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Heads up I’ll probably obsess over bully tomorrow

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Waffles here are heart shaped, and I think Bully would appreciate that

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‘Don’t bully Riyadh,’ Saudi columnists tell US

‘Don’t bully Riyadh,’ Saudi columnists tell US


Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty is a red line, Saudi columnists said on Sunday, ramping up rhetoric in defence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after a US intelligence report implicated him in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Prince Mohammed, de facto ruler of the US-allied Gulf powerhouse, has denied any involvement in the 2018 murder of Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in…

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I know you’re in your room but I can’t look at you

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DAY 112 ~ 28 Feb,2021


Had a pretty bad day yesterday. Felt I wasn’t strong enough to face people, physically or mentally. Yesterday, a guy at the gym was continually hitting me on the back, it was definitely hurting me, but I laughed it off, but then I tried to stop him, he took offence and threatened to thrash the hell out of me. I kept quiet. I could have fought him or would have hit him but I knew if I would have beat him black and blue, the next day he would have been into my house with a bunch of goons and I definitely did not want to create a scene.

Sometimes, it’s but sensible to keep quiet than to argue or fight with a bunch of fools. I have now resolved not to workout with him and moreover, I will distance myself away from him. That would be the best solution.

I don’t encourage the thing that happened with me, nor do I ask anyone who’s reading this to do the same( i.e., to keep mum into that sort of situations), but sometimes, I find it sensible enough to walk away rather than to argue with fools.

Have a good day!

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1. I will be expanding upon and explaining Madeline and Badeline’s powers, personality and what they are. As while in-game Madeline does supernatural feats and its almost even acknowledged as such? It is never exactly explained and while I get it’s a video game, it’s fun to have it be apart of her character. I will be mostly sticking to canon upon doing what I want with it, Madeline has already been pretty much to be a confirmed self-insert of the person who wrote her which is fine. I am aware she’s strong but she’s a protagonist and not one to scoff at, as she has fought eldritch horrors and more.
2. Madeline is a canonically confirmed trans fem amab character by the creators, though without wearing her puffy coat? She is fem but visibly androgynous and flat-chested (for mine at least as I prefer it this way). Your muse is allowed to take note of that, but do not infantilize her body or looks as it used to be a problem within the fandom when her body was fully developed to begin with. She’s just short and androgynous fem. To degrade/challenge or even make a comment in that: is honestly a form of transmisogyny to begin with and extremely transphobic though can be out of unintentional ignorance. So don’t do that. It is okay to say that her looks or evident androgynous features are cute or ‘sexy’ if flirting with her so long as it’s not weirdly infantilizing, that much is fine like ‘uwu baby’ ‘baby’ are fine for pet names or whatever. Just specifically saying she looks childish/etc is where it becomes a big problem. I also mention that she’s transgender amab fem as some people but not many anymore deny that she’s trans. If you are just finding this out? You can confirm it yourself by looking it up in about ten seconds. Madeline is a muse that needs to be roleplayed/written as transgender amab fem in some form or it is trans erasure and transphobic. I might be stressing that but her fandom really kinda had a stroke about this whole thing. Along with the fact that her whole dynamic with Badeline is about a trans struggle and in how she sees herself and inner flaws, depression, past which is relatable to many people, including cis hetro people, people with anxiety, depression or even people with DID I’ve seen etc, but never should that be forgotten for their dynamic or erased, as that’s Badeline’s main purpose for a trans struggle and it should be seen as such. Do not erase the struggles of trans people, but you are certainly and welcomed to have your own comforts to her character. I say this because she’s considered ‘controversial’ and has been argued about a lot.
3. I will be incorporating in-game mechanics into her powers and looks as I need a trickster character and will also be rping her as a fae being to explain why she can do what she can do. She only became awakened after climbing the mountain and has been slowly developing ever since.
4. Badeline is extremely overpowered and has access to the powers Madeline currently cannot use until she’s older/learns more of her fae origins, ALONG with having hers. I will not be pushing her past her current power level and abilities listed as I simply want a character that can fight overpowered characters and be annoying without being too overpowered themselves. Madeline is to serve a purpose, but if requested privately in discord? I’d consider using a Madeline able to use more of her powers like Badeline could if it’s wanted. On that note, Badeline will not be used to fight unless requested and won’t be appearing unless a certain verse as she’s apart of Madeline and they are one in the same for their main verse as one being.
5. I will be covering the more flawed aspects and the past of Madeline and how she was like before trying to change if that’s wanted. She wasn’t a completely awful person but she was incredibly toxic at times, Badeline confirming as much with being: cruel, paranoid, and controlling though probably not too extreme and could’ve easily been how she saw herself.
6. (Suicide and self-harm warning) On that note, Madeline while at times a grump or even being a bully to people under special circumstances (mostly if they’re a giant dick)? She is a victim herself in bullying and has experienced many terrible things supposedly. I won’t be tapping into this unless wanted but I do headcanon that she did climb the mountain to at first die in her attempt at the climb but found new resolve eventually to keep living, not that she had a choice, but yes. Her form of fighting also involves minor amounts to major amounts of self-harm, though isn’t like… graphic in how she’s hurting herself unless the muse she’s fighting decides to start getting more graphic. More explained in her powers below.
7. I will be listing weaknesses in order to prompt people if it interests them to subdue, bully and or convert Madeline to their side if even only for a time or something discussed.
8. Madeline is more or less a good, funny person but is heavily flawed. Please respect in how I’m touching upon other aspects of her. I don’t know how to write exact anxiety that well, so instead I’ll be changing it to another form of anxiety such as PTSD so I can at least just flavor that her panic attacks were PTSD attacks which in a way is similar but different.





