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heny-stikmn · 29 days ago
Ok my head hurts gn
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asksuperfurrygaming · a month ago
I AM FUCKING DONE or in nutshell fuck u all who want bash me and say i blow my ego fine then but same time u are two and can do what every u want report my art me what ever as u reasons why people leave theses sites
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kamotoshi · a minute ago
so here we are on day 2 of what I thought was gonna be a week long break bc I had an epiphany that I suddenly felt the desire to share! so if you wanna read maybe like settle in bc I kinda wrote a lot (but is that new? no)
my brain! she doesn’t understand how to like... take something she likes and just enjoy it. everything always has to be a project or a task to be finished or a goal to reach. I’ve never been like hey my name’s fran and I like writing fanfiction! it’s always been hey my name’s fran and I like writing fanfiction so I'm gonna force myself to constantly come up with fic ideas and push out content bc I must be a workhorse and I don’t understand that not everything has to be methodical and meticulously planned and perfect!
I literally took writing (something I enjoy) and turned it into work (something I very much do not enjoy) all bc of this restless brain of mine and my extremely present anxiety that almost requires that I do something to prevent a crisis like every second of the damn day. I'm v tired of agonizing over both what I am doing and what I'm not doing. it’s exhausting when you’re already waiting for the time when you can go back to bed again the instant you get up lol
so I’m just gonna change my perspective here! I'm gonna try to stop guilting myself for every wip that sits without any additional progress being made, and for each one I knock off the list bc I'm just not that into it anymore. I'm gonna try to stop telling myself I HAVE to make content in order to make y’all happy. I'm gonna try to silence the little negative voice that always pops into my head each time I read or see something great that says “damn what happened with you, huh?” I'm gonna stop trying to measure my success by how many followers I have or how much work I do bc this is literally FOR FUN and it’s something I do IN MY FREE TIME bc it’s meant to be ENJOYABLE. 
and! I'm gonna stop takin this blog so damn seriously! like shit! if I'm here, I'm here and I'm chattin/writin, and if I'm not, I'm not! who tf do I think I am like damn!!! we’re all just out here! doing our own things! goin for it! doin that! it’s all good! (like we really owe each other nothing in the grand scheme of it all if we're bein 100% honest here)
anyway I went thru a similar revelation with the whole notes crisis (in which notes became another success metric for me) but now I dont give a rat’s ass which is saying A LOT (bc I'm secretly an attention whore. maybe not as secretly as I think tho). I write my fics and I send em out into the cyberspace to be free bc as long as I enjoyed it then we’re good! and the whole reason I'm here in the first place is to share things in the hopes that maybe someone else likes it too! whatever happens happens! bc I sure as hell know I'll go back and gas myself up on somethin that only got like five notes!!
the productivity loop that I am stuck in (as well as many other members of society) is seriously powerful. and I know it’s gonna take a LOT of effort on my part to wrestle the controllers to my life away from bully! fran who’s stubborn and angry like the lil bull she is, but! I have hope bc I'm at least willing to try.
so, after I've just said I aint gotta explain shit to nobody, here I am explaining my shit to y’all *head in hands* BUT I'm writing this bc I felt like it, bc I'm ready to hold myself accountable, and just to put things into perspective for a sec. if you read this far I'll say “damn you must kinda like me huh 🥺” at the risk of sounding like the dude who says “in the shower? without me?”
with that being said, I'll be around when I'm around! come to my inbox whenever you want, I keep extra pillows and blankets and s'mores-building kits in there for whenever y’all wanna camp. I'm hoping my blog can continue to be a positive space for everyone to sit back and watch me clown myself unapologetically 😌 thank you for comin to my ted talk
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villain-number-one · 2 minutes ago
//wrestling documentaries made me cry last night, yall. i watched one about Andre the Giant and man, i couldn’t hold it together.  for you guys who don’t know, Andre was a 7′4″, 500 pound wrestler.  One of the coolest dudes, IMO.  the part that really got me tho was when Hulk Hogan was talking about walking through the airport with Andre, and Andre got ahead of him, and Hulk heard people saying terrible, mean things about Andre.
