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Everyone was comparing Blake to Catra and Adora to Yang. We didn’t realize. The true comparison was Adora and Blake all along…

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Happy Birthday to Remnants best cat girl, Blake Belladonna!!! 🥳


May her day be filled with many Yang Xiao Long hugs and cuddles! 🥰

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Bee in Yang’s jacket, for a friend

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To this very day the fact that Blake and Yang’s main team attack is them just yeeting each other at targets to build momentum and catch their opponents off guard will always be one of my favorite things

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“I almost lost you.”

Have a soft bees reunion sketch.

Haven’t done any kind of art in a few years, but feeling inspired lately. Hopefully posting more soon - be nice please, I’m rusty!

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At Blake’s funeral

Yang: *crying*

Yang: Can i have a moment alone with Blake?

Ruby: yeah

Weiss: Of course

Ruby and Weiss: *leaves*

Yang: *leans over Blake’s coffin and stops crying*

Yang: Now listen, I know you’re not dead

Blake: *not moving*

Blake: Yeah no shit

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Please let mah beez reunite soon and be happy and gay and in love. I cannot deal with this angst..

I see you Vol 8

Day 4—> Favorite friendship to ship ;)

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Janurwby Day 4: Favorite Ship

Um, well. Obvi.

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It’s a snowy day in Atlas. Weiss and Nora are sitting in the RWBY dorm-room on their day off, drinking tea

Jaune and Neo walk by the doorway smiling at each other

Weiss, quietly to Nora: “Okay I’m going to tell them”

Nora: “No you can’t! They have to figure it out on their own!”

Weiss: “Nora if we wait for that they’ll never figure it out. I’m ripping the bandage off”

Weiss enters the JNPR dorm-room dragging Nora, who is holding onto one of Weiss’ legs

Jaune and Neo, who are sitting on the same bed together, look up

Weiss: “Look. You two spend all of your time together. You can’t get a good night’s sleep without being near each other. You pair up every mission. And you’re wearing something with each other’s colors right now! You. Love. Each. Other! Now if you’ll excuse us, Nora and I have to tell Yang and Blake something…”

Weiss drags Nora out of the room. The door shuts behind them. 

Jaune and Neo

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So anyway, I’ve been showing my parents to RWBY. We just got to the part where Blake and Yang partner up, and Mom said (roughly, I checked with her but neither of us have great memories) “I think they might be too chaotic”. Wait and see Mom, wait and see.

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Blake held her arm nervously, looking away from Yang. “Look, I do love you, I promise, but… we cant get married right now. Or… ever.” 

Yang hesitated for a moment before getting up from her knee. “W-what do you mean we cant get married?”

“My parents… they set up an arranged marriage for me. I’m…. already betrothed to another.” 

“Then why did you agree to see me for this long?”

“It felt rude to tell you no.” Blake sighed. “And I really do love you. But, it would never work out between us. You’re a human and I’m-”

“A faunus. I know.” Yang took a deep breath, sitting down and feeling disappointed. “I was hoping we could get over that kind of barrier.”

“I wanted to, but I cant tell my parents no. Not now.” 

“I… understand.” 

“We can still be close-”

Yang shook her head. “N-no, I… need to be alone for a bit. Try to process all of this.” 

Blake silently reached out to Yang as she watched her walk away, pulling back and letting her walk away. 

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Jaune is standing in front of a mirror, fidgeting with his tie. He unties it again.

Yang, sitting nearby: “You’ve tied that double Windsor twenty three times Jaune. Hell, even Weiss got ready before you did, and she spends thirty minutes on her eyeshadow. What’s wrong?

Weiss: “Hey!”

Jaune: “I’ve just been thinking about Neo. We’ve been through so much together. And after everything I’m just so in love with her. I’m just worried that maybe we’ll be out there dancing and she’ll realize she doesn’t feel that same way about me. I mean, she’s a master thief who can kick my ass any day of the week and look amazing doing it. I’m just this” 

Jaune points to himself vaguely in the mirror

Yang stands up and grabs Jaune’s shoulder: “I remember being right where you are. I have never once felt good enough for Blake. But somehow she loves me, and somehow Neopolitan loves you. It may not seem like that right now, but…”

Weiss cuts off Yang: “Oh my gods Yang! I had to tell you this two years ago and now I have to tell Jaune.”

Weiss walks up to them, pulls her long glove off, and slaps Jaune across the face: “You are getting married! She said yes! She is out there waiting for you. So get your shit together, put on your fucking suit, and get over the fact that she picked you. She loves you just as much as you love her, you fucking idiot!”

Yang sighs as Jaune rubs his face: “Aww that was exactly what you told me at my wedding”

Weiss slips her glove back on: “Word for word”

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