tsunnamiart · 2 days ago
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Let me just remake this post lmao 
I think it looks better this way in terms of quality
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cherryinthesun · 2 days ago
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thirsty Blek aka painting house gone unexpectedly... well ;))
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robynsscarf · 2 days ago
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yeetmetothehell · 21 hours ago
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deviant-yarrow · 19 hours ago
TFP/ Transformers: Prime Meme
Made by yours truly, (Part 12?)
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No, because— I explicitly remembered seeing an April fool’s joke where I thought THERE WAS GOING TO BE A SEASON 5 OF TFP— but then the longer I read the description of season 5, about how they were gonna remove all the favorite characters and having the director’s name be something absolutely janky
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real-jaune-isms · 2 days ago
If I May…
We’d better get at least 3 Bumbleby AMVs using
“I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry
when the kiss finally happens.
Otherwise, what are we even doing as a fandom??
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sentinelpri · 2 days ago
A package is left from each of the TFA bots; it's a miniature action figure of themselves! Complete with weapons and just by folding certain parts of the body it can turn into their respective vehicle modes!
How does each bot like their gift?
Optimus Prime: Optimus doesn’t really like his appearance, so on one hand, looking at is is rough, but he does appreciate the thought behind the gift and keeps it tucked away somewhere secure so no harm can come to it.
Prowl: He admires the engineering behind such a complicated figure and fiddles with it when he’s bored but doesn’t show it off or anything. He will tell others about it if such a subject comes up in conversation, though.
Ratchet: When did he get so... old looking? Ratchet kinda laughs at first because oh my God, it really captures how he looks, but that includes capturing just how much he’s aged over the past few years and the feeling is bittersweet. He does appreciate the thought, but he probably just transforms it into vehicle mode and leaves it like that on a shelf.
Bumblebee: COOL! It has his electric blasters and everything! He shows it off to everyone and carries it around anywhere he thinks it’s safe from being damaged... Out of everyone on Team Prime, he’s definitely the most proud of his. 
Bulkhead: He blushes upon receiving it and isn’t sure how to react. A figure of him? Really? That’s so... sweet. He doesn’t transform it because he’s afraid to break it, but it’s usually displayed alongside some of his art pieces around the base.
Jazz: Another earth invention? Neat! Super neat, even. He carries it with him everywhere in a storage compartment to show to his friends and coworkers and gets pretty good at transforming it back and forth.
Sentinel Prime: He’s one of those guys that keeps it in the box because “it’s such a rare piece” and “I’d hate for my likeness to get damaged! Look at it, I’m so beautiful >:D”. It remains locked in a safe at all times because he loves it so much and doesn’t want any harm to come to it.
Ultra Magnus: He has an embarrassing amount of trouble transforming it, so it stays in bot mode, but he does like it. While he plays with it every once in a while between doing tasks to fidget with something, he usually keeps it somewhere in his room like on a nightstand or dresser top. 
Megatron: A figure of him, complete with weapons and an accurate depiction of his vehicle mode? A collector’s item that no one else is allowed to touch, he silently adores it and sticks it on the highest shelf in his room in alt mode. 
Starscream: “What a silly gift... It looks nothing like me!” He grumbles, even though it looks exactly like him and he’s utterly in love with it. He plays with it all the time, polishing it and transforming it back in forth, but only when he’s in private because he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.
Blitzwing: He just has a lot of fun with switching the faceplates back and forth between the bot mode (the figure came with all three! amazing!) and fiddling with it in his spare time. While he does show it off at first as Random, Icy and Hothead are very protective of it and usually don’t want to bring it out in front of others.
Lugnut: “it’s so small!”, literally the thing is the size of one of Lugnut’s digits and it’s so tiny that the only one who can transform it for him is Swindle- sometimes Blackarachnia. But hey, he appreciates the thought behind it and thinks it’s really cool... Can he have one of Megatron, too? Please?
Shockwave: Oh, it has both vehicle modes, his regular bot mode, and his Longarm Prime mode...? Impressive, really. He’s astonished by how well-made it is and transforms it a couple times before screwing with it to add even more features, as he does.
Blackarachnia: It has her previous body and vehicle mode as well as her current body and spider mode, which is bittersweet. She constantly switches between the four but usually only messes with it when she’s alone at night and in thought about something. 
Swindle: He almost considers selling it. “It’s a rare collector’s item, right? Some of the ladies who are so very interested me would be happy to have such a beautiful, accurate figure of me.” But he ends up liking it too much and doesn’t end up selling it. He does keep it locked away and in the box, though.
Lockdown: “Heh... Cute,” is his only response. He doesn’t take it out of box or play with it, but he does take the box out to look at every once in a blue moon, as it’s a very sentimental and sweet gift that gives him a happiness boost on the rare occasion that he needs it.
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shapeofmetal · an hour ago
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Boodle aka bee + doodle.
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shisanwei · 12 hours ago
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rusz-pffft · a day ago
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cybernetic-oreos · a day ago
I wanna sketch when I get home from work so send in some charbee requests!!
The dumber the thing you ask me to draw them doing the more likely I am to draw it btw :3
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Reasons I like rescue bots academy #384:
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Just some Bumblebee and Wedge moments, that is all.
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pamietniko · a day ago
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balcony garden
Atlanta, Georgia
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tailor-faye · 6 days ago
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It’s okay to be a little chubby 🐝
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filthycasualfanfic · 7 months ago
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Busy bee🐝🐝🐝🐝
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aneacc · 3 months ago
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Day 16. Yarn + Day 17. Bumblebee
I usually don’t have favorites but I’m not gonna lie this one might be my favorite up to now 😍
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foreigndivinities · a month ago
all of hailee steinfeld's characters are fruity she told me herself
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shisanwei · 4 hours ago
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sapphic-yang · 2 months ago
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capn-romeo · 3 months ago
Bayverse glasses
got this idea when I was at a restaurant earlier today, originally just gonna edit Skids and Mudflap but I did the full thing.
Original video: 
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