Do I want them to win: Well, it’s complicated as her most major power involves instant revival. It really depends on what you determine on winning as to beat her. She can certainly die as it doesn’t matter, as she’s more or less just here to be playful, funny and fight someone vastly stronger than most characters if it’s wanted or even more ‘tame’ characters in terms of power. As she can certainly fight regular heroes and others though without it being too unfair.
Villain category and reason: Bully, this will be her past verse before the mountain awoke her as a fae. This is probably the darker, toxic verse of this character and she won’t be aware of her revival power unless she dies. She can dash and use her strength however- Badeline does not appear in this verse. Neutral Villains, this is purely when Badeline and Madeline are together for pre-beating the mountain climb as Badeline is extremely protective and controlling of Madeline and the only verse villain tag where Badeline is included. Antagonistic (For banter, insults), Rivals (For actual playing around that’s not lethal and is teasing, competing), and Redeemed Villains (For when she has to be heroic and possibly lethally fight), as this will be after the mountain back down and she’s fused with Badeline completely. This is Madeline trying to live her best life and be a good person, though she doesn’t make the best decisions always and is mostly an adventurer, an explorer, a memer and a gamer that’s athletic and maybe a bit of a prankster at times. She is still very much herself and a friendly grump and can be wholesome and loving though can get pretty nasty if provoked enough. She is very screamy when pushed to her limits so be warned, as I do have Badeline be a reflection of her previous toxic side too that isn’t as evident anymore.
Will I have/get icons: I have them, a mix of art and in-game icons. Credit is in rules, please do tell me if your url has changed as I did what I could for writing down watermarks.
Tag: sleeping fae (past bully verse) awakening fae (neutral villains) strawberry fae (antagonistic, rivals, redeemed villains, default verses and tag)
Age: 24 (She’s stopped aging though however)
Sex: Masculine (AMAB)
Gender: Trans Fem Nonbinary with some gender fluidity. She/her/they/them
Race: Human (Previous) Currently (Fae)
Sexuality: Doesn’t care, but she likes girls a lot usually.
Personality traits (Depends on verse as this varies and reflects mostly her default verse): Grumpy, Friendly, likes meme and internet culture a little bit but not too much. Caring, deeply loving if close. A bit awkward sometimes when understanding people. Can be mean unintentionally in how she says some things or embarrassing to others. Protective. Adventurous, can feel some amounts of fear and have PTSD attacks, but can get really enraged if pushed enough and fight through it. Can be cruel at times but she’d have to be really pushed. Can be forgiving, shows mercy often usually unless pushed too far. Playful, thoughtful. Not the brightest tool in the shed, but certainly not stupid either. Can be a bit of a teasing bully or be an outright bully with the right person but they’d have to be really terrible for her to be that way. Can get really screamy, like that banshee kind of screaming when enraged. She’s very much more bark than bite as she might beat someone into the ground? But rarely does she kill. Can curse and be occasionally lewd with the right person/people but it really depends as she’s usually jokey about it rather than flirting, though she’s more prone to cursing when angry though can curse when relaxed. Is jokey to break the ice or can be kind of stiff and awkward when talking to new people. Extremely stubborn and strong-willed. Can become aloof and depressive. Does not suffer loss of loved ones well and can take months to recover. Likes to bake and cook. Voice shakes when breaking down and becomes squeaky and softer. Has quite the mouth on her though when it comes to insults if you get her going. Always tries to see the best in people unless they’re the literal worst.
Mental traits: Has ASPD and is on that spectrum. Has forms of PTSD that emerge as shaking into eventual rage.
Physical traits: Is 5′0. Her hair is no longer hair when she’s awakened, it’s far more fluffy and more akin to that of chinchilla fur if you’ve ever felt one. It’s rather otherworldly and pleasant and warm to feel. Smells distinctly of strawberries and it’s a rather calming aura and scent that’s naturally relaxing. Is flat-chested. Is thick-hipped, round faced and mostly fem though heavily androgynous. Has a fae-form, more details below as it won’t be used often since she’s shy about it. Has sharper teeth as an awakened fae.


