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Dazai: You know the friendship is real when there are rumors that you’re gay for each other.
Chuuya: But we’re not friends.
Dazai, smirking: And yet you thought I was talking about you.
Chuuya, getting ready to punch Dazai: Listen here, you little shit -
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Atsushi cat, aka Sushi cat

Definitely our hardest cat

And here we have the last of the main four bois! We have a couple more designs to make before we will start accepting asks, but be ready!

Also, after Sushi cat, references for our cast won’t be uploaded publicly so if you want the ref for your favorite cat then you’ll have to shoot a dm my way. 

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hi! i currently have nothing to do lol, so send in some requests for edits if you’d like! i accept requests from bts, haikyuu, boku no hero academia, kimetsu no yaiba, shingeki no kyojin and bungou stray dogs!

ps. im not that good, so pls bare with me if it aint gorgeous ahshs

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