Andre said to Hulk later on “I hear the things they say. It hurts me. I want to cry.” :( From all accounts, Andre was a gentle giant.  A kind soul.  Gone way too soon.
then, i watched the biography of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was one of my faves as a kid too. hearing him talk about how pro-wrestling was all he wanted to do, and then how he made it and then lost it bc of injury.. that wrecked me.  my biggest dream in life is to be a pro-wrestler. i gave up on it bc my family bullied me so bad over it. then i gained a lot of weight, and have terrible back issues... so i’ll never get my chance. not to mention, i’m considered “too old”. (and i’m actually crying now typing this bc i regret not following my dream and letting everyone bully me out of it.... [but yet, my niece wants to get into acting and everyone is so supportive of her... yes, i’m bitter and jealous])
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floppyponysart · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
this was made for an amino prompt list of a month long lgbt pride art challenge. The prompt of day 7 is "fighter". Ruby is fighting for Floppy here against a town bully. no-one is touching her brownie girl ;3
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gladnoctbigbang · 4 minutes ago
“The Deep Dive,” by NoctisLucent & Owlito
Tumblr media
Rating: Teen
Tags/Warnings: Alternate Universe - Atlantis, minor character death, bullying Enjoy!! Fic: 
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wr6ld · 5 minutes ago
please don’t bully me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
armin x reader
genre: fluff, suggestive, mutual pining
small drabble for my favourite boy <3
there are many reasons why armin arlert should hate you, and yet he doesn’t. (inspired by please don’t bully me nagatoro)
upon hearing your squeal, he immediately quickened his pace and held onto his textbooks tighter. armin arlert didn’t hate you— he could never. he just couldn’t stand your teasing, the way you would cling to him whenever you saw him, the way you would make inappropriate jokes just to watch his stumble and trip over his words. and most importantly, he couldn’t stand how head over heels he was for you.
“why are you ignoring me?”
you caught up to him, leaning closer to the blonde as you walked behind him, your hands placed on his shoulder, your delicate fingers being so close to his neck. he continued to ignore you, not feeling like embarrassing himself in front of you today. why did you and him have to go back the same way?
you continued to bother him, fingers poking at his cheeks as a pout started to form on your lips, upset that the boy who made your heart flutter wouldn’t pay attention to you. wrapping your arms around his waist, you buried your face in his back, a soft huff leaving your lips.
it all started when he first transferred to your school. you watched as he shyly introduced himself, stammering nervously as he looked at his feet, fiddling with his fingers. luckily for you, he was assigned as your deskmate. then on, you started to bother him everyday just to see him blush and get flustered over you.
his delicate fingers wrapped around your wrist, pulling you out of your thoughts as he tried to remove your hands from around his waist. instead, you hugged him even tighter, letting out a whine. “you won’t pay attention to me… how mean.” armin felt butterflies in his tummy, swooning over you being clingy and soft. removing your arms from around him, he pulled you to his side, hand wrapping around your waist as he held you close. “is this better?” he nervously asked, eyes refusing to meet yours, a blush spreading across his cheeks. oh, how you wanted to reach up and pinch them. you nodded eagerly, satisfied with how close the both of you were.
maybe one day you would stop teasing him as friends and instead, as lovers.
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neochan · 7 minutes ago
Okay, but fr. Why do i feel lile the previous anon who sent the hateful ask.
Speaks like those kids that bullies other kids, yk?
Like, in the playground or sum shi-
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mystiqueallure · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Note: This is what Gojo would do to you if you ate his mochi. PS - Both of you owe it to Nanami
⚠️: 18+, some good fingering
Tumblr media
“Fuck you,” you said, disappointed in yourself—angry at yourself for not feeling as pissed as you should be. Stop denying it.
“Yeah. Fuck me,” he softly chuckles before diving in for a deeper kiss.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gojo’s sitting at the corner of the dark room lit only by the blazing fireplace, staring emptily into the flickering flames. His head rests against the chair almost like he was about to doze off,
“Oh, you're here?” he asked as if he didn’t know, but he did. He always knows.
“Liar, just ask where I was. You don’t have to ask like that,” you cut the bullshit.
