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small business haul 1 : sticker edition!

decided to try out some small sticker businesses and they certainly did not disappoint!! i’m so excited to use these for my future spreads :)

here’s the list of where i got these stickers from: / fujibee / 526studios / moonibird / emyseggtart / areumxstudio / stickersbyjjo / berry cute studio

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My october spread 🎃

My bulletjournal is almost full now,I guess I’ll reach the last pages in november which is really unsatisfying because I can’t start a new one in january. Do you guys have a good solution for that by any chance? :D

I’m participating in the Inktober again, but this year I will actually post my drawings so stay tuned. 🤗

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Whether you consider yourself artistic, or just like staying organized, there’s a style of bullet journal for everyone! If it’s you’ve always wanted to try bullet journaling, here’s some ideas for you!


Credit: Whoopsydaisy on WeHeartIt


Credit: lovgud on WeHeartIt

A minimal themed bujo is a good place to start for any beginner! This type of journaling also works for someone who wants to be organized but doesn’t care about  fancy visuals or doodling. A minimal bujo is good if you want to create daily and weekly spreads that look nice but don’t take a lot of time. 


Credit: cookie233 on WeHeartIt 

One of the most popular styles of bullet journaling, aesthetic/themed weekly spreads. If you like lettering and stationery, this type of bujo is for you. You can pick a theme for each month and use different stickers, washi tape, pictures, and doodles that match your aesthetic.  You can add in personal journaling, a gratitude log, and trackers (sleep, finance, working out, drinking water, mood). 


Credits: journalofablond on instagram 

An art journal, is great if you like drawing and painting! But you can also create an art journal with photographs, magazines images, scrap booking materials, etc. This type of journal is great if you prefer to express yourself through images more than words. 


Credit: bliss.journaling on instagram 


Credit: tsvkki.notes on instagram 

Finally, you can create a bujo for your favourite fandom! KPop bullet journals are one of the most popular types out there. You can also create spreads for any of your favourite shows, movies, books, or celebrities. This is a type of journal you can do spreads for as often or as little as you like!  


Credit: focusign on instagram 

Hope this gives you some ideas and you enjoy the relaxing benefits of journaling! :) Please check out all of the bujo accounts I shared images of!

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friday, 2/7/20

seas the day! this is from one of my favorite spreads. 1000% inspired by AKMU’s album “sailing” (my fav is how can i love the heartbreak, aGH musical genius!). featuring these pretty star earrings my sister got me – they are so gorgeous!!! so excited to wear them out.

let’s be study buddies/bujo baes? connect with me on instagram ♡

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28/10/20 october - 2/100 days

here’s the bujo i mentioned before! i like to keep mine simple to focus on the work in it, rather than the art around it

my laptop sucks, i can do stuff on the internet with some patience, but today took the cake. it started updating at 11:30, and at the time of posting it is now 17:40 and its still not done ( ̄ε ̄)

went shopping with my mum and was INSANELY tempted to buy another succulent, but i resisted like the champ i am (we did get a money plant for the living room though akdndj)

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