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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I finished my fourth semester a week ago and because of that I feel like there really isn’t a point to make spreads with more space.

This week I’ve mostly just watched ATLA and listened to an audio book. I’m hoping to read more this summer because I know next semester is gonna be tough especially since I will have to continue classes online this fall.

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Decided to start posting my journals as well, here is a spread of Brussels aug ‘18. Is anyone else really behind on journal/scrapbooking? I just started my 2019 journal 😬

I post my journal and other photos on my new insta account (@krnssl) as well

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its almost may! i just finished my last exam of my freshman year not more than two hours ago, and life already feels different. i really hope we get to have classes in person fall semester, or my whole vibe will be ruined. (i misspelled friends like the toddler i am and had to fix it, but i ran out of white out, can u tell?)

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#tb to last year’s year in pixels spread! so far my year has been very stressful, hopefully i can turn that around as the year goes on :’)

my instagram 💗
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What is the Bullet Journal Method and Why Should I Care or Consider It?

The Bullet Journal method was created and coined by Ryder Carroll. Carroll, with ADD, found that no productivity or planning methods worked for him. So he made his own. Conveniently for every one of us, this method is adaptable and applicable to (I would argue) every and all lifestyles, and best of all, it is so simple.

Carroll says “The bullet journal method will help you accomplish more by working on less. It helps you identify and focus on what is meaningful by stripping away what is meaningless.”

To me, this sounds anything but simple. However, as someone who has been bullet journalling for near-on 4 years now, I have been pleasantly surprised by easy this journaling practice is and also how EFFECTIVE.

The beauty of the bullet journal is, while it’s mostly marketed as a productivity practice, it is 100% adaptable! You could argue that this means you would no longer be bullet journaling, however, I think knowing the bullet journal method can make for a really great practice to base any journalling habit off! 

I’ll be recommending how to start bullet journaling, going through the process and the mindset, with reinforced tips and tricks Ryder Carroll suggests as well. 

 You probably see plenty of beautiful and complex bullet journal’s online but I don’t want that to intimidate you! These are people who have found a journaling style that works for them! You can start with something a lot more simple, which can then naturally develop, over time, into something more complex.

I am really excited to do this series and go through the basics and possibly even a few more complex bujo ideas! I didn’t realise until I had been bujoing as a fun habit for a year how much it had helped me progress in ways I hadn’t even been aware of! 

And I’m really excited to hopefully see y’all start your own bujo journey!! I’ll be tracking  #howtobujo  if you want me to see any spreads you do! I’m hoping by the time the new year rolls around you will all be feeling ready to go into the new year with a new hobby/productivity tool under your belt!

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