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🇲🇽 Ahora sí le faltaron horas a mi día. 😅

Más vale tarde que nunca, les comparto la última semana de octubre con paleta otoñal y cronograma horizontal. 🤭🍂

🇬🇧 Now my day was missing hours. 😅

Better late than never, I share the last week of October with an autumnal palette and horizontal schedule. 🤭🍂

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This first week of school was a lot, but I made it and completed all my assignments, stuck to my habits, took care of a bunch of stuff at home, and came out okay. Time to rinse and repeat!

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I came back across Matt Ragland’s bujo videos on YouTube the other day, and he has a system of tracking his work hours where he sets ten four-hour work block goals and gradually shades them in throughout the week. Given the change in my work circumstances, I figured I’d give it a try by first just tracking how much I actually work and what I work on. Once I’ve done this for a couple weeks and figured out my patterns and a layout I like, I can adopt something closer to Matt’s system by adding goals to the process.

So far this week I’ve only worked 16 hours…I think I’ll clock a few more on Saturday and try to get to at least twenty. Insane how much less productive I’ve gotten at home :(

[the notes at the bottom are a little review section so I know what to change for the next iteration]

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May 23, 2020
June 2020 Cover Page 💙
Back after a long while! Didn’t think much about what it should have as long as it was ocean-themed it would turn out so great I actually love it! 😍😍
Blue for this month! What’s your color theme?
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