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#buddie incorrect quotes
chris: hey dad, can you pass me the salt
buck and eddie: *both reaching for the salt*
eddie: *smiling at buck, pulling his hand back*
buck: *smiling like an idiot, handing chris the salt*
chris: thanks dad
hen, whispering to chim: and you're sure they're still not together?
chim: yep, i don't think they even know that they're in love and raising a child together
hen, sighing: idiots
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firehousewithaview · 3 months ago
Eddie, reading something on his phone: what's your favorite song?
Buck, an ADHD mess: the song i currently have stuck in my head is the Little Einsteins song about rocketships
Eddie: that's not what I asked
Buck: this is the information I currently have
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gayshipsandanxiety · 21 days ago
eddie: you know that feeling you get when you look at a guy and your heart goes all fluttery?
bobby: no.
hen: literally what are you talking about.
buck: yeah, but that's probably just because i'm bi.
eddie: you're what.
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Buck: Hey, Eddie?
Eddie: Yes, Buck?
Buck: Did you know that Jane declined Tarzan’s proposal? Apparently, he was known to be a swinger.
Eddie quietly muttering to himself: It’s your own fault. You agreed to marry him. You said I do.
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theblueoceann · 3 months ago
Chim: Hey, are you free on Friday? like, around 8 pm on Friday?
Buck: Yes?
Chim: What about you?
Eddie: Yes, I am
Chim: Great! Because I’m not. You two go without me. Enjoy your date.
Buck: Did he just-
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blu-skull · 5 days ago
Buck: I have cat-like reflexes.
Eddie: Prove it.
*sees a cat*
Buck: I like that cat.
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eddie: i love you and i'd like you to be part of our family
buck: i love you too, you're my best friend but weren't we bro-parenting the whole time?
eddie: buck that's not- forget it
eddie, murmuring while walking away: how could i fall in love with him
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reindeerbuckaroo · 4 months ago
Carla: Eddie, you look like someone kicked your puppy. What's going on?
Eddie: Who told you that Buck had to be taken to the hospital because someone punched him on a call?
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gayshipsandanxiety · 2 months ago
eddie: can you turn on the light?
buck: you're the only light i need in my life.
eddie: babe that's so sweet but i can't see.
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ablazenqueen · 8 months ago
Bobby: Buck, you’re grounded. No firetruck.
Buck: But I need the firetruck to respond to 911 calls.
Bobby: Fine. Then no video games with Hen during break.
Buck: The tv’s broken anyway.
Bobby: Then no... Uhh, no Eddie.
Eddie: What? No Eddie?!
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz · 2 months ago
Buck: guess who burnt the pizza? Again! Pro tip: this person has a great sense of humor, he is a great dad and one of the Buckley’s is in love with him.
Hen: Eddie?
Buck: Yes! It was Chimney! Can you believe… wait! Eddie? No! What? I’m not in love with Eddie! What? No! He’s my best friend! That’s ridiculous.
Buck: Ok, fine. Yes, I’m in love with Eddie. And yeah, you’re right, he definitely burnt pizza at least once in his life. And he always makes me laugh with his jokes. And he’s such an amazing dad to Christopher. I should’ve been more specific when I made you guess, damn it!
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theblueoceann · 3 months ago
Buck: You know, I’m jealous of you
Eddie: Huh? Why?
Buck: Your partner is way hotter than mine *walks away*
Eddie: Wait but
Eddie: but wE ARE DATIN-
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