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#bullet journal inspo


midterm grades are going in this week :0 kinda happy kinda stressed. as a side note my boyfriend calls my coffee “chocolate milk” like ok cool kid we get it you drink black coffee psh,,, another side note: let’s ignore the fact that im drinking coffee at 6pm yes?

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So I decided to try again this bujo thing, I’ve never been constant with it so I kinda changed it a little, I found this cute 🍃 layout on Pinterest and I tried to do it but it came out kinda messy but it will do.

I’m only doing a monthly calendar and my habit tracker because I use my phone reminders for my daily tasks so it’s not useful for me to write them again here, instead I’m going to add a “mental health” part, where I’ll write my anxiety and depression thoughts of the day if I have them and a few fun stuff like movies watched and quote of the day ☺️

Let’s see how this goes ✨

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Some bullet journal inspiration

Barely got sleep the last few days. My outlet has been my journal. Really got into memory keeping type spreads but wanted to mix the functional aspects I need and the fun parts. It shows me just what I need when the weekly view is up.

Thought folks might be interested in seeing how I keep track of transits and I’ve started pulling weekly cards too. I haven’t had a running weekly task list on a while so we’ll see how it goes.

Not sure what I’m gonna do with the blank part at the end yet. Might just journal in it. Might put a tracker. Who knows.

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hello !

I have a super busy week this week with lots of things to tick off before Friday so I can have the weekend to myself. I also have to prepare myself for a job interview I have next week

I have a proposal due next week so that’s on the top of my to do list

hope you are all well ☺️✨

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brb manifesting my future to be all about early mornings, the smell of coffee filling my flat in the centre of a european city, i’m not using my phone for the first hour of the day, reading my book that i love and can’t ever put down, looking outside my window, there’s rain but the sun is out, the grass grows very high and very green, the air is crisp, birds outside are singing, the day ahead is long, i’m a student in a good university, i have a supportive group of friends that love me and i love them, we’re all different but our spirits are alike, i find myself attractive and funny, i see a therapist every week and can afford it, i hike to the nearby lake every now and then and sit quietly to think, i’m healthy, my skin is clean, my hair is long and smooth, i haven’t bought any new clothes and haven’t been on instagram since 2018, life is good

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greetings from my plant friend 🌵 I really liked this spread! I wish I could do beautiful spreads like the ones I see here but i’m just not that creative! I really admire everyone’s work :’) how was your weekend? mine was.. pretty busy!

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I am currently planning my dissertation topic. My first hand in is tomorrow!

This is an entry from my diary from last week, the first week of october was a rough one to be honest.

I hope you are all well and happy october! 🎃✨

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10.11.20 [click for hq]

slowly, but surely, losing my mind over makeup work🙂

props to my history teacher for being so understanding tho,,thank you

listen with me<3

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Happy spooky month!  🎃👻 Here’s my october calendar for this year, I tried to make it a little different form last year’s but I just can’t resist a halloween theme. I hope everyone has a nice and safe month, even if it’s going to be a weird year for halloween it can still be fun!

(Click the pictures for details and better quality)

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