  • Instant, Controlled, Infinite Revival. She can control where she revives and place her revive points visually and multiple points at will. Madeline can move and change these points by thinking, though a max distance of 60 feet of herself. She can currently have up to ten points, but usually has only nine at a time, the other point being at her home. Her death can be triggered willingly by herself and when she does, it can only be done by feeling pain though it can be something as slight as bumping their head or something. When she dies whether triggered from herself or another, she explodes into harmless glittering dust before instantly reforming at one of her points. Attacks on her soul do not work due to the fact she reforms her soul as well in a different place and being of the fae, you’d probably have to get it through consent from her if attempting to take it. For Madeline’s revival power if she’s holding someone or within her backpack or inventory of some kind: they’ll be temporarily put into a fae hammerspace if she dies or detonates her form, but will be dragged out of it seamlessly to be where they were on her person on reform/revival. This can only work on willing targets that a fae is considered friends with, as doing it to enemies could result in pretty overpowered combos. This is purely for duo adventuring purposes or certain circumstances considering it makes sense to me as she’s from a platforming game.
  • Dashing. She can effortlessly dash mid-air about twenty to thirty feet forward at a rapid speed. She can do this twice before falling. Though can push herself to do it about three to four extra times, but this does have a cooldown for the extra dashes. It does refresh on death however. Mostly utility but can be used to dash spam at someone to headbutt them or punch them since she does it hard enough to where she does feel the sting of it to trigger her revival ability. These punches/headbutts while hard-hitting, are probably not as effective on supernatural beings since it’s just a normal hit even if a strong one.
  • Ultra Dash. Has a long cooldown but can dash up a good length of a mountain, her hair turns pink as she does this and becomes extremely durable for her head. It’s mostly utility but in lethal fighting it’s a hard-hitting, fae magic-head butt or punch with shimmer trailing magic behind it. This hurts supernatural beings and spectral beings rather badly, though something of great power while it’d hurt them? They could probably survive it if strong enough, but it does rip through mountains rather easily as a forewarning as it doesn’t use strength and more or less fae magic.
  • Immune to Fall Damage. Does not get hurt from falling regardless of distance. This is demonstrated from her falling off a mountain.
  • Madeline at max strength can lift one ton, though can lift two or three more when using her hair limbs. Her punches and headbutts are hard hitting and could probably kill a human in one blow, but she can control her strength. Rarely does she kill though. For supernatural beings? They could probably feel it but shrug it off. She cannot attack ethereal or ghost-like beings normally. She can also use her hair as a fist, whip or strangling appendage. This also applies to her bite.
  • Supernatural Climbing. Can cling to surfaces and climb up them for around five minutes before having to wait a short period to do so again.
  • Hair-like Appendages. Her hair isn’t really hair anymore, can independently form about eight hair-like tendrils with them or other shapes. Can use them to hang from objects and does so while squatting on all fours or other poses. Her hair can also snap off at will and grip someone with the strength of a python when detached and regenerates instantly. It becomes rubbery feeling and she usually uses it to bind someone if seriously fighting them. Also gives good hugs. Can stretch somewhat farther than her limbs, she uses it mostly to get things off the high shelf and to climb with. This is more of a power from Badeline that I thought would be cute to have.
  • Extreme Bludgeon Resistance. Things like punching or throwing her does hurt, but it won’t kill. She’ll certainly feel it however. This is mostly become of her fall damage immunity power also coincides with this one.
  • Can communicate with the dead: in her dreams purely when she decides to sleep.
  • Tireless: Does not need to sleep, eat or rest unless chosen to. Merely adding this power as being able to revive and reforming your body kinda makes bodily needs pretty moot.

