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imma head out 🖕🏽🤗🖕🏽

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@pb-n-jae submitted: A pretty lady from last fall! I think she’s a golden cross orbweaver, they’re pretty common where I live in the PNW and are excellent autumnal guests :) I love all the little spots and stripes on them and the big intricate webs they spin!

She’s a cross orbweaver, yes! I’ve never heard them called golden cross orbweavers, maybe that’s a local thing for you? But yes they’re super common but I love them deeply! Very nice markings :)

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@poptartthecat​ submitted: found a very pretty garden snail outside last time it rained!!! I really love their shell patterns ^ ^

Ohhhhhhhhh what a sweet babe! Love their eye stalks AND their shell pattern. 10/10 would befriend this snail.

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Skull Island Kaiju Redesigns - Central Island









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@sourb0i​ submitted: I saw this in Southern California! I’m pretty sure it’s a steel blue ladybird, although the internet said they’re native to Australia so I’m not sure.

It is indeed a steelblue lady beetle, Halmus chalybeus. They’re native to Australia but have been introduced to quite a few other places including southern California!

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@rotiferwhispers submitted: Murder the Assassin snail + the largest of my newly added ramshorns! There’s also a betta fish named Mystery in there, but he’s not an insect so he isn’t included in here.

Snails aren’t insects either ;) They’re gastropods! Would consider them bugs sometimes, tho. Now I wanna see your betta tbh. Tell your snails I love them!

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@rainplanet submitted: I found this ant dragging a feather last summer 🐜♡

This is…extremely cute. Did you know? Some ants will place feathers near their nest to collect dew in the mornings to drink. Neat!

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@flipsy-applepie​ submitted: hi!!! could u id a couple of bugs for me please? (north Italy)

first of all we have this beautiful lady


then there’s some kind of orange fly??? I had never seen one before


and lastly a huge friend I found last year and that I didn’t dare bother


that (I think??) I found again this winter


Hello! Yes I can! The beautiful butterfly babe is a spotted fritillary, Melitaea didyma. The orange/yellow fly is a yellow dung fly, Scathophaga stercoraria. They are quite common all across Europe and the US, but since they’re less likely to be found in houses than some other flies, I imagine most people won’t ever encounter them. And finally the large leggy friend(s) is a male giant house spider, either Eratigena duellica or Eratigena atrica. Possibly the same individual since they have a lifespan of about 18 months, but more likely a second pal of the same species. Thanks for sharing your Italian bugs, I love them!

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submitted: This little fellow came with the moss I collected. I am unsure if the twitching is normal. Location is finland


What a little cutie!!! The twitching could be defensive. Looks like a moth caterpillar rather than a beetle larva since I can see true legs, abdominal prolegs, and a set of anal prolegs. No idea which species though! Too tiny and indistinct to tell. They are adorable though, thank you for sharing!

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@jabbers-wild-world submitted: Tiny little friend found in upstate NY! I was doing the usual chores and vacuuming when I saw what, at first, looked like a little clump of dirt moving around. I thought maybe the air from the vacuum was moving it, so I turned it off, and then the little friend kept moving and was jumping around and I went, ‘tiny jumping friend!! :D’ So I picked this little lady/gentleman up in an old, cleaned out tub of frosting so I could get them out of the way safely while I cleaned.

Oh VERY tiny and adorable!! I’m glad she didn’t perish inside a vacuum. She appears to be a female Asiatic wall jumping spider! I love her :)

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writer and inventor but not in the position to follow his dreams :(

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