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Bullet journal || Week 44

“You have witchcraft in your lips”

Halloween is coming! I’m really excited! Horror movies and candies everywhere here I come! (I have a lot of tests coming this week… but they won’t take this day away from me!!)

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 2 Explain your studyblr URL! 

My URL is nothing special… just some kind of reminder of what I should be doing

Day 3 Why did you create your studyblr?

I’ve always loved this community and I just had to participate!

The unconditional support, the countless tips, the nice humor, the inspirational pictures…

Studyblr is that small space on the internet that reminds you the beauty of studying. It’s a place where you can get inspired by other people who love knowledge just like you!

A place where the nerdy stuff is loved and there’s no one to judge.

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I used sherbets and @amandarachlee as my October bujo inspiration <3 stay tuned for November, I have some interesting new goals for then…

♫ Partition, Beyonce

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🇲🇽 Ahora sí le faltaron horas a mi día. 😅

Más vale tarde que nunca, les comparto la última semana de octubre con paleta otoñal y cronograma horizontal. 🤭🍂

🇬🇧 Now my day was missing hours. 😅

Better late than never, I share the last week of October with an autumnal palette and horizontal schedule. 🤭🍂

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When the sun was setting in my room at around 6PM my clear journals casted these really pretty reflections on my wall. Even though I had assignments due that night I spent like 10 minutes trying to get the perfect pictures 😅 Also my brother bought me the Bleach light novel can’t fear your own world and I haven’t read it yet (even though it’s about one of my faves shuhei 🥰) Since I’m graduating in may I haven’t had extra time for things like manga or games, hopefully I can get to it during my winter break!

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J’ai oublié de poster ceci la semaine dernière, alors le voici! J’ai achetée mes bonbons préférés hier alors je suis très heureux :-)!

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week 95: carol tea

freedom planet was a really good time! i can really feel how much passion and effert was put into it, and it was a lot of fun to play :> carol’s my favorite girl so i wanted to do a layout with her!

i am totally falling behind on all my art stuff lmao this is last week’s layout and i didn’t finish it till today…

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🐞Hey, study bugs🐞

I am back, with a new bullet journal and all!

Today’s achievements:

✅Did some chores around the house


✅ Did my “What can I do today to be better?” Tarot card

✅Completed my bullet journal

✅ Wrote my morning pages

✅ Studied the bit of civil procedure that I procrastinated yesterday

✅Read from a book I’ve been trying to finish for so long

✅Got my period on time! So yay for not being pregnant but nay for the pain🤣

🎵Listening to the Ultimate Halloween playlist on spotify- highly recommend for getting into the spooky mood🎃

🐞the people on my desktop are K-drama actors, Nam Jo Hyuk and Ji Soo

💜Stay well, loves!💜

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