He scoffs, shaking his head in his hand. You make your way towards your room, trying to avoid any conflict with him. Your day was shit to start with, and it definitely did not end how you’d wanted it to. The curse user you were tasked with slipped away, which made you get an earful from the higher ups and was passed to Nanami to take care of. Gojo most likely heard through the grapevine and was about to bully you about it, poking at your insecurities like the asshole he is.
“Hey, I’m not done talking to you yet,” he grabs your wrist.
“I know. I screwed up, don’t need to hear it from you,” yanking yourself out of his grip.
Just as you turn around, he grabs your face and hips from behind. “Gojo, please—!” he squeezes your face and you shake your head trying to loosen his grip, but he doesn’t budge. Your head snaps up, forcing you to look up at him, and you can see the serious expression dawn on his features. It’s as if he’s mad at you, but you haven’t done anything wrong. “What’s wrong with you?” you hissed at him, already pissed about his forceful approach.
“. . . I’ve never seen this side of you.”
“Funny cause this is how you always make me feel,” you continue to struggle your way out.
“Oh? Cute,” just as you placed all your strength to push his hand off your hip, he lets go, sending you to plummet to the floor.
“Son of a bitch!”
“Yikes, sorry, didn’t know you’d fall that hard,” he snickers from behind.
“. . . you could’ve just let me go to my room, asshole . . .” you hold yourself back cause letting Gojo see you cry from your stress would mean that he’d have gotten what he wanted.
Tumblr media
After your shower, you slump yourself onto your unmade bed. The feeling of the cool sheets sets your mind at ease, giving you a sense of comfort, enough for you to knock out into a heavy sleep, until you hear a knock at your door. “Hey, I’m inviting myself in,” Gojo loudly whispers. Irritated, you let out a sigh, pressing your forearm to your head and resting above the bridge of your nose. Without an ounce of energy left in your body to kick him out, you decided to let it pass, turning your head towards the doorway.
“Sounds like someone’s been hanging around Nanami too much,” Gojo walked into the room with a cup of tea in his hand and a small plate of kikufuku mochi in the other.
“Gojo, please. I’m tired—,” he shuts you up with a kiss. You hadn’t noticed how close he got to you until you lifted your arm from your eyes. He was sitting at the edge of the bed now, while resting his head on your chest. The tea and mochi were dangerously settled on the other side of the bed, giving you a bit of anxiety with the way he just placed it there.
“Did I tease you too hard?”
“Tease? You call that a tease?”
A soft giggle fell from his lips. Is this his way of apologizing?
“Sorry, probably a weird way of seeing how your day went.”
“Definitely a weird way. You could’ve simply asked, you know,” you prop yourself up, but that only prompts him to wrap his arms around your waist.
“No. Stay this way, I like it . . .”
“But the tea and mochi.”
“I’ll finish it later.”
The two of you look at each other.
“Pft! Did you think it was for you? How embarrassing,” Gojo laughs.
Angry and annoyed, you eat his mochi and finish his tea in one gulp.
“You little shit,” he stares at you in disbelief. “That was supposed to be my after sex snack.”
“Welp, looks like you’re not having sex,” you shrug, finally having a laugh.
“So you think that was funny, huh?” suddenly, he pulls you towards him by your leg.
“Ah, hey—!” your arms were pinned over your head, his soft lips placed upon yours.
“You’re not going anywhere until I’m satisfied,” he breathes at the nape of your neck before tracing up the curve with the tip of his tongue. Lost in the heavy feeling of pent up frustration from your workload and stress, you let yourself melt into his touch. Too tired to fight back, your mind wanders wherever his fingers traced; the curve of your arched back, the slope of your legs, the soft curve of your breasts. The tension of your muscles loosen up, not knowing that they were tense in the first place. Fuck you.
“Haven’t seen you like this in awhile. This look suits you better,” he said, parting your lips with his tongue in soft familiar motions.
“Fuck you,” you said, disappointed in yourself—angry at yourself for not feeling as pissed as you should be. Stop denying it.
“Yeah. Fuck me,” he softly chuckles before diving in for a deeper kiss.
