recipe he found earlier. “Pepperonis and basil.”
Eddie couldn’t control the way his heart raced when he saw the concentration on Buck’s face. His brow was furrowed and his tongue was sticking out a little. He looked adorable, Eddie thought.
“Those two are on different sides of the store, we split up?” Eddie suggested as he met Buck’s gaze.
“I’ll go with Buck!” Christopher grabbed Buck’s hand before either man could speak.
Eddie smiled at the sight of his two boys walking off before going to grab the pepperonis. It took him a minute to find them but he quickly grabbed them and made his way back to the produce section.
He saw Christopher leaning against Buck as the man talked to a couple that stood in front of them. Buck had his arm around Christopher like usual, making Eddie’s heart skip a beat. Eddie eyed the two for a second, noticing that Buck had forgone the gel today so his curls were in full force and looking strikingly similar to the mop on Christopher’s head.
Eddie’s ears perked up when he heard the woman speak, her eyes were on Christopher. “This one is absolutely adorable, Evan. I’m so glad you got that happy ending you were always talking about.” The man beside her nodded before speaking. “Me too. Now, where’s your other half? We’d love to meet them.”
Buck opened and closed his mouth like a fish. He clearly didn’t know what to say. Christopher turned his head and spotted Eddie, immediately waving him over.
“There’s dad!”
Eddie decided it was his time to walk over. For some reason he always gravitated towards Buck, placing his hand on his lower back. Buck tensed up, but then relaxed. Physical touch wasn’t uncommon for them, it just came natural.
The lady stuck out her hand, smiling at Eddie, “I’m Mrs. Lawrence, Evan here used to work construction with my husband.” She explained, noticing the confusion on his face.
“Oh. It’s nice to meet you both.” Eddie nodded at the older man who did the same.
“We were just telling Evan how nice it is to see him settled down. I always told him he’d get his happy ending.” Mrs. Lawrence went on, winking at Buck who was as red as a fire truck. Eddie decided that he loved seeing Buck blush. He thought it was the cutest thing.
Eddie didn’t think much of his next move as he leaned up and pressed a small kiss to Buck’s hot cheek. Christopher giggled at the way Buck’s face seemingly got redder.
“Yeah, he definitely got his happy ending with us.” His arm went around Buck’s waist and he pulled him more into his side.
Buck and Eddie we’re definitely a family, even if it wasn’t outwardly spoken about.
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vampirebuck · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok so maybe this is a mistake that the producers made or it was on purpose idk but it looks like buck and eddie share the same locker, right???
and i know this have been pointed out before bUT hear me out.
if this is on purpose what if eddie asked buck go share his locker after the whole lawsuit thing???
so we know that one of the things that made buck feel excluded and like the team was replacing him was bosko's name being taped over buck's and how incredibly painful was for him to see that. l
so after buck is back in the team and eddie forgives him, they talk and buck explains every little thing that lead him to make the decision of sue the department and the bosko thing comes up.
and in the moment eddie doesn't say anything because talking about feelings and specially his feelings towards buck is hard, and also he's feeling a little bit guilty.
so the next day, they're both in the lockers and eddie casually offers sharing locker with buck and when buck turns to him, head tilted in confusion and curiosity, eddie says:
"this way you know you'll always have a place in here. if you get hurt again or you need to take some time off, your place in the 118 will be waiting here for you and you can be sure that no one else will take it. it's yours... ours"
and eddie wants to say so much more but he can't, he doesn't. and buck is to busy trying to hold back the tears because that's exactly what he needed and of course eddie is the one to offer because somehow eddie always knows exactly what to say and what to do to make buck feel better.
there's still so much they need to figure out and talk about and this moment is not the right time so buck just nods, with a soft smile in his face and that's how they end up sharing a locker.
and if hen and chimney tease them relentlessly when they realize that they're sharing a locker then that's a prize that eddie is willing to pay to make buck feel secure not only in the team but also in their friendship and they life they share.
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incorrectbuddie118 · 2 months ago
Buck: It’s getting Hen I’ll hold your hand so you won’t get scared.
Hen: I’m not scared?
Eddie: Buck, that’s my hand.
Buck, let’s go: Oops sorry *Blushes*
Eddie, grabs Buck’s hand: I didn’t say let go.
