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#bug fear

@valy-du-67 submitted: So… I know spiders are useful, and I can honestly say that I love them, and I NEVER harm them, but at the same time I still suffer from severe arachnophobia ! I wish I wouldn’t, but I cannot help it ! So I admit, I screamed when I found this big spider in my bathtub, a few days ago ! Was as big as my hand, with these loooong legs ! lol Thankfully, my father could catch it carefully and put it outside unharmed ! :-)

This big fella would startle even me! Absolutely love his legs though. All 7 of them. Precious 🖤

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I imagine it’s because they’re capable of infesting our homes in huge numbers and they can potentially spread disease. I love bugs, but I wouldn’t want them in my house!

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That is awesome! Good for her for trying to get over her fear, and that’s a great way to do it. You should learn some bug facts about your local species and share them with her! Bugs are a lot less scary when you know more about them. :)

P.S. - Tell your new bug friends hello from me, please and thank you

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I’m so glad to hear your wasp fear has subsided! They definitely are generally very chill if you just stay still and calm and let them zoom around and do wasp stuff. I also have a mirror spider! She’s very tiny and crawls inside the mirror when I drive. Car spiders must be adrenaline junkies.

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Nice!!!!!!!! That’s great news. Now you can have some spider friends. All these bugs give me buckets of serotonin too for sure. :))

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thank u for the tag @lordofthegauntlets !! <3

wind or rain // closed curtains or open window // bumblebees or butterflies // banana bread or cheesecake (neither bc im allergic to both) // tulips or roses // lemon & honey or apple & cinnamon // hillside cottage or city apartment // warm or cool // book or video game // organized bullet journal or cluttered sketchbook // smoothie or milkshake // sunshine or moonlight // relaxing or productivity // holding hands or back hugs // sunset at the beach or stargazing in a field // poetry or prose // candle or diffuser // longing for the past or longing for the future // vocals or instrumentals // snowy mountain or rolling green hills

i tag @macaronisnails @crocodileskull @pockmarkedplanet @arocketonthemoon @wildcarrot @theyliens and anyone who wants to do this is welcome to say i tagged them! <3

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