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Okay, I’m just going to stop looking up various biting/stinging flies to find the one that accosted me… I accidentally found out there’s more than one kind of earwig (the bane of my existence, nightmare fuel, let me off this planet bug) and I absolutely did not need to know that.  I didn’t ask about earwigs, Google.  I never ask about earwigs. *has a Blathers meltdown*

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I can’t believe you can still see the caterpillar after GIF compression… Goodness.

If you’re wondering, this is the same tiny caterpillar from before.

✤ Unknown Lepidoptera species - (Too young to identify)

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I love gardening… August will be a year we’ve been in our new home. But I’ve never seen such gigantic beetles 🤮. Searched and I guess they june beetles. Woke up today with a bunch flying in our front flower garden… so many. I read about both good and bad things… they look like Japanese beetles on steroids. Feel free to leave me a comment about your experience with them. Cause this is a new one for me.


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Hear ye hear ye nature loving age regressors!

There is a kid safe app for identifying plants, animals, bugs, fungi, and more!!! I just went to the park today and remembered that my caregiver helped me download it. It was so much fun!

Don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray, and water!

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@xxmapleisaloserxx​ submitted: My boyfriend found this caterpillar a few days ago, and we both have an unusual hyperfixation with caterpillars.


This caterpillar is fantastic. I, too, have a hyperfixation with them, so we have that in common. This buddy is a sphinx moth caterpillar but it’d be easier to say which if I had a location. Maybe a catalpa sphinx?

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@diabetic-asshole​ submitted: my mom found this outside the other day! we are in southeastern Pennsylvania and someone ID’d it as a dobsonfly, i was just wondering if they were correct and also thought i’d show off those lovely antenna

Yes, it’s a male eastern dobsonfly! Females don’t have those great big incredible jaws. I know if I were a lady dobsonfly I’d be veeery impressed by them.

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