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Like, Choice is an active force in the universe. There is literally a physical embodiment of the power of Choice underneath Beacon. Choice is power. 

The most obvious sign that Cinder is seeing the world the wrong way is that she believes in Destiny. And I have literally seen Bees fanart using the “Do you believe in Destiny?” line unironically. 

Like, I love their enthusiasm, but you’re missing the bigger picture here. 

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Seriously sometimes it hits me hard how Raven and Blake are both dark haired, both have some animal feature (turn into a literal raven, cat ears), both are the mysterious, badass kind and both have (had, in Blake’s case) have the “running away” problem. Wonder if Summer was like that too (I mean, she’s dark haired and disappeared, so yes, she counts). Like damn. The Xiao Longs really have a type.

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Hey everybody, I’m thinking about starting the requests again and everything it’s free.

I take only one drawing per person and will take requests from today until Sunday and I allow myself to refuse requests (like nsfw,mecha or furries).

I would draw: icons, oc, fanart and maybe wallpaper.

Well I hope everything, you can dm me for have one and or toi have question too😁

You can reblog this for give me more visiblity if you want

Hope you have a nice day^^

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The line “what does she even see in you” is usually seen as the stand out Adam line that confirmed Bumbleby. But when he says “Are you just trying to scare me away so you don’t have to die protecting her?” really really REALLY hits. The simple implication that if push came to shove Yang would abso-gotdang-lutely fight to the death for Blake against all better judgement?? uhmm…..i live

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