Gojo envelopes you in his arms, closing the space between you two. He hitches one of your knees to your chest, firmly pressing at the back of your thigh as he drags his fingers down to your already soaking panties. A smirk tugs at the corner of his lips. One. He slowly pushes through your walls, letting your pulsating motion suck him in deeper. Two. Another finger slips in with ease, your juices drip down onto the bed sheets, slowly gliding up and down your cunt as he thumbs over your swollen clit. Your chest starts to rise and fall in ragged breaths, exhaling soft moans. And three. The third finger takes you by surprise, enlarging your full cunt, your juices pooling into his palms. You clutch the pillows and messy sheets around you, panting rapidly at the movement of his fingers stirring inside of you. Each twist milking out the stress from your body, stimulating the sensation for more.
Before you knew it, a final wave of pleasure washes of your body causing your legs to spasm. You don’t remember the last time you had an orgasm, but you were glad Gojo was the one to give you that satisfaction.
“Look at you,” he pulls his fingers out, spreading them apart to reveal the sticky mess you made, webs of clear film connecting from finger to finger and dripping down his wrist. Your leg slowly goes limp as your body subsides, the weight of your eyelids feeling too heavy to keep open. Gojo’s voice starts to fade like smoke dispersing in the air, blending into the background noises of night traffic and the rhythm of your breathing.
Tumblr media
“Thanks for your help Nanami! I owe you,” Gojo blows empty kisses through the phone.
“You could’ve just asked her to take a day off, like normal boyfriends do,” Nanami sighs from the other side.
“She doesn’t get paid for days off, so the only way was to get you to get her to fuck up the mission and then give it to you. She still gets paid while coming home early to me. Win-win!”
“Sounds more like a lose-lose to me.”
“You’re so gloomy. You looking for a girlfriend too?”
“No. I’d rather avoid such luxuries.”
“Oh Nanami, this is why you’re losing hair.”
“. . . I’m hanging up.”
“Gah! Wai—,” but it was too late, Nanami had already hung up before Gojo could’ve asked him for praises.
He tosses his phone to the side of the bed and turns back to cradling you in his arms as he twiddles with your hair, brushing through your scalp. You were sound asleep, only your legs tucked under the blanket, so that it wouldn’t be too hot when Gojo started cuddling you afterwards.
Turns out he had made sure your mission didn’t go as planned. He missed having you to himself, but he also understands the importance of your finances, so he conducted an elaborate plan for you to still get paid while also coming home early. It wasn’t a win-win for you, it was a win-win for him. He knew that, but he also knew how to make it up to you.
Gojo tilts your head slightly towards him, placing light kisses on your forehead, nose and lastly your lips, the sweet taste of mochi still lingering like a red wine stain. A tempting taste for his sweet tooth, but he restrains himself from taking it any further, happy enough that you’re right next to him. He pulls you closer to him as he rests his forehead to yours and closes his eyes. “How cute, you still taste like my mochi.”
Tumblr media
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seasurfacefullofclouds1 · 8 minutes ago
That Louis charity project was true colors and anyone that liked or reblogged their post was called out on Larrie blogs and they then directed hate towards them. Many blogs had deleted just because they supported a charity project. A key bully, the one that posted other blog names to see incite harassment, actually has run major charity initiatives in the past. It seemed more like jealousy than anything but the damage was done and Larries banned together to hurt Louies trying to do something positive and not support an important LGBT nonprofit.
Larries refuse to acknowledge the damage they have done to Louis and his solo fans. I stopped following them a longtime ago, I wonder how big the Tumblr Larrie fandom is?
Now I remember!
The project was True Colors. It was spring 2018, wasn’t it?
The witch hunt was incredibly vile. Disgusting. Just like now, fandom politics are placed above all else, to preserve some egotistical, phantom hierarchy.
The hierarchy isn’t real. It’s madness to care that much.
It makes me nauseous just thinking about it.
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unsolvedmurder · 9 minutes ago
bullying isn't ok but it's funny asf when u see someone on here talking about having been bullied as kids and u go to their blog and they're those mfs that say shit like uhh this was a shit take op
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o-inferno-de-dante · 9 minutes ago
I'm current rewatching the Harry Potter saga, and that made me think of all the things I have in common with professor snape.
I'm a mixed race child, my mother is Brazilian and my father is Korean, and I was raised in the Korean community here in Brazil.
