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#bujo ideas

23 may 20 /

sooo… may is almost over but here’s the 30 day song challenge i started at the beginning of the month. i’ll post the full thing at the end of the month 🌱 in the meantime, thanks for 2k! -b

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I try to find the right words to describe my love for you. The right phrases to express the joy you’ve given me my soul and gave a purpose to my life.

My muse when I lost inspiration my comfort when I needed to shed a tear or two. The reason I was able to find my voice when I thought it was lost.

How can I explain the melody that set a fire in my soul and released me from my chains ??? Or describe the protective feeling that your soft and soothing voice has given me ???

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21 may 20 /

finally posting may spreads 🐸 it’s officially my last day of school ever. wow. even though i don’t miss my school, i’m really going to miss the people that changed my life there. anyway, we’re graduating! -b

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daily wrap-up, 200519 🌘

— today’s theme: racing against uni deadlines

⭐️ highlights

  • mom randomly handed us cash??? (nothing big tho; she’s just so frugal usually, so it’s weird)
  • a jinx moment with my sister
  • gave mom a head massage for the first time in a long while

⭐️ accomplishments

  • finished and passed coding for thesis (FINALLY 😭)
  • made Venus Rx tarotscopes for IG
  • checked and answered messages despite the anxiety

⭐️ gratitude

  • being in a better situation than a lot of other students
  • my SO’s furry baby, Cloud
  • being able to openly discuss witchy stuff with (most of) my family

intro postmore ocs

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getting ready for some new classes this week! having my order log included has been a lot of help in keeping track of everything i buy 😅

note: my username was 00roseblush but is now 119venus!

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daily wrap-up; 200515 🍃

today’s theme is drowning in school work.

🌱 highlights

  • MnP grades came in, and i have to say, i’m disappointed. i didn’t fail by any means, but i expected a higher mark.
  • the first storm since quarantine started
  • my parents went out for groceries and brought home so much stuff. (we’re not hoarders, i swear. my sister and i just have bottomless caverns for stomachs.)

☘️ accomplishments

  • made a tarotscope for Venus Retrograde and posted it on social media for the first time
  • planted my 4th real tree via Forest!
  • recorded 30 mins. of Stardew Valley gameplay for the tour video i’m making

🍀 gratitude

  • the storm made my room cool enough to actually stay in. i didn’t have to squat in my parents’ air-conditioned room.
  • my intuition, and the fact that i can read tarot/study astrology without being burned at the stake 😅
  • the small cylinder of pringles that i consumed in one sitting

intro post 🍵 rosie’s ocs🍵

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thu // 07 may

photo from a couple of weeks ago for today, featuring a film review spread! i overexerted my hands over the weekend while gardening, so i have been taking it easy and not doing much involved note-taking or journaling this week.

i guess i’ve been taking it easy in all regards, mostly as a mental break to kind of keep myself calm and grounded throughout the pandemic. it’s been hard to steer away from feelings of guilt over being less productive, but we’re in a unique and challenging time in the world so i’m trying not to blame myself over things like that. i’m supposed to go back to work within the next couple of weeks, so at least that should be a welcomed deviation from the new normal.

other things that i’ve been doing while not updating this:

  • one of my good college friends invited me to fast with him for a day for ramadan, which was a good experience! i woke up to have breakfast before the sunrise, which is a time that hasn’t existed to me for weeks now. so that was nice.
  • made matcha cheesecake cupcakes for the first time~ they sunk in the middle, but tasted delicious :’D
  • started rewatching hannibal & joined twitter to meet other fans. i have new friends! much needed while i’m cooped up alone all day every day…
  • spent all of last saturday doing yard maintenance. my apartment has a small yard that we don’t use; it’s not very large and doesn’t afford much privacy since the fences are low. as a result we “kind of” let the weeds get out of hand and finally decided to just do away with it all and never let it get that bad again. it was daunting, but i really enjoyed the repetitiveness of taking shears to the weeds and watching the place clear up! but i was definitely overeager about it and ended up tweaking my hands/arms/back/hamstrings, and was sore for days. is this what getting old is???
  • watched some rom-coms from the late aughts and discovered the weepies. there’s something about indie folk-pop from this era that gives it such a refreshing quality, like everything feels so clear and simple when i listen to it. or maybe it’s only because this is what i listened to throughout all of high school??
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I’ve been managing to keep myself in a routine but yesterday I woke up to bad news about my job/upcoming move (basically all on hold, again) and then found out a relative tested positive (you know what for).

So yeah some days you just throw the to do list in the bin. Not letting myself stay down like this for long though, because I hate feeling so sad and lost. Take a day or two, but keep going everyone. Han and Rhea, you’ll get your cards when I have something positive to write in them xoxo

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