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#bujo spread

I came back across Matt Ragland’s bujo videos on YouTube the other day, and he has a system of tracking his work hours where he sets ten four-hour work block goals and gradually shades them in throughout the week. Given the change in my work circumstances, I figured I’d give it a try by first just tracking how much I actually work and what I work on. Once I’ve done this for a couple weeks and figured out my patterns and a layout I like, I can adopt something closer to Matt’s system by adding goals to the process.

So far this week I’ve only worked 16 hours…I think I’ll clock a few more on Saturday and try to get to at least twenty. Insane how much less productive I’ve gotten at home :(

[the notes at the bottom are a little review section so I know what to change for the next iteration]

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Let’s be real.

Let’s post about the unproductive days too.

The lazy mornings.

The untidy notes.

That messy bujo week.

The B+ test grade.

Let’s talk about the social life.

That novel you wanna read but can’t cause school :/

That event you missed on to study.

The people who don’t talk to you cause you’d rather spend time with books.

We all love the bright side of things. We all love seeing each other getting things done and getting motivated to do the same. But don’t you ever wanna know if someone else isn’t feeling it today too?

Let’s share ALL aspects of school.

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29 May 2020 | I woke up early today and started academic reading for 2 hours before going out. It has been awhile since I go out to buy things for myself, apparently. Hence, the mini-haul!

I have been too occupied with my essays and prepatory readings before classes. My semester would resume in another three days — June 1. I am a bit anxious but couldn’t wait to start officially attending the class again ehe.

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Finished my june spread and took my algebra ii final. All of my other work is due tomorrow and I still have four assignments to finish :(

𝅘𝅥𝅮 moderation by florence + the machine

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|05•28•2020| June Cover Page

Since I’m on summer vacation I will be posting my bullet journal. I started making spreads last month and I’m really liking it since I can change it up every month.

This month I decided to go with a citrus theme since it is the first month is SUMMER!!

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