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Ebichi [Bug type]
Species: Little Shrimp Pokemon
Height: 0.2 m (0′08’’)
Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
Ability: Water Absorb, Sap Sipper
Hidden Ability: Natural Cure

Ebichi stats
HP- 40
ATK- 30
DEF- 40
SP ATK- 35
SP DEF- 45
SPD- 55
Total: 245

Ebichi dex entry
They are very small, and very weak Pokemon. Even in large numbers they hardly pose a threat, though in a group they feel slightly more confident. They’re at the bottom of the food chain, and live most of their lives in the ocean until they finally evolve.

Wyramaki [Bug/Dragon type]
Species: Dragon Shrimp Pokemon
Length: 0.4 m (1′04’’)
Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
Ability: Water Absorb, Sap Sipper
Hidden Ability: Natural Cure

Wyramaki stats
HP- 123
ATK- 70
DEF- 80
SP ATK- 97
SP DEF- 80
SPD- 85
Total: 535

Wyramaki dex entry
After so long of being pursued, they evolve and become formidable opponents, more than capable of defending themselves and others. Though they would make a tasty treat to many Pokemon, they are rather difficult to successfully take down. Wyramaki make brilliant companions, as they have a rather gentle and tame nature compared to most Dragon-types.

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A Joltik would be a great companion for you! They are always content to cling to their trainers and passively absorb static electricity as their person goes about their day. While Galvantula might be a little more difficult to take to work every day, they are ambush predators who are by nature happy to hang out at home in their web. Both are also more receptive to physical affection than many other Bug-Types.


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They don’t go a pupal stage, which makes Pokémon like Venonat and Larvesta technically nymphs instead of larvae. This often happens with Bug-Types that evolve at higher levels, as they tend to be capable of storing energy for evolution while still fending off predators for a long while. They may also benefit from more protection from fully-evolved adults than larval Bug-Types, due to increased overlap in geographical range. Adults of larval Pokémon, such as Butterfree, tend not to stick around to protect their young.


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Snipsir, The Stag Beetle Pokémon

The name is a a combination of the word snip and the letters of Pinsir, this Pokémon’s evolved form, rearranged.

Type - Bug
Height - 2'8"
Weight - 32 lbs.
Ability - Hyper Cutter/Mold Breaker (Hidden: Moxie)
Pokédex Entry - Snipsir’s pincers are not big enough to grip anything so to protect itself, it head butts predators with surprising force.

Not gonna lie… I’m pretty proud of the name.

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