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“she’s still in her pajamas, goddamn it, the long black silk pants i stole for her years ago” 💚

[image description: a watercolor painting of a young buddy aurinko and vespa ilkay from the penumbra podcast. vespa is sitting cross legged in a grey tanktop, blue and white striped shorts, and socks. she looks nervous and is blushing while scratching the back of her head, running her fingers through her bright green hair. she has a blue crescent moon tattoo on her right shoulder. buddy is sitting to her right, ecstatic as she holds a new black silk pair of pajamas to her chest, the box for them sitting open on her knees. she has flame red hair tied back with a pink bandana and is wearing a dark red bra and seemingly well worn light purple sweatpants with a hole in the knee. she has a yellow sun tattoo on her left shoulder. behind the bed buddy and vespa are sitting on is a small circular window, through which you can see the martian desert. the sky is a mix of radioactive orange, yellow, and blue. there is a cityscape in the distance, two small green cacti on the sand, and two looming planets floating high above them / end image description]

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Penumbra WLW Week- Day 1: First Meeting/Reunion

“When I saw her, i realized that this was the first time I’ve  seen her all day because I fell in love with her all over again, just like I do first thing every morning when I turn and see Buddy Aurinko, right beside me.”

AKA, I like to imagine that every morning when Buddy and Vespa wake up in each other’s arms, it’s like they’ve reunited all over again.

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[ID: a digital drawing of Buddy Aurinko from The Penumbra Podcast. She is depicted as a somewhat muscular black woman with neon red hair. Her hair is styled big, natural, and mostly loose, falling to the small of her back. Some of it on one side is braided back from her face, allowing the other side to cover her left eye. She is wearing mom jeans, a black tank top with a plunging V-neck, yellow-tinted shades, and a gold nose ring. She sits back, propped up on one arm, one leg curled up (like half a criss-cross applesauce) and the other planted on the ground. She holds the arm not propping her up outstretched, the heel of her palm resting on her knee and a pistol in her hand. Her face is tilted down; she smirks. End ID]

Drew Buddy for penumbra wlw week because I’m gay.

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