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Hello my dudes we got my May spread !!

(Start -> End of Month)

What I include in my monthly page spreads:

Pick a card readings (on yt) , films and dramas I’ve watched , quotes that I feel attracted to this month , important things ive done or started, (usually a calendar but not pictured here)

Past Spreads:

February March April

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—053120 🧁 so this whole week I thought May only had 30 days?? and I’ve just checked today is May 31st!

I have the terrible habit of using my phone to wake me up in the morning, so the first thing I do in the morning in bed is check my phone and I always feel so sluggish and weird after but I’m awake. I realize how bad it is for your brain so this week I tried to not check my phone as soon as I wake up and instead just lay there or do something else to wake myself up and it felt so nice like I was taking care of my brain in a small way (?) :))

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—052920 🧁 sorry I haven’t been posting lately, it’s been really overcast these past few days so no good lighting.

qotd: what’s your fav thing to do on rainy days? for me it would have to be reading and watching YouTube vids

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Finished my june spread and took my algebra ii final. All of my other work is due tomorrow and I still have four assignments to finish :(

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about me! 🧸

hi everyone!! my name is fatima and this is my sideblog where I post my bullet journal spreads, and my main account is @findingnur . I’ve been bullet-journaling for about three years now. umm I’m not sure what else to say! I’m 19 years old and I live in toronto and my fav classes would have to be bio and chemistry. I want to get to know my followers so if you see this reply/comment something! 🧺

some of my fav accounts

@studyblr @peepstudies @pepp-jo @soumal @sonderstudy @howlsmovingdesk @onioncakes @anoukostudies @cotton2am @studyfajr @starsandaspirations

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🇲🇽 [38/100] Días de productividad.

Última semana de mayo y último tipo de cronograma a probar, (si se parece bastante al de hace una semana) ahora sí hay bastante por hacer.

¿Cómo está su semana?

🇬🇧 [38/100] Days of productivity.

Last week of May and last type of schedule to test, (if it looks quite like the one from a week ago) now there is plenty to do.

How is your week?

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I’m back with my simple bujo spreads, especially now that I have no uni work to worry about! I’m not great at drawing but I went for a black and white pride flag since all the pride events have been cancelled this year. Have a safe June everyone!

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25.05.2020 6/100 days of productivity

post-it note to do list is starting to come down but there’s still lots to do!! ft a peak at my bullet journal! don’t forget to take some time to practice self-care during this time, because working 24/7 with no break can be pretty draining! today i went for a walk in the woods with my family, and now i’m back and ready to finish this essay!!

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— 052320 💞 so this is a collab I did with the lovely @syu.__s (on ig) and we both did a spread inspired by the theme of ‘a letter to your future self; hopes and dreams’ lol my letter is actually in the pink envelope, but I left some messages around. I can’t wait to open this in a few years. alsoo check out her part of the collab as well!

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I try to find the right words to describe my love for you. The right phrases to express the joy you’ve given me my soul and gave a purpose to my life.

My muse when I lost inspiration my comfort when I needed to shed a tear or two. The reason I was able to find my voice when I thought it was lost.

How can I explain the melody that set a fire in my soul and released me from my chains ??? Or describe the protective feeling that your soft and soothing voice has given me ???

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