I had a darker color skin and I was really poor (they all were really rich) and because of that I was bullied. They would call me names, some of the kids would hit me and laugh of me.
I was forced to change classes (Sunday school) because I couldn't stand the disgusted looks.
Because of that I became a really insecure adult, a have depression and anxiety and night terrors.
Sometimes I throw up because I feel really disgusted by myself.
During the pandemic all got really worst, my panic attack's, anxiety and depression.
Everyday I remember those people whom bullied me, everyday I have to take 3 or more showers because I fell disgusted myself.
Recently, I discovered that many of those people now are saying things like "black lives matters", "we fight for poor people", etc... and that made me feel really angry, many of those people are even making money being a internet personality that talks about racism.
My episodes got worse, I shaved all my hair on one of those episodes, I stopped talking to all my friends and started to cutting myself.
Everyday is really terrible for me and all those people that made me this are living the time of theirs lives like they are good people.
My point is: thiago potter was a fucking bullie and yet everybody saw him like a good guy, a hero but nobody saw the scars he made on snape and I really understand that.
Tumblr media
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wbpromos · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
𝐖𝐄𝐋𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐍𝐘𝐂. WorldBurn is a new original character mature crime & roleplay group set in New York, exploring the corrupt underworld of the city. — Click the source link or on this blog’s icon to be redirected to our page!
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adorable-deku · 11 minutes ago
ok so hear me out: an au where like... baby izuku 'saves' afo
baby izuku (lets say hes like 5 yrs old here) is running away from some older bullies. he succeeds in getting away, but he ends up stranded in a neighborhood that he diesnt recognize. it also looks kinda dangerous.
he tries to go back in the direction he came from but he was so stressed whike running away he cant quite remember the turns he took.
while trying to find his way back, he sees a tall man in a suit being ganged up on by three guys way bigger than him. the guy in the suit doesnt look very strong, and izuku assumes hes just a normal businessman (the man in question is of course in no danger at all, but izuku is five years old and doesn't really understand nuance)
of course, this is cause for concern to izuku
izuku runs up (with no sense of self preservation, worryingly enough), grabs the man's hand, and pulls him out of the situation, which he is only able to do due to the stunned surprise of every person in the group (except the bastard in the suit, who had heard him muttering from the very beginning)
izuku pulls him a few streets down, the man in the suit sending a warning glare to the guys who had him surrounded (they are his subordinates after all) so they wouldnt follow him. once izuku is satisfied with the distance, he looks up and asks if the man is okay
afo looks at the bigass puppydog eyes and squishy cheeks of the baby child who thought he'd just rescued him and his heart does the grinch thing and grows a couple sizes
absolutely unused to this feeling, he asks izuku what his address is, teleports him there, then bounces
after spending a couple weeks getting himself together and creating a non villain persona, he begins to insert himself into izukus life because "cant you see kurogiri, the child needs to be protected!"
kurogiri kinda just glances at shigaraki
afo poses as a parttime counselor at izukus school, and gains izukus favor by never letting him get bullied ever
in this au, bakugou does not have a superiority complex. no, that is crushed before it can fully develop
over time, afo becomes kind of a surrogate father to izuku, and shigaraki a surrogate brother bc one year after kurogiri was sure that afo had developed one singular ounce of moral conscience he mentioned that izuku probably wouldnt like how he was treating his enemy's child
afo makes a face of pure disgust but resigns himself to treating the shimura brat with a modicum of decency
how does inko feel about all this? well, afo is very good at acting and although she gets some Off vibes from him at times, he's also the only person in their lives who shares izukus near obsessive fascination with quirks
that being said
for solidly the first three years, inko would not let them be alone together, for reasons that we all understand
but she grew comfortable with him too, eventually
when afo is not off committing villainy, he can be found hanging around izuku, the only source of positive emotion other than revenge
the only cause for concern to inko is that afo gives izuku some pretty expensive stuff and parttime counselors are not paid that well. given his formal demeanor and dressing habits tho, she just kind of assumes hes from a wealthy family
afo pretends to have moved away when izuku is nine bc thats when all might fucks up his face, but he still sends books and videos and games that he thinks izuku will like. izuku and shigaraki often meet up online and play video games.
so izuku grows up a lot more confident, and also learned how to fight from light sparring with his fake dad and brother, so hes not weak at all.
still quirkless, but all might changes that.
how do afo and shigaraki feel abt izuku becoming a hero? he can do whatever he wants. literally. whatever he wants
if izuku asked them not to kill all kight theyre so fucking weak for him they probably would listen
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*peeks in*
Co-could I get some Senpai x Emo reader hcs please my crops are dying
Also I’m sorry if I get anything wrong! I tried to stay away from personality wise and just focused on the emo style (clothing!) and music. I’m sorry if you wanted something different!