Buck: *Becomes a tomato*
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maymarie9-1-1 · 3 months ago
Extraordinarily Ordinary
Read On AO3
His first kiss with Eddie is inevitable.  Buck knows it will happen sooner or later.  This thing building between them is here to stay.  He can't ignore it so his only choice is to eventually deal with it and face the consequences.
He doesn't know how it will happen, just that it will.
Maybe it will happen during a moment of comfort after a particularly bad call.  
Or maybe it will be a celebratory kiss, both of them caught in the wave of an adrenaline rush after an amazing rescue.
Or maybe he'll finally kiss Eddie in a fit of jealousy after seeing someone hit on him one too many times when they're just trying to do their damn jobs.
He definitely wouldn't be surprised if their first kiss is alcohol fueled.  He lets himself imagine this possibility way too often.  In this version of their first kiss, they're having a few beers after a long shift at work, slumped together on Eddie's couch feeling warm and cozy from the alcohol when Buck casually leans over and kisses him because the alcohol allows him to momentarily forget that kissing isn't something they do.
Of all the ways their first kiss can go, this is not how Buck imagined it.  
Buck never thought that Eddie would be the one to make the first move.  But that's exactly how it happens.
They're standing in Buck's kitchen washing dishes after dinner when Buck makes a comment that they should make sure to buy tickets for Christopher's school play as soon as they go on sale tomorrow so they can get front row seats.
Buck sets down the plate he's drying and holds his hand out for Eddie to pass him the next dish to dry, but it never comes.
Instead, Eddie is pushing himself into Buck's personal space and before Buck realizes what's happening, Eddie is kissing him.  It's not blink and you miss it quick, but the kiss is still over in a few seconds.
Buck is stunned.  He always assumed he'd be the one making the first move.
"I'm sorry," mumbles Eddie, pushing himself away from Buck.  He almost trips over his own two feet in an attempt to put more space between them.   "Fuck.  We can pretend this never happened."
Buck's brain kicks in just in time to realize that Eddie's going to leave if Buck doesn't do something to stop him.
"Not a chance," replies Buck, wildly throwing a hand out to stop Eddie from fleeing.  He grabs a handful of Eddie's t-shirt just below the collar.   That'll do.
Buck pulls Eddie back to him, even closer than before, and kisses Eddie back properly, like he should have done the first time instead of just standing there in shock.  This kiss is much longer.
"I can't believe you beat me to that," Buck breathes out when they finally break apart.  Eddie just laughs.
As far as first kisses go, there isn't anything inherently special about theirs.  
But it's everything.
- - -
Read Eddie’s POV of their kiss in "Impulsively Decisive" on AO3 or on Tumblr
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liittlemars · 5 days ago
Okay, so I just have something to get off my head before I go to sleep or I won't be able to.
I finished watching 9-1-1 a month ago and it quickly became the Obsession of the Moment™, and before I was done with it I didn't join the fandom here on Tumblr. I was convinced I was the only one picking up gay vibes™ from Eddie and Buck and I am so used to disappointment [hello there, Destiel] that I don't hope for it anymore, you know?
And then I joined the fandom and I've found this amazing family of people that just genuinely enjoy the show and you know what? I realized that I don't really care about Buck and Eddie being endgame.
Now, this might sound controversial, I know. I ship those two idiots, they're most likely to become my OTP and, as a queer person myself, I'd appreciate the representation. But then I realized that the reason why I love them so much it's exactly because they've been written as they are. I wouldn't change a thing about this show or about the relationship between Buck and Eddie. They're perfect as they are, for me.
And yes, I'd love them to be canon, and have a family of their own with Christopher and all of that, but still – I'd be okay if that won't happen. I'd be okay if they continued to be friends. Because, let's be honest, Buck and Eddie's friendship is one of the best male friendships I've ever seen on screen.
So yes, this is what I've been dying to clarify. If you see me shipping them and reblogging analysis, theories or whatever, just keep in mind that yes, I ship them, but I'm happy with them anyway – canon or not.
An honestly, I love this show entirely, every single character, their interactions, the themes they approach – this show means a whole lot to me and I'll take is as it comes.
Thank you for reading this, I guess. Now I'm going to sleep, hopefully
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heartbelongs2zouis · 4 months ago
Buck without his top:
Tumblr media
Buck with his top:
Tumblr media
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narrybo · 3 months ago
two bros having a emotional moment on a hospital bed five feet apart because they're not gay
Tumblr media
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