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corvophobia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy halloween!! im super predictable :))
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paintimenti-artblog · 2 days ago
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Seasonal Bees 🍂
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foxaoxa · 19 hours ago
Hmmm kids don't you love vandalism?-
What'd happen if you tag something out of revenge, and then realize you were entirely wrong about the owner of the property? 🤔
After (surprisingly) no tears, a month of procrastination, and some extremely motivating words from my partner I present to y'all my piece for the @bumblebybigbang!
It was... an experience working on this- big big big big credit to @itsraith as he's the author of the story that this is based on. As well as being mostly the reason why I pulled through with doing this. If it wasn't for him egging me on, I don't think I would've finished this xD
Thanks to the mods for another year of this- so many folk joined this year. I probably couldn't imagine how hectic everything is be behind the stage.
Now- *pulls out a spoon from behind back, and points it threateningly* go read The Golden Dragon >:)
(Or not if you don't want to- but you can 👀)
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Yang: I can’t believe you live nearby, and you won’t let anyone crash at your place.
Blake: You people already know too much about me.
Yang: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won’t let any of us crash at your place.
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peixotizando · a day ago
Tumblr media
I love how this shot have such a 'Yang's girls' vibe.
Cuz they are, you know? Yang's girls.
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sevi-fuk · 17 hours ago
I never thought I'd be so sexually attracted to cars. The thought of Blake and Yang as cars with their children is just... overwhelming.
Tumblr media
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queenofthieves · 2 days ago
Rated: E
Ship: Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long
When Blake moves to a new ice rink for the upcoming competition season, she and Yang automatically fall into a rivalry. Training alongside her rival only becomes more complicated when they keep ending up in bed together. Blake was prepared for a hard competition season, but wasn’t ready for unexpected feelings to crop up.
ah here’s my piece for @bumblebybigbang I’m so happy to finally be posting this and sharing it with everyone. I got to work with the amazing and incredible @corvophobia she created an absolutely stunning piece that everyone needs to see
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yang-smash-trash · a day ago
New content means new profile picture 🤙🔥
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sunny-little-yang · a day ago
adam @ blake and yang
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corvophobia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HIII ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!! this year i was lucky enough to work with the lovely @queenofthieves and her WONDERFUL fic that i’m so excited for everyone to read!! please enjoy!!
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imannanuy · 16 hours ago
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paintimenti-artblog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Her lips are devil red
And her skin's the color mocha
She will wear you out
Livin' la vida loca
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marvelousbelladonna · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I see you two 😳
“Best friends” 😉
RWBY X Justice League #7
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crimsonxe · a day ago
Its good to be in the time where OfficialRWBY twitter is using BB scenes in posts. Like I get they were going for Yang cause its for the Yang Goodsmile figure, but still they chose a scene with Blake right there and I’m living for it xD
Tumblr media
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tupayapsina · 2 days ago
Blake: Do you like tall boys, short boys...m-mid height boys-
Yang: Women
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ryuto12 · a day ago
Bumbleby Headcanon:
Yang prefers to stand on Blake's left side when they hold hands. That way it's her actual arm, so she can feel the warmth of Blake's hand.
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riverskey · a day ago
Please give me anything bumbleby>_< I miss them so.
The words fluttered around the page, never staying in one spot, no matter how hard she focused.
Squinting and staring, Yang gave up and groaned as the book hit her face.
“Ow.” She said.
“Yang?” A voice said from beyond the paper filling her face. “You okay there?”
“No, Oobleck’s assignment is killing me, I can’t even read this chapter.” She picked the book off her face, and saw her partner from the shoulders up. Blake was probably standing on her own bunk. “I told Weiss and she told me to just suck it up.”
Blake frowned and pushed herself up beside Yang.
“What if I read the chapter to you and you just write the assignment?” Blake, ever the problem solver, suggested.
Yang nodded a bit. “I mean yeah, that would be great. But it kinda feels like cheating.”
“It would be the same as a podcast, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed.” Blake shrugged and picked up the book. She glanced over at Yang for permission to continue.
“Well, when you put it like that…” she accepted the suggestion, and Blake began to read.
Her voice was silky smooth. It was intoxicating, the only reason she didn’t fall asleep was because she knew the written part had to get done.
Near the end, she was finishing up writing and took a glance at her partner.
The glance turned into a stare when she saw how intently Blake’s eyes were focusing. Following along with each sentence.
Yang felt a pang of something. Either jealousy at her ability to focus, or something… else.
Something she would rather not unpack in that moment.
She noticed Blake looking over at her, and realized the chapter was finished.
“Your voice is really pretty,” she felt the need to make an excuse of some sort.
Blake let out a small snort, before returning to her normal calm self.
“Yang, when you're reading, what does it… How do the words act?” She asks.
“Well, I mean the words themselves realistically aren’t doing anything. I guess, like, by the time I decide what the words are I’ve lost interest.” She tries her best to explain it. “That’s probably stupid though. Weiss wouldn’t-”
“Fuck Weiss,” Blake catches Yang off guard. “Honestly, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time. What you feel isn’t stupid.”
Yang feels a rush of warmth. Happiness and pride.
“Thanks Blake, that really helps,” Yang smiles genuinely. “Another thing that helps is your voice,”
“Only for you.” Yang tries on her best Ruby ‘hinting at something’ smile.
“Fine, I’ll read to you.”
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roses-like-red · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Blake loves her wif- I mean her shitbox 🥰😋
Tumblr media
Based on this lovely image I found googling ‘cringe couple costumes’
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