- Devi
Senpai x Emo!Reader headcanons
 - Senpai won’t act any different around you but he’ll be very interested in your style! He’ll ask about the style and ask if he could maybe try it out so he can get closer to you.
 - He does do some research about clothing style, music, and other things. He’s not a bug fan of the music but there are some songs he does like! 
 - He tries to get emo matching bracelets or necklaces for the two of you to where when out and about so people know you’re together. 
 - If anyone tries to make fun of you or bully you in any way then Senpai will go all out on them. If the person being mean doesn’t leave first you may have to drag him away.
 - All in all Senpai is a very supportive and caring boyfriend and doesn’t mind what you wear or what you listen to!
I hope this was okay! I’m sorry again if it wasn’t!
- Devi
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cheebuss · 14 minutes ago
Sequel list of Bloodborne characters that WOULD beat ME in a fight
1. Literally anyone - yeah. This list going to the special troupe that will actually reduce me to atoms in five seconds.
2. Ludwig - Holy Blade? Accursed? It doesn't fucking matter when a 20 meter tall, eight limbed muscle horse who could definitely outrun me is on my ass. There's no way im getting lucky with a dodge more than 3 times in a row (and thats being generous) before this absolute unit at least clips me. Being the second biggest Bloodborne boss, i'm going to be a stain on the ceiling if he so much as pets my back. Bonus for the fact his human form is a trained swordsman and would also clap me into space.
3. Amygdala - Being the biggest boss AND having multiple rows of arms, able to shoot lasers and vomit poison from her head, i literally am dead before i set foot in the arena. I wouldn't even know where to hit her honestly and I'm not going to survive long enough to slap her head when she MAYBE crouches down.
4. Lady Maria - combined with the fact she's a vampire creature, can set her blood on fire, use it as a projectile, can fly?? And is duel wielding — i honestly wouldn't want to fight her in the first place, literally am just there to ask for her hand in marriage. Alas she is not for that and the only hand im going to be getting is her fist through my chest.
5. Iosekfa - my GOD not only would i lose miserably, this would easily be the scariest shit that nobody should have to go through. Not only is she going to hurt me, the only wound deeper is gonna be the mental scar that this dream pixie girl is going to leave as she bullies me.
6. Bloody Crow bitch ass - I didn't even know this mans title before he reduced me to tears on my first playthrough. Not even a question I'm going to die before i can even get in the church. Bonus im pretty sure everyone in Cainhurst would beat me up and give me a horrible death.
7. Blood-starved Beast - She sneezes and my face is going to melt off. She will pull a reverse gehrman + patches on me and her wrath will absolutely overthrow anything i try to throw at her.
8. Yurie - On the same beat as Iosefka, not only a painful death but a terrifying one.
9. Valtr - Are you shocked? Neither. Not only will this murder labrador mince me with a pizza cutter, theres a solid 40% chance he's going to eat me after.
10. Orphan of Kos - Babies already contain titanic power and that power in the form of a 9 foot tall fish boy is going to hurt. I'll forget his baby formula once and I'm not going to be able to just tuck him into bed before he attacks me with his high chair
Bonus. Simon - As much as my pride doesn't want to admit it, yeah this twink will manipulate, mansplain and malewife me to death with one arrow :/
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talkingthatsmack · 14 minutes ago
Renee is always talking about her babies size. Just wait when she’ll claim her daughter is getting bullied for her size. Remember when Renee said she was being bullied by her stepmother cause that woman didn’t kiss the ground she walked on? She wants to be relatable so bad but she’s nothing but an entitled brat.
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