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10.16.20// Studyblr Community Challenge

Day4: How long have you had a studyblr?

since 2017, it was that year I discovered bullet journaling and at the same time discovered also that there are communities like this in tumblr. I immediately change my tumblr into studyblr ❤️ I right and then fell inlove in it. it was right in my alley. 😍


speaking of journaling, I updated my bullet journal today..

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“I spend a lot of time wondering what dying feels like. What dying sounds like. If I’ll burst like those notes, let out my last cries of pain, and then go silent forever. Or maybe I’ll turn into a shadowy static that’s barely there, if you just listen hard enough.”

— my heart and other black holes


quote from one of my favorite books. i wanted to write it down so that i can read it over and over again without having to look for it on the internet, decided to translate it in korean using an app so that people [who dares to touch my things just because they have nothing better to do] won’t be able to read and understand. and you have sejun from victon who i love.

nothing grand from this spread. every supply i used can be found at home.

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51/100 days of productivity

today i

~did a recording for my japanese class

~did some japanese workbook pages

~sent my interview questions to a business owner (big project for my ag bus/econ class, I’m trying to get it done as early as possible)

~wrote (22/30 day writing challenge)

~did an IPM assignment

~did my second to last meditation assignment

this is my current bullet journal spread ! simple yet functional.

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“I didn’t read much — watched the sun go down — just a plain yellow sunset and one star came out — I wanted you when the yellow light came in and it was all so quiet — the day had been very windy — just to be quiet by you — while the sky turned from yellow to cold white moonlight —”

— Georgia O’Keeffe, from a letter to Alfred Stieglitz featured in My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume One, 1915-1933

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