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#bujo weekly

rainy evening + planning for the week   (●´ω`●)

i hope everyone is safe and staying healthy right now during these hard times… let’s hope that everything will be okay soon.

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April monthly log 😀 Апрельский еженедельник 

Обычно у меня неаккуратный размашистый и крупный почерк. Поэтому заполненный ежедневник выглядит хаотичной серой размазней, если не добавить цвет

I usually have messy handwriting. And when I fill bujo with tasks everything in it seems to be chaotic and grey without colour

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March 07, 2020 || 2:12pm

Eyo! Here’s my first weekly spread for March/next week’s spread.

Question: If you live in the city, do you like living in it? If you don’t live in one, would you like to? What do you like or not like about the city? (Lmaooo I swear this isn’t an essay question. Genuinely curious)

I personally love the city. I like the hustle and the bustle and the seemingly endless amount of stuff to explore and do as well as the quick change. I want a city with more parks though and somewhere walkable and safe where you won’t have to worry about a thief snatching your stuff or getting hit by a motorcycle who wanted to ditch the traffic so use the pavements as a road.

🎶 I Love Me by Demi Lovato

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🇲🇽[11/100] Días de productividad.

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes unas páginas de mi bujo para el mes de marzo, este mes quise probar un estilo de media hoja recortada.

¿Ustedes ya tienen su bujo de marzo?

🇬🇧[11/100] Days of productivity

Today I want to share with you some pages of my owl for the month of March, this month I wanted to try a half-cut style.

Do you already have your March bujo?

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100 Days of Productivity // Day 1

Here we go again! This is my final undergraduate semester. Next fall I’ll be in a neuroscience PhD program! I’ve already got two interviews lined up (out of my six applications). Unfortunately, I don’t get to coast to a nice gentle stop this semester. I have my two final senior statistics classes, my honors undergraduate thesis, and my psych capstone to do.

I have to hit the ground running, starting now. So this semester, I’ll be doing 100 days of productivity again, this time with the explicit goal of spending 30 minutes or more studying a day. I also have a January resolution to fix my sleep schedule by being in bed by nine without any electronics. As you can see, it’s not going well so far lol

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