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First trimester flip through 💙❄
Yeah, I do use the bujo less than I maybe should buuuuut… hey, I like it ‘cause it gives you freedom. Wanna use ten pages for a month? Fine. Wanna use just one? Who cares, it’s still fine! So… yeah. I use it to track just what I really care about lol
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// 2020 quarantine challenge - take a picture of your most colourful notes

My notes aren’t usually abnormally colourful - but here’s some user design notes and a bujo page from last year to match!

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[2020.04.01 wed]

In these last few days weeks?haha I was basically buried in assignments, exercises on top of exercises on top of exercises… I think you get the gist of it. Anyway April is here, nice weather, sun and all the good things. Keep going❤

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When 2020 started I made this little visual eye candy for myself in my bujo almost to have it serve as a mini vision board for myself. I’m so in love with girly color combinations, that kind of thing makes me happy. Clearly I wanted to travel more this year and be more of a free spirit but we’ll have to put these plans on hold. I think times like now help us take a step back and reevaluate what’s important to us, instead of being on autopilot most, if not all, the time. Stay safe and happy everyone.

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Quarantine day ?? : I’ve started bullet journaling after a long time. I have a lot of time on hand so I’ll be focusing on preparing for my new session. I have nothing to do. What are you guys upto?

I would also like to bring light to the fact that the world is in a horrible situation right now, and help each other any way possible. Wash your hands and stay safe, people!

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