Badeline (Has Madeline’s Powers as well):

  • Instant Teleportation. Can teleport visually within two-hundred feet instantly and rapidly.
  • Advanced Telekinesis. Can crush or destroy things with her mind with a great amount of force or throw them around. This can effect supernatural beings. She can also levitate.
  • Has tendril manipulation and manifestation. This is ranging into hundreds of rather large ones that can grip, thrash and cause massive destruction since they’re nearly mountainous and incredibly strong.
  • Can make clones of herself up to three with mirrored powers. (Based on an end-game credits artwork)
  • Has dimensional control forms of reality bending. Can enter pocket dimensions and drag people with her into them. Can go into dimensions normally not accessible or make sense such as going or appearing from mirrors and attack in ambush.
  • Can fuel or short-circuit machinery: displayed rarely in the series in some instances like on a zip-line for a tram-cart among other devices just by thinking.


  • Weak to mental attacks and is susceptible to hallucinations. This includes things such as hypnosis, mind control… though she can eventually fight through it most likely. As she has dealt with Eldritch Mind Horrors and come out unscathed.
  • Magical Cages: she can’t break out of would force her to retreat to her home spawn or be trapped within.
  • Subduing her without causing pain and preventing her to cause pain to herself. While extremely difficult, is possible though things that invade the body do count as harm, so be warned that it has to be completely exterior.
  • Piercing Damage: It’s a bit ironic she can take a ton of bludgeoning damage before dying, but if you so much as stabbed her? It does pierce and disrupt her form, so she can die from one stab, but will revive from it. An easy way to get her off you though.
  • There are some beings she would not be able to kill but maybe hurt and annoy them. Certainly meant to be used with overpowered and normal hero/villain type characters alike to have a presence but also just do what we want with them for plotting, as I am rather flexible in what happens despite all what’s presented and Badeline is only present on request depending on the verse. There’s a reason I keep Madeline at a certain power level/progression of her powers and anything with her having her later powers from Badeline is purely to keep her fun to interact with. For example: she could fight one of the strongest characters from a series but wouldn’t be able to say… kill a werewolf or a vampire without using their explicit weaknesses or without her fae magic, hell she could even be hypnotized by a vampire or something or charmed by a demon.
  • Extremely fast speeds: Madeline herself is only so fast and if a character that was truly a speed demon? She’d have a hard time dealing with them and would probably have to either think of a way to attack them, subdue them or retreat.

Motivations: To be loved. To have fun and explore. To make more friends. To learn more about herself and origins. To maybe have a better relationship with her dad and maintain the one she has with her mom. To further expand and keep her support group.

Fae Form: Her hair is constantly flowing, it is shimmering constantly like aurora lights with these colors of: pink, blue, red, and purple. Has an insectoid-like stare that contrasts with her personality and usual demeanor. Has the same body-type and height but her skin has line patterns similar to this and then her eyes. The color is basically Badeline’s hair color for her skin almost, then Badeline’s eyes though with a difference of a smaller pupil on the eye. I did this for a more realistic and intimidating awakened fae form for Madeline:


Backstory: I’ll be using the wiki for her backstory, but mostly leave what I have instore for those interested in her past or future as a surprise if they want to pursue it. It’s not big in changing things. Just explaining things of like why she’s a Fae and all that.

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27.02.20. Independent:

“Number of asylum seekers waiting longer than half a year for decision surges by 76% figures show.“

At the time of this headline there were over 50,000 asylum seekers waiting on the Home Office and Priti Pate to rule on their cases. While waiting, they are not allowed to work and have to live on £5.39 per day.

In September 2020 Priti Patel was reported to be considering the "inhumane and impractical” idea of shipping asylum seekers to a remote Atlantic island 6400 km away.

In February of this year had this to say:

“Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have unnecessarily warehoused and endangered thousands of asylum seekers in an effort to pander to the right-wing press.”

This "warehousing “ of asylum seekers has led to the incubation of Covid infection hot spots.

24.02.21. Mail Online:

“Covid outbreak at ex-Army barracks housing asylum seekers saw 178 positive tests in January alone…”

The Home Office housed these asylum seekers in dormitory style accommodation - 20 to a room. Public Health England warned the government this was “not suitable”  during a pandemic. Yvette Cooper, of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, was flabbergasted:

“On what planet did you think in the middle of a Covid crisis it was safe or sensible to put over 20 people in a dormitory, so they’re all sleeping together in the same room with the same air overnight each night?”

The response of Priti Patel was the response all bullies make: blame the victim.

24.02.21. Huffpost:

“Priti Patel Blames ‘Mingling’ Asylum Seekers For Outbreak At Kent Barracks.“


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<div> —  Penelope Douglas, <i>Bully</i><br> </div><span>Acting like you don’t care is not letting it go.</span>
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