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an old 2020 april spread. it’s crazy we’re approaching june - so much has happened this year already (definitely one for the history books).

i made this spread when i barely had any motivation to put in effort in e-classes, feeling frantic and completely uninspired to do anything. so, i turned to music, art and multimedia and just let the pens lead. i think it looks alright.

a lot of the times i tend to burn myself out without realising. it’s easy to tell others to “take it easy” or “give yourself a break”, but i find myself going against the words i tell others. bullet journalling has allowed me to feel a lost sense of comfort when working, as a sort of mini-break when i’m unnoticeably too hard on myself.

what do you do to take a break?

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5/30 | 2020 Quarantine Challenge | M3 | W10 | Day 25/100

SAT- What is your favourite word? (in any language)

My fave word is a Japanese word that is also pronounced and spelt the same way in Yoruba but with different meaning. 

Kokoro 心

In Japanese it means heart/emotions. But in Yoruba it means a bug/insect lol

- - - - -

One more day before the month ends. Been feeling a bit down with what’s going on in the U.S. 

I am just tired of seeing my people being brutally murdered just because of the color of their skin. 

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5/29 | 2020 Quarantine Challenge | M3 | W10 | Day 23 & 24/100

THU- What do you think is the best sounding language?

It’s a tie between Spanish & Korean. 

FRI- What is your favourite idiom? (in any language)

I don’t really have a favorite Idiom but I do remember when i took Yoruba in secondary school they made us memorize some idioms and the only one i can remember is:

“Ile la ti n ko eso re ode”

This is the Yoruba version of “Charity begins at home”

- - - - -

Was not feeling too well yesterday so i spent the whole day in bed watching Korean drama (Oh my baby!). Today my main goal is to rest a bit and also finish my blog post for the weekend.

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Selalu ada hal yang bisa dilakukan saat pandemi seperti ini. Salah satunya adalah belajar bahasa Inggris. Hehe. Dari dulu sebenarnya aku sudah pengen banget kembali belajar basic grammar. Cuma karena gak sempat, pulang kerja udah sore, pastinya udah keburu mager kalau mau belajar lagi.

Terus, pas sekarang aku kerjanya hanya setengah hari, jadi punya banyak waktu di siang hari buat belajar. Dan begitulah penampakan catatanku. Ah, andai saja pas zaman sekolah aku sudah senang banget mencatat dan mendekor catatan, pasti aku bakalan suka banget sekolah.

Rasanya pengen balik ke masa-masa sekolah tapi dengan kemampuan sekarang. Hehe. Kalau kalian, hal produktif apa yang sudah dilakukan di masa pandemi?

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Kreativen Funkenflug nutzen — Umgang mit Inspiration(en)

*unbeauftragte Werbung wg. der Kamera im Bild 🤗*

Die Inspiration halte ich für ein launenhaftes Wesen. Wenn die sprichwörtliche Muse dich küsst, dir Ideen liefert, eine toller als die andere, was machst du dann damit? 🤔

Viele Menschen empfehlen, ein Notizbuch zu verwenden (oder die entsprechende App), um alle Einfälle festzuhalten und bei Bedarf auf sie zurückzugreifen. Das Vergessen scheint ein bisschen verpönt zu sein. Unerwünscht. Wie ein innerliches Versagen. Die Sorge, ein Einfall könne im hektischen Alltag wie eine Sternschnuppe am Firmament verglühen, haftet der Inspiration an.

Ich halte davon nicht viel.

Ich glaube, es liegt in der Natur der Muse, flüchtig und vergänglich zu sein. Ist ein Einfall tatsächlich wertvoll, relevant und wichtig, dann verglüht der Funke nicht so schnell. Er strahlt vielmehr als leuchtender Stern über unseren Köpfen. Er wird nicht einfach vergessen. Inspirative Funken vergleiche ich deshalb mit der Ebbe und Flut im rotorangeglühenden Leuchtfeuer eines Sonnenuntergangs: Sie kommen und gehen. Was bleiben soll, das bleibt — wie eine Flaschenpost im Sand.

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25th May 2020 : Monday

Week 10 of #2020 quarntine challenge

*deep breaths*

Q - What is your native language?

My native language is Hindi (India) & English is my second language .

*sigh* My Firstever Bullet Journal , I had so much fun while making it . So this my first post on tumblr as studyblr / bujoblr and hope you guys like it .

Any tips on how to productive whole day ? I’m trying to be productive , but it is a little difficult for me .

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5/24 | 2020 Quarantine Challenge | M3 | W9 | Day 19/100

SUN- Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

OMG denim minis!! I used to LOVE them as a teen but never got to wear them cause my parents were/are VERY conservative lol. 

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Hello Everyone !!!

*looking nerveous*   *smiling shyly*    *clears throat*

I had been on Tumblr for 3 years and what attracted me to Tumblr was beautiful study notes and bujo and books *looking dreamly into space*

But it was in the background . So now I decided to become more active and even post my own stuff , it might not be as pretty as others but it’s the thought that counts right ? So here I am introducing myself .


  • My name is Muskan
  • I’m 19 y/o
  • I live in India
  • Currently studying Computer Science Engineering ( 1st Year )
  • INFP
  • Hufflepuff
  • A friend if you guys want to talk ( I don’t know why but I love making new friends)


  • Bujo ( of course )
  • Books ( I am currently going to begin Rory Gilmore Reading List   * fingers crossed *)
  • Art & DIY & Origami ( I want to learn !!! Plzz help )
  • Fashion & Make up and stuff (Though I currently know nothing about it but I find it fascinating )
  • Photography ( I can just keep looking at picture , they give a sense of calmness )
  • Language & Writing ( Again a Beginner )
  • Anything related with STEM
  • OR not related to STEM as well Like Psychology , Philosophy , History , etc .
  • Or Cooking & Baking

* Phew that was long list *



  • To keep myself motivated . I will be trying different challenges and other activities that will keep me busy so I technically won’t be wasting time and won’t procrastinate .
  • To gain knowledge . I believe that we can gain knowledge from anywhere possible and If we don’t Learn something NEW or Improve something OLD everyday then it is a good day wasted . And what’s best place to learn then on (social media) TUMBLR  where we Learn anything we want.

So the actual reason for making this post was so that I can have RECOMMENDATIONS , on what to follow , how to do stuff ,etc . (ESPECIALLY SOME MASTER POST RECOMMENDATIONS WOULD BE GREAT )

Now mainly I will be a Studyblr and Bujoblr along with some Books and Quotes . BUT I WOLD LOVE TO CHECK ANY BLOG AND WILL FOLLOW IT EVEN IF IT DOESN’T BELONG TO MY INTEREST BECAUSE WHY NOT . I want it to be a colorful and lively blog .

SO ANYWAY PLEASE RECOMMEND ANY BLOG (Yours OR someone else’s) , Especially New Blogs. So that I can follow it . It doesn’t have to pretty , aesthetically pleasing notes only , I am also a beginner and I believe that as long as it works it doesn’t have to be beautiful all the time .

Thanks for reading this Big post ! Please recommend & Enjoy ❤

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Auszeiten und die erste Seite 📖

Guten Morgen, ihr Lieben! 😊 Ich hoffe, ihr konntet den freien Tag genießen (sofern ihr einen hattet 😉). Heute ist ja Freitag und damit steht das Wochenende vor der Tür. Wie ist das denn bei euch? Verbindet ihr diese beiden Tage mit einer Auszeit vom normalen Alltag, quasi mit einer Art Kurzurlaub? 🏖

Mir persönlich sind Freizeit und Ausgleich ja immer sehr wichtig. 🙂 Ich denke, das ist auch einer der Gründe, dass ich das Bullet Journaling so gern mache. Es hilft, abzuschalten und den Geist zu sortieren. 💭

Für Autoren ist die 1. Seite eines Buches ja nicht immer so ein entspanntes Thema. 😅 Wir hadern oft und stellen den Anspruch an uns, einen makellosen Start hinzulegen. Das ist nicht gut. 😐 Dadurch verkrampft man nämlich und nimmt sich selbst die Chance auf einen guten Flow. 😌 Vor allem, da es unsinnig ist, von Anfang an keine Fehler zu erlauben. Hallo?! Wer sind wir denn?! Unsere eigenen fiesen Antreiber?! Nein, danke. Da leg ich meinem inneren Kritiker lieber einen Maulkorb an, bis der Anfang gemacht ist. 👌🏼😜😄

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5/19 | 2020 Quarantine Challenge | M3 | W9 | Day 13 & 14/100

MON- Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?

Nah not at all.

TUE- What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I’d say the most daring thing I’ve ever done was packing my bags, leaving my family in Texas, and moving to Ghana. It was the scariest moment of my life being alone in a foreign country. I grew up in Texas, did high school in Texas, college in Dallas, and grad school in FtWorth. I never left the DFW area my whole life I was always close to home. 

Most of my classmates who are international students (although 7-10 years younger than I am) came with their parents. I came alone and I had to figure out things by myself as a foreigner. But now I’m so used to it and I enjoy being independent. 

I also love how this big move changed me and the person I have become along with the new friends I made. 

- - - - -

I’ve noticed that if I don’t get this done in the morning, I never get it done. That’s why I missed it yesterday. 

This seminar exam is quickly approaching and omg the topics are boring. But I have to strive to keep on. We just received the news we are gonna be doing finals online. 

I wonder how this would work. 

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18 May, 2020.

Here’s last week’s spread! Officially done with spring semester, and summer classes start in a month, so I’ve decided to focus immensely on working on my music, growing my exposure as a dancer, and